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Karen Supplee [12-27-2003]

how old is she
erica, 14 [12-27-2003]

Michael Meives [12-27-2003]

caryl m. valdez, lehighton, pa...37 [12-27-2003]

Ann, Danbury,Tx, Girl Scout Leader [12-27-2003]

I am visiting to brush up on my flag knowledge.
Jon Anderson, I am 32 years old, a resident of San Antonio, TX. and also an Eagle Scout. [12-27-2003]

Megan Applegate, I am 9 years old [12-27-2003]

Louie Prezzi, Jessup,Maryland.....14 [12-27-2003]

when was she born?
rachael, 14 [12-27-2003]

thanks for letting me tour your house.
Kelley Cotton, dwson springs, KY 42408 12 years old [12-27-2003]

Thank you for the site. :)
breann sterling, i am 10 years old and i have to do a report on Betsy Ross. [12-27-2003]

Here's to Betsy Ross, one of our industrious foremothers!
Patricia Jones, home is Kimberton, PA [12-27-2003]

I think Betsy's life is very interesting and fun to learn about!
Karisa Racette, I am 11 years old. [12-27-2003]

Yep I like this site it's cool -Rachel
Rachel, I'm 11 years old [12-27-2003]

tim [12-27-2003]

I hope I enjoy this tour as much as fun it was studying Betsy Ross!
Brooke Vancour, 13, [12-21-2003]

my great uncle (robert ellis) joined the betsy ross memorial assoc. in 1921. i have that certificate. it was handed down to me from my grandmother. its in great condition.
DEB YEAGER, olympia wa, 41 [12-21-2003]

anonymous [12-21-2003]

I am doing a school report on Betsy ..Thanx for the website
danica davis, 13 [12-21-2003]

Rachel Krieg, age 9, P.A. [12-21-2003]

Every school morning, we pledge allegiance to the flag. This powerful symbol of our republic was sewn by a remarkable woman. I look forward to making the pilgrimage to her house one day.
diane, nys [12-21-2003]

Brianna Kline, age=9 I live in Dacula,Ga. [12-21-2003]

I was in a play about you. Not actually about you but a girl played you in the play.
Cayla Cruce, age=10 I live in Dacula, GA [12-21-2003]

Jennifer [12-21-2003]

Betsy Ross is somebody I think girls should look up to!
Trisha, 10 years old live in Ohio [12-21-2003]

Kelly, 14 LeagueCity, TX [12-21-2003]

I am Betsy Ross great great great great great great great great great great neice and my sister.
brianna [12-15-2003]

This is a great idea, until I can see it in person !
Madison [12-14-2003]

i think this stuff is fasinating
hannah mulligan, i'm 11 years old [12-14-2003]

amy, I am 12 years old i live in providence i go to holy ghost school amnd i want to know what happened around these days [12-14-2003]

I would just like to say that my familly is related to Betsy Ross, although it is can't be completely provin because the documents of her family was ruined in a fire at acourt house. But my great aunt who is 54 has been researching this for almost her entire life.
Vlaud, 17,male [12-14-2003]

Me and mom are learninq about you for girlscouts. I'am 7 years old.
Breonna & Lil, Cheektowaga, N.Y. [12-14-2003]

i love Betsy Ross
Crsistchen, ok/u.s.a/11 [12-14-2003]

Helo God Bless you
anonymous [12-14-2003]

K.Pickard [12-14-2003]

I was born in Carlisle, PA, and I now reside in Washington state. I plan to bring the kids next year on a family trip which will include Disneyland and the works. I look forward to meeting all of you and seeing Besty's home. I am currently working on writing some historical children's books, and my first is called, "Betsy Ross, an American Hero"
Ruthanna VanCleave, Age 30, mother of three, wife, piano and voice teacher, homeschooling my children [12-14-2003]

Maria Banuelos Connell, San Francisco, CA, 41 [12-14-2003]

Chelsey [12-14-2003]

nancarra highland [12-14-2003]

iwish to have to see the house.
justin kerns, I have blue eyes, wincher 12 [12-12-2003]

deepak [12-12-2003]

i wont to see her life!
reagan, 11 [12-12-2003]

Jennifer [12-11-2003]

Javoneli [12-11-2003]

dear i am a big fan of yours uh and um i think your so cool even though your not hear i hope you are reading this note in heaven just to let you know that you got to be happy that you are in heaven because down on earth now people say being in heaven is better than being on earth so i have to go see ya !
Andrea, brown skin light brown [12-11-2003]

Marquise and Asad [12-11-2003]

Trenay [12-11-2003]

Hi my name is Myesha Mckinney I am trying to learn more about you as you can see i am one ten year old girl who is wanting to know just as much about you as I can. One day I will become famouse like you were,just like they say you will go down in th future. '
Myesha, to you [12-11-2003]

I wish that i can fly.
Trenay, I am 11 year old [12-11-2003]

Ted, St.Louis Mo [12-11-2003]

Brandon [12-11-2003]

I like you besty
tashonna [12-11-2003]

Phyllis [12-11-2003]

Marquise [12-11-2003]

Chelsea [12-11-2003]

les [12-11-2003]

vonn long [12-11-2003]

Betsy ross is my ancestor.
Amber Opdyke [12-11-2003]

yes since america is frighting terrorism,i just remember that my kids have never been to see the besty roos house even when their school trips, i realize kdis in phila do not visit the house . no school took i was lucky when i was a kids me an some friends aran across it. people know how to burn the flag, if they just visit an found out what was the reason to create the flag an visit THE HOME OF THE WOMAN, I THINK THEY LOVE IT MORE( I AM PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN
samuel hunt [12-11-2003]

I am being besty at school for my dance and drama class.
brittany beckett, 10, burlington, kentucky [12-11-2003]

mercedes germann, 10 yrs old [12-11-2003]

Caroline Surman, age 10 [12-11-2003]

i love the us flag
anonymous, bolnde hair blue eyes [12-11-2003]

Gene Rice, Kilgore Texas, 50 years old, male, married 25 years great wife and two great kids (25 and 22 years old). [12-11-2003]

robyn holdsworth [12-11-2003]

I am doing a class project on Betsy Ross, I have to make a pipe cleaner person dressed as Betsy & show her making a flag & tell all about the history of the flag & Betsy Ross.
C. Moore, 9 years old [12-11-2003]

Chelsea Wright, 11 Humble TX [12-11-2003]

Nicole Byrd, Albuquerque, NM, 33 [12-11-2003]

Lydian Luthi, 2545419 [12-11-2003]

mason [12-11-2003]

I was in Philadelphia earlier this year and did not know about the Betsy Ross house. I will have to come back to see it
Merrillee Taylor, live in San Dimas, Ca. retired and very interested in the colonial and revolutionary war period [12-11-2003]

Iaaaaaam in a play and i play the role of betssy im just looking 4 inspiration
Shykedra Holloway, Texas,14, [12-11-2003]

will be visiting in January. Looking forward to seeing it in person.
L Ryshpan, Toronto, Canada [12-11-2003]

I am a teacher and this web site is great. Thank you for all the hard work. I appreciate you.
Patsy Baker, Marietta, Ohio [12-11-2003]

Emily Cowing [12-11-2003]

Brittany Gibson, 11 [12-11-2003]

DOROTHY, 9 [12-11-2003]

Te-Te, Cleveland,13 [12-11-2003]

bridget, st. louis michigan [12-11-2003]

Heather M.P. Martin, 28, Irvine California [12-11-2003]

i am doing a book review and project on besty ross. i think she was very nice to make the american flag.
imani, 10 years old [12-11-2003]

I like the
Carly Washington, i am 13 years old, and i live in New York at 609 Smith Lane Honeyo Falls, New York [12-11-2003]

visited Betsey Ross house in July 2003 and all of Philly.... Wonderful place, history was outstanding
Alex, Montana, 14 [12-11-2003]

Francis Baco [12-11-2003]

shantelle, 16 phoenix, az [12-11-2003]

hi fm ny
danielle, ny [12-11-2003]

I think ya'll should put pictures of Betsy Ross sewing the flag!
Prince, La. Southern [12-11-2003]

Hannah, I'm a 9 year old Christian girl from Texas [12-10-2003]

Shera Clowdus, I'm a 10 year old Christian girl from Texas [12-10-2003]

Julie Ewing [12-10-2003]

Robin Aeschliman, Newnan GA; Age 34 [12-10-2003]

I am doing a history project on the American Flag.
Brittany, 13 [12-10-2003]

Doing a book report on Besty Ross
maria stukenborg, clemmons, nc 9yrs. [12-10-2003]

Jeanette Coleman`, Arizona, 36 [12-10-2003]

I love to see the house!
Danielle, Ruston,LA 14 Like to run [12-10-2003]

Thanks for allowing me to get information off your site for a famous Pennsylvanian report.
Stefanee Smith, A student at a high-school in Tower City [12-10-2003]

I'm looking at this site for a social studies project i have to do on the American Revolution. I choose to write my storybook (we had to write a children's story book for our project) on Betsy Ross. I'm having fun finding out all of this information. Thanks for the help.
Alison, i live in IA [12-10-2003]

she is my real andsester please do not send me any thing.
Michael McMahill, 13 years old [12-10-2003]

lalala im doing this for my social studies project
Keri, whatever [12-10-2003]

I came across the name Betsy Ross in a book while I was working for the TOEFL test! Then, I made a search on the internet and found your site. I want to take this opportunity to congratulate you for making such an informative site.
Ali Yurdupak, 21, Turkey [12-10-2003]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross as part of our Early American history study unit.
Savannah, Washington, age 11 [12-10-2003]

I am helping my niece with a school project, and was curious to see the tour. Thank you
Linda Taylor, Illinois, 44 [12-10-2003]

hey this page is cool i typed in betsy at because im name is BETSY yeah! well cool page bye
Betsy Berentson [12-10-2003]

Elaine VanWinkle, Artist New York State 59 [12-10-2003]

Ken Cornwell, Nebraska, 57, educator [12-10-2003]

Elizabeth, I am 10 [12-10-2003]

Katharine [12-10-2003]

I'm doing a history report on Betsy Ross.
Rachael Sinis, 9 years old in 4th grade [12-10-2003]

Jamaal Rhodes, Savannah, GA, 9, Marshpoint Elementary School [12-10-2003]

whitney jones [12-10-2003]

Bailee Hauck, live in Bandera, Texas and I am 9 years old [12-10-2003]

You have great information here! Congrats.
Bridget, 10 years old [12-10-2003]

hello how are you im peachy.well i have came to this website because i am doing a research paper for mi u.s. history class.i have found this website very interesting thank you.
monique boys- hochstedler-fruitloop, tucson,az 13yrs old researching for a project [12-10-2003]

clair livingston, 6748 walluabey way, Sydney 20 [12-10-2003]

KYLER, 8,iowa,tipton [12-10-2003]

we need info for a school project.
christopher cortes, 12 years old, delray beach fl [12-10-2003]

Bonnie Ross, Ohio, 50 yrs old [12-10-2003]

Hello, great tour, nice place, later.
Natalie N. Dickson, Age: 13 [12-10-2003]

Doing a book report on her.
Amber Perez, Phila. 12yrs. [11-30-2003]

ASHLEY [11-30-2003]

Kelli Michel, Age 10 [11-30-2003]

We are a small school located in Mali, West Africa and we are now in our American Revolution unit.
Beth White, Teacher [11-29-2003]

Tom Knott, Dorset England age 54 [11-29-2003]

Charlene, 10 [11-29-2003]

Sandra [11-29-2003]

she inspirts me to be a better person she in a very important person in the us history adn i resecpet her for that
kristie hudson, 19 female indiana [11-29-2003]

Erin Harrison, 410 Garfield Ave Downingtown PA 19335 [11-27-2003]

It has a lot of good information
anonymous [11-27-2003]

kayla fletcher, 10/I am learning about betsy in class [11-27-2003]

