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thank you for letting me to visit betsy ross day i am hopping to see it in the flesh
ken devlin, from sydney,australia age 39 [12-26-2001]

Stefani Alves, 9 yrs old [12-26-2001]

What a great site!
Heidi Arnold, 11 [12-26-2001]

I did a report on her.She is amazing.
Veronica Imperatore, March 23,1993 New Jersey, Mullica Hill [12-24-2001]

please email me more trivia...
Jasmine, 14 [12-24-2001]

Tish Meadows, Originally from Lansdowne PA now living in Lexington KY [12-24-2001]

Philip P Wolcott Jr, 52 years of age.Marco Island Florida. [12-24-2001]

Thank you for providing this information, especially in such an easily accessible format.
philip torrance, Princeton NJ [12-22-2001]

Sharon Schjelderup, St Paul, MN [12-22-2001]

Alixandria Garrison, im 12 years old i live in michigan [12-22-2001]

While attending the fifth grade, I was fortunate to have a teacher who truly loved this country and its history. I am sure that instilled the love of American history that I enjoy so much today. We really need more web-sites like this one. There were a lot of fascinating people in our nation's history. . .How about Esther Morris of Wyoming?
Patricia Schrader, 63 Yr. old disabled Wyoming Resident [12-22-2001]

Diane L Smith-Davis, live in Bothell, WA and am a seamstress [12-22-2001]

Tabitha Greene, 13 years old [12-22-2001]

Rachel, 13 illinois I have to do a report and this really helps [12-22-2001]

The 3rd grade class of Fargo Elementary are studying about Betsy Ross and the Flag.
Mrs. Eggleston, Fargo Elementary, Fargo OK. Third grade class [12-22-2001]

George, usa,30 [12-22-2001]

Sally Johns [12-22-2001]

Raul [12-22-2001]

amanda RegIe, ny,54,whatever [12-22-2001]

charlie, i am 11 [12-22-2001]

betsy ross is my cousin
andrea glaspell, age 11 [12-22-2001]

Natalie Smith, age 10, 5th grade [12-22-2001]

I just read a book about Besty Ross and it was AMAZING!!She's a very unique person!I am currently doing a report for school on her!In this report I have to dress up as she.I'm looking forward to it!Thanks!
Emily, I'm 13,I live in Idaho [12-22-2001]

Learning about the American flag
Sindy McGill, Washington, DC., 42 [12-22-2001]

Michael Rutter, San Antonio, TX/ 27yrs old/ USAF [12-22-2001]

they are nice pictures but wish to see more and know a little more cause I'm working on this project
cindy alvarado, dalton georgia age 14 [12-22-2001]

i like your website, and i enjoy ham and eggs on a hot summer day
FRANKLIN, 45 [12-22-2001]

Joe [12-22-2001]

paul [12-22-2001]

Jerry S Knoy, Detroit, Michigan [12-22-2001]

Rachel Arden, I am doing a project. I am 8 years old. I am from Maryland [12-22-2001]

marysol cuadrado, cali 16years [12-22-2001]

i love us history
Marlyn, 13 [12-22-2001]


I'am 9 years old. i live in pennsylvania. I really admired the tour
Joseph Zinno [12-22-2001]

Priscilla Trusclair, 10 years old [12-22-2001]

Courtney [12-22-2001]

kelly [12-22-2001]

Samantha Gross, age9 [12-22-2001]

Joseph Zinno [12-22-2001]

i'm cute
Paige Rommel, i'm 9 years old [12-22-2001]

Ametheny [12-22-2001]

Brian Powers [12-22-2001]

sawyer [12-22-2001]

ashley gearhart, age 9 [12-22-2001]

Eric Landes, age 10 [12-22-2001]

gage waltman, 9 [12-22-2001]

eddie mika [12-22-2001]

kristin gambone, 10 [12-22-2001]

Eric Landes, age 10 [12-22-2001]

Andrew Hagner, 10 years old [12-22-2001]

larissa Harrison, I am a teacher at Renaissance Academy [12-22-2001]

Drew Drevyanko [12-22-2001]

Joshua Johnson [12-22-2001]

Brittani Hilles, 9 years old, horse lover [12-22-2001]

Albert Wesley Carter [12-22-2001]

ashley gearhart, age 9 [12-22-2001]

Jessica Hess, I am 9 years old [12-22-2001]

Larissa Harrison [12-22-2001]

i love this website in helped me w/ my bookreport soo much thanz agian
sarah, im 11 ilive in lynbrook ny and i love sports [12-22-2001]

I love to read, I am currently doing a biography report on Betsy Ross... my mom is from Philadelphia. Thank you for this site.
Katrina Leigh Thompson, Farmers Branch, TX [12-17-2001]

Sue Hebert, I am 59, live in Southwest Louisiana,and do upholstery and refinishing,also have a quail farm and pickle quail eggs [12-17-2001]

I am doing a biography book report on Betsy Ross for school. This website gave me good information. Thanks
Kayla Coffey, St. Louis MO I'm 10 yearsold [12-17-2001]

im doing a project!!
Kristy, pa, 16 [12-17-2001]

I am doing Betsy ross for a speech in social Studies
Rachael Putney, I am 12 yrs of age [12-17-2001]

mary, 22 and hot [12-17-2001]

I'm Getting this information for my daughters book report. This has been very helpful. And maybe one day me and my daughters can take a trip and see the Besty Ross House. There is one more thing, I wish you could add to the tour. And that is a little more personal touch about Besty Ross. Her likes and dislikes? How she felt about certain things in her life? How many children she had?
Mashea Roberts, Mother, Student at PCC, Wal-Mart Associate [12-17-2001]

I wish i can see her children
monique, nine years old [12-17-2001]

God bless AMERICA
Cassidy Fields, i am 13 years old [12-17-2001]

Doris Beyers, I'm 68 and live in the Atlanta Area [12-17-2001]

Scoutmaster from Troop 107 Jacksonville, IL. Planning summer trip to east. Checking on sites.
Dave Dimmick [12-17-2001]

i'm looking for a former classmate from east grand forks mn. that graduated with me in 1964, her name is Dolly Byoid
Kathy Query, i live in west fargo,my age is 55, [12-17-2001]

Leah Sadallah, 11 years old [12-17-2001]

Jacqueline Mezzacappa, Staten Island, New York, age 10 [12-17-2001]

my family,the irwins, have been in America long time i do not know complete history, but i like to think from old family tales, that we helped make U.S.A. a great place for everybody.
wes and milly kosta, we live,work cape kiawanda,pacific city, or. [12-17-2001]

clayton smith [12-17-2001]

I am going to portray Betsy Ross in a living biography at my school.
Olivia Wedekind, 10 years old [12-17-2001]

Dorothy Avery, Toronto, Ontario.Canada. [12-17-2001]

Chasity, 12 years old, live in kansas [12-17-2001]

Lacey Vassallo, Holyoke, MA [12-17-2001]

Robi, oregon [12-17-2001]

I was looking for info so I could do a paper and this is an excellent website. I just wish I had heard of it easier, instead of searching and serching on yahoo, but all my info came from here. Thanks!
Jessica Cunningham, 14- [12-17-2001]

Lowell Gutknecht, age 11 Torrance Ca. [12-17-2001]

Jan Brandi, I am a student, I am 9 years, I live in Clearwater,FL and I have to do a report at school about Betsy Ross. [12-17-2001]

ya im doing a report on her and the flags
Nicole Brennan, seattle washington 13, and im in 8th grade at saghalie jr. high [12-17-2001]

Tecia German, Grovetown, Ga 28 [12-17-2001]

Sharon Holmes, Teacher [12-17-2001]

josephine kolasinski, new castle de [12-12-2001]

Venice Mazarakis, 36 yrs old from Brockton, Massachusetts [12-12-2001]

Lauren Craven, okoll soljn 12 [12-12-2001]

Dee Speer, ny,13 [12-12-2001]

I have to do a speech about betsy ross sooo i need to learn about her.
Delia, Florida [12-12-2001]

I would like to know what the red stripes stand for and what the white stand for. why those colors were chosen..
sheila Eiholzer, new york cub scout leader [12-12-2001]

we visited the house in august we have a group of girls who are studying citizenship oodles of information is on the internet, including how to make a star. love it !!
JOAN MORLIN, old [12-12-2001]

Wish I could see this in person
Linda Hawkins [12-12-2001]

amy, nj 12 hi [12-12-2001]

I Think Besty Ross is cool
Jacqueline Alicia Kosluk, 10 year old [12-12-2001]

Riki, 17 [12-12-2001]

Tina Jorgenson, 32,Georgia, [12-12-2001]

My daughter, Mary Frances, is studying about Betsy Ross in her second grade class at Mountain Brook Elemtary in Birmingham, Alabama. Thanks for your information.
Susan Boston [12-12-2001]

Doing school project on Betsy Ross!
Brenda, Cherry Hill, age 10 [12-12-2001]

Doing a school project
Kristy Wehlau, Palm Harbor, Florida [12-12-2001]

looking for information for my oroject.
amanda lynn barber, susquehanna/pa 12 [12-12-2001]

i work in a power plant
EDGAR DE SANTIAGO, 23years old [12-12-2001]

i love reading about besty ross . i love any hing to do with histroy, that was my favertor thing in school . and still is . . love taking the tore too it most inresting . going back in time .
zenola coffman, i live in charleston west virgina i'm house wife beening married 2 times . i got 3 grow boys . i got 7 greandkids .im 48 years old . [12-12-2001]

this is good because i am doing a report on betsy ross due tommorrow. 12/10/01 Sarah Bopp
Sarah Bopp, PA. age- 12. [12-12-2001]

My girlfriend claims her mothers side of the family was related to betsy ross.
Ben johnson, warren ar. age 42 [12-12-2001]

LINDA J PYFFER, live in brisol, pa, 55yo, nurse [12-12-2001]

i really enjoyed the tour it fun to see this house and learn about these things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tylashia, NY elementary student [12-10-2001]

Sandi Wasson, New Jersey [12-10-2001]

Kimberly Williams, South Carolina, I'm 10 years old [12-10-2001]

jennifer, shanghai [12-10-2001]

kathleen buell [12-10-2001]

Katie Fory, Louisiana,13 [12-10-2001]

gwyneth nye, 18 [12-10-2001]

i really enjoyed taking a tour of your house. i enjoyed looking at the dining area. it's fascinating to see all the different stuff inside a house.
june Jones, alpena michigan [12-10-2001]

James, ga, 47 [12-10-2001]

nicole spagnola, Student in elementary School [12-09-2001]

I am doing it for a project
Amanda, rochester 12 [12-09-2001]

Don & Joy Parks, Robert Lee Tex [12-09-2001]

howard tendler, valley cottage, n.y. ( north of n.y.c. ) 39. [12-09-2001]

I'm doing a book report on Betsy Ross for school and this is just the thing to make her come alive!
Breanne Hledik, okc [12-09-2001]

I am doing a report for school on Betsy Ross.Thanks for the help.
Erin P. Smith, Lubbock, Texas [12-08-2001]

Sharanda Marie Stevens [12-08-2001]

Dawn & Joshua Ullman, Joshua is 5 months old [12-08-2001]

Judith Bernardi, Northeastern Pennsylvania [12-08-2001]

Janyce A. Turner, Currently 51 yrs old - visited Betsy Ross House as a child in elementary school. [12-08-2001]

I am very interested in colonial early American history, especially the Battle of Bunker Hill.
Leslie S. Oliver, English teacher at The Cambridge Rindge and Latin School [12-08-2001]

Sam Hartsock, 18 [12-08-2001]

Bryttanie Forbes [12-08-2001]

This site is so cool. It helped em a lot on my project!
Nichole, Las Vegas 131/2 [12-08-2001]

It's a great web site! Thank you.
Daniel P. Macy, Tucson, Az., 33yrs. old, a proud parent of an eight yr. old, a six yr. old, and a three yr. old, 2girls and a boy, happily married [12-08-2001]

My friends and I are doing a project in are school about betsy ross, So far I think it is very interesting to learn about her,And the american flag.
Ambre Dorich, Pennsylvaina 9yrs old [12-08-2001]

I am doing a report on Betsy and i thought this would be the perfect thing to do.
Rebecca A. LAhr, I am 14 years old and I love horseback riding. [12-08-2001]

need help on a project to give me information about betsys life please give me information.
Ronald Vergantino, 11 years old [12-08-2001]

I am doing her for an essay contest entiled: Women who made a diffrence in history, and I feel that she did.
Amber, 13 Paulding Ohio [12-08-2001]

Hello, My name is Kenyatta Brooks age 11, I live in Kankakee,IL
Kenyatta Brooks, Kankakee,IL age 11 [12-08-2001]

Lindsey, 16years old Doing a sschool project [12-08-2001]

Jan McClay-Coles, I live in Center City and my prayers are with my son and others that are away from home and fighting for our country. [12-08-2001]

Our float theme for the Christmas parade this year "Christmas at the home of Betsy Ross." We have enjoyed learning about her as we portray her home and the flag on our float. Thank you!
T. Baker, Button Gwinnett Elementary School in Georgia [12-08-2001]

sabrina, 13/f/ohio [12-08-2001]

I'm in the 6th grade, and I'm doing a biography on Betsy Ross for a History class. I really appreciate this! Thank You!
Nichole Foster, 12 years of age [12-08-2001]

I'm doing a historical report on her and she is cool to learn about
HIna, 12 (7-31-89) [12-05-2001]

I will be giving a speech on Betsy Ross. Please send information and pictures of her. I am 8 years old.
The Garbe Family, Ventura, CA [12-05-2001]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross. This site was very helpful and informative. Thank you!!! My Mom and I read this together.
Sarah Findysz, Tucson, AZ age 7 [12-05-2001]

Joy Hunt, 24yrs. majoring in elementary education [12-05-2001]

I am doing a project on Betsy Ross and the American flag. I hope the tour will help me understand more about who she was. Justin
Justin Agar, Slidell, Louisiana, 11, 4th grade [12-05-2001]

Sue, Louisiana,35 [12-05-2001]

katie whetham, Hockessin, DE; 13 [12-05-2001]

Amber, 47 years old [12-05-2001]

C. Bacon, grew up in Phila. visited the house as a school child from the Mary C. Wister Elementary school. [12-05-2001]

Stephanie Gonzalez, age 13 Cotulla Tx [12-05-2001]

Marissa Benavides, age 14 Cotulla Tx [12-05-2001]

Arlene Haynes [12-05-2001]

I have been to the house a couple of times over the past 10 years and just wanted to remind myself of my experience there.
Gene Colson, Farmington, Minnesota Age 40, Father of 3 boys & 1 girl [12-05-2001]

Shane Neisner, Johnstown, PA : 14 [12-05-2001]

how are the wars down
krista keosaian, 11 [12-05-2001]

tiffany [12-05-2001]

Before I graduated 8th grade in 1976 my class had the option for a class trip. we chose philadelphia. we loved it so much that when we graduated we asked the school if we could have a special symbol on our tassels. we got the liberty bell and the red,white and blue tassels to go with it. we were the only class every granted that honor. I'm still proud of that. The school was St. Thomas the Apostle in woodhaven, queens, NY. Thanks for the memories. I'll be back for another trip tomorrow. Take care.
Graceann Tozzi, Stroudsburg,PA [12-05-2001]

Matti, female [12-05-2001]

Deb Weller, I live in Ohio [12-05-2001]

I did a book report on Betsy Ross and I think she is really cool.
Sarah Ashley Nunez, 9 yaers old and I live in Plantation, Florida [12-05-2001]

Katie Caputo, Chadds Ford, PA Age 10 [12-05-2001]

John Osmonson, Mineola, Tx-70-retired [12-05-2001]

I gave my students an assignment, to write a paragraph about the American Flag. I thought this would be fairly easy, but I soon discovered that my students knew little to nothing about the flag and its history.
Rhonda Shainin, Special Education teacher at a middle school [12-05-2001]

I wish i had infenidy dollors
Katelyn Jones [12-05-2001]

Carol Schaefer [12-05-2001]

i love her house and am thankful that she sewed our american flag. I'm also happy they piked the colors red, white, and, blue
Cecil [12-05-2001]

hi thanks for designing the flag
rarecaus jones, monroe louisiana/11 [12-05-2001]

I am so appreciative of my country now that I have realized how much more better we have it in THE UNTED STATES OF AMERICA!!!!GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DANIELLE Hebert Carencro, La 70520
Danielle Hebert, Carencro, Louisiana 19 Years [12-05-2001]

Lauren, Looking for info for language arts 8th grade [12-05-2001]

Dawn Turner [12-05-2001]

cheyenne foster, 14 years old [12-05-2001]

Jordan Galczynski, Age 9 years old [12-05-2001]

You shouldn't ask personal questions.
Aaron S. Moore, I like baseball. [12-03-2001]

Cathy Nicholas, 13 [12-03-2001]

ANTHONY CATAGE, 12 [12-03-2001]

it is year 2001 howwddddaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
johnny boy, howdaaaaaay [12-03-2001]

P. Pavlich Seventh Grade Classroom, /. [12-03-2001]

Becky Therres, Monroe, Washington [12-03-2001]

James Maclean [12-03-2001]

Gayla Lovell, Arkansas [12-03-2001]

I came here on December 1,2001..I had a great time and really learned a lot about Betsy, and more American history about the flag than I learned in school!! What a great place to take the children!!! Thanks so much!!!
Sharon Riddle FitzGerald, Niagara Falls New York [12-02-2001]

I once saw a play where Betsy told the General that he could make a 5 pointed star easier than a 6 pointed star. I remember that it could be done but not how. Thanks for this info!
Roberta Hartley, My husband's name for me is Betsay Ross because I'm always sewing something.... [12-02-2001]

Kara Pruitt, 13 Arkansas [12-02-2001]

I'm looking for a Betsy Ross pin
anonymous [12-02-2001]

bob, my name [12-02-2001]

Thanks for the interesting info at this site. It gave me an opportunity to share with my children the history of the flag and its importance to our nation especially now in the light of recent events. Thanks!!!
David Melvin, live in ME, father of two children, history buff [12-02-2001]

Richard Parent, St-Hilaire, Quťbec, Canada; age 51 [12-02-2001]

Thanks for making this a great way to preserve our heritage.
William Koster, retired engineer (68 yrs old)living in Lake havasu City, Arizona [12-02-2001]

This is a great site. It helped me a lot.
Bonnie [12-02-2001]

Andee Post [12-01-2001]

chris , I am 13 years old [12-01-2001]

Brianna , Ny [12-01-2001]

sarang [12-01-2001]

I am very very very very ect. interseted in history geography and American speaches
Owen Duffy , n.y.c. age9 [12-01-2001]

A.Norton [12-01-2001]

god bless america
Courtney , 13 [12-01-2001]

Ryan Dawson , Cute sexy [12-01-2001]

I wish you like
Amber Veale , 11 yrs. old [12-01-2001]

Kathy Nettleton [12-01-2001]

I think that going through Betsy's house is a great way for me to know her more and about how she lived her life. I'm doing a research report for my English class on Betsy Ross. I had a lot of options but doing my report on Betsy seemed the most interesting!
Caryn Fitzgerald , I live in Camarillo,Ca. I'm 13 and I since i was doing a report on Betsy I thought this site might be helpful. [12-01-2001]

J.J.Fr [12-01-2001]

My 4th grade daughter is very interested in Betsy Ross. She is doing a report on her for Social Studies.
Melissa Jimenez , 30 Diamondhead, MS [12-01-2001]

Betsy Ross Rox
Katherine Buckner , Varney WVa 15 years old [12-01-2001]

Kristen Walker [12-01-2001]

I love this site!
Jenna , 10 years old [12-01-2001]

Kevin J. Hack [12-01-2001]

I'm very proud to be an AMERICAN and love this country's history greatly. It's also interesting having a friend who's a decendent from Betsy Ross even though it's distent.
Karen A. Zembrzuski , I'm 36, Troy Michigan, 11-29-2001 [12-01-2001]

We are studing the history of our country and I am playing Betsy Ross. My teacher and I are looking up information for my part.
Tiffanie Cox , 9years old, Mudge School, Fort Knox, Ky. [12-01-2001]

I appreciate this opportunity to "see" such a historical site from "home" - I'm afraid I'm not much of a traveler, but am curious and interested in learning. Thank you for making this possible.
Mary Bardonner , 48 years old, work in the children's department at local library [12-01-2001]

A very interesting site, thank you for having it. I haven't toured the Betsy Ross house since I was a little girl in school. I have made it a point to take my 2 beautiful daughters.
Natalie Davis , Erial, NJ 08081 [12-01-2001]

Richard Rendon [12-01-2001]

Jean Wheeler , Daytona Beach, Fl. Just celebrated our 58th. wedding anniversary on Nov. 27th. [12-01-2001]

jrvaldez , tucson, arizona [12-01-2001]

Melanie Renwick , I am 8 years old. I am doing a report on Betsy Ross for school. [11-28-2001]

maribel , 31 [11-28-2001]

Hermione [11-28-2001]

why do some say that ms ross didn't make the firs flag?
Judith O'Steen , white female/54 years old/live in the midwest [11-28-2001]

Joanne McCloskey [11-28-2001]

I think Betsy is an insperation to all kinds of people from every kind of race,color,belifes,and oppions
Sidney Smith , 9 [11-28-2001]

You are great betsy ross and thank you for bottom of my heart and is a great american country and flag forever free!! I will like see you next life to meet you and for great hug you did it this country and thanks love my friends and tours page and now i understand this all about it this flag and american is like freedom!!! love peteyjo
peteyjo l. weseloh , I'm deaf and I'm pound of american citizen [11-28-2001]

I used to live in PA and toured the house probably at least fifteen years ago.
Michele , 34, Vancouver WA [11-28-2001]

j hanna [11-28-2001]

I Wish Betsy Ross was steel living.If she was I would be so happy.
KAYLA STATION , batonrouge,la 11 years of age [11-28-2001]

Niki , 14/female/Nevada [11-28-2001]

shelle , I thought it would be pretty cool to take the tour! [11-28-2001]

i just wanted to say hey and how you been goood byeeee
TIFFANY , louisiana, and 11 years old [11-28-2001]

I am doing a biography on Betsy Ross for my 3rd grade class.
Veronica Imperatore , Mullica Hill, NJ Age 8 Harrison Township School [11-28-2001]

I'm doing an American History project on Betsy Ross's Circle Flag where I sew it and describe what it is...It's turning out great so far. And all of this information on her and the flag is very helpful...Thank you!!
Kara , Ohio [11-28-2001]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross. I am in 7th Grade.
Cassidy Fields , at Joan MacQueen Middle School [11-28-2001]

Doing a study on the American Rev. Thought I would study virtual/.
Trinity Cardine , Age 9, [11-28-2001]

Mrs. Franklin [11-28-2001]

Remy Williams , 11 [11-28-2001]

ANTHONY ARMANDO , east stroudsburg, pa 18301 [11-28-2001]

Katherine Hurley [11-28-2001]

Cinda Rose , 55, mother, publisher [11-28-2001]

Annette Shively , Washington State, 34 years [11-28-2001]

I like the American flag!
David Bermudez , I am 6 years old. I live in Tennessee [11-28-2001]

I'm doing a diorama of Betsy Ross's house for Social Studies Class. Thanks for this great web site!
claire cottell , age 13 [11-28-2001]

CAROLINA FLORES , 21 i am fine [11-28-2001]

I admire Besty Ross because she was a strong indepent black women and she was the one who wove the american flag GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!
timothy matthews , memphis tn, 13, african american. [11-28-2001]

i've been to betsy ross's house before its alsome but now i need to see it again for another project well g2g byez
steph smith , im 13 live in pa [11-28-2001]

katie , 11 years old [11-28-2001]

Cherie Trimble [11-28-2001]

Hawthorne Elementary School Fifth Graders , Fifth Graders [11-28-2001]

Bobette Yocum , teacher [11-28-2001]

Your website is reall helpfull for my school project and I think your website is really wicked!
Serena Brett , Haslemere, England age 9 [11-28-2001]

I am playing Betsy Ross for my school assemberly.
Lani Irvine , year 3.i am 8 years old [11-28-2001]

katie chale , i'm 9 years old and i'm thankful for just how america can stand proud. [11-28-2001]

Thank you.
Carol Blanchet , Granite Falls, WA [11-28-2001]

I'm doing a book report on Betsy Ross and want to know how she dressed.
Becca Van Meter [11-28-2001]

Morgan , I live in Indiana and I am 13 years old. [11-28-2001]

Wilda Parrott , 11-25-2001 [11-28-2001]

I have a American Flag House Betsy Ross Memorial Association, series L, cert. # 56082, issue 1916, document. Do you have any information about this assoc. begining june 14, 1898
joseph bondi , titusville nj [11-28-2001]

I thought the house would be bigger. I didn't know that she was buried there. I will be seeing the house in person soon.
Abby Musial , 10 [11-28-2001]

Betty , 13 New York [11-28-2001]

Thank You for such a historical site full of information, I never knew the true story of betsy ross or the flag. donna york
donna l. york , queen creek,az. 56 fem [11-28-2001]

Great web site!
Cynthia Phillips , Columbus, Ohio [11-28-2001]

Mike Welstad , Turner, Oregon 97392 Age 44 [11-28-2001]

Frank Irvin , 30 years old, veteran of the gulf war and I know what the flag really means,God bless America [11-28-2001]

Ashley , im doing a report on Betsy Ross [11-28-2001]

This is COOL! Thanks for the history lesson! Loved it!
anonymous , Alabama (too old to tell!) [11-28-2001]

lisa winslow , 7 years old [11-28-2001]

Dorothy Rosenboom [11-28-2001]

sara , north carolina [11-22-2001]

I visited the Betsy Ross house in 1961 with my parents who were visiting me from Hawaii. Now that I am much older I MUST visit again and take my grandchildren. God Bless America & Protect All of our Troups who are in harms way. Semper Fi. Proud to be a United States Marines Wife.
Marlene Young , I now live in SD - My heart will always be from HAWAII [11-22-2001]

It would be nice to think there might be a family connection. Some of my grandfather's relatives went to America.
Roberta Ross Paton , Born Glasgow Scotland, age 63, living in New Zealand. My grandfather's name was Peter Ross, born Aberdeen, Scotland 1889 [11-22-2001]

I am doing a project on Betsy Ross! And my search engine brought me here!
Nicki , usa! [11-22-2001]

Cassie Stuper , I live in Georgetown DE. I'm 10. I have to do a project called Historical Day and i'm probably going to be Betsy Ross. [11-22-2001]

We are so proud to be Americans. As we celebrate Thankgiving Day we have so many thing to be thankful. (It is hard to believe that we were married on a Thanksgiving afternoon in 1958, that is 43 years!! It makes us proud to see so many beautiful American flags displayed here in our retirement community.(Population about 26,000.)Many veterans live here. I often see auto tags that identify a "PEARL HARBOR SURVIVOR". May Betsy Ross's making the first flag be always be remembered. GOD BLESS OUR U.S.A.
Jewel S. Bolton , My husband and I are North Carolina natives, now retired in Sun City West, Arizona [11-22-2001]

DUSTIN ROARK , 14 years old from colorado springs, co [11-22-2001]

I picked Betsy Ross for my hero because she's noble and brave.
Halie Thompson , I'm 10 in the fith grade [11-22-2001]

Stacy LeJeune , P.O. Box 156 [11-22-2001]

God Bless America!!!
Danielle J. [11-22-2001]

Proud to be an AMERICAN
Tony Iannarelli, Jr , Cheltenham Village, PA, Age 44 [11-22-2001]

