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Information is great!!!!
carmine tobia, from;newark [01-01-1998]

I'm going on the American Heritage Tour sponsered by the Cheshire County YMCA so I need to know what Betsy's House looked like.Thanks for making this tour available!
Amanda Heglin, Fitzwilliam,NH age 13 [01-01-1998]

there need to be many many more women like betsy ross. i rarely listen to what the spice girls have to say, but i agree about Girl Power and betsy ross had tons of it! rock on ladies!
Melissa, Denver, 14 y/o [01-04-1998]

ever since i could read i've loved history and absorb any new info on it.
beverly crane, malden ma 28years old great love of the flag. [01-04-1998]

gwendolyn b. floyd [01-04-1998]

alicia johnson [01-04-1998]

Enjoy learning about & teaching American history. Tour is a great idea!
B. Nabutovsky, Teacher, Southern Florida [01-04-1998]

Viewed your home page from the Cherry Hill Library, Cherry Hill, NJ. Enjoyed the cyberspace tour and plan to come to Philadelphia for a tour of Betsy's House.
William R. Martell, Cherry Hill, NJ [01-05-1998]

Janet Etheredge, Elem. teacher in Pensacola, Florida [01-05-1998]

Judy Hansen, 5th grade teacher/Buckeye Middle School/Redding, CA [01-05-1998]


Karon Ruiz [01-05-1998]

Reseach project for Mr. Hill at Arlington High School
Angela Sacarello, Im 15 yrs and I go to Arlington High School, St. Paul , Minnesota [01-05-1998]

Thank you for having this page available on the internet. It is very informative and educational.
Penny Eisenhower, Member DAVA, VFW Auxiliary, Ladies Fleet Reserve, Society of Military Widows, TREA and American Legion Auxiliary [01-05-1998]

Katie R. [01-05-1998]

Deborah Hice, housewife [01-05-1998]


Lora Manning [01-05-1998]

I loved the tour!The pictures wre great!I learned soo much. yours truly, cassy
Cassy Strecker, age:13 city:chatsworth state:GA zip:30705 [01-06-1998]

Interested in your history.
John R.Williams DDS, Moline, Illinois [01-06-1998]

doing an art project with my class re-designing the American flag. needed background information
Diana Roda, teacher N.Y 50 [01-06-1998]

Edward Gusick, 48 years old [01-06-1998]

I am doing a school report on Betsy Ross and I find her very interesting!!!
Sonya Gee, Aiken,SC 29803 age 10 1/2 [01-06-1998]

A. Doughty [01-07-1998]

Paul Simison, Electronics engineer [01-07-1998]

dylan romero, I'm 13 and doing a project for english [01-07-1998]

Hi. Dont eat spam
Curtian Ritcead, Woodinville, WA [01-07-1998]

SAMMY HIRNB [01-07-1998]

Sherry Savoie, Louisiana, [01-07-1998]

My 5 year old daughter is doing a report on Betsy Ross and the flag so I need all info I can get
Pat Stanley, 28 living in California [01-07-1998]

I am doing a report about Besty Ross and have to dress up and be her. I will up like her as well.
Margaret Downing, 10 [01-07-1998]

Terri Nalls, Media Specialist at Charles Spencer Elementary [01-07-1998]

Ruth Neveu [01-08-1998]

Greg Bell, Radnor, PA [01-08-1998]

This helped me do my school project
Brittany Reeve, McSherrystown P.A 17344 age 10yrs [01-08-1998]

garrett schroer, 7 [01-08-1998]

Hi Betsy Ross
Katherine Piercy, 18 [01-08-1998]

Can't wait to visit in person!
Dr. Martha E. Boland [01-08-1998]

I visited the house as a child when I lived on the east coast, its nice to be able to visit from anywhere.
Bea Walker, California [01-08-1998]

Laura Hepler, Homeschool Parent teaching PA history in a Co-op [01-08-1998]

Enjoyed the Tour
Katherine Greenia, Syracuse,NY,age:40,Artist/Gravestone lecturer [01-08-1998]

I like Betsy Ross a lot. Please try and get more information on her
Ashlee Smith, Geremany 11years old [01-08-1998]

Carl, Age 11 V.A. centervill [01-08-1998]

Thats not my house
Besty Ross, I made the American Flag [01-08-1998]

hi, i certainly enjoyed the tour, and so did my students!! i got this information out of Teaching American History with the internet. we will be continuing our tour throughout the next few weeks. thanks!!
mrs. harris, s. california,5th gr. teacher [01-08-1998]

My classes are just beginning their study of the American Revolution. I am really excited about this website as it will provide much information for them and also help to bet them enthusiastic about this most interesting time in our country's history!
Candy Crow, Fifth Grade teacher in Iowa [01-08-1998]

Mrs. Brady's class, Myrtle Beach, SC. 10-11 years old--fifth grade [01-09-1998]

Thank you for letting us visit and learn about life during the Revoultionary War
Mr. Brady's class, Owen's Intermediate School - 5th grade Houston, TX [01-09-1998]

kerry lorich [01-09-1998]

William Aker [01-09-1998]

Sophia Morris, Pacific Coast, Age 10, Love to dance, sing, act [01-09-1998]

Barbara Myers, 65 of age inqisitive from N.J. [01-10-1998]

It's nice to know the history of such a good lady, to create such a wonderfull flag. This is really a great country, and everyone should be proud to part of it; Thanks, J.M. Santiago
Jesus M. Santiago, Yardley,Pa.19067-5740 [01-10-1998]

Taylor Hoebbel, 8 years old, Alexandria, KY [01-10-1998]

I have heard a lot of good things about this tour and wanted to take it myself.
Linda Jenkins Anthony, Fort Worth, TX; active in DAC DAR, CDXVIIC, DCW [01-10-1998]

Love you web site!!! Now I feel that I've been to see the home of Betsy Ross! Thanks for the excellent presentation. As the mother of two sons who are studying American History I hit on a goldmine when I found this site!
K Curtis, Texas [01-10-1998]


I am doing a report on Betsy Ross. This website will be very helpful and everyone will love the pictures. Thank you!
Amanda Pinney, Live in Indiana, age 9 [01-11-1998]

Heather Smith, I live in Hinsdale, New Hampshire and i'm 14 years old. I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross for the YMCA's American Heritage Tour that I'm going on in April. [01-11-1998]

Courtney, student [01-11-1998]

Kelly [01-11-1998]

Lesly Paez, International Student - age 17 [01-11-1998]

Look forward to this virtual trip. Thank you.
Marilyn D. Cleveland, connecticut Teacher Special Education [01-11-1998]

Julia Sylvester, 10 yrs. old [01-11-1998]

Winston Skinner [01-12-1998]

Hello from Glen Ellyn, Illinois ( a suburb of Chicago) My fifth grade students and I are studying the American Revolution and were looking for information on Betsy Ross. What a great find here and at the whole libertynet site. I appreciate the fact that the information is easily readable for fifth graders. They have really enjoyed this site!
Lydia Soldwedel, Glen Ellyn Illinois (5th grade teacher) [01-12-1998]

Karen Gillespie, Florida, 37 [01-12-1998]

Martha Combs, Abingdon,VA [01-12-1998]

How wonderful to have this part of history at your reach.
Rachel Crossno, Groton, Ct. [01-12-1998]

Thank you for sharing your museum with our class.
Walden Elem. School, Walden,N.Y. ages 9.10 [01-12-1998]

matthew claus [01-13-1998]

William A. Grasse, Male, Caucasian, Age 33, Atlanta, GA [01-13-1998]

Sarah Peacock, 17 years old, Muncie [01-13-1998]

I had the opportunity to visit Philly in 1996, when I was an au.pair in Fort Washington just outside Philly. Unfortunately things went wrong with my host family, so I came to New York instead. But before leaving I made my own sight seeing in Philly, and among other things I saw Betsy Roos´ house. Well actually not all of it, just the turists´ shop. That´s it.
jane holmsted madsen, Denmark [01-13-1998]

I'm doing a report on you hope you have cool stuff on your tour.
Shanee Edith Bogucki [01-13-1998]

Barbie Bush, 5TH GRADE STUDET IDAHO FALLS ID [01-13-1998]

Hello,how are you doing?I just wanted to thank you for making the American Flag!
Bob, Idaho Falls,ID,Age 10 [01-13-1998]

Jamie Bernhardt [01-13-1998]

The tour was really cool
Laura, NYC,14 [01-13-1998]

Cavett School - Room 401 - 3rd grade, teacher & class [01-13-1998]

Do you have any information on Betsy Ross
Morgan Kreppel, I am 11 [01-13-1998]

Mary Good [01-13-1998]

Grace Nolan, I was raised in the Phila. area, and visited Betsy Ross's house many times. It is a cherished childhood memory. [01-13-1998]

I am doing a book report on Betsy Ross.
Nadine Menard, I am 7 years old and live in Massachusetts [01-13-1998]

i'm doing a report on her.
keri murphy, scranton,ia,12 [01-13-1998]

Taking this tour for our Famous Person report for 3rd Grade
Hilary & Ashley [01-13-1998]

Lynne Maser [01-14-1998]

I've never had the chance to visit Colonial America & am very curious about the history of the period, culture, etc. Your homepage is delightful! Thanks for the tour!
Kathey Kelley Hunt, Kaufman TX [01-14-1998]

My mother once told me that Betsy Ross was her great, great, great, great grandmother. My mother's maiden name was Kansgen.
Susan Gossner, Colorado Springs, age 35 [01-14-1998]

We are doing a play about Betsy Ross and thought it would be cool to see her home
pat sakovich, maryland.age 46 [01-14-1998]

I am doing a project on Betsy Ross
Megan Penrod, I'm 11 and in 5th grade [01-14-1998]

I am studying Bess Ross in school, and I wanted to see her house.
Eric M. Profitt, vanceboro/7/student [01-14-1998]

Happy new year! GABBY
Gabrielle Lerma, I am 4 years old. I live in California. [01-14-1998]

rita meikle [01-14-1998]

Regina Meester, I am 9 years old and live in Lincoln,NE [01-14-1998]

we want to see the real house later this year and want to find out more information. thanks
laurie macfee, sarah & eva delappe, reno,nv [01-14-1998]

I had ancestors that fought in the American Revolution, and stumbled upon your website while surfing. Can't wait to take a tour!
Dayna Trembley-Hilton, Clarksville, AR [01-14-1998]

Clarence Cush Miller, Former resident of South Philadelphia a short distance away from Betsy Ross' house [01-15-1998]

Marilda O'Bryant [01-15-1998]

Mary Lea (Glover) Burlison, Oklahoma City, OK [01-15-1998]

With out her, we would not have a flag.
Dana Sciulli, I am age 11, in Pa and doing a report on her in Reading [01-15-1998]

Dear Betsy Ross, It must be cool to have sewed the original United States Flag. I have a friend named Jann who thinks you are the greatest. I can't wait until I tell my sisters Joahn and Sandy.
Katie Greenwood, age 18 [01-15-1998]

Dear Betsy, I think it would be cool if I could visit you. I have a friend named Betsy.
JAN BARESEN, age 16 [01-15-1998]

Dear Betsy, I really like the tour. I can't wait to tell my sisters Amber and Stephanie.I have a friend named Betsy.
Abbey Dobsin, age 18 [01-15-1998]

Cory Thomas, I'm 13 and live in Hanover, Indiana [01-15-1998]

Stacey, I am 14 and I just needed the info to do a report [01-15-1998]

Jenna Hinshaw [01-15-1998]

Kristen Nance, Dallas, Texas 10yrs.old [01-15-1998]

Take me on the tour!
, Linda [01-15-1998]

When I was last in Philadelphia, I only had time to quickly see Betsy's house so now I can enjoy it at my leisure. Thanks for making it possible. A great service!
Walter Davis, retired-72yrs-Revolutionary War patriot descendant [01-16-1998]

Elaine May, I now live in Florida, used to live in Delaware. Have visited the Ross House many times as a youth. [01-16-1998]

This place is awesome!!!
Amanda Mergo, FL, 12 [01-16-1998]

The house of Betsy Ross is extraodinary I have heard. I am very excited to see it in my own bedroom!
MARIA ELENA DELGADO, Orlando, Fl Female 11 [01-16-1998]

The Betsy Ross house is very interesting. In loving memory of Betsy raise the flags up high!!!!
Jessy Fratrik, Lake Mary,FL age:11 Greenwood Lakes Middle School [01-16-1998]

Rebecca Call [01-16-1998]

The ArthurPink Family, We are a homeschooling family of 7. We wanted to take a historical field trip. [01-16-1998]

What a treat to find this page on the net. I was looking for some recipes for our club (muzzleloader) newsletter and happened upon this site. Nice graphics, good and clean, loaded well. Regards from Colorado!
Don Nissen, 34 year old history buff, muzzleloader hobbiest, father of 1 adorable girl, residing in Colorado. [01-16-1998]

shannon mcfate, morgan city, louisiana, age 26 [01-16-1998]

ANDREA HILL, TX, 11 [01-16-1998]

Bonnie D., Pa. 37 Female [01-18-1998]

Laura Wooster [01-18-1998]

po box 84 jacksonville, il 62650-0084 past officer north american vexillological assn.
florence hutchison, major specialist betsy ross and george washington in the US [01-18-1998]

Dalena and Lauren Little [01-18-1998]

I remember visiting the Betsy Ross house about 45 yrs, ago. It made a big impression on me, esp. the narrow stairs.
Lynne Everett, Ann Arbor, MI [01-18-1998]

Attempting to make a quilt of US flags. Collecting information.
MARGARET LEEDS, Dallas & Canton Tx, computer addict age 75 [01-18-1998]

tarrah ashely sattler, 8 [01-18-1998]

Never paid to much attention to history when I was in school but now I'm fascinated by some of these things. I expecially liked the tour "It's the next best thing to being there" I think. Did not know there was anything like this on the net. Glad I found it.
L B Heath, Utah-just over 50 [01-18-1998]

danielle bowman, 10 [01-18-1998]

Alaina Ruth Hindi, NY 14 years old [01-18-1998]

Katherine Ventura, Pa,Ca, 19 female [01-18-1998]

vortexya [01-18-1998]

Thank you for having this site so I could do my biography on Betsy Ross.
D. Deane [01-18-1998]

The children are learning all about Betsy Ross, Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, etc. They were very excited to learn that we live only about 15 miles from all of these important places. We will be down to see you soon.
The Omensetter Family, Family of four, two children, girl-age 9, boy-age 8 [01-19-1998]

Philadelphia is my City, I love Philadephia!!!
Caroline Kent, (48) City resident [01-19-1998]

Geneva Vance, Forrest City, Arkansas [01-19-1998]

this is a very nice place to viist
paulene ricci, ny 9 1/2 [01-19-1998]

I think this is a very smart web site. Great for mine and other kids to learn from...
Michael Gaffney, Stratford CT 32 [01-19-1998]

Cynthia Lynn Poling, West Virginia [01-19-1998]

I am very happy we have this on our computer because I am doing a project on Betsy Ross!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Meredith Rankin, 205 Parkshore Dr. W age 8 d.o.b. 3\14\89 [01-19-1998]

I enjoyed this site. Very interesting. Thank you.
Kris Toutges, MN, 13 [01-19-1998]

Bradley & Betsy Guildner [01-19-1998]

Ray Boone, Eagle River, AK [01-19-1998]

Caroline Pierce, 10 [01-19-1998]

We are learning about Betsy Ross in school and I would like to have additional information to share with everyone! Maybe I'll learn something here that even my teacher doesn't know!!!
Amanda Blair, 4th grade, Richmond Elementary, Willard, OH [01-19-1998]

The older I get the more interested I get in American History. It is great that so much information is now on the web for those of that live far away.
Debbie Perry, from Calif. age 35 [01-19-1998]

Ryan Vergara, im 14 yrs. old [01-20-1998]

i am glade to be on this tour
darlene ireland, i live in saint joseph mo [01-20-1998]

Tina, 13 [01-20-1998]

i am glade to be on this tour
darlene ireland, i live in saint joseph mo [01-20-1998]

niall powderly, 7 [01-20-1998]

Multiculturism is supplanting traditional American history and culture. The availability of the Ross House Tour on the Internet is greatly appreciated.
Brian Lassley [01-21-1998]


Kristy W. Schaper, Teacher, Stratford High School - Houston, TX [01-21-1998]

I really enjoyed the pictures!
Mary Smith [01-21-1998]

TRISTEN McGAVICK [01-21-1998]

yvetta lauren [01-21-1998]

Yvonne Wood, female, 24 [01-21-1998]

I haven't been to Betsy Ross' house for about 20 years but I enjoyed the visit and plan to take my 10 year old son to visit her house this year.
M. King, Ohio [01-21-1998]

Carol Ann Guldi [01-21-1998]

robert heuser, winfield, new jersey [01-21-1998]

Great Page
Nathan jastrow, Wisconsin/ 17 [01-21-1998]

am studying about the flag for an essay on "the American Flag Protection Amendment". thanks for the info.
sheila flores, wa, age 13 [01-26-1998]

My class is doing a play of Betsy Ross and how she made the first American flag. Her friend, Dolly, neighbor too, cut out the stars. Five pointed. And George Washington had a reason to do a six-pointed star because he thought that maybe a six-pointed star would be easier than a five-pointed star.
Cara Peterson, I'm 7 years old [01-26-1998]

Thank you, we enjoyed your tour. The students have learned so much.
Mrs. Gallagher, 2nd grade class, OLC School, Wayne, NJ, 21 second grade students [01-26-1998]

according to my grandmother, colonel george ross was my great-great-great-great-great grandfather, so i am finding all of this info very interesting...thanks !
stacey oscar, del county pa. [01-26-1998]

Karl Bowdiish, 10 [01-26-1998]

Chasa and Serina, 9 and 10 [01-26-1998]

I am working on a school report about Betsy Ross and the flag.
Jessica Martin, Lakewood, CO 11 years 6th grade Foothills Elementary [01-26-1998]

Brendan Hogan, age 12, Baltmore [01-26-1998]

Christopher Duyck [01-27-1998]

sandra christiansen [01-27-1998]

rhory kadsih, Special ed curriculum director [01-27-1998]

kerry abenchuchan, Univ. of North Fl.-Junior student [01-27-1998]

I am currently doing a research project on Betsy Ross for school. I am in the fifth grade.
Sarah Truskowski, 10 years old [01-27-1998]


I am doing research for our 100th celebration this year.
Maxine C. Hurtt, 78yr widow Masonic Retirement Home Calif [01-27-1998]

Nicole Sonchar, Albuquerque, New Mexico [01-27-1998]

Thank you for this excellent web site. I am anxious to gain all the information I can for my students about American History. Anything you can send or recommend I will greatly appreciate. Thank you again. Bonnie Knotts Broderick
Bonnie Knotts Broderick, Teacher, Virginia. Fourth grade Long Branch Elementary [01-27-1998]

I am doing a report about Betsy Ross for my school.
Kelly Tucker, I live in Houston, Texas. I am 7 years old. [01-27-1998]

Thelma Mae Holsapple, 8o years old retired live in Tucson,Ariz. [01-27-1998]

Nicole Lockey, 10 [01-27-1998]

Rhonda Trumbull [01-27-1998]

Great site.
, teacher [01-27-1998]

Wonderfully constructed interactive web page!
Stacey Hoover [01-27-1998]

Adrienne Tan, California, 14 years old, I love animals [01-27-1998]

Daniella Jordan, Boca Raton, FL age 8 years old [01-27-1998]

Neil Kovnat [01-27-1998]

Heather Kozlosky, Age14 [01-27-1998]


Susan Magroglou, Sydney, Australia (American citizen) [01-27-1998]

DAN MCBRIDE [01-27-1998]

Betsy Ross is one of the famous Americans we study in our classroom. This site will help bring the history of Betsy Ross and the time period in which she lived more exciting.
Barbara Johnson, Second grade teacher in Argos, IN [01-27-1998]

Jami Hatfield, Malvern. 9 yrs. [01-27-1998]

Thanks for info on betsy!
M. Daniels, Female [01-27-1998]

carrie hedges, reporter, usatoday [01-27-1998]

Christina Matteis, Richardon, TX, 11 years old, and I play the Harp [01-27-1998]

My family loves to learn about American History....Thank you for this website.
Eileen Crawford, Gazing at the house from parents can't afford to take me to the house in person, yet... [01-27-1998]

Dana, I am an Education major at Beaver College in Glenside, Pa. Our class is doing research on the Revolutionary War. The group that I am in has chosen to research Betsy Ross. [01-27-1998]

Heather Roberts, I am 13 years old I live in LaFayette N.Y [01-27-1998]

TRISTEN [01-27-1998]

Adam Sheehy, New England area, 10 years old [01-27-1998]

Tina Sanford [01-27-1998]

I am writing a report on Betsy Ross. Thank you for the web page!
Felicity Ford, 11 years old [01-27-1998]

I enjoy machine and hand quilting and recently acquired the nickname "Betsy Ross." Another hobby is surfing the web and decided to see if their was a Betsy Ross website. Much to my delight, there is and I am enjoying it's wonderful!
Jill Leach, Homemaker from Mason, Michigan, Ingham County [01-27-1998]

I think it is really awesome how you have developed this page, and I hope to use it in teaching my classroom when I graduate.
jennifer smallwood, lakeland, fla [01-27-1998]

CARL CENTOLA [01-27-1998]

great pictures! my son willy and i learned a lot. thanks!
teresa fallon, hollywood fl. [01-27-1998]

I am looking this up for my daughter Meagan's homework. She is doing a report on Betsy Ross. We have found some very interesting information that will be very helpful to her!!
DEE DEE GASKIN, Thomaston,GA. [01-27-1998]

Olivia, 10 years [01-28-1998]

MDahms, 9 [01-29-1998]

Brian Denton id the cutest thing alive
Charlotte Duff, I love to run cross country, I'm 16 [01-29-1998]

Long live the democratic process!!
Nancy Diviney DiOrio, Overland Park, KS [01-29-1998]

Whoever read's this is under Groovy on my list. Sincerley, Dig-ity Dee
Dig-ity Dee, Idaho Falls,ID 12 Brown hair Brown eyes glasses [01-29-1998]

I was able to get a lot of information on Betsy Ross from her home page for a book report I had to do.
Lauren Reilly, 11 years old. Spring Church, PA [01-29-1998]

M. Reynolds, McKinney, TX [01-29-1998]

Lori Jackson, K teacher [01-29-1998]

We used this sight to check how many stars where on the first flag. We found that there were 13 stars on the first flag and they represent the first 13 colonies.
Miss Vasquez's Second Grade Class, Niagara Street School Niagara Falls, NY [01-29-1998]

We are studying Famous Americans and wanted to learn more about Betsy Ross. We are so excited to be able to tour her home!
Mrs. Smiith's 3rd grade class at W.A. Bess, Gastonia, NC [01-29-1998]

MANDI NIKKI BECKY [01-29-1998]

Ann Shibut, Virginian, aged 63 [01-29-1998]

Ashley Huddelston [01-29-1998]

Fasciating information here.
J'Ann Reicks [01-30-1998]

I have to do a report on Betsy Ross.
Matthew Gordon, Fredonia,NY 9 years old [01-30-1998]

I'm in the 4th grade and I'm 9-years old. I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross and asked my parents if they would help me look up information on the web. I think that this is good information about our history, thanks.
Kelcy Moore, Plain City, Ohio [01-30-1998]

I'm doing a school report on Betsy Ross
Jeremy Jay Jackson Burton, 11 years old [01-30-1998]

carolyn brown, college, 19 [01-30-1998]

As part of an assignment I was searching the web and found this sight - it will be a great site to use in a history lesson for elementary students. Interesting!
Kelly Held, adult, Wyomissing PA, student @ KU [01-31-1998]

this is a killer page
gavin, cms 14 oriles rule [01-31-1998]

m greb, la,ca [01-31-1998]

I loved your tour!
joe gravley [01-31-1998]

tracy broiwn [01-31-1998]

Tiasha Walker, Chestertown,MD age:17 [01-31-1998]

BRIA [02-02-1998]

Emily Radulovich, age9 CA [02-02-1998]

nancy, homeschooling mom of five [02-02-1998]

Mary Kear, Cincinnati [02-02-1998]

Pam Conner, Warrington, Pa. [02-02-1998]

I will come visit your house very soon.
olivia schultz, 5 [02-02-1998]

emily ferris, WV AGE 9 NOTHING ELSE [02-02-1998]

If you have any information about Betsy ROSS,please send it to me,so I can share it with my fifth grade class
Jamie Sullivan [02-02-1998]

TONEY EATON, RICHMOND,VA. 41 [02-02-1998]

Fab site!
Mari & Heather Svoboda, mother & daughter from southern nj [02-02-1998]

The information on Betsy Ross has been very helpful for my report.
Holly Barrett, I am 11 years old and I am doing a report on Betsy Ross for school. I live in Winnemucca, Nevada. [02-02-1998]

My daughter is doing a project for school on a famous American woman and chose Besty Ross, and we are looking for information on her
L. Blackburn [02-02-1998]

I really enjoy studying about history and I am so glad that this is available on the net as this is the only what that I could ever see the home. I hope to see more things like this.
Darlene Leon, Kennewick, Washington, Age 54 [02-02-1998]

boebinger [02-02-1998]

Thank you. Very interesing.
Barbara Zupancic, Lex., Ky. Sub. teacher aide [02-02-1998]

laura h., ca 11 i am very interested in the american flag and betsy ross [02-02-1998]

janelle [02-02-1998]

Allison Faith Watkins, I live in Miami Florida and am 9 years old [02-02-1998]

william krimm, mi. 38 [02-02-1998]

Ed, Joliet, Illinois I'm 43 [02-02-1998]

I'm doing a speech on the FLAG and I decided to come here to look up information.
Jeremy Steffen, Pandora,ohio 13 [02-02-1998]

The four of us are homeschooling at the computer this morning. We might never visit in person. Thanks for the opportunity to 'see' a great piece of America.
Pam Zimmerman, homeschool mom to Molly, Jake, and Sam [02-02-1998]

sherard haas, mobile,alabama [02-02-1998]

I am doing a project about Betsy Ross for School
Lacey Leach, age 8 2nd grade [02-02-1998]

Donna Farrar, Teacher, Barranca School, Covina, CA [02-02-1998]

denise, cary, IL, 10, goes to three oaks school, [02-03-1998]

I just studied Betsy Ross today in homeschool and after reading a play about her I was interested in seeing her house . I think this is great.
McKenzie Brooks, Fairbanks, Alaska, age 8, grade two [02-03-1998]

Nice site for my students!
Mr. Mats Åkerlind, Gävle, Swden - Teacher [02-03-1998]

GOOD MORING VEITNOM Hanson,Spice Girls,& Elton John rule man
Emily Elizabeth Hall, I'm 15yrs. old from Bow N.H. I'm in the 9th. grade at Bow High, I like sports, Boys, Dance Club,Drama Club, Chories,friends,Hippies, Disco,The 60's70's & 80'S [02-03-1998]

Garrett czesak, Ny 12 [02-03-1998]

Julie Dascher, Bucks County Age 8 [02-03-1998]

Kelly Rogers, college student, u [02-03-1998]

You go girl.
daniel staffin [02-03-1998]

The info helped me a lot on the class assignment.Thanks!
Sarah Gilliam, St.Louise MO, age 11, 5 Grade research [02-03-1998]

Curtis Jackson, From Utah [02-03-1998]

melanie russo, age 13 [02-03-1998]


Julianne & Emily [02-03-1998]

I really admire betsy ross
skeet, young man, lawyer, own my house [02-04-1998]

Joy Holder, Arlington, VA [02-04-1998]

Pamela Rank, Fresno, CA age: 37 [02-04-1998]

I came to visit the museum as part of my homeschool lesson about famous people during the War of Independence.
patricia bosdachin, Downey,Ca 8 years old [02-04-1998]

Norman R. Ruf, Eggharbor N. J. Age 43 From: Phila PA. [02-04-1998]

Jennifer Lynn Johnson, age 8 grade 3 [02-04-1998]

Thank you for all of this information!
Dana Niemela, Almost 8 years old, learning about American heroes [02-04-1998]


I am helping my daughter do her project on Betsy Ross' Life and early childhood.
Jay Sheth, California, 39 Years [02-04-1998]

I am preparing a report on Betsy Ross. This will be very helpful. Thankyou.
Kristin E. Bomer, Age 9, Hoover Elementary, Birmingham, AL [02-04-1998]

Hi! I'm going on the tour: TITANIC ROCKS!!!!!! LEO's cute!!!!!!
Victoria M., I'm 15 [02-04-1998]

Miranda Flinders, american school educator living and teaching in England [02-05-1998]

waz up
Mitchell Stathus, 12 [02-05-1998]

Kerri Donohoe [02-05-1998]

I love American History!!
brittany weston, 4th grader in Springfield, Mo [02-05-1998]

Erin Fitzsimmons, I am a junior at Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania [02-05-1998]

Erin Fitzsimmons, I am a junior at Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania [02-05-1998]

I am here because I am doing a report on Betsy Ross.
Torey Michelle, 12 enjoys playing soccer [02-05-1998]

I have been reading about Betsy Ross and have found the internet to be very interesting.
Cara Deska, Ringwood, NJ Age 7 [02-05-1998]

Lynn Atkinson White, 15 Byrd Circle, Ozark, AL 36360-1902 [02-05-1998]

Alison Schultz, I am a 22 year old methods student in Fairbanks Ak. [02-05-1998]

I am writing a report on Betsy Ross and I am very glad that I found this Website.
Emily Kellish, I am a fifth grader [02-05-1998]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross for Kindergarten.
Walter Kuestner, I am 6 years old and I live in Philadelphia. [02-05-1998]

Ilike your page
Alison Ambrosi, Parsippany NJ~ age 10 [02-05-1998]

david w britsch sr, langhorne pa (53) [02-05-1998]

Doug Coleman, Denver, Colorado [02-06-1998]

Constance Gentry, I live in Mar Vista California [02-06-1998]

CHARLES MCKINNON, AGE 37 [02-06-1998]

Leah hayward [02-06-1998]

hey dude!
victoria 2a, school 8 years old [02-06-1998]

hey dude!
victoria 2a, school 8 years old [02-06-1998]

We are learning about Betsy Ross so we decided to visit your website.
Class 4B Greenhill School, Dallas,Tx., 4th graders [02-06-1998]

We've been studying about Betsy Ross and we are very interested in visiting this website.
4D Greenhill Mrs. Grigsby's homeroom, Dallas, Texas 4th grade [02-07-1998]

Jenny Kelly, Lansing Illinois Memorial Jr High [02-07-1998]

Brenna Queen, homeschooler,age9 [02-07-1998]

We are here to learn!
4A Social Studies Greenhill School, Dallas, Texas 4th grade [02-07-1998]

We are learning about Betsy Ross at school.
4E Social Studies, Greenhill School Dallas, Texas 4th grade [02-07-1998]

I enjoyed the tour, it was very interesting. I will visit it again in the future. Thank you
Betty Chance, Philadelphia, PA [02-07-1998]

Tammy Vible, 36, southern Lanc.,Co. [02-07-1998]

Christina Cussen, Bethpage, N.Y. Im 7yrs. old, Im in the 2nd. grade doing a report on Betsy Ross. Thanks for all your help. [02-07-1998]

Emily Haase, Va Beach age 11 [02-07-1998]

Julie Key, teacher [02-07-1998]

I am doing a report on the life of Betsy Ross, and wanted to visit your home page to help my research for the report. I learned how to make a 5 pointed star in one snip, and saw very nice pictures of Betsy Ross's House. The next time I visit my grandparents in Philadelphia, I hope to visit the museum. (Dad and I also ordered a Betsy Ross flag over the Internet.) Thank you. Angela Fillman, Harrisburg, PA
Angela Fillman, 10 years old; I live in Harrisburg, PA [02-07-1998]

Stephanie Brooks, Vermont 9 yrs old [02-07-1998]

I'm doing a school project on Betsy Ross and her life. I would like more information if possible to be sent. Thank you
Natasha Manuel, Abbeville,Louisiana,11 [02-07-1998]

I was acquainted with a Betsy Ross in Oakland, California, when I was teenager. I remember learning of Betsy Ross when I was in the Eighth Grade in Hayward, California. I, also, remember when my father-in-law brought us our first American Flag. We had been married about six years and I remember him coming up our front-porch stairs with it in 1962. My father-in-law, Thurmon Corsswhite, Sr., was in the Navy for 20 years--1934-1954. He saw much action in the Pacific. I think our banner is very wonderfully designed; I used to think it was the best flag of all. Now, I have found out about Scotland's flag and it is, truly, the best flag on Earth. It is a monogram of Saint Andrew's cross--proof that The Lord lived. I think it is made of satin and is a gold monogram of Saint Andrew's cross on a royal blue background. Sincerely, Mrs. Earline Crosswhite
Mrs. Earline Benedict Williams Crosswhite, California, 62 years [02-07-1998]

maria price, willoughby [02-07-1998]

what a wonderful idea - thank you
Helga Meyer, France [02-07-1998]

shelly speck, Auburn,ca near sacramento ca. 34yrs old [02-07-1998]

I'm doing a report for school about Betsy!
Lauren Possenti, I Live in Florida, and I'm 12 years old [02-07-1998]

brandy chapman, 13/f i live in poulsbo washington [02-07-1998]

I have just finished reading a biography called, Betsy Ross, Patriot of Philadelphia, for my school book report. It was fun to see the actual pictures of her house after just reading about it. Thanks.
A. Anacreonte, age 9 [02-07-1998]

Coming down to visit for grandmother's 80th birthday and trying to develop a plan for the day.
Laura Melber, Pocono area PA [02-07-1998]

Abby Calvert, Age 9, Atlanta, Georgia [02-09-1998]

Thank you for the information, It was very helpful in doing my report on Betsy Ross. Your web site made it fun to learn about the history of our country.
Amanda Wambold, 11years old, Charlotte NC. [02-09-1998]

I chose Betsy for a research project at school kinda of skeptical of the information about her. Now i have found that she is a vey interesting person with achivement s other than the flag.
heather mcfetridge, Tampa,fl,33647, 13years [02-09-1998]

amanda mead, michigan [02-09-1998]


Margaret Harris, Virginia resident [02-09-1998]

Wendy Moreau, Indiana PA 36 [02-09-1998]

I'm a relative of Betsy Ross through the Griscom family. I don't like what I've heard about the Mayor's handling of the change in management at the Betsy Ross house. I hope the new regime doesn't completly ruin the house, but unfortunately that sounds likely.
Robert Adams, Columbia, SC , 34 years old [02-09-1998]

School Project.
Katie Crimmins, Reading,Ma 10 [02-09-1998]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross so I gotta take the tour now so BYE!
Ashley Andrews, I live in Altoona Pa. and I am age 10. [02-09-1998]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross for my 4th grade class. We are studying famous Pennsylvanians.
Sarah Louie, Age:10 Lancaster,PA [02-09-1998]

Helping my grandaughter with some reseach for a school project
Janice Lantz, Just a Grandmother in the Northeast U.S.A. [02-09-1998]

olivia sweet, TEXAS, 7 YEARS [02-09-1998]

Manda Guinn, OK age 8 [02-09-1998]

I'm looking this up because for Boy Scouts we're studying American history. We're supposed to learn about the history of the flag.
Ian, 10 [02-09-1998]

mom wants my 7 yr. to find a piece of history,100yrs to date for school. what's a little help?
John F.Haggart, 34,father of 3;Colonie NY in search [02-09-1998]

JoAnn Walkenhorst, 5th grade teacher - looking for ideas to teach American Revolution [02-09-1998]

Sara Lightner, I am a student at Brown Univ., majoring in American History and Urban Studies. [02-09-1998]

Betsy Wright Stanford, Forsyth County GA age 39 [02-09-1998]

Compliments of Mrs.Stivala`s class
Ross,Betsy Group 5, 10 [02-09-1998]

Very impressive site! A lot of information!
Amy Dwyer, Missouri, 22, college student [02-09-1998]

Amber Cooney And Ashley Andrews, fgsdfgsdfgsdfgsd [02-09-1998]

Hi how are you bye!
Fred Trei, George IA, 16 [02-09-1998]

Ashley, 13 Years old [02-09-1998]

I'm doing a report on her.
Sarah Ziska, 5th grade student [02-09-1998]

Brittany & Barbara Keeler [02-11-1998]

Travis Bradshaw [02-11-1998]

I am working on a report on Philadelphia.
Jamin, 10 [02-11-1998]

I like the flag you made!
Marina Gittins, Honolulu, HI. 6 years old [02-11-1998]

Thank you. I have been researching important figures from the Revolutionary War era for our social studies lesson. My students will enjoy taking a tour of Betsy's home.
C. Obert, 3rd grade teacher, Edmond's Elementary Forest Pk. GA [02-11-1998]

Emily and Andrew provorse, Dad and Daughter, Fredericksburg, VA [02-11-1998]

Kayla Roberson, Levelland, Tx. 11 yrs. [02-11-1998]

