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Jasmine Sears, oregon, 7, school project

Stephen Marczuk, Germantown, PA

We are possibly distant relatives of Betsy Ross. My husbands grandfather's name is Everett Ross. They have a family history book and Betsy Ross's name appears in it.
Shelly and Nicole Leach, We are from Abbotsford, British Columbia

Ginny Brazier, Ohio, 10 years old

Cool Site
Jenni Twigg, age 11, grade 6

We live in NJ. We hope to visit you soon, we tried once before, but found you were closed for renovations! Hope to see you soon!
Christine and Jeanne Dobson, Mom and Daughter

Theresa Kelso, NY, 11

Marilyn Manning, Illinois

Allie, 11 yrs. old

rachel mcintosh, I am 9 from wilm. nc

Eric Bishop

Michael Donnelly, 25 yrs. old, U.S. History teacher in Lansing, MI

I really like the page's design and layout. Easy to read, well-organized. Especially since children will be landing here while on the Dr. Seuss scavenger hunt.
Kim Bohannon, 31, Houston, TX

priscilla luong, age 11

Paige Price, girl age 7

I have my granddaughter here with me and her class participated in a play at her school, Hiawatha Elementary School, "Betsy Ross and the First American Flag."
Terry Clifton, Jackson, Michigan

Everett Ross is a distant cousin to Betsy's first husband John Ross.
Shelly and Everett Ross, Abbotsford, B.C.

I am very interested in history. I visit many sites. Especially like this one. Thank you for designing it! :-)
Haley and Wallace, Idaho 11 years olds

Edmund R Hopper, age:49 New York State

Thank you for letting me visit your virtual home.
allyson nagle, I have two cats, Scooter and Dave.

We found this from the American Girls Page
Jim and Anastasia Fredell, Jim - father; Anastasia 6 yr. old. lives in Saratoga Springs, NY

Joan Muso

Kelly Wohler, Montreal, 26

P. Shribbs


ronald g. sabath, age 60

Jim Wilson

Heather Miller, Lyons, Michigan(48851)

Cindy Watson, OKC, OK - Elementary School Teacher

Jenna Wolf, Bismarck,ND

Junko Shimada

Visited 12/30/96Christine Clark, Age 13, 8th grade, Maine

Melanie McDowell, educator

Heidi Michelle Scherz

Yvette Clark, Springville, Utah, age 30

Mike and Varina Carrico, Corpus Christi, Texas

Fantastic Star Directions. I really liked them.
Kathleen Fraser, I live in the Pacific Northwest. I am 17 years old and came here because of a link from Pleasant Company.

Lindsey, PA, 14, school project

This is great for my kids
Lou Martel

I really enjoyed this home page. It was very interesting. The star was a lot of fun to make. Betsy Ross is truly a woman I admire. As a teacher, I think it is wonderful to have this page for students to learn more about important people, especially women, who contributed to our nation's history.
Tana Stewart, Kennett, Mo, age 24

Frank Dolski

Taryn Sallee, age 9 from MA

I love learning new things, especialy about Betsy Ross.
Meghan E. George, 9 years old

I am interested in Betsy Ross for an extra credit project at my school.
Rachel Ogawa, Hawaii, 15 years old

I am retired from the military and civilian career, Architectual Construction Superintendent. And enjoying my hobby as researcher of American History.
William J. Platter, MSG, RET.

Marj Kennedy [01-02-1997]

Kamorin Mattern, 12 grader in New York [01-02-1997]

Kamorin Mattern, 12 grader in New York [01-02-1997]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross for my school. I am really interested in knowing more about her and the first American flag!
Rachael Hranka, 8 yrs., Illinois [01-02-1997]

Just looking for information on Betsy Ross for the seventh graders in the school that I work in. I work in the library and we can't seem to find much on her.
Beverly Fucile, Massachusetts [01-02-1997]

Tonya Lewis, 2nd Grade Teacher in Rolla, MO [01-02-1997]

Lainy Cantastropic, age 22, California [01-02-1997]

Kelli Wetzel, 2nd grade [01-03-1997]

I really enjoyed seeing the house because it's cool to see how different it was in 1777 and to see the person that made our first flag.
Mary-Etta Morrison, 8 [01-03-1997]

Lauren Gaspersic, Ballwin, MO, age 10 [01-04-1997]

I think it's a really neat idea to put this on the web!
Lindsey Windham, I live in Australia!! age 13 [01-04-1997]

We wish that you had mentioned that the 15-star flag is the "Star Spangled Banner." But it's a great site anyhow.
Bands Family, Together we are 97 years old. [01-04-1997]

We will soon begin a unit in reading where each child reads a biography of a famous American. I was delighted to find this information, as one of the kids will be reading about Betsy Ross. Thanks for the delightful information!
Peggy Bredbeck, Ohio, 48, teach 4th grade [01-04-1997]

Meg Towner, 10 yrs., love history [01-04-1997]

I am doing an oral report on Betsy Ross
Katie O'Brien, PA, 9 years old [01-04-1997]

Nora B., Ohio age 10 [01-04-1997]

I hope I enjoy my stay here in the Besty Ross homepage.
Sarah Jacobs, I am ten years old, love history [01-05-1997]

Amy Bobeda, corralitos, CA. [01-05-1997]

I really enjoyed this site. It is very educational and very interesting. Good job!!
Glenda Wetzel, Bedford, Iowa [01-05-1997]

David Hampton, Phila, PA, 40 [01-06-1997]

heidi nadeau, NH age 10 [01-06-1997]

joanna dueweke, 9 years old [01-06-1997]

Heather Brookins, FL / 13 years old / history buff [01-07-1997]

wuz up homegirl can you make me a flag
kris, seguin 14 [01-07-1997]

Thanks for allowing me to visit with you through the tour of Mrs. Ross's house! It's a privilege!
Jessica Dollar, Smackover, Arkansas - 18 - Smackover High [01-07-1997]

We are learning about the American Revolution.
Carissa Potter, 10 years old - GATE student [01-07-1997]

I've always wanted to go to Betsy Ross's house to see what it looks like inside and now I can!
Eileen, 10 Ohio [01-07-1997]

Diane Trigg [01-07-1997]

Angela Melanson, 10, Tofield, Canada [01-07-1997]

Hello from California and Guam USA!
Darrell G. J. Carbullido, Dixon City, California, age 29 [01-08-1997]

Marcia M. Wengen, from Franklin (named for Ben) MA via the Internet [01-08-1997]

I'm doing a report on you for school.
Kristen Cover, Hanover, PA Age 10 [01-08-1997]

I am doing a report for Mrs. Rossi's Social Studies class at Booth Central School. I am doing a report on Betsy Ross's house.
Nickole Eby, 10 yrs. old - 4th grade - Illinois [01-09-1997]

My daughter and I took the tour of the home of Betsy Ross as our history lesson today. We are homeschoolers and enjoyed learning from this today.
Jodi and Lauren Church, Maryland [01-09-1997]

Just want to say hello to everybody.
Jim Hood, High Colorado mountain valley. [01-09-1997]

This help me write report on Betsy Ross. Thanks! Please send me info to vist.
Samantha, New Jersey, 10 years old [01-09-1997]

I live in Victorville California. I enjoy taking dance lassons.
Heather McGuffin [01-09-1997]

Judy Fortner, Thornville, Ohio 49, teacher of 5th grade [01-09-1997]

Sharon A. Teets, Michigan City, IN [01-09-1997]

Juli Richard, Mt. Vernon, IL [01-09-1997]

I've always found Betsy Ross a very under-rated women in our adolescent school education.
Mikalah Miles, California, 14, Need information for a report [01-10-1997]

Debbie Arnholt, Columbus, Indiana [01-10-1997]

Colleen Farrell [01-11-1997]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross and I'm glad I have the opportunity to tour her house
Anita, San Francisco, CA/ 13yrs. old [01-11-1997]

The Dowdy Family, KY [01-11-1997]

My 8 year old daughter, Brittany Byars chose Betsy Ross for a report on people who have contributed to our society. She thinks Betsy Ross is an outstanding woman who should still be recognized today for her achievements.
Laura Byars, Lancaster, CA 26 years old [01-11-1997]

cassandra litton, I am 9 years old I live in Houston, Texas [01-11-1997]

Melissa Mazur, Atlanta, GA, one year old and I'm surfing the net with my dad [01-11-1997]

Charles L. Franck, Long Island NY I fly my flag every day that I am home. [01-11-1997]

Pat Booton, Broker/Owner of American Realty, Danville, Virginia [01-11-1997]

Nancy Moretti, Levittown, PA visited in person many times [01-11-1997]

I think Betsty ross is great
jennifer, 8 years old [01-11-1997]

Interested in colonial America
Lana Cosby, Indiana, 13 [01-11-1997]

Allison Moore, age 8 [01-11-1997]

Danielle Cook, Fishers,IN Age 10 [01-11-1997]

Hello Betsy Ross!
Ellarae Miner, age 11, Oakland California [01-12-1997]

Carol Grider, Salina, Kansas [01-12-1997]

Lauren [01-12-1997]

Miranda Grider, Salina, Kansas [01-12-1997]

Caitlin Petersen, Garden City KS Parents betsy and Drew Youngest girl [01-12-1997]

this is cool
Jessica, 12 [01-12-1997]

rose [01-12-1997]

Betsy Ross I love the American Flag.I love the story of your life. I am going to tell a report on you.
Lisa Kolstad & Laura Kolstad, I am 6 years old and live in California. [01-12-1997]

meg crawford, 10 [01-12-1997]

Doing a report for my 7th grade english class on Betsy Ross
Joanna Lea Dade, Sidney, Ohio AGE 13 [01-12-1997]

Leslie Wulff [01-13-1997]

Tricia Johnson [01-13-1997]

look around
picco/ gersbach/ Ogera [01-13-1997]

I have always been fascinated with American History up to and a little beyond the Civil War. This time period was quite interesting.
Jessica, 13 female Maryland [01-13-1997]

I wish we had computers and the internet when I was a kid. The children of today have so many tools to use for their education. I so hope they take advantage of all of it.
nancy butera, havertown, pa. 52 [01-13-1997]

The american flag looks really nice
Stephen Bochinski, San Marcos, CA I am 10 1/2 years old and in 5th grade [01-13-1997]

Live in the present, but learn from the past
mrs. mc, educator [01-13-1997]

Robert Young, Allentown, Pa. [01-13-1997]

I was doing research on women during colonial times. I had no idea that this would be so wonderful!!
Dina, I'm 14 years old [01-14-1997]

Carole Szymanik, Springfield va [01-14-1997]

I am doing a book report on a famous woman.
Lauren Tillman, Dallas, 7 years old [01-14-1997]

S. Owen, Camarillo, CA [01-15-1997]

katie [01-15-1997]

We are homeschoolers. We are studying Early American History. We have learned a lot about Betsy Ross. Thank you for your site.
Daniel & AnnaLynn Vaughan, Springfield, TN ages 9 & 6 [01-15-1997]

Lisa Hansen [01-15-1997]

My brother says I'm really mean. It's not true!
Alisha Morrison, red hair and glasses [01-15-1997]

Ashley Gabbert, MO Age:12 [01-15-1997]

Sarah DeVoe, I'm 9, and live in Grand Rapids, Mi. [01-16-1997]

I'm from Roanoke, VA
Gwen Flack, age 11 [01-16-1997]

** HI! **
Megan, 12 years old, state: PA [01-16-1997]

Chandra Brown [01-16-1997]

Heather Kaftan, I live in Carrington, ND I am 17 [01-16-1997]

Brittany Burger, age 11, live in Fort Branch, IN [01-16-1997]

Carter, Houston [01-16-1997]

kisty [01-16-1997]

Lee Dorsey, San Angelo TX, 47 [01-16-1997]

School History Project
Doug & Whitney Bartsch, Visalia, California age 41 and 10 [01-16-1997]

Seven year breast cancer survivor
Lee, Florida resident [01-17-1997]

Married to a Civil War buff
Joan Phifer, Maryland, 44 [01-17-1997]

Charlaine Siefert, Special Education/Gifted Teacher Alaska [01-17-1997]

I love history that's why I want to see this.
Megan Evans, Newark, Ohio, 10, I like to dance. [01-17-1997]

Aubrey Nitzberg [01-17-1997]

Krystle [01-17-1997]

Ray Herber, California [01-17-1997]

Jessica Salazar [01-18-1997]

Doing a report on Betsy Ross for school.
Melissa Balonis, 7 years old, Newark, Del. [01-18-1997]

ali schklair [01-18-1997]

Alexandria Fitzgerald, 9 yrs. old, Bangor, Maine [01-18-1997]

Lauren Miller, Chicago, 7. [01-18-1997]

francis benjamin i. hsu, i'm a boy who is 19 years old and comes from taipei. [01-18-1997]

jo, i have kirstin and i am 10. [01-18-1997]

We found out abaut you from american girl magazine.
Christina and Kathryn, We are 14 and 12 [01-18-1997]

betsy ross is my hero
donna forrester, Alaska, 28 [01-18-1997]

I enjoyed the kitty cats statues around the fountain. My ancestors had the name of Claypoole. Perhapsa I am related.
iva reed, i am 75 years old. i have been to the betsy ross house. [01-18-1997]

This is a really cool site! I'm glad you have something on Betsy Ross.
Noel Favorite, Age: 10 years, California [01-19-1997]

Karen Guillot, NOLA 38 [01-19-1997]

Working on an American flag project
Jared Hill, Third grader [01-19-1997]

I never knew that you could actually TOUR a famous person's house ON-LINE!!! Too cool!!
Jennifer Marie Emling, Age 9, Living in Hudson, OH [01-19-1997]

Looking forward to the tour!
Erica Goldner, 15 yrs. old [01-19-1997]

I am doing a biography on Betsy Ross for school. Seems like the lady was pretty cool.
Daniel Butera, 8 yrs old from L.I., New York [01-19-1997]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross
Brandi Smith, Springfield, Il age 11, St.Agnes School [01-19-1997]

I enjoyed the site.
Brittany Cord, I'm from Catlin, IL I'm 12 [01-19-1997]

I was reading the information about the tour several days ago in school and it helped me a lot on my colonies project which our class is doing.
Kim Saylor, I live in Tulsa, OK [01-19-1997]

Nellie Ubert, age 11 [01-19-1997]

I've discovered that I really knew very little about Betsy Ross. Thank you for an interesting site that both teaches and entertains. The layout is attractive, too. Super job.
, Oregon USA [01-19-1997]

Bob George, 44 years old, Allentown, PA. Married with 2 daughters, 15 and 7 [01-20-1997]

Ashley, 9 1/2 [01-20-1997]

I have enjoyed touring the home and will return in the Spring for 4 more tours. I am disappointed the house is closed on Mondays as that is the day our tour comes through this season. I am glad for the web site so I can give my passengers so much info and help them appreciate the home
Margaret J Johnson, Burlington WA; tour director who visits PHL w/clients [01-20-1997]

Thanks for this homepage. It was very helpful to me for research on a school report about Betsy Ross that my classmate and I are working on.
Michael Lechner, Age 10, Sacramento, California [01-20-1997]

I'm using your site to help me with a report. Thanks!
Sara Bunting, Phx, AZ 8.5 yrs. [01-20-1997]

Bonny Blankenship, Knoxville, TN age 11 [01-20-1997]

CAILAN RYAN, MD, 8 [01-20-1997]

krista johansson, Phx Az i'm 10 years of age or whatever [01-20-1997]

emily, eugene or Age 9 [01-20-1997]

katie aucoin, brown hair & eyes 10 years old [01-20-1997]

Carlye Schweska, 9, 4th grade [01-21-1997]

Evan Washington, 5th grade homeschooler from Campbell, California [01-21-1997]

Thank you for showing me your house
Yvonne Blais, girl 14 [01-21-1997]

Hope to see all the historic sights in Phila. soon
ZALO, 12 & 9 NJ [01-21-1997]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross and I find her very interesting. I can't wait to see her house!
Stephanie, Long Island, 12, I love soccer!!! [01-21-1997]

Patti Pinkston, Kentucky [01-21-1997]

We like it.
The Girolamo Family, Arlington, Texas [01-21-1997]

Looking for a picture of Betsy Ross
Tom, Im male 40 years young in California [01-22-1997]

Rachel Suggs, Huntsville, AL 9 years old [01-22-1997]

meredith gaston [01-22-1997]

John Swope [01-23-1997]

Thank you for letting me see such a great historical site from my home school. If you didn't have this site I might not have ever seen how Betsy Ross lived.
Shaddiah Weiss, Keflavik, Iceland - 9 years old - Homeschool student [01-23-1997]

Afton, locust grove ga. 11/m [01-23-1997]

Don James [01-23-1997]

Terry Leonard, Wixom, MI [01-23-1997]

I hope I can use this info for school. Love,
Micah Genung, Afton N.Y. Ten. fourth grade. [01-23-1997]

Rebecca Fant, doing a school project, age 9 [01-23-1997]

Thank you for the tour! I am doing a research project about Betsy Ross.
Amanda Carriere, age 11 [01-23-1997]

Pamela Podelski, from Palm Harbor, Fl...Husband was born in Wilkes-Barre [01-24-1997]

Randy Baker [01-24-1997]

Penni Fulkerson, 21, Cedarville College [01-24-1997]

Thank you for this good site for students to view.
Mrs. Zastrow, Technology Assistant [01-24-1997]

Mrs. Michelle Steele's First Grade Class [01-24-1997]

Tracey Overacker, Kankakee 11 I go to Clifton School [01-24-1997]

We are doing a school report on Betsy Ross.
Andrea Hutchison and Shalene Machen, 10 and 9 [01-24-1997]

I'm just reasearching for my school Sparhawk. Our theme is about 1785. And we have to do biographies on certain people and I wanted to do it on famous colonial women. Thanks, this was a great help!
Alex Okomo, Newburyport, MA 10 years [01-24-1997]

Monica E. Konczal, Oregon, OH 11 years old [01-24-1997]

Hayley Ivins, 11 years old [01-24-1997]

Dana Phillips, Sarasota Florida 35 female [01-24-1997]

Freddy Stearns [01-24-1997]

This is cool!
heather bodewitz [01-25-1997]

Denise Roberts, Morgantown, WV [01-25-1997]

jackie lueth [01-25-1997]

Preparing some films on history of nations through the history of their flags
axel clevenot, film director [01-25-1997]

I enjoy the internet at grandfather's house.
Sarah Thompson, Age 8, I live in NC. [01-25-1997]

Maralynn Zimmerman, Staten Island NY [01-25-1997]

Paige Wiencke, Tallahassee, Florida; Age 8 [01-25-1997]

Skippy [01-25-1997]

Drew Bastien, 5 years old; live in Canton, NY [01-25-1997]

Allison Scharadin, Goldsboro N.C. age 10 [01-25-1997]

Sherry Lindsey, Texarkana, Texas [01-25-1997]

Rebecca Engelberg, Commack (Long Island), 10 yrs, loves animals [01-25-1997]

Christine Seymour Avery, school project, I am 10 yrs. old and live in Ft. Myers FL [01-25-1997]

nice flag, betsy.
tony maddalone [01-25-1997]

samantha houe, Lebanon, OH age 10 [01-25-1997]

Andrea Johnson, Age 8, Vallejo, Ca. [01-25-1997]

good tour
dlinso, phila. pa. [01-26-1997]

I love history and I'm sure I will enjoy this site.
Virginia, I live in NY. I'm 27 and happy to be here:^) [01-26-1997]

My family is moving to Phili this summer.
Sarah Kowalyk, 10 years old [01-26-1997]

I love learning about the Colonial times because I think it is interesting.
Jenna Reycraft, Freehold, New Jersey; age ten [01-26-1997]

Joshua Lee Purdham, Doing this for school. I am 7 years old. [01-26-1997]

I'm back!
Alex Okomo, 10 [01-26-1997]

My class is studying Betsy Ross for the month of March.
Elaine Peitz, Ist grade teacher [01-26-1997]

Bill Chilton, 33/ m/ N.H. [01-26-1997]

Beautiful, entertaining web site
Jacqueline White, love history [01-26-1997]

Celeste Kruse, 10 years old [01-26-1997]

HI! How do you do?
Lynsey Treadwell, I love gymnastics and cats [01-26-1997]

Did you know George Washington?
Jay and John, ages 8 and 9 [01-27-1997]

Laurie Hauge, Minneapolis, MN [01-27-1997]

Gathering info for my childs 5th grade report
Laurie Heiss, California, 33 yrs. [01-27-1997]

Christa Moritz & Robyn Kruse, 4th grade students from Storm Lake, IA [01-27-1997]

Jessica Igo, Plainview,TX 10 [01-27-1997]

Betsy Ross Reed, I am 8 [01-27-1997]

Diane Novosel, Naperville, IL [01-28-1997]

Nils Fransson [01-28-1997]

Josh, I live in St. Joseph, MO and I am 14. [01-28-1997]

We fly our flag b/c we love the USA!
Gwatney Family, LA, [01-28-1997]

Meredith Marti, I'm 10, I live in Burnsville MN [01-28-1997]

I learned a lot about Betsy Ross from this page - thank you
Nicole Ballard, 8 years old, writing a school report on Betsy Ross because she was a famous person born in January [01-28-1997]

Cindy Malkemus [01-28-1997]

Bob Meeker, History Teacher [01-29-1997]

We're excited to hear about your page and will be using this information in a bioline.
Beardsley Elementary School, Elementary Teachers [01-29-1997]

I will be in Philly 1/31/97
Stuart Reisman, Howard Beach, N.Y, 50's [01-29-1997]

Eric Gat, Brandon MS, 60 years of age [01-29-1997]

yvonne chesson, florida [01-29-1997]

Got here from
John A. Horakh, Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234 [01-30-1997]

Elizabeth Morchel [01-30-1997]

Michael J. Holdwick, Jackson, Michigan [01-30-1997]

Emily [01-30-1997]

I love the flag
Brendan Kelliher, Galena, 95 years old [01-30-1997]

jennifer cecil, 12 y.o. [02-01-1997]

I just found an old certificate from 1899 for the American Flag House and Betsy Ross Memorial Association certificate # 92744

Hi peoples!
Lindsay Farmer, Virginia I'm 11 years old. I love monkeys! [02-01-1997]

Mary Rose Greene, I live in GA, I am 9 years old [02-01-1997]

Ashley Bartel, I am 7 years old and live in Birmingham Alabama [02-01-1997]

It's exciting to retrace what I have before visited. This approach makes travel and history available to those who are confined or unable to visit these sites. It opens history to them and allows them the opportunity to see what otherwise they may miss.
maureen m james, oil city pa - no age - art teacher - wife - mother [02-01-1997]

I love the American flag!
Syndey, 7 years old [02-01-1997]

May be coming the first week of April
Emily Denham, Kentucky, 18, love history, [02-01-1997]

Jamie Haas, Teacher of Grade 3, Spring Green Elem. in Wisconsin. [02-02-1997]

What a wonderful thing you have for the young and old on the computer. Thank you for letting me share with you.
Jori Blume, 19 from Park Ridge Illinois [02-02-1997]

Thanks a lot! I'm really interested in the 1770's. I enjoy history.
Katie roshi-Moles, Missoula, MT, Age: 10 [02-02-1997]

Great information for the Webelo Scouts I am working with. Thanks
Jamie Evans, Altus, OK 20 years old [02-02-1997]

I visited the house in person in November of 1996, and I think it was just great.
Jody Lutz, I am 8 years old. [02-02-1997]

Enjoyed your page very much.
Steve Kakaio Jr., I'm a 45 year old male of Hawaiian ancestory. [02-02-1997]

Tony Hallin, 33 yr. old male in Minnesota. [02-03-1997]

Very educational... Appreciate your tour!
Patricia Anderson, teacher at West Marshall Middle School [02-03-1997]

Joanna L. Chase, 12 years old [02-03-1997]

Thank you for the tour!
Cari Haugen, 27 [02-03-1997]

Elizabeth A. Bowman, Clarksburg, West Virginia [02-03-1997]

Robert Williams [02-03-1997]

Looking for info for brother's project on the making of the flag
Melissa Cripe, Fayetteville NC 20 years old [02-04-1997]

Vanessa Gneiting, fourth grader in Columbus, Montana [02-04-1997]

Lisa Scharpf, Bath PA 17 years old [02-04-1997]

Researching whether Betsy is one of the most influencial people in American history
Peter&kita cheeks, H.S. school students [02-04-1997]

Wow! I am sooooo excited that I found information on B. Ross. I have been looking in the school library and bookstores and have yet to find anything until now. This information will make my unit planning so much more enriching. Thank you!!!
carrie dibble, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 26 years old student teacher [02-04-1997]

jose gil, houston 28 [02-04-1997]

Donn Craig, teacher, Battle Creek, MI [02-04-1997]

L.L., I live in Oak Creek Wisconson, I am 9 years old, I am adopted [02-04-1997]

Katie Drysdale [02-04-1997]

I'm promoting use of Internet resources about the US for foreign audiences wanting to know more about the US
cynthia borys, librarian age 48 [02-04-1997]

Jon Chainer, Media Specialist [02-04-1997]

Hello everybody!
Kristin [02-04-1997]

i am doing a report on betsy ross
alyssa thibodeau, 9 florida [02-04-1997]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross for 5th Grade Social Studies.
K. Stone, 11 [02-04-1997]

I can't wait to bring my students to this web site as we study the history of the American Flag.
Bill Sarazen, Teacher [02-05-1997]