Gloria Freeman [11-22-2001]

Susan Hoesche , Crete, NE [11-22-2001]

nice web site, good for porjects in world studies.
Sara Luposello , holland ,MI 15 [11-22-2001]

Amanda , 22 Female from Illinois [11-22-2001]

Bob , Kentucky 17 [11-22-2001]

Deanna Maria Pavone , Clyde, MO. age 63, Benedictine Sister [11-22-2001]

Last visit was five years ago.
Darrell G.J. Carbullido , Sacramento, Ca [11-22-2001]

Ayana' Mcphaul , I am 12 yrs old [11-22-2001]

I also like Betsy Ross. I have a Betsy Ross Spinet Piano by Lester Piano. #184606, I have a year on the piano 1909. Please let me know if you know the value of this piano. Thank you so much, Flo Rogers
Flo Rogers , Location at Cedar Creek Lake Area, Mabank, Tx. [11-22-2001] [11-22-2001]

Phree Baker , Washington, D.C. Age 27 [11-22-2001]

Kyle Murphy , 10 years old [11-22-2001]

I will be using this site for a web-based lesson on the US flag for my ESL students.
Lori Sanchez , ESL Instructor in Shelton, CT [11-22-2001]

I am doing a social studies fair project on the history of the American flag. Is there any way to order pictures or other items online or via telephone from the Betsy Ross gift shop. Is there a catalogue or other listing of items available. thanks for your help.
Megan Youngblod , Shreveport, LA, 12 years old [11-22-2001]

I'm doing my biogurph report.
liza , I live in Queens. [11-22-2001]

I am doing a hero report and besty ross is my hero.GO BETSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sarah Fagan , iam 9 [11-22-2001]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross.
Rachel Kovach , 8 [11-22-2001]

always been proud of our name, betsy and I
betsy ross , im 68 years old ,i live in glen burnie ,md [11-22-2001]

Jessica and Laura , Mrs. Cardozo's class [11-22-2001]

Pamela Linnabury , Arlington TX 35 [11-22-2001]

David Slim , 15 yrs. old/Ft. Wingate New Mexico/motorcross racer [11-22-2001]

Alycia Henderson , 15 yrs. old/New Mexico/like Tigger/play basketball [11-22-2001]

Hello from Russia!
Nikolae Andreyevich Gorkeyev , I am 104, I live in Concord, Massachusetts. [11-22-2001]

June Knight , Yuma, AZ; 42 yrs old; very patriotic! [11-22-2001]

Charlotte Cappelli , Malvern, Pa [11-22-2001]

I think it is nice to find such a site on the Web. Thank you, and God Bless America.
Frank Daniels , American [11-22-2001]

CHELSEY , fl,8, homeschool student [11-22-2001]

I enjoy this website on Betsy Ross! I like to know a lot about Betsy's future and I love the American Flag that she had created. Without a flag, there would be no symbolism of America!
Carmen Jennifer Hernandez , Visalia, California i'm 13 years old! [11-22-2001]

Betsy Ross was a far back aunt of mine. I have never visited the house. I just wanted to take a look at what it looks like. :)
Jen , I live in PA, and I am 15. [11-22-2001]

Donna Huber , Ohio age 34 [11-22-2001]

I have collected flags of all kinds for years now, and have some two hundred different renditions of "Old Glory". The earliest flag I own is one with 45 stars.
Martin Sanady , Age 40, North Little Rock, AR [11-22-2001]

i need to know how the us.flag envolved for my daughters school project.
rosalyn glenn , atlanta ga, 32 [11-22-2001]

Your website is wonderful. It is simple enough for children to understand and to maintain an interest. I'm about to take the tour, thank you for making it available.
Renee Lee , Zachary, LA [11-22-2001]

very fortunate to have found this great site.
Colleen O'Rourke , New zealand [11-22-2001]

Thank you for all the information that this site has provided. It really helped me write my biography report. Thanks, Alyssa Sanchez
Alyssa Sanchez , Redondo Beach, California 8 years old. [11-22-2001]

Hallo everyone
Kallin , Omaha NE 68104 12yrs [11-22-2001]

We love the american flag.
lucy cody , We live in Norwood,Mass. [11-22-2001]

ChrisThomas , Simpsonville, SC [11-22-2001]

Robert Frost , Middleville Mi. [11-22-2001]

I have been a public servant for my entire adult life and because of the paths I have chosen, I have always honored, respected and defended the U.S flag and what it stands for. Approximately a year ago, I was disturbed to see an American flag that was, as it turns out, carelessly raised in the inverted position at a local school. I approached the school recognizing the signal of distress and later found out it was accidentally raised inverted. I asked the Principal of the school if she would allow me to address the school assembly to teach the students the history and proper flag etiquette of the U.S. flag. I had addressed several school assemblies and the instruction was well received. Since the terrorist attacks on 09-11-01 that killed 349 of my fellow Firefighters and created a surge in Patriotism, I am again visiting local schools to insure that the students have the knowledge and display the flag correctly. The information that I have obtained from this webpage has proved more than useful in my "classes" The information is clear concise and makes for fluid teaching and easy comprehension. Thank You for the information. Paul Evancho
Paul Evancho , I am a 10 year U.S. Marine Corps veteran, former U.S. Border Patrol Agent, and currently am a Professional Firefighter in Yuma Az. [11-22-2001]

I am doing a presentation on Besty Ross at the end of the month at my school and wanted as much information as I could get. Thank You
Kara Kelsey , Prosser, WA, 11 [11-22-2001]

My 8 year old daughter is doing a report on Betsy Ross. Your website is terrific! We look forward to visiting the Betsy Ross House in the near future. Thanks.
Peter Capella , Baltimore, MD [11-22-2001]

Janet Mitchell , 50,Adirondacks,NY [11-22-2001]

served in us army from june 1964 thru june 1967 have been employed as an electrical lineman since july of 1967 with the central vermont public service corp. and am looking forward to retirement at age 60 with about 37 years service.
ROGER P. CADIEUX , st. johnsbury, vermont male (57) [11-22-2001]

Barbara Ann Coffman , Betsy Ross House 1947 age 12 Phidelphia, PA [11-22-2001]

i am looking for a carol thomas that use to live in pana.
steve , pana 22 5;8 blound hair blue eyes [11-22-2001]

wesley king [11-22-2001]

I am doing a project on betsy ross so i wanted to see where she lived!!!!! thanks
torrie geberin , 14 school project [11-22-2001]

I am doing research for my 7yr old that has to do a project for school about a famous American and she chose Betsy Ross. GOD BLESS AMERICA
Stephanie Lynch , Columbia, SC [11-22-2001]

This is a great web site it has a lot of info on Bestsy Ross. Luv lots Jessica
Jessica , 13 years old [11-22-2001]

thank you for leting me visit
mauro antonelli , cleveland,31,male [11-22-2001]


Lisa Anderson , I am a descendant of Betsy Ross on my father's side. [11-22-2001]

ashley hall [11-22-2001]

Lori Adams , 30, Birmingham, AL, librarian [11-22-2001]

veronique leininger , daughter 7, Phx., AZ [11-22-2001]

im doing a report for a essay contest and i would love to visit the Betsy Ross virtual room
Sabra Eddy , 1366 N. 5th Street Columbus Ohio 43201 14 years old [11-22-2001]

Thank you for letting me visit!
Anique Kasper , Seattle, 30-something, teacher [11-22-2001]

Joy Bryant , Oregon, 50yrs [11-22-2001]

I wish I could see her in a dream!!!!!!!!
Evey Queen , 22/Hispanic/Female/N.J [11-22-2001]

I was surprised that there was nothing on the flag debate in the museum itself. Every historical document or book I have read that includes Betsy Ross mentions that many historians do not accept the story of her making the flag as anything more than a parable and I was dissapointed that the museum itself mentioned nothing. The lack of labels in the rooms did not make it clear how authentic the rooms actually were.
Bethany Campbell , Yorktown VA Public History Major [11-22-2001]

I am related to Nancy Ross, married to Eli H. Heaton on Jan. 6, 1812. She passed away on February 25 1828 in Fayette County, Indiana. I need to know if I am related to Betsy through Nancy. Please let me know the lineage of Betsy Ross if you are able. The reason? DAR.
Kimberly Kaye Schauer , related to Nancy Ross born in 1750 in PA [11-22-2001]

This would be a very interesting thing to do with my kids, one of them is writing about our flag.
Lourdes Rivera , Florida,US 39y, Hispanic Decendent [11-22-2001]

I sewed my own flag today with my auntie Jan Jan
rachel laudone , 6 years old [11-22-2001]

Timothy S. Searer [11-22-2001]

Elaine , Norfolk,Va [11-22-2001]

i luv betsy
sally kashante' , 57 years old [11-22-2001]

Garreth Stewart , student age 14 [11-22-2001]

I think the woman who made the first flag by her hands and spending all the time on it. God Bless American
Sheena Triplett , Muldarugh Kentuky. I am 14 years old. [11-22-2001]

Candise Hobbs , GA 13 cheerleader at CMS [11-22-2001]

laurie parr , long island, NY. 34, mother of 2 [11-22-2001]

i was wonder about a project for my 10yr old daughter that is in the 5th grade and i had thought of us reconstruting her house or molding betsy ross out of clay sittin in a chair making the flag..can you tell me any web sites that i could go to that might help me find a interseting project for my daughter?
delana torres , 28 tx [11-22-2001]

I work for a motor coach company and we looking to get some information if possible: entrance fees, hours anything like that would be helpful for school group trips. Thank You, Michelle
Michelle V. Jewell , Bristol, Vt 31 Years Old [11-22-2001]

Jeff Bartee [11-22-2001]

Miranda & Kelsey Jones , we are homeschooled in Simsbury,CT and are 8 and 10 years old. We are writing a report on Betsy Ross [11-22-2001]

I am looking for some pictures for a report in my contemporary issues class.
Sonya Williams , Osceola, Mo. [11-22-2001]

The flag is so cool.
Brittany Loy , 13-Marysville-Oh [11-22-2001]

Mrs. Snowden [11-22-2001]

At this time in our nations strife it is comforting to reflect on our roots and those who played a part in its making. I am a homeshool mom who wished to tell my family the story of Betsy Ross and the making of our first flag.
Sandra Vogelpohl [11-22-2001]

i am trying to get info for a 9 yr. old girl , for a school project
eadie dumm , jacksonville fl, age 64 [11-22-2001]

Nancy Burley Daniels , Laurel Md. [11-22-2001]

Steve Ottwell [11-22-2001]

Diane Singleton [11-22-2001]

Interesed in taking my family on a tour.
Angeleenia Lumpkin , Vineland, NJ 32 [11-22-2001]

I have always wanted to visit Betsy Ross House but never got the opportunity! I thank God for the internet! It takes me to many places I would ordinarily be unable to visit!!!!! Thank you!
Linda Fuller , Coatesville [11-22-2001]

ashleigh , 13 [11-22-2001]

Rommy Tejada [11-22-2001]

betsy ross you are a good sewer !!!!!!!!!!
Lili Valentine , I am 10 years old and I live in Florida [11-22-2001]

Victoria Colby , 13, liven in Maine [11-22-2001]

april paige , Pueblo,CO 17 [11-22-2001]

Rosanna Jennifer Ackley , 9 y.o. in 4th grade I'm writng a report on what the flag means to me. [11-22-2001]

I'm a former Navy vet, and I'v always been interested in our flag.
Jack & Pat Maxfield , 1059 Ricco Dr Sparks, Nv 89434 [11-22-2001]

i think that betsey is awsome so i am doing her for my projesct on america
L. , none [11-22-2001]

Deborah Arnold [11-22-2001]

Dee Haulsee , 39 Years old and is a mother. [11-22-2001]

I am going to do the role of Betsy Ross in a christmas day parade and I was just getting some info about her...shes cool for making the flag. It holds great importance to us today!
kortney , i live in tampa and i am 12 years old [11-22-2001]

Chad Servaes , 9 years old [11-22-2001]

Betsy is the awesomest coolest ever
bob wire , monticello, IL 99 2 dogs, reba and ike 10 wifes,9 divorces [11-22-2001]

lauren waldrop , im 13 i live in dalton ga. [11-22-2001]

love are flrg
linda walters , clermont fl 39 [11-22-2001]

This is such a great site for research or just for enjoyment. thanks, shanawn
shanawn kelling , 30 year old ks resident [11-22-2001]

Thanks for this wonderful web page
donna pfrogner , live in bellevernon, pa. I am 40 yrs. old and a homeschool mom of 3 children [11-22-2001]

Paige Fitzsimons [11-22-2001]

god bless america!
thomas augugliaro , long island, 47 y/o [11-22-2001]

We were so excited to find this site! We are a homeschool family, and have found so much info on your site. We especially look forward to being able to see this historical house without even leaving our living room! =) From Carlynn (8) and Zack (3) and Teacher (mom)!
The Redmond Family , "Wrappleton Academy" in Ramona, CA (near San Diego) [11-22-2001]

Kayla N. Murphy [11-22-2001]

i really think that this is a great thing for kids like us!!!!!!!!!!!
Tiff Sneeringer , Hanover PA, 14 [11-22-2001]

Debbie McIntyre , Stillwater Oklahoma housewife and mommy [11-22-2001]

i am doing a report
jonathan laughlin , i live in oklahoma in eufaula [11-22-2001]

Hi people at betsy ross's house I'm doing a paper in AC class about Betsy ross's house and stuff like that!!!!
Tia Handy , I live in PA I'm 13 and I have to do this for AC class [11-22-2001]

Danielle [11-22-2001]

Jess Noel , I'm 13 years old [11-22-2001]

Kacy Albright , age 9 Bowling Green Ohio [11-22-2001]

J. A. Whitehurst [11-22-2001]

NICOLE KATHLEEN SMITH , 8 years old i live in kingsport, TN [11-22-2001]

i;m glad she made the first flag
CHANTAL PATTERSON , 11 yrs.old [11-22-2001]

Was looking for some info.
Jo-Ann Brannan Stempka , Ebensburg, PA .40.mother of three. [11-22-2001]

Maile S. Armstrong , Montvale, VA [11-22-2001]

erin black , arlington,tx 9 [11-22-2001]

I need at least 6 pictures of Betsy Ross..... you need to get more pictures on your site! Tootles!
Vanessa , Port St. Lucie Florida [11-22-2001]

arnold wilkerson , summit arkansas 43 [11-22-2001]

Tho , very interested in American History; lived in Honolulu, HI [11-22-2001]

i love history
cale coveny , age 18 , chicago [11-22-2001]

Joan McClure , Geneva, New York [11-22-2001]

What is the value of a Lithograph of the poster: Birth of Our Nation Flag. Date 1893.
Mary Everett , Woodville,MA. 54, [11-22-2001]

for a schoolt
erica bill , 8 years old [11-22-2001]

This is cool! I'm doing a report for my history class. I wish I lived closer so I could really take a tour.
Hayley McNamara , Longview, Tx Age 11 [11-22-2001]

This is a wonderful site for the American History paper I am working on of Famous American Women. Thanks a lot ... I am sure I will enjoy the tour!!
Sara Wilkinson , Michigan resident [11-22-2001]

I thank God that Betsy was open to His will. As we see the flag being flown in this day we still know that no matter what some may think about our God and Father. We know that He still has everything in control as we see those flags flying from every home and business. God Bless
Beverly Swonger , Born again Christian [11-22-2001]

The information that I found was very interesting. We live so close and yet I haven't taken my children to visit center city. In these times of trouble, it is time to get back to the history around us.
Elizabeth Hoagland , Willow Grove, PA [11-22-2001]

Judi Spencer , Elementary Teacher [11-22-2001]

Taylor Carelli [11-22-2001]

megan , 18 [11-22-2001]

Was looking for some history on the American Flag.
Wendy Madison , Virginia 50 [11-09-2001]

Steven L. Hall , 28 Vanderveer Ave. Holland, Pa. 18966 [11-09-2001]

god bless america.
Rodney & Gloria McLucas , age35, 39 Penn. [11-09-2001]

We are honoring our flag and veterans for Veterans Day on Monday at Pawnee Grade School. I am secretary to the Principal, Carolyn Compardo. She is trying to find someone to portray Betsy Ross for the Kindergarten and 1st graders and to teach them about our flag.
Janet Sloman , Pawnee, IL ~ 41 yrs old [11-09-2001]

Thanks to the creator of this site. I've learned new thing I always wanted to know.
Isaac Celaya , Tucson, AZ age 25 USMC [11-09-2001]

Teddi Kress , I'm 13 and i'm writing this from Emory H. Markle Intermediate school in hanover pa [11-09-2001]

betsy ross is cool
chelsey smith , Hanover,PA [11-09-2001]

Mr. Robinson , t.s.s. [11-09-2001]

Jeffrey springmeyer , ks 11 [11-09-2001]

Marsha Collins [11-09-2001]

Denise Capps , 47 yrs old, live in Sneads Ferry, N.C. 28460, surf & soccer mom [11-08-2001]

Carrie Thornes [11-08-2001]

marcella duerre [11-08-2001]

carol [11-08-2001]

Shawn Tater , Texas [11-08-2001]

I wish I can see her place personally. I am planning to take a pleasure trip early next year and I may visit Ms. Ross' house.
Arniel C. Cabiling , Philippines, 40 [11-08-2001]

Kathleen M. E. M. [11-08-2001]

Elaine Spellmeyer , 3rd grade teacher, age:50+,female; Roseburg [11-08-2001]

I am for South Texas went to NMHU in Las Vegas Have been teaching for 19 years.
Jorge L. Pena , Midland MI 45 year Technology [11-08-2001]

Devin , I am 10 [11-08-2001]

Shane Laga , ill,Belvidere 9 [11-08-2001]

Brad Swanson and Joseph Vendemia , My age is 10 My age is 9 [11-08-2001]

Julia , 10 [11-08-2001]

Hi Betsy Ross even though you don't live here any more!!you are really cool!!!
Brittany and Liz , St.James school age 9 [11-08-2001]

Joey and devin [11-08-2001]

zack , ill,belvidere 10 [11-08-2001]

Arlene Schwartz , Brooklyn, New York, 54 years old [11-08-2001]

Mary Lee Barnes , Knoxville, Tn . History buff, retired teacher, 77, love the flag and everything patriotic [11-08-2001]

H. M. DAY [11-08-2001]

The Johnson's [11-07-2001]

this was very helpful with a report for my child discussing our last name family history. Thank you Sandra Ross
sandra Ross [11-07-2001]

Sharon Beezley , Oklahoma City. paraprofessional working with special needs children in the public school system [11-07-2001]

Millers , Living in Nevada [11-07-2001]

You have done a wonderful job with the virtul tour and the information is great thank you for making it so easy for me to find enough info to use with my students. Thank You and May God Bless.
Sharon Cook , Arlington, Texas School Teacher [11-07-2001]

we are learning about you betsy ross we got to pick you or benjamin franklyn and we thank you are better
charamin moore , pilot point texas 11 [11-07-2001]

Zac Pike , Boaz, Alabama,age 11 [11-07-2001]

i really like Besty Ross
Kelsey Stauffacher , Beloit,WI-10 [11-07-2001]

Michael W. Warblow [11-07-2001]

Becky [11-07-2001]

Emily , Phoenix [11-07-2001]

Sally Wes [11-07-2001]

the house is very attractive
Courtney Johnson , Montgomery, Alabama [11-07-2001]

great site.
Amanda roesler , 13 middle school [11-07-2001]

Renee grimaldi [11-07-2001]

paula , beloit, wisconsin [11-07-2001]

Corey Gibas [11-07-2001]

I enjoyed reading about Betsy Ross found the information very interesting..thanks...
david webb [11-07-2001]

Jennifer Farr , i live like an jour away from philly and i am doing a report for school on betsy ross [11-07-2001]

i would just like to say i am proud to be an american. i hope we get new york built back up!
Tessa (Little Britney) , Louisa Ky,USA 11yrs [11-07-2001]

Terri Gibson , Ellicott city, MD [11-07-2001]

I am going to be in a play for my school on this Thursday, November 8th, 2001. I am going to sing and dance and talk about Betsy Ross and the American Flag.
Megan M Sams , I live in Richland Washington, I am 7 years old [11-07-2001]

alta householder , 53 female youngstown ohio 11/06/01 [11-07-2001]

school project american flag.
a.m. , p.a. [11-07-2001]

Virtual tours are so cool! Thans for putting one on here!
Debbie , CA, 15, here for some research [11-07-2001]

don , florida [11-07-2001]

I wish i was making a's b's
Yasmine Mckinney , 11age old [11-07-2001]

I like a little American History
Parrish , I am 9 years old [11-07-2001]

sara ortiz , 22 Years old, Placentia California [11-07-2001]

hi Im doing a reaport on BETSY ROSS Just brosing ,gathering up info about her not very much I read that people don't have a real record of what she looks like just wanted to say hi now by
Kyrstan Zachary , Chico ,CA ,Jean Ln ,11years of age [11-07-2001]

Trina Allocco , Alpena MI 16 years old [11-07-2001]

Cassandra L. Smith , I'm 18 and I live in Alpena, MI [11-07-2001]

I'm glad you designed the American flag.
June Jones , 19 [11-07-2001]

researching information on Betsy Ross for a reality program on a historical figure for the Omega Christian School Located in North Matewan, West Virginia which is approximately 13 miles from our hospital. I am going to dress like Betsy Ross and talk to the children as if I was reality Betsy Ross.
Anita Kimble , Williamson Appalachian Regional Healthcare, South Williamson, Ky. Education Coordinator [11-07-2001]

Angie Rodgers , Auburn, ALabama, [11-07-2001]

Vicky L. Gray , Illinois, [11-07-2001]

william dukes , the villias 11 [11-07-2001]

robbin taylor , 1164mackbin streetage16 [11-07-2001]

I like visiting old houses, and this one takes the cake.
Ashley Kline , Eaton [11-07-2001]

eric [11-07-2001]

Proud to be Americans!
Quest lab Tuesday class , students [11-07-2001]

school project on betsy ross
denise mannisto/andrea serafin , age 11 [11-07-2001]

Ariellea , I'm in the 7th grade and I'm trun 13 on december 31 [11-07-2001]

school project on betsy ross
denise mannisto/andrea serafin , age 11 [11-07-2001]

Sara , ohio,16,nice [11-07-2001]

With everything going on in our country, I wanted my children to learn more about the woman who made our country's flag. My daughter has chosen to do a book character report on Betsy Ross at her school at the end of the month, and I am also researching information for her. Thank You. Michelle McCain (Indiana)
Michelle McCain , From Indiana [11-07-2001]

Deborah O'Brien , Athens, Tx [11-07-2001]

kristinswartz , TX/10/Female [11-07-2001]

sammie , im willing to learn [11-07-2001]

I have a project about Betsy Ross.I have to come up with 10 questions about her.
Kristin Swartz , TX/10/Female [11-07-2001]

Irma Waddington , Musician [11-07-2001]

MARIO, SUE, MARIO AL., ANDREW, AND MELINDA HERNANDEZ , 40 , 39 , 18 , 11, 7 [11-07-2001]

My 5th grade class at Royal Green Elementary School in Miami, Florida is writing an opera on Betsy Ross' life. I would like to know more about her, and love this website!
Laura Martinez , I am 10 years old, I live in Miami, FLorida [11-07-2001]

Barbara Kendrick , Massillon, Ohio--33 years old [11-07-2001]

Tiffany , 13, Florence, SC [11-07-2001]

Ilove Betsy Rosses house
Chelsey Hopson , Im ten [11-07-2001]

God Bless America !
mark bauerlein , hazlet, nj 41yr old , 3children [11-07-2001]

Candace Cherry , 14 [11-07-2001]

i love u
Sydney and Gabriella , NY we love cheese and syd loves jimmy [11-07-2001]

Proud to be an AMERICAN.
Judy Lynne Nielsen , Colorado Resident - 59 years old [11-07-2001]

Thank you for the correct directions to display & care for our flag.
linda markgraf , new jersey, 51, couldn't find A flag 'til today! [11-07-2001]

I am doing a Betsy Ross puppet presentation for my class
Cari Sides , 3rd grade [11-07-2001]

Rhonda Gunn , California Homeschool family [11-07-2001]

I'm looking for sites for my children to visit. This looks great1
Mary Yoveff , 4th grade teacher [11-07-2001]

Gerald F, Irma H. & Gerald F III , St Augustine, FL, age 72, 62 and 14 yoa [11-07-2001]

Robert M Williams , Male,53,East Wareham,Mass [11-07-2001]

Judie Bakken , 64 year old grandmother of 5 from Madison, WI. [11-07-2001]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross. Taking this tour I wish to find out a little bit more about the amazing person.
roxanne williams , texas,20 [11-07-2001]

Roma , mi [11-07-2001]

Allison Williams , North Carolina [11-07-2001]

My class is studying biographies of famous Americans. Betsy Ross is one of them.
Elaine Zarefoss , Stephens City, VA, 52years of age, first grade teacher for 21 years [11-07-2001]

Kaitlyn Nordwick , Wyoming-9 1/2 years old, American [11-07-2001]

joan martell , i live in n.h. i am 61yrs old. [11-07-2001]

Joanne Yonan , chicago, 40 [11-07-2001]

Carole Sue Buckner , I am a descendant of an old Dutch family (Van Wagoner) registered in the book "Founders of Early American Families, 1607-1657. (Aert Jacobsen Van Wagenen and wife Annetje Gerritsen settled in what is now the City of New York. Son Michael Van Wagoner, born in NYC 1740 served as guard to General George Washington in Revolutionary War. We have many patriots in our family including Governor Murray D. Van Wagoner , MI 1940, who was appointed by Pres. Roosevelt as Delegate to the International Road congress at the Hague. I have 15 years federal service as a Computer Programmer/Analyst and Management Analyst with the IRS Detroit Computing Center. [11-07-2001]

Wanda Arnett , live in Florida age 52 [11-07-2001]

April Byrne , ma,50 [11-07-2001]

John Grove , 9 years old Little R ock , AR [11-07-2001]

In today's turmoil the American Flag is the most important symbol we could have, I feel the need to know all I can to honor the Flag in the way it should be honored and presented.
Kathy Kropp , Jarrettsville,Md. 44 yrs old [11-07-2001]

Marianne Janczarek , St Clair Shores, MI - American History enthusiast - 48 [11-02-2001]

Stuart Kennemore , 50 yrs. old. Gone back to school to get teaching certification [11-02-2001]

I hung a flag on the side of my house the day after Sept. 11, 2001. I've been very busy and just today got around to checking to see if I hung it properly. Thank you for your website and information.
Diane Womble , 57 years old, born in Illinois, living in Georgia [11-02-2001]


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James Damiani , 4'6" tall, fake name Mike, riel name James [11-02-2001]

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Charles Pierce , I lovesoccer [11-02-2001]

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Cynthia Benitez , I like myself [11-02-2001]

charles pierce [11-02-2001]

Found a framed Betsy Ross Mem Assoc certificate with my grandfather's name: His grandmother married 2) a George Ross.Also his brother was named George Ross Jackson. Connection to Betsy? Dunno.
Frank M. Jackson , a genealogist [11-02-2001]

I wantto go to your house?
RichardScrivani , 11 pointpleasant [11-02-2001]

Nick Ramey , in,12 [11-02-2001]

Marilyn Lysek , working married woman - age 54 [11-02-2001]

I am very interested in Betsy Ross and her accomplishments
Lauren , I am 17 years old and I am moving to Ann Arbor, Michigan [11-02-2001]

Kathi Hendricks , Stayton, OR 97383 [11-02-2001]