Arlene Monday, villanova, pa [02-11-1998]

andrew [02-11-1998]

I've never been on a "virtual tour" before, it sounded interesting, I'm also interested because although I live in Britain I am half-American, and I'm interested in history.
Ingrid Warren, A 20 year old female university student [02-11-1998]

We are studying the Revolutionary War. I am doing a small write up on Betsy Ross and how she made the flag. My mom's name is trixie, so you may contact me thru her e-mail Thanks, justin p.s.:enjoyed the tour
Justin LeCroy, NW Ga area-border Tn,Al. 11 yrs old,5th grader [02-11-1998]

elise evans, my age 12 [02-11-1998]

I visited this site as an assignment for my Social Studies Methods class and I think that this is a valuable tool for any student or teacher...I have learned a lot and cannot wait to try and cut my own five pointed star in one snip!
Amy Elizabeth Williams, 21 yr old college senior; elementary education and psychology major [02-11-1998]

This is wonderful! I'm helping my daughter do a report and she picked Betsy Ross. You have, by far, the most interesting and detailed information we were able to find. Thank you for helping me educate my children.
ReNae Bertolero, Washington State [02-11-1998]

Joann Graham, california,29 [02-11-1998]

I found this site through Kathy Schrock's Guide.
Mary Ann James, Greensboro, NC [02-11-1998]

Just passing through, first time here. I love history so I know I'll enjoy.
Mary Enzor Smith, Alabama, age 60 [02-11-1998]

I could never get my 5-point star to come out right.
Vicky M. Bowler, college student, 37 yrs. old, Conn. resident [02-11-1998]

this is pretty kewl!
jenni, west hartford, ct [02-11-1998]

This is a really good idea
melissa, 13 years old [02-11-1998]

Tori Toups, 11 [02-11-1998]

I am studying Betsy Ross for a biography project. I read Betsy Ross,Designer of our Flag.I am coming here for more information.
Katie Joy, Washington,N.H. Age 9 Grade 4 [02-12-1998]

Christine Marie Salinas, San Antonio TX Age 11 [02-12-1998]

Joanna, Auburn AL. 8 years old [02-12-1998]

I'm obtaining information for my student's wax museum project. Thanks for you help!
Elizabeth Kozak, 5th grade teacher Houser Intermediate, Conroe, Texas [02-12-1998]

Iam doing a report about Besty and I left all my information at school and this assignment is due tomorrow.That is why I am here!!!!!!
dgaskin, 11is my age [02-12-1998]

Karen, 11 [02-12-1998]

Patricia Sztaba [02-12-1998]

anthony smith [02-12-1998]

Fay, Ohio Mother of 2 Teenagers [02-12-1998]

ToriBoomgaarden, 12 [02-12-1998]

Karen Crocker, I'm 19 yrs old, soph at UMF. Elementary Ed major [02-12-1998]

Rusty Behl, Dallas Texas; 8 years old [02-12-1998]

Dear Betsy, You did a good job with the flag. Wes
wes ellis [02-13-1998]

Mallory Durst [02-13-1998]

I've written a report for my 5th grade class about Betsy Ross and I have enjoyed learning about her and her experiences in life. The stories about the flag and how it came to be were very interesting.
Mallory Durst, 11 years old [02-13-1998]

Aldene Nicholls, age:55 [02-13-1998]

Karen Nevius [02-13-1998]

I am doing a report on her and I need all the information I need about her. If you could give me some info. I'd be glad
Amy Rose, 12 years old [02-13-1998]

I really enjoyed the tour. It bought back memories of my tour as a kid. Thanks
Lynn Wachter, Kirkwood, NY [02-13-1998]

Patricia Freimark, Port Clinton, Ohio librarian [02-13-1998]

visited betsy ross house in the 40's as a child and the historic impression it made on me at the time is still with me.also went in the 50's as a school girl and in the 60's took my nephew there also. always greatly impressed with this lady.
rebecca brecker, 59 years old [02-13-1998]

Melissa Trombley, NH, age 15 helping my little sis with a report. [02-14-1998]

This sight looks very interesting and I will pass it on to the teachers in my building, especially the fourth grade.
Pat Peters, Springfield, Ohio [02-14-1998]

I have enjoyed this site! Thank you very much for providing this.
Karen Easterday [02-14-1998]

Had the pleasure of visiting the Betsy Ross House when i visited my daughter in 1995. It was very enjoyable then and I am very pleased that I can visit the house on the web. Thank you.
Rocky Martralli, Ventura, California / age 72 [02-14-1998]

joyce chambers, Texan [02-14-1998]

I do a patriot unit in Feb. A local woman assumes the part of Betsy Ross and does a short program for our 1st graders. They love it! I am so thrilled to find this web site. I will have to show it to my students now!
Gaye Woullard, Denver CO -1st grade teacher [02-14-1998]

I am gad for this web site because I needed it for a school project
Liz Heller, age 10 [02-14-1998]

Thank you very much for having this information. If you have any more that would be good for kindergarden classes please e-mail it to my mom and she will make sure our teachers get it.
Mitchell and Amanda Wood, We are six year old twins and we are learning about the flag in school [02-14-1998]

i have to do a report on Betsy Ross and i think she was a wonderful wamen
Heather Lenahan, Pennsylvania,12 years old, [02-14-1998]

I'm going to do a report about Betsy Ross for school.
Tori Schnapp, 7 years old [02-15-1998]

Donna J. Brown, Fryeburg,Me [02-16-1998]

JD Crockett [02-16-1998]

Howard C. Gorst, Retired in Lake Worth FL [02-16-1998]

I am enjoying this site
Matthew Brady, Yardley, PA, age 5 [02-16-1998]

Jaclyn, 12,Wisconsin [02-16-1998]

Maria Elena Barron, El Paso, Texas Teachers [02-16-1998]

I think it is wonderful to see this grand old house on the web. I shall visit your site many times.I have always been a student of history.keep up the good work! 2/15/98
Mary Understeller, age 64 from Cincinnati, Ohio [02-16-1998]

Diane Calise, Las Vegas, NV [02-16-1998]

This site is very helpful to me
SkyLyn Winn, I am 11 and love Betsy Ross [02-16-1998]

This has been very interesting, it will be a great help to my 9yr old who is doing report on famous american - Betsy Ross!
Debbie blok, New Jersey [02-16-1998]

I am doing a book report on Besty Ross.
Emily Jacobson, 3rd grader [02-16-1998]

Our class is excited to visit this house.
Jeanne McClemens, 1st grade teacher [02-16-1998]

I am doing a school report about Betsy Ross.
Rebecca, 6, Massachusetts [02-16-1998]

I'm sewing a Betsy Ross flag for an 8th grade school report about a famous colonist. I hope to visit her home in person this summer.
SHANNON LEARY, 13 year old girl living near Orlando, Florida [02-16-1998]

Charles & Tara Robertson [02-16-1998]

Charles & Tara Robertson [02-16-1998]

LeeAnn Plata, 12 years old, ValRico Florida [02-17-1998]

Megan Spader [02-17-1998]

Harry P. Anderson [02-17-1998]

Lynn M. Slevenski, 29 yr /female/married [02-17-1998]


This wonderful site brings the Betsy Ross house experience to children who would otherwise be unable to visit it! Thank you.
Susan Hartman, Elementary school teacher [02-17-1998]

I'm visiting your site to learn more for a school project. Thanks.
Jordan Fish, Age 7 1/2, live in Midlothian, VA (Richmond) [02-17-1998]

I really enjoy the history of the american flag and would like to learn more. E mail me please.
Nick Green, 18 High school boy fat [02-17-1998]

Our class is touring Betsy Ross's house. We are studying about the flag and the history behind it. We have enjoyed learning about it.
Alanna Slightom, Live in Moultrie, GA., I teach 1st grade at J. M. Odom [02-17-1998]

Lindsey Costa, Age 9, 4th grader from Fort Barton school in Tiverton,RI and I love love to Draw!!!! [02-17-1998]

Dover Township Juniorette Woman's CLub [02-17-1998]

Iam playing Betsy Ross in my classroom report.
Elizabeth Pardo, Iam 9 yrs. old [02-17-1998]

Jenni Vatanen, student from Finland [02-17-1998]

I am doing a project on Betsy Ross in my fifth grade class. I am here to find more information!
Sara Handshoe, 11 years old, Kendallville, IN [02-17-1998]

Janice Hall, Raleigh, NC [02-17-1998]

Ashley Rehmsmeyer [02-17-1998]

My mom and I are visiting the Betsy Ross house because I am studying her in school. I am glad I can do this even if I live so far away.
Mary Caitlin Chiarella, I am 7 years old. Colorado Springs, CO [02-18-1998]

I am doing a school progect on Betsy Ross and this has been a lot of help. Thanks, Bevan Mason
Bevan Mason [02-18-1998]

Just thought I would take a look for my wife who teaches Kindegarten!!
John White [02-18-1998]

I visited Betsy Ross's home in 1962 when I was a young girl. It was a wonderful experience that created an interest in reading biographies.
Virginia Hayes, Teacher, Sunset Beach Elem. Haleiwa, HI. [02-19-1998]

I'm using this information for a workshop on President's Day for the American Club of Lyon.
Amy Schaffner, Lyons,France [02-19-1998]

i like betsy ross(griscom,ashburn,or what ever)she lived a nice life!
Jessica Schwab, panama city fl,age10 1/2, [02-19-1998]

Kay Miller [02-19-1998]

Visited Betsy Ross house in the summer with my kids and thought it would be fun to look at it on the web
Fran Barranco, Philly suburbs - 36 [02-19-1998]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross for school.My teacher suggested checking this tour out.
Shanice Sanders, age 9 School- St. Thomas Elm. 4thgrade [02-19-1998]

thanks fot the help on my betsy ross poster
leigha loughery, third grade [02-19-1998]

Book report about famous Americans and I chose Betsy Ross. My dad and I thank you for your wonderful web page(s).
Erin Eways, 7 years old; 2nd grade living in Walnut Creek, California [02-19-1998]

I'm having a great time at your web site gathering information for my Webbelos to work on their Citizen Activity Badge and learn more about the history of our flag adn how & why to respect it. Thanx a lot.
Jean Pruitt, Cub Scout Den Leader [02-19-1998]

Doing a report on Betsy
LeAnne Milkey [02-19-1998]

Susan R. Austin, elementary school librarian and storyteller [02-19-1998]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross. Thanks for the tour!
andrea, from IL; age 10 [02-19-1998]

Sandra B. Ruiz [02-19-1998]

I became interested in our first flag again after helping my 11 yr old granddaughter with a report on the flag. Thanks for all the info., it is a great help to her.
Shirley Gunnerson, I am a 62 yr old widow of a WWII ex-pow. I live in Prineville OR. [02-19-1998]

Callan [02-19-1998]

Billy &Cris, 13,9 [02-19-1998]

Shirley Dear [02-19-1998]

Amy DeWys-VanHecke, Curator of Education--Detroit Historical Museum [02-19-1998]

Zach Olds, I'm from KCMO and currently studing the flag in school. I am 7 yrs old and in the first grade. [02-19-1998]

Judy Ferentz, Library Media Specialist [02-20-1998]

louise mitchell, lifelong resident of Philadelphia area [02-20-1998]

Thanks for all the great info.
Patrick Duffy, New Jersey 13 year old Student [02-20-1998]

This is a great site. We are using it with our study of AMerican History
Linda Barker, teacher at Hamilton, Kansas [02-20-1998]

I'am doing a report on Betsy Ross for my class project.
Amber Stark, Dallas, Texas Age 7 [02-20-1998]

Christina Richardson, 17 years [02-20-1998]

thank you for all the helpful information.
JANE BERRY, I'm helping my daughter with a wax museum project [02-20-1998]

Dude, I can;t wait. This BETTER be good. hehe just kidding!!
Rose Busch, NJ, 13, here with my friend Nancy [02-20-1998]

nicole, I am 15 andI am from NY [02-20-1998]

barb ross [02-20-1998]

Ashley Brookshire, Portland,OR 13 years old [02-20-1998]

Chelsey May Walden, NINE [02-21-1998]

i enjoy reading about Betsy Ross and her making of the flag.
SAMANTHA J. CRUZ, walden, ny, age 9, [02-21-1998]

Amanda, 13years old [02-21-1998]

Thanks people
Mary, 9 Pa chester like besty ross doing report on her! [02-21-1998]

Lisa and Angela, Cary, N.C. [02-21-1998]

visited the house at least 20 years ago. enjoyed it then.
barbara walko, age 64 new jersey [02-21-1998]

Joanna, Westford, Massachusetts [02-21-1998]

P Newton, Seattle WA [02-21-1998]

hollyne, 10 [02-21-1998]

Charlotte is doing a school project on a famous American. She choose Betsy Ross for her report. Thanks for the information found here on your web page, it has been a great help for her report.
Brenda Bowman & Charlotte Bowman, Charlotte is 7 years old [02-22-1998]

This is a wonderful site to visit if you are ever in the Philadelphia area.
The Rodriguez Family, Hollywood, Fla. [02-22-1998]

S. Kelley, Location -- Minneapolis, MN [02-22-1998]

Valerie Harnish, Gresham, OR 10 [02-24-1998]

Jeannie Menard, Baltimore [02-24-1998]

I'm here to hopefully find a good pic of Ms. Ross. I'm doing a report on the American Flag.
Kim, Spokane, WA age 14 [02-24-1998]

e appel [02-24-1998]

Mara Loeff, Third grade teacher in Whittier, California [02-24-1998]

Chuck & Nona Morley [02-24-1998]

Sue Northcross, Fresno, Ca age 44 - today's my birthday! [02-24-1998]

I am planning a visit to your fair city on March 14. I and my family are looking forward to it!
Joel Box, Age: 36, Arlington, Tx [02-24-1998]

Lynette Tibbs Sprague-Falk, Researcher & museum student in Washington state [02-24-1998]

Hi Bye
Laura Dlugatch, 12 years old [02-24-1998]

Angelica Romero, 14 years old live in Los angeles [02-24-1998]

sgilligan, Nebraska [02-24-1998]

Woodlawn School, Bell,California [02-24-1998]

Sandra Schleicher, 16/f, Hanover, IL [02-24-1998]

Hi Bye
Laura Dlugatch, 12 years old [02-24-1998]

I'm doing a project on Betsy Ross.
Grace McAbee, 8 years old.South Boston, VA [02-24-1998]

This really helped me with a project that I had to do for school. Thanks
David Rotchford, New York 10 yrs old [02-24-1998]

HI!my name is aimee.I am visiting the Betsy Ross because i had to do a biography on her life and im trying to fing out some important dates in her life for my timeline. thank you Aimee
Aimee Archuletta, 1185 Persimmon ave.Calif.92021 Im ten years old [02-24-1998]


I have a Betsy Ross certificate and we thought that all this information has been very exciting. Our certificate is number 16850
Kathleen Buell, rewey,wis I.m 47yr. old mother of four [02-24-1998]

Mark Penrod, Kearney, NE. 68847 42 [02-24-1998]

Hi! My name is Melanie Kwiatkowski. I'm sorry if you can't say my last name. Hardly anybody can pronounce it. Well, at school we have to write a report about a famous American Women. So, I thought I would do a report on Betsy Ross because she made the American Flag. Bye, Melanie Kwiatkoski
Melanie Kwiatkowski, I'm 11 [02-24-1998]

We just read a story about Betsy Ross and wanted to find out more about her life. We would like to receive more informa- tion, if possible. Thanks!
Anna Claire Casey, Second Grade Teacher [02-24-1998]

I'm just a beginer so i don't really know a lot but Betsy Ross is a great person or was any way so I would like to say that this web sight has been very cool and it helped a lot THANKS M.W.
Melanie Wisniewski, Rittman,Ohio 10 (almost 11) [02-24-1998]

chris towery, ventura,ca 17 [02-24-1998]

Christi Stefaniw, Massapequa, NY - 6 yrs. old [02-24-1998]

kennidie marshal [02-24-1998]

brenda eberley, teacher-alternative high school [02-24-1998]

laurel macmillan, I am 8 years old, and I go to GLE in Blacksburg, VA [02-24-1998]

Donna Caputo [02-24-1998]

Connie Kane, Seattle WA [02-24-1998]

Sharon, W. Valley, NY [02-25-1998]

I was born in Phila.raised in Penn Valley, I do not get to come home often,so L enjoy visiting all the places that I visited as a child.My older 2 children have visited many times, but my youngest(9) has not yet had the chance to visit all the historic places that I grew up with, hopefully he will one day, Thank You for your site.Sincerly Joanne Rennert.
Joanne Cashman Rennert, From Middlefield, Mass. 01243 [02-25-1998]

I enjoyed your web sight and am very interested in our history. I also wondered if there was an actual Betsy Ross that sewed our American flag.
brizza colin, live in Portland, am 17 yrs old, I go to Sam Barlow High School [02-25-1998]

We're visiting your site to research for Spencer's (9years old) homework.
SCOTT MABRITO FAMILY, SAN ANTONIO,TEXAS-43,40,9,6, &4 [02-25-1998]

Kerry Stokes, CT, student, age 10 [02-25-1998]

Please send more imformation about Betsy Ross (school project) At least 750 words please!!!
Wes Frazier, Pittsburgh, PA. 10 I like sports and need help in science class in schoool [02-25-1998]

Marilyn Albert, Oak Harbor,WA [03-02-1998]

Darren Whalen, Junior HIgh School teacher, Lockney Junior HIgh, Lockney, Texas [03-02-1998]

this is an awesome sight!
Jenna, Im 11 years old [03-02-1998]

Dennis Dolezal, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE [03-02-1998]

I work in one of the local elementary schools in our distric, and right now we are studying Philadelphia, and it's history. So, I thought it would be neat to find out some things, searching through this website, that I could share with the class.
Jennifer Schloyer, Berwick,Pa. , age 26., [03-02-1998]


Marissa Kearney, Alta Loma, CA., Age 8. [03-02-1998]

Anthony Collins, Kalamazoo,Michigan [03-02-1998]

thanks for all your help
zackary reynolds, 11 years old [03-02-1998]

I have to answer questions about Betsy Ross and this site is helping me a lot. I hope to visit the Betsy Ross house someday. For school I have to also dress up a cardboard doll as Betsy Ross and give a report about her life.
Lauren Miller, I'm in fifth grade at Hans Herr Elementary and I'm 10 yrs. old [03-02-1998]

Denise Peters, 37 Mom Of two [03-02-1998]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross and I'd like to get some enteresting information.
Meaghan McNamee, Holbrook, AZ age 11 [03-02-1998]

Thank you for the information, It is really very helpful.
FRANZ F. OLIVER, Jackson, Misssissippi, 36 yrs.old [03-02-1998]

Shelley Doherty, Ramsey New Jersey Teacher [03-02-1998]


it was a pretty good site i liked the tour
Jen Wheaton, age 14 [03-02-1998]

Emily DiIoia, Media, PA [03-02-1998]

Mike De Meo, I'm a studmuffin! [03-02-1998]

Priscilla, I live in Media, PA. I grew up on Chestnut St. I'm now 15 [03-02-1998]

Great Web Hot Stuff!!!
Mike De Meo, I am 14 and attend Penncrest High School [03-02-1998]

Amanda Smith [03-02-1998]

Susan Weishaupt [03-02-1998]

As a campfire girl (way back when) I won the Flag Code Contest two years in a row. A test of flat ettiquite. I love to teach students about flag ettiquite and even how to fold the American Flag. Probably will never make it to Philly to see you, thanks for the tour.
Conniei Gill, elementary teacher in Idaho, very patriotic [03-02-1998]

Nancy S. Jafar, Germantown, Md. [03-02-1998]

I am doing a project on Philadelphia.
Heather Bonawitz, 8 1\2 yrs Third Grade [03-02-1998]

Stephanie Anne, age 18 here for a college history course [03-02-1998]

I am writing a report on the flag for Social Studies and decided to do it from Betsy Ross' point of view. Thanks for all the information in these pages.
Jena Smith, 11 years old from Ohio [03-02-1998]

Jason Krone, Harrisburg PA [03-02-1998]

Passed through Philadelphia last night, would have liked to have spent more time there. Was impressed with your city lay out whilst comming into land at your airport.
John L Sneddon (Jack), Scottish, dob 27/3/43, Electrical Engineer, Inventor, Amateur Archaeologist, Salmon/Sea Trout angler, Golfer, Happy Family Man. Devotee of American History. [03-02-1998]

Tamara Ramsey, Holcomb Ks USA [03-02-1998]

Thank you for all the help with my report, nick
Nick Bella, 8 years old , Hamilton NJ [03-02-1998]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross
Nicole Rodrigo, Tabernacle, NJ age 8 [03-02-1998]

This whole tour site is very interesting and educational - thanks.
Connie Jennings, Louisville, KY 39 [03-02-1998]

Kristie, Colorado age 11 [03-02-1998]

I was looking through Yahooligans for my daughter to see what was available. It's great.
Cheryl A Thompson, SW Wisconsin 32 years old have 9yr old daughter [03-02-1998]

susan gillen, paris,texas ; RN; [03-02-1998]

Thanks For Allowing Me In To View This Web Page. JAKE
EDWARD J. MORRIS, M/C/40, DOB: 12/09/57, CROATIA/HUNGARY/BOSNIA [03-02-1998]

Alice, TuLe, Alan [03-02-1998]

I'm trying to search information about Museums in Philadelphia for my project. Your homepage is really helpful. Thank you verymuch
Widarwati, I'm a graduate student from SUNY at New Paltz [03-02-1998]

tim emery, houston,tx [03-02-1998]

Carlos Diego, 15 but it'll be 16 in May [03-02-1998]

Sherry Johnston [03-02-1998]

ryan [03-02-1998]

TRAVIS EARLE, I'M 13 SPOKANE,WA [03-02-1998]

Jennifer Rose Weaver, grade 7 , social studies student [03-02-1998]

I came here to find information for a school project and I found it very imformative. It is one of the better web sites on the Internet and I found almost all of the information I needed right here, plus some extra. All of the things I couldn't find here I couldn't find anywhere else. Keep up the good work. Thank you for your help and I really enjoyed the "tour".
Meredith Hulley, I am from Naples Italy, I am 12 years old. [03-02-1998]


We are having fun learning about Special Americans. It is neat to be able to visit your website about Betsy Ross. Thank You!
White Oaks School Room H First Graders, 6 & 7 year olds in San Carlos, CA [03-03-1998]

I am doing a report about the American flag and I wanted to know who sewed the first flag, so I searched the net and found your home page. I like it a lot and found good information for my report.
Krysten Dick, Hilliard Ohio, age 8 [03-03-1998]

I'm doing a biography on Betsy Ross.
Cindy Carmolinga, 10 Years old [03-03-1998]

I am in possession of a piano called a Besty Ross Spinet manufactured by the Philadelphia Piano Company, It has an emblem on the back indicating "As shown at the World's Fair". I am interested if this was to commemorate Besty or did she have one like it. It is very petite. Is this company still in business?
David Lynch [03-04-1998]

Sally Duerr, 1st grade teacher Arcado Elementary Lilburn,Ga. [03-04-1998]

I'm Doing a report on Betsy and I hope this helps
Morgan Elizabeth Dion, Milford Ct. 10 1/2 [03-04-1998]

Kristin Campbell, 17 years old, Senior at Lawrence High School [03-04-1998]

Chris Mehler [03-04-1998]

Ilike to learn about her
Leah, Wyoming Michagon,14 [03-04-1998]

My heritage links me to be kin to Betsy Ross through my grandfather's line. His grandmother was a Ross. My son is doing a report on her for school.
Penny Jackson, College Station, TX age 34 [03-04-1998]

We are studying the Aamerican Revolution.
Grade 3, students [03-04-1998]

Thanks For Your Help
Coby Reece, 14yrs [03-04-1998]

Rosemary Dutter, teacher Grade 2 [03-04-1998]

Lois Kelly, Grace Park School Library aide [03-04-1998]

I think that the Betsy Ross House is one of the best Historical sites there.
Chris Shutter, 11,Mt. Ephraim NJ,(10-05-86) [03-04-1998]

Jill Bowker [03-04-1998]

My class is learning about the beginning of our country's government, beginning with Ben Franklin and Philadelphia. I am checking out this sight as a way for them to research so of the historical landmarks in Philadelphia. What a great sight!
Peggy Davidson, SD 3rd grade teacher [03-04-1998]

connie mooy, second grade teacher in SaltLakeCity Ut. [03-04-1998]

Connie Norman, We work with Native American families and also technology [03-04-1998]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross and Mom checked the internet and here you are. This is fun! We'd love to find more history sites
Emily Marian Holt, I am eight, homeschooled, and live in N.C. [03-04-1998]

D.W. my age is 10 ki

Chris Shutter, 11,Mt. Ephraim NJ [03-04-1998]

i really like the betsy ross house in philadelphia. i was on this page to get info for my speech on the american flag
shannon, Pennsylvania 14 [03-04-1998]

Cindy Richards, age 53 hobbies:Genealogy/History [03-04-1998]

k. rath, CA 3rd grade teacher [03-04-1998]

Looking up info on Betsy Ross for my 7 year old son (homework)
Mark Hunter, Mission Viejo, CA, age [03-04-1998]

Curt Roesler, 24 from Fremont Nebraska [03-04-1998]

Thank you for letting me into your home of history! Laura Carrillo
Laura Carrillo, Communications, journalism major, freshman at University of Texas at El Paso, age-21 [03-04-1998]

Great home page for researching my school report.
Mary McGuigan, age 10 Livermore CA [03-04-1998]

Colleen Parrovechio, 37 [03-06-1998]

I found this looking for information on the flag for my second grade class. This looks like it could be great!
Danette Fletcher, 22, student teacher, Rock Hill, SC [03-06-1998]

I hope to visit in person in the near future.
Debora Godfrey, From Franklinton, NC, 40 years old, married [03-06-1998]

Helena J. Anderson, 33, writer, northern Illinois [03-06-1998]

Take me on the tour. I'm so excited I'm going...YEA!
Lynsey Newhouse, I am 10 years old [03-06-1998]

Randy & Dwana Clark,Brandon & Jonathan [03-06-1998]


Gregory Marsh, Washington state, 71/2, home schooler [03-06-1998]

Diana Yoss, Iowa [03-06-1998]

jamie harrison [03-07-1998]

Anthony Amick, Brandywine Elementary WV age 11 [03-07-1998]

david foley, clevelnd,tn [03-07-1998]

Jenny Gust [03-07-1998]

Sharon Henning [03-07-1998]

Taylor Spragge, Ny 9yrs. old [03-07-1998]

hi everybody
JK [03-07-1998]

very interested in the history and tradition of our great nation.
anthony foster [03-07-1998]

AJ3 [03-07-1998]

I am a colonial re-enactor from Massachusetts. We represent the local Sudbury Militia as part of the Wayside Inn. We often do colonial histroy presentations at local schools and the history of our flag is part of our presentation.
Les Malecki [03-07-1998]

Carole Rossi, Michigan [03-07-1998]

heather wilson, 10 [03-07-1998]

Kristin Moore, Age ten ( 10) [03-07-1998]

Elizabeth Davis, I am 10 [03-07-1998]

I would like to visit in person one day when I come into the area. My husband and I like to travel to historical places and we have been to most president's homes, museums, etc. Thanks for having this on the web!
Linda Connealy, teacher who enjoys learning about history [03-07-1998]

Lynn M. Slevenski, 29 yr /female/married [03-08-1998]

Thank you for the information. A job well done. I am glad to have stumbled into this site. I am enjoying it! Keep up the Good Work! @---}---}------ @---}---}------ @---}---}------ @---}---}------ @---}---}------ @---}---}------ @---}---}------ @---}---}------
Sandra B. Ruiz, Gridley Street School, 1907 Eighth Street, San Fernando CA 91340 [03-08-1998]

History is what makes our future.
The Olsons, Puerto Rico [03-08-1998]

betsy is a relitive from the past for my family.
david a waln [03-08-1998]

carolyne mason [03-08-1998]

Visited in person back in 1975...great to relive the memories online!
Alesa, Illinios [03-08-1998]

great site
laurie sullivan, mom [03-08-1998]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross and i don't have that much info on the flag and that i need so if you could could you send me some info i would be most appreciative thanks!! -Danielle
danielle ******, 14, Pennsylvania [03-10-1998]

LaRue Turner [03-10-1998]

Edward Girsh [03-10-1998]

Visited in person back in 1975...great to relive the memories online!
Alesa, Illinios [03-10-1998]

thanks for all the info it really helped
Tyler Zimmerman, 3rd grade doing a report on the flag [03-10-1998]

Girl Scout Troop 437, Myrtle Point OR [03-10-1998]

i'm doing a social studies project on Betsy Ross and i need i little bit of info
jessica singer, new york, 11 [03-10-1998]

Paula R Miller, Dixon IL 31 Female [03-10-1998]

bill boyer [03-10-1998]

We are studying about Philadelphia when it was the capital the United States. We are looking forward to seeing Betsy Ross's home.
Mrs. Davidson's Third Grade Class, Third Graders in Britton, SD [03-10-1998]

Deena Wyckoff Pitts, live in Memphis [03-10-1998]

patricia shen num, special education classroom grade 5 [03-10-1998]

I think that it's cool that you offer a virtual tour of Betsy Ross' house.
Tara C. Pangan, I'm 16 and working on a history assignment. [03-10-1998]

Karina L. Mayorga, I am 16 and in AP History. [03-10-1998]

This web site that you offer really offerts some cool stuff for us students that need some fun out of our rather busy and complicated schedule
Martin, I am from Rowland Heights. I am 16 years old and am trying to find bits of relevant data for a timeline regarding the American Revolution. [03-10-1998]

This tour is very exciting and interesting and extremely useful
Brandi Cross, I am in a AP US history class and I found this site with the help of our school librarian and teacher. I live in California and attend Bishop Amat Memorial High School in La Puente. [03-10-1998]

Bridget, 15yrs. old. Live in St. Louis, Missouri write me! [03-10-1998]

I'm just looking up info for an American History class in school.
Jason Rosenstein [03-10-1998]

I really enjoyed visiting the house for real this past summer.
Kira Chucta, Myrtle Beach [03-10-1998]

Thank you for letting me visit your home.
H. C. Lowe, Fayette, Al. (68) [03-10-1998]

Doing a book report on Betsy Ross
Taryn Garnand, Bakersfield, Ca Age 7 [03-10-1998]

I'm looking for information on great American women.
Amanda Clement, Granite City, IL age [03-10-1998]

Andrea and Derek Wagener [03-10-1998]

Andrea and Derek Wagener, Rev. war reenactors [03-10-1998]

Doing a great job on this site. Keep up the good work!
Rachel Allen, I love Baby Spice! ( Emma Bunton ) [03-10-1998]

My Grandniece asked me to help her find information on Betsy Ross for a report she is working on.
Faye Lambert, Exec. Secty. to VP of a University [03-10-1998]

We will be taking a class trip in May to visit in person.
Melissa Reed, 5th grade teacher in Harrington, DE [03-10-1998]

Melinda H. Scaff, 30 yrs.old, live in NC [03-10-1998]

I find all this information very interesting.
Linda Durham, Murphysboro, Illinois [03-10-1998]

Just checking this out for a Biography Report one of my students is doing.
Cynthia Casner, Resource Specialist, Sacramento, CA [03-10-1998]

Looking up information for a school report. Cool site!
Ashley Brooke Stoll, 9 years old [03-10-1998]

rosemarie scott, tampa, fl [03-10-1998]

Doug, Deb, Annie Fritz, Colorado Springs, Colorado [03-10-1998]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross and them I am visiting the actual house on the 24th or the 25th of March with my school. I can't wait to see this tour
Lani Watson, I am fourteen and a student at Eastside Christian School [03-11-1998]

I've enjoyed sharing these pages with my first graders.
carol, 1st grade teacher, from WV [03-11-1998]

Robin Drake [03-11-1998]

Vickie Glass, Librarian's assistant [03-11-1998]

I am looking for a photo of Betsy Ross to include in my paper. I am also involved in a character dress-up, and this is very difficult to find a picture of her.
Tiffany Ohm, Am working on paper for school. Age 13, Wisconsin native [03-11-1998]

Thank you so much for the Betsy Ross web site!!! It helped me SO much with my school project. Do you think you could get any quotes from Betsy Ross herself? I would really appreciate it! Thanks.
anna, i'm 13 [03-11-1998]

Kelsey Gasior, age 9, Milford, MI [03-11-1998]

We are doing a report on Betsy Ross
Shaina Tooley and Melissa Mattioli, Burlington Twp. 16 yrs. old [03-12-1998]

stacy d. edmondson, greenville, nc , age-22, college student-ECU [03-12-1998]

I just found out that on of my relations was a body guard, to Gen. George Washington during the Rev War.
Cathy Hart, Cortez,Co 32 [03-12-1998]

Laura Eaton, Illinois, 22, college senior [03-12-1998]

Kirsten Skinner [03-12-1998]

Quinn McCarron, Age 9 [03-12-1998]

Am looking up information on Betsy for my granddaughter for a report. Thank-you
Francie, grandmother [03-12-1998]

Helping my 7 year old with history homework.
Nick Cox, 39, Wilmington DE 3 daughters < 9 [03-12-1998]

Thanks, ya'll!
Ceci Smiith, Gulf Coast, Mississippi [03-12-1998]

I absolutely love Betsy Ross. So I am doing a report on her. It's amazing that a women actually made our first flag. That makes me feel proud to be a women.
Johnna Hetrick, 11,Virginia-Fredericksburg [03-12-1998]

KATHRYN LEAIR [03-12-1998]

working on a school project
jessica hawkins, KY age 9 [03-12-1998]

Our grade level does a Colonial American unit each year. I found this sight while surfing to find new information for next year!
Betsy Brown, second grade teacher [03-12-1998]

I've lived in Philadelphia for 10 year, and today was the first time that I visited Betty Ross House (virtually). I'm planning to take my kids to see the real thing.
Maritza Melendez, Community College Student [03-12-1998]

Patricia A. Shaw, Teacher Blain Elementary School Blain, Pa 17006 [03-12-1998]

Neat site. My daughter chose Betsy Ross for a report and this site has provided many times more info that available from the multi media encyclopedias. Keep up the good work!! Funny, I went to college outside Phila and used to come to arch stree a lot (when "electronics row" was ther in the late 60's) but never knew about her house. The Liberty Bell yes but not Betsy Ross' house.
Raymond J Baker, Maryland,51,male,parent [03-13-1998]

Bill Straiton, Indianapolis, IN - Hospital Management [03-14-1998]

I'm doing abook report on her.
Jennica, Charles Town WV, Age: 11 [03-14-1998]

Collette Bates, 13 years old, Monroe, Michigan [03-14-1998]

Mrs. Fisher's fourth grade class [03-14-1998]

Thank you for letting us tour your house. We love America!!!
The Higbees at the Benjamin School, First Graders in Florida [03-14-1998]

We REALLY enjoyed this site! The information is very thorough and we'll visit again soon!
Debbie, Sarah and Julie, Homeschoolers in Virginia [03-14-1998]

John Bottons, Black hair 78 [03-14-1998]

I have to do a tour of your Betsy Ross house for a project in school.
Elizabeth Moschetti, Arvada West Senior High, Arvada C.O, 80004 Grade:9 Age:15 [03-14-1998]

john doe, denver,25 [03-14-1998]

Kathy Thompson, Lancaster,Ohio [03-14-1998]

Deborah Harb, Knoxville, TN [03-14-1998]

I am doing a project in school about Betsy Ross.
Victoria Lynn Santagata, Califon,NJ- age 9 [03-14-1998]

Samantha Cox, Houston, Texas age 10 [03-14-1998]

Looking up information for report for daughter.
Sheryl Rube, West Allis, WI [03-14-1998]

MIKE DAWSON [03-14-1998]

Lori Johnson [03-14-1998]

Jean Marie Pearce, age 10 [03-14-1998]

robert graham, 10 years [03-14-1998]

Pam [03-14-1998]

Hi I really like your web page grate job!!!!!!!!!!!!
Christina m, I am 18 from California, [03-14-1998]

Jill Bowker [03-14-1998]

I am doing a project about Betsy Ross for School
Lacey Leach, age 8 2nd grade [03-15-1998]

I am here because I am doing a report on Betsy Ross.
Torey Michelle, 12 enjoys playing soccer [03-15-1998]

Our family visited the Betsy Ross house last summer. It's a pleasant walk from Independence Hall. Make this site a "Must See" on your next trip to Philadelphia!
Jack Healey, Lifelong student of American history. [03-15-1998]

scott malinowski, phila [03-15-1998]

Jillian Wokurka, student, O'Fallon, MO, age 10 [03-15-1998]

Jonathan E. Perez, Reading, Pa 10yrs.old 5th grade [03-15-1998]

Helping my niece with her homework, she is in fourth grade
Karen Weaver, New Jersey,45,married,female [03-15-1998]

Cindi Donohue [03-15-1998]

Stephanie Ramirez, Palmdale, CA 10 yrs [03-15-1998]

