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What is the size of the flags at the VA National Cemetery's? I purchased a used flag poll from the Fort Custer VA National Cemetery, and want to fly the correct size flag. Thank You
William Rhoades, Battle Creek, MI [07-30-2011]

We recently had a new business come into town and they have 2 flag poles, one with THEIR state flag and one with a business flag. Is it proper to fly a state flag without the US Flag and is it proper to fly a different states flag in another state without their state flag being present?
Mr. Spaans, So Dak [07-30-2011]

The Flag Code does not require private citizens to fly the national flag. However, tradition dictates that they should.

one day in brussels i ask for a flag of american embassy but no body care about it ( just for information) but im sure one day i will get it and kiss it! god bless of america mehdi/iran
anonymous [07-30-2011]

the 9-11 flag of honor is a flag created from names of 9-11 victims this is proper isnt it?
anonymous [07-28-2011]

"The flag should never have placed upon it, nor on any part of it, nor attached to it any mark, insignia, letter, word, figure, design, picture, or drawing of any nature." (Flag Code, Section 8g)

connie cruz, texas [07-27-2011]

I have seen people put up 2 outdoor poles that are level and lower the 2nd flag down a bit so its lower that US is this right
anonymous [07-26-2011]

That is fine. The Flag Code states that no flag should fly higher than the US flag. It does not require them to fly at the same height.

God bless this great country
Jim, 01960 [07-26-2011]

is it proper to fold state and military flags in the triangle like the US Flag or does that dishonor Old Glory?
anonymous [07-23-2011]

It is acceptable to fold other flags in the triangle fold.

Utah and Louissiana have recently changed their flags design I have an old version on display indoors it is a stick flag should I update it ?
anonymous [07-22-2011]

If I fly a flag representing the Navy academy Football team that would take precedence over the Nebraska Huskers Flag right
anonymous [07-19-2011]

Let it be known to all flag thieves who steal my flags. that you are making the money in my wallet decrease but patriotism increase that if one flag falls another will take its place God Bless America
anonymous [07-18-2011]

is it a problem if my indoor flag set US Flag is a 2 1/2 ft x 4ft and my Nebraska is 3x5 ft they dont make 2x4 Nebraska flags and a 2x3 is too small?
anonymous [07-17-2011]

There is nothing in the Flag Code about this. Suggestion: display the US flag higher than the state flag.

god bless america forever. *s amen &all service men & woman andy bear [us navy] retired god bless again.
ANDY ANDERSON., dumont johnson minn. [07-15-2011]

i was wondering if businness co needsome sort of permit to have us,ca,& co flag hung outside over night? also in what proper order do the flags belong??
griselda, so cal [07-15-2011]

No permit is required. Read our FAQ page for your other questions.

Do we lower the flags in respect for Betty Ford's death????
Eileen Erickson, school district [07-15-2011]

Only if there is a Presidential Proclamation.

Fly the American flag with pride!
Al Orsini, Jr., Santa Ana, California [07-13-2011]

The director of this facility does not follow the flag code in so many ways. We had a shouting match which may result in my dismissal from my home here. The topic was illuminating the flag at night. He said he didn't believe it was true. I explained that we need to set the example because we are a home for Veterans, we live in a neighborhood of mostly Asians, and Mexicans, we need to set the example. We receive funds and donations from many groups that are helping us I think because we are Veterans who fought to defend our country and flag. The director told me he does not follow many of the standard practices that are considered to be a sign of respect to our flag. He told me this morning "Right now I'm not feeling very respectful of the flag". He is confusing respect with law. I need some feedback from someone Please! It is difficult to respect a man that does not respect our flag, even though he has the finally say if I can stay here or become homeless again..
Carl W Eades, Veterans First, CA a home for homeless veterans [07-13-2011]

About those cemetary flags I take care of them in my town and in grandmas town wheer grandpa is buried at the cemetary I buy flags out of my pocket and replace tattered ones on veterans graves and dig through the trash to find flags and Ive have found a lot in the trash. however little flags dont need to be lit do they?
anonymous [07-12-2011]

There is a long tradition of marking graves with small flags, without having them individually lit.

On the very first show of Sara Palins Alaska, the guy that moved in next door to write a book about her has a railing on the second floor. He has what looks like a state flag draped over the railing, but right next to it he has the American Flag hanging over the railing just kinda thrown across it, but it's backwards. I don't think he has a clue it's wrong, but it is. They used to teach how to display the Flag in school years ago, but now they would rather teach 3rd graders about Gay Sex they can put condoms on a cucumber, but have no clue there even is a Federal Flag Code. I'm not judging anyone I'm just saying The Flag should get at least the same class time as some other classes and a lot more Respect!
Tony Murphy, Show low Arizona [07-11-2011]

do you think the president will order flags to be lowered to half staff for Betty Ford ?
anonymous [07-11-2011]

What are the rules of flag etiquette regarding placing small flags at grave markers? I am specifically referring to flags left at grave markers for extended periods of time that are neither all-weather flags nor illuminated at night. I am aware of specific ceremonies related to placing flags at graves over the Memorial Day weekend, but I cannot find other specific information about placing flags at graves and leaving them there indefinitely. The practice, although well intended, seems to be a violation of the flag code.
Jeff Kovatch, Huntington, WV [07-11-2011]

We agree. Those flags need to be treated as any other flag and removed when they become tattered.

