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i would like to see the tour of the house.
kay howell, missouri [12-28-2002]

Tammi Preston, Lincoln, NE, 41 years old, daughter of WWII veteran [12-27-2002]

phylis wright [12-27-2002]

Edward Swanson [12-27-2002]

laura maun-garcia, tampa fl [12-27-2002]

I love sewing so I love Betsy Ross!
Eva, I live in California. [12-24-2002]

what a cool site forgot how i found
william grayeski, i like history science and art [12-24-2002]

Ron Zamkus, St. Louis MO area, 51 years old [12-23-2002]

May freedom reign! Thank you Betsy for doing your part. May you always be remembered for your important role in our nation's history.
Donovan Colt Torp, Washington resident [12-22-2002]

Just browsing through this site for a report thanks!
Desert, 13, wv, usa [12-22-2002]

im doing a report on betsy ross and the report is called day of the notables and i have to get some facks about her like i know when she was born but what i dont know is if she ever needed eney specile help for eney thing or took eney leasons for sowing well have to go
Alyssa Reames, or,12, [12-22-2002]

i would like to learn about her 4 my school project
mindy, 12 years old [12-22-2002]

Betsy is cool! Seriously... shes awesome...
Draya Fahrni, Vancouver, Wa, 18, Evergreen High school SENIOR CLASS OF 2003 [12-22-2002]

Hi how are u? Have a nice day
Kaitlin Jones [12-22-2002]

Thank you for letting us visit!
Connally Intermediate Center, Waco, Texas [12-22-2002]

Amberlyn Alexander [12-18-2002]

Ashley Jones, illinois [12-18-2002]

L.E.E., L.E.E. is just my nick name [12-18-2002]

Laura Henkes [12-18-2002]

Moises Aguirre, I am 11years old [12-18-2002]

Latisha and Chyna [12-18-2002]

My great great grandfather was John Ross, who is buried in Cedar County, IA, and was married to Jane Ayres. We do not know who John's father was, but as the story goes, George Ross, the signer, was his uncle??????
Ruth Johnston, Montezuma, IA [12-18-2002]

Found an interesting death notice cut out of an old newspaper that was in an equally old book.The 4" x4" notice had in bold print"Decendant of 'Betsy' Ross Dies in Butler County, at 95" Her name was Mrs. Mary Ann Sefton. My great,great grandmother was her sister,Mrs. Ella Gibson.
John Cooper, 50 yrs. old; Construction estimator,KentState U. grad. [12-18-2002]

I need pictures of Betsy Ross for my biography report!
Eva, CA, United States; 9 years old [12-18-2002]

I really admire what Betsy Ross stood for......she was a woman of great strengths...both physically and mentally, to be able to live through all the pain and suffering of having had 3 husbands who were either sick and then died, or one who was captured and died there...and to have had children who died while still really young....and then to have made the first American Flag.....she was a great woman.
Bobby Santoro, I live in Bedford, MA---where the Revolutionary War took place, well---part of it---Paul Revere's Ride, The "shot heard round the world", etc....I am a 9 year old student in school, and I am doing a report on Betsy Ross! [12-18-2002]

Ashlee McDonald, 8 yrs doing a report [12-18-2002]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross and thought it would be neat to take this "virtual tour" since I can't go to the house in person.
Jessica, from Oregon, 9 years old [12-18-2002]

I hope to share your site with many children!
Alice Altman, Library Coordinator [12-18-2002]

Paige Bosecker [12-18-2002]

Emily How, I am in Kindergarten and want to know about Betsy [12-18-2002]

Thank you for creating this web site, it gives me grate pleasure and knouwledge.
Mario Aurelio, New York, Age 64, General Contractor [12-15-2002]

I am sharing this with my granddaughter age 9. She just completed a report about Betsy Ross.
Renee Rabinowitz, media Specialist age 67 [12-15-2002]

Adam Chaves, atlanta, Ga [12-14-2002]

brittney, 12 [12-14-2002]

Margaret Rosales, 37 years old with 3 children [12-14-2002]

i love you
markela, wonderful cheerleader [12-14-2002]

Katrina, 9 [12-14-2002]

This is a fantastic site. I'm in the Air Force Honor Guard and was excited to share this site with my fellow Guardsmen.
Emily Madden, Dayton, Ohio,33, [12-14-2002]

JENNIFER KAY PETRIE, 8 years old [12-14-2002]

karen saccucci, smithfield,nc 27 [12-14-2002]

Marilyn Whennen, Northern IL., age 53 [12-14-2002]

Thank the lord for Betsy
Victor Fowler, Jones, Ok, age 53, Civil Severant [12-14-2002]

Whitney Rhea [12-14-2002]

samantha [12-14-2002]

anonymous, 13 [12-14-2002]

Jerika, 12 yrs old [12-14-2002]

I loved getting to see the way Betsy Ross lived it was so life-like. If I could I would choose to go back and visit again!
Janice Snyder, Macon, Georgia 45 [12-14-2002]

Mary Land [12-14-2002]

summer [12-14-2002]

Debra Niepraschk, 2nd Grade Teacher [12-14-2002]

I would like to know more about HOW the thirteen-star flag came about. What it depicts. I have a picture of it along side the current american flag.
anonymous [12-14-2002]

Iam doing a bio poem on betsy ross and this website is giving me all the information I need
mel, age 13 [12-14-2002]

Laura Sudlow, 13 years old, live in West Virginia [12-14-2002]

Terry Gassman, Gresham, Oregon [12-14-2002]

We think your house will be cool, and we appreciate the opportunity to view it. Thank you, Jill
Jill, Illinois, 9, young lady [12-14-2002]

I am researching a school project for American History at Trinity Christian Academy - thank you for your web site!
Jenna Detandt, Jacksonville, FL; 11 years old; [12-14-2002]

rebecca cassidy, lake worth florida, age 10 [12-14-2002]

Jennifer Farias, 27- Fairmount, Ga [12-14-2002]

Hey this is cool.
Markie, 13 Years old [12-14-2002]

sally tran [12-14-2002]

Hello Betsy!
dolly, 10 years old girl [12-14-2002]

w are thinkful for the flage
Rebecca Huckaba, 11 [12-14-2002]

Linda Kittley, Lubbock, TX [12-14-2002]

maria novas-ruiz, 39 [12-14-2002]

april schenk [12-14-2002]

Ashley Beal [12-14-2002]

We live in Ohio and I am doing a report on Betsy Ross
Annie And Christopher, 12 and 37 [12-14-2002]

Charley, Age 16, Guilford, Maine. [12-14-2002]

Alexica Bardo, Ohio, 11yrs.old,6thgrade,book report on Betsy Ross. [12-14-2002]

Jessica Ross [12-08-2002]

Megan Hawk, 8 years old, live in Pennsylvania, I love the flag [12-08-2002]

i hope to enjoy the tour and learn more about the person who gave the flag to us as a slmbol of freedom.
Jarred Pierson, lander WY,82520 age is 16 [12-08-2002]

I am working on a school projectin my 4th grade class about Betsy Ross. I am excited about touring her home before I give my report.
Anna Gaines Gaskin, Columbus, MS I am 9 years old [12-08-2002]

Riley, 10,c.a. [12-07-2002]

anna wojo, 15, ansonia ct, lovin' alex malerba {muh babies father} cheerleader 2 [12-07-2002]

Sydney, 9 years old [12-07-2002]

jessie [12-07-2002]

David Geddes, 18 years old Florida and Scotland [12-07-2002]

I enjoyed reading and learning about Betsy Ross.
kateland sterling, 8 years old [12-07-2002]

kymmie fleming [12-07-2002]

Amber Millslagle [12-07-2002]

kyle [12-07-2002]

Brittni Muehring, I am 12 [12-07-2002]

Miale Chavez [12-07-2002]

Rosmary Medrano, I am 12 years old [12-07-2002]

havn't looked yet so I hope its a good tour
Virginia lee, at school in Maine [12-07-2002]

I want to meet you ok.
Andrea Leone, I'm 15 years old almonst 16 in Febuary. [12-07-2002]

the only reason im on this web site is because my teachers makin me or else im gonna get a zero on my grades and thats not tooo good is it
JESSICA, ima kool gurl who had to go to this site because my teachers makin me read everything on ur homepage! i hate reading [12-07-2002]

Mirannda Mullenix, 14 8th -2002 [12-07-2002]

Traci Harper, I live in Utah [12-07-2002]

Wonderful Information
Patricia Hinchman, Florida,35,Preschool Tearcher [12-07-2002]

Down the chain of life I am related to Betsy Ross
Ruth Bender Espinoza, Henderson, NV [12-07-2002]

reece,amber [12-07-2002]

I am 43 and attending a Tribal College, White Earth Tribal Community College, Mahnomen, White Earth Reservation. I'm doing research for History for a Essay on a person or Place in US history upto 1800, so I'm checking out information on Betsy.
Becky Christensen, I live in Northern Minnesota, (Mahnomen) by Fargo ND & Moorhead MN [12-07-2002]

Betsy Ross is one that I like
Butterfly [12-07-2002]

wiz [12-07-2002]

Laura morse, Maine, 16, I love horses [12-07-2002]

Laura Campbell, Maine,15 [12-07-2002]

Karen S. O'Hara, Philadelphia,46,teacher [12-07-2002]

This was a lot of help for my son Justin for his class work. He is studing Betsy Ross this week at his school. She was a great woman and I commend her for the American Flag. We all should award her. Thanks Patricia
Patricia Ann Hyde, Meridian, Mississippi. 36years old [12-07-2002]

D.J. Thompson, 12yrs old and I live in Folsom, La. I am doing a project [12-07-2002]

I needed information for a report I have to do for my 3rd grade report. Thank you.
Dakota Kane, Uxbridge, MA, Age 9 [12-07-2002]

Lauren, 24, student [12-07-2002]

ronnesha largent [12-07-2002]

sadie [12-07-2002]

A student ask me if I believed in the Betsy Ross legend. We've had fun searching for the answer.
Mrs. C. A. Allgood, Nebraska, Teacher [12-07-2002]

I doing a report so help
Meghan Potter [12-07-2002]

I love your site. It is a wonderful site for school projects!
Austin [12-07-2002]

andrew scheuermann [12-07-2002]

i'm doing a reaport for school on betsy ross
malfloyed, age 13 [12-07-2002]

Maravillosa Filadelfia ! Ciudad que tuve oportunidad de conocer en el a˝o 1998.
Gregory Suarez Giraud, Rawson City (9103) Chubut Province Argentina [12-07-2002]

