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anonymous, Bellevue, NE, 66, member Fraternal Order of Eagles [04-29-2002]

Michael Phillips, Jr., 12 years old [04-29-2002]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross in the 4th grade.
Kristen [04-29-2002]

Ashley Getz, I am 11 Stokton Elm. School 5th grade [04-29-2002]

Iam doing a report on Betsy Ross and am looking for some good pictures. Do you have any?
Molly Buckler, age10 [04-29-2002]

Martina Quigley [04-29-2002]

I am trying to find information about Betsy and I thought that this was so cool
Taylor [04-29-2002]

Rebecca Keller, St.Mary,s Georgia 56 years old,Patriotic instructor for LAVFW [04-29-2002]

Brittany Thompson, bidd me 12 [04-29-2002]

this should be interesting!
Chelsey [04-29-2002]

megan, Springfield, Ohio 11 [04-29-2002]

Erica Wwihbrecht, Wilkes-Barre PA age 12 [04-29-2002]

hi how are you are you doing good answer (optional) 0
jordan gick, 10 [04-29-2002]

jordan gick, 10 [04-29-2002]

kimberly haddon, student [04-29-2002]

I am doing a report for my Sophomore Honors English class.
Vanessa, U.S., 16 yrs old, interested in American history [04-29-2002]

Web Simpkins, Age 71 Retired United Methodist Clergy Florida [04-29-2002]

I just love Betsy Ross. I am doing a report on her in school. I am in the 5th grade.
Britt Trexler, I am 10 [04-29-2002]

layna, michigan [04-29-2002]

carol o'connor, bronx [04-29-2002]

Chloe angle, 10 love to read [04-29-2002]

joseph e rippert, phila.43 [04-29-2002]

god bless america .
Nicole Johnston, 8 years old Rochester N.Y. [04-29-2002]

I am A Huge History Buff, I love The Constitution, it's an amazing document and Betsey Ross should be proud, as I am!
Jean Woodman, School Teacher, 50, New Jersey [04-29-2002]

I think Betsy Ross is cool, because I am studying her for my second grade report.
robyn f. g., age 8 [04-29-2002]

I really enjoyed the visit
Alyssa Baylis, I live in Union City Michigan. I am in the 5th grade and doing a paper on Betsy Ross and the flag . I hope to visit the house [04-29-2002]

I'm doing a Research Project on you and the American Flag because I find it interesting.
Chelsea Sedlecky, Age 10 [04-29-2002]

Katie Deyerle, Midlothian, VA Age 9 Mrs. Kittinger's Class [04-29-2002]

Sherry Walker, Waimea, Kauai [04-29-2002]

I took the tour . very intresting.
phyllis lindemeyer, housewife gerald mo. Iam 52 and a grandmother of soon to be 5. [04-28-2002]

Debra Dragon, Pitman, NJ ; 5th grade teacher [04-28-2002]

betsy ross ROCKS!
Gracie, 5th grade [04-28-2002]

betsy ross ROCKS!
anonymous [04-28-2002]

We are working on a homework project.
Angela, Lydia's Mom [04-28-2002]

i came to this site because i'm doing a report on betsy ross and the first american flag.
Kelly, age 13 [04-27-2002]

Elizabeth [04-27-2002]

I tour this house when I was in 3rd. grade.
Beth, Pa., 54 [04-27-2002]

coneflower53 [04-27-2002]

thank you
tiffanyamberspringer, delafield,wi/10 [04-27-2002]

I am eternally beholden and grateful to this country and am proud to be a native American. Long live 'Old Glory'!
Manny A. Fernandez, 40 year-old born and raised in Miami, FL [04-27-2002]

I have inherited a plate made by Wright Tyndale & Van Roden Philadelphia, of Betsy Ross house, can you tell me when it would have been made and it's worth if any? Thank you
Mrs N.P.Hammond, Norfolk, England [04-27-2002]

I have learned that Besty Ross was the first one to make the American Flag and has made many accomplishment in her life and for that I am thankful for all she has given to History.
Brettini J. Dailey, Columbia City, Oregon age 8 [04-27-2002]

ac, lower salem ohio [04-27-2002]

Timothy Becker [04-27-2002]

Janette Bumgarner, Peshastin, Wn. 11yr. old--Jr. Hi. Student [04-27-2002]

I enjoyed touring Philadelphia for my fifth grade trip today.i hope to visit THE CITY THAT NEVER SLEEPS agian.
Alexandre Tyler, 12 [04-27-2002]

lauren [04-27-2002]

Lodgepole Elementary Grade 3 [04-27-2002]

hello i do not know you but hello
RICHARD TRUETT JR, 14 [04-27-2002]

Jill Koshollek [04-27-2002]

We have been studying Famous Americans and are working on a play about Betsy Ross. My students came to your website to take a tour. Thank you for making history come alive for them!
Mrs. Leisa Sievers, Second Grade Teacher [04-27-2002]

Rebecca J. Streed & Kendall Michel-Streed, Mom & seven year old daughter [04-27-2002]

Betsy Ross makes a good role model for kids. My class had to choose a famous person to do a biography on. I chose Betsy Ross. Mrs. Ross is a wonderful person to learn about!!!! ~*Saddel Seat rider*~
anonymous [04-27-2002]

Are thair any pictures ofBetsy Ross?
Bonni L. Peck, age: 11 [04-27-2002]

Patricia Raspa, Cape May NJ age:46 [04-27-2002]

i loved betsy ross so i deciced to do a report on her thanks soooooo much!
Kaleigh, 11 [04-27-2002]

regina barber, california,22, [04-27-2002]

Rebecca Smith [04-27-2002]

Eric Bardales [04-27-2002]

jennifer batton, 28 splendora texas [04-27-2002]

mrs. rodney cullen, I am at work my age is 48 [04-27-2002]

Iwish that i could meet you because I am Doing A Report on you
Hope Adams, Alabama 11 Girl [04-27-2002]

I'm proud to be an American, especially today. The stand our country has taken, the unity, the love are what America is all about. God has richly blessed this country. Our strength comes from Him. God bless the USA!
Bonny J. Sweat, West Columbia, SC [04-27-2002]

Jennifer Cunniff, Lake Toxaway, N.C., 45 yrs old, Teacher, and a relative of Betsy Ross. [04-27-2002]

Was there as and elementary student - remembering what I saw as I am helping my son do a report on historic Phila.
Georgia, DuBois Pa - 40-something - female [04-27-2002]

Robyn Goldberg, 8 years old [04-27-2002]

carol rackstein, Georgia, 50YO [04-27-2002]

I'm reading about Betsy Ross to earn the "Write-Away" Try-it in Brownies. We're also going to earn a flag patch. I like Brownies a lot!
Kasey Benson, 7 years old, 1st grade, Winnebago, Illinois [04-27-2002]

nikki [04-27-2002]

I am studing her in school
Kirsten [04-27-2002]

Brittney McClendon [04-27-2002]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross and I would like to see the house she lived in.
Christey, age11, live in Iowa, love Iowa State Cyclones, and I'm smart [04-27-2002]

This is wonderful to have all of this information so close at hand. I know I will be back with other friends sharing all of this with them.... Thank you for having this for all of us to enjoy....
Bonny Heger, Worthington, Ohio [04-27-2002]

debbie hazelton [04-27-2002]

jessica wall [04-27-2002]

Mrs. Foltz's Third Grade class, East Pennsboro Elementary School Enola, PA [04-27-2002]

Pedro Hernandez, i like men [04-27-2002]

I heard it was Haunted!!!
Rachael, Ambler,11,Loves to swim [04-27-2002]

E. Barish, Philadelphia School Librarian [04-27-2002]

Frank Porczi, Cherry Point, NC. 34 [04-27-2002]

Mimi Morgan, 49, working on a vignette display for a Flower Show. Betsy Ross is the American Hero we a re dipicting in our vignette. [04-27-2002]

this is a wonderful place to visit. it makes you appriciate how people lived and how they didn't have much but they did with what they had. i am very glad that this information is available to the public to see and learn about. thanks for everything my son and i had learned from this experience.
JANE GINLEY, 35 phila [04-27-2002]

JANE [04-27-2002]

ida [04-27-2002]

I had originaly visited this website for my sons report on Philadelphia, & enjoyed it so much I took the virtual tour.
Misty, 27, Lancaster, Pennsylvania [04-27-2002]

I am visiting this virtual tour to fulfill my patriotism badge in our church group.
Kyle, Colorado, age 9 [04-27-2002]

lindsey, ggtngjhiwjuht [04-27-2002]

very cool
eddie [04-27-2002]

anonymous, Long Beach Unified School district, Long Beach, CA [04-27-2002]

This site helped me tremendously in my research work on the First Amendment, and American flags. May God richly bless you all.Jesus loves you.
Edward Appiah-Brafoh [04-27-2002]

Please e-mail any information about the historic sites for use with students on visit. Thank you
Joseph P. Bottini, Sauquoit,NY, 67,visiting Philadelphia w/students in 10 days [04-27-2002]

I am doing a paper on Betsy Ross for my 5th grade culture fair.
Shannon Shaughnessy, Louisville, Ky age 11 [04-27-2002]

My wife was Betsy Ross when she was in second grade. Now, our daughter, is in first grade and come home today to say that she is going to be Betsy Ross. My wife then went to her cider chest and showed our daughter the outfit that she where many years ago. Our daughter tried it on and it fit her perfectly.
Bob Kimble, Rayland, Ohio, [04-27-2002]

Jan Miller [04-27-2002]

Betsy Ross is my hero. I really like writing about her. I am going to dress up like her too for my book report.
Mary Dody Grundman, Sandwich, MA age 8 writing a report about Betsy Ross [04-27-2002]

anna, va [04-27-2002]

Tabitha Hogue [04-27-2002]

Naomi Bagley [04-27-2002]

Sammary Maldonado, I live in Lebanon Pennsylvania and i'm 11 years old. [04-27-2002]

Robert Castro, Santa Fe,NM 17 years old [04-27-2002]

I am coming to Philadelphia to a conference in a few days. I am enjoying reading about items that are important in the history of this great city. Thank you for offering this site.
Elizabeth, Wyoming resident [04-27-2002]

I needed information for pennsylvania school report, in grade 4.
Jenna Mae Reck, dover PA, age 10 [04-27-2002]

hi baby
jodi hallows, age10 [04-27-2002]

Carol Cannon-Nesco, freelance artist in the Pocono mountains of PA [04-27-2002]

Rebecca, 10 [04-27-2002]

Mandie Green, Newville, pa 10 yrs. Doing report on Besty [04-27-2002]

I love America!!!!!
Aria, I'm related to Betsy Ross [04-27-2002]

I am writing a report on the symbols of the american revolution, and I have learned a lot of interesting things about Betsy Ross as a person.
Lida Munroe, age-12, Live on an island off the coast of Maine [04-27-2002]

Farouk Eshragi, Toronto, Canada [04-27-2002]

Thomas James McCormick, My 6 Great Grand Father was Rev. George Ross John Ross's Grandfather [04-27-2002]

The Girl Scouts are offering a special patch "United We Stand" to help girls learn more about the American Flag and what it stands for. I am very glad they provided this website as a resource. It is terrific.
Betsy D., Girl Scout leader age 47 [04-27-2002]

Someday I hope to be able to do this in person, my greatest wish is to be able to visit my relatives and tour Philadelphia, as I haven't been there since I was a child, and visited on a field trip in school.
Joanne C. Platt, I live in Greenleaf, Idaho, I was born in Hatboro, Pa,I'm 53yrs old. [04-21-2002]

I am related distantly to John Ross, Betsy's first husband. It is rewarding to take the virtual tour of Betsy's residence.
James E. Stone [04-20-2002]

Bonnie Ray, Northumberland, Pa [04-20-2002]

Mathew Vieira [04-20-2002]

callie goble, 12 y/o doing a report for school on betsy ross and her contribution to the u.s with the american flag [04-20-2002]

That five-point star is great!!!
Valerie, Orchard Park, New York - Age 9 [04-20-2002]

katie hanauer [04-20-2002]

Lauren [04-20-2002]

ELI [04-20-2002]

My family and I are looking for ideas to use as a theme for our float in our community July 4th parade.
Jackie Moore, Westfield, NY 31years of age [04-20-2002]

jared kennedy, valrico, fl age 12yr 7th grade [04-18-2002]

My daughter is doing a report for school on Betsy ross & we have found this site to be very interesting. Keep up the good work
Denise Haines & daughters, 33yr old single Mom with my two daughters ages 10 & 12 [04-18-2002]

kelsey kuehn, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma [04-18-2002]

My grandson Ashton, is 10 years old and in the 3rd grade at school. His class was asked to write a story about someone that was a historic hero. He chose Betsy Ross. We are so glad there is such wonderful things about her here on the net. Thank you so much for making this a great school project for him.
marcie mcglynn, hunington, indiana [04-18-2002]

Tenley [04-18-2002]

Jaz, i live in long beach new york [04-17-2002]

I really like American history
Timmothy Stinson, Im 8 years old [04-17-2002]

Jessica [04-17-2002]

Katie, 13 [04-17-2002]

betsy i think is so cool
chis [04-17-2002]

Kim Gilliam, I am A-W-E-S-M-E!!! [04-17-2002]

that's one for a computer and Internet.
Ernesto Contreras, Mathis Tx 78368 Age:40 [04-17-2002]

bob cook [04-17-2002]

I used to live in PA. My family still does. I used this site for my fourth graders. I still remember visiting there when I was in school. One of my students choose to read about Betsy Ross for a book report.
MaryAnne Morcom [04-17-2002]

Thank you so very much for having this site put together for people like me who may never get a chance to get there in person. This is a wonderful page of infromation. Again thank you.
Peter A Zitel, Washington state 26 [04-17-2002]

Helping my daughter to a paper on Betsy Ross and then we got so interested that we have just kept going on our own here.
Charlotte Hobson, Erlanger, KY [04-17-2002]

I picked Betsy Ross to write about in my social studies report.
Alexandria, fourth grade [04-17-2002]

from the look of your house it is so pretty but out said why do you got a daed bird there
charmaine payne, 11 youngstown ohio [04-16-2002]

my girl scout troop 54 is learning about the flag. thank you .
linda atkinson, dardanelle,arkansas [04-16-2002]

Taylor, Grand junction colorado [04-16-2002]

My daughter is doing a famous person report and she has chosen to be Betsy Ross.
Susan Penrose, La habra, CA [04-15-2002]

I am teaching my Daisy Girl Scouts about the flag and have printed almost everything on these pages. I loved the tour! Thanks for the fabulous sight!
Suzanne Levy, California Girl Scout Leader [04-15-2002]

I'm going to be teaching our Kindergarten class about Betsy Ross this week. I was born and raised in the suburbs outside of Philadelphia, so I do know about Betsy Ross and have visited her house as a child. Last year I came (from Virginia wehre I now live) back to Philly on a class trip with my twin 5th grade sons. It was great to show them Phildelphia and of course Betsy Ross' house. I took pictures inside her house and plan to share them with my kindergarteners this week. Thanks for takin such good care of Philadelphia's historic places.
M. A. Waters, Kindergarten Assistant in Northern Virginia [04-15-2002]

Nice site was looking for info for a book report..thanks
Cheyann Baker, 10yrs old [04-15-2002]

dork, 19,Alexandria LA. [04-15-2002]

Thank you for some very interesting facts about the American Flag. God Bless America! Love IT or Leave It.I just read "Why the American Flag Is Folded 13 Times" This site was suggested to visit, glad I did.
Marian Moon, female 67 California 4-14-02 10:30 p.m. [04-15-2002]

Barbara, Rapid City,SD 11 [04-14-2002]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross and trying to find information about her
brittany fehr, lawrenceburg ind age 11 [04-14-2002]

Gina Raniero [04-14-2002]

Thank you for such an informational web site. This really made studying about the American Flag in Girl Scouts an enjoyable and informational event!
Elyse Salisbury, Brownie Leader, 3rd grade Brownie leader [04-14-2002]

Eliset Alvarado, Dallas, TX 17 years old [04-14-2002]

Jillianne, Washigton [04-14-2002]

marisela escobedo, crane tx 79731 10. [04-14-2002]

Hope G., 14, from M.O. [04-14-2002]

Maria Nickerson [04-14-2002]

Timothy Walsh, Poughkeepsie N.Y age 9 [04-14-2002]

brooke haggerty, age 10, Port Huron, Michigan [04-14-2002]

JoAnn W. Klinedinst, Cub Scout Bear Leader and Brownie Leader [04-14-2002]

I want to know what made betsy Ross make the flag if u can answer this i wil be so happy........
lin, 11 [04-14-2002]

I wish i learn so much about you and you are the person i am doing my prodct on.
Stefanie, 9 Yorktown i play softball and bowling [04-14-2002]

Doing a presentation on the American flag and looking for information about Betsy Ross
Amie Bennett, Rochester, NY [04-13-2002]

storm [04-13-2002]

exciting to have a virtual tour of Betsy Rosses home
Pat Collins, Winfield, Ks [04-13-2002]

C. Phelps [04-13-2002]

Thank you soooo much for this web site, it has helped me out a lot on a school project!
Taylor D., 11 years old, & lives in Albany, New York [04-13-2002]

June Caruthers, Oklahoma [04-13-2002]

Sandy Williams, College Student - 34 - Iowa- doing an article on her. [04-13-2002]

Emily and Lauren, 11 [04-13-2002]

theresa wilson [04-13-2002]

hi world!!
caitlin, i am a blonde hair girl age 11 [04-13-2002]

Hi you have a great home
Kristen, I'm 11 years old [04-13-2002]

Thank you for all the information it is for a presentation about noteable women. She is the woman I chose.
Jade Lawrence, Washington State 13 [04-13-2002]

Laurie Rector, From Indiana, I'm 45years old and I have an 8 year old daughter who is playing Betsy Ross in a skit for a church function. She is doing some research on Betsy Ross and the making of our countries flag. [04-13-2002]

I am doing a school project and am looking forward to learning more about Betsy Ross at your website.
Sarah O. [04-13-2002]

cortney jackson, like to swim and 14 [04-13-2002]

For twodays I've been looking for information on Betsy Ross, because for a class project "Dead but not forgotten"we had to pick someone and I picked Betsy Ross.This site is great.
Amy, 11 [04-13-2002]

I go to H.O.P.E. and in my drama class we are doing a liveing museum and I am doing besty ross.
serena, 9 [04-13-2002]

laura patrick, jennersville,pa age 9 [04-13-2002]

We came to visit this site while we were learning about the American Flag!
Mrs.Soileau's kindergarten class [04-13-2002]

leslie williams, high shoals nc [04-13-2002]

is betsy ross still alive? were can i find a picture of her by her self?
marie [04-13-2002]

mckenzie magnus, 9 [04-13-2002]

Thanks form making this available on line - I got there too late to see in person
Carolyn [04-13-2002]

Samantha Merlin [04-10-2002]

I hounr Betsy Ross for making the fist U.S. flag and i hope that many more people join the club to she her many creations.
Kelly Weaver, Round Rock, TX/ 13/ very sweet and very hot [04-10-2002]

i would like to find out wht city betsy lived in
chelsea, i am from florida and i am 12 [04-10-2002]

rebecca, sunrise, 10 [04-10-2002]

ken dellaporta [04-10-2002]

Ashley Mead [04-10-2002]

Hello cindy Marinez
Cindy Martinez, 903 w. Blue Jay la #a [04-10-2002]

hi this is Traci
Traci, 11 [04-10-2002]

Great site! Thanks. May need a flag with 13 stars for my display. Help. Jason
Jason Thomas, New to South Florida- building a "tour" for kids in our costume shop for July 4th. Wanted to include Betsy Ross. [04-10-2002]

I would like to know all about Betsy's life
Lindsey Hammond, Grayson High school 19 [04-10-2002]

Chelsea Blackburn [04-10-2002]