Hello! I first want to thank you. this website is AMAZING! I've had many opportunities to present the flag and teach others about it. I have even gotten to compete at Nationals on a color guard team through Civil Air Patrol. I love the flag and what it represents. I do have a question. I'm working on a badge for girl scouts and was wondering if there are any rules on flag manufacturing, if any company can manufacure, criteria, etc. Thanks! :)
Kelsi, Utah [07-11-2011]

I am planning to partisipate in a parade. I will be displaying 3 flages,the POW_MIA, the American flag, and the Vietnam flag. I was going to display them as the POW-MIA to the left the American flag in the middle and the Vietnam flag to the right as viewed from the rear of the truck. Is this permissable.
SSG (Ret) Eugene C. Rinker, Newport News,Va. [07-11-2011]

The correct order, facing the front of the approaching truck should be: US, Vietnam, POW-MIA

I recently saw a post on Facebook of a Boy Scout camp where they began their evening flag ceremony by driving around the flag poles in a large van and then several staff members pouring out of the van (like clowns from a clown car) running to Stand and climbing on the van to stand at attention to retire the flags for the evening. Does this break some sort of flag etiquette?
Anonymous [07-08-2011]

There is no apparent violation.

I am so honored to have a site dedicated to honoring our Flag. As a military spouse I am thankful when people display their flags correctly. It is necessary to demonstrate proper respect to the Flag and everything it stands for. I am very thankful for this website and have repeated sent the link to everyone in my address book. My children consider themselves experts on the Flag Code and I couldn't be prouder! Thank you and God Bless!
Rebecca Caswell, Honolulu, HI [07-07-2011]

I read somewhere that the Texas flag is the only state flag that when it stands next to the American flag can be raised to the same level. Supposedly because Texas joined the United States and was not annexed. How true is this?
SYLVIA BARRERA, san antonio,tx [07-07-2011]

Buying a flag pole for my front yard. Thanks for the information on how to do it right.
Kent Brown, Moorhead, Mn/ two sons in Marine Corps, [07-07-2011]

US federal courts has almost destroyed the image of the flag. I hope I ever see some ratbag wearing on the seat of his/her pants, burning it or being desrepectful. It will know I have been there.
M/Sgt Jerry C. Poole, Moultrie, Ga [07-07-2011]

Happy Birthday America Long may your flag wave !
anonymous [07-06-2011]

God Bless America! So Mote It Be!
Sean Beckerer, Ansonia, Connecticut, USA [07-05-2011]

As a boy scout some 65 years ago I was taught most of the provisions of the flag code. As an adult, I have learned that the code has no teeth. Our government allows the desecration of Old Glory with great regularity. And chance of having some teeth put in the code? Since this site also includes the the code as it relates to the National Anthem, I add this comment. The code needs to be amended to require the Anthem to be played and sung as written. It is neither blues, jazz nor rap. It is our National Anthem.
Sam Watkins Keenon, Alabama/Retired [07-05-2011]

I have been told that it is improper for clergy to bless a new American Flag prior to use. Is this correct?
John, Massachusetts [07-05-2011]

There is nothing in the Flag Code that forbids blessing a flag.

Happy Independence Day
Sally Ross, ny [07-05-2011]

Happy 4th of july
Robert Knobel [07-05-2011]

Susan Knobel [07-05-2011]

In this article, Sarah Palin was accused of signing a flag. The code sited clearly states that no letters, insignias, etc. are to be added...then, technically, shouldn't regimental flags (such as those used in the Civil War) in violation as well? Or is there an exception to military usage?
Aaron [07-05-2011]

A photographer has posted on Facebook a picture she took, of a baby wrapped in an American flag. I told her it was disrespectful treatment of the flag and she angrily declared that it was a plastic flag she had bought to use as a prop and so it was "OK" in her view. But it is not OK.
M. Fisher, Blacksburg VA [07-05-2011]

I am planning to hang a flag with a flagpole in my house. Which side of the house should the flag be in? Is it disrespectful to put it in the center of the house, or should you always out it to the right/left side? Thank you
Mary Sue [07-05-2011]

at a ceramonty whin they retire the colors is proper to pick the flag up and do an aboutface ro should you do 2 left turns. like to know
john Beauchamp, Hartshorne Oklahoma scout leater & veitnam vet [07-02-2011]

The Flag Code is silent on this question.

Am a member of Patriot Guard and was wondering about the proper placement of sew-on flags to leather vests. US on my right and state on the left? Verticle okay?
Dave, tx [07-02-2011]

The US flag should be closest to the heart.

We have a wooden flag stand/support (it's built like football goal posts). This stand is planted in the ground at an angle to our house, and situated near the south end of our home. The American flag hangs vertically. Our home runs straight north/south with the front door facing west. Again, the flag flies neither straight north/south, nor straight east/west, but at somewhat of an angle because of the way the flag support is built. We have the flag flying with the union to the viewer's left as you drive down the street south, past the front of our home. My neighbor told my husband that we are flying the flag backwards. The only way I could see it would be backwards is if it were attached to the house by a rope, suspended over a sidewalk. This is not the case. It's on a stand alone support. Perhaps the stand itself is the culprit because it sits at an angle - ? We would like to know whether we are properly displaying our flag. The union is closest to the house, and on the left when viewed from the street or front of the house. I have a photo but couldn't find a way to post it. Thank you! Nancy
Nancy, United States [07-02-2011]

If the union is on the viewer's left, approaching from the street, then it is displayed correctly.

Cindy Hayman, Covington IN - wanting to display my flag on 4th. waitress [07-02-2011]

my US Navy flag the part on the seal that should be sky blue is faded white but every other color is still bright do you think I should replace it or is it still respectful
anonymous [06-30-2011]

The Flag Code offers no guidance. You need to use your best judgment.

