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crystal [02-25-2003]

I think Betsy Ross is a real American, and deserves lots of credit for what she did.
Shayne Clementi, 8 years old [02-24-2003]

Visiting this web site with my daughter, who is doing some research on Betsy Ross' life.
Margaret Rodeheaver, Shalimar, Florida [02-24-2003]

We loved the virtual tour now maybe one day we can see the house in person.
Lisa Ernst and Mellisa Ernst, Washington State, 31 yrs. old and 9yrs. old [02-24-2003]

Thank you so much for this site. It is very informative.
Tammy Carter, i am a descendant of Betsy Ross. Very interested in her life and memorbilia. Hope to visit Philly someday and my grandparents...great grandparents home of Pennsylvania [02-24-2003]

Thank you for the home page about Betsy Ross! Love, Rebecca
REBECCA MCCOY HINTON, Benson, NC 9 years old 3rd grade project for McGees Crossroad Elementary School [02-24-2003]

Magaly J. Carrasco, I'm from Puerto Rico. [02-24-2003]

Renee levins, loxley ala 27 child report [02-24-2003]

nadia emery, nj [02-24-2003]

Parking in Phila. is always difficult! Any suggestions?
Greg & Sandy Weekes, Living 2 hours from Phila. [02-24-2003]

Nicholas likes history. Thank you for this opportunity.
Nicholas and Anje DeGraaf, Vermont, Nicholas is 8 years old and just finished reading about Betsy Ross with his mom. [02-24-2003]

Thank you for letting us tour Betsy Ross's house. We have just finished reading a book about her and are very excited!
Ms. Hansen's class, We are a second grade class. [02-24-2003]

We're doing a brownie scout "try-it" to learn about the American flag.
Jenny & Katie Reynolds, Ottawa, KS 7 years old [02-24-2003]

Angela Dean, Homeschool mom in Wisconsin [02-24-2003]

Jaylen [02-24-2003]

Montana [02-24-2003]

Maha [02-24-2003]

Thomas [02-24-2003]

clayton [02-24-2003]

Cortezriel [02-24-2003]

Tiera [02-24-2003]

Alexis [02-24-2003]

Michael [02-24-2003]

taylor [02-24-2003]

Ashley [02-24-2003]

julia [02-24-2003]

kristen [02-24-2003]

Josh [02-24-2003]

John [02-24-2003]

Mrs. Garner [02-24-2003]

crystal [02-24-2003]

raine [02-24-2003]

Bev Sheehan [02-24-2003]

We are studying about the American Flag and we hope to learn more at this site. Thank you.
Coffeen School, First Grade [02-24-2003]

Becky Ruth [02-24-2003]

My niece read the story of betsy ross to me and my family cause she has to do a book report of a great american white woman in history, and she picked mrs. ross I was very impressed as was my family.. sincearly, Gomez family
Ivelisse Gomez, New Jersey, 27 yrs of age, Female [02-24-2003]

R Swank, 37 [02-24-2003]

What a wonderful opportunity to see a part of our history. Thank you! I plan on "touring" the site with my students this week.
Candice Rice, Kindergarten teacher in Tempe, Arizona [02-24-2003]

Tammy Christensen, Highland, UT [02-24-2003]

Doing a report on Betsy Ross. This website helped a lot. Thank You!
katey vankerkhove, lives in Rochester, NY and is 81/2 years old [02-24-2003]

My 9 year old daughter is doing a report on Betsy Ross and we are touring your site for additional information.
Cathy McCormick, Centreville, VA [02-24-2003]

I wanted to take the tour. My child, age 7, wants to do a presentation for school on Betsy Ross.
Denise Presley, Alabama, 31, student [02-24-2003]

I am doing an autobiography on Betsy Ross for my 4th grade class. I attend Sunset Elementary School.
Leilani Cross, Oak View, California age 9 [02-24-2003]

Lindsey Flannigan, 8 years old, live in Alabama [02-24-2003]

Jori Moore, Mr. Basso's 5th grade class [02-24-2003]

Nikki [02-24-2003]

TONIA KLOKOW, daytona beach, fl. [02-23-2003]

Cynthia Devereaux [02-22-2003]

Thank you for this site. It is a wonderful contribution to Betsy and John Ross. This has helped me a great deal with a Biography Paper that I needed for a school project.
Miss. Alyssa [02-22-2003]

My Mom's name is Betsy too!
Margaret Roesler [02-22-2003]

Jillian, Jamie and Brett, Brownies [02-22-2003]

Enjoyed the tour. Good pictures. At my urging, my mom is currently working on a Betsy Ross doll (crochet). She is hoping to put it in the Arkansas State Fair in Oct. 2003.
Susan, Little Rock, AR [02-22-2003]

Carolyn N, Plymouth, MI 30 [02-21-2003]

Heather and Hadley Spadaccini, Hadley is 7, loves horses, school, ballet, French and lots of other things [02-21-2003]

I am studying for research on Betsy Ross looking for as much info as I can get Thankyou
Lecil Flynn, Lubbock, Tx 9 years old [02-21-2003]

i am num. 1. I RULE! I ROCK! I RULE!
amber, i rock [02-21-2003]

Justin Z. [02-21-2003]

Dori, I live in Old Tappan NJ, I am 11 years old turming 12 on June 6th [02-21-2003]

Pam Wooding, Elementary Gifted Support teacher [02-21-2003]

janet quinn [02-21-2003]

Dane eubanks [02-21-2003]

Jade [02-21-2003]

showing to my kindergarten children. hope to visit over the summer.
Mara VanNostrand, houston, tx [02-20-2003]

i'm doing betsy ross for my art project.i think she is one of the most historical person ever.i love quilting so she is so cool! her life is so interesting.i can't believe she was on of 17 kids. that's a lot!my art project is due 2/28/03 so i've got to get busy.i made a quilt and a report on her. sincerly, jacqueline p.s. betsy would be proud!
JACQUELINE KEMPER, marion,ohio 10yrs. [02-20-2003]

Melissa [02-20-2003]

Katlyn [02-20-2003]

brody [02-20-2003]

Josh Loyd [02-20-2003]

torie galloway [02-20-2003]

amanda sutton [02-20-2003]

danielle winget [02-20-2003]

sutton amanda [02-20-2003]

Olivia Lyn-Marie Vanwey [02-20-2003]

Jennifer [02-20-2003]

Jordan [02-20-2003]

Bobbie jo Bauman, Sesser Il. age 9 [02-20-2003]

Amanda Sutton [02-20-2003]

torie galloway [02-20-2003]

Danielle Winget [02-20-2003]

MARIAH MINTON [02-20-2003]

Rosemarie Boker [02-20-2003]

Dylan Loucks [02-20-2003]

Remy Vandekerkhove [02-20-2003]

katie guthrie [02-20-2003]

Alysha Mandrell [02-20-2003]

She was a great woman.
Magen [02-20-2003]

betsy ross was an amazing woman, who lived during such a scary yet exciting time in american history
nancy herrick, maynard,mass 40yrs doing a reasearch project with 10 year old daughter [02-20-2003]

flags r the best thing in the world! especially the american flag.
Jane Doe, i love flags [02-20-2003]

heather green [02-20-2003]

adrian [02-20-2003]

Myranda Cowan [02-20-2003]

diana [02-20-2003]

Marcus [02-20-2003]

Curtis Edwards, 10 [02-20-2003]

Beulah Saylor [02-20-2003]

taylor [02-20-2003]

Allison Rogers [02-20-2003]

Jennifer Blacklock [02-19-2003]

Matthew Androvandi [02-19-2003]

Jennifer [02-19-2003]

WE hope to go to her house.
Katie and Emma, 9 and 8 [02-19-2003]

library project
Belinda & Mercedes Frye, Illinois [02-19-2003]

I am working on a project for my class, on Betsy Ross. I am searching for more information and trying to get a closer look at Betsy's House.
Sydney McDonald, Fort Worth, Texas, 7 years old, 2nd Grade Student at Lily B. Clayton Elementary [02-19-2003]

