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anonymous, Shamokin [07-31-2004]

K. Christine Negley, Bakerstown, Pa [07-31-2004]

How interesting is this !
Lonnie Hauer, kindergarten teacher [07-31-2004]

Jose [07-31-2004]

Gail Webb, 43, mother of 3, coming to visit in Aug. 2004 from California [07-31-2004]

sally mikulski shovlin, 49- from bayonne n j [07-31-2004]

Jana Small, Live in Portales, New Mexico [07-31-2004]

Kimberly Rouleau, Rochester, NY [07-31-2004]

Mariel Gomez [07-31-2004]

Terry Goodger, Cleveland, Georgia [07-31-2004]

Coming to visit
Darrell R. Duggins, 55 years old from Washington & Oregon. 4th cousin to Betsy Ross [07-31-2004]

jessica knapp [07-31-2004]

Rhonda Puckett, wa. 22 [07-31-2004]

Freedom begins by knowing it value!
Marco S. Brown, Vietnam Veteran 1967 to 1971 [07-31-2004]

tHE TOUR IS GREAT!i think every kid should learn about Betsy Ross! We are really into the Revoulitionary War! We like hear about it and learn about the people of their times.
Emily and Zach, Im 10 HE IS 6 [07-31-2004]

Lydia [07-31-2004]

i'm coming tomorrow and i can't wait
KELLY MULVANEY, 8yrs. from marlton nj [07-31-2004]

Please include us on your mailing list of events and exhibits. Thanks!
Dee Hoffman [07-31-2004]

some of you might find this boaring but i adore america i am trying to get my greencard the country has so much history i could just sit and read it for days on end i love the place.i would love to visit the betsy ross house the founder of the american flag what a woman!
anthony kellett, location is birmingham,england/age 22 [07-31-2004]

searching for peter deluca, hhc 1st. infantry division us army age 58
JIM MECKLEY, littleton, colorado [07-31-2004]

kannan, 18 [07-31-2004]

Ilike to dance that is why i picked it i really like to dance in fornt of people i dance in fornt of the mirror everyday i was a cheer leader 2 times
Tori, Louisiana Gretna 70056 12 years old born 2-14-92 [07-31-2004]

Donna Melquist, Zephyrhills, Florida [07-24-2004]

I am also intersted in information about her housse in Roger Williams Park, Providence, R.I.
Abraham Schwartz, Octogenarian Retired in Boca Raton, FL [07-24-2004]

JAVIER GONZALEZ, 9 [07-24-2004]

anonymous, Assistant Principal, Eastside Elementary School [07-24-2004]

gloriamassingale, tenn. [07-24-2004]

Very nice to go in person!
Nancy [07-24-2004]

Marilyn Zeidler, Although I have lived in the Phila. area for about 30 years, I have never visited the Betsy Ross house. I'm ready to do it! [07-24-2004]

can't wait to take my children to visit this summer. they just recently found that their g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-grandfather was also Betsy's uncle. We're on a quest to find more information!
Tina Etherton, NJ, age 32 [07-24-2004]

Kenneth Thomas [07-24-2004]

Thomas Young, ne usa [07-24-2004]

Aimee Lamphere, Pennsylvania, 26 years old [07-24-2004]

Thank you !
Carol Erdmann, Las Vegas, Nevada [07-24-2004]

Mrs. Cohen, second grade teacher [07-24-2004]

I think it would be nice to sign the register after the tour. That way people can comment on it. I'm looking forward to the tour!
Judy Chambers [07-24-2004]

I would like to receive informations concerened with social developments
selvam.p.v(Mr), social worker on full time basis,53 years Nilakottai India [07-24-2004]

morgan joseph, age 8enjoyed studying this in school [07-24-2004]

Pearl Palo, Okc,Ok 90 [07-24-2004]

Sandra Ross Presnell, North Carolina [07-24-2004]

we look forward to experiencing the tour, and learning more about our history
Maisco Family [07-24-2004]

Have always loved the Betsy Ross story.
Frances Lindauer, Tennessee resident of 60 yrs.Raised Wilm.,Dela. [07-24-2004]

Jan Bass, I live in Iowa; 60 yrs. old (female); just returned from a visit to Philly, but didn't have time to go see Betsy's house. [07-24-2004]

Holly Penrod, I teach first grade in Salt Lake City Utah [07-24-2004]

this is for school project
ASHLY HOWLAND, las vegas--11 [07-24-2004]

Herman & Joyce Russell [07-24-2004]

Janice [07-24-2004]

Cynthia Mc Keon, Secondary Art Teacher, Long Island New York [07-24-2004]

I am quite delighted to visit Betsy Ross's house. In fourth grade I did a biography about her. She is so wounderful!
Jessica, 11 year old girl from IL [07-24-2004]

Diann Shultz, Lebanon, Pa. [07-24-2004]

Sunny, 44 yr old female who will be bringing some young adults to the house on Thursday, July 15, 2004 [07-24-2004]

Diane, I love aristocrats [07-24-2004]

We are going to visit soon, wanted to show my 5 and 7 year old in avance. Thank you
Kelli Eaton, Nazareth, PA 35 years, [07-24-2004]

Kim L. Lugo [07-24-2004]

S. M. Morrison, New York, 52, Revolutionary War Reenactor [07-24-2004]

Lynn, Utah [07-24-2004]

Great Web-site, very informative
MELONIE HONEYCUTT, Live in Tyler, Texas [07-24-2004]

Great tour!
Barbara, 66, retired [07-24-2004]

I fly this flag every 4th of July.
Tom Naatz, Teacher, Huntsville, Alabama [07-24-2004]

we just finished a book about Betsy Ross. Glad we found this to enhance our lesson.
Kyle Anne Torti, Easley,SC [07-24-2004]

anonymous [07-24-2004]

Danielle Butkus, Hoffman Estates, IL, 35 [07-24-2004]

Paulette Lord [07-24-2004]

Sandy Koenig, Ohio, 48, direct decendent of John Hart, the signer [07-24-2004]

Cpt. R.J. Leonard [07-24-2004]

anonymous, cooperstown, ny 26 years old, work in education department of a living history museum [07-24-2004]

vanessa mayhorn, from logan wv. age 37 [07-24-2004]

Just interested because of American Revolution study.
Sandra Berry, columbia college extension, 55 [07-24-2004]

michealyossett, 18years old [07-24-2004]

Can't wait to see it Saturday
Tina, Hanover, MA [07-24-2004]

Jackie Blackburn, Atlanta, GA [07-24-2004]

nicolette rios [07-24-2004]

Walter Pierce [07-24-2004]

Karen Sherback, Mays Landing, NJ [07-24-2004]

jeane coultas, davenport,wa. [07-24-2004]

Marilyn Van Vleck [07-24-2004]

Our country's history is important to share with future generations.
Cornelia Turrittin, Reading Teacher [07-24-2004]

i love history and i learned about her in school but i never took the tour.
anonymous, wyoming,18 [07-24-2004]

Mrs. Carmen Iris Doitteau / Vazquez, Native New Yorker, living in Calif. Age 39 [07-24-2004]

We're visiting on Thursday
Rosalie Hartigan, 65 year old career woman from Morrisville, PA [07-24-2004]

I fougth for that Flag during the Viet Nan conflict;I was happy to see The Flag Everyday over our camp.
Benjamin R. Solorzano Vivar [07-24-2004]

Thank you for sharing the tour
Cheryl Lynn Driscoll [07-24-2004]

Kaylyn Dastrup, N. Logan Utah Age 41 [07-24-2004]

kay, teacher [07-24-2004]

Jean Riggs [07-24-2004]

I have always been a lover of history, especially American history. I consider myself to be very patriotic person. I love my country, & just the sight of our fly flying can move me to tears. This is a wonderful site. I wish I could visit the actual house, but since I can't, this is the next best thing! Thank you for this opportunity & God bless!
Pamela Mkhaimer, I live in St Petersburg, Florida, am 59 years old [07-24-2004]

timothy, richmond [07-24-2004]

Thanks for having this web site. I have spent my life with this name and the jokes people come up with for me. My Mom has a sense of humor. I often ask her why she didn't think it was cute when she had my 5 older sisters.
Betsy Lou Ross, Aurora, IN age 52 [07-24-2004]

I read about Betsy Ross as a child in elementary school and just wanted to see what had happened to her in her later life. It's nice to hear about the family life as well as their role in our history.
Deb Hendry, Cottondale, Al Female 49 yrs old [07-24-2004]

Mr Terry C Samuels, retired [07-24-2004]

Joel Maranda, Minnesota [07-24-2004]

I was born in 1976 and I was told that I was named for Betsy Ross
Betsy Belmont, Denver, Colorado, 28years old [07-24-2004]

Mark Phillips [07-24-2004]

Taylor Thompson, 6 year old in Texas, learning about the flag to earn a badge [07-24-2004]

elizabeth johnson, age 7 [07-24-2004]

Lila Sprenger, Nevada, 33, homemaker, mother of 2 [07-24-2004]

Thank You
Catherine [07-24-2004]

I visited the location several years ago and it is nice to visit via computer.....
Barbara Capenter, Florida 66 years old [07-24-2004]

Mary Ambridge [07-24-2004]

I love this site and congratulate you on the enduring love and patriotism that keeps it and Betsy's house alive. Happy Birthday America
Lee, Perth - Western Australia Age - Old enough! [07-24-2004]

Ralph Sparks, Erwin, Tn, 59 [07-24-2004]

Thanks for all the info. on this web site. I need the info. for church tomorrow and it is the best patriotic site I have found. I wish computers had come along when I was younger. What a wealth of info. is available on line. Keep up the good work. You are helping many people out there like me who need this info. God bless.
Louise Rochester, Married, 71 years old, active, enjoying my computer [07-24-2004]

A wonderful thing. I hope that many of the visitors are young people who will be enthused by the history of our grand country. So many have made so many sacrifices to gain and preserve this land that all should have an appreciation of it. I joined the U.S. Navy on my 17th birthday during WW2 and have never had a regret.
Robert E. Wier, 78, Vet WW2, Knoxville, TN. [07-24-2004]