Thank you for the great website. I liked the information on how to cut a 5 pointed star with one snip!
Maxx, I live in Southern California and I'm 10 years old. [12-05-2002]

Joelle Southerlind, Maui,Hawaii 23 [12-05-2002]

Mindy Choate, Lafayette, La. 9yrs [12-05-2002]

marilyn Stack-Gill, I am the program director of a 21st Century Community Learning Center in Aberdeen, Maryland [12-05-2002]

TJ Padgett, Denver CO 10 years old [12-05-2002]

What was it like when Betsy Ross made the flag of our United Nation?
ariana perez, Providence R.I. 109 brigham street B34 [12-05-2002]

will [12-05-2002]

History Rules!
Lucy, 10 [12-05-2002]

Joseph Dugan [12-05-2002]

angee hansen, I am 13 and a cheerleader [12-05-2002]

thank you for having this info on her.
tiffany [12-01-2002]

thank you for the info.
SHAYNA LOONEY, 8 yrs old [12-01-2002]

Hi to all who visits Betsy's house and reads about her life
Alia Watts, 12yrs Canada [12-01-2002]

jim bulejski, 41 [12-01-2002]

Melissa Taguinot, I am 8 years old and I am doing a report on Betsy Ross. [12-01-2002]

L. Barker [12-01-2002]

used the site to help in a project done for school very interesting.
Olivia Egan, Age9 from Skipton, Yorkshire,England [12-01-2002]

Robin D.Fisher, Female, Shoemakersville,Pa. [12-01-2002]

priscilla almendarez [12-01-2002]

I have just finished reading Betsy Ross's story to my ten year old daughter and I wanted to show her the house. Thanks for all that you are doing.
Tim Nielsen, Winnipeg, MB [12-01-2002]

Theresa Sotelo, Reno, Nevada [12-01-2002]

alexis, 11 i love animals and my favorite food is pizza i also want to go to hawaii really badly [11-27-2002]

I choose to do Bestsy Ross for my report in language arts
Danielle, 12 yrs old [11-27-2002]

meghan agnes findora, age9 student [11-27-2002]

Sara Mullifan [11-27-2002]

info on betsy
TIRESSAR, 11 [11-27-2002]

anonymous, jessica brown [11-27-2002]

Ruth E Pratt, Escondido CA.l [11-27-2002]

hey guys
john white, iam cool [11-27-2002]

Carol [11-27-2002]

Hope to come in person again. It has been years since I have been there.
Ethel Poppe, Wilm. De., [11-26-2002]

anonymous, calafornia,12 [11-25-2002]

Brandi Tucker, I'am 5'x9'' I live in South Dokota. I'am 16 years old. [11-25-2002]

Patricia Menzer [11-25-2002]

What did you do during the war?
Michelle Rodriguez, age 15 [11-25-2002]

Michelle Rodriguez, age 15 [11-25-2002]

Loved this site! Plan to use it w/ 1st graders in FLA.
Stepanski, Susan, Teacher 44 [11-25-2002]

Hi i wish i wa eating linch right know i am soooooooooo hungry!I could eata hippopotomos!
Holly, i am really smart 13 and have a pet elephent,stuffed! [11-25-2002]

This a cool site i love it,so informational.
Sarah and Morgan [11-25-2002]

Corinne B. [11-24-2002]

I am a descendent of Betsy Ross. My grandmother's name(maternal)was Olive Ross.
steffani person, home ec. teacher,50 yrs. old have taught for 20 years [11-24-2002]

thanks for the site, I am using it to get infor for school
Sharon, South Carlolina [11-24-2002]

Jan, 3rd grade teacher [11-24-2002]

amanda, 12 [11-24-2002]

Thank you for all the information for my living history project.
Kelsey Morris, Phoenix, Arizona 7years [11-24-2002]

Grace Mitchell [11-23-2002]

I im in 5th grade and studying about famous people.I decided to do Betsy Ross.
Kelsey Hill, 11,Manzano Day School,5th grade,Albuquerque,New Mexico [11-23-2002]

WE are hopeing to visit next year
Bob Davis, Boron california age 63 [11-23-2002]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross for American History and I needed info.
Kayla [11-23-2002]

This is for a paper.
Lacey Shelton, 13 years old [11-23-2002]

Visited here many years ago. Great to be able to see it again.
Don Dreisbach, Tucson Az. 69 [11-23-2002]

Ginia, East Texas, 43, Homeschooler [11-21-2002]

at are school we are doing plays over people. and i am Betsy Ross........
brittany james, age 9 i am doing a play over Betsy Ross [11-21-2002]

brittany james [11-21-2002]

My daughter will be working on a 7th grade english report on Betsy Ross, our research brought us to this site.
Carol Ann Cruts, researching for a 7th grade english proj.NJ 07860 [11-21-2002]

Dawn, Southlake, Tx age 38 [11-21-2002]

i think this is awsome! god bless USA! I love V.B.
sarah, MD.12 yrs old [11-21-2002]

I am doing a project about Betsy Ross.
Amanda Beth Mask, 7 years old [11-21-2002]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross
Mandy, Des Moines, Iowa; 15, Sophomore @ East High School [11-21-2002]

I toured the Betsy Ross house in 2001. I'd love to return to visit Philly again one day!
Bonnie, South Africa, 20 [11-21-2002]

nikki, lowell 10 [11-21-2002]

I went here in 1985 with my pen pal friend, and I always have 2 little flags, a big souvenir... Thank you
LAPORTE Michel, PESSAC (France) 56 years old [11-21-2002]

Michael Trower, California - 59 [11-21-2002]

its good somehow we can go back in time.thanks by debbie
debbie.womack., i'm 44 till march,nitro wv 25143. [11-21-2002]

I am going to dress up as Betsy Ross for famous American Day
Ashley Trubenbach, Oregon, 9 yrs old, female [11-21-2002]

Hi to every one, Betsy Ross is an amazing person!
Tiffany Haversack, I am a 13 year old, doing a essay on Betsy Ross for my Language Arts class and my History class. [11-21-2002]

Holly, Texas 12 years old [11-21-2002]

I needed info on Betsy ross for a project and This has the most info I have ever found!
Lauren, MI age13 [11-21-2002]

Shayla Rust, LaHabra,CA. 12years 6th grade God bless America! [11-21-2002]

Mrs. Mulligan's Kindergarten Class [11-21-2002]

Marlene Cook [11-21-2002]

Thanks for letting me take this tour of your home.
anonymous, 45 [11-21-2002]

Hi! everybody!
chelsea [11-21-2002]

hi ! `
Mary Jane Santos, Chi*town [11-21-2002]

I may be 13, yet I am a scientist and a poet. I only wish to state these words of wisdom for future generations. "Write from the soul no matter what."
James Edward Putong, im a poet and a scientist yet only 13 [11-21-2002]

im just saying hello.
michelle, bolingbrook il, 13, [11-21-2002]

Shante Denise Burkins [11-21-2002]

Nancy Cunningham, 5th grade teacher -- Fletcher, OK [11-21-2002]

I'm doing research for a school project.
Meghan, Burbs of Chicago, 13 years old [11-21-2002]

your house was great and you did a great job decoreating it also.i enoyed seeing it.mattter of fact i am going to see it agian.also the house is really big and i liked it a lot.hope to talk to soon. sincerly Megan Rideout
Megan Rideout, concord New Hampsire13 and I love houses [11-21-2002]

Most of my relatives live out of town and one of my favorite historical places I take them to visit is the Betsy Ross house. Nobody but we Philadelphians have such an historical gem.
Sylvia W. Hoffman, I have been born and raised in Phila and love it here. [11-21-2002]

Kara Blasier, California,I'am 8 and am interested in Betsey Ross's life [11-21-2002]

Leighandra [11-20-2002]

i came here cause i am looking up stuff for my history day project! if you know any thing that will help me with the histort on the flag please e-mail me! Thanks!
alisha smith, i live in iowa and im 12 [11-20-2002]

i want to vistit in your house
stephanie, 11 [11-18-2002]

anonymous, OHIO a Korean War Veteran [11-18-2002]

My daughter is doing a report for her 2nd grade class. She selected Betsy Ross as her V.I.P..
Sadie [11-18-2002]

samantha freeman, 11 [11-18-2002]

My daughter had to do a project on Betsy Ross and this website has been extremely helpful. We are sewing together a flag to turn in for her class project. Betsy must have worked very hard on the original because we are working very hard together on ours. Thanks again.
Michele Gonzales, Plano, TX [11-18-2002]

hey wuz up not much here i think this site is really kool
heather b, Louisiana,13 years old and yeah [11-18-2002]

Whitney Taylor [11-18-2002]

Marissa, 13 [11-18-2002]

Allyson, 13, tn [11-18-2002]

this is cool
Caroline, age 10 [11-18-2002]

Needed some quick info on Betsy Ross for a presentation to 5th graders. Your site did the trick!
D Yerks, Sylvania, OH Age 50 [11-18-2002]

anonymous, ss class [11-18-2002]


Shirley Sanborn, Michigan message: [11-17-2002]

jessi, 14 message: this was a good adventor [11-17-2002]

jessica davis, jackson ms 15 message: [11-17-2002]

briana griggs, 603 treetrail pkwy norcross,ga 30093 8 yrs old message: I really learned a lot today about my history. It is very intersting. [11-16-2002]

Olivia Partida, Kennewick,WA age-40 message: [11-15-2002]

kelsea [11-15-2002]

Emily, 12 Indiana [11-15-2002]

Ashley brand, I am doing a report on Bstsy Roos and this sounds iterresting.I am 10 and in fifth grade at Central academy middletown ohio [11-15-2002]

Hi! I think that Betsy Ross is the Best Person ever!
K. s [11-15-2002]

missy neumire, teacher [11-15-2002]

Carla S. Poston [11-15-2002]

I was just brousing around in US History and decided to take a tour. Thank You and may God Bless.
Anissa Dansby, Rockdale, Tx 31, just curious [11-15-2002]

kia, 12 [11-15-2002]

your house is the bomb
Bria Singleton, 10,that;s personal [11-15-2002]

Vanessa Holen, Fort Bethold Indian Reservation, North Dakota [11-15-2002]

I am looking forward to this tour. My house is decorated with flags and Americana items (my husband says junk)
Mary Saum, Geneva, Ne [11-13-2002]

God Bless the USA!!!!!! Yea Betsy Ross!!!(:
T and W Gibbs, Knoxville, Tn [11-13-2002]

Jake Hurley, 9 years old, Alabama Homeschooler [11-13-2002]