Lynn Davis, Denton, MD [02-05-1997]

I'm really interested in learning about Betsy's flag and house
Jimmy Walter, I'm 10 years old [02-05-1997]

Mary Anne G. Lee, Elementary Aide [02-05-1997]

I don't have that much info yet, but from here I know that I will get a lot! From what I know, she sounds very interesting.
Deanna Yurkovic, 13 years old; writing a report on Betsy in school [02-05-1997]

We are studying the American Flag and are anxious to collect as much information as we can about how the American Flag evolved. We look forward to our tour of Besty Ross' home. Thank you.
Jenna Fridrich's Second Grade Class, Elkhorn, Nebraska [02-05-1997]

Celina Henry, Alabama,17 [02-05-1997]

Nicole Early, Illinois [02-05-1997]

Karen Lund, Irvine, CA [02-05-1997]

Shadow Oaks Elementary, Houston Texas [02-06-1997]

kathie Istre, Lake Charles, La First Grade Teacher [02-06-1997]

I am really excited!!!
David Thornton, 8 Years old [02-06-1997]

Katie L [02-06-1997]

Brian Fornwalt [02-06-1997]

Granddaughter looking for information for school.
Barb Hain [02-06-1997]

Ashley Thomas, student, age 9, SanMateo FL [02-06-1997]

This is a really neat tour, I will be entering the teaching profession within the year and look forward to using it then!!
Andrea Bosack, Originally from PA, but now residing in FL [02-07-1997]

Ava and Christopher Paul, A. A. County in Maryland [02-07-1997]

We are learning about famous Americans. We compared our flag of 50 states to the flag Betsy Ross made.
Mrs. Dearing's Class, We are a 1st grade class in Ooltewah, TN. [02-07-1997]

Doin' some homework for a friend. Nifty site!
Rodger Seid, U.S. Marine [02-07-1997]

Room 18 Point Vicente [02-07-1997]

Taylor Carson, I'm 9 & I live in Sebring, Fl [02-07-1997]

David Phelps, Father of an intersted 7 y/o boy [02-08-1997]

This is the best way to take a tour for those of use who other wise wouldn't be able to ever get to travel.
Esther Rosales, Los Angeles [02-08-1997]

Alannah, 11 [02-08-1997]

dianna hyde, library 11 [02-08-1997]

I was born and raised in Philly and now live out west. Getting on the net and being in contact with my hometown is very enjoyable!
Terry Comella, Cheyenne, Wyoming [02-08-1997]

I'm doing a school project on Betsy Ross
Amy Pivirotto, Shelton Ct 13 female Feb. 8, 1997 [02-08-1997]

Jennifer Heil, age 10 [02-08-1997]

Mary Martha Stewart, A Homemaker [02-08-1997]

doing a school project
Kristina Moramarco, 13 [02-09-1997]

I am checking into resources for teaching history through the web for high school and elementary school.
Margaret W. Norton, High School Librarian, Berywn, IL [02-09-1997]

tony dzialowy [02-09-1997]

LIA SANTUCCI, Dallas, Texas Age 3 1/2 [02-09-1997] [cute! -Webmaster]

Nate Neitzke, 13 years old, MInnesota [02-09-1997]

I'm sure Betsy's house is nice.
Kaitlyn, Age 9 state Virginia American girl [02-09-1997]

Diane Bennett, age 21, PA [02-09-1997]

Kirsten Wunder, 5 years old [02-09-1997]

kathy hochman [02-10-1997]

I am in fifth grade at Pt. Vicente Elmentry School.
Sara Schneider, R.P.V. CA [02-10-1997]

nicki, 11\f [02-10-1997]

Debbie Lewis, Redding, CA [02-10-1997]

Looking for information.
Blake Stewart, elementry [02-10-1997]

Issa Revell, Tappahannock, Virginia - 9 years [02-10-1997]

Sarah Nichole Zerby, Texan in Owasso, OK ... family to visit Philadelphia in April. [02-11-1997]

We hope to visit on President's Day.
Mark A. Coffey, Arlington, VA, 47 [02-11-1997]

I was just flipping around for a subject for my history paper. I think I've found one!
Rebecca West, I'm fourteen years old. [02-11-1997]

Thank-you for having such a fun site for my students to visit
dottie vlach, dallas teacher [02-11-1997]

Alyssa Garnich, A seventh grade student at Our Lady of Good Counsel school in Southampton, PA [02-11-1997]

Maryann Ivanov, 13, Pleasanton, California [02-12-1997]

Roberta Callison & Travis Callison, Mother & son [02-12-1997]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross for my class.
Alexis Claire Branaman, Grand Rapids, MI 9 years old [02-12-1997]

Thanks for letting us take the tour!
Stephen Eller and Jimmy Merritt, 11&10 [02-13-1997]

Lindsay Egg [02-13-1997]

I like this area on the internet!
Kristin, I'm cool [02-13-1997]

It's our first time on the net and it's great.
Phillip David Tom [02-13-1997]

Megan Marquis [02-13-1997]

I like the house it is very roomy. I wish I could get a tour of it. Thank you
Tom Ohmer, 11,Pennsylvania Athletic [02-13-1997]

Nicole Hoffer, Stanley, ND [02-13-1997]

I am doing a biographical report on Betsy Ross. My mother used to live in Philadelphia and took a tour of the Betsy ross House as a child. We can't make it to Philadelphia to see the house, so this internet site is really neat and helpful! Thank you!
sara brewer, Renaissance Public School Academy, 10 yr old, 5th grade multi-age classroom [02-13-1997]

Katherine L. Waterson, Auburn, Indiana [02-13-1997]

We have just read a book about Betsy Ross and were looking for additional information. The book only covers her childhood until she works as an apprentice with John. Thank you for providing additional information.
Hacker Family, Centreville, Virginia [02-13-1997]

Deborah Matchers, 22 years old [02-13-1997]

Becca Long, Ohio, age 8 [02-13-1997]

Our son was doing a school project on Betsy Ross
Randy Phillips, Cincinnati OH ,39 [02-13-1997]

stephen lutes [02-14-1997]

I'm doing a report on betsy ross for school. I got to choose and I thought I would like to learn about her. We're studying the american revolution in school.
juli helder, I live in New Jersey, Westville. I'm 11 years old. [02-14-1997]

The "make a perfect star in one snip" was great! I made one and it's pretty good!
Yu-shan Kim, I'm in 6th grade, just surfin' on the net! [02-14-1997]

Ellen Tighe, age 9 I like to play the violin and take ballet. [02-14-1997]

How does it feel living in a big house?
Yvonne Blais, Girl Elgin 14 [02-14-1997]

Sara Brown, Lima, New York [02-14-1997]

Elaine richards [02-14-1997]

michelle grega, I am nine years old [02-15-1997]

My friend and I are taking a technology seminar and we are getting information here to create a hyperstudio stack.
Kimberlie A. Levick, Florida 34 years young [02-15-1997]

A great idea.I will use your information to supplement my regular teaching activities.
Gail Washington, WI - 7th grade social studies teacher [02-15-1997]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross and I need as much halp as I can get!!!
Crystal Ricevuto, 10 [02-15-1997]

Born & raised in Glenolden, PA. Have been to the Betsy Ross House Tour in Phila. a few times. I remember the stairway being very narrow. This brings back many good memories.
Sondra McKeon, Now Jacksonville, FL - Grandmother of five. [02-15-1997]

Beth Ford, 10-VA [02-15-1997]

Interesting bit of information. Are you positive that John Ross and Betsy did not have any children that survived?
David George Ross, Calgary, Alberta [02-15-1997] [Yes, positive -Webmaster]

Caitlin Lyga, WI, 10, 4th grade [02-15-1997]

cynthia parker [02-15-1997]

Keep up the good work!!
Michael Leonard, Somerset,MA 44 history teacher [02-15-1997]

I'm looking forward to the tour!
Ross H. Tipps, Orange County, California, 31 single male [02-15-1997]

Robert Fisher, Downingtown, pa [02-15-1997]

I totally love horses!
Amy Kolb, St.John [02-16-1997]

This is SO cool! I'm helping my 7 year old do a report for school on betsy Ross!
Kay Schwartz, Bedford, TX; wife & mother of 3, ages 7, 5, 2 [02-16-1997]

morgan, I am 7 years old [02-16-1997]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross
Laura Millwater, 8 [02-16-1997]

Atiya Simmons, Maryland, age: 9 [02-16-1997]

I am doing a class project on Betsy Ross.
Leslie Caroline Hood, NC [02-16-1997]

I'm doing a report for school and this website is great.
Shannon Lee, I'm 13 and live in Oconomowoc, WI [02-16-1997]

Faith Springsteen, Faith is 8, visiting here with her dad. [02-17-1997]

Go-o-o-o-o U.S.A.
Susanne Nichols, age 10 [02-17-1997]

Katie Whetsell [02-17-1997]

I am in 1st grade and am doing a report on Betsy Ross and the American Flag. Thank you for all of the information! Aimee
Aimee Welch, Bowie, MD, 7 years old [02-17-1997]

Rachel Minor [02-17-1997]

It's amazing how the flag has changed over the past 200 years!
Deirdre Anne Shannon, Berkeley Hgts., NJ, age 8 1/2 [02-17-1997]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross for my class project. Thank you.
Rachel Minor, 7 yrs old, California [02-17-1997]

Just viisiting in preparation for 1 day visit to Philly in April
Bart & Cecilai Kerstiens [02-17-1997]

Elizabeth, Camarillo, CA, 8 yrs old [02-17-1997]

Kristen Doto, age 12 [02-17-1997]

Incredible site! Who could believe that while watching a movie you could also take a trip to Philadelphia!
V. Staufer, Vero Beach, FL age ?? Love history [02-17-1997]

Very well done web site.
Jon C. Gilbert, 51 year old letter carrier with the post office [02-17-1997]

Tim Webb, Arkansas, 35 [02-17-1997]

Enjoy life. You can't take it with you.
kent cheung, Age: 34, Washington, D.C. [02-18-1997]

Mark A. Coffey, NGB, Arlington, VA , age 47, rank Major [02-18-1997]

This is my first virtual tour.
Anne Liberman, 9 years old, live in NJ [02-18-1997]

AR [02-18-1997]

I have a biography book about Betsy Ross.
Tehilah And Aharon Levy, 7 and 5 years old [02-19-1997]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross for my school this site was very helpful.
Liz DeLoach, 11 [02-19-1997]

Jennie Unruh, 11 years old and live in Coffeyville, Kansas [02-19-1997]

I used your page with my daughter for school project. It was most informative and beautifully done. Keep up the great job
David Shirley [02-19-1997]

Did Ben Franklin and Betsy Ross have a affair?
John R. Knight, Phila., 39 [02-19-1997] [Historically speaking, that possibility seems very unlikely -Webmaster]

Thanks for having this tour for us. We did visit Betsy Ross house years ago.
Paula & George Stirling, Senior Citizens from California [02-19-1997]

I chose Betsy Ross for a report in school!
Lindsay Parsons, St. Louis, MO age 8 [02-19-1997]

Kaye Wyly, Sequoyah Middle School, Broken Arrow, OK [02-19-1997]

G. Davidson [02-19-1997]

Colleen Marker, Detroit, MI [02-19-1997]

Was there many years ago and enjoyed the visit. I remember how narrow the staircases were and how quaint the whole house was. Very interesting. Thank you.
lena harman, ventura ca (old lady) [02-19-1997]

Glad to be on the internet. Wish I could really be there.
Celest Pritchett, 2nd grade teacher, Springhill Elem., Bryant, Arkansas [02-19-1997]

Julia Barnes-Brown, 8 yrs., Concord, Ma. [02-19-1997]

Jennifer Morrissey, Education Major in IL, Age 23 [02-19-1997]

Michelle Arnondin, New Orleans, La. Fifth Grade [02-19-1997]

amanda goft, montgomery county, 10 yrs old, 4th grade at bridle path elementary, and I like to travel a lot in my family's motorhome [02-19-1997]

Sara Correa, Sacto. 10 years old [02-19-1997]

My class is doing reports on Famous Americans and I picked Betsy Ross.
Jessie Macdonald, I am 7 years old and I live in Charlotte, NC [02-19-1997]

j. pavlovec, 45 [02-19-1997]

i hope to enjoy the tour
bryan rodgers, australian male [02-20-1997]

Miss Roth's First Graders [02-20-1997]

Robert Hopf, Minneapolis, Mn. [02-20-1997]

Jenny De Angelis, age 10 [02-20-1997]

Shane C. Gabie, Consultant, history buff, Canadian [02-20-1997]

Janet Norton, Wilkes-Barre, PA [02-21-1997]

hi from oaklawn and cooper elem
cynthia peacock, wichita ks [02-21-1997]

Chris Holderman, middle & high school learning support teacher [02-21-1997]

Bill Doyle, Baton Rouge, Louisiana [02-21-1997]

I can't wait to see Betsy's house!
Eva Goodwin, I am 10, and play piano, and collect stamps. [02-21-1997]

Charles G. Wilson, JROTC instructor at Pineville High School in Louisiana [02-21-1997]

glenda shull, teacher [02-21-1997]

Trying to learn more.
Jerry Hawn, Riverside CA, 58 yr. old. [02-22-1997]

Jessica, loves history [02-22-1997]

Becca, Atlant, Ga, 8 [02-22-1997]

Terra Chaney, Yreka, CA age 10 [02-22-1997]

Teresa Riedel, 34 yrs old live in Florida [02-22-1997]

Anna Springer [02-22-1997]

Georgeanne Radloff, Texas [02-22-1997]

Brittany Nims, age-8, Walworth, NY [02-22-1997]

Renee Philbrook, 11 years old, Latham, N.Y. [02-22-1997]

My wife the elementary school teacher's search...not mine...sorry Glenda
robert swerdling [02-22-1997]

Jessica Herzog, 10 [02-22-1997]

I'll be visiting soon.
Theresa Land, wauwatosa, 74, [02-22-1997]

Meghan Mulkerin [02-23-1997]

William Schneider, Teacher, New Orleans Area [02-23-1997]

KYRENE, KINDRA, KIM, STEVE, CT, 5, 4 [02-23-1997]

Amy Vick, Abilene, TX [02-23-1997]


STEPHY BRECHT, 9 years old, 3rd grade [02-23-1997]

Jenny Lowder, 7 years old [02-23-1997]

I think Betsy Ross is cool
jill styron, 11 F [02-23-1997]

Sam Rushing, Male 69 years Louisiana [02-24-1997]

I would like to say what's up to everyone in the United States.
Stephanie Love, 15 I live in Texas [02-24-1997]

allowing my students to navigate
Mr. Perea, 43 [02-24-1997]

having fun looking at your site with our fifth graders
Alan Piggot, getting along in colorado schools [02-24-1997]

We are taking an indepth look at our founders.
Jane Liggett, Home Schooling Family [02-24-1997]

My daughter chose Betsy Ross as her historical character to write on She is in the Fifth Grade.
Joyce K Miller, Victoria Texas [02-24-1997]

Peggy Goodner [02-24-1997]

This is neat!!!
Judy Sherman, 9-year-old 4th grade student in Montgomery County, Maryland [02-24-1997]

Steve Canter, North potomac, MD age 51 [02-24-1997]

I'm exited!
Ashley Graham, oklahoma, 10 [02-24-1997]

Tina Tillemans, Bishop CA never mind the age please [02-24-1997]

I am a teacher working on a tour of Philadelphia for my fifth graders. We have just finished studying the American Revolution.
Melissa, Aiken, SC 28 [02-25-1997]

herlie leffew [02-25-1997]

Stinnett has a population of only 2200 people. Using the internet in our classroom helps the students to see things they would never be able to see otherwise. Most students come from lower income families. We are 60 miles NE of Amarillo. There's plenty of ranch land around us. Thanks for having this on the net for us to see.
Mrs. Maxwell's First Grade class, Stinnett, TX [02-25-1997]

Jalena M. Quick, Meade, KS 18 High School Senior [02-25-1997]

Jeer Pisano [02-25-1997]

I will be visiting your city in May. The web sites are great.
Joseph L. Kahl, Clearwater Fl. 58 [02-25-1997]

Hope to visit in person in July 1997.
Carol L. Morse, Prog. Asst. UW-Whitewater [02-25-1997]

Whitney Jackley, Conrad, IA [02-25-1997]

Karen, A graduate student in Chicago [02-25-1997]

Holly McDevitt, PA, age 10, likes history and Felicity [02-25-1997]

I want to learn about Betsy Ross and how she made the first American Flag.
Justine Bylo, livingston New Jesey, 8, school project about Betsy [02-25-1997]

Andrew L. Hedenland, age 9 for a book repoet [02-25-1997]

Roger L. Dickerson, Conway,SC Age 52 [02-25-1997]

We're doing research for a book report for Christina, age 8. Thanks for the tour.
Bruce, Paula, & Christina Henley, Yuba City, CA [02-25-1997]

Perusing sites. I want my kids to explore
apiggot [02-26-1997]

My grandmom lives in Philadelphia also and that makes my project more important to me.
Carmen Robert Curro, 10 yrs. old, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., my school project [02-26-1997]

My daughter (a second grader) is doing a report on Betsy Ross. I visited this site to gather information for her report.
Wanda Guthrie, Tallahassee, Florida [02-26-1997]

betsy ross is cool
arielle [02-26-1997]

Good site and appreciate the final ideas for my students to understand why they must accurately sight their findings.
Ann Dana, National-Louis University [02-26-1997]

Hi, please take us on the tour of Besty Ross' home
jeanice fontaine, librarian, school [02-26-1997]

I'm doing a biography about Betsy Ross and when I give the report, I have to dress up like her as well.
Corley Higgins, Charlotte, NC, 8 years old [02-26-1997]

Deb Zimmerman [02-26-1997]

Marlene, student at National Louis University [02-26-1997]

internet assignment
Marlene, student at National Louis University, Wheaton, IL [02-26-1997]

Nancy Hunter, Colorado Springs, CO [02-26-1997]

I like this site very much. I think it is very interesting.
Sarah Stevens [02-26-1997]

Courtney Buettner [02-26-1997]

Cheryl Korthuis, age: 10, location: Wa. state [02-26-1997]

I pledge alliegence to the flag of the U.S.A!
Elizabeth Diane Wardlaw [02-26-1997]

My 7 yr old is doing a virtual biography on B. Ross, her first report. Any information would be appreciated.
Lonni Cowan, mother of two in Southern California [02-27-1997]

Dale Brooks, Valdosta High School Valdosta, Geogia 31602 [02-27-1997]

ashley hutton, 10yrs. old [02-27-1997]

We are studying pioneers and patriots.
Kyle Wrede, Age 7, homeschooled, enjoy reading and video games [02-27-1997]

I don't have much to say but I think the tour will be fun. Thanks.
Abby, 11 yers old [02-27-1997]

Katy Hammen [02-27-1997]

Aimee, Romeoville, 15 [02-27-1997]

Needed info for my son in 1st grade, doing a report about a famous woman.
John Turner, Bucks County, 30 [02-28-1997]

Aaron Vasgaard & Mike Dirsa, 11 Jonesboro, AR [02-28-1997]

I watch our homeland fall! As I look at these sites of our Founders, I know that our only hope is to turn again to Jesus Christ. LORD help me to change, is my prayer. To Love my neighbor. what a cool concept.
Andy Jones, Langhorne, PA [02-28-1997]

This is great!
spypaige, 10 yrs old [02-28-1997]

I hope to be just like her, that's why I chose to do a report on her!!! : - }
Brianna Bellatty, 11, female, i'm doing a report on Betsy Ross [02-28-1997]

We are doing a play about Betsy Ross at the Media Club at school. I now know how she cut the star with one snip after visiting your web site. Thank you!
Natalie Schulthess, 12 yrs old, Merritt Island, FL [02-28-1997]

I belong to the American Legion Auxiliary Unit 176, Salmon Creek Heights, Vancouver, WA. I am entering a Betsy Ross Doll as a display in a contest held at our yearly Legion convention. I will be making the doll, dressing her and using poppies for the ruffles on her skirt.
Marian M. Hughes, Reside in Vancouver, WA I am 57 years old [02-28-1997]

Loved the visit to the house years ago -- this visit is 99% as good
Sheila A. M. Teal, Patrick, SC [03-01-1997]

Heather Wrede, age 10 san jose ca [03-01-1997]

Betsy acts as a great role modle for me.
Jamie, Age 10 [03-01-1997]

Lawrence K. Moses, Baton Rouge, LA age:38 [03-01-1997]

Bonnie Lee Behm, 39 [03-01-1997]

Courtney-Lia Noble, Victoia,B.C Age 10 [03-01-1997]

Laurie Stratton, West Virginia [03-01-1997]

I hope to come see the house this summer.
Sarah Bear, Moorestown, NJ, 7 years old [03-01-1997]

Becky, I live in CA and I am 12 [03-01-1997]

Tracy Gourley, Oklahoma ; third grade teacher [03-01-1997]

Kay Tanner, Mom, gathering homework information! [03-01-1997]

thanks for letting us catch a glimpse of Betsy's house!
hailey erdlen [03-02-1997]

Kayla Lamb, SC - age 8 - school report [03-02-1997]

Amanda Van Epps, 9 yrs old, Live in Fredericksburg, VA [03-02-1997]

Enjoying your page! Trying to learn about Betsy, Goddess of the SYMBOL?
Dennis Michael Bierman, In Minne-Apple-Us, AGE:51 [03-02-1997]

Thank you for the tour
Duane Timo, Duluth, MN Retired [03-02-1997]

ashley abrams, age9 [03-03-1997]

Maybe sometime I can visit the Betsy Ross home when we go to Philedelphia That would be fun.
Ginger Carroll, Columbus, OH, 9 years old [03-03-1997]

Ranae Ludwick, 8.5 years old [03-03-1997]

Cindy Schultz [03-03-1997]

Vonda McReynolds, Newport, OR [03-03-1997]

What a great page!! I hope you will continue to add more and exciting items.
Leandra Blair, Columbus, OH, OLD Just riding the waves [03-03-1997]

Marla Wilson [03-03-1997]

Roger Wistrom, age 47 stanton ia. [03-04-1997]

rl james, mississippi , 42, f, mommer [03-04-1997]

Pat Bradshaw [03-04-1997]

I came to this location to do research about you
Erica Solmonson, 10 [03-04-1997]

Tommy Costain, Brewer, Me / 13 years old / 7th grade project [03-04-1997]

I believe this will be an unforgettable tour.
Pamela Hines, I live in Michigan and am interested in American History. [03-04-1997]

I'm looking forward to the tour.
Rod Haenke, 37 [03-04-1997]

Theresa McDowell, Violet, LA. Age 30 Elementary School Teacher [03-05-1997]

Betsy, I love your house
Sasha Arnold, 16 Bodacious Babe Cardigans Rule [03-05-1997]

Our flag, our country, strong and true, let us ever be faithful to you.
Aleya J. Littleton, I'm 12, Home schooled and BOY CRAZY!!! [03-05-1997]

This is a great sight for teachers and students! I wish there were more like it on the net!
Lisa M. Smith, I am a 22 year old student at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, IL. I will be an elementary school teacher after student teaching next semester. [03-05-1997]

mara theophila, donnelly school, [03-05-1997]

This is realy neat. Thanks
Therese Bailey, age 15 SanBenito,Tx [03-05-1997]

Jessica A Cruz, Tampa, Fl age 10 [03-05-1997]

Caileigh, I'm 8 [03-05-1997]

Sara Gross, Fond Du Lac, Wi Age: 15 [03-06-1997]

I'm writing curriculum material about the colonial period... I've enjoyed your interesting web site!
Stacey Marolf, Fresno, CA [03-06-1997]

I want to see Betsy's house because in Social Studies we had to pick someone from the Revolutionary War to do a report on and I picked Betsy Ross, and so far your internet Web has been a BIG help with the truth about her Life! Thanx for your help!
Danielle Davis, 12 yrs old [03-06-1997]

candace Toft [03-06-1997]

candace Toft [03-06-1997]

Nicole Palmisano [03-06-1997]

I love stories about American women. I just read a book on Betsy Ross. I loved it. P.S. I'm doing 3-4 grades
Elisebeth, I'm 9 and have three sisters. I live in MD [03-07-1997]

Hey Bets, Nice seeing your stuff!
julie the great, Aliso Viejo [03-07-1997]

God bless America!!!!
Sid Burgess, 15/m Haskell, OK [03-07-1997]

Thank you for a virtual history lesson.
Susan Maerz, Grand Island, NY [03-07-1997]

I'm in 4th grade and I am doing a Betsy Ross biography.
Kirsten Grover [03-07-1997]

Chaselaven, from Lake Havasu City AZ [03-07-1997]

Lindsey Swihart, Grand Rapids Mn age 9 [03-07-1997]

I love American history!
Emily Jo Nelson, Plano,TX. 9 years old [03-07-1997]

My personal quote is: Some people are dumb
Stacey, 12 [03-08-1997]

History is nice to learn about
Krista Kockler, age 11 [03-08-1997]

Catherine Ottis, 9 years old Clinton,MS [03-08-1997]

Have visited the Betsy Ross House many a time as a young boy growing up in Philadelphia. Neat to see it on the Web.
Nelson Schroeder, Sterling, Colorado, Age 35, High School History Teacher [03-08-1997]

Aimee Kalsky and Ben Gilgoff [03-08-1997]