MAry E Ayd [11-02-2001]

leslie , girl 10 [11-02-2001]

Verne Douglas Arnold , Born June 30, 1971 Juneau, Alaska currently living in the Seattle, WA Area [11-02-2001]

Robin , 44 [11-02-2001]

Mary Manor [11-02-2001]

thank you for helping me learn about Betsy Griscom Ross Ashbourn Claypoole & for helping me with my hoomwork
Kayli , 13 as of the eighth day of the eleventh month of the year 2001 [11-02-2001]

Susan McBride , Oregon [11-01-2001]

evie patterson , youngsville,la. 41 [11-01-2001]

I am years old and I am doing a report for school.
Nicole Guidara [11-01-2001]

Lynnette ALvarez , 14 [11-01-2001]

Gayle Levra [11-01-2001]

Kimberlee Sump [11-01-2001]

I really respect the woman of the past and I admire Besty Rosses creativity!
Amanda Aiello , I am doing a report about Besty Ross,I am 13, and in 8th grade. [11-01-2001]

Sue Benjamin , 32, mother of 1 [11-01-2001]

Thank you. Great tour and very informative.
Sandy , I'm a mom looking for info. to help my daughter do a book report on Betsy Ross. [11-01-2001]

Greg Jones , 17 years of age montcalm wv [11-01-2001]

i am looking for a website that give the proper way to hang and care for the american flag
tina rowe , 33, white, missouri [11-01-2001]

charles truedson , mn 14 [11-01-2001]

Marilyn M. Schuetrumpf , Live in Brighton, TN. I so enjoy studying the history of PA. PA History is truly the best of our great nation. [11-01-2001]

Our class is learning about Besty Ross and the first flag. If anyone has information for Kindergarten age and would like to share it please e-mail me. Thanks, Betty Phillips--Red Oak Elem. Alberta, Virginia
Betty Phillips , Kindergarten teacher [11-01-2001]

Jared Lee , 10 [11-01-2001]

Joan Archambault , I plan on moving to Philadelphia next summer from Phoenix. I wanted to check out the Historical places for me to visit when I move there. [11-01-2001]

Linda Wenger , Riverbank,CA 47 years old [11-01-2001]

betsy ross rules......good work makin' the flag....everyone should really honor this great woman who in the past marked our future forever.
Kimberly , 13 years of age [11-01-2001]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross
Lisa , Los Angeles [11-01-2001]

Is there a book about Betsy Ross including genealogical data? I have "Ross" in my genealogy.
Sharron Lee Crutcher Gebhardt , Denver Metro Area, CO. NSDAR member. [11-01-2001]

i really need info on whatever you have about Betsy Ross! please help me!!!!
Elizabeth Dyce , Okeechobee, Flordia, 13 [11-01-2001]

Just a little note to say hello.
Donna L Rankin , Smyrna, De, 43, Female [11-01-2001]

KEITH BERRY , 47 yo male from wilkes barre pa [11-01-2001]

Linda L. Crabb , Guys,Tn. Age-48 [11-01-2001]

Jesika Pittsley , montana, age 13 [11-01-2001]

Brenda Stowe , Suwanee, GA [11-01-2001]

What do you do with old flags? How do you dispose of them properly?
Ray Goff [11-01-2001]

Sheila Burlingame , I'm 30 years old and I love history, I live in a small city in county about 45 min from erie in Pa. The city is corry . I'm attemting to make a costume for my 7 year old daughter of patriotic content So I found myself here. [11-01-2001]

chris [11-01-2001]

I find hisyory the most interesting subject in school. Im not a dork or anything though. I only like American History
Billy Lockhart , 17 [11-01-2001]

I am Fifteen and Iam studing the flag
Jennifer Caughron , Sevierville,TN 15 The Flag [11-01-2001]

Thank you for offering this website. I am excited to learn more about Betsy Ross and the American Flag!
Debra Calhoon , I am 32 years old,and I am from Monaca,Pa [11-01-2001]

Bug Warren , 15 years old, Amboy, In, [11-01-2001]

Jannell Wilson , Fair Oaks, CA age10 [11-01-2001]

I am doing a book report on the life of Betsy Ross.
Taylor Rhoads , from Georgia, I am 10 years old [11-01-2001]

i love the first american flag
joel sowder , 23 winfield [11-01-2001]

Nikki , I'm 11 And I live in Bellwood PA [11-01-2001]

Rebecca [11-01-2001]

Jackie Gebhart , I live in the Cambridge, Ohio, area. I teach at a career-technical school in the Business & Information Technologies program; I am planning a Patriotic Day around Veteran's Day at school and centering the history of the flag as our program. [11-01-2001]

i needed info for a project at school. this was the best site i found.
nikkie , 19 [11-01-2001]

Lynne Miller , Washington, PA [11-01-2001]

Robert T. Wilharm , 60 year patriot living in Georgia [11-01-2001]

we are a class in Macon, Georgia studying about the flag. We enjoyed the tour. Thank you
Mrs. Adams's/ Mrs. Montgomery's brilliant social studies class [11-01-2001]

This will be cool.
Megan , wow [11-01-2001]

JACKIE , special education assistant [11-01-2001]

Leonard Klein , Native Baltimorean/American for 50yrs and counting [11-01-2001]

For halloween i am going to be betsy ross! my christian school asked that we dress as someone patriotic so i chose the woman who created the first american flag. we pray that our country will be protected and stand tall against its enemies. god bless america.
cassie , i am 9 years old [11-01-2001]

Henry R. Munoz , Live in San Antonio, TX, 53 yrs old, married with six grandchildrenn. [11-01-2001]

This is great my 5 grade class is doing revolution reports and i have betsy ross
Chastyti Neighbors , age10 [11-01-2001]

Jennifer Smith , elementary school teacher [11-01-2001]

Crystal Coughlin , 18 [11-01-2001]

I am doing a report in social studies about Betsy Ross.I came here for information about her.
Livia Goddard , age 9, live in Phoenix AZ, 4th grade [11-01-2001]

Kaitlyn Sewell [11-01-2001]

brenda bryaras [11-01-2001]

Rebekah [11-01-2001]

Great info for USA citizens and others, let us be proud! God Bless the USA!
Henry R Haney, Jr. , Seattle, WA, 43 yoa [11-01-2001]

lindsay , intrested in history [11-01-2001]

I am doing a book report about Betsy Ross and I am 9 years old.
Ashley Worthylake , Boston, MA [11-01-2001]

Last year I did a book report on betsy Ross
Amanda Drower , Wading River ,New York ,10 [11-01-2001]

The girls needed information about the flag for the Elks Lodge contest.
Thomas Burr, Daughters Michelle & Ashley , I am 33 yrs old , Michelle is 11yrs. Ashley is 10 yrs. We live in Florida. [11-01-2001]

Looking up the history of Betsy Ross. My daughter is playing her part in a play.
Kelly Murray , Garland, TX [11-01-2001]

this is a project for my g-daughter. i thought this was an appropriate time to do this.
larry clase , cape coral fla age 63 [11-01-2001]

I am doing a report in school on Betsy Ross. I am dressing up like her and telling about her life.
Kristen Fox , Age 9. From Atlanta, GA [11-01-2001]

Hi Y'all
earl davis , old [11-01-2001]

I realy like your web site and plan to visit it agin.
Thomas R. Jerkins , Shasta Lake,CA 47 and just visiting [11-01-2001]

Thelma Kamman , Riverview Fl. 10/29/01 [11-01-2001]

Sharon L. McCluskey [11-01-2001]

Nice hoouse ?????????
montana smith [11-01-2001]

Molly Metzger , age 8, Slidell, LA [11-01-2001]

Marc Alpers , 30 male working on a speach for Weber Sate Unoversity [11-01-2001]

How are you would you send me a flag and you rule.
Andrew Tague , Rutledge MO,USA [11-01-2001]

Regina , 13/Female/Corbin Kentucky/8th Grade [11-01-2001]

Thank-you for making this historic home available online!
Donna K. Kidwell , Austin, Texas [11-01-2001]

ran across this site looking for something else, this is an excellant site for the grade school age.
Kathy [11-01-2001]

Lana Rutterer , Ft. Mitchell, KY [11-01-2001]

I looking for comment about the Vicky L. kouba and kathy fran franklin article "Multiplication and division: sense making and meaning. Also another article from the arithmeticTeacher magazine by Kamii,Lewis and Livingston " Children Investing Their Own Procedures"
miguel , Portland [11-01-2001]

When I visited the Betsy Ross house last May, you had only one Betsy Ross figure made by Byers Carolers, which was not for sale. I left my name and phone number with the gift shop attendant and you were to call when a new shipment came in. No one has called, but since it has now been 5 months, I'm wondering if the figure might be availaable now. Thank you.
Jane Bourgeois [11-01-2001]

Marva Graves , Linton,In. [11-01-2001]

nina , im 22 [11-01-2001]

Maura Flynn [10-28-2001]

Needed to look up information for my wife, herself a seamstress, who will be dressing up as Betsy Ross this Halloween.
Ron Matthews , Paducah, KY [10-28-2001]

tyreka , ny bronx marcey projects [10-28-2001]

brittany [10-28-2001]

Ashley Hartman , I live in Montana and about to graduate [10-28-2001]

I am consedering working up a program for school children and any information you can send me will be appreciated.
lisa simpson , Atlanta area Kindergarten teacher and storyteller. [10-28-2001]

Catherine Wilson , 11 yrs. old, living in NC [10-28-2001]

Edie Loesch , I'm 43 years young and live in Sarasota, FL. I am dressing up as Betsy Ross for a Halloween costume party. [10-28-2001]

I am using this info for a project at school.
Tayla Chaffins , 9 yrs. old I live in Kentucky [10-28-2001]

Melissa , 13/f [10-28-2001]

Hillarie Yelton , I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross.I am 11 and I live in T [10-28-2001]

sue cavanaugh , teacher in austin, texas, 40 years old [10-28-2001]

searching for proper ettiquite on showing colors.
moorej , yuma, az, 35 [10-28-2001]

Jess , Portage, IN, 11 years old. [10-28-2001]

courtney west , 11 live in erwin [10-28-2001]

I remember visiting Betsy Ross's house when I was little (10-11) on a school outing from Jersey. I'm hoping that I will have the chance to bring my boys. Its fantastic to still be able to see back in to the past history. Thanks to all that make it possible. beckie/boys/fla/2001
Rebecca Isabel (Silcox) Binney-Beckie , born in new jersey, 1957, lived mostley in fla. mother Laura May Warriner born 10/11/1915 Valley Forge PA,buried Valley Forge 1998 [10-28-2001]

Norman [10-28-2001]

Jeffery Lee , We live at Spiveys Corner N.C. 44 yrs old,4 children,1 grandson [10-28-2001]

Ellen Stratz , Scranton, PA [10-28-2001]

Ralph and Barbara Ross Morris , Reynoldsburg, Ohio [10-28-2001]

Amy Mastroianni , 22, Ohio, Early Educator [10-28-2001]

Juliana , 12 [10-28-2001]

I had to give a speech for one of my classes and I thought that with everything happening on Sept. 11, I would give mine on Betsy Ross and the making of the first flag.
Valerie Milliman , Age: 20, I live in Illinois. [10-28-2001]

Stephen J. Belanger , Minnesota, 51yrs.old, [10-28-2001]

CASEY BAKER [10-28-2001]

My daughter is going to be Betsy Ross for Halloween this year. We wanted to learn more about her.
Suzanne Creech , Wyandotte, MI age 36; mother of 6 10/27/2001 [10-28-2001]

Dear Betsy, I am going to be you for Holloween.
Amy Driessen , age 8 [10-28-2001]

momma dove , oregon [10-28-2001]

Linda C. Roque , San Antono TX, 43 [10-28-2001]

Christal Bradford , Algodones, NM [10-28-2001]

Made myself a Betsy Ross outfit for Halloween so thought I'd come and look around!
Teresa Smith , Bend, OR [10-28-2001]

Ron Peter , Boston, Mass.(Nov. 4th. 2001) [10-28-2001]

It is fun to find out more about your conatry's people.
Brianne Nicole Lewis , I am 10 and I am doing a school report [10-28-2001]

marcie currier , Arizona, 31, Girlscout Troop Leader [10-28-2001]

Danny Laster , Im 50 yr's old live in Sharon,Tennessee [10-28-2001]

ada , 41 year old mother of two in n.j. [10-28-2001]

Saddened by the devastation of September 11th and keep that memory in my prayers; it could have been me and my sons and my family; therefore, I'm grateful to be alive and don't take anytime for 'granted'; live is wonderful and will continue to enjoy it each and every day; I also wish to inspire others to do the same -- it's a "Blessing" to live in America -- truly it is!! Alice Evans
Alice S. Evans , Born Jan. 10, 1949, Mexican-American, USA born, 2 sons, ages 10 and 13, who are proud of their country. We shall prevail! [10-28-2001]

My daughter is going to be Betsy Ross for Halloween. She attends Parochial school, which has requested saints, historical figures or real life heroes.
Chele Stirpe , 48 yr old mother of 3, Graphic Artist [10-28-2001]

mikale sullivan , boston age 15 [10-28-2001]

good historical resource.
beth [10-28-2001]

Good Work
Delbert M Clason , Rochester Michigan age 38 [10-28-2001]

Have always been interested in history. I'm ready for the tour.
Jo Johnson , age 55, from Tupelo, MS [10-28-2001]

I'm a 47 yr old white female, I enjoyed reading about people in historial biographys when I was in school. I really enjoyed reading about Mrs. Ross
Debra Hendry , Cottondale, Alabama [10-28-2001]

lynette roof [10-28-2001]

Mindy Lankford , Texas 22 Married 3 years, have a child [10-28-2001]

This is cool!
Cassie , girl [10-28-2001]

Pamela Espree [10-28-2001]

Alicia Luttrell [10-28-2001]

Melanie Freeman , Mother of three [10-25-2001]

God Bless America!
Summer , 13 [10-25-2001]

Katina Dalton , Martinsville, VA 28years old [10-25-2001]

Sue Davis [10-25-2001]

K Rooks , South Carolina [10-25-2001]

susan moore , st. joseph, mo. [10-25-2001]

Tj Nelson , Renton, Washington, 47 [10-25-2001]

your house is awesome!
claire s. [10-25-2001]

your house is so tight
chelsea r. [10-25-2001]

Blaire Nelms [10-25-2001]

This is an awesome site!
Caroline Husband , Louisiana, 12 years old, I'm in seventh grade. [10-25-2001]

The person she most admire.
Gerane Padilla , This is for my 8-year old daughter. [10-25-2001]

this is an intresting site
ADRIENNE GUIDRY , abbeville,louisiana [10-25-2001]

I'd love to see the house!
Angelica Waters , 14 yrs.old [10-25-2001]

Bartman , none [10-25-2001]

candace harris , chestnutlog middle 13 [10-25-2001]

jada erby , richmond,ca.10 1/2 years old.i go to st jerome [10-24-2001]

my daughter's school celebrates Great American Day every year in October-instead of halloween...this year she is protraying Betsy Ross.....
susan mcmullan [10-24-2001]

Carla A, Sankey , California, age 37 [10-24-2001]

Betsy Ross has always been a Herion to my sisters.
Monica L. Ste.Marie , East Haven, Vt Mother, 33 yrs. October 24,2001 [10-24-2001]

Im doing Besty Ross for a compatipon thats worth 3000 dollers this website really helps thanks so much!
Kara Ruskin , cant tell [10-24-2001]

I would like a photo to see of betsy ross porcelain doll that she carried around when she was younger.
chuck1592 , 42 [10-24-2001]

Hope your house was decked out for making the American flag
Angela jones , MN, 16, female, really pretty! [10-24-2001]

Zoila Serrano [10-24-2001]

Tara Thomas , 13 [10-24-2001]

Janel Humphrey , Peoria,Illinois 13 [10-24-2001]

Ashley Miller , Peoria Illinois, 13 [10-24-2001]

Jill , Kentucky [10-24-2001]

Thanks for the virtual tour and all the interesting facts.
Carson Louis Caldwell , 3625 Elm Farm Rd Lot 76 Woodbridge, Va 22192 age 52 [10-24-2001]

Cassandra Kottcamp , Centennial, CO 7 years old [10-24-2001]

I am researching Betsy Ross for a school project. We are having a Historical Halloween and we have to dress up as someone who tributed to the USA. So I decide to do Betsy Ross If you have any more information or web sites about her would you please send me the address! Thanks A Lot! I love the page so far.
Katie , Kentucky [10-24-2001]

Jaclyn Scanlon , Ishpeming 10 [10-24-2001]

im doing a report about Betsy Ross for my school. so far i found her very iteresting,and look foward to learning more about her.
jessica keith , age 9 new jersey [10-24-2001]

Rebecca Colyer , Dupont,Indiana 37yrs.old married 9 yrs.2 sons [10-24-2001]

critter , coloradp [10-24-2001]

Heather Hayes , Ashburn,Va 10Yrs. Old [10-24-2001]

jazmon gwathmey , va i am in the 3rd grade [10-24-2001]

to find report info about betsy ross.
NATALIA [10-24-2001]

At my school on October 31 every year we have Great American Day. This year I choose to be Betsy Ross. I have to dress like Betsy Ross and show a poster on her life as a child and when she grew up. Tell about her contribution to America. I really liked visiting your site for information.
Langley Evans , Duncan, South Carolina, Age 8 Information for Great American Day at my school. I choose to be Betsy Ross. [10-24-2001]

Lacy Martin , East Stroudsburg - 14years old [10-24-2001]

meg , usa-13 [10-24-2001]

Jamie Root , alabama 15 years old boy [10-24-2001]

Linda G. Justice [10-24-2001]

Sarah Rosen , 2nd grader BES DODEA [10-24-2001]

morgan , 8 yeres old [10-24-2001]

Mrs. Rouse's third grade [10-24-2001]

Dr. R. L. Franklin , Michigan-teacher-interpreter-44 [10-24-2001]

CANDACE HARRIS , chestnut log middle school 13 [10-24-2001]

I love you Betsy ross.
Bruna Bouhid , I have a sister [10-24-2001]

Jaclyn Scanlon , Ishpeming 10 [10-24-2001]

Carrie Reier , st.marys oh [10-24-2001]

It is very very magnificent for me to look at all this history.
Dorothea Kumbach , Cologne/Germany [10-24-2001]

JESSICA [10-24-2001]

debbie bates [10-22-2001]

Was checking into the meaning of the folding of the flag and found this site.
Fran Kraus , EHT, NJ about 10 miles west of Atl. City [10-22-2001]

Lucia Steinbach , Wisconsin [10-22-2001]

hello i bet this will be so cool! lol love whitney
WHITNEY , 13 [10-22-2001]

Great website!
Betsy Smith [10-22-2001]

Be thankful for Betsy Ross!!
Lea Ringley , I'm 16 yrs. old. [10-22-2001]

Lisa Klepp , Teacher at Morris Hills High School, Rockaway, NJ [10-22-2001]

I am supposedly related to her from my great grandmother's side.
Michelle Frith , 30years old, white, female [10-22-2001]

Melissa Murray , age10 [10-22-2001]

Henry T.and Nana , Marthas Vineyard 10yrs old [10-22-2001]

STEPHANIE PEREZ , 20 year old living in fort lauderdale florida [10-22-2001]

Hey wuzzzzzzuppppp not much here just thought i would say hi [so hi]. well gots to go for now so bye bye. Chey [by the way wuz up means what are you doing]
Chey Higginbotham , Evans louisiana I'm 15 yearsold [10-22-2001]

i just wanted to say wuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz upppppppppppppppp? and bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye
amanda cooley , leesville louisiana i'm 14 years old [10-22-2001]

I have a friend on-line w/ me right now her name is Tiffany Lott she and I both go to Evans High School and we are both in 8th grade . Nice getting to share all this w/ yall but we have got to get back w/ our school work.Lots of Love to everyone!!!!!!!!
Sarah Lowe , Leesville,Louisiana I am 13 [10-22-2001]

i would just like to say hi and bye
amber lynn , i live in la and im 14 years old [10-22-2001]

Candace Harris , I go to Chestnut Log Middle school [10-22-2001]

laynette robinson [10-22-2001]

Naomi Wendorf , I am a 16 year old high school junior from Ohio [10-22-2001]

Sandy , Michigan, 31 [10-22-2001]

sara mazalefsky [10-22-2001]

Ichiko Kreger , Morris PA, 38 [10-22-2001]

Carol McGowen Hills , Mississippi, 53 [10-22-2001]

Rosemary Hedin , Lawrenceville, Ga. [10-22-2001]

PEGGY JARRARD , clermont, fl 60, married 41 yrs, mother of 3,grandmother of 5. [10-22-2001]

Thanks for having this site full of fascinating, helpful information! I'm sure I will return again and again.
Pat Andrews , Pittsburgh, Pa. 50 years old. an animal lover and history buff, especially the American Revolution [10-22-2001]

i.m a person who served in the and i respect the american flag for all it.s worth you see, i,m all american
RODNEY PEARTREE , i,m a middle age man [10-22-2001]

i looked at this website for Girl Scouts
Gracie Mc Gill , State ;Az [10-22-2001]

I dress up as historical figures at Halloween (last year I did Queen Elizabeth I) I almost don't feel like doing Halloween this year, but prompting from my son made me look up Betsy Ross as a fitting representative for this year. Thanks for such a great site and the picture of Betsy!
Una Lee Williams , mother of 5, age 55, Newton, NJ. Three of sons in active military service. [10-22-2001]

I love history and I think Betsy Ross should be the most honored woman from the American Revolution!
Lauren Rundell , 12yrs, [10-22-2001]

makki free , iam 26 years old +l want to get married a girl [10-21-2001]

i would like to say that this site is Beauitful & has helped me at quite often. I thank you with all my heart. MY GOD BLESS YOU & YOURS
debra , I'm pretty old fashion & traditional.what i love most in this life is me family, my two beauitful grand kids. I live in Long Beach, calif [10-21-2001]

Louise Turner Peterson [10-21-2001]

We are studying about Betsy Ross in our third grade class in Groveton Elementary School. His brother, Nathaniel Webb went online to learn more about Betsy Ross, too.
Nathaniel & Joseph Webb [10-21-2001]

Cliff Boehm , doing a homework project for step daughter [10-21-2001]

I went to the Besty Ross house. It was wonderful!
Angie , Lake Stevens, WA, 17 [10-20-2001]

Robert L. Balsdon , 80 yr old retired broadcaster [10-20-2001]

Lisa marks , Queensbury, New York 29 [10-20-2001]

Michelle Kesby , Sioux City, IA [10-20-2001]

Julia [10-20-2001]

Mallory , Minnesota, I'm 14 [10-20-2001]

Beate Mueller-Behrens , Kiel, Germany [10-20-2001]

Nancy J Graczyk , Sterling Hts, MI (originally from Charleston, WV) [10-20-2001]

Lora Ferguson [10-20-2001]

Jennifer Pickens , I am 24 yrs. old [10-20-2001]

Any information I can discover would be great, Thank You
Tracy Gosart , I am 15 years old from Luzerne Pennsylvania and I am doing a computer project for my World Cultures class [10-20-2001]

i love you.
NICOLE , iam9 [10-20-2001]

I've been to the Betsy Ross house and I loved it. I went with the cannonsburg elementary's gifted ed. but I want to relive it.
mary rice , asland KY age10 [10-20-2001]

Katrina , 13 years old [10-20-2001]

Yvette Cowlishaw , Denver Colorado [10-20-2001]

I love history it is so cool to see Betsy Ross's house it is very exciting.
Taylor Starks , I live in Benton Kentucky. I am 10 years old. [10-20-2001]

Barry Ray [10-20-2001]

Melinda Tyre [10-20-2001]

We learned how to cut a 5-point star with one cut of folded paper.
Dr Currier's 5th grade class , Springtown (TX) Intermediate School Social Studies teacher [10-20-2001]

doing a school project, web site filled with info....thanks
Annette Jorquez , i live in hacienda hgts, 43, mother of 3 [10-20-2001]

hi , me 16 [10-20-2001]

Jo Ann Dankel [10-20-2001]

Plan on Dressing as Betsy Ross on Holloween, due to the recent events of Sept. 11. I was just gettin some picture ideas of her custom dress from some pictures to creat a outfit for the holiday. So, i plan to be dressed as betsy Ross for a holloween party and hand out miniture American flags. Thanks for the site and picture ideas. God Bless America!!! Ann Evitts
Ann Evitts , PA, 32, Nurse for 12 years [10-20-2001]

I would like to be Betsy Ross this Halloween. Any idea where I could find the dress, bonnet & flag in Houston, TX?
Jackie Moffitt , 48 yrs. old, female from Houston, TX [10-20-2001]

Susan Cartwright , Teacher, grades 4-5, Raleigh, NC 27610 [10-20-2001]

Jeremiah Haney , i'm a pinp [10-20-2001]

God blass the U.S.A.
Thomas A Webb , from Indiana [10-20-2001]

Rebecca Sliva , New York,19 years old [10-20-2001]

Debbie Mazotti , My daughter is doing a oral report on Betsy Ross and we live in antioch Ca [10-20-2001]

alcena , aLABAMA [10-20-2001]

Eileen Petro , Satellite Beach, FL [10-20-2001]

nothin much but hey
Jan , nothing rilly [10-20-2001]

i need to get my project done about betey ross so leave me alone about it okay stupid people
DANIELLE STEVENS , i am fine [10-20-2001]

rebecca , age 9 [10-20-2001]

My 13 year old daughter is doing a STARR event for FCCLA involving Betsy Ross.
Tisha Westerman , Weiner, Ar. 72479 [10-20-2001]

I am writting a research paper on Betsy Ross and this web site has helped a lot. Betsy intrested me because of the stuff going on since Sept. 11. The flag is an amazing symbol right now in our country!
Charity Bossman , Tama, Ia 16 yrs old lives on a farm [10-20-2001]

because of the situaton we are facing in our country today. at my office halloween party this year a few of my co-workers are dressing a little patriotic this yeat. i have chosen to be mrs. ross.
THANIA AVERETT , biloxi, mississippi [10-20-2001]

bryan [10-20-2001]

my class is learning about betsy ross and the flag.this site is very interestig
caitlin smith [10-20-2001]

10/18/01 Mrs. Hunter's fourth grade class visited for their civics lesson. Wonderful and useful information. Many thanks!
Rebecca Worley , Alcott Elementary School Media Center [10-20-2001]

Students are studing Government
Mrs.Broughton , Teacher [10-20-2001]

Rebecca [10-20-2001]

Ernest Guerra , Chalmette La. age 63 Male [10-20-2001]

I visited here in person in 1998 and enjoyed it thoroughly.
Deborah Wilson [10-20-2001]

Sandra Slape [10-20-2001]

Elizabeth Balthazor , Pelion Elementary School [10-20-2001]

Melissa G. , Moorestown NJ 08057 11 years old [10-20-2001]

Hi!!!!!!! My name Qanita Iftikhar? I am 11 Years old. I go to delran middle school. I am in 6th Grade. I love your site it['s beautiful. It makes me feel like i am in site the Besty's house. Well got to go my teacher i s calling me. Bye
Qanita Iftikhar , I am 11 Years old! I live in delran. I go to middle school. [10-20-2001]

shawn diehl , system administrator [10-20-2001]

Jonathan Lee , 11 [10-20-2001]

Heather , 11 starke laNE DELRAN NJ [10-20-2001]