Beautiful flag, depicting history and heritage of United States of America.
Maqsood Ahmed, 63 years old,Long Island, N.Y.[26-11-2003] [11-27-2003]

Deona Martin, Houston, TX [11-27-2003]

Jenifer, 40 years old, Kentuckian [11-26-2003]

I love besty Ross and I am wondering when she made the U.S. Flag.
Amanda [11-26-2003]

Nicole, Kentucky [11-26-2003]

taylor, 10yrsold brandon,florida [11-26-2003]

Ellen E Reebel, 71 Edgewater,Florida [11-26-2003]

Cody, 13 [11-26-2003]

Ilike Betsy Ross because she made our state flag .If it wasn't for her we would've had another flag.That's all i gotta say GOD BLESS PEACE
Chelsea Wright, humble tx 77026 10 [11-25-2003]

Mildred Marsh Worth, Lake Hopatcong, N.J. [11-25-2003]

Andrew Druckenmiller, 13 [11-25-2003]

you are a great womam
shykedra holloway, dallas,tx 14 lover of music [11-25-2003]

kasee, ms,13 [11-25-2003]

without this wonderful woman, America would not be as strong as we are today. betsy ross sewed america. the same america which is saving the world 1 day at a time.
Amber, Northern Lehigh School District [11-25-2003]

Hi! I hope I like the tour of her house see you later! Bye!, Justyna
justyna, i'm10 I live in quakertownPA my favorite color is green [11-25-2003]

amanda plunkett, leola, pa 9 [11-25-2003]

elizabeth, I am 13 and I love 2 learn new things. [11-25-2003]

Katie Guth, I live in Eureka, IL and I am 17 [11-25-2003]

danielle teetor, 12 years old doing a monument on betsy ross [11-25-2003]

I live in Oregon now but my family tells me that somehow we are related to Betsy Ross. I would love to be able to trace it back and find out for sure. We are for sure related to Capt. Hull of the Boston Tea Party.
Dawn Smith [11-25-2003]

You have a fabulous site. I never knew there was such detailed and interesting information here. Betsy Ross was a very unique and awsome person. Thank you for this wonderful site!
JF, New Mexico, 63 [11-25-2003]

April Boring, Boyd,TX. 15 yrs old [11-25-2003]

anonymous, 47, Newtown, PA [11-25-2003]

It is a great thing that people did, to donate their money to make it possible for people to see and learn about Betsy Ross. The one who helped make us the United States of America.
Jamie Willey, Foresthill, !3 years old [11-25-2003]

Paivi [11-25-2003]

Victoria Wiseman, Cinnaminson, NJ,11 years old [11-25-2003]

jennaball, 11 [11-25-2003]

Gordon Neumann, Beavercreek, Or ; 47, last visted Betsy's House in 1969, hope to bring my family there in 2004 [11-25-2003]

anonymous, I am thirteen. [11-25-2003]

John Snead [11-25-2003]

This is pretty cool, but why is the flag on the ground!?!
Nathan, Utah 15 [11-25-2003]

jean eckford, about to move to accrington age 51 [11-25-2003]

great site
grace [11-25-2003]

Jeannie Jacobs, Portland, Oregon, 35, single, but looking. ; ) [11-25-2003]

Donna Basford Westfield [11-25-2003]

berlioz, paris,14 years old. [11-25-2003]

laure n [11-22-2003]

anonymous, TN, age 9, [11-22-2003]

Meagan Parmenter, mi 8 [11-22-2003]

Natalie, Georgia,13,I like this site! [11-22-2003]

I love betsy ross
Europe Tallman, cincinnati, 13 [11-22-2003]

Jenelle [11-22-2003]

thanks for the tour on her house and history i really enjoyed it. im going to be betsy ross for thanksgiving parade my school is having. thanks for the information on betsy ross.
ADRIANNA, im 7 1/2 yrs old and i love to hear stories on betsy ross [11-22-2003]

Researching her life for my fifth grade report.
Dohna Bicoy [11-22-2003]

anonymous, 9-year old from Florida researching for project [11-22-2003]

ihope i learn a lot in this tour! of her house!
Juhee, um 13/tx/ um i like besty ross [11-22-2003]

Beth Spencer, PA, 9, Longview School [11-22-2003]

thank you for the information, and the flag, and all of the cool pictures
Mrs. Romm's Kindergarten Class, Kindergarten Class [11-22-2003]

chelsea carson [11-22-2003]

Mrs. Campbell's Kindergarten [11-22-2003]

matti, 11 [11-17-2003]

My Daughter was Betsy Ross when she was little and now she is in Eighth grade and she has to do a Biography on Betsy Ross. This Webpage is really helpfun on how she lived and when she goes to Penn. this year she has taken and intrest in going to her house.
Kelly Hughes, East Machias: Age 32 [11-17-2003]

The Yotter family, Family of 8 in WI children 10, and 3 months [11-17-2003]

Studying about Betsy Ross for a African American Lit class.
Annette Forbes, Sylacauga, AL, 44 [11-17-2003]

Betsy R. Morgan [11-17-2003]

Bob Austin [11-17-2003]

Mary E. Semsar, Teacher, Sullivan's Island Elementary [11-17-2003]

Russell L. Dahir [11-17-2003]

Am a grandmother to 4 beautiful kids and plan on sharing this with them when they visit next. I think it is wonderful to let them see things like this to interest them in our history. I never liked history, thanks to my husband I now do.
Mindy, Canastota,NY [11-17-2003]

Rachel Edwards, South Jersey [11-17-2003]

This is for a Bio, That my 4th grade daughter is working on in school.She said she wanted to do a report on the lady that made the flag.
Cleyella Crew, Rialto, California. 39 [11-17-2003]

Im glad you made this web site :)
James Denton, Hawaii [11-17-2003]

K. Wright, San Diego, CA 8 years old [11-17-2003]

Walter Dutka, 69yrs from Phila. [11-17-2003]

My mother grew-up in Philadelphia.
emily crocco, I live in Washington state. [11-17-2003]

Betsy Ro, pgh,pa 19 [11-17-2003]

It is a great tour for younger kids in need of history on the first american or Betsy Ross. I did this cool project in school, and I got a lot of my info here!
Katie Webster, Pennsylvania [11-17-2003]

I put the name Duston E Vinson Jr. on the web and it came back with this web page, not sure why.
Sandra Swanson, 60- Strasburg Va. [11-17-2003]

Thank you for creating the website!
Carlos, Third grade teacher [11-17-2003]

I love history and the internet has made it so easy to see the wonderful history our country has. Thanks for this site!
Chris Ladusau, Born in Mt. Holly, NJ, now living in Moore, OK [11-17-2003]

I hope I will visit Betsy Ross's house and Elpherts Alley this summer.
Ellie Perez, I am 9 and I go to Wayne Elementary School [11-17-2003]

Katie Lambert, I'm a homeschooler :) [11-17-2003]

Kevin Snelling [11-17-2003]

My mother has a Besty Ross Spinet piano that was purchased in 1960. We were woundering what the value would be on this piece. Please help us determined the value. Thank You.
Amanda Bryant, South Carolina, 32 [11-17-2003]

Rhoda Caudillo [11-17-2003]

Jerica S. [11-17-2003]

Peter Nguyen, Philadelphia P.A.15 [11-17-2003]

My teacher Mr. Clark had us do this tour.
Michael McLaughlin, Go Marlins! from Hanover,Pa [11-17-2003]

cody and javonta [11-17-2003]

We are excited to be here!
Ms. Fine's fifth grade class, San Angelo-Bonham Elem. [11-17-2003]

I visited the house years ago and am delighted to see it again on your website.
Joanne Williams, Retired teacher [11-17-2003]

This site has all the stuff me and my friend need to do our report on!
Kaylee Gordon, 10 years old, 5th grade, girl [11-17-2003]

This site has all the stuff me and my friend need to do our report on!
Kristen Miceli, 10 years old, 5th grade, girl [11-17-2003]

kevin ramsey, elmira oregon 17 [11-17-2003]

Kerri Fine [11-17-2003]

I think the United States of America flag is cool. I have one hanging on the front of my home.
Samantha, I am in the 3rd grade. I am 9. [11-11-2003]

olivia gomez, texas,10,girl [11-11-2003]

Miss Laage's 2nd grade class, Rockford, Michigan [11-11-2003]

Elizabeth, 34 years old [11-11-2003]

Thank you for you're dedication to preserving the history property of our nation.
M.E.Simmons [11-11-2003]

ALISON, i love reading about Betsy Ross and the flag [11-10-2003]

You may not believe it but I am related to Betsy Ross.! My grandfather is a Ross and So on back on my family timeline and family tree . So yea I am related to her.
Rachel Thomas, Marshville,NC / age:13 / middke school: East Union Middle School [11-10-2003]

this site was the coolest!
kristen miceli, age 10 [11-10-2003]

lawrence williams [11-10-2003]

I am doing a book report on Besty Ross.
Whitney Bach, Wibaux, MT; 3rd Grade [11-10-2003]

Maureen Giammara, W. Bloomfield, MI [11-10-2003]

I am writing a paper on Besty Ross for a school project.
Courtney Purkey, Summitville IN, I am 9 years old [11-10-2003]

I'm learning about the flag for Girl Scout badge. I am surprised I am a Girl Scout getting ready to tour your house.
Rebekah Rikard, Casar, NC, 8 yrs old [11-10-2003]

we are considering planning an annual field trip to Philadelphia from Florida to visit hostrical sites. Please forward any information or suggestions you find helpful
Hartridge Academy, elementary school [11-10-2003]

i was born in body is in heart is in philly!
rich muszynski, justice, il 55 yrs old [11-10-2003]

teena, st marys ohio [11-10-2003]

I'm doing a project on Betsy Ross for school. She is so cool and awesome.
Aba Ulla, 13 and so cool! Farmington Hills, Mi [11-08-2003]

Leo, age 9 [11-08-2003]

Cheryl A. Mathews, Bakersfield, CA 49 years old, married, 2 grown children [11-08-2003]

Visiting this site as part of our unit on Freedom and Veteran Day.
teresa Gholston, Elementary Teacher in Texas. [11-08-2003]

andy, georgia. 12 [11-08-2003]

how cool
sam, usa/14 [11-08-2003]

hi i wanna see a tour of betsy ross' house and what she did to deserve it... thank you.... not!
Amanda, 42/f/ny [11-08-2003]

i love shane!
kristina, i am 13 yrs old [11-08-2003]

Heather, hanover,pa,14 years old, fake school field trip here [11-08-2003]

Cam, hi [11-08-2003]

Kacie [11-08-2003]

Vicki Taylor, Tulsa, Ok; 42; teacher [11-07-2003]

allison smith, 16, georga [11-05-2003]

I am going to PA soon and I hope to learn all about it
anonymous, 14 [11-05-2003]

kaiva, 5 year old [11-05-2003]

Rev. James H. Stone, New Orleans, LA - age 62 [11-05-2003]

Tanya, Michigan, 13 [11-05-2003]

Kristy Weatherford, Delta Elementary [11-05-2003]

i enjoyed it ! it so cool
peachez, hanford ca 13 gonna be 14 feb. 21 [11-05-2003]

hey, how goes it [11-05-2003]

lauren totty [11-05-2003]

I'm in love with Betsy Ross because she's a hottie!
Billy Joe Horton, 18 years old [11-05-2003]

Tracy Rose, Cincinnati, OH [11-05-2003]

PROUDLY served (23years)under this banner.GOD BLESS AMERICA
Danny Moore, Kearney,Ne /age 51 [11-03-2003]

if you have any printed brochures/information suitable for second grade students about our flag, please send to Linda Eddy, Hallie Randall Elementary, PO Box 77, Fruitvale, TX 75127. I have 30 students. Thank you.
LInda Eddy, elementary teacher, Texas, looking for sites for students during "Freedom Week" in Texas schools [11-03-2003]

