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Rulian, 19 married has 2 kids [12-23-2000]

Aimee, California 5th grade teacher [12-18-2000]

Stacy and Michael Padgett, hollister, CA [12-18-2000]

I am doing a book report on Besty Ross.
Zena Zakanycz, Cumming Ga, 8yrs [12-18-2000]

I will be Betsy Ross for a Wax Museum in Middleton st. School
margarita ramos, Huntington Park, CA. 10 years [12-18-2000]

I am inventing a Revolutionary War game!
Johanna Jorgensen, I'm 10. [12-18-2000]

Jane Morris, Indiana [12-18-2000]

Doin a project on the USA and had to find the US flag.
Jay Gomez, Oshawa Ontario Canada [12-18-2000]

jenny millet, elizabeth,nj 27years old [12-18-2000]

she is the coolest woman alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!que viva la vetsy rass!!!!!!!!!lol
erika estrada, south central los angeles I am 14 [12-18-2000]

victoria kowalkowski, i'm 13 and love history [12-18-2000]

trenedia williams [12-18-2000]

i was doind a research on betsy ross and i saw that u could tour her house and that theres a gift shop and that u had clothes i would like to go there and get a dress and some other stuff like that cuz im in to this stuff.
Lisa Knox, Bradley IL 14 [12-18-2000]

hilary, 10 [12-18-2000]

Tiffany, 14 ky [12-18-2000]

I'm studying about Betsy Ross for school in Miss H.'s class.
ANDREA, Age 10 [12-18-2000]

katie [12-18-2000]

Hey! Waz ^? This is a really good sight! It really Helped me!
don want you to know, live in the usa [12-18-2000]

i found this site because i was helping my ten year old daughter do a report on a patriot for her awanna class at church. thank you, i am sure i will enjoy my tour.
tiffany wright, springfield, mo [12-18-2000]

I enjoy history on the net. There are so many things to learn. I really enjoy the sites.
A. Ryan Kolk, 9 years old, Richmond, MI [12-18-2000]

Michelle Simmons, Columbus, ohio [12-14-2000]

portraying betsy ross in an american history project
caitlin baker, age 13 [12-14-2000]

Deborah F. (Debbie) McIntosh, Newhall, CA; 49; portray Betsy Ross for Forest Lawn Mortuaries every Februrary near Presidents' Weekend for over 4,000 school-aged children in Los Angeles County [12-14-2000]

My 7 year old son asked me why the flag is red white and blue so not knowing myself I thought I would look it up via internet !!!We are both finding this site very interesting.thank you for offering it to us.
Teresa Brewer [12-13-2000]

i'm doing a report on betsy ross
Kayla Schlesinger, i'm 11 [12-13-2000]

Ryann Spradley, i live in texas [12-13-2000]

Amanda [12-13-2000]

Wuz Up?
renee, age:12 [12-13-2000]

Lilia Shylina [12-13-2000]

Kendra, i am from illinois [12-12-2000]

im doin a report on her
katie [12-12-2000]

doris stuck [12-12-2000]

I hope everyone has a wonderful 2001
Kati Wood, i am 13 years old and go to Our Lady Of Hope St.Luke School [12-12-2000]

Brad, play sports [12-12-2000]

I am so happy I finally found this web site. It's a real honor to be able to see this.
Natalie, 17, I had to dress like her for A.P. History [12-12-2000]

I was in Philadelphia at the beginning of December 2000 ,but I did not had the opportunity of entring to the house of Betsy Ross , only went through the front. Thanks by giving me the opportunity of knowing about her and the house.
Jose Enrique Garcia Ortiz, Monterrey, N.L., MEXICO , 45 years old [12-12-2000]

emily kimball, 7 years old [12-12-2000]

I'm doing a short report on Betsy, and this interested me.
Kim Trocheck, 16, Ohio [12-12-2000]

Our flag and our country will always be great only when we strive to keep it that way.
Sheila Finegan, Palmyra. PA [12-12-2000]

Proud to be an American!
Barbara, Laredo, Texas age 54 [12-12-2000]

My daughter is doing a report on Betsy Ross and this site has been extremely informative. Thanks for being here!
Anne [12-12-2000]

rena sirico, Ny [12-12-2000]

kayla, 14 [12-12-2000]

Research paper on American Revolution. I chose Betsy Ross. Thanks for the info!
Kirsten Lewis, Sheboygan WI, age 11 [12-12-2000]

Eule, ON Canada [12-12-2000]

Maxine J. Hays, Dunnellon, FL [12-12-2000]

john chattley, 8 years old [12-12-2000]

Hi I love the US!
Katie, I live in the US, I am 9 years old and I am doing a report on Betsy Ross. [12-12-2000]

Mr Thompson [12-12-2000]

Intereesting Heritage site of Americana
David G. Ross [12-12-2000]

MAEGAN, miami,fl 11yrs [12-12-2000]

Gail L. Deligianis, Ashtabula, Ohio [12-12-2000]

Danielle Weller, 13 [12-12-2000]

Erin Wood [12-12-2000]

Jazzmine, nice [12-12-2000]

Tassica Yambor [12-12-2000]

My daughter was doing a essay on Betsy Ross and you have been veryy helpful.
Jane Trompke, Cheyenne Wy [12-12-2000]

megan, 11 [12-12-2000]

Brittany, doin a report for skool [12-12-2000]

hola! me llamo Puffnut. Soy de Massachusetts. Adios amigos!
PUFFNUT, 555 [12-12-2000]

Great site!!!
Lauren A. Wlodarczyk, 20yrs. of age [12-12-2000]

Andrew Graves, 3rd grader studying history [12-12-2000]

girls rule!!!
Chelsea Cruz, I'm 11 [12-12-2000]

Donna Hull [12-12-2000]

Sonia Arteche, Social Studies teacher at Sagemont Upper School [12-12-2000]

Kali Bogart [12-12-2000]

Cole Puente, I'm 10, in the 5th grade. I live in Calif. but I visited Phil Pa last month [12-12-2000]

The Flag is something very special to me and it represents Freedom for all Americans.
Jessica, Joelton TN 15 [12-12-2000]

I'm a Computer Specialist for St. George's Academy of Laguna Hills, California. My 3rd grade class was studying the flag in their regular class and needed more information which landed us here at your web site. Thanks.
Peg Bogard [12-12-2000]

I think that Betsy Ross lead an interesting life.
Emily Zamora, im 14 [12-12-2000]

Lyndsay Pollard, Mobile, Al [12-12-2000]

Andrea-- Leebold [12-12-2000]

Jeffery -- Spears [12-12-2000]

Samantha [12-12-2000]

I wish to se Betsy's house
teharamcqueen, wyandanch, 12yrs old [12-12-2000]

DONNA BARRANTES [12-12-2000]

roberta hemer, florida 31 [12-12-2000]

Heather Malloy, I live in Clovis NM and I love Deven [12-12-2000]

I have read a few books about Betsy Ross and I think her life story was facinating. She was such a fine sewer
Randi Malloy, Age 12 ClovisNM [12-12-2000]

Alexia, Age 8, Flourtown [12-12-2000]

jessica, streator,il 9 [12-12-2000]

i think the flag is really cool. good job betsy
SHANNONSKYY, knoxville tenn 13 love us history [12-12-2000]

Lizeth Cortes [12-12-2000]

Frances DeLuna [12-12-2000]

Thank you for the very informative and interesting tour.
Grace Kwan [12-12-2000]

brian tamkins, at school 11 [12-12-2000]

i have a report on her do tomarrow
kimmie, i luv dogs, i am 13 and i am not tellin where i live [12-12-2000]

Ashley, Age: 13 Location: North Carolina [12-12-2000]

this was always a place for me to visit. I used to work at 3rd.and arch when i was 16,went to Betsy Ross house every day from work on my luch hour, loved to sign my name in the book. I think this is nice that i can do it again at my age.
Evelyn Shaw, Frankford vicinity,66 years, visited when i was 15. [12-12-2000]

Juli [12-12-2000]

Kay, Fl. 14 [12-12-2000]

I'm excited to visit every room and learn about US flag.
Valeria Losada, I am a Principal, I live in Mexico City [12-12-2000]

I love our flag and what it represents. I am doing an assignment for my Early American History class.
Joy Morrison, I am a non-traditional student, wife of 22 years and mother of 4 teen daughters [12-12-2000]

I am doing a paper on Betsy Ross and looking for as much information as possible, I hope to find that this site will help me. Thank You
Nicole, Pennsylvania college student [12-05-2000]

Terese Bjornstad, I am a fifth grade teacher and my daughter is doing a report on Betsy Ross. She is making a quilt of Besty's life. This site is great! [12-05-2000]

I'm visiting cause a I'mm doing a report on Betsy Ross
Brittany, age 11 [12-05-2000]

R. Markus, Live in Tucson, Arizona. Related to Betsy Ross. [12-05-2000]

michelle borkmann, glen burnie maryland/9years old [12-05-2000]

i really liked the house. thankyou!
bb john, tsrubnus, 30, thankyou! [12-05-2000]

Hey it was cool I'll visit agian
Georgia Diane Smith, New Brockton Alabama I am 12 [12-05-2000]

ryan bower, 65yearsol']]wEQ:REW]PGLKR \ [12-05-2000]

Jonathan Gonzalez, I like football im 12 and i like history [12-05-2000]

tiffanie [12-05-2000]

ROY MCGAUNN, veterans agent age 62 [12-05-2000]

I love the web site. It is great
Cynthia L. Trissel, I live in Reno, Nevada and I belong to the NSDAR [12-05-2000]

ashley, student at essex tech center age 15 [12-05-2000]

jessica, laguna Niguel CA ,age:10 [12-05-2000]

Audrey Morgan, i am 11 years old [12-05-2000]

Jessica Sykes [12-05-2000]

I think this should be very cool. I'll have fun!!!!!
Ashley, Cool [12-05-2000]

I am doing a project on Betsy Ross for school.
Sara Metzler, 8/8/88 is my birthdate [12-05-2000]

I am so happy I found your website in the magazine "American Heritage"
Gabriel F. Saporito, Live in Florida. Am 68 years old. Am a Korean War Veteran Love history [12-05-2000]

skylar, none [11-30-2000]

Donte f woodrd, 13 [11-30-2000]

I visited Phil. this summer and looked at this home from the outside. I was unable to go in. You have made my day by letting me visit this way. Thanks.
P Pavlich, Jr. High School Teacher [11-30-2000]

I visited Phil. this summer and looked at this home from the outside. I was unable to go in. You have made my day by letting me visit this way. Thanks.
P Pavlich, Jr. High School Teacher [11-30-2000]

Tori Rakestraw, Calhoun,GA I am 13 years old [11-30-2000]

Bethany, 14.f.indiana [11-30-2000]

vanessa yanavitch, 13 [11-30-2000]

itz really kewl
neve wagaman, 19 [11-30-2000]

Kendall [11-30-2000]

I'm told that I'm somehow related to Betsy Ross. I thought it would be interesting to look at some information about her.
P. Kunze, San Diego, CA [11-30-2000]

Kristen wilson [11-30-2000]

I want to know more about her house and how she made the flag?
Jade Lampe, LaVergne TN., age: 8 [11-29-2000]

I link betsy ross was a wonderful lady and she did more for this land than most peaple see.
KYRA O,BRIEN, mukwonago w.i 11 i love horses [11-29-2000]

Hi, I'm really excited about touring the house.It must be really cool.
Emily Dahms, 10 [11-29-2000]

Bailey Smith, 10 [11-29-2000]

Monica Slater [11-29-2000]

Jeanne Briel, 56, grandmother, quiltmaker [11-29-2000]

My class and I are touring Betsy Ross's house. We are learning are her and George Washington.
Hollie Mendelowitz, Special Education teacher [11-29-2000]

Jen m, [11-29-2000]

Deborah Pye, teacher in PA, 48 [11-29-2000]

Jessica Thomas, 10 year old 5th grader at South Corinth Elementary, Corinth, MS [11-29-2000]

We luv you Betsy!!:)
ryan wistrom, i live in a house also. [11-29-2000]

Carlton Robinson [11-29-2000]

Johnathan, 10 years old [11-29-2000]

Diala Hamed, 7 years old .. i like to draw and color. [11-29-2000]

Looking for information for my class
Cindy White-Shaddix, Special Ed Teacher from Virginia [11-29-2000]

I am doing a report about Betsy Ross
Laura, 9 years old [11-29-2000]

hI i AM ANGEL>>>!@!!!
Angel Roggenbuck, 14 [11-29-2000]

Maria New, native Washingtonian; possible relative of Betsy Ross' [11-29-2000]

LaBrenda Simpson, cool [11-29-2000]

amy venable [11-29-2000]

I got a book on Betsy Ross, and had to do a book report. I was just looking up information on the internet, and thought this was interesting.
anonymous, 13 female [11-29-2000]

im doing a report on you and i would like to say your preety cool for your age...
jamie, upper lake 11 yrs i like soccor [11-29-2000]

We visited the Betsy Ross house when we were in Philadelphia. It was great!!
Amanda Rochford, Tampa, FL, Age 8 [11-29-2000]

Ethan Cornell, 9 [11-27-2000]

laura hensley [11-27-2000]

My daughter is doing a paper on Betsy Ross
denise d. hays`, Illinois, 33, female [11-27-2000]

Krystal Salinas, Slaton, TX age 10 [11-27-2000]

Thanks to my daughter's 5th grade project I found this site. I'm looking forward to seeing.
Sylvia Crowther, Southern California; 35 ; teacher [11-27-2000]

Liked the 5 point star
Judy, Indiana age 57 [11-27-2000]

This is my first visit to the site and I think it is pretty impressive. We are starting with an internet project next week, so we might visit en masse. See you!!
Guus Hoezen, Geleen, Netherlands , aged 31 and fully qualified English teacher at a secondary school. [11-27-2000]

I am helping my daughter get more information on Betsy Ross for her book report.
Rose Berry, I am from Odgen, Ut [11-27-2000]

Lori Ross, fort worth, Tx [11-25-2000]

Chelsey N. Hough, Tallahassee, FL, age 9 [11-25-2000]

Jamie Shannon, Live in Tennessee age12 sex female [11-25-2000]

Having recently begun research in my own genealogy, I find myself fascinated by our ancestors, and the history of our great country made by both the men and the women who contributed and sacrificed so much for our freedom.
Bonnie D. Bryant, Houston, Tx., 51 years, old [11-25-2000]

I like all kinds of flags
Haydon Kincaid, 6 years old from Louisville Ky and visiting my Aunt in Ms for Thanksgiving [11-25-2000]

I am doing a project for school.
Kathryn Fay, Age 9 live in Virginia [11-25-2000]

Joe MAMA, Kentucky, 21 years old [11-25-2000]

Bette House, Texas [11-25-2000]

I need information on her for a report
Amy, Eighth grader in SC [11-25-2000]

I own one of the prints of The Birth of Our Nations Flag . I bought it over 25 years ago in a little antique shop in upstate NY.It must have been framed by the original owner, and its still in pretty good shape.Thanks for the history lesson. I always wondered about it .
Judy Staalesen, i am a lady ,54 years old and live in Lake George NY. [11-25-2000]

Debbie Lanier, North Carolina kindergarten teacher [11-25-2000]

Melinda Macherosky [11-25-2000]

Samantha Cyr [11-25-2000]

catherine nieves, point pleasant, nj [11-25-2000]

i have been to Philly before but never been here, i would like to go though.
Shannon Skipper, England, but iam from maine, iam in US Navy [11-25-2000]

Pat Lever, Augusta, Ga 50 [11-25-2000]

LORRI BROWN, u.k. age 47 [11-25-2000]

I am 7 years old and doing a 5 minute presentation about Mrs. Ross and the American flag in my social studies calss
Brooklynn Dennett [11-25-2000]

waz up yo
brands [11-25-2000]

hey im so into besty ross im doing a report on her i need more info tell me were i can get some info thanks so much brans
brans, 27 dating [11-25-2000]

I go oak view elamentary and I am doing a project on Betsy Ross that was due the 21 and I'm still not done!Is'nt that STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!
carley, age11,blue eyes,franklin,Ilike boys,birth 5-13-89and Ihave freckles [11-25-2000]

Kamala Taylor, New Jersey 13 go to middle school [11-25-2000]

I'm doing a school project on Betsy Ross
Nicole Tercyak [11-25-2000]

Marianne Boudreau, I love history. [11-25-2000]

dd, Pretty!!! [11-25-2000]

I'm doing a report on Bestey Ross at school.
Auna, 13 [11-25-2000]

i didn't know their where so many rooms in her house!
alyss lawson, spring city tn. 12yrs. old [11-25-2000]

this is a great web-page and good for reports
Destiny, spring city tennessee [11-25-2000]

Brittany Edwards [11-25-2000]

carlo, pa [11-25-2000]

Lyndzie Fowler, i live in bowie texas, i'm fourteen .. [11-25-2000]

I am doing a report on Betsy so I was itersted
Kelly, 10 years old [11-25-2000]

Kim Brown, Erika Brown, Athens, Ga doing Timeline on Betsy Ross [11-25-2000]

Great site My class will visit at a later date.
Kathy Lage, 5th grade teacher [11-25-2000]

Brittani Unterborn, 55 Huntington park Way [11-25-2000]

My daughter, age ten, is taking this tour for one of her assignments for school.
arnold a. hook, Nash.Tn, [11-25-2000]

Katrina, West Virginia [11-25-2000]

Annie Torrales [11-25-2000]

Eileen Hill, Columbus OH, 50 Born in Philadelphia [11-25-2000]

jessica, tn [11-20-2000]

Betsy Ross is intresting!
Jennifer Janow, Rhea County,13 [11-20-2000]

I can't wait to know how exciting it will be
Rashmi, South Korea [11-20-2000]

Darrell Lovitt, I have to do a report [11-20-2000]

i love betsy ross
JOHN MCGOVERN, 12 taunton [11-20-2000]

tammy kouba [11-20-2000]

tal motty, 18 [11-20-2000]

Wonderful addition to available information
Olivia Jenkins, Alabama 36 helping my daughter with a report [11-20-2000]

Kelsey Swatzyna, Charleston, SC 8 years old [11-20-2000]

Soniya Kanjani, Seoul, South Korea 14 years [11-20-2000]

Betsy DeBaun Longo, in California [11-20-2000]

I was studying for a class project about Betsy Ross when I came across this web site.
Betsy Carrillo, L.a California 10 years old [11-20-2000]

searching for info for my daughter's history report on colonial women's role.
Mimi Blankenship [11-20-2000]

thank you were much im doing an school project and have to be betsy ross
breanna, im 12 years of age and live in indiana [11-20-2000]

DEBORAH SHELTON, kentucky [11-20-2000]

David Howe, Pastor Calvary Baptist Church Kenansville, NC [11-20-2000]

great site. lots of helpful information. thanx!
Rachel, 14 [11-20-2000]

Sofia, 21 years old [11-20-2000]

Thomas Macari, 9 years old, live in Denver, Colorado [11-20-2000]

Thomas [11-20-2000]

Kelly Anne Lynch, Mullica Hill, NJ 11 yrs old [11-20-2000]

Donna Anderson, Georgia [11-20-2000]

I enjoy looking at things like this. It is really interresting to know a little bit about our history of our country.
Jessica Young, Stoutland, Mo. 16, [11-20-2000]

April Broussard, louisiana, 15, [11-20-2000]

KAYSE, minnesota, 15 [11-20-2000]

John A. Flynn, Redding Ca. 64 Having lived back east I saw many historical sights but never this one. I can't wait it should be very interesting [11-20-2000]

sarah gross, Augusta, Ga , 10 yrs , [11-20-2000]

I am going to be Betsy Ross in a school play.-Marie
I am in Room 9A. I am learning about Betsy Ross.-Ben
Her house is pretty.-Colleen
Justin is George Washington in our play.
Martha Cummings, We are students at Massachusetts Hospital School [11-20-2000]

Anne Brletich, 1st grade teacher [11-20-2000]

Roy Holder, retired police officer from South Carolina [11-20-2000]

Justin Mitchell, Age 6 [11-20-2000]

very nice site.
donna heagle, york [11-20-2000]

Druis Dupre, 36 yr. old male [11-20-2000]

Ashton Adair [11-20-2000]

connie cox, Rome,ga. [11-20-2000]

We are studying about national symbols. We are participating in a web quest, and came to your site to visit Betsy Ross's home. Thanks!
Ann Tutor's third grade class, We are a third grade class in Memphis, TN [11-20-2000]

This is really cool it helps me with my History Progect!!!
D [11-20-2000]

Steph, I am an 8th grade student at Sauk Prairie Middle School doing some research on the revolution. [11-20-2000]

herrmy [11-20-2000]

Thanks for your sight, I homeschool my two children and this is a great "Virtual" field trip!
Dawn Raquel Case, Strongly patriotic woman of 30... May the stars and stripes live on forever! [11-20-2000]

vernedia russell [11-20-2000]

am trying to do my home work and im using your great site for answers and im so glad because i found them!
elvia jones, im 13 & i live in Ohio [11-14-2000]

My Girl Scout troop is working on a badge. I am helping find information.
Kathy Coumbe, Eielson AFB, Alaska [11-14-2000]

I hope to enjoy this tour. It looks kind of cool.
Jennifer Marlet, Live in Muskogee,Ok [11-14-2000]

betsy ross rules man!
Christa Storrs, 15 [11-14-2000]

looking for historical information on betsy Ross
english, williamsport pa [11-14-2000]

This page has been a big help. My daughter is researching Betsy Ross in her SEEK class. The pictures helped her get an idea of items she can show and tell of Betsy's era and to be honest I enjoyed the tour and learned alot. Thank you and God bless!
Lorie, I live in Lebanon, 36 years old, I love researching History. [11-14-2000]

I am doing a homework assignment on the flag.
Holley Elliott, 11 [11-14-2000]

You have a very cool site 'cause I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross(Or Elizabith)thank you so much for making this site for me,no for everyone who wants to learn about Betsy Ross.Bye
Sara Seto, I live in Aneheim [11-14-2000]

Andy, age 8, Tabernash, CO [11-14-2000]

I would Please like a tour for my report.
Matthew, San Rafael, 11, Ca 94901 [11-14-2000]

Heather Comley [11-14-2000]

I am retreiving information for my 13 yr old daughter's report on Betsy Ross.
Diana Godfrey, Columbus, OH [11-14-2000]

Paige Radermacher, Montana--6th grade [11-14-2000]

Allison, age 9 [11-14-2000]

I'm helping my students learn about the U.S. flag!
Dorothy Carroll, Sheffield Elementary Dallas, Tx [11-14-2000]

love for the people who love me and for them also who don't love me.
ALI AHSAN KHAN, i am in the us. i am 22. i was born in pakistan. and i love paksitan. [11-14-2000]

nicloe baker, im very good at math [11-14-2000]

Sarah M. Wardyn, 21 yrs old-Born in Loup City, NE [11-14-2000]

I am doing a project about Betsy Ross & would like to find some information about her
Amber, tx, 13 [11-14-2000]

Im doing a book report on Betsy Ross.
Sara Stevens, 8 years old [11-14-2000]

Megan Smith, writing a report on the history of the flag;Belleville West Verginia [11-14-2000]

kaitlyn Wagenaar, Illinois , age 8 [11-14-2000]

Clarissa Davis [11-14-2000]

this is for school- bit it's still pretty kool
Rachel, 12 yrs. old- Connecticut [11-14-2000]

devon thompson, 11 years old [11-14-2000]

Michael Irwin, Just being free [11-14-2000]

Claus Prinz, 31 years, horse owner, interested in us history [11-14-2000]

Barry Levine [11-14-2000]

Ashley Padgett, Batesburg, SC Age 8 [11-14-2000]

Colleen, New York [11-14-2000]

Malissa Legg [11-14-2000]

lita long [11-14-2000]

Brianna Shimmel, Im am 11 years old and studying Betsy Ross for a school project [11-14-2000]

It seems interesting to know the story of the first American flag since its a very important symbol for USA and around the world. I have to make a work on Betsy Ross's life so hope I can gett to know her by visiting this site.
Mariana Lidzy Rodríguez, I live in Mexico, but are an Northamerican citizen, my age is 18. [11-11-2000]

Jeanette Mumm [11-11-2000]

mary, ca [11-11-2000]

joe frenette [11-11-2000]

just doing a project for school
zachary, 10 years old Stockton, Ca 95206 [11-11-2000]

i was interested in knowing about the history of betsy ross's life ,and what year her marriage took place.
peggy, 44 [11-11-2000]

cait, I like horses [11-11-2000]

cait, I like horses [11-11-2000]

Naomi Forney, I live in Kansas and I am 60 years old. [11-10-2000]

Kay Ohst [11-10-2000]

wanzie [11-10-2000]

Brain Davis [11-10-2000]

hillary bird, 8 years old [11-10-2000]

Helping my daughter with a school project.
Susan, ca [11-10-2000]

nick mahley, OH, 15 years old [11-10-2000]

I just seen the to it was very great.
Brittany Edwards, I am doing a report [11-10-2000]

sydney keene [11-10-2000]

This is great! My 1st grade daughter is doing a report on Betsy Ross and this will really help her learn, enjoy and understand Betsy's accomplishments!
Joy Dickson, Alpharetta, GA [11-10-2000]

calvin cummings, Arkansas, 15, whatever [11-10-2000]

Annalisa Perrodin, I am 10 years old [11-10-2000]

This is for a report.
Brittany Gray, 12 years old [11-10-2000]

Gwendolyn F. Clark, Location: Clatsop Community College, Astoria, ORegon [11-10-2000]

Lennie Morrison, Florida, 53 [11-08-2000]

I love Betsy Ross!!!!
Hannah Alford, Greensboro, North Carolina 11 [11-08-2000]

We just read the poem,"I Love to see the Starry Flag," at our Veteran's Day assembly and wantedt to know more about our country's flag.
Ms. Wartenbe's Second Graders-Einstein Elem. [11-08-2000]

Ke-Standra Coleman, I am 13 years old and I am doing a report on Besty Ross in history [11-08-2000]

We liked your site very much! Thank you.
Wes Tucker, I am a teacher in Gilmer, TX showing my students how to use search engines [11-08-2000]

Brooke Edwards, I live in south philly i'm 15 and i stay down 2st!! [11-08-2000]

Daughter working on project in school. Thought I'd check around a bit and add to her research.
Corie Erickson, mn [11-08-2000]

I will be Betsy Ross for my project at school for a wax museum!
kelsie Patterson, 5th grader 10 years old Boise Idaho [11-08-2000]

American Studies Buff
SUsan Bieber, Lehigh Valley Area [11-08-2000]

Becky Hunt, Daphne Alabama [11-08-2000]

Brittany Martin, 6 yrs old Boones Mill, VA [11-08-2000]

Elycia Bellinger, ca. 13 doing report on Betsy Ross [11-08-2000]

Think you for all you have gave us Heather lynn Hunsakre
Heather, 14 [11-08-2000]

Susanne Carrasquillo, New York, [11-08-2000]

We are studying the flag and patriotism.
Mrs. Hunnicutt's Second grad class, Lindale, GA [11-08-2000]

Go Betsy your the best thanks for the flag,its really pretty. Thanks for the tour.
Jessica Schwab, I'm 16 [11-08-2000]

I think this a wonderful way from people who might never make it to PA. Thank you for the oppurtunity to visit:)
Kristena Saxton, Burlison, Tennessee 33 [11-08-2000]

Looking for decendants of George Ross, uncle of John Ross, Betsy's husband.
PAT (ROSS) BRENNAN [11-08-2000]

I am very pleased to be able to go back in time and take a tour of Betsy's house.
Mayfern, mother,wife,employee,student and a very kind and loving care giver. [11-07-2000]

I'd really like to order a Betsy Ross flag!!! When will the web site be available again?
Aja Johnson, I'm in 7th grade and doing a history report on Betsy Ross. I live in Edmond, Ok and attend Summmit Middle School. [11-07-2000]

Aja Johnson [11-07-2000]

Nicole, WA Bonney Lake ten [11-07-2000]

TIFFANY [11-07-2000]

Mary White, Crandall , Tx. [11-07-2000]

long may she wave.great job Betsy!!
vicki&jim, california.40ish [11-07-2000]

I was interested in learning more about the maker of the Ist American Flag. I do several presentations to the schools for our Americanism program, and I needed backround information.
Janet Crane, VFW Defiance Auxiliary President, Post 3360 [11-07-2000]

Stephanie, 13 years old [11-07-2000]

Casey Stage, PA. 11 yrs. old Doing research for school work. [11-07-2000]

Miyoki LaLeike, 3rd Grade, New Eagle Elemetary School, Wayne, PA [11-07-2000]

PAM GOFF, mooreville, ms [11-07-2000]

Oscar Bazan [11-07-2000]

this is gonna be awesome i love stuff like this
brad, memphis [11-06-2000]


Tina forster, Home school mom [11-06-2000]

I am in the process of doing a report on famous people of the 1700's. I have selected Betsy Ross.
Ashley Sapp [11-06-2000]

Sarah Anthony [11-06-2000]

Bridget Bradtmueller, Hoagland 34yrs [11-06-2000]

Linda Cook, Winter Garden Fl I love history [11-06-2000]

SHELBY GAMMONS [11-06-2000]

doing a report on Betsy Ross
amy craddock, 11 [11-06-2000]

My mother,Sandra Brzezinski is from Philadelphia! My mother,my wife,Carol Ann White,and I, visit family in Philly often and NEVER fail to visit the Betsy Ross House every time we are there!
Larry Brzezinski, 33 [11-06-2000]

love the tour,reminds me of home
george kaloutsidis, american living abroad [11-06-2000]

Jen, New York~16 [11-06-2000]

Thank you for this information. It will help with my school project.
Courtney, 9 [11-06-2000]

Carol Kopfmann, teacher third grade [11-06-2000]

Joe Gilmore, Norman,Oklahoma [11-06-2000]

Thank you for preserving our history! It is like taking a tour through early America.
Alice S.W., Mobile, Alabama [11-06-2000]

Ashlyn Rich, Mesa Arizona 6th grade report [11-06-2000]

Jayme Vincent, Oregon homeschooler, 10 yrs. old [11-06-2000]

I will be visiting next July before I go to the Jamboree
Scott Hansford, 14 years old, Boy Scout from California [11-06-2000]

Shannon Barnes, Plantation Fl is where I live I am 13 and I am here because I have to do a project [11-06-2000]

kim curran, 33, alsip,il [11-06-2000]

Callie, I am 10 and I am doing a report on Betsy Ross [11-06-2000]

Oscar Bazan [11-06-2000]

Oscar Bazan [11-06-2000]

Mrs. Miller's Second Grade Class, China, TX My students are 7 & 8 years old. [11-06-2000]

Respect the Flag of the United States of America
David Presperin, 10 [11-06-2000]

this is really cool!!
J.Pratt, i am tall [11-06-2000]

Kim, High school teacher--Orange, TX [11-06-2000]

You have a great web page was looking for my grandfather's burial place when i ran into it. i think he was burried in wil rodgers cemetary anyway one in claremore.
Geneva Mooney, porum landing, ok. [11-02-2000]

I whish i could have met her
martha sandrough, 97589 I love betsy Ross [11-02-2000]

hey bye
maiggie jackson, ju [11-02-2000]

Vittoria Cacciola, 9 years old, Bellville, TX [11-02-2000]

Mike [11-02-2000]

I'm doing a paper on Betsy Ross for S.S class!
Keely, 14 yrs. old [11-02-2000]

Lexis Hanson, I need this web site to help me with my book report [11-02-2000]

Teresa Oppman, Phoenix, AZ [11-02-2000]

hi, My name is Elisha Burton From Coulterville,IL and I am doing a report on Besty Ross! I would like to know if you would send me some stuff about her for free? If you get this I would like you to e-mail me at Saying yes or no or want I would have to do ok? P.S. I love your web page and am a big fan of Besty Ross!!! Love, Elisha Burton ¤¿¤
Elisha Burton, Coulterville,IL , 12 years old, have one sister and one bother [11-02-2000]

ashley, i am 14 years old [11-02-2000]

Great Site!!
Christopher Hanson, Ottawa, Canada [11-02-2000]

I love horses
Rose [11-02-2000]

My third grade students are learning about the new world and they wanted to know who actually made the flag.
keli leblanc, st. amant, 23 [11-02-2000]

Shawna [11-02-2000]

This Site RULES!
Troy Christy, Kennesaw, GA` [11-02-2000]

Our family visited the house over the summer. We really enjoyed it, and are now studying it in school.
Theresa M. Waterman, living in Texas, from Pennsylvania [11-02-2000]

jessyka, cali 13 [11-02-2000]

i am very interested in learning about betsy ross. it is also very interesting that she is the one that made the united states flag thing.
Melanie Zebermandea [11-02-2000]

Becky, I live in mass. [11-02-2000]

steve, i like chesse [11-02-2000]

Heather [11-02-2000]

Nathan Burns, Cumming,GA age 6 Cub Scout [11-02-2000]

Hannah, 12 Salem Or. [11-02-2000]

It was a sight to see, and i appricated the lady who told me that me speech on the was good
Diana, 13, recently visited the house, Doylestown Pa [11-02-2000]

julia, 10 studying for a history book report. [11-02-2000]

amy douglas, nku [11-02-2000]

Twister ti-ti, 911 [11-02-2000]

CAROL THIBOU, toronto, ontario, canada [11-02-2000]

erik joww2szssa [11-02-2000]

I have been learning to make the five point star. I teach a craft class to middle school age children and this week we will try to master Betsy's star. Thank you for this site.
diane keyser, I am a employee of the Perry County District Library working at the Junction City, Ohio branch and checking out the new oplin home page. [11-02-2000]

Norman McDonald, W. Chester, PA [11-02-2000]

jessica clark [11-02-2000]

Interested in bringing small group of mostly fourth graders to tour Raliegh. The Stoneville Elementary School has been bringing our students; this year they are not going on this field trip. A few parents want to go anyway. PLEASE HELP!!
Rinda Collins, Bank teller in Stoneville, NC [11-02-2000]

I am working on a humanities assignment and need to find pictures of different American flags. Thanks, Charles
Charles Lawson, Hillsboro, Oregon [11-02-2000]

we liked the old flag hanging out front, and the picture with george washington, and seeing how the house looked long ago.
BILLY, COREY, VIVIANA,DANIELLE, we are students in room 8 at mass hospital school [11-02-2000]

Mrs. Moore's Kindergarten Class, St. Charles Elementary [11-02-2000]

Looking for information for my childs report... Thanks.
Tracie, Alpharetta, Ga. [11-02-2000]

This is a project for school and I am very happy to be doing it on this lady cause she was a very special lady.Without her we wouldn't of had our first flag.
Amanda Bahntge, Harlan IA 11 years old [11-02-2000]

CHERYL MCHUGH, philadelphia [11-02-2000]

Hi,how are you I think that it is great that you and other people are thinking about Betsy Ross and what she did. I was wondering if i could find out about her famly like her brothers and sisters if she had any.I'm doing a report on her.I think she is real interesting. Thanks! Bye!
Kala Clark, Buhl,Al 11years old [11-02-2000]

Jane Clark, SC, 47, teacher [11-02-2000]

Kala Clark [11-02-2000]

Thanks for having this site available it makes my job easier!
Amanda Seals, I am a school teacher [11-02-2000]

i want to go
bryan conway, i like to sk8 [11-02-2000]

My 8 year old daughter is making a sampler of the flag for a school project. She must write a paragraph about the flag, and we are gathering information for it.
Jean Montgomery, North Carolina [11-02-2000]

Lisa, 371 Daniel ST Allentown PA, 18104 age 10 [11-02-2000]

I am doing an oral report for my second grade.I like Betsy Ross story.I am very excited for my oral report!
Daiana Marie Pérez, I live in San Germán. Puerto Rico. I am seven years old. [11-02-2000]

This is very interesting stuff. I am doing a book report on Betsy Ross. Our entire class must pick a famous person to write about and then dress up and give a oral report about that person. I have learned a lot about Betsy Ross and our Flag.
Lauren Cash, I am 9 yrs old and I live in Alta Loma, CA [11-02-2000]

I am doing A report on Independence Day. Thanks for the help!
Amanda Reilly, Racine, WI, 13 yrs. old [11-02-2000]

Shelby Smith, I am 6 years and am doing a report on Betsy Ross for my first grade class. [11-02-2000]

Searched this web page to help niece with history class.
Lourdes Soto, Age 34, Location Florida [11-02-2000]

I'm working on a report for school.
Jenny McGinnis, Florida-11years old [11-02-2000]

Julie Combs, age 10 [11-02-2000]

kyle risser, My nick name is bug boy [11-02-2000]

I am dressing up as Betsy Ross for halloween and had a hard time finding pictures of her until I found this web page. I have learned a great deal more about Betsy Ross and her life than school ever taught me. She was a remarkable lady.
Cynthia Jones, 19123 Farm Rd. Smithfield,Va 23430 (I am 28 years old) [10-28-2000]

Janice Hopkins, 21 years of age [10-28-2000]

Iva Dorsey, Summersville West Virginia 26651 [10-28-2000]

I am dressing up as Betsy Ross for Halloween and was looking for information on her.
Shannon Roberts, Little Rock, AR [10-28-2000]

I am doing a research paper on Betsy Ross and I just wanted to say that this website has been most helpful in my research efforts.
Rachel Davis, 15, Marcellus Michigan [10-28-2000]

Ardella Cottrill, West Virginia [10-28-2000]

We took the whole tour of Betsy Ross's house. We thought it was interesting. Maybe someday we can visit in person.
Jackie,12, Matt 14,& Kyle, 13, Massachuestts Hospital School, Canton MA [10-28-2000]

Kristen and Drew Hauskins [10-28-2000]

Emily [10-28-2000]

I visited Philadelphia once in Seventh grade with the Junior Historians and another after my senior year in high school with the Penn State Lions band(1997). Philadelphia is a really nice city with many interesting things to see.
Kerry, Beaver Falls PA -Music Education Student at Slippery Rock University [10-28-2000]

Joshua Brown, Shelby Alabama 35143 11 years old [10-28-2000]

candis cook, im 15, live in sacramento [10-28-2000]

whittney jones, im 11 i live, i live in alabama [10-28-2000]

Gayle Beland, New Hampshire- teacher [10-28-2000]

I'm portraying Betsy Ross in a brief assembly at an elementary school and wanted to check her dress and research whether indeed she made the first flag.
Jane Ross-Suozzi, Missouri [10-28-2000]

CODY, 15 [10-28-2000]

Lauren Sutton [10-28-2000]

would like free information for sixth grade social studies
scook, teacher [10-28-2000]

Thank you for providing this site. We are planning a visit.
Jane Breslin, West Chester, PA [10-28-2000]

Mackenzie [10-28-2000]

What a cool idea! I am a Brownie leader and am thinking about possibly using a visit to this site as an activity for the Citizen Near and Far Try-It patch.
Jennifer Bigley, 29 from Ft. Campbell KY [10-28-2000]

lol i doing this for my report. besty ross i soulute u.
Melisssa [10-28-2000]

Dragos Pop, 13 live in canton Ohio [10-28-2000]

Brittany Weikel, age 9 [10-28-2000]

hank jones [10-28-2000]

Jennifer [10-28-2000]

Melissa Beatty [10-28-2000]

angela banks, nothing [10-28-2000]

Andrea Straw, I live in Apple Valley,CA [10-28-2000]

Kathy Haught, Mentor, Ohio age 44 [10-28-2000]

im looking up stuff about betsy 4 a history project
ali ashley, tx 13 [10-28-2000]

My husband and I visited the Ross home several years ago. I am anxious to show it to my students in our school who will never have the opportunity to see it for themselves. Thanks.
Donna Britt, Baytown, Tx, teacher [10-28-2000]

What a AWESOME web site it really helped me with by report and I am giving a report and even have to dress up like her. Thank you. Noelle Boudro
Noelle Boudro, California, 6th grade, 11 years old! [10-28-2000]

Gay Mays, Tennessee, 42, visiting for daughter's school project [10-28-2000]

All the fifth grade classes in my school are going on a field trip to Philadephia,Pennslyvania on October 27,2000.We are going to see Betsy Rosses house.But,I can't go on the field trip.Why you ask?I am going to a wedding in South Carolina,Andrews.I'm in the wedding because I have to sing and they are cousins.I'm leaving Thursday morning.The field trip is on Friday.I would like to go on the field trip.But,I have to go to a wedding.I sure would like to see Betsy Rosses house.Can you tell me another way I can see Betsy Rosses house?Thank you for all your support.
Tarje' (Tar-j)Davis, Baltimore,Maryland,Feb.09,1990 [10-23-2000]

LuAnn Sampson, Minnesota [10-23-2000]

Megan Adkerson, I am 10 and am playing betsy ross in a play [10-23-2000]

Master Paul [10-23-2000]

Jessica [10-23-2000]

I'm going to be Betsy Ross during my school's "Literary Day."
Jackie Navarra, Clinton Twp, MI 5 years old [10-23-2000]

We are learning about Betsy Ross and how she made the flag.
Andrew, 14, and Ania,15, We are students at Massachusetts Hospital School [10-23-2000]

Lulita Martinez, Puerto Rico [10-23-2000]

Just looking up some stuff for my little sister (age 7) for her Biography fair Project. Thanks :)
Mena Kiernan, 18/f/florida [10-23-2000]

Robyn Selack [10-23-2000]

joshua [10-23-2000]

Kim Roberti, 13, from Islip, NY [10-23-2000]

Rhea Wyss, 16 [10-23-2000]

I am really interested in how this woman out of all the woman was privliaged enought to be ask to make the first american flag...RIP Betsy Ross
Jaime, 15 [10-23-2000]

Info. for the school
joshua Fred, Rio Grande, P.R., 9 yrs [10-23-2000]

Barb Dolt, Phila., PA [10-23-2000]

Amber Filloon, 11 yr old from Iowa [10-23-2000]

Have always admired the U.S.A , now retired I have plentyof time to browse the 'net'and I'm enjoying the U.S. history .org web pages.Many thanks to those responsible for this project.
Chris Walkington, I live in Upper Hutt ,Wellington, New Zealand. [10-23-2000]

We visited the Betsy Ross House in July. So glad it has been restored so that we all could see it. We learned a lot about Betsy.
Anna and Diane Lindall, Olalla, Washington [10-23-2000]

Viji Manickam, Pleasanton,migrated from Singapore [10-23-2000]

i really like to study history
Casey, 14 [10-23-2000]

I enjoy history
Don Mollett, Fort Stewart, GA - 40 [10-23-2000]

George Ross, Jacksonville, NC [10-23-2000]

J Wise [10-23-2000]

Thank you for the information for my project.
Mellany Corbin, 13-year old doing a report on Betsy Ross for school [10-23-2000]

For a halloween project I had to be a famous person. I choose Betsy Ross. This page helped me alot. Thank you.
Julia Lemke, Fairbanks,Alaska [10-23-2000]

We are studying famous Americans.
Mrs. Phelps' class, first and second graders [10-23-2000]

I'm going on this tour to see if I would use it in the classroom. I've found some great information on Betsy Ross through this site.
Marcella M. Tuschak, studying to be a teacher [10-23-2000]

I am a single mother of a 6 year old boy and am studying to be a history teacher. I am doing a speech on the history of the flag for Vet's day and am now just looking at the site because I find it interesting.
Cris Swanlund, Rockford, IL: 23 years old: history major [10-23-2000]

becky hippeli, 13 [10-23-2000]

I came to your site for my project on Betsy Ross... I found a lot of good information! Thanks to you I will get a good grade on my project!
Chelsea Rock, Bensalem,PA Age: 13 [10-23-2000]

Jessica Ross, I am form the Uk but live in florida 13 [10-23-2000]

Lauri Judson, Visiting from St. Louis, MO [10-23-2000]

Kaka, 70 Afria [10-23-2000]

Megan McPheeters, 19 [10-23-2000]

Laura, i am a girl [10-23-2000]

Love this site!
Kristy Coker, A Texan [10-23-2000]

t tift [10-23-2000]

Sarah WIckert, 16 [10-23-2000]

Keeping in touch with Granddaughter in Ga. thru her teacher's posted sites.This being one of them.
Barbara Marmion, From Western New York [10-23-2000]

My teacher told me about this site, I can't wait for the tour.
Kenneth Davis, Christian TN age 13 [10-18-2000]

Jessica Roth, CA, 14, Female [10-18-2000]

Jada Thornton, State Line,MS. [10-18-2000]

michael Anderson [10-18-2000]

channing cooper, 7 years old , dressing as betsy ross for school [10-18-2000]

hey i had to do a report on Betsy ROss for school and i just wanted to say thanks for having such a great website...i got almost all my info from here...keep up the great work!
Liz [10-18-2000]

lindsay murray, Coleman, Michigan [10-18-2000]

How is Betsy Ross related to the Canby's? I have heard from my grandmother that we are related to her and I was wondering how she was a Canby.
Meegan Canby Mibley, Ohio , 32yo, Married 10 yrs with identical twin boys [10-18-2000]

Meegan Canby Mibley [10-18-2000]

Eric Tange, 15 [10-18-2000]

Texas rules
Stephanie Clark, 13 [10-18-2000]

The reason I came to this site is because I have to do a report in U.S. History. So, I picked Betsy Ross!
jennifer edwards, I live in tennessee, I am 16 yrs. old and I attend David Crockett High School. [10-18-2000]

This is a interesting tuor I found somethings I didn't know.I really enjoyed my visit.
Mel Zodrow, age 52,from ca. [10-18-2000]

