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I had to study Betsy Ross and i came to this site and i love it! It helps me soooo much! thanks! (*_*) Love, Brittni
Brittni, Fredstrom Elementary School Lincoln Nebraska< Grade 5 Age 11 [01-10-2000]

Bethany [12-19-1999]

Just browsing and came across this so I thought I would take a tour. Thank You. Very interesting things I learned about Betsy and the flag.Also how it got its name "OLD GLORY".
Michael J. Giese, Luxemburg, Wi. [12-19-1999]

Doing research for a friend who will be portraying Betsy Ross in a stage reading.
Edith Bowden, Interlachen,FL [12-19-1999]

I enjoyed this tour thank you.
Carley, 3 grader age eight [12-19-1999]

Took the tour on December 7, 1999 while visiting friends and relatives--great tour!
Laurie, Native Philadelphian, moved to San Diego, CA 1984, age 35 [12-19-1999]

michelle [12-19-1999]

Of all my years on earth, I did not know there was so much history behind the United States Flag. Very interesting for myself and very, very educational for kids. Well worth the visit.
Dobbie De' Ce' Gordon, Georgia, 38 [12-19-1999]

michelle [12-19-1999]

Hello This will be great for my History paper! Thanks a bunch Betsy! c- ya around
Baphne, Lexington and Concord [12-19-1999]

The second graders at my school just performed a musical about Betsy Ross.
Brian, Age 7 [12-19-1999]

Helen, Texas [12-19-1999]

Adrian, 20 [12-19-1999]

Kathleen L Collins-Vik, I live in Inglewood C.A. [12-19-1999]

Cindy Yazell, kansas city, 13, i am doing this for a prodject [12-19-1999]

Samantha Firestone, I live virginia .I'm 13 years old [12-19-1999]

i am doing a report on betsy ross! ilove this sight!i got on aol to get a picture of betsy ross because it is due friday december 17 1999 or monday december 20!
DANA JOLYN SWEIGART, 9 years old ,elizabethtown pa [12-19-1999]

joe kotch, 34 windber, pa [12-19-1999]

jen, 16 [12-17-1999]

I have not been to this house since I was a little girl living in Philadelphia---it will be nice to see if I remember.
Traci Houck, Newtown,PA [12-17-1999]

J.F. [12-16-1999]

brittany, wa,14,female [12-15-1999]

I am related to Betsy Ross.
Ashley Claypoole [12-15-1999]

see, housew
Bozi Jones [12-15-1999]

RODGER BERRY, ohio 45 [12-15-1999]

I just recently visited Betsy Ross's house this August. It was cool
Sara, 15 yrs, San Diego [12-15-1999]

Betty Bazer, Philadelphia [12-14-1999]

Rose, Pa., 14 [12-14-1999]

stephanie, usa,short hair [12-14-1999]

1768PORTDR. [12-14-1999]

1768PORTDR. [12-14-1999]

Sandra J. Nedal [12-14-1999]

becca carlson, 10 years-doing report on Betsy Ross [12-14-1999]

Abby Ludden, Florida, 27 y/o [12-14-1999]

Big Al, 13 [12-14-1999]

Nivia, New Jersey [12-14-1999]

Nice page. Thanks for the info. It helped with my speech.
Jennifer Cooper, Dora 15 [12-14-1999]

I LOVE learning about Betsy Ross!!!!!!! How she fell in love with John Ross in 1773 But in 1776 John Ross was killed in a gun powder exposion and Betsy took over his small stor. How Betsy Ross spent her whole life in Philidelphia and died there on January 30,1836. Well i can loved to tell you all the stuff im learning about in school but i have to go to bed SOOO BYEBYE P.S.CAN YOU E-MAIL ME WITH MORE INFO THANKS!!!:):):)
Shelby Chavez, i live in Cali iam 12 years old and in 5 th grade [12-14-1999]

Very nice site, trying to visit virtual tour sites as I'm trying to get our living history museum set up as a tour also.
Shelly Cherry, Bethany Oklahoma, Director of Educational Programs@Harn Homestead Museum [12-14-1999]

Cool Place to be!! (This page)
Kasey, I live in NE [12-14-1999]

Doing a report for school. Loved learning how to cut a 5 pointed star!!!
Krra Wood, Virginia Beach, VA - age 11 [12-14-1999]

Jim, Hoston,TX [12-14-1999]

Elisha Armold, Elizabethtown, PA age 10 [12-14-1999]

Cassie Baralt, cheese is cool [12-14-1999]

Brittany Sanchez, I like cheese [12-14-1999]

researching the history of the American flag.
Jerry Nicholson, Historian [12-14-1999]

R.L.Smith, Dover ,Tn [12-14-1999]

Tracey Bates, located in Indiana, 29 yrs. old, married with 3 children, found this sight as I was looking up information for a childs school report. [12-12-1999]

just checking out the site after reading an article in a local paper about Betsy not making the 1st U.S. Flag. I still believe she did.
Danette, 35 yrs. old, married, have 4 children [12-12-1999]

Very distantly related to Betsy Ross on my mothers side.
Rachel, West Virginia, 11yr [12-12-1999]

Elizabeth Harris, Meridian, MS, 9 years old, 4th grade [12-12-1999]

mimi cowoerthwaite, ESL teacher MapleShade High School [12-12-1999]

maggie abraham, florida, 12 [12-12-1999]

steph [12-12-1999]

Stephanie , like to dance [12-12-1999]

Brittany Hufton, elizabeth city [12-12-1999]

Megan Burns, 13yrs. Chicago student [12-12-1999]

Robin Bos, I am a descendant of George Ross and Stephen Hopkins [12-12-1999]

I wish we could go to visit the Betsy Ross's place but we never been there but anyway I found this through internet... I hope we will success go there to see before it's too late. I'm praying for us to go there to see her place someday probably in 2000.
Catherine E. Mutschler & Blake Mutschler, Lodi, CA I'm 38 & my husband is 50. [12-12-1999]

Researching with fourth grade daughter whose class is doing reports on famous Pennsylvanians, her assignment is Betsy Ross.
Virginia Tadrzynski, Professional Mom [12-12-1999]

Dana Chappell, Wyoming [12-12-1999]

Alezandra, 18 years old [12-12-1999]

Joel Shields, Minnetonka,MN , age 44 , freind of history. [12-12-1999]

Dwight Higgins, Elizabeth City [12-12-1999]

eric bonnett, 35 [12-12-1999]

Debbie Geramita, 31 year old from rural Ohio, now living in Texas. [12-12-1999]

devin sampson [12-12-1999]

I would appreciate any information that would help me teach my students
Natalie Westfall, Landis School teacher- grade 6 [12-12-1999]

Kinsey [12-12-1999]

charles and david dutka, glassboro, nj ages 8 and 11 [12-12-1999]

Marie & Diana Beady, Philadelphia PA [12-12-1999]

I'm proud to be an American! I love the U. S. Flag and and have a room in my house that showcases anything having to do with the flag. Red, white, and blue are the prettiest colors in the world!!! Thanks so much for this site!
Andrea Hancock Harper, Age 43,Kentucky [12-12-1999]

Kinsey [12-12-1999]

Candy Johnson [12-12-1999]

give me more info about betsy ross
Lance McCray, michigan 14 i have a cat named max [12-12-1999]

i'm doing a report on betsy ross for my class
laura unklesbay, age 7, 2nd grade [12-12-1999]

I can't believe some people don't think she made the flag!! There is lots of evidence to tell otherwise.
Stefanie Smith, Lead SD age 11 [12-12-1999]

My daughter is doing a report on Betsy Ross.
trish, boston [12-12-1999]

Julie, teacher, Illinois [12-12-1999]

Ariana Behlen, 10 [12-12-1999]

My husband and I enjoyed a tour of the historical Philadelphia in October. It was a very informative tour. Thanks Philadelphia for being so hospitable!
carla boatright, arkansas [12-12-1999]

This is neat!
Mindy [12-12-1999]

Michelle, I am 10 [12-12-1999]

Morgan, age 8 [12-12-1999]

Melissa McNerney, Female 29 [12-12-1999]

I visited the house when I was in my early teens, probably 1963-1964.
Laura E. Cummings, 49 year old returning student [12-12-1999]

harry potter, 29 [12-12-1999]

Leigh, 11 [12-12-1999]

Lucia (aka manor lady!) [12-12-1999]

kristen taylor, wisconsin. 14 [12-12-1999]

Thank You!
Arlene Coronel, 34 years old [12-12-1999]

Bettianne Yahraus, Strongsville, Ohio [12-12-1999]

I am looking for information on Betsy Ross for a school report and project.
Kelly Day, 11 years old, Wetmore, CO [12-07-1999]

I love history.
Kyi Myint, I live in Jacksonville, Fl. I am 29. [12-07-1999]

kristin cooke, i live in massapequa and i am 12 years old [12-07-1999]

allison davis, nice pretty california 15 [12-07-1999]

lookin here for a social studies project
Erin, 13 years old [12-07-1999]

samantha [12-07-1999]

I am doing a World History project on Betsy Ross so i came here to find some info. I hope i will!!
Marcee Orr, I live in Arlington Wa, and I am 16 years old [12-07-1999]

I think this tour is a great idea, I have shown many of my friends this tour. WE LOVE IT!
Tracy and Christina, Reed Jr. High,14, Females [12-07-1999]

Mary Lehew, Work at Purdue University, 44 years olds [12-07-1999]

Katie, I'm a girl and enjoy cheerleading [12-07-1999]

Kaycee Leigh Reese, Florida [12-07-1999]

Karie Ickes, HS Math Teacher [12-07-1999]

Shealynn Shaufer, I am 16 years old and I'm at my high school Ironwood [12-07-1999]

Lashey Glaeson, Brownwood Tx. 13 [12-07-1999]

Stew [12-07-1999]

B Leavitt [12-07-1999]

doing research for my 8 year old granddaughter. she keeps asking, "about that lady that made the flag". so here i am on the internet researching and really enjoying learning. sure wish we would have had the internet when i went to school.
SALLY A. JONES, caldwell, idaho age 51 retired military [12-07-1999]

andrea sopinski, 43 yrs old live in seminole fl and plan to get a degree in american studies [12-07-1999]

Casey Lewis, Bernardsville NJ age10 [12-07-1999]

my class is studing about war 1812 &the Star Spangled Banner also the Flag & who made it, all the information I have found on the net helped
Nicole Kirk, 14yrs. M.D. [12-07-1999]

I am using Betsy Ross as a patriotic personna for a paper on women in the military.
Twila Harvey, age:31 Decatur, IL current college student researching paper [12-07-1999]

no thankyou! :):):):):):):):):):):):):)
Gary Kuskey, Beaverton, OR [12-07-1999]

maria [12-07-1999]

I know that our flag is one of many important symbols for each of us as Americans. May it help us remember the price that has been paid for each and every American forever. As our great President Abraham Lincoln told us... "Our reliance is in the love of Liberty which GOD has planted in our bosoms." Are we EACH doing ALL of our parts in maintaining the great, unique and God given liberties?
Daniel Baxter, 24/male/San Francisco/Christian/L.D.S./American [12-07-1999]

I don't very much on Betsy Ross but I am going to learn from this tour a little more about her.
Jennifer Williams, 13, Garfield hts.oh [12-07-1999]

Tracey Lee [12-07-1999]

Margie Mott, Mom [12-07-1999]

Bob Brackett, Educator in Houston, Texas [12-07-1999]

Teresa Brockwell, teacher of first grade in tennessee [12-07-1999]

Grew up outside of Philadelphia. Found your site to go back in time!
Mary Loveless [12-07-1999]

I hope to enjoy this tour!
Christine Eubank, Troy,Ohio 12 years old [12-07-1999]

We are doing a HYperstudio project on Betsy Ross
Adobe Bluffs School, Room 14, we are in 4/5 grade class [12-07-1999]

Jared Christian & Suzanne Chritian, Jared is 9 and doing a report...I'm his Mom [12-06-1999]

Your site was intersting~thank you!
Sandra, St. Louis, MO, 14/female [12-06-1999]

laura [12-05-1999]

Courtney Tillman, I live in Mobile, AL. I am 10 years old and am doing a report on Betsy Ross [12-05-1999]

megan ouellette, maine,14 [12-05-1999]

jennifer, 18michigan gggggggg [12-05-1999]

Terry Craig, Bremerton, Washington age 41 [12-05-1999]

i think betsy ross need more reacanishion then we give her i am doing my report on her and it is a good one
beth , I'm 11 and live in west virgina [12-05-1999]

I am doing a report and play on Betsy Ross and if you could send me some info. and pictures on her befor Jan.6,2000 it would be helpfull. THANKS! Sincerly, Zohra Ali
Zohra Ali, I live in VABeach age-10 [12-05-1999]

Finding out about our flag is fascinating to me!
Lisa Krulac, Missouri [12-05-1999]

jerry & bissie, we're californians [12-05-1999]

Rachel Helm, Louisville, 22 [12-05-1999]

i'm going to enjoy the tour and i am a big fan of yours so i want to do a report on you.
JENELLE RANSAW, ft laud.,fl 9years old [12-05-1999]

Lila Smith [12-05-1999]

the reason i am lookin for a colonial person like betsy ross is because i have to do a project for school and i have to be a colonial person.
MELISSA, metairie, la(new orleans)--12 yrs. [12-05-1999]

Beth Ventris, Book Report [12-05-1999]

I would like to know more about Betsy Ross
Maria Lizarraga, San Diego, 16, merried, 1 son [12-05-1999]

scott, 28 [12-05-1999]

Hearther Andrews, 11 yrs old FORT WORTH,tX [12-05-1999]

this site is cool
jason harry, indiana/live 15/age [12-05-1999]

I would like to bring my 8 yr old daughter to Phila, to experience coming to the Betsy Ross House. I am from Phila and I experienced this as a child and I think it would be good for her.
Tracey Cheezum, My 8 yr old daughter is studying about the flag and I felt this would help her. [12-05-1999]

Ruth Kiper, college freshman Dunbar, WI [12-05-1999]

h. seavor, uri [12-05-1999]

chughes, teacher - pottstown,pa [12-05-1999]

Jennifer [12-05-1999]

rebecca massey, russellvill,alabama [12-05-1999]

dinah toups, Louisiana, 39 years old. Married 18 years. Have 3 children [12-05-1999]

It is nice this information is on the computer for our kids to learn about the flag
Sheila Nichols, Sparta, WI 42 [12-05-1999]

Meg Felix, Mount Joy, PA [12-05-1999]

Doing school report on Betsy Ross.
sandy [12-05-1999]

this was a really really good site!
Nicole, i live in CT [12-05-1999]

Stephanie [12-02-1999]

ronni sunde, pasadena, california [12-02-1999]

Keep up the good work.
Gerald G. Cheek, Secondary Mathematics Teacher, 53 ('46), male [12-02-1999]

bertha william, age-11 [12-02-1999]

Nicole , school, 10 [12-02-1999]

Virginia Koch, age 36 Georgia [12-02-1999]

Sarah Barton, i'm 13 yrs old,in maypearl [12-02-1999]

Kate [12-02-1999]

I was told that my Great Great Grandmother Satherwaite was a descendant of Betsy Ross. I am wondering if I could get a geneology site for Betsy.
Susan M. Cline, Richmond, VA [12-02-1999]

Amanda Sue Davis, 16 years old/ Female/ NY [12-02-1999]

Sansie Brown, Live in Cranberry Township, PA 51 years old and love history [12-02-1999]

We will enjoy the tour - haven't seen it yet - on the Web - but we are glad that it is here for those that don't have the time - or money - to make the tour in person!!
Jim and CarolLake, Milford CT - Retired Air Force [12-02-1999]

jessica, new carlisle,indiana 10 [12-02-1999]

Judy Rilea, Vancouver,Wa [12-02-1999]

I love Ron
Maie Kelli Galing, philly/13/my boyfriend is ron [12-02-1999]

I have immensly enjoyed learning more of Betsy Ross. I normally hate school reports, but I am glad that I was assigned this one, for it has given me a new understanding and a great deal more of information about a person I have often wondered about.
Carolina Elizabeth McGee, I am a 14 year old musician who loves music and history. [12-02-1999]

Penny Hearne, Penny 15, KC. [12-02-1999]

this page is not helpful to me at tall. thanks very much for nothing. have a nice day
Trisha, i am cool [12-02-1999]

Nila Kjer [12-02-1999]

I think that the flag is cool!
michael epperson, age 6 [12-02-1999]

casey moss, i was born in darlington and i'm 14 [12-02-1999]

Betsy Bowers, Lake Middle School teacher [12-02-1999]

Latisha Stone, 13 [12-02-1999]

I am a computer instructor looking for info.
S.Dimino, 34 [12-02-1999]

Austin, I am 10 [12-02-1999]

Deirdre Lachut, Second Grade Teacher [12-02-1999]

Jamie [12-01-1999]

William Henry Simon iv [11-30-1999]

terry glenn seiber, 39yrs just looking around! [11-30-1999]

Tasha Rigdon, Raiford Fla. 12 years of age [11-30-1999]

little man [11-30-1999]

Trateshia Mack, Houston,Texas/14 [11-30-1999]

jessica, 12 [11-30-1999]

This site was great!! I was working on an assignment for American History with a friend of mine and it had all of the information we needed. Now all I have to do is come up with some more credits...
Sarah Noel, Charlottesville, Virginia, Walton Middle School [11-30-1999]

carol silvestri [11-30-1999]

BETSY, oh/11/88 [11-30-1999]

Researching Ross Family. Thought I would look in here too.
Carroll Ross, Grand Prairie Texas 47 Female [11-30-1999]

give me a picture of Besty herself
katie owen, my address is 31 east 7th st. [11-30-1999]

No tv? I would of died!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
John Christen, I'm 12 i live in Ohio [11-30-1999]

john, i'm 12 yrs old [11-30-1999]

I'm told that Betsy Ross is an ancestor. I have a family history that goes back to Amelia (Ross) Crandell, mother of John Lincoln Crandell (born 14 Nov 1864), my great grandfather. I'm not sure how Amelia was related to Betsy.
Anne Ross (Williams) Flanigan, Ohio resident, born in 1954, parents from New York state [11-30-1999]

philip anastasi, i am a 25 yo. male and i have lived in phila. all my life [11-30-1999]

scott harris, 18 yrs texas [11-30-1999]

stacey, cool [11-30-1999]

My class is having a Millennium Ball and I'm Betsy Ross.
coral, my age is 9 [11-30-1999]

Susan Snelling [11-30-1999]

Sandy Baty, Clovis, CA [11-30-1999]

cheri solien, teacher, alaska [11-30-1999]

betsy ross rocks!!!
Jessie, 13 year old student from michigan. i am doing a biography on Betsy Ross!!! [11-30-1999]

We came to your house because we are doing a study on the American flag.
Patrick and Christopher Yee, Homeschoolers age 6 and 4 [11-30-1999]

Tracy Story [11-30-1999]

Betty Smith [11-30-1999]

Gloria Hardy, school teacher in Montana- 38 yrs old [11-30-1999]

I am interested in any information about the religion at the time of Betsy Ross. Our church is going to have a special presentation and I am going to be Betsy Ross for this special event.
Linda L. Fuller, I teach grades 4 and 5 at Geiger Elementary School in Croswell, Michigan 48422. I am a lso a local pastor at a small country church that is located in the town of Croswell Michigan. [11-30-1999]

Cool web page
TRISTA, brandon [11-30-1999]

claire mcconathy [11-30-1999]

Daniel needed this for a report for school,I just helped him find this site.
William and Daniel Polyak, Chicago, IL age41 age 8 [11-30-1999]

Aaron stewart [11-30-1999]

I admire Betsy Ross and she was an amazing person. I like to sew and have made a quilt. I chose Betsy Ross because she liked to sew like me.
Amy blundo, 11years old, doing a report [11-30-1999]

I love Betsy Ross !!!!
AnnMarie Mondelli, 9 years old [11-30-1999]

Our second graders are performing in an all-patriotic program February 7, 2000, and your site is one we'll use as part of our research. Thanks for the good work. One second grader said that Besty did not make the first flag. What is the truth in this?
Treesa Ranson, Chesterfield County Schools, Virginia [11-30-1999]

Harold Olson, Winona, MN [11-30-1999]

Beth Ritchie, Gaithersburg, MD [11-30-1999]

alex [11-30-1999]

ok although I dont know who Betsy Ross is.
Chloe Crossland, I am a fourth and I was on my teachers web site and i found this. [11-30-1999]

Don Sindledecker, Ketchikan, Alaska [11-30-1999]

Emily Jordan, age10 Mo. [11-30-1999]

Always interested in our history
David Devine, va [11-30-1999]

Joyce Pritchard [11-30-1999]

michele jawson [11-30-1999]

sara ann mcvey, miss. [11-30-1999]

Edward M. Loughman, 65 yrs old & in love with America [11-30-1999]

Cecile Mitchell, Mesquite,Tx. [11-30-1999]

ALDIN, 9/m [11-30-1999]

i think betsy ross is agreat women. she needs more crdiet.
beth blake, west vrigina\11 \this is for my report [11-30-1999]

I´m reading about the revoulution in school and I wanted to know morw about Betsy...
Therese, Sweden [11-30-1999]

Very good site.
Krystal Teal, 11 [11-30-1999]

i think that this site has some very educational info!!! i'm doing my report on betsy ross and thanks to you i have a ton of information!!!! thanks!!!
Taryn, i live in the U.S.A, i'm 14 years old, I love soccer! [11-30-1999]

Aldin, 9/m [11-30-1999]

thanks for the site. Not finished looking yet.
penny and ruth [11-30-1999]

Rean Shoults, Alabama, 34, Homeschoolers [11-30-1999]

Betsey ross is awesome
Nesikrt derbonkerner [11-30-1999]

Deborah White, Fullerton, California [11-24-1999]

Rachael fung, 13 [11-24-1999]

Tina Britain, Carlsbad, NM. [11-24-1999]

The Baker Family, We are a homeschooling family learning about the American Colonies thanks for such a helpful site:) [11-24-1999]

I would like to see a concert!
Katherine, I am 8 years old. My favorite pet is a horse.I have brown hair &brown eyes. I would like to see the BSB sometime! [11-24-1999]

CJ Durbin, 4/5 teacher [11-24-1999]

I'm doing this tour for school.
Elise, Glaston.C.T age:10 [11-24-1999]

Michael Thomas, 10 years old, Mulberry, FL [11-24-1999]

Hurst Matthias Copeland, I am 13 years old and attend Northwest School of the Arts in Charlotte NC [11-24-1999]

Do you have a daughter I could go out with?
Tim Yaw, mi,12 [11-24-1999]

Deborah Roemhildt [11-24-1999]

Leslie White, Mount Vernon, Washington. Proud Navy Wife and Navy Mother [11-24-1999]

aaron wermer, 15 [11-24-1999]

The history that lays in the colonies fascinates me now at age 58. when in school it wasn't presented well. I wish I could visit but it's so far & there is so much to see. Internet helps a great deal. Thanks!
Betty Pattrick, from Wellington, Ks [11-24-1999]

I have visited the home the past three summers and enjoy my vist more and more each time.
Maury Hudson, Texarkana, TX [11-24-1999]

Jake Kellogg, south laurel md [11-24-1999]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross.
Beth Brasher, Mesquite, TX [11-24-1999]

D Wallenstein, age 68 [11-24-1999]

Michelle Heavlow, I was Betsy Ross for halloween when I was 3 yo [11-24-1999]

David Beatty, 54 [11-24-1999]

Sally Barton, oklahoma, 14 [11-24-1999]

Tony Morozowsky, i live i zanesville ohio [11-24-1999]

Alyce Traverso, 44 years old, Girl Scout Leader in California [11-24-1999]

Edward Wade, I am a senior citizen living in cenrtal Ca. [11-24-1999]

Charlie Moore, 28 years old, Lives in South Carolina [11-24-1999]

BETSY was so talented i would like a book about her
Loretta jones, I am from Marion S.C fourteen years old and iam in the eigth grade [11-24-1999]

i want to see the house!!!!
Sarah Cusick, MA> age 11 [11-24-1999]

Mindy Sanders, I am 12 years old and live in Dalton, Nebraska. My Grandma is Joy Sanders [11-24-1999]

Kelsey Smith, I am 10 years old and am doing a project on Betsy Ross [11-23-1999]

I am doing a 2nd. grade social studies fair report on the amer. flag.
jodi scaffidi, Louisiana, 7years old [11-23-1999]

I wish to take the tour because I need to do an assignment on Betsy Ross!
Lindsay Strickler, I'm 10 years old. [11-23-1999]

My son is visiting Philadelphia soon.
Betty Eschmann, GA, Teacher [11-23-1999]

I'm going to act like I'm Betsy Ross in a wax museum at my school.
Juana Villa, 9 [11-23-1999]

Anjeannette, Atlanta, GA [11-23-1999]

cheryl callahan, colorado [11-23-1999]

blake lewis, 5'5 1/2 Marion SC [11-23-1999]

Wonderful for kids
laura m. ronstadt, teacher, art, lubbock, tx [11-23-1999]

I was talking to my great grandmother and shehad said that we were related to Betsy by marriage.And ever since then i hav loved to learn more and more about Betsy Ross.
Amanda Woolbert, Massillon,Ohio 12 years old [11-23-1999]

gil, 13 [11-23-1999]

I am doing a social studies project and I picked betsy because she sewed the first flag
Kristen Teer, Wichita,Ks 13 [11-23-1999]

Leanna Ross, age 11 [11-23-1999]

hi my name is Eric Shun. I LOVE Betsy Ross
Eric Shun, Eric Shun, MN [11-23-1999]

My mother told me that we are related to Betsy Ross on her side of the family and I am interested in learning more about her.
Heather Stacey, I am 25 years old and live in Michigan [11-23-1999]

This is especially interesting for be because my family is said to be descendants of Betsy Ross.
Debbie Hector, 20 years old [11-23-1999]

i need help w. the 13 colinies
Haley , ohio [11-23-1999]

Karin Rothermel [11-23-1999]

Jane Prescott, Elementary Ed. Student Indiana [11-23-1999]

I am doing some reaearch for my child's class project.
preet Sachdev, California, 39 years [11-23-1999]

go Betsy!
Sonia Proctor, midwest [11-23-1999]

pamela lacy [11-23-1999]

Samantha Dula, Virginia [11-23-1999]

Tina Britain, Carlsbad, NM. message = [11-23-1999]

Rachael fung, 13 message = [11-23-1999]

The Baker Family, We are a homeschooling family learning about the American Colonies thanks for such a helpful site:) message = [11-23-1999]

I would like to see a concert!
Katherine, I am 8 years old. My favorite pet is a horse.I have brown hair &brown eyes. I would like to see the BSB sometime! [11-23-1999]

CRYSTAL C. JOZEFI CK, i teach junior high learning support students at connellsville junior high east, locust street extension, connellsville, pa 15425. i am using this information in my american history class. [11-23-1999]

i have tape in guns n rosses
decson bryan valleser, guindolman12 [11-23-1999]

I see this is a great tool for children or any student of any age to become familiar with historical facts without actually having to leave your home. Even I have learned some interesting facts as I gather information for my daughter. I'll have great fun telling her and showing her what I've found! Thanks for the history review.
Kelli G. Jones, I live in Detroit, MI. I'm 34 years young!!!! [11-23-1999]

Kelli G. Jones, I live in Detroit, MI. I'm 34 years young!!!! [11-23-1999]

Cathy Klentz, Alabama [11-23-1999]

We are students who are intrested in the history of the flag. Our class will be visiting the Betsy Ross house soon and I wanted to take a tour of the house before we go.
Brittany Pondexter and Shamira McGill, 9 and 12 of Phila., PA [11-23-1999]

krystle gross, kansas city 14 [11-23-1999]

Ben Moueddene, Teacher, Philadelphia [11-23-1999]

I just read "Besty Ross Designer of Our Flag" but by comming to her home page I just found she really wasn't the one who designed it. I am doing a book report for school. I am glad you have this web site I get to see her house.
Melody Moloci, 10yrs. Aliso Veijo CA. [11-23-1999]

Melody Moloci [11-23-1999]

Hi, we love Disneyland!
Brian and Candice Farmer, Annual Passolders [11-23-1999]

sara, age-12 west siloam springs,OK [11-23-1999]

Krystal Smith, Age 10 [11-23-1999]

andrew mixon, 13 florida [11-23-1999]

heatcliff [11-23-1999]

Carrie Hogue, Decatur, Il [11-23-1999]

I am an iMac lover so if you have one your my friend. Iam on one righ now at school
imac , age 10 ,realname lauren birthday feb7 [11-23-1999]

kori goss, copperopolis ca. 12 [11-23-1999]

Great website. Thank you!
Robin Barnstead, Vancouver, WA. Age: 32. Helping my 11yr. old daughter with a poster project on the Revolutionary Era. [11-23-1999]

Dolores Ross, Riverside, Ca [11-23-1999]

Cushard, mich, 13/m [11-23-1999]

Laura Appelman [11-23-1999]

ASHLEY, i have a dog named betsy [11-23-1999]

Jessica Janasz, Overland Park Kansas - age 11 [11-23-1999]

maralee nobis [11-23-1999]

Thanks for the tour it was awsome! useually old stuff is boring but this was sweet!!
Pow., 16 [11-23-1999]

That was a cool tour of her house. I have seen old stuff like that before though.
Rob. [11-23-1999]

Leah Hurst, Enfield, CT [11-23-1999]

Curtis Baynes, Marion,S.C. [11-23-1999]

Barbara Ross Updike, Gifted teacher [11-23-1999]

I need Info about Rosa Parks please help me
Tiffany Lynch, Pa,12 [11-23-1999]

I need Info about Besty ross for a project so please help!!
charlotte , Pa,11 [11-23-1999]

I llove take ing tours like this
Scarlett, im 9 years old [11-23-1999]

our 5th grade class just finished studying about the revoulution.
rhiannon smith, age 10, Narragansett, RI [11-23-1999]

Marissa Martin [11-23-1999]

With out great wemon like Betsy Ross and many others. We would still be considered as usless house cleaning object.
Michelle Nicole Howard, 17, From Middletown, OH. [11-23-1999]

Alysann V Buonadonna, over 50... doing for grandson [11-23-1999]

melody koslosky, utah age 8 [11-23-1999]

maria ficalora, school teacher, 23 [11-23-1999]

MARSHA MOON, hi i'm marsha and i'm in high school . [11-23-1999]

Vicky C. Miller, Great Falls, Montana (age-54) Cub Scout Leader [11-23-1999]

Bridget Nixon, 22years old senior in college [11-23-1999]

WE are studying famous Americans, and have just begun to write about Betsy Ross. We are excited to learn more facts about her life.
Mrs. Stoffel's third Grade Class, Third Grade Teacher [11-23-1999]

I admire name and your flags.
Betsy Kravets, Rockport In,13 Owns over 90 pony's [11-23-1999]

Maureen Martinez, Teacher 4th grade [11-23-1999]

rebecca owens, s.s.,okla 13 yrs old [11-23-1999]

Lillie McReynolds, 13 8th grd [11-23-1999]

I did a project on betsy ross and I went through her internet page I really want to see it. I like her canopy bed.
Chaya Mushka, I am 11 year old femail [11-23-1999]

Angie Mass, 17 [11-23-1999]

Jed Burcham, 15 [11-23-1999]

I am excited about seeing a vital part of our history.
Michele Burrow, Mexico, Mo. age 51 [11-23-1999]

Betsy thanks for making the flag i will enjoy the tour !!!! Thanks, Amy
Amy, 16 [11-23-1999]

I really liked this site it helped me with my history report on BEtsy Ross a lot and on my lime line about her
Julie, California [11-23-1999]

Cathy Munn, Kaniva,Australia.12 yrs old [11-23-1999]

Joan Williams, live in San Antonio, went to Philly every year as a child [11-23-1999]

Cool Website
Arica Christensen+, Logan,UT 13 A VERY COOL SKIER!! [11-23-1999]

Gary Miller, Hardin County (48) [11-23-1999]

Krystal Esguerra, Iam 13 years old from Torrance, California [11-23-1999]

Cody and Tanner Gantt, Georgia, 7 and 5 [11-23-1999]

I wonder if Betsy is still alive?
Erica L. White, I live in Emmaus PA and am in second grade! [11-23-1999]

shannon [11-23-1999]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross.
Kelly James, 7 [11-23-1999]

scrub_hatta_69 [11-23-1999]

Aaron Langan [11-23-1999]

Sarah, ga,17,f [11-23-1999]

My 5th-grade students are researching a historical person who made a contribution during the Revolutionary War. As a class, we chose to research John Adams and Betsy Ross.
Tammy Oveross, Resource teacher at Pilot Point Intermediate School [11-23-1999]

I am doing a history report on Betwy Ross.
Darian, Student in the 5th grade [11-23-1999]

Great site
Mike Zielonka, Wi, 14 [11-23-1999]

LM Heaney [11-23-1999]

to see
lashea rodden [11-23-1999]

Angie Lovell, Tennessee [11-23-1999]

KayLeigh Hogan [11-23-1999]

Renee Crain, 11 years old [11-23-1999]

CAITLIN WALTERS [11-23-1999]

Gayle Strain, 4th grade teacher, Spartanburg, South Carolina [11-23-1999]

I am doing a research report on Betsy Ross for children in Israel. My class has pen pals there and we are sharing information about our city with them.
Tiara Richardson`, I live in Yeadon, PA. I am 11 years old. [11-23-1999]

linda Evans [11-23-1999]

Pat Simmons [11-23-1999]

leslie mepham, chesterfield,Michigan age 41 [11-23-1999]

Wendy Rivera, I am 20 years old and married [11-23-1999]

Sherry Classey, Bridport, Vt 46yrs I believe in God and country [11-23-1999]

I'm doimg a report on her cause she sounds intersting!!
Shae, Oklahoma, 15 [11-23-1999]

I really like Betsy Ross. She is an interesting person. It is cool that she made the first American Flag. I learned a lot about her. She had a lot of sisters and a brother.
SaraMarie A. Valis, 10 years old. I just wrote a report on Betsy Ross. I am in the 5th grade. I attend Noxon Road School in Dutchess County NY.. [11-23-1999]

Sarah anamental [11-23-1999]

Regina McVey, Folcroft, PA - age 38 [11-23-1999]

hello i am rebecca adams and i am doing a report on betsy ross please send me some information on her thank you rebecca
rebecca adams, i am `13 years old and i am a fan of betsy ross [11-23-1999]

Mrs. J. Young, I am a 5th grade teacher [11-23-1999]

Miss Cooper's First block Class [11-23-1999]

Miss Cooper's 2nd block Class [11-23-1999]

Michael B. Stegman, DPM, Scottsdale, Arizona [11-23-1999]

Linda J. Weaver, Tecumseh, Kansas 49 years old [11-23-1999]

Leonard Kight, Colonel, USAF, San Antonio, TX [11-23-1999]

Lauren Skinner, Moorpark, CA Im 13 years old and i want to see it for real someday! [11-23-1999]

I have a report on Betsy Ross, and this web site has given me lots of info. thanx!! keep up the good work!! Lauren
Lauren, 14/f/michigan(Taylor) Hoover Middle School (rulez (lol). [11-23-1999]

Kylie Fournier, age 10, Houston, Texas [11-23-1999]

Doing a book report. thankyou for this website
Kindra Nutt, El Cajon, California 9 yrs. old [11-23-1999]

Kim Jordan [11-23-1999]

Kelly Bucherie, Asst. Principal, JHS in LV,NV [11-23-1999]

In cold spring I got a homework of the Amerecin flag thats why I am going to hear.
Kelly Wong, Maryland, five years old [11-23-1999]

Julia Trudelle, Brandon, FL, age 8 [11-23-1999]

i'm doing a book report on betsy ross in my 4th grade class at washington catholic grade school. i really enjoyed the book i read on betsy ross and the important part she played in the independence of our country.
jordan ann flynn, washington, indiana age 10 [11-23-1999]

Joann Lee [11-23-1999]

Jim Smith, Arkansas / 32 / True American [11-23-1999]

jessica, nj/9/4th [11-23-1999]

jennifer [11-23-1999]

Very nice site. Would be happy to have you visit my site, "The EC-47 History Site" at J.C.
James C. Wheeler, Retired U.S. Air Force [11-23-1999]

We visted your site in libray it wasCOOL
HOMERETTA AYALA [11-23-1999]

groovy girl 99, 600 [11-23-1999]

We were discusing "the First Flag/s and decided to view Betsy Ross as well.
Evelyn Sanders, teacher of Resource?Special Ed @St Joseph School Ponchatoula,LA70454 [11-23-1999]

Thank you for your information. I am dressing up like Betsy Ross during American Education Week.
Erin Thomas, Age 7 [11-23-1999]

I have read about stamps in LINNS stamp news.
Eric Johansson, 60 year [11-23-1999]

Emily Mouri, Rockford,IL age-11 [11-23-1999]

Elizabeth Brigham, 13 i go to league academy and i was doing a research project on her and i became very interested [11-23-1999]

I strongly hope that I will actually visit Philadelphia, PA to see and experience and perhaps feel the history of this city.
Duane M Shelton, 44 yrs - Live in Central Iowa. [11-23-1999]

diane devoe, canada [11-23-1999]

I saw the house last year in person, but I didn't get to go in! Now I can see it!
Christine Adams, 18 [11-23-1999]

Catherine De Atley [11-23-1999]

Carolyn Cooper, 113 W. Vaughn St. Kingston, Pa 18704 [11-23-1999]

glad to be here
candy,jeff,amanda &jessica harper., ohio,36,39,15,13 [11-23-1999]

I am doing a report on patriotism and I picked Betsy ross for the report.
Candice, Georgia,13, "I Love M y Country" [11-23-1999]

CANDI, phila, 28, [11-23-1999]

Brianna Frank, 11 yr old student [11-23-1999]

Aubrey Waters & Andrea Roseland did a project on Betsy Ross last year! (second grade) And we know a lot about her!
Aubrey Waters & Andrea Roseland, ages (9) Grade (Third) School ( Eastbrook Elementry) [11-23-1999]

tell me alittle more about yourself and things you like to do.
ANESHA KING, i am yrs.old ilive in zion il,i go to libertyville high school and i am a junior. [11-23-1999]

Andy Conzet, age 10 [11-23-1999]

I am a 5th grader doing a report on Betsy Ross. Thanks! Alisha
Alisha Alvis, I am 10 years old. I live at 4527 Quarter Ave., Bakersfield, CA 93309 [11-23-1999]

AJ Gartin [11-23-1999]

Rosie Balcar [11-11-1999]

Colleen, 12 u.s. [11-11-1999]

I am a preschool teacher and work with children k-8. One of my students in the upper grades needed some information on the flag..found this website I hope it helps him.
Tabby Bray, Phoenix, Az 29years old [11-11-1999]

nicholas parks, really cool [11-11-1999]

I love Betsey Ross
Kelsey Kosan, age !2 state AZ city Scottsda,le [11-11-1999]

Justine Dorough, I'm from Florida [11-11-1999]

I'm learning about Betsy Ross for a school project and I find her to be quite the interesting person.
Krystin Behannon, 13 [11-11-1999]

Anthony Soto [11-11-1999]

Mrs. Meinhart's 1st Grade Class, Newton Central School, Newton, IL 62448 [11-11-1999]

We enjoyed the site.
Mrs. Witcher's Class, Grade 1 [11-11-1999]

Anita Grundy, Illinois/34/Teacher 1st grade [11-11-1999]

We are at Verity Middle School visiting your homepage
Melinda Drake, Middletown Ohio 45044 USA 14years old [11-11-1999]

Chris French, Middletown, Ohio 14 years old [11-11-1999]

chrissy, 14 [11-11-1999]

Deloris Wissmar, na [11-11-1999]

E-TOUR put me on your wonderful site...and..I've sent it to a lot of folks I know...on this Veterans Day 1999!!!!
Becky Gemmill, Hardyville, VA 23070-0001 about 5 mins from the Chesapeake Bay [11-11-1999]

Love history!!
Donna, Live in S. Fla....37 yrs old [11-11-1999]

rashaunda, santa maria ca [11-11-1999]

I`m doing a report on Betsy Ross and I wanted to do some research on her here!!!
Krystin Worsham, Round Rock, Texas 10 [11-10-1999]

I am a student at Martinsburg Elementary School,grade 4. I'm writing a paper for Millennium Day on Betsy Ross.
Amanda Crum, Martinsburg P.A. AGE , 10 [11-10-1999]

hi,this is cool
Kelly Kendler, 13 [11-10-1999]

michael p. mustell [11-10-1999]

Kim O'Connell, Siver Spring, MD 11 Years old [11-10-1999]

ashley, 27 [11-10-1999]

Doing a report for school on "The Flag"
Tina Brough, Kaysville, Ut [11-10-1999]

Antonia Vanderburg, I"M 13 and I am doing a report onBetsy Ross [11-10-1999]

This Bud's for you, Betsy.
Timothy-Jon Kiep, Panama City, FL [11-10-1999]

Chester Grade Schoo lst Grade Class, Illinois [11-10-1999]

Andrea Lampert [11-10-1999]

Stephanie Wickersham, 20yrs. old paraprofessional for the East Hartford Public Schools in Connecticut. [11-10-1999]

Carla Hartz, first grade teacher [11-10-1999]

I am writing my first real book report on the life of Betsy Ross. I am reading a book about her life.
Carley Nieto, age 8, in 3rd grade at St. Bernadette School in Burien, WA [11-10-1999]

Betty Gram [11-10-1999]

Amanda, Michigan, 15, love horses [11-10-1999]

Doing an historical speech on Betsy Ross
Rebecca A. FAlkenstein, Norfolk VA [11-10-1999]

this is a great oppertunity!!!
Becky Wehner, Wisconsin,11,female [11-10-1999]

Thank you for the wonderful web sight my children and I really enjoyed going threw it and they loved it. Thanks
Mrs. Edwards 1st grade class, Tennessee [11-10-1999]

It is veterans week and Michael was studying the history of the flag. We found you!
Michael Damm and Jason Short, Michael, 10, Jason(DAD) Dont't Ask! [11-10-1999]

School Project
Melanie, California, 23 [11-10-1999]

Merrill Ross Hadady, 42, Virginia [11-10-1999]

Lauren, Plano, TX ( I am 9 years old) [11-10-1999]

Kathy Lincicum [11-10-1999]

Sharlene Tolliver [11-10-1999]

Niki Paddock [11-10-1999]

Thank you for the web site. It was fun to visit.
Rikki P Beachler, 12years old, doing a book report about betsy ross [11-10-1999]

gore, aneice [11-10-1999]

hi peoples
Cari Mixa, 11 years old likes dogs [11-10-1999]

Thanks for the wonderful information.
Kathy Lauger, Homeschool Teacher [11-10-1999]

Debra Allen, elementary computer teacher [11-10-1999]

kathleen fitzgerald, Denver, CO [11-10-1999]

A. Boswell, Relative of Betsy Ross [11-10-1999]

mary Sue Withers [11-10-1999]

Georgia Ala, Ohio [11-10-1999]

ozard, ny [11-10-1999]

My daughter is doing an assignment on Betsy Ross for school--this is the most information I have been able to find. Thanks!!
Sharon Bessette [11-10-1999]

This is so cool! Thanks for letting me visit!
Karen Royce, Groton, Ct Usa [11-10-1999]

judy fernandez [11-10-1999]

Leeanna McCallum [11-10-1999]

thisisreallyawesomec-ya love anonamous
anonamous, iam13liveinillandotherstuff!!! [11-10-1999]

As a Homeschooling family, we appreciate all the hard work put into this super web page. It has help us in many ways.A sincerely spoken THANK YOU!
karen m, Richmond,VA [11-10-1999]

I love to visit the history of this country in places and people that have made this history alive. The web has put this within the reach of all americans...
D Morgan Hakala, Fremont California [11-10-1999]

visited Betsy Ross house a couple of years ago
Melody Morris, Kindergarten Teacher [11-10-1999]

Katie Illum, 20, F Ogden Utah [11-10-1999]

THis is a great source of information that I am using to prepare teaching a lesson on Betsy Ross for second graders
Kirstin McEvoy, 21 yr, Iowa [11-10-1999]

Betsy Colleen Smith [11-10-1999]

My daughters school celebrates "the day of the Notables" instead of halloween. She's 5 years old and is going as Betsy Ross.
Tarah Bertzyk [11-10-1999]

I am interested in the citys and attractions located in Pennslyvania.
Jeffery Sanders [11-10-1999]

Im doing a homework asighnment so I realy don't know a lot abouthistory.Well got to go -k- bye
Nikki M., NV,age 14,just play soccer [11-10-1999]

We toured this home in '97' when we were in Philadelphia for the Lions International Convention. We hope to return some day.
Mike & Pat Parker, Cathlamet, WA. (the state) 53 years of age [11-10-1999]

Pat O'Toole, I'm a grandma from western PA [11-10-1999]

I just visited the house this summer so I'm looking forward to my tour.
Terry, me [11-10-1999]

Kimberly Karpus, Baltimore, MD; age 9 [11-10-1999]

Felicia Dean, 11 Years old [11-10-1999]

no i do not wish to entre a message'
Denise Pasko, i live in some stuoid rown [11-10-1999]

Just looking this up to help great neice on aboook report. Very interesting.
Sharon, ca, [11-10-1999]

Jennifer Noe, East Carolina University pre-teacher student [11-10-1999]

Ann JEnnings [11-10-1999]

Using this to help son with project. Must provide in his report a picture of a colonial flag of the U.S.
Bertha M. Graham, Punta Gorda, FL age 43, single mom [11-10-1999]

Thanks for this site.
Julanne Combs Howard, Retired Nurse, 72, Missouri, widowed. [11-10-1999]

miranda jones, georgia, 19 [11-10-1999]

paul, 18 [11-10-1999]

I´d like to know something about Betsy Ross
Anna Botström, I´m 14 and I live in Karlstad,Sweden [11-10-1999]

Always remember why this country is here and the values and beliefs that it was built on, where are they now??
Steph, Mishawaka, IN~~~17 years old~~~Senior Pom [11-10-1999]

Shawnee Heltsley, Mercersburg, PA, love this history stuff!!! [11-10-1999]

Kaye Hart, Indiana-37 [11-10-1999]

Gina Jericho, cool monongahela pa [11-10-1999]

jpw, an interested home schooler [11-10-1999]

Thank you for the tour!!
Jessica M. Wood, Georgia,17 [11-10-1999]

Susan Weikel [11-10-1999]

stephanie, 35 [11-10-1999]

stacy, brooklyn ny [11-10-1999]

Summer [11-10-1999]

Dawn L. Kamp, Alton, IL [11-10-1999]

We will be studying the Northeast region soon. It will be great to have some "extra" information to share!!!
Sue Beinecke, W.C.PettySchool, Antioch, IL, 43 yrs. [11-10-1999]

Jenna Dietschler, 22/F from MASS [11-10-1999]

debbie shinn [11-10-1999]

Heather Hoffman [11-10-1999]

NEED MORE INFORMATION! But Betsy Ross is so cool!
Heather H., Geneseo,Il AGE 13 [11-10-1999]

I'm just curious!
marie Lebel, vancouver [11-10-1999]

I need lots of info on her from a story I'm writting!
Ashley O'Dell, I'm 11 and my birthday is October 7 [11-10-1999]

im in school right now!
meghan, ive seen her house in real life and now im taking the tour on AOL [11-10-1999]

Deborah Cripps, Teacher St. Stephens School, N.J. [11-10-1999]

Danae O'Neal, I'm 10 years old [11-10-1999]

alan [11-10-1999]

Dennis Abenanty, 7; St. Bernard School; second grade [11-10-1999]

homer gillespie, kcmo [11-10-1999]

EDWARD Pepe, Ma. 36years old, helping my kid with her report [11-10-1999]

Gina Jericho, Cool,14 and live in Monongahela [11-10-1999]

just researching for a project
Neha, 13 [11-10-1999]

Cathleen Good, I'm writing a paper on Betsy Ross. I'm in 5th Grade. [11-10-1999]

Keely Hammock, Liberal, Kansas- 17 [11-10-1999]

Samantha Baldwin, age:14 city/state:Blacksburg VA [11-10-1999]

Miltreda Francis, Hayden Lake Idaho 7-12-33 [11-10-1999]

I am working on a project to present to elementary school children. I grew up right outside of Philedelpia in Voorhees,NJ. I remember taking a field trip to Betsy Ross's House. I have found a lot of great information on the net to share with my students.
Danielle Wheeler, Texas Tech University Lubbock,Tx (ELEMENTARY ED. MAJOR) [11-10-1999]

matthew peterson, I'm years old [11-10-1999]

b isaacs, Ca. , 3rd grade teacher [11-10-1999]

Jerrie Ellis [11-10-1999]

Mrs. Cotton's Class [11-10-1999]

natailja, 11 [11-10-1999]

I would like to say Thanks to all who took the time and putting this on the net,A wonderful job all!
Lana Jiles, I live in warsaw Ky,age 38 and have 2 wonderful sons 19 and 15 [11-10-1999]

Merisa Workman [11-10-1999]

Kari Johnson, Moorpark, 13 [11-10-1999]

i want to find more historical people
chic, im a girl [11-10-1999]

Beth Dunlap, North Carolina [11-10-1999]

merisa [11-10-1999]

Hope this is good!!!
Devin Stevens, 12 years of age and lives in Sedalia Missouri [11-10-1999]

i love betsy ross!
brittany, arkansas, 14/f [11-10-1999]

Kelly Chin, Teacher, Gr. 5, Los Angeles Unified [11-10-1999]

inelus, 2 [11-10-1999]

Mrs. Cris D. Fick, Chichester Middle School [11-10-1999]

I'm taking an online history class at Weber State University and I am taking this tour for an assignment.
Ernest Victorino, I live in Kaysville, Utah and I am 25. [11-10-1999]

Gillian Brown, Enola, Pennsylvania [11-10-1999]

Denise Wells [11-10-1999]

i need some info on Betsy Ross House in Philadelphia. can you provide me some? web sites, book, whatever.
Aesel Chang, age 15 [11-10-1999]

chad hinds [11-10-1999]

This is a Home school field trip. Cool
Laci Stubbs, I am 12 years old and live in Missouri [11-10-1999]

Dustin Bangerter, UTAH 24 male [11-10-1999]

Jennifer Smith, age 14 [11-10-1999]

I studied Betsy Ross today, and asked my mom to help me find info on the web pertaining to Betsy Ross. I loved the tour of her hom.
emily, age 6, student at Critteneden County Elem [11-10-1999]

doing report on famous women in history for G.S.
shar mesha, 11yr black girl w cerbal palsey [11-10-1999]

Joseph D. Cook [11-10-1999]

Aaron Taylor, Washington, DC age 23 in the Army [11-10-1999]

Betty Jo Nicosia, wv [11-10-1999]

Que pasa?!
Ariana [11-10-1999]

Krystle Raye Rickert, I am 13 [11-10-1999]

mark and [11-10-1999]

Merisa Workman [11-10-1999]

Daniel Daoust [11-10-1999]

amy [11-10-1999]

malinda anderson [11-10-1999]

Great website. We are working on a project for computer lab on the American flag.
Mrs. Munyon's Class, Second Grade Teacher [11-10-1999]

denise and sonia, 13, nj [11-10-1999]

Abigail murray, age 10 [11-10-1999]

i just keep getting ideas from betsy ross about the flag and i just cant stop thinking of the vibes that would come from the icredible artistry and such the preeminent personality of betsy.
right now its liberace (mike) [11-10-1999]

maureen buending [11-10-1999]

Candace Reiner [11-10-1999]

Ruth Paulison [11-10-1999]

lauren [11-10-1999]

having had a career that deals with fabric and the making of garments and crafts I really appreciate what Betsy Ross accomplished in what was then a man's world and with the fabrics that were available at the time.
Ruth Paulison, Fort Wayne, IN work for Jo-Ann Fabrics [11-10-1999]

Emily, 12 [11-10-1999]

all i want is a piano teaher.
Shirisha, 8 [11-10-1999]

Excellent page for a new citizen of this country to find out information on its great and proud history. Thanks.
Valente, California [11-10-1999]

C.Drimmer [11-10-1999]

I am interested in information about my and my fiance's ancestors. I am particularly interested in the following names: Musante, Benton, Niemeyer, DeLange, Henry, Napier, Nolan.
Joanna Isabel Musante, agoura hills, ca, age 24 [11-10-1999]

Christina Aviles, cali 14 [11-10-1999]

deanna kelso [11-10-1999]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross can you please send me some information.
bj huntington, delware age 11 [11-10-1999]

I'd really like to take a tour of Betsy Ross's house.
Ashley Connor, location:Fort Mill,SC, age:12, [11-10-1999]

jeanne schuster [11-10-1999]

Jennifer Byrd, Ogden, Utah. Age 18 [11-10-1999]

she was a great lady and i thank her for all her work
beth blake, I am do ing areport [11-10-1999]

Katie Vanshed, 26, female, daycareworker [11-10-1999]

Allison Whaley, I love to CHEER [11-10-1999]

Kylee, Warren, OH [11-10-1999]

Hi, I think that the flag was a great dedication to our country.
Jared Bartholomew, Im eleven and I live in ohio [11-09-1999]

April, Florida,18 Female [11-09-1999]

We have been studying the 1700's this year for history. We homeschool our children in grades pre-k, k, and 2nd. Thank you for all the valuable information.
Alice Pauquette, Homeschool Family in Clearwater, Fl [11-09-1999]

hi everybody hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi
dee anderson, i live in waco tx, i'm 13, 100%cute, love to get e-mails e-mail me any time [11-09-1999]

hello this is Cristy. Whatz up! e-mail me somtime if you like thanks!id really like it! byebye!
Cristy Parker, 16,dancer,female,TX [11-09-1999]

I think that Betsy's contribution to the United States of America by making the flag was wonderful. She has no idea how much people respect the flag and her. If she was alive today I would thank her myself. She was a wonderful person and I am deeply thankful for her gift of the flag. Sincerely, Jennifer Givens
Jennifer Givens, St. Cloud, MN 13 years old 7th grade [11-09-1999]

leana hengst [11-09-1999]

Jenny Garriott, Indiana [11-09-1999]

jack truxal, indianapolis,30 [11-09-1999]

Brittanie Fiery, age 9 [11-09-1999]

Kevin Black, Boy Scout, Utah, age 11 [11-09-1999]

Michael Glenn, I am a school teacher from Salt Lake City, Utah [11-09-1999]

lyn, illinois [11-09-1999]

I am studying Betsy Ross for a school report. I am in the Fifth Grade.
Valynn Singletary, age 10 [11-09-1999]

Lizette Sotelo, Student in Upland High School located in Upland, California. Im 17 years old, in my last high school year.(senior) [11-09-1999]

Jennifer szender, Anchorage Alaska age 10 [11-09-1999]

As a S.S. teacher who lives too far away from Philadelphia for a field trip, this website is terrific in letting my students see what life in Philadelphia was like during the Revolution. Thanks for maintaining a beautiful site!
Ruth Yost, Dallas, Texas [11-09-1999]

Barbara P Wilbert, I'm helping with homework [11-09-1999]

joefenton, painting of betsy [11-09-1999]

this is a great opertunity!!!
Courtney Shanholtz, Wisconsin,12, and a female [11-09-1999]

I am doing a book report on Betsy Ross for school.
Alyssa Rittinger, 8 years old [11-09-1999]

Alyssa Rittinger [11-09-1999]

I really enjoyed taking this tour of Betsy Ross' house. Thank you for putting this on the internet for people to enjoy.
alyson bonura, 7 years old. My family lives in New York. [11-09-1999]

Connie Robbins, 49 [11-09-1999]

I'm a Canadian just wanting to brush up on some American history.
Penny Johnson, Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada [11-09-1999]

Natasha Mancheno, 3rd grade social studies teacher [11-09-1999]

Mrs. Jones' 1st grade, Crane, Mo. [11-09-1999]

I really liked this web site and encourage you all to see it too!!
Alyssa Morales, I live in Columbus Grove,Ohio..I did a report on Betsy Ross.age 14 [11-09-1999]

Kelly Porter, age 11 almost 12 [11-09-1999]

mandy bryant [11-09-1999]

Mary Janet SImmons, Waldorf ,MAryland 49 do folk art doing a Flag on wood [11-09-1999]

What a nice surprise to find a little bit of "home" on the web. Have been enjopying it this mornng with my morning tea. Thanks, MLC
Mary Lynne Clark, Native of Del. Co, Pa. Now live in Edmonds , Wa. 62 years old, married, grandma to 4 [11-09-1999]

Vanessa Alvarado, Union Hill High School Student [11-09-1999]

I'm making a Quarter Scale of the Betsy Ross house in Miniatures. That means it's 1/4" to a foot in real life. This is one of my favorite hobbies. So can't wait to tour the site and see what I need to make for it. Want it as close as possible to the real thing. So thanks very much for this site.
Sharon Anderson, Live in Ky. and to old to tell. [11-09-1999]

This information is invaluable for teaching our children about the United States Flag and its history.
Lynn Cooper, 36 Year Old, Cub Scout & Girl Scout Leader [11-09-1999]

I am the leader of Brownie Troop #173 and we are studying the flag. Hope to make one of our own - just like Betsy!
Emily Ross, Buckley, Washington [11-09-1999]

miranda [11-09-1999]

Mary [11-09-1999]

lynn Lawson, California, 26, [11-09-1999]

