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After reading the Flag Code, FAQ and the Guestbook, I'm getting mixed messages. Our company has a single flag pole in front of the building. On this pole we fly the American Flag at the highest point, and a company flag beneath it. Can/should both flags co-exist on the same pole?
Rick Sorletti, Hazle Township, PA [01-13-2013]

You should never place a company flag and the US flag on the same pole. For details, see:

Rick Sorletti [01-13-2013]

Can we fly a flag in the backyard instead of front?
Angie, Romeoville [11-29-2012]


today the governor of washington state issued a directive to lower flags to honor a deceased servicemember. There is also federal laws that require federal facilities within any state in which the governor issues a directive to also lower their flags. out local post offices have not been doing this and several months ago i complained to our local Congressman Reichert's office which had a back and forth conversation with the regional postal directors and they finally agreed to comply with the state's flag lowering. Really? The North Bend Post Office did not lower its flag today and when I pointed this out to their employee i was told they were too busy. Excuse me! What part of federal law doesn't the USPSnot understand. gotta mention this that flags were also not lowered at schools and fire stations again.
Art, North Bend,WA [11-29-2012]

I recently became a member of the DAR and was put in charge of the Flags. This site has been very helpful in my attempt to honor our Flag by being knowledgable.
Deborah duke, Sunrise Beach, Texas [11-29-2012]

I am a passionate fan of the US National Mens soccer team. I am part of a fan group and we follow the teams games across the world. My family has a flag we take to the games, and afterward we embroider the names of the cities and countries we've traveled to in the stripes of the flag.The places are Philadelphia,New York,Boston,Miami,Nashville,Columbus, Chicago,Cleveland,Los Angeles,San Francisco,Kansas City, Tampa,Houston,Dallas,Washington DC,Phoenix,Detroit, Germany, Mexico, England, Spain, South Africa,Italy and France. I didnt list these cities and countries to brag,only to give you an idea to our commitment, passion, and loyalty. Now I'm sure you are going to tell me embroidering on the flag is not appropriate. As well as a dedicated traveler and soccer supporter, I am also I Civil War buff with relatives serving both north and south. In the Civil War on a regiments colors, they world embroider the names of battles they had fought in. I'm just curious to see what you think about this
Steve, Philadelphia PA [11-29-2012]

The Flag Code was created in in 1942, which means it doesn't apply to anything that happened in the Civil War. As for embroidering names of places you've seen soccer games on the American Flag, it is clearly a violation of the Flag Code. However, the Code is a guideline of respect, not an enforceable law and you can interpret that level of respect as you wish.

I recently became a member of the DAR and was put in charge of the Flags. This site has been very helpful in my attempt to honor our Flag by being knowledgable.
Deborah duke, Sunrise Beach, Texas [11-29-2012]

is there a law that states a person cannot fly the flag at half staff all the time
anonymous [11-15-2012]

There are specific days when the flag should be flown at half staff. To read more, go here:

In Colorado, the "Sedalia Realty" office, which also servers as a Church has been flying our American flag upside down for several days now. Regardless of recent election results, our small community finds this highly disgraceful! Countless brave young men and women have given their lives for our flag and country and this is highly disrespectful. Regulations say that "(a) The flag should never be displayed with union down, except as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property." I am going to work with our Veterans to right this wrong. God Bless America!
Lynn Cooper, Colorado [11-15-2012]

I salute your effort. I agree that there is no excuse for this violation of the Flag Code. Click here for more on this topic

An inquiry: My neighbor flies a 12-star American flag. What is the significance, if any? Thanks!
barbara, Washington, D.C. Suburb [11-08-2012]

The flag of the Confederate States of America during the Civil War had 12 stars. Perhaps that is it.

It is the day after the presidential election and some people here are flying their flags upside down. I wanted to know what the rules were as far as flying the flag. Thank you for the information. It was very helpful.
Janet H, New Mexico [11-08-2012]

clairity on flag protocol
Paul Sinclair, Work [10-21-2012]

our stood firm when he was alive to defend the ameerican flag and what it stood americans and christians we must unite in prayers for our country and highly respect the constitution of the united states. we have to be proud and take pride in electing our representaves. pray hard for our soldiers that are fighting and giving their lives to keep america free.. our son captain james rocco minicozzi stood firmly on prolife. we must help and pray for the unborn. our ameerican flag means so much to america and shoul never never be disrespected. god bless america and ''keep the faith'' always in your heart. god bless the proud parents of our warrior captain james rocco minicozzi he is missed and in our hearts always.
Mrs, Theresa Madonna Minicozzi, Scranton Pennsylvania mother of deceased Captain James Rocco Minicozzi March13,20012 [10-15-2012]

I am a cub scout leader, I was very impressed on your "How to Display the Flag" also your In the news, It sure answered a lot of questions. Thank you very much.Danielle Harris
Danielle Harris, Texas [10-07-2012]

Carolyn [10-07-2012]

i need to know where i can report the disrespect of our flag hanging on a federal building (POstoffice) near my home not displayed with light at night flys all year long and is an eyesore it hurts my heart as an american anyhelp would be appreciated love this site
joycee, pittsburgh pa 15216 [09-30-2012]

The flag code does not include any enforcement. It is a guide of respect. Speak to the manager of the post office.

How would a political candidate follow §3(Use of flag for advertising purposes; mutilation of flag) and the other flag codes? Are they disrespecting our flag when they use the flag in their commercial, posters, and campaign decor/attire (such as an US flag pin or red white and blue balloons)? If it is, what would be a good way to follow the flag code while showing patriotism?
Curious about Politics, CA student [09-30-2012]

Just wondering if replacing a section of the flag with a logo on a drawing of the flag violates "The flag should never be used for any advertising purpose."
Cheryl McD, Lynchburg, VA [09-25-2012]

Yes, replacing a section of the flag with a logo on a drawing of the flag does violate that part of the code.

@ A. Nonee Muss <<< You sound like a troll. Never did any American kill because the flag was desecrated. In New York, Muslims desecrated the Flag by saying 'our loyalty is with Allah and not this Flag" in front of thousands of citizens. No one stopped them or harassed them. These Muslims were able to perform such act of disrespect toward our nation because men and women of our nation risked their lives, and many lost their lives; for the Flag. For those men and women that Flag represents our nation. I already know you are coward for wanting to be A. Nonee Muss, but it seems to me that you are also a narrow minded hick like Todd Akin to be making statements and comparing this site to Muslims. Try burning that mythology called Quran in one of the Muslim countries and see what happens not only to you, but to your entire troll tribe!
Glennis Smith, Santa Rosa, California / Liberal and Retired Navy Chief [09-20-2012]

I fly the flag every day, and a light on it at night my father served for 32 years in the army, I only served four in the navy. the flag is a privilage not a right.
william p mcginnis, fort smith arkansas [09-16-2012]

Thank you for this site. It has helped the Amvets greatly.
Clovia Dickey, Lancaster, PA [09-15-2012]

This page sounds a lot like what makes those idiots in the mideast go off, only for them, it's the name of mohammed or whatever. The "flag", is a symbol of the USA, which of course, means whatever you want it to mean. As far as shirts or ties or whatever, to say that it "violated the flag code" is as goofy as those camel jockeys saying what they spew in the name of their "religion".... Sorry, but a piece of cloth with stripes and stars does not define the USA to me. Y'all are sounding pretty "fanatical" to me. Nobody EVER went to war "for the flag", but rather "for the COUNTRY".... whiners.
A. Nonee Muss, usa [09-14-2012]

I would point out that in regards to the question asked in your FAQ section regarding the symbolism of placing the 3 cartridges in the folded flag, while commonly practiced, is in violation of section 8h of the flag code, where it states that the flag is not to be used to carry anything. Also, another common mistake made is placing items such as flowers on top of the flag draping a casket.
Tim Martin, SMSgt, USAF, (ret), Georgetown, CA, retired Air Force Honor Guard [09-13-2012]

As a veteran I sick of politicians violating flag codes. At the RNC both Romney and Ryan were wearing American Lapel Flag with some kind of Chinese red star. I've seen them in other videos and looks like they are continuing with the desecration of our flag.
Diana, Wyoming [09-12-2012]

I wrote a letter to the House of Representatives and to the Governor of Colorado about the Flag Code Violation 7d on one of the specialty license plates of Colorado. Here is what I wrote: While driving, I came across a Department of Motor Vehicles special plates of Italian-American heritage. The creation of this plate was per House Bill 07-1120 approved May 18th, 2007. I noticed the American flag placed on the special plates violated Flag Code, Section 7d. The section states: "The flag of the United States of America, when it is displayed with another flag against a wall from crossed staffs, should be on the right, the flag's own right, and its staff should be in front of the staff of the other flag." Please read the wording carefully as it states 'the flag's own right', which when viewed is on the viewer's left hand side. After further research, I found out the State of Colorado has been listed on an informational flag website's ( 'Wall of Shame' for violating the Flag Code. As a Coloradoan I find this extremely disturbing and I am sure after becoming aware of this error the Colorado State Officials will take immediate action to remedy this. Hopefully I will get a respond and my State will not be in the Wall of Shame. Thank you for keeping watch.
Chandra, Windsor, CO [09-12-2012]

I fly a US flag in my front yard 365 days a year on an angles staff, is there a way to fly this flag at half mast?
Richard W. Munz, Middleburg, Fl [09-10-2012]

No, but you can put a black ribbon on the staff to signify half mast.

Our legion raises the flag at our high school football games. When we arrive at the game the Flag is already up. Prior to the National Anthem we lower the flag and raise it at the start of the Anthem. We have been told that lower it and then raising it is not proper etiquie?? What is the rule?? Is it OK to lower and then raise the flag. Thanks Paul
Paul, Iowa [09-09-2012]

The flag code does not specifically speak to this question.