Needs info on Besty Ross for a 10 page report, due March 31.
Haley and Jamie Sandberg, age 10 Long Beach California grade 5th. Mom helping. [03-15-1998]

I am going to give a speech at school about Betsy Ross. Thanks for all the great information! Gotta get back to my homework!
Deanne Hutcheson, 4th grade New Hope School, Fairfield, IL age 10 [03-16-1998]


Naomi Edsell, Troy, Pa [03-17-1998]

Diane Almgren, a fifth grade teacher in Thornton, Co [03-17-1998]

I hope the tour is interesting and exciting ............ which I think it will be.
Mercer Smith, Norwich, New York I'm 12 years old [03-17-1998]

colleen, 39, Oregon [03-17-1998]

We just went on the Philly trolly tour and it was fantastic, we were not able to tour Besty Ross's home so I guess this is the next best thing.
Jennifer & Steve Townsend, 34&35 two boys ages 3&6, Stockton,NJ via Duluth,MN. [03-17-1998]

It is very interesting to see a tour.
Cristina, seven [03-17-1998]

Terry Linn, St. Peters, MO [03-17-1998]

Brittany Thies, 11 years old, Issaquah WA [03-17-1998]

Jamie F., Age 11 [03-17-1998]

I am going to be Betsy Ross in a class play. I am studying about her.
Debbie, age 8, from Washington state [03-17-1998]

Thank you, we enjoyed the tour. We just had a special program about your flag yesterday.
3rd Grade Class of Arnold Public School, Teacher of Class [03-17-1998]

C. Furlano, Mt.Sinai, N.Y. 26 2nd grade teacher [03-17-1998]

Cherlyn Harness, springfield, il 45 [03-18-1998]


Tori Santagata, My age is 9 [03-18-1998]

Bonnie Hallman-Dye, Rochester, NY [03-18-1998]

checking out info about the revolutionary war
carleen steckert, teacher [03-18-1998]


Al, Wisconsin [03-19-1998]

D. Marszalik [03-19-1998]

I think Betsy Ross was a very inspiring woman.
Courtney Music, I am 14 years old,female.and I go to Morgan County Middle School. My class is studying Early America. [03-19-1998]

Amy Jones [03-19-1998]

I'm doing a report so I came to look at the website. It's very interesting and helpful. I got here from a compton's encyclopedia link.
Elizabeth S. DuBon, 9 years old, Putnam County, New York [03-19-1998]

doing a project on besty ross.
Camille Claira Cooke and Jennyfer Mishelle Gayson, Florida- 12 years old [03-19-1998]

Hannah Williams, 15years old [03-20-1998]

jim j, 12 years old [03-20-1998]

Mr. Wray's Fourth Grade Math Class, Bryant Woods Elementary School Columbia, Maryland [03-20-1998]

Karen R. Taraborelli, I'm a Millersville University student originally from Philadelphia. [03-20-1998]

Ruby Pearson, Secretary, Purdue University [03-23-1998]

Nanci Case, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania [03-23-1998]

Dawn Hart [03-23-1998]

Nanci Case, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania [03-23-1998]

Kathy Heckman [03-23-1998]

It's nice to see the Betsy Ross house again. I was there last as a grade school pupil from the Egar Allan Poe Ellementry school 68 yrs ago. I enjoyed it much. - Thank You
Leonard Sitongia, San Diego CA, Age 76 yrs [03-23-1998]

I love this, my class will too!
Mary Jo Flenner, Oregon [03-23-1998]

Deborah Emery, Dept 1st Jr Vice Dept of MI [03-23-1998]

Thank you for providing me with lots of information. Jordan
Jordan Keller, Florida, age 11, research for school project [03-23-1998]

Crystal, JR, Danny, and Sassy Farmer, Spokane, Wa ages 11, 10, 9, and 5 [03-23-1998]

maria price, 12 [03-23-1998]

This was an enjoyable discovery which I plan to share with other computer buffs. Thanks
Mary Ann Cinque, I live on Long Island and want to make some Americana type crafts and found this site to copy the original flag designed by Betsy Roth. [03-23-1998]

Julie & Jessica Carosiello, 5th grader in Mt. Laurel, NJ [03-23-1998]

Michele McGowan, Queens N.Y. 33 [03-23-1998]

the flag is cool.
Lauren Elise Kohl, I am 7 years old and I'm going to be Betsy Ross for history day. [03-23-1998]


Randy Hunt [03-23-1998]

Paul J. Lay, Boca Raton, FL, age 53 [03-23-1998]

KELLY MARIE FALLON, AGE 13 [03-23-1998]


Nicole Berg, Bradford, Pa [03-23-1998]

helping my elementary school daughter with a report on Ross' life. Good job. Excellent links. Thanks.
jamie ruderman [03-23-1998]

descendent of charles charleston
jane kennedy coutts, ct resident [03-23-1998]

I like the virtual tours, because it gives me a chance to see and learn things, that usually I would not have been able to. Thanks!!!
Dorothy Jo Alligood, 20 yrs. old, married, and live in Washington, NC. [03-23-1998]

jackie hunter, age-33/collinsville, va [03-23-1998]

I did a biography on betsy ross. I had to tape it to!it was fun.I think she was great! by by!
lillie felice izzo, Im 9 years old and i have blonde hair and hazel eyes [03-23-1998]

Barbara Simons, I live in Northwest NJ in a small town of 2,ooo and I am 49 years old [03-23-1998]

melissa heddy [03-23-1998]

I am 14 years old. I live in the country part of our village.
Violet Cheney, North Branch Mi [03-23-1998]


anna schardt, 11yrs. [03-24-1998]

Liz Sauter, arvada, co - 18 yrs old [03-24-1998]

Elizabeth Clare, Georgia Resident.... [03-24-1998]

Very Nice Web Page. The Pictures Are Really Realistic.
Toni Groff, Ball State University,22,Education Major [03-25-1998]

Victoria Schnure, Cary, Illinois school teacher--5th grade [03-25-1998]

It was a nice tour. Thank you.
Mychael Kass, New York 9 Years Old 4th grade [03-25-1998]

We are finding information for a school project thanks for all the great info.
Laurie Page, MN [03-25-1998]

Hello, I am an assistant principal at an elementary school. I am just doing some research about Besty and am so glad to have found this homepage. Thanks
Hayley Tippie, Riverside, CA 92506 [03-25-1998]

I was born in Doylestown, Pa, and so I'm doing my state report on Pa.
Carolyn Mills, Chino Hills, Ca 5th grade student [03-25-1998]

I am researching a lesson plan on American Symbols for the first grade.
Wanda Gatton, Boise, Idaho [03-25-1998]

Garrett, teacher [03-25-1998]

I'm doing a research paper on Betsy Ross - thought this might help. Thanks!
Katie Lawless, 5th grader [03-25-1998]

As a family, we love to learn more about history. We think it is very important to know the things that make this country great. We have enjoyed your web-site Thank You
The Derby Family, We all love history and Betsy you're at the heart of it [03-25-1998]

i have to do an oral report on Betsy Ross and I need all of the info. I can get
Mackenzie Reinhard, New Jersey 11 years old whatever [03-25-1998]

heather, 15 female [03-25-1998]

Tom Oliver, Los Angeles - 35 years old [03-25-1998]

Paul Ferrandino, 32 [03-25-1998]

Carol, the only E.R. on earth [03-26-1998]

Sarah Rife, Canon City, CO 17 [03-26-1998]

I am doing my oral book report on Betsy Ross, Monday March 30th. The book I read didn't tell when she died, so my mom got on the internet and here I am. Thank you for being here.
Kaytlen Weller, I am 9 year old girl. I was born on June 14, 1988 (Flag Day) [03-27-1998]

Amy McErlean, 7th Grade - 12 yrs old [03-27-1998]

Therese L Frawley, Springboro, PA. 36yo homemaker/seamstress [03-27-1998]

Gen [03-27-1998]

tara brooke johnson, 9 years old - I'm doing a report for school [03-27-1998]

Kristin Sharp [03-27-1998]

I am a teacher in an elementary school and have always been interested in Betsy Ross, even before I was married and my name wasn't Ross. My students in 4th grade are studying famous people and we are deciding who we should study. Thanks for the tour. Mrs. A. Ross
Ann Ross [03-27-1998]

Laura [03-27-1998]

Mrs. Kathleen Bryant [03-27-1998]

DeAnn, Urbana , Ohio age11 [03-28-1998]

God Bless Betsy Ross and America. Long may America remain free. May we all respect what we have in America and our freedom. We must also grant respect to all kinds of people, and realize we are but one. We would not be the great country we are without the help and respect of each other. God above all, Bless America and grant us all safety, and compassion to ourselves and others we share this earth with! Amen.
Kay Tyler, Burbank, Calif. [03-28-1998]

Jean, Age 58. Hope Valley, R.I. [03-28-1998]

William Schipper, Clio,MI Age61 Retired History Teacher [03-28-1998]

As a child I lived in Scranton, PA and visited Philadelphia many times. It was always my favorite place on the historical tour. Now I tell me fifth graders all about it.
Miriam A. Smith, Vermilion, Ohio Fifth Grade Teacher [03-28-1998]

Judy [03-28-1998]

This is a great opportunity to see a national landmark, especially since many people cannot make it there in person. Thanks!
Tamra, Kennewick, WA age 22 [03-31-1998]

Hello, I am doing a report on Betsy Ross, this page gave me a great chance to learn more about her; you guys are doing great. Thanks.
Julia KG., Oklahoma 10 years old, Love horses [03-31-1998]

Ian Colbert, 10 [03-31-1998]

Nice tour. I'm doing some research for a Junior GS troop. Thanks for adding to my information.
Kris Finley, from Minnesota [03-31-1998]

Kristen Rosepiler, Orange Park,FL [03-31-1998]

Christine Lea Cannon, Age10 Location West Chester I like to dance [03-31-1998]

Chrisy Miller, pilot , VA. 11 years old, [03-31-1998]

I enjoyed the tour. Will share with my students and colleagues.
Cindy Haley, 2nd grade teacher in Houston, TX [03-31-1998]

Gia Saviano [03-31-1998]

I am doing a research and book report on Betsy Ross.
Jaimee Baird, GA [03-31-1998]

Melody Stickley, Virginia, 34 [03-31-1998]

I came here because I'm doing a report about betsy ross for school and found a lot of helpful info!
Sarah, MI 10 [03-31-1998]

George Goddu [03-31-1998]

We plan to visit you next week!!!
Babb Family, Utah [03-31-1998]

James F. Polley, Baltimore,MD [03-31-1998]

B. Norwood, Rural Point Elem. School [03-31-1998]

Plan to visit this July with the history camp.
Patricia K. Kehler, volunteer at Fort Mercer - usually the field hospital [03-31-1998]

Ian Colbert, 10 [03-31-1998]

I hope to learn more about our history but there really seems to me there is always a lot of fighting and spending money.
Connie Dee Sauer, Ocean City, MD. Love the ocean, shells, and fish art. Am 52 and a Leo. Always have males in my house. Husband of 27 yrs. and 3 sons. 26, 24, and 12. [03-31-1998]

Thank you whoever did this site. I need it for a girl scout project
jessica, Grundy Center/11 [03-31-1998]


joseph birbiglia, 23 [03-31-1998]


I think this is a wonderful adventure. Thanks.
Ginger Jones, Texas educator [03-31-1998]

Melissa Brill, Tulsa, OK 17 yrs. [03-31-1998]

Congratulations for the care that you give to historic places. We as foreigners have a great opportunity to know about your people and history through the web.
Elizabeth Ochoa, I live in Mexico City. I love to visit your country and specially Philadelphia [04-01-1998]

thank you for having me for this verry interesting tour
Greg Lontkowski, Milwaukee, Wi. 35 male [04-01-1998]

Ervin Humphery [04-01-1998]

I like your flag.
Josh Rose, Linden,Texas 13 [04-01-1998]

Julie, 8,OHIO [04-01-1998]

Melissa, O.H. age-9 [04-01-1998]

We are studying about the first flag and decided to visit your locations.
Sharon Boone's First Grade, Germantown, Tennessee [04-01-1998]

josh stewart [04-01-1998]

justin priebnow, 15 [04-01-1998]

This is an excellent site for my social studies classes to visit! We're going on an electronic field trip! Yeah!!!
Janet Etten, 3rd Grade Social Studies Teacher [04-01-1998]

nick, I"m 10 [04-01-1998]

MATT KELLEHER [04-01-1998]

Amanda K. Olcott [04-01-1998]

Jesse Rutherford [04-01-1998]

Brad Brown, Bliss N.Y. 12, I like computers [04-01-1998]

Curtis Bennion [04-01-1998]

Adam Gernstl, age 11 live in Bliss,NY [04-01-1998]

Nicole Evans [04-01-1998]

What is going on . I think it would be cool sewing the flag
Samantha Beardslee, age 11 [04-01-1998]

Please write back now
Nicole Evans [04-01-1998]

Aaron Carmichael [04-01-1998]

Great Page! I really like it.
Brad Brown agian, BlissN.Y.,12 [04-01-1998]

I took a tour through your house i liked all the rooms i had fun looking at your house I have to ask you a question how old are you?
darci bacon, age 11 [04-01-1998]

dear betsy,how are is the after life.The flag looks nice.Please write back.If you had paper when you died.
jacob backer, letchworth central,age21,i like cheese [04-01-1998]

I have asked my mom if I could visit the house
Leah Walton, 12 years of age Gainesville, NY [04-01-1998]

Kimmy Belluccio, Greece Arcadia Middle School [04-01-1998]

Judith Braithwaite, Salt Lake City, UT [04-01-1998]

Sherri Costello, Erie, PA ; 29; 3rd gr. teacher [04-01-1998]

allison bean [04-01-1998]

Vickie Weber, Newport Beach, CA; 5th grade teacher [04-02-1998]

4/2/98 Just stopping by to see what is available on the net for future touring with out of town friends and relatives.Your page so far is well done!
D Briggs, Phila born and raised now living in Bucks CO and working in Historical area of Philadelphia [04-02-1998]

I am going to a Revolutary Era dinner with my family. We each have to pick a person to be. I picked Betsy Ross. One of the reasons I picked her is because my Dad's name is Ross. I am happy to visit her house to learn more about her.
Kelsee Vincent, 11 years old, Bakersfield, California [04-02-1998]

Sandra Miller, Mother of two boys interested in history. [04-02-1998]

Sandra Miller, Mother of two boys interested in history. [04-02-1998]

Sterling Taylor Brodnax, 8 years old--I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross's Home [04-02-1998]

Jodie Hudson, Charleston, WV [04-02-1998]

Erin Meyers, Hartford, Wisconsin 5th grade [04-02-1998]

I am going to take the real tour tommoro for a feild trip for school
Heather Ossman, glassboro, nj 10 yrs. old [04-02-1998]

this will be my way of visiting the house.
barbara smith, age 65 [04-02-1998]

Dennis Wint, Homer, MI. 34 [04-02-1998]

Haley Dreis, bloomfield n.j./ 8 yrs old/ colonial history report [04-02-1998]

G. Gillam, Edenton, NC 39 [04-06-1998]

Doing a report on Betsy Ross
Amanda Zacharko, Baltimore, 11 [04-06-1998]

I am forever hungry for any hands-on information about the American History since "Our Father" George Washington decided the United States is destined to be the most powerful country in the World. Thomas Jefferson knew how powerful his words would be when he sat down to write the Constitution. FDR had a heart and shared with everyone - all he wanted was peace. I am always fascinated whenever I have the opportunity to vist any of these historical sites. I plan to visit Philadelphia this summer just to visit "Betsy Ross's House" and Liberty Bell.
Arifa Amin, Germantown, Maryland, 33. Fascinated with American History [04-06-1998]

Studying about Betsy Ross in school
Matt Campbell, Age 11 [04-06-1998]

Barbara Jean De Groff, New York, I am 17 years old [04-06-1998]

We just read a book about Betsy Ross and we're so excited about being able to take a tour of her house.
Alfred Lima School Grade 4, Providence, Rhode Island [04-06-1998]

We have a new social studies series and your web site is is great!! Thank you this interneting is so new and wonderful!
Ms Penny Ries, 2nd grade school teacher Utica Schools [04-06-1998]

Judy Hardman [04-06-1998]

I am learing about historic Phila.
Bridget, phila [04-06-1998]

cheryl bouman, lompoc, ca [04-06-1998]

take me on tour
CLIFFORD A DUNHAM, teaneck nj age 54 [04-06-1998]

Very, very nice
Tom "Doc" Fournier, Florida [04-06-1998]

Georgina Rodriguez, Chicago, il [04-06-1998]

Shannon Kiernan [04-06-1998]

I work am a Multimedia Course Developer for the Department of Defense, working at the Tecnical Education Center, McGhee Tyson Air National Guard Base outside of Knoxville, Tennessee. My intrest is twofold. 1. I like to do some of my research, for the material I will use in the training, on the web. Your site, of course was of intrest to me. 2. I am a member of the Son's of the American Revolution. My 4 greats grandfather was a soldier in the American Revolution.
Bob Robitaille, I work am a Multimedia Course Developer for the Department of Defense, working at the Tecnical Education Center, McGhee Tyson Air National Guard Base outside of Knoxville, Tennessee [04-06-1998]

Alexander S. Norman, Ohio, [04-06-1998]

karen strickland [04-06-1998]

Sally D. Hyatt, Connecticut [04-06-1998]

Gracie Williams, fifth grade student [04-06-1998]

this was nice to revisit..
sherrie [04-06-1998]

Stephen Lewis, Perkiomenville, PA age 6 [04-06-1998]

neat site
Gary Crile, retired in Florida [04-06-1998]

Miranda Gearing, Vacaville, Ca Age 7 [04-06-1998]

Laura Malara, I am 12 years old and doing a school report on how the flag was developed. [04-06-1998]

We are studying Mistress Betsy Ross in school. We are doing a play about her and the first flag. I play a character named Peggy who is a girl that Mistress Ross is teaching how to sew.
, Menomonee Falls, Wi, age 8 [04-06-1998]

Christy Bruner, like Clay Walker staying at my aunts house doing a project [04-07-1998]

Tabitha Drummond, Geoggia 15ys. old runs track [04-07-1998]

Julie, 9,Ohio [04-07-1998]

Melissa, 9- Ohio. [04-07-1998]

Thanks For The Tour Of Your House Betsy!!! Thanks For The Flag Too. Tell Everyone That Helped You Thanks Also!!!
Fred goody, FROM: Freedom PA 55years [04-07-1998]

Laura, 10 ohio [04-07-1998]

I'm am a girlscout doing this to earn a badge
Lynn, Ohio 10yrs. [04-07-1998]

I am glad that Betsy Ross made the United States flag. I read about her in my Social Studies book. If I could meet her I would in a second. She sounds like a real nice lady.
Jesse Dietrich, Freedom, PA 11 years old [04-07-1998]

It is so cool that I am learning so much
Kayla Galina, I am 10 Learning about history [04-07-1998]

Grandmother showed me a letter written by Betsy Ross but don't know what became of it. The Ross family that I know are all from the Ohio valley area.
Martin Caldwell, Grandson of Bessie Ross [04-07-1998]

I a doing a report on betsy ross and i was just telling you this because i know i am young but when i grow up i wanna be as good as betsy ross!
Meagan, Mass,12 [04-08-1998]

i appreciate you providing info on this stuff...with out you i don't know what i would do for my D.C. reports!
Stephanie, tennessee, 13 [04-08-1998]

Thank you for this wonderful website page on the history of Betsy Ross' home. I'm a native Philadelphian by birth - but now reside in California. I've always been proud of my birthplace and the heritage points of interest in Philadelphia. Now many others can view the many historical facts about America's freedom and its city of independence right in the privacy of their homes through the technology of the Internet - how thrilling!
Charlotte Johnson, California [04-08-1998]

Jonathan Austin, Tn [04-08-1998]

I'm doing a Social Studies project on Betsy Ross. She is my favorite part of the revoluntionary war.
Liz McCabe, I'm 13 years old and live in MA [04-08-1998]

My friend Heather and I are doing a report on Betsy Ross.
Deanna Hutchinson, virginia, 10 [04-08-1998]

Barbara L. Rogers, Member of Pa. Dept. of AMVETS Auxiliary. Also The Betsy Ross Unit of Sackette . [04-08-1998]

Mariea Turner, Betsy Ross is a cousin of mine and i wanted more infor. [04-08-1998]

I'm studing Betsy Ross in school. I'm doing a presentation for the whole school. The presentation is called "Night of the Notibles"
gabriella crooks, I'm from oregon and I'm 11 years old [04-09-1998]

I am going to write a report about Betsy Ross for my third grade class.
Julianne Conrad, 8 year old female [04-09-1998]

I think your page is an excellent, well thought out page. You have done a good job in educating Americans about their heritage and Betsy Ross.
Stacey Elkins, Senior at MTSU [04-09-1998]

G. Leach, United States [04-09-1998]

I have been in Genealogy for about 15 yrs. and I love it.
Liz Elrod, Born 5-27-1937 Winston Co. Al [04-09-1998]

Robin Walker [04-09-1998]

God bless the USA
Debbie Hutchinson, Huntington, WV, ICU Nurse 33 years old [04-09-1998]

Kayla, 8,Ohio [04-09-1998]

I want to thank you for letting me tour your house. I am earning a badge for this.
Kelsy, 11 Ohio [04-09-1998]

Emily, 11 Ohio [04-09-1998]

Tonya Grimminger, Allen, Texas [04-09-1998]

I am 12 years old and I enjoy reading and writing (sometimes). I also enjoy school. I am a straight A+ student. I am doing a stack report on Hyper Studio about Betsy Ross and so for in all the information I think that Betsy Ross had a very interesting life.
Bridgette Fletcher [04-09-1998]

Barbara Cook [04-09-1998]

Jessica Hutchens, Kansas 11 10/15/86 [04-09-1998]

Nance, Pasadena, CA (65yrs) [04-09-1998]

Two years ago, we were in Philadelphia and visited the home. Our trip there was wonderful, and we look forward to actually going again soon!
Murray family, Romeo, MI [04-09-1998]

I think Betsy is my Great, Great, Great, Great - Grandma!! If you can help me find out-PLEASE E_MAIL ME!!
Bonnie Goss, Raleigh, NC age 26 [04-13-1998]

stephani thompson, 10 1/2 [04-13-1998]

My 11 year old daughter is doing a report on Betsy Ross for school. She will dress up like Betsy for American History night.
CAROL HOLLADAY, live in Mt. Juliet, TN, just outside of Nashville [04-13-1998]

I came here because of a report
Julie Luong, 10 , California [04-13-1998]

we are doing a project at my school the Mayfair school on Phila.
alicia orehowsky, phila pa 9 [04-13-1998]

Shaina Szolek, 10 yrs.old Avella PA [04-13-1998]

Johann Smith, I am 59 years old and live on Mt. Prestiphillipo in the Swiss Alps [04-13-1998]

This Easter weekend my teacher in Norwell, Massachusetts has assigned us a report to write about Betsy Ross.
anya bahros, 8 years old [04-15-1998]

There were things we saw on this site that we don't remember seeing in person when we were there 2 years ago. We would like to plan another trip.
Amanda Murray, Romeo, MI [04-15-1998]

There were things we saw on this site that we don't remember seeing in person when we were there 2 years ago. We would like to plan another trip.
Amanda Murray, Romeo, MI [04-15-1998]

Kenzie and Stephanie Williams, Michigan, age 14 [04-16-1998]

Judy McGuigan [04-16-1998]

walter miller, ANAHEIM CA. [04-19-1998]

Will be visiting week of 4/27/98
Linda L Swanson, Fresno CA [04-19-1998]

This is a really interesting tour!
CINDY BAETA, SANTA CLARA, CA BORN IN 07/1961 [04-19-1998]

I am studying American History. The info. from this site will be used for my History Report. Thank you for giving us this site.
Whitney Rexroad, 4th grd., Orlando , Fl. , 9 yr old [04-19-1998]

benjamin a. cuzzort, 10yrs - 4th grade [04-19-1998]

I think it's great that this organization has made it possible for anyone to be able to see the house of Betsy Ross. Although I toured it as research for a presentation on the U.S. flag, the ability for anyone, anywhere to be able to tour the home is a really neat idea. Keep up the good work!
Larry A. Warsalla, VA Bch, VA: 37yr old male.: U.S. Navy(18yrs): NSU student [04-19-1998]

Sandra Schwab, age 21, student at Manhattanville College - elementary education MAT program [04-19-1998]

I Am Writing A Report And Making A Flag Like The One Betsy Ross Sewed For A School Project For My Teacher, Mrs. Hinmon.
PAIGE MCCALL, AGE 7 GRADE 2 [04-19-1998]

I entered this website in search of information on Betsy Ross for a school project.
Erin Waltke, Michigan, Age 9 [04-19-1998]

Kimi Wilson, 5th grade teacher Banyan Elementary Alta Loma,CA [04-19-1998]

Cynthia Coccaro [04-19-1998]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross. I am very interested in her and the American Flag. Thank you for the tour, Jamie Berry
Jamie Berry, age 9 Redding ,California [04-19-1998]

TINA BUSEK [04-19-1998]

im glad this is on here i dont thick to many people any more knows the history of betsy ross house
timothy jon hill, new castle indiana 34 [04-19-1998]

Porter Washington, Teacher in Mount Vernon Virginia [04-19-1998]

One of our daughters is named Betsy, and we will be visiting Philly later this week. See you then!
Mary Swift, Shaker Heights, Ohio [04-19-1998]

I am doing a project with a 3rd/4th grade classroom in which I am going to dress up like Betsy Ross and they will have to interview me to find out who I am and what I did. Then we will write a "newspaper article" about the information they gathered from the interview. This was a wonderful, educational website. I think the students will enjoy learning about Betsy Ross. She was a great woman.
Joanna Janiszyn, Burlington, Vermont 20 years old College Student [04-19-1998]

Jane Aquila [04-19-1998]

D Meade, Virginia Teacher [04-19-1998]


Eva Lynn Robinson [04-19-1998]

I'm sure I'll love it!
Catriana Hernandez, Chico,Ca age10 [04-19-1998]

Dmeade, teacher [04-19-1998]

Leigh Hillabrand, 16 yrs old [04-19-1998]

happy passover
simeon bardin, 46 [04-19-1998]

Cecily Newman, I'm 9 and I live in Indiana [04-19-1998]

Your web site was found in response to this morning's topic of discussion at work -- what do the flag colors represent. Excellent site. My homeschooled kids will get a charge out of this! MAHALO (thanks) and GOD bless!
Steven C. Butler, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii [04-19-1998]

I am planning to visit and actually take a walking tour with my son's class on April 24, 1998. This is my pre tour so I will be acquainted and be able to guide my group around more easily.....I hope.
Judy Sirrine, Mother of 11 yr old son., Student at local community college., [04-19-1998]

Doing research on Betsy Ross for school.
samantha, 9yo [04-19-1998]

Kenia Copp, North Carolina [04-19-1998]

Great job to giving us who would love to visit these sites in reality, but can't. Look's good!
Kenneth White, sparks, nevada [04-19-1998]

We plan to visit in person during the week of May 11.
Sandra Wood, Birmingham, Alabama 41 [04-19-1998]

Marc & Marsha Ingram, Marc-9, Marsha 44-Baton Rouge, Louisiana [04-19-1998]

Mitchell K., Hawaii; 12yrs. old [04-19-1998]

I am working on Internet worksheets for elementary students. This site has been very helpful.
m pressick, librarian [04-19-1998]

My daughter has to dress up like Betsy Ross for a school parade and I came here to get a feel for what things were like. I hope it helps me.
DM McClain, So.Ga.,29 yrs. old [04-19-1998]

i enjoyied doing a report on betsy ross
Danielle Cohen, 12 [04-19-1998]

Betty Keir [04-19-1998]

Heather Tutino, Pittsburgh PA; 13 [04-19-1998]

Sarah Schuetz, Stockton Ca. 15 female [04-19-1998]

I think the history of Betsy Ross is interesting.
Alyson Salem, Johnstown,PA [04-19-1998]

Rose Schwartz, Canada [04-19-1998]

Amanda Keck, Sayner, WI 17 years old [04-19-1998]

Thank you for helping with my school project
Melissa, Connecticut, Age 9 [04-19-1998]

rick bryant, tn [04-19-1998]

Kenna Delisanti, California - age: 7 [04-19-1998]

enjoy history, spelling, and art. I also like to go to historical museums.
Christina Convery, I'm 12 years old, and live in Philadelphia, Pa. [04-19-1998]

I think you are a great American.
Kelly and Blake Williams, 8 and 4 [04-21-1998]

just looking
carol schultz, 42 yrs mn. [04-22-1998]

need picture of "Betsy Ross"
John Kinder [04-22-1998]

Brenda Ingram, Smithfield, NC [04-22-1998]

Paula Pearce, Casa Grande, Arizona [04-22-1998]

im doing a small report in school and looking for more information
erikka sanders, norfolk 9yrs old [04-22-1998]

Rhonda S. Birge [04-22-1998]

Jackie Lee, Korean-American, 23, Korea [04-22-1998]

bobbijo [04-22-1998]

The Reilly's [04-22-1998]

Erwin Leo Thompson, I am a White Mountain Apache living on the Fort Apache Indian Reservation in Arizona in the town of White River. [04-22-1998]

I'm a girl scout my troop is 355.
Lindsay, Ohio 9 [04-23-1998]

the rumor through the family has been that we are decendents of betsy ross. i have never been able to find a link
sue sonntag, live in lima, ohio [04-23-1998]

Emily Brewster, Boise, Idaho 11/f [04-23-1998]

I had the great fortune of visiting the Betsy Ross house while on a tour of Philadelphia sponsored by the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge back in 1981; it's wonderful to be able to make a return visit via your cybertour!
Dana D. Kellish, Former history teacher, Vista, CA [04-23-1998]

Portraying Betsy Ross for a play
Jackie Hennemuth, 10 [04-23-1998]

Stanley Beaver, military [04-23-1998]

I really enjoyed this site. I am looking forward to visiting again with my students.
Nettie S. Strange, Third grade teacher [04-23-1998]

deepak b. mehta, mumbai, india [04-23-1998]

rachel nunes [04-23-1998]

So far I love this site. I have played around with making the stars. I am definitely going to remember this web site.
Joy Summar, 20 year old hisory major [04-24-1998]

Thank you for the wonderful tour!
Erin Cronin, Girl age 10 MA [04-24-1998]

ASHLEY MYERS, ST.JOSEPH 11 [04-24-1998]

I played betsy ross in my church play!!!
dominique smallwood, dallas texas 12 years old [04-24-1998]

How do you get to the timeline of flags?
fred cuthers, born in Texas grew to be a farmer got computer for chrismas don't understand the dang thing [04-24-1998]

Carey Vales, Grand Rapids Michigan, 25 6th grade teacher [04-24-1998]

b smith [04-24-1998]

paula banister [04-24-1998]

Anna Meyerchick [04-24-1998]

chantay blackwell [04-24-1998]

Stefanie Smith [04-24-1998]

Jeffrey Bernstein, American living in U.K. [04-25-1998]

pat peterson, the woodlands, tx [04-25-1998]

aryn joy amie, livermore,11 [04-26-1998]

Emily, ca [04-27-1998]

chris, richmond [04-27-1998]

James J McGrath [04-27-1998]

Sara Doud, I live in Elgin, OR. I'm 17 years old [04-27-1998]

Gulbert Dameon [04-27-1998]

Judith A Kelley [04-27-1998]

Ingrid Rutherford [04-27-1998]

I think Betsy Ross is very interesting, and I am here to find out more about her for a school project!! I hope this website will give me the info I need!!!!!!!!!!!
Lauren Marks, 14 Barrington Illionis [04-27-1998]

Great site!! Very helpful
Mary Young, Age 45, researching for paper with daughter [04-27-1998]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross. Thank You
Michelle Kirk, age 11 Arvada, Colorado [04-27-1998]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross and I want to learn more about her.
Autumn Berkenstock, 10 years old [04-27-1998]

Blake Miller, Reading PA. [04-27-1998]

I was doing a report on the great Betsy Ross and I decided to look here to find some neat stuff about her!!
Cassie Arbuckle [04-27-1998]

I'm looking for pictures of Betsy Ross for a report at school.
Brittany Behrman, Phoenix, AZ 10 yrs old [04-27-1998]

I work as a paraeducator in the computer lab at Whittier School. I was given the task of finding colonial web sites and I came across this wonderful site. Our fifth graders will soon be studying the colonial times and we wanted them to be able to use the Internet to do research. Your site is great - enough information and photos to help them complete their reports. Your site along with some others that I came across are going to be very helpful to the students. Personally, I've never been "out East" so to speak. But your site has peaked my curiosity and who knows maybe someday I'll be able to visit Betsy Ross's home in person. Thank you for creating your web site which I'm sure will be a great help to students all over the country.
Mrs. Dell Lutz, Clinton, Iowa Whittier Elementary School [04-30-1998]

Thank you for the tour!I find it very interesting
Jessica Hilbrecht, Arvada, Colorado, age 10 [04-30-1998]

I am doing a book report about a book I read called BETSY ROSS AND THE FLAG by Jane Mayer. I am using this information to help finish my report. Thanks for the info. Stephen
Stephen Brake, Marlborough, N. H. - age 11 years old [04-30-1998]

I always thought of the blue field of stars representative of God's promise to Abraham that his decendant would be as numerous as the stars, the red stripes for the blood that Jesus bled as a sacrifice for our sake, and the white as the purity of Christ's righteous that allows us to enter into eternal life with the Father when we put our faith in Jesus.
Richard Neu, Eastern Long Island [04-30-1998]

I'm researching women of American History for a mother and daughter banquet at church, for Mother's Day. We're paying tribute to women of faith and courage of our past.
Trisha Palmer [04-30-1998]

John L.Durrant, Philadelphia born & raised and very proud,that I am [04-30-1998]


My students enjoyed studying about Betsy Ross and her contribution to our country's history.
Carol Hines, 1st grade teacher in Lee County,Virginia [04-30-1998]

My students enjoyed studying about Betsy Ross and her contribution to our country's history.
Carol Hines, 1st grade teacher in Lee County,Virginia [04-30-1998]

I Am Very Interested In The American Flag
lindsay badger, I am ten years old And I like Mogomogu A Sanrio Charecter [04-30-1998]

Hi I like your web page. Youi have information on almost anythimg. Bye
Michael J. L. Pickering, I am ten years old and from Muncie,IN but I was born in Rockford,Illinois. I like the Military. [04-30-1998]

Kayla Coffin, I am 9 years old, at Burris School [04-30-1998]

I'm a classroom teacher using the Houghton-Mifflin series "We the People" and this was one of the links mentioned on their web page. I'm just browsing...however, my family and I visited the house last summer. My daughters are ages 8 and 5 and REALLY enjoyed their time there. We all especially enjoyed the outdoor troupe entertainment...I'm not sure if that was part of your tour or just an extra but it was wonderful!
Deb Sowers, Hanover, PA [04-30-1998]

I'm doing my history report on the American Flag and wanted to find some information!
Nicole Murphy, Berthold North Dakota [04-30-1998]

Meghan, New Jersey ~ [04-30-1998]

I was pleased to see so much information on Betsy Ross. I never realized there was a web site devoted to her. The information was extremely helpful in assisting my 5th grade daughter in her history report and presentation. Thank You!!!!
David Christenson, california, 39 [05-05-1998]

Class tour for social studies unit
M. Cantwell, Radcliff KY [05-05-1998]

Martha Salisbury, Mendon, Michigan 42 yrs. old [05-05-1998]

Very interesting. I enjoyed the tour.
Shelly Hawthorne, Dallas, Texas 33 years old [05-05-1998]

We are getting ready to creat a program aabout the flag. We are researching our web links, using Comptons' on Lightspan.
Mrs. Shiever's Second Grade, Teacher at Frontier School [05-05-1998]

Betsy Ross seamed like a nice person I cant wait to learn more about her
Alisyn G, 5 th grader doing a report [05-05-1998]

History is cool.
Emily Duane, 13, New Hampshire [05-05-1998]

Great Web page for our daughters' school report on Betsy Ross.
Kevin & Karen, Media, PA [05-05-1998]

I have laurend a lot about Betsy Ross now
Alisyn G, 5th grade report [05-05-1998]

I'm glad I've taken this tour. THANK YOU!!!!!!
Raynita Lopez, Puyallup, Washington. 16, Female [05-05-1998]

Tiera Oliver, I live in Moab [05-05-1998]

this is cool!!
Alisyn and Krystal, 5th graders doing report [05-05-1998]

I am doing a project on Betsy Ross. You have a wonderful website. Thank You for Your effort. Jordan Dobrowski
Jordan Dobrowski, Sacramento,Ca. 8 Yrs. old [05-05-1998]

alex williams, 7 years old [05-05-1998]

does anyone ever come here unless they're on a history proj.? Thanks for the info :)
Chewbacca, 'bout 7ft. furry can't miss him [05-05-1998]