Joseph L. Morton [07-24-2004]

I pray that I will be able to visit the Betsy Ross House and Independence Hall soon.
Walter Friedrich Boehme, Live in Atlanta; Born in Pittsburgh PA [07-24-2004]

Have visited Betsy Ross'House many times over the years. Always feel fortunate to be able to experience the awesome atmosphere of the historical buildings in Philadelphia.
Lynne Larson, New Jersey resident of Philadelphia suburbs [07-24-2004]

lora stutler, Tucson Arizona 30years old [07-24-2004]

JEANIE B. ABLES, Louisana, 42yrs.,wife, mother, married [07-24-2004]

I visited the house 6-26-04 and found it very interesting. I enjoyed the historical city of Philadelphia.
Bonnie Schmidt, Victorville, CA [07-24-2004]

Gabriella Devaney [07-24-2004]

Kristin Allen [07-24-2004]

You guys rule!
Ashley, I like to play basketball & draw pictures of the american flag [07-24-2004]

I'm porud to be an american
Beverly Broxosn [07-24-2004]

My Brother lives in Philadelphia so next time I am up there I will definately take a visit.
Rodolfo Aguirre, Matamoros, Mexico [07-24-2004]

Shelly Weinberger, Perkasie, PA [07-24-2004]

grant/bobby/rylee [07-24-2004]

aa, portsmouth, va [07-24-2004]

Darlene Dunbar, Roseto, Pennsylvania 18013 [07-24-2004]

My daughter and I love this site!
Amy R Gutierrez, Lovington NM [07-24-2004]

Michael Seward, 2518 N. Rampart St., New Orleans, LA 70117 [07-24-2004]

Pam Peterson, Madison, TN [07-24-2004]

michael glenn [07-24-2004]

Denise Bradley [07-24-2004]

bobhannum, springfield pa age 54 [07-24-2004]

Hello - we are planning a celebration of Betsy Ross at our annual meeting of the American Needlepoint Guild in San Pedro California...I saw the dolls in your giftshop and wondered if I could order one to raffle at our celebration...what is the price and could you ship it to me? Thank you.
Sara Balough [07-24-2004]

Jasper and Ali Altom, 5 years old. Southwest Oklahoma [07-24-2004]

I'm glad I have this opportunity - thank you.
Sara Miller, Sedalia, Missouri - 59 [07-24-2004]

Thank you for letting us see a little of history for those of us that do not travel any more
anonymous, my age 80 and i live in missouri [07-24-2004]

Jona Arnold, kentucky [07-24-2004]

The American Flag, to me, represents the blood, sweat, and tears of freedom.
anonymous, 29yr. old College Student in Maryland [06-30-2004]

Thanks you for the tour, I hope to enjoy the tour of Betsy Ross' home.
Carmen Alatorre, I'm from Tempe, Az. [06-30-2004]

Jana McKee [06-30-2004]

R Sacco, teacher [06-30-2004]

I found a member certificate from 1917 among my Grandmothers things. I came to see more.
Rosemary Parks, california [06-30-2004]

Great place to take ESL students to learn about the flag
Maria Elena Barron, El Paso, Texas Teacher of ESL @ Kenndey Bros. Housing [06-30-2004]

visited here personally many years ago..thanks for preserving this wonderful old house.
Gail Burgess, Weaver AL age 61 [06-30-2004]

anonymous, St/ Paul, MN ESL TEACHER [06-30-2004]

margaret gray, washington dc, 45yrs., trinidadian [06-30-2004]

Elizabeth A. Field, Public Safety Dispatcher [06-30-2004]

joseph T St John, 64 years old ! [06-30-2004]

Great website. Thank you for sharing.
Linda St. John, Washington State [06-30-2004]

Cheryl, Navarre, OH [06-30-2004]

Natalie and Alana, age 11 and age 13, Grants Pass, Oregon [06-30-2004]

Just taking time to remember when I was there.
Louise Hilton, Teacher at Tulsa Job Corps Center in Oklahoma I have visited there. [06-30-2004]

Thank you for this website, I love to read about History. May God Bless this day
Betsy O'Neal, From Ga [06-30-2004]

Marissa Lee, I am 42 years young from Austin Tx [06-30-2004]

Judy Bryant, 52, West Virginia [06-30-2004]

GReat sight for finding pictures and info for teaching. Betsy Ross is a Standard of Learning objective for Kindergarten students. Will use this sight. Thanks
Bettie Jones, Franklin County, VA 55 teacher [06-30-2004]

Its an honor.
Marcia J Campbell, Brooklyn NY. age 43, [06-30-2004]

We thank God for making it possible for us to live in this free nation, and for the part Betsy Ross had in making our flag.
Barbara KnobleJohn and, Quarryville, PA [06-30-2004]

Barbara Pasquali, from Coalville Utah [06-30-2004]

linda howard, loan officer [06-30-2004]

Nancy C. Bishop [06-30-2004]

Teresa Taylor, Davy, WV [06-30-2004]

Danny Kilcoyne, Pasadena, Texas [06-30-2004]

Arabella, Burtonsville, MD, age 35 [06-30-2004]

It is so cool to have a web site like this, thank you. :)
Jenna, I like to learn about history [06-30-2004]

Thank you for making this available to all of us - our kids will be better able to understand because they can see where it all started. :)
Denise, Cornelius North Carolina, homeschool parent [06-27-2004]

sue [06-24-2004]

Thank you for your web site. What wonderful memories it brings back. My hobby is miniatures and I hope to replicate a colonial room. Betsy's house is a wonderful place to come and it never would have happened if it were not for your site. Thanks again, Jean
Jean, I am a Bucks County Pennsylavania native now living in the desert of Arizona [06-24-2004]

Rita McDonald, Boothwyn, PA 41 [06-24-2004]

Marianne Webb [06-24-2004]

Patty Smith, 42 live in Calif. [06-24-2004]

Went throught the real house last week - LOVED IT - Really enjoyed the two colonial soldiers in the courtyard.
Gary Earnest, Simpsonville, S. C. age 55 [06-24-2004]

God Bless and Keep America!
Perry A. Latreille, Toronto Canada, 48 years. [06-24-2004]

Melanie Mowrer, Assistant Professor/Coordinator EL-Civics Santa Ana College [06-24-2004]

I never knew this type of websites existed. I can teach my daughter our country's history. What a wonderful country we live in.
Dianca Santos, Houston, Texas 38 yrs old Married Mom of a 9yr old [06-24-2004]

hello, glad to visit
Marsha Lynn Davie, calif/54yr. f. [06-24-2004]

Roxanna Rapozo, A proud American [06-24-2004]

Scott Letendre [06-24-2004]

anonymous [06-24-2004]

Great educational tool. We have a Fourth of July Breakfast every year and the scouts present the flag. We love to do this.
Jean Patrick [06-24-2004]

anonymous, kansas [06-24-2004]

this better be a good tour
samatha G, age 10 [06-24-2004]

I think Bettsy Ross had a great house. If i could i woul live in it anyday.
Anna Reynolds [06-24-2004]

Cool House it`s tall! I wish I could jump back into her life for a day!
Hannah, 12 [06-24-2004]

Terry Whitebird, male 35 years old [06-24-2004]

I love to study U.S. History and the people in it.
Donald Lee Martin, 57 years old [06-24-2004]

Deanna Doll McKinney [06-24-2004]

i love history, that is why i am taking this tour.
jessica delgado, weehawken,nj 11 years old [06-24-2004]

Brian Drzewiecki, Southern California, USA [06-24-2004]

What a pleasure to revisit Historic Philadelphia via the internet. We have visited in person a number of times, and love it so much! Thank you for preserving our Nation's history so faithfully.
Nanette Catena, 44 year old American History buff! Hampton Bays, L.I., N.Y. [06-24-2004]

Gilles Brodeur, 45 years old, from Québec Canada [06-24-2004]

Linda Cassells, Live in Indianapolis IN Betsy Ross has always been interesting to me. Interesting site! [06-24-2004]

Donna Hollingsworth, female 44 st. louis [06-24-2004]

robert parker, born 07/07/41 [06-24-2004]

your the best
couertney, clinton,nc,brown hair,green eays;9 [06-20-2004]

My wife and daughter are US History buffs. I follow and cheer them on.
Osburn W.(Wes) Mason, San Antonio, TX, 73, volunteer grandpa [06-20-2004]

I think it's amazing that the internet allows us to virtually visit almost anywhere in the world. Knowledge changes everything!
Howard E. Franklin Jr., 46 y/o Physician Assistant (retired from Army). [06-20-2004]

Thelma Hotzfield [06-20-2004]

Kimberly Smith, Moores Hill, IN,,, I'm a 44 yr old homeschooling Mom of 4. [06-20-2004]

Callie Adams [06-20-2004]

Tricia Sweeney [06-20-2004]

Sheila Rhodes [06-20-2004]

Thank you. This is a great educational "plus" for my kids.
Jennifer Weber, WNY homeschool Mom [06-20-2004]

I had been given a book to read The Minister and The Choir Singer after reading the first few Chapters I find it very interesting knowing that I have lived in Somerville all my life and never heard anything about this killing .I need to know if there is any way for someone to help me .
Susan Hall, Princeton New Jersey - Job [06-20-2004]

Pat Leslie [06-20-2004]

VINCENT CASCIO, ct. 77 [06-20-2004]

Jim Summers, Layton, Utah - 49 years old - married with 4 children [06-20-2004]

I want to find a haunted hotel/motel in Madison Indiana, but I dont know the name of it or where it is located except that it is In Madison Indiana.
Amber, Madison In 47250 [06-20-2004]

Carol McLaughlin, retired age 64 mostly house bond [06-20-2004]

Deborah Fraddosio, I live in McAlpin, Florida and I am 34 years old. [06-20-2004]

We are doing a float for a parade and your site was vey helpful. Thank You.
LA, Ohio [06-20-2004]