We just recently watched the Olympics and it bothered me to see the Americans draping the flag over their shoulders and parading around the stadium after their event
Alan Lear, Pikeville, NC / Retired AF NCO [09-06-2012]

The RepubliKLAN Party has handed out lapel pins clearly in violation of Section 8G of the Flag Code - they are small American Flags with the silly elephant of that liar's club superimposed upon the striped field of the flag. Their mormon cult member 'leader' wears one of these daily and can be witnessed in any photo of him. Someone should put a STOP TO THIS AT ONCE.
Patrick McNamara, Villa Park, Illinois [09-06-2012]

I had inherited part of a flag--only the stars section. I have no idea its history and why it had been cut away from the stripes. I was going to make it into a cover for my boat--out of ignorance. An upholstery tech told me he wouldn't do it--I thank him for enlightening me to Flag code. It was never my intention to dishonor my country. After seeking out info regarding what's appropriate and not--I found this site. I was very insightful. Thank you. Now I must figure out what to do with this partial flag? Sincerely, Michaele Pittman
michaele pittman, Fort Mohave, AZ [09-06-2012]

I am very upset that the local U.S. Army reserve office does not follow flag protocal! They have not lowered their flag, yet again today, after the President & their Commander in Chief has instructed us all to do in rememberance of Neil Armstrong.
Upset, Hays, ks [09-06-2012]

Lots of good info here.
Eric S. Durham, Sr., Anne Arundel County Firefighter/former Marine [08-31-2012]

Alan Murray McDonald [08-31-2012]

During the 4th of July Parade in Westerville, Ohio there were many people using the Flag as sort of a cape or blanket wrapped around their shoulders as they walked in the parade. I could not believe what I was seeing. I wish there could be more public addressing of the Flag Rules and Regulations.
Susan, Westerville, Ohio [08-23-2012]

As a vet of this country it really pains and anger's me to see how MY FLAG is looked at and DISRESPECTED by a lot of the kids today and by a awful lot of imagrent's.
Earl Brown, New Philadelphia, Ohio [08-23-2012]

Gary Brown if the Union was upper left in this case the flag looks as it is retreating now if we are such a strong nation we surely dont retreat!
anonymous [08-23-2012]

If you have three flags and three poles, what is the order? Names of flags: American, state and city. Will the American flag stands on the far left or in the center?
Floyd Brice, Baltimore [08-22-2012]


Hello. I've had a pet peave for many years. I saw a bit of a reference to it below, about the flag showing backwards. You mention military protocol. Well, I don't think what I'm about to say is part of it. There is no valid reason for an image of our flag (of such a strong nation) to ever be shown 'backwards'. The only time that can happen is on a flagpole. Example: Look at the right side of the tail of Air Force One. It is backwards, as if to say it is being blown back by the wind, therefore, matching the other side. WRONG! It's not cute or clever to do this. Our flag must always show the stars in the upper left. We must show our strength--always. Otherwise, we are perceived a being weak. The answer, my friend, isn't blowing in the wind. What does it take to have this corrected?
Gary Brown, Cleveland, Ohio [08-22-2012]

Hey, thx for this great site!
Kristian, Im a very happy person :) [08-16-2012]

The current flag code directs for a half-staff display the flag should be lowered to the mid-point of a ground mounted flagpole. This was a change from the prior practice, the original etiquette of displaying the flag at the equivalent of half-staff position, a one to one and one half flag space below the truck at the top of the pole. The problem with this current practice is a flag pole is not a flag staff. To display the flag in this way at mid-pole overly reduces the prominence of the flag while increasing the prominence of the pole. And further to this there are many such poles so located that the entire pole is not visible resulting in the half-pole displayed flag being partially or often completely obscured. To display the flag in this way is pathetic and demonstrates little respect for the flag. It would be more respectful to remove the flag from the pole and not display it in this fashion. If a person insists on half-pole display so be it but the flag should be located not at the pole mid-point if the lower portion of the pole is obscured from view but displayed at the mid-point of the visible portion of the pole. This matter of poor half-staff display would not be an issue if the original half-staff display procedure had been best left alone and not tampered with. I plan to stay true to the original method of half-staff display and further will not display such under circumstances that do not comply with the criteria for such display such as the recent display for private citizens that was directed by the White House for political purposes.
David Gamage, Jay, ME [08-16-2012]

i'm 88 years old, veteran of ww2, and any person stops me from flying our american flag will soon have a large sign posted in a perfect spot calling that 'project' un-american and not a good place to bring up a family of children. tag the area with a durty name, people will soon be moving out.
PFC ED CALKINS, veterans home [08-16-2012]

Thank you for your hard work!
Megan, Grand Junction Colorado [08-16-2012]

i am pleased that you have this site to remined us from time to time how important the flag is to this country. Thank you.
Rebecca Huber, Huron South Dakota [08-16-2012]

I'm a big fan of the Olympics but notice that our U.S. athletics all have costumes that display the American flag. Is it ok because they are not in America? I know there was quite an uproar because they were not made in the USA.
Susie McCubbin, Iowa [08-07-2012]

see below

I noticed during the Olympics, swimmers caps show the flag on the left & right side of the head (appears to be backwards). Shouldn't the blue field of stars always proceed forward? I also read here that sports uniforms should not show the US Flag.
Judy Evans, Florida [08-07-2012]

I believe the Olympic team is following the military protocol, and yes, sports teams are not supposed to wear the flag, although some may argue that the Olympic team is an exception. Click here for guidance, also here

From the President of The US As a mark of respect to my duaghters pet ant that tragicly died this morning I hereby order all flags on government buildings and military posts to half staff until Aug 15th. What next Obama !the above I made up becuase that is about what half staff means anymore its lowered for any body and everbody those killed in Wisconsin are in my prayers and have earned my respect but lowering the flag has taken it too far. its political I think. last year 30+ soldiers were killed in chinook helicopter crash where was our flag at full staff. something is wrong with this picture.
anonymous [08-07-2012]

Presidential Proclamation: As a mark of respect for the victims of the senseless acts of violence perpetrated on August 5, 2012, in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, by the authority vested in me as President of the United States by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, I hereby order that the flag of the United States shall be flown at half-staff at the White House and upon all public buildings and grounds, at all military posts and naval stations, and on all naval vessels of the Federal Government in the District of Columbia and throughout the United States and its Territories and possessions until sunset, August 10, 2012. I also direct that the flag shall be flown at half-staff for the same length of time at all United States embassies, legations, consular offices, and other facilities abroad, including all military facilities and naval vessels and stations.

New event at the Olympics : How to disrespect your nations colors. USA Wins gold! I support team USA but please have respect for our flag.
anonymous [08-07-2012]

Concerned about how the US flag is displayed on military uniforms. Someone told me 'always looking forward', but that does not do it.
James L., Madison, AL [08-02-2012]

When flying the flag at half mast over several days can the flag remain at half mast during the night if the flag is illuminated or does it have to be raised at sunrise, lowered at sunset each day.
Dick Peterws0j, Casper, WY [07-24-2012]

Section 7m of the Flag Code reads:
The flag, when flown at half-staff, should be first hoisted to the peak for an instant and then lowered to the half-staff position. The flag should be again raised to the peak before it is lowered for the day.

I work for the VA and I was dumbfounded that President Obama would order the American Flag to be flown at Half-staff until 07/25/2012 for the movie theatre tragedy in Colorado. This act felt like a slap in the face to all the Veterans I serve. I do not think this was an appropriate use of our American Flag. I feel this was disrespectful to all those police officers, fire fighters, Veterans and government leaders past and present who had served or are serving our country. Was this an appropriate use of our American Flag?
Brenda Gamble, The Villages, FL [07-24-2012]

- Fly the American Flag at Half Staff Sunset until July 25, 2012-
A Presidential proclamation has been issued to fly the flag at half staff until July 25, 2012 in Honor of the victims of the Aurora, Colorado shootings.

This just dawned on me. I remembered reading the flag code many years ago and filed it away in my mind. But on my way home from work, I noticed that the flag was lowered half-staff in front of a hotel for the civilians who shot in Aurora, CO on Friday July 20 2012. Has anyone mentioned it? The movie theater wasn't a government building, and I haven't heard of any government official getting shot there. Please clarify. Thanks!
Alwanda Jackson, Tempe AZ [07-24-2012]

flags are to be flown at half staff for those killed in Colorado
anonymous [07-24-2012]

I like you pointing out improper displays of the flag, but I think you've missed the mark on one topic. Clothing should not be made from a flag, i.e. using a flag as material to fabricate a shirt. Having material made that has reminds us of the flag and fabricating clothes from it is not a violation of statute. If your point of view was correct, the flags image could not be reproduced electronically or in print. Please think about my comment.
Giles Gober, Arkansas [07-16-2012]

The words "flag, standard, colors, or ensign", as used herein, shall include any flag, standard, colors, ensign, or any picture or representation of either, or of any part or parts of either, made of any substance or represented on any substance, of any size evidently purporting to be either of said flag, standard, colors, or ensign of the United States of America or a picture or a representation of either, upon which shall be shown the colors, the stars and the stripes, in any number of either thereof, or of any part or parts of either, by which the average person seeing the same without deliberation may believe the same to represent the flag, colors, standard, or ensign of the United States of America. Source: Flag Code, Section 3

Recently, for the 4th of July celebration, Choctaw Indian Casino in Durant, Ok. gave away beach towels that looked exactly like American flags. Isn't this disrespectful of our Flag?
anonymous, Denison, Texas [07-12-2012]

Yes, it certainly is.