~UNITED WE STAND~ Tuesday, September 11, 2001 marked a most tragically sobering moment in our nation's history. A moment that implores to be remembered by a world survived. We as Americans must accept this day, its events and live to remember it as a day that has forever changed our nationís way of life. As a result, we as a nation must never forget the names, the faces or the lives of those who were lost. As a people we must look to one another and remember from whence we came, whom we are and what we continue to stand for. For not so long ago, a handful of brave and unconventionally free spirited men and women shared a heartfelt belief that individuality and freedom were worth everything. Against insurmountable odds, unforeseen dangers and an outcome uncertain, our founding fathers and those who stood by them fought, suffered and even died in order to set the cornerstone for this nationís way of life. Their conviction demanded an unconditional unity among those that shared this belief. This unity has remained within the hearts and souls of the people of these United States of America since its conception and must forever continue to remain within all that choose to proclaim itís freedom. America is not merely a place. We are a nation of people. A living, breathing, family united in harmony with its nationís history and what we represent to all nations and peoples around the world. We are a nation comprised of vast ethnic individualism and spiritual conviction, yet we are a nation of but one heart. America is a people diverse, yet we are of one body, mind and spirit in our stand for freedom. We are a nation recognized from sea to shining sea as a tirelessly compassionate and generous nation. America is forever deeply imbedded in the hearts of its people. We are a nation determined to reign unquestionably supreme in the defense of our inalienable rights as a sovereign nation to remain free and to unreservedly proliferate this voice of freedom to the four corners of the world. America is a people equally unwavering in our defiance toward those who choose to threaten or compromise the freedom for which we stand. Those who might question this unity must listen carefully and know that no power on earth, great or small should be so foolish as to mistakenly challenge or suppress this nationís people of their freedom without fully understanding the definitive end. America is respectfully a nation above all nations. So then, look at America and its people as you might, look to America and its people as you will, but do so with the utmost respect deserving of the one nation of people on earth that will forever stand alone as the single most pinnacle symbol of Truth, Freedom and Prosperity under the whole of Godís Heaven. May Almighty God continue to richly bless this great nation and may we as a people never lose sight of His gracious mercy. Thank you, Joey R. Tennis
Joey Ray Tennis [10-20-2001]

Elena Vo , 10 [10-20-2001]

My uncle wrote a book and says we are related to Ben Franklin and betsy ross and I would love to find a way to connect if possible. I only know a Dr.Ross and his daughter Elizabeth a nurse was killed in Savannah Ga. in Civil war.
Beverly Quinn Smith , I am 63 years old and am into genealogy [10-20-2001]

history is so much fun when you can read can really see what goes on in the people's life before they die
Haley Ann , I live in Butte and i like history [10-17-2001]

An interested citizen wanting to learn more and thankful that I can. God Bless and be well.
Emil and Cindy Ann Guido [10-17-2001]

Megan McFatridge , Little Rock, AR; 13 [10-17-2001]

this is awesome!
Melissa [10-17-2001]

erica [10-17-2001]

Ms. Dodson's Second Grade Class [10-17-2001]

Kim Collins , Pennsylvania, 32, raised in Philadelphia [10-17-2001]

Jane , Houston [10-17-2001]

Pam Baker , live in NJ, doing this for a school project [10-17-2001]

This was a great site. I'll have my students visit it. It was very easy to click to and the pictures and text were clear.
Joyce Baumann , Texas elementary teacher [10-17-2001]

looking for the family of Aaron Ayers & Margaret Kratine
Lisa Ayers-Rainey , parma mi.35 [10-17-2001]

I am a long time collector of bicentennial plates and other items. My sewing room looks like a tribute to Betsy Ross. I make patriotic quilts to hang in my home. The revolutionary war is my favorite era in US history. Thanks for having this web site.
Patti Boose , I'm a 49 year old female living in Bowie, MD. [10-17-2001]

see above
PATRICIA CRIDLAND , i am in my 50's, just finished my masters in gerontology and teach adult education part time , working with seniors. we are in the process of having discussions about our flags. this started as a result of the sept 11 incident. my newspaper is displaying daily each of our flags, and the residents were interested in learning more info about our flag. hence, looking up sites about the flag. [10-17-2001]

wow! God Bless Our America.God protect our beloved Country,U.S.A.The Red,blue and White represent our courage,love,kindness,faithful,loyalty,purify and honor and blessings from generations to generations in the land of the brave and free home. The stars represent our names to be remembered by The lord in heaven.God is so awesome loving and sweet.
kathyhughes , staunton,va 55 yearsold deaf lady [10-17-2001]

denns drapeau , vet 28 [10-17-2001]

Wonderful webpage. My wife works at an elementary school and will use this to educate her kids.
Bill Powers , Live in Junction City, KS. I am 52 years old and work for the United States Army at Fort Riley, KS, home of the 24th INF DIV (MECH). I served with the 1st Marine Division in Vietnam, 1968-69. I was wounded while serving with this unit. I then served with the 2nd Marine Division at Camp Lejunen, NC. [10-17-2001]

I am doing a book report on Betsy Ross and I think she is a wonderful person who did the first flag.
Jennifer , I live in Santa Clarita. [10-17-2001]

Alva Oren , Ohio, 49 [10-17-2001]

i would like to see a tour of betsy ross's house!!!!
kelly barry , 11 years old [10-17-2001]

i love this site
MOLLY , 28 [10-17-2001]

I am in Boy Scouts and I visited this site because I have to do something for the Pack Meeting on the Flag. I love America.
Joshua Moran , I am nine years old and I go to St. Amant Primary School. [10-17-2001]

Go Betsy!
Gregg Davis , New York, 35 years old [10-17-2001]

Brittany , Jasper AL. age11 [10-17-2001]

i love you betsy ross.
nicole , I am a student of the hurel inboston i am 9 years old [10-17-2001]

olivia vicencio , napa, ca. age 7 [10-17-2001]

Great site.
Danie; [10-17-2001]

Mom,Logan,Lacey , Homeschoolers [10-17-2001]

Bradly paul lamphere , wi [10-17-2001]

Terrill Bradford [10-17-2001]

Harvey Catlin , U.S. History Teacher [10-17-2001]

Could you please give me any information on whether Betsy Ross was a quilter? I a writing an article for a magazine and need to know ASAP Thanks,
Kaye Evans , 56 and a quilter [10-17-2001]

Nicole Childers , i am 13 and i live in farmington New Mexico. [10-17-2001]

Candi Lynn Morris , 12,hardinsburg,KY, i,m a girl. [10-17-2001]

Missy Curry , Waynesboro VA 32 [10-17-2001]

I am doing a report on women who have a role in the revolution war and i was was talking to some friends and they told me about Betsy and i was amazed i had heard about her before but never knew knew about her thanks for the information
Kellyn Stofer , Nebraska,13, [10-17-2001]

oliviazimmerman [10-17-2001]

Krista Didawick [10-17-2001]

Krista Didawick [10-17-2001]

CODY LANEHART [10-17-2001]

EMILY JOHNSON [10-17-2001]

Maddasyn mcfadden [10-17-2001]

TRICIA PRYOR [10-17-2001]

COLBY SWISHER [10-17-2001]

Kristen [10-17-2001]

Aaron WAGNER [10-17-2001]

Tiffany Younker [10-17-2001]

COLBY SWISHER [10-17-2001]

TRICIA PRYOR [10-17-2001]

AARONVANMETER [10-17-2001]

Charles Smith [10-17-2001]

Sandy Jackson [10-17-2001]

Kiersten Valko [10-17-2001]

Jordan leach. [10-17-2001]

chris keiiy [10-17-2001]

Garrett Wiles [10-17-2001]

Hopefully I will get to visit your place one day. Thank you and have a nice day.
Josephine Marie P. Cruz , I live at 435 Fanihi St., Dededo, Guam; I am 38 yrs. old married a USAF Retiree, worked at Department of Public Works; Transportation Maintenance Division, I have 4 children of my own with my husband's kids from previous which is a total of 9 kids with a newborn grandson whom I have adopted. I was born and raised in Guam with 4 other siblings and my mom died in 1999 and I am taking care of my 78 year old dad since my mom died. [10-17-2001]

maria baraza , colorado tray to faind history for home work. [10-17-2001]

Anita , 38 yr old mom of 2 great children born in the USA. Prattville, Alabama. God Bless all who read this. We are now united. [10-17-2001]

JODY MCMASTER , louisiana, 25 years old [10-17-2001]

God Bless America
Cathy Graf , I live in Pennsylvania. I am a 47 year old female and I'm proud to be an American. [10-17-2001]

We have a fall festivle at my school at Halloween time, and we are to dress up like a patriot. I am having my Grandma make me look like Betsy Ross. I am glad that you had these pages for me to learn about her. Kali Looker
Kali Looker , I am 7 years old and live in Waupaca WI [10-17-2001]

Angela Peters , Carleton, Michigan [10-17-2001]

I visited the Betsy Ross House last Memorial Day 2001, it was truly a great moment....Thanks
bruce Stritter , Birmingham Alabama,62 [10-17-2001]

Wanda Coulthart , Oxford Wi [10-17-2001]

amy houck [10-17-2001]

I am so proud to be an American.
Mary Gardner , Louisville Ky [10-17-2001]

michael pansza [10-17-2001]

We are learning about our American flag, and Betsy Ross.
3rd grade class, Groveton Elem. School , Groveton, New Hampshire [10-17-2001]

Twila Allen , Blanchard, Oklahoma [10-17-2001]

natacha metayer , 18 [10-17-2001]

Besty Ross and the American Flag. You can't get no better that. GOD Bless America
Lee Davis , Dayton,Texas ,40ish. female [10-17-2001]

Would love to help repair the "Star Spangled Banner" now being worked on at the Smithsonian Institute.
Kathy Wilson , Seamstress [10-17-2001]

Freda White , Elizabethtown.North Carolina [10-17-2001]

JoAnn Holland , Grand Rapids, MI [10-14-2001]

DIANE M RADFORD , national park, n.j. 54yrs old, visited many years ago [10-14-2001]

I live in Plymouth, Mass. A short distance from the ply.Rock and Cape Cod. I love it here Summer,Fall,Winter and Spring. Every season is special.
Janet Ellen Neal , Age 52 love to travel and love history [10-14-2001]

Carolyn Davis [10-14-2001]

Thanks for the information. I think that it will be helpful because I would like to be Betsy Ross this Halloween.
Stephanie Menakis , from Ho-Ho-Kus School, NJ 3rd grade [10-14-2001]

Beth Crowley , Lake Zurich, IL [10-14-2001]

Susan Valonis [10-14-2001]

have always been interested in the USA and i visit it a lot.
jack deans , from northern ireland [10-14-2001]

I am sore I will love the tour!!!!!!!!
MEAGHAN [10-14-2001]

I am being Betsey Ross for Hallaween And we can't find a flag with 13 stars
Ashley , 12 [10-14-2001]

Tasha Teets , 10 [10-14-2001]

Tiffany A. Horton , Long Beach, CA [10-14-2001]

Mrs. Ida Thomas [10-14-2001]

I took a tour forty years ago when I was in the sixth grade. I'm still learning. Thanks for the site.
Maggie Kovacs , New York [10-14-2001]

BEVERLY YOUNG PANTUSO , almost 60 year old woman. i am a member of the dar and a faturnal organziation. my father was a 21 year navy chief. and i love the usa. [10-14-2001]

For Halloween this year, our school is having a red, white and blue celebraton. I am hopefully going to dress up as Betsy Ross. Would like to have a duplicate of the flag she madeas part as my costume. Any ideas? Thank you
Zora Lynn Heady , Florida,46 [10-14-2001]

Brittany Dickson , Vermilion Ohio Age 7 [10-13-2001]

researching school project
magoon family , ny state....31y/o and 10 y/o daughter [10-13-2001]

Could you please tell me where I can get a copy of how and why the American flag is folded. I have been to funerals of veterans and it has been quoted. Thank you
waneta carnell [10-13-2001]

This is a wonderful site. i visit it often. God Bless America!
Pstsy Henderson , Mt. Vernon, Texas [10-13-2001]

Deborah Harrison , live in Orlando, FL and love to do scrapbooking [10-13-2001]

I am studying about you Betsy Ross.
Kathleen Nicole Harlow , 11 years old [10-13-2001]

Maryann Lewis , Mesquite, TX wife, mother and grandma [10-13-2001]

BARBARA V. GALLETS , i am 8 years old. i live in n.y. [10-13-2001]

god bless america
michael keating , west hempstead,ny,49 [10-13-2001]

god bless america
Michele Noss , Vero Beach, FL. [10-13-2001]

KELSEY , portland, or 9 years old [10-13-2001]

Hope Caplan , originally from Phila. Now living in FL [10-13-2001]

I'am glad that you have this web site that way the childred acn learn about the flag and made it,
caroline pedde , from San Diego Ca. my age 45 [10-12-2001]

Brianna [10-12-2001]

God Almighty protect our nation by His supernatural power. Let His Holy spirit put a Glory fence around America.The flag of America live forever to show our courage,love,kindness,sympathy,honour,mystry and blessings for genearation to genaration in this land of freedom.
Olive Ezekiel , I am living in guilderland, Alabany,NY,12084 [10-12-2001]

i need to do this for a project in school. is this a real tour or is this just pictures of her house?
micel enriquez , i live in fl and i am 13 years old [10-12-2001]

Debbie Chapman , I'm a mom of 4, grandma of 3, I love your things on Betsy Ross. Always have liked her. And what you wrote serves her very well. Its terrible you can't order online from the giftshop. Thank you for sharing with me. [10-12-2001]

Much gratitude to Betsy Ross for creating our first flag. I feel so very much joy and gladness inside when I see a flag flying. Especially at night when a light is shining on it! God bless America, United we stand! God bless all those who have gone on before us!
Jeanette L. Jones , Kent, WA, 47 years old, White American, Native,Daughter of God, Daughter of Earth Parents, Sister to All, Wife, Mom of five, Gramme' of two - (10/12/2001) [10-12-2001]

Jessica Lucas , 13,female,texas [10-12-2001]

Mary Emmerich , New Jersey native now living outside Portland, OR age 42 [10-12-2001]

Brandi Brown [10-12-2001]

vonda [10-12-2001]

jose galan [10-12-2001]

israel nares [10-12-2001]

Donna Blue , Rydal, GA [10-12-2001]

Planning a visit to Philadelphia. Gathering info. Thank you for this information. Very helpful.
Teddie Nicholson , Chapel Hill NC [10-12-2001]

this is cool my first name matches hers!!!
Betsy B , issues [10-12-2001]

Julie Lauron , California [10-12-2001]

Beverly Gatlin , Houston, Texas [10-12-2001]

When i was a child I took a live tour of the house and I wanted to show my daughter the house. Thank you for the tour.
Marian St. Jacques , florida, notoary public [10-12-2001]

It's always nice to learn about history. Because that is mainly where we come from. To learn about the past is also to learn about the present and the future.Plus I would like to thank you for this tour.It's not often you get to see a piece of history.
Elaine J. Hricko , I am going to be 53 on 10/20. Married, mother of3 and the grangmother of 2. I live in the town of Sayreville in the state of New Jersey. [10-12-2001]

Carole , Maryland [10-12-2001]

Ted Jaramillo , Broomfield, Colorado 33yrs old [10-12-2001]

God Bless our Country
Christy Newburn , West Terre Haute, Indiana female age 35 [10-12-2001]

I was looking for the meaning behind the colors and gold fringe, history and background. I am finding a great deal more than expected. Thanks
Donna Smith , Monroe Michigan [10-12-2001]

thank for this sight
nicholas hoyt , 37 [10-11-2001]

My 11 year old daughter is appauld at how disrespectful people are becoming while showing their patronage to our country during this hard time. She gets very upset to see a flag touch the ground, hang outside w/out a light, and hang out in the rain. We are visiting this site so she can get information for her social studies project about respecting the flag.
Jessica Broussard , Louisiana [10-11-2001]

gianna-carina , im 6 yrs old [10-11-2001]

Susan Taylor , Herrin, IL 38 [10-11-2001]

Our Flag is absolutely the most beautiful flag in the entire universe!
Bonnie Munroe-Lentry , Los Angeles area [10-11-2001]

Elena [10-11-2001]

God Bless you and your family for the beautiful creation you've provided America with. Literally thousands daily give thanks and hold proud the beautiful flag you created for our country years ago. God Bless you and yours always.
Teri Carothers , Central California, 35 years old, Mom, Wife, Bookkeeper [10-11-2001]

I am doing a notebook on Betsy Ross and I wanted to find information Olivia
Olivia Lewis , Talladega ,AL [10-11-2001]

i love the American Flag
debra shaw [10-11-2001]

Angela J Spratt , louisville, KY age 66 birthplace IN. [10-11-2001]

Akela & Kim Miller , Akela-4th grader [10-11-2001]

hey dood
mayra pasillas , ilike shoping [10-11-2001]

Paul Tackett , Tulsa,Ok. [10-11-2001]

Thank you for letting us see your house!!
Mtrs. Gerrond's class , 4th grade teacher and class [10-11-2001]

CAYLIE McGUFFEY [10-11-2001]

bekah , 11 [10-11-2001]

We should never forget our Nation's history or our national heritage. Thank you.
Glenn Viernes , Mill Creek, WA; 52; son of a WW2 veteran [10-11-2001]

Stephen [10-11-2001]

Magaly [10-11-2001]

alicia , I'm 13 and from Pa [10-11-2001]

Kelli Kindt , Bryan, Texas [10-11-2001]

I, Theodore Rippy have been to the Betsy Ross home, and I am from Philadelphia originally.
Theodore and Sherrie Rippy , box 654 Brewer Maine 04412 [10-11-2001]

Christi Underwood , I Live in Rossvile Georgia and am 30 years of age [10-11-2001]

Mercedes A. Lopez , I am 38, I live in Winkelman, Az [10-11-2001]

I found this website very helpful for a composition I needed to write in Hebrew,
Lauren , New York City - Columbia University - 18 [10-11-2001]

Brenda Geri , Floridian [10-10-2001]

Jay Bailey , Aussie (Sydney sider) interested in nation's births [10-10-2001]

I live in WA State. I'm so glad we have our Flag. God Bless America!
Gail M. Bent [10-10-2001]

Rich Lungren , lived in Philly 1955-1972. Visited Betsy Ross House once while in grade school (John Welsh). Now live in Oregon. [10-10-2001]

Debi Anderson , Parma, OH [10-10-2001]

i need info for a school project i am doing so if you can send me some stuff to my e-mail address shown above thank you! Mandy
mandy , oklahoma, 13 , need this for a report [10-10-2001]

Betsy Ross Ilove that flag. I have been struggling to learn about you.
Roberta Houston , I love to sing [10-10-2001]

The flag is a beautiful and meaningful symbol. Too bad it takes such tragic circumstances to make us realize just how much we appreciate it.
Peggy Graffin , Port Charlotte, Florida [10-10-2001]

This something that concerns me. I love the American Flag and wanted to know more information on it.
Chelle Fleenor , Bristol,Va----29 [10-10-2001]

Luana Thermos , Seal Beach, CA [10-10-2001]

samantha , falkville al 18 [10-10-2001]

Rachel Patterson , Iove Pokemon cards [10-10-2001]

bEtSy rOsS yoUr mY hEro!! yOU aRE thE most pAtriOtiC wOmaN iN hiStorY. wHat yOU hAve crEateD iS a bLesSinG tOdaY. tHanX!!
Sarah Hernandez , 15 f CAli [10-10-2001]

Shakara Mitchell [10-10-2001]

PATRICIA PERDIEU , north carolina [10-10-2001]

Juli , Elk Grove, Illinois, 14 [10-10-2001]

Arielle Fletcher , I'm 9 and live in CA [10-10-2001]

kylr,riddle , 11 [10-10-2001]

I really injoy the history of Besty Ross. I am doing a reort on her in school. I am from Lapel Elementary School.Thank you I haven't looked at the picturs yet but I am sure I will like them.
Julie [10-10-2001]

Ben Halsell [10-10-2001]

Lea [10-10-2001]

Coleen Pizzuti [10-10-2001]

william f kuntz , bm1(sw) usn nwsy [10-10-2001]

this is a very informative site
Amanda [10-10-2001]

what is your name?
Mandy , I,m 9 years old and I,ma girl [10-10-2001]

We are doing a Veteran's Day program centered around the flag.
Martha Sherrill , 4th grade teacher Sheffield, AL [10-10-2001]

Mandy , I,m 9 years old [10-10-2001]

sophie odom , age 7, 2nd grade, jim pearson school, Alex city, AL [10-10-2001]

juan jimenez , cula middle ,14 [10-10-2001]

send me on the tour now!
Sarah , 11 [10-10-2001]

KATHY STOTTS , 47 yrs, american born, live in southern california and proud to be an american! god bless america! [10-10-2001]

Tyesha Shante' Coleman , DeRidder, Louisiana, 16, Junior in high school [10-10-2001]

I just finished making a dress for my niece to wear to portray Betsy Ross...She will be in a parade ,atop a float...for the homecoming at her school. While I stitched I wondered what the full history of this remarkable ,well known,young lady was.I am so happy I came here to find out.
Frannie Simmonette , 40 year old,mother of two,who loves to sew.Dallas,Pa.18612 [10-10-2001]

I enjoy history and I am prod to be an American. I always wanted to visit Betsy Ross's home to be in the middle of history. Thank you for giving me privledge to do so.
Robert Robertson , 50, Olive Branch, MS, Native Texan [10-10-2001]

Betsy Ross was an astonishing woman. In those days she made it through the wars and through being a widow and being a woman back in those years was tough, but she did it. Because of the wars going on now with terrorism loving our country and showing where the roots of our country came from is extra special.
Tia Green , South Carolina, 25 [10-10-2001]

Susan Tallent , from Texas [10-10-2001]

melinda havens , virginia 39 [10-10-2001]

Stevenson Robert Sellers , Chesterfield, S.C. 28 years old [10-10-2001]

Judy Williams [10-10-2001]

Dear Betsy, Today we learned about the symbol of our flag. Thank you for sewing the first American flag! We can't wait to visit your home.
St. Mary's Kindergarten Class [10-10-2001]

Debi Mott , Oregon [10-10-2001]

Mary Sipperly [10-10-2001]

I think Betsy Ross is cool and so is her family
Tonya Pulling , Im 13 years old I like to do research on everything [10-10-2001]

kassandra , arizona [10-10-2001]

Wour site is the best
Spencer Clark , Chino Hills 91709 [10-10-2001]

Erica Parker , i'm 18 [10-10-2001]

Marlene Kiser , 39 from Pittsburgh, PA [10-10-2001]

I'm happy to learn Betsy Ross's home was saved for future generations. It's nice to have a site like this to visit, especially at a time like this in our country.
Juan Carlos Lopez , Los Angeles, CA 43 [10-10-2001]

KATHY SANCHEZ , leesville, la. age 50 [10-10-2001]

Thanx for makin the flag Betsy!
Heather Fowler , 18, fl [10-08-2001]

sylvia matkowski , Elverson, PA 48yrs old [10-08-2001]

Brittany Baker , i live in hurst texas and go to donna park elementary. i am 11 years old, i am going to present myself as bettsy ross, dressup and report about her. [10-08-2001]

amanda , I need reshersh for a scool reprt [10-08-2001]

Sherry Timmerman , Texas [10-08-2001]

This is super neat!
Kate , I'm 10 and doing a report on the U.S. flag for school. [10-08-2001]

I told my daughter I'd help her research Betsy Ross' Biography. This is a fantastic site!
Richard Huot , Berlin NH 51 yrs. [10-08-2001]

Maureen D. Kothstein , Hatboro PA. [10-08-2001]

Ehren Schleicher , St. Louis, Missouri Age 9 Fourth Grade [10-08-2001]

catherine fellman , 26 [10-08-2001]

Nicola Mein , San Jose, California [10-08-2001]

Michael Zawojski , Oaklyn,NJ [10-08-2001]

Stephanie Weymouth , Mass. Age 9. I love monkeys [10-08-2001]

Nancy [10-08-2001]

Janet DiChiara , Astoria, New York [10-08-2001]

It is a wonderful site. Have you thought about putting the gift shop on the site for people to purchase. Some of us can't make it to PA. Keep up the good work America needs this. Thanks a bunch
Linda Bobbitt , 59years with 12 grandchildren [10-08-2001]

Looks like an exciting web site. Plan to share with my students.
Mike Marshall , 50 years old. Houston Texas area [10-08-2001]

I think this website is wonderful......GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!
Joy Strickland , Charlotte, NC [10-08-2001]

My six year old Daughter is going to be Betsy Ross for Halloween, I can not seem to locate a Betsy Ross Flag. Please Help. Thanks!!
Tracie Harbison , Trevose, PA - Executive Assistant [10-08-2001]

Clay Elementary School, Clay, WV Mrs. Adkins' 3rd Grade , age 8-9 [10-08-2001]

Katrina T. Tyler , Knoxville, TN [10-08-2001]

Proud to be an American! May people never forget the true meaning of America!!! ;~)
Jennifer Geseking , From NJ [10-08-2001]

Kasey , kansas 10 [10-08-2001]

Shanan Aston , Teacher of Gifted/Talented Students grades 4-6 [10-08-2001]

Mary D. Young , Baytown, Texas [10-08-2001]

Visited the house in April during a vacation to PA. Enjoyed it very much. Seven year old daughter Samantha wishes to be Betsy for Halloween, so we searched sites for a photo of her and came across this tour and decided to take it again.
The Kozlowski's , Coventry, CT [10-08-2001]

Martha Rose [10-08-2001]

we are both for Bush and the stand he has taken, way to go Bush
John and Darleen Kenny , Denver Mo. [10-08-2001]

History, i.e. American, is a very strong interest with us and every time we are able to travel, we try to take advantage of getting to whatever local destinations of historic interest are available. We belong to the Nat'l Trust for HIstoric Preservation. Just discovered your website after reading an article in the LA Times about the flag situation after the events of Sept. 11th. We are devastated in concert with the rest of the country and world but fly our car flag, wear our flag pins, and continue to believe in the essential foundation of the US. Ironically, my birthday is on Flag Day. Thank You. Suzanne Wargin
James & Suzanne Wargin , Burbank, California [10-08-2001]

BettyEm Myers , I live in Santa Clara, CA. This is my first visit to your cite, your address was given to me by a friend [10-08-2001]

The more I study about her the more intresting we are finding she is. Could you please e-mail my daughter some intresting things that might help her out to act oraly. Thank you, Jessica and Debbie Mazotti
Debbie Mazotti , I am 34 years old, my daughter Jessica and I decided to do a school report on Betsy Ross. We half to dress and do an oral play at school. [10-08-2001]

Paige and Sam [10-08-2001]

Austin Macfarlane , Advance NC age-15 [10-07-2001]

I am working on a brownie badge
megan wagner , age 6 first grade [10-07-2001]

I am helping my niece do a report on Betsy Ross...thank you for all of the information .... it has been very helpful....
Deanna Cole , Arkansas; 32; female [10-07-2001]

my name is Lexy , my age is 8 [10-07-2001]

We shall all remember Betsy Ross in a very speecial way.
Amanda , missouri [10-07-2001]

Paul & Amy Pysher , Bath, Pa [10-07-2001]

Lynda Blair , Dunedin Fl born & raised Phila [10-07-2001]

Gail Biscoe , 3rd grade teacher [10-07-2001]

As an alien resident to the US from Canada I've always admired this country for the pride they show in flying their flag. In peaceful times and times of war it has been flown with respect and honour in the neighbourhoods we've lived in.
Deb Ferguson , I live in Michigan with my family of 5 [10-07-2001]

please add to this web site why the flag was made
jessika , 29 [10-07-2001]

jackie vickers , Alexandria.Kentuckt [10-07-2001]