I'm doing a report for my class about the person who made the flag. when I discovered it was a woman, and her name was betsy, I felt interested to find more about it.
Monica Uribe, i'm 21 years old and live in florida. [10-18-2000]

I am Doing a report on Betsy Ross
Cassandrae Kerr, I am 11 years old [10-18-2000]

Morgan Van Meer, Florida 7 years old [10-18-2000]

cristina mejia, 22 years old [10-18-2000]

We are learning about Betsy Ross and our first flag
First and Second Grade Students, Dixon School Dixon, Montana [10-18-2000]

Beth was too scared to put her name here.
Paul Cornell, Teacher [10-18-2000]

jeriodvega, ddd [10-18-2000]

Matt Burns, Sparta, TN [10-18-2000]

maya [10-18-2000]

hi!this is cool!
BLH, sc, [10-18-2000]

Judi Bacon, Daytona Beach, Florida, retired, age 57. History buff. [10-18-2000]

Michelle Tadgell, Wellington [10-18-2000]

Jessie Quinn, I am 21 and am from Utah [10-18-2000]

stacy lynn greear, naylor missouri 15 ,using site for project at school [10-18-2000]

I have to write an essay on Betsy Ross to present to my class at school.
Elisabeth Chogich-Pennington, Seven years old [10-18-2000]

Alissa johns [10-18-2000]

Jennifer Clark [10-18-2000]

Angela Trader, student at Marshall University in Huntington, WV- studying elementary education [10-18-2000]

jeriod, m/21 [10-18-2000]

I been trying to get this job and i want it
joshua johnson, lawernce county ohio,im 16,and ineed this job [10-18-2000]

Ms. Kutschke, Farmington Hills, Michigan [10-18-2000]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross.
Clarissa Ridenhour, 9 years old [10-18-2000]

Dani Bembry, I live in Philadelphia and I am 7 years old. [10-18-2000]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross and have to dress like her and tell about her life at my school.
Bayley Wright, age 7, I love dogs [10-18-2000]

Kim, New York, 16 [10-18-2000]

You need more paintings of Betsy Ross, but otherwise your site is great!
Kit Kat, My dog's name is Buddy [10-18-2000]

Sharon Snider, West Virginia [10-18-2000]

this tour was great!
Kate, 10 [10-18-2000]

Patricia Thompson-Dumas, Chazy, NY [10-18-2000]

Your page is great. I have already emailed you telling you so. But a few observations- I may have used this site for 20 hours with third grade students so I noticed a few things that could be made more friendly for children such as on the virtual tour "Enter here" is very difficult to read. Also next and back are also difficult for young readers. Please understand I believe your site is one of the absolute best for young children in terms of readability and logical sequence, but I just think your audience might be the vey young reader and we need to do all we can to make content infomation on the web easy for them to follow. Thank you for poviding an opportunity to tell communicate.
Sharon Rader, School Librarian at New Hope-Solebury [10-18-2000]

I want to know what it looks like inside?
nicole, 10 [10-18-2000]

Who where her family members, and how there lives where.
John, Austin TX, 18 [10-18-2000]

how big was here house
Mark Ellis, Austin TX, 18 [10-18-2000]

Laurel Hill, Clyde Texas 11 Clyde Intermediate [10-18-2000]

We are in our first intersession for year round school. Our intersession title is "Best of the Best K-1." We are enjoying our enrichment class. We are learning about patriotic symbols. We have just completed our first week of intersession and we learned a lot about patriotic symbols.
Roberta Branch and her intersession class at Booker T. Washington Elementary School in Suffolk, Virginia, The students are in the kindergarten and first grade. [10-18-2000]

I love houses
Bry, 20 [10-18-2000]

hi im amanda i am looking for pic of u because i am in a play and you are in it i am you and i have to macke my costume
Amanda [10-18-2000]

I live in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Thanks for the tour.
Imogene T. Powers, Weyers Cave, VA 24486 [10-18-2000]

Lindsey Asencio, 14 [10-18-2000]

suresh, nj [10-18-2000]

Thank you so very much for all your wonderful information. This is not only a great learning experinece for my daughter but her mother and I are enjoying it as well.
Tom E. Maury, Helping my 5 Grade daughter do a class report on Besty Ross. Her school is Jackson Academy, in Jackson, Miss. [10-18-2000]

I am so glad that you have sites like these which allow students to preview a field trip before they go. They are a little more prepared for the trip
Sarah McCafferty, 5th grade teacher [10-18-2000]

I am helping my daughte do research on Betsy Ross
Kimberly Hoeppner, age 37- a daycare mother [10-18-2000]

Jaclyn Lacy Gyger, Hummelstown, Pennsylvania/Age 7yrs/enjoyed your site [10-18-2000]

Shaaron Lenox, Charleston, SC [10-18-2000]

Dr. Arnold Jackson, I am a Philadelphia resident a nd have been all of my 65 years. [10-18-2000]

Looking for information on Betsy Ross and the first American Flag. The reasons behind it being made and the people involved in it.
Sophia Everson, Blue Springs Missouri, Teacher [10-18-2000]

Helping daughter with homework.
Mary, North Carolina,32, [10-18-2000]

My daughters are taking part in a co-op U.S. geography class. The class is also including our nation's flag and national anthem. This is an awesome website!
Shelley Farny, home school mom [10-18-2000]

Studying the American Flag. Would have liked to have interviewed Betsy Ross.
Marie A. Ware, Age 8 - 3rd Grade [10-18-2000]

i am a niece of besty ross it's ineresting on how she made the flag..i'm glad that she made symblyizes are freedom..and that we won the war..its a great flag...
RADNI ROSS, i am a niece of besty ross [10-18-2000]

miguek perez, 36 [10-18-2000]

i will be there on the 13 of oct. bye
anonymous, nj age 13 [10-18-2000]

Walker's [10-18-2000]

Brittany Lawrence [10-18-2000]

Rachel Tavares, I live in nevada [10-18-2000]

susana santana [10-18-2000]

Angie Dillon, va [10-18-2000]

mandy huffman [10-18-2000]

amanda dunst, michigan 14 dancer [10-18-2000]

i love you
josh simpson, 34 years old [10-18-2000]

We like this website!
Holly and Miss Roy, New England [10-18-2000]

I so appreciate all the information you have been so eager to share with us on the internet. Thanks for such a well detailed and exciting website, we sure will share it with all of our friends.
Kerry stewart, I am a homeschooling parent for our 1st grade daughter and we are learning about our countries flag! We are living in Tulsa Oklahoma for now and love to read about our nations history. [10-18-2000]

I think Betsy was the coolest! She was a good sport to put up with those British jerks that invaded her house during the Quartering Act!
Stephanie, 17 Years old, United States [10-18-2000]

I am so proud to live in a free country.
Kathleen Hartline, 46, 26 year member of the Amer. Legion Auxiliary [10-18-2000]

Samantha [10-09-2000]

Stefan Peterson [10-09-2000]

German Martinez, Dutch Harbor, AK. [10-09-2000]

I am doing a project on Betsy Ross
amanda Grynovicki, 10 [10-09-2000]

Rebecca Hubbs, 11 years old [10-09-2000]

Jessica Luu, philadelphia,22 [10-09-2000]

L. Voorhis, Upstate New York teacher [10-09-2000]

I loveing going through her house I went trough and it was delightful. When I was trying to take pictures it was very hard. Maybe could you cut a square of glass open so people cold tale pictures without gettin gthe glare. Thanks ,
Madison Ring, Chalfont, 13, [10-09-2000]

Shelia, 62 years old in Va. and interested in History [10-09-2000]

michele spina, kissimmee , fl [10-09-2000]

donald j. clement, Metairie, LA [10-09-2000]

Polly Vaughan [10-09-2000]

Zee Tovar, Kindergarten teacher Augusta KS 48 yrs. [10-09-2000]

Marian, Phoenix, MD [10-09-2000]

Mary, Age 44 [10-09-2000]

Sachiko Boege, 12 years old [10-09-2000]

jamie hackney, kansas, 13 [10-09-2000]

Thank you for this website. Hope my grandchildren find it.
Patricia Eaton, Minneapolis Grandmother who loves history [10-09-2000]

diana woods [10-09-2000]

I hope I like the Tour
Theodora Hermes [10-09-2000]

Nice Tour
Josh, Toronto,34, [10-09-2000]

brielle shipman, im gay [10-09-2000]

Roysel Tejeda, n.j. 8 [10-09-2000]

I don't really want to do this, but, I have to do it for Histor Class. Plus, I thought it would be helpful to know were she lives, and what kind a life sytal she had, too. So, I hope that it helps me a lot, in my project. Well, thankz for your time, and for the effert you put into this tour of her house, or home, or whatever you want to call it. Well, I hope you all had a nice day!
Heather Hackey, Whitehall MI, 14, Female, and single. [10-09-2000]

Aimee Bernard, im 9 I like to take vertual tours [10-09-2000]

Stuart Morris of Balgonie, Balgonie castle, Fife, Scotland. [10-09-2000]

Richard Claypool, Lebanon, PA [10-09-2000]

Mrs. Anaya's 5th grade Class, american historyteacher and class [10-09-2000]

Doing Research for my Daughters History Project
Daniel, Austin,tx. 31 [10-04-2000]

god bless the usa!!!
L.C. MANUEL, mississippi, age 39 years young [10-04-2000]

Tina Reif, Home educator in Indiana [10-04-2000]

Laina Martin, Rensselear,IN 16 year old [10-04-2000]

In our fifth grade classroom we are learning all about the beginning of the wonderful country we live in known as AMERICA. We were interested in learning all about the American Flag and Betsy Ross.
Mrs. Crowley and Class, Dr. Bean Elem. School Pine Hilll, NJ [10-04-2000]

barbara troyer, s.c [10-04-2000]

Ashley, North Carolina [10-04-2000]

I'm actually doing research on Philadelphia for an upcoming project, and I wanted to see what Betsy Ross was up to. My home is decorated all over with American Flag "stuff", nothing more beautiful the Red, White and Blue!
Karla McLean, I'm 42, live in central California, and I love my country! [10-04-2000]

Ashley Johnson, Reno N.V 13 :O) [10-04-2000]

Coming to Philadelphia for training in a couple of weeks. Looking forward to learning about the city and American history in the evening after the training day has concluded.
Tim Cafferty [10-04-2000]

Laurie Welch, I'm from Ft. Worth, Texas. I'm 19 years old. [10-04-2000]

Yvonne Orsburn, 16 [10-04-2000]

i am doing a history project!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Emma H., I'm 10 and I live in Littleton CO [10-04-2000]

We plan to visit Liberty Bell the later part of October so we were curious of what to go and see. Our daughter lives in New York so we will drive down for the day. Thanks for the information you have provide for us.
Kathleen Hinn, 50's from Iowa My Husband & I are Real Estate Broker [10-04-2000]

Felicia, age 9 [10-04-2000]

my grandfather was a Ross. How would I go about finding out if we are desendants?
Dianne Snell, Shreveport LA [10-04-2000]

lauren, ohio [10-04-2000]

Dale Parsley, Davie County, North Carolina [10-04-2000]

I am doing a report for school and I chose Betsy Ross. Many people in Singapore don't know who she is. I was born in the United States and I am proud of our flag.
Lauren Tochterman, I live in Singapore and I'm 11 years old. I have two sisters Andrea, 13 and Kerry, who's 5. [10-04-2000]

Remembering my school age days, I specifially remember taking a tour through the Betsy Ross house. I remember hoe exciting it was. Sad to say I haven't been back since. Now that I am a teacher I am very much interested in sharing thr Betsy Ross hous with them.
Christine Dougherty Nolen, Philadelphia- [10-04-2000]

hi!,I visited your site because I am doing a presentation on the United States for my 2nd grade class here in Singapore. I needed a picture of Betsy Ross and me and my Dad wanted to see where she lived.
Gabriela, i live in Singapore. I am 7 years old. I am in the Girl Scouts and Ballet and like Piano [10-04-2000]

Alisha White [10-04-2000]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross in school.
Rachel S., 7 1/2 years, 2nd grade [10-04-2000]

We are enjoying learning about Betsy Ross and seeing her house.
Mrs. Assmus First Grade Class, Madison SD [10-04-2000]

Hayley Carlisle, 8yearsold El Dorado [10-04-2000]

Erika Powell [10-04-2000]

Betsy is cool!
Olivia Lepore, Menasha, WI Age: 13 [10-04-2000]

mark jackson, i like sports [10-04-2000]

i'm doin a history project and i need a good topic i'm searching for one so if you have a sugestion about an intresting topic theres my e-mail k!! thanks
JOHANNA, ca/13/f [10-04-2000]

I would like to learn about Betsy Ross for a report fo school. Also many different things she did. I need to find out (if I can) what Betsys favorite food was and if its is makable today so I can make it for my class.
Billi, 13 [10-04-2000]

I would like to learn about Betsy Ross for a report fo school. Also many different things she did
Billi, 13 [10-04-2000]

I'm visiting this site because I wanted to see if I could access the gift shop. My 5 year old broke his Kindergarrten teachers Betsy Ross coffee mug while running in class today! I feel terrible, and want to replace it for her!
Andrea Stoddard, I'm a 35 year old female . I live in upstate NY, mother of 3. [10-04-2000]

tell me all about betsy ross
rachael martinez, oceanside ca ,14 years old [10-04-2000]

I am doing a research project for my 2nd grade sister Kendra. We are really hoping to find some good stuff at your site. --TATUM
Kendra & Tatum Strickland, We live in Mt. Pelier Georgia. Kendra--8, Tatum--14 [10-04-2000]

Great Site!!!
Mrs. Nowak's third grade class, teacher and class [10-04-2000]

Irving Martinez., 11 yrs.Houston,Texas,Buffalo,Creek, [10-04-2000]

Erick Alvarado, 10 yrs.; Housyon;Texas, Buffalo,Creek Elementary [10-04-2000]

Nancy Estrada, Hoston,Tx [10-04-2000]

Jose Flores, 10 yrs.;Houston,Texas,Buffalo,Creek [10-04-2000]

Thalia Perea anai, 10 yrs.; Houston, Texas; Buffalo Creek Elem. [10-04-2000]

Genesis A Quintero, 10 yrs.; Houston TX Buffolo Creek Elementry [10-04-2000]

Josefina Mendez, 10 yrs.; Houston, Texas; Buffalo Creek Elementary [10-04-2000]

Nancy Yanez, 10 yrs.;Houston TX; Buffalo Creek Elementary [10-04-2000]

Edgar F Cebllos, 12 yrs.; Houston, Texas; Buffalo Creek Elementary; [10-04-2000]

Irving Martinez Sosa., 11 yrs.;Houston,Texas,Buffalo,Creek [10-04-2000]

Elizabeth Tellez, 10 yrs.;Houston,Texas; Buffalo Creek [10-04-2000]

Bianca ELizabeth Gallegos, 12 yrs.; Houston, Texas; Buffalo creek [10-04-2000]

Yarely Correa, 10 yrs.;Houston,texas,Buffalo creek [10-04-2000]

Jose villatoro, HousTon, Texas; Buffalo Creek Elementary [10-04-2000]

Danis J.Guzman, age 10; Houston, TX; Buffallo Creeck Elementary; [10-04-2000]

Erika M Mejia, 10 yrs.; Houston Texas Buffalo Creek Elem. [10-04-2000]

Jonathan Santillana, Houston,TX Buffalo Creek Elementary age:10 [10-04-2000]

Julio Mejia, Houston;TX Buffalo Creeck Elementary age:10 [10-04-2000]

Cinthya Mejia, 10,Houston,Tx 10 year Buffalo Creek Elementary [10-04-2000]

Nancy Estrada, Houston,Tx Buffalo Creek Elementary; 11 (age) [10-04-2000]

Native Philadelphina trying to bring a group of youth's from Newark,Delaware to visit. I need information. Thanking you in advance Rhonda
Rhonda G. Walker, Delaware [10-04-2000]

Enjoyed visiting this way as to I may never get the chance otherwise.
Ronda Harris, Factory worker, Mother of two son, Grandmother of one grandson [10-04-2000]

i wan to know more about betsey
liz [10-04-2000]

Amanda Brister, I am a 21 year old female from louisiana i have 2 children [09-27-2000]

Daphne Smith, Music Teacher / Forsyth Georgia 31029 [09-27-2000]

Being South African..I must be honest I had never heard if Betsy Ross..shame on me !!!! I found your Web site so very interesting. Thank you so very much for a wonderful site. Sincerely, Denise Berry
Denise Berry, Live in South Africa ..aged 65...longing to visit Americe [09-27-2000]

Michael Reese [09-27-2000]

Charlene Rabe, I am a U.S. History teacher of 6th grade students. [09-27-2000]

Chelsie sutherland, Co\14\f [09-27-2000]

Will be showing this tour in my classroom.Lots of my children have never been outside the county and we take lots of virtual field trips.
Ruth S wright, Teacher Kindergarten (caroline co.VA.) [09-27-2000]

Cape Christian School, Teacher at cape Girardeau, Mo [09-27-2000]

Tina Dwyer, Philadelphia, PA , 27 [09-27-2000]

Nicole Scrambling, 10yrs. old [09-27-2000]

Mary Thomas, Living in Netherlands, but from PA [09-27-2000]

Deborah Scrambling, Belleview, FL [09-27-2000]

wow it was so exicting to learn about the us flag for my report
fiana nicole finau, 7 american samoa [09-27-2000]

Might Be usefull for a report
Dustin Hess, 13 [09-27-2000]

interested in laser and other energies development.particularly energy reflection from clouds.
HOLLY B. TRIMM, retired civil service emp.independent inventor [09-27-2000]

Originate from upstate NY, near Schenectady. I love American history and as a child visited the historic sites in PA and DC. I regret that I live too far away to take my grandchildren. My children have never been to see these historic places.
Fanny Crosby Hofer, live in Montana [09-27-2000]

Rebecca Cox, Arlington, TX, mother of 3 preschoolers [09-27-2000]

karen todd [09-27-2000]

John, Lancaster Pa 9 [09-27-2000]

I would appreciate some Information on Betsy Ross. Im doing an American History report on here. Thank you
Amanda, 16 year old female I Live in Illinois [09-27-2000]

this website has helped me to understand the meaning of the flag better I'll be sure to salute it from now on
Raye Serenity Copeland, 25-midwife [09-27-2000]

Chelsea Morganson, 16 [09-27-2000]

Found this wonderful site to share with my family and my class of terrific third graders in Virginia!
martha, history lover [09-27-2000]

Stan Entis [09-27-2000]

My wife Linda and I have an original Roll of Honor Certificate #C 82241 issued in 1899 to her Greatgrandfather, A. Andel. We wondered if the Association could shed any light on this interesting looking certificate?
J.PeterLetz, Wakefield, Rhode Island [09-27-2000]

I would like to take my Daughter Jasmine to see where the first flag was make.
Fredda Johnson-Pogue, we live in Merchantville,N.J. [09-27-2000]

Anna Stadtmiller, From Alaska, age 9, will visit Philadelphia this fall [09-27-2000]

Dawn [09-27-2000]

Jose, I Lake You history About Betsy Ross .. [09-27-2000]

Visited this home as a teenager in the late 30's. Enjoy it more now.
Gerald Maynard, Clearwater, Fl Born 1/5/25 in Norristown, Pa [09-27-2000]

Taylor Nelson, Nashville 8yearsold [09-27-2000]

Toni Tucker, 54 year old, female, born and raised Philadelphian [09-27-2000]

Jannet Hiles, Female,44, Journalism Teacher, Ft. Worth, Texas [09-27-2000]

Steve Silvester, Utah,22, I love this country [09-27-2000]

walker, clarion pa [09-27-2000]

Kristy [09-27-2000]

i've been to this house before in person and i think it's cool to see it again on the internet!
Gabrielle, california,12 [09-27-2000]

nANETTE GASKEY, dallas texas [09-21-2000]

kenneth w. bingham, wis. 48 years . [09-21-2000]

Jamie DeCora [09-21-2000]

Layne Ferrin, Age 32, Ogden, UT [09-21-2000]

Richard D Sweat, Jonesboro, Georgia [09-21-2000]

Beth DeLage, AL, 66, luv2quilt [09-21-2000]

Shannon, 19, Salt Lake City, UT attending Weber State University [09-21-2000]

Kitzie Richard, female, 21, crowley, Louisiana, college student at Louisiana State University- Eunice [09-21-2000]

Cassy, Kansas, 16 [09-20-2000]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross, and I appreciate all the information your site holds. Thank-you.
Ashley Wolfe, 11 yrs old. attend Central Baptist Christian School [09-20-2000]

i like the room up in these house.
rosie applin, im 16 year old [09-20-2000]

Kisha Jones, Philadelphian [09-20-2000]

My 5th grade is studying about the flag and as a project I am going to dress up like Betsy Ross and portray her making the first flag. After reading about her I am proud to represent her and wish I really could make a flag as well as she did. Thank you for all the wonderful information.
Lilly Glubka, age 10 from Eugene OR [09-20-2000]

Peggy Burns, Vermont [09-20-2000]

laura Richter, 11 [09-20-2000]

nichole, 12 1/2 perk,ms Stone Middle School [09-20-2000]

Taryn Skeen, WSU, Ogden student, visiting site as part of an assignment. [09-20-2000]

My brother has the research on our connection, the debate with the Mississppi flag-9-19-2000, made me wonder more about Betsy and what she had done with our flag and what would she do with such a debate as in going on in this state flag.
J. Winningham, Direct descendent of Betsy Ross, Through g's grandfather, Jacob Byer [09-20-2000]

I love Betsy Ross.
Valerie Scheu, from Atlanta, GA; age 24 [09-20-2000]

Elizabeth Browning, Ogden, UT Age 19 [09-20-2000]

What a thorough tour! Very enjoyable
Mary Wolford, college student, married, two kiddies, from Ogden, Ut [09-20-2000]

I am creating a "cybertour" and including this site!
Sue Subel, School library media specialist [09-20-2000]

Christina Stice, I live in Layton Utah, I am 28 years old [09-20-2000]

I enjoyed this page.
Mary Kaipust, Omaha, NE [09-20-2000]

hollis, [09-20-2000]

I am viewing this site so I may allow my student to do a special project. Thank you!
Amber Wilson, Memphis, TN 29 years old/ 4th grade school teacher [09-20-2000]

jennifer braid, student from philadelphia [09-20-2000]

Just writing an assignment on great women in history
Kellie Wake, Western Australia,25 female [09-20-2000]

Stacy Chandler, 19 years old fulltime college student [09-17-2000]

nicole pitts [09-17-2000]

Karmyn Fuller, Almost 8 years old [09-17-2000]

Had to tour the house for my American Civilization class
Carey Bultman, Utah 25yrs old [09-17-2000]

Mary Woelfer [09-17-2000]

i am and american revolution buff
jackie, 19 [09-17-2000]

My Grandmother, Flossie Winifred Ross, always said we were related to Betsy. I can go back as far as William Ross who was born in 1779. Can anyone help me tie William to Betsy or her husband?
Steve Lowe, An Ohioan living in St Louis thinks his Grandmother, Flossie Winnifred Ross, is related to Betsy. [09-17-2000]

Stacey Conover, California, age 37 [09-17-2000]

I am doing research on Betsy Ross to earn my patriotism badge for Master's Club at my church, Independent Baptist Church of Spokane Wa.
claudie kirchoff, spokane, wa age 10 [09-17-2000]

Michelle [09-17-2000]

Emily Hyatt, Age 8, Westminster, Colorado; Love cats [09-17-2000]

Rhonda Morris Tucker, military spouse living in Okinawa, Japan [09-17-2000]

amber garcia, C.A. age 13 [09-17-2000]

Sheryl Trythall Rowe, St. Louis, MO [09-17-2000]

I am researching a new children's book about Betsy Ross.
peter roop, Appleton, WI [09-17-2000]

Matthew Lewis Zundel, I am 22 and currently studying history with the goal of one day teaching it on a college level. I live in Ogden, UT and currently attend Weber State University. [09-17-2000]

Jennifer Whinham, SLC , Utah....23 years old [09-17-2000]

I think that Betty Ross is a wonderful women and should mean something to everyone.
Chelsea Rose Szczepanski, Sterling Heights Mi. [09-14-2000]

jessica [09-14-2000]

Ann Adkins, teacher in Omaha, NE [09-14-2000]

Michelle Andrews, West Haven, UT age 22 [09-14-2000]

Blayne O'Keefe, 12 [09-14-2000]

stephanie azahar, I am doing a report on Betsy Ross. I am 7 years old and in the second grade. [09-14-2000]

looking for information to give to kindergarten/1st graders
barb bryan, stambaugh, mi 37 [09-14-2000]

Denise Abbott, graduate student [09-14-2000]

Parker, 9 [09-14-2000]

Nina Myers, Sept.13, 2000 [09-14-2000]

Walter Rush West, Huntsville, AL; 16 [09-14-2000]

Ray Gearhart [09-14-2000]

love history & have been interested in Betsy Ross since grammer school when I say a picture of her sewing the flag. THANK YOU
marie sroczynski, a happy senior [09-14-2000]

Andrea J. Fielding, Ogden, Ut, 20 years old. [09-14-2000]

i loved the tour of betsy ross's house you have a wonderful web sight!!!
SHAKIRA A. SMITH, peoria age 13 goes to lincoln middle school 8th grade [09-14-2000]

ADAM RUSHING, 13 [09-14-2000]

Gary W. Engler, live in Worcester Twp. - East Norriton Middle School Principal [09-14-2000]

korey pierce, 13 [09-14-2000]

DeAnn Barfuss, Utah - 36 [09-14-2000]

Hello- to my friends at Brenau in the Trends and Issues in Social Studies Class..... You are my heroes. Lynne
Lynne Castleberry, Cumming, Ga. [09-14-2000]

My little 6 yr old daughter had a report to do on the lady who made the flag. we came to this web site to find out information. thanks for making it so easy and intresting.... sincerely the lewis family...
halie lewis, alabama...... [09-14-2000]

Wonder if there is any connection to a Francis Ross who married Susannah Decou
connie, Glendale, AZ [09-14-2000]

i am very happy that someone invented this website and has this virtual tour
Janelle Blouin, colorado,Denver and i am 13 doing a report on te flag [09-14-2000]

I am doing a thematic unit on Colonial America. I am just researching some of the people of this time.
Rebekah Teal, Age 21, college student [09-14-2000]

Amanda Ray, Pal-Mac Middle School [09-14-2000]

kevin lee, 9/m/fullerton [09-14-2000]

Sandy Carver [09-14-2000]

John Erdelyi, Cooper City, FL Age 62 [09-14-2000]

Carey Banks & Brittani Banks, North Carolina [09-14-2000]

S M Patton, 17 [09-14-2000]

I visited this home in May of 1977. I'm happy to revisit it here! Thank you for making these lovely photos available to the world.
Jayna Quinn, Farmington, Utah [09-14-2000]

The history regarding the five point star was very informative. My students have enjoyed the knowledge through the years. Thank You!
Pamela K. Hansen, Teacher @ Clay Central\Everly, Royal, Iowa [09-14-2000]

Shanna Hunter, Business teacher in Huttig, AR [09-14-2000]

Carol Simpson [09-14-2000]

Thank you for letting us tour the house!!
Sara Daniels' Classroom, North Carolina middle school [09-14-2000]

We made the five pointed star in our classroom. It was fun
Room 101 Northwood School [09-14-2000]

Susan Batey, High School Media Specialist [09-14-2000]

I am portraying Betty Ross in school
Chevas King, I am 9 years old and live in Marrero, LA. Marrero is close to New Orleans [09-06-2000]

All my students are planning a "history trip" to Washington, Williamsburg , N. or S. Carolina. (or a place of their choice.) This is their project for the 1st semester, and the rest of the class and Moms will vote on where we will be going on our class trip at the end of April
Madonna Nave, Nashville, Tn Home school American HIstory teacher [09-06-2000]

Wilma Jordan, Teacher- Montgomery,AL [09-06-2000]

Dana Collins, Louisville, Kentucky [09-06-2000]

Kelli Williams, Louisiana in U.S. [09-06-2000]

krystal [09-06-2000]

grew up in Lancaster Co. (Manheim). This unfortunately is my first visit to the Betsy Ross House.
Jaci Garrett, Lake Havasu, AZ - 66 [09-06-2000]

i appreciate this site and think it is wonderful
INGRID VISAGIE, south africa [09-06-2000]

I'm doing a history trivia paper and Betsy Ross's home location was one of the questions, thanks for the answer!
Sonya Hargin, NW Missouri, age 14 [09-06-2000]

Glenna Ainley, 5th Grade Teacher in Othello, WA [09-06-2000]

Herrin Elementary School is in Southern Illinois -- the very southern tip! This is a great website, and I know my students will enjoy it as they learn a lot about Betsy Ross and our grand flag.
Jan Starnes, Coordinator of Gifted Education, Herrin Elementary School [09-06-2000]

School project
bet, ? [09-06-2000]

Aaron Yosky [09-06-2000]

Mark W. Scherer, age 37 [09-06-2000]

We visited the Betsy Ross home many years ago - it was great to visit again, if only "virtually."
Barbara Webster, Live in Iowa [09-06-2000]

Rebecca Ann Cummins, born 1952,,,lived in Indiana all my life...Mother of two [09-06-2000]

Pauline Soliz [09-06-2000]

Hello Philadelphia, May you prosper in the vision you had back in 1776 for America as a whole. This land is one nation under GOD with liberty and justice for all! GOD Bless the U.S.A.
Mario David Johnson, Web Consultant from California [09-06-2000]

Samantha Coldiron, i live in Ector Texas [08-29-2000]

I am very proud to be an American
Jeff Zomek, Springfield, Massachusetts [08-29-2000]

SHelbra WIliams, 13 [08-29-2000]

I plan to take a group of students to Philly in March 2001.
Jay Johnson [08-29-2000]

Jan Turcotte, Atlanta, GA coming to town Labor Day weekend [08-29-2000]

We liked learning about Betsy Ross in our Social Studies class. LUCY CODY DANIELLE SHEKERTA
Mrs. Shadowens Class, teacher [08-29-2000]

I am doing my government project over her and the American Flag if you could would you please send me any valuable info that would be helpful in finishing my project.
Victoria Davis, I live in Indiana. I'm 17 and am doing a project over Betsy Ross and the American Flag [08-29-2000]

Rebecca: "I like the 5-pointed star and I want to thank her for making the flag."
Rebecca and Kaera Grubbs, Rebecca is 7 and Kaera is 6 and we are learning about Betsy Ross in homeschool. [08-29-2000]

Elizabeth A. Clouser, Pennsylvania [08-29-2000]

Surfing for info and here I am. This is a cool site and very good links (I'll be on this thing for years now!! lol!)
Lesleigh Eisenhuth, Live Sydney, Australia [08-29-2000]

ruth foster [08-29-2000]

tony, lana, tyler and tracy loukota, 7, 12, 13, mom homeschool family [08-29-2000]

Terri Durkin, Ft. Mitchell, KY [08-29-2000]

I love the American Flag.
Rosa, Stephanie, American & Puerto Rican age 56 [08-29-2000]

I am very proud to be an american and if I wouldn't have been one, I would have paid to be one. U.S.A #1
Aracely Munne, miami,female,32,american-cuban [08-29-2000]

My 5 year old son Hunter wanted to know about the history behind the flag.
Matthew G Stemple, Port Deposit MD. [08-29-2000]

Alma College is a small liberal arts college. The town of Alma calls itself "Scotland U.S.A." and hosts one of the larger Highland Festivals each spring. Betsy is of interest to me because for many reasons; she sews, she is a woman, she is Scottish, and she is one of those larger than life figures that connects us with the past.
Tina Hartley, Costume Designer at Alma College [08-29-2000]

I am doing a book report on Betsy Ross.
LeShea Barr, Stony Point ,NC 8yrs old 8/26/00 [08-29-2000]

I remember first visiting the Betsy Ross House as a Brownie. When my two daughters entered college in Philadelphia in the mid 90's, I was reminded of my early visit by the stairs in the homes they rented. I always referred to their stairways as 'Betsy Ross step'. I was compelled to revisit all these years later, and sure enough, there were those 'Betsy Ross steps', just as I had remembered them. Thank you for maintaining this shrine for all to enjoy!
Sue Schilling, Brigantine, NJ [08-29-2000]

I am interested in purchasing a Betsy Ross Flag. The on-line gift shop is being updated. Can you please send me word once it's up again.
Maria Ellis, Santa Maria, CA ; age 34 [08-29-2000]

Claudia Ippoliti, Ga 47 [08-29-2000]

I am currently homeschooling my 10 year old son. This year we will be studying Betsy Ross' design for the flag. Your site was very helpful because there is not much information to be found in this area. Thank You.
Michelle Miller, South Shore, Ky [08-29-2000]

Sites like this help History come alive for my students. Thank you!
Lynn Green, 2nd grade teacher, Florida [08-29-2000]

Jennifer Smith, Georgia, 28 , studying to be a elementary school teacher [08-29-2000]

Born and rased in Phila. Have visited the house as a student of Philadelphia public schools.
Jimmie Stokes, North Chicago,Ill, age 48 [08-29-2000]

mollie & chelsea, 12 & 10 years old [08-23-2000]

Kathleen Hamill, Wallingford, PA, age 47, Philadelphia School District teacher [08-23-2000]

Are you aware of any Betsy Ross Christmas ornaments available anywhere?
Allan Stubblefield, Seattle, WA [08-23-2000]

i was veery interesting about this.
renee lipford, marianna, fl 32448 im 36 [08-23-2000]

We are a fourth grade class at William H. Mason Elementary School.
Miss. Evans's Class, Laurel, Mississippi [08-23-2000]

Working on a US history report
Ashley, Kansas [08-23-2000]

martha williams, hamptonuniversity faculty [08-23-2000]

ros/jacky wilson-story [08-23-2000]

Michele Coldsnow [08-22-2000]

johnathan mafoud [08-22-2000]

Joa Peacock, Baltimore, Md. [08-22-2000]

Sanjay, 36, [08-22-2000]

marsha, 34/f/tx [08-22-2000]

This is Cool! :)
Ellen [08-22-2000]

Sally Spielberg, I am 48 years young and I live in Barnegat Light, NJ [08-22-2000]

I'll visited thebetsy ross'house in April 2001
hugo, i live at Dijon in France. I'm 14. [08-22-2000]

Jeanette [08-22-2000]

Christine Pregler, Teacher in Hampton,VA age 34 [08-22-2000]

Kevin Criswell [08-18-2000]

Martha Daunt, teacher in New York [08-18-2000]

Sister Terry [08-18-2000]

Betty Bartz [08-18-2000]

Dragline [08-18-2000]

I have always been told that we are rlated to Betsy Ross, my maiden name is Thompson,my mom's maiden name was Sparks. I think it is from my Dad's side.We also have Gidding's who was my grandma's maiden name. Just wondering.
Margaret Buck, Gainesboro, Tennessee [08-18-2000]

Aquadale was here.
anonymous [08-18-2000]

enjoyed your tour. who is frances ridley who wrote the poem a childs birthday poem published by IBBOTSON BROS RICHFIELD SPRINGS NY around 1887
DARNELL and RAMONA HARRIS [08-18-2000]

I think that this is really great that you are making this available for the world to see. Especially people like me who will never be able to visit in person.
Trudie Heinrichs, 51 Arizona [08-18-2000]

Faith Jurs [08-18-2000]

Please, e-mail information. Thank-you.
Mary A.Baker, Lebanon R-3 Schools [08-18-2000]

Janey, Philadelphia, PA Age 23 [08-18-2000]

Deborah, Mississippi [08-18-2000]

Ruthann Johnson [08-18-2000]

Never liked history in school, but when you can touch it. visit it , relax with it, it becomes fun!
Marilyn Kerik, Ohio, 58 year old retired teacher, nice to learn new things [08-18-2000]

Knowing that our family is direct decedants of Betsy's we find your information very interesting..Job well done..
mike claypool, Grand Rapids, Mn. [08-18-2000]

Mim Gottfried, 5th grade teacher, Lake County Schools, Florida [08-18-2000]

Alice Joy Gunn [08-18-2000]

I am looking for interesting sites for my students to visit this year. This looks good!
Marilynne Hodapp, 3rd grade teacher,St. Philip's School, Bemidji,MN [08-18-2000]

Strange;but I keep coming back to this site. Thanks for a great history lesson !
R.O.Wilkins, Rochester, New York [08-18-2000]

Awsome field trip
Kim,Kelsie, Colleen, Kyle, Melinda Brothers, We home school and this is one of our history lessons children are 7,8,9,&10 [08-18-2000]

kim Whowell, Teacher [08-18-2000]

i'm trying to find out if she is in any relation to me in some way for my own personal knowldge.
STEPHANIE ROSS, i am 12yoa i live in pickens s.c [08-18-2000]

Catherine Loskofsky, New Hyde Park, N. Y. , 11 [08-18-2000]

Mary Hawes, Austin, TX mom of 2nd and 7th grade homeschoolers [08-18-2000]

i love history and i glad someone takes time to give us a report on these famous ladies in our history. god bless.
leatha grizzell, sciotoville ohio 34 years. married for 15 yrs and have two children. [08-18-2000]

Ruthann Johnson [08-18-2000]

Abby Derry, I live in Orlando, FL with my family of 7. I am 9 years old and am studying about Betsy Ross for our homeschool co-op. [08-18-2000]

I visited the Betsy Ross House in 1984. I am getting ready to teach some kids about the American Flag. Thanks for the great site.
Kim Houston, Richmond Texas, 37 yrs. Homeschool Mom of 4 [08-09-2000]

Karolyn K. Vazquez, US Military - VA [08-09-2000]

N. K. Dover [08-09-2000]

Kathy Murphy, Akron, Ohio [08-08-2000]

Jonathan Ross, 58 [08-08-2000]

Ruth Back, Harrisburg,Pa. 66yrs old [08-08-2000]

i teach sunday school for 10-12 year old boys at palmetto land baptist church in summerville sc. i asked the boys who made first american flag an they did not know --- i was shocked!!! i want to be able to print out some FACTS about our country that they are not being taught in public school these days. i hope printing from your web site is not wrong if it is please let me know. thanks steve
stephen statham, 40 year old male from charleston sc [08-08-2000]

I want to visit the house as I have heard a lot about it. Pl. tell me the hours of visiting. Thanx
Adnan from Pakistan, Student, from Ottawa, Canada [08-08-2000]

Micah.B, I live in AZ [08-08-2000]

I visited the Betsey Ross House in 1996, while visiting in the area. I want to come back, it was so interesting and well maintained.
Karyl L. Balle, Schenectady, New York, legal assistant, 56 [08-08-2000]

Dear, people of the besty ross house I think it would be a preavillage to visti this besty ross house to learn a lot about this and it's historical sites about this famous house and how this house got it's name.

