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Debbie Strachan [03-31-2004]

wazzzzz up?????
esmeralda gilados, phx az 14 [03-31-2004]

Sheryl, Joey and Tyler McNally, Springfield, VA, 1st and 3rd grade [03-31-2004]

Jimmy Rochette II, St. louis,MO Age 16 [03-31-2004]

tammy, 20 [03-31-2004]

Victoria Brooks, East Orange, NJ, 33 [03-31-2004]

Alexa [03-31-2004]

Stephen R. Barrett, Columbus,IN 62y.o. HMC(FMF) USN (Ret.) [03-31-2004]

Karen Vecchio, ny [03-31-2004]

marlee [03-31-2004]

Thanks for the information for my report!
Adrianna Rosario, 10 years old [03-31-2004]

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation, indivisible, with LIBERTY and JUSTICE for ALL! Thanks for the tour.
Vicky Ruiz-Rosario, South Florida, 30s, Cuban/Panamanian/North American [03-31-2004]

I just found this web site and am quite impressed! I hope to use some of the information found here in my classroom.
Susan Baroni, teacher in Illinois and a big history buff [03-31-2004]

Betsy Ross you are a hard worker and I enjoy you!
sara bashiri, age9 [03-31-2004]

I really enjoy history the older the better. I am teaching my class about how the United States got started, the colonies, the flag and so on. They enjoy hearing about the old days.
sheila, teacher grade 3 in ohio [03-31-2004]

i always wanted to take a tour
Alaina Schultz, 11 [03-31-2004]

I amdoing a biography reprot on Betsy Ross for my 5th grade techer. I realy liked it. I leaned a lot about Betsy Ross. I am looking for a picture of her or the flag or somethning like it. That is why I am here.
anonymous, Boothbay H arbor,Maine 11 (age) Girl [03-31-2004]

rebecca, 13 [03-31-2004]

Lymarie, Im from Puerto Rico [03-31-2004]

Janice Filicetti [03-31-2004]

Searching for any info from Livingston Chillothe Mo, specifically about ancestors Ellen Anne O'Connor and Timothy Shanahan, married there on July 17, 1864. Both were born in Ireland.
Cathy Connelly [03-31-2004]

ginger, texas homeschooling mother [03-31-2004]

Jules Barday [03-31-2004]

Jessica Rowlett, Arkansas [03-31-2004]

chanel gelvan, 8yrs [03-31-2004]

Sofi Teston [03-31-2004]

Shantel [03-31-2004]

I am interested in this. I need to write an essay about someone i would liek to interview in american history and i chose Betsy Ross.
Nicole *, nj, 13 [03-31-2004]

Ms. Gray's Class [03-31-2004]

There should be pictrures and information
steve smiht, I am nine years old [03-31-2004]

This tour is going to be fun!
laura marple, i am 10 years old [03-31-2004]

I think Betsy Ross is facinating
Caroline Weiser, 14, suamico, Wisconsin [03-31-2004]

Alev Unerli, Puerto Rico, 26 [03-31-2004]

I am related to betsy ross through my grandma and so on
Lauren Rump [03-28-2004]

I visited the Besty Ross House as an elementary school student (from New Jersey). I remember the visit well. As a grown-up and a writer, I plan to write a short non-fiction article about Betsy and share my experience with California elementary students who are unable to take a field trip there.
Patti Acton Murphy, California, age 46 [03-28-2004]

I visited here as a child growing up in Philadelphia. I'm glad to be back. :)
Sue Mitchell, Jefferson City, Missouri [03-28-2004]

Donna Johnson, Jamaican [03-28-2004]

kelli, 14 years of age [03-28-2004]

Angela, doing a report [03-28-2004]

Timira Corbett, I am 8 years old [03-28-2004]

This is a grat site because im doing a report on Betsy Ross
anonymous [03-28-2004]

I am doing a research paper on Betsy Ross for my 5th grade class. So I am trying to get all the information I can.
Kelci A., Georgia 10 years old [03-28-2004]

Lisa Mons, Molino, FL [03-28-2004]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross.
Mikayla Leavitt [03-28-2004]

Touring as research for Brownie Scout project.
Melody & Leilani Husemann, Wisconsin [03-28-2004]

Amanda Gondos [03-28-2004]

my dad is from philly, and he told me about betsy ross' house
savanna guzzi, 9 yrs old [03-28-2004]

Charlotte Mathis [03-28-2004]

I am delighted to find this website. My husband's side of the family is related to George Ross and Robert Witherspoon, so to find any information like this is wonderful. Thank you
Lori King, our family lives in Tucson AZ [03-28-2004]

sharon stephens [03-28-2004]

Hey people that know all this stuff about Betsy. Isn`t that cool. Im a duck!
Squeakers, sqeakerville........15.......& whatever [03-28-2004]

Jim Coyle, Police Officer - Upstate New York [03-28-2004]

I am going to be Betsy Ross for a Wax Museum at school!
Lindsay, 10 Ohio [03-28-2004]

Bests wishes to betsy ross
Ariel Rodriguez, 12 years old [03-28-2004]

I am studying about the American flag at Indian Hills School in N. Little Rock
camryn startz, 6yrs. 11mos. I live in N. Little Rock AR [03-28-2004]

Stephanie Finnell, bristol,pa 19007 age13 [03-28-2004]

doing a school playing, researching.
KAYLA, wv 8 [03-28-2004]

I like looking up historic things on the internet
Courtney Griffin, Breckenridge Texas 13 [03-28-2004]

Kaylen, Taylorvill [03-28-2004]

i love everything about Betsy Ross and she has had aa very interesting life and past and family and friends, I LOVE YOU BETSY ROSS!
nikki goldberg, ravena,ny/ 13/ i am doing a report on betsy ross for school. [03-28-2004]

I am visiting this site because the company for whom I work is celebrating "Women's History Month"
Charmayne, Arlington Tx [03-28-2004]

I am doing some research for the "United We Stand" Patch for my brownie troop and your website has been awesome. thanks a bunch!
Bonnie Ocheskey, Brownie Troop 947 Leader [03-28-2004]

Am a Brownie lesder(1st graders) and are starting to talk about history of flag/flag ceremonies. Do you have any suggestions where I can get info?
Stephanie Ford, girl scout leader in TN. [03-28-2004]

Thank You for helping us learn about PA history.
Amy,Maggie and Jonas Frank, We homeschool in E. Greeville PA [03-28-2004]

Thank-you, for this sight!
Donna, California, 51yrs... [03-28-2004]

Rio Winstead, Robert Morris is my relitive i am 11 and i am doing a report [03-28-2004]

JULIE AVERY, shelton, washington [03-28-2004]

Looking for activities for Girl Scout Troop.
D'Ellen Berndt, Lamar, Co [03-28-2004]

tyler anderson [03-28-2004]

ANNELDA, sparr florida [03-28-2004]

Just checking out virtual field trips for my second grade classroom. Thanks for the tour.
Nancy, teacher - Abingdon, IL [03-28-2004]

I was wondering how many American flags there really is?
Amber Carter, Franklinton, La. 14 female [03-28-2004]

who took my waffle
jordan mackenzie sprinkle, boy matthews nc 12years old [03-28-2004]

Where Are you located i might want to come and see when is a good time?
Anna, Charolatte Nc [03-28-2004]

i wa swondering if this homepage really did take the origional pictures of her house
garrett, 10 years old live in nc matthews [03-28-2004]

I love kittens cats and puppies
Gabrielle Blanchard, I love kittens [03-28-2004]

Stephen and Karin Weiner [03-28-2004]

Iam 37 years of age with three kids & married. My husband is 34 and we are really,really looking for a job outside we would like to develop our family by working and attending school at the same time.My first daugher is doing standard six at one english medium school, the last two are still very young .Ihave been working in accounts for the past 14years and I can do books up to reconciliations,any.Creditirs Debtor and Bank. even stores .My husband is an artist.but can do any job.He does composing analysing and ohter music work .He is originaly from Congo and has studied in France.Please help us We do not mind coming as a family. I come from one middle family in Botswana AT THAMAGA VILLAGE.
Dominicah Mwaba, Gaborone [03-28-2004]

Sydney Kelley [03-28-2004]

Thank-You for your website and allowing us to take this tour.
Norma L. Mendez, I'm 32 and an avid quilter and I love sewing. [03-28-2004]

anonymous, erica age10 and mom for school project [03-28-2004]

This is for a school project.
Samantha, New York, 12 [03-28-2004]

chris Ivory, 12 years july 5 [03-28-2004]

how big is her house
andrea, 11years old [03-28-2004]

S.R.W, 46 years old Teacher [03-28-2004]

Father American. great joy visiting America and finding my roots.
Diana Cooper, Wiltshire, England. [03-28-2004]

rachel d, I am 9 and dressing up as Betsy Ross [03-28-2004]

I have visited your home many times. My daughter is doing areport on Betsy Ross For AGirl Scout Project Women in History. My Mother grew up in Philadelphia and my Aunt still lives there every time I come for avisit I always walk the Historic sites of Plilly.
Susan Rosenberger, Ottawa, Ohio 45875 age 50 [03-28-2004]

first ye seek the kingdom of God and all his rightousness and all these things shall be added unto you. Gal.1:12
Ocie Mae Cooperwood, Evagelist: Penni Penn [03-28-2004]

Peter Vermeulen, Belgium, male, 39 years old [03-28-2004]

Cool website. We're doing a project on the Flag. I had no idea what exactly Betsy did that was so important although I have heard her name but now I feel I know so much more.
anonymous, Jupiter, Florida [03-28-2004]

I saw Betsy Ross's house years ago. I wanted to know more about her. Your tour helped. Where can I get a Betsy Ross doll for my granddaughter?
Gail Honig, I am 50, and a grandmother. [03-28-2004]

What a wonderful site for those of us too far away to see such history. I'm proud to be counted among women like Betsy who love their country enough to share their talent in ways to honor it.
Bonita, I'm in Lemoore, Ca., a wife of a Naval Petty Officer, daughter of an Air Force MSGT, an instructional tutor, singer, and drama program advisor. I love history, and have written patriotic musical for children's theater. [03-28-2004]

I am doing a school project on Betsy Ross and want to find out all I can. This is a wonderful site! Thanks, Daniel
Daniel DeLeon, 10 years old [03-28-2004]

mariah schmidt [03-28-2004]

Lisa Frable, Kunkletown, PA Age 33 [03-28-2004]

Lars-Goran Egneus, Teacher, 62, Sweden [03-28-2004]

I don't Know who she is so I am hoping to find out.
Karin Haski, I'm 11 years old and in fifth grade and I love HISTORY! [03-28-2004]

mal [03-28-2004]

J.P, 75 [03-28-2004]

I love going on tours and love to go to different places and learn new things!
Paula, 11 years old, Matthews NC, LAST NAME: Howard [03-28-2004]

yvonne, teacher [03-28-2004]

Jasmine [03-28-2004]

This is a great site for people to learn from. Thank you for creating it and keeping it going.
Lurisa, Florence, Oregon [03-21-2004]

luke Cowan, 8 [03-21-2004]

I am on this website to learn about Betsy Ross and earn a Girl Scouts try-it. I think it will be an interesting thing to learn about Betsy Ross.
Elizabeth Teubert, I live in Round Lake Park, IL, I am seven years old. [03-21-2004]