SHAQUANA CALLERY, very tall [02-19-2003]

robin l.kuhnle, descendant [02-19-2003]

thanks 4 inviting me
shaquana, im tall big boned 12 years old [02-19-2003]

I would like to know about Besty Ross's live
abby, saginaw,MI 10 [02-19-2003]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross
spike, 8 [02-19-2003]

I am working on a school project about Betsy Ross. I am hoping this will give me some ideas!
Kaitlyn Wallis, 3rd Grade Student [02-19-2003]

I am researching a Betsy Ross for a project for school.
Heather Coutinho, Atlanta, Georgia, age 6 [02-19-2003]

Ashley [02-19-2003]

sadie frye [02-19-2003]

i'm a 5th grader at john marshall elementary school, south bend, in. we are studying the american revolution at school. i'm doing a report on betsy ross.
ALVINA BROWN, age 10, south bend, indiana [02-19-2003]

Trent Eubanks [02-19-2003]

Nikki, 9 [02-19-2003]

Cheyenne Maceri, 10 [02-19-2003]

Sierra Fornear, 9 [02-19-2003]

Lindsay Young, 9 Years Old [02-19-2003]

Michael Basso [02-19-2003]

Jessica Stroud [02-19-2003]

Savanah Bullock [02-19-2003]

Conner Benedict [02-19-2003]

madison webb [02-19-2003]

Gretell Gomez, 11 years old doing a report [02-19-2003]

Thank God for good women even back then.
Bette Purvis, Loudon TN 63 [02-19-2003]

taylor [02-19-2003]

i'm doing a report on betsy ross. she is my hero. let freedom ring!
anonymous [02-19-2003]

Constance Boyd [02-19-2003]

Justin Zuck [02-19-2003]

Jasmine [02-19-2003]

Katie Dorsey [02-19-2003]

Kendall Gibson [02-19-2003]

how did you make the american flag how long
alex [02-19-2003]

Stephanie [02-19-2003]

nicole [02-19-2003]

Ashley [02-19-2003]

Samantha [02-19-2003]

J. Haight, Pennsylvania [02-19-2003]

Kyle Miller [02-19-2003]

LES Third Grade, Mrs. Bainbridge, RAF Lakenheath, U.K. Am. School [02-19-2003]

Heather Abercrombie [02-19-2003]

Paige [02-19-2003]

Jade [02-19-2003]

Allison Rogers [02-19-2003]

Billy Overton [02-19-2003]

I was looking through this website for information on the American Flag for my daughter. She is doing research for her 4th grade class. Of course Mom is doing all the research, but I am learning a lot and look forward to touring Betty Ross' house!
Tonya Sutton, Spring City, TN 27 [02-19-2003]

Hi:) I really like learning about Bettsy and this website has helped me a lot. Emily V.B. MN.
Emily Van Blaricom, Im 11 I live in Minnesota with 3 other people my mom dad and sister. [02-19-2003]

Payton Roberts, Wetumpka, AL, 7 years old, 2nd grader [02-19-2003]

i like this house very much. this is a cool. i like it!
AshleyT., la. 7 YEAR OLD [02-19-2003]

Stephanie Broughman, Oak Hill, WV 9 yrs. old [02-19-2003]

Haley Roop [02-19-2003]

Hi betsy you are so famous. How did you come up the the idea to make a american flag? Was it a hard job to do it
Justin Timberlake [02-19-2003]

anonymous [02-19-2003]

Stephanie Fazio, I am 9 years old and live in Mequon, Wisconins. [02-19-2003]

Stephanie [02-19-2003]

Jan Broussard, 35 [02-19-2003]

Shad Donovan [02-19-2003]

Ms. Gabe and Ms. Carole's Kindergarten class, We are learning about the American flag. [02-19-2003]

katie, 13 years old [02-19-2003]

studing for ged
jamie dendy, tx,19,female [02-19-2003]

I wont to know how she is.
anonymous [02-19-2003]

Susan Winn Unkel, Kinder, LA age 11 [02-19-2003]

Pattie Kelley [02-19-2003]

Age 10 for report.
Audrey Mclaughlin, Lutherville, MD [02-19-2003]

Robert Williams, 4th great-grandson of Betsy Ross via her daughter Susanna [02-19-2003]

Julia Roberts, 8 years old, Jacksonville, FL [02-19-2003]

Fargo Third Grade, Fargo, OK [02-19-2003]

I enjoyed learning about Besty Ross.
Jodi Ann Griffin, Marshville, NC, age 9, I am doing Betsy Ross in a wax museum at Marshville Elementary. [02-19-2003]

Lyman and Carol Jones, we live in Idaho [02-19-2003]

Hi!im a 6th grader at colorado middle school,in colorado city,TX.i picked besty ross as my national history project!
Shelby Austin, f/TX/11 [02-19-2003]

Erika [02-19-2003]

I love your website and i am doing research on famous american revolutionary war heores. thanks? john
JOHN E. KRAWCZYK, i live in columbia,south carolina and my age is 53 [02-19-2003]

Terri Cox, East Liverpool, Ohio; age 32 [02-19-2003]

I'm in the fifth grade, and I had to do a report on somebody from the Revelutianary War, and I chose Elizabeth (or Betsy) Ross,
Anna Marie Fleming, Age 10, Creswell, OR. [02-19-2003]

Christopher, New York [02-19-2003]

Just a better lover of History, the older I get. When I visited the city 40 some odd yrs ago, I did not appreciate it as much.
Kathleen M. Keane, originally from Binghamton,NY,now living in Charleston,WV [02-19-2003]

Karen Littlefield, Instructional Technology Coordinator [02-19-2003]

All my life I lived here I never seen Besty Ross house I would love to take my five childern some day.
Mary Ballance, 1515 Elbridge street philadelphia pa 19149 [02-19-2003]

Leslie, Cheboygan Michigan [02-19-2003]

I'm katie and doing a report.
katie L, live in jackson, nj. 7 years old [02-19-2003]

Kim, tx. [02-19-2003]

shantell noles [02-19-2003]

Amanda Steier, I am 8 years old I am doing a report in school on Betsy. This was a great site to get my information. I was unable to get a picture of Betsy Ross before I came to this site. thanks a lot and I can't wait to present my report. I have a costume that I am going to wear and a thirteen star flag that I will pretend that I am sewing as I talk about my book report. Thanks a lot Betsy. [02-19-2003]

Nixky Carrick, 11 yrs old [02-19-2003]

Hannah Sindelar, Tennessee, age 10 [02-19-2003]

Teresa Nix, 34 [02-15-2003]

Kyffin Salter, I am 8 years old and am doing a report for my school. [02-15-2003]

christina macgranor [02-15-2003]

Thank you.
Norma Kuykendall, Derwood, Maryland [02-15-2003]

Robert Powers, Florida, 44 [02-15-2003]

s. atkins [02-15-2003]

Jessie Lim [02-15-2003]

I have learned many interesting facts regarding Betsy Ross. She was a strong woman who endured much.
Khori Elder, Junior High Student doing a report on Betsy Ross [02-15-2003]

Patrick Thomas, Student [02-15-2003]

I'm touring the house because I am doing a report on afamous Americam
Erin Clagett, Age 7 [02-15-2003]

Betsy Rules!
Rachel Harcourt [02-15-2003]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross so i wanted to look at her house!
Casie Wiggs, 12 [02-15-2003]

This is a wonderful resource and my daughter is excited about presenting her report to her class.
peggy closs, parent for daughter's report [02-13-2003]

billy overton [02-13-2003]

I am stding Betsy Ross
Avery, 10 [02-13-2003]

I am related to Betsy Ross. I am doing a research on her for my son who has chosen to make a magazine about Besty Ross and George Washington who were good friends and went to the same church together. This is a school project for him. I am thrilled to see that there is such a dedicated web sight for her. Thank-you for honoring her in such a way as this.
Tamara (Chambers) Basile, I am a great-great-great-great grandaughter of Betsy Ross [02-13-2003]

Will you chang the flag
Marissa [02-13-2003]

We are excited about our tour.
Kay Myrom, teacher at Elk River [02-13-2003]

Did you make the flag?
Laura Gustafson [02-13-2003]

did u rally make the flag ??
GABBY [02-13-2003]