JUDY SUTTON [08-08-2000]

Great sight
Carla Farnstrom [08-05-2000]

my husband is clyde ray jones his grandmother is allie mae ross, jones, clark. her dad's name was john ross she was raised in gilmer, texas. she died in aug,1993 at the age of porter, texas.
Patricia Jones [08-05-2000]

ts malmberg [08-05-2000]

I love Philadelphia, PA
Hope Williams, Philadelphia, PA (34 years old) [08-05-2000]

Jennifer Perez, Augusta, GA [08-05-2000]

mel, student [08-04-2000]

Many years ago I visited this home of Betsy Ross' and hope someday to visit it again. Family stories passed down claim a relationship with Betsy Ross that I would love to be able to prove through genealogical research.
Judy Fredholm, Leland, Illinois [08-04-2000]

James Armstrong, middle school teacher [08-04-2000]

I am the granddaughter of Stella Claypool-Potts. Direct decendant of Betsy Ross.
Lori Lilly, Saegertown, Pa., Age-35- Mother of 4 [08-04-2000]

Jane Adams [08-04-2000]

A great tool for homeschooling! Thanks! (Kim) I am very interested in the American falg and why it was made the way it was. (Kaitlynn)
Kim and Kaitlynn Weaver, 35 and 7 [08-04-2000]

Great site!
Joanne Randolph, New York City, age 28 [08-04-2000]

I have really enjoyed both the virtual tour, and the "live" tours I have taken. History comes alive!
Nanette Catena, Eastern Long Island, NY [08-04-2000]

ruth mcmillen, media pa [08-02-2000]

I am just entering your site. I hope I learn about life in the 1770's.
N Taylor, teacher [08-02-2000]

Mrs. L. Croston, Mass [08-02-2000]

Why did Besty Ross sow the U.S. flag whith thirth colonies
Roger Shook, 42 [08-02-2000]

Hello everyone.
Samantha Shepard, I am 15. [08-02-2000]

Lynne A Somerville, Minnesota [08-02-2000]

David and Jody Wyatt, Concord, NC [08-02-2000]

Madel Dela, Hialeah,Florida [08-02-2000]

Sandy [08-02-2000]

reuben, I am six [08-02-2000]

I like your web site and information. Great Job!
ed daihl, Greensburg IN Age 48 - Elem. Principal [08-02-2000]

mona roben, connecticut, over 25 [07-31-2000]

Tiffany Krusemark [07-31-2000]

I loved the Betsy Ross house. I thought it was neat how you let us see everything that was in there. I liked the dolls.
Rachel Smithberg, Age 8 [07-31-2000]

I'll be there in September
mary troup, Live in the state of Washington [07-31-2000]

I love the historical significance of our city as well as the historical sites.
Kerry Peterson, From Huntingdon Valley, PA - just 30 minutes away [07-31-2000]

Amy Himes, East Lansing, MI [07-31-2000]

I teach fifth grade and would appreciat any information you could send to us.
Laurel Baldwin, Franklin, KY [07-31-2000]

I love our AMERICAN flag. I enjoy seeing or reading anything about our FLAG. My granddaughter is 18 months old and already knows how to salute old GLORY. What a girl.
ROY REYES, ret. salinas, ca. age 69 [07-31-2000]

Debbie Smith [07-31-2000]

Terri Hjelm, teacher, Portland Oregon [07-31-2000]

I am working on computer links for school in the fall. This one came in a My Brother Sam is Dead link.
Patricia Fuqua, Teacher [07-31-2000]

shannon jacobs [07-31-2000]

alexander haynes, 7yrs old /warwick r.i [07-31-2000]

June Golem, Verona, PA [07-31-2000]

Laura Walters, Arlington Heights, IL [07-31-2000]

michele brouillard [07-31-2000]

What a lovely tour.
Catherine Fallon, Lowell 44 [07-31-2000]

kesha dwna ashworth, 17 [07-31-2000]

Rick Bender, Crystal Lake, IL Age 43 Tech Teacher in Internet Class [07-31-2000]

Don Richardson, AGE 52, Matapan, Ma. wife and three daughters [07-31-2000]

Suzanne Rogers [07-31-2000]

abra rispoli, porterville,ca 15 yrs. old i love to skatebord [07-31-2000]

We have a jewel of a city -- take advantage of our rich culture!
Julee (60), A proud Philadelphian since age 19 [07-31-2000]

We have been looking for a site with regards to the American Flag and arguing about how many states there are. Also in order of 1 - 50, when they became a state. AND why isn't Washington D.C. a state? Thanks
joyce, mary, and mario, 113 years old collectively [07-31-2000]

Clara Vinson [07-31-2000]

Damian Eastes [07-31-2000]

Teri Nason, According to my grandmother, Betsy was one of our ancestors. [07-24-2000]

Trying to connect the surname Clark to Betsy Ross
David Ebbert [07-24-2000]

Daniel, I like history. [07-24-2000]

I am trying to buy a clipart set of the different flags that have flown over the United States Government. Please send any information you have. Thank you, Jean Cole Manker
Jean Cole Manker, Metro Atlanta, age 72 - Member of NSDAR [07-24-2000]

Anna Fidelia Tangi [07-24-2000]

Natasha Bender, Tyler Texas- 12 years old [07-24-2000]

I'm excited for the tour
Dana Lightstone, Los Angeles, 24 [07-24-2000]

Mary Arteaga, Anaheim, CA [07-24-2000]

Dale Proffitt, Dallas,North Carolina age 40 [07-24-2000]

Jo Ann Bentley, Architect [07-24-2000]

Planning a trip there in Oct. and wanted to get information in advance. Looking forward to seeing the house.
Brenda Moore, Jamestown, NC [07-24-2000]

Sally Davis [07-24-2000]

Lynne & Jack Davis, Merchantville, NJ [07-23-2000]

Corinne Moore, Originally from New York [07-22-2000]

Dr. Judy Preuss, college professor Nebraska [07-22-2000]

jeff shulman [07-22-2000]

I loved the kity fountain in the courtyard.
Kate Darrow, age 8, I have visted Betsy's house in person [07-22-2000]

john scharnhorst ,jr [07-22-2000]

Was with GE AeroSpace on Chestnut St 1961-1971 Originally from Ohio - had many visitors from there, and toured the betsy Ross House very often.
Robert M. Loucks, Erie, PA - age 84 - retired from GE [07-22-2000]

Linda L. Dalpiaz, Central Pennsylvania [07-22-2000]

Just a new visitor!
J Hueftle [07-22-2000]

Very nice pictures. Someday I hope to get there for real.
Elaine, I'm a 40 year old New Jersey Native, now living in Florida [07-22-2000]

I think this is a WONDERFUL way to teach students history and be able to give less fortunate students the opportunity to tour places they may never get to actually visit.
Karen Entingh, I am a teacher in Dayton , Ohio [07-22-2000]

this is a prety cool web site
Robert Eberelein, elk grove village Illinois ,11 [07-22-2000]

alda traversi, 55 years old [07-22-2000]

I like this site.
A.J., I'm cool!!! [07-22-2000]

And love History..
Betty Potter/Kushmaul/Parmer, 75 from Michigan....the mitten State! [07-20-2000]

angela london, my age is 7 i love mymomandmydodyandmyalex [07-20-2000]

I am proud to be an American by choice, and I am proud to hail from the United kingdom God Bless America and God save the Queen.
Anita Quinley, Ellenboro, NC [07-20-2000]

Thalia Pappas [07-19-2000]

Theresa A. Reidy, Bay Shore, NY [07-19-2000]

Took the "REAL" tour today in Philadelphia, and it was AWESOME...just wished there would have been someone inside to answer questions, the girl in the gift shop didn't have time, she was busy. But enjoyed the visit SOOOOOOOO much.
Marlene Padgett Breland, Continental flight attendant [07-19-2000]

O love history and anything American. Patriotic and proud My favorite is the American Bald Eagle God Bless America
Pat Homan, 55,south Florida originally New York, Born american [07-19-2000]

Brian Keltner [07-19-2000]

will vist in Oct 2000, looking forward to seeing the home of the flag that we fly everyday in our front yard. The flag is a brief discription of what Americans are. Some may disrespect the flag, but no one can ever change the meaning.
Ann M. Welsh, hastings, ne. [07-19-2000]

Roshelia Smith, Kansas 17 [07-19-2000]

The tour should be interesting. I love history. Thanks for providing the page!
Pat Harrup, Hopewell, VA [07-19-2000]

Appreciate the information I found at this site! Keep up the good work.
Lynn [07-19-2000]

I love to tell children about Betsy Ross and the way our flag became! They love to hear and don't get much information about it from their regular classroom teachers.
Patty Mayer, I live in Laguna Niguel California Am 58-born in Philadelphia [07-17-2000]

HUNTER [07-17-2000]

Grace Merlina, Pittsburgh [07-17-2000]

It is an honor to have found this site.
Janelle, Cut Off, LA [07-17-2000]

Great Site!!
Catherine, Melbourne Florida [07-17-2000]

Frank W. Brager, Scranton area [07-16-2000]

Dawn Karlovich, I live in Jacksonville, Florida. [07-16-2000]

I'm visting this site to work on my Girl Scout badge.
Carissa Johnson, Age 9 [07-16-2000]

Lin Oi Nash [07-16-2000]

the flag is special to me.
Alma R. Martin, 76 years of age. served in world war11. live in sc [07-16-2000]

P. Gilbert, 32 years old, South Carolina [07-16-2000]

Pat Wynn, 54-tear old Texas grandmother [07-15-2000]

Greetings, I am a native North Carolinian whose family(Goforth) was involved in the American Revolution. I am a member of the lesbian/gay community and am involved in our own movement for legal/legislative/social equality. I am most interested our country's heritage and of those individuals - the ladies - who lived and/or participated in the battles for freedom. Thank You for this opportunity to tour the Besty Ross House.
JEAN E. WARE STALLINGS(Political Scientist/American Governmentalist), Atlanta, GA ; 42 yrs.;(The Preston Goforth Family/Revolutionary Battle of Kings Mountain, S.C.(N.C.) [07-15-2000]

Lester Youngblood, Retired-Age 66- Live in Nederland, Texas [07-15-2000]

Taking family members from Akron, Ohio on a tour of our great city.
Cookie Adam, Bethel Township, PA [07-15-2000]

Jenn, rockledge, florida age 30 [07-14-2000]

My mother made me a Betsy Ross outfit for 1st grade halloween party 1975 then I was in Bicentennial parade in 1976 dressed in same costume. Won 1st place at both.
Steven and Christine Dohler, Katelynn and Kacie, Missouri 31 and happily married 11 yrs [07-14-2000]

I love history and I remember visiting this house when I was still in school. Thank goodness we have history that we can give to our children and not just say well "where that strip mall is use to be a part of our history."
Dottie, New Jersey [07-14-2000]

Tess Naumann, from Wyoming [07-14-2000]

Kathy Conner, Ashley IL 62808 [07-13-2000]

I love to read about our American Heritage.
Carolee Odell, From NewYork [07-13-2000]

32 years ago I first toured the Betsy Ross House. It's a delight to see it again after so many years.
Gretchen Crumpacker, Born Philadelphia, now in Newport Beach, CA [07-13-2000]

Sondra M.Rand [07-13-2000]

Camila Brazgel, South Milwaukee, WI I am thirty something :-) [07-13-2000]

Moriah Kowalczyk, Betsy Ross is GREAT.....Aunt [07-13-2000]

Dee B., Dover, TN [07-13-2000]

I visited the house when I was 15 years old.
Tracy Conn, school teacher in Arizona [07-13-2000]

Hey wuzzzz uuuupppp?? Gosh I must be bored at work. =)
Misty, Fresno, CA 21 yr. old Female. [07-13-2000]

Cindy Miller [07-12-2000]

Verla Lock, Derby KS 67037 [07-12-2000]

I am looking for activities to help my special education class understand the events of the American Revolution
Nona Smith, teacher [07-12-2000]

I am a member of the Veterans Of Foreign Wars Ladies Auxiliary.
Dianne Cassell, West Virginia, age 52 [07-12-2000]

Lori Parcheta, Bel Air Maryland [07-12-2000]

Marianne Cox, Evansville, Indiana, age 30 [07-12-2000]

Teresa McCulloch, Teacher of technology [07-12-2000]

THis looks really interesting!!
Amber Bachman, 17, from Illinois [07-12-2000]

Barbara West, retired teacher, 63, living in Santa Maria,Ca and caring for cats that people seem to throw away and not care for. [07-12-2000]

Laura, Texas [07-11-2000]

Claudia Minor, Beaverdale,Pa. [07-11-2000]

Am truly enjoying this web site. Betsy Ross was a Claypoole, des. so am i.
Betty B. Davis, Retured, live in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area. [07-10-2000]

jayne simms, new jersey/teacher [07-10-2000]

Carol Blews [07-10-2000]

Mrs. Sylvia Jackson, Texas Native [07-10-2000]

Lana Singletary, South Carolina, [07-10-2000]

Eric, 9 [07-10-2000]

I get in here just to look something about Betsy Ross, and I learned a lot about her and the American flag. Also was exciting to be involved in American history, and a nice feeling about ways those, she made history.
Nidia Ruiz [07-10-2000]

judy fish [07-09-2000]

I am delighted to be looking at one of the coolest people in histories house! I so want a Hemp flag that looks like the one Betsy made!
Misti Dawn, Im from OR Im 17 And someday I will be a rock star! [07-09-2000]

I visited this house as a small child. My mother was a den leader for a cub scout pack in Millersbur/Lenkerville Pennsylvania. Each year they visited an historical site. I was foutunate enough to be invited to attend the tour of this wonderful piece of history. I was a trip I will never forget. I was 5 years old on that summers day.
Rebecca Wilbert Baker, Denver Colorado now age 50 [07-09-2000]

Cathy Hoag, Collierville, TN [07-09-2000]

Linda Reese, Second grade tteacher from Bakersfield, CA [07-09-2000]

i'm glad i came across this site, learning a lot of things that i can now pass on to my grandchildren
PAT BRACEY, montoursville, pa age 53 work for a collage [07-08-2000]

I am very interested in the picturesque history of our country. This website should be great fun. I am sure i will love it.
jessica potter, 17/f/ny [07-08-2000]

thanks for the opportunity of seeing this house from my house, next
Linda J. Pearson, native of Marin County, California [07-08-2000]

Ann Nelson [07-08-2000]

We toured the Betsy Ross house in 1985 and fondly remember the visit.
Ray and Marilyn Streib, Fairfield, CA [07-08-2000]

We enjoy the program so very much . Thank you ,Thank you. Jimmie and Mecie Tate
Jimmie and Mecie Tate, Him..66 Her ...66 Grand Haven ,Mi. 49417 [07-07-2000]

Coming back in Oct for visit, cant wait to see home again!
Joanne Anthony, Honolulu (originally from Phila.) [07-07-2000]

I am trying to locate some of my ancesters, of native american. I have come across the name of John Gunter,& John Ross. I came across this page, haven't read it yet,but can't wait to read it. If anyone reads this, and has any information about the Gunters, Ross's, or the Jones, that have any native american history, I would love to hear from you. Betty Dudley E-mail address is {}
Betty Ann {Sterling}{Farr} Dudley, Valhermoso Spring,Al. age 44 [07-07-2000]

Marilyn, Raleigh, NC [07-07-2000]

I love all the information on the internet that allows us to make history come alive for all who want to know. Thank you for providing this service.
Gloria Smith, Homeschooling mother of 4 [07-07-2000]

In the 1970's my father, William J. Reid, built a complete replica, to scale, of the Betsy Ross House, and presented to the Foundation at that time. He was the President and Founder of Rinco Toys, LTD., and the house was the size of a very large doll house but to scale. I was wondering if it is still in the house, or museum? He was allowed to take exact measurements of the house, for the replica.
Kelly Reid Machnov, 45 yr. old female, from Walnut Creek, CA. Proud to be an American!!! [07-07-2000]

I am glad to see a sight for a womans efforts for the cause of freedom. I wish there were more. My husband and I have been working on our family tree for the past several years we have been able to go back as far as the late 1600's. I would like to eventually write a family history book and would like to add some historical back ground for the time of our ancestors. I would like to find out more of what women did for the cause of freedom. What was life like for women who's husbands and sons went to war. Did any women fight during the american revolution besides Molly Pitcher?
Myklind C. Messinger, Millitary Wife [07-07-2000]

Ellen Starr, 27, Texas [07-06-2000]

Thank you for the opportunity to visit an historic site that I would otherwise be unable to see. I will pass this on to my friends.I'm proud to be an American and to be a part of the heritage of this great country
Marlowe D Viney, retired registered nurse, widow of West Point graduate [07-06-2000]

This is a very interesting site. I plan to share with my friends and family. Very educational. Impressive site.
Teresa Tingle, age 44, mother of 18 yr old daughter, Bloomfield, KY [07-06-2000]

Tour was excellent. I am a tour bus driver and found it very interesting. I'm retired from the State of Ohio, Dept. of Transportation.
Alan & Jan Little, Gahanna, Ohio [07-06-2000]

Janice Wilcox, Waukegan, Illinois, age 71 retired teacher [07-06-2000]

Glad I found this site!
donna critzer, k teacher [07-06-2000]

Bonnie Taylor [07-06-2000]

James DeFrance [07-06-2000]

Bacoka [07-06-2000]

Cheryl Bearden [07-06-2000]

Maudie Murphy, Moline, Illinois [07-06-2000]

Paul Meiners, Missouri [07-06-2000]

Jenny, Myrtle Beach, SC Age 22 [07-06-2000]

I had been told many years ago I am a acestor to Betsy Ross .
Karolyn K.Rollenhagen [07-06-2000]

My husband and I have been happily married for 34 years. We have three children and two grand-children. None of us truly know the sacrifices that have been made by our ancestors and forefathers and mothers. I, for one, am very grateful
Donna Lee Buster Hickey, I was born on July 5 [07-06-2000]

Linda W. [07-06-2000]

Alissa Phipps, Great Falls, MT 20 [07-06-2000]

Fascinating tour. Would enjoy seeing more information about Betsy herself (e.g. antecedents), her actual wages and hours worked, how long it took to sew the flag, who commissioned it and where it hung etc.
Christine Hoffman, Melbourne, FL [07-06-2000]

Pearl Ann eters, Sacramento, California Teacher [07-06-2000]

May we all learn to respect our country, as we learn to love and respect our flag.our prayer page Pray Now is at the address below
Dale, ExMarine, L.A. ca. [07-06-2000]

Thanks for a great web-site. I really thought I was walking through the house. God Bless your America!
dorothy wilber, Lewistown, PA 17044 [07-06-2000]

ARNOLD L. QUILANG, MALE,based in HONG KONG(A FILIPINO), 43 yrs., married, [07-06-2000]

It's a pleasure to have the opportunity to visit such a place..
Francine, Québec, Canada, 43 years [07-06-2000]

Great Tour
Tina, Sydney, Australia [07-06-2000]

andres calderin [07-06-2000]

Always admired the US Flag
Janette Alaimo, Live in Sydney, Australia. Married to US citizen. Met in Sydney while he was in Sydney on R&R during Vietnam war. [07-06-2000]

george rogers [07-06-2000]

Dianne Cuatt, live in Michigan, 44 yrs. old [07-06-2000]

Happy 4th of July to all
Brigitte Clyse, Apple Valley, CA I'm an Instructional Assistant at Victor Valley Junior High and I love History [07-06-2000]

Alan Good, Elkhart, Indiana - Former Texan :) [07-06-2000]

It will be intersting to find out about our relatives. Maybe working from the origin of this and back down. Thanks for the opportunity.
Glen A. Abel, Fairbanks, Alaska, 61 a far distant cousin as we have been able to find out so far. [07-06-2000]

Rita Mae Dion [07-06-2000]

What a wonderful salute to Betsy Ross and to our country. Thank you for making it possible for thousands to experience this.
Pat Williams, Live in California, 67, retired elementary school teacher. [07-06-2000]

Hi mom!! Hi everyone else. I am at work writing this and they already now so dont worry. Its so great to be here!
Erica sherer, cottage grove MN like to fish gamble and have sex [07-06-2000]

Billie Archer, Grand Rapids, MI, 36 years old, female [07-06-2000]

Betty Novak, I live in Hamilton, New Jersey [07-06-2000]

Marge Preston, Madison, Wisconsin 53704 [07-06-2000]

I am a member of the Anchorage Baptist Temple in Anchorage Alaska whose senior pastor is the Rev. Jerry Prevo. God is well and alive in our church and we are so very proud, of our Pastor, our church and our basic fundamental beliefs which are taken directly from the Bible.
Barbara Bence, 64 year old female living in Anchorage, Alaska trying to serve her Lord in the best way possible. [07-06-2000]

Angie Kerekes, Live in Kentucky [07-06-2000]

Fay, Female-age 60 [07-06-2000]

susan kay laberge slates [07-06-2000]

I am very intterested in taking this tour. It I can, I will comment on it after the tour. Thanks
Darlene Tuszkiewicz, East Troy, WI 50years young and have 4 great kids [07-06-2000]

Trent [07-06-2000]

Ruth Hoopingarner, Oklahoma City, OK age 59 [07-06-2000]

Dana Glass, Wilmer, Alabama - 30 years old [07-06-2000]

Chris Whaley, Parkersburg, WV [07-06-2000]

this is very interesting so far!
christina guaderrama, Bartlesville, Oklahoma [07-06-2000]

So proud, SEW the flag....
margaret morris, milford ma,53 years of age, [07-06-2000]

Anita, Teacher in Texas [07-06-2000]

Millie, New York, NY [07-06-2000]

I am a cancer pt who is unable to enjoy all the beautiful historical sights here in Phila where I am getting chemotherapy. I value the use of my computer to take me on these wonderful tours and enjoy the history of our country this way . Thank you for makinf this available to ppl like me .
Yonina Mandell, Phila, 45 ... Cancer patient homebound who loves history [07-06-2000]

yonina mandell [07-06-2000]

Mark & Joan Schalesky, Asheboro, N.C. [07-06-2000]

I learning american history, I'm glad find this easy way.
MARIA, oh [07-06-2000]

thank you very much for your time and information on this subject it is great
april krueger, wisconsin,2 children, believer in the constitution and flag [07-06-2000]

Doris Rosas [07-06-2000]

Andrea Schnackel [07-06-2000]

Pam Shaw, 6th grade teacher Brookline,NH [07-06-2000]

Peter G. S. Keller, 31 yrs. old - Cincinnati, OH, USA [07-06-2000]

Darlene Holder, Oklahoma City, OK, 43/f [07-06-2000]

Brenda, ASL teacher [07-06-2000]

Can't wait to see this remarkable site. I love American History, especially this time frame. Thank you for the mini-vacation!! Blessings, Theresa
Theresa A. Byer [07-06-2000]

Thank you for sharing your website and providing this tour! Keep up the good work!
pecouse sampson lucas, University of North Carolina at Pembroke, Pembroke, North Carolina [07-06-2000]

Mrs. Britton Baker, wi, 42, [07-06-2000]

Just a proud American dipping into the past at this special time of year. Have a great day all who read this.
Ann Yvette Bergeron-Straub, Saylorsburg, Pa.,43, [07-06-2000]

Doris Beddingfield, 62, Abilene, Texas [07-06-2000]

Martha Creamer [07-06-2000]

Jamie Monaghan, Henderson, NV [07-06-2000]

Damar Earl [07-06-2000]

kcalhoun, 3rd grade teacher, Louisiana [07-06-2000]

Enjoyed the pages very much thanks for the hard work you have don here.
Jae Whitlock, Granbury, TX [07-06-2000]

T. Daveluy, Michigan [07-06-2000]

Kelly J. Shenk, 40 pennsylvania [07-06-2000]

Jeanette Lunt, Mandeville, La. [07-06-2000]

Karen Woodrow, Scotland - Beat 106 radio station. Age : 32 [07-06-2000]

Elizabeth Barry, Huntingdon Valley, PA [07-06-2000]

God bless America!
S Harrison, Kansas [07-06-2000]

Lynn A. Kennard [07-06-2000]

The Manishin Family [07-06-2000]

Stan Lawler, Brownsburg, IN 44 years old [07-06-2000]

i,m looking forward to the tour.i really enjoy any connection with our history.
anonymous, 51 yrs old,winsboro,s.c. [07-06-2000]

Alice Cooksey, Arlington, TX [07-06-2000]

God bless America, the land of FREEDOM!
Margaret, married 31 years, have 3 children and 2 grandchildren. We live im Naples,Florida. [07-06-2000]

Barry Lea, Colotado Springs CO 36 male [07-06-2000]

Martha Gregor, live in michigan [07-06-2000]

sandra harper [07-06-2000]

Karen, Louisiana [07-06-2000]

Carol Smith, Document clerk, age 43, Huntsville, Al [07-06-2000]

ANNA GALVIN [07-06-2000]

i what to know what year the flag was made????
randi ross, pa, usa 24 besty ross is my aunt 6 times removed [07-06-2000]

Patricia Elliott [07-06-2000]

. I am a distant cousin of Gens Robert E Lee & Fitzhugh Lee. I am a Fitzhugh
Edie Hensley, I live in Virginia [07-06-2000]

I only wish I could visit Betsy Ross's house and all historic locations for myself and family to see.
Mercedes Borroto, live in Miami, 47 years old, 11 year old son, husband, and pets [07-06-2000]

julie porche, buena park, ca [07-06-2000]

michelle taylor, N. Richland Hills, Tx. age 39 years, Mother of 3 teens and wife of 19 years [07-06-2000]

Thank you for publishing this web page. I have enjoyed it.
Laurie W. Frahm, Davenport, Iowa age 55 [07-06-2000]

jeannette bradshaw [07-06-2000]

Dorothy Ashenbrenner, Galloway, WI [07-06-2000]

This is a great site. I am 7 years old and did not know who Betsy Ross was. Thank you.
Laura Masters [07-06-2000]

Judy Troutman, Irving, TX. [07-06-2000]

I will travel to Philadelphia soon to visit the old town.
gerald korey, 12 [07-06-2000]

Happy 4th of July!!! God Bless!!!
Kelly Ellis, Rayland, Ohio [07-06-2000]

kevin hasler, 30 year old Texas [07-06-2000]

Jonathan and Amanda Broome [07-06-2000]

I have been researchering the American Revolution for the past two years for a TV series. It is unbeliveable the lies and myths we have been taught from grade school, on up, about Amrican History. Case #1 Besty Ross di not have a stitch to do with the first American flag. Have you not heard of a milliner named, Margaret Manny, who was commissioned by the Continental Congress in Philadelphiato make a flag,i.e,James Wharton's Day Book in the State Library,Hartfort, Connecticut...Barbara W.Tuchman's THE FIRST SALUTE, also also Prof.James W.Loewen's book LIES MY TEARCHER TOLD ME. Visit Fraunces Tavern Museum in New York city,where Washington made his farewell speech to his Generals. It also has a room wirh the first flags and states clearly that Betsy Ross never made the first flag. I have found other,"lies from our text books. Mrs.Ross, apparently, was in the right social arena. Think about it!
Antonio A.Montanari, Jr., Producer/Director/Writer/Researcher (Documentary) [07-06-2000]

I enjoy reading about wonderful people in America's history but seldom get the chance to go to the library. This is wonderful to be able to read and view the pictures at the same time. This is very relaxing to me... Please keep up the good work, it is very much appreciated. Sincerely, Anna
Anna Killian, I live in Ca., 54 yrs. young, Orginally from Akron Ohio [07-06-2000]

The Troup family, Chambersburg, PA [07-06-2000]

Christie Sedgwick, 30yrs.old, from Gresham, Oregon [07-06-2000]

Thanks for the very good 4th of july web page/where did you obtain ALL this info. And do they do it for all the hoildays? Thanks again, jack.
jack goracke, Cary Nc. [07-06-2000]

Happy Independence Day!
Betsy Ross, 24 years, Denver, Colorado [07-06-2000]

Jerry W Eason, Birmingham, Alabama [07-06-2000]

I have shared this website with all of my friends!
Connie Kermoian, Corona, CA age 45 [07-04-2000]

I enjoy this information very much! Thank You!!
Kristy Anderson, Riverside, California, 41 - piano teacher [07-04-2000]

Lan Clayton, I live in San Diego [07-04-2000]

God Bless America. Land that I love. Stand beside her and guide her through the night with the light from above. From the mountains. To the prairies. To the oceans white with foam. God Bless America my home sweet home. God Bless America. My home sweet home!!!!
Denise Guady, Live in CA. [07-04-2000]

Cynthia Rietkerk, Chino, California [07-04-2000]

Donna Stralow, Las Vegas, Nevada-32-Originally a Kansas farm girl. [07-04-2000]

Kay Lanman, I am a 63 year old grandmother of 7; mother of 3 and foster mom of30. I live in Temple Hills, MD. with my husband, James, of 38 years. [07-04-2000]

Sherryl Anderson, Pontotoc, MS [07-04-2000]

Sue Wheeler, Columbus, Montana [07-04-2000]

Roxanne [07-04-2000]

god bless ammerica forever.
Mervin L Kraycsi, Terre Haute, In . age 72 [07-04-2000]

Jenny [07-04-2000]

Edye [07-04-2000]

My family and I just returned from a vacation to Philadelphia. We toured the Betsy Ross house while we were there. How wonderful that it can be toured virtually. I am planning to give all the teachers in my school this website so they can use take their students on a tour. This is WONDERFUL!!!
Lana Levins, Elementary school librarian in Andrews,Texas [07-04-2000]

Happy 4th of July 2000!!!!!
jackie kohler, Owensville, Mo. [07-04-2000]

I am proud of my country and love history. I am proud to say I am American.
Rhonda Bond, Scottsdale, Arizona [07-04-2000]

God Bless America
Larry & Helen Ingalls, Plaistow, NH [07-04-2000]

Oh, how I wish I could visit your city and visit all the historical places!
Diane Evans, 38-years old, Washington state--loves American history [07-04-2000]

A. Smith Reeves, Las Vegas, retired educator [07-04-2000]

Donna Whitehead, Married, live in Princeton, Indiana, 62 yr., "I love America!" [07-04-2000]

Robert & Becky Abbitt [07-04-2000]

Thank you for letting us visit the house of Betsy Ross. We are in a summer school class and we are learning about what being an American means. We are very happy to be Americans! We wish you a Happy 4th of July!
Ms. Galvan's 4th grade class, students ages 8-9 [07-04-2000]

really appreciate sites like this. not as good as being there, but some of have to enjoy as we can. thanks.
barry spurgers, old Arkansawyer [07-04-2000]

Kathie Kerns, Chicago, Illinois [07-04-2000]

Larisa C. Reynolds [07-04-2000]

a little known lady {at the time} with a much known legacy {now}
Mr. + Mrs R.L. Sickler ll, 48 + 42 respectfully -west chester, pa. [07-04-2000]

Dia daoibh as Éire
Kay Uí Chinnéide, Dun Laoghaire Ireland [07-04-2000]

peggymcfadden, nashville,tn. [07-04-2000]

Teaching our children their country's history is important. I wish every American could personally visit the places that played such an important part in our history. (But since that isn't possible/practical, these virtual web sites are the next best thing! Thanks!)
Sandy Dickerson, 6th grade teacher--I love history. [07-04-2000]

Janine Ryan, Mishawaka, IN [07-04-2000]

Patty Holmes, Sapulpa, OK 74066 [07-04-2000]

Sandra Hoback, 3rd grade teacher in NC [07-04-2000]

Joan McDonald [07-04-2000]

Gay Brown, one of my ancestors was a minute-man [07-04-2000]

Judith Spieler, Hazlet, NJ [07-04-2000]

Great site. Thanks for the virtual tour.
Gregory L. West, Broken Arrow, Ok Age 40 [07-04-2000]

Lauren McLeod, I'm 9 years old and I live in Florida. [07-03-2000]

kathie [07-03-2000]

Amy Hitchcock [07-03-2000]

I went to a grade school named Betsy Ross in Lakewood California in the late 50's and early 60's so I feel like Betsy was my school mate.
Susie Kite, I live in Arizona [07-03-2000]

Pat Hayes, Elementary school reading and math teacher [07-03-2000]

Patricia Kay Baker, 605 East Townline Road Leaf River, IL 61047 [07-03-2000]

Jerry Peterse [07-03-2000]

Sarah E. Taylor, in [07-03-2000]

this hold site is just awsome
DOYLE GILLILAND, this was really interesting [07-03-2000]

We certainly enjoy the freedom of living in this wonderful country. We travel often and know how important our freedom is.
Harriet and Merland Nelson, Retured Army Officer and wife [07-03-2000]

Will be attending the Republican National Convention. Lookng forward to being in Philadelphia and seeing the sites I have only read about. Eager to explore the home of many American ideas.
Carol Gaines, from Spring TX (just north of Houston) [07-03-2000]

Carol Hanniffy [07-03-2000]

Enjoyed the site very much. We live only 30 miles from Lincoln sites in Springfield, Il.
Mr. and Mrs. Merle Louis Lyons, We live in Taylorville. Il. [07-03-2000]

I wish I could have an opportunity to visit her home. I am an african american single parent who quilts and found the history of the flag fascinating. Her life to be a bit of an inspiration considering the hardships she endured.
Johyne Geran, Woodland Hills, Ca, 52 [07-03-2000]

Enjoyed learning from your web site. It is a great opportunity for learning. Thank you very much. Students enjoyed it greatlly. We just finished making a flag.
Mrs. Gamblin's summer school class, Bakersfield, California Bakersfield city school district [07-03-2000]

Courtney Gager, 5th grade, Florida [07-03-2000]

What a great site. Enjoyed learning a little more about history. keep up the great work :)
Jenny Dinges, 28 from Haverhill,Mass [07-03-2000]

Great Site!
Jen, Maine [07-03-2000]

Mrs. G., Delaware Tech [07-03-2000]

Historical places mean more when a person starts getting older and can realize what all these things mean in the history of this country. I sure am glad to be an American despite all our ups and downs.
Sara Ellen George, I live in New Cumberland,PA all my life. Visited Betsy Ross House as a teen ager. [07-03-2000]

solvay neighborhood center, non for profit agency working with the developmentally disabled [07-03-2000]

Janell Alba, Council Bluffs, IA [07-03-2000]

Looking forward to the tour. We are American history buffs.
Sue Johnson, we are retired, from MI now living in TN. [07-03-2000]

Debra Torres [07-03-2000]

I just wanted to find out exactly how old my American Flag is? Its been in my family for many years and it was made before all the States were formed , It doesnt have all the stars a American Flag of today has , Please reply back.Thanks So Very Much , Flag Curious in Texas !
S.T., Texas [07-03-2000]

This is a great Site, and an interesting way to learn more about our Country and it's beautiful Flag.
Janet and Charles Roeth, From beautiful Coeur d' Alene, Idaho [07-03-2000]

Let me congrtulate you for an outstanding job. It's very informative, keep up the good work!! Miriam
iriam Bonilla, Austin,Tx. 57 yrs. old [07-03-2000]

Thank you for providing us with a view of history all the way from Boston. May God bless your work
Fr. Gerasimos Makris, Brookline, MA, Age 33 [07-03-2000]

God bless America
josh hansen, age 15 [07-03-2000]

tami gamble, I teach American History to fifth graders in Seattle WA. [07-03-2000]

Ramona, grandmother 5 times [07-02-2000]

Sandra L Shaw, Savanna, IL [07-02-2000]

Thank you for the great information. It is really fun to see the home of Betsy Ross.
The Rodeberg Family, Homeschooled children ages 6 and 4 1/2, lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida [07-02-2000]

Cimarron Frazier, Philadelphia [07-02-2000]

I love the history of our great county and also the Forth of July holiday. It is truly one one of the greatest events in our history, except the birth of crist. Thank you for having this on the internet so I could be a part of it.
Donna Marcey, I live in the great state of Va, I'm 48 years young and am trying to keep up with the times. Not easy as we all know. [07-02-2000]

Michelle Thomas, Virginia [07-02-2000]

I'm enjoying the great history of some of our great former leaders. It's fun finding out their backgrounds knowing they led decent lives to God and country alike.
Linda Carlson, Warm Beach Sr. Community in Stanwood Washington, 53yrs old. reside with my mother. [07-02-2000]

this is so great that we now can see thing's on the computer that when we where kids we never got to see.
Joanne Townsend, I live in Utah, was born in Philadelphia, Pa. in 1951 [07-02-2000]

Patrice Walker, It was a great honor to be able to visit this home (1999 Mothers Day),with my husband,Judge Gene Walker (Jackson,Tn.),daughter Lana Morales,and Kim Walloch,(Lana's fiancee,who is a direct decendant of Betsy Ross)and my sister,Joann Thompson. [07-02-2000]

I think this site is a great idea, especially since I home school my children. I am looking forward to seeing it after I sign the guess book.
Evie, S. Antonio, Tx. 40 yrs old Mother of 5 Children [07-02-2000]

thank you looking for thing to send my children about the 4 of july mostly it nice to see some history on the net thank darlene
darlene booth, santa barbara cal [07-02-2000]

Sylvia A. Blayney, I live on the National Road, US Rt. 40, near South Vienna, OH [07-02-2000]

i was just there last week, saw the house and was very touched, i grew up there and was reminded of what a special place and person she was
lin carte [07-02-2000]

Nice web site. I'm looking for stuff I can share with my 60 guests who are coming for a celebration on the 4th.
Carol Druckman, 61, married, Chehalis, WA [07-02-2000]

Karen Heirty, Denver, Co. [07-02-2000]

Very nice Betsy Ross House Virtual Tour site! Thank you for showing me to visit your site. Happy 4th of July to you all and rest of guestbooks. :-)
Debra Boggs, American Canyon, CA U.S.A. [07-02-2000]

Laura Borsello, 14, New York [07-02-2000]

Great site!
Frank and Cathy VanderPloeg, Illinois [07-02-2000]

Joanna Helms [07-02-2000]

Karen L. Jones, Odessa, NY. Enjoy American History [07-01-2000]

Thank you for making these available on the net
Jo Eckert, 53, resident of Texas [07-01-2000]

Elise Larsen, Tulsa, Ok [07-01-2000]

Carrie Cremia, Florida - 32 [07-01-2000]

Somewhere i heard that George Washington chose the design of the flag based on something he saw?
Susan Ducharme [07-01-2000]

I enjoy learning and photography and beautiful pictures.
Pearlene, I am 57, retired disability, and am just learning computer. [07-01-2000]

Joyce Kahalekomo, American! [07-01-2000]

when I was in the third grade the whole class made replicas of the flag that Betsy Ross made, we sewed them by hand using flannel for the material. What a great memory! Now many years later I dress as Betsy Ross each 4th of July and attend the celebration at Riverfront Park in Spokane Washington. It is always exciting to see the reaction on the faces of children when they recognize the costume. Betsy Ross was a true heroine and it has been my pleasure to portray her.
Marcia Young, female age 45 [07-01-2000]

Great reading and very interesting.
vel [07-01-2000]

Sandra H. Jones, East Hartford,Conn. age 52 [07-01-2000]

Thank you for sites like these, it is wonderful to have real history available for my children !!!!
Danielle Fontaine, 30yr old mom, works part-time out of the house, home-school 3 children [07-01-2000]

Cindy Young, Altoona, PA [07-01-2000]

I always loved the Betsy Ross house. I'm new to the internet and just love looking up our important historic sites.
Gloria Bernstein, Native Philadelphia, 52 [07-01-2000]

marcia mandel, ilive in florida and enjoy visiting the world by the internet till i can get there in reality [07-01-2000]

Dawn Jackman [07-01-2000]

the tour of betsy ross was so exciting. justtoo look in a house where old natives who served this country well her house was very cute i loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sincerly betsy ross best friend, sade' blizzard
Sade' Blizzard, hopewell, va [07-01-2000]

i really like your house and it's very nice
Crystal Cochran, Hopewell VA, 15 [07-01-2000]

Holly Clark, Lacey, Washington [07-01-2000]

Angela R. Jones, Birmingham, Alabama Age: 22 [06-30-2000]

Debra Emel, Colorado Springs, CO, age 35, interested in learning new things [06-30-2000]

This is truly breath-taking. Thank you!
Yvonne Uzzell [06-30-2000]

Betsy Guli [06-30-2000]

toni henry, musician/singer [06-30-2000]

Elaine Sanchez, Dallas, Texas 18 years of age [06-30-2000]

Susan Rutland, PA, age 54, teacher [06-30-2000]

Thank you for keeping our history intact.
Krislena Weston, Austin,Texas, I am 29 and a mother. I am also the 2nd child of 5. [06-30-2000]

betsy ross was a good woman. She can sew good.
dane wilson, kentucky age 32 [06-30-2000]

Myneka Russell, Horse Cave, Kentucky [06-30-2000]

Interested in history.
Birgitta Nilsson, Live in the south of Sweden [06-30-2000]

Pat Schultz, A Patriot [06-30-2000]

The history of flags tells a lot about our country and its history. Thank you for the visit to Betsy Ross's house.
Sue Wittekind, Greenwood, Mo. [06-30-2000]

thank you for making this website
Pana Lee, Fresno, 14 year old, [06-30-2000]

larry sproul, oklahoma, age 57 [06-30-2000]

Jackie "Zingo", glad to be an American [06-30-2000]

We have been to philly so many times we can give a tour
claire streit, Brooklyn born Residing in the Bronx 49 years still love it [06-30-2000]

I will enjoy the chance to learn more about our history. Thank you.
Carol J Larson, 64 yrs. Missouri [06-30-2000]

Colleen Smith, Central Ny age 38 married 2 kids [06-30-2000]

I have also visited in person, since I live not far away. A fascinating place!
Christine Cudhea, Morrisville PA [06-30-2000]

CInthia Paiz, Indio, California - Native American Age 25 1 child - John Michael [06-30-2000]

Ruth Close, Phoenix, AZ. 52 years of age [06-30-2000]

Meredith, San Antonio, Texas -Student [06-30-2000]

Hve seen it many years ago but do enjoy the computer so I can revist by arm chair and relive memories
Joyce Lindquist, over 65 [06-30-2000]

Joyce Lindquist [06-30-2000]

Patty, Dallas, Texas [6-29-00] [06-30-2000]

Gloria Cross, 33 [06-30-2000]

Amanda Rogers, Reigh,SC * 15 * f [06-30-2000]

I'm looking forward to the tour. I hope to visit in person some day.
Joan Jones, Houston,Texas [06-30-2000]

melissa sturik [06-30-2000]

Dottie Martin [06-30-2000]

Tish Duve', age 62. I am a dedendent of John Ross & George Ross [06-30-2000]

I have always been interested in the Colonial days and came across this webpage while looking for a 4th of July screen saver.
Cheri Gainor, Laurel. MD - late 30's [06-30-2000]

The Livingston Family [06-30-2000]

Thank you for putting history on the internet and making it available to us.
Sybil Scarbrough [06-29-2000]

Deward B. Shaffer, South TeXas and Love History [06-29-2000]

Dawn Trythall [06-29-2000]

Suzanne Smith, Texas [06-29-2000]

Miriam Downie, I am a teacher. I love to know about American History. [06-28-2000]

Jane Barton [06-28-2000]

kelly kozachyn, 8 yrs old from clayton new jersey [06-28-2000]

James Daniel Lopez, usda-nrcs [06-28-2000]

Sue [06-28-2000]

Claus-Peter Frank, Las Vegas, NV [06-28-2000]

Maria J. Robards, Teacher [06-28-2000]

Heather, Las Vegas NV, 13, I love History. [06-28-2000]

EMPLOYEES OF MARK IV OFFICE SUPPLY, we are from scottdale, pennsylvania [06-28-2000]

Mario and Patricia Bucci, Live in FL. Coming to Philly. Ages 7 & 3-1/2 [06-28-2000]

Bonnie Stearns, Retired educator [06-28-2000]

jonathan little, Stuart VA 15 [06-28-2000]

matt harris [06-28-2000]

Mary McFarland, Norristown, PA [06-28-2000]

Rex and Tonya Bland [06-28-2000]

Interested in genealogy. Many ancestors in PA.
Lynn Simpson Maserejian, Indiana [06-28-2000]

gayle albert, papillion ne age 43 [06-27-2000]

Diana J Lessard [06-27-2000]

I found this to be a very interesting site and found lots of stuff to share with my Girl Scout troop.
Carie Duffy, Pollock Pines, CA [06-27-2000]

Maggie Dermody, River Forest, Illinois Age: 13 [06-27-2000]

Ihave a daughter that is going to be 5 yrs.old. I wish to put in girlscout next year. Ithink she would have fun.
Kristina Tharp, I live in Conroe Tx. & I'm 23yrs old. [06-27-2000]

Lola Mitchell [06-27-2000]

Born and raised in Philadelphia - often visited Betsy Ross' house also another very interesting location close to there and teeming with history is Elfreth's Alley. Check it out. Enjoyed the website. Keep up the good work.
Ruth Otts, Federal employee, Washington, DC resident. [06-27-2000]

Denise Thompson [06-27-2000]

great site.
Cheryl Ford, 40 [06-27-2000]

Barbara Thulin, I'm 62 & live in Planada, Ca [06-27-2000]

Anita Foster, Kentucky [06-27-2000]

Tiffany Woodruff, Utah, 20 years old [06-27-2000]

Nicole Kunze, I live in Utah and I'm 26 years old. [06-27-2000]

What a great site! I have a deep love for America as I have walked my kids through numerous books of wonderful stories of our Founding Fathers. I pray we never lose sight of their sacrifices and determination to create this One Nation Under God!God truly Bless America, Please!!!!
Christina Bentley, 44 years old:homeschool Mom . [06-27-2000]

Alicia Warner, Hutchinson, KS [06-27-2000]

Courtney Stroh, I am four years old and live in Alaska [06-27-2000]

what a fine site....e.
elle fagan, ct,visual artist, [06-27-2000]

SUE, midway, ga [06-27-2000]

Amanda Sickafoose, Redding, Ca. Age 21 [06-27-2000]

Angel Faul, Lucasville Ohio 45648 age 25 [06-27-2000]

Tren Trulock, Canton, NY, 13617. St. Lawrence County Historian & Executive Director of the St. Lawrence County Historical Association. [06-27-2000]

kari-Ann Ryan, Northeast phila, 28 years old , [06-27-2000]

Joy Thomas, Harvey, Louisiana........Age 7 1/2 [06-27-2000]

Jim Winship, Jacksonville, Fl [06-27-2000]

Robert Tarantino, Fair Lawn, NJ [06-27-2000]

Cpossel [06-27-2000]

Charlotte Reynolds [06-27-2000]

Tami Howard, 26yrs./Clovis,Ca. [06-27-2000]

We visited Betsy Ross's House in April. We visit the Children's hospital every other month for the past year because our oldest two children are on a test drug.
John D. Quiggle Jr., Live in Russell PA, age 45, wife Kendra, have 5 children. [06-27-2000]

I looking for virtual reality information
margaret ackley, New port RIchey,FL 41 [06-25-2000]

kevin quaderer, michigan, 40 [06-25-2000]

Barry Lee Kohler, Edinboro, Pennsylvania 16412 [06-25-2000]

Christine McClain, Age-35 Special Ed. Teacher from Kansas City, MO [06-25-2000]

jb bodner, louisville, KY, middle-age history major, RN ... [06-25-2000]

Sharon Henley, I am 30. We live in Smyrna TN [06-25-2000]

I have toured the Betsy Ross house in person and was elated when I stumbled onto this site while online. I am so proud of the many people who continue to keep our American Heritage alive and they should be proud of themselves.
Janine Jackelen, 38y Casper, Wyoming, formerly of Quakertown, PA [06-25-2000]

Marjorie Suedekum, I live in Colorado and work with Boy Scouts [06-25-2000]

I had a lot of fun reading through this site. I can't think of a better place for students to do research on the history of the U.S. Flag and Betsy Ross. Fun too!
Sharon Perry Schmidt, Assistant Librarian, Woodburn, Oregon [06-25-2000]

Stephanie lomeli [06-25-2000]

dorrell ritchie, patuxent river,md/44 yrs old/navy [06-25-2000]

I visited the house today with my children. It was fun. You have to go in person!
Heidi Bohn, Philadelphia, 29 [06-25-2000]

Christy Ashurst, Ogden, UT femal/19 Weber State University [06-25-2000]

jeffrey brian arce, born in houston, texas and parents come from south texas [06-25-2000]

History is such an important part of who we are and I want my students to appreciate their heritage.
Cindy Poucher, 5th grade social studies teacher [06-25-2000]

Enjoyed the tour.
valerie maclin, email at work [06-25-2000]

Visiting Philly for the 1st time soon, so very interested in all the historical things to see & do.
Diane Coolidge Daniels, Lewisville, TX,History buff [06-25-2000]

Mary, Miami, OK [06-25-2000]

Gretchen Frey, Washington [06-24-2000]

heatherhumphreys, tx f 20 [06-24-2000]

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Sylvia Rindt [06-23-2000]

Anthony Peeples, 10 years old [06-23-2000]

kristol Zinn, california 19 years old [06-23-2000]

What an excellent idea. I can't wait to get started!
Pari Pearson, Firestone,CO. 42 Female [06-23-2000]

loren stone [06-23-2000]

meg spencer, new york--13 [06-23-2000]

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Lesli Beauchamp, I am a 37 year old teacher from Texas. [06-22-2000]

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Robert G. McDowell [06-22-2000]

Love that Flag!
Lynn Elliott, New Jersey [06-22-2000]

I love the flag!
Larry Shurilla, Menomonee Falls, WI [06-22-2000]

Darryll Brandt [06-22-2000]

kathy, providence,ri [06-22-2000]

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Mallory Travis [06-22-2000]

steven soto, 21 year old student at Weber State University [06-22-2000]

Brandi Jackman, Roy, UT Age: 19 [06-22-2000]

this is very good and patriarchate.......i really appreciate this...thank you and god bless......regards, karl f.
KARL F. FINLEY, i'm old enough....KINGSBURG,CAL. 93631 [06-22-2000]

Cecil J Bullard, Ogden, Ut. Student age 39 [06-22-2000]

i am very excited about this virtual tour. thanks for the opportunity.
lygia, fort worth,tx 26 [06-22-2000]

I was surfing the web for Fourth of July ideas and found your site.
adalia Harvey, I'm a Paralegal; I enjoy all holidays! [06-22-2000]

Gene Paul Pasinski, henderson, nevada [06-22-2000]

Jim Moyle, Tech. Specialist for School District [06-22-2000]

"We" are working Jenni's report on Betsy Ross, for the fifth grade. so glad I found this site. It is wonderful.
Kathleen Moore, Vallejo, CA 45 years old working with daughter Jennifer Moore, 11 [06-22-2000]

Trena Cotter [06-22-2000]

I am looking at this site for a history class. I have to write about my feelings about my experience on this site and how I feel going through this house. I hope that this is an enjoyable experience for me.
Natalie Koldewyn, I'm a 20 year old college student. [06-22-2000]

Thanks for the tour
Cheryl Appelquist, Ocala, Fl old [06-22-2000]

GERRI JACKSON, 24 live around st. louis, mo [06-22-2000]

joel [06-22-2000]

I visited the Betsy Ross house this past summer and was impressed with everything. We plan to bring our fifth grade there next spring.
Ilene Rabinowe, Teacher Grade 5 New Windsor, NY [06-22-2000]

Delores [06-22-2000]

to read about the life of Betsy Ross is like knowing the origin of the most important thing in our country which the flag is signifying
teresita, from california,42y.o. female [06-22-2000]

You are the one who created the flag. I think the flag is pretty. I very, very proud of it. I am glad you are the one who created it.
Patrick, Grade 4 [06-22-2000]

Albert Harper, Benton Harbor,Mi. 60 [06-20-2000]

letha mellman [06-20-2000]

Shanna Obelenus [06-20-2000]

Kimberly Combe, ogden, Utah [06-20-2000]

Kathryn Pishl [06-20-2000]

Emily Smith [06-20-2000]

As we prepare to celebrate Independence Day July 4, 2000 I want to introduce some new knowledge to the young people I am working with this year. We are focusing on the U.S.Flag, background information and key people who had a significant impact on the completion of the Flag.
Yvonne C. Hull, Louisiana, Librarian [06-20-2000]

Karla, California [06-20-2000]

great web site! proud to be a american!
KAY HAMPTON, ohio [06-20-2000]

Terri, Mara, and Jay Padgett, fl [06-20-2000]

Tonya Sanderlin, Short Hills, NJ- 28 years old [06-20-2000]

Dana, 17 [06-20-2000]

Interested in dating a pre 1910 embroidery by my grandmother of Betsy Ros making the flag. It is on dk beige linen and measures approx 20"x20". Likely from the Adams, Mass. area.
Carol Granger, American, long time resident Uk, [06-20-2000]

God Bless America and the Marine Corps
Dan Boston, Tennessee, 32 years old and a former Marine who loves this country [06-20-2000]

Christine, Washington State [06-20-2000]

margaret davidson, dallas tx 42 [06-20-2000]

I really like history and I think Betsy Ross is one of the greatest women to ever live.
Tristen Reynolds, Visiting West Virginia but live in Ohio [06-20-2000]

Margaret Sveum, Fargo, ND [06-20-2000]

Margaret Sveum, Fargo, ND [06-20-2000]

tammy swetmon, i like to sew [06-20-2000]

Love that flag
Catherine Crosby, il [06-20-2000]

I was born in 1928.
charlotte ridgway, anderson I am 71 already. [06-20-2000]

Arbury Johnson, Bothell, WA [06-19-2000]

I grew up having such a love and respect for our flag. My grandpa, Elmer Butler was a WWII veteran. He had a love for his country, I will always remember that about him.
Mer Anda Hall, Shelley, ID [06-19-2000]

Great site, keep up the good work.
Madrea' Wilson, 23, Temple University Senior (Journalism, PR, and Advertising), graduate: July 27, 2000 [06-19-2000]

Erica, 19/f [06-19-2000]

Patti Smither [06-19-2000]

the american flag is something to resecept for our states.

