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K Paterson , Oregon, 43 [09-09-2001]

Gene BRooks [08-30-2001]

I think that this is a great website for those who may never get to travel, but can still have the ability to tour Betsy Ross's house online.
jenny bush , I am a methods student at Sam Houston State University. [08-30-2001]

This is a great place to visit in person!
Terri Hall , Houston, TX [08-30-2001]

K Paterson , Oregon, 43 [08-30-2001]

Deb Tilton , Muskegon, MI [08-29-2001]

Ariel , 11 [08-29-2001]

Carolyn , i'm 13 years old [08-29-2001]

Leticia Auld , Brisbane, Australia [08-29-2001]

Emily Grace Hemingway and Bonnie Alaina Hemingway , We are 9 and 7 and studying the flag [08-29-2001]

Ruth Dunn , Boise, Id 22 yrs old [08-29-2001]

I love history as much as i like swimming
Lauren , I love dogs and horses [08-29-2001]

hey all i love to get on the internet! Rock on internet go- ers
Brittany Thomas , 12, love basketball, and have a boyfriend [08-29-2001]

Amy , I love history! [08-29-2001]

visited the home of betsy ross when i was a child. now my son is studying u.s. history.
jane bowen forsythe , 3301 fairmount pike, signal mountain, tn 37377 [08-29-2001]

Trevor combs [08-29-2001]

Heather Pesha [08-29-2001]

Learning a lot...
Jessica Marrazzo , Live in Oklahoma, age 9, doing research for school [08-29-2001]

Linda Ozier [08-29-2001]

faun bandeka , teacher, love history, traveled to philadelphia, saw the house [08-29-2001]

i'm in cabot ark. 8-24-01 vietnam vet69
Rick Langley , arkansas, cabot [08-29-2001]

jennifer sons , asheville, nc age 24 [08-29-2001]

Regina R. White , 30 from Virginia [08-23-2001]

Sita Nadathur , singer 10 years old [08-23-2001]

hey hey everyone
Tannie Low , katy tx, 13, or whatever [08-22-2001]

i really enjoyed my visit to the website of betsy ross's home, i would love to visit it one day, thank you for allowing me to visit
joan e charles , brisbane, australia [08-22-2001]

Nadine Thomas Salada [08-22-2001]

Erin , Iowa, 18 [08-22-2001]

Azucena Zamora , I live in Newman, CA. I am 19 years old and attend Modesto Junior College [08-22-2001]

andrea c. thieme , 33 [08-22-2001]

Maria Gerraputa [08-22-2001]

D-bone [08-22-2001]

Karen Repko nee Butler [08-22-2001]

Desiree [08-17-2001]

Nancy Byers Sullivan [08-17-2001]

That was really cool
Veronica Stilwell , i am 16 and i rock!! [08-17-2001]

I have enjoyed reading about Betsy Ross very much and I respect her deeply, I admire anyone who shows a level of patriotism that we in England can only dream about.
Kevin Lees , North East England and a great respecter of patriotism [08-17-2001]

Dianna Mrasak , Rochester, MN [08-17-2001]

My maternal grandmother told me that HER great-great (I am not sure of the number of "greats"!!) was Betsy Ross. In fact, my great-aunt's middle name was Ross. My grandmother's family were originally from PA.
Lori Stoner , Dayton, OH [08-17-2001]

I am a true collector of the american flag and can't wait to visit in person. I plan to visit in August 2001.
Deann Manning , Granada HIlls, CA age 28 [08-17-2001]

Fabulous web site!
Rosalind White , Voorhees, NJ [08-17-2001]

Margie Camarillo , Indio, CA Age 37 [08-17-2001]

I am learning about patriotism.
Kaley , 6 years old from Greenville, NC [08-17-2001]

Ralph Nordlund , 71 [08-13-2001]

Joan C Hubbs , Art Teacher in Chenoa, IL 61726. Live in Normal (no wise cracks), am seventy years, and hope to visit soon. [08-13-2001]

Mary Jane Williams [08-13-2001]

Beth Cottle , North Carolina [08-13-2001]

Laurie , Northern PA [08-13-2001]

Visited Betsy Ross House when I was a student at either St. Boniface or Miller on Howard St. Your virtual tour brought back some interesting memories. Thank you.
JoAnn Mullen Emery , Ottawa, Ontario, Canada [08-12-2001]

I came to this place many years ago, an never forgot the impression that it had made on me. I will coming again to visit with my son this time to help him understand how history makes a mark in your life.
Tangelak Kelton , Trenton, NJ - 26 - [08-12-2001]

Peggy McDermott [08-12-2001]

I think this will be a super website for the younger members of our family reunion to check out.
Vivien M. Garrigues , I live in Texas and lets just say I'm over 50. I am planning a family reunion, hopefully in Philly and I am looking for neat things to do and see. [08-12-2001]

I was in philadelphia July 19 and wanted to visit the Betsy Ross House with my wheel-chair bound sister but we were unable to go inside because the house was not handicapped accessible. I was very disappointed.
phyllis murray , Second grade teacher [08-12-2001]

want to know more about some of the first prisons established in phily
Stephanie Peri , 23 yrs old live on LI NY graduate of sociology [08-12-2001]

Eugene C. Cunningham , Soth Florida; single; History teacher [08-12-2001]

lorena schmidt mcclain , isabella,okla. message: have not taken the ture as of yet,but am sure that i will be pleased [08-09-2001]

Bessie Bell , Bowlinggreen ky. message: I AM 57YR.OLD.iREMBER iHAD TO DO AREPORT ON BESSIE ROSS WHEN I WAS GOINGTO SCHOOL. [08-09-2001]

Brad Fusilier , LA. Age 49 message: [08-09-2001]

jen majors , Oklahoma, 24, housewife message: [08-09-2001]

Richard Lyman , Novato, Marin Co., California, USA message: Looking for information on the marriage of Charity Lithgow and John Tedlie, 1783, of Ballyoanm Clondermot, Derry, North Ireland. [08-09-2001]

Job Club, ARC/Washington Co. MD, Marie Ebersole, Advisor , Hagerstown, Maryland message: Just stopping by while learning about the flag for a citizenship class. We enjoyed the virtual tour and all the information on the flag was very interesting. [08-09-2001]

april harris , weber university [08-06-2001]

Great site for flag infomation. Came across this site while helping my 5th grader look for information about the American flag. Thanks for the help!
Larri Schmidt , Honolulu, Hawaii [08-06-2001]

Linda Anderson [08-06-2001]

Dear Sirs, I have always lived in Philadelphia up until 1992. Since moving to Florida, I find many people do not quite understand how this country began in 1776. I feel obligated to explain where Philadephia is located and everything related to Philadelphia including the history back to 1776. I am surprised to find out that many people today take for granted the struggle for FREEDOM and the RIGHT for LIFE, LIBERTY, and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS that our forefathers have "BROUGHTFORTH TO THIS NATION" TEN SCORE AND TWENTY FIVE YEARS AGO.
Ron Milstein , Boca Raton, Florida /Born 1/7/1954 [08-06-2001]

Chyanne Clare , My age is 16 [08-06-2001]

Heather , I am 13 years old [08-06-2001]

I enjoy history very much and do quite a bit of reading.
Ernest E. Shea , High Rolls,NM 72 [08-03-2001]

We learned about this in school.
Kyle Galewski , CA, age 7 [08-03-2001]

Giselle Acosta [08-03-2001]

michelle raains , staunton, Illinois; 34 years of age [08-03-2001]

Tim Stergios [08-01-2001]

thankyou so much for allowing me to take the virtual tour. This is the internet at its best use.
stephanie endara , queens, ny age22 [08-01-2001]

thank you for caring for the things that most Americans hold dear
Joy Flowers , 42, San Diego [08-01-2001]

Connie Palmer , Frankfort KY [08-01-2001]

Donna Culver , Teacher @ South Birdville Elementary, Haltom City, TX [08-01-2001]

I appreciate this site,thank you for making it possible. I love American History, and I hope we never forget what it cost for us to enjoy this free country!
Sandra R Price , Grandmother,Buena Par, Ca [08-01-2001]

Most informative, fly the flag high
kinni singh , 45 male -Canadian [08-01-2001]

Michala Hill , Age 23 location North East England [07-31-2001]

Travis Rodman , Amarillo, Texas preparing a presentation on patrotism [07-31-2001]

Andre C. Vaughn , 44 years old from Pasadena, CA [07-31-2001]

In the 1980's was at the Betsy Ross house and I injoyed it very much.
John W. Shelander , Fayetteville NC age 61 8th District Commander V.F.W [07-30-2001]

s. johnson , fort wayne, indiana [07-30-2001]

Diana Haug , Hawaii, 39 yrs [07-29-2001]

nicolini pierre [07-29-2001]

Jennifer Nash , Murfreesboro, Tennessee [07-29-2001]

paula M. Neuman , From Calif., history buff in training [07-29-2001]

looking forward to a non-virtual visit this summer
Susan Yagel , Hatfield, PA age=>40 [07-29-2001]

Anna Mae Foley [07-27-2001]

J Chen , Philadelphia [07-27-2001]

J Chen , Philadelphia [07-26-2001]

I used to live outside of Philadelphia and loved visiting Center City. What an historic and lovely place!
Elizabeth Watts , 32 [07-26-2001]

I have been told that I am related to Betsy Ross. when I was a little girl I read a newspaper clipping stating that Ross' grandson had died and his name was in our family Bible. Is a geneology map done on Betsy Ross and family that could answer my questions. I hope to someday visit her home in Philadelphia. Thank You, Dianne
Dianne Rockwell [07-26-2001]

Many years ago, I was told that we were related to Betsy Ross and Ross Heaton was named for her because of the family con- nection. Ross Heaton was related to my great grandfather, Elmore Heaton. Much later at a beginning genealogy meeting, I was told that was impossible because Betsy Ross had no children. I have no idea what kind of connection there was to Ross Heaton. I did say "related to" and not "descended from". It was an interesting encounter, anyway. I haven't had time to track this down, but was intrigued by Betsy Ross's biography.
Nola Gondek , South Milwaukee, Wisconsin [07-26-2001]

Elizabeth Peer , Summit, NJ Age 25 [07-23-2001]

I love history. I know I am going to enjoy the virtual tour of the home of Betsy Ross. Thanks!
Barbara Dunlap-Gwinn , Teacher [07-23-2001]

Gwen Smith , 23, FL, Phi Sigma Sigma and NSCS member [07-23-2001]

joyce goodwin berry , social studies and english teacher [07-23-2001]

David Agar , Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada, Interest American History [07-23-2001]

Jeri Garrett , age 9 [07-23-2001]

I enjoyed all I have read about Betsy Ross and have always been interested in History of all kinds. Never seem to cease finding new things in the history of our great nation as well as other countries.
Shirley Daniels , I am a retired Federal Employee, living in Sterling Co [07-23-2001]

genia brown , nc, [07-23-2001]

Betsy Wegrzyn , Tulsa, OK...age 49 [07-23-2001]

Looking to see what was stored in the basement.

James P. Wendel , Roscommon, Michigan [07-23-2001]

I was looking for some trivia info on Betsy Ross and came across this site. Thank you for very informative and interesting info!
Terri Vanderlinde Topper , I'm from Arizona, 39 years old, the mother of 4 and grandmother of far! [07-23-2001]

Wilhelmina M. Kanae , Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii 7/21/2001 [07-23-2001]

Bette Kelle , Massachusetts [07-23-2001]

Willie Ann Crossland-Wyms , Missouri - adult [07-23-2001]

Roasemarie , PH. AZ. [07-23-2001]

Thanks for this opportunity.
Ruth E. Berry , Sylacauga, Alabama 62 years [07-23-2001]

J Milvae , Connecticut, age 38 [07-23-2001]

Laura Blanchard , Piney Flats, TN [07-23-2001]

Karen McNutt , I'm from Fox Island, WA and I was surfing the Net for information on Betsy Ross! [07-23-2001]

I thought the tour was very educational.
Cindie Williams , South Williamsport, PA; 39 [07-23-2001]

Janell Ryckman , Washington State, 22 [07-23-2001]

kathy routt , parent [07-23-2001]

Heidi Landry , Westminster MD 21157 [07-20-2001]

I enjoy things about our history
Dorothy L. Pedersen , I am 65 yrs of sage & live in north Fla. [07-19-2001]

I visited the house in the early 1950s. That's a long time ago I wonder if anything has changed...
Susan Ouimet , Tigard, Oregon [07-19-2001]

I visited The Betsy Ross house many times & it never ceases to give me chills and an eerie feeling of "going back in time"!
Barbara Schriver , from Port Richmond section of Phila.- age 52 [07-19-2001]

My brothers are going to be visiting this place with the National Boy Scout Jamboree this week.
Mary Julia , 10 years old [07-19-2001]

I really like this site, it's great for my grandchildren or any age group. Thanks for making it possible!
Will Taylor , 51 years old [07-18-2001]

Margaret Rucker , Casa Grande Arizona 50, Teacher [07-18-2001]

william d cairns [07-18-2001]

Pamela Elliott , Winslow, Maine Teacher [07-18-2001]

linda selenski [07-17-2001]

This is a great site for children of all ages!
Lovie Holmes , kindergarten teacher [07-17-2001]

haven't seen the house in 42 yrs. we used to go to philly every year from school in n.j.
theodore paulsen , 53 yrs old [07-17-2001]

Related to Betsy Ross through the Albaugh-Rosses.
Samuel Leland Bowser , Columbia City, In 46725 Age:61 [07-17-2001]

Donna Stephan [07-17-2001]

I hope to see the house itself one day!
Laurie Panariello , from upstate New York [07-15-2001]

When my fifth grade field trip was to philly i thought it would be boring but the besty ross house made it really cool!
Amy , 11/f/marlton NJ [07-15-2001]

Shanell Franklin , Plainfield, 14, I would love nothing more than to be able to play the violin and piano and guitar! [07-15-2001]

I would love to know where i can buy a large poster of the painting of 7 women sewing the american flag...plaeas help me ,,it is a paining of a huge flag being sewn by women..
aynel vechi , long beach cal usa [07-15-2001]

we are hoping to make a Betsy Ross costume for a young girl to wear in the County Fair Horse Show. Flag and all for the horse too.
Mary Behm , 70 yrs old [07-15-2001]

mrs. dorothy waugh , age 79 [07-15-2001]

David Mitchell Ross , Charlotte Hall, Md. age 56 [07-15-2001]

mary songer , 39 [07-13-2001]

Jon Forman [07-13-2001]

Dan , Michigan [07-12-2001]

LISE LAFLEUR , ste-julie,quevec, canada [07-12-2001]

This looks like a good site for my kids to see before we visit. Thanks!
Shelly Curran , teacher [07-12-2001]

Michelle , From Tennessee [07-12-2001]

Sue (Ross) Redmon , I live in Ohio I am 56 years old. [07-12-2001]

Monica , age10,Chico CA [07-12-2001]

wow this is great what a nice page to visit
jackie rose , rockland county new york 43 female [07-12-2001]

A thoroughly engaging site! Great background information.
Mae Moreno , Lubbock, Texas [07-12-2001]

this is a very unique site......thank you
SUZANN GURA , phila, 47 [07-12-2001]

Thanks for the tour, may the Lord keep us free, this is the greatest Nation in the world, I would not want to live anywhere else.
David Heim , Graham, Texas, age 50, employee of the State of Texas [07-11-2001]

I have been to the house many times and enjoy it. Betsy Ross is my idol! Please tell me more stuff about her.
Ricky Guido , 13 years old, New Jersey [07-11-2001]

Sharon Harrison [07-11-2001]

Restore the Christian values this nation was founded on in order that God may continue to bless us.
Ann Thompson , Costa Mesa, CA. [07-11-2001]

Love Old Glory!
Shawna Wright , From Merriam, KS [07-10-2001]

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M-Rizwan , i am a studentof computer and i do part time job [07-10-2001]

Interesting website
Gene Simpson , DeSoto, MO resident; age 53; love USA and Old Glory [07-10-2001]

I began a study of our Country's Flag in 1986 after so much disrespect was being shown to her. So many men and women have faught for her and our country Our flag is not just a piece of material but a living symbol of our country's history. I hve been giving presentations here in Northwest Indiana concerning our Flags History:Flag Code and proper display;Many Faces of Old Glory from Britin to Our Fifty Star: Flag Folding Ceremony and The Ceremony for Disposal of Unserviceable Flag. I thought my presentatioin was going to be a one time History lesson to my surprise it has mushroomed into several presentations..Which tells me Patriotism in our country is alive . Thank you so very much for the information on the Besty Ross Flag. I will include some of this information as well in my next presentation. God Bless , Long May She wave In Freedom. Joan
Joan Hmurovic , Highland, In., Known as "The Flag Lady [07-10-2001]

I am Quite interested in American history , especially in the founding of our country.. I visited Philadelphia some years ago and toured the Betsy Ross House. How wonderful to have found a website about her. I found this page from
betty jean keen , age 52-quilter,made a flag quilt,Champaign [07-10-2001]

My daughter is visiting the house as a delegate to the Global Youth Leaders Conference on 8 July. I've also visited the U.S. 2 times & hope to come again soon. I also like the history.
Dilwyn Roberts , Denbigh North Wales U.K. [07-10-2001]

i read the book about betsy's childhood. i liked the part about the sourdough best. we read the book for the mother daughter book club and i loved the book. my mother read it when she was a little girl. i loved the book so much i want to come visit the house.
may hudson , age 6, austin, texas [07-10-2001]

my son will visit the betsy-ross-house tomorrow with the gylc. I wanted to see it too, and iīm interested in us-history. itīs super to have the internet !!!
christina rudy , 46 jears old, we live in the south of germany [07-10-2001]

I am looking forward to this oportunity.
LInda Wolf , Millington, MI [07-10-2001]

Great site, Thanks
Dot Lilley , Currently live in FL, born & raised in Phila. and have been to Betsy Ross's House many times and have gone back to take our children there. [07-10-2001]

I loved this site, thank you.
Kathy , California, age 51 [07-10-2001]

I find this very interested and learn a lot about how it was made by betty Ross and her house is fabulous and it is great idea to show while on computer to help the kids learnin in school since they cant afford to go places to see it in person. thanks for this project idea. Lisa H.
Lisa Hackworth , Springfield, Ma.. [07-10-2001]

Thank you
Warwick R. Tobias , 59 Austin, Tx [07-10-2001]

A very interesting site ! Thank you......
James Matzat , I am 73 years old, and live in Himrod, NY. In the finger lakes area of NY State (Paradise) [07-10-2001]

I'm looking forward to this virtual tour. Thanks for the site.
Leona Jackson , Dover, DE age 47 interested in all history [07-05-2001]

Visited the house in 1988, would like to take the kids now. Proud to be the great-great-great-great granddaughter of at least a half dozen Revolutionary War soldiers.
Chris Morgan , Trenton, OH [07-05-2001]

This is an awesome place for the internet kids to visit. To be able to get more education on our history and the history of our nation's flag.
Laura Hayes , South Louisiana [07-05-2001]

god bless america, thank you to our forefathers 7 all who have defended this country in our honour so that we may be te country we are! rhonda crossland las vegas, nv
Rhonda , Las Vegas, NV [07-05-2001]

This is an excellent way for those who might never have the chance to "visit" in person to tour the homes of historical figures! Thank you for the opportunity!
Sharon Shipley , Plainview, TX [07-05-2001]

Thanks for keeping our history alive. My ancestors fought to let us fly that flag and my family will do whatever it takes to keep it up there.
James G. (Jim) Patrick , Spartanburg, S.C., 58, Navy vet, Univ of Ga. grad. [07-05-2001]

I enjoyed learning to snip a five point star in one snip. Nice web site.
Donna Becker , suburban Philadephian [07-05-2001]

I have not had a chance to really get into your site,though I will eventually get EVERY word read and picture seen.
FLO hUCKABEE , Yulee,Fl. 53 year old american history nut !!!!! [07-05-2001]

I was born & raised in East Pennsalkan,N.J. until I was 9yrs. old. Then my Mother moved us to N.C. Before we came here we were always going to Philadelphia & never knew that Besty Ross' house was there until I found this web site. I know I will never get to visit there, so thank you for having this web site. Besides, I love learning about new things & web sites.
Terry H. Squires , 41 yrs. old & live in Murfreesboro,N.C. [07-05-2001]

family arrived on ship hector arrived pictou nova scotia in sept 1773
R.GREGG.ROSS , st augustine fl--oldest city--feel like oldest man [07-05-2001]

My oldest son purchased this computer for me and this world wide web enables me to go everywhere see most anything and experience a wealth of knowledge. Thank You, Orphia
Orphia Boren , Missouri(Arcadia Valley) age is 75 On July 8th Married 55 years [07-05-2001]

We are working on a unit for Social Studies with our state testing and have found this sight through reseaching my ancestors. Many on my mother's side fought in the Rev. War and even had George and his troops spend the night on their farm land in New Jersey northeast of Trenton.
Ruth Hundley , teacher, 4th grade, 52 yrs. and do much genealogy [07-05-2001]

I wish a Happy 4th to all and thanks for the American Flag for our country. Marge
Marge , Bridgeport, CT [07-05-2001]

happy birthday usa!!!!!
Tina Donaldson , Phoenix AZ [07-05-2001]

Thank you for your site.
Richard Callard , California, 66, retired [07-05-2001]

today is the 4th of july, i thought i would tour her house,thank you, pat
PAT LEDBETTER , oklahoma, 61 year's old [07-05-2001]

Love the House
Glen AMES , Family of Four [07-05-2001]

Wonderful Site,really enjoyed it
Sandy Grosse , Just A American [07-05-2001]

flags are cool
hannah , im 9 and i like american flags [07-05-2001]

It's a wonderful age we live in to be able to see such things on the computer. Educational, interesting, informative preview for the actual visit.
Rhonda Hatfield , Shongaloo, Webster Parish, LA. [07-05-2001]

This is very informative. Will read it later
Esther Brown , I live in Maryland and this site was in the Canton,Ohio Repository [07-05-2001]

Thank you for this site, and God bless America. It took several tries but I made a perfect five point star!
Lawrence Wrobleski , 48/m/deluz Ca.92028 [07-05-2001]

A beautiful and informative site!
Jane M. Terrell , Ponte Vedra, Florida. 74 years old. [07-05-2001]

Thank you for the time and effort of putting this sight up, I enjoyed it very much. I feel every american should visit this web page.
Clara & Wayne Driver , Jax., Fl. early sixties [07-05-2001]

Great site, would love to visit in person some day
Chrys , from Missouri mother of three [07-05-2001]

Have always admired Betsy Ross, and am glad to see a lovely website dedicated to her.
Xana Arango Hansen , Longmont, Colorado [07-05-2001]

Thanks for the very nice website; what a wonderful way to preserve our American heritage.
Colleen M. Eagan , Gainesville, FL, formerly Nebraska and Indiana [07-05-2001]

I still have the Besty Ross Ring that my brother brought back from his visit to the House in the late 50's/early 60's. One day I hope to actually vist the House in person.
Barbara Lucille Waldren , Born in Newark OH on Oct 29, 1947 Now live in Va Beach VA [07-05-2001]

Ever since I was a little girl I have loved my flag and the love just grows every day.I am also a fan of the Statue of Liberty and The Liberty Bell. I have great admiration for Mrs. Betsy Ross and thanks for making such a beautiful flag.There is nothing more beautiful to me than seeing a flag flying in the wind.I have a coat that looks like the flag and a ball cap,too.I just love my country and what it stands for and I appreciate what all have done to get it where it is today,those who have fought for our country and freedom years ago and present.
Evelyn H. Alberty , I live in Warsaw,North Carolina I am47and a female [07-05-2001]

