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My hus band and I met in the Army Reserves doing volunteer medical work in Ecuador. I served in Desert Storm and we both served during Enduring Freedom. He is a Colonel with 26 years of service with the 452nd Combat Support Hospital and I was discharged shorty after Enduring Freedom. I now am 100% disabled with Multiple Sclerosis. I was wondering where to purchase a high quality flag for us to fly at our house. Do you know of any place?
Victoria Schlaack, Delafield, WI/disabled veteran [04-29-2011]

We do not recommend where to purchase flags. Many high-quality flags are available online.

What is the protocol for instaling the bronze flag holders on our veterans graves.
Mark l Cook, Auburn, In 46706 [04-29-2011]

Now that the weather is nice again my grandmother is wishing to display her flag there is a risk of it getting stolen in the area where she lives if it is up at night the light on a building next door lights it up she is not able to take it down every night should it be displayed all the time ? now that it could get stolen should she still fly it all the time and if taken replace it knowing the flag stolen probally is not being treated with respect? Let me know what we should do.
anonymous [04-29-2011]

If you can afford to replace a stolen flag, then you should fly it. If it indeed gets stolen, then you are justified in not flying a flag, knowing it too will probably be stolen.

Are the flags that hang from a flagpole cut and sewn at an angle, so the flag will hang properly?
Jennifer Niemeyer, Little Rock, AR [04-28-2011]

US flags are rectangular.

thanks for awnsering so in a line of military flags if it is just the regular Merchant Marine flag not the academy flag the order left to right would be Army,Marine,Navy,Airforce,Coast Guard,MErchant Marine ?
anonymous [04-27-2011]

The U.S. Merchant Marine Flag commemorates the past and present contributions of merchant seamen and was introduced by Department of Transportation on May 24, 1994. According to military protocol, it has a lower priority than the services of the military.

Retired with 23 years in the Military, retired police officer.
Hugh Buzzell, 3562 King Court Lake Wales, FL 33898 [04-27-2011]

My local post office has a quite tattered flag. I am going to try to send a letterr to them, and even offer to retire it for them, but I wouldn't know who to send the letter to. Can you help?
Rebecca Goldberg, Elkton,MD [04-27-2011]

You are doing the right things. The next step would be to write a letter to the editor.

Webmaster I would like these questions awnsered. 1.On a flagpole flying a 8x12 US,4x6 state and 3x5 POW if I need to get to the top of the us flag to attach it to the rope and the other 2 flags are already on the rope is it ok to keep them on even though they will be upside down because of how the rop is? 2.Should the Mercahant Mrin flag fly under the Navy flag or USCG flag
anonymous [04-26-2011]

1. yes (briefly, of course); 2. Midshipmen, United States Merchant Marine Academy flag flies above both Navy and Coast Guard flags.

I was always told that it was against the law to desecrate the flag so if that is true then why is it that those people at Westboro Baptist Church can continue to stomp, drag, spit and everything else they do so disrespecful to the American Flag?!?!
Terri Malik, Council Bluffs, IA [04-22-2011]

god bless america
Joe Ingarra, Jacksonville, FL [04-22-2011]

even all weather nylon flags tear in bad winds is it disrespectful to fly them when the code says the flag should not be placed were it may be easily torn soiled or damageded ?
Thomas, ne [04-21-2011]

what about flying my own personall flags on my truck is there a base order against it?
cpl harris aleczander p (usmc), camp lejeune [04-20-2011]

The Flag Code is silent on this question, but homemade flags are acceptable.

Is it to honor those who died to give us our freedom to celebrate the Ressurection of our Lord Jesus Christ in peace and freedom does this make sense why the flag is flown on Easter?
anonymous [04-19-2011]

why is the flag no longer displayed at half staff on Korean war vets day July 27
anonymous [04-19-2011]

why is the flag flown on Easter Please awnser thank you
anonymous [04-18-2011]

there is a video on youtube of the Boyscouts presenting colors in a church they are presenting them wrong the National Color is on marching left and Christian on marching right also durning US national anthem the National Color is dipped which is also wrong. I have respect for the scouts but if they do colors they must be done right just sharing my thoughts
anonymous [04-18-2011]

Your photo and video clip showing Sara Palin signing a flag, in my opinion,is not really truthful. It appears that she did sign something but it looks like she signed the stick to which the flag is attached.What is wrong with that?
Harold Hansen, Hudson, Wisconsin [04-18-2011]

If she signed the stick, there was nothing wrong. However, stills confirm that she did, indeed, sign the flag.

what is the correct salute to the flag when im in my school marching band and we wear our uniforms with hats that are not easy to remove how do we salute during the anthem or if we are at a parade and The Flag passes in front of us?
anonymous [04-15-2011]

Question: I am researching a question about when two flags are in the same room, which one do you face to say the pledge. The room is a meeting room with a standard us flag on a pole on the left side of the room. At the front main table is placed a small us and state flag. Maybe a total of 6 inches tall. Which flag to you face. The one in the corner or the one in the center?
Ron [04-13-2011]

You would face the standard flag, in this case.

is there an awnser to the 12x18 flag question?
anonymous [04-13-2011]