I visited Betsy Ross's house on numerous occasions as a chld. I am taking the tour to see if it is still the same
Marge Ross, Parlin, NJ [03-08-1997]

William & Pamela Black, We love Colonial History [03-08-1997]

This is cool to be in Betsy Ross's house!
Kelsi Grime, Archbold, Ohio 9 [03-09-1997]

Used this page to help do my homework.
Abbie Mason, 8 years old [03-09-1997]

Terry A. Davidson [03-09-1997]

Thank you for all the interesting things about Betsy Ross
Erica Iannucci, age 9 -- doing a school report on Betsy Ross [03-09-1997]

jessica, phila, st matts school project age 10 [03-09-1997]

We went there today. We had a great time.
Justin & Ken Swain, 9 & 37 years old Phila. PA. [03-09-1997]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross
Bobby Capuzziello, 3rd Grade, Milford Catholic Elementary School [03-09-1997]

Annetta A., N.E. Pa. 03/09/97 [03-09-1997]

Looking for info for school report
Samantha Schwoyer, 9 years old [03-10-1997]

I used this link as part of a trivia game on my home page I enjoyed my visit here ... keep up the great work
Joann Hendrzak, Fla ... originally Phila. [03-10-1997]

Jill Martin, 19 yr. old college freshman from ohio [03-11-1997]

My Dad says that I am a decendent from her.
Theresa Boates, I am 9 years old [03-11-1997]

krista johansson, 11 or whatever [03-11-1997]

Pat D. Robinson [03-11-1997]

Heidi Ann Hug, 19 yrs. old -- Michigan State University [03-11-1997]

William Bernstein, Bklyn history buff [03-11-1997]

Ronda Sepulveda, Age 9, Alamogordo, New Mexico in the 3rd grade [03-11-1997]

Always enjoy the real life tour ... so tried the Internet tour
Robert Nagle, 35 year old MIS Manager Einstein Hospital [03-11-1997]

Brennan Earley, Jonesville, Virginia [03-11-1997]

Kriti [03-11-1997]

Kate Richter, 7 years old, live in Austin, Tx. [03-11-1997]

Tell the President I love him.
jay hovis, 7 [03-11-1997]

Peggy Flynn, GMS computer teacher [03-11-1997]

Tara and Amanda Fort [03-11-1997]

I am doing a research paper for school. While in Washington D.C. I saw the flag over Fort Sumpter.
Lauren Marie Paszko, 11 years old, Livonia MI [03-11-1997]

Laura Ullmann, i love soccer, i'm 11 and I'm doing reasearch for school [03-11-1997]

John D. Langdon, Kenosha, WI., 48, served in USMC & USN. Most Patriotic; U.S. History is THE ONE hobby I have. [03-11-1997]

I love this web site!
Gina Hansen-Sedor, CA, 27, 5th grade Elementary Teacher [03-12-1997]

Hannah Green, 8 years old, I'm from Michigan. [03-12-1997]

Julie Bosdachin, Downey, 40, homeschool educator [03-12-1997]

Mrs. Geri Brantley [03-12-1997]

Donna Setlock, Pottsville, PA [03-12-1997]

Room 115, Grade 1 [03-12-1997]

Barbara J. Clemmer [03-12-1997]

We are glad Betsy Ross helped make the first flag for General Washington. We look forward to the tour. Thank you.
Mrs. Linda Hinkie, second grade teacher amd class [03-12-1997]

maggie burnside [03-12-1997]

Campbell, Rebecca [03-12-1997]

Jeanine Ferrante [03-12-1997]

My daughter has a report due and this was a great place to begin.
Keith R. Patton, Parkside Pa, 31 year old father [03-12-1997]

Jessica [03-12-1997]

Vickie Maslanka, kindergarten teacher, loves American history. [03-12-1997]

R. John Fiori [03-12-1997]

Susan Marshall, Alexandria LA [03-12-1997]

Freedom is great!!!
bbdrio, Ohio, age 50 [03-13-1997]

Kara Sanders [03-13-1997]

Susan Ryan, Teacher, 4th grade [03-13-1997]

Kara Sanders [03-13-1997]

Don Bohnwagner, Sr., Atkinson, NH [03-14-1997]

Looking for total history of the American flag. All the different types of flags through history. From the first one ever to the current American flag.
Gina Zaretzke, Wisconsin [03-14-1997]

Emma Ryan, 6th grade social st., DHMS Eagan, MN [03-14-1997]

Kenny Shaffer, age: 13 city: millersburg Pa [03-14-1997]

I am looking for some good photos for a friend. I hope you have some.
jennifer haller, rocklin library, 12 using internet [03-14-1997]

I really enjoyed your web site. My dad helped me go through the house and helped me get some information.
James Peacock, I am from Ft. Rucker, AL. I'm 8 years old. We are studying important women in history. I chose Betsy Ross. [03-14-1997]

Sheldon Stahl/Barbara O'Connor [03-14-1997]

Reference Staff, Weld Library District Greeley, CO [03-14-1997]

Claire Paugh [03-14-1997]

Jim Gill [03-14-1997]

Mary Garavaglia, St. Louis MO 11 [03-14-1997]

I am doing some research for my nephew. He is 12 years old and he is currently writing a paper on Betsy Ross for school. I thought it would be a good ideal for me to help him do research on the WWW. The tour information will be helpful for him as well as the history of Betsy Ross.
Ms. Josephine M. Covarrubias, I am from San Jose, California and I am 29 years old. [03-15-1997]

Sarah, net surfer [03-15-1997]

Brittany Green, Maine, 14 yrs old [03-15-1997]

Starla Tristessa [03-15-1997]

Adam Beatty, Iowa, 10, 4th grade [03-15-1997]

Kevin Blanchfield, nj, 41, married, 3 boys [03-15-1997]

Rebecca Wasinger, location-Russell Ks, Age 10 [03-15-1997]

I visited the Betsy Ross House in Philidelphia about 6 years ago. It was a great experience and I hope to do it again sometime.
Frank Cole, Wiscasset ME, 46 [03-15-1997]

Allison Pagrabs, Fairview Park OH, 11 [03-15-1997]

I'm doing a book report on Ms. Ross. Thanks for all of the great info!
Kelsey Thorson, Tucson, AZ age 11 [03-15-1997]

Olia [03-16-1997]

I am writing a report on Betsy Ross for my 5th grade class at school during our study of famous women.
Amy McGehee, age 11, from Springfield, MO [03-16-1997]

Patrick Kerwood, Pinellas Park FLA 33 [03-16-1997]

Kelsey Gamble, Bethel, ME 6 years old [03-16-1997]

I like to see Betsy Ross's American Flag.
David Shin, Boston, MA, 7 years old, student [03-16-1997]

I love Philadelphia!
Bob Shenker, Drexel Hill PA [03-16-1997]

Molley Quay, ELED student at Millersville University [03-16-1997]

Stephanie Michelle Cash, Panama City, Florida, Age 11, 5th Grade [03-16-1997]

I am doing a report for school. Your site helped me thank you.
Devan Stelmaszek, NJ 8 [03-16-1997]

Jessica Silva [03-16-1997]

Lizzie Gist, 10 years old lives in Col. OH [03-16-1997]

Emily Hopmann [03-17-1997]

Elissa Johnston, 6th grader, Dakota Hills Middle, MN [03-17-1997]

Love finding web sites that my children can learn more about their country. Thank you so much for having this one.
Lore Wren, Stephenville, Texas [03-17-1997]

Stanley Gold, Former Philadelphian [03-17-1997]

I am taking this tour for a school report. I am sure I will enjoy it. Thank You!
Katie Liebentritt, age: 11, Gretna, NE [03-17-1997]

Laura Ellis, 8 [03-17-1997]

Tim Collier, 32 year old high school teacher [03-17-1997]

Betsy Harbison, I'm 10 1/2 [03-17-1997]

Tanya Rachel Burns, Virginia Beach I am 9 [03-17-1997]

Beth Evanson, Age 10, Minnesota [03-17-1997]

Dresden Glover, haircurlers, 45, spandex, slippers [03-17-1997]

I love this, this is historical!
Tamara Burns, Va Beach Age 12 [03-17-1997]

See you soon
Sylvain Geoffroy, Canada [03-17-1997]

This information is a great help with homework
Mary Holt, Salem Oregon [03-17-1997]

QUEST class Central Elementary, Carrollton, GA, third grade three girls one boy and a teacher [03-18-1997]

Jennifer Marusak [03-18-1997]

Erin Strayer [03-18-1997]

Susan Kenner, Southern California [03-18-1997]

Reenactor Rev War battles. LUV Rev. War History. Love your site.
Robert Makara, North East Age 58 [03-18-1997]

This will help me with my report on Betsy Ross. Thank you
Genni Huber, Sarasota, fl. 10 years old [03-18-1997]

Meredith Robinette Spivey, Danville, Virginia age 7, born in July [03-18-1997]

Great site, my three year old wants to know why the crack in the Liberty Bell has not been repaired.
Marty Costello, Manayunk, 31 wife 3 kids [03-19-1997]

This sounds neat. I hope it is.
Nick Colter, I am not telling [03-19-1997]

Ruth Ann Dotson [03-19-1997]

I grew up in south Philly and never get tired of seeing the historic district. Great to see it on the web.
Carlo Luzzi, Las Vegas NV [03-19-1997]

thank you for the help on Betsy Ross
Gregg Smith, Alaska, 16, I came here for information on Betsy [03-20-1997]

William N. Mayfield Jr., ohio, 15 [03-20-1997]

Victoria Huntsinger [03-20-1997]

Jeff Leupp, from VT So Burlington [03-20-1997]

Ashlee Patton, Age 9 Women's History Month Report [03-20-1997]

This is really neat since I have to do a report on Betsy Ross for school.
Gwen Salata, 12 years old [03-20-1997]

I would like to know who is Betsy Ross. Is this place only for women. Sorry, for my ignorance.
Adolfo Romero, Corpus Christi, Tx. 33 yrs. [03-20-1997]

Ammie Przymus [03-20-1997]

Patricia Stevens, Agoura Hills, CA [03-20-1997]

Hope this tour is fun
John Brex, NJ 32 History Fan [03-20-1997]

Elizabeth Honan, I'm 14 and i live in oregon [03-21-1997]

Dave Allen, Middle aged Information systems manager, having been asked by a co-worker to help in her daughter's 6th grade report on Betsy Ross [03-21-1997]

I love houses and want to be an architect
Katherine Elizabeth Thompson, 10 years old and a pianist [03-23-1997]

It is incredible to be able to do this online.
Elizabeth Carlson, Waco,TX [03-23-1997]

I used to live in Wilmington, DE, and loved to visit the house. While in a little shop in DE I found a certificate of membership in the American Flag House and Betsy Ross Memorial Foundation Association. It appears to be an original. It has the same picuture as the mural.
Pam Wolfe [03-23-1997]

Steve, 44 yrs old, father of two [03-23-1997]

Peggy King [03-23-1997]

Maria & Laken Troutman, Schopp, Germany ages 30 & 10 [03-23-1997]

K. Mark Treon, Barre, Vermont [03-23-1997]

I have always liked to learn about the 1700's
Milly Hoffman, Kansas City MO 12 years old [03-23-1997]

Helping my son with his 4 grade report. We will visit within the next week or two.
Donald Howarth, Phila., Pa. 35 Male [03-23-1997]

Tabitha Kleckner, WI, 11 yrs. old [03-23-1997]

We are very interested in historical things.
The DuBrule Family, Fayetteville [03-23-1997]

David Kennedy [03-23-1997]

brenda Meehan [03-23-1997]

Our family is planning a trip to Philadelphia in June
Renee Golder, from Michigan [03-23-1997]

erin & gianna perez [03-23-1997]

Nicholas Robinson, boy, 8yrs. chelsea, al [03-23-1997]

Fifth grade class, Academy of St. Bartholomew, Middleburg Hts. Ohio [03-24-1997]

cool flag! I'm glad I live in this contry!
Julia B., 11 years old [03-24-1997]

I was Betsy Ross in a school play in the fifth grade!
Stephanie Roberts, Carrollton, GA age 48 [03-24-1997]

pelletier, rehoboth [03-24-1997]

Nancy Booth, Blair, Nebraska [03-24-1997]

I really want to get to know more about Betsy Ross because she sewed the first American flag and I think she is a very interesting lady. Try to get more people to learn about her, she is fascinating!
Alecia Heiden, I am ten and doing a project on Betsy for class! [03-24-1997]

This is a very interesting page. I found it in a magazine (PC Novice-Guide to the Web).
Janelle Rhea, I live in St. Anthony, Idaho. [03-24-1997]

R'nay Senter, i am a girl,14 years [03-24-1997]

Marysusan O'Hara Johnson, 11 yrs, 6th grade, St. Luke's School, Beavercreek, Ohio [03-24-1997]

Traci Green [03-25-1997]

Stephanie Grace Griffin, age 10, oregon [03-25-1997]

Sandy Kerr, Live in Oklahoma [03-25-1997]

Dwyn Jolly [03-25-1997]

I like horses, cats, riding my bike, hiking and crafts (when I can find them)
Olivia Hawkins, Colorado, 9. I like the American girls. I like kirsten. [03-25-1997]

I am portraying Betsy Ross for our "Night of the Notables" at our school.
Katie Knodel, 6th grade, 12 years old [03-25-1997]

Brian Hollandsworth, Anacoco, LA, 15 [03-25-1997]

Katie Knodel [03-25-1997]

Lauren Wetherbee, Wellesley, MA 13 [03-25-1997]

Kevin M. Shaffer [03-25-1997]

Kara Dover, Blue Ridge GA age 9 [03-26-1997]

Betsy Ross is my great, great, great, great, great, great, great Aunt. That's seven greats!! She is my aunt on my dad's family side. So is Clara Barton! This page is really cool thanx!!!:-0)
Jocelyn Swepston, Minnesota [03-26-1997]

Vicki Reed, 18, Cassville, MO [03-26-1997]

Nicole Posenato, New City N.Y. age 7. [03-26-1997]

Bridget Taylor, 11 yrs old Bethlehem PA [03-26-1997]

michael s. chin, vernon,n.j. age 8 [03-26-1997]

Megan Majerus [03-26-1997]

This is a great house!
Alisha Andrews, Anchorage,Alaska age 9 [03-27-1997]

Helping daughter with report on Betsy Ross, this is a wonderful way for her to get extra information. Thank you.
Pocahontas, virginia,nurse [03-27-1997]

I am very impressed with this web site and have found it very useful in home educating our children. Thank you.
Janet, Ben and Jessica Poling, Moatsville, WV Janet(mom) Ben 15, Jessica 12 [03-27-1997]

My daughter needed some more info on Philadelphia. Now I want to visit. I have never been but it looks very interesting.
Doolittle, Houston, Texas - 42 - very nice site. Thanks! [03-27-1997]

Sabin Magnet School Library students [03-27-1997]

We are going to Philadelphia tomorrow.
Julia Detchon, age: 8 live at: Bethesda Md. [03-27-1997]

Marissa Bakken, Milwaukee, WI age 7 [03-27-1997]

Allison Cope, Owings Mills, MD [03-27-1997]

I liked the tour of Betsy Ross' home. It felt like I was really there.
Jaimie Bolton, Arizona, 9 years old [03-27-1997]

T D Steward, Texas, 34, married [03-27-1997]

I am learning about Besty Ross in school so I'm excited to see her house .Thanks For putting her house on the internet .
Taylor Adams [03-28-1997]

I am looking forward to the tour. My Grandma showed me a video on the history of the flag.
Meredith Myers, I live in OH and I'm eight years old. [03-28-1997]

Mrs. Bloss, 25 [03-28-1997]

I think you should make a sight for Betsy Ross. I'm sure Betsy would like that a lot. I enjoyed the tour. See you soon!
Karissa Johnson, I'm 9 years old and I love hitory. I'm from South Dakota [03-28-1997]

Katrina [03-28-1997]

Amy Baker, I'm 12 years old, I love to swim, I also like to read American Girl magazines! [03-28-1997]

I'm glad you have a home page and I'm glad you made the flag. And, I bet we'll have fun taking a tour. -Kieran I didn't know that the first flag had a circle of stars. And I didn't know George Washington actually visited her; I thought he sent her a note. -Noel
Noel, Kieran and Tristan Frodelius, ages 5-9, visiting for homeschool [03-28-1997]

I enjoy history very much and this is great!
Karen G. Hockley [03-29-1997]

Maureen and Claire Nichols, We are young girls studying history and are with the American Girls Club [03-29-1997]

Kathy, Newcastle Me. [03-29-1997]

Sarah,Emilie & Selina, 3 Texas girls from 4 yrs to 11 [03-29-1997]

Anna C. Childs [03-29-1997]

Roxanna Frary, Aurora,CO 8 years old [03-29-1997]

Just decided to check the web for some info on my research project that I'm working on. It is about Betsy Ross. I needed a primary source and your Affidatvits are that source.
Alyson Szymanski, Arlington, VA,eleven years, [03-29-1997]

Shiloh Owens, Phelps, NY [03-29-1997]

John Rost, age 10 Champain IL [03-29-1997]

Anna C. Childs [03-29-1997]

Kristina Berube, Wasilla,AK. 13/f [03-29-1997]

Jessica Lancy, I am 9 years old [03-29-1997]

i plan to leave tonight at 7 o'clock p.m. to visit philadelphia, pa. and see the betsy ross house.
zeke m. banks [03-30-1997]

james.w.smith, wartrace,tn. 29 [03-30-1997]

I have 1 sister named Nikki. My dog's name is Muffin.
Shawn Burger, age 9 [03-30-1997]

Susan Keljik, Minneapolis, MN Age: 42 [03-30-1997]

Michele Alfieri [03-30-1997]

Marika Zimmerly, age 10 [03-30-1997]

Allyson D. Gretz, Pittsburgh, Pa. 7years old. [03-30-1997]

I was born on June 14, 1968 and grew up thinking that my neighbors put out the American flag on my behalf due to my Birthday. I learned later that June 14 had even more meaning !
David Baldwin, San Diego, CA - 28 [03-30-1997]

David Teagur, Texas [03-31-1997]

Thank you for such an opportunity to learn about a great woman in/of history.
Elaine Laird, Southern California, 28 yrs. old [03-31-1997]

Kate Igoe [03-31-1997]

Pat Hallam [03-31-1997]

I went here about 2 weeks ago and am hoping to further my knowledge.
Allison Clarke, Jamison, pa 14 yrs. [03-31-1997]

I'm researching Betsy Ross for a report at school.
Lianne, 10 years old [03-31-1997]

Ashley MacQuarrie, 10 [04-01-1997]

David W. Mullins, Edgewood, Maryland [04-01-1997]

Ira Springel [04-01-1997]

mary, 13yearsold [04-01-1997]

Joan Holt, Quincy, MA [04-01-1997]

Jen Krill [04-01-1997]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross
Lindsy Bean, Matawan NJ, 11 years old, [04-01-1997]

Life's greatest movements began as small changes by a few people. Great mountains move to the sea, one small grain of sand along a stream
Thomas Gay, Hampton Va [04-02-1997]

Sherry L. Polk, Huntsville, Alabama age 45 [04-02-1997]

Cory Patrick, I am 97 years old. I live in Pakistan. [04-02-1997]

Elizabeth Flanagan [04-02-1997]

Greetings from Brazilian friends.
paulo cesar siruffo fernandes, rio de janeiro, Brazil, 56 ys, male. [04-02-1997]

Kramer Family, Hendricks Pa [04-02-1997]

kim, age 10, like horses [04-02-1997]

Mary Eaves [04-02-1997]

I think this site will really help me with my report. I love this subject
Beth Roskowinski, Phoenix, AZ 10 Years old, doing a report on Betsy Ross [04-02-1997]

Jean Johnson, librarian, age 55 [04-03-1997]

Camille Gogol [04-03-1997]

Sheryl Welford, Computer teacher of 5th grade students in Texas [04-03-1997]

Jan Odle [04-03-1997]

We're studying Colonial America. Thanks for the tour!
Penny Moulton, 38 years old, teacher [04-03-1997]

It was neat to see Besty Ross's house without going to Pennsylvania
Jacquelynne, Ca. age 7 [04-03-1997]

I love Betsy Ross.
Erin Whelan, student at Chestnut Hill College [04-03-1997]

Betsy Ellis, I am 19 years old, attending the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee [04-04-1997]

Janet L. Dingle, Longtime Phila. School Teacher Med.SS [04-04-1997]

Donald Lindke, Central Pa. history buff. [04-04-1997]

Sarah York, age 8, Tigard, OR [04-04-1997]

Miranda Dillenbeck, Student researching Betsy Ross [04-05-1997]

Betsy Burriss [04-05-1997]

Mary Unbehagen, St.Lenard, Maryland [04-05-1997]

Hi people!
Jennifer Bates, 16 live in Missouri [04-05-1997]

D. C. Layton, Jackson, MS [04-05-1997]

Tobi Hartman, Cincinnati, 11 [04-06-1997]

Working on a special project about Betsy Ross.
Amanda Andrichyn, 10 years old [04-06-1997]

Almost as good as being there in person!
Jon K. Ronning, Star Prairie, WI [04-07-1997]

We're here to find information about Betsy Ross to do a book report.
Gloria and Jackie VanDusen, Warminster, Pa Ages: 38 & 8 [04-07-1997]

Maggie Whitaker, 13 yrs old, Newburgh, NY [04-07-1997]

Great page, well put together. If anyone is interested in joining the Concord Minute Men Company, email me. Thanks!
Jay Cannon, 44, Lieutenant of the Concord Minute Men [04-07-1997]

billy bob thortan, i'm 16 [04-07-1997]

Impressive learning site, thank you!!!
Carter Thomason, College Station, Texas 24yrs. Texas A&M Univ. [04-07-1997]

Ashley Ramirez & Shelly Brock, 10 Bakersfield, CA [04-07-1997]

Rick Hall [04-07-1997]

I'm doing a research paper on Besty Ross. I really liked all the information you have about her. Some people tell me that she didn't really make the first American flag, but I don't believe them.
KRISTINA ENDICOTT, I am 11 years old and live in CA [04-07-1997]

We read a story about the first flag and Betsy Ross.We enjoyed learning about Betsy Ross
Mrs. Porter's class, 2nd grade class [04-08-1997]

Colonial history re-enactor. Member of Sudbury Minute and Milia Company based at the historic Longfellow Wayside Inn, Sudbury (Ma).
les malecki, Northborough, Ma [04-08-1997]

Barbara L Henry, Bryan Texas 45 [04-08-1997]

sarah F, I am in third grade [04-08-1997]

Cori VanSickler, History Student at Buena Vista University in Iowa [04-08-1997]

For my 50th birthday, am coming to visit my sister, who just relocated to Philadelphia. My mother, who lives about 4.5 hours away in Poolville, New York, will also be visiting. We plan to take the historical tour. Additionally, I am also considering relocating to Philadelphia, after living in California since 1970.
Chris Hoffman, Live in San Francisco, CA [04-09-1997]

Cara Lee Barker, Orem, UT [04-09-1997]

The McNamara Family, Rochester, Ny [04-09-1997]

carlos moya-astudillo [04-09-1997]

Eugenia Ayala, Live in the Bronx, 37 years old, Administrative aide at the Stern School of Business [04-09-1997]

I visited Philadelphia many years ago, but I don't believe I visited the Betsy Ross House, so this ought to be the next best thing.
Keith McDermott, 42, Royal Palm Bch., Fl. Got the history bug from my father, may he rest in peace. He should have been a history teacher, he would have been the best. [04-09-1997]

I enjoy reading websites about history. I'm so glad I ran into this one. I've always enjoyed Betsy Ross and her contributions to America.
Marsha Newland, Lima,Oh 41 [04-09-1997]

Karie Davidson, Boise, ID, age 10 [04-09-1997]

joseph schiavo, Rutgers University, Camden, NJ [04-10-1997]

Joanna Landis [04-10-1997]

christina, I am 11 yearsold. I love Betsy Ross I think she is cool [04-10-1997]

i think she cool!
jennifer sachs, 10 years of age [04-10-1997]

I really enjoy your site. As an American I really enjoy knowing about this wonderful country God has bless us with..
Al Arvizu, 49,Riverside, Ca. [04-11-1997]

It is amazing to be able to find so much information about our country's history right here! Thanks for having a web site!
Michelle Rainey, Brownsville, TN ; 22 years old [04-11-1997]

Sandi Tedesco [04-11-1997]

Freddafay Crossley [04-11-1997]

Doris Morgan, Auburn, ME [04-11-1997]

Susan Marzocchi, I work for Andersen Consulting in New York City and am researching famous women for a crossword puzzle I am putting together for our participation in "Take Our Daughters to Work Day." [04-11-1997]

Great site! Am presenting a program of a tour of Revolutionary Sites at our April meeting.
Betty Gillies, DAR - Bald Eagle Chapter, Cedar City, Utah [04-11-1997]

I am interested in learning about my country's flag.
Hannah Scott, 8 year old American girl! [04-13-1997]

Enjoying learning more about Betsy Ross and our Flag!
Jennilee Hughel, Scottsdale, Arizona 9 years old. [04-13-1997]

Erica Kassman, Statesville, NC. age 8 [04-13-1997]

Brittany Graff, Orange Co., CA; age 11 [04-13-1997]

I thought I would like to see where Betsy Ross spent her leisure.
Norman Anderson, Billings, MT 50 years and Surfin... [04-13-1997]