Carmen L. Vazquez-Brumbaugh, Maryland, 50 years old [06-19-2000]

Ryan Hadley, 21, college student [06-19-2000]

Sally McDonald [06-19-2000]

Ann, I am from Metropolis,Illinois [06-19-2000]

Great reading! Now that was a lady who showed her patriotism and gave us all something to be proud of!
Donna Mercer-Miller, At home mom who homeschools [06-19-2000]

nicole [06-19-2000]

Jay Lombardy, Piscataway [06-19-2000]

JEAN WARD HEISE, lOUISIANA, AGE 63 06-18-00 [06-19-2000]

Just giving this fine site a good looking over.
leonard woodyard, Aransas Pass, Texas [06-19-2000]

janet reagan [06-19-2000]

I enjoy history and I'm thankful for your web site
chris, 36yrs [06-19-2000]

Real nice to have this tour of this history through e-mail instead of flying to Pennsylvania from California. Thank you!
Coleen Tuell, Fresno/48yr old - female/deaf- love history [06-19-2000]

Dorothea Dickinson, Lakeland florida [06-19-2000]

Wade Schillo, Layton, Utah...20 years old male. [06-19-2000]

Checking this out as a possible web site fo my students to visit.
Jolene Abanses, fifth grade school teacher [06-19-2000]

Linda Cresswell, history is a hobby. [06-19-2000]

Karen Antell [06-19-2000]

Steve Santella, I'm 37 &Ilive in Utah [06-19-2000]

Mavis Moser, South Sioux City Nebraska [06-19-2000]

Gordon & Rita Stringfield, 44, Sacramento, CA [06-19-2000]

I was looking for info on Betsy Ross for our July 4th Cantata we're working on. We plan to honor her and our wonderful flag and our great God upon whom this nation was established. Thank you for a such a great site.
Becky Manasaa, Music Minister for First Assembly of Bradenton, FL [06-19-2000]

PHIL BARKER, veteran, 51 yrs. old. [06-19-2000]

Mrs. Eileen Lang, I am 28 years old, a wife and a mother and live in Santa Rosa, California [06-19-2000]

I am looking for info for my studies,really so great,I hope to give us more and more thank Hassan
Hassan O Agabein, MA.public administration,31, [06-19-2000]

wonderful sight -- will make sure my grandchildren visit!!
Kathy Naumann, Las Vegas, Nevada citizen, 49 years of age [06-19-2000]

Mrs. Kahan's First Graders [06-19-2000]

Amanda [06-19-2000]

It would be nice to sign the guestbook after the tour, so we can enter our thoughts on the tour. Thank you, I'm sure it will be nice.
Linda J. Hotchkiss Dela Torres, 25 year member Daughters of the American Revolution [06-19-2000]

very interesting
marion cook, toms river nj [06-19-2000]

Gail Nelson, Minnesota [06-19-2000]

Checking some information for a Sunday School lesson.
Anita Ballew, Alabama [06-19-2000]

I, Sandi, love flags. Our bedroom is "Americana", decorated in antique type flags. This is my first time visiting this site. I am happy to have found it!
Sandi and Mat Fairband, Monterey, California [06-19-2000]

edward concepcion, new jersey age 65 [06-19-2000]

I am learning about the flag in my first grade class.
Billy Duncan, Age 7 , Wayne,NJ [06-19-2000]

I do characters for organizations: Eleanor Roosevelt, Martha Washington, Elizabeth I, and I have added Betsy Ross to my repertoire this summer. I'd like to come visit her house sometime so that I will better represent her in my presentation. kay
kay collins, Bedford, IN 47421 57 [06-19-2000]

Susan Sudlow, Lakeland,FL Mother of seven [06-19-2000]

I grew up in Philadelphia and think it's great seeing what I saw as a child.
Jane and Brian Marquis, Pine Bush, N.Y. [06-19-2000]

Danielle Harrison, Georgia [06-19-2000]

Kim DeRuyter, Fairbanks, AK [06-19-2000]

thank you for your patience to do this wonderful site
sandy moprrison, 52 yr.old Seattle business woman [06-19-2000]

Yolanda Hiracheta [06-19-2000]

Lou Clifford, American Fork, UT [06-19-2000]

Donita Powell [06-19-2000]

Martha Elizabeth Davis Alford, live in wv, work as church secretary [06-19-2000]

James Janson, Leesville,La [06-19-2000]

We are second graders and are learning about our flag. We are trying to learn more about Betsy Ross. Class 2E
Class 2E at School Six [06-19-2000]

Jo Anne Miller, McDonough, GA 30252-2959 [06-19-2000]

Wonderful web-site. Great tribute to the flag and Betsy Ross.
Helen M. Pullen, Manalapan, New Jersey [06-19-2000]

I Love This web-Site! Check You Later
Amanda J., I'm A nice girl! [06-19-2000]

Adam Shajtar [06-19-2000]

Heather WIlson, wasilla, alaska 17 years [06-19-2000]

Greta T. Burton, Dallas, Texas > 40<50 [06-19-2000]

Donna Figueroa, Utah, age 37 [06-19-2000]

terry bendel [06-19-2000]

Flora Kocol, I am a pediatric nurse and live in Chicago, Illinois [06-19-2000]

I love "Old Glory" and Americana style. I am very patriotic. My whole family are veterans. I love the USA flag.
Michele Bruner [06-19-2000]

We fly our flag every day that it's possible. My hubby is 70 and taught our 2 yr. old Great-granddaughter the pledge to the flag. She says it all the way through. We are proud to be Americans and glad we are able to fly our flag.
Shirl Molleson, Orland,Ca. age:68 [06-19-2000]

Sarah E. Arnold, Idaho Falls, ID [06-19-2000]

I love history and thought this would be a great place to see some things I can't see in person.
Debbie G. B., south, educator [06-19-2000]

James E.Rife,Jr., pennsylvania,,,,age59 [06-19-2000]

Michael E Gallagher II, I am a six year old boy fron Norristown PA, I love anything to do with hiistory [06-19-2000]

Kathy Cassel, Carlisle, PA [06-19-2000]

Michael Harvey, Dunkerton,Ia. 48, [06-19-2000]

LCDR Tom Doss, USPHS, I am a 43 year old active duty member of the United States [06-19-2000]

This is the sort of history that should be in History books for schools. Points and Counter Points makes history come alive. History should not be dull as ditchwater. That is what kills the incentive to learn.
Marion Gartman, 461 Northampton St. Holyoke, MA 01040-9514 Age:old enough to vote [06-19-2000]

This has been a wonderful site to explore. I've learned much more about our flag than I ever knew before. Sadly,the reverence for our flag has diminished over time because the children of past decades don't understand it's tremendous importance in our history. It is an elegant flag to those of us who remember what our boys and men went through during the wars to ensure that our country, America, would remain free.
joyce & Jerry Lounder, We are 67 and 70 respectively [06-19-2000]

What a wonderful interesting site you all have put was very enjoyable to visit! I love the feline statue ( I am a cat lover myself) :)
Gizelle, Live in Tennessee [06-19-2000]

Cody Lewis [06-19-2000]

Helen Glenn [06-19-2000]

i am about to take the tour, and i know i will enjoy it,as i do love history. it was my favorate subject in school.god bless the united states of america,i have served in all four branches. first and only was the u.s.m.c.semper fi.
CHARLES S KORSGREN, retired railroader windsor, n.y. old [06-19-2000]

gail grogan, nj [06-19-2000]

Michael McCuistion [06-19-2000]

I remember reading a biography about Betsy Ross when I was a kid.
Mary Willis, I live in Southern CA [06-19-2000]

Rosanne Hayes, teacher [06-19-2000]

Glad to finally see the Betsy Ross House. Used to live in MD and went to Frederick every summer but never hit there when the house was open to the public. Now I'll finally get to see it while sitting in Texas.
Sharon K. Gochnour, 67 year old grandmother and writer [06-19-2000]

Courtney Staerk, age 10 [06-19-2000]

Tammy Anderson, El Paso Texas, military [06-19-2000]

I like many others LOVE this country.It is not perfect but it is the greatest one on this earth.I have been other places and nothing else compares.I love the flag also.each time I hear the Star Spangled Banner,it brings tears to my eyes.Thank you for the opportunity to express how I feel about OLD GLORY and AMERICA.
Boyd T Davis Jr., Winchester,Va 52 Yrs 06-14-00 [06-19-2000]

Fran Conlan, Anchorage, AK [06-19-2000]

Our family hope is that your association take a more aggressive tone with light-weight historians that hope to make their name by attacking historical characters. Keep up the good work!
Lee Thornton Ross II, Fifth generation San Fraciscan; descendant of George Ross, Betsy's uncle. The Ross Family has a strong belief in the acts of a famous ancestor [06-19-2000]

Jewell A. Davis, Dallas, TX. Age 69. Married. Retired Engineer. now Computer Instructor. [06-19-2000]

Sondra Jones, Curlew Job Corp 21 [06-19-2000]

Shirley Chrisman [06-19-2000]

there should b more interesting sites like this one 4 the world 2 c. i'm glade i fount it. a lot of the info.i did't no. thank u 4 putting it here 4 all 2 take a tour back n history.
Geizel Banks, 40 yrs. of age 2 daughters Becky 21 Crystal 20 live n TN but from WV [06-19-2000]

Ellen Parker, 45 yrs old, resident of California [06-19-2000]

Iam proud to say that I was born in Philadelphia in 1927.
Louis E.Mc Cormick, Pembroke Pines,FL. I am 73yrs. old. [06-19-2000]

Holbrook B. DuPont, Honolulu, Hawaii, 68, Retired USAF officer/pilot [06-19-2000]

Susan Holmes, Ft. Worth, Tx, /History lover [06-19-2000]

Very Cool. I hope to visit in person someday!
Linda Stevens, Bakersfield, CA. I am a 911 dispatcher. [06-19-2000]

Happy Flag Day!
Daniel F Lisovich, N Belle Vernon PA age 33 [06-19-2000]

Very Cool. I hope to visit in person someday!
Linda Stevens [06-19-2000]

Very nice...good info....thanks for the always looking for info on American history to share with my daughter...
Suzanne Zschernitz, Ft. Wayne, IND...enjoy accurate American History..a mom.. [06-19-2000]

June Isabel Martin [06-19-2000]

Carol, Miami, 21 years old [06-19-2000]

Thanks so much for the wonderful web pages, very interesting
M. M. Anderson, WI old but still kickn' [06-19-2000]

evan, 7 bradford place 10 [06-19-2000]

Bergin, 8-10 [06-19-2000]

Brenda Smith, 34 year old Female. I live in Indiana [06-19-2000]

Suzanne Bader, Homemaker, dayton, Ohio [06-19-2000]

D. Carson McCabe, Houston, Texas [06-19-2000]

maggie debenedictis, nj 12yrs [06-19-2000]

thank you for creating this website.
nima salehi, esl/citizenship teacher [06-19-2000]

Kelly McCarthy, 7 yr. old, from Ohio [06-19-2000]

Lou Ann McQuiston, Oregon, 39, domestic engineer [06-19-2000]

Terrie Hood, TX 37yoa disabled veteran [06-19-2000]

Michele Morello, Teacher [06-19-2000]

Thank you Betsy Ross. From one very proud American.
Mary Cuellar, San Antonio, Texas [06-19-2000]

thank you for the flag
Jacquekeela, 12 [06-19-2000]

roger w fawk, salem oregon /45years [06-19-2000]

Barbara Garver, Hillsboro Missouri age 41 [06-19-2000]

It is wonderful to visit places like this without having to do all the travelling.
Kathy Gordon, I live in Newark, California; I am 46 and am originally from Middletown, Connecticut [06-19-2000]

PHALBY WALKER, 46 [06-19-2000]

We are here in honor of Flag Day. Thank you for letting us see this historic building.
James Davis Family, Dallas, TX, 12, 9,7,4, 2 [06-19-2000]

Hello! We're looking forward to the tour.
Mrs. Evans' class, We are 3rd graders from Salida, California. [06-19-2000]

I'm writing a book about our family roots and think this will be an excellent addition of historical facts.
SUE SILKETT, Austin, Texas [06-19-2000]

I have often related this story to my granddaughter regarding the flag made by Betsy Ross. And how a funeral home owned by my uncle on Academy Street in Jersey City was used briefly by Washington as a command post and headquarters. This was very enlightening.
Gemma V. & Eddy-Ayn Koder, Palm Beach Gardens, Fl. [06-19-2000]

Great website. Very informative.
Robert Murphy [06-19-2000]

Thanks for providing this informative web page.
Jamie Halcumb, Live in Bremerton, Wa. age 25 [06-19-2000]

I visited Betsy Ross House in 1953 and again in April 2000. I believe the family traditions and stories. I do geneology and proved some of my families oral history to be fact. Just because it wasn't written down doesn't prove its not true. Today would have been my Mother's 98th birthday. She was always proud she was born on Flag Day.MAS
Marilyn Archibald Smith, WA state, 70, [06-19-2000]

Claudia, live in fl. [06-19-2000]

Sandra Littleton-Uetz [06-19-2000]

ive been reading story very interesting our flag is very important to us as americans and free people tks for article on betsy ross
PAUL GENDRON, phoeinox az 52 yrs old vietnam vet patriot [06-19-2000]

Coralyn Dine, Wisconsin [06-19-2000]

I read the arguments for and against whether or not Betsy made the first flag and I believe that the "pro" arguments were better supported than those against.
Ines Kallmeyer, Colchester, CT 36 years old, female [06-19-2000]

Thank you tour MOST INTERSTING
Carl Galioto, 47 year old New Jersey horse trainer [06-19-2000]

Mrs. Borchert's first grade class [06-19-2000]

Chad Trombino [06-19-2000]

Diane Watters, North Carolina [06-19-2000]

Donna Pratt [06-19-2000]

I am very interested in Betsy Ross and her life. I can't wait to tour her house! Thanks!
Sarah Brockhaus, age 11 [06-19-2000]

Louise O Conway [06-19-2000]

debbie zuniga, 42, philadelphia born, proud american [06-19-2000]

misskelley [06-19-2000]

History and Genealogy are my passions, as is my love for my Country. Thanks for a fascinating tour!!
Pat Woodson [06-19-2000]

Jim Pratzner, Wilmington, DE a freemason and patriot [06-19-2000]

How timely to visit Besty's home on Flag Day! I belive that Besty did indeed make the first Star Spangled Banner. Thanks Besty!
Mark Barnhart, New Matamoras, OH 45767 [06-19-2000]

We are visiting your website on flag day! Thanks for the tour!!
Mrs. Moss's 6th grade social studies class [06-19-2000]

Brenda Ensley, Cartersville, Georgia [06-19-2000]

Thank you! Very interesting!
Jeanne MCutchan, Retired Teacher [06-19-2000]

Cheryl Frazier, Fort Worth, TX [06-19-2000]

I have visited the Betsy Ross house many times. I have relatives living in Phila. and love the city and its people. I'm very interested in the history of our country and find Phila. a rich source of this information.
Joan Vindal, I live in Yonkers, NY [06-19-2000]

Mrs. Rollman's class, A SAecond Grade Class from Elizabeth, NJ [06-19-2000]

Beverly Shaw, Kindergarten teacher in Orlando Florida [06-19-2000]

Kathy, Philadelphia [06-19-2000]

Don R. Howe, Fort Wayne, IN Age:70 [06-19-2000]

visited june 14, 2000 happy flag day!
CHILDREN OF LYNN WOODS SCHOOL, lynn massachusetts [06-19-2000]

My mother told me often that we were related to Betsy Ross. Daughter, Pamela Service is studying our geneology.
Joyce Aten, 72 retired living in Sun City Az [06-19-2000]

J. Smith-Blair, Nashville, TN [06-19-2000]

kindergarten class [06-19-2000]

Cheryl Schmidt, New Lenox, Il 47 years old and mother of 3 [06-19-2000]

Haven't been to the house since grade school. When possible I definately will re-visit. But honestly, I really haven't given it much thought. The house needs to be given a little more publicity. I haven't thought about it until I saw the articles for this Flag Day. It seems that it, the house, was removed from my memory. All you hear about is Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell, and occasionally Ben Franklin's house, but rarely or never about Betsy Ross's house. It is important to try to keep the public reminded of this truely historic treasure. What with the pressure of the current times, it surely would be a nice place to visit. A place that takes you back to a more simpler yet dangerous and important time. A time in which the situation, the start of a new nation, makes our present time seem trivial in comparison.
Lawrence J Schweitzer, Raised in Philly. 37 years old [06-19-2000]

I have great pride and deep felt graditude to our founding fathers and mothers who with an idea and vision of justice, liberty and fraternity, having faith in God that these ideals were of devine inspiration,acted with courage to carry out this devine plan for freedom and justice for all. We must never forget and always remember the stuggle and the adversity a people and a nation experiences leading to such hights and exalted places that we endeaver to travel together that every man and women dream of achieving for themselves and for our children. We are on a great journey that began over 224 years ago. We are still a young nation with a long way to go yet. We need to teach our children about the fight, the struggles, and the scarfices made by those who came before us, that there is a need to continue the fight, the struggle, and the sacrifices so that we may know and recognize, and continue to know, feel, and experience the blessing of freedom, liberty, fraternity and justice for all. We have not perfected it, but we must forever rededicate ourselves to it and pass on the torch from gerneration to generation. We must remember and accept with certainty that this is One Nation Under God and we will not, and can not continue to be free without Him. In God We Trust is an appropriate moto for this great nation if we are forever going to continue. We as a people must recognize his hand in all things least we commit a great sin of ingratitude. For it is by His great love for these ideals, which are perfect,and for His children, who are not perfect, by His grace and mercy, we are able to continue this great and wonderful journey. I have visited and seen the past, I live in the present, and I have seen the vision and hopes of tomorrow. Oh, what an exciting and blessed time we live in, what a wonderful and blessed future we our entering; unless we forget..........
WILLIAM ALEXANDER WARE III, I live in Salt lake City Ut. The blood of patriots flows through my body. I am a public school teacher working in special ed. I am an elected state deligate to the Republican Party. I'm am 49 years old, born April 17, 1952 in Whittier CA, and proud to be an american and citizen of these United States of America [06-19-2000]

Pamela House, Third Grade Teacher [06-19-2000]

This is a wonderful experience. I turned to this site to get info for Flag Day.
Marian Illsley, Elementary Teacher - Edgewater, FL - Special Needs Students [06-19-2000]

Cindy, age-38, from North Palm Beach, Fl. [06-19-2000]

i've been here-what a wonderful and educational visit would like to return some day.
CAROL L HALL, sacramento, ca. [06-19-2000]

Great information for a report I was doing. I love history Thank you
Tina Scanlon, Maryland ,32,Female [06-19-2000]

I am glad you made the first american flag. I like your website a lot.I hope you now your website is realy cool because you have the flag in your bedroom .Your bedroom is huge and the bed huge to.
Stephanie Carris [06-19-2000]

Elaine McClain, Pennsauken [06-19-2000]

I loved learning about Betsy Ross.
Carmen mejia, Bronx, NY Age 11 [06-19-2000]

hi i have never seen you befor.
shelbie, 8 [06-19-2000]

We love your site!
Mrs. Achenbach's Third Grade Class, Sherman, NY [06-19-2000]

Betsy, I am 13 years old. I live in Liberty KY. [06-19-2000]

Hi! My 6 and 3 year old daughters are here with me, and boy are they excited about going to Betsy Ross' house today! Thank you for doing this, we really enjoyed it last Flag Day too!
Jeanne Tate, Mississippi, 29 years old, love the Lord! [06-19-2000]

All americans should take more interest in our history than we do,including myself. This is a nice way to discover our history again. thank-you
Karen G. Fowler, Bethlehem,PA , wife,mother, 40yrs young [06-19-2000]

Priscilla Kaiser, I reside in Chicago, In 1996 I had a chance to be in Philadelphia over the 4th of July , enjoyed the festivities, but only had a quick view of the Betsy Ross Home, It's really great to get to visit her home again on the web. [06-19-2000]

I just want to thank the US history foundation for making such a wonderful webpage for all of the world to enjoy! xxoo Brittney
Brittney Spears, I am 18 and I love history [06-19-2000]

just wanted to take a look
Jim Wexell, Calif. [06-19-2000]

Vicky Schmuhl, I teach 2nd Grade and live in Laguna Niguel, CA [06-13-2000]

John J. Durso [06-13-2000]

ellen cassidy, jacksonville,fl age 34 [06-13-2000]

Jane creteau, Northeaster Pa, 50 years old, homeschool Mom [06-13-2000]

Sue Davis, I live in Illinois, I am a teacher, 48 years old. [06-13-2000]

randi disser, 51 yr. FWA, In. [06-13-2000]

Sabrina [06-13-2000]

if you have two younger twin brothers, good luck!!
Carissa Adams, 10 turning 11 Jaffrey NH 2 twin brothers, the oldest [06-13-2000]

Thanks for the excellent tour!!!! Very well done!!!
Jeanie u, I'm a terriffic Grandma,up there in age who lives in Florida! [06-13-2000]

Alinda Cox, County Extension Agent [06-13-2000]

Kimberly Gilbert, Downingtown, Pa [06-13-2000]

Our church is doing an american history celebration and we want to include Betsy Ross as one of the people we remember.
Jeanne Styles, Alabama, age 33, wife of minister [06-13-2000]

J. McGlone, I live in Miami, Florida. [06-13-2000]

j kay [06-13-2000]

i like the flag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
amanda, 12 [06-13-2000]

Kathy Mattern, 39 year-old female in the Poconos [06-13-2000]

Personally toured the house one cold. rainey day in February in 1968. It was very enjoyable
Barbara Creekmore, into geneology, age 57 , Tidewater, Va. [06-13-2000]

Alyssa Marie Burns, 11 [06-13-2000]

I think this web is very cool.It is also very very interesting.I think people should visit this web more often.
tara, Lodi,N.J. Im 11 [06-13-2000]

This is a very nice web site and foun
Samantha, Lodi,N.J.Im 1years old [06-13-2000]

i love the american flag
Faiza Ahmad, I live in Lodi,NJ i am 11 years old [06-13-2000]

sammie g [06-13-2000]

It is great to be able to find info on the net about a distant aunt.
Michael Wallace [06-13-2000]

very interesting and relevant, educational site
nadine singh, trinidad, w.i. [06-13-2000]

We've enjoyed exploring your web site and have learned a great deal. Thank you!
Mrs. Butterman's Class, Olney,MD [06-13-2000]

Judy Cornett, My husband and I reside in St. Augustine, Florida [06-13-2000]

Jackie Bates, Virginia [06-13-2000]

I enjoy being able to visit historical places. Thanks for that opporunity
Sandra [06-13-2000]

Sue [06-13-2000]

Member D.A.R. Nice work.
Helen June Sykes Hamilton, age 67, Chicago, Il. [06-13-2000]

I'm glad to see a site that promotes pride in our heritage as citizens of the United States of America. This is a great country to live in.
C. Stephannie Snow [06-11-2000]

Thank you for hte information regarding Betsy Ross.
Shirley L. Russll, Lincoln, CA-teacher of 40+ years [06-11-2000]

I visited the Betsy Ross House Many years ago when traveling with my parents.
Janice Atkinson, Schertz,TX [06-11-2000]

Lynn Bagby, Richmond, Virginia [06-11-2000]

Robyn, Jess, Mike, and Timothy, Homeschool mom of 3 children living in IN [06-11-2000]

I just did a report on Betsy Ross for a social studies project. this was the only site i needed to go to. It has all the information, plus I got extra credit for showing my class how to make a 5-pointed-star in one snip! Thanks so much!
Sarah Casey, 13 years old and from New York state. [06-11-2000]

I would love to visit Betsy's home in person! :-)
Candace Lane, Age 48, Paris, Kentucky [06-11-2000]

I love our flag and its colors and I love being and living in America.
Debbie Payne, Payson Ut. [06-11-2000]

great web site!!
Mrs. Culver, Elementary education teacher [06-11-2000]

Thank you for putting this on the net as I might not presonally be able to visit Betsy Ross's home. So far this has been very interesting
Rachel, I'm live in Fort Worth, Texas [06-11-2000]

Lynn Whittaker, Anchorage, AK [06-11-2000]

debbie johnson [06-11-2000]

This site is coooooooooooool!
Laura, 11 [06-11-2000]

Nancy Mikle, Ohio [06-11-2000]

M Kelzer, Kindergaten teacher in Illinois [06-11-2000]

Andrea Ducharme, Massachusetts, 28 yrs. old. Looking up for daughter's report. [06-11-2000]

As parts of America go into immmorality, I won't. As other Americans deny God, I won't. Still the land of the free, but the brave are disappearing; but not all. My flag flies for the greatest country in the world. The great "United States of America". I salute you!
Tony Martz, White male, 45 yrs. old, from Portsmouth, Va [06-11-2000]

I am in the drama department of my church and I will be playing the role of Betsy Ross in a scketch on July 2nd. I am looking for information about Betsy Ross in order to develop my character. I am also interested in seeing pictures of clothing such as what she wore. Thank you, Pamela Karnes
Pamela Karnes, Fort Worth, TX, age 49 [06-09-2000]

Sherry Fleener [06-09-2000]

Tina Mendez-Stanfield, Lubbock, Tx. [06-09-2000]

Tina Mendez-Stanfield [06-09-2000]

This is a great history tour. Thank You!
Dawn Twilley, Drain Oregon [06-09-2000]

We decided to stop here to learn more about our flag.
Mrs. Towle's Class, (First & Second Graders) [06-09-2000]

Lynn Dopson [06-09-2000]

alyssa whelan, 10 my fav wordis whatever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [06-09-2000]

Paige Helf, i am 9 years old. i am a girl [06-09-2000]

allison, 10 [06-09-2000]

This is a great site, I am doing a report on Betsy Ross's and visiting this site makes me feel closer to her. I am reading a book about her life now.
Alyson Hill, Ft. lauderdale Fl 3rd grade [06-09-2000]

Thank you so much for keeping history alive.
Judy Roberts [06-09-2000]

Will be Visiting with my daughter and her 4th grade class tomorrow, June 9.
David Hirsch, Cold Spring Harbor, NY [06-09-2000]

fred, england 24 army [06-09-2000]

Junior O. James, 57years of age. Live in canisteo,N.Y. [06-09-2000]

lorrin and taylor [06-09-2000]

daniel [06-09-2000]

david liddle [06-09-2000]

desaraee christina [06-09-2000]

kellie Cook & Dana Donnamaria [06-09-2000]

We are learning about our American Flag in class. We hope this helps us to understand it better!
Mrs. Errington's Class, Seaside Heights, N.J. [06-09-2000]

This is a very informative sight and I will share what I learned with my students. We are celebrating Flag Day and this information is very timely.
Terry Perkins, Teacher 3rd Grade, Fillmore, Utah [06-09-2000]

jo, polo,il. [06-09-2000]

anita, newyork [06-09-2000]

Nancy Fay, Lifelong Philadelphia suburb resident [06-08-2000]

I really enjoy the tools of the future that link us to the past. Thank you.
Connie Maddox, Divorced, 50 years old, love history [06-08-2000]

i am playing betsy ross in a school play
THERESA OCONNOR [06-08-2000]

Gregory and Stephanie [06-08-2000]

LEIGHA [06-08-2000]

melanie and charles [06-08-2000]

Alex Lucas [06-08-2000]

Kathleen Ottina [06-08-2000]

I need to give a presentation on Betsy Ross for a group of OES members. Your web site has been excellent for information. Thank you
Julie Green, Burlington, Vermont [06-08-2000]

Natalie Mehera, West Melbourne, FL Computer Teacher [06-08-2000]

i am doin this for school but she haas a nice house.
emily quillen, i love backstreet boys [06-08-2000]

Tell me everything i need to know so i can get done with this paper and have some FUN :)
Mindy Wedner, pgh., pa age 17 i love backstreetboys [06-08-2000]

Josh Antinori, 21 [06-08-2000]

Thank you for letting me visit your home.
Robbie Moore, I'm six years old, I live in Cincinnati Ohio [06-08-2000]

Chris, 11 [06-08-2000]

kristin, looking for a great picture of our flag...ended up here site, i like Betsy Ross [06-08-2000]

Pete Wann [06-08-2000]

STEPH, nj [06-08-2000]

Jenny Hopkins, Chester, VA - Kindergarten teacher [06-08-2000]

like ohio
amgad, man 32 [06-08-2000]

this a cool site!!!!!
sarah, chesapeak [06-08-2000]

Chelsea and Morgan, 1st Grade [06-08-2000]

kristi $ brandon, grade 1 [06-08-2000]

Colin., We are in first grade [06-08-2000]

NICK & MIKE, we are in grade 1 [06-08-2000]

Carol Evans [06-08-2000]

I am looking for resources to teach kindergarten children about Betsy Ross. Any ideas? Thanks!
Debbie Zanca, A Kindergarten Teacher in Williamsburg, VA [06-08-2000]

karen breen, lemont, IL [06-08-2000]

stefan formanek, I'm 11 and I like soccer. [06-08-2000]

a brooks, i'm right here...(where are you?) [06-08-2000]

Jan Johnston, Easton, MD [06-08-2000]

Dee, I live in wv a am 15 [06-08-2000]

Dear Bestsy, hi my name is Samara Swett i am 9 i live in maine we have been learning about you in class . if it is ok can u write me a leter? your friend Samara M Swett
Samara, 9years old i live in maine [06-08-2000]

Livy Johsons, Vermot, 34, 4 children [06-08-2000]

hey betsy! what's going on? i was just passing by your site.. and thought it was real cute! i love this little guestbook you have going.. :O)
jessica, philadelphia, pa [06-08-2000]

I got here in search of some trivia about the flag. There is a reason to fly the flag from Flag Day to Fourth of July. Do you know the significance of this? I can't seem to find the answer to this. Can you help me? Thank you if you can. Kathi
Kathi Houk, I live in Carson City, NV [06-08-2000]

Pat, Weaubleau, MO [06-08-2000]

My family hopes to visit sometime the week of June 12, 2000.
Karen Jacoby [06-08-2000]

Nicole, Cali/21/F [06-08-2000]

I hope i enjoy the tour!!!!
Terry Nickleson, california/ 22 male/ [06-08-2000]

Justin, Roy, Emily, Ashley, Jessica, Nick, Monica, Karla, Jimmy
Mrs. McGee's Class, Emperor Elementary School [06-08-2000]

Brenda [06-08-2000]

Jereimah Burst, age 12 [06-08-2000]

VICTORIA THOMAS, west caldwell, nj [06-08-2000]

i am doing a report on Betsy Ross and can't wait to take the virtal tour of her house! i think that it was awsome that a woman was such a big part of the Revolutionary War.
Cristina Bonner, Annapolis, MD. 12/18/88 11 years old. [06-08-2000]

laura [06-08-2000]

Noel Rios, Comp. Teacher, elementary, in Managua, Nicaragua [06-06-2000]

Spenser, I live in Summerville S.C,Age 11 [06-06-2000]

Adam Carlton, I live in Summerville,SC, and I am 11. [06-06-2000]

Kindergarten Class, Winchester, Virginia [06-06-2000]

Karen Conley [06-06-2000]

Richard, Pomona, CA 34 [06-06-2000]

I'm a volunteer scouter and I'm doing research for a Flag talk I'm going to present at a Cub Scout twilight Camp on the 13th of June.
Lee Reese, Lemoore CA [06-06-2000]

Pat Timms [06-05-2000]

Kristina Conlon, Massachusets, age 11years [06-05-2000]

Caitlin E. Smith [06-04-2000]

We are doing a remaking of the flag theme at my place of work and of course thought of Betsy Ross as the theme host.
bonita franco, 41 [06-04-2000]

Besty Ross was an amazing woman. I learned so much about the American Flag at her home in Philadelphia.
jJessica Lebel, 9 years old Millis Mass [06-04-2000]

Jacqui Derby [06-04-2000]

Anna Schultz, Eastford, CT, age 8 [06-04-2000]

b forgey [06-04-2000]

Kavita Sharma, Live in London,UK, 27 year old Chartered Accountant with apassion for travel , theatre, musicals,ballets. [06-04-2000]

Thank you for your resources on Old Glory!
Juanita, 55 years old and love knowledge of Betsy Ross [06-04-2000]

We thank you for putting this information on the internet, so we and our children can learn all about Betsy Ross, and the American Flag. Thank You. John and Pamela Palomino
John and Pamela Palomino, Ham Lake, MN. 27yrs. old and 31 yrs. old [06-04-2000]

We are planning a trip to Phila since we are studying PA History this year. We will visit the Betsy Ross house, along with the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall! The Betsy Ross house will be our first stop! Then, on to a GREAT Phila. Cheesesteak! (can't get them where we live!)
Danielle, Christopher and Roberta, North Central Pennslyvania, Homeschool Family [06-04-2000]

I will be chaperoning a group of developmentally disabled people to the house sometime in mid August and I just want to see what were in for!
Stacey Amphlett, Rochester, NY 25 [06-03-2000]

Researching so I can play Betsy in a play.
Camy Bradley, Nebraska, 38, Loan Officer of a bank. [06-03-2000]

Margie, Miami, Florida I am 39 [06-03-2000]

Carol Shepherd [06-03-2000]

I love America!
Camelia Tatu, Simi Valley, Ca [06-03-2000]

rosanna, san mateo,11 [06-03-2000]

We plan on visiting in July
Tosca Donlon, Las Vegas, Nevada..33 [06-03-2000]

I will be using this site as a resource for integrated lessons for 5th grade students whose social studies curriculum is American History. I integrate songs from each era.
Annette Clements, 56 year old music teacher for grades 4-6 [06-03-2000]

Deborah Rappaport, Jenkintown, PA age 45 [06-03-2000]

Terry [06-03-2000]

Mr.Beaver [06-03-2000]

ifine this very interesting. iwas loking up this information for a friend.she belongs to the american legion and wasnted the information
NANCY HARRIS, indpls, indiana age46 [06-02-2000]

I love history and am working on a Flag Day display for our new Andrews Co. Library. Our DAR chapter sponsors the displays. Thank you for all of the wonderful information. Carolyn
Joe & Carolyn Weatherby, retired insurance agent & retired teacher, Andrews, TX [06-02-2000]

henry raymond,jr, 49 [06-02-2000]

Donna has visited the Betsy Ross house as a child, "elementary school trip" 1968 to 77, would she still be on the register books ?
Scott & Donna Allen, Ga. / age 37 / History lover [06-02-2000]

Clelia Soares [06-02-2000]

We love our country! We are learning about it in Social Studies, especially about patriotic symbols and songs. Thanks for letting us tour Betsy Ross' house!
Mrs. Davis' Second Grade Class, We are at Hollifield Station Elem. School in Maryland [06-02-2000]

James V. Lynch, South Jersey, Age 49 [06-02-2000]

Mrs. Smith's Kindergarten [06-02-2000]

I have always enjoyed freedom, but I vividly remember the things adults would discuss-Food coupons and rationing, war bonds; the flags hanging in windows,the prayers being offered for the sons and daughters and loved ones "over there" I remember shortages but my family never complained, because so much was needed for the war effort. It seemed everyone was in the same situation. When cousins were home after the war, we children were excused from the room so as not to hear of conditions or treatment in the POW camps. I am thankful for the freedom I can enjoy, and I try live the kind of life that would honor, rather than embarrass those who gave everything so we could be free. I pray for this country and that God will keep blessing America.
Aileen Prince, Chicago area, age 65. [05-31-2000]

Lois Busch, Indianapolis, In [05-31-2000]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross and I am creating a doll of her.
Jasmine Elenes, Age 9 , 4th grad [05-30-2000]

this is real cool!
Sue Stone, mother of two, live outside philly [05-30-2000]

hey wuz^ nmh play ball
ELIZABETH FENERTY, i love softball & soccer i am 11 years of age [05-30-2000]

Have a good summer.
Gregory Edleman, i love soccer and i'm 12 [05-30-2000]

karen koch, Winchester, Va [05-30-2000]

sports are the best thing ever
STEPHEN KATCHMARK, 11 i love sorts spring ford school [05-30-2000]

I i hope to see all amasing things when i go to Philedelphia tomorrow. Hope you have a great day and a excelent SUMMER! Stephanie Coniglio
Stephanie Coniglio, I am 11 years old ihave 3 cats and i dog i have i sister [05-30-2000]

Katie Mateja, I'm 12 years old [05-30-2000]

Katie Mateja, I'm 12 years old [05-30-2000]

Heidi Whitenight, I love horses! [05-30-2000]

Dan [05-30-2000]

Katie Mateja [05-30-2000]

We would love to visit Betsy Ross's House. Hopefully, someday we will get that chance.
Mrs. Smith's Second Grade Class - Latta, South Carolina 29565 Latta Elementary School, A class of second graders - Latta Elementary School Latta,South Carolina 29565 [05-30-2000]

Nina Germain, i live in the suburbs of new york city, i just turned 11 may 28. [05-30-2000]

Have toured Betsy Ross's home in person and it is something everyone should get to see. Don't miss this if you are ever in the area of Phila.
Dot Lilley, Moved to Florida from Pa 41 years ago [05-30-2000]

Karyn Pollera [05-30-2000]

Rogue [05-30-2000]

My daughters, four grandchildren will be visiting the Betsy Ross house this next week. I thought it would be nice to know somethin about it other than 'just her house'. I taught school for 20 years...4th grade.
LaVerne Benton, Menard, Texas [05-30-2000]

i hope it's a good tour
jocelyn [05-30-2000]

Elizabeth hampton [05-30-2000]

Rod Murray [05-30-2000]

i just want to say that i think that betsy ross has a very interesting life and i always luv learning new things abouy her
LISA TORRES, ummmm..... i have nothin to tell you guys [05-30-2000]

Daniel Fisch and Kimberly Fisch, Honesdale PA [05-30-2000]

Debra Fredley, I am from Phoenix,AZ [05-30-2000]

emily anne collier, i like social studies [05-30-2000]

It has been many years since I have visited the Betsy Ross House. Now my 1st grade, 7 year old son has been studing Colonial times, including Betsy Ross. He wants to see some historical sites. It will be fun to share this site with him, hopefully in June of this year.
Lesha Yerka, Greenfield, MA [05-30-2000]

I just thought that this was very interesting information about Betsy Ross.
Sheri Morris, A Southern girl from Centerville(georgia) [05-30-2000]

Jessica Pettit, I 'm 8 yrs old [05-28-2000]

preparing unit on American Revolution
Mary Howard, teacher [05-28-2000]

NICOLE THOMPSON, whitehall pa 10 years old [05-28-2000]

cleo [05-28-2000]

We are having a Memorial Day float and your site gave us helpful information. Thank you.
Judie Niles, VFW Auxiliary President [05-28-2000]

Cindy Reid, nc,49 [05-28-2000]

William Yearwood, from Reinholds, Pennsylvania [05-28-2000]

Jessica Wichern [05-28-2000]

I am secretary to our Ranch Hands Sertoma club. Also editor and publisher of our newsletter. I am doing a piece on Flag Day for the June issue. Would like you permission to use some of the items on this web page in our newsletter. I will send you a copy if you like! Please let me know by e-mail address above if I may have your permission to use some of the items in this web site. Thank you, Margaret Hebert Ranch Hands Sertoma Club
Margaret Hebert, Port Richey FL age 53 married 17 yrs 6-18-00 [05-28-2000]

mary martin, planning a visit to Phila later this year [05-28-2000]

According to my family herritage, I am related to Betsy Ross I have a very sick grandmother that is in the hospital right now and she knows the story behind the relation I know that it falls on my Grandfathers side I am interested in finding out more so that I can tie it all in together, I love geneology. Thank You Debbie
Debbie Cisneros [05-28-2000]

The Flag....our National Anthem....Fort McHenry....Betsy Ross's House....Valley Forge....Gettysburg....our Heritage, our Nation....E Pluribus Unum. That's what we are all about.
Robert E. Hope, Strongsville, elementary school principal [05-28-2000]

Keith Hughes [05-28-2000]

Adam gronke, wisconsin, 21 [05-28-2000]

sara [05-28-2000]

Janelle L. McDonald [05-28-2000]

Angela Wheeler [05-28-2000]

Charde Durrette, Ohio 13 [05-28-2000]

Who was the first one to make the flag?
Carissa, Ohio,13 [05-28-2000]

Susan Girolami Kramer, Harrisburg, PA [05-28-2000]

Melody, Lorain, Ohio [05-28-2000]

Hope, Lorain [05-28-2000]

Do storytelling at schools, etc, presenting "Our Star Spangled Uncle Sam." Have made presentations in NY, TX, CA, and on Guam & Saipan. I tell of Betsy Ross and plan to visit BR house to take photos in costume. Thank you.
Fred Polnisch, Located in the Troy, NY (home of Uncle Sam) area & parade & perform as Uncle Sam. [05-28-2000]

Robert Parks, school, 13, [05-28-2000]

Erika Beebe, Single [05-28-2000]

brenda schoenfeld, Wisconsin [05-28-2000]

mzuccaro, Brook Park, Ohio 30 yearsa old teacher [05-28-2000]

Laura Wolbach, lived in Delaware County since 1967 [05-28-2000]

I visited your site in May 2000, didn't have the chance to ask all the questions about her that I wanted to know. I very much would have liked to have went back in time & met such a grand lady. I doubt very much if she understood or even knew what a contribution she made in history by making our national flag. I would very much like to come again. Thanx.
Darrel Leon Lawson, I am 61 yrs old, I reside now in Arizona, born in Nebraska. [05-28-2000]

Imelda Ruggiero, 6-27-68 - Pa [05-28-2000]

jessica [05-28-2000]

THank you for making this page. I had a school assiment and it worked great
Jackie [05-28-2000]

Christine Lampert, Mentor, Ohio Age - 30 [05-28-2000]

laurie, ucf student [05-28-2000]

Yo Man 2000 [05-28-2000]

Lenora Hunt [05-28-2000]

bob, i'm living [05-28-2000]

marisa negron, phila 25 yr [05-28-2000]

Sara MeGee, 24 year old single female [05-28-2000]

karen coughenour, california, 44y/o [05-28-2000]

Joanne Arias, plymouth, ma 38 [05-28-2000]

Carole Ahart, Alexander, AR, age 57, widowed, 3 children, 4 grandchildren [05-28-2000]

what a fabulous resource!! thank you!

louis fiallo, brewster ny 38 [05-28-2000]

Diana Miller, Iowan [05-28-2000]

Nicolette [05-28-2000]

Stephanie Colindres [05-28-2000]

Denise Moyer [05-28-2000]

Teaching who Betsy Ross is.
Rebecca, Homeschooler [05-28-2000]

I saw Betsy Ross's house years ago but have forgotten a lot...except the narrow steps!! I LOVE our flag!! It's the MOST beautiful one in all the world...thanks Betsy!
Judith Kay Porray, Walworth, NY high school English teacher, 53 years old [05-28-2000]

Angelyn Kidd., Age 9 . From Oklahoma. [05-28-2000]

Jill [05-28-2000]

Narkida Hall, intermediate student [05-28-2000]

brittany williams, 11 [05-28-2000]

I want to go to Betsy Ross's House ssooooooo bad!!!
Yi Liao, I am 11 years old. [05-28-2000]

I am in charge of the montly birthday party for the month of June. I chose the flag theme for the party to celebrate our nations flag. I needed more information to be true to the theme.
Julie March McNeal, Houston, Texas, 35 yrs. old, communications specialist [05-28-2000]

pjanie [05-28-2000]

We'll be visiting Phila soon for one day with one friend from out of state and another from Europe. We have to decide what sites in Phila to visit during our ONE day. Betsy Ross House will probably be one of them.
Pat Lillig MacDonald, Wichita, Kansas, Mother over 50 [05-28-2000]

betsy ross is a cool person and her srength inspires lots of people
cara wesley [05-28-2000]

OKIVIA C. DAVILA, corpus christi texas, 38years old, housewife [05-28-2000]