We are excited. I hope you right me back.
Cameray, I am 8 yers old. [02-13-2003]

Abby Cairns [02-13-2003]

Sammi Munson [02-13-2003]


Brandon.J.Murray [02-13-2003]

How old is Bets Ross.
Shyler, Age 7. [02-13-2003]

How did it take her.
Matthew, age 8 . [02-13-2003]

How long
Mikayla marie paavola [02-13-2003]

Who desind the first flag
Joshua [02-13-2003]

anonymous, Trent [02-13-2003]

I have always loved Besty Ross. And will always. Did she realy make the Flag?
Cindy Featherly, Age 9 Minong Wisconsin [02-13-2003]

Heather Abercrombie [02-13-2003]

samantha [02-13-2003]

Sally, 11 [02-13-2003]

we are visiting from the Einstein Academy Charter School, which is an on-line school. Our names are Myiya Imani Rai Peters, 6 years old, and Wesley Ellis Peters, 4 years old, and our mother Virisa Cohen-Peters
The Peters Family, we are from Yeadon, Pennsylvania [02-13-2003]

Jennifer blaclock [02-13-2003]

sami [02-13-2003]

Erika, I like football [02-13-2003]

nicole [02-13-2003]

Hi Betsy Ross, I like your flag
Kayla, 10 [02-13-2003]

I'm doing a project in history about the flags that the united states has had. Thanks for the cool website! If you have any exciting news contact me at
Corianne Harrington, I'm 12, live in Limington [02-13-2003]

thank you for putting this up to vistit this
maria Schmidgall [02-13-2003]

alexandria ventura [02-12-2003]

Megan [02-12-2003]

Thank you for putting this on the internet for everyone to see.
Carrie Henderson, Dallas, Texas [02-12-2003]

Betsy is an ancestor of ours. Vickie(my mom), is a Ross. We have looked back into our family tree that's how we know about being related to Betsy.
Vickie and Kaylena Riggs, Kaylena is 14 year old from Massena, Iowa [02-12-2003]

Renee Shaffer, 2nd Grader [02-12-2003]

I visited the Betsy Ross house in Philadelphia, last July, and had a good time. They should make a factual movie about her.
wesley alan storer, A.A. degree 58 Spokane, Wa [02-12-2003]

Hi. My name is Jenn
Jennifer, My name is Jenn [02-12-2003]

Kristine R. Ricci, teacher [02-12-2003]

N.L.RENN, prince george, va [02-12-2003]

I'm doing a research project on you (BEtsy)
Elisabeth Haven [02-12-2003]

Shaun [02-12-2003]

Mark [02-12-2003]

Shad [02-12-2003]

Taylor Myers [02-12-2003]

Ethan H [02-12-2003]

Megan [02-12-2003]

Kayla [02-12-2003]

Brittany, nj [02-12-2003]

It's hard to love History and America and know what hard work Betsy Ross put into making our wonderful and beautiful flag, and then to see someone burn it out of hate.
Bill Beers, 52 Helping my mother do research for her DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) meeting. [02-12-2003]

MJ Cunningham [02-12-2003]

Briana Simpson, 6 years old, doing project for school [02-12-2003]

Betsy Urquhart [02-12-2003]

the reason i am doing this is so that i could now who betsy ross was. also because i would like to know why on june 14 is a special day which is my birthday.i know that i will enjoy it. sincerly, roxleen lopez deluca
roxleen lopez deluca, edinburd t.x. im 12 years old and was born on 1990 [02-12-2003]

I think that betsy ross is a good person im doing her for my research projeect in school.i love the american flags.
Shaneen Neag, california age 11 [02-12-2003]

connie brener, cary illinois [02-12-2003]

Thank you so much for this website I think its great of you to provide this. xoxo Julie
Julie Anne Bera, Ogden, Utah 21 technical sales majior [02-12-2003]

Emily Shasteen, 8years old Coppell,Tx. Writing report for school [02-12-2003]

I am very interested in Betsy Ross and we are doing a skit on her in school this year.
Meghan Hale, I am in 4th Grade, I am 9-years-old [02-12-2003]

gigi [02-12-2003]

Michelle Head, Charleston, SC [02-12-2003]

i am doing a project for school on betsy ross house
ewelina, i live in chicago [02-12-2003]

I visited Betsy Ross's house when I lived in Pa. as a child. I am planning a visit to Philadelphia with my daughter and grandchildren so they can enjoy seeing where our flag was made.
Peggy Kite, Indiana,,,49, [02-12-2003]

KC Ledoux, Houston, TX [02-12-2003]

Dawn Pickett [02-12-2003]

I used this site to get information for a book report.
Kelsey Fuller, 11 years old [02-12-2003]

donna branson, I was born in balt. just trying to do genealogy. [02-12-2003]

I attend Carl F. Shuler Middle School and tomorrow I am giving an oral report on Ms. Ross. I am really looking forward to doing well on this report. Thank you for providing the virtual tour.
Crystal Prowell, I live in Cleveland, Ohio. I am thirteen years old. [02-12-2003]

marilyn mcdermott, massachusetts age 55 [02-12-2003]

what did betsy wear?
nancy, mass/47/looking for info for a 12 yr old [02-10-2003]

Kristin, California, 17 [02-10-2003]

we are doing a report on Besty Ross.
the shearrow, powell, ohio [02-10-2003]

Betsy I just wanted to let you know that I am doing a biography about. At first I didn't know,but know i'm intrested in your life.
Erika Martinez, Texas,10 [02-10-2003]

im doing this for a project
Sara, New jersey, 13 [02-10-2003]

alex [02-10-2003]

My granddaughter was so excited telling me about Betsy Ross I took her on this tour. How Neat Thankyou
zeelayne merkel, Williamsport PA [02-10-2003]

I am doing a report at school on a famous person and I choose Betsy Ross
Justin Colvin, 8 year old, Sunnyvale, CA [02-10-2003]

Robin Woolsey [02-10-2003]

Tiger Cub Troup 443 is studying the flag, so of course, Betsy Ross is a topic for our discussion. The site was visited for information to share with these first graders. Thank you!
Sheri Rodenhuis, 44, Salisbury, North Carolina [02-10-2003]

Alexa, age 10, Colorado Springs, CO [02-10-2003]

were did she work at?
Casidie, my age is 20 my b-day is oct.9,1994 [02-10-2003]

Thank you for the tour of Betsy Ross's house. I know will really this and it will be very helpful for my book report.
Alyssa Cantlin, New York, 11 years old, report on Besty Ross [02-10-2003]

i am about to talk about betsy ross in my first grade class.
lyndsey bowers, i am 6 years old and from winchester, va [02-10-2003]

spencer brown [02-10-2003]

moe [02-10-2003]

Marie Elles, Centreville, VA, 47years, Girls Scout Troop Leader [02-10-2003]

Lois King, WA, 53yrs, [02-10-2003]

Staci [02-10-2003]

I am doing a book report.
Kristen, I'm 9 [02-10-2003]

I am also a boyscout leader for a Tiger Cub group ( boys ages 7) we are preparing for an annual blue & gold banquet for boyscouts and our skit is about the meaning of the US flag...Old glory herself ! And I thought the best place to get that information was from Betsy Ross her self. Thanks for a great site.
Agnes Kosinski, I'm live in Elkton, Michigan, 32 years of ag [02-10-2003]

Lindsey Ellis, Tallahassee, FL. 7 years old [02-10-2003]

Veronica Lummus, Orange Texas [02-10-2003]

carly, mi,24 [02-10-2003]

i whis that i see i pic of Betsy Ross
teresa, i am 17 years old [02-10-2003]

I love ma boiz Joseph Joey Brennan Eddie T.J. Devin Rene' & Dylan Ma Grlz Jenn Adrienne Annie Blaire Love yall lot XOXO
Brittni Liversnicker [02-10-2003]

Doing a book report on Betsy Ross.
sarah shaw, 8 year old girl [02-10-2003]

We're taking a tour because my 9 year old daughter Caitlyn is writing a play about Betsy Ross. We're very happy that your site exists! Thanks!
anonymous, 42 [02-10-2003]