God Bless America!!!!!!!!
Mirai Trunks Girl, Age 9 [04-10-2002]

Douglas Queen, Brighton TN age 9 [04-10-2002]

Linda Miller [04-10-2002]

WE are doing a play about Betsy Ross for grandparents day. We will enjoy our tour.
Brussels 1st and 2nd grade, 16 students [04-10-2002]

Karen Hamel, Schwenksville, Pa/52/female/native Philadelphian [04-10-2002]

Deb [04-10-2002]

I am 26 in North Carolina. I dont know why the sudden interest.....
Christy Kihlstrom, had a vision of betsy [04-10-2002]

Gathering information for my Brownie Girl Scouts..We are earning the Wave the Flag Try-It..
tamika hanna, GirlScout Leader Walkertown NC [04-10-2002]

Christy Kil [04-10-2002]

I will be visiting the Betsy Ross House in a few days, April 14th!
Sarah Brown, California - Age 30 [04-10-2002]

thank you
joe, 105years old [04-10-2002]

Kathy Perdue, Montgomery, AL, inservice teacher, research [04-10-2002]

We are scheduled to do a play, Betsy Ross, Seamstress with a Mission, written by Eve Spencer. I would appreciate more information about the life and times of Betsy Ross, if available in print form. Thanks
Emelda Guin-Allen, special education teacher in washington,dc [04-10-2002]

anonymous [04-10-2002]

I like your web site it is full of neat information adn intresting facts. Thanks for making such a neat web site.
Rachel, Texas 16 [04-10-2002]

Robyn T. Prince, Cedartown, GA [04-10-2002]

Alison [04-10-2002]

I can't wait to vist The real Betsy Ross House! It sounds like fun!
Sara Spellman, Auburn, ME Age 11 [04-10-2002]

Adrienne, I am 15 years old and I live in Texas. [04-07-2002]

I Want to learnd that united desimos and huandreds
jerrybenites, upland ca I'M 34 yeaR OLLD [04-07-2002]

Ellen and Amelie Blomberg [04-07-2002]

I've already went to see the real Betsy Ross house but I needed information quick for a project. I really appreciate you having tis web site. It helps a lot. It also is really cool.
Julie Weigand, 10 [04-07-2002]

we're going with meg's 8th grade class to visit philadelphia, baltimore, arlington and washington d.c. we can't wait!!!!
leslie and megan fehlinger, cincinnati ohio [04-07-2002]

heidi encarnacion, 10 yrs old [04-06-2002]

alissa, ohio [04-06-2002]

Le-Anne Nguyen [04-06-2002]

M. Franklin, Age 50, Kalama, WA [04-06-2002]

G Hubbard, Oregon, elementary teacher [04-06-2002]

I visited this site because I am doing a report on Betsy Ross for school.
Kate Cecil, Ohio age 12 [04-06-2002]

My 9 year old daughter might want to be Betsy Ross for Halloween!
Alison Poe, San Diego, CA [04-06-2002]

Arielle T., 10 years old in 4th grade [04-06-2002]

Very interesting, thank you for sharing! My daughter is doing a report on the history of the American Flag.
Nancy McGregor [04-06-2002]

Peggy Shields, 34 yrs old live in Illinois and the reason I'm in this sight is I'm a Girl Scout Leader for Brownies @ Juniors. We are earning our badge of the American Flag. [04-06-2002]

We recently found that Betsy Ross was an ancestor of my husbands family. Thought we would see what we could learn about her.
Stacy Ross, Gilmer, Texas [04-06-2002]

Archana Parikh [04-06-2002]

Cheryl Stout, i live in las vegas but am from ohio [04-06-2002]

The Coffman, ohio [04-06-2002]

Olivia Aldridge, 7 [04-06-2002]

i a learning all about the u.s. flag to teach my brownie girl scouts
laura budzynski, girl scout leader in el cajon california [04-06-2002]

Lindsay Utsman, age 10 & iI do gymnastics [04-06-2002]

so far i really like betsy ross
katelyn, 11/im doing a report on betsy ross [04-06-2002]

Thank you America may God always watch upon you
Luciano Costantini, a simple one living in Italy [04-06-2002]

I am using this site to find information for a learning project for our clients; adults with mental retardation. They will be learning about the American flag and making a flag of their own as a project. Thank you for the information. Monica Tacconi, Administrative Assistant, Allegheny East Mental Health/Mental Retardation Center, Inc. Monroeville, PA 15146
Monica Tacconi, Allegheny East MH/MR [04-06-2002]

jay, 23 [04-06-2002]

I think Betsy Ross is the COOLEST person I've ever heard, read,learned,and whatnot about.
Hannah Clements, Tupelo/15/Feeling Good [04-06-2002]

Why did you make the USA flag?
Bridget Dugan, Warminster Pa. 11 [04-06-2002]

Meghan, 63 [04-06-2002]

Hi everybody!!!
Kathleen Crooker, 12 years of age [04-06-2002]

I am researching the revolutionary war and our flags history.
Nicole, 5th grade student [04-06-2002]

Kay Langley [04-06-2002]

This site was very helpful to my daughter for a report that she did on Betsy Ross. It was a lot of fun for her to learn about Betsy Ross! (I did as a child too) I also visited the Betsy Ross House as a child too.
Dee Rivera, Effort, PA [04-06-2002]

I LOVE how you guys made the Webpage I wish I could do that too.
Humaira Shah, I"M 11 years old and I'm only one in my that s learn about batsy Ross [04-06-2002]

I just visited the house when my daughter's High School Band and Choir played in the Courtyard on Palm Sunday(Mar. 24th,2002). We didn't have time to tour the house, but I was there 30 years ago. It is a really neat place, and the kids thought it very cool to perform there!
Kathy Lind, Pine River, WI, I'm a grade school Librarian at school of 75 students in Poy Sippi, WI [04-06-2002]

Using this in conjunction with the story - My Brother Sam is Dead
Mr. Kirwin, 7th grade English teacher in Little Rock, Arkansas [04-06-2002]

Alisha Kriss, 10 [04-06-2002]

love you
melinda, Battles [04-06-2002]

mindy [04-06-2002]

I studied about the flag and Betsy Ross in my school last week.
Ibuki Teizo Lennon, 7 years old [04-06-2002]

heidi encarnacion, california, 1o yrs old [04-06-2002]

i live in hutchinson kansas
sara, I am 21 years old [04-06-2002]

Shaila Rios, Lindenwold, NJ age 11 [04-03-2002]

1st and 2nd grade classes are doing a play about Betsy Ross for the upcoming Library Week activities and grandparents' breakfast of champions. any ideasd to help with the play would be appreciated. Thank you.
Mayor Sarah A. Kinder, Librarian of small school and mayor of village [04-03-2002]

Janine Bell, Youngstown, Ohio-Teacher-6th Grade social Studies [04-03-2002]

I named my dog that i had for 16 yr. Betsy Ross, because she was born on the fourth of July 1976. She passed away on st. Patricks day 1992. We have a Betsy Ross flag in our house that we have had for many years. Tina Stevenson
Tina Stevenson, work for local school district, 46 [04-03-2002]

Lisa DeSimone, New York [04-03-2002]

it is very important to understand why we are who we are. hiatory is the way to do it.
LISA GALIANO, looking to visit our histiry with my chldren so they know all about it. [04-03-2002]

Kathy Ross, grandmother from Illinois [04-03-2002]

L. Guridy, Mech. VA. 34 [04-03-2002]

Thank you for sharing things about Betsy Ross with me & my classmates. I hope to get a good grade on this report.
Breanna MacDonald, I am 10 & doing a report on Betsy Ross [04-03-2002]

heather williams, tn m'boro 10 [04-03-2002]

teresa cornell, sewell,nj 34 [04-03-2002]

thanks for the tour it was great. it made me feel like i was there in her house in 1776.
lucky, united states [04-03-2002]

Great site. Thanks for the information.
Susie O'Reilly, Travel Consultant - Pataskala Ohio [04-03-2002]

This is a great website
Carrie Nichols, 26 CNU Student going to student teach [04-03-2002]

Susie O'Reilly [04-03-2002]

Tammy Baker [04-03-2002]

Thanks for a great site. We love it! Hope I can come for a visit one day....
Kay Hosey, teacher, 5th grade, Kerrville, Texas [04-03-2002]

i want to know if Betsy Ross was a founder of the southern colonies
alex maplefield, asler,az age15 [04-03-2002]

Kathleen Ortiz, Walnut Creek, California [04-03-2002]

aaron sample, 18, iowa [04-03-2002]

Hi, I was checking hours since our school district is off Tues./Wed. Thought I might go to Phila. Wed and get some ideas. Our play is from the Scholastic Storyworks and we already have some centennial dresses for girls. 4th and 5th grade Resource Room students. 15 boys, 3 girls. Some will be reading a short report on Betsy or might use trivia questions for others who don't have enough part in play. I even got a dress since I live near Milldersville U and a great costume shop if you can move around. Marian Mowrer 323 Windgate Court, Millersville, PA 17551, a teacher in Columbia Boro School District, Park Elem. I came in today to make a decal with Print Artist with their names on for each student. Have to go to Rag Shop for shirts.
Marian Mowrer, Sp. Ed. teacher doing Betsy Ross play. [04-03-2002]

Stephanie Fields, I live in Fairfax County and I am 22 years old [04-03-2002]

It is a huge pleasure to find such a website. I love early American history!
Lori Lopez [04-03-2002]

My daughter is doing a report on Betsy Ross and has to have props and so forth... Any ideas would be greatly appreciated...thank you
Nicolina Hedrick-Nelson, 33 yo mother of 4 Hyde Park, NY [04-01-2002]

Baylee Stack, Augusta, GA 11 years old [04-01-2002]

C Broadus, Cullman, AL 29 [04-01-2002]

I betsy ross is the best!
Moriah, Michigan-11-I love history [04-01-2002]

Brenna [04-01-2002]

Gloria, I am a mom [04-01-2002]

I would like to know some imformation about Sarah Winchester
Jessica, I live in Seattle Washington [04-01-2002]

I'm doing a project on Betsy Ross for my Language Arts class.
Abbie Werner, I'm 11 years old and live in York, PA [04-01-2002]

karla juarez, I'm 13 and I go to school [04-01-2002]

Elysha Dunagan, historic preservation officer [04-01-2002]

Hey, this is a cool site. I'm writing a paper on Betsy and this info has really helped me out. I hope I get an A+! Keep your fingers crossed! Emily
Emily, Shows beautiful goats! :) And I'm 14 (almost 15!! In 5 weeks!) [04-01-2002]

My great, great, great grandmother's name was Elizabeth Louise Ross who always told my great grandma, Nana, that we were related to the lady that made the first American Flag.
Brittany Mills, I am 17 and I live in California [04-01-2002]

I am learning American history. I selut Betsy Ross for creating such a beautiful and inspirating flag of USA
Saket Tallapaka, Minniapolis, MN, 10 years, Male [04-01-2002]

Lisa Czepiel, Reside in Moorestown, NJ [03-31-2002]

Came across this site by accident.I visited Betsy Ross house in person in 99 and 01.I will see how this tour compares to real thing.Great site.
Sally Diekman, Nebraska [03-31-2002]

I am writing a research report on Betsy!!
Ashlie, 11 yrs.old Clinton twp. MI [03-31-2002]

Anyone knowing anything about Betsy & John ROSS's Descendants, I would like to hear from them. My dad, William T. Ross, Grew up in Pa, My Grandmoother Henryetta ROSS, lived in Atlantic City, NJ, They lived in Cincinnati, Ohio, after WW II, William T. ROSS, My Father, was a Trainer on the B-29, at Tinker AFNB, During the War, US Army-Air Corps.
Cheryl Lee ROSS (Gwin), 55 yr old White Lady, Believed to be related to Betsy Ross, now living in OKLAHOAMA, Family Says they can prove relationship to the John & Betsy Ross Connection. We would like to have more info. if available. [03-30-2002]

Laura Johnson, Montgomery, AL. I am 11years old [03-30-2002]

Kristina Chavarria, I live in Salinas, Ca. I am planning to enroll in a University in Philadelphia and am learning as much info about Philly as I can, so I am better prepared. [03-30-2002]

Did they save the first flag that she sewed?
Judy and Natalie Sherif, Girl Scout earning my patriotic award [03-30-2002]

I'm doing a project about Betsy Ross in school.
Natali Mazzei, lives in PA 10 years old [03-30-2002]

may i please see the tour now
candida, 39 [03-30-2002]

Heraldo Lampugnani [03-28-2002]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross - we believe we are related to her.
Courtney Guzzo, I am 9 yrs. in 3rd grade. . [03-28-2002]

I did not know that the flag was made by a women until my third grade son had to find out information about Betsy Ross. I am now 27 years old; I guess the old saying, "You learn something new everyday" is true. Thank you for all the information given about Ms. Betsy Ross.
Crystal Rucker, Atlanta, Georgia [03-28-2002]

Nancy Dick, student [03-28-2002]

I am doing a wax museum report on Betsy Ross.
Elizabeth Rollins, 9 years old [03-28-2002]

Natalie Nicole Mercer, Portageville, MO 15 years of age [03-28-2002]

Jenna Boyd, Missouri, 15, [03-28-2002]

alicia, middle school student el paso t.x [03-28-2002]

Long may She wave.
Tom Jaskal, I am a Viet Nam vet living in Indiana, working at Purdue Univ. [03-28-2002]

i am doing a report on Betsy Ross she is the bomb
amber, 13 [03-28-2002]

Katie Richardson [03-28-2002]

Betsy Ross is cool!!!!
amber, 12 [03-28-2002]

Elizabeth Bentley, Dallas TX 11 yrs [03-28-2002]

kate turner, Manly, Sydney, Australia [03-28-2002]

D, il 13 [03-27-2002]

I visited here as a child with my Philly relatives and now want to bring my daughter.
Vicky Turley, Glen Burnie, MD [03-27-2002]

shelly smith [03-27-2002]

Ramon Reyes, 16 [03-27-2002]

There is a thing at my school called Biography Day and right away I wanted to be Betsy Ross for biography Day. Thanks for the information!
Kirsten Cirelli, 11 years old [03-27-2002]

My favorite movie is "1776" I can't wait to come to Philidelphia in a few weeks to see the sights.
Daniel Stepler, I Love History - age 7 [03-27-2002]

megan mead, 8 years of age. learning about Betsy Ross [03-27-2002]

I am a Junior Girl Scout working on the United We Stand Badge. I found your website from Just For Girls, a girl scout website. I am an excellent gymnast and I compete locally. I hope to make it to the Olympics one day and compete for my country!
Elizabeth Kuntz, Savage, MN age 10 [03-27-2002]

Linda, mother [03-27-2002]

MISTY BEAN, I'm 21 yrs old and am in the Navy at Willow Grove Naval Air Station [03-27-2002]

Jessica Edmonds, I live in Baton Rouge La. I'm 17 years old [03-27-2002]

I am doing a book report on Besty Ross.Could you send some informatation to my mother's e-mail address.Please tell her it's for Erica.Thanks.
Erica, Virginia [03-27-2002]

Ali Dagenhart, St. Louis, MO, 50 years old, mother of 2, ex-Navy Wave [03-27-2002]

beckie burton, cushing okla 16 year old male child [03-27-2002]

Walter L Herbine Jr. [03-27-2002]

Kyle Earnest (Debbie hawes), Henderson, NV 10years old, My school is doing a play and my part is doing a bit on Betsy Ross. [03-27-2002]

From those who endeavor towards a better understanding of that which is, Thank you for providing us a forum. J.T. worc,ma. U.S.A.
John ST.Armand, i'm helping my daughter with a school project [03-27-2002]

My friend is looking up things about Betsy Ross and wanted to find some information for him.
Nalani, Ohio 13 [03-27-2002]

I am doing a school project on women that made a difference to society
Joshua Jones, Bluffton, SC, 9 years old [03-27-2002]

I love our flag and for what it stands for
Charlotte Garcia, I'm 68 and i'm from New Jersey [03-27-2002]

Hello,I just wanted to say I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross with a partner.
Charnell DeRamus, I am 10 years old.And I go to McIntyre Elementry School . [03-27-2002]

I can't wait to see this tour
Nicole, I live in PA [03-27-2002]

CHARLES MCDOWELL, I am 10 [03-27-2002]

Very Cool!
Snowgirl899 [03-27-2002]

Aaron Cotton, 11 years old [03-27-2002]

I think Betsy Ross Is the coolest!!!!!!!!!
Stephanie Snapp, age 91\2 [03-27-2002]

when did she finish the flag
Tia [03-27-2002]

I have already beenn to HEr house.
Stephanie, wisconsin [03-27-2002]

Christine Risley, Connecticut - 46years - 9 yr old daughter witing report on Betsy Ross [03-27-2002]

carman rivara, I am 11 [03-25-2002]

did Betsy really make the flag?
bill [03-25-2002]

Leslie Mayo, Ionia,MI - age 10 - school project [03-25-2002]

Thanks for the information on your page!! It's helping me with my project on Betsy Ross which, is due on Thursday, March 28,2002!!
Tressie Martin, Texas/17/ [03-25-2002]

for a project for school
anonymous, new york age7 [03-25-2002]

Patricia Schierling [03-25-2002]

KYLE MATTESON, mcarthur, oh, 10yrs old, science project [03-25-2002]

Sylvie Hess, Oceanside, CA [03-25-2002]

Tiffany Morgan, I live in NC and I am eleven years old. I'm doing a paper on Betsy Ross for class. I am in the 5th grade [03-25-2002]

I have to do a reserech on besty ross and i need some help so i came to you thatnk you!!
Candace Goff, Rusk Texas 11 female [03-25-2002]

.I'm doing a long term report on Besty Ross.I'm in third grade @ A.W.Becker Elementary school. I am doing my report because she created the first American Flag, wich made her a Famous Woman in American History. Thank You Cheyenne.
Cheyenne Disorda, FeuraBush NY. 08years old.I'm doing a long term report on Besty Ross [03-25-2002]

Neba Boyce, age 65 Kokomo, Indiana [03-25-2002]

i hope you get more information on your sites.
Joanna Hilling, im 13 female Pennsylvania im doing a report on Betsy Ross. [03-25-2002]

Jaimie Caiazzo [03-25-2002]

Kate, 11 years old [03-25-2002]

jessie [03-25-2002]

I am doing a state report on pennsylvania and I wanted informaion. Thank You!
Melissa Griffenberg, 11200 Homestead road, 11, I sing good! [03-25-2002]

Hannah [03-24-2002]

juliaann amador, 30yrs, s.a.tx. for:cassandra frausto - for project [03-24-2002]

AlexPerry, Massachusetts [03-24-2002]

kay [03-24-2002]

Raydel Hall, 58 years old, live in NM and plan on a visit to Phil. in June [03-24-2002]

Alex Malafarina, Age 10, 5th grade, had a tour on 3/22/02. [03-24-2002]

Karl Shimshak, I am 36 and so patriotic it hurts. [03-23-2002]

I want to thank you for this Web Site. I am currently doing research on American symbols because my students read a selection on American symbols. I want to expand on my this lesson and this website is ideal. Thank you very much.
Iris M. Perez, Middle School Reading Teacher [03-23-2002]

Muffy Scott [03-23-2002]

nathan shlager [03-23-2002]

Steven E Cox, 7 Sunrise Ave #5, Mapleton Ia 51034 [03-23-2002]

Christian Sawyer, 7 [03-23-2002]

Betsy your pictures were so awsome and breath taking and I showde my teacher and she was amazed and she to will be sending you a message.
Marilyn, I live in Dallas, Tx. and I am soon to be 18 years of age and I attend Middle College High School at El Centro College . [03-23-2002]

Is your house haunted? Where does your house stand? I'm asking you these questions because I have no time to read all the facts I just need those questions answered if you don't mind., thank you.
Amanda Camden, I'm 16 [03-23-2002]