Llenell Richardson, school librarian in Brunswick, Missouri [06-20-2004]

Allaine Clattenburg, Mass 36 [06-20-2004]

Kerri Richards, Homemaker, mother of three [06-20-2004]

Tlc Homeschool
anonymous [06-20-2004]

Deborah Saxton, Jackson,Mississippi. 38 years old [06-20-2004]

Naomi Aronowitz, New York City [06-20-2004]

This brings memories of walking passes thais house on my way to School
Colleen Nelson, 60 years young (Phila girl) retired in NC [06-20-2004]

GAIL, pennsylvania [06-20-2004]

was your house cool and i like your flags they are nice
DERIG MONROIG, I AM10 yearsold [06-20-2004]

Hector Ortiz, Lanning Square School age10 [06-20-2004]

Lisa McAnnally, Bagley, Ala [06-20-2004]

cherokee nagy, charles city,iowa [06-20-2004]

I just learned of this website, and I was excited to be able to visit it. When I was a little girl (I'am now 51) I learned a song about what the colors of our flag meant. Although I'am not able to travel much this is the next best thing to being there. Thank-you
Jewel, Sullivan, Ohio [06-20-2004]

Shauanda Saunders, 11 years old [06-20-2004]

I can't wait to see the place that is the birth of our country's flag.
Christine Abram, Lanning Square School, teacher [06-20-2004]

Ellen Quatrano [06-20-2004]

Lisa, Missouri [06-20-2004]

My Aunt Pat did research on our family tree and discovered that we are related to Betsy Ross.
Marcy Cohen, My Mother's maiden name is Ross. [06-20-2004]

karen burman, woolwich township [06-20-2004]

My friend dressed up as Betsy Ross for our Biography Reports!
Carolina [06-20-2004]

Joyce Barron, Southwest Georgia [06-20-2004]

Ada Slodysko, Virginia, 57, female [06-20-2004]

Heard about the tour and wanted to see for myself.
Kathy Nitkowski, Eugene Oregon [06-20-2004]

My friend did a report in school about Betsy Ross, and I want to know more.
Lauren Stuck, 10 years old. I am interested in Philadelphia history because I just moved to an area outside of Philadelphia 2 years ago [06-20-2004]

Joy Butler, 57yrs. Alma Arkansas [06-20-2004]

Michele Muller, Abington, PA, 49 years young [06-20-2004]

I don't think I shall ever get the opportunity to visit this wonderful site. This web has given me much pleasure. Simply put, "I thank you".
Jeanne Moser [06-20-2004]

I love history.
carolyn hull [06-20-2004]

thanks for the tour!
Jamie Holmes [06-20-2004]

T. Hale, Texas [06-20-2004]

I want to learn all there is to learn about the american flag; it's creation and history.
Suzanne M. Clark, Texas,37 [06-20-2004]

My mother visited here many times. I now live in California
Elizabeth Yaroch, Formerly of Camden N. J. Worked at Curtis Publishing [06-20-2004]

Heard about the tour on Jeopardy last night. My mother was born on Flag Day, 1922 and turned 82 yesterda. Visited the actual house as a small child. This is a great way to bring back memories.
Rita Presty, New Jersey. Go Devils! [06-20-2004]

David John Pugh, Age 64 Pittsburgh, PA [06-20-2004]

B. Taylor, Woman, 35 years old from California [06-20-2004]

Dina Carlucci, Oceanside, NY [06-20-2004]

Susan Pietrantoni, Syracuse, NY 59 [06-20-2004]

We stayed back while our fellow classmates went and actually visited your facility. We just took the virtual tour and we now feel like we were also there in person. Thank you for this opportunity. From, Samantha, Michelle, Ian, Stephen, Jeremy, Kyle, John, Noel, Olivia, and Mrs. DiDomenico.
Miller Avenue School, Our stay at home 5th grade class [06-20-2004]

Alberta Nelson, Knightstown, Indiana Senior citizen [06-20-2004]

this is a wonderful idea wish all the historic landmarks would do this
betty short, waynesville missouri [06-20-2004]

Darlene [06-20-2004]

this is a nice thing to do, when you can't afford, or not able to travel.
net, pensacola fl. [06-20-2004]

heard about the virtual tour on jeopardy, thought it would be interesting.
christi, la crecsenta, cal. 48 yrs [06-20-2004]

I was watching Jeopardy and heard about this website.
Andrea Forsythe, Age 67 from Vacaville, CA (not far from Sacramento). [06-20-2004]

Marilyn Devitt, From Louisiana [06-20-2004]

God bless this country established on Judeo-Christian principles.
Salvador Franco, Natolized Citizen from Mexico [06-20-2004]

N.R. Nordquist, Washington State [06-20-2004]

Margaret Stark, Upland, California [06-20-2004]

dawn decker, missouri, 33, government worker [06-20-2004]

Thank you for doing your part in keeping history a part of the present.
Thunderwolf, Film writer/producer [06-20-2004]

Amy Miller, Lacey,Washington [06-14-2004]

Jon Miller [06-14-2004]

Jenny Lynn Runyan, Indianapolis, Indiana age 35 june 14,2004 [06-14-2004]

John W. Walsh, Retired U.S.N., from Ridgecrest, CA [06-14-2004]

thank you for letting visit on the internet, as i know i'll never get back there to see it in person...
DIXIE NYSTROM, i'm a retired school bus driver from oregon [06-14-2004]

Pat Schroeder [06-14-2004]

Looking forward to seeing a little bit of history.
Kathy Carlson, Pocatello, Idaho, 52 married, mother of 4 [06-14-2004]

Gary Balders [06-14-2004]

Lived in Pennsylvania for years.
Carey Hendsbee, San Clemente, CA; 39; [06-14-2004]

I'm watching Jeopardy and an answer in the category about "Betsys" alerted me to the existence of this site.
Alex Mercedes, Oakland CA [06-14-2004]

Ryan Dulaney, Santa Ana, Ca.....27 [06-14-2004]

Lynn Reimers, Keene, NH, 55, [06-14-2004]

Thank you for letting me come to Betsy Ross's House.
Shawn Burger, 7 [06-14-2004]

Keith Dripps, Hubbard,Ohio 40 yrs old. [06-14-2004]

Carole Ramey, Louisville,Kentucky [06-14-2004]

thankful for opportunity to visit sites by computer.
anne vandurme, age 74---history buff [06-14-2004]

TERRY A. HOMMEL [06-14-2004]

Dolores Cook, Newaygo, Michigan [06-14-2004]

Happy Flag Day!
Michele S, Louisville, KY [06-14-2004]

Karen Porter, Indianapolis, IN [06-14-2004]

This website is wonderful! I have a profound love for the revolutionary and civil war eras. Thank you so much for the ability to continue with my search of information!
Jeannie Marie Combs, Winchester, Va., 22 yrs old [06-14-2004]

Thanks for the tour of American History. And God Bless America!
Tracy, 27 in Colorado Springs, CO; Active Duty Air Force [06-14-2004]

jorja gourdouros [06-14-2004]

Siemper FI
Troy Hoskinson, Newark, Ohio ; 33 [06-14-2004]

betty calloway [06-14-2004]

saw the Jeopardy show and just had to visit
Wendell Maxwell, Melbourne Fl [06-14-2004]

Michaek J Rohall [06-14-2004]

ERIC PETTAS, 8yrs. old [06-14-2004]

Can't seem to get my fill of history. I was born and raised in Pennsylvania and became a resident of North Carolina 11 years ago. When I was relocating here I anticipated visiting Civil War sites that I could find. What I did find was that the area I live in is packed with Revolutionary War sites. Quite a pleasant surprise. I now pass the Alamance Battlefield every day on my way to and from work.
Richard Buzga, Pleasant Garden, NC 55 years old [06-14-2004]

Dawn Boswell, Greensboro, NC [06-14-2004]

I think this is just wonderful, for people like me that can not travel. This brings my history to me. Thank-you
Diane Babcock, I live in Bridgton, Maine [06-14-2004]

What a great idea! Whoever thought of this is RIGHT ON!
Maryann Cesario, Lake Grandmom aka Grannyces [06-14-2004]

Agnes Brach, Canada [06-14-2004]

charlotte, 42 [06-14-2004]

Long may her flag wave on this flag day and every other day
Pat6ty Mahaffy [06-14-2004]

can't wait to see you.
connie young, tennessee [06-14-2004]

Tom & Becky Schronce, Knoxville, TN [06-14-2004]

Learned about the house while Jepordy
Jeannie & Leonard Murphy, Chino Valley, Arizona [06-14-2004]

Happy Flag Day Besty--6/14/2004.
Jean Potter, Hilliard, Ohio [06-14-2004]

Angel Kraft, Michigan, Female 32yrs old [06-14-2004]

Thank you for our beautiful flag. June 14, 2004
Georgina Bertin, Miami, FL. 65 yrs. old [06-14-2004]

Jean Brunt, Battle Creek, MI [06-14-2004]

Marie Harper, Carrollton, Georgia [06-14-2004]

Heard about this on Jeopardy and thought it sounded interesting.
carol, visiting connecticut and am 61 years old. [06-14-2004]

Dorothy Jo Creekmore Kope, Desendent of Betsy Ross [06-14-2004]

Jane Ameur, teacher [06-14-2004]

Bonnie Stutz [06-14-2004]

thelm G. day [06-14-2004]

After moving to Norway in Nov. 98., and the events of 9/11. I have been actively relearning my American History, not only for myself but also for my children. Since living in a forgien country (as wonderful as it is), I have been learning how important my history is and that is must be taught to my children to love the two countries that shapes their lives. God Bless America. We love you!
Elizabeth Zahl, Originially from Kansas, now living in Oslo, Norway. [06-14-2004]

Sandra Clewis, 54 years old, St. Peters,MO [06-14-2004]

CANDICE BOROCZK, la frange, il. 26 years old [06-14-2004]

Cecil Nall [06-14-2004]

Joyce Baker, I am 57 years old and I live in Pascagoula, Mississippi. I am the coordinator of the Instructional Material Center for the Pascagoula School District. [06-14-2004]