I am an elementary media specialist and am visiting this site to gain information that I can pass on to my students about Betsy Ross and the making of the American Flag. I am going to be able to show them how to cut a five-point star thanks to your site.
Douglas L. Valente, South Carolina [11-09-1999]

Leann Fredrickson, SD, Retired teacher--I am a Storyteller especially for children--One of the characters that I do is Betsy Ross. [11-09-1999]

Allison Cairo, Student at Bowdoin College, Brunswick ME [11-09-1999]

I like flags!
erik andersen, i'm 4 years old [11-09-1999]

i am doing a report on betsy ross
kayla wilson, matthews nc 10 [11-09-1999]

Cina Clark, Nacogdoches,Texas [11-09-1999]

Olivia, age 8, in third grade [11-09-1999]

I have visited the city of brotherly love several times. I thoroughly enjoy and appreciate the history in person or on the net. Thank you.
kathleen a mutchler, pennsylvania native 58 grandmother of 4 [11-09-1999]

History report on you and you are my distant aunt!!!!!!!!! cool hun?
Lindsay Hunt, Michigan, 14 [11-09-1999]

269 Schooner Rd., Manahawkin, NJ 08050
The Ghigliotty Family [11-09-1999]

I am gathering facts about Betsy Ross for a school project.
Alexandria Eden, Taos,NM 10 yrs old, 5th grade [11-09-1999]

I'm trying to get information on a school project.
Bridget Boggs, 16 years old [11-09-1999]

M. Davis, I am a third grade teacher. I am a Christian. [11-09-1999]

Layla [11-09-1999]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross, Betsy's home, and her life. I have to dress up like Betsy and memorize a paragraph.
Caitlin Gillis, Rockland, Ma. age:9 [11-09-1999]

Doris Poole, Tennessee, [11-09-1999]

Rocky Giles, 40's oklahoma [11-09-1999]

Thank you for a wonder tour. It will Help me with my scouting troops.
jeanne foos, Sioux Falls, SD My age is unknown at present [11-09-1999]

Dorothy M. Jackson, Corona, California [11-09-1999]

Becca Farber, 13 Poenix,AZ [11-09-1999]

Stacy Wintjen, I am a teachers aid for the 2nd grade and we are now studying about the American Flag. [11-09-1999]

I am learning in school about Betsy Ross, Benjamen Franklin, Uncle Sam, and other historical figures. My Mom let me go on the internet to look up some of these people and things. Thank you Lindsey Smathers
Lindsey Smathers, Pennsylvania,age7 [11-09-1999]

lesley, 13yrs. old [11-09-1999]

Excellent tour very interesting wish I could visit in person ---- Love history --- Living in Canada was originally from Britain anddaughter of history teacher but don't know a lot of American history Thank U
Jan Hitchcock, On Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada Senior [11-09-1999]

Interesting site will come again I expect
Jan Hitchcock, On Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada Age Senior [11-09-1999]

Maria Eugenia, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 49 years old [11-09-1999]

delia perez minerva gonzales [11-09-1999]

i was such i fan of betsey ross that i named all my pets after her!!! which i no it made it really hard to call acertain one! but hey i was 6!!
sarah palmer, im 13, [11-09-1999]

Eldon Takeda, Novato, CA 46 [11-09-1999]

Gladys Lake [11-09-1999]

Melissa Tolsma [11-09-1999]

Bradley R Keefer, Reedsville,Pennsylvania age 10 [11-09-1999]

I would like to see your home.
Kiesha Board, 78 years old [11-09-1999]

flamingan [11-09-1999]

betsy ross is my idol
walt, kentucky [11-04-1999]

As a child, our family took family vacations, always including historic trips. One of my most memorable was a family vacation to Philadelphia in 1972, which included the Betsy Ross of my favorites. Thank you for this site, its brings back fond family memories.
Diane Carpenter, age 38, originally from Geneva, NY, relocated to Southern NJ in 1993 [11-04-1999]

I am doing a portfolio as on Betsy Ross in one one my classes and am searching for information.
Kelli Michelle Adams, Tennessee, 20 years old, Attending college as education major [11-04-1999]

How did you think of making a flag?You have a great name!
Betsy, I am 10 and I am in 4th grade , and my name is also Betsy . I live in Sonoma , California! [11-04-1999]

Sarah Chacon, El Paso, Texas, Age: 9, Benito Martinez School [11-04-1999]

Andy Karstetter, 7 years old [11-03-1999]

Ashley C., 12 years old [11-03-1999]

It's great.
SElliott, Daytona Beach, FL [11-03-1999]

mariqua lewis [11-03-1999]

I am getting ready to teach the Revolution and am looking for some good web sites.
Ruth Baldock, Teacher at Pana Jr. High School [11-03-1999]

n.mitchell, teacher grade 5 Nashua NH [11-03-1999]

tommy keen, nj, 14 [11-03-1999]

We are studying Besty Ross in homeschool.
Olivia and Gibson Regester, Stephanie Regester (mom), Birmingham, AL, ages 9 and 5 [11-03-1999]

I think the American flag is cool!
Pamela Ellis, Waldorf, Md. [11-03-1999]

i'm a man
John McDonald, New York, 25 , I'm Gay [11-03-1999]

I love this place and My kids do too! I am glad that you have Betsy Ross House in here ! there is so much to learn and I home school my kids and we have been studing about Betsy Ross !!! Thank you so much for all this information...Have a great day from pennyl.
Penny Labrum, Sand Springs,OK. I am 38 and Natve American Indian Cherokee [11-03-1999]

I was reading "The American Flag" A TRUE BOOK by Patricia Ryon Quiri to my 8 year old son. In the back of the book is a list of online sites. We are looking forward to planning a trip to The Betsy Ross house. We plan on sharing our information with his cub scout troop.
Linda Triebwasser, nj [11-03-1999]

one if my first memories as a child was visiting the ross house with my father-later i worked at a buisness located on the other side of christ church on market street and would often visit the house on my lunch break.
christopher a husted, 38 yrs living in haddonfield nj [11-03-1999]

I am a distant nephew of Betsy Ross
Jeffrey Conrad, Knoxville TN [11-03-1999]

Alex Kramer, I am 8 years old and I like to go on the web. (This was part of Alex's social studies assignment for home school). [11-03-1999]

amanda, i am 11 years old [11-03-1999]

I really enjoyed this.
Gina Capriotti, Student [11-03-1999]

j. germain [11-03-1999]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross for school.
Brianna Homer, I am 11 years old and love to read [11-03-1999]

This site really helped me out with my school project I'm doing on Betsy Ross......THANKS!!!
Emily, i'm a student at a georgia middle school [11-03-1999]

Fred Riley [11-03-1999]

I have toured the house in person when I lived in Philadelphia. Thanks for taking this tour to the WEB.
K. David Weidner, Ph.D., Washington,DC [11-03-1999]

layla ramzi, 13 [11-03-1999]

anonymous, Mississippi,18 years old [11-03-1999]

dee [11-03-1999]

danielle, 13 [11-03-1999]

I was told when I was young that my heritege goes back to Betsy Ross. My parents are gone now and I am trying to help our children trace this.
Barbara J. Watson, Chelan, WA, age 61, a grandfather George Washington Ross [11-03-1999]

Donna Mayhall, Little Elm, TX [11-03-1999]

Betsy Ross (Pat Jordan), I am a professional actor who recreates the character of Betsy Ross [11-03-1999]

lots of good information found here!
Norma Johnson, Portland, OR [11-03-1999]

Modesto and Marjorie Mota, Lakewood, CA [11-03-1999]

Just looking around for future reference
al pezino, CA., 50 teacher [11-03-1999]

Nina Charap [11-03-1999]

I admire Betsy Ross very much. This past Halloween I dressed up as Ms. Ross. Everyone just loved it.
Julie Wozniak [11-03-1999]

Simone S. Maciocha, Philadelphia, 29, Teacher [11-03-1999]

em [11-03-1999]

joe, 19 [11-03-1999]

This is great. Betsy Ross and my great-great-great-grandmothoer were first cousins.
Debbie Vaughan, 42 [11-03-1999]

Susan Pacheco [11-03-1999]

Glen D Kilgore, Kansas City MO [11-03-1999]

wind, 17 [11-03-1999]

Shelly Preston, third grade parapro in a small town in GA [11-03-1999]

I am writing a term paper on the history of the American Flag. Thank you for a valuable research resource.
Carrie Abamonte, Cleveland OH [11-03-1999]

Betty Hawkins [11-03-1999]

Sandra Staudinger, Havre, MT [11-03-1999]

HI How are you?
Katy Moss, Bla Bla [11-03-1999]

Jim Reitemeier, Kansas city, Ks., high school social studies teacher, age 42 [11-03-1999]

I came on this site for an American Revolution project
midnight sky, high school student [11-03-1999]

have always liked flags and early american history.
rose welch, 36 years old, live in missouri [11-03-1999]

i am doing a report on her a nd will be playing her at school.
kayla george, in school 5 grade. [11-03-1999]

Christie Watkins-Cunningham, Principal - St. John Christian Academy [11-03-1999]

Patricia Whitmore and Brittany Whitmore [11-03-1999]

Commander James L. Kuriger, USN, Norfolk, Va.; 53; whatever [11-03-1999]

We think that Betsy Ross was a really cool person in the whole entire world. and that we are glad that you have a site on a famous woman in history.
HaleMags, Portsmouth NH [11-03-1999]

I visited your site to purchase an American Flag. Can you tell me when your gift shop will re-open?
Cindy Bertke, Lawrenceburg, Indiana [11-03-1999]

bobo shock, 23 [11-03-1999]

I have to do a project on Betsy Ross and I would like to see her house.
Zaneb El-Shahat, 13 - Orange County New York [11-03-1999]

Barbara Jordan, Belhaven,N.C [11-03-1999]

Hi whats up my name is danielle im 11/f/ct i live in whats called a village its cool so i guess ill mabye talk to u later by the way im her because im looking up a project 4 betsy ross luv-me
Danielle [11-03-1999]

This web site really helped me with a school project.
Holly Snow, nc, 11 [11-03-1999]

I like the way you make the star in one snip.
Jessica Waite, 5th grade beverly elementary [11-03-1999]

maggie darks [11-03-1999]

Caren Timmons, 10 [11-03-1999]

I'm doing a Unit on US symbols of Citizenship
Kim Graham, Senior at Geneseo, New York [11-03-1999]

Catie Feuerhelm, I'm 14 years old [11-03-1999]

Kristi Dickson [11-03-1999]

My daughter chose to do a Social Studies project on Betsy Ross and we enjoyed doing all the research and making her outfit to portray Betsy Ross.
Penny Whitley, Bear Grass, N.C. age 36 white female and loves to sew [11-03-1999]

Stacy Carroll, Single parent who enjoys history [11-03-1999]

me and my friend are doind a report on you and we would love to see your house thanks.
Brandy McCracken, 16 f [11-03-1999]

Bkb, 15 [11-03-1999]

Candyce Sullivan, 3rd grade teacher [11-03-1999]

louis simpson [11-03-1999]

Jordan CAldwell, 11 years old [11-03-1999]

Dawn Folino-Wood, Born in Philadelphia, Live in Ventura California [11-03-1999]

jen, ????? [11-03-1999]

Shannon Guy [11-03-1999]

Allison Pink [11-03-1999]

Our first grade took your tour and was very interested in finding out about the lady who made the first American flag. We live in Odessa, Texas.
Betty Gerig, First gradeteacher [11-03-1999]

Kathy Heine [10-27-1999]

valerie reihl, kindergarten teacher, west milford new jersey [10-27-1999]

ghr, Alaska [10-27-1999]

sarah white, georgia,10,report on betsy ross [10-27-1999]

Austin Baker and Cindy Baker, Chillicothe, MO [10-27-1999]

Michael J. Boucher, Bala Cynwyd, age 52, [10-26-1999]

Checking to see hours home is open. Fiance has never been to Phila. I attended Chestnut Hill College and would like to return to share Philadelphia with him - started on the internet with the Betsy Ross House - delighted to see such a great website!
Rosalie Coleman, High School Principal in NJ, close to retirement! [10-26-1999]

lala, california [10-26-1999]

This is very good! I plan on letting my class use it to learn more about the U.S. flag.
Sarah Toth, 23 [10-26-1999]

claire, 32 [10-26-1999]

I really didn't care much about the American flag. You know I knew basic information, but I never thought it was so much to it! I'm looking forward to following the tour, Thanks A Lot!!!!!
Jasmine Williams, I live in Panama City Florida, I am 10 years old, and very happy! [10-26-1999]

I didn't do well making the perfect 5 point star- Sorry Betsy!
connie tronnes, special ed teacher [10-26-1999]

Hello! Betsey Ross is the best and that's all i have to say!
Shannon, Philadelphia, 11, Girl, 6th grade, St. Williamj School [10-26-1999]

Paula Smith, Wood River, IL age 52 [10-26-1999]

Melinda Kirchner, girl 14 [10-26-1999]

craig nigel ross, white city domilciliary white city org. 97503 50yrs old [10-26-1999]

Nancy Morales, 11 years old [10-26-1999]

The children colored a picture of Betsy Ross and they were wondring why she decided to make a flag in the first place and what the colors signify.
Nancy A. Munsell, 47 yr. old school teacher of second graders in Witt, Illinois [10-26-1999]

I am finding info I can use for my fourth grade humanities class.
Tiffany Hartzell, teacher [10-26-1999]

Chose Betsy Ross to be my character to write about regarding Revolutionary War.
Brittany, 5th grade - Georgia [10-26-1999]

We are just starting on a site. Take a look. Your site looks wonderful. We should get together some time.
Clark D. Rogers, National Flag Foundation [10-26-1999]

steven, school 13 [10-26-1999]

great site
naomi davenport, georgia age 33 [10-26-1999]

doin it 4 school
Amanda Shoemaker, 13 [10-26-1999]

Glad to see a website like this pointing out what it means to be the freest nation in the world.
Thomas B. Holladay,III, Manning,SC 27yrs old, love US History [10-26-1999]

Chan Wooten [10-26-1999]

Unable to visit Betsy Ross's home while in Philadelpia weekend of 10/24/99. Saw the home but was closed at the time.
Dick & Betty Wilson, Ohio [10-26-1999]

We are studing the revolutionary war and this week about Betsy Ross.
The Myers girls from OK, Homeschoolers age 11,9 and 3 [10-26-1999]

debbie rose, computer specialist for wylie jr high [10-26-1999]

Kathy Lang, from Baltimore MD [10-26-1999]

malik baker, school work [10-26-1999]

Megan, PA, 15, School Report Info. [10-26-1999]

I am doing a book report and speech on Betsy Ross for school. The book was great. Now I would love to see her house.
Cassie Quezada, San Diego, 9 years old [10-26-1999]

Jean Grindstaff, 54 yrs. old from Ohio love history [10-26-1999]

Sarah Dumas, 10 , 5th grade , tall , brown hair. [10-26-1999]

Fran Miller, 4th grade teacher NYS [10-26-1999]

Brittany Stook, 10 yrs old, Yorktown, VA [10-26-1999]

Having grown up on the east coast, I had the privilege of visiting many historical landmarks while I was young. The unique experience of stepping back into history,was one that I feared my own children would miss out on while growing up out west. Thanks to these virtual tours, my children can see all of the places they are learning about in their history books, without the expensive cross-country trip that would otherwise be necessary. Thank-you!
Anne Marie Badalato, 30 yrs old, 3 children, living in Colorado [10-26-1999]

I did a report on Betsy Ross and this really helped a lot .Thankyou
tiffany mccloud, kentwood, MI age 9 [10-26-1999]

jonathan lahrman, 13 [10-26-1999]

Nate Ramsburg, ohio [10-26-1999]

Pamela J. Schmidt, Fifth grade teacher 28 years of experience [10-26-1999]

udi p tucker [10-26-1999]

susan dancy, md 43 [10-26-1999]

Barbara Antonetti, Racine,WI [10-26-1999]

It is really cool that Betsy's house has been restored! We wish we could come visit in person.
Briana Titus, Michelle Taylor, Sylvia Maldonado, Students at Fairview Elementary in Orland, Ca [10-26-1999]

I'm visiting this site for a report I have to do at school. I'm in the 4th grade and I'm learning abou tthe history of the flag.
Scott White [10-26-1999]

Audrey A. Kilsey [10-26-1999]

jim kordish [10-26-1999]

Shirley Gober [10-26-1999]

You are cool!!!!!
Tyler Thomas, Cypress, Ca., 12 [10-26-1999]

Umm... uhhhhh.. i have no message thank you very much.. but my friend Mark says hello!! hehehehehe
Brian clark, Kingston, 15, stuff [10-26-1999]

Ali, nothin [10-26-1999]

Mandi, Maryland, female, 15 [10-26-1999]

Hi! How is everyone?
Susan Everett, Kermit Tx 16yrs old [10-26-1999]

Althelbert Jones, Oregon [10-26-1999]

nancy [10-26-1999]

Courtney Bennett [10-26-1999]

Rebecca Valdez [10-26-1999]

Found this site when looking for material for an ESOL citizenship class.
sonja pantry, Miami, Fl. [10-26-1999]

Patricia Dale Dowers, Cayuga, In. 51 [10-26-1999]

I am preparing a report on Besty Ross for school.
Jennifer Hayes, I am 8, live in Michigan [10-26-1999]

crystal [10-26-1999]

Abigail Arvanites, Spartanburg, SC age 5 [10-26-1999]

Robert B. Engle [10-26-1999]

getting information for grandchild school report on Betsy Ross
Wanda K> Braden, Diamond Bar,Ca [10-26-1999]

Marielena Brown, Gibbstown, NJ age 40 [10-26-1999]

Teaching the cub scouts about the flag and appreciate all your info.
linda robinson [10-26-1999]

renee, nj [10-26-1999]

Hopefully this site will help me out on some work for school!
dd, I'm 12 [10-26-1999]

Betsy Ross's Great Uncle John Dole was my ancestor. I hope that I can visit her home some day as I understand John lived there for awhile. I am very proud to be a descendant of Betsy Ross. She was a great American.
Beverly Dole Harris, Retired in Arizona after living many years in California. Born in Ohio [10-26-1999]

Brady Donaldson [10-26-1999]

Pam Kenner, Tennessee, 39 yrs old, visited Betsy's in early 1970s [10-26-1999]

thansk for your web sight!!!
Sunday Bateson, clarion university,21,cousins live in philly [10-26-1999]

Lisa Gozdziewski [10-26-1999]

Esther Brown, Bolingbrook, IL Age 9 [10-26-1999]

Ally McCarthy, i am a dork [10-26-1999]

My 8-year-old niece is trying out for a play at her school and hopes to portray Betsy Ross. I'm researching Betsy Ross in order to sew a historically accurate costume for my niece. God Bless America.
Teresa K. Fowler, 43-year-old writer and quilter from northern Michigan [10-26-1999]

Deanna Shaw, 5th grader - Vickery Creek Elementary [10-22-1999]

Andrea Burkhead, Hampton, GA , age 23, member of the American Legion Auxiliary [10-22-1999]

bpwolfe, oklahoma [10-20-1999]

Stephanie L. Seeger, New Salem, ND....... 12 years old [10-20-1999]

i think that it would be better if there was more info about the house and a lot more about her and the relationship with her and the flag. i think this becasue i have to do a paper an the subject betsy ross and the american flag and i just thought that it is a very important subject and there would be a lot more info. but i would like to thank u for this tour i know that it will help me a lot more on my paper and a lot more knowlege on this subject so thank u a lot for what u have done it its really helpful, thanks again.
anonymous, 14 yrs trenton ,ga female [10-20-1999]

Thanks for this Historical site.
Rudy Gonzales, I live in Denver Colorado [10-20-1999]

Carol Ross, St. Louis, No kin to Betsy, Sculptor [10-20-1999]

Liebe Grüsse aus der Schweiz, Karina
Karina Cagnazzo, witzerland,40 years, actually teaching American History at school [10-20-1999]

Think you have a very good site here.
DonaldRoberts, 67 years old,Houston Tx [10-20-1999]

Carol Jariga, Cleveland, Ohio [10-20-1999]

ilove this sight
Jamie Smith, 13 [10-20-1999]

david stevens [10-19-1999]

i like colors and stars
kim miller, 8 [10-19-1999]

Mrs. Cliff Standiford and children [10-19-1999]

la la la la la
megan gunter, I'm 14 and alive [10-19-1999]

Paul Bylin, 2 Tour disabled Vietnam Veteran [10-19-1999]

Heather Roedl, 10 from Beaver Dam [10-18-1999]

Linda Korzec, Frazer, PA/43 [10-18-1999]

Danielle, 13yrs. [10-18-1999]

We are researching a Bookreport for my 3rd grade class.
Trinity Fannin, B"ham Alabama, 8 [10-18-1999]

sydia salazar, del rio, texas [10-18-1999]

Marie Neeson, teacher- 47 [10-18-1999]

Hannah Johnson [10-18-1999]

doing school project
Cassie Luoma, 13 years old [10-18-1999]

Ashley Sunde, I'm 14 and from Rio. I am doing this for a school project. [10-18-1999]

Mike Rogler, I live in Rio Wisconsin I'm 13 [10-18-1999]

Clint Look, Manito,18 [10-18-1999]

I hope that in future I will have the opportunity in visiting Philadelphia and I sure won't skip visiting Betsy Ross
Grace Wynands, I am from The Netherlands, 51 years old, and I am working as a secretary at the University of Nijmegen (Netherlands) [10-18-1999]

Helping my daughter with a school presentation. We are very grateful of this informative website. Thank you.
Chelly Robles, San Mateo,Ca. [10-18-1999]

Diane Minucci, Woodstock, GA 45 years old [10-18-1999]

my mom sent me this site and I thought I would check it out
Karie, Chula Vista, which is in San Diego County; 15 [10-18-1999]

Mrs. Sherry Jones [10-18-1999]

Thanks for all the help on my research topic on th American Flag
Amber Kurcz, LAs Vegas, Nevada 12 1/2 years old [10-18-1999]

Mark Vos, Live in Sioux City, 33 years old, my daughter is doing a paper on Betsy Ross and needed this information. [10-18-1999]

Susan Wright [10-18-1999]

I am doing a report on what the flag means to me. I am learning alot of information on why Betsy Ross made the flag.Thank you for the information.
Gary DeMare, Council Bluffs,Iowa 11 years old [10-18-1999]

I am doing a report in Brownies about women in history. At our Brownie meeting we picked our names for our report from a hat and I got Betsy Ross. I was happy with my pick!
Taylor Ramsey, I am 7, I live in Amherst, New York [10-18-1999]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross for School!
Jennifer Winters, 9yrs old, Charlotte, NC [10-18-1999]

Fe DelRosario [10-18-1999]

I love this site.
Judy Edwards, Bridgeport, WV. [10-18-1999]

I teach 3rd grade in Miami Fl. I am using this site for my students to take a field trip to Philly and see the places I saw at their age.
Dolores, Miami, Fl. (philly native) [10-18-1999]

I have never really taken the time to learn about our flag. I am learning alot and it is very interesting. Thank you.
Kaysha Hughes, I am 31 years old, I live in Northern California and I have 2 children. [10-18-1999]

lindsey guess, 10 years old, arab,al [10-18-1999]

Lacy Osman, Arkansas, 26 [10-18-1999]

Great site! Helpful in my research. Hola!
Laura, San Diego, CA, I'm 16, Junior [10-18-1999]

i like the way the information is set up. it is helping me do a very big report.
alison, nh 15,female [10-18-1999]

sandra cervantse [10-18-1999]

Julianna, FL age 10 homework [10-18-1999]

Brittany Eck, I'm a 3rd grader and I'm doing a book report [10-18-1999]

b.j nunnally, v.a.16 [10-18-1999]

In school I'm studying about the Revolutionary War and this could really help with school and it's very interesting.
Katie, 12 [10-18-1999]

joe fenton, i live in sacramento and i am gonna paint betsy ross [10-18-1999]

Debra Crass, illinois [10-18-1999]

From Corry'PA. Moved to Fla in 1972 and have 3 growen boys and a daughter 25 in the Air Force That it.
Barbara Harris, Borm 7 -4 -46 [10-18-1999]

I am learning about Betsy Ross so I can give a report to my class and teach them about her too.
Ally Tyre, 7 years old, doing a project for gifted class [10-14-1999]

Charlotte P)earl [10-14-1999]

I came to find stuff on a report on Betsy Ross and it helped
Brittanee Vasquez, age 14 [10-14-1999]

susan wright [10-14-1999]

Helping daughter check-en ya out
Birdella Boone, Damascus, Va [10-14-1999]

Christopher T. Shoenfeld, 25, Active Duty Hospital Corpsman, US Navy, HM2(FMF) [10-14-1999]

Heather Eason, Peabody, K [10-14-1999]

Jonas, 15. A male [10-14-1999]

John Lynn, 37 [10-14-1999]

Curt Strausser [10-14-1999]

We're learning about Betsy Ross and the American Flag.
Mrs. Whanger's Kindergarten Class, 20 students ages 5 &6 in Wirtz, VA [10-14-1999]

robina whedon, gardner, ks 34yrs [10-13-1999]

serena palefau [10-13-1999]

Valerie Hall, Virginia Teacher [10-13-1999]

whitney, i'm a 11 year old female [10-13-1999]

Melinda Krumvieda, Wessington Springs SD, age 16 [10-13-1999]

Anna Watson [10-13-1999]

Ellie [10-13-1999]

arron mason, 16 kentucky [10-13-1999]

I have been reading "Lies my teacher told me" by James W. Loewen. In chapter one he cites the Betsy Ross story as myth. I am looking for the truth
Jean Ade, Interested [10-13-1999]

Di, Seattle, WA [10-13-1999]

Ruth Mead, Anchorage, Alaska [10-13-1999]

I'm writing a paper on the American Flag.
Heather Anaya, 18/f MI [10-13-1999]

Being retired and on the net it lets me see things and go places htat I other wise would not be able to see because of the cost of travel. So thank you for this site.
James Mayo, I am retired ans live in Ma. [10-13-1999]

Tami Williams, work in Camden, Live in Philly [10-13-1999]

Robin Davis [10-13-1999]

Emily, i live in Tucson, b-day is march 15,1985...i like basketball,hanging out with friends ect. [10-12-1999]

Brenda Noone, Haysville, KS [10-12-1999]

Looking at this site and others for use with my students. I am the District Elementary computer teacher.
Cheryl Wright, Ohio Teacher [10-12-1999]

Donna Rose, pleasant hill, CA 94523 [10-12-1999]

debbie z lovelace, lakeland florida [10-12-1999]

AK Beaver [10-12-1999]

I will be coming to philadelphia soon
kim blair, long beach new york age 38 [10-12-1999]

Brian Turnbough, boy;6 yrs [10-12-1999]

gloria torres, california, age 20 [10-12-1999]

Amanda Gordon [10-12-1999]

kathy salvador [10-12-1999]

The Norton Family, Minnesota [10-12-1999]

Vanessa Campbell, Alaska, 15 yrs. [10-11-1999]

doing a report on Betsy Ross!!
Andrea Cutts, Age 11 West Palm Beach Fl. [10-11-1999]

Hannah Johnson [10-11-1999]

Shannon Ashburn [10-11-1999]

Betsy Ross was a hero
Rachel, I'm 14 [10-11-1999]

Amber Haffner, Walsh, CO 20 I studing to be a k-8 teacher [10-11-1999]

Jeanne Parrella [10-11-1999]

Mary Lou O'Neill, teacher of fifth grade [10-11-1999]

susan markow, live in maryland, and remember visiting house as youngster [10-11-1999]

Mrs. Pence's Kindergarten Class [10-11-1999]

james wagner, age 34 huntingdon pa [10-10-1999]

Denise Pakala, Former Pennsylvanian (Hatfield, PA) now in St. Louis [10-10-1999]

liz, 14 yrs. old from michigan [10-10-1999]

Thank you for maintaining Betsy Ross' house for what it reminds us of.
Janet Turnbough, 43 yrs old from St. Louis, MO. Married with two children ages 12 and 6. [10-10-1999]

Amber Schmidt, I am 7 years old and live in alabama but I was born in Philadelphia, Pa. [10-10-1999]

Dale Smith-Porterfield, age 15 [10-10-1999]

Former Philadelphian just revisiting.
Pat Kahrimanian, from Pt. St. Lucie, FL. [10-10-1999]

I just came in here because I'm sewing a flag with my mom for a history project and wanted to see the " master sewers " house!!
Andrea Lawyer, wa state,13yrs old, 8th grade [10-10-1999]

I am studying Betsy Ross and the American Flag.
Stacie Gonzalez, 13yrs Riverside, Califorina [10-10-1999]

I am doing my home work
Curtis Brown, age 8 [10-10-1999]

Bill Hoffmann, Moore,SC ...daughter wanted to be Betsy Ross for her school's presentation of great American's [10-10-1999]

We visited the Betsy Ross House last year. We really enjoyed seeing where she lived and created our Nations flag. All off Old Philly is a fantastic trip for anyone that has never been there.
Lori and Gary Patrick, Tennessee [10-10-1999]

Kelly Hoisington, I am a student at Central Michigan University in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. [10-10-1999]

Lina A. Belkewitch, Elizabeth, NJ; 42 yrs. old; female; great lover of American History [10-10-1999]

dawn moya, abq nm [10-10-1999]

Great site! My husband's family traces back to Betsy Ross, just doing some research....
Susan Griscom, Chester County, PA, 32 [10-10-1999]

Trish, 14 mich [10-10-1999]

Emily Martin, Mesa, AZ, USA, 21 [10-10-1999]

jennintaylor, beebe ar 72012 age 30 [10-10-1999]

Jan Freeman, Buffalo, TX, 51 years old, history fan, homemaker [10-10-1999]

sarah hauck [10-09-1999]

visited the betsy ross house as a child on a field trip... remember loving the tour then.
michelle holbrook, north carolina, age 32 [10-09-1999]

i am doing a school project on betsy so i need info and this is the only good site!
someone, nope [10-09-1999]

I really like Betsy Ross. I read a book about her. It talked about when she met George Washington. It also talked about how she made the American Flag.
Michelle Feliciano, Bronx, NY 10 Years old [10-09-1999]

God bless America and God bless Betsy!
Gloria Pino, Arizona, 27 yrs. old, Christian [10-09-1999]

Tina Diskin, LaGrange, Ga, [10-09-1999]

I came here looking for a project for school and got more than I bargained for.
Brent, South Carolina [10-08-1999]

I am doing a research paper on the History of the American and came upon this web-site, and was instantly interested whether or not it would give me information for my paper
Sara Jane Kirchner, 19 years old, female, History Major at Californai University of PA [10-08-1999]

eric lashley, im 10 years old and live in alabama [10-08-1999]

I was searching information for my EXCEL project(4th Grade).
Sumeet Dandapat, Erial, New Jersey Age - 9 [10-08-1999]

Lindsey [10-08-1999]

Ginger McCrackin, female,42, homeschooling 5 children [10-08-1999]

At school we are having a living museam.I chose to be Betsy Ross. Chelsey, 13yrs. [10-08-1999]

This is a great resource and fun to do. My Grandson, who will be 7 in November, is really enjoying the computer.
Janis Weaver, Lancaster co.,PA Enjoy history, female, age 52. [10-08-1999]

Janis Weaver [10-08-1999]

Leigh Ann Chiasson [10-08-1999]

Elaine Dandron, Student at Central Michigan University [10-08-1999]

god bless america.
Brenda Arrowood, Gainesville,Ga [10-08-1999]

Nale, fl ,19 [10-08-1999]

Hi, Saw your light on and thought I would drop in. It's a long way from home here in Australia.
Jennifer McKenzie, Melbourne, Australia [10-08-1999]

It is incredible to view, read and further celebrate the origins of the very banner that symbolizes the freedom(s) we enjoy. Especially interesting is the choice of colors and perhaps what each stood for. Whatever the original purpose...the banner yet waves, allowing us one more day to recognize this is the best country on earth and committment ...right down to the stitching of the flag, the toils, times of tribulations have marked out time and strength as a country and people. Yes, God Bless America...this land of our home!!!! Thank you for this historical experience
janelle e. place, 30, beverly hills ~ executive [10-08-1999]

thank you for all the information you are helping me alot on my school project !!!
monica do, age 10 [10-08-1999]

PhyllisQuinn, California [10-08-1999]

Amanda Bailey [10-08-1999]

Rachel, Deland, Florida 13 [10-08-1999]

I like to read. I am studying Betsy Ross. I am dressing as Betsy Ross for our class Halloween party.
Andrea D. Erat, age: 10 [10-08-1999]

Our family is very patriotic. We love our God, our country, our flag and our freedom. My husband is a veteran of the vietnam conflict, therefore we're also sensitive to other veterans and their families. It is God,and the men who have fought for our country and our precious freedom, that we should give praise. Some people don't think and take it all for granted. God blessed us.
Deborah Ann Barnhill, I'm a42 yrs. old. Married, two children ages 19 and 15. We live in a small town (Jesup) in Georgia. . [10-08-1999]

Ashley Woods [10-08-1999]

Brenda DeMarce [10-08-1999]

Ann Marie Walker [10-08-1999]

Erin McComas [10-08-1999]

I have been researching the Ross family line for approx. 8 years. How thrilled I was to find out that Betsy is my 7th great aunt. Married to John Ross. My line descends from the Rev. George Ross, New Castle De. Loved the web page. I have been to the house many times and would tell everyone not to miss a part of our history.
Jeffrey Irwin, Copiague, NY [10-08-1999]

pat escalon, lafayette, la, 43 yr. old mother. [10-08-1999]

Katie, Nebraska [10-08-1999]

Kelsey Penna &Katie Alexander [10-08-1999]

Carole Pollack, computer assisted teacher [10-08-1999]

Janet Di Giulio [10-08-1999]

I'm trying to find out why the colors red, white and blue were used to make the flag. Same colors as Britain flag- coincidence? Very interesting site! Thank you.
Susie Custard, 36 years old from Texas [10-08-1999]

Steve Galambos [10-08-1999]

sissi hoeller, 18 yrs german [10-08-1999]

I was in Philadelphia about 5 years ago, but the house was not available for tours at the time. I am really glad to have this opportunity to learn more about this Oh-So-Famous lady and her home.
Sharon Parker, 7th & 8th grade teacher (Writing skills & Computers); Arlington, TX [10-08-1999]

Rachel, 16 yrs old, female, great neck [10-08-1999]

Patricia N. Cocke, Gretna, VA [10-08-1999]

mary abele, utah resident wife mother homeschooling 40yrs christian love history [10-08-1999]

doing a report
Lisa Marie Haskins, 9 [10-08-1999]

Lee, Mic, Dawn Easters, Plant CITY [10-08-1999]

take me on the tour PLEASE
Lauren, I am looking stuff up on her for school my age is 12 [10-08-1999]

Krystel Anderson [10-08-1999]

Krysta Madison, Lubbock, TX 17yrs. [10-08-1999]

This has been a lot of help to me. It gave me information that I didn't know. Hope you will keep this up. It helps make history interesting.
Kristina (Nina) Gerencser, I am 10 years old and chose Betsy Ross for a school project [10-08-1999]

Karen Allen [10-08-1999]

jessica [10-08-1999]

Proud to see someone still cares... We seem to live in an dead country
Cher [10-08-1999]

B. Jones, polson, mt [10-08-1999]

Abercrombie Babe, none [10-08-1999]

I hope to share this info with local students.
I. M. Instructor, Orlando, woman of a certain age, vibrant [10-07-1999]

angela biddle, age 23 [10-04-1999]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross.
anonymous [10-04-1999]

Checking out the tour! So far it looks pretty cute. My students keep asking me all sorts of questions about the flag so I wanted to see if this site can help them should they be interested.
Maria, Social Studies Teacher at Aviation High School, NY [10-04-1999]

I think that Betsy Ross is one of the most interesting people that lived during the American Revolution. She is one of the reasons our country is what it is.
Kerry Mc Shane, 13 years old [10-04-1999]

Betsy Ross is some how related to our family. My grandmother was Arilda Rounds.
Tracie Kightlinger DeMotte, Student Fredonia State [09-23-1999]

Hi. I'm doing a report on Betsy. I thank you for haveing this info.
Jessica [09-23-1999]

I came to this site because on a homework assignment, but I'm finding it more interresting than I thought I would! Thanks for all the hard work that went into this!
Audrey Everett, I live in West Point UT, and I'm 20 years old [09-23-1999]

Jane Dever Barbosa [09-23-1999]

We have to teach about Betsy Ross. It sure is nice to find more information about her!
Ellen M. Martin, Winchester, Va Kindergarten teacher [09-23-1999]

Lori Curtin [09-23-1999]

Erin Jambor, St. Paul, MN, 16 [09-23-1999]

stormie martin, sugartown la.,9, I choose betsy ross for a report [09-23-1999]

Elizabeth Anderson, 34 [09-23-1999]

What an honor it nust have been for a woman to create the first American flag!
Jennifer Robichaud, I live in Rhode Island and I'm 23 years old. [09-23-1999]

spring kennedy, 26 yr old married female from utah [09-23-1999]

We are looking forward to the tour and learning more about Besty Ross.
Mrs. Assmus' First Grade Class, Madison, SD [09-23-1999]

Stephanie, Denver, 12, I'm doing a report on Betsy ross and I need some info. [09-23-1999]

I am a Freshman at Gallaudet University and I'm learning in American History. I learned a lot of things and facts about the people in Revolutionary Wars, Civil Wars and much more interesting people. I also wanted to know who was Betsy Ross and I want to remember her as one of the people in American History.
Calvary Brannon, Student of Gallaudet University- Washington, D.C. [09-23-1999]

Teacher searching for information concerning Betsy Ross to share with my Fifth Grade Class. If educational materials are available I would appreciate hearing from you.
Judy Risch, Davidsville, PA [09-23-1999]

Scott Russell [09-23-1999]

Kirstin Clouten [09-23-1999]

Lily M., 15, mn [09-23-1999]

Kaitlyn Lapham, Lake Luzerne NY 11 yrs old [09-23-1999]

Alyson McCauley, Skaneateles, NY; 13; doing a project [09-23-1999]

katie, sa tx age 9 [09-23-1999]

RaeAnn Christensen, I am from Utah, and I am 19 years old. [09-23-1999]

I am 41 and was born in Philly, house was not open to show my 12 year when we visited. Thought this wood be the next best thing.
Donna and Danielle Jones [09-23-1999]

Lynette, Art Teacher in TN [09-23-1999]

Mary Louise Foody [09-23-1999]

Sandy Brown, Shelbyville, Tennessee [09-23-1999]

Brittany Hastings, 18 yrs. old, live in new york city, professional dancer. [09-23-1999]

anonymous [09-23-1999]

Ken F Carpenter [09-23-1999]

Susan Thomas [09-23-1999]

tran huynh, 15 [09-23-1999]

Nice to see information about our history on the net. Our children need to know about how wonderful country and flag. Thanks
Helen & Charles [09-23-1999]

I hope I like her house
Jeanne and classmates, 10-11 Arlington,Va [09-23-1999]

I am a history student, looking through some of the sites recommended by our Professor. I enjoyed looking at the Betsy Ross house, very nice. WJM
Wilma Maynard, Ogden, Utah [09-23-1999]

Thanks! I'm doing a weekly reader tomorrow with my second graders. This has been very informative.
sharen fairbanks, west palm beach,fl [09-23-1999]

Craig Lynch, 10 [09-23-1999]

Jason Beckstead [09-23-1999]

Jessie McGregor, c.a [09-23-1999]

Just checking it out for my daughters. Thanks.
Joni rhodes, Bryan, TX--44 years old [09-23-1999]

Amy Walker, Muncie, IN [09-23-1999]

Visiting Philadelphia shortly - will be sure to visit Betsy Ross House.
Judith Johnston, Little Baddow, Essex, UK [09-23-1999]

Lisa Eva Plyman, Las Vegas, Nv. 30 Years, US Navy Vet [09-23-1999]

I have enjoyed reading about the flag and about Betsy Ross
Vera Knatt, High Desert of Calif. [09-23-1999]

Your site is helping me on a reading project. Thanks a lot! I think it is great that you have something to remember Betsy Ross by. THANKS AGAIN!!!
Christina Montague, Ohio, 13 , Milcreek West Unity Schools, West Unity, OH [09-15-1999]

this is a wonderful web site. I am doing a social studies unit for first graders. This has given me great information
Stephanie Tingen, preservice teacher in Greenville, NC at East Carolina University [09-15-1999]

Jeanne Giberson, Louisville, Ky. [09-15-1999]

I'm homeschooled & we are studying the flag right now.
Thomas Jay, I'm 8 yrs. old. I live in the woods in a log cabin in Southwest Missouri [09-15-1999]

5th Grade ESL, 3 Fifth Graders [09-15-1999]

What did a yard of material cost for the flag? How much material did she use? How did she cut her stars?
Emma Kelley [09-15-1999]

Jaimee Anderson, Ogden, UT age 23 [09-15-1999]

Betsy Ross is cool!!!
Sarah, none [09-15-1999]

allison becker, I'm 16 and attend st. agnes in college point [09-15-1999]

Nicole Tsushima, I am a student at Weber State University [09-15-1999]

Elizabeth Doughty [09-15-1999]

please send me many things!!!
Dyane, im 14 and im crazy [09-15-1999]

Pat Richins, Utah [09-15-1999]

Laci Zemke, 16 years old from Bremerton, Washington [09-15-1999]

megan maroney, I am a 6th grader in Utah doing a report on Betsy Ross. [09-14-1999]

I went to Betsy Ross's house 3 years ago. Now we're learning about the flag in Anclote Elementary school.I have to write about it. I might be in the newspaper if I win.I forget to tell you that this is a contest. P.S Hurricane Floyd is at our door,we live in Florida.
Hailee Ann Evans, I'm in 4th grade and I'm 9 years old I like school. [09-14-1999]

Kristen doc, 12 [09-14-1999]

brenda bills, odessa, tx [09-14-1999]

Thanks Betsy Ross for making our American flag.It shows our liberty and freedom!
Angie, likes to dance [09-14-1999]

We are studiying the American flag right now in social studies. It is our responsibility to raise our school flag everyday. We are enjoying this site.
Meaux Elementary Fifth Graders from Louisiana, Social Studiies Fifth Graders [09-14-1999]

Amanda, Saugus Mass Age:15 [09-14-1999]

edward hargrove, 45 years old, i live in new jersey [09-14-1999]

I enjoyed this site about how the flag was made.
Eunice M Costello, Roodhouse IL [09-14-1999]

Jaclyn Yamrich, 10 [09-14-1999]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross and I need info.
Markelle Mello, Hanford,Ca 13Yrs. [09-14-1999]

Debbie Ochs, Cortland, NY age 43 [09-14-1999]

Carol Morath [09-14-1999]

Zoe Whyte, I'm 6 yrs old, and visiting the Betsy Ross Home while being homeschooled today. [09-14-1999]

Beth Harvey, i'm fun [09-14-1999]

Visited again w/family like my parents did w/us. Seemed like a traditional thing to do for vacation. All enjoyed it. Not quite a pilgrimage, tho. But close. The flag factory across the street was really kool & the role play at the house was superb !
Tony Franzese, Eaton, Ohio 39 yoa (+) [09-14-1999]

Megan Smith, Indiana 13 [09-14-1999]

kaylynn smithe, 17 [09-14-1999]

I am looking on this page for a school project!!! Please do not send me a bunch of mail on it!! Thanks
Dana Steinberg, 14 yr. old Mid west like to dance [09-12-1999]

Angie VerMaas, 15 years old, live in Hickman, NE [09-12-1999]

Mike Kirkwood, age,14 [09-12-1999]

Toni Lawson, Age: 49 Freelance Writer [09-12-1999]

Shelley,, from Utah, 19 years old [09-11-1999]

Nancy, Washington State. Retired and proud to be an American. [09-11-1999]

Shelby Williams [09-11-1999]

I believe in the United States of America. I take off my hat whenever I see it flying.
Brytta Fitzgibbons, I'm patriotic [09-11-1999]

I love the bsb I could die for them !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Raven Symone', 9 I love the bsb thats all I can say! [09-11-1999]

Mada Lewis, 43 from Pa. [09-11-1999]

I'm taking this tour for my college history class and we have to express our feelings on the debate over whether or not Besty made the American flag or not!!
Paige Tyler, Utah, 25 [09-11-1999]

I'm doing a report on Besty Ross
Carly Severson [09-11-1999]

I am reviewing this site as part of a history class I am taking @ Weber State University.
michelle stagg, 34 yr old student/mother [09-11-1999]

I am happy to pass along the honor of the American Flag to my grandson. At 3years old, he saluted the flag. This site will be great for him this year. Thanks.
Ellen Chapman, 55 [09-11-1999]

patricia d. busby [09-10-1999]

Thanx for making this web-page. It really helped me with my school asignment!
Betsy, 12 [09-10-1999]

Elizabeth Townsend [09-10-1999]

Krystal Harwood [09-10-1999]

That lady sure knew how to sew!!
Jamie Baldwin, 26, male from Long Beach, CA [09-10-1999]

james gawryleski, Pulaski,Wi 55 M two children one grand child [09-10-1999]

This house was truly a historic place. I found it very interesting. Keep up the good work.
Brittney Shankles [09-10-1999]

Visited in '92 coming back January 2000
elisha, 16yrs old. live in Melbourne, Australia. [09-10-1999]

Wanting to learn about U.S History.
mary ann t. mercado, 32 yr.old nurse and homemaker [09-10-1999]

Suzy Busch, Kansas,teacher [09-10-1999]

The 13 origonal colinies rule!
Laura Fehlbaum, 11 [09-10-1999]

thank you betsy. you set the standard for therest of us
Stephen D. Black, State College PA, age 46 [09-10-1999]

Susan Solinsky-Ort, Ross,CA 94957 ..... [09-08-1999]

Liza Panganiban, Michigan [09-08-1999]

lyn, texas,32 [09-08-1999]

i was asked to do a paper in english. i couldn't think of anything i would rather do a paper on than Betsy Ross and the American Flag.
brenda sanford, hot springs ar 44 years old going back to college [09-08-1999]

monica bowden, utah [09-08-1999]

Laura Cates, I"m a 36 year old homemaker [09-08-1999]

Im looking information for my students were are studying about your state
alicia argomedo, Cd. Victoria, Mexico [09-08-1999]

Thank you for adding to my child's adventure in learning!
Monica O'Hara, Homeschool mother [09-07-1999]

Mrs. Delatte's third grade class, charleston, SC [09-07-1999]

Mrs. Goodnight's Class [09-07-1999]

Lisa Layton [09-07-1999]

Here you go!
anonymous [09-07-1999]

I have already taken the tour and I love it!!! Please send me any more info about Betsy Ross and when this web site will be updated!!! Thanks Kristi
Kristi Danields, I'm 14 years old [09-07-1999]

i would like to take a tour of your house thank you
ashley burton, oklahoma, 13 [09-07-1999]

Adam Austin, no [09-07-1999]

Mrs. VaNNIER'S CLASS, third grade [09-07-1999]

Grew up in NJ and visited Philly on numerous occasions... Beautiful city
Diana Neira, Miami, FL, 48 yo, State Investigator w/Pari-Mutuel Wagering [09-07-1999]

Kelley Murray, Looking stuff up for my sister on the american flag! [09-06-1999]

Susan Whittemore, Cantwell, Alaska [09-06-1999]

bsb1123_99 [09-06-1999]

alexandra havird [09-06-1999]

Tara [09-06-1999]

I am studying Betsy Ross in Kindergarten
Cameran Llewellyn, 5 yrs. old [09-06-1999]

Dian Barger, Vandergrift, PA Age 42 Historical /misc. freelance writer [09-06-1999]

Cari, scout leader [09-06-1999]

Matthew, Boise Id [09-06-1999]

Was in Philadelphia in 1969, really enjoyed it and would like for my best friend and husband to see and enjoy it with me.
Ann McKee, Lenoir City, Tn., 49 yrs. old, married, 3 kids, 2 grandkids, [09-06-1999]

she waz smarter than george washtington
krista, 13, skateboarder, this is for a school project, her life waz instresting i guess [09-06-1999]

Allen Hill, I am 42 years old and I live in Burley, Idaho [09-06-1999]

james whitehair, a teacher at Buckhannon High School Buckhannon, wv. [09-06-1999]

Thankyou for helping to preserve our history. This site should be mandatory reading for all school children.
William C. Einkorn, Gaylord, Michigan 47 yrs old [09-06-1999]

Mandy Poland [09-06-1999]

I am homeschooling my daughter this year.I am continually appalled at the lack of history being taught in our local school system. I feel that it is very important to know who and where we come from as a society and human beings in general to know where we are headed. Anyway, I logged on searching for some information for my daughter's lessons and was very pleasantly surprised at how informative this site is. Keep up the good work. There is quite a bit of information here that I was glad to discover for myself as well as my daughter. Thank you.
Cori Kramer, 26 years old, history buff, mother [09-06-1999]

My grandson asked me today what the strips on the flag stand for. and what the colors of the flag represent. I told him I wasn't sure, but I would look it up. That is why I am here! Thank you!
Sheila K. Rearden, I live in Indiana [09-06-1999]

My fiance and I are going to Philadelphia on 9/8. While he's in a conference for thee days, I will be in ecstasy, seeing as many hitorical sights as possible! Ol' Betsy certainly lived a full life! For a "Quaker" to marry in a tavern...
Beverly, Cheynne is my Abby, I'm in SoCal. and a hisory buff [09-06-1999]

Pamela Hill, Artist from NJ, 35 yrs old - lived in Philadelphia in the 80's [09-06-1999]

Joyce, Homeschool mom of three [09-06-1999]

I will bring my class to your virtual tour as it would be very interesting and fun for them to see the stories they read about in their history book have land marks to bring history alive.
Cathy Funkhouser, I am a fith grade teacher who teaches American history and was looking for information. I live in Idaho. [09-06-1999]

Chrissy Coughlin, Mendota, IL age 12 [09-06-1999]

Razzle Brill, my favorit color is black [09-06-1999]

Amy Watson, 23 Years Old, Alabama Resident [09-06-1999]

Marlene Harbin [09-06-1999]

francine, bridgeport connecticut age 45 antique collector and doll and i love the civil war [09-06-1999]

Thank you for helping History be known,US,PR,north,east,south and west of the globe.
Jorge Isaac Martinez, Born & raised in Puerto Rico . 44yrs. old Ocean & sea lover. [09-06-1999]

Valeri Hamblin, I live in Utah, I am 21, and I have a 1 1/2 yr old son [09-06-1999]

Mrs. Shafeei, student secondary education social studies [09-06-1999]

This summer the American Legion and myself started an avenue of flags in Elkins,W.V. it is an inspiration to see the Flags displayed on all National Holidays. Thanks for the site.
Alfred C. Varner, Elkins,W.V. [09-06-1999]

john doe, age 20 [09-06-1999]

Robert W. Moody, Jr., Long Island, New York, age 30 [09-03-1999]

This is a wonderful site! Just what I needed to teach our daughter about the American Flag and the woman who made it. I find her life and her loyality to be inspiring. Thank you for making this web site available. In The Grip Of Gods grace~Donna
Donna Thomas, I am from Florida, And I Home School. [09-03-1999]

Live Oak Lower [09-03-1999]

Colleen Costagliola, Colonel Richardson High School teacher [09-03-1999]

Thank you for letting us visit your site.
Mrs. Beringer's 2nd Class, nc, [09-03-1999]

I teach American history and I am interested in facts concerning Betsy Ross.
Lillie Hebert, 4/5 grade teacher in Chula Vista, Ca. [09-03-1999]

This is a site I just stumbled across when looking for a picture of an old flag. So far I love it! Can't wait to tour her house and then learn to cut a 5 point star!!!
Ann Gudzan, Central Point, OR; I'm crazy about the Red White & Blue [09-03-1999]

Deb McCarthy, Illinois [09-03-1999]

Our professor, Dr. Duplass, told us what a great site this is and that we should keep it in mind for our future classes!
Bethany Hill Anderson, graduate student in Social Science Education at University of South Florida [09-03-1999]

Sandra Rondo, 51 year old female [09-03-1999]

Sandra Kahsnitz, Frankfurt (Germany), 27 years old [09-03-1999]

luesa, teacher in florida [09-03-1999]

Billie Rugland, Zapata, Texas [09-03-1999]

I'm doing a report for my 6th grade social studies report
Jessica Bailey, 11 years old in the 6th grade [09-03-1999]

Rene Clarke, Retired U.S. History teacher- Warrensburg, N.Y. [09-03-1999]

Nancy Ross Kleynen, Massachusetts age 51 [09-03-1999]

Mrs. Kaiser's Second Grade Class, Lake Norman Elementary: Mooresville, NC 28117 [09-03-1999]

Bonni-jean Asbjornson, Massachusetts resident [09-03-1999]

Homeschooling my children and studying about Betty Ross and the beautiful flag she made.
Alicia Morlote, Florida,35 [09-03-1999]

Joanna, 15 years old, CT [08-30-1999]

Nicole, 24 [08-30-1999]

Maria, Georgia [08-30-1999]

can you send me some info on the american flag
larry stike, myrtle beach s.c. 14years old [08-30-1999]

billy jo [08-30-1999]

I liked your home page
Britney Lewis, Bardstown,Ky im 14 play soccer [08-30-1999]

brain, 13 [08-30-1999]

I am doing this for a report at Old Kentucky Home Middle School.
Sara Backhaus, I'm 13 years old, I live in New Haven, Ky, I like to party, and have many friends. [08-30-1999]

Edward N. Casey, Resident of Port St. Lucie, FL [08-30-1999]

I found this site very interesting. In grade school I did a picture for a contest of Betsy Ross. It is a fond memory for me. I'm glad I came across this page. Thank You.
shandel turner, 33yrs.old ,Mobile,AL, I'm a stay at home mom [08-30-1999]

Sandra Poos, St. Jacob, Illinois age- 52 [08-30-1999]

Vicky, Saginaw Michigan [08-30-1999]

Jan McCaghren, Calgary, Alberta, Canada [08-30-1999]

Jennifer Mendenhall, from AZ [08-30-1999]

Dawn Young [08-30-1999]

Mary Wells [08-30-1999]

We would love to visit Philidelphia in person some day.
Leiola Demello, Kaneohe, hawaii [08-30-1999]

Rachel Mckibben, Mom [08-30-1999]

We have in our posession one of the prints # 5591 presented to my Great Grandfather George W. Moore with an official stamp. Per family history, Geroge W. Moore did the electrical work to restore the house. Is any other history available on this?
Jon C Moore - Ohiopyle, PA, Age 36 [08-30-1999]

I'm researching The American flag for a Cub Scout project. I have to do a presentation in Scouts in two weeks.
Eric West, I'm a Cub Scout, 9 years old, and live in Georgia. [08-30-1999]

Earlene Newby [08-30-1999]

I hope to visit the Betsy Ross House when I come to Philadelphia next month to visit my daughter who is going to attend Reading Area Community College. My last trip East was in 1979 when I was pregnant with her! I walked around Chicago and St. Joe Michigan while 7 months pregnant. This time, she can walk around beside me instead of in front of me!!
Sandy Rech, Live in David City, Nebraska; 46 yrs old, married [08-30-1999]

Theresa Brennan, teacher in Omaha, NE [08-30-1999]

I can't wait to take the tour!!!!!!
Sam Henry, Tulsa Oklahoma age 9 male [08-30-1999]

Patricia Williams, Philadelphia PA [08-30-1999]

Natasha Westfall, Salinas, CAlf. age 11 6th grade [08-30-1999]

make your web site easier to find thank you!
mistee veney, west oak lane community [08-30-1999]

Just finding facts about the flag for my third graders and suggesting this site as an online homework project.
Mia Belcher, Kentucky / elementary teacher [08-30-1999]

Maria Castro, age: 13 [08-30-1999]

Just visited Washington, DC, and saw the Francis Scott Key flag. Now I want to learn more about Betsy Ross from those who must know her best...and so here I am.
Jane Estep, Charlotte, NC [08-30-1999]

Dan and Dor Weil and family [08-30-1999]

My mother is a Ross, and I believe we are related to Betsy Ross (through marriage), though I am still working on the exact geneology.
Scott F. Marsh, Mt Zion, IL [08-25-1999]

Naomi & mom, age 5 [08-25-1999]

Cool Site!
Katie, 12 [08-25-1999]

Virginia Planellas [08-25-1999]

Jesus is lord!
Takkeem Morgan, I work for the american redcross. [08-25-1999]

Peter Müller-Ross [08-25-1999]

betsy ross was basically a role modle for me &a few others.
natalie christine monzeglio, age-10 [08-25-1999]

Melanie, Plantation [08-25-1999]

Mary Glowacki, work for state of Florida [08-25-1999]

Mary, vt [08-25-1999]

Little Flower School Faculty, Cincinnati,OH [08-25-1999]

katzgrand [08-25-1999]

Kathleen Rollins [08-25-1999]

Bill Scott, Grade school in Illinois [08-25-1999]

Lisa A. Daymon [08-22-1999]

reading a lot of history in education in pennsylvania and philadelphia. I am feeling we have forgotten what these people have done for us; how we are going down instead of forward; learning from the past; we are still making the same mistakes; bigger mistakes; leaving values and morals behind; children in inner city philadelphia, a crime in itself; what would Betsy, Benjamin, and William say today of these days in philadelphia
Cecelia Nagelecor, age 46 [08-22-1999]

denise vasilev, palmdale, ca [08-22-1999]