Betty Wallis, Chesapeake. VA. 68, enjoying the visual tour. [03-23-2002]

linda ramos [03-23-2002]

melinda [03-23-2002]

Rachel Mackey, 10 yrs. old, I live in Colorado Springs but will be moving to PA in June. I am doing a report about Betsy Ross. [03-23-2002]

Maria Acosta, 216 W Allegheny Avenue., Philadelphia, Pa 19133 [03-21-2002]

I love your tour of betsy's house.Im telling all my friends.
Nathalia, 5th grade [03-21-2002]

Marie McAteer [03-21-2002]

My daughter is doing a school project on a famous woman, and she has picked Betsy Ross. With great enthusiasm, I offered to help her.
Sarah Bantz, I live in Des Moines, IA [03-21-2002]

Crystal Hodgkins, winter haven,fl 12 [03-21-2002]

Celeste Trevino, i live in Dallas, Texas [03-21-2002]

john, [03-21-2002]

Ashley, I'm 14 years old [03-21-2002]

Mrs. Davis' 3rd Grade [03-21-2002]

I would like to take my classroom students on the virtual tour of Betsy's house!
Sharon Shrum, teacher [03-21-2002]

JAIMIE LIPP, AGE:!) (smart for my age) [03-21-2002]

It's real nice to actually see where the first flag was made
Carolyn Snead, Miami Florida [03-21-2002]

Minnesotamary, I live in Covington, Washington,about 30 miles from Seattle,Wahington,close toMt.Ranier, I'll be 60 years old on April 13,2002, I'am a nurse,have 5 children, and 3 grandchildren,I'am going to our 52nd year of our square dancing club, as someone in American history, I picked, BetsyRoss.Thanks for the tour. Mary Jones 26150 195th Pl SE Covington,Wa98042 God Bless America [03-21-2002]

son,s homework
Melissa Lomelo, Houston, 35 [03-21-2002]

lizzie E, I'm doing a report on Betsy ross [03-21-2002]

Hi, Whats up!!
Mandi DeGraw, Tennessee, 14 years of age, i have a wonderful boyfriend who i love dearly [03-21-2002]

Doing research on the flag for an elementary school project. The US flag is cool to learn about!
Lauren, Judy & Callie Trutschel [03-21-2002]

Michael Bordeaux, I am in 6th grade, live in California and am 12 years old. [03-21-2002]

Just out looking at the site and thought this would be a great tour
Deb Crosby, Pittsburgh [03-21-2002]

Teresa, 11 [03-21-2002]

Monica Rockett, Dresden Elementary School Computer Lab [03-21-2002]

Becca, 12 years old lives in Las Vegas [03-21-2002]

Stacy, From Philadelphia but relocated to Minneapolis; now I want to teach my G.S. Troop here about what I grew up visiting [03-21-2002]

This is my first year homeschooling my son who is in 2nd. he is studying the American Flag and the effects of war. His history book recommanded looking at the different flags that our country has had. As Christians, it's hard to find sites that are neutral. With our country at war now I'm trying to teach all my children to trust in our President and in God.
Kimberly Koniewicz, NY,31, mother of three, homeschool. [03-21-2002]

MANDY CLEARY, 16 years old [03-21-2002]

Christina Bland [03-21-2002]

This webpage is cool I am using it for a school project and I'm finding every thing I need!!!!!!!!!!!
Erika Rice, I play basketball,soccer and rollerblade. I am 11 [03-21-2002]

Maureen Warner, Girl Scout Leader for Daisy Troop, Brownie Troop and Junior Troop,live in Alamogordo, NM, grandmother of 11 and I'm 56 years old [03-21-2002]

Lover of Histoy.
Linda Raab, Wife, mother and grandmother [03-21-2002]

sarah miles, ohio 9 [03-21-2002]

Michelle Szczepaniak, Baltimore, Maryland 29 years old [03-21-2002]

ael [03-21-2002]

I am a relative of Betsy Ross!
Kathy Colwell [03-21-2002]

Kim Cranston [03-21-2002]

I'm doing a famous person report and I choose Betsy Ross.
Nicolette Ball, 8 years old [03-21-2002]

Tai, brooklyn [03-21-2002]

Liz Wargel, Indiana [03-21-2002]

i'm doing a school project on besty ross-biography
rachel doutt, butler,pa 16001-age 11 [03-21-2002]

I just read a book about Betsy Ross and I have to do a report on her. This will be helpful!
Kristin, 11/fl [03-21-2002]

Hey Besty, hey Wuz Up not much Just chillen I hope you are fellin good today.
Kami Mahmmoud, pineville 11 about to be 12 [03-21-2002]

I am doing my term paper on Betsy Ross
Kayla Johnson, Age 13, Bridgeport Ca [03-21-2002]

Kami Mahmoud [03-21-2002]

This is pretty kewl
Amber, 14 [03-21-2002]

hello how are you doing i wouled like to see your house
Traci, i live in Indiana [03-21-2002]

Alyson, Texas,17 [03-21-2002]

Rachel, Beloit, WI 10 [03-21-2002]

We are taking a virtual field trip to learn about Betsy Ross.
Mrs. Connors' Kindergarten Class, Portsmouth, VA, Port Norfolk Elementary School [03-21-2002]

derrick michiels, Deville La 11 grade05 [03-21-2002]

cory gilcrease [03-21-2002]

I think bettsy ross is cool
Aaron, NC, Age 10 [03-21-2002]

Researching about Betsy Ross with my 11 year old daughter who has to protray Betsy in front of her class.
Kimberley Bonham, 37 Years Old, California Native [03-21-2002]

joining the youth of our nation on a great tour
Diana H Hadley, Ogden Utah, 47 years old [03-21-2002]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross and I like her very much.
Lauren McGowan, 7 years old [03-21-2002]

Girl Scout Troop 299, Junior Girl Scouts 4th grade North St Paul Minnesota [03-21-2002]

Amanda O'Reilly, 9 year Girl Scout - St Paul MN [03-21-2002]

I'm doing my autobiography on Betsy Ross...
Tiarra Nelson, Hyde Park, NY [03-21-2002]

god blesss america!
SONDRA BARKER, 40 y/o white female missouri [03-21-2002]

Doing a women's history report for our sixth grade class, and I choose Besty Ross.
Kyle, 11 years old from Michigan [03-21-2002]

I am a Girl Scout leader and we are working on the new badge concerning the flag and thought it would be intresting to check out your site.
Ginny Barlow, small town in Missouri [03-21-2002]

luv your site!
Emily A., 9 3/4 years old Brownie troop 1111 [03-21-2002]

Nicole Stenzel, St. Peter MN age 9 [03-21-2002]

Kassidy [03-21-2002]

Bev. and Becca Rose, Minnesota [03-21-2002]

nicole` [03-21-2002]

Thank you for having this site avilable on the web... it is a great help! anna's mom
anna laranjo, anna is 8 yrs old and doing a report on Betsy Ross [03-21-2002]

janell allen [03-21-2002]

Briana, Fremont,California, 11 birthda April 20,1990 [03-21-2002]

theres a kid in in my high school class who doesn't know who you are
adam shearer, age 15 [03-21-2002]

Emily, age 14, Cardington Ohio [03-21-2002]

Hi my name is Kimberly i enjoy reading about Besty Ross if you can i would like some information on BestyRoss you can send it on i am doing a book report on Besty Ross and i would love to learn more about Besty Ross
Kimberly DeLuca, Califorina, 12 years old [03-21-2002]

Love your web page
DEB TWYMAN, Boise City, OK [03-21-2002]

Thanks for helping with my history project!
Kelly Anderson, Miami, FL age 14 [03-21-2002]

Stephen Miller [03-21-2002]

Tiffany Mims, I live in the state of Maryland, I am 8 years and I am writing a research paper on Betsy Ross. [03-21-2002]

I discovered an old embroidery of the Betsy Ross House in a car boot sale in England and went to Philladelphia site and found the House. The embroidery is of sort of 1800s I think and depicts the house then and costumes. I would be interested to know if there were any embroidery kits sold and maybe it is a memento of a visit to the house. I was really suprised to find out all about the House on the internet. thanks awaiting your reply with interest. Helene
HELENE BLACKMORE, 53 from Andover Hampshire United Kingdom [03-21-2002]

I'm excited to try your virtual tour. I've searched the Phil tourism site in order to update my history lessons in detail. I'm bringing my niece down to visit for her 3rd grade history project. She's excited to travel on the train and she's bringing her 1st grade sister too.
Ms Marielle J Perreault, 37yr old Research Asst, Dept of Neurology @ MCPHU, 245 North 15th St.,MS-423,Phil,PA19102 [03-21-2002]

I am visiting this web address after looking through the girl scout web site. It has been very interesting so far and I hope to have something to tell my girl scout troop at our next meeting. Thanks for having this available!!!
Karen Davis, Bald Knob, Arkansas 30 years young [03-21-2002]

I am doing reaserch on Betsy Ross and I would like to get some information on her if I may. I need good info because I will be taking notes and writing a report on her.
E.M.-O, I Live in San Angelo,TX and I am 10 years old [03-21-2002]

I am look at this because i am a leader of girl scout troop 2853. the girls are going to be working on a try-it badge that is called "WAVE THE FLAG". So I am getting Infomation on the flag. The Girl Thank you ANd I Thank you Tina Stephens
Tina Stephens [03-21-2002]

My son and I are doing a school project about Betsy Ross and came across this tour. Thank you for creating the tour to give my son a better idea of the events of her life.
Deborah Gerber, I am 34 years old and live in California. [03-21-2002]

was just at the museum on wedesday and wanted to see what your website was like, im doing an evaluation of area museums for an independant study course
james T. Schulte sr, museums studies student, rutgers university [03-21-2002]

i just found out that betsy ross is my 9 time great aunt .and i want to find out more about her.
Valerie Davis, Brackettville T.X. I AM 11 [03-21-2002]

Your site was very helpful for earning our new Brownie Girl Scout Try It, "Wave the Flag".
Jessica Gintner, Wisconsin, 45 yrs old [03-21-2002]

How wonderful to have so much history at our fingertips on the computer. Thank you!
Will A. Parker, Ruby Jane Parker [03-21-2002]

Tamlyn Raelle Hynek, I'm 11 Yrs of age I go to Stangel School in Manitowoc,Wisconsin &I have a hot boyfriend named Alex Brunner. [03-21-2002]

We are doing a school project on Betsy Ross
Mary Cani, I live in NYC. I am 33 and have 2 children [03-21-2002]

Working on a Betsy Ross project. E-mail me info.
Kristen Blankenbaker, Anderson, Indiana 11 [03-21-2002]

Thank you for this website. I am using it for my SS project.
Anna Linderman, Tampa, FL [03-21-2002]

Kara Nicole Wilkes, Derby, Kansas Munson Primary 2nd Grade 7years old [03-21-2002]

I think the United States flag is so beatiful. I wish I could thank Betsy for making the flag.
Stacy Clagg, 19 [03-21-2002]

i think you r houes is beauity ful ok bye
monica, 14.brigeport [03-21-2002]

I like this site!
ESTEE LAWRENCE, Pennsylvania, I'm 10 [03-21-2002]

Martha Slaughter Noonan, Boise, Idaho, calligrapher/freelance artist [03-21-2002]

Nancy Barra, Tampa, Florida, 36 yrs. old [03-21-2002]

Hi I love your website! I am 11. Bye
Laurie [03-21-2002]

School Project - Thanks!
Ronda Bennett, Appleton, WI [03-21-2002]

This tour sounds really fun
Maggie Ragan, 11yearsold [03-21-2002]

Sarah Gee, 10 years old, Georgetown KY [03-21-2002]

KFROST, 30 yrs omaha nebraska [03-21-2002]

Shawna Galinski, Houston Texas [03-21-2002]

Jennifer Bray, I live in Michigan, I'm 7 yrs old [03-21-2002]

cindy, marlton, nj, 53 [03-21-2002]

howdeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)
Kasi, 11 [03-21-2002]

Brittany Campbell, 12 yrs.old [03-21-2002]

CAROL TAROLE, pennsylvania, age 38 [03-21-2002]

Jeanie Q Lentini, Connecticut [03-21-2002]

Sadie, 11 [03-21-2002]

DONNA, florida [03-21-2002]

Julie Moser, Klamth Falls or Age 34 [03-21-2002]

Jenny Staudenmayer [03-21-2002]

Patti Weber [03-21-2002]

brittney [03-21-2002]

Chelsea [03-21-2002]

Ryan [03-21-2002]

Darci Nicole White, Sulphur,Oklahoma 11 years old [03-14-2002]

MICHEAL BOCCIA, york,pa,age 12 [03-14-2002]

hi everybody have fun
AMBER, 12 ventura ca [03-14-2002]

LISA SPENCER, Longview, Texas [03-14-2002]

At our scool St. Anthony's of Fresno we are doing a walk through the revolutionary war. My part is being Betsy Ross. I'm so glad!!!
Alyssa Dolata-Goodrich, Fresno California, age 11 [03-14-2002]

shelly albright, teacher - 3rd grade [03-14-2002]

Amber Wimberley, 14 [03-14-2002]

tj [03-14-2002]

Teresa Iden, sd [03-14-2002]

How did you learn to sow like that.PRETTY Cool.
jake smith [03-14-2002]

Janine Smith [03-14-2002]

levi mann [03-14-2002]

chris, age10 [03-14-2002]

darci, sulphur 11 [03-14-2002]

chelsi eades [03-14-2002]

Catherine Behling [03-14-2002]

Chelsea, il 12 [03-14-2002]

Kt Nylund [03-13-2002]

This has really helped me a lot on my report for National Womens Month. Thank you.
Kelly Jo Holt, 15 years old of Missouri [03-13-2002]

due to the recent accounts of our history my son has been assigned to do a report on a historical figure I suggested Betsy Ross and the American flag so he can learn about the history of our beautiful flag.
Josephine Ingraham, Aurora, CO mother of three [03-13-2002]

Linda Rachwalski, Bloomfield,NJ [03-13-2002]

freda weber, walkersville, md 32 years old [03-13-2002]

I would like to learn more about betsy ross
Breanna, i am 12 i am doin a biogrophy on Betsy Ross [03-13-2002]

just looking for imformation for my child for school.
elaine, 30's [03-13-2002]

jia, 23 [03-13-2002]

Our girl scout troop is learning about the American Flag, and I thought this would be the perfect place to start. My girls are in First Grade
Diane Spatichia, West Chester [03-13-2002]

I am doing a report for history day with my moms help and I chose Betsy Ross because of the wonderful symbol she has created for our country. Our flag is the symbol of what we stand for as Americans,especially today,after 9/11. We are truly grateful for our freedom and our wonderful country and I felt that my daughter should know this great part of our history. God Bless America! Thank you for all the help your web site has provided for us. Sincerely, The Griffins
Bethany Griffin, Atlanta, Ga.8yrs old [03-13-2002]

i really liked how you put the site together
jordan wooods, 9 years old [03-13-2002]

Did Betsy Ross really live there.
Paul Valentino, n.y 10 [03-13-2002]

My school project is on Betsy Ross.Thanks to this site, I have found a lot of important information.
Ariana Gauna, Austin, Tx. 10yrs. old [03-13-2002]

Lindey Mooer, 13 [03-13-2002]

we think Betsy Ross sewed the flag
Debbie, Ben and Joel Alexander, Deb 11, Ben 9, Joel 8 [03-13-2002]

Alice Smith, Berea, kentucky--age 20 [03-13-2002]

Alexandr [03-13-2002]

kathy glanz-choy [03-13-2002]

I am going to be Betsy Ross in an upcoming play at my school. I have to wear clothes like Betsy did and must know information about her. I was glad to find the Betsy Ross homepage. Thank you for all this good information! Your friend, Anna
Anna Grace Ewing, 6 yrs old, Charleston SC [03-13-2002]

KATIE WITT, FAIRFAX, VA, 8 yrs old, 3rd grade [03-13-2002]

God Bless!
Lauren Best [03-13-2002]

devin, 12 [03-13-2002]

caroline, 6 [03-13-2002]

laurie martinka, wayne, nj teacher/paramedic [03-13-2002]

Emily Lancaster, 8 years old [03-13-2002]

ne ne ne ne ne en
blada, egypt 109 and whatever [03-13-2002]

Hailey morgan [03-13-2002]

cindy harkin [03-13-2002]

Chris Ruark, 11 [03-13-2002]

Justin Hembree [03-13-2002]

levi mann [03-13-2002]

laura Atchison, 11 [03-13-2002]

Justin Hembree [03-13-2002]

terra dodson [03-13-2002]

kelli leveridge, 10 [03-13-2002]

Peyton Blevins, Sulphur Ok [03-13-2002]

Cale L, Freeman, Sulphur, OK, 11 [03-13-2002]

johnathan graves, 12 [03-13-2002]

christopher rogers, age10 [03-13-2002]

chelsi shandale eades, im 11 i live on r.t.1 i live in Sulphur,ok. [03-13-2002]

jordang, 10-sulphur.Ok [03-13-2002]

Leah Claggett, Sulphur, Oklahoma. 10 [03-13-2002]

Jonathon, 10 [03-13-2002]

Darci White, Sulphur 11 [03-13-2002]

Ryan Woodell, 10 years old [03-13-2002]

levi [03-13-2002]

Justin Hembree [03-13-2002]

jennifer mayo [03-13-2002]

jordang [03-13-2002]

nate, student [03-13-2002]

Teresa Halas, Illinois, Brownie Troop Leader [03-13-2002]

Melissa Weis, From San Bernardino, CA. My daughter has an research assignment on the American Flag, which brings me to your site. Thanks for such a great web site!! It is very informative indeed. [03-13-2002]

Darius Herick, I am 9 year old and I live in york Pa [03-13-2002]

Evelyn, history buff [03-13-2002]

Tony Colungo [03-13-2002]

aaroni [03-13-2002]

ursula morris, 10 [03-13-2002]

Travis Blalock, 11 Sulphur Oklahoma [03-13-2002]

aaroni, sulohur,ok, 11,male [03-13-2002]

Tony Colungo, indain age 10 [03-13-2002]

cara, i'm a fifth grade student in sluphur school [03-13-2002]

christian, sulphur,oklahoma age11 [03-13-2002]

LESLIE CASIAS, sulphur,okla [03-13-2002]

krystal watterson, 11 [03-13-2002]

Brittany Wood, age 11, Sulphur, Oklahoma [03-13-2002]

Megan Stewart, 10 [03-13-2002]

chris digby [03-13-2002]

russell [03-13-2002]

Brittany Wood, age 11, Sulphur, Oklahoma [03-13-2002]

Mekenzie Knuckeles, I'm 1 1years old I live in sUlphur O.K. [03-13-2002]

russell [03-13-2002]

christian mcdonald [03-13-2002]

julie vincent, teacher- 4th grade [03-13-2002]

Kary Warren, 48, history teacher, Oklahoma [03-13-2002]

You should include about why they even wanted a flag.
Jenn, 10 I like sports. [03-13-2002]

Carol Gilligan, Pottstown, PA - 42 years old, girl scout leader [03-13-2002]

Jill Chavez [03-13-2002]

Jessica, home [03-13-2002]

Sissy Bell Hill, 70 [03-13-2002]

Alexa Hammond, newburgh IN 9 years old [03-13-2002]

I toured the ross house when I was 10 and wanted to stop back again. (virtually, that is)
Mike Roper, 30 [03-13-2002]

Liz [03-13-2002]

Sharon Willson, Teacher--California [03-13-2002]

i need to know wha betsy looked like please right me back
Chelsea Belford, im 12 and live in V.A. [03-13-2002]

erin lamanna [03-13-2002]

Kimberly, Edgar, Ne.,12 [03-13-2002]