Tina Bunch, Phoenix, Az. 27 yrs. old, 3rd grade teacher [02-10-2003]

Marlena, Washington [02-10-2003]

Kevin Bates, Ogden UT, 24, visiting for an online history class at Weber State Univ. [02-10-2003]

Karyn Manecci [02-10-2003]

Kristen Hart [02-10-2003]

My students want to know if we still have the first flag Betsy made. If possible, please let us know.
Sharon Jennings, teacher second grade [02-10-2003]

i love betsy ross
anonymous [02-10-2003]

amanda, none [02-10-2003]

We love history
Alma Alice McIntosh Hepp, Oklahoma City, OK [02-10-2003]

thank you for making the flag I would not be doing a proget about you if you were not so amazing
bob, 9 [02-10-2003]

Allan Victorio, San Jose, Ca 23 [02-10-2003]

I am currently designing a school unit on Betsy Ross. I thought including a tour of The Betsy Ross House would be a great enrichment activity for the students.
J. Steffy, I am a college student in PA, and I am pursuing a degree in education. [02-10-2003]

Victoria, I am 9 years old and doing an Oral [02-10-2003]

i am doing a project on betsy ross, i totally look up to her!
Gina Akel, I am 10 Years old [02-10-2003]

Troy [02-10-2003]

Rachel Niarchos [02-10-2003]

Robin [02-10-2003]

hope, 6 years old, Alexandria [02-10-2003]

Jessica, beaumont.MS 15 [02-10-2003]

Bryan Kieffer, York/15/love to have fun [02-10-2003]

for us this is a homeschool field trip :)
EVANS FAMILY [02-10-2003]

you did something very good
Lisa childers [02-10-2003]

KENNETH A LOOMAN, mingo jct ohio im 6o yrs old im an auto salesperson [02-10-2003]

Audrey e.n. [02-10-2003]

Thank you Betsy for sewing the first American Flag
Sarah S., Age: 11 [02-10-2003]

I am in the 4th. grade and we are doing reports on Famous Americans in class.And I chose to do Betsy Ross.
Eileen Mendez, CA. 9 Yrs. [02-05-2003]

I'm doing a project on Betsy Ross and I have to dress up like her that's why I need to know how her clothes looked like.
Natalie Chery, Boston,Massachusetts 4 grade [02-05-2003]

Im doing a report on her and its going to be fun becase it will let me learn a lot about her.She is a wonderful person and fasaniting.By Angela Norris
angela norris [02-05-2003]

i am very interested in betsy ross.
kristen and caleb, we are 8 years old and we are doing a report on betsy ross [02-05-2003]

AMY POKRIFKA [02-05-2003]

Thank you for this site. My daughter is doing a 3rd grade report on Betsy Ross and this site is great for that.
Ronda Ayala, Lake Worth, fla [02-05-2003]

Bug M. [02-05-2003]

I am 6 1/2 years old and live in Richmond, VA. I am looking for information for a project for school.
Briezy Gresham [02-05-2003]

Thankyou Betsy for giving us this symbol.
Megan Lightfoot, age 8 from Florida. studying US symbols in school [02-05-2003]

hey i am trying to find a picture of the thirteen stared flag where could i find one of those..??
courtney harper, wilson middle school [02-05-2003]

this is cool I am going to Valley forge stupid
Bob [02-05-2003]

Brenna Eddins [02-05-2003]

My class is with me taking the tour of Betsy's house.
Kaylynn Wood, I teach first grade. [02-05-2003]

david Zinn, Salt Lake city UT 26 [02-05-2003]

Patricia Dean, Professor at Indiana State University [02-05-2003]

Kim E. Armstrong [02-05-2003]

thank you for your time i've enjoyed the tour .my daughter holli she is 9 yrs old she is pretending to be besty ross for her wax museum project thank you again.
deborah irene stamey, chattanooga,tennessee 35 [02-05-2003]

Kerry Ervin, Athens, Ohio,11, doing a report for school [02-05-2003]

i'm doing a class research paper on the subject of your choice. mine was betsy ross. i choose her because she sewed the 1st american flag. my brother is a marine & just left for kuwait & i'm going to send him a copy of my report.

I am in second grade. I am working on a report about Betsy Ross. Thank you for all the helpful information!
Kendall Evans, 2nd grader from allen, texas [02-05-2003]

Our on-line charter school (Einstein) told us about this site, and we're so excited to have access to this tour! Thanks!
Brenna, Almost 8, First grade [02-05-2003]

Thanks for the tour!
Randy Young, Columbus, Ohio [02-05-2003]

Kim E. Rowe [02-05-2003]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross for my class.
Leah, 15 years old, North Carolina [02-05-2003]

we are touring your home from our class
Regina Land, teacher [02-05-2003]

Erb family, pa [02-05-2003]

trista hayes, 19 louisiana student [02-05-2003]

im doing a project at school
Mercedes Hawks [02-05-2003]

Christine Le [02-05-2003]

Doing a Book Report on Betsy Ross
Paige Cherry, Humble,Texas age 11 [02-05-2003]

I really liked this site. I have learned so much about Betsy Ross, and it was really exciting to see her house, and it helped my report. Thanks!
Mariah Carlisle, I am 10 years old in 5th grade and doing a report on Betsy Ross. [02-05-2003]

Lisa, teacher first grade [02-05-2003]

I am in the 3rd grade. I'm doing a school project and picked Betsy Ross because she is such an important part of history.
Christine Lopez, Los Angeles, Ca ....doing a school project [02-05-2003]

I'm hoping to get something out of this. Thanks
Drew B. Oliphant, Salt Lake City Utah [02-05-2003]

I'm 11 years old and I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross. What I'm finding is very interesting. Thank you very much.
Micah Lewis, Brandon, FL age 11 [02-05-2003]

Thankyou all for preserving a vital part of our countries past!
Dennis Ross, writer from New Jersey [02-05-2003]

i need reading help for the sixth grade
CAMERON, i needhelp in reading 27 [02-03-2003]

I am doing a Social Studies Fair project on Betsy Ross. This is going to be very helpful,
Ashley Staley, West Virginia age 10 [02-03-2003]

Jamila, Brooklyn New York [02-03-2003]

Devan Joel, Atlanta,, 7yr old [02-03-2003]

ams, cy 11 [02-03-2003]

Taylor Perry, I am 7 yrs.old and live in Richmond, Virginia. I am doing a report on Betsy Ross for school. I am in the first grade. [02-03-2003]

shawn Rohrbaugh, 13 years old, york, pa, york co. school of tech. [02-03-2003]

cj [02-03-2003]

Brian Jardine, I live in Clinton, UT. College student. [02-03-2003]

this is helpful for my school famous american project
aly cajka, greenville,sc, 8, oakview elementary school [02-03-2003]

I am in 5th grade and am doing a project and I am Betsy Ross.
Robin Wright, 11 years old and am in Pleasent Grove,Utah [02-03-2003]

Nora C. Wertz, Currently living in New Hope; 71 yrs. old, born Phila. nr. CenterCity. Stopped in a Betsy Ross House many times during childhood. Later worked as a bus tour guide for children, 5th grade through highschool. Betsy Ross House always on Philly tour. Like your internet presentation. [02-03-2003]

Mr. Davis is my third grade teacher, and I am doing a Colonial Biography Project on Betsy Ross.
Alanna MaryCosgrove, 9 years old, Sea Girt Elementary School [02-03-2003]

I am doing a school report on Betsy Ross.
Milea [02-03-2003]

Jared R Christensen [02-03-2003]

nat [02-03-2003]

came to visit in Nov., but you are all closed on Mondays. My daughter is currently doing a project on Betsy Ross, any info on her like photos would be nice.
Stan Avent [02-03-2003]

Julie Lee [02-03-2003]

planning a vacation to PA
Carla, Ellenburg Depot, NY [02-03-2003]

Devin Miller, Pasadena, TX [02-03-2003]

nikkita [02-03-2003]

I'm writing a book report on Betsy Ross.
Margaret [02-03-2003]