Thank you for letting us see Betsy Ross's house.
Cantwell School grades 1-2 [11-13-2002]

sabrena [11-13-2002]

Thank-you for letting me learn more about our country...
Abby Mae Smith, Colorado Springs, Colorado...I am 7 years old [11-13-2002]


Travis Lee Womack, 10 [11-13-2002]

We are looking at this sight for a book report.
Southdale, 10 years old [11-13-2002]

sondra challis [11-13-2002]

I am doing a project on Betsy ross and I hope to find the information I am looking for in this Website. Thank-you. Bye
Brittany Mason, Florida, 13, 8th grade at Jackson Middle shool. [11-13-2002]

As a child I was always in awe of not only Betsy Ross's house but the history behind it.
Catherine Testa, Northeast Philadelphia, age 42 [11-13-2002]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross and I thought touring her house would be fun!
anonymous [11-13-2002]

i think you did a nice job
cassandra, 21 [11-13-2002]

hey was up
ashy, im 13 [11-13-2002]

terry, Wapakoneta, Ohio 15 yrs. old [11-13-2002]

Shanna Pullin [11-13-2002]

thank you betsy ross
JFP, nam vet [11-12-2002]

i love you Betsy. You're my favorite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
izzie [11-11-2002]

I will share this site with my teachers and students.
Linda Feltner, principal at Three Creeks Elementary, Lowell, IN 56 years old [11-11-2002]

I am doing this for my teacher MRS.Ramond
lauren g, chicago,10,Iam a girl who is very nice [11-11-2002]

Provi Sharpe, Baltimore, Maryland [11-11-2002]

Melissa Daly [11-11-2002]

heavan ramsey, salem,va 8 years old [11-11-2002]

Miss Peters, Justina, Justin, Lansdale, PA, ages 22, 9, 12 [11-11-2002]

tiffany brooke henson, i'm ten years old [11-11-2002]

Linda Welter, Whiteland, Indiana [11-11-2002]

sekhema [11-11-2002]

Jennifer Blanton [11-11-2002]

Rita POSTLETHWAITE, 53 year old grandmother of 7 mother of 3 [11-11-2002]

Kaylie M Moffat, A Girl Scout, 8 yrs old, I live in Sandy, OR. We are learning about flags/USA/Patriotism in my G.S. troop. [11-11-2002]

Betsy Ross is OFF the CHAIN!!! I'm in the 8th grade and i'm doing my second report on Betsy and the more I write the more I learn!!! I LOVE BETSY!!!
Miriam Nicole Harkins, St.George GA [11-11-2002]

I have visited the Betsy Ross House before and wanted a keychain with the name Betsy on it and it surprised that they didnt even have her name there...and being that its my name too I like it! haha! Her house was very neat though! Enjoyed it!
Betsy, North Carolina [11-11-2002]

i am doing a report on betsy ross.I think she is so cool.
becky cox, Atascadelo CA age 12 [11-11-2002]

Thanks for the lovely tour!
Jill, Florida/age 23 [11-11-2002]

Girl Scout Troop 334/ Debbie Stiens, Girl Scout Troop Northwest Missouri [11-10-2002]

kaitlyn, 7 [11-10-2002]

I'm doing a PA State Project for school on the Betsy Ross House and a PA First Project on the US Flag.
Lauren Dorosh, 9 year old, 4th grader at Garnet Valley Elementary School, Glen Mills, PA [11-10-2002]

My husband is flying out to Philadelphia as we speak and I am surfing to see what there is to visit in the City so I can tell him when he calls. Being British, I admit I have never heard of Betsy Ross before. Did she design the first Stars and Stripes? Sorry for being so ignorant.
Zoe Walker, Live near London, England [11-10-2002]

i really enjoyed this web site ! It really helped me get to know who betsy was.
santina zito, i am 9 yrs old and am studing betsy ross [11-10-2002]

I am trying to trace my brother in laws relatives in Monaghan Ireland. His last name is Mallen. I have not been successful in tracing this name on the internet. Any help would be appeciated. My brother in law is dying of cancer and would love to have some contact with anyone of the family name in Ireland as he says he has some information he would like to pass on to them. Thank you
morris slack, verona ontario canada, 61 retired [11-10-2002]

Bonnie McFerren [11-10-2002]

I am researching information for my 8 year olds book report.
Victoria Kenyon, california, 33, mother [11-08-2002]

Double T, Coshocton, Ohio [11-08-2002]

I want to be like Betsy Ross
Amarra, 10 [11-08-2002]

amanda, 14 and i live in cali [11-08-2002]

Rebecca Cason, I like soccer. [11-08-2002]

melissa, long island, 19, art major [11-08-2002]

Did Betsy Ross believe in God? I hope you believe in God.
Sarah Hedden, 9 years old [11-08-2002]

Kelly Righter, Blackwood, NJ [11-08-2002]

Timothy, Rochester, NY; Age 57; Member of the Army Reserve [11-08-2002]

Thank you for letting me go inside your house . and i will tell my friends about this web site to.
Megan Scoville [11-08-2002]

are you stell alive
Lauren Fohl & Amber Dawkins, Grapevine.Tx 10 and 11 sweet [11-08-2002]

renee wiggins, orange park fl 20s this is for my childs school project [11-08-2002]

Antonia McGowan, Cub Scout Den Leader [11-08-2002]

tara, 15 [11-08-2002]

Erica, 20 [11-08-2002]

Who cut the flag into peices and was honored for it?
Jennifer Barth [11-08-2002]

Halluo...I was here I guess O_o
Li, 14/f/WA [11-08-2002]

Erica Rudd, 21 yrs old I attend Bowling Green State University [11-08-2002]

Autumn [11-07-2002]

anonymous, homestudent learning about patriots and us history age 11 from WAllsburg, UT [11-07-2002]

Rosemarie Barnhart Kohles, Marrero, LA [11-07-2002]

Hello, I was Betsy Ross in 3rd grade for my history class. Bye!
Meghan Andersson, 13 years old - Live in Pleasanton, CA [11-06-2002]

i'm studying about betsy do you have any good information that i could posibly use.
JACOB, budat.x./11/grade6th [11-06-2002]

Danielle Herman, Duluth, Georgia [11-06-2002]

lauren, chicago area [11-06-2002]

Kathie Brand, Middletown,Ohio,38, housewife helping daughter with a report for school on Betsy Ross [11-06-2002]

i am doing a research paper about betsy ross and i just wanted to see the life style she lived in.
Robbi, i am 16 [11-06-2002]

Paige, Florida [11-06-2002]

Maranda Carpenter [11-06-2002]

Petunia, 25 [11-06-2002]

Courtney Pratt, Philadephia,14 [11-06-2002]

Kristy H., C.A 8years old [11-06-2002]

school project
Kristin Catrone, 10 yrs. old, live in N.Y. [11-06-2002]

The Betsy Ross House is cool...not many people my age say that, but thats what I think of the house.
Manda, 13 [11-06-2002]

Alexandra V Martinez, Elgin IL 9 yrs Student [11-06-2002]

I look forward to visiting the Philadelphia area next week and seeing the Betsy Ross house. Thanks for this wonderful website.
Alejandro Ortiz, I live in Weston, Florida, I am 13 years old and go to the Sagemont Upper School. I will be visiting the Betsy Ross house next week. [11-06-2002]

This is a great site! I am doing a report on Betsy Ross and this is exactly the place to find ANY information on her!
Sarah, 14 [11-06-2002]

marta [11-06-2002]

I am writing a report on Betsy Ross.
Katie Tobin, Student, age 8 [11-06-2002]

Mrs. McDonald's Third Grade Class, Opportunity ELementary, Spokane, WA [11-06-2002]

Christen, Maryland [11-06-2002]

Love your work Betsy Ross
Jennifer Acord, Kerrrville, Texas, 12 [11-06-2002]

lori [11-06-2002]

Hi I want to see a tour
Mary, Illiois [11-06-2002]

I wanted to learn about besty ross because we had to pick a person from a list of names and her name stood out to me so I wanted to learn more about her.
Sha'dae Savage, new york city,18 [11-06-2002]

SANDY GIDDINGS [11-06-2002]

Michelle [11-06-2002]

Jessica Chace, 13, la la land, chocolateville [11-04-2002]

School Project
Daniel Cornelius [11-04-2002]

Beth [11-04-2002]

Kere, Pa [11-04-2002]

GOD Bless America
J Louie Greene, Hampton, Tn. 54 [11-04-2002]

J Louie Greene [11-04-2002]

Deborah Erdman [11-03-2002]

Laura Davis [11-03-2002]

im making a betsy ross doll for school.
amanda, girl, 13 [11-03-2002]

nice house!
Alison [11-03-2002]

Thank you for helping me with my research paper, this was a lot of help. Hope to visit again soon. Thank You!!!
Mariela, Arizona, 13yrs. [11-03-2002]

Ellen Kendall [11-03-2002]

I had to do a report on Betsy Ross. This was a great way to understand her. It feels like I even know her.
laquita woods, Bolivar, TN 38008 : 645 Naylor Street: 11 [11-03-2002]

I have been here in real life about 10 years ago either in 92 or 93.
Dave Binning, Augusta Ga. age 53 [11-03-2002]

I like history a lot.
kilee, 8 [11-03-2002]

Connie, Arcadia, California, 16 [11-03-2002]

I like learning about her, I think she is very good.
kayla bloink, Eastpointe MI, 9yrs, [11-03-2002]

how ould is flag
JAMIE C DOUGHERTY, philadelphia pa age 15 [11-03-2002]

Kate Creveling, 18, Lock Haven, Pennsylvania [11-03-2002]

Tom Payne and Valerie Kendall, Tom is 48 and Valerie is 5 [11-01-2002]

I'd love to learn more about Betsey Ross for school projets
Jessica, 13 years old [11-01-2002]

Elva R. Davila, Teacher, 3/4th grade Bilingual [11-01-2002]

Started reading about Betsy Ross out of curiousity and bordom. Very interesting.
Laura Bucciarelli, I'm a 23 year old Australian [10-31-2002]

Jenna [10-31-2002]

I home school my children and I am always looking for ways to make history more fun for them so they will come to love it as much as I do. I am 40 year old and have 6 children.
Cynthia Doerr, 1579 Terral Lane Bullhead City, Arizona 86426 [10-31-2002]

I am studying about Betsy Ross in my homeschool.
jessa rose, 8yrs old I love popcorn [10-31-2002]