Our son Captain James Rocco Minicozzi died March 13.2012 and he always loved the American flag. the rolling thunders of the unforgotton was so wonderful to us we will always keep them in our prayers for their kindness. The American Flag should be highly respected not only during the holidays but always and forever. Our son was with the National Guard and served Bosnia, Saudi,and Iraq. Our son was already starting to plan to go to Afisgan in september. As his mother I prayed for a safe return always but he said we have to make America safe. All I can say is GOD BLESS AMEERICA AND OUR SON. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU "KEEP THE FAITH" OUR SON'S BELIEF
Theresa & J.P. Minicozzi, West Scranton [07-11-2012]

Proctor and Gamble's new Olympics advertising campaign makes use of the flag as a background and places their name and the Olympics on the flag. They also use the same design on a product wrap that contains their hair products. A P&G official has acknowledged the "oops", but it seems it's too far shipped to stop. If you wish, when you see the product in stores, talk to the store manager about how you feel about the flag disrespect. In MN it is a criminal violation of MN 609.40 to use the flag for advertising, to attach anything to the flag, etc. A few photos:
Kel, Minnesota [07-07-2012]

God bless our nation
Daniel D Bogle, Seatac, WA [07-05-2012]

just want say thank you just something i did not know i was going to get a card with the flag on it NOT NOW !
Gene Rush [07-05-2012]

I am a member of the Rough Riders Horse Riding Club of Killeen, TX. We ride in all holidays here in Killeen,Texas;Harker Heights,TX. and Belton, TX. I decorate our float and read up on the history of the 4th of July,the day we gained our Independance in 1776. I as a retired soldier decided to display all of the 50 state flags. I may be retired after 28 years of service but I am proud of our country, United States of America.
SFC (R) ANGELA V. FAIRWELL-SMITH, Kempner, Texas [07-05-2012]

I am all for displaying our American flag in a fashion that shows no disrespect to our country. Our freedom came with a price, and we should never forget that. Happy 4th of July, America, Land that I Love.
Sandy Pudim [07-03-2012]

Does the flg pole have to be vertical? Embed meant to support the flag pole was set a few degree off from the vertical due to construction error.
Carl Chan, San Leandro, CA [07-02-2012]

Thanks for your efferorts in keeping US straight... I'ld like to suspended a devise from a tree limb, away from the tree fair enough the flag attached would not touch anything, simmalor to how the iron workers hang theirs from a cable that is suspended from above, nothing around the flag and only the cable from above, with a light on it for at night, any objections???
MSG AJ Himel Ret, Houston, TX [07-02-2012]

Thank you for this page!
Bobby Allen Bryant, Shreveport [06-24-2012]

I have a question concerning evening retreat. During our duty days we are in charge of morning and evening colors. Recently, we have added some lights to Illuminate the flag at night so we don't have to retreat it. My question is even though we don't retreat the flag. Should we still be playing retreat over the PA system? And in the morning they currently have us Bring the flag down half an hour prior to morning colors. Is that proper procedure? Or should the flag stay up and We play our national anthem at 0800? Thanks for any assistance, I've read the flag code but didn't see any specifics.
Tom, Monterey, CA Shore Duty United States Navy [06-23-2012]

I am going to try to get the local paper to publish a article about how to display the Flag. I see so many people doing it wrong. The most common violation is not having it illuminated at night. They have no light for it and are too lazy to take it down every night. Being a Marine, I know the rules and how to display and respect our flag I'm proud of my country, my flag and of being a Marine!
Robert G. Rupel, Mt. Vernon [06-23-2012]

Hi .. I have a flag that is a 46 original stars and 2 additional stars sewn on it. It is 12 feet by 6 feet. Where would this flag have been displayed being the size is so big? Would anyone know the value? The fabric is cotton/Linen,I think.Nearly perfect condition. Thank you very much in advance!
Kelly, New York [06-20-2012]

Participating in a local parade, which is first: local sheriff,mayor or color guards with the American flag??
richard royer, columbia, s.c. [06-19-2012]

Hi, I was wondering why the flags were at half mast (or staff, whatever you call it) on May 15 2012? Noone seemed to know but there were many flags in our area like that. thanks for your site, I am sure it will be helpful to many people such as myself who never realized there were "flag rules" Kim Rosales
Kim Rosales, Archbold Ohio [06-19-2012]

Video of American flags being flown with pride and respect, flags flown for commercial purposes and flags shown with no respect. Hopefully a challenge for all of us to have a better appreciation of our flag and what it represents.
Paul Schrader, Cape Cod Massachusetts [06-18-2012]

I have a 5' x 8' flag on a 30' pole at my home. I put it up and take it down each day by myself. It is impossible to do the tri-corner fold on a flag that size without having it touch the ground. Is there an alternative fold that could be done by one person?
Michael Harnetty, Scandia, MN [06-15-2012]

I think it is an absolute shame that they are selling US Flag themed doormats. How far we as a nation have sunk from the true patriotic hearts that started and fought for our country. Here's hoping American Patriots can take back America - I hope there are enough of us left!
Charma Wilderson, Wayne, NJ / Patriot [06-15-2012]

If a veteran was to pass away would it be a violation of the flag code to lower there flag to half staff? If it is OK how long should one fly the flag at half staff?
Larry Jones, California [06-12-2012]

It saddens me to know that the schools no longer teach our children the rules and regulations about our Flag. And they wonder why no one respects it any more. How can they when no one teaches them.
Kathy Kritikos, New Lenox, Il [06-12-2012]

Recently purchased a 48 star/state flag and needed to research correct etiquette for it's display. Thank you for being here with he information.
Duane Popham, Crafton Pennsylvania [06-12-2012]

On page 87 of the July 2012 issue of Martha Stewart Living it seems to me it is a disrespectful display of the flag - can someone give me the "authoritative" answer to this? (
lance, Chicago [06-12-2012]

You have done a nice job here. However, you are wrong about the clothing violations. Cloth printed with blue field and white stars and a red and white stripes does not neccessarily constitute a flag. Only when the flag itself is used as clothing is it a violation.
Brett Holt, Saginaw, MI [06-12-2012]

My question is about lighting of the US Flag when it Flies for 24 hours?
David M Czajkowski, Spencer MA. [06-12-2012]

I have an older American flag am unable to hang on pole,. Is there any proper way to display ont cypress fence ???
Anonymous, Tallulah Lousi [06-12-2012]

Re: half-mast on Memorial Day. If a 21 gun salute is given (which would start at precisely 12:00:00 local time at one minute intervals ending with the 21st fired at precisely 12:20:00) the flag would be brought to full hoist immediately after the 21st salute is fired.
Frank Morris, Orange Park FL / USN(R) [06-12-2012]

when the flag is at half-mast do you lower the flag to the ground before you put the flag back up
Lance Woodring, Mays Landing, N.J. 08330 [06-12-2012]

In Washington DC. there are pictures of the f;ag draped against the wall in the opposite way. What was the meaning of it?
Paul Attardo, Las Vegas, Nv. Served in the US Navy [06-12-2012]

I recently buried my father, a Navy veteran. The Navy provided the flag for his coffin as well as the color guard for the ceremony. After the service I asked the Navy men if i could put the flag in the coffin with my Dad. They said it was perfectly fine. So I asked the funeral director to put it the coffin. He looked at me with a horrified expression and said that it was never done. The Navy men were shaking their heads. Who was right?
Marguerite Nunnally, Birmingham, Al [06-12-2012]

I would like to what side the CANADA FLAG is to fly on to the AMERICAN FLAG.The flag is on a different pole.Can a ONTARIO flag be flown under the CANADA flag. Thanks.
JIM, mankato [06-12-2012]

Question. Is it incorrect that the Girl Scouts or any other person or group to remove the traditional US flag marker (8”x 18” inch flag on a wooden staff) flags on veteran graves to reinstall them during a public ceremony? This question arose among veterans attending a Memorial Day event. A site dedicated to Civil War veterans through WW II is marked by 12 flags in a circle where veterans were buried by era. These graves were previously marked with a US flag. Some veterans thought it was incorrect for the Girl Scouts Americanism program to remove the flag and reinstall it in public to proclaim each of the wars veterans had fought. A veteran said once a flag is removed from a grave the flag must be destroyed and not used to remark any other veteran grave. I could not find US code on this, please advise.
Steve, New England [06-12-2012]

Why are flags in a cemetary allowed to touch the ground and NOT have some kind of light on them at night?
kevin Kelly, Philadelphia, pa [06-12-2012]

Only if I can tell my brother bret Denning proud I am of his service and grateful I am for what he has given me.
jennifer baldwin, wichita kansas [06-12-2012]

I have three desktop flags in a three flag holder,the US flag,Colorado flag and a Republican flag. In which order should they be in?
Natalie, Aurora,Colorado [06-12-2012]

question: Can flags be placed at the side of a headstone of a graves in a cemetary if the deceased is not a veteran...but was once a very outstanding American citizen We did this once...placed 750 flags at the grave site's headstones....looked awe-inspiring to all who witnessed it, 750 flags saluting in unison in the wind...only to have someone pull them all down and criticise the scout troop...said flags in the cemetary were only for veterans...not ordinary citizens. Thanks for your informative reply...Mary A on 5/26/2012
Mary Ames, In Eastern Iowa [06-12-2012]

My brother passed recently. He was a Navy Seabee. We have contacted our local VVA and they will give him a military funeral.What would be an appropriate donation, what is a "full size military flag" ? I was in the Navy for 6 yrs and always thought ANY US flag, regardless of size, is a symbol of America. Please respond via email. thank you.
Bill Carlin, San Antonio, TX [06-12-2012]

Phil Hurst, Montevallo, Alabama/USAF veteran [06-12-2012]

anonymous [06-12-2012]

I love and respect our Flag. It makes me angry when I see people use it improperly, for advertising, clothing, backdrops etc. For those out there who cannot show respect for the Stars and Stripes, please find another place to live; I will gladly pay for a one-way ticket to another country just for you.
Martin Scoggins, Columbus Texas [06-12-2012]