US History dot org uses a representation of The Flag as a banner at the top of its page. In your wall of shame there are examples very similar. My point is I think your interpretation of "what is a flag" might be a little strict. Also the intentions of the person displaying something with stripes and stars should be given more weight. I myself work with foreign people and I have a large flag sticker on my hard hat. I want to state clearly my country of origin and my patriotism and that's the only place I have to do it when I'm at work. The same goes for license plates or those little flags that go on your car window. Does anyone have thoughts on the flag pole? is it disrespectful to use like an antenna? I think it is... but I have a 30' antenna and I'm dying to put a good flag on it.
Devlin Mcclure, Kansas / Veteran [06-29-2011]

Iam Vietnam vteram Army Spec/5. We the Army +Air Force +Navy with ammo fuel and supplies for 18 mounths in 1968 +1969
mICHAEL, Quanah Texas [06-29-2011]

Displaying Old Glory shows respect towards the greater good,global values and love of Creator.
cal shummon, missionnairesdusaint-esprit/chicago;u.s.a. [06-29-2011]

Very nice web page.As a Marine I always fly my flag where ever I travel in my rv. I always thought during in a time of war you could fly your flag at night with out lumanation.
Leonard Sauceda [06-28-2011]

I am going to train some team members onthe proper care of the flag.
Kenneth O. Savoy, Western Kansas [06-27-2011]

Is this display of the flag (link to Danbury News-Times, Danbury CT, CLICK used for commercial photo ops, appropriate? Does not seem so to me, as it is ATTACHED to, and behind the state flag. What are people thinking when they use the flag as pure "decoration"?
anonymous, connecticut [06-27-2011]

The flags should not be bound together. Section 8d. reads, "It should never be festooned, drawn back, nor up, in folds, but always allowed to fall free."

Stephen Bernett SSG USA (RET) [06-27-2011]

The govenor signed a proclamation to lower the American flag to half staff for Clarence Clemon. Saxaphonist for Bruce Springsteen's E-Street band. Is this acceptable?
Patrick Wood, NewJersey [06-24-2011]

Discovered your site by happy accident. Hope more people will. Very informative. The largest groups that need to be aware/reminded are our veteran service organizations that continually send paper address labels depicting our flag in order to solicit charitable contributions. Most difficult to get the point across that our flag is not to be used on disposable products when these "expert" groups do not lead by example. May you continue to be that example. Kudos.
Brenda Davis, Panama City, FL Ret USAF 1st Sgt [06-23-2011]

I am not a veteran but I am a Son of The American Legion member and my family is very military is it appropriate to pop a quick hand salute to the flag if your not a vet and the flag is not being raised or lowered or anthem is not playing?
anonymous [06-22-2011]

The Flag Code is silent on this question.

Every member of congress and the senate who opposes to vote in favor of the american flag from destruction for the freedom of speech should be removed from there duties. The american flag means freedom from the veterans who fought and died on the battle fields around the world in every war. We don;t need some liberal or conservate members of congress/ senate who never serve this country to be putting laws in place for some derelict to burn my flag in my country. I could care less what happens around the world but in the usa you will repect that flag.
Douglas R. Seskey, pittsburgh/ us navy veteran. 22 yr federal employee [06-21-2011]

It's a shame that we are not able to find politicians that are willing to stand up to the plate and make American Flag desecration a punishable offence. I don't care what they do in other countries but in the U.S. of A., it should be a crime. I assume the reason is that they may loose some financial support. Funny how it always comes down to money....What a shame.
Ed Loeffler, Cheektowaga, NY [06-20-2011]

my neighbor displays the american flag draped from her stationary porch swing inside her screened porch atached to her mobile home. my neighbor has 4 safety pins holding a disabled veterans memorial towel pinned to the american flag. is there anything i could give her to show her that you cant put 4 safety pins into the american flag to hold up a diabled veterans towel?
charlene seiders, bradenton,fl. [06-20-2011]

You can, as a friend, suggest a better way to display the memorial towel.

intrance to a building with the american flag and another countries flag on seperate staffs attached to the building. as i face the building which side is the us flag on? section 7.C is not clear. tks howard
howard e butts, 504 locust ave apt 1, cabool mo 65689 [06-18-2011]

Facing the building, the US flag should be on the viewer's left.

I was told if some one desecrates the flag even if it is new condition and is clean and serviceable it should be burned is this true or can it still be flown with respect
anonymous [06-18-2011]

Does it matter which end the flag flys at football games? They moved our flag pole from the north end to the south end of the field
Kelly Brown, Texas [06-17-2011]

It doesn't matter.