Love your country and web sites
David Sinclair, age 50 Scottish [10-31-2002]

i really would like to see the house of betsy ross for a research paper i am doing on her for my american history class
anonymous, south dakota 16 [10-31-2002]

kylie, 12 [10-31-2002]

I am working as a consultant for Glencoe/McGraw-Hill
Kay Ford, I retired after 38 years of classroom teaching. [10-31-2002]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross and am very glad to have acess to this information. Thank-you!
Ashley Brianne Hernandez, Puyallup, Wa. age 9 [10-31-2002]

Courtney Forkey [10-31-2002]

Holly [10-30-2002]

Chelsea, 11 [10-30-2002]

eldawin kasuse, gallup n.m 14 [10-30-2002]

Maranda Carpenter, London Ky 10 [10-30-2002]

Teresa Ramos, Westfield,IN; 15; Spanish girl [10-30-2002]

This site is so cool. It had everything I needed for my report.
Lauren, like to read and learn new thing [10-30-2002]

Sharon Dias [10-30-2002]

Olivia Heagy, 10 [10-30-2002]

REGINA, bronx. 30 [10-30-2002]

Emma is very interested in history, specifically 1700 history. So, of course, Betsy Ross is on the top of our list.
Shelley and Emma Fox, We are homeschooling and doing research [10-30-2002]

Love the site and learning about history!
Amy Dahlin, Pennellville, NY age: 21 [10-30-2002]

Waz up betsy my hommie G
Christina, 13 NC Usa [10-30-2002]

Seth Lucas, 5 years old [10-30-2002]

Karen Miller, Speech pathologist in the Western New York area [10-30-2002]

I read Betsy Ross' Biography for school. It was a good book.
Andrea Paiz, La Mirada, California. 9 years old. [10-29-2002]

Kayla, 14 years old; Minnesota [10-29-2002]

Colleen, St.Petersburg 9 [10-29-2002]

angie [10-29-2002]

We are coming for a visit in May with our Troop and wanted to get a heads up on what there is to see.
Girl Scout Troop #354, Clifton Springs/Phelps NY 10 girls age 11 [10-29-2002]

i had to do a project on betsy ross for social studies.This infromation really helped.we made our own little hall of fame and have to pick 5 people to be selected to be in the hall of fame well wish me luck....Betsy is the besty............
laura, age 13 [10-29-2002]

R. Wesley Rounds [10-29-2002]

Megan LaVerdi, Age 11, Student at Benton Elementary School, Kentucky [10-27-2002]

Emily Madden, age 8 [10-27-2002]

Irma Souls, Jacksonville,Fl. I am 48 and I am dressing as Betsy Ross at my School [10-27-2002]

Great tour!
Debbi & Dave Sutton, Kettering, Ohio [10-26-2002]

I am doing a book report on Betsy Ross and I wanted to learn about her house. This website is really neat!
Grace Mason, Murfreesboro, TN, 9 years old, Wilson Elem School [10-26-2002]

KATHLEEN MOVCHAN, Married 31 years, have 3 children, live in a small town in NORTH DAKOTA. I dressed as BETSY ROSS for halloween at our doctors home.:) BETSY ROSS [10-26-2002]

Kurt Johnson, colorado springs colorado 35 [10-26-2002]

Cool website!!
Jessica, Texas, 13 [10-26-2002]

My eighth graders are researching people involved in the American Revolution. This is a great site to share with them so that they can see that Betsy Ross was truly a real person.
Terri, Junior High teacher [10-26-2002]

i was checking out the web site for my daughter, she is going to be betsy ross in a play at school.
anonymous [10-26-2002]


ErinDeYoung [10-25-2002]

juanita, indiana 29 [10-25-2002]

i going to dress up like her tommorw for school costume day for halloween.
Kari Frye, age 11 very nice girl [10-24-2002]

ERIN DETERMAN, minnesota [10-24-2002]

Hey! This is awesome!! buhbyeZ~
Hannah, pa [10-24-2002]

Thank you for the tour!
anonymous, 41 [10-24-2002]

I hope this tour is cool. I am doing some research on her well actually I was but I would still like to learn More!!!!!!Come to me and I will tell you anything about her!
Sara, 10 I love to play softball and learn! [10-24-2002]

diana holdren, logan ohio hocking co. [10-24-2002]

Kari, Michigan Music Teacher [10-24-2002]

Ray [10-24-2002]

Jamie, I'm 13 years old and I live in Hinckley, Illinois I'm in 8th grade and am looking at this for information to use on my research paper about Betsy Ross. [10-24-2002]

I am doing a research project on Betsy and we are preforming in frot of parents on Friday October 25, 2002.This helped me learn a lot about Betsy Ross.......Cassie......
Cassie R. Stoll, Im 10 years old and live in Arkansas [10-24-2002]

This is going to be cool!
Lauren, 11, girl [10-24-2002]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross.
Rebecca Kirby, im 10 [10-24-2002]

amber studds, 12/f/al love horses girl scout phenix cty troop 255 [10-24-2002]

We have been studying famous U.S. historical figures this week. I chose Betsy Ross and her history in the making of the first flag. I found your website perfect for my teaching and sent 115 Kindergartners on your virtual field trip through Betsy's house...of course, we flew there first in our virtual airplanes!! Thank you--they enjoyed it!
Dara Haddad, Kindergarten teacher, The Rice School/La Escuela Rice in Houston, TX [10-24-2002]

This is a great source for teachers to use. I am a substitute teacher in Surprise Az and enjoy teaching the students about their country and its history.
bobveigel, Born in Philly [10-24-2002]

Karen, Akron, Ohio - teacher grade 8 [10-24-2002]

I have to do a report on betsy ross and soo fair so good!!!
Danielle Polillo, 12 years old [10-24-2002]

God Bless the U.S.A.
Lynann Wolhafe, PA, 31, secretary [10-24-2002]

We are doing research on the American Flag and wanted to study on Betsy Ross. We found your website and thoroughly enjoy all the information.
Jody & Kaleb Miller, We live on 43 acres between Marshfield and Spencer Wisconsin. I am a 42 year old home school mother to our 8 year old son,Kaleb [10-24-2002]

Tom Vukic, Pittsburgh, Pa 43 y.o. [10-24-2002]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross for my S.S. class. She is a wonderful women and this website helps a lot with my resrech.
Dean, Michigan, im 13 [10-24-2002]

Kaitlyn Eggeman, Age 9 [10-24-2002]

I love your house!!!!!!!!!!!!
Susannah, Maryland [10-24-2002]

Jennifer, 18 [10-24-2002]

Sara Smith, I am in 9th grade [10-24-2002]

I think that it would be intersting.
Brooke, 11 [10-24-2002]

I stumbled into this site and had to explore!! Thanks for keeping an American great alive!
Lisa Cox, Hawaii [10-24-2002]

tracey [10-24-2002]

lauren, 9 yrs old [10-21-2002]

Just visited the house on Sat. 10-19-2002. I own a quilt shop and am interested in sewing. My daughter and I were delighted to have made the tour.
Julia Miklos Maruskin [10-21-2002]

Edwina K. Thompson, Girl Scout Leader [10-21-2002]

Betsy [10-21-2002]

Shelby Lynn Cullifer, 9 years old,I have to write a essay about the flag. [10-21-2002]

yes i am doing a school report on you and was wondering if you can send me info on besty ross before november 21 thank you ashleighmain
Ashleigh, prosser washington 10 born 1992 [10-21-2002]

Jessica, 9 [10-21-2002]

Hannah Hamond [10-21-2002]

hi i am wondering who u r and what is this site about and if it good to use for info for school i love it it is the best thing that has ever happened to me i love my mom and dad and brother thank u for talking to me bye
miranda mclarty, s.s.m im 13 [10-21-2002]

I am writing a book on Betsy Ross.
Annie Beckwith, 8years old Ilive in OH [10-21-2002]

This is a wonderful web site. I have used it several times. Thanks
Edwina K. Thompson, Girl Scout Leader [10-20-2002]

I am doing a book report on Betsy Ross.
Kasia Luzynski, Age 9 Roanoke, VA [10-20-2002]

luann osakowicz [10-20-2002]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross
Tynitra Sanders, I am an 8 year old, second grade girl. [10-20-2002]

Pam Velguth, wisconsin [10-20-2002]

The high-lite of a trip east was visiting the Ross Home and I enjoy portraying Betsy at an annual Parade. I now have a flag to ad to the costume. Thank you for a friendly tour and the Betsy Ross Ornament it special
Bertha L. Nelson, Chicago, IL [10-20-2002]

I'm helping my daughter research facts about the American Flag for her "Wave the Flag Brownie Girl Scout Try-It.
Rosa M. Aguielra, Brandon, FL age 31 [10-20-2002]

thanks for the information
sandy holland, female 14 beattyville kentucky [10-20-2002]

Kathy Hoskison, Ben Franklin, Texas, I am 46 yrs. old [10-20-2002]

i'm doing a report about the flag
anonymous, i'm agirl age 14 [10-17-2002]

Christine, Sumter, SC [10-17-2002]

Katie McCrimmon [10-17-2002]

susan valerio, fla [10-17-2002]

Emily Guiswlman, 13 years old California [10-17-2002]

Thanks for making the American flag, Betsy! I'm glad I get to see it soar in the wind. When I look at the flag I always think of you. I once had a subsitute teacher named Mrs.Ross, Betty Ross. Her name was pretty clos to yours!I'll always remember you! Love, Kristie A.
Kristie Ann Apodaca, El Paso, Texas favorite sport is:gymnastics [10-17-2002]

I am doing a project in my American History class and chose to do it on Betsy Ross. My Grandfather always told us kids that Betsy Ross was married into the Latham Family, not sure if this for sure.
Jodi Latham, California, 33 [10-17-2002]

Thank you for making this website so we, in Georiga, could tour her house. Thank you for showing Betsy Ross's house and flag. We had a great time! From: Mrs. Enloe's First Grade Class at Union Point Elementary--The School That Begins with U!!
Mrs. Enloe's 1st Grade Class, Union Point, Georgia [10-17-2002]

wesley [10-17-2002]

Betty, 39 years old Wakefield West Yorks England [10-17-2002]

S. Barefield [10-17-2002]

Our class from Walt Whitman High School from Huntington Station, N.Y. is visiting your site.
Christine Schubert [10-17-2002]

I am a patriot of our US Flag and find it very distasteful when some one mis use or dishonor it.
Julia Haynes, I am a 42 year old mother of 4, adopted mother of 3 and i live in a little town of Tickfaw La. I have always loved the story of Betsy Ross but have never had the opportunity to visit this Web site concerning her. I am sure I will find it very enlighting. Thank you Mrs. Ross for making our symbol such a strong and special one. [10-17-2002]