Chelsea [02-03-2003]

I have always been told that I am a relative of Betsy Ross through my father's side of my family. My great grandmother's maiden name was Ross and she was originally from Phila. My Grandson's first name is Ross after Betsy!
Joan S. Bird, Now living in a historical town...Lexington,Ma. [02-03-2003]

anonymous, 5th Grade Teacher, Bakersfield, CA [02-03-2003]

I am doing a biography on Betsy Ross
Kendall Haynes, 8 years old [02-03-2003]

Monica Gamble, Kingston, TN 37763 Homeschool mom of 3 [02-03-2003]

um take me on the tour
grace [02-03-2003]

Michael Kennedy, Utah 35yrs old student of Weber State University [02-03-2003]

My daughter, LaShae is doing a book report for school and I found this great site. She is 9 years old and doing this report for Mrs. Brown's third grade class at Blountsville Elem. School in Alabama
Kay Timmerman [02-03-2003]

I am trying to find out more information about Betsy Ross for school.
Danielle Blevins [02-03-2003]

I did a report on Betsy Ross for my class in social studies.
Megan Smith, age 9, Lubbock, Texas [02-03-2003]

i need to do a report about Betsy Ross
christine, florida, 8 years old [02-03-2003]

Rob Gruny [02-03-2003]

taylor [02-03-2003]

whitney canup, Hayesville N.C. 14years old [02-03-2003]

Amy Repetz, bloomsburg 21 [02-03-2003]

I am learning about Betsy Ross and her flag.
Yasmine Nelson, I am in first grade. [02-03-2003]

I toured the house last May. Just wondering how the pictures compared.
Aubrey Rasmussen, 16 yrs, Utah [01-31-2003]


I'm writing a book report on Betsy Ross
Sarah, 7yrs old [01-31-2003]

Hi Everyone, I enjoy reading about Betsy Ross because in my family history Betsy is one of my greatist aunts. It would be under my Grandmas side of the family (sthal) if you would like to find information that she really is in my family. Cya ~*~Paige~*~
Paige Kelly, 10 Peoria Illinois [01-31-2003]

Kelly Crofford, Memphis, Tn. age- 36 firefighter/paramedic [01-31-2003]

I visited there once and wanted to show my class! This is great!
rm 4 Alta Heights School, Napa, CA [01-31-2003]

hi I am doing a report on mrs.emalie ROSS.
gabrielle, wilton nh [01-31-2003]

Mrs. Brown's First Grade Class, Murfee Elementary, Lubbock, TX [01-31-2003]

andrew Menden, 24 [01-31-2003]

I luv Shayla Rhoads!
Rachael Anderson, I am the coolest person in the world! [01-31-2003]

brooke kent [01-31-2003]

cyen [01-31-2003]

michael carter [01-31-2003]

DEUTERONOMY WHITE, new orleans 14 [01-31-2003]

Family history shows that my husband's grandmother,Mae Brown Rudderham is a decendant of Betsy Ross. She was from the Crowley Family of Boston. My husbands uncle was Robert Ross and our son is Michael Ross,his son Scott Ross.
Jean Rudderham, I live in Rockford, Il. 72 yrsold [01-31-2003]

I am doing a bio of Betsy Ross for my 6th grade class
Carly Rauls, California [01-29-2003]

I am writing a report on Betsy Ross for school.
sara margolis, age 8, dallas, tx [01-29-2003]

Julia Roelle, Galion,Ohio [01-29-2003]

hi! my name is brittany i am 10 in the 4th grade.i am doing a desk blotter for a realllllly big project in school!i reallly liked reading the other roports. they were interesting!
BRITTANY, va beach,va 10 [01-29-2003]

A. Schmidt, Toano, VA [01-29-2003]

I think it is very cool to make the first American flag!
Kim, I'm 10 and i like soccer [01-29-2003]

Anastasia, 4th grade student [01-29-2003]

Jared Larsen, Layton Utah, 21, [01-29-2003]

cyentrell, new orleans,15, [01-29-2003]

I think that a woman being honored on this type of web site is great. So do a favor for women everywhere and keep up the good work!
Dani, Colorado, 13, I love to sing and dance. [01-29-2003]

Bright Beginnings School We live in Chandler, Arizona. We are in first grade and we are learning about famous Americans. We have read a book about Betsy Ross.
anonymous [01-29-2003]

we are thrilled to see all about Betsy!
Fishburn ave. School, 5th grade class [01-29-2003]

Rosa Isable Janders, Age:10, Germantown Maryland [01-29-2003]

you have a very good website of Betsy Ross.
chelsey [01-29-2003]

Iam doing a report on betsy ross and I need more information for 5 pg. Than you Sincerely, Noemi castro.
Noemi, 10 yers old [01-29-2003]

Felyscha Unbehaun, Bossier City, LA age:26 [01-29-2003]

Dawn L. [01-29-2003]

brittany johnson, ilive in michigan [01-29-2003]

Olesya [01-29-2003]

marian gilmore [01-29-2003]

Christine Martins, Turlock, CA [01-29-2003]

j.d [01-29-2003]

My neighbor is a decedent of Betsy Ross.
Joseph Culley, 607 Del Dios, San Clemente,California,92672. Age 42 [01-29-2003]

Shayla Gilbert, I am a Mother of four, living in Utah, and attending Weber State University. [01-29-2003]

Mrs. Swenson, first grade teacher [01-29-2003]

We have been learning about Famous Americans and are excited to visit the home of Betsy Ross
mrs. Crowe's First Grade Class [01-29-2003]

Looking over site
David Brown, teacher [01-29-2003]

Micaela, 8 [01-29-2003]

Absolutely cool site. I visited the Betsy Ross House years ago and it is great to be able to see it on line again Thank you also for the interesting facts and the idea how to make a 5 point star. The girls loved it
Joanne Lucas, 44 female mother and Girl Scout Leader [01-29-2003]

David Hick, elementary education student at VCU in Richmond, VA [01-29-2003]

l.merolle [01-29-2003]

I am writing an essay on what the American flag means to me and was checking my facts thank you for so much interesting information I appreciate it!
Chelsey Ray, I'm 11 years of age I live in a small town south of Buffalo and wish to keep other information private. Thank you for this interesting information! :-) [01-29-2003]

Kevin Trevino [01-29-2003]

matthew, mission 10 [01-29-2003]

Christy Hough, Monroe,NC [01-29-2003]

adrianna perez [01-29-2003]

Breeana, 12 (age) [01-29-2003]

Lynn Peck, Arizona [01-29-2003]

Rachel F [01-29-2003]

I like you a lot Betsy Ross! I wish I could meet you!
Rachael Lofton, I'm 10 years old [01-29-2003]

Paul German, Peoria, Illinois [01-29-2003]

David Guay, 48 years old-married one child-engineer at Fort Gordon Ga. [01-29-2003]

My daughter Annie is going to write a paper on Betsy Ross and I found this great website. She is doing this as a biography paper. She is a third grade student.
Mary and Annie Denning, Ormond Beach, Florida, 47 yrs and 9 yrs old [01-29-2003]

Susan Vann, Florida 52yrs. old [01-29-2003]

Somewhere in my family tree, is Betsy Ross, on my father's side.
Kelly Robison, Manchester, NH [01-29-2003]

I am curious and interested in all I can find about Betsy Ross in this website. So I am going to browse through it and find out all I know about her. Trent
Trent Lee Beaty, Age, 61 years of age [01-29-2003]

Robert, Layton, Utah [01-29-2003]

thinking about visiting in person
Mike Romer, M/48/Florida [01-29-2003]

ROOM 23, 5 th grade class hinman es henderson, nv [01-29-2003]

Julie Ross Gatewood, It is my understanding that My Great, great, great, great Uncle was George Ross. What a privilage to be connected in a small way to the wonderful Betsy Ross. [01-26-2003]

Cassie Denise Huerta, age 9 C.O [01-26-2003]

sandy Lenenberg [01-26-2003]

I am moving to Nebraska in June but in school we had to pick some one to do a report on and I picked Betsy Ross. I was very itrestad in this because i go like Betsy Ross.I am 11 years old and turning 12.
Casey Tims, Tims Family In Florida 11,15,19,45,and 48. We live in Florida [01-26-2003]