Can a flag be mounted on a fire truck on the back and if so under what section of the code may qualify that. Great Web Site
Fire Department, New Hampshire [06-12-2012]

To display the Olympic flag and a country flag on the same flag pole, Which one goes on top?
Curtis, l.a., ca. [06-12-2012]

Paragraph 3 goes into a great deal of depth in defining exactly what constitutes a "flag"; but it appears to apply only in the District of Columbia. Does that definition apply throughout the flag code?
Hy Libby, California [06-12-2012]

When was the American Flag first flown at half staff and for what occasion? Thank you.
Gary Hill, Austin, TX [06-12-2012]

I wish to fly my US flag 24 hours a day. I live in a neighborhood that has a homeowner's association. Can they legally tell me that I can not place a light beneath my flag to properly illuminate my flag at night.
Mary W. Potter, lynchburg,va24502 [06-12-2012]

U. S. Army, Ret.
John J. Veno, Poultney, Vermont [06-12-2012]

My Aunt died at age 91 and I found the large flag most likely used when her husband died in military back in the early fifties. (Used to cover the casket.) It is huge and magnificent. It is still folded up. Can I unfold it and hang it? It is incredible material from just looking at it.
David Stricker, San Francisco Patriotic Person [06-12-2012]

We have a united nations flag along side our american flag displayed at our city hall (inside) would like to know if it is legal, how to have it removed, and if it would be illegal for vfw veterans to remove it without permission? thank you
wd herrin, Bloomington il local citizens rights advocacy group [06-12-2012]

Sometimes to the casual observer there appears to be a violation of the code when in fact no violation has occured. In order for a flag code violation to have taken place, the "flag" must meet the guidelines for a flag (individual stripes sewn together, a field of blue with individual stars, dimensions, etc.). In most of the violation examples shown here the depictions are not flags. They are merely flag representations for which there is no code.
Andrew, Mesa, AZ [06-12-2012]

ana novelo [06-12-2012]

As an american born, raised and served my country in the military, and a member of the American Legion. My question is why can,t the congress see the need for the protection of our flag? The Flag that represents a great nation once powerful and very proud.
Edward G. Smith, Ewing, NJ [06-12-2012]

i recently saw a group of demonstrators supporting their gay and lesbien children but were marching around with a "version" of the US flag. it had the star but with rainbow colored stripes instead of the white and red stripes. This was so offensive to me, am i wrong? Are they allowed to do that?
Mcallen, TX, Mcallen,TX [06-12-2012]

MOUNTED USA flag protocal: I'm seeing mounted drill teams with one or two flags, and they're using the flags as piviot points in their routine. I've also seen them BACKING their horses up while holding a flag!
Laura Wyant, Oregon - Concerned Horseperson [06-12-2012]

i love flage day
calvin hensley, marked tree [06-12-2012]

Is there anything in the Flag Code that requires a carrier to be covered? (assuming that all other members of the colorguard are also uncovered)
Russell C Jacobs Jr, Springfield MA [06-12-2012]

Gret Site learned a ton.
steve pallette, Knotts Island NC Member of Ruritan National and a Mason [06-12-2012]

Can a flag pole be used for anyother purpose other than displaying the flag--such as plant holders attached to the pole in a public area?
Beverly Meeker, Old forge N Y [06-12-2012]

I find it hard to see everybody use the the flag in it's proper function I wonder if my painting of my version of art and even if James Montgomery Flagg used the Flag in his art work as Uncle SAM does it count on Canvas artwork I painted the 1776 with a shape of an eye in tears and added three more stars and made the 76 into 79 now is that disgracing the flag or can I say it's the way it feels as a Living thing being treated like people do disrespecting it and stomping on it and burning it before it's time !I would like to show it to you: *****~~~~~~~
James Montgomery, Vallejo California [06-12-2012]

I would like to thank you for all of this great information. To bad that proper etiquette for the flag of our great country is not tought in all american schools.
Jeffrey Parker, Colorado [06-12-2012]

Have not had a satisfactory response from the USPS on this and no local post offices have been lowering the Flag when the state governor issues a proclamation. A representative on the phone said compliance was not "mandatory" Excuse me, what does the work "shall" mean? Federal Facilities must follow States lead with Half-Staff proclamations. The Flag Code half-staffing requirements was modified with new legislation signed into effect on June 29, 2007 by President Bush. The new legislation requires any federal facility within a region which proclaims half-staffing to honor a member of the US Armed Forces who died on active duty must follow the half-staffing proclamation. For example, if there is a US military fort in your state, and your Governor issues a Half-Staff proclamation, the the US military fort must follow the proclamation. This applies to all Governors of a State, possession or territory, or the Mayor of the District of Columbia. The text as adopted is shown below. (a) ISSUANCE OF PROCLAMATION.— Subsection (m) of section 7 of title 4, United States Code, is amended in the sixth sentence — (1) by inserting "or the death of a member of the Armed Forces from any State, territory, or possession who dies while serving on active duty" after "present or former official of the government of any State, territory, or possession of the United States"; and (2) by inserting before the period the following: ", and the same authority is provided to the Mayor of the District of Columbia with respect to present or former officials of the District of Columbia and members of the Armed Forces from the District of Columbia." (b) FEDERAL FACILITY CONSISTENCY WITH PROCLAMATION. — Such subsection is further amended by inserting after the sixth sentence the following new sentence: "When the Governor of a State, territory, or possession, or the Mayor of the District of Columbia, issues a proclamation under the preceding sentence that the National flag be flown at half-staff in that State, territory, or possession or in the District of Columbia because of the death of a member of the Armed Forces, the National flag flown at any Federal installation or facility in the area covered by that proclamation shall be flown at half-staff consistent with that proclamation.".
Art, North Bend, WA [06-12-2012]

Greetings, Can a US and a state flag be hung from the same horizontal line, vertically? US hung properly to the viewers left of course. Or does the US flag have to be visibly higher? This will be indoors should that matter. Thank you.
mark, Colorado [06-12-2012]

When displaying a flag horizontally with no wall behind it should the flag be covered on the back side or draped as to not see the back side of flag?
Don Ferguson, Atlanta,Ga [06-12-2012]

I recently contacted a gas station (76) about their flag and how it was displayed. It's flag pole was duct taped to the middle of a light pole, was never taken down and typically was wrapped up around the pole. It was painful to see. I sent them a link to your site and they took the flag down right away. Hopefully they will display it correctly going forward. My question is, I wear a lanyard for work and have a picture of the flag laminated and attached to my lanyard. I'm amost afraid to ask, but is this against the flag code?
Kelly, Everett, WA [06-12-2012]

I have heard that the eagle on a pole should face a particular direction is this true? Also my flag recently got hung up on my eagle due to high wind the pole is pernament and need a lift to reach the top can I leave the flag hung up till wind blows it down?
anonymous [06-12-2012]

Can i place a Flag patch on my Hat, range bag and plate carrier?
James Kelly, Mesquite Nevada [06-12-2012]

canada flag sewn to the amercian flag and flying it?
Rick Devenport, palmetto fl 34221 [06-12-2012]

Great page, however, I have a question that perhaps you can answer. Who enforces violations to the flag code, especially Sec. 8-g?
Thomas Howard, Philadelphia, PA [06-12-2012]

Happy Easter to our veterans
anonymous [06-12-2012]

I received a flag from the 1-10 Cav that flew over Camp Nathan Smith where my son was stationed in Afghanistan. I want to display it in my home. We have my father-in-laws funneral flag. I would like to frame and hang the flag from Afghanistan inside my home. What protocol should I follow. Thank you Sandra
Sandra harcourt, Mother of a a Capt. In the U.S. Army [06-12-2012]

I know this is a US flag website but can I fly the Papal flag on Good Friday at half staff
anonymous [06-12-2012]

Old Glory The most beautiful flag in the world and I 'll Fly it with pride !
anonymous [06-12-2012]

I have several flags im not using and don't intend to use as they don't fit on my flag pole can I have them retired or what should i do? they still are basically new flags
anonymous [06-12-2012]

want to know where i can find in flag code/etiquette about rendering a hand salute by a retired vet during the singing of the national anthem. my understanding is that this is a recently approved code. where/how can i find it.
gabe smith, charleston, s c [06-12-2012]

I would like to wear a ball cap that has a American Flag patch on the front is this kosher with Flag Code. I would like to have a Flag patch on my range bag & plate carrier for competition shooting can i do these things? I consider my self a Patriot!
James Kelly, Mesquite Nevada [06-12-2012]

at the olympics the gold meadl teams flag is in the high center then 2nd and 3rd place on lower sides is this correct
anonymous [04-02-2012]


i am in the process of putting up a home made flag pole and was wondering does it mater wich direction the pully at the top faces? thanks
norman hale, mineral wells tx [04-02-2012]

It does not matter.

my neighbor has an Ameican flag and a Canadian flag where as American flag on top and Canadian flag directly on bottom, but both flags are printed in same piece of cloth, is this ok??
anonymous [03-31-2012]