Betsy A. Myers , I am a decendant of Betsy Ross, my grandmother was a Ross and I am trying to trace my heritage. [07-05-2001]

Beautifully done--I don't get to travel much and I have really enjoyed going though this site-- Thank you
Bonnie Hyatt Kelly , Palacios, Texas--going on 59--Never to old to learn [07-05-2001]

I'm so grateful to finally know the truth about Betsy Ross. The childrens books I've read to my daughter have made Betsy's contribution to American history a tall tale rather than fact.
CHERI MCNEILL , 51 year old home school mother [07-05-2001]

Loyal to our old red white and blue
Shirley Carter , born Oct.24,1938 I am 62 years now I live in Calif. [07-05-2001]

Very cool!
Laura Quitugua , San Antonio, Texas 38 [07-05-2001]

I did a reprt on Betsey Ross, and i had to dress like her and make a flag. I had a ton of fun.
Megan Piasecki , 15-ohio [07-05-2001]

Your web pages are a perfect way to visit the many splendid sight you vast country has to offer. I just wanted to say Thank You Jason
Jason Meunier , Calgary, Alberta, Canada [07-05-2001]

Thanks for making this available to us.
Corinna Fritz , 32 y/o wife and homeschooling mom of two currently residing in Battle Ground, WA. [07-05-2001]

I'm so interested in Betsy Ross and other History!!!!!!!!!!!
Caitlin Dixon , Age 10 [07-05-2001]

I've been by 'Betsy's house' several times when I visited Philadelphia but never had a chance to take the tour.
Crystal French , Denver, Colo, 54 years old [07-05-2001]

My mother, Ina Mae "Rusty" Claypoole Luedloff was a decendant of John Claypoole's (Betsy's husband)family. She was a school teacher for 33 years before she passed away the day after Easter 1999. She always told her students the story of Betsy Ross Claypoole. Thanks for the site.
Barry K. Luedloff , Wentzville, MO (30 miles west of St. Louis) [07-05-2001]

We appreciate everything our forefathers did for us.
Mr. & Mrs. Rex Lantz , At 70+ years, we've lived through a lot of history. [07-05-2001]

We were studying different people and facts during the July Fourth holiday.Betsy Ross wa one of them. Thank you for your site.
Andrea, Zachary, & Ciera Carlson , Fort Worth, Texas, 29yo, 10 yo, 7 yo [07-05-2001]

We visted there in 1981 & thought I would drop in to see what I remembered. Very nice tour w/ very good photos.
Lucy O'Con , Dallas, Texas [07-03-2001]

this is a very good page, hope a lot of young people get to see this, because they don't learn it in school anymore
Emily Wells , warren, ohio [07-03-2001]

Very interesting & informative.
Betty R. McCracken , Meadview, AZ. [07-03-2001]

God Bless America!
Kathy Fitzgerald , Teacher, mother,lover of history [07-03-2001]

Haven't been there since childhood. Must bring my grandson.
R. Larkin , nj, usa [07-03-2001]

Love history and always have wanted to tour this part of Philadelphia. This has been an excellent source of information and I have enjoyed it immensely
Gwen Knutsen , Toms River, NJ 63 [07-03-2001]

irene gonzalez , phx,az [07-03-2001]

I have been trying to establish connections in my geneology to John Ross. My mother is 82, her sisters are 80,78 years old. My goal is to obtain the oral history told to my mom and aunts. Thank you for having these pages on screen, it will mean a lot to my mom to have her come over an check out her history.
V.A. Heine , I live in Milwaukie,Oregon [07-03-2001]

nancy brooks , st. marys Ga. [07-03-2001]

Vicky Bennings , Malvern, Arkansas - age 46-School Teacher [07-03-2001]

I am a history buff.
Dixie Burcham , West Texas over 65 Retired [07-03-2001]

would enjoy visiting one day, and touring the original 13 states.
Lia Berenguer , Federal Way, Wa. 34 year old homeschool mom and co-business owner ( husband builds furniture) [07-03-2001]

I am trying to find virtual tours for children tolern about our country's history.
Bev Sirois , teacher [07-03-2001]

Michele Hellyar , 28 years old Englewood,Fla [07-03-2001]

stewart crandell , arizon [07-03-2001]

Chelsea & Cheyenne Kennedy , Seward , Alaska ages 8 & 9 [07-03-2001]

Born and raised in Ambler/Germantown/East Falls Have been back for vacations many times, and vacation in Ocean City New Jersey, but we are bringing our grown,married children and their children to see the sites of Philly. Will be in Philly, touring, in late July. B. Ross House will be one of our many stops. They don't realize what they are going to see..... First stop is the Reading Food Station for a Hoagie, and Scrapple, and a soft pretzel and and and and ....
Paul Gearinger , Director of Social Services City of Chattanooga TN [07-03-2001]

Sue Utterback , elementary school teacher I teach third grade [07-03-2001]

BECKY OWEN , arizona 37 [07-03-2001]

Meg [07-03-2001]

Jacklyn Probert , Teacher [07-03-2001]

Sandi Wolfe , 23 year old journalist from Marietta, Oklahoma [07-03-2001]

sonja lovelace , 31 washington state [07-03-2001]

yvonne Stoudt` , Lehighton ,PA 4th grade teacher Carbon County Christian School [07-03-2001]

debbie hastings [07-03-2001]

LouWayne Filson [07-03-2001]

Rob Wehofer [07-03-2001]

I visited the Betsy Ross Home many many years ago as a girl scout. I truly enjoyed this virtual tour, remember ing how small the home actually was compared to the home I lived in at that time. I now have a 6'5in. son who just couldn't fit!
Betsy Wohltman , Age 54, Teacher, Bridgewater, NJ [07-03-2001]

Tracy Masters , central, Fl, 30 yrs old [07-03-2001]

Thank-you for this wonderful and informative website!
Jane Hicks [07-01-2001]

BONNIE HUFFINGTON , Perkins,Oklahoma [07-01-2001]

Laura , wi, 20 [07-01-2001]

great sight, thankyou as we needed photos of Betsy Ross for a costume. You were of much help!
Casey Family , From Northern IL. [07-01-2001]

I have visited this place in person. It was AWESO ME. I really enjoyed the tour.
Kristi Luker , CA age 26 [07-01-2001]

SaraGrace , I am 6 yrs old and live in Tennessee. I homeschool and am in the first grade. [07-01-2001]

My grammie is teaching me about old history. She says that we can learn for thing in our past and the computer is full of information.
Skylor G. Menendez , I recently moved to Virginia with my Family, but I am spending the summer with my grammie in California. [07-01-2001]

roberto cornejo treviņo , Mexicano de la ciudad de Monterrey, N.L. de 60 aņos [07-01-2001]

I am homeschooled and we learned a song about Betsy Ross.
Arabella Nicole White , I am from Chesterfield, Virginia. I am 6 years old. [07-01-2001]

Marilyn Holter , Live in Wisconsin [07-01-2001]

I am a homeschooled 6 year old, and we are studying the 4th of July. I learned a song about Betsy Ross today called Three Cheers For the Red,White, and Blue
Arabella Nicole White , From Chesterfield, Virginia Age- 6 years old [07-01-2001]

Megan Trantel , I am 16 .I live in NY [07-01-2001]

Charlotte Wrigley , School nurse. Arkansas [07-01-2001]

Tom Wilson [07-01-2001]

Muriel D. Brazeau , Toledo, OH, Age:58, born in WVA, served 1-1/2 yrs as WAC [07-01-2001]

John N. Yohe , Scott Township, PA. [07-01-2001]

Mary Alice Metzler , Ruston, LA [07-01-2001]

Love collecting anything and everything in RED,WHITE and BLUE. T-SHIRTS to QUILTS! Thank you for the informative site. Happy 4th of July!
DIANE SPILLMAN , spring hill, florida [07-01-2001]

Visited Betsy Ross house when I was in grade school in the late 50's early 60's
Anna M.Rosebush , Calais,Me. originally from N.J. [07-01-2001]

Dorothy [07-01-2001]

Luella Uhlig , 59 yrs. [07-01-2001]

Kathleen Becker , I teach 5th and 6th grade in Chicago [06-28-2001]

Kristy McIntyre [06-28-2001]

Helen H.Barbro [06-28-2001]

I am going to be visiting Philadelphia the week of July 8. I am just surfing sites on the web of places I may be interested in visiting and this is definitely one of them!!
Lynn Lenhart , I'm from Canton, OH 47 year old female [06-28-2001]

kevin , teacher - intermediate school [06-28-2001]

mary a. rodeski , 38 yrs live in minnesota [06-28-2001]

I'm bookmarking sites for the next school year!
Jill Dieguez , I'm a Kindergarten teacher from West Virginia [06-28-2001]

stephanie garcia [06-28-2001]

Nita [06-28-2001]

Leanna Timanus , Nebraska, 24 [06-28-2001]

Pamela M. Bowman [06-28-2001]

I learned about this site in the column in our local newspaper, Kids' Internet written by Barbara Feldman. I am a lover of US History, looking forward my second favorite holiday, Fourth of July, and an elementary teacher. I will pass on this web site to enjoy!
Teresa K. Riggs , teacher [06-28-2001]

Barbara Tomlin , Meriden, Connecticut [06-28-2001]

my great grandmother was sarah ross and often was told they where related but can find no proof
MARTHA MORTON HAMAKER , 69 been at house [06-28-2001]

Kelly Collingwood , Computer lab coordinator, Milwaukee, WI [06-28-2001]

Martha Blevins , elementary librarian [06-28-2001]

Amanda Stablein , Rock Island, IL Age 25 [06-28-2001]

Hal Roach [06-28-2001]

Joan P. Sonier , Oakland, CA [06-28-2001]

Jill Hartman , I am a student at a university [06-28-2001]

Bess Wilson , Librarian in Elementary school in Killeen, Texas Harker Heights Elementary , Harker Heights, Texas [06-28-2001]

karen bevans , montrose, mo [06-28-2001]

Joanne O. Santos [06-28-2001]

Researching this to use with my class.
Karen Fredricks , Christina School District Teacher [06-28-2001]

gladys mullady , Los Angeles [06-28-2001]

looking forward to the tour
miik mccoy , 21 [06-28-2001]

Lori Wood , Bryan, Tx. Age 23 [06-28-2001]

I'm from Philly. You believe I was doing my ancestry research and this site showed up as having the name I was looking for. And the name I was looking for wasn't Betsy or Ross. Pretty cool anyway since Betsy was from my neck of the woods.
ella , Philly...home of Betsy [06-28-2001]

Denise Baker , Phoenix,Az/ 50/ [06-28-2001]

Michelle Flanigan , I live in Windsor CO [06-28-2001]

I will be ariving on June 29th to Philadelphia...just can't wait to see Betsy Ross's home...It will be a memory maker for me..Thank you!!!!
Christine Ramirez [06-28-2001]

Found this website in the newspapers. My husband is a history buff. Just loves George Washington. Glad to see such educational information online. Thanks
Betsy Graves , retired firefighter [06-28-2001]

Looking for Patriot crafts and activites for Day Camp
Diana Aycock , Columbus, Ohio [06-28-2001]

Stefanie Connell , Student in Utah [06-28-2001]

i admire mrs ross a lot
milagros rodriguez , student,full time employed 7 months 2 graduate [06-28-2001]

Paula Wood , 3rd grade teacher [06-28-2001]

nice sight
kevin bender , frederick county age 43, college educated, enjoy history [06-28-2001]

lydia davidson [06-28-2001]

Betsy Ross is my aunt and I have documents that prove it. It's nice to be related to a person and time in history!!
richard kirk bender , olney, md. age 43 [06-28-2001]

I saw the real house and i 100% loved it. I am completly dieing to see it again!!!
Lilly-Ann , 15/f [06-28-2001]

thank you for this wonderful opportunity.
Julie S. Hooter , Louisiana/22/education major [06-28-2001]

Natalie Keyes , Laie, H i 18 [06-28-2001]

loved the celebration of flag day during my youth. i still honor the old glory as i do the bible in high esteem.
ROSEMARIE GUERRERO , san diego california senior citizen [06-28-2001]

jonathan locke , jacksonville,florida [06-28-2001]

Penny Burdick [06-28-2001]

Keep up the good work!! Hopefully one day I can visit this home in person.
Jane Brand , I'm the youngest of 8, I believe that the new generation doesn't know just how lucky they are to live in the U S. I very seldom see any patriotism and I'd like to see it come back. I write a newsletter for the school I work at and I make sure I put a lot of historical and meaningful information in for our readers. I am 36, have 3 daughters ages 8-14, my husband and several of my family menbers have fought in wars. I believe we have one of the prettiest flags ever. [06-28-2001]

I am a grand niece of Besty Ross. On my mothers, fathers side of the family. Griscom. I think that that is the coolest thing!!!!!!!
Shelley McGillis , I live in Spokane wa I am 32 [06-28-2001]

great site!
susan canovas , tea cher in STATEN ISLAND [06-28-2001]

Your site is very good advertise
william green , phila frankfort section 52 yr;s [06-28-2001]

Lydia Davidson , Utah, 21 [06-28-2001]

Have been to Betsy Ross' house as a youngster. Having a family reunion in a few weeks and wanted to give the youngsters now some background re: our flag, which I love very much. Parise Arakelian
Parise Arakelian , Born in Camden, N.J. Live in Palm Desert, California now and am 68 yrs. young. [06-28-2001]

I am the wife and mother of 3 beautiful daughters. I have 1-son-in-law, a wonderful and fun 1 1/2 grandson which I am just enjoying being a grandma. I can't wait to take the tour! Thank you!
Cheryl Willoughby , I live in a beautiful place - Coalville, UT [06-28-2001]

Cynthia Cole , Utah,26, [06-28-2001]

Kathleen Nelson , 23 years old form LaBarge, Wy [06-28-2001]

thx u helped me on a school project!!!
kim [06-28-2001]

Aumanie , Utah [06-28-2001]

thank you for your interesting info on the net.
Carol Kenville , Fargo,ND [06-28-2001]

Jennifer Georgi [06-20-2001]

Danielle Hunger , student in Utah [06-20-2001]

Deb Bennett , Hebron, IN [06-20-2001]

On the class trip I attended so many years ago, I still remember being mesmorized by the artifacts and awestruck knowing a woman had had such a large part in our country's early history. Through the ages, many patriotic women in our American past had gone unnoticed, but visiting the house left a strong impression upon my young mind that women as well as men contributed to shaping this country.
Carolyn Kelly-Shields , I live in Swarthmore, PA, am 39, and have not been to the monument since attending a class trip in first grade. Now I am a teacher and look forward to bringing my own children there. [06-20-2001]

Jana Gore , Tennessee [06-20-2001]

I think this is a very cool site because were doing this thing for school and I have to reseach Besty Ross and this is where I would be looking again!
Kalee Xiong , 11/f/mn [06-20-2001]

born in ky live in the mammoth cave area
bobcat keys , age47 [06-20-2001]

Have visited the Ross house about 5 times and enjoyed and learned something new each trip.
Shirley A. Lance , Millville, NJ 63 years of age, visited Ross House 5 times [06-20-2001]

I'm exploring this for use with students.
Mary Darnieder , Teacher [06-20-2001]

Natalee Carlson , Utah, 22 [06-20-2001]

Pierce wezenaar , At home 9 [06-20-2001]

john scott , 10 n.y. [06-20-2001]

Nancy Bower , I am 47 years old. Live in New York [06-17-2001]

Ellie M [06-17-2001]

connie antonio [06-17-2001]

Keep up your good work
Donna Keown , Morristown, NJ, 55yrs., Married with 2 children-David & MaryLynn [06-17-2001]

jeanette stiller , waterford, michigan [06-17-2001]

Betsy Ross is my heroine, because she made the flag.
Annalise Weyer , 7/yo [06-14-2001]

The freedoms represented by our flag are plentiful and great, defended by many,revered by more. Only those who have paid the ultimate price in her defense have earned the right and are entitled to burn or destroy her. Sleep well and god bless those patriots, America's sons and daughters of liberty. only those
Robert H. Knarr , Son, Soldier, Father and Patriot [06-14-2001]

Betsy Lou Ross , Aurora, Indiana [06-14-2001]

W.Helmink , Netherlands, 55 years of age teacher. Enjoy life! [06-14-2001]

Thank you for your time and hard work!
Rev. Lydia E. Vega [06-14-2001]

Deleyce S. Tietze , Teacher [06-14-2001]

We are studying the American Flag on Flag Day
Ms. Houle's 2nd Grade Class , Hebron CT [06-14-2001]

Thank for the Amicana Flag
Sean Weir , I ' m 10 [06-14-2001]

thanks for the american flag
andrew runkles , i'm 10 [06-14-2001]

Jamie Grimm , 9 [06-14-2001]

i wish i could fing more bout u.. thanks for coming to this world.:)
Connie , ny,12 [06-13-2001]

Desiree , 12 years old [06-13-2001]

I am visiting her home next week. Thank you
Leona Chapman , I live in Indianapolis,IN and I am 52 yeras old [06-13-2001]

Elizabeth Hawker , 30- West Valley City UT [06-13-2001]

did you reaiiy make the flagg
Crystal , 9 in 3 grade [06-13-2001]

LYNN KERR , i live & work in nj & have 3 grandsons i'm taking to phil to see these treasures in person [06-13-2001]

I love Betsey Ross
Gina [06-13-2001]

Rick Talerico , Berwyn Il. 60402 38y.o.a. [06-13-2001]

i am proudly a great, great, great, great,great, greatgreat, neice of betsy ross! love to find other relatives.
joan phillips , long island, ny resident [06-13-2001]

This is wonderful to see all these pictures, thanks for the tour, learned a lot.
Roberta Lee Ross , Unionville, Missouri,Doing a report on Betsy Ross [06-13-2001]

bethany [06-13-2001]

I really enjoy this site!
Susan J. Agsten [06-13-2001]

Caroline Corley and Davis Corley , five and seven years old [06-13-2001]

Sandi Russell , Member of ElkGrove, CA Historical Society [06-13-2001]

rahim kidd , 27, male, african-american [06-13-2001]

Thank you for this opportunity to learn more about BEtsy Ross and some history of our flag
Rodney H. Smith , Male, retired, printer, age 71, Electra, Wichita County, TX76360 [06-10-2001]

Joanne Czeck , Charleston,WV--54yrs old--female [06-10-2001]

I just thought it would be neat to see her house...I'm a Betsy too!
Betsy Shultis , 23, Mississippi, [06-10-2001]

pamela sheley , i work in our activity dept at a small(but great) nursing home in guthrie center, ia [06-10-2001]

Have visted the Betsy Ross house and love it. Have allways been told that my great-grandmother of Granville Co, NC, Susan Ross Moss was kin to Betsy.
Bobby G. Moss [06-10-2001]

I am looking at Flag Day things for my first Rianbow meeting as Worty Advisor since this meetings theme is Flag Day.
Rachel , 14, Rainbow Girl [06-10-2001]

I have visited here, and will enjoy revisiting on the web!!
Rena S. Duvall , Spring,Texas. second grade teacher [06-10-2001]

Shirley Jean Jackson , teacher, age 44, living in Poland, Maine [06-10-2001]

I was just searching one day for stuff on field trips to plan for my daughter and came across this site. It is going to help a lot she is supposed to read the story of Betsy Ross for homeschool history. Thank you for your site. Blessings, Christi<><
Christi , I live in Texas and I homeschool my two children [06-10-2001]

I enjoyed reading your web page, I hope you will long continue to burn the flames of patriotism and preserve history for all generations.
Mary Fran Bubak , History teacher Chicago, Illinois [06-10-2001]

i wish to see the front and inside the house
Samantha Morales , I live im bronx Nwe york i am 13 yrs old and i am very intrested in betsy ross. [06-10-2001]

gobinath [06-10-2001]

elizabeth r. peace , rome, ga. age is 48; i teach third grade and the flag is a subject that we study as a unit [06-10-2001]

Joan Ward , Grand mother of 4 /Day care provider /New Hampshire [06-10-2001]

Karen Budowle , Stafford, VA, age 46 [06-10-2001]

barbara deininger , 37 philadelphia pa [06-10-2001]

Helpful homework site
Maryellen Burns [06-10-2001]

NATASHA , 413 clermont ave 9, yearsold ( i am making report on you and the flag and i need info on the flag and you [06-06-2001]

joe , 9 [06-06-2001]

CHRIS HAMILTON , 33/ mother/professional [06-06-2001]

After taking your virtual tour, I noticed one thing, that was a bit annoying. Couldn't you have taken the photos of the outside of the house WITHOUT the cars and trolley. At the very least a nice horse and carriage would have been much better. :( Just an observation.
Susan Baldwin , Fort Washington, PA [06-06-2001]

Wendyl Ross , Massachusetts Quaker descendant [06-06-2001]

When I was a child we had a picture of Betsy Ross sitting with the flag on her lap (beautiful picture) I do not know what happened to it. There was no one in the picture with her-- I would get the picture if I can find the right one, also need to know the cost. Thanks, Mavis
Mavis Garrett , My age is 78 I live in Columbus, Georgia [06-06-2001]

I am studying about Betsy Ross and being her in my last book report for school.
Allison Roy , eleven years old [06-06-2001]

Sarah Zamosky , Henderson, Nv [06-06-2001]

Carolyn Howe , Grangeville, ID 40 yr old female [06-06-2001]

gina , 21 [06-06-2001]

I want to ment you in person.
Samantha Rucko , Age 9. 2 oak terr. [06-06-2001]

Emily , I am 11 [06-06-2001]

great site and very informative
Donny Jenkins , Big Stone Gap, Virginia is where I live. I am 43 years old and love American History [06-06-2001]

i'm doing a report on betsy and i need info!!!!! and shes awesome!!!!! haha betsy's used to be in my family along time ago before she died thats why i call her betsy because i know her personaly!!!!
paula [06-06-2001]

Lou Ann Glover , Keokuk, Iowa [06-06-2001]

Very interesting page . Learned some things about Betsy Ross i never knew.
Betty Ross , Ohio, 39 [06-06-2001]

I learned a lot about Betsy Ross for my 4th grade "Discover Pennsylvania Project." I think that I really would have liked Betsy Ross if I lived then.
Kaitlin F Correnti , 10 years old, Garnet Valley Elem School [06-06-2001]

Paul Nickel , 49, conservative christian republican [06-06-2001]

Debbie Wright , Sodus N.Y I am 42 years old, Mother of 4, Granmother of 4. [06-06-2001]

Mary S. Martin , Oceanside, CA [06-06-2001]

vanessa vande riet & clarissa vannahmen , junction city ks ages 27 & 14 [06-02-2001]

what a treat! I will use this with my students
kala krishnan , Springfield, Virginia [06-02-2001]

Loved the tour! I was in Philadelphia last summer with a tour group from my son's school. We did not have time to visit the Betsy Ross House but passed it on the bus. The virtual tour gives me a good idea of what we missed!
Shaorn L. Joy , West Covina, CA [06-02-2001]

CHAR CROUSON , cheasapeake, va. [06-02-2001]

betsy ross is cool!!!!
paula [06-02-2001]

Betsy ross is cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
amanda [06-02-2001]

thank u
amber pennington , 13 [06-02-2001]

Myrna Strickland , Teacher, Pembroke,NC (50) [06-02-2001]

Gail Wilson , Va [06-02-2001]

Heidi Sawyer [06-02-2001]

Aaron Ross Mc Lean , EL monte,age13 [06-02-2001]

Susan B. Cook , Homeschooling mom...45yrs old...Birdsboro, PA [06-02-2001]

kris buri , school teacher [06-02-2001]

Katie Millard , Iowa, 37 [06-02-2001]


I am really interested in our american flag and this site really helped me understand the history on our flag. Thank you
Nicole McGuire , 7 years old [06-02-2001]

krobinson , camden nc [06-02-2001]