I would like to come and see Betsy Ross's house. My dad,my sister,and me are planning to come to bring my mom there for Mother's Day. I am also doing a report about Betsy and we also have Philadelphia cream chese.We hope to see you there!
Emily Rogowski, 7 1/2 years old, Trumbull, CT [05-05-1998]

Naomi Forney & Ashley Clarke, Naomi is 57 yrs. old Ashley is 10 yrs. old we live in galena ks. [05-05-1998]


Allison, Pennslyvania [05-05-1998]

JESSICA FIORI [05-05-1998]

I visited Betsy Ross's House in August,1996. I have been interested in U.S. history. This place tells a lot about the histroy of American flag. Sometimes I feel envy American people have their proudly own flag which remains the symbol for all Americans.
Kyoko Noda, Osaka, Japan 41yrs Teacher at a public JHS [05-05-1998]


betsy was one cooool chic
bob green, phila pa 30 [05-05-1998]

Dennis Kitchen, Tucson AZ Age 61 [05-05-1998]

Deborah Lovely, 30 year old mother of two in Denver Co. [05-05-1998]

Joe Clark [05-05-1998]

Carolyn Nelson, Kindergarten teacher in Loudoun Co. Virgina [05-05-1998]

Julia Glover [05-05-1998]

Rebecca Whitcomb, Merritt Island, Fl, age 10 [05-05-1998]

Roxy [05-05-1998]

We learned about Betsy Ross in our Girl Scouts.
Holly, Ohio 10 [05-06-1998]

jessica, age 10 Massapequa new york [05-06-1998]

Harold Moye [05-06-1998]

I am doing a report on Besty Ross. That was cool!~~~~~~By
Anna, 11 years old Oregon [05-06-1998]

I have to do a oral report on Besty Ross. THIS IS THE PLACE!
Julie, age 10 [05-06-1998]

Adam Badaczewski, 12Years old [05-06-1998]

I enjoyed the tour of the Ross house. Great web page.
Audrey Innella, Berwyn, Pa I am 10 yrs old and doing a school project on famous people of PA [05-06-1998]

Needed this information for a book report for daughther
M. Kritzer, Youngstown, Ohio [05-06-1998]

Megan Coombs, Dayton, Washington, age 10 [05-06-1998]

I really enjoy that I can learn more through the internet but just "clicking" on things and it takes me places I could never go before. Thanx AOL and Internet!!! Also I really enjoy looking up Betsy Ross, my Teacher said it would be a challenge to look her up because she had no really info. but now it won't be so hard. THANX!!!!!!
Heather Wynkoop, MN, 12 years old [05-06-1998]

Aaron Hunter, Eastern Greenbrier Junior High, Ron., WV [05-06-1998]

misty boyce, 13 yrs.old gaston oregon [05-06-1998]

Lauren Miller, Highland MI age 9 [05-06-1998]

Kayla I. Gray, 7 years old in 2nd Grade [05-07-1998]

I am teaching a lesson on Betsy Ross today and am excited to use this a a tool. Ps/ I am trying to make a five pointed star!
Elizabeth Adams, Teacher, 1st Grade, CA. [05-07-1998]

Your place has been maintained in almost exactlly the state I remember seeing it in as a child!
Mauri Presser, Fredericksburg, VA , 42 years old, born in Philadelphia, raised in Cherry Hill NJ [05-07-1998]

I'm doing this for a social studies project
Michelle LeNoir, I live in PA Ferless hilss I'm almost 10 [05-07-1998]

SHEREE SPRAGG, 7 [05-07-1998]

Our AHT group is visiting here today, so we thought we would stop by as well!
Mrs. Castriotta's Computer Class, 8th Grade class from Jaffrey New Hampshire [05-10-1998]

Ross Viehman [05-10-1998]

This is truly interesting. I'd love to visit the place in person!
Mike Carnes, Lincoln, NE 19 yrs. old [05-11-1998]

Rick and Kathy Claypoole, Pittsburgh, PA [05-11-1998]

Munezoh TAKAHASHI, Uji, Kyoto, 62, professor, Kyoto Univ [05-11-1998]

Troy Thomas Sabatura, Male ,11 yrs old. [05-11-1998]

David Seitz, Teacher in Jenkintown [05-11-1998]

donna [05-11-1998]

I think this info is the best I mean where else can u find stuff like this.
, 12 and 3/4 [05-11-1998]

Emilie Henkel [05-11-1998]

Eric Reichow, 46yr old 100% Disable Vietnam Vet. Married, New son born 4/10/98, 3 bassett hounds, 500+ Dragons. [05-11-1998]

April Green, Woodbury, n.j [05-11-1998]

Joe McColgan, Aston,DELCO, PA [05-11-1998]

It is very exciting to offer my students the opportunity to visit historical places/monuments. It really makes their learning about a topic more meaningful.
Linda M. Lavoie, 5th Grade Teacher [05-11-1998]

Sharell Ellis, Warner Robins, Ga age:16 [05-11-1998]

you have a cool tour.
Thomas Webster, antioch/ca age 17 m [05-11-1998]

Hey Betsy Ross, you're pretty cool. Show George Washington up. I guess that's what he gets for saying you can't make a perfect 5 pointed star.
Annie Montgomery, 1521 lexington Ave. ,13 [05-11-1998]

I love American history and this has been a very interesting visit and I would like to take the trip in person someday.
Jeanette Caarroll, 52 years old Ringgold, Ga [05-11-1998]

I liked this page. It was fun. and that's it
Lee Wildman [05-11-1998]

charlie donk, student in california from hawaii [05-11-1998]

Lorrie Losik [05-11-1998]

jessi kessler [05-12-1998]

Kim Anderson, California Age 42 [05-12-1998]

Katelyn Robinson, Washington Court House,Ohio Age11 [05-12-1998]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross. I think she's neat! I came to your web site to look at her house.
Sara Ross, Age 9, carlisle, PA [05-12-1998]

Alisha Wood, live in maine - age 9 [05-12-1998]

My class and I are going to the Old York Historical Society this Thursday, 5/14/98. This home page was very useful in obtaining information regarding Betsy Ross and the American Flag. Thank you.
Alisha Wood, 4th grader at Central School in S. Berwick ME - Age 9 [05-12-1998]

Kelly Osborne, Ca. 30 years old, wife and mother of 2 [05-12-1998]

Very interesting and educational web site.
Charlotte Ahmed, nome Ak [05-12-1998]

Jessica, 17 [05-12-1998]

Kevin Finley [05-12-1998]

great for covering the VA. state standards of learning, of which Betsy Ross is one of the historical persons the children are required to know.
Mrs. Mills, first grade [05-12-1998]

Alisha Tank, Studying to be a elem. teacher. Age 22 [05-12-1998]

Raymond W. Rugen, Northern Virginia area; Boy Scout Leader for 15 years [05-12-1998]

Jamie Glock, Librarian - Woodbine Elem. Sch - Avenel, NJ [05-12-1998]

Mrs. Ray's 4th grade class [05-12-1998]

Caitlin Wanzer [05-12-1998]

First time visit.
Hazel Lamon, Bucks Co., Pa. [05-12-1998]

GRACE WOOD [05-12-1998]

jeannette [05-12-1998]

cyndi parker [05-12-1998]

Alex Russo, I am 7 years old and am doing a report on [05-13-1998]

Debby Rohr [05-13-1998]

Ann Marie, VA 9 [05-13-1998]

East Hoke Middle Shool [05-13-1998]

Sandra Dell, Haverford Mid. School, Library Mgr. [05-13-1998]

Mrs. Vandestiennes class, NY 11 [05-13-1998]

Kimberly Higgins, mission Viejo,age 14 [05-14-1998]

MELISSA, 12 [05-14-1998]

The class is doing a play about how America started and Betsy Ross is one of our characters. Thanks.
Grade 3, Green Hedges School, Vienna, VA [05-14-1998]


HELEN J. VALDEZ [05-14-1998]

Hope to visit someday...meanwhile, hello to Fran Decker (remember Munich in '64-'65?)
Barbara Bell, university ESL instructor [05-14-1998]

Allyson Miller, St. Petersburg, FL - 24 [05-14-1998]

Annamarie LeVan, Teacher Assistant - 2nd Grade [05-14-1998]

I plan to be in the area in late May and hope to visit you while I'm there.
Debbie Bradley, La Porte, Tx [05-14-1998]

andrew terveer, age 11 hometown upland califorina [05-14-1998]

Rita Kaufman [05-14-1998]

Karen Blaha, Florida, 34 Elementary Education Major USF [05-15-1998]

Andrew Molyneux [05-15-1998]

Rachel N., Ontario OR [05-15-1998]

Visiting soon!
Millie Jefferies, Mother of 8 year old getting ready for a class trip to Philadelphia! [05-15-1998]

Liz Hawley, Palmdale, CA [05-15-1998]

We are planning a trip in June of 1998 and plan on seeing this house. We are excited to see Philadelphia as we are from Southern Utah and have never seen the Eastern U.S.
Marlin & Dixie Gifford [05-16-1998]

I very much appreciate this web site! It is very informative and I hope to see it updated soon!
Ian Robin Lavature, 17,M, Missouri [05-17-1998]

meaghan jenks, 15 [05-17-1998]

Mary Witmer, Teacher's asst. in Deming, NM [05-17-1998]

terri goin [05-18-1998]

Ginger Howell, Fort Worth, Texas [05-18-1998]

Fairgrounds JHS, Nashua [05-18-1998]

i am doing a project on Betsy Ross
marcia mcquaid, live in Sandwich 11 years old [05-18-1998]

Great site! I look forward to sharing it with my students!
Clare Dygert, I am a teacher in Western NY [05-18-1998]

I am enjoin your page .
Thomas M. McGiuire, Reired deputy sheriff [05-18-1998]

doug carroll, midland,tx [05-20-1998]

How exiting to relive our history!
Barbara E. Moss, Schiller Park, Illinois [05-20-1998]

Very nice tour Would like to see it in person someday
Karen Zobel, Tipton Iowa Grandmother [05-20-1998]

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.
Richard Graff, Hillsboro, Oregon - Age: 54 - May 18, 1998 [05-20-1998]

I remember seeing Betsy Ross's house when I was young. I am planning on coming back and showing my daughter. It was really interesting to see the house again
Maria, living in VA not but born and raised in Philadelphia [05-20-1998]

andre brown, 15 [05-20-1998]

I just read a book about her and am excited to tour the house!
rachel, south florida age 8 [05-20-1998]

I'm doing a report on Besty
jan tokarz, nice [05-20-1998]

Gerald Trent, East Tennessee [05-20-1998]

April Dawn Bigler, 16 years old, live in Clinton Missouri [05-20-1998]


Thanks for providing me with lots of information.
ross, yardley, Pa. 10 years old [05-20-1998]

Amanda Koci, Mn. 11 [05-20-1998]

Susan Owens, Va. 45 report for daughter for school [05-21-1998]

Tina Hill, student teacher [05-21-1998]

Inge McGuigan, Pittsburgh, PA [05-21-1998]

C.H. Fogg, History student [05-21-1998]

Molly Thompson, Madison, WI [05-21-1998]

Tawannia Clayton [05-21-1998]

Jim Coyle, Palenville NY Age 40 [05-21-1998]

i would like some pictures
cathie stock, i am 13 and reseaching betsy [05-22-1998]

Very nice site. We must keep the accuracy and tradition that you express here!
Tom McGee, 48; Salt Lake City,UT; related to Betsy Ross [05-22-1998]

Donna L. Schneff, Go Philadelphia! [05-22-1998]

Chris, age 9 [05-22-1998]

I hope to be there over the 4th of July.
Vicki Sanderford-O'Connor, Sacramento, CA [05-23-1998]

From someone so far away, thank you for this opportunity to tour this historic structure.
Alan D. Pate, Boise, Idaho, 51, Love of American History! [05-27-1998]

CANDY DIEHL, 17 [05-27-1998]

you have a great country . thanks for reading....
Daniel Morel, canada [05-27-1998]

David & Dee Comeau, Calif. 55 enjoying life to its fullest [05-27-1998]

Our family saw the flag a couple of years ago in the Smithsonian. What a sight-hope it can be preserved forever!
David P. Smith, age 42 Bethalto IL. [05-27-1998]

Don Hart, Yelm, Washington [05-27-1998]

emily [05-27-1998]

Greg Kreitzer, somonauk, il - 70 miles west of chicago [05-27-1998]

Recently, I saw the Betsy Ross house in Philadelphia and I enjoyed seeing it.
Sharon Lebon [05-27-1998]

KAY E. WOOTTEN, FAMILY AGES 15 TO 60 [05-27-1998]

Kristen Carlson, Sterling, VA and I am 7 years old [05-27-1998]

thanks for the tour . i hope it is as rewarding as i think it will be.
jacqueline schmidt, 13 florida [05-28-1998]

Jasmine, I am cool [05-28-1998]

Jennica Jensen, Sandy UT age 14 [05-28-1998]

Just doin' my homework!
Jessica L. Brady, 10 in East Falls [05-28-1998]

i enjoy learning about betsy ross
jordan, rhode island,10, [05-28-1998]

Lauren Paglia, Third Grader from San Diego [05-28-1998]

My Grandmother's maiden name was Elizabeth Griscom.
Lewis H. Zell [05-28-1998]

The house tour and biography were really great. I plan to give my report in a dress similar to one that Betsy might have worn.
Makaela, I am in the fourth grade and had to do a report on Betsyt Ross. [05-28-1998]

Mara K. Lukens [05-28-1998]

norma ryan [05-28-1998]

Polly Madel [05-29-1998]

Sean Christopher, Paris 9 [05-29-1998]

We read about this site in CEAI's Teacher's in Focus. Thanks for the site!
Robert Crockett, Tennessee [05-29-1998]

Sarah Dumas, Atlanta, GA; 9 years old; long brown hair; hazel eyes [05-29-1998]

tracy nease, 23 years old. Florida resident. Attend college at Florida Atlantic University but intend to begin studying at the University of Miami in Florida. [05-29-1998]

Tabitha, California, age 12 [05-29-1998]

thank you very much betsy ross!! :-)
umamah yusufzai, n.y.------16yrs.old [05-29-1998]

we are studying the american revolution and decided to tour the Betsy Ross house.
Rebekah and aaron, 7 years and 10 years old. columbus,oh [05-29-1998]

DEVONA J. GLADDEN [05-29-1998]

Marla Simpson, I am a teacher. [05-29-1998]

Peter Ventura [05-29-1998]

John C. Mayers, Sr. [05-29-1998]

cheryl lindsey [05-29-1998]

John C. Mayers, Sr. [06-01-1998]

Mrs.Pullman's 5th Graders, Fernangeles School in Sun Valley,CA [06-01-1998]

Ruth Millbaugh [06-01-1998]

i love the usa
anonymous [06-01-1998]


Denny Rowan, Phila PA Just checkin it out [06-01-1998]

One of my hobbies is quilting and I would like to make a quilt of our first flag made by Betsy Ross. I origionally came up with the idea for a challenge in our quilt group. The challenge was to make a quilt honoring a woman you admire. All entries would be judged and put on display in a local exibit. I wasn't able to enter the contest but the idea stuck! I came to this site looking for a picture of the flag for the design stage of my quilt. It should be a really great project. It is so cool to be able to "visit" a piece of history via internet!
Angela M. Shuler, South Bend, IN / 28 years old / I live the American dream as a self employed business owner, working out of my home! [06-01-1998]

I was browsing the internet, looking for new ideas for our local 4th of July Celebration. I have enjoyed these pages very much. Thanks for having them on the internet. Judy Freeman
Judy T. Freeman, Castalia, NC [06-01-1998]

Kimberly Twesme, San Francisco, CA, 29 [06-01-1998]

I have to do a report for FAMOUS AMERICAN DAY
Jessica Seavey, Woodland Maine 12 [06-01-1998]

Carol Rudisill, Des Moines, Iowa [06-01-1998]

Debbie Lawrence [06-01-1998]

Dena Evans, College Park School [06-01-1998]

I enjoyed the story of Betsy Ross and the first flag very much.
Francis R.Martin, Retired,age 70 reside in Texas [06-01-1998]

Tiffany Hamilton, I am 31 and live in Las Vegas Nv [06-01-1998]

My mom named me after Betsy Ross but spells my name with an " i " instead of a " y ". The reason for this is because I am her Betsi Ross.
Betsi Ross Stitt, ohio, age 25, a police officer [06-01-1998]

Nina Rhudy [06-01-1998]

Proud to be an American
Richard Schowengerdt, Englewood, Florida [06-01-1998]

anonymous [06-01-1998]

will be visiting Philadelphia soon. Just looking up places to visit.
Lana Nebeker, Roosevelt, Utah [06-01-1998]

Norman e, diaz Armstrong, Orlando fl. age 77 [06-01-1998]

Penny E. Henrikson [06-03-1998]

richard s. [06-03-1998]

Jessica Thomas, 14, EGJHS (Lewisburg, WV) [06-03-1998]

I was so glad to find this page devoted to Betsy Ross. I will be giving a "talk show" presentation about her this month, and the information I found here will be very helpful!
Allie Jacquier, 8 yr old girl [06-03-1998]

This websit really helped me out on my history project. Thanks a bunch.
Cecilia, 16 [06-03-1998]

Jim Dessicino [06-03-1998]

Jen, I'm an eleven year old 5th grader in Horace Mann School in NJ [06-03-1998]

Jeryl yne, Social Studies Teacher, Alexandria, VA [06-03-1998]

I'm getting some information before my field trip to the Betsy Ross House.
Kelsi Hunt, age 8 [06-04-1998]

Member, General Richardson Chapter, DAR
Bette Jane Twyman, Waterford, Michigan [06-04-1998]

Mark, NJ [06-04-1998]

V Fornander, Henderson, Il [06-04-1998]

Ricky McOwen, I'm A jedi extrodinare [06-04-1998]

Cassie King, freelance reporter for jersey journal, 26, writing feature on ancestor of Betsy Ross [06-04-1998]

Great nostalgia. Many years ago I used to live in the city and my father had a business near 2nd and Race and sometimes he would take us with him. As a child, I would wander thru the Betsy Ross house and play there. Great memories.
Stan Gold, Retired and living in North Carolina [06-04-1998]

I am related to Betsy Ross. (Very distant of course)
Jamie Ross, Indiana [06-04-1998]

Mary Bordelon [06-04-1998]

McElhone's Second Grade Class, Indian Mills School, NJ [06-04-1998]

Have really enjoyed all the wonderful sites I've happened up and am looking forward to the tour!
Diane Roberts, I live in La Porte City, IA where my husband and I raise our three children, operate our own trucking business and I work as editor of the hometown newspaper. [06-04-1998]

remember visiting house when i was in sixth grade
john wood jr, nj 31 [06-04-1998]

How fun!! I will probably never get to visit in person!!
Nancy Dissmeyer, Nebraska [06-04-1998]

This is one of the most visually attractive, informative, and entertaining web sites I have visited. Thank you for your attention to detail and scope of information.
NC Citizen, Raleigh NC [06-05-1998]

Fred Bergner [06-05-1998]


Laura Evans [06-06-1998]

Lenora McMahan, I live in Mo. work in a 65 yrs married..have 2 in Navy [06-06-1998]

I work as a photographer for a small-towm newspaper, but I also write occasionally. I am doing research for an article about Flag Day, which also happens to be my birthday! Lots of great info here.
John Nihen, I live in Oregon and am 40 years young. [06-06-1998]

this is great---hope to visit in person someday
cyndi klausing, mom of 4 boys , love us history esp. colonial period,husband is history major but likes civil war and ww2 best [06-06-1998]


This looks like a great site! I can't wait to tour the house!
Amy Wellauer, I'm from New York State [06-06-1998]

Ethel A Schneider [06-07-1998]

Leslie Bagwill, Syracuse, Missouri [06-07-1998]

Stephen Cook, History buff from Calif. central valley area. [06-07-1998]

Excellent site.
Mark Trudel, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada Age 11 [06-07-1998]

I really enjoyed touring the Betsy Ross house and reading about her.
Tammy, I am from Indiana, female, 40 years old [06-07-1998]

I found this the tour very interesting. It is neat that you have the original flag that Betsy Ross made.
pat hines, Ellwood City, PA [06-07-1998]

Kim Sanders, texas [06-07-1998]

saw your website address in the july 1998 issue of country living magazine.
judy brumm, antiques dealer; history lover, lake arrowhead, ca. [06-07-1998]

Thanks for this most interesting website. I miss being able to see the historic places in the east, but this takes me back to some of them. This way my husband who is from the west, can also see some of the history on the east coast.
Barbara Bohlman, Live in California, born and raised in Washington, D.c. [06-07-1998]

Geri and Ashley Hendrickson, Wayzata, MN Ashley is 14! Geri is her mother. [06-07-1998]

Pat Carothers, artist, basketmaker, love to learn [06-07-1998]

My aunt, in Phila., asked us to find all we could about flying our flag. Your eight pages should answer her questions. Thank you!
steve & diane steinberg [06-07-1998]

just love history and read about the web site in Country Lving
karen marcus, beaver,pa 46 [06-07-1998]

I found this location through Country Living magazine and think it is very interesting. I have always been interested in American history. Since I will never have the chance to actually visit the Betsy Ross house I appreciate this opportunity. It truly is the next best thing to actually being there.
Karolyn Green, MISSOURI [06-07-1998]

Theresa Hovind [06-07-1998]

Nancy L. Parent, attorney and former mayor Pittsburg, CA [06-07-1998]

Kara Karpman, 7years old [06-07-1998]

I am a flag and all things patriotic collector. Currently I am looking for "bunting". Thank you for providing us with our nation's flag and it's history.
Jana Rhinefrank, Corvallis, OR [06-07-1998]

Charles D. Vest, Mt. Nebo, WV [06-08-1998]

Leslie Johnson, a First Grade teacher from Bennington, VT [06-08-1998]

Barbara A. Gatto, currently Honolulu, Hawaii, 51 yrs of age , married 25 yrs and have raised 4 children enjoy the Betsy Ross Page very much [06-08-1998]

Judy Morris, California resident [06-08-1998]

sandy wilkerson, cedar rapids, iowa [06-08-1998]

Michele Dyer, Midland, MI 48642 [06-08-1998]

cheryl lindsey [06-08-1998]

what a wonderful site!!!! I plan to share this with all my fellow teachers!!!!
stephanie snyder, 26, teacher at M.M.P.S.A. mother of 1 2yr. old [06-08-1998]

Mohammad Qasim Cheema, Age:33, Country: Pakistan [06-08-1998]

Kristina Moye [06-08-1998]

Kristina Moyer, Allentown, 21 [06-08-1998]

beau harbaugh, eastern shore [06-08-1998]

I saw this web site in Country Living Magazine and wanted to check out how to cut the five pointed star.
Donna Lynn, I live in New England and teach high school art [06-08-1998]

Saludos desde la Universidad de Sonora y felicidades
Luis Alfonso Ruiz, Hermosillo, Sonora, México [06-08-1998]

I'm here to take my 2nd grade class on a virtual tour.
Barbara Quinn, teacher [06-09-1998]

Shirley Swift, belleville, il 50 yrs old [06-09-1998]

We are studying the Revolutionary War and Betsy's famous place in our History of the US of America.
Jasmine Kojis, Age 7 1/2 years old, Homeschooled in Milw. [06-09-1998]

Can't wait to share this great piece of history with my children. I visited this house as a child. I did not remember it at all. What a treat to see it again!
Robin Schofield, Provo, Utah;Age 34: Mother of five [06-09-1998]

Haven't taken the tour but I know I will love it. It is history, our history, what more could you ask for?
Joan Buchanan West, Lakeland, FL (66 years) I love biographical history. [06-09-1998]

Sally Kelly, Marion, Ohio; educator [06-09-1998]

Victoria Van Voorhis, Secretary at Iowa State University [06-09-1998]

I really enjoyed your Website. It was very neat.
Lauren, age 8 [06-09-1998]

Just entering your homepage for the first time, but I am sure, already, that I will visit many times. Ann Kratzer
Ann Kratzer, Michigan [06-10-1998]

Karen Wonn [06-10-1998]

thank you for making our nations flag!!!
tori suhs, 7yrs old, mid Wisconsin area [06-10-1998]

We are going to be in a 4th of July parade in Melon,Wisconsin.Adrianne is going to be Betsy Ross in the parade.That is why we are looking on the inernet for info on Betsy Ross.
Andria&Adrianne Slaby, We live in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. Our ages are 11 and 7. [06-10-1998]

joyce lake [06-10-1998]

John & Polly, Retired [06-10-1998]

Betsy [06-10-1998]

I am very proud being an American and love the flag. I think that more people should study and be aware of just how great the flag is
Cynthia Smith, Housewife, 54 [06-10-1998]

Abigail Rene Day, I live in Alabama and I am 9 years old. [06-10-1998]

Cynthia Breller, Cincinnati, Ohio 45years old 6-10-98 [06-10-1998]

Paul Jansen [06-10-1998]

Angela [06-11-1998]

e. l. adams, colo native [06-11-1998]

Carol Ryan, live in England, age 33 [06-11-1998]

Geraldine Vorse [06-11-1998]

Visited Betsy Ross's House in person in 1966. It is wonderful to be able to re-visit via the net.
Lorna Rust, Live in Wichita KS [06-11-1998]

I am doing a project for school and we are learning about the flag and Betsy Ross.
Stephanie Radziul, I am 7 years old and live in Floral Park, New York. [06-11-1998]

Great website. Thank you!
Janet Olszewski, Corolla, NC -Outer Banks. Transplants from Reading, Pa [06-11-1998]

Very interesting! Printed all the rooms to use at a DAR luncheon on Flag Day June 14, 1998!
Lorelei Jean Howland, Oregon; 45 years old; member DAR [06-11-1998]

Irene Lilien [06-12-1998]

Kathi Prestley [06-12-1998]

Mrs. Kelly's First Grade Class at Bellwood Elem. School in Richmond, VA. Flag Day happens to be Mrs. Kelly's birthday!
Mrs. Kelly's First Grade Class [06-12-1998]

I visited the Betsy Ross House a few years ago and enjoyed it very much.
Mary D. Burrus, Cary, NC [06-13-1998]

Tour is great ! Proud Vietnam Era Veteran having served in United States Navy overseas under OUR FLAG ! ! !
M. Ferra, OP, NY [06-13-1998]

Thank you for providing this virtual tour of American history.
Gina Glennon, Turnersville, New Jersey [06-13-1998]

Lori Swain [06-13-1998]

I think I'm going to "bring" my kids here in the fall. US history is a fifth grade subject, and we will be going on-line in our classrooms this summer. Now, excuse me, I'm going touring:)
cheri murray, I am a 5th grade teacher at Rogue River Elementary School, Rogue River, OR [06-13-1998]


collector of replicas of historic american flags.i give presentations in my community on the history of the u.s. flag.
jerry beschta, hendersonville,north carolina [06-13-1998]

Herbert Honrath, Tyrone, GA. Age over 50 [06-13-1998]

Marilyn Ellily, Orangeburg,SC [06-13-1998]

Justin Luna [06-13-1998]

Dyan Dillion, 22 yrs. old, Tampa FL [06-13-1998]

Kate Holbert, Creekland Middle School , 8th grade ,13 [06-13-1998]

John David Jackson, Pittsburgh, Pa 29 Yrs old [06-13-1998]

I love to sew. The five-pointed star made with one cut was so interesting.
Jill Rench, Atlanta, GA [06-13-1998]

helen l scott, orlando fl [06-13-1998]

Beverly Dear [06-13-1998]

Megan Ross, Pennsylvania [06-14-1998]

This is a very informative and educational site. I have enjoyed it greatly. Thank you for putting a little bit of history out for all to enjoy.
Darlene Pierce, Turlock, CA [06-14-1998]

Thanks for providing this site and I thankful that data like this can be at hand for so many people.
Dick W. Robey, Tulsa, OK real estate broker Century 21 [06-14-1998]

Debbie Moss [06-14-1998]

Jennifer Harman, Fl, 16, blonde [06-14-1998]

It's a grand old flag.
Anne Hosinski Madden, Portland, Oregon [06-14-1998]

It has been traced by other family members and found that Betsy Ross is an ancestor. I don't know how true this is.
Helena (Wilburn) Ledington, Kentucky [06-14-1998]

l kenney, pa [06-14-1998]

Tim Gill, 13, Milwaukee, Wisconsin [06-14-1998]

Kathy Schauer, Female 46 years old Washington state [06-14-1998]

Thank you for your page. Read about it in Country Living mag. Especially liked the flag time line and how to cut a 5 pt. star. My kids can use this info as well as the teachers at the school where I am an aide...Heritage Christian School.
Kathy Gill, Milwaukee, WI. [06-14-1998]

Karen Clark, Algonquin, Illinois [06-14-1998]

robert and eileen [06-14-1998]

Have a happy Flag Day
Kaitlin Hester, Jasper, AL 7 yrs. old [06-14-1998]

Pamela Robinson, high school American Literature teacher in Massachusetts [06-14-1998]

Elizabeth Rose, Downingtown, PA 21 yrs. Born on July 4, 1976 [06-14-1998]

It's efforts such as your that makes the Internet worth while.
Plez Avery Transou, Dallas, TX -DOB May 29, 1926-General Secretary, Dallas Scottish Rite Bodies [06-14-1998]

Visted the home in person a dozen years ago. It is great to "come back" via the web.
G. K. Jackson, Port Lavaca, TX photographer [06-14-1998]

I help work on bulletin boards for my job so I surf the net to find information to use.
Jacqueline Carr, age over 30 [06-14-1998]

Carol Miles, From Largo, Florida - Retired - a patriot [06-14-1998]

jessica [06-14-1998]

Kelley J. Clausen, Roswell, GA [06-14-1998]

Carole Ringg, Omaha Ne [06-14-1998]

Thanks to all the United States Veterans who have defended our beloved flag! God Bless the United States of America! :)
Esther L. Roberts, loyal United States Citizen [06-14-1998]

Kevin Brown, Rome, Georgia [06-14-1998]

This is a neat site. I've always enjoyed learning more about the history of America, and Besty Ross has always been a favorite!
Susan Camp [06-14-1998]

This is a very nice Web page. The information is outstanding. Should be a require Web page for ever student to view and study in their class work about U.S. History.
Ted McMahan, Jr., Home is Atlanta, Ga. - Working on to be a Sr. Citizen [06-15-1998]

Happy 4th of July!
Betsy and Meagan, California [06-15-1998]

I live within 10 miles of an excellent reproduction of Independance Hall at Knott's Berry Farm, CA.
Roland L. Scharping, CMS (USAF Ret) [06-15-1998]

This web site will really help my class with the new VA-S.O.L.'s. I have always honored the flag in my classroom but now this will bring the flag closer to my students.
Sarah C. Bowles, teacher,40 years old, mother of three [06-15-1998]

I really enjoyed the tour. It is refreshing to learn new something new. Thanks for bringing this information to the internet.
Kathleen Mercer, Littleton, Colorado [06-15-1998]

Elizabeth Leanch, 2 1/2 [06-15-1998]

Adrienne Henry [06-15-1998]

I am doing some research for a friend, and I stumbled upon your "Betsy Ross Homepage", and I gotta say, it's great. I am an Eagle Scout, and it's been a while since I had a lesson in flag etiquitte. I am planning on going home and finding this page again, and bookmarking it on my own computer. So, in other words, nice job guys. thanks, Dave
David Dollar, 22, troy State University, Troy, Alabama [06-15-1998]

Jennifer Bongiovanni, NJ teacher [06-15-1998]

Nicholas Furton, Boston--nine yrs.--homeschooler [06-15-1998]

Kathy Franklin, Teacher from Prairie du Rocher, IL [06-15-1998]

can't wait to see it in person.....
janet winslow, paso robles, ca. [06-15-1998]

Margie Martinez, From: Orlando Fl. Age:40 [06-15-1998]

Lois Butler, Bowie, MD 45(almost) history buff [06-15-1998]

Nancy B. Senter, Media Coordinator in North Carolina [06-15-1998]

Judith K. Ford, Shepherdstown,WV [06-15-1998]

It is a great tour, loved to learn the secret of the five pointed star!
Amy, 30 yrs. old, teacher, St. Louis, MO [06-16-1998]

Laura Kettgen, New Jersey,12 [06-16-1998]

Stephanie Skrivan, Nashville, TN [06-16-1998]

katie [06-16-1998]

ashley sulla, N.J. age 9 [06-16-1998]

Gus [06-16-1998]

I was in Philadelphia last fall and went to the house. Unfortunately it was a Monday and the house wasn't open. I'm looking forward to seeing it here and the next time I visit the city.
Joe Harlan, Circleville,OH, 36, great history buff [06-16-1998]

I have an interest in americana materials and lore.
Cheryl Wilkerson [06-16-1998]

I'm getting information regarding the historic area since I will be visiting on Friday, June 19th. Haven't been to Betsy's house since I was a little girl.
Vicky Garrison, Love reliving history by visiting historic sites, etc. (And love the Philadelphia Flyers!!!!) [06-16-1998]

Ruth Hoefs, Kent, Washington Mother of eight wonderful children ages 2-14 years old. [06-16-1998]

lab [06-16-1998]

I read about the site in Country Living magazine. I'm glad I took the time to visit.
bobbie metz bernard, detroit, 33, attorney [06-16-1998]

Coming to take the Actual tour soon...
Christopher Mengel [06-17-1998]

Thanks for a most interesting site.
Coll Bence, northern Canada [06-17-1998]

Debbie Lindinger [06-17-1998]

Sheree Foster, Arlington, VA [06-18-1998]

David Waller, 38 Retired Navy [06-18-1998]

Thank you for the tour.
Anne Russell, Virginia, 55 [06-18-1998]

Beverly S. Fischer, Jersey Shore [06-18-1998]

Bonnie Pagliaro, Waterford Works, New Jersey [06-18-1998]


Greg Rhoades, Elsberry MO age 33 [06-18-1998]


fenella gor, mountain view california [06-18-1998]

Robert DiIorio [06-18-1998]

Cathy Peeples [06-18-1998]

Tina R. Woehler, Flower Mound, TX, 31, I am a pre-k teacher & wanted info about the flag. This is wonderful info!!! [06-18-1998]

I'm browsing to see what's out there for my third grade social studies students. About 1/3 of my students have access to the web at home. We have four computers in each classroom, however, no internet access yet at our school.
Kathy Olivetti, I'm visiting my daughter in So. Phila. and teach third grade in Mechanicsburg, PA. I'm 49. [06-18-1998]

John Herbst III, Ogden, Utah Age: 41 [06-18-1998]

Kathy Dunn [06-18-1998]

fenella gor [06-18-1998]

I like history and this was somthing different
Marilyn Brown, Kansas City, Mo. [06-18-1998]

Rose-mary Fritz, Long Island, NY [06-18-1998]

Joan Jacobson [06-18-1998]

Saw info in Country Living Magazine. I have a Betsy Ross and we fly it every chance we get....
Sandra Coffey, Cinn.,Oh. age;54 [06-18-1998]

Tonya L. Herwick, Middle school teacher [06-19-1998]

I am excited about touring the home of Betsy Ross.
h. henderson, 36 [06-19-1998]

Your web site is great. I will let the rest of the department, all 15 sites, know about it. I will explore your other sites, too. Using them to teach my students is going to be WONDERFUL. I am so excited about this prospect!! You get an A+++++ and a BIG GOLD STAR!!!!!!
Sherry J. Gold, Librarian in a k-5 school & Department Chair of the Library/Media Dept. for School District 65, Evanston, Illinois. I have the best job, I get to teach everything to everybody all the time. [06-19-1998]

Patsy Perry, G/T teacher [06-19-1998]

C. L. Robinson [06-19-1998]

Freddie Daniels Jr., US NAVY [06-19-1998]

chris kazda [06-19-1998]

Susan Kleinsmith, Happy to be living in the USA after 5 years over seas! [06-19-1998]

Jenny Wilbur [06-19-1998]

kit & angel [06-19-1998]

I have been wanting to brush up on myus history and this web site is great. I saw it in country living magazine
Lisa Lentini, colorado springs, co 26 [06-19-1998]

We will be visiting next week in person!
Katherine L. Szerdy, Orlando, FL -- teacher [06-19-1998]

Catharine M Laigaie, New Jersey [06-19-1998]

Looking forward to seeing Betsy Ross home.
Deborah Staton, Dayton, Ohio [06-19-1998]

Connie van der Schaaf, Colorado [06-20-1998]

Mildred Griscom Watts [06-20-1998]

My grandfather Ross A. Laughlin was named after Betsy Ross. As children we were told we were related to Betsy but I don't know how. My grandfather fought in the Boxer Rebellion during the Spanish american War.
Marianne Krismanits, I'm a substitute teacher with the Clark County [06-20-1998]

M. Vollbrecht [06-20-1998]

Laura Libasci, florida 48 i love america [06-21-1998]

A very well organized Web Page. Our thanks to all that have given of their talents to construct and maintain it.
Robert & Kitty Phelps, Destin, Florida, Retired, Just looking at our heritage [06-21-1998]