In school I'm doing a report about Betsey Ross. Also I'm related to her.
Briana Armand, 9 yearsv old [03-21-2004]

Marisela Velazquez, nJ, 30, [03-21-2004]

Chelsydale Lynn Meinke, eight years old doing a report on Betsy Ross [03-21-2004]

I love looking at the american flag every day.Now thanks to Betsy Ross it stands in our classroom every day.
Ashleigh [03-21-2004]

Stephanie [03-21-2004]

I'm doing a Biography Report on Bestsy Ross, and I want to learn all I can about her. Thanks for all the information and help.
Jessica Matthews, N.Y. 9 Yrs. Old, 3rd Grade [03-21-2004]

Samantha, 9yearsold [03-21-2004]

de, nj [03-21-2004]

What a great site for so many to enjoy and from which to learn more! Thanks!
Patti Bateman, Library services manager, 58, Colorado [03-21-2004]

Briona, 9 [03-21-2004]

Looking for the Flag Rules and Regulations, I found this great site...I am thrill to have the oportunity to experience, part of the History of the United States. Thanks
Gladys E. Tirado-Diaz, Beloit, WI, 67 yrs., born in Manati, Puerto Rico [03-21-2004]

I came across your web page doing an English paper on the US Flag "The Star Spangled Banner"
Kyle Pettis, Wallace, Idaho 16 [03-21-2004]

I am doing a book report on Betat sy I am doing a book report on Betsy Ross
Stephanie Wix, Ohio, 9, Student [03-21-2004]

Thomas Santoro [03-21-2004]

Kelly Milian, Teacher from Miami, Florida [03-21-2004]

I need information about betsy ross for a project. and this is the website where i found it.
Kirstyn, baltimore,md. i am 13 years old. i am doing a project on Betsy ross. [03-21-2004]

I am just bored and looking for things on sites to read and study so many things I would have never known.God Bless the U.S.A and all of it's fellow people.The U.S.A. has come so far in such little time.
Stephanie Novak, Sterling Illinois age 33 [03-21-2004]

I am doing a school project over Betsy Ross for my third grade class.
Kimberley Hawkins, 10 yeas old [03-21-2004]

sara, i'm fun [03-21-2004]

Jeannie Benz, Cincinnati [03-21-2004]

im doing a school report on her this site gave me a lot
Samantha, 17543 [03-21-2004]

I am writing a report on you.
janille amparo, chatham va. age 9 [03-21-2004]

hello betsy what a tremendous job you did I will never forget you your Friend jeanna ainley I hope someday our paths will cross in heaven
jeanna aldridge, ca age 36, lived in mass [03-21-2004]

doing a project and need a pix. of miss ross
anonymous, 12 [03-21-2004]

joan kuhn [03-21-2004]

I am doing a project on the American Flag, and want to commend the person(s) whom made this site possible for the public view. Jaimee Bryant age 16
Jaimee Bryant, Iowa [03-21-2004]

Hunter James [03-21-2004]

CAITLIN ARNETT & APRIL CHILDRESS, mt. airy, nc [03-21-2004]

Kassie Day [03-21-2004]

Thanks for the educational opportunity!
Kindergarten Class 102 at ReadNet Bronx Charter School, Bronx, NY [03-21-2004]

Xavier Savage, 13 [03-21-2004]

xssdf [03-21-2004]

I think what she did for our country is awesome! Sascks
Stephanie Singer, 14 [03-21-2004]

Donna [03-21-2004]

soylis [03-21-2004]

At the local annual fund raiser for our Pregnancy Resource Center which is a Ladies' Tea, each table hostess chooses a theme. This year I have chosen to honor Betsy Ross.
Becky Fuller, North Pole, AK, 58 [03-21-2004]

Brooke Mitchell, age 10 Cypress California [03-21-2004]

Nicole Oddy, westport Wa and age 9 [03-21-2004]

Bob [03-21-2004]

Alexandra Torres, Chicago, IL 13 years old [03-21-2004]

I dont gots nothing to say right know sorry!
Denisse, Kissimmee [03-21-2004]

Pauline Green, I'm 54 years lod and live in Minnesota. [03-21-2004]

Celso, I'm 9 [03-21-2004]

I think the tour was great.It gave a lot of history of Betsy Ross and I read one of her books its called Betsy Ross the designer of our flag. Betsy Ross (Griscom,Ross,Ashburn,and Calypool
Eva, grater barrington, MA. [03-21-2004]

Enjoyed viewing all of the rooms, to see how Betsy Ross lived.
Margaret J Layton, Lenox, Mass. [03-21-2004]

Rachel Quezada, Houston, TX, 28 yrs old [03-21-2004]

We are studying Betsy Ross and the flag. I thought the children might enjoy seeing her home. Thank you for providing this site as most of my class will not likely ever be in a position to make a personal visit. Mrs. Wood and students
Mrs. Wood's Kindergarten Class, Meadows of Dan, Va [03-21-2004]

Rachel, Pen Argyl, PA [03-21-2004]

Kala and Garrick Jensen, homeschooled ages 9 and 7 [03-21-2004]

Shay, I'am 13, I go to Gallia Academy and I love to study HIstory and write stories [03-21-2004]

go steelers!
ned niclebocker, i am 56 and I like football [03-21-2004]

Amanda, Japan 13 [03-21-2004]

REbecca [03-21-2004]

Abigail Rose Nelson, 8 yeas old [03-21-2004]

Sally Johnson, ma [03-21-2004]

I am doing a report on Besty Ross, I think she is very cool.
Loegan B., I'm 7, in second grade, in Reynoldsburg, Ohio [03-21-2004]

I am doing a book report for my third grade glass on a famous woman. I chose Betsy Ross.
Mark Castellucci, 9 years old. Live in San Mateo, California [03-21-2004]

I'm looking for information to share with my Cub Scouts since they need to know about the "Birth of the U.S. Flag", how to display our flag and how to fold and care for our flag. This is a terrific web page! Thank You!
Nancy Renner, Pack 4, South River,NJ [03-21-2004]

great web site
TIMOTHY J BARRETT, scout leader/patriot [03-21-2004]

Ashley, My age is 9 [03-21-2004]

hi, I have been to that place befor and I think it is super
Amber Marshall, N.J, 18, very nice [03-21-2004]

Hey whats up n-m-h just workin on a report for social studies.Its stupid we have to make abook about u.s government.wellg.2.g 2AND2
chelsea laws [03-21-2004]

davistopofhill, 10 [03-21-2004]

dona horn, nottinham, pa age49 [03-21-2004]

Just staying in touch withour history.
Charles Lee, Cleveland, Ohio [03-21-2004]

WE are excited about taking a tour of your house. Thank you for letting us take our tour.
Ms. Cayton's Fourth Grade Class, Twin Lakes Elementary, Tampa, Florida [03-21-2004]

sarah kiefer, 9 [03-21-2004]

Hill [03-21-2004]

Richard Leonard, Age 75, Portland Maine [03-21-2004]

I am doing a report on betsy Ross. I appreciate all of the information that I found on your web site. Thanks!
Lyndsey Nagle, Red Lion, PA [03-21-2004]

Joshua Coleman [03-21-2004]

I think we should keep "under God" in the pledge!
Tessa Kratochvil, N.Wis.-13 yrs and homeschooled [03-21-2004]

sandy scott, pa 10 i love sport [03-21-2004]

Lisa B. McNeil, Teacher at Glade Spring Middle School in Glade Spring, Virgina [03-21-2004]

bridget voght [03-21-2004]

michell, oh 6years old [03-21-2004]

I love History, thanks.
Jorge Garriga, Addison, Texas [03-21-2004]

Califford H. Bauer, Greenbrae, Marin County [03-21-2004]

Evelyn Sturdivant, Georgia [03-21-2004]

Gordon J. Stratiff, Live in California, am 70 years old. [03-21-2004]

Tom McDaniel [03-21-2004]

Iam doing a report on Betsy Ross.
meghan., I am 9 years old. [03-21-2004]

I went in person a few years ago I thought that it was so cool. Betsy Ross is really interesting.
Kaitlyn Corriveau, I'm 14 years old [03-21-2004]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross and find her very interesting. I would like to come and see her house some day.
Abbey Senczyszyn [03-21-2004]

Bonnie Sjostrom [03-21-2004]

I wish i was a dog or a panda!
Peperika, Alanta Georgia [03-21-2004]

Jocelyn Larnick [03-21-2004]

MACY, 6macy [03-21-2004]

Perry Hatch, Firefighter [03-21-2004]

L white, Altoona PA [03-21-2004]

Suzie Hix, Lewiston, ID [03-21-2004]

kids need more info on betsy herself because i am doin a report on her and cant find anything
TARA ATWOOD, 11 YEARS OLD, plays guitar [03-21-2004]

I wish to see betsy's house and learn more avout her background I also wish to learn what inspired Betsy to nit the first american flag also if she asked to do so or if she volunteered one more question is why did she do it?
Brianna Harris, school/12 [03-12-2004]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross. Thanks for the great information and pictures!
Grace, Age 6, First Grade [03-12-2004]

What I like best is the way the stars on the American flag kept changing as we added new states, yet the stripes stayed the same right from the begining.
Katie, age 9+ From Wisconsin [03-12-2004]

Bob Burnes [03-12-2004]

eh seems cool wonderful idea, the home of betsy ross
Kimberly Ku'ulei, 13 yrs. Kihei Hawaii, Lokelani int. school [03-12-2004]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross and this site is helping a lot! Thank you!
anonymous [03-12-2004]

Katherine, From South Carolina [03-12-2004]

Third grade classroom doing virtual tour
North Lincoln Hill Elementary [03-12-2004]

Mikala Ross [03-12-2004]

Devin K Ross, I'm 9 years old and doing a project on Betsy Ross [03-12-2004]

Gary Allen, Phila.,Pa 10 yrs. old [03-12-2004]

Teresa Lord, New Jersey, [03-12-2004]

erica, 16/Tx/f [03-12-2004]

Elizabeth Moreau, Chicago, IL/48/ [03-12-2004]

We are learning about Betsy Ross in Kindergarten.
ariana zarrillo, New Jersey, age 6 [03-12-2004]

Adam [03-12-2004]

melissa, 10 years old [03-12-2004]

jada [03-12-2004]

I am writing a report for school on Betsy Ross.
Jessica Gunn, 8 Years old, Moraga, California [03-12-2004]

clayton decker, Oklahoma---age 10 [03-12-2004]

i am doing a report of betsy ross and want to look around
Eileen Rose purvis, wooster 12 love sports [03-12-2004]

we all should live in world peace why cant we get along
william j grayeski, i like history science art nature [03-12-2004]

Peggy Perna, 10,Burlington [03-12-2004]

This should be fun! I can't believe she made the first flag.
Alexis, ne, 9 [03-12-2004]

I think Betsy was a woundful women!
Kateland Ellis, i am 10 years [03-12-2004]

Marian Flaus [03-12-2004]

Even though this is a virtual tour I am excited and can't wait to enjoy it.
EUNICE, military [03-12-2004]

I really like this web site i think it is really neat
Nate James Bluhm, I like this web site [03-12-2004]