Brenda Fritz, Merton, WI [06-14-2004]

Judith Trantel [06-14-2004]

Kellan McCann, 10 years old [06-14-2004]

Thelma J Cunnius, Lubbock, TX [06-14-2004]

Deborah R. Armendariz, Brownsville, Tx. Kindergarten Teacher [06-14-2004]

My third grade class is winding up their year this week. Today is Flag Day and we are learning more about our flag. We found this site and wanted to take a tour. Thank you for making this available to those of us that live 3000 miles away.
Susan Cody, I am a third grade teacher at Norwood School in El Monte, CA. [06-14-2004]

I visited when I was 12 and am looking forward to bringing my children for a visit this summer.
Mrs. Pamela Eberhardt, Rochester, NY [06-14-2004]

We thank you Betsy,our flag is a beautiful site to see, and I'm so proud to be an American.
Barbara L. Long, Florida [06-14-2004]

Belle Johnson, California [06-14-2004]

britney drzewicki, 11 [06-14-2004]

thank you for the opportunity.
norman foster, 52 year old male [06-14-2004]

gai holling, i work with special needs children and we are taking this virtual tour [06-14-2004]

peggy Langley, i am 51 [06-14-2004]

alisha Van Alstine, 11, Welsburg N.Y. Lot 38 [06-14-2004]

Proud to be an American
Debbie Gladden, South Carolina [06-14-2004]

Beautiful sight! Was looking for the website I heard about on the radio to save the Pledge of Allegiance.
Michele Ulen, Owatonna, MN [06-14-2004]

Amy [06-14-2004]

We are celebrating Flag Day Today.
Sixth Grade at Lipscomb Elementary, Dallas, Texas (11 and 12) [06-14-2004]

To honor Flag Day we have decided to learn more about our historic connection to Philadelphia and its daughter Betsy Ross the creator of the American Flag.
Delcroft Elementary, Grade 2, room 102, folcroft, pennsylvania [06-14-2004]

joe, usa [06-14-2004]

We are touring Betsy Ross's house because of Flag Day. We are also interested in getting background on the American flag.
Mrs. Tart's Class, 1st grade students [06-14-2004]

Lee Landman [06-14-2004]

are flag stands for a lot more than people really think about.there were many praying mothers and wives praying for our country and troops .everytime 1 gets killed it hurts like know other pain because were all one huge family in american. i'm proud of our, white. and blue are ture colors.stand tall america. god bless beverley kidd

jennifer l schultz, ia 25 [06-14-2004]

Awesome website!
Jackie Hiles, Ottawa Ks [06-14-2004]

God Bless America!
James Patrick Ross, descendant of Betsy Ross [06-14-2004]

i enjoyed the besty ross resources and the history on it i printed all of it off for my little boy he is 8 years oldand willbe in the third grade when school starts back this will help him in his history class.thank you donna
Donna Gray, Barbourville,Ky age 47p.o.box1163 40906 [06-14-2004]

Good work, Thanks Betsy Ross.
Horace Kelly, Vandiver,Al. age 43 [06-14-2004]

nancy lee Dorff, oak hill,wv.25901 63yrs old [06-14-2004]

I toured Betsy Ross's house in 1967. I was surprised as to how small the house is. It gives one a very good view of how ordinary people lived in those days.
Steven K. Ham, Fremont, CA [06-14-2004]

Great site.
Linda Keeton, Thomson, Ga. 49 [06-14-2004]

anonymous, new york, 45, [06-14-2004]

I love my Lord and My Flag. My star speaks to me through the voice of many who died for the Freedom I have today. I fly her every day on my home. I will always remember the cost of freedom and thank God for his grace that allows America to be a beacon for FREEDOM. God Bless America and Betsy Ross and all those who keep this site and her house.
Billy F. Hammack, Veteran, Age 64, Patriot [06-14-2004]

Just found out I am kin thru her second husband. Great patriot and Lady. She put's pride back in what America stand's for.
Shirley Oakes, 54 Ky [06-14-2004]

Crystal Maher, Sicklerville, NJ; 22; college student [06-14-2004]

carey dow, Houston TX [06-14-2004]

Michele Robb [06-14-2004]

Jose A. Torres, 32 Years old live in NJ [06-14-2004]

Thank you for the opportunity to allow us the priviledge to see where history took place!
Karen [06-14-2004]

Happy Flag Day 2004
Nancy Todd [06-14-2004]

just visiting in reconition of flag day. i love the red whtie and blue flag that represent the united states of america! i heard of the virtual tour from a friend and wanted to stop in to see just how betsey ross lived! thank you for allowing the tour.
CHERYL MCDUFFIE [06-14-2004]

farrell anderson, philadelphia, pa 34 [06-14-2004]

Paul Zalewski, Macungie Pa 53 [06-14-2004]

mel wigersma, retired, live in saint joseph, mo. the place where the pony express started april 3rd 1860 and jesse james ender. [06-14-2004]

casey sciandra, i'm 8 years old [06-14-2004]

RRGoode, Oklahoma [06-14-2004]

Shawn Weedman [06-14-2004]

Denise, Louisiana [06-14-2004]

Thank you for the flag Betsy Ross.
Gillian & Hailey Strock, York,Pa [06-14-2004]

MARY MOUTON, I am a pk teacher, I live in Lafayette, La. [06-14-2004]

GOD Bless Betsy Ross for the Most Beautiful Flag that has ever been made.GOD Bless Our Country for which it flies.Our Nation under GOD,Indivisible,and for Liberty,and Justice for All.
Jerry & Doris Cole, Jacksonville,North Carolina [06-14-2004]

I am so very glad that we have this wonderful historic site preserved for all of us to enjoy. I will probably never be able to tour this in person, so THANK YOU very much for this chance to at least be able to exsperience it this way.
Mrs. Pamela Peek, Colville, Washington [06-14-2004]

Donna Buchert, Homeschooler [06-14-2004]

I have great interest in learning more about betsy ross as she is in my blood line...
Jennifer Brown, Arlington, VA - 21 [06-14-2004]

John R. Spindler, Norwood,MA, 35 [06-14-2004]

I work with a "summer enrichment" recreation program with children 5-8 years of age. Last week we learned about Betsy Ross and the American Flag, and we colored large flags. On Monday, June 14, 2004, we will celebrate "Flag Day" wearing our colors of the red, the white, and the blue. Your website has given me a great deal of information that I can use at all times. Next week I will share your website information. Thank you and THANKS BETSY ROSS!
M Speare, Alabama - Age 50 - Teacher (1-6) [06 - 12 - 2004] [06-14-2004]

Proud to be an American Husband served in the Air Force for 20 years have a son now in Air Force, a son-in-law in Irag at this time
Donna Wininger, 69years [06-14-2004]

Daniel G., age: 24 [06-14-2004]

allison russell, gardendale, alabama; i love historical places [06-14-2004]

Ms. Mader's 6th Grade, 6th grade teacher in Rochester, NY [06-11-2004]

I'm so thankful for Betsy Ross
Lauren, 13 [06-11-2004]

Thanks Betsy Ross
Terencyia, 13 [06-11-2004]

justin [06-11-2004]

Sharon Liander, teacher [06-11-2004]

Kelly Feinberg, Michigan resident, 30 years old [06-10-2004]

i whnt to knowing you and i want to know asl
adib, kord 20 [06-10-2004]

Ellen Pope, 2nd Grade teacher Maywood, NJ 07607 [06-10-2004]

Tanya Gingery, Michigan [06-10-2004]

I am writing a research paper on Betsy Ross. Thanks to your informational site, I have found that she led a very interesting life. I hope to take a trip to Philadelphia some day to view the Betsy Ross House, but for now, the virtual tour will do. Thanks again.
Alexandra DeLellis, pa, 16 [06-10-2004]

I came here to in memory of Ronald Regan--sort of my little ribute to him.
Margaret Englehart, I'm in San Antonio, Texas-age 27 [06-10-2004]

Luann, Philadelphia, 46, female [06-10-2004]

We are learning about our flag. Happy Flag Day!
Mrs. Pelow's second grade, Millard Hawk Primary, Central Square, NY [06-10-2004]

Our Beta Sigma Phi Sorority is using this as a cultural/social program
Donna Lee Beaupre, Duluth, MN 61 [06-10-2004]

We are proud of our flag, and our country, and are enjoying learning about the history behind the flag's origins, and about Betsy Ross. God Bless America!
Kimberly, and Aleah, mom and daughter, 33, and 7. Live in San Antonio, Texas. Looking up flag information to earn a flag try it for brownie troop. [06-10-2004]

vicky fields, dayton, ohio age 58 [06-10-2004]

Cassandra Harrelson, Amoret MO, 22 years old [06-10-2004]

We are learning about the history of Flag Day and the American Flag.
Lindsey and Kelsey Schaeffer [06-10-2004]

Yolanda Giovanniello, Huntington, NY 44 [06-10-2004]

I'm sure I will enjoy this tour.
pat, Angier North Carolina [06-10-2004]

Stephanie Keener [06-10-2004]

Helen Kanowsky, City Clerk [06-10-2004]

Social with OLA. Looking forward to the tour
Mary Ross, Ocala,Florida [06-10-2004]

just looking for stuff on the flag for flag day next week, and thuoght i should start with the woman who made the first one.
TAMMY, north carolina [06-10-2004]

Looking for the first flag for a parade we are in for the 4th of July, with the theme called "Moment of Glory"
Nancy Remter, Minnesota, 42 [06-10-2004]

Cindy Hyde, California, 45, My husband and I were talking about the American Flag vs other countries while watching the D-Day events. [06-07-2004]

Always interested in taking a tour of our past history
Patricia DePiro, Florida resident [06-07-2004]

Tammy, North Carolina [06-07-2004]

I enjoyed the tour. My third and fourth grade students are presenting a program on our local radio station for Flag Day, and I was able to glean some important facts from your site that were helpful. Thank you.
Nancy Brown, Taunton,MA Leddy School, Library Assistant [06-06-2004]