Alana Michener [05-28-2000]

i'm a teacher thanks
amraff1 [05-28-2000]

Laura Altimari, King of Prussia, 22 [05-28-2000]

This information is for a young lady who happens to be one of my 5th grade students. Every year, the fifth grade class does a "Wax Museum" and her historical person is Betsy Ross. We are busy gathering information on the maker of the first flag and your web sight is WONDERFUL. Thank you for maintaining it for our students.
Georgia Thieme, Special Ed. teacher, White Pigeon, MI [05-28-2000]

MICHAEL GALLOWAY, 32,nyc [05-28-2000]

Just visiting...
Jill, I am 34 and the secretary for the Amvets Ladies Auxillary #17 in El Cajon CA [05-28-2000]

Cecilia Oberg, age 9, from Minnesota [05-28-2000]

Ms. Wright's second grade class, Mobile, Alabama [05-28-2000]

Noreen Edge [05-28-2000]

Wendy Hudson, Montana [05-28-2000]

stephanie Parra, 10 [05-28-2000]

Erica Jaklofsky, Im About to be 11! [05-28-2000]

Brenda Brandt, Missouri, making a flag quilt [05-28-2000]

I need all the info I can get!!!!
sophia flores, MANSFIELD,age 11 , girl [05-28-2000]

Nicholson Schools Resource Room [05-28-2000]

pJANIE [05-28-2000]

HEIDI, I live in a home [05-28-2000]

Janie Pinter [05-28-2000]

Yacek Chlebda, poland, 33 [05-28-2000]

linda, 11 [05-28-2000]

I will be visiting this home on Friday 5-26-00 with my nephew. He attends St. Charles School, Drexel Hill,PA. I have not been here since my mother took us as children and I am looking forward to coming back!I though it would be nice if I could gather some information for my nephew, he is excited about visiting too! Thank you for allowing me on this virtual tour!
Laura Pierce, college student [05-28-2000]

Doing a search on my family name and came across a "Pam Donnaud" in the guest register. Desided to take the tour. VERY NICE WEB SITE.
David M. Donnaud, Memphis, TN , age 38 [05-28-2000]

Ron Atkins [05-28-2000]

thankyou for the tour,I enjoyed it
barbara wellman, las vegas nv 47yrs I love looking on the net at all the old homes etc.. [05-28-2000]

I am doing a report on the American flag and am looking for information.
Erin DeCleene, I am 7 years old and in first grade [05-28-2000]

i love betsy ross. when i had to do a report on betsy ross with my friend ashley lockhart, ashley and i got the highest scores.see ya later
kelsey price, 225-76 indian hollow road age:09 [05-28-2000]

janice nichols, alabama, love of u.s. history [05-28-2000]

our school is studing history
stacey, florida [05-28-2000]

Bill & Claris Hicks [05-28-2000]

William Shapiro, Buena Park, California Parnet [05-28-2000]

The five point star really works. I wonder who came up with this trick????
Elizabeth Sterndale, I am gathering information for my 3rd grade report [05-28-2000]

So far we have enjoyed your web page. We love America and of course the American Flag. Thank you for the tour.
Jerry & Betty Marshall, Denver, Co- we are 56 & 57 and married for 19 years [05-28-2000]

We are homeschooled and we are studying the American Flag. We had a lot of fun making the 5 pointed star. We hope to someday come and visit the Betsy Ross house.
kines kids, 6 year old triplet girls and 1 three year old girl [05-28-2000]

Frankie Chacon [05-28-2000]

I appreciate the work that was put into this informative site. I learned a lot of things that I would not have learned about American History had it not been for this Web Site. THANKS!!!
Michael Lewis, Texas I am 21yrs, old and love American History!!! [05-28-2000]

NANCY LICATA, so. california age: 51 [05-28-2000]

Cassandra, 25 [05-28-2000]

Mary Russell, Louisiana [05-28-2000]

i could of made the flag too
brent taddie, blairsville 9 [05-28-2000]

Tami Gillies [05-28-2000]

3rd Grade SOAR at Falmouth Elementary [05-28-2000]

We are interested in the placement of a flag on a stage
jaunita, 72 yrs. retired [05-28-2000]

Sammey, my age is 11 [05-28-2000]

I did a book report on Besty Ross and found a lot of great information on this websight. The tour of Besty's house was great. I don't leave real far from Phila. and will have to visit in person. Thanks.
Brittany, Age 11, Penna. [05-28-2000]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross for school.
Sarah Lloyd, age 7 from Chicago, Il [05-28-2000]

Kathy Brown [05-28-2000]

Ed & Glo Usrey [05-28-2000]

The tour was very helpful for my school project. Thank you.
Kristy [05-28-2000]

Lauren, Olathe, KS /11. [05-28-2000]

the information is great
tabitha, baltimore // [05-28-2000]

Rachel Hines, age 8 [05-28-2000]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross
Roxanne Mroskey, Pennsylvania, 15 years old [05-28-2000]

Hi, I,m Looking for a picture and any other material on John Ross. He is my cousin and I was looking for whatever is available to take to the family renuin this year. thanks
Steven Ross, Laporte IN. 48yrs old [05-28-2000]

Ayndrew, Single I live in louisville,Ky [05-28-2000]

mbriody [05-28-2000]

I am a daycare provider looking for pages on flags my children can color but i am not having any luck
Laurie StAmour, I am From Vermont [05-28-2000]

Visiting Philadelphia this week-end and looking for sights to see.
Jennifer Wilson, Atlanta, Georgia [05-28-2000]

anonymous, Illinois [05-28-2000]

We enjoyed an actual visit to the Betsy Ross House in August 1999. Our kids were fascinated. Thanks.
Jane Japadjief [05-28-2000]

this research is for a school speech topic. Danielle is in the first grade.
Danielle Johnston, Encinitas, California -- Age 7 [05-28-2000]

Serena Piol, Student [05-28-2000]

Sharlene Cook [05-28-2000]

D Van Winkle [05-28-2000]

HEATHER OLLIS, 9 years old [05-28-2000]

we lived in Princeton NJ several years ago and went to visit historic Phil. We missed the house because it had just closed. I was very disappointed. Do you sell the 13 star flags?
Cheri Peoples, lee's summit missouri 35 [05-28-2000]

kyle mills, 11 [05-28-2000]

robin smith [05-28-2000]

Sarah Durkin, Pisataway N.J Age 10 [05-28-2000]

My niece and I are really enjoying your website. I didn't know that any of this exsisted until she came up and we where talking about what she was studying in history. Which is about Betsy Ross making the first flag. She suggested that we go online to see if we could find anything. Her name is Amy Age: 14 also residing in Monticello, KY. We want to Thank You everyone who made it possible to see everything that was brought to us on this web link. Again Thanks alot. Sincerely. Elizabeth & Amy
Elizabeth Tuggle, age: 29 from: Monticello KY. [05-28-2000]

Anna, Maple Valley, WA [05-28-2000]

i'm here on a mission to get pictures for my report on betsy ross
katie, i'm 12 and i like 'nsync [05-28-2000]

Jim Burke, 60yrs. old, Salt Lake City, Utah [05-28-2000]

people who ask a lot of ?'s are nosy!!!!!!!!
suzy, whatever [05-28-2000]

Lisa A. Robinson, Live in Philadelphia, age 37 [05-28-2000]

i am looking for information about betsy ross for a report that my 10 year old daughter is writing.
RITA, 31 years of age [05-28-2000]

Geoff and Harris, Davenport, IA age 11 [05-28-2000]

Becky, Texas,13 [05-28-2000]

gilbert, I am 13 and i live in Texas [05-28-2000]

Carolyn Guy [05-28-2000]

Jacklyn Summers, Claremore O.K. Claremore Alternative School [05-28-2000]

chayann, 31-f-elyria ohio [05-28-2000]

Susan Kempel, Casselton, ND [05-28-2000]

Kim Cookson, Clayton,Il [05-28-2000]

Cheryl Ellard [05-28-2000]

I'm looking forward to this tour.
Maria Millen, I'm 52 from Bloomington Normal, Illinois [05-28-2000]

LISA MUSTICO, 7th grade teacher - elmira, new york [05-28-2000]

Elizabeth [05-28-2000]

danielle, york pa 11 [05-28-2000]

I will be comming to Philly. on Friday with my school St. Joseph's!
John Staniewicz, I live in york, Pa. I am 11 years old [05-28-2000]

We are studying the flag as part of a unit called Symbols of our country. We will be browsing the site so the children can visit the house and understand better understand out country's history.
Kathy Salsgiver, teacher, Alta Loma School District, California [05-28-2000]

lauren and michael, student orlando, florida [05-28-2000]

Boris, student,Maitland,Florida [05-28-2000]

lauren and michael, student orlando, florida [05-28-2000]

Joel, Daniel, and Biana, Studnet, MaitLAND, FL [05-28-2000]

Joshua, student Maitland,Florida [05-28-2000]

Jordan, student maitland florida [05-28-2000]

Joel, Daniel, and Biana, Studnet, MaitLAND, FL : [05-28-2000]

Samantha, Student, Maitland, Florida [05-28-2000]

I am so happy to tour Betsy Ross house. Thank you
Lindsey Seward, i'm 17 years old [05-28-2000]

Heather Kintzer, i am 15 i live in pa i am working on a school report about Betsy Ross right now. [05-28-2000]

Nancy A McNew, London,Ky [05-28-2000]

erin barrett, new york [05-28-2000]

Great information on Betsy Ross, thanks for teaching me how to make a five-pointed star.
Dana Green, age 10 in Idahao [05-28-2000]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross, We are studing colonial times.
Racheal Gray, student, 5th grade [05-28-2000]

Margaret Robinson, West Chester PA, Age 9 [05-28-2000]

looking for things to see , we will be out there june 8th, and will make this one of our stops
Donna Glines, Harrison, MI. 39 , [05-28-2000]

i love america
bokchoy cookie, satori [05-28-2000]

I have a friend who is a direct descendant of Betsy Ross and am looking for information about Mrs. Ross to complete an article that I plan to write about her for the local newspaper
shirley contreras, Arroyo Grande, California [05-28-2000]

Caitlin, 10 [05-28-2000]

son has 1st grade history project. This is a wonderful website. Thank you!
mary dawson, Evanston IL [05-28-2000]

I have been working with my students on a patriotism project and they've been especially interested in the flags of the US!
lynn Quinn, kindergarten teacher [05-28-2000]

michael [05-28-2000]

Tami Cox, Taylor Mill, Kentucky teacher [05-28-2000]

Barbara Linnard [05-28-2000]

I came here because I am doing a report on Betsy Ross.
Rachel McManus, age 9 Union NJ [05-28-2000]

I'm doing my book report and essay on Betsy Ross and I found this web site with all this information. Thanks Janell
Janell Christiansen, San Diego, California, 11 years old [05-28-2000]

Martha Kackley, Fairfax, VA [05-28-2000]

hi ????????????????, bye from taylor
Taylor, cool [05-28-2000]

Maribeth Reisbeck [05-28-2000]

cool site- the house seems to be pretty well preserved- i'm here for a school project, but i go to admit this site is unlike any other!!!!!- good job!!!!!
Crystal Kempt, Dedham, MA-USA F/17 [05-28-2000]

Doing a report for school.This site has great information.I printed everything on here to show my class.My teacher will love it.
Tina, Philadelphia,age 10 [05-28-2000]

atehimspadhim owahogaho, 20 [05-28-2000]

I am studying Betsy Ross for a School Project at Dayton Christian Elm School
Amanda Engler, 10 yrs. old, Beavercreek, Ohio [05-28-2000]

kimberley lampitt [05-28-2000]

billy [05-28-2000]

Thank you for making this website!
Katherine, I am 9 years old [05-28-2000]

Jim Sauer, Teacher [05-28-2000]

I visited this house while on vacation a few years back!
anonymous [05-28-2000]

Karlee Grosso, interior decorator in New York [05-28-2000]

Enjoyed very much looking at this sight very educational for my childrenI copyed off the information for them to read and pictures to see. Ages 4-12 years. Sincerely Bev B.
Beverly Burdette, central part of the United States [05-28-2000]

Jennifer Ruth Hawkins, Denver City, Texas 79323 [05-28-2000]

Mary Ann Garone, Creighton school district [05-28-2000]

I'm a cool and smart person
Amy Hildebrande, a/s/l 12/f/FL [05-28-2000]

Cherica Peoples, n/a [05-28-2000]

lisa, 99 is not my age [05-28-2000]

alex [05-28-2000]

M Racanelli [05-28-2000]

jeffreyherbert, 13 thofore [05-28-2000]

My students will be finishing biographies of famous Pennsylvanians and we will be making them aware of this site.
John Hadalski, A teacher who will visit with the grade level soon. [05-28-2000]

Richard Easingwood, Late 50s, Fayetteville, NC [05-27-2000]

we were trying to find internet sites for a world civ class and stumbled upon this one, we are very eager to take the tour.
joyce bowling, 36 and live in manchester kentucky [05-27-2000]

Glenn Wolenec [05-27-2000]

I just read a book about betsy ross - Im working on a biography and diarama for my class. I think Betsy Ross was great!
katie, california / 2nd grade [05-27-2000]

Erika, Tn [05-27-2000]

A. T. SALCEDO, indio, california ; age 16; [05-27-2000]

Joleen Beggs [05-27-2000]

Steven Riehl, Student 7years old [05-27-2000]

We were interested in the United States Flag 'Old Glory' be- cause I have a program coming up on Flag Day this year 2000 and could not find any thing on the flag anywhere except here. Thank you now I will have a program along with the flags of the Confederacy.
Chuck and Pam Seekamp, Sonoma County, Ca. 41 - 42 [05-27-2000]

I am very happy to get to know all about Mrs. Ross
Ali Black, 10-years-old [05-27-2000]

M. Kenna Peterson, Middle-aged lover of American history [05-27-2000]

Martha Inglis, I am a first grade teacher in College Park, Maryland [05-27-2000]

Jillian O'Keefe, Chicago,Il. 60608 age:14 [05-27-2000]

I love your website!
Ashley, I love animals! My lifetime goal is to become a marinebiologist. [05-27-2000]

ashley, age 12, massena, ny [05-27-2000]

colin [05-27-2000]

Brian Goostrey, Michigan [05-27-2000]

Roslyn Wylie, Librarian, Milner Library, Illinois State University [05-27-2000]

why did BetseyRoss sew the first flag ?
kasey, age 09 [05-27-2000]

Rosalie Bergeron, 2nd student,8 [05-27-2000]

Mrs. Stanley Multi-Age Class, We are a 1-3 grade class in Tennessee [05-27-2000]

I have to dress up like betsy ross and resite informtaion about her at our school my grandmother is makeing the dress for me. Thanks for putting all of this information on the internet tyhanks a lot Michelle
michelle, Location: California Age : 13 years old, Eight grade [05-27-2000]

Nicole Throckmorton, I am 14 yrs. old. I live in California. [05-27-2000]

mary, 25yrs [05-27-2000]

Looking forward to this tour
Marie McGovern, Resident of Delaware County, grandmother doing research for No. 3 Grandson [05-27-2000]

Iam doing a report on besty ross and i need information.
kayla morgan, hammond la. 10 [05-27-2000]

I am realated to Betsey Ross. She is so cool!
Ella Ross, 13, San Fransisco [05-27-2000]

Miriam Cudemo, 2 Rose Tree Drive [05-27-2000]

Jaime Stidham, Calif. mother of 9 year old doing a project. [05-27-2000]

I love history, everyone has their own history.
Cindy Puerta, Boston, 11 [05-27-2000]

Caitlin Frawley, grade 2 [05-27-2000]

Dear Betsy Ross, 5/8/2000 I am a 4th Grader at Doe Run Elementry and we are doing researches on famous americans and I got you. So far I have had a really good time reading about you, Thanks, Kelsea Lamphere
Kelsea Lamphere, Manheim6 10 Female 5/8/2000 [05-27-2000]

Hi how are u doing fine thank you well i g/g bye*
Leah Roberts, martinsville 13 yeah [05-27-2000]

diana, blue eyes light brown hair [05-27-2000]

Ashley Goodell, Student, doing a report. [05-27-2000]

rachael underwood, i`m 14 [05-27-2000]

KRISTI PEELER [05-27-2000]

Emily Eavenson [05-27-2000]

thank you for the info for my daughters report.
Amy Berkowitz, housewife [05-27-2000]

Linda Wunnenberg, Fort Myers, Florida going to visit Philadelphia in July 2000 [05-27-2000]

This is great! I can't wait to use this with my students next year.
DeAnne Preyer, Los Angeles, CA/age 31/5th grade teacher [05-27-2000]

Alan Pidcock [05-27-2000]

Plan to bring family to Philadelphia in June. What are the hours and cost of going to the Betsy Ross House?
Vince Greene, 316 Evans Drive, Cameron, NC 28326 [05-27-2000]

Geena Padilla, 10 [05-27-2000]

I am doing a social studies project about Betsy Ross
Gracie Thaxton, Monroe, LA 7 [05-27-2000]

todd [05-27-2000]

Anna Brasfield [05-27-2000]

Mrs. Berger, computer teacher ele [05-27-2000]

Kiley, beresford,SD-13 [05-27-2000]

I'm hoping to play the part of Betsy Ross in a play called, "Historical Hysteria"
Samia, 10 year old in Egypt [05-27-2000]

dusty monk, 15 [05-27-2000]

Ronald S. Crawford [05-27-2000]

Nicole Vigil, Doing a report on Betsy Ross [05-27-2000]

Nicky, Honolulu, Hi [05-27-2000]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross she is da bomb!
Sally Short, Shelby NC Age 11 [05-27-2000]

Philidelphia is the most interesting place I have ever reasearched!!!
Stephanie, Northport,NY [05-27-2000]

PATRICIA MACE [05-27-2000]

Stacey Vitale, New Jersey 3rd grade taecher [05-27-2000]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross. I appreicate what she has done for us
Cindy Rime, 16 years old [05-27-2000]

An early Hugg, Samuel Hugg, was the owner of the tavern where Betsy and John were married.
Steve Hugg, visiting on-line from Virginia [05-27-2000]

Even though I was born in Liverpool, I always thougt the American flag was the prettiest one of all. I even wore a American flag dress to a press conference!!
Whirx'z planet, Nevada,27,ex Spice Girl (really) [05-27-2000]

claire [05-27-2000]

Nick [05-27-2000]

I love history! I was born in Philadelphia. One of our school field trips was to the Betsy Ross house and the US Mint. It was great!
Joann Santorsola, Syracuse, NY [05-27-2000]

God Bless America
Neal Wilson, from Georgetown, Ontario, Canada [05-27-2000]

terricia walter, livermore. calif. 10 yrs old [05-27-2000]

Awesome idea
Cool dude [05-27-2000]

Mark Fetter [05-27-2000]

LISA BAILEY, barboursville, wv i'm 31 years old [05-27-2000]

Courtney Farley, W.V.,12.This is for my school project [05-27-2000]

Rana Z, Michigan [05-27-2000]

Mark Galipeau, 40+ Sonoma Co. California [05-27-2000]

I think its great this website is offered. Thanks!!
tonya derose, 25, templeton, CA [05-27-2000]

Dawna Provost [05-27-2000]

george [05-27-2000]

Scott, 18/M/oh [05-27-2000]

your cite great for school work!!!!!!
Chris.. k., 13 years old [05-27-2000]

Robert cunningham [05-27-2000]

Thank you for making this tour possible. I enjoyed it so much!
Marilyn Clark, Virginia [05-27-2000]

Christina Greer [05-27-2000]

Regina Hale, Omak, Wa 16 [05-27-2000]

This looks like a cool site! very educational!
Amanda, Houston, Texas [05-27-2000]

I am bringing my 5th grade class to Phila on May 17. We're taking the trolley tour of historic Phila. I'm sure the Betsy Ross house will be on the tour. Thanks for all the useful info.
Rosemary Gallagher, west Chester, PA; 47years; elementary ed teacher [05-27-2000]

Mike Black, 19 [05-27-2000]

Joan Swift, Staunton, VA-Storyteller [05-27-2000]

GINNY DAVIS [05-27-2000]

KELLY JAGGERS, jeffersonville in 11 [05-27-2000]

Colleen, I like B-Ball [05-27-2000]

nmorano, fourth grade teacher [05-27-2000]

Stephanie Gomez, 11 [05-27-2000]

Dawn Flannigan, Specal Education teacher [05-27-2000]

Bryce Courtney, 11 yrs. old. Doing a report [05-27-2000]

CHERYL OLLIVIERRE, a 39 year old mother of 3, teaching my children about betsy ross's place in american history [05-27-2000]

russ, 13 [05-27-2000]

jody maccallum, im intrested in betsy ross [05-27-2000]

We are learning about Betsy Ross. It is a Virgina Standard of learning objective for kindergarten.
Mrs. Kipps' Kindergarten Class [05-27-2000]

I'm reading a biography of Betsy. The book tells of Betsy winning first prize for needlework in a fair for a sampler she embroidered. Do you know anything about the sampler? It had a picture of the independence bell with a moon and five-pointed stars. Ann Weil wrote the book I'm reading. Thank you. I hope to visit Betsy's house in person some day.
Molly Korroch, I live in Williamsburg, Virginia. I'm nine years old. [05-27-2000]

Brian Clark, 182 Arlington Place Staten Island New York 10303 [05-27-2000]

Gloria E Silverman, I a history buff . [05-27-2000]

Karen Franklin, Perry, GA [05-27-2000]

Kaitlyn Willison, I am ten and in the 5th grade. [05-27-2000]

scott, ohio [05-27-2000]

Kelly, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania [05-27-2000]

Eric F., I'm 8 years old and live in TN. [05-27-2000]

Karen Lopez, Teacher Chesapeake Va [05-27-2000]

I,m doing a Biography on Betsy Ross
Emily Wilhelm, 378 Park Club Lane, Williamsville, New York, Age, 9 [05-27-2000]

Thanks for the look into the life of Betsy Ross!
stacey auld, 10 [05-27-2000]

I'm sure I will enjoy it. Thank you for being here.
Claudette Reed, craft person, over 35+, enjoy viewing old and new homes [05-27-2000]

carol gillespie, military family, ft. bragg, n.c. [05-27-2000]

Julie, 1gl2211 [05-27-2000]

I will go there!!!
Raquel Vannucci Carneiro, Brazil, 28 years old [05-27-2000]

JENNIFER MARIE WELLER, thurmont,md age 24 [05-27-2000]

Gloria Carson, Sarasota, FL [05-27-2000]

Pam, I am a mom [05-27-2000]

found this website when helping my daughter complete a project on american history for her second grade class. this is great!
SONJA FURR, from locust, nc [05-27-2000]

need a picture of the american flag circa 1781. thought one may be here.
Juanita Taylor, student (4the grade) [05-27-2000]

debi howard [05-27-2000]

Thanks for all the information.
Kaci Reeser, 11 yrs old [05-27-2000]

Jaime Littles, Paulsboro, NJ 16 yrs. [05-27-2000]

Chasity Smith, 15 [05-27-2000]

Elaine Belko [05-27-2000]

Angela Stephens, Freshman @ Texas A & M University, College Station, Texas [05-27-2000]

Grat Web Pages. Thank you. You mak it easy to get infrmaton Icn read. I am Dyslc
Thomas Boggs, Hi I'm 11 in Northern CA [05-27-2000]

manda, 15 [05-27-2000]

Deborah Amacher, 31 year old Coast Guard reservist from Newport, NC. [05-27-2000]

Can you send me pictures of Philadelphia???
Joshua Davidson, I Love Philadelphia! [05-27-2000]

MWhetstone [05-27-2000]

cris white, florida,25,ironworker,working to make america beautiful [05-27-2000]

We learned about Besty Ross in the learning center in my school. Our school if named after President Jefferson. My mom said we can look her up on the internet so we did.
Jimmy Russo, Summit, NJ 8 years old 2 grade` [05-27-2000]

I'm planning to visit Philadelphia this summer.
June VanWingen, Grand Rapids, MI [05-27-2000]

i love bios and she is awesome
lacey fischer, 11,love reading [05-27-2000]

Thanks for having this virtual tour available. We enjoyed learning more about Betsy Ross and her life.
Mrs. Mussatti's 4/5 grade class, Escondido, CA [05-27-2000]

i will be a volunteer at republican national convention
peter miller, 26 [05-27-2000]

Beverly Inglese, Lakeville Mass , 34 [05-27-2000]

We are studying about special americans and wanted to learn more about the lady who is recognized as making the first flag.
Susan Cockerell's First Grade [05-27-2000]

It has been rumored in my family that I related to Betsey Ross. My grandmother's maiden name was Viola Mae Ross, daughter of Clarence Ross born on PA.
Robin Pozgar, West Melbourne, FL age 36, working on my family tree in my spare time. [05-27-2000]

Mrs. Cash's Second Grade Class, Nathalie, Virginia [05-27-2000]

To all who enter.......LET FREEDOM RING!!!!
Anthony Giannaci, Scotch Plains, NJ [05-27-2000]

I visited the Betsy Ross house in 1964 and now I'm helping my grandaughter learn more about Betsy for a project at school. She's trying to find out what Betsy died of at age 84. I told her I thought from old age.
Edy Nowaski, Age 67, Spokane, WA. [05-27-2000]

I'm learning about American Flag and Betsy Ross.
Trevor Grant, Atlanta, Georgia [05-27-2000]

hey i love history so take me away!
sara, florida [05-27-2000]

love it
judy, 52 live in va [05-27-2000]

tiffany olah, i'm 11 years old [05-27-2000]

I am on my Moms Screen Name so please don't write
MIchael P. McCormick, 12 Northern VA [05-27-2000]

I'm doing a report about thee Betsy Ross and if any one has information about her please e-mail me @:
Maggie, I'm 10 years old and live in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania [05-27-2000]

I'm very interested in Betsy Ross.
Alison, Danbury,CT 7 1/2 [05-27-2000]

Jenni Snyder, Northumberland, Pa. 17857 [05-27-2000]

Alison, Danbury,CT 7 in a half [05-27-2000]

PATRICIA M. DUNCAN, retired - grandmother of seven [05-27-2000]

Laura, no way [05-27-2000]

Brittanie Stapleton, Huntington,15 [05-27-2000]

I teach a Montessori Preschool in a Catholic School,Epiphany of our Lord School. For my Preschool Graduation Program this year I am doing a Patriotic Theme, the flag will be an integral part with some Patriotic Songs. I thought I would like to include a little history for my students. This site will help me alot, if you have any suggestions for me to include in my program I would greatly appreciate your it. The Graduation does not take place until May 26. Thank you. Angela Lancaster P.S. The songs I plan to include in my program are, "You're a Grand Old Flag", "This Land is Your Land", and "America".
Angela Lancaster, Monessen,PA 15062 Age:51 [05-27-2000]

Ms. Embry's Fifth Grade Class [05-27-2000]

give me a flag
sonia deng, 14 years old [05-27-2000]

john connnolly [05-27-2000]

My grandmother was a Claypoole. We have just finished the Family tree geneology and I have just learned of a cousin, John Claypoole, taken back to England and imprisoned during the Revolutionary War and with him was Betsy Ross husband. John claypoole was to deliver a letter to Betsy Ross if her then Husband would pass away. The letter was delivered to Betsy Ross and after a time the two Betsy and John Claypoole were married.
Carolyn I. Harrod, Live in Wichita, KS 59 yrs of age [05-27-2000]

priscilla alexander, 10 years old [05-27-2000]

I love this web site and have gotten a lot of resource material for my classroom from it. Next to reading, history is the most important thing in a child's education, or it is to me. My class loves going to this web site to view and read all the great information available, and the pictures are great for those who have trouble with reading. So much of the material you present is not available in textbooks. Thank you so much for a great web site. Marilyn C. Herring Holley Elementary School 306 Carter Road Sylvester, Georgia 31791
Marilyn C. Herring, Teacher Holley Elementary Sylvester Worth Co Georgia [05-27-2000]

Tawny Halterman, 11 [05-27-2000]

catherine rogers [05-27-2000]

Patricia Mignano [05-27-2000]

My teachers name is Mr. White, and he is the best teacher I have had in my whole life.
Kiyoko Timmons, I am a 3rd grader at Woodley Hill Elementary School in Fairfax County, VA. [05-27-2000]

A KINDRED, age 23 female [05-27-2000]

I visited as a child on a school trip. This brought back memories. Thanks
Elaine Moor, born and raised in Chalfont, Pa. [05-27-2000]

Mrs. Berry's 1st Grade [05-27-2000]

David Batton, 13 [05-27-2000]

I'm doing a research paper on Betsy Ross
Teri Lynn hubbard, Pope, MS age 14 [05-27-2000]

Morgan Rose Dobry, I am eight years old and am doing an oral book report on the life and times of Besty Ross. Some day I hope to visit her house in Philadelphia. [05-27-2000]

Courtney Greenland [05-27-2000]

Samantha Klasfeld, Age 8, Boca Raton FL [05-27-2000]

gabriela Blachet, Argentina [05-27-2000]

jackie mccay, im 12 and doing a report on the american flag [05-27-2000]

jennifer, rhode island [05-27-2000]

melanie hollman [05-27-2000]

Amanda G., Elementary school student researching info on Betsy Ross. [05-27-2000]

We have found in family records that my husbands family was somehow realted to Betsy Ross, but we have had no proof yet.Do you know if there is any information on the John Ross that she married
Kim Kingston, Washington State, 42, Family Genealologist [05-27-2000]

Searching all Ross records trying to find my Ross connections in PA about 1800
Ernestine Ross Baumgardner, VA age 60 hobby-genealogy [05-27-2000]

VAL LANDRY, new orleans, la. [05-27-2000]

This information has been very helpful for a project that we're working on.
Frances Stitz, President of VFW Auxiliary Benton, Pa. [05-27-2000]

Love this website about my hometown. My husband (native Californian, born in Eureka) and I visited Philly 3 years ago. Unfortunately, we toured on a Monday and Betsy Ross' home was closed (we peeked thru the windows) and Independance Hall was locked due to asbestos removal. Of course, I have seen all the historical sights both as a child and when my own three children were young (we moved in 1984). We hope to visit Philly again this year...and our historical tour will NOT be on a Monday! Thanks Philly and I send you my Love xoxo
Christine Marie Patton, Concord, CA - Native Philadelphian - born in Frankford Hospital on September 15, 1949 [05-27-2000]

My grandmother's name was Jodie Ross. The family thought we were kin to Elizabeth "Betsy" Ross, the flag maker. I am sad to say, after much research, I discovered that OUR "Betsy" Ross was the wrong one! Seems that Jodie's father, Hugh Menenol Ross married Elizabeth Grider. Apparently all Elizabeth females use the nickname "Betsy" so she was our "Betsy" Ross. {:(
Dolores Hollyfield Guinn, Born in the great state of Texas! [05-27-2000]

Lisa Dooley, 40 [05-27-2000]

Julia [05-27-2000]

kelly, 10age [05-27-2000]

janicebetha, decatur,ga;14 [05-27-2000]

Thank you for creating this page. I hope to be able to see the house in person someday.
Andi Toli, Boston, MA grade 8 [05-27-2000]

Looking forward to my visit, love historic homes.
Maureen Worthe, midwest, 40 [05-27-2000]

rob heyno, management consultant, history buff [05-27-2000]

m cook, southern california teacher [05-27-2000]

Kristin Richardson, NJ, 10, 5th Grade Student [05-27-2000]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross for my school's Pennsylvania Days.
lauren montemuro, Downingtown,PA 10 yrs. [05-27-2000]

I am searching for information about the Maniaci family, from Palermo Sicily. Mother and Father arrived in USA 1904-1905. Uncle and Aunt came sooner.
Rosemarie Maniaci (Manioci), Rochester New York area [05-27-2000]

Thank you for a chance to view a part of history.
Robert P. McConnell Jr, Hephzibah, GA 30815-6432 USA Retired US Army [05-27-2000]

i have in my possession a print by charles h. weisgerber called the birth of our nations flag copy 1911 can someone tell us something about it it is 22 by 28 thanks
mr. john t. spedding, mayfair 45 yrs. old. [05-27-2000]

Nicole [05-27-2000]

I'm looking forward to visiting Philadelphia next week during spring break. I've been in Philly twice - for conferences. This will be my first in terms of sight seeing - I'm looking forward ti visiting the Betsy Ross house.
Marielena Kamienski, I live in New York City. I'm a teacher. [05-27-2000]

i am wanting information on betsy ross, because i am doing a report o her.
SARAH, kansas,12,. [05-27-2000]

Matthew, 27 [05-27-2000]

Comming to the Penn Relays and looking farward to visiting the historic sections of youy city.My grand daughters are participating in the relays and are also excited to see your city.
Gordon Hyde, San Jose, Ca , Age 71 [05-27-2000]

I recently visited the Betsy Ross House, and it was a wonderful experience!!
Valarie Warner, Los Angeles, CA [05-27-2000]

I'm doing a school report on Betsy Ross!!
Brittany Raquel Miller, 11 years old and live in Dyer, Indiana [05-27-2000]

John Parker [05-27-2000]

Very nice tour, thank you.
Amy [05-27-2000]

tracy, Ohio 27 [05-27-2000]

K.Cody L.A.C.A.C. chair Niagara Falls,Ontario Canada
anonymous [05-27-2000]

I am doing a report type thing in my class on Betsy Ross. It is sorta like a play also. So I am looking up her home page.
Elizabeth Branstetter, I am 11. I live in Missouri. [05-27-2000]

MASOOD ANWAR, nj 27 [05-27-2000]

sarah, ????? [05-27-2000]

Stephanie Washkuhn, Webster Wisconson 16 years old [05-27-2000]

am traveling to philly in june-am looking for interesting historic sites
susan dornbush, teacher-central illinois [05-27-2000]

We are learning the song "You're a Grand Old Flag" and decided to learn more about the United States Flag.
Mrs. Flom's First Grade, Kenyon-Wanamingo Elementary, Minnesota [05-27-2000]

I am a goth chic myself and love stories bout that.
Amy Lawrence, 15-Female-Maryland [05-27-2000]

David Messner, Federal Way Washington, age 11 Camelot Elementary School [05-27-2000]

I am trying to find out what the blue in the flag represent.
Maeola Stevenson, The carolinas [05-27-2000]

Elizabeth V. Randolph, kindergarten teacher in williamsburg, va [05-27-2000]

Great web site
Gene, Philadelphia, PA [05-27-2000]

Karol Harlow, Live in Albany New York and am a high school principal [05-27-2000]

Christina [05-27-2000]

I am doing a simulated journal as Betsy Ross for my class project! I'm really excited to learn about her and act as her for my presentation!
Gabrielle Elaina, Fourteen years old, birthday - February 11th. [05-27-2000]

Victoria Ishimastu, 11 years old from Seal Beach, CA [05-27-2000]

Lauren [05-27-2000]

This will help me with my schoolwork!
Kaci Reeser [05-27-2000]

taking a graduate course teaching PA history to fourth graders
Susan Morgan, teacher grade four [05-27-2000]

Sylvia Leal, Karnes City, Texas [05-27-2000]

Ms. Miller's 2nd Grade Class, Cloverdale Elementary School [05-27-2000]

My sons and I are learning the history of the American flag and have found your site very helpful. For some reason many people here think there are 52 states, but I can send them an e-mail with the evidence that there are only 50. Otherwise, they don't believe me! But they can't dispute it when they see the picture gallery at your site! Thank you.
Jane Hildebrand, Denmark, age 45 [05-27-2000]

romano [05-27-2000]

Tanya Kusek, Billings, MT 20yrs old [05-27-2000]

krtistin krohn, league city ,tx age 15 [05-27-2000]

Howdy, have a great day
Kelly Salmon, I'm 16 [05-27-2000]

Pat Campbell, San Diego, CA. 41 [05-27-2000]

Sherry White, UCF Student [05-27-2000]

Will make our students aware of this interesting site when finding information about our country's history.
Patricia Roberts, elementary librarian [04-17-2000]

Samantha, Location:Earth Age:12 [04-17-2000]

Ken Moorin, Ogden, Utah [04-17-2000]

hey u lots of things for a project of besty ross whainch is what im doin
christina, 11 [04-17-2000]

I am doing a report and timeline of the life of Betsy Ross.
Betsy Beasley, 11 years old, Virginia [04-17-2000]

Tara Donberg, no [04-17-2000]

Cunningham family, Buckley WA [04-17-2000]

Lisa Marie Layden, I am a Female and happy all the time!!!!!!! [04-17-2000]

I am doing a report on flag day
SEAN WINSTEAD, Lisbon Falls Maine, age 9 [04-17-2000]

pamela kirby, lagrange kentucky [04-17-2000]

Hey,thanks for putting this info on the web! It helped me with my report at school.
Elise Walker, 8 years old [04-17-2000]

i am doing a social studys report and my teacher put a lot of peoples names we could use so i am using you so i need a lot of information about you.thanks.kayla
Kayla, Michigan/F/11/CUTE/I HAVE A BOY FRIEND/ [04-17-2000]

I would like to research on Betsy Ross b/c I choose to do a History project on her!
Meaghan Alfarano, 13, Philadelphia PA [04-17-2000]

Katie Rosatelli and Justine Lorenzo, 10-Katie 11-Justine 5th grade L/R Mrs.Jordan [04-17-2000]

tabom, whatever [04-17-2000]

Kara Shaffer, 17 [04-17-2000]

Samantha ross [04-17-2000]

Georgia Schulte [04-17-2000]

Kathleen Imhoff [04-17-2000]

I am helping my "Rent-A-Kid" (who has no access to a computer)find information about Betsy Ross for a school project. I was able to find everything I need at your website. Excellent!!!
Diane Starling [04-17-2000]

Danielle Thomas, Seattle,WA [04-17-2000]

Amy, Location:earth Age:12 [04-16-2000]

kelsey bantz, i live in north dacota and im 50 years old [04-16-2000]

Julie Griego, I'm a homemaker from La Marque, TX [04-16-2000]

Katherine and Donna Michaud, Strafford, NH [04-16-2000]

was doing a report on Betsy Ross...and found lots of information.... after the report information was gathered...kept looking at all the interesting things....
mariah razo, 3rd grader in Ft. Knox Kentucky [04-16-2000]

angel [04-16-2000]

I am going to be Betsy for a wax museum program our class is doing.
Katie Goodroad, 10 yr old 5th grader Eisenhower Elem Hopkins MN [04-16-2000]

Besty Ross is my cousin on my mother side along with Gen. George Custer. Born and raise in Wva.
Johnny Seay, Mass,Age 56 [04-16-2000]

Hi, what's up? There really isn't anything for me to say, so bye bye! Cat
Cat, I like volleyball, dancing, pottery,and swimming. I am a girl. [04-16-2000]

niki, cherry hill, nj [04-16-2000]

CRISTA HATHAWAY, santa barbara, ca [04-16-2000]

i luv betsy
kristina, brick,nj [04-16-2000]

I am curious about Betsy Ross and her volunteerism.
Clarence M Witchell, I am 80 years old and live in Laingsburg, MI [04-16-2000]

I am writing a school paper on the life of Betsy Ross. I am in the 5th grade and would like any information you could give me.
Ashton Dorothy Clark [04-16-2000]

I am writing a report for school about Betsy Ross. Thank you for the helpful information about her. I look forward to the tour ofher home.
Peyton E. Miller, 9 years old. I live in NC [04-16-2000]

Proud to be an American and Vietnam Veteran
Robert, 51, Upland, CA [04-16-2000]

I enjoy american history and being recently moved to PA I look forward to touring Betsy Ross's house in person and not just via the web
Mrs Frank Misak, 35 yo married female, in Bucks Cty PA [04-16-2000]

Thank you for helping me learn about our flags. My favorite ones are the stars in the shape of a star and the snake one.
Amanda, 9 years old, California [04-16-2000]

JODY ZINTZ, longview, wa [04-16-2000]

susan, flagmaker [04-16-2000]

without her design the united states would not have independence
HANNAH HELBERT, hope in,11yrs ,tall,cool [04-16-2000]

John Gathings, South Carolina, 7 yr old first grader [04-16-2000]

Jimmy Brian [04-16-2000]

This is So cool. Thanks Kaitlin Shivers
Kaitlin Shivers, I'm 11. I live in Memphis,Tennessee [04-16-2000]

Billy Ryan [04-16-2000]

your web site is very interesting
drew duklewski, im 11 [04-16-2000]

Thnk you, I enjoyed the tour very much.
JOHN WOLLARD, FROM Chorley in Lancashire, ENGLAND [04-16-2000]

Hello My name is Megan and i am doing a report on Pennsylvania and Betsy Ross. I'd appreciate it if you could send me some information on her as soon as possible! That would be greatly appreciated and helpful in the research of Betsy Ross and her life. Thank you, Megan Kneisley Perry, Ohio 11 years old In need of help
Megan Kneisley, i am 11 years old and doing a report on Betsy Ross. [04-16-2000]

hi, i a sposed to be doing homework for the revolutionary war vs. the war of 1812 similarities when i found i decided to check it out! ~Allison
Allison Morris, San Diego, 13 [04-16-2000]

Yes, I like your website. thankyou.
José Moreno, puntarenas,costa rica. [04-16-2000]

i am doing a report for history
Tracy Mollerud [04-16-2000]

Thanxs for the web site it really helped me!
Chelsea Baldridge, I am 12 And I am researching for a project [04-16-2000]

bob & dot Symons, Aliquippa, Pa. [04-16-2000]

I'm doing this for a Teaching Social Studies project. Your website is very well put together!
Kim, College student [04-16-2000]

Jordan Carney [04-16-2000]

greatful to be able to take this tour.
Marissa Crow, happy in chicago i'm 27 [04-16-2000]

i love'r my hero.
LEAH, I'm 11 years old I'm in 5 th grade [04-16-2000]

Becky, I'm a 11 year old 5 grader [04-16-2000]

Taylor, I go to school am 11 5th grader [04-16-2000]

amanda chiles [04-16-2000]

Carissa Hay, age 10 [04-16-2000]

Liz, I love chris [04-16-2000]

Kelly Gambino, new orleans; 15 [04-16-2000]

Molly Philbin [04-16-2000]

Stacey HOOK, 9,4thgr [04-16-2000]

Molly Philbin, 10 years old 4th grade [04-16-2000]

Kelly Slagle [04-16-2000]

Cindy Knudtson [04-16-2000]

hurman, 23divein [04-16-2000]

Morgan Rose Dobry, I live in Walpole, Massachusetts and am in the third grade. I am doing a book report about Betsy Ross this month and am very excited. [04-16-2000]

Debbie Maik, Blaine, MN; 35 yrs. [04-16-2000]

I was doing a portrait of Betsy Ross and a report.
Annelies Cortez, 7 years old from Las Cruces, NM [04-16-2000]

what a great idea for a website. good for you!
sandi melton, grandmother [04-16-2000]

I stumbled across this website looking for information on flags for a lesson plan. I have always taken a special interest in Betsy Ross, so I'm sure this will be a treat! Thanks for creating this.
Staci-Jo M. Powell, Lafayette, LA, age = 24 [04-16-2000]

how old were you when you had got married to John Ross?
Britani Cureton, Age 12 [04-16-2000]

Heather Marie Dostal, Cadillac, Michigan age 10 [04-16-2000]

john, 11boy [04-16-2000]

I am doing a research paper on Betsy Ross and i thougth it would be cool to know what her house would look like
Celina, 12 Massachusetts [04-16-2000]

I am doing a research paper on Betsy Ross and i thougth it would be cool to know what her house would look like
Celina, 12 Massachusetts [04-16-2000]

I just enjoy reading about our pass and seeing things on the net that I will never be able to see in person. Betsy Ross must of been a very special lady.
Avis Merritt, I'm 59yrs. old, I live in Kansas. [04-16-2000]

LINDA, texas [04-16-2000]

Sheree BLoch, 36 yrs. [04-16-2000]

Casey Stack [04-16-2000]

Tyler [04-16-2000]

Marsha Anderson, I am a teacher in Oak Ridge, TN. I currently teach third grade. [04-16-2000]

We are currently studying national government, and are doing a unit on our national flag. It would not be complete without learning the history of our flag and it's beginning!
Mrs. Sheiman's Third Grade Class, Michigan [04-16-2000]

Patty Gurule, Nevada, 33, helping my daughter with a school project. [04-16-2000]

Heather Mills, Evans,Georgia [04-16-2000]

Nancy Nelson, Teacher [04-16-2000]

Val, Illinois [04-16-2000]

I am doing a biography report on Betsy for school.
heather sue van wagoner, Riverton, Utah Age 8 [04-16-2000]

I would like to see this because I doing a report on these times....and oone of the important people we are learning about are ummm...well i can only remember her and George Washinton... BETH WILKERSON
Beth Wilkerson, dover,DE, age 13 [04-16-2000]

jenny rosika [04-16-2000]

Christie, 18 [04-16-2000]

I am doing a school project on Betsy Ross and I think that this website is really cool!
Gretchen Griffith, 9 years old from Maryland [04-16-2000]

Robin, phila. pa 17 f [04-16-2000]

Robert Waldherr, I am 13 years old and the Great, Great, Great,Great,Great Grandson of Betsy Ross. [04-16-2000]

Jason Knighten, Hueytown,AL. 20 [04-16-2000]

Ms. Ford's second grade class [04-16-2000]

This is a lovely page you have done for her.Linda
Linda Whitson (BLAIR,COBERLY,CLARKSTON,DEXTER), Bartlesville Ok. [04-16-2000]

Jar Jar, 11 [04-16-2000]

looking for home designs
collin charlton, 38 male married living in ATL [04-16-2000]