B. Newman, Buffalo, NY [04-13-1997]

I am doing a project on Betsy Ross for school.
Mandy Burke, Phila, 9 years old [04-13-1997]

Stephanie Turkovich [04-13-1997]

Take pride in our flag. It represents a lot.
Veronica, college student from Fishkill, NY [04-13-1997]

I'm interested in this site for my 3rd graders to explore. So far, it looks very interesting
Susan Schindel, Aurora, Illinois [04-13-1997]

Monica Rhee [04-13-1997]

chloe [04-13-1997]

Thomas Bernabeo, I am almost 11 years old [04-13-1997]

Secon Grade Bruce Elementary, Bruce, Mississippi 7-9 [04-14-1997]

My mother's mother's maiden name was Ross, so my Mom is named Betsy Ross. She has finally started collecting Betsy Ross memorabilia. I love it, and wanted to read more about her.
Linda J. Clay, Teacher [04-14-1997]

Nicole Hallinen, age 9; Pittsburgh [04-14-1997]

Social Studies Project.
Billy Haigh, Sewell, NJ Age 9 [04-14-1997]

I grow up in Philly ... still come back now & then just to walk around
Jim Steele, Vero Beach, Fl. age 46 [04-14-1997]

Heath Love, Oregon age 26 Christian American Patriot [04-14-1997]

Leah A. Wolberg, age 9 [04-15-1997]

Erin Miller, Findlay, Ohio [04-15-1997]

Lisa Long, I am 14 years old, I was born in Roosevelt, Utah. [04-15-1997]

My CB handle when I was a kid (starting in 1976!) was Betsy Ross! I grew up in Kennett Square, PA.
Elizabeth Parrett, S. Deerfield, MA -- teacher [04-16-1997]

Lindsey and Amy [04-16-1997]

My students anjoyed reading the info about Betsy Ross.
Gale A. Campbell, Teacher (5th Grade), 48 yrs. old, Clover, S. C. [04-16-1997]

Thank you for letting me see your house
Bety Martinez, Escuela Bilingue Washington/Boulder, CO [04-16-1997]

Thank you
Chloe Forsman, 9 years [04-16-1997]

Thanks for letting me tour.
Jessica Novack, Escuela Biligue Wasshington (Boulder Co.) [04-16-1997]

Melinda Grochowski [04-16-1997]

Melinda Grochowski, Alexandria VA [04-16-1997]

I would love to learn more about Betsy Ross
marissa walters, Iowa ,Mason City ,11 [04-17-1997]

Betsy Ross is a very cool person. The flag is really neat.
Laura Andersen, Omaha, Ne 12 years old [04-17-1997]

debbie keller [04-17-1997]

I am planning a trip to Philadelphia for American History so I am taking the Virtual Tour first. It is really neat!
Morgan Chaires, 10 years old, 5th grade, Maryland [04-17-1997]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross for school. This is really cool!
Lisa Haynie, Utah, age 9 [04-18-1997]

Dale McLaughlin, West Valley City, UT. Age 42 [04-18-1997]

I enjoyed my visit a few weeks ago. I was impressed by how small the house is.
David Nay, Utah, 39 [04-18-1997]

Wanda Dominguez, DALLAS [04-18-1997]

I am going here on sunday April 20,1997, with my brownie troop.
Cristina Mahoney, 7 years old, brownie. [04-18-1997]

Amanda Heptig, Age 11 Wamego K.S [04-18-1997]

Walt Seibert, Overland Park, KS [04-19-1997]

Doris E Collins, Illinois, age 49 [04-19-1997]

Larry Findley, age 46 - Blue Springs, MO [04-21-1997]

I'm bringing my Girl Scout troop to Philadelphia next week. I hope places like Betsy Ross House will help me share with them my enthusiasm for American history.
Kathleen Wieland Mangiapane, Ledyard, CT/wife of Villanova alumnus [04-21-1997]

Working on a school report
Alexa Huth [04-21-1997]

I'm doing a Betsy Ross report. Thanks for your help
Ross Barmache, 11 years old [04-21-1997]

I'm putting together an instructional unit on the American revolution. The internet is great for this!!!!!
Katie O'Reilly, San Jose, Ca [04-21-1997]

Ashley Kight, I am 11 yrs old and doing a report on Betsy Ross [04-21-1997]

Deborah Peters, teacher in middle school [04-21-1997]

I like your tour .I like to learn!
Crystal, I live in Floida . I a girl and I'm 12 [04-21-1997]

Elaine Lawson, Media Center, Riviera Elem., Palm Bay, FL [04-21-1997]

Elain Walker, I am 49 years. I live in Houston, Texas..I am employed at a major newspaper [04-21-1997]

Katelyn Young [04-21-1997]

Any good books or information would be helpful in my report that I have to do for my fifth grade class at Point Harmony Elem. School
Katelyn Young, age 11 I live in Cross Lanes West Virginia [04-21-1997]

Thank-you for this site. Wonderful to be able to enjoy it in our home.
Mary Susanne Wiens and Kimberly Weese, Am 47 taking grandaughter on tour [04-21-1997]

sam woo, korean [04-22-1997]

Hi people I rule
Beth Hembree, I'm doing a term paper on Betsy Ross [04-22-1997]

Dana Cook, Preschool , elementary and H.S. Teacher, Logan, NM [04-22-1997]

Great page! Thanks for putting it together. I like the flags that you have
Dillon P. Simms, San Jose, CA [04-22-1997]

John Simpson, From Salem Oregon [04-22-1997]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross so I decided to check out the tour! I am sure I will come back again and again
VA 12 [04-22-1997]

Kimberly Miller, San Antonio, TX [04-22-1997]

Mary Dwyer, Columbia Falls MT [04-22-1997]

Peggy Power, Dallas, Georgia [04-22-1997]

Thanks for the pictures
l gayden, texas [04-23-1997]

Hawk's Eye [04-23-1997]

Kevin & Michael [04-23-1997]

I am thankful that this page is here along with the others. It's a great way to learn and teach about our beautiful history. Thank you! Marlene Travis
Marlene Travis, I am a home-school Mom of one 15 year old child from Florida. [04-23-1997]

Assisting my 10 year old daughter do her research assignment on the Betsy Ross House and the American Flag. We would like to see the house in person. A map to the house would be a nice touch on the site. Thanks.
Wm. T. Garfinkel, Dover, Delaware [04-23-1997] [Good suggestion! We have now added one to the first page on the House Tour -Webmaster]

Shabranda Burton, Prospect Park School 12 [04-24-1997]

Mericks, Arlington 11 [04-24-1997]

Barbara Schroeder, Portage, WI [04-24-1997]

Elizabeth Harkins, Southwest Philadelphia [04-24-1997]

Caroline Andrade [04-24-1997]

I stitched a cap,sampler and flag for my Betsy Ross report. Thank-You for helping me get a feel for the period.
Monika Fitschen, 9 Years Old,California [04-25-1997]

Dorrie Vince, Rochester NY [04-25-1997]

Sandy Brown, ESL Teacher, Arlington, Virginia [04-25-1997]

I would like to thank the creators of the tour for the ability to see what our history was like when the flag was being made by Ms. Ross..
Joseph Krissoff, 16yrs.old Carteret , New Jersey [04-25-1997]

Britney Ross, Thibodaux, Louisiana age 10 [04-25-1997]

Teresa Conner, Starkville, Mississippi 35yrs old [04-26-1997]

Dan Farey, Central Point, OR 41, male father of four boys [04-26-1997]

I am in fourth grade at Dallas Elementary. I really love this website. I discovered it when I was in American Girl.
Ashley Houser, age 10 , Dallas, Georgia [04-26-1997]

christina bedi, chesapeakea, va 6 years old [04-26-1997]

Nicole [04-26-1997]

Just visited Philadelphia on 4/25/97. Thought Betsy Ross House was fantastic!!!!!
Diane Wilbur, Huntington, New York [04-27-1997]

We just returned from Philadelphia, where I had the chance to see Betsy Ross' House. Unfortunately, my husband was tied up in meetings and missed the chance, thus we are re-visiting over the Internet. I know that he will be as intrigued as I was.
Pat Viveros, Silver Spring, MD [04-27-1997]

Mary R. & Roger E. Clipp [04-27-1997]

Thank you for letting us visit Betsy's house. I'm trying to learn more about Betsy. Everyone in my class is studying someone different from history. My dad is helping me to learn more about this house.
Greg and Lisa Dingus, Lisa is a 2nd grader at Fremont Elementary. [04-27-1997]

Love the tour. Love history and plan to visit. Great page.
Nancy Isaacs, female, live in Indiana. [04-27-1997]

I did a class report on Betsy Ross. I hope I can visit her house someday. Bryanna Hudman
bryanna hudman, 9 yrs old -- Portland, Or. [04-27-1997]

I am doing a eulogy speech on somebody famous and important. I think Betsy Ross fills this qualification.
Robyn White, Indiana, 21, college student [04-27-1997]

skittles [04-27-1997]

I read a book on Betsy and she sounds like she is a good seamstress!
Natasha Ludwig, age 10 [04-27-1997]

Patrick Connelly, age 8, Lewisberry, PA [04-27-1997]

Brittany Curtis [04-27-1997]

Sherylyn A. Bridges, Homeschooling mom in Utah [04-28-1997]

Josh Murphey, I think i am cool... [04-29-1997]

Jack Gatje, Concord Road School [05-01-1997]

Mary Rawles [05-01-1997]

Michele Wilcox, Utica area [05-01-1997]

I love history
erik pfeiffer, 10 yrs. old, Pitman N.J. 04-29-97 [05-01-1997]

I am looking for information for a school project.
Katie Ashcraft, Age 8, Albuquerque, NM [05-01-1997]

Lucy Tanner, Charles Lindbergh Elementary School, Little Falls,MN [05-01-1997]

My class will be visiting on May 6. planning on visiting the Betsy Ross house while we are in Philadelphia.
JR Meilner, teacher [05-01-1997]

Robert Stewart, Reading, PA, 45 years old [05-01-1997]

I love American flags
Luke Randall, Smyrna TN [05-01-1997]

Sara Hartley, Tualatin Oregon 3rd grade [05-01-1997]

This is a great site! I will be visiting there at the end of June with my four children. They are very excited, and so am I.
daron scholet, clearwater, fl. 31 yrs. old [05-01-1997]

Christie B., 16 [05-01-1997]

Rebecca Peach [05-01-1997]

This house is great!!!!!!!
Kristen Godfrey, age 14 [05-01-1997]

I am a student at Cincinnati State. Right now(5/1/97) I am in an Internet class doing a Project. We are suppose to pick a topic of our choice and pick our favorite article on it and describe what we saw. I really like history and so I found this and decided to take the tour.
Christi Smith, Cincinnati, 23, student at Cincinnati State [05-01-1997]

I think Betsy Ross is so cool, I would really like to learn more about her.
Amanda Joy Stefaniuk, I am 10. half my friends call me aj [05-02-1997]

Bryan Koehler, 10 Maryland [05-02-1997]

Lauren McGinnis, I am 10 years old. [05-04-1997]

I truly appreciate all the history information I am gathering on the various websites.... yours is especially useful and informative. Thanks!
Kimberly Hamilton, San Diego teacher --- Grade 5 [05-04-1997]

Peggy Buchanan, Chattanooga, TN [05-05-1997]

Dennis Colbert, Lancaster PA [05-05-1997]

Alexa Grauch, Catonsville, MD [05-05-1997]

Like watching football from home, this way is better.
A. J. Horvath, Lived in Philadelphia 25 years and never visited [05-06-1997]

We're looking forward to our tour!
Mrs. Toombs Class, Fourth grade class from Kemblesville Elementary School [05-06-1997]

Enjoyed visting your website.
William R. Martell, Pennsauken,NJ [05-06-1997]

We will be visiting this Thur. 5/8/97 with our school group from Milltown, NJ
Carol and Maggie Biunno [05-06-1997]

My parents have visited Betsy's house, but I haven't yet
Amanda Ringer, NJ, near Philadelphia, 15 yrs old [05-06-1997]

Kim Pardue, I am going to turn 11 on thursday. [05-06-1997]

I am researching material for a student who is writing a paper on spending a day with Betsy Ross.
B. Curtis, media specialist 53 [05-06-1997]

We want a flag. I love America!
derek domeier, ord NE 12 [05-06-1997]

great web page
thomas j. sugden, phila. [05-06-1997]

What a fabulous page to use when teaching a class the history of the flag!!!
Betty Compeau, Northern NY fifth grade teacher [05-06-1997]

Greetings from Vermillion, South Dakota I'm in the sescond grade learning history..
Ryun Mitchell Thronson, 300 High [05-07-1997]

We like Betsy Ross
Ryun & Jordan & Molly & Stacey, 300 High Were 8 & 7 [05-07-1997]

We like Betsy Ross
Tristen & Angeline, 7 & 8 [05-07-1997]

Brent Tharp [05-07-1997]

Brent Tharp, I am a museum director in Seagrove, NC and recently learned of your site at an American Association of Museums conference. [05-07-1997]

Rachel Erickson, ST. LOUIS PARK, MN 9 YRS. [05-07-1997]

The Mark B. Freiberg Family, Executive, Born & Raised In Phila [05-08-1997]

I'm 8 and I want to learn
Stacey Joy [05-08-1997]

Ryun [05-08-1997]

We are second graders learning about history and economics. We could not travel to Philadelphia with our classmates so we are taking a virtual tour. THANKS!
Jennie Smith Elementary School, 142 Brennen Drive Newark, De 19713 [05-09-1997]

We like Betsy Ross
Stephanie & Allison, 8 [05-09-1997]

My sister is learning to sew. Maybe she will had construct a flag for her 4-H project??
noah, I am a all american boy. I love basketball, hot dogs, warm summer nights and fishing. [05-09-1997]

Just stopped bye to say Hello, and thanks for the information.
Kati Cain, Mantua N.J. 11.5 Student soon to be president [05-09-1997]

yolanda varga, 35 yrs [05-09-1997]

Austin School, 300 High St Vermillion SD [05-09-1997]

Estelle Brunissen, Indiana 21 years old student [05-09-1997]

Devy Davison [05-09-1997]

Carolyn Barrett, Plano, Texas [05-12-1997]

Very pleased to know about this site. God bless America
Norman Carnes, retired Mississippi [05-12-1997]

I'm doing a research project on Betsy Ross & the American Flag at my school...Hunter's Creek Elementary.
Elizabeth, I'm 9 and live in Orlando, FL [05-12-1997]

Shelia Stevens [05-12-1997]

Betsy Ross is cool
Bethany, 8 [05-12-1997]

Brigitte Valliere, San Francisco, 49 [05-12-1997]

Amir Abbas Shojakhani, New Delhi age: 9 years [05-12-1997]

Just visiting, curious about the life of betsy Ross. She sounds like she lived a full difficult life
Jesse Matteson, 21 year old soon to be senior at Springfield College in Mass. [05-13-1997]

emily bono [05-13-1997]

Jon St. Lawrence, 10 years old, from New Hampshire [05-13-1997]

I am a fifth grade students and am choosing Betsy Ross for the famous American that I will play in our Living History Museum at school.
Taren, I am thirteen years old. [05-13-1997]

My Mom and I are doing homeschooling. This site is part of my history lessons.
kelsi owen, age 5 [05-14-1997]

I am helping my 10 year old daughter with her social studies report she has to do. This has been very helpful, thank you.
Melody Opel, I am from Lebanon, Oregon [05-14-1997]

Regina M. A. Trochez [05-14-1997]

kim southworth [05-14-1997]

I am doing a report for school about Betsy Ross and I would like some Info about her.
Ron Atkins [05-14-1997]

We are learning
Desarae Clare [05-14-1997]

Kate Topham Peabody Elementary Peabody, KS [05-14-1997]

The students are looking forward to visiting on June 2nd.
Michael DeHaut, Caln Elementary School 5th grade teacher [05-14-1997]

Hayward Harrington, Las Vegas, NV [05-14-1997]

We are vacationing in Philadelphia this summer and looking forward to visiting the Historic District.
Linda L. Knuckles, Reading teacher in Reedsburg WI [05-15-1997]

ann harman, kindergarten teacher [05-15-1997]

I am an elementary education major at the University of South Florida, YEAH!!!
Crista Sontchi, Tampa, 20 [05-15-1997]

Peter Whitehurst, history fan [05-17-1997]

It's so important to know who you are and where you are from. I only wish I could see this in person. In conclusion, good luck America's youth. You are our future, and may God bless you.
Nathan T. Gast, I'm from Lima Ohio, age 33 [05-17-1997]

i am doing a report on betsy ross and i need to dress up as her. thank you for the information. i really need to know what she looked like.
kayla faith griffioen, 8 years old from pewaukee wiconsin [05-17-1997]

janet guisbert [05-19-1997]

Kimberly Kancylarz, N.J , Age 10, interested in history [05-19-1997]

Ken Traynor, Bristol, RI 40, 4th of July Parade [05-19-1997]

Kim Hoover [05-19-1997]

Heidi A. Hall, Tampa, Florida 35 [05-19-1997]

Was there in April for my second-grader's field trip, and will return in June for my fifth grader's.
Mike Crowl, Age 34, Baltimore, Maryland [05-19-1997]

i am a volunteer at hopewell furnace and i am helping to set up their web page.
john h. clark [05-19-1997]

Joe Chlebda, Langhorne, Pa age 39 [05-19-1997]

Gerald R English & Chris J. English, From Fort Collins, CO. We want to come see Philadelphia this summer and say Hi. [05-19-1997]

I think history is wonderful. Betsy Ross did a wonderful job on our country's first flag.
Abby Landwehr, 18,IL,love computers [05-19-1997]

we love this kind of stuff keep it up!
Noelle, homeschool student [05-20-1997]

I am doing a project on Betsy Ross. Thank you for the help.
Chelsea Logan, Martinez, California 81/2 yrs old. [05-20-1997]

We are studying colonial America and were talking about the flag and Betsy Ross's idea for a five pointed star. We figured we needed to visit her house as well.
Mrs. Jones's Class, 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders [05-20-1997]

I am very proud of the country I live in and feel that what the flag stands for is sacred. This includes the one Betsy Ross sewed.
Amanda Lampson, 21 [05-20-1997]

I'm a teacher at a Special Education school where we love the internet! There are so many places we couldn't otherwise visit. I'm also a quilter, and appreciate sewing.
Tracy M. Glen, Los Angeles, CA 36 [05-20-1997]

Mark Fried [05-20-1997]

David Lachapelle, Montreal, Quebec, Canada [05-20-1997]

kyle monzo, I am 9 years old and always wanted to meet betsy ross [05-20-1997]

darrel bates [05-20-1997]

I was a VIP in July 1995. I am writing a report on Pennsylvaina. I have chosen Betsy Ross as my famous person.
Joshua Kimball, 11 years old, l live in Caifornia [05-20-1997]

Thank you Betsy Ross for making our flag. We appreciate it very much.
Renee McCray, I am 14, I like learning about famous people. [05-21-1997]

Looking forward to taking the tour. I hope it helps me in my flag research. I'm a firm believer in Betsy.
John Spak, Leckrone, PA. 40 [05-22-1997]

Colleen Cato, 35 homeschool mom from California [05-22-1997]

Michelle Turner [05-22-1997]

My husband is in Philadelphia on business this week, I could not go, so I am taking tours on the net!
Angela Maloy, 31, female, Lompoc, california [05-22-1997]

amber, Tampa - education major USF- 28 yrs old [05-22-1997]

Denise Atkinson, Virginia, 36, found the web for daughter's report [05-22-1997]

Karen Blank [05-23-1997]

Maria C. Perez [05-23-1997]

beverly bollinger [05-23-1997]

I wonder if I am a realitive of Betsy Ross. Because my last name is Ross
MEGHANN CLAIRE ROSS, I am 10 yrs. old and I want to play football [05-24-1997]

The Betsy Ross House has been a favorite of mine since I first visited Philadelphia. I was 11 years old then. I've been back many times since, either as tour guide for friends and family, or just while out for a walk on my own. My favorite part -- the fountain and courtyard -- a serene little place to sit and reflect and to watch the tourists strolling by. Thanks for the virtual visit!
Teresa Taylor, A former resident of Philadelphia, currently residing in California. [05-24-1997]

Joyce Thompson [05-24-1997]

Thank you for this Site. Well done. I only hope I will be able again to help some of the problem areas
Andrew Bryant Graves, 43 Years old, live in Marlton NJ, and have recently completed 23 years of Service to Our country! [05-24-1997]

Stephanie Chia, Surfing the net in Singapore [05-24-1997]

I thoroughly enjoyed reading all about Betsy Ross. I hope we can plan a field trip to Pa. and come and see this beautiful Historical Site. Thank You! Barb Hoplight
MRS. WILLIAM L. HOPLIGHT JR. (BARBARA), Age:51 geneaologist/homeschool teacher [05-26-1997]

I will be visiting the besty Ross House June 23 or 24.
mallory lynn, PA 10 I like history [05-26-1997]

Thank You. This means a lot to my family to see something like this. Thank You.
Cindy, mother,Army wife [05-26-1997]

Molly Levy, Norristown 35 [05-26-1997]

Christine B, Tampa, FL [05-26-1997]

My family and I plan to visit the Betsy Ross house during our trip to Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. this July.
Beth Wilson, Kansas City, MO [05-26-1997]

Sarah Butrymowicz, Enfield, CT [05-26-1997]

Dana Chinn, 27 years old [05-26-1997]

Will soon be bringing my daughter Blair for a tour of your house!
Linda Markowitz, Born & raised in Northeast Philly-now in central NJ [05-26-1997]

This is so cool !! I wish they had more of these on the other sites. From Keesha Seward
Keesha Seward, I'm 13 and live in a small Kansas Town [05-27-1997]

I have personally toured the Betsy Ross house and found it to be quite educational.
Jeffrey Anthony Jones, Coastville, PA 31yrs old orignially from philly. [05-27-1997]

I have taken my class on a virtual trip through the White House. The children thoroughly enjoyed it and have asked for more. I hope this fills the bill. Jackie Leiter
Jacqueline Leiter, I teach 5th grade in a Hebrew Day School in Miami Beach, FL [05-27-1997]

I really liked visiting your house, Betsy. I was there last Wednesday for my 3rd grade class trip.
Kristin Marie Bergner, age 9 [05-27-1997]

I will be visiting this house tomorrow with my classmates from the Indian Lane Elementary School.
Stephen Lewis, Media PA 8 years old [05-27-1997]

I needed to see a visual of the Betsy Ross Flag and searched under "Betsy Ross" on C/Net's search engine, knowing it would get me to the best site as quickly as possible. I also had a chance to brouse through the site and thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you for the info and the tour.
Patricia T. Gunnoud, Waterbury, CT [05-27-1997]

The Smithsonian Exibition opens tomorrow in Birmingham, Alabama. I am portraying Betsy Ross.
Barbara Davis, 42 Birmingham, Alabama [05-28-1997]

Its great to be an American. And be proud of our country.
Kathryn Lark, Springfield, MO [05-28-1997]

Im doing a report.I am in 5th grad.
Coral Gay, Santee Ca 11 years old [05-28-1997]

Lisa, Lancaster Pa. 31 years old [05-28-1997]

Pam Melvin, 32 [05-29-1997]

claire [05-29-1997]

I look forward to the tour!!!
Doreen L. Vossler, Brooksville, Fl age 26 [05-29-1997]

jan toomey, I am 56 from California and wanted to take the tour [05-30-1997]

enjoyed your site...
m. cicero, seattle [05-30-1997]

I really appreciate this information. I am writing a short story for children about the time I went to Betsy Ross's house when I was little. I was raised in Camden and visited several times, and needed some specific details for my story. thanks again. Bruce
Bruce Campbell, Rogersville, TN [05-30-1997]

Jennifer Rij, San Deigo, 11 [05-30-1997]

I would like to visit one day.
Ann Zennaiter, Mechanicville,New York [06-02-1997]

Just checking out the sites to see with my 11 yr old daughter when we come back to visit this summer. I want her to see what I grew up with and learn the great history of our nation.
Nina M. Straub, 32, San Diego, orig from Reading, Pa [06-02-1997]

What a neat web site! Thank you for preserving an important part of American history. I think it's absolutely wonderful that we can share our heritage with whomever surfs the net.
Traceé, Originally from NJ, but now live in SW Florida [06-02-1997]

alexis, 6 [06-02-1997]

Frank & Ryan Mahoney [06-02-1997]

Though I live down here, (came in 1970) I'm American first & formost I miss all things of my country, & when job & time permits I go home as often as I can. I've seen many places of the world, & please believe me there is no place like home of USA. We have problems yes, but most of all we have believe, love & respect of who we are, & all we have gone through. No where else in the world has this. If job & other circumstances enabled me to, I would be back there in no time. God Bless America does not sum up how I feel.
ThereseMarie Lampe, 36, born in Cincinnati Ohio [06-02-1997]

Judy Hayes, Troutdale, Oregon [06-02-1997]

Grew up in Buckingham....bringing my children up for a visit
Loree Boebinger, Columbia Sc [06-02-1997]

Just visited in person on 31 May 97. Great thrill to see all the historic sites in Philadelphia. Plan on a return visit before summer is over. BR House is a must see! Thanks.
John A. Hale, Alexandria, Va. [06-02-1997]

Cheryl Denette [06-03-1997]