I homeschool my 6 and 8 year old
Marian Armstrong, Livingston, MT, 52 [08-22-1999]

C Sherman [08-22-1999]

I'm on etour
Joyce McWilliams, age 49, Texas [08-22-1999]

i am planning on visiting philadelphia in the near future
pat degraff, upstate new york [08-22-1999]

Jane Clymer, Broken Arrow, Ok. USA I'm 62 and a history buff [08-22-1999]

Mary, Florida [08-22-1999]

I am reallllly glad I found this page..I used to LOVE to go to th eBetsy Ross House among all the other wonderful and interesting sites of Philly. Thanks fo rhaving this page up.
Pete J. Vartanian, formerly form Collingswood NJ now in Jax Florida [08-22-1999]

I am a homeschooling mom exploring the internet for the first time. Can't wait to see what this is like. Thanks!
Mrs. Cindy Fonda [08-22-1999]

Caitlin Gifford, I'm 11 years old and I'm studying Betsy Ross. [08-22-1999]

kendall, 6 years old [08-22-1999]

Jean Smeltzer, Westville,In. I am an adult [08-19-1999]

We recently visited Phila. but got to the house after it had closed for the day. The virtual tour was a great alternative. Thanks. Now is there a way we could find out what we missed at the gift shop. We were hoping to buy some souveniers.
Deborah Lee [08-19-1999]

Looking for sites for elementary students studying the core democratic values
Sharon Shirley, media specialist in an elementary school [08-19-1999]

Barbara Leigh, Littleton Colorado [08-19-1999]

Mrs Graziano, Quakertown PA [08-19-1999]

Looking for a pin (to wear) of Betsy Ross with flag and George Washington looking on...
Mary Haines [08-19-1999]

Pandora Little, 10 yrs. [08-18-1999]

Ivey Menzietti-Ellis, I live in Maine, am 38 years old, teach special education, I am a female, and have an intersest in history on the web [08-18-1999]

This week we are learning about the US flag and Betsy Ross
Elizabeth Camp, I am 5 yrs old & doing homeschool kindergarten. [08-18-1999]

LeGene Firestone [08-18-1999]

Holden, 10 years old [08-18-1999]

I've been to Betsy Ross' House many years ago, just want to revisit
C.A. Link, Native Philadelphian [08-18-1999]

james cameron, ny,ny 49 [08-18-1999]

donnie kruscavage, 8 years old. I live in Martinez Ga. [08-18-1999]

Al Cormack, an interested Canadian [08-18-1999]

Linda Leister, Merck & Co. , West Point, PA [08-16-1999]

Kevin Murphy, 44, Indiana [08-16-1999]

Found your site through e-tours web paging, learned something and looking forward to seeing Ross house.
Nancy Newcomb, Atascadero, Calif. 40 years old, Psychiatric Technician [08-16-1999]

Benda & John stewart, live in VA ,Brenda NH & John from Scotland [08-16-1999]

How nice to provide this service.
Marcella Kendrick [08-16-1999]

sarah, ohio 36 yrs old [08-16-1999]

G Nobles, Little Rock AR 47 [08-16-1999]

i love american flag and american people, i wish to win my greencard for go to your country and be happy forever.
vega sandra, 27 year old , argentine, [08-16-1999]

Good information for my third grade class!
Priscilla Gooch, 3rd Grade Teacher [08-16-1999]

We have visited the house last summer and found it to be quite interesting. It has been preserved well.
Hunt Family, from St. Louis, Mo. [08-16-1999]

In 1976, My husband, three children & I visited Betsy Ross' house, when we took a 'Spirit of '76' tour of Eastern USA. It was one of the highlights, seeing the very place where this woman sat to sew the first Flag of the United States of America. I still get goose-bumps recalling this experience!
carol panagos, My family has lived in Chicago, where I now reside, since 1842. Prior to that, they came from Virginia, where they live since the early 1700's. [08-13-1999]

My mother is 87 years old and just gave me her certifcate that she had since she was a very little girl from the American Flag Houe and Betsy Ross Memorial Association. I was anxious to know about it and found it on this site. Even though it isn't worth anything (in dollars) it's priceless to me. I just framed it. Is her name on a plack at the house with the other names that gave, or is it somewhere else? Thank you very much, Wadeanne
Wadeanne Nardo, West virginia [08-13-1999]

Tina Ross, Audubon, PA [08-13-1999]

Pearl Miller-Hoffman [08-13-1999]

Elizabeth A. Hill, Wenonah, New Jersey [08-12-1999]

Shelia Schneider, Whiteman AFB, MO [08-12-1999]

thank you for the tour. i will return to site to continue tour.
al whitten, from: green bay, wi. 44 yrs old [08-12-1999]

Shanda Wise, Lake Worth, Fl 51yrs of age [08-12-1999]

We need to honor the contributions women have made throughout the history of the United States.
John Thomas, California [08-12-1999]

Jeanie Zimmerman [08-12-1999]

Sounds like an interesting site.
Ellen, ohio [08-12-1999]

Paige Halley, dishwasher [08-12-1999]

I am not able to travel to Philadelphia but am very interested in your website-I think it is wonderful to be able to explore history in this way. Thank-you!
Mrs Dolores Cipolone, age 63 Brooklawn NJ 08030 [08-12-1999]

I love the American Flag. It is the greatest symbol on the face of the earth. Thank You
Chris Hall [08-12-1999]

Amanda Beaton [08-12-1999]

Bob MacDonald, I live in Idaho, Age 43, and I love history [08-12-1999]

Just looking around and found this very interesting site. Like history.
Darryld, retired Coast Guard Chief Petty Officer [08-12-1999]

Mary Marquart, Philadelphia local 38 years old [08-12-1999]

Impressive site. Vane Scott put me on the trail of the "one cut five point star".
Dennis Carter, Xenia, Ohio 46 [08-10-1999]

Cindy Shafer, I am a 5th grade teacher in Rio Rancho, N.M. [08-10-1999]

jill adams, pa. 49 teacher [08-10-1999]

Dr. Donald J. Buttenbusch, Philadelphia, PA , age 57, devastatingly handsome [08-10-1999]

B Campbell, Sheffield Pa [08-10-1999]

I will be visiting Philadephia the week of August 16 and will be sure and see the Betsty Ross house.
Kathy Marcott, Milledgeville, GA [08-10-1999]

Sonya Franks [08-10-1999]

Megan, I live in alabama I an 10 years old I am studing her and the flag so here I am [08-10-1999]

Karla McAuliffe, Liberty MO. [08-10-1999]

Mike & Melanie McClendon, Chicago [08-10-1999]

Sharon Burke, Michigan [08-09-1999]

our town has a lot of history, you would have to check it out to know. george p. hay was born here, the grand ole opry was concieved here wabash erie canal came through here etc,etc,etc. check us out.
jim & janice la foe, jim(55) janice(51) we live here at 810 s. mc donald st. attica, in. 47918-1612 both work and are looking forward to our retirement if it's gods will [08-08-1999]

History assingment
Laurie Goodell, Ogden, Ut. 29 [08-08-1999]

Manuel Arias [08-08-1999]

Élise Fradellin [08-08-1999]

cindy, 30 years old [08-08-1999]

I am related to Besey Ross's sister.
Boone White, age 69, live in Oregon [08-08-1999]

Melissa Baus, Bloomsburg, Pa 21 yrs [08-08-1999]

Christina T., Age 9, N.J. [08-08-1999]

Becky Humphries [08-08-1999]

I hope to be able to visit before our Christmas house tour in December. I enjoyed your site very much.
Alinda Fells, Culpeper VA [08-06-1999]

Carissa H., 9 yrs. old [08-06-1999]

Kerry Powell, 27yrs, USAF SSgt, Stationed at Langley AFB Va [08-06-1999]

Cool site. Thank you for the information!
Erika Jucewicz, Elementary school teacher [08-06-1999]

I have read a book about Betsy Ross and I am learning about her life. I was excited to know I could visit her house on the internet.
Caleb Smith, Hopedale, Illinois, age 13 [08-06-1999]

Dawn W. Heinz, Newark, DE, 33, married, 2 children [08-06-1999]

Jim Chapman, Cedar Hill, TX [08-06-1999]

this is great!
Lacey, am 13 [08-06-1999]

Audrey Blackman, Columbus, IN USA [08-06-1999]

it was fun to find this site.
Lyndsey voss, 8 years old, White Bear Lake, Minnesota [08-06-1999]

I'm taking an Internet Exploration Class and I'm searching for good sites to bring my students to in the fall!
Cathy Figuccio, 2nd grade teacher in Floral Park, New York [08-06-1999]

Looking for good sites to share with my students in the fall. This is great!
Melissa, from Michigan, 5th grade teacher [08-06-1999]

I am an African American and Puerto Rican mixed femle who doesn't judge people because of race or religion.
Nikki R. [08-05-1999]

Jacquelin, Lisa, Katie Smith, Twins 5.5 years; 4 years; Worden IL USA [08-05-1999]

I visited the Betsy Ross house in person in 1983 and it was fun going back to refresh my memory Thank you
Bonnie, Southern California [08-05-1999]

Your website was very interesting!
Nancy McBride, Loveland, Colorado [08-04-1999]

L.S. Shanks, teacher in Colorado [08-04-1999]

Roxanne Morris, Clarksville, TN [08-04-1999]

jackie payne, Lavonia, GA 41 years old [08-04-1999]

Coming to Philadelphia in Sept 99 and looking forward to seeing it all in person!
Julie, Liverpool, England [08-04-1999]

Patti, teacher in San Antonio [08-04-1999]

Joseph Sydow, South Carolina, 19 years old [08-04-1999]

Elaine Lovell [08-03-1999]

Cindi DeNatale, Fairfield, CT, mother of an 8 year old son who loves Betsy Ross and the American Flag! [08-03-1999]

I am a tour operator and am planning on bringing a motorcoach tour to see her in early Sept.
Donna Callahan, Iron River, WI Age 53 [08-03-1999]

Jerilyn Phillips and Kirk Phillips, W. Des Moines, IA age 9 and 6, respectively [08-03-1999]

I visited the besty Ross house in person and really liked it.
Tom W, Philly Area [08-03-1999]

Chris Gifford [08-03-1999]

Lynne Bossi, Student [08-03-1999]

Sandra Morse, Umass Boston American Studies Student [08-03-1999]

Delca Kaster, I was born on June 14th 1974 "Flag Day" [08-02-1999]

I am related to Betsy Ross.
Lauren Ross Stewart, cincinnati ohio [08-02-1999]

Kathy Campion, Teacher in PA [08-02-1999]

Ainslie Schneckenburger, Houston, Texas [08-02-1999]

I am doing a Project on historical Philadelphia
Chris Costenbader, Paulsboro, NJ 17 years old, male [08-02-1999]

Great job. Sam
Sam, New Jersey, 65 and still working [08-02-1999]

Deanna, Nebraska age 33 [08-02-1999]

Visited in person some years ago. Great way to refresh your memories.
Pat Eressy, Worcester, MA 62 [08-02-1999]

I'm looking forward to my students learning about our flag by using these lessons. Thank you for offering it!!!!
Carol Howell, 5th grade teacher [08-01-1999]

patricia nadiak, spencerport ny on the erie canal [08-01-1999]

Adam Joplin [08-01-1999]

Just got on the internet. This is very interesting what I am finding. Thank you for taking time to do this for people. I never would have gone to the Library to read this information.
Dodie [08-01-1999]

Gary Gentile, age 65, Waldorf,MD [08-01-1999]

My family and I will be visiting in person today, we check the internet to see if you would open. Great Web Site!
Bill McCloskey, Philadelphia [08-01-1999]

Tdansereau [08-01-1999]

Judy Ann Mackintosh, I'm new at computeing, [08-01-1999]

d alln [08-01-1999]

Amy Scott, Little Rock, age 26, preschool teacher [07-31-1999]

LuAnn Fries, Newfield,NJ 45-Artist-love americana [07-31-1999]

Vickie Stanton, age 42,history student from Tennessee -Go Vols! [07-31-1999]

Barbara B. Case, Over 70, Bettendorf, IOwa [07-30-1999]

When I was growing up, we were taught to honor the flag and the men and women that gave their lives so that we could live in a country that was free. I still get goose bumps when the flag goes by in a parade, and not ashamed to admit it!!!!
Wilma Jean Snider, age:67-----Texas [07-30-1999]

I believe that I am a distant relative of Elizabeth Meuise (spelling may not be correct) who was Betsy's cousin. I am searching for information about Betsy Ross' family tree. I believe that Elizabeth Meuise sewed for the Queen of England.
Elizabeth Ehrman, Colorado native 75 years old [07-30-1999]

This is a great site. I have been in the Historical District a few times and really enjoyed it.
Joseph P. Sullivan, McHenry, Illinois; 61; History buff [07-30-1999]

Beverly Greene [07-30-1999]

lisa Twiford [07-30-1999]

April, 18 [07-30-1999]

When I was in elementary school we took a field trip to Betsy Ross' House. I still remember visiting and loving her home. I used to be called Betsy Ross since my name was Betsy Rosenthal.
Betsy Rosenthal Mennona, 33, I used to live in Philadelphia [07-30-1999]

Hi! I am a teacher using some summer time to check out interesting sites to use with my students. Yours will appeal to them very much. Linda
Linda Ney [07-30-1999]

Timothy L. Klunk, 37 [07-30-1999]

I will be going to the Betsy Ross House in early August and I can't wait!!!!!
gabbie bono, age 7 [07-29-1999]

Due to illness, my mobility is limited. This is a great way for me to be able to go on a historic tour. Thank You !!
Mrs. J Daves, Green,OH / age51/ [07-29-1999]

Donald Hastings, Baltimore, MD [07-29-1999]

Brenda, stevens point, WI [07-29-1999]

Reviewing site for my class to visit in Sept
Joan Nedostup, teacher of grade 3 in NJ [07-28-1999]

Helen Pernicone, Grade 5 teacher looking for exciting sites to share with students. [07-28-1999]

Sally Parish, 5th grade teacher in Comfort, Texas [07-28-1999]

Jacquelyn Alstop, dc [07-28-1999]

jennifer mitchell [07-28-1999]

Hi I am finally getting around to visiting some of the historical sights.
yvonne gragston, Moved into Philadelphia about a year ago. Age 47 [07-28-1999]

Sherry Deason, St. Charles, [07-28-1999]

karen Taylor, 49 yrs. old Louisville, Ky. [07-27-1999]

waldrop, d [07-27-1999]

Lauren Wilson, I am 6, and I am a homeschooler from Montana, and I am studying the American Revolution. [07-27-1999]

This was a wonderful, tour! Thank you so Much.
Kathryn F. Wright, Fordyce, Arkansas [07-27-1999]

Allison, 8 yrs old, Perkiomenville, PA [07-27-1999]

This is a wonderful sight that I will share with my students in the fall. When I was in 4th grade I did a project on Betsy Ross. I wish I had this resource!!
Mrs. Smith, Elementary Education Teacher [07-27-1999]

Lynda Nichols, I teach 8th grade history and language arts [07-27-1999]

Bill Coate, 46 Male, Computer tech, Southern Ca. [07-27-1999]

Robby Zagoudis, Palatine,IL [07-26-1999]

I love to tour houses of people I know and have read about for years.
Phyllis Damborg, Anson, Me 71 yrs of age Love History [07-26-1999]

We are coming to visit Philadelphia in a few weeks and hope to see the Betsy Ross house!
Gemma Hale, 14 years old British. [07-26-1999]

Adam Gay, Marietta, GA - Age 11 [07-26-1999]

Ann Huff, Ohio,57,teacher [07-26-1999]

I am very exited to take this tour of this persons home! Thanx 4 making things possible!!!!!!!!
Sarah Norman, California, age 14, purple nails!!! :) [07-26-1999]

Loretta Lipsey [07-25-1999]

I am making a link to this site from my class web page.
Joyce Martinelli, Third grade teacher at Washington Oak School in Coventry. [07-25-1999]

I sent this to my sister,because she always has wanted to go on a tour of Besty Ross's house.
Rachel, I'm 11 [07-25-1999]

dave, eatontown nj. [07-23-1999]

A wonderful site!
Elaine, San Diego, California [07-23-1999]

Sue Buth [07-23-1999]

kmgreene [07-23-1999]

I like flags of all type.
Luther Price, Kennesaw Ga. [07-23-1999]

R. Bowman [07-23-1999]

Leesa Scheuchl, California-U.S. History teacher [07-23-1999]

john lee, Fairmont, WV [07-22-1999]

debbie Jones [07-22-1999]

Stephanie Mitchell, 12 Laurel Maryland [07-22-1999]

Town Parade this Sat., and I am betsy ross on parade float
Rona M Pearce, 69 yr old secretary Rochester (Chili) Historical Society [07-21-1999]

Mary C. Karim, Garden Grove, California [07-21-1999]

judie kenagy, Reedsport, Oregon [07-21-1999]

I am coming to visit your house in person on July 24th, l999
Anthony, I am eight [07-21-1999]

Bonnie Petty [07-21-1999]

maybe I'll visit sometime
joanne, very old [07-20-1999]

Bruno Aguiar, Portuguese [07-20-1999]

In a tribute to our country on July 4 I portrayed Betsy Ross in a pageant at our church. It was very interesting, although some of the facts don't add up. In our play, Betsy's husband supposedly was killed in battle before she was approached by George Washington about making the flag. Anyway, it was fun.
Donna R. Marine, I live in Spring Hill, FL, am 60 yeas old. [07-20-1999]

Sharon Koopman, Portland, Oregon [07-20-1999]

I have been to the Betsy Ross years ago and now I can visit at my leisure. Thanks.
Roxanne Jones, Baby boomer from San Diego CA [07-20-1999]

Janet Malinowski [07-20-1999]

Jennifer Araten, 22 [07-20-1999]

Judy Paris [07-20-1999]

Hi how's it going there?
Samantha, I'm me [07-20-1999]

Becky J Rizun, 31 yrs, Massachusetts [07-20-1999]

Rachel Maeser, age 5 [07-20-1999]

This site is great, keep up the good work!!
Alice Reybitz, 38 yrs. old from York, PA an area steeped in American tradition [07-20-1999]

Ann Graham, Lawrenceville, Georgia Special Education Teacher [07-20-1999]

beautiful & so informative. thank you. it has been put into my 'favorite' site for future use.
nancy, florida, retired [07-19-1999]

blue, sc,31 marine [07-19-1999]

I have to visit that house someday :-)
Stefan Engh, I'm 26 years old and I come from Ljusdal, Sweden. [07-19-1999]

Ann Spear, teacher, Homestead, Fla [07-19-1999]

Josh Nelson, From FL, age 12 [07-19-1999]

I introduce myself as Nancy as the name sounds familiar to Americans. I came a couple of months ago, and found myself at home. I always knew it would be like this. I'm happy. I look forward to study history of the country I consider to be mine. Take me to the tour and tell me as much as possible. I thank you, and I thank the Lord who brought me here...
Manana Nancy Kvlividze, Location: Carrollton, GA. Age: today's my birthday, I'm 45. My son George will be 20 very soon. My husband and George and I - we are a really very happy family... [07-19-1999]

Dana Benton, Odessa, TX, 34 Accountant [07-19-1999]

marilyn langenburg, wolverine, mi age 50 [07-18-1999]

George Kahl, Onekama Michigan age 51 [07-18-1999]

My daughter and I are planning our first visit to Philadelphia in March 2000 and the Betsy Ross house is on our itinerary.
Lucy Estep [07-18-1999]

Denise Foggo, Cranston, RI [07-18-1999]

I have been to Betsy Ross's house before but that was back in 1960. I'm glad your are here for me to see it again.
John M. Tannehill, Oviedo, Florida [07-18-1999]

Mary Ann Geracie [07-18-1999]

David L. Claypool [07-18-1999]

Just looking for house style.
Ramon F. Briones, Philippines, 35 yrs. old [07-18-1999]

Had an opportunity to visit the Betsy Ross house last month. Wonderful experience. Very inspiring!!!
Tom Rowley, 48 years old--Resident of California [07-18-1999]

enter this site because i am trying to gather little tibbits of information for my informative speech for class. i am doing my speech on touring historical philadelphia.
Lorraine, pennsylvania, age 38 [07-16-1999]

i'm ready to see betsy's house
torrie, ocontofalls 10 [07-16-1999]

Marva Lea Sharon, Iowa 61 [07-16-1999]

Melissa K. Ross, Cincinnati, OH age 35 [07-16-1999]

Glad to know you have this site!
Ken Malamud, Hayward, CA [07-16-1999]

Raymond Senez [07-16-1999]

You are wonderful may God bless and give you His peace.
Kathy Clark, Portland Ore [07-16-1999]

Looking forward to the visit!
S Miner, Librarian from MI [07-16-1999]

great page,enjoyed the detailed information on mrs. ross, and i found it very interesting to read and look at.
robin keeney, i live in southeastern kentucky. [07-16-1999]

Bringing our travel club to visit in September. See you then.
Pat Bedair, Sr. V.P. Arp State Bank, Arp, TX [07-16-1999]

Lisa Oprysk/Marianne Caesar, 34, Phila./ 9, Lancaster [07-16-1999]

Eileen ALbright [07-16-1999]

You are wonderful may God bless and give you His peace.
Kathy Clark, Portland Ore [07-15-1999]

lucinda blackburn [07-15-1999]

Michael Houser, centralia Il 43 [07-15-1999]

I very much injoy this sit
Jason Barker, charlotte, NC age, 23, [07-15-1999]

Robyn Wheeler, 27, Amarillo,Texas [07-15-1999]

I am very patriotic & love to hear & sing all the wonderful songs about America.
Nancy Jeane Schwendig, I enjoy the history of our great country. [07-15-1999]

Thank you for such a nice display & for honoring to flag of the USA
Wm Gunderson, Las Vegas>60 years old [07-15-1999]

Nancy J. Krablin, West Grove, Pa.- 52- advised as virtual field trip [07-15-1999]

Sharon Hanna, 54 yrs old, love history [07-15-1999]

I love this site. Thanks for all the information.
Apryl Healy, Savannah GA 29yrs. old [07-15-1999]

I find this site very interesting and still learning alot. Never to old to learn new things.
Ginny, PA. age 39 [07-13-1999]

Special thanks for making this available to enjoy!
Cheryl Labor, Middle age, Southern state [07-13-1999]

Wade Marshall, San Antonio, TX [07-13-1999]

betty denney, al [07-13-1999]

I live in Long Beach,CA. I work for the Boeing AirCraft Company. I also have a certificate in Antique Appraising. I am trying to find out what type of education would be required to work in the field of Historic Preservation specializing in Old House Interiors. That is how I stumbled on tis Web site. I happen to love the Betsy Ross house and always have from the first time I saw it as a child on a school field trip.
Peggie Dolan [07-13-1999]

Barbara Pinckney, South Carolina, 43 years old [07-12-1999]

Tena Fasouletos, 19, Female [07-12-1999]

We were just on vacation in Philadelphia and had the pleasure of visiting the Betsy Ross House site. Wonderful piece of history
Dalton Family [07-12-1999]

lynda jordan, apple valley, minnesota, age 34 don't have a e mail address yet only 2nd time on internet at work. [07-12-1999]

Kara Wixwat [07-12-1999]

Collee clase, Fort Walton Beach, Florida [07-11-1999]

Janet Card, Virginia(born and raised) 47yrs. hairdresser [07-11-1999]

Ronald Aldridge, Tracy,Ca. 42years old Truck Driver [07-11-1999]

Wilson [07-11-1999]

dayzd [07-11-1999]

I have always been fascinated with Betsy Ross. We Americans owe her a great deal of honor for the diligence of her patriotic contribution to the USA. She has always been one of my most influential figures of American History. May the Legend of Betsy Ross Live on Forever!!!
Amanda Jane Pratt, From Montgomery, Louisiana USA [07-11-1999]

Thanks for making this virtual tour available!
Sharon Warner, Mansfield, Tx./age:47/husband:Vane/children:Amy-daughter & Jason(Amy's husband) and son- Adam [07-11-1999]

Josephine Winslow, Norfolk , Va [07-11-1999]

Naturalized United States Citizen from Great Britain. GI War Bride married U.S. Sailor 1945. Proud to be an American and fly the Stars and Stripes in front of my house every holiday and on all special days.
Marguerite Morris Riley, Age 75 years. Dunedin, Florida Florida resident since 1946. [07-11-1999]

Alissa Sanzone, nj,7 [07-11-1999]

elizabeth m. taylor, teacher of history 34 yrs Middle Tn [07-10-1999]

I think this is a cool site.
alissa keith, bellville,oh age 10 [07-10-1999]

I have a faint interest in American History, as long as I don't have to do the research. I'm sure I'll enjoy this tour.
Florence Baxter-Parker, Macy,Nebraska-54 years-Native American [07-10-1999]

Ginger Conklin, 28 Female in Tennessee [07-10-1999]

A good way to get my grandchildren educated on the meaning of the flag
Larry Jones, 57 year old from central Ohio [07-10-1999]

I've always wanted to see this place. Now we can see all kinds of places. It's great to be an American.
Gail McCance, Jacksonville, Florida [07-10-1999]

Linda Schall, Zelienople, Pa. 44 years [07-10-1999]

Sheila Allen, 45 year old female who lives in Bellevue, MI [07-10-1999]

britka, old houses and history [07-10-1999]

Joe Roper [07-10-1999]

Linda Asmussen, Blair Nebraska [07-10-1999]

A very informative and educational website, thank you so much I really enjoyed it.
Pamela Lankarani, Crestline, CA [07-10-1999]

karan [07-10-1999]

Linda Thyarks, Maine [07-10-1999]

Carol Culmo, East Haven , Connecticut [07-10-1999]

Marlene & Dwight Shultz [07-10-1999]

jan shakofsky, teacher [07-10-1999]

Nancy Trammell, Norman,OK [07-10-1999]

I wish that I can visit America
Amjad I. Hussein, Age: 26 , Feild: Science , Address :Pharmacy College / An-Najah National University / Nablus / West-Bank / Palestine [07-10-1999]

Carol McKim, Newport, Oregon [07-10-1999]

Mary Sue Bottstein [07-10-1999]

Melissa Hastings, 18 and living in Oregon [07-10-1999]

John J. Sheridan, Retired Marine Officer, age 67 [07-10-1999]

Took a picture of the home standing in front. We were attending a Rotary Convention.
Al & Helen Mabry, Visited the Betsy Ross home. Rotary Convention [07-10-1999]

Nett Brown, tx, 35 [07-10-1999]

deborah rudman, I live in Upstate New York. [07-10-1999]

James E. Brunsgaard, Fallon, NV [07-10-1999]

Elizabeth Cranford [07-10-1999]

Beth, 10 [07-10-1999]

Thank you for creating this great website. I've learned a lot of great things from here. It's a very good source for everyone. Keep all the good work!
Yulie Mills, I'm a 27 years old married woman who lives in Portland, Oregon. [07-10-1999]

Judy Mitchell, Librarian from Iowa [07-10-1999]

Betsy Casebolt [07-10-1999]

As a teacher-to-be, I am glad to see all of these wonderful sites!
Janet H. Nelson, Middle Grades Education Major - Canton, Georgia [07-10-1999]

This is a wonderful site. I have really enjoyed it.
Fred Underwood, Louisville, KY Age 47 [07-10-1999]

Connie, Buckhannon, WV [07-10-1999]

This is an amazing site for children who might not ever get a chance to see this important part of History's past, or even those who may never be able to travel out of their state. It's a nice way to bring History to children!
Lori Holbein, Secong grade teacher [07-10-1999]

Helen Akman, I live in California and this is special to me because I can't afford to make the trip to see the Betsy Ross house other than online. [07-10-1999]

I'm glad there is a site that we can use to help educate our children. History is very important and it's nice to see that this site is available to help in teaching history to the children of the world. Linda Evans, Mom and Teacher Pittsburg, KS
Walnut Tree Learning Center, HomeSchooling Family [07-10-1999]

StaceyAnn Troupe, New Jersey [07-10-1999]

Just a history buff, it's been over 20 years since my last visit to Philadelphia.
Lynn Corriveau, Visiting from Chicago, IL. [07-10-1999]

Ashley Allman, age: 10, residence: Arizona [07-10-1999]

Great informational site.
Ann Sherman, Live in Western NY. [07-10-1999]

cathy haggerty, Houston, TX (mother of 5 boys) [07-10-1999]

love history
Linda Myers, Ackerman, MS [07-10-1999]

Linda Webster [07-10-1999]

Joanne Melcher, Spooner, Wisconsin [07-10-1999]

Teri Tsosie, California, but grew up in Doylestown PA [07-10-1999]

Eric Lindsey, 37 years old, Dallas, TX [07-10-1999]

Janet Stickler, Live in Oklahoma [07-10-1999]

May we become a nation that learns our heritage, especially the sacrifices of those who have gone before us. May God still bless America!
Rev. Carl A. Stokes, Bluefield, West Virginia , age 32 [07-10-1999]

Kaye Hartman, Columbus, Oh [07-10-1999]

jennifer helmly, sharpsburg, georgia, 37 years old [07-10-1999]

Anna Smith, stockbridge ga 30281 widow, love to travel, 50yrs old [07-10-1999]

peg henri, Burns, Oregon [07-10-1999]

Let us pray to the God Whose Hand brought about the existence of our country, that He would stir our hearts to return to Him.
Edna Johanson, Born again patriot [07-10-1999]

from phoenix - thanks for this site; it is very cool, especially the virtual tour of betsy ross' home. from goldia (mother) - thanks for this most educational site. my daughter will probably visit again.
goldia & phoenix coldon, mother, goldia, is a professional mary kay beauty consultant; daughter, phoenix, is an eleven year old sixth grader who attends a christian school, likes to swim, and hopes to be on the united states swim team when she is older. [07-10-1999]

my family are reported to have blood lines linked to betsy ross. i'm trying to find my roots, so i thought i'd check this site out.
linda m. hamilton, santa rosa,ca 48years old and a sewer [07-10-1999]

Very educational, informative site. Thanks for the tour.
John M. Byrd, Tampa, Florida Age 47 U.S. Navy Veteran [07-10-1999]

I just wanted to let you know I loved the Tour
Jessica Deanne Reep, 13319 Saddeltree ct Matthews N.C 28105 [11 yrs old] [07-10-1999]

brittine hunt [07-10-1999]

A wonderful part of our history. I am from the East and have visited many of these places.
Betty Donaldson, Eugene, Oregon 07404--81 yrs old [07-10-1999]

I love how much history is involved with the flag.
lance stevenson, mason,ohio [07-10-1999]

susan Warden, Tennessee [07-07-1999]

Its nice to know that theres somebody out there that believes in every little thing that counts. PEACE
Tonia, St. Joseph MO, 17 1/2, [07-07-1999]

I have visited the Betsy Ross House in person and enjoyed it very much.
Sue Papageorge, 36 yr old college graduate Mother of 3 from So Cal [07-07-1999]

Chuck Commerton, Abingdon, Virginia [07-07-1999]

i love history, especially any history about the united states of america.wish to god all our citizens felt the same way,then maybe our youngsters,the ones who become violent would able to love this great country,and not hate.
catherine espinola, 62 years young,nashua,nh,orig. from mass. [07-07-1999]

Jessica Goodson, Seattle,WA. 20years old. [07-07-1999]

I'm horrified that the President of our United States allows people to desicrate by burning or just dishonoring in any way our precious flag!! There should be a law that anyone dishonoring the Flag of our beloved US be imprisoned or at the very least highly fined...
Virginia Alexander, live in Houston, TX, I'm 53 yrs old and disabled. I am a vet from USAF during the Vietnam War although I didn't go there, I saw our guys at the hospital after being there and my heart went out to them and still does. [07-07-1999]

a strong sense of ones history will help cultivate a secure future.....
sammy g mbau, kenyan studying in Florida [07-07-1999]

Stephanie Brown Thomson, Sugar Land, Texas [07-07-1999]

Theresa Dyer, 38 year old from Michigan [07-07-1999]

I'v visited the house before and i loved it.
pauline arnce, I'm 27, married and no kids. I'm also from NJ [07-07-1999]

John E. Turegano Jr., Houma, Louisiana, 54, Caucasian, Male, Navy Veteran, on Medical Disability (Epilepsy) [07-07-1999]

Donna Latta, Seminole, Texas age 32 [07-07-1999]

Thank you for this site.
Toni Lovern, I am 28- married 7yrs.- 2 children- live in Virginia [07-07-1999]

Nancy Cunningham [07-07-1999]

makayla lyons, 11 years old [07-07-1999]

nanci j. williams, san diego,ca.-56-mother of 4 & grami of 4 [07-07-1999]

Looking foreward to seeing your tour of the Betty Ross house. Plan to vist it someday soon. Appreciate this opportunity to preview it.
Robert Sorenson, Blaine, MN; age 67, Self Employed, develop applications for Computer Control Applications [07-07-1999]

Christopher Voutsas [07-07-1999]

Marlyn Shafritz [07-07-1999]

Robert Haviland, Centerville, TN [07-08-1999]

Belinda [07-08-1999]

Debra & Joe Hermis, Jr., Katy, Texas [07-07-1999]

Thanks for the history of the fflag.
Don Carter, Burlington, NC age:58 [07-07-1999]

paula penouilh [07-07-1999]

Mrs. M. Artigas, Special Education Teacher, Vero Beach, FL [07-07-1999]

We intend to visit your house this coming weekend!
Roy & Deloris Spencer, West Virginia, ages 55 & 48 [07-07-1999]

Sharron [07-07-1999]

Thank you i love to learn more about history
Jean Breaux, Breaux Bridge, LA , 52 Yrs old [07-07-1999]

Cathy Chamberlain, 40, New York [07-07-1999]

Crystal [07-07-1999]

Elaine Wright [07-07-1999]

I belong to the historical re-enactment called Oregon Trail Travelers. We also have a web site.
jannie-kay, Pasco,Wa. ...56 yrs...3 sons & 7 grandkids, love to read and do all types of crafts. [07-07-1999]

my aunt betsy was named after betsy ross
mary, 31 [07-07-1999]

Marian Smih, San Francisco Bay Area College Counselor/Teacher [07-07-1999]

Its wonderful to have this available anyone who may not be able to make it to PA. Thank You!
The Osborne's, Findlay, Ohio [07-07-1999]

Clayton A. Fowler, Yakima Wa, 98902 Age26 [07-07-1999]

Plan to visit late july and wanted info on sites in Philadelphia.
tom shaver, portage, WI [07-07-1999]

I love America. Thank you for creating this web site.
Faith Watts [07-07-1999]

this is cool and wonderful.
buchstaberkids, i'm 6 yrs old and my brother & sister are 10 & 11 [07-07-1999]

Am proud to be in a country with such liberties, however judicial laws are overrated. So are the barers of the laws.
Cher Rosales, Los Angeles, CA - 27 - Female [07-07-1999]

Sheri Petteys [07-07-1999]

Nyle Hershberger [07-07-1999]

Audrey Roe [07-07-1999]

I had tears in my eyes as I listened to the California Symphony and watched the fireworks show. We are all eternally indebted to all of the brave men and women, past and present, who gave their lives so we could enjoy the freedoms that God has blessed us with today!
John Bromley, Walnut Creek, CA 32 (7/6/67) [07-07-1999]

sandi bence, New york [07-07-1999]

Shawna Crawford, Southern CA, 30 years old, Patriotic American! [07-07-1999]

This is a beautiful site.
DiAnne Barron [07-07-1999]

The Bond's, Columbia, MO [07-07-1999]

michele [07-07-1999]

Saw an article about the five-point star is our local newpaper with and indicator to the web site. This will be fun news for my son's Boy Scout troop!
Kathryn Lanton [07-07-1999]

Annette Webb, Memphis, TN [07-07-1999]

Robert Winkler, florida....54 [07-07-1999]

Janet J. Bex, Live in Indiana [07-07-1999]

lubin, NYC, 36 yrs old [07-07-1999]

Jodi McDonough, LOC: Chicago, IL , AGE: 31, FAMILY: one husband & one son [07-07-1999]

Daryl Gelender, I teach 3rd grade social studies [07-07-1999]

Donna Penley, Wichita, Kansas [07-07-1999]

Jeremey Schrack, Mansfield, OH 19 College Student [07-07-1999]

It is wonderful to have this color picture tour of such a historic site as Betsy Ross's Home. I visited Philadelpia in the firties and toured Independce Hall but did't see Betsy Ross's Home . Thank you for this historic web site of the interior of her home and detailed biography.
Gioria Mejeur, Ocean Springs, MS married ,retired teacher, three children, two grandchildren and American History Buff. [07-07-1999]

Its wonderful to know that my great-grandfather William Graham-Smith from Freedom, Penn took part in perserving the Betsy Ross House. I have a poster size certificate with a stamped and numbered which was given to him.
Lee Smith III, originally from Beaver, Penn now residing in Tampa, Fl I am 33 yrs old and still have Smith family living in Freedom, Penn for Centuries [07-07-1999]

Nancy Watts, Toledo, Ohio [07-07-1999]

Paula M. Burton, New Jersey, 34 [07-07-1999]

Mary A. Beem, Indianapolis, IN, 43 years old, [07-07-1999]

Al Rowen, 68 yrs old, res:Waikoloa, HI [07-07-1999]

Leon & Donnis, Age 56 7 [07-07-1999]

Mariela Rivera, Puerto Rico - age 21 [07-07-1999]

paris savage, templeton, ca [07-07-1999]

Jane Harding, Wisconsin history [07-07-1999]

Delores Cox, Texas, 42, married, mother of two daughters, [07-07-1999]

Audre Goeke, Othello, WA [07-07-1999]

Debi Oknefski, Texas [07-07-1999]

Paticia Eskenazi [07-07-1999]

My daughter and I will be making our first tourist visit to Philadelphia in a few days and are looking forward to visiting the Betsy Ross House. History is fascinating!
Linda P. Thomas, Boswell, Pennsylvania [07-07-1999]

Dana Robbins, 25,Winter Park, Fl [07-07-1999]

Colleen Shol, Moorhead, IA [07-07-1999]

Leigh Ann Edmunds, Albany GA [07-07-1999]

Robin, 15 [07-07-1999]

Jeannie Martin, age 50 Fredericksburg, VA [07-05-1999]

Kimberly Nixon [07-05-1999]

Gayle A. Palmer, Chesapeake, VA 52 [07-05-1999]

We're going to take a tour of our independence history this August, and decided to check on this.
Joy Garrison, MI, 44 yrs old mom [07-05-1999]

The Pierce's, Bowdoin, Me [07-05-1999]

Great House
Charles and Dianne Pack [07-05-1999]

Jack, Illinois [07-05-1999]

Bob Grandt, Oak Park,IL [07-05-1999]

Jan Faller, 37 years old , married ,two kids live in PA [07-05-1999]

I really enjoyed the story of Besty Ross I really enjoyed the tour without leaving my home.
Herschel Turpin, Washington Mo. 49 years old [07-05-1999]

cliff, long island [07-05-1999]

colleen sutton, new york city [07-05-1999]

C. Turner, Riverside, Ca [07-05-1999]

cant say much about about your site haven't surfed hoping to enjoy it thanx
sunil kala, doing arch. 3rd year. architecture is my passion [07-05-1999]

I am looking forward to seeing Betsy's house!
Lindsey W. [07-05-1999]

Sharon A. Robinson, Wyoming, 27 [07-05-1999]

jean g. weathersby, mississippi, 67, grandmother of 4 - 3 boys 1 girl, 1/2 on way [07-05-1999]

addison hodges, 75 Richmond, VA [07-05-1999]

lSandy Hamilton, DeKalb, Tx; age 36 [07-05-1999]

Mark Trombley, Maine Age 11 [07-05-1999]

Excellent web site!
Mary Nau, Cincinnati, Ohio [07-05-1999]

Dale & Miriam Beaty, Mesa, Arizona [07-05-1999]

Jose R.Arteaga, El Paso Texas [07-05-1999]

Kathy Stevens [07-05-1999]

Hey Betsy, way to go! Thanks for making our National Flag. It makes me proud to be in the good ole USA and to the men and women who fought and died and are veterans of our country. Thanks. God Bless America!
Peggy S. Huffman, 704 Chapel Hill Lane, Weyers Cave, VA 24486 [07-05-1999]

Thanks for keeping true American History alive and well!
Tissa Boyer [07-05-1999]

yvonne berg, ca. [07-05-1999]

sheila b. christian, originally LONGISLANDER,NY \ OH SINCE 1966 JULY [07-05-1999]

Peggy A. Gay, Huntsville, TX I'm 44, widow. [07-05-1999]

This is just a wonderful way of keeping our history alive and obtainable to so many.
Jean Carmean, Canton, Michigan USA [07-05-1999]

Loyce Elaine Covin, age 66, native Texan; have visited Phila. several times [07-05-1999]

Stephanie Strahler, Alabama native [07-05-1999]

Janice Storment, From a Southern State 43 years of age [07-05-1999]

Laura, Knoxville [07-05-1999]

Wayne Rogers & Margaret Bogart, Greene, NY [07-05-1999]

thank you for this site. history has always beem an interest of mine.
joann e downie, a grandmother in pittsburgh, pa. [07-05-1999]

Anna Condon, age 43 Salem,Ma [07-05-1999]

Joan Marie Lim, Philippines, 17, female [07-05-1999]

I love history and this is why I have a computer as I feel I will never get to the things I would like to see in person,so this is the other solution. Happy 4th
patricia spires, anchorage ak age 57 [07-05-1999]

Thank You Betsy Ross for our American Flag!
Shawn and Scott Bruce, Buena Park, CA. [07-05-1999]

Being a widow it is easier to put yourself in Betsy place as knowing how she felt. I have my own friend who is a troopmaster locally and every year I buy a new flag. He usually destroys the old flag for me. I have had two foreign exchange students and both Have remarked that "we Americans display our flag a lot". Maybe we love our country more because of all the blood, sweat, and tears that it has taken to earn it. My father's family came from Italy in the 1800's. My mother's family came around 1628. I can trace my family and my husband's family to William Brewster and John Howland on my side and William Brewster and Stephen Hopkins on my husband's side. I think every child should trace their family tree to know the history of our country or learn when their family came into American history. Both exchange students thought we knew a lot about other peoples cultures that they did not know. We have to because our nation is made up of many cultures. Maybe some ! ! of these other countries should study American History to learn why Americans are different! Maybe they would not be so fast to burn our flag!
Priscilla (Damiano) Newton, Brockton, Massachusetts-56-widow-no children [07-05-1999]

I am happy to make this tour through this house I have always wondered about the way Mrs. Ross house would look to me,I am sure that this tour will make me feel like I am really in this house and at that time.
Lorraine Washington Powell, Columbia, SC . 59 years old [07-05-1999]

tim canino, abington twns. , 30yrs old, . [07-05-1999]

I love our flag and I am proud of it.
George H. Holly, Columbus, OHIO [07-05-1999]

Roger M Belen, I'm 53 & a history buff [07-05-1999]

Toured the house in Oct. 1998
Joyce Barnes, Zillah, WA grandma to 6 [07-05-1999]

c l crowder [07-05-1999]

This is a very interesting article, also very well written.
karen gardner, bellefonte, pa [07-05-1999]

i am happy lifing in a country that there is lots of oppertunity to advancement in jobs and education.
Gustavo F. Escobar, long island ny. 33 [07-05-1999]

The family enjoyed the ability to take an online tour for the 4th of July! Thank you.
Mr & Mrs J. Gour, Santa Clara, CA [07-05-1999]

Michael J. Fairbanks [07-05-1999]

James H. Foster, 58 Male Retired USN, Albuquerque, New Mexico [07-05-1999]

Great site... especially on this 4th. of July.
Hal Warren, El Paso, TX [07-05-1999]

God bless our flag and all Americans that honor it.
Ken Taylor, USAF ret. Texas Tower Association [07-04-1999]

Had the opportunity to drive past the home years ago but time prevented me from stopping. This tour is very nice.
Dale W. Smith, So Calif. 73 years old [07-04-1999]

Barbara McLawhon, 48 [07-04-1999]

Very nice! Liked it, thanks for the tour!
Anita Brown, Ramona, Calif. 34yrs young [07-04-1999]

Happy Birthday America. May God in his mercy grant you many more years
M. Keith Rogers, Biloxi, MS [07-04-1999]

amy faulkner, 28 years Houston [07-04-1999]

Jackie Roddy [07-04-1999]

Lisa, St. Augustine,FL [07-04-1999]

John & Selina Silflow, Kendrick Idaho [07-04-1999]

i have beento philadelpha aND i didn't know betsy ross house was thee. i will have to go back and see it.
shirley wilkinson, i live in tampa fl and i was very happy to see the tour of betsy ross home i [07-04-1999]

deanna hall, History buff [07-04-1999]

Proud to be an American
Hubert M. Dewees, Alternate Supervisor-Chester County 911 [07-04-1999]

My wife and have visited the betsy ross house,we are delited.
antonio mirabel jr., 37yrsoldhispaniccollegeeducatedmale [07-04-1999]

J. Moran [07-04-1999]

Since we are unable to visit the house in person this is an excellent web site.
Ruth & Thelma Johnson, Toms River, N.J. Ages 88 and 53 [07-04-1999]

Cindy Day, Hamshire, Tx. 47 [07-04-1999]

Kenda Stephenson, Texas, 30yrs.,stayat home mom [07-04-1999]

Barbara Walker, Florida [07-04-1999]

Thanks for gave me the opportunity to visit this historical place and to know more about Betsy Ross and the USA flag.-
José E. PEREDA, I'm from Montevideo-Uruguay and 6l years old.- [07-04-1999]

Hi Happy July 4th!!!!!
Helen Eraklis, Nashua, N.H. 32y.o. [07-04-1999]

Rhonda Ballentine, From Canton, OH [07-04-1999]

Kristi, Adair Iowa [07-04-1999]

enjoyed the visit. happy 4th to all.
cleo,, new york city, 55, first time computer user. what a county. god bless america. [07-04-1999]

Sam McLane, Retired Military... [07-04-1999]

Happy 4th of July everyone! Praise the Lord we live in a free Nation!!!
The Aichlmayrs [07-04-1999]

Happy Birthday to the greatest country on earth! God bless America!
Patti Petree, Winston-Salem, NC [07-04-1999]

Sheri Bunt [07-04-1999]

It's a great opportunity to visit this meaningful house particularly on the 4th of July. I have been to Philadelphia, but I am not aware of such a historical site until today.
Hin Lee, North Vancouver, Canada, 41 years, Chinese origin [07-04-1999]

suzanne Wiedel, South Dakota [07-04-1999]

Natasha Thompson, A Proud Navy Wife [07-04-1999]

Betty Henderson, Hot [07-04-1999]

I have been lucky enough to have visited Philadelphia and seen all the sights.
Burton F. Brashaw, florida, 73 years young [07-04-1999]

Lucy Klotzbaugh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania [07-04-1999]

peggy o'steen, florida [07-04-1999]

Maurine Wilder [07-04-1999]

Elena B. Fiske, Maine 69 years old female [07-04-1999]

Jerri Shafer, From FL [07-04-1999]

Russ Hager, Boyne City Michigan [07-04-1999]

Great web page , very educational
Tom Mooney, Stewartstown Pa, 17363 [07-04-1999]

Sharon Phillips, I live in Orlando,Fl.I'm 42 [07-04-1999]

Cathy J. Wetmore [07-04-1999]

i though i didn't really remember much about being there until i started your tour than everything came back to me. l once tour betsy ross house when i was a 14 yr.oid boyscout. thanks for some good old memorys!
mas, rememberering times gone bye ?{40 yrs. old} [07-04-1999]

Very nice and informative site.
Julie, I am a Philadelphian who has transplanted to S. Florida [07-04-1999]

justine marie dumville smith, new jersey [07-04-1999]

Catherine Hamer [07-04-1999]

Candice Strattib [07-04-1999]

Cassie, mi. f/18 [07-04-1999]

Thank you for sharing a part of history I may never get to see in person.
Elaine Littlejohn, Hollister, CA. [07-04-1999]

This is a wonderful opportunity for people not able to travel to the east coast to get a closer view of American history. Thank you!
The Eschenfelder Family [07-04-1999]

Thanks to Mrs. Ross and her unselfishness, our entire nation has a beautiful reminder of our nation's glory!
Kay Marie Cox, California gal, now ancient at 47 yrs of age. Living in Sacramento, CA but originally from the center of California - - Fresno! [07-04-1999]

Did a study of our great flag and then presented a program on flag day in 1998, at a jellystone crampground, well received and they asked me to do another program related to this subject. Have been keeping close watch on the flag amendment in Washington, D.C. Sure hope it passes.
Joan, senior citizen, Indiana. grandchildren. Happily married for 48 years [07-04-1999]

Shawn Moore, I'm from Memphis, TN. I love this country and love to learn the history of our nation. My goal is to someday visit the historical sites of White House, Boston, Pennsylvannia, etc. [07-04-1999]

Also Member of Nat'l.Parks & Conservation Assn. Like to know all I can about the history of our Country.
Mrs. Phyllis J. Eakins, WA. State, 63 years, Member-Nat'l. Trust for Hist. Pres. [07-04-1999]

happy fourth of july! thank you for this web page.
luella wilson, married, retired, dade city, fl [07-04-1999]

Veronica Rios, 22 year old college student in Santa Barbara, CA. [07-04-1999]

Connie Day-Fritz, Phoenix, AZ 43 yrs [07-04-1999]

R A Keller, Ohio, 54, male [07-04-1999]

Linda Greenwalt, Located in sunny Southern California [07-04-1999]

Bill Claypool, Durango, CO, Age 71, formerly of Grand Forks, ND [07-04-1999]

Mary Wilkinson, I live in Kansas City, Mo. I'm in the over 50 age group and I'm a seamstress, but I make costumes [07-04-1999]

rebecca maduro, 52 [07-04-1999]

Tricia Boesch, 28 years, Anchorage AK [07-04-1999]

Debbie, Long Beach New York [07-04-1999]

Paula, California [07-04-1999]

Angela Lewis, I am 37yrs. old. I live in Ocoee, TN. [07-04-1999]

courtney, Florida [07-04-1999]

T.Arthur [07-04-1999]

This is a great opportunity. I once visited the house back in the 60's. However the comments should be given after the tour.
rebecca maduro, English language professor [07-04-1999]

cheryl, 24, arlington, va [07-04-1999]

I was born and raised in Philadelphia, worked only a few blocks from the house and visited it many times over the 47 years living in Phila. I saw the redevelopment of the area of the house and sat many times in the courtyard. It is a wonderful landmark and was fascinated by the small bed she slept in, being a very tiny woman.
Norma E, Las Vegas, 68 yrs young [07-04-1999]

Thanks For The Opportunity To Visit!
Johnny D. Scott, M/50 Garland ,Texas [07-04-1999]

Kevin Nicol, Pottstown, PA [07-04-1999]

Visiting your website today gave us a wonderful feeling of sharing the Fourth of July celebration. Thank you. Happy Fourth of July everyone!
Cecilia and Carlo Nicolosi, St. James, New York [07-04-1999]

damn proud to be an american happy birthday america :-)
Joseph Modge, Glenolden, Pa [07-04-1999]

anonymous, So Fl, age 39 [07-04-1999]

Amos Hardy, Puyallup, WA [07-04-1999]

C. S. Griffin, Phoenix, AZ [07-04-1999]

Connie, St. Louis, MO [07-04-1999]

alberta lynch, ringgold va. age 5o [07-04-1999]

Carl & Bonnie Newton, Girard, PA [07-04-1999]

James R. Grobbin, Male 59 yrs old. Live in Ecorse MI. Marketing Cunsultant [07-04-1999]

pam gale, dobbs ferry ny [07-04-1999]

Alanna Powell, I am 18 and live in Washington state [07-04-1999]

Joel Janzen, I teach! [07-04-1999]

Today is a perfect day to virtually tour Besty Ross's House. There should be more respect, time to honor our heritage as a God-fearing nation created for freedom, respect, and caring for all man kind.
Sandra Flanders, Buffalo, NY / 57 / Voting American [07-04-1999]

Happy 4th of July!
Jille Crowe, Maryland, USA [07-04-1999]

Thank You For The Tour
Ron Felch, San Diego,Ca 47years old [07-04-1999]

christine, hackettstown,nj [07-04-1999]

Michael Elam, Cape Girardeau,MO , 35 [07-04-1999]

Happy July 4th, Betsy. Thanks for the flag!
Pam Sapp, From Owensboro, KY [07-04-1999]

Gina [07-04-1999]

As a young girl my parents took me to Philadelphia to see the historic sites. The Betsy Ross House stands out in my memory as one of the most significant because of its simplicity. Many famous Americans were wealthy - this illustrated that even a "simple" person & a woman at that could play a significant role in our fledgling nation's history. I admired Betsy for her dedication to the cause & her hard work to design our flag! If I could say thank you to her I most certainly would! It's because of her that we now have this symbol to respect & be so proud of!! Happy Independence Day!!!
Angela, Buffalo, NY [07-04-1999]

The Seman Family [07-04-1999]

Valerie, Pennsylvania [07-04-1999]

Roxanne Johnston, Rantoul,IL [07-04-1999]

i enjoy our early American history . i think i was asleep in school when i was supposed to be paying attention to my AMERICANHISTORY teacher.that was 40 years ago!!! i am enjoying this site today! thanks.
e gleason, i enjoy learning about american history . [07-04-1999]

This is such a cool site!
Kat [07-04-1999]

connie Lynch, Interior Decorator [07-04-1999]

helma raaijmakers, breda holland age 58 [07-04-1999]

Thank you for the tour!
andrea Desumbila, Miami Beach, Florida and Arlington Va. [07-04-1999]

SHEILA B. CHRISTIAN, born inLI,NY OHIO SINCE66 -AGE50 [07-04-1999]

Annie G., New York City [07-04-1999]

Tom Payack, Wilmington, De 42yrs old History nut!!!! [07-04-1999]

Theresa Hatcher [07-04-1999]

my friend had a betsy ross flag,and he had a 1778-1978 flag and had them in the back windows of his station wagon.
barbara beaulieu, 68 years old, retired,visiting in massachusettes [07-04-1999]

Happy 4th of July America and thank you Betsy Ross for our beautiful Flag
Joanne, Orlando, Fl [07-04-1999]

Charlene goh, Chinese,39,Sinagpore [07-04-1999]

Sharon Godfrey, Poway, CA [07-04-1999]

I am going to love looking at M. Rosses home. Thank you for the opportunity.
Sandra Magliocco [07-04-1999]

Linda Hedrick, I live in Needles,CA / 43/ [07-04-1999]

Bruce A. Beckman, live in Cleona, Pa. age 50 enjoy reading about history [07-04-1999]

Lisa Hazlett, Tennessee [07-04-1999]

dee mckee, texas [07-04-1999]

Betsy's husband John Ross that was killed while guarding the powder at the wharf for the Continentals was a fourth cousin of my Grandmother who was the daughter of Amanda Ross Bower. Amanda was the daughter of William Ross. I have had the honor to visit the home of Betsy and to also sit in her pew at Christ' Church.
John C Fyffe, Sumner Il, age-64, retired teacher, part time Christian Minister [07-04-1999]

this is a great educational site.
Sandi, seattle, wa 31 mother of 2 girls [07-04-1999]

I remember visiting The Betsy Ross house as a child with my family. We lived 2 hours away in Queens, N.Y.. The school where I teach, Cantara Elementary in Reseda, CA., always has a special Flag Day ceremony every year. We even had a now retired teacher by the name of BETSY ROSS who dressed up as Betsy Ross and visited all the classrooms telling the story of how she made our flag.
Mrs. Michele J. Hales, Elementary Schoolteacher from Northridge, California [07-04-1999]

Royce H. Guerry, Jr., I live in Ft. Worth, TX [07-04-1999]

thank you for the tour it was a pleasure
kelly, michigan- 30yrs old [07-04-1999]

Great site. I am glad that we are preserving our American History in such a wonderful way. Our children need to understand the beginnings of our nation. Good work.
Steve Owens, Corona, CA - age 42 - Christian School Principal [07-04-1999]

Barbara Beaver, council bluffs, ia 48 [07-04-1999]

Wish I could view Betsy Ross's House in person.
Estelle M. Hovenkamp, Appreciate history better now [07-04-1999]

Tempie M. Murphy, Secretary [07-04-1999]

paul fry, california age 37 [07-04-1999]

barb, pittsburgh, pa !!! greetings on this 4th of July [07-04-1999]

As I sit here in comfortable air-conditioning while it is aver 90 degress outside, writing a note that anyone in the world can instantly see, I reflect on those who contributed to my freedom and high standard of living, through their words, actions and deeds. I also salute those who continue to struggle to make our country a better place for all our citizens. Happy 4th everyone.
Cathy Schuchman, Richmond VA [07-04-1999]

I think this is very interesting. There is a lot I didn't know. My grandson will like this I'm sure.
Bonnie Jameson, 67yr. Northern Idaho [07-04-1999]

Debbie Crutchfield, Boise, Idaho [07-03-1999]

Happy Birthday America!
Carla Beyer, Zeeland, Mi [07-03-1999]

Happy Fourth of July. I am very happy that the web helps preserve American pride and tradition with such informative sites.
Nicole Flowers, I live in Austin, Tx and work for a software company. [07-03-1999]

Loretta Walsh, Maple Shade, NJ [07-03-1999]

Gwen M. Mathieson, Massachusetts age 11 [07-03-1999]

Mark Nelson, Alabama, 32 [07-03-1999]

G.Elaine Miller, Springfield IL [07-03-1999]

buddy/patsy riley, hemet,CA [07-03-1999]

Jo Lester-White, Artisan and publisher [07-03-1999]

This is a very good site.
Claretta Shaffer, Burley,Id. 58 [07-03-1999]

Bonnie Bellomy, age 36 - Sheridan, Arkansas - [07-03-1999]

Tom Mills, 67 years old and still patriotic [07-03-1999]

Christi LIttle [07-03-1999]

God bless America
rev. & mrs david holcombe, pastor of cooper lake baptist church [07-03-1999]

Loretta Mountjoy, Richmond, Ky. [07-03-1999]

We recently visited Philadelphia and unforunately not able to tour Betsy Ross's home. Thank you for showing us a little of what we missed, I cannot wait to return.
Susan Sweitz, Los Angeles [07-03-1999]

Charline Smeltzer, Roswell, GA [07-03-1999]

Donna M. Flory, I'm an automotive Bookkeeper from Conneautville Pa. I enjoy surfing the net and sometimes I find intersting info like this. [07-03-1999]

Susan Hudgins, live in Jax Fl - love my Fl Gators and Jax Jaguars! [07-03-1999]

Happy 4th of July!!~
Jessica H., NY [07-03-1999]

Born and raised in Phila. so have been on tour of Betsy Ross House. Everyone should have the opportunity to see it live.
Dot, Live in sunny Fl. for the past 40 years [07-03-1999]

Lyndal Lee, Chipley, Fl 32428 [07-03-1999]

Beth Evans, Monticello, IN 35 [07-03-1999]

I'm anxious to take the tour.
Carolyn B. Miller, Florida, age 66 Retired and having a great time! [07-03-1999]

thank you for preserving and publishing this information!
Shawn Rockwell [07-03-1999]

Neat place. . .hope to see it in person some day!
Jeremiah Cory [07-03-1999]

Megan Windisch, middle school student [07-03-1999]

It's been 40 years since I first visited the Betsy Ross House. I think it is an important piece of American History.
Pa, Bracey Va [07-03-1999]

Freda Diann Moore [07-03-1999]

I love history! My family and I are always visiting Williamsburg, VA and local historical homes around town! HAVE A HAPPY 4TH OF JULY! (It's my favorite holiday! Must be the food and fireworks and honoring our beautiful country!!!)
Blair, Richmond, VA [07-03-1999]

, thanks for tour
Rev Bill Evans, Tucson AZ pastor, 49 [07-03-1999]

Carolyn Patterson, Knoxville, Tenn. Present day upholsterer, age 53 [07-03-1999]

I appreciate this bit of history that is so conveniently located at our fingertips. Thank you!
Carma Pollard, I live in Greenfield, IN but have traveled extensively as my husband was in the Army for 23 years. [07-03-1999]

I don't wait to fly the American Flag only on special occasions. I fly it every day to show I'm proud to be an American.
Roy Dunn, 48 years old from Wharton, Texas - Vietnam era veteran [07-03-1999]

Manfred Kipp, San Carlos CA [07-03-1999]

VERNON L. TINSMAN, lacrosse, fla. 32658 0267 [07-03-1999]

I wish to extend my cogratulations on the 223rd birthday of your country, 4th of July. I was personally impressed very much by the historic sites there in Philadelphia when I visited many places between October and December of 1997. You, great Philadelphians, should be proud yourself in commemoration of the old roll models. Keep going forward!
Seung-seok, Yang, Kyongsan-city of South Korea, 39, a public servant [07-03-1999]

Mike Forbes, Langhorne, PA 37 male [07-03-1999]

Victor Andrews [07-03-1999]

God bless America regardless of the anti God bias of the ACLU!
Paul Bechtel, Live at Ellensburg, WA. Am 76 years of age and going strong. [07-03-1999]

I visited Philadelphia and the Liberty Bell was when I was 5 years old. I love museums and this Web page. History is so facinating!
Christine Sinnaco, 26 years old, Watsonville, California [07-03-1999]

Dr.Alliosn..RI..7-03-99 She has sewn our flag...let it wave!
anonymous [07-03-1999]

Your Web page is very interesting...enjoyed it..thank you
J.Giles, Plano, Texas [07-03-1999]


Steven L. Cates [07-03-1999]

Re-visiting and reminiscing our girl-scout tour several years ago. Time well-spent this 4th of July! We pledge allegiance...
Brenda Maus, Rocky Mt., VA [07-03-1999]

The flag is pretty!! Thank you for giving me a tour of Betsy Ross' house.
T.E., I'm 8 years old [07-03-1999]

Margo Nichols, age 50, from Florida [07-03-1999]

Jodi Davison, West Virginia, age 29 [07-03-1999]

Happy birthday to the best country in the world and thank you ro all the men and women who made it so!
Mrs. Jacobson, Florida teacher [07-03-1999]

My first e-tour.
George W. Francis, Friend of John Marion [07-03-1999]

Interesting...Thank You!
Dawni Higgins, Cinti, OH [07-03-1999]

Thank you for taking your time to create this homepage and thank you, Betsy, for a flag I've always been proud to fly!
Joyce Cromer, Pittsburgh, PA Old enough to know more! [07-03-1999]

Have just finished the tour, and if I can get state side next year I will definately stop by. Have a happy 4th of July.
Patricia Ford-Hayes, London - england [07-03-1999]

hopefully next year, God willing and the creeks don`t rise, I will be able to do another tour of the states, and visit the betsy ross house.
patricia ford-hayes, london - england [07-03-1999]

Gary Chappell, Palm Bay , Florida [07-03-1999]

Connie Hull, Woodston, KS [07-03-1999]

I will graduate from Byrnes High School in December 99. Then I will have completed my four years in ROTC. I have learned about these kind of things as well as other military and other afiliated history.