I very much admire the historical contribution made by women, particularly amongst them, Betsy Griscom Ross. God Bless her parents, grandparents and greatgrandparents who also made contributions to our country's growth and its historical landmarks as well.
Eliza Emma Iesue, 83 year old homemaker [01-26-2003]

nicole, illinoise.10 [01-26-2003]

Im very happy to be able to view Betsy Ross's home on your web site! Thank you! Sincerly, Beverly L. Morey
Beverly L. Morey, Palmetto, Georgia, 36 years old, Born in Lorain, Ohio [01-26-2003]

Ibbet Torres, Brentwood, New York ll717 [01-26-2003]

I am 9 years old and in the 3rd grade. I have a book report do Wed Feb 19 about Betsy Ross. Your website was very helpful. Christian P.S. I'm learning how to sew.
Christian Wallace, North Carolina [01-26-2003]

Kim and Kayson Owenby, mom and daughter [01-26-2003]

We are doing a Book Report on Betsy Ross. Thank you for allowing us to visit .
Rachel, Ashley, & Jacqueline Pearce, We are in 2nd grade, Erial school New jersey [01-26-2003]

Maddy Bolger, Alexandria, Virginia - I am 7 years old [01-26-2003]

Cayle Pearson [01-26-2003]

when was betsy born?
anonymous [01-26-2003]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross for my 4th grade class.
Elizabeth Landers, 9 years old [01-26-2003]

Karen Porter [01-26-2003]

devin lawless, 8 yrars old [01-26-2003]

i am doing a report and doing a pupet on Besty Ross in school
lexy, i live in akley i am ten [01-26-2003]

I just love the flag Betsy sewed! Don't we have a great country?!
Sue Robinson, I'm a teacher. [01-26-2003]

brittanylowe, 10 years old [01-26-2003]

Susan Dugan [01-26-2003]

darralene k duggins, mass. 48 [01-26-2003]

i hope to lear about besty.
KRISTY, 13 7th grade [01-26-2003]

Terri Willeford, I teach 7th grade reading at Bradley Middle School in San Antonio, Texas. [01-25-2003]

Byars Family, Mauldin, SC, ages 9, 11 and 40! [01-25-2003]

Katie Bley, Oklahoma, Age- 7 - need information for school project [01-25-2003]

I'm doing a research project on Betsy Ross and I need all the help I can get
anonymous, Nashville, Tennessee [01-25-2003]

I am looking forward to the tour.
Abigail Johnson [01-25-2003]

Rebecca Estes, Ashtabula,Ohio Age 35 [01-25-2003]

Maria A. Soto [01-25-2003]

Justine, Indiana, 13 years old, female [01-23-2003]

i'm doing a report for class about betsy ross
KIM JONES [01-23-2003]

Thank you for the valuable information. I'm working on a report of Betsy Ross and the flag.
Lindsey Tobey, Age 11, Grade 5 [01-23-2003]

Annelise [01-22-2003]

carolyn reding, Age 41, Gathering information for son Jordan, age 9 [01-22-2003]

Doing research on American Symbol and the American Revolution. I found this site and am anxious to share it with my first graders.
Andrea Borden, Teacher in Florida [01-22-2003]

molly, kindergartener [01-22-2003]

Kyle, 3 [01-22-2003]

Denise Fox Madden, 39 from Delaware [01-22-2003]

Betsy Ross is an incredible woman and I was honored to visit her house. It was an amazing experience.
wilber gomez, I'm 17 and i live in ely nevada [01-22-2003]

Renee Neece, Ohio, 16 years old [01-22-2003]

Dear Betsy I love your house, its verry facinating. your friend, Kaitlyn King
Kaitlyn King, Dusseldorf, Germany 11 years old [01-22-2003]

Thanks for all the great information.
Katlin Simons, Simi Valley, Ca age 8 [01-22-2003]

katie [01-22-2003]

Mehreen, Centreville, VA 9 [01-22-2003]

Kara Hansen, 11yrs - School research paper [01-22-2003]

Lena, My nickname is Hermione [01-22-2003]

I like learning about Betsy Ross because she made the first flag.
Breannalyn, 3rd grader at Halfman Elementary and I am doing a paper on her house, I am from Michigan and I am 9 years old. [01-22-2003]

i love you baby,please write back.
kate newman, 12,las vegas, [01-22-2003]

Colton Romano, I live in South Elgin 1072 Lafeyete Dr. I am 9 years old [01-22-2003]

Melissa Mestdagh, years old I home scholl my 2 children and live in Billings, Montana [01-22-2003]

I think Betsy Ross is really cool.
Michael Tucker, I am 9 1/2, Iive in Illinois,SouthElgin,608MichiganAve. [01-22-2003]

I am happy to see her house on line and maybe see it in person one day.
Kimberly Oliver, Clarksville, Tn 29 years old [01-21-2003]

God Bless America and all those who support this great nation of ours!
Keith Edward Gibsom, Born and raised in New Jersay, currently proud to be a Texan! [01-20-2003]

Patricia Gallahorn, Charleston, SC [01-20-2003]

Kelly Jacobs, I live in Sykesville, MD and am a 10 year old female student at West Friendship Elementary School [01-20-2003]

THis place is cool.
Julie [01-20-2003]

Michaela, Age 8, I live in Fiddletown, CA [01-20-2003]

katie [01-20-2003]

God Bless America!
Clydeane Altschuler, San Antonio, TX [01-20-2003]

hat3333 [01-20-2003]

I am portraying Betsy Ross in my school!
Taylor [01-20-2003]

This is my preview before I take my 7th graders on a virtual tour Tuesday. Great site! Thank you for preserving and sharing our history.
Joy Catania [01-20-2003]

Gary V. and Della M. Smith, We're both Tarheels, both in our 60's, and both proud Americans. [01-19-2003]

amanda wentworth, Pennsylvania, age 14 [01-19-2003]

i have just found out my family,surname"david", lived on second st during revolution, then at 708 front st. houses were built by "daniel harrison", also relative.the tour adds to the reality and hope i get to visit soon. thank you.
REBECCA SMITH, "david"family descendant now in chatt, tn [01-19-2003]

Brittney Beaver, 10 yrs Live in Elkhorn, Wi Doing a Girl Scout Badge and learning more about Besty Ross [01-19-2003]

Patrick R. Gardner, Orlando FL [01-19-2003]

I am doing a project on betsy ross. I am designing a stamp.
nathan kuhlmann [01-19-2003]

Im doing a school report and I find the flag and Betsy Ross so interesting! This is the best web site!
Samantha, 13 years old, 8th grade,California [01-19-2003]

school homework
rachel [01-19-2003]

i think this is great.i was born and raised in north philly and i remember clearly visiting the betsy ross house when i was in first or second gradeand now i have a three year old son and im showing him who made the first american flag since at the moment we cant be there at least he can see it on the screen
WALESKA CARABALLO, 25 years old live in puerto rico [01-19-2003]

I love Betsy Ross and I'm doing a school report on her. Thanks for the website; I'm going to use it in my classroom so other kids can see her house, too.
sarah nichols, 8 yrs old in Murfreesboro, TN [01-19-2003]

Thank you for all of this good information on Betsy Ross. We are studying the Revolutionary War in school and I am using this for a school project.
Rebecca Busler, I am a student at Scott Elementary School on Scott Air Force Base, IL. I am 10 years old. [01-19-2003]

It is wonderful to visit places on line. Thank You
Danetta Butler Stevenson, as a retired citizen it would nice to know our history [01-19-2003]

Michele Oda, Honolulu, HI [01-17-2003]

Doing a research report for Social Studies.
Rikki Sullivan, Age 11 [01-17-2003]

Lesley Nickelson, 4th grade student [01-17-2003]

Sharon Fitzgerald, 33 years old, teacher, Booneville, Ms. [01-17-2003]

Zie, 10 [01-17-2003]

Vickie Townsend [01-17-2003]

Mikayla Black [01-17-2003]