My name is Gerald L. Whipple and I have a question on the legality of flying a once approved flag of the United States of America by President William Howard Taft in 1912. Background: In the 1800's a variety of flags were flew. There was not a standard American Stars and Stripes. Most had the stars arranged in five horizontal rows of six stars each (30 in all, but 31 was then the proper number). Some had one large star formed of 31 smaller stars; others had them in a diamond or a circle; another had 31 stars in the form of an anchor; another had the anchor embellished with a circle of small stars. Other flags have used the rattlesnake and the eagle, sometimes together. The Many different eagle flags and "standards of the eagle" were created during the Civil War. A contest to design the classical style of American heraldry was held in the first decade of the twentieth century. The flag designed by Wayne Whipple, well known as the author of popular works on American history, was chosen in 1912 from among 500 entries. Whipple's flag was approved by President William Howard Taft, widely publicized throughout the nation, and produced. The Whipple flag epitomized American history. Its 48 stars are arranged in a central six-pointed "Great Star" to symbolize the 13 original states similar to both the Great Seal and the "Great Star" patterns of many early flags. The ring of stars around the "Great Star" represents the states admitted to the Union up to the time of the First Centennial exposition of 1876. An outer ring -- with space for future additions -- symbolizes the states admitted since the Centennial. For some unknown reason, it fell into disuse and the last of the "Great Star" flags disappeared. Whipple called his flag the "Peace Flag" in tribute to the global peace movement in the years preceeding World War I. In late August 1913, the "Peace Flag" name was used, unrelatedly, at a meeting of nations at The Hague, Netherlands. Unfortunately, no universal Peace Flag could be decided upon. But the nations agreed that each would have as a Peace Flag its own flag surrounded by a white border. For a time thereafter, the U.S. Peace Flag was the Stars and Stripes within the prescribed white frame. Originality in American flag design ended early in the twentieth century. In 1923 and 1924, patriotic associations formulated a flag etiquette which came to be known as the Flag Code. It became federal law in 1942. See: on the Whipple Flag. I have one more questions which depends on your answer to my first question. "If" I can legality fly the Wayne Whipple Flag that was approved by President William Howard Taft in 1912 as an official flag of the United States of America. I have a problem if the answer is yes. The cost for the 1st flag would be 500 plus because of the set up fee. All Whipple flags after that would cost no more then a standard price for any other standard Flag. The only way I could do it would be to see if other Whipple's would be interested in obtaining a flag designed by Wayne Whipple to defray the cost. I would then in effect become a dealer of Wayne Whipple flags. I know is a lot to ask. However, I would like to know what my legal options are with Wayne Whipple great flag design. Also see: Thank you for your time. I will be looking forward to your response. Thank you again. Gerald L. Whipple, USAF retired. 3733 Richard Ave. Fairfax Va. 22031 Phone 703-855-8625 e-mail
gerald whipple, fairfax va USAF ret [03-31-2012]

Congress designates "official" flags. There are many other unofficial flags that are proposed and occassionally used, as well.

Can Flags be flown on a fire truck
Deyon James, Melbourne Florida [03-28-2012]


I want to hang an 8'x12' American Flag on the side of my home is this proper
anonymous [03-27-2012]

Yes. Be sure the blue field is on the upper left.

I very much appreciate your site. It is very informative. I searched about statutes concerning the US flag because I saw two violations committed recently. I was infuriated. I come from a strong military family, with two brothers in the Army and my father and grandfather having served in the Air Force.
David Varella, San Antonio, Texas [03-24-2012]

Looking for information on what size flag we can fly under the USA flag.
Sam Schaff [03-23-2012]

The Flag Code is silent on this question. Convention dictates that flags should be the same size as or smaller than the US flag.

Can the stars on the US flag be replaced with the likeness of someone's face?
Mary, New Jersey [03-22-2012]

Flag Code Section 8g: "The flag should never have placed upon it, nor on any part of it, nor attached to it any mark, insignia, letter, word, figure, design, picture, or drawing of any nature."

Can a flag be flown at half mast at a public school to honor a student that has died?
Debbie, md [03-19-2012]

Is the flag that flies over the white house and/or the capitol, made in America?
Denice Fennessy, Illinois [03-19-2012]

I love your website. I get so infuriated when I see disrespect toward our flag. Things like the laying down flag at Super Bowl should be stopped, and stores that sell clothing made of flags should be fined. Too many men and women have died defending that flag. Kep up the good work.
Winn White, Ocala, FL Veteran [03-16-2012]

my neighbor has her flag wrapped around her fence and has the flag itself tied it a knot. Is the legal. I think it is horrible and she should be fined. What is the law.
marie vecchio, brooklyn, ny [03-16-2012]

my neighbor has a pole with the US flag the pole has a eagle top and the wind has caught the flag up on the eagle he has left it this way for weeks and hasn't done nothing he says it happens so often he just leaves it -valid excuse?
anonymous [03-16-2012]

Have you volunteered to help out?

Many times over the years, I have attempted to explain the difference when flag poles are adjacent, of equal height vs. poles with higher, center pole. The US Code unfortunately addresses this in separate locations, and does not define "adjacent". Currently, my town in Michigan is flying the state flag on the wrong side of a higher, center pole flying the US Flag. Your graphic on the FAQ page has been my understanding for 30+ years. I need to cite something 'more or less official' to convince them with something besides my say-so. Thanks for any help. PS I once pointed this out to my credit union in Oklahoma, their response was to waste the money and change the poles from adjacent to center/high ( they were flying US Flag on its own 'left'. What can I say?
Johnny C. Moore, --Have been in Assemblies of God; Royal Rangers- boys scouting/boys ministry for 42 years, often serving on color guard since my teen years--Dad was career Navy, lifelong patriot [03-16-2012]

How come the Lake County Demoractic HQ, in Florida- a flag with a picture of Obama, where the star field should be- is not being reported by this site? This is in violation of the flag code. United States Code Title 4 Chapter 1 — The Flag §8. Respect for flag No disrespect should be shown to the flag of the United States of America; the flag should not be dipped to any person or thing. Regimental colors, State flags, and organization or institutional flags are to be dipped as a mark of honor. g. The flag should never have placed upon it, nor on any part of it, nor attached to it any mark, insignia, letter, word, figure, design, picture, or drawing of any nature.
anonymous [03-15-2012]

I love my country and the Flag of The United States of America.
Paulette Joy Crystal, bradley [03-15-2012]

I would encourage EVERY American to contact the Florida Dem Party HQ in FL and express your outrage over the 'Obama' flag that they have been flying. They have taken it down but they need to issue an apology to all veterans for the desecration. The companies that make these 'obamations' need to be boycotted and flooded with emails and phone calls insisting that they cease and desist from producing them. We're losing the soul of our country and we need to fight back. Our vets did as much and more for us. We need to take our country back before it's too late! God bless America!
Cathy F., Williamstown WV - wife of a former Marine and a military family background [03-15-2012]

We cover this flag in our "In the News" section (posted over three years ago) and agree that the flag is in violation of the Flag Code.

david, Pa [03-15-2012]

I just saw a post on Facebook where a flag in Florida was shown depicting president Obama's face was in place of the Stars. I was completely offended and appalled. After seeing that, I looked up your site and I was wondering if the Flag Rules & Regulations was available in a book print, pamphlet or other printed form. If so, please tell me how may I obtain it. I think most Americnas don't know much about them, and I want to teach my boys properly. Thank you, Mrs. Lillian Torres-Last
Lillian Torres, Redondo Beach, CA [03-15-2012]

You are invited to print out our website to teach your students.

My grandma is unable to get around very easy and grandpa that is now deceased is an Army vet so she has flown the flag everyday since he died. it is mounted to her porch but hard for her to take in at night the building next door has a light and shines a little bit on the flag but not to well to see from street and she does not have electrical access out front and solar lights just dont do the job as they are in the shade all day long you think shes ok flying the flag the way she is? I take it down in bad weather and its fixed once it starts to fray but I cant be going by everyday putting it out. let me know
anonymous [03-15-2012]

The Flag Code is not specific on this issue and we all do the best we can.

What are the regulations on the US marine corps flag?
anonymous [03-14-2012]

As a USMC Veteran and a Police Officer here in NJ it's awesome when one can find a website about the American Flag and how and when it should be displayed. Truth be told nothing annoys me more than an improperly displayed American Flag.
William Colon, Lawrence Twp. New Jersey [03-11-2012]

If I do not take the flag down at night 1)Have it an all weather flag? 2)Have a light shinning up on it? Is there a size in comparison to the flag pole?. How far up from the ground should the flag be (flag pole). Have it away from trees and building so it won't be torn, it will be in my front yard. If I want to have it half mast, how do I know when the time to do it is. Any other help would be nice to prepare for my project this summer.
Janis Cramer, Michigan; Planning on flying the flag on my property [03-11-2012]

All your questions are already answered on our website. Take time to review our pages.

We have a problem. Our flagpole is near a building and sometimes when the wind blows at half staff the flag very slightly will graze the building. Is this against code. It does not seem to be causing damage to the flag or buidling but I would like clarification. I believe the pole is 20' tall and if I am correct requires a 4x6 flag.
Loren Gewerth, Maintenance Supervisor Governement building [03-10-2012]

As a practical issue, if no harm comes to the flag, I would not advocate the expense of moving the flagpole.

jay z, st.louise [03-07-2012]

I am planning an art project for a class of fifth grades. I have taken various photos of town landmarks, and am printing them in black and white. The children will then 'color in' a couple of items in each photo. Some photos feature the American flag, and I am wondering if it would be considered disrespectful if they color the flag in non-traditional colors (pink, green, yellow, etc.). I have done a lot of Google searching and can't find this information. If you can help it would be greatly appreciated. The art project is for our school auction, and I don't want to offend anyone. Thank you!
Christine Mitchell, California [03-06-2012]

Ever seen the collapse of building 7 webmaster? Your flag and all that it stands for has been hijacked.
anonymous [03-06-2012]

To my Neighbor Dear neighbor The American Flag is the symbol of our Nation and deserves to be treated as such. Your flag flying is disgraceful to our country. Your flag rips its left till its in shreds it gets cuaght on the pole you leave it like that forever it ends up on one hook the bottom hook broke its left flapping in the wind for months like that. Worst of all you hoist a new flag and the bottom clips come loose hours after rasing it and you leave like that. Your flag light dont work. Please clean up your flag flying act or take the flag down and dont fly it. Its right out your back door LOOK!
Son of a Vet [03-05-2012]

Happy Birthday Nebraska March 1st 1867 a great 145 years !
anonymous [03-02-2012]

We have a U.S. flag hanging in our field house, there is a suggestion to have a fan blowing on the flag while the national anthem is playing. Would this be proper ?
Mark Carlson, Illinois [03-01-2012]

The Flag Code is silent on this question.