Chris Turanitza, Library/Media Tech at Gilbert West H.S. in Buena Park, California [06-03-1997]

Hope Tippens, Eastern Montgomery County Voc Tech School [06-03-1997]

Lindsey E. Hunt, Birmingham, AL 11 [06-03-1997]

I love Phila, PA thank you
James Stokes, age 66 Phila, PA [06-04-1997]

I hope I can come to see the house soon. My Mom will bring me soon. My Mom was born in Philadephia.
Lindsey Middleton, I am 10 years old. Camden, New Jersey [06-04-1997]

Second Grade Norman S. Weir School, Paterson, New Jersey [06-04-1997]

History has always been a fascination of mine. I think I will enjoy your tour.
Rose Smith, I live in Michigan [06-04-1997]

Heather Golden [06-04-1997]

Laura Yip, I am ten yrs old and go to Monte Gardens, Concord [06-05-1997]

CCE Elementary, 3rd grade class [06-05-1997]

Heather quinn [06-05-1997]

id really like to see your house.Do you think I could ever see your house in real life. Is your house like a mansion? yes or no
LaDonna, I live in a small house age 13 female [06-05-1997]

toni pickle [06-05-1997]

Isabelle Jouffroy [06-06-1997]

joyce pattersonnys, nys museum albany ny, 43 [06-06-1997]

Bonnie Kanefsky, elkins park, pa 59 [06-07-1997]

Paul Stoodley, Born in Bridgwater UK, lived in Bozeman MT 13 yrs, now in Exeter UK [06-07-1997]

Brad Bennett, Ogden, Utah 46 yrs. old. married 24 yrs, 2 kids, girl 16, son 12 [06-07-1997]

CAROL COX [06-08-1997]

I am very excited about visiting (mummy says I can).
jessica ong, I'm four and I live in Hobart, Tasmania [06-09-1997]

Kristen R. Wight [06-09-1997]

Phildelphia's been home to my mother's family since 1652 - the Tomlinson family. I have been to Betsy Ross' house many times and have always been very impressed with the restoration done there. Keep up the good work!
Scott McCoy, From Philadelphia - 52 - San Diego since 1956. [06-09-1997]

T.K. MYERS, GROCER. 53 YEARS OLD [06-09-1997]

Allison Lentz, 10 [06-09-1997]

We can be proud of our American history and heritage only if we understand it and how it developed, with an understanding of the factors and conditions that shaped it. Thanks for preserving a part of that history. Found this site while looking for info for planning a tour in a few days.
Leo J. Coakley, New Jersey [06-09-1997]

Will be visiting Philadelphia and the Betsy Ross House in June. Keep up the good work, this is great info.
Dennis Burkey, Columbiana,OH Age:54 [06-10-1997]

Thanks Betsy!
Darrell Billington, Boulder, Co 25 [06-10-1997]

Cailin Baker, Easthampton MA, 14, female [06-10-1997]

Treon Verdery, Boston, 30 [06-10-1997]

MARISSA JALBERT [06-10-1997]

Just noted your web site in News & Record. Perhaps these good sites are known to educators; I believe there should be a type of directory made available listing these educational sites. They would be particularly helpful to the growing "home school" families.
V G Whittlesey, Retired Elementary/Middle school teacher [06-10-1997]

Rick Wagner, Big Lake, MN [06-10-1997]

patty smith, Helena, Arkansas [06-11-1997]

I found the home page through Yahoo! magazine. I'm a patriotic person so I wanted to take a look at this. I like the traditional Independence Day music.
Kelly, I live in Lynchburg, Virginia and am 23 years young [06-11-1997]

Margo Sherry [06-11-1997]

Cliff Garz, Aiken SC [06-12-1997]

i visited the Betsy Ross house when i was about 6 or 7, i still remember the day. I can't wait to visit it now. thank you
janet sinclair, new jersey age 40 [06-12-1997]

Tasha Avrett, I'm From Fairfax, MO. I'm 16 years old. I'm doing this research for a report for Upward Bound. [06-12-1997]

How marvelous to find this virtual tour on the Internet! Thank you!
Barcy Francis McNeal, A patriot from central Ohio [06-12-1997]

We were recently in Philly and visited many sights. My favorite was the Bestly Ross house. Seeing it in person made me believe it is real. All the books in the world tell you it was real but to see it was something else. We had a good time and will return soon. The Bergan's
Lorena Bergan, Iowa, age 30 [06-13-1997]

Elizabeth Barnhart [06-13-1997]

I'm taking this opportunity to study Betsy Ross so that I can impersonate her for a group of curious girls.
Teresa Crall, Portland, OR, age 25 [06-13-1997]

I am a new web surfer. I have enjoyed your home page and plan to use it in my classroom.
Lynn Marlow, 2nd grade teacher Rantoul, IL [06-13-1997]

Lynda Daniel, Rantoul, Il 61866 [06-13-1997]

C.M. LaPanta, 34-Web Designer-McLean,Va. [06-13-1997]

I love american history. I am eagerly awaiting the tour of Betsy's house!
Denise Almas, 21, San Diego [06-13-1997]

Very useful information to share with my students.
Anne Henderson, Opelika, Alabama [06-13-1997]

my interest in flags was renewed while reading the article about flags in the June 'Smithsonion' magazine.
john f. adams, live in deep South [06-14-1997]

Richard Hopkins, I'm a happily married, 56 years old,Ex-Boilerman2 [06-14-1997]

Cathy Watson [06-14-1997]

Neal & Marianne Banton, Jamestown, IN. [06-14-1997]

Thank You for the information for my Flag Day Report.
Shruthi Dayal, Fair Lawn N.J 8 years old [06-14-1997]


Cheryl Holcomb, American history teacher [06-14-1997]

Hannah Regan, an 8 year old [06-14-1997]

Mitchell Ost, High School Social Studies Teacher [06-14-1997]

Born, Philadelphia Feb. 1929
John R. Pulley Sergeant Major U.S. Army Retired, Tucson AZ [06-16-1997]

Thanks for the tour!
Becky Amick, Sioux City, IA [06-16-1997]

Can't wait to visit in person.
Stephanie J. Wood, Live in Chester County, Pennsylvani [06-16-1997]

Dee Bumbarger [06-16-1997]

I have visited the Betsy Ross House twice and thoroughly enjoyed it both times.
Larry Glasson, I am 40 years old. I grew up in Los Angeles and now live in El Paso, Texas. [06-16-1997]

We just got back from a class trip to Philadelphia. Fabulous!
Pat Slavin, Teacher, Mt. Vernon, NY [06-16-1997]

C.M. Lord, Phoenix, AZ [06-16-1997]

I visit your page to know the history about Betsy.
angel ruiz, Puerto Rico, 17 years [06-16-1997]

rennae, FL [06-16-1997]

I am a member of the Buckinghamshire Centre of the Caravan Club and the next rally I am helping to organise is "Independence Day". You've guessed it, it's an all american theme. I have visited the Home Page of the American Embassy and got some useful info. I want to go on the tour to see if I can pick up any more tips.
LYNNE HAYNES, Aylesbury, over 40! Female [06-16-1997]

Susan Searles Nielsen, Seattle, WA (USA) [06-17-1997]

Thank you for the tour!
Christy Fuller, Kansas City, Mo Age 26 [06-17-1997]

Sharon Gordon, Kansas City, MO [06-17-1997]

cailin baker, easthampton 14 female [06-17-1997]

Tami Zeckel, Marion,IN [06-18-1997]

Thank you for this history!
Karen, MN [06-18-1997]

Kelly H. [06-18-1997]

Mary Beth Farmer [06-20-1997]

I live in Philadelphia and have visited Betsy Ross' home on many occasions. I always enjoy visiting there and feel a great deal of awe while going through her home.
Jay Newman, Philadelphia, PA - 50 years old [06-20-1997]

We will be studying Betsy Ross this year and was just checking this out. It looks good!
Denise Voccola, Florida, 40yo, homeschooling mother [06-20-1997]

Susan Johnston, 5th grade teacher in Utah [06-20-1997]

mark mcauliffe, ELICOS director of studies at Toorak College Mount Eliza Australia [06-20-1997]

God Bless America and those who preserve it on this home page.
Rev. David Mason, Spring Run, PA I am age 45 [06-20-1997]

Enjoying this site -- Thanks!
0:-) Angela Bowden, from Gloucester, VA [06-20-1997]

, Love Colonial American history [06-20-1997]

My son is in 2nd grade and needed to know for school what the colors of the flag represent.
Michelle, CT., 29 [06-20-1997]

Chitia Lewis, Chillicothe, Ohio-Teacher [06-20-1997]

Brian K. Moore, 27 [06-20-1997]

Katie Young, Age:8 3/4 Holden, Massachusetts [06-21-1997]

Robert Montgomery, Watsontown , PA (Northumberland County) [06-22-1997]

Robert Montgomery, Watsontown , PA (Northumberland County) [06-22-1997]

I am a professor at Mansfield University in northern PA. I just found your site and want to congratulate you on a truly outstanding page. Nice job!
Dr. Dennis J. Wydra, Teacher Education Professor - Internet Courses [06-22-1997]

I am a trustee and also the Webmaster for our local Library here in Lunenburg, Massachusetts. I discovered your great site while searching for links for my July page update which is featuring the holiday. You have done a wonderful job and I linked to it in my feature. If you'd like to see our site, the URL is Best of luck and keep up the good work. George Emond
George Emond, Central Massachusetts, "over 50" ;-) [06-23-1997]

Janice Brylinski, 33 [06-23-1997]

Wallace Zink, Warren, MI 48092-1438 [06-24-1997]

Cathy Dyson, St. Wendel,IN, 26, teacher [06-24-1997]

Lucinda R. Cawley [06-24-1997]

Lay speaker for church groups, including worship services. Speaking 6/29 on God and Country. American FLAG plays a big part in our patriotic history. This information on Betsy Ross very interesting. Thanks!
Kerry H. Gough, Evans, GA 61 Retired [06-24-1997]

Barbara Rule-Mispel, over 40, teacher [06-24-1997]

Kathy Lawrence, Illinois [06-24-1997]

Thank Mary's Theme Page or I would not have known you were on the net
Janet L. Summers, Massachusetts Marine Mom [06-24-1997]

Ruth Ann Brase [06-24-1997]


Jessica Moore, 19; Round Rock, Texas [06-24-1997]

ruth masso, conn. teacher [06-24-1997]

Judy, Texas [06-24-1997]

Pat McLoud [06-24-1997]

Kurt willis, Charlotte Mi age 31 [06-25-1997]

We take our 5th graders every year and they love it. This year we can preview our tour on this page!
Deanne Snelling, 27, Limerick, PA [06-25-1997]

Angie Sullivan, Rocky Mount, NC; [06-25-1997]

sam dear, Colorado age 9 [06-25-1997]

I appricate all I have found here. I am a Kindergarten teacher at a day care. this has been very helpful. I just visited her house a couple of weeks ago so I know have pictures to show the students
Joyce Meacham, Harrisburg, Pa [06-26-1997]

PETER P. Griffin, Semi-retired attorney, clinton co. [06-26-1997]

Ruth Lyles-Roach, We live in Southwestern Michigan. [06-26-1997]

Catherine Callaway [06-26-1997]

Lillian Gracz [06-26-1997]

susan osborne, I am a nurse in Philadelphia [06-26-1997]

We went through the Betsy Ross house in 1983 and thought it was a really neat place. Hope to see it again if we are ever in that area again.
Becky Barr, northwest Ohio [06-26-1997]

I love our country and appreciate our heritage.
Bill Harbison, Gadsden, Al 65 yrs. pastor local church [06-27-1997]

Jeremey Beckham, college student at WKU, 21 [06-28-1997]

Carol White, 39 ALMOST 40 YEK! [06-28-1997]

Lauren McCool, 12 Years Old [06-28-1997]

Nancy Machut, Santa Maria, CA 38 years [06-28-1997]

Carol Fleming, Rock Spring, GA, originally Haddonfield NJ [06-28-1997]

Fred B. Oveson [06-28-1997]

Cheryl Hiser, Grand Prairie, TX [06-28-1997]

We studied Betsy in our homeschool this year. Enjoyed visiting her home!
Lori Miller, Normal, IL [06-28-1997]

Frances Dolida [06-28-1997]

Frances Dolida, 4th/5th grade teacher from San Jose, California [06-28-1997]

My ancestors arrived in Philadelphia in 1668 from England Claypoole was their name, Betsy Ross Married a brother of my gggggggrandfather. I have always been interested in the lives and times of our forefathers (and mothers and aunts). Glad to see that History will be kept alive for future generations. Thanks for your part in it!
Lynda Wolf Brotemarkle, Native Pennsylvanian, now living in Colorado & Florida [06-28-1997]

Tony [06-28-1997]

Lisa G Sparkman, Zachary, LA [06-30-1997]

The Betsy Ross house is a great place to visit and is very interesting
Erin Pollock, age 11, Philadelphia, PA [06-30-1997]

I think it is great that you have these types of pages on the web!! Classy!
Running Wolf, alabama, 35yrs, [06-30-1997]

BOB D. AUSTIN, JOPLIN, MO. 55 [06-30-1997]

Cathy Jarrett, Tempe, Az. 49 yrs., [06-30-1997]

Frequent visitor to the Betsy Ross House
Dorothy Brown, Former Philadelphian [06-30-1997]

LORETTA SENECA, I grew up in So Philly now I live in Florida [06-30-1997]

Herb & Jennifer Goettelmann, Lk Havasu City, AZ [06-30-1997]

What a great way to learn and enjoy a piece of history!
Sally Campbell, Knoxville,TN [07-01-1997]

Karen Da San Martino, I live in South San Francisco and I am a new mother [07-01-1997]

Betsy, if you were alive today, you would probably be sewing colorful yard flags for suburbanites!
Dr. Jennifer Herron, San Diego, CA, 40, mother of six year old son [07-01-1997]

Conrad Troha, Florida, 30, Male [07-01-1997]

Planning a historical vacation in Philadelphia soon.
Andrew Farmer, From Indiana... [07-01-1997]

I teach third grade at Madison Heights Elementary School in Phoenix Arizona. We will be studying Washington D.C. this fall in our Social Studies book along with our national symbols and famous people.
Linda Klinger, Phoenix, AZ [07-01-1997]

This is the next best thing to being there!
Jolene Stultz, interested in our heritage [07-01-1997]

Taking tour with two daughters ages 4 and 5
Darren Turley, Tempe, Arizona [07-01-1997]

David R. Love Sr., Decatur Ga. 58yrs [07-01-1997]

Both my husband I grew up in Phila. so I guess I just miss home. We brought our children to Phila. last summer to see Besty Ross's house and all the rest of the great things in Phila.
Jeannette Carson, From Jacksonville, Fl [07-01-1997]

It truly is a grand old flag! Thanks, Betsy!
Mary Ann O'Brien, I'm 52 and live in California. [07-01-1997]

George Montiel, Lawrenceville (Atlanta), GA [07-01-1997]

Happy Birthday America!! 1997
Mary Ann Gallaher, employee of PennState University [07-01-1997]

I'm a history buff, and I think I'll enjoy this tour
mike coder, bensalum, p.a. age, 12. [07-01-1997]

Jack Fowler, Snellville Ga 63 years of age [07-01-1997]

Dana Powers, 29, Live in Florida [07-01-1997]

I found the web page address in the Arizona Republic in their weekly computer column. I have never been to Philadelphia but would love to visit there sometime. I have always loved American history especially the early years.
Ruth Fredendall, I live in Arizona, am 57 years old, married with two daughters and five grandchildren [07-01-1997]


Rachelle Naves, Salt Lake City, Utah [07-01-1997]

N.Short [07-01-1997]

Susana Dhont [07-01-1997]

Elvin and Donna martinez [07-01-1997]

Elvin and Donna martinez [07-01-1997]

Caitlin Pedersen, and Mom [07-02-1997]

Have taken a tour of the house already & this brings back memories
M/M Dennis Kastl, Nebraska [07-02-1997]

debi wiedel [07-02-1997]

Meghan McCaffrey [07-02-1997]

Mr. Cline's Class at Lovejoy Elementary School [07-02-1997]

Excellent Internet Resource Site! Thank you for the information!
Ruth M. Alborn, Dover, Delaware [07-02-1997]

Thanks for showing us this tour.
William D. Yates, Retired, live in Lanett, AL [07-03-1997]

Jennifer Weyand, Atlanta, GA [07-03-1997]

Robin Ward, I'm a 4th grade teacher from Hollis, Oklahoma [07-03-1997]

Thanks for your home page.
Travis A. King, Texas age 73 [07-03-1997]

Valerie Piacitelli [07-03-1997]

Sharon J. Smith, Born in Texas, raised in Philadelphia [07-03-1997]

Even in an age of cynicism, and the Good Lord knows that sometimes there is plenty to be cynical about, seeing "Old Glory" waving in the breeze still manages to inspire an overwhelming sense of awe, pride and patriotism. It makes you proud to be an American.
D. Julian Montelbano, Long Beach, Calif [07-03-1997]

Mary jane Van Sickle Yoder, Cumberland, Maryland [07-03-1997]

The last time I actually took a physical tour of this house was in 1974 and I was 8. I loved it because I love history.
Kathleen Reynolds, Dallas, Texas [07-03-1997]

We are constantly amazed at the quality of the web sites to be found. Keep up the great work!!! :-)
S. Cromwell and M. Cromwell, we are from TN and ages 34 and 6 years respectively [07-03-1997]

Kimberly M. Doll, Originally from MD; now living in TX age 27 [07-03-1997]

Peter Walsh, New York City [07-03-1997]

Christie Johnson [07-03-1997]

Deana Siegert, Atlanta resident, 29, [07-03-1997]

I enjoy working with children and helping to learn things about our American heritage. Betsy Ross is one of the special things they like to learn about.
Anne Wright, Florida native, age 65, work as a media specialist in an elementary school [07-03-1997]

Thank you for being one of the few organizations that is still patriotic and willing to stand up for the principles and values this great country was established on in its infancy!
Gena Ford, 32, Atlanta, Georgia, husband is Wendell Ford II and daughter is Jessica Ford [07-03-1997]

Penny Nelms, Work for FIA, grandmother to 7, raised 4 children and looking forward to retirement. I love kids. [07-03-1997]

Wendell Boley, Atlanta [07-03-1997]

Eleanor Tapp, 58 [07-03-1997]

great page! loved the how to cut a 5 pointed star info
amy masullo, 24, teacher, californian [07-03-1997]

This is really a good layout. I am printing it for my 6 grandsons. They will get a lot of good history from this site. Thank you for all your hard work.
Patricia Dunning, Tampa, Florida [07-03-1997]

Theadias Longmire, Somewhere Alabama [07-03-1997]

I visited the Betsy Ross house last fall and I wanted to see it again!
Peggy Boyles, OKC, OK [07-03-1997]

find this site very interesting as we belong to a renacament of the revol war and the ladies in our group have always refered to besty Ross as the one great lady
jennie johnson, live in the new york state area, [07-03-1997]

Harry Porter, Sarasota, FL, 52, Married, 5 Children [07-03-1997]

Linda Dickinson, Caldwell, NJ [07-03-1997]

Jacque Johnson, Orem, Utah [07-03-1997]

Mark,Melanie,Meghann,Mallory & Mary Fanara [07-03-1997]

Tracey Bowman [07-03-1997]

John Hitson, Atlanta, Georgia [07-03-1997]

Just surfing through
Bob G. Bloom [07-03-1997]

rose richmond [07-03-1997]

I like the tour of BR's house.
Kim, 12 pa [07-03-1997]

Happy Independence Day!
Diana Bartlow, Montezuma, IN [07-03-1997]

Emily Middleton, Folcroft, Delaware County [07-03-1997]

Dave Myette [07-03-1997]

Thank you for giving me a chance to virtually visit this Betsy Ross Home
Tan, Sunnyvale, CA [07-03-1997]

S. E. Bivens, Atlanta, Ga. [07-03-1997]

Enjoyed a tour of the Liberty Bell on a trip last year. Sorry we didn't see Betsy Ross house. Hope to view it now on your Web Page. I am ready to tour NOW!
Gloria M. Angello, Oglesby, Illinois, over 65 [07-03-1997]

We enjoyed visiting you, but it seemed the visit was so short because so so many people, but i never will forget it.
Sunni Fisher, Ft Worth housewife, homeschool mom, [07-03-1997]

Pretty interesting tour. If you can't drive there, it's really neat to be able to see it from your own home. Thank You
Trish Webster, Hoyt, Oklahoma/32 [07-03-1997]

Patsy Whipple, Lubbock,Tx [07-03-1997]

Brannon Testerman, age 9 [07-03-1997]

Bill Williamsen, 30, live in Gilbert Az. Moving to Richmond Va. [07-03-1997]

I think this is wonderful to be able to get on the internet and get so much history. Thank you
Jeannette Riberdy, Santa Rosa, California, 42yrs.old, Married 3 kids [07-03-1997]

theresa, 11 [07-03-1997]

Cyndi Jones, i am 30 and in Florida [07-03-1997]

Becky Nino, Conroe 10 [07-03-1997]

Robert Sale, California, 24, student a the University of Southern Calif. [07-03-1997]

Happy July 4th! Thank you for the tour.
Julie Munoz, Douglasville, Ga. 50 [07-03-1997]

visited house about 10 years ago.
Frank Whitson, Kentucky [07-03-1997]

Barbie Clayton, Denison, Texas 75020 [07-03-1997]

I think this is really interesting!!
Riki Parikh, Harriman, NY Age 10 [07-03-1997]

First time back in 35 years. Well, everything appears to be the same. I guess those wooden floors are still holding up. I wish Betsy was able to see how nicely you've taken care of her STUFF....She would probably be thrilled to death. Congratulations. A great place to visit. I wish you continued support, preservation of our history using this format, makes it more exciting to explore and learn for all ages....... Thanks, Howard
Howard, wasp, Indpls. In. 50 [07-03-1997]

Toured the Betsy Ross House in person today - it was really nice!
Chris Addy, Age 9 1/2 - Penna. [07-03-1997]

LBSMITH [07-06-1997]

Gloria Hardcastle [07-06-1997]

Ylva Bergström, Lives with my husband and two daughters in Sweden. [07-06-1997]

Cool Site. Keep up the good work!!!
John Bibeau, 33 year old white male living in Atlanta, Georgia [07-06-1997]

Regina Howell, Pikeville, NC, 46 years old [07-06-1997]

judy kreidman, miami, fl., 56, teacher [07-06-1997]


Mimi Walker, Georgia [07-06-1997]

I was born in Philadelphia. Betsy Ross's home was one of my favorite spots of visit as a child. It was nice to be "home" for the 4th of July.
Janet Youngken Carmine, Resident of Lake Mary, Florida, Teacher [07-06-1997]

It was great! I loved it
Dini Plotkin, Houston,TX 12 yrs. old [07-06-1997]

Kellie Vinal, age 10,North Carolina [07-06-1997]

Paul A Garcoa [07-06-1997]

happy 4th 0f July We love the USA
Zachary and Andrew Smith, Valley, Alabama ages 8 and 6 [07-06-1997]

I'm glad to be an American God Bless America
Margaret Bledsoe, Valley,Alabama [07-06-1997]

Christopher Cacace, New Rochelle, NY; age 37 [07-06-1997]

Thank you for providing this page.
Don White, 43, Fremont, CA [07-06-1997]

Ann Dale [07-06-1997]

God Bless America!
James, Lynn, Krystal, Bridgette & Jamie Henne, Gresham, Oregon [07-06-1997]

Nora Singleton, teach in Salem, OR [07-06-1997]

Julia Rubin, I am nine and a half years old. [07-06-1997]

May freedom long reign supreme.
Michael Schoenfield, Democrat! [07-06-1997]

Down with the extremists, up with traditional national values
Donald R. Miller, over 60, former resident of Philadelphia [07-06-1997]

A.Irene Farina, Trumbull,CT [07-06-1997]

Came across your url while browsing on/for the 4th
Wil Bloy, Sun Prairie, Wis. 68 [07-06-1997]

Kelly Howard [07-06-1997]

Judge William H. Cooper, Jr., Native Georgian, born in 1913 [07-06-1997]

What a great place to visit--love the virtual tour of Betsy's house!!!!
Deborah J. Ruocco, Connecticut [07-06-1997]

We'll see this "live" in the fall.
Karen Arnel, Took the early out from IBM [07-06-1997]

Robin Brady [07-06-1997]

mike foley, 41, north olmsted,ohio [07-06-1997]

NATASHA KHAN, G.A 12 [07-06-1997]

Live in Lexington, named after you know where. We love the Lord, this great country, and this web page. Thanks. : )
Gary & Scott Cranston, Lexington, North Carolina [07-06-1997]

Desiree, Baton Rouge, LA [07-06-1997]

Frank Willard Hotaling, handicapped - age 58 [07-06-1997]

Caren Laird, Lubbock, Texas - Republican [07-06-1997]

We are writing this while waiting for the fireworks.
Niki & Nora, 9 years old. [07-06-1997]

A very appropriate thing for the 4th of July!
Cathy, from Seattle [07-06-1997]

Ken Davis, W. Palm Bch. Fl. age 70 [07-06-1997]

I like this Web Site!
Shirley Sommers, North Lawrence,Ohio age: 59 [07-06-1997]

Pam Donnaud, Nashville, Tn. [07-06-1997]

AJ AND Donna Brown [07-06-1997]