It is important to show the the women's role in the building of our nation.
Julietta Brothers, Metro Detroit, MI, Home Economics Teacher in Detroit. [07-03-1999]

Julietta Brothers, Metro Detroit, MI, Home Economics Teacher in Detroit. [07-03-1999]

gayle ferrell [07-03-1999]

Clara Chandler, fropm California [07-03-1999]

Leslie Setzer, 10 [07-03-1999]

This is a most interesting site. I love US History, although my favorite is the Civil War era.
Franny Starr, Indiana, 53yrs old [07-03-1999]

irene miller, ny 49 [07-03-1999]

Lee A. Almy, Jr., United Methodist Pastor; Hapeville, Georgia [07-03-1999]

Enjoyed the website - Happy Birthday America!!!!!
Elsie B. Aucoin, 57 yrs old Gretna, La. [07-03-1999]


I think this story and the rest of our histoy is awsome
Jack A. Waugh, Ocala, FL age 62 [07-03-1999]

Betsy Darr, Falls Church, VA; I will have to come and visit again. [07-03-1999]

Althea Moreau Kennedy, 30 something f California [07-03-1999]

arlene hamilton, Stone mountain, Georgia [07-03-1999]

I am always interested in our history and enjoying this tour.
carol a hanson, rock Island, IL [07-03-1999]

Tony Leonard, 67 yrs young, Retired [07-03-1999]

Great website! Happy 4th of July!
Sue Adams, Kentucky/ female, age 51 [07-03-1999]

This adds something extra to our special holiday of Independence Day.
Mrs Marilyn J. Pitcher [07-03-1999]

Seventh generation American & proud of it!
Charlotte F. Sigmon, Medina, OH and Orange County, CA [07-03-1999]

doris bell, Hometown, the original Washington N.C. [07-03-1999]

Charlotte F. Sigmon, Medina, Ohio and Orange County, California [07-03-1999]

What an interesting history!
Robert Reese "Bobby" Rishsew, Jr., I live in Phoenix,AZ, I am 43 years old and I am Deaf Person. [07-03-1999]

Bobby Scroggs, From Arizona [07-03-1999]

christina aliano reilly, I was born and raised in Philadelphia. I saw Betsy Ross' house as a chilfd and I am about to take some out of town guest there [07-03-1999]

jackie gordon [07-03-1999]

very interesting what i have read
LaVerne Vinzant, school bus driver [07-03-1999]

Thank you for making this part of our American history so accessible. God bless you and our beautiful country!
Paula Douglas, London, Kentucky [07-03-1999]

Sister Barbara Maloy, South Boston [07-03-1999]

Louis Sheffield [07-03-1999]

Tim, Wisconsin [07-03-1999]

Wendy Deaner, Richmond, VA [07-03-1999]

Diana R. Harper, Saratoga Springs, NY [07-03-1999]

Regina Smith [07-03-1999]

I think this an excellent educational page.
Becky Norman, Anaheim, Ca. [07-03-1999]

I am alwaysm wanting to learn about the way our country started, especially since they no longer are willing to teach it in schools anymore nor about the religious preferences that we were founded on.
Marie Hart, Las Vegas, NV 29 [07-03-1999]

Anna Sumner, Bountiful, Utah age 41 [07-03-1999]

Jill Godwin, School teacher, Eunice, LA [07-03-1999]

Diana L. Stuhr, Age 50, Grandma of 2 darllng boys! [07-03-1999]

Anna Sumner [07-03-1999]

I enjoyed the site and learned a lot. Thankyou. Have a very happy 4th of July.
Joy, from England, age 48, married, 2 children. I've visited the USA several times [07-03-1999]

I hope someday I shall be ableto see the house "in person"; Virtual tours are a blessing so we can all share in the history of our country!
Annette Venegas, elementary teacher from New Braunfels,Texas [07-03-1999]

I visited this site to help me with research for a Children's sermon I'm doing on July 4th. Thanks for the information!!
Shelly Raisor [07-03-1999]

John Litzinger, 32 year old father of 2 in Minneapolis MN. [07-03-1999]

wilma white, Safford, Az. 85546 [07-03-1999]

heidi little, hanover,pa--41 yrs [07-03-1999]

Eden, 8 years old [07-03-1999]

Christy Miller, OHIO, age 32, [07-03-1999]

Write me an email
Ted McCann Boston, MA [07-03-1999]

Jan Eggar [07-03-1999]

Joyce Mons, Dunbarton,NH [07-03-1999]

DeWanda Rich [07-03-1999]

I am proud to be an American!!!
Candee Soennichsen, Malta, Mt 47 yrs female [07-03-1999]

jane whitaker, richmond, ky [07-03-1999]

I think that this is a great site to learn about the country history and it will help them learn about thier 4 fathers.
karel tuggle, 36 [07-03-1999]

I have enjoyed the information I have found about Betsy Ross and the Flag. It is also interesting knowing that she was a very real person and how she lived. Thank You!!
Pam Christiansen, Moab, Utah 38 I am married and have 2 kids. [07-03-1999]

Ken and Martha Hahn, Columbus,Ohio we are teacher and ploiceman [07-03-1999]

marie wrobel, wadsworth, ohio; 54 [07-03-1999]

Carrie Palmer, I live in tulsa ok and I am 40 years old [07-03-1999]

Married, mother of a 7yr old & 3yr old. My 7 yr. old will be interested in this site. Thanks, what a good tour!!
Donna, 32 yrs. old Joseph, OR [07-03-1999]

patricia torrey, philadelphia [07-03-1999]

School is cool at Pine Ridge!
Hannah Rachel Stucky, ellerslie GA age eight in third grade [07-03-1999]

Mary E. Turner, Henderson, TX [07-03-1999]


Debbie, West Chester, PA - mother of two homeschoolers [07-03-1999]

Patricia Boettcher, Live in Jackson New Jersey [07-03-1999]

Truly one of the most beautiful 4th of July weekends. Montgomery Alabama looks just like one great big American Flags with red and white CrepeMyrtles all over the area. My mother ( age 101 will have seen every 4th of July celebrations throughout this century and loves her country. However last week she suffered a massive stroke and doesn't know anybody . However in the great American spirit I have lined her hospital room windows with red and white flowers, and American Flags. God Bless America
Bettye Benjamen, Lowndesboro, Al. 36752 62 years old Regional Chairman _Al. National Cathedral Association , DAR member [07-03-1999]

enjoy taking a lot at our countries historical locations.
donna sullivan, Lansing,Michigan [07-03-1999]


Dale Kohrs [07-03-1999]

Kathy, Asheboro,NC age, 40 [07-03-1999]

robina has visited the house in person in 1976
robina whedon and kyle whedon, gardner, ks 33ys and 3 yrs [07-03-1999]

Brenda, indiana [07-03-1999]

Congratulations, America, on your birthday, July 4!
Errol D. Seaward, Canadian citizen. Retiree of the United States Air Force. Interested in early U.S. history. [07-03-1999]

Samuel and Odessa Shupe, Matoaka, WV [07-03-1999]

Evelyn, Florida, native of Fl. age-56 yrs. [07-03-1999]

TINA GARVER, 14 [07-03-1999]

glen simpson, trinity, NC [07-03-1999]

This is a wonderful tribute to Betsy Ross. It is so nice to be able to read all the information and see the pictures available. It is the next best thing to visiting in person. Thank you.
Sherry, 42 in Florida [07-03-1999]

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Pretty sure I am relative of Betsy Ross. Unfortunately, lost my family books to be able to look it up!! But wonderful to read the history as recorded!! Thanks greatly!!
Jean Minsky, 47 [07-03-1999]

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I have been to Philadelphia, but the Betsy Ross House was closed the day we visited... enjoyed your website! Happy Independence Day 1999! God Bless America and all who were a part of its making...
Kathleen Marcasciano, Egg Harbor Twp, NJ [07-03-1999]

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Natalie, 31, married, 3 little boys, TX [07-03-1999]

Thanks for maintaining a website so full of historical interest for this land of liberty!
Dan Jack, Hesperia, CA [07-03-1999]

I have a very early recollection of the making of the American Flag, our home had a potrait of Betsy Ross with the flag in the making. That was over 65 years ago & I can still recall it.
Carol Eve Lawrence, I am a duel citizen living in Canada [07-03-1999]

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I work at the Old Barracks Museum in Trenton. Very Revolutionary!
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God Bless this great country. May our leaders now and forever care for all citizens regardless of race, creed.
janet, american [07-02-1999]

I visited this house in 1976 when I attended the Clowns of America national convention in Philadelphia. I am anxious to tour this house again and share this with my family. What a great opportunity this providesj! Hope other historic sites do the same.
Mary Arndt, Muskego, Wisc. [07-02-1999]

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so glad to live so near to all this history- went to college downtown and spent time at the historic sites-loved it
Kathy Gouck, used to go there as a kid-then took mine [07-02-1999]

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The flag is a symbol of the freedom we cherish in this country. And the life of the person who stitched it is interesting.
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I came to this website because I was really bored, but I found out a lot of cool things about Betsy Ross and it helped me with an exam at school. Thanks to the creators of this page!!!!
Samantha Carlson, California, 13, [07-02-1999]

We as Americans need to know as much about our flag and its history as possible. As a child I "liked" it. As I grew older the importance became important to me. I make a display on my desk wherever I work on our special holidays.
Dawn A. Horan, have lived in Pennsylvania all my life. Love the history of our flag. I have a figurine of Betsey Ross that I have had for about 28 yrs. [07-02-1999]

What a neat thing to do on the fourth of July! The Donat Family (RI the 13th state)
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It would be interesting to know about betsy ross life. what type of person was she something about her daily life
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Charlotte Rowland, Levelland, TX 42 I love flags. [07-02-1999]

I've been interested in Betsy Ross all my life - glad to hear about this site and have been to the house, unfortunately too late in the day to tour it. Thanks for all your hard work - I participate in historic living reenacting in the 18th century, locally.
Donna Key, St. Louis, Missouri born on June 14, 1950 [07-02-1999]

Mary Hill, Round Lake Beach, IL 40 years old [07-02-1999]

God Bless America!
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I am honored to be an American. We all should be honored to be Americans. That seems to have been lost! Please bring that proud feeling BACK!!!!!
Denise Cassella, East Hartford, CT, USA [07-02-1999]

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I read the book about Betsy Ross when I was young and was very impressed with her life and her works regarding our American flag.
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Descendant (Mary) of George Ross, signer of Dec. of Ind. Think Betsy is somehow related to George.
Mary & Clay Phillips, Ohio - Clay 71, Mary NA [07-02-1999]

Don't you love your independence
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I especially liked "flag etiquette"
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Thank you for making this site possible.Loved the 5-point star. Saw this house as a child and loved it. This was the best quilt ever designed!
Mary E. Orens, 40yr. old NJ dressmaker and Family and Consumer sciences teacher [07-02-1999]

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Mary E. Orens, 40yr. old NJ dressmaker and Family and Consumer sciences teacher [07-02-1999]

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I have visted this home twice in person. I just wanted to see if I recognized it on the web!
Linda Erwin [07-02-1999]

Thank you for the tour. It was very interesting. I've never been to see any of the wonderful historic things back east, but I will make it there eventually.
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When I was an elementary school student, my parents took me and my siblings to visit Betsy Ross' house, and I can still remember the experience 45 years later. I hope to bring my own child there someday as well.
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Always wanted to see many historic sites in Philadelphia but don't want to drive through there to see them.
Robert Davis, Mohave Valley AZ I am 51 years old [07-02-1999]

I have an interest in history now that I didn't have as a child. If only teachers years ago could have had access to what they have today. I'm glad learning can be made so much fun for todays children.
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Betty Ruth Thomas, Parkville, Md. age 52 Baltimore Md. [07-02-1999]

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I love history,of old houses,cars and just history about places.I wasn't very good in school,about history,but when I see old house and walk through them I seem to feel the ora of the place.Someday I'll see it live.
Edgar Seward, Fayetteville,AR , 48yrs old male [07-02-1999]

Lived in Pa for over 48 years, but never visited the Betsy Ross House.
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This was my first tour of our great lady, Betsy Ross`s home. It was great and the Flag was beautiful. The work she did was amazing and it was for us. Thank you for my tour. Shirley A, Scialdo, New York (07-03-1999)
Shirley A. Scialdo, Proud to be an American, proud to be who I am ! [07-02-1999]

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It is very interesting to know the history of the U.S.A.- the largest democracy in the world , as we are supposed to be the second largest.
Dr. Deepa Sarkar, 45 yrs, Indian from Calcutta - Medical Practitioner - Speciality : Gynaecology - Super speciality : Prenatal Diagnosis & Human Genetics . [07-02-1999]

hey cool stuff
Christine, tampa,14 [07-02-1999]

Donna Lampert, 48yrs old hairdresser,mother wife [07-02-1999]

Tina And David Gates, Valdosta Ga [07-02-1999]

Priscilla Dick, Tupelo, MS [07-02-1999]

jess, mn im 14 [07-02-1999]


Edith Crusha, Age 33 Phila. Pa [07-02-1999]

I've enjoyed this site very much. I teach school and plan on using it with my students. I read about electric franklin in usa today and that is how i found you. Bravo to all you!
kathy cochard [07-02-1999]


It's great to experience the excitement of our last July 4th in this century, in the city where it all began-- Philadelphia. And, to live in the First State, Delaware. Let's keep the excitement and patriotism going!!! This is the best country in the world to live in..... !
Cathleen Knollenberg, Just moved to this area from Fla; work in Center City, PA [07-02-1999]

Flo Cancilla, ESOL teacher [07-02-1999]

let's go!
darlene, phx 46 [07-02-1999]

Dan Stienessen, S.E. Mn. 7/21/42 Electrician [07-02-1999]

glenn stankovics, philly age28 [07-02-1999]

Thank you It is a wonder to me that this is on the net and to see it on 7-1 is really something wonderful
Barbara Edwards Clay, 60 yr. Mary Ester, Fl [07-02-1999]

Lisa Charnoski, PA, age 31 female mother [07-02-1999]

Pam Thompson, I'm 44 years old and live in New Auburn Wi. [07-02-1999]


Phyllis Nicholson, Lake Charles, La. [07-02-1999]

Camilla Ruth Grider [07-02-1999]

Kim Holland, 40 something grandma from Loganville, GA [07-02-1999]

Donna J. Yashinsky, Gilberton, PA [07-02-1999]

Ruth Lapczynski, Bushkill, pa ... Sub teacher [07-02-1999]

BarbaraDunford, female age 48 [07-02-1999]

George V. Douglas,III [07-02-1999]

Gwen, Retired from the Air Force Reserves [07-02-1999]

marcina a. kerecz, northampton, pa. 45 [07-02-1999]

Stanley Block, Born in Chicago but lived in Los Angeles for 38 years [07-02-1999]

loved the site
Mary, senior citizen [07-02-1999]

anna, iam 64yrs young and always the history of our great country. [07-02-1999]

Fourteen years ago I visited Christ Church there in Philadelphia.I saw a pew with Betsy Ross' name on a plack there.I did not know her home was open for visitors.I'd like to return and visit more sites.This site is nice until I can return to Philadelphia.
Violet Mullis, Macon,Ga I am a senior citizen. [07-02-1999]

James E. Hansen, Salem, OR, 58 yrs. young and having a great time! [07-02-1999]

I've never been to USA but I would like to know the history and as much as I can so I think that I should start with the 4th July's story. I'm very impress with Betsy Ross House.
THITAPURA, Premruedee, Thailand, 28 yrs., [07-02-1999]

Violet Mullis, Macon,Ga I am a senior citizen. [07-02-1999]

Joe Ann Daley, Vancouver WA [07-02-1999]

I love history its very intriging.
Donna Brown, Age 44 Trenton, Ontario [07-02-1999]

Heatheer McClain [07-02-1999]

Pam Davis [07-02-1999]

ross [07-02-1999]

Patty Weikes, teacher [07-02-1999]

Ireally did enjoy this information. After years of being out of school, I had forgotten a few things.
Ruby Mouton, Lafayette.La. [07-02-1999]

Linda Hoerst, I am 51 years young, and live in Cincinnati, OH [07-02-1999]

Deb-b Hutcherson, PA., 45, Female [07-02-1999]

Terrie, council bluffs, Ia 24 [07-02-1999]

Emily ann Maxey [07-02-1999]

Distant relative of Betsy Ross....what a great tribute you have!
anonymous, mobile, Al [07-02-1999]

Thank you for this site very informative
Shirley C. Stevwing, I'm a widow from Pittsburgh [07-02-1999]

I've never been East to see the natural beauty or the histo-rical sites. I love US. history and I hope to visit back East some day.
Ms. Carol Woods, Portland.Or.-grew up in Northern California [07-02-1999]

Celeste Viano, Florida [07-02-1999]

Trish Ormsbee, Portland, Ore . 97225 51 [07-02-1999]

Joan Reed, Lexington [07-02-1999]

Sherry Pierce, Madison, AL [07-02-1999]

Shari Ferguson [07-02-1999]

Donna Watsky, Annapolis, MD [07-02-1999]

Let us all be thankful for our country this Holiday weekend
Marjorie J Driscoll, special needs adoption specialist in Indiana [07-02-1999]

This site is really exciting to me. I enjoy history and this is a great way to delve into the history books. I am sure I will be back. PS I was so excited that i emailed a link to my dad.
Karen Parker, MOTHER OF TWO FROM MEDFORD,NJ [07-02-1999]

Happy 4th
Brad Hall, 8 [07-02-1999]

. I'm a widower and have 6 grown children and 7 grand-children. I'm 50 years young and really like this page. It's nice to see some of our heritage being preserved; while at the same time shared with us. Good job!
George J. Bourus, I live in San Diego, CA [07-02-1999]

Rolf Hokland, Everett, WA 54 [07-02-1999]

brittany, 10 [07-02-1999]

Mrs.LesC. Mosher, US Army Vet. Married to Maj.Les Mosher ret. We reside in Shirley,MA I'm 46 [07-02-1999]

Thank you for making this tour availabele on the net
Janice Bennett, Washington St. USA citizen born in Munich Germany to american serviceman 1953 [07-02-1999]

Lisa, Myerstown, Pennsylvania mother of 3 girls [07-02-1999]

marcelle a taylor, virginia beach, va, 54 [07-02-1999]

Sharon Vermilya, I live in Kooskia , ID [07-02-1999]

Sue Gossett, Dayton, Ohio [07-02-1999]

This may be the only tour I will have. Thanks for providing it. I hope there are more sites like this. Great for school children, too.
Karen O'Donnell Gwinner, I live in Centreville, VA., close to the Manassas battlefields. [07-02-1999]

Regina Getty, I am a nurse in Leesburg, Florida I'm 32yrs old And am proud to be an American! [07-02-1999]

Karen O [07-02-1999]

Rose Metchick, 48, upstate NY, retired telephone worker, volunteer [07-02-1999]

My birthday is July 4th. The day I was born the nurses literally presented me to my mother -wrapped in an American Flag. It's ironic -but June 14th -FLAG DAY, was my mothers birthday. Needless to say we were very patriotic. My mother died last year. But, every day at our house we fly the American Flag because my mother instilled in me the respect and love I have for this country, this flag. I feel very special to share my birthday with America. I have collected many flags and other Americana over the years. One of these days I will personally visit this site along with the city of Philadelphia. Just another task for me to do because my birthday has helped make me one lucky patriotic nephew of my Uncle Sam. Thank you. Happy Birthday America!!
Matthew Riddle, Fort Worth, Texas. 15. [07-02-1999]

Very nice web site. Good to see our flag being honored this way.
Emma Ellis, Ct. Artist [07-02-1999]

eddie hatfield, 44 live in ky [07-02-1999]

elaine brayton, I am a midwesterner, age 58. With my love of creative sewing, I feel I have something in common with Betsy Ross. [07-02-1999]

Jim James, Centerville, In [07-02-1999]

Sharon Griswold [07-02-1999]

Eric O. Williams, Jr., Olathe, Ks. 65 years young [07-02-1999]

Linda Baio, I live in Jackson, NJ [07-02-1999]

I put out a "Cracker Question" (Trivia) each day at work and in honor of the 4th, my question tomorrow will be "Why is the American Flag Red, White and blue???
Shirley Viviano, Work for Jewish Vocational Service in Southfield Michigan. [07-02-1999]

I have always felt proud whenever I heard Betsy Ross's name. Each time I see the American Flag I asways think of Betsy and what she did for our country and womenkind. Thank-you Betsy.
Mary Ann Ciesielski, Niagara Falls,NY;Reg.Nurse;Mother of 2; Married 32 yrs [07-02-1999]

Virginia Bagley, widow with 3 sons and 6 grandchildren [07-02-1999]

very historic -- very cool!!!!
Anita Atkins, from Hollywood, Florida [07-02-1999]


Michelle [07-02-1999]

I am looking forward to this virtual tour.
Kevin Binkley, Edmond,OK. 35yrs.old [07-02-1999]

Mike McWilliams, I'm a 45 year old Musician [07-02-1999]

Ronda, 42 years old; Grand Prairie, TX; music teacher [07-02-1999]

Kathy Munden [07-02-1999]

This a great educational site for children!!!!!!
Faye G, Northern NY; 55 [07-02-1999]

I'm so glad to take this tour, it's something I have never done before. Thank You Mary Harris
MARY HARRIS, Luray,Virginia [07-02-1999]

very interesting- wish there were more things like this on the internet.
Julie Blocker, Savannah, Georgia [07-02-1999]

Hester Kern, Brooksville, KY 49 years old [07-02-1999]

I am a history fan, American History my favorite. We incorporate history, patriotism, and God into our badge work and functions with American Heritage Girls. A God centered organization honoring family, and our great country.
cindy, Ohio, American Heritage Girl leader, 40ish [07-02-1999]

Shirley Ray, Retired trainer, Carrboro, NC - The Paris of the Piedmont [07-02-1999]

Cyndi Remillard, Fairhaven, Ma. age 42, avid revolutionary war buff [07-02-1999]

Deanna L Furr, Massilon, OH 44646 [07-02-1999]

This is a very interesting web site. Thank you very much for the time that I can tell was put into it.
Veronica Davis, 53 yr. old female. Live in St.Louis, Missouri [07-02-1999]

R.K.Coley [07-02-1999]

David G. Brown, Kansas City Father of 3, architect, deaf, KU grad 1987 [07-02-1999]

Yvonne Utz, Pittsburgh [07-02-1999]

sherman anderson, Student 24 yeasrs old [07-02-1999]

Thank you for commemorating this outstanding figure of American history! It's really a very interesting and exciting way to find more about American history!
Darya Ammosova, Ukrainian, aged 23 [07-02-1999]

Cathy Swoverland, Oregon [07-02-1999]

here from the home of Susan B Anthony's Birth place,The american Flag is our Freedom Banner and way too many have had bloodshed to protect her and our rights all should fly her with honor and pride in our good ole USA
Ann Pleshaw, Adams MAssachusetts [07-02-1999]

I love historical sites. so I'm sure I'll enjoy the tour.
hetty frederik, female, 69 years lives in jakarta, Indonesia [07-02-1999]

Ann E. Crimmins Unangst, Somerville, NJ [07-02-1999]


enjoyed the flag trivia and hope to visit often. looking forward to the tour
antonio dibenedetto, fall river, ma 71 yrs of age still working part time [07-02-1999]

It should be a fun tour.
Morris S. Flint, Los angeles CA [07-02-1999]

It hurt's me to see our flag used for things other than to wave proudly in the air, telling all "we are proud to be an American". Such as wearing clothes made from the USA flag. I AM PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN AND CHERISH OUR FLAG.
Millie Mobley, Texas - retired - female [07-02-1999]

Marvin Myers, Portland,Oregon [07-02-1999]

Brenda Smith, working wife, 48yrs, enjoy being on my computer [07-02-1999]

I also enjoy American history. Sorry I missed the Betsy Ross House the last time I was in Philadelphia.
Norma Fitzpatrick, 60 year old cancer survivor who loves every day. [07-02-1999]

I am a descendent of Betsy Ross. I have a newspaper clipping that gives the information on how I am a relative. I believe it was that she was my great great great grandmothers neice. However, what is really funny is that there is still a long line of "sewers" in the family...including myself. For Christmas, I am going to sew a "flag quilt" for my Aunt who is a retired history teacher!
SUSAN EISWERTH HORTON, I am 34 and live in Georgia. [07-02-1999]

I was wondering how old Betsy Ross was when she sewed the flag.
Karilynn, Victorville, Californai [07-02-1999]

T. Rawlins, Indiana [07-02-1999]

Blanch Marmion Ramirez [07-02-1999]

on independence day of 1976 ( bicentenial) i went to the parade in washington d.c. and i actually marched on said parade cause thru the rades my mom and i could not come out so the marine told us "march" and we did i gues you could say we represented mexico in the bicentenial patrade in d.c. that year i have allways been very proud of that . i have allways loved the states used to go very often and i intent to keep doing so the rest of my life God Bless AMERICA and may we allways live in PEACE a mexican that admires your people and country.... LOURDES.
LOURDES, acapulco,mexico. 36 y/old / poetry writer. american lover [07-02-1999]

Sharon Guilfoos, Indiana Resident [07-02-1999]

Annie Henry, WA [07-02-1999]

I wish that people had more respect for the flag "Old Glory", as we did in earlier years. Just looking at her still sends chills up my spine.
Joanette Rasnake, Virginia--Age 48--Married [07-02-1999]

Mary Velarde, Los alamos National Laboratory [07-02-1999]

Some day would like to see the home.
L. LaManna, Albany, New York [07-02-1999]

Jerry Kaminsky [07-02-1999]

God bless America!!!!!!!
Glenda Jackosn, age - 56 [07-02-1999]

CINDY PITTS, IRVING TX , I'M 35 [07-02-1999]

I may be Italian by birth but I am an American at heart
Pasquale Caira, Chicago Illinois Age [07-02-1999]

Bronwen Wild, Anchorage, AK; 21 years [07-02-1999]

debbra k stevens, Jacksonville, FL, United States Navy [07-02-1999]

Billie Murray, Overland Park, Kansas [07-02-1999]

Our History Is Our Foundation.
Miss. Margaret S Cormier, Waco, TX.76708. Age 35. [07-02-1999]

colleen fields, From OHIO [07-02-1999]

BYAN EZELL, DOWNEY CA, 90241 17 YRS OLD [07-02-1999]

I love America and Oklahoma!!
Nancy Braucher, tulsa, ok [07-02-1999]

I've always been interested in Betsy Ross. In 5th grade, I wrote a paly about her.
Andrea Minier, Athens, PA [07-02-1999]

JOE & HARRIS CABRERA [07-02-1999]

Sarah Pounds, Ashdown, AR 5-1/2 years old [07-02-1999]

Erik Similkier, 14/m/born in Oregon/ living in Calif. [07-02-1999]

Donna McKinley, Ebensburg [07-02-1999]

Doris, I live in Florida I am a Texan,I am an American first. [07-02-1999]

Roberto E. CarasasFigueroa, San Antonio, Tx Retired Marine (22 Years) [07-02-1999]

This is a neat way to tour. I'm enjoying it very much.
Laura L. Baker, Brookhaven, Mississippi, 39 [07-02-1999]

I love history and look forward to taking this valuable tour.
J. Amberose, Maryland, the U.S. and Caribbean [07-02-1999]

Linda & Lloyd Hodges [07-02-1999]

I very glad someone in this country is trying to preserve some of our heritage. I hope our pride in this country will be restore as well.
Harmey H. Randolph, Idabel, Okla. 45 years old and a Vetran. [07-02-1999]

Nancy L. Oakley, New Jersey, single, love historic sights and travel of all kinds [07-02-1999]

Love this country.
Carol Seveson, 48/f/born in Maine/living in Calif. [07-02-1999]

MICHAEL T, BEDARD, L.A. CA. 40. [07-02-1999]

I grew up in Philadelphia and visited the Betsy Ross House as a school boy. Thank you for helping me celebrate the 4th through your excellent site.
The Very Rev'd G. Richard Lobs III, Dean of the Cathedral Church of Saint Luke (Episcopal) in Orlando [07-02-1999]

Have seen this in person many times. It's interesting to remember what I have seen in person many times.
Megan Van Meter, Age 15 from Westville N.J. [07-02-1999]

we made a special trip to this house while travelling in the usa and what a disappointment when we arrived the house was closed
james & rita hill, st. helens merseyside united kingdom 01744 20086 [07-02-1999]

Loved to visit
Anita, grew up in Philly and moved to NJ when I got married [07-02-1999]

How interesting of a lady (and a tough personal life she had
Tammy Prentiss, single 35 [07-02-1999]

We learned about Betsy in school and could not wait to visit this site. It's great.
Andrew Lordi & Darren Liwen, Ages 6 & 9 [07-02-1999]

Joyce A. Cline & Samantha K. Gunter, Tennessee [07-02-1999]

Long May She Wave, The Red White and Blue, Tried and True! I'm originally from Baton Rouge, La.
GM2 Weimer, Brian J., Norfolk Naval Station, 41, Active Duty Navy, Part of Color Guard for the base. [07-02-1999]

In my 28 yrs of living 20 minutes from the Betsy Ross house, I don't think I've ever toured it. One of these days, I will tour the area.
Phil, Cinnaminson, NJ 28 [07-02-1999]


Ansel Flanery, 60 Yrs Old, Hart, Michigan [07-02-1999]

Mary Akin [07-02-1999]

The information concerning the flag and its meanings is inspirational.
Denise Key, Marietta, Ga. , 29, mother of 2 [07-02-1999]

She was awesome!
Billy Christopher Maupin, Campbellsville, Kentucky 18, male....College Student, Performer [07-02-1999]

JoAnne Simacek-Hillyer, I live in Minnesota [07-02-1999]

CoolGirl1052, CoolGirl [07-02-1999]

Natalie Zalinski, married female 33,native californian [07-02-1999]

Heidi Price [07-02-1999]

It's great to know that information about flags, Betsy Ross, etc. is available on the internet. Thanks!
Wendy M. Holladay, Valley Forge, PA [07-02-1999]

Diana Kowalski, I live in Moorhead, MN and I'm 43 years old [07-02-1999]

William A. Smith, Jr., Harrisburg, Pa. [07-02-1999]

Been here, done that a couple times....I always like the tour..
Mary Whelan, Philadelphia, Pa....19147 [07-02-1999]

Glen Manis, Own a Excavation Company. am 59 and happily Married to a lovely lady Named Laura and have been for 31 years . Love to read about the history of our country . [07-02-1999]

Sharon Seal, Humble, TX; 33 yrs [07-02-1999]


Barbara, Homemaker, love history, especially the TRUE history of our nation [07-02-1999]

great history lesson.
Anita Parma, Mesa, Az [07-02-1999]

Donna Bortz, Renton WA 44 [07-02-1999]

The flag isn't just a symbol, many Americans gave their lives so that we may live in freedom.
Frank B. Potemra, U.S. Marine Corp, Vietnam Veteran [07-02-1999]

I would love to someday see this in person, it's looks very interesting.
Chris Peters, Seattle, WA ; 33 yrs old; work in aviation [07-02-1999]

There is no place like the United States of America where we have the freedom that other countries don't have and to this, I'm proud to say, I'm an American and I honor the American Flag which to me signifies FREEDOM. But, we only attained this freedom by our Lord and Savior, who died on the Cross for us all. He chose us before we even knew HIM. Sincerely, Brenda E. Chance
Brenda E. Chance, Nederland, Texas--age 55 [07-02-1999]

George Mayfield, Carrollton, Alabama, age 68 [07-02-1999]

John Celinski, Pennsylvania. Age 35. [07-02-1999]

I have visited the Betsy Ross House in person, but I am enjoying a second glance via the internet! Thank you for the is wonderful!
Jennifer Warf, Age 29, Bloomington, Indiana. [07-02-1999]

I had forgotten what the flag represented so it was great to learn it again and quiz my kids. Nicely done... :-)
Nadine DuBay, Live in Boston, also full of History. [07-02-1999]

Cynthia Ellison, 50 year old living in San Antonio [07-02-1999]

Robin Folden, Tampa, FL [07-02-1999]

I love talking to people Talk to me!
Rachel, I am 12 years old and full of laughs. Floyd Virginia [07-02-1999]

Laurie Hare, Virginia [07-02-1999]

Jeffrey C. Isherwood, Rome, NY [07-02-1999]

Rachel [07-02-1999]

Rock on America!
Hasley, 22 [07-02-1999]

Brett Hurt, Beverly Hills, CA [07-02-1999]

signed guest book after tour. Really enjoyed it.
SARAH JORDAN, 36 yr. old black female, Moultrie,Ga. 31768 [07-02-1999]

Thank you for the education.
Lois M. LeMenager, Interested in our country. [07-02-1999]

I remember the fun of visiting The Ross house as a kid growing up in Phila.
ROE SCOLERI, Glassboro, New Jersey [07-02-1999]

Debbie Porter, Glencoe, Oklahoma [07-02-1999]

I remember the fun of visiting The Ross house as a kid growing up in Philda.
ROE SCOLERI, Glassboro, New Jersey [07-02-1999]

Penny, A Bowling Green, KY native. [07-02-1999]

May America abide in God's will to become stronger and stronger as time goes by!
LENOLD GUERRIER, West Palm Beach, Fl 36 years old [07-02-1999]

My Mother was financeial secitary of old Christ Church right up from Betsy Ross house .I only saw it from the outside.
Dale Lonsdale, Wilburton Pa. 66yrs. [07-02-1999]

Therese Arthur, Wappingers Falls, NY [07-02-1999]

God bless America!! God bless babies!!especially when they come in two's...
Julie Contrucci, grandmother of twins [07-02-1999]

Cheryl L. Ross, Antlers, Oklahoma , owner of The Antlers News and Push. County Times [07-02-1999]


Everyone should take a few minutes, to remember all our country has been through, and the men and women's lives it has taken to get where we are be it good or bad. I love my Country and Flag. Thanks for this web site.
Davelyn Burrous, Glendale AZ [07-02-1999]

Larry Burns [07-02-1999]

Thank you for this wonderful web site. Hope to visit in person soon.
Royline Bruce Orr, Fort Worth, TX, Nurse Practitioner, Riverside Clinic [07-02-1999]

I'm a grandmother of 11 and love to teach the "gkids" about American history.
Joan Anderson, Live in Woodbridge, VA [07-02-1999]

It all sounds interesting-I can't wait to view it. Thank you for this opportunity to do so!
Joanna M. Trani, 40 years old, I live in Hillsborough, NJ I am married with 4 children. [07-02-1999]

monica marez, Houston, TX [07-02-1999]

Michele Moreno, Alabama [07-02-1999]

I visited this home in July 1997. I truly enjoyed it!
Sara Richey, Tucson, AZ [07-02-1999]

Kathleen Jeffery, Philadelphia, 51, amateur seamstress [07-02-1999]

Itzhak Yeret, Israel , Qiryat-Yam [07-02-1999]

Desiree Cummins, California, 26, married, Army wife [07-02-1999]

Cheryl Goemmer, 18 with 21 years experience, Converse,Tx [07-02-1999]

Robyn Kennerson, La Habra, CA 41 Yrs. old [07-02-1999]

Jeanmarie, NC, 52 [07-02-1999]

Alvis Wilson, Maryville, TN [07-02-1999]

Nice, educational site.
D. Rawson, A Texan living in Portland, Oregon [07-02-1999]

Thank you for making history so accessible!
Dona Smallwood, Reston, VA [07-02-1999]

William F. Benca, Detroit, MI [07-02-1999]

dennis r stahlecker, nebraska; 45 years old; married [07-02-1999]

SANDY,, PENNA. [07-02-1999]

Dale Kenoe, Chicago, IL, age 45 - Married 19 years, two children & a dog [07-02-1999]

Really nice site.
Alecia Johnson [07-02-1999]

I'm going to be Betsy Ross for the Fourth of July.
Maggie Schoenfeld, I'm 9. [07-02-1999]

Ty Barton, Born and raised in IL, living in TX. Age 31, male. [07-02-1999]

Brian Fisk, S. Florida, 32 [07-02-1999]

I wish more people were aware of our American FLAG HISTORY.
Donald Sempson, Lake Elsinore, CA , age 66 , Retired [07-02-1999]

I think this is neat to have on the internet because it's interesting. I think betsy Ross is some body for the kids now days to learn and teach about. PEACE .... Tonia
Tonia Meers, St. Joseph MO, 17 and lived here all my life. [07-02-1999]

Lauren Curlew, Orlando, FL age 21 [07-02-1999]

Robin Dickson [07-02-1999]

Lauren, florida [07-02-1999]

ROBERTA MCNEIL, Married, 5 children,work fulltime,live in chicago area [07-02-1999]

I bet Betsy Ross was a good person and if she was still alive I would thank her for our flag.
Heather James, age 9 maryland [07-02-1999]

Kathy Ehrhardt, Pennsylvania [07-02-1999]

Shannon Scherzer, Texas, 27 [07-02-1999]

Love the USA
Phil Zumwalt, 64 St lOUIS mo [07-02-1999]

Denise Keener [07-02-1999]

Live in South Carolina; been to Philadelphia but always business related and never have seen the Betsy Ross House, the Liberty Bell, the U.S. Mint and other historical attractions. Hopefully, will have the opportunity to visit the city. one day.
J. Lloyd Crowe, Retired male, age is 70, taught school,but retired from mfg. [07-02-1999]

Mary Helen Lee, 49 year old living in Refugio, Texas [07-02-1999]

Cheryl McCracken, I work at CH2M Hill as an ADMIN, I'm 51 [07-02-1999]

LUCIEN EMOND, DESERT HOT SPRINGS CA. 92241-8207 [07-02-1999]

Briana Douglas, 28YRS OLD, I live in Center City Philadelphia [07-02-1999]

Richard Wagner, Pittsburgh, PA 15210 [07-02-1999]

I visited you 35 years ago. We had a wonderful time.
Barbara Q. Smith, Killeen, Texas [07-02-1999]

I've worked for the Government & very Patriotic and interested in such a wonderful, strong woman.
Carol Knipp, Alexandria, VA [07-02-1999]

Love visiting this site. Glad I found it so close to July 4. Want to go back o Philedelphia, now that I know where Betsy's home is there.
Judith Medbury, wfe/retired army Capt./mother/1Ssgt,USAF,1Ssgt,Air guard, home in NH,Patriotic to the max. [07-02-1999]

I am student at West Valley College and Betsy Ross is my current assignment
Barbara Jean Jackson, San Jose, CA. United States [07-02-1999]

brenda aucoin, Cajun/58 years old/ reveiwing history for my grandchildren [07-02-1999]

Very nice to read about the start of our Country,take"s me back too my schooling day.
Wilfred J.Ouellette, From Woonsocket,R.I. 02895 [07-02-1999]

well i'm a brit but america totally rocks!! and so does this website!!!
emily leggatt, 16, woking, surrey, england [07-02-1999]

Now I can travel without ever leaving the house. Thank you for this site!
Debby Stanton, Sand Springs, OK 74063 [07-02-1999]

i visited the house back in Fall 1991. I loved it and the area. Too bad Texas is not closer to visit more often.
Connie Crocker, Texas [07-02-1999]

tonna grubb, i live in sturgis michigan [07-02-1999]

Ann Wright, Plano TX [07-02-1999]

Really enjoy the history page on all historians. Thank you.
Rose Langham, From town of Indiana, PA, age: 35; Married and have 2 boys and one girl. [07-02-1999]

Tracy H. Gonzales, Gonzales, LA 34 Y/O third grade teacher [07-02-1999]

carolann gargano, uas [07-02-1999]

Thanks for such a wonderful and educational site.
Marc Conquest [07-02-1999]

Linda Richardson, Orange, TX [07-02-1999]

David E. Bruckman, Omaha, NE [07-02-1999]

Connie Kuzma [07-02-1999]

Lynda N. Thompson, Elementary School teacher [07-02-1999]

I went with my family to see Betsy Ross's House when I was 9 years old. It's a trip I will hold near and dear to my heart forever. Thank you for giving me the chance to relive that experience thru the computer age.
Erin Boylen, Norwood, MA - Age 30 [07-02-1999]

Very interesting!
Patrick J Welsh [07-02-1999]

This is a nice place to visit history. This makes Ross feel like someone that you would of liked to have known. Theora
Theora Fillinger, Harts, WV 25524 I'm 58, and live in the country. [07-02-1999]

Cheryl Clayville, 37 years old, currently residing in Salt Lake City, UT [07-02-1999]

Bonnie McCarthy, 44 years old Central Square NY [07-02-1999]

nancy colbert, I live in upsate Ny. I am a mother & grandmother. [07-02-1999]

Technical Sergeant Marc E. LaMontagne, Professional Military Education Instructor, Pope AFB, NC [07-02-1999]

This is a testament that women DID help to shape our young country.
Wanda Taylor, 1436 Ficklin Corsicana, Texas 75110 30 yrs. old [07-02-1999]


We took a tour two years ago. Took out grandchildren to see the Besty Ross House. They just loved it.
Pat & Ed Pashley, LIved in N.J. for 34 yrs.-moved to Ca.have lived here for 20yrs.We have three children and three grandchildren. And are having our 36th anniversary on the 6th of July [07-02-1999]

JUNE BICE [07-02-1999]

Ronnie G. Fender, Texas [07-02-1999]

Rachel, I live in Flordia and I'm 25 years old. [07-02-1999]

A wonderful site, THE place to visit prior to July 4th, Every Year, in order to marvel again at the creation of the symbol of our country, our honored dead, the hope that our country is larger than all or any of the politicians we elect to guide us.
Jim Hawkins, Nashville,TN / Age: 54 / Native USA:TX:Jacksboro / Was a member of the US Army Band & Chorus, Ft. Myer,VA ('69-73) [07-02-1999]

JODI BROOKS, CALIFORNIA, 32 [07-02-1999]

Happy Fourth of July!!!!
Karen [07-02-1999]

Lauren and Bruce Devonshire [07-02-1999]

Took my daughter's Girl Scout troup to PA to visit all the hitorical sights in the 80's. Great web sight. Thanks for the live history.
Karen Taylor, 53 year old "grandma", living in Durham, NC., [07-02-1999]

Melissa Lordi - Liwen, Age:29 I live in Hatboro, PA [07-02-1999]

brandon bailey, Is intrested in this website [07-02-1999]

Lois Ridley [07-02-1999]

diane and lesia minor [07-02-1999]

DEB BAILEY [07-02-1999]

Julie Christie [07-02-1999]

Tifini, im 15... from texas... and im a CUTIE [07-02-1999]

I enjoy having the opprotunity to show my grandchildren things that I haven't seen since elementary school in Philadelphia
Robert L. Winfield, 58 yr old native Philadelphian currentlt living in Virginia [07-02-1999]

April Byrd, HOllywood, CA [07-02-1999]

Rosa Rosato, Mother [07-02-1999]

Lori Kennedy, Teacher in Oklahoma [07-02-1999]

Debra LeGrand [07-02-1999]

What a great way to help summer school students celebrate the 4th!!
John McVey, North School Librarian, K-5, Tracy, CA 95376 [07-02-1999]

Connie Faye Jones, 51 yrs old-Tulsa,OK-grandmother of 3 [07-02-1999]

Carmela Corral, Long Beach I'am 11 years old [07-02-1999]

Is it true that she wanted a pinkish color for the flag?
Rebecca Uribe., Long Beach, 10 years old,10-24-88(birthday) [07-02-1999]

big boy [07-02-1999]

Have an ancester named Betsy Ross, but don't think they are one and the same. Just curious, both lived in Pennsylvania.
Marge Blank, interested in genealogy [07-02-1999]

Martha Eddleman, JACKSON,MISSISSIPPI [07-02-1999]

Visited the house on vacation in 1991. Thought it would be fun to see it on the computer.
Karen Nickoli, Primary Teacher [07-02-1999]

I love America.
Tina Deforge, Raleigh,nc 32, [07-02-1999]

Brenda M Vickers, TN 39 [07-02-1999]

May you have a safe and HAPPY 4th of and all. signed; Sal the Juice
Salvador Sanchez, Salinas Ca. [07-02-1999]

Darin Russell, Tatum, TX [07-02-1999]

Cyndi, 50 , South Louisiana [07-02-1999]

So far, it has been real' interesting!
Frank Paradowski, Milwaukee, WI, 56, whatever [07-02-1999]

Mike Beasley [07-02-1999]

my favorite season of the year is summer for the red white and blue. my house is full of it and so is the yard. by my birth date you can see why i like flag day.
donna f clune, b/date 6-14-54 [07-02-1999]

Lest we never forget the sacrifices made for our future
Michael V. Bazis, Coast Guardsmen, 39yrs, patriotic [07-02-1999]

janet ross, thomas pa.17252 [07-02-1999]

Cheryl Downey, Valley View, TX [07-02-1999]

Don and Linda Carver, Hickory, NC ages 54 and 48 respectively [07-02-1999]

Darlene Anderson [07-02-1999]

trying to find out as much information that I can to help run a trip to visit all historic places in philadelphia.
joan ayala, involved with older girl programming @ washington Rock girl scout council [07-02-1999]

Several years ago I took a tour of Betsy Ross's house but I thought it would be fun to do it this way too.
Collene Reeves, I live in southwestern PA. [07-02-1999]

I love historical sites!
Mary Kay Mullarkey, Teach 3rd grade [07-02-1999]

Laurel Herbst, Port Washington, Wi. [07-02-1999]

Carol Miller, A.P. at Chgo. Pub. Schools - Mitchell Elementary [07-02-1999]

I am just trying to get some ideas for celebrating the 4th of July with my family. I want to pass down some stories to my children about the early years.
karen white, columbus, ohio 38 years old [07-02-1999]

Nicole Harter, Sandy,Ut. 16 years old. [07-02-1999]

A great site.
Mary Anderson, Omaha Ne. Retired and loving it. [07-02-1999]

I would love to convince my boss we should have a flag outside of our office (we're a County office)
Virginia Cotterill [07-02-1999]

Renee E. Meyers, I am from Broadview Hts. OH and I am 22 [07-02-1999]

Ginger Tillison, 25 [07-02-1999]

Julie Chapko, I live in Michigan, I am 41 and have 2 beautiful daughters [07-02-1999]

Some day I will go here in person! For now it will have to be through the Internet!
Lorraine Concilio, Wesley Chapel , Florida [07-02-1999]


The Thomas Family [07-02-1999]

Maryann Drabelis, Minneapolis, Minnesota [07-02-1999]

Betty Shields, Princeton, WV [07-02-1999]

Thank you ever so much for putting so much work and effort in on this fabulous site. I thank you not for just the enjoyment, but for the educational benefit.
Janet Bradley, I'm a 47 yr. old female, I live in Pasadena,Tx [07-02-1999]

Ann Mickey [07-02-1999]

Our family will be visiting Tuesday, July 13th. We are looking forward to visiting the Betsy Ross Home.
Marsha Mott, Clear Lake, IA [07-02-1999]


Sherry Weinreich, 44, Burlinton, IA [07-02-1999]

Fascinating. It was interesting to learn a little bit of your history.
Donna Alford, Cambridge, England UK [07-02-1999]

Studing Betsy Ross and representing her in our Fouth of July celebration at our church on Sunday morning. We are located in Addison, IL - Calvary United Pentecostal Church. Everybody is welcome to come.
Joan C. Danielson, Villa Park, IL - 60 - God Bless America is my prayer. [07-02-1999]

LuAnn Sampson [07-02-1999]

Nancy [07-02-1999]

Found this as a result of American history sites published in our paper to celebrate Independence Day. Will pass this along to friends. We have many reasons to celebrate if we learn from all our mistakes and strive to improve. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your part in sharing our history.
Lynne, Served in USN 3ys.& spouse finished up at 30yrs. [07-02-1999]

J Mahar, CT, 33, Academic Enrichment Teacher [07-02-1999]

Cheryln Hogan, Cordova, Tennessee, 54 yrs. old, [07-02-1999]

Thank you very much for this site. I hope to enjoy this tour and learn alot. This came to me at just the right time just before the 4th of July. Thanks again.
Dena, homeschool mom in Oklahoma [07-02-1999]

Malissa Crawford, 22 [07-02-1999]

Melanie Becker [07-02-1999]

I only learned recently while in Marion SC, that prior to WW1, if we were at war during the time a flag was made, the Union was against a red stripe instead of the white stripe as it has been for all these years.
Bradford S. Yeomans, Military (Retired) 62, I love our Flag [07-02-1999]


Theresa McKennon [07-02-1999]

Dressing my 6 yr old as Betsy Ross for our July 4th parade. Great site! Loved the tour!
Kathie Cook, 6th gr teacher Cheraw, SC [07-02-1999]

I am previewing a website called trackstar that helps students answer questions using the internet.
karen gingrich, teacher [07-02-1999]

Looking for social studies ideas...especially about famous american women.
Mary Ann Bognar, teacher [07-02-1999]

Frank M. Boynton, Miami Florida student at Florida International University [07-02-1999]

Beth Adler [07-02-1999]

We are studying American Pride this week. We are looking forward to our virtual tour of Betsy Ross's house.
Primrose School of Hall-Johnson, Explorer Club - Grades Kindergarten thru 3rd [07-02-1999]

I am a home school mom and came across your website through the curriculum that I will be using this fall with my two children. I would like to order a "Betsy Ross Flag", so I hope that your "store" will be open again soon.
Christy Chester, Nashville, Tennessee [07-02-1999]

Sandra Udry, 45, Administrative Assistant [07-02-1999]

Tracy, 30 [07-02-1999]

The Anthony Montgomery family [07-02-1999]

rocco pelosi, austin, texas . . . 53 years old . . . born on Galveston Island, Tx [07-02-1999]

Jason Kubes, Tempe, AZ; 22 years old [07-02-1999]

I have been in the house in the 60's
Bertha Strakes [07-02-1999]

Great Ideal and page with lots of wonderful information. I have made a link on my featured page for Independence day, thank you for sharing your lovely site!
Blueyes and JD, KY, 26 & 27 [07-02-1999]

Looking for info on flag history for Boy Scout Camporee & came across your site. Very helpful. Thank You.
Linda Clark, Warwick RI. 57 yrs old. Involved w/BSA [07-02-1999]

Our summer reading program is interested in reading and learning about our U.S. flag. We thank you for your valuable information.
Mary Reurink, Wayland, Michigan [07-02-1999]

Renee Surgeon, Idaho [07-02-1999]

C. J. VanHorn, Adult Female in N. W. Ohio [07-02-1999]

Cindy, Georgia, 32 [07-02-1999]

Do you have any costume patterns? If so please make them avalible.
Samantha Richardson, I'm 12 yrs. old I come from Oklahoma City but I'm recently living in Gainesville, FL . And I lllooovvveee history!!!!!!!! [07-02-1999]

Leesa Fawson, 22, live in Utah [07-02-1999]

great site so colorful and informative
maureen carroll, 61 year old female interested in life [07-02-1999]

We named our dog Betsy Ross Benton and we wanted to visit the web site and learn everything there is to know about this wonderful woman.
Dana Benton, Female 34, Odessa, TX [07-02-1999]


Donald Ashburn, Rowell, GA [07-02-1999]

Debbie Bond, Columbia, Missouri--I hunting info for second graders in summer school for a Fourth of July celebration [07-02-1999]

Laurie Lentz, 37 married two children [07-02-1999]

My husband and I were trying to find information on correctly folding the Flag. Thanks to you, we found it.
Judith Krist, Sebastopol, California [07-02-1999]

Love History, going to Philadelphia for MPI meeting
Jim McAvoy, Tucson , 36 [07-02-1999]