How sad when the koran gets burned people protest and kill others cuase of it but when the Holy Bible or the American flag are mocked,desecrated or burned in any way no seems to give a s--t sad world
anonymous [03-01-2012]

A question has come up concerning the wooden stakes that cemtary flags are attached to, like the ones usually used at cemetaries, etc. When the flag becomes unacceptable for display, & the flags are removed from the wooden stakes for proper disposal, is it proper to use that wooden stake for anything else as long as the flag is not attached to it? Thanks Jim
Jim Cooper, Ohio [02-29-2012]

The Flag Code is silent on this question. I don't see any problem reusing the stake.

Please advise the history of the golden lanyard with the tassles on the ends that is tied with a series of knots just below the point of attaching the top of the mast (indoor flag with an eagle on top of the mast)
Jim Burdette, LaVernia, Texas [02-28-2012]

I am a member of the Washington Campground Association that owns the Middlebrook Campground in Bridgewater, NJ which is suppose to be the first place that the American flag was flown by George Wahington. I have been told that by an act of congress the 13 star flag is allowed to fly at that location 24 hours a day unlit.
Martin Konrad, Bridgewater, NJ [02-26-2012]

We are unaware of any such act of Congress.

When hanging the flag on a structure, not a pole. Vertical with the stars to the top. Is the field of stars on the left or the right hand side when facing the flag?
Ray Paul [02-23-2012]

Seen the street, the field of blue should always be on the viewer's left.

I in NO way want to misuse the flag of this great country. So I am wondering if it is wrong to have a flag made Betsy Ross style, with a picture of the Liberty Bell inside the circle of stars. My last name is Bell and I would love to display my family's and my Patriotism in such a way. I have even thought of having less than the 13 stars in the circle, making it NOT the Betsy Ross Flag officially. Reading the rules of flag display and reproduction, I would assume that I shouldn't have this made. Please confirm or explain otherwise.
Blair Bell, Redlands, Ca. Patriot [02-21-2012]

The Flag Code is voluntary. However, we recommend against this design.

Does anyone have anything on the history/reasons for why the flag is folded in the manner it is?
scott soulia, philadelphia PA [02-21-2012]

Sending this link to all my Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts
Ken Sandberg, Palm Bay, FL [02-21-2012]

When there are three flag poles standing side by side and the middle pole is the tallest displaying Old Glory, which of the other two poles should display the state flag? The third pole is to display the corporate logo. Thanks.
Kemper Bausell, Grundy, Virginia / U.S. Marine Veteran [02-21-2012]

The state flag flies on the viewer's left and the corporate flag on the viewer's right, approaching the display from the street.

Does a city mayor have the authority to Order the flag at half mast? A lot of conflicting information
Lyn owens, Niceville, fl [02-20-2012]

I have read your discussion on lowering the flag to half-staff for celebrities and I agree with your point of view. I couldn't help to notice that in the beginning of your written opinion you mentioned Whitney Houston, Clearance Clemons, and Joe Paterno as the celebrities that were given this honor, but you only mentioned Whitney Houston and Clearance Clemons through the rest of your statement. This country was founded on equal rights for all and we stand united! If your going to state the facts, state them for everyone or let it be.
David, Illinois, US Navy veteran [02-19-2012]

Thanks for the information. I've never been comfortable with flag clothing...always thought it was disrepectful. And it's obvious we've gotten way too quick to lower the flag to half staff for anybody and everybody who was famous rather than for those who truly served our country with honor.
PR Key, Tennessee [02-19-2012]

After reading who the flag may lowered to half staff for I cannot find that other than members of government no one is included from the civilian community. State Flags (I presume)would render this honor to state government or as the Governor of a state would allow. I may have missed something in the title and would like for someone to enlighten me. Yes this is a question of Whitney Houston's passing, in did Gov. Christie overstep his bounds?
John Freiberger, Dallas, TX/Former Army [02-18-2012]

For the death of which private Floridians has the state been flown at 1/2 mast?
Rilda Courtright, South Florida [02-17-2012]

We don't have those records. Contact the governor's office and ask them.

re: gov Christie and half-staff. His exec order references Constitution and Statutes of NJ. Does he mean US Const or NJ State Const and in either case, what authority does he mean? When he refs NJ Statues, could he have authority beyond/in addition to what is in US Flag Code? I guess what I'm asking is --- is he covered by us Flag Code, period.
Lee Ashcraft, MA/ret-vet [02-17-2012]

New Jersey Gov has ordered flags at half staff Saturday for Houstons funeral what do you think is that appropriate?
anonymous [02-17-2012]

Flag Hall of Shame should contain flying the flag at Half Mast in N.J. for W. Houston, a known junkie. What a disgrace to the men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice for this country.
Bob, ri [02-17-2012]

I wanted to comment on the flag that got dropped at the sugar bowl. I'm not sure that was actually a "flag" since it was in the shape of the USA. I think that technically removes it from Needing to adhere to the rules of the flag since it wasn't actually a flag at all.
Chris, Dayton, Ohio [02-16-2012]

I emailed the American Legion Auxiliary. A photo in their magazine showed snowmen dressed in what appeared to be the flag. They answered my letter in the magazine and chastised/patronized me-"The photographs you reference contain subjects wearing garb that's not made from an actual flag-just a representation of it...Quoting from American Legion website "Unless an article of clothing is made from an actual United States flag, there is NO breach of flag etiquette whatsoever...wearing an article of clothing that happens to be red, white and blue with stars and stripes." What's your take on this? Photos on your Wall of Shame don't always portray actual flags, but its still disrespectful (tissue, golf club, etc.) Thanks.
anonymous [02-16-2012]

I have a US Marine Corp How to Respect & Display our Flag from the 1970's & it states flag may be flown at night on special occasions when it is desired for patriotic effect but does not mention illumination. Has the illumination part always been in the code? Question 2 - Can a Girl Scout council flag be flown below the US and State flag?
Laura, New Mexico - Girl Scout leader [02-14-2012]

The Marine Corps has its own Flag Code. There is no reason not to fly the Girl Scouts flag beneath the US flag.

I have a 3x5 air force flag what size United States flag do I need to fly above it on smae pole
maureen [02-06-2012]

The Flag Code is silent on this question. Convention holds that the US flag should be the same size or larger than the flags below it.

I find it disgusting that the flag is lowered to half staff for just about everyone. (i.e. outside a high school for a student that died). This rips the true meaning and honor out of the process.
Mike, Quincy, Ma. (birth place of 2 presidents) [02-05-2012]

Is it wrong to display the flag in the rain? Shouldn't the colors be taken down at night? Shouldn't the flag be raised after dawn each day?
Peter Xiques, Chapel Hill, N.C. [02-05-2012]

found a silk flag I think it came off a flight jacket, it has 7 different languages on it french,Annaamese, thai, chinese, korean, japanese, loa, and a sereal # of 97790. I believe it went it a fighter pilots pocket or on the back of a jacket. Can you tell me any information on it ?
ron, michigan [02-05-2012]

I at a funeral in NY for a retired Fire Fighter the casket was draped in an American flag but the stdipes on the flag were green not red could you tell me why and what does it mean Thank You
Lisa, Boston Ma [02-04-2012]

Perhaps it was the New York Police Department flag which has 5 stripes, alternating green and white, with a blue canton with 24 white stars.

Can you fly a US Navy flag with fringe outside on a pole a couple days a year?
anonymous [02-03-2012]

We would recommend against it. It can be used in a parade setting, however.

i want a military penpal mail care of room 13 at 1915 north wilhite street cleburne texas 76031
SHERRI BESSENT, i want a pin pal in the military im a nurse [02-03-2012]

I know a fringed National Color is not to be used outside what about the military flags? Can a fringed flag fly outdoors on a pole only a couple times a year but just wondering?
anonymous [02-03-2012]

The Flag Code is silent on the use of the fringe for the flag, indoors and outdoors.

Please provide me with the following information: What size flag displays on height of pole? I know there are different specifications. Thanking you in advance for your assistance. Jackie Silvia
Jackie S. Silvia, County Government [01-31-2012]


What guideline states the POW-MIA flag is flown above state flags? I was told by American Legion National HQ States fly above POW flag. Is either way correct? God Bless them POW-MIA's and bring them home now!
anonymous [01-30-2012]

I believe it would be nice to let people know about Joseph Vertal an Elk member of lodge 2153 in Port Charlotte Fl. the man who in 1949 sent Congress a 50 star flag design and received back acceptance letters from the VP and Congress making him the first person to be approved for the flag. An ELK member at that time. There are several books that have the history about him with copies of the letters.
James F. Hargrove, Port Charlotte Fl. [01-30-2012]

Calling for help! We try to honor all vet's gravesites by placing small flags @the head of the gravestone or marker. The issue is with the rules that state the flag must be lit @ night. So some cemetaries won't Allow flàgs placed on Memorial Day . We need a national rule Change!
joe MONTOYA, Whittier CA veteran's honors program [01-25-2012]

It is understood that small gravesite flags fly 24-hours a day and are unlit. It is not supported by the Flag Code, but is by convention and common sense.

Is it proper to fly the 5 service flags on one pole in order top to bottom Army USMC Navy USAF USCG?
anonymous [01-25-2012]

For civilian use, yes. For military use, no.

Semper Fortis
Christopher Coleman, Rochester NY, Patriot, Proud Veteran, Phlebotomist [01-25-2012]

i am 9 and my class is doing these projects on pepole and i got betsy ross cause i love her work i wish i had meet her
zyasia, cal [01-25-2012]

Should the state flag be at half staff while company flag is at full staff?
mike, pa [01-25-2012]

When the US flag is at half-staff all other non-foreign flags should fly at half-staff. The same rule would apply to state flags.