When an audience is seated in an auditorium, and the flag is brought in on stage by an honor guard, should everyone rise and cover his heart with his right hand upon sight of the flag or wait to be invited to stand?
Connie Reeves, United States [06-15-2011]

recent events allowed my corrections to the flag cituation at a local event. When told of the correction needed, the military members involved were disgruntled about being corrected, and I was actually told to mind my own business! I informed them that after almost 28 years of service it was my business to help them with the corrections because thier NCO's who were present didn't understand what the correct display sequence was. Just to spite what I told them it went on without the corrections. Later after the event, I informed a senior NCO of my trying to help the younger guys, his response was" what do you expect, they are young and stupid!" my response to that was" I expected him to educate and do the right thing before having to be told by a retired vet." So there in lies the problem!NO LEADERSHIP! To them it was not an honor to be chosen for the flag carriers, it was a boring detail! I rest my case statement! Have agood day!
Ellis Haveman, NC< retired army senior NCO [06-15-2011]

In the Veterans section of a local cemetery there are many small U.S. flag's on the graves and one large Puerto Rican flag on one of the graves flying high above all of the grave flags. Is this proper? Should only U.S. flags be placed in a U.S. Veterans cemetery?
Vickie G [06-15-2011]

Puerto Rico is part of the United States of America. I would guess that no disrespect was intended.

is there a difference between half mast and half staff?
cynthia [06-15-2011]

we should all teach our children the proper rules for our great FLAG, and teach them to always RESPECT IT.
Dennis G. G. Twohy, Melba Idaho. love this country [06-15-2011]

I greatly enjoy your website, and appreciate the vast amount of knowledge I've acquired from it! I was aware of most of the rules but was surprised to learn of so many more I had never heard of! I was completely ignorant of the fact that American Flags shouldn't be portrayed on tee shirts and other clothing -even Uncle Sam himself wears stars and stripes! I'm wondering, though, when was the Flag Code introduced, who exactly is charged with maintaining it, and how does the U.S. Flag Code compare to that of other nations?
Angela Anderson, Elkhart, TX [06-15-2011]

god bless our troops, our flag, our country!
JOHN R. HANCOCK, yankton, sd, u.s.a. [06-15-2011]

What is the proper day to burn the flags
LAWRENCE E. BOWSER, morgantown,wv. [06-13-2011]

There is no assigned day.

Flag Rules and Regulations SHOULD be taught in school and why men and women have died for your symbol of freedom.
Wayne Halstead, Colorado, USA [06-13-2011]

I love this site, if only every American would read and understand it.
Ryan J Knott, Tomball Texas [06-13-2011]

In the church I have started attending, the U. S. flag is positioned, after entering the church, up above extending from the balcony on a wooden staff over our heads. The church flag extends in the same way positioned to the right of the U. S. flag. I maintain that this is not in accordance with the U. S. flag code. I say the U. S. flag should be given superior prominence and positioned on the church platform (sanctuary) to the right of the speaker (clergyman or other church official). And the church flag should be positioned to the left of said officials. In other words, the U. S. flag should be displayed to the parishioners' (observers') left. Also, I maintain that no flag should ever be positioned to the U. S. flag's own right. Am I correct?
Jim Moffett, Former Marine [06-13-2011]

Is it proper to fly a flag of a service branch below an American flag. It is expensive to errect a flagpole for that purpose alone. I have a National Guard Flag and a Naval ensign. Plese E-mail me back if possible.
Joe, Illinois [06-12-2011]

Yes, it is proper.

What happened to the fact that the flag should not be used on paper products, plates, napkins, etc that are to be used then burned? This infuriates me. Also on headbands, shirts, curtains, was this not considered unamerican in the 50's and 60's?
Ann Davis, Baltimore, MD/ Proud American [06-12-2011]

How is the U S flag displayed from the center of the ceiling of a gymnasium? (sports arena) Same as over a street?
pat, lp in. [06-12-2011]

I think that it should be a law that all american flags flown or displayed on american soil or on our bases and in our consolits in other countries should be made within the United States. I recently heard that most flags are made over seas. This should be added to the wall of shame.
Paul Shiner, Raymond ew Hampshire [06-12-2011]

Re: Wall of Shame...Correction: Sarah Palin did NOT sign on the flag-she signed the "stick" on which it was mounted.
anonymous [06-12-2011]

In the video, you can see her twist the flag around the "stick" before she signs it.

when flying the american flag and another flag such as the marine corps flag on a twenty five height or higher pole. What is the proper size of both flags?
stephen melanson, concord nh [06-12-2011]

What order should I hang the USA flag, Wisconsin Flag and a POW flag. ? From top to bottom? Thank you.
Mark [06-10-2011]

Webmaster note: The audio file for "taps" in your FAQ's page would not play today (6/7/11). Seems as though the end is edited off? Love the site, great information. Thank you for the insite. Am buying a replacement flag at "" as I have been unable to find a decently made US flag locally and don't want a flag made in China. One question: I have a pine tree near my pole, that has grown within reach of the flag. I will trim back, but is there any rule as to the clearance that a flag should have in relation to other objects (such as trees?) Or viewablility?
Daniel Callies, Lakewood, CO, USA [06-08-2011]

There is no rule. You need to use your best judgment.

EXTREMELY nicely done web site!
Mike Thomas [06-08-2011]

how long should state and POW flags fly when tattered same guidlines as American once torn remove ?
anonymous [06-07-2011]

You need to use your best judgment on this question.

I was in charge of sorting flags for The American Legions flag disposal I found some flags that were basicly brand new there was only one little fray on the top I saved them is it ok to burn a flag it the color is great and has only a little tear that is repairable saving it is the best option ?
anonymous [06-07-2011]

If you can repair the imperfection and return the flag to service, that is preferable.

Can a retireing Flag have the stars cut out and the stars be giving to returning Veterans from overseas?.
Ray Cote, Manchester/NH [06-07-2011]

The Flag Code is silent on this question. We recommend against it.

What is the origin of the land-based "naval" flag pole with the stern staff at a 45 degree angle pointing towards shore with the flag lower than the mainmast that typically has a yacht club burgee at the top (above the American flag)?
J Hunt, Virginia [06-05-2011]

Can a US Flag be burned for retirement purposes without being cut in half?
anonymous [06-05-2011]

The Flag Code says nothing about cutting a flag.