Mrs. Hilton's 2nd Grade class [06-02-2001]

great site!!!!!!!!!!!!
ashley , 12 [06-02-2001]

what a great site! thank you!
nancy s. yager , mother of 3 from florida [05-30-2001]

Roniqua Archer and Anita Reason [05-30-2001]

I am related to Betsy Ross. It was traced back on my fathers side of the family.
Angela Satow , I am a 30 yo female and I live in CA [05-30-2001]

Matt King , Work in Batesville, Indiana, I'm 26 years old and I'm married but no children. [05-30-2001]

I really like Besty Ross and she's very interesting. If she was alive, I would ask her to teach me how to sew. Thanks for making this website. Sincerely, Sarah L. Woolverton
Sarah Woolverton , Age 9 1/2 -- Portland, OR -- I'm writing a biography on Besty Ross [05-30-2001]

Amelia Dunston , school [05-30-2001]

PATRICIA ALVAREZ , barker, new york [05-30-2001]

Jose M. Feliciano , single dad of two children. [05-30-2001]

fine flag. When you are in other countries you will love the sight of your flag.
vivian graves , Richmond, VA [05-30-2001]

I love learning new things with my children.
Bunny Perry , 36 year old mother of 2 from Altamonte Springs Fl [05-30-2001]

My grandfather was John Howard Claypool (Howards of Virginia). Much more info about the family. Interested in communicating with others about Betsy Ross Claypoole.
John Claypool Donovan , Garden City, NY, age 57, Betsy is my Great, Great, Great Aunt, I believe. [05-28-2001]

I cannot wait to see her house!! I love history.
Brittany , Maine,13 [05-28-2001]

Dianne el , I'm a retired teacher setting up a hands on history museum at my former elementary school. [05-28-2001]

Suzann White , Temple, Tx [05-28-2001]

John Schaefer , Oceanside, CA [05-27-2001]

i believe i toured the house when my husband and i went to one of his army reunions - 324th inf. 44th.division, but not sure i signed the guest list.
theresa a murry , reside in melrose park illinois [05-27-2001]

kelsey [05-27-2001]

i was given the address for this site from my sister. i will come back to it many times.
ROBERT DANIEL FROST , chemical engineer, 52, mt holly, n.j. [05-26-2001]

School report, I visited in 2000
Jennifer Hoffman , 11 year [05-26-2001]

big , 11201 New York 11 [05-26-2001]

Betsy Ross is so cool!!!!!!!
Brianna Watson , scranton 17 [05-25-2001]

Betsy Ross is so cool!!!!!!!
Brianna Watson , scranton 17 [05-25-2001]

tim anderson , 11 [05-25-2001]

I liked what I saw.
B. Selvarajah , visitor [05-25-2001]

Billie Hendrix , 48 yrs. old female from Oklahoma [05-25-2001]

I have visited the Betsy Ross House, and it is worth the time if you can get there.
Sharon Dobkin , Eastern Seaboard, Old Enough [05-24-2001]

Julie Marrero [05-24-2001]

Morgan , ??????????? [05-24-2001]

Diane Smith, just finished a Unit Study with my children on Betsy Ross, was interested in information on Francis Hopkinson. Enjoying the researce process.
anonymous [05-24-2001]

I am looking forward to our tour Lois
Lois Rowe , human on earth [05-24-2001]

Anna Raygoza , I'm a 30 year old mother of three from San DIego, CA. [05-24-2001]

Researching a speech topic for Toastmasters
Judy Jacobs , Over 40, Female, in Dallas TX [05-24-2001]

Josie HAll , Homeschool Mom making use of the info. [05-24-2001]

molly , 55 gre [05-24-2001]

This could be a good site if you actually put decent pictures in your pages. They are too small and too low of resolution. We visited the the house several years ago, and my daughter is doing a report on Betsy Ross. It would have been nice to be able to print the pages so that she could have passed them around for the class to see. But since they are so small with low resolution, she was not able to do so.
Douglas Peterson [05-24-2001]

cool web site
dave , 10 [05-24-2001]

this is a cool web sight
dean , 10 [05-24-2001]

cool page
Ryan Castro , age:11 [05-24-2001]

I think this site is weird but cool
Jonathan Sharon , New York [05-24-2001]

Roland Martinez , 11 [05-24-2001]

This site came in very handy since we study Pennsylvania and visit Philadelphia, which includes the Betsy Ross House.
M.L.Buzogany , 4th grade teacher [05-24-2001]

Noenani , im 15 and live in hawaii [05-24-2001]

hello I have been to the Betsy Ross house before
Bethany , WA, 13 years old [05-24-2001]

I need this information for an oral report in study skills
Amanda Sayers , West Haven, CT Age;11 Grade:6 School:Harry M. Bailey [05-24-2001]

Mrs. Vas , 5th grade class at Roberts Ave School [05-24-2001]

Brandon Radle , 9 [05-24-2001]

d eantra parker , 9 [05-24-2001]

erin ewing [05-24-2001]

Patrick Collins , Nine [05-24-2001]

DARIUS SNOW , 9 [05-24-2001]

KATIE BEAVER , 9 [05-24-2001]

leondry jones , nine [05-24-2001]

chadd beamon , 9 [05-24-2001]

SMILEY 31 , Delawere OH 12 [05-24-2001]

I love my country!
Makckenie Green, Ostrander,OH 12 [05-24-2001]

SMILEY 31, Delawere OH 12 [05-24-2001]

tis website is so cool
alyssa conroy, i live in toms river im 11 years old [05-24-2001]

Eddie Gambarella, 63 [05-24-2001]

this website is cool
steph mielach, i live on 1046 shiela dr. im 11 years old [05-24-2001]

we love your website
nsync, we live in orlando we are 20 and older [05-24-2001]

bob, 639Buenaventura Court Age:15 [05-24-2001]

cierra morczek, 12 [05-24-2001]

Joshuaaaa!!!!! [05-24-2001]

Elizabeth Ann Enke, Montgomery, Illinois [05-24-2001]

I am doing a written report on the life of Betsy Ross. I am in the 4th grade at Doe Run Elementary School in Manheim Central School District.
Alexa Radanovic, age 9, Manheim, PA [05-21-2001]

Sorry but I don't really like Betsy Ross, But I have nothing else to do.
Whitney Young, Garden Grove, CA. age,10. Birth, 06/27/90 [05-21-2001]

i am doing a report for social studies in 3rd grade thankyou forhaving this website
shelby anderson, inwood,wv: 8yrs,:proud young american [05-21-2001]

ray, 20 [05-21-2001]

Tabby, 16 [05-21-2001]

Camille Evans, 12 years old [05-21-2001]

Denise Nitinthorn, I am a mother of two and my daughter is doing a report on Betsy Ross. [05-21-2001]

Tim Cooper [05-21-2001]

Jonathan Engelhardt, 9yrs old [05-21-2001]

ALLIE, 9 years old [05-21-2001]

Melanie LaHara [05-21-2001]

Betsy is the most amazing woman I have ever read about. She made the american flag while all the men were out at war. I think she is neat because it seems like the men always do all the important things that have happened.
Brittney Burrows, Danville, CA 9Years old [05-21-2001]

My wife is in Philadelphia now and sent me an email from her house. I'm now going to be able to take the tour as the next best thing.
Marc McCarty, Live in Wisner, Louisiana, age 40 [05-21-2001]

My Daughter is doing a report of Mrs. Ross. This is a very good site and will revisit it again,, Thank you
Wendi Johnson, Lake Charles, LA ~~~~~29y/o [05-21-2001]

This is a realy good web site for when other kids such as me are doing a repirt and i will all ways come to this web site when i need to. I will recomend this website to all of my friends!
Kira Lynn MArchione, I am almost 11 and i am here because i am doing a report on Betsy Ross and this is the perfect web site! Thanks! [05-21-2001]

crystal Payne, 38 wallingford pa [05-21-2001]

Elizabeth L. Cantando, Philadelphia,49 [05-21-2001]

Ashley Cook, Sewell,NJ [05-20-2001]

Georgia Hughes, Borger, Tx, 46, registered nurse [05-20-2001]

I love Betsy Ross when I'm bord I just go on this site and take the tour again and again.
Luka Teagan Madden, Age 9 lives in Northampton Massachusetts [05-20-2001]

Jean Branam [05-20-2001]

thank you for having this info available for myself and my daughter to share together ;))
BETSY & AMANDA BERGERON, 32 & 11 from the boston area ;)) [05-19-2001]

Cynthia Jenkins and Family, Pennsylvania [05-19-2001]

Charlene Sweeney, Richmond, Virginia [05-19-2001]

I love philadelphia's History
shamain wilkes, I Love philadelphia [05-19-2001]

Brittany Mitchell, age:12,Location:Conneaut,Ohio [05-19-2001]

i like your house kyle
fgbdogrjfogrogkfft, 11 [05-19-2001]

the american flag is pretty
courtney knowlton, i am 10 and brown [05-19-2001]

Barbara, Live in sunny California, have 2 children, love the US of A and all of its history [05-18-2001]

i came on this site looking for how many stripes the first amerian flag had for a history porject i never knew people knew so much about her!! wow this site is really good and its all true who ever made this is really really Good thank you, casey i am ready to take the tour
Casey Tullar, Brackney Pa 14 yrs [05-18-2001]

I am doing a project on Betsy Ross for first grade
Madison Short [05-18-2001]

this site helps a lot for a report i have to write thanks
Mikey, 10 yrs.old [05-18-2001]

Jenny Lerew, Dillsburg, PA 22 [05-18-2001]

History is interesting take time to learn.
Lakin Mcdonald, 14 [05-18-2001]


pennsylvania is pretty cool!!!!!
anonymous, washington [05-18-2001]

We're taking a walking tour to Betsy Ross House on Monday, May21, 2001
Ida Walker and room 25 of Bluford School, 5801 Media Street Philadelphia, Pa. 10year olds [05-18-2001]

I am studying this topic for a report and this is just the thing to get me going!!
Richard Sklar, age-11, location-Cherry Hill, NJ [05-18-2001]

Brandi [05-18-2001]

Jennifer [05-18-2001]

Emily, 11 [05-18-2001]

Needed to find out more about Betsy Ross because we are doing a skit about her making the flag at church girls' camp. Thanks for your information
Juli Nuttall, 49, Tempe, Arizona [05-18-2001]

jill baker, i am 11 yrs old [05-18-2001]

I'm writing a report on the flag.
Sarah Hayes, age 11 ballarina [05-18-2001]

kelli koch, 13 [05-18-2001]

We need more people like Besty Ross.
rita plantamura, ft gordon, ga. 51 yrs old. [05-18-2001]

camille [05-18-2001]

Alex [05-18-2001]

Summer [05-18-2001]

kingsleigh [05-18-2001]

Melissa Hilker, Wheaton, IL [05-18-2001]

Christine Brosky [05-18-2001]

Lydia Stinson, 10,female,Etters pa 17319 [05-18-2001]

Emily [05-18-2001]

this house is da bomb
John Vogt, royersford pa, 11 [05-18-2001]

Looking for information to give to new teachers about the subject of flag day
Tammy B., Maryland, 35, teacher [05-18-2001]

Our class has been studying the 13 colonies and colonial life. We will be visiting our community partner, the San Antonio Museum of Art, on Thursday. There we will be making a partriotic kite. One of the docents will tell us the story of George Washington and Betsy Ross.
Maria Espinoza, Third grade teacher from San Antonio, Texas. [05-16-2001]

I'm studying the revolutionary war for school and I am writing a report about betsy ross
genny schaffer, 10 yrs old--middletown de [05-16-2001]

Bill Safreed [05-16-2001]

this tour is kewl~~~~~`
Neve, Pa 14 [05-16-2001]

Thank you for making this website. It will really help us with our Betsy Ross Project.
Mandy Pax, Fort Recovery 13 wears glasses [05-16-2001]

kaleena, 12 years old trying to find info on the american flag! [05-16-2001]

Please write back to me I'm amzed at what besy did.
Nolan Moe, Fergus falls Mn [05-16-2001]

very cool!!!!!!!!!!!
holley and bethany, were 15 and 14 we live in alabama [05-16-2001]

Ashley, 12 [05-16-2001]

I love dragon ball z! Also spotes, and the nenter net!!
Lauren, im 11 years GRIL! [05-16-2001]

Toni Patterson, Huntington Beach, CA [05-16-2001]

I think this website is just what I need for the school wax meusem!! Thank you
Ashley, age 10 [05-14-2001]

alexa morris, age8,Massachsetts [05-14-2001]

Sue Shirey, We are a homeschooling family from the U.S. living overseas and studying the Revolutinary war [05-14-2001]

Trista Falcon, Waco, Texas [05-14-2001]

Danielle MacCloskey, 11 year old, boyfriend-Ricky Little Jr. [05-14-2001]

Hey!How are you guys at the Betsy Ross house?
Veronica McNelis, age11My favorite sport is Lacrosse [05-14-2001]

Hello everyone at Betsy Ross HouSe!!!!
Sara O'Donnell, I live in Royersford,PA, I am 10 [05-14-2001]

Samantha DeCarlo, I live in PA [05-14-2001]

Leslie Lindsley, From O'Fallon, Missouri (30 minutes from St. Louis) [05-14-2001]

I luv the virtauirl tour it was cool
Brittany, Cream Ridge, NJ 10 [05-14-2001]

Howdy yall hambugers and hot dogs!!!
Bob, 40 [05-14-2001]

Dianna Finley, Creve Coeur, IL, age 55, church drama director [05-14-2001]

i love this web page
Mickey, I like history [05-14-2001]

sheri brown [05-14-2001]

Briana, Delran N,J [05-14-2001]

iwish phelsten free
ahmed, my eygption -29years [05-13-2001]

Megan Y. Berkebile, Student at WVWC [05-13-2001]

Sarah Willey [05-11-2001]

NICOLE MALONEY, 9 [05-11-2001]

LuAnne DePriest, I am a 41 year old mother and wife living in Northwest Indiana, preparing to go to Ireland as a missionary [05-11-2001]

Michelle Osborne [05-11-2001]

this web site is helpful when u need to do project
cindy, nj 13 [05-11-2001]

did betsy ross have kids
anonymous [05-11-2001]

I am excited about this site. Since funds do not allow us to actually tour, I will be including this in my curriculum next year when we cover this topic. Thanks for all your hard work!
Vanessa Myers, I live in Central PA home of the Penn State Nittany Lions. I am 30 years old and teach Third Grade. [05-11-2001]

Alicia and Tara [05-11-2001]

i hope you like me taking a tour of your house
Josie Carbone, Benton,Me age 11 [05-11-2001]

Dear Betsy Ross hi my name is Bethany and I would love to go to your house because I would love to see what you did there it would be so fun. Please writ back to me so I can learn more. Send me something.
Bethany Karter-O'Brien, ten years old Benton elementary school Maine [05-11-2001]

You were a great person Besty Ross. We will never forget you. Carly Perry
Carly Perry, Benton, Maine [05-11-2001]

Bill Pullen, Computer teacher at Benton Elementary School in Benton Maine. [05-11-2001]

Matthew Rando, Tn. 11 yrs. old [05-10-2001]

I was trying to get some pictures for a young friend to help with her homework I was ask by her mother
Scott Ransom, fresno, Tx. USA 37 [05-10-2001]

Carol McNutt [05-10-2001]

Veronyka Stepaniuk, Phila, 9, school project [05-10-2001]

My sister, daughter and I will be making our first trip to the East coast this August. We only have 4 days, but plan on packing a lot into it: Philadelphia, Longwood Gardens, Winterthur and hopefully D.C. Looking forward to it!
Sarah Fuller, california born and raised [05-10-2001]

judy stricker [05-10-2001]

tomecina Escarcega [05-10-2001]

Ms. Shawn Gard, Shreveport, La / 35 years old/ ideas for lessons about Betsy Ross [05-10-2001]

Marsha Anderson, teacher - third grade - Oak Ridge, TN 37830 [05-10-2001]

Dominick, 5815 stella Road 8 Years old [05-10-2001]

I am a volunteer at the Dos Palos Elementary school our second graders are doing a skit on historical figures and Besty Ross was one of their choices. I am trying to get some pictures together for a poster
velma Bisordi, livein ca. [05-10-2001]

I am doing a report.
Riley scherer, 9 years old [05-10-2001]

Jordan Gurkin, 7almost8 [05-10-2001]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross
Sarah [05-10-2001]

i love your songs
ashley, 11 [05-10-2001]

Mary Ann Hardtke, Oak Park, IL [05-10-2001]

I'm a fifth grader. Doing a report on Betsy Ross.
tori strunk [05-10-2001]

My husband and I have visted Betsy Ross' house.
Mary Thompson, Retired teacher [05-07-2001]

Ms.Egan, Teacher [05-07-2001]

Elizabeth [05-07-2001]

Ms. Whipple, teacher [05-07-2001]

ashley [05-07-2001]

chelsea king, age10, 12828 Martinsville Rd. Belleville, MI 48111 [05-07-2001]

Yolanda Burzie, i'm 30 [05-07-2001]

Hi! I am a media specialist at an elementary school (Binks Forest Elementary) in Palm Beach County, Florida. I am doing some research on Betsy Ross for a unit of study that we are putting together for our second grade students.
Sharon Wedgworth, Media specialist [05-07-2001]

Planning to visit in person this month.
Joanne Wright, Louisville, KY [05-06-2001]

Glen Arruda, Salinas CA 93906 43 [05-06-2001]

Kelly, Bradway V.A.,9 [05-06-2001]

kathy chapman, 112 Josephine Dr. Wheelersburg,Ohio [05-06-2001]

Doing a research project on homes in the New England area for school.
Ryon Sturtevant, Lake City, MI - 11 years old. [05-06-2001]

catherine [05-06-2001]

STEPHEN YAHNER, hartville,oh. [05-06-2001]

Ronald L Van Hoorne, 63 Montgomery AL [05-06-2001]

Very interesting information. The one cut star really works. Thank you
Kathy Edmonds, Rialto, CA, 50 [05-05-2001]

Rachel Daley, Mechanicville,New York- 10 [05-05-2001]

Beth, hay [05-05-2001]

Mona Sakala, Allegany,NY [05-05-2001]

RHYDTy, 32 [05-05-2001]

hey, have a great tour everyone!!
Jaimie [05-05-2001]

I am in a portable classroom. We don't have a flag so I arranger the D.A.R. to present us with a flag and tell how to show respect for it. I am looking for information that will help me write a lesson plan on the flag for 2nd graders.
Mary E. Palmer, Teach 2nd grade Class learning about the flag [05-05-2001]

ERin [05-05-2001]

Erica Phelps, I'm a 13 yr. old from Kentucky [05-05-2001]

Hi my name is Brittany Wood!!!!
Brittany Wood, Georgia 13 [05-05-2001]

Dipal Patel [05-05-2001]

Gina D'Antoni, 30 yr old mother of 3 [05-05-2001]

We may want to visit Pennsylvania this year to see some of the historial sites.
Doug & Ramona Crosby, History buffs, we live in Drexel,NC, Doug 43 a history major, Ramona 32 with 4 children. [05-05-2001]

karen [05-03-2001]

I am doing a biography report on Betsy Ross. My mom and I are on the internet looking for information. Cool!
Maggie Ridenhour, 7 years old [05-03-2001]

I am doing a biography about Betsy Ross.
Kasey Drago, I am 12 years old [05-03-2001]

I think our history is very fasinating. It makes you wish you could live in that time fraam. History has been a very exciting time for me.
Beverly Ferrick, Leechburg.Pa. 66years of agr [05-03-2001]

Bill Barritt, LA, CA 43 yrs [05-03-2001]

I'm doing a Beysy Ross imitation at a history fair.
Erica Phelps, I'm 13. Ilive in Kentucky. [05-03-2001]

Julie Davis, Bonaire, GA [05-03-2001]

lidiya perets and erin sehoff [05-03-2001]

You are a great person Betsy and you went down in history as a person and the first one to sew the American Flag. We all love You Brogan and Carly
Carly Perry and Brogan Liberty, Fairfield Maine age:both 10 [05-03-2001]

i love what you did for the country
Atarah McCrae, 13 [05-03-2001]

hey waz ^ nothing her just working got to go :)
kemari esparza, t.x 13 b-day may 19 [05-03-2001]

Dusanka Novakovic, Currently living in Fort Wayne, In....originally from Chicago. I am a female, 24 year old CAD Technician. Also I am planning my October 2001 wedding, which is so very exciting. [05-03-2001]

I am doing a report on famous Americans, and I am doing my report on Betsy Ross. I go to Grace Lutheran Parish School in Anaheim, California, and I am in second grade.
Clarissa Szepski, Anaheim, California 8years old [05-02-2001]

This is my homework This is fun, fun homework!
Porscha Clonts, 8 years old [05-02-2001]

Katie Ziesmer, Fairbanks, Alaska [05-02-2001]

the nesesedees of this sight are for my report for soical studies
Anthony Fizer, park city Utah ten [05-02-2001]

I am doing a biography report on Betsy Ross. I think that she is very interesting. The reason I am doing her is because I think that it is very important that people know more about America's History along with other country's history.
Mona Khaled, California, 11, female, 6th grade, my favorite book is Bridge to Terabithia Favorite Movies: Clash of the titans and Candleshoe (both classic movies) [05-02-2001]

i wish i could but i ran out of time.TIMMY
Zach [05-02-2001]

I wish That I colud have 1000 more wishes
angela, go away [05-02-2001]

i hope there is a gift shop in this tour of Betsy Ross's house
Kyle Cooper, i am age 11 [05-02-2001]

My class and I went to Philidelphia and we had a real blast. My friend Ashley (who is also on this website) and I loved the food court (Bourse) in Philly it's got some really good food. Ihad a lot of fun at the Betsy Ross house up stairs in her bedroom you can almost hear her moving in her bed. I love Vernon New York
Maria, 11 [05-02-2001]

my class went to philadelphia and i dident get to see youre house but i wish i did 4-2-01
Ashley, 10 [05-02-2001]

Melissa Joslin, 5th grade Social Studies Teacher [05-02-2001]

Trista Williams [05-02-2001]

I really enjoyed the tour.I am doing a report on Betsy Ross for school.I think she was a very interesting woman.
Aldyn Wilson, 11 years old [05-02-2001]

Kendall holditch [05-02-2001]

wazzzzzz ^?hey just wanted 2 say"HEY"
lee hope, in school,crossville [05-02-2001]

Andrew P [05-02-2001]

JANICE HUFFSTICKLER, des arc, ar [05-02-2001]

Bev Bingham, Art Teacher At Private School [05-02-2001]

Kimberly Walker, 8 years old,doing a project for school. live in Georgia [05-02-2001]

I and my entire family were in Philadelphia for the Penn Relays. We stayed at the Comfort Inn a couple of blocks away. We were thrilled to see most of the historic sights in the Old City. But, we could not seem to work in a visit to the Betsy Ross House, this made made me feel that our tour was incomplete. We will be back next year for the relays, and this house will be at the top of our tour list.
Gordon Hyde, Scotts Valley CA, age 72 [05-02-2001]

Mrs. Hunt's 3rd grade class, Jay, Oklahoma [05-02-2001]

jace, 9 mississippi [05-02-2001]

Jessica m, 12 [05-02-2001]

I Really Love Ur Home Page! Love, Megan Sue 11 Ohio
Megan Sue, I Live In OHIO I Am 11 Years Old, And Love Ur House! [05-02-2001]

Thanks for the information!
Cristi Gail Westerhoff, student doing report on Betsy [05-02-2001]

I was doing a search on telefieldtrips for my second graders and found your site.
Angie Ashley, school teacher, Brumfield Elementary, Warrenton, VA [05-02-2001]