I want to honor my deceased grandfather on his death date I fly the US,POW and H and R flags contiuously and do not remove them ever they fly all the time now I would have to remove the POW flag but dont want to do that My 20' pole is about 4.6 ft away from my deck. Can I mount a pulley and rope to the top of the pole and fly his US Flag and Army flag on a seperate rope tied to my deck rail so basiclly I mean I leave the main 3 flags up and the rope I put on is tied to the rail so it would be a 45 degree angle with his flags on there at half staff I got approval from govenors office to half staff my personal flag for him. If you dont understand completly let me know so I can explain more otherwise plaese awnser
anonymous [01-25-2012]

It sounds like you are finding a reasonable accommodation to a difficult situation. The guiding principal is respect for the flag(s) and it sound like you have done an admirable job. If others have suggestions, I will post them on this page.

Does the POW/MIA flag take precedence over state flags? From what I understood it came after the military flags. I plan on flying the US flag, PA state flag, Army flag, and POW/MIA on my porch in that order if that's accurate.
Shawn Michael Opel, United States [01-24-2012]

I have noticed the american flag hanging outside a certain establishment. Although instead of the red, white, and blue it has the rainbow colors as a substitute representing gay pride. Although I have no bias towards gays is this acceptable as a representation of our flag? Is it against the "code"?
Jeff Snyder, Kentucky [01-21-2012]

Love the Site. Questions when posting several flags together, and the US flag is in the middle taller than the rest. On which side do you start to alternate state flags? I have seen both, but I know the 1st position of honor is to the flags left, viewer’s right?
Darren, DC Area [01-19-2012]

The order is (viewer's perspective) 1-center, 2-left, 3-right. If there are five flags then the order is 1-center, 2-near left, 3-near right, 4-far left, 5-far right.

As a Iraq Vet. I have the up most Honor and Respect for our Flag. The Flag I brought home from Iraq,flew Proudly in Iraq.
Michael Keller, Augusta WV. [01-18-2012]

I want to put up three flags at church. One for the american flag and one for the state flag and one for the christain flag. How much higher should the us flag pole be in the center of the other poles?
james, camden, AR / vet [01-13-2012]

There is no specified height.

When I look at our flag, my eyes mist up and my heart beats proud.When I see an American Flag that is faded and torn I take it very personal. I have many times called banks, mortuaries local businesses very politely and ask them to take down the worn flag. I only ask twice then I call the VFW Post and it usually gets replaced. PEOPLE LOOK AT OUR FLAGS THEY ARE AMERICA. NEVER TO BE FORGOTTEN fly them proud and with respect. Read the Flag Code.
Laura Lake, Joplin, Missouri [01-13-2012]

Is it against code to say the "Pledge of Allegiance" if no flag is displayed and no "National Anthem" music? I'm a member of a church organization which begins each meeting with a prayer and "Pledge of Allegiance" Sometimes our religious articles and flag are not diplayed. I would like to still honor our flag even though it's not visible.
Virginia, Sacramento/military widow [01-12-2012]

Yes. Face the direction where the flag would be and recite the pledge.

U S Navy - proud to have served
Larry Browndyke, Dallas, Texas [01-12-2012]

my father just passed away who was a veteran, a flag will be presented to the family, he has no spouse. who in the family would then be in line to receive the flag. my guess is the eldest child.
jerry katich, flint michigan area/ veteren [01-10-2012]

At my place of work their is some questions about the placement of the flags. One when the new flag poles were put in they were put in they were place in a triangular figuration(3-poles total) is this an accepted configuration for the poles to be in and if so where is the american flag flown. the center front pole is the tallest pole.
Rick Reed, Marion Ohio. State Correction Officer [01-08-2012]

The US flag flies on the foremost center, tallest pole, in this case.

I have seen a couple vehicles around town with the an American flag sticker placed upside down. I did not want to get into a "road rage" situation but I did not want to let our Vet's down by letting this idiot disgrace the flag. I believe to many people have sacrificed everything for this person to have the freedom to do anything. I think the least that could be done is proper display of the flag. What should I do in this type of situation?
Duane, co [01-08-2012]

My US POW MIA and Honor and Remember Flag flys 24/7/365 its my way of saying thanks
anonymous [01-07-2012]

I recently stopped in a local car dealer ship today when I noticed that all 8 American Flags were very tattered. I asked for manager and was denied request. Man asked who I was with like i.e. city... and I said citizen. I went on to explain flag needs to be replaced and it was disrespectful to our county. I was promptly kicked out of building and off the lot. Any suggestions on what to do? Never been so mad in my life about how they disrespected me, my family and our country.
Samuel, Waukesha, WI. Teenager, son of veteran, grandfather a veteran too. [01-05-2012]

You can write to you local newspaper and tell them the story. The best you can do is to put pressure on them to remedy the situation.

Our American flag is being repaired; can the other two flags (state and company, which are on poles next to American flag) be displayed while repair is in progress; or should they be removed?
Patricia Haynes [01-04-2012]

They can be displayed, but there may be the appearance of inpropriety.

Mitt Romney's Iowa election night HQ has a flag in violation of protocol, as a Romney banner is hanging above a U.S. flag § 7. Position and Manner of Display. The flag, when carried in a procession with another flag or flags, should be either on the marching right; that is, the flag’s own right, or, if there is a line of other flags, in front of the center of that line. (a) The flag should not be displayed on a float in a parade except from a staff, or as provided in subsection (i) of this section. (b) The flag should not be draped over the hood, top, sides, or back of a vehicle or of a railroad train or a boat. When the flag is displayed on a motorcar, the staff should be fixed firmly to the chassis or clamped to the right fender. (c) No other flag or pennant should be placed above or, if on the same level, to the right of the flag of the United States of America, except during church services conducted by naval chaplains at sea, when the church pennant may be flown above the flag during church services for the personnel of the Navy. No person shall display the flag of the United Nations or any other national or international flag equal, above, or in a position of superior prominence or honor to or in place of the flag of the United States or any Territory or possession thereof: Provided, That nothing in this section shall make unlawful the continuance of the practice heretofore followed of displaying the flag of the United Nations in a position of superior prominence or honor, and other national flags in positions of equal prominence or honor, with that of the flag of the United States at the headquarters of the United Nations
Dan, Veteran, Retired [01-04-2012]

Get in the 21st century.
anonymous [01-03-2012]

Webmaster about the Merchant Marine flag what Im asking is does it fly under the navy since the Merchant Marine is a navy auxillary or under USCG since USMM is the last in order of precedence and Coast guard is the end pole
anonymous [01-02-2012]

I don't have that answer. If someone can help, I'll post the answer here.

is there sales tax on flags in ohio
kelly ohara, ohio [12-31-2011]

As we approach 2012 it will be another year of service and sacrifice for our troops please keep them in your prayers through out the new year and always.Thanks troops Happy 2012.
anonymous [12-31-2011]

The Merchant Marine Flag should it fly under the US Navy or Coast Guard when only 5 poles are present? Refering to service flag not the academy
anonymous [12-30-2011]

My son is receiving three US flags and one state flag in honor of receiving his Eagle Scout. I want to take the triangle boxes and connect them into a square shape. This would mean that one flag would have the point facing down, is that OK or is it a rules violation? Should that one be the state flag?
Chris, South Carolina [12-29-2011]

It is okay.

When i lower the flag to half staff it is already at full staff I fly it all the time is lowering it to the bottom of pole then up to full then to half correct or just pull it down halfway and leave it
anonymous [12-29-2011]

This only applies to flags that fly 24 hours a day. There is no right or wrong. My suggestion is to lower it fully and then to raise it vigourously fully and then lower it to half-staff slowly.

Is it ok to use the words "Flag Salute" on our printed meeting agendas to indicate when we are going to recite the Pledge of Allegiance? Or is it more proper to use the words "Pledge of Allegiance" printed on the agenda? While the diffenence never came into my thinking, to me the phrases mean the same thing i.e., time to say the Pledge of Allegiance. But then again, I am always willing to learn something new. Please set me straight. Thank you.
larry herrera, Long Beach California [12-29-2011]

The Flag Code is silent on this question. My personal suggestion is to simply state, "Pledge of Allegiance."

The flag code is voluntary for private citizens, so I can see Apple doing it etc....but federal buildings are required to adhear to it, so why does the Post Office in Crystal Lake IL fly the flag at half mast whenever it feels like it....
Dennis [12-29-2011]

We have a 20'pole with a 4x6 US 3x5 Nebraska and 2x3 POW in that order now when I put up a sports flag or a decrotive flag I remove the state move the POW 2x3 up under the US and fly the sports under POW now the sports team flag is 3X5 so its still ok to have POW flying with it ?
anonymous [12-26-2011]

To all the men and women serving this country Merry Christmas and thank you!
anonymous [12-26-2011]

Enjoyed reading Regulations and Rules. Answers majority of questions I have had and never got a straight answer.
Mary C. Hall, Mount Holly, N.J. [12-26-2011]

This is a web site that is too into the flag. Thhat is a symbol Mr. Author, of this Nations freedom and equality, not a god in which we worship. I dont believ it is wrong for little girls and boys to wear flag dresses and uniforms on the fourth of July. You must be bored out of your mind and worship that flag. It is simply line and stars. I almost dispise it after looking at this website. Good Job. Even in my nation we do not worship a god-dammed rectangle
Zaven Chakchyan, Los Angeles/Armenian [12-21-2011]

Our goal is not to worship the flag, but rather to respect the flag, according to the Flag Code.