Jeanne Williams, Beautiful New Lenox, IL [04-16-2000]

I'm doing a report and I happen to have a fasination (about/with) the American Flag.I'm guessing the reason is that I'm PROUD to be an American.Thank you Betsy Ross.
Deacon Alucard Frost, L-?? A-16 D-04-11-2000, Tuesday [04-16-2000]

Would like to get the book BETSY ROSS, QUAKER REBEL by Edwin Satterthwaite Parry. Published by The John C Winston Co., Phia. Copyright 1930. Do you know how I could get it?
Leila James, 63 Years old, Live 1 hour from Phila. Making minature of part of BR house [04-16-2000]

Andrea Robidoux [04-16-2000]

Obtaining information for my Brownie Troop about Besty Ross for a quilt they are making of famous women in history. Thanks for your wonderful site and all of the great information that you've shared!
Laurie Martin, Massachusetts [04-16-2000]

E Fuller [04-16-2000]

At scholl I am doing a report on her.
Alycia Cheek [04-16-2000]

Please send me any information you can about Betsy Ross. i would like to include pictures, too for my report. Thank you.
Carissa Rose DeVito, I am seven years old and my assignment from my teacher is to choose a biography of a famous person and report on her. I thought that Betsy Ross would be a great choice. [04-16-2000]

i have to do a book report on a famous American female and i chose Betsy Ross. it is a "live" report- i have to pretend to be her and dress like her. so this web site is really interesting. thanks
jacqueline kuczynski, age 9 from new jersey [04-16-2000]

Emily Young, 11 years old [04-16-2000]

Christina Curtis, 8 [04-16-2000]

Carol Macken, fifth grade teacher [04-16-2000]

gsharpe, VIrginia, 35 [04-16-2000]

Katie [04-16-2000]

I am looking at historical sites with my class, and we are thrilled to have found this page!
Robin Dixon, Kingsport, TN-- a 2nd grade teacher [04-16-2000]

roberta ury, learning disibilities instructor [04-16-2000]

American History is a challenge (as far as keeping my kids interested). Your site is great! Thanks for letting us visit.
Debra Carver-Oleksak, I'm a Mom of 2 middle-schoolers who I'm homeschooling at this time. [04-16-2000]

jackson [04-16-2000]

des, doing a report [04-16-2000]

Norma Puckett, Wanette Ok age 61 [04-16-2000]

we are coming back this summer. we enjoy colonial history. we are from north california (next to the oregon border) and we are taking another view of history this summer.
MR TERRY HAINES, avid traveler [04-09-2000]

betsy ross was a brillant person and a fabolus lady
liz cece, 15 [04-09-2000]

Hannah R. Peterson, Bakersfield, CA 9 years old [04-09-2000]

I am descended of Betsy Ross and would appreciate any info that would enable a trace of my family tree sinc her time. Thanks for any assist.
anonymous, Richard Tedford [04-09-2000]

just loojing for info
A.J. WILLIAMS, age11 avon park fl 33825 [04-09-2000]

Jennifer, 9 [04-09-2000]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross for school. I live in Langhorne, PA.
Laura Histand, I am 8 years old. [04-09-2000]

Project report on patriotism for Awana actvivty. Oorah for the Stars & Stripes..... Semper Fi!
Tom Tolentino, 50 plus, West Coast [04-09-2000]

I enjoy teaching children.
camilla swift, age:43 teacher [04-09-2000]

I love history and I am so happy people take the time to put all of this information on the web. It is very useful and fascinateing. I would really like to actually visit the Betsy Ross house someday. Thanks for putting this info on the web. Your history Lover -Katie
Katie, 14 yrs. old - I am doing a History report for my 8th grade glass. I live in california. [04-09-2000]

CIndy, 31 years old [04-09-2000]

catherine [04-09-2000]

sarah rutt, Lake Forest College Senior Education/History Major [04-09-2000]

My daughter who is 10 and in the fifth grade is doing a project where she is going to be betsy ross. I just wanted some info.
terri hulse, Stillwater ok 74074 [04-09-2000]

Elizabeth Turney, 2Bevin Blvd-East Hampton,ct.06424--63- [04-09-2000]

Penny Thurmond [04-09-2000]

Kayla Young, abilene,tx .....age 9 [04-09-2000]

Aurora West, Indiana, 12 [04-09-2000]

Chelsea rusaw [04-09-2000]

I borrowed my mother's email address.
Vanessa Sanchez, 8 years old. I am doing a report in my 3rd grade class [04-09-2000]

ida yandell [04-09-2000]

we want to waste time and this looked fun
april and amber, we're supposed to be doing a report [04-09-2000]

Frances and I will visit Philadelphia this summer.
Debra Myrick, St. Louis, Missouri [04-09-2000]

Our class is studying the American Revolution and came upon this site!!
Ms. Allen's Fith grade class, Teacher in Auxvasse, MO [04-09-2000]

Dear Betsy Ross, I am in 3rd grade. My age is 8. I have freckles. Do you have freckles. please write me back by kellie million
Kellie Rose Million, Age8 grade 3rd have freckles [04-09-2000]

Dear Betsy Ross, I always wondered how you made the American Flag. I am in 3rd grade,Miss Perrone's class. If you could please send me a letter and a picture of everything you can think of.
Cassandra Lea Cates, My age is 8 fixing to turn 9................ [04-09-2000]

can you make me a flag. Thanks.
Kayla Blankenship, age 8 birthday 4,30 91 [04-09-2000]

jeromeburns, 9 [04-09-2000]

Katie Smith, Ypsilanti, MI [04-09-2000]

I teach a civics class for adults who want to become citizens and found this website to be a great source of information.
Monica E. Toro, Queens,NY [04-09-2000]

Amy, 25 yrs old stationed in Korea and homeschooling my 6 yr old daughter. [04-09-2000]

I think that Betsy Ross was a wonderful person who tried very hard to do something unique with the talents she had. I am so grateful I can learn about her life and her contribution to our history. Thank you for this web site.
Ashley Soto, I am an 8 year old student from California [04-09-2000]

Enjoyed the tour.
Jennifer [04-09-2000]

Samantha Smith, 12 [04-09-2000]

diane thompson [04-09-2000]

Sergio H Noriega, teacher, elementary school [04-09-2000]

Sarah [04-09-2000]

Rebecca Siegel, Wayne,Pa Age 8 [04-09-2000]

asha, 9 years [04-09-2000]

Marangelie Vega [04-09-2000]

please keep up the great work. it seems the flag of this, great country has had its problems. but to the red the white and the blue. thats what i will always be true.
JAMES MCCRACKEN, west virginia age 52 [04-09-2000]

Trenton Thomoson, Antioch calif, 10 years old,report for the 4th grade [04-09-2000]

Very nice..
MARY ROSS, Pennsylvania [04-09-2000]

Holly, age 11 [04-09-2000]

Looking up info for my son who is a Weblo scout working on citizen badge.
Stacy Manning, California resident, age 31 [04-09-2000]

atogs, prepare to be caught.
Peter, new jersey [04-09-2000]

I hope this is interestins ang educational.
Chelsea Carlson, Parkewood,Los Al,age 10 [04-09-2000]

nyc, want to know where and when will ms ross be on tour? where can i get tickets?
joyce [04-09-2000]

Sarah Plucinski, 27, Arlington, VA, third grade teacher [04-09-2000]

bridget, brown hair lives in MI [04-09-2000]

nancy hans, interested in history [04-09-2000]

Chris Butler, Monument, CO; native of Montgomery Cty., Pa. [04-09-2000]

Neal Gallagher, MI 11 project [04-09-2000]

John Marsh [04-09-2000]

MGySgt Ruiz, Camp Pendleton, Ca.; 47 yrs; USMC [04-09-2000]

hi I am glad I get to go on a tour througth Betsy Ross house I have alway wanted to know what her house looked like well got to go E-mail me bye
Renae Walk, I am 13 years old and I have blond hair [04-09-2000]

Thomas manning, 31 [04-09-2000]

part of a home school study
sarah hannah Camella, michigan [04-09-2000]

breen mccarey [04-09-2000]

Lauren, Connecticut,11,i play soccer [04-09-2000]

Great tour! I look forward to taking my fifth grade students! This is a wonderful opportunity for those of us in CA. I visited the BRH many years ago, and I was thrilled!
anonymous [04-09-2000]

My eldest son needs to do a report on a patriot, I gave him several options. He choose Betsy Ross because she was a woman and that she created the United States of America's flag. He thought that would be interesting.
Susan Dachs, Wisconsin, Mom of 5 [04-09-2000]

I'm going to share this site with my 2nd-graders.
Candy Davis, teacher in Spring, Tx [04-09-2000]

I have a 4 page report to do on Betsy ross. Can anyone help me ?? Thanks
Brooke, Fl/11/fe [04-09-2000]

Hillary Wankelman, Tampa, FL 21yrs old went here to develop a lesson for elementary students to take a birtual tour to learn more about Betsy Ross. [04-09-2000]

Jacqueline M. Ringrose, Westminster, MD [04-09-2000]

This page was very interesting. Thanks for the help!
Eileen Landgraf, Philadelphia -doing a project for fourth grade [04-09-2000]

Jimmy Orsini [04-09-2000]

Mary Shields, new jersey, 35 [04-09-2000]

Do you ever need volunteers to work at this site?
Julie Freshwater, College major for a Museum Curator [04-09-2000]

Darlene Moody [04-09-2000]

My brother is helping me tour this home for a school project thank you for having this on your web site!
Chaney, Im 7 yrs old [04-09-2000]

Report on famous woman of history for my 4th grade class
Marc, Long Island [04-09-2000]

Meghan [04-09-2000]

Angela Capello, New York, 12 yearsold [04-09-2000]

Long live the American flag and the ideals that it stands for.
Stephen Wells, 52 yr. old steel worker. Born-again. [04-09-2000]

bobby, norman 18 [04-09-2000]

Marissah Rae Gallien [04-09-2000]

Just evaluating the web page for a class at the University of Memphis
Beth Smallwood, Memphis,Tn [04-09-2000]

I am studying about the American Flag in history class. My mother helped me to find this web site.
Bryanna M. Browning, kentucky,7yearsold [04-09-2000]

my heart pumps red,white, and blue through my veins.
NAJEE COCKERSPANIEL, boise,idaho,35 [04-09-2000]

Amanda, Daguscahonda,Pa [04-09-2000]

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kristina stiltner, I am 13 years old [04-09-2000]

Chris Tilley [04-09-2000]

My classs is studying American History! We love this site!
kathi mnich, teacher in Illinois [04-09-2000]

keith, 11 [04-09-2000]

Cool web page!!!!!!!!!!!! Nicky
Nicky Lang, I live in NY and I am 13. [04-09-2000]

wanda doane [04-09-2000]

Sorry I never went to see such a historical landmark.
KATHRYN WIBLE BAXTER, always a philadelphianbut now living in florida [04-09-2000]

Berto Marie Dominique, I'm a French journalist from Avignon studiing English [04-09-2000]

rae weinstein and max weinstein [04-03-2000]

report for 4 grade
stuardo gonzalez, 10 years old [04-03-2000]

Everytime I get to tour something from my hometown of Philadelphia, it makes me feel as though I am still there. I will always love Philadelphia.
Beverly Leake, 53 years old, live in Columbus, Ohio, but originally from Philadelphia [04-03-2000]

Pat Brown, I am 47 and live in Delaware and am researching ancestors who lived in Philly. [04-03-2000]

michelle moon [04-03-2000]

Great tour enjoyed the information can't wait to see the house in person!
Eulas and Marilyn Jones, Ohio [04-03-2000]

someday i want to be a very important person too
sam, 9 1/2 [04-03-2000]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross and this site is a great source of information.
Nate Meyers, 3rd grade [04-03-2000]

My grandmom just told me all about Betsy Ross. She is going to bring me to see her house. I am very excited about this trip. I can't wait until I get there.
Jessica Seidel, Franklinville, N.J., 5 yrs. old [04-03-2000]

Katilyn E. Sydoriak, williamsvile, N.Y. age 8 [04-03-2000]

I am the prettiest girl in the whole wide world! nO ONE IS PRETTIER than me!!!!
Victoria, beautiful and blonde [04-03-2000]

Ashlee Page [04-03-2000]

Like to know if there is any relation?
Roger Ross, Big Sandy Tn.age41 [04-03-2000]

Miss Haefy's 3rd grade class, Teacher/class [04-03-2000]

janice morning [04-03-2000]

I am doing a book report on Betsey Ross for 2nd. grade. I chose Betsey Ross because she is a women.
Tatiana Urusow, I an 8 years old and live in Feasterville. Pa. [04-03-2000]

hi how are you today i am just fine thank you so much for having this on the internet you can Email me any time you want give me your email address and we can email each other.
Renae Walk, i am 13 and have blond hair [04-03-2000]

Karen Phillips [04-03-2000]

Kathy Schuster, 6th grade teacher [04-03-2000]

toni lewis, new jersey [04-03-2000]

Mrs. K. Faddis, teacher- grade 2 ; Aston Elementary , Aston, PA [04-03-2000]


Jasmin Cossaboom, new england [04-03-2000]

I think signing the guest book would make more sense at the end of the tour. I'm looking forward to checking out the photos.
Melody Dodd, Eugene OR 46 years [04-03-2000]

William R. Hill, 30/male/South Carolina/project for 11 year old son (help with) [04-03-2000]

I have to do a report for school, can anybody help me?? If you can ,THANKS!!!!!!!!
Brooke, Fl,11,f [04-03-2000]

rita, virginia 30 [04-03-2000]

For school i'm doing a report on Betsy Ross, and i hope that i will learn more about her, our flag, and her house.
Meredith Eastburn, 12 [04-03-2000]

Jebidi Smith, I Like Kats [04-03-2000]

Living in Alaska is the most breathtaking state to live in. We are far from everything and next to God's creation. We experience freedom because we were bought from the Russian's back in the 1800's. I am a very proud American and I have a lot of pride for the American Flag!
Yvonne Poston, Born in Alaska. [04-03-2000]

Louise Kopchinski, Manassas, VA [04-03-2000]

Thanks for helping me with my homework.
Christina, Seal Beach,CA [04-03-2000]

Wonderful, wonderful pictures !!! Couln't ask for better disciptions and information of my native city.
Margaret J. Dodd, Philadelphia born(1924) and raised. [04-03-2000]

I am doing a project about Betsy Ross
Casey Kothmann, 8 years old from Houston [04-03-2000]

Betsi Jacobson, Minneapolis Minnesota [04-03-2000]

i really think betsy ross is a great lady:) and should remain in our hearts forever!!!!
MICHELLE, i am american [04-03-2000]

Thomas [04-03-2000]

M. Avery, Woodridge IL [04-03-2000]

Brenda DePalma, Auburn,N.Y. 37 yrs [04-03-2000]

NILSA COLE, i am 8 and i live in delaware we are taking a tour of the house today and i just wanted to know about it firts [04-03-2000]

gardner, lankford k., carrollton va. [04-03-2000]

Laura Tinner, American [04-03-2000]

Nathan [04-03-2000]

marisela r gonzalez [04-03-2000]

I am an avid fan of American Revolutionary period in History.
Roslyn Morgante, Age 45, Born in Buffalo, New York, now living south of Buffalo [04-03-2000]

I am looking for information for my daughter who is doing a book report on Besty Ross.
Kim Schreur, Zeeland, Michigan [04-03-2000]

Hi! I am a travel writer working on a guide to Pennsylvania attractions for families traveling with children. I will be vising your museum with my children (and my notebook to write a review) next weekend and wanted to preview it first.
Denise Weldon-SIviy, Gettysburg PA Mother of 4 [04-03-2000]

When growing up in southern New Jersey during the late 50's, I visited The Betsy Ross house on a school field trip. I wish I could review the register again and see the names of my classmates and myself. It was great to vist this charming old house again.
Raymond Johnson, Linn Creek. MO age 50 [04-03-2000]

Betsy Ross is very interesting!
Megan, nj [04-03-2000]

tina, i love history [04-03-2000]

Lauren Steinberger [04-01-2000]

Kiersten Bolton, Pennslyvania , 13, [04-01-2000]

I love my countries flag and will fight for it to the end
Paul E. Green, I live in Plainfield, Indiana and I am 60 years old [04-01-2000]

Whitney Counter, 10 years old I have to do a report for 5th grade. [04-01-2000]

Best Wishes
Rob Aylett, Burlington Ontario Canada [04-01-2000]

Enjoyed the tour.
Carina, from Valley Forge PA [04-01-2000]

I am studing about Betsy Ross and writing a paper
Stephanie Buchko, Virginia, second grade [04-01-2000]

Mandy Dunn, age 14 [04-01-2000]

Ariana Easterly, Seattle I am 13 years old [04-01-2000]

Stephanie Castro [04-01-2000]

Being named after her, I always was a fan. It's neat to be able to visit her house. I wonder if it will have as many flags as mine does. : )
Betsey Ross [04-01-2000]

Mark Wisniewski, age 22 [04-01-2000]

Kristina Arce, Age 25 [04-01-2000]

I am a 4th grade teacher in Chicago and I'm checking this site as research for my students.
Leighann Bluhm, Chicago,Il [04-01-2000]

Diana Gribling [04-01-2000]

I am doing reaserch on the american revolution and this site has really helped!! Thankx!!
Emilie Cram, I am from NH. I am 11 . [04-01-2000]

Emilie Cram [04-01-2000]

Great to see that this virtual tour was created on the internet. We are planning a visit to Penn.
Deanna Samuels, mother of a 24 month old boy [04-01-2000]

Pamela Knox, Educator/DAR/Genealogy [04-01-2000]

Alex Mikic [04-01-2000]

kim & Juergen, Miami Springs, Fl [04-01-2000]

hailey bergey, Spokane,WA age 11 [04-01-2000]

Brittany Dent, PA, age 9 [04-01-2000]

Jeremy, Im 14 years old [04-01-2000]

this is cool
theryin, wortham tx [04-01-2000] [04-01-2000]

Ali Stevens [04-01-2000]

Tonia Wadding, I live in Potosi, WI I am 40 and a teacher. [04-01-2000]

tec c [04-01-2000]

garey and deonte [04-01-2000]

Nicole Johnson, I live in california and I am 13 [04-01-2000]

I enjoyed seein her house n that
Lindsey Clrawe, you don't nee o know [04-01-2000]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross
Rebecca, I'm 15 [04-01-2000]

i have to do a report for school. this is my freshman year and i am really glad you were able to help me find out information for my report.
tonya kunkle, pa, 15, femail [04-01-2000]

Debbie Ditty, i live in minnesota and i am 47 years old [04-01-2000]

lyndon dallas [04-01-2000]

Larry O. Hunter [04-01-2000]

Well done. Wish more of the Revolutionary Women were as well done...or even done. This is an excellent resource for students research. Keep up the good work.
Mary Butler Brown, Oregon, educator [04-01-2000]

I enjoy learning as much as possible. As I said before, I am a published writer, and you never know when this knowledge could come in handy for writing.
Angel Townsend, Knoxville, 17, Published Writing and knowledge seeker [04-01-2000]

june [04-01-2000]

Eron Uebele, McDonough, Georgia age 3 and very interested in the maker of our flag. [04-01-2000]

ruth march [04-01-2000]

I hope that I will learn a lot about your house.
Candie Maupin, Crozet VA Age:32 [04-01-2000]

I am writing a script for a portayal of Betsy Ross on July 4th, 2000. i need all the history I can get. thanks
Beverly Jean Houseman, Kissimmee, fl [04-01-2000]

Nicole, San Jose, California [04-01-2000]

im looking for info for my future career as an interior decorator..any suggestions?
kristina, 15yrs old [04-01-2000]

Bishop Creek 3rd Grade Class [04-01-2000]

Delores Deal, history teacher [04-01-2000]

liz regan, state college pa 9 [04-01-2000]

Natalie Anne Greiner [04-01-2000]

Nancy Poindexter [04-01-2000]

Hey nice site, I gotta do a report on Besty for this dude and this helped
Taylor Cox, 14 yrs. old [04-01-2000]

mark Johnson, Milwaukee 43 [04-01-2000]

THis is a really cool web site.
Christine Bene', Omaha, NE age 15 [04-01-2000]

Dena Ward, Age 65, Berrien Springs, MI [04-01-2000]

Brette Pfeifer, Colby, KS I'm a special education teacher in our high school! [04-01-2000]

I would like to enter because i am doing a report on her and she really seems iteresting and me and miranda cooper are going in a feild trip April 28 to Philadelphia on a trian.
Victoria Kastrup, Blonde hair blue eyes 10yrs old Bday June 2, 1990 [04-01-2000]

Victoria Kastrup [04-01-2000]

Reasearching Betsy Ross on a report for school.
angelica fuentes, las vegas, nv 10 yrs, [04-01-2000]

ricky [04-01-2000]

lynn, i am 15 years old i am a sophomore [04-01-2000]

bestys site was wonderful i need some more info on a report and this site was perfect
annetta, 10 fifth grader [04-01-2000]

Im doing research on Betsy ross
Kayla Woodward [04-01-2000]

sylvia Shealy [04-01-2000]

Tiffani Ericksen, I am from Orem, UT. I am 28 years old and am going back to school to get my elementary education degree [04-01-2000]

I'm doing a report can you send me some free things on Betsy Ross. My home address is 15370 SW. Bangy rd apt 12 Lake Oswego, Or. 97035
Katie Miller, I'm 10 I live in Oregon [04-01-2000]

i have to do a paper on betsy ross [04-01-2000]

keri greehy, 15 [04-01-2000]

jennifer aguirre, i am 9 years old [04-01-2000]

I really like your guys web is very intresting & cool!
Miranda, I like to skate & I am 11. [04-01-2000]

STEPHEN BALL [04-01-2000]

Iam working on a school report
Max Trox, Houma, LA, 6 jears [04-01-2000]

I am looking for your birthdate. Thank you for all of the other information.
Brandon Kelly, 9 years old [04-01-2000]

Patrick Carey, 10 [04-01-2000]

Gary Taylor, Westland, Michigan, 54, BS History [04-01-2000]

I love Adell [04-01-2000]

Jarrell m. williams [04-01-2000]

terrika hawkins [04-01-2000]

marshira henderson [04-01-2000]

Adell and Jewel Robinson [04-01-2000]

Jewel Marie Robinson [04-01-2000]

Ann Conner, Jonesborough Elementary School [04-01-2000]

I'm happy to be here!!!
Deneille Lynd Haberstroh, ND 12 6th grade [04-01-2000]

Thank you for this hard to info.
Kim, Newfields,N.H. 10 years old [04-01-2000]

jo [04-01-2000]

I'am doing work For School Thanks For The tour !!!! P.S It's Cool
James Mathews, Caldwell,Texas age:15 Sex:Male Race:black [04-01-2000]

Liss, 11 years old [03-27-2000]

Meagan, Girl [03-27-2000]

Hi,my name is Brea i'm a fifth grade student at doe run school.We had to do a report on somene or something that happened around the time of the revolutionary war.I chose Betsy Ross because i couldn't do Molly Pitcher.
Breann, Manheim,PA 11years old go to DoeRun Elementary School [03-27-2000]

Alex Treaster, 10 years old [03-27-2000]

Kathleen Gardner [03-27-2000]

Caitlyn [03-27-2000]

andy, 31 [03-27-2000]

ftnj, tdrn [03-27-2000]

I really want to learn about history and Betsy Ross. I chose her for an Awana report for church. We are reading American History books at home with my mom.
Erica Gordon, Lincoln NE, 9 years old [03-27-2000]

Shardae Barnett, 13 [03-27-2000]

Nadja Welch, 23 yr. old in Pensacola Florida [03-27-2000]

ziandtreywalker [03-27-2000]

I am doing research on Betsy Ross for school
Farren Neuhauser, 9 years old, 4th grade [03-26-2000]

Megan Earley, 10 yrs. old from Mechanicsburg, PA [03-26-2000]

hiiiiii this looks cool!
mo, female [03-26-2000]

We're a God fearing family,Military family. we believe in ou God, ou country and our flag. We are proud to be Americans living under that flag. Thank you Betsy Ross for giving it to us.
Patricia Lejsek, Silverhill, Al 9(Gulf Coast) 43, married [03-26-2000]

Hello! Thanks for making this site it is hard to find info on Betsy!
Rachel, I am 11 and a girl! :) [03-26-2000]

Kelsey Johnson [03-26-2000]

CLAUDE M. LINN, Pastor, Belle Plain Baptist Church, Brownwood,Tx [03-26-2000]

Rose Betros [03-26-2000]

demi, new lenox [03-26-2000]

We are reachering Betsy Ross for a report at school Sarah is in the 4th grade at Miraposa elementry.We have had fun here and want to say Thank You!!Great job!!Sarahs Dad
Sarah Barba, Brea Ca. 10 yrs old [03-26-2000]

Jessica, N.J. age 6 [03-26-2000]

I'm doing a report about Besty Ross and I looked up on the Internet to get information.I learned something today about Besty today.
Catrina Michelle Soto, I'm 8,I live in Houston Texas [03-26-2000]

I learned about Betsey Ross in Mrs. Groff's homeroom and I wanted to learn more about her.
mandy wilson, I am a 6 yr. old first grader at James Buchanan School [03-26-2000]

Haley Buchan, I'm 11 years old and I have to do a report on betsy ross [03-26-2000]

matt, 9 years old born 1990 [03-26-2000]

Nicole and Larry Elliott, Second grade teacher [03-26-2000]

SARA [03-26-2000]

I had to do a biography on Betsy Ross.This is where I got a lot of information for my report.
Amber Richardson, Elementary student in Washington. [03-26-2000]

Carole Weaver, Interested in Americana [03-26-2000]

Betty J booker [03-25-2000]

Mallory, Tampa Bay , Florida. 14 Male [03-25-2000]

Debbie Edwards, Ark. 37 y/o female [03-25-2000]

im loking for a guy 13 or 14 prefers 14 that lives in Cali
Amanda Lipkin, 13/f all guys 13 or 14 im me prefers 14 & lives in Cali [03-25-2000]

Looking for information for a school project
Justin, 10 year old and I am a baseball player [03-25-2000]

With God all things are possible!
Tiffany Holmes, us citizen [03-25-2000]

Even teachers have homework on the weekend!
Dawn Henderson, Special Educator [03-25-2000]

Beth Feinberg [03-25-2000]

Jennifer, Virginia age 9 i am doing this for a reeport but this is cool [03-25-2000]

Miranda Cooper, 9 years old [03-25-2000]

Alexander Guzman, Madera, CA 9 years old [03-25-2000]

Matt [03-25-2000]

i like your house the chelseys
chelsey, north bend [03-25-2000]

thank you
brian harris, washington [03-25-2000]

Nina Serna, I live in Las vegas, I am 39 [03-25-2000]

Dawn Layden, Pittsburgh, PA [03-25-2000]

TAMI CHOLLY, apple valley, ca [03-25-2000]

Working on putting a skit togeter for my retirement home on National Women's History Month. We will be celebrting with a tea on Sunday. I am working up a skit on Betsy Ross.
Judy Clemons, Matthews, NC [03-25-2000]

See you soon !
Michael DeMaio, Jr., Coming for a real visit Age:11 [03-25-2000]

Jessica Stiteler, Hollywood, FL Age: 12 [03-25-2000]

thank you for having this tour
Tiffany hall, illinois,17 [03-25-2000]

Leona Hoose [03-25-2000]

JENNELLE PERRY, 14years old jax,fl [03-25-2000]

Miss Bowman's 3rd grade class, Wirtz, Virginia [03-25-2000]

I am 50 years old and remember reading about Betsy Ross in school. For the first time in my life, I will be traveling to Philadelphia at the end of the month. One of my stops will be Betsy Ross' home. I am looking forward to seeing the historic sights I read about on my trip to the east coast.
Alice Hernandez, I'm from Dallas, Texas! [03-25-2000]

pictures of betsy ross doll of betsy ross a dress of betsy ross
MIRIAM, 10years,sulivan, [03-25-2000]

Jessica [03-25-2000]

Keegan Meadows, I am 13 years old helping my sister with a project on the historic Betsy Ross [03-23-2000]

I like history. I have 62 freckles. I speak 5 languages.
Hannah, North Miami Beach FL. Age 9. [03-23-2000]

Hannah Kohn [03-23-2000]

Sheila Steffanelli, mother of two [03-23-2000]

Brittany Davis [03-23-2000]

Angela Cochran, New Hampshire [03-23-2000]

Hi!I am a student at main elementry school in Carpinteria,CA
Michelle Hardeman, Age 11 1/2, Carpinteria,Ca [03-23-2000]

karen nelson [03-23-2000]

I am studying Betsy Ross and the Revolutionary War. Thank you for having pictures available for me to see. It makes the study of history much more interesting.
Leanne Sleigh, age 11, home schooled from Alabama [03-23-2000]

We miss you Betsy Ross
Paulino Gomes, tall and hamsun [03-23-2000]

adrianne, 14 [03-23-2000]

Cindi Widener [03-23-2000]

This is a great learning experience. I am going to use this in my classroom when we learn about heroes, which Betsy Ross has been considered.
Julie Boothe, Mabank, Tx, 26 years old, mother of two [03-23-2000]

Lisa [03-23-2000]

kim, missouri,17 [03-23-2000]

Just doing a report on Betsy Ross....
Valerie, somewhere, someplace, in front of a computer..... [03-23-2000]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross.
Whitney McClanahan, Eighth Grader [03-23-2000]

i am doing a report on betsy ross. she is my favorite person from the revolutionary war.
brenae baker, 10 years old [03-23-2000]

Lucia Leung, 12 years old [03-23-2000]

I have to do a report about betsy ross for my school. so can you dig it
Bobby Sgrignoli, age is 10 [03-23-2000]

Anne Shaffer [03-23-2000]

In my third grade we did biographies.I did mine about Betsy Ross.I prsented a speech about her to my whole class and their parents.My classmates each chose a different person and did a speech on that person.Tomorrow my school is having a Literature Fair and our third grade is presenting our biographies.
Sophie Elizabeth Bright, I'm 9 years old.Today is the 20 of March and my birthday was on the 14.My brother's birthday is tomorrow.he will be 17. [03-23-2000]

Ilove dogs and im inteested in history and geogrfy
Julia Boone, GA/10/f [03-23-2000]

ROCIO MALLEN, Ny [03-23-2000]

Kris Weinrich, Nebraska, 14yrs., female [03-23-2000]

WE are learning about the symbols of our country. We have many questions about the flag and Betsy Ross. We are excited to be going on this tour and hope that we will learn lots! Thank you, Mrs. Hodges and Class
Mrs. Hodges and her Second Graders, Second grade teacher in Houston, TX [03-23-2000]

We are very interested in Betsy Ross. We just started looking on the internet and have been amazed by what we have seen.
Mrs. Kohlmann's first grade, Flint, Mi. We are first graders at Linden Charter Academy. [03-23-2000]

jackson, (m) 8 2002 [03-23-2000]

Alex Gallery, 10 years of age in anaheim [03-23-2000]

Scott De Jesus, Buena Park, 10 years of age [03-23-2000]

Hugh Mercer School, class study on Betsy Ross [03-23-2000]

Kim McDowell, Augusta, Georgia Age 32 school teacher [03-23-2000]

Kristi Senff [03-23-2000]

Great site!!!
Tracy, Duncanville,tx [03-23-2000]

I am reading the biography of Betsy Ross and writing a report for my 4th grade class.
Leah Bailey, 10-year-old girl from Homer, Alaska [03-23-2000]

Joseph R Deal, Utica, New York, age 26 [03-23-2000]

I think Betsy Ross did a good deed by making a flag we can salute.
Chelsea Aldrich, Missouri [03-23-2000]

I found this site looking for a book for my daughter on the life of Betsy Ross for a book report,I'm sure I will learn things about the history of the city that I lived in all my life that I never knew.
Colleen M. Urusow, Native Philadelphian, now lining in Buck County, age 45 [03-23-2000]

American Flag is what I'm decorating my room in!
Whitney, From: Alabama, 12 [03-23-2000]

I chose to do a biography on Betsy Ross because I have actually been to the Betsy Ross House in Philadelphia. Though a lot of effort, we were able to locate this web page. I should have a link from the City of Philadelphia Page.
Tara Simmerman, Mullica Hill, NJ [03-23-2000]

stephanie, 10 [03-23-2000]

Becky Miller, Pennsylvania native. Over age 30 [03-23-2000]

Tilon, 5 e [03-23-2000]

Kristin, 7 [03-23-2000]

I am doing a report in Soc, Studies on Betsy.
Lindsay Howe, 11 [03-23-2000]

Diane Jacquez, San Benito, Texas (Near Mexico) 18 yrs. old [03-23-2000]

Thanks for this website. I have to do a reasearch paper on Betsy Ross and this site has helped me a lot! :)
Melanie McManus, I'm 14 and I live in Leominster, Massachusetts, the birthplace of Johnny Appleseed [03-23-2000]

Doing a report for school
Amanda Neely, Groveland, MA......11 yrs old [03-23-2000]

Raymond Folken [03-23-2000]

oneida, Im 47 living in Puerto Rico. I visited Filadelphia but cant gi inside the house [03-23-2000]

doing a book report. Thanks for all the helpful information!
KATIE P., Age 9, [03-23-2000]

Fayette Butler, Spencer, iowa [03-23-2000]

Courtney [03-23-2000]

Ed Klahn, Forks, Washington/43 [03-19-2000]

Eulah C. Grugan, Girl Scout leader, central PA [03-19-2000]

Sarah Orlosky, Illinois [03-19-2000]

"Hot Girl" [03-19-2000]

Amelia Perkins Marosek & Kate R. Marosek, I am 6 years old and live in Virginia. [03-19-2000]

Chelsey, 13 [03-19-2000]

Rachael Heard, 2nd grade studying biographies [03-19-2000]

My daughter is doing a report on Betsy Ross...We found your Web page very informative...Thank You so much....Will look forward to seeing the Order Betsy Flag page re-open...thanks
Lauren & Kathy Doyle, Lauren=10/Kathy=39....Easton,Ma..Lauren is doing a report!! [03-19-2000]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross and her life.
Derrick Lineman, 16 Male From Philly [03-19-2000]

Caitlin Sheppard, West Hartford CT 8 years old [03-19-2000]

My neice is doing a report on Betsy.
Denise Dostal, 43 [03-19-2000]

Elif Alyanak, I live in Yorktown ,Va .I am in 4th grade. And I need info on Betsy Ross [03-19-2000]

I'm really excited to see what I will get a chance to see in person next month. - Laura McGowan
Laura C. McGowan [03-19-2000]

I am working on a report about Betsy Ross
Kay Larsen, Age 10, fifth grade [03-17-2000]

i had the honor of serving on the betsy ross bridge as she was being constructed and patroled her after she opened.
CHARLES A. DIEHM 111, retired policeman 65 years old [03-17-2000]

Jared Grabina [03-17-2000]

learning about Betsy Ross in school.
Katie Post, age 8 [03-17-2000]

Katie Licata, Southern Jersey, 12 and a half [03-17-2000]

matt townsley [03-17-2000]

Ruby Pearson, Indiana, 49 [03-17-2000]

Looking for good sites for children
Ellen, Librarian in Colo. [03-17-2000]

jackson, (m) 2002 8 [03-17-2000]

Becky Woods [03-17-2000]

June & Eliot Reisz, Worcester Twp PA; Eliot is a 7 yr old homeschooled student [03-17-2000]

Mrs. true's PM kindergarten [03-17-2000]

Sherry Rider, Memorial Elementary School [03-17-2000]

Mrs. True's AM Kindergarten [03-17-2000]

Doreen Walter, New Jersey [03-17-2000]

suhas, pravaranagar [03-17-2000]

DARWIN &PATRICIA HANECA, iowa [03-17-2000]

geena, 8 years old [03-17-2000]

Heidi, I live in Logan Utah I am 11 years old and why I am looking this up is because I am doing a report on her! [03-17-2000]

i have been to her real home in phil.
emily, young [03-17-2000]

Roberta Zenzen, 31, St. Cloud [03-17-2000]

whitley [03-17-2000]

Great page! Really! ;) Congratz!
Ronia Patriot Lorien, My real name is actually NOT Ronia P. Lorien but Fiona E-M. I'm a 10-year-old girl from California. Ronia Lorien is my penn name. [03-17-2000]

Gwen M. Smith, Clanton, Al. 35045 [03-17-2000]

Thank you.
Danielle, 10 [03-17-2000]

Donna Darveau, mom who is researching info with her daughter [03-17-2000]

grant gorczyca, st louis mo age 11 [03-17-2000]

Marguerite Du Biel, 1415 S. Cooper River Plaza, Pennsauken,NJ08109 [03-17-2000]

Kelsey Fegan, Warner Robins, Georgia ,9,school project [03-17-2000]

Janet Barnaby, Indiana...age 50 [03-17-2000]

Cody Weber [03-17-2000]

We have been studying Betsy Ross. Thank you for having this website. please give us more pictures, if possible. We are about to start the tour. See you later!
mrs. Lyon's class, Chester,Va. first grade class [03-17-2000]

Hi my name is Scott De Jesus I am 10 years of age and live in Buena Park and go to Whitiker Elementary.You have an exciting website that has lots of interesting facts.
Scott De Jesus, Age 10, City: Buena Park [03-17-2000]

We like your house.
Class of 3C-Seaborn Elementary, Mineral Ridge, Ohio age 8-10 [03-17-2000]

Dennis Simon [03-17-2000]

Another important "flag" shrine place; Fort McHenry where the Star Spangeled Banner was written by Francis Scott Key.
Sharon Honeyblue, Baltimore [03-17-2000]

kathleen lynch, NJ, 25 librarian [03-17-2000]

katie wagner [03-17-2000]

We are studying Betsy Ross!! I wounder what her house looks like?
Tenisha and Ryan [03-17-2000]

We have seen her house in Philadelphia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
E.A.& A.E. [03-17-2000]

betsy ross was a very good person and she was storng.
KAYLA AND NATASHA [03-17-2000]

Ryan John [03-17-2000]

were studing Betsy Ross.
ashley and Megan [03-17-2000]

Nick C.J. [03-17-2000]

We're studying Betsy Ross and the American Revolution.
Mario & Mrs. Gray [03-17-2000]

we are lerning about betsy ross.
Kyle & Josh [03-17-2000]

i am working on a book Report for my class. I am in 3rd grade, in Mrs. Callahans Class at the Jordan Jackson School in Mansfield, Ma. I choose to do my report on Betsy ross
Danielle Lukis, Age 8, Mansfield, Mass [03-17-2000]

Joan Norton [03-17-2000]

Ivanna Becerra, I'm 13.I live in El Paso,TX and I know Besty's Ross's grandson. [03-17-2000]

Charles F. Sullivan, 37, Frederick, MD [03-17-2000]

I think its great that there are web pages out there like this...Thanks!
Andrea Desautels, Senior UNH college student, social work major, womens studies minor [03-17-2000]

It was very interesting doing my school project on Betsy Ross. My mom and dad are going to take me to visit besty's house this Spring. I really enjoy history and I learned a lot about our flag and even showed my class how to make a five pointed star. Everyone had a piece of paper and scissors and it was really great to see the look on their faces. Thanks again. See you in the Sping. Sincerely, Paige Pheney.
Paige Elizabeth Pheney, Age 9, Bethlehem, PA [03-17-2000]

DORN HENDRICKSON, mn 54 school work for granddauthter [03-17-2000]

Helen Hatfield, 37 years old, from Tupelo, Mississippi [03-17-2000]

sammul butt, la 67 [03-17-2000]

John Graber, Kingman,KS 67968 Age 11 [03-17-2000]

When I visited this home about three years ago, I was mesmerized and chose it as a school project.
Juliana, Age:12 [03-17-2000]

Nicole Askew, I'm 8 years old and I'm doing a project on Betsy Ross. [03-17-2000]

kalid [03-17-2000]

Mrs. Leibinger, third grade teacher [03-17-2000]

Jose Regalado [03-17-2000]

We are studying Betsy Ross in our classroom, and we wanted to take a tour of her house!
Ruthanne Gray, Third grade teacher [03-17-2000]

Timothy R. Winter [03-17-2000]

Ms. Mudd's class at Cox's Creek Elem. School in KY [03-17-2000]

Tara Adams [03-17-2000]

Pablo Hernandez [03-17-2000]

I love George Washington!
Melissa Obenshain, Garden Grove, 17, [03-17-2000]

I love to study Betsy Ross she is such a historical event!!!!! I am doing a huge report on her for my Colonial America projects!I love to be on the internet that is a favorite but most of all i like to study history! I would like to say hi to my friends sarah, madeline, taylor, quinn, clare,and exct.
Mary Caroline Felker, I live in Missouri, I am 11 years of age and i am doing a report on betsy ross! [03-17-2000]

Mrs. Smith's Kindergarten class [03-17-2000]

Thanks, I am doing a report. Besty Ross is my famous person.
Tracey Moore, Alpharetta, ga. 9years old [03-17-2000]

Bob Golaway, aretawt [03-17-2000]

Thank you for having such a cool website! It will really help me with my report!
kayla culler, 4th grade student10 [03-17-2000]

ani, age 8 [03-17-2000]

I came for A picture of Betsy
laura, teacher [03-17-2000]

This is an very interesting site. We are having a family computer night. The students and their parents are enjoying the visit! Thank you.
Sally Warbel, I live in Loudonville, OH., 44842 and I am the principal at the R.F. McMullen Elementary School. We have K-3rd graders in our building. [03-17-2000]

Bonnie Ardis, native delawarean who is interested in purchasing a betsy ross flag [03-17-2000]

i enjoyed this thank you
ANICIA MALPICA, bronx ny age 11 [03-17-2000]

this has been very helpful in my research for my book report on Betsy Ross. Thank you for the tour.
Katie Magee, 9 years old, 4th grade, doing a report on Betsy Ross [03-14-2000]

thanks to Betsy Ross we have a flag!!!
Karen Angarita, miami,fl 11 years old female [03-14-2000]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross for school.
John, I'm 12 [03-14-2000]

natasha, age:10 female brown eyes brown hair [03-14-2000]

Im looking up some information for my son he has a report to do on betsy Ross.
DONNA MAZZONE, House wife,home maker [03-14-2000]

We are distant relatives of Betsy Ross. Kay Brown is a direct desendent of John Claypoole. Miriam Mills is a direct desendent of George Ross. We work together at Honeywell Int'l in Columbia, SC and have not yet tied our relationship together.
Kay Brown & Miriam Mills [03-14-2000]

franknel, nj,13, [03-14-2000]

Michael Acord, St.Louis, Missouri [03-14-2000]

Elizabeth Beaudoin [03-14-2000]

Tim&Julie Stuart and family, Dayton, Texas 34 years old [03-14-2000]

Vegeta [03-14-2000]

Out of all the web sites I have visited this has been the best informational site for my students.
Stephanie Blake, 6th grade resource room teacher [03-14-2000]

Keisha Leflore, Hampton Va. I'm 16 at Bethel high looking her up fo a project. [03-14-2000]

I'm helping my 9 year old daughter, who is studying about Betsy Ross for History Day at school.
Rhea Adkins, Marietta, GA [03-14-2000]

trying to get information about famous women for lessons on women's history month, also trying to make saluting the flag a more meaningul experience for my students.
laurette shrage, special education teacher, new york [03-14-2000]

your clothes are amazing betsy.
sondra unkle, i am 17 [03-14-2000]

amanda brown, highlands ranch, co age 8 [03-14-2000]

i had to read about a famous woman in history and chose betsy ross
alison moriarty, live in mass age 10 [03-14-2000]

Betsi Jacobdon [03-14-2000]

Vicki Duncan, Southaven, MS teacher [03-14-2000]

kristyb engle, 10 kenvil, n.j. [03-14-2000]

Melissa Lyon, Homer New York [03-14-2000]

Linda Newman, Alabama, 59 [03-14-2000]

Claudia Doran-Bair, Mantua N.J. [03-14-2000]

Paige, Englewood, Colo age;12 working on a report on her [03-14-2000]

Julie Riche, florida, 9 1/2 [03-14-2000]

yalonda lewis [03-14-2000]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross
katie o'brien, dallas,texas age 7 [03-14-2000]

I will be visiting your city next week and I am an avid collector of elongated pennies so I hope to visit you when I am there.Karen
Karen Secord, Ukiah, CA [03-14-2000]

Sara Hogen, Pennsylvana age,9 [03-14-2000]

dave pladna, 37 [03-14-2000]

Using this page as part of my homeschooling experience.
Benjamin Martin, Victorville, CA 12 years old [03-14-2000]

alan, 11 years old [03-14-2000]

Amanda MacArthur, 12 [03-14-2000]

Terri Rae Coffman, age/10 love the american flag [03-14-2000]

Paul Hartman [03-14-2000]

Elizabeth Cuthbertson, I am 29 years old, was born in Manchester, England, and now live in the beautiful city Lincoln, in Lincolnshire, England [03-14-2000]

kristin skelly, 31 [03-14-2000]

maggie [03-14-2000]

Jebadiah Wamg, 14, lookinh up stuff for school [03-14-2000]

Back to the basics! I pulled my daughter out of the first grade in Maumelle AR. because the teacher got the kids WATER GUNS for valentines Day! When I inquired about this serious lapse in judgment I was told that I was over reacting! What a surprise it was to see first graders running around pretending to shoot each other in class! So my wife and I are going to home school her until we can find a more responsible group of teachers. Her first report is going to be about B Ross.
Marcos Davis, "Home Schoolin Dad" [03-14-2000]