I am learning about Betsy Ross, and I think that this site is a wonderful site for learning about her, and her struggles. Thank you!
Steffany Morrison, 15 1/2 [06-06-2004]

John Huckleberry Finn Jones, American Desperado [06-06-2004]

Allyson, Huntington Station, NY [06-05-2004]

David Porter, Utah, age 25 [06-05-2004]

Jared Sawyer, Student of 25 yrs. [06-05-2004]

kimberly limb, student 39 [06-05-2004]

Will be visiting syr. in july
Rosemary Murray-Murdock, Houewife [06-05-2004]

Great site I love it
kristy Barnes, i am 11 and LOVE Betsy Ross [06-05-2004]

catherine [06-04-2004]

My father was Harvey E. Stoehr, State Secretary of the Patriotic Order Sons of America for 47 years. As a child, I spent many hours in the Ross house. I know that there is one picture identifying the P.O.S. of A. flagpole and the work that they did to preserve the shrine. I think some record of their work should still be identified in the web site and on the tours, as I know they were quite important in preserving the shrine throughout the years before 1988. I am now the State Secretary of the P.O.S. of A. in Louisiana, but the 0rder remains active in Pennsylvania. You might consider reviewing our web site.
Mildred S. Christian, Franklin, Louisiana [06-03-2004]

darcy porter, location: utah, age: 25 [06-03-2004]

Mrs. Bishop's AM Kindergarten [06-03-2004]

jessica b. [06-03-2004]

i am excited to go on the thing
jessica buchanan, 13 years old [06-03-2004]

i love the american flag i come from a military family general ross an ancestor tried to burn washington so the star spangle banner has special meening to me we hang an americain and now abetsy ross flag infront of our house
mary r littell, north carolina [06-03-2004]

Joselissa Melendez, Philadelphia10 [06-03-2004]

Ann-Charlotte Christopherson, Utah, June 2, 2004 [06-02-2004]

Leigh Mahedy, student [06-02-2004]

Moses Briones, Newhall, Ca. Age 78 [06-02-2004]

Robin Wilcox, Pataskala, Ohio [06-02-2004]

hi,my name is natasia fountain you are my best friend.
natasia fountain, my age is nine years old. [06-02-2004]

i,m kind to the royaly udi g,g,g,g,grand father was a udi chief oscar winfield scott father went with the udi chief daught so they was his out side children by her.if i have any udi family left could they email me.
charleslingo, age 40 georgia,usa [06-02-2004]

Trudy Hufman, raised in Philly, Love the city [06-02-2004]

Sheila Knott, Tx. [06-02-2004]

terry kaiser, oklahoma [06-02-2004]

Jerin Rightmire [06-02-2004]

Not knowing much about American history I am looking forward to exploring this site.
Donna, Originally from Falkirk, Scotland, now in Ogden, Utah [06-02-2004]

lynsey [06-02-2004]

Your site is very informative & easy to use. The only thing you do not have which I believe would be useful, is a clear picture of the american flag. Aside from that, I find the information helpful.
anonymous [06-02-2004]

Looking for foods that were typicaly eaten durning that time period, to serve on flag day June 14.
janicw wolk [06-02-2004]

Proud to be an American!
Diana Adams Callahan, I am a vetean of 11years w/a 10y brk. from1983-1991/2001-04 [06-02-2004]

Leanne Carpenter, Des Moines, IA [06-02-2004]

We are involved every year with a Chili Cook-off sponsored by the Exchange Club CASTLE of St Lucie County. This years theme is "God Bless America, Our History and Heros". We have chose our name to be the "Colonial Clerk's" and our booth is a "Colonial Courtyard". One of the things that we are doing is I am going to play Besty Ross, while sitting and sewing a flag. I came here to see how she looked and dressed and to see if I could get any other ideas.
Kelly Fox, Fort Pierce, Florida - work for the St. Lucie County Clerk of the Circuit Court [06-02-2004]

hey whats up kid
molly, 189 [06-02-2004]

i like food it is the best thing on earth
anonymous, my name is jahosofat willard nice to meet you [06-02-2004]

Maria G. Vasquez, Laredo, Tx [06-02-2004]

pamela boyd, plymouth,mi age 49yo [06-02-2004]

I really enjoyed actually touring the house. I was there a month ago on a historic tour. I hope to come back again!
Deborah Cutshall, Southern California, 44 [06-02-2004]

Jocelyn Saia, Las Vegas, NV 26 [06-02-2004]

Amazing that I can tour the home of Betsy Ross from over 5,000 miles away in Alaska!
Laura Gillis, Alaska [06-02-2004]

Hope to visit in person at some point this year...was looking for the correct way to fly my flag and your site provide that info ..Thank you
ROSALIE, I live in Monsey, NY..have 2 college age sons [06-02-2004]

Thank you for this website.
Shirley A. Smith, Liberty, Maine, age 65 [06-02-2004]

Bill Pfannenstiel, Kansas resident, coming on to 50 years [05-30-2004]

sandra, arlington va [05-30-2004]

Karen Zembrzuski, Age 38, live in Lake Orion Mich, love, love our history [05-30-2004]

Marty Sanders, Knoxville, TN 62, retired teacher and author of educational, hands-on activity books [05-30-2004]

A very awesome web site.
Sharon Ross, Plano,Texas Intersted in Genealogy [05-30-2004]

Wendy McConnell, Sterling, Alaska. age 34 [05-30-2004]

Erin, california [05-30-2004]

julia kintzele, 60 yof employed @SAVHCS/Tucson AZ [05-30-2004]

Alanna Thomas [05-30-2004]

danica burnett, ogden, utah. i am 23 [05-28-2004]

Irene Brinker, 48 year old native Tulsan of mixed heritage including Cherokee. Also have German ancestors who served in the Revolutionary War [05-28-2004]

God Bless America!
Lisa Miltenberger, 30, Johnstown, PA [05-28-2004]

I am totally enjoying this website. This is a college assignment and I'm glad it brought me here.
Kathi Johnston, I live in Utah and am enrolled in an American Civ. class [05-28-2004]

Eden Mcconnell, Im athletic,sportyand fun [05-28-2004]

I visited the house in 1984 while on a six week trip to the USA and Canada. It was fascinating! Maybe I will get back some day, who knows?
Sean Lipfird, Kircubbin, County Down, N. Ireland [05-28-2004]

The theme of our memorial day parade is "patriotic women" so I am going to be Betsy Ross sewing my Flag.
Sandra Cornell, Fulton,NY,55 I love to read and sew [05-28-2004]

I love History! Thank you! You need to make a kids "sight",Where you can p;ay games, Have contest's,ect.. Thank you, Me
Me [05-28-2004]

Wanted to learn more about the Flag and Betsy Ross.
Mary, Rochester, NY [05-28-2004]

Susie Caston, Artesia, NM - 46 - Native Artesian [05-28-2004]

Really neat. Enjoyed it.
Elizabeth Frailey, Irvona, Pennsylvania [05-28-2004]

this is an awesome website. i had a boring history class andvery boring teachers, and i have learned more from your site then i ever did in school and it is enjoyable. but in all fairness to the teachers and the school, mabe it's because i;m older and i appreciate history more now. but thank you anyway for the great site.
yvonne m kilbourne, 55 [05-28-2004]

this site helped me on my report
Alexis Johnson, 10yrs old from CT [05-28-2004]

THank you for preserving history.
sharon zago, Polish American - second generation [05-28-2004]

i love 2 learn about history, for example, Ben Franklin, Molly pichter, and Betsy Ross!
Taylor, age 9 [05-28-2004]

Lauren [05-28-2004]

Kyle [05-28-2004]

Anthony Pino [05-28-2004]

Tyler Piotti [05-28-2004]

jamie [05-28-2004]

Perry [05-28-2004]

Sarah [05-28-2004]

EVA RIDINGS, 28 [05-28-2004]

I am working on a school project and I chose to learn more about Betsy Ross.
Krista S. [05-28-2004]

megan [05-28-2004]

Tiffany Pennington, Cherrleader lover of Evan Gray and 10 Years old [05-28-2004]

Niosera, 15 [05-28-2004]

Shannon, 3rd Grade [05-26-2004]

Schuyler, 202 jeffrey loop lot 115 [05-26-2004]

Tara Nicoll, 27 Munich, Germany [05-26-2004]

jeanine, teacher in KY [05-26-2004]

I went on a school trip 12 years ago and I would like to revisit again.
anonymous, 28 [05-26-2004]

We are looking forward to bringing our granddaughters to see this house in June.
helen sarrett, Virginia Beach. Virginia [05-26-2004]

keep the flag a flying are they made in the u.s.a.?
jerry hyatt, esatern north carolina [05-26-2004]

planning family trip
anonymous, New York, 40 [05-26-2004]

This is a great site to have online, I really enjoyed it. Thanks!
Kaleigh Humbarger, Glendale, Arizona... Age 17 [05-26-2004]

My class has been working on a unit in social studies entitled, "Being a Good Citizen." I found this website to be appropriate and very valuable. Thank you.
Kelly Stephens, Jefferson Elementary School, Second Grade Teacher [05-26-2004]

betsy was very generous to make the american flag
NICOLE, 10 years old [05-26-2004]

thank you for making the american flag
Alaina, 9 [05-26-2004]

sandy [05-26-2004]

My daughter, who is in 3rd grade, is doing a book report on Betsy Ross. So, we dicided to check out this site and tour her house. Maybe we will be able to see it in person this summer.
Linda Fabrizio [05-26-2004]

I am doing a school project on betty ross and i think this is a really food site to learn about her
Autumn, i live in NC and i am 14 [05-26-2004]

Tommy [05-26-2004]

I will love to go! I am proud for every thing I do.So I just want you to know I thank you NOT realy thow If You realy brought to your house I would.
Olivia, I am 10 years old and proud! [05-26-2004]

I am doing a research paper about Betsy Ross in 5th grade
Rosanna Burrows, I'm 11, Belleview, Florida [05-26-2004]

k [05-26-2004]