You have been duped, or you are maliciously impuning president Bush with your photoshopped example of desecration. George and Laura have been photoshopped in. Please respond. I googled the issue and there are other pictures from the same source, and Laura appears to be floating in air above your rug. Please remove and confirm.
Wayne Harropson, Fountain Valley, CA [06-03-2011]

That photograph was taken by Jason Reed of Reuters.

i have a flag it was sewn to repair rips the top and bottom white stripes are now for about 3 inches only 1 inch high its a 4x6 the stripe should be about 4 inches tall is this wrong
anonymous [06-03-2011]

It's time to get a new flag.

Senator Russel Pearce has wrapped himself in our flag to solicit funds to protect his job.
Jack, Southern CA [06-03-2011]

I just purchased a flag to hang for my home. What are. The Time rules for hanging the flag? My husband said it must be brought in by 6pm every night.
Nicole, Sacramento [06-03-2011]

I have heard that when a flag is afixed to a pole and cannot be lowered to "half-mast"(such as flying on the back of a motorcycle), that a 2" black banner should be flown at the top of the flag to indicate it is in mourning. Is this true?
Bob Keymer, Patriot Guard Rider [06-01-2011]


My university has three flag poles of equal height outside of its basketball arena. They have the American flag in the middle. Is this wrong? If so where should it be and what Flag Code are they violating so I can correct them?
anonymous [06-01-2011]

When they're the same height, the US flag should be on the viewer's left, approaching the arean.

i am sick and tiered of these people that b***h and complain that is to windy or hot outside on Memorial Day our troops are in much worse climate everyday so those people need to shut up and Memorial day is to remeber our dead veterans not to go plop your fat butt on a beach all day and go shopping and camping people need to get it straight respect our flag!
anonymous [06-01-2011]

when marching in a parade if we have another flag on the left of the American Flag is this enough guidance to the American Flag or does the American Flag need a rifle or a sabre to the right of the American Flag as a guard.
anonymous [06-01-2011]

God Bless America. God Bless Our Beautiful Flag. My family and I are honored to fly Our Flag.
THERESA TORRES, fredonia, az, usa [05-30-2011]

Thank you for the flag code information. I would especially thank you all for the Wall of Shame. I will share this site with many.
Cecellia Rover [05-30-2011]

I fly the flag proudly.
Bob DuBois, Washington State / U.S. Army [05-30-2011]

I have been flying my flag on my pole for years. IU have a dilemma. My wife purchases for me a 13 star flag for my birthday. I would like to fly them at the same time on the same pole. Is this allowed ? and in which order would I fly them. Charles Magner
Charles Magner, I am a citizen of the United States of Americn mainly Akron Ohio [05-30-2011]

The two US flags should not be flown on the same pole. You can alternate days, or save one for special occasions.

Those were Obama supporters, not Obama himself. No affiliation. I know this isn't a Blog, but my point is a valid one, and I won't comment again.
Karl Hetzel, Wisconsin [05-29-2011]

my neighbor is a good guy his flag got caught up on his 30ft pole Wednesday by wind and the 5x8 flag the top stripe seprated holding on only by the fly and stiching on the blue otherwise his flag is ok would it have been appropriate of him to fly it like that Memorial day then change it he took it down and he orders them so it wont show up on time was he right or would a tattered one be appropriate
anonymous [05-29-2011]

A gtoup is displaying two separate flags on highway signs on both sides of the street (not over the street) vertically. I cannot find any specific rules for hanging a flag vertically except on a building or in a window. I do not feel that over the street is the same as on one each side of the street. I say the union should be to the viewers' left on each occasion relative to driving down that road as you approach the sign on your perspective side.
joan feledy, paradise mi, usn veteran [05-29-2011]

You have included Sarah Palin and George W. Bush in your examples of Flag desecration. Two well-known Conservative figures, but you have omitted Barack Obama. It is a well-known fact that BO did not place his hand over his heart while the National Anthem was playing during the Presidential Campaign of 2008. Under your Flag Code Section of this Web Page, you site United States Code Title 36 301. National anthem b.Conduct During Playing During rendition of the national anthem 1.when the flag is displayed C.all other persons present should face the flag and stand at attention with their right hand over the heart, Makes me think you are a little selective in your Flag desecration examples!
Karl Hetzel, Wisconsin [05-28-2011]

We are nonpartisan. Our fourth "In the News" item took place in Baltimore and involved an "Obama" flag.

why is the flag only down till noon on Memorial day ?
anonymous [05-28-2011]

Proper way to present the U.S. FLAG on memorial day? Half mast until noon to honor the fallen then full mast the rest of the day
Brian K. Fletcher, Florida [05-28-2011]


Where does the flag code tell a person that the flag must go to the top of the pole on normal non-half-mast days?
Gerard Boissoneau, Makakilo, Hawaii [05-27-2011]

That is the conventional display of a flag. The Flag Code makes reference to the peak of the staff in these passages: "The flag, when flown at half-staff, should be first hoisted to the peak for an instant and then lowered to the half-staff position. The flag should be again raised to the peak before it is lowered for the day." "When flags of States, cities, or localities, or pennants of societies are flown on the same halyard with the flag of the United States, the latter should always be at the peak."