I am a histoery freak, so when my mom found this address and one other I just had to check it out! The other one was pretty neat, it is: Visit it!
Brooke, Texas, 13 [06-21-1998]

Christie Evans, Bolivar, MO [06-22-1998]

Proud to be an American and hope to instill the same feeling in my boys. Am the proud owner of several vintage flags that hang proudly in our home -- 43, 48, 49, 50 star flags that are very special to me. EVERY DAY SHOULD BE FLAG DAY -- WE SHOULD BE PROUD AMERICANS EACH DAY OF EACH YEAR -- NOT A FEW DAYS A YEAR.
Debbie T. Brown, 39 yo teacher, mother of 2 teenage boys, wife, master to 3 girl dogs(!) in Olive Branch, MS. [06-22-1998]

Joy Huskey, Senior State President, Children of the American Revolution [06-22-1998]

Susan Ried, 38/f in CA [06-22-1998]

Dana Gilliam, Oklahoma [06-23-1998]

Harry Cook, Woodbury, N.J. 77 [06-23-1998]

Saw it in Country Living Magazine
Kim Gray, Broken Arrow, OK [06-23-1998]

Just finished a tour of Pennsylvania, but somehow missed Betsy's house!
Michele Mizell, Michigan [06-23-1998]

Sandra Bennett, age 57, live near Erie, PA, in Union City [06-23-1998]

Paula Mitchell, Reston, VA 45 Originally born in Philadelphia [06-23-1998]

Kcey, From Alabama, 65+ [06-23-1998]

Mary Burrows [06-23-1998]

This is a very informative site.
jina, western PA [06-23-1998]

Kate, 11 [06-23-1998]

Brenda H. Sciortino, Louisiana, 42, felmale [06-23-1998]

annette russell, 36 year old professional [06-23-1998]

My mother own`s a tea room and gift shop called The Country Angel, located in Bridgeport PA, 512 DeKalb st. Once a month she dose a theme, such as the Betsy Ross Tea that is Sat. June 27th.
Leigh Ann, I live in Philla. [06-23-1998]

My first graders love learning to sing the Star Spangled Banner
Sally Zill, First Grade teacher in PA [06-23-1998]

It sure is nice tjo have informative and education items on the internet. Thank you for providing this.
Tina [06-24-1998]

Dana Burton [06-24-1998]

I like history and I am an Anglophile. Travel some an dbelong to the Sherlock Holmes Society of London
Tom Crammond, St. Louis Mo, age 54, School teacher, Sherlockian, histroy buff [06-25-1998]

Layni House, Hamilton, OH, [06-25-1998]

student at Fontbonne College in St. Louis taking the virtual tour as part of an assignment in Telecommunications. Can't wait to get started. Might be a suggestion as a place to go for vacation.
Jim Ott [06-25-1998]

vince batter, retired and enjoying travel. [06-25-1998]

Beverly Burrell [06-25-1998]

I am just checking out things for my kids at school. The more I learn the more I can teach them. Thanks for everything you guys try to do. It's wonderful
PJ Scarberry, Live in Ohio 43yrs old preschool teacher [06-25-1998]

scott Billings, Trenton, NJ [06-25-1998]

Whoa! What a lady she pushed through all the critisicm and be a real woman.
Becky Kelsey, I live in Porterville, CA. I am 15 almost 16. I am looking up Besty Ross for a friend [06-25-1998]

great info!
m.vidas, Pa. age24 student [06-25-1998]

Sherry Gore, I am as RN,I live in Branson, Mo I am almost 43 I am enjoying this site. [06-25-1998]

I would like to see the Betsy Ross home in person, but I was in Philadelphia in 1957 for the Boy Scout Jamboree at Valley Forge and I decided at that time I would never be back. It is probably the least friendly city I have ever visited. The YMCA would not allow us to take a bath in their shower. The townspeople were very brusque, bordering on rude. Maybe, when I am 90 years old and am as rude as the populace in Philadelphia, I will return. Till then, I still have a sour taste in my mouth for your city.
Walt Mayer, Ada, OK 54 years very interested in history [06-25-1998]

I will begin a teaching career this fall
Steve Buerer, Sacramento, CA 49 years [06-25-1998]

Carol Bethel, computer instructor [06-25-1998]

Thank you for the valuable information you have provided here.
Darla R. Ryals-Ford, Summerdale, Alabama. Age 31. [06-25-1998]

I have visited the house before in person and was quite taken with it. My children were teenagers then and really got a good idea of how the Flag came to be and just how much it means to Americans
Carolyn Stokes, from Idaho, age 55 [06-25-1998]

Mary Dickherber, I am a 47 year old math teacher. [06-25-1998]

I look forward to the tour.
Karl Harman, Almond, NY [06-25-1998]

Bobbie Thompson, 5th grade teacher in Ranger, Texas [06-25-1998]

My family and I have visited the Betsy Ross House on two occasions and hopefully we will again. We loved Philadephia and surrounding area and all of the historical monuments, battlefields and homes we were able to see there..
Patricia Blandford Liu, Lover of history and collect historical miniatures houses, buildings and ornaments [06-25-1998]

Jean Minnick [06-25-1998]

thanks for the five point star directions.
Craig & Debi Ripley, Ohioans mid 40's [06-25-1998]

found your web address in the County Living magazine, July 1998
Elaine Lewellen, Tulsa, OK [06-26-1998]

so far so good keep up the good work
jackie anderson, 13 years old, i live in compton [06-26-1998]

I am an Activity Director at a Assisted Living Community and was surfing the net to find info on Betsy Ross to put into our Newsletter
Michelle Myers [06-26-1998]

Thank you for doing historical sites on the web. I liked the instructions for cutting a 5-point star with one snip.
Nina Savard, from Pilot Point, Texas [06-26-1998]

D. Rinehart [06-26-1998]

Kristen Plaunt, Cheboygan, Mi. [06-26-1998]

Harry J. Karapalides, Esuqire, Attorney; Delaware County, PA; 39 years old [06-26-1998]

Fay Welch, Nashville, TN 49 years old [06-26-1998]

Larry McGuire, Chester, IL. County GOP Chairman [06-26-1998]


I am related to you.
Brianna Sabetti, 10 years old [06-27-1998]

Linda Kennedy, Portland, Indiana [06-27-1998]

Carla Danna [06-27-1998]

thank you for providing this interesting and refreshing page.
sheila, nc 45 daycare provider [06-27-1998]

Julianna Jones, San Bernardino, California [06-27-1998]

KRISTEN MAURER, 6 [06-27-1998]

m.greeno, colma,ca.94014 [06-27-1998]

linda arrington, greensboro, nc [06-27-1998]

I tryed to do the star but had a hard time doing it. i have booked marked it to see if my daughter can do it.
Deborah McGrath, i live in Fl, i am 43, [06-27-1998]

Ruth Thompson, Edmonds, WA [06-27-1998]

anyoe who burns the american flag should be burned to death
Joseph D. Kintyhtt, 24 akron Ohio [06-27-1998]

I hope to see this flag for real when i visit Washington DC in a few weeks time.
Allan Butterworth, Accrington, Lancashire, England [06-27-1998]

Virginia Whealton [06-27-1998]

Joseph Kotch, Saugerties, NY 56 yrs. [06-27-1998]

Brandon and Brenda Curtis, 5 and 50+ [06-27-1998]

Kathy Hutkowski [06-27-1998]

Thanks for the opportunity to visit Betsy Ross home over cyberspace, very interesting.
Larry & Nancy Lutke, Boise, ID [06-27-1998]

Zoey, 12 [06-27-1998]

i enjoy reading and seeing things about our country.
pete tripp, white male 60 yrs. [06-27-1998]

Julie Doyle, Elementary School Librarian [06-28-1998]

very interesting site. i am saving it so i can come back to it to show my grandchildren and they can learn they are ages 6, 8 thanks again for the site.d
grace zalewski, nj age 58 female [06-28-1998]

I appreciate the rich heritage of our country and find this site and tour of Betsy's house to be very interesting. Thanks!
Terrie McDade, I am from Catonsville, Maryland. I am 38 years old, Housewife and mother of 3. [06-28-1998]

Lynn Gramkow, From a farm in central Idaho [06-28-1998]

I'm interested in U. S. history and my son is doing a report on U. S. history for an Independence Day project for school.
Stephen Gibbons, Carson CA [06-28-1998]

researching information for a summer school program that I am teaching. I love this site, so informative. Thank you for the great information !!
jill stoller, Tillamook, OR. teacher 42 years old [06-28-1998]

Kim, Orange County, CA, 36 yrs old, VERY patriotic!! [06-28-1998]

My family and I have been to the Betsy Ross house several times and we seem to enjoy it more each time we go. I hope someday to take our granddaughters there, I know they will enjoy it as much as we and there parents have. God Bless All!
Lee Bradbury, I am a wife,37yrs., mother of 2 and grandmother of 3 [06-28-1998]

Victoria Jackson [06-28-1998]

Very happy to view this home-unexpected and appreciated
Lynn DeSoto [06-29-1998]

Teaching my 10 year olds about colonial America
Laura Wyeth, 35 [06-29-1998]

Cecilia Wisniewski, Hope, New Jersey [06-29-1998]

Sharon Cooper-Kerr, Columbia, Maryland 29 years old [06-29-1998]

Gillian Mancuso, Cleveland, OH 53 yo [06-29-1998]

I really work in a little elementary library, with ignorant little second and third graders. I'd like to go tour Betsy Ross' house, but I'm too busy doing inventory. So here I am on the virtual tour.
Cathy Dennison, Library Paraprofessional [06-29-1998]

Kathy Nolke, Glasgow, Mo 6th grade teacher [06-29-1998]

I always enjoyed history. Visited Philadelphia and the Betsy Ross house many, many years ago.
Lawrence Wade, Retired Educator, Indiana, 76 yrs [06-29-1998]

Joann Mog [06-29-1998]

heather, age9 location:aol [06-30-1998]

Just made Philly my home, and I'm looking forward to learning as much as I can from this tour.
Michelle Gollapalli [06-30-1998]

Happy July 4th. I'm taking this tour with my sons.I like teaching them about our GREAT NATION! Thanks, Bye.
JamesPatton [06-30-1998]

I saw the house several years ago and it is definitely worth seeing. I'm glad this virtual tour is available.
Margaret M Tolbert, Oklahoma, 44, [06-30-1998]

Fun: thank you.
Win Terrell, St. Paul MN age 74 [06-30-1998]

Katrina Turbyfill, Bryson City, NC 29 [06-30-1998]

Andy Gertz, age 8 from willow grove [06-30-1998]

Carole Vaught, I live in Joshua, Texas, I am 51 years old [06-30-1998]

In the Fall of '98 we are expecting visitors from Kansas to visit our home town. I am compiling sites for them to enjoy upon their visit. Ofcourse, Betsy Ross is a major part of our culture and our begining as a Nation. If there is anything that you can think of to enhance our friends visit, please contact me. thank You for your Web Page.
John Gallen, Life time resident of Phila., 54yrs. of age Love Phila., history and architecture [06-30-1998]

tamara sanderson, carrollton, ohio [06-30-1998]

Cheryl Wichman, Omaha, NE [06-30-1998]

Debbie Toseland, Chelmsford, Essex, England. Age 20 [06-30-1998]

la Routt, Elizabethtown, KY 5th grade teacher [07-01-1998]

Loved it!!!!
susan doty, Teacher [07-01-1998]

I'll be back
Jamie Kindle, Teacher [07-01-1998]

Dolores Andriano, Like Colonial History [07-01-1998]

Penny Drost, Resident of the "other Washington" -- the beautiful evergreen state. [07-01-1998]

Kim Seybold, Teacher in Gloucester Twp. [07-01-1998]

Travis and Taylor Jurell [07-01-1998]

Deb Gallo, Lowell, MA [07-01-1998]

Jim Geiger, Phila. suburbs ,I am 54 and have only been to Betsy Ross House once in my life. [07-01-1998]

Kat, old enough from fresno, ca [07-01-1998]

Pat Tighe, From St. Louis, MO [07-01-1998]

Janine Obley, FL, descendent of Betsy Ross, not quite sure how. [07-01-1998]

Happy Fourth of July!
elizabeth procopio [07-01-1998]

looks good.....we're stopping on our vacation!!
Jeff and Cheryll [07-01-1998]

Best wish for the 4 of july 1998
Maurice Boule, Montreal Canada [07-01-1998]

Don Slack, L A Calif [07-01-1998]

Tina Wheeler [07-01-1998]

The Seniors of Color My World Preschool, Sarasota,FL 4-5 years old [07-01-1998]

May our flag long wave o'er the land of the free!
B. Adams, mother of 2 [07-01-1998]

Mrs. Warren D. Chase, Marysville, age: 35 [07-01-1998]

I am a 46-year-old volunteer/homemaker who is currently the president of the American Association of University Women in the Santa Clarita Valley. Our group presents famous women in history to our school children every year, and I wish to do Betsy Ross.
Deborah F. McIntosh [07-01-1998]

What a wonderful idea!!!
Ann Tucker, Dallas, Tx; 30 [07-01-1998]

W. K. Irwin, high school librarian [07-01-1998]

I have been to betty ross's house in person. i love it. Christina
Chrisrtina, Jacksonville. Florida [07-01-1998]

charlotte st. john [07-01-1998]

Bridgett Green, California [07-01-1998]

David Diehm [07-01-1998]

In honor of July 4th, my daughters and I are learning about our national flag. I was thrilled to find your website. You have made our study very interesting and exciting. Thank you. Marian Kranz
marian r. kranz, we live in Issaquah, WA [07-01-1998]

Amy Meadows, Grand Rapids, Michigan, married, 2 boys ages 3 & 9 [07-01-1998]

This is a great site!
Tasha Stamper, college student at Western Kentucky University [07-01-1998]

Wendy Driggers, Pinellas Park, Florida [07-01-1998]

Judy Rose [07-01-1998]

My granddaughter certainly enjoyed reading about and seeing the flag.
Grace Reid, Mobile,Al. 59yrs. young. [07-01-1998]

Debbie Peterman [07-01-1998]

Mary Castillo, Los Angeles, California [07-01-1998]

Elaine Goodyear, Computer Teacher Overbrook Educational Center, Phila. [07-01-1998]

Ethel Greenburg [07-01-1998]

Holly Cannon, Alabama Elem. Teacher [07-01-1998]

Nichole Curley, Florida..23...mother of one [07-01-1998]

Mary and Philip Rush, Hemet, CA [07-01-1998]

Thank you for bringing the house to me
Jeffrey Benton, Akron Ohio 44305 age 36 Disabled Veteren [07-01-1998]

I'm retired from aerospace and live in california between L.A. & San Deigo (about the middle) the town of Murrieta it is growing fast,when I move here 8 years ago its population was only 25,000 now it is 36/37,000. Ihave visited the Betsy Ross home and enjoyed it tremendously.
don dooley, murrieta,ca. 65 [07-01-1998]

allen landis, muncie, in [07-01-1998]

amber pavlick, age:10 fav.: color:purple [07-01-1998]

My wife, Paula and myself enjoyed our Bicentennial Tour in May of 1976 of the East coast. We were in Betsy Ross's home in 1976 and will never forget the moment!
Thomas Scott Scheer, Las Vegas, NV, 51 yrs., was in Betsy Ross home in 1976. [07-01-1998]

Katina Silverstrim, Austin, TX 24 LOVE history [07-01-1998]

cheryl Koch [07-01-1998]

i dont think the kids in this country really understand what the flag really means i wish parents would teach their kid how to respect the flag and let them know what america is all about god bless America
Michael Rouse, Woodbridge NJ 40yrs old [07-01-1998]

Wonderful site, I just found it while surfing. We're new on the Net and just Happy we are living in this age of abounding technology. Visiting the World from our living room is absolutely marvelous.
Janice & Gary Minshall, We live in So. Calif, ages 63 and 59, interested in all categories of History and Famous People. [07-02-1998]

Doug Kaynor, Portland Or [07-02-1998]

C.J.Shambach, Salem, OH [07-02-1998]

I read about this site in Country Living Mag. The virtual house tour was interesting(all tours end at the gift shop!). I printed the 5-point star in one snip instructions for future reference. Thanks.
Nancy Mana, Concord, CA [07-02-1998]

I haven't been here since 1969. This is something I'm having my children look at. Too bad most of our best history is on the other sidi of the country. Being an ex-military family, we've seen a lot of the world, but the kids still want to see more.
Sandi V., Oregon [07-02-1998]

I haven't taken the tour of Betsy's house yet but plan on it right away.
EMILY, I live in Warman, Sask. Canada.I'm married and have 3 children. Two are married and one is going into grade 12. We also have two spoiled cats,`Taffy' and `Baby'. We just celebrated Canada Day today, so have had lots of fireworks here too. [07-02-1998]

K. FREDRICKSON, 41 years old, married with three sons, a dog and a cat [07-02-1998]

Stan & Joan Thalacker, Rapid City, SD [07-02-1998]

A co-worker of mine told me today that he hates the 4th of July and anything Americana because we're all so hipocritical. We wave our flags and celebrate our great history and then hear on the news that some man was dragged down the streets of Texas until he was dead. I told him that you don't have to be an American to destroy your neighbor, but you have a right to your own opinions living in America.
K. FREDRICKSON, 41 years old, married with three sons, a dog and a cat [07-02-1998]

Happy 4th of july!
Derwin & Erica Fancher, atlanta ga [07-02-1998]

Just recently moved to this area, and am anxious to do some exploring.
Lori Cooper, Buckingham, PA [07-02-1998]

Sr. Peggy O'Donnell [07-02-1998]

Marcella Chervenak, Elementary teacher, [07-02-1998]

Sharon M. McDonald, Maryland [07-02-1998]


thanks for your homepage
Amber Grubb [07-02-1998]

Love your site. We have friend who will be visiting from Scotland and Wales and I am just preparing for the tour we'll give them of our city. Thanks!
Nancy Binder, life-long Philadelphian [07-02-1998]

Nancy Doyle [07-02-1998]

Rick Webb, Principal -- Cayuga Elementary School, Texas [07-02-1998]

Sharon L. Brogan [07-02-1998]

I entered the site to find out about how to properly display the flag--wanted to use several to decorate my yard for the 4th. It is wonderful and informative!
Betty Ray, Leedey, OK, America [07-02-1998]

Joanna Soulios [07-02-1998]

Brandi S McCooey, Buffalo, NY 24 yrs. old [07-02-1998]

LESLIE POPE [07-02-1998]

A. R. LEE, Del City, Okla.73115 [07-02-1998]


Dann Pickens, Centreville, VA Retired US Army [07-02-1998]

My ancestor, Sarah Dole Griscom was Betsy Ross's Great-Great Grandmother. Since this is almost the 4th of July, this has great meaning to me. How proud that makes me feel. God Bless America!
Beverly Dole Harris [07-02-1998]

Leigh Anne Bramlett [07-02-1998]

An interesting page.
Dorothy F. Sanders, S. Tx. , age 76 [07-02-1998]

I am home schooling my 3 children and would like to put anything you have into their history class ages are 12,10,and 7
Marla Herrmann, Ohio,34 [07-02-1998]

Diane, Happy Birthday America [07-02-1998]

Carol A. Shay, New Jersey [07-02-1998]

My husband and I are innkeepers of The White House Bed & Breakfast in Missouri Valley, Iowa. Our home was built in 1886. One bedroom is named for Betsy and decorated in red, white, & blue. The other two bedrooms are named for Jackie Kennedy and Dolley Madison. We truly enjoy entertaining our guests and they love our b & b. Thank you for such a nice visit!!
Ellen Lovell, Innkeeper of B & B in Iowa [07-02-1998]

Bessie Childers, Phoenix, Az. 67 female [07-02-1998]

Jay Baugh, Raliegh North Carolina 7-02-98 [07-02-1998]

Bonnie Christensen, Michigan age 60 nurse [07-02-1998]

Would like to visit someday in person!
Lois J. P. Brown, Upstate NY, 50 yrs. old [07-02-1998]

Jill, Dallas, TX [07-02-1998]

Saw Betsy's house for real ten years ago. Philadelphia is a great place to visit.
Amy Windhorst, Pompano Beach, Fl [07-02-1998]

Barbara Barrick, Alexandria, VA - 32 years old - love history [07-02-1998]

VALERIE, CANTON, OH [07-02-1998]

C Bloom [07-02-1998]

Barbara C. Gillis-Brown [07-02-1998]

100 yr. ago this yr. my grandfather became a usa citizen. on oct. 10, 1898. to celebrate the occation i sewed a quilt using the colors betsy ross used in the original usa flag
trudy noonan, canaryville pub. library, chicago, il 60609 [07-02-1998]


New at this, looks interesting. Thank you.
Geo. Wagg, Retired Mid-West [07-02-1998]

Thanks for enabling me to visit from NYC!
Christiann Bishop, Brooklyn, NY July2, 1998 [07-02-1998]

Carolyn Bray, 24 [07-02-1998]

Wish you could keep this on the computer all year long. It is very nice. ]Thanks for such a nice page. Vera
Vera, I'm 59 years old and live in S.E.KansasWish you could [07-02-1998]

Jayne I. Siebrecht, I went to school in Arlington, Mass. & I visited Betsy's house in 1965 [07-02-1998]

Rebekah Wierda, Holland, Michigan, 8 years old [07-02-1998]

Sue Bookout, Tennessee [07-02-1998]

Beverly Ford, Homeschooling mom of Casey, Stephanie, And Emily [07-02-1998]

I attended a meeting where a lady depicted the life of Betsy Ross. It was so interesting and very educational.
Kathryn O'Brien, Illinois in USA [07-02-1998]

anonymous, elementary school librarian [07-02-1998]

Barb Stout, live in Nebraska 52 years old [07-02-1998]

Tamie Merritt, Bremerton, Wa Age 30 [07-02-1998]

Thanks for an interesting site!
Jeff Hise, Windsor,Ohio 40 [07-02-1998]

What a great idea!
iris houdyshel, Lancaster, Ca.,40 years, teacher [07-02-1998]

Bonnie VonStein, Shippensburg, PA [07-02-1998]

Thank you for bringing this information to the internet where all can see.
Wendy Bowes, mother of 3 [07-03-1998]


Jan Ledgerwood, Oregonian [07-03-1998]

Ed Sanders [07-03-1998]

Enjoyed the history and falg pictures... Looking forward to the "virtual tour" :}
Mark Mitri, Buffalo, 39m [07-03-1998]

very impressed, love the American Flag
joanie, grand rapids, I [07-03-1998]

This is really outstanding!!!! Congratulations on portraying such a significant part of American History!!!
Paul R Toland, residing in Oakland, CA [07-03-1998]

dale r. mitchell, dale mitchell ,age51 [07-03-1998]

Very Informative site. Excellent section on the dispute on the flag-making.
Morgan E. Patrick, Bergen County, New Jersey [07-03-1998]

We really enjoyed the web site! It is very informative, well planned, and fun. This gives you a chance to learn, in-depth the "real" history that you do not get in high school history classes.
Mathew and Melanie Sue Fuller, we are from Palm City, Fl [07-03-1998]

I enjoyed what I could see, my video driver is disabled, so pictures were not that good, maybe some day I can visist you. Suzanne
Suzanne Morse, Vassar, MI 48768 [07-03-1998]

It's good to be independent,is'nt it?
Sovna Puri, 17yrs, India. [07-03-1998]

This is a wonderful way to begin my 4th of July weekend! Thank you very much.
Susan MacKendrick, student at University of Davis, CA [07-03-1998]

So far, a good historical review and reference for students. Thanks for the timely article.
Bea Rauen, Maury Island WA state [07-03-1998]

Happy birthday America
David R. Ellis-Anwyl, 56 Huntington Beach, CA [07-03-1998]

Martha Cain [07-03-1998]

Debbi Cotter, Bellevue, Washington [07-03-1998]

just checking out newpaper at this online stuff.
bettyb, middletown, pa [07-03-1998]

I like history and enjoy visiting Philadelphia for its history, its theatres, it architecture and restaurants
Kay Wootten, New Castle, De, 60,social worker, traveler, Episcopalian [07-03-1998]

Ann Philippy, New Jersey, 19, and a history fan [07-03-1998]

Nadine Kelly, Minnesota [07-03-1998]

Just looking thru
Kay Daisley, Ca. [07-03-1998]

Barbara S.Rabb, Canton,NC. 28716 [07-03-1998]

thanks for the opportunity to view an important part of our nation's history on this our nation's birthday
rose cavazos, school teacher who loves history [07-03-1998]

My homework is about learning about Independence Day!
Shelby Castagna, Lawrenceville, Georgia - Age(7) - 2nd Grade [07-04-1998]

Jane Campbell, History buff from Los Angeles. [07-04-1998]

Lora Abbott Dietrich, Harrisburg,PA [07-04-1998]

I toured the house in July,'97 while in Philadelphia, and thoroughly enjoyed it, although it was crowded and had a hard time taking everything in.
Robert P. Morrison, Lincoln City, Oregon [07-04-1998]

As an instruction assistant helping with independent study courses, the Internet has proven a gold mine for project material and student enrichment. Thanks for being there! kp
Karen Prowitz, Oconomowoc, WI Teacher Assistant-alternative education (Grades 9-12) [07-04-1998]

we enjoy going thru betsy ross house and have done so many times over the years.
margie cowell and ida may seip, roslyn pa 51 & 82 [07-04-1998]

Thank you for the web site. I wanted to share information with my two daughters, 9 & 5 years old, about what the fourth of July is really all about. Not just food and fireworks. Thank you for the information. I plan on touring with them within the next 5 years. This will definitely be on the agenda.
Theresa Storrs, Sacramento California [07-04-1998]

We love our country and all it has to offer. We thank God that we have the freedom to worship God openly and without restraint. We are thankful for the freedom we have and are ashamed how we take that freedom for granted so often.
Jim and Donna and Katie Duke, Montrose, Colorado [07-04-1998]

Born in Alexandria VA. lived there for the first 12 years of my life.
James E. Todd, 59 years old /male Tukwila WA USA [07-06-1998]

Betsy Ross is the only woman I was taught about when I went to school as having contributed to the American Revolution...well, there was also Molly Pitcher. I was proud that at least one woman was of significance, although I always suspected we were not being taught the whole story. I am glad Betsy has her own web site. Thank you.
Jacqueline Bates, Columbus, OH [07-06-1998]

Mark Nichols, Montrose Co. [07-06-1998]

Sharon Henry, 43, Yakima, Washington [07-06-1998]

Daniela Conway, I am from Colorado Springs, CO. I have three children ages 16, 13, and 11. [07-06-1998]

I love American History. Americans need to know more about their country and your site is helping. Thanks
Dottie, from Western New York, over 39+ [07-06-1998]

Virginia Kucera, Iron River, Wisconsin - probably older than you [07-06-1998]

amaretto45 [07-06-1998]


Valerie Stramiello, From Pittsburgh Pa. age 38 [07-06-1998]

Wendy Burks, Texas, Age 26 [07-06-1998]

great idea for the Fourth!! :)
Leah Cohen, Los Angeles - 34 [07-06-1998]

Marie Govan, Salt Lake City Ut [07-06-1998]

Tina Wentzel, From Tempe, AZ [07-06-1998]

Thank you for having this wonderful website, so others who are not able to tour the house in person, can see it, too.
Karen Lewis, I live in Danvers, Massachusetts and I love anything patriotic. I collect Americana and display my flags and country decorations outside my house and on the front porch from Memorial Day through the end of July. [07-06-1998]

B.J. Hogg, Az. 45 [07-06-1998]


Linda Christopher [07-06-1998]

Clyde Johnson, Pensacola, Fl Retired Air Force and Martin Marietta Aerospace Industries [07-06-1998]

Lisa Purvis, Canton, OH [07-06-1998]

Jean Rowland, Texan by birth, Floridian by choice [07-06-1998]

Thanks for the tour!
Kelly Perreira, San diego [07-06-1998]


L. Adamson, special education teacher [07-06-1998]

I'm thankful to live within an hour or so of Philadelphia. I Have visited many times and seen Betsy Ross' house. My twins were born at Univ. of Penn.
Gwen Healy, Ringoes, NJ [07-06-1998]

OLIVIA VIRTABR [07-06-1998]

lockardd [07-06-1998]

My mom and I are going to make a flag quilt for the fourth.
Phoebe, age:11 [07-06-1998]

family tree relates back to betsy
mcdonald family [07-06-1998]


Bill Winstead, USA Retired [07-06-1998]

My girlfriend took this tour the other day and told me it was very interesting so I decided to experience it for myself.
aaron troyer, a 22 year old college student at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas [07-06-1998]

Shelagh Cummings, Pulaski,N.Y. [07-06-1998]

I would like to thank all who put this on the internet, so people can enjoy the history of the United States, and allow visitors to visit historical sites, otherwise they would never experience our Wonderful history of the World.
Esther Guttirez, Portland Oregon [07-06-1998]

Happy Birthday to my country !
Alice Peyrot, Villemoustaaussou , France 48 yrs old [07-06-1998]

Larry Wills, Memphis [07-06-1998]

Wayne, Inventor, age 52, California [07-06-1998]

I think I will enjoy.
Shahida Benazi Shaikh, Karachi (Sind, Pakistan), 25 on July 6,1998. [07-06-1998]

Gennie Hatfield, Wa. state - 63 [07-06-1998]

Roger Gray, age 46 from springfield,ma and proud to be an american [07-06-1998]

thank you for the tour in advance.
darcy winterburg, germany, us. army [07-06-1998]

pat welschmeyer, 44 yrs. old union carpenter furniture builder [07-06-1998]

Lawrence P. Mitchell [07-06-1998]

Great use of the Web
James Mallon, 38, Brunswick ME , taking the tour with my three boys [07-06-1998]

Gary Powers, Virginia [07-06-1998]

Really enjoyed your site.
Linda Parsons, From Smyrna, GA. Female, married, age 56 [07-06-1998]

Mona Lee Frisbee, I am an RN in a very "country" comunity [07-06-1998]

Martha Brill, Virginia [07-06-1998]

Brenda Dunning, Columbus,GA [07-06-1998]

Let us never forget that for all the myth and tradition, the United States of America was formed when affluent white men who had essentially signed a contract with the King of England rebelled against what were certainly unfair and oppressive taxes and enlisted the support of poor white men to fight a revolutionary war. Let us also not forget, for this is very important to remember, that the men who wrote and approved the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights were mostly slave owners whose wealth was dependent upon the enslavement of persons forcibly brought to this country. In additon, those men never, ever intended for one person one vote. In fact the thought of uneducated or unlanded people or even worse nonwhites or women voting was frightening. When they wrote that all men are created equal, what was meant but never expressed explicitly (precisely because it was so well understood to be taken for granted) was that all white, university educated land-owning men were created equal and only those persons were to be trusted with the govenment of this new nation.
Rocci Hildum, 41 year old unrepentant hippie social worker living in the grand state of Washington and reflecting on things historical on this July 4, 1998 [07-06-1998]

I am suppose to be a desendent of Betsy Ross and I would like to trace her desendents if at all possible.
Margaret E. Smith, 58 yrs. U.S. History High School Teacher [07-06-1998]

Carmen Ramos, 15 [07-06-1998]

Rachel Baxter, Alabama [07-06-1998]

pam mayer [07-06-1998]

Fionnghuala Farrell, Luxembourg [07-06-1998]

We are learning about the flag in our homeschool.
hannah and ashlynn harmon, 5,3 homeschool students [07-06-1998]

I saw your web page address in the Rocky Mountain news and thought it would be fun to see it on the 4th of July. It is fun.
Barbara Bailey, Arvada, Colorado - near Denver [07-06-1998]

What a wonderful experience!
Sharon Sue Bolton, Location: Titus, Alabama [07-06-1998]

May God Bless the USA, forever.
Jerry Edward May, Reside in,St. Petersburg, FL [07-06-1998]

Thormod Sorby, I live in Monroe,Wa. 59 years of age and a new US citizen. [07-06-1998]

Enjoyed your site on the Fourth of July, interesting reading!
J Williams [07-06-1998]

very nice to see a part of Anerican History while sitting at a desk in England
sandra armes, norwich,england [07-06-1998]

Happy Birthday America!!!
Margaret Forehand, Tifton,Ga. [07-06-1998]

Patriotism is the foundation of America, we should always respect the flag.
Jacob and Josh Galofaro, Brocton N.Y. [07-06-1998]

Sydney Standish, Milford NH [07-06-1998]

Like it love it want some more of it yay rite
Heather, !0 Luther Michigan [07-06-1998]

thanks for the tour!
natalie, mother of 3 [07-06-1998]

sherry, haymarket, Va 39 [07-06-1998]

Ruth Maggs [07-06-1998]

We hope to visit the Betsy Ross house in person next month while on vacation in Philadelphia.
Marilyn Eldridge [07-06-1998]

Happy Fourth of July 1998
Rosemary Thorson, Centralia, WA [07-06-1998]

Jacob & Ashley Martin, Enola,Pa. ( 9 & 7 ) [07-06-1998]

Margaret Bass [07-06-1998]

Scott Powell, I live in Jackson Township, Ohio [07-06-1998]

This tour to new comers that haven't seen the Betsy Ross tour yet are in for a surprise. It's really great, and you also learn a lot. So sit back watch, get surprised, learn and, mostly just enjoy the tour as I might say!!
Lorraine F. Rodriguez, San Diego Ca. 9 Female [07-06-1998]

Thanks to Betsy Ross, our flag has endured.
Fred Wright, California, 52, born in Massachusetts [07-06-1998]

carolyn patten [07-06-1998]

F Edward Kautz, Camp Hill, Pa. 63 yrs Retired [07-06-1998]

Learned of the site from my sister who resides in Northeast, PA. It was sent in commemoration of the July forth holiday.
William R Korch, Resident of Bowie, MD [07-06-1998]

Love your website. Have been to the BR house before so it was fun to see it again-virtually.
Susan Kesselman, midwestern transplant to the east coast, 40+ [07-06-1998]

Mike Bolton, A 60 6ear old college professor from Oklahoma [07-06-1998]

Julie Elwood, 13 yrs old from Lindale TX [07-06-1998]

I'm flying the American Flag at my home right now -- very proud and happy to be an American
Christina B. Morton, Tulsa Ok- 60 years [07-06-1998]

kenneth billman, canton, oh [07-06-1998]

We have been to see Betsy Ross House a few years back. I'm happy that we can go on this tour again on the net. Thank you so much for such a beautiful presentation of the 4th of July. You are so good in what ever you do. God Bless You
Helen Biffle, Southern Calif 73yrs [07-06-1998]

great web site we need more sites like this one
Dan L. Stillwell, New Albany In,47150 age 53 [07-06-1998]

Good idea for virtual tour of our historic monuments. Thank you
Stephen M. Pace, Retired Bechtel Mgr. near San Francisco, CA [07-06-1998]

David Ervin [07-06-1998]

I grew up in the Philadelphia suburbs and I wonder if school children are still taught the song "Betsy Ross Lived at Arch St. and Second" which I remember learning in grade school.
Trudy O'Brien, 40 something [07-06-1998]

Katherine M. Brooks, Baltimore, Md. [07-06-1998]

Ligia Mejia, Marietta, Ga. [07-06-1998]

Touring the house on Independence Day to pass the time!
Patti Smith, Westminster, California [07-06-1998]

Thamks for the tour.
Michael Notkin, 6 years old, Massachusetts [07-06-1998]

Larie Riley, Central New York [07-06-1998]

william p. huntington, descendant of samuel huntington, signor of the constitution [07-06-1998]

Jayne English [07-06-1998]

Alice M Shover, Albuquerque NM has been my home for 36 years. I am a transplanted Nutmegger [07-06-1998]

Thank you for this great tour! I had always wondered what kind of woman Betsy Ross was. I tried the "cut-out" star and need to keep trying. Thanks again for the history!
Jeraldean Jones, Carter, Montana [07-06-1998]

Betsy made the first american flag!
Erica, Reno NV 10 [07-06-1998]

God Bless America and for which it stands for. Thank you Betsy for making our flag live on forever.
Mark D. Croteau, Renton, WA 50 yrs. old [07-06-1998]

This is what I served 27 years in the military for. This flag means a great deal to me. Everytime I see it I think of all who have given their lives for it. I am doing research in the Colonial period and I really appreicate what my ancestor did for me. My family came to this country in the 1600s and the last in 1720. GOD BLESS THIS GREAT LAND OF OURS.
SMSGT George E. Legge, USAF, RET, Niceville, Fl, Retired. work for US GOVE. Space Tracking [07-06-1998]

Kim Runyan, Stratford, Iowa, 43 years old, Work for a newspaper [07-06-1998]

Paul Errington, jackson, MS [07-06-1998]

What a great way for seeing the home of Betsy Ross. Hope to someday see it in person.
Joanne Richmond, Surry, Maine, am a guide in a historic home [07-06-1998]

This is cool. I can learn something I've enjoyed since elementary school. Thank you
David Thomas [07-06-1998]


That for putting this on the web
Margaret Adams, 79 [07-06-1998]