Glad to see this webpage...I'm a history buff...
Jeanie King, RN in Central Florida [07-06-1997]

fred belote, decatur,tx male 49 [07-06-1997]

Peggy Brown, California [07-06-1997]

Vickie Welch [07-06-1997]

Congratulation for your nice work on this page.
Ricky Ricardo, Miami Fl. 25 years old [07-06-1997]

This is a great site for the Fourth of July Weekend. Thank you for sharing.
Shirley Wilkinson, Lewiston, ID, Married, Born 7-1-35 [07-06-1997]

Enjoyed the tour of the Betsy Ross House
Marcia Jones, New Roads, Louisiana age - 36 [07-06-1997]

Stephanie Heston, Longview, WA; 42 yrs. [07-06-1997]

wayne cowing, Mercer, Maine. 19.. [07-06-1997]

Betsy Ross and I have the same birthday, only she has hers 203 years earlier than mine.
Miriam Elizabeth Dixon, Raleigh, NC Braille teacher [07-06-1997]

Virginia Wade, Nashville, TN [07-06-1997]

"Just cruising." July 5, 1997
Sophia Funk, I am 12 years old. [07-06-1997]

Dona Wilson, 50 Years Old and Third Generation Philadelphian. [07-06-1997]

Sorry, I did not know of the house when I visited Philadelphia.
Ann Jacobs, Oklahoma [07-06-1997]

Lynn Gravbelle [07-06-1997]

Mary Ann Green, Jackson, MI [07-06-1997]

Janie Stapleton, 4th grade teacher [07-06-1997]

Jeanie McCormick, Lubbock, Texas [07-06-1997]

Julia Tessler [07-06-1997]

I liked the way you sewed the flag and it hangs good on the pole and it looks nice.
Julia Tessler, 6 years old, Northboro, MA [07-06-1997]

Cliff Pogue, Jackson.Mi 71 [07-06-1997]

Suzanne Hammock, Senior Citizen [07-07-1997]

Love this site! Makes me want to start packing right now!
Jamie Richardson, love antique Americana [07-07-1997]

Ralph L.Connor, Sedalia,Mo. [07-07-1997]

Cynthia Metivier, Oklahoma City [07-08-1997]

Susan Leeper, Scottsdale, AZ [07-08-1997]

gwen lewis, in [07-08-1997]

Margie Conner, Age 38, from Cedar Lake, MIchigan,USA [07-09-1997]

Renee Harvey, Atlanta, Ga. age 27 Navy Vet. [07-09-1997]

Malvina Mahieu, From New Jersey, 55 and a Government Worker [07-09-1997]

congratulations Betsy Ross
Wandie Kabule, 9 years old [07-10-1997]

Addie Bliss-Wagner, age 10 [07-10-1997]

I have enjoyed your site. Thank you. I enjoy history and have been to Philadelphia and toured betsy ross house.
martha civiello, 69 ohio 44683-7356 [07-10-1997]

Pam, 5th Grade Teacher [07-10-1997]

Mia Mackey, Ga, 26 [07-10-1997]

Jean Gravette, Dadeville, AL age 44 Teach 3rd Grade all subjects [07-11-1997]

C. Hofmann, Iowa [07-11-1997]

Richard C. Delin, Jr., Age 47/Princeton, NJ/attorney [07-11-1997]

Thank You for having this wonderfull oppurtunity and have a Nice Flag Days.
Rauno Söderholm, about 45 writer under The Pole Star -Finland [07-11-1997]

Met my wife in the Betsy Ross house in 1941 on June 14th during an annual Flag day parade. Married in 1944, and just celebrated our 53rd Anniversary. Great memories of a great place.
H.W. "Zeke" Landis, Living in Davie, Florida, 74 yrs. old. former native of Phila. in the community of Roxborough. [07-12-1997]

Steve Fuller, Lebanon, Ill 37 [07-12-1997]

Kelly Simmons, Grayling, MI [07-14-1997]

Carolyn Kidd, tx [07-14-1997]

allison Hubbard, severn md [07-14-1997]

Tried to make the 5-pointed star, didn't work, back to step 1.
phoenix, az and a senior couple for 40 years [07-14-1997]

Robert & Vicki Perritt, Tulsa, OK [07-14-1997]

sandy mack, dover, delaware [07-14-1997]

Teacher looking for info to use in class
Rhonda Bornman, Apex, NC [07-15-1997]

Sheldon Skolnick [07-15-1997]

Pablo Vazquez, Panamanian,age 8 [07-15-1997]

I stumbled onto this site by accident and could not resist signing in and taking the tour.
Stephen W. Thompson, Southampton, PA - 43 years old - Father of 2 great girls [07-16-1997]

Last time I was in Philadelphia I missed seeing this landmark. Glad I can see it here.
meribeth, Ohioan; teacher; lover of American history [07-17-1997]

Kristen Tegtmeier, instructor for the Johns Hopkins CAA Program [07-17-1997]

Michael Golden, 40 yo, w/m, from Boston [07-17-1997]

Jane Baumohl [07-17-1997]

Leonard Atkins, M.D., Massachusetts General Hospital [07-18-1997]

Jackie Speights, 3rd grade teacher, Lamar, Missouri [07-18-1997]

M Switaj, middletown, PA 40 Teacher [07-18-1997]

I think it's neat that one of the women of United States history is being honored like she should be. You always hear of the Abraham Lincoln memorial or a tour of Thomas Jefferson's home, etc., but you barely ever see a woman being honored for her part in history.
Alayne Destia, 16 years old and live in the United States (why else would I be reading this thing about the American Flag?) [07-23-1997]


Monica, PA age 11 [07-23-1997]

mr & mrs fred crowder, louisville, kentucky ages 50 & 55 [07-23-1997]

Megan Crepeau, Idaho Falls, Idaho age 8 [07-23-1997]

I was exploring the net and came across this little tour and was fascinated by it, it makes me all the more want to go back east for real tour of american history somday!
leanne parker, glenwood sprgs. co. age 25 and love amer history! [07-23-1997]

Michele M. Reilly, 28 years old, a teacher from N.Y. [07-23-1997]

Let's All take pride in OUR FLAG
Rick Barnett, Home State of Bill Clinton(Arkansas) [07-23-1997]

Thank for letting me visit
Andrea Rose Brahmer, 14 [07-23-1997]

Jo Callahan, Reston, VA, 58 [07-23-1997]

Nice homepage..
Stephanie Davis, Raleigh,NC: 31: [07-23-1997]

I am looking forward to the tour. I will tell my daughter about this site. When she was little she asked me why I didn't name her Betsy......then she took on Betsy Ross as a camp-name and nickname for several years. :)
Kathy Ross, Wiggins, Mississippi, Teacher [07-23-1997]

We recently flew into Philedelphia as a layover and could not sightsee. Your site was very good and I learned a lot. What happened to all of her husbands?
Rebecca Rogers, Scottsboro, AL age 33 [07-23-1997]

Sheryl Mackey [07-23-1997]

Pat Miscavish [07-23-1997]

A friend from Germany is in visiting and today we drove to center city phila. Of course we saw Betsy Ross' house and I just had to surf by on the internet when I got home.
Debbie Bear, grew up in Abington Twp, Pa now live in Pocono Mtns, Pa. age 40 [07-23-1997]

Nice to see a worthwhile site when there is so many other questionable sites!
Barbara Kautz, Billings, Montana [07-23-1997]

D. Johnson, San Joaquin Valley, California [07-24-1997]

syndi perry, morris plains, nj age: 20 college: LaSalle Univ. [07-24-1997]

Brad Vannoy, University of Michigan senior, 22 [07-25-1997]

Jill Williams, Teacher [07-25-1997]

Wes Surber, Odessa, Tx. - 29 Yrs old - Teacher [07-25-1997]

Carl Closs (Gen. George Washington), I do school & company programs about G. Washington. [07-26-1997]

Mary E. Lynch [07-26-1997]

Linda Crouch, Sun Valley, CA 43yrs [07-26-1997]

B. Dwyer [07-27-1997]

Shirley Wentz, Az. Lake Havasu City, home of the London Bridge [07-28-1997]

I would like to see a tour of her house please
D'Marquis Hypolite, My age is 12 My height is 5'4" I like football [07-28-1997]

Amanda Smith [07-28-1997]

Take me to the house
Mike Brinkman [07-28-1997]

Jennifer S., I live in Sacramento, I am 11 years old. [07-28-1997]

Bonnie Kelleher, Teacher from Bethlehem, PA [07-28-1997]

Carmen Hyslop, 21 [07-28-1997]

I hope I have a good time because I am falling asleep. Where are you located? I would love to take my 9 year old to see the tour. I do not have a computer at home. Only at work.
Kathleen Driscoll, I live in Dracut Mass, I have 3 boys ages 16, 13, 9, And also married. I work at a software company in Concord MA. I am 35 year old female. [07-30-1997]

Ron Carlson, Des moines Ia age 58 [07-30-1997]

Mary Ann Swindlehurst [07-30-1997]

I plan on having a few students visit this year!
Beth Leach, teacher, Bartow County, GA [07-30-1997]

I love taking this tour!
Ashley, 11 [07-30-1997]

William Wayne Shepard, from Ruidoso, NM 20 years of age male [07-30-1997]

I live in Florida and work for the local school board....
Janet [07-30-1997]

Nancy Wonacott [07-31-1997]

What a neat web page!
Cari, 14 Ohio [07-31-1997]

Kris John [08-01-1997]

Christine May, Whigham, Georgia [08-01-1997]

Suzanne Sutton, Age: 27 Sr. Admin in Silicon Valley. [08-01-1997]

Carolyn Catlin, Tacoma, WA [08-02-1997]

My third and fourth graders will love visiting Betsy Ross' home through her homepage. I have visited this house when I was visiting Philadelphia during a math conference.
Christine Ackerknecht, 47 year old teacher from Vermont [08-03-1997]

J and R Maser, Seattle, WA [08-03-1997]

My brother-inlaw is related to Betsy Ross, he is a Griscom.
Barbara Harvey [08-04-1997]

Willard Dale Reesor, Houston, TX, 52 years old [08-04-1997]

I'm in the process of taking a Law Related Education class on citizenship. What better place to start than the home of Betsy Ross.
Donita Potter, Nebraska [08-04-1997]

Shirley Granahan, Writer, editor, storyteller, and Nana! [08-04-1997]

This web site looks great for my second graders to visit.
Mrs. Camille Franklin, I am a 2nd grade classroom teacher in New Caney Texas [08-04-1997]

Amanda Patten, 13 [08-06-1997]

Jan Hannah [08-06-1997]

I suppose my love of history as soon as I learned how to read. Every Saturday, when we would make the trip in to town, my first stop would be our local library. I would check out as many books as I could that told the story of the lives of famous pioneers when THEY were small children such as myself. Betsy Ross' growning-up years just so happened to be one of those books that I checked out. Can you imagine how that love of American history could have grown to unlimited bounds had we had the technology that we have today...with the INTERNET?! Anyway, I probably will never get to actually visit Betsy Ross' home (but then there is always hope...I'm not THAT old), so I thank you for caring enough to make this so available to people such as myself. Now, will you kindly take me inside?
Shirley A. Craft, Seattle, Washington My age is 55.5 [08-06-1997]

I will be visiting this site physically later in the year.
Rachel Corcoran, Boothwyn,6 [08-07-1997]

My teacher, Christine Ackerknecht, told me how to find this page. It's wonderful!
Joel Johnson, 9 yr. old from Georgia, Vermont [08-07-1997]

Samuel Brown, Washington DC [08-07-1997]

Jaack M. Kohr, Lancaster PA 66yrs [08-07-1997]

I go to Beth Tfiloh and I am in the 2nd grade.
Sara Abrams, I live in Randallstown MD I am 7 years old [08-08-1997]

I think this is the greatest way to visit a historical place. Thank You
Andrea Maniscalco, Berlin NJ. 12 yrs. old [08-08-1997]

As a person born on Flag Day, I have always been interested in the role that Betsy Ross played in the creation of our flag. Today, as a teacher in the Augusta, WI school district, I am looking for virtual museum sites with audio capabilities to help my students learn how to do their own.
Roberta Sperstad, K-5 Elementary Music Teacher [08-08-1997]

April Green, Atl. Ga. 42 years old [08-08-1997]

I don't think I will ever get there in real life and this is a wonderful way to visit the house and the rest of the sites about betsy ross and our american flag. Thank you so much.
P.J. fountain, Honolulu, HI [08-13-1997]

Hoping to visit this wonderful house in person soon.
Nancy A. Martin, Redding, CA [08-13-1997]

Farm Kids Elementary, Homeschool family visiting from Oklahoma [08-13-1997]

I just cut my first 5-pointed star in one snip. Everyone at the office was impressed. :) Thanks Betsy With much thanks, Tray
Tray Nichols, Art Director in NYC [08-13-1997]

Enjoyed "Betsy's" page and links. Thanks for all your hard work.
Karen Watson, Teacher in Virginia [08-13-1997]

Elaine Schilling [08-13-1997]

Alice Kulick, love early history [08-13-1997]

Marilyn Malcolm, White female, 50 years old. Descendent of Besty Ross [08-14-1997]

Victoria Rojas [08-15-1997]

Gordon Morris, Oregon 63 Retired an firshernan and RV'er [08-15-1997]

I plan to start our school year with learning all about the American flag . My children are in grades K, 2nd and 4th. Your homepage will be a Godsend in making my lesson plan. What a great way to start the year!!!!
Tamara Bellinger, El Paso, TX age:36 Homeschool Mom/Military wife [08-24-1997]

Ralph Rosello, Silver Spring, Md Age 62 [08-24-1997]

Lisa Lamirand, Hillsboro Oregon [08-24-1997]

Karen,William, and Kelly Kratzer, A family from Redding, CA [08-24-1997]

I just visited her house last week, and I got this home page address, just wanted check it out when I came back home. It was very interesting. Thank you.
Marie Laura Yamazaki, I live in Los Angeles, and am a 9 year old girl. [08-24-1997]

rita berg, baltic, south Dakota--4th grade teacher [08-24-1997]

Marcia Summers [08-24-1997]

Kris Van Bockern, Chester, SD [08-24-1997]

C.B., I'm a person [08-24-1997]

Linda White, Idaho 30 instructor [08-24-1997]

Searching for information for a history report.
Iris Rodriguez, Jr. high student,,Cecil Ave Jr. High Delano, CA, 13 year old [08-24-1997]

I enjoyed the pictures and the explanations were great.
Clarissa J Alexander, OSU Electrical Engineering Office Assistant [08-24-1997]

Mary Ulmer, teacher 41 Ellendale, N.D. [08-24-1997]

William T Walker, Lakeland Florida Resident for 47 Years WW11 Veteran Europe all Five Campaigns with Patton's Third Army Gunner with the 644th Tank Destroyer Battalion. Currently Doing Genealogy & Past President Lakeland Fl. Chapter Sons of the American Revolution Florida Brigade Commander Society of the Descendants of Washington's Army at Valley Forge, State Secretary General Society of the War of 1812 [08-24-1997]

My daughter collects Betsy Ross "anything and everything". We are coming to visit you in October.
Phyllis Barton, I live in Horse Creek, California [08-24-1997]

Would like a geneology to prove the fact that my wife was related...Hutchinson was her maiden name
Brian Esker, Male married to a descendant of Betsy Ross.. [08-24-1997]

I enjoyed my visit to the Betsy Ross home in the early 90's.
J. Hill, Shreveport, LA (22 yrs. old) [08-25-1997]

tiny [08-26-1997]

kristina stabler [08-27-1997]

Cristina Langenbeck, Germany [08-27-1997]

John Daiutolo [08-27-1997]

Joanne M. Anderson, Reno,NV. Interested in History of our country [08-28-1997]

Connie Trevi [08-29-1997]

Bobby Joe [08-29-1997]

Am interested in Betsy Ross' family. Have an ancestor, Mary Ann Ross, who may be connected.
Fichte, Ft. Gibson, Oklahoma [08-29-1997]

GSmith [08-29-1997]

I visited the Betsy Ross House when I was very young .I lived in Philadelphia at the time.
Bob Barnhardt, Sewell,NJ age 45 Realtor-Re/Max Affiliates 609-589-4848 [08-29-1997]

Great website!
Greg Russo, Reading, Massachuetts [08-31-1997]

Phil Harvey [08-31-1997]

Janet Hardy, Sedalia, MO Secretary of the League of Women voters of Missouri [07-12-1997]

I remember as a little girl all the fieldtrips I took to see the history that was within our grasp. Back then I did not appreciate the importance of what I was doing at the time, but as a teacher I find that everything that I do will affect the children for the rest of thier lives. I believe in bring history to life so those who are not as enriched as I can at least feel the history and see a minute portion of what I have seen and heard.
Cindy Koehler Everett, Dawsonville, GA/41/teacher/used to live near Valley Forge and take fieldtrips to Philadelphia and still love and claim Philly as home. [07-12-1997]

Joseph G. Pearlingi, LIBERTARIAN Political Party [08-31-1997]

We liked the directions for the five pointed star!!
jenny [09-01-1997]

The internet is a wonderful opportunity. This is the only way I will ever get this close to history. Wish I could visit in person. Thank you
Diane Woods, Quincy, Wa. 4th grade school teacher, age 43 I have 7 children one of which needed information on the American Flag. [09-01-1997]

I am visiting Philadelphia in this month and exciting to see many historical places there. I would like to study again on American History.
Shuta Kokawato, running Internet prpviding co. 54 Japanese [09-03-1997]

Cool dude!
Jefferson Staff [09-03-1997]

Dennis Byford, Jr., Stillwater, OK USA [09-03-1997]

Libby Allen, North Carolina [09-04-1997]

I am a kindergarten teacher looking for information on Betsy Ross. This was an interesting website!
anne craig, chack va [09-04-1997]

Linda Fultz, Los Angeles, born on July 4, 1956 [09-04-1997]

Mrs. D'Angelo's third grade class is studying the origin of the American Flag and we'd like to take a tour of Betsy's house.

What a great idea someone had! Thank you in advance for the tour.
Traci Crawford, Homeschool Mom [09-04-1997]

Jacqueline Schwabenbauer, age 13 PA resident catholic school 8th grade [09-05-1997]

Karen McIntyre, Librarian/ elementary school/Lubbock, TX [09-06-1997]

Catherine Zook, Bloomington Mn [09-08-1997]

Donald and Clarissah Tadlock, Tacoma, WA, 27 and 21. [09-08-1997]

I love learning about history, and I love learning about women who have influenced United States History. I think this is a wonderful page.
Kelli Bryant [09-08-1997]

Michael & Michelle DaGrossa, New Castle DE [09-08-1997]

sue ladson [09-08-1997]

I am doing Betsy Ross for my Biography in Fifth Grade.
Natesha Kumar, I'm 10 and Iive in Fair Oaks CA. I also like dogs. [09-09-1997]

I have been to the Betsy Ross house several times in my life. It is worth seeing. I thank God for the freedom we have in this country. For all the people who fought to preserve it. I pray that we turn again to the God who made this nation strong before our indifference and moral decay negate their sacrifice.
Georganne Michel, Lansdale, PA [09-09-1997]

Shelly Couch, Florida [09-09-1997]

Elain Kenny, Yuma, Arizona 15, female [09-09-1997]

Keary Morse, Grafton NH 15 [09-09-1997]

Nancy Mulford, Iowa, media specialist [09-09-1997]

sixteen years old
Allison Ruppert [09-09-1997]

I home school my three children and they wanted to find out more information on Betsy Ross and our precious flag. Thank you for this wonderful web site.
Hope N. Feliciano, Hartford, CT 32 years of age [09-09-1997]

Carrie Ray, Houston, TX [09-10-1997]

Chris Thompson [09-10-1997]

I want to see the page because I read about her life.
Aneize, age nine [09-10-1997]

Sarah Mapps, Clarksville,Tennessee, 27years old [09-10-1997]

Looking forward to bringing my daughter to see Betsy Ross' house.
Joanne Clarke, grew up in Philadelphia [09-10-1997]

Andrea Grubb, san francisco, 25 years old [09-11-1997]

Ronda Wright, Cartersville, Georgia [09-11-1997]

Orbie& Lorene Hopkins [09-11-1997]

Charles R. Huson, York PA , 62 Years old [09-11-1997]

I haven't visited the Betsy Ross house in over 40 years. I use to like in northwest Phila. (Roxborough)
Elizabeth Carroll, Galena, MD [09-15-1997]

My son is visiting Betsy Ross house in April 98.
Gene Erikson, Shoreline Wa. 42 [09-15-1997]

John, 10/M [09-15-1997]

Thanks for having me visit!
Cathy Tamburello, 42 yrs old, teacher from NJ [09-15-1997]

Brian Trapani, 22 yrs/Florida/USF student - Elementary Education [09-16-1997]

I am looking for any and all information on betsy ross for an in depth biography... I am not interrested inlegend, but in hard facts...
sara reese, lock haven, pa; 24.w.f [09-16-1997]

I am a future teacher and I plan to show this web site to my children and the children I will have in my future class.
Julie McKell, 3l/f Tampa, FL [09-16-1997]

Tatum Barnett, Liberal Kansas age 12 [09-16-1997]

I had a lot of trouble making the star. The directions were very confusing. Everything else is awesome....
Kristen M. Beauregard, Massachusetts - age 20 [09-17-1997]

We are doing a project for our trip to Philadelphia.
Michael Phillips, Malvern Pa [09-17-1997]

love colonial and pioneer history
Susan Lewton, N.Ridgeville, OH;16 [09-17-1997]

I have been to this house as a child and I remember being in awe of it and the history there. So glad to see it again.
Heidi, parent [09-17-1997]

melissa smith, valley alabama 31 [09-17-1997]

Megan MacKay, 16 student at St.Agnes Academy Houston Texas [09-17-1997]

My husband and I visited the Betsy Ross House several years ago and enjoyed it very much!
Carol Ellis, Northridge, CA - Age 51 [09-17-1997]

Tiffany, 13/female/California [09-17-1997]

We're just visiting!
Computer Class, class of 9th and 10th grade students [09-18-1997]

Olivia Hopkins [09-18-1997]

From Plattsburgh NY 14 years of age
Kristi Grizzle [09-18-1997]

B Pearson, A return to pst family great times [09-18-1997]

Mark & Sierra Jordan, 1st & 2nd Graders living in Japan [09-18-1997]

I am doing a borring report
Kim S, Girl [09-18-1997]

This site is really neat. I found it very interesting.
Mariah Sheehy, 15yrs. live in St. Paul MN I go to Arlington High School [09-18-1997]

Jill Laurie, Spokane, WA [09-18-1997]

Been in the house, so glad it was saved.
P.V. Bostick, over 60, grandmother, live in OK [09-19-1997]

Tara Merla [09-19-1997]

Colleen Fritts [09-19-1997]

Kelly Uyeda, US History Teacher in Hawaii [09-20-1997]

Im going to be Betsy Ross for Halloween
katie, 8 years old [09-20-1997]

I wanted to found out the history of the US flag to explain the information to the Japanese.I know that the states represent the 50 states and I thought the red & white stripes represented the first original colonies in America.
Anna DiBucci, Okinawa Japan, 38 [09-20-1997]

Interesting Material, I'll present some of it during the opening ceremonies of our next Pack meeting. Thankyou
Larry A. Roberts, 39, Atlanta, Cub Master for Pack 503 [09-20-1997]

Charles D Ellis, Urbana,Il retired,age 76 [09-21-1997]

I enjoyed going on the tour and remembering when I lived in Philadelphia. My elementary school teacher took us on a trip to the Betsy Ross House and now with the help of the internet, I can take my class all the way from Japan! Thanks!!
Gwendolyn Louise Burnett, first grade teacher in Sagamihara, Japan; born in Philadelphia, PA [09-21-1997]

nancy harper, Kokomo,Indiana [09-21-1997]

Lance Freebern [09-21-1997]

Peter Lawrence, Milton Keynes [09-22-1997]

Miriam Wagner [09-22-1997]

What a great page. Lots of interesting information.Thank You.
Kim Dunn, My family lives in So. California. I came to this page to get information for a report that my daughter is doing for her 5th grade class. [09-22-1997]

I hope this trip is worth it!
Justin Moran, 15 years old , 5 ft. 9 inches tall [09-22-1997]

JAKE [09-22-1997]

Alisha Ruggles, 16 [09-22-1997]

Rae Divan, Ohio, 15 [09-22-1997]

Chris Pahl, Fredericktown OH [09-22-1997]

samantha mayo [09-22-1997]

Hello, my name is Amber Lanford I am hopeing to learn more about this.
Amber Lanford, Greenville MS / 11 [09-23-1997]

I have really enjoyed this web-site. I have learned a lot about a woman whose story is known by most early in life. She is a part of America and its beginnings as a new nation.
Marianne Allred, Going to school at Brigham Young Universtiy, 20 years old, and a history major. [09-23-1997]

Mary L. Rossoni, 50 years old and love history [09-23-1997]

I wish Betsy Ross was still alive.
Nicolas Judd/Sara Logsdon [09-23-1997]

This is a valuable web site. My four children will enjoy this trip through U.S. history. I know my school history books never covered the subject as detailed or as visual as allowed through the use of today's technology.
Robert Houghton, Olivia, MN [09-23-1997]

This is great that you have this home page and this will help me get extra credit on my American History class Thankyou for making this home page
Chris, 14/m [09-23-1997]

karrie harrungton [09-23-1997]