I was given a school project about a Famous Woman. I chose Betsy Ross.
Sean McGovern, 7 years old John H. Glenn Elementary School Pine Hill NJ [03-13-2002]

Thank you for inviting me into the house. I am doing a hero report about Betsy Ross and your Web site has good information.
Danielle B., Lexington, KY 8 yrs. old [03-13-2002]

damian, 4th grader [03-13-2002]

Besty Ross is one of my favorite people in the world.I can learn a lot from her.Right now I am doing astory on her life for my school project.
alexa wallace, bensalem,pa. 9 years old [03-13-2002]

This was cool.
Garet Whipple, Los Angeles Area, California 10 years old [03-13-2002]

Jennifer Melkonian, I'm from Dover, New Hampshire and I am 25 [03-13-2002]

DIANE CURTIN, massachusetts, age 46 [03-13-2002]

gary rogy [03-13-2002]

kathy stevens, I'm a 4th grade [03-13-2002]

Cat, location Ky, age 11 [03-13-2002]

Thanks for this awesome website.
Chris, South Oldham High School [03-13-2002]

Stephanie Pfaff, Coldwater, Ohio 13 [03-13-2002]

Ashley, 10 yrs.old [03-13-2002]

svwatson, 52 ... male ... sarasota, florida since 1975 .. i lived in phila. until i was 26. [03-13-2002]

Susan, Downingtown, PA, age = all grown up [03-13-2002]

I think this site is the coolest ever. Betsy Ross is Amazing.
Whitney Taylor, Live in Washington, Doing Report, 10 1/2 years old [03-13-2002]

I am doing a project in school.
Erica, age 11 [03-13-2002]

I'm in the fourth grade and I am doing a report on Betsy Ross its hard to think that she had 16 other brothers or sisters. I wishshe hadn't died at the age of 84.
Breeanna Hiers, Female, 91/2, KY. [03-13-2002]

lucy pfeffer, ny [03-13-2002]

April Pinkston [03-13-2002]

Katie [03-13-2002]

Patrick Cloney, age - 9 Wall, NJ [03-13-2002]

Christine, Elizabeth & Kathleen Ray [03-13-2002]

I like to get freky me well my # is in the yelow pages
secoya [03-13-2002]

TERRY CHEW, 40 f originally from south philadelphia,now residing in quakertown [03-13-2002]

I think she was an inserprasion to all.
Nicole Griggsby [03-13-2002]

Barbara Ferraro, Levittown, New York, 44 [03-13-2002]

brittany, lexington,TN [03-13-2002]

I'm doing a report about Betsy Ross for my 1st grade class.
Christopher Vincent Palmieri, I'm 6 years old. [03-13-2002]

Rose Newman, I live in the Tampa, Florida area, I am a 60 year old widow [03-13-2002]

Ahmed Akari, I am 8 years old and I am doing a biography about Betsy Ross for school. [03-13-2002]

Katrina Sturgess [03-13-2002]

Alexandria Cannito, I live in Las Vegas Nevada. I am 8 years old. [03-13-2002]

Lauren Temte, 11 years old [03-13-2002]

Heather Ragsdale, Washington, 18 [03-13-2002]

Joshua quuick [03-13-2002]

Katie Greenfield, age 10 5th. grade homeschool student [03-13-2002]

Enjoyed our visit in person in July 1997 and would love to return again.
Libby Thayer, Resident Federal Way, WA. [03-13-2002]

I need a timeline of Betsy Ross!***********************
Sabrina, smart & pretty 10 years old [03-13-2002]

Learning about history is fun.
Geetika Prashar [03-13-2002]

christian j. downs, wa. state,age 46 [03-13-2002]

I picked Betsy Ross for the Wax museum the fith grade is doing I have found a lot of useful information I'm sure my report will be one of the best.Thank you
Jessica S., 11Years old, 5th Grade [03-07-2002]

Im going to be Betsy Ross in our Wax museum
Lilly Welsh, brown hair [03-07-2002]

I have found an old embroidery of the Betsy Ross House
helene blackmore, Andover Hampshire England [03-07-2002]

reb, nj, 8, doing report for school [03-07-2002]

Judith Tafoya, Librarian, Tularosa Elem School, Tularosa, NM [03-07-2002]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross.
Austin R. Ormsbee, age 10 [03-07-2002]

My 8yr old daughter is going to do a report of Betsy Ross. I think that this was fitting since I am in the Army and what has happened since Sept 11 and the Honor of our Flag.
Deborah Patrick, 39, mother of three daughters, Military (Army) [03-07-2002]

elaine, 30's [03-07-2002]

Mirene I. Gomez, Shelton, Ct . 64, Teacher [03-07-2002]

I'm doing this for school and because my favorite era is the pioneers and American revolution.
Caitlin Barrow, I am 12 years and live in liberty hill texas. [03-07-2002]

Simon Emilio Shayla QundraeJasie Mrs. Stephens, West Side Elementary [03-07-2002]

Brad Arnold, History Teacher in Virginia [03-07-2002]

Kenneth [03-07-2002]

Hi! Im glad to meet you. What was your life like.
dominique, im 9 [03-07-2002]

Can't wait to really see the house
Cristina Weigel, Ourlady of Lourdes school [03-07-2002]

candice nixon-sullivan, student innewyork [03-07-2002]

susan maier [03-07-2002]

ismael gardea, 28yr old fashion designer [03-07-2002]

I was looking for a website on Betsy Ross for a school project. Fortunately i found all of the information I needed thanks to this site. I also learned much more then I needed to!
Brittany, I am 12 years old [03-06-2002]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross for my third grade class. I wanted to do a report on a famous woman who made a huge contribution to America.
Stefany McCarthy, Student, age 9, Clyde Brown School, Millis, MA [03-06-2002]

I am working on my "Wave the Flag" Badge. Thank you for your help here.
Anna, Brownie Girl Scout [03-06-2002]

God Bless the women of history, you all went all the way for our country when men were the only ones who were able to do something phisical!
Tonya Lopez', I live in Killeen, Texas and I am doing Betsy Ross as a reprt for history. I am 16 yrs. old, [03-06-2002]

Amber Swete, I am 10 years old [03-06-2002]

you are so cool l'm doing you for a famus Pennsylvainan person
katherine, 9 [03-06-2002]

Anna Baker, female age 20 Allegany New York [03-06-2002]

hey betsy luf ya
Danielle Howlman [03-06-2002]

Thanks for letting us have the opportunity to view Betsy Ross' home.
Mrs. Weissenfluh's Awesome 5th Grade Class, Henderson Tn [03-06-2002]

sabrina [03-06-2002]

Tyler [03-06-2002]

Stacie Fiona, age 10 [03-06-2002]

Mary L., from Tempe AZ. [03-06-2002]

Hello people!!
Carly, I am 12 years old and my birthday is May 16, 1989 [03-06-2002]

I am doing a school project & used your web site to find facts about Betsy Ross. It was great!
Eva DuPont, OLPH School- Highlands,New Jersey [03-06-2002]

shema begum [03-06-2002]

Judy Bulmer, age 55 [03-06-2002]

Thank you for your help.
Jessica Romeo, Toms River NJ age 9 [03-06-2002]

Lauren Velianoff, Howell, Michigan, 10 yrs. young [03-06-2002]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross and i need a picture of Betsy's house do you have a full size picture? Thanks for your time!
Amanda Smith, I love betsy ross [03-06-2002]

My son is doing is book report on Mrs.Ross
Lola Troupe, 28 [03-06-2002]

I am doing a school project to design my own trading card. My person was Betsy Ross. I learned a lot from this website.
Claire Tietze, Live in NJ, Age 7, I have a cat named Smokey. [03-06-2002]

Brian Reynolds, Colorado [03-06-2002]

Barbara Fonseca, Quincy, Massachusetts [03-06-2002]

brad a. behanna [03-06-2002]

I wwriting an article on the USA Flag.
Linda Sheahan, I live Salina Ks [03-06-2002]

so glad to view the home and collect information thank you so much
tina neidkowski, housewife of 20 yrs and mother of 7 children [03-06-2002]

Love this site!
Carla Butler, 1st time college student age 41! Wheeling, WV [03-06-2002]

Chelsy, My fav. color is blue!! [03-06-2002]

chris reddy, norfolk va [03-06-2002]

We are looking at women in history.
donna mcnaught, Oklahoma [03-06-2002]

Kay Verdi, California - but a native Philadelphian! [03-06-2002]

Kevin Fitzpatrick [03-06-2002]

Hi Betsy I wish you were alive but I am doing you for a book report!
Rachel Caruth, I am 11 I live in Illinois [03-06-2002]

I love this site. It gave me a plethora of information!!!!!!
Jessica, Dallas, Texas 75230, 12 [03-06-2002]

Isaiah Marcano [03-04-2002]

kyle [03-04-2002]

Meghan, girl age 11 [03-04-2002]

Lexie Williams, age 10, syracuse, ny [03-04-2002]

anne, cincinnati [03-04-2002]

Gabriela Acosta, shafter,ca 19 female [03-04-2002]

Zapphire Hartley, At school [03-04-2002]

I chose Betsy Ross for my Social Studies project. I have enjoyed visiting the house.
Valorie and Amy Daskilewicz, N.E. Philadelphia, 8 [03-04-2002]

Patti French [03-04-2002]

Thank you for this great site as we study the life of Betsy Ross.
Mary Tretina, Maple Shade, NJ [03-04-2002]

Edward Appiah-Brafoh [03-04-2002]

Jamie Majszak [03-03-2002]

I never visit Betsy Ross house this is my first time.
Donald, Baltimore,age 62 years old [03-03-2002]

i choos Betsy Ross for my colonial report
Myriha warman, 11 years old, from CA [03-03-2002]

betsy ross i am doing a report on you
brittanyann williams, 9 years [03-03-2002]

Kelsey Mayer, 8 years old in south Texas [03-03-2002]

Star Kelly, Alabama\12\Project on Besty Ross [03-03-2002]

Hello everyone. We are studying Women's History for the month of March and wanted to start our month of with a great woman, Betsy Ross. We are looking forward to the wonderful tour and information this site will provide. Sincerely, Ms. Kosinski's 5th grade class Everglades Elementary
Ms. Kosinski's 5th grade class, 5th grade class and teacher [03-03-2002]

I am an assistant librarian and was asked to find some information on Betsy Ross. I was really amazed to find this web site and to the extent that it covers. I will recomend this site for the class to tour. Thanks again.
jeraldine hill, deep run, nc 28525 age 61 [03-03-2002]

I checked out this site to learn more about Besty Ross for a book report I am doing for my 5th grade class. I was interested in taking the tour to learn more about her. Thanks! (03-03-02)
Joshua, 11 years old from Indiana [03-03-2002]

I am doing a book report for my 2nd grade class. I chose Betsy Ross because she is an important part of our history.
Hannah Orias, 7 years old, Woodruff, SC My favorite Color is Purple! [03-03-2002]

I am writing a report on Betsy Ross and dressing up as her for the open house historical figure project.
Katja McCurdy, I live in Folsom, CA I am 7 years old in second grade [03-03-2002]

Great website with LOTS of information!! Thanks! Love interesting USA history!
Donna and Morgan Merritt, mom,37 and daugther,11 researching a project. [03-03-2002]

More than I ever learned in school. Passing on to niece who is writing report.
Sandy, 49 Aunt of school child / both interested [03-03-2002]

We're excited to take the tour! I need information for my school project.
Kathy Sweere, Madison (daughter of Kathy) age 8/ 2nd grade [03-03-2002]

My daughter is doing a report on Betsy Ross. She is in the third grade at Rockhill elem.
Charlotte Derr, Stafford Virginia [03-03-2002]

My 4th. grade students are studying American history .
Gaye Ferguson, Special Ed. Teacher 4th grade,Buchanan,Va. [03-03-2002]

I hope i like this house very much.
Kaitlyn Jennifer Kerr, Home 3rd grader,and 9 years old. [03-03-2002]

Betsy Ross sounds really interesting, and it's even cooler that she has her own web page!
Emily, age 11 [03-03-2002]

DIANE E. RHEA, tampa,fl. 48yrs. [03-03-2002]

Catherine Preston, teacher, Bahrain School [03-03-2002]

Donna H. Kirkland, originally from NJ, now in NC. [03-03-2002]

PHIL SLAVIN, 58 -----citizen of phila. [03-03-2002]

my daughter is doing a skit about the creator of our flag
tom weiberg, pontiac mi [03-03-2002]

This is a great website. Thanks.
Ellen Thompson [03-03-2002]

John Willett, New Glasgow Nova Scotia Canada [03-03-2002]

Cortney Warrick, fifth grade [03-03-2002]

Felicia, I am 13 years old and I am from Tennessee [03-03-2002]

I really enjoyed making the five pointed star.
Samaris santiago, 13 [03-03-2002]

RITA MACALUSO GREGORY, new jersey, 37 [03-03-2002]

Stace, Teacher [03-03-2002]

Anne Watts [03-03-2002]

Samaris santiago, 12 [03-03-2002]

Nicole Bernstein [03-03-2002]

Kelsey, 3 grader [03-03-2002]

Cindy Warrick [03-03-2002]

Devon Craine [03-03-2002]

Brooke [03-03-2002]

zoe, 8 [03-03-2002]

Artiesa Doyle, Bonners Ferry, Idaho; 17 years old [02-28-2002]

Chelsea Nicole Hunt, lov to learn [02-28-2002]

chelsea, 10 yrs. old [02-28-2002]

terrence, im cool [02-28-2002]

Meghan [02-28-2002]

Thank you Betsy for helping to inspire Mr. Washington. Signing off, Myla
Myla Maramba, I love U.S history & movies & other things that relate to America's definition of freedom & equality, etc. [02-28-2002]

Don Garner, So. Calif., 64, "Long may she wave" [02-28-2002]

jordanne, 13/f [02-28-2002]

Larry,Seth, Jacob, Brandon, Starr,Lacy, and Mrs. Stephens, West Side Elementary [02-28-2002]

I wish to find a face piture of Betsy Ross
Natasha Melo, I am age 10 [02-28-2002]

Thank you for putting this up; we really enjoyed the tour! :)
Mrs. Broom's 1st Grade Class, Urbana [02-28-2002]

I grew up in Phila, but have been in NC for the last thirty-one years. Phila will always be my heart. Thanks,
Eileen Sampson, Pembroke, NC [02-28-2002]

I will be dressing like Betsy Ross in school tomorrow for American Hero Day
cindy and bridget bower, we're from Casper Wyoming and are doing a school project [02-28-2002]

Iam just doing a speech on Besty Ross biographies
Raychelle, 8yr old [02-27-2002]

Checking out the information to pass on to my troops for the new Girl Scout Patriotism Badges....
Susan O'Brien, Girl Scout Executive from Albany, Missouri [02-27-2002]

Debbie Schomburg, Brownie Scout Leader [02-27-2002]

I love your site! I've gotten TONS of info. I needed! You make Betsy come alive!
Isela Bradley, I live in California, I am 12 years old, and I am looking for pictures for a school project. [02-27-2002]

I am a big collector of our Stars and Strips Love your site
Leslie Yenser, ohio/48yrs.old [02-27-2002]

bryan stetson, 7 years old [02-27-2002]

Taylor Phillip, I am seven years old. I am doing a project on Betsy Ross for my Social Studies class. [02-27-2002]

I am enjoying your website and it is helping me with my school work. Thank you.
Francesca Zaitz, I am 8 years old and live in Scarsdale, NY. I am writing a report on Betsy Ross for school. [02-27-2002]

Brittany Cavazos, North Texas 8 yr old girl [02-27-2002]

Gary Boland, Bel Air, MD [02-27-2002]

pablo gonzales., 14yrs L.A FINE LOOKING [02-27-2002]

MICHELE MORGAN, exeter nh [02-27-2002]

I am learning about you in my class room. Iam in 5th graed.
Kayla Kiger-Large, Hi my last name is Large because of my step dad [02-27-2002]

Steven E. Witt, I'm 39 yrs. old married with 5 kids. My family and I live in Red House, WV which is located 30 miles west of Charleston, WV. [02-27-2002]

Dana Bergeron [02-27-2002]

Erin, Brianna, Nathan, Zachary, Jeremy, Mrs. Stephens, West Side Elemetary [02-27-2002]

Ellen Stiles [02-27-2002]

God Bless America My Home Sweet Home
AnneMarie, 11 ny [02-27-2002]

Jessica, ca, 11, female [02-27-2002]

I'm doing a short skit on the making of our American Flag for a talent show at school.
Erin Ackley-Hescott, 8 years old, 3rd grade [02-27-2002]

I needed to get information on a famous person.
jaclyn nieradka, 7 yrs. North Carolina [02-27-2002]

doing a social studies project
MELISSA HARRIS, west virginia 29 yrs old [02-27-2002]

kayla, me. 15 [02-27-2002]

Betsy Ross has a nice house
Alyssa, 9 years old [02-27-2002]

learning about her in school.
HAYLEE LEWIS, farmville va. age 6 [02-27-2002]

Libby Aring, i live in ohio, and i am 12 years old [02-27-2002]

Mary Kemper [02-27-2002]

Nicole Kath, student [02-27-2002]

Tami Lyn Crow, age: 10 Sport: gymnastics [02-27-2002]

kaitlyn and becky cook, kaitlyn 5 yrs. Indiana [02-27-2002]

Danna Dent [02-27-2002]

Annie Greene, Mi, 26 yrs [02-27-2002]

School biography project.
Natalie Schauwecker, 3rd Grade [02-27-2002]

my scouts are to do research on the flag for an up coming scout dinner. i had asked them to find out why the stripes are red and white ? and anthing else they can find out that may interest others..... can you help us thank you rich..
richard strepparava, i live in closter n.j. i am 50 years old . i am a cub scout leader [02-27-2002]

Jordan F., Live in Texas, doing a school report about B.R. [02-27-2002]

I have a book report/presentation on Betsy Ross and need lots of information.
Katharine Winters, Virginia, 9yrs [02-27-2002]

Paige and Jamie Benthal, both live in dyersburg,Tn. age 10 and 12 [02-27-2002]

We just finished read about Betsy Ross, Beyond Five in a Row offers this website.
Brie, Calif. 9 Homeschooler [02-27-2002]

Lucretia M. Hyett, Born & raised in Alliance, OH. Moved to Ga in 1987 [02-27-2002]

Jillian, I am 8 years old, I ice skate, I have a beagle. [02-27-2002]

How old was Betsy when she died/
Sanam Golshani, age:10 [02-27-2002]

Jessica, My age is 10 years of age [02-27-2002]

Kristina, ct 13 [02-27-2002]

missy harris, i am 17 in class working on an assignment [02-27-2002]

I am a mother of 7 and 5 years old girls. I want to find a girl scout for them.
shu jan yang [02-27-2002]

I admire your work of the flag
angel anderson, 11 [02-27-2002]

Sara Williams, Bedford, Indiana--Teacher [02-27-2002]

Cynthia Fine, Lowell, Ma [02-27-2002]

Julie Perkins, Kansas City, MO [02-27-2002]

This site helps me a lot on my report.
Angel, I am doing a report on Betsy Ross! [02-27-2002]

bruce a. brown, temple terrace, fl, 43, born and raised in philly. [02-27-2002]

I am writing a report for my second grade class. I am excited to learn more about this woman my mommy has told me about.
Lauren, I am in California and I am 7 years old. [02-27-2002]

brian, 45 [02-27-2002]

Lori Falke [02-27-2002]

Raelynn Speltz, 6years, doing a research project [02-27-2002]

Lauren Ritter, 7 yrs old [02-27-2002]

Staci, I'm 9 years old. I have brown hair and eyes. [02-27-2002]

Patty & Emily [02-27-2002]

dot weaver [02-27-2002]

Ashley Rose Barcia, Georgia, 6 [02-27-2002]

Thank you for the information for my research paper.
Max Sarmento, Richmond, VA 9 yrs. old [02-27-2002]