Vincent Malenfant, Twin Lake, Michigan 34 [03-12-2004]

nice to see that stuff like this is offered
anonymous [03-12-2004]

Let's hope we don't need to elope to get married!
Gregory Gibson, San Francisco, California. 39 year old male living with life partner of 3.5 years. [03-12-2004]

I am working a school project. We are making a wax museum and I have chosen Betsy Ross because I love the American Flag. And wanted to know more about the flag and the history of Betsy Ross.
Lydia Barnes, I live in Dayton Ohio and am 8 years old [03-12-2004]

GARBRIELA GUERRERO, miami,fl age 9 [03-12-2004]

I am doing a project on her in school. She is awesome
Heather [03-12-2004]

Mary, 13 [03-12-2004]

My cousin in WVA performs as Betsy Ross for many of the local organizations..Historical Society etc..she is very good at it.
Mary Jane, Florida resident [03-12-2004]

Great idea on the Betsy Ross house
Ashley-Marie [03-09-2004]

Cadie Cobb [03-09-2004]

Mrs. Tanner's second grade class, From Lake Worth Florida [03-09-2004]

my great wishes to usplag totel wishes to presidant'BUSH yours,servant rsswr1
rehobom,solomon,susairaj, 13,16,33,36 [03-09-2004]

I am doing a report on betsy ross and the first american flag.
Taylor Spring, 7 2nd grade [03-09-2004]

This is very interesting and informative, what a great nation we live in.
Jess Robbins [03-09-2004]

We are working on Betsy for a 2nd grade project. Thanks for the help.
anonymous [03-09-2004]

I'm studying about Betsy Ross in my class now. I wanted to see her house.
Hannah Southern, Kindergarten/age 6 [03-09-2004]

doing a report on betsy ross .
victor p., brockton, ma [03-09-2004]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross cuz she is so cool. This really helped! THANKS:)
Norma, 14 [03-09-2004]

anonymous, shrewsbury, ma [03-09-2004]

ME NELSON [03-09-2004]

I need to look up betsy ross for a school project
Danielle, 11 [03-09-2004]

Hey hows it goin im doin a project of betsy ross just came for some good info lol NOT ttyl
Lillian, texas 12 [03-09-2004]

brock luehman, amery 13 wisconsin [03-09-2004]

did she really make the first flag
CELESTE GUNN, 14 yrs. old [03-09-2004]

Bridget [03-09-2004]

had to do research for my civivs class and I happen to stumble upon this site and decided to take of tour of this house.
Quintonio Traylor, Ashburn,GA 14 [03-09-2004]

dakota sanchez [03-09-2004]

charles Mclaughlin [03-09-2004]

Donna Pierce [03-09-2004]

This looks like fun!
Pooja, age:9 Location:Georgia [03-07-2004]

Alyxa, 14 [03-07-2004]

I need to know what Betsy Ross's personality is for a project i have to do for english. can you please help me.
Ayla, Andover, Ct., 14, and i go to RHAM Middle school [03-07-2004]

vickie mccandless, 40 [03-07-2004]

Hunter Vaughan, West Coast FL - 7 yrs old [03-07-2004]

Brianna Aileen fisk, NW Michigan,8 years old,I am a girlscout [03-07-2004]

Elli Gassert [03-07-2004]

I have to study about Betsy Ross for a research project.
Keli Davis, age 10, and I'm in 5th grade right now [03-07-2004]

Thanks, I plan to take my granddaughter on the tour tomorrow. She will love it!
Faye Deck [03-07-2004]

drew schreck [03-07-2004]

I love the USA flag it was sooo creative!
Melanie, Brogue,PA, age-10 [03-07-2004]

This information will help me with my school project
P. Benware [03-07-2004]

I wish to become a cheeleader you should e-mail me firt before go on tour because i have to ask my mom.
Ashanti, 10 [03-07-2004]

Kourtney Mack, nj 13 [03-07-2004]

how do i get in contact with some of the persons who write on your site
gene, 73 [03-07-2004]

Juliette L. Garcia, CA,16,female [03-07-2004]

i am doing a biography on betsy ross and have found this web sight very helpful.i am in the fifth grade at craycroft elementary school.
LATASHA OLVER, tucson arizona, 11years old [03-07-2004]

trisha torres, phila. pa.,28yrs. [03-07-2004]

I am studying Betsy Ross in school.
Jessica., Burke, VA 8 years old. [03-07-2004]

How did she dide
Kristina, ny 9 [03-07-2004]

I am doing a research paper on Betsy Ross. Thanks for your information
Kourtney Davidson, California, 8years old [03-07-2004]

Shannon [03-07-2004]

Alexus Lillie [03-07-2004]

hi i love daniel always
renee, i am 17 and i live in ga [03-07-2004]

We are studying Betsy Ross and wanted to see more about her. Thank you for letting us visit your site.
Mrs. Steele's Kindergarten, 20/5 year olds [03-07-2004]

Keep up the good work!
Cheri S. Bailey, 26, Philadelphia, PA [03-07-2004]

why are you important,who is she,what's a replca.
Tessi, nice,and sweet [03-07-2004]

Carla Herr, Valparaiso,In,15 [03-07-2004]

I am soooo excited to be here!
Judy Song, ca 11 [03-04-2004]

don hazelwood, father [03-04-2004]

Josh is reseaching Betsy Ross for a school project and we think this will be very helpfuland interesting !
Diana & Joshua, Iowa [03-04-2004]

Grace Searby [03-04-2004]

Shelby Purtell, Second Grade Teacher [03-04-2004]

Your house is very nice and colorful too.
Christine Terry, 10 [03-04-2004]

Ashtalia Spilman, i live in sd, ca, i'm 9 and i'm studying betsy for school [03-04-2004]

Kaitlyn Gaumer [03-04-2004]

I need to get information for my report tomarrow.
leah coates, I'm tall,africen anerican,11,and kind [03-04-2004]

Rosannne Leone, Woodhaven, NY [03-04-2004]

i am doing a report on betsy beacuse she is cool
justin bauman, newport oregon 12 [03-04-2004]

Kailey [03-04-2004]

I am here 4 my report!
Kaylee [03-04-2004]

Kaela, 9 [03-04-2004]

I want to learn a lot about Betsy Ross. Thanks for the tour.
Lyba Khan, 7 years old [03-04-2004]

thank you for the pictures and the informantion
mary lin, gf,sdafisheg;rkawrhgi;.aeftg [03-04-2004]

ilove you
brittany poerty, 13 [03-04-2004]

I have been reading the Revolutionary War books.
Laura Gibson, I'm almost 7 and I live in Iowa. [03-04-2004]

Dear Betsy Ross I never been to your house before. My Mom wish will come to your house. Can I take me on the tour?
Victor Kelly, 9 years old [03-03-2004]

L. Montgomery extended day class, Houston Texas [03-03-2004]

We had read in our history books that Betsy Ross was "said" to have made the first American Flag. We are wondering why that is such a mystery, could you help us answer this question?
Newman Elementary School [03-03-2004]

Tammy Meinhart, littleton, colorado [03-03-2004]

We really needed this tour to finish our report. Thank you SO MUCH!
Grade 5th, Arnold Elementary, Arnold Elementary [03-02-2004]

Mckenna, age 7, Michigan [03-02-2004]

I am studying Betsy Ross for an oral report, and I'm excited to be able to see the home she lived in over 200 years ago.
Alexandra Vallier, I am a fourth grader. [03-02-2004]

Our flag started here!
George Beach, Visitor since 1944 [03-02-2004]

Grace Hicks [03-02-2004]

Debbie Kemp, teacher [03-02-2004]

Nancy J. Lafaver, Student Services Coordinator at local public school, Town of Lisbon, NY Historian [03-02-2004]

Can't wait to see what's here
Jennifer Akins, Richmond, VA/ 21 yrs old/ history major at VCU [03-02-2004]

This site helped me very much on my homework. Thank you!
Kevin lee, age, 10 Cypress, CA [03-02-2004]

ALEXIS SIMONE, carol stream, ill age 9, western trails school [03-02-2004]

andie diers, 7 years [03-02-2004]

Terri Karsten, free lance writer [03-02-2004]

im intrested in geneolagy of betsy her father and mother i think that im related my grand father ismelvin ross his wife is elizabeth smith they are burried in ririe shelton cematery
gene morgan [03-02-2004]

David M. Disher, Pensacola, Fl. [03-02-2004]

Emma Barclay, Chicago,IL 10 years old 5th Grade [03-02-2004]

taylor, 9 im a cheer leader va [03-02-2004]

sierra [03-02-2004]

Thanks for the help with my 3rd grade class project
Hannah, Maryland [03-02-2004]

God Bless America!
Noel S. Mateo, Queens, NY - 55y.o. [03-02-2004]

Hello Betsy' s homepage Ilike the bedrooms in Bety's house. THank you From:Gabrielle
Gabrielle, sesser illinois [age]9and1/2 [03-02-2004]

Andrea and Colby Robinson, San Jose, CA [03-02-2004]

Will finley [03-02-2004]

Juliana McComas and Alison Sammons [03-02-2004]

kaley [03-02-2004]

lynn seal, teacher [03-02-2004]

Mewkitty, Texas [03-02-2004]

Joyce, Pennsauken, NJ [03-02-2004]

amato, nj [03-02-2004]

I have my Father's AFHBRMA certificate, Series R, Cert.No. 4230, 1921. His name is Raymond Houska, and in 1921 he and the family lived on a small farm several miles south of Pukwana, SD, which farm was lost to an unscrupulous relative in the dirty thirties.
R. B. Houska [03-02-2004]

Maria Mandel, female, age 10, and I have 3 pets [03-02-2004]

Rachel J. Rowe, single [03-02-2004]

I am visiting this site because I have a worksheet I have to do for my 4th grade library class. Thanks for making this easyer for me.
Holden LeVault, Sesser, Il 10 years old [03-02-2004]

JENFECTEAU, auburn,me,12, [03-02-2004]

cody hall [03-02-2004]

my grandmother was a claypool. i have visited the home of betsy ross and graves of betsy and her 3rd husband john claypool. i love to sew so i enjoyed visiting her home very much and am always interested in any information about her.
Dr. RoseMarie Willett, teacher of special education in rogers, arkansas [03-02-2004]

Greg Jenkins [03-02-2004]

Ian Barnhart [03-02-2004]

allie [03-02-2004]

Emily Haskins [03-02-2004]

Kiley Kelly [03-02-2004]

tyler stevens, buffalo elementary school wayne, wv [03-02-2004]

aron dotson and shelbi baker [03-02-2004]

Madison Adkins, buffalo elementary school, wayne, wv [03-02-2004]

I am glad you made the flag. I like your flag.
Mrs. Morgan's Kindergarten Class, Clovis,NM [03-02-2004]

lp [03-02-2004]

I work for a bank in Texas and for Women's History month, I have chosen to be Betsy Ross
Dixie Jackson [03-02-2004]

Ryan Monath, Age 6 McArthur California [03-02-2004]

sharon kruzinski, new jersey, 51 [03-02-2004]

Myrna Joy Martin, Baltomore [03-02-2004]

Class projest
Emily, Virginia [02-25-2004]