Ludlow Elementary School 4th Grade, I am a classroom teacher. I grew up in Philadelphia so I love teaching PA history to my class. We are doing a play on Betsy Ross and her legend in one week. [05-26-2004]

i wish to see betsy Ross bathroom
anonymous, 9,5 1st gra [05-26-2004]

Ihave a research paper due on her
Hallie OaKES, W.V 10 cHARLESTON W,V [05-26-2004]

Cynthia Hoskinson, Californian 8th generation American [05-26-2004]

Just whanted to see it again, I'm from Philadelphia.
Hiram R. Arocho, I live in Erie Pa. I'm an artist and I'm 48yre. old [05-26-2004]

i am helping my 10 year old daughter with a report she's doing on betsy ross. we found everything we needed on your website. you're doing a great job! thank you.
LORI ANN HALLIDAY, 34 henderson, nevada [05-26-2004]

We plan to visit the house May 2004.
Monique A. Frayser, Cumberland, Virginia [05-26-2004]

Thank you for having a site to visit!
Ms. Acosta's Core Class, Bay Point, Ca. 94565 [05-26-2004]

Debbie Ramirez, teacher, 49 [05-26-2004]

Jennifer Coughlin, Philadelphia,Pa. 24 yrs old [05-26-2004]

tim blackwell [05-26-2004]

Courtney, IN gril scouts [05-26-2004]

Researching Betsy Ross for school paper. Your site was a great help thank you.
Danielle, Age 10, New Mexico [05-26-2004]

I was in Philadelphia a week ago, and saw the house, but did not have time to take a tour, so////////
Jimmy Culp, I live in Henderson, Texas. I'm 60 yrs. old; am organist-choirmaster [05-26-2004]

Ilove Betsy Ross.I am doing a report about her.I have to dress up just like her.We'll got to go. Paige
Paige Moudry, Add.169Indian Hills Dr. [05-26-2004]

Aubrey, In Illinios [05-26-2004]

I Love Juan T.
Erika, 13 1/2 [05-26-2004]

We want to learn more about our history. We can't wait to try this tour!
Ms Mettetal's Class, Third Grade Class in Sumter, S.C. [05-26-2004]

I visited this site to learn more about Betsy Roth and the American Flag.
Ciara Miller, Age 9,I live in Morgantown,WV [05-26-2004]

My teacher Mrs. DiSanti wanted us to find out something interesting about an American Historian. I thought of Betsy Ross. Your site was very helpful. I found out some wonderful things about Betsy and her life. Thank You very much for the tour.
Rosie Yaccarino, I am 10 years old and attending a catholic school [05-26-2004]

Torey Ross [05-26-2004]

I'm being Betsy Ross for my project! I just thought I should visit this site to take a tour. g2g ~Mint~
Kylie Hargrove call me "Mint", Hola! How are you? age 10 goin' on 11 Thursday! [05-26-2004]

history rocks!:)
JESSICA L. HARGROVE you can call me SAKURA!, i don't remember! [05-26-2004]

Isabelle Grimm, Age 10 1/2 [05-26-2004]

Am doing a presentation to elementary school children on the American Flag. Your site is a wealth of information. Thank you!
fran, kenilworth, nj [05-26-2004]

jon golliher, 61 yrs old, Anderson, Indiana [05-15-2004]

Leslie Bollinger [05-15-2004]

alyssa, i live in pa [05-15-2004]

Toni D Thomas- Woods, Okla City, Oklahoma [05-15-2004]

no timeto chat gotta finish the project!
Keri, age13, bethlehem, pa, usa, school slide show [05-15-2004]

Have been to Phillie many times. Hope to visit and tour the historic district soon.
Ann Foster, age 45 Swiftwater PA [05-15-2004]

ashley [05-13-2004]

Molly and Becky Bishop, Mason, Ohio, 8 and 38, gathering info for a report on Betsy Ross [05-13-2004]

GOZDE [05-13-2004]

Patti Hester, Pike primary school, teacher [05-13-2004]

Traci, Coal Township, PA 32 years old [05-13-2004]

I am doing a report on Elizabeth Grisholm Ross Ashburn Claypoole
Carly, 11 yrs old [05-13-2004]

sam [05-13-2004]

Hi! I am Melissa you can call me Melly or Mellishoe92 and Smelly. And I love your Web site I learn new Stuff and it makes me feel smart,well I love your web site! Well I love your house it is SOOOOOO Cool and CUTE! well I am at my school at Mata well I have to go LOVE YOU BYE !
Melissa [05-13-2004]

Diamond, I am 11 years old [05-13-2004]

Arlisha James, 11 [05-13-2004]

Melissa [05-13-2004]

Diamond [05-13-2004]

anonymous [05-13-2004]

Jessica, Houston,Texas [05-13-2004]

Courtney, 13,Georgis [05-13-2004]

Rannie Dayrit, I'm 10 years old I'm Filipino [05-13-2004]

SueMcGuire [05-13-2004]

I love learning I enjoy school very much!I also love to read!
Jessica, 10,I lkke to learn about the pasy!(history) [05-13-2004]

i am doing a report for school and i really want to see this.
Sarah Balter, Elmont age 9 [05-13-2004]

Kaity, Charleston IL. [05-13-2004]

I am doing a paper on Betsy Ross and have to dress up as her. I am looking forward to finding out all about her so that I can tell my class.
Kelly Farmer, I live in Columbia, SC and am 10 yrs old. [05-13-2004]

The electronic tour is a great way to disseminate information about Betsy Ross's house. The historical explanation is terriffic too. I have visited the home several times, enjoying the displays housed within (but always bumping my head on the low doorways). The tour was always self guided, so much of the lore was not presented (my last time there was in the early 90's). The virtual tour adds that to the actual walk-thru. Great job and kudos to you!
Michael J. Bowman, Philadelphia born, currently in Montgomery County, Age 51 [05-13-2004]

Mrs.Coy's 2nd grade [05-13-2004]

Longsword57 [05-13-2004]

Julie Zimmerman, Orlando, Florida [05-13-2004]

Beautiful website!
Joan Fisher, Johnson City, TN [05-13-2004]

Lauren, Hi Nella NJ,11 years old 5th grader [05-13-2004]

Natasha Klein, Age 9 [05-13-2004]

Alex Humphrey, 10 [05-13-2004]

Gene R. Hinkle, Enid, Okla., 42 yrs. old [05-13-2004]

Ally [05-13-2004]

kristen [05-13-2004]

Dustin Thompson [05-13-2004]

i would like to take a tour with betsy ross
anonymous [05-13-2004]

trisha, f [05-13-2004]

i would like to take a tour of betsy ross' house
anonymous, 16 n.e. circle dr.joliet 11yrs. [05-13-2004]

we are learning about Betsy Ross and the American Flag this term.
Sonja, Alex and James Ker, from Adelaide in Australia [05-13-2004]

Perry McCumber, Colorado, 48 [05-13-2004]

I am doing a report on Betsy ross so i really want to learn more about her.
Jennifer, Arizona,age11 [05-13-2004]

Nadira Brandenburg [05-13-2004]

Jenny, 26, Ca. [05-13-2004]

I have been invited to speak on Flag Day to members of a senior day care center. Thank you for the good information about our flag.
Doug Skare [05-10-2004]

Ariel [05-10-2004]

santosh, 14 years old [05-08-2004]

I am proud to have been born and raised in Philadelphia.The city is a gold mine of American history.People from other areas of the country cannot possibly know in a short visit,all of the possible sites they could see.You walk in the footsteps of George Washington,Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin and many other notables of our American heritage.And many of their homes and businesses are still here to visit.Philadelphia was home to Edgar Allan Poe, a famous pirate,a Saint,and Indians,among many others.Science and technology began here. Many of the "firsts" of America history, began here.Our City Hall was built during the term of President Grant.We have a group of colonial homes in our park, that housed the who's who of the colonies.We have homes that still bear the scars of the revolutionary war.We have a complex that made munitions for the civil war.We have every type of entertainment that a person could imagine. Welcome to our Philadelphia!
John L. Durrant, Philadelphian,51 years old [05-08-2004]

ralph lewis [05-08-2004]

I am writing a report for English about Betsy Ross
Ashley, Colorado age 14 [05-08-2004]

Gayle [05-08-2004]

lindsay, 12 ohio [05-08-2004]

anonymous jones, ny,34,5-1 [05-08-2004]

kristina [05-08-2004]

Sara Smith, school librarian [05-08-2004]

Barton W. Coppin, 27 y.o. Dental Student at UPenn, married with one child- my wife and I are from Seattle, WA [05-08-2004]

Sam, 9 [05-08-2004]

Thank you for the information about Mrs. Ross I am doing a report on her.
Nicole Hedtke, Age 9 New London, WI [05-08-2004]

I chose betsy ross as my character of my biography report. I love everything to do with America and it's history. She had an important job and I'm glad it still flys today. thank you
olivia p., age 8 second grader at s. elementary of plymouth,mass [05-08-2004]

Mary Robbins [05-08-2004]

My grandmother was the daughter of John F Ross born about 1834, Married in Philadelphia Pa, to Sarah Thompson from Ireland on 8th May 1860.
Roger M Moore, Retired Motor Engineer aged 73 [05-08-2004]

Jessica, 10 [05-08-2004]

I'm just wondering if you would know anything about the two units, Det7 CO A 3rd BN 297th INF or Det10 CO A 3-297th INF SCT, located in Ketchikan,AK cause i plan on moving there after I get done with Basic & AIT
PVT Anna Walker, South Dakota, 18 years now in active duty for SD National Guard [05-08-2004]

Maria LaTour, Springfield,OHIO 11 yrs. [05-08-2004]

LAUREN MCNULTY [05-08-2004]

Billy Bob, corny [05-08-2004]

I am going to come to Betsys house with my mom and not alone.Im looking forward to come their to. I really never in my life came to her house before.
Ashley Perez, 11 [05-08-2004]

Alexis Bolin, 4811 Woods edge rd. 13 [05-08-2004]