Born and raised in Philly, and now I really miss it. I am in the U.S. Navy and stationed on the USS NASSAU (LHA-4).
Maureen A. Sciandra , Chesapeake, Virginia [10-07-2001]

Just been talking to a friend from CA who is knitting a flag of the USA. Her brother now calls her Betsy Ross. Thought I better find out who she was. Best wishes from the UK Phil
Phil Haywood , 42 male from the UK [10-07-2001]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross. I think she is an amazing person. Thanks for all the great info you have givin me.
Susie , michigan, 14 [10-07-2001]

tammy [10-07-2001]

Great site!!!1
Tangi Truelove , Betsy,I would like you to see my house. We painted the entire front of it The American Flag it's so pretty .If you are ever in Mississippi please come by. 331 Beaverdam Road Indianola Mississippi.38751....I love your site!!! [10-07-2001]

I am learning about the American War of Indepence and this site is one of many which helps tell the American story of its fight for freedom. If anyone has any interesting information which they would like to share with me on this suject please email me at thank you.
Tanya Martin , Welsh [10-07-2001]

god bless america
James Lee Perry , california age 45 [10-07-2001]

when then terroist hit the wtc and the pentagon, thousand of people were deverted to NF airports they were accomadated in schools and anywhere we could find room .Iam just curious to learn what the stars and strips stand for on toyr flag.
Harold White , nf canada 41, [10-07-2001]

Louis Napoli , Retired [10-07-2001]

Barbara Wheeler [10-07-2001]

Carolyn Culberson , Chicagoland area - interested in history [10-07-2001]

God Bless America
melissa c garrett , attica,in./age 30 [10-07-2001]

donna simmons , lexington,north carolina -44yrs old [10-07-2001]

fabian [10-07-2001]

God Bless America
Jennifer Pelfrey , I'm a flag collector. Everything in my home has Betsy's flags on it. I love it. [10-06-2001]

Enjoyed the history behind our great flag and its making
Al and Geri Bartholomew , Florida [10-06-2001]

RAMONA CALDWELL , lebanon, tennessee [10-06-2001]

Chris Ransome [10-06-2001]

Sarah DeBock , Chico, CA Age 24 [10-06-2001]

Rita Long , 42 years old [10-06-2001]

Jessi Pace [10-06-2001]

desendant of Betsy Ross. My greatgrand father married a Ross. Alice E. Ross
Penny Merritt , MA resident , 44 yrs old [10-06-2001]

We are all spititual beings! Love is all!
Jane-Claire Russell , Middletown, Connecticut [10-06-2001]

I will be teaching a segment to disadvantaged kids on patriotism. Since finding this site, I am going to preview it and will when we meet, have them to also take the tour. Thanks for making it possible. These kids wouldn't have seen this.
Donna Wright , pastor,teacher [10-06-2001]

don and cindy ray , we live in the southwest, and are retired and have just found that our ancestor is John Ross and Betsy [10-06-2001]

Donna M. Hardigree , 4802 Ray Bon Dr. #406 San Antonio, TX 78218 [10-06-2001]

Our flag is the one thing all Americans have in common. Maybe the recent tragedy will help us discover all the other things we have in common, and from this evil some good will come.
Lynn Solte , I'm 60 years of age and live in Miami, FL [10-06-2001]

I clicked on this website from a link I received in my email. (I enjoy crafting as a hobby. The link was "how to cut a 5 point star".) I find the site to be most interesting, I love American History, so I thought I'd look around and stopped by to see Mrs. Ross' home. With all the turmoil we Americans are facing these days, our History gives you not only a sense of pride, but a sense of security. God Bless America!
Lennise Dronet , Louisiana, 34 [10-06-2001]

j. knanishu [10-06-2001]

Sandra Bunn Suire , Retired Registered Nurse [10-06-2001]

My 6 year old daughter is going to be Betsy Ross for Holloween this year (2001). I am making her wagon into a living portrait with my daughter of Betsy Ross sewing the flag.
Patricia A. Haney , Illinois, 36 Mother, Wife and Office Worker [10-06-2001]

I missed visiting Betsy's house while in PA because of time constaints. Wish I would have stopped by. My birthday is Flag Day
Mrs. Amy Culler , teacher, Alta Loma, California (old enough to know a lot of history! [10-06-2001]

Lynda Carpenter , 31 y/o mother of three daughters [10-06-2001]

Bobbye Dyer , Dallas, Texas - age 68 [10-06-2001]

When folding the flag what do the folds mean?
Henry Andrews , California, A young 55 I'm a Supervisor in Transit [10-06-2001]

I am doing a paper on Great Americans & I get to write a paper on Betsy Ross.
Alyssa Hamilton , age 5 [10-06-2001]

Felicia Miller , Portsmouth, NH [10-06-2001]

Devin [10-06-2001]

May God bless you, Betsy, for the creation of a Flag that is such a monument to our gift of freedom, the beauty of America, and the blessings of our Gos!
J. Knanishu , Catholic School Kindergarten Teacher [10-06-2001]

Julia K. Mayes , My husband and I live in Southfield, MI and are both 48 years old. We have a 23 year old daughter and a 4 year old grandson son. [10-06-2001]

May God Bless Us All!!
Linda Milhoan , 36 From Belpre, OHIO [10-06-2001]

i am doing a repoet on betsy ross i think shes the bomb
Tiffany , i live in fl [10-06-2001]

Proud to be an American and a holder of the Stars and Stripes, a symbol of Democracy and Freedom.
Elise Bredeson , Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Age: 50 [10-06-2001]

I am working on a story about an elderly woman here in town who has sewn her own American flag since she could not find one in the stores.
Scott Powell , Berea, Ky., 24, newspaper editor [10-06-2001]

Lydia , 12/f/ca [10-06-2001]

EMILY LEBLANC , i am mother of 6 kids 5 girls and one boy i have 2 grandauther and on the way i am going to be 50 in july 2002 [10-06-2001]

Studying Betsy Ross and the flag.
Denise , 2nd grade teacher [10-06-2001]

i like your house
Elizabeth Poindexter , Im from Mn im 12 I have aslot of riends. [10-06-2001]

THanks 2 betsy we have a flag
Lorraine , Chick 14 [10-06-2001]

When I was in the 2nd grade, we had a play about Betsy Ross and I got to play one of her friends that helped sew the flag for the president. I couldn't remember how we but the stars but found a site that had directions. Times flies
Linda , Americus, GA [10-06-2001]

Robert Lewis , Hazleton PA [10-06-2001]

I am doing a web quest.
Chris Harrity , Brookfield Elementary School in Brookfield WI. [10-06-2001]

Sharon Carney , Clinton Twp - Michigan 59yrs - female - 10/5/01 [10-06-2001]

Thank you!
Cassie Hendry , Teacher [10-06-2001]

GLENDA D. ADAMS , memphis, tn 43 [10-06-2001]

Patricia J. Brunner , Currently residing in Lexington, KY; 36 yrs of age; visited the house as a child. [10-06-2001]

Cheryl Lynn Edwards , I am a 4th and 5th grade teacher at Cork Elementary School in Plant City, Florida. My students are learning about our flag and we are using this internet site for research. [10-06-2001]

I think this is a great place to get info about Betsy and the flag. My heart goes out to all hurt in the tragedy.
Michael McDaniel , 8th Grade, M, sorry about tragedy... [10-06-2001]

Susan Foster [10-06-2001]

I appreciate the history of the U.S. flag and would like to learn more about Betsy Ross.
Maureen Mosley , from Middleboro, Ma. Age 37 [10-06-2001]

Every school year my fifth grade classes have always stood and said the Pledge of Allegiance and sang a patriotic song. It is my duty to help teach the young to love and respect their country. However; as of the 11th of September, I am reinforcing and educating the need for even more love of country and fellow country man. My class is taking a tour through Ms.Betsy Ross's home. I would like to thank you for this makes it come to life for them, as well as for myself.
sherry marshall , shaker hts., ohio, 40 yrs.of age and an elementary school teacher [10-06-2001]

Nan DAvis , teacher, St. Marys, Ohio [10-06-2001]

God Bless America and all of our brave men and women serving their country. God Bless all of those who in any way helped with the September 11th happening. God Bless all the missing and dead of that day.
Virginia Kline , age 68 yrs. born and raised in Philadelphia [10-06-2001]

One of the most delightful web sites that I have visited. I am currently searching for every bit of information that I can find on Alexander Hamilton. What a phenominal man; he is the backbone of American History. I cannot envision the forming of our country without him. Thenk you again for your fine web site. Sincerely, Elaine N. Ramey
Elaine N. Ramey , Kissimmee,FL, Born in Baltimore,MD in 1925 [10-06-2001]

I have not had the opportunity to personally visit the Betsy Ross house. Thank you for making a virtual tour available to those of us who do not live close enough to see it "live."
Michael Mabey , I live in Spokane, Washington [10-06-2001]

Kathy Knowles , Poplar Bluff, Mo. age 39 [10-06-2001]

Elsie Calo , 65 Columbia [10-06-2001]

MARY SPRUNCK , california and 55 yr old [10-06-2001]

I am looking for information to write a speech for my 4H club about the US Flag.
Jody Kelly , Dadeville, Alabama age 9 [10-06-2001]

Tim Lacoax , Onley,IL 62450 age.17 [10-06-2001]

I wanted to teach my children more about what the flag stood for...this is a great place to come to.
Barragan Family..Sergio,Rhesa,Antonio,Samantha,Nicolas , savanna,illinois [10-06-2001]

mary rushing , louisiana [10-06-2001]

I am doing a Report on Betsy Ross
Ava , 9 yrs, California [10-06-2001]

Danielle [10-06-2001]

Katie Retherford , I'm 13 and live in Tipton, IN [10-06-2001]

dina , 14, female [10-06-2001]

Born on the fourth of July,1946. Come from a long line of soldiers from the Civil War---to WW11. Love my country and our flag. We are so fortunate to live in America.
Kathryn B. Evans , Laurens County, Georgia [10-06-2001]

Kevin McRorey , 13 years old, Nevada, Texas [10-06-2001]

Thank you for all of the information I found. I am doing a flag trivia for an upcoming party.
Twyla Ward , Sioux Falls, SD [10-06-2001]

Nadine Malunay , Oak Harbor, WA 40y AMERICAN [10-06-2001]

My class and I are very excited about visiting Betsy Ross's house. We have been studying all about our country and its flag.
Maria Faust and her first grade class , teacher New Jersey [10-06-2001]

Melissa Brock , I'm 23 years old, born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas [10-06-2001]

At this time in America, if not prior to 9-11(also my B-Day), more people should become more interested in our wonderful country and what she stands for, and what our Fore-fathers fought and passed on to us to protect for all time. God Bless America!
JoAnne Davis , Phoenix,Az-58yrs,-Nurse-One Son-Love America [10-06-2001]

Thank you for making a part of Americann History history interesting and accessible to all.
Dora Inkumsah , 23, Co-op at J & J-McNeil. [10-06-2001]

tyles , easton, mad 16, play basketball [10-06-2001]

Molly O'Malley-Blair [10-06-2001]

Vicky Ross [10-06-2001]

to my aunt tasha i love u
candice and ashley [10-06-2001]

How do we get more of this wonderful historical information taught in our elementary schools to impress upon youth just what freedom is all about. They have completely lost the concept either by design or ignorance.
Alex J. Neil , Age 68, retired banker, Korean War Vet [10-06-2001]

i hafe to do a biografie ,i need betsy ross
hope presley , i love social studies [10-06-2001]

"god bless america"
CHUCK THIEL , kentucky [10-06-2001]

Michael Schwartz , San Francisco, CA, 37 [10-06-2001]

The thirteen star flag has flown over my home since Sept 11. 2001.May God keep us in His care and may every american remember the price that was paid to fly our flags in freedom.
Richard M. Tobin , Born in Philly now living in Chesapeake Va. [10-06-2001]

tim golubic , whiting, IN; 43; veteran [10-04-2001]

I wish we had the internet & sites like this when I was in grade school. What an amazing thing. This is a great place to take my kids. This is a terrific way to keep the spark alive in my kids' eyes for American History knowledge since what they are having to deal with means defending our freedom & rights! Thank you so much.
Tammy L. Wills , 37, F, mother of 5, patriotic, work full time plus some, taking tax classw/ H & R Block [10-04-2001]

Hello. I am writing a report on Betsy Ross for my eighth grade Social Studies class in Freeman Public Sr./ Jr. High School. I was just visiting this site to get some info on Betsy Ross. Nice Site! Calah
Calah Baltzer , Freeman, SD 13 [10-03-2001]

I am a school teacher in 2nd grade at an Elementary School.
Linda Hamilton , Dayton, OH [10-03-2001]

I came to look at this cause of a school project.New I know more.Alot more!!Betsy Ross is the best.
Tiffany [10-03-2001]

I and My family are proud to see such Heritage Preserved for All Americans and Foreign visitors too, to see how America was brought into being! And to think that 1 Lady, Betsy Ross, Made our Stars and Stripes brings a feeling of joy and chills !!! Betsy is a True American!!!
Timothy A. Moore , 38/m/Everett, Washington [10-03-2001]

My daughter's middle name is Betsy, after our famous, distant ancestor. My husband's grandmother has a family tree book that traces our family back to George Ross (Betsy's uncle) and even farther back.
Michele Ross [10-03-2001]

Lisa Ensign , 31 yr old homeschooling mom of 2 in Alabama [10-03-2001]

sue , 26 [10-03-2001]

Jacquelyn A Nunez [10-03-2001]

KATIE HAWLEY , 7 [10-03-2001]

Fred Hutchinson , I am a young American. I have never been to Betsy Ross House. My mother saw it in about 1946 and has never forgotton it. [10-03-2001]

Hope to visit in person soon. Am descended from Pa-Md line Presbyterian preachers (17 & 1800's)
Don Rupp , a young 71; Louisville,Ky; Korean War Vet; 4 kids [10-03-2001]

p.huffman , mo. [10-03-2001]

Mrs. Ingram's class [10-03-2001]

i am kool
angy , 97 old fat and lot of ugly wrinkels [10-03-2001]

pola [10-03-2001]

I am previewing this site for my 5th grade class!
Mrs.Missildine [10-03-2001]

I thoroughly enjoy sites that allow students to visit and tour historic places because this becomes more than a lesson in history. Thank you for providing home-bound students this experience too.
C. Owyang , Resident of CA's Bay Area, School Teacher [10-03-2001]

Our Kindergarten Teacher is looking for a short book to read to her class as she is going to dress like Betsy Ross for Haloween. I'll have to check the Public Library. All we have is a Biography.
Marion Whitinger , Librarian Galewood Media Center, Galewood Elementary School 512 E. Lovett st. Charlotte, Michigan 48813 [10-03-2001]

Sharon Lycos [10-03-2001]

hi how are you doning
Jerry kight , nice my age 12 chillothe Oh [10-03-2001]

I was looking for information about the flag, (meaning, etiquette, history, etc...) to share here at school. Our students are thirsty for information about all the patriotism that has been sparked recently. Thanks for this great site!
Dena Schmidt , Live in Memphis, TN, public school educator [10-03-2001]

Lisa , Grapevine, TX age 29 [10-03-2001]

Nick Hammler , 12ld. [10-03-2001]

This site was great!
Caitlin Smith , Kansas City 19 [10-03-2001]

Thank you to whomever for the time dedicated to putting this site on the internet. What a wonderful country and extraordinary people we are! God Bless you all
cheryl ann brock , a quilter, history and flag lover. [10-03-2001]

Curious about the origin of our falg in light of the national tragedy and the many, many new displays of the flag.
Linda Moore , 49 yrs old in Decatur, GA [10-03-2001]

God Bless America ! ! !
Yvette , 27 female from Cleveland, ohio [10-03-2001]

Ms. Kennedy's 1st Grade Class, Liberty Elementary, Azle, TX [10-03-2001]

D. Noel , A quilter from Mass. [10-03-2001]

betsy ross is an inteligent women.i like her.
mary , 11 [10-03-2001]

your web sites cool
chris , 12 [10-03-2001]

Nicole , Pennsylvania ,29 female [10-03-2001]

Gloria Mungaray , Los Angeles, CA [10-03-2001]

lisa rivera , culver Indiana 46511 [10-03-2001]

Roger D. Moravetz , Boone, Iowa age 58 [10-03-2001]

I am a mother of 2 children ages daughter 32,Casie Roshelle Maria(Fornero) Pease.Husband-Michael Franklin Pease(31 yeras old ). Son-Michael Monroe Pease(5 years). son- John Michael Pease(21/2 years). Son- John Dave Modesto Fornero.(29) Wife-Shanda Fornero 26) I am a cosmetologist(33 years) Dance Teacher(12 years) I baby sit my two wonderful grandsons (5 years) ILOVE MY COUNTRY!
Joyce (Scarborough) Fornero , July 20,1948(Mother-Puerto Rico) Father-Irish,English,Scotish) [10-03-2001]

Shakara Mitchell , 18 [10-03-2001]

guadalupe m lopez [10-03-2001]

mary segovia [10-03-2001]

Really like your website.
Anna Testerman , Nebraska 16 years of age [10-03-2001]

Kallien LeBlanc , California, 33 [10-03-2001]

Evan Shalloo [10-03-2001]

I found the instructions are here for making a five pointed star (from a referring website) I didn't know that this website existed, and shall return again. God Bless America!
Suzanne A. Monroe , Upper Michigan, 43, single mother of a 6 year old beautiful daughter [10-03-2001]

We are excited about learning more about Betsy Ross in school.
Third Grade Class , We are 7, 8 and 9 years old [10-03-2001]

Jan Langford [10-03-2001]

My suggestion for our Halloween theme at work was to display and act out the history of our American flag.
Norma J Benson , Sacramento, CA [10-03-2001]

Patti Soares , Born in Providence, RI [10-03-2001]

Originally from Chicopee, Mass. Near Westover Air Force Base. Growing up I remember my home being open to the boys stationed at the air base, as a home away from home. My parents had a room in the basement with a pool table and the boys were welcome to come and use it. My parents would sometimes sit and talk to the young men about thier homes, family, or anything they felt like talking about. It was a blessing for both the young men and our family.
Theresa Cummings , South Bend, Washington I'm 55 years old [10-03-2001]

good web page
chaz [10-03-2001]

Lindsey [10-03-2001]

Elizabeth , I am 10 turning 11 Nov. 27 [10-03-2001]


Suzanne Dole , 16 yrs [10-03-2001]

We are studying the history of the American Flag.
Mrs. Clutter's Fourth Grade Class , From Portland TN [10-03-2001]

Susan Teel , Wichita, Kansas [10-03-2001]

i hope i learn a lot about her
lisa glazer , 12 353 shadow lake dr [10-03-2001]

PATTY DECKER , i live in tyrone,pa i,am 50 yrs old i found the betsy tour on line was the greatest [10-03-2001]

We need to preserve all history of America, but Betsy's role is one that is close to my heart as a decendent
Sheila Gropp , Topeka, KS 45 yrs, decendnt of Betsy (Griscom) and Joseph Ashburn [10-03-2001]

Dylan Hendricks [10-03-2001]

Hey ya'll!!*~
Hillary Perry , us, il [10-03-2001]

Allison Jordan [10-03-2001]

Sean Somers , Libertyville,IL 60048 I am 12 yrs old [10-03-2001]

This is a very exciting site. I've always wanted to visit this place but never dreamed I would have the opportunity. Thanks for the great gift.
Teresa Coy , Lebanon, Oregon [10-03-2001]

I was just collecting some information about our flag. Stumbled on to this and found it very interesting and fulfilliG. thank you very much
Ronnie Bentley , Quadriplegic from Ninnekah, Oklahoma Age 40 [10-03-2001]

At school I am doing a play.Iget to act out Bettsy Ross!
Tamara Lynn Chambers , Nipomo C.A. Premavera LN 93444 age 10 [10-01-2001]

Michael J. Nino , Upper Darby Pa [10-01-2001]

Lucille Greene , Ky. [10-01-2001]

I am doing a Bio about Betsy Ross and need more info. Can you please direct me whereto go to get the most info about her life.
Aaron Brayman , Ft. Riley, KS; 13 yrs old [10-01-2001]

Please do not put me on any mailing lists.
Merrilynn , Personnel Officer, San Quentin, CA over 50 [10-01-2001]

Beth & Maggie Niven , ks [10-01-2001]

Denise , Property Manager (10-01-01 [10-01-2001]

susan hersch , 37 alaska [10-01-2001]

Jessica Doll , I am 14 and I live in Indiana and I am doing a brochure in social studies about Pennsylvania so I thought about you. [10-01-2001]

Lissa Bussell , 27, student [10-01-2001]

Devron Rogers , 21 years old, Live in Richmond Virginia [10-01-2001]

God Bless America and Betty Ross for Americas Honorable Flag
Alana Lane , Mira Loma, CA 36 [10-01-2001]

Since the tragedy in New York City on September 11, 200l I have become more curious about our countrie's history and it's landmarks. We have been talking to the students about our flag, it's history, what it stands for and some of the flag code of etiquette. Someday I hope to visit more of our landmarks.
Sandra Rich , I am a Library/Media Clerk at an elementary school in Louisville, Ky. [10-01-2001]

Nancy Earnshaw , Salem, N.H. [10-01-2001]

Sandra Rich [10-01-2001]

Do a projet on betsy ross, hope to find dome good information
Kimberly , Iowa,13 [10-01-2001]

I am doing a report for school.
Kenny Gilbert , Tampa, FL, 9 years old and male. [10-01-2001]

Joann Hanson , Hesperia, Calif. [10-01-2001]

albert l crum , columbus ohio age 40 [10-01-2001]

Lyndsey Cheney , I'm a special education teacher [10-01-2001]

I am giving a brief talk on the flag to my antique club,and I will dress like Betsy Ross. A friend loaned me some vintage clothes that could pass for that period.
Char and Dave Distel [10-01-2001]

Jennifer , I am 23 from Monroe, Washington [10-01-2001]

like it cool
Chaz , 12 [10-01-2001]

r. d. barned , 33 [10-01-2001]

God bless America
Cesar A. Candamo , 19 years old, student [10-01-2001]

Stephen Mccall [10-01-2001]

Tanner Harlow , I'm 15 [10-01-2001]

Mary Daniels , Chesapeake, Virginia , 32yr old Female [10-01-2001]

Richard Butler , Rochester NH [10-01-2001]

Please let me know when your store is reopened. I wish to purchase a flag. Thanks.
Linda MacGilchrist [10-01-2001]

We enjoyed the site. It was very informative. Thank you, The Maddox's
Maddox , Illinois Homeschoolers, ages 13, 13, 11 [10-01-2001]

Jennifer Miller , Middlebury, Indiana [10-01-2001]

It is a shame, but a good thing that it took such a tragedy to bring the American people together again.Now the average person knows what we as Vets knew for a long time, the honor and true meaning of the symble of our country. May long it wave with honor................Love it as all we should and lrt no man destroy it..........EVER! Charles T. Mc Cann
Charles T. Mc Cann , I am an American veteran of the korean War.belong to many organizations such as American Legeon, V>F>W. and also a member of the Veteran group called Rolling Thunder ,Chat. 1 New Jersey. [10-01-2001]

Rainey , Clinton,NC [10-01-2001]

Devonta J. Johnson , clinton nc [10-01-2001]

I would love receiving newletters, lessons, etc.
Angela DeChiara , Teacher [10-01-2001]

Diane Sprinkle , Huntsville, AL age, 40, leader of girl and cub scouts, educator [10-01-2001]

God Bless America!
Mrs. PIttman's 3rd Grade Class [10-01-2001]

Sept. 30, 2001 I believe now more people are showing their patrotic side. I stumbled across this site and want to refresh my memory of what I was taught about how our flag came to be.
Kay McPherson , I'm 48 years old. I live in Memphis, TN. [10-01-2001]

God Bless America
Ted Crouch , indiana, 60 yrs. old [10-01-2001]

Rebecca Sharp , Career Counselor [09-30-2001]

We are honered by all those great Americans who have come before us so that we may carry on the proud traditions of the values they cherised so that we all may be so proud and grateful for all the sacrifices For our freedom today.GOD Bless OUR AMERICA!
John and Catherine Bartlett , Derry nh [09-30-2001]

Trying to find information of a picture painted of Betsy Ross and American Flag by Robert Mosler. Where the original painting is located. Thank you.
sue perkins , Goliad, Tex [09-30-2001]

i like to look up inf on history
patricia frohlich , in nj age 65 [09-30-2001]

Found this site looking for flag etiquette information so that I can fly our flag properly and proudly.
Sandra Kosinski , native of Toledo, OH, wife, mom, student, 2nd generation American! [09-30-2001]

God Bless America!
Anna, John Henri, & Mom , Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin [09-30-2001]

RIP Betsy cause right now i would not know what to do without the flag in this time of sorro
jessica hankins , 12 oh f [09-30-2001]

Marion Olson , Fond du Lac, Wi. [09-30-2001]

~*~*~*~God Bless America~*~*~*~
Alicia Martinez , I am 14 years old and live in Seffner, Florida [09-30-2001]

I am doing a book report on Betsy Ross and I have visited the house befor
Kim Delaney , I am 10 years old and I live in Bedrord N.H. [09-30-2001]

chuck , im cool [09-30-2001]

Heather Knutson , tyler,tx 22 [09-30-2001]

i love god and i love the u s a
BILL BARNES , benton harbor,mich. 51years old [09-30-2001]

thank you so much for this site. it comes at a time when all americans are needing it the most.
marie , new mexico--58--female--enough [09-30-2001]

We had an interseting time looking around and got some pages for Sabrina for school. Thanks & God Bless!
Sabrina Archie & Ramona Archie , Sabrina 10 Ramona 31 from Spotsylvania, VA. [09-30-2001]

Kevin Matthias , Poynette, WI 43 years young [09-29-2001]

Love our Flag!!!
Sherry L. Johnson , Grand Rapids, Michigan 47 years of age [09-29-2001]

God Bless America, and Betsy Ross*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*
Monique , Pa [09-29-2001]

Margaret Mengle , New York [09-29-2001]

I haven't visited this house yet, but I will sure plan to do so in the near future. This is great. Anne
Anne Marti , I live in Washington State [09-29-2001]

I always wanted to see her home,now I can enjoy it thanks to your site, I'm lookingg forward to the tour.Thank you!
Wallis Benson , North Highlands,Califorina (59 Years Old mother of 7,grndmother of 20,great grandmother of 5 [09-29-2001]

God bless America
Laurel Richmond , St. Louis, Mo. [09-29-2001]

Jane Williams , 2nd grade teacher [09-29-2001]

Wonderful web site.
James Trier , Palm Harbor, Fl 34684 [09-29-2001]

Gloria Chavez Cervin , Sacramento Calif. 64 yrs old mother of 5 grandmother of 10 and greatgrnd of 2 and very proud to be an AMERICAN [09-29-2001]

i am somewhat related to betsy ross
samantha demro , 12 [09-29-2001]

I've decided to dress up as Betsy Ross for Halloween. I went to this web-site to get ideas for a costume.
gina milici , 3rd grade teacher 33 years old [09-29-2001]

stacy harvey [09-29-2001]

Cindy Meyn , Belgrade,MT age 24 [09-29-2001]

sam [09-29-2001]

Debby Nelson , 44 years Mother of an active U.S. Army soldier Specialist Charles "Cody" Nelson [09-29-2001]

Please pull pray back in school we all need God in our life. God Bless America.
ETHEL BOGANY , houston,tx . SBF 52 LOVE THE LORD [09-29-2001]