Joe Meredith, Newark, DE, Psychology Major at the University of Delaware [10-16-2002]

CHIKA AKA SHANNA, chcago,14 [10-16-2002]

will you please tell the prez i said keed up the good work and try and finde out if i an related to her
Kayleigh ROSS, i am 15 and i want to know if i am related to Betsy ROSS [10-16-2002]

jeremy strong, i am 18 and i live in ny I just want to lurn about the flag [10-16-2002]

sibel, 9 ny [10-16-2002]

i am doing a report on her. i would like to know about her.
megan, 12 [10-16-2002]

This is nice I can see Betsy's house right on my Computer.
Cintya, Live in Bakersfield Ca Im in College and I'm 18 years old. [10-16-2002]

Lois R. Blais, St. Michael, Mn 46 yrs. old [10-16-2002]

Searching for a fullsize picture of the original Betsy Ross Flag, for a class project. Please help if you can.
Wendy-Anne Bartlett [10-16-2002]

anonymous [10-16-2002]

Jennifer VanCuren, Ohio Brownie troop leader [10-16-2002]

Tashmere Ward, 11 [10-16-2002]

G. Gray, ny [10-16-2002]

Carmen Koerte, Kapaa Kauai Hawaii [10-16-2002]

i love studdying about history
Emily, school kid, daughter,sister, friend [10-16-2002]

I personally thought that it was good becase i'm learning about her for school and it was just really good. I would refer other people to look at this becaue it had so much information and pictures.
anonymous [10-16-2002]

Ruth Castle, Librarian [10-16-2002]

Judie Reese, Librarian [10-16-2002]

Scott Carolan, teacher in California, age 32 [10-16-2002]

I'm doing a history fair project on Betsy Ross .
Heather Gandy, 18 yrs. old [10-16-2002]

Scott Carolan, teacher in California, age 32 [10-16-2002]

Sarah [10-16-2002]

Cecelia Marks, I am 13 I live in cleveland ohio [10-16-2002]

GABRIEL JACKSON, i am 12 cleveland [10-16-2002]

Cecelia Marks, I am 13 I live in cleveland ohio [10-16-2002]

Our group is studying the flag.
Boswell Elementary, Auburndale, FL [10-16-2002]

I'm doing a book report on Betsy Ross.
Christine, 9years old,C.A., [10-16-2002]

I am doing a biography on Betsy Ross for a school projecy in Mrs. White's class.
Cody Hammond, Gainesville, Georgia Age 8 [10-16-2002]

Yvonne Massey, Member of Overland-St.Ann VFW Ladies Aux. 3944 in St. Louis Mo. Am State Patriotic Instuctor any info I can get about the flag would be helpful in my chairmanship. [10-16-2002]

anonymous [10-16-2002]

Paul M. Johnson, Albany NY 44 [10-16-2002]

I am working on a report for my social studies' project.
amanda vidal, Sutton,WV Age 11: [10-16-2002]

i really like history and betsy ross abrham lincoln an washington
sarah vereen, highpoint,10 [10-16-2002]

My mother helped me look up information on Betsy Ross. I enjoyed it.
Katelyn Jackson, Jackson, MS [10-16-2002]

Mallory, im 12 and i live in louisiana [10-16-2002]

We were so excited to find this site and hope to come visit next year. As we read the story of Molly Pitcher we played the war tunes from this site. Thank you for bring history so alive through these virtual tours.
Linda Fleshman, I am a teacher and homeschool the children. [10-16-2002]

Just visiting and learning more of America's heritage.
Virginia Lansford, Age:59, Location Washington State [10-16-2002]

justin, i am 9 [10-16-2002]

thanks for making this accessible.
Gina Baldwin, teacher [10-16-2002]

kathy Irving, Delaware County, a grandmother of 4 [10-16-2002]

I have to do a book report so keep on putting more things out about Besty and the flag. PLZ thanx buh-bye
Amanda [10-16-2002]

i'm doing a history project..this will help me a lot! :) thanx
lieze, 17 [10-16-2002]

Brooke L, New Jersey, 8 yrs old [10-16-2002]

hey whats up?
starah, like 2 play softball [10-16-2002]

L Hollenbeck, Derry, NH [10-16-2002]

LORI PAAR, bullhead city, az. [10-16-2002]

Tammy Zeller, Mesquite, Tx. [10-16-2002]

i liked it
felicia [10-16-2002]

I am going to be Betsy Ross for Halloween. My mom is sewing my costume, I love my hat! I will also be wearing my outfit for the 2nd Battle of Saratoga Re-enactment in N.Y.
kelsey weaver, I am 2 years old [10-16-2002]

Can you please send me some great facts on Betsy Ross? Thanks you!
Angie, 14 [10-16-2002]

Katie Fernette, Girl Scout [10-16-2002]

Kirt & Esther, Concord, NH, USA [10-09-2002]

sarah medlang [10-09-2002]

Amanda, 12 [10-09-2002]

Maggie Curran, Illinois, 9-1/2 [10-09-2002]

amelina [10-09-2002]

Matthew Mata [10-09-2002]

Cool site, I guess. Thanks for giving me all the answers for my sheet! Rahahahaah
▀ritt, I'm 13, I like to play softball and run track. [10-09-2002]

Patty, Groves, Texas; school teacher; 50 [10-09-2002]

Elizabeth C. Lang, Philadelphia, PA - 46 [10-09-2002]

nice site
Kasey, earth [10-09-2002]

carl [10-09-2002]

i'm researching for a class project and i'm enjoying this tremendously.
THERESA CASSIDY, new york kindergarten teacher [10-09-2002]

Jamie, Massachusetts age9 [10-09-2002]

I am learning about Betsy Ross at school and my teacher helps us learn more of wars and I know that the 13 stars stand for the 13 original colonies. As the colonies got bigger, they came into states. I am here to find out why Betsy Ross sewed the flag.
Ashlee Whelan, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 9, [10-09-2002]

chris [10-09-2002]

Carlene El, 7/8th grd.teacher-Phila sch.distr. [10-09-2002]

Ashley Eaton, Boca Raton, Fl I'm 7 years old [10-07-2002]

i was hunting for our flag for my screen saver and found this. my husband is a vet, thought he would like this. thank you
CAROL DIEHL, lima, ohio 45&49 [10-07-2002]

Edward S. Moffett, Jr. [10-07-2002]

How long ago did Betsy=Ross live?
Quamelius Lee, Savannah Georgia seven years old [10-07-2002]

Sydney Hinton, Age 7, Live in Rock Island, Illinois [10-07-2002]

Nicole [10-07-2002]

I am doing a famous person report for school and have chosen to do Betsy Ross. I am having fun learning all about her. My mom and dad just went to see her house in Philadelphia a few weeks ago.
Brandi Sherman, Wellsville, Utah, age 9, [10-07-2002]

Hi all!! How are you?
Kelsey, I am 11 and live in Florida. [10-07-2002]

Rebecca Metz, Oklahoma [10-07-2002]

anonymous [10-07-2002]

My son was given an assignment on Betsy Ross for his 4th grade Social Studies class. This site contains an abundance of information for him. Thank you.
anonymous [10-07-2002]

Morgan Mack [10-07-2002]

Leilani [10-07-2002]

Anne, 11 [10-07-2002]

I want to enter the house
Amanda Jostworth, 11 [10-07-2002]

I'm looking at this website for a homework assignment.
Suzanne Hill, I like in Virginia. I'm 25 years old [10-07-2002]

Ellen [10-07-2002]

We took your tour due to the students request to learn more about the U.S. Flag.
Mrs. Peters' Second-Grade Class [10-07-2002]

I am doing research on Betsy Ross,for our live was museum and would like to be Betsy Ross
Chelsea Lopez, 10yr old 5th grade student at Dawson Elem in Corpus Christi Texas [10-03-2002]

toni walton, biloxi, ms. [10-03-2002]

I'm doing a report on someone I admire for school. I am over 40 and like to sew. Betsy Ross was the first person that came to my mind.
Patty Candido, North Plains, Oregon [10-03-2002]

I just want to let you know that Im a big fan of Betsy Ross that is why I am here!
Nicole Koskan, Im 12 years old I lived in smithfild I love history and dance [10-03-2002]

I believe that our nation was organized under the inspiration of heaven. Further, I believe that the honest and pure in heart will, by relying on our Creator, preserve the work of our founders. I also believe that when our Creator judges this nation, the stars and stripes will be aloft in the breeze of liberty. Finally, I believe that next to the stars and stripes will fly the original flag with thirteen stars and thirteen stripes, just as Betsy Ross made it.
Val R. Harrison, Orem Utah [10-03-2002]

My brownies are earning a badge for the american flag, and I am researching some facts to tell them about "Old Glory".
Madelyn K. Phillips, Girl Scout Leader, Southfield, MI [10-02-2002]

Susan M. DeVine, Seneca Falls, NY [10-02-2002]

Janet Hanke [10-02-2002]

school project
max hernandez [10-02-2002]

stephanie, Vansant Va 12 [10-02-2002]

I love the American flag!!!
Blake Adkins, Warsaw, IN 15 [10-02-2002]

hi i'm diana and I like your websitte Betty Ross is my hero byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!
Diana, dover 11 [10-02-2002]

i love to her betsy's flag story!!!!!!!
Katlynn crawford, 10 ohio,ontario [10-02-2002]

i visited the house when i was an 11 year old girl scout.
maureen chiriac, hoboken [10-02-2002]

Mandy Smith, New Braunfels texas age 13 I am doing a project on Betsy Ross and need a description of her home. I think this will be very helpfull [10-02-2002]

Laureen KInsey, Philadelphia,37 and born on the 4th of July [10-02-2002]

I just wanted to say that im doin a project on her and that i love the first flag she made.
HEATHER BRADY, MYAKKYA CITY FL,14yr.s [10-02-2002]

tammy boyd [10-02-2002]

Caren Broniszewski, Philadelphia, PA 19149 23/female [10-02-2002]

JUDITH MENARD, houston, texas 58 year old grandmother [10-02-2002]

Leigh Mae Banda [10-02-2002]

holly anderson, montevallo, al, age 36 [10-02-2002]

Erin CanCan, Indiana [10-02-2002]

anonymous [10-02-2002]