I love America. I'm proud to be an American. Thanks for a great web page on one of America's best women!
Brenda Allingham, Eau Claire Wisconsin [11-03-2003]

All of Congress should be required to visit this site.
Gary, Florida [11-03-2003]

I'm so excited in visiting your house Betsy
Dana, Saipan, USA, 13 yrs old, student of Marianas Baptist Academy [11-03-2003]

I was born and raised in Philadelphia and recall visits to this house when I was a lot younger. It has been some time since I've seen it, so it will be nice to have another look via the internet.
Eddie Spirito, 54 yrs old living in Anaheim, Ca. [11-03-2003]

Valerie P Phelan, Norfolk, UK. aged 40. [11-03-2003]

proud to be an american. interrested in history.
RICHARD KENDRICK ROSEBERRY, live in columus indiana, age 63 [10-31-2003]

We went here for a history class. It is a very nice website I enjoyed it.
Greg Stevens, Hanover PA [10-31-2003]

fatilma ali, 9 years old [10-31-2003]

Brittney, dallas,Tx [10-30-2003]

Janice Ross, Bloomington, IN [10-30-2003]

Donna Ahearn [10-30-2003]

Your website is very interesting. I think my daughter Lindsay could learn a lot here, and have fun doing it. Thanks for all the valuable information. She should do well on her Social Studies Fair Project.
Glenda George, I live in Columbus, Georgia. I am 44 years of age with an 11 year old daughter who wants to do a Social Studies project on Betsy Ross. [10-30-2003]

Crystal [10-30-2003]

Stacy, Iowa City, IA [10-30-2003]

anonymous, Marlton, NJ [10-30-2003]

hey tghere
will, i'm straight [10-30-2003]

bobb neufeld, age=12,florida [10-30-2003]

kristin [10-30-2003]

Eileen [10-30-2003]

alicia hedge, westfield ma, 20 yrs old [10-30-2003]

kelli, 12 [10-30-2003]

megan [10-30-2003]

Im doing betsy ross for a school report and i even have to dress up as her
Holly [10-30-2003]

I need to now what her hat is made of and if she made it herself.
jenifer boston, LakeIsabella Ca. 30years old I'm dress up as Betsy Ross for halloween 2003. [10-30-2003]

Sarah Rhine, age 10 Lebanon Pa Doing report on Betsy Ross [10-30-2003]

hi, my name is betsy ann urquhart . i have the same name as betsy ross . i love history.
BETSY URQUHAER, i am 10 .i live in boise idho . [10-30-2003]

Katlin Smart, Indiana *14* [10-30-2003]

susan williamson, raised in phila, delaware redsident late 40's [10-30-2003]

Morgan McKee, 10 years old [10-30-2003]

I went to Philidelphia in the summer of 6th grade with my grandparents.
Kate [10-30-2003]

Kayla B., I live in Hastings MI i am 13 [10-30-2003]

John Olich, Philadelphia, age 22, student [10-30-2003]

stephanie, pickins 13 [10-30-2003]

India Willliams, I'm fifteen years old and I live in Pacagoula,MS [10-30-2003]

marissa [10-30-2003]

Emilee Swenson, Stanwood, WA. Age 8 [10-30-2003]

Just researching info about flag
Jerry, Rockville MD [10-27-2003]

Hi besty ross i would iove to see your house.
ashley, seven [10-27-2003]

Bootsie Barker [10-27-2003]

Deanna, age 12 Depew New York [10-27-2003]

Siyang Li, 317 Elm st. Rocky Hill, CT Age 11 [10-27-2003]

Lizmarie, Puerto Rico, 18 [10-27-2003]

If anyone is a Broxton, please email me at the above email address, thank you!
Carrie Broxtonn Horne, Hampton, VA, 61 years old, retured high school principal [10-27-2003]

I came to this site to find out more about our flag. specificaly the folding.
Janice Speakes, I am age 50 and live in Virginis [10-27-2003]

Bonnie Nuffer, from Salt Lake City, owner of [10-27-2003]

Betsy Ross's sister Sarah was my great great great great great grandmother. My Uncle has provided me with a copy of our family tree dating back to England. I am interested in gathering information of Betsy Ross's family, particularly Sarah Griscom. I would like to join Daughters of the American Revolution, as my Uncle is already a member of SAR.
Darlene Serecka, Pompton Lakes NJ, [10-27-2003]

Betty Ross, I just seen the tour of your house and i think it is very unique and pretty how you decorated it. me and my dad loves american flags too. i would appreciate it if you would send us a picture of a american flag over the email. I just love the house you live in it is just AWESOME! I would appreciate it if you would email me back when you get this message.
marsha robertson, kentucky,13years old, and in the 8th grade [10-27-2003]

Jocelyn Allen [10-27-2003]

Barry W. Einsig, male,60, married 45 years, love philadelphia [10-27-2003]

John Kirby, 15 years old live in Baltimore MD [10-27-2003]

im just doing some research
ANGEL JONES, dallas, singer,18years [10-27-2003]

Annemarie Kramer, school teacher [10-27-2003]

Edward L. Laster, Florence, AL age 52 [10-27-2003]

Missy Brown, San Antonio,Texas,78217.13 [10-27-2003]

I am interested in what history says about Betsy Ross, did she actually design the first flag.
Roma Nelson, Spokane, WA Retired Teacher [10-27-2003]

Thanks for the page
anonymous [10-27-2003]

sandy, pa [10-27-2003]

Sara Lones, I am 7 i am doing a story for my girlscout toop my grandmother whent to a school in Maryland named Betsy Ross Elem. [10-27-2003]

anonymous, ma, 55yrs old [10-27-2003]

Karen Wade, Mesquite, TX; 27; speech therapist in public schools [10-27-2003]

Just browsing the site, i'd probably like it. you should too.
Sean Joe, I am 12 yrs. old, 13 in 3 months [10-27-2003]

anonymous, Student at Arcadia University [10-27-2003]

my name is matthew
matthew [10-27-2003]

Linda Francis [10-27-2003]

Karen House, Gifted Facilitator- Miami-Dade County Public Schools [10-27-2003]

I'm working on a grade 11 American History project, and Betsy Ross was one of the people I needed to research. I decided to take the tour of the house for something extra. Thanks for the great information
Meaghan K, ON Canada [10-27-2003]

camille sailer, we're living in Brussels but we're from Philadelphia! [10-27-2003]

Jennifer, 9 91103 [10-27-2003]

My daughter is doing a school assignment about Betsy Ross. This has been very helpful.
Stacy Wood, houston, Tx [10-27-2003]

Jane Shoemakere, Writer, retired teacher, Illinois [10-27-2003]

Rick Proffitt [10-27-2003]

tara kayla [10-19-2003]

I just visited Sir Walter Scott site and the American Hymn site. The American flag at the Fort is the only one where the Blue part with the stars sits on a red stripe. Your aite is very informative and fun to visit. Thank You.
Melanie Carrasco, I am 11 years old and a girl and live in San Juan, PR [10-19-2003]

Retired US Navy.
lee schmidt, Blue Grass, IA, Age 40 [10-19-2003]

Found two certificates issued to two of my uncles and upon researching what they were found this web site.
Judy Koester, St Louis MO; 10-18-03 age 56 [10-19-2003]

It is a wonder to be able to take a vertule tour like this.I was fortunate to have made a in person tour in the mid 1980's though this tour is vertual it is near being there in person I think. Thank you for the pleasure.
david cox sr., Hi. ALOHA [10-19-2003]

Aimee Lamphere, Pennsylvania [10-16-2003]

I am going to be Besty Ross in a parade.
challie johnson, age 5 about to turn 6 [10-16-2003]

Susan Newman, Elementary and Speical Education Major at Gwynedd Mercy College in Gwynedd Valley Pa [10-16-2003]

Kim Winston [10-16-2003]

steven breaux [10-16-2003]

I am doing a biography on Betsy Ross
A. McNally, 13 years old [10-16-2003]

Sarah McCarthy [10-16-2003]

This was just what I was looking for. My son needed to know what the colors meant on the flag for cub scouts. Thanks for the help and a great site.
Melissa, wisconsin, age 27 [10-16-2003]

I am a student at James w.Smith elementary school in Cove City North Carolina we are doing a report on famous people of history I chose a women.
Mariah M. Harris, New Bern N.C. age8 doing a report on a women of history [10-16-2003]

susan miller, teacher [10-16-2003]

Ethan Mike Zukerman, I'm in my twentys also I love the TITANIC. [10-16-2003]

My little girl Haley has to do a Pumpkin Report. Read A book she picked out and write a summary of it and decorate a pumpkin of the main character. She chose Betsy Ross.
Corey Brantley, Saraland, Alabama [10-16-2003]

hannah, seymour tn 13 [10-13-2003]

bobbi neufeld, age=12 [10-13-2003]

Angela Peters, Philadelphia, PA 22 Female [10-13-2003]

In the attic of our old farm house, we recently found an American Flag House & Betsy Ross Memorial Association Certificate, in beautiful original frame, dated 1899...certificate G. A "Miss Grant" was the subscriber. We would like to find out which Miss Grant (my husbands ancesters) this would have been.
Betty, Canada [10-13-2003]

I wish to go on the tour
anonymous, a boy [10-12-2003]

I like Betsy Ross . I am doing a research on Betsy. I will be her for Halloween,in my class.
Annie Milmoe, age 8/ 11m [10-12-2003]

Marie [10-12-2003]

Brittany, J.L. Newbern Middle School, 13 [10-12-2003]

shannel bridges, jl newbern 14 [10-12-2003]

Kierra, J.L. Newbern Middle School [10-12-2003]

Chenee', J.L. Newbern Middle School [10-12-2003]

JILLISA, jl newbern middle [10-12-2003]

jl newbern middle [10-12-2003]

Natasha, J.L Newbern Middle School [10-12-2003]

shannel bridges [10-12-2003]

Boysie, 13 j.l. [10-12-2003]

cortez wright, 14 years J.L. Newbern Middle, Valdosta, GA [10-12-2003]

Cory Mathis, 14 - J.L. Newbern [10-12-2003]

Erica, 13 J.L.Newbern MIddle school [10-12-2003]

lastachia, 13J.L. newbern middle school [10-12-2003]

Boysie, 13 J.L. wbernMiddle [10-12-2003]

Brent, Valdosta,GA,14, J.L Newberm Middle School [10-12-2003]

latoya, 13, jl newbern middle school [10-12-2003]

Alfrie, 14 JL Newbern Middle School [10-12-2003]

Marcus, age(14) Valdosta,GA [10-12-2003]

Darris Roberts, 15 JL Newbern Middle school [10-12-2003]

Anthony, 13,J.L Newbern middle school [10-12-2003]

Take me now.
Jeremy, 14,GA,I like to play sports. [10-12-2003]

Keyerra, JL Newbern Middle School,13 [10-12-2003]

Brittney, J.L. Newbern middle school /13 [10-12-2003]

kenneth, JL newbern [10-12-2003]

Richetta, 13 Jl.Newbern Middle School [10-12-2003]

Staci, 13,J. L. Newbern [10-12-2003]

Jessica, J.L Newbern middle school, 13 [10-12-2003]

Shakira, J.L.Newbern Middle School [10-12-2003]

kenneth [10-12-2003]

Darris Roberts [10-12-2003]

Keyerra [10-12-2003]

Chelsea [10-12-2003]

Marilyn Johnson, Teacher, 49 [10-12-2003]

Stephanie E. Becker, Brown Deer, WI [10-12-2003]

My children recently had to do a report on a woman in history, they both picked Betsy Ross...It was astounding to find so much information on her and her life and about the beautiful flag she sewed and her lifes journey. One day soon we plan on visiting the Betsy Ross HOuse in Philadelphia and my children can then see where this amazing woman lived.
Cheryl, nyc [10-12-2003]

the info is for a project in school.
Andi [10-12-2003]