LONNY FREED [07-06-1998]

Clarene Rodriguez, Medford Oregon [07-06-1998]

Thanks for the trip on this happy 4th!
Betty McCorkle, Senior in sunny California [07-06-1998]

Paul C. Tietze, Los Gatos, CA [07-06-1998]

Hated history as a kid.. now can't seem to learn enough about it. But, Betsy Ross was a name in history I never forgot!!
Carol Pearson, Almira, WA (wheat country) [07-06-1998]

Thanks for being on the internet so we all can learn our history and guide us to our future
G. Maury Slaughter, Jr., Reidsville, NC 27320 54 yrs old, mortician,greyhound owner [07-06-1998]

Katy Steeves, Tuscaloosa. AL 9 yrs [07-06-1998]

Oshel McKinney, Ky. 53 thanks for the info. [07-06-1998]

Debbie Graff, 23 [07-06-1998]

Susan Brown [07-06-1998]

I have lived in the Philadelphia area all my life and this is my first tour of the Betsy Ross house
jmchugh [07-06-1998]

zachary klempf [07-06-1998]

If in the area around on the 4th of July, don't miss Antietam Battlefield which hosts the Maryland Symphony Orchestra's "Salute to Independence". You will never forget the 1812 Overture and the firing of the cannons! It is an experience for the entire family and that will never be forgotten.
Donald and Vicki Alkema, Newburg, PA [07-06-1998]

happly fourth of july
lauren guy, santa cruz ca 9 years old [07-06-1998]

Walter Hamel, South Dakota , 45, [07-06-1998]

Virginia A. LaVancher, From Camden, NY [07-06-1998]

Julie Mitchem [07-06-1998]

Carleen Bliesner, Interested in women in history [07-06-1998]

I love American History -- so glad it's available at sites like this
Jennifer MacDonald, 52F, Married, Grandmother, Worker Bee [07-06-1998]

PAUL THOMAS DORN, INVERNESS , IL 06-30-64 I AM 34 YEAR OLD [07-06-1998]

Married a native Philadelphian & we are finally coming home to visit & show our children some of the great history of our Country.
Juanita Kochik, I'm from Rex, GA. [07-06-1998]

barbara weldon [07-06-1998]

Ruth Carey, Pensacola, Fl. Senior Citizen [07-06-1998]

I'm trying to find out interesting things about Betsy Ross, like how she sewed the flag and etc. etc etc.
Matt Matzinger, I'm 12 and I'm male. [07-06-1998]

I love history. This is a wonderful page to visit. Thanks
Rhonda Lamb, Joshua, TX [07-06-1998]

Enjoyed the tour and flag information....It was great for all ages.....thanks,
sandy parker, Live in Texas and like history. [07-06-1998]

Bonnie Bush, I'm 22 and a early childhood teacher [07-06-1998]

Greatly interested in history of USA and appalled by xtians
Eruera, male aged 70 Rotorua New Zealand [07-06-1998]

Mary Beckley, Mifflinburg, Union County, PA [07-06-1998]

H. Bilowus [07-06-1998]

Nancy Finnell [07-06-1998]

Agota Szilagyi (Mrs.), Age 51, born and living in Budapest, Hungary [07-06-1998]

Mark Walton, Austin Texas [07-06-1998]

mpressick, educator [07-06-1998]

Thomas A. Kuckkahn, Safety Harbor, FL [07-06-1998]

This is wonderful that you have put up this website.
Jessica Parker, I am a cheerleader [07-06-1998]

Jill Miller, Holy Family College [07-06-1998]

Interested in early U.S. History. In the process of making a replica of a flag made during the civil war and saw this article about Betsy Ross House in Country Living magazine.
Virginia Provenzale, Pleasanton, CA [07-06-1998]

I am a DAR member and belong to the Society of Mayflower Descendants. I am sure that I will enjoy this tour.
Dorothy Clark, Kansas age 75 [07-06-1998]

I visited Betsy Ross's house in the early 60's, and played her in a play put on at school a few years later.
Francesca M. Cordi, Atlanta GA, Nurse Practitoner and American Revolutionary History buff [07-06-1998]

barbara weldon [07-06-1998]

robert zoder, age 32 , gosport,in [07-06-1998]

Lynda A. Delius, I am a teacher [07-06-1998]

MaryAnn Johnson, Champlin, MN [07-07-1998]

Brenda DuLong, Merrimack, NH [07-07-1998]

Betsy was married to one of my Claypool relatives, can't think of which one just now, so I am curious about her.
Linda (Susie) Patton, Washington State [07-07-1998]


ryan dkkdfj, 28 years old [07-07-1998]

For those of you who have taken the virtual tour, consider the real thing and go to Philadelphia to experience all of Independence National Park.
Mary Lynn Lazur, Pennsauken, New Jersey [07-07-1998]

Karen Morrell [07-08-1998]

anthony, Phila. [07-08-1998]

Thanks for letting me visit this site. Had a great 4th; hope you did too.
Dorlisa B. Champion, North Carolina [07-08-1998]

Kimberly Hansen, Clovis, California...mother of 3...interested in us history! [07-08-1998]

I have not been to Philidelphia, but am planning to come in the near future, and visiting Independence Hall, Betsy Ross's house, Liberty Bell, and all the other historic sites is very important to me. This Internet experience will be of great help I am sure.
Mary H. Juntunen, In Minnesota, within sight of Lake Superior [07-08-1998]

sharon Delaney, 50 year old Clarkson University student [07-08-1998]

I read the book about Betsy Ross, and loved it.
Jaclyn Honig, I am 8 and I love to read to my cats. [07-08-1998]

Terry [07-08-1998]

Janice A. Hardeman, Lancaster, PA 17601 [07-08-1998]

Nancy Smith [07-08-1998]

tricia wagner [07-08-1998]

see you soon
martin domines, lorain ohio [07-10-1998]

What a neat page.
Diane Trader, Lansdale, PA [07-10-1998]

tricia watson [07-10-1998]

Erin Anderson, Jacobson Minnesota, 17 [07-10-1998]

jane m. cavanaugh, swedesboro,nj [07-10-1998]

I am a direct descendant of Zachary Taylor, from the Taylors of Virginia family line (my real family name is Taylor, long story). I am told that Betsy Ross is a distant relative. The last time I was a visitor to the home was in 1965. Nice to have this virtual tour. I plan to bring the kids to Philadelphia on a trip sometime to see these historical relics in person. Thank you.
Joseph Carpenter, Engineering Scientist, Los Angeles, California [07-10-1998]

patlawson.webtv. [07-10-1998]

Ron Gilbert, born Haddon Heights N.J. now in Calif (Yosemite) [07-10-1998]

Wayne Homan, Myrtle Beach now - originally from SE PA. [07-10-1998]

will be visiting philly aug 11-14 ,1998,,,will be staying at embassy suites,,
robert and dolores zagby, brooklyn n.y. age,,61 and 58 [07-10-1998]

i'm a fan of betsy ross
jordan, Bristol Rhode Island [07-10-1998]

ANGELA GAMBILL, thompsons, texas 36 years olds [07-15-1998]

ivey welshans, Philly, 26 [07-15-1998]

I found this site most informative.
Vicki McCray, Fl. 36 teacher [07-15-1998]

Neat web site! It is nice to be able to take an interesting tour of something that I may never be able to see in person.
Becky Tompkins, 14 yrs. Catoosa, OK violinist, bagpiper, pianist [07-15-1998]

Connie Moser [07-15-1998]

I visited this site to find out about the American Flag House and Betsy Ross Memorial Association certificate that I have.
Debbie Black, From Indiana [07-15-1998]

I am coming to Philadelphia for my Honeymoon in May of '99. I would like any information you have on Historical places around Philadelphia and Lanaster County . Thank You Debi Palacino
Debi Palacino, miami, FL 29 years old [07-15-1998]

This is a great idea! Love this tour!
Dick Brouillette, Auburn,Maine 04210 [07-15-1998]

This has helped me sort out what I need to do to get our flags back in order and use them properly. It is so important to me that we bring tradition and pride to our Yacht Club. Thanks!
Harriette J. Langemeier, Flag Chairmen-Martinez Yacht Club Martinez, California [07-15-1998]

Gaylene Jones, Sacramento, CA [07-16-1998]

I love early American history and decorate accordingly. At one time my nick name was Miss Liberty.
Wendy Larson, Singer, age 46, Kalamazoo, Michigan [07-16-1998]

Susan M. Kienlen, elementary teacher [07-16-1998]

Patti Williams, northern In. [07-16-1998]

It has been a honor and pleasure to visit. Thank You for inviteing me.
Patty Ross, I live in Live Oak, Fl [07-16-1998]

JUDY CAMPBELL, teacher, El Paso, Texas [07-16-1998]

lacy, Ohio, 31 [07-16-1998]

this is neat
kelsey rose, suffolk 10 [07-16-1998]

shawn koch, ashland,ohio age-7 [07-16-1998]

We are honored that you will have us on your tour. We are teacher and student fulfilling a Civics requirement, and feel the internet will help take the dullness away from summer school. Thank you for providing us with a tour. Neither of us could afford to come to Philadelphia, but we are learning a lot on line!
Heidi Weller and Elizabeth Erdman, Teacher/Student [07-16-1998]

Pat Sharon, Minnesota, 45, teacher [07-16-1998]

we will be visiting your famous home August 20, 1998.
sally van wie [07-16-1998]

I'm going to see Betsy's house this summer. My mom saw it when she was in 6th grade. I'm going to spend a week in Ocean City NJ visiting my great Aunt Rita and great Uncle Jim. This will be my third trip to the ocean! COOL!!!!
Rita Steck, age 9 live in Platteville, WI [07-16-1998]

miranda, 25 indiana [07-16-1998]

Kai-til, bronx,NY Female-40+ [07-16-1998]

Hi! Thanks for having this available, I'm excited to share this with my class.
ERin Thorp, teacher, so. california, 23 yrs. old [07-16-1998]

I am a homeschool mom looking for the history of Betsy Ross for our unit on the Revolutionary War. Thank you for bringing History into our homes.
Kimberly Spencer, Carterville, MO [07-17-1998]

I'm excited about using this site with my second graders at the beginning of the school year to introduce the use of the internet in our classroom!
Cathy Canipe, 1st/2nd grade teacher in San Antonio, TX [07-17-1998]

Anne Sekula, 4th grade teacher [07-17-1998]

I love to visit the areas with a lot of history.
Terri Sampson, history buff [07-17-1998]

Susie Childress, Ozona, Texas 44 elementary teacher [07-17-1998]

Carylon Trahan, Bridge City, Texas [07-17-1998]

Allen Roth, St.Louis MO 64 yrs [07-17-1998]

I very much enjoy web pages like this
Ginger Nalley, love history [07-17-1998]

Found out my family is from Baltimore and wonder if we are related.
William T. Claypoole [07-17-1998]

Thelma McKay [07-17-1998]

Hoping to find some interesting things to share with my students!
Dana Fair, Chicora, PA 5th grade teacher [07-18-1998]

Great, Interesting and Informative.
Adeline L.Moorehead, Jersey City, Age 49 [07-20-1998]

Don & Gina, Prunedale, California [07-20-1998]

Our family visited this house many years ago and enjoyed it. Those children are now parents of teenagers and still remember the images, as do we. God Bless America and the partiots who made her. May we return to the courage and righteous values which made her great.
Charlie Fox,, Alpine Utah [07-20-1998]

I'm retiring flags as part of my Gold Award Project.
Jillian Taylor, Turnersville ,NJ [07-20-1998]

Marcelle Kirkland [07-20-1998]

Ardis Gonzalez, Miami, FL [07-20-1998]

Collector of vintage flags. Your informative text on the flag are very helpful to me. Thought I'd take a tour while I/m here. Thanks
Sheri Smith, Carthage, Mo age 48 [07-20-1998]

Bringing my 5 yr old son for his 1st visit to Philly on 7/29/98. He wishes to tour Betsy Ross's house since they learned about her in Kindergarten this year.
Veronica Martin, New Jersey [07-21-1998]

I really enjoyed visiting Betsy Ross' house. I am learning a lot about history.
Brittany Meo, Arlington, Texas 6 years old [07-21-1998]

Ian Gall, Beaver,PA 9 yrs.old [07-21-1998]

jacquelyn hale [07-21-1998]

Debra Ruffin, teacher [07-21-1998]

Norman and Judith Phillips [07-21-1998]

Tamatha Salzmann, Elberta, AL [07-21-1998]

I heard that I am related to Betsy Ross. Is there any way I can find out?
Timothy James Robnett, Spokane, 20 [07-21-1998]

Peggy M. Mercurio, East Providence, RI [07-21-1998]

Julie Siwe, Chicago, IL 30 [07-21-1998]

great page!
Kim Dalgarn, Dayton, OH [07-21-1998]

I am so proud to be able to share this site with my 5th grade class in September 1998
Stephanie Caroli, Teacher St. Rose of Lima School North Syracuse, NY [07-21-1998]

George M Aldana, Newark, CA [07-21-1998]

I did a book report on Betsy Ross and loved it!
Stephanie, Mesa, Arizona [07-22-1998]

enjoyed our historic tour
mary walker [07-22-1998]

Ellie Giannelli, Southington, CT [07-22-1998]

I am in college. I have plans to become an elementary school teacher and am trying to find resources that may be of value towrd this goal.
Kim Macduff, El Cajon, Ca Age 36, Mother of 2 daughters [07-22-1998]

Am new to internet. Love this home page. Thanks!
shirley e brown, Retired administrative clerk, age 66 and a proud american [07-23-1998]

DEBRA A GOYENA [07-23-1998]

I enjoyed the visit!
Joan F. Whiteley, kindergarten teacher [07-23-1998]

Stevan B. Hester, Oxnard, CA [07-23-1998]

My 4th grade students loved learning about Betsy Ross, so I thought I'd explore this site for future use.
Carol Cunningham, Rockville, VA [07-23-1998]

Here's to you Betsy!
Choice Tidwell [07-24-1998]

I was looking for exact size and material that the original was made of, I wanted to make one for myself.
Robin Decker, Live in rural area, just north of Kansas City MO, 38wf [07-24-1998]

I visited this historic house when I was in High School as part of a UN trip I earned. I will enjoy seeing it again :)
Susan Hammill, Atlanta, GA [07-24-1998]

Brandi Custer [07-24-1998]

Interesting site. Thank you for putting it together.
David White, Atlanta Georgia [07-24-1998]

Janelle Rossow, elementary teacher [07-27-1998]

The older I get, the more I enjoy history.
Gail DeBono, Helena, MT [07-27-1998]

went thru the house few years ago. enjoyed
Brennan, just interested [07-27-1998]

Janice L. McGrew, teacher [07-27-1998]

As a historian, I have always admired Betsy Ross.
Ross Levi King, 50 yrs. of age, married, live in Layton, UT, genealogist [07-27-1998]

Shani Akkerman, Native Californian; 2nd grade teacher [07-27-1998]

Bobbie Colby, Newyork [07-27-1998]

From my house to yours.... God Bless
Betsy Ross, Wallingford, PA [07-27-1998]

I love living in Phila. I'm proud of the history.
JoAnna, Phila 16 [07-27-1998]

ladydrmr, Idaho Falls, ID [07-27-1998]

will be traveling to philadelphia next month
maria sarraff, miami [07-28-1998]

Lucretia Brochu, New Hampshire 5 girl [07-28-1998]

Descendent of Revolutionary Patriots. Capt. John WETZEL and Pvt. Martin WETZEL.
Gerald L. Wetzel, Virginia Beach, VA (69) [07-28-1998]

Kate Davis, Teacher-fourth grade [07-28-1998]

Great job-we found this sight very interesting. Katie did not know who Betsy Ross was!
Andrew-Sharon-Katie Cummins, Laguna Vista, TX [07-28-1998]

I am a storyteller. I do Betsy Ross, Martha Washington, Maud Baum and Miss Jones the One Room School Teacher.
Leann, South Dakota [07-29-1998]

Hi Betsy, nice house. Thanks for the HomePage
Frances Telles - Christy Gallegos, 10 yrs old we live in El Paso, Texas we goto Hueco Elementary School [07-29-1998]

mklinger, Teacher - Grade two [07-29-1998]

Raechel Byrne-Grabarz, Seymour, CT [07-29-1998]

Bryan Dickerson, Berthoud Co. [07-29-1998]

We are all very proud of our American flag and its symbolism.
Carol McNulty, Teacher 4th Grade at Mackin Elementary School [07-29-1998]


Needed a copy of flag etiquite, thank you
James Cayey, Supt. Public Works, Town of Colton, Colton, NY 13625 [07-30-1998]

I want to use this with my fifth graders in 1998-99.
Debra Orton, Teacher, Goose Creek, SC [07-31-1998]

Pam McCall, 36 year old homeschooling mom [07-31-1998]

Joseph J Denisco, age 43 live in suburban philadelphia [07-31-1998]

I am from the philadelphia area and just got home sick and started to look on the wed site for some home pictures that would remain me of the home town that i love
Henry T. Miller, 15822 montgomery dr. fontana Ca 92336-1732 [07-31-1998]

Deborah Hice [07-31-1998]

Brenda L. Noel [07-31-1998]

William E. Popp, 62 Philadelphia [08-05-1998]

i'm looking forward to my visit to philadelphia this weekend
karen ehrlich jackson [08-05-1998]

ALBERT C. YERKS, AGE 37, THORNWOOD, NEW YORK 10594 [08-05-1998]

christina vega, san benito, tx---24 yrs [08-05-1998]

I have been to Philadelphia twice recently and missed the Betsy Ross house. We are going again this summer, and plan to visit the Betsy Ross house EARLY in our touring.
Felicity Coe, Northern Virginia [08-05-1998]

Jacqueline Centeno-Bustamante, Altamonte Springs, FL, 37, married 2 children [08-05-1998]

Homeschooling using Five in a Row. Beyond Five in a Row includes the Childhood of Famous Americans story about Betsy Ross. We are currently reading and studying this book. This website is great!
Krista McQuery, Kansas [08-05-1998]

Jennifer Lange, I'm from Rochelle, TX; age 16 [08-05-1998]

Jerry Burch, Gulfport,MS [08-05-1998]

What a wonderful site!! I to am proud to be an AMERICAN and wouldn't give up my freedom for anything!!! I'm glad too see that kids are enjoying this site too.
Amy Flegel, 25 years old, Live in Boise, Idaho, Married with 1 child [08-06-1998]

Tara Timpanaro, 27 year old teacher in Perth Amboy NJ [08-06-1998]

Amy Augustine, location: Phoenix, AZ age: 25 [08-06-1998]

Frank Catinella, port stlucie,fl,78 [08-06-1998]

c. reuteler, kenosha, wisconsin- primary multiage teacher who has visited betsy's house and would like her studetns to see it too [08-06-1998]

Just visiting
Angie Post, Georgia [08-06-1998]

Mr.& Mrs. David Smith, Northern Illinois [08-06-1998]

Virginia H. Podolak, Burlington, NJ [08-06-1998]

Joanne Ahrens, Fairdealing, Kentucky [08-06-1998]

Gwendolyn Wachter, Westminster, MD, 23 [08-06-1998]

Jody Likes, H.S. teacher of L.D., Illinois [08-06-1998]

Sheri Long [08-06-1998]

Kristen Isbeque, 22, Spring Arbor College, Spring Arbor, MI 49283 [08-06-1998]

This site is amazing. I will use it with my students this year. Thank you for your creation.
Kim Burns, teacher [08-06-1998]

Kathy Lewis, teacher from KY [08-06-1998]

Esme' Hernandez [08-06-1998]

Paula Bowling, I live Louisiana. I am 52 yrs. old and quite sick [08-06-1998]

Elena [08-09-1998]

Regina Meeler, 2nd Grade Teacher in Georgia [08-09-1998]

Cindy Allen [08-09-1998]

the tour of betsy house is fasinating. i visited her home when i was a small child and it is great to go back through the pictures and see all of this again. thanks for letting me tour
sheri johnson, austintown, ohio [08-10-1998]


Brother and I are coming to visit Philly in one week and I wanted to find out all the places to tour. Can't wait to see all the history at hand. I love the american flag and hope to find a great souvinier of my trip to Philly.
Jeana Thayer, Scottsdale, Arizona. Age 25. [08-12-1998]

jim brown [08-12-1998]

Joseph Prescia, From Pueblo, Co., age 40, owner of maintenance business called "American Joe", born in Independence, La. [08-12-1998]

jenny weston, Newport News VA Age 12 [08-12-1998]

just browsing....
Pat, teacher [08-12-1998]

Margaret Swanson, Red Oak, IA, Age 33 [08-12-1998]

kathy ellis, 8 years old [08-12-1998]

Phyllis Musselman, Arcata, CA [08-13-1998]

My class is studying the American Revolution and information about Betsy Ross would be helpful.
Felicia Arnold, New Jersey teacher [08-13-1998]

Want to see some great flag stuff.
Wendi Turner, Claremont, CA, 29, Student [08-15-1998]

Anne McGillivray, California teacher [08-15-1998]

We love 'ya, Betsy!
Jody Grinnell [08-15-1998]

Thanks for making this page I really like it. :-)
Kathryn Jones, live in Lincolnton, NC I'am 12 years old [08-15-1998]

WILLIAM kLINE, New Jersey [08-15-1998]

Brandy Phy, age11 [08-16-1998]

Jeanne Heath, Washington State [08-16-1998]

I was pleased to find this information to share with my Brownie Troop at one of our next meetings .
Johanna Anderson, Brownie Troop Leader, Wisconsin #94 [08-24-1998]

william wagner, Reading,PA 38 [08-24-1998]

R. H. Nickles, Ridgecrest, CA./ age 63 Freemason and RAM / Retired civil service [08-24-1998]

this is a great site keep up the good work thanks
mike lovett, 27,utah,love history has 3 girls 1 boy [08-24-1998]

Theresa Portzer, South Hill, VA 22 yrs. old [08-24-1998]

Looking forward to taking this tour through history!
Mary Catherine Somerset, Washington, DC [08-24-1998]

David Howery, Seattle Washington [08-24-1998]

We visited the home this summer and we all really enjoyed the tour very much.
Cheryl R. Sheridan, Knoxville, TN [08-24-1998]

Byron Frank, Elkhorn, NE [08-24-1998]

carol kratenstein, teacher of fourth grade in Port Washington, N.Y [08-24-1998]

jennie fields, nyc 45 yrs old [08-24-1998]

Paula Harry [08-24-1998]

Carrie Caldwell, Cavazos Junior High, Lubbock, Texas [08-24-1998]

Visited the Betsy Ross House in 1978.
Richard Griscom, Morristown, TN, age 72 [08-24-1998]

Evelyn Vermilyea, North Oregon Coast [08-24-1998]


Dian Duoto, Houston, Texas [08-24-1998]

My family and I are arriving in Philadelphia tomorrow for a two day stay. We look forward to taking a walk through history. Maybe we will leave remembering what made our country so great. When we return home hopefully we can try to renew that energy in our own hometown.
anonymous, New York [08-24-1998]

Tom Mattingly, Cincinnati, OH [08-24-1998]

robin sharpee, indiana i am 33 [08-24-1998]

We did not get to visit the home when we wer in Philly this summer so this is the next-best thing.
Joan Wochomurka, Kiln,MS [08-24-1998]

Enjoyed tour. Raised in Philadelphia and visted house several times as a boy.
Leonard T. Wright, Ph.D., 77 years [08-24-1998]

Lawrence Carroll, New York 27 [08-24-1998]

I love to quilt, I work with children.
Stacy Hartung, Hamilton, Montana [08-24-1998]

Michael Svoboda, St. Paul, MN age 8 in 3rd grade [08-24-1998]

The Bailey Family, Methuen, MA [08-24-1998]

Howdy America
J.E. Oberg, Minnesota [08-24-1998]

Jill Hicks, Illinois [08-24-1998]

Fantastic page.
Allen Bennett, 4th grade teacher, Grand Prairie, TX [08-24-1998]

This is way cool
Kelie [08-24-1998]

Stephen portrayed Gen. George Washington in a Homeschool production of "Old Glory Grows Up", in honor of our Flag. The play was directed by Leisa Proctor, in Modesto, CA. in the Spring of 1998.
Marlo, Stephen & Mason Fryer, 29,11,8 [08-25-1998]

lacy thomas corey [08-25-1998]

Anna Mieszkowska [08-25-1998]

Madeline Rowland [08-25-1998]

neal morrison, marietta ga [08-25-1998]

claudine bennett, poulsbo , washington i am a locator of missing ppl and do skip tracing etc [08-26-1998]

Thanks for providing some excellent information for our homeschool study on the United States Flag.
Freda Herrell, Middletown, OH [08-28-1998]

Robert J Acheson, From Philly but stationed in VA (Military), 35 [08-28-1998]

Deborah Conlon [08-28-1998]

Lori Ross [08-28-1998]

Jaime Hasbrouck, Ida Grove, Iowa [08-28-1998]

will visit in September
Marian Santoli [08-28-1998]

I am surfing the net and found you! Tour Sounds great ! >From historic Plymouth MA.
Andrea Daly, History buff [08-28-1998]

Helping my daughter do a history report.
Rita Crapps, Almost 40 [08-28-1998]

Your site is great. My students have found lots of information here they can understand and use. Thank you.
Margaret G. Houser, I am a special education teacher using this site as an educational tool. [08-28-1998]

Thomas Watts, 46 year old teacher [08-28-1998]

Jennifer Clarke, Indiana [08-28-1998]

cathie murtagh [08-28-1998]

Barbara, Adult [08-28-1998]

This is a great page. I'm proud to be named after her (though my middle name isn't "Ross").
Betsy W., I live in California [08-28-1998]

Alice Baker & Lisa Klabouch, 3rd grade teachers [08-31-1998]

Charles Fogle, Maryland [08-31-1998]

I love reading about 18th century American history, and am very pleased to find such excellent sites on the Web. Keep up the good work!
Debbie Whited, Columbus, OH Age 43 [08-31-1998]

J.L. Margason [08-31-1998]

Doing a social studies project on women in history and need to dress up like someone and then teach a lesson about something they did or something influential happening at that time such as the constitution.
Jennifer Huggins, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 21 yrs old, elementary education major [08-31-1998]

Just checking out your page for ideas on creating a "virtual" tour of Dr. King's Birth Home.
John Huth, Park Ranger at Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site in Atlanta, Georgia. [08-31-1998]

Julie, philadelphia, 16 yrs. old [08-31-1998]

Hurrah for the flag of the free!
L. Cummings [08-31-1998]

Mary J. Pealer [08-31-1998]

Rosemaria Paravicini, Phila., PA , 45, Teacher [08-31-1998]

Tiffany McCabe, 15 [08-31-1998]

need information for my grandaughter
richard springhall, coldwater mi. 59 years old [08-31-1998]

Good morning! Good to see so many things on the internet about my hometown. I have visited your museum several times. Thanks for sharing your patriotic history with so much of the world that cannot travel to Philly. God Bless, Lane Williams, Jr. 813 Deercrest Lane Evans, GA 30809 706-855-0562 (Home) 706-721-6754 (Work - Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, GA)
Ralph Lane Williams, Jr., Born in America's First Capitol November 19, 1943 [09-01-1998]

mike ponichtera, springfield or [09-01-1998]

richard hammond, ilion new york,48 [09-01-1998]

Jennifer Duerksen, okc, 28, museum curator, UCO edmond, ok [09-01-1998]

clara h. lee, ahoskie, north carolina age 37 [09-01-1998]

Melissa Bautch, I live in Independence,Wi I am 15 years old [09-02-1998]

The first sewing project I ever made was a Betsy Ross flag.
Jill Church, aspiring children's writer [09-02-1998]

I'm coming to visit the House on Saturday!!!!! Thanks for the pre-tour tour!
Amye Robb, from Clearwater, Florida [09-02-1998]

yukiko, San Francisco resident age 9 Clarendon School [09-02-1998]

The Britten Family, Chicopee, Mass. [09-03-1998]

Danielle [09-03-1998]

pat wright, CAMDENTON,MO [09-03-1998]

Joe R. Lowry [09-04-1998]

Hey Betsy, I wanted to see your house because our first grade play was about you and the beginning of our country. My family is taking me to see the house in person but this was neat. I want a "Betsy" doll also.
D.B., I am a second grader at Sewell School in NJ [09-04-1998]

Alexi Kats, 7 years old [09-04-1998]

Kathy Yokiel, Uniontown, PA. [09-04-1998]

Daisy Angel, Philly, 28 [09-04-1998]

Tucker, Teacher [09-04-1998]

Our Fall Camporee Theme Is "These United States". I Am Gathering Information To Use At This Event.
Pamela Van Burne, Fall Activity Chairperson For Boy Scout District [09-04-1998]

Gabriel Ysmael Bancure, ask? [09-06-1998] [-If you're referring to the Harold Robbins novel, try the bookstore or library -Webmaster]

Christie, new Jersey and 24 [09-06-1998]

As Director of Public Programming for Historic Fort Mifflin on the Delaware, I offer a program on the history of the American Flag. It is wonderful to offer a more personal side of Betsy Ross to the school children who visit us here. Thank you so much!
Linda Susan Callegari, Hometown: Lower Gwynedd, Pennsylvania [09-06-1998]

Joseph Painter, New York State [09-06-1998]

Dick Harvin, Cal,63yrs old and according to family lore lelated to B.ROSS [09-07-1998]

Rita Kaulback, Hudson, Massachusetts [09-07-1998]

Wonderful sight! Efficient, well organized, enjoyable.
Patricia Smith, Texas [09-07-1998]

Iva Heide, San Marcos, Ca Librarian at a Middle School checking out websites for students. [09-07-1998]

Dana Coldiron, Social Studies Teacher Grades 5-8 [09-07-1998]

Karl E. Hippensteel, Pa.,34, Love American history. [09-07-1998]

Peggy Cardwell, Mom [09-07-1998]


Alexandra Glasscock, I am 10 and live in Boulder, Colorado. [09-08-1998]

Stephanie Hill, Elementary Education college student at University of Central Florida [09-08-1998]

Cool site!
Liz Spears, Elementary education major at UCF [09-08-1998]

Great place to get information. Came here looking for information on flags for my Girl Scout Troop and Cub Scout Troop.
Karen Burnett, New Braunfels Texas [09-08-1998]

lisa hipp, houston, tx, this is for school [09-08-1998]

Raymond A. Falvo, Washington, DC [09-08-1998]

don roberts [09-08-1998]

Thank you so much for putting betsy's house on the internet otherwise I would not be able to see it.
Anna David, age 33 oklahoma [09-08-1998]

Renee' Faris, Houston, TX [09-08-1998]

Jeanne Palmer [09-09-1998]

Shelah Blair [09-10-1998]

Our K teachers want to make a booklet about famous Americans including pictures to show their students. This booklet is to be used in K and passed along to first grade teachers to review the facts for students.
Barbara A. Woodford, Library/Media Specialist New London Academy Va. [09-10-1998]

Marilyn Neely, Little Falls, NY [09-10-1998]

c-klement [09-10-1998]

HANNAH, STIDEMT 16 [09-10-1998]

We loved the house of Betsy Ross. We enjoyed the tour and learned a lot.
Holli Burkett, Jesse Flores, Donna Stone, Florence High School, Florence, Texas [09-10-1998]

Sheila Hunt [09-10-1998]

From Phila, went to John Bartram h.s. Left phila in 1979 to join the Marine corps till 1986. My parents still reside in west phila.
robert dorsey, Downingtown , age 37, Disabled Vet. [09-10-1998]

Jeff Kuehn, San Francisco, CA Age 28 [09-10-1998]

I read about Betsy Ross is my history book last year. I love history.
ellie weston, 8 yr old home-schooler from southwest missour [09-10-1998]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross
Lynette Hauser, 13, victorville, ca [09-11-1998]

I think this site is very educational and informative.
Adult Basic and Literacy Education, academic skill building /G.E.D. [09-11-1998]

Looking for rules and regs pertaining to properly flying the US flag.
Mark Swann, Houston texas [09-11-1998]

Valerie Witt, Las Vegas, Nevada Age 12 [09-11-1998]

jessica muir, ny, 8 [09-11-1998]

Scott D. Hagen [09-11-1998]

matthew john gallagher, 5 years old [09-11-1998]

We are studying the American Flag and what is stands for in our homeschool. This is a neat way to actually visit Mrs. Ross' house without even leaving our own. Thank you for this website!
Joshua, Jacob and Hanna Darty, 7, 6 and 4 years old and we live in Cumby, Texas [09-11-1998]

Julie, student [09-11-1998]

Jocelyn Clifford [09-11-1998]

keisha [09-11-1998]

Berly [09-11-1998]

This web-site is so cool!!!
Amber, Arizona [09-12-1998]

julie, 35,minnesota [09-12-1998]

Read about your site in "This Old House" magazine out of Boston and I'm a lifelong Philly boy.
Vince Marano III, 41,Electrician in suburban schools,College at night [09-12-1998]

Our Grange is doing a patriotic program next week and I have the honor of portraying Betsy Ross. Perhaps she is a relative of mine, as my grandmother's maiden name was Ross. In the near future, I plan to trace our lineage. I've always wondered i,f perhaps, my ancestry does trace back to her. We do have one thing in common, I love to sew.
Joyce Fortney, Carmichaels, PA - 53 - School Secretary - Wife - Mother - Grandmother [09-12-1998]

BreAnna Casalinova, 8yrs old Akron, OH [09-12-1998]

ashlea ross, columbus oh. 15 years old dostent rel. of betsy. [09-12-1998]

hi Betsy, Iam helping my son with a school project. I havent been to your house in abouy 30 years. My middle name is Betsy
Diane Lavelle, Philadelphia, 47, [09-12-1998]

Sherry & Bryan Robinson, Coconut Ck. Fl. [09-12-1998]

Hey, I was named after her!
Betsy Callender, Purdue University [09-13-1998]

Martha Schmehl, St. Louis, MO [09-13-1998]

William R Killinger [09-13-1998]

JULIE JACKSON [09-13-1998]

LaRae Jones, Douglas, Alaska [09-14-1998]

Amber Hislop, I live in Utah I'm 17 years old. [09-14-1998]

John Musgrove, from Oklahoma - helping 7th grade daughter with project [09-14-1998]

Research, facts and projects needed for children grades K-5
Tom Palumbo, Teacher/History buff [09-14-1998]

I need information of the American flag and other symbols of our country for a social studies unit and language arts unit!!! HELP!!!
Jessica L. Standaert, From Glenwood City WI, 21 years old, elementary ed. major [09-15-1998]

I've visited the house when I was in Philadelphia, and I'm anxious to see the virtual tour!
Judy Ignasiak, Computer Teacher K-8, Columbus OH [09-15-1998]

Joel McComiskey, 13 Vermont [09-15-1998]

Kristen Burner, Apopka, Florida, 16 [09-15-1998]

Jerry Grafton [09-15-1998]

I've been to Betsy Rosses house one time. It was really interesting!!!! I love the colonial period. I think I might have lived back then. This is my first time on the Web. I just got my computer set up tonight!!! So I'm just experimenting!!!
Abigail Miles, Wheaton College Freshman Norton Mass [09-15-1998]

According to my family history, I'm related to Betsy Ross. Do you have any information on John Ross. I have in my files that there were three brothers that came from Ireland together and located in the area. I would love to hear from you regarding this. Thank you very much. Linetta Powell
Linetta Marie (Ross) Powell, Littleton, Colorado 80124 , 13286 Rigel Dr. [09-15-1998]

I just finished a book about Betsy Ross
Margaret J. Langner, Sparland IL, 4th grade 9 1/2 years old [09-15-1998]

~*~Princess Megan Ely~*~, I live in Findlay Ohio, I'm 15 years old and I go to Findlay High School. [09-15-1998]

If you haven't actually been there, you need to go!!!!!
Heather Heimbach, 19, Mandeville,Louisiana [09-15-1998]

Angela Casteel Parker, Little Rock, AR [09-15-1998]

I quickly found the info I wanted about the 49 star flag. Thanks for being here!
Mary Crook, Age 52+3 days, from Yachats, Oregon [09-15-1998]

Susan Paul, edmonton, student, 28 years [09-16-1998]

Hi betsy
Kim Sauer, 13 [09-16-1998]

Mrs. Dupre' [09-16-1998]

austin, San Diego [09-16-1998]

Great Website !
Kaitlin, San Diego age 10 [09-16-1998]

Great Website.
Steve and Brian, San Diego CA [09-16-1998]

Great Website
kevin and john, San Diego CA [09-16-1998]

Great Web Site!
Holly, Sang-Hee, and Jenny, San Diego,California [09-16-1998]

Jim Maio, 54 M [09-16-1998]

Jennie Findlay, Michigan age 15 [09-17-1998]

joe, 10 [09-17-1998]

Debbie Stockton Grubbs, California 42 [09-17-1998]

someday i want to visit in person
christian mahoney, 8 years old, boy, longview, wa [09-17-1998]

kathy Gardner [09-17-1998]

lycia weber, myrtle beach south carolina, age 19 [09-18-1998]

I heard that Betsy Ross was just a seamstress and that she was just hired to make the flag. She did not really "design" that!My history teacher told me that Betsy Ross' family made that rumor!
Wincess, I heard something to tell you [09-18-1998]

I think you made up my mind to take a trip to Philadelphia....
Gene Robinson, Western Massachusetts [09-18-1998]

AMANDA [09-18-1998]

Information gathered here Im useing at my Chief's Call to Initiation - Theme: Heros Past & Present
Brenda Tonkin-Rider, PCPO(SK) USCG ISC/ISA Ketchikan, AK [09-18-1998]

So glad you are able to reach so, so, many people who will never be able to visit in person. Good Luck to your project.
Mary Lynn Johnson, 53 from West Virginia [09-18-1998]

I am visiting as part of Mrs. Payne's US History class.
Larissa L. Robtoy, I live in Cobleskill, NY and I am 16 [09-18-1998]

Kristina Russell, 16 years old, Richmondville, NY [09-18-1998]

Stephanie Gass, 16 yrs, Cobleskill, NY [09-18-1998]

Steve and Cherry Gustilo, I live in Fontana, Ca. I am happily married to Steve Gustilo, we have 3 children, Jonathan, Jon-Michael and Lizelle. [09-18-1998]


Neal and Vickie Loes, Live in Ames, IA and making our first trip to Philadelphia next week. [09-19-1998]

I'm working on an Internet project in Social Studies.
Gregory Mathurin, I am 10 years old [09-19-1998]

I am working on a flag project for school and I am taking the virtual tour through the Betsy Ross House to obtain information for my project.
Matthew, From Maine, 8 yrs old. [09-19-1998]

Anne Catherine, 16, Maryland [09-19-1998]

Adam Zoellner, Liverpool, New York age 10 [09-19-1998]

Marie Crutchley-Smith, Phila. PA19134 [09-19-1998]

Rebecca M. Orosco, ohio state university student [09-20-1998]

What fun! I enjoyed visiting your sight. What a nice service. I am sure you have helped many students.
Karen Snyder, mother helping teenage son surf for history info [09-20-1998]

information on flag and the starting time
daniel watson, 5 [09-21-1998]

gabrielle gove, syracuse, ny [09-21-1998]

Looking for American flag information for flag talks for the DAR.
Aileen Novak, DAR member [09-21-1998]

Been years since I've been to the Betsy Ross house. Thought I needed to stop in!
Pete Fletcher, Quakertown, PA age 28 [09-21-1998]

I think this site is pretty cool.
Andy Schaefer, Cicero, NY 10 years old [09-21-1998]

caleigh weatherup, 10 [09-21-1998]

JoLynn John, Utah, 30 yr old mom of 2 [09-21-1998]

Planning a day or two lesson on the flag. If you've got any info that would be of interest to my high school age students, I would appreciate it being forwarded. I plan to take them to the I-net lab when it is open for them...perhaps to tour Betsy Ross' house.
Kay Gibson, Special Ed Teacher [09-21-1998]

Nice site. I plan to use it with my class because we just finished a study of the Pledge of Allegiance and the Star- Spangled Banner. My resources give credit to another lady during the war of 1812 - Mrs. Pickersgill. Would like more information on Betsy Ross, because they say her story is basically unsubstantiated.
Mrs. Shirley Birk, Cortez, Colorado - teacher - finding sites to use with 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade class [09-21-1998]

Katie Danial, Syracuse, NY, 10 [09-21-1998]

doug davis [09-21-1998]

Kaleigh Ann Ciereck [09-21-1998]

Kaleigh Ann Ciereck, I am a 5th Grade Student at St Rose of Lima School, North Syracuse, NY [09-21-1998]

This tour is a homework assignment that I had to do. I found this tour very interesting and helpful to my homework.
Amanda Burke, New York.Age 10, 5th grade [09-21-1998]

rmckee, ohio [09-21-1998]

I Select This Tour For My Son Carlos Pagan, He Is In Middle School And I Was Helping Him With Social Studies Class. Your Information Was Very Helpful.