We are studying about Betsy Ross and our wonderful flag. Thank you for the tour!
Grade 1-D, Wheat Elementary, WISD, Proud to be Americans! [02-25-2004]

Tommy, SesserIL [02-25-2004]

Devin Galloway, Sesser IL 10 [02-25-2004]

Tommy Newbury, Sesser IL 10 [02-25-2004]

Alyx Morgan [02-25-2004]

I learned a lot from this site about flag etiquette as well.
Francess, 21 Jax, Fl [02-25-2004]

Kenwood First Graders, We are 6 and 7 years old first graders living in Kearney, Ne learning about Betsy Ross. [02-25-2004]

We're excited to take a tour of your house! :)
Miss Bade's Class, 6-7 years old; Katy, Texas; Hayes Elementary School [02-25-2004]

NATASHJA AVITIA [02-25-2004]

Linda Carver, Richardson, TX [02-25-2004]

jenna pardoe, selinsgrove, pa age 9 [02-25-2004]

Amy V. [02-25-2004]

My daughter is 8 and in the 2nd grade. She is going to be in a play at school, and she is Betsy Ross. This information we found about Betsy is great. It makes you want to learn more about others that were so great...Thanks so much for this web site....Jennifer Davis
Jennifer Davis, Vidalia, Louisiana [02-25-2004]

Betsy Ross is my hero!
Laurie, age:11 [02-25-2004]

aygul, troy,Oh 12 [02-25-2004]

Lei Meredith [02-25-2004]

katy, ks 10 [02-25-2004]

lauren park, pendleton,13, [02-25-2004]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross and I think she is very exciting.
Stephanie Fawcett, Colorado Springs, age 9 [02-25-2004]

i think she is areal cool women cause she made the first american flag
Brittany kay lawrence, ny 10 [02-25-2004]

I am doing a book report on a famous woman or an African American because of Black History Month, and Women's Appreciation Month. I chose Elizabeth Griscom( now known as Betsy Ross!) She is really coll and amazing! i really enjoyed the tour! : ) ~*~Bebe~*~
~*~Bebe~*~ Danielle, I lova archeology, swimmimg, and tigers : ) [02-25-2004]

taylor [02-25-2004]

i am playing betsy ross in a play at school
Tonianne kenny, myrtle beach sc. age 9 [02-25-2004]

i am a 3rd grades.doing a report on betsy ross
ashley, fort knox ky,10yrs, [02-25-2004]

i like reading about betsy ross. i have done book reports and projects and poster on her for two years. thanks
JOURDAN MCCLUNG, salem alabama, 8 i wish i could visit her house in person [02-25-2004]

I am seven and I am doing a project for school and I chose Betsy Ross. I have learned so much Thank You Lauren Peel
Lauren Peel, Jackson MS, 7 years old, I am doing a project for my second grade class on Betsy Ross, and our first American Flag. [02-25-2004]

Marni Jarman, Pennsylvania transplant since 1996 [02-25-2004]

Ryan, 11 female [02-25-2004]

Tammy [02-25-2004]

I am doing a report on Betsey Ross. I would like to see what clothes she wore.
Lauren, student [02-25-2004]

I came to this site thru google search tool. My daughter is doing a report for her 2nd grade class on betsy ross. She is 9 . My only child.
Audrey Stiles, 28,alabama,mother of 1 daughter. [02-25-2004]

I am doing a theme on Betsy Ross
anonymous, Stafford va. 40 [02-25-2004]

Thank you for helping us learn about Betsy Ross!
Miss Leneave's AM Kindergarten, Richmond, Virginia [02-25-2004]

michaela thacker, 8,buffalo elementary school in wayne, wv [02-25-2004]

Joshua Hendricks, 8,buffalo elementary school in wayne, wv [02-25-2004]

dustin townson, 8, buffalo elementary school in wayne, wv [02-25-2004]

America first
Robert L Dimmick, retired military 64 years young [02-25-2004]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross and came upon this website.
Fallon Viar, I am 8 yrs. old and in third grade [02-25-2004]

I am a teacher looking for virtual tours of different areas.
Diane, Boothwyn, PA 30 [02-25-2004]

Nancy Raza, First grade teacher, NYC [02-25-2004]

I enjoy history a lot!
Jessica Flynn, 13, Chicago,IL [02-25-2004]

help me find a job that takes 12 year old teens!lol
DEIDRA R., hillsbourough,12,im trying to make easy money for my household [02-25-2004]

We enjoy learning where the flag came from. Thank you for the opportunity to see Betsy's house.
Ethel, Holly and Megan, Escanaba, MI [02-25-2004]

I am writing a report about Betsy Ross.
MADISON, age 7 [02-24-2004]

My son, Michael, and I are looking up American Flag history for his homework. Your web site has really helped. Thank you.
Marsha Schoonmaker, 25yrs old, Jersey Shore, PA [02-24-2004]

anonymous, I'm 14, I live in FLA. Male, Doing school project! This is Cool! [02-23-2004]

My daughter is doing a book report on Betsy Ross
Jill Jones, Miami, Fl [02-22-2004]

Laura Amsbaugh, A horse lover doing a school assignment on Betsy Ross [02-22-2004]

I'm doing a book report for my 3rd grade class at Ocean Breeze Elementary School.
Cassidy Rae Garrison Stow, age 9, FL [02-22-2004]

Information on the preservation of this historic site
Marie Progin [02-22-2004]

I am betsy ross in a play
Rachel, age 11 [02-22-2004]

In school we are doing a essay about the USA flag. I am putting my notes in my essay about Betsy Ross!
Macy, age:11 visalia [02-22-2004]

Anna Boles, student at the University of North Texas [02-22-2004]

haily [02-22-2004]

petty officer brian branin u.s.n., seabee [02-22-2004]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross and I need some pictures of her house and I need lots of information on her!
maliatimsit2, Minnesota Age 11 [02-22-2004]

Your so cool! Wish i could meet you.
Victoria, NewOFord 11years old [02-22-2004]

Ms. C. Chapman, Student Teacher at Buffalo Elementary School in Wayne, West Virginia [02-22-2004]

I liked the flag you design . how were you connected to the revolution War? because i am doing a report on you. send me an e- mail and then tell me ok
Kristy, I am 10 [02-22-2004]

I am helping my daughter with a school project. thank you for this web site.
Debbie Bennett, Antelope, CA [02-21-2004]

Barbara Watts, Northeast Philadelphia [02-21-2004]

God Bless the USA
Donna Bolen, Ohio [02-20-2004]

i have nothing to say!
anonymous, blah blah blah [02-20-2004]

Great site for children to visit. My daughter was able to do a great report on Betsy Ross by visiting this site. Thank You
Ann Marie Walton, Staten Island, New York [02-20-2004]

thank you for nuilding this site, my students will be able to see it...
dan, teacher, dallas tx [02-20-2004]

sandra [02-20-2004]

I'm planning a visit in May.
Mrs Mina Daniels-Sturgis, Teacher; Langhorne PA [02-20-2004]

The Betsy Ross House Tour gave me a chance to see what other people lived like in the Revolutionary War time. It was pretty cool.
Jeanine, New York, New York [02-20-2004]

I chose to do my famous first project on Betsy Ross. My mommie found this website, it is greeat. We read the story of her life together. We really loved looking around. We are history buffs my Mommie says. One day we hope to visit in person that would be a lot of fun and very interesting.
Mrs. Farah Holland and daughter, Gloria-Ashton, MY mommie is 35 and I am 9. We live in kentucky. [02-20-2004]

My daughter is doing a presentation on Betsy Ross, and has to dress as she would have. Does your gift shop carry any clothes like Betsy's? Thank you for your help.
anonymous, Feasterville, PA [02-20-2004]

i really need info on besty ross
lisa, 14 [02-20-2004]

megan cathey [02-20-2004]

Bobby, student [02-20-2004]

schol report
madelyn falls, Alabama 7years old [02-20-2004]

Mallory Robbins, Sesser,Illinos62884 age:9 4th grade [02-20-2004]

I'm doing my book report on Betsy Ross!
Hadassah [02-20-2004]

Gaydean Wallace, Mariposa, ca [02-20-2004]

Haley, Baxley,GA 31513 [02-20-2004]

Sherry Barnhart, Portland,Oregon [02-20-2004]

hailey, 3rd grade, toms river,nj [02-20-2004]

mahaylah hicks [02-20-2004]

John Wheatley [02-20-2004]

anthony [02-20-2004]

Betsy Ross came to our school last year.
Rachel Wylie, Sesser-Valier school [02-20-2004]

Alexis [02-20-2004]

Kelsey Szczeblewski [02-20-2004]

Emily Haskins [02-20-2004]

Kiley Kelly [02-20-2004]

I love your flag,Ithink its pritty
kelsey wallace, 11years old [02-20-2004]

I had a student ask why the background behind the stars is blue. The book that I was reading didn't adequately answer, so we came to your site. Thanks for making it available.
Mrs. Wernowsky's first grade class, Don D. Shute elementary school in East Peoria, IL [02-20-2004]

Jessica Rudnik, I am 7. [02-20-2004]

This site was very valuable in prepring for a biography I chose to prepare on Betsy Ross. I really appreciate the efforts of all of the people responsible for creating and maintaining this web site. Thank you! Tayler Wheaton
Tayler Wheaton, Boooklyn, Mi - Age 9 [02-18-2004]

josh pirtle, daphne al [02-18-2004]

Ezra Baun, Pittsburgh, PA, age 8 [02-18-2004]

I hope this is going to be ggod
Erica, Age: 10 [02-18-2004]

Iam trying to find info for my first grade students.
Erica Hernandez, Wellpinit WA [02-18-2004]

I just recently toured the Betsy Ross House in Philadelphia. I thought that it was awesome. Social Studies is my fav subject and we are learning about the revolution right now, so, boy am I in luck !
Emily McVan, New York, 12 [02-18-2004]

Miranda Hodges, I'm 8yrs and I live in roanoke Va. [02-18-2004]

Travis Miller [02-18-2004]

Kelsey Bate [02-18-2004]

i thank you for your homepage,i come again to visit this
rita, germany [02-18-2004]

Hi Kelsey your cool.
Kelsey, Sesser Illnois.I'm 9 [02-18-2004]

Travis Miller [02-18-2004]

I like your flag!
Mary Katherine Sullivan, 12 [02-18-2004]

David England [02-18-2004]

Kimi, 29, Philippines [02-18-2004]

natalie, 9 [02-18-2004]

The flag is pretty! I'm taking the tour for a project in Girlscouts to earn my Try-it badge.
michaela adams, Springfield,Co, 6, in Girlscouts [02-18-2004]

Desiree' Champine, 10 [02-18-2004]

i need to look up pictures of betsy ross and her house and some re search about her child life for a school project so if you could tell me some web sites that would be great! THANKS a lot from:colleen
colleen, 10 yeras old [02-18-2004]

Excited to check this out!
Dominique, Teacher, Des Plaines, IL [02-18-2004]

I think betsy ross had the right to make the flag,she was really good at it to.
kelsey wallace, Im 11 years old [02-18-2004]

jerry evans [02-17-2004]

god bless america!
Noella R. Welch, Texas [02-17-2004]

David England, Alexandria Va. 14 years old [02-17-2004]