I'm tryin to get a bunch of information and pictures on Besty Ross, and the stages of the American flags. Yuo've been a buch of help.
Andi, I'm ten years old, I'm in the fifth grade, my teacher is Mr.Platt [10-12-2003]

Thank you for making this web site so I could see Betsy Ross's house
CONNOR KLASSEN, I live in Idaho Falls, Id. I am 9 years old. I love to ride motorcycles. [10-12-2003]

bILLY [10-12-2003]

Peggy Caraway, Louisiana, age 63 [10-12-2003]

Will be traveling to Philly in the next few days and plan to visit this site.
Jill, Louisville, Kentucky 41years.. [10-12-2003]

i love betsy ross
summer, 10 [10-12-2003]

I wish I could say we were related!
debbie ross, kennesaw ga 43, mom doing research [10-12-2003]

This was for a school project. Thank you!
Ashley, 10 y/o [10-12-2003]

Karen Walls, age 35 young...arkansas [10-12-2003]

lacinda osborne, just wont to known [10-12-2003]

valene jones, kingston pa 18704 [10-12-2003]

shiloh, kingston, pa 18704 [10-12-2003]

Christine Hatfield, 34 f [10-12-2003]

Jennife Stearns [10-12-2003]

this is for a school project
kelsey [10-12-2003]

Herman T Willson, CWO4 USN/RET 331/2 yr active duty age 67 [10-12-2003]

Herman T Willson [10-12-2003]

Ellen [10-12-2003]

Anna Thomas, Georgia [10-12-2003]

I dressed up as Betsey Ross for Halloween a coupleof years ago. I enjoy studying about her. She was good at sewing and debating.
Bridget Banks, Ojai, California, age 9 [10-12-2003]

i am doing a project on betsy ross and the first american flag. she is an amazing person, and this site is great for info.thanx so much, mary ruth calliham raleigh,NC
mary calliham [10-12-2003]

Related to George ans Betsy
Gary Wayne Ross, Shawnee, Olahoma 48 [10-12-2003]

DUSTIN, age 10 [10-12-2003]

dear besty i really enjoy your story.
lucas, 9 [10-12-2003]

Mark Baugh [10-12-2003]

great site for homework help!
miles and jordan aslett [10-12-2003]

tabitha [10-12-2003]

Zontalae Walters, Linden,Alabama 11yearsold [10-12-2003]

Hadn't planned on going this far into the site but was curious. Good job!
Joy L. Sanner, Girl Scout leader looking for information on historical women [10-12-2003]

Pat Brightbill [10-12-2003]

John Hall [10-12-2003]

Hi I will <3(love) this web sight !
Tina Vickers, Medford,MA - age 14 [10-12-2003]

C.J. Cavin, luther,Ok 13 [10-12-2003]

As a child, my grandfather, Frank Duetsch, who was born, lived and raised in Philadelphia, would take me and my brother on road trips to Philadelphia and the Betsy Ross House was one of our frequent stops. I just recently visited the house with two of Frank's daughters and it brought back a lot of good memories.
Robin Cucinotta, Maple Shade, NJ [10-12-2003]

bobbi neufeld, age=12 [10-12-2003]

Katie Zeigler, I am 9 yers old and in 4th grade. I have to do a report on Betsy Ross for a history project [10-12-2003]

God Bless America!
julia milec, Born in Philadelphia, USA, 1968 looking at the history of our country [10-12-2003]

Philip Petta, I lIKE [10-12-2003]

Brittany [10-12-2003]

wow! betsy is seriously my idol! i wish i could make a flag that pretty!.. if i could label betsy one thing, it would be inspiration! right there, baby!
Betz, im 15 [10-12-2003]

Kesley, anchorage alaska [10-12-2003]

this is so kool
Linz, 11 [10-12-2003]

anonymous [10-12-2003]

tanya guerra, 14 [10-12-2003]

berenice, I'm 14 years old and I live in baytown, Texas. [10-12-2003]

school project for daughter
Libby Goldman [10-12-2003]

i am 9 am i live in miami,florida this is my project and betsy ross is a famous women** i give her so much respectd:) her site was very helpful thanks..... danielle :)
DANIELLE GARRETT, miami, florida student [10-12-2003]

Was doing some research for my daughter and found this site and thought it would be very educational for her to do a report on this. She was excited to see all the info. available here.
Kim Mumford, Dexter,Ia. 40yrs old [10-12-2003]

I like Betsy Ross because she sewed our first flag. Betsy Ross is a good person.
Madelyn Amacher, 8 [10-01-2003]

cho chang [10-01-2003]

i am chelsea and i am11 this is for a school report
chelsea phillipson, hagerstown md 11 years old [10-01-2003]

anonymous, Short, 12 [10-01-2003]

Hey betsy, ur dead, but i think u are fasinating! have fun with the after life!
Allison, southport, 13, noneya [10-01-2003]

Jonny [10-01-2003]

Katy [10-01-2003]

Betsy Ross was the real American hero.
Kenneth Adams, So. California, 38 [10-01-2003]

Kelley Lynch, Philadelphia, PA [10-01-2003]

My brother-in-law has informed me that he is related to Betsy Ross and asked me to do geneology on his family to see what their relationship is. At one time Charles Bernard Stern (coming from a very wealthy family) was a kidnapping target. Only the kidnappers grabbed his cousin Charley Ross (descended from Betsy Ross family) in error and no one ever saw him again. This was the most famous kidnapping in U.S history until the kidnapping of the Lindburg baby. I have not taken the tour but do hope to find more information about the relationship of the Stern (Stearn) family and Betsy Ross.
Gloria Stearn, I am a senior citizen in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. [10-01-2003]

Tashia, Porterville, CA age 30 [10-01-2003]

Nicole Ann PAlumbo, blue rigde, georgia/ 18/female [10-01-2003]

My General Music Class is studying the Star Spangled Banner and have been reading a lot of information from your website. We have really enjoyed ourselves and plan to be back tomorrow for our tour of the house! Thank you, Julia Novakosky
Cleveland Jr. High Choir, Jr. High General Music Class [10-01-2003]

bernard d [10-01-2003]

anonymous, Ma,38 [10-01-2003]

I was hoping to buy some postcards for my presentation . Do you have any for sale? fax 860-567-3591
bradley osborn, 12 researching for a english class [09-29-2003]

Some day I hope to sew a flag just like Betsy Ross did.
Lauren Goodick, I am 8 years old and studying Betsy Ross for school [09-29-2003]

LOTRcrazy, 12, West Virginia [09-29-2003]

We are excited to see Miss Ross' Home
The Kuncaitis Family, Homeschooling Family [09-29-2003]

I visited the house last April. This was a wonderful review of that visit.
Marion Larson [09-29-2003]

Betsy Ross is the coolest. She was a real women, who got her business done when it was needed to be done. I give her so much respectD!
Megan, tx,14, chick [09-29-2003]

Kelly Mcclung, I live in Georgia and i am 14 years old and I love history [09-29-2003]

i was thinking about dressing up as Betsy Ross for Halloween
Julia, I am 11 and i live in California [09-29-2003]

Cindy Frick, Indiana 45 [09-29-2003]

Naomi Mazas, 13 [09-29-2003]

garrett wilson, 7 years old [09-29-2003]

ASHTON DEGAGNE [09-29-2003]

I'm doing a book report on Betsy Ross. This information will be very helpful. Thanks!'Amanda
Amanda McCurdy, Lithia Springs Georgia 12 years old [09-29-2003]

I love this site!
Audrey, I'm 13yrs old [09-29-2003]

i whould like to have a great adventure .and we whould i whould like to see her life .
lauren jacobs, 11years old [09-29-2003]

Bob Hammond, Pittsburgh, Pa., 37, Betsy is my great, great,great,great,great aunt. [09-29-2003]

We are doing a report on Betsy Ross. Her site was very helpful.
Kayla Haddix & Amanda Stewart, Illinois, 15 [09-29-2003]

I was just visiting the site because I just found out from a great aunt that i am infact related to Betsy Ross, and I was interested in learning more about her!
Erin Small, I am from Vermont and a Student at Lyndon State College. I am 21 years old. [09-29-2003]

Thanks for all the info!
Mari, college student [09-29-2003]

Amanda Brinker, 10 years old,I live in Mo. [09-29-2003]

I am a girl scout leader. We are learning about the American Flag.
Chris, age 32 from maryland [09-29-2003]

Since I am a quilter, I'm interested in knowing why besty was inspired to sew the american flag.
Suzanne Brown, Taylor, Mi female 48yrs mother, grandmother, quilter, dollmaker, collecter of folkart. [09-29-2003]

Ken Monroe, GT Teacher [09-29-2003]

Cool Website!
S. Weeks, North Canton, Ohio [09-29-2003]

I LOVE Betsy Ross! She is my Idol....! I want to see her house.....! Love Betty Wood hope to see you soon
Betty Wood, Alaska ... age 56 [09-29-2003]

Norene Silverek [09-29-2003]

My interest in historic preservation AND observation has brought me to Betsy's Home.
Norene Silverek, Volunteer Coordinator, Historic Fourth Ward School & Museum, Virginia City, NV [09-29-2003]

My third graders and I are studying about the life of Betsy Ross. We have made flags and are now interested in her home. Thanks for the wonderful tour!
Shannon Briley Humphrey, I am a teacher [09-29-2003]

My interest in historic preservation AND observation has brought me to Betsy's Home.
Norene Silverek, Volunteer Coordinator, Historic Fourth Ward School & Museum, Virginia City, NV [09-29-2003]

Norene Silverek [09-29-2003]

I LOVE Betsy Ross! She is my Idol....! I want to see her house.....! Love Betty Wood hope to see you soon
Betty Wood, Alaska ... age 56 [09-29-2003]

Betty Wood [09-29-2003]

Cool Website!
S. Weeks, North Canton, Ohio [09-29-2003]

My third graders and I are studying about the life of Betsy Ross. We have made flags and are now interested in her home. Thanks for the wonderful tour!
Shannon Briley Humphrey, I am a teacher [09-29-2003]

Yo wat up wit yall. This is ya gurl B. I came here to look up some stuff for history for my report for my teacher. I wanna give a shout to a few people. To Coach Sparks I respect wat u doin!Coach Copeland thanks fa everything g.
B Prater, al,14 [09-24-2003]

brenda conmy [09-24-2003]

daycare. still in school a senior.
Sade Spencer, 17 and live in batesburg with 2 kids a 8weeks and 19months need help in daycar [09-24-2003]

Love your tour
Mrs. Baxter's Kindergarten class, Phenix City, Alabama [09-24-2003]

I hope I learn many wonderful things about one of the "women" of the american Revoloution!
Botan Minamino, 21,female ( obviously ),Tokyo,Japan [09-24-2003]

im studying the battle of lexington now at school
ash, 13,tenn,etc [09-24-2003]

DEBORAH RANDALL, 40 years of age. Live in Chester, PA [09-24-2003]

rose brown, valley head wva [09-24-2003]

I am doing a school project on Betsy Ross.
holly tippit, 7 years old and I live in Texas [09-24-2003]

Gabbirele Davisdon, 15, I love Betsy Ross [09-24-2003]

R. M., Student [09-24-2003]

John E Roys [09-24-2003]

I'm doing a report on betsy ross this is a great site
Christy, 12 [09-24-2003]

I'm studying the flag to earn a Brownie Badge.
JULIE EMMERT, Massillon, Ohio 8 years old [09-24-2003]

Agnes Jason, grandmother [09-24-2003]

marisol aguirre, 14 [09-24-2003]

Researching family genealogy,smashing site,very interesting Thankyou for allowing me to read and watch.
Mrs S Tucker, Aged 34 Plymouth, Devon,England. [09-24-2003]

susie adams, teacher, paragould, arkansas, 38, [09-24-2003]

Enjoyed the tour.
Tammi, Paducah, Ky [09-22-2003]

Graduated from Lincoln High in 1976. Fast foward 25 years to Denver Colorado.
Ginny Gray, Born and raised in Philly. [09-22-2003]