Outstanding site. I learned many things. I now have the tools and knowledge to correct the misuse in my area. Thanks
Charles Lathrop, Crosby, PA Retired Navy [12-21-2011]

Happy to report that after only one complaint to my local parks department regarding the evening display of Our Colors without lighting, repairs were made. Now, the flag does not flying in the dark.
Andy Picone, New York [12-18-2011]

Great resource. Thanks.
Dan Kontos, Chief Deputy, Portage County (WI) Sheriff's Office [12-16-2011]

Someone in my high school class suggested we obtain a USA flag flown in Afghanistan and auction it off to raise funds for sending Care Packages to the Marines in Afghanistan. They also suggested this flag be signed by some of the troops there. Two counts of disrespect, if you ask me, but what is allowed?
Class of 67, Georgia [12-12-2011]

A local bank is flying the US flag at half staff for PEarl Harbor it is completly tattered some rips are 2ft long and its a 4x6 flag I called them on it but no progress and this summer it was upside down due to a bad storm the lady I talked to laughed when I told her it was upside down anyway if a flag is tattered would it have been better to leave it at full staff if they dont have the decency to change it rather dishonor veterans?
anonymous [12-08-2011]

The flag should be replaced.

Is December 7 a day for a half-staff flag?
Anonymous, Seattle, WA [12-06-2011]

Yes, it is National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

I like all of the rules and regulations for the flag and I think it is very cool how this works please send me more info on this
joshua beemster, indian land high [12-06-2011]

I want know marine countries and thy flag
Aronu chibuzo, A marina [12-05-2011]

how do you raise and lower a flag?
Jason Hale, 38911 Alture st. [12-04-2011]

At the company I work at,"they are very dedicated", honor all forms of millitary. They have USA flags up everywhere. They even have a wall dedicated to all military div. Marines, Army, Cost Guard, ect. and so on. My question is there is no POW flag anywhere inside, not even on the wall they proudly hung the flags of all service men and women, so is it against the rules or is it considered disrespectfull to have a POW flag hanged indoors?
Unknown Vet, Main [12-04-2011]

The POW/MIA flag is not required, but is acceptable and respectful.

What should you do when you are at a sporting event and you see people sitting down when asked to salute the flag? Thhis makes me very angry.
Kay Lawson, North Port Fl [12-03-2011]

Set a good example for them and hope they observe and learn.

I am 8yrs old and i am doing a project at school of biography of an influential person in history. i chose betsy ross because i love the american flag and she was the first person to sew it.
taylor smith, stockton, ca. [12-01-2011]

Our Catholic church proudly displays Old Glory and the Papal Flag the flags are in the back of the church right as you walk in you see them I see the Flag Code says "when displayed from a staff in a church it is to be in advance of the audience" they are in a honorable place in back but if they need to be moved they will be but theres not a lot of room up front on the altar area but we could accomadate them if needed Need awnser thank you
anonymous [11-30-2011]

Use your best judgment to display the flags respectfully, with the US flag in the position of prominence.

Is there a proper place on a golf cart where a flag should be mounted? I live in a golf cart community and many have the flags flying from their golf carts, but wonder if there is a correct place. I am getting a new golf cart, and either rear rail, left or right side would be good. The middle won't work because it is a convertible. Would either side rail be ok?
Patricia Elwell, The Villages, FL [11-29-2011]

The Flag Code states that when the flag is displayed on a car, the staff shall be fixed firmly to the chassis or clamped to the right fender.

A lot of Paragraph 3 of the Code seems only to apply in the District of Columbia (such as the definition of the flag being anything that resembles the flag). Do these definitions extend to the rest of the conutry?
Hy Libby, Prunedale, CA [11-28-2011]

my new neighbor put up about a 50' pole he has top to bottom US CALIFORNIA TEXAS MEXICO YANKEES FLAG POW FLAG AND MARINE FLAG WHAT IS CORRECT ORDER?
anonymous [11-28-2011]

i was recently advised by a vet of the afganistan war that my american flag that was mounted to my home in front was on backwards thus the stars should be facing the union to the north, but i did have the common sense to display to the left of the other flag which is flown off the pole
christopher s.alford, new castle, indiana 47362 [11-27-2011]

when displaying an american flag on a flagpole are you supposed to have light shining on it
shelley kreps, warfordsburg pa [11-25-2011]

Yes, during hours of darkness.

if theres not 2 people im talking 12x18 large flags bigger than my living room!then is it ok
anonymous [11-22-2011]

Get enough people to help fold it. Otherwise, take it to a private place and do the best you can.

is it proper to lay the flag on the floor to fold it if it is a large flag and wont fit on a table or lay it out to trimm tatters off to re hem?
anonymous [11-21-2011]

With two people, you don't need to place it on a floor or table.

I recently noticed in Branson, MO, that the US flag was displayed in a classroom for the very first time at a school in Colrain, MA. I would like to know if this correct.
david robertson, United States [11-21-2011]

It is traditional for there to be a flag in a classroom.

I have a question that maybe someone can help me with. I am a Girl Scout troop leader of 6th, 7th & 8th grade girls. We have been learning flag ceremonies and flag etiquette. The GSUSA movement has guidelines for flag ceremonies. One of the big questions we have is that at the end of the day when the flag is coming down many groups issue the command "Color Guard retire the colors". It is my understanding that when you retire the colors you are burning a worn and tattered flag. I thought the command should be "Color Guard retrieve the colors". I am not sure if there is any guidence in the flag code to the actual steps for a flag ceremony or if this is just a standard set by an organization. My troop is interested in getting GSUSA to change their wording but are not really sure where to start in proving the validity of their claim. If there is any information or advice that you can give us we would greatly appreciate it. Also if there is any other organization that you would recommend us contacting we would appreciate that information as well. Thank you so much for your time.
Ann Dever, Girl Scout leader [11-21-2011]

You "post the colors" at the beginning of a ceremony and "retire the colors" at the close of a ceremony.

Is there a service that can email me every time I need to fly and not fly the flag and also when to fly it at 1/2 mast? This would be a great service if there is one.
bridgette, Aurora, CO [11-21-2011]

Sorry, but we do not provide such a service.

CLICK webmaster I was looking at flag pictures on the computer and this is what I found --shameful! g.The flag should never have placed upon it, nor on any part of it, nor attached to it any mark, insignia, letter, word, figure, design, picture, or drawing of any nature let me know what you think!
anonymous [11-21-2011]

I want to hang the new Libyan flag vertically, but how do I know which color goes on the left (first) or on the right-side (last) without offending anyone??
JOANNA, california [11-17-2011]

This website only deals with the American Flag Code.

A local car dealer has a 70ft pole 15x25 flag the flag is raised but left about 4 to 5 ft down from the top I know it should be at the peak but is it considered half staff or does it need to be lower to be half staff is this something I should call them on
anonymous [11-17-2011]

American flag t shirts and ties are acceptable and are not a violation of code I still disagree with flag shorts and under wear but wearing a flag on a shirt is not wrong at least it is not made of the flag
anonymous [11-17-2011]

Lynn Stahlberger, San Jose, CA / South Bay Blue Star Moms [11-16-2011]

I pass through this area ever so often. And there is a church that flies 4 American flags on the same pole, one over top of the other. Why do they do this?
Mindy, Hazel Green [11-16-2011]

When is it proper to fly a Vietnam Veteran's Flag
S Com [11-12-2011]

Thank you for the vital information. I must make two changes and will educate my family.
Damian Porreca, California [11-12-2011]

Hurray for your site. I'm in the BSA and I recommend that you include Flag Retirement Ceremonies in your guide. I did not see where you may have them.
anonymous, Cleveland, Ohio [11-12-2011]

tony [11-11-2011]

I sent a note off to the folks at McDonald's USA regarding displaying their corporate flag below the US flag on the same flagpole. Their response is offered below:

"Thank you for taking the time to contact McDonald's. We truly appreciate customer feedback and welcome this opportunity to share some information with you.

"I'm sorry you are disappointed with the flying of McDonald's flag below the U.S. flag at our restaurants. Wherever possible, McDonald's restaurants in the United States proudly fly the American flag and follow the proper codes for doing so. The McDonald's flag is a display of our corporate logo and is not an advertisement or banner. Therefore, it is permissible to fly McDonald's flag below the U.S. flag on the same halyard.

"You may also be interested to know that the practice of flying McDonald's corporate flag on the same halyard as the U.S. flag has been approved by the National Flag Foundation."

And another loophole has been discovered!
Andy Picone, New York [11-10-2011]

Watching an American History movie at school I got chills where it came to the part showing George Washington lowering a Britsh flag tossing it on the ground and rasing Old Glory
anonymous [11-07-2011]

Yet another case of an organization disallowing the display of the American Flag...:( CLICK
Paul Christenson, Vermont [11-05-2011]

Is it proper to hang more than one flag in a room?
nick gagliardo, school chief [11-04-2011]

No reason not to hang more than one flag in a room.

A wonderful couple run a local business that has a US flag and a Korean flag hanging flat on the wall. The US flag is hanging to the viewers right (which is wrong). I have printed the flag code and we have disccussed it, but they believe they are correct. Any suggestions to help us solve our problem.
Chris, lllinois [11-02-2011]

Chris, you can print pictures from this website for them to see visually the correct way to display the flags.

I belong to a national association of women and our bi-laws recommend that the United States Pledge of Alligance be said at the beginning of every meeting. I read once that it is against the rules to say the pledge to a table top flag which sets on the podium of our speaker. Is this against the rules? If so what is the smallest size of flag that we could use? We hold our monthly meetings in resturant meeting rooms and most of those places do not provide us a flag. Is it against the rules to resite the pledge without a flag being present. Thanks for your help.
anonymous, Tulsa, Ok. [11-01-2011]

The Flag Code is silent on this question. Given the venue, I think the table-top flag is acceptable.


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