I visited the house in Philadelphia 5 years a go.
deborah [02-17-2004]

I am using this sight to gain information on Betsy Ross for a project for my 5th grade class at BA.
Rena' Nettles, I live in Nola, Ms and attend Brookhaven Academy, I am 10. [02-17-2004]

i am doing a report on betsy ross for school.
ASHTYN SHAW, texas age: 6 [02-17-2004]

I think this will be excited!
Ashley, I live in Ohio, and im 11 years old [02-17-2004]

Susan D. [02-17-2004]

anonymous, writting a report [02-17-2004]

how could she not be a great lady with a name like ross thanks for the tour
Lewis Ross, pahrump nv 70 yrs old [02-17-2004]

We are planning to come to Philadelphia in July and plan to see the house in person, so we feel the tour now will be helpful.
Dr. & Mrs. Charles S. Otto, Valley, AL [02-15-2004]

thankyou for this site
lisa maans, americana redecorating [02-15-2004]

Megan Powell, I live in Spartanburg South Carolina. I am in school. [02-15-2004]

Anna Kate Hughston, Tuscaloosa, AL ; Age 9; 4th grade, Rock Quarry Elementary School [02-15-2004]

I am looking forward to the tour of Betsy Ross's house.
Eddie Smith, Las Cruces, NM 42, [02-15-2004]

Am using this tour to enrich a lesson taught on heros of the Revolutionary War to 28 fourth graders. "Betsy" visited my classroom and students were able to tour her home. Thanks!
Jackie Corley, Lexington, South Carolina [02-15-2004]

Looks like a great site.
B. Rich, Shalimar, FL [02-15-2004]

This came in handy for my English paper!
Lindsey Sutton, Katy, TX 11 yrs.old [02-15-2004]

June Sherman [02-15-2004]

Joe Mitchell, Stewartsville, NJ [02-15-2004]

bobo [02-15-2004]

I'm helping my son with a report about Betsy Ross for school. Very informative website.
Sean, Age 6 -1st grade student [02-15-2004]

My Kindergarten class is learning about the Presidents this next week. I have to pick someone in history to learn about and I have choosen Betsy Ross!
Emily, Oldsmar, Fl Age 6 [02-15-2004]

Alexzandra Gomez [02-15-2004]

This is the subject I have chosen to write a Social Studies paper on. I know I will enjoy learning about such a valuable part of the United State's history.
Eric Schweitzer, Baton Rouge, LA 10 years old 5th grade [02-15-2004]

kyle and kenny beyer, 6 and 3 years old [02-15-2004]

Dawn Kaucher, I am 31 and celebrating my anniversary the 15th,16th,and 17th [02-15-2004]

Julie [02-15-2004]

i am doing a report on betsy ross and will be dressing like her. i need some pictures of the way she she was dressed.
Hunter Viverette, i am 10 years old i am in the 3rd grade (2-14-2004) winstead ave school rocky mount, north carolina [02-15-2004]

hi I am interested in Betsy Ross and the flag.
sarah b, 7 years old in 1st grade [02-15-2004]

Im doing an oral and written report on Betsy Ross I thought it would be hard to find things on her but its not!
Brittany B, I'm in 7th grade,age 12 [02-14-2004]

Enjoing do a report on Betsy Ross
Kayla Williams, From; Tn. 11 years old [02-14-2004]

I am writing a book report about Betsy Ross for school.
haley, 8yrs old [02-14-2004]

Helping my 8yr old grand daughter do a school report for 3rd grade. This has been very helpful and I enjoyed doing this with her. A great person was Betsy Ross. Thank you for all the information. I live at 13 Rensselaer Ave. Nassau, NY. 12123 If you have other information to send me. I would love to vist this summer with my grand children up north. thanks again.
Marilyn M. Dawson, Ball Ground, GA 30107 Age 57 Grammy (retired) fr. NY [02-14-2004]

Judy Riggins [02-14-2004]

Thank you I was able to finish my historical person project!
M.O.Ebel, North Carolina grade 5 [02-14-2004]

D. S. Kochman [02-13-2004]

Jolee Meurer, 8 years old [02-12-2004]

Danielle Lovett Pike, 8 [02-12-2004]

Thank you for this web site. I was able to complete my 8th grade history project because of it!
Christy [02-12-2004]

Vanessa Doe, California, 19 [02-12-2004]

Autumn Robinson, georgia,18 [02-12-2004]

It was wonderfull
Mary, Pensylvannia [02-12-2004]

anonymous [02-12-2004]

thanks for all!
DEMONIA BATHORY, 22 years old [02-12-2004]

sheilaboyer [02-11-2004]

Anna Monster [02-11-2004]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross on February 13, 2004. I attend Guntersville Elementary School in Guntersville, AL.
Ashleigh Worley, 8 yrs. old, Langston, AL [02-11-2004]

Chelsea Anderson, age 8, 2nd Grade - W.G. Rice Elementary School [02-11-2004]

Lorie Vogelbach, born in phila. thinking of visiting betsy's house... [02-11-2004]

Eddie [02-11-2004]

I'm looking for this info for my history project so i cant include my name
anonymous [02-11-2004]

Steph, franklin,pa [02-11-2004]

who are you and what are you important for????????
Melissa Seaman Aubrey King, 12235 165th st maui hawaii 56 56 [02-11-2004]

krbo [02-11-2004]

Ed Yuhasz [02-11-2004]

catherine simone [02-11-2004]

I always idmire Betsy Ross for sewing the United States of America flag.
David, Austin,Texas [02-11-2004]

i need to know where her house is
kate, 15 n.y. [02-11-2004]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross.
Jaime, 11 years old [02-11-2004]

How do you make a five pointed star wit one cut
anonymous [02-11-2004]

Betsy Ross is m,y research project and i am really interested in her
Taylor, 12 [02-11-2004]

Dears,The Star Spanngled Banner is very,very beautiful flag.I like USA. GOD BLESS AMERICA !
Andrzej Andrew Malotta / Cracow/ Poland, Cracow, Poland age 34 [02-10-2004]

JOERIN HATFIELD, 28 [02-10-2004]

Helping my son with a report for his 6th grade language arts class and his report is on Betsy Ross.
paula meyer, pullman, WA [02-09-2004]

paula [02-09-2004]

ELIZABETH MORRISSEY, 9 yrs marlton,nj [02-09-2004]

Beth Bower, age 11 [02-09-2004]

I picked Ms. Ross in my History class. On February 24th, 2004 I will do an oral/ visual presentation of her life and her accomplishments. I attend Granby Elementry in Norfolk, VA.
Shayna, 8 yrs. old [02-09-2004]

I love Betsy!
a girl, 10 [02-09-2004]

i am a studeny at gary road elem. i am doing a report on betsy ross.
mylee stuckey, live in jackson ms 8 yrs old [02-09-2004]

cheryl samad, As a young ster my family always went to Betsy Ross house on Easter and always enjoyed going in this little house now am a grandmother and will do the some for my grandchildren. Thanks BETSY [02-09-2004]

Jessica [02-09-2004]

I am interested in Betsy Ross' house and Philadelphia
louis pirrotta, 9 yrs old from nj [02-09-2004]

We greatly appreciate being able to visit via the internet as we are quite a distance away. What a super way to relive our country's history! Thank you for making that possible.
Lorrie, Emilie, and Julia Murphy, homeschooling family from Tulsa, OK Emilie is 8 and Julia is 6 [02-09-2004]

my last name is ross
anonymous [02-09-2004]

i love the flag
lindsey [02-09-2004]

We are learning a bout Famous Americans. This site really helped us. Children love going online. Thanks
Mrs. Stearns' third grade class, 18 studests in Spanish Forth, Al [02-09-2004]

Mrs. W, teacher [02-09-2004]

Jean Marcucci, A mom helping her daughter with a school project! [02-09-2004]

Im doing a report and I need some information.
Marquita Jenise Brown, Nandua High School,19 [02-09-2004]

i am doing my projet on besty ross
saantha isaac, 12,ohio, [02-09-2004]

Ron C. Sedgwick, Pryor Creek, OK USA, Age 63 [02-09-2004]

We are learning about Betsy Ross.
Ms. Pietropaolo's First Grade Class, First Grade Class in Gainesville, GA [02-09-2004]

Julie Potts, age 7 [02-08-2004]

ana navarro, 12 yrs [02-08-2004]

Aldrich School [02-08-2004]

Rachael Gray, Age 7, Greenville SC [02-08-2004]

I am doing a power point presentation(for the fun of it) for this 4th to send to my friends. I am using a bit of info re: Besty Ross and the signers of the Declaration as well as the document itself.
Carol, New Jersey 52 [02-08-2004]

I am writing a book report about Betsy Ross - so thanks for the information about her.
Rachel, Irvine, CA age 8 [02-08-2004]

This is wonderful site
Carmen Koch, Tulsa, OK [02-08-2004]

I am doing a book report on Betsy Ross.
Crystal Doherty [02-08-2004]

I am doing a book report on Betsy Ross.
Jamie Carroll, 10 [02-08-2004]

chloe chapa [02-08-2004]

Miriam [02-08-2004]

Julia Boccanfuso, 10 [02-08-2004]

Jordan Perez, 6 years old [02-08-2004]

I've just completed researching Betsy Ross for a book report and have enjoyed every fact and aspect of her life. Thank you for this tour. Beth Oller
Beth Oller, 11 years old, 5th Grader, Shrine of the Little Flower Royal Oak, MI [02-08-2004]

I like learning about the United States Flags. Betsy Ross knew my paternal grandfathers, John Adams and John Quincy Adams and my paternal grandmother Abigal Adams. I like learning about American History.
Caitlin Maire Pendleton, 9 1/2 yrs old; Memorial Elementary School; New Braunfels, Texas 78130 [02-08-2004]

Hope to visit early July 2004
Doug Batchelor, Hobart Tasmania Australia [02-08-2004]

Is anyone interested in Buying The American Flag House and Betsy Ross Memorial Association certificate Issue Date 1899 Certificate No G 97715 HA Thomas & Wylie, lith Co NY
Albert C. McVicker, Virginia Beach, Virginia age 66 [02-08-2004]

Molly W., 11 Yrs old, Huntsville, Al. [02-07-2004]

ashley, 45 [02-07-2004]

Elena, I'm 12 years old [02-07-2004]

Rena, nj,50, [02-07-2004]

I am doing research for a book report for school.
Kaitlin Mae Keet, 8 years old - MA [02-07-2004]

Hello. This is going to be a great tour. I hope to learn a lot about Betsy Ross for my school report.
The Tirone Family, Amanda is 9 years old & Nicholas is 7 years old. [02-07-2004]

i love Betsy Ross
nicole baldassarre, 9 live in MA [02-07-2004]

i am a keen student of history and in particular the american revolution.have been to boston, north church etc. and visited washington dc.two years ago.i want to visit phily but due to the new restrictions regarding visas and the extra cost dont know if i will bother its a shame, god bless you good luck and fair fortune to you all.
jack mcdonald, scotland (uk)town of paisley. [02-07-2004]

ED NORMAN [02-07-2004]

Kristen, 12 go to ims [02-07-2004]

im her family member my grandfather is her cousin
meghan, Brokton 11 [02-07-2004]