My son and I are learning about the flag and were interested in seeing the tour of Betsy Ross's house. Thank you, Chay Brekke and Mitchell Nejad
Chay Brekke and Mitchell Nejad, California [10-02-2002]

chuntavious freeman, i stay in covington i am 13 and doing a project on betsy ross [10-02-2002]

holly anderson, montevallo, al, age 36 [09-30-2002]

Erin CanCan, Indiana [09-30-2002]

BRIGITTE ZAVITHSANOS, wpb,fl [09-30-2002]

anonymous [09-30-2002]

My son and I are learning about the flag and were interested in seeing the tour of Betsy Ross's house. Thank you, Chay Brekke and Mitchell Nejad
Chay Brekke and Mitchell Nejad, California [09-30-2002]

chuntavious freeman, i stay in covington i am 13 and doing a project on betsy ross [09-30-2002]

I am proud of the American flag and I am thankful to Betsy Ross for making it. Salute..
Susan Stock, I live in Florida, I am 44 yrs old and have 2 children. [09-30-2002]

Patricia Kelly, social studies teacher-8th grade [09-30-2002]

we are a junior troop of girl scouts and would like to learn and earn our united we stand badage. thanks jacksonville, alabama girl scout troop 144 juniors
TONYA HARPER, jacksonville, alabama girl scout troop 144 [09-29-2002]

Zackery Bates [09-29-2002]

each year we host a brownie sleepover. this year we wish for a diffent kind of badge to work on with them. through our own GSUSA web site we found an online try-it the girls could earn.
girl scout troop 158, winter haven fl [09-29-2002]

caitlin [09-29-2002]

from brownie girl scout troop 831
PARTICIA NAGLE, ashtabula, ohio [09-29-2002]

This is a very interesting site. I am going to have my students log on and view the tour. Keep up the good work.
Rick Banta, Broken Bow, OK; Age 57; History Teacher 8th grade; U.S. History [09-28-2002]

Kelsey Spaight, 9 McKinney Texas [09-28-2002]

Perrilyn St. Junior, New Orleans, Louisiana; Teacher [09-28-2002]

i'm interested with betsy ross house
DEE, philippines,29 yrs old [09-28-2002]

mELANIE sANTIAGO, 13 [09-28-2002]

lauren Drury, 14 [09-28-2002]

Julia Reincke-Harmon, Newark, DE, 34, Mother of 2, looking for educational trips [09-28-2002]

Thank you for helping me in my history class for a paper
Ashlea Dedini, Kingsburg, CA [09-28-2002]

Great site!
Michelle, Ohio 35 [09-28-2002]

I am here because I am doing a report on this ladie
Bailey, I play softball [09-28-2002]

Eugene F. Conroy [09-28-2002]

victoria sethunya [09-28-2002]

Melissa [09-28-2002]

i love BETSY ROSS because she made the first flag.I like the first flag a lot.We love you Betsy Ross.
jasmine sisson, my age is 8 [09-28-2002]

I love the Red, White and Blue.....God Bless U.S.A. Thanks for putting up the site......
Harold D. Buell, Fort Wayne,Indiana [09-28-2002]

Mrs. Cooper and Ms. Jackson's Kindergarten classes, Ft. Hood, Tx [09-28-2002]

I think this is great because i am doing a report on her and i would like to see her house
Crystal Eppenbrock [09-28-2002]

Bethany and Lorna Noack [09-28-2002]

Renae Noeldner [09-28-2002]

Melanie Hickman, Chico, CA 8 years old [09-28-2002]

Angela Swanson, Vevay, IN age 11 [09-28-2002]

I love the American flag and what it means to me.
Kimberly Eberle [09-28-2002]

Adreinne, 26 [09-28-2002]

Adam Bridges, Kings Mountain, NC 8 years old [09-28-2002]

We are learning about Betsy Ross in class during our Freedom week.
Mrs. Brazil's class, Spring, Texas 3rd graders [09-28-2002]

Lanette Tuggerson, Ft. Smith, AR [09-28-2002]

MAGGIE PETERS NEE MCINTOSH, ont. canada [09-28-2002]

Patricia Vickers [09-28-2002]

I am going to dress up like Betsy Ross for a school project.
Rebecca Carney, Kerrville Texas, 13 years old [09-28-2002]

Jessica [09-28-2002]

Jean Kirby, 47 year old college student, Mother of 5 [09-28-2002]

Samantha [09-28-2002]

emily Boman [09-28-2002]

Wonderful site!! My students will enjoy this very much.
Jackie Morris, teacher, Troy Michigan [09-28-2002]

Amanda, 13 [09-28-2002]

I'm learning about the flag.
Sean Borremans, Houston, TX, 8 yrs old [09-28-2002]

i love you
shanda holloway [09-28-2002]

MARSHA WALLACE [09-28-2002]

Britain Elementary Mrs. Augustine 2nd grade, Irving Texas [09-28-2002]

We enjoyed the tour!
Mrs. Dowling's Kindergarten Class, Wells,Texas 1A school [09-28-2002]

Our class is studying the symbols of the United States.
Mrs. Bentley, Teacher [09-28-2002]

Beatric Weaver White, I am now living in Pensacola FL. I am 39 years old and now the primary teacher for our new church which is called The Breaking Of Day Ministries. Our Pastor is Bishop A.B. Blackmon Sr. I just wanted to read up on some imformation on our Sunday School Lesson this week so I can be prepared for may class. [09-28-2002]

Can you still go see the "Betsy Ross" house today? Is it still standing?
Mandy Holm, 10 years old. In 5th grade [09-28-2002]

kjetil malmestr°mm [09-28-2002]

We as Americans owe a great deal to Betsy Ross. Without her our beloved STARS & STRIPES. Thank you Betsy for your dedication to this country.
Corey M. Smith, SrA, USAF, McConnell Air Force Base, Ks [09-28-2002]

margarita Wilson, Elementary school teacher [09-28-2002]

I love this web site!
anonymous, Fairbury IL age 9 [09-28-2002]

Elizabeth Carpenter, Calif. teacher-5th grade [09-28-2002]

My Mom and I were lucky enough to actually visit Philadelphia late this August, 2002 and see for ourselves - The Betsy Ross Home. It is truly amazing to see and hear of our history and the people who were so important in making the laws of which govern our country and proclaim its freedom. Let us all hope that we, as a country, never forget or lose the rights and justice and freedom these people fought so hard and long for. And let us all hope that it only extends beyond our county and lives in the hearts of all mankind.
Laura LaDonna Dunkin-Pellegrini, Greenwich, Connecticut - 10 years old [09-28-2002]

christina mccarty [09-28-2002]

Marshall Neilson, From ogden Utah [09-28-2002]

Sherry Reynolds, Southern Californian and History buff [09-28-2002]

Jessica, Getiesburg 14 i love people [09-28-2002]

Working on two girl scout badges with my troop!!
Rhonda Kincheloe, Lincoln, Illinois [09-28-2002]

anonymous [09-28-2002]

I chose Besty Ross to do a school project called "Days of the Notables", in which you choose someone famuos form history and potray them.
Alyssa Lee Reames, My age is 11, from Medford Oregon. [09-28-2002]

Grace Ann, age 8 [09-28-2002]

shelley ayotte, Lake Arrowhead, Calif 38 years old [09-28-2002]

Julie Kirkland, Houston, TX [09-28-2002]

I'm working on my Woodbadge project (for Scouting) and am doing a report on Mrs. Ross and her contribution to the nation.
Kathy Hooper, 47 [09-28-2002]

Sites like this are cool and interesting, especially if you can not actually go in person. I've always loved the American flag but even more so since 9-11. It's fun to learn about the history of the flag
Beatrice Robles, Corpus Christi, Tx 18yrs old [09-28-2002]

I visited the Betsy Ross House on a field trip to Philadelphia in fifth grade, there was a cat in the house that basically led us through
kristy, harrisburg/ 25 [09-28-2002]

Don [09-28-2002]

JaNae Dabb, Harrisville UT. 24yrs old [09-28-2002]

Cool-Informative site.
Kenneth Hill, Utah, 24, I will BE a GREAT film maker in a few years. [09-28-2002]

emily zaugg, I live in Clearfield Utah, I'm 21 and I love history! [09-28-2002]

Callie Liechty, Married, student at Weber State University in Utah [09-28-2002]

Ashley [09-28-2002]

Matt Greenhalgh, Ogden Ut, 25 [09-28-2002]

I'm doing a bio on Betsy Ross - I will be dressed like her and presenting her life history!
Kaitlin Conley, Age 10, Tampa Florida [09-28-2002]

Patti Merrill [09-28-2002]

Jennie Acevedo, Im studing for a report right now [09-28-2002]

Can't wait to take this tour!
Catherine, Girl Scout Leader in Kittery [09-28-2002]

Rebekah [09-28-2002]

Kim Simmons, Live in Plainsboro, New Jersey [09-28-2002]

I am giving a program about our flag at a meeting of my Dar chapter and I am starting my research here.
Ruth Grant, CA, 72 years old, NSDAR member [09-28-2002]

Sue, rachel,Navada [09-28-2002]

Heather Cogdill, Clinton, Utah [09-28-2002]

cassidy, 6+ [09-28-2002]

We like learning about where Betsy Ross lived when she was sewing the first American Flags. Thank you for providing this opportunity for us.
Clemmons' Chameleons, We are in Greenville, South Carolina. We are a group of third graders at Buena Vista Elementary School [09-28-2002]

I love to sew and I love America.
Elise, Indiana - age 11, doing a report on Betsy Ross [09-28-2002]

Christina CAughlin, Illinois 18 [09-28-2002]

Ashley McGee, Bountiful, UT age 20 [09-28-2002]

One of my third grade Social Studies classes and I went on the virturl tour of Betsy's House. We thought that it was very interesting. Maybe one day some of us can come for a real visit. Thank you for providing this for us.
Cindy Clemmons, South Carolina at Buena Vista Elementary School [09-28-2002]

hi im a 7th grade girl looking for reaserch
Alex [09-28-2002]

hi hows it goin
Alex [09-28-2002]

jenny marcum, i live in kentucky im years old and im in the ninthe grade [09-28-2002]

I adored the information and all of the tour of the Betsy Ross House. I am portraying her at an office function this week.
Nancy Lee Lothrop, I have a hobby of doing living history reenactments of the time frame from 1720-1820 [09-28-2002]

Christen Gore, originally from MD/18/Bryn Mawr College Student [09-28-2002]

Garet Pilgrim [09-28-2002]

Tyler Jones, Ogden, 21 years old [09-28-2002]

Jessica Kane, Philadelphia,13 [09-28-2002]