Great Site!
Cathy , California, 15 [09-29-2001]

Sandy Outland , Kentucky 36 [09-29-2001]

For halloween the women I work with decided we should dress up in the Patriotic theme. I'm going to dress like Besty Ross, so I wanted to know about her. Thank-you for the wonderful information.
Rene Thimmig , Sheboygan, WI age 39 [09-29-2001]

Susie , Kansas 10 [09-29-2001]

Rene Thimmig , Sheboygan, WI age 39 [09-29-2001]

This will also be shared with children that come from other countries.
Nina Tetuan [09-28-2001]

very,very, cool site. I felt so very good after visiting. America needs more uplifting such as provided by Mrs. ross' Homepage. Got here by accident looking for a desktop flag for my computer. "Betsy Ross' Flag" will be my desktop for the remainder of this year or untill our "boy" are out of harms way, whichever is longer!!!!! Thanx 4 the FEEL GOOD. Richard Cormier Los Angeles,Ca.
richard cormier , African-American, age 58, Los Angeles, Ca. [09-28-2001]

God Bless America and what we stand for!!!! Thank you so much for all the history you have made accessible for us to share!!!!
Bobbie , hip granny of two [09-28-2001]

Carroll Family [09-28-2001]

Mary Will Sussman , textile artist/quilter age 45, live in Webster,NH [09-28-2001]

sandria viscido , tampa 35 [09-28-2001]

tonya sanchez , morgan hill california 42 years old [09-28-2001]

Tom Oliphant , Oak Harbor, Washington [09-28-2001]

JEFF TROYER , ks. age 36 [09-28-2001]

Thank you Betsy!!
Betsy McKay , 26, Bear DE [09-28-2001]

Because of my name, I have always be fascinated with the history of the flag and Betsy Ross. My ancestors date back to the Revolutionary War.
Betsy Ross Luckett , Centreville, VA; married with two grown sons and two daughters-in-law [09-28-2001]

PAT VANDYKE , cols, ohio 44 [09-28-2001]

I was just looking up how many stars are on the flag.
Lois Solomon , Teacher Assistant [09-28-2001]

Jackson School [09-28-2001]

(God Bless America)In this trying time, lets keep our troops, and the families of the terrorist attacks in our thoughts and prayers. U.S.A. ALL THE WAY !!!!!!!
Paul A. Kelly , 34 y/o father of three boys, living in Bucks Co. [09-28-2001]

How did she sew the flag
Brittany Downen [09-28-2001]

Chase [09-28-2001]

brianna and Alicia [09-28-2001]

I Love to take care of dogs.
Morgan E. , Age8 Germentown TN [09-28-2001]

PJ Story [09-28-2001]

buh bye
BOBBY , 75/f/uranus [09-28-2001]

Connor Dane Anderson , Dogwood 8 [09-28-2001]

you are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GREIG HERSTALL , 12 [09-28-2001]

who want to make a flag
brandisha/ brittany , 11,tx,12,tx [09-28-2001]

Robert [09-28-2001]

Xavia Rochell Smith [09-28-2001]

Nicole and Sheila [09-28-2001]

catherine vela and elizabeth , mcallen tx. [09-28-2001]

I look forward to the tour of Betsy Ross's house!!!!!!! God Bless America!!!!!!!
Alex , McAllen,TX [09-28-2001]

ralph , McALLen,TX [09-28-2001]

AJ MUNOZ , mcallen, texas [09-28-2001]

nick barboza , mcallen [09-28-2001]

God Bless America!
Tanya Robbins , Secretary of the Pontotoc County Chamber of Commerce [09-28-2001]

Erica , I live in Taxas Im 10 [09-28-2001]

I love history, I love our country, I love our flag and I want to know more about the history of our flag
RUBY M. La PLACA , Hollywood, Ca. Age--over 65 [09-28-2001]

angela bledsoe [09-28-2001]

DONNA JOHNSON , salem va age-43 [09-28-2001]

Elisabet [09-28-2001]

Beverley Wernner , West Newton, PA [09-28-2001]

Second grade at Screven Elementary in Screven,GA [09-28-2001]

kelly , io lawrenceville il. [09-28-2001]

i loved your tour
melissa , 11,city lawrceville [09-28-2001]

I enjoyed the rest of your webpaige
Marissa , age 11, City and State Lawrenceville ,IL. [09-28-2001]

Mrs. Smith's 5th grade class [09-28-2001]

Bryanne Bassett , St. Clair, MI, age 24 [09-28-2001]

I'm looking forward to going to the Betsy Ross after having gone there on a field trip as a little girl.i came to this sie,hoping I could find an answer to the question;What is the order of stars representing states?GOD,BLESS AMERICA!
paula smith , orange,nj [09-28-2001]

I was delighted to find the "How to do a 5-point star in one clip" on your website. I was taught how to do this in the 5th grade and forgot. I was delighted to find it again and am teaching my sons.
Julie Bradbury , Cherrybrook, NSW, Australia [09-28-2001]

this was such a helpful site,my daughter had a school project and it answered all her question,thank you and may our flag fly high forever.
SHANNON CORMIER , jersey city,n.j age 29 [09-28-2001]

Teresa Pimienta [09-27-2001]

God Bless AMERICA! Thank You very much for all the great information ON the history OF OUR flag! From: One AMERICAN to Another. GOD BLESS YOU!
Debbie , Married,Three grown Children. [09-27-2001] [09-27-2001]

i love god and my country. i pray for my country every day. god will keep us safe.
tanner ross parker , I am 9 years old robinson tx [09-27-2001]

Robert Groening [09-27-2001]

thanks for letting us in
valarie Mongaras , dallas, Texas [09-27-2001]

Answering questions for a paper on The United States Flag for my third grade class.
A. Veltre , Clifton, New Jersey 8 years old [09-27-2001]

Someday I would like to see her house in person. Thank you for showing it on the web.
Valerie Everly , I love to sew, I am always interested in history, and I've tried making the 5 pointed star from your directions. Unlike Betsy, I need to practice more. [09-27-2001]

I'm from georgia, i'm 13 and i've been doing historical reenactments since i was 11. This past year i did a revolutionary war festival in july. Betsy ross is very cool! God bless the usa1
Merry peterson , atlanta georgia [09-27-2001]

God Bless America
Karen Hoffman , Chicago, IL [09-27-2001]

Emily Burkahrdt , 13 [09-27-2001]

The flag is of great inportance in our history
Jessica , Illinois, 13 years old [09-27-2001]

I really liked the tour I will go here more often to learn a lot more about her.
Ashley , 12 [09-27-2001]

Monica Reyes , Rancho Cucamonga, CA [09-27-2001]

Kim , Spokane Age 16 [09-27-2001]

Lynn Calhoun , 41-homeschool mom [09-27-2001]

Danielle [09-27-2001]

cherokee [09-27-2001]

god bless america !!!!!
Kathy Uptagrafft , n49 year old daughter of a U.S. Air Force fighter pilot...who served our country for 32 years of active duty...He also fought in 3 wars...Our life in the military was most rewarding and I am always proud to say I am an Air Force brat... [09-27-2001]

kathi landon , Michigan, age 50, married, 2 children, 1 grandchild, Love America and our flag! [09-27-2001]

natalie , New York, 20 [09-27-2001]


Felicita Santiago , I am a 43 yr. old Hispanic female and live in NJ. [09-27-2001]

The Boy Scouts of America gave educated me about our flag, inspired my pride in it and engraved in me a commitment to the principles represented by it. Your website has done the same. Thank you.
Juan B. Gonzalez, Jr. , Titusville, Florida [09-27-2001]

Laura D. Keblish , Everett, Washington [09-27-2001]

ross , i like to work [09-27-2001]

my oldest daughter has always been a patriot. i think she was born with a flag in her mouth! she loves all the patriotic music and loves the flag. i thought she might like the history of the flag so here i am. thank you for all the great information and pictures! god bless you!
PATTIE CASH , 49 year old with 11/12 year old daughters work at unv fl in gainesville fl [09-27-2001]

Johnson Pyatteer , 97years old 11room mansion like toro movies [09-27-2001]

Your house is very cool........And so is your grave bye lora
Lora Reimers , I'm 10 and very preety. [09-27-2001]

i think Betsy Ross is cool & what happened in NYC & Washington D.C is wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope Bin Laden rots in he-doublehocky stick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! C.L
Chris L. , llike macaroni & cheese [09-27-2001]

Lora Reimers [09-27-2001]

GLE GRIMES , 33 nj social worker [09-27-2001]

Glenda , Muskogee, Oklahoma [09-27-2001]

My father was in WW2 I would like to say Thank You to every one that has defended my freedom
Kellie Hoover , Greenfield,In. 40 Proud to be an American [09-27-2001]

Looking forward to the tour
W. Keillor , Canada [09-27-2001]

My Father was in ww2 I would to say thank you to everyone who has fought for my freedom.
Kellie Hoover , Greenfield,In. ,40 [09-27-2001]

Heidi Sheehan , I am a first grade teacher. [09-27-2001]

jordan [09-27-2001]

britnie jones , 12 alabama [09-27-2001]

EDWARD [09-27-2001]

I heard you made the first American flag.And it is still standing today.Thanks for every thing you've done.
Meagan Churchwell , I'm 11 years old I live in Witchita Falls, Texas [09-27-2001]

How awesome this page is! I still get goosebumps everytime I hear the pledge and the words to The Star Spangled Banner!
Meshelle Walker , in school suspension teacher/girl scout leader [09-27-2001]

Mrs. Moore's first grade class , 6 & 7 year olds at Norton Elementary [09-27-2001]

I was Betsy Ross in my first grade play in 1955. Tomorrow I will visit my grandson's class for Grandparents Day and will be sharing with his class the history of the first American Flag.
Anna Perez [09-27-2001]

the flag has always been a symbol of freedom. with the attack on the twin towers in new york,the flag has been flying more than i can ever recall. i hope it last.
TOMMY W. JAMES , arkansas, age 50 [09-27-2001]

I am glad to be able to visit this site as i always wanted to. Thank you.
Katherine Stover , Live in Calif. Born in N.C. [09-27-2001]

To see our American Flag waving softly with the breeze is so comforting. As we continue prayers for the lives lost on that tragic day, September 11, 2001, our heart rings out God Bless America. Thank you Betsy Ross
Mrs Irene Pierro , Las Vegas Nevada [09-27-2001]

Marie McDowell , age 53 reside in Zachary, LA [09-27-2001]

Our flag is of the utmost importance to our country and those of us, that have had someone in the military during war time. The Freedom that it stands for "Rises Above That Of Any Other Country."
Eldora Howe , "One Nation Under God" [09-27-2001]

Betsy, thank you for your creative beauty !
Thomas Youngblood , Spring , Texas 38 , teacher, wife and 3 daughters [09-27-2001]

Briana Chapa , 13 years old [09-26-2001]

Linda M Rose , Va [09-26-2001]

philana lahey [09-26-2001]

I am a 1st grade teacher
Nancy Vandermyde , Morrison, IL [09-26-2001]

Ayn Huffman , Illinois [09-26-2001]

One Nation Indivisible!
John Harwood , McDonough, GA, 49 [09-26-2001]

Debra Sanchez , Herald, Ca Teacher @ Galt High School [09-26-2001]

Matt Pence , I am 9 years old and I live in Irvine, Calif. [09-26-2001]

We will enjoy hearing about Betsy and her contribution to our history.
Galen Britt , Teacher of 5th grade/Katy, TX/Science and Math [09-26-2001]

Leslie Choudhury , West Roxbury, Massachusetts 41 years of age [09-26-2001]

Dawn Williams , nmsu, 19, [09-26-2001]

Chris Lopez , Alb. nm 17 [09-26-2001]

I am a writer that is going to present a program for children using American History. I want to include Betsy Ross' story.
Ellen Bunnell , Bradford, PA [09-26-2001]

V. Christenberry [09-26-2001]

i will have to send you a copy of my report
ashleigh rudser , 10 doing a report on betsy ross in killeen tx at the elementary school of Cedar Valley [09-26-2001]

Wonderful site! Thank you for making it possible for me to share in America's history.
C. J. Johnson [09-26-2001]

renzo en merle en jan doorschodt , richboro 9 years the netherlands [09-26-2001]

Pat & Edie Robinson , Belding Mi. [09-26-2001]

jusy wanted to learn about our histor
MRS. PHYLLIS SELLERS , south carolana from new york,brooklyn [09-26-2001]

God Bless America as we deal with the terrorists........
Victor D Grantham , Honolulu Hawaii [09-26-2001]

NATHAN POWELL , 11 years old [09-26-2001]

RANDY SCHUMANN , 11 years old [09-26-2001]

Glad to see this site, particularly after reading Molotsky's book which seems to deny Betsy Ross's role in the creation of the flag
Leonard William Halling, MD , Colorado Springs, 74, retired physician [09-26-2001]

have lived in bennington vermont, always been interested in history.
lisette cote , valcourt, quebec canada j0e 2l0 [09-26-2001]

I love Betsy Ross.
Bruna Bouhid , I am 10 years old. [09-26-2001]

hi i like your site
JAJDG , ohio 11 [09-26-2001]

I think it is about time we learned to respect our flag and learned more about it. Our children take our freedoms for granted. I am sorry about how we all received our "wakeup call" through such a tragedy but now today is the first day of our lives. I am so proud of our people and our country and how everyone comes together as one, we are a great people and will prove this to the world. Sometimes I feel other countries think we are frivolus and carefree when in fact we are strong, caring and loving people and it really shows when tragedy strikes, we really give from our hearts. God Bless America
Marilyn Buccola , Live in California [09-26-2001]

I love Betsy Ross house.
Elizabeth Aviles , 9 years old [09-26-2001]

Paula , special education teacher [09-26-2001]

I just wanted to find out more about the first person who made our glorious flag!! Thanks!
Stephanie Koch , Wichita, KS 22 [09-26-2001]

I like your sight
Ella Campbell , Aberdeen South Dakota Age 10 [09-26-2001]

Your sight is awesome. I would like to visit Betsy Ross's House in person. I would also like to see the very first American flag.
Naomi Seaton , Aberdeen, South Dakota May Overby Elementary Age:11 [09-26-2001]

Leland Bishop [09-26-2001]

kelly thompson , 22 live in ny [09-26-2001]

jimnikola [09-26-2001]

Amy Criscuolo , age 26 from Connecticut, USA [09-26-2001]

Samantha Lynn Calvert , Nederland ,Texas [09-26-2001]

Jim Sullivan , 32 from Dallas, Texas [09-26-2001]

I think Betsy Ross is awesome! I could never make the American Flag like she did. I am doing a report on her in school. She is a rolemodel for kids!! GOD BLESS AMERICA
Katie , 10 years old, Yuma [09-26-2001]

We're learning more about the flag by visiting your home and reading about how the first flag was made. We also want to find out what the colors in the American flag stand for.
Tracey Kuhlow , 5th grade teacher [09-26-2001]

Pam Stalvey [09-26-2001]

I am proud to be an American and proud of our flag. I'm trying to teach my children to be proud too. The events of Sept. 11th have hopefully made many of us Americans stop and appreciate our blessings and turn to God.
Lisa C , 9-26-2001,42, Alabama [09-26-2001]

Brittany Scott , Snyder TX 10 [09-26-2001]

Jared Cave , Snyder,TX 79549 age 10 [09-26-2001]

It is important that we value and appreciate the great country that we live in. We are extremely fortunate to live in the "land of the free." Let us always remember to honor all of our citizens,our flag,and our country. "God Bless America, my home sweet home."
Antoinette Young-Edge , Proud to an American-NE-early thirties [09-26-2001]

This should be a lot of fun.I like virtual anything{just about}.
Joi Alexander , Baltimore,Maryland [09-26-2001]

Laurie Powell [09-26-2001]

I am proud to me an American.
Pamela Kinnaird , Parkersburg, WV [09-26-2001]

Linda Joy [09-26-2001]


I appreciate now, more than ever, the true symbol of our great country and the freedom in which we have enjoyed for so many years.
Julie Sobeck , Palm Beach, FL ; 36 yrs old ; Private Investigator [09-26-2001]

Barbara W. Hendley , kittrell North Carolina [09-26-2001]

I think Betsy Ross is cool.
makaela , 10 [09-26-2001]

Olivia & Luis , Houston,tx 12&11,Well Middle School [09-26-2001]

Cindy Forsythe , 1st Teacher, Lampasas, TX [09-26-2001]

God will protect our flag and country as long we continued to keep ourselves in the proper standard as God would want us to be for the rest of the world to follow.
Norman E Allison , Fort Worth, TX - original from Chicago, IL [09-26-2001]

Carol A. Lewis , West Palm Beach, FL [09-26-2001]

sandy rogers , i am from hamilton, ohio. [09-26-2001]

Stephanie Dominguez , age 11 [09-26-2001]

Just want to say I proud I am to be an American, I am so proud of our Flag, I always display it with pride and respect.
Rosemary Reyes , Hayward, Ca. [09-26-2001]

Thanks for the information on this site about displaying the flag
Kathy Hodges , Mississippi [09-26-2001]

Two years ago on a trip back east, I was able to see the outside of the house but not able to go in as we were on a tour of PA and on a time limit. Isn't it wonderful how our flag still means so much to us especially at a time like this.
Susan Cochran , California [09-26-2001]

Sean Sullivan , An American patriot! [09-26-2001]

James Tankersman , I am 55 [09-26-2001]

im proud of the stars & sripes & betsy ross!
MICHELLE P., 10 years 5th grade ider elimentry {alabama} [09-26-2001]

Chris Falice , md, 15 [09-26-2001]

Valerie Cardone , nearly 40 [09-26-2001]

Hermelinda Huerta , Houston, TX [09-26-2001]

kak [09-26-2001]

Interesting mat'l
Don , Wrentham Ma. 44years old [09-26-2001]

Jackie , 13 years old [09-26-2001]

100 years ago my great-grandmother, Loula Townsley was a member of your organization. I still have the original document.
Keri Lane , San Diego native [09-26-2001]

This is the most interesting web site I have ever see. Very educational.
Valerie Pratt , Trenton, OH - age 40 - female [09-26-2001]

Natalie , Philadelphia [09-26-2001]

im learning about Besty Ross because im writing a reprot on her
Hamons , age11 locationOH [09-26-2001]

god bless america and all the people who died and all of the survivors and our heros and military...9/25/01
Linda k Unkel , live in tennessee,31,married 10 yrs,2 girls,happy [09-26-2001]

God Bless America
Elizabeth Thomas , Suffern, N.Y. [09-26-2001]

Harold Stevens , Maryville,Tn [09-26-2001]

chris hout , Michigan 36 [09-26-2001]

Thanks for havinf pages like this on the nET!!!!!!
Faith Corbett , Madisonville, ky. 36 year ole female looking for information on our history's greatest icon's [09-26-2001]

Teri Billy , Dallas, Texas [09-26-2001]

the flag means so much to me and our country and in this time of need we should all take a few minutes and just stop and look at and remember what had to be done to get it here. thank you for letting me in your thoughts.
Tamalettia Freeman , Strawberry Arknasas is where I am from and I am 30 years of age with two children ages 5 and 4 [09-26-2001]

It's a cool site!
Renee , I'm nine [09-26-2001]

Jennifer L. Ellison [09-26-2001]

christine , 9 [09-26-2001]

Rebecca Shreck [09-26-2001]

christine [09-26-2001]

God bless Americao! Keep our flag flying with pride!
Dianne Robins , 58 - principal's secretary for 18 yrs. in Katy, TX [09-26-2001]

Laura , 10 I live in Texas [09-26-2001]

lei washingtn , 11 [09-26-2001]

Mrs. Cook's class , third grade students [09-26-2001]

Asutin Scott , student at Weber State Universitity,22 [09-24-2001]

Whitney , sc 16 whatever [09-24-2001]

Britt & Duwanna Miley and Family , louisiana [09-24-2001]

Evelyn Mills [09-24-2001]

I found this site while searching for the specific detai
Julie Carter , Houston, Texas, 43 yrs [09-23-2001]

this is a great web site for information to help with a class project.
Josenne' Krueger and Family , Oregon, 17 [09-23-2001]

I recently discovered this site and feel this is very needed in our country for all.
Betty Gleason , Michigan [09-23-2001]

God Bless America and the entire mankind! I know war is inevitable, but I hope America does not lose one more single life in the continuing fight for our freedom and peaceful way of living. The Pogorzelski Family Pittsburgh, PA
Colleen Pogorzelski , I live in Pittsburgh, PA. I am a 38 yr old single mom with 2 teenage boys; Jeffrey 18, & Shawn 14 [09-23-2001]

lisa morales [09-23-2001]

I am proud to be an American. I am proud of the principles on which my country was founded. I truly believe that what makes the USA so great is the special of people who call her home.
Denise E. (nee-Steele) Garavaglia , White, female born in St. Louis, Missouri on 10-13-1949 the second child to a mother ( Amelia J. Specia Steele) of Italian heritage and a father (Francis *Frank* Kennedy Steele) of Irish/English heritage. [09-23-2001]

M. Dinwiddie , New Port Richey, Florida [09-23-2001]

Robert Kitterman , New Albany In [09-23-2001]

Mary Boyer , Grafton,Ohio [09-23-2001]

Paula Clymer , 36 yr old, mother of 2, from Williamsport PA [09-23-2001]

God Bless America
Barbara Ullman , New Jersey wife, mother of two sons [09-23-2001]

i love america.
Debbie Avery , I live in Norwich,CT.I'm 43 years old.i work as a blackjack dealer, at the worlds largest casino. [09-23-2001]

God Bless and keep us
Phil , Anaheim,Cal. age 50 truck driver [09-23-2001]

David R. Travis , Tucson, Arizona [09-23-2001]

hoon , From Singapore, 41yrs old [09-23-2001]

Crystal Wyland , Williamsburg, PA / 43 / Civil War buff [09-23-2001]

i think that Betsy Ross house is really nice!!!
Nena Mojica , south Florida, 13years old [09-23-2001]

I want to learn about the history of the American flag.
Elizabeth Singanong , Sterling, Virginia 8 years old [09-23-2001]

Elizabeth Singanong , Sterling, Virginia 8 years old [09-23-2001]

Have a great day!
Justin Bradbury , utah [09-23-2001]

Kristin , 14 years old [09-23-2001]

I went to Betsy's house as achild and I thought it was a good time to get some more info about her and her house
sue paparo , I live right outside philadelphia [09-22-2001]

this is a cool sight thanks
Carla Spanihel , i am 44 and surfing the web. [09-22-2001]

I thank God everday that I was priviledged to be born an American citizen. We need to get back to God and put prayer back in schools and "In God We Trust" back on our currency.
sarah whiteside , Born, raised and live in Chicago, Ill. [09-22-2001]

Heather Flynn , 23 year old college student in Utah [09-22-2001]

Hello, I hope this is neat.
Benjamin Cardon , Utah, 19, College Student [09-22-2001]

Leslie Ender [09-22-2001]

Patsy Henderson , Mt. Vernon, Texas [09-22-2001]

Emily , i dont know wut to put here...hi mom!! [09-22-2001]

Joy , Ft. Myers Beach,FL [09-22-2001]

im 14 and doing a report on betsy ross for history...this really helps
Jessica Stapleton , im 14 and i live in texas [09-22-2001]

Holly Thomas , Roy, Utah, 28 years old, wife and mother of four [09-22-2001]

We are a blessed people under God.We all need to remember that its only becouse we are a Godly people that we have been blessed. Its to bad it takes such a ack of hate towed us to open our eyes.
Debra Jean Osborne , Franklin,In 50yrs young. [09-22-2001]

Helen D Stebbins , I am 28 years old and I hope would never see what we did this week [09-22-2001]

KENT FORSTER , hilliard, oh. [09-22-2001]

Melissa Seluga , Florida, Holmes County, 50 Seamstress [09-22-2001]

Rachelle Hill , Concord,California, age 37 and homeschooling mother of 2 [09-22-2001]

this is wonderful
charlotte carr , first time browser [09-22-2001]

Maria Muse [09-22-2001]

bonnie calkins , i am 43 years old, i'm from michigan [09-22-2001]

I've been curious about my geneolgy for years and would like more information on Betsy Ross' life and family.
Koni (Connie) Ross , Texas, 40, curious about Besty Ross' history-??my last name & curiosity. [09-22-2001]

I was so glad to find this web site on the American Flag and Betsy Ross. In this terrible time that we are now going through with the terrorist tragedy in New York, Washington D.C. and the Pentegon, we must all display our flag with pride not only now but forever. Thank you for this tribute to our wonderful country. September 22, 2001
Josie Say Bucknell , English decent, born in Spokane, Washington on May 8, 1928 [09-22-2001]

Lauren Masters , From Hubbard, Ohio, 13 years old, am a big fan of history... visited Betsey Ross' house in March of 2001 on a school trip. [09-22-2001]

A thanks to Betsy Ross for making our Flag, and May God Bless America, and may we continue to see it fly at each days early light.
Joan Johnson, Whittier, California [09-22-2001]

i love the flag i think it is the best thing that was ever made i am glad we have a flag cause we got bombed your wish to be frind kimmy
kimmy , 12 years old love the pic of the flag [09-22-2001]

donald p underwood , revolutionary war reenactor second pennsylvania regiment [09-22-2001]

In this time of grief I ask God to bless each and every one of us in this great nation! Thanks to all the heroes.
Sharyn Bentsen , Austin, TX [09-22-2001]

I want to learn about Betsy Ross
Catie , Houston,Texas, 10, [09-22-2001]

Catie [09-22-2001]

joan cohran , atlanta age 51 [09-22-2001]

Judy Wilson , Age 57-Orlando, FL [09-22-2001]

Irene Tidball , Cambridge, OH [09-22-2001]

Mary Maloney , Teacher [09-22-2001]

I haven't been to historic Philadelphia in many years and I live 20 minutes away, I looking forward to showing my grandson, at his request the Betsy Ross House in the next few weeks
Mary Young [09-22-2001]

My family and I visited the house on a walking tour of Philadelphia.I loved all the history in the city and thanks to everyone who donated the dimes to restore the house so we were able to enjoy it.
Sylvia Slagle , Taylor, Texas [09-22-2001]

linda polizzo [09-22-2001]

joannekirchgessner , 63 [09-22-2001]

janice rosmini , bensalem, pa. [09-22-2001]

PEGGY GATELEY , arkansas [09-22-2001]

I was just browsing for history of the flag and found Mrs. Ross site. Very nice.
David Joralemon , Westminster, Ca. 42yrs.old, [09-22-2001]

History buffs but never got to see the real place. A real nice tour. Just happend to stumble on to this page A very nice set up.
Larry R.& Marjorie S. Watkins , KeyLargo FL. [09-22-2001]

Tara K. Purcell , Student, Austin, Texas [09-22-2001]

Jennifer Jones , 20 years old Westland, MI [09-22-2001]

I am doing a story on Betsy Ross for Children's Sunday School.
Janet Teese , Conroe, Texas age 67 [09-21-2001]

Junelle Echlin [09-21-2001]

Glad to visit.
Steve Smith , USN Retired, Barstow CA [09-21-2001]

Carol Perkins , Naples, FL [09-21-2001]

Jeff Welty , phila. 31 [09-21-2001]

Neva Wank , Indiana, 41, home schooling mom [09-21-2001]

I'm glad America still holds on to it's roots and lineage in such a wonderful manner. I look forward to my tour.
Erin Span , Buffalo, NY [09-21-2001]

sara marrone , play flute, 10, doing reportonbetsy ross [09-21-2001]