I visited the house about 10 years ago. I remember being very inpressed with the displays and the house itself. Is my memory correct - smething about a fountain or statue of a cat? I'll have to check on my virtual visit.
Carole Cohen, Live in suburb of NYC. In my mid 50's, work with developmentally disabled adults. [07-02-1999]

Tyrone Elrod, Summitville, TN [07-02-1999]

This is great. I have visited Washington D.C. several times but have not had the opportunity to visit Philadelphia. Thank you very much.
Joan Holland, California [07-02-1999]

Mishell Costello, use to live in Philadelphia moved back to So. Cal [07-02-1999]

Coolio135, Mississippi [07-02-1999]

Monica Breedlove, Secretary, Natchitoches, LA [07-02-1999]

Pat Autrey, teacher [07-02-1999]

Kelli Grund, homemaker. age 24 [07-02-1999]

Great virtual tour. Entered because we are planning a few days in Phila during July to visit historical sites. Great info.!
Sandi Kuprevich, Levittown PA [07-02-1999]

Jen Tenn, I'm 32 [07-02-1999]

Paula Vinson [07-02-1999]

I hope to visit the house this next week.
Dave Anspaugh [07-02-1999]

Barry L. Davis, retired Hearing Officer State of California Labor Commissioner [07-02-1999]

What a treat to read about Betsy Ross. Too many times during the school year I depend on a "3rd grade" point of view (we read/report out on lots of biographies). This time I can learn and then share with my students. They always love to hear solid facts and historical trivia.
Cynthia Carter, 3rd grade teacher, California [07-02-1999]

Jennifer Tippets, Utah, 18, and a college student at Weber state University [07-02-1999]

Sheila Borges, Brazil - 34 - Teacher [07-02-1999]

Rmadle [07-02-1999]


I'm taking a summer class, "Internet For Teachers", and found your site very interesting.
patricia hill, charlotte,nc 4th grade teacher [07-02-1999]

P. Wert, Mechanicsburg, Pa [07-02-1999]

I have visited Betsy's house and I like this web site.
Megan McGarry, Boyertown, PA. 11.5 years 6th Grade. [07-02-1999]

Franz Golbeck [07-02-1999]

Beverly Nachimson, New York City [07-02-1999]

Very informative and educational.
Sylvia M. Gillard, Santa Maia, CA 93455-5151 [07-02-1999]

Thank you for making this website available.
Michelle Bingham, westland, MI 30yrs. old, 2 kids, Pampered Chef kitchen consultant [07-02-1999]

Harriet Farina, New York City [07-02-1999]

Stephen Wright, California, educator [07-02-1999]

It has been about thirty years since I had a tour of the home, so I just wanted to visit it again by internet. Thank you.
Judith Johnson, Emmetsburg, Iowa 50536 [06-29-1999]

SHARON EMERY, massachusetts [06-29-1999]

Jennifer Queener, Tennessee, 24, I love the USA [06-24-1999]

Jennifer Laabs, 4th grade teacher [06-24-1999]

Sandy K.Miller, Live in Missouri Ozarks Region [06-24-1999]

I love history. What a wonderful time we live in when technology allows me to take virtual tours of places I would love to see, and to take classes over the internet
Shonna Payne, Utah resident, 40 years of age, returning to school [06-24-1999]

Tiffany Chrisman, 19 years old [06-24-1999]

Just love the site.
Laura Sue Smith, Glenwood UT 41 [06-24-1999]

I'm trying to find out which star represents New Jersey on the original flag, and I stumbled upon this site.
catherine smith, New Jersey, looking up flag info. for a friend at work [06-24-1999]

Melanie Mixson [06-24-1999]

Angela Willson, I had to do a biography on Betsy Ross i am 9 years old and live in michigan [06-24-1999]

Linda T. Fears, Elementary School Librarian, Pre-k to 4th, Halifax,Virginia [06-24-1999]

MARION BROWN, UTAH, 44 [06-24-1999]

Andi, age 13 [06-23-1999]

I am a second grade teacher. I teach about Betsy Ross. The next time we study Betsy Ross, my class will visit this site.
Sylvia McClure, I live in Indianaplis, IN. [06-23-1999]

Hello to all in PA
Michael Hawkins, Utah [06-23-1999]

Just love the site. That you very much.
Laura Sue Smith, Glenwood UT 41 [06-23-1999]

Katherine Erickson [06-23-1999]

Jeff Gerike, michigan City IN [06-23-1999]

James Morgan, Ogden Utah [06-23-1999]

Cameron Garner, Washington state, 21, student [06-23-1999]

Blake Hanson, I'm 24, originally from Conrad, MT. Going to school in Ogden, Ut. [06-22-1999]

Gail Salha, Madison WI [06-22-1999]

We came to the house last summer, I thought I'd re-tour. Just for fun.
Tina Llopis, Teacher-Norman Public Schools, Okla [06-22-1999]

Thanks for showing me around!
Mrs. L. Bly, Educator from Va. [06-22-1999]

cristy sanner [06-22-1999]

I teach kindergarten. We study Betsy Ross in our class.
Phyllis Johnson, I live on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. [06-22-1999]

Carol Hafle, Female, 62,West Alexandria,Ohio 45381 [06-22-1999]

This is great. What an fascinating insight into history. Thank for the time and effort spent in creating this for the enjoyment and education of others.
Linda Loveland, 21-year-old college student [06-22-1999]

My chapter puts out the Betsy Ross for Mem.Day and have been told by our flag distributor we can no longer get this flag as as there is no demand for it.How delighted I am to see that it is still available.My C.A.R.uses it for all our activities and were saddened to think we wouldn't be able to continue to display it.Thank you for making it available. Iva Arpin
Iva Alexander Arpin, D.A.R.from Conn. [06-22-1999]

I visited this home when I was in Junior High. It brought back images I just tried to remember.
Heidi Goff, NewPlymouth, Idaho Age 30 [06-22-1999]

Chris Pickett, American History teacher [06-22-1999]

Teri Olson, Salt Lake city student [06-21-1999]

Carrie Jacobs [06-21-1999]

jimmy harris [06-21-1999]

Tudor Billings, 10 years old living in Seattle, Wa USA [06-21-1999]

V. James, Amelia County Elementary School teacher of Grade 2 [06-21-1999]

D Arrington, Georgia [06-21-1999]

I am a student at Weber State University and this is one of our assignments.
Brook Lyons [06-21-1999]

Randall R. Rossilli, Jr., New Jersey, 31 Educator [06-21-1999]

Angela Hughes [06-21-1999]

Wonderful site. I'm sure I'll be returning many times. Thanks!
Kim McCombs, Michigan preschool teacher [06-21-1999]

Kim McCombs, Michigan preschool teacher [06-21-1999]

Betsy, How many flags did you have to make? Did you really sew them by hand?
Karlie Hoyer, Savanna IL 8 yrs. very nice girl!!! [06-21-1999]

Russell Bacon, Shelton, conn. [06-21-1999]

I am looking forward to viewing history, not nesserily from my books of the 40's & 50's.
nancy hottes, Southern Illinois, 61 [06-21-1999]

Jerry Brawley, Retired, 61 yrs. old, St.Louis, MO. [06-21-1999]

Pam Stephens, 55 So. Calif. [06-21-1999]

Rose Bess, Stafford, TX [06-21-1999]

Donna Minnick, Vallejo, CA. [06-21-1999]

My husband and I are planning to visit Philadelphia at the end of the month. Are planning to visit the Historic District. We are looking forward to it.
Bernice Johnson, From Findlay, Ohio [06-21-1999]

I am doing a report on the american flag and I was just looking for facts conserning the sewing of the flag.
Lynn Nunley, Deltona Fl [06-21-1999]

when i was once in a play and i was betsy ross it was fun to learn about her and her family !!
Betsy Baker, i loved to come see what the house looks like [06-21-1999]

christy osteen, lanett alabama [06-21-1999]

Besides my family, I thiink that the American flag is the most beautiful thing in the world and the most precious.
N. Chapell [06-21-1999]

P King [06-21-1999]

i found out things i did not know.
mark green, fla 41 looking for info [06-21-1999]

Thank you.
Annette Wolf, University of Texas at Austin [06-21-1999]

Sarah Horn, From Milwaukee, WI Age 19 [06-21-1999]

Evan and Austin Duda, Evan is 10 years old. Austin is 7. We both homeschool. [06-21-1999]

Jeannette Cadwallader, Born in Philly, now live in Maryland [06-21-1999]

Eloise Meredith, Augusta, Georgia [06-21-1999]


I found this site while looking for home-school ideas.
Jill Riffe, Kentucky [06-21-1999]

George C. Bennett, Sterling Heights, MI [06-21-1999]

Mahaffy Family, Pulaski NY [06-21-1999]

PS Caywood [06-21-1999]

brandi lockwood, home schooled christian student, age 16 [06-21-1999]

jessica ouellet, connecticut, 9 yrs old. doing a biography on Betsy Ross [06-21-1999]

J. Edward Hunter, Reside in Warwick, RI. Retired engineer. History buff [06-21-1999]

Emily Ackerberg [06-21-1999]

Carol, teacher of gr. 2 [06-21-1999]

I am developing a unit on the Revolutionary War for my 4/5 Multiage classroom. I am hoping this site will be one that my students will be interested in visiting. I am sure it will prove to be valuable to them.
Jan K. Freund, Crystal Lake, Illinois [06-21-1999]

Hal Becker, Houston,58 [06-21-1999]

donna erhardt, patchogue, New York [06-21-1999]

Richard Anderson, 15 from NE Philly [06-21-1999]

Christine Harris, New York City [06-21-1999]

The Johnson family, Indiana [06-21-1999]

Myra Nicolaus, 4th grade teacher [06-21-1999]

Enjoyed the cyber tour, visited there early 70's.
Vanessa, live in North Alabama, 46 [06-21-1999]

I toured the Betsy Ross house as a teen-ager and was fasinated.
Kim VanAuken, Texas [06-21-1999]

I think that it's great that we had true americans back then to preserve the things we appreciate today. thank-you
Michael Stein, Ogden,Utah 25yrs. old college student [06-21-1999]

June Chesky, Columbus, WI age 59 [06-21-1999]

What a terrifice web site.
T Palmer, School teacher [06-21-1999]

anonymous, teacher [06-21-1999]

damion messick, slc, 23 [06-21-1999]

wanda smith [06-21-1999]

Sherry Rakestraw & Reed Spiers, Liberty, Texas [06-21-1999]

I love history. coming soon to your historical city.
cynthia h. stacey, Colorado Springs, CO [06-21-1999]

Amy Marie Warren [06-21-1999]


your website is sweet its chilllin' history rules
matt smith, im cool and i have a house [06-21-1999]

Betsy Ross Rules!!!!!!!
Joseph Calaceto, Confidential!! [06-21-1999]


maxwell jackson, 33 [06-21-1999]

You 're website is very cool i guess except it could use some videos or games
Victoria Fiorenze, 1815 Adaladie Ct.Age10 [06-21-1999]

we are taking your tour!
peter,james,Chris,michelle, all 10 [06-21-1999]


This is terrific! I am so happy to see this on the internet. It is so sad that Americans do not know what our Independance Day is all about. And, why it is so very important we fight to perserve it here and worldwide. God still blesses America. I am so proud to be an American. This is still the greatest country in the world! Stand by Her! I am so glad that I went to school in an era that the Pledge of Alleigence was not considered against anyone's civil rights. But, a patrotic symbol and joyful experience...a moment of pride in who we are. Perhaps we need to believe those words, again.
P. E. Litteral, Age 42 and devout American who says"Love it or leave it!" [06-21-1999]

Helen L. Foreman, Rayne, La. Age 64 Widow, mother of 3, grandmother of 5. [06-21-1999]

Great Site so far, whoever keeps this up has major talent.
Jaclyn King, UTAH, 18, WSU student, premed major [06-21-1999]

Shari Allred, Orlando, FL, 39, interested in history [06-21-1999]

Can't wait to see the real thing next week! Thanks for the Preview!
Kaylene Stoddard, Provo, UT visiting Philadelphia in a week [06-21-1999]

The history of the flag is expremely interesting. However, can someone tell me the meaning for the way the American Flag is folded?
Suzanne Ouellette, Massachusetts [06-21-1999]

Joseph r. Baker, New Jersey [06-21-1999]

If there isn't a picture of her in here and you have one,please write back and tell me how to get it.
Julie Hollingworth, 26 looking for a picture to make a costume [06-21-1999]

As an organizational leader of our community 4-H club, I have obtained so much information on the American Flag and other areas. I will share this information with my 4-H members.
Patt Welsh, I reside in Kearneysville, WV [06-21-1999]

Debbie Flynn, Tempe, AZ [06-21-1999]

lisa Gray, hazlet n.j. [06-21-1999]

Sandy Bauer, Beulah, ND [06-21-1999]

joann gano, Iowa [06-21-1999]

Great to see an educational web page that we teachers can use with our kids!
Dana Kickler, San Antonio, 25 [06-21-1999]

Thank you for the wonderful tour. I am not a real historian but Besty was one heck of a woman.
Karen Ruth Hill, Atlanta, Georgia [06-21-1999]

amanda o'dell [06-21-1999]

I was a Flag chairman for my DAR chapter for a few years, but have always been inspired by our Flag since a child & my grandfather giving me a Flag on 4th of July.I was happy to find your web-site and enjoying it all! thank you!
Mrs. Catherine (Huffman)Watkins, Henry county, In. 83 years old [06-21-1999]

just want to take a tour, thanks.
Therese Shaw, nevada, age 34 [06-21-1999]

Hilton, NJ [06-21-1999]

The Keenans [06-21-1999]

My class enjoyed seeing your site on Flag Day. Thanks!
Beth Robinson, 3rd grade teacher Woodinville, WA [06-21-1999]

Virginia [06-14-1999]

We loved making the star!
Vee Family, Homeschool Family in FL [06-14-1999]

Tugboat, 12 [06-14-1999]

Trenton Combs, Autin,In. 11 [06-14-1999]

Tracey, Mansfield Missouri ,12, [06-14-1999]

Tinisha Bowles, Austin IN I am ten years old [06-14-1999]

Tiffany Wilson, age 10 [06-14-1999]

My boys and I are celebrating Flag Day and thought a visit to Betsy Ross's house would be quite appropriate for today.
The McHale's, Monticello, Il [06-14-1999]

I loved this site! It is very educational. I think my students will thoroughly enjoy the information about the history of the flag and Betsy Ross.
Sharlene Moore, Massachusetts, 26, teacher [06-14-1999]

Samantha Butler, Hartwood, VA 10 [06-14-1999]

sally vallery, nc [06-14-1999]

when i was a child in elem. school,I was taught a song about Betsy Ross.I still sing it. Ican remember Arch St.but the house was on another corner. Arch St. near? What is the name of the other street? Please e-mail me that information I'm almst 64,and would like to sing my song right. God Bless America.
Roberta Murphy, I love my country and the freedom we have [06-14-1999]

My agency recently sent an email message to our employees on flag day. They talked about who wrote the Star-Spangled Banner and Stars and Stripes Forever but forgot to mention Besty. I send them an email and reminded them of her contribution to our American history.
Robert C. Ross, Louisville, KY Born 2/24/45 Age 54 [06-14-1999]

My husband and I found this site when wondering about the meaning of the colors on the flag--I decided to check the internet to see if we could find the answers. This is a neat site.
Rhonda Glazner, 45--education student at ODU [06-14-1999]

this is great for my kids.we are always looking for more history to study. we never really thought about the flag. after seeing thiis my kids want to learn more. thank you this is as the kids say really kool!
peggie, riverside calif.ihave a day care in home all ages. [06-14-1999]


Ms. Judy Miller's Third-grade Class, Santa Barbara, CA [06-14-1999]

Ms. Joan Hinderliter, Whittier El.School, Camden, NJ, special needs class [06-14-1999]

Mrs. Z,'s Class, Second grade West Babylon [06-14-1999]

We learned about the American flag in first grade this year. Jyness Williams will visit her grandmother in Philadelphia on her summer vacation. We hope that she will see the name of our class in the guest book.
Mrs. Collins' First Grade Class, Beulah Elementary School, Chesterfield County, Virginia, We visited the Betsy Ross site on Flag Day, 1999. [06-14-1999]

Researching influential American women for an upcoming temporary exhibit.
Maureen Harding, curator of Herbert Hoover Presidential Library-Museum [06-14-1999]

Matthew Wolfe [06-14-1999]

Mary Lamb Coleman [06-14-1999]

Martin Hall [06-14-1999]

I am doing a speech on the importance of the American Flag.
Marie Emerich, 35 [06-14-1999]

Maegan Mcvey, I live in Austin Indiana. I am 10 years old. [06-14-1999]

Lucy Burns, school teacher [06-14-1999]

LUCAS COOK [06-14-1999]

June 14 -- FLAG DAY -- is my birthday so I have always had a special interest in Betsy Ross. I enjoyed the tour -- good work!
Lou Ann, Florida [06-14-1999]

We're learning about the internet!
Linda Amick, 4th grade teacher, Austin Elem, Indiana 47102 [06-14-1999]

LeeAnn Nicole Riddell, Austin Indiana I am 10 tears old [06-14-1999]

I collect US flags. I just found a flag with only 49 stars on it. I'm trying to buy it. This is a very nice web page.
Laura-Lee Stratton, 35/f /NH [06-14-1999]

I use your info for my radio program on the only AM Christian Talk Radio Station in Las Vegas
Lady Liberty, Host of "The Liberty Hour" M-F 9p -9p on KKVV Las Vegas, NV. [06-14-1999]

Kellie D., Hartwood, VA. 10 [06-14-1999]

Kayla Newton [06-14-1999]

Kayla Barrett, 241 South Oak Street [06-14-1999]

Kasey Kapen, I love soft ball. 11 [06-14-1999]

john p. cafffrey, absecon, nj , age 62 - retired [06-14-1999]


I look forward to enter Betsy Ross world
johan, I am a 35 year old Belgian [06-14-1999]

Hi i had to do this for summer school and they said i had to say hi so hi so hi send me some pic of her house on my e-mail please thank you
Joey Goerge Boehland, Henning Minnesota age 13 [06-14-1999]

As a child I visted Phila many times because of relatives, then moved across the bridge in NJ. I have many times visited The Ross House and look forward to seeing it again.
Joanne Murphy, Winter Park Plorida [06-14-1999]

My class enjoyed the tour.
Joanne Bonner, 5th grade teacher [06-14-1999]

jeune pipes, n.o., la school classroom [06-14-1999]

Jessica Holland [06-14-1999]

Jessica [06-14-1999]

jared, age 11 [06-14-1999]

Heather A. Bartholomew, Hartwood VA. 10 [06-14-1999]

Great Falls Elementary 4th Grade (Jenkins), We are in Virginia, near Washington D.C. [06-14-1999]

Fairfield District 112 Summer School [06-14-1999]

This is a great website!
Erin, Virginia 10 female [06-14-1999]

We're so glad that we found this website. We've learned a lot. Hope we can come and visit the Betsy Ross House some time.
Eileen Gfroerer, I'm a 2nd grade teacher in Concord, N.H. [06-14-1999]

Dori Martin [06-14-1999]

Wonderful to see such a historical site on the Internet.
Diana Johnson, Point Pleasant, WV [06-14-1999]

Denise Williams [06-14-1999]

Debra Berndt, Colfax, Wis. 43 My Birthday is on Flag Day [06-14-1999]

Deborah S. Robbins, Age 50, Millville, NJ [06-14-1999]

We are celebrating Flag Day today!
Council Rock Second Graders, Rochester NY [06-14-1999]

Thanks so much for this site! We are planning a celebration for 4th of July with a parade. We are looking for ideas on costumes connected with Independence Day.
CONNIE DOSTER, Retired, married, grandmother enjoying life! [06-14-1999]

Christopher G., MA 27 work with special needs children [06-14-1999]

Christain Barrett, Age 10 Austin Indiana 47102 [06-14-1999]

Chris Jackson [06-14-1999]

cheryl page, canton ga [06-14-1999]

chelsea, romulus, age 9 [06-14-1999]

Carrie Barrett, 12 years old brown hair hazel eyes [06-14-1999]

carolyn birch, florida, 28 [06-14-1999]

Now living in North Carolina. I've visited the Ross house on two occasions
carlton Conner, I'm 70, was born and raised in UpperDarby, [06-14-1999]

Caitlin McLaughlin, n.y. I am 12 years old [06-14-1999]

We're in school, it is Flag Day!
Bridget and Kelly [06-14-1999]

Brenda DeHart, teacher at Austin Elem.Scott Co. Indiana [06-14-1999]

billy rudolph, spring hill,fl 13 [06-14-1999]

Betty Jones, RTP, NC [06-14-1999]

Ashley Simmons, missouri [06-14-1999]

Amanda Barrett, 241 .S. Oak ST. [06-14-1999]

Adam Wilds [06-14-1999]

We are homeschooling and we LOVED this site!!! I have been to the Ross house years ago, this brings back memories
Cheryl Sandberg, California! [06-13-1999]

Sue Hughes, age 38, from Wilmington, DE [06-13-1999]

I want to see the tour
Robentino, Age 19 [06-13-1999]

Pamela Cummings, syracuse, ny [06-13-1999]

I want to see the Betsy Ross home virtual tour.
Morganthalis, Centerville UT, 13 years old [06-13-1999]

Lisa Newring, Pittsburgh, PA [06-13-1999]

I plan to feature this site on our Morning TV Show during out "Surfin the Net" segment, Monday June 14, 1999.
Larry Potash, Chicago 32 TV News Anchor [06-13-1999]

Jane LaFleur, Troy, NY [06-13-1999]

Grooovvy & Karla Magee, Houston, Mo.---VERY PATRIOTIC! [06-13-1999]

Fabiano Pierotti Rizzoni, 22-years-old , Minas Gerais , Brazil [06-13-1999]

I was Besty Ross for a living history day at my school and I said a speech about her.
Erin, soccor???? [06-13-1999]

I`ve always wanted to visit Betsy`s house.I think from the looks of it this will be as good as the real thing.
Amy Mayer, Ocean City,N.J Intermediate School [06-13-1999]

Excellent site and educational lovely to read about your past.
Maragret Watts, Wellington New Zealand, 68years, [06-13-1999]

Pamela S. Kauffman, 40 years old, in the Tenn Air National Guard [06-11-1999]

robert rodriguez, 18 years of age [06-11-1999]

Hello, i wanna see the house. Bye
disha, Philly [06-11-1999]

Carla Wingfield, IL [06-11-1999]

April Bridges, I live in Kansas, I am 50 yrs. old and doing reserch for party [06-11-1999]

My grandmother was Margret Virginia Ross Ord, she lived in Clarksburg WV
judy ord vandegrift, B.R. is my aunt 5 x removed [06-11-1999]

Michelle Seaver, Albuquerque, NM [06-11-1999]

barbara parker, new york adult over 29 teacher aide in elementary school [06-11-1999]

Just paying a flying visit.
John Curnyn, 49 years old from Scotland. [06-11-1999]

rds [06-11-1999]

gloria brown, kansas city [06-11-1999]

nancy pritchard [06-11-1999]

Kathy Skowronski-Grider, Illinois, 47, [06-11-1999]

I visited the real thing in 1996. Everyone must visit it in person. Pictures do not let you Feel the house.
Butch Frost, Medford Oregon, 34. male [06-11-1999]

Wonderful site. Would love to go see everything in person.
Steph Martin, 46 Holcomb, Ks. [06-11-1999]

Tiffany Olsen [06-11-1999]

keri johnson, 25 [06-11-1999]

Pamela D Cronin [06-09-1999]

This is an incredible site!
Paige Edwards, Cub Scout mom/den leader in Canton, IL [06-09-1999]

We were studying besty ross at the middle of the year and recently did a play
julie Evans, medford elementary [06-09-1999]

Rachel Lindop, Indianapolis, IN [06-09-1999]

Sheryl Sands, Battle Creek Mich. Home of the Kellogg Corn Flakes. I work for the Kellogg Arena where we do concerts, convensions, arts and craft shows, ect. [06-09-1999]

Nancy Puderbaugh, Finger Lakes region NY State [06-09-1999]


Centennial Jones [06-09-1999]

Julie Szaj, Fredericktown, MO [06-09-1999]

I am studying about betsy ross, and me and my teacher Mrs. White would really appreciate it.
LarryButtach(Fink), Larry age 10 student 4th grade Avoca Central School Avoca, NY 14809 [06-09-1999]

Emily Sims, I've lived in Phila. most of my life and I love the Besty Ross House! [06-09-1999]


Donna Surrett, teacher [06-09-1999]

Natasha Mason, Im 10 I like animals I live in Germany [06-09-1999]

Debbye Wollman, Puyallup, WA [06-09-1999]

Thanks for the nice site.
A history buff, Milan, Tennessee [06-08-1999]

faye jones, 43 [06-08-1999]

Lydia Seely, 6 years old [06-08-1999]

Marcella, 5th grade teacher [06-08-1999]

Diana, Norwalk [06-08-1999]

eunice zeitner, washington state resident [06-08-1999]

This is a homework project!
Susie & Scott, Aunt and Nephew [06-08-1999]

Visited as a child and wanted see how or if anything had changed
Linda Robinson, New Jersey [06-08-1999]

Donna Disney, Anderson, CA, 54 yrs. [06-08-1999]

Sharon Hill, I am a fourth grade teacher in Kentucky. [06-08-1999]

We are celebrating Flag Day at work on the 14th and I needed to give out a Flag Fact Sheet.
Bonnie McMahon, I live in Laurel, MD [06-08-1999]

Brian, Norwalk [06-08-1999]

Joe, well im 14 i live in ct [06-08-1999]

JO [06-08-1999]

Doing research for my 5th grade daughter
Dennis C. Cosart, Wapakoneta, Ohio [06-08-1999]

Nancy Butera [06-07-1999]

I enjoyed your site very much.
Boomer, Female, 57 [06-07-1999]

Ralph Vickers, no [06-07-1999]

I am a Den Leader for Cub Scout Pack 408 and we are learning about the flag this month.Thank you for the interesting links that I have found. I really appreciate the fact that you are putting such an important piece of information on the internet. Thank you again. kdbetz
Kimberly Betz, Lancaster, CA [06-07-1999]

Lisa Grzanich, Plano, Il [06-07-1999]

Denise White, Burleson, Tx. age 43 [06-07-1999]

i want to go on a tour i think it will be intresting
genee dalii, 11 24 medford florida [06-07-1999]

I visited there when I was in high school and we were on our "High School" senior trip. Very interesting place to visit--all of Philadelphia.
Karen Darlene collins, Greensburg, Indiana, [06-07-1999]

I haven't been to the Betsy Ross House since I took a school trip there over 15 years ago...I'm very excited about visiting again. I love Philadelphia history!
anonymous, Administrative Assistant [06-07-1999]

Shelby wanted to learn more about the American Flag and Betsy Ross.
Shelby and Pam Conry, Daughter 7 years, Mother 42 years [06-07-1999]

Yuri Kye, Idaho Falls, ID, [06-07-1999]

Nancy Rigsbee, Durham, NC 25, enjoy computers and web design [06-07-1999]

KB, 52 [06-06-1999]

Alexis Wood, Portland, OR 7yrs [06-06-1999]

Lillian Hoert [06-05-1999]

KELLY HORN [06-05-1999]


hilary [06-05-1999]

Thank goodness for the records of history...and to the recognition of the many women of our past who paves ways for the women to come...
Misty S.V. McIntyre, Fontana, Ca ^21^Single mother & Poet [06-05-1999]

school project for flag day
gina mauro, NY [06-05-1999]

Darla Moreno, Louisiana, age 37 [06-04-1999]

I wish That you can make my family and I a American Flag!!!
Lauren Modica, 304 Woodmere Dr. 11yrs. [06-04-1999]

The Messer Family, Marina, CA [06-04-1999]

I visited Betsy Ross' home many years ago. It will be fun to visit her home through the computer.
Vicki Sterling, from Madison, SD [06-04-1999]

Nancy Winter, I Live in California and I am a 35 mother of five children. [06-04-1999]

Shawn Dobosenski, MI [06-04-1999]

Great site. I grew up in Philadelphia as a young girl. I was only in elementary school in 1976, and remember the excitement of that wonderful time.
Alisn Kenney, 32 years old [06-04-1999]

Cheryl, Hope to visit! [06-04-1999]

Tony Lean, San Francisco 26 Male [06-04-1999]

Denise Taiwo [06-04-1999]

Kathy Delgado [06-04-1999]

We hope to visit in person some day!
Hilary Gregg, LaCanada, CA Ages 6, 7, 35, 38 [06-03-1999]

Thank you so enjoying the sites
kate, Calif [06-03-1999]

i like flags, and my brother does too.
hannah benson, indiana [06-03-1999]

trying to fine out when the first flay was completed?
John Hill, Southern N.J. ,Male 46 years old [06-03-1999]

Mrs. Clayton C. Elmer, Glens Falls, NY. 67 [06-03-1999]


Jean-Marc Hochstrasser, History theacher [06-03-1999]

Colleen Majors, first grade teacher, Cambridge Elementary, Concord, CA [06-03-1999]

I'm looking forward to touring Betsy's house!
Stephanie, 11 yrs. old [06-03-1999]

Betsy Ross is the bom
Mindy M. Morganson, I'm Pretty cool [06-03-1999]

Regina Sugg, College Station, Texas [06-03-1999]

Jean Cartwright, I LOVE America age 65 [06-03-1999]

Cheryl Hribik, Preschool Teacher, Belvidere, Il. [06-03-1999]

Wava Schwartz, I live at Canton, OH [06-03-1999]

i would love to learn about my ansester Betsy Ross
Megan W., i am Betsy Ross's Desendent [06-03-1999]

I am from Texas. I go to state road elementry
Danika Spake, shiawassee, i am 9 years old [06-03-1999]

Ruth Williams, Valparaiso, IN [06-03-1999]

Iaswarya, Northfield, MN, 55057 [06-03-1999]

Satya chiramjeevi ganapathiraju, northfield, MN, 42 years [06-03-1999]

Susan Landis, Haddonfield, NJ [06-03-1999]

Lisa Chadwick, 16 years old [06-02-1999]

Carole G. Scott, Volunteer In Park Coordinator Mt. Gilead State Park age 55 Host of "Old Fashioned Celebration" Fourth of July [06-02-1999]

I think this is a wonderfully done web site. I happened upon it while doing the fourth of July newsletter for my employer. Keep up the good work on this type of web site. It's just the thing children need to learn about America's history. Also, it's just the boost adult Americans need to get back to their patriotic roots.
Delsia Hartford, Toledo, OH 29 years old [06-02-1999]

Mike Chapman, Skater 13 New Jersy [06-02-1999]

laurie [06-02-1999]

Steven, 28 [06-02-1999]

Nice homepage
Joni Burdette, Elkview, WV 18 [06-02-1999]

I am doing a oral biography report in front of my class and I chose Betsy Ross.
Talor Stevens, Chino Hills, CA 9yrs old [06-01-1999]

we are visiting the Betsy Ross house tomorrow and came to see it the night before on-line.
molly, wilmington, delaware, 10 years old [06-01-1999]

I think the flag is cool.
Elizabeth Runyan and Mom, Redondo Beach, California [06-01-1999]

Jennifer Burtt, I am 29 years old and live in Long Island NY [06-01-1999]

thank you
rosiah rahim, kuala lumpur, 37, single [06-01-1999]

Paula A. Dix [06-01-1999]

A.Duston, Missouri [06-01-1999]

diane zenner [06-01-1999]

chris shelton, spanaway,Wa 17years old [06-01-1999]

yu poepel i lik yu
Bill, age 4 new york city [06-01-1999]

Look forward to meeting with you later this month.
Nona Martin, See the Betsy Ross on a regular basis [05-31-1999]

In my school I'm making a project on Betsy Ross. I came on the net to find some information and my dad and I found this. You have some really great information on this web site.
Jaimie Griffith, Upper Montclair, NJ 07043 Age: 10 [05-31-1999]

MAC [05-31-1999]

In 1996 we visited the Betsy Ross House with our relatives from New Jersey and we all had a great time and we were very interested in her house and all the artifacts. Thank You for preserving a big part of our history.
Mrs. Lee Bradbury and Granddaughter Ashley Avery, I live in San Diego, Ca. and Ashley lives in Valdosta,Ga. [05-31-1999]

Gary T. Jones [05-31-1999]

Curtis Eichner, Live in Washington, I am 5 years old [05-31-1999]

jone family, We live in ohio, my daughter is 9 and she was curious about the history of the flag and its colors. Her daddy is a Gulf War Veteran. [05-31-1999]

Darcy E. Peifer, Davidson College Junior [05-31-1999]

devon dougherty, 8 years old [05-31-1999]

Doug Richards [05-31-1999]

Lynn Hustead, A grandmother who wants to share our history with the next generation. [05-31-1999]

Emily Lehman, Seven years [05-31-1999]

I was just curious about Betsy Ross!
Bailey Rowe, Bossier City, LA. 8 y/o [05-31-1999]

Larry & Helen Altshuler, Santa Barbara, 60 years of age [05-31-1999]

Great five point star in one snip! Will visit soon!
Helen Ahearn from New Jersey, 40 yr old mom with 3 children [05-31-1999]

Shon, 10 [05-31-1999]

For the first thing, I think the American flag is beautiful. The American flag represents what is sacred to our country. So many people have given their lives so that we can live as we please. This is very humbling and there is no way for me to show my thankfulness and appreciation than to respect and honor the red, white, and blue. During Desert Storm I was watching the news and they were interviewing a soldier. He took out his billfold and had a very small American flag picture in there. He said "This is what I am fighting for." I think that kind of sums it up.
Diane Davis, Sheridan, Wyoming [05-31-1999]

Robert Kerwin [05-31-1999]

Sandy Schenz, Marysville, Oh [05-31-1999]

My Father, COL (Ret) Thomas G. Morehead, takes great pride in his study of the American Flag. In doing some research for him, I have learned many facts about the American Flag which I did not previously know. I have enjoyed doing the research and increasing my knowledge in the process.
Elizabeth A. Morehead, Major, USArmy, Ret., San Antonio, TX [05-31-1999]

I have been here many times as a child and still enjoy returning to remember some fond memories and part of our history. Now there is a new way thru the web for people from all over to enjoy.
Pauline, Phila, [05-31-1999]

When I was a child I remember visiting The Betsy Ross House, and the surrounding area. Now my 9 year old son will be the taking the tours this summer, and I wanted to get all the facts on the location of this sight as well. IT LOOKS GREAT!
Bobbi Bellardine, Taylors, SC [05-31-1999]

justin eaton [05-31-1999]

Lisa Shoemaker [05-31-1999]

jessica, seven [05-31-1999]

this should be neat cant wait
Sandra Kowalski, long island 14 [05-31-1999]

Kate Holmes, Student at UC Davis - History Major [05-31-1999]

i love betsy ross. i want her.
Bryan Snider, 14 [05-31-1999]

Monica, Ohio age 17 [05-31-1999]

The Godspeed Home Educators, Home Educators of Louisiana [05-31-1999]

Charles Billingsley, Ft. Worth, TX, 54, I am a minister, recently visited Wash. DC [05-31-1999]

I will be visiting Philadelphia in August, 1999. Any suggestions you may have regarding interesting site would be appreciated.
Wayne A. Evert, Wisconsin High School History teacher [05-28-1999]

Susan Greenberg, Miami, FL [05-28-1999]

Merissa Shaddy, I am 8 and a half years old and I am doing a school report poster on Betsy Ross [05-28-1999]

My mother's mother's family name is Ross and when we traced our line we found Betsy Ross was a second cousin.
Melanie Simmonds, Memphis, TN [05-28-1999]

Meg [05-28-1999]

I went to philadephia on a trip with school. I thought it was very interesting.The betsy Ross house was one of my favorite places.
jessica white, Stroudsburg p.a. 11 years [05-28-1999]

Getting information for 8yr old daughter for school book report.
Colon Gilbert, California [05-28-1999]

Thanks for all you did for the U.S
Fateesh A Jackson, I'm 10 and I go to Phineas Bates School [05-27-1999]

Erin Kowalski, Pittsburgh PA,10 [05-27-1999]

Hi my name is Liam Bass and I go to Luxmanor Elementary School. I am in Mr. Walker's class and I sit near at the end of tthe row!
Liam Bass, Rockville, MD 10, fifth grader [05-27-1999]

Sharon Ross Gawenda, New Lenox, IL Age [05-27-1999]

Beverly Hammerstrom, Michigan [05-27-1999]

Home work assignment
Brittany DeCoste, Cape Cod,Ma. Age 10 years [05-27-1999]

I'm writing a paper on Betsy Ross. Your website is very helpful. Thanks!
Stepheni Doles, 10 years old, Texas [05-27-1999]

Betsy Ross was married to an ancestor of mine...John Claypool
anonymous, Pa. [05-27-1999]

I visited your house and your bedroom is cool!
Victoria Begg, State College, PA; 8 years old [05-27-1999]

Third grade [05-27-1999]

Ineed information for my class
savannah, 11 [05-27-1999]

I am coming to Philadelphia this weekend for the first time. I am very excited! I will definitely be stopping in for a real tour!
sarah austin, San Antonio, Tx. [05-27-1999]

I just moved here from the Philippines. I am working on a biography of Betsy Roos in my new third grade class.
Rose Santos, Age ten, Arrowhead Elementary, Aurora, CO [05-27-1999]

Regina Loper, I have lived in New Jersey for almost 40 years [05-27-1999]

This site is cool
nancy kell, Westmont [05-27-1999]

Ms. Eberle, Darien, IL [05-27-1999]

We are studying American Patriots and found this site. We loved it :-) Mrs. Pregler
Mrs. Pregler's 2nd Grade Class, Hampton,VA [05-27-1999]

Very interesting
Misty I. Casey, 14,michigan,I love Tyler Megill [05-27-1999]

Maureen Erickson [05-27-1999]

Imust find out about this woman for Library
Lauren, 10 [05-27-1999]

kristina smith, shamong, nj, 16 years [05-27-1999]

Kraft Elementary room 101, Hampton, Virginia age 6 and 7 [05-27-1999]

I love robert baby
Kayla Haney, 15 [05-27-1999]

josh wille, i'm 11 johnstown brown hair blue eyes [05-27-1999]

jesus shuttlesworth, 14 [05-27-1999]

Jacob McCormick [05-27-1999]

Looking to find out family history and to trace my family to the Ross. Where do I start?
Dana Reinhardt, NY, Desendent of Betsy Ross [05-27-1999]

Brittany E.M. Steele, Reside in Alabama; 8 years old, I love to learn! [05-27-1999]

Bob Hines [05-27-1999]

Anne Garrison [05-27-1999]

hi e-mail me at dizzidev
andre dobshinsky, california,11,monte verde [05-27-1999]

what is betsy ross famus for
samantha hayes, rhode island,14 [05-25-1999]

Meghan, I like animals [05-25-1999]


Mary Jane Troyer, 53 yrs. grandmother, live in Texas [05-25-1999]

Juanita Cron, Second Grade Teacher, Athens, PA [05-25-1999]

jen, 12 [05-25-1999]

sarah donnelly, Philadelphia is my husband's birth place. [05-25-1999]

carol dundon, Erie, Penna [05-25-1999]

Shelly MItchell [05-25-1999]

Thanks for the tour.
Minnie Harris, Teacher [05-25-1999]

Linda Galperin, Ardmore, PA [05-25-1999]

The American flag is awesome. It is da coolest.
Jesse, 10 [05-25-1999]

We can't wait to see Betsy's house!!
Mrs. Kathy Coffman's Kdg Class, Sandy Hook Elementary School, Strasburg, VA [05-24-1999]

Hi Christine!!!! How's the family?
Richard Guariglia, Long Island, New York [05-24-1999]

Joyce Oberthal, Kindergarten Teacher, New York City [05-24-1999]

Shawna Lumpkin, Lake City, FL 14 years old [05-24-1999]

chad, n.j/11/i like history [05-24-1999]

I am in charge of the Flag Day ceremony at the Lake Havasu Elks Lodge #2339. Gathering information for a Flag Day presentation.
Charles A. Bryce, Lake Havasu City, AZ [05-24-1999]

I love Betsy Ross she is so cool.I found out about Betsy Ross when I was in 2 grade.
Nicole C. Skrinak, I am age10 [05-24-1999]

Tiffany Danielle, phila student who has visited the Ross home berore [05-24-1999]

Liz, New York [05-24-1999]

I'm doing a biography report on Betsy Ross! I think she is really neat. And I appreciate all the struggles, Failures she faced she also had a lot of Courage!!!!! I think she was and is the wonder Woman of the 50's and the 90's!!!!
Constance, 12 years old [05-24-1999]

This is a cool site. I'm glad there are things like this on the Internet.
Souhail Salty, I am 7 years old. I go to the American School in Doha, Qatar [05-23-1999]

Caitlin [05-22-1999]

Ashley, New Jersey, 15 [05-22-1999]

I am a conserned mother of two just getting started in home schooling. I would like to take this chance to thank you and all thous like you who are helping parents to do what is needed to teach our children in a safe and educational manner. Thank You !! Sincerly, Kearn J. Hornell
Karen Hornell, ILL., Home Schooler . [05-22-1999]

Julianne Hill, Greeneville TN, originally from Watertown, NY, middle-aged. Visited PA this year with high school band. Love thie city. [05-22-1999]

Margie Gross, nampa, ID [05-22-1999]

I just wrote a book report on her to day.
Mel Mel (not my real name), Loves skating and dancing [05-22-1999]

Lynette Hafstrom, I am curriculum director for the Sheldon Unit#5 Schools, Sheldon, Illinois. I visited the house many years ago. [05-22-1999]

Ann, USA,31, Female [05-22-1999]

Mrs. Skidmore's Sixth Graders [05-22-1999]

Marcel Hebert, Calgary, Alberta, Canada [05-22-1999]

no thanks
danielle, 17 [05-22-1999]

I needed a picture of the first United States Flag for a report I am doing on Deborah Sampson. Thank you for all the help that I have been able to use from your site. thanks again love Amy
Amy Grassi, Oxford,CT I am 9 years old [05-22-1999]

Sarah Perlmeter [05-22-1999]

Ann Ratay, teacher, Gettysburg, PA [05-22-1999]

Danielle Harris, student 12 years old [05-22-1999]

The site was very interesting and it had great pictures its amazing how her house is still up. I think it's very cool that you can tour it
Connie Bully, ? [05-22-1999]

thank's for everything
kristi lynn, tigard 11 [05-22-1999]

Krystal rose White [05-22-1999]

Mrs. Richer, Goshen, Indiana [05-22-1999]

We're planning a visit in the fall
Barbara Rummler, from Dammeron Valley, Utah [05-22-1999]

Lovely of you to have established this website!
Sally J. Diessner, West LA, CA [05-22-1999]

Christine Kroyer, Cranford, N.J. Teacher [05-22-1999]

I am looking up information for a school project.
Kelsey Holtz, Age 10 Wisconsin [05-22-1999]

i hope i like it
jenna, i am 9 [05-22-1999]

Jenna, Louisa, VA Age 9 [05-22-1999]

Wren McKemy, Huntsville, AL [05-22-1999]

erika huck [05-19-1999]

Ryan Ferrebee, 8 years [05-19-1999]

Megan, St. Louis,MO---12 [05-19-1999]

Lauren Londot, age:10 , California [05-19-1999]

ronnie hodges, phenix city, al retired [05-19-1999]

Since it is considered against my students civil rights to be forced to pledge the flag, I will spend some time between now and flag day teaching them some facts about the flag and what it means to repsect it. My daughter however is in a private shcool and pledges the flag each day and has been taught about Betsy Ross. Flag Day ceremonies are also held at her school often.
Lili & Kelsey Fitzpatrick, CT. public middle school teacher & 9 yr. old daughter [05-19-1999]

Doing background and research for my classroom.
Sandra Larmeu, Early Childhood Teacher [05-19-1999]

Kay Fairow [05-19-1999]

Merritt Tidholm, 11 [05-19-1999]

please take me on the tour!
Tom, 20 [05-19-1999]

Alesha, thjghkhjkbn [05-19-1999]

Andy and Arrin [05-19-1999]

Megan McGinnis, I am 11 years old and do research for a repot [05-19-1999]

Casidy, I am 15 years old and i was doing a report on Betsy Ross [05-19-1999]

What great information about Betsy Ross and about our flag. It just makes one feel so proud to be an American! Thanks to the author of the web site!
Patricia Schickler, Bridgeport, CT age 52, English teacher, Girl Scout leader; fascinated with flag history [05-19-1999]

gigi rojas, I live in New York on Long Island. I am 10 years old and in the fourth grade. I am writing a brief biography of Betsy Ross. [05-19-1999]


Johnny W. Michael, McKinney TX, Age 39 [05-19-1999]

juan alonzo [05-19-1999]

I´ve been to all the historic sites in philly, but I missed Betsy Ross House-so this is the easy way to tour it from home. At least cheaper than a flight to the good ol US of A.
Peter E. Patzak, Sallingerstr. 6 Donauwoerth 86609 Germany [05-19-1999]

Very Interesting
Patty, Maryland, 45 [05-19-1999]

BAM [05-19-1999]

i'm doing a report on Betsy Ross and would like to know A LOT more about her adult life...where she lived what she did...and A LOT more interesting stuff...thank you
Alli Stark, Philadelphia, 14 [05-19-1999]

I love your site.
eniola odetunde, pearland,T.X [05-18-1999]

Jackie, 13, michigan [05-18-1999]

This is an excellent site for students in mid america. I am using this as one of the sites for the Technology sites we are using in Technology in Education for the Buena Vista College Students. Thank you so much for the excellent presentation.
Virgie Henningsen, Technology Coordinator Ute Elementary School [05-18-1999]

Jacqui Butikofer, age,15 [05-18-1999]

brianne schickler, 19, Manhattan [05-18-1999]

Kim Shrom, 35 [05-18-1999]

I've always liked the Betsy Ross flag and hang one at our home on Flag Day and the 4th of July. Hingham is broken down into historical districts and this flag seems so apropos with the Town.
Catherine M. Thompson, I come from Hingham, Massachusetts [05-18-1999]

doing a report on my hero!
ashley, washington state, 11, [05-18-1999]

I think Betsy is an icstroudinary women.
Ginny Lynn Figueroa, 8years old inplay on Betsy Ross [05-17-1999]

Ginny Lynn Figueroa [05-17-1999]

Karen Turner, Renton, Washington, I'm 16 [05-17-1999]

For the Night of the Nodebles I'm doing Betsy Ross I tink shes AWSOME!!!
sara, 12, Medford Oregon (5\17\99) [05-17-1999]

looking for information for daughter's school project
Donna Davis, Mobile, Alabama [05-17-1999]

Carol Hoffman, Sterling, MA [05-17-1999]

I live a little outside Philadelphia, but have only been to the Betsy Ross House once - as a child. I still know all the words to the song - my mother taught it to me when I was little, and I taught it to my children.
Patricia Belles, 49 [05-17-1999]

Kathy Moore, Teacher in computer class [05-17-1999]

Daniel O'Donnell, Teacher [05-17-1999]

hi just wanted to see what this is
Rachel, pequot lakes 14 [05-17-1999]

Michelle Morton, Doylestown, PA [05-17-1999]

Krissy, I am 11 years old,live in NJ, my best friend is Aly. [05-17-1999]

Hi! We are going to Betsey Ross's house on May 20. That is going to be a cool trip. That is going to be are school feil;d trip.
Ashley [05-17-1999]

Hi, I am going on a field trip next week to philli.... We are visiting the Betty's house, the mint, the borse, the Franklin institute, and the pretsel musuem... We live in N.Y. and we are taking a 3 hour drive. I will be seeing you in 3 days!
Kate Reardon [05-17-1999]

Stephanie, 10 [05-17-1999]

i am doing a project on mrs. ross for english class at school and this web page was a great deal of help.
monkey, i am 14 years old [05-17-1999]

Art & Yvonne Aeschliman, Syracuse, KS 67878 [05-17-1999]

Hannah M. P. [05-17-1999]

Kristin Segers, Age 12 Milford Ma [05-17-1999]

Lenda Jenkins, Elementary teacher in Southern Illinois [05-17-1999]

Wuzz up? I hope that u find the time 2 send me a little somthing on Betsy.I really thought that she was really neat.
Nikki, KansasCity Mo.14 [05-17-1999]

Paula [05-17-1999]

sarah devitis [05-17-1999]

ADRIENNE [05-17-1999]

I was most interested to find out that Betsy Ross never owned the house.
Kerrie Whaley [05-17-1999]

Neat site. I found it looking around for genealogy info.
Joan Shurtliff, Huron, South Dakota [05-17-1999]

Karen Powell, I am a 7th grade language arts teacher who lives in Turbeville, SC. [05-17-1999]

Just researching for a school project.
Lisa & Teresa Baugh, we are 9 and 36 years old, and live in Indianapolis, Indiana [05-17-1999]

Taylor Hardy, Dothan Al. 10 Years old [05-17-1999]

i am home schooled and will learn alot from this page, thank you.
stephanie andrews, age 8 [05-17-1999]

rae francis [05-17-1999]

I was given my grandfathers American Flag House and Betsy Ross Memorial Association certificate and was researching it's "roots." It was funny to find the origin and history of these certificates, and though we now realize it has very little monetary value, it makes it all the more precious to us.
Dave Harrold, Avon, Indiana, 56 years [05-17-1999]

Do you have a scavenger hunt?
Michelle Nichols and Breanna Wells, I like horses and pizza. [05-17-1999]

James C. Athanas, Contracting Officer, USAID; Viet Nam '67/'68; KheSahn for the siege [05-14-1999]

I visited Philadelphia in September, but the Betsy Ross home was not open during our free time. I wish I had been able to take the real tour. Someday, maybe I can, but the virtual one was enjoyable and interesting.
Cindy, Author from Illinois [05-14-1999]

Zach Fournier, 11 Years old [05-14-1999]

We are studying about Betsy Ross. We know a great song too!
Mrs. Resides' Class, Virginia Beach, Virginia [05-14-1999]

Thank you for providing a valuable website. I home school my children (ages 9, 7, and 3) and am preparing some material for future studies. I will also have them take the tour at a later date.
Julie Momohara, Hawaii [05-14-1999]

Heather Wolf, I live in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan and I am a Senior in College. [05-14-1999]

thank you for your page
mark brown, 30 ..kenton oh. [05-14-1999]

vic lancia, nyc,18 [05-14-1999]

T. Becnel [05-14-1999]

M son is doing a project on the US Flag and what better place to start then at Betsy Ross's home page.
Betsy Jo Quigley, 40 yr old, moved to N.Carolina -born in N. Tonawnda, NY [05-14-1999]

Kelli De Lash [05-14-1999]

Rudy, Houston, Txas [05-14-1999]

Danielle [05-14-1999]

How can we easily get to the Historical District from the Marriott Airport. And, how much time will we need to tour "most" of the Historical District?
Pamela Ulibarri, Santa Fe, NM, I'm 44, and my daughter and I will be in Philadelphia next week. We are hoping to tour the Historical District during our stay. [05-14-1999]

Holly Irby, Of Longmont, Colorado, age 26, Enjoy learning about American History and all that it is about. [05-14-1999]

Adrienne Warden, New York City residence, mid-30's, very interested in American history...I know this is the best country on the face of the planet and God willing, we will remain so. [05-14-1999]

I am in school and we have the4 internet
Kees Nederhand, yo I am 10 and in school [05-13-1999]

Dawn [05-13-1999]

BETH VADEVANDER [05-13-1999]

shane [05-13-1999]

wish to see your house to make a copy for myself
Licínia, felgueiras, 22 anos [05-13-1999]


T. Blackwell, 28 year old Musician; love history...American citizen [05-13-1999]

Fran Buhr, Just interested in her (Betsy's) history. St. Louis, MO [05-13-1999]

Toni williams, 31 [05-13-1999]

Hey..people hows it goin? I went to philadelphia to see the betsy ross house and other historical buidlings and iswear..that house is so freakin's so could anyone live like that
Julie, NJ...23 sounds good...and i need to look up some info for a 20 page essay i have to do on the betsy ross house..yeah like theres really enough info about "betsy ross" for 20 pages...oh well..i'll just make the print bigger..a lot bigger print [05-13-1999]

I am reading about Betsy Ross'childhood in school. I wanted to read about her because I wanted to read about my first flag maker!!
Kia Filla, 8 years old [05-13-1999]

kenny Ellis, 14 [05-13-1999]

Small Acres, Homeschool [05-13-1999]

Katie Paddock, Tucson,Airzona age 11 [05-13-1999]

Hi my name is Whitney Wright. I live in Maryland. We are going on a trip to Philly on monday!!
Whitney Wright, 11 [05-13-1999]

Great Site !!
David W. Anderson, Denison, Texas, Birthplace of Dwight D. Eisenhower [05-13-1999]

Annette Smith, South Carolina (teacher) [05-13-1999]

Jody S., Samantha and Sandy P., visiting from Ocean Grove, NJ while working on school project [05-13-1999]

I will be the first woman President!
Elysia Zarate, Live Madras Oregon, age 13 [05-13-1999]

Laura Roberts, Pennsylvania 10 oct 4,1988 [05-13-1999]

Brittany Zillmer, Monticello ,11 [05-13-1999]

SUSAN CIPOLLA, PHILA, PA 19111 AGE-35 [05-13-1999]

Keuannya LEE [05-13-1999]

Linda C. Gaston, Houston, Texas 46 years old [05-13-1999]

Ryan Kuss, Tully, NY Age 12 [05-13-1999]

Rhonda Clore, Computer paraprofessional [05-13-1999]

I think Philadelphia is Great!!!!!!
??? [05-13-1999]

Ray Pearce, Lake Havasu City AZ [05-13-1999]

I have to go back in time and be someone famoue that I think had an impact I have to dress like her to
Stephanie, student [05-10-1999]

Taylor [05-10-1999]

Rosalyn Collins, I am 10 years old and doing a report about Betsy Ross. [05-10-1999]

JOSE GARCIA, BRONX, N.Y. (46 YRS OLD) [05-10-1999]

yvonne [05-10-1999]

i would really like to explore all of her home to see what it looked like.
latasha garrison, newbern 13 love reading about betsy ross [05-10-1999]

I'm going to Philadelphia on Wenesday for a class trip. I'm going to see the Betsy Ross's House too. It should be lots of fun. See you there.
Alisa Resnick, Glen Rock N.J 07452 age 11 37 Woodvale Rd [05-10-1999]

Jennifer Nichols, Ohio, 36 [05-10-1999]

Hannah Criqui, Lecompton KS age 16 [05-10-1999]

katie fuller, LaSal Ut. age 17 [05-10-1999]

st. andrew first grade class [05-10-1999]

Denise Novis, 2nd grade teacher - NJ [05-10-1999]

Ben Hass, 13 [05-10-1999]

i am 23 years old how old are you? Where do you live? Do you like any sports? If you do what kind? Mine are football, baseball, soccer, basketball, vollyball
danielle, i am 23 years old [05-10-1999]

Stephanie Tucker, Ohio, age 22 [05-10-1999]

It is like the Gedenkstätte Gothaer Parteitag in the former German Democratic Republic
Norbert Schnitzler, Aachen, West-Germany, born 1958, I studied history, but now I am wirting Visual Basic Programs [05-10-1999]

descended from John Ross'brother, David Ross. Enjoyed a visit in person in 1987.
Sharon Coleman, from Texas [05-10-1999]

Thanks Karen! This is great!
Patty Corum, principal [05-09-1999]

thanks for the help on my report
Elizabeth Smith, 9 years old [05-09-1999]

I'm doing a report for school on a famous woman and I chose Betsy Ross
Shannon Finnegan, Oswego, NY Age 12 1/2 (Oswego is on the Shores of Lake Ontario [05-09-1999]

BAYLEIGH WIGGINS, 10 [05-09-1999]

Phyllis Davis, Scottsburg, IN, 17 [05-09-1999]

Jennifer Becker, Teacher, Philadelphia [05-09-1999]

I am a homeschool mother looking for interesting computer sites to interest my daughters in school. I look forward to taking the tour and seeing if it is beneficial to them. Thank You
Angela Croy [05-09-1999]

katy, i am 14 years old, and i live in greenfield, ohio [05-08-1999]

Helen Rose, Librarian at elementary school [05-08-1999]

GEORGE, New Jersey [05-08-1999]

I like the pictures you show. I like this web site. You tell a lot of information about Betsy Ross which will help me do my report. Thank you.
Emily Zinn, I am a student in 4th grade at Coolidge school in Livonia, MI [05-08-1999]

carol dreher, hackensack, new jersey age-48 administrator of a real estate office. mother of two, wife of one! [05-08-1999]

I visited this location on a tour with Freedoms Foundation of Valley Forge many years ago, now I want to take my 12 year old grandson this summer.
Marguarite Whitton, retired teacher in Texas [05-08-1999]

Elizabeth Allen [05-08-1999]

I saw her picture on the one dollar coin and was curious why she was on the coin. My mom and I found your website.
Kyle B., Washington State,10 years old [05-08-1999]

Brittany Taylor [05-07-1999]

Pam Phillips, Maine [05-07-1999]

anonymous [05-07-1999]

jennifer van krevelen, 10 going on11 [05-07-1999]

Greta, 8 New York sporty [05-07-1999]

Dolly Galyean, from Henderson, NV [05-07-1999]


I am a fan of Betsy Ross.
Dana Richardson, 10 [05-06-1999]

thank you for the information and the tour for my biography.
Stephanie Bobbie Goines, N.J. 9 Student [05-06-1999]

jil, 11 [05-06-1999]

When I was in the eight grade a friend of mine and I cut school and went to see Betsy Ross's house. That was in May of 1966 or 67. We signed the register book then. I wonder if our names are still there. I was Debbie Witkowski then and she was Joanne Longbottom.
Debbi Watson, I'm living in Maryland now, but was born and raised in Philly. [05-06-1999]

why and how did she die?
Jennifer Redburn, i'm 12 y.o. i love betsy ross.. [05-06-1999]

I just love american history
Keith Smith, Indianapolis, In. [05-06-1999]

Julie Fine, I'm from Lubbock, TX and I'm 30 years old. [05-06-1999]

We are learning the history of our flag and Besty Ross.
Mrs Wheelers' first grade, teacher and students [05-06-1999]

Michelle Snook, Age 30, From Lewistown PA [05-06-1999]

Thank you for your wonderful web site.