Thank you for the tour Betsey
Jeri Solferino, A mother & a seamstress too! From Grass Valley, CA. USA [01-17-2003]

Betsy is so cool! She like totally like rox!
Katrina [01-17-2003]

I am so elated to have found this information on the internet. Thankyou, so very much!
Louis J. & Peanuts M. Caputo, My Mother was a Ross and related to Betsy Ross [01-17-2003]

allie, prov ri [01-17-2003]

Charlotte Dawson, Kansas age 55 [01-17-2003]

im doing a biogroph on betsy ross for school im very interested in her and her life.
cassie, 10 yr [01-17-2003]

Donna L. Reed, Teacher at Everts Middle School in Circleville, Oh [01-17-2003]

Tewsdaay, I love Betsy Ross! [01-17-2003]

Jerry HAVENS, I'm 73 and live in Austin, TX [01-17-2003]

i'm doing a project on betsy ross for my american studies class
Maggey Spence, age 17, eugene, oregon [01-17-2003]

I'm reseearching Betsy Ross for school, I'm hoping to find info. on her
anonymous [01-17-2003]

hey im 11 andmy friend is doing a report on besty ross and i want to see her home
sabrina, pennsylvania [01-17-2003]

nadeen ahmad, warner robins, ga 17yearsold [01-17-2003]

I love Betsy Ross and wish I was alive to meet her! I love this sight because every little bit helps me know her more!
Danielle Schwartz [01-17-2003]

KATHY KEESEE [01-17-2003]

We are studing PA History in school.
Kara, Sullivan County, PA; 4th grade [01-17-2003]

olivia vatch, 10 [01-17-2003]

Kellie, md 16 [01-17-2003]

Gracie, age:10 [01-17-2003]

I wanted my girlscout girls to know the meaning of the flag and who made it so that they know more about it. Thank you for making the web for us.
Theresa Anderson, Belgrade, Minnesota [01-17-2003]

I don't know if our schedule will permit us to visit the Betsy Ross House, but I certainly hope so.
Francine Busby, I am bringing a group of 45 students and parents from California on Monday, April 21. [01-17-2003]

My 8 year old grandaughter is to do a report on an American historical figure. Since I have always admired Betsy Ross I thought I would look up few web-sites for her. I am hoping she will pick Betsy Ross.
Becky Mack, Pace, Florida [01-17-2003]

I am here researching this site for a report on Betsy Ross I am doing for a project in history class. So I thought I'd take the time to tour the house where she once lived.
Amanda, 9 female Georgia [01-17-2003]

roxana mccoury, age 53 live in Oxford [01-17-2003]

Talitha Pigford, Mobile, Alabama, age 37---teacher [01-17-2003]

Deb Beechler, Owosso, MI. 43 yrs. old, female [01-17-2003]

I hope someday to visit the Betsy Ross House. If you could send me information on purchasing the Betsy Ross Doll, I would be most grateful. Thank you
Margaret B. Crowder, Louisville,Ky. 40291 Age-56 yrs. Interested in purchasing a Betsy Ross Doll online [01-17-2003]

kelly carlson, first grade teacher ny [01-17-2003]

carol anne, westsideschool 11 [01-17-2003]

Thank you for allowing us to visit Betsy Ross's house.
Mrs. Woody's first grade class, our ages are six and seven and eight [01-17-2003]

LaToya Walker, iam 14 and i would like to go on tour to your house. [01-17-2003]

Mrs. Borrowman's 2nd grade class, Villarreal Elementary [01-17-2003]

heather harbaugh [01-17-2003]

Tracy Osredkar, Clio, Michigan [01-17-2003]

Katherine [01-17-2003]

I am doing a report on Amer. Reve. Heroines
Courtney Harlan, In.,11, [01-17-2003]

I am in a program about famous people in history. I am going to play Betsy Ross.
Natalie, Texas [01-17-2003]

I am writing an essay about Betsy Ross for my language class. Thanks for the great information.
Lindsey Cottongim, I am in the 4th grade and am 9 years old. [01-17-2003]

betsy ross is my hero.
JESSICA, 11 years old and love history [01-17-2003]

anonymous, 18 [01-17-2003]

maddy herreid, bellevue, Washington [01-17-2003]

maddy [01-17-2003]

anna [01-17-2003]

I have to do a famous person on her and this site is very helpful.
bianca, brooklyn 12 very tall [01-17-2003]

I am researching Betsy Ross for a school Social Studies project.
Kaitlyn Elizabeth Reynolds, 8 years old [01-17-2003]

Thanks for having such a great website for us to look at.
Jenni Knapp, Bo Gautreau, Jennifer Roberts, We are a government class learning about the U.S. flag. [01-17-2003]

just looking
Rolf Frimannslund, Norwegian 44 years old man [01-17-2003]

Jeannene Faulkner, Merced, Ca. Needed information on Betsy Ross for my daughter's book report [01-17-2003]

Torly, age 20 [01-17-2003]

I am Betsy Ross for a class project at my school. Can you help me? I would really like if you could help me. I want to do a good job. I have 2 weeks . Thank You, Jana Marie Richardson.
Jana Marie Richardson, 1633 Round Rock Tx,78664 8 yr;s old [01-17-2003]

I am doing a book report on Besty Ross.
dana ebb, 9 [01-17-2003]

Elizabeth, St.Joseph, MO 13 years old [01-17-2003]

Always an American!
Betsy Prather, Age. 31, Mommy of 3, PNW [01-17-2003]

I studied Betsy Ross in 2nd grade and did a report about her. Last summer, our family visited Philadelphia, PA and toured her house. It was very cool!
Katie Johnson, 8 year old girl from Milford, Massachusetts [01-17-2003]

I'm sharing the information from your website with my class of special education students. The information is fascinating.
Susan Andersen [01-17-2003]

I am reading about famous woman for girl scouts.
Leanna, Smith Mills, New York [01-17-2003]

My daughter needs information for a school project and she chose Betsy Ross.
Carol Knauff, Green Lane PA [01-17-2003]

Doing this for my school book report in 4th grade.
BROOKE AND TAYLOR MOORE, 9 years old [01-17-2003]

Barbara Kay, Columbus Ohiuo [01-17-2003]

My son and I took the your of the house in May, 2002. I wanted to see how this tour compares.
Kathleen Smith, Nanticoke PA [01-17-2003]

Betsy Ross is my greatest hero in the world. She had inspired me to do many things that i normally wouldn't have done.
Bethany Culp, i am 12 [01-17-2003]

elisciana, I am interested in the tour. [01-17-2003]

i was just going through her home and just though i would sign my name i love looking at the people that has made history
JUDY D MINES, home maker dekalb 48 [01-17-2003]

God Bless
Jeri Solferino, Grass Valley, California, USA [01-17-2003]

I am learning about our American flag & Betsy Ross to earn the "Wave the Flag" try it patch. Thanks for all the help I found here. God Bess America!
A Brownie Girl Scout (AV), I'm 7 years old & live in Buffalo, New York [01-17-2003]

I am going to do a report about you
Rebecca, Age 10 [01-17-2003]

I love the city of philadelphia,i was born and raised here and would never move from this great and wonderful city.
mary jane lynch, 2nd and greenwich st./50/ love philadelphia [01-17-2003]

Julie Smith, wv.,40, [01-17-2003]

I'm so glad that i get to take a tour of betsy's hose.I'm so excited.
Anna Burris English7, School HR.6 [01-17-2003]

I want to go see how are your colleges is
Erica, 16 [01-17-2003]

Chelsea Simpson [01-10-2003]

Debbie Norman, From Cincinnati, Ohio; age 38; want to teach my son about American history. He's 6. [01-10-2003]

I'm tutoring at our Community Center and one of the students was interested in the flag and the meaning of each color. Thank you for being here.
Dorothy Kent, Sandusky Ohio [01-09-2003]

I'm reading Betsy Ross by Peter and Connie Roop. This is an interesting site. Kelly
Kelly Rodrigues, I'm in Fifth Grade doing a report on Betsy Ross. [01-09-2003]

i'm 16 and im doing abook project
jdghrsrnti, t [01-09-2003]