Brandy Nicole Woods, Craigsville, VA age 13 doing a report [09-22-2003]

Ca [09-22-2003]

Lucy [09-22-2003]

Visiting today
Gover, Virginia, 11, [09-20-2003]

I have to do a report on Betsy Ross and the American Flag. I hope all this helps
Samantha Weyhrauch, New York, 9 [09-20-2003]

Spencer Frew, I am 24 yrs old. I have one daughter who is 2 yrs old. [09-20-2003]

c.scheidt, upper michigan [09-20-2003]

Bailey Hauk, I m 8 years old and I live in Rowlett,Texas. [09-20-2003]

mary lee [09-20-2003]

hh [09-20-2003]

Kimberly Burns, Age 29, Drexel Hill, PA [09-20-2003]

Kevin [09-20-2003]

It is an honor to sign your guestbook!
Lisa Bokern, Goose Creek, South Carolina age 34 married w/1 child [09-20-2003]

Pam Hatton, Program Manager for Adult Education [09-20-2003]

Betsy Ross was my aunt. My grandmother looked into it and I believe she said she was my fifth great-aunt, so I find these pictures fascinating. Thank you
kim olsen, whittier ca 42 yr old [09-20-2003]

ALEX LAWSON, ellijay, ga age 9 [09-20-2003]

this is a cool web site my gifted teacher showed it to us!
Bridgbbq2 [09-20-2003]

Tiffany Bredeson, Gilbert, AZ age 8 3rd grade [09-20-2003]

We studied Betsy Ross and her first flag in homeschool today. And me and my mom are glad you have this website.
Emily Edwards, Age 9, Tulsa, Ok. [09-20-2003]

Thanks a lot! Glad to be here!
Thursday Challenge Gifted Workshop, Bay St. Louis, MS gifted students who are studying Betsy Ross and the Declaration of Independence [09-20-2003]

Looking for info. to use in lesson plans during Freedom Week. Thanks for the marvelous website!
Kathy Sanders, Huntsville, TX 77320 - 3rd grade teacher [09-20-2003]

I am presenting to my Women's History class the story of Betsy Ross. Thankyou for the tour.
Lisa Watson [09-20-2003]

Bill Reilly, Philadelphia - 38 [09-20-2003]

Mrs. Joanne Dybel, Whiting, Indiana/48 years old [09-17-2003]

Jaime, 11 spokane [09-17-2003]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross in hstory, and I'm not sure if I will be able to make it up before I have to turn it in, so this helps out a lot. Thanks!
CartoonFanatic, I am 16, I love Time Squad (which is a history cartoon) I love Cartoons, I plan to go into animation, and I love my history class. [09-17-2003]

Cory, 10 years old [09-17-2003]

Marina Douglas, Kingsland G.A. [09-17-2003]

Janee' L.Washington [09-17-2003]

PATRICIA A. CUSHARD HARTMAN, covington, kentucky, 59 [09-17-2003]

what did Betsy Ross do? What was she known for?
Katherine, Montebello [09-17-2003]

brianna lyall, california 12years old and loves history [09-17-2003]

I like history and history games I think they are fun
Natalie, my age is 10 [09-16-2003]

us marine corps pride!
Jessica, Wisconsin [09-16-2003]

Ceryl Curtis, West Point, Ut. 24 yrs old [09-16-2003]

Prudence Behmer, Hoskins, Ne [09-16-2003]

Chicoya, 13yrs, [09-16-2003]

God Bless america!
mariana macemon [09-16-2003]

Bonnie Jo, RN on tour with church group into New England from Tenn and AL [09-15-2003]

Suzanne Lauterwasser, Philadelphia school teacher [09-15-2003]

Heidi Vester, 41 yr old single mother of three, Federal Employee [09-14-2003]

Jennifer Schantz [09-14-2003]

We are reviewing information on U.S. History to earn our citzenship medal for the Boys Scouts of America.
Christina Grogan and Jordan Frix, Georgia, USA, Age 8 [09-14-2003]

Samantha Clarke [09-14-2003]

I have chosen Betsy Ross for my character for character day. May.3,2004.I find her life and the fact she sewed the first American flag interesting.
kayla morgan, age:13 Cordova,AL. [09-14-2003]

Hayley Keen [09-14-2003]

tracey, 8 years old black hair [09-14-2003]

Jenny Stiles, Higginsville, MO; Age: 50; [09-14-2003]

My son is a Cub Scout and was writing a paper on "What the American Flag means to me", so we were doing some research. Today's technology is awesome in the fact that we can take a tour of Betsy's house from Cleveland, OH! THANK YOU!
Betty Kubasky, Cleveland, OH/ 46 [09-14-2003]

Tom, Evan, and Stephanie Fincher, New Hampshire [09-14-2003]

Teresa Peters, Cabot, AR [09-13-2003]

god bless everyone!
hailie mcGinnis, female,10,Durant,Oklahoma [09-13-2003]

Marsha Reaves, Cedar City, UT, 53 years, female [09-13-2003]

Colton, Joplin,MO 9 [09-13-2003]

Tammy, Georgia [09-13-2003]

Donna Roberts for Brownie Troop 2243, Orlando FL. 33 YRS. OLD [09-13-2003]

I am looking for appropriate virtual tours for basic literacy and ESL students. The US flag is always a big hit!
L. Anson, literacy tutor [09-13-2003]

God Bless America!
Julie, Arizona [09-13-2003]

Peter D. Skirbunt, Historian [09-13-2003]

Is her house nice inside?
Chelcia' Peterston, Bossier City,LA : 12 [09-13-2003]

God Bless Us All From A Scottish Lass Of the Clan Ross
Sandy J. Ross Hazel [09-12-2003]

I am searching for John Ross's sons names. and Johns Birthdate. This was a great tour and very informative. thanks
LJP, Said to be kin to Betsy - John Ross [09-11-2003]

this sounds so cool!
Janine M, age 10 [09-11-2003]

Rae [09-11-2003]

im trying to get some hw done
Nicole [09-11-2003]

payton, houston,tx 11 [09-11-2003]

May Liberty forever and always endure secured always by the Mercy of God and the blood Patriots.
Andrew Mitchell Bugg, 23 year old from Ohio [09-11-2003]

Bonnie, Ms. Mayo's first grade class [09-11-2003]

Hello! We have been studying all about our flag in honor of 911. We have learned that the colors of the flag are red, white and blue.
Mrs. Holmes's Kindergarten Class [09-11-2003]

I am doing a Christmas float with Betsy Ross sewing the flag the theme is a "Star Spangled Christmas". I work at Eastern State Hospital and am excited to get started . Thanks for the web site. I learned a lot.
SANDRA E. WILSON, Female, 48, Williamsburg,VA [09-11-2003]

Monica Hearn [09-11-2003]

Elliot Prusz [09-11-2003]

I am doing a role play of Betsy Ross for school
Holli Schuett, Mayville, Wisconsin, 10 years old [09-11-2003]

We re learning about the flag in second grade. Your site is cool!
Micaela and Kendal Madden, Carlsbad, CA [09-10-2003]

McKenna Smith, I'm eight years old and working on a school project on Betsy Ross. [09-10-2003]

rik, im 13 [09-10-2003]

This is going to be so kewl I can't wait !
Evan Tubbs, 12 [09-10-2003]

Research for school Biography lesson on Betsy Ross
Kristyna McKinney, Brodhead Kentucky [09-10-2003]

Mrs. Ortiz' 1st grade class [09-10-2003]

wonderful web-site for my school report!
e.bates [09-10-2003]

I am in third grade and love the tour of Betsy Ross's house.
Zachary Thompson, Port Charlotte, FL [09-10-2003]

It's great to have resources like this.
Roberta Noorda, Seattle, curriculum facilitator, 46 years old [09-10-2003]

Sylvie [09-09-2003]

Susan Yee, age 6 [09-09-2003]

We are learning about the flag and about Betsy Ross making the flag. And we wanted to see her house.
Mrs. Elliott's First Grade Class, We have 18 kids in our First Grade class in Carlisle, PA. [09-09-2003]

Jodi M. Petersen, Neenah, WI [09-09-2003]

We are studying about the United States of America. We have just learned the word, "Patriotic." Thank you for showing us Betsy Ross' house.
Mrs. Scroggins' 1st grade class, We are a great class from Chelsea Elementary School. We live in Chelsea, Alabama. [09-09-2003]

Charity Saunders, I teach at a Charter School in North Carolina. [09-09-2003]

Hey Nguyen
Jenna, 11 [09-09-2003]

BERNARD ANGERER, Phoenix, AZ 85051-3238 Age 73 [09-08-2003]

thank you i enjoyed it
April Barnett, 15 dothan [09-08-2003] [09-08-2003]

I need some information about your house
bonequisha, palmdale ca, 12 [09-08-2003]

Vanessa [09-08-2003]

Alicia Prachar, Kansas, 34, [09-08-2003]

sue faulhaber [09-08-2003]

steve barber, bountiful utah 28 years old [09-07-2003]

tracey, Garland TX 75040 8 years old third grade student [09-07-2003]

I'm studying about the first flag for a school project.
Carol Ford & Bree Ford, seven live in Lavonia, GA [09-07-2003]

michael tamulonis [09-05-2003]

josh ornelas, victoria t.x 14 [09-05-2003]

Raymond Valenta, tx [09-05-2003]

Joe Hernandez [09-05-2003]

Oscar Rodriguez [09-05-2003]

Christina, 23, from Michigan [09-05-2003]

TAYLOR AND JANA MOSRE, woodbridge virginia [09-05-2003]

Lori Jo Webster, 26 year old college student. [09-05-2003]

I am doing a report for school, and I have choosen Betsy Ross, because I feel she played a very large part in our country's history, If there is any information you can send me, I would be very greatful. Thank You
Maggie [09-05-2003]

This is such a lovely place to visit. I have been twice and am looking forward to visiting again, only this time with my 6 year old granddaughter.
Margaret Clinch, Virginia, age 47 [09-05-2003]

Margaret Clinch, Virginia, age 47 [09-05-2003]

Jim Strange, Havelock, NC/age 38/USMC [09-05-2003]

Learning a little American History.
Samantha [09-05-2003]

great site
michael skinner, uk [09-04-2003]

I have been to the house twice and have enjoyed it both times and hope to return again
anonymous, I live in Ottawa, Illinois [09-04-2003]

Steven G. Thomas [09-04-2003]

Jessica Krause, teacher 3rd [09-04-2003]

I am doing a 3rd grad class project.
Sara Diteman, Mesa, Arizona [09-04-2003]

hi how r u i just started my first day of school today i was so relieved.
jasmyne, fresno,ca 13 [09-04-2003]

Preston Bryant, Alabama, age 70 [09-04-2003]

Sarah Kelly [09-04-2003]

Surfing the net in the middle of the night, looking at Philadelphia for future vacation destination.
Sharon Jackson, Gainesville, Florida [09-04-2003]

Tomeka Allison, I live at 511 Oak St Shelbyville Tn 37160 I am 28 [09-04-2003]

This virtual tour was viewed by my first grade class. Thanks
Patricia Poole, Monterey, Louisiana [09-04-2003]

THis is a beautiful site.
anonymous, Maine 71 years old [09-04-2003]

Jo-Ann Bute, Utah, 53, Student at WSU [09-04-2003]

miss Kim's third grade at Myrtle Mississippi [09-04-2003]

We visited here in the mid 90's. What an honor to be in her home. Thank you to those who have made it possible for us to walk in special places where our country's history was made.
Lora Mount, Victoria, TX, 47 teacher at alternative school [09-04-2003]

anonymous, Roanoke, Virginia [09-04-2003]

I wanted to browse tp see what you had on this site!
Carrie Broxton Horne, I am a retired Principal, High School, Hampton, VA,61 years p;d [09-04-2003]