I am writing a research paper on how Betsy Ross has changed our lives. Through this tour and other things on this web page I hope to learn more about our country and truly register the meaning of the flag.
Raya Madison, 15 years old. I live in Wisconsin [05-02-2001]

Danielle Mostert, I am 8 and I live in florida [05-02-2001]

Thank you for providing this to the public to enjoy!
jackie Mccauley, Virginia,43 years old [05-02-2001]

Barbara Sonek, New York City school teacher [05-02-2001]

Maybell Little, richmound va [05-02-2001]

I cant wait to go to Phillie. I think that it will be interesting.
Brooke, 11 [05-02-2001]

Leslie Pepper, 13 [05-02-2001]

Betsy Ross kicks butt!!!!
Danielle Ryan, 14 I live in Ca [05-02-2001]

Marge Larsen [05-02-2001]

Doing a report need information
Marcia, Tucson, Arizona [05-02-2001]

What a great way to interest young people in U.S. History!
Sally White, 5th grade teacher in Laguna Niguel, CA [05-02-2001]

Kaitlyn Johnson, I live in Lindsborg, Kansas and am 10 years old. I am doing a report on Betsy Ross and found your site. I can't wait to see her house!! [05-02-2001]

Betsy Ross has such a interesting life!
Allison, 11 [05-02-2001]

Doing research in answers to questions while trying explain the flag to granddaughter.
Alice Kam, Living in southern CA, am age 63 [05-02-2001]

I am doiong a report on Betsy Ross and my parents are going to bring me to this exhibit.
Whitney Lee Badach, 5th grade student @ Cedar Grove Schol in Toms River, NJ. [04-29-2001]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross, thanks for all the great information. Christina Hinson
Christina Hinson, Arroyo Grande, CA, 8 years old [04-29-2001]

I think this might be fun but it seems dull lifen it up I mean losen up guys!!!
Breia, 1 location Illinois 2 almost 12 [04-29-2001]

james long from newark
james long, newark, 42 mt. tomas [04-29-2001]

I picked her to learn bout in school but i didnt know her life would be this exciting!!
Morgan Fitzgerald, Omaha Ne ! 12 zip:68135 [04-29-2001]

I am doing a report on Besty Ross and want to find out more about her.I also really hope i get to see Mrs.Ross's house one day.
Jesse Woolley, Hampton Elementary,11,girl [04-29-2001]

Connie Villarreal, El Paso, Texas [04-29-2001]

Thanks Betsy
Megan [04-29-2001]

TAMMY BRITT, Philadelphia [04-29-2001]

Kimberly Davis [04-29-2001]

eewr erew
MLTRELM ME;WM0, 45 [04-29-2001]

Pat Cleveland, Wayne, PA - 42 - teacher [04-29-2001]

Hi there.. I saw that a report was to be done.. I dont know if it was to be about a Laura and Lisa Kolstad or that is what the names of who is doing a report... Please confirm.. Thanks.
Laura Kolstad, Vancouver, Canada. [04-29-2001]

Polly James, I'm a amputee trying to locare ancesters. [04-29-2001]

Needed a picture of Betsy for my 6 year old daughter who is dressing up like her for school.
marty carrasco, hollywood fl. 37 [04-29-2001]

Emma Pinkett, Teacher, Maple Elementary School, Cambridge, MD 21613 [04-26-2001]

Angela Caputa [04-26-2001]

I am doing a report on Betsy.I have to write a speech,dress like her.Stuff like that.I also wanted to learn more about her.
Aubrey Bullen, Age=10 Location=New Middletown,Ohio Grade=4 [04-26-2001]

tasha brown [04-26-2001]

ginger mitchell, 16, Eden, North Carolina [04-26-2001]

doing school proj.
Laurice, 11 years [04-26-2001]

Bob Dole, Age 87 [04-26-2001]

It's always great to go back in time and the Besty Ross House make me feel like I could had lived in that period of time.Thank You So Much For Sharing This House With The People From Philadelphia and All the Visitors And especially The Public.
Obeccah Glass-Murphy, Philadelphia,Pennsylvania.age37, [04-26-2001]

DeAnna Dimmitt, I visited Betsy Ross's house when I was 14 (1989). Now I'm 25 and living in Las Vegas, NV. Next month I'm moving back to my home town of ABQ, NM [04-26-2001]

i came here a 5th grade project
morgan, i am 11 years old [04-26-2001]

Holly Crawley, 22 year old female college student from North Carolina [04-26-2001]

reshearching Betsy Ross for school proj.
Laurice, 11 years [04-26-2001]

This website is really helpful to me so thaat I can do my history/langage report.
Carrie Moffatt, Columbus Ohio, Rosemore Junior High 7th grade 13 years old [04-26-2001]

We are looking at your page for a school project we are doing on Betsy Ross
Emily Cardin, Female 32 - King of Prussia [04-26-2001]

I would thank you if you could please send me some information on Egar Allen Poe. I thank you for your help.
Chris Moore, Clever [04-26-2001]

Ashley, 14 [04-25-2001]

Daniela Dorantes, age=12 Location= WC,PA [04-25-2001]

Savanna Palmer [04-25-2001]

I would like to help my 7 years old son with his reading and writing
Nolls, Seychelles [04-25-2001]

Devora and Kelsea Dunn [04-25-2001]

kelly wallace, I am 10yrs. I live in s.c. And am in the 4th at Robert E.Lee acd. [04-25-2001]

I found a lot about Betsy Ross and her faimly when i did her for my history fair project and i would love to learn more about her and everything thanks bye Roberta Tripp
Roberta Tripp, Van Buren Missouri 13 this is for my history fair project [04-24-2001]

Roxy Matthias, Wisconsin [04-24-2001]

Gwen Boyce, I am a fifth grade teacher [04-24-2001]

I am doing a report on Besty Ross and was hoping to find some information.
megan peterson, ohio age 6 years old [04-24-2001]

Stephanie Maxon, Alpharetta GA 12 [04-24-2001]

I'am storyn about Bet....
Mayra Flores [04-24-2001]

Just wanted to say that i went to betsy ross house on a school trip in trip in 1973 and i still remember and enjoyed it. So know still being a kid at 35 i would love to return which i intend to this summer.
Jesse Alberio, New York,35,history buff [04-24-2001]

josette, im in ca and im 11 [04-24-2001]

cassandra murphy, 14 , nmjc 4/24/01 [04-24-2001]

Jane Miller, fifth grade teacher in Bricktown, NJ [04-24-2001]

Strei-Sann Sinkler [04-24-2001]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross. I am in the first grade. Thanks for your information.
Rachel N., 7 yr [04-24-2001]

Shamera Malekyar [04-24-2001]

+ I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross.
Sarah Moffitt, Narragansett, Rhode Island [04-24-2001]

Whitney Scorza, chandler, az. age 9 [04-24-2001]

Michelle Gay, age 31 [04-24-2001]

gabrielle soque, st. brendan school clifton, nj [04-24-2001]

april bratton [04-24-2001]

Im from New Hamoshire, Im 21 years old...Im studying to be a teacher at Notre Dame College in Manchester...I did a search for the flag and this is where it took me:)
Jessica Stevens [04-24-2001]

Dixie [04-24-2001]

hey baby!
charity elizabeth garretson, 14 [04-24-2001]

i enjoy reading about american history especially about the revlutionary war period and famous people who lived during that time.
GEORGE GALLART, elizabethnj , 36 going to school at night [04-24-2001]

i hope to learn more about the american flag by researching its birth.
TERESA BOLLA, i am a 51 year old woman grandma from michigan [04-24-2001]

Kathy Ford, Paoli,PA [04-24-2001]

My mother and I were in Philadelphia last Thursday and were able to visit the house. Very interesting!
Katy Murrell, Kansas City [04-24-2001]

laura mullaney [04-24-2001]

stacey [04-24-2001]

HARLEY GENTRY [04-24-2001]

My younger sister is doing a project in school on Betsy Ross, and I decided to help her. She found this web-page and wanted to let me see the infomation that she found on Betsy Ross and her Past life.
Alison, I'm 13 years old, Live in Lake Heritage, and Attend the LH Water Ski Club. [04-24-2001]

I am glad to be learning about Betsy Ross!! I am doing a report and chose to do her!!
Audrey, I live on a Lake and am 10 years old. [04-24-2001]

enjoyed the tour :):)
CATHY POSTON, sugar grove virginia [04-24-2001]

mark garland [04-24-2001]

I wish all of America would catch the "American Pride" flu like me, we are so lacking spirit and the "good fight" in this country this day and age!!! Keep up the good work, hopefully we will be able to visit in person soon. Thank you for caring for this important part of our history. Kim Jollye
Kim and Brian Jollye, New Freedom, Pa.,kim-38,Brian 41. Kim - Starving passion for American History especially from 18th -19th century. [04-24-2001]

Hope i get to see mrs.ross' shouse one day
Nicole Loftus, I leave in Erial, NJ. 08081and im 10years old [04-24-2001]

Teresa Craig [04-24-2001]

Holly, Hickory,NC 11 years old [04-24-2001]

I am locating sites for college students to use to bring history to life. Your site looks to be just the thing!
Dr. Janet Brantley, Texarkana College [04-24-2001]

great website !! i think, i haven't really looked at it yet
Lori Roberts [04-24-2001]

Tia Hook, 14, live in California [04-24-2001]

Kimlan Nabors, Historial District of Fort Worth 42 years old [04-24-2001]

Dear Betsy I'm doing a repourt on come you mared a third husband when the first one died? from:melanie
melanie, I'm 11 At sultan W.A [04-24-2001]

Terri Simmons, teacher [04-24-2001]

Very nice site!
greg bramman, NY, 23 years old [04-24-2001]

This is a great website. Thank You
Gail Colavita, Wmstwn, NJ [04-24-2001]

Vicki Rider, Arlington,TX 49,Teacher [04-24-2001]

JESSICA FERRAU [04-24-2001]

I love this website!!
L.O.L., Dallas, Tx [04-24-2001]

Bailey Bauer, Age 13 [04-24-2001]

Bailey Bauer, Age 13 [04-24-2001]

My daughter & I plan to tour the house with a school trip next week.
Annette Schurstein, Philadelphia resident [04-24-2001]

Megan [04-24-2001]

Dianna Wheat, Kentucky [04-24-2001]

Thanks for this wonderful resource. I am teaching my second graders about the Symbols of America. I'm going to take them on your "tour" in the classroom tomorrow morning on line. It's not the same as coming in person, but technology sure can be better than the usual posters and tiny pictures .
K. Faddis, Brookhaven , PA Elementary Teacher [04-24-2001]

I create web pages myself and I would like to compliment your webmaster...He, She, did a great job!! Very interesting site... I teach my children at home and will be sure they see your site..
Janet Cataldo, A mom of 13 came from NY living in TN [04-18-2001]

Juliette M. Combs, 10 [04-18-2001]

found your wonderful web site - helping my granddaughter to do her school project. thank you so much!
BARBARA FERRAU, northeast philly [04-18-2001]

Tiffany Kline, Manchester Ohio, 13 [04-18-2001]

BARBARA, northeast philadelphia [04-18-2001]

Lynda Hoagland, Huntsville, AL [04-18-2001]

LORIN, i am researching on betsy ross. [04-18-2001]

Quite interesting and informational. Will share information as we plan our Flag Day Ceremony which, this year, is coordinated with the Grambling State University Centennial Celebration observance.
Rosetta H. Days, Grambling State University [04-18-2001]

i love history and famous peoplei am 64 years young and i am retired
BONNIE BRUCKNER, i live in grand junction ;colorado [04-17-2001]

i love you
matthew, school,13, [04-17-2001]

DBroussard, Las Vegas NV [04-17-2001]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross. Thanks for the information and this site.
Melissa Stringer, 10 years old, Lake Oswego, Oregon [04-17-2001]

Her house is COOL!!!
Amanda, I'm from Arkansas and I'm using this web-site for a project. [04-17-2001]

Rebecca, 11 [04-17-2001]

Teaching my son some history about our country.
Lance & Rase, Flora, IL age 29 & 4 [04-17-2001]

I am doing a Bio. report on Betsy Ross.
Stefany, 10 [04-17-2001]

Patty & Erika Zawistowski, Finksburg, Maryland [04-16-2001]

I really think this is a good way of how to see what kind of shelter she live in.
Christine Rosero [04-16-2001]

Thank You for this tour!
Brittany Kenville, Colorado [04-16-2001]

Enjoy our American Flag as the symbol of freedom and am proud to fly our flag on all holidays. Thank you for this web site.
Rose Ann James, Age 54 Live 754 Douglas Street, Birdsboro, Pa. 19508 [04-16-2001]

Sean Barnard, dark skin [04-16-2001]

Ashley Oliver [04-16-2001]

i wish i could see you!
STEPHANIE, i am 10 years [04-16-2001]

Andrew, Funny [04-16-2001]

Im doing i project on Betsey Ross for school
Karen Barker, 15 [04-16-2001]

Patriotic...chose this site to get an idea for decorating with that theme.
Jim and Sue Miller, Rural Minnesotans [04-15-2001]

Studying Betsy Ross for my school's annual Walk Through (American)History. I get to dress up like her and give a speech.
Betsy Mueller, From Wisconsin, age 10 [04-15-2001]

Heidi Klahre, educator [04-15-2001]

Prisca Rewellll, nothing [04-15-2001]

I am studying Betsy Ross and she is so cool
Brittany Kenville, 10 yrs. [04-13-2001]

I'm realted to Betsy Ross, My grnadparents told me that some where down the line she is my aunt but with a whole lot of Greats in front of it. I think it cool that you guys have a web page on her so now maybe I can learn more about her. The way I know I'm realated to her is because it's in our Family Tree
Elizabeth Allison, I'm 18 years old, and I'm some how realted to Betsy Ross. [04-13-2001]

John W. Resnick, Broomall PA [04-13-2001]

Lisa, Age 25 [04-13-2001]

My great, great, great grandfather was a great nephew of betsy ross. He was from the Griscom family. We have pictures of him. He told my grandmother about talking with Betsy Ross when he was a little boy. I am very proud to be a descendent of Betsy Ross.
virginia lynn mcnally, 10 years old, atlanta [04-13-2001]

daniel hasson, winnie 14 [04-13-2001]

I am doing a project on betsy ross and need some information so i thought if I took a tour of her house I could get some information. Thanks, Jessica
Jessica Mickelson, State montana age 11 [04-13-2001]

Eric Johnson, I'm 10 and I'm doing this for school [04-13-2001]

Katherine [04-13-2001]

julia, 10 [04-13-2001]

james [04-13-2001]

I didn't even no who betsy was untill i had to pick someone to pick for my School project and this is a really cool web sight well got to go
Ashley Chance, I'm 11 years old i live in Kansas [04-13-2001]

Jessica Schumacher, Hastings, NE 68901 [04-12-2001]

hi love these vrtual tours!!
Pixie, I'm studying Betsy Ross's contributions to the war [04-11-2001]

i am a great fame
brittany flores, i have brown eyes and im 19 years old [04-11-2001]

Sarah, 16 [04-11-2001]

It is in my family bible, that Betsy Ross is my great grandmother great grandmother. I've told many people and most if not all of them do not believe me but I know it is true because I read it in our family bible. That's why I'm not expecting you to believe it.... I just want you to contact me if you would like to at: 19 South Custer Ave. NewHolland Pa. 17557
Kimberly Singleton, I'm related to Besty Ross (seriously) age 14 [04-11-2001]

Breely ungar, i like history&to read. [04-11-2001]

Betsy is really a unique person to study
Shannon Nelson, Wisconsin 16 Family of 7, doing a research paper on Betsy Ross [04-11-2001]

Robert W Williams, 4th Great Grandson of Betsy Ross Claypoole via Betsy's daughter Susannah [04-11-2001]

karen hartman [04-11-2001]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross and the revolutionary war. I came to your website looking for information about her.
Sierra R. Bradley, Powell, Wy 82435 age: 10 Address: 1828 Ln. 11 1/2 [04-11-2001]

LaCyndra, 11 love the bestsy flag!!!! [04-11-2001]

LaCyndra Harrell [04-11-2001]

I came here to find out information on Betsy Ross for a school report.
Amanda McCullough, I live in Chillicothe,Missouri and I am 9 years old. [04-11-2001]

Hi! I live in Georgia and my Social Studies class is doing a project for the S. Studies/Science Fair. We all get to do a small presentation for the parents at the Fair. The class gets to choose a person of importance to America. So I chose Betsy Ross. If you have any tips for me so I can make my presentation better or how to make my costume, PLEASE e-mail me. Thank You so much.
BJ Cofer, GA 12 [04-11-2001]

The main reason I'm visiting this website is because I'm doing a report about Betsy Ross for my Sociology class. We have to write about a person who we think have similiar traits or characteristics. I chose Betsy Ross because I thought that what she did so long ago was very exciting.
Elizabeth A. Peryam, I live in IL, and I'm 18 years old. [04-11-2001]

Just getting ready to take the virtual tour of the house.
Jennifer Ross, Charlotte, NC, age 26 [04-11-2001]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross. I think its pretty cool. Its like a newspaper/article. sincirily, jacqulyn manson
jacqulyn manson, 11, april 20 [04-11-2001]

Mary Durante [04-11-2001]

I was looking at this because i have to do a walk through history at Walt Mory middle school and i picked Betsy Ross.
Karisa Vernholm, Trouitdale,Or 13 [04-11-2001]

I am going to dress up for a presentation like Betsy. I think it is pretty cool that she made the flag of the USA.
Shelby Burch, American Fork, UT, 8, doing a report on Betsy [04-11-2001]

I'm visiting because I have a project to do for school.
Joey Sharp, age 10 [04-11-2001]

We are celebrating Flag Day with patriotic songs and we are writing a play about Betsy Ross. We want to learn about her.
Grade 1C - Dawson School, First graders [04-11-2001]

H. Michael Fu, Herndon Va, 20 [04-11-2001]

Lorri A. Guy [04-11-2001]

Francis R. wieland, Pennsylvania, 47, male [04-11-2001]

Alyssa O'Brien, f-12-pa [04-11-2001]

felicia conklin, spokane wa. age 8years old [04-11-2001]

alyssa hocker, 11 [04-11-2001]

Bernadine Jolley, 39 Fort Lauderdale, Florida [04-11-2001]

I am doing some research for a school project.
Lauren [04-11-2001]

i am doing a report on betsy ross in college
Kaitlin Spurrier, tall brown hair age 18 [04-11-2001]

I have an interest in the personal history of Betsy Ross.
Hannah Kaufmann, Belleville, Michigan - age 10, school research project [04-11-2001]

I am doing a book report for my school, and i'm very interested in Betsy Ross.
Lillia Eliasson-Parrott, massacusetts ,age 8 [04-11-2001]

Jackie D'Arienzo, Queens [04-11-2001]

I have to do a report on Dorothea Orem and this is one of the sites that was listed
Jackey, Georgia [04-11-2001]

Sarai Guthridge, age 14 [04-11-2001]

Will be visiting the Betsy Ross House soon, as part of a program that I am involved in.
Rose M. Welsh, From Chambersburg, Pa, 41 y.o.a., President Ladies Auxilairy Post 224. [04-11-2001]

Suzanne Moreno, Flanders New York USPS 33 Years old [04-11-2001]

kitt taylor, live in baton rouge la [04-11-2001]

armaan wood, (10) I live in williamsville [04-11-2001]

I think this web site is cool. At school I am doing a report on Betsy Ross
Alyssa Kirkley, age 9 [04-06-2001]

cool webpage!!!
Brittney Satterthwaite, I have to do a report on Elizabeth griscom [04-06-2001]

Aimee Dakin, I am 13 years old and I live in Ypsilanti Michigan. [04-06-2001]

carlos nazario, philadelphia, 30 [04-06-2001]

to see a portet of her.
Brittni Moss, Keller TX age 10 [04-06-2001]

Diva Joshi, Los Angeles, California [04-06-2001]

Arthur A Simpson [04-06-2001]

Going to Philly this weekend and making plans.
Alex Hubb, York, PA a grandfather [04-06-2001]

samantha derouen, my age is 12 i live in ohio [04-06-2001]

Lindsay Werner, 14, New York [04-06-2001]

We are looking forward to our tour!
Mrs. Latulippe's second grade class, Bemidji, MN [04-06-2001]

sam lynch / sean chase, walt disney elamentry [04-06-2001]

Mariam Bazzi, Walt Disney Elementary [04-06-2001]

Kelsey,damion, walt disney elementary [04-06-2001]

cole thornton,Kari Harkins, waltdisney elimentary [04-06-2001]

Alicia Marlatt [04-06-2001]

I am doing a report on famous American's and I chose Betsy Ross for mine. I am in fourth grade. I like her because of her persiverance
janay christian, age 10 Modesto, California [04-06-2001]

I am doing a report about here because I thought she was very interesting. She was a great woman
Amber MIchelle Blomberg, Mebane N.C AGE 9 [04-04-2001]

i'm doing a history video on betsy ross.
Daina, north dakota. 15 years old. [04-04-2001]

This site is awsome!
Mrs. Franchana's class, TWP New Jersey [04-04-2001]

Mrs. Olinto's Class, We are a third grade class studying about Betsy Ross. [04-04-2001]

Chelinda Dominguez, Miami,Florida [04-04-2001]

Thank you for the information so I could do my report on Betsy Ross and her background on her life and situations that brought her to become such a big part of American History
Lindsay Beirle, elementary school in Maryland - age 10 [04-04-2001]

Susan Suder, Langhorne, PA [04-04-2001]

I am doing a biographical report on Betsy Ross and I hope that this site gives me the info that I need
Ann Nguyen, California I am 11 [04-04-2001]

ASHLEY JACKSON, i live in alabama and i'm 12 yrs. old [04-04-2001]

Justin Hanna, Louisiana, 11 years old [04-04-2001]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross so this is a real opportunity to check out her house!!!
Brandi, Age 10 [04-04-2001]

i was looking for info on betsy ross. thank you for providing this website.
CAYLA MACHLEIT, i'm a 2nd grader at ces . i am 8 yrs old. [04-04-2001]

Shelby Saunders, I am 10 years old and in fourth grade. I have to write a paper about Betsy Ross. [04-04-2001]

hi i just wanted to say that i am one day going to visit the Bety Ross house because i realy injoy the oldendays stuff thanks a lot , robert!
Robert Trotter, umm im filipino and i live in san jose and im 14!! [04-04-2001]

Kathy L. McRea, Leadore, Idaho [04-04-2001]

I think my city is the best in the world.
Amanda Ahmad, Age 9 from Philadelphia, PA [04-04-2001]

karen, kiel [04-04-2001]

I would really like to see it my self in person.
Preston Mullins [04-04-2001]

Desilynn Garner, I live in Beeville tx I am 11years old and that's it. [04-04-2001]

Becky Espe, Oregon, 38, mother of 3, middle child now doing a report on Betsy. [04-04-2001]

lisa rooney, phila,pa,35 [04-04-2001]

Courtney Snyder, 14 south carolina [04-04-2001]

Belinda Ellis [04-04-2001]

Cecilia Crews, 5th grade teacher at Hendron Lone Oak in McCracken County, KY [04-04-2001]

How wonderful! This was just what my student needed to see. Thank you. I've been there, and it was interesting.
jamie brewster, teacher [04-04-2001]

Grant Wilkie, 11 [04-04-2001]

Thank you for letting me tour her house, I may never get to see it in real life.
Peter Nicol, I live in Alaska, I am ten years old and enjoy school. [04-04-2001]

Francis A. [04-04-2001]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross for schoo.
Ashley Wehrkamp, 7 [04-04-2001]

Thank you for the help. I am having to do a book report on her, due by April 6, 2001.
Brooklyn Filipowicz, Texas, age 9 [04-04-2001]