Christyne Smietanski, Albuquerque age 8 [02-27-2002]

I think Betsy Ross is really cool. Your site is wonderful.
Mindy Melvin, Hartville Oh 15yrs old SS Report [02-27-2002]

Linda Pasewalk, I live in northeast Nebraska. I'm 42 years old and researching sites for ideas to use at a Girl Scout Day Camp that we are having. The theme is patriotic. [02-27-2002]

i am doing research on betsy ross for a report for school.
karlie hartmann, 11yrs.old, pgh. pa. [02-27-2002]

tracy davis [02-27-2002]

My school is doing a wax museum of Famous Americans. I chose Betsy Ross. I will be dressed as Betsy and when someone drops a coin in my box, I will tell them information about her. I've been doing a lot of reading about her. My mom is hoping to take me to see her house this summer.
Juliette, NC., age 7, 2nd Grade [02-27-2002]

Linda Hockenberry, Harmony NC Looking up info for my 6yr old daughters bio on Besty Ross. [02-27-2002]

I am interested in the flag and I thank you for having this information for me to see and study.
Alex Mueller, I am in the second grade and am working on a report for a contest. The subject essay I must write about is the American flag [02-27-2002]

i rock and im betta than u!! :) :0 :
~**tif**~, 14 [02-27-2002]

Jon Q, age9 [02-27-2002]

Ashley Garton, From Beaverton, OR, I am 11 years old. [02-27-2002]

Doing school paper for granddaughter.
Donald Tessier, Fredericksburg, VA [02-27-2002]

I learned a lot of info on Besty Ross while i was in the web site. she had a very interesing live. i'm glad i took the time to read all the stories about her. I would like to lean more about her and people like her. thanks courtney
courtney campbell, grandma's house 11 years old doing a report for school [02-27-2002]

I am doing an oral biography on Betsy Ross for my second grade class at Oak Mountain Elementary.
Lauren Marie Smith, I live in Birmingham, Alabama and I am 7 years old [02-27-2002]

Tim Hicks, Riverton, NJ, 23 [02-27-2002]

Angelina Combs, 9 years old [02-27-2002]

Jon Q, Age nine [02-27-2002]

Found this site very interesting.
Angie Brewer, Campbellsville, Kentucky [02-27-2002]

hi i have to do a school reaport on Betsy.
nicole, mi,11 [02-27-2002]

wally koziel [02-27-2002]

this is a really cool house!
Ashley, 16, il [02-27-2002]

Looking for information on Betsy Ross for a report.
Marcia Peterson, Buena Park, California, Age 9 [02-27-2002]

Thank you for the Red,White and Blue
Roberta Chandler, syracuse, ny 30years old [02-27-2002]

Ilona Ransom [02-27-2002]

The tour of Betsey Ross' house was very well done.
marion kilburn, I'm 68 and live in California [02-27-2002]

thank you for all the helpful info. this was a wonderful tour!
DEBBIE,MEG,MORGAN, matthews,nc [02-27-2002]

Aaron Moren, 7 [02-27-2002]

I visited this site do do a project on Betsy Ross
Melissa Schnipke, age 8 [02-27-2002]

thank you!
alyssa, age 9 [02-27-2002]

derek and colten [02-27-2002]

IAN and ADAM, age 8, crete, ne [02-27-2002]

Jeovana Lopez. 2B [02-27-2002]

derek [02-27-2002]

IAN, n [02-27-2002]

DC, age 7 and 8 [02-27-2002]

Adam [02-27-2002]

Kelly Roberts, Florida, 16, [02-27-2002]

james [02-27-2002]

Marla Wademan, Afe 8 Crete, NE [02-27-2002]

I am doing a book report of Betsy Ross, she is a very great person.
LaurenAnn, Williston Park, NY - age 8 [02-27-2002]

I'm doing research on the U.S. flag for Brownie Troop 999. I like how Betsy Ross made our flag.
Megan Smith, Belleville,IL 7yrs. [02-27-2002]

betsy ross is really cool
MEAGAN,DASHIA,KELSEY, age:15,14,14 [02-27-2002]

Kristie Webb, Whitwell, Tennessee [02-27-2002]

Remington Williams, 5 1/2 years old - Hardy Virginia [02-27-2002]

I am the leader of Brownie Troop #18, out of Saranac Lake, NY. Me and my 8 girl scouts visited your site as one our activities needed to earn "Wave your Flag" Brownie try-it. Thank you it was very interesting and informative, each girl signed the register as well.
Jayne Law [02-27-2002]

Olivia Bushey [02-27-2002]

Dayna Whitson [02-27-2002]

Brittany Gardner [02-27-2002]

Chelley Pietras [02-27-2002]

Mikala Gregware [02-27-2002]

Kailyn Walker- Law [02-27-2002]

we are learning about Betsy Ross and the making of the first American Flag
Molly Claire Dyer, columbia maryland [02-27-2002]

Ashlee Charette [02-27-2002]

Riley, age9 [02-27-2002]

Martha Mozingo, (37) Rifle, Colorado [02-27-2002]

this is a great site to use when doing a report
Rachel and Michelle [02-27-2002]

OLIVIA & CANDICE, 10&10 [02-27-2002]

i love you all and i want to see you some time and its to bad that your dead because we could of been best friends
jessica, huntington beach 26 [02-27-2002]

I've seen the actual house, but it was many years ago when I was 14. This is wonderful!
Nancy E. Black, Newark, DE. I'm a computer teacher at Highlands Elementary School. I'm 54 years old. [02-27-2002]

christian goines [02-27-2002]

Tina Orrell, Eastpointe, Michigan Age 37 [02-27-2002]

I think this is awesome! I had no idea that this was here until a friend showed me.
Rebecca Torgusen, San Diego, CA [02-27-2002]

Charlton Spainhour [02-27-2002]

We are researching the life of Betsy Ross.
Mrs. Lankes, Teacher [02-27-2002]

Mr & Mrs. Ron Snyder, Waupaca, WI [02-27-2002]

I have to do a book report on Betsy Ross but my book isn't very informing so I hoped to find out a little more on her and found this site.THANK YOU!!!!!!
Auterau Porter, Carpinteria,California-10 years old [02-27-2002]

I am not a history buff, however; I do enjoy hearing, reading, and touring American history. My favorite periods are the Revolutionary War and The Civil War eras. I like the clothes they wore, customs, and weapons used, along with transportation used.
Larry Harvey, I live in Aiken, South Carolina, I am 43 years old [02-27-2002]

I am helping my daughter with a report and a play about Betsy Ross. She needs to gather information on her for schoolabout her life and about the flag she needs to know about cloths that she wore and about the idea of making the flag and how long it took, things like that could you help her? My daughter is really interested in this project. Thank you
Sue, Michigan,31 [02-27-2002]

Mindy Ryen, Fenton, Iowa 10 yrs old report for school [02-27-2002]

Monica Sandoval, El Paso [02-27-2002]

Ashley de Goede, age:13 live:Califorina [02-27-2002]

Sam and Max Vessels, Spokane, WA (11 & 9) [02-27-2002]

Katherine barlow, Virginia Beach Virginia nine years old [02-27-2002]

Edward E. Bussard Jr., Dayton, PA 16222 [02-27-2002]

kyle, 11 [02-27-2002]

I am a Girl Scout Brownie Troop leader and am researching things for our troop to do online.
Amy Tincher, Bloomington, MN [02-27-2002]

i need to find out the reason betsy ross helped change our country. i hope to find out the reason on this web site but if you can, will you please sent me some information that you think that will help me for my paper.
KRYSTAL, yorba linda, ca./ 14/ i am doing a reserch paper on betsy ross! [02-27-2002]

what Betsy Ross did when she was little
nikki owens, Statesville,NC 10 student at ebenzer [02-27-2002]

T. Robinson, teacher [02-27-2002]

matthew morris, tn [02-27-2002]

God bless the USA
Doris Syphers, I live in the beautiful state of Oregon. [02-27-2002]

Jacque McLaughlin, Illinois [02-27-2002]

We are learning about the first flag and Betsy Ross.
Miss McGee's third grade class, Westlake,LA [02-27-2002]

Just wanted to teach my niece a little history.
LMark [02-27-2002]

JIM FULMER, 61 [02-27-2002]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross and mabe you can send me some interesting facts on her.
Jessica, live in the USA in california. i am 11 years old. [02-27-2002]

Marilyn, I am 63 years old, and live in New York State in the town of Owego. I was very happy to find this site. I never had the chance to see the house and this gives me the opertuneity to visit...Thank you [02-27-2002]

dave belkin, n.y 12 [02-27-2002]

I have to do a report on a famous woman for first grade and I have picked Betsy Ross.
Katelynn Doucette, Belton, Missouri [02-27-2002]

Alyson Klush, age 9 Girl Scout [02-27-2002]

Ernest Kohler, I'm 52 live in the Poconos and love visiting Philadelphia the Place where it all began [02-27-2002]

Linda & Dayna, New Jersey [02-27-2002]

Janica Cox, North Carolina [02-27-2002]

Im doing a reasearch paper on the History of the American Flag
Brandia Willis, Illinois, 18 [02-27-2002]

Caitlin Saia, Galena, Ohio, age 6 [02-27-2002]

I found this very helpful. My 7 yr. old son was to do a project on a Woman in History and selected Betsy Ross. All the info and pictures were very helpful in completing this project. Thank you.
ellen jones, staten island, ny, 36 yrs old. [02-27-2002]

We come every year to visit while I'm in town at Will's for my annual check-up. It's GREAT!!!!!!!!!!
Ron & Karen Kochell, teacher from Illinois [02-27-2002]

Charlotte Carman [02-27-2002]

Leisa [02-27-2002]

Annie Kedziorski, Independent Junior Girl Scout [02-27-2002]

Marjean Monahan, South Carolina history/antiques buff [02-27-2002]

Ilove the way you dresst.Itlooked really good.Ijust like the way you dresst.Ijust can not beleive it looked so pretty.I thinked so terably preety.
Nyla, My age is,8,im eight years old [02-27-2002]

Thank You for your great sites they are so interesting and they teach a lot!!!!!!
Jennifer, I'm 14, I live in a small town in the foothills of North Carolina, and I love history!!! [02-27-2002]

i am doing a presentation on you and the great american flag!
Tyler Fortier, chicago il/ 7yrs old [02-27-2002]

Courtney, Wallkill,NY [02-27-2002]

Scott Edward Allen, age 39, married 20 yr's, father of 4 [02-27-2002]

herrerkj kjllkjl
CJ, 18 have one child [02-27-2002]

Melanie Myrice, Toledo, Ohio Age 40 [02-27-2002]

Cayla Head, Houston, Texas 15 years/researching for history fair [02-27-2002]

STUDENT [02-27-2002]

Helping my 5th grade daughter with a homework assignment about Betsy & the flag.
Cindy Harris [02-27-2002]

thank you so much for your website. It has truelly been very interesting and helpful in my research of Betsy Ross and the American Flag. We are working on a new "patriotism" badge and you have given us all of the information needed for us to earn this badge, thanks so much!
Cher Norton, girl scout leader [02-27-2002]

Alex Frankey, 11 [02-27-2002]

I can't put my e-mailaddress
Leyland Tait, I live in Delaware, and I am 12. And I like sports. [02-27-2002]

Dylan Carroll, I am 11 years olda [02-27-2002]

This site is good because I can find more information about Betsy Ross. Thank You!
Selena MacDuff, 7 1/2 yrs old, Orinda, CA - working on Biography report [02-25-2002]

mrs. schnorr's great, great, great, great, great grandfather was francis hopkinson and he was supposed to have designed the flag.
mrs. schnorr's first grade [02-15-2002]

why do you need to know this stuff anyway?
Kaleah Whiting-ross, im 12 years old, I live in New York, that's all [02-15-2002]

Stooper Pooper, I'm a 27 year-old couch potato [02-15-2002]

NICOLE MCALLISTER, fairfield,9 years old [02-15-2002]

Amy Ross Gustafson [02-15-2002]

i am a teacher of a fifth grade class and the students were given the assignment to look up the original american flag andto know the different flag symbols
clara jonas, los angeles 55 [02-15-2002]

i have to do a research paper on betsy ross and i think it will be very interesting
Caleigh Barrett [02-14-2002]

I have been here before on my visits to Will's. Every year I take the tour. It's great.
Karen and Ron Kochell, Illinois - Teacher [02-14-2002]

Anna Garrett, 7 years old [02-14-2002]

Kris Mayer, Lincolin, Ne, age 10 [02-14-2002]

Kate Sabo [02-14-2002]

Aileen, 8* [02-14-2002]

Mike Walker, Montreal, Canada [02-14-2002]

thanks for the good info and tour.
V. DEROUANNA, penna. 48yr. helping son with essay on usa flag [02-14-2002]

Wendy Inman, Madison, Ga 30650 16yrs. old [02-14-2002]

Kaitlin Eddy, 7years old & location Macon Ga. [02-14-2002]

Javier, Utah [02-14-2002]

Skye, Musella Ga [02-14-2002]

Kaitlin Eddy, 7years old & location Macon Ga. [02-14-2002]

Kristen Collins, I am 9 years old [02-14-2002]

Kyle [02-14-2002]

Brandon Berg [02-14-2002]

David & Brittany Landrum, boy-age 7&girl age 9 homeschool/study of our flag [02-14-2002]

Gail Chaney, hubbard ohio, [02-14-2002]

Helping a friends son with a report
Karen Mariner, 30 New Jersey [02-14-2002]

My second grade class is studying Famous Americans. I chose Betsy Ross as my Famous American to do my report on. We can dress up as the person and use props.
Jennifer Szerszynski, Age 7 Huntsville, AL [02-14-2002]

ASHLEY R. HAWKINS, age 13 mesa, arizona [02-14-2002]

Great site for school projects!
Natalie Guttormsson, Canada [02-14-2002]

KIERSTIN ALYSSA LEBLANC, i'm 8 years old and intelligent [02-13-2002]

I am ready,to see how you lived in the 1700's. Let's go!!!
Keirstin Cummings, I am a sixth grader from Cambridge Ohio. [02-13-2002]

Project for school
Kelly Cahill, Philadelphia area - age 8 [02-13-2002]

Vickie Spratley, Montegut, LA [02-13-2002]

Eric Weinhardt, 10 years old [02-13-2002]

Debbie Rapone [02-13-2002]

Morgan szymaniak, 9 year old girl fro binghamton [02-13-2002]

i am doing a biography on the great women
Jennifer, child [02-13-2002]

Mayra, Oxnard, CA, 8 yrs old [02-13-2002]

i have visited the house as a child but i now live in nc
marcia james, age: too old to admit [02-13-2002]

Jess, New Jersey 12 [02-13-2002]

I am doing a biography on Betsy Ross for my February Book It project.
Katelyn Parker, Boardman, OH 8 yrs. old Attend Stadium Dr. school [02-13-2002]

Shoshana Lutch, Georgia, 7 yrs old, love history [02-13-2002]

Hello, I am a fourth grade teacher at Mission Hello, I I I Hello, I am a fourth grade teacher Elementary School in Oceanside, CA, and I'm teahcing my students about the internet and how to use it for research. One of the students is doing her book project on Betsy Ross.
Walter Gommel, Fourth Grade Teacher and Mission Elementary [02-13-2002]

I'm starting a unit on the American Revolution.I'm thrilled to have this website for my 5th graders in Kentucky.
Ingrid Partin, teacher, 47 [02-13-2002]

Donna O' Donnell [02-13-2002]

Erika robillard, I'm 12 yrs old and i go to Jefferson school [02-13-2002]

THank you for having such a wonderful web sight. My students are able to complete there research on the American Flag because of you. Thank You Mrs.Jelderks
Nancy A. Jelderks, VIrginia Beach,VA, 36, Parasol Teacher for Special Ed. [02-13-2002]

Cathie Hoiby, Everett, Washington [02-13-2002]

Would you show me more information on Betsy Ross for my book report?
Deannna.Cumberbatch, New York,10, [02-13-2002]

I am using this for a book and oral report for the third grade living wax museum! I am learning about Betsy Ross!
Ashley Scott, age 8, place Plano, TX [02-13-2002]

Gyorgy Abel, Massachusetts, 47 y [02-13-2002]

Minnie Gordon, oxford ms [02-13-2002]

This is going to really help me w/ my History report. I have used this site before & really liked it. Thanks for this really kool site.
Lisa Constable, Brawley, 13 [02-13-2002]

Joni, Doing a report on Betsy Ross for school. [02-13-2002]

Taylor Coomer, Camden County, NJ 11 [02-13-2002]

We're doing a progect on Betsy Ross!Thanks for all your help! Brittany and Amanda
Amanda and Brittany Rodgers [02-13-2002]

I am helping my 8 year old grandaughter find a "famous American Woman" to write a report about, and to make a diorama. She is in the third grade. Since September 11 tragedy, the flag has become very important to this little girl. So we thought Betsy Ross would be an ideal subject for her report.
Sandi Kirkland, Portland OR age 41 [02-13-2002]

My daughter is doing a project in regards to Betsy Ross. So we are visiting your site to get some information.
Maria & Zsuzsanna Mills, Parker, Colorado [02-13-2002]

dana, ny [02-13-2002]

Katie Moore, I live in Millbrook, AL, and I am 8 years old and studying about the first flag. [02-13-2002]

My troop is honoring Pennsylvania on Feb. 23,2002, during our annual Girl Scout Thinking Day program. We usually do countries, but, due to the Sept.11 incident we, as a Service Unit, decided to honor our USA. So my girls picked Pennsylvania. I, myself have been to the Western part of the state. But, someday I hope to visit the eastern half. Great website and informative. Thanks for the info.
America Sandra Berry, I am a Senior Girl Scout leader here in North Central Florida. [02-13-2002]

I am doing a report on Betsy.
Kathryn Vicini, age 10 [02-13-2002]

Amanda, I live in Pennsylvania, im 16 doing a research project for school [02-13-2002]

I am fascinated by history.
Carolyn Insley, Hays, KS age 53 [02-13-2002]

Jacob Freeman, Georgia, age: 8 doing a report on Betsy Ross [02-13-2002]

Kayce, GA, I'm 12 years old [02-13-2002]

Katie, 11 years old [02-13-2002]

I recently had the chance to visit the Betsy Ross when on a weeked trip with my oldest son. I was pleased and proud to be in the home of this American woman. Thanks
Suzana Steele-Clark, Hi I'm from upstate NY, 42,married with 4 children. [02-13-2002]

Miranda McCoy, I'm female, 12, brown hair, brown eyes, and an Indian [02-13-2002]

Terri Tenbrink, Mother of 3 in California [02-13-2002]

i am hoping to visit philadelphia and tour next month march
CHRISTINA LENNON, reside in rockland county,new york state [02-13-2002]

Thank you for your web site.
Danielle, I'am 10 years old. [02-13-2002]

Vicki, 22 [02-13-2002]

Ashley Dickinson, im 17 very interested in betsy and love history [02-13-2002]

I grew up in Allentown, PA and toured the Betsy Ross house as a young child. Now I am a Brownie Girl Scout Leader in Oregon gathering info for a badge about Our Flag.
Jane Westlind [02-13-2002]

jenny, nice 14 florida [02-10-2002]

Kelsie Essell, Studying Betsy Ross in my first grade class. [02-10-2002]

great house
Lindsey Chappell, North Carolina 15 [02-10-2002]

In march I,ll be seeing Phili for the first time. Looking forward to seeing all the Historical sites Thanks
Patricia, Flushing,newyork [02-10-2002]

Katy Johnson, Jacksonville, FL [02-10-2002]

Diana Cicetti, 8 years old, Edison, NJ. Porject for school [02-10-2002]

Alan Tubman, teacher in Worcester, MA [02-10-2002]