Next summer my sister and I are gong to take her two granddaughters on a historical trip of the United States. Both will be entering 5th grade. We will visit the Betsy Ross house as I was there a number of years ago.
Julie Green, Longview, WA [09-04-2003]

freddy junior [09-04-2003]

James Ward, Warrendale, PA., 63. [09-04-2003]

Had the privilege of serving our great country under this proud flag.This is an excellent site and thank you Betsy for your contribution.
Beverly US Army (Ret.), Long Island, New York [09-04-2003]

Cheryl Hansen, 46 yr old female from Niceville, Fl. [09-04-2003]

Totally cool website, great information. I'm writing an essay in history for Ross, and this is very helpful, thanks.
Katie, Florida, 16 [09-04-2003]

Fascinating site, and I have no idea how I ended up here! Looking forward to the tour.
Kathy Lucier, age 50, Sonora, CA [09-04-2003]

anonymous, gloucester,nj [08-30-2003]

mariam nava [08-30-2003]

Brandy Britton, i [08-30-2003]

William & Denita Smith, From the great state of Texas [08-29-2003]

I read a book about Betsy Ross for my 7th gr. summer project.
Alexis A. Aponte, Atco,NJ / 12 years old / I have a twin sister ( Arielle) [08-28-2003]

Alexandria Andrean, New York [08-28-2003]

this is a great site. thank you to whom ever did such a great job!
Shannon Alvarez, CA, 25, taking this tour for research project. [08-28-2003]

cynthia stathopoulos, hinsdale, Ill. age 42 [08-28-2003]

I love the storys of Betsy Ross.
Lurakay, 9 almost 10 in oct [08-28-2003]

I am doing a project on the revolution and I would like you to send me more information on Betsy Ross and others.
christy coley [08-28-2003]

Brenda Scriptunas [08-28-2003]

i would like to learn more about the historic lady that made the first and only one to make the american flag of the united state and how she did it.
maryjane schaeffer [08-27-2003]

Gerry Gore, 6 year old in Texas [08-27-2003]

Lauren, 12 louisiana [08-26-2003]

Jennifer [08-26-2003]

Candice, Mo 19 [08-22-2003]

My daughter & I visited Philadelphia this summer, and toured the Betsy Ross house. I am so glad it has been preserved and is open to the public.
Vida Linton, San Antonio, Texas [08-22-2003]

jerry anderson, memphis,TN [08-22-2003]

Lori Coler [08-22-2003]

I am related to Betsy Ross, she is in our family tree.
Margaret Buck, Tennessee, 56 yrs. old [08-21-2003]

Julie, Iowa [08-21-2003]

Tim, Donna Shepard [08-21-2003]

who is your husband?
katy, 12 female wisconsin [08-21-2003]

visited Philly in June - enjoyed the city - very important historical city - beautifully decorated
T. Carter [08-21-2003]

Proud to be an American Loves American History and THE RED WHITE AND BLUE Believes in keeping the past alive.
PATTY [08-21-2003]

Tonya Frank, West Point, Georgia: 41 [08-21-2003]

I think that the American Flag is the greatest in the world becuase it stands for freedom and the people who give their lives defending it. Thank you to all those who have died for this country and those who serve willingly and who are not afraid to die for this great nation.
Elaine Adams, 22 years old [08-20-2003]

Tomas Pitre, San Juan, PR, [08-20-2003]

hey hy hy
Lrasti Qamos, meat town [08-20-2003]

Lydia Woltz, 31 Atlanta [08-20-2003]

Sandra Lee (Ross) Harkcom, I am related to Betsy Ross through my fathers side. His fathers uncle was John Ross. Any and all information about Betsy has been verified through the years. [08-18-2003]

Jamie Gagnon, Olympia, WA 23 years old [08-18-2003]

Hi - I am doing a search for a text book publishing company for american flag facts for a poster and came across your site. Thanks!
anonymous [08-18-2003]

Mrs. Shirley Stein, Harrisburg, NC; 56 years old, wife, mother and grandmother [08-18-2003]

Rachel Flamini, Age 6, learning about the flag at homeschool [08-18-2003]

Tracy Leclerc, Special Educator [08-18-2003]

Maureen Kesslen, Chesapeake, VA [08-18-2003]

Deborah McGehee, Hotsprings Arkanas [08-17-2003]

Jacqueline Helter, hometown is Harrisburg PA, now living in Dayton OH [08-17-2003]

Rosanne Preutti, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, 39 years old - female [08-17-2003]

tony harper, n.c./45/m/ret. vet [08-17-2003]

ThIs is a fascinating part of history.
Shirlee Van Tuyl, age 71/ypress,Ca [08-17-2003]

Cher, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania [08-17-2003]

Katie Miller, 20/Female/Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina [08-17-2003]

Mrs. B.M. Duck, N. C. 78 retired [08-17-2003]

Caroline Wilson [08-17-2003]

April Moran [08-17-2003]

i was looking up a question for my neighbor asking what the red, white, and blue mean on the American flag and it brought me to the Betsy Ross sight i just want to say, it was great to finally see where the first American flag was made! Thank you!
Shanan Reffitt, i live in Winchester Ky and i am 18 years old [08-17-2003]

homeschool project
kim, south carolina [08-17-2003]

Linda Ingram [08-17-2003]

Stephanie Steinhoff [08-17-2003]

France Peloquin, Sorel, Canada, 53 years old. [08-17-2003]

I bought, at auction, one of the American/flag house certificate's..framed...beautiful..considering that it is 103 years old!
sophie bayne mahan, 60 something...ohio [08-17-2003]

Hannnah [08-17-2003]

Ron Kupstas, Clearwater, 46, male [08-17-2003]

Recently visited there. The house was closed by the time we arrived, so I decided to take this tour instead.
Vanessa, From Florida. Age 40. [08-17-2003]

Valleria Steele, St Joseph MO, 45 yrs [08-17-2003]

Donna Bradham, 55 yrs, Florida Music Educator [08-09-2003]

cheryl, Manorville, Long Island, NY [08-09-2003]

Barb Gruhl, Indiana [08-09-2003]

Jeffrey, Orlando, FL. (38 yrs) [08-09-2003]

Thanks Betsy!
Donna Marie Pollina-Vitale, Born Chicago Illinois live in Boston MA [08-08-2003]

Wendy Morehouse, Phoenix, AZ [08-08-2003]

My Grandmother was a subscriber to the American Flag House and Betsy Ross Association.
George, Outside Huntsville, AL [08-08-2003]

Kourtney Ross, im 12 [08-07-2003]

dorothy caracciolo, wading river ny [08-07-2003]

Katrine McKelvey, Coral Springs, FL [08-04-2003]

Khadi'jia [08-04-2003]

s lux, saxton pa [08-04-2003]

Dixie Girl 4 Life
Ashley, Tennessee [08-02-2003]

Arlene Scheutzow, I am a future teacher and I reside in Goodyear, AZ. [08-02-2003]

I love Besty Ross.
Jessica cannizzaro, I live in goochland and I love Besty ross! [08-02-2003]

I have been here two years love history but have no one to take tours with could you tell me how to find a group with the same interest
Eric Cappas, 31 student of Media Arts in Philly [07-31-2003]

Trying to find the words to a song that was written about Betsy Ross's making of the flag. We sang this in grade school. Some of the words are: she took some red for the blood they shed - some white for purity - the stars above from the sky o're head some blue for liberty and sewed it altogether
Sandra Paczkowski, PA - Age 60 - [07-31-2003]

Mary Pat Clark, 5th grade teacher in Massachusetts [07-30-2003]

Judy Sullivan, Oak Ridge, TN English teacher [07-30-2003]

April, Memphis, 29, [07-30-2003]

Michael Reeder [07-30-2003]

Betty, Live in Rogue River Oregon. 66yrs of age [07-30-2003]

ilove hilary!
anonymous, 9 [07-28-2003]

ALAN KAPLAN, queens,ny age 60 [07-26-2003]

This ia a great educational tool!
Linda Schissler, Teacher and Assistant Director of a Private School [07-26-2003] [07-26-2003]

Did a college paper on the American flag, and now am interested in all who helped make it possible.I was also born in P.A, (Camphill)
Jenifer Switzer, Florida,married mother of 3 [07-26-2003]

Carol Swavely, easton,PA [07-26-2003]

Betsy Ross was my 5th great aunt. She married my blood relative 5th great uncle John Ross.
Vicki L. Bankston, Liberty, Missouri, 47 years old [07-26-2003]

B L Shell, found this site while attending IU East University [07-26-2003]

Barbara Bouton, Columbus, OH [07-26-2003]

nancy [07-25-2003]

Thank you!
Kathryn Browning, Jax Fl 42 [07-25-2003]

Donna Anderson, 41 years old [07-25-2003]

Tina Frank [07-25-2003]

temia, 33 [07-25-2003]

Wendy Manning, 43 yrs old, live on Cape Cod [07-25-2003]

Robyn Smith, Wellsboro, PA [07-25-2003]

Have lived near Philly my entire life and just started finally experiencing all the history that this city has. Had a wonderful experience and will be back to see it all again!
Scott Kuhn, West Chester, Pa, 27 yrs old [07-25-2003]

We are visiting on a virtual tour for our study on the American Revolution.
Goldstein Summer Class, Teacher and class, FL [07-25-2003]

Thank you Betsy for doing your part for the Revolution and women everywhere!
Rhonda Griswold, Teacher [07-22-2003]

Have an interest in this City since my ancestor owned a Mourning Wear Store from 1849 on.
anonymous, Museum Docent [07-21-2003]

I love history!
Florence A. Greenstein, New York, New York [07-21-2003]

i'm looking forward to bringing my 8 and 10 year old daughters there this weekend to see a piece of history
ellen latin, 44 year old mom who works hard and plays hard [07-21-2003]

Thank you for a wonderful tour and a great piece of americana!
Ryan Rose, Miami, Florida [07-21-2003]

Charles Munger, Ocean Springs, MS [07-21-2003]

Priscilla Holloman, Grovetown, GA age 49 [07-21-2003]

thank for making the best flag in the world
daniel [07-21-2003]

From Philly. Daggett St.Between 65th and 66th below Buist ave.
Jackie Gross, Norwalk, CT Retired. [07-19-2003]

Planning a trip to Philadelphia for Volunteer Tour Guides of NJ State House, Trenton.
NJ State House Tour Office, Volunteer Manager [07-18-2003]

Persoanl enlightenment, that's why I am on your site, which is great (by the way). J.J.
JOOS JAN, Brussels - Belgium [07-18-2003]

I've been to Betsy Ross' house on a school trip in 2002. It was wonderful.
Kathy Smith, Springfield OR 97478, 50 yrs old, [07-17-2003]

Corinne Ertel, Native Philadelphian, 22 years old, Penn State graduate [07-17-2003]

Checking out everything online about Old Philly in preparation for real-life visit on 7/20/03. Have 11-yr-old granddaughter and 7-yr-old grandson interested in this era of history so need to get all sorts of info, pics and, of course, souvenirs for them to take back with me.
Barb, Vancouver, WA [07-17-2003]

ABBY, nc [07-17-2003]

I visited Betsy Ross Home 3 years ago during a trip to Pa. and New Jersey.
Connie Barbey, 49 years from Desoto, MO. [07-15-2003]

I am looking forward to the tour....LET'S GO!
Rush Glick, 52, San Diego, CA [07-14-2003]

Looking forward to visiting in August 2003
Gail Faris, Houston, Texas 62 years old [07-14-2003]

second visit
REGINA, florida [07-14-2003]

Glory Johnson, 26 year old female Deming, NM Luna County Manager's Office [07-14-2003]

Teaching American symbols to Kindergarten. KCMO
Mrs. Nunez [07-14-2003]

Paul Dwyer, Setauket NY, [07-14-2003]

I want to become a history teacher soon. I am studying at Henderson State University starting this fall. I went to Philadelphia at the begining of June. I took the tour and learned to much. Thank You for this page.
elizabeth servellon, Glenwood Arkansas, 34, [07-14-2003]