WOW! This is great for my students! Thank you.
Sarah C. Bowles, Third grade teacher [05-08-2004]

We hope this will be fun,like a real trip!
Raven and Ashley, 4th Graders [05-08-2004]

Thanks for putting so many images on your site and for making to easy to search for images of Betsy Ross and the flag throughout American History.
Jennifer Keane, New York, NY [05-08-2004]

Just came across this site while looking for something else so thought I'd check it out since she is a relative of mine on my grandfather McLellan's Side.
Margaret McLellan -Smith, Direct Decendent of Betsy Ross [05-08-2004]

Doing a report over Betsy Ross for school
Amber Morgan, 10 [05-08-2004]

I am a lover of history and am looking forward to going on the house tour.Life was hard in those days. Many of us don't seem to appreciate all of the conveniences that we have.Nor do we seem to have learned from past mistakes.Thank you in advance for the tour. I also thank you for the instructions on how to cut a 5-pointed star in one snip.
Catherine Snyder, I am from Kitchener Ontario Canada [05-08-2004]

I remember in the 4th & 5th gr.having the most incredible history teacher and having the students make diarama's out of shoe boxes and particapating in the making of a betsy ross parade float. Awesome teacheer history class was never boring!
valerie, Pismo beach CA, 39yrs. old, i love history! [05-08-2004]

Zenaida Orozco [05-08-2004]

Diane Brennan, 38 [05-08-2004]

Pauline Crawford, 1194 E. Westerfield Place. Olathe Kansas 66061 [05-03-2004]

anonymous [05-03-2004]

Christian, 8 years [05-03-2004]

Thank you for allowing our class (the second grade) to take this tour.
Ms. Ezekiel/Camden Forward School, Teacher [05-03-2004]

Sam Gile [05-03-2004]

Betsy Ross is interesting
Katie Conti, 10 Years old [05-03-2004]

Kevin M., Fiji [05-03-2004]

richard hawkey, age 60 [05-02-2004]

am doing abook report on Betsy Ross
Jenny, 4th Grade [05-02-2004]

Hannah, age 9 [05-02-2004]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross and this site was very helpful. Thank you.
Joann Terwilliger, PA-12yrs old [05-02-2004]

Was here many years ago and looking forward to visiting again.
Joann Kaczala, Barnegat, NJ - retired [05-02-2004]

I grew up in Phildelphia, and remember my first visit to the Betsy Ross house. I was in the fourth grade,and I will never forget that day, it was very special time for me. I hope to visit again some day. As you can see from my age, that I am not as young as I was at the time, when I first visited the Betsy Ross house.
Winifred Robinson, 47 California [05-02-2004]

I had the pleasure of visiting the Betsy Ross House a few years ago. I look forward to going back for another visit soon.
Herbert H. Hice, Macomb Township, Michigan 48044 [05-02-2004]

Betty Manning, I'm 54 years old, and live in Georgetown, Il. I am a registered nurse, and work at a Nursing Home. [05-02-2004]

Pauline Corso, Philadelphia, 38 years old [05-02-2004]

how are you?
lauren Saam, 10 [05-02-2004]

Visited this location many years ago while visiting city
defeo, thunder bay ontario, canada [05-02-2004]

Britt, 14 [05-02-2004]

P Costa, nh [05-01-2004]

Beth Koolbeck, Laurel, MD [05-01-2004]

I will be visiting Philadelphia on May 9 which is both my birthday and mother's day.
Fran [05-01-2004]

I'm in the second grade and I'm writing a report on Betsy Ross.
Alison Bohn [05-01-2004]

OVES 5th grade class, Silver Spring, MD [05-01-2004]

I love US History
anonymous, Bradford, Illinios [05-01-2004]

about her life
colleen, Toledo,23, [05-01-2004]

devonte Sims, 11 [05-01-2004]

ashley amos, Cleveland Tn [05-01-2004]

David Sills, Ks [05-01-2004]

Yuliya kats, I am 10 i like video games. [05-01-2004]

melanie [05-01-2004]

Donna Bowles [05-01-2004]

Dolly Castello, 41-female-Houston Tx [05-01-2004]

hi .
Tina Robinson, Maine,Farmington,11, 04938 [05-01-2004]

Kasey C [05-01-2004]

Ashley [04-29-2004]

Wonderful info to share with my troop as a prerequisite to earning their "Wave The Flag" try-it. Thanks for sharing such invaluable information!
Kathy Lingenfelter, brownie girl scout leader, troop 1150, Ft. Eustis, VA [04-29-2004]

I can't not find info about her life as a yonge kid.
Allen Wrench, 12 [04-29-2004]

Ms. Crossan's Fourth Grade Class, Delcroft Elementary School in Folcroft, PA [04-29-2004]

Heather Grissinger, 16 interested in us history [04-29-2004]

I like History.
Scott Adams [04-28-2004]

Becky C, age 24, Montana [04-28-2004]

Just looking for information that I thought people would know and came to realize that they did't have the right answers to the history of how the American Flag came to be.
MARIA, los angeles california 31yrs [04-28-2004]

hi how are you blahh blahh blahh any way i'm in school
anonymous [04-28-2004]

molly, 11 [04-28-2004]

History will forever astonish, in an age of the future.
Amanda Quinn-Kerins, Valley Forge, PA 19 years old [04-28-2004]

Betsy Ross was a good seamstress.
Zenith Hedges, California, age 6 [04-28-2004]

Thanks for the information for my school report
Joce;yn moulden, Stevensville, MD age 9 [04-28-2004]

Denise Nolan, High School- PHS [04-26-2004]

Thank you for this site!
mary valerga, teaher, in flroida,age 49, [04-26-2004]

Very informative. enjoyed seeing the pictures
Newton, Wassenaar, Netherlands age +30 years [04-26-2004]

i my name is Hannah and i love animals. i also am very bored rite now
Hannah Hill, louisiana, 11, i like the color Hot Pink and i get my braces thursday [04-26-2004]

I enter the tour because I am doing extra credit for socail studies and one of my questions were: Find our when and how the flaf by Besty Ross was designed. So THANK YOU for whatever you helped me with..
Summer Britt, I'm 13 and I live in North Carolina [04-25-2004]

Margaret Krieger, 13 yrs old, California [04-25-2004]

Jan Adams, 7316 Dania Drive Independence, Ohio 44131 [04-25-2004]

Anne Marie Camilleri, 41 yr., Wappingers Falls, NY [04-25-2004]

Hazel, I am a descendent of Monaca Ross daughter of John Ross, any relation? [04-25-2004]

maciepacie12 [04-25-2004]

I am looking for information about the Ross ancestory. Any information available would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Elizabeth Peoples
elizabeth Lancaster Peoples [04-25-2004]

Andrea, Im a person that is learning and reserching about Betsy Ross [04-25-2004]

This is an awesome site i hope u make more about her becuz im doing a report on her and i need some help!
******, ***** [04-25-2004]

Chuck Rossi & Donna Lopez, Henderson,Co. [04-25-2004]

There is a school of thought that teaches the American Revolution was engineered by slaveowning aristocrats whos' main objective was to protect their property and priveiledges. The story of the humble but spunky seamstress not only sewed but redesigned the flag,said to be based on George Washington's coat of arms,should scotch this rumour. Here was a women who rented an apartment in somebody elses' house,ran a business from it,never owned her own home in a snese planning the overthrow of British rule by redesigning as well as sewing the banner of Freedom!
Joann Flanagan, A Betsy Ross Fan [04-25-2004]

joann flanagan, a [04-25-2004]

Mrs. Fitzpatrick and Miss Wisniewski ' s Class, Lindenwold school #4 [04-25-2004]

I think this should be decent
Dana, P.A PHilly [04-25-2004]

Angela Meylian [04-25-2004]

gloria Miller [04-25-2004]

Sami [04-25-2004]

Brittany Alexander, california [04-25-2004]

anonymous, Carlsbad [04-25-2004]

darlene marie rolan [04-25-2004]

jeyrika, i like houes [04-25-2004]

destiny, fhtrg [04-25-2004]

taylor [04-25-2004]

Travis Hoffman [04-25-2004]

I am doing a report for my University thesis, I am fascinated with Ms. Ross, how she bloomed thru adversity. Thank you so much for setting up this website, it was fascinating and very helpful.
erin mccaghren, victoria, canada [04-25-2004]

Besty Ross is my 8 great grandmother back in my family tree.....
Brittney Sampsel, 13 [04-25-2004]

Douglas Jones, Colorado Springs, CO, 46 [04-25-2004]

just checking this out before my family goes and shes the real house in person during the summer.
michele sassone, 28, philadelphia pa [04-25-2004]

I am doing a biography for my third grade class.
brittany, minnesota [04-21-2004]

Jami, im 10 [04-21-2004]

I have just purchased a print title "Last Prayer at Valley Forge", which was exhibited at the 2003 Olympic's in Salt Lake City, Utah. It is so beautiful. I want to learn about the way the homes were decorated in this era.
Marie Eisenhauer, Fallsington, Pennsylvania [04-21-2004]

Emily, From : New Hampshire Age: 8 [04-21-2004]

I am a huge fan of the Revolutionary/Colonial times of America! I like the big firecrackers on the Fourth of July!
Panda Lee Smith, I'm fifteen years old, and I come from Kenya, Africa. I came to America when I was two years old. I live in Helena, Montana. [04-21-2004]

Visited Philly yesterday and got to the front of the house. Hope to return soon and get inside!
Margaret Irvin, age 60 from Florida [04-21-2004]

Madison Say, Chesapeake, VA 9 years old [04-21-2004]

I am doing a report on Mrs. Ross and this site has been a great help.Thank you very much!
Brittany Page, Ohio,13 [04-21-2004]

Colleen, Holliday Mo [04-21-2004]

teea [04-21-2004]

Thanks so much for making history come alive for us in Alabama.
The Horton Family, Homeschooling family of 5 [04-21-2004]

Kerry, I am 17 female i live in Guymon Oklahoma [04-21-2004]