I am staying 4 days in Philly next May. I am looking forward to seeing some of your historic places and learn some facts of the history of this city.
Concepcion Dominguez, I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 51 years old [04-04-2001]

Kalley, 8 years old [04-04-2001]

wazzz up ppl???
Jessica, ohio,13,female [04-04-2001]

Beth Ross, I live by Nashville, TN and I am 13 years old. [04-04-2001]

I think that is very cool that Betsy Ross sewed our American Flag the Red, White, and Blue.I also think that her house is very neat.
Jessica Mickelson, Somers,Mt 59932 [04-04-2001]

i want to find more about besty ross for a report.
angie tijerina, lubbock texas [04-04-2001]

Betsy Ross is a very interesting person to learn about I was never really into history until I read about her!
Arica Anderson, 15 years old and live in West Virginia [04-04-2001]

Tori Austin, Ormond Beach Middle School, FLorida [04-04-2001]

Brooke, Age 9 Birthday April 29 [04-01-2001]

Patty Watters, Red Bank, NJ [04-01-2001]

Thank you for having something like this on the net so my kids and I can enjoy.
Vicki Bates, Mother of two, self employed [04-01-2001]

Susan Shern, Pennsylvania [04-01-2001]

Kim, 10 [04-01-2001]

Kate [04-01-2001]

Katie Pierse [04-01-2001]

nikki, i live in altoona and i am 10 1/2 [04-01-2001]

A.J., 50 [04-01-2001]

I wish I was around to meet Betsy Ross.The reson I came to this website was to learn more about Betsy Ross.
Luka Madden, age 9 [04-01-2001]

I just wanted to find information about Betsy Ross because I'm doing a report on her that is due April 2,2001
Courtney Cook, Pine Bluff, Arkansas, age 14 [04-01-2001]

Stood in front ofthe house,but it was closed.
Sally Wood, Wheaton, IL 48yrs old [04-01-2001]

When I was in high school, history was one of my least favorite subjects. Now that I am older I still don't like history class but I do like learning about how people lived back in the "olden days". It is really exciting to me.
Mavis Loss, I am 45 yrs. old and live in IL. [04-01-2001]

I visited the house in 1988 and it inspired me to start reading about our history again. It was very boring in school.
Mary E. Graham [04-01-2001]

Samantha LaPointe, Rome N,Y, 14 yrs. and i love the pop muwsic groupe 98 degrees!!!!! [04-01-2001]

Thanks Mrs. Betsy!
Amanda, I am 13 years old and Ilive in Arkansas. I am using this site for an American History project. I need a picture of Betsy because I have to dress up like her. I enjoy the site a lot! [03-29-2001]

I'm doin a book report on Betsy rOSS
Samantha Basl, 8years old I like Basketball [03-29-2001]

kim stamer, Elgin,IL [03-29-2001]

Frederick [03-29-2001]

Marisa Negron, Phila , age 36 [03-29-2001]

clark family, pennsylvania, homeschool project [03-29-2001]

I think your house is really nice and that you have a lot of nice stuff in it. So if you can please e-mail me as soon as possible.bye
Tiffany Enright, Johnstown age is 9 in a half years old. [03-29-2001]

amanda hewitt, johnstown n.y. my age is 10 [03-29-2001]

My son is doing a report on Betsy Ross and we found your website very informative. Thank you!
Wendy Ladika, Johnstown, PA [03-28-2001]

I am being her later.
Ann, I am pretty [03-28-2001]

I did Betsy for a book report. What a great life! She is sooooooo interesting!
Rachelle Fons, San Diego, 11 [03-28-2001]

I think this website is pretty cool. I have to do a report on Betsy for S.S. and this is giving me a lot of info
Brittany Angrisani, Howell NJ 12 [03-28-2001]

My daughter is doing a report on Betty Ross need all the info we can get. Betty's awesome shes a woman!!!!!!!!!!
Lea, Albuquerque,NM , 36 ,Need info on Betty [03-28-2001]

Gwen Zimmerman, Laytonsville, MD [03-28-2001]

Meg, I'm doing a report on Pennsylvania and one of my famous people from Pennsylvania is Betsy Ross [03-28-2001]

helping my 10 yr old do a report on betsy ross i toldher it was an interrestingand important person to get to research do you have anything else she could use?
ESTHERV CARRAN, 39yrsold in florida [03-28-2001]

take me on a tour
Carolyn Burns, 10 years old Blue Bellwhatever [03-28-2001]

Pat Buggy, 10 [03-28-2001]

Carolyn Danielson, teacher [03-28-2001]

I like Betsy's tour. Thank you.
Jessie Aiko Louie, I am 7 years old.August 8 1993 [03-28-2001]

Justin Manitz, Round Lake, Mn I am 15 and doing a report on the US Falg for a class. [03-28-2001]

Mrs. Hoffman's Class [03-28-2001]

i was looking for her to get candy from my teacher cuz we have this famous person thing and you guess who it is and you get an award. Thanx a BUNCH!!!!
Jessie Curtin, i live in a small town in Kansas and I'm 11 [03-28-2001]

Sarah brousseau, 15 years old [03-28-2001]

This site is really hepful. I used for a school research paper. (Great tour!)
Taylor Wright [03-28-2001]

Jordan Gibbon, Age 7, West Bend WI [03-28-2001]

Luisa Carneiro, I live in Texas and I am doing a report on Betsy Ross. I am 10 years old and in the 5th grade. I love singing and my friends think I should become famous. ( SO DO I)! [03-28-2001]

APRIL [03-28-2001]

I was born in Philadelphia. I toured Betsy Ross' house many times as a child. My students are writing about famous American women in celebrating Women's History Month. One student selected Betsy Ross. I have enjoyed the virtual tour. It brings back many childhood memories!!
Carole Green, Beaufort, S.C. 3rd grade teacher. [03-28-2001]

porshai, long beach [03-28-2001]

Deann Wallace, Texas [03-28-2001]

I have been reading about Betsy Ross in school.
Brooke Todd, 10 years old and live in Newburyport [03-28-2001]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross and found this web site. I found it very informative and enjoyable
Samantha K, I am 10 years old [03-26-2001]

christina acerra, ma. school project 3rd grade [03-26-2001]

I am researching Betsy Ross for my History Project.
Lynn Tracy, Fair Oaks, CA, 14 yrs. old [03-26-2001]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross and I just wanted to check out your website. I think she is a very interestng person.
Sarah Lawton, I am ll [03-26-2001]

Brett Westling [03-26-2001]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross for my second grade class. I like history.
Katherine, I am 8 [03-26-2001]

great tour
Kara Ward, 14 [03-26-2001]

Mary-Catherine Beck, cool [03-26-2001]

I visited the site last year
casey zahn, 41 [03-26-2001]

I wish one day that I can show the kind of strength that Betsy did in her life.
Susan A Nieslen, Fremont, NE United States [03-26-2001]

travis fraunfelter, 12 [03-26-2001]

Laura, I live in SC. [03-26-2001]

Can I buy a flag through the Internet?
Carmine DiPinto, Jr., I live in Brazil. [03-26-2001]

Lauren Faltys, Im 10 and I am very interested in Betsy Ross. [03-26-2001]

i am doing a story about betsy ross for school.
Maggie, 4th grader [03-26-2001]

I am a direct descendant of Betsy Ross.My mother and I belong to the DAR. I'm proud to be a relative of such a famous person.
Robyn Fatula, Pennsylvania [03-26-2001]

I am doing an essay on what the American Flag means to me and I had to add Betsy Ross
anonymous, Winfield wv 11 [03-24-2001]

I am creating a web quest for my students. They wanted web sites that dealt with U.S. history and I am including this very interesting site for them to explore. Thank you for the work you have done. This is the only way most of my students will ever get to visit this historic landmark.
Andrea Waldrip, I'm a media specialist from West Jackson Intermediate School. [03-24-2001]

I was just searching the internet when I came upon this site. I think it is pretty cool. I was looking for someone to do a history project on. I think it will be Betsy Ross! Thanks for everything.
Diana, Ohio:14:Looking for someone to do a report on. [03-24-2001]

i love betsy ross!
daniela, brown eyes and hair,8 years old,lives on ive st. [03-24-2001]

I think that this site is wonderful! Since the Virginia Standards of Learning require the students to be introduced to famous Americans (Betsy Ross), it allows us the opportunity to teach with meaning. This will make a much bigger impact on my students than just listening to me tell about her and coloring a picture! Thank you so much! We may even try to take the virtual tour during computer lab time.
Elizabeth Shanks, Kindergarten Teacher, Cloverdale, Virginia [03-24-2001]

We enjoyed visiting and learning about Betsy Ross. Thank you!!
Mrs. Keyser & Miss Chappel's 2nd grade class, Breckenridge Elementary School [03-24-2001]

i am doing betsy ross for my report
Jessica Ipsen [03-24-2001]

Drew&MichaeL, 9&10 [03-24-2001]

Derek Benner, 11 bball [03-24-2001]

Dan Wyatt [03-24-2001]

cassie turpin, student ,15 [03-24-2001]

Emily DeSanto, student 15 [03-24-2001]

heather duvall, 16 [03-24-2001]

Jackie N. Pauley, student 16 [03-24-2001]

Allen Butcher, student ,17 [03-24-2001]

thomas jones, student ,14 [03-24-2001]

Joey Willett, student, 15 [03-24-2001]

ron self, student, 15 [03-24-2001]

kimberly nichole stewart, student 16 [03-24-2001]

keith van slyke, stundet,15 [03-24-2001]

jeff seitz., student age19. [03-24-2001]

I like your web.
Bryan Barton, 123 water st standent age21 [03-24-2001]

michael, studunst 15 [03-24-2001]

Thank you for letting me learn about the American Flag and how it was made. Flags are cool!!
Susan and Sharon Zehner, Sharon is in 2nd grade - oral report on Women in History [03-23-2001]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross and so far this has been the best site. Thanx!
Shaelyn, 11 years old [03-23-2001]

i visited her home back in 1986. it is a true testament to the birth our beloved "OLD GLORY."
cristina raimundo, 30 years old live in new york [03-23-2001]

Tina Smith, I am doing a report about Betsy Ross for school [03-23-2001]

daniela ruiz, 8 years old [03-23-2001]

Mary Debevec [03-23-2001]

One of our student's, Cameron Slate, say's that he is related to Betsy Ross
Mrs. DeLancey's class, We are 3rd graders in Huntington West Virginia [03-23-2001]

Amberlyn And Stephanie [03-23-2001]

My family are decendents of Betsy Ross. In a letter we have from the Betsy Ross House dated in the 1940's, it was indicated that Betsy had no children so no one w/the name Ross were direct decendents, however, we are decendents thru one of her sisters. Your Website indicates that Betsy had 7 daughters. Who fathered the daughters mentioned, Ross, Ashbourne or Claypoole? I'm curious because my son is doing a report for school and already the information I believed to be true all of these years may not be. I would appreciate a response at your convenience. Thank you.
Judith McDonald, from NJ [03-23-2001]

anonymous, 5th grade teacher [03-23-2001]

How old was she when she when she died? I am learning about United State flags. from,Nolan
Nolan, I am 8 years old. My name is Nolan. [03-23-2001]

im in 2 grad.i am looking at the betsy ross house. Her house is beautiful.
penny Higgins, Harshaw,WI [03-23-2001]

travis and christopher, Travis is 7. CHRIS IS 8. [03-23-2001]

Will be visiting this great city in person very soon. Thanks for the virtual visit.
Barbara Brown, From Maywood, New Jersey, and a family geneologist [03-23-2001]

michael, 7yrs. old [03-23-2001]

ashley stewart [03-23-2001]

I am doing a report on her!
Amber MIchelle Blomberg, Mebane N.C [03-23-2001]

Myles Carney [03-23-2001]

Kelly Smith, North Carolina [03-23-2001]

I'm doing a book report on Betsy Ross and I wanted to read about her on the internet.
Tabitha Hindman, age 9, Lynchburg Va [03-23-2001]

Kellie Miller, Corfu, NY(near Buffalo) daughter of History teacher who is just beginning to appreciate all of those historical vacations as a child [03-23-2001]

Tara McClanahan, student [03-23-2001]

I'll be showing your site to my students soon in preparation for our class trip to Philadelphia in April.
Joan Lowe, third grade teacher in Wall, NJ [03-23-2001]

i really injoy the besty ross website. its full of facts and interest in me and other people that i know! im doing this for an assignment in my school and this web site is really helping me! the picturers are interesting and the facts are very forfilling for me! this is a great website!
amanda smith, nebraska omaha [03-23-2001]

Melissa Bailey, Age 17teen Student [03-23-2001]

Dustin Palfrey [03-23-2001]

Tommy R Queen, 17 [03-23-2001]

Josh Gossard, 17, Student [03-23-2001]

Eddie Fisher, Students 17 [03-23-2001]

Randy Cline [03-23-2001]

josh hall, wash.c.h. OH 17 [03-23-2001]

kathy jones [03-23-2001]

james R, 17.,a student [03-23-2001]

dustin emrick, 16 [03-23-2001]

Matthew Ryan Wilson, 16,Student [03-23-2001]

Lisa Newton, 17 [03-23-2001]

Andrew Darden, 16 [03-23-2001]

I am just looking for school
Laura, Idaho,18, Female [03-23-2001]

Im doing a report on besty ross.
janae bradshaw- gross, 10 years old [03-23-2001]

Alberto Fallin, 29yo, fthr of 3, Glen Burnie, MD [03-23-2001]

Danna Rainwater, 24/female Inez, Kentucky [03-23-2001]

I am studying Betsy Ross
Danielle, age 8 grade 3 [03-23-2001]

Trella Seroka, Houston, Texas [03-23-2001]

michael, nj [03-23-2001]

Tangela Vance, live in Lewisburg WV Age 31 [03-23-2001]

Stephanie Aguallo, Iam 10 years old [03-23-2001]

Cody Christensen, Esmeralda Nuno, Ramiro Nunez, Edgar Carillo [03-23-2001]

Chelsea Clark, 13 [03-23-2001]

Forest Park [03-23-2001]

i enjoyed the tour of betsy ross's house. i really learned a lot on her by her home and her biography.
MELISA CARABALLO, 17 years old, high school student [03-23-2001]

I am studying Betsy ross for my History Fair Project.
MARY Coyner, age 6 [03-23-2001]

Betsy was cool
ashley, 13 [03-23-2001]

Bethany Doe, 13 Vt [03-23-2001]

Don Faull, Green Bay WI. [03-23-2001]

Cynthia, 10 years off [03-19-2001]

I would like to know a good Betsy Ross website!
Melissa [03-19-2001]

Thank you for letting me take a virtual tour of besty rosses house because it is almost like being there
Jessica Ledford, age 13 soon to be 14 loves cool cars and history [03-19-2001]

ryan [03-19-2001]

Jill Newport, 16, Garden City Ks [03-19-2001]

Sam E.B., 12 [03-19-2001]

Sherrie Johnson, Ohio, Teacher [03-19-2001]

I am in 2nd grade and chose to do a report on Betsy Ross for a school project. My grandma helped me to make a sample flag on her sewing machine.
Shannon McLaughlin, Aliquippa, PA - age 7 [03-19-2001]

Gladys Colon, I am researching information on Betsy Ross for my 8 yr old daughter [03-19-2001]

cara and andi, 13 and 11 [03-19-2001]

Timothy Keir, Albion, NJ 9 years old [03-19-2001]

kenny, 34/male/westvirginia [03-19-2001]

claire a haglund, mi [03-19-2001]

I am excited to share this site with my students!
Sarah Nichols, Teacher [03-19-2001]

I did a report on Betsy Ross for my 3rd. grade class.I enjoyed taking the tour of her house and learning about her.
chelsea stahl, jackson Heights,New York- age 8 [03-19-2001]

Kirstin Pickett, I'm 9 years old doing a report on Betsy Ross [03-19-2001]

Going to take the tour--thank you very much
Phyllis Bunker, Minnesota grandma-crazy about history [03-19-2001]

I am doing a class report on Betsy Ross, and I love this information!
Madelynne Jones, 7 year old from Bolivar,Missouri [03-19-2001]

michael, age:18 location: Shelbyvile kentucky [03-19-2001]

i think betsy ross had a lot of courage to go to war and sow the first american war!:)
Miram Mensah Bonsu, 14/female/denver colorado [03-16-2001]

i am doing a report on bety ross o i wanted to ee how her life was
Alycia paccione, staten island ny age 10 [03-16-2001]

Proud to be an American w/ roots in a great faith for God. May this generation return to her roots!!!
Sally B. Jackson [03-16-2001]

andrea [03-16-2001]

Doing a report on Betsy Ross. Dressed as Betsy Ross in a President's Day play last year.
Andi Dyson, 9 yr old 4th grade student @ Harvest Baptist School Charleston, SC [03-16-2001]

LAUREN DELANGE, i am 8 . i live in michigan. [03-16-2001]

TINA STANDIFER, paris, tx age 36 [03-16-2001]

Thanks for making our trip a 'virtual' reality!!! ( :
andy miller and his mom, andy is a fourth grader....and is homeschooled [03-16-2001]

Eva Talavera, Zavala elementary [03-16-2001]

jerrica garey [03-16-2001]

katie [03-16-2001]

learning about the flag!!!!
our lady of perpetual school, third graders [03-16-2001]

k, 13 [03-15-2001]

Sarah & Roselei Joseph [03-15-2001]

Thanks for the pictoral guide, it was extremely helpful for Sean to grasp the importance of Betsy's job.
claudia hoskins, parent of Sean, son with learining disabilities [03-15-2001]

I want to see what the cabins looked like when George Washington was alive.
seth adamson, 5 years old [03-15-2001]

Meg, 374 Rivier Dr. 94901 10 my brithday is January 5,1991. [03-14-2001]

I have to do a biography on Elizabeth Ross Griscom
Brittany, 12 [03-14-2001]

Thank you for letting me tour your place!:)
Kellie, i"m 16 and I"m from South Carolina [03-14-2001]

ray, 11 [03-14-2001]

Derek Howard [03-14-2001]

Lauren [03-14-2001]

kiersten, I`m 10 [03-14-2001]

Christina [03-14-2001]

Donna [03-14-2001]

Impressive pages,lot of information which I used while helping my grandaughter research Betsy Ross for her homework.
Jeannie Wheeler, Marketing Director [03-14-2001]

I am glad yoou have this website!i am using it for school!
KATIE BARNTS, springfield,mo,11,willard central [03-14-2001]

I fold the flag at my school and it's pretty easy. I feel very honored to be able to deal with the flag. I thing Betsy Ross is the coolest person in the world. I really admire her. :0)
Amanda Sepanik, Chicago, IL 17 I have two grandparents left 10 cousins 2 brothers, 1 sister 2 iguanas, 1 guinea pig, 2 cats, 1 fish, 1 dog, and 11 frogs [03-14-2001]

I am currently doing a book report on Betsy Ross this tour was great!
Mycah Fletcher, southwest Virginia 9 years old [03-14-2001]

i may be a gggggggggggg-grand-daughter.
Jacqueline K. Bennett, Waterford, MI 48329 05/12/50 [03-14-2001]

I am doing a historical presintation about you !
Jessics Gunderson, 10 [03-14-2001]

Steven [03-14-2001]

johanna morales [03-14-2001]

a father helping his son doing his homework
steven [03-14-2001]

Tenley Bouton, bartlett nh [03-14-2001]

K & K Arsenault, nh [03-14-2001]

Cecilia A. Jimenez, Indio, CA 37 years old and my son is 11 years old [03-14-2001]

Mariah, 7 yrs. old [03-14-2001]

Jessica Pinzone [03-14-2001]

Ms Stuart's Class, We are students at Palatine High School in Palatine, Illinois [03-13-2001]

Very nice website.Recommending it for fourth grade social studies.
Elen, Hereford, Pa [03-13-2001]

Mary [03-13-2001]

emily fosnes, age 10, Port Angeles, Washington [03-13-2001]

Keli D, Ca,11, have a report and need imfo [03-13-2001]

Carolyn, from New York, 13 years old [03-12-2001]

Jeanne, 11years old [03-12-2001]

Jaylin Choate, 7 yrs, from Sarasota,Fl [03-12-2001]

Terry Harding, 42 yr.old upstate New York [03-12-2001]

sarah, sherrie, and Clarissa King, Utah, 10, 36, and 6 yrs old [03-12-2001]

How long did it take Betsy Ross to make the flag.
Amanda Miakisz, Love to sing [03-12-2001]

Sheree Lee, St. Louis, MO 47 Educator [03-12-2001]

Kerrianne Fitzgerald, I live in franklin [03-12-2001]

DeniseEvans, 5th grade teacher from Sewell, NJ [03-12-2001]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross
Katie Kooistra, nj [03-12-2001]

Suzanne Steinberg, teacher [03-12-2001]

I was surprised to find out that it is all a myth.
Lenore M. Allen, Carteret, NJ age 47 [03-12-2001]

I am doing betsy Ross for a soical studies project
Lindsey Hawkins, eleven years old [03-12-2001]

ashley [03-12-2001]

Cheryl Elswick, South Charleston, West Virginia [03-12-2001]

Class Report
Megan Mullings, Age 8, Arizona [03-12-2001]

Debbie Dewees [03-12-2001]

Shayna, DuBois,PA 14 [03-11-2001]

Pammie S. Keister, Knox, Pennsylvania [03-11-2001]

I am writing about Betsy Ross in honor of Woman's History Month.
Betsy Veronica Hernandez, New York, 8 years old [03-11-2001]

doing a school report on betsy ross thank you for the info
JODIE LEE, new york 8 [03-11-2001]

i just stoped by to see what it was like in those yrs. iam also doing a book report that is a biography on Betsy Ross so i came here to get some information!
Kristina Burris, i live in IL.,12yrs of age [03-11-2001]

I'm doing it for fun
Samantha, 8 [03-11-2001]

ihope this will be fun
anna, i am 8 [03-11-2001]

Patti Miller [03-11-2001]

brian bucher, 39 [03-11-2001]

Bob Haurilesko, I painted a picture of Betsy sewing the flag which I have in my log cabin which I built. [03-11-2001]

Amanda [03-11-2001]

Matthew Schuh, 8 year old from Wisconsin [03-11-2001]

I am working on a research paper on Betsy Ross. I like her and enjoy doing a paper on her.
Ashley Stodghill [03-11-2001]

I did visit the house about 25 years was so small...seemed built for short people...i remember a stairway...that went up on one side and down on the roomm for person at a time...loved being there among the "patriotic ghosts"....of the past ...gave me glad to be born is a crap shoot where you are my country...and proud of all those who keep her safe...even today...God Blesses America...because she has the spirit of freedom in her veins...
Barbara Morehouse, Western New York [03-11-2001]

Stephen A. Gathof, Huntsville,AL USA RET age 71 [03-11-2001]

were does betsy ross live.
raymond, watauga/29 [03-11-2001]

doing project for school
Teresa Lavallee, pensacola florida 35yrs [03-11-2001]

Lynda Lewis, I"m a 37year old mom helping my child with homework [03-10-2001]

Lynda Lewis, I"m a 37year old mom helping my child with homework [03-10-2001]

Lynda Lewis, I"m a 37year old mom helping my child with homework [03-10-2001]

Lynda Lewis, I"m a 37year old mom helping my child with homework [03-10-2001]

Lynda Lewis, I"m a 37year old mom helping my child with homework [03-10-2001]

Lynda Lewis, I"m a 37year old mom helping my child with homework [03-10-2001]

i want to say i am doing a book report on her and thanks for giving me imformation on her.
stephanie, east prov. 10 Female [03-10-2001]