Jenny Henderson, Bremerton,Washington [07-14-2003]

Ilove the Flag and my country and what it stands for. GOD BLESS AMERICA. THANK YOU FOR THE BEAUTIFUL FLAG
Richard N. Barsamian, Edina, MN 80 yrs. I was a Paratrooper in WWII [07-14-2003]

Joann Warkala, Runnemede, NJ [07-14-2003]

Lucy MOlano [07-14-2003]

Elaine Corbley, Brick, New Jersey [07-14-2003]

Teaching my 5 year old daughter about the American flag and Betsy Ross.
Wendy Williams, Associate Professor of Psychology, Central Washington University [07-14-2003]

Debbie W., San Rafael, Calif. [07-12-2003]

Ms. Fernndez, Teaching Kindergarteners About Betsy Ross, Miami,FL [07-11-2003]

marciebeggs, teacher [07-11-2003]

Tammy Mims, Sherrills Ford,NC [07-11-2003]

I hope the tour is fun
Ari, 10 [07-11-2003]

anonymous, Jane from New York,2003 [07-11-2003]

we are building a float for our parade. the theme is It's a grand old flag. Besty Ross is the center of our float.
Barbara White, I'm a nurse- I work in a nursing home [07-11-2003]

It is good to learn history facts. I am gathering information to present to a group of children in a 10-day summer program called Drug Education For Youth (DEFY). Thanks for the quick information.
Yolanda Y. Carter, Scott AFB, Illinois, 34, Active Duty USAF [07-10-2003]

Royce Sorrells, School counselor, Sparkman School District, Arkansas [07-10-2003]

It is a honor to know tha betsy ross lived in Philly
donna, From Philly live in NH Active Duty Air Force [07-10-2003]

to sighn up for reading challenges
Amanda, MAttawa WA, 11 [07-10-2003]

Thank you - Very interesting -
Elsie Blom, Live on farm in Iowa - appreciate and enjoy history [07-10-2003]

My daughter read a book about Betsy Ross when she was 7. We are very eager to take the tour of the house of a great American lady.
Kelly & Hannan Tinsley, Richmond, VA, age 34 & 9 [07-10-2003]

Mary Lou Chard [07-10-2003]

Looking for information for my monthly teaching them: The American Flag.
Jennifer Fischer, Home Daycare Owner, Yorktown, VA [07-10-2003]

We visited the house on July 4th and it was very impressive. We might go back to Philly again next year
Randall &Rosemarie Mellenberger, Madison, Wi [07-10-2003]

Holly Landrum, Bowie Maryland 28 [07-10-2003]

Kathy Thomason, Wichita Falls TX [07-10-2003]

Carolina, Argentina, 33 years [07-10-2003]

Thank you for keeping history alive for all Americans.
Steven E. Dawson, Las Vegas, Nevada age 55 [07-10-2003]

I am living in the Philly Suburbs and hope to visit the Betsy Ross House soon.
Janet Hammond, 49 [07-10-2003]

Lauren Stefforoa, Age 5, Canton, MI [07-10-2003]

Visited the house in 1972. Very interested to see the changes in presentation.
Susan, Suffolk, UK [07-10-2003]

Colleen Rogers, 45 year old, mother of 6, patriot [07-10-2003]

june hotaling [07-10-2003]

Susan Messina [07-10-2003]

lisa franklin, 8 [07-10-2003]

was interest in how the flag was made and how long Betsey lived. Mommy tried her best to answer his questions but was a bit rusty on the dates. We will visit sometime while in Philadephia.
Thad Cowan, 6 years old from Pittsburgh Moving to Texas next week [07-10-2003]

robert e bielat [07-10-2003]

I have spent many summers in Philadelphia when I was a child. This is one historic site, I did not get to see. Thank's for the website.
Vicki A. Fultz, Milroy, Pennsylvania [07-10-2003]

marla, Fairchance, PA 15436 [07-10-2003]

Murnell Fargo, Billings, Montana 64 years old [07-10-2003]

Rochelle, 17 [07-10-2003]

Bill Tuning, Virginia, 14 [07-10-2003]

Carol Hawkins, teacher of us history for 18 yrs. at Carlisle Public Schools [07-10-2003]

Hazel Hill, Shelby NC [07-10-2003]

we are related to Ms. ross on my mothers side of the family, she is a great great? aunt and I would like more informtion on her personally.
linda j. puckett [07-10-2003]

Tracey Page-Jones, Stockton California, age 33 [07-10-2003]

I have always enjoyed American history. and find it facinating. So many courageous and brilliant souls! I am a descendant of FFV on 1 side and a mercenary Hessian who fought for the British on the other side. He became an American citizen.
Martha Zellner Webb, I am a senior citizen [07-10-2003]

MIchelle, Denham Springs,LA [07-10-2003]

Iwas in the house years ago.Was very impressed by it.
rosemary q, Live in pa.near state college-age 74 love history [07-10-2003]

Joel Park, 60 years of age, married with 2 grown sons [07-10-2003]

I learned about Betsy Ross in kindergarten.
Emily Peshek, 6 years old [07-10-2003]

I love the USA with all my heart.With out Betsy Ross there would be on flag today.
Heather Brunson, Well i am 22 and live in ca [07/04/2003 [07-10-2003]

I went on here to search items of interes for my Mom who is 90 years "young" and the most patriotic person I have ever known. This site, when I show her will surely please her. It also brings back memories of my visit there when I was in the 5th grade...and that was about 50 years ago. What an honor it is to be able to stand and see just where a "big" part of our history was created. Thank you for the virtual tour, and preserving a big part of America's history.
Carol Lynch, Pennsylvania [07-10-2003]

Linda Colon, Connecticut, 38, [07-10-2003]

carol meyer, I do magic shows at a large hotel near Disney...on July 4th I want to do a story about Betsy Ross and at the same time I will paint a child's face with a patriotic design. I found a lot of Betsy Ross info in an encyclopedia here...interesting that she was married to Mr. Ross Mr. Ashburn and Mr. Claypool...her two first husbands dying under unfortunate circumstamces...a very interesting lady...wish I could have met her... [07-10-2003]

I hope to visit the historical sites of Philadelphia someday
rob nevins, jacksonville fl [07-10-2003]

Marianne Gray, Indianapolis, 64 yrs old, I quilt, knit, sew, and embroider [07-10-2003]

Ashley [07-10-2003]

I visited the house 30 years ago. Thanks to technology I can tour again. Thank you
E. Anne Nelson, Grandmother [07-10-2003]

R. Politano, age 40...Jacksonville Fa. [07-03-2003]

I think that Betsy Ross is the best next to the president.
Adam Olson, Poynette, WI, 19, brown hair, and going to college at Madison Area Technical College (MATC) [07-03-2003]

Teaching homeschool. Checking this out for a lesson.
anonymous, From Florida. [07-03-2003]

Thank you for the tour, and keep the web page going. History is good and we all need to be reminded of it, especially since we were not there, but are benefits of it.
LINDA BRYANT, balt,md;36,african american [07-03-2003]

Briana Piper, I'm 15 years old. I live in Mississippi. I have a brother and sister [07-03-2003]

My family and I visited this home when I was 6 years old - well, that was 13 years ago, and I just thought I'd see if I remembered any parts of it! Happy Fourth of July tommorrow and God Bless America!
Jasmyn Bradley, Victorville, CA [07-03-2003]

I toured this house when I was in the 8th grade. Over 20 years ago. I am glad to see you can take a tour virtually. I don't have to worry about my kids breaking anything.
Rhonda Dickenson, Seneca Falls, NY 13148 [07-03-2003]

Jane Phillips Summer School, Oklahoma, 4th graders [07-03-2003]

J McMahon, w.v. [07-03-2003]

I will be in Philly Sat thru Friday July 5-11 and I will personal visit the Betsy Ross house
Joan Schade [07-03-2003]

patricia long [07-02-2003]

marcia [07-02-2003]

I'm 23 and still waiting on her to make contact with him to become a chairmen on the lable.
Bisdown, hoping to conect through Family ties /your representation [07-02-2003]

Denise Smith, NC. 45 researching for scout badge & try-its [07-02-2003]

Leah Groh, Rockwell, IA; 16 years old; looking for information on clothing and furniture from the Betsy Ross era [07-02-2003]

Dorothy Kaiser Savok, Originally from Philadephia - Brookline/Havertown For the last 20 years I have lived in Barrow Alaska the farthest north city in on the continent. [07-02-2003]

Thank your for creating this site.
Denise Thomas, Lakehurst, NJ Age:32 [07-02-2003]

Martha, Fort Worth, Texas [07-01-2003]

Mercanne M. Peterson, Towanda PA-age 56 [07-01-2003]

Linda [07-01-2003]

will be visiting philadelphia this summer.
lisa trotter, 36 yrs old [07-01-2003]

austin, !0 [07-01-2003]

juan jimenez [07-01-2003]

milagros german [07-01-2003]

nicole intriago [07-01-2003]

grisalidys castanos. [07-01-2003]

Stephano Cevallos [07-01-2003]

Xiomara Torres [07-01-2003]

Liliana [07-01-2003]

ignacio olivera [07-01-2003]

vanessa salmeron [07-01-2003]

Vinicio Olmos, New Jersey [07-01-2003]

heidy [07-01-2003]

julio medina [07-01-2003]

Natalia [07-01-2003]

gabriel gonzalez [07-01-2003]

CATHY GONSOWSKI [07-01-2003]

The information on your site is interesting. We'll be taking the tour of the actual house soon.
Gregory & Geoffrey Smith, 11yrs.& 8yrs.old We live i n Fox Chase (Phila.) [07-01-2003]

Brian Champagne, Houston, TX ; 8 years old [07-01-2003]

Judy Loyd [07-01-2003]

I enjoyed the tour so far. Thank you for having this website!
Baeley, Puyallup, WA [07-01-2003]

jeremy, anoka mn. [07-01-2003]

Debra Jean Hayes Cornewell, Brownsburg Indiana, [07-01-2003]

Beverly Healy [07-01-2003]

STEVE TRUSNER, indiana..56 [06-29-2003]

anonymous, md [06-29-2003]

Sarah Crone, Gillette, WY / 9 yrs. old / soccer player / Girl Scout [06-29-2003]

Taking a vacation and interested in the Betsy Ross House
Carol L'Homme [06-28-2003]

debbie, army mom and also a braillist with public school children [06-28-2003]


My fifth graders do a unit on the revolutionary war and Betsy is one of their multiple selections that they can choose to write a research paper about after our studies.
Susan, Teacher [06-27-2003]

Hopefully someday I can visit in person. I love studying history.We owe a great debt to all those early Americans.
M. Mahaffey, Oklahoma, 52 yrs old, [06-26-2003]

Rebecca, Live in Washington State not DC. [06-26-2003]

kathy ewing [06-26-2003]

Very nice site.Was impressed. Bonnie
Bonnie, New Westminster, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada [06-26-2003]

Mike Stafford, Anchorage Alaska [06-26-2003]

Roger and Betsy Coss, 53 Husband and Wife [06-26-2003]

Cathy Comar, Educator [06-26-2003]

Deana Colcord [06-26-2003]

Christina M. Frederick ~ Weeks, 30 Years of Age - Reside in Morrisville NC - Born in W. Conshohocken PA. [06-26-2003]

Ruth Williams, 64 year old active nurse in Atlanta Georgia [06-26-2003]

h dont have a message
budour, iam a fool girl [06-26-2003]

Kelly Wolfer [06-26-2003]

Great Site! We were able to visit in April, and just wanted to check out the site online! God Bless America!
Amber Ross [06-24-2003]

i wish that america was a free nation and no war becuz thats wrong
shelly wagner, mo, 13, gurl [06-24-2003]

Mala Yancy, Chicago, IL [06-24-2003]