I am helping my son with his school project on Betsy Ross. You have a very interesting and informative website. Thanks
Beatriz Mejia, Holtville, CA, [02-10-2002]

margaret marsh, i'm 11 and i live in shanks w.v. and working on a prodject aboult Betsy Ross and the flag. [02-10-2002]

patrick smith [02-10-2002]

Star Smith, live in NY [02-10-2002]

Working on Wave the Flag Try-It with my Brownies.
Gail Rivers, Piscataway, NJ [02-10-2002]

My daughter is doing a report on Betsy Ross
Byrna Bornstein, Westwood, MA [02-10-2002]

morgan, age 7 NY [02-10-2002]

will visit house,efhrem's alley,and other historic buildings tomorrow.
BRITNEY ALEXIS KANE, age 6,from north carolina,visitng phila. [02-10-2002]

Reading about the design of the flag tickled me. The men wanted a six pointed flag and Betsy Ross wanted a five pointed flag. She won out when she showed them she could cut one with one snip. Smart gal!
Carolyn Senn, Minnesota native, raised on a farm (which I wish every child could do! [02-10-2002]

Delaney Hillan [02-10-2002]

lisa black, 38yr,w/f,atlanta,ga. [02-10-2002]

TOM, ca 40 [02-09-2002]

as a young girl my cousin would take me to visit bettsy ross house independence hall it was my reward for behaving while she was shopping. we would take the train from pottstown,pa to philadelphia. i would love to see it again hopefully in the near future.
esther barron, now jacksonville,nc. 70 [02-09-2002]

I am doing Betsy Ross in biography.I love all of her books.
Zoe Brown, My age is 8, my Birthday is May 24,1993. [02-09-2002]

vICTORIA PAGNANI, 7 years old I live in Michigan [02-09-2002]

I am doing a book report on Betsy Ross for my 4th grade English class.
Jamie, I live in West Va [02-09-2002]

Ruth M. Messer [02-09-2002]

ANNIE, 12 [02-09-2002]

Samantha, 10 [02-08-2002]

Madeline Jozwiak, Wauwatosa WI age 9 [02-08-2002]

Tonya McLean, 5th grade teacher [02-08-2002]

Working on a report for school about Betsy Ross
Laura Anderson, 6th grade student [02-08-2002]

sandt, 23 [02-08-2002]

sara, az [02-08-2002]

Lisa Allen, 31 yrs old, married living with my family at Spangdahlem AB, Germany [02-08-2002]

Dragomir Golijanin, Canada-Toronto [02-08-2002]

Hi,I am doing my book report on Betsy Ross!!!!It's cool, you'r site helped me!!!!
Shelby, in Alaska [02-08-2002]

It's been years since I've been to see the home of Betsy Ross; what a convenient way to get reaquainted with it!
Anthony Osimo, Bucks County, Pa. 39 yrs. old [02-08-2002]

i am doing a report on her
angie, 12 [02-07-2002]

Michael Scruggs [02-07-2002]

Faith [02-07-2002]

Kiersten, tn [02-07-2002]

This was a very interesting website. My daughter had a biography due for school and she chose Betsy Ross. Looking for information was easy and I found the information very interesting to read myself. Learned something new!! Great website!!
Christy Biggs, Maryland, age 36 [02-07-2002]

Olivia, 9 Years [02-07-2002]

Donald C Rice Sr., Holt,MI. 38 [02-07-2002]

Doing school project.
Alex Ingebretsen., West Wood. 11. [02-07-2002]

As a transplanted Hoosier, I love the history available in the Philadelphia area. My family moved to Pottstwon in January of 1976, and we thoroughly enjoyed all the Bicentennial festivities.
Sandy Speer, Resident of Pennsylvania for 25 years! [02-07-2002]

Jessica Hunter, age 10 [02-07-2002]

We are studying Betsy Ross. This site was very helpful to the students.
Liz McFarland, Kindergarten teacher, West Point, MS [02-07-2002]

We are studying Betsy Ross.
Mrs. Monger's Kindergarten, Teacher and class [02-07-2002]

Doing a report on Betsy Ross
J Chapman, California 9 years old [02-07-2002]

Doing this for school..A report
Diana, Champaign,Ill Age 9 [02-07-2002]

alyssa kyle, indiana...10 [02-07-2002]

i'm want the pace.
CECILIA M SOTO [02-07-2002]

Marta Estrada marta E, Adulto Esl Study [02-07-2002]

Francisco Valtierra [02-07-2002]

sandra estrada, adult esl student [02-07-2002]

Sandra marinez [02-07-2002]

I lake the pagina
Vargas Ariel, adult esl student [02-07-2002]

JUAN ANTONIO PONCE, adult esl estudent [02-07-2002]

My class of adults are learning English as their second language. The class includes a study of U.S. History. Your site is well-designed, user friendly, and very informative. Extremely helpful for my class. Thank you!
Michael A. Crotty, Adult ESL teacher [02-07-2002]

Theresa, California [02-07-2002]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross and I would like to learn about her.
Melissa Mason, Alpharetta,GA----11 yrs. old---(02--06-02) [02-07-2002]

I'm am here to do my Famous Person report. I decied to do it on Betsy Ross. Don't know why, though
Mary Kwiatkowski, 9 [02-07-2002]

I just finished read The History of The United States, and I think Betsy Ross report is very interesting
Vivian Labrador, panama, 29 [02-07-2002]

alaina rohrer, north carolina, i am a 8 grade student doing a paper on betsy [02-07-2002]

I love betsy
Bob Sinclair, 13 [02-07-2002]

Britteny Morphis, Lake Village, AR 14 yearsold [02-07-2002]

Kim Knox, Old woman doing research [02-07-2002]

We are studying the history of our flag.
Mrs. Cheshire's First Grade Class, Largo, Florida [02-07-2002]

loking for a picture of Betsy Ross,my daughter is going to dress as Betsy Ross for a school protject
Carmen Flynn, somerset PA [02-07-2002]

I am doing a biography on Betsy Ross in class because she sewed the American Flag and my birthday is The Fourth of July. My friend is doing her and i HATE IT HATE IT!!!!
Jeanine, 9 years old I love cats, dogs, and other little animals My birthday is the Fourth of July(like my screen name says). [02-07-2002]

jmcgee [02-07-2002]

jerome anthony, norristown pa 45 year old last time i was there i was 15 years old [02-07-2002]

Thanks for the tour. It was very interesting!
Dorothy Barrow, Special Education Teacher in Alexandria La. [02-07-2002]

I am doing a report about our flag and it's history.
CHRISTINA BROWN, 10 years old, I live in Sonora, california [02-07-2002]

I chose Betsy Ross as the subject of a 2nd grade Social Studies report on people who were the first to do something historic.
Taylor Robertson, I am 8 years old and live in Terrytown, Louisiana, a suburb of New Orleans. [02-07-2002]

virginia may Bishop, I live in Portland oregon and I am 8 years old/ I am doing this as research for school [02-07-2002]

Annette Maxwell [02-07-2002]

Glad to find your site. My granddaughter is portraying Betsy Ross for her initiation in the Beta Club. Looking for ideas. Thanks.
Rose F. Kiser, Harrogate, TN--home of Lincoln Memorial University [02-07-2002]

i just want to see her hous
kid [02-07-2002]

I'm doing a research paper on Betsy Ross with my classmate Sara Palomino.
Alyssa Marrufo, El Paso, Tx 10 yrs old female [02-07-2002]

Amanda Wyant, 13/f [02-07-2002]

Ceressa Peterson, 29, Florida [02-07-2002]

Does anyone have a family tree for Betsy? I'm related through a "dear cousin Shirley." My family wasn't very specific and I'd appreciate help on finding out exactly HOW we're related. Thank you.
Penny Ann Cline, I am related to Betsy Ross. I'm a teacher in San Diego, Ca. [02-07-2002]

This is a great website for information.
Deanna Voitle, Tomball, TX [02-07-2002]

lindsay [02-07-2002]

Lesa Maxwell [02-07-2002]

Nina Vinci, Cleveland, Ohio age 7 [02-07-2002]

We are doing a presentation at our church about the American and Christian flags. I am researching Betsy Ross so that I can do a characterization of her life and the making of the flag.
Marianne Loveridge, Guthrie, Oklahoma [02-07-2002]

frankmena smith, caln school [02-07-2002]

david gumenyuk, caln school [02-07-2002]

karen tinoco, caln school [02-07-2002]

4th Grade Learning Studio, Canon City CO [02-07-2002]

Kalynnne, 10 California [02-07-2002]

I can't wait to see the house!
Kyle Williams, 4th grader [02-07-2002]

i was researching for any infromation helping my girlscout troop
Michelle Packer, age 28yearsold-thorofare New Jersey [02-07-2002]

God Bless America
Dale and Judith Wilson, Florida [02-07-2002]

michelle wallace, hammond, in. girl scout mom [02-07-2002]

This is a wonderful resource. Every American should learn all they can about the history of our flag. Who commissioned is, designed it, sewed it, etc. We as citizens own a lot to our forefathers for the sacarific made on our behalf.
Beth Brantley, West Point,Mississippi [02-07-2002]

Yvette Jablonski, Jacksonville, FL; Girl Scout leader [02-07-2002]

The Walker's, Tucson, Arizona [02-07-2002]

I am doing a book report on Betsy Ross. There is a lot of good information here.
Hayley Snow, Age 9 Massachusetts [02-07-2002]

Betsy Ross was my hero when I was a child. I haven't visited the house since 1976 as a young teen!
Deb Collins, Malvern, PA [02-07-2002]

Magnolia, Maryland [02-07-2002]

Gary Weiser, Wildomar Cal, 49yrs [02-07-2002]

Stephanie, 41 [02-07-2002]

ashley swecker [02-07-2002]

Ruth Leckbee [02-07-2002]

Allie Fultz [02-07-2002]

My daughter is doing a report about Betsy and really is impressed with her life story. You have a wonderful web site. Thankyou
david cropsey, age 44, Jackson,mich [02-07-2002]


Caitlyn, 13 [02-07-2002]

...'wave that flag,
rody [02-07-2002]

Joan Harvey, In WV. /enjoying reading History [02-07-2002]

Renee Purdy [02-07-2002]

Bev McDonald [02-07-2002]

We are taking this tour as part of research on the flag for a Brownie Badge.
Susan And Angiolina Sanelli, Massachusetts [02-07-2002]

Anna Harris, Joliet, Illinois [02-07-2002]

Anne Wikerson [02-07-2002]

Gary Higgins [02-07-2002]

For A school book report I had to chose a book and write a report on them amd bress up as the person and i chose Betsy It was very good and # people want a picture of me in my costume And I also got an A 120 points on it!!!!!!!!!!
Caroline Foust, age 10 [02-07-2002]

Star O'Henry, age:10 city:stockton [02-07-2002]

I never knew that Betsy Ross made the American Flag
Bradley Schlesner, Las Vegas NV, 89130 11 years old [02-07-2002]

I am giving a report about Betsy Ross.We had to pick a famous American and I picked her because she sounded like a cool person to research.
Deanna McDonough, 3rd grader St Theresa School Phoenix Az [02-07-2002]

I am doing a Biography report for my third grade class and I chose Betsy Ross.
Shelbyt Bullock, 9 years old, from Gainesville Va. [02-07-2002]

I've decided to do my biography on Betsy Ross for my February Book It project!
Karalyn Henderson, North Tonawanda, NY; age 8 [02-07-2002]

This is a wonderful tour. You will feel the pride of America when you visit the place where our flag was first made.
Janine, Seattle [02-07-2002]

nikki, 11 [02-07-2002]

project on Betsy Ross
celeste, lakeland florida 8yoa [02-07-2002]

SHE IS MY DAD 5th cousin his name is ross mack
MARIE MACK, kissimmee,fla 57 [02-07-2002]

Maria Carrasquillo [02-07-2002]

Maddy Kuntz, Age 7 my favorite color is blue [02-07-2002]

Allen Lamp, Alliance, Ohio 70 [02-07-2002]

Terrie Goodwin, airzona 37 2002 [02-07-2002]

John M Smith, Scoutmaster, Waldron In [02-07-2002]

I really thought this site had a lot of info. it is relly cool!!!!
Laura, i live in mn and am 11 [02-07-2002]

T. Boyle, Illinois [02-07-2002]

I hate school work!!! :)
Jessica, KY and 13 [02-07-2002]

I am 10 Years of age doing a report on Betsy Ross for my Awanas class.
katriana, Spokane, Wa [02-07-2002]

My family, a college friend and i will be visiting in person on February 9th, 2002. We very much look forward to it.
Luzette Gilmore, Whitehouse Station, NJ 35 [02-07-2002]

Christine Smith [02-07-2002]

Nicole Debeltz [02-07-2002]

penny olive, 42, Girl Scot leader [02-07-2002]

My Daughter is doing a project for her Academic Enrichment class. She is in fourth grade. She thought of Betsy Ross. I loved studying about her when I was a child.
Patricia Johnson, Langhorne PA [02-07-2002]

Julie Davis, Garland, TX [02-07-2002]

ketraip [02-07-2002]

my father was from san lorenzo pr, my mother was from juncos pr.i have a brother george carrasquillo, and a sister name marylou carrasquillo. my was was know as "chemon" el que asia cigarro
Hector M Carrasquillo sr, chicago,48,i was born in juncos pr [02-07-2002]

Looking for that pattern to make a 5-pointed star with one cut
Kathleen, Seattle, age 47 [02-07-2002]

Mayra, I have curly hair [02-07-2002]

KRISTA MARIE ADAMS, i live in texas, i'm 8 years old and my favorite caracter is betsy ross [02-07-2002]

Sheri Ross [02-07-2002]

I visited last March with an eight grade tour from Parkcrest Middle School. We really enjoyed ourselves.
shari stephens [02-07-2002]

I'm curious as to whether an item that I own has any Historic or intrinsic value. I have my great grandfather's (Harry W. Ayer) original certificate of membership in the "American Flag House and Betsy Ross Memorial Association". The Certificate # is I 71564 and it is has an Issue Date of 1902. It bears the signatures of Edward Brooks (President), Adam H. Fetteroff (Vice President), John Quincy Adams (Secretary) & Geo. Clinton Batcheller (Treasurer). The certificate also bears a miniature version of the painting titled "Birth of Our Nation's Flag" which is described on your Web page as "the world-famous painting of Betsy Ross by Charles Weisgerber. In it you can see the Congressional Committee of George Washington, George Ross, and Robert Morris conferring with Betsy Ross as to the design of the new flag of the United States". I would greatly appreciate any information which you could provide with regard to the history of the Certificate and its Historic and/or monetary value, if any. Thank You in advance, Bob Ayer
Robert Ayer, Rydal, PA [02-07-2002]

in my earlier register entry,I meant to say ---"all the things my parents showed us in Boston and Philadelphia were awesome". Take your kids here!
Shirley Arnold, age 46, Bellevue,WA [02-07-2002]

I visited the Betsy Ross House when I was about 9 years old. It was very moving to me even at that tender age. In fact, all the things my parents took me to in Boston were awesome.
Shirley Arnold, age 46 Bellevue,WA [02-07-2002]

This site is very interesting
Dana, 32yrs old (female) [02-07-2002]

Thanx for all the wonderful pictures and the info! -Sibel
Sibel, Sibel Bal, 11 yaers old (California [02-07-2002]

This site is very interesting, Need more like this one.
Dana, 32yrs old (female) [02-07-2002]

Hi how are You IO want to tour in Betsy Rosses house.
Ashley, iam 12 years old [02-07-2002]

Kristen MIlton, 11 [02-07-2002]

jimmy abbott [02-07-2002]

Megan Caraher, I am 12 and am working on a history project. [02-07-2002]

Lunden Studley, I am 11 and live in Maine [02-07-2002]

beth [01-30-2002]

I'm doing a book report on Betsy Ross
allie speers, 9 years old [01-30-2002]

iam doing my history report on betsy and i am very interested in her life i live just outside of philadelphia and would like to visit her home soon.
lauren smith, fourth grade student [01-30-2002]

Cathy Lui, 9 years old [01-30-2002]

I found this information very useful for my school project in social studies. Thank You!!!!!
Taylor, 9 [01-30-2002]

Becky Greenslet, Girl Scout Leader, Vermont [01-30-2002]

Janice Cypret/Teacher, 3rd Grade teacher/studying our early history [01-30-2002]

I love Betsy Ross!!!!!!!!!
Erica Dennis, Wi/ 14/ Female [01-30-2002]

Mere, 456 fl 11 [01-30-2002]

tina turner, monticello ia age 23 [01-30-2002]

We just finished learning all about the Revolutionary War and about Betsy Ross.
Mrs. Grove's 5th Grade, Mount Vernon, Ohio [01-30-2002]

Am planning on using this page for our Summer Library Program. Thanks!
children' librarian [01-30-2002]

My 7 year old has her first presentation due over the American Flag. Just getting information for her.
Cristie Murray, Marshall, Texas 32yrs. old [01-30-2002]

I'm writing about Betsy Ross for a school project.
Angelina Antunez, I'm 7 yrs old [01-30-2002]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross and just needed some more information on her. I like this site a lot so far, keep up the good work.
Hannah capps, 12 years old, live in NC and home schooled that is about it! [01-30-2002]

Doing a project on Betsy Ross. Thanks for the info! Very fun and interesting!
Kristen Wilcox, Sacramento, 10 [01-30-2002]

pround to be an Amercian 911
Caity, 10 [01-30-2002]

shannon, im 16 [01-30-2002]

Thank you for letting me tour Betsy Ross's house.
Elizabeth Catherine Pennock, Fullerton, CA 7 Yrs. [01-30-2002]

sara draeger, i'm 11 yeas old [01-30-2002]

i think that i might enjoy this tour and telling people about it :)
Lauren Molohon, age-13 loc.-louisville, kentucky description- email me at [01-30-2002]

i like betsy ross, she was a good lady.
GROSS, MEGAN, i'm 8 years old and i'm doing a report on betsy. [01-30-2002]

Served my country in the U.S. Army. (Oct.74 - Oct.77)
Richard D. Lyons, Jr., Born in Philly and graduated North Catholic H.S. [01-30-2002]

Luther Carr [01-30-2002]

I enjoyed reading her biography..
Savannah Maricle, Louisiana(11) [01-30-2002]

I am writing an essay on Betsy Ross and the flag
Lauren Davis, 12 years old Santa Fe,TX [01-30-2002]

Heather Reed, I am 10 years old [01-30-2002]

Jackie Kerr [01-30-2002]

Teresa Vanallen [01-30-2002]

give me my tour
student, 11 [01-30-2002]

katrina anderson [01-30-2002]

hi wanna know more about history
Tasha, i like history [01-30-2002]

Lauren Reimink, homeschooler age 10 [01-30-2002]

We read a book about Betsy yesterday and had some unanswered questions. This tour is just great and so is your web site. Mrs. James and the "Purple Group"
Mrs. James' Purple Reading Group, We are a guided reading group from May Overby Elementary School in Aberdeen SD. [01-30-2002]

Thea, I'm 52, and a needleworker. I am making a design about the USA, although I live in Victoria, B.C.Canada. [01-30-2002]

For daughters research project, 3rd grade
Lindsey, Alabama [01-30-2002]

I am currently working at a middle school and working with a 14 year old 8th grader one on one. We are taking a drive down the east coast via the computer and websites for our geograhy class and Philadelphia is one of our stops!!! We hope to have fun in Betsys' house!!
Nancy E. McMahan-Brown, age: 46 Location: Tariffville, CT [01-29-2002]

I will accompanying a group of honors students to Philadelphia next week-end. I am trying to become more familiar with the city in order to be able to show my students around. However, I have never been there before and need help!
Karine Sparrow Caglayan, college professor of French and Spanish in NC [01-29-2002]

I have returned to school, getting a computer degree. I have visited the house several times. By luck of the draw, I get to report on Betsy Ross, one student out of 45.
Larry Jason DeWitt, 49 y.o. living in Tenn., grew up in Phila. [01-29-2002]