Doing a report on the famous Betsy Ross
Samantha Smith, 4th grader [03-10-2001]

i really enjoyed the Bestsy Ross tour.I;m in eigth grade and in American History, I choose Betsy to do a report on. The tour has helped but the homepage has heled a great deal.
Amanda Wilson, 13 [03-10-2001]

im doing a report on betsy
maddy dugan, im realy intreasted in her [03-09-2001]

Jessica Karin Graham, 17 [03-09-2001]

Doing research for project on Pennsylvania.
Kathy Davis, Yorktown, Virginia [03-09-2001]

Taylor Anderson, age 10, in the fourth grade in Lawrenceville Ga and doing a report on Betsy Ross [03-09-2001]

hi i need a report on betsy ross.
Laura, CA 8 hi [03-09-2001]

Andi, 11 [03-08-2001]

we are studing about betsy ross in school.
aaron white, middlesboro,ky. age 8 [03-08-2001]

Jessica Lovett, age:11 I'am doing Betsy Ross for a school project [03-08-2001]

Bridgett Pemberton, Mitchell, IN 13 years old [03-08-2001]

john gill, firefighter/paramedic on hhi,sc [03-08-2001]

Your virtual tour was terrific. Thanks!
Dianne Pondell, Grandma looking for great sites for grandkids! [03-08-2001]

Allison Vaughan, age 10 [03-08-2001]

I learned to sew at the age of six, same as Betsy, and I haven't been able to stop! In fourth grade I stitched a replica of the first flag, and found it very fun!
Mandy Griffin, Webberville,MI 11 , luvs to sew, write, and stuff [03-08-2001]

We have been learning about the flag of the United States, and decided to see what information we could find on the web. We enjoyed visiting your website, and found the pictures to be very interesting. Thank you!
Mrs. Licata's 2nd Grade Class [03-08-2001]

I am looking for stitchery kits for Betsy Ross house.
susan luby, Maryland.age 46 [03-08-2001]

I am doing a report on betsy ross and this is a great place to get information. if you know of any other places that would be great. Thank you and best wishes, lauren
Lauren, Rhode Island, 11, [03-08-2001]

Denise Salas, Florida [03-08-2001]

Debbie Bivona, My daughter is doing a report on Ms. Ross [03-08-2001]

JO E. NOBLES, 11,short, brown hair &eyes [03-08-2001]

Lari Christie, Tahlequah, Oklahoma [03-08-2001]

Renee Garrett, Huntingdon Valley, PA age 34 [03-08-2001]

How did Mr.Ross die or was he killed
Joe Campano, 10 years old [03-08-2001]

Would like to purchase a replica of the first flag for my classroom
Sue Thompson, teacher,Miami, FL [03-08-2001]

Justin Pyle, Concord Elementary School, Glen Mills, PA Age 7, I am writing a report for Women's History Month. I am in first grade. [03-08-2001]

Barbara Bucknell [03-08-2001]

We Live in Kingsville, TX. I (Thelma) am helping my daughter Gina find information on Pennsylvania and wandered onto your web site. Gina is 9 years old. We look forward to the tour!
Thelma Hernandez & Gina Hernandez, I am a school teacher and Gina is a 2nd Grade student [03-08-2001]

bRITTANY [03-06-2001]

tracy corbett [03-06-2001]

Kirby [03-06-2001]

I am doing a book report on betsy
Jaime, 7 yr old girl...florida [03-06-2001]

I admire Betsy Ross and enjoy sewing myself. I am looking up this sight for a homework project and I think this is a very good sight to begin with!!
Whitney Nichole Hill, I live in Sabinal, Texas, Am 14 and I LOVE American history [03-06-2001]

Devin Higgins, I ;am a 16 year old high school sophomore from Tipton High School Tipton, MO and am writing a term paper on Betsy Ross [03-06-2001]

this is exciting
Lacy McCuiston, 13, Nashville, TN home schooled [03-06-2001]

Kim Purslow, Orlando, Florida - Girl Scout Leader [03-06-2001]

Thank you for you site. We are learning about American History and enjoy your site.
Karie Porterfield, home school mom, age 40, live in N. Cailf [03-06-2001]

I love to learn about history!
Alicia, Arizona,14 [03-06-2001]

Beth Ann Gallagher, 35 Yrs. Old, Philadelphia, PA [03-06-2001]

Sheyenne Moon, I am 10 years old and am doing a report on Betsy Ross [03-06-2001]

Marie Galloway, Hollywood,California, 16 yrs. [03-06-2001]

Just doing a report for school.
Carrie Stutzman, I'm 14 and from Iowa [03-06-2001]

this is cool
Adriana Herrera, im 13 [03-06-2001]

this is neat. I am here because i had to do a report on Betsy Ross for Social Studies.
Carrie Stutzman [03-06-2001]

LAUREN, chester 4th grade 09 years old [03-06-2001]

Ben Blumenthal [03-06-2001]

i need pictures of besty ross hope i can find some good ones thanks for helping enga orvin
Enga Orvin, ga. 11 yrs. doing a book report on besty ross for schoo; [03-06-2001]

This is definetly the best Betsy Ross page I have seen so far. The information your site provides has been extremely helpful to me, Thank you, Kendall
Kendall, I live in Idaho and am doing a report for my mother who is also my schoolteacher(I am homeschooled). [03-05-2001]

Mrs. Carrell's Second Grade Class, San Antonio, Texas [03-05-2001]

I am a fifth grade teacher teaching about famous Americans and we wanted to see the Betsy Ross house. My students are Matthew Herring,Kelly Bishop,and Kasia Narzynski.
Sharon Lumadue, Ruckersville, VA 22968 [03-05-2001]

Shelby, Milford, Connecticut [03-05-2001]

JONATHAN WUTTKE, 11 YEARS OLD message: [03-05-2001]

Jean Smith, I teach elementary school in Louisiana. message: Our second graders are studying about famous Americans and I plan to use this website in our study. We will take the virtual tour as part of the study of Betsy Ross. [03-05-2001]

John Wyke, 12 years old message: [03-05-2001]

Bruce Stubblefield, Joseph, Oregon message: [03-05-2001]

Sara Elizabeth Lynch, I am 8 years old. I live in G message: [03-05-2001]

Paige Moulton, Massachusettes, 9 years old message: [03-05-2001]

Dana Fusek, New Milford, CT message: [03-05-2001]

Stefanie Younger, 14 North Carolina message: [03-05-2001]

Tony Perry, Palmyra NJ age 10 message: [03-05-2001]

Margaret E. Holland, My family came from Philadelphia. They moved to Delaware County before I was born, 43 years ago. I lived there up until 1994, when I moved to the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I am a Pennsylvanian at heart and it will always be my true home! message: [03-05-2001]

Mark Sliwka, Warminster, Pa message: [03-05-2001]

Aline Butzer, I am from Germany -Karlsruhe message: The best wishes [03-05-2001]

Delorice Clark, In United States Air Force at McGuire AFB message: Signing this book for the class of 01C in Airman Leadership School at McGuire. This flag means more than words can say to us and all the other members of the US Armed Forces. [03-05-2001]

brendamoore, message: [03-05-2001]

Grant Earl, 81 yrs of age served during ww 2 Air Force Idaho Falls ID message: [03-05-2001]

Kaci Hollingsworth, I am 10 years old and I am in fifth grade at Calvary Christian School in Yorba Linda, California. I am doing my first research paper on Betsy Ross message: [03-05-2001]

Billy DiRienzo, I'm 11 years old and I live in Ct. message: [03-05-2001]

Melba Burgin, North Carolina message: Hello from Hickory, North Carolina! [03-05-2001]

Heather, New Jersey, book report message: [03-05-2001]

Michelle Harvey, I live in Ohio and I am 11 years old. [03-02-2001]

She wants to find info on Betsy Ross
Melody, 8 nice girl pertty [03-02-2001]

vanessa tatum, i dance,swim,and sing [03-02-2001]

I admire Betsy Ross
Chantal Greer, Mansfield, OH I am 18 attending college. [03-02-2001]

Kay Davis, Georgia [03-02-2001]

Amy Sedlak, Bergenfield, NJ [03-01-2001]

i am doing a project on Betsy Ross at my school and i am trying to find all the information i can get!! so give me a lot of information about her!!!!! please!!!!!
mallory wessels, i live in michigan, i am 10 years old [03-01-2001]

This site is so cool so far! I really enjoy it. Their is a very good thing, because I ahve a report due on her due tomorrow.
megan Mitchell, I have a sister in the 5th grade. [03-01-2001]

Could you tell me if Betsy Ross actually said a Quote? I work in a libray in the state of Iowa. I have a student here and she needs a quote from Betsy Ross. Thanks Much, Jen Gambell
Jen Gambell, Iowa [03-01-2001]

April [03-01-2001]

How long did it take to make the first flag?
Ashleigh Nicole Brie, 216 E.Beech 8 yrs.blond hair [03-01-2001]

Hi my name is Jasmine.How old are you?
anonymous [03-01-2001]

Ariel Frederick, Florida, 9 years old - doing report for school [03-01-2001]

Mrs Baron's 1st grade
Colfax Elementary, Colfax , La [03-01-2001]

I'm a cub scout leader and I'm also trying to help my niece find information on the flag and Betsy Ross.
Lonna Shumway, Orem, Utah [03-01-2001]

I think Betsey Ross was a major person in our texas history.
Mindie Stewart, girl age 11 conroe tx horse lover [03-01-2001]

Ithink Betsy Ross was cool,by what im learning
Candice Selman, mag. 10 [03-01-2001]

I think this website is excellent! My eighth graders are doing an art project on the flag and I am using this site as a resource for research.
A. Roberts, art teacher in Augusta, Ga. [03-01-2001]

Sheila Pilcher, Georgia, 37, [03-01-2001]

Whats to now info on you
Brianna [03-01-2001]

anonymous, Florida [03-01-2001]

I am writing a creative short story about Ross for my U.S. history class.
Mary Hale, Sullivan East High School Senior [03-01-2001]

I love history, especially that of the United States. Your site is very informative and I look forward to visiting Philidelphia someday myself.
Jennifer Craddick, Berkley, Michigan, 29, Technical Writer [03-01-2001]

Ellen Burns, Memphis, Tn. Younger than Betsy Ross, older than Madonna. [03-01-2001]

Amy Keith [03-01-2001]

great flag for a great country
robert ciraolo [03-01-2001]

i am doing a report on betsy ross and i have to dress up like her so i am so honered to dress uop and look like thiis person who made our flag it is an honer learning about the person who made our flag
jm [03-01-2001]

Thanks for providing this site!
Amanda, I'm a girl [03-01-2001]

luther e roy [03-01-2001]

Denise Symalla(Kain), 32,cosmetologest [03-01-2001]

laura Wood, cumming ga 23 [03-01-2001]

Alec [03-01-2001]

I am studying about Besty in my Kindergarten class. Great tour!
Devin Hagerty, 5years old [03-01-2001]

Stefphanie Andrukiewicz, North Pole, Alaska 10 years old [02-28-2001]

Very interesting and informative site. I visited the Betsy Ross house many years ago when I was a student in South Jersey.
S. Jay Walrond, American Legion Department of Florida State Chaplain, Dania Beach, Fl [02-28-2001]

Checking out information for a report that I'm doing for my great teacher in school.
Melody [02-28-2001]

Mrs. Lawrence's first Grade Class Reading Elementary [02-28-2001]

I wish I can be a singer and a dancer when I grow up.
jaylin Dejesus, I'm 10 I love to sing and dance [02-28-2001]

Angela Deer, 24 [02-28-2001]

Sherry Smallwood, Carlisle,Ohio 38 U.S.A. [02-27-2001]

lexie [02-27-2001]

please its for a report thats due tommorrow
nicole copen, 15 female i live in ohio [02-27-2001]

Hana Peterson, I am 8 years old and live in Sherman, N.Y. [02-27-2001]

Paula [02-27-2001]

Elizabeth Munyao [02-27-2001]

My family loves and respects our Flag and all that it stands for. My father fought in WW2 and to this day says he would fight again for our country.
nancy Watters, Female, 57 years old, teaching grandchildren about flag [02-27-2001]

showing virtual tour to my students
Suzanne Willis, Glenmora, LA, Elem. teacher [02-27-2001]

Dee Polly [02-27-2001]

Cheryl Pino [02-26-2001]

Joel Shields, 45 yr male in mimmetonka, MN - enjoy history [02-26-2001]

Heather Paul, boston, ma [02-26-2001]

You need more facts about Betsy Ross and less facts about the flag. You need more pictures of her not paintings. Sorry to be critizing like this but you need to be the best. You also need more about yourselfs and valid info.
Tank Top Girl, nothing special about me! [02-26-2001]

You need more facts about Betsy Ross and less facts about the flag. You need more pictures of her not paintings. Sorry to be critizing like this but you need to be the best. You also need more about yourselfs and valid info.
Tank Top Girl, nothing special about me! [02-26-2001]

Catharine Kosinski [02-26-2001]

Hannah [02-26-2001]

Iam doing a report on her and I came on here for the stuff to do it. Thanks For this website
Bailey Pierce, My age is Eight years old [02-26-2001]

My daughter Grace and I are very interested in information about Betsy Ross. She is doing a story for school. Please send me any information. Grace Muller 9024 Kerry Ct. Onsted, Mi 49265 Thankyou so much, Maryann Muller
Maryann Muller, I am 38 years old from Onsted, Michigan [02-26-2001]

I want to thank you because you have helped me a lot on my protject on Betsy Ross! Thanks!! :)
Rachel Anderson, St. Peter, MN 11 years old [02-26-2001]

mark epperly, 34 columbus ohio [02-26-2001]

I'm writing a report about Betsy Ross for my 4th Grade Class
Meghan Martin [02-26-2001]

Jen, cool and fun [02-26-2001]

I love learning about American History!
Laurie Glassel, Tucson, AZ [02-26-2001]

Please E-mail me!
Robby Gregory, SottSchoolElaementary [02-26-2001]

anna [02-26-2001]

jessica [02-26-2001]

My Special Education Social Studies class of 7 students will be with me on our visit today.
Ms. Sheri McKinley, I'm a teacher from Atmore, AL [02-26-2001]

We are in first grade. We go to George Mason Elementary School in Alexandria, Va. We are learning about heroes. We think Betsy Ross was a hero because she sewed the first official American flag.
Mrs. Tracy Stephens First Grade Class, Alex. VA, teacher grade 1, Alexandria, VA [02-26-2001]

My daughter has chosen Betsy Ross as the topic of her school report on "Woman in History". After much research, we have truly come to appreciate this great lady of American History.
Diane Blosky, Orange County - California, female, 30 yrs. [02-26-2001]

samantha johnson, alaska [02-25-2001]

Visited the Betsy Ross house in l996. One of my favorite stops on our walking tour of the historic area.
Karyl L. Balle, Schenectady, New York age 56 [02-25-2001]

Pearl, age8 [02-25-2001]

Joan Draper, school teacher , first grade [02-25-2001]

this is my school projject research
CLAIRE, virginia. age7 [02-25-2001]

Karen Tordy [02-25-2001]

I am doing my special person report for kindergarten
molly O'Hare, West Hartford, Connecticut 5 years old [02-25-2001]

I wanted to know more about Betsy Ross. The tour was very good.
Heather Renee Snyder, Asheboro. NC 12 years old. [02-25-2001]

I know I had a good time visiting the Betsy Ross house. It wawas great. Thank You very much!!!!!!!
Crystal Barragan, I'm 13 years old and I attend Pala Middle School [02-25-2001]

Arthur McClellan [02-25-2001]

I'm doing a report at school about Betsy. She rocks and so does your Web sight. Thank you!
Katie Pohl, Davenport,Ia. 10years old [02-25-2001]

Tim O'Brien, Rocklin, California now, originally from Ligonier, Pennsylvania. 59 years old. [02-25-2001]

Michelle Douglass, 20 year old college student, from Abilene Christian Univeristy [02-25-2001]

My son Sam and I will be baking a cake that looks like the United States Flag for Cub Scouts. We thought it would be need tosee where the first flag was made.
greg schmitz, 39 I live in Minnesota. [02-25-2001]

Did Betsy sew a flag? really? :)
nate stringer, 5, from VA [02-25-2001]

Brooke Bellamy, McKee, KY age 23 [02-25-2001]

Brooke Nicole Warren, 9 years old doing report for school [02-25-2001]

NICOLE JURICH, north carolina, age-9 [02-24-2001]

Wonderful site for anyone interested in US history.
Lucy, teacher [02-24-2001]

Thank you letting me visit the Betsy Ross House. This will help me on my report for school.
Rebecca Farley, 7 years old; Upper Darby; 2nd grade [02-24-2001]

maryruth [02-24-2001]

My niece is doing a book report on Betsy Ross.
Debra Conn, Phila,41 [02-24-2001]

Needed to study about Betsy Ross for my book report. She really contributed to the history of our country!
Laney Drury, San Jose, CA 9 1/2 [02-24-2001]

julia b, 9 [02-24-2001]

Thank you for helping us learn about Betsy Ross and the first American flag.
Coffeen School First Grade, 15 first graders and a teacher [02-24-2001]

I was a little disappointed at first that our sewing machine was not worth much, but then we realized, we have a piece of history and that is worth much more than a dollar value. Keep up the great work thanks for this sight!!!!!
Jane Bruner, Greencastle, Indiana [02-22-2001]

Kristie [02-22-2001]

I;m doing a report on a famous American. I chose Betsy Ross. I can't wait to start the tour!
Grace Rechel, age 8 [02-22-2001]

I was glad to find all this good information. I am doing a report for school. I had to choose between Princess Diana or Betsy Ross. I chose Betsy Ross. The only thing I haven't been able to find in her Biography is where she was born. Thank you for the tour. Jared Wright
Jared Mark Wright, Westampton, New Jersey - 8 years old [02-22-2001]

samantha is doing a reporton betsy ross and we decided to vist your web site for information.
samantha and jean quinata, Lodi california [02-22-2001]

bsb rox!
Nicci, nj, 13years old, gal, [02-22-2001]

can i see something abou t betsy ross
Tiara K. Poindexter, 9years old live in columbus OH. [02-22-2001]

Betsy Ross is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lily, Austin ,Texas [02-22-2001]

Katie, Im 18 years old and i'm from Williamstown NJ [02-22-2001]

Jacob Deer Jared Lynum Latrice Doston [02-22-2001]

Thank you for letting us see the house.
Kelley's 2nd grade [02-22-2001]

Joanna Wermelinger, Cohoes N.Y. AGE 9 [02-22-2001]

Kim Reardon, Havertown, PA [02-22-2001]

Donavan Harrington, 47 yrs old scoutmaster who is coming to visit this summer with National Boy Scoout Troop 614 from Blackfoot, Idaho [02-22-2001]

While I was going to escape from, I stumbled onto this page. Since I was doing a report on Betsy Ross, I printed out information and it helped me get a lot of information. I also got a good grade! Thanks a whole lot!
Kyrstene, I live in Tinian near Guam, and I am ten years old. [02-22-2001]

Sergio V. Ordonez, Washington DC, 18 years old [02-21-2001]

I have two plates of Betsy Ross holding the first flag 1777
Dawn renner, Va. 32 years [02-21-2001]

I really am related to Elizabeth Rss by marriage. Thank you for letting me take a tour of her house!!!
Katie, I am related to Betsy Ross ny marraige [02-21-2001]

Lauren Burke, Holmdel N.J 9 years old [02-21-2001]

Sandy Wallace, Washington, DC, Substitute Teacher - 40 [02-21-2001]

Thanks it was a help!!
Kristy Roadarmel, school teacher [02-21-2001]

I'll be visiting Philadelphia On Easter, 2001
rob stinar, Ford Motor Company Sr. Engineer, Dearborn Michigan [02-21-2001]

Enjoyed your site, and am having fun sharing instructions for cutting the perfect 5-pointed star with all the 2nd and 3rd grade students at our school. I am the librarian, and this week we are reading "A Flag for Our Country", and I thought it would be fun to show the children just how Betsy Ross cut the stars. Thank you so very much for all the help. Also, they have enjoyed seeing your website!! Thanks, again. Sincerely, Nita McFadin
Nita McFadin, North Elementary School - Breckenridge, Texas [02-21-2001]

Women have contribute a great deal to History. Let it be known from this day forward... We are Equal or Even better...
Nancy Toribio, Bronx, NY is in the house -- Keeping in Mind -- Woman Rule!!! [02-21-2001]

Leslei Love, warren county, 16 [02-21-2001]

I need to do a project on pennsylvania history for gifted. A virtual tour of her house would be a great help.
Brianna Gavio, 12 years old [02-21-2001]

I am on this Betsy Ross page because I am doing a report on a famous person. I decided to get information on the computer.
Amy Sayers, Lowell Student, 8 years old [02-21-2001]

Arrived here through a quilt page link
Arvilla McGowen, seamstress age70 [02-20-2001]

i am doing this for a social studies project
Laura, 12 [02-20-2001]

Vicki Evans, Omaha, Nebraska [02-20-2001]

Im looking this web site up for reserch on Betsy Ross, for school reserch.
Emily Lorcheim, New Jersey 8 [02-20-2001]

We are learning about Betsy Ross for my 3rd graders school presentation.
Debbie Platthy [02-20-2001]

em [02-20-2001]

i came here to get a bio for a treasure hunt and stayed to visit
heather ellis, indiana 23 [02-20-2001]

Patricia Turner [02-20-2001]

What I seen, I thought it nice.
Leeanna, blue eyes brown hair and im nine [02-20-2001]

Hi I am Amanda Humphries amd i thank it is very neat how you hand made the flage.
Aamanda Humphries, I love working on compters [02-20-2001]

Bonanno family, Prineville,Or [02-20-2001]

Thank you for teaching us about the American Flag.
Ms. Liz Smith and Mrs. Lisa Senn's First Grade Class, Woodruff Primary School, Woodruff, SC 29388 [02-20-2001]

i am writting a essay
caity ballister, age ten [02-20-2001]

I'am a preschool teacher. I teach 4yr olds. They have never really heard of Betsy Ross or any other facts about the U.S. flag. I hope your website will be enough for our class tomorrow. Thanks for your help.
suewetmore, tulsa, oklahoma [02-19-2001]

love history, this is a fun, new experience!
Cris Richardson, teacher, Grants Pass, OR, 51 [02-19-2001]

visited Besty Ross House while a student at George School, Newtown, Pa. (alumna 1977).
chris johnson, 1 hr. west of Chicago , ILLINOIS [02-19-2001]

Brenda Misenheimer Hyatt, Elementary School Media Specialist in Greenville, SC [02-19-2001]

Blake Arnette, Pacific, MO age 8 [02-19-2001]

Brandt Jandro, 10 [02-19-2001]

We are studying our country, and are learning about the flag today.
Miss McGee's class, third grade students [02-19-2001]

Thanks for the directions to making a perfect 5 pointed star.
Rosellen Burns, 2nd grade teacher [02-19-2001]

I like doing this report of Besty Ross because I have a wonderful friends(named) Lindsey,Brittany Dale
hannah swain, i love math Age 7 i go to (school) Regina howell i live in Beamont Tx [02-19-2001]

Viva Wood, Mineral,VA 30years old, Female [02-19-2001]

Melissa Clark, oHIO, 17 [02-19-2001]

I am using your site to do a report on Betsy and the flag. I am Doing my report with two friends. The only reason I can do this is because I have a wonderful teacher named Mrs. Harrell
Lindsey cross, I love Science I live in Beamont, , Tx Age 8 (school) Regina Howell [02-19-2001]

Sarah Keeton [02-19-2001]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross for my class. I have enjoyed learning about her life and how she designed the first american 5 pointed star.
Jackie Dunbar, I am8 yrs old and attend Calvery Rd Christian School in alexandria Va. [02-19-2001]