Bonnie, 23 yrs. old, Ogden Ut. [02-07-2004]

I have fell in laove with the American flag. My room is done in them
Audrey Huff, 1100 west Haynie Llano TX 78643 17 [02-07-2004]

Kerry, teacher [02-07-2004]

Travis [02-07-2004]

I am trying to help my daughter with a class project she needs to dress like Betsy Ross as a part of the project the picture will prove critical.
Jennifer Everett, north carolina mom [02-07-2004]

i love history!
Abigail Brown, age 9 [02-07-2004]

this is for my 2 grade progect
katerina, muttontown,7 [02-07-2004]

Michelle Butler, VA Age:11 [02-07-2004]

I just wanted to know was it fun making the american flag and thank you for doing that.
kisha, 16 ga [02-07-2004]

Amber Davis [02-07-2004]

planning a trip in march.
Tony Hood, 39 years old, self employed, wonderful wife and 3 children [02-07-2004]

Amanda & Jennifer Brule' [02-07-2004]

I am doing a women of History Fashion Show, and I would like to what are some of the types of clothing Besty would have worn?
Elenor Meeker, Pittsburgh PA, 9 years old, [02-07-2004]

this is interesting, and I liked her house.
Patrick, I'm 7, and homeschool in Missouri [02-07-2004]

tevin [02-07-2004]

I thank you have lots of good stuff.
Shelby, 11 girl [02-07-2004]

Thank you for the opportunity to visit your home!
Eda Wilson, speech pathologist and member of Janesville Fife and Drum Corps (Janesville, WI) [02-07-2004]

We are learning about Great Americans and American Symbols. We are very excited to get to see Betsy Ross' house. Thank you so much!
Mrs. Farrell's First Grade Class, First Grade Class [02-07-2004]

Tania V. Waldman, Key Biscayne, Florida [02-07-2004]

thank you for this info.
anonymous [02-07-2004]

Taylor Schneider, 8 [02-07-2004]

Adam Szewczyk [02-07-2004]

Rhonda Sherrill [02-07-2004]

Becky Koscheck, Pennsylvania, 39 [02-07-2004]

I have to do a living history report for my 5th grade social studies class. Thank You
anonymous, san angelo texas age 10 [02-07-2004]

sam [02-07-2004]

carissa [02-07-2004]

linden cornewell [02-07-2004]

Bob Jim Bob [02-07-2004]

wanted to show my brownie troop how cool Ms. Ross was as a female in history
Kathleen Coghlan, Brownie Leader [02-07-2004]

Erin [02-07-2004]

Morley, Fruit Heights, UT [02-07-2004]

molly, t5ittititioglfoflfofofofifi [02-07-2004]

Lydia Spradlin, Dallad, 31 Homeschooler [02-07-2004]

Carly, age 19, from Kaysville, Utah. Attending Weber State University [02-07-2004]

Sarah kraeszig [02-07-2004]

Kylee Shoop, Triangle, VA 8 years old [02-07-2004]

I'm doing a book report and presentation on Betsy Ross. I thank you for having all these information available for my research. Alexandra (Lexi) Ibarcena
Alexandra Ibarcena, Phoenix, Arizona, (10) [02-07-2004]

frank [02-07-2004]

jill [02-07-2004]

jillian horka [02-07-2004]

Joan M. Gates, Massachusetts, [02-07-2004]

lalab190 [02-07-2004]

hi i love this web sight it helps me get quick information for school
bahooger, cool [02-07-2004]

Mandy, 21 Ogden UT [02-07-2004]

I am excited to learn about Betsy Ross. I am going to do my famous person report about her.
Mackensi Emory, Granite Bay, California, age 7, 2nd grader at Maidu School [02-07-2004]

Kayla Walton, i think that im a Great Great Great great Great Great Great granddaughter of her? [02-07-2004]

sue patterson [02-07-2004]

Sarah, Alpena, Mi 14 [02-07-2004]

research for daughter's report
mona, 30 [02-03-2004]

it was a wonderful tour and it was great that this can be seen by everyone and even people that cant leave their homes for some reason it was a very intresting tour. thank you donna kessler
donna kessler, i live in the bridesburg section of philadelphia and i am very luck to live in such a wonder ful city filled with history and excitement and my son passed betsy ross's house every day on his wat to drexel [02-03-2004]

I am doing a report for my AWANA club at church on a patriot. Thanks for the information I found at this site.
Timminy (girl) [02-03-2004]

thank you betesy
zalika [02-03-2004]

Sarah [02-03-2004]

Stevie Clark, 11 years old [02-03-2004]

I'm doing a report for school
Kasey Penner, California [02-03-2004]

I am doing a project on who would I like to spend the day with in the past. I picked Betsy Ross. I have to write a 200 word essay for the contest.
Megan Karpinski, Age 8, 3rd grade, Eastover Central School, Fayetteville, NC 28301 [02-03-2004]

Tammie Smith, Student Teacher [02-03-2004]

Kris Hill, Utah [02-03-2004]

I am in 2nd grade and I was assigned a Famous American Report on a person of my choice. I have chosen to do my report on Betsy Ross. I chose Betsy Ross because she is a famous woman.
Kayla Rink, Live in Chula Vista, CA; 7 yrs old; I like dolphins [02-03-2004]

kayla [02-03-2004]

a school paper about betsy ross parents names,date of birh,county were born,her interests,what she did in history too
ashey [02-03-2004]

mary K ay Hauser, mom of 4th grade student [02-03-2004]

Miles Ansel, Fleetwood, Age 10, Homeschooled [02-03-2004]

Clara Taylor [02-03-2004]

anonymous, im doing a wax museume on her 10 [02-02-2004]

anonymous, Virginia Beach, VA, age 11 [02-02-2004]

I am doing a book report for school on Betsy Ross. Thank you for having so much helpful information avaliable.
Felicia Ogletree [02-02-2004]

Melissa, 11 [02-02-2004]

Madison Wombles, Bloomington, Il Age-8 [02-02-2004]

My son Christian is doing a report for his 3rd grade class
Kelly Welch & son Christian Welch, Ft Worth TX, 37 yrs old, have grown up hearing that Betsy Ross is a relative- 8 greats back either aunt or grandmother [02-02-2004]

SIERRA RAWLS, i am 9 years old i love to read and write [02-02-2004]

brooke, 8 years old [02-01-2004]

My son is writing an essay about the "Old Glory" and happened to come across this website....Quite interesting and thank you for sharing it with us....
Holly Marston, Maryland, 29 [02-01-2004]

Wendy Volkert [02-01-2004]

Excited to learn more about Betsy Ross
Cheryl Sprague, Older 40's, in Salt Lake City, UTah [02-01-2004]

Lauren Ellis [02-01-2004]

Feb 2004 I am working on the US White House President Patch and Try-It. We are planning a trip to Washington D.C. n May to see the Cherry Trees in full Bloom and other famus monuments.
Autumn Bree, Pennsville, NJ, 7 y/o Brownie Girl Scout [02-01-2004]

blair burgett, Alabama, 8 project on Betsy Ross for school [02-01-2004]

I am the grandmother of a 3rd grader in Lubbock, Texas and she is going to dress and be Betsy Ross. We need help on how she would have been dressed. Thanks
Shirley Fryar [01-31-2004]

Just out doing research on OUR flag... Loved the Tour
Shelly, Muskegon, MI [01-31-2004]

elissa [01-31-2004]

Joyce Vann, Wiggins,MS [01-31-2004]

Dominique Barthololmy, 9 1/2 [01-31-2004]

I am doing a book report and oral presentation about the life of Betsy Ross. I picked her because she made the first American flag. This was very interesting to me. I think I will enjoy visiting her house on this virtual tour and maybe be able to ask my Dad to take Mom, my brother Colin and me their in person some day. Thanks.
Paige Moran, Syosset, NY - age: 8 - working on a school project [01-31-2004]

What color were Betsy Ross' eyes?
Angela Rae, NJ, 9, student [01-31-2004]

i am writing a report on betsy ross in school. betsy ross is one of my fravorite people from our nations history. the tour will make my report most memorable. thank you so much!
RACHEL ANNE DOBBINS, greenville south carolina [01-31-2004]

Lynnette Robison, Student in American History at Weber State College. [01-31-2004]

johnathan joseph patrick [01-31-2004]

maggie and destiny [01-31-2004]

donyel porter, north little rock high school,18yrs old [01-31-2004]

I am a student teacher at Erpenbeck Elementary School in Florence, KY. We have been studying famous Americans, Betsy Ross being one of them. On Thrusday, Jan 29 we took a tour of Betsy Ross's House as a class to see how see lived. Thank you for having this available, the students really loved it!
Mrs. Livingood - 3rd grade class, Kentucky, 24, student teacher [01-31-2004]

kristyn, 13 years old [01-31-2004]

I wish to find out more on Betsy Ross
austin book, 8years old [01-31-2004]

school assignment
PJett [01-30-2004]

Thaks for this site!
Carolyn Wyatt, housewife extrodanaire [01-29-2004]

Ann Blassic [01-29-2004]

kim wilkes, orange park, fl homeschooling mom of 18 yrs [01-29-2004]

i am looking for the name of the duaghter from whom i am decended. i know that i am her (4) greats granddaughter but don't know from which daughter my ancestors came. i know that the connection is robby robinson, but don't know how he was related to her. can you help me? sandy graham
SANDRA GRAHAM, i'm her great great great greatgranddaughter [01-29-2004]

Hi Betsy
Mark Wirth, Age: 28 Location Old City, Philadelphia [01-29-2004]

sarah shelton [01-29-2004]

Christina [01-29-2004]

WE are learning about different Famous Americans this month and today we are learning about Betsy Ross. Since we live so far away and can't come on a real fieldtrip to see her house, we are glad we can take a virtual tour!
Mrs. Daugherty's First Grade Class, Baton Rouge, La. [01-29-2004]

Christina Crispell, P.R. age 21 [01-29-2004]

hey thanks for having all this information on Betsy Ross. I was couldn't find very much books on her...but from this site I have got all the info I need. Betys Ross is a very important person to me. Its so cool how she sewed the flag by hand..thats very talented!
Ani McAnallan, Gualala, California age:13 School : Whistling Pines Jr. High [01-29-2004]

i am look up everthing on betsey ross
ANGELA BECKER, i live in frackville pa am 18 year old [01-28-2004]

I was looking for information for a report for school.
Whitney, age 9, North Platte, Nebraska [01-28-2004]

I love reading about Betsy. I am doing a biography of her. I need some pictures.
Alexandria Cruz, Age:10 Grade 5 [01-28-2004]

Kelsey [01-28-2004]

Why did Betsy like to make flags? What made her start to be interested in flags and making them? Did she do it for fun?
anonymous [01-28-2004]

I like your house but how old are you
anonymous [01-28-2004]

you are weird,but you are kinda cool
cheyenne, silver city,11, [01-28-2004]

Melissa Young, Student, WSU [01-28-2004]

Am planning a trip to Philly on Saturday and appreciate this preview so I can make the best use of limited time.
Carolyn O'Connor, Maplewood, NJ, reading teacher [01-28-2004]

Amy [01-27-2004]

I am exploring this site for an Internet activity for my fifth graders. D. French
Diane French, fifth grade teacher, Stockton, Ca [01-27-2004]