We loved the tour of Betsy's house. We also liked how she made the first flag. Since we live so far away from Philadelphia, we were happy to look at this web site of Betsy's home.
Deep Creek School, Montana one-room school, grades 2, 3 & 5 [01-29-2002]

thank you for making this ssite I would not have been able to do my report without it. The Library did'nt have any books left.
Mathew Mazer, I'm 7 years old and I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross [01-29-2002]

Hi my name is Misty. I love how Betsy made the first flag. I fell like I should be doing something to change this world. I wish I could meet Betsy. I think she was right to make a flag. It's sooo cool!!!!!! Love, Misty
Misty, Age:10 [01-29-2002]

Hello, I live in Germany and read about Betsy Ross in my reading book from Calvert School. Now I want to know more about her.
Robin Pedranti, 8 years old, goes to Calvert School. [01-29-2002]

Thank you for providing this information, the information has helped me with a report that I had to do in my history class.
Andrew Patterson, 11 years old - Stuart, Florida [01-29-2002]

graet story of perserverance! you never know when you may become a vital pat of history.
carol lancaster, 40 years old,single parent, in automotive sales, ft pierce,fl [01-29-2002]

I enjoy U.S. History. I like to visit the Historical sites in Philadelphia etc.
Mr. Victor Scicchitano, South Philadelphia Cath School Teacher Social Studies [01-29-2002]

I needed to know about the stars on the flag when Abraham Lincoln was President.
Alyssa Grant, I am 8, and from Philadelphia [01-29-2002]

I am studying about the flag and Betsy Ross. Thank you for having all of this information at my finger tips.
olivia, age 8 [01-29-2002]

My husband and I visited the Betsy Ross about 20 years ago.
Debra, I am 45 and interested in history of our fine country. [01-29-2002]

This was a wonderful site for my daughter to view for a school project.
Meloney Shewmaker, 34 y/o registered nurse [01-29-2002]

I accidently found your site. Glad I did though.
Fred Sangster, Des Moines Iowa 63 yrs of age [01-29-2002]

me wish is that i could learn more about Betsy Ross. show me sme photos of Betsy Ross.
anonymous, gibsonia [01-29-2002]

I want to learn about Betsy Ross and her history
Brittney Cameron, 1220 magee ave 11 yrs of age [01-29-2002]

This is fun!
Brittany Salay, Fort Wayne IN, 7, I am doing a history report of Betsy Ross. [01-29-2002]

Hello everyone!
Mr. Troy Reid,III, Teacher of American History, Ft. Lauderdale FL [01-29-2002]

I'm portraying Betsy Ross
Terri Plumtree, I'm an adult girl scout [01-29-2002]

i am making a report on betsy ross i am glad you have something for me to use thanks
nikki, age 11 [01-29-2002]

Lisa Vandiver, Teacher in Checotah, Oklahoma [01-29-2002]

I'm proud to be an American!
Lauren, 10 years of age [01-29-2002]

I am doing a rport in the 3rd grade about you
katie, Portland, Oregon, age 8 [01-29-2002]

Paula, Dearing 38 [01-29-2002]

I love to read about
Janice, Indep., Missouir 60 years [01-29-2002]

sara [01-29-2002]

Lia Marceca [01-29-2002]

Lexi Denenberg, Wynnewood Pa [01-29-2002]

samuel ferguson, phila pa [01-29-2002]

Noha, Age 9 [01-29-2002]

Ruth Hesketh, Downey CA [01-29-2002]

Lila, 11 [01-29-2002]

I think it will be fun. Yeah.
Bria VanSandt [01-29-2002]

Janine, 19 [01-29-2002]

Hernan Saenz [01-29-2002]

Krista Whittlef, 22, mn [01-29-2002]

Helen A. Enslin [01-29-2002]

Brittany [01-29-2002]

My second and third graders are working on presenting A short American Tribute Program to their peers for an assembly. It will include historical facts and patriotic songs about famous people that contributed to America. Your website was very helpful and informative.
Jane Mason, I'm a teacher in Minnesota [01-27-2002]

Would like to bring our girls to tour Betsy Ross's house in the spring.
Lisa McInerney [01-27-2002]

Maisie Sulser, 19, Bozeman, MT January 26, 2001 [01-26-2002]

I am excited about visiting your home.
Jessica, Iowa [01-26-2002]

Bill Elwood, Key West, FL [01-26-2002]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross for a school project. Found your web site as I was trying to find some information on her.
Sarah Parent, St. Amant, Louisiana - 9 years old - 4th grade student [01-26-2002]

Angie Blumhorst, Girl Scout leader Troop 4215 St. Louis, MO [01-26-2002]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross. My grandfather lives in Philadelphia and he sent me pictures of her.
Alyse C., I live in Maine and I am 8. [01-26-2002]

I just read about Betsy Ross and am very interested in her. How old was she when she died? Betsy Ross reminds me of a song--"First Men on the Moon." They left a flag there.
Caelainn Coulter, age 6, first grade [01-26-2002]

I am writing a book report on besty ross and my dad found this web page thanks lauren
lauren torrez, melbourne, fl 10 [01-26-2002]

she did a great job on our flag
Rac hael and BECKY, age 9 and 11 [01-26-2002]

Linsay Karlson [01-26-2002]

jane hart [01-26-2002]

Debbie, n.c. [01-26-2002]

Linda Pittman [01-26-2002]

Bob Knapman, Mayne Island B.C. Canada [01-26-2002]

Sherry Bailey Turner, Tunnel Hill GA From Rossville [01-26-2002]

This website really helped me for my projet! thanks
Taylor [01-25-2002]

I am a U.S. Navy Vet. and I fly the flag every day. The Betsy Ross flag is the best designed flag ever created in the world.
Cliff witkowski, Mishawaka, In [01-25-2002]

Daniella M, i <3 track! and im 14 in nyc [01-25-2002]

I am Fanny Araiza and I am doing a report on Betsy Ross and I am in search of imformation for my project.So if you can write to me or send me imformation that will be fine.
Fanny Araiza, I am 12,4100 Blair street Corona CA [01-25-2002]

helping granddaughter with school project.
LINDA RICE, grandmother [01-25-2002]

Sooize [01-25-2002]

helping my grand son do a report for school on betsy ross and the flag
dolores phillips, age 61 ellaville, georgia 31806 [01-25-2002]

Samantha [01-25-2002]

Brian [01-25-2002]

I need to fine a tutor to help me read and help with math . I hope that I can fine one .I wounld like to get a G.E.D. Thank's Cindy Neil
Cindy, I live in lakeland Fl,I am 40 year's old. [01-25-2002]

Cara Gurule [01-25-2002]

Come on over anfd try our cheese! It'll make you smile :) Get it? Say cheese!
McKinley Dickson, Tillamook, Oregon/ 11 years old [01-25-2002]

Elizabeth Brandt [01-25-2002]

tara mckay, utah, 21 [01-25-2002]

I am in 4th grade and working on an essay on Betsy Ross. I'm really excited to have found this site.
Rachell C Cruz [01-25-2002]

I am doing a school project and chose Betsy Ross as my Famous Person to write about. I am in the First Grade. I like the flag of the United States of America.
Breana Morrison, I am 6 years old and from Long Island NY [01-25-2002]

Did Betsy Ross have a brother? Great GrandFather gave money to help George Washionton win the Civil War!
Sibley Lyons, Ct, 49, husband Tim Ross Lyons 1/23/02 [01-25-2002]

Rebecca, 7 Years old [01-25-2002]

I am a media specialist in an elementary school. I enjoy dressing as Betsy and introducing myself using all of her married names. I bring my sewing basket and sew on a flag as I tell the story. Cutting the five pointed star really grabs their attention!
Jill L. Pruett, Choctaw, Oklahoma [01-25-2002]

I will be portraying Betsy Ross at an upcoming fundraising event. The event is our All-American Jukebox Friday Night Benefit. An evening of fun in support of our children! Friday, February 22, 2002 from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. (Redwood City California) Sponsored by the Redwood City Education Foudation. This organization raises money to put music back into the elementary schools.
Deb Rimerman, Redwood City - California, 39 [01-25-2002]

betty ross is cool
amanda skidmore, 11 [01-25-2002]

Thank you for this information. I am doing a report and it is very helpful.
Kelsey Mulligan, 11 yrs. old, Boca Raton, FL [01-25-2002]

AMANDA, 8 years oid [01-25-2002]

The second graders are studying the American flag, and enjoyed this visit!
rhonda bailey, I teach second grade in Cooper, Texas [01-25-2002]

Michael McMahon [01-25-2002]

cheryl Raffauf, Philadelphia adult [01-25-2002]

Anita Lyons, Houston [01-25-2002]

A.J. Johnson, history freak I'm 14 [01-25-2002]

caitlyn [01-25-2002]

I love the USA flag
shelby gibbs, 10 [01-25-2002]

Grew up in Philadelphia(Yardley). Visited the house many times and took my new wife there on our first trip as a couple.
Rick Sears, Beloit, WI [01-25-2002]

Doing a project
Breanna, 12years old [01-25-2002]

Kelly Wicker, Owensville, IN [01-25-2002]

Lynsey, Age 11 Live in WI Doing a scrapbook on history for school. [01-25-2002]

Christelle de Wet, Colorado Springs, The Classical Academy, third grade [01-25-2002]

I am dating a descendant of Betsy Griscom Ross. He encouraged me to look this up. His name is Charles Griscom.
Carol A. Shimel, Winchester, Va., 51, retired, [01-25-2002]

I am working on a Brownie Badge.
Rachel Koesser, 7 years old [01-25-2002]

hellooooooooo !!!!!!!!!
yariza, illinois 13 female [01-25-2002]

Gabriella Cagampan, I'm ten [01-25-2002]

Carol Cannon Leborio, Ancestor of revolutionary cavalry members Samuel Cannon. James Cannon, Thomas Stark and John Collard [01-25-2002]

hello, im ashley and i ahve to do a report on Betsy ross and how she wa sfamous (her flag)! its hard to find anything!?!?!
Ashley Gallagher/goupill, hey im ashley!! im 12 yearsold [01-25-2002]

my daughter is doing a report on a famous person and i thought what better person to choose than betsy ross. especially during these trying times, the american flag is shown more and more and symbolizes our great country and our reign of freedom.
LINDA CALLAHAN, work at verizon in marlboro, ma [01-25-2002]

miguel ojeda, brown color /17y/ 5.309 [01-25-2002]

Ashley [01-25-2002]

Coocooo erid, penn [01-25-2002]

I am working on my history assignment
Kelley Figg [01-25-2002]

I Haleigh am in a play at school and I am to play Besty Ross and I wanted to learn more about her. I love America.
haleigh & amber brooks, mantachie, ms 7&4 [01-25-2002]

betsy ross is the best. i am doing a report on her.
ALLYSON CIFONE, 11 years old [01-25-2002]

We were recently given a hand made flag containing 35 stars. I am looking for information on when that might have been flown, etc. Any history or information would be helpful as I have to do a little introduction at a community event where it will be introduced to the community.
Linda Sagendorf, Local Govt. Historian, From a small town in upstate New York [01-25-2002]

Sarah Juarez, age 6 [01-25-2002]

Kim Whalan, Virgina, age 33 [01-25-2002]

Steffenee Schorr [01-25-2002]

Kim Zwicke [01-25-2002]

I am doing some research for Brownie Girl Scout Troop 20. I love the site and can not wait to tell them about it!!
Ida Dickson, Burkburnett, Texas [01-25-2002]

I find Betsy Ross Very interesting and I wouldn't have if I wouldn't have had to do my bio.fair project on a person that had to do something that changed our lives. I really like your sight all right back and tell you what grade I get ok?
Cassandra Cochran, Marion Ohio,12,Female [01-25-2002]

I am doing a book report on Betsy Ross and I am supposed to dress up like Betsy and I wanted to know what to wear.
Meg Capo, I am 8. [01-25-2002]

My daughter, a 5th grader, and I are doing a Social Studies Project on The Flag of the United States of America. If you have any info., fun for her age to read, please e-mail. Thank you -
Julia Rogers, Franklin, LA / 36 [01-25-2002]

this site is cool
Jon-Pierre Bradley, 17 [01-25-2002]

Thank you for developing such a wonderful and education web page for all to learn
thrica gotsch, Florida... 28yrs old... junior troop leader [01-25-2002]

Molly Mathis, decendent of Francis Hopkinson Gilpin [01-25-2002]

Helping my thirteen year old daughter with a school assignment.
BENICIO BACA, 48 [01-25-2002]

We purchased Betsy Ross's grand daughter's in Fort Madison Iowa. The House is known locally as the "Albright Betsy Ross house" After the events of 09/11/01 we were unsure about investing in the costly repairs the house requires but we were proud to joint the stewards of this piece of history.
Rob & Carol Davis, We share the stewardship of a Ross Home. [01-25-2002]

I am study Betsy Ross in School
Emily Clare Derfler [01-25-2002]

Mark Gable, Arizona [01-25-2002]

andrea jones, i live in Michigan. i am 10 years old. [01-25-2002]

Sheryl Singh, Grand Rapids, MI teacher [01-25-2002]

I have alway been very proud of my flag and the country for which she stands. I am 49 years of age, even when I was in high school I remember being so touch by our nations anthem and the saluting of our flag that I would almost cry. I still feel the same way. I love my country and the freedom for which she stands.
donna j. hanger, married/mother of four children/homeschool/florida [01-25-2002]

Abby, Age:7 [01-25-2002]

Kristen Miller, Kaysville, UT, age 24, attending Weber State University [01-25-2002]

CASSI [01-25-2002]

Tina Dominguez, Ogden, UT age 23, attend Weber State University [01-25-2002]

Alyssa Nunez [01-25-2002]

Dara, florida,13 [01-25-2002]

Thomas R. Hodge [01-25-2002]

I am working on a school project.
Taylor Tanzey, age 9 Harrisville, WV. [01-25-2002]

amanda bowers, salem indiana 13 [01-25-2002]

I 'm working on a school project. I'm in 4th grade.
Shyanne W. LaSanta, I live in Las Cruces, New Mexico I am 9 years old. [01-25-2002]

IRENE DAWSON<, mygrdmother, was Margaret Claypool;Dawson,desendent of John CLAYPOOL> [01-25-2002]

God bless america
Ayana' Mcphaul, I am 13 [01-25-2002]

Katie Reese, 6 yrs old Girl Scout getting info for "Wave the Flag" Try It [01-25-2002]

janet taylor, northampton pa [01-25-2002]

Kayla, 13 [01-25-2002]

samantha wright [01-25-2002]

Looking forward to touring the house in the very near future.
Christina Streeper, LaPlata, MD [01-25-2002]

suzanne jaglowski, california teacher/mother 54 [01-25-2002]

I'm reserching Betsy Ross
Lindsey Sorrell, Age:8 [01-25-2002]

Judy Burger [01-25-2002]

kailey, 11 [01-25-2002]

Mary Elizabeth Burckhardt, I am 9 years old. I am writing a report about Betsy Ross. I hope that someday I can do something for my country like she did. [01-25-2002]

A ex-kiwi, now a proud AMERICAN...Love the Flag and what she stands for and proud of Betsy Ross
Alison Joy Blackmoore, Portland Tn. [01-25-2002]

Lindsey Sorrell [01-25-2002]

This is a college assignment for American History at the present time. I did tour the house as a child growing up in Pennsylvania, which is where I am originally from.
Lisa Mann, 41, Utah [01-25-2002]

Elizabeth Costello, 10 [01-25-2002]

i am doing a project on Betsy Ross and will dress up as her.
Katherine Ferrante, I live in Massachusetts. I am 7 years old. [01-25-2002]

I'm doing a report on the women of colonial America and she was probably the only famous woman of her time. (I havent done all my research yet)
Vanessa Blanche, I'm 12 years old [01-25-2002]

betsy ross is cool
john hamaday, i like skateboarding [01-25-2002]

Cynthia Collado, McHenry, IL, 25 [01-25-2002]

im 10
mini, florida [01-25-2002]

Autumn Leigh Eggert, Louisiana,12yearsold, Girl [01-25-2002]

Trisha Torres, Courpus Christi tx 13 years old [01-25-2002]

ALLYSON CIFONE, 11 years old [01-25-2002]

Kimberly Vazquez, Baltimore, Maryland [01-25-2002]

ALYSSA MANN, texas [01-25-2002]

In Scocial Studies I'm doing a project on the Betsy Ross Flag and this page really helped me.
Zack [01-25-2002]

jessie hubly, age 10 [01-25-2002]

Nancy Huestis, Nsdar member, nurse [01-25-2002]

it is so great thet you made the flag
ariel hull, 11,go to Gratz Brown Elementry [01-25-2002]

We are a homeschooling family. We're studying about the American Flag right now!
Lorrene Romanic, Pennsylvania [01-25-2002]

jessica, Rantoul 13 [01-25-2002]

i love learning about H-I-S-T-O-R-Y!
jessica jaramillo, lees summit age9 love:dancing,spelling,history [01-25-2002]

Susan Craig, Boston, MA [01-25-2002]

Paulette Intemann, Pittsylvania County [01-25-2002]

Peeky Hunkleberry [01-25-2002]

Phillip MaBong [01-25-2002]

We are studying Betsy Ross and the importance of the American Flag to our soceity. We are taking the tour to get a better glance of life back then.
Mrs. Arnold's Fourth Grade Class, John Small School, Washington, North Carolina [01-25-2002]

How old was Betsy Ross when she made the flag?
gina rosati, whatever [01-25-2002]

hi i like to play soccer and a very good friend
bill, i like to play soccer and a very good frined [01-25-2002]

Kristine Larkin, Kwajalein, Marshall Islands, 34 [01-25-2002]

Harley Boykin [01-25-2002]

i am doing a project on betsy ross for history day!!
sara, i live in ohio [01-25-2002]

Jeff R [01-25-2002]

Kayla Friesz, Bismarck N.D. 11 years old [01-25-2002]

Lee Hatmaker, I live in Tennessee. [01-25-2002]

I'm doing a school book report and decided to do a report on Betsy Ross.
Christina Corbitt, from Massachusetts [01-25-2002]

Rachele Cross [01-25-2002]

Laura Johnson, 43, Live in Cottage Grove OR [01-25-2002]

Lauren Drew, 7 years old [01-25-2002]

I will enjoy looking at Betsy's home, historical legends are healthy. Firms up the patriotism. FC
Frank Codiroli, Live in new jersey [01-25-2002]

Melissa Montgomery, I live in Ogden, UT. I am a 22 year old senior at Weber State University. My major is Athletic Training (Sports Medicine), my minor is psychology. [01-25-2002]

My great grandmother was a Ross and so the ancestry continues back to Betsy Ross!
Ellen Thompson, Descendent of Betsy Ross [01-25-2002]

Betsy Ross project
Danielle, 8 years old [01-25-2002]

Abigail Phillips, Los [01-25-2002]

I attempted to visit the Betsy Ross home a few years ago, but car trouble only a few miles outside of Philadelphia ended the journey.
Bruce Ray Smith, Great-great-great-great grandson to Betsy Ross via Kennedy family; grew up in West Texas; live in Ohio [01-25-2002]

Ashley Brown, im really cool [01-25-2002]

I'm reserching Betsy Ross!!
Lindsey Reed Sorrell, Age:8 Grade:3 [01-25-2002]

Julie Sarratt [01-25-2002]

Joshua, i'm 11 doing a project [01-25-2002]

Jim Coyle, Palenville, New York [01-25-2002]

i am excited to see the page...
Toni, Jamestown North Dakota i am 14... [01-25-2002]

kellie w, age10 [01-25-2002]

Shannon Dellert [01-25-2002]

christy zabrieszack, teacher [01-25-2002]

Karyn Blucker, I teach fifth grade. [01-25-2002]