Denis Collopy, 23yr. old, college student [05-06-1999]

Hooray for the U.S.A.!!!!!!
Katelyn Aungst, 10yrs. in Pricetown, Pa Female [05-06-1999]

Norma Hubbard, New Zealand [05-06-1999]

Wishing to tour some of the sites while in Philadelphia, PA. Great history about our country is always of interest.
Albert Reynoso, Medford, OR. Adult Male visiting PA on business. [05-06-1999]

It is wonderful to be able to come to you ,while I`m still sitting in my Computer room.I would not been able to see this House for a long time.I can`t wait to see the real thing.Thank you for this wonderful website.
Susan M.DiForte, Staten Island,NY. [05-06-1999]

Thank you for letting us tour the Betsy Ross Home.
BSA troop 333 Bear den [05-06-1999]

Debbie Birt, Boston, Massachusetts [05-06-1999]

i like your house
anirudh babu, silver spring, md [05-05-1999]

Alan Lewis [05-05-1999]


Pam Martin [05-05-1999]

I want to go to your house and play.
Juan, 11 years old and i play soccer [05-05-1999]

Wendy A Graham, Ephrata, Pennsylvania [05-05-1999]

Sandi Fisher, Pleasanton, Ca [05-05-1999]

I remember when i was a little kid and my family went to Philadelphia to visit all of the historic sites. This was one of my favorite ones to visit.
William Egbert, Dunellen, NJ, 23 years old [05-05-1999]

I am just doing a report on Betsy Ross and her Flag i think she is very intresting!!!
Steph, 16, Utah [05-05-1999]

Jennifer Hanlin, Teacher at Harmony School [05-04-1999]

Daniela Rodriguez, I am12 years old [05-04-1999]

Dori Goldman, I live:New Jersey, im 11 years old, [05-04-1999]

thomas hull, rochester n.y. [05-04-1999]

Betsy Ross is a great person.
Nikki, I live in Phoenixville.I am 9. [05-04-1999]

Casey,Sierra,Donna [05-04-1999]

Alex Black, age 10 Darien CT [05-04-1999]

I have to look at this tour for a research paper cuase i picked betsy ross as my topic!
Laurie Varites, i am 14 going to be 15 in just about 8 days [05-04-1999]

MARY KATE SCALZO [05-04-1999]

Mary Lou Snyder [05-04-1999]

Finding information about Betsy Ross for my 10 old son.
Leslie Rogers [05-04-1999]

this is for my little girls shcool
Fred, Abernathy 40/m [05-04-1999]

Amber Snook, Live in Lewistown ,Pa. I'm 11 years old [05-04-1999]

Elizabeth [05-04-1999]

this is a great website because you can learn a lot about Betsy and her Life
Pheobe, 12 years old, love food, funny [05-04-1999]

nicole lapolla, 9 [05-04-1999]

I am originally from PA (Ardmore) and get homesick from time to time so I love web sites like this where you can get a virtual tour. It's the next best thing to being there!
Barbara Jones, Currently living in San Diego, Age: 35 [05-04-1999]

Clovis garibay [05-04-1999]

Frani La Marra, Computer Teacher [05-04-1999]

Somehow, I can't enter my name to register.
anonymous [05-04-1999]

I am glad I got to see Betsy's house. I am doing a report for school on Betsy Ross.
megan Taryn Martin [05-04-1999]

I was looking for a picture of the American flag to print for my son who is in grade 6 and needs a picture of the American Flag and a U.S map for a project that he is doing in school. I found this site in my travels and decided to enter it myself!
Sandra Swan, West Lorne, Ontario, Canada [05-04-1999]

kara cornelio [05-04-1999]

Craig O'Dell, 46, Homosassa, FL [05-04-1999]

Inchworm, Illinois, 42 [05-04-1999]

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Krynack, Alburtis,Pa. [05-04-1999]

Sam &Joy [05-04-1999]

brandi copeland, San Antonio Tx. Age 19 [05-03-1999]

Priscilla Allen, 10 [05-03-1999]

I had to create a lesson plan using computers in the classroom. I decided to have each student do a tour of the Betsy Ross House and they will have to answer questions after the tour as a review. Thank You for making this project easy for me
Leighann Julio, Junior/Elementary Ed. major. 21 [05-03-1999]

I am a student at Liberty Elementary.
anonymous [05-03-1999]

Lisa Darnall, 3rd grade teacher in Crossville [05-03-1999]

Barbara Barajas, 21 years oxnard california [05-03-1999]

Marian Hamrock, Boston, Ma ---I'm a teacher [05-03-1999]

My daughter got me to see this site.
Diana Buell, Bend, OR [05-03-1999]

I love history!
Angela Kirkpatrick, Powder Springs, GA [05-03-1999]

SCOTT WHITENER, FL: 16 [05-03-1999]

Awani Donthireddy, I live in New Jersey. I'm 9 years old. [05-03-1999]

I am doing a report for third grade history class - I chose Betsy Ross as the person I wanted to know more about. Thank you for this wonderful website.
Ashley Long, Age 9 3rd grade Leland, Mississippi (The Delta) [05-03-1999]

writng a paper on Betsy Ross for school I enjoyed looking at her house
Brandie [05-03-1999]

Katie Doud, 5th grade 10 years old Schwenksville PA [05-03-1999]

Jennifer Adams, 9 years old, Richmond, VA [05-03-1999]

Travis Moran, Hatboro,PA Age 10 [05-03-1999]

I have to do a report about Betsy Ross. I have to dress ^ like her and be her in front of the whole intire schoolllllll!!!!!! I am soooooooooo nerves. hehehe!!! (just kinndn) So wish me goooooood luck!!!! :~)
Tori, PA 13 !!!!!!! the age is great~ ~!!! [05-03-1999]

jim marsh [05-03-1999]

Carol Rohacs, Mishawaka,IN 43 coming to you in June [05-03-1999]

Ellen Kuchta, Wisconsin, DAR member [05-03-1999]

Ashley Sitta, San MArcos, Tx age18 [05-03-1999]

I have picked Betsy Ross for a report that I have to present.
Kaitlyn, Gilbert, Arizona age 11 [05-03-1999]

Kendra Napper, Im all that. Im a 11 [05-03-1999]

Kathryn Ross Krzeczowski, Westerville, Ohio [05-03-1999]

Donald L. Eaton, Denver, Co., 52 [05-03-1999]

Wayland and Jean Ferreira, Fairbanks Alaska [05-01-1999]

Will be visiting the real house in May, and I can't wait!!
Ashley, 13 yrs old [05-01-1999]

Abbey Blume, Highschool Junior in Spokane, WA [04-30-1999]

Doing a report for school and thought this would help! Thanks !
Allison Fields, 9 years old [04-30-1999]

I am doing a biography bookreport on Betsy Ross for an English class and we were asked to dress up like the person we are doing, so I am trying to find out what type of clothing they may have worn besides what I see women in those days wear.
Ashley Wright, Vernon, NJ. 14 years old. the person we are doing, so I am trying to find [04-30-1999]

Steven A Kalbach Sr. [04-30-1999]

Thank you for this website. I've learned a lot for my report on Betsy Ross. (I was her in a skit 2 yrs ago)
Abigail Maxwell, I'm 12 [04-30-1999]

Will be visiting your area in May.
B Connell, Nebraska [04-30-1999]

Mrs. Wright's Class Thalia Elem. Va. Beach, VA, Third Grade [04-30-1999]

riechel [04-30-1999]

Julia Owens, Pres. America's Touch Of Class Pageants [04-30-1999]

I am doing a project for school on Philadelphia
Katherine Carter, age 10 [04-30-1999]

I read the story about Betsy Ross I loved it so much I staeted to cry at the end I wish thee were here right new
Kimberly, 11 I live in Id I love horses [04-30-1999]

I am doing a biograph report on Betsy Ross.
Ashley Spooner, I am 9 years old. [04-30-1999]

heather wood, 15 [04-29-1999]

Rob Franchi, I like SPORTS [04-29-1999]

Randi Hakimian, 13 [04-29-1999]

shelby labay, 11 ,ganado texas [04-29-1999]

Hello out there ~!!!!
Ricky, Whatever [04-29-1999]

Lauren, SC [04-29-1999]

We are reading a story in reading about the Revolutionary War. This site adds interest and important information Thank You!
Mrs. Garanich's Second Grade Class, Teacher of Second Grade [04-29-1999]

Paul Kressbach, Monroe Mi. age 12 [04-29-1999]

401 Cavett School [04-29-1999]

Kate Tranotti, East Stroudsburg PA [04-29-1999]

Sasami Muyo, 13 [04-29-1999]

I am interested in Historic Sightseeing.
Ron LaDage, NJ [04-29-1999]

Hello everyone.
Patricia Howington, Castleberry, AL. [04-29-1999]

This is a very nice web page. My grandaughter wanted to do a report on Betsy Ross. So I found this for her. It is very interesting. Than you so much for this web. It will help her a lot.

Betsy has always been of interest to me,since I first heard of her in school. This is a neat site.
P. A. Reed, From Indiana. Age: 60 [04-29-1999]

Debbie Schaedinger, Female Enjoy History [04-29-1999]

Kelsey Healis [04-29-1999]

nicole hortian, buffalo, mn / 9 years [04-29-1999]

Hi. I wanted to right you a little letter. There is going to be a play, where I live and I am Betsy Ross!! I am the only girl in that part of the play. I was wondering if you could send me a picture of what Betsy looked like back then? I would like to have it sent to me at my e-mail address. Thank you! By the way I need that picture befoe next Thursday!! I would like to have it my tomarrow.Tomarrows date(Thursday, April. 29, 99.) Thank you!!!!! Hillary P.
Hillary, I love to be in plays!!!!! [04-29-1999]

Jonathan Binns, 9 years old, Dayton, Ohio [04-29-1999]

Hi, I just wanted to say that I have never been or seen Mrs. Ross's house before, but my mother told me a lot of things about it. She says that she was going to live down the street from her house when she was a kid. She has been there in the house. I think this is a great idea to put this tour on the internet for people that don't have a chance to get there and see it. Thank You!!
Julia H. Takishita, Kailua, Hawaii; age 16; play soccer [04-28-1999]

Ms. Jones' Class, Brill Elem.,Spring, TX, 2nd grade [04-28-1999]

i would like to recieve updates on the web page through my e mail address. please put me on your mailing list
kathleen qui, hi im kathleen 14 years old. Radnor PA [04-28-1999]

colleen casey, no [04-28-1999]

Alpha Alpha, Califorinia California [04-28-1999]

Johnson, Oakland Terrrace Elementary School [04-28-1999]

Betsy Cummings, Knoxville,TN/28F [04-28-1999]

Dorothy Shields, 43 live in Mississippi [04-28-1999]

Sarah Williamson, Escondido CA, 11yrs old, 5th grade report due on B. Ross [04-28-1999]

I have always wanted to visit this house, every since I was a little girl. When I was in the second grade my teacher taught us the American Flag, and about the lady who created it.
Sonya Reese, 37 [04-28-1999]

i am trying to put together with my mother a costume for my daughters social studies project, it is going to be aired on our local school channel, thanks so much for the info, it's wonderful, take care
tina, mass,31, love history [04-27-1999]

Thank you for having a website on Betsy Ross. I am doing a biography of her life and appreciate the information you have. Sincerely, Emily Garrett
Emily Garrett, 9 year old 4th grader [04-27-1999]

Ekstrom, Cassie, age is 8 [04-27-1999]

Tarin Skowronski, I am 10 yrs. old. I live in New York [04-27-1999]

Tina Wilbert, Millersburg, Pa 30 yrs.old [04-27-1999]

Barb Howard, teacher [04-27-1999]

I will be presenting a Betsy Ross storytime to KG. - Gr.2 this summer. The children will design their own flag.
Catherine Gonsowski, Bolingbrook, IL 48 [04-27-1999]

Dear Betsy Ross, To bad you are not here today. I wish you were so I could see you. Sincerely Marissa Thompson
Marissa Rene Thompson, 2604 Green Pond Rd. Chatham Va. 245321 [04-27-1999]

seth ,justus and meredith rumbley, asheboro, nc ages 8, 6 and 4 [04-27-1999]

samantha mantovani, 22 [04-27-1999]

Lindsie Dawn Wright, white city sask canada age 15, white city elementary [04-27-1999]

Erica Loss, Pa. [04-27-1999]

I been here before
Christina Serrano [04-27-1999]

Ive been here before
Ciara Appleberry [04-27-1999]

Hey, what's up?not 2 much here! hey my name is Robin Player
Robin Player, Lake City 14 [04-27-1999]


Lori Ann Eggleston, Ogden, UT; 19 [04-27-1999]

My grandmother, who was a Ross, always claimed to be a direct decendent of Betsy Ross. We have never researched it or knew what she based her statement on, but have been curious. The names on this web-site may help to uncover the truth.
Patsy Gregory, Culpeper, Va. [04-27-1999]

Deborah Martenis, Pa. [04-26-1999]

Can you give me a pic of Betsy Ross please?
sonja jorgenson, I'm 10 years old and I am studying about the American Revolution [04-26-1999]

amanda moore [04-26-1999]

Kate, 2nd grade - 8years old [04-26-1999]

Hi Everybody!
Jaymie A., Bigfork MN 10 years old [04-26-1999]

Researching for school 1st Person Report
Amber Van Zile, Age 11 [04-26-1999]

how are you i am fine well gotogo
melanie, Ilive in newgloucester maine 04260 Im 13 year old and my biggest crush is clifford gillbert [04-26-1999]

Question: I believe at the base of the cat statue in the court yard several states are listed on the edge. What states are listed there and why those states? Thanks for your help. Kristin
Kristin [04-26-1999]

I am being Betsy Ross for my assignment in my school.
Cailtyn Kielb, 9yrs, f, PA [04-26-1999]

Mrs. Fowler's 5th. Grade Class, Greer, South Carolina-Woodland Elementary [04-26-1999]

Marc Spiduro, 11 new jersey [04-26-1999]

riazali, 32 [04-26-1999]

Mrs. Fowler's 5th. Grade Class, Greer, South Carolina-Woodland Elementary [04-26-1999]

R Woldruff, Ohio [04-25-1999]

I am doing a report on Betsy and I have a book about her but, all it talks about really is her child life. I need to know more about her adult life.
K-Greer, Salem, IL [04-25-1999]

Kym B. [04-25-1999]

Maureen Russell, King of Prussia, PA [04-25-1999]

Russ Schnell [04-25-1999]

Beverly Jones, I live in central Pennsylvania [04-25-1999]

I am doing a report for school
kristin bevilacqua, I am 9 years old I live in West Chester [04-25-1999]

carol seeley, grandmother of six [04-25-1999]

Kayleen Dietz [04-25-1999]

Abby, American History Teacher [04-23-1999]

I am securing information for my daughter fo research material for GT (Gifted and Talented) Fair Project. She is 16 years of age; has a GPA of 3.8 I will not accept the destruction of the American Flag as one's freedom of speech.
Carolyn E. Burdett, 38 year old white female, paralegal in a Memphis, Tennessee law firm. [04-23-1999]

Mrs. Dobbie's 5th grade [04-23-1999]

Mrs. Harrison's Kindergarten, Ashburn Elementary School, Ashburn Virginia [04-23-1999]

Hi Ms. Thielecke, We are glad to see you every day at Jackson Davis! We love you!!!
Mrs. Streetman's Kg.class, Jackson Davis Elementary School [04-23-1999]

Looking for information to help with a patriotic program for second graders
Rion Scanlan, Statesville, N.C. [04-22-1999]

T. R. T. [04-22-1999]

Theresa Trevino [04-22-1999]

e rankin, 31 [04-22-1999]


Shannon Kelly [04-22-1999]

Lynley Blanchard, 2nd grader doing report on American Flag [04-22-1999]

We like your web site. We like Betsy Ross's house. What a great idea.
Ms. Weill's 4th Grade class, Western Springs, IL [04-22-1999]

Megan Kimber Jackman [04-22-1999]

Thank you so much for such a wonderful web site. We have really enjoyed being able to see the house of Betsy Ross!
Cassandre K . Jennings and Jennifer Bryan, We are students at Spartanburg Tecnical College. We are 25 and 43. [04-22-1999]

I go to discovery Elementry, in Buffalo, MN, and i am doing a biogerphy on Betsy Ross.
Angela Anderson, Ilive in buffalo, MN. [04-22-1999]

I go to Discovery ele. and in class I am doing a report on betsy ross.
sarah sanderson, I live in buffalo, MN [04-22-1999]

Adam Goebel [04-22-1999]

I am homeschooled. I am learning about Betsy Ross for school and really liked this site.
Meghan Williams, I am 8 years old and live in Michigan. [04-22-1999]

karen misorek, reading teacher high school [04-22-1999]

We have an old house which we are renovating that we have nick-named the "Betsy Ross". I am visiting the site here to see what Betsy Ross House really looks like!
Alice Lemin, Senior Citizen [04-22-1999]

Rachel Wilson, I am nine years old.And I like soccer. [04-22-1999]

good site sofare
Trevor Heck, 13, Dunlap Middle School , Dunlap Il [04-22-1999]

megan, 14 [04-22-1999]

Rachel Piston [04-22-1999]

Flo Vidrine, I live in Ville Platte, La. I'm 55 and have 3 son's and 9 grandsons. [04-22-1999]

Laura Gift, Kneeland, CA. I am a mother of 4 girls [04-22-1999]

We are doing research on Betsy Ross
jill,crystal, 9,9 [04-21-1999]

Sherry Flores [04-21-1999]

Karen Moorhead [04-21-1999]

Rebecca Blount, Abilene, TX [04-21-1999]

we had to do bookreport and a girl in our class did a report on her .
rochelle erine nicholson, age9, live-Jacksonville [04-21-1999]

Jamie Fry, Midwest City, Oklahoma [04-21-1999]

Angela Forbis [04-21-1999]

I'm doing a project in my school on Betsy
Anisa L. Sommella, Winter Park Florida age 8 [04-21-1999]

Nice Website
El Roy, Chicago Teacher [04-21-1999]

Jorge Peña, Teacher-social studies [04-21-1999]

Hi from Chicago State University!
Lisa Salvaña, Chicago [04-21-1999]

Tami, Wisconsin [04-21-1999]

Bestsy Ross was my 10th great aunt. In 1976 I raised the "Bennington" flag at a ceremony in Rockland County NY. I AM PROUD OF MY HERITAGE!
Jan Bennington Musante, 8244 Aqua Spray AVE. , LAS VEGAS NEVADA 89128 [04-21-1999]

I am writing a report about Betsy for school and I want you to send me interesting facts on her. thank you, Boo boo
Boo boo, longwood,10(almost 11), like playing outdoors [04-21-1999]

I am doing a report on famous women. I picked Betsy Ross. Because she represents the United States.
Stephony Schiltz, Illinois-11yrs old [04-21-1999]

Tivona Quigley [04-21-1999]

heather m bundock, ohio 10, and im a home schooler [04-21-1999]

Heath Naylor, age 7 [04-21-1999]

I like all the information.
sara kaplan, 11, Gavin Central School, Ingleside, IL [04-21-1999]

Back for a second look!
kidgarden2, Fort Collins, Colorado [04-21-1999]

Jim [04-21-1999]

Anxious to tour the house
cassie sherman, Center McMechen first grade teacher [04-21-1999]

Byron Hawkins, Indianapolis, In Age 75, Retired U.S. Army [04-20-1999]

Mrs. Conrad's first grade class [04-20-1999]

Thank you for this information. We are studying about Betsy Ross and other historical people and places in Pennsylvania.
Miss Haynes'Second Grade Class, Greenwood, Missouri [04-20-1999]

Lacleshia Robinson, I am from St. Louis, Missouri and I am 10 years old. [04-20-1999]

newly exploring the internet. Can't wait to vist your city and see all first hand.
Esther M. Rubin, Executive Legal Assistant, 44, love to travel [04-20-1999]

The fifth grade at MacArthur School is going to Phila. to see your historical city. Can't wait to come and visit the Betsy Ross House.
Adam and Dan, 5th Grade in Binghamton, NY [04-20-1999]

I need to build a 3-D model of the "BR House".
A. Anastassiades [04-20-1999]

kari swenson, age 16 [04-19-1999]

Kristen Langdon, History teacher, Casper, WY [04-19-1999]

Thank you for this beautiful site...
Kim Alexis, Anaheim, CA Married 2 children [04-19-1999]

Looking for pictures for a fourth grade soical studies projecyt about Philadelphia
Ann Toole, Bucks County [04-19-1999]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross so I came to look her up when I saw this awesome virtual reality! In school we're doing a virtual reality tour except on Robert Fulton. Thank you for making this wonderful program
Clara Osborne, 14 Ballance Mill Rd. Nottingham, PA 19362 102yrs. [04-19-1999]

Robin, 10 [04-19-1999]

Loretta Foster, Freeburg PA 10 years old looking for info for school report [04-19-1999]

Lauren McQuistion [04-19-1999]

Lauren McQuistion, Richmond, VA; 10 years old [04-19-1999]

i like your tour of your house. taniesha bright.
taniesha bright, age 11 grade 4 teacher mrs. mcentire. [04-19-1999]

What a wonderful web site, thank you for the opportunity for me to share with my students
Kidgarden2, Preschool teacher [04-19-1999]

please send me mail
Leah may okoney, 10 i'm nice [04-19-1999]

Debra A. Blean [04-18-1999]

Debbie Wood, Port st Lucie 41 [04-18-1999]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross for my 5th grade History Fair.
Melanie K. Yusko, I am 11 years old and live in Cleveland, Ohio [04-18-1999]

Thank you for the valuable information!
Lauren Kopacko, Age 10, doing a report on Betsy Ross [04-18-1999]

j.broderick [04-18-1999]

I Am doing geneolagy research, there is a possibility.....
Constance Homan-Snyder, Cheyenne, WY [04-18-1999]

We are doing a report on Betsy Ross and came to see her house.
Debbie and Alisa Resnick, mother and daughter [04-18-1999]

Linda Slesinski, Teacher [04-18-1999]

ann robbins, 12 years of age [04-17-1999]

I think that the Besty Ross Memorial is cool and gives people a lot of information about herself
Laura, 9 years old [04-17-1999]

I enjoyed the tour of Betsy's Home very much.
Rose Starcher, Kansas City, Missouri [04-17-1999]


I'm doing a presentation on Betsy Ross for my Kindergarten class.
Kelly O, Age 6, St. Paul, Minnesota [04-17-1999]

lonnie williams, salinas ca. 38 male father [04-17-1999]

Toni Taylor, 31 yrs. old, live in Philly, don't get out much [04-17-1999]

Deonne Blair Adami [04-17-1999]

Nathan Roy [04-17-1999]

Donna Maierle, I am a 5th grade teacher. [04-17-1999]

Doing a paper on Betsy Ross
Kelsie Belk, Fort Irwin, CA 10yrs old [04-16-1999]

Patricia Farley [04-16-1999]

Sherry L. Wells, Melbourne, FL age 47 [04-16-1999]

cathy nabours [04-16-1999]

George [04-16-1999]

NICOLE, COMMERCE CITY 12 [04-16-1999]

this is very interesting
byron davis, 15 philadelphia [04-16-1999]

Nicole, 14 [04-16-1999]

This was a great help on my history report, thanks!!
Desarae Hall, Burns Flat,Oklahoma 15yrs. [04-16-1999]

I am writing a report on Betsy Ross' house.
T M Moran, Hatboro, 10 yrs old, [04-16-1999]

Leola Schiple [04-16-1999]

If she didn't do what she did there would be know such thing United States Of America!!
Jessica Ipsen [04-16-1999]

Jessica gragg, madison.WI [04-16-1999]

Beth Bery, High School librarian [04-16-1999]

It is a beautiful experience! I like to read about american history and I love to sew. It was very interesting to find that I have the name of the woman who sew the first USA flag!!Wonderful!!
Betsy Sanjur Arce, Panama,Latin America, 24 yrs.old, lawyer. [04-16-1999]

Christine Guariglia, Glen Rock, NJ 11/F soccer [04-16-1999]

mike, st.louis 12 [04-16-1999]

Linda Caton, Ridgely,Tn. 38080 [04-16-1999]

The tour was great.
Meagan Butler, 14 [04-16-1999]

I enjoyed reading about your life, and to see how you lived, i think it's great that you have this for people to see!!!!!!!
anonymous [04-16-1999]

table 3, lynbrook Ny [04-16-1999]

carmen, 12,11,10 [04-15-1999]

Andrea Duggan [04-15-1999]

Hi! we'er studing the flag!
Preston Schultz, forth grade student in Clinton,MD [04-15-1999]

We have to study Betsy Ross and the American flag in computer
Sara Perry, 4th grade student in Clinton M.D. [04-15-1999]

were studying are flag
kelsey mcconkey, 4th grade student in cliton MD [04-15-1999]

We are studying Betsy Ross.
Joseph Mccully chris flaim, 4th grade student in Clinton ,MD [04-15-1999]

Eric Champaloux, 4TH GRADE STUDENT IN CLINTON MARYLAND [04-15-1999]

We are studing the American Flag.
Corinne Bourgeois, 4 Grade student Cliton MD [04-15-1999]

We are studing the flag.

we are learning about the American flag
Brandon bell, forth grade student in Clinton Maryland [04-15-1999]

Hi! we're studying the American Flag.
Lena&Lauren, 4th grade students in Cliton,MD [04-15-1999]

Wer'e studying the American flag!!!
Rachel McMahan, 4th grade student Clinton, MD [04-15-1999]

Etonde [04-15-1999]

kenneth [04-15-1999]

cvc [04-15-1999]

I'm doing this for a school project and this is fun
Charles, Phila. 13 [04-15-1999]

crystal Davies [04-15-1999]

Psyduck, 11,doing a report on BR. [04-15-1999]

I am in the 5th grade and am writing a report on Betsy Ross. Any additional information that you could send me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
Kelsey English, 10 years old [04-15-1999]

i'm learning more on our history
linda brion, live in liberty,pa i'm 32 & mother of 3 [04-15-1999]

Katherine Lyons [04-15-1999]

I think Betsy Ross is cool in my OPINION.
Elitia Garay, I am in the 7th grade, and live in Mesa. [04-15-1999]

I love learning about the flag..
Linsey Harteau, 14 blonde hair blue eyes head cheerleader and very popular [04-15-1999]

Joshua Norris, 12 [04-15-1999]

Dianne Lawson, Owatonna, MN age 51 occupation - artist love history [04-15-1999]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross. Thank you for the information.
Brittany Mercer, 8 years old [04-15-1999]

Researching Betsy for a biography.
Tessa, Age 10 [04-15-1999]

I,m doing a report on her,I think she's cool!!!!
Erin, Galt , California ,Age:10,Gender:female [04-15-1999]

B Hirschmann, Elementary School Teacher [04-13-1999]

LOIS JACKSON, Gunnison, Utah [04-13-1999]

katie valleau, wake forest university [04-13-1999]

I dont have aney coments.
Tammy L Fetty, 32years old [04-13-1999]

We were taking a virtual field trip to Washington, D. C. and decided to find some information about Betsy Ross. We were happy to find this site so we can take another field trip.
Mrs. Atkin's Class, We're in the first grade [04-13-1999]

very educational site. educating facts
Ashley, western pennsylvania [04-13-1999]

Our class is studying about the thirteen colonies and our country's past. At present we're reading about the country's first flag.
Bonnie Schroeder and Class, Brenham,Tex. Third Grade Teacher [04-13-1999]

I am very interested in Betsy Ross. I am doing a project for school and I chose to read her autoboigraphy and do a monolauge about her to my class.
Shelley H., Sparta, WI age 12 [04-13-1999]

I would like information on John Ross sibblings and any of their children. Thanks!
Joy Sanders, I am the great-great? niece of John Ross. [04-13-1999]

I want to Know if your still alive
Ciara Appleberry, 65 shurtleff st 11 [04-13-1999]

Thanks for the tour!
Steven C. Barthmaier, Frankfurt, GE/22/ Serving in the US Army [04-13-1999]

Looking for information for a report.
Erica Reyes, 8 yrs. [04-13-1999]

gary piane [04-13-1999]

I think the virtual Betsy Ross house was a good idea.
Tara Fircak, 5th gr. Medford N.J. Allen School [04-13-1999]

natashia [04-12-1999]

this is weird
Bob, kkkkk [04-12-1999]

Marilyn Hendricks [04-12-1999]

Semper Fidelis
John Thompson [04-12-1999]

Dianne Kiss [04-12-1999]

BETTY A.STEELE [04-12-1999]

I'm looking for facts about the flag.
Colleen, Ohio , 11 [04-12-1999]

I need this research for a project.
Katheryn, Alpharetta, GA I am 8 [04-12-1999]

Betsy I think you fought for all woman back in the 1800's and I'm glad you did because you were one of the women to open the doors for others.I am now doing my biography on you ,but I only wish you could of seen what your flag has turned into. Well Betsy you were very talented before and you still are people look upto you and you are one of the women in history look upto. Well betsy the usa has we call it today couldn't of made it nto a womens world without you.
Tara I will not give last name personal reasons, TOO PERSONAL [04-12-1999]

Need information For a school report
Kimberley-Lynn Hertweck, Up state new york 9years old [04-11-1999]

6X great grandfather was Lt. Col. Josiah Hillman of the Gloucester, Cumberland, and Salem Co NJ state militia from 1775-1783. He owned several taverns in and around Woodbury NJ and was a neighbor and great friend of Samuel Hugg who owned the tavern where Betsy Griscom married her sweetheart John Ross on Nov 4th, 1777. This week I'm planning on bringing my 12 year old son up to see Betsy and John Ross' house -- the first time for both of us. Thanks for the great web site to give us directions and hours, etc!
Florence M. Hillman, now living in Northern Virginia [04-11-1999]

Laura Brooks, Spokane,Wa 10yrs. [04-11-1999]

I am doing a research report on her. this helped me a lot
CAITLIN, 11 OF TAMPA,FL [04-11-1999]

I'm finding information on a school project.
Heidi Dostal [04-11-1999]

I am going in the house now I hope its fun!
Megan Van Norman, 12yrs old daggett ca. [04-11-1999]

zack, i am 13 years old [04-11-1999]

I just want to learn more about our history. I need to know these things to pass them on to my children.
D'Laina, I'm in Oregon and i'm 21 [04-11-1999]

Shannon List, New Castle Pa 11 f [04-11-1999]

Sierra Winter, East Hampton, New York, 12 years old [04-11-1999]

Erica Brecher, age:9 sex:female [04-11-1999]

zack, i am 13 [04-11-1999]

Doind report on Betsy Ross. Thank you for this site. It helped alot.
Bri, 9 years old, Tempe, AZ [04-11-1999]

Lesley Vestal, Elementary student in Tennessee [04-11-1999]

maggie [04-11-1999]

Betsy has taught me not to ever give up!
Neely Moore, 4th grade student assignment [04-11-1999]

Iam doing a report on betsy ross
anonymous [04-11-1999]

Darlee Lebo, Library [04-10-1999]

Debbie, Texas [04-10-1999]

for a report
carleton, md olney 15 [04-09-1999]


Kristen Marie Hagel, age 10, Fairfield, CT. 4th grade Dwight Elementary [04-09-1999]

Mike Willams, 26 years old and very patriotic [04-09-1999]

Wendy, New Jersey, 22 years old. I love history and have seen her house in person [04-09-1999]

p wheeler [04-08-1999]

T.C., 9 [04-08-1999]

I liked the tour, yet maybe someday, I'll get to see the real thing!
Jamie [04-08-1999]

greg [04-08-1999]

I love Betsy Ross
Chris Middleton, 89 [04-08-1999]

Sandy Towles, 5th grade teacher Vilonia, AR.72173 [04-08-1999]

Ricardo Villalobos, I am 11 yrs. and doing a biography [04-08-1999]

Tammy Reust, Huntington, IN age 33 [04-08-1999]

Dustin Seadore, 06/30/84 age 15 [04-08-1999]

I can't wait to TACKE THE TOUR.
Ashley Nunley, age 15 Birthday 03/20/84 [04-08-1999]

Dustin Seadore, 06/30/84 age 15 [04-08-1999]

dogg, i like history [04-08-1999]

Cowboy [04-08-1999]

2021 east jason street, I want to know about the flag [04-08-1999]

I am researching various areas of our revolutionary histroy, I am particulary interested in how people of the past lived, what their houses looked liked and what they ate, what they wore
karen, California [04-08-1999]

Tenaya Garcia, Age 9 From Oakhurst, CA [04-08-1999]

we just put a new flag in our yard
sunday robitson, s.c. 52 [04-08-1999]

Stephanie sgro [04-08-1999]

I believe that we should always cherish the American flag. I am doing an essay, and I learned a lot of stuff I never knew before. Thanks for making these web pages. Sincerely, Samantha Thompson
Samantha Thompson, I live in Cincinnati, Ohio. I am 17. [04-08-1999]

Robin Anderson, 47 years old, Montana [04-08-1999]

ROBERT [04-08-1999]

Rebecca Carter, Teacher; grade 6 [04-08-1999]

Paul Acker, Jacksonville, NC 63 [04-08-1999]

o.s.m. [04-08-1999]

Natalie Tarlach-Pearce, New York, Blond hair [04-08-1999]

Mr. Lott, [04-08-1999]

I'm doing a report on this chick and I think that this page has some interesting information. It was very usefull. I commend you web pag maker people.
Mizmagoo, Everett, Washinton [04-08-1999]

Miranda, hattiesburg,MS. Age:8 [04-08-1999]

My daughter and her 2 friends in girl scouts need info on a famous woman and they chose Betsy Ross. They are going to come up with a cheer (as you can see they are all cheerleader oriented). I am the lucky who gets to look for the info. So that they can do just that. Sincerely, Lisa Russell
Lisa Russell, Bedford,Tx [04-08-1999]

Thanks for the tour now I won't have to go to phildephia again. It was awesome!!
Lindz b., Irvington NY [04-08-1999]

I have to do a poster on her.
Kristen, Favorite Beanie: Peace Bear [04-08-1999]

katy nicole, 50,work [04-08-1999]

Kathy Matesic, Allison Park,PA [04-08-1999]

Karen Richards, 8th grade, Muirlands Middle School [04-08-1999]

Jimmy Tyler, Tewksbury, MA age 7 [04-08-1999]

I am a person.
Jimbo, school,14,whatever [04-08-1999]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross and I think she was a remarkable woman. I would like to visit her house someday in person.
Jessica Cornman, Age 13 from Manorville, Pennsylvania [04-08-1999]

I had to write a report about Besty Ross and her flag. I decided that I could probaly find stuff on the internet, so here I am.
Jessica, Iowa, age: 14 [04-08-1999]

Jenny Metzger, 11,I love To read [04-08-1999]

IronDog, 34, Oregon [04-08-1999]

I'm just trying to figure out what I missed out on when I was Cutting during History Class. I wish I hadn't done so!!
Irma Torres, Philadelphia, PA age 24 [04-08-1999]

Goerge eddie, brown hair green eyes [04-08-1999]

cassey crowley [04-08-1999]

Casaie Silva [04-08-1999]

hi its a great tour.
bob, i enjoy surfing the net. [04-08-1999]

Hi Everyone!
Blue iMac, 99 [04-08-1999]

I think that it is a great thing that you have brought the meaning of the flag to a place that is usually filled with porn and other indesent things.
Allyson Yantis, Round Rock Texas [04-08-1999]

I am realated to Betsy Ross. She is a great part in my family's history. Thanx for makin this page on her
Alicia, 11/F/MA [04-08-1999]

Jenny Sundberg, 11 [04-08-1999]

Touring Betsy Ross House as a 5th grade lesson in History and Technology (online experience with search engines).
Eleanor Adam, Technology Teacher [04-08-1999]

Yvonne Boswell, Valley Forge, PA [04-08-1999]

I am looking forward to during the tour for my fifth grade class.
Yetta Lewis, Bel Air, MD [04-08-1999]

Bobbi Ellis, altoona, P.A /10 [04-04-1999]

jenny sundbeg, age 11 [04-04-1999]

I want to learn about you!
Allyson, 9 years old [04-04-1999]

Candra Shadle, I'm 11 yrs. old adn a girl [04-04-1999]

I'm doing a biography on Betsy Ross and this page has so much info!
Amy Morris, I'm 12 from New Hampshire [04-04-1999]

rather not
Jill Anderson, Michigan, 15 [04-04-1999]

JP, AGE 46 [04-04-1999]

I am going to be visting here at the end of april
SteveClaar, 16/nh/m [04-04-1999]

I will be visiting Philly from April 21-27 with three of my students for the National Business Professionals of America Conference. We are planning a great week of contests and digging into history. Can't wait to see this in person.
Jenny Lambert, Monticello, IA, Business Educ. teacher [04-04-1999]

Brittany Ramaglia, New Jersey age 8 studing Betsy Ross [04-04-1999]

Kelly hess, Springfield,ma age14 [04-04-1999]

Patty Garver [04-04-1999]

James Stanley [04-04-1999]

Seeing this reminds me of growing up and visiting the house in person.
Bonnie Bolt-McNamara, Mansfield, TX [04-04-1999]

Glenda Rathbone, Broken Arrow, OK [04-04-1999]

RANDI KIMBRELL, ALABAMA is where i'm from and i'm 14 [04-04-1999]

Sumaiya Zehra Virji, NJ, 9 yrs [04-04-1999]

I am playing Betsy Ross in a play next Friday.
Jessica Wilder, 7 [04-04-1999]

I think having a Virtual tour of Betsy's house is a good Idea
Alexis Williams, I am 14 and really like Titanic [04-04-1999]

Carrie, none [04-04-1999]

checking out the site before seeing it in real life.
betty brown, chesapeake,va [04-04-1999]

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Loved it
James M. Schoonover, St.Pete Florida [04-04-1999]

I am looking at the web site because I am going to Philadelphia tomorrow.
Zachary S., I am 8 years old. [04-04-1999]

I saw the house when I was in the area in 1978 while walking on the Freedom Trail
Pat Maniaci, Madison, WI Over 40 [04-04-1999]

We visited Betsy's house on a trip to Philadelphia years ago. Now I am helping my 9 year old grandaughter with a report on Betsy Ross. She can tour the house without even being there! The wonders of electronics!!
Judith A. Barr, native Oregonian [04-04-1999]

r.dreyer [04-04-1999]

jen, chicago [04-04-1999]

thanks this website helped me a lot!!!!
hi, i am lauren, penn., 15 [04-04-1999]

hopefully T will enjoy your site.
Eliza McPerson, California 19 [04-04-1999]

We just read a story about how the first flag was made. Now we are going to visit Betsy's house.
Mrs. Huerta's class, Channing Elementary School - Elgin, Illinois [04-04-1999]

Danni, nonono [04-04-1999]


Mrs.Lowry's 6th grade class, 6th grade class from Kopperl, Tx [04-04-1999]

We people thank Betsy Ross For doing what she did... WE ARE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!
Betsy Valentin, Lancaster 18 short [04-04-1999]

Emily Johnson, age 111 [04-04-1999]

Hello! I think Betsy Ross is neat!
Hayley Shauklas, Tualatin 8 Years old [04-04-1999]

I have just went on this tour,and it was great! I never knew SO much about Elizabeth or Betsy Ross.Thanks a lot for this great tour!If you can, please find more info,because these facts are cool! Amy,age 10,Illinois
Amy Glueck, Amy,age 10,from Illinois [03-30-1999]

Katelyn, age 9 [03-30-1999]

This will be a good use to me,because I am doing a biography on her,school project.
Amy Glueck, Age:10 [03-30-1999]

This is a very educational page. I'm a Girl Scout leader and I came across this trying to help me troop earn a badge. It is beautiful.
Marie Mathis, 29 years old, live in Prichard West Virginia [03-30-1999]

katie, usa 13 have to do a report on besty [03-30-1999]

Connie Gunnels, History nut! [03-30-1999]

Wesley J Page, SC, 20yrs old, using this site for school [03-30-1999]

Jill Wanless, 34 [03-30-1999]

Hello. My class and I will be visiting Betsy Ross' house in April. We are very excited to see the house. We thought we would take a tour first. Have a good day! From, Mrs. Silecchia and her wonderful class!
Mrs. Silecchia, Teacher [03-30-1999]

brown [03-30-1999]

Daughter is doing a report on Betsy Ross and this website is GREAT! Thank you!!!
Tracey Loveridge [03-30-1999]

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betsy ross is cool!
belinda snyder, washington 13 single [03-29-1999]

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Thanks for the help on my report!
Jennifer Handell, fourth grade Charlestown ,RI [03-29-1999]

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L. Dye, Homeschool mom [03-29-1999]

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I am doing a book report on Betsy Ross.
Hannah Niemi, age 8 [03-29-1999]

Ali, 10 [03-29-1999]

I am doing a research paper on the life of Betsy Ross!
Sarah Machalk, Temple, Texas / 11 years old [03-29-1999]

I have loved Besty Ross since I was only 5 years old! i'M NOW nearly 30! This is SO COOL! Had I known that this house was in existance when the family visited Philly 15 years ago, I would have bugged my parents until they took me. Next time I'm on the east coast, I'll be seeing you!
anonymous [03-29-1999]



I had a great many relatives who left Nova Scotia in the early 1900's to seek their fame and fortune in New England, and Philadelphia, so am curious about what drew them there.
Kelly Mailman, I live in Centerville, Nova Scotia Canada [03-29-1999]

I have to do a research on Betsy Ross
Bianca Luevanos, Kingsville TX 9yrs old [03-29-1999]

Connie Harwood, Teaching Asst. [03-29-1999]

have a good time people!!!!!
Marcy F., 10/f/fl 4th gread [03-29-1999]


I enjoy reading about our country. I also like to travel whenever possible to see these different items in person.
Virginia M Roll, Uniontown, n/a, [03-29-1999]

Kathy Brown, Illinois 35 [03-29-1999]

Kathy Atkinson, 8th Grade Literature Teacher Pine Grove,PA [03-29-1999]

Melissa Kerry Ross, born July 4, 1982, Pinehurst, North Carolina [03-29-1999]

Walter Knighton [03-29-1999]

matt harmon, a [03-29-1999]

We enjoyed learning about the flag! Thanks
Mrs steele's history class, mahomet-seymour high school history class [03-29-1999]

Mrs. Walker's 4th grade class [03-29-1999]

wonderful to see museums that are much older than what we have in the west..thank you for webbing it--rm
rich metzger, pharmacist, age34, descendant of colonial US Middleton and Beauchamp families [03-29-1999]

ddd, whatever [03-29-1999]

Just looking up information for my eight year old daughter about the American Flag and it looked so interesting that I continued to browse. Thanks for the information.
Glenda Whatley, Summit, MS [03-29-1999]

This is for a biography report.
Dana Rodrigues, LemooreCa [03-29-1999]

I hope this is educational AND fun. Because I need to get a report done by April.13,1999
Candra Shadle, 6th Grade student 11 yrs. old. Ft.Belvoir VA [03-29-1999]

Betsy Ross is cool.If it wasn`t for her we wouldn`t have an awsome flag!
Amanda Boppre, A 4th grader reading about her [03-25-1999]

Julia Howell, I live in Apopka, Fl. and I am currently attending Stetson Universtity to become an elementary teacher. [03-25-1999]

Mrs Walkers 4 grade claas, 10\ [03-25-1999]

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I'm doing a class project
Mark McCarey, seven year old in New York State [03-25-1999]

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greg anvick, 5th grade teacher inIllinois [03-25-1999]

Anjali Barton [03-25-1999]

Our six year old son is studying about Betsy Ross. He came home from school & told us what they were doing. Then he started telling us about Betsy Ross. We looked it up of what he told us & he was right. To let you know, We live in a small town, but Betsy Ross is still talked about. Thank you so much for all the information for our 6 year old son.
Mr. & Mrs. Terry May, Perryton, TX Studies [03-25-1999]

Vicki P. Knight [03-25-1999]

I am doing a history report on Betsy Ross
Vanessa Roshong, age 9 student [03-25-1999]

PGeaneotes, librarian-school [03-25-1999]

scott, 11years old [03-23-1999]

I'm looking for good sites for preservice students who are taking my class on learning methods for teaching social studies. Your site is included in The Prentice Hall Directory of Online Education Resources. I'm sure they'll enjoy using this information as they plan lessons.
Marla Streit, Bourbonnais, IL [03-23-1999]

grace laughlin, age 14,live in Alsea Oregon [03-23-1999]

Megan Davis, 12 [03-23-1999]

angela walsh [03-23-1999]

I love to study Betsy Ross!
Monica Weitman, I live in Portland OR and I am 11. [03-23-1999]

Terri G. Parker, Louisiana, Age 28 [03-23-1999]

AMBER STROUD [03-23-1999]

Julie, im from massachusetts [03-23-1999]

looking up betsy ross for school project on famous women in history.
ashley, 8yrs. old rhodeisland [03-23-1999]

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Caitlyn Kelly, Like ballet [03-23-1999]

Cornelia, 22 [03-23-1999]

I came to this site for a report for school. A lot of girls in my class wanted to do Betsy Ross, so we had to pick a number from 1-20, and I won! So we got to look on the internet for the person you're doing, so I signed the guest book while I was here.
Kaitlyn Humphrey, AGE: 11 [03-23-1999]

HHHHEEEELLLLLLLLOOOO!!!!!!! I LOVE your site, it's really Neeto! Just saying hi!!!!!!
Ben Flox, Racine Wisconsin [03-23-1999]

If you have never visited Philadelphia before to get an upclose look at the wonderful history, you are missing out on a lot of fun!
Jara Freeman, 21 yr old college student at CalU from Philadelphia [03-23-1999]

Susan Branco [03-23-1999]

I really enjoy reading about Betsy Ross.
Schwoppe [03-23-1999]

I've learned a lot about Betsy Ross in doing a school report on her. I like her! She went through a lot of hard things her her life!!
Megan Holman, Age 10 [03-23-1999]

How long did it take you to make the flag ?I heard you had 3 husbuds and they all died by a bad axsdit and i am sorry about that.
Cheyanne, 7 [03-23-1999]

Joe Joe Johnson, bronx new york, 35 [03-22-1999]

I am on this because I'm doing a report on betsy.
Melissa, I am 9 [03-22-1999]

doing a report on Betsy Ross and her sewing the flag. thanks for all the great information.
Monica Taylor, Mesa, AZ 11 years old, 5th grade [03-22-1999]

great information
carl hopkins, edmond, ok / m-45 / good looking/ married/4 kids/whatever [03-22-1999]

Ayin Cetin, Centerville,VA 8 years old [03-22-1999]

Ethan Hsiung, 26, Baton Rouge, LA [03-22-1999]

Mrs. Huguenard's Second Grade, eight year old students from Valparaiso, In [03-22-1999]

I'm teaching my kindergarteners about Betsy Ross. They think that making a five pointed star is really awesome.
Deborah Touchstone, Martinsville, Virginia teacher [03-22-1999]

Brenda Shupert, teacher [03-22-1999]

As part of our Soc. St.lesson we took the tour of Betsy Ross' Home.
Susan Brunner, Third grade teacher in Pekin, Ill [03-22-1999]

Betsy, Iowa City, Iowa [03-22-1999]

i am doing a report on betsy ross. thanks for the great pictures of all of the flags.
ashley aisenson, 10 yrs old and i live in thousand oaks, calif [03-22-1999]

I learned about Betsy Ross in school. I am in the fourth grade at Ferguson Elementary School in League City, TX. Did you know that it has never been proved that Betsy Ross really did sew the first flag?
Kate Davis, 9 years old - League City, TX - near Houston [03-22-1999]

We are planning a short trip on Easter weekend and hope to see the house in person.
Denise Beyor [03-22-1999]

Report for school
Rachel Gentry [03-22-1999]

I am using this site for a school paper on Besty Ross and the first flag.
Natoshia Shade, Pennsylvania-14 [03-22-1999]

Meghan Bergsman [03-22-1999]

Pat Feola, Highlands Ranch, CO 80126 [03-22-1999]

Ryan, Voorhess, NJ 11 years old [03-22-1999]

Stacia Tokowicz, Massachusetts, 21 years old [03-22-1999]

I am working on a report for Awana's and would like to learn a little more about Betsy Ross and the American Flag.
Britany Miller, Iowa age 10 [03-22-1999]

Dave Sawchuk, california 43 yrs [03-22-1999]

Katherine McKenna, I'm 8 years old [03-22-1999]

I find this a very helpful way to do my school report. Thank you.
Sondra Taylor-Rounds, Phoenix, AZ age 11 [03-22-1999]

This is wonderful and I can't wait to be able to share with my fellow teachers and use it in my teachings of Pennsylvania history.
Vicki Goehring, 4th grade teacher at Salisbury Elementary, Lancaster County, PA [03-22-1999]

Haley E. Sturgill, I am in the third grade, and 9 years old. [03-22-1999]

We just read about Betsey's house in our Social Studies books, and were surprised at how small it looked from the front. I'm shocked to see that it had 9 1/2 rooms!
Beth Pascarella, NY, Third Grade Teacher [03-22-1999]

Mark Price, Louisville, Ky / 39 [03-22-1999]

jacqueline M., Florida [03-22-1999]

I'm checking out this site to use with my class for a Social Studies lesson
Maryellen Andersen, teacher [03-22-1999]

I'm overjoyed to discover this site. Maybe next year, I will be able to get my students more actively involved in their learning.
Doris Schey, I'm a fifth grade classroom teacher who teaches in Southfield Michigan. [03-22-1999]

I'm from illinois and I'm looking up Betsy Ross because I it is interesting that we say the Pledge of Alligance at our school everyday to such a beautiful flag.
Kristen Gibbons, 141/2 I like to watch t.v. [03-22-1999]

Amy Wagner [03-22-1999]

Madeline Carpenter [03-22-1999]

Merry Eason, Chicago [03-22-1999]

My 6-year old granddaughter can't wait to visit the house.
Bill Ruvo, Live in Willingboro, NJ, age is 64, born in Scranton, PA [03-22-1999]

Kids are working on biographies. I am looking for web sites that they can go on Monday.
Anne Skelton, Classroom teacher [03-22-1999]

peggie sullivan, elementary ed. major at usf [03-22-1999]

Nice site. THANKS. Can I safely tell my students Betsy (Miss OR Mrs.) Ross actually and truly made the First flag. So much has been made a myth anymore.
Thomas Gazvoda, curious school teacher [03-22-1999]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross for school.
Michelle Bertucci, I am from South Florida. I am in the 4th grade [03-22-1999]

Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. DeNave, Winter Springs, Fl. 57 [03-22-1999]

Betsy Ross is my grandmother several generations past and this is the most I have ever read about her. I wish I knew which of her children I am a decentant. It has always given me pride to know I had such a great ancester.
Linda, age 50, kentucky [03-22-1999]

I'm doing a report on Besty ross and I think this might be neat.
Rachael, Indiana [03-22-1999]

Katie [03-22-1999]

Brian Brua [03-22-1999]

Michelle Maramag (and my friend Jose Rodriguez, I have brownish black hair I have brown eyes my birthday is in 1/19 I'm 9 years old [03-22-1999]

Amanda Abraham, 11yrs. [03-22-1999]

0.Go wild
Billy Jo Bob, 18 [03-22-1999]

Get wild
Bob Muguluga, VA [03-22-1999]

megan gillespie [03-22-1999]

We have one teacher who always wears red, white, and blue!!!! We call her Ms. Flag.
Thurman White Middle School, 6-8 grade students Las Vegas, Nevada [03-22-1999]

Thanks for the tip on how to cut a 5-point star in one snip, snip.
Village Oaks Room 23 [03-22-1999]

CAitlin green [03-22-1999]

Sara, 8 Vermillion,SD [03-22-1999]

Hope Duggins, 14 years old [03-22-1999]

alicia, 8 years old vermillion, south dakota [03-22-1999]

Margaret Harling, California [03-19-1999]

I'm glad I found this page. It is really helpful and colorful. I'm working on a school project with my friend Eva.
Meredith Sweet, I'm working on an American Spirit project about the flag. [03-19-1999]

Jessica and Natalie Schauwecker, Arlington, Texas [03-19-1999]

Angie Thompson, 44, Crosby Tx. [03-19-1999]

I'm writing to you today, because I need some research for a book report due tomorrow. I hope I find the information and data I need. Thank you for having this web-site.
Shannon Russell, 6th grader, Cedar Grove, Dr. Mitchell's class [03-19-1999]

I'm learning about Betsy Ross
Joyce [03-19-1999]

Sarah [03-19-1999]

the reason i came to this page is because at a recent family meeting i found out that betsy ross .was my great great great greatgrandmother and i just wanted to see the life style that she lead.thank you very much ..
Sidney K Baldwin JR, ST Albans WV 25177 31 years old [03-19-1999]


Liz Aultman, Mississippi, 21 years old [03-19-1999]

Interested in the first flag
Anna Dow [03-19-1999]

Ihope I have a good time
Kylie Croley, I am 10 years old [03-19-1999]

Kathleen Fleming, Boston area resident [03-19-1999]

Any information on Betsy Ross would be great! We are doing reports on women of the Revolution. Thanks!
Mrs. Walker's 4th grade class, Camden, NY [03-19-1999]

Crystalyn Stambaugh, U.S.A.,10, 6/16/88 [03-19-1999]

Rachel Underwood, 18 years old from Flat Rock Michigan [03-18-1999]

Sara Carter [03-17-1999]

Heather Leu [03-17-1999]

P. K. West, teacher- Knoxville TN [03-17-1999]

betsy nagel, nice [03-17-1999]

Karla Brown, Sacramento, 30 years old [03-17-1999]

I have visited the Betsy Ross House and enjoyed the tour.
Albert J. Schuler [03-17-1999]

Renee, female, texas, 25 [03-17-1999]

Hello America. My fellow school memebers and I will be going to see the Betsy Ross House and we want to see what it looks like. I think we will all enjoy it.
Teri Johnson, School, PA, 12 [03-17-1999]

Hey all!
Jocelyn Turney, Malvern, Pa/ age:12/ I'm looking for information to do a S.S project [03-17-1999]

I would like my tour now!
MHallacker, I am 12 and live pheonixvile [03-17-1999]

Cathy, 12 [03-17-1999]

Excellent material on this homepage that can be used either in a our newsltter or to play games to teach about history for my CAR (Children of the American Revolution) Chapter that I am forming. We are the Isaac Hunter's Tavern Chapter after a Rev War Tavern in Raleigh, NC during the Rev. War.
Lynne White Belvin, Age 61, live in Garner, NC Dar Regent, Senior President for CAR. [03-17-1999]

justin kendrick, 16, BOY, NORTH PORT FLORIDA [03-17-1999]

deborah herman, age 30 [03-16-1999]

I had an opportunity to visit the Betsy Ross House this past weekend and wanted to get some additional info on the net. thank you
Debora Mickles [03-16-1999]

Jacky, Im 14 and I live in Michigan Im the 9th grade and need information for an essay Im writing for English and presenting in front of class on Besty Ross [03-16-1999]

Jacob Staudenmaier, 9 [03-16-1999]

I loved the tour!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gelsey Hess [03-16-1999]

I am completing a project on Betsy Ross and must dress like her. I hope to make a flag for this project. Thanks for you help with the research.
Amanda Cuave, HC 73, Box 896-A, Locust Grove VA, age 9 and in the 4th grade [03-16-1999]

Hi .I love to study Betsy Ross
Monica Weitman, 11 old [03-16-1999]

Melissa Timm [03-16-1999]

Paul, age 13,loc buffalo [03-16-1999]

Raja Bhattacharyya, Indian. Age 30yrs. Working as a post-doctoral fellow in Thomas Jefferson University. [03-16-1999]

rachel Vazquez [03-16-1999]

terrie loh [03-16-1999]

Thank You!
Kylie Jones, South Summit Elementary, 9, [03-16-1999]

Mrs. Gardner's 6th Grade class Period 2, La Teacher [03-16-1999]

Visited the house with my daughter om her 16th b'day -Dec.1, 1963. We had gone to Philadelphia a week later than planned due to the assasination of President Kennedy; we lived in Washington, d.C. at the time.
Frances Limozaine, Live So. Georgia, age 72 [03-16-1999]

Donald, student [03-16-1999]

christy [03-16-1999]

I bring students to Philadelphia every two years
Earl Taylor, Mesa, AZ, high school principal [03-16-1999]

RACHEL LYNN HUGHES, AGE 11 [03-16-1999]