Yolanda S. McMullen [01-27-2004]

Nicole, 9 years old [01-27-2004]

Alexis Green, age eight [01-27-2004]

laura hoffkins, parent helpi9ng with homework [01-27-2004]

We are a homeschool family and were studing about Betsy Ross. We were in hopes of finding a picture of the first flag. Much to our surprise we found so much more. Thank you for this website and the information it provides.
Cheryl & Cory Feild, Mansfield, TX / 49 & 16 yrs old [01-27-2004]

History fasinates me. I have been in America for almost five years. I was adopted from Russia But history is the one thing i have always been able to understand
Amy Jackson, I am 14 years old i live in PA and i'm doing this as school work [01-27-2004]

doing my school report and betsy ross is who i choice
brittanie, dunbar, wv [01-27-2004]

George Ross is my 5th great grandpa.
Ronnie L. Ross, Iowa, 32- desendent of George Ross [01-27-2004]

Erin Jacquet, I'm from Texas [01-26-2004]

dear whoever reads this, i am doing a project on betsy ross in school i am in 4th grade thank you for this
Elizabeth Hope Stukey, age:10 location:bealeton, virginia [01-26-2004]

becky, 10/im doing a research paper [01-26-2004]

I am doing a report.I need help on info.
anonymous [01-26-2004]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross for a Social Studies project and this site is really helping me with all the information I need! Thanks!
Colleen, New Jersey, love the Lord of the Rings, dancer, love animals, always have my nose in a book, boy scouter (LOL) [01-26-2004]

I teach third grade and we are learning about our flag. Loved your web site.
Vicki Wilson [01-26-2004]

jennifer, 9 [01-26-2004]

hello everybody!
J0@nn@, awesome [01-26-2004]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross- AND I RULE!
Kira Wimperly, age 1,000 [01-26-2004]

anonymous, new york [01-26-2004]

Lisa [01-26-2004]

I am doing a biography about Betsy Ross in my fifth grade class.
Nadeen Nassar, El Sobrante, Ca. 10years [01-26-2004]

I am african american. I consider myself a patriot as much as Samel Adams (my favorite historic patriot)..John Hancock..Benjamin Church and Joseph Warren. I am a 22 year veteran of the Army reserves. Currently I work for Wachovia Bank in technical support.I love reading about revolutionary history. I know Crispus Attucks was an african american patriot, kindly I ask do you know of any others? Much thanks to you
Eric C. Handley, Richmond, Va [01-26-2004]

Anna Bjella, I'm 8 years old and go to school at St. Barnabas in [01-25-2004]

joan, Rhode Island [01-25-2004]

I am presently helping my 9-year-old do his book report on Betsey Ross
Dorothy Jones, Grand-mother [01-25-2004]

Its great I love it
Mary, San Dimas Ca. 10 [01-25-2004]

Pam Anderson, Hagerstown, MD [01-25-2004]

gay people rock
tony, 21ftlauderdale [01-25-2004]

Kylie, 11, learning about Betsy Ross [01-25-2004]

Thanks for having this tour available.
Sarah, Houston, TX, Fifth Grade [01-25-2004]

I think Betsy Ross HIstory IS very interesting
Keith, alabama [01-25-2004]

mario [01-25-2004]

natalie, michigan [01-25-2004]

Vanessa Garcia, San Dimas, CA 10yrs old [01-25-2004]

Walker Maxfield, 21 [01-25-2004]

Is it true that the flags that are offered for sale in the gift shop are made in China?
Stephen Dee Chernin, Commander of the "1745 Jacobite Society", [01-25-2004]

" same "
Coral, 9years old almost10 for class I have to dress up as a person in History [01-25-2004]

Mackenzie, Pataskala, Oh age 8 [01-25-2004]

Eveleth [01-25-2004]

sabrina [01-25-2004]

your house is the coolest
shawnee B. [01-25-2004]

jacob from wellsville, i am ten years old [01-25-2004]

Katlyn from wellsville, 10 years of age [01-25-2004]

Jackie [01-25-2004]

Mrs. Burnet, Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada [01-25-2004]

tiffany&chloe, 13years [01-25-2004]

I am doing a project for class about Betsy Ross.
Adrianna Bishop, Radcliff, KY age 8 [01-25-2004]

I am doing a research paper on Betsy Ross. Looking for information.
Barbara McKenzie, Haines City, FL [01-23-2004]

THanks for the tour
Shona White, Marysville, Ohio, 34 [01-23-2004]

iam doing a program at school. i was chosen to be besty ross. i would like to know exactly what she wore. i got to dress like her. i am really excited. thanks,
SHAELA L. RIGGS, decatur, al. 8yrs. [01-23-2004]

Sam, Staten Island, NY [01-23-2004]

Ed Bartley, Centennial, Colo. [01-23-2004]

ERICA MELVIN, Cleveland,Al. 31 [01-23-2004]

I'm researching ob Besty Ross for a school project! It is awesome!
Shelby, Houston,TX [01-23-2004]

send me something
MAYRA ORTIZ, my b day 11-4-89 age 14 [01-23-2004]

Hi I was born in Mexico city but I've lived in the good US of A since I was 4 years old thererfore I consider my self a true American. Soon I should be taking my test to become an American citizen and that is how I landed on this website. Im doing some serious research on the Flag and History of the United States.
Beatriz I Mapp, Live in Maryland moved from California with my husband William Mapp. [01-23-2004]

Julie Long, live in Norfolk,Va. [01-23-2004]

Roxanna [01-23-2004]

sarah, 10 [01-23-2004]

Thank you for all the insightful information on Besty Ross, she did so much for our country, it will come in handy for my school report.
Bayus Family, Brunswick, Ohio [01-23-2004]

magdalena mae Zook, I am 10 years old and live in Doylestown Ohio [01-23-2004]

Amanda Michaud, elementry school [01-23-2004]

anonymous [01-23-2004]

katrina, illinois 11 [01-23-2004]

Torrey Hollis, Hughesville p.A. I am 10 years old [01-23-2004]

Erin Young [01-23-2004]

thank you
Jill Stechschulte, Ohio [01-23-2004]

i always loved the flag and enjoy sewing . i want to visit in person one day. i also love haunted buildings. i used to work at waterloo village in new jersey and worked in several haunted buildings.
SUE LEVESEN, whiting, nj 08759 [01-23-2004]

I like to study the flag.
Sarah White, Age: 12 Birthdate: July 5,1991 [01-23-2004]

I enjoy reading history about our country.
Ann Reid, I live in Alabama. [01-23-2004]

Andrea Feeser, Pottstown, PA [01-23-2004]

Sydney & Hallie Poulson [01-23-2004]

Brea, philly in da hizous [01-23-2004]

Dorothy MORRIS [01-23-2004]

Christine Mummey, Rio Rancho, NM [01-23-2004]

MyKaila and MegAnne Muckenhirn, Farmington, MN [01-23-2004]

Great site! I will enjoy the tour of the house! -Katie C.
Katie Cochran, I will be 15 in March and I am in 9th grade [01-23-2004]

Irina, Virginia 23 [01-23-2004]

This is really cool even though i didnt do anyhing yet!
Heidi Edkin, we live in the county [01-23-2004]

Sara Clebosky, 11 years of age, Spring Texas 5th grade [01-23-2004]

Donna Busch [01-23-2004]

Wish Benjamin Franklin's house had survived.
Richard Grassy, Seattle, 39 y.o, [01-23-2004]

Ryan Wilhelmsen, Layton, Utah 29 [01-23-2004]

Sheila Harmon, 3rd. Grade Teacher in Taylor, Texas [01-23-2004]

c calhoun, 32 from minnesota [01-23-2004]

I visited the Betsaey Ross House in July 2002 Just after my chess tournament in Philadelphia
Michael Esh, Napa, Calif. 54.75 years, Lawman, military historian [01-23-2004]

Mystry for the world to survive..
Martin, Louisiana [01-23-2004]

Question: I have a Cerificate of Membershhip in the American Flag House and Betsy Ross Memorial Association signed by John Quincy Adams. Could you tell me more about the Association? The Certificate was issued in 1898 and is in the achives of the Association.
Ron Park, Prospect Park,Pa. my age 63 visited B.R.H. 10/2002 [01-23-2004]

Dear BEtsy, I have you as a project
alana bowers, I'm 11 & i like betsy ross [01-23-2004]

Peggy Oakley, Charleston, SC [01-23-2004]

I'm planing a trip of some of the historical sights along the east coast and want to make sure I don't miss anything.
Donna, Tallahassee, Florida, [01-23-2004]

Betty Muschynka, Drexel Hill, PA 44 Bringing 8 yr.old daughter to visit today. [01-23-2004]

Kimberly Gregory, Akron, Ohio [01-23-2004]

I have to write about Betsy for a bookreport I think I`ll find a lot about her here!
Alexa Hehl, I`m eight years old and I want to know a little bit of Betsy Ross. [01-23-2004]

L M Bonneville [01-23-2004]

sarah cahne, 10 [01-23-2004]

chelsea [01-23-2004]

G. Smith, Georgia [01-23-2004]

I'm visting Betsy Ross House for the first time ever. I'm looking forward to the philly trip
Earl Cole, Brooklyn, NY 32 [01-23-2004]

I am searching for a 13 star/ 13 stripe Stars and Stripes flag of the Revolutionary War. Jerry
Jerry Wilson, Indiana 57 [01-23-2004]

Eva Bustad, age 6 [01-23-2004]

Betsy Ross is pretty cool!
Maria angeles Solis, 11 yrs. (1-20-04) [01-23-2004]

Micki Powell, Parkersburg, WV [01-23-2004]

i'm donig a history fair report on betsy ross with my best friend.
Breanna [01-23-2004]

Dawn Wafalowski, Philadelphia 50 [01-23-2004]

How fun to find this site. I toured the house as a child in the 1950s & always remembered it. Thank you for the memories.
Suzanne Prideaux Roberts, Virginia [01-23-2004]

Angela Lawson [01-23-2004]

Richard Edon, Honolulu, HI [01-23-2004]

anonymous, albany georgia [01-23-2004]

Betsy Ross' real name was Elizabeth Griscom. My sister's name is Elizabeth too. Betsy had three husbands. She was one of sixteen kids. She lived to be eighty-six.
Cate, 2nd Grade, Mountain Brook, AL [01-23-2004]

JoAnne, 26-f-student [01-23-2004]

C. Vander Ploeg [01-23-2004]

I'm interested in information for a program I am planning to honor our flag.
anonymous, Texas [01-23-2004]

Samantha Hamme [01-23-2004]

carmen Elizabeth, kennewick [01-23-2004]

Betsy Louis [01-23-2004]

I use your website to research American Flag History for Boy Scouts.
Becky Oppermann, Fort Worth, Texas [01-23-2004]

Thanks for making this tour available!
Carol Hrenak and daughter Danae, Homeschool mom and Christian musician [01-23-2004]

Amanda, 29 [01-23-2004]

Thank you for the tour. It really helped with my report.
J. Paskowski [01-23-2004]

I am doing a FAMOUS PERSON report for my fifth grade class. I can't wait to take the tour. See ya in the kitchen!
Katherine Nazaroff, Whittier, CA age 10 [01-23-2004]