Gerard Boissoneau [05-27-2011]

My husband was in the Air Force during Vietnam, my son fought in Bosnia, my father fought in the Korean War, my grandfather fought in WWI and my sister served in the medical corp for the Air Force. I could not be prouder of my family and our relationship with the grand old flag.
Marsha Stril, Tacoma, WA [05-27-2011]

is it appropriate if the flag isnt raised till 2 :00 on Memorial day Iknow it is till noon but I may not get to it till then du to other activities?
anonymous [05-27-2011]

I am for the flag admendment but if they dont like that I would like to suggest another way of preventing flag burning and being punished if you do so. this idea of a law would read "if you are going to burn The Flag please wrap yourself in it first" I like this idea !
anonymous [05-27-2011]

Darn right J. Angelo Browne God has been taken out of schools, kids are kicked out of school for flying The US Flag on their bikes shirts etc, yet mexicans come to school with their flag which I use as a dust rag and get away with it. They burn the American Flag no problem with the school but if an American kid lights up a mexican flag he is punished and hated for doing a patriotic duty our school system does suck. I thank God I go to a Catholic High School where that crap dont happen the flag is very well treated at my school by the staff and most of the students God Bless America
anonymous [05-27-2011]

The United States of America has lost all respect: God, Country and Life. That is just a shame that our own American school system no longer instructs our school children to respect our country's flag. The Motto of this country is "IN GOD WE TRUST" and yet God, No longer trusts us. May God have mercy on us.
J. Angelo Browne, Dallas City Hall, 1500 Marilla St., Suite 6AN, 75201 [05-26-2011]

It's almost Memorial Day Weekend. It's very meaningful in our family. I wanted to have like a ceremony for all the old flags I've collected. American flags that are just to worn to fly anymore. After we eat, I'll have the entire family still together to say a few words in regards to our past, present and future soldiers. Then with much respect we will properly retire the worn flags by burning them. This is the correct way, right?
Cecilia Schoenstein, Redwood City, CA [05-25-2011]

why is the most know group of boys,the boy scouts, disrespecting the flag so iconicly? the flag on their uniforms are all backwards. why hasn't this ever been fixed. how embarrassing?
jonathan troendly, 22200 twp rd 467 west lafayette,oh 43845 [05-25-2011]

Our company flag flys 24x7 On Memorial Day what time of day do you lowere the flag to half staff/ Thanks, Merle
Merle Giles, Silicon Valley USA USN-Retired [05-25-2011]

You lower it to half staff in the morning and raise it to full-mast at noon.

We are hanging flags in our covered arena from the rafters flat. Should the Texas flag be to the right of the U.S.A. flag ?
Magnolia Community Horse Club, Magnolia, Tx. [05-25-2011]

From the viewer's perspective, the US flag should be on left. If the flags are hung over the center of the arena, the US flag should be north or east, depending on the arena.

I wish more people would see this website. Are you on facebook? God bless America.
Tank Justus, Gower, MO [05-24-2011]

i sent a e mail to my local city parks superintendent nicely asking the flags on our memorial be changed turns out he is my dads friend and shared that someone sent him an email about new flags and he is all mad about it and my dad is mad at me is this a valid reason to get mad the letter was very polite and nice and just trying to help? please let me know
anonymous [05-24-2011]

Sometimes there are undesirable consequences from well-meaning actions. Perhaps your Dad, the Superintendent, and you can go out for lunch and work things out.

ok i know you may disargree on how this display is set up but according To The American Legion it is US, State,POW now I read that on the days required for its display the pow is flown as 2nd in order of precedence so I should then remove the state on these days ?
anonymous [05-24-2011]

Wondering if there's a special etiquette for the placement of small flags on veterans' graves?
Nelda Shafer, Fairfax, OK [05-24-2011]

US historical flags of the United States oil painting is fully finished and here are the results including some of the Presidential quotes I believe to be very important and patriotic . This work took over 500hours of work and it is the first of its kind worldwide . It took into account the full history of official flags of the US. thank you Henri
Henri Zimand, Monaco [05-23-2011]

tattered flag no POW flag my post office is dispicable
anonymous [05-22-2011]

are the flags US History store sells made in USA or somewhere else
anonymous [05-21-2011]

my local legion displays all their flags against the wall they have left to right 3 US on poles celing is about 1 ft above them then 5 US military flags in order that are framed only 2 inches below cwling then legion flags on poles the US is lower than the military but the military arnet on poles like the US Flag is so what correct
anonymous [05-21-2011]

You can volunteer to help by adding some additional height to the poles by boosting them at the bottom.

My neighbor is flying something to resemble an American Flag, but it is not the flag. He flies it from a flagstaff just as if it is the flag. I personally think that this is being disrespectful to our flag. Of course at night he does not have it lit. What are your thoughts?
James Payne, Vietnam Vet. Air Force [05-21-2011]

the gaff is always the postion of honor for the US Flag so if it is not present then I would say put the US flag higest and most prominet of where its displayed
Thomas [05-21-2011]

can the flag (or at least the shape of it) be used in for the pattern in a floor, using vct (vinyl tile). In a American legion.
greg lafave [05-21-2011]

I would suggest against it.