I visited this house when I was younger with the Girl Scouts and now that I live in Florida I am visiting it online with my son Frank.
Alice Weber , Tamarac, Florida 46 [09-21-2001]

Kayla Vineyard , St. Clair, MI 49 years old I teach 4th grade in Capac, MI [09-21-2001]

i love to sew , especially red, white and blue items. betsy ross has always been an idol of mine.
PATRICIA HAVERTY MORRISSEY , ohio, 59years old [09-21-2001]

i love old glory!!i love america
scott a fleenor , bristol tn,39 years [09-21-2001]

Jan McCollum , 3rd grade teacher [09-21-2001]

I have been to the Betsy Ross house. I was born and raised in Philadelphia. I really miss being able to come and take the actual tour. I think it is really great that you do it this way it is like a little piece of home so far away. Thank you.
Kristen LaBrier , Portland, OR ~ Age 27 [09-21-2001]

My great grandmother was a decendent of Robert Morris.
Alice , Enterprise,Florida [09-21-2001]

I had a great time learing to cut my 5 pointed star!!!!
candy sailers [09-21-2001]

Sherry , New Jersey [09-21-2001]

I remenber reading about Betsy Roos when I was in grade school. I have always wondered how she came up with the idea she did. I find it amazing.Our flag holds a special plane in my heart. Always has. Always will.
Davenport Bonna , Age 52 Orlando Fl [09-21-2001]

Estella Munger , I live in Pgh and I am 67 years old [09-21-2001]

Richard L Cornetto Jr. , Wayne, NJ Age 25 [09-21-2001]

Mario , Huntington Beach California [09-21-2001]

Jill Wilson , Live in the state of Washington [09-21-2001]

My daughter is writing a famous person report on Betsy Ross. She started this report three weeks ago and I am happy she is getting the opportunity to learn more about the flag and it's meaning.
Connie Ellington , Gilbert, AZ 41 [09-21-2001]

Brenda Huiett , Salina Kansas [09-21-2001]

may i purchase a flag?
Gloria Valeriano , Wexford, PA [09-21-2001]

I have made Texas flags and an Arizona flag - because they are easy.
Marianne Durio , Austin, TX - 63 [09-21-2001]

Carol Lura [09-21-2001]

God Bless America!!!!! May she continue one nation,undivided.
Elaine Harrison , English-born American [09-21-2001]

American all the way,
Glen Barrett , Long Beach,Ca. 66 [09-21-2001]

joan a pulaski [09-21-2001]

It's wonderful to see all this and refresh yourself on our history and what things really stand for.
Andrea Wingler , Orlando, Florida [09-21-2001]

Linda Harris , Native Californian [09-21-2001]

Forever free!
D. DeLisa , Coral Springs, Fl [09-21-2001]

Forever free!
D. DeLisa , Coral Springs, Fl [09-21-2001]

Christina Lopez , Miami, Florida, Proud American Female age 31 [09-21-2001]

God Bless America!
Mary Hoopes , Miami, Florida [09-21-2001]

Ali [09-21-2001]

Gracie Guerrero , Taylor TX......age 35 [09-21-2001]

Karen Scotti , Medfield, Massachusetts [09-21-2001]

Just want to remember where our flag came from and want it stands for.
SHIRLEY JOHNSON , I live in Washington DC I am 49 years old [09-21-2001]

Beth Reimer , Taneytown, MD 36 [09-21-2001]

Michael Jadwin , 6th grade teacher [09-21-2001]

Krissy [09-21-2001]

whats up?
bob , not needed to know [09-21-2001]

Ssue R. Coleman [09-21-2001]

DARRYL BURR [09-21-2001]

Fran Gross , 58 yrs old, Nashville TN [09-21-2001]

If you know of any place that sell's historical replica Betsy Ross flags framed I would be very intrested. Thank you.
Andrew Anderson , Salem, OR 26yrs. Funeral Director & Betsy Ross Flag Lover. [09-21-2001]

Dawn Johnson , Underwood, MN [09-21-2001]

inspired by recent events to learn more about our flag.
aaron Akselrud , live in brooklyn, age 58 [09-21-2001]

virginia elizabeth singer , proud black american woman [09-21-2001]

Cindy Harmon [09-21-2001]

Kelly , Kansas [09-21-2001]

Jan Chatland , 61, Northern NY state [09-21-2001]

teresa cato [09-21-2001]

god bless america
KYLE , nj 12 [09-21-2001]

flag waiver
MICHAEL GRELLA , senor [09-21-2001]

Im a decendent of the Ross,my great grandmother was a Ross.I lived in Philly untill I was 18,but never visited Betsy House
Phyllis Soblotne , Norfolk, Va 69 [09-21-2001]

chris frederikson , 51 male, truck driver, from iowa [09-21-2001]

I'm writing a report on BetsyRoss and the American Flag
Brittany Harris , State:ohioCity:East ClevlandAddress:1272137Age:12 [09-21-2001]

The flag is truly an inspriation at this time of need and God Bless America!
Linda B Boyd , Jacksonville,Fl Age 49 (9-20-01) [09-21-2001]

God Bless America.
Bonnie L. Dixon , Glenwood, GA [09-21-2001]

Kim and Linsey Davis , Kim-39-teacher Linsey-11-5th grade student interested in American symbols [09-21-2001]

martie Long , Mesa Az. [09-21-2001]

Caroline Pace , 53 yr old American female from the proud state of "the Land of Lincoln", Illinois [09-21-2001]

I just wanted to take a tour of her house.
Brian DeVincent , 15 yrs.old Pennsylvania [09-21-2001]

CATHERINE WINNEBERGER , I live in Historic Dumfries Va. I am 49 years old [09-21-2001]

Gary W. Hamblin , Or. [09-21-2001]

Kelsey Burford [09-21-2001]

This is a nice website. I enjoyed the info abouth making the 5 point star.
Dawn Morris , Pittsburgh, PA [09-21-2001]

Herbert E. St-Amant , San Antonio, TX [09-21-2001]

What a lovely historical program to have on the Web!
Regina Dillport Bachmann , Ancestor's named Ross [09-21-2001]

Jill Bagwell , 12 [09-21-2001]

In the time of great need it is comforting to know that there are still places that we can turn to and know that we are still the United States and life does continue to move forward.
Leon Wood , 50, History Enthusiats, Live in Tempe Az, Married 30 years,3 Children 1 Grand daughter [09-21-2001]

Patricia Bliss , Stafford, VA [09-21-2001]

lynn miller [09-21-2001]

J.D., Redding, CA, 30 years old, white, middle class [09-21-2001]

Penelope Harris , Holladay, Utah [09-21-2001]

With so many people hanging the flag in honor of our patriotism in the midst of this awful terrorist attack, I wanted to find out the basic rules of flag ettiquite.
Caseu , Boston [09-21-2001]

JUDY HALL [09-21-2001]

Ashley Guerin , louisiana [09-21-2001]

Sharon Creeden , Palmyra, PA [09-21-2001]

I'm about to take the virtual tour. Thank you for this website, so this generation can enjoy our link with the past and the First American Flag, sewn by Betsy Ross.
Katherine Walson , California, age 69 [09-21-2001]

nancy aiken [09-21-2001]

during this horrible time in america, where "attack on america" has got us all very depressed, we need to remember where we came from, and how far we've come. stand very tall and be "very proud!!!"
c. victoria b. lynch , frm roanoke, va. / 911 dispatcher [09-21-2001]

my name is michelle i lovr history
michelle revinski , locustdale PA AGE 10 [09-21-2001]

Patricia G. Smith , Houston, Texas [09-21-2001]

Tammi Cushing , nh. 21 [09-21-2001]

elaine martin , Boston, MA 30 [09-21-2001]

Diane , 27, Cleveland, Ohio [09-21-2001]

This is a great site for American Flag studies.
Kathleen Madden , Teacher at Good Shepherd School in St. Louis-Computer [09-21-2001]

Will Harkness , Alaabama,11,and like football [09-21-2001]

Loved the virtual tour! Thanks a lot. I hope to visit in person some day!
Gerry Bezzina , London, Ontario, Canada [09-21-2001]

Maggie Dougherty , Brigantine, NJ, currently; born & raised in Philadelphia [09-21-2001]

kathleen orcutt , Kearney, NE [09-21-2001]

Jodi Shepherd , 1112 Harrison Avenue Carrollton, KY age:25 [09-21-2001]

Your site is an inspiration during a time that is so stressful, your printable flag was a real blessing during this time of shortage of flags. May God Bless you and May God Bless America.
Milton Welch , 64 [09-21-2001]

Thank you for the "tour"of Betsy Ross's home and workplace. I have found several relatives that fought in the Revolutionary War. I am going to join the D.A.R. when accepted. Being a student of the Revolution, I can't help but be reminded of what my anchestors fought for under our flag and am encouraged that the lives lost in our recent destruction in New York of the Trade Center will again show the world that we will stand united and fight for the freedom of all citizens,world wide. God Bless America!
Joan White-Piron , Mesa, Arizona [09-21-2001]

J . Marion Yancey , Douglasville, Ga. - 59 yrs old. [09-21-2001]

Patricia Thomas , Lake Wales, Fl. I am 53, housewife,mother of 4 and grandmother of9. [09-21-2001]

america has finally gotten back to the things that are most important: god, country & family! the things that we have for so long, taken for granted! may the lord have mercy on all of us!
SANDY KING , chattanooga, tn (09-20-01) [09-21-2001]

Marybel Tellado , Hoboken,N.J, 23 Yrs.old, [09-21-2001]

BARBARA KING , heyburn , idaho [09-21-2001]

Thank youfor the print out of the American Flag I will display it proudly in my window.
Pat Smith [09-21-2001]

My employer sent this web page to us and suggested we check it out, so here I am.
Pam Meinke , Lakewood, CO age 53 [09-21-2001]

william , nj -male-58-afr ican american [09-21-2001]

Want to know about our American Flag etc. Thank You
Lydia Gallegos Mendez , 52 year young Paramount Ca. female [09-21-2001]

Diane Long-Navarro [09-21-2001]

After the terrorist attacks on New York, I'm looking for a flag. I foound this webb site, have always been interested in the old ways.
Sandy Duke , Arizona - 44 [09-21-2001]

Jessica Schaffer , 13 years old [09-21-2001]

Tanya Resh , Maryland, 24 [09-21-2001]

Alex [09-19-2001]

I think that we have the most beautiful flag in the whole world! I am so proud to be an American and confirm my love for the USA by dispaying my American Flag!
Marci Beaudin , I live in Holiday, FL and am a natural citzen of the USA [09-19-2001]

Joyce , 54 have always been interested in history of early times [09-19-2001]

Wilma Tipton [09-19-2001]

Melissa Garner , teacher from Canton, Ohio [09-19-2001]

Your flag is truly an inspiration at this time in our time of need. September 11, 2001.
Tom Paulson , San Jose, CA [09-19-2001]

every time I see the american flag and recite the pledge of allegience, I still get that chill that tells me I am very proud! I wish it would be be brought back to the classrooms..{ the allegience and the hands over the hearts, as we did when we were young!}
anna nadeau , I live in Moosup Ct., I am 47yrs. youngand am proud to be living in America! [09-19-2001]

I am writing my school report on Betsy Ross.
Marla Chasteen , Kentucky,26 [09-19-2001]

curtis , 12 [09-19-2001]

amanda jacobs , doing a project on her [09-19-2001]

Reading through your comments has my heart full of patriotism for this land of the free and love for such a great people who live here! This is a choice land with a great mission to be accomplished and with the help of God, it shall be done! God bless you and God bless the USA!
Glenda Lemon , utah [09-19-2001]

Damarys C. Nina , 11 Yrs. old I live in west palm beach fl. adn I live with my grandmaother [09-19-2001]

Visting historical sites is a favorite passtime of mine. This is the next best thing. Thanks
Wanda East , Tulsa, Oklahoma Age 56, former school teacher [09-19-2001]

God Bless America, land that I love!
rebecca [09-19-2001]

Guadalupe C. Gonzalez , Mercedes, Tx. 51 years, Married, 4 children [09-19-2001]

Jessica [09-19-2001]

Quenten , KY 9 i like history [09-19-2001]

I lived for 24 years of my life in the best city area of the world. Where America began! I still consider it a privilege and honor to still call Philadelphia my home city. I took my Ausralian huband through the house 11 years ago, and would like to visit it again. I would love to do again some day in person with my two daughters!
Cherie Cox and family , Formerly of Pipersvillle, Pa., now living in Australia [09-19-2001]

Isabel Dabonka , High School taacher in West New York, NJ [09-19-2001]

Betsy must have been one tough lady. Imagine doing upholstery work before . modern appliances such as staple guns. Most of her needlework was probably done by hand. She should be an icon of the feminist movement but that would be too patriotic for that crowd
Arthur Schifflin , Retired Lawyer Falls Church VA [09-19-2001]

God Bless America
Deborah M Strange , Warner Robins, Georgia [09-19-2001]

b r is cool
Ann , 54 california [09-19-2001]

Deborah [09-19-2001]

Mora Guerra , Austin, TX [09-19-2001]

Wonderful site for educational purposes and patriotic sense.
Janice Stewart , Female from Port Arthur, Texas; Age 51 Husband: Joe Stewart. Two grown children and one grandchild. I am Director of Port Arthur Civic Center and husband is Head Operator for Motiva Ent. (formerly Texaco, Inc.) [09-19-2001]

Bertha M Stobb , 138 Klamath Pittsburg, Ca. 94565 [09-19-2001]

Thank you for having such a wonderful page full of educational information for studetns and teachers alike.
Gwen , 37 elementary teacher [09-19-2001]

Fran Parker , Marble Falls, Tx [09-19-2001]

freedom forever!
Jennifer Nikbakht , san pedro ca [09-19-2001]

!! (..)
Mariah Kelly , I am doing a report on the flag. [09-19-2001]

wilbur bruny , .columbus, Ohio age 72 male [09-19-2001]

god bless american
Jerome M. Foster , Henderson Nv. 45 years old [09-19-2001]

Sarah Elizabeth Breen [09-19-2001]

We are first graders who love the flag! We wanted to learn about Betsy Ross and the first flag.
Lisa Gionfriddo , Fowler, CA Marshall School Room 8 [09-19-2001]

Marlene Massengale , Age 67 and retired. [09-19-2001]

This is fasinating.....I am so glad this website exists to share with my children.
Jamie L. Orr , New Philadelphia, OHIO, 30 years old, Executive Director of Big Brothers Big Sisters [09-19-2001]

Janet Adams , Mississippi, 45 [09-19-2001]

Lisa Beatrice Epp , Bakersfield, California, [09-19-2001]

an aunt of mine traces our genealogy back to Betsy Ross
Johnny Brown , from Jackson, TN- 30 years old [09-19-2001]

Laryce Schwieterman , Syracuse, KS age 28 [09-19-2001]

Nell Garringer , Alexandria, VA [09-19-2001]

Stars and Stirpes forever!!! God Bless America!
Melissa , nwfl [09-19-2001]

Thank you for this tour!
Heather, Kathryn, & Nathaniel Henriques , homeschooling family [09-19-2001]

Edward G. Kane [09-19-2001]

Our school celebrates our "theme", visual, performing and communication arts, at our annual "artist" dance. I haven chosen Betsy Ross, as America's most important "artist"!!!
Myndee Fleury Washington , Music Teacher, Tampa Florida [09-19-2001]

I find myself more interested in our history since the attack on New York twin towers. I find my heart heavy with grief , but strong in knowing we have had to fight for our freedom. That is what makes us who we are , we are a people with a love for this country that we can grow strong with such a catastrophe as the Sept 11th attack on America.
Pamela A. Lamparella , 48 yrs, live in phoenix,az [09-19-2001]

America and what she stands for will prevail and all freedom loving people standing beside her will emerge stronger.
Pauline Daniel , American Senior Citizen from Chicago [09-19-2001]

We are studying about the symbols of our country.
Mrs. Collins' third grade class , 19 third graders [09-19-2001]

Visited before. Love Besty's house.
Stephanie Simpson , Levittown, 9 yrs. [09-19-2001]

We are so blessed to be Americans!!! Old Glory is a great reminder of our freedom, may she wave forever!
Marsha Lanza , Crystal Lake, IL age 46 [09-19-2001]

We are a homeschooling family seeking info. on the history of our American flag.
Michele Rhines and children , Shawnee, Kansas [09-19-2001]

Milissa McAlister , Levittown PA 18 years old :) [09-19-2001]

In the past we have had a lot of Trivia questions regarding the flag. thanks to your site, I have found the answers. Very informative.
Barbara Elaine Knox , w/f 4/4/1943 - Houston, Texas [09-19-2001]

Chris Carpenter , Akron, Ohio / Age 31 [09-19-2001]

A very good job done in putting this information together. Very interisting and informative.
James N. Elens , I live in Joliet, Illinois, am 59 years old and am a Sergeant on the E.J.&E. Rwy. Police Department. [09-19-2001]

Opal Spencer [09-19-2001]

God Bless America
Verma Cagno , Garrettsville, Ohio [09-19-2001]

I haven't been to the Betsy Ross house in 30 years. As a young Philly shool kid I visited and in 1976 I was a boy Scout in Philly and our troop was at Independence mall as colonial militia men (tour guides)
Russell Martiens , Seattle, WA 41 years old [09-19-2001]

I found this website inspirational, since it is one week after the WTC bombing and we can't even buy flags since everyone is sold out! Sorry your shop is closed, but thanks for this WebSite.
Jan Sablick , I live in Winfield, IL, love history. [09-19-2001]

Hope to see you soon1
Jacqui Bingham , Geary,Ok 11 age [09-19-2001]

Kim Figgins , Columbus Unified High School [09-19-2001]

I plan to present the Betsy Ross story and history of the flag to my students. I have 30 students ranging in age from 8-18yrs. Due to our American tradgedy in the last week, I plan to offer a class in making a flag/banner.Thank you for your website.
Sharon K. Brown , HomeEconomics college grad/teacher sewing & stitchery [09-19-2001]

i wonder if i can get some pictures of the american flag it would be very much appreated thank you
Renee tubiolo , im 34 years old i live in rochester [09-19-2001]

Linda D. Utsinger , 50, Illinois, am thinking about making a flag [09-19-2001]

ALL of my family wants to visit ... I just hope we can someday !!
Mildred Niner , Wylie TX 33, a mother of 6 & loving wife and A AMERICAN!! [09-19-2001]

David L. Klaassen [09-19-2001]

Deborah [09-19-2001]

CHARLES CLARK PULLEN 111 , veteran age 54 [09-19-2001]

Shannon Toth , Westland, Michigan - 29 [09-19-2001]

God Bless America!! 09/19/2001
Deb Boehm [09-19-2001]

god bless america, long live the u.s.a.
Joanne Siewierski , Firefighters wife [09-19-2001]

I enjoyed your site,someone had asked me what the colors of the us flag means.I hesitated for a minute, and said "I'm not sure, but i will find out" thanks to your site, i found out the answers, thanks,P.S. I have never seen so many AMERICAN FLAGS flying as now, all AMERICANS are united for the first time ever,the disaster in New York is the reason for this, it's just terrible it had to be something of this nature to bring us together. John Walton
John Walton , w/m 59 triad n.c. [09-19-2001]

ruth sedinger , girard ohio age 69 [09-19-2001]

CHERYL WALSH , great falls, mt 59401 [09-19-2001]

I was fortunate enough to visit the Betsy Ross house personally. I love American History so this was a thrill for me. Thank You for this Home Page.
Pat King , Montana [09-19-2001]

Maria G. Sastre , 39, Hesperia, CA [09-19-2001]

So happy to see the unity of our great country. Hope it continues and lasts forever. We truly have a great nation. I'm really happy to see this site and learn that they were upholsterers, My husband and I are also.
JUDY DE LA CRUZ , st.david az [09-19-2001]

kathleen e. amboy , from santa barbara, ca [09-19-2001]

I have found this sight to be very inspiring since the attack on New York City's Twin Towers on 9-11-01.Feeling helpless as the 1st tower crumbled, my 1st reaction was to hurry outside and raise the "American Flag." I have tried the 5-point star twice and am sure I will get it soon. I am now going to take the tour and read all about our great "American Flag." Thank you for being here on the internet.
Ms. Cotti Williams , I live in an old mgold mining town, Red Mountain, Ca. near Randsburg and Johannesburg, Ca. It is in the upper Mojave Desert 25 miles south of Ridgecrest, Ca. I am a 48 year old housewife, who loves to sew and mine for gold. And I am so proud to be an American. [09-19-2001]

Martha McCauley , Texas [09-19-2001]

Very informative will use again.
Francis Podany , Omaha Ne. I happen to fall into this web site when I wanted to learn more about the bombing of the world trade center and the pentagon [09-19-2001]

Thanks for hosting such an interesting site.
Teresa White , American citizen, living in Canada X 20 years (married a Canadian) [09-19-2001]

Thanks so much for posting the rules and regulations of the US Flag, its been a long time since I had the flag up for 24/7, & I had forgotten about the lite for after sundown. I'll do that asap.
jeanette shanklin kingins , I now live in Ca. but was born in Norfolk,Va. [09-19-2001]

Just trying to find out the details to make a flag, since the disaster our country has experienced, it is difficult to obtain a flag, so.........since i can sew beautifully, I choose to make one. I'll be the "Betsy Ross" on my street. Please pray that it will be beautiful as to not make Betsy ashamed! God Bless you for this website!
Valerie McCallister , Seamstress in Massillon Ohio, Age 47 [09-19-2001]

Family history lists Betsy Ross as a great-aunt. True or not it sounds neat. Betsy your unifying symbol is more important than ever, Thank you. God Bless America Forever!
Terri Adkins , Phoenix Arizona [09-19-2001]

George Kilian , Pennsauken NJ Age 30 [09-19-2001]

Rhonda [09-19-2001]

Dale C. Edwards , Born in Henry Fords Hometown Dearborn, MI [09-19-2001]

God bless you
Ronnie , mn [09-19-2001]

bill wallstedt , im an american [09-19-2001]

Roxanne Rodriguez , Corpus Christi, Texas [09-19-2001]

May God bless our nation as we go through this terrible tragedy. My prayers are with every family who lost a loved one, each one is precious to our Lord who created them. As Americans let us stand united with President Bush,lets pray for God's wisdom as Mr. Bush makes important decisions for our nation. We must never forget September 11, 2001! May God Bless America!
Debbi Coe , I live in Florida [09-19-2001]

my daughter is doing a paper on pa and we are studing betsy ross
JULIE DANNER , moberly mo [09-19-2001]

savannah prestwood , arkansas 13 [09-19-2001]

After what happend on 9-11-01 kids are asking a lot of questions about the flag and wanting it history. This is a great info site for them. I will pass it on.
helena , Elementary Media Asst. [09-19-2001]

god bless america
brian ayotte , gwinn,mi [09-19-2001]

Michael Babich , 52 yrs old, Chicago, Il Appellate Court Supervisot [09-19-2001]

Wonderful web-site! Educational and fun! Visited as a child and still am fascinated by the size of the house, rooms, furniture, etc. God bless America!
Paula Mindzak , Mercerville, NJ [09-19-2001]

Sheryl Taylor , Hilliar, OH age 45 teacher 2nd grade [09-19-2001]

DARLENE NIESWIADOMY , new castle, pa age54 [09-19-2001]

charlotte majors , texas citizen [09-19-2001]

God bless America
Linda Shepard , 53, full time pottery [09-19-2001]

I prayer for all the souls that were lost in the attack on Sept. 11.
Thomas Messina , Queens, NY, I'm 44, I'm a Massage Therapist [09-19-2001]

God Bless America. Thank you for such a lovely and informative site.
Karen L. Schaefer , Vero Beach, Florida [09-19-2001]

Randy Ross , Chicago, IL [09-19-2001]

My flag has been hanging proudly for years. It makes me proud to see all the Americans hanging theirs in support of our grand country. We shall get through all this with our Star & Stripes waving proudly.
C GRAF , Tampa, FL [09-19-2001]

pam cammauf [09-19-2001]

Amanda Pate , I'm 22 years old, and I'm a recent University of Alabama graduate. [09-19-2001]

Tanya M. Barger , Milwaukee, Wisconsin 25 [09-19-2001]

God Bless America
Lisa Ann Dougherty , I live in Philadelphia, I am 31 yrs of age like to learn about history especially where I am from. [09-19-2001]

What a wonderful symbol for all of America to be treasuring and proudly displaying at a time of such national sadness.
Maureen Lee Cote , 52 years old - Maine native - Florida transplant [09-19-2001]

Proud of America and the flag--I hope everyone finds this site.
Yvonne Gooley , live in Gilchrist, Oregon and I am 64 [09-19-2001]

I find this very interesting
Mary Prendergast , Alliance, Ohio Age 57 [09-19-2001] [09-19-2001]

Glenn Foglesong [09-19-2001]

proud to be an american. may god bless and keep us safe. may there be no more volience in the u s a... keep america. beautiful. with god in our hearts and soul we shall provail..
RONDA BLEDSOE [09-19-2001]

Tracy Wise , Brundidge Al - 37 [09-19-2001]

barbara smitley , berks county [09-19-2001]

Troy M. Oubre , Baton Rouge, La. U.S.A. 34 yrs. [09-19-2001]

Hazel Nunez , Louisiana, 66 and Proud to be an American! [09-19-2001]

May we, as Americans, keep our spirit alive and hold steadfast to our beliefs in democracy & freedom for all. We must come together in unity and support our president and government leaders. Most of all may God bless us all!
Kathleen Shannon-Brown , Live in Hbg.Pa. I am 54 yrs. old, married with 2 grown daughters--one in the Army Nat'l. Guard Reserves. [09-19-2001]

Miriam Martinez , Dallas, Texas [09-19-2001]

We've visited the Betsy Ross House and it is most interesting.
Irene Parker , Florence, Al [09-19-2001]

Just taking a visit!!
Tammy Hains , Teacher 6th Grade Oberlin Elementary [09-19-2001]

Marlys Cunningham , Government employee, Washington, DC [09-19-2001]

Dorothy Richardson [09-19-2001]

Charlotte Zimmerman , Coon Rapids MN [09-19-2001]

Kristen E. Smith , Weare, New Hampshire [09-19-2001]

Andre Pepermans , Pensioner from South Africa [09-19-2001]

Barbara Howe , Mother of five, wife of 35 years, living in the glorious Florida Keys [09-19-2001]

God Bless You All!!!
Kathy W. , Southern California [09-19-2001]

God Bless America!!! In the wake of the 9/11 tragedy and the fact that no flags are available to purchase, I was serching for flags to print out when I come across this site. Very interesting. I hope to be able to visit there. Thank you for the tour.
Susan Wood Casella , originally Nashville TN, presently So. FL, age 56; wife, mother of 3, grandmother of 2-3/4 [09-19-2001]

Julianna Coban , ARMY brat for life, the flag means a lot to me. Pittsburgh, PA [09-19-2001]

God bless America but it is time to rid the world of the cancer of terrorism
phil traskaski sr , McHenry Illinois [09-19-2001]

My grandfather came to this country at 18 year old. My mom arrived in New York City from Germany on December 13,1951 on the USS Sturgess. Through them I have learned to appreciate the country which I was born in...the United States of America.
Cynthia Zito , I live in Chicago Illinois, [09-19-2001]

Judy Paska , Northern Virginia - over 39 [09-19-2001]

Sue Ledbetter , Overland Park, KS [09-19-2001]

Let there be peace on this earth. Let freedom ring. Let us all get along and be happy.
Penny Frohlich , Los Angeles, CA, age 45, mother of two [09-19-2001]