Stephen Arrington Williams, 40, Illinois, X-Military,Patriot [02-19-2001]

William Newman, New York , 45 Nephew of original society member [02-19-2001]

I may never get to Betsy Ross' house in person, but thanks to this website, I can visit anyway! I can't wait to share this site with my students. Thank You!
Marie A. Garcia, third grade teacher [02-19-2001]

Doing a report for school.
benton garrison, ar [02-19-2001]

Melisa, age 6 [02-19-2001]

Chrissy Pysher, pa, 9 [02-19-2001]

Rebecca Devlin, Tomball, Texas, age 42 [02-19-2001]

Leah Ross, 24, Lake Ridge, VA [02-19-2001]

jessica seaborg, 10 years old doing a book report on Mrs. Ross [02-19-2001]

Valerie Mihota, Age 36 from Virginia helping my husband teach a class in highschool. [02-19-2001]

matthew grasberger, 7 years old [02-19-2001]

Pat Fenceroy, Dallas, TX [02-19-2001]

I am doing a bookreport on Betsy Ross. Then, I have to dress up like her.
Courtney Vorhies, Indianapolis, Indiana [02-19-2001]

Kellie Massie, Age 7, doing school project [02-19-2001]

Thank You for helping me with my class report.
Taylor Rae Hart, 9 years old, Hanover, VA [02-19-2001]

ELEANOR........LOPEZ [02-19-2001]

Thanks for making Betsy Ross' house a virtual experience.
Michael Doyle [02-19-2001]

Judy Gainer, Burnthouse, WV 26178 [02-19-2001]

have been told Betsy Ross was in my family tree.
Tammy Hays, Sidney, NE, age 30 [02-17-2001]

Tyler Schreffler, Springfield, VA, age 8, in third grade and making a poster about Betsy Ross for class. [02-17-2001]

I am doing a biography on Betsy Ross and I thought it would be boring but when i came here I am learning things i NEVER new exsisted!!!
personal, personal [02-17-2001]

My great uncle Robert Parker was one of the carpenters employed in the restoration of the Betsy Ross house ,this caught my eye. Thanks
Bruce Parker [02-17-2001]

My first grade class is studying early American History and about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.
Beverly Manning, Batesville, MS [02-16-2001]

It is always a pleasure learning more about the City I grew up in and teaching other people about our HISTORY in this great City of ours and to seperate the fiction from the truth.
Edmund G. Chandler, local Philadelphian and tour guide for 76 Carriage Co.;age:39 [02-16-2001]

I find Betsy Ross's life very interesting. I'm doing her biography in school for a book project.
Marina Francis, 11,Baltimore,Maryland [02-16-2001]

You are kool!
Nicole Waldron, I am doin a report on the american revalontion! [02-15-2001]

m l walker [02-15-2001]

I searched flag sites before coming here. A group of us at work were discussing what the colors in the flag represented. Great site!!!
Karla Murie, Vancouver, WA age 36 [02-15-2001]

Adrienne Pierce [02-15-2001]

doing reshearch
SAM, sanford,fl:14 [02-15-2001]

Stevemo, i like ice cream [02-15-2001]

I like the old times like the Revalotionarywar and back in the old times stuff.And my name is Jaricca LenneaLara Lynn Pasquale.
Jaricca Kuhn, I like to dance. And I'm 11 [02-15-2001]

i wish to take a tour with Betsy Ross herself
Samantha Stewart, 10/f/PENNSYLVANIA [02-15-2001]

I wish to see betsy rosses house
Amanda Labash, 10/f/pa [02-15-2001]

I wish the old times were like today because I thought it was better
Chiquita Thomas, I like to sing and dance and I am 11 [02-15-2001]

maegan coddington [02-15-2001]

Arielle Allen, I like to sing. [02-15-2001]

chris f. [02-15-2001]

I'm doing a report on betsy ross. I love this web site.
Brittany dale, age8 [02-15-2001]

Kaitlyn Hoey, age8 [02-15-2001]

Researching for social studies project on Betsy Ross.
Hannah Wigley, Seven Years Old, First Grade, Colfax Elementary, Miss Clegg [02-15-2001]

Brittany Dale [02-15-2001]

Jennifer Klakulak, From Edmond, Oklahoma [02-15-2001]

Lindsey, Johnstown PA age 9 [02-15-2001]

Sarah Milota, I am 9 [02-15-2001]

Nathan Laird, State College, PA-age 9-doing a report for Cub Scouts [02-15-2001]

Laci DuBravec, age 7 Sardis, MS [02-15-2001]

doing reasearch for a 1st grade school project.
Madison Lee Braswell, Charlotte, NC - 7 years old [02-15-2001]

This looks fun!
Allison, New Garden El. [02-14-2001]

pat casey [02-14-2001]

This looks kool
Courtney, New Garden [02-14-2001]

Erica Grasinger, pa [02-14-2001]

her house is huge
soraya, viginia [02-14-2001]

i love betsy ross!
KRISTEN, i am 9 years old i live on long cove drive and i am on my mom screen name because i want to come and it was web restrited. i am on kids only. [02-13-2001]

George R. Weatherford [02-13-2001]

Kimmy Romstad, I have blonde hair. [02-13-2001]

wazz upp
LISA STORY, im on pot [02-13-2001]

sara, 14 [02-13-2001]

Dakota Hulsey, Age 8, West Hopkins Accelerated School [02-13-2001]

Sus, 8909 Oren AVE 10 1/2 turning 11 in Feb. 26. love football and basket [02-13-2001]

Where and when did Betsy Ross die?
anonymous [02-13-2001]

i want to get dvm friends so thank u if can i have some address
JASEM AL ESSA, ksa .32. dvm [02-13-2001]

hi guys
turner hull, cool [02-13-2001]

I have been to her house.
Alicia Mcguffin, Texas [02-13-2001]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross and that is the reason why i got to this point.
Jami, 13 [02-13-2001]

Hi. As you can see I am Hannah Hirst. I am 10 years old and am doing a very large report on Betsy Ross. It would be a huge help if you could send me any information. If I get my AOL service fixed I will send you my E-mail address immeadiatly. Since this is due March 7, 2001 I hope you get this message soon so I can Finish the resource page , and project. SINCERELY HANNAH HIRST
Hannah Hirst, Athens Ohio [02-13-2001]

i'm doing a oral speech on her and i have to dress up like her
Kailie, Wisconsin,10 [02-13-2001]

Laura Armatas, Kansas, Counselor [02-12-2001]

Anita [02-12-2001]

researching dauters school report.
Dwight R. Day, Vermont [02-12-2001]

please e-mail me at the address above. Iam friends with zandy who wants you to email me to.
Jamie Maggs, Iam 10 years old and I live at Hollis NH i HOPE YOU LIKE ME. [02-12-2001]

I wish to have a happy life and be famous like Betsy Ross. Please IM me at Znady2785, or E-mail me at Thank you
Zandy Tinkham, Hollis,NH. I am 11 years old. Hope you like me. [02-12-2001]

Hi Thank you for taking me through this tour.
Jamie Maggs, Hollis,Nh 10 hope you like me. [02-12-2001]

Carshena Byrd, Warner Robins, GA. age=23 [02-12-2001]

Sally Luftman, I live in West Des Moines, Iowa--a suburb of Des Moines [02-12-2001]

Jacy Price, 14 yr.old [02-11-2001]

Jonnie Owens, Leesburg, GA, 44 y.o Mother of 3, married, helping my 10 y.o with a project [02-11-2001]

cindy hoke, Enola, PA [02-11-2001]

Sean Hennigan [02-11-2001]

Mary Hewitt, South Carolina [02-11-2001]

kristie mcnally [02-11-2001]

I'm dong a report on Betsy Ross for school
melissa howard, 9 years old,.Austin, tx. [02-11-2001]

this is a great site...we are having fun doing caitlin's research project!
sandy and caitlin robitaille, mom and 8 yr. old daughter doing research on betsy ross [02-11-2001]

Dawn Stubbs, Texas, 39 [02-11-2001]

Thank you for your very wonderful and informative website. Bily had a project for school and your website was a huge help!
Laura & Billy, We live in Hatfield, suburb just northwest of Philadelphia [02-11-2001]

ANGLE, 11years old and am doing a report about betsy [02-11-2001]

erin grube [02-10-2001]

We are doing a famous person project and my daughter picked Betsy. I am excited to see what you have here that we may be able to use on her project
Pamela M. Rider, 37, Greenwood Indiana, 5th grade teacher [02-10-2001]

I am doing my second grade, famous American Report on Betsy Ross, and I am visiting the website to get information. If you have anything cool to send me for my report, I would appreciate it. Thanks!
amanda freed, age 7, Rochester, MI [02-10-2001]

cindy Thompson [02-10-2001]

Kathy Stoneman, Teacher [02-10-2001]

Joselynn, age:10 [02-10-2001]

I need a picture on her house
crystal meyers, age 11 [02-09-2001]

Robin Davis, Oakland City, Indiana [02-09-2001]

shannon, Im in 4th grad i am doing a abc book on the Revolutionary War in NeW York iam 9 years old [02-09-2001]

Bob Steiner, 45/m [02-09-2001]

Shannon Schwartz Atkins [02-09-2001]

Aubrey [02-08-2001]

Saraswati Acosta, I am 23 years old and I live in Brooklyn [02-08-2001]

Charlene Rushing, teacher and mom [02-08-2001]

DANIEL GORDON [02-08-2001]

i am looking up information for my 11 yr old son who is doing a report on the american flag.
KIMBERLY L RUNDLE, ohio,40yrs old, mother of 5 [02-08-2001]

heriberto ramos [02-07-2001]

JACOB MAGEE, age,10, location,baton rouge la. [02-07-2001]

Thank you for making this site available for educational purposes for our youth. Hopefully we will be able to visit in two years on our vacation.
Theresa and Connor Dunn, Bellefontaine, 39 and 12, Social studies project [02-07-2001]

hi Betsy Ross
Brooke, 11 I love kyle so much! [02-07-2001]

betsy ross is one of the most fasinating peopel
sandra glenn, blackwell,oklahoma age10 [02-07-2001]

Ashlie Adkins [02-07-2001]

I love HISTORY!!!!!!
Emily Coffey, I live in Cleveland,Tennesse, I am 9 years old,I go to North Lee Elementry [02-07-2001]

Alexandra Ervin and her Nana, 5 yrs old [02-07-2001]

This looks great!
Alison Ziegler, New Garden Elementary School [02-07-2001]

I love this house
matt jenkins [02-07-2001]

We liked learning about Betsy Ross and our flag.
Mrs. Bordner's kindergarten, kindergartern class in Canton, Illinois [02-07-2001]

Danielle, Computer Lab,age:10,favirite number:16 [02-07-2001]

doing a report on her
sara, 14 [02-07-2001]

I am doing my student teaching in 2nd grade. We are studying famous Americans.
Gina West [02-06-2001]

Do you still have the flag in a special spot? My teacher Mr. Jacques gave each group a person in this time and samantha ,andy, david,and mary,and i also got Betsy Ross and I just thought that i could get some info about Betsy Ross p;ease contact me right away .He told us about it today and said it is due in 4or send me back an amail back very soon .Today is February the 6 2001. where did you find that painting because you said that you dont really now what Betsy Ross really looked like even if you dont send it back in time I would still like to know . does she have any other realitives still living because I know some one with the last name of Ross. orry if I have some words missed spelled i am in a real big hurry bye bye got to go Im not sure ig the email adress is right i will find out and or retipe this hole letter .thanks for listening to my long and boring letter Ireally have to go this time bye bye
Kelli Kimmey, Temple,11,Texas [02-06-2001]

iyonna sneid, live in the south [02-06-2001]

doing a report for sons school need photos
tina bailye, joplin mo 31 [02-06-2001]

I have been here this past summer. The house was well preserved. My class is talking about the revolutionay war. Right away I choose Betsy Ross. Thank you for the house. i hope to go again.
Leslie Huhn, Denver, Colorado [02-06-2001]

I think Betsy Ross was a good upholstery worker.
Logan J Mcmillan, I am from Prescott, AZ. [02-06-2001]

I also love to do other stuff about people and I love to read books.
Sothearinh Thach, I love to write biographys about famous people [02-06-2001]

My name is Rebecca and I'm a 4th grade student at LES. I'm writing a report on Betsy Ross and just wanted to find out more information. Thanks
Rebecca Hale [02-06-2001]

Mrs. Grinbergs First Grade, We live in the Midwest [02-06-2001]

Chris Parsons, I am 10 years old [02-06-2001]

Jake Donnelly, Media Pa. 19063,age 10 [02-06-2001]

Mrs. Marvin, California, 5th grade teacher [02-06-2001]

i have to do a report on the us flag. I would greatly appericate, if you could send me any infromation you may have about the subject on hand. Is' for my 3rd grade history report.
anonymous [02-06-2001]

Sontana Teasley [02-06-2001]

tiffini, I am 11 [02-06-2001]

amanda hartley [02-06-2001]

dominique, 11 [02-05-2001]

We were doing research for a 1st graders' report on Betsy Ross
Darlene Atteberry [02-05-2001]

Victoria Louise Seanoa, Cypress, California + Age:8 [02-05-2001]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross
Olivia Pyle, 7 years old [02-05-2001]

I have always been interested in Betsy Ross. As a child I had to do a skit by myself about Betsy Ross. At that time there wasn't computers and no really good resources. Thanks for taking your time to make this website. My children thank you also.
Melissa Burch, Clarksville, Indiana [02-05-2001]

Im doing a school project on a person in american and I selected Betsy Ross. I stood in front of her house 2 years ago and I could not go in because it was closed. I would like to visit it. Regards Morgan Gass
morgan gass, Avon/CT/age 9 years old [02-05-2001]

MICHAEL TYLER [02-05-2001]

Janelle Raimer, 10 [02-05-2001]

Moses, none [02-05-2001]

My class really enjoyed your tour and the story of Betsy Ross. Kepp up the good work
J Austin, teacher, Fillmore ,N.Y. [02-05-2001]

Aud [02-05-2001]

Marguerite, Massachusetts,I'am 9 years old [02-05-2001]

robin cotter, oneida [02-05-2001]

conducting research for my son's report
Andrea Richards, brooklyn ny 38 [02-05-2001]

Susan Priest, First Grade Teacher at Robert D. Sloman Primary located in Douglas, Alabama. [02-04-2001]

Kelly Berge, Chicopee,Ma. age 9,We are doing a class play. [02-04-2001]

Thank you for helping me with the Person of the Week in my class.
Joseph Kellenberger, Dover, De. ; age 6 [02-04-2001]

I am doing a research paper on Betsy Ross.
Kari Atkinson, Ripley Middle School, 12 [02-04-2001]

heather lytle [02-04-2001]

This was a nice way to learn more about Betsy Ross. Thank you.
Barb Pauley [02-04-2001]

I am doing a social studies project on Betsy Ross. We are have to pick a special american and tell of their life and what they have done for our country. I picked Betsy Ross.
tyler chappell, 6yo female in 1st grade. live in Prattville Alabama [02-04-2001]

Helen E Copenhagen, Texas [02-04-2001]

We are taking this tour for a class project. Kara'a class is making a posted about famous Americans.
Marsha & Kara Atkins, Champaign,Illinois [02-04-2001]

grd [02-04-2001]

john malmberg, salt lake city, 25 [02-04-2001]

Tanya, age9 [02-04-2001]

Emily, I live in Virginia and I'm doing a history project on her. [02-04-2001]

I am reading about the life of Betsy Ross for a report in third grade.
Maggie Freeman, age 9 [02-04-2001]

I've always loved our flag. I feel a pleasure just looking at it. I am a stamp collector & one of my sons was born on Flag Day 6/14/77 & I have started collecting Flag Day covers back as far as I can find them!
Shirley Morgan, Prescott AZ [02-04-2001]

you have a ugly house
gianni, 9 years old [02-04-2001]

you have a ugly house
gianni, 9 years old [02-04-2001]

hi my name is patrick . i would like to take your houes tour
Patrick D Vickey, isherwooddr 5125 10 [02-04-2001]

watsup Im at school and I think us history is cool! got to go explore bye!
Janelle Wolbert, N.F. NY @SCHOOL age 9 [02-04-2001]

SARAH, sanborn, ny, at school,age 9 [02-04-2001]

I am here to explore flag information. I would like to know why "Stars and stripes" were chosen rather than some other object.
J Y FITRER [02-04-2001]

awesomeerik, 12 5th grade N.J. [02-04-2001]

D Soccer Girl, Age 11 [02-01-2001]

Thank you for allowing me to visit the Besty Ross house.
kia newmen, Phila. 13 [02-01-2001]

Katie, I'm from california and i'm 9 [02-01-2001]

We're coming to see you in May!
Chris DeRosa, Teacher, grades 5-6 [02-01-2001]

John Little, Hooper, Utah [02-01-2001]

hello i know i'mm just a kid but i like to reserch history and right now i'm reserching betsy ross and i like what you did with her/your home page it looks nice
jenny jones, hello my age is 12 and i'm reserching betsy ross [02-01-2001]

jermell mims, age 13 [02-01-2001]

Leigh Farris, 35yrs. From the state of Kansas [02-01-2001]

I always liked visiting the Betsy Ross House. I have been there five times. I am writing a report on her and her contributions to the American History and Philadelphia's history.
Kaitlynn McKenzie Ryan, I am 10 years old. I live in Philadelphia. I am in fourth grade. [02-01-2001]

I was Betsy Ross in a school play. She is a very intresting person.
Savannah, 1103 skeetwood Lufin,Texas 9 years old [02-01-2001]

Dwight Bishop, F.F.Ohio [02-01-2001]

Leighken, 1103 skeetwood,Lufin,Texas,10years old [02-01-2001]

Alyssa, Warner, 11years [02-01-2001]

betty brookshier, Independence, MO, 2 kids [02-01-2001]

I'm going to be Betsy Ross in our class history museum.
Cheryl Perez, age 9 [02-01-2001]

Rebecca White, student (2nd grade) [02-01-2001]

Cheryl landry [02-01-2001]

mindy webster, ogden, Utah 21wf [02-01-2001]

Thankyou for the oppertunity to checked out a historical sight that I may never get the chance to see it it was not here on the internet! =)
Dawn, 24, Utah Weber State Univeristy Elementary Education Major [01-31-2001]

I am the 9th great grandaughter of Mouns and Ingaborg (Lykin) Jonasson. Their daughter Margaret married Marcus Huling. Their daughter Brigette, married William Bird. Their son Mark, married Mary Ross, sister of George Ross. And of course George Ross was the Uncle of John Ross, spouse of Betsy Ross. I am so proud to be associated with her, even though a distant cousinry by marriage.
Barbara (Hays) Clayton, Raymond, Il 43 yrs of age [01-31-2001]

For those of you wanting to preserve the Greatest country the Earth has ever seen - to Preserve our Constitution and the ideas of Thomas Jefferson and some other forefathers, we MUST Repeal the 16th Amendment, Get out of the U.N., and become LIBERTARIANS. I don't believe Betsy Ross would have sewn a flag if she saw what our country has become...
Joe P, 35, Connecticut [01-31-2001]

Thanks for the great site. This will make a nice field trip.
Gail Nathan, Homeschooling parent [01-31-2001]

Betsy Haffner, 2&3 grade teacher, Cottonwood, Ca. [01-31-2001]

Kristen Van Nimwegen, Ogden, UT, 18 [01-31-2001]

Adrian Caliboso, Santa Ana, CA [01-31-2001]

stephanie, u.s. [01-31-2001]


I was a visitor to Philadelphia in 1999 and enjoyed the area (especially the historic revolutionary sites) very much. I did walk by The Betsy Ross House but did not go in. Thank you for this historic site. I have thoroughly enjoyed the tour.
Dan Coughenour, 59, CA, Retiring to Phoenix in 3 months [01-31-2001]

Felicia & Greg LaPaglia [01-31-2001]

Shelby Trett, S.L.O. California Age 9 [01-31-2001]

Kelsey Zajdek, (11 [01-31-2001]

i am writing a report for my 5th grade class.
lauren williams [01-31-2001]

Kelsey [01-31-2001]

the Franz family, Metamora, Illinois. Mom: 30; Kristen: 7; Will: 5 [01-31-2001]

Johnny Soto, I am 22 years old, live in Ogden ,Utah were I am seeking a degree a Weber State University [01-31-2001]

I am helping my 11 yr old daughter, Leslie, gather information on Betsy Ross for a class report.
desiree, Charlotte, NC [01-30-2001]

Robin Nielson, Student of history at Weber State University, Utah. [01-30-2001]

my daughter jolene is 7 and in the 1st grade, the month of feb. her class is studing the symbols if americaand each child has to do a report of a topic and she was a assigned Betsy Ross.. so theis is were we are looking for the infomation. Thank you ..Mrs. JAcoby
vickie and jolene jacoby, blue springs mo,32 and age 7 [01-30-2001]

Kim Fenner, mi, 35 [01-30-2001]

I think your websit is the coolest.
Amanda Landis, My nickname is Panda [01-30-2001]

P. Carnes [01-30-2001]

Tiana Maile Ogata, Kehei,Hawaii ,10 [01-30-2001]

This is a school project for my daughter Elany. She's in the 3rd grade at West Mastin Lake Elementary School.
Ellen & Elany Washington, huntsville, al, 40 & 8 [01-30-2001]

Scott Harper, Utah, Tooele, 21 [01-30-2001]

My daughter is researching a book report. She chose to do her biography on Betsy Ross. She has enjoyed learning more about our nations flagmaker. I think it will build pride in her for our nations greatest symbol. Thanks for the tour
Christy Wutzke, Kennewick, WA 99337 age 33 [01-30-2001]

Ashlee Johnson [01-30-2001]

This is a wonderful website!! Keep up the interesting work.
Laura Patek, Cuero, TX school teacher [01-30-2001]

We are learning about the beginning of the United States history.
Ms. Gee's Third Grade Class, One Teacher, 18 students [01-29-2001]

Jane & Meghan McCormick, Homeschooler in Fayetteville NC [01-29-2001]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross for my American History class. I have found your site very helpful and will visit it again soon!
Amanda, Kansas age 13 [01-29-2001]

I,m a history lover. Please keep up the good work.
Claudine, Georiga 38 [01-29-2001]

Liza and Kayla Schaefer, Kayla is 7 and in 2nd grade in Texas [01-29-2001]

enjoyed your site.
Karen Martin, Teachers aide [01-29-2001]

alisha, 25yrs old / student [01-29-2001]

for a 5th grade project at school i get to dress up like Betsy Ross and say a speech in the 5th grade living history museum. thankyou.
Shannon Peterson, 10 my nammes shannon i live oklahoma,edmond [01-29-2001]

MaryLouNoonan, TeachGr.5 in NH [01-29-2001]

I am doing a wax museum project on Betsy Ross
Sarah Hopson, I am age 11 and live in Clinton Township, Michigan [01-29-2001]

was helping my grand daughter with a project about betsy ross.i just wished there were more pictures of her. the information was very helpful. thank you
anna, staten island.ny [01-28-2001]

I relly need stuff about Besty ross because iam doing a report on because I think she is a wonderful person.
Rosetta Williams, I'm a Girl and play basketball La. Metaire 11 [01-28-2001]

I haven't visited the Betsy Ross house in 25 years. I look forward to the tour!
Patricia M. Walkr, Raised in Philadelphia, now now living in Delaware [01-28-2001]

Amynda Pais, KeyLargo 27 teacher [01-28-2001]

barling julie, australian national [01-28-2001]

Brittany, Rockville MD 10 cool [01-28-2001]

Kristine Mendoza, Texas- 14 years old [01-28-2001]