I am doing a report for my 3rd grade teacher.
Maegan M. [04-21-2004]

This is a wonderful and informative web-site. thanks!
Patti & Tienna Wallace, mother & daughter [04-21-2004]

marj reichhardt [04-19-2004]

Preston Gilderhus [04-19-2004]

jordan, from lancaster,pa age 11 [04-19-2004]

vanessa cavallaro, 9 [04-19-2004]

I want to see your now.
Shevon, 9 [04-19-2004]

May I please visit Betsy Ross house
India, I am a kid of Charte School Of The Dunes. [04-19-2004]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross at my Christian school
willow parks, age 9, female, Keystone Heights, Fl [04-19-2004]

The Bill passed in NYS :S76571/A11723 clearly violates religious freedom. It and others like should be repealed or overturned by the Courts!
Joann Flanagan [04-19-2004]

Your website has been very helpful for my eight year old daughter while doing her report on Betsy Ross!
Michelle James [04-19-2004]

alyssa friedman, 8 year old working on a book report about Betsy Ross [04-19-2004]

Patty Atwell, Chariton, Ia. Age-58 [04-19-2004]

wyley [04-19-2004]

My grandmother, Louise Stewart, worked at the Betsy Ross house for about 13 years...I believe in the 40's and 50's. Having recently been looking at some of her papers, books etc. that she had saved started me thinking of those days and I was delighted to see that you have a website.
Elizabeth Stewart Zanelli, Live in San Diego, born and raised in Philly [04-19-2004]

Gina, Palatine IL. Age11 [04-19-2004]

I ha
Betsy Borton [04-19-2004]

we are studying betsy ross in language arts while learning english
amy medina, costa mesa californig, 5th grade teacher, Rea Elementary [04-19-2004]

Sharon McBride, nj, 44 [04-19-2004]

Did Betsy Ross have a pet?
James, 8 [04-19-2004]

Beverly, age 63 from Indiana [04-19-2004]

earl forman, II, old,wheeling,wv;third generation baltimorian; [04-19-2004]

Adam foster, kentucky [04-19-2004]

I visited the Betsy Ross House with the Girl Scouts when I was in 3rd or 4th grade, back during the late 1960's. I'm hoping to bring my children for a visit this summer!
S. Amann, Librarian [04-19-2004]

School project
Tre House, age 8 [04-19-2004]

Barry Petchesky, New York, NY [04-19-2004]

Katie Kollar [04-19-2004]

Gina, Palatine IL. age11 [04-19-2004]

I am very interested in history.And i am very proud to be an American
Mandy, mississippi,16,interested in history [04-19-2004]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross. Thank you for the wonderful information you have provided.
Abraham Martinez, I am 10 years old from Little Ferry, New Jersey [04-19-2004]

Michelle, Palatine, Illinois [04-19-2004]

I am doing homework for my class grade 2
BEN [04-19-2004]

We are taking this tour as a part of our Community outing for the week...
Michele, Wisconsin [04-19-2004]

Students from Epiphany in Grade 2, 7 and 8 years old plymouth meeting pa [04-19-2004]

Lauren [04-19-2004]

Walt, I live in Ojai, CA. 70 years old. Born and lived in Hatboro, Pa. till 1952. Just surfing tonight. [04-19-2004]

I loved the tour- hope to do again this July
Kira, NJ 45 min from Philly [04-19-2004]

we want to learn facts about besty ross.
kaitlyn @ christine [04-19-2004]

a. ramirez, 30yrs florida [04-19-2004]

St, I'm 10 [04-19-2004]

Jill Fallon [04-19-2004]

Joey Zaborszki, I am 7 years old and I'm living in Japan with my family for 2 years. [04-19-2004]

HI, I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross and this might help. Thanks!
anonymous [04-19-2004]

Sara, 4th grader in Georgia [04-19-2004]

Tayler Patton, Live in U.S. [04-19-2004]

I am doing a report about Betsy Ross. So, I am looking on the site for more information about her young life. I like it so far!
Oksana Smith, I live in Bel Air, and I am 13 years old. [04-19-2004]

Carrie Miller, oregon, IL age 28 [04-19-2004]

Grace Woodcock, I am 9 years old and am doing a project on Betsy Ross's house. [04-19-2004]

Kelly Meehan [04-19-2004]

My 7 year old son is doing a book report and bottle puppet on betsy ross
carol summers, Brandywine, md. 20613 [04-19-2004]

Thank you for this enjoyable tour of your home.
Conner P. Castle, Ohio, age 7, male [04-19-2004]

Great site! My girls are earning a Junior Badge called "United We Stand" and we loved this site
Jeri Brown, Jr. Girl Scout Troop #809 Leader, Ft. Pierce, FL [04-19-2004]

Vern Hawk, Live in Rancho Cucamonga, CA [04-11-2004]

I will be visiting the Betsy Ross House on Thursday 4-15
Jake Heneghan, 3rd Grade Student [04-10-2004]

South of Waco Tx. my Father's side has a very large plantation with a valley full of black dirt farm land surrounded by beautiful hills known to locals as Ross mountains. I'v always been told we were ralated to Betsy..So thank you all for keeping her memory alive.Not just for us,but for who she is in American history. Damon Ross Cival War reenactor
Damon Ross, Age 32 and a Ross boy from the N.central Tx. Ross family. [04-10-2004]

I am playing Betsy Ross in a wax museum at my school.
Jaycee Miller, Phoenix, AZ 10 yrs. old [04-10-2004]

Debbie & Jamie King, California, desendent [04-08-2004]

want to learn about her
whitney, 11 years old [04-08-2004]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross.
caitlyn critchley, I am 7. [04-08-2004]

Julia Game [04-08-2004]

Heather Hollenshead [04-08-2004]

levi, 1p [04-08-2004]

i am doin g a report on betsy ross.I am in fourth grade.

nicole, colorado [04-08-2004]

Wendy [04-08-2004]

I go to at Perry Public Schools.Each year in 5th grade we have a Penny arcade .It is where you raed a book about a person's life .then youn dress up as that person,people come and put a penny in your jar .you come alive and give a spheech.
Stacey Stevens, 11 years old,Perry,OK [04-08-2004]

jordy oliver, school,12 [04-08-2004]

colin [04-08-2004]

Brett Denze [04-08-2004]

Jessica Sneed [04-08-2004]

We are looking for information about betsy Ross
Christine & Kailtyn, mom and Daughter, Sanford, Florida [04-08-2004]

Paige, pa [04-08-2004]

Have to do a report on freedom. Thought the flag was a good place to start.
Julia Innamorato, Folcroft, PA - Age 8 [04-08-2004]

Shelby Percell, Kansas [04-08-2004]

You made England know the 13 collinies had its one country
Sara B., age:9 [04-08-2004]

I am researching Betsy Ross for my first class biography project. I think the American flag is cool and thought my friends would like to know who made our flag. I'm learning more about Betsy's life. I'm proud of her and she's awesome.
Sarah Jane Elizabeth C., Colorado, 7 years old, my birthday is June 15th, 2nd grade [04-08-2004]

would ya have a catalog about your collector stuff in it if so will ya type me back.
jason solomon, colorado [04-08-2004]

I am a descendent of Elizabeth (Betsy) Ross. My grandfather was James Ross Liggett.
Dorothy Liggett Tilka, Vancouver, WA [04-08-2004]

Terri Starr [04-08-2004]

thank you so much for the tour. cant wait to see in person. i visit philadelphia almost twice a year on business
Nancy Laibson, SAcramento CA [04-08-2004]

i like betsy ross...........
carli c., I im1 10 years old.ilive in burleson. [04-08-2004]

Adolph Brazinsky [04-08-2004]

i love your site! reminds me of my father's and mother's values, morals, and ehtics. is there a site for flag colletors?
jung park, los angeles, collector of vintage flags. [04-08-2004]

Megan Lankford, age 9 [04-08-2004]

Joanne Hawthorne, nj [04-08-2004]

Linda Hershey, West Grove Pa, age 55 [04-08-2004]

I am doing a social studies report on Betsy Ross for school.
Lindsey Stidham, age 11, Greenwood, Indiana [04-07-2004]

We are learning about famous people like Betsy Ross.
Ms. Smelker's Second Grade ClassWE are learning abot [04-07-2004]

This is an awesome site
Amanda Mason, 15 [04-07-2004]

Kimberly Cunniff, 21 year old English Education Major @ USF, daughter of Jennifer Cunniff, distant niece of Betsy Ross [04-05-2004]

Our genealogy society is planning on using the Betsy Ross theme for our 4th of July parade this year. Our overall theme is Proud of Our Heritage. In addition to promoting the interest in ancestor research, our society hopes to peak the interest of the younger generation through parade floats that promote historical events. The Betsy Ross sites have been very interesting.
Linda Lantrip Mays, Van Zandt County, Texas [04-05-2004]

Meaghan and Becky Shafer, We live in California and are writing a Character Report for 3rd grade. [04-05-2004]

Karlie [04-05-2004]

alexis [04-03-2004]

Augustine Jorquez [04-03-2004]

I love to sew. Im studying about Besty Ross
amy, age7 [04-03-2004]

mariane [04-03-2004]

jeff, 13 [04-03-2004]

ashlie keener, 14 [04-03-2004]

Took the tour April fools day, 2004
Scott Swanson, Manassas, VA [04-03-2004]

Patricia A LaChance [04-03-2004]

I did a report on Betsy. I was in a play at my school and I played Betsy. I thought that all she did was make a flag and that was in, but then I read a book about her and I found her life fascinating.
Rhiannon, My birthday is May 12. [04-03-2004]

jennifer, age10/ [04-03-2004]

Nicole, 10 years old [04-03-2004]

I am doing a school report and your website helped me ace it thanks. by the way you should put this on website on ask jeeves and google. thanks.
allison, 123 holden hill rd weston vt 05161 [04-03-2004]

Peter J Washington, England, [04-03-2004]

Rosalyn, Houston, Tx 16Years old [04-03-2004]

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