Learning about US flags, thanks
Sarah LaFountain, Third grade Hastings Elementary School Duncanville, TX [09-23-1997]

We have entered Betsy Ross's house.
Brittany Rose, 7 years old [09-23-1997]

Sarah Elizabeth, 43 [09-24-1997]

Stacey Hendricks, BYU student, 21 years old, studying history [09-24-1997]

I'm online for an American History assignment! Hi Mr. Norby! This is a really nice page. I'm really enthralled by Betsy Ross. Thank you.
Jenny Jones, Minneapolis, 18, [09-24-1997]

Kayla Leanne Kelley, 255 Laurel, lake Jackson, Texas, I am a 7 year old girl. [09-25-1997]

Nicole & Sarah Wood, Noblesville, IN 8 years old [09-25-1997]

I was told by my paternal grandmother that I am a decendant of the Ross family, through her mother's side of the family.
Philip R. Massecar, age 43, living in Simcoe, Ont., Canada [09-25-1997]

Merry Gavin [09-25-1997]

greenhouse [09-25-1997]

Tina Williams [09-26-1997]

kennan fagan, tech guru [09-26-1997]


This page helped me so much with a research project on colonial Pennsylvania.
Carolyn Pointer, 14 years old, sophomore [09-28-1997]

We are thrilled that we are here. Thanks for showing us everything so Samantha can do her report.
Samantha and Michele Ryan, Samantha is a fifth grade student and is doing an oral report [09-28-1997]

Margaret Carter, like amer. history [09-28-1997]

devin adams, 10 [09-28-1997]

Margaret B. Gaudino, MD , teacher [09-28-1997]

Karen Fairfield [09-28-1997]

Philadelphia, we miss you!!!
Mercedes E. Morales, From Venezuela, studying in Florida, 27 [09-28-1997]

Marilynn E. Broadwater, Retired R.N. from Calif. [09-28-1997]

bob &karen abbott, wrren michigan [09-28-1997]

I am attempting to complete an unit in social studies on the American flag and I need as much information as possible, lesson activites etc. this project is due oct.13.
neshika coney, georgia southern university located in statesboro ga. [09-28-1997]

Maria Santana, Punta Gorda, FLorida [09-28-1997]

kevin burrowbridge, 15 go to magruder high school [09-29-1997]

2nd grade teacher looking for Social Studies ideas for our new MacMillan book.
michelle bell, brazil,in [09-29-1997]

I am very interested in history and appreciate your efforts to bring it alive.
Charles S. Vogan Sr., Berwyn, Pa. Senior Citz. [09-29-1997]

nancy wantiez, nj [09-29-1997]

liz linn [09-30-1997]

I am placing the Betsy Ross Homepage
Dvina Gonzalez, Woodside, NY 50 something [09-30-1997]

Kristin L. Huber, Kutztown University, Kutztown, Pa 23yrs old, History Major with an emphasis on the Revolutionary War [09-30-1997]

Loved the whole set up on these and all the connection that bought me to be here at this location. A truley great job was done by the maker of this web site. Thanks for all the effort that you put into them.
David W. Allen, Redwood City, California, 45 [09-30-1997]

Tom Kovach, Cleveland, Oh [09-30-1997]

Thanks for having this on the net. We will visit PA within a few short weeks and I wanted to know if this was a place I wished to visit.
pamela bax, 43 yrs old - live in Country Club Hills, Il. [09-30-1997]

Kayla Leanne Kelley [09-30-1997]

Kayla Leanne Kelley [09-30-1997]

Rian Hinds, 3rd grade student age 8 [09-30-1997]

Ashley Lawrence, Age 10 Location F.W.B FL [09-30-1997]

Elaine Worner, Melbourne Australia [10-01-1997]

.Gentry, Memphis, 21 [10-01-1997]

GOD LOVES YOU!!! :) ~Jn 3:16
Natalie DeMarcus, TN 19 I am extrememly patriotic [10-01-1997]

I like to snowmobile!!
Derek Fleck, St. Cloud, MN, 21 , [10-01-1997]

MINDY GIONET, AGE : 10 [10-02-1997]

T. C. FRANKLIN, 8 [10-02-1997]

pina cox, virginia beach [10-02-1997]

I've been to the real Betsy Ross huse and this virtual tour is a great way for people to experience a piece of history right in their own living room.
Erin J. Weller, 25 year old master of education student in American History at Loyola University Chicago [10-02-1997]

I visited the Betsy Ross house as a child on a school trip when I lived in New Jersey which is where I was born. and I have never forgotten the house as I was fascinated. When I returned to visit as an adult the size of the house had changed due to the difference in my age on each visit.
Carol Lynn Holt, Middle Tennessee [10-03-1997]

I was physically at the Betsey Ross House in 1966 when I was a teenager going to nursing school at Albert Einstein Medical Center. I happened on this site accidently but took the tour and enjoyed it very much. Brought back memories from 30 years ago.
Robyn Layton Calandreillo, Deming, New Mexico age 50 [10-03-1997]

God bless America!
Hope L. Baker, College student, history enthusiast, from Arkansas [10-03-1997]

Lydia [10-03-1997]

Brittany Childers, I am 7 years old and I am doing a book report on Betsy. [10-03-1997]

Heidi Jepson [10-03-1997]

Vickie Phenix [10-03-1997]

Rosasco, Tokyo Japan [10-03-1997]

Iris B. Moore, I am pretty and smart and seven years old [10-03-1997]

Scott Clem [10-04-1997]

I thouroughly enjoyed the Besty Ross Home Page and read every word of every link. I learned more than I thought possible about this extraordinary woman. I am sure with the information gathered from this site, my daughter will do very well on her Betsy Ross Autobiography for American History. Thank you.
Maxine Stoner, Michigan, 35yo, helping daughter with homework [10-04-1997]

klein family, davis, california [10-04-1997]

Just browsing around
Charles O.Wilson Sr, Am 79,born in Texas,lived most of life here but spent 34 plus years in Army and was all over world [10-04-1997]

I am doing a report on Betsy and needed information
Jamie Nanquil, I live in Garland,Texas, and 10 years old [10-04-1997]

Neal M. Gall [10-05-1997]

Now that I am older I really enjoy learning about the history of our country. This summer we went to visit Little Big Horn we took our 13 yr. old son he thought it would be boring but found it interesting instead. We also went to the Buffalo Bill Cody Museum.
Lynne Wagstaff, I live in American Falls, Idaho [10-05-1997]

Patti Caven, Amboy, MN Age 43 [10-05-1997]

We plan to visit the day after Thanksgiving.
Wanda Fitzgerald [10-05-1997]

Sarah M. Lutz, teacher, grade 2, Palmyra, PA 17078 [10-05-1997]

thank you
karla thompson, elementary principal [10-06-1997]

I teach fifth grade in Illinois. We study the history of the United States. This is a great site for my students to visit. Thank you!
A. Lubinsky [10-06-1997]

I plan to use this site as a "jumping off point" for some of my children's homeschooling. Thank you
Becki, Florida Keys, 40 year old homeschooling mom [10-06-1997]

I'm in an American History AP high school class and I'm doing research for a project. I have enjoyed viewing the home of Betsy Ross and hope to visit someday. r
Shelly Roden, age 16, Texas student [10-07-1997]

Lawrence Ladd, Dallas, TX. 31 [10-07-1997]

It does my heart good to see the time and effort being expended on our flag, our history, and learning more about our country. We need to know more about the values that made our country great if we are to continue. God love us all!!
Aileen Novak, North Olmsted, Ohio--elderly lady with 7 children and 22 grandchildren. Second vice-regent of the Lakewood Chapter of the NSDAR [10-07-1997]

Michael Kammerer, Plymouth Pa. age: 15 [10-07-1997]

John Stone, Plymouth [10-07-1997]

Via computer is the only way my class and I will get to tour Betsy Ross's house. Thank you.
Rowletta Anderson, 7th & 8th Grade teacher, Clayton, OK age 47 [10-07-1997]

Stephanie Friel [10-07-1997]

Wayne Herman [10-07-1997]

Part of my homework was to find out who made the first american flag.I found it on your page.Thank you very much.
Chris Ofstad, Hayward ca.I'm 8 years old. [10-07-1997]

Jill Johnson, Madison Heights, MI [10-08-1997]

I was looking up things about Betsy Ross and found her interesting
Violet Suarez, 21 [10-08-1997]

LEIGH ANN, AGE 13 [10-08-1997]

Sean Turner [10-08-1997]

Danaya Mitchell, a senior at Bloomsburg University [10-08-1997]

M Jarmer, 30 [10-08-1997]

tony hermes [10-08-1997]

We are a Core Foundation School. Second grade curriculum includes "Betsy Ross", Constitution, and War of 1812. The students love reading about Betsy and deciding if she really made the first flag. The majority say "yes"! We hope to come to Phila. and tour the house for real.
Sandy Ferguson, teacher, grade 2, Kenmore Elem. Maryland [10-08-1997]

Anna Leisure, 12 years old [10-08-1997]

I am Allie Levine From Mrs.Harrell's History class this is xtra credit

I visited your site for help on a reserch paper. Thanks for helping me !! Yours truly, Samantha Martinez
Samantha Martineaz, Corpus Christi, TX age:11 [10-08-1997]

We enjoyed visiting the Besty Ross House.
Mr., Mrs. William Daley, we are both 24, we live in a little white house, and we like to go skiing. [10-09-1997]

We are the PUNX of the world. The bands we love are Tricolour Convention, Artifically Flavored are the awesomest band, MTX, NOFX, Riverdales, GREENDAY!!!!,and Bad Religion. XXX Straight Edge Forever!!! Someday we both will be famous!!
Marlo Manganiello and Kym Hua, PA, both 16 years old [10-09-1997]

I think it's cool that a women made the U.S flag.
Olivia Romanofski, 17 yrs, CT [10-09-1997]

I am using this information to write a report on Ms. Ross
Stan Decker, Healdsburg Calif., 44 yrs old, history major [10-09-1997]

We will be visiting Grandma in Phila. Oct 16th to 21st and would like a real tour
hannah soule and leah soule, St Paul, mn. Age 7-1/2 and 4 yrs [10-09-1997]

This is a neat web site!
kristen curry, I'm 14. [10-10-1997]

I am XXX forever!!!
Marlo Manganiello [10-10-1997]

rachel couch, 18 yrs old [10-10-1997]

Hi Peoples!
Des'ree Jolliff, St.Marys [10-10-1997]

Excited about seeing one of America's treasures!!!!
Tom Pecore & Class, Norman, Oklahoma, age-37-teacher [10-10-1997]

Nicole Vrzan & Trisha Gale, Ages 9 & 10, St. Mary's Grade School Burlington, WI [10-10-1997]

I would like to tour Historical Phila again
Nellie Awilda Ramos, Willingboro,NJ [10-10-1997]

Jacki Baker, Martinsville, IN [10-11-1997]

Did Betsy Ross really sew the flag? I heard she didn't. Signed, Skeptic in the midst
Sneha Mantri, live in Fairfax, VA, 12 years old, like writing [10-11-1997]

JORDAN KAYE RIDGE [10-11-1997]

Second Grade teacher looking for info on Patriotic Symbols
Peg Lang, California, Md [10-11-1997]

I've enjoyed the web-site very much. My wife commented that the "rules of etiquette," and laws have a more up to date version than those presented here. Personally, I don't know. A date preceding the law would establish if they are the latest version, or not. In addition a written blurb would be helpful. As the site is so large, I will return again in the future. It is simply too much to absorb at one time. From the both of us: THANK YOU! for all your efforts. Gary & Carol
Gary E. Maki, Veteran-(Vietnam Era)--Tampa, FL [10-11-1997]

Sarah de Cerscenzo, Age 10 [10-12-1997]

Shelley Simmons, Texas 33 [10-12-1997]

This is a great classroom prep for students anticipating a field trip to this area in a few weeks! Thank you
Diane Lippe, Margate, Florida, Teacher chaperoning field trip to Philadelphia. Will use this site to prep students attending field trip in addition to those students left behind. [10-12-1997]

Randy L. Dax, Nazareth, PA 42yrs. old [10-13-1997]

Kristina Ross, 9 yrs. Old from Arvada Colorado, Dennison Elementary [10-13-1997]

Sharon Brawner [10-13-1997]

STEPHANIE [10-13-1997]

I'm glad to see a famous 'Betsy' in this world!!! I have often been called a cow, a pig or whatever because of my name, so I'm glad to see that I'm not the only Betsy in the world!!
Betsy King, age 16, Canada [10-13-1997]

Brian Laverenz [10-14-1997]

Matt Strong [10-14-1997]

I love learning about the American history
Nicole D., Age 12 live in la [10-14-1997]

I am interested in Betsy Ross!
kdp [10-14-1997]

Thank you for a wonderful page!
Kaitlin Perry, Hillsboro, Texas [10-14-1997]

helping my daughter on a school project... GOOD JOB YOU HAVE DONE
JOHN MULLINS, Frankfort KY age 50 [10-15-1997]

second graders, South Dorchester School [10-15-1997]

I'm just learning the internet and found your site while exploring.
Sharon Brodersen, high school teacher [10-15-1997]

Need information on Betsy Ross for my granddaughter's school report.
Carol M. Stegmiller, live in Herald, CA near Sacramento [10-15-1997]

Rae Polk, Student at GCCC in Garden City Ks 19 years old play softball [10-15-1997]

Just surfing. Found you on Yahoo new list.
Wayne Anderson, Idaho, USA [10-16-1997]

Jill Skladanowski, Fairview High School [10-16-1997]

Miss Davitz [10-16-1997]

Cyberbug [10-16-1997]

Jean Spear, Portland Me. resident 29yrs old cub scout den leader [10-16-1997]

none at this time.
Roxanna Sosa, Colorado, 15 [10-16-1997]

I think it is wonderful to share information of women's contribution in our American history.
George Aguilar, Turlock, Ca, 23 years, education [10-16-1997]

Just a history buff.
Wayne Naill, Middle River, Md. age 54 [10-16-1997]

Keatha Wilson, Ohio teacher [10-17-1997]

Laura, 13 [10-17-1997]

Kristen Battisti, I am 11. [10-19-1997]

Elaine Kelch, Springfield, VA I am 9 years old [10-19-1997]

I was born and raised in Pa.and never got to see the home of Betsy Ross or any thing of our history of Pa. Thank you for the experance.
Harveen Derk Hockman, Apple Valley Cali. 62 [10-19-1997]

Like your page.
Donald Allen, 58 yrs old [10-20-1997]

I liked your site and would like to visit it later in the upcoming days
Riley Schochenmaier, 13 [10-20-1997]

Betsy Knox [10-20-1997]

I was in Philly for the Fourth of July and to my dissappointment the Betsy Ross House was closed. I guess this is the next best thing.
Erin Behney, pre-service teacher at Penn State University with a strong interest in social studies, age 22 [10-20-1997]

Monica Dyer, Evanston, IL, 16 yrs. old [10-20-1997]

Joy Beasley [10-20-1997]

Great website!
Janet M. Beebe, I work at Cornell University and plan trips for our employees. [10-20-1997]

carroll lemire, new jerey,53,female [10-21-1997]

Susan Lenn [10-21-1997]

I'll be in Philadelphia 10/24 - 10/27. Looking forward to touring not only Betsy's house but many of the other historical sites, museums and enjoying the cuisine!
Zrita, Albuquerque, NM [10-21-1997]

Tiffany Kiefat, Age 16 [10-21-1997]

This was an interesting tour. Thanks for the technology of today we can all enjoy places of interests such as this.
Vivian L. Wenrich, Delaware County, 40's [10-21-1997]

Hilary B.S. Sanders, Eight and Great [10-21-1997]

cool page maybe after the tour i can tell you how it was
Sandy Hutchinson, Ilive in Arizona, 8 yrs old, 3rd grade [10-21-1997]

I have a seventh grader and I am helping her with homework.
Reida Shouse, Mother of two shildren, [10-21-1997]

My family started in Pennsylvania in the 1750's and moved west over the next 250 years. Now we are on the edge. I would like to come out to the Eastern U.S to see where it all began. American History interests me as my father and descendents are all American.
Virginia (Bock) Persson, Ladysmith, Vancouver Island,BC, Canada [10-22-1997]

Nancy Bisbe, Mariemont Junior High School Library Aide [10-22-1997]

AnnKantarian, Westchester County, NY [10-23-1997]

Mnn's Study Skills, central Middle School [10-23-1997]

Hi betsy
, rosholt WI [10-23-1997]

Robert Ross, Baltimore City Public Schools - Curriculum Specialist Office of Instructional Technology [10-23-1997]

I am on here because of History class. THIS IS COOL!!!!
Stephie Hamilton, Franklin, MI ,10, [10-23-1997]

Love, Caitlin
Caitlin Elise Gilman, 10, Birminghan, MI [10-23-1997]

Daniel W. Pinkerton [10-23-1997]

Just wanted to say hi there and hello to my fellow betsy ross followers. Write me
tracy liuzzo, highschool junior looking ofr pictures for my projest on betsy ross [10-23-1997]

Hello all..... e-mail me sometime... hehehe!
Tanaya Forsyth, I'm 15 from British Columbia, Canada. [10-23-1997]

this is pretty cool
tiffany hinshaw, laguna hills ca 17 [10-23-1997]

Karen M. Russo, Spotswood, NJ 31 [10-23-1997]

I haven't been to the Betsy Ross House since I was a child. I would like to receive information about the Betsy Ross House.
Karen B.Hackman, Falls Church, Va. [10-23-1997]

We have to be a historal figure for Halloween in school. I picked Betsy Ross because I think the flag is cool and it has taught me something about why when and where the flag was made.
Alicia Ososkie, Trenton MI age 10 [10-23-1997]

What up Betsy?? You go girl!! What up girl? From Miko and Carly
Becky Northrop, Casper, Wyoming 16 years [10-23-1997]

Bethany Knoshaug, 6 years old [10-24-1997]

i live for football i play tight end
Cody Alex, Provo, Ut., 14 years old, play football for Centennial middle school [10-24-1997]

I'm am doing this for my history class
Todd, I am 13 years old [10-24-1997]

Kayla Marie Blaisdell, girl 9years old [10-24-1997]

Niki, WA I am 13 [10-24-1997]

Pat Stow, Indiana age 53 [10-24-1997]

We are a family in Taiwan taking the tour.
The Kennedy family [10-25-1997]

David A. Sinclair [10-25-1997]

Jenney Horst, Fabric store owner and square dancer interest in quilts [10-25-1997]

Jessi [10-26-1997]

I just came in here to get info. for a report for school. its nice to have the world at your fingers when your on the internet. I think most kids don't know much about history. I'm interested in learning my past. :-) bye thanks
Trisha, maryland, usa - 13 years old [10-26-1997]

Jennifer McWilliams, Hibbing, Minnesota Age 18 [10-27-1997]

Hi! I am here for a school project
Kira Harvey [10-27-1997]

Homeschool mom looking for info for social studies teaching.
Elizabeth S. Hollier, Ithaca, NY, [10-27-1997]

Jonathan L. Turk, Social Studies Teacher, in the city of Philadelphia at the University City High School locared at 36th and Filbert Streets. [10-27-1997]

i juat went to the betsy ross thing and i learned alot.
emily jo r., idaho 10 [10-27-1997]

I've really enjoyed reading about your interest in Betsy Ross and keeping it current in our history for kids like me to enjoy and learn about. Thankyou.
Michael A. Rivet, Saint Francis Xavier school Acushnet, Ma. Age 12 Gr.6 [10-27-1997]

Jessica Becker, age 12 [10-27-1997]

Thank you for the efforts you have given in preserving this fine heritage of our country and a great individual, Betsy Ross.
Robert J. Liles, From Grand Prairie(Dallas area) Texas. Age 45 [10-28-1997]

lindsey becker, MI, 14, likes the color green. [10-28-1997]

I am visiting your site to obtain information on Betsy Ross for my nine year old daughter to do a project on for school. Thanks for your help!! DCB
Dawn C. Beckley, Hagerstown, Maryland [10-28-1997]

Brandi Dunn, Odessa, Texas, 17, F [10-28-1997]

Tinsley Lynch, Greenville, SC age-13 [10-29-1997]

Hi!!! We are about to go on this tour for a project that we are doing in class!!! It looks really cool!! See ya!!!
Laura Cooper Johllefson, Greenville, SC USA [10-29-1997]

Lauren, 14 [10-29-1997]

We are doing a report on Betsy Ross on the internet! It is for our history class.
Lacey Coleman, I live in greenville, SC! I am 14 years old! [10-29-1997]

We love history
Ashley Eggl and Elizabeth Nabers, South Carolina [10-29-1997]

i love me, myself, and i
JIllian Potts, 12 idaho [10-29-1997]

I'm going to be Betsy Ross for Holloween 97
Megan Hughes, 12 yo San Diego [10-29-1997]

R. Ward [10-29-1997]

I read about Betsy Ross's childhood. It was interesting.
Leah Rosenbaum, L.A., C.A. 8 years old [10-29-1997]

Bobbie Jo Diehl [10-30-1997]

Theresa Finn, San Jose teacher [10-30-1997]

Sherry Rankin [10-30-1997]

Courtney Hopkins, San Francisco, 22 years-old [10-30-1997]

Theresa Kukla, 5th grade teacher [10-30-1997]

Thomas Clark, US History teacher South Western SD, Hanover PA [10-30-1997]

I doing an "exciting" (boring) extra credit school report on the flag. This lady seems to be part of it!
Tanya T, I am 15 I am also a Female and I live in PA [10-30-1997]

Trying to find photo of Betsy Ross
Robert MacDonald, Coventry, CT. 27, garage owner [10-30-1997]


Casandra [10-30-1997]

rob rankin, student/pittsburgh [10-31-1997]

Richard N. Bates, N.W. Indiana, 52 Yrs. young, scientist [10-31-1997]

Maury A. Hudson, Texarkana, AR, 37 [10-31-1997]

I'm looking up Betsy Ross for history day at school.
Megan Diaz, Valparaiso, Indiana [11-01-1997]

Hi everybody, I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross! Thank you for the info.
Susanna Brown, 5th grade [11-01-1997]

Hello. I'm visiting your homepage because I have to do a report on Betsy Ross.
Jessie Savage, Mount Vernon, Ohio, 11 years old [11-02-1997]

Thank you for giving us such a wonderful page to learn about our American flag, it will come in very handy to teach my 7 year old son zachary about our wonderful country.
Carl Arsenault, NH. 33 year old male [11-02-1997]

Jennifer Polo, Beverly Hills, 27 [11-02-1997]

Doing research for a school project.
Mary Low [11-02-1997]

Terri Juberg, seattle [11-02-1997]

Stephannie Lyman [11-02-1997]

Whatta nice page!
Jade Ho, 11, Malaysia [11-03-1997]

i really like your house
Becky and Kristy, im cool [11-03-1997]

hello i love u
Anna Hammonds, I am 16 years old, and I live in Chattanooga, TN and I go to Ooltewah High School [11-04-1997]

David, age 8 Boise, ID [11-04-1997]

I am a distant relative of Betsy Ross through my mother, Ruth Elinor (Spear) Hamilton. Can anyone share geneology info with me?
Susan Bogart, from Monroe, Utah [11-04-1997]

Isaac Nelson, student age seven [11-04-1997]

Brenda Theobald, 6th grade teacher [11-04-1997]

We are a first grade class studying about the flag.
Ms. Milam's Class, Opelika, AL [11-04-1997]


research for school
Benjamin LeBrun, 9 [11-04-1997]

chris yates, kid [11-04-1997]

I really look up into taking a tour!
Emily McCarty, Kentucky,14,loves history [11-04-1997]

Helping son with a report for school on Betsy Ross
Victoria Sofranko, Allentown, PA [11-04-1997]

very interested in us history looking forward to check it out!!!!!!!
george smith, buffalo ny age 34 [11-04-1997]

Kristyne [11-05-1997]

Diane Lassman [11-05-1997]

S. Ferguson, Bowling Green, KY [11-05-1997]

MIchelle HJorgenson, I live in st. cloud minnesota, have 1 brother, 1 sister, I was born in Little Falls MInnesota. I am 26 years old and a student at St. Technical College [11-05-1997]

barbara bossen, Astoria, OR 38yrs old [11-05-1997]

Thank you for a great site! I teach S.C. History at Aiken Middle School. Each year one project the students enjoy is constructing the "Betsy Ross" flag. Please take this as a compliment when I refer to that banner as the "Flag of the First Confederacy." :-)
Glenn Dedmondt, Aiken, S.C.; 51, [11-05-1997]

Samantha Salyer [11-05-1997]

Thank you for this wonderful tour! My 8-year old granddaughter has chosen Betsy Ross as a famous woman in history to portray with her book report. She must wear a costume and give a biography of the person she has chosen.
Carol A. Chaklos, Milledgeville, GA 31061 [11-05-1997]

The whole tour was great!! I wish I could see it in person.
Dana, PA 15 [11-06-1997]

Katie Aman [11-06-1997]

james groves, 44 [11-06-1997]

Tara Stanford, Alabama [11-06-1997]

Lindsey Grady, La. [11-06-1997]

I found out about this web site through my World Cultures teacher, Ms. Tarantini. I'm glad she made us do this project because the tour was interesting and fun.
Katherine Winkler, Wilkes-Barre, PA 15 years old Sophmore in high school [11-06-1997]