Chanda Davis, 29 yrs old, St. Louis, MO [01-27-2001]

Plan to visit Philadelphia in April and visit the Betsy Ross HOuse.
Bill Price, Grove, OK 74344 [01-27-2001]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross for my class project. I am in the 3rd grade.
Kayla Merklinger, 8, Victoria, Texas [01-27-2001]

verna giffing, 48/female/born-PA/residing in VA [01-27-2001]

(I am a great, great,............niece)& am looking into doing a family tree. I have 1 Sister, 1 brother, father and 90 year old grandmother in the area, my mother lives in Maui. Grandparents on mother side live up north about 4.5 hour drive.
Deanna Brisbin, I live in California [01-27-2001]

i have to dress as a famous person for valentines day at my church
Alyssa, tallhassee flordia 13 i go to bellevue [01-27-2001]

I am doing a project on the US Flag and the history behind it's beginnings. This site was a really neat one to see. I would like to be able to meet Betsy Ross and interview her in person!!
Kim & Cynthia Starner, mom and daughter Cindy 10, in Martinsburg, WV [01-27-2001]

ELIZIBETH [01-27-2001]

Derek Miller, 11 years old and I'm doing a report on her. [01-27-2001]

I was reading and came across The Betsy Ross Tour website. I love to see and read the history of old houses. Maybe one day I will get to see Betsy's house in person!
Mary Ball, I live on Lake Erie. I am a 44 yr. old mother of two. [01-27-2001]

Alexandra Marie Starmer, 71/2 years old. 2nd grade at St. Mary's in Cortland [01-25-2001]

i love thwe history of this particular war though many died for the sace of freedom i truelly believe they fought for me as well
DANIELLE ALDEN, 13, california [01-25-2001]

i am doing a school report on famous people. i choose betsy ross
SHEILA HEMMINGSON, i am 7 years old, [01-25-2001]

Jarrod Allgood [01-25-2001]

zach turner [01-25-2001]

BREANNA RUSSELL [01-25-2001]

Mrs. Grove's 5th grade, East School Mount Vernon, Ohio [01-25-2001]

Tim Hill, New Concord, Oh. age 19 [01-25-2001]

I am doing a Social Studies project for extra credit, Betsy Ross and the American flag is an excellent subject.
Travis L. Keatley, Princton, WV age 11 [01-25-2001]

iwhish ilived in the olden days with betsy ross and she was alive now.
COURTNEY NESTOR, i love to swimm and iam 8 years old [01-25-2001]

Red,White, and Blue Rocks
Natalia [01-25-2001]

Vince [01-25-2001]

Lindsay, Johnson City , Tn , 13 [01-25-2001]

I am studing about Betsy Ross in my fourth grade class.
Courtney Moran, girl, 9 years old Palm Springs California [01-25-2001]

michaelle wilkie, usa-california [01-25-2001]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross.
Jamie S., Third Grade [01-24-2001]

I am so happy to be on this tour because I am doing a projecton Besty Ross
Rosetta Williams, Metaire age11 [01-24-2001]

Colleting information about Betsy ross is very Intresting because I've never Actully done a oral or biography book report before.
Kara Meringolo, North Kingstown R.I.age 9 I'm getting info. for a book report [01-24-2001]

Olivia Leskoske, 10 [01-24-2001]

Kayla Zipprian [01-24-2001]

Thank you for this website. I am in a historical fair at my school and am reinacting Betsey Ross. I have to wear a dress like her and talk like a Quaker. So have thee a good valentines day!!!!
Jessica Greene [01-24-2001]

Debbie Atwood [01-24-2001]

bettsy ross is a very imporant person
MARY, i like dogs gr mi age 8 [01-24-2001]

I am studying Betsy Ross and other famous Americans.
Holly, at school, I am 7 years old. [01-24-2001]

Kerry Anderson, teacher [01-24-2001]

anonymous, Walton middle [01-24-2001]

Tami Gilmore, Wausau, WI [01-24-2001]

My ESL students and I live in Spain on a Navy base. We are studying about the colonial period. We have just completed a story about Betsy Ross, and look forward to a trip through her house. Thank you.
Louise Mueller [01-24-2001]

This is cool!
trey, I live in NC [01-24-2001]

Jessica Smith, I am 14 and I live in ky [01-23-2001]

C J Akers [01-23-2001]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross in second grade. It is turning out to be very fun!
Danielle Tilford, I am 7 years old. I live in Plano, Texas. [01-23-2001]

I am doing a project on Betsy Ross and appreciate this site
Emily Goldman, 10 [01-23-2001]

I visited the house in person when I was a sophmore in high school. Now I am touring it virtually with my daughter.
Dawn Baskett, 29 year old female; Cleburne, Texas [01-23-2001]

this is for a report
bri, 12 an loves science & history [01-23-2001]

wazup you are alsome
kristen shiflett, missouri 11 [01-23-2001]

I use to study in FT Louderdale for a few years and just love jour country.
Roy Tjoeng, (m) 35 yrs old living in The Netherlands [01-23-2001]

emily [01-23-2001]

Bridget King, 11 [01-23-2001]

David Jones, Age 22, Bountiful Utah [01-23-2001]

I think that this tour will be so cool!
Jennifer Switch, 13 Sacromento California [01-23-2001]

HiI am doing a report on Ms.Ross and would like to know if someone in ms. Ross's family could come to my school and tell a little bit about her life. my phone number is 660 248 2086
Bridget King, missouri,11,i am doing a report on Betsy Ross [01-22-2001]

C.Morehead, Live in Colonial Williamsburg [01-22-2001]

kristen, wichita fall texas 12yrs. of age [01-22-2001]

My seventh grade daughter received a project to find something that someone said, a quote, about Betsy Ross. I cannot find anything like that. Do you have any kind of quote that anyone said about her? Anything would be fine. She needs it for school tomorrow, and I'm sure we won't get your reply so fast. Thank you for any help you can give!
Toni Mancini [01-22-2001]

I will be going to Washington DC with my son's school in March and each student as well as chaperone will be a character from U.S. history. My character is Betsy Ross and I am excited to learn more about her life.
Valerie Gordon, Fullerton, California 45 [01-22-2001]

JoAnn Meredith, Salt Lake City, Ut, 22 [01-22-2001]

labrenda henry, fain elementary wihita falls texas [01-22-2001]

I bring you greetings from Mrs. Jackson's first grade class at Totaro Elementary School, Lawrenceville, VA.
Jacqueline H. Jackson, First Grade school teacher [01-22-2001]

andy, wapak 13 [01-22-2001]

Dianne Woolsey, tulsa, ok [01-22-2001]

My husband is a direct descendant of Betsy Ross Family
Connie Morgan, I live in Idaho [01-22-2001]

I'm doing a book report on Betsy Ross and the First American Flag. Maybe some day I will change history.
Jessi Anderson Galland, 10 years old [01-22-2001]

Amy Freed [01-21-2001]

I betsy Ross
Suzanne Sorenson, I love snowboarding [01-21-2001]

I am doing the history fair on Betsy Ross and I wanted to know if you could give me more information about her.
Stephanie Weghorst, I'm in 5th grade [01-21-2001]

Brooke Yingling [01-21-2001]

I am doing the history fair on Betsy Ross and I wanted to know if you could give me more information about her.
Stephanie Weghorst [01-21-2001]

Amanda F., 11 [01-21-2001]

Amanda Marks, I live in Texas. I am fourteen years old. I am doing for History. We had to choose a topic or a person to learn more about, and I chose Betsy Ross. [01-21-2001]

We came across your site while doing research for a 3rd grade social studies/biography project. Our daughter will dress as Betsy Ross and present historic facts.
Acocella Family, Family of three. [01-21-2001]

Steph Hahn, Paxton Nebrska [01-20-2001]

Katie O'Connor [01-20-2001]

This is a wonderful opportunity to view history. Thank you for taking the time to make this available.
Lori Ann Richartz, I'm 32 and from Lancaster. [01-20-2001]

As a member of the Abrahms family of New Jersey, I am proud of this legendery figure.
kathryn mahon, Distant relative on Betsy Ross [01-20-2001]

Allison & Paige Taliaferro, Virginia Beach, Va. Age-8 &7 [01-20-2001]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross.
Whitley Rosenbalm, I live in Morristown,TN.I am 10 years old. [01-20-2001]

Roxanne Rosano, teacher [01-20-2001]

I am make a report.
rebecca, san diego, ca. age 8 [01-20-2001]

Eleanor Woodruff, State - Al 67 retired teacher [01-20-2001]

Courtney McFarren, Wales, Maine, Age - 9, History project [01-20-2001]

Helping my daughter with her home work.
Albert Mireles, Riverside,Ca. [01-20-2001]

Heather, 5th grade, Miami Florida [01-20-2001]

Amanda Brandley, college student, 19 [01-20-2001]

This is a great website. I always like to see virtual tours of different places I haven't yet been to.
Karen Jolly, Mother of two. Checking on Ms. Ross at a friends request. [01-20-2001]

joe, 10boy [01-20-2001]

Kevin, Belleville Henderson Central School [01-20-2001]

Have always been interested in Betsy Ross since I was a small child. Now that I have access to a computer I am looking forward to learning more.
COLLEEN CLEMONS, Residence: Auburn; Washington; Age: 39; [01-20-2001]

jessica [01-20-2001]

I'm doing Besty for my bio.
Megan Rossell, I like soccer. [01-20-2001]

i am doing a report for school on betsy ross
ALEX WHITE, 10 yrs old, sacramento ca. [01-20-2001]

i am doing the social studys fair on the american flag
jenn, i go to school [01-20-2001]

Karen Borough, Califorina [01-20-2001]

beth Smetana, 8 years old [01-20-2001]

lindsey cross, 8 [01-20-2001]

Doing class project "Wax Museum"
Ellen Weaver-Davis, Oregon, age 12 [01-20-2001]

I would like a picture of her please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jo-lisha Ashley, i'am 10 years old [01-20-2001]

Emma Glenn, 10 [01-20-2001]

We are learning about Betsy Ross
CJ Messa, 2nd grade class [01-20-2001]

This is a cool way of showing it!
Cassie Otero, age:13 state:Azirona [01-20-2001]

I was there this summer and walked through the house.
Cali [01-20-2001]

LVhairston, Va.Beach,47 [01-20-2001]

I was thinking of bringing my family for a tour.
Cindy Devereaux, Pocono Mountains, PA. 29 years old [01-20-2001]

Summer, Winter Haven, Fl [01-20-2001]

3rd grade daughters report on besty
renee irerr [01-20-2001]

Sue Tullos, Indiana - Age 40 [01-20-2001]

Carrie Lynn Parcher, Grand Rapids, MI age,23 [01-20-2001]

I am working on a report about Betsy Ross and I will be her at my school's Revolutionary War wax museum.
Rebecca Smith, age 11, live in Franklin, Indiana [01-20-2001]

samantha horak, maryland,11,6 grade, [01-20-2001]

Eric P. Koproski, Fulton, New York, 28 [01-20-2001]

I wll be Betsy Ross in a living museum
aubrey laughlin, 8 years old [01-20-2001]

P. MARR [01-20-2001]

Amy Brown, teacher: Blue Springs Elementary in Cleveland,TN [01-20-2001]

Thank you for the tour!
Monica Davidson, Colorado Springs, Age 10, 4th grade [01-20-2001]

i visited the house last year with my family. now i'm doing a shool project and wanted more info. thanks, this is a cool site.
Brian, 10 years old from Huntingdon Valley,PA [01-20-2001]

I visited Betsy Ross's house this past summer with my sister Sara & my mother. I thought it was really neat to see how she lived.
Lael Hoegen, I'm nine years old & live in Kingston, PA [01-20-2001]

Emily [01-20-2001]

I have to do a report on Betsy Ross. I attend Woodland's Middle School.
Jason Jackson, I live in Lake Worth,Fl I'am 12 years old. [01-20-2001]

Barbara G. Valenta [01-20-2001]

Information has been very helpful
J Fry, teacher [01-20-2001]

Barabus Jones [01-20-2001]

Staci Lehnrert, age9, location: Cape Coral, Florida [01-20-2001]

i'm doing a report on the flag and betsy ross and i wanted to see where the flag was made.
brooke dorris, 11 yrs old [01-20-2001]

I'm doing a report on the life of Betsy Ross, don't think I picked her just because we have the same first name. It's because I think that she would be a very interesting person to research about. Not many things are taught about her in schools other than "Oh, Betsy Ross sewed the first American flag." But they never tell why she was chosen for the job or what her life was like or anything like that.
Betsy Kling, I'm in Milwaukee,WI and in the 7th grade [01-20-2001]

Lorraine,Gary, and Whitney Baisden, Wharncliffe,WV [01-20-2001]

allison, age 13 205overland spartanburg,sc 29307 [01-20-2001]

Judy Sweval, Live and born in Ohio, 52, female [01-20-2001]

I love Besty Ross it's so cool because she made the nations flag.
Amber Pecora, pa 11 [01-20-2001]

love the flag, betsy!
TORY [01-20-2001]

We look forward to visiting the Betsy Ross home this summer. We would like to know the best source to find a listing of books about her life. Thank you
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Richard, Kansas City, MO - retired [01-20-2001]

Gina Nata, New Orleans, la 30 [01-20-2001]

victoria strickland [01-20-2001]

Emiley Stasey Casey [01-20-2001]

Kimberly oyler [01-20-2001]

Hi Betsy! Love Old Glory!!! Great job! Keep up the great work!!!!! Love ya'!
Annabanana Komacek, 10 (yesterday) [01-20-2001]

Sherronda Eley, 35 [01-20-2001]

Nicole Winter, Fort Worth, Texas I am 9 yrs. old [01-20-2001]

We enjoy visiting the Betsy Ross House and are looking for more information about it and historic Philadelphia.
Anne and Kim Hanna, Perkasie, PA [01-20-2001]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross and was looking for information.
Lauren Mey, 11 year old 5th grade student [01-20-2001]

TRISHIA [01-20-2001]

My grandaugter had to write a paper on Betsy Ross for school. I showed her how to find out information about Betsy Ross on the internet. I learned something too.
Jo Silvio, I live in Illinois [01-20-2001]

send me a catlog iloved her work
joel, i colllect flags winfield 22 [01-20-2001]

Catharine Taft, westcoast south island nz [01-20-2001]

christina young [01-20-2001]

Tiffany Williams, location ,cullman age,10 [01-20-2001]

Erin Zugelder, Dayton,OH [01-20-2001]

McGuire family, We are an American family living in England. We are a home educating family and have used your web site to find out more about Betsy Ross and her flag. Our names are: Spencer (9), Elizabeth (6) and Emily (3). [01-20-2001]

Jacqueline LaHaye, Manistee, Michigan [01-20-2001]

I'm doing a book report on Betsy Ross
Shannon Hall, Ohio 11years old [01-20-2001]

Conor, I'em 10 Metuchen N.J. [01-20-2001]

Don Crawmer, US History buff [01-20-2001]

We read about Betsy Ross in our social studies book. We wanted to see where she made the flag. Thank you
Busy Bees, Sundown Texas [01-20-2001]

We admire Betsy Ross. She has a cool website. We found it interesting that she rented out part of someone else's house. We enjoyed getting to see about her making the flag. We liked looking at the dolls the granddaughters had. She lived in a pretty big house for someone who wasn't wealthy. It is interesting that the kitchen was downstairs.
Mr. Gates' Class, 4th Grade Class at Panter Elementary in Hiram, Georgia [01-20-2001]

alexis, 12 [01-20-2001]

I really intrested in this web site!
CJ and WP [01-20-2001]

We love taking virtual tours
Busy Bees, teacher [01-20-2001]

Amy Fairweather [01-20-2001]

Jenny, 14, washington, psms, like to snowboard and play vball [01-20-2001]

I like learning about this time in history, it's the only part in our history that interests me.
Lauren, I'm 14, I live in California [01-20-2001]

MICHAEL W. MC GOWAN, phoenix, az. 52 years [01-20-2001]

This web site is wonderful. My daughter is having to do a project related to American History in her 8th grade Social Studies class. She choose to use the first american flag as her topic. Your site has been exceptionaly helpful!
Nancy & Sara VanOver, Nancy:41 Sara:13 [01-20-2001]

Ellen Rappe, Fayetteville, Georgia [01-20-2001]

I visited this historic spot in the 80's and enjoyed it very much.
B. Zeigler, Age is 72 and I live in LA [01-20-2001]

It was a cool house! I wish I could have seenit in person and When Betsy lived there!!!!!!! -SARAH
Sarah [01-20-2001]

Liana Bolen [01-20-2001]

doing a school report
whitnee adkins, wv age 11 [01-20-2001]

I love Betsy Ross
CHarity, nice [01-20-2001]

Angela Rice [01-20-2001]

hi hi hih hjohibxlzcjbds
Rachel, i am 11 years old i am doing a project on her she created the flag [01-20-2001]

needing info for a school project
Elaine Jones, 43 mother of two sons [01-20-2001]

My daughter is researching Betsy Ross for a report. She thought it would be COOL to tour the house.
Gina Fannin, Tyler, Texas [01-20-2001]

Trent Foreman, i am located in va. [01-20-2001]

get information about betsy
marco, 9 [01-20-2001]

madeline ferrara [01-20-2001]

I enjoyed this page. I'm building a new house to look old and I really enjoyed the virtual tour of the house!
Sandra Shafer, Jefferson, Georgia [01-20-2001]

Katie Gordon, Utah, 39, college student [01-20-2001]

Raelyn Hindman, Utah, 21 [01-20-2001]

Thank you!
Mrs. Thornton's first grade class, Fayetteville, GA [01-20-2001]

Bonnie Berry, Fairview, Montana Age 48 [01-20-2001]

thnak you for coming to us, since i can't afford to visit you.
GRACE C. ALTAMIRANO, modesto calif. 41 a mother [01-20-2001]

they had to research about our flag for their junior citizen badge your site was very helpful thank you
teresa riley, big rock va 26 girl scout leader for junior girl scouts [01-20-2001]

I took my wife, who was born in Boston, MA, to see the house then when I had friends from Texas visit here I took them too. In the three years since they have visited here they still comment on being able to see the Betsy Ross House and how the experience was just as awesome as the visit to the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall.
Paul Schmidt, Fairless Hills, PA , age 53, 25 year Navy Veteran [01-20-2001]

I live in Illinois and am doing a poster with Betsy Ross. I am doing this as a project-contest for school.
Emily Boland, 10 [01-20-2001]

Hi.I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross.BYE
Elizabeth Collins, Pa. 10 [01-20-2001]

Phyllis Piper, ca [01-20-2001]

Robert E. Klemmer, 505 Clymer Ave. Morrisville,Pa [01-20-2001]

Getting ready to visit the real thing
Roger House, 43, married with 2 teenagers, Clinton Missouri [01-20-2001]

My class is studing American History and I have choosen Betsy Ross for my project.
Ashley Dyer, Riverside, California 10 years old [01-20-2001]

sweet page
Travis A Whitman, From Idaho [01-20-2001]

I am working on a Revolutionary War book as a project for my 4th grade class. I have chosen Betsy Ross and Paul Revere as two famous people that I will write about. I'm glad I found your web site. It will be lots of help. Sincerely, Thomas Bain Medlock Bridge Elememtary School Alparetta, GA
Thomas Bain, Duluth, Georgia - Age 9 [01-20-2001]

Rebecca Felker, Preservice teacher at Louisiana Tech [01-20-2001]

i want to know what the clors mean on our united states flag?
Alicia, i live in the united states [01-20-2001]

Dani, i like to go on line [01-20-2001]

Very nice tour, I live in Baltimore, home of another flagmaker, Mary Pickersgill. She made the flag that flew over Fort McHenry, during the bombardment in the War Of 1812.Your site,and tour is much more impressive than anything devoted to Mary Pickersgill, regardless of what the Baltimoron Chamber Of Commerce might say on the matter. Keep up the great work, and perhaps I might be able to visit in person in the future.
Bill Nestor, 41 yrs. old Live in Baltimore [01-20-2001]

Carol Jackson-Cash, High Point Nc [01-20-2001]

I am doing research about betsy ross
Avital [01-20-2001]

Jennifer Oliger, Ohio,25years old [01-20-2001]

Thanks for the great information!
Molly Kuhl, WA , 13, going to D.C. for dance tour and will see this museum [01-20-2001]

Virginia Rappa, I am from Virginia and I teach Kindergarten. [01-20-2001]

Karen Streng, Milan, Ohio [01-20-2001]

I will be Betsy Ross for a wax museum at our school. This was a great help. Thank you.
hilary, 10 utah [01-20-2001]

Lori Wallace, jamestown, ohio age 43, I played Betsy Ross when i was in the 4 grade [01-20-2001]

I have always been interested in history and archeology since I was a child. Needless to say, I have devoted my life to this work. This website is not only interesting and well kept, but it is also informative about the people and the many flags. Keep up the excellent work.
Martha Holm, Houston, Texas, Historian and Archeologist [01-20-2001]

mrianda lee rainer, 11years old humble tx. great kid, so dad says. [01-20-2001]

sandra monse, 16 [01-20-2001]

I am working on a report on Betsy Ross at school.
Andrea Springer [01-20-2001]

I'm doing a report for a Brownie badge
Amber Orgeron, 7 yrs. old from LA [01-20-2001]

Hilary Margaret Zanoni, I'm a student at Brook Forest Elementry I'm 10 years old and I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross [01-20-2001]

Visited the Ross house in Philly. Close to Christ Church. A wonderful, charming walk, especially on a nice sunny day. A great memory.
Nancy Chandler, Alsea, Oregon [01-20-2001]

Maria Ross, Portland Oregon 41yrs. old [01-20-2001]

deborah krabacher, irvng, texas, [01-20-2001]

Ashley French, 11years [01-20-2001]

i am doing a project on betsy ross and so far it has been fun!!!!! ( not he project part though)
anonymous [01-20-2001]

waz up i'm 14 blue eyes red hair
Nicole Hoppman, 3452 Rich St. Dr. [01-20-2001]

Send me a picture if you have any, girls
Joe, Single [01-20-2001]

Thanks for the great web site
Kenton Graebe, South San Francisco, California. 50 years old, teacher [01-20-2001]

I am doing research on betsy.
Rachel Ingram, Indiana 11 years old. [01-20-2001]

Jessica Gilbert, 10 [01-20-2001]

Need to do a mystery bio. for school and I chose Betsy Ross Your site has a lot of good information. Thanks
stephanie mclaren, 8 yrs [01-20-2001]

Sierra McLeod, 15 yrs old, and i live in Pennsylvania [01-20-2001]

Im doing a biography of her
Jessica Gilbert, 10 owen-withee wisconsin [01-20-2001]

Laura [01-20-2001]

tally, 23 [01-20-2001]

Frances Virginia Lawson Miller, Hello, My Name is FrancesMiller I'm married and we have three children Tenesha,Quincy and Ebony Miller and we live in Fordyce,Ark [01-20-2001]

Kenzie Kassoff, Cincinnati Oh 45242 i am 10 years old [01-20-2001]

I appreciate New England style architecture.Native of southeast Iowa.Currently residing on the coast of North Carolina.
Micheal W.Easley, 31 year old who loves early American history!!! [01-20-2001]

Chelsea Anne Stanger, Burke, VA 8 [01-20-2001]

Kathleen Sabre, enjoy the red,white and blue [01-20-2001]

Betty Chronister, PA. ; homeschooling mom [01-20-2001]

Lia Houston, Just stumbled across this site looking for flag memorabilia to decorate with. Very interesting. [01-20-2001]

our friends from the british school, new delhi, can contact us on email addresses: and we are waiting to hear from you all. love.
ali reza shojakhani & amir abbas shojakhani, we are currently living in tehran, iran. [01-20-2001]

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