Thank you for this opportunity. We have been doing a unit study on Betsy Ross and this will be very imformative.
Vicky Burdette (Emily, Staci and Rachel), Burdette Homeschool [09-22-1998]

Cara and katrina, i am great! [09-22-1998]

Mrs. Wallace's third grade class, third graders, Benvenue Elementary [09-22-1998]

My class is entering a flag drawing contest for Veteran's Day. We decided to tour Besty Ross's house before we did our drawings. Thank you for letting us visit.
Mrs. Judi Welch's First grade Class [09-22-1998]

richard devors, dent middle , 13 , single [09-22-1998]

Reginald Hicks, Student/Police Officer [09-22-1998]

Our class has been studying the flag.
Pleasant View School 3rd and 5th grades, Pleasant View, Colorado 81331 [09-22-1998]

patrick, 10 [09-22-1998]

Learning about the year 1776.
A. Taylor, 7th Grade [09-22-1998]

Tara & Tisha [09-22-1998]

Lauren Jennie, PA, 13, [09-22-1998]

Sheila Francis, Boise, Id Age 10 [09-22-1998]

Abe Rollins, 11 yr old in Snohomish Wa. i am doing a book report on Betsy Ross [09-22-1998]

patrick, 10 [09-22-1998]

I think betsy Ross is really cool to learn about. And she's very important in our country's history
Alexandra Seltzer, I'm 11 years old [09-22-1998]

tj, westside [09-22-1998]

I like this country.
micah thompson, s.c. 6years boy [09-22-1998]

I am taking a women's history course and we are writing a paper on women during the revolutionary war.
Laura Monteith, I am a 20 years old and I am in my third year at Providence College, in Providence, RI. [09-23-1998]

Jean K. Fox, Age 36. I am a Life Member of DAVA #4 Kalispell Montana [09-23-1998]

Jennifer Van Deraa, Wisconsin, 13 [09-23-1998]

Marilyn Hock [09-23-1998]

Looking forward to visiting Betsy Ross' house around Thanksgiving! I'll bring my two children who share Betsy's last name!!!
Gretchen Arntz [09-24-1998]

We've been studying the American flag.
Pleasant View School 4th Grade, Pleasant View, Colorado [09-24-1998]

Great web page. I enjoyed it.
Hugh Good, Decatur, Il Social Studies Teacher [09-24-1998]

I am studying about Betsy Ross in my school. This information has been very helpful and interesting to me.
Katie Marie Smith, age 8 [09-24-1998]

thank Disney.Com and Disney Internet Guide for including you on one of there "Web Tours". You have a great site, and I agree that the internet should be used for beneficial purposes. thank you
gw van alstine, M, 26, St. Louis [09-24-1998]

Kristen Schmaelzle [09-24-1998]

Ruth Gehrtz, Live in Illinois,age 49, married w/3 children [09-24-1998]

I am writing an essay over teh symbolism of the flag and find your sight.
Jessica Honeycutt, Tulsa, OK 16 [09-24-1998]

I am doing a biography on Betsy Ross. I hope this site will help!
Amanda, 13 [09-24-1998]

I learned about Betsy Ross in preschool today. I wanted to see a picture of her so my mom helped me find this website. I learned that George Washington was the 1st president and that he couldn't sew. Thats when I learned about Betsy Ross, she knew how to sew and made the flag. I printed out a picture of her and brought in to preschool the next day.
Benjamin Lloyd, Age 4 [09-24-1998]

Glenda Trogdon Allen, Butler, Mo age 53 [09-24-1998]

Hi, my name is Honeymae and i really love the history espeacialy on Pennsylvania!!!!!
Honeymae Surmillon Fike [09-24-1998]

I have never really taken much interest in Betsy Ross until this year when we had a serious discussion as to whether or not it really was Betsy Ross really did sew the first American flag.
Jessi Cramer, Appleton 16 [09-25-1998]

Debra Carlson, I'm from Batavia, IL and will be traveling to Philadelphia for a convention [09-25-1998]

Enriched Kindergarten [09-25-1998]

Liz, 14 [09-27-1998]

robert smith [09-27-1998]

Betsy Ross was a great pariot, and should always be remembered that way.
Catherine Drew, Cleveland,OH 13 [09-27-1998]

Wanted to get to know some history
David Small, Fleetwood Pa. Age 5 [09-27-1998]


Vicki Couture [09-27-1998]

Julio E. Delgado, Miami, 51 years old [09-27-1998]

Debbie, Ambler Pennsylvania [09-27-1998]

Karen [09-27-1998]

I am looking for sites for the 4th grade to visit concerning the American Revolution. This is great!
Joan Cabiness, Media specialist in Ellicott City, Maryland [09-27-1998]

I am participating in this year's Veteran's Day program with my school. I want to dress like Betsy Ross and give a 5 minute speech about her and the making of the flag as part of the program.
Brandy, Colorado [09-27-1998]

I'm doing a reserch paper on Betys Ross. If their is any inforamation that you think may help me can you please email me. Thanks Amy
Amy McKevitt, CT, 24 [09-27-1998]

Susan A. Ricketts [10-01-1998]

Deb Decker, CBMS, Umatilla [10-01-1998]

Nice site.
Matt Berglund, 15 [10-01-1998]

melissa hall, teacher [10-01-1998]

Kathy Naquin, Teacher from Thibodaux [10-01-1998]

Thanks for making this available to my students. Next time in Philly I will be sure to stop and see you .
Jim Means, US History teacher 8th Grade [10-01-1998]

Jennifer Leiker, Salina KS [10-01-1998]

Great website! Very informative and the next-best-thing-to-being-there! I found this while I was helping my 9 year old goddaughter do research on women in history. The students are going to dress up as famous people in history for Halloween this year and they have do research the person they are portraying. Your website was perfect! Saved us a trip to the library and provided a wonderful visual tour that we hadn't planned on. Thank-you!
Suzanne Beringer, Spokane, WA; age 46` [10-01-1998]

I toured this as a child in 1963 when I lived in N.J., and I want to see it again now that I live in Colorado.
Carmen Cairns, Pueblo Colorado [10-01-1998]

jerry noble, age-42 [10-01-1998]

Gerri Webster, Olathe Ks., mom of 5 ,homeschool 2 children [10-01-1998]

chris ruegsegger [10-01-1998]

Becky Foust [10-01-1998]

Hi Everyone
Mandy, Pittsburgh,PA, 13 [10-01-1998]

I am researching Betsy Ross for a lesson I am writing to be published on the internet. Thank you for this informative site.
Sondra Mosier, Curriculum Writer [10-01-1998]

Doing a report for school!
NJ Utter [10-01-1998]

I was looking up pics for a report and came across this.
christy_brower [10-01-1998]

Dan Porter [10-01-1998]

steve grenier, 15/m/Maine [10-01-1998]

Brittany E, PA 12 like sports [10-01-1998]

Emily Thomas, quilt teacher in northwest IN [10-01-1998]

Tina West, from Ok. I chose Besty Ross for my term paper [10-01-1998]

A.J.W., Rising Sun MD [10-01-1998]

Michele Shemory, Pennsylvania, 23, mathematics teacher [10-04-1998]

BONNIE WILLARD, Parkland, FL, 11 [10-04-1998]

Jessica St. John, i'm 14 years old [10-04-1998]

nick Ovsepyan, i am a 40 years old elect. tech [10-04-1998]

i thought that this was a very cool idea. i came to this page because my friend was making me look up pictures of the American flag..i thought this page was very exciting and when i saw that i could take a virtual tour of the Betsy Ross house, i was pretty excited. i can't wait to go on the tour. thank you for the very exciting page! :-)
Shannon Vaughan, i'm 19 and from Missouri [10-04-1998]

I was raised in Philadelphia, and I have fond memories of visiting the Betsy Ross House. Now I will be able to tell my students about my own experiences through your pictures and stories.
L. Daucette, virginia [10-04-1998]

rikki [10-04-1998]

this should be a lot of fun. so lets get going.
shannon seery, Portland, Oregon 39and3/4 [10-04-1998]


I really liked your site and learned a lot too. I even gave my teacher a paper from here. Thanks again.
My name is Kyle. I am 7 yrs. old. I came to this site because of a school project about the American Flag. We had to choose one of the American flags from either past or present and make it from what ever we wished . I found everything I needed right here! Thanks a lot! [10-04-1998]

Tracey Simmons, wESTFIRLD, MASS [10-04-1998]

Beth Weiler, New Richmond Middle School [10-04-1998]

keisha Tawes, I am a student teacher in Maryland. [10-04-1998]

Thanks for the tour! We hope to come there for "real" some day.
adam rossi, from Warren, MI [10-04-1998]

This site is really cool and hands on. I came here for a school project, and I appreciate the easy to understand information and pictures. Keep up the good work!!!!!
Katie, Minnesota, age 15 [10-04-1998]

Lexi Kindelspire, New Hope, MN 16 yrs. old go to Totino Grace [10-04-1998]

Hi! I'm excited about taking a tour of Betsy's Ross House
Jil Burke, located in newburgh, [10-04-1998]

We are studying the States this year... this is very interesting
Joana Marschman, Clackamas, Oregon - Fifth Grade [10-04-1998]

Stephen Heck, Teacher at Upper Dublin High School [10-04-1998]

becky shaw [10-04-1998]

marc Pedersen, Marion SD [10-04-1998]

Francisco Cabrera-Roper, 17 [10-05-1998]

SARAH MABRY, VA 13 [10-05-1998]

Ruth Bolden, Knoxville, TN [10-05-1998]

We are working on a school project on Pennsylvania. We found you by looking for the Pennsylvania State Flag.
Jacqueline & Jordan Sommers, Atlanta, Georgia : ages 30 and 9. [10-05-1998]

Lindsay [10-05-1998]

Mary Ethel Haeberlin [10-05-1998]

jessica stewart, Tllahassee FL age 8 [10-05-1998]

This is a great tour. I liked the tour and also the statue of the cats. Thank you! (P.S. from her mother: Thank you for having this on the internet, it helps develop national pride for those of us living so far away.)
Anna Strader, In the 2nd grade, living in Aviano Italy [10-05-1998]

Patrick Whitehead, Williamson, WV [10-05-1998]

I am doing a book report for fishburn el.
Sarah contreras, downey CA 9.5 YAERS OLD10-05-98 [10-05-1998]

I love American History. I found this site to help me better understand a novel I am reading set during the American Revolution in Charlestown, and I have found it fantastic.
Kathy Ranson, Tasmania, Australia, 34 year old female [10-05-1998]

We are working on a school project on Pennsylvania. We found you by looking for the Pennsylvania State Flag.
Jacqueline & Jordan Sommers, Atlanta, Georgia : ages 30 and 9. [10-05-1998]

I am a student at Northwest Elementary School. My brother Michael and I volunteered as extra credit to find out all we can about Betsy Ross. Thank you, Mere
Merdith Martinez, 11 years Lexington, North Carolina [10-05-1998]

I'm sure the "tour" is great! :)
Lauren, Massachusetts [10-05-1998]

I visited the house when I was 9. I look forward to seeing it on the web, now that I am 36. My Dad took me then, now I can show my children thanks to this wonderful device known as the internet.
Barbara Kocab, Columbus, Ohio [10-06-1998]

why are you showing your house on the internet?
jayme crews, oroville,california age 13 [10-06-1998]

L J Peterson [10-06-1998]

Wanda Ross, Upstate NY, 46, Ross by birth. [10-06-1998]

Norton Middle School, Columbus Ohio, 14 years old, interested in the American Flag [10-07-1998]

ashiki bell, chico california [10-09-1998]

marj leable, Oak Lawn, illinois [10-09-1998]

Hi I'm an Orovilian
Michael, I'm an Orovilian [10-09-1998]

erin [10-09-1998]

Kerry Fitzmaurice, Phoenix, Arizona [10-09-1998]

Kim P., Teacher in Arizona [10-09-1998]

cool web site. lots of info. thanks!!!!!
amber and caitlyn ratcliff, 15 and 8 years of age (sisters) [10-09-1998]

Jeff [10-09-1998]

Ryan Kile, 14 [10-09-1998]

Autumn Surbeck, 10 years old Richmond, KY [10-09-1998]

I am very proud to be an American and would not want to live in any other country. I would love to have the chance to tour the New England area extensively so that I could walk in the footsteps of the early Americans.
Sharon Eddins, I am married to Jerry Eddins. We are senior citizens (just barely), retired educators, and live in Corsicana, TX. We taught in public schools and then became administrators. [10-09-1998]

Send me any more information if you can
Meghan Sotro, Calif. Age: 11. This is for my school report [10-09-1998]

Thank god! at least there's a WOMAN who start something after all...
leleng ikeya, I live in Silver City, NM. I'm attending Western New Mexico University here in Silver City. I just turned 21! Hopefully I'll be done with school next fall semester (fall 99). I'm majoring in Sociology and minoring in Geograhpy. [10-09-1998]

becca smith, I 'm 10 years old and i'm doing a report on betsy ross. [10-09-1998]

Stephanie Pileggi [10-09-1998]

Mary Thomas, California - age 30 [10-09-1998]

Doreen McKinnie, 30 [10-09-1998]

Nancy Weller, McKeesport, PA 15132 [10-14-1998]

Emie-Lou Clevenger, 7yrs old GoldsboroNC 2nd grade Meadowland [10-14-1998]

Tracy Stahl, 28 yrs. from Wisconsin [10-14-1998]

John S. Ashley, Teacher, Orlando Fl. [10-14-1998]

Marjorie,Caleb & Charles Davis, Dayton,Ohio [10-14-1998]

Melissa Henderson, Ruston, LA ...student at LA Tech University [10-14-1998]

Al Bailey, Aberdeen, MD [10-14-1998]

Stephaine Tomasulo [10-14-1998]

Renelle Weidner, Reading, 9, doing a project for school [10-14-1998]

Natalie B. Christensen, Tampa, Florida age: 27 Teacher [10-14-1998]

Melissa Hamby, Arkansas ,28,I am a homeschool teacher [10-14-1998]

Amy Quinones, Junior High SS Teacher [10-14-1998]

we are excited to check out Betsy Ross' house since we live at least l4 to l6 hours away
Farmers, n/a [10-14-1998]

Dee Yetter, Minneapolis, MN - 45 years old [10-14-1998]

The "virtual tour" was wonderful. You did a wonderful job on allowing people that do not have the resources to be able to travel, the oppurtunity to see Betsy's home! Excellent job!
Crispin N. Flores, Brownsville, TX - Age: 31 - Profession: U.S. Customs Broker [10-14-1998]

Emily Van Woerkom, C.A 10years 5th grade home schooled [10-14-1998]

Holly, Live in Maine and will be the Americanism Chairman for the Ladies Auxiliary Department of Maine Veterans of Foreign Wars. Thus want a picture of Betsy Ross and history of her as i plan to be Betsy Ross for the year [10-14-1998]

Jean D. Armstrong, Emeryville, CA [10-14-1998]

david levey, akron ohio,,,, age 49 [10-14-1998]

Davey Martinez [10-14-1998]

Marino Vassello, school 15 [10-14-1998]

Can i tour your house
Jason Giersza l, School age15 [10-14-1998]

I came to this page because I decided to write a paper on Betsy Ross. I hope the tour is really cool. Oh Betsy by the way I luv Old Glory!! I hope this will do me some good!!!!!
Gene' McNeese, 13 From Illinois, I go to Kankakee Junior High School [10-14-1998]

I needed to write a speech on a famous person and i found betsy ross's name. This was a great site for me to so my speech. I learned a lot.
Charly, 10 years old [10-14-1998]

I am enjoying your site, my boys ages 5 and 6 are learning about this great flag of ours. The info I have gained from your site will be very helpful in educating them. Thanks!
Regina, colorado [10-14-1998]

betsy ross pate, william angus ross was from leigh, scotland [10-14-1998]

It was a very nice tour. Thank you
Ruth Evans [10-14-1998]

Josh, Ny,21 [10-14-1998]

Carol Dunifon, I am from Ohio and am 58 years old [10-15-1998]

Thanks for the wonderful information on Betsy Ross. This is the character we are researching for our Pumpkin Decorating contest.
Peggy McDonnell, teacher [10-15-1998]

Autumn Nuehring, Madera, Ca - 12yrs. - stuff [10-15-1998]

Jacklyn Witthoft, Social Studies Teacher - High School Age [10-15-1998]

Kim SwistoK, 26 Orange, CA [10-16-1998]

Jennifer Hosmer, Westfield State College 22 years old [10-21-1998]

Anthony S., Age 15 Live in Philly [10-21-1998]

jason castellano [10-21-1998]

I enjoy history and I am looking for ways to get my 7 year old interested in history.
Linda Coleman, I live in Jennings, MO, 42, [10-21-1998]

Martha C. de Rodriguez, México, D. F, 38 [10-21-1998]

Im studying Betsy ross she is pretty cool
Marina heintze [10-21-1998]

Whitney [10-21-1998]

Natalia Castro [10-21-1998]

Wallace D. Newcomb, Searching for the inventor of the binary, electronic computer. [10-21-1998]

Joaquina Arredondo, I live in Italy, Texas. I am 14 years old. [10-21-1998]

John [10-21-1998]

JoAnn swinford, Kansas, age 16 [10-21-1998]

i am in computer class and we are doing a scavenger hunt and you are our subject..
karena boyd, italy,texas 14 female [10-21-1998]

I just started to learn about you !!! hope to learn more!!! have a great day stay sweet!!!!!!
Gabby Anderson, I live in Italy tx, better know as ITA SOLIDERS!!! I'm 15 and love to play basketball!!!! [10-21-1998]

how old was she wen she died. what happened to the first flag?
shorty, student i play football 14 i live in italy ferrow street [10-21-1998]

Tim McNally, 51 [10-21-1998]

Kimberly Clemens, age 10 [10-21-1998]

Thank You for inviting me on this tour.
Nicholas B Johnson, Missouri, 40, Member of the United States Military [10-21-1998]

kyrry [10-21-1998]

amy carter, 29 registered nurse [10-21-1998]

I had to do a report on Betsy Ross after a field trip to Philadelphia recently with my class! It was cool!
Chris Konopik, 13 years old [10-21-1998]

i am doing a report on the flag and national anthem and i am trying to find out the history behind the flag
Brittany C. Barnhiser, S.Charleston,ohio 13yrs [10-22-1998]

I love Winnie-the-Pooh and Beanie babies.
Kristin Soltis, 12, [10-22-1998]

Andrea Parkinson, Akron,IA age 12 [10-22-1998]

Edna Dunn, Grand Junction, TN 38039, Retired [10-22-1998]

laura [10-22-1998]

I love U.S. because I was in San antonio, Texas ‚R years ago. When I lived in San Antonio,I visited at The ALAMO where lots of flags were decolated. I learned the Texas history of the Independence from Mexico. Therefore, I want to know the real Independence of United States. That is very important for my son who was born in the United States. Since my son has citizen-ship of US, I hope that he will become a real American.
Hideyasu Kiyomoto, M.D.& Ph.D., Kagawa, Japan, 34 y.o. Medical doctor works for Kagawa Medical University. [10-22-1998]

Tony Leitz, age10, grade 4th, live in NJ, doing a report on Betsy Ross [10-22-1998]

Tricia Johnson, Age 7, Plano, Texas, USA [10-22-1998]

Ashlee Gaskins [10-22-1998]

I really like the website.
Analuz D., 19 yrs old [10-22-1998]

Bruce Stubblefield [10-22-1998]


David, Wilmington,NC 28412 10 years oldI like Cheese [10-22-1998]

I live in Wilmington, North Carolina. I was surfing and a found this excellent internet sight!
Holly Elizabeth Denner, I go to Pine Valley Elementary, I am 10 years old. [10-22-1998]

Stephanie amaya, 613 John D.Barry,10,pine valley school [10-22-1998]

Make a cake because I'm hungry!
Andrew, Wilmington, N.C. 10 years old 5th Grade [10-22-1998]

I hope this tour will be interesting and I can get and learn interesting facts
Lynsey Elizabeth Olson, Pine Valley Elementary,11 [10-22-1998]

CHRIS, AGE 9 [10-22-1998]

Lydia Chandler, Wilmington N.C,11, fifth grade [10-22-1998]

Kristen Crawford, Wilmington, NC /AGE 10 [10-22-1998]

2nd. Gd. class
Brown, teacher [10-22-1998]

Susan Stavola, Somerset, NJ [10-22-1998]

Scott Sippel [10-22-1998]

lori kline, i'm in iith grade [10-22-1998]

Mary Wells, University of Akron, elem. ed. major, 22yrs. old [10-22-1998]

Danielle Bowman, Hope,Ar. [10-22-1998]

I'm here because I am doing a biography book report on Betsy Ross.
Jessica Neufelder, I live in Indiana and am 13 years old. [10-22-1998]

I have been to Philly so many times and have been to the house and other places such as Library of Congress and so forth and I think that this web site as well as others have been great for resources in my education classes
christine Barnfield, student, 21 [10-22-1998]

Dressing up like Betsy Ross for Halloween for my elemtary students.
Lynn Tierno, 23, New Jersey [10-22-1998]

My students will love this site!
Pam Eliason, second grade teacher [10-22-1998]

Adam Higgins [10-22-1998]

Jeremy Murphy, Stafford, VA [10-22-1998]

Diana L. Morton, Annandale, VA [10-22-1998]

My classmates are: Pam McKinnie, Edward Rowe Jr., Keonia Overall, Tammy Hammonds, and Chris Sweeney. My teacher is Ms. Dee Elston. Our classroom aide is Mrs. Linda S. Robinson. We are studying the American Flag.
April Atkins, I am a sophomore at the Alabama School for the Deaf in Talladega, Alabama. [10-22-1998]

Jean Bailey, NC, Age 52 [10-22-1998]

allison snyder, greenville, nc age 9 [10-22-1998]

Linda Dennin [10-22-1998]

Jenna [10-22-1998]

Looking forward to the tour.
Cathy Roderick, From Indiana [10-22-1998]

I will share this with my Cub Scout leaders and my Webelos Scouts. Thank you for the history.
Dahleen Kendler, Nevada [10-22-1998]

Jamie Miller, Raleigh, North Carolina [10-22-1998]

Melissa Colley, Huntington, WV [10-22-1998]

Judilyn Jones [10-22-1998]

Cybersurfari contestant
Betsy D. Boardwine, Teacher [10-22-1998]

Ramond, I live in Florida, I'm 12 and I'm a boy [10-22-1998]

Susan Small, Bellevue, WA [10-22-1998]

RACHEL CHILD, 8 YEARS OLD [10-22-1998]

bolder [10-22-1998]

Cassie, (9) Chatt.TN [10-22-1998]

Paula Almond, Glenn Duffy Elementary School, Gravette, AR 72736 [10-22-1998]

Tara, I live in KY and am 14 [10-22-1998]

Searching for information for my 2nd grade daughter, for a school project. ref.Betsy Ross
Mark H. Wilson, NREMT-P, South Boston, VA 28 y.o. paramedic [10-22-1998]

Meghan, Vallejo/13 [10-22-1998]

Jim Ross [10-22-1998]

Michelle Rogier [10-22-1998]

Susan Guianen, Erie, Pa. [10-22-1998]

Steven Lee, Royal Oak, Michigan [10-22-1998]

Susan Nooteboom [10-22-1998]

I visited here when I toured Philadelphia. Good site!
Marian Hartley, Klamath Falls, OR [10-23-1998]

STARR, 16 INDIANA [10-23-1998]

I am doing a biography on Betsy Ross for school. Do you have any interesting ideas?
Erica, Age 10 [10-23-1998]

It´s a real fabulous page. I found this page thaks to the CyberSurfari'98 and i liked too much it Congratulations
Edgar Orozco G., Bogotá, Colombia, Male 35 years old [10-23-1998]

Kristen Sorrell, Lansing, Michigan; 27; history major [10-23-1998]

I'm on the Cybersurfari!
Dinah Jopson, Sydney, Australia [10-23-1998]

Sarah Rost, Georgia 17 [10-23-1998]

you have a great layout on your web page with lots of info. why isn't the betsy flag on the flag picture gallery?
RICHARD A. REID, age34 Florida [10-23-1998]

SCOTT KING, IM SO COOL [10-23-1998]

We are the Visions class of 2005.
Evan Dauterive, I love LSU!! I live in Winona, MS [10-23-1998]

Christopher Young, I am 20 years old [10-23-1998]

I am writing a paper on the navigation of your website. So far I am very pleased. Thanks for making my job a little bit easier.
Cheri Lucia Geary, LCCC Student [10-23-1998]

I'm from Greece and my English are not so good!!!

Great info my friend Heidi and I are doing a report on Betsy Ross. This site was very helpful!!!
Chelsea Smith, Center Moriches N.Y. Clayton Huey Elementary 10 Years old [10-23-1998]

kim and kayla [10-23-1998]

I visited the house when in gramar school, I was suprised when I found it on the internet, so I'm visiting it again.
Crystal Murphy-Tippe, Florida, age 60 [10-24-1998]

Marc [10-24-1998]

catherine marvin, new jersey, 9 years old in 3rd grade at Woodrow Wilson School in Westfield [10-24-1998]

Great resource! Thanks, Betsy, for the tip on how to cut a 5-pointed star with one snip of the scissors!
John Dolby, Tucson, AZ [10-24-1998]

I was doing geneology research and found this site. I found it so interesting I spent an hour here learning about one of Americas most important contributors. Thanks
Keli Steven Kear, I am from Meadville, Pennsylvania but I have lived most of my life in San Diego, CA [10-24-1998]

wanted to take the tour of besty house.
sher, im in ohio [10-25-1998]

patrick McGuire, Elementary school teacher [10-25-1998]

Looking for lesson plan activites about the American Flag. This is a great site.
Meghan, Winona State University, Winona MN [10-25-1998]

Douglas K Ross, Hudson Ma [10-25-1998]

Debby Foster, The Colony, Texas, 47, Teacher of the Gifted and Talented [10-28-1998]

you're pretty cool
brent burkett, 14 ohio male [10-28-1998]

megan Patrick [10-28-1998]

tommy hampton, Austin TX age 10 [10-28-1998]

I am looking forward to the tour.
Sharon Sweet, Located in south central Va. about 24 miles from N.C. line. I am a second grade teacher at a rural elementary school. [10-28-1998]

Ashley, sporty kind of gal, also a great friend [10-28-1998]


Thank you for providing this information for everyone to read and view.
enedina rivas [10-28-1998]

Annette Cadosi Wilson, home and Hospital teacher (for sick or injured students) Healdsburg, CA, artist [10-28-1998]

Nanette Holland, Houston, TX; 47 [10-28-1998]

anthony smith [10-28-1998]

Enjoyed the site!
Tammi C., Age:34, Virginia [10-28-1998]

Marcia Coleman - 21st Century 4th Grade Classroom, I teach a classroom of 4th graders with access to 5 student computers and 1 teacher station. We are following the Globalearn Explorers across the United States. We were studing the city of Philadelphia and I wanted to add a little more history about the different cities that the Explorers were visiting. The virtual tours make it like we were on an actual field trip without leaving the classroom. Thank you for making that possible for us. [10-28-1998]

Hello my name is Jessie and I am doing a book report on Betsy Ross. I have enjoyed doing the report.
jessie chandler, Va 12 years old [10-28-1998]

This page is great for my daughters to see where the lady who made our flag lived! Thank-You.....
Carmen Galloway, Pa. [10-28-1998]

Holland, agee11 I love the web sight [10-28-1998]

Grace Leisenheimer, age 8, doing a biography on Betsy Ross at Hilliard Horizon Elementary [10-29-1998]


Erin Foster, 15/MN [10-29-1998]

morgan wilkins, grand rapids, mi. 11yrs old [10-29-1998]

My message is thank you for this wonderful site. It is very helpful! :) Rebecca
Rebecca, I live in Mass. I am 9yrs old. and doing a project on Betsy Ross [10-29-1998]

Brynn Sandquist, I"m very hungry [10-29-1998]

The reason I am interested in BEtsy Ross is that she changed America forever in the way we view our nation. My college reasearch paper is also on her. Please send me all the info. you have on herself and the making of the flag.
anonymous, I'm 21 yrs. old and live in Ca. and love history [10-29-1998]

daughter is doing a research projrct on Betsy Ross. If you can send anythiing a 5th grader might be ablr to use for her report, please do so. Thanks
Helaine Benesh, Balto [10-29-1998]

Gwen Gunter, Media Specialist K-4 [10-29-1998]

Shelly Donaldson, Canton South zHigh School; age18 [10-29-1998]

I like Grant
Kendall, 13 [10-29-1998]


Lorena Trejo [10-29-1998]

I visited the Betsy Ross house whan I was abot 10 years of age and thought it would be interesting to visit on-line.
Lourdes Molina, New York City,30 [10-29-1998]

I'd like to thank betsy ross for doing our flag.
Lisa Romero, I am 10 years old [10-29-1998]

Amanda Riley [10-29-1998]

Looking forward to the tour!
Connie T. Pace, kindergarten teacher--San Antonio, Texas [10-29-1998]

I am doing a report at school on Betsy Ross. Before today the only thing I knew was that she made our flag. I learned a lot about her from this page. Thank you for a good story about her.
Renee Shekoski, Age 11, 5th grade, from Western Kentucky [10-29-1998]

I have 6 daughters, we were learning about Besty Ross
Christi Williams, We live in Utah, 33 yrs old [10-29-1998]

I had to do a report on Betsy Ross after a field trip to Philadelphia recently with my class! It was cool!
Chris Konopik, 13 years old [10-29-1998]

Francis X. Coyne, age 55 ; retired History teacher ; Bellows Falls,VT [10-30-1998]

louis Midkiff, Administrator, Jonesboro, AR 46 years old [10-30-1998]

Julia Fussell, Winston Salem, NC I am a media specialist/teacher for an elementary school. [10-30-1998]

Bill Ammerman [10-30-1998]

Elisabeth [10-30-1998]

Thank-you for sharing this with me.
Shelley Winfield, Waldron, AR. age (36) [10-30-1998]

brenda harold [10-31-1998]

anna revel, phoenix, az [10-31-1998]

pablo, 14/m [10-31-1998]

I bought a 4x5 foot painting of Betsy Ross sewing the flag while visiting Tia Juana, Mexico. I recently gave the painting to a lady I met at church that clings to her maiden name; Betsy Ross.
Donna M. Suloff, Michigan [10-31-1998]

I just drop by to know something about Betsy Ross life and lifestyle. Thanks..
ivy, nj, 16 f [10-31-1998]

D Seaton [10-31-1998]

David French, Cincinnati [10-31-1998]

kathy rivenburg [10-31-1998]

Alvarez Family, California [11-03-1998]

Great web-site.
Ashley Caccamo, NYS, 12, School Project [11-03-1998]

Brad Bole [11-03-1998]

Thank you allowing me to visit your home.
Brenda Jones [11-03-1998]

brianna, 16 somphmore in hs [11-03-1998]

Cally, I am from Colorado and I am a freshman. [11-03-1998]

Denise Beck, Rock Falls, Illinois 32 years old Teacher [11-03-1998]

Erin Broderick, florida 8 years old [11-03-1998]

Greg Williams, Age 11 [11-03-1998]

Jesse Bingaman, Grants Pass,OR 28 active U.S. Navy 4yr. currently 6yrs Navy Reserves [11-03-1998]

thank you
julia k. johnson, morristown tennessee [11-03-1998]

Karen J. Boylan [11-03-1998]

Kate Zimmerman, 9 years old in Herndon, VA [11-03-1998]

lisa, va [11-03-1998]

Thanks for the tour!
M Doherty, New York 43 [11-03-1998]

Misty Perry, Dos Palos, CA. Senior student at Dos Palos High School [11-03-1998]

Patty Michael, Belton, MO [11-03-1998]

Robin Underwood [11-03-1998]

sandy tutton, teacher [11-03-1998]

Sarah Roney [11-03-1998]

I love Philly. It rocks.!!!!
Susan Kleidon, Austin,Tx.,27, former resident of Philly [11-03-1998]

I think it was very cool seeing where Betsy Ross lived. I am doing a book report on her and learned alot about her. Bye!
Tara Bonaldo, Connecticut 8 years old third grade [11-03-1998]

Tim Mendenhall, Spanish Fork, Utah [11-03-1998]

Tina Dan, Columbus, Indiana [11-03-1998]

Ildi Combrinck-Graham, School project for my daughter. [11-03-1998]

Amy Farmer, I live in N.C.. I'm 13 years old [11-03-1998]

ck, i'm a 15 mail, blue eyes, browon hair, 6'3" [11-03-1998]

colleena frazier, virginia, age 23 [11-03-1998]

LINDSAY PATTON, AGE9 [11-03-1998]

BETSY ROSS IS COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!
christie shiels, age 11 bothell washington [11-05-1998]

Elizabeth Lester [11-05-1998]

How long did it take for Betsy Ross to make the flag?
Ms. Jill Warren's 4th grade McKenzie, TN [11-06-1998]

Patty Greer, Hailey Elem. located in the Woodlands near Houston, Texas. [11-06-1998]

Samira, age 7 [11-06-1998]