15 years ago I research all matters pertaining to the building of the Privateer Lynx. A flag question arose. Where is the flag flown when the mainsail gaff is down. I believe I saw some where that the flag was to fly on a halyard at the height of where it would have been on the gaff and in the approximate position. Could you clarify this for me? Thanks. WK
Woodson K. Woods, Hawaii - President of the Lynx Educational Foundation [05-20-2011]

I have never read that. If anyone knows the answer, please let us know.

i got do a drawling for flag dayy .. and i need help getting the colors and getting the picture i want to use .. so could u please help me ? .... P.S. I manily want helpp because i never in my whole life never won a art contest and i really want to winn this one .. plzzzzz help me out ..
brittany blon, 19123 [05-20-2011]

Our elementary school's live morning news broadcast includes the Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag. In order to solve a space / camera manipulation problem, we are considering have an artist paint a flag as the news desk background (on the wall behind the newscasters). When it's time for the pledge, the 2 anchors will stand off camera and the flag will be on the camera for the school to view as they say the pledge. But it occurred to us that that may be in "violation" of flag etiquette? Classrooms do have flags in them, should that make any difference. Thanks for your help.
Mdenham, Georgia Teacher [05-20-2011]

It is better for students in their classrooms to recite the pledge while facing the flag that is in their classroom.

here a link to the first picture of my painting US historical flags. this week end i will add around the frame quotes from different Presidents and then take a final picture. here in Wikipedia link: enjoy henri
Henri Zimand, Monaco [05-20-2011]

Does it volate the flag code to use the colors of the flag on mints?
David Dupree Jr, Knoxville, TN [05-18-2011]

Can my fire dept have 2 flags under the American flag?
Shawn Roberts, Ten Mile, Tennessee 37880 [05-18-2011]

I am a firefighter, Can my coffin be wrapped in a flag?
Shawn Roberts, Ten Mile, Tennessee 37880 [05-18-2011]

We recently purchased a flag pole to put up at our farm, when I bought it, it came with 2 flags one being The United States Flag & the other being a College team. My question is can I fly them both from the same flag pole? Also we were thinking about getting our Brand on a custom made flag can we fly it on the same flag pole? Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.
Karen Fravel, Rual Ford, KS [05-17-2011]

College and university banners are not considered advertisements, generally.

what do I do with scraps i cut off an flag to repair it are they burned too?
anonymous [05-17-2011]

I would suggest that you place it among the other flags to be burned.

To the person who submitted the Olympic Flag complaint I have sent an e-mail to the Team USA urging them to honor the flag so hopefully there is a major improvment. I will post the response from them when I recive it
anonymous [05-15-2011]

We fly an American flag at my place of employment and raise it and lower it each day. My supervisor says that it is permissable to simply attach the flag halyard snaps in each of the eyelets on the flag's fly and raise the flag and allow it to unfold as it goes up the pole. I was taught in the Navy to unfold the flag into square folds resting in my left had after the snaps were attached and to allow it to unfold on my arm as it is raised. The protocol was that the flag should never be allowed to unfold as it is raised. What is the correct way?
Randy Watkins, Dinwiddie County, VA [05-15-2011]

The Flag Code is silent on this issue. Military flag codes are far more detailed and prescriptive.

The Canadian flag in the MIddle?? Are you sure? Need to fly to following flags on Three Poles: - American - Canadian - Alabama - City How Should they go... American with Alabama on one, Canadian and city on the other? HELP! Sarah Hicks, GS/OB Sports [05-12-2011] My recommendation is one the leftmost pole (viewer's perspective upon approach), place the US and city, flags. The middle pole, Canadian. The rightmost pole, state flag.
Sarah Hicks [05-15-2011]

I have always been bothered by Olympic athletes draping the flag around their shoulders when winning an event. After reading the rules, I find that the feeling is justified. I would hope that the practice is done out of ignorance and someone should inform the athletes that it is disrespectful. I realize they are very excited about their win, and other countries drape their flag, but I would like to see our athletes give the respect that is due.
anonymous [05-14-2011]

do flags other than casket flags can they be foled triangukar and end up with 13 folds
anonymous [05-14-2011]

My neighbor is a Army vet he flys his flag everyday the only time it is lowered to half staff is Memorial day weekend he lowers it Saturday Morning and leaves it down until Tuesday sunset is this right?. Also the post office did the same thing except it was rised Tuesday Morning is this ok? I thought Sunrise to noon on Memorial Day and is it ok like in September I will be gone on the weekend leaving Friday Night and Wont return till Sunday night now since Sept 11th is sunday can I lower my flag Friday right before I leave and raise it when I get back Sunday night so I can still honor the 9/11 victims ?
anonymous [05-14-2011]

I'm a member of a volunteer fire dept. Can we lower the US flag to half staff for a member who has passed away.
Mr. Mulligan [05-14-2011]

Here is an odd question but I was asked it at school and I didnt know an awnser even though Im pretty smart when it comes to flags the question is . iI Jesus exempt from US Flag code the flag should not be dipped to any person or thing?
anonymous [05-12-2011]

The flag should never be dipped.

Very informative site. Thanks for the outstanding effort to keep us informed.
Ltc. David Leamy USA (Ret.), Dallas [05-12-2011]

When US flag and a state flag are hung on the wall, the state flag should be lower and to the right, right?? Which way should the state flag be hanging?? I have noticed that in all the Walmarts they are backwards to the US flag..(bottom to bottom) Also in the middle school that our grandkids go to.. Thanks, just thought I'd ask.. Mike M..
Michael L Mathews, Indiana, United States of America [05-12-2011]

Need to fly to following flags on Three Poles: - American - Canadian - Alabama - City How Should they go... American with Alabama on one, Canadian and city on the other? HELP!
Sarah Hicks, GS/OB Sports [05-12-2011]

My recommendation is one the leftmost pole (viewer's perspective upon approach), place the US and city, flags. The middle pole, Canadian. The rightmost pole, state flag.