Laurie Carpenter, Yreka, California [01-09-2003]

I have a large print of "The Birth of Our Nation's Flag" by Charles H Weisgerber. It was hung in my Grandfathers establishment for many years. I stumbled upon your site and this explains the Picture. The print I am talking about is a larger print than the certificate in the last most often asked questions. It has a raised seal and My Grandfathers name written on it.
Ruth Kapinskis, Pittsburgh PA [01-09-2003]

Tiffany Hammill, Ohio, 8 yrs. old, studying past, present and future in class now [01-09-2003]

I used to live near Mt. Moriah Cemetery and was told that Betsy Ross once was buried there. As a child, I'd go to the cemetery with my friends and try to locate her grave. I was very facinated by her story and since I now enjoy sewing, I'm even more interested in Betsy Ross's life.
D. P. Castaldo, Middletown, De., 50ish. [01-09-2003]

I love taking tours of old's very inspirational to me.
Sarah Fiala, I am 12 years old, I live in Jackson Minnesota and I have a very hot boyfriend. [01-09-2003]

Kewl Site
Jerica Campbell, Davenport, 14, Female [01-09-2003]

Scott Smith, coweta county, georgia [01-09-2003]

Iwas just interrested in who made the american flag!
Stephanie White, cool person [01-09-2003]

Heather Giltz, Goshen,OH 45122 !@ years old [01-09-2003]

i want to know about you
ashley, 12,jersey city [01-09-2003]

Devin Manon [01-09-2003]

I came to this house when I was in 2nd grade as a brownie.I use to live in Bristol, Pa. This was around 1953.
patricia lytle, spokane, washington [01-09-2003]

kay celentano, ms. 41 [01-08-2003]

I love looking in the past at history and the's so interesting.
Sarah Fiala, I live in Minnesota and I am 12 years old....I love playing volleyball and I have a very hot boyfriend. [01-08-2003]

I'm going to do a report on Betsy Ross.
nathan dasher, 8 years old [01-08-2003]

We are learning about Betsy Ross, I wanted to get as much information as I could. Thanks.
Angelina and Catherine Ortoleva, we're from Jefferson Hills, PA [01-08-2003]

Crist Oneil, PT Neches Texas [01-08-2003]

Nancy Yamamoto [01-08-2003]

kyle martis, brownsburg 10 [01-08-2003]

Mrs. Wills and Miss Martin's Classes, Valley Forge Elementary School [01-08-2003]

She was a very brave woman who fought beside her husbands evn though she had more than one. She was a good mother. are any ofher kids alive? yes or no. From Denise 10,NyC
Denise, 10, New York City [01-08-2003]

Becky Belanger, I live in Williamsport Pa I,m 16 years old [01-08-2003]

kristine [01-08-2003]

Karen Beck [01-08-2003]

I am doing a biographical book report on Betsy Ross and I wanted to see where she lived and get information on her.
kelly, 7 years old [01-08-2003]

debbie wickersham, teacher [01-08-2003]

savannah, atlanta,ga. [01-08-2003]

Victoria Gill, Rochester, New York [01-08-2003]

Thank You for the info that you gave me it was a little of help but thanks for puting it in. I hope you put in some more info a bout besty ross but not that much becouse it help people like me with Leadership things
Angela, Hawaii Hanulua 15 [01-08-2003]

Jocelyne S. [01-08-2003]

Heidi Martinez, Indiana [01-08-2003]

I have played Betsy Ross as a school project in the eighth grade talent show. She was an amazing person and her life story is remarkable! Thanks to her we have a national flag and I thank you from the bottom of my heart bwecause I love our country!
Vikki Horner, tx, 15 [01-08-2003]

Gaby Thompson [01-08-2003]

We visited the house in July 2002. I am just seeing how close this was to my original vist.
Bonnie Harris, Gretna, LA, 40 [01-08-2003]

Good to see such tribute to such an important lady.Been to house in person and it's worth the trip, just remember to see Independence Hall & Liberty Bell too.
susan paolini, New York City [01-08-2003]

cant wait to visit!
jason johnson [01-06-2003]

wassup ppl
Jesse [01-06-2003]

jessica [01-06-2003]

swip, 14 [01-06-2003]

I can't wait to see the house in person. This site has helped me to get really excited about seeing it.
N. Palmero, Oaklyn, NJ [01-06-2003]

sue goldberg, teacher, new jersey [01-06-2003]

CARLA THARPE, 40 mom of 2 boyes that are in the cub scouts and we are doing an entire week of learning flag history [01-06-2003]

Ransom Agui [01-06-2003]

They have a new award -Try It- called "Wave The Flag." Thank for putting this information on a web site. Technology these days really helps when have run out of time to go to the library or have to have information in a pinch. Thank you from Brownie Troop 429.
Gina Hicks, I a Co-Leader for Brownie Troop 429/ Greater St Louis Girl Scout Council [01-05-2003]

Interest after daughters book report on Betsy
Keith Fensterer, Smithtown NY, 43 [01-05-2003]

it was a beautiful house!
gRACE [01-05-2003]

Looking at this web site for a school project.
Bridgette Wise, Bristol, VA Age 12 [01-04-2003]

I want a picture of Betsy and her whole family.
Jessica Lin, age11, [01-04-2003]

My daughter is doing a biography report on Betsy Ross so thought that we could find more information on this webpage. Thanks.
M. Bennett, Middletown [01-04-2003]

Darryl Wehner, Dickinson, ND [01-04-2003]

Char, Wisconsin [01-03-2003]

My Grandmother told me that I was related to betsy Ross, So My Mom and I want to find out all we can about her. If you could help we would like it Thank you Allen S Bowman
Allen Bowman, I am 7 years old, and Betsy Ross is my great great great great grandma [01-03-2003]

this is a cool site! Thank you!
Raymond Luke Martineau, Portsmouth, VA- 8 y/o- researching for a school report [01-03-2003]

I can't wait to explore her house!
Racheal [01-03-2003]

tara, 12 [01-03-2003]

i saw the real house & loved it!<3
Amanda Jo Hauler, Almost 12 yrs. old [01-03-2003]

anonymous, Teacher, 54, Orangefield, TX [01-03-2003]

I think Betsy is cool, because she made the first American Flag.
Stephen Kessler, GlenUllin, ND 10 [01-03-2003]

I am so glad I found this website because I need it for a school play! It so easy to find!
Kristin Schulz, 1924 Fletcher Ave. Age 10 [01-03-2003]

C. Hutchison, Hershey, PA [01-03-2003]

My Grandfather contributed to the house I have a framed certificate that I found in a bureau draw. I wrote to the house and they wrote back and denied any knowledge of the certificates. I am pleased to get this information. I have visited the house.
Ruth Hublitz Levinskas [01-03-2003]

Steven, 32 Iworkatthecomputerstore [01-03-2003]

Tomijo Bolton Schmid, I am interested in History and Genealoghy [01-02-2003]

Diana Barrett, Dothan AL 8yrs old [01-02-2003]

Granddaughter needed a picture of Betsy Ross for dress of the day.
Viola Reko, Mid america [01-02-2003]

G. Anthony Ayag, massachusetts, 29, Immigrant from the Philippines [01-02-2003]

Theresa Ozio, Beaumont, Texas [01-02-2003]

Melissa Ann Gray, va,23 [01-02-2003]

I think Betsy Ross is important.
Julia, 9 [01-02-2003]

Sara Platt [01-02-2003]

jackie angerhofer [01-02-2003]

PAM KIRBY, 32 yours of age and doing the research for the Kadena girl scouts [01-02-2003]

My great grandmother was Charlotte Frances Ross. Her father was William Ross (1787-1863}, son of John Ross. But, I think he may have been a cousin to Betsy's first husband John.
Diana, Retired teacher with a little time to look back in history. [01-02-2003]

Betsy Ross had no descendants by the last name of Ross
Bob Ross, Southeast Regi8on Co9mmissioner, Clan Ross Association, US [01-02-2003]

BOB BOB [01-02-2003]

Yarmoni Yhabough, 8yrs old [01-02-2003]

jenn, 13 pa [01-02-2003]

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