I am trying to find a picture of Betsy Ross for a Kindergarten teacher to use in teaching her students about Betsy Ross.
Barbara A. Woodford, Library/Media Specialist at New London Academy [03-16-1999]

Matthew Knighten, Yokota Air Base, Fussa-shi Japan age 12 [03-16-1999]

Thanks for entrance to Betsy Ross House
Shahanara, Japan [03-16-1999]

Rhonda McElwain Wurst [03-15-1999]

Great tour!!
K. Barnes, Australia, 16yrs, 20th Century History Student [03-15-1999]

Brenda Sprague, Pa. [03-15-1999]

YLangemnn [03-15-1999]

Hello, I am presenting a program on the flag and its restoration and Betsy Ross to a ladies group. Thanks for the information
Bonnie Pace, Avinger, Texas 75630 Age 53 [03-15-1999]

Dylan Zablocki, Maryland, 7 years old [03-15-1999]

I'am doing a book report on her.
Greg, I live in Idaho [03-15-1999]

Elaine Kapalin, helping daughter with report on Betsy Ross [03-15-1999]

I think it grand that we can enjoy our history thru the internet.
F.Rose A.Black, Lansing,Ks. age 64 [03-15-1999]

At school we are learning about Betsy Ross. I've learned that she made our flag.
Casey Miller, age 7 second grader [03-15-1999]

We are homeschooling and wanted to learn about the first American flag.
Matthew and Lance Reeves, 10 and 8 years old [03-15-1999]

Nancy M. Trail, Fifth Grade Teacher, Murfreesboro, TN [03-15-1999]

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jenny, michgan 13 [03-15-1999]


Thank you for this tour I really miss Phila. I want to know morehistory now that I'm grown with children of my own. I took for granted all that history that was at my feet while living in Phila. I'm glad for this information being here.
Doreen wood, Ohio, born in Phila. age 36 Blk. fem. [03-15-1999]

need info for a women in history report
christopher green, nj age8 [03-15-1999]

Jeanne Delaney [03-15-1999]

It has been many years since I have been to the Betsy Ross house. I recently found out about your web site while doing research on American history and found it very interesting. I enjoyed the tour very much.
Debbie Fenn, Glendora, NJ [03-15-1999]

Nanette Newhart [03-15-1999]

Amanda Sutherland, 12 [03-15-1999]

Tell E-mail me more about betsy ross
brittney harvey, love U.S history [03-15-1999]

Brantford [03-15-1999]

thanks for being on the internet otherwise I would of never seen this house.
ruth a. miller, lordstown ohio age 40 american citizen [03-15-1999]

I'm doing Betsy Ross for a project at school.
Becky Schroeder, I'm 10 years old [03-15-1999]

I am doing a school project about a famous American and since I love flags, I decided to do my project about Betsy Ross.
Raifeh Saqer, Shorewood, WI age 7 [03-15-1999]

Dear Madam or Sir, We will be pleased if you could tell us more about Betsy's living conditions back then.
Lorraine and Vivian Cheng [03-15-1999]

The pictures of Betsy's house are excellent! I'm a fanatic for old houses and I would love to visit her house in real life, but it's a bit hard when I live in Australia. It was really great, is there any other web sites like this? on old historical homes?
M. Davey, Australia, 16, American History Student [03-15-1999]

I've spent a few days in this site. I appreciate this attempt to make our rich history available on the net. Keep up th good work!
anonymous [03-15-1999]

Rebecca W., Massachusetts [03-15-1999]

I visited your house, Betsy Ross, yesterday. You have little feet. I liked your dress and your nightgown. One of my dolls, named Felicity, has a bed like yours. One of my dolls, Samantha, has a nightgown like yours. It was a very interesting trip! I am doing a report on you.
Jasmine Dionna Perretta, Phila. PA., 4th grade [03-15-1999]

I think it is great that you have a comprhensive website
Trish Thompson, from Phila. 40 something - preparing a guidebook to Phila. [03-15-1999]

Margaret White [03-15-1999]

Leah [03-15-1999]

we are doing a report on betsy ross for women in american history month
george w park, cinnaminson nj age 44 [03-15-1999]

homework project about famous americans
Maxine Krawczyk, Chicago, 7 years old [03-15-1999]

shirley barrett, Virginia, 43, mother of three [03-15-1999]

Jennifer Poole, I live in the central Arkansa area. work in Little Rock. I love education and American History. I have been to DC 3 times but never Philly. Would love to go and see the house in person. i have 2 children. They are 7 & 10. Thanks for the tour! [03-15-1999]

informative tour
Donna Matheny, Mansfield IL [03-15-1999]

i'm doing a report on betsy ross. i have to dress up like her. so far your site has been very helpful.
andrew, philly, 07, i collect gogo's and beanie babies (10) [03-15-1999]

My class is doing a project on Pre-revolutionary and Revolutionary America, and I chose to concentrate on people who made their living by sewing. Betsy Ross is famous for her sewing. Is there anyone else?
rachael and donna Levine Susaneck, 4th grader at Palm Beach Day School, Florida 33480 [03-15-1999]

Rachael and Donna Levine Susaneck [03-15-1999]

BRITTNEY, 11YEARS,TEXAS , 4'7 [03-15-1999]

Michelle [03-15-1999]

Kathleen McNichol [03-15-1999]

Stefanie Weiss, California, 13 [03-15-1999]

Mandy Archer, Taberg,NY [03-15-1999]

Im fro Philladelphia
Peggy Lorenz and Lauren Hearl, F/62 f/13 [03-15-1999]

E Brown [03-15-1999]

Joshua Potter [03-15-1999]

Janet Brady [03-15-1999]

Mrs. Harwell's First Grade Class [03-15-1999]

Pam Riechel, California [03-15-1999]

Jamie Compton, St.Louis Missouri 56 [03-15-1999]

you viirtual tours kick
greg shulman, st.louis, im 11, [03-15-1999]

I'm doing a report about her in school she really is cool.
Katie [03-15-1999]

I am a teacher's assistant looking up information about Betsy Ross and the flag.
Linda M. Wyatt, Statesville, NC Scotts Elem. School 44 [03-15-1999]

Boo, Beaufort, I am 7 [03-15-1999]

What up?
Denny Remington, 19,New York [03-15-1999]

Lauren Pearse, 7 girl [03-15-1999]

Im writing a timeline on B.Ross
Max Fitzgerald, los.angeles...age 10 [03-15-1999]

I have enjoyed learning about Besty Ross and I plan to learn more.
Robbi Browning, Galesburg,Il,12(age) [03-11-1999]

Samantha Robell, 10 [03-11-1999]

Andrea & Michele Naul, Baton Rouge, LA [03-11-1999]

Yorquetta McNeil, Raleigh, North Carolina [03-11-1999]

Marllys Carlson, 3rd Grade Teacher - East Elementary - Minden NE [03-11-1999]

Love history
John S. Manzano, California, 40 [03-11-1999]

Christine Finnigan, 38 [03-11-1999]

mary ellis [03-11-1999]

We are studying faomous women during Women's History Month.
Miss Mattos' class, 2nd grade class in Petaluma, CA [03-11-1999]

We are using this site at school in order to do a project for our Social Studies class.
students: Thomas Juarez and Wm. Alvarez, Thomas, 13 and William 13-1/2 [03-11-1999]

Betsy Ross is my hero. Go U.S.A.
Nathan [03-11-1999]

Im in school and I was here!
Bryan Mostoller, Williamsport, 17 [03-11-1999]

hi let me in now
mark jimenez, mark jimenez from dunellen, new jersey and 16 [03-11-1999]

Lila [03-11-1999]

Shawn, Chicago, IL [03-11-1999]

Candice Ross [03-11-1999]

This page gives me a chance to study history. THANK YOU!
Tyler Goebel, Hooper NE 9 years old [03-11-1999]

Thanks for the help with my social studies homework. Great information.
Jacque`, age 9 (KY) [03-11-1999]

I have to do a little newspaper article about Betsy Ross and this is a great resource already!
amanda, age 13 student [03-11-1999]

My students often ask about Betsy Ross and I wanred to give them a web site to find out more information about her.
Karen Criscillo, Elementary school Librarian [03-11-1999]

Shannon Mitchell, Indiana, I'm 11 [03-11-1999]

Aaron [03-11-1999]

Heather RHEA, NORFOLK, va. 23503 [03-11-1999]

Dusty Dawson, I am nine [03-11-1999]

I am a great-great-great-great-grandson of Betsy through Thomas E. Jones and Esther Balderston (who donated a family bible on display in a case in the BR House). Thank you for this wonderfully informative website. I was taught the trick for cutting the 5-point star as a child, but had forgotten how. --Chris Jones
Thomas Christopher Jones, Age 45, Working in Hungary as part of the NATO Peace-keeping mission in Bosnia. [03-11-1999]

shirley partridge, live in atlanta [03-11-1999]

Rubye Grady [03-11-1999]

It is amazing the pride I feel looking at this page. God granted the USA a great blessing when picking our forefathers. I only wish the children today had the same appreciation that I remember having. And I am not that old!!
Nancy and Julie Higgs, Colorado Springs, CO 31 & 9 [03-11-1999]

Jessica Willett, 14 years old --- school paper [03-11-1999]

I'm excited about this! I'm Betsy Ross in a history play at my school. This website is very helpful. Thanx, Vicci
Victoria Ann Stone, Jacksonville, FL 15 [03-11-1999]

Francine Ferraro, Paralegal [03-11-1999]

Jill, 11, MA [03-10-1999]

Peggy Keith, Jacksonville, Fl 44 Female, works in a elem. school media center [03-10-1999]

Leann, MA, 14 [03-10-1999]

Mrs. Whitley's class (First grade), First grade class....Radford VA [03-10-1999]

Joey Sehon, Arkansas, age 39, History Nut [03-09-1999]

Gaby Gonzalez, Age 11 [03-09-1999]

stephanie ceccon [03-09-1999]

My g-ma is a Ross and I often wonder if were related . I'm very proud of our Flag. I'm doing a report on the flag right now . Talli
Talli Holdeman, Female, 8 yrs. old , My g-ma is a Ross&upholstery ?? :-) [03-09-1999]

Kevin Baker, missouri, 26 pulling report for cousin [03-09-1999]

Amanda:-), G'ville, FL [03-09-1999]

Kate Llinas, Florida, 11.7 years, strange [03-09-1999]

looking for information for my 9 year old daughter.
Sarah Larracey, Maine [03-09-1999]

Josh Runfola, age 9, Charlotte, NC [03-09-1999]


Enjoy reading the history of Betsy. It is much more interesting than what I learned in school. This brings her to life. Thanks for this opportunity!
Velma M. Mosley, IL. woring on my family geneology, Ross is one of my sur. names [03-09-1999]

wanted to know about the flag
Makayla Hutchinson, age 4 Live in S.W. Virginia [03-09-1999]

DARRELL DEAN [03-09-1999]

Michael Derk, I live in Freebnrg, PA [03-09-1999]

I think Betsy Ross is very fun to learn about
Michelle Walter [03-09-1999]

Jennifer Woodward, 26 [03-09-1999]

Barbara Ann Binseel, Fresh Meadows NY 46yrs old [03-09-1999]

live on the west coast, I would like to see the history of our country on the east coast.
Jean Hagen, Washington state [03-09-1999]

The flag is so very GRAND!! Everytime I see it makes me feel so proud to be an AMERICAN and to be FREE!!
Kelley M. Davidson, Eureka, KS [03-09-1999]

I live in Cali and am doing a report on Besty Ross if anyone has a cut from a bio. or something tell me it would be very helpful.:)
Courtney, 11 year old Cali [03-09-1999]

cassidy, 48 [03-09-1999]

Brooke, 11 yrs [03-09-1999]

Claude Proper [03-09-1999]

I hope you all enjoy history as much as I do..
Erica Gunderson, New Hampshire, 14, This is gonna be awsome.. [03-09-1999]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross for our Famous Americans Fair at our school. Your homepage was very helpful too me since there are very few books about her. Thank you!!
kelsie pannkuk, 10yrs.old from centralia, washington [03-09-1999]

Joy & Deon Gregory, Silver Spring, MD, 35 & 6yrs, Single parent, School project [03-09-1999]

LAURA RENTA [03-09-1999]

I enjoyed this site because in recent years I have chosen to write many of my requiered history reports on Betsy Ross. In fifth grade I had a costume, including a home-made American Flag.
Jonna, USA [03-09-1999]

Eryn`, 45 [03-09-1999]

Pamela J. Files, Oregon [03-09-1999]

jennifer, michgan 13 [03-09-1999]

Gaby Gonzalez, Age 11 [03-09-1999]

carole garland [03-09-1999]

Charles J. Hunt, Lakewood Washington [03-09-1999]

I teach 5th grade social studies which focuses on American History.
Nancy Murdock, Lancaster, WI [03-09-1999]

I am doing a book report on Betsy Ross and this web page has been very helpful.
Victoria Crabtree, 8yr and living in Ten Mile Tennessee [03-09-1999]

Teresa Spagnola :), I'm 13 and I'm doing a report on womens roles in the American Revolution [03-08-1999]

devin hollstein, 1006 mitchell 13 [03-08-1999]

obtaining information for a school project for my daughter who is doing a report on famous women of the past.
Connie F. King, Louisville, Alabama [03-08-1999]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross!
Melissa Wolod, 8 years old [03-08-1999]

My 7 yr old daughter and I found this very interesting. What a neat way to see and learn history form home.
Rhett Asher, 32 yrs old, live in Rockville Maryland [03-08-1999]

kathryn sparks, Overland Park, KS - 1st grade teacher [03-08-1999]

I live in Plano TX and I'm eight years old.
Kelsey Crea [03-08-1999]

i liked it!
Kristi Corder, 14 years of age [03-08-1999]

Gael BEtts, California. Age 45 [03-08-1999]

Our oldest daughter, age 9, is doing a report on Betsy Ross. What a great way to view her home without having to travel there.
The Seekells, Jackson, MI [03-08-1999]

this is for a project
april, 14y/o SC [03-08-1999]

We are a homeschooling family and are studying Betsy Ross and the flag. We can't come to Philadelphia so we thought this would be the next best thing.
Cheryl, Isaac and Priscilla Sluder, We live in Kentucky are my children's ages are 3 1/2 and 8. [03-08-1999]

I wished that You were still alive. Because I am A BIG FAN of yours .All I want you to now that I hope you will be yours
Sharon andrea Jungfer, Campalletown East main street 296 I am 10 [03-08-1999]

Bonnie Whritenour, CAMPBELLTOWN AGE 10 [03-08-1999]

Her school is doing a BBoard on famous women and they need pictures of them to decorate the hall. She is in the 7th grade. her name is Jennifer. Thankyou
Mary Ellen, NJ 38 Doing reserch for my daughter [03-08-1999]

Absolutely fantastic website! Thanks.
Mary Bishop, Ohio, 52, self employed [03-08-1999]

I will be visiting with my teenage child on March 28.
GRACE TORRE, San Diego, CA, Middle age, Nurse [03-08-1999]

Dragana, 17 [03-08-1999]

David Korfhage, 40 year old from North Dakota interested in colonial America. [03-08-1999]

Jocelyn Fetsch, I am age 8 and am doing a project for 2nd grade [03-08-1999]

Morgan Toalson, St. Louis, MO, age 10, 4 grade [03-08-1999]

went to the house on a school trip in 5th grade. I went to school in Bellmore, NY. It is now many years later and during that time broke my neck. I will enjoy seeing again what I remember through of the then child.
Donna J. Wellman, 45yr. old female quadraplegic [03-08-1999]

We are learning about Betsy Ross in school and my Grandmom is helping me find things
Tony Perry [03-08-1999]

kiersten dacey, VaBch,Va 6 years old, I'm writing a report [03-08-1999]

Loera & Jan larnard [03-05-1999]

kathy, teacher, grade 2 [03-05-1999]

ANGELA MILLER, Age 10 from Greensburg, PA [03-05-1999]

Lorraine Johnson [03-05-1999]

Daniel Melling, Alex Laetsch, 10 [03-05-1999]

Christina Kantzavelos [03-05-1999]

I'm doing a history project on Betsy Ross. I'm in the 4th grade.
Candice Mock, 10, Virginia [03-05-1999]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross and I logged on to see if I could find somthing on Betsy Ross and look what I found.I hooked the t.v. up to the computer and they (classmates)are going to watch the tour of her thought to be house.I am going to read to them parts if a book I have Dana Arrhenius
Smith's Superstars, St.Maries ID Ages 10-11 Heyburn Elem. 5th grade [03-05-1999]

bradley, 10/m CT [03-05-1999]

sylvia james, West Texas resident [03-05-1999]

Jennifer Peterson, Duluth, MN [03-05-1999]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross so we hooked the t.v. up to the computer and I got on the internet and I am going to take them on a tour of Betsy Ross's thoght to be her house. Sincerly, Dana Arrehnius Mrs.Smith's 5th grade
Smith's Superstars, Heyburn Elementary 5th grade 10-11 year olds St.Maries ID [03-05-1999]

heather watson [03-05-1999]

Needed to know the meaning of the colors, and the stars for use in a poem to be written in a church project.
Margie Hill, Sanford, VA age:55 [03-05-1999]


Angie Lowe, kindergarten teacher, Rocky Mount, VA [03-05-1999]

I'm looking for information for my daughter, she is in 3rd grade and she has to do a report on Betsy Ross.
Susana Capello, Weston Florida, [03-05-1999]

Happy to find site that combines my favorite things in one place - history - country living - ideas for decorating. Thanks.
Claudia Rose, Oregon [03-05-1999]

Stacy Dunton, age 9 [03-05-1999]

I'd really like to see Betsy Rosss' house!!
courtney stoerker, columbia MO age:11 [03-05-1999]

Matthew Graaf [03-04-1999]

Josh DeLonay, Age 11 born 3/11/88 [03-04-1999]

I actually liked the webpage a lot.
Jaina, I'm 13 years old and I'm only here 'cause I like signing guest books. [03-04-1999]

I was preparing a book report on Besty Ross and my mom helped me find this web site to learn more information about Betsy Ross.
Katherine Giddens, 10 years old, I live in Fresno California [03-04-1999]

Dawn Triplett, From Racine, WI [03-04-1999]

Jill Wyatt, Cape Coral, FL age 24, Elementary Education Major [03-04-1999]

An excellent tour. Very fascinating and informative. It held my interest completely. Thanks!
Robin, California [03-04-1999]

Amy.Snider, I am 8 [03-04-1999]

i am doing my report about besty ross i have to dress like her
jackie, 10 [03-04-1999]

cindy [03-04-1999]

Tom Imbriglio, Burlington, MA [03-04-1999]

I am younger than the original Betsy Ross, and, yes, that is my real name.
Betsy Ross, I'm from Southern Illinois. [03-04-1999]

Foxy Lady, I am a life member of Girl Scouts age 79 and a Scout for 38 years andstill active & proud of it [03-04-1999]

Stacy [03-04-1999]

I am a Kindergarten teacher and learning about Betsy Ross is one of the Standards of Learning required for all Kindergarteners. I will take my class on the tour so they may gather some information about Betsy Ross. Thanks.
Mrs. Cynthia Bishop, White Stone, Va. [03-04-1999]

Rex and Candy Pilkington, 28fm,29m Clinton, NC [03-04-1999]

I visited Betsy Ross House many years ago and have post cards to show my kindergarten class when we study about George Washington and the country's first flag.
Linda Martin, Teacher of kindergarten [03-04-1999]

I am currently working on a book report on Betsy Ross. Thank you very much for all the information contained in your website. It was very helpful.
Emily M. Lyons, I'm 8 years old and go to Montgomery School in Chester Springs, PA. [03-04-1999]

I am doing a research project on Betsy Ross.
Abi Koh, I am 6 years old and am in the first grade at Providence Elementary in Virginia Beach [03-04-1999]

Steve Treon, Located in PA [03-04-1999]

cool page, it helped me w/ my loyalty day poster 4 school
sarah, preud 2 live in the us of a [03-04-1999]

checking out resources for students
Carolyn Cothran, Library Media Specialist [03-03-1999]

I think that it would be really cool to see a picture of her house.
alicia dysart, 13 years old ,I live in Bucklin Mo [03-03-1999]

Rodney Bellegarde and Family, New Orleans, La. resident temporarily located in Stamford Ct. [03-03-1999]

I am interested in bring a group of teen-aged Girl Scouts to Philadelphia and I would like any assistance with tour information.
Nancy Cash-Cobb, Windham, Maine [03-03-1999]

Cheri Ferral, I am from Virginia and 34 years old. I would love to come and see the sites in person. [03-03-1999]

Robert Smith, Educational consultant [03-03-1999]

Pam Elliott, Maine [03-03-1999]

I want to know about you
susanto wong, maspeth,ny [03-03-1999]

Lauren [03-03-1999]

KATIE KELLY, age 7, from Irvine, CA [03-03-1999]


Lexie Campbell, 13 years old, doing a school project on Betsy Ross [03-02-1999]

Margaret White, Thornton, PA [03-02-1999]

I looked up Betsy Ross on the internet because I need pictures for my poster I am doing on The Revolutionary War. I picked Betsy Ross to do my project on because I think it is neat that people are remembering her because she made the American Flag.
Allison Reed, Kansas, 14 years old [03-02-1999]

we have just returned from spending a week in philadelphia. while there we visited the house, and really enjoyed it. my seven year old daughter will be doing a slide presentation for her second grade class on the places and things she saw and learned while on vacation.
cindy sheptor, live in NH [03-02-1999]

Zachary Russell and Marybeth Krol, Zach is 5 yrs. old and I am his mom, I am 35 yrs. old. We live in MA and Zach is interested in learning about Presidents and related things [03-02-1999]

Hi, My name is Lindsey, I am looking for information to do a class report! Thanks for the info! I'm sure to get an (A) Lindsey Schlumbrecht
Lindsey Schlumbrecht, Montgomery,Alabama [03-02-1999]

Chris Molina, N.M. 10 [03-02-1999]

Alyssa Grab, Stafford,Va. 9yrs old [03-02-1999]

My daughter and I are studying the significance of the American Flag in early times as well as today.
Deidre and Abigail Buzbee, 32y/o and 5y/o, live in Covington, Louisiana [03-02-1999]

Dana Arrhenius, 11 [03-02-1999]

Dana And Cassie, St.maries Heyburn Elem. 11 and 11 [03-02-1999]

Judd Deutsch, Easton, PA [03-02-1999]

Lindsey Patterson, Orlando, FL [03-02-1999]

Chantal Marshall, Age 8 [03-02-1999]

Britt [03-02-1999]

Very interesting and wonderful resource for my civics report!
leslie zapotocky, from pennsylvania...age 12 [03-02-1999]

LIZ [03-02-1999]

Thank you for all the information! Very helpful!
Joy Murray, Chesapeake, VA Kindergarten Teacher, age 52 [03-01-1999]

Lived in downtown Philly for four years and used to spend many sunny afternoons exploring all the historic sites.
Tim Colborn, Oscoda, Michigan [03-01-1999]

Katie Richter, 4805 West Bourne Dr. Powder Springs Ga 30127 (ADDRESS) [03-01-1999]

shari haight, rochester n.y 14617 [03-01-1999]

Susan Picardi, Atlantic City--Fifth grede teacher [03-01-1999]

We are learning about Betsy Ross and the American Flag. We know all about the flag now we're learning more about the person who made the first one.
Mrs. Weinmann's Second Grade Class, We're from Jerseyville, IL. [03-01-1999]

robyn taylor [03-01-1999]

jenny jones, majorette [03-01-1999]

hello im anna
anna, ohio [03-01-1999]

Jeff Thompson, I'm 13 yrs old im on here for research. [03-01-1999]

Greg, Minnesota [02-28-1999]

I remember visiting the Betsy Ross house as a teenager. I look forward to taking my daughter to see it now.
Juliann Hanson, Married, 33, female [02-28-1999]

Doing a report for my school
Elisandra, 9 YRS OLD, El Paso,Tx [02-28-1999]

Jacqueline' Rodgers, Age 11, Downey, Ca. [02-28-1999]

Mary [02-28-1999]

Thank God for the Internet!!!
Nicole Noonan, Need information for school prodject, grade 5 [02-28-1999]

thank you for making this site. i'm using this site for a shcool project. thank's again, Sarah
Sarah, I am 10 years old. [02-28-1999]

pulmano family [02-28-1999]

Working on a project about Betsy Ross for school.
Tamara Fisher [02-28-1999]

Meg, 13 yrs old [02-28-1999]

Visited Philly, Liberty Hall, Betsy's place and others in 1976 during the bicentennial festivities, as a young lad. I wasn't really interested of it at the time but was certainly affected and have still the memories and some old Kodac instamatic pictures left.
Mr Jan Rosén, Wellington New Zealand, 41 and Swedish born. [02-28-1999]

Stacey W., Huntsville, AL - First Grade Teacher [02-28-1999]

im doing a report on betsy ross i just thought this would be cool to see
Rebecca Avalos, 11 female [02-28-1999]

Alliance Academy Social Studies Class
Whitney Johnson, 9 years old Quito,Ecuador [02-28-1999]

I was looking for information on the background of the Hulbert flag, and who it was named for. I love our heritage of the Betsy Ross flag, and would love to have one.
Jan Brink [02-28-1999]

Lennell Powell [02-28-1999]

Jennifer Deal, I'm 10 years old and I live in N.C. [02-28-1999]

I found the tour very interesting,but iwant to know if she really made the first flag or is it a myth? donald ford
donald ford, 58yearsold,AshlandPa. [02-28-1999]

Karen Tryda, Cleveland, Ohio Retired Teacher [02-28-1999]

Luree Miller, I am age 11. I love cats and wish to become a vet. [02-28-1999]

Colin Ruffer [02-28-1999]

Wish me luck. I'll let you know how I do.
Caitlin Fuller, I am 8 years old and I am doing a live book report on Betsy Ross. I have to dress up like her and give my report to the class like I am her. [02-28-1999]

I am gathering materials for a research paper and would like to review additional information concerning Betsy Ross.
College Student, I am a continuing college student, seeking a Bachelor's in Social Sciences. [02-28-1999]

Laura Ayres, 10 years old [02-28-1999]

Jessica Calenzo, Oneonta, New York 6 years old [02-28-1999]

Karen Cavanaugh [02-28-1999]

at Pender High's Cyber Campus
janice nichols, burgaw, nc [02-28-1999]

Looking for Betsy Ross costume for my child to wear for a school function and stumbled upon your web site. enjoyed it very much.
Melissa Shirley, I'm 38, live in south Central Ky., [02-28-1999]

allison wagner [02-26-1999]

Rhonda Cooksey, I live in Spartanburg S.C. I am a 41 year old single mother of a 13 year old [02-26-1999]

This site is great. I am in 8th grade doing a report Betsy Ross, and it is helping me out a lot. Keep up the good work on making this site. GREAT RESOURCE!!!
Erica Delle Donne, Pennsylvania,13,love horses [02-26-1999]

Robert M. Custer, Colorado [02-26-1999]

Tracy [02-26-1999]

cay liz em, 'mudville', michigan [02-26-1999]

Elizabeth Stugelmayer, 11 years old [02-26-1999]

I'm 12 years old and my native country is El Salvador. I have lived in the US for two years. I am writing a report on Betsy Ross for school.
Betty Campos [02-26-1999]

I think this will be a really unique way to explore an important part of our country's history!
Kathy Gillespie, I am a third grade teacher for Huntington Elementary. [02-26-1999]

Betsy was a lovly human being that founded this great nation.
andy clark, age16 [02-26-1999]

Katie, 6th grade [02-26-1999]

Rachael Grubbs, 10 [02-26-1999]

Send me information please it would mean alot.
Maria Phillips, I live in Nevada, Mo. Our AFJRROTC class is doing an assignment on the U.S. flag and I am looking for stuff about you. I want to know if you made the flag or not. [02-26-1999]

I am doing a project in school on the flag i was wanting to know if you have any information you could give if so thanks!!!! your friend,
Lisa Shotts, I live in Nevada, MO I am 16 and I am doing a project. [02-26-1999]

jennifer and katey, 13 and 25 [02-26-1999]

Heather Parks, New Jersey, 11 years, school project [02-26-1999]

James Michael Dunne, Orlando, FL; 54; [02-26-1999]

Ruth Scott Flanagan, Age 60 [02-26-1999]

I am preparing a lesson on the flag and looking for websites for my students to work on. Have a great day !
Brenda Keim, teacher, 4th grade, Pt.St.Lucie,Florida 34983 [02-26-1999]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross for my 5th grade class. She is a really interesting patriot to study.
Mandy Reed, Kirkland Wa age 10 [02-26-1999]

Mandy Reed [02-26-1999]

I am very proud to be an American!!
Glena Wensil, North Carolina [02-26-1999]

Calli Lucas, Texas 11 [02-26-1999]

I looked this up to prove to a friend's brother that Betsy Ross did indeed make the flag!
Rebecca Pearson, Artesia, NM 88210 I'm 9 yrs. old. [02-26-1999]

Lynsey Rhodes [02-26-1999]

Brynn, Pennsylvania,13, looking here for info on betsy ross for a historical figure report in civics. [02-26-1999]

I'm studying Betsy Ross for a school project.
Cassie Hight, 5th grader [02-26-1999]

Erick Sommers [02-26-1999]

Looking for information for a project.
anonymous [02-26-1999]

i am doing betsy ross for my famous american report
whitney johnson, tupman, ca fourth grade, 10yrs. [02-26-1999]

Elsie Harris, Born in UK nowliving in North Wales PA age 62 [02-26-1999]

Chris [02-26-1999]

dylan [02-26-1999]

Bonjour!! I am doing a report on the american revolution. It is due on March 11. I have been trying different sites, but this is the first one on Betsy Ross. This project is for my eigth grade English class. From, Christina Huffman
Chrisina Huffman, Fourteen Year Old [02-26-1999]

Russell Owen [02-26-1999]

Gretchen Wary, Pequea Elem. School age9 [02-26-1999]

Zach Maher, Elkton,MD 11 [02-26-1999]

Our family recently moved from Pennsylvania and now resides in Rhode Island. I am seeking detailed information on Betsy Ross and the making of the first American Flag. Although we visited the Ross homestead, I have forgotten some details and am now enjoying the website you have on Betsy Ross. Thank you.
Barbara Politis, Rhode Island, Age 41, Mother of 2 [02-26-1999]

Looking for some sites suitable for my grandchildren..this is excellent
Carl O'Flanagan, Upstate NewYork near West Point [02-26-1999]

My sister will be a co-host to a monthly luncheon with the church she attends in July. She would like to have a good theme, decoratons, food, question/answer game, etc. for this time. The group is called Prime Timers...very apporpiate for us seniors, don't you think? I haven't gotten into all that's available, but so far, it's very interesting. Thank you so much for the opportunity.
Linda, AL. , 60, orig. from GA. [02-24-1999]

Sarah Sullivan, Jackson, MS, 6 year old 1st grader doing report on Betsy Ross [02-24-1999]

I enjoyed looking at your web site. I used some of the pictures for my school project.
Lucy Taylor, Arlington Heights, Illinois [02-24-1999]

Barbara L. Abbott, I hope to be in Philadelphia when my husband participates in the World Open Chess Tournament. My daughter and I will be touring the historical points if we come with him. [02-24-1999]

I am doing a reaserch on you!
Stephanie Diaz [02-24-1999]

David Harshberger [02-24-1999]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross and the American Flag for extra credit.
Brian Clayton, 9 years old, NM [02-24-1999]

Chelsea Brett [02-24-1999]

I am writing a report on Betsy Ross for school.
Kristin Mooney, 11 years old [02-24-1999]

I am excited about the web page
Bev Sirois, K-teacher from Maine [02-24-1999]

Vanessa, 11yr.old [02-24-1999]

Found this by helping my son of 10 do a book repot for school. I didn't relize how interesting Betsy Ross was until now. This has helped my son very much. Thank you.
Glorie Brown, Smithfield, PA [02-24-1999]

Lindy Rocha [02-24-1999]

Michael Thompson, Syracuse, NY [02-24-1999]

I'm doing a bookreport on Betsy Ross.I am wondering if you could take me a tour of her house.
Deona Hooker, FL,pace & 9years old [02-24-1999]

Tabitha Van Sluys [02-24-1999]

I was sent to the United States by Japanese Ministry of Educationa to study at U. of Penn in 1996. I visited places of interest in Philadelphia. Great experiences in the United States I had have made me deepen the understanding American History. Betsy Ross's house is really part of it! I am very happy to visit Betsy Ross's House again with my computer.
Kyoko Noda, Living in Osaka, Japan, 41-year-old woman, teacher [02-24-1999]

Tony Taylot and LaShonda Denton [02-24-1999]

Christine Yakubowski, Akron, Ohio [02-24-1999]

aprilbug5 [02-23-1999]

Alberto Galleguillos, Abita Springs LA [02-23-1999]

I'm doing a book report on Betsy Ross to share with my second grade class.
Ashley N. Sanville, State Florida Age 7 [02-23-1999]

bills [02-23-1999]

My 2nd grade son is doing a report on the United States Flag, and we are gathering information. He loves flags--he is fascinated with all flags. This is very interesting. Thanks.
Deborah Carr, Newton, MS age 44 [02-23-1999]

Simon Gasca, Ft. Worth, Texas [02-23-1999]

Jessica Hiironen [02-23-1999]

Michelle Girard, I am 8/13 [02-23-1999]

Jared Wayne Payton, age 9 Gadsden, AI [02-23-1999]

I am looking for Betsy Ross because of a school project!!!
Katie Osborne, I am 10, I live with my mom and 2 brothers!!! [02-23-1999]

Lorabell, 11 Indiana [02-23-1999]

maddie wilkens, mason, OH age 11 [02-23-1999]

Kimberly Smith [02-23-1999]

I'm doing a project on Betsy Ross for school.
Hillary Van Ham, 10 yrs. From IL. [02-23-1999]

I'm looking for some images of Betsy Ross for my daughter Cara's school project.
Michael E. Martin [02-23-1999]

sarah, 14 [02-23-1999]

Mrs. Hinkson's Kindergarten class, National Park Elem. School [02-23-1999]

hi, i am an 8th grade history teacher and would love any freebies you could send me i could use and share with my classes. i am a new user of the internet and this is sooooo wonderful! thank you, nora kasten gaddis, gunn jr. high at 3000 south fielder, arlington texas 76015
nora kasten-gaddis, 1501 tyler st. arlington texas 76012 [02-23-1999]

brenda kempisty, Bad Axe, MI [02-23-1999]

Thanks for the tour!! We are studying about the flag.
kindergarten class DeBord, Abingdon VA [02-23-1999]

Kylie Werning, 8 years old, Colorado Springs [02-23-1999]

mrs. Smith [02-23-1999]

We had fun going through her house! We have been learning about Betsy Ross and George Washington
Miss Rockenbaugh's Kindergarten Class, We live in Virginia Beach, Virginia [02-23-1999]

A relative of Betsy Ross.
Lauretta Ross Slike [02-23-1999]

Thank you Betsy Ross! You do beautiful work!!
Rachelle, 15 years old [02-23-1999]

My class is studying the American flag. We found this website and are looking forward to using it in our study.
Sandy Andrews-Robbins, teacher-grade one [02-23-1999]

Michele Pruett, I am a Middle school librarian in Marion, VA [02-23-1999]

Mrs. Smith's First Grade Class, Hickory Co. R-1 School [02-23-1999]

I am homeschooling a 4th and 2nd grader in Kobe, Japan . My 4th grader chose to do a report on Betsy Ross. Your website was a wonderful resource for her report. Thanks! Kelly
Kelly Grafft [02-23-1999]

Just showing my daughter who made the flag of the United State.
Alma E. Gutierrez, Oceaside, CA [02-23-1999]

Mary Spongberg [02-23-1999]

Pam Goff, TEACHER IN N.C. [02-23-1999]

Randy Martin, New Jersey [02-23-1999]

We are learning about George Washington in school. The American Flag and Betsy Ross.
Samantha Keyes, 8 years old, live in Lewis Run, PA [02-23-1999]

want to learn more on betsy ross
Sheri L McQuade, radcliff, ky [02-23-1999]

Debbie Wilson [02-23-1999]

Jim Dewalt, old computer specialist [02-22-1999]

Ashley Nicole McDowell, I'm 12 years old & going on thriteen in June. I live in St. Joseph, Missouri. I have a brother named Chad Edwin McDowell [02-22-1999]

We did the Betsy Ross play at our school.
jeanne szyja, 5TH GRADE AT ORCHARD HILLS SCHOOLS [02-22-1999]

I was looking for info on the Besty Ross Flag. We were making one to celebrate George's birthday.
Judy Sylvia, Brunswick, GA 31520 3rd grade teacher Satilla Marsh Elem. [02-22-1999]

Priscilla Olson, Northeast Georgia [02-22-1999]

I have visited the Betsy Ross house many times since I was a child. I have moved to Florida and now I am about to take one of my third grade student's on a tour of the Betsy Ross house via the internet. She does not even know who Betsy Ross is!!!!!! No one in my class does!!! Now they are about to get a lesson.
Deborah Braithwaite, Pensacola Florida [02-22-1999]

Mrs. Becky Kellerman, The St. Libory Kindergarten Class [02-22-1999]

Beth Miron, home [02-22-1999]

Jessica, 11 [02-22-1999]

Gloria J. Silva, Albuquerque, NM age 42 [02-22-1999]

Megan Gasper, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma - 11 1/2 years old [02-21-1999]

Samantha Jo Sparks, Kentucky, 11yrs. old, 5th grade [02-21-1999]

My daughter, Carly and I have are visiting Betsy's homeplace today. Carly is age 9 and chose Betsy Ross for a report in her class at Locust Elementary. We are having lots of fun. Thanks Betsy to your contribution to American History!
Janet Dunn, Locust NC [02-21-1999]

I'm doing a book report.
Elizabeth, glendale,11 [02-21-1999]

I doing a project for English and I am using Betsy Ross as my source.
Suzanne Akers, I live in Indiana I'm 16 yrs. old [02-21-1999]

Kimberly A. Ross Hunter [02-21-1999]

I picked Betsy Ross for my report.
Carrie Krebs, Tulsa,Ok [02-21-1999]

My daughter is doing a presentation on Betsy Ross and we decided the best place for information was the internet.
Phobie Satterwhite, Auburn, Alabama. I am 27 yrs old. [02-21-1999]

V Farmer, Virginia, 35, mother of child studying Betsy Ross [02-21-1999]

Maggie is doing a research paper on Betsy Ross. (3rd grade)
Sharon & Maggie Andrews, Arlington, WA [02-21-1999]

Erin F. [02-21-1999]

Lisa Flagler, Miami, 43 yrs old [02-21-1999]

angela jude, lenore wv 20 female [02-21-1999]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross. Thank you for taking the time to put this on the internet!
Kelly Shull, 7years old [02-21-1999]

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Sarah Palilla, Commack my 11725 10 years old [02-21-1999]

We are reading about Betsy Ross in classs in groups and we are going to do a report on Betsy Ross. We can't wait to see the house and how her life ended.
Mrs. McCoy, Lima, Ohio Lima City Schools, Whittier Arts [02-21-1999]

We are studying about OUR FLAG.Thank you for letting us visit the Betsy Ross Web-site.
Mrs. Wiseman's Kindergarten Class, Highland Elementery [02-21-1999]

I am doing an oral report on Betsy Ross and doing it in front of 1 graders and I am homeschooled.
Rebecca Olsavsky, age 8, Pennsylvania [02-21-1999]

Jennifer deWindt, Maryland [02-21-1999]

Patricia Hoppel, educator [02-21-1999]

Jessica Stitz, I'm 17 and a Senior at Bloomfield, Missouri [02-21-1999]

Linda Brancato, Camden City Schools [02-21-1999]

Jamie Kramer, Age 12 [02-21-1999]

stamps [02-21-1999]

Susan Bredice, Irvine, CA 47, married with a 7 year old [02-21-1999]

Besty Ross is an intresting person. Thank you for this home page. It will help me with my report.
Sarah Robbins, 8 years old; working on a report on Betsy Ross [02-21-1999]

Eric Clarke, American History Teacher teaching in New Zealand; old enough to remember the 1970's [02-21-1999]

helping my daughter with a history project. Betsy Ross came across my mind. This has been fun. I'm looking forward to learning even more about her, and the history of our flag.
lisa smith, Miami,Fl adult [02-21-1999]

hey people. i'm here for U.S. history
Shannon, korea,13 [02-21-1999]

Our Troop 531 is working on womans history month,March, and two girls have choosen Betsy Ross. I'm here to help them finr as much info as possible so they can teach the other girls as much as they can.Thank you for this site, as it makes our sherch alot easier for all of us.
Pam Burnett, FL Girl Scout Leader [02-21-1999]

my step daughter wants to recreate a betsy ross flag for school wish us luck!
donna orr, wisonconsin 32 [02-21-1999]

Visited the museum when I was a girl scout many,many years ago and am looking forward to bringing my children to visit. I can still remember it vividly, along with the Liberty Bell and Independance Hall. What a sense of patriotism one feels when standing in the same places as those great Americans did.
Jean M. Reichardt, Long Island,N.Y. 40years old [02-21-1999]

Megan Holman, Lehi, Utah [02-21-1999]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross and I need some information
Christine Le, Huntington Beach Library [02-21-1999]

Betsy Ross is my hero! Or, for all of those ladies out there, my heroine. The reason I'm here is because I'm doing a school report on Betsy Ross. Yeah, it is kinda boring, because there is almost nothing written about Betsy. But when I came on to the internet, there were like, gobs of pages on her. Well, this message is already too long so I'll just say goodbye and remeber: Betsy Ross, mother of stars and stripes!
Hannah, 10 [02-21-1999]

Kassidy Knowles, 10 years old [02-21-1999]

History buff!
L A REEDER [02-21-1999]

i went to her house! (not on this homepage!)
Sara, 8 and a half [02-21-1999]

Cari Bryant, 4th grade teacher, Ray-Pec, Missouri [02-21-1999]

Jason Woodruff, Age 7 Philadelphia [02-21-1999]

Mr. Gale W. Fabisch, Registered Professional Engineer - Chicago Area [02-21-1999]

We have been to see Betsy Ross' house in 1995. We really enjoyed it and just wanted to remember what it was like.
Melissa and Katey Sturm, We are sisters ages 19 and 16. We live in Corinth, Texas but will move to New England soon. [02-21-1999]

i would like to learn about her
kelley, FL [02-21-1999]

Maple L. Stewart, Jacksonville, FL [02-21-1999]

I'm a direct desendant of President John and John Quincy Adams.I love history.I'm doing my familytree because it has so much history in it.My Father was the first born out side of Massachussettes and of couse it was in Phiadelphia.thank you fo the tour.I work two jobs and do not have time to sight see.
Teddy Adams, I'm 46 yrs. old and live in Del. valley [02-21-1999]

Betty K. Lowry [02-21-1999]

This is my first virtual tour
Vicki Lange, Live in Chicago metro, age 48, married, two beautiful cats, professional [02-21-1999]

Whitney K. Baker, Marion, In. Age 10 [02-21-1999]

I am a 5th grade student at Old Settler's Elem. I am doing a report on the life of Betsy Ross.
Jennifer Hawkins, T X age 10 [02-21-1999]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross and getting information off this website. THANK YOU!!!!!
James R. Hennon, I am a fifth grade student at Sayen School Hamilton, N.J. [02-21-1999]

I am here taking the tour because I am doing an eighth grade history project on Betsy Ross. I am looking for information about her.
Stephanie Ferguson, Walnut Creek, CA age 14 [02-21-1999]

Lindsey Lopardo, richmond hts ohio 12 [02-21-1999]

I have always enjoyed learning about Revolutionary war periods, and important people who greatly contributed in these times of great need, of the soldiors, colonists, and other poor familys, who have had a loved one go to war.
Elizabeth [02-21-1999]

I'm visiting for information for a school report on great Americans in U.S. history.
Sarah Schroeder, 12 yrs old - Missoula, MT [02-21-1999]

genny farnan, 12 years old...cape may, nj [02-21-1999]

I'am intrested in Betsy Ross's life.
Linsey Duke, Riverside,CA. Age 11years old. [02-21-1999]

bruce m balog, stamford, ct - 49 - damn good physical shape for 49! [02-21-1999]

I am doing a report for school and have learned a lot about Betsy Ross and other famous Americans.
Bailey, A 6 year old from Ohio [02-21-1999]

hope to be in Philly beginning of April and visit the Betsy Ross house in person
Phyllis Dombrowski, from Connecticut [02-21-1999]

megan g., 8 alexandria, va [02-21-1999]

Kelly, i'm an eighth grade student in Mindoro, Wisconsin [02-21-1999]

Joan Baur, New Jersey [02-21-1999]

Wesley A. Spodnik-Campbell, I am 7 years old, and home schooled and interested learning about history [02-21-1999]

Michelle Davis, 32 Alabama [02-21-1999]

I'm writing a book report on Betsy Ross.
Kelly Brudniak, 9 years old [02-21-1999]

NIKKI PATTON, I'M 11 YEARS OLD [02-21-1999]

What a WONDERFUL site. The children loved it!
Miss Sopher's Kindergarten class -LPS, We are a Kindergarten class learning about Betsy Ross. [02-18-1999]

Sherry Willis, kindergarten teacher/Clintwood Elem. [02-18-1999]

Amanda Van Dyke, Im 13 [02-18-1999]

Mrs. Smith, Kindergarten class [02-18-1999]

My wife and I were co-advisors of the first co-ed BSA Explorer Post Two-Hundred Seventy-six (276) during our Bicentennial and were the color guard for the parades held in 1975 and 1976 in Springfield, MO. I give presentations on "The Life of the Common Soldier During 'The War Between The States.'"
Howard R. Hufford, 68 yr. old Korean Veteran from Missouri via Chicago [02-18-1999]

I am gathering information on Betsy Ross for my niece. She has a history project at school and she was asked to find out information on Betsy Ross. Thank you. Carole A. Green
Carole A. Green, Dalton PA [02-18-1999]

Mrs, Smith, Kindergarten class [02-18-1999]

Leila M. Russon, Colorado/11 years old [02-17-1999]

finding out about Betsy Ross for a school project my daughter is doing
anonymous [02-17-1999]

Dana Arrhenius, Hi I am 11,I picked Betsy Ross for my report [02-17-1999]

Emily T. Shaw, California, age 7, doing report on BR [02-17-1999]

Laura Marie Davis, Athens Al. age 9 [02-17-1999]

I am teaching a class of 11 students grades k,1 and 2 about Betsy Ross. I am going to hook up the computer to the tv next Monday and take them on a tour of Betsy's house. I have found this web-site very valuable.
Pat Bunting, Assistant Principal at an elementary school [02-17-1999]

d thorpe [02-17-1999]

Karen Anderson, 1st grade teacher, Cleburne, TX [02-17-1999]

Doing some research for a student who is doing a report on Betsy Ross. He was having problems finding things about her so I said I'd see what I could find after school.
Dena Rudio, Substitute Teacher in Havre(haver), Montana [02-17-1999]

Thank You for having this available for my 8 year old daughter to see this.
Cassandra Kuhn, Tucson,Az [02-17-1999]

Ryan Kalp, age 10 [02-17-1999]

We're in Second Grade, and we are learning about our flag.
Chase and De'Ja [02-17-1999]

David Hall, 10,smart,maryland [02-17-1999]

like videogames
kyle williams, 5th grade [02-17-1999]

Justin, I am in fifth [02-17-1999]

Love video games
Rod, I'm in fifth grade [02-17-1999]

I LOVE donuts!!!
Lord kwack, 10 yrs. Comp. Freak in 5 grade [02-17-1999]

Stacy Tingley [02-17-1999]

Susan Carmichael, Austin, TX [02-17-1999]

Deborah Schroeder, Elementary teacher [02-17-1999]

natasha, sd,ca [02-17-1999]

kim gollach, south carolina, 34 [02-17-1999]

Ann Trzasko, teacher [02-17-1999]

We are studying about the United States Flag in Social Studies. Thanks for your site!
Mrs. Smith Third Grade Class, Somerville, AL [02-17-1999]

Very good site-Thank you
Karen, Colorado Springs, Co. [02-17-1999]

Mickey Williamson, Illinois [02-17-1999]

Cheryl Fogel, Carlinville, IL [02-17-1999]

Enjoyed the site, visited in the mid-eighties. I will be visiting again soon.
margie, Philadelphia, 50 [02-17-1999]

I am writing a biography report about Betsy Ross. I will be doing an oral report in front of my class. I will be dressed up like Betsy Ross. I think she was a very interesting person. I like to sew, too!
Chelsea C., California [02-17-1999]

I found this home page while looking for information
Jordan LaCaille, Round Rock, TX, 7 yrs, 2nd grade [02-17-1999]

Mary Beth Parker, Cheraw,SCFourth Grade [02-17-1999]

patti, teacher [02-17-1999]

I was doing a report on Besty Ross for school,and my report had to include facts about her house. This website REALLY helped me out a lot. I am happy I found it.
Amanda, 11/f. From Pensacola Florida. [02-17-1999]

I am doing a my first report. I hope i can find good information. Thank-you
Courtney Hollosi, I live in N.J. I am 8 years old and I am in the second grade. [02-16-1999]

Susie Kiser, TN [02-16-1999]

Barbara Smith, Irvington, Va. , moved here fron N.J. age 52. Kindergarten teacher [02-16-1999]

M. Bodenschatz, Summerhill,PA [02-16-1999]

Heather Lee, 6 years old [02-16-1999]

Diane Viglianco, Nutter Fort, WV [02-16-1999]

c. sheppard, Texas, 37 [02-16-1999]

We are doing a "Blast to the Past" and celebrating women of the 1700's. This was a great website for me to get information. Thank you.
E. Hayes, Girl Scout Troop Leader (Brownies) [02-16-1999]

I think this is a great page 4 info i have to do a report on her and found all of the information on this page
Michelle, 11 of st. Louis MO [02-15-1999]

Hello, My name is Lindsey. I am studying all about Betsy Ross and will be playing Betsy Ross in a play on Friday. I plan to visit Betsy Ross' home during my spring break from school. I want to learn all about her. Lindsey.
Lindsey, Cincinnati, Ohio. I am eight years old. [02-15-1999]

doing a school project on Betsy Ross
Jeni Harris, Maryland, 9yrs., [02-15-1999]

claire, 9 yrs . old [02-15-1999]

James Tatti, I am 8 years old and Ilive in Vacaville, California. [02-15-1999]

Jennifer [02-15-1999]

cathy smith [02-15-1999]

Frank Shepard, Chattanooga [02-15-1999]

I'm looking forward to taking the tour of Betsy Ross' house.
Rachel Brown, Nashville, TN - age 6 [02-15-1999]

Thank you
Jeannie Heemath, Texas [02-15-1999]

bill willetts [02-15-1999]

Courtney Irish [02-15-1999]

jordan sickman, McKinney, TX age 7 [02-15-1999]

I'm doing research on Betsy Ross for my 3rd grade history project. I found your web site interesting and informative.
Ashleigh Zuke, Arcola Elementary School [02-15-1999]

Abby Adams [02-15-1999]

Juliana Vadala, I am 10 years old and live in Maryland [02-15-1999]

sabrina [02-15-1999]

christina santee, san antonio texas 9, working on class project [02-15-1999]

Currently teaching a unit on the American Revolution and interested in any teaching aids
Joan Corbo, 4th Grade Teacher [02-15-1999]

Stefanie Wright, New York, 34 years old, love american history [02-15-1999]

Kate Gorman, Jacksonville Florida 10 [02-14-1999]

wonderful sight!
jeri trujillo, Del Norte, CO teacher and lover of education [02-14-1999]

Megan [02-14-1999]

Rita Sanford, Santa Cruz CA, 49 years old [02-14-1999]

I will visit Philadelphia in April 1999
Wolfgang Meisen, Germany, 39, [02-14-1999]

Becky Morgan, kindergarten teacher in Salem, VA [02-14-1999]

Taylor Staab, Second Grade [02-14-1999]

I am in this site because my twelve year old daughter has picked Betsy Ross for her school report. The picutures and information in this site is very helpful for her school report. My daughter Amanda and myself had a nice time learning all about Betsy Ross and the American Flag. Thank you
Kathleen Kurpit, Bushkill, PA - age 38 - mother of two. [02-14-1999]

Barbara Parks, Teacher of ESL [02-14-1999]

I am doing a report for second grade on Betsy Ross
Destin Cruse, age 8 [02-14-1999]

I am directly related to John Ross and was trying to find out more information about John & Betsy.
Betsy Ross Duany, I live in NH, I'm 29 and I grew up as Betsy Ross [02-14-1999]

Doing a paper on Betsy Ross
Carrie Cooley, 14 years old [02-14-1999]

fred perry, elementary teacher,huntington,wv.45 [02-14-1999]

researching a paper with my daughter about Betsy Ross
Julie Heyer, kcmo [02-14-1999]

Margaret Murrey [02-14-1999]

I am glad I found this website. I have learned a lot from it, including how to make a five point star for my project. Betsy Ross is an interesting person.
Katrina M. Ziegler, I live in Chula Vista, CA. I am 9 1/2 yers old and in the fourth grade. I am currently doing a report on Betsy Ross. [02-14-1999]

claire, 9 yrs . old [02-14-1999]

I just finished a Betsy Ross book it told me alot about Betsy Ross.
Alena Schwarz, Herndon VA, age 7 [02-13-1999]

weslie and james, ages 6 & 4 respectively [02-13-1999]

Hi! Great website! Especially for reasearch papers, which is why i am using it. Thanks!
anonymous, i go to school at ECMS [02-13-1999]

Meredith [02-13-1999]

My friend's 5 yr old son's class is going to make a quilt with a patriotic motif. I printed the instructions for making the 5-pointed star for them to use. Now I'm going to take the house tour. Great website. Thank you.
Biz Mohan, Marblehead, MA (another historic town) [02-13-1999]

iris dambra, i am eight and in 3rd grade [02-13-1999]

I am looking to find information on the revolution. I cam across this. I am hoping I can use this in my classroom to give them a feel for this time in our history. Thank you for letting me veiw this site.
Jeanene Fuchs, from South Dakota, Teacher, history buff [02-13-1999]

This is very interesting. I would love to come and visit this house. Thank you for letting me tour it on the web!
Lisa Darnell, Texas, 22 years old, soon to be elementary school teacher [02-13-1999]

We are coming to Philadelphia next week. What fun to take a virtual tour first.
The Britt Family, Lauren 13, Lindsay 11, Trevor, 9, and Mom [02-13-1999]

Ann DeLuca [02-13-1999]

My class is doing a play about the Patirots and we would like to know about Betsy Ross and how she made our nations flag.
Melissa Carron, I live in Gross Pte. [02-13-1999]

Toby Ross, OKlahoma, 22 [02-13-1999]

Susan Lippard [02-13-1999]

Stacy Budge [02-13-1999]

Sandra, Jimmy and Christopher Miller, Homeschool mother of two. We live in Woodstock, Va. [02-13-1999]

sabra stomm, connersville,in 11yrs.old [02-13-1999]

Randy Hankins, Birmingham, AL; 38, male [02-13-1999]

We are studying about the American flag and Betsy Ross.
Mrs. Keeney's Class, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma [02-13-1999]

I thank the persons that created this site it gave me great info for a few history reports and projects. Once again thank you.
Mindy Alvord, Florida, 15, [02-13-1999]

Marguerite Whitehead, teacher of grade 2 and 3 [02-13-1999]

Linda Stubblebine, I'm fifteen [02-13-1999]

Krystal Mendez [02-13-1999]

school report
Kimy Nix, age 7, Georgia, [02-13-1999]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross.
Kelsey Kleinhans, I live in St. Louis, Missouri and I am 9 years old. I [02-13-1999]

My class is researching and writing about the patriots of the war of independence.
Kathlynn M. Kellogg, Teacher - Monteith Elementary School - Grosse Pte. , MI [02-13-1999]

Visited Phila Feb 1999 but missed the house. Was there on business..not much time. Am computer programmer
Jerry Guth [02-13-1999]

janet [02-13-1999]

I have read BESTY ROOS. LUV, EL
Elna Nickname EL, ? 2914 W Kent IL 9 [02-13-1999]

We are coming for a visit in April.
ellen Stanton, 40. school teacher [02-13-1999]

We visited the Betsy Ross house in Dec. --- my husband and I were surprised how the tour had changed from when we went to Philadelphia on field trips but the self guided tour was just what my girls needed at that time. THey are 7 and9 years and we were able to linger at one room that was of interest or got a quick view of rooms that didn't hold much interest. We did enjoy the tour of the house!!! Girls loved it!
Brenda Diamond, Live in Bainbridge PA family of four [02-13-1999]

have a nice day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Brandon Poole, Michigan [02-13-1999] [02-13-1999]

We wish to go on the virtual tour!!
Alison Hasbargen and Megan Hoffman, whatever [02-13-1999]

i had to do this for school but it is pretty cool!
aerin, texas,14,female [02-13-1999]

We have been studying President's Day and the first flags of the United States.
Mrs. Ionescu's 1st/2nd grade class, We are students at Garden Elementary School in Venice, Florida [02-10-1999]

I am planning on a book report on Betsy Ross
shannon dalton, 7 [02-10-1999]

cynthia warren, Rocky Face Georgia 11 touring it for a shcool project [02-10-1999]

Melba Lugo, housewife and mother and grandmother [02-10-1999]