Jennifer Giganti , Issaquah, Wa. [09-19-2001]

I was looking for a flag as it is impossible to buy one in the stores, I am enjoying finding out more about our flag. God Bless New York, God Bless America
Beverley Hertel , not born here but proud to be an American [09-19-2001]

Jackquelyn Carr [09-19-2001]

Thank you for allowing the kindergarten children in my classroom tour the house. We are studying about our flag and it being a symbol of patriotism.
Janet Marcoullier Shiney , Calhoun, Georgia 30701 [09-19-2001]

god bless america!!!
BARBARA HARDING , I served in the US Navy, my husband retired from the US Navy after 26 years, my son graduated from the US Naval Academy and is in the Naval Reserves. I worked 24 years for DOD [09-19-2001]

We live in the Land of the Free. God's mighty hand is upon the United States of America. We will overcome all this tragedy and remain Standing United. God Bless America
Silvia Sanchez [09-19-2001]

In a church play I was to play besty ross thanks for your help from this site.
Ashlee Ann Cravey , waycross ga [09-19-2001]

I wish you were alive
Kaila , 10 [09-19-2001]

God bless America
Diane Carr , I am 54 years old. I live in northern Minnesota [09-19-2001]

Zandria , age 10 [09-19-2001]

Thank you for this site. With everyone turning to the flag as our nations symbol, it is nice to have a place where people can learn more about it.
Selena Church , Portland, OR 22yrs [09-19-2001]

Thank God and all the brave souls in the past we have flown this banner and pray we will continue.
Nelda Prichard [09-19-2001]

Miss Piiparinen's class [09-19-2001]

Always feel very proud of our American Flag wherever We might be in the world, It always stands proud. We should never forget what it stands for and represent.
Irma Bringas-Claeys , Living overseas, married and children [09-19-2001]

Debra FAlkenburgh , Long Island, NY [09-19-2001]

C Tedder [09-19-2001]

God Bless America and the Stars and Stripes
Dan Chase , 49 So California [09-19-2001]

This week has stirred lots of honor of and interest in America. I was just curious about this web page and decided to look in. Very nice.
Janice Wylie , Age 45; live in Tennessee [09-19-2001]

anita parsons [09-19-2001]

Fred Hodges , Marietta, GA [09-19-2001]

We are a 4th grade class and have studied your home page about Betsy Ross. We are excited about going on the virtual tour of her house.
St. Edward School 4th grade class , Chillicothe, IL [09-19-2001]

allison [09-19-2001]

Kimberley Reynolds , Ashland, 33, Sr. Accountant [09-19-2001]

Lyn Geiser , Midwest,momof 4 .G-mom of4,nurse,Buckeye fansubmariner son; Friend of Cols. Flag Lady [09-19-2001]

Catherine Hruskocy-Butynski [09-19-2001]

God Bless America
Dale Cichero , North Carolina resident [09-19-2001]

Helene Miller , Louisville,Ky. [09-19-2001]

I have never been the "patriotic" one, but in light of recent events, I, like many other Americans are saying now, "AM PROUD TO BE AMERICAN"! "GOD LOOK UPON OUR LEADER'S. "ABOVE ALL THINGS, GIVE THEM WISDOM"
Pat Worrell , 41 years, wife and mother of three, Brockton, MA [09-19-2001]

crkmonnin , 61 [09-19-2001]

I'm a parent of five I came to this site to get information about our flag for my youngest that's in school so that he may have the full truth about our flag what it truely means to our country and how it came about. And I truely thank you so much to have a site such as yours so that we the people may be able to pass on the heritage of out country to our children (the people of the future).
Valerie Alligood , sc, [09-19-2001]

Arlene Walk , Teacher, Butler, New Jersey [09-19-2001]

Elaine Pagucci , born in Massachusetts-- and come from a very patriotic family [09-19-2001]

Love American and all for which it stands. Have lit a candle and prayed for all affected by this act of terrorism. May God bless and protect us all. Thank you Lord for being here with us. God forgive those who have brought this to our country and our lives. Thank you for making us aware of how strong your Love is for us. God bless us all and America.
Mary Ann Benedetto , Springfield, Va Age: 60 Married, 4 children (one in the Navy), 3 grandchildren, husband works for DOD. [09-19-2001]

Deirdre Spencer , Deptford, NJ 40 yrs. [09-19-2001]

I am the Regent of our local Daughters of American Revolution organization. We, being very patriotic, have a Flag Chairman and I know this information will be most informative for her. Most of our ladies are quite elderly and will enjoy this information. Thanks for a job well done.
Dr. Gay Jones , Live in Findlay, OH [09-19-2001]

Mona Wunschel , McHenry IL, 47years old. female [09-19-2001]

Tami Wilson [09-19-2001]

Winona Mancini , Windham, Maine [09-19-2001]

There's a saying that "the family that prays together, stays together". We are a family here in America. We are finally praying together but at what cost, did it take to bring us here today. "ONE NATION UNDER GOD", yet we have let people and the courts take God out of just about everything in our land. I believe it's time to bring "HIM" back into our lives and more important, our childrens. We need our faith in God and Country more then ever, and will continue to need it in the uncertain future.We sing "
CAROL J DEVEAU , I am 59 yrs. of age and one very sad and worried American. [09-19-2001]

Mr. and Mrs. Darwin Dubs and Family , Sioux Falls, SD [09-19-2001]

CAROL J DEVEAU , I am 59 yrs. of age and one very sad and worried American. [09-19-2001]

I'm not only proud to be an American, I'm also proud to have volunteered to serve in our Nation's Armed Services. Since the tragedy in NYC and DC I wellup each time I hear the other Countries sing our Nation's songs! If anyone out there recognizes my name with the info about myself, send me a note to say hello! E-mail me at either; ( or (
Mitchell Wayne Copeland , (Age 44 in 2001) Born in 1957 & raised in Spartanburg, S.C. Served 4 years in the U.S.A.F. in Cheyenne, Wy. (1977-1981) [09-19-2001]

Showing my children where it all started! Thanks for the help.
Gracie Palacios , 35 yr mother of 4 Woodland,Ca [09-19-2001]

Barbara Garbaccio [09-19-2001]

Carol E Lawrence , ON Canada age66 [09-19-2001]

i was born and raised in south philly.when i was around ten years old me and my sister and friends from the neighberhood would walk once a week to see betsy ross's house and the liberty bell and independence hall and all other historical sites in that area. forty years ago the streets were very safe to walk. i remember doing that like it was yesterday. it was one of my fond memories growing up in south philly. my family still lives in the same area. i am hoping one day soon to take my 8 year old grandson to philly to visit those places, i enjoyed looking at this website. thank you
LIZ ROMANO , spring,texas 52 years old [09-19-2001]

God Bless America!!!! Love All! And thank you for this site of education. I hope others were inspired by it as I was. My prayers are with All people affected by this tragedy.
Shanna , nc; 30 [09-19-2001]

Just reading the history
Rose Torres , Union City, Calif Age 46 [09-19-2001]

Mary , San Diego, California [09-19-2001]

Laurie Weldon , San Diego, CA [09-19-2001]

Mrs. Terri Williams , Chula Vista, Ca. Student [09-19-2001]

This site was recommended by my Canadian cousin, Sheila. Even though we kiddingly tease about which country is best...she has let me know that Canada shares the grief and concern...and love that we must all have to get through this terrible happening! The flag has been and will continue to be a wonderful symbol of our loyalty and pride!
Dolly Ricker , Proud to be an American!! [09-19-2001]

The FingerLakes Region
KS Milligan , Ithaca, New York [09-19-2001]

Emad Saadalla , i am in fort worth , texas, i am 29 years old , male, not married [09-19-2001]

I am very happy to live in the United States of America.
Brenda Carnahan , I am 48 yrs. old. I live in Kimball, Michigan [09-19-2001]

Shelia Terry , Lubbock Texas - age 54 [09-19-2001]

mike stiles , green bay WI. [09-19-2001]

I am originally from Philadelphia, Pa...... I have been to the Betsy Ross house numerous times. Of course that was many years ago. I am excited to take this virtual tour, to see if it invokes any memories. I was never so proud to be an American......Thank you for the beautiful website. IT ROCKS! I am printing out the 12 page, Flag rules and regulations for my Children. United We Stand. Grandmother of 10!
Joan Chandler , I am living in Wentzville, Mo...... I am 64 years old. I think War stinks! [09-19-2001]

marion schmidt [09-19-2001]

marion schmidt [09-19-2001]

Amanda Wirt , Elkhart, IN [09-19-2001]

In light of the recent tragedy in NY. I felt it was time to learn all I could about our great flag. My Condolences to all lost victims,and their families.
Annie Opper , A 54 yr old lady that loves history 9-17-01 [09-19-2001]

I am screening this to see if it is something I can use in a first grade classroom...
Kenda Harsch , teacher [09-19-2001]

I've linked my site to you. Hope it's o'kay.
James P. Phipps , Greenville, MI.,34, USAF Veteran [09-19-2001]

Visited Betsy Ross house on a school field trip to Philadelphia. All Americans are thinking of the American Flag now. The date of September 11 2001 will always be remembered.We all proudly display The Star spangled Banner.
Bruce I Galory , Sarasota Florida [09-19-2001]

Gerit Martino , Kingston, New York [09-17-2001]

America the beautiful. We love living right and being free. USA Forever
Barry S. Andrews , Selah WA. 34yrs. [09-17-2001]

very interesting
wayne morris , 39 north philly [09-17-2001]

Have named our daughter after Betsy Ross.
Jean Heath , 49, live in Indiana, have been told by grandfather that we are related to Betsy Ross in some way [09-17-2001]

Carol Brown , 52 years old. Wife and mother of three ages 21, 24, and 27 [09-17-2001]

Gloria Loew [09-17-2001]

Sloan Caplan , Pennsylvania [09-17-2001]

Susi Looney , Texas third grade teacher [09-17-2001]

sharon sperling , florida [09-17-2001]

I am attending colleage and we are studying the indepence park.
Zelma Darden , Phila. 50 [09-17-2001]

God Bless America
Kenneth Bresnahan , Clinton Twp. Mich. 52 Retired Police Officer [09-17-2001]

Thank you for this site. I was looking for a flag that I could print since, I can't find one in the stores to show my support, as an american. I am excited to tour. I hope to get through it with a 11 month old crawling up, and down my legs as I write and a two year old who needs to get ready for bed. Thank you and may the Lord bless you and keep you and your friends and family safe. May He place peace and wisdom in your heart. With Gratitude, Monica Paparella ( and Kids)
monica paparella [09-17-2001]

God Bless America.
Ralph and Mildred Keyer , Ralph born NYC, Mildred born Philadelphia but living in S. Calif. and both retired [09-17-2001]

Mary Margaret Machulda , Retired USMC Family - Fountain Valley CA age 72 [09-17-2001]

Clydeyne Nelson , Retired from Tallahassee, FL [09-17-2001]

In these trying times, it is a comfort to see so many diverse people united in one cause. Nothing illustrates this more than seeing so many flags flying. We have a proud heritage, it bodes well that we remember the lessons history has taught us.
Debra Elaine Jones , Georgia-age 49-Proud to be an American [09-17-2001]

The Edwards Family , Coos Bay, Oregon. ages 32-9 [09-17-2001]

I was looking around the Internet for a flag to display since the Sept. 11 attack. I realized I knew little about Betsy Ross. I wanted to learn more! God Bless America!
Joyce Perry , Virginia, age 42 [09-17-2001]

I've always been facinated with Betsy Ross.
Betsy Hutson , Florence, South Carolina [09-17-2001]

many folk claim to be decendent of betsy ross. the ashmead family is no exception. can you tell me if we are descendents
IRENE ASHMEAD BUCH , lancaster. pa. 77 yrs. born in phila. [09-17-2001]

God Bless America!
Diana H. Regan , Quakertown, PA [09-17-2001]

Justine Acevedo c/o John D Fusaro , Clifton ,N.J. 9 yrs old student [09-17-2001]

thanks for the flag Betsy!
Kali , 23 [09-17-2001]

ted daniels , mc allen ,tx. 54 years old [09-17-2001]

Thanks, I always wanted to know more about our flag.
randallkilbourn , Washington, Iowa [09-17-2001]

i need this 4 my homework!
Robin Greenlee , CA, age 13, [09-17-2001]

Was there personally in 1980. Showing my children.
Vicki Lockwood , Key West, Fl. [09-17-2001]

My dad was a veteran of WWII and instilled in his children his pride for serving his country by always flying the American Flag. I have a son who was in Saudi in the Marine Corps and my nephews who also served and one is still in the Marines to this day. I send a Thank You to all who ever served in our United States Armed Forces and salute them by flying our American Flag. Thank you for this site, to be able to participate. God Bless You!
Beverley Heath , Bartow ,fla 48 [09-17-2001]

God Bless America
Suzanne Vera Cruz , Texas [09-17-2001]

KATHY ARCHULETA , 9/17/01 [09-17-2001]

David Earl Strong , Greenland NH age 46 [09-17-2001]

i love betsy ross she is my role model
Betsy Rosa , I am 13 [09-17-2001]

Robert A. Mitchell , Schweinfurt Germany. 49 [09-17-2001]

Barb Everidge [09-17-2001]

Proud American!
Steve Tant , Charlotte, NC Age 40 [09-17-2001]

diane silva , Colorado Springs. age37, quilter, housewife, mother [09-17-2001]

Charles E. Hilger Jr. , USAF Veteran of 20 years 59 years old, will be 60 in Dec. [09-17-2001]

BEVERLY LINTON [09-17-2001]

Sylvia Avila Reese , Houston, TX; 41 [09-17-2001]

Lee Hollingsworth , Sacramento, CA [09-17-2001]

God Bless Us All !!!!!
Mary Ann Brown. , Fl. = 57 = [09-17-2001]

Lana Hensley , Claremore, OK [09-17-2001]

Thanks for the great history of our wonderful Flag...May she ever fly high... I Praise Our Lord and Savior Jesus for blessing us with this country even in the midst of everything... Thanks again
Angela Brown , Panama City, FL [09-17-2001]

hi what have you be diong
Ashley M cawthon , female 16 carbondale Il [09-17-2001]

no message, just want to see her home.
cynthia poree , 38 yo, black and district of columbia resident [09-17-2001]

Keep it real!!!!!!!!!!
Heather [09-17-2001]

Rachel [09-17-2001]

Selene Galvan [09-17-2001]

God Bless America
Jean Hyde , Boston, MA [09-17-2001]

April Paulson , Sacramento, CA mother of two,Housewife [09-17-2001]

brooke davis , Denver, CO [09-17-2001]

A teenager at the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Always wondered why the "new generation" was not patriotic. Do not have to wonder anymore... Injoyed your sight. Thank you.
"Bonnie Hunsaker , So. Ca. 73 yrs. [09-17-2001]

Yvette Moran , Miami, FL [09-17-2001]

Judy Bearden , Al. 52 [09-17-2001]

jennifer emerick , 21yrs Michigan City Indiana [09-17-2001]

sue morgan , age 37 [09-17-2001]

My heart goes out to all the family and friends who have lost loved ones on Sept 11, 2001. I also wanted to check on the history of the flag because of what happened, it means so much more to me. God Bless America!!!!!
Michelle Eggebrecht , Oak Harbor, Wa 34 yrs [09-17-2001]

Wendy Bastyr , Bullhead City, AZ [09-17-2001]

I was a vistor to the Betsy Ross House as a child over 30 years ago. Even though I live only 30 miles away, I have not been back to visit since. With the tragic events of this past week (09/11/01) I feel the need to visit this shrine of our freedom. Thank you.
RAHN G. BRACKIN , Downingtown, PA age 43 [09-17-2001]

ROBBIN MARVILL , Massachusetts [09-17-2001]

Eric Melbye , 32; Saint Paul, Minnesota [09-17-2001]

God Bless America!
Tanya Belasky , Ocoee, Florida [09-17-2001]

I pledge allegiance to the nation under God
Lynn Peters , Slidell, Louisiana [09-17-2001]

Tommi Landers , teacher [09-17-2001]

Judith A. Podziak , Maine, age 63 [09-17-2001]

The history of our great flag and what it symbolizes is a source of inspiration and comfort. The events of September 11, 2001 have made a patriot out of this complacent baby boomer. I am sending this website to all of my friends and family.
Janine Vaillancourt , 38, Smyrna, Delaware [09-17-2001]

Proud to be an American and proud of our Flag
Lisa Baali , Mom 3 kids 2 HS [09-17-2001]

Jon Higgins , Colorado Springs, CO 42 yrs. [09-17-2001]

Thank you for keeping our history so intacked. Margo
Margo , born in Tx live in Az. [09-17-2001]

margaret forster , california, 25, female [09-17-2001]

lisa , maryland [09-17-2001]

i am so saddened by what happened to our great nation on tues. sept.11,2001. and it was a comfort to my soul to visit Betsy's home.God Bless our great nation, The United States of America.
Beverly Ann Hatfield , housewife,45yrs. old from Ohio [09-17-2001]

research about betsy ross and the american flag
debbie hewett , age 41 female [09-17-2001]

Nancy Lewellyn , Anchorage, AK U.S.A. [09-17-2001]

Thank you for your site. I'm presenting a book report on Betsy Ross this Thursday.
Karhleen Burke , I am a student in grade 3 [09-16-2001]

vera Fornander , Illinois [09-16-2001]

Jenny [09-16-2001]

Chris P , Connecticut, age 30 [09-16-2001]

Carla , Mass. [09-16-2001]

Using your site to teach my 3rd graders about the history of the flag.
Jayn Collins , teacher [09-16-2001]

God Bless America
Craig A. McKenzie , 26 from Methuen, MA [09-16-2001]

Thank You Betsy
Kathie Burke , u.s.a. [09-16-2001]

Charlotte Metzger , 10 [09-16-2001]

God Bless America
Bruce E. Layne , N.C Mebane, 35yrs [09-16-2001]

Lesli LaVare , I am 38 years old and I live in upstate New York [09-16-2001]

God bless America. Great site. Also interesting to see the name Jacob Crysler, I wonder if he is an ancestor?
Deborah Leigh Crisler Berry , 40, Dallas [09-16-2001]

ann mcburney , Hurst, Texas [09-16-2001]

Shelly Hensley , Indiana, age 33 [09-16-2001]

Michael Damaral [09-16-2001]

Erin Dismuke [09-16-2001]

I am extremely proud to be an American and thankful to Betsy for giving me the American Flag to wave to show my patriotism.
Jan Speer , Middletown, OH [09-16-2001]

proud to be an american!!!!
Raymond Steele , Chicago, IL. African American, age: 43 [09-16-2001]

LORRAINE TANGUAY , i am 43 and i am in shock about whts going on in this world and need to go to the roots of why we are americans. [09-16-2001]

Kathy A.snowdeal , harrington ,maine ,32,i am married with two children [09-16-2001]

Lynn Stock , North Huntingdon, PA [09-16-2001]

Deborah Hooper , Oberlin, Ohio [09-16-2001]

It is an honor to read and learn about the life of Betsy Ross. One of America's greatest ladies.
Feaomoeata Lafitani-McGavern , Pacific Grove, California [09-16-2001]

We are proud and raise our flag with pride
Teri , California-female-38 [09-16-2001]

Robert Bonham [09-16-2001]

Bill Cagle , Oklahoma [09-16-2001]

I am proud to be an American and love the Flag and would like to learn more about the history of the Flag. Thanks for this interesting site.
Judy Moskalik , I live in the southwest and have always lived in the western Usa. [09-16-2001]

dana davis , fl. 25 [09-15-2001]

Shelley Wing [09-15-2001]

I wasn't sure if Betsy actual made the first American Flag...
Lori De Los Santos , Revere, Massachusetts 02151 Age 38 [09-15-2001]

9/15/01 God Bless America!
E. Claire Burbage , Newport, RI [09-15-2001]

Very interesting web site.
Dawn Zuberer , I live in Meridian, ID. I am 30 yeard old. [09-15-2001]

I am sure happy to be america of this great county.
Deborah Wood , Hollywood Florida/age 38 [09-15-2001]

Kelly Nielsen , Arlington, Texas age 27 [09-15-2001]

Brian Crisp , I am in Phoenix, AZ and am 27 yrs old [09-15-2001]

David Watt , Red blooded American [09-15-2001]

I love history and after the "attack on America" I want to know more than ever about our crountry "Land of the free."
Amanda Lawrence , 13,Springfield OH [09-15-2001]

bill , proud to an american [09-15-2001]

Was looking for Rules & Regs for Flag Display & found them along with link[s] to your website. Needless to say, the site is wonderful...very informative and alive. Thank you!
Stuart A. Chapman , Carmichael, CA - Age 56 - Viet-Nam Era Veteran [09-15-2001]

May God Bless America. Our prayers go out to all the families affected by this terrible tragedy!!!
Kimberly Anne McLeod , fla,36, female [09-15-2001]

Dear Betsy, Thanks for taking on the job of creating the first American flag. you have given me a new appreciation of what freedom and the flag mean for this country!
Denise Renee Brna , Washington, Pennsylvania age 36 [09-15-2001]

Both my husband and I are proud to be an American. Words cannot express our sadness over the Attack on America.
Joanne , Senior retired to Florida [09-15-2001]

TARA , 13 [09-15-2001]

Thanks for the needed info on what the red, white and blue stand for.
Beth , Howell MI fifth grade teacher [09-15-2001]

carol puckett , salyersville,ky age 44 [09-15-2001]

susan mcmeekin [09-15-2001]

really nice
lynn , az, [09-15-2001]

Lory Hlavka , 34yrs female married 3 small children [09-15-2001]

Todd Hunt Wiedemeier , Evergreen, Colorado [09-15-2001]

Interested in the history of our flag. How it came to be made by Betsy Ross, etc.
Ellen Lawrence , Cincinnati, age 49 [09-15-2001] Thanks for having this site
anonymous [09-15-2001]

Linda Husser , Live in La. with my husband. We have 4 daughters. [09-15-2001]

Visited many times as a child when living in Philly. The site is really outstanding. Thanks
Helen Hollmann , Morrisville, Pa. 70 yrs.old [09-15-2001]

VINCENT CHATELAIN , 32 american [09-15-2001]

i hope that all that read this will hear my voice... as we endure all that is happening in american, may our faith be turned to the only one who will give us victory! god!. our nation has been number one, not because of our strength but because he has allowed us to be strong, let us united in his name and allow god to defend us... with him and him along we will have the victory, we desire! amen and god bless america...
milca rivera , i live in orlando florida, i'm 24 years old, recently married. [09-15-2001]

God Bless the families who lost the people they tresured in the attack on the United States on September 11, 2001. Our country is strong because it is made up of strong individuals, who recognize that depending on the Lord--especially during a time of crisis--will always bring victory.
Jacquelyn Sill , California - 36 [09-13-2001]

Beverly Ward [09-13-2001]

DeAnna Evans , 33, Dallas, Texas [09-13-2001]

alisha cenatus [09-13-2001]

Christy Jerin , Pittsburgh, PA [09-13-2001]

Beverly Ward [09-13-2001]

Karen Cochran [09-12-2001]

Susan , Montana [09-12-2001]

Amy Branch0 , Ports.Va.age5 [09-12-2001]

Amy Branch0 , Ports.Va.age5 [09-12-2001]

Christopher Camero , San Antonio,TX. [09-11-2001]

Im doing a report on the american flag. Thank you for all the great info.
Brittany Lavley , Centerview, MO, I am 13 years of age [09-11-2001]

i am looking up information about betsy ross for my social studies class.
MEGAN SMITH , i'm 10yrs. old and in the 5th grade at bridge city intermediate school in bridge city texas [09-11-2001]

Jessica Rainey , Ogden,UT 21 years old [09-11-2001]

Aubrey [09-11-2001]

the ross family has many famous people in it including Betsey Ross Buch Casidy and my mother tells me we are also related to Jessey James
ezra weeks , im am related to betsey ross [09-11-2001]

thanks for the info that i am about to receive...jeanine
Jeanine Ryan , from duluth mn....age 38.... [09-11-2001]

I am looking at this site to help my 5th grade daughter write a report on the American Flag & what it means to her.
J. Repic , Arizona [09-11-2001]

ANDREA , dallas tx [09-11-2001]

A member of my family (William Trefz)Is a member of the American Flag House and Betsy Ross Memorial Associaton, Certificate No.-A 94780 issued in 1898, I am vrey proud to have the certificate im my possession.
Richard Straubmuller , I live in Palermo NJ I am 64yrs. old [09-11-2001]

i love the betsy ross house
jamie c dougherty , im14 i live in phila. [09-11-2001]

Jack Zaharia , Retired English/Speech teacher [09-11-2001]

Rita Strange , Texas Kindergarten teacher [09-11-2001]

Roger Haynes Stevens , 2/22/1940 Haddon Heights N.J. Served in USNavy [09-11-2001]

Danielle Squires [09-11-2001]

holly imburgia , west chester, 37 [09-11-2001]

sean [09-11-2001]

I visited the Besty Ross house years ago when I was in grade school. I'm planning a trip home with my son (now 18)and he has never seen the wonderful history of Philadephia. I've been looking up some places to visit and stumbled on your site. Thanks so much is was a great tour
Cindy Haney , I'm living in Wisconsin, but was born in Philly. I'm 44 yrs. old [09-11-2001]

Brittany [09-11-2001]

if you can send me some info and pictures of the flag that would be nice
hollie , 12 palmetto fl [09-11-2001]

Dawit , Ethiopia Adis Abeba [09-11-2001]

I love the flag because it is a symbol of my state.Betsy Ross is an important person to America because she made the symbol of our usa!
Audri , Iam age 9 and I'am in a gifted class and we are studying the flag. [09-11-2001]

Amanda Sheets , Hughesville PA.....17yrs [09-11-2001]

I'm dong a report on Betsy Ross. Hope I can find something...
Jena , Ely, NV [09-11-2001]

Our class has been studying symbols of our country. While studying the flag, pledge, and national anthem, we also studied about Betsy Ross making the first official flag.
Mrs. Sheri Jordan's Social Studies Class , Special Education Teacher [09-11-2001]

Patricia Owens [09-11-2001]

Diana Brazell , Mother of 3..KY...research paper.. [09-11-2001]

Thank you for making this so easy.
Gail McCown , Teaching my children history [09-11-2001]

Sarah English , Phoenix, AZ - 35 yrs old [09-11-2001]

Marty Negron , Collingwood NJ, 29 years old, loves history [09-11-2001]

Christy Current , Teacher in training! [09-11-2001]

Vickie&Patrick , 7&9 [09-11-2001]

natalie debboun , silver spring md, 33 years old [09-11-2001]

we are learning about the american and christian flags thank you for helping to make this fun.
casie and lisa madar , home school project [09-11-2001]

I'm doing Betsy Ross for a projct called Night of Nobles at my middle school.
Jessie [09-11-2001]

Thanks for all the great info!!
Bridget Green , PC,NY age:7 1/2 years [09-11-2001]

John Flath [09-11-2001]

Neat site
Sarah Gore , Sammamish, WA [09-11-2001]

Ralph Michael Pastore Ill [09-11-2001]

I have to play Besty Ross in a play in front of parents!!!
Hannah , florida, 14, cat lover [09-11-2001]

Susan Russitano , teacher in Fremont, CA [09-11-2001]

Gene BRooks [09-11-2001]

I think that this is a great website for those who may never get to travel, but can still have the ability to tour Betsy Ross's house online.
jenny bush , I am a methods student at Sam Houston State University. [09-11-2001]

This is a great place to visit in person!
Terri Hall , Houston, TX [09-11-2001]

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