I think I am related to Betsy Ross. My "Maye" family claims that she was my great-grandmother 7 generations back. Where could I get information about her genealogy?
Jordan Patrick Maye, 8 years old and in the 2nd grade [01-23-2004]

I think that it is grat that you people have this web sight open for all ages becase like me it is eaven not only intresting but just for my reasoning for a project information.
Kristin Owen, I am 10yrs. old and I am here at this websight with my mom [01-23-2004]

morgan, 10 [01-23-2004]

Working on a school project with my Mom on famous American Women
Clay Kreiner [01-23-2004]

Cassie [01-23-2004]

Erin, 9 [01-23-2004]

ESL 4th grade Creech Road El North Carolina [01-23-2004]

Sarah White, Age: 12 [01-23-2004]

cool house
brittany, charlotte [01-23-2004]

Roberta Smith, 39 yrs,columbus,ohio [01-23-2004]

Theresa Smith, I was born and raised in philly, Female, Delaware [01-23-2004]

Lourdes Ceron [01-23-2004]

my fithe grade social studies class isn learning about the American Revoultion War.We are also learning about the hitory of the American Flag.
maryelizabeth starling, age11 in the fithe grade [01-23-2004]

hi i am doing a report on Betsy Ross and i need all the help i can get or else i can get a F:(!
summer, Astoria,OR 10 Summer K. Willems [01-23-2004]

hi its laura i want this tour
laura, 10 [01-23-2004]

I would like some ideas, I'm a kindergarten teacher and we are wanting to do a history project on Besty and the first american flag. Could you send some information to help us with this. I have just three kindergarteners. We are at a christian school.
LaDona Lidgett, Council Bluffs Iowa 46 [01-23-2004]

can you help me with h.w
Sabrina, i am 11 [01-23-2004]

Michael Hale; Douglas Wire; Harley Stangle; Miss Rebecca Robinson, Thayer, Kansas; 9 years old; visiting during class as we study the flag [01-23-2004]

Charity Chumley, Wagoner, Ok [01-23-2004]

Ms. Dana Williams, Savannah, Ga, 21yrs, I love history! [01-23-2004]

My kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Scott gave me this website.
Jonathn Nuņez, San Diego, CA 6 years old [01-23-2004]

Paula Perry, West Plains, Mo. 49 [01-23-2004]

RAchel [01-23-2004]

Keegan [01-23-2004]

web page
samantha nielsen, tx, 16 [01-23-2004]

Krystal [01-23-2004]

Tim & Karen Wagner, We live in MN. Married, late 30's with two school age children. Self emp loyed.. [01-23-2004]

my name is haley and i'm 11 years old and are doing a report about betsy ross ! so the first thing i did was come to this site !
anonymous [01-23-2004]

Doing a report on a famous American. Chose Betsy Ross so looking for information. Thank you for your tour!
anonymous, San Diego, California [01-23-2004]

Great site for research. Thanks for the tour and info.
Becky Brewer, Charleston, SC Mother of school age child doing research [01-23-2004]

I am doing a report about Betsy Ross and I have to do a popet out of her.
Coraima Medellin, Winslow, New Jersey age 10 [01-23-2004]

My 9 year old daughter is in fourth grade and is doing a report on Betsy Ross.
DONNA, Saratoga Springs,New York [01-23-2004]

STEPHANIE OLEARY, 13,youngstown [01-23-2004]

Betsy is so cool
Hannah [01-23-2004]

anonymous, lockport, ny [01-23-2004]

Trichel Dawson, Bossier,LA 15 [01-23-2004]

Lillian Ramirez, age 33 [01-23-2004]

Monica & Johnny DeBenedet [01-23-2004]

Maddie Garris, 10 years old [01-23-2004]

anonymous, ga, 29 [01-23-2004]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross for part of my Social Studies Credit. I'm a Home Schooled senior, and reading about Betsy has been interesting! :o)
Anna B., Iowa, age 17 [01-23-2004]

lamar brooks [01-23-2004]

Joy Meister, 1st Grade Teacher, Dwight Elementary School, Dwight, Illiniois [01-23-2004]

clayton and keith [01-23-2004]

Meranda Dold [01-23-2004]

im glad to be on this wonderful site
daniel rood, im 72 [01-23-2004]

Monique & Kitty Perrier (Mother & daughter), My daughter had to do a report on where she was Betsy Ross. We needed to see what she looked like and read alittle more about her. [01-23-2004]

Melanie Yates, CA resident, have visited Betsy's house 4 times [01-23-2004]

jenn, Arizona [01-23-2004]

Rachelli Schechter, Toronto, Age 8, like to learn [01-23-2004]

I went to this site to do some research for a presentation my class at the NCO Academy needs to make. Thank you
Kathy, Sumter, SC, age-40, USAF - AD [01-23-2004]

The tour was great and very helpful! Thanks, Kayla Wells
Kayla Dawn Wells [01-23-2004]

I'm doing a project on betsy and need some info about her personality.
james [01-23-2004]

annette harmon [01-23-2004]

PATRICIA [01-23-2004]

Great site. We'll be back.
Thomas M. Messer, 52 yr old single dad from Louisville doing research with 10 yr old Hunter [01-23-2004]

Jade Monroe [01-23-2004]

i find her very interesting and i am having to do a project and a biography on her and she has a very interesting life and this website helped out a lot!
soccer [01-23-2004]

Nicole, I live in howland [01-23-2004]

I think that Betsy Ross is amazing. I want to sew just like her.
Rachael Grohde, Illinois, 10 [01-23-2004]

julia, gilroy ca 10yrs old [01-23-2004]

Brooke Leigh McLaughlin, 8 year old from Hingham, Massachusetts [01-23-2004]

Seth Anderson, 9 yrs. PA [01-23-2004]

Ms. Dominguez 1st. Grade Class at Emerson Elem., Houston [01-23-2004]

i had a school report on her and i just wanted to check this out!
anonymous [01-23-2004]

Lindsay, New York, 10 [01-23-2004]

Billy [01-23-2004]

Doing a school report thank you for all of the information.
Katie Sanders, Iowa, age 10 [01-23-2004]

sam, 10 [01-23-2004]

i was here (just thought you would like to know)
Devon, arcadia [01-23-2004]

I like the big bell and Bettsy is pretty!
makayla, 8 V.A. Haisonburg [01-23-2004]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross. I am in school right now, thank you for the info.
Dawn [01-23-2004]

Thank you for allowing our class to tour the home of Betsy Ross.
Mrs. Mason, Bellaire, Mi. 49615, 2nd grade teacher [01-23-2004]

Good Morning, we are the Spillman Family from Texas. We homeschool our two children, Tipi, daughter age 10 and Talon, son age 7. We are studying about the American Flag. Thank you for sharing this site with us. God Bless You and keep you safe.
Karen Spillman, Bridgeport, Texas [01-23-2004]

JAMES A ROSS JR, in pa. ford city rd 3 [01-23-2004]

Misti Canady, Winnfield, LA [01-23-2004]

I'm doing a biography on Betsy Ross for school.
Morgan Myers, Palmerton,PA [01-23-2004]

Luisa Rossi [01-23-2004]

jeisson uribe, i'm from Maryland [01-23-2004]

cody bailey, 15 [01-23-2004]

Great site, so much information
Kate Baiko, San Jose, CA [01-23-2004]

ross, hwtrreht [01-23-2004]

jane owens, fittstown, ok [01-23-2004]

My girl scout troop was wanting to find out differnt information about our country and flag so who better to no than the lady who sewed our very first flag. Thank You
Tracy Mcvey, 1968 SW 31 Avenue Ocala Florida 34474 [01-23-2004]

Richard James [01-23-2004]

Barbara Lee Ford, West Virginia [01-23-2004]

I enjoyed this tour. Thanks.
Sharon Slocumb, Dudley, NC age 14 [01-23-2004]

K-Bee, female [01-23-2004]

I dont know if betsy ross really made the first flag!
Whitney [01-23-2004]

My eight year old daughter is in a newly formed group called Girls For Old Glory. Thanks for this interesting web site.
Beth Fox, Shawnee, Kansas [01-23-2004]

I am doing a report on her and this is great to find
cortney, de,10, i love to sew [01-23-2004]

Kelani jones, I am very silly and love to dance! I'm 14 [01-23-2004]

Lorie H. Pennywell, teacher [01-23-2004]

Brianna Shaw [01-23-2004]

I Love My Flag, and My Country, and I Will Stand For Both .
Steve Hooten, age 32, from Dillsboro, IN [01-23-2004]

Catherine, 14 Maryland [01-23-2004]

Cassy O'Donnell, Audubon,NJ 40 [01-23-2004]

Mrs. Smith's Social Studies Class [01-23-2004]

Thank you for having this Internet tour. It was most helpful.
Mr. Costabile's 4th Grade, Elsinboro Towonship School, Salem, NJ 08098 [01-23-2004]

Jason Taylor [01-23-2004]

Carly, Stockton, CA age 11 [01-04-2004]

Mary Kate McGurk, 10 [01-04-2004]

my granddaughter is doing a report on Betsy Ross and needs some information on her. She is in the 4th grade and also has to dress like Betsy Ross.
linda hinds, bellaire, ohio 54 [01-04-2004]

Wonderful site, we're so fortunate to have this wealth of history all around us!
Terri E. Schad, Cape May County, NJ [01-04-2004]

Thomas J. Russell, Central Ohio native, 61 yr old male, Construction Project Manager [01-04-2004]

I just found out I am a direct descendent of Betsy Ross. So glad to know my heritage.
Monica L Johnson-Clemens, Age 41--Direct descendent [01-04-2004]

This is a stupendous website if you have a hankering to learn about Betsy Ross!
Hannah, Ohio, 14 [01-04-2004]

Shada Jordan, l live in brooklyn, and i'm 14 [01-04-2004]

excellent tour.
Ralph Bailey, St. Johns. MI [01-04-2004]

I want to study the history of America
zhangjie, China age33 [01-04-2004]

I am visiting because I needto do a report on Betsy Ross
betty adams [01-04-2004]

The virtual tour will have to do until I can visit in person. Thanks for making this available.
Arden Burkholder, 46 years old; resident of Dallas, TX [01-04-2004]

holly, Wisconsin 12 [01-04-2004]

Luke Henderson, age 5, school project [01-04-2004]

mom and I are looking up betsy ross information.
Kateri, age 5 [01-04-2004]

Thanks for this awesome website
julie dietz, teacher [01-04-2004]

Love the idea of a virtual tour!
Becky Booker [01-04-2004]

Abigail Brennan [01-04-2004]

Great site
David Earl Young, Chesapeake Virginia [01-04-2004]

moueddene, france, 53 years old [01-04-2004]

Parker, Nyack, New York, 9 years old [01-04-2004]

I visited this house as a child and just wanted to refresh my memory. I saw the website listed in Country Home Magazine.
anonymous, Crystal Lake IL 63 next week. [01-04-2004]

Marilyn, Brooklyn, NY [01-04-2004]

Joyce E. Belisle, Rhode Island Resident, Always loved history and reading biographys [01-04-2004]

i want to learn about besty ross
Sarah, 15 [01-04-2004]

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