Tyler, 11 [02-10-1999]

Norma Young, student teacher- Elba Elementary School Elba, AL 36323 age 21 [02-10-1999]

Ms. Keith's Second Grade Class- Dodge Elementary School, Mobile, Al [02-10-1999]

We are from Eagle Butte, SD, and we are visiting your site as a part of a unit on George Washington. We are in the first grade. Thank you for making Betsy Ross' house accessible to us through the internet.
Kristy Longbrake, Kris Gutormson, Cy Blu Berndt, Katurah Blue Arm [02-10-1999]

Jane Katherine [02-10-1999]

what a lovely home! Keep up the good work!
donna and elizabeth, Eagle Butte, SD [02-10-1999]

We're taking my daughter's Girl Scout Troop to Phila. and are looking forward to touring the Betsy Ross House
Linda, Dingmans Ferry, P.A. [02-10-1999]

Megan Hildewig, 9 Texas [02-10-1999]

Karen Marazoff, I live in New Hampshire. I am 14 years old. I am working on a report for the american heritage tour. We are going this March. We will be visiting Betsy Ross [02-10-1999]

Linda Skinner, I teach U. S. history in Las Vegas, NV [02-10-1999]

learning about the flag
whitney bretz [02-10-1999]

Paul D. Kartachak [02-10-1999]

Pat Steinbach, Austin, Tx. [02-10-1999]

DUANE BIEBER, MT. 38 [02-10-1999]

Send me info if possible about your area and its attractions. Thanks!
Rich Buchholz, boscobel wi resident, male, 33, third grade teacher, honeymooning in Philly in June 99 [02-10-1999]

The tour was very helpful to my report. Thank You
Celestia Clemons, 10 [02-10-1999]

I just was exploring and found this web site! My teacher wanted to do things for flag day and we went on this web site. So I tried to find the same web site and I found it when I was exploring the internet!
Nicole Pizzi, I live in Wisconsin. I am 11 years old and a female. [02-10-1999]

jim rutledge [02-10-1999]

I am a student in Minnesota who is partisipating in the Minnesota History Day contest. I have to find a topic of an inventor, invention, science, technology, or inovation and tell how it changed history. I must have at least one primary source and at least four secondary sources. I you think you can help I would greatly apreciate it if you e-mailed me at my address above. Thank you greatly, and you have a wonderful site! Thank you, Emily Hance
Emily Hance, age: 13 [02-10-1999]

learning about the flag
whitney bretz [02-10-1999]

Paul D. Kartachak [02-10-1999]

I can't wait!
Hannah Marie Bretz [02-10-1999]

I like to dance play the piano, and of course sew! I love the book Betsy Ross Girl Of Old Philadelphia. I'm trying to find more books on Betsy. The books about her lifetime are really cool!
Morgan, Age 10 I Live in Zionsville, Indiana [02-10-1999]

The tour was very helpful to my report. Thank You
Celestia Clemons, 10 [02-10-1999]

Melissa Curtis [02-10-1999]

drayilioff [02-10-1999]

Anne Oberg [02-10-1999]

Was Betsy Ross for real? Some say no. Let's find out. Its part of our SOL'S for kgn. in Virginia.
Barbara Watson, Kgn. teacher Lancaster, Virginia [02-10-1999]

what a lovely home! Keep up the good work!
donna and elizabeth, Eagle Butte, SD [02-10-1999]

Ms. Keith's Second Grade Class- Dodge Elementary School, Mobile, Al [02-10-1999]

Tyler, 11 [02-10-1999]

Norma Young, student teacher- Elba Elementary School Elba, AL 36323 age 21 [02-10-1999]

We have been studying President's Day and the first flags of the United States.
Mrs. Ionescu's 1st/2nd grade class, We are students at Garden Elementary School in Venice, Florida [02-10-1999]

I am planning on a book report on Betsy Ross
shannon dalton, 7 [02-10-1999]

I have a picture of Betsy Ross in my living room doanted by a ladies flag organix
Betsi Rudder, teacher [02-10-1999]

Jane Katherine [02-10-1999]

cynthia warren, Rocky Face Georgia 11 touring it for a shcool project [02-10-1999]

Susan Ricciardi [02-10-1999]

If you don't mind to take a minute mail me a picture of Betsy Ross
Rashell Tucker, 1743 Eastern Ave. NE 11years old [02-10-1999]

I believe I might be a decendent of Betsy Ross. Im trying to look into it further.
Susan S., New Hampshire [02-10-1999]

Oh....Site.....PRETTY!!!!!!! I am here on a school trip (or duty) hehe
David, Ny, 12, Hockey player [02-10-1999]

Norm Fowler, Spring Valley, CA [02-10-1999]

Mariel Pesavento, live in Hillsborough, NJ [02-10-1999]

Nery Mendez, CPA from Los Angeles CA age: 41 [02-10-1999]

Our class enjoyed your web page!
Mrs. Lewis' Class, Hanford, CA [02-10-1999]

Me and a group of school-mates are doing a project on Betsy Ross and how she sewed the first American flag.
Jennifer Calhoun, Student at Avery High School: Newland, NC [02-10-1999]

Mrs. Sholund's class [02-09-1999]

Deborah J. Gore [02-09-1999]

Melba Lugo, housewife and mother and grandmother [02-09-1999]

Dorothy Maffei, Bristol, Ct. loves history [02-09-1999]


we love you, Betsy Ross!
E.H. & C.C., 10, S.P. [02-09-1999]

Pat Steinbach, Austin, Tx. [02-09-1999]

DUANE BIEBER, MT. 38 [02-09-1999]

Karena Wells, Missouri,16,teaching a class at the elementary school about different dances done in different decades of Americain history [02-08-1999]

Sally, Dallas, Texas 16 [02-08-1999]

Danny Thomas [02-08-1999]

I am doing a report for 2nd grade class.
Gina Krauss, age 8 [02-08-1999]

Conducting research for my daughters report for school
John C. Guy, SanDeigo, Ca [02-08-1999]

Jessica Romeo [02-08-1999]

I really enjoyed the virtual tour of Betsy Ross' house. I have visited it many times over the years, but this was the first time by internet.
Rebecca Mellander, Endicott, New York - Lived in Phila. [02-08-1999]

Kassidy Knowles, salina,10,love Betsy Ross [02-08-1999]

Brian Grothouse, Ohio,11, [02-08-1999]

Gail [02-08-1999]

I'm working on a project of her
Beverly King, 10 years old ,living in Watkinsville,GA [02-08-1999]

penny palmer- ross, 11 cousin of the late BETSY ROSS [02-08-1999]

All I need is pictures!!!
Puck, Pinon Hills, Ca, 17. [02-08-1999]

Samantha Maddox, live iN Cisco Tx. 13 [02-08-1999]

michelle proffitt, 14 [02-08-1999]

I have visited this site because I am doing a biography for school on Betsy Ross.
Jennifer C. Stephens, New Jersey age: 13 [02-08-1999]

Judy, I live in Sacramento, California. Am in my late 50's And love to surf the net [02-08-1999]

We are learning about our great country. We want to learn more about our beautiful flag.
Mrs. Wasdin's First Grade, Monroe Twp. NJ [02-08-1999]

Susan Butler, teacher Poquoson, Va. [02-08-1999]

Just looking around as I am a decendant of the Claypool(e)'s. Thanks. Joanne.
Joanne Smith, Washington [02-08-1999]

Jay Feldstein [02-08-1999]

Kim Bennett, Teacher [02-08-1999]

John Sheridan [02-08-1999]

Vicki Adams, American history teacher [02-08-1999]

kristy lang, Morgan, UT 19 [02-08-1999]

hayley fiorella, 10 doing school report [02-08-1999]

Patricia Ann Jones, Yakima WASHINGTON [02-08-1999]

I was born in Philiadelphia and visted the house when I was about six years old. I now live in Ohio and am portraying Betsy Ross for a Mardi Gras party. I also have a 13 colony flag that was one of my uncles (who was a mummer) and they used it in one of the Thankgivings Day parades with the Trilby String Bands protraying the colonists.
l dyar [02-08-1999]

heather cravens, conroe, texas [02-08-1999]

I live in Florida and i am 14 yrs. old
eddie callahan [02-08-1999]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross for my first-grade class.
Nicole Norman, 7 [02-08-1999]

I was doing a report on women in History and i did it on Betsy Ross.
ALLISON CATALFUMO, Staten Island,n.y. 10 [02-08-1999]

I did a report on Betsy Ross for school. I loved the tour.
Andrea Helminiak, 10 years old/Maumee, Ohio [02-08-1999]

I have a report to do in school about any woman in the United States.......I chose Betsy Ross. I thank you for having this wonderful web page about her. It saves me a trip to the
Kayla Marie, NY [02-08-1999]

magdi, 41 [02-08-1999]

gina gould [02-08-1999]

Patrick O'Toole, Live in NY and I am in the second grade [02-08-1999]

Book report research.
Lauren Farrah, 5'th grader - 10yrs old [02-08-1999]

Hampton Young, Age 56, Reno, NV [02-08-1999]

Kristy Larson, I'm a student at Sultan Hight School in the state of Washington and I am looking for information that could help me in a school project [02-08-1999]

I am looking at Besty Ross because I am doing a report on her. Thank you for having this site for me to look at.
Sarah McAuley, Tallahassee, Florida; 6-years-old; 1st grade [02-08-1999]

Micalena Sallavanti, Age 8 Peckville,PA [02-08-1999]

will visit soon!
anonymous, leane age8 phils. [02-08-1999]

jeff fuller [02-08-1999]

Maria, Aliquippa, PA [02-08-1999]

Ross Kaiser, My age is 9 [02-08-1999]

Alice Keeney, Broken Arrow, OK [02-08-1999]

Betsy Ross was my Great (4x) Aunt
Gayla Bauer, Lake Dallas, TX [02-08-1999]

I just returned from a visit to Philadelphia. Unfortunately, I didn't get to Betsy Ross's house on this trip.
Sue Kamm, Los Angeles, CA [02-08-1999]

Amanda Roberts [02-08-1999]


I'll be visiting Philly next week and I'll see the Betsy Ross House so I can't wait to see the vitrual tour!!
Gabrielle, 10 years old NYC [02-08-1999]

i did a report or should i say role play of betsy ross when i was in 5th grade. i was betsy for the day. i learned a lot about her back then. and to this day she sticks with me. if i had this opportunity of the web back then; just think how much better i would have been. by the way i received an a for my report and role play. thank you for the opportunity to share this with you. thanks again, theresa mendes (
theresa mendes, tulare, ca age 29 female [02-08-1999]

i'm looking up info for my niece who is 9 doing a report on betsy ross
scott lawrie, sacramento,ca 31 [02-08-1999]

Working on an oral report about a famous American for second grade
Renee Fritz, Age 7 from lancaster, PA [02-08-1999]

I really like this site!!
Diana Raz, I am a State Officer of the Texas Society Children of the American Revolution. I am 16 yrs old. [02-08-1999]

Philip A. Gillis [02-08-1999]

i would like to talk to you
Angela Brown, Syrcuse NY,11,Female [02-08-1999]

interested knowing all about her, my maiden name is "ross" and finding faily tree. i know some how i am related.
anita urquhart, pembroke, ma [02-06-1999]

hangin wich ya all!!!
kay websyter, wi,15,brown [02-06-1999]

This is my homwork project. Mom and the Internet are helping a lot. Thank you.
Nicholas O., Second Grader from NY [02-06-1999]

NICK, 9 YEARS OLD [02-06-1999]

mrussell, Library Media Specialist [02-06-1999]

Ashley [02-06-1999]

Danielle Taylor [02-06-1999]

Barbara Ring, From San Diego, CA; 38 years old [02-06-1999]

Thank you for the information on Betsy Ross. I am doing a project on her at my school. I also have to do a model on her life. I think the information on her will do me good. Thank you again. Your friend Nicole Burlette
Nicole Burlette, Mooresville, NC, age 9 and in the third grade [02-06-1999]

I'm visiting Betsy Ross' home because I'm doing a school project.
micah jang, age 10, south pasadena, CA 91030 [02-06-1999]

We are planning a special class celebration for Flag Day and I was looking for information for my fifth grade class. What a great find!!!
Dorothy kimmerling, Northern Wisconsin [02-06-1999]

HAIM, 34 ISREAL [02-06-1999]

Thank you for a wonderful book Betsy Ross it's great!
Brittany Hagert, 10 years old love gymnastics & horses [02-06-1999]

Lacey Haneca, 9yr. old [02-06-1999]

Rebecca& Kirsten, 10&11 [02-06-1999]

cool site
Sarah, 14 [02-06-1999]

It's great what you can find on the net and it's great to keep history alive and learn from it.
Celeste Thomas, 18 years old studetn at weber state university [02-04-1999]

Nice website. I'll use the information on a report.
Nicole Manuel, 10 years old from Spring Grove IL [02-04-1999]

The site is great. Thank you for the hard work, your site offers great information for many. My 3rd grade daughter is one who is learning a lot. Your site was the only place we found anything that hinted to Betsy Ross's death. My daughter is writing a report about Betsy Ross, and one of the things she needed to know, oddly enough, was how Betsy died. The information that my daughter was able to find helped her tremendously. Your site has also inspired me to browse the web for more historical inforamtion. Thank you, Frank Schaffer
Frank Schaffer, St. Louis, Mo.; 33; father of 3 [02-04-1999]

Love this web site.
Tammy White, 33 yrs [02-04-1999]

I'm doing a school report on Betsy Ross.
Samantha Reese, 2nd grade student, age 8 [02-04-1999]

I am a descendant of Betsy Ross, so I have always been very interested in her life. I last visited The Betsy Ross House 2 years ago and will be coming again soon.
Linda Valentino, New York [02-04-1999]

Lauren Scharfing, 5th grader, New York [02-04-1999]

Barbara Leonard, teacher, fourth grade [02-04-1999]

Thank you for letting me visit your wonderful home.
Debbie WallaceHendrick, 44 [02-04-1999]

Ilive in excelsior springs mo I'm 13
Hope McCollum [02-04-1999]

Lynda Whitmore [02-04-1999]

We have to do a report. It's going to be kind of boring unless this is a fun webpage! I hope so!
Clara and Laura Beth, We're at school. and we're 13 and 14 [02-04-1999]

Mary Glowacki, archaeologist [02-04-1999]

Erika Roussell, Florida, 22 [02-04-1999]

Tracy Stephens, teacher grades k and 1 [02-04-1999]

molly, Beaumont, CA Age 10 [02-04-1999]

Courtney Boykin, I'm a 16/F in Texas [02-03-1999]

Chrisel S. King [02-03-1999]

Megan, hi all [02-03-1999]

D. Scanlon, Came here for a history assingment. [02-03-1999]

Judy L. Minnoch [02-03-1999]

Stacey, California [02-03-1999]

Lauren Elyse Dodrill, Wv 9 [02-03-1999]

Kristin Whipple, Boulder, Colorado [02-03-1999]

Aubrey, 11/f/Pennsylvania [02-03-1999]

.Mrs. Villwock's 1st grade class [02-03-1999]

Virginia Martin [02-03-1999]

We enjoyed your site!
Dumbarton Elem. Ms. Nassetta's class, First graders [02-03-1999]

Sherri Bailey, I'm 19 years old, I attend Weber State and I'm a Respiratory Therapy major. [02-03-1999]

hi wuss up
preppy 345, anderson 12 pretty [02-03-1999]

James Hopkins, 8 yr. old from Southern Ohio [02-03-1999]

doing a report on a famous American woman and chose Betsy Ross
Emily Smith, first grade, 6-1/2 [02-03-1999]

This is very helpful for my report.
Katharine, North Carolina, age 8 [02-03-1999]

Emily Smith [02-03-1999]

Mrs. Heinsohn's Class, 19 students, ages 7 - 8, 2nd grade, 7 girls, 12 boys [02-03-1999]

Yvonne Chavez [02-02-1999]

i am doing a report on betsy ross. i like your web site
amber pacini, 9 yrs. carmichael, ca [02-02-1999]

heidi bliss [02-02-1999]

samantha [02-02-1999]

Cassie Reeves, 20YEARS OID [02-02-1999]

Mark Barletta, Hazleton PA 18201 age 40 [02-02-1999]

Getting information to teach my students.
Kim Hardy, teacher [02-02-1999]

Jeremy Hart, Bountiful, UT 18 yrs old [02-02-1999]

jason salmond [02-02-1999]

nina p, i am playing betsy ross in my schools play [02-02-1999]

Taking a history class in school.
Shawn Fletcher, Ogden, Utah/ 30 years old [02-02-1999]

Arlene DeStefano, Elementary school teacher [02-02-1999]

Christine Purdy, second grade teacher [02-02-1999]

I am a 5th grade teacher doing a play called "13 colonies". the class is so excited about U.S. revolutionary history from this play but our district isn't fully online. This is so frustrating because your site looks great.
Mary Ann Cullen [02-02-1999]

Catie Weckenman, Richboro PA Age - 9 [02-02-1999]


kelleen mcfate, teacher, 28, st. louis [02-02-1999]

I read Betsu Ross's book she was gret at niting.
Eva Nolan, Boulder , co 10 [02-02-1999]

Chelsie Haberzettle, Texas, 8 [02-02-1999]

Our class is doing a project. We are to read about a famous person. My mom helped me pick Betsy Ross.
Lauren Archer, Portland Oregon 8 years old [02-02-1999]

cecilia rodriguez, 8years old, from EAST CHICAGO IN. [02-02-1999]

Your site has helped me on my research paper for school. Thank-you, Philip
Philip Heinemeier, 11 years old living in Alsip IL. [02-02-1999]

marshall mahoney, I am 11 years old in the 5th grade living in Cairo, Egypt. I need information about colonial Pennsylvania. [02-01-1999]

Iris Dumuk, photographer [02-01-1999]

Amberly Jade Davison, 15/f @ Maui [02-01-1999]


Chris Vezino, third grade teacher 33 yrs. old [02-01-1999]

Mrs. McCormick's Second Grade Class [02-01-1999]

My student, Darrian is doing a Wax Museum project on Betsy Ross.
nancy busenbark, teacher-4th grade-indiana [02-01-1999]

This is cool
Anthony Hook [02-01-1999]

Roger L. and Alicia Johnson, Roger 50, daughter Alicia 10 [02-01-1999]

LINDA CAROOTS, OHIO, [02-01-1999]

Jill Myer, Math Instructor from Dothan, AL [02-01-1999]

this will be my first visit to Philadelphia I do not have the money to travel so this is a fun way for me to stay home and still visit some sites that I would not otherwise be able to go to.
Martha Harris, Paris,IL 48years married 27years April 13 [02-01-1999]

This looks cool.
Christopher Homsher, Hollywood, MD I'm 11yrs old. [02-01-1999]

Could you please send me a picture of the first American Flag? My address is 631 Davol Rd., Stevensville, MD 21666. My report is due Feb 7th. Thank You!
Lauren Stine, I am in first grade and I have to do a report on Betsy Ross. [02-01-1999]

Katie Pabody, I am 11. I live in Conneaut Ohio.I have 2 pets. 1 sister [02-01-1999]

I am doing a report about Betsy Ross at school for reading month.
Leanna Wyatt, 8 yr old 2nd grader at Cold Harbor Elementary School in Mechanicsville Va. [02-01-1999]

Kim Johns, Clearwater, Fl [02-01-1999]

Thank you for giving us all the opportunity to tour Betsy Ross's house.
Sharon G. Baller, elementary school teacher in N.J. [02-01-1999]


joyce boutin [02-01-1999]

This page is really helpful. My daughter in third grade is doing a report on Betsy. thanks for all the info.
Gayle R. Dubofsky, Mother, wife, teacher in New jersey 44 yrs. old [02-01-1999]

I am reading a book about Betsy Ross and thought I might look up Betsy Ross on the internet.
Betsy, 10 [02-01-1999]

Arizona became a state in 1912 and Betsy would have had the honor of sewing star number 48.
Anne Hegna, Peoria, AZ person who loves our rich heritage. [02-01-1999]

Betsy is a distant relative
david ross, cincinnati [02-01-1999]

I am a third grade teacher. My students are studing facts about the beginning of the United States of America.
Mary Ruth Rankin, Eudora, Arkansas Age 47 [02-01-1999]

I found this site on aol's kid search. I am hoping to find an appropriate virtual field trip for my kindergarten and first grade students.
tracy stephens, k/1 teacher, alexandria, virginia [02-01-1999]

Carl Blount, Nashville TN [02-01-1999]

I am on this site looking for information for my Social Studies project. I am working on a play or skit my partner and I are doing.
Kendra, Orono, MN 10 yrs. [02-01-1999]

Corinne, I love animals [02-01-1999]

Marie Macovitz, Retired Waitress [02-01-1999]

SHARON VERA [02-01-1999]

ivonne baculima, east windsor [02-01-1999]

i was needing some info on Betsy Ross so i came here any other interesting web sites?
Summer Hall, 16 [02-01-1999]

Sharon Humphrey [02-01-1999]

Jordan Roosevelt [02-01-1999]

This should be a pleasure..Glad I found you.
Betsy Joyce, Dallas, TX [01-28-1999]

Peggy Floyd, Savannah Tn [01-28-1999]

Great Information for my students in preparing for our spring musical. It includes Betsy Ross. Thanks!!
Robert M. Jones, Ohio Music Teacher [01-28-1999]

Lance J. Hevron, MS Teacher in Irving TX [01-28-1999]

Information for class project
Cagney, 9 years old; Florida [01-28-1999]

joyce racheotes, cape cod massachusetts [01-28-1999]

Many years ago (about 50) a wonderful woman named Kathleen Ross took me to the Betsy Ross House. It's one of my favorite childhood memories.
Patricia Melody, originally from Phila Now living in St Paul, MN. [01-28-1999]

i like to play catch
Jake Weathers, i am a male [01-28-1999]

katie powers, 11 [01-28-1999]

Martha Aschwanden, Smith River Ca [01-28-1999]

Hallie Map, 11 Girard I.L. [01-28-1999]

Staci Trojcak, 5th grade 11 years old [01-28-1999]

Katlyn Fox, 5 grade 11 years old [01-28-1999]

this is a school assignement!
theicon [01-28-1999]

Megan Marsh, 5th Grade 10 yrs old [01-28-1999]

Alicia Scantlin [01-28-1999]

C Rode [01-28-1999]

What was it like back then?
Jon-ERik Ross Meier, I m 11 Years old [01-28-1999]

I feel that learning about the past will help us learn about tomorrow.
Jessica Wise, I'm 11 years old and love to study history!!!!! [01-28-1999]

Laura Robinette, Ohio [01-28-1999]

ljlenten, an interested mom [01-28-1999]

wan-fang chen, student [01-28-1999]

Since a little girl, I have been thrilled with the story of Betsy Ross.
Deanna Wright, Ruidoso, NM, teacher [01-28-1999]

Thank you for making this site. I was desperately looking for information on Betsy Ross to write a paper for my fifth grade social studies class. This was great!!
Catherine Dresen, I am ten years old. I am from Rexburg Idaho. [01-28-1999]

Danielle Avery, Poway, CA, age 7, second grade, [01-28-1999]

Lauren, Im a 5th grader and i am doing a report on Betsy Ross and im 11 [01-28-1999]

BETSY ROSS RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PATRICIA SCANLON, BUFFALO,n.y 16 [01-28-1999]

mark, 18 [01-28-1999]

Amy Lynn Gu, 9 yrs / Georgia / 3rd grade [01-28-1999]

Luke Wakeen, 8 years old [01-28-1999]

CPhillips, Teacher, 51, Austin,Texas [01-28-1999]

jimmy poteracki, 14 years old [01-28-1999]


History rules
Molly nelson, 10 [01-28-1999]

tiffany [01-28-1999]

samnmy [01-28-1999]

Ms. Gregory Kindergarten Class [01-28-1999]

Since my daughter's name is Betsy, we read a book entitled (I think) "Betsy Ross; girl of Old Philadelphia". I've forgotten the author. When I came across your website, I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Fenwick, Homeschooling family [01-27-1999]

Sarah Sick, Houma, LA [01-26-1999]

I am a 3rd grade teacher and we have been studying Betsy Ross.
Nancy Horner, age 40 -59 Virginia Drive Wheelersburg, Ohio 45694 [01-26-1999]


Teresa Carosella, Little Rock, AR [01-26-1999]

I'm doing a school play and I'm playing Betsy Ross
Kelly Hester, 7 years old [01-26-1999]

Looking up information for the great niece who is doing a report of Betsy Ross for school
Teresa Rzocna [01-26-1999]

Cool Website!
Judith Alexander, Seattle, WA; librarian in Mountlake Terrace [01-26-1999]

visited as a child and have taken my children
jfran, medford nj [01-26-1999]

Iwant to know more about you
terra wilson, new lebanon,12 [01-26-1999]

i learned about her in school
JENNIFER ALLISON, a gymnast live in jamestown 11 years old [01-26-1999]

As a Canadian, I have great interest in American History.
Mary Jo Cole, 23 years old [01-26-1999]

Kathryn Bonner, Texas, 10 [01-26-1999]

Kristie Difulco, Alexandria, Louisiana, 26 yrs. old [01-26-1999]

Heard about this site from our group of Home Dec/Window Treatment Fabricators group. Just interested to find out more about Betsy.
Heide Suess, Salt Lake City, UT [01-26-1999]

I'm a 5 grader. i really like your site.
Amanda Weems [01-26-1999]

excellent site
Mary Fiolek, 50 - real history buff [01-26-1999]

Kathleen Renne Turner [01-26-1999]

audra hill [01-26-1999]

I have enjoyed looking at the sight and found out lots of interesting things-It was a great learning experience!
Natalee LaJeunesse, I am a 25 yr. old History student at Weber State University. I live in Morgan, Utah. [01-26-1999]

Melissa Roberts, Sedalia Mo. age 15 [01-26-1999]

brent hollers, 16 [01-26-1999]

Tina Tong Choy, San Jose, CA [01-26-1999]

Amanda, Orlando, Florida [01-26-1999]

Thomas Kinberg, 21 years, Copenhagen, Denmark, Student (market-economist) [01-26-1999]

Iam doing a report on Betsy Ross in my 1st grade class. We are having a special program called "Celebrate America" in February. I have to make a big poster, dress-up like Betsy Ross and give a speech.
kelly Mckay, 6 years old [01-25-1999]

I have to write a biography on whom I chose, Betsy Ross, for school, I will also for one day pretend I am her, it is coming up pretty soonm, Feb 12, well I have a book, and encyclopiedas and and well I just desided to surf the web for some stuff, I know probably mostly only grown-ups come here, but this is for School, I'm a good student and will continue to be one. ~Missa~
Missa, I'm 11, in 5th grade. [01-25-1999]

researching Betsy for a history project
Bouchket, USA [01-25-1999]

RYAN WHITE, I am a 25 year old student at Weber State University. It is located in Ogden, Ut. [01-25-1999]

Researching a school project.
Felicia Tushkowski, New Meadows Idaho, Age 10. [01-25-1999]

Researching a school project.
Felicia Tushkowski, New Meadows Idaho, Age 10. [01-25-1999]

E-Mail me information about Betsy ross or her life.
John Fallon, I am 8 years old and attend the Studley Elementary School in Attleboro Massachusetts. I am doing a book report on Betsy Ross and am looking for additional material. [01-25-1999]

casey long, birmingham,al [01-25-1999]

stephen pettit, Live in SLC UT. 56 years old [01-25-1999]

Very enjoyable.
Melina Morgan [01-25-1999]

Mandy Johnston, I live in Sheridan Wyoming and I am a 22 year old college student. [01-25-1999]

M. Arlene Mauger, Pipersville, PA. 18947 [01-25-1999]

Tim Tassie [01-25-1999]

Schenck Elementary School, fifth grade class [01-25-1999]

I hope I get all the important information, so I can do my report right.I think it is important we learn about our history.
Jonni Ketelsen, 9 years old I am doing a report on the flag. I live in Mt. Clare, WV 26408 [01-25-1999]

beth, crowley tx 9 yrs old [01-25-1999]


Ruth Hook [01-25-1999]

Nancy Harig, 33 f from oregon [01-25-1999]

i'm doing a project on the first American Flag for my 3rd grade social studies class. 1/24/99
BRIDGET BENINATE, 8yo, from Gretna, Louisiana [01-25-1999]

I'm doing a speech for history on Betsy Ross, hope this can help, it has to be 10 mins.
Catherine, Age 16: junior in highschool [01-25-1999]

This tour is for my history class
Michelle Boord [01-25-1999]

Kaitlin Zack, I am 9 years old and doing a school report [01-25-1999]

I am having to write a report on Betsy Ross and I wanted to see her house and how she dressed.
Emiley Morgan, Tupelo, MS , age 9, [01-25-1999]

I wuz here!
B.J. Allen, Columbia, South Carolina 16 [01-25-1999]

I am doing school reaserch on the american flag for homework.
Reilly Bertasi, 7 [01-25-1999]

Bridget Crowley, I live in Port Angeles WA. I am 10 and doing a report on Betsy [01-25-1999]


Anna Timberlake, girl [01-25-1999]

Studying American History, which I find fascinating. Thank you for providing the tour as I will probably never get the chance to visit.
Terry Cummings, 38 y/o F returning to college [01-25-1999]

Jan Kirby, Portland, OR [01-25-1999]

Shawna Sturgill, I'm 8 years old [01-25-1999]

I once visited Philidelphia on a school trip with my daughter but the Betsy Ross House was closed that day. I am looking forward to taking the tour now!
Elizabeth Sterling Mills, Eastern Sh. of VA,K teacher,mother of 2 [01-23-1999]

I want to learn about Betsy Ross
gabrielle gamez, 8 years old [01-23-1999]

Kim Chase, Ogden, Utah - 33 - Student, Weber State University [01-23-1999]

Jill Richley, age 42, Durand, Michigan 48429 [01-23-1999]


Marsha Fields [01-23-1999]

Pauline Bradley, from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan [01-23-1999]

i have already seen some of this website, ilike the history and the photo's
trevor gillot, sheffield wednesday football club supporter.sheffield born and bred,greatest place in the world .never lived anywhere else,never been abroad . [01-23-1999]

I just studied the 13 colonies
Charlie Steinman, Ca. 14, [01-23-1999]

Believe I will enjoy this tour
Connie Cameron, librarian, [01-23-1999]

jonathan willingham, tyler,texas 12 looking for information on school project [01-23-1999]

Roger W. Kobleske, U.S. History Teacher [01-23-1999]

michael ochsenreither and family, 40 ca. married 3 kids [01-23-1999]

Lucia Johnson [01-23-1999]

Kate Miller, Ohio age 11---I am doing a report on her [01-22-1999]

I really admire Betsy Ross
Michele Rogers, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 13 years of age [01-22-1999]

please seel free to examine my site go to Grandparent's Attic. Please feel freee to comment. I am going to recommend your site to teachers.
Jerry Feltis, Education Specialist/Dakota Science Center [01-22-1999]

Martin luther King jr. is my role motal. He didn't deserve what happened to him.
CoCo, I'm Black and proud [01-22-1999]

I am doing research on Besty Ross!!!
Megan, missouri,11 [01-22-1999]

Our Cubscouts and Brownies are studyng about flags both in the US and Norway. We also made this a Home School Project and the children love the information and how to make a star! Thanks for the information.
Dagny, Willie ,BJ & Bridget Brown, Oregon [01-22-1999]

Lisa Tank [01-22-1999]

manual robertos [01-22-1999]

Amber, 12/Va [01-22-1999]

The tour was great!
Martha Elliott, Elem. Teacher [01-22-1999]

DeWayne Harkins, Distant cousin to Betsy [01-22-1999]

tony hatty, houston tx. 43 [01-22-1999]

Dawn Maffetone, New York [01-22-1999]

I am doing an assignment about Betsy Ross. I was looking for a picture of her.
Claire Slagel, Age 11 [01-22-1999]

I wish Betsy were still alive so that I could thank her for making our flag.
Katie Chesnes, Columbus, Ohio. 7 Years Old. Doing a report for school on Betsy Ross. [01-22-1999]

I'm working on a report for school on Betsy Ross due the first week of Feb.
Rebecca Hallowell, 5th grader at Hershey Elementary School [01-22-1999]

Alisa Ayres, Wichita Ks. 22 years of age 1st year education student [01-22-1999]

I had to research information about Betsy Ross for a homework assignment.
Joshua Turner, Grand Ledge, Michigan, 9 yrs. old [01-22-1999]

Christopher Young, Cissna Park, IL 15, Male, White [01-22-1999]

We're delighted to visit the Betsy Ross house on the Web!
Mrs. Cindy Spangler, Third grade class in Watsonville, California [01-22-1999]

ying [01-22-1999]

I'm a homeschooler and I'm learning about women in history.
Jasmine, Washington state, 8 years old [01-22-1999]

Caroline and Lauren Staley [01-22-1999]

amelia jude, 8 years old [01-22-1999]

Thank you for the information to help me on my report fpr Women in History month.
Lauren Harkins, staen Island NY age 11 1/2 [01-22-1999]

Sarah Hazelwood, I teach 5th and 6th grade Social Studies. [01-22-1999]

Jim Lloyd, Belleview, FL [01-22-1999]

thank you
Bill Riner, age 31 indiana [01-22-1999]

douglas duerr, pittsburgh pa [01-22-1999]

I think that Betsy Ross is a wonderful example of a famous women who contributed to american history!
Katharine McEnery, Raleigh, North Carolina love history [01-22-1999]

April Hawk, North Carolina [01-22-1999]

Caroline [01-22-1999]

Elizabeth Jensen, I'm 19 doing research on the people listed in my family tree. [01-22-1999]

Ada Kranenberg, Charles Town, WV [01-22-1999]

i just love betsy ros s
paige, uh im19 [01-22-1999]

Let me see the info you got about our designer of our offical american flag. i hope you got good info!!!!!!!!
LoRD PSYKo, NY 17 [01-22-1999]

want to find out how betsy ross is related to me. my grandfather's mother was a ross.
jennifer sutherland, 11years [01-22-1999]

Thanks for letting me visit
Jennifer Loiacano, age 7 I live in Mississippi [01-22-1999]

My interest in learning more about Betsy Ross was sparked by a game played at Christmastime with friends. Everyone had a sticker on his/her back with a name of someone famous. By asking questions of other guests, he or she figured out the identity of their famous person. My friend's famous person was Betsy Ross - and we all learned that we didn't know a lot about her. I've enjoyed reading here about the life of Betsy Ross and her contribution to our nation's history.
Katharine T. Krozel, Boston, Massachusetts [01-22-1999]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross for school.
Stacey Swann, 11 years old, VA [01-22-1999]

I am doing homework for first grade. I want information about Betsy Ross and how she made our flag.
Brittnee Arynn Feibel, 6 yrs live in Bossier City La. [01-22-1999]

heather shaw, age: 10 cedartown, ga. westside elementary school [01-22-1999]

I'm studying betsy ross and this is part of my report
jennifer baker, report for school [01-22-1999]

Rachel Dardis [01-22-1999]

Miss Barnett, Elementary teacher [01-22-1999]

Our school name is Journey Homeward Christian School.
Vicky Hafler, Homeschool mom, we are studying the flag for history. [01-20-1999]

Lucille M. Costello [01-20-1999]

Ruthie Burberry, Mahomet, IL. [01-20-1999]


Found your web page through the book "I Want My webtv" by David Fox, on page 157. I am new to webtv and this is the first site I looked up through the "GO TO BUTTON". I am very impressed. Thank you for being on the net. Many people who cannot visit this site in person, especially the disabled will benefit.
anonymous [01-20-1999]

ama [01-20-1999]

Fred Lewis [01-20-1999]

How have you made?
Lacey Parker, Virginia 8 years old [01-20-1999]

megan, cookeville,TN [01-20-1999]

I am doing a book report on Betsy Ross. please send something back that is not on the homepage,by Feb12.
Victoria, MI, 8, grade 3 [01-20-1999]

C.L. Moses, Dallas, 40 yrs old [01-20-1999]

Lisa Di Cenzo, Bethel Park, PA [01-20-1999]

aggie [01-20-1999]

Thank you for this historical tour.
Theresa, Sierra Nevada Mountains [01-20-1999]

Kathryn Pless, I'm a relative of Betsy Ross on my mother's side. Her mother's maiden name was Ross. [01-20-1999]

I am an El. Ed. major who is very close to graduating. I am doing a project on Early America. This page will be a big help in educating me and my future students.
J. L. Skinner, Fort Wayne, IN [01-20-1999]

Patricia Platt, Austin, Texas [01-20-1999]

Hi my name is Avery and I think she was so wonderful
Avery Thomas, Alabama, 13, and single [01-19-1999]

William R. Martell, Pennsauken, NJ (48 years old) [01-19-1999]

vicky koston, 11yrs old lakewood, co. [01-19-1999]

TESHAWN, 11 [01-19-1999]

doing a class paper on Betsy Ross.
Tcbb1, sudent [01-19-1999]

I am writing a biography on Betsy Ross for third grade at Florida Ave. Elementary and I could not find a book about her at our public library.
Stacy L. Hulbert, I live in Slidell, LA. I am 8 years old. [01-19-1999]

scott, 10 love footbal [01-19-1999]

rose dawson [01-19-1999]

would like to know if there could b anybody who would have knowledge of the ross family- of Utica or Rochester N.Y. (just looking for my roots-thankyou)
richard w curtiss, my mother was Majorie Ross- her father charles Ross [01-19-1999]

I'm trying to redocorate my bedroom in this era. My husband loves old civil war things.
Phyllis Posey, age 54, born in Waco, TX [01-19-1999]

I strongly advise that both the heritage & the importance of it be kept instilled in the youngsters of the U.S.A. This is something that Canada has failed to do & as a result the youngsters & young adults of Canada are sadly lacking in knowledge of the history of our own country which further results in apathy. Use your next door neighbors as an example, albeit a bad one.
Peter Ferguson, Canadian age 62 [01-19-1999]

Now we are learning history of the USA. The tour I hope will be interesting.
Natasha Ershova, Russia, Moscow, 13 years old, student [01-19-1999]

We are learning about our country's flag and are excited about being able to visit Betsy Ross's house on the internet.
Mt. View School, a small multi grade sncool in Wiliiamsport, PA [01-19-1999]

The song "My Country 'Tis of The" almost makes me cry.
Miranda Reid, Ackerman,MS age 9 I like the song "My Country 'Tis of The" [01-19-1999]

Michael James Cussen, Townsville,Q., Australia. (40). [01-19-1999]

Megan Orfield, 4th grade Calhoun Elementary School, Calhoun, GA [01-19-1999]

Marion Ball, 70 years old Canadian from Ontario [01-19-1999]

I really want to know if i am realated to Betsy Ross. All my life I have been told that i am realated to her, I want to know if this is true
Margret Rann, I am realated to Betsy Ross [01-19-1999]

i went to her house twice and i enjoyed it a lot!
Lindsey Jenkins, new york [01-19-1999]

Lindsay Newman, Arizona,11 [01-19-1999]

This will be an exciting adventure
Krystal Arnold, Gretna Nebrasks- 13- 9/30/85 [01-19-1999]

Kathy Bowen, Weiner, AR. 48 [01-19-1999]

Kathleen Niemi, Calif. [01-19-1999]

I had to do a biography for school, and thought Betsy Ross would be interesting. I thought it would be interesting to see her house.
Jessica Leigh Holbrook, 8 years old. Bristol, VA [01-19-1999]

I'm using the information for a Social Studies Fair Project with Betsy Ross and the History of the Flag as my topic. Thanks for the information.
Jessica Bettney, 10--5th grade [01-19-1999]

jeremy [01-19-1999]

Hi I have chose Betsy Ross as my person for a hude fair project if you have any info i would reallly greatly appriciate it a lot. Anything! Thanks! Jamie
Jamie Kelley, Dania Beach Florida age 13 [01-19-1999]

helen poinsett, winter haven, FL [01-19-1999]

I'm looking up betsy ross for my book report at my school greene county tech.
heather gray, paragould, ar; 10 [01-19-1999]

heather gray [01-19-1999]

I'm learning about the flag in Boy Scouts. Thanks for the tour! 1/17/99. Bye!
Eric Rada, 10 years old [01-19-1999]

Elizabeth Bourgoin [01-19-1999]

looking for betsy's flag for school project
E Rolfs, Massachusetts [01-19-1999]

Donna Evans, I'm a homeschooling mom who works part-time at our small local library [01-19-1999]

Last time we visited, there was something saying that Betsy Ross was at one time married to a sea captain with the last name Ashburn.
deEtt Ashburn Allen [01-19-1999]

Found this site by accident. I am related to Betsy Ross & was delighted to see this for my kids to study.
Debbie K, FL , 41 [01-19-1999]

Danielle [01-19-1999]

We are doing a famous people project and one of my 3rd grade students is researching Betsy Ross - we have found this site very interesting and helpful. Thank you.
Connie Lytle, Teacher - Van Buren Schools, Keosauqua, IA [01-19-1999]

christy moreland, cuba, mo small town outside of st louis mo [01-19-1999]

cherisse sammartino, havertown, pa, 10 years old [01-19-1999]

I am reading a book about Betsy Ross in school
Chelsie Carlile, Edwards A.F.B CA [01-19-1999]

Carl Michael [01-19-1999]

I'm doing a biography on Betey Ross, an plan to give this to my class in a dress like Betsy Ross would have wore.
Devon Rose Carnera, [01-19-1999]

Brady Humphries, SLC, Utah [01-19-1999]

Bob Omohundro, Las Vegas, Nv. [01-19-1999]

Betsy Ross always interest me. I found this site full of facts not found in my encylopaedia.
Anthony Fida, 10 yrs. old boy living in Boothwyn, PA [01-19-1999]

I Was at The Betsy Ross House Last Year "98" and It Was Neat.
Angela Zold, NJ Age.9 [01-19-1999]

ALLISON, 10,WESTERN NC [01-19-1999]

Alexandria Witt, I am 8 years old. [01-19-1999]

I am so thankful for this website- it is helping me out a lot. I am doing a project on Betsy. I couldn't find much elsewhere. Thanx.
aimeedance, I am an eighth grader from Massachusetts [01-19-1999]

aaron swack, senen years old from new jersey [01-19-1999]

I wanted to learn about the flag!!
Brittany Harding, Belle Vernon, Pa. [01-14-1999]

I'm studying about the revolutionary war
Jennifer, Age 11 LOVE to read [01-14-1999]

Joseph Calahan [01-14-1999]

Josh Hill [01-14-1999]

Amber [01-14-1999]

Dawn Smith, Illinois,15,Female [01-14-1999]

What a wonderful tool. For those of us who live too far away to visit the actual site this is almost as good as being there.
Laura Angely, Shreveport, LA 43 years old [01-14-1999]

I'm writing a paper on "my hero", and wanted to see some pictures. Thank you
Meghan Cyrier, Melbourne, FL age 10 [01-14-1999]

Nicholas Siptrott, Second Grader doing a Research project on Betsy Ross [01-14-1999]

Adilene, 9 years old, Corcoran, California [01-14-1999]

i don't have an e-mail adress
alyssa hong, nine years old [01-14-1999]

looks good to me, thanks
Gary A. Lund, page, az, 56yrs [01-14-1999]

We are learning about the American Revolution
haley&shannon, from Montana--Homeschooling [01-14-1999]

Betsy Ross Was a distant relative of our family on my Grandfather's side of the family. A great-Aunt 6-7 times removed. My daughter is doing a report on a famous American and chose to do it on Betsy Ross.
Sally McKay, Lafayette, California [01-14-1999]

McKenzie School [01-14-1999]

Matthew Goodrich, age:10 [01-14-1999]

Linda Simpson, Jonesboro, Ar [01-14-1999]

Judi Boyd, Parapro in an elementary school in Georgia [01-14-1999]

I have visited Betsy's house when I was little, and I always remember the skinny steps. I am doing a report for my class on Betsy Ross.
samantha higgins, 10 yrs old, Suwanee, GA [01-13-1999]

Kelley is doing an assignment of Womens Roles in the Revolutionary War so we have been surfing the web!!
Larry Black, Sandy and Kelley Cowan, Larry-45, Sandy-43, Kelley-15 [01-12-1999]

stephen j. baffic, whitney, tx 58 [01-12-1999]

Lissy, I'm 12 years old [01-12-1999]

I am doing some research for some students at my school. I take care of our computers.
Barbara Kohan, work at a school [01-12-1999]

Hi, I am doing a repor on Betsy ross, I got assigned her today. I am looking through this, Bye
Samantha, 10 years old, I am doing a report on Betsy ross [01-12-1999]

I am in the fourth grade and I live in Richburg, S.C. Thank you.
Mandy Ingle, 10 Years Old [01-12-1999]

very intrested in BETSY ROSS
stacie pitts, 14 blond hair [01-12-1999]

Thank you for the tour !!!
Kyle Coleman, Point Pleasant, n.j. 08742Thank [01-12-1999]

Stephanie Spotts, 9 [01-12-1999]

Very appreciative of web sites such as yours. Anxious to take the "tour"
Sharon Davis Bianco, teacher trainer (special ed.) [01-12-1999]

Hope my family and I can visit in person one day! Faries brothers lived only a few blocks away from Betsy Ross at the time she lived here.
Patty Dwinnell Faries, Ft. Worth, Tx [01-12-1999]

thank you for having this site itwell help me at school.
sasha blevns, somerset kentucky i am 10 yrs [01-12-1999]

I am a cub scout leader of 5yrs now. i really enjoyed visting your house.I really wished my boys could of visted this also. I am teaching them about the USA Flag & its history. This was so helpful thanks so much. Also interesting I know they will love learning this one. Thanks
Sheila Shook, Spring tx. cub scout den leader , this will really help my boys [01-12-1999]

We are actually 3 people working in groups, our names are Kevin, Corey, Josh.
Kevin Andrew Cowgill, We live in Ohio and we are in the 7th grade [01-12-1999]

Tina Moore, magothy school 15 [01-12-1999]

Farris Chappell, age 8, doing a report for my class [01-12-1999]

We are studying about the beginning of our country.
Mrs. Brazil's 3rd grade class, Spring, Texas 8-9years old [01-12-1999]

We are taking our class to Philly this spring can you send me info. vis e-mail?
Michael McAdoo, 6th grade teacher in Fairfax,Va..was life long Pa resident [01-12-1999]

Dottie Layne [01-12-1999]

Tj Lagestee, Lansing 13 [01-12-1999]

Great learning experience for my class!
Mrs. CLary's 2nd Period 3rd Grade Class-S.S. [01-12-1999]

We are studying United States flags for a social studies fair project.
little birch elem., kindergarten class [01-12-1999]

Trying to locate information on colonial life for a girl scouting event. Looking for kids games or craft items that the girls can create.
Deena MacDonald, resident of NJ adult in Girl Scouting [01-12-1999]

bobby, 10 doing a project for school [01-12-1999]

Phanupunt Suwattananont, Bangkok 21 years old [01-12-1999]

Matt C. [01-12-1999]

Lauren, Age-10 [01-12-1999]

Brittany Boothby [01-12-1999]

colleen, teacher [01-12-1999]

Iam doing a project on you and having all this information.
Natalie Allen, 11 years old Bronxville N.Y [01-12-1999]


Betsy Bolick, North Carolina [01-12-1999]

How did you come up with making a flag? What made you think of the flag?
Amber Mcdonald, Im12 minn.twin cities [01-12-1999]

stacy Michelle Kilcup, 19, auburn washington [01-12-1999]

Brett Barnes, Decatur,Il Age 27 4/5th Grade teacher [01-12-1999]

Kris Santos, Covina, CA [01-11-1999]

Michelle Randall, ESL teacher [01-11-1999]

Hannah Snider, 11 years old [01-11-1999]

We came here because we are studying about Betsy Ross in Homeschooling and we wanted to see her house!
Donna Pheneger, Washington, IN [01-11-1999]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross and have enjoyed all the information I am getting off of her web page. Thank you.
Kelsie Pannkuk, 10 years old, live in Centralia, WA [01-11-1999]

I'm doing a poster on Betsy Ross for school
Susan, Iowa, 13 years old [01-11-1999]

Teresa Miller [01-11-1999]

Thanks for the page, very informative!
Danielle Johnson, Wisconsin [01-11-1999]

I like the picture of Betsy and wish you had more of her!
Paige Crosby, I live in Duncan, SC and I'm 8 years old and writing a report on a book about Betsy Ross. [01-11-1999]

I am studing about Betsy Ross in school
Spencer Ruff, I'm 10 yrs. old and I live in Calhoun, Ga. [01-11-1999]

mary jo siela, Gower,Mo 47yrs old single mother [01-11-1999]

suzanne vittitow [01-11-1999]

Sarie, Dallas Texas 14 [01-11-1999]

Thank you for the interesting facts.
Marie Gallagher, Quincy, Mass home of the Presidents [01-11-1999]

The information I received came in handy as my daughter had to do a self talk on Betsy Ross. She also has to dress like Betsy Ross. Thank you for all the great information.
Joyce Rogers [01-11-1999]

Marie Gallagher [01-11-1999]

I am a college student, doing a report on Betsy Ross.
Becky Stanke, Lake City Fla [01-11-1999]

We studied the American Revolution in Social Studie. I really like studying about history.
Kelsie B., 9 yrs old [01-11-1999]

Amy Felper, age 28, from Osage, Iowa [01-11-1999]

i liked the tour thanx
Courtney [01-11-1999]

Dawn Cieply [01-11-1999]

Amber fontenot, Mamou, La. [01-08-1999]

Allie Shafer [01-08-1999]

I came to this site becuase I am doing my hiatory report on Betsy Ross! This site has helped me a lot!!!
Sarah, 14 years old [01-08-1999]

This is our first tour.
4th grade students at Hawthorn Elementary School, We are learning how to use the internet [01-08-1999]

Helping 4th grade children to do a project on the state of PA. Besty Ross is on the list to do a report on her. Thank you for making this sight available.
Beth Ann Bates, Lebanon Pa [01-08-1999]

Mike Drieth [01-08-1999]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross.
Caroline McCosker, Age 9 [01-08-1999]

Sharon Cossette, Reno, Nevada [01-08-1999]

Heidi Burkhart [01-08-1999]

Just surfing museum sites
H. William Mauldin, Baltimore, Maryland, Age 52 [01-08-1999]

Very informative. Love the 5 pointed star with 1 snip!
Rochelle Anderson, Henderson, NV 36yrs. [01-08-1999]

Christina Redman, Columbus, Ohio [01-07-1999]

eric emerson, i live in the middle of nowhere [01-07-1999]

Bethany Young [01-07-1999]

God Bless America
Louise Piso & Orlin S. VanDuyne, III, We are from New England, my husband loves history [01-07-1999]

Thank you for helping with research on Betsy Ross for school.
Elizabeth Molloy, Wexford, PA age 11 [01-07-1999]

My 5 year old daughter is going to be Betsy Ross in a kindergarten school play. I am trying to find pictures of Betsy Ross in order to make her costume.
Stephanie Barber [01-07-1999]

Melinda and Nicole, Preston School 14 and 13 [01-07-1999]

Looking up informations for my daughters school project.
Wanda Hudson, Mechanicsville, Va [01-07-1999]

The information on the web page was very helpful to my students in the fifth grade at Riverside Elementary.
Elizabeth C Coco, Simmesport, Louisiana [01-07-1999]

Sarah Goldsberry, La Palma, CA, Age 14 [01-07-1999]

Lauren, North Carolina I have to do this for a project [01-07-1999]

raymond lefebvre, aspiring historian [01-07-1999]

the flag is beautiful ibet she was proud
Sherri nurse, am 32 years old and i live in fort worth tx [01-07-1999]

Alexa Miller, Age 7 from NJ [01-07-1999]

Alexa M [01-07-1999]

want a look see
don d., Morrisville,Pa.37 yrs. [01-07-1999]

im studying about the american flag in school. thank you for your information
bobbi davis, 10 from georgia [01-07-1999]

Besty Ross is part of my school research. I think it is very neat that she invented the flag.
Cassidy Kohler, Duluth, Ga age: 8 almost 9. [01-07-1999]

Linda Thompson, 8th Grade Social Studies Teacher/Colorado Springs, CO [01-07-1999]

Buffy, philly [01-07-1999]

Heather Watkins [01-07-1999]

Michael Carpenter, Miami, FL. 1999 [01-07-1999]

Carol G. Davis [01-07-1999]

Chelsea Rakarich [01-06-1999]

I wonder how big the real American flag is.
Amanda Kistner, 9years old; Kansas City [01-05-1999]

i came to this website because i have to do a report on someone famous who did something special for america.
sarah, cincinnati,oh age 11 [01-05-1999]

Samantha Samuels, 12 years old [01-05-1999]

A pleasant surprise to have "stumbled" upon this site.
Bunni C. Gauld, Gales Ferry, CT [01-05-1999]

I am writing a poem for the DAR contest Our Flag - symbol of National Spirit & Purpose.
Brittany Venci, 13 years old - Harding Middle School Student from Steubenville, OH [01-05-1999]

Mai, Florida [01-05-1999]

Edward T. Opitz, 42 years old, live in Newberg, OR [01-05-1999]

I was a Girl Scout and ever since then have developed a great love for our flag. It was a very special time when we raised and lowered our sign of freedom.
Carolyn J. Wood, Hudson, OH 52 years old [01-05-1999]

Allison Menendez [01-05-1999]

We enjoyed your site and learned a lot about Betsy Ross.
Andrew & Joshua, 6 & 5; we are home schoolers in Cincinnati [01-05-1999]

Andra Kisler, Teacher 1st grade, Vermont [01-05-1999]

Pat Stepan, PreK teacher in Texas [01-05-1999]

Debra, New Orleans, 28, [01-05-1999]

tamara bobst, madison,ohio [01-05-1999]

was looking up some information for my sons history project. Thanks for all the wonderful information.
Terri Brosnac, Fresno, CA. 30 Years old [01-05-1999]

Robin and Marian Flem, Homeschooling a 4 year old [01-05-1999]

As a child I hated history. I was Besty Ross in a Play in Girl Scouts, I loved that, It made quite an impression on me. I want to make sure the kids in our area know the history of our own area too. We will celebrate 200 years next year in 2000. since they frist settled here in White Oak( now Called Barlow) (from famous Poet Joel Barlow.) We are planning a reenactment of the settlers arriving herein a covered wagon. Also we want to have some old craftes being made in our Fair grounds So the kids can get on hands experiance. Question: do you know any one who could help with money or ideas or craftes????? Or anything else ? Our kids are our future. We also could use money to buy Signs to place at Historical sights. We are non-profit, and like I stated before we have only just begun. We plan on some day having a muesem. This is all because Besty made such an empression on me I want to Some how make other kids want to learn about history Thanks. Jennifer Maddox
Jennifer Maddox, In 1997 I founded ,The Western Washington Area Historical Society. [01-05-1999]

Pat Delawder, Baltimore mom [01-05-1999]

Marisa Theriault, Connecticut, 10, Whatever? [01-05-1999]

Caroline Friedman, I'm a kid. [01-05-1999]

raquel menocal, pa [01-05-1999]

Michelle Rheinhart, 16 [01-04-1999]

We are learning about our flag. Thank you for having us.
Third Grade New Hope-Solebury Elementary School [01-04-1999]

Betsy Strohsahl, Durham (NY) Elementary First Grade [01-04-1999]


Neva [01-03-1999]

Allan W. Harker, Florence, Ohio 44889 [01-03-1999]

robin edwards, Louisiana [01-03-1999]

I look for interesting sites to direct my visitors to and selected yours for my "Menu" special for one day in Janurary.
Joseph Duane Zygiel, Webmaster at [01-03-1999]

I'm here
Danielle, Katy [01-03-1999]

kim clemens, 10 [01-03-1999]

So glad I arrived at this site - anxious to see the "tour"
Greta Logan, 62 - Kent Washington [01-03-1999]

I visited the Betsy Ross house as a young school child myself, then again with my own child on a class trip. I have always enjoyed my visits.
Annette Breccia, female age 54 from Fairless Hills Pa. [01-03-1999]

I was just looking at the home page and found the history channel and it's article on the American Flag. The history and the information that was displayed here was fasinating to read. I am so glad they did this on the American Flag. I hope l a lot of people read this and especially our young kids. So they can take great pride in our country and our flag.
Dee Crosley, Mesa, AZ age 49 [01-03-1999]

Courtney Mikac, 10,G.Island [01-03-1999]

Sean Bell, 30 years old, and homesick for the US [01-03-1999]

Vickie Perfetti, Stroudsburg, PA, very interested in history [01-02-1999]

I'm going through this house for a Social Studies project. I hope it's worth it! :-) ><> CHRISTI NOELLE <><
Christi Rosenberger, from Glen Burnie/fourteen/red hair/green eyes [01-02-1999]

Gerry Runz [01-02-1999]

anonymous, NY primary teacher love this time period [01-01-1999]

Diane Lanzo, Lockport, NY 14094 [01-01-1999]

Cherie, York, PA [01-01-1999]

thanks for all the help with my report on Betsy Ross!
Julie Foster, gr. 4 [01-01-1999]

Peggy Peabody, teacher [01-01-1999]

LE,VU AND EVAN,HE, TENDERLOIN 10 AND 13 [01-01-1999]

Please, can you tell me who was credited as being the designer of the first official American Flag?
Charles, Ridgefield, CT [01-01-1999]

Dennis Malarkey, Richmond, VA [01-01-1999]

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