My son is working on his Eagle Scout project and would like to put 2 flagpoles in front of our church, for the US Flag and the Christian flag. Per the US Flag code and the Christian Flag code, the poles are to be the same height. With 2 poles in this situation, is it okay to put the state flag under the US Flag? I can find NOTHING about this in ANY of the flag codes - US, Christian or state. Thanks.
Christy Wagner, Fayetteville, NC [05-11-2011]

It's an unusual situation. In this case, I would say that the state flag would be more appropriate beneath the US flag, as you suggest.

i saw the swimsuit pic on the wall of shame as far as that goes the suits are not proper but it does ot violate code due to it is not a real flag still i do not like them
anonymous [05-11-2011]

As a Navy vet, I am disappointed every day at the disrespect shown to our National Flag. Citizens in America are so wrapped up in "freedom" that they don't see the dishonor they show when defacing the Flag. Thank you for this site, and I will pass along this info to all I know who can help spread it further through their chains to make people aware of the way this symbol of true freedom should be treated; with dignaty, respect and honor.
Scott Baker, Greenville, SC [05-10-2011]

Starting last year I have volunteered to put out flags along the Main street in town ( about fifty) my questions are as follows,when main flags are flown at half staff, how should I display mine. They are on a nine foot pole that is inserted into a hole in the sidewalk, shoud they be flown at half staff as well? My second question is what I should do on rainy days? I put these flags out for all the prominant holidays. thanks for your help, Bill Stewart
William Stewart, Stonington Ct [05-10-2011]

1. Yes; 2. If they are all-weather flags (check the packaging), they can remain when it rains.

Please help me out Im a flag collector and in my room I am working on displaying all my 4x6 inch state US and Military and country flags on the wall I have 3 boards with holes drilled in them to display flags the long board is in the center about 75 inches long than on the sides I have smaller length boards with more flags I am planning on in the center board left to right as you look at it it is 3 historical US Flags plus National Colors today then POW-MIA all state flags in order of addmision to union the 5 military flags then on side boards Left board my 5 international flags then right small board my city flags does this order seem correct? The US Flag is placed equal to others since other national flags are displayed
Tom, ne [05-08-2011]

As the larger board has more prominence, my opinion is that you have made the best choice for this display.

i have a question about proper flag display. i have searched the web exhaustively. There does seem to be some contradiction in the U.S. flag code about flying flags of other nations along with ours; your website does address that. My question is more specific. I can not find any information on the correct way to fly flags together on a wall. the us flag, an organization's flag, and another nation's flag, together on a wall. not on staffs, crossed or otherwise. should the u.s. flag be at the flags right (observers left) at the same height? should the u.s. flag be higher? in the center and higher? help pls!
steve, phoenix arizona [05-08-2011]

When displayed from a wall they should be approximately the same size and height, with the US flag at the observer's left, followed by the foreign flag, then the organizational flag.

i finished last week an original unique oil painting of the historical flags of the USA here the link for the video(i have picture links as well. Enjoy Henri
Henri Zimand, Monte Carlo Monaco [05-07-2011]

was i wrong to fly american flag when Bin Laden was killed i say no my husband says yes
Gen`ee R. Gallegos, Ogden Utah [05-07-2011]

The Flag Code states that the President issues a proclamation to half-staff the flag. He did not do so in this case.

Our new American Flag did not come with the means to take up or down the pole, in fact we presently have it on an extension pole and the only way to remove it is with our 12' ladder. We will be installing a light for it's 24 hour display time. Are we missing anything else in regards to respect for flying it all time?
Kim Klein, Dallas [05-07-2011]

You've done well.

JOE GRACE, louisisana [05-06-2011]

I lower my flag to half staff even though the govenor does not issue a proclamation when soldiers die they deserve it what do you think
anonymous [05-06-2011]

The Flag Code gives the authority to your governor, who "may proclaim" that the flag be half-staffed.

to AJ Hatfield I agree while the flags being waved are waved out of pride in this nation they need to be waved correctly even though bin laden is dead the flag can be used to celebrate however respect it too
anonymous [05-05-2011]

I have been watching many young people over the past few days and how they have used the flag as clothing, capes, hats and even bikinis. I was hoping there could be a class taught in public schools to teach our young people how to respect our flag. Not only our young people but every citizen. Especially those in public office and those running for public office. We as a nation have failed in teaching the basic meaning of what our country means and why it is so great. In my opinion, These codes should be taught in our public schools from 1st to 12th grade along with many other items about our nations history that seems to be lost in time....
AJ Hartfield, Mississippi/ U.S. Army Veteran [05-04-2011]

Is it appropriate to fly the Flag in the back yard of a home? We live on a corner and the Flag can be better dispayed from an in-ground Flag pole mounted near the left rear corner of the home. The back yard is not fenced in. Please let me know if this location is okay.
Richard Kutzner, Casa Grande, AZ. [05-04-2011]

Yes, backyard displays are good.

is it an overload on a 50ft pole if there are 4 flags sizes from 2x3 to 8x12?
anonymous [05-02-2011]

America Fly your flag osama bin laden is DEAD,FLY THE FLAG proudly God Bless America Proud to be an American
anonymous [05-02-2011]

Good morning, I have what I was told is an old Grave Flag from Arlington National Cemetary. It is 9" X 12"; 48 stars; gold fringe; two gold tassels; mounted on a clear plastic rod with a gold eagle on top. It is attached to the clear plastic rod by two red ribbons. If anyone has any information about it, I would like to hear from you. Dave Sierra Vista, AZ
Dave Davidson, Sierra Vista, AZ [05-01-2011]


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