This is really great that you can see this kind of stuff on the internet. thankyou....
sena spradlin, xenia,ohio 33 I love History [03-14-2000]

Debra Donley [03-14-2000]

Sharon Bauman, Willits, CA [03-14-2000]

Jennifer [03-14-2000]

Looking for a specific design for my dining room
Shelly Gassert, California [03-14-2000]

Just learning about the US flag.
Joy, 5 years old, Maryland [03-14-2000]

ray sprague, georgia, 34 doin homework for the 2nd grader [03-14-2000]

Elizabeth, 18 [03-14-2000]

Chris Fisher, 8 years old, 2nd grader [03-14-2000]

I liked going through the house I am doing a report on Betsy and it helped me a lot.
Jonathan Metcalf, Tennessee, 11 [03-14-2000]

I am 6 years old and am doing a 1st grade project on Betsy Ross. Kassie is my sister.
Patrick & Kassie Sweeney, We are from Nantucket [03-14-2000]

Jonathan Metcalf, Tennessee, 11 [03-14-2000]

Mai Vue, St. Paul, MN 15 yrs [03-14-2000]

eve [03-14-2000]

Currently studing Betsy Ross
Bergeron, age 39-----4 children [03-14-2000]

Robert H. Sparrow, East Brunswick, NJ, retired [03-14-2000]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross - thank you for all of the good information.
Sierra Patterson, Brecksville, OH - [03-14-2000]

Patrick Maranuk [03-14-2000]

Rosemary Hendley, Spotsylvania, Virginia [03-14-2000]

Betsy Gowell, Cheboygan, MI 10 years old [03-14-2000]

mitchel guth [03-14-2000]

Joe Whitfield [03-14-2000]

Kelly Coffelt, ms. , 18 [03-14-2000]

I am doing a school project and need more information about Betsy Ross. Can you tell me about other cool web sites? or send me more information?
N PETIT, South Carolina [03-14-2000]

betsy ross is awesome
SUSIE BUMBOLOW, i am 12,and i play the flute and piano [03-14-2000]

Great page for my report about Betsy Ross! Thanks!
Betsy Smith, 5th grade, aged 11, from Deerfield, MA [03-14-2000]

My second grader is dueing a report on Betsy Ross. I'm gathering some info.
Maureen Steelman [03-14-2000]

Eric [03-14-2000]

Joanann M Flaherty, I'm 35yrs old I live in Philadelphia [03-14-2000]

Susan Foraker, ct [03-14-2000]

I am doing a reprt on Betsy Ross.
Ben, 7 years old from New York [03-14-2000]

Brandon Vargas [03-14-2000]

thanks for the tour
sandy mastropaolo, 25yr student [03-14-2000]

Clara Davis, Richmond, VA [03-14-2000]

jessica hartman [03-14-2000]

Morgan [03-14-2000]

kelly [03-14-2000]

Dear Betsy,I can't wait to see your house!!!!If you would have never invented cutting a 5 pointed star in one cut we wouldn't have had the american flag.Well I wish I knew your life.I wish you were in my house right now!!!!!!!Your A great person!!!!!God Bless!!!!!! Love, Rachel Marisa Harken I love you lots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rachel, I'm 8 years old, 3rd grade in Mrs.Hartsell's Class at Blue Grass School Birthday 7/23/1991 [03-14-2000]

Need info for daughter's report. Sara Nicole Kiwas 10 yrs old
david kiwas, occupation: US Air Force/42/Guam [03-14-2000]

Patricia Tersi, 60 from Mississippi and still enjoying history. [03-14-2000]

Anthony Boyd [03-14-2000]

I am doing research for a biography on Betsy Ross.
Daniel Keith Spector, Yonkers, NY. I'm 6 1/2 yrs. old [03-14-2000]

Deborah Cloud, Northern NJ [03-14-2000]

Hananh [03-14-2000]

Harry Clarke [03-14-2000]

i am old
sean, 125 [03-14-2000]

We did a pay on it
Jasper, 10 [03-14-2000]

Hi people! Do you like juice? Cuz i love juice. Grape, apple i don't care i just love to drink juice.
Dana T, I like juice. [03-14-2000]

I am doing a project for social studies and I chose to do it on Betsy Ross. She is a great women to look up to.
sonya salasky, Age 13 New Castle, Delaware [03-14-2000]

Dominique Hatcher, 13 [03-14-2000]

Dan Howser, 56 [03-14-2000]

justin [03-14-2000]

Kathleen Swanson [03-14-2000]

Lynette Moon, Girl Scout Leader [03-14-2000]

stacey trexler, 35 nc [03-14-2000]

tim [03-14-2000]

i like your wabsite
Amanda [03-14-2000]

Debbie, Rural Utah, 31 school teacher sp ed. [03-14-2000]

I hope to enjoy the tour!
Erin Conlon, ny [03-10-2000]

i forgot my e mail adresse
starr, age 14 its a school project so i need some info [03-10-2000]

nell kirk, jax.,fl. age 62 [03-10-2000]

i'm doing a project on betsy ross for school

Hello i love your site, could you send me more info on betsy Ross?
Crystal Liberatore, I'm 14 Female In Honors live in washington [03-10-2000]

Roxanne Coleman, Blue Ridge, Georgia [03-10-2000]

billy joe bob, 16 [03-10-2000]

Betsy Ross is cool
Alicia, I'm 12 [03-10-2000]

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to take my 9 yr. old daughter on such a wonderful field trip without having to buy plane tickets.
Sara [03-10-2000]

My son is doing a research paper on Betsy Ross. Betsy Ross happens to be an ancestor of my step-father Robert Lee Meredith.
Doria Weller, I'm 35 and live in Illinois [03-10-2000]

enjoying beyond 5 in a row by becky jane lambert the study of betsy grimscom as a child. we all love it the book betsy ross designer of our flag by ann weil
sherry welman, homeschool mother/teacher [03-10-2000]

Elizabeth Walker [03-10-2000]

I am homeschooling and have just finished reading the biography of Betsy Ross.
brett Farmer, Milwaukee, WI age 8 [03-09-2000]

jocilyn martin, I am a 10 yr old student at Immaculate Conception School in Levittown, PA and I am learning about Betsy Ross. I will be visiting yuour House soon. [03-09-2000]

Laura Stacy [03-09-2000]

We are learning about Betsy Ross as an important American.
Mrs. Channell's Class, Trenton, Ohio First Grade Class [03-09-2000]

montez, n hhby [03-09-2000]

i was intregred
Louann Nellis, 45yrs old from Mid Michigan [03-09-2000]

kathleen mccormick [03-09-2000]

My 5th grade daughter is doing a flag and report on Betsy Ross
Kathryn Huserik, teacher in Canby, Or [03-09-2000]

matthew [03-09-2000]

dayshon [03-09-2000]

DeAndre [03-09-2000]

thomas [03-09-2000]

I may be back again!
Maria Schiavo, I was in the seventh grade when I last visited this house! [03-09-2000]

Mrs Truitt's Fourth Grade Class [03-09-2000]

A. Jacquette [03-09-2000]

I am very interested in Betsy!
Jessica, ten years old [03-09-2000]

This is a very nice web-site. My step-son wanted to learn about Betsy Ross, and our public library had next-to-nothing about her. (his interest was starked when he learned of that I was her relative. I was pleased to find so many wonderful facts about her life. The I don't know if I have ever seen such an extensive web-site with so much information. Keep up the good work! I'll be back soon. God Bless! Bob Moore
Robert J. Moore, Descendant of Betsy Ross/Disabled Student/Chico,CA. [03-09-2000]

I have a first grader who wants to visit Historic Philadelphia!
Ruth Ann Jackson, Professor at Penn State [03-09-2000]

Jack & Chris Stief, Age 6; 36 [03-09-2000]

I hope to have a good tour
Erin, I love pets [03-09-2000]

I'm doing a biography report on Betsy Ross. It's my first.
Alaina Williams, 8 years old from Colligiate School in Richmond VA. [03-09-2000]

I am doing a biography on her for school, so I need information and pictures about her. This web site has really helped me a lot, thanks!
Brooke, I live in Fargo. I am 12 years old. I like to play sports. [03-08-2000]

History is important to our future. Well Done!
Michelle Parker, I reside in Darwin,Northern Territory Australia [03-08-2000]

We are doing a history fair for our homeschool group and Lindsay wanted to learn about our nations flag, so here we are. Great web site! I am learning new interesting facts also.
Barbara and Lindsay McKillip, Mom and 8yo daughter doing research. [03-08-2000]

I always have a student each year that chooses to study Betsy Ross' life. This is great!
Rick Landmann, Third grade teacher College Station I.S.D. [03-08-2000]

Hey My Babez
BuTtEr CuP, Nuttin U need to kno here [03-08-2000]

Jamie, 18 [03-08-2000]

LEEANN HARRIDSLEFF, ag3 9 [03-08-2000]

Perry Kelly, Architect living in Ireland [03-08-2000]

beth hickey, kindergarten teacher [03-08-2000]

Christy McGuire, 1105 wade drive 9 [03-08-2000]

fred, oregon, 13 years old [03-08-2000]

Joshua Adrian, New York. I'm 13 years old [03-08-2000]

We are having a puppet show at school. I am making a Betsy Ross puppet. I am looking for information about Betsy Ross so that my puppet will have interesting things to say.
Dayna Tyler, 9 years old, from Layton, UT [03-07-2000]

Jenny, IL, 10 ( doing research on Betsy Ross, for school) [03-07-2000]

I am doing a history project on Betsy Ross
brannan myers, 5th grade St. Patrick School Ottawa, IL [03-07-2000]

mickie root, california [03-07-2000]

i love our state and all the history!
Kassie, i'm 15 i live in seattle, washington [03-07-2000]

Maddy, mn [03-07-2000]

Brittany Garland, Doing a school project I am 9 yrs. old [03-07-2000]

Our 2nd grade class at Goodpasture Christian School is studying American History. Each of us picked a person to do a dress up book report on. I picked Betsy Ross.
Callie Lynn, 7 years old [03-07-2000]

for my 7 year old daughter
John Simeon, 52 lOUISVILLE kY [03-07-2000]

Maria Fales, 99 gollba mi [03-07-2000]

I went to Betsy Ross house as a little I'm taking my daughter to see it too, the comfort of our own home...on a SCHOOL NIGHT no less...
Betsy Quimby, Chelmsford, Massachusetts [03-07-2000]

i like betsy rosses web site.
Jessica Lopez, 11 [03-07-2000]

Nancy Cline, Tacoma, WA, 46 [03-07-2000]

I am doing a school report and wish to find info on Betsy R.
Marnie, 12 [03-07-2000]

Research project for students.... Thanks for your home page.
Sandra Bowen [03-07-2000]

Abby Kellett [03-07-2000]

Kathy, Maryland Libray Media specialist [03-07-2000]

Ari Schomburg, 835 E. 5th St. Fremont, NE age 12 [03-07-2000]

Cathy, Chris & Jimmy Falkner, Hopewell, VA [03-07-2000]

Warrene Preston, Teacher in Kissimmee,Fl,mother,grandmother [03-07-2000]

Mrs. Rondeau's Class, Kindergarten Class [03-07-2000]

i used you site for a book report. thank you!
sarah vance, 9 years old [03-07-2000]

bobby, im 28 [03-07-2000]

I'm thrilled with the fun and learning here for my three boys and myself (and eventually my baby girl). THANK YOU
Kaf Nickerson, Williamsburg, VA 42 yrs. homeschool mom of 4 [03-07-2000]

Andrea Laikin, Los Angeles, 11 [03-07-2000]

renee Bennett [03-07-2000]

The American Flag was designed by a committee who originally met at the old Clason Point Military Academy at the Bronx, New York before proceeding to Philadelphia
Charles C. Bothur, Historian/Hobbyist [03-07-2000]

tonya simpson, kentucky [03-07-2000]

Judi Gordonson, 3rd grade school teacher [03-07-2000]

Working on a report for school
Sarah Erb, 10 Years Old, Danville PA, [03-07-2000]

Angela Rose, 35, Dublin, CA [03-07-2000]

Sandy Davis [03-07-2000]

jessica [03-07-2000]

J birckhead, 46 [03-07-2000]

Holly Smith, I am six years old and from Texas. [03-07-2000]

Jan Reid, third grade teacher [03-07-2000]

Gini Gerst, first grade teacher [03-07-2000]

I am doing a project for US History about the first American flag, and I'm making the cake that looks like the Anerican flag.
Kristen, I live in Michigan, I'm 14, and I am in 8th grade [03-07-2000]

TIM BOUCHARD, fl, 33, originally from mass [03-07-2000]

she is a great woman who ever lived.
crystal garcia, 602 south cleavland street [03-06-2000]

HELLO PEOPLE,WUZ UP, besides the sky??????
Jaclyn Taylor, sand Springs, 13 ,Central Jr High, [03-06-2000]

maranda dawn cornelius, I am 13 years old [03-06-2000]

jay pelton, I am 14 years old [03-06-2000]

hello people
Brittany Eades, Sandsprings, 13,Central Junior High [03-06-2000]

bentley, california [03-06-2000]

dc 2c
Brittany Eades, Oklahoma Sandsprings [03-06-2000]

i like girls!!!!
Audrey Meshek [03-06-2000]

TYLER, oklahoma 13 [03-06-2000]

T.J., central junior high [03-06-2000]

Amber Walsh, 13yrs old ,Sand Springs [03-06-2000]

Clayton, Central Junior High School [03-06-2000]

I am gathering information about famous women in history.
Heidi Hawley, CA, 28 year old teacher, mother [03-06-2000]

Janine Chandler, Sand Springs, Oklahoma [03-06-2000]

jill owen, sand springs, oklahoma central jr. high [03-06-2000]

holly hale, oklahoma [03-06-2000]

mason moore [03-06-2000]

mike luce [03-06-2000]

I wish You would look up our street address and write me here at school. But mail it to me.
ashlee burger, location Central Junior High [03-06-2000]

jill owen, sand springs, oklahoma central jr. high [03-06-2000]

Meghan McAllister, cjh [03-06-2000]

student, central junior high [03-06-2000]

you guys and gals enjoy the tour! visit my web page at aol.drew
ELISHA JAMES MADISON, i'm 13 years of age and my location is confidential [03-06-2000]

Chris Volavka [03-06-2000]

what year was betsy ross born, and what year did she die? i wonder if she was friends with george washington.
bow, sand springs okalahoma ,14 , like animals [03-06-2000]

no thatz ok
candice, none of your business [03-06-2000]

hey ya'll. whats up!!! Go to!!!
elisha madison, 1373 colony circle i'm 13 years of age [03-06-2000]

pat beckmann [03-06-2000]

Ben Neptune, Modesto,CA;age 10;grade 4 [03-06-2000]

Marty Riley, From Philly, but live in SC and have for 34 years. Retired USN [03-06-2000]

i came in to tour betsy ross's house because i am doing a school report on her
shelby hutchison, newark, ohio 11 years old [03-06-2000]

Nicole Brunell, Levittown,Pa 19057 24 [03-06-2000]

Courtney Boettger, stockton, CA age 10 [03-06-2000]

Markella Mallas [03-06-2000]

karen rash [03-06-2000]

My daughter has a projest at school and has to memorize twenty facts about Betsy Ross
Rob Ross, Rock Hill, SC 33 [03-06-2000]

Elizabeth Mayott-Scharf, Middle School Teacher from Neptune, NJ [03-06-2000]

Patricia Whitman, Grandmother [03-06-2000]

Josie Brawer, Boca Raton, Fl. 15 years [03-06-2000]

iam doing a project for scholl i am entrested in betty
kelly, 9/ 120 sherman brooklyn [03-06-2000]

Betsy Ross created a symbol of something inside of every american I am doing a flag speech she's in it
Stacy, 11yrs, old [03-06-2000]

Iam interested in learning about Betsy Ross and finding out everything I can to help me do a report for school. 20 yrs ago my mom did a report on Betsy Ross and I choose to do a report on her because she is a women we should never forget.
Samantha Nels Johnson, California, 9 years old, 3rd grade [03-06-2000]

My daughter is doing a school project on Besty Ross.
Kim, virginia, [03-06-2000]

Amy Lynn, From Swedesboro, NJ [03-06-2000]

we have just learned about Betsy Ross in school. I am in the 3rd grade.
Amanda Sutliff, Virginia [03-06-2000]

Emily Brady, age 9 [03-06-2000]

i'm doing a report on betsy ross
Samantha Potts, n.c ,10 years old [03-06-2000]

Samantha Baker, 9 [03-06-2000]

Kenneth Coleman, Texan in NY, 33 yrs [03-06-2000]

Megan, PA, female, 12 [03-06-2000]

I am working on a class project about famous american's, and my topic is Betsy Ross.
Jamie Pursifull, 8 yrs, [03-06-2000]

I am supposed to pick a famous person to write an autobiography about for a class project, so I am very interested in this lady. When I visited Phileadelphia in Oct. '99 the exhibit was closed so I missed out.
Christopher R. Fisher, I am 8 yrs. old, a second grader at Edgewood Elem. Schoo. [03-06-2000]

Mallory deForest, age 9, Sandwich MA [03-06-2000]

nice site was a thrill to research.
sparky, ca. age 8 yr. old girl [03-06-2000]

We are doing this for a social studies report.
Lauren Kellett, New Jersey, 12. [03-06-2000]

Natilie [03-06-2000]

Christine Rawleigh, grandmom,47, getting information for my grandaughter [03-06-2000]

gail alpert and brenna pappert [03-06-2000]

anonymous, elementary school teacher [03-06-2000]

I am currently doing a research paper on Betsy Ross.
Michelle H., Lafayette, LA 11 years old, 5th Grade [03-06-2000]

H.W. Zeke Landis, Met my wife there in 1940 on Flag Day [03-06-2000]

Melissa Row, elementary school teacher--age 27--Titusvulle, FL [03-03-2000]

lee martin, age: 16 [03-03-2000]

megan and nicole, 11 yrs [03-03-2000]

My grandson needed information in regards to the flag and its history, your web site fulfilled his needs, Thanks.
Ronald S Rosen, Huntsville, AL, 64 and retired [03-03-2000]

John Sedler, 45,Kansas City Missouri [03-03-2000]

alexis hughes [03-03-2000]

tell me about betsy ross
Joe Schillig, Wisconson,14, male [03-03-2000]

stacey gold, 13, [03-03-2000]

Nicole Amendola, Im am from Brooklyn New,York.Im am 12 years old and I have a bestfriend named Inna Altmon [03-03-2000]

Anil D, age 11 [03-03-2000]

Kristie, 10 New Jersey [03-03-2000]

Mrs. Venskoske's Kindergarten Class, Boyce Elementary School Boyce,VA [03-03-2000]

Dahlia, high school student [03-03-2000]

I just thought it would be cool if you knew that I am going to be Betsy Ross for the wax musem that the fith graders at my school do every year.
Kimberly Saltmarsh, North Pole A.K. 11years old [03-03-2000]

I like the American flag.
Marisa Strazza, I am 9 years old. I live in New Jersey [03-03-2000]

I will love our flag forever....
Jesse, Florida....77 yrs old ...WW2 vet [03-03-2000]

Shirley Wujek, Bloomfield NJ [03-03-2000]

Doug Olson [03-03-2000]

Chantal Kardell [03-03-2000]

I'm researching information on Betsy Ross, we are presenting a wax museum project to our parents.
Allison McAuliffe, 4th grade student in Mass. [03-03-2000]

Brenda Camarena, hope your history stays alive. [03-03-2000]

I enjoyed the tour but would like more information about Betsy Ross herself and her history. Thanks for an educational experience for my family.
Cindy Rutledge, Tulsa, OK [03-03-2000]

You are the only website for the Betsey Ross house. I have to bring in information for a shool fieldtrip. Actually, the Y puts it on and it's called AHT, have you seen this group before? Well thanks!
Katie O'Loughlin, nh [03-03-2000]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross and I am love learning about her.
Leigh Anne, I live in Georgia and am 11 years old [03-03-2000]

I have to do a three-dimensional project about Betsy Ross.
R. L. [03-03-2000]

Matt&Eric Wilde & Hunt, Computer lab, 12, [03-03-2000]

We are looking forward to visiting Betsy Ross's house over the internet. Thank you for having this site available to us.
MRs. Winkelman's third grade [03-03-2000]

jo, New Jersey, 34 year old woman [03-03-2000]

lucie sheets, age 8 Newport News, va [03-03-2000]

The reason that I like Betsy Ross is because I'm doing a book report on her and I have to dress up as her. My teacher gave us a large selection. But for some strange reason I just decided to go with my favorite, historic person, Betsy Ross!!!!!
Neesha Lester, 2620 E. 72nd street Indlps. IN 46240 [03-03-2000]

SARAH HUNT, 6 years old from Tennessee [03-03-2000]

Mrs. Robertson [03-03-2000]

TAMMIE MYERS, ohio 37 [03-03-2000]

Carol Durocher [03-03-2000]

A lot of useful information on Betsy Ross for my project for school. Thanks.
Mandi, New York, age - 9 [03-03-2000]

Donald E. Richey, Cochranville,PA(Chester County) [03-03-2000]

Lexie Ahrens, Stratford, IA 50249 [03-03-2000]

Scott Boatman, 37 year old male husbund and father of two girls [03-03-2000]

I wan't to know more about Betsy
Alex Lynn Willard, I am a fourth grade student at age of 10 [03-03-2000]

Brianna Hasenzahl [03-03-2000]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross for school I'm in the 4th grade
Marie Dunbar, Callery, PA age 10 [03-03-2000]

I am writing a report for school on Betsy Ross
Morgan Whitsel, 9 years old, oklahoma [03-03-2000]

Thank You
Brenda Mauch [03-03-2000]

cheryl Diegidio, 26 year old mom of two [03-03-2000]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross for my second grade class.
Zoe Warpinski-Bitting, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL I am 7 years old. [03-03-2000]

JoAnn Rubino, Helping my granddaughter with report [03-03-2000]

Catrica Spradley, Texas, 18, [03-03-2000]

school project thank you
Natalie Monte, va. 10 yrs. femaile [03-03-2000]

Jean Aplustille, Seaford Elementary School Teacher [03-03-2000]

JAMES FERRARO [03-03-2000]

patsy mcmanus [03-03-2000]

Emily VanNorstrand, Port Byon New York I'm 11 [03-03-2000]

We want to learn more about Betsy Ross because we are studying the Revolutionary War in school. Thank you!
Amanda and Alex, two 10 year old foruth grade students [03-03-2000]

S. Womack, Mexico, MO [03-03-2000]

jennifer & brian, vero beach, fl [03-03-2000]

amy white, hooksett age:11 [03-03-2000]

Melissa Crowder, Baltimore, Md. 30 years old African American [03-03-2000]

Jake, 38 [03-03-2000]

T Hahn, Gorham, ME [03-03-2000]

Barbara deCarlo Campell, Lake Bluff, IL [03-03-2000]

i grew up in philadelphia
julie baker, houston, texas [03-03-2000]

We visited the house on Arch Street three summers ago. I am doing a biography of Betsy Ross. I have enjoyed learning about her and the flag she made for General Washington.
Caroline Burr, Dallas, TX Age 9 [03-03-2000]

I am a fourth grade student at St. Mary's School in Waterford, New York and I am doing a biography paper on Betsy Ross.
Elizabeth Christine Suppies, 24 Mockingbird Ct. Waterford, New York 12188 [03-03-2000]

Kimberly Miller, I'm a 9 year old Okie. [03-03-2000]

i want to thank you for this, it has/will help me a lot with my report.
MEGAN, ma., age 9 [03-03-2000]

Amanda Trotenberg, age 11 [03-03-2000]

Thank you for this wonderful site!!! My 9 year old had a report to do on Betsy Ross and we found everything that she needed and then some here!!! Thank you again!!!
melissa, florida [03-03-2000]

Mackenzie Grey, I`m 9 years old [03-03-2000]

Thanks for the site. I am using it to help my 2nd grade daughter do a biography. Keep up the good work!
Kimberly Simpson, San Antonio, TX [03-03-2000]

Thank You
Jordin Kyte [03-03-2000]

Sarah Ross, 7 1/2 years old [03-03-2000]

katia ramos, 9 years old live in lawrenceville , GA [03-03-2000]

I am taking this virtual tour of Betsy Ross' house to learn more about her and her lifestyle. I am in 8th grade and we just finished learning about the Revolutionary war. Now, we all have to make a book about the war. Each of us have to choose a special interest to write about. So, I chose Betsy Ross.
Lindsay [03-03-2000]

Pat Snyder [03-03-2000]

Our 2nd grader is studying the flag and we found your website. It has many interesting facts about the history of the flag.
The Yaple family, Michigan [03-03-2000]

Laura Vanhoy, 10 nc [03-03-2000]

Linda Cortright, Redwood, New York [03-03-2000]

I am studing Betsey Ross for a school project and I really like your web site!!
Cat, Age 10 [03-03-2000]

Amanda Ibbetson, 10 years old [03-03-2000]

I am writing a biography on Betsy Ross for school and learning how to make a five-pointed star is so cool!
Megan Richards, age 9, I live in Draper, Utah [03-03-2000]

My library class was looking this up on the internet at school, but we didn't have time to look through the house and I thought that it looked neat, so I decided to come home and explore the web site more thoroughly on my own time.
Bryna L. Rickenbach, I am 12 years old and live in Richfield Pennsylvania. [03-03-2000]

it is very pretty, and i hope i really can visit it some day.
CHELSEA A. LOWDEN, brooklyn, mi age 9 [03-03-2000]

Cassie, I am a weird-n-crazy HIPPY CHIC [03-03-2000]

Paul Estilow [03-03-2000]

I visited in person in 1976 enjoyed it very much then
Ellalouise H. Croy, live in indiana age 65 [03-03-2000]

concetta [03-03-2000]

i am still hanging in and find this cite to be terrific to say the least. very helpful aswell as truly informative. it pro vides a vital outlet!!! thank you.
WILLIAM C.BENJAMIN, retiered assistant district attorney from nassau county , afflicted now eith multiple sclerosis [03-03-2000]

Deborah Tyler, homeschool mom [03-03-2000]

catlyn johnson, I am 9 years old, and live in Tulsa,Ok [03-03-2000]

Steve Torelli, Age 43, Voorhees, NJ [03-03-2000]

I am doing a report on Betsy and her famous flag.
Christina DiSalvo [03-03-2000]

I am studying Besty Ross and writing a book report on her.
Brittany Monks, Trumbull, CT age 8 [03-03-2000]

james haynes [03-03-2000]

Alison, San Isidro Texas [03-03-2000]

jordan, female, 11 years old [03-03-2000]

Did you like Betsy Ross? Thank you for making a homepage now I get to learn about her.I'm excited about entering your Betsy Ross house tour. Now I can start the tour of Betsy Ross's house.
Julia Ballenger, Age 6 [02-25-2000]

George Hauser, Calif, age 50 looking up Betsy Ross for daughter age9 [02-25-2000]

Jenna, 14, rexburg idaho [02-25-2000]

Rachel Astrologo, age 9 [02-25-2000]

thank you for this web site!
Mrs. Strom, 39 [02-25-2000]

Am taking a web class on the computer. Decided to research Betsy Ross as one of my projects
Julia J. Fudala, An elementary school secretary in Earlysvill, VA [02-25-2000]

JulieCraighead [02-25-2000]

really enjoy viewing your web page i am a very big american history buff will always be one
ton brownlee, 35 yrs old [02-25-2000]

This site is cool
Andrew Gebuhr, Indiana Indianapolis [02-25-2000]

Jessie, 12 [02-25-2000]

My son is doing a report on Betsy Ross. : )
Teresa Cornelison [02-25-2000]

We really enjoyed this . Thanks so much.
The Williams, Tennessee, 31,12,10,35 [02-25-2000]

Thank you for the tour! It really helped with our report on Betsy Ross.
The Westerbeck Family [02-25-2000]

The reason I am visiting this site, is for my American History class. My teacher is a fruit cake but I still like learning about history of our country and I wish I lived back then!! hehe..Thnx a bunch!
Jessica, I live in Texas. I am 14 and I love Chris and Corey! That may sound skanky but who cares... I just crush on both of them! [02-25-2000]

we are wondering why the flag in your picture is touching the ground? Thank you.
christa, Phoenix, AZ I am 5 my sister is 7 [02-25-2000]

Bob E, * [02-25-2000]

I am a student teacher and I am now doing a lesson on Betsy Ross. I just thought that it would be helpful for me if I have "been there" and I can share it with my students.
Jennifer Hankins, I live in Edmond, OK and I am 22 years old. [02-25-2000]

brandon, kentucky,15, [02-25-2000]

Hello everyone my name is dana
Dana Ross, Maryland, 10, Like to play softball [02-25-2000]

Miss Lauren Preston, Columbus, Ohio-7 years old [02-25-2000]

great page i found lots of info.
Lauren, Maine tall [02-25-2000]

Carol Sandro [02-25-2000]

Will be in Philadelphia the last week of March. What will the weather be like? What do you recommend at that time of the year? I want to maximize my visit.
anthony estaniqui, Honolulu, Hawaii; 45, federal employee, love stars & stripes [02-25-2000]

We would like to thank Betsy Ross for the flag she created.
Room 25 Arnold Elementary Second Grade Class, We are twenty second graders from Cypress, California. [02-25-2000]

Deanna, 13 [02-25-2000]

Sunray Kindergarten [02-25-2000]

This is absolutely wonderful!!!!!!!!!!Hi everybody! If you're at this website, you are probably like me, wanting stuff for a report!! E-mail me sometime!!!
Ashley Nichols, 13 years old, and live in Peebles,Ohio [02-25-2000]

Jean Ann Hill, Amarillo, Texas [02-25-2000]

I hope I have
Bryce Wagner, 11 soccer and basketball player [02-25-2000]

this is a really great web site for young sttudents like me.
krystle golden, newark,ohio,14,lincoln middle school [02-25-2000]

Matt Ryan, 9 years old [02-25-2000]

Tori Allgood [02-25-2000]

i was doing a report and this website helped me get aA++++. THANK YOU SSSSSSSOOOOOOO MMMMUUUUCCCCHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
emily strack, Im athletic, gourgious and single [02-25-2000]

I am doing a resource folder on historical and cultural site in Philadelphia. It would be of great help if you could send me a pamphlet from the Betsy Ross House.
Taneema Fannings, North Philadelphia, 25, Temple student [02-25-2000]

Russell Carson [02-25-2000]

I am doing my culture project on Philadelphia. My mom and dad will take me to the Betsy Ross house this spring. I know I will like it very much. Thank you for the information for my project.
Matthew Pressley, Orlando, Florida 9 yrs old, born in Pennsylvnia Hospital in 1990 [02-25-2000]

Our 4th graders are doing a project on important people during the revolutionay war. Some of our girls have chosen Betsy Ross. This site has been a great help.
Cecile Newberry, I am a special ed. teacher at Belwood Elem. for grades 4-5. I do an inclusion S.S. class. [02-25-2000]

betty brymer, 40 yrs. old from Austin Tx. [02-25-2000]

sam, 14 [02-25-2000]

Brooke, none of ur buiessness [02-25-2000]

Mrs. Keeney's Class, 2nd grade class [02-25-2000]

perky people, North carolina, Charlotte 8th grade [02-25-2000]

St. Andrew Catholic School, First Grade Class [02-25-2000]

Ms. McEntee's Second Grade Class [02-25-2000]

Mrs. coder/Ms. beavers first grade class [02-25-2000]

We are learning about Betsy Ross and the flag. We enjoyed touring your house. It was fun. It was beautiful and we loved your house.
Mrs. Betty Phillips's class, kindergarten class [02-23-2000]

this is great!!
margaret chesnut, 54 [02-23-2000]

Have a report to do on Betsy Ross, this will help me. Thank you.
Deirdre Hopkins Klima, Spottsylvaina, Virgina age 8 [02-23-2000]

Erica Tang, 15 years old... suffering from depression [02-23-2000]

doing a report on Betsy Ross and My mom is taking me on this tour. She was a very interesting lady
Angela Mitchem, Ft. Myers Fl 11 yrs old [02-23-2000]

Gina Ferstel [02-23-2000]

My class is doing a projectd on Betsey Ross and making their own version of the first flag.
Jane Unsworth, Sanford, Florida I am a 5th grade teacher [02-23-2000]

Daniel and Nicole Provost, Michigan early 20s married college grads, history major [02-23-2000]

Rhonda C. Tucker, lexington, nc 28 [02-23-2000]

Lori Robinson-Eichenlaub, Franklin Furnace, OH 33 yrs. [02-23-2000]

I am writing a report about Betsy Ross and I came to this site to learn about her and the flag.
Rachael Wyatt, 2nd grade student [02-23-2000]

Nice site. Love History. I Like the fact you added the tips on cutting the perfedt 5 point star. Thanks for the tour.
Lisa, Sandston, VA [02-23-2000]

brandon, like to play ag 10 [02-23-2000]

I was looking up information for my little sister because she is doing a project on Betsy Ross.
Ashley Rector, Berea, KY 10 years old [02-23-2000]

brett cain, denton texas age 10 [02-23-2000]

anonymous, Live in TN [02-23-2000]

Our boys and girls are studying the American Flag and this was part of the scavenger hunt to find out about the great lady Betsey Ross. Thanks for a wonderful site on the internet to help us learn about the American flag. Sincerely, Mrs Robertson and her Third Grade Class
Richmond County Elementry, Third Grade Teacher [02-23-2000]

cool!!lets go!!
bonnie, 12 [02-23-2000]

i think betsy is wonderful
brittany whitman, 1490 west plymouth ave. [02-23-2000]

There are 20 students in our class,and we are doing a unit on George Washington and Betsy Ross. Wright Elem. Perryton Texas 79070
janie taylor, 2nd grade teacher [02-23-2000]

Pam Teeter, Librarian at Burley Jr. High School, Burley, Idaho [02-23-2000]

theresa [02-23-2000]

Lauren Licastro [02-23-2000]

i really love history
T.C Robinson, 9 [02-23-2000]

Bobbi Snyder, Riverton, UT--31years old/writing a report on Betsy Ross [02-23-2000]

Jonathon, Moran TX., 12, [02-23-2000]

Dane Johnson, Moran TX. 13 years old male [02-23-2000]

Thank-you for this wonderful sight. I can't wait to show my children when they wake up for school.
Karen C Lewis, Waldorf, Maryland [02-23-2000]

Jan Lowry, Age:66,Rye, N.Y. The most beautiful sight in the world is to see our flag wving in the breeze. [02-23-2000]

Kamie Ulery, live in Az. am 33 female [02-23-2000]

tamera brown, Homeschooling mother of 4 [02-23-2000]

R, David K. Dickinson, I am a boy that likes basketball! [02-23-2000]

Robert Craig, Virginia - 55 - Male [02-23-2000]

Katherine D. Christiansen, I'm 8 and read a lot about Betsy! [02-23-2000]

this is a very good source for a school report that is being done on this subject.
KIM MILLER [02-23-2000]

Doing a report on Betsy Ross
Stacie and Kat [02-23-2000]

Can you e-mail info on Betsy Ross for my report?
Conner Blackwell, Woodstock, GA. , age 7, Doing report on Mrs. Ross [02-23-2000]

I heard about this page through Annieshomepage. I love helping to aid in my childrens education through all types of media. Thank you Michelle Madison
michelle madison, indianapolis, in I'm 37 and looking for things to help teach my kids [02-23-2000]

Mandy, im 11 i am doing a report on betsy ross [02-23-2000]

Katie Marie Stow, 7 yrs. old, 1st grade project [02-23-2000]

Hey, cool site!
Michelle, 15 [02-23-2000]

Doing a report on Betsy Ross and this is a great sight for Info!!
Laura Free, age 9 ,grade 4 [02-23-2000]

S. Lea, Oklahoma [02-23-2000]

I'm going to be Besty Ross in a wax museum for my 5th grade history project. Thanks for the info.
Cami Clark, Age 11 [02-23-2000]

looking for project for daughter
pam handy, louisville, 36 [02-23-2000]

Avondale Library, Amarillo, TX [02-23-2000]

I just am looking for some info. on Betsy and the flag.
Peter McFadden, Kutztown, PA 23, Male [02-23-2000]

Life is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Michael McCutchan, Cocoa Beach surfer, age 32, Teacher of Gifted [02-23-2000]

pamela rowe's first grade, 28, Nashville,Tn [02-23-2000]

TYLER BERGLIN, 9 [02-23-2000]

My 14 kindergarten children are visiting today.
Barbara Watson, Lancaster, Virginia [02-23-2000]

Julia, Florida mother and house wife [02-23-2000]

I am dressing up like Betsy Ross and reading a report to my 1st grade class this week. Thank you for all the information here.
Katelyn Branin, New Jersey, USA; 6 years old [02-23-2000]

Martha Davis, Midland, Texas, age 62 [02-23-2000]

i am righting a report on betsy ross for school
mellissa neil, boston ma, i'm 8 years old in third grade [02-23-2000]

Rob Greene [02-23-2000]

Sarah Morgan, age 13 [02-21-2000]

i am doing a school report on betsy ross. thank you for all this information
BILLY HAUPT, age 8 - grade 3 [02-21-2000]

Gloria M. Carter, New Jersey-68 yrs, and just love History [02-21-2000]

So far this has been so informative. Thank you so much.
C. Yarbrough, Doing a speech on Betsy Ross [02-21-2000]

I am dressing up and presenting a report on Miss Ross for my class. We had to pick a famous American. I pick Betsy Ross. I did a paperdoll and dressed like her. I liked the biography that I read on Betsy Ross. I read it 3 times.
Alexandria Updegraft, 8 [02-21-2000]

I love history.
Jessica, 9 West Port [02-21-2000]

Flood, Yonkers, 44 [02-21-2000]

what a neat site! Betsy Ross is one of our famous americans that we study....great info that even first graders would find interesting...:)
Cheryl Coder, teacher-first grade [02-21-2000]

My class is studying the Revolutionary War, and everyone had to pick a person to do a report on.
Miriam Kalk, 5th Grade, Austin, Texas [02-21-2000]

rfarmer, westland 37 years old [02-21-2000]

Thank You
Channing Herrman, R.R.1 Box 710 Scandia,ks 66966, I am 11 years old [02-21-2000]

Giorgia Howe, Great Falls, VA - 8 years old [02-21-2000]

We hope to visit Philadelphia this summer
nancy sieting, lapeer, MI age 42 [02-21-2000]

Jayne Wright, 54 yrs. young, Ambler, PA [02-21-2000]

I think this site is very educational. Thank you, Cammie Park
Cammie Park, I'm 35 [02-21-2000]

Lindsay Elizabeth Kline, I live in Mifflinville, PA, I am 10 years old [02-21-2000]

Robert Levoska [02-21-2000]

lilida Froquace [02-21-2000]

I am doing research on Betsy Ross for my second grade, famous amercian project.
Jessica Quible, Cincinnati, 8, in second grade [02-21-2000]

I love history
Sheryl, Florida [02-21-2000]

Brandon [02-21-2000]

Taking the tour for a history project.
Kristy, 15 [02-21-2000]

My is from Philadelphia and I grew up there as a child from New York City. We plan on visiting in May. We would love to see Betsy Ross's House once again.
Lisa Rivera, Orlando, FL [02-21-2000]

I hope to some day really visit the Betsy Ross House!
Blaire A. Battles, I live in Mcloud,OK and am a 13 year old female. [02-21-2000]

bringing the family
John Rusnak, Baltimore, 35 [02-21-2000]

We were looking for information for my daughters patriotism project for school...
Mary Shanahan [02-21-2000]

Megan Connors, 11years old P.A [02-21-2000]

I am doing a research paper on Betsy Ross for my college non-fiction class.
Kylee Castle, Grand Junction, Co age:19 [02-21-2000]

Jennifer Lee Miller, 8yr. old girl doing a study on Betsy Ross [02-21-2000]

The time when she lived is my favorite period of history!
Michelle Jones, Bal State University Student [02-21-2000]

Kathleen Daley, I live in Lorain, Ohio. I will soon be a teacher. [02-21-2000]

Thank you I love History
Roger Giblin, 43 U S Army Reserveist (20+yrs) [02-21-2000]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross. My mom helped me find this site. We are going to tour Betsy Ross' house together.
Emily Glass and Mom, 3rd grade, Las Cruces, New Mexico [02-21-2000]

kim, whatever [02-21-2000]

s english, nj [02-21-2000]

sheree [02-21-2000]

jeri l. anderson, kearney, nebraska [02-21-2000]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross in my Fourth Grade class.
Lindsay, 9 years old from New York [02-21-2000]

Kyle Delaney, New Castle, PA [02-21-2000]

Mariah Fidalgo, 9 years old [02-21-2000]

I am doing a report on a famous American and I picked Betsy Ross.
Brooke Arey, 6 years, Huntersville Elementary [02-21-2000]

I think it would cool if I could meet Betsy Ross,I am doing a repot at school on her, I hope this will help.
niki, Aurora,Colorado i'm 13 [02-21-2000]

Make very day count, thats why its called present. Tommorrow never comes.
Linda Strauss, Ohio, 41years. Rediscoverering our history. [02-21-2000]

Betty Nilsson, Cape Cod, MA retired & an avid quilter [02-21-2000]

james francis [02-21-2000]

jean bloechl, chicago, 58, teacher [02-21-2000]

Jennifer Melton, Emory, Texas [02-18-2000]

My 3rd grade class was learning about the American Flag.
Cammie Davis, Columbiania, AL, teacher [02-18-2000]

Room 55b Cortez Elementary School, Las Vegas, NV [02-18-2000]

bobby herrin, TULARIE 14 be cool [02-18-2000]

gail karahuta, reading, pa [02-18-2000]

We are finding out information on Betsy Ross.
Miss Gidden and 2-A, Avondale Elementary School, Amarillo, TX [02-18-2000]

Thank you for letting us visit.
Nash's nuggets, Class of 22, 5 and 6 year olds [02-18-2000]

aubrey graves [02-18-2000]

Ryanne Lancaster-Smyth, DeWitt, IA , 13, Female [02-18-2000]

betsy ross if you are still alive i would like you to sew me a flag that says kelly patrick mall
KELLY P. MALL, i am 9 years old and in the third grade. [02-18-2000]

i need to know about her to do a report
cynthia shank, redondo beach, ca 19 [02-18-2000]

So interested in seeing the home of Beetsy Ross.
catherine Iorio, houswife [02-18-2000]

I am doing my first book report on Besty Ross.
Tawny SmithW, Wyoming 9 years old 2-17-00 [02-18-2000]

Joe Laidlaw, 9yrs old, VA Beach, Virginia [02-18-2000]

taylor noel, seattle, wa 44 [02-18-2000]

This site is relly great!! :) ;)
Portia [02-18-2000]

erica Cramer [02-18-2000]

June Macon, St. Louis, MO [02-18-2000]

I am working on a special school project and have always been facinated with Besty Ross.
Ava Serrano, LaVerne, 11, 5th grade student [02-18-2000]

BRENDA PILEGGI, atlantic county, age 40 [02-18-2000]

I take this tour as a preparation for a visit to Philadelphia in June
Anne_Francoise Kraus, French,living in Germany, 43 [02-18-2000]

Miss Denman's Class [02-18-2000]

Gail White, First Grade teacher at Gess Elementary, Chewelah Washington [02-18-2000]

Donna Wenzel, adult [02-18-2000]

lisa, 12\nj\hackettstown [02-18-2000]

anonymous [02-18-2000]

Linda Courtney, Missourian [02-18-2000]

jim, 12 yrs [02-18-2000]

Jake Wildenmann, 7 yrs old [02-18-2000]

GaryAnn Johnson, 30y/o looking for info for childs report [02-18-2000]

lori bennett [02-16-2000]

eric thompson, 4th grade teacher at brewster, ny [02-16-2000]

thanks for the tour:-)
Timmy Perry, Midlothian, Va [02-16-2000]

We are learning about Betsy Ross.
Mrs. Mary's First Grade Class [02-16-2000]

Katie Pizzo [02-16-2000]

this web page is so cool! please send we more information about betsy ross and the american flag! thank you son very much Clara MAcbeth
Clara, I live in Adrian,, MI age 5 and has been here before! [02-16-2000]

I just read the story of Betsy Ross and it's a good story because you can learn how the American flag was made.
Heidi Larsson, Rochester, N.Y.; age 7 [02-16-2000]

Barbara, 36 years [02-16-2000]

I visited in person the summer of "98 and enjoyed it! Now I can share with my music students in SC!!! We are looking forward to seeing Betsy on the World's Largest Concert!!!
Edelyn Moore, Jonesville Elementary School, Jonesville, SC [02-16-2000]

Hello! We are learning about Famous Americans. We had no books about Betsy Ross, so we found you on the internet.
Erin, Chelsea, Jessica, Elisa, Monica. Miss K., Maple West Elementary School - 1st grade Wiiliamsville, NY [02-16-2000]

Kevin Kurnik [02-16-2000]

We are learning about our flag! You website has helped us learn alot!Thank you. We love you. We are patriots! : )
Mrs. Lisenby's Kindergarten Class, Birmingham, Alabama and we are 5 and 6, 7 years old [02-16-2000]

eener, 17 [02-16-2000]

This looks like a wonderful web site for my class to visit!
J. Harig, NY age 48, teacher [02-16-2000]

Cheryl Lampton, teacher Kansas City [02-16-2000]

Lucy, Second Grade Teacher [02-16-2000]

Gwendolyn Bryant, Gainesville, Fl [02-16-2000]