I'm looking online at some of the historical sites of Philly prior to a mission trip from my church around the last week of June
Karen Lane, Carrollton, GA [06-24-2003]

Bryant Hawkins, 38 Atlanta GA [06-24-2003]

We will be visiting this summer and are trying to brush up on our history before we arrive. Thank you for keeping our county's past alive for our children to experience!
The Saracino Family, Florissant, MO [06-24-2003]

Me and my children are learning about Betsy Ross and I found this tour. My children really enjoyed seeing where she lived and what life was like back in that time. Thank you for putting this on the net and we are planning a trip to come visit the house in person.
Dawn Miller, Delaware [06-24-2003]

Thank you for preserving our heritage. I am using this valuable information for use in a speech to coincide with Flag Day. It makes me proud to know we have this knowledge at our fingertips.
Julie Ramga [06-22-2003]

Penny Blevins, Teacher, Kingsport, TM [06-22-2003]

anonymous, Illinois, 37 [06-22-2003]

Great job! Enjoyed the tour very much. Thank you for sharing.
Linda, N.E. corner of Washington State [06-22-2003]

justin green [06-22-2003]

Doing research in preparation for a video I am producing for my dad's 80th birthday. He was born and raised in South Philadelphia, and I remember visiting the Ross home as a small child and wanted to add it and some other Philadelphia sites to his very special birthday video. Thank you!
Lisa Richter, 44 yr old single mom/artist [06-22-2003]

we were there to the house on may 30, 2003 for our vacation and we were absolutely taken back that we stood on the very spaces that another wonderful american stood, the very house that was lived in,the professional relationship betsy had with general washington and other important patriots.
Gail and Amy, Gail(married to joe,daughter is Amy) [06-19-2003]

Jennifer and Tony Salamone, Utah [06-19-2003]

I really dont know what to expect about this tour
Lynn, collge student [06-19-2003]

Pam Beckstead [06-19-2003]

Looking for historical sites for students
Beth Thompson, Media Coordinator at East Wilkes High School, in Ronda, NC [06-18-2003]

What an interesting web-page. Learnt so much about the Flag and the American flag... an interesting conversastional piece here at the office.
Jenny, South African [06-18-2003]

Julia, South philly, 22 [06-18-2003]

when my son was in jr. high school, he wanted to visit Besty Ross's home and write a paper for his classwork. I came to this site today and memories came back. Out of all the different things he could have picked to write about, he choose to write about Besty Ross. He did get an A on his paper that year. We lived in the area at that time, E. Lansdowne.
annette horevay, was a vistor, years ago [06-18-2003]

Thanks for whoever set this up it sure will help us to make plans for timing our visits around the areas sites!
Barbara Kastner, r Period reinactor from Pittsburgh Pa My husband and I are in our fifties and are soon to come to Philadelphia for a research trip. [06-18-2003]

anonymous [06-18-2003]

Love OUR Flag, fly it all the time.
Dale, Monticello, Minnesota [06-18-2003]

Jennifer Baldwin, Redding, CA/31/My church (Bonnyview Baptist) is doing a patriotic musical celebrating the 4th of July. I get to play Betsy Ross as the Narrator... [06-18-2003]

fatai babajide, i am a man 25 years old [06-18-2003]

Todd Gilbert [06-18-2003]

This year the Girl Scouts of our area will be involved in a day camp tittled "Women in History". I came to this web site to get more information on Betsy Ross.
Ann Borowicz, Ohio [06-18-2003]

The Hope Family, Cape May, NJ 08204 [06-18-2003]

I love my contry and I want to type this song: Tis the gift to be simple, tis the gift to be free America America It was a thought a dream an idea that brought them from far across the sea they came all with one thought that a man might chart his ow course a woman might seek her own destiny, pursue their own dreams and the dream was like a fire in their souls.
Jordana Balsam, My age is ten and I'm born on June 14,1993 [06-18-2003]

Jennifer Perkins [06-18-2003]

Angela Coontz, Live in Sandy, Ut 32yrs, stay at home mom of 4, need info on Besty Ross for a Primary activity. [06-18-2003]

I have but one vacation to take, I ask to take to Philadelphia, Ring on!
Theresa Sadowski, Coventry,RI,40ish, Mom of 2 angels,love lobster and KeyWest [06-18-2003]

curly blonde [06-18-2003]

If all histories were preserved such as this, this country and each of our lives would be that grander.
Nancy Calos, 39, Seattle, WA - teaching artist [06-18-2003]

Chedine Perrin [06-18-2003]

David Cooper, Social Studies teacher at Lincoln HS in Phila. [06-18-2003]

Holly Smith, I live in Chesapeake, VA, I am a Navy Wife. [06-18-2003]

shameko spivey, a student, will be touring and thankyou for the invitation
sharon platipodis, teacher at missouri state school dys [06-18-2003]

Patricia Moccio, Orlando, FL, age 48 [06-18-2003]

Linda Gardner, age 44, Special Education Adminstrator [06-18-2003]

VEry interesting web site with an awful lot of information that I never knew about Betsy Ross. Thank You
Mark Fitzpatrick, Wilmington, CA. 11yrs. old, 4th. grd.,Boy. [06-16-2003]

nikki [06-16-2003]

My Grandmother, Anna Kohlbrenner Prettyman, lived in the Betsy Ross house as a servant when she first came to this country from Germany in 1872. This property holds a special place in our family's hearts!
Elizabeth Kelly [06-16-2003]

Beth Norris, I plan to use this site to educate my grandchildren. [06-16-2003]

anonymous, Mesa,Az [06-16-2003]

God Bless the World!
gloria davis [06-16-2003]

Joanne Wingo [06-15-2003]

Kenny Ross [06-15-2003]

Natasha Hudson, I'am acarri [06-15-2003]

I was born and raised in Philly. This is a walk down memory lane.
Bea Dahlen, 56 Hampton Roads VA [06-14-2003]

betty, West Virginia [06-14-2003]

I love that there is a site like this for all history people and others. I always enjoy sites pertaining to history.
Michelle Schultz, 41 years old from Commerce City, Colorado . history person [06-14-2003]

Lynda Pharr Pruett [06-13-2003]

We enjoyed you website. Debbie and Ashley (age 9)
debbie nichols, palo alto ca [06-13-2003]

Susan K. Schoepflin, Woolwich Twp, NJ [06-13-2003]

We want to know things about Betsy Ross
Mrs. Korte, teacher [06-13-2003]

Lloyal A. Hain [06-13-2003]

Learning about our Flag.
Kindergarten, Winchester, Virginia [06-13-2003]

Diana L. Miller, I live in Wisconsin, 47 yrs. old, [06-12-2003]

I was educated by the Philadelphia school district. Our tour of Betsy's house when I was in elementary school was very exciting.
Farida Alamin, South Jersey [06-12-2003]

Hello,my name is Chelsea.I am realy interested in the flag and everything.I can't wait to see the tour.
Chelsea D'Agostino, I am 11 years old and I live in Missouri. [06-12-2003]

We are doing a paper on the flag and I came to this page to learn more on the American Flag, Thnk You, Alex
Alexandria Terpolilli, Forth Grader at Big Flats Elementary, New York [06-12-2003]

Ashley [06-12-2003]

Anthony and Kendra Keryluk, Corinth, Vt. Ages 12 & 10 Homeschoolers [06-12-2003]

Sarah-Michelle St John, I live in Alexandria MN, I am 55 and interested in the history of our nations flag [06-12-2003]

Wow! I am really amazed that there is actually a tour on betsy!
Chelsea, I live in Baltimore I am 11 years old i really want to know about Betsy [06-12-2003]

i want to look at betsey ross's house.
jaime d., 11 yrs old [06-12-2003]

Deborah Kemper, A history buff from Cincinnati [06-11-2003]

Robert F. Belmont [06-11-2003]

Thanks for making this site available. I'm getting ready for Flag Day this Saturday, and this is a great place to visit and learn. Hopefully, I can return to Philadelphia in person and sign the guest register in person! Scott E. Long, June 11th, 2003
Scott E. Long, American-Christian-Democrat, Minneaoplis, MN & Phoenix, AZ [06-11-2003]

betty schlebach, Crandall,Texas [06-11-2003]

I can't wait for the tour to being. What an interesting web site.
MaryAnn Stetson, Executive Director, Preservation of Living History [06-11-2003]

Melissa Crowder, Im from Hazlehurst, Ms, Im 17 yrs. old and Im doing this for summer school work! [06-11-2003]

Kim Sanborn, 42 live in Maple Valley, WA [06-11-2003]

Tina Hiland, I am proud to live in the land of the free and brave [06-11-2003]

Christine Beard, 51 yrs old from California. Looking forward to this cirtual tour! [06-10-2003]

Amber Meinhardt, Age 23, Delta, UT [06-10-2003]

I've seen the house several times, but it is always closed.
Margaret Springer, Member of DAR [06-10-2003]

I am checking this site out for a graduate studies project.
Ann Dvorak, Ft. Worth,TX 3rd grade teacher [06-10-2003]

Julia Downs [06-10-2003]

Jerome Ketterling, Live in Plymouth MA [06-10-2003]

Susie Childress, Ozona Primary School Teacher [06-10-2003]

I found this sight accidently but since I love history I couldn't stop reading.This is very informative
Julie Byrne, Corydon,In. [06-10-2003]

Joshua Moses, Baker LA. 11years old [06-10-2003]

Trying to find out about Jabula Jesu, the cultural meaning and history of this beautiful Zulu folk song, as well as about canadian Stephen Hatfield, a well known composer who arranged this song.
Jose Bohorquez, Member of a local high school parents choir [06-10-2003]

IM doing a book report on betsy ross & its soo cool!
jhanna, 11 [06-09-2003]

Cathleen McColgin, Central New York [06-09-2003]

Margie Randall, St. Louis, MO, teacher [06-09-2003]

Hillary Kousky [06-09-2003]

Nathan Race [06-09-2003]

my class is going to sing a song about betsy ross at our graduation, so I wanted to see the house & her. I am going to come down next month to see it for real. thanks
shannon diegel, 6 years old [06-09-2003]

I visited the Betsy Ross Home several years ago, and I love showing my pictures to my students. Now they have another means to see and read about the home. They will enjoy it.
Lennie Lear, elementary teacher [06-09-2003]

Crystal, Spencer,17, female and fun to hangaround with [06-09-2003]

Shane Burke [06-09-2003]

In my History class, I'M BETSY ROSS. this website really helped me a lot! I'm even dressing up like her!
Jillian L., Hampton, VA, age: 8 [06-08-2003]

America is a awsome place to live
jessica sprifke, 13, va [06-08-2003]

Katy [06-08-2003]

Linda Marino [06-08-2003]

I wish to see her house
Corwin [06-08-2003]

See above
Carl Gordon Pyper, Raied four children w/Gloria Malmstrom (who I met in D.C., in church) in the old "Bingham House" (built in 1900) in Monett, Missouri. Gloria and I are daughter and son of the Utah pioneers. I as 1/Lt in USMC 69-72. Oldest son is now 1/Lt at LeJeune (our first station). We loved all the American History we saw in first years of marriage on east coast. Thank you for preserving Betsy Ross House! [06-08-2003]

I'm doing a project for school and have found your site very helpful.
Emily Yukica, Age 10, Hanover, NH [06-07-2003]

i luv deez guys!
Nazreen, 12/luv b2k/Asian [06-07-2003]

wow i never knew the history behind the OLD GLORY it swonderful i love the site bye!
Kirsten, 45 [06-07-2003]

I'm trying to put together a program for Flag Day at our local Elks Lodge and came across this site. Thanks for the informaition
Terry Ellis, Lawrenceburg, TN age 42 [06-07-2003]

helen [06-06-2003]

yovani,paris,dwayne,anthony, 4th graders [06-06-2003]

I wont make in person. Thanks for the opportunity.
Thelma Jane Dorsey, Retired [06-06-2003]

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