Sherry Anderson, Live in Kodiak Alaska. Teach 8th grade-US History [11-06-1998]

Working on Craft/Kraft family who migrated from Hesse, Germany around 1847 to Pennsylvania.
Vera Lyne, Oak Hill, KS [11-06-1998]

anonymous [11-06-1998]

bob arnold [11-06-1998]

Brandi Gittins [11-06-1998]

Hi, I have been looking for someone to do my patriotic project on and I thought of betsy ross. this is so great thanks!
sarah volden, chandler,Az, 14, homeschooled [11-06-1998]

Hi, I'm a friend that is doing school work and having fun.
tissues, good looking and red hair [11-06-1998]

Michelle Hartmann, 22, Education Major, Junior in college [11-06-1998]

Bethany Carlson, 13 years old [11-06-1998]

alyssa and andy ericson, we are 7 and 4 and learning about Betsy Ross in school [11-06-1998]

Allesia perry [11-06-1998]

Hi, I'm writing a report on Betsy Ross for my school and I thought that it would be interesting to look at her house.
Brenna McCormick-Thompson, Boston, age 10 [11-06-1998]

Renae Blackwell [11-06-1998]

Chloe Bastian, S.J.C. 11 age [11-06-1998]

Lee B. [11-06-1998]

Howdy Dooodie!
Renae and Rachel Gibbons, Minnesota, 14 and 11 [11-06-1998]

Rachel Revilla, 14 years old [11-06-1998]

David Couzens, I am 12 [11-06-1998]

My family history claims that I am related to Betsy Ross.
Gail Meiklejohn [11-06-1998]

Lindsey Roberts, I am from Chester, South Dakota and I am 15 years old [11-06-1998]

Tara Cramer, Chester Area School, 15 [11-06-1998]

Jourdan Rice, I'm nine years old and I have to do a report on the American Flag [11-07-1998]

This is a really nice website. When I was younger, about 14 years ago, I was fortunate enough to take a class trip to D.C., Philadelphia, also while on the tour I got to visit the Betsy Ross house. Now through my computer I can visit it once again. Thanks for the tour and the memories...
Kevin W. Rushing, I'm in the Air Force and stationed in Missouri. [11-07-1998]

Caryn Sparks [11-07-1998]

I am interested in history of the Usa and my students are studying geography, history , in brief, places of interest and other things about this country. That is why I am happy I can tell them more about US, after visiting this site. Thank you.
irina, moscow, teacher, 57 years old [11-07-1998]

I like beef too!
Laurie Tucker, I like cheese [11-07-1998]

J. Holton Lynch, Jr. [11-07-1998]

Edward J. Garlowich Jr. [11-07-1998]

Ashley Seymour, I'm 8 and I'm doing a research report for school. [11-07-1998]

entered this homepage for school report
cindy rich [11-07-1998]

This is the best Betsy Ross site I have ever seen!! Please visit my web site at
Jesse, I am 13 and I live in South Carolina [11-08-1998]

simon [11-08-1998]

joyce ham, 8th grade lang. arts teacher [11-08-1998]

Toccara, I'm 16. I live in College Park, GA [11-08-1998]

joshua wentz, woodbury, pa age 10 [11-08-1998]

Cindy Smith, 38, Florida [11-08-1998]

Ginnie Brossard [11-08-1998]

I am doing a school report on Betsy Ross
Samantha Marie Rodriguez, 9 years old [11-08-1998]

Amy Urick [11-08-1998]

kelly [11-09-1998]

Kim Ragle [11-09-1998]

great web page
leslea, joplin mo [11-09-1998]

Jenn, 17/f/Ohio [11-09-1998]

Mary Ellen O'Neill, Delaware/50/history buff [11-09-1998]

Saw an ad in 'This Old House' magazine.
Gerry Berish, Park Forest, IL [11-09-1998]

I like to see betsy house
Oscar Medrano, ? [11-09-1998]

We are second grade students who are studying the flag in Social Studies.
Challenge Center students, Roosevelt Elem., Council Bluffs, IA [11-09-1998]

Chris Neikirk, 11 1\2 years old [11-09-1998]

jeff, 10 [11-09-1998]

Mrs. Vrocher's 2nd grade class, 2nd graders from Mobile, Alabama [11-09-1998]

amy jones, texas [11-09-1998]

This is just an assignment for my Computer I Class
Kim Franken, 15 years old, South Dakota Hick [11-09-1998]

Hi,it's me again but this time I'm with a friend. We'er both studing Betsy Ross. We want to see her house.
Sharnique Beck and Brenna McCormick-Thompson [11-09-1998]

I think this is a good idea to have a tour over Betsy Ross's House.
Jennifer Claire Heinemann, I live in South Dakota and I am 15 [11-09-1998]

I am a school teacher researching colonial American sites to use with my students.
Denise de Alvarez, Marietta,GA [11-09-1998]



Students From Mrs. Bell Class Had A S/S Homework Assignment. They Had To Draw And Color The Flag And Show What It Looked Like?, Find Out Who Made The First Flag?, State How Many Stripes And Stars Were On It?, What Does Each Of The Colors On The 1st Flag Stand For? And What Do The Stripes Represent?
MRS. F. BELL, 2Nd grade teacher m.m. Bethune elem. Fulton co. 5925 old carriage drive col/pk ga. [11-09-1998]

Valerie Green [11-09-1998]

Terri Rettig, 51 yrs.old girl scout leader,aux of American Legion, [11-09-1998]

joe williams, ii love and respect old glory [11-09-1998]

Im doing a report
Kelly, Bangor, Mi 15 years old [11-10-1998]

Fifth Grade Teacher. Taking a tour to see if I want to send my class here.
Tom Scribner, Fort Wayne, Indiana [11-10-1998]

rebecca krause, teacher grade 2 [11-10-1998]

Cindy ehlers, Arlington, Texas [11-10-1998]

I have enjoyed this page because I'm helping my 5th grade son do areport on the american flag. This has been a great web page!!!
Nancy Sartori [11-11-1998]

Dottie Smith [11-11-1998]

Diana Grant [11-11-1998]

Just surfing around while assisting my 11 yr. old in research of the flag and Veteran's Day.
Bruce C. Farley, KY, 45 yrs. old, Parent [11-11-1998]

Amanda, have 1 sister [11-11-1998]

I am just beginning to study the revolutionary war. Our local schools don't even celebrate President's Day! That is one reason my mom took me out to do Homeschool. I am studying Colonial History this fall.
Christopher Bartels, I am 11 yrs. old, in Atlanta and I am a Homeschooler [11-11-1998]

Marty Alter [11-11-1998]

Caludia calado, Berkeley Hts. NJ (until April99) 27 years old, female.Exchange Student From Portugal [11-11-1998]

Paul Steiner [11-17-1998]

My 3rd grade class will be visiting you on Nov. 23,1998. We are from Bayview Elementry and my teacher's name is Mrs.Morgan. We are also visiting the Liberty Bell and Independece Hall and the U.S.Mint. I hope that we have lots of fun! See you on Nov.23.
Derek A.Thompson, North East,MD 9 [11-20-1998]

thank you
bradley goldin, Algonac mi. age 10 [11-20-1998]


betty milesr [11-20-1998]

Welcom from Russu
Denis, Moscow [11-20-1998]

This is a very nice web page.
Josephine Montalbo, East Bernard, TX age 15 [11-20-1998]

hi i did a project on you last year
Amber, 12 [11-20-1998]

brittany [11-20-1998]

charles [11-20-1998]

Megan Van Liere, South Dakota [11-20-1998]

I really liked the tour. I'm interested about our nation's and our flag's history.
Crystal, I LIVE IN SOUTH DAKOTA I'M 161/2 [11-20-1998]

Charlene Graves, Virginia Military Institute, Lexington, VA [11-20-1998]

Gary D. Taylor, ND school teacher looking for something for class [11-20-1998]

bethany, 10 [11-20-1998]

I am using this wonderful resource for a school project on the flags of the United States. Thanks for providing me with this wonderful tool, and this site will not go unsung in my bibliography.
Pete Ellis, North Carolina, Age 13 [11-20-1998]

I'm age 9 and I am doing a project on Betsy Ross for school St. Michael's No. Andover
Rebecca, Mass. [11-20-1998]

we are comming there sat the 14th
jim polley, morristown, nj 07960 [11-20-1998]

Bob & Sandra Whittle, 44 & 38 years old & living in Camden,S.C. [11-20-1998]

Am scoping the place out with plans to "bring my class here" during our internet time in American history in the early spring.
Bear Mills, American history teacher in Midland, TX [11-20-1998]

Alex Etchepare, california, 10, [11-20-1998]

Deb Irwin, Lancaster, PA , interested in history [11-20-1998]

Frankie Rivera jr., I'm Bayonne N.J. [11-20-1998]

Linda MacDonald, Gagetown,N.B Canada [11-20-1998]

Donna Dearborn-Corson, Cornville, Maine [11-20-1998]

Joanna Sifuentes, 13 yrs.I live in Weslaco tx [11-20-1998]

Sharon Kurtti, San Antonio, Texas [11-20-1998]

Betsy ross was a real humanitarian
Stephanie roysdon, age:14 school:Gordon Russell [11-20-1998]

Let your wonder wander
Ruth Romer, teacher [11-20-1998]


A nation needs to preseve it's heritage for the generations to come to remind them that from humble beginnings a mighty nation grows
Belinda Eaglestone, I am 36 and live in Johannesburg, South Africa [11-20-1998]

kim, can't tell [11-20-1998]

Heather Shields, Tampa Fl age 10 [11-20-1998]

I came to here because I have to do a project on the American Flag in the third grade. Thank you for your web page!
Natalie Kapp, 8, Houston, [11-20-1998]

Brenda J. Strunjo, Massachusetts, age 43 [11-20-1998]

anonymous, recently visited De and only had time to drive thru Philly [11-20-1998]

I have realy gone to Betsy Ross's house and I liked it alot.
Victoria M. Belisle, age: 12 location: MA Hobby: History and stamp colecting [11-20-1998]

This is my first time being here ,and I am having so much fun.
lauren landa, I live in thousand oaks ca, I am 10 years old , and I am in the 5th grade at ledera elementry. [11-20-1998]

We have to do a report on Betsy Ross for the GATE class.
Joni Lagerstrom, I'm 8 years old in Mrs. Whittington's third grade class. [11-20-1998]

Nicole Johnson, age 9 [11-20-1998]

elizabeth j kendzierski, endwell ny [11-20-1998]

karin [11-20-1998]

Amber Lord [11-20-1998]

I am glad I found the flag I was looking for.
Stephanie Squibb, Texas. 13 years old [11-20-1998]

Art Lindsey [11-20-1998]

My wife and I saw the real house on a visit last year and we were very pleased we were able see it with our US friends.
warwick symons [11-20-1998]

Carolyn Luther, Elementary Special Ed teacher [11-20-1998]

Bill Hight, Portland Oregon (formerly Philadelphia Pa) 51 [11-20-1998]

Doing a report on Betsy Ross
Danielle Rust, Age 9 Dayton, OH [11-20-1998]

I am studying Betsy Ross in school. So I want every little thing about her because I am dressing up like her and showing my costume to almost everybody in school.
Taylor Kopunovitz, Stow, ohio, 9 [11-20-1998]

We are doing a report on Betsy Ross. Thank you for the information.
franchesca and dina, Palmview Elementary, Grade 4 Pompano Beach, FL [11-20-1998]

stopping by doing my report on betsy ross
ashley creek, 5th grade [11-20-1998]

Emily DiSpirito, Virginia Beach, VA age 6 [11-20-1998]

Dale H. Docter, aged 39 yrs, elem. teacher [11-20-1998]

essen [11-20-1998]

I went on a tour of your house,for school.I liked the tour very much.
Nichole Zipp, Parkerford PA,8 years old [11-20-1998]

I am glad you made are flag, you did a great job!
Stephanie Castro, california [11-20-1998]

mary syran, norfolk, va [11-20-1998]

Thank you for letting us tour the house!
Campbell, FLW second graders [11-20-1998]

Mrs. Renee' Francis' Third Grade Class, Perrin, Texas 76486 [11-20-1998]

john mercer, portsmouth nh 13 [11-20-1998]

sarah batterton, 20yrs of age [11-20-1998]

Evelyn E. Morelli, I live in Wy.-age:63 and am interested in History [11-20-1998]

I visited the Betsy Ross home in 1978 during a workshop sponsored by the Freedom Foundation at Valley Forge. I especially remember the fountain in the front with the cats.
Jean Bliss, Anamosa, Iowa West Middle School [11-20-1998]

I thank you for this web page it will help out my stepdaughter with her report on Betsy. I again thank you
Robert and Ann Davis, Ohio [11-20-1998]

Alayne' Perkins [11-20-1998]

I'm doing a project for school on Betsy Ross, and your web pages have provided lots of infomation and pictures. If you wouldn't have had this web page, I would have had a hard time. This is a really great page thanks for creating it. Thank You!!
Laura I., Age 14 [11-20-1998]

Thanks for the tour, it was great!!!
Jordan Richards [11-20-1998]

Thank you for such an infoormitive page on Betsy. You have recreated a very imporrtant piece of history. Betsy is not as far as I know in my tree, But I do have a friend that has the same branch, His name is Charles ( Chuck ) ROSS. And I was asked to see what I could find. Do you have a list that has the decendants on it, that I may locate? Any information would be greatly appreciated my my friend and his family. Thank you very much... Jean Bish
Jean B Bish, Florida, Genealogist [11-20-1998]

Spike1333 [11-20-1998]

Lynda Brown [11-20-1998]

vivik [11-20-1998]

J. R. Mayo, educator [11-20-1998]

Danielle, I'm 11 years old [11-20-1998]

The house sounds awesome!!!!!!!!!!!
Larissa, I'm 10, almost 11 [11-20-1998]

Victoria Robinson, john ehert high school 15 [11-20-1998]

Ivy Logue [11-20-1998]

Kaija Simmons, Minnesota, 16 [11-20-1998]

Janice DeSouza [11-20-1998]

Alex Aker, I live in Atkins, Va. I am 9 years old and I am doing a report on the American Flag [11-21-1998]

alice de foresdt [11-21-1998]

Beysey bouny, never [11-21-1998]

Eliza G. Northrup [11-21-1998]

Hi!! I'm a student from Rosevelt Middle School!
Ella Mae Bersabal, 13-yrs. [11-21-1998]

Enjoyed the history & printing the 5 star to cut out.
Judy Schuur, Kalmazoo, Michigan A 59 yr. old female. [11-21-1998]

Research of Betsy Ross school assignment
Kaitlin, East Northport 7 years old [11-21-1998]

larry svab, 41 years old, Houston, TX [11-21-1998]

Lisa Wrest, Tulsa, OK. 24 years old [11-21-1998]

Mary Kimball [11-21-1998]

dear mrs. ross, I really apprieciate your generosity for making the first american flag. Your my favorite women in histoy.
scott Tucker, New Orleans, 13, middle name scott,male [11-21-1998]

I would really like to vist the Betsy Ross house some day. I am doing a report on Betsy Ross and her life is really exciting! I am having a lot of fun learning about Betsy Ross!
Stacy Richey, Linwood, NJ 4th Grade [11-21-1998]

Ted Sholder, 12 years old [11-21-1998]

Just browsing......
Valerie Jackson, AGE 12 [11-21-1998]

In 1976 I visited the Betsy Ross house for the first time. I was only twelve at the time, and history was one of my favorite subjects in school, after the visit I loved history even more and gained a newfound respect for the people who founded our great country. Twenty some years later I'm glad to see that I can share my love of history and our country with my nieces and nephews through websites such as this. Thank YOU!!!
Elizabeth Hutcheson [11-21-1998]

My sister has done two class projects, one each of the past two years, about Betsy Ross. She is neat.
Layla Hood, 6 years old in Hillsborough, N.C. [11-21-1998]

I'm doing a report about Betsy Ross for AWANA club in my church.
Cristen Nelson, Brazoria, TX 9 years old [11-21-1998]

Rose Zobott [11-21-1998]

Anna Armstrong, 9, Brentwood, TN [11-22-1998]

i need her autograph
debi jones [11-22-1998]

Michele Carr, 10 Yrs old for school assignment [11-22-1998]

Rhonda Shomo, From IN. Info for School Project. [11-22-1998]

Paula Rodgers, Norfolk, Virginia [11-24-1998]

Tami, I live in Kansas, I'm 15 & 1/2 [11-24-1998]

Sally Ryan [11-24-1998]


We are a class of 23 students. We live in south central Texas just 30 miles north of San Antonio in the beautiful Hill Country. We are now studying The American Revolution.
Ms. Wuest's 5th Grade Class, Spring Branch, TX [11-24-1998]

Ilike the book and the home page
Andrew Frazee, age 10 117 Butch Circle Edinburg PA 16116 [11-24-1998]

I am doing a report for extra credit in history, this made it fun and interesting.
tiffany luther, 10 years old [11-24-1998]

I am doing a report in my fourth grade class about Betsy Ross, and I am glad to take a tour of her house.
Sydney Alice Threlfall-Goheen, Vienna, Virginia; age 9 [11-24-1998]

I would like to see her house very much!!!
Ashley Trager, Douglasville Ga. Age 10 [11-24-1998]

Anna, I'm 10 and live in Maryland [11-24-1998]

Alyson Kotch, Pennsylvana 7 [11-24-1998]

Would love to correspond with Ross or Nesbit "cousins".
Lucetta Mossburg Bellville, Direct descendent of William Ross and Jean Nesbit [11-24-1998]

I am a direct decendent of Betsy Ross. My grandparents were Harley Ross and Margaret Ross of Independence, Kansas
Colleen Mygatt, Houston, TX age 45 [11-24-1998]

steph [11-24-1998]

Sue-z, Suring 14 [11-24-1998]

Thank You for helping me with my project!
wimbish [11-24-1998]

MichelleWeisenberg, 5th grade teacher [11-24-1998]

Thanks for the tour. We appreciate it.
Tiffany & Theresa, We don't want you stalking us so we won't tell. [11-24-1998]

I had a big project for school and am thankful for your site! Thanks for the virtual tour.
Christine Hamilton, Age 13, I live in CT [11-24-1998]

Sacha Dwyer, 10 years old, Anchorage Alaska [11-24-1998]

I am doing a repot on Betsy Ross. I thought that this might help me with it.
Nicole Lee Miszewski, Sarasota, Florida I am 13. [11-24-1998]

kendra melott, oklahoma 11 [11-25-1998]

This is a wonderful way to visit places I will probably never get to visit in person. I really appreciate these kinds of things on the Web. Thank you for putting this kind of tour together for people like me who really enjoy history.
Virginia Lansford, Age 56, avid history buff [11-25-1998]

M DiMiceli, Phoenix, AZ [11-30-1998]

Gregory, In the Navy, 23, and writing my own book about America [11-30-1998]

Heather, I live in Wilmer,Alabama. Near Mississippi state line. [11-30-1998]


deb martin, teacher [11-30-1998]

MIchael, 24 [11-30-1998]

Joanna [11-30-1998]

Melanie Lanouette [11-30-1998]

Greta Ralston, Age 9, 4th grade, lives in Suffolk, Virginia, loves horses! [11-30-1998]

I am doing a book report on Betsy Ross. She rules!
Christina L. Tross, age 9 [11-30-1998]

Alan & Judy Wharry, Teacher & pilot from Plano, Texas [11-30-1998]

Denise Mooney, Maine [11-30-1998]

George Barrick, Fort Washington, Pennsylvania [11-30-1998]

I have visited the Betsy Ross House in 1986 and found it fascinating and I am glad to see it now on your own home page.
Peter Riley, Publisher/Journalist [11-30-1998]

Flora Jeanne Hoch, Librarian [11-30-1998]

Charles T Moore, Was in your city in Oct. [11-30-1998]

well, Betsy--did you or didn't you sew the flag? No matter.
c mullen, history buff [11-30-1998]

Ellen Dumas, northern NY State [11-30-1998]

Jenny, 9 [11-30-1998]

STEVE CHAPMAN, COOL [11-30-1998]

Hey people of the world! what's happening out there? E-mail me.
mitch, live in nyc. 17; blond; male; 6'7''; doin' a report on THE FLAG. [11-30-1998]

I am here because I am doing research on women in the revolutionary war and Ithought it would be cool to take a tour of her house
Darby Peterson, vancouver, Washington age:14 [11-30-1998]

for school report
Carissa Lidster, Lewisville, TX 75057 [11-30-1998]

Cynthia, Arizona [11-30-1998]

alex [11-30-1998]

Susan Preston, 5th grade teacher, Houston [11-30-1998]

Robert Dantoni, 48 age, Lodi, NJ [11-30-1998]

LuAnn Matt [11-30-1998]

i just thought it would be interesting.
amanda watson, 17 [11-30-1998]

jessica cawley, age-16 [11-30-1998]

We enjoyed the virtual tour of the house! We wish we could make flags.
Miss Buster's class at Eader Elementary in Huntington Beach, California [11-30-1998]

I think the life if Betsy Ross is amazing and I'm delighted that I came to this website. THANK YOU!
Jennifer, 13 [11-30-1998]

Emily Burbridge, East Greenwich Rhode Island I am 9 years old. [11-30-1998]

i am female i live silver city new mexico usa age 13 and i am a great student in history love to learn about it too.
Mollie Renee Pena [11-30-1998]

found in this old house
deborah s. alexander, copyeditor, u of pa [12-01-1998]

I think Betsy is one of the best names ever! Betsy Ross was an interesting woman and I'm glad I visited this web site.
Betsy Minear [12-02-1998]

Howard Schwartz, 44 [12-02-1998]

Visited the house in August '98. Enjoyed showing my children Philadelphia.
Doug Davis, 47 yrs old from LA Calif area [12-02-1998]

j kirby [12-02-1998]

Enjoyed your site.
Bernice Wehrwein, age 58, legal secretary [12-02-1998]

Mai-Lyn Ortiz, NJ, 9 years old [12-03-1998]

joseph nesbit, virginia, 9years old [12-03-1998]

ALEX AKER, ATKINS, VA. [12-03-1998]

Thank you so much for constructing this site. I'm doing a report on American History, and your section on Betsy Ross is the best! Thank you. Kate Lang
Kate Lang, 13/f/Ohio/USA [12-03-1998]

Sabrina [12-03-1998]

Rebecca Butchko, Grand Juntion, Colorado 5th grade age 11 [12-03-1998]

I'm looking forward to my speech tomorrow about Betsy Ross, thank you for all of your help!
Jessica Nelson, I'm ten years old & live in MN [12-03-1998]

Beth Widger, 17/female/Iowa [12-03-1998]

Connie Hendrix, Murfreesboro, TN. [12-03-1998]

Hi, I am working on a report about Betsy Ross for school.
Kathryn Valchar, American expat in Belgium, 9 yrs old [12-03-1998]

Katherine Maas, Houston teacher [12-03-1998]

elizabeth timm [12-03-1998]

Lisa Royek [12-03-1998]

Betsy Ross is a favorite historic person I find very interesting and I hope someday I will visit house in person.
Amber Alice Allnutt, age 14, December 2, 1998 [12-03-1998]

Elizabeth Tyner, Barrington Illinois 14 [12-03-1998]

Robert W. Newman, OKC OK 32 [12-03-1998]

I really like Betsy Rosses name
Sarah Fuller, I am 18 years old [12-12-1998]

emily hubbard, 13, history report on betsy [12-12-1998]

how is everyone
Ryan Ross, hi [12-12-1998]

women's history rocks!
Erica Rose, Wisconsin,15 [12-12-1998]

Meghan Kelley, age 14 [12-12-1998]

I'm writing a report about Betsy.
ashley ross, 4th grade - NY State [12-12-1998]

Katie With, Clayton, California Fifth grader [12-12-1998]

K Hougard [12-12-1998]

My daughter is doing a projcet on Betsy Ross. Your information is both informative and interesting
Nicole Bontempo, Philadelphia [12-12-1998]

annessa babic, graduate student writing her thesis over the myth and representations of the american flag [12-12-1998]

Tarah Parker, Lancaster,Oh 14 [12-12-1998]

eddie wilcox, utah 26 [12-12-1998]

My husband and I are taking a trip to Phil. for 4 days this month and I am looking forward to visiting Betsy Ross's former home.
Michelle Hhealy, E. Windsor, CT [12-12-1998]

What a great site!!!!!!!!!!
George, Stuart, Florida age 42 [12-12-1998]

Dear Betsy, I didn't know you sewed the flag, but you did a great job of sewing it. Caitie
Caitie Posey, Herndon, Va. Age 8 [12-12-1998]

i'm glad i found this site. we recently got a flag with 48 stars on it, and i plan to keep it. i thought it would be nice for our child to see when she starts learning about the flag in school.
anonymous, female, 35 [12-12-1998]

If you can send any clear pictures of the original flag, it would be appreciated. Doing a biography on Betsy!@
Michelle Vincent [12-12-1998]

Your website has alot of good information on the one thing that means so much to us and our GREAT COUNTRY. Great Job.
Vernon F. Watt, Ft. Bragg, NC 28 [12-12-1998]

T.J., Osakis 25 [12-12-1998]

Mrs. Sorrells' class, Second grade class, Spartanburg, SC [12-12-1998]

We are homescooled. Right now we are learning about the American flag. Hope to visit someday.
Sarah & Summer Iwerks, ages 9 & 6 we are from Aberdeen, South Dakota [12-12-1998]

hi how are you good bye
Christi, 12 years old [12-12-1998]

Erin, Ohio age:16 [12-12-1998]

Tammy Evans, Teacher at Tracy City Elem. [12-12-1998]

hI bETSY!!!!!
LAUREN, 13 [12-12-1998]

I'm having a wax museum at my school and guess who I am?! Dah! I'am going to be Betsy Ross!! I have to give speech to everybody that wants to hear it! I have the perfect costume to go with it. I also have to write a report on her. It'll be hard, but that's okay!
Betsy Anne Williams, Bayfield, CO Age: 10 [12-12-1998]

This is great information to use to teach our kids about our history.
Michelda Watson, I'm from Jesup, GA and homeschool my 2nd grade child [12-12-1998]

I am in high school making what we call a portfolio of the great, Betsy Ross is one of the persons I am doing a biography on.
Maghan Thompson [12-13-1998]

Casey and Erin Champ, Age 10 Balto. MD [12-13-1998]

Meagan , J.j loves you
Jacob White, i am cool [12-13-1998]

I want to learn alot!
Georgia Loomos, I live in Park Ridge 10 years old [12-13-1998]

Paul Fabisch, Age-10 Location-Park Ridge IL [12-13-1998]

malia roxane, 16 england [12-13-1998]

Michael Moreno, I go to Cooper Shcool [12-13-1998]

vickey murry, Muskogee, OK [12-13-1998]

Nikki Mohr [12-13-1998]


Marcia Bateman [12-13-1998]

I am doing research for a speech I am giving on the birth of Our Nation's Flag.
Jennifer Thomas, 24, USAF E-4, stationed in Germany [12-13-1998]

Jost [12-13-1998]

Jerry Millan [12-13-1998]

'Just homesick Philadelphians working on a school report !!
Anne & Tom Levisky [12-13-1998]

Ginny Daenport [12-13-1998]

I would like to see a picture of Besty and some infomation about how and why she made the US flag
laura elmo, NJ, 14, Student [12-13-1998]

NORMA M WADE, 54 YR OLD, IMIGRATED TO U.S. IN 1958 [12-13-1998]

I believe she made the first flag & that we need more information about her.
Kristina, 15 female Florida [12-13-1998]

Diana turner, Kansas City MO 13 [12-13-1998]

Lorrie Dixon, Florida [12-13-1998]

Jeanette Torgerson, Minnesota [12-13-1998]

Nicholas LaVecchia, Independence,Ohio 42 [12-13-1998]

Your site was very helpful in reasearching my history day project. Thank You
Erin Keefe, Wyoming 6th grade student [12-13-1998]

jeff saefkow, 11 [12-13-1998]

Hello HI we like soccer
Jenna and Shelby Steinman and WEathehroltz, Robesonia Wernersville [12-13-1998]

Jay Saymon, South Jersey, 42 Year Old [12-13-1998]

joey king [12-13-1998]

It help's me alot.THANX
Jessika Canterbury, Idaho,13 years old [12-13-1998]

Wouldn't Betsy have loved computer graphics?
Marilyn Blum, Teacher, Santiago High School, Garden Grove, CA [12-13-1998]

Mindy Stine, 16, San Jose, Ca [12-13-1998]

Thanks, your site helped me get an A+ on my history test!!
Alicia Day, Age 9 1/2 [12-13-1998]

Henderson's class [12-13-1998]

I wish I could really see the Betsy Ross house.
Mary Hall, 6th grade teacher [12-13-1998]

alison williams, 14 [12-13-1998]

Melissa Greenstein, I'm 9 years old. [12-13-1998]


My 10 yr. old daughter wanted to know more about Betsy Ross
Cathy Britt, 34 mom of 3 girls [12-13-1998]

Brittany Lyons, I am a ten year old fifth grader [12-13-1998]

Jerry Melaugh, Retired, reside in Rising Sun, MD [12-13-1998]

I think this is very cool!
Cachet Hird, Allentown PA 10 years old [12-13-1998]

Laura [12-13-1998]

kathy [12-13-1998]

Jessica Ingersoll, Corning NY 11 years old [12-13-1998]

AMBER [12-13-1998]

Daniella Keenan, female/14/delaware [12-13-1998]

Kitty B. Hoffman [12-13-1998]

Laney Sammons, Macon, GA [12-13-1998]

Lucy Birile, Cinncanatie,11,female [12-13-1998]

chrissie [12-13-1998]

Ashley Moore, Lancaster, Pa. 16 years. doing research report [12-14-1998]

Am scoping the place out with plans to "bring my class here" during our internet time in American history in the early spring.
Bear Mills, American history teacher in Midland, TX [12-14-1998]

I am just trying to find information for my internet class
Thomas Seitz, Decatur, Il, 17 [12-14-1998]

galofaro [12-14-1998]

BJG, I LOVE BJ'S [12-14-1998]

Rebecca Rafla, I am 6 years old and I am studying the American Flag. [12-14-1998]

ok i want to know what you do and tell me alittle about your self please thanks jenny
Jennifer, Wisconsin---13--- [12-14-1998]

This is fun to look up people.
Ann Taylor See, 60 white female - retired nurse [12-14-1998]

kenneth willett, owensboro, ky 52 [12-14-1998]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross in school. I've learned a whole lot of stuff about her that I didn't know before. I didn't know history could be cool. I made a flag just like betsy's.
Anna Daniell, I am ten years old. I live in Lake forest park. [12-14-1998]

C.Donahue [12-15-1998]

Have a nice tour everyone!
Jacklyn Brown, 12 Jamestown,TN [12-15-1998]

Studying colonialism after watching a musical called Let George DO It
Mr. Di Nuovo's music class, Thornton our music class [12-15-1998]

ANDY [12-15-1998]

Shan Bailey Haupert, Teacher, Schaumburg, IL [12-15-1998]

James L Sauter, retired [12-15-1998]

Bridgette B. Thomson, H.B. C.A. Sowers School 12yrs [12-16-1998]

I'm Doing a report on Betsy Ross Because I kind Of look up to her and think it's cool to be able to make a famous flag.
Loni Jo Perkins, Rome City IN 46784, 15 I'm an athletic. [12-18-1998]

jaime arnold and taylor schaa [12-18-1998]

Sarah Ingraham and sisters, Kennebunk, ME [12-18-1998]

pat [12-18-1998]

mr. d's music class [12-18-1998]

I plan to visit Philadelphia in February.
Charlotte A Castle, Mattoon IL [12-18-1998]

Laura and Jack, Hopkins, Minnesota [12-19-1998]

My favorite subject in school is American history. This is a great site! I love America!
Laura Stroessner, 14 years old, from Hopkins, Minnesota [12-19-1998]

My daddy lived in Philadelphia and he use to visit Betsy Ross's house when he was a boy.
Sandy Smith, Sacramento, Ca. Age 9 [12-19-1998]

Alan Walker [12-19-1998]

TOM GORSOP, 44 M [12-19-1998]

I work in the activities dept at a nursing home, thought it would be interesting to our residents.
ajudy Stoffel, Cape Cod Ma [12-27-1998]

Becky Gordon, Cobeskill N.Y (18) student [12-27-1998]


I am visiting Philadelphia website because my youngest child has a learning disability and my doctor referred me to the Philadelphia Institute of Achievement of Human Resources (I think that is what its called). Anyhow, I contacted them to send me some information and possibly I will be visiting Philadelphia soon.
CHloe Yeatts, I am originally from Dallas, Texas, I am 36 years old, 2 children - 14 yrs. & 10 yrs. [12-27-1998]

i thought that this was a very interesting page about her life and home and think that alot of other people will enjoy it to
courtney wisniewski, delawere /13/ [12-27-1998]

Rodney Sullivan, 13yrs. Northport, AL [12-27-1998]

Ysanne Stiell-McNeill [12-27-1998]

I couldn't go to Phil, so I jus' surfed in the Internet. Great Web Site !!!
Matias Pires de Carvalho Jr., Brazil, 18. [12-27-1998]

Can't wait to experience this virtual tour.
Heather Pence, Virginia, 19 [12-27-1998]

Jessica [12-27-1998]

Joe Mitchell, At school age 10 [12-27-1998]

Amie Allen, MACHUSETTS [12-27-1998]

Charlotte Holtkamp, Missouri,38 [12-27-1998]

Josh, Iowa [12-27-1998]

Kevin Sweeney, Ohio [12-27-1998]

Kristina Iennaco [12-27-1998]

i need info on betsy ross. thanks
Liz, I'm 10 [12-27-1998]

Megan McNamara, Visited for a school project. [12-27-1998]

Searching Cussen Family..your page came up?
Michael Cussen, Townsville, Australia; 40. [12-27-1998]

I've always liked the Betsy Ross tour and this spring I hope to bring the children of Lincoln Avenue school as well as my own for another visit. What a true learning experience. Thanks!!!
Ms. Victoria D. Thomas, Orange Township, NJ, 35, Tax Admin. Asst. & PTO Pres. [12-27-1998]

We are looking for a place to rent in that area.
Pat Walker, married live in Alaska [12-27-1998]

where can i find a picture of Besty Ross?
phoebe, im a Teacher who teachs and live some where in New Jersey [12-27-1998]

I saw a show on the History Channel that stated that the first American flag was sewn by a Mary (don't remember last name). I am visiting this web site for clarificaton.
Tami Raleigh, Lexinton, KY I am 35 years old. [12-27-1998]

I am in this place because i neede info on betsey ross and the flag for a school report
Rachel, I am 14 and I live in Morgantown [12-27-1998]

Sir Wayne Smith Jr [12-27-1998]

Stephen Anderson [12-27-1998]

Steve B., Michigan, 37, Love history! [12-27-1998]

tara [12-27-1998]

Jim Hilchey, Age 40 (Oakville, ON, Canada) [12-27-1998]

i think this is a great web page thing!
madonna morgan, i live in ontario, canada and i'm 12 years old i have brown hair and green eyes! [12-28-1998]

Happy New Year 1999
John Albert Malinowski, Raleigh, NC 46 [12-28-1998]

I'm interested in taking this tour. It will be the first tour I have taken on the Internet.
Olivia Ganser, Mandan, ND [12-28-1998]

I have found this web site very interesting.
Ann VanDorin, Ottumwa, Iowa Age (48) [12-28-1998]

Anne Senegal, Library Clerk [12-28-1998]

The Armstrong Family [Mike & Mary], Northwestern Pennsylvania both born in 1938 [12-28-1998]

the star is cool!
m. mendes [12-28-1998]

Just wanted to take the tour.
Joseph D. Kubach, 62yrs/W/M, retired [12-28-1998]

I love our history, our shakey beginings.To have taken on a world class super power and won! Their courage in face of all the odds should never be forgotten. But inshrined for future generations in places such as this.
Glen Spencer, Michigan [12-29-1998]

Gina Finn, Brielle, New Jersey [12-29-1998]

Linda Golliver, Edmond, OK Third Grade Teacher [12-29-1998]

this will help my book report
Vicki B., age 9 [12-29-1998]

MARISSA, AGE 8 NEW JERSEY [12-29-1998]

niki england, age 6 i live in dunn n.c. [12-29-1998]

sightseeing in the 1990's. What a wonderful world....
Tina Sproviero [12-29-1998]


Evelyn Deutsch [12-30-1998]

Steven Johnson, 39, Middletown, Ct. [12-30-1998]

I'm glad that someone had a web site on betsy ross because all women should be recognized for their invovlement during the american revolution
lauren macaluso, 13 staten island [12-30-1998]

I'm doing a project on Betsy Ross for school.
jessica gounley, live in York PA age 9 [12-30-1998]

castro, 37 [12-30-1998]

Have visited the real thing three times and looking forward to virtually touring it again.
John Birge, Jasper, Indiana [12-30-1998]

Yolanda Valencia, San Angelo,Texas 10years old I enjoy History [12-31-1998]

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