I really enjoyed reading all about Betsy Ross
Lisa Siler, Live in Montana, 30 years old, 2 boys age 10 & 12 [01-25-2002]

Lisa Jauregui, Pasadena, Tx - 19 years old [01-25-2002]

Thank you for helping me on my Betsy Ross report!
Sarah simonetti, 3rd grade New Eagle Elementary School [01-25-2002]

I really enjoy reading about betsy ross and all the really cool stuff she did.I really appriciate the fact that an ordinary person like me became so famous.
Carmen, im 12 [01-25-2002]

Gregory A. Savoie, Allen tx. [01-25-2002]

I like Betsy Ross. I am doing a Project on her that is why I am coming to see her house. My sis visited her house on her trip to philidelphia.
Nicole [01-25-2002]

LINDA DEFOORE [01-25-2002]

morgan [01-25-2002]

I'm doing a book report about Betsy Ross, and I have to dress like she did. Is there a picture of her that we can use to make my dress? In 1951, my grandmother was featured as "The Modern Betsy Ross' in the New York paper for Flag Day. Thank you.
Julie M Hudson, Dallas, TX,, 8 yrs old, 3rd grade Prestonwood Christian Academy [01-25-2002]

I think Betsy Ross's life was really influenced by the people she loved. She grew up in tough situations and really believed in herself and cared very deeply for her husband. I admire her for her work and being so independent in herself.
Jeanette, massachusetts,13 [01-25-2002]

MA Naugle, Berwick PA [01-25-2002]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross for my school.
Keri Stahler, 13 years old [01-25-2002]

chase and Stephanie [01-25-2002]

Kyle Cochran [01-25-2002]

Kristy Bose [01-25-2002]

Kelsey Engbarth and Derek Anderson [01-25-2002]

Doing school report on Betsy Ross, I am in forth grade. I will dress up like her and tell other students about me, as Betsy Ross.
Helen and Hannah Bunker, Hannah age 9 [01-25-2002]

mike buttler [01-25-2002]

JoRhetta Hyatt [01-25-2002]

hope it is good
Vanessa Feeler, Mo 26 Female [01-25-2002]

zac [01-25-2002]

nick, 10 years old [01-25-2002]

Jase Bly, Slayton MN 11 [01-25-2002]

Syndi, Orrville [01-25-2002]

I am doing a Report for my second grade class
Brianna Earich, 8 years-old/ Cortland Ohio [01-25-2002]

Connie, Arizona [01-25-2002]

I'am doing a report on Betsy Ross for school.
Meghan Copeland, I'am in second grade at DTE in Bakersfield, Calif. I'am 7 yrs. old. [01-25-2002]

i came here from the girl scout web page and think it's really cool that i can visit this historical place!!!!
Chelsea David, Covington,TN age11 grade5th [01-25-2002]

I love my whole entire family
Nyla, age 8 [01-25-2002]

Debbie Morrison, albany, new york [01-25-2002]

Jacob Burdette [01-25-2002]

I want to see her so called their work shop there they all most live in because i live in a real house and i would never go some were to get married.
Kiel Anderson, I play on a soccer team [01-25-2002]

Deni Ormond [01-25-2002]

tommorrow will be my first trip to the betsy ross house. im only 5 yrs old and want to see the first flag. ii cant wait.
SUSANNE MACKIN, 40 yr old female from bucks county with a 5 yr old daughter [01-25-2002]

CMundy [01-25-2002]

I'm sure this tour will be great and to whom it may concern thank you for putting this web site online.
Kimberly D. Ivester, Greenville, S.C.; 39 y.o.a. [01-25-2002]

I am working on a school project. I'm in the 3rd grade.
Alyssa Dilauro, CA., age:8 [01-13-2002]

Phyllys Copeland, Murfreesboro, TN [01-13-2002]

Shirley Green, WAC veteran [01-13-2002]

I love the United States of America
Mallory, 6 yrs. old [01-13-2002]

i am and always will be proud to be an american
RICHARD DANLEY, i live in lawton oklahoma i am 32 [01-13-2002]

i'm working on the new brownie wave the flage badge
shawnita latsha, Pillow Pa (age 7) [01-12-2002]

I am doing a school project
orville reid, 6 [01-12-2002]

Rachael [01-12-2002]

deb peters, adult brownie leader in bethlehem,pa [01-12-2002]

I am a Brownie Girl Scout Leader. I am always looking for Safe & Informative web sites to interest my girls - grades 1 - 3. This one will be great!
Kathy Fissel, Adams County Penna., [01-12-2002]

Hannah Molinelli [01-12-2002]

Researching for a report at school
Jennifer Milazzo, 10 yrs old, Gilbert, Arizona [01-12-2002]

Donnie Walters, 62 Helping grandchildren [01-12-2002]

Haley Johnson, I am eight years old and I love to dance with my competitive team [01-12-2002]

I am taking this tour for a report on Betsy Ross, for a class project. I am in 2nd grade
Victoria Thomas,Katrina Thomas, Carrie Berkstresser,Laura Thomas, Victoria-age 7-Deatsville, AL [01-12-2002]

Checking out site for girlscouts. thanks!
ana lisa, las cruces, nm 32 [01-12-2002]

Yvonne Kurr, I live in Melbourne, Australia [01-12-2002]

Brittany Townsend, DeLand Fla. age 13 [01-12-2002]

This a great web site! It gave me a lot of information about Betsy Ross.
Amanda [01-12-2002]

Amy Bedor Salmey, Brownie Leader [01-12-2002]

Jasmine [01-12-2002]

want to know more about besty ross
ebony hardy, Maywood Il 18 [01-12-2002]

labanta, Dallas, TX [01-12-2002]

eva, age 11 [01-12-2002]

Adreien Jaramillo, Santa Fe NM, 17 Senior at Santa Fe High School [01-12-2002]

Tesla Lindell [01-12-2002]

I married a Ross in 1967 and ever since, people have asked me if I am related to Betsy Ross. I used to tell them that I was her sister:) Then one of my sons named his baby girl Jaimie Elizabeth Ross and since Betsy is a nick name for Elizabeth I can say with pride that I am Betsy Ross' Grandmother!
Dorothy Ross, Spokane WA. 55 yrs, visited the actual Betsy Ross House last year while attending a National WIC Conference [01-12-2002]

Tara Brown, 13 [01-12-2002]

I appreciate the time that people took to make this site, thank you!
Cameron, Utah [01-12-2002]

Sarah, im 14 from montana [01-12-2002]

Looking up for information on Betsy roos for a History class......
Mahealani Sana, Hana 22 [01-12-2002]

i am interested in the betsy ross home because it is historical,and a good visualization for my l.a. report about her!
summer simpson, mi.,14 [01-12-2002]

I am doing a social studies fair project on Besty Ross and the first american flag that is why i am here today
Sharon, Louisiana 13 [01-12-2002]

I am looking forward to visiting Betsy's Ross' house in again in April 2002. I will be bringing my neice with me, she has never been to Philadelphia before and I am excited to share all the wonderful historic sites with her. Keren Williams
Keren Williams, I live in Mishawaka, IN [01-12-2002]

lyndsie, 12 years old [01-12-2002]

I love Betsy Ross! She is very important to the Nation.
Brittany, I live in Oregon [01-12-2002]

thanks for the tour.
Amy Procell, My name is Amy Procel I am 18 I live Bronson Tx . [01-12-2002]

Girl Scout leader interested in the flag and its history. American Patriotism is an interest project patch my Senior Girl Scouts are working on and this site can help them.
Melissa Franklin, Pennsylvania [01-12-2002]

JB, 29 [01-12-2002]

melissa [01-12-2002]

ashley [01-12-2002]

Kelly Jamison, Norfolk, Virginia from Port Huron, Michigan [01-12-2002]

max, 6hf [01-12-2002]

Middlesex Elementary School, Kindergarten Class, celebration of her birthday as one of the January calendar events, Enjoyed the site and info. Thanks
Sadie B. Meacombs-Whitfield, 49 yr old female, teacher's assistant [01-12-2002]

Well I really just gave you a little about me I don't have anything to say but I will love for you to e-mail me back to tell me a little more about your life and the flag. I would like to know what like to know what else you are interest in and what made you you be so creative with the thing. I would like to ask more but I have work to do on you. Thanks a lot. Cornick Harris
Cornick Harris, I'm am 15,live in Chicago,Il I am a freshman at Proviso East High School. I'm a gifted black young lady. [01-12-2002]

Debbie Beatty, Front Royal, Va [01-12-2002]

My parents went to Philly and went to the real Betsy Ross house and got to see it in life! I wanted to also see it so I decided to go here and take a look!
Brittany, Oregon [01-12-2002]

Annie, Jonesville age 8 [01-12-2002]

I am a second grader and we are researching Betsy Ross for a class project. I think it will be a cool tour.
chad, Shreveport LA [01-12-2002]

lyssagilbert, i like sports . I AM A 11 [01-12-2002]

Amanda Przychodny, I live in Schoharie County,NY. I am 8 years old. [01-12-2002]

jeffrey hatfield, Haughton, LA [01-12-2002]

Laura Applegate, I live in Kiowa. I'm 13. [01-12-2002]

Terry Ingledue, U.S. Navy chief retired in 1978. [01-12-2002]

Betsy Ross is really cool!!!
?, ? [01-12-2002]

I really like the story of besty ross that I am reading her life is really wild about her first day of school thats really funny
?, ? [01-12-2002]

david [01-12-2002]

Thanx Betsy!
Katerina Rose, I am looking for information for a school project. Each classmate chooses someone who is remembered for what they did and I chose Betsy Ross, thank-you for your information and site. [01-12-2002]

I'm doing my 5th grade social studies fair project about Betsy Ross
Nicole Senneville, age 11. 5th grade St. Catherine School Manchester, NH [01-12-2002]

DESARAY DUPRE, gretna,la. age 11 [01-12-2002]

Hi, I am doing a book report on Betsy Ross.
Emily witter, I am 10 years of age and live in Iowa [01-12-2002]

Amanda Hinckle, Richmond age [01-12-2002]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross for school
Alex Schreiber, i am 10 i live in parker, Co [01-12-2002]

It has been my desire to make my own American Flag for years now. Life's duties have kept me from getting started. In the light of 9/11, and in honor of those who lost their lives I am inspired to tackle this project. I've checked in at your website to read up on the history behind our flag. Thank you for helping me get started. God Bless America.
PJ Evans, Upstate NY, 47 years old, farmer's daughter & farmer's wife [01-12-2002]

katie, 3rd grader doing a report on betsy ross [01-12-2002]

KAITLYN RODBELL, 8 year old [01-12-2002]

chelsea nieves, 12 key largo fl [01-12-2002]

Susie, 87 [01-12-2002]

We are learing about the nation's symbols right now. Today's topic is the American flag which is my students' favorite! Thanks for having this site, so my students can truly "see" history!
Jenny Lassalle, 2nd grade teacher in TX [01-12-2002]

Considering planning a homeschool field trip to the Betsy Ross House with young daughters as homeschool. We think this is a great time to teach about the flag, esp. since we pledge allegiance to it each morning.
lisa bonanno, phila. resident who'd moved away and recently returned (hallelujah!) [01-12-2002]

this is fun because in our school we are doing a play about the flag and i am betsy
Caroline, 10, USA Hi [01-12-2002]

Rose Hodgeson, Live in Flint,Michigan. I am 37 yrs.old. Love history! [01-12-2002]

If only Betsy could see today what the American flag means to those who love freedom!
Nancy Benner, an American from beautiful Michigan [01-12-2002]

My daughter is doing research on the history of the American Flag.
Raelynn Parra, Tucson, AZ [01-12-2002]

john, father (homework) [01-12-2002]

Thanks Betsy Ross!!!!! Also I'm Doing A report on her right now
Rebecca, 10 [01-12-2002]

I want to see her room and if there house is nicer then my house because is very big.
Kiel Anderson, I play on a soccer team [01-12-2002]

julie burdick, 32yrs old, live in Michigan [01-12-2002]

What a great site I liked it a lot!!!!
Shelby, I live in Grand Forks ND And I am 11 years old [01-12-2002]

Clyde G.Hood Sr, 72 yrs old, retired USAF CMSGT [01-12-2002]

i am doing a report on betsy ross and i think this will beverry helpfull
MELISSA, age 10 [01-12-2002]

Theresa Calidonna [01-12-2002]

kristin Lawrence, doesn't matter [01-12-2002]

Danielle Pettrey, Baltimore, MD [01-12-2002]

Girl Scouts of Raintree Council Troops 212 & 359, 1st to 6th grade [01-12-2002]

Sue [01-12-2002]

Thank you for the wonderful information about Betsy Ross.
Bamba Scott, Midland, TX Age 37 School Teacher [01-12-2002]

Tammy Webb, teacher [01-12-2002]

Bianca, 13 year old girl scout [01-12-2002]

Jamie Biglefthnd, I'm a 24 year old, Native American female from Lodge Grass, Montana. [01-12-2002]

I'm interested in Besty Ross for a report I am doing in my 5th grade class.
Emily McCormack, germantown [01-12-2002]

Thank you Besty Ross for making this flag because there was a trouble tragey on the day of sept 11,2001 and we had a chance of putting thr flag on the accident.
LaToya Burgess, Philadelphia,PA 19143 age 16 [01-12-2002]

dianne servash [01-12-2002]

Therese A Larrabee, Hull MA mom [01-12-2002]

kelly [01-12-2002]

Carolyn Williams [01-12-2002]

I enjoyed the tour very much & enjoyed seeing how the flags changed over the years.It's too bad there isn't an original picture of Ms. Ross.
Norma J. Robbins, I'm 62 yrs. old. I live in Glendale, Az. I am retired, but still work part time. [01-12-2002]

I had to research this for a report for AWANAS (a church group)
Lacy Seever, Connersville, In., age 9 [01-12-2002]

In this dark hour in our country, let us all be greatful for our forefathers and mothers for making this wonderful, free country for us.
Patti Gardner, 64 year old Brownie Girl Scout leader, Virginia [01-12-2002]

Your Wed Site is very helpful in connecting students to our early history.
David A. McDonald, PhD, Educator, Michigan [01-12-2002]

Isn't it Great to be an American?!
Patricia Cross, California.....age of 5 [01-12-2002]

I am researching sites for my Girl Scout troop to visit.
Vicki White, Georgia [01-12-2002]

I am at this website because I have a school project to do about Betsy Ross.
Laura, I am eleven yrs old. [01-12-2002]

It was a real pleasure to be able to see the home of Betsy Ross thank you susan payne
Susan Payne [01-12-2002]

i wish i met betsy ross thank you ashley
Ashley, 09 (nine years old) [01-12-2002]

Hey guys as you know my name is meghan and i love do do figure skatinf and i love the summer so i am i n the 5th grade and i love science now you know a little bit about me and i am ready to know about Betsy Ross
Meghan Barney, I live in Pennsylvania, I am 10 years old [01-12-2002]

candyce smith, im eleven and live in mittie [01-12-2002]

kristen [01-12-2002]

Deborah Owdom [01-12-2002]

Sarah Brewer [01-12-2002]

We all look up to Betsy Ross.
Heather Cohick,Courtney Yothers,Kassie Johnston,and Brittany Rhea, all from Jersey Shore, PA [01-12-2002]

Heather Ashley Cohick, 12,live in Williamsport,PA [01-12-2002]

I am interested in bringing 4 children to the property on 1/11/02
Arnold Bender, Collegeville PA, 56 years old [01-12-2002]

Cynthia Ann Ausefski, Bethel Park, Pennsylvania [01-12-2002]

Kathleen Vickers, Resource Specialist, Bohannon Middle, San Lorenzo,ca [01-12-2002]

I am searching for Lawrence E. Willett, d.o.b. 05/??/32 born in Streator,Il served in the U.S.A.F. Stationed at Dow A.F.B. in 1953, later based in Ft. Worth, Tx. I need info. about family med. hist.
shirlee connors, living in Fort Kent Mills, Me [01-12-2002]

This virtual tour is great cause u have time to look at things carefully instead of goin their and my teacher rushing me cause theres no time to look at anything well. thanks bye!!!!!
Collette Vassallo, New jersey 12 [01-12-2002]

well who ever gets this i want to tell you thank for letting me email you and thank you for letting me see Betsy Ross's house
Alexis, age 21 [01-12-2002]

Stephanie, Dracut, MA., I am 15 years old. [01-12-2002]

Kay Scogin, Amarillo, Texas [01-12-2002]

Nellie Haarmann, I live in Wyckoff, Nj, and i`m 15 [01-12-2002]

Helping my grandchild on a project for school and she is interested in Betsy Ross. She is 10 years old and in the fourth grade.
Suzette Robeaux, 49 live in Lafitte, La. [01-12-2002]

i love betsy ross!!!!!!!!1
anonymous [01-12-2002]

teaching my children about history in pa.
sandy jerdon, delaware county 37 years young [01-12-2002]

My husband and I are going to visit Philadelphia in August. This is on my list of places to visit. I can't wait.
Sandy Glann, Bellevue, Washington [01-12-2002]

This sight was very interesting and informative.
Ellen Jensen, 30 years old Wisconsinite [01-12-2002]

Thank you for all the great information which I plan to use when presenting flag information at 24 4-H Clubs here in the Southwest Zone of Jefferson County, Kentucky.
Sally A. Moss, 4-H Program Assistant, Louisville, KY [01-12-2002]

I am doing a report for my Awana club.
Jessica, Live in North Dakota, 9 years old [01-12-2002]

Peter G T R oss [01-12-2002]

Carmen Mendez, Virginia Beach, VA [01-12-2002]

Luis Rosario, Live in New Jersey, I am hispanic and am interestedin the meaning of th american flag colors [01-12-2002]

your web-site is cool!
Mary Rumore, I am 8 years old amd I live in Texas [01-12-2002]

Jeanette Straley, Laurel, Maryland 27years old [01-12-2002]

I am the Vice Commander for the Sons-of-The-Legion Post 86
Ed Wade, 39yrs. from Indiana. [01-12-2002]

Roopesh Praveen, 26 Yrs [01-12-2002]

I am a relitive of betsy ross.
Seal, My age is 44 [01-12-2002]

Rebecca Pettey, Bolingbrook, Illinois [01-12-2002]

lovely and informative site. Great job you've done.
margaret vincent, Brantford, Ontario 53 yrs old [01-12-2002]

William R. Mellows, Alliance, Ohio 26 years old [01-12-2002]

James, Home work for child... in Boston [01-12-2002]

I wanted to learn how to make a star for a church project and discovered it on this website. I amazed everyone when I was able to make a star with just one cut, just like Betsy Ross. Thank you so much for the information.
Jean Holmberg, Interested American Age 51 [01-12-2002]

lookingto learn as much as I can about American History as I can
Christopher Anello, Buffalo, NY 39 years old [01-12-2002]

great web site more people should visit!!!!!!!
frank viscardi jr, 36 east stroudsburg pa [01-12-2002]

peggy duke, 5th grade teacher PG co. In Maryland [01-12-2002]

Jennifer Jurgiewicz, I'm 25 years old and I live in CT. [01-12-2002]

evan [01-12-2002]

Myra Swenson Bettis, Kansas City 60 [01-12-2002]

I have used this site to guide teachers across the country to find resources regarding BR.
Jeanne Friend, Bensalem, PA [01-12-2002]

My heartfelt thank's goes out to every incredible individual that has worn the uniform representing all brances of our armed forces and protected what our flag stands for. God bless America. On January 1st as we enter a new year it would be good for all us to remember Betsy Ross on her the day of her birth.
Becky Wood [01-12-2002]

Shawn, Good Boy [01-12-2002]

Thanking you in advance for the virtual tour!
Sally J. Berglund, Curtice, Ohio, 46, lover of flags [01-12-2002]

Janet Knapp, webauthor [01-12-2002]

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