Thank you for this great web page. It will be used in a Kindergarten class for President's Day.
Linda Vahle, about an hour away by car. [02-16-2000]

toshiro murase, student 25 [02-16-2000]

Carol Grooms, Second Grage Teacher in Carrollton, Ga. [02-16-2000]

Mahira Asif, I'm doing a research paper on her. [02-16-2000]

carol broughman [02-16-2000]

We're looking forward to our invstigation about the American flag for our History Fair project.
Alicia and Deborah, Maryland, homeschooled [02-16-2000]

HEATHER, landisville age 11 [02-16-2000]

This is neat!
Lauren, 11 [02-16-2000]

Right now I am doing a report for History class!
Amanda Johnson, 14 years old, from Holland, Michigan [02-16-2000]

My daughter is doing a report on Betsy Ross. We appreciate this information.
Susan Hurst, California [02-16-2000]

Basil Hamdan, Ft Collins, CO 3 kids 38 years old [02-16-2000]

Iam doing a report on her.
Mallory Hunt, 10 years old [02-16-2000]

thank you for the tour and information on Betsy Ross. I had to do research on someone who made a difference in our world and i chose betsy. thank you.
Allison Gaggero, 6 yrs. old [02-16-2000]

I am doing a Book report on Betsy Ross for my class room assigment and needed to have a famous American person and I chose Betsy Ross for my person.
Alexandria Renee Kelley Martindale, Fairview Heights, Illinois 3rd grade Wm Hoilday School [02-16-2000]

Searching for information for my daughter (age 9)
Steven Smith, 34 yrs, [02-16-2000]

Amy powell [02-16-2000]

Laurel, 13, Michigan, interested in the history of the flag. [02-16-2000]

Colleen Dedert [02-16-2000]

Always claimed her as a relative but am not sure if it is true. Makes for a good story though.
Don Ross, 46 years of age born in Texas [02-16-2000]

Found this site in an article in Teaching PreK-8 magazine. Was curious about the 5-pointed star! Thanks for a neat site. Will share with other teachers.
Karen Tabak, teacher [02-16-2000]

My class was very excited about taking a house tour! It helped to make Betsy Ross a real person to my first graders.
Mrs. Aljets' First Grade Class, I have been teaching first grade for 11 years. [02-16-2000]

Mrs. Sizemore's Kindergarten Class, Teacher [02-16-2000]

lisa shelburne [02-16-2000]

Aaron Edwards, 30 y.o. male, Erie,pa [02-16-2000]

Dennis Woodard, 5th grade teacher, Las Cruces, NM [02-16-2000]

Aimee Friedmann, Beloit, Ohio Homeschool [02-16-2000]

Amber [02-16-2000]

hurry up redesigning your website where you can buy flags because i want to buy one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brittany Kurowski, love sports in 5th grade [02-14-2000]

very nice
sharon c, baker city oregon [02-14-2000]

mike fitzgerald [02-14-2000]

Laura, San Francisco [02-14-2000]

We are both writing class reports on Betsy Ross and are very interested in learning more information about her.
Jessica and Rebecca Woolf, We are 9 years old in third grade. [02-14-2000]

I'm doing my book report on Betsy Ross
Emily Rose Baroody, age 8 [02-14-2000]

Alice Worthington, Houston, Texas 46, [02-14-2000]

I am looking for information and resources for a school history report at Bowman Elementary School 5th grade class.
Marie Ferrell, Anchorage, AK, I'm ten years old [02-14-2000]

Darren L. Ginn [02-14-2000]

pat schmidt, ut age 47 betsy ross is my great aunt some years removed [02-14-2000]

laura carr, Texas, 35 [02-14-2000]

Anberin Omran, From Anaheim Hills, California .. 17 yrs old [02-14-2000]

Thanks for making this site. I'm sure it will help me very much in my report on Betsy.
Amy [02-14-2000]

I love you! I love the Betsy Ross House!Wow!
skushen, 158,Sonesta Ave. Elyria,Ohio 44035 Age:9 [02-14-2000]

i am in the 1st grade. i am doing a project on a famous american. i picked betsy ross. i liked getting to see her home.
HANNAH , 7 yrs old [02-14-2000]

Becca, im 12 with brown hair and blue eyes [02-14-2000]

ellen, staten island 12 learind about the flag [02-14-2000]

Nat Nel, Kansas [02-14-2000]

Thank you for this lovely and educational site!
Faye Hover [02-14-2000]

hunter lee, Age 11 5'5" [02-14-2000]

Kaitlyn Bornemann, 10 years old [02-14-2000]

becky ann mammenga, marion, sd [02-14-2000]

Destinee Kinsey, Age 6 [02-14-2000]

Christina [02-14-2000]

Marie, athletic, kind, pretty [02-14-2000]

Pat Otte, Bella Vista, AR [02-14-2000]

I;m a comen in
Kyle Mussey [02-14-2000]

Robert Lacy, age 30 [02-14-2000]

Alexis [02-14-2000]

Lauren [02-14-2000]

Doing a school project on Betsy Ross. Really neat web page. see ya later bye
Brittany Kurowski, love sports in the 5th grade [02-14-2000]

Brittany Risk [02-14-2000]

Kimberly Gallegos, Thw Woodlands, TX 9 yrs old [02-14-2000]

Renee Chauncey, teacher, Hazlehurst GA [02-14-2000]

Stephanie Brandenburg, I am doing a biography on Betsy Ross. 9yrs old [02-14-2000]

Chelsea Carroll, Lewisberry, PA age 9 [02-14-2000]

Christine Hursh [02-14-2000]

thanks needed help for school project
rachel martin, age 9 va for school [02-14-2000]

Michelle, 27, Kansas City [02-14-2000]

Ashley Rose Simmons [02-14-2000]

My son is doing a report on Besty Ross for his class.
Paulette P. hughes & Son Michael, va. 38,9 [02-14-2000]

ebony breaker, aiken 10years old [02-14-2000]

Sarah, like to dance [02-14-2000]

Molly, im 11 years old,live in ny,and have 5 pets [02-14-2000]

Janis, 2nd Grade Teacher [02-14-2000]

Evelyn Santiago, I am a seventh grade English as a Second Language teacer [02-14-2000]

alyssa milano [02-14-2000]

Kelly Fulton [02-14-2000]

Jeremy Santy, ten years old, Colorado Springs,CO [02-14-2000]

Angie Cassada, Monroe N.C [02-14-2000]

samantha, pleasant hill ohio 8 yrs old [02-14-2000]

We are studing about the American Flag, we have learned a lot about Betsy Ross.
Kenwoo Elementary First Graders, we are first graders from Kearney, Nebraska [02-11-2000]

April Norwood Erricka Johnson, Wisconsin Washiongton High School 15 [02-11-2000]

Kelli T. Butler [02-11-2000]

H. Elliott Lipschultz, Northfield, age 53, Executive Dir, Tax History Foundation [02-11-2000]

Thank you for all the information that is so neatly prepared. This will help our class assingnment greatly.
K.M.K, seattle,wa [02-11-2000]

I had to do a book report and it had to be a biography and I chose "Betsy Ross and the Flag". I liked it a lot and I learned alot.
Keagan Johnson, age: 8 I am in the 3rd grade [02-11-2000]

iris [02-11-2000]

amanda robinson, doing this for my nine year old niece for a book report at school [02-11-2000]

Being able to see history without the expense of travel is a great way to have students learn
Jennifer, Missouri 50 [02-11-2000]

Mrs. Heather Robinson, 31yrs old and an American!!!!! [02-11-2000]

Claire Cook, Saudi Arabia, 8, I'm doing a Biography on Betsy Ross at my school, Dhahran Academy [02-11-2000]

Camryn Walton [02-11-2000]

Hi we're doing a report on betsy ross and her fl;ag if you have any info. email me at Thanks!!
Jenna and Kellsey, 12/f/missouri [02-11-2000]

....and i am doing a report on the american flag and betesy ross.....i have found this is a very good and interesting web site.......thank you for all the information i have found on this site........i hope i get an a+ on this project........thank you very much..... this site has been a wonderful experience.........thank you very much.......christopher allen wilson......
CHRISTOPHER ALLEN WILSON, i am frome metamora, mi. and i am 9 years old [02-11-2000]

This is an excellent sight for 5th grade students learning about the American revolution!
Denise Keeler, grade 5 teacher [02-11-2000]

Cassie Ellis [02-11-2000]

patricia fitzgerald, lufkin texas.49 years [02-11-2000]

I'm going to be Betsy Ross for PA history day. I have to give a speech on Betsy - any information I can fin on her would be of great help! Can you help me with any information? Thank you, Elizabeth Siegrist
Elizabeth S Siegrist, 625 Walnut ST Columbia, PA 9 years old [02-11-2000]

My daughter and I are working on a girl scout project about the USA. We have enjoyed this site very much. Thanks for the help.
Denise and Lauren Rameau, age 7 and 30 [02-11-2000]

David Zimmerman, Baton Rouge, LA [02-11-2000]

Learing about Betsy Ross and her contribution to American History.
Whitney Patton, Christiana, TN 37037--3rd grade- - Buchanan Elementary School [02-11-2000]

I think the history of the flag is interesting. thank you
Ian Ferrell, in Calif. 11 years old. doing a class project. [02-11-2000]

I am a member of the Daughters Of Union Veterans of the Civil War, and one of our tents is named Betsy Ross, so was exploring. Very informative, Thanks.
Charlotte Aspegren, Old enough in Nebraska [02-11-2000]

I am helping my 8 year old daughter prepare a paper about Mrs. Betsy Ross and the making of the American Flag. She is a very interesting lady.
Jeff Ayers, Warner Robins, GA ; age 41 [02-11-2000]

Nickie, hawthorn 8th grade class. [02-11-2000]

Amanda [02-11-2000]

Susie [02-11-2000]

My students enjoyed visiting your site. They learned a great deal of information about our flag. Thanks.
Ruth Roberts, Cherry Valley, NY 5th grade teacher [02-11-2000]

i need a picture of Betsy Ross if you can send one that would be great thank you your friend miranda
miranda righi, i'm 10 years old and i live in New York [02-11-2000]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross for school.
Paige Budin, pa, 9 [02-11-2000]

thank you for keeping our history alive
rebecca, new jersey student [02-11-2000]

Ashley McAfee, 10 years old live in Bellingham Washington [02-11-2000]

Frances Ocasio, 10 [02-11-2000]

Kameshia Launte" Brooks [02-11-2000]

I want a tour of your house
kerri lee lane, 10 years old [02-11-2000]

I'm doing a report on Betsy ross for my Social studies class. I would like to know the following info about Betsy and her life. Born,Death,Why did she make a flag for U.S.A? And any more info you could get for me by Febuary 17th. Thanks So much. Well I'm going to go search your page for more info. I think it is a great site! Thanks again -ASHLEY
ashley, I'm 12 and I'm a student I visited Betsy's home in 5th grade. It was quite interesting! [02-11-2000]

Was browsing and stumbled into this site. I enjoyed it.
Pamela Winkel, Indiana [02-11-2000]

diane banks [02-11-2000]

Ms. Whitman's Class, Louisville, Ky [02-11-2000]

jamie lewis [02-11-2000]

Where is your picture of Betsy Ross
Benny Tajima, I live in HAwaii [02-11-2000]

heather johnson, student at weber state university ogden utah [02-11-2000]

Ashley Mace, I am in 3rd grade and 9 years old. [02-11-2000]

Ruth R. Raymond, Wakefield, Michigan [02-11-2000]

Georgine & Ed Motley, Both are retired and enjoying [02-08-2000]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross.
Alicia Burrell, Student [02-08-2000]

I once performed a drama based on Betsy Ross for a Miss America preliminary. lol
Jan Gerber, very very old [02-08-2000]

Jeanine Davis, now reside in NC., used to live near Phila. [02-08-2000]

julia isrel [02-08-2000]

Dewey Kearney, 63, married-3 children business sales promotional products [02-08-2000]

I was here to get information on a history report
crystal keith, 14 springfield Missouri [02-08-2000]

I can't wait to visit Philadelphia again so I can share our nation's rich histroy with my daughters.
Melonie Neadow, I am a Philadelphia native residing in Michigan, I am 27. [02-08-2000]

timmy [02-08-2000]

denise [02-08-2000]

ryan fisher, 18, horsham, pa [02-08-2000]

im coooooooooooool!
ANDY AND EMILY, las vegas 21 9990 [02-08-2000]

we are learning about the history of our flag in school. Thank you for having this information for us on our computers.
Sarah Ogan, I live in Lorain, OH and am in the third grade [02-08-2000]

I have had an interest in Betsy Ross since finding out that we are related. My eigth great-grandfather was George Ross, signer of the Declaration of Independence. My great-great-great grandmother was Amanda Ross.
Kerri S. Fyffe Gallion, Sumner, Illinois 28 years old [02-08-2000]

Jeanna Kiser, Connelly Springs, NC [02-08-2000]

Betsy ross was a very importint person of the united states.if it wasn't for her we wouldn't have a spectacular flag.i saw on the news they were taking apart a really old flag and the pieces wer made look like new and more stable.i like Betsy Griscom.She should be called by her last name when she was not marrried.
Caleb James Lowery, 9 years old and in 5th grade [02-08-2000]

Thank you for the tour.
Mrs. Harp's Second Grade Class, Amarillo, Texas [02-08-2000]

My six year old daughter Sarah is going to be Betsy Ross in her kindergarten class program "Proud To Be An American." She has to give a short speech, so we're looking for information.
Stacey Cheatham, Texas [02-08-2000]

Greg Pietras, 13 [02-08-2000]

first garade language arts class Lohn , Texas [02-08-2000]

jennifer blair, orlando [02-08-2000]

Terri Landry, I'm a 35 year old homescool mom from Phx. [02-08-2000]

Please send me any information about Betsy Ross to the e-mail address
Amy Watkins, I live in Gilbert, Arizona, I'm 8 years old and I'm Betsy Ross in a play. [02-08-2000]

Eileen, nj [02-08-2000]

gracie molly [02-08-2000]

I enjoyed your web page. It was wonderful to be able to see where Betsy Ross lived, and to be able to find out so many interesting facts. The information I collected here will be invaluable to my report. Thanks
S. Kerley, student [02-08-2000]

Sara Jones, I am 8 years old and live in Buffalo, Missouri. I attend D.A. Mallory Elementary. I am doing a report on Betsy Ross. [02-08-2000]

CAYLA BOWMAN, hi im 7 and love history [02-08-2000]

Lauren, Dayton, OH, Age 11, [02-08-2000]

Stacy McNamara-McGuire, teacher,mother of one [02-08-2000]

Delaney Pratt, seven [02-08-2000]

Lacy ELdridge [02-08-2000]

I am related to Betsy Ross, we have discovered in our geneaology.
Norma Ross Rew, Iowa [02-08-2000]

Barbara Ridgeway [02-08-2000]

Sandra Litvay [02-08-2000]

maggie, ohio age 12 [02-08-2000]

ac [02-08-2000]

Walter Belsky, I live in Illinois. I was born in Philadelphia 55 years ago. [02-08-2000]

I have just finished reading a book on Betsy Ross and will be doing an oral book report on her.
Allison Soell, Clinton, Arkansas [02-07-2000]

1'm doing a report on Betsy Ross
Heather Doyle, I'm in McHenry IL.I'm 10 [02-07-2000]

Your sight has been very helpful for a biography I'm doing in school. Thank you for making such an informational and easy to use website!
Betsy Saylor, 13 yrs. old [02-07-2000]

JENNIFER BELFERMAN, age 8 [02-07-2000]

kay German, Librarian [02-07-2000]

What a wonderful site! The students will surely enjoy it.
Nancy D.Brown, Library assistant,Elementary School [02-07-2000]

David M Anderson, born in mass. left at 49 to live in florida. viet vet [02-07-2000]

summer stone [02-07-2000]

Cortega [02-07-2000]

I have to do a power point presentation on Betsy Ross. I figured i could find some neat info about Betsy in this Site.
Pixistix girl, I live in Ohio, I am 13 [02-07-2000]

marie adams, single but lookin(hint Hint [02-07-2000]

Kara, Maine, 18 [02-07-2000]

Shawn Peeks [02-07-2000]

I am 9 years old and am working on a school project about Betsy Ross for my 4th grade class in Everson, WA
Emily Gassman, 9 yrs olds, 4th grade at Everson Elementary Everson, WA [02-07-2000]

tonya, 16 f ri [02-07-2000]

steve and kathy n., age 9 and 40 from nh [02-07-2000]

Look forward to going on the tour!
Mrs. Jensen, Illinois [02-07-2000]

doing a parade float with Betsy Ross as the female heroine just needed some info. Thanks
e phillips [02-07-2000]

Alicia Avery [02-07-2000]

Jackie Kowalczyk, New Jersey/ 10years old/ doing report on BR [02-07-2000]

Hi I'm doing a report on Betsy so I want to get a better look at her home and atmosphere. Plus it would be cool to see a house from the olden days. Thanks for the tour. Please E-mail me.
Melissa Bianco, New York 12 years old [02-07-2000]

Hannah, 10 [02-07-2000]

Gina LaRose, Age8 Grade3 [02-07-2000]

Janice L. McGrew, teacher-Las Vegas [02-07-2000]

I will be Betsy Ross at my school in March. We are having a "Living Museum"
Erica Lynn, 10 years old-Concord, NC [02-07-2000]

Shirlee Davidson, Warren, Ohio Elementary School Teacher [02-03-2000]

Sophie Stogner, live in Louisiana and am 17 [02-03-2000]

my niece had to do a report on betsy ross and the information was so helpful to us thank you..
TERRI DOSS, lynchburg va 42 yrs old [02-03-2000]

danielle, 11,girl,likes computer [02-03-2000]

Shawn [02-03-2000]

Betsy Ross and the members of my family all trace our ancestry back to James Ross, born in Scotland.
Barbara Whitener, NW Coast [02-03-2000]

Thank you for this page. It has been most helpful in our quest for more information about our country.
Mrs. Hamilton's Class, We are a third grade class in Westlake, La. [02-03-2000]

Mary Aldridge, multiage teacher (first and second grade) [02-03-2000]

school project
Catherine Harvey, 8 [02-03-2000]

This is a great world we live in to have such wonderful information at our fingertips!
amy mullett, 27 mom daughters book report [02-03-2000]

thank for a wonderfull time i enjoyed this site
larkmond l freeze, ohio/43/ [02-03-2000]

Doing a character recreation for drama class as Betsy Ross
Diana Halford, Farmington, Utah age 16 [02-03-2000]

The very "basis of our system" wrote George Washington in 1783, is that "every citizen who enjoys the protection of a free Government, owes not only a portion of his property, but even of his personal services to the defense of it.
Frank Mulahey, Long Island NY, Aircraft Maint. Technician, 35yrs.old [02-03-2000]

Betsy Ross is like soo kewl!!
Ashley, Indiana [02-03-2000]

Thank you, Betsy Ross, for sewing our original United States of America flag.
Elisa Rome, Washington State, 12 years old [02-03-2000]

Trish & Betsey Harrop, age 12 age 35 Pa. [02-03-2000]

As you can see our hometown just went through it's 300th birthday what an exciting ordeal that turned out to be. Actual date of township was May 11, 1699.
Mr.&Mrs Clinton James Tanguay, Me 1957,W.1957 Plainfield,CT. EST. 1699 [02-03-2000]

I am doing a book report on Betsy Ross and then acting it out in class.
Jenna Morley, 10 years old, live in San Antonio, TX [02-03-2000]

SABRINA ASHLEE SOSA, office,8, [02-03-2000]

Staci Lynn, Wilmington,age 14 [02-03-2000]

JESSIE [02-03-2000]

Richard Pedersen, nun [02-03-2000]

My grandfather, which I aquired, received a Betsy Ross certificate, dated and numbered. I'm very proud to have this given to me.
Carol Bair, Md [02-03-2000]

SUSIE CHILDERS, 16 years old [02-03-2000]

i enjoyed your tour that was a mighty big house thank you
Robin Robinson, west, 15, [02-03-2000]

rebekah baneck [02-03-2000]

janique dyba, I'm only in grade 8 and looking for info for an architecture project!=) [02-03-2000]

justin Tapiador, first grader age 7 [02-03-2000]

ashly holland [02-03-2000]

doing research for history report
PRESTON CUMMINS, oregon, age 10 [02-03-2000]

Hi.Our names are Autumn,Samantha,and Brittany.We are doing a project in Social Studies about Betsy Ross.If you could, please send us some information about Betsy Ross.
Brittany, Samantha, and Autumn, Anderson,IN , age 11 , favorite color : Blue [02-03-2000]

Geena, Louisiana [01-26-2000]

Kelsey Gilligan, 8 years old [01-26-2000]

franzone family rules
Roman,and Gabrielle, delaware,11and 9 [01-26-2000]

Jose Lomeli [01-26-2000]

Our History is Amazing!
Chris Linton, Louisiana, Im 17 [01-26-2000]

Betsy Ross's house is very interesting and pretty. I hope I can visit it when I grow up.
Jenny Huynh, Los Angeles, California, 11 years old, Female [01-26-2000]

Jayme Lawson, ................. [01-26-2000]

Sharon Vondrak, 4th grade teacher for 30 years [01-26-2000]

Joanne Townsend, live in Utah, was born in Philadelphia [01-26-2000]

Kelly Johndson, i'm nice and age 11 [01-26-2000]

We visited the house on Arch Street 2 years ago, this is a neat reminder!
Steph Cowart, Kansas City, MO 10 years old [01-26-2000]

Cynthia Steward, 37 age, teacher, Memphis, TN [01-26-2000]

Jayme, i am 14 years old and a 7th grader [01-26-2000]

My mother found this site and I think it is a wounderful site. Thank you for creating such a honorable place for people to visit and learn so much about a person that is sometimes forgotten. Cathryn
Cathryn, Iowa 10 yrs. [01-26-2000]

just checking out your website for a class report!
Mackenzie Smith, Sacramento, CA age 11 [01-26-2000]

Kathy DeLozier, 8th grade teacher [01-26-2000]

Rosemary Williamson [01-26-2000]

i am a teacher looking for information for a report on betsy ross for my class.
cathy johnson, 36,fort smith arkansas [01-26-2000]

Samantha Gnoth, 14 yrs, Indiana, Schmucker Middle School [01-26-2000]

kala [01-26-2000]

d.j. and terry, 10,11 [01-26-2000]

you more stuff abot betsy ross
Ktysra Mesdasss, jk [01-26-2000]

Ms. Garrison's Class [01-26-2000]

Ho many kids did you have?
Michael Larry Smith, 10 male tall [01-26-2000]

My 4th grades are studing about the American Flag so we need to know about Besty.
Pat Morgan, Congers,ny,teacher librarian [01-26-2000]

Michael Hoskins [01-26-2000]

Thank You for a most enjoyable and formadable tour. I enjoyed it immensly and hope that others support your efforts in keeping a piece of American History alive for Americans of all ages. Thank You! Daniel N, Gonzales
Daniel Gonzales, age 51 [01-26-2000]

Thanks for the tour!
Jessie Kaczynski [01-26-2000]

Thank you for the lovely site. I am helping my daughter with a project.
Annette Shaw, I am a 39 year old African American Female [01-26-2000]

Elise Southward, 13 [01-26-2000]

i have been to the house on one of my vacations and enjoyed this very much now i will visit on computer
JEAN, housewife age 56 [01-26-2000]

Searching site for a history assignment
Brent Ratushniak, Ogden Utah [01-26-2000]

I am doing a school project. I need a picture of Betsy Ross. I need to dress up like her for school.
Heather Johnson, Illinois, 10 years [01-26-2000]

Jennifer, 16 [01-26-2000]

I like this site. It is helping me do a report for school.
Erika, Utah, 11 yrs old [01-26-2000]

Mary K, Sycamore,IL [01-26-2000]

Therese Courtney, McMurray, PA [01-26-2000]

michelle barycki [01-26-2000]

Ashley Kennedy, i am reasearching Betsy Ross. [01-26-2000]

johnny d, 42 [01-26-2000]

thanks for giving me a tour of great women's home.
LaToya, washington dc [01-26-2000]

sarah, hawaii,16 [01-26-2000]

Brandon Adams, Ohio age:14 [01-26-2000]

I am doing a report on Betsy for school!!
Resse, I love volleyball and the rest is in message [01-26-2000]

Laura Hopkins, Red Lion, PA. age 9 [01-26-2000]

My great granmma is Vera Jean Ross. My wish is to find out my history and to see her house finally!
bailey boyde, I'm her great great great niece and i want to find out about her age 18 [01-26-2000]

ana tran, I live in glendale hts. and I am 11 years old [01-26-2000]

Erin , Williamstown MA ---- 42 [01-26-2000]

Enjoyed looking at everything. I teach fourth grade and I was helping one of my students visit your site.
Deborah Chapman [01-26-2000]

alana, 12 [01-26-2000]

Amanda Schmitz, Appleton age 8 [01-26-2000]

Rebekah Martinez, I'm nine and doing a report about Betsy Ross. [01-26-2000]

s.warbeck [01-24-2000]

Doing a report on Betsy Ross. I liked the tour.Would like to actually visit the place.
Rupinder Kohli, I am a 4th Grade student in Flanders, NJ. [01-24-2000]

Santi Molinar, Andrews, TX [01-24-2000]

Thank you for this site....I just put a replica of Betsy for our children to view in the display case....They love it.
Linda Kerridge, Assistant Principal - Birch Street Elementary, Kalkaska, MI [01-24-2000]

peggy Gilmore [01-24-2000]

no message.
Lori, full time student age 36, utah, [01-24-2000]

Nelly, I'am from Illinois and I have spent 35 glorious years on this planet [01-24-2000]

Helping my foster daughter with a scrapbook on Pennsylvania
Debra L. Biser, From Dover, Pa. [01-24-2000]

Debbie Bartlett, fifth grade teacher who longs to live in the east again [01-24-2000]

I'm thrilled to find this site!!
Joanne King, Kindergarten teacher :0) [01-24-2000]

David Coarts, Age 7 Location Upperco MD. [01-24-2000]

I am writing a book report for school. My mom and dad were going to take me to your house but it snowed. Therefore, We are taking a virtual tour! Maybe if the weather clears we can take a real tour of your house.
ashleigh meloy [01-24-2000]

i did a report on betsy and i got a at and iam related to her she is my great gramas great grandpas couent
Jocelyn laplante, i love to sew and knit . [01-24-2000]

I was so happy to find this sight! To be able to see where she lived!
Christie Frost, Mission Viejo, CA 12 [01-24-2000]

Matthew Preston, live in Mass., age 8 [01-24-2000]

i chosed for my biography book besty ross and my dad and mom thought it was nice.
Veronica leeann vaudreuil, iam 9 years old [01-24-2000]

Tiffany [01-24-2000]

JARED PETTERUTI, 9 years old, warwick, rhode island [01-24-2000]

The Campbell Family [01-24-2000]

kathleen Filek, I live in MA and I am 14 years old [01-24-2000]

Katherine Doyle, Providence College senior; Providence, RI [01-24-2000]

I am homeschooling my children,next month we will be unit studies on Washington and Lincoln as well as Betsy Ross. Thank you for allowing this great site and adventure into the past for all of us. Have a great day!
Robbie Arceneaux, Florida [01-24-2000]

Monica Rogers, Graham, AL, 11 yrs old, this is for a class project [01-24-2000]

Jessica Navarro [01-24-2000]

Summer Szell [01-24-2000]

Kaitlyn L., I am 8yrs old, from Alabama [01-24-2000]

Elizabeth B. Downey, Memphis, TN [01-24-2000]

Kim Holbrook, I am from Utah, and I am attending Weber State University. GO WILDCATS [01-24-2000]

teach this to girls
patti barrette, Girl Scout, Field Executive [01-24-2000]

Ramona, Texas, 38 [01-24-2000]

thank you so much i haven't seen this since i was in the fifth grade. my family dates back to the 1700 philadelphia.
kathy mahon, florida [01-24-2000]

KIRSTEN, age 8 pa. i like history [01-24-2000]

Jessica Revisky, Jefferson,SC (I am doing a report on Betsy Ross.) [01-24-2000]

I'm Doing a presentation in front of my class on Betsy Ross. I've gotten most of my information on The Betsy Ross home page. Thanks for the info!
Kate the Great, I'm 11 and Love art work and I like to Dance! [01-24-2000]

I hope this tour is good because I'm doing a report and I have to get back to it.
Courtney Chelke, 10 [01-24-2000]

Ribeiro's family, My daughter needs some info about the first American Flag for her school work. [01-24-2000]

mel & chris, ny [01-24-2000]

I think the house tour will be ausome.
Sarah Binney, framingham MAS 01701 86 leigh AGE 10 [01-24-2000]

I am visiting this page as a project for collage.I am returning to school after 24 years away.This site is cool tho am enjoying it not just because of the school project. Good Job
Rick Phillips, New Kensington. age 42,male.Welder [01-24-2000]

Abraham Downing, I am 3 years old and am looking at this with Mommy. We live in Oklahoma. [01-24-2000]

I knew that Betsy's first husband was an Upholstere, In the picture, I recognize a few tools that are still used today.
Dave Lieberman, age 65 - Retired Upholsterer, [01-24-2000]

nicole strazza, ny [01-24-2000]

I'm being Betsy Ross for my oral report
K.Morasan, 16 [01-24-2000]

I just read a story in my Reader about Betsy Ross. Mom and I decided to see if there was a web site about her. I liked to see her picture and what she looked like.
Elise Silvey, Age 8, Tyler, Texas [01-24-2000]

Clara Hunt, Age: 10 [01-24-2000]

Jasmine Baker [01-24-2000]

May the history of America continue to go on without any flaws of the truthfulness.
Cathy Knott, Tomah,WI (homeschool mother of 2) [01-21-2000]

jane johnson, i am a 4th grade history teacher [01-21-2000]

kay keller, ist grade teacher [01-21-2000]

I teach fifth graders about the American Revolution and we visit Washington, DC each year for five days of touring.
Cathy Ketron, teacher [01-21-2000]

mariel, 13, wa [01-21-2000]

Kathy Masci [01-21-2000]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross for my class. I am enjoying learning about Betsy, and I love our Flag!
Hailey Berg, Female, age 11, 5th grade. [01-21-2000]

Nice to be able to tour the location where the first flag was created. One of my relatives, Thomas McKean, signed the Declaration of Indep. and was Gov. of PA.
Matthew Thomas McKean, 45, Florence, AL. [01-21-2000]

i need imfo on betsy ross e-mail me some good stuff
jayme broussard, 10 years old [01-21-2000]

Sandra Johnson, I find it interesting to find out about the flags of the U.S. [01-21-2000]

Heather Robinette [01-21-2000]

Jami, i am 9 years old and i am from Philly [01-21-2000]

was born in carter county tenn. will be moving back to the same area soon havent lived there since age 21 i do visit very offen
HAROLD S. CAMPBELL, fair haven ,ny age 55 [01-21-2000]

Hi, I'm Alex and I'm working on a Social Studies prodject. It is lots of fun. I have to finish it up. Goodbye!
Alex Daley, Vernon Hills,LI 13 years old loves horses [01-21-2000]

Me and my 7 yrs. old daughter would like to thank you for this tour. I'm sure it will help her in school.
Shannon Wallace, Wilmington,NC-31 yrs. old, My daughter class is looking at Betsy Ross so me and her are looking up all we can on Betsy Ross. [01-21-2000]

Sage Peterson, whatever [01-21-2000]

Sarah Butler, Annapolis, Md. [01-21-2000]

Kindra Nichole Crays [01-21-2000]

Amber Colleen Wheeler [01-21-2000]

Rachael, I am 10 [01-21-2000]

Ashley, I like seals Im 11 years old [01-21-2000]

hi how you doin' i like this place.
kayla, noneyayh cool [01-21-2000]

Alexis Westerhausen [01-21-2000]

I like sports
Randy Wells, Girard 10 [01-21-2000]

Kelsie Nichols, Girard Il I am 10 [01-21-2000]

send me any more information on architecture or interior design
sonaltuli, india,25 year old architect [01-21-2000]

Sue Griffin, New Mexico - Teacher [01-21-2000]

Herb Williams, 42 years old-Pasadena , CA. [01-21-2000]

I am studying about Betsy for a "famous person" book report.
Krista Moore, So. Calif, 8 year old [01-21-2000]

I'm doing a research report on Betsy Ross
Amanda Knighton, Utah age 10 [01-21-2000]

Katie Siefert [01-21-2000]

Alexandra Blum, New York [01-21-2000]

me and my sister are learning about the 16 us flags.
Sapphire Stephen [01-21-2000]

deanine, 22 [01-21-2000]

i am searching on the web because i an doing a report on betsy so i decided to check this out.
MEGHAN, thomas,12 [01-21-2000]

This is fun!
clara macbeth, I am 5 and studying the flag and Betsy. [01-21-2000]

Justin John Danielle Tiffany [01-21-2000]

d niehans, teacher [01-21-2000]

Mrs. Kenney, 29 Palms California/ 31/ [01-21-2000]

Leah Everett, Raleigh, NC [01-21-2000]

The sight of an American flag waving freely against a clear blue sky is truly beautiful and inspiring.
Kenneth W. Silvestri, Plainfield, CT [01-21-2000]

Im doing a Report on Betsy and this site should be very helpful, Thank you very much
Jessica Mclaughlin, Riverside, Ca 11years Old [01-21-2000]

Thank you
Bailey Jones, Texas, Age 9 [01-21-2000]

Steven Snyder, Oswego, N.Y. 10 Years old. [01-21-2000]

Casie Wikander Brinton, Newark,DE [01-21-2000]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross and if you have any extra information on her send it to my E-mail.
Sarah, 11 [01-21-2000]

KARA JOHNSON, 12 yrs. old [01-21-2000]

I have to do a report on a person and I chose to do mine on Betsy Ross. I want to get as much research as I can, So i decided to go to some sources, the library, A.O.L, and the internet. I came here to this site cause I decided If i was going to become Betsy Ross for a report ... I better now a little about her house or where she lived.
My friends call me Katie, 11 years old and lives in Nevada [01-21-2000]

Amanda [01-21-2000]

Meghan [01-21-2000]

shawn griffiths [01-21-2000]

Lonnie Sr., Cindy, Lonnie Jr., and Abigail DUhon, Louisiana [01-21-2000]

Steven Snyder, Oswego, N.Y. 10 Years old. [01-19-2000]

Casie Wikander Brinton, Newark,DE [01-19-2000]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross and if you have any extra information on her send it to my E-mail.
Sarah, 11 [01-19-2000]

KARA JOHNSON, 12 yrs. old [01-19-2000]

I have to do a report on a person and I chose to do mine on Betsy Ross. I want to get as much research as I can, So i decided to go to some sources, the library, A.O.L, and the internet. I came here to this site cause I decided If i was going to become Betsy Ross for a report ... I better now a little about her house or where she lived.
My friends call me Katie, 11 years old and lives in Nevada [01-19-2000]

572 Silver Stone Rd 28698
Meghan, eight [01-19-2000]

Amanda [01-19-2000]

I Am Doing A Report On Besty Ross For School.
Allison, I love Horses [01-19-2000]

My child is doing a project on Betsy Ross. When she presents her report, she musts be dressed in Betsy Ross attire. Thank you for this tour opportunity.
Wanda White, nc [01-19-2000]

I'm learning about Betsy Ross and am writing a story "Look who's coming to dinner? I had to choose a famous person to invite to dinner and I chose Betsy Ross.
Hector Merlo, Southampton, PA 11 5th grade student at Davis School [01-19-2000]

Andrea E. Bielecki [01-19-2000]

This is fun!
clara macbeth, I am 5 and studying the flag and Betsy. [01-19-2000]

Justin John Danielle Tiffany [01-19-2000]

d niehans, teacher [01-19-2000]

Mrs. Kenney, 29 Palms California/ 31/ [01-19-2000]

I am very interested in seeing what you have in the next few pages.
Tracy Nelson(Appleberry), I am 21, daughter of Loren and Debby Appleberry. [01-18-2000]

Thank you for your virtual is as if I was there in Philadelphia!
Alyssa Berkus, I live in Encino California, am 10 years old and am doing a book report on the life of Betsy Ross for school. [01-18-2000]

Tamara Lyons, Susanville, Ca., 32 [01-18-2000]

I used to visit the Betsy Ross House a lot playing hooky from school in Phila, It's really good to see it again, after all these years!
Robin Deana Saunders [01-18-2000]

Toby Howell, Louisiana Age 12 S.S. Project [01-18-2000]

I loved the flags that she had made.
Ashley Blevins, I live in Vicenza Italy, I am 13, and I am doing a report on Betsy Ross [01-18-2000]

I am portraying Betsy Ross in a school "Live History Museum". I was surfing the internet to find a picture of the actual flag that Betsy made back in 1777.
Shaundra Brower, St. Paul, MN, female, age 12, North End Elementary School [01-18-2000]

I'm doing a state report on Pennsylvania and wanted some information on Betsy Ross.
Brooke Sandbulte, 4th grader from Iowa [01-18-2000]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross. If you have any other information for my report or pictures could you please email me. Thank you Ashley.
Ashley Luke, I am 7 years old and I am in second grade. [01-18-2000]

Hi, My class is learning about "Famous people thoughout history" and the first person we learned about was Betsy Ross. I think Betsy Ross is really cool because of 4 reasons. One, she made the symbol of our freedom. Two, if I knew her she could teach me how to sew. {I'm learning how to sew.} Three,she lived a long life. Four,she was so famous that her grandson wrote about her. Nice chating with ya! Bye!
Sara Taliaferro, Adderss=12-2 Silverwood cir Age=8 Birthday=1/21/92 Species = Girl [01-18-2000]

Jenny lewis, Michigan 12 years old [01-18-2000]

using for 4th grade project
Gretchen T. [01-18-2000]

Hello I came to this website because The other day my teacher said we had to do a book report on a famous person in the United States of America. So later on I was looking at books in the library and I saw a book on Betsy Ross and decided to do her.
Stephanie Rotter, I live in San Francisco Ca. I am 9 years old. [01-18-2000]

I am going to be betsy ross
Elena Horton [01-18-2000]

well my family says i am some how related to betsy. she's like my 6th cousin or some thing just checking to see what she's all about. I am very interrested in my family history and am tracking down family members I never even knew I had.
shawn dykstra [01-18-2000]

martha veronica vitte velazquez [01-18-2000]

I'm doing a book report on Betsy Ross & wanted to see her house. Thanks.
K. Jenkins, 8 yrs [01-18-2000]

tj towner [01-18-2000]

I just like history and heroines of the ages
michele boudreau, mass 30yrsold [01-18-2000]

JACK ARNESON [01-18-2000]

David Haegele, From France i'm 26 [01-18-2000]

Hello, how are you today? I'm fine. I'm at school right now. Becca
Becca Swanson, 13 years old, 7th grade [01-18-2000]

Kristin Hargrove, DEcatur, IL...teacher [01-18-2000]

Helen Whithead, Elementary Librarian Pinehurst Elementary [01-18-2000]

Tory, texas 6 [01-18-2000]

Visited the house in person when I was a child. I am now 40ish and enjoyed the tour.
James Nelson [01-18-2000]

I am doing a report on betsy Ross, for school.This tour will help me understand where she lived and what it looked like inside.
Jillian, I am ten years old and I am in the fith grade, I live in Austin, Texas. [01-18-2000]

Loved the tour!!
Riley Jackson, Paradise, Texas Age 9 [01-18-2000]

Bethy Hart, Southboro,Ma 10/f [01-18-2000]

I'm dressing up as Betsy Ross for History Day at my school tomorrow.
Caitlin Laverty, age 9 from Worcester Pa [01-18-2000]

I am doing a report
Kenzie Gery, 13 female [01-18-2000]

Alison Kearney, Southboro,MA 10/f [01-18-2000]

JESSICA MAYER, wisconsin, age.8 [01-18-2000]

Kaitlyn Paul Waugh, age 6 Virginia Beach, Virginia [01-18-2000]

I liked making the 5 point star!
Beck Robertson, Age 9, Homeschooler, Albuquerque, NM [01-18-2000]

I am 8 yrs old and I'm doing a book report on Betsy Ross. Thank you for this website. It has been a big help in doing my report on Betsy Ross.
Casey Lonabocker [01-18-2000]

Eric Henry, Fredericksburg,Va [01-18-2000]

I'm proud to be an American!!!
Tammy McMahon, Special education teacher, Texas [01-18-2000]

Thank you for showing us Besty's House
Mrs. Hall's First Grade Class, Teacher with 13 children [01-18-2000]

Jennifer Tweed, Marhsall, WI 11 [01-18-2000]

Kaia Krumweide, Age 10 [01-18-2000]

I am a homeschooling mom. We have been "traveling" across the US and are now learning about Pennsylvania. Betsy Ross lived here, so we are excited to learn about her and her contribution to our history (and life as it is today).
The Stewarts, Kansas City, Missouri 4 children--learning about PA [01-18-2000]

Ross Cockrell [01-18-2000]

Caitlin Gustaferro, Southern California [01-18-2000]

Catherine Murphy Rogers, 2nd grade student [01-18-2000]

Tessa [01-18-2000]

school project.1/12/00
Bianca Rodriguez, Phila.Pa. 8 yrs old 3rd grade [01-18-2000]

i am doing a school project on Betsy Ross
Lindsey Condry, 12 year old student [01-18-2000]

jennifer, 12, usa [01-18-2000]

I am just trying to find info, found this and thought this would be cool to do. I am 13 and am playing Betsy Ross in a play at school. I really think this is going to be the coolest site ever I can't wait!
Amanda Rector [01-18-2000]

i'm giving a lecture on the history of Betsy Ross and her flag on 1/19/00 in my english class (because my S.S and L.A classes are tying in w/ each other for a lesson activity. One othet thing I think that her flag should have been the first American flag cause General Washington asked her to design a flag (for Pennsylvania's navy) but it should be the U.S flag because Betsy's flag is cooler looking and has a better design then from the flag that Hopkins designed for the new nation.
Shaun MacIntosh, 18yrs. [01-18-2000]

Are studing Betsy in school.
Hannah and Rachel White, We live in TN, Ages 10 and 8. [01-18-2000]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross at school. I wish I could have found more information on her. Most of my information was found on the internet site, however. Thanks!
Mandy Lee, Age 10 [01-18-2000]

Why did we want a flag?
Andy Harris, Indepen KS. age8 [01-18-2000]

cody hammonds [01-18-2000]

We're the flag corps. and we're learning all about our flag.
Bobbye Byrnes, Crittenden County El. Flag Core [01-18-2000]

Emily Sharp, FriendsvilleTn, 10year old [01-18-2000]

ERIN HAGGERTY, wilmington delaware 9 years old [01-18-2000]

Joan Angus, Columbus, Ohio [01-18-2000]

a grand old site to honor our grand old flag and its creator.
KENNETH J. MISSONELLIE JR., new milford, n.j. age 39 [01-18-2000]

Madeline Chapman, Teacher in Oklahoma [01-18-2000]

|_ _ |-`|-|`|_ _`/\/`_\/ |-`|-|`/-\`|_ \This site is cool/ (I THINK THAT \This site is cool/ Encoded in MY secret code) Also, I think that everything about the American Flag is - cool, and would like to ask: Is the ORIGINAL American Flag In a museum or on top of the WhiteHouse? Later, Michael D. Catalano.
Michael Dennis Catalano, I am ten years old; I am Home-schooled; and have just read the book of The Declaration Of Independence. [01-11-2000]

Thank you for the opportunity to visit Betsy's house! I would love to think that SOME day we will actually visit her house in person, but for now it is wonderful to view it on the computer!! Thank you for your dedication!! Your site is filled with wonderful information, images and history!!
Sandee Coffelt, I am currently a homeschooling mother of a 5th grader and a teachers aide in two fifth grade public school classrooms in Calif. [01-11-2000]

Cool Site
Michael Acello, Media, PA Age 10 History Lover [01-11-2000]

I,m doing a box person report on Betsy Ross. This site has given me a lot of helpful information.
, i,m 8 [01-11-2000]

Erin E McGinley, Eight YearsOld [01-11-2000]

I am doing a book report on her!
Chelsea Giesige, I am 9 years old. [01-11-2000]

brian utz jr, hanover, pa, 13 [01-11-2000]

mila, indpls,40 [01-11-2000]

We love history !!!!!!!!!!
Rosalie Kress, 9&10 Ambler,PA 19002 [01-11-2000]

Diane E. Housley, I live near Harrisburg, PA and soon hope to visit the actual site. [01-11-2000]

I am doing a history project on Besty Ross and info that may be helpful in fulfilling this project would be helpful. Thank you
Danielle Cintron, New Orleans, LA age 11 [01-10-2000]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross and needed information.
Kelsie Immell, Pflugerville, TX, age (almost) 7 [01-10-2000]

I am doing a report on the American Flag and Betsy Ross.
Jessica Lazarski, 3rd grade school student [01-10-2000]

We're studying the Revolutionary War & looked up Betsy Ross. Your site is a good one.
Mrs. Nix's 5th grade social studies class, Dumas, Texas [01-10-2000]

Durant, age 9 [01-10-2000]

jacob raley, 9 [01-10-2000]

Durant [01-10-2000]

christina , i live in massachusetts and im doing a report on betsy ross and im 13 [01-10-2000]

A Ross female married a male Mayhall many years ago. That makes a very tenuous connection with the Mayhall-Ross family. I have a copy of that connection in my files.
Billie Mayhall Freeman, Texas [01-10-2000]

Rachael [01-10-2000]

lauren finger, 13 ls [01-10-2000]

pro [01-10-2000]

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