Kellie Lunt, 20 years old [09-28-2002]

aLICE nOVAK [09-28-2002]

deshler girl scouts troop 907, deshler nebraska 3rd grade [09-28-2002]

Doin' a report on betsy for history class! oh ya, i'm from hawaii! i love you sarah!
Lexi [09-28-2002]

j. mac, 13 [09-28-2002]

assignment for History, Weber State University
Theresa Crowe, Dugway, UT. 34 [09-28-2002]

Betsy Ross is so coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool!
Shalane, age 11 [09-28-2002]

Micheal Parenteau, 52 Architect, Minnesota [09-28-2002]

I hope to go there very soon
Dora von Kyrein, Teacher,Chile, [09-28-2002]

how old were you when you sewed the flag
demetruia coolidge, Atchison kansas,14 [09-28-2002]

Michael Jones, Brigham City, Ut. [09-28-2002]

Sharon Shirley, Minnesota, 45 yrs old [09-28-2002]

Jessica [09-28-2002]

Bryce Evans, Utah, 22 [09-28-2002]

I am taking a history class and this is one of the assignments.
anonymous [09-28-2002]

VICTOR J. BRADBURY, 83 years old, live in Metairie, LA. I am a practicing attorney [09-28-2002]

I love you
scottie, 7ichs. [09-28-2002]

Yeah Betsy!
becky, I live in MO and love the red,white and blue! [09-28-2002]

What a great web site! God Bless America!
Paige Mull, Caliente, NV 39yrs. old [09-28-2002]

I am a homeschooling mom and really enjoyed the book, In Their Own Words, Betsy Ross published by Scholastic and written by Peter and Connie Roop. I was glad to know about the virtual tour and hope to visit the actual site someday with my children. There is so much to see in your area and so much history that happened there.
D LeBlanc, Age 43, State LA [09-28-2002]

betsy you where a good person from what i here but to me you are more than good you where wonderful you made the american Flag you are very important to everyone! AMERICA LOVES YOU!!
kelle williams, north carolina 13 i love the america flag! [09-28-2002]

I feel that Betsy Ross is a Patriot and she has paved the way for us to have a lot more patriotism.
anonymous [09-28-2002]

Chris Thornblad [09-28-2002]

Candice Sano, Utah, 20 [09-28-2002]

Kimberly Gorman, Ogden, Ut W.S.U student [09-28-2002]

This is a great website for school assignments
Shaylee Simonsen, Utah, 20, Weber State University [09-28-2002]

DeeAura Thompson, Ogden, UT 20 years old [09-28-2002]

lauren, dover,13 [09-28-2002]

I am interested in sharing the history of the flag at schools with young kids. I am looking up resources for Betsy Ross.
Valerie J. McGuire, Groom TX [09-28-2002]

Linda Perrine [09-28-2002]

I am a student of Sessions and Ulibarri's online class. This was part of a homework assignment for my class,and Itruly enjoyed your website:)
Sherry, I am a student of Sessions and Ulibarri's online class. This was part of a homework assignment for my online course, and truly enjoyed your website:) [09-28-2002]

on radio 937 krq the john jay and rich radio program news 4 eyewitness kvoa tucson gabe vincetin kinghorn
GABE VINCETIN KINGHORN, arizona daily star [09-28-2002]

I remember as a child reading about how Ms. Ross showed Mr. Washington how easy it is to make a 5-pointed star. I've make stars like that ever since.
Carly Davis, Pipe Creek, Texas [09-28-2002]

I'm trying to find out where the original flag that Betsy Ross made is now.
Clara, Guilford, CT 6 years old [09-28-2002]

i love you betsy
nicole black [09-28-2002]

I am a Brownie Leader and we are working on the try it for the flag, It appears to be a new one. You are a link from that page.
Lynn M. Todd, Watertown, NY / Girl Scout Leader [09-28-2002]

Great place!
Ann Marie Duus, Culver City, CA, 48 [09-28-2002]

Brian J. Bircher [09-28-2002]

Ariane Montrose, Logan, UT, 24 years old, taking the tour for a history class [09-28-2002]

Annette L Mills, Panama City Fl 41 [09-28-2002]

Talia Williams, 22; Salt Lake City, UT [09-28-2002]

Trish Elliott, Sulphur Springs,Texas 58 Teacher for 24 years [09-28-2002]

Philicia Peters [09-28-2002]

Thanks for the hard work on putting this virtual tour together. I appreciate it. I am going to be teaching Brownie Girl Scouts about the American Flag and the person who designed and sewed it.
Becky Fiedler, Lincoln, Missouri [09-28-2002]

taking girls scouts on a tour of the house
gsa assoc. 13 troop 551 [09-28-2002]

Im in first grader.
Casey Mattis, I like dogs.I'm 6 years oid. I love to go to the pool. [09-28-2002]

Mary Plewa, live in burbank, Ca [09-28-2002]

i'm here searching for the right flag for general custer...
Caterina Serra, i'm italian i live in Lucca a small city in the middle f touscany i'm 27 year [09-28-2002]

Rich (T-Bone) Thompson, Utah, 29yrs [09-28-2002]

This is an excellent website. Thank You
Darlene Pierce, I live at Wayne, WV, I am 37 and have a 4yr old son, I am very interested in our country history [09-28-2002]

lisa simpson, Kindergarten teacher [09-28-2002]

Mike, Ogden, Utah [09-28-2002]

I am doing a report on Besty Ross and your website gave me lots of information and a virtial picture of what she looked like! ~Thanks!~ P.S. It's a great site to visit!
Candis, 13 (age), Fl. (Location) 8th grade [09-28-2002]

Brenda Womack, Kaysville, Utah [09-27-2002]

I enjoyed viewing this web site. I needed it for a school project. I hope to tour Betsy Ross's house someday.
Kelsey Schrecengost, I am 8 years old and live in Pennsylvania. [09-27-2002]

Mindi Patterson, Utah 23 doing this tour for history class [09-27-2002]

thank you for this site. I have a period costume and I'm planning on wearing it to a community event here in Ottawa, I'll pretend to be Besty. Other folks are entering the Abe Lincoln look alike contest. We are celebrating the year of Lincoln.
anonymous, Ottawa, Illinois [09-14-2002]

thanks for the great web site
ANNETTE HICKS [09-13-2002]

Brice Wear, Clearfield UT. age 29 [09-13-2002]

Patti Wheeler, Washington State [09-13-2002]

ive really been patriotic since 9/11 and started to love things like this, about people who are important to our nation like you.
Vanessa, Miami, 12 [09-13-2002]

Maureen L. (O'Hara) Crabaugh [09-13-2002]

Mel [09-13-2002]

I am very glad you have this site, for all to see! a lot of people can't get in person so this has got to be the best way to see it! Thank-you for the privelege of seeing this historical house!
Dave Lassen, I'm 47, and very proud to an American [09-13-2002]

stephanie love [09-13-2002]

Caitlin Carson, Greenville, SC, 9 years old, 4th grade [09-13-2002]

Allie Benda, I live in Lemont I'm 16 [09-13-2002]

Craig Housley, I live in Layton Utah. I am 22 ears old. [09-13-2002]

Through the law firm where I work (Baker Botts) I'm volunteering to read to a third grade class in an inner city Elementary School that we have partnered with for the past 12 years. I am hoping to read them a biography on Betsy Ross and thought this site would provide helpful background info for me.
Cindy Williams, 48 years old from Houson, Texas [09-13-2002]

Thank you for the information I need it for a school project
Joshua, age 7 [09-11-2002]

Great site but can't find what kind of patriot John Ross was...was he a founding father?
Rob [09-11-2002]

just came upon this site by accident. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!
annie, 40 [09-11-2002]

John Prettyman [09-11-2002]

Morgan Strong, white bear lake, mn 7 [09-11-2002]

I really don't know if Betsy Ross did actually make the first flag, but I am sure I will find out with some research. Thank you.
Mateas, Liberty, UT, Age 23. Just investigating some myths about the Betsy Ross Flag. [09-11-2002]

What a wonderful site! Thanks for sharing the Betsy Ross house online.
Carol Tate, Cary, NC [09-11-2002]

Today is the 1 year anniversary of the World Trade Center disaster. I have attended a memorial service. I am looking for information on Betsy Ross and the American Flag so I will better know how to prepare for the float our church youth group is putting in the Pumpkin Festival Parade. This year's theme is "Celebrate America." We are constructing a Statue of Liberty, having someone to dress like Betsy Ross and pretend to sew a flag and we will have a couple of youth to dress as Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. My son is in the ROTC program at school and he is going to wear his uniform, march, and carry the American Flag as it is today. The flag still stands for freedom and I feel it is a very important part of our history.
Tina C. Adams, 36 years old [09-11-2002]

Briana [09-11-2002]

Tina C. Adams, 36 years old [09-11-2002]

We are learning about Betsy Ross and the American flag.
Fedrick Cohens, Rakeim Palmer, Everette Moore, Cory Baxley, Floyd Tigney, Dominique Hanks, Third Grade Class [09-11-2002]

miesha armstrong [09-11-2002]

chasity [09-11-2002]

I really like your web site
Andrea Gluschenko, i am 12 i live in florida [09-11-2002]

karen [09-11-2002]

im looking forward to the tour
anna, i like pasta [09-11-2002]

We can't wait to take the tour!
Tamara BednorZ, Teacher of second grade student [09-11-2002]

I love the internet!
molly peterson, ohio 8years old [09-11-2002]

AlExanDEr MooRheAD is gay!
Elizabeth NIcole Dodds [09-11-2002]

i love dusty
Alex Moorhead [09-11-2002]

john quick [09-11-2002]

Monica Garcia, Fresno,Ca. 33 [09-11-2002]

Sheryl Faught [09-11-2002]

this is cool
Casey Clark, visting for history class [09-11-2002]

My dad and I are learning about the history of the Flag. We thought that this might be a good place to start. My dad is a history teacher and I wanted to know more about our history.
Mike Magruder, Greeley Colorado, 7 years old [09-11-2002]

Joyce Blake, West Virginia--member NSDAR [09-11-2002]

i have learned that my great grandma catherine wagner was given a letter of thanks from betsy ross memorial.
carolyn, retired,southern ohio [09-11-2002]

Christopher Vigil, Ogden, Utah, age 31 [09-11-2002]

We have just relocated to Philly and are thrilled to be here! Love this site!
Jennifer Speciale, Married female, age 30 [09-11-2002]

Rebecca [09-11-2002]

Joey Driggers, Florida [09-11-2002]

chris, 10 [09-11-2002]