Tori Yetter [11-06-1997]

Kevin Moulton [11-06-1997]

At a workshop and just found this page-pretty neat!
Barb Hill, Teacher [11-06-1997]

Monica, 16 East High school, Cheyenne, Wy [11-06-1997]

Excellent!!! It is great to have so much history available at the touch of a button. I am trying to learn about Betsy Ross for a parade float we are putting together for the Veteran's Day Parade at the VA Hospital here in Prescott, AZ.
L. Anderson, college student, ERAU-AZ [11-06-1997]

Stumbled across this page and thought it would be interesting.
Susan Inman, Houston, TX [11-06-1997]

Cool Page
Ben Harris, 15 [11-06-1997]

Glad I found this website. I love the American Flag and our Country. :)
Patricia Schrader, live at:Muncie, Indiana-58 years old [11-06-1997]

i'm doing a report on betsy ross
jamie blessing, 14 [11-07-1997]

Ginny Clark [11-07-1997]

Great site!!!
Alyssa Hanson [11-07-1997]

I am doing a book report about Besty at my school. I am very interested in the Betsy Ross doll that you show on your web site.
Stephanie Kalina, Arizona 4th grader [11-07-1997]

Crystal Walton wuz here
Crystal Whitney Walton [11-07-1997]

Alaina VanDyke, 13, minnesota [11-07-1997]

way cool dude
shaun chatelain, at south davis jh. in bountiful utah [11-07-1997]

Lillian Douramacos [11-07-1997]

We very much enjoyed the virtual tour of this historic land mark. Since getting onto the internet we have discovered many wonderful sites to visit, and yours is no exception. Hopefully in not to distant future we can visit the city of brotherly love and experence this part of our nations history in the flesh. With our sincerest thanks The Crane family.
the crane family, thornton, colorado [11-07-1997]

Barbara Gale (Scroggins) Dzvonick [11-08-1997]

Your web page has been a big help for my paper. I have enjoyed learning more about Betsy Ross.
Jennifer Barnett, Lincoln, IL female age 20 [11-08-1997]


becky case, I attend Slippery Rock University, major in political science, and my home town is Erie, Pa. [11-08-1997]

JUDI DAHL-HUGGINS [11-09-1997]

I am doing a paper on women who have been erased in history and doing research on Betsy Ross. Have you read Pope Joan? It's a great read and got me interested in other women who have been eliminated from our history.
Renee W., California [11-10-1997]

Hello, The fifth graders in my school in Binghamton, N.Y. visit Philadelphia each year and would like new ideas. In my special ed class, we learn about government and the flag.
Linda R. Griffin, Binghamton, N.Y. teacher spec.ed.ages 8-10 [11-10-1997]

I like tweetybrid and cats.
audrianna, dallas T.X. [11-10-1997]

Doing a book report on American heros.. Certainly Mrs. Ross qualifies
Lindsay Duncan, 14, Oregon [11-10-1997]

How wonderful! It's great to see places so intertwined in our history. Someday I hope to visit Betsy's home. Thanks to all who work to keep this part of our history alive!
Elizabeth Howe, Massillon Ohio [11-10-1997]


B.L. O'Donnell, Northern CA. [11-10-1997]

lank, none [11-10-1997]

jeremy bahr [11-10-1997]

Mawfawny, Ca, 11&13 [11-10-1997]

Stephen Latimer, Teacher, North Polk High School Alleman Iowa [11-10-1997]

Betsy was my 6th great aunt.
Roxannah Nelson [11-10-1997]

Tiffany Morgan, 15,memphis Tn [11-11-1997]

We're studying about the flag and Veteran's day....thanks!
Mrs. Kososki's Third Grade Class, Wisconsin, third graders [11-11-1997]

Sandra Nunn [11-11-1997]

Georgia Bentz [11-11-1997]

The legend of Betsy Ross has been handed down and talked about since I can remember. My relatives tell me that we are related. I do have Ross's in my family history and I am anxious to find out if we are really related. I will continue to search and would love to visit Philidelphia.
Jane Shoaf Edge [11-12-1997]

i just went on the homepage granddaughter needed to know for homework about betsy ross i printed out what she needed thank u
faith, 44/phila pa [11-13-1997]

Ginny Polhamus, kindergarten teacher [11-13-1997]

Patty Reasor [11-13-1997]

I'm starting a unit study on Betsy Ross
Sarah Reid, 5th grade homeschooler in Texas [11-13-1997]

Janine Dillon, Third grade teacher at Grovetown Elementary [11-13-1997]

Peggy Albers [11-14-1997]

Aaron Haywood, Eldora Iowa I drive a 1968 pontiac GTO [11-14-1997]

Marguerite Theoret, Ontario [11-14-1997]

Mr. Malone teaches the best History class ever!!!!
Tina Newman, Spokane, Washington [11-15-1997]

terrific website!
Lauren Rowder, 6th grade social studies teacher [11-15-1997]

this is WONDERFUL!!!!! I've always had a fancination with historic facts and pictures......Will pass this on to my cyber friends and come back often...thank you..
sandi stunes, denver 53 [11-15-1997]

Very nice web site.
Jan Phipps, Texas [11-16-1997]

Fantastic info.
Terry L. Anderson, Indep., MO (53) local historian [11-16-1997]

patricia g rees, searsmont, maine [11-16-1997]

Karen Ramey, 29, WV [11-16-1997]

Samantha Heptinstall [11-16-1997]

Great information. My daughter could pick anyone from history to portray, and she chose Betsy. Thanks
Ken Harms, Coral Springs Florida [11-16-1997]

rachel, 10 [11-16-1997]

Erynn H, 10 years old ans I live in FL. I am going to be Betsy Ross for school. [11-17-1997]

We will be taking an actual tour this weekend. My husband is running in the Philly Marathon on sunday.
Sally Kenner, Las Vegas, NV [11-17-1997]

We are at school trying to find information about Betsy Ross.
alana & Kimberly [11-17-1997]

I am doing an advanced English Writing assignment about symbols --The American Flag. I am looking for any information about "Old Glory" and her creator, designer, and seamstress.
Bob Soronen, Ameican History Major/Full Time College Sturdent [11-18-1997]

vicki brumage [11-18-1997]

Karen Vitek, I'm 15 years old and I live in Wilbraham,MA. [11-18-1997]

Dennis Miller, Jonestown, Pa 17038 [11-18-1997]

Kristy Millikan [11-18-1997]

Barbara Arroyo, Lorain, Ohio (30 miles west of Cleveland) age 49 [11-18-1997]

thank you for this site you helped me write a paper for social studies
Alicia Hutchinson, 14, great falls mt, female [11-18-1997]

Jocelyn Dilworth, 14 Age Minnesota [11-18-1997]

Kelsey solomon [11-18-1997]

Lauren Worthy, San Antonio [11-18-1997]

Heather Hollenshead, PA, 30 years old [11-19-1997]

Roger Seiders [11-19-1997]

Ryan, 18 [11-19-1997]

Bert Hann [11-19-1997]

Howdy do Betsy!!!
Burden E. Hann [11-19-1997]

Kenny Kneas, McConnellsburg,PA 17year old male [11-19-1997]

Thomas Early Brown III, I'm a 17 year old Pennsylvanian [11-19-1997]

Visited during my 1997 Internet Class
Jonathan King, McConnellsburg, PA [11-19-1997]

Interesting browsing, will return often. Thanks!!
Howard & Beckie Betz, N.E. Ohio mid 40's [11-19-1997]

I hope I enjoy this tour!!!!!
Larissa Moody, I'm 10 years old [11-19-1997]

You go man! Whoooooooooooooooooo!
Elisabeth [11-19-1997]

Darla Hart, 9th grade history teacher [11-19-1997]

Judy Bolton [11-20-1997]

C. WILSON, KIEFER, OK [11-20-1997]


Bonnie Huston [11-20-1997]

Your Web page has been very helpful. Keep it up. God Bless America
Jaimie Ramsey & Roland Hernandez, Orange, Ca. 11 & 29 [11-21-1997]

rika inoue, utah [11-22-1997]

Jessica Olson, Wisconsin, I'm 10 years old [11-22-1997]

Darryl, Elizabeth and Rachel Kitay [11-22-1997]

Have a report on Betsy Ross. This website was very helpful!!
Katie Moore, 14 years old, California [11-22-1997]

I have seen the Betsey Ross House but never actual taken the tour I am very excited!
Caitlin, NY [11-23-1997]

Taylor Ebert, age:7 from Grapevine TX [11-23-1997]


Casey Crowe, I am 11 years old I have blue eyes & blond hair. [11-23-1997]

This is one place I never saw as a child and now as an adult, I am finally going to see it.
, live in Philadelphia [11-23-1997]

I have fought to protect the Flag. It is the Blood Sweat and Tears of a Great Nation and should be respected. Men have spilled their blood and died for that flag and what it stands for. Long may it wave!
Sgt Robert A. DeMitry, Age 55, Sgt with Army National Guard [11-24-1997]

Home schooling and using page to inhance our history on Besty Ross. thank you for creating this page for my children to be able to visually apply what they have learned in their studies. Donna Shiflett
Donna Shiflett [11-24-1997]

I'm very glad I found this page because I am doing a report on Betsy Ross. The info. on the site is really helpful. Thanks! Andrea
Andrea Middleton, Texas,13 [11-24-1997]

My hobby is genealogy and maybe, just maybe, I will get to really visit Pennsylvania and Virginia, home of ancestors, before I die. Until then, thanks for the tour.
Jynelle (Byrd) Caffey, Native Texan, retired, 32 yrs Fed. Gov. employee [11-25-1997]

Molly McMillan, Illinois 14 [11-25-1997]

Molly McMillan, Illinois age 14 Centennial High School [11-25-1997]

Dora Boyd Cohen, I'm 8 1\2 years old,and I live in Alameda,Ca. [11-25-1997]

David Green [11-26-1997]

Catherine Gowen, Kentucky, age 37 [11-26-1997]

The tour has many great pictures
San San Muliawan, Librarian in Jakarta, Indonesia [11-26-1997]

Kandice Smith [11-26-1997]

Very nice site! Thankyou!!
MaryLee Zappieri [11-28-1997]

I am doing a "Hero" book report on Betsy Ross
Jennifer Moore, 10 years old [11-28-1997]

Erica Mc Neely, !3 years old, living in Houston, Texas [11-29-1997]

Kathryn Rossi, 11 years old from Utica, NY [11-29-1997]

I really like this site!!
Matthew Schoenfeld, I live in New York City [11-30-1997]

christina moralez, student, 13 [11-30-1997]

thank u it has helped me w/ a school project
ben, memphis 13 [11-30-1997]

I played the role of Betsy Ross in a play once.
Lydia Gerres, Chestertown Middle School student, 13 [12-01-1997]

I hope the tour is really neat!
Meghan Bates, 13 [12-01-1997]

Yo Betsy - Nice job with Old Glory!
Judy Robinson, Dartmouth High School [12-01-1997]


I'm doing a project for my history class and found this looking through the web sights. This is an excellent web sight and I'm sure my professor will like it also. Thank you. .....Mellinda
Mellinda Villarreal, 22/F from Jacksonville, FL [12-01-1997]

I am sad to say I have not yet had my children down to visit the House yet.... shame on me. I will rectify that ASAP. So many things to do right here in our own backyard. Thanks for the virtual tour.
Terry, Bucks County PA [12-01-1997]

Betsy's daughter (Clarissa) and 3 granddaughters are buried in this little Iowa town on the banks of the Mississippi River!
Linda Litterer, Fort Madison, Iowa 52627 [12-01-1997]

I think I would like this tour a lot and I am doing research on Betsy Ross.
Katie Ryan, New York, 12, female, 7th Grade [12-01-1997]

John Perrodin, Chatsworth, CA [12-01-1997]

Brittany Buono, Fresno Ca, 14 [12-01-1997]

Teresa Townsend, 30 something.....? :-) [12-01-1997]

I am a student at Mtn. Pathways Montessori School. I am looking for information about historical women in the colonial times and thought I'd check out Betsy Ross's house.
Hannah Pertalion, Boone, NC 28607 age 9 [12-02-1997]

This is COOL!!
Brandy Bray, TExas, 13, 8th grade [12-02-1997]

Can't wait to show this to my classes
Judy Salmon, teacher--houston, texas [12-02-1997]

Leslie McKinnon [12-02-1997]

Franchesca Phipps [12-03-1997]

Richard P. Moll [12-03-1997]

I am looking for something that would catch parents and teachers attention to see what Web TV is all about, to see the benefits of it and usefulness in classroom and in homes as a teaching tool for children.
Rachael Craig, Eagle River, Akaska [12-03-1997]

kristina stabler, 423 n. white horse pike [12-03-1997]

phillip Herring, Clarksville, tn [12-03-1997]

Margaret B. Gaudino, MD , teacher [12-03-1997]

n pietras, toledo oh [12-03-1997]

Hi. You have a great website established. I've been interested in Revolutionary War figures since I was a child- this is a great way to learn more about one...
Sara E. Probaso, Junior art history major at Unniversity of Pennsylvania [12-03-1997]

Age 31 of Virginia [12-03-1997]

Jennifer Maurer, I'm at BYU right now in Utah, but I'm doing a design project on Philadelphia, where I'm originally from. Can't wait to go home for Christmas! [12-04-1997]

I appreciate our country and the flag.
Doris Parmer [12-04-1997]

Sonia Hines, Age: 20 [12-04-1997]

I had to learn about her for a report
Camille Breland, Columbia MS 13 [12-04-1997]

I am originally from Portland Oregon, I love my country and am totally proud of it and of everything which it stands for!
Joel A. Huckins, New Brunswick Canada 33 years old PROUD AMERICAN!!! [12-05-1997]

Justin & Ben [12-05-1997]

Adam & Eric, Rochester Illinois [12-05-1997]

Hello~~this web page was just soooooo spectacular... i need to go to this on my own computer, and i need to get my hair cut...or maybe a buzz cut... that would be better (especially since i am a female) well, it was cool being in here, but i better be on my way. Later!
Erica, Rochester, IL age 14 [12-05-1997]

We think your tour of Betsy's house was very good!! We thought it was neat to see her house, and all of the information was very interesting!!! We hope to do it again!
Tiffany and Cristina, Rochester Junior High shcool [12-05-1997]

This is neat-o cheat-o.
Donny, Rochester IL age-14 [12-05-1997]

Robin Gaido [12-05-1997]

Hello! Lock for other persons with the name FRODELIS!!
David Frodelius, age 15 live in SWEDEN [12-06-1997]

Pierre Cantin, Quebec City , 37 [12-06-1997]

James Simmons, I am 14 I live in jackson mo [12-06-1997]

Leslie Lovelace, 5th grade Social Studies teacher [12-06-1997]

I am doing a report about women during the Revolutionary War, and Betsy Ross is in it,visiting this website, and taking a virtual tour of Betsy Griscom Ross's house has been a big help to my report I will keep you in mind for my other projects, and let my friends know about this site, because it was really neat visiting. It is really neat that Betsy Ross's house has been restored, I hope I really get to see it someday!
Sarah Elisabeth Caroline DeFrance, grosse Pointe Park, MI, just turned 14 last month [12-07-1997]

I enjoyed your tour very much. Thank you
Arthur Garcia, ONTARIO CALIF. 47 YRS. [12-07-1997]

Studying about the flag, found this web site from net search
zachary collins, california, 11 [12-07-1997]

Dana L. German, 17 years old [12-08-1997]

Jordan, 14 [12-08-1997]

Yo waz up Betsy. You da woman fo makin dat flag you know. Dat be really coo dat you made dat flag cuz we wouldn't have a flag now if it wasn't fo you you know. Well see ya lata homeys. Terrell Robinson from Chicago, Illinois
Terrell Robinson, 13 years old, Chicago Illinois [12-08-1997]

I am recently doing a report on flag day. I find all of this information very useful. Also, for computer we are doing a paper of some sort so this is again very helpful.
Leanne Lewis, 13 years old from Van Wert, Ohio [12-08-1997]

Hey, whats up?
Amanda Daeger, 13 years old [12-08-1997]

I really like your home page. I am a homeschooler and am happy to learn about Betsy Ross from this .Thankyou
Tim Johnson, 10 years old - Missouri [12-08-1997]

Jenny Haig, I am a teacher in AISD, Alief, Texas and I am researching early American history. [12-08-1997]

My second grade class loves to study about Betsy Ross and how she made her flag. They are amazed that it was all stictched by hand.
Diane Polonsky, elemenatry teacher in Colorado Springs [12-08-1997]

Please write to me.My address is 17829 cuadel rd.32833.
Amanda-Marie Branham., age-12/location-Orlando,Florida. [12-10-1997]

I think it is a great way to learn about Betsy. I like to use this site for school. It would be really need to have made the flag I wish I could see the one she made.
Jennifer Sterling, I am doing a project for school on Betsy and I am 13 years old. [12-10-1997]

Teri Roberts, 4th grade teacher (math, science, social studies) [12-10-1997]

Lindsay Seiler, Manitowoc, WI Age:15 [12-10-1997]

Brendan mosley, age13, Santa Rosa CA [12-10-1997]

Carrie Childers, patterson,nc [12-10-1997]

casey greene [12-10-1997]

Enjoyed the tour! I will be visiting with my students to review for the Standards of Learning tests.
Debra Lewis, Located at Chincoteague Elem. School in VA [12-10-1997]

We learned about the flag this morning in our home school. We are 8 years old and 6 years old.
Stephen and Michael Weidler, Hammond, NY [12-10-1997]

Linda Warren, Teacher, Michigan [12-10-1997]

Shannon Steckelberg, Chamberlain ,SD/16 [12-13-1997]

Jessica House, Lyman Middle School [12-13-1997]

June Farmer, Columbus, GA [12-13-1997]

This was really neat. I'm doing a Report on her and it was a lot of help
Megan Yancy, Age 13 [12-13-1997]

Tasha paige [12-13-1997]

Thank you for the great "trip." Our fifth grade classes will be visiting in the spring of 1998. We look forward to some wonderful and historical moments!
Vicki Vermilyea, Walden, N.Y. Teacher [12-13-1997]

John Marshel who worte the Judical Review in 1803. Should be held in as much glory as George Washington himself. For without him this nation would not exist today without the Judical Reveiw.
Joe Rayzor, age-14 sex-M Aburn Ohio [12-13-1997]

I like this page it lets me learn more about this stuff.
Kristen Biles, I am 13 [12-13-1997]

Virginia State Learning objectives require that our kindergarten students learn about Besty Ross. I am looking for interesting, relevant lesson plan ideas for the 5 year-old. By the way, I was Betsy Ross in a play in the 5th grade! "Who comes a-knockin at my door? Who comes with sword and gun, to call upon a seamstress poor?"
Ellen Dozier, educator, virginia...44 [12-13-1997]

How interesting to see how popular American history really is- if I ever get to that part of the world, my kids & I will most definately have to drop in! Keep up the good work.
Claire Phillips, 26,mother of 2 young children; web order assistant; Sydney local girl [12-13-1997]

Carolyn Butler, Teacher, middle school [12-13-1997]

PILOT sCHOOL [12-13-1997]

Richard E. Rayburn, Columbus, GA, 47 years old, Married to the former Harlene A. Zimdars for 25 years [12-13-1997]

Tom Baumgart [12-13-1997]

Susan Tissue, Michigan, 42 [12-13-1997]

Jennifer Ryan, New York 27 yrs old [12-13-1997]

Alexis, Philly,Pa,13 [12-13-1997]

Patricia Cooksey, AM. History Teacher, Seguin, Texas [12-13-1997]

Jay kay fontenot, LA [12-13-1997]

This is a pretty cool web site. It's really esy too. I'd never been on the web before until now.
Gwen, 12/F/IL [12-13-1997]

Pat Birbiglia [12-17-1997]

Great website for 5th graders to learn about the flag and Betsy Ross. I give you an A+!
Leah Lewis Bull, 33 year old 5th grade teacher looking up info. [12-17-1997]

Ashley Dyches, Christy Genitempo, Brad Dyches, Kimberly Dyches, Ellabell, Ga [12-17-1997]

I find this website very educational and informative. Thanks, and keep up the good work.
Dyana Williams, A very active member of the American Legion Post 232 in Barnegat. One of the many things we do is go to the school for a program call "A Flag for every 1st grader" which we bring flags of different times and explain each one to the students. [12-17-1997]

Moti Lev, Ambler, PA, age 37 [12-17-1997]

Helping a cousin with a report on Betsy Ross. This information will come in handy for her. This was interesting for me to do
Lisa Boord, West Virginia, 26 [12-17-1997]

Larry Marshall, 53 years old Haines City Fl. [12-17-1997]

We are doing a 3rd grade project on Betsy Ross\
Patty Roberts, Clermont Elementary School [12-17-1997]

Alma Sanchez, St,paul M.N Age:15 [12-17-1997]

Jason Kahn, 13 [12-17-1997]

I Am 12 years old and i am a tripplet.
Kathryn Bottner [12-17-1997]

My daughters are ancestors of Betsy Ross (on their father's side) We visited the Betsy Ross house 8 years ago, and we truly enjoyed it. Some of the rooms were not availabel at the time due to restortation. Therefore the virtual walkthrough is very exciting. Thanks!
Mary Drummond, Elementary teacher, Ca. [12-17-1997]

joseph, 12 [12-17-1997]

Leann Thorp, Junior at the University of Findlay, Ohio [12-17-1997]

Katie Rasmussen, 13; Layton, Utah [12-17-1997]

marcus, tiffany [12-17-1997]

RYAN, DWAYNE [12-17-1997]

I perform at Knotts Berry Farm!
Tim Nelson, Beach Surfer Musician Actor Teacher [12-17-1997]

Sara Oakley, Student [12-17-1997]

Dan Westman, 14 [12-17-1997]

Mrs. Wymer's First Grade Class, Vinton, Virginia [12-17-1997]

Juliet d., Arisona [12-17-1997]

Debbie Weis [12-17-1997]

maichoua lee, 15 [12-17-1997]

Pat Pruitt, I am a 54year old woman. I am a Nurse. I live in Arkansas and I love history. [12-19-1997]

Tracy, I'm a student trying to gain info on Philadelphia's best points [12-19-1997]

Candice Ryan, I am 9 I live in KY. [12-19-1997]

I came to the site to learn how to make the Betsy Ross star with a single snip of the scissors. But soon I became interested in learning more about the personal life of the woman I first "encountered" in a grammar school history class a very long time ago. Thank you.
Frances West, Texas, near Dallas, retired (female), age 63 [12-19-1997]

Skye Leaveck, Silver Lake Minnesota school Age 14 8th grade [12-20-1997]

enjoy reading about historical events,photos,maps,prints and etc...thank you...j pick
joseph pick, live in knoxville,tn. enjoy historical things [12-20-1997]

, Retired public school administrator [12-20-1997]

Lynne Raglin, 5th grade teacher [12-20-1997]

Bernadette Edens, Birmingham,Al [12-20-1997]

Sue Ladage, Brentwood, MO age 42 A real flag nut [12-22-1997]

Originally from Philadelphia's Mayfair section.
larry carmody, Miami, fla - Retired Police Officer - Miami Beach [12-22-1997]

Kristin Leach, age 11 [12-22-1997]

helen mc greal, Govt Employee [12-22-1997]

kathy hughes, grew up in King of Prussia, PA. Now live in Los Angeles area. [12-22-1997]

I had to dress as a historical figure for Halloween for our school's timeline parade. I was Betsy Ross.
Samantha Fallon, 7 years old, 2nd grade, San Mateo, CA. [12-25-1997]

Enjoying our tour from here in Minnesota.
Busylady [12-27-1997]

C JCurtis, S. Lake Tahoe, CA (10 years old [12-27-1997]

enjoyed the tour
Andy Casterline, scottsdale az, visiting with my 8 year old son [12-27-1997]

Cheryl Downs, I live in a small rural-lake region in Michigan. I am married and am the mother of 3 sons. I am a social worker for the State of Michigan and my husband and I own a flag pole manufacturing compaany; we sell retail and wholesale. [12-27-1997]

We willsee you in the spring of 98.
Jim & Kathy Kash, Glenside,PA [12-27-1997]

Lynnette Brent, Age 32, live in Aurora, IL--hope to visit for real! [12-27-1997]

Thank you for the instructions on cutting the 5 pointed star. I will share it with our Cub Scout group as we study the history of the flag. Your web site is a great help to this activity badge.
John and Ann Clark, Mom and 10 year old son, Duluth, MN [12-30-1997]

Laura J. Sharp, 13 yrs old, Norwalk, CT. West Rocks Middle School, History project. [12-30-1997]

thanks! this page is a wonderful help for the eulogy of betsy.
Chelsea Redinger, 2706 NW Oak Grove Lp Albany OR 97321 age 11 [12-30-1997]

Tiffany Tran, i am 12 from brooklyn NY [12-30-1997]

Steve Pintarich [12-30-1997]

Dawn Denise Brigance, 27 years old, mother of 2, [12-30-1997]

I am using this information for background for my presentation to my 5th grade class on Betsy Ross.
Kathy Milbrandt, 12 years old [12-30-1997]

Kara Wester, I'm 12 on Friday and am home schooled [12-30-1997]

I'm doing a project on Betsy Ross so this information is very helpful and will go on my report.
Melanie Donahue, Yarmouthport Ma 02675 8 years old [12-30-1997]

Robert E. Harbaugh [12-31-1997]

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