Christina Garcia, Beeville, Tx, 31, History Lesson with my daughters [09-11-2002]

My Brownie troop will be studying the flag this year. Thanks for all the great information!
Janelle Coons, Leawood, KS [09-11-2002]

Miss Hunter's Second Grade Class, JD Floyd Elementary School, Spring Hill, FL [09-11-2002]

summer draper, hooper, ut [09-11-2002]

Lorina, Carlsbad, NM [09-11-2002]

I wish I could be there in person!
Joyce, South Carolina [53years old] [09-11-2002]

Thanks for having this site and tour online for me to explore.
Nicholas Blackwell [09-11-2002]

doing a study on women of america,
brook matthews, baltimore,md. age 33 [09-11-2002]

molly, 9 years old [09-11-2002]

molly, 11 [09-11-2002]

Sharon Waller, Sherman, TX age - 42 teacher of special education, using for classroom materials [09-11-2002]

Becca Rahorn [09-11-2002]

Eileen and Shannon Lamb-Davis [09-11-2002]

I am a Brownie Girl Scout and I am trying to learn about Betsy Ross.
Linda Miller, 7 [09-11-2002]

I never realized the important of Betsy Ross' flag until 9-11. As a Second Grade Teacher, from Long Island, New York, last year, my class and I did a web site that has touched all that has gone to view it. People signing my guestbook are from around the world. This year I pained about what to do. I decided to do a patriotic theme and then poetry and some writing to add to this site. Betsy Ross was a large part of what I have done. I did something for my children in class and all who view this web. I needed to discuss and soothe their wounds also. I hope I have done well in what I tried and continue to try. May God bless you. Susan Tooter4Kids
Susan Stein, Long Island, New York [09-11-2002]

Lynn Dillon, Cass City, MI [09-11-2002]

Lynelle Yutani, Douglas, WY (28 yrs, F) College Assignment [09-11-2002]

In 5 Grade I had A report on Pennsylvania and Bettsy Ross I guess im still intrested
Maggie, from California [09-11-2002]

Very helpful information for a Sunday School lesson in many ways. THANK YOU......Sundee
Sundee Rickey, Kirkland, Wa. 35yrs. [09-11-2002]

Kimberly Cole, 10 yrs old. St. Petersburg, FL [09-11-2002]

Thank you so much for this site, it was very educational, it is a shame that children don't learn more about the flag. Thanks again, this is great!!
Phyllis A Stewart, live in Orlando, Florida, 52 years old, father was a veteran [09-11-2002]

Donna Osborn, I am 40 yrs old, born in Columbus Georgia, live in Russell County Alabama, love crafts, sewing and children [09-09-2002]

laura wohrle, kutztown,22, future teacher [09-09-2002]

Molly Ingram, Sacramento, CA, age 10, researching for a report [09-09-2002]

Thank you so much for this web site. I am doing an interview with a dead person for my final grade in Comp.I I chose Betsy Ross, and with the imformation I have gleaned from here I am sure to get a good grade. Linda
Linda Keaten, 54 year old college student from Lake Wales, Florida [09-09-2002]

Anitra, Hannah, Nathanael, and David Muse, Homeschool mom- TN [09-06-2002]

Shane White, Bountiful, Utah= age: 30 [09-06-2002]

Mrs. Boas' Fourth Grade Class, 19 fourth graders form New Jersey [09-06-2002]

beverly green - school teacher [09-06-2002]

Brianna and lane, thid gade [09-06-2002]

We ArE tAkInG a ToUr.
GaViN sArAh, third graders [09-06-2002]

we are taking a tour of your house.
ciera josh, 3 graders at cresline [09-06-2002]

we are taking a tour at your house
Adam and James, therd graders [09-06-2002]

our class is taking a tour
daniel jesi, 3gader [09-06-2002]

we are takeing a tour.
Randy and H alEIGH, 3rd graders [09-06-2002]

Elizabeth and Chad, third graders [09-06-2002]

savannah AUSTIN, 3 grade [09-06-2002]

Our class is taking the virtual tour of Betsy Ross's home in the computer lab.
Christy, teacher [09-06-2002]

Thank you for this tour I am home school and we are learning about our American flag and this has been interesting and helpful.
Paul Ellis, I live in Maine I am 6 yrs old and home taught [09-06-2002]

Hillary, york,pa 13 y.o. [09-05-2002]

Charlotte Laverty, Coming to visit October 2002 [09-05-2002]

Amber Stady, Texas [09-05-2002]

anonymous, teacher [09-05-2002]

HOWARD L HORTON [09-05-2002]

We Visited this virtual tour while studying about Celebrate Freedom Week.
Mrs. Lamprecht's SFA Class, Gonzales, Texas, 39 Teacher. [09-05-2002]

Thanks for the neat site, my 8th History class enjoyed taking a look!
Mrs. Jenkins [09-05-2002]

Melodie Cheek, Librarian, Virginia [09-05-2002]

Amanda, Fl. 17 [09-05-2002]

Danielle [09-05-2002]

Sarah, Oklahoma [09-05-2002]

Starla Jayne (Keelen) Darnell, Houston, Texas DOB: 1946 DAR/Related to B Ross [09-05-2002]

Anderson Elementary School Tampa, FL. [09-05-2002]

Mrs. Ford's Class, 3rd graders- 8&9 years old [09-05-2002]

I was Betsy Ross in our Labor Day parade and wanted to learn more about her.
Jessica Childs, I'm 4 years old and live in NY [09-05-2002]

anonymous [09-05-2002]

Betsy C. Griscom [09-05-2002]

Project for elementary education major
Tara Volden, student at Sam Houston State University, TX [09-05-2002]

Please contact me if you have any idea about St.Pauls Catholic school and how can i get in. Thanks a lot Natasha
Natasha Weese, Canada Sault Marie im 13 going in grade 8 and hoping I can get into St.Pauls Catholic school [09-05-2002]

Eileen Smith, I am a teacher in Marysville, MI. [09-05-2002]

Kerri, loves history and loves colonial America [09-05-2002]

Luz Barragan, Teacher, Arizona [09-05-2002]

Patsy Jacobs, Oregon [09-05-2002]

Jessica Rhees, Weber State University student in Utah [09-05-2002]

B.K. Canter, Upper Marlboro, Maryland [09-05-2002]

Bonnie Streit, Georgetown, Ohio --age 55 [09-05-2002]

RUTH PIZARCHUK, i live in penna. --i visit betsy ross house years ago == and loved all the history about her . [09-05-2002]

I was born and raised in Philadelphia. I attended Hallahan High School. When the old Septa,gormerly called PTC went on strike I would walk from my house in Kensigton down Front strret south detour to Race st and eventaually passed the "House" Betsy's House. One time I actually visited the Hoouse. I had entered the house through the front door and ascended the steps to the bedrooms and sewing room, then down the steps through the kitchen and viewed all her old pewter ware plates cups utensils. I recently visited again this past March with my 15 yr old son. I was dismayed that the tour began in the rear of the house instaed of the front door. I saw a lot of clothing, but very little if not any pewter plates or utensils? I saw saw a bedroom, where Washington spent an evening and his wooden teeth, once again I was dismayed not to see some of that authenticity. I did see some things in a museum/gift shop, but thought those things should be in the house.My son was surprised to see the house so small. I wanted him to experience the same as when I saw the HOUSE. Why all the changes over the years. I understand when I saw it was back in 1968 - 1970. why all the changes? I think returning to things back into the house would be more relevant. Thank You, Kathllen T. Wolfe
Kathleen T WoLfe, I am 52 and presently reside in FLorida. [09-05-2002]

I love the sight. I plan to use it as a followup to a walking tour. I would like to plan a scavenger hunt to help the students look for and learn information. Do you have one all ready made?
Barbara Terrell, Philadelphia Teacher Third grade [09-05-2002]

this is for school
pat, likes money [09-05-2002]

jere' white [09-05-2002]

I remember visiting the Betsy Ross House many times when I was alittle girl. I was born in Philadelphia. I am so glad I can visit again even if it is on my computer.
Lisa D'Errico, Dayton, Ohio 40 years old [09-05-2002]

We are making a float about Betsy Ross for a parade. We love America.
Canaan Grade one, We live near Madison, Indiana [09-05-2002]

Happened upon the site while looking up some information for a teacher at school. I am looking forward to taking the tour.
Jeanne Smith, Jacksonville, Fl [09-05-2002]

My school will be honoring the heroes of 9/11 the week of Sept.3rd-17th. I found this wonderful website and have encouraged all our faculty members to visit you too.
Jill Avery, I live in Groves,TX and have been teaching school for 29 years. [09-05-2002]

Doing research for my niece on Symbles of America, and how they were chosen to represent our Country and our Freedom. As a reminder of my Heritage, and Freedom that I have never taken for granted, on September 11 my husband, and myself were on vacation in beautiful Cancun Mexico, and while watching the news that morning left a gaping hole in my soul, and we had such an urgent need to get back to the United States, but were kept from coming home untill our borders were more secure, only reminded me that my Great Grandfathers, and prior, my Father, Uncles, Cousins, Friends, and my Husband fought for, died for, was injured and shed precious blood for something that is so priceless and dear that it connects us at the soul. Thank you for the Tour, and the Privelodge. Janette Turner/Collierville, TN
Janette Turner, 53 year old "Proud American" [09-05-2002]

Ashley, kansas, 13 [09-05-2002]

Diane, 42,married. Oklahoma [09-05-2002]

Laura Henricksen [09-05-2002]

I loved your tour!
anonymous [09-05-2002]

maria [09-05-2002]

Gretchyn Betts, age 7; homeschooler [09-05-2002]

I am interested to know if I am related to Betsy Ross. My family was located in Seaford DE in the mid 1700s and moved to Roseville Il around 1800.
Norman Ross, Harford Co. Md, 50yoa [09-05-2002]

Norma [09-05-2002]

My class will tour your sight tomorrow, I hope! We live in Canaan, Indiana. We are in the southeastern corner of the state, near Madison, Indiana. We will be making a float for our local fall festival to honor our flag. We are featuring Betsy Ross.
Norma L. Tuttle, teacher in a small elementary school...grade one [09-05-2002]

I am learning about Betsy Ross and the American flag in Homeschool.
Arianna Menefee, 5 years old [09-05-2002]

this is a wonderful tour via computer. pictures are beaytiful and interesting.thank you for allowing the privilege to visit this historical home.
Shirley Knight, age 63-very patriotic-admire betsy ross much- [09-05-2002]

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