If your displaying only a foreign flag, do you also have to display the American flag?
james s chase, Fresno, cal [04-13-2011]

An elderly lady I work for has a large veterans flag that she received through her late husband for his service. She is wanting to know what to do with it, being it is in fine shape, and she has no use for it in her aging years and is trying to pare down her belongings. Ideas?
K Wardell [04-12-2011]

my local grocery store has a 12x18ft US flag when it is taken down for weather it is placed in a cart waded in a ball and not folded is this respectful since it is kind of hard to fold big flags? also I want to fly a 8x12 on a 19ft pole for patriotic days rather than my 4x6 can I go this big and be respectful?
anonymous [04-12-2011]

on the pow flag The Legion and USAF says it take its palce after state flags while other say it goes before what is correct it is not mentioned in order of precedence
anonymous [04-12-2011]

It seems that I remember reading at one time that when both The Pledge of Allegiance and the Texas Pledge are recited that the United States Pledge should be said first with the person facing the flag and holding their right hand over their heart, and then, they should remove their hand, and "replace" it to say the Texas Pledge, that the two pledges should have a definite separation, but now I can't find this "rule" anywhere. Did I dream this?? Is there a specific rule regarding this issue?
Barbara Harder, United States of America [04-10-2011]

I have never heard this before. Perhaps other visitors can help.

the reason flags are backwards on some military is so they look like they are carrying it into battle if it were the other way our troops would be retreating and you call them un American for all they do for us shame on you God bless America
anonymous [04-09-2011]

I am prior active Army Infantry and I take pride in our country and flag. At my job they don't fly the flag full staff, they said that is just how it is. I remember hearing that if you can't display the American flag properly you are not allowed to display it. The flag sits about a foot from the top, I want to know if this is a law, rule, or regulation to display the flag either half staff or full staff so when I bring it up I can back up my argument.
Tommy Mitchell, Texas [04-09-2011]

The Flag Code is silent on this question. It refers to raising the flag to the peak in reference to half-staffing the flag. By reference, the full-staff position is indeed at the peak.

I am confused. Some of the articles shown show that when other flags are flown on separate poles at same height, the US flag is in the left-most position. Then there is an article that states: "No flag shall be flown to the right of the US Flag" Seems like a huge contradiction to me or am I not reading/viewing correctly. Also, with regard to the "right flag" patch being worn on the right sleeve, just WHO are those "some people" that find the "right flag" patch on the right sleeve "disrespectful" and are seeking to gain support to always use the "left flag" patch even on the right sleeve! Would they carry the US flag in a parade or any other function with the "union" facing to the REAR! Are those "some people" Americans? If so, they should be ashamed to call themselves such! In my AMERICAN eyes, they are a disgrace to the United States of America!
John V. Hari [04-08-2011]

References to the "right" refers to the flag's own right, which is the viewer's left.

Regarding a table display of three flags; US, German, and State of TN, as you face the display is the order from left to right-Tennessee left, US center, and German right?
Jim Blankenship, Jackson, TN [04-08-2011]

If the flags are the same height, from left to right: US, German, Tennessee.

can you put a name on america flag if the fire fight was killed at 911 if not what can i do
Timothy Nally, franklin square ny [04-06-2011]

I saw this in a gallery from the American Country Music Awards:
Kelly Zink, McKinney, TX Veteran, US Navy [04-06-2011]

to the retired Air Force vet Thank you for serving and it is about time someone took care of improper displays of flags I do so in my town too Downtown 30 flag in center of street they be tangled twisted or knotted up I fix it even got stopped by a cop but he understood thank you
anonymous [04-05-2011]

in my town my neighbor was flying a tattered flag someone came by and replaced it taking the old one to the VFW is the Acceptable?
anonymous [04-05-2011]

You should ask permission.

I am retired from the Air Force and take great pride in this, the United States of America. Most people think they are doing the right thing in honoring our flag and country by displaying the colors. Sure they are not aware of the violations/infractions of displaying the flag. But when it is brought to the attention of these individuals they should immediately take corrective actions. If they do not, then I feel "you" have the right to correct it yourself if it is not corrected. A flagrant act of disrespect to the flag should be corrected right on the spot. So far I have had people thank me for bringing to their attention the violations they have unknowingly commited. I will continually keep an eye out for our colors and our nation even in my "retired" staus !
Jim Oliveri, Universal City, Texas [04-03-2011]

why does the code say the the flag should be displayed on Easter and Christmas,Fathers Day and Mothers day when they are not patriotic days?
anonymous [04-03-2011]

I stopped at the post office this morning. The lanyard on the flagpole in front had slipped and the flag was on the ground. I was amazed to see several people look at it and walk on by. When I got there I picked it up and hung it on the hook. I didn't think I should try to raise it and I was afraid somebody would think I was stealing it if I tried to remove it to take it inside. I went in and told a clerk and they got somebody out right away to take care of it. I thought all those people who just walked past it on the ground made a very disappointing statement.
John, Lawrence, KS [04-02-2011]

Our school was given a flag that was part of a unit's mission. We want to display it in our gym. What are the guidelines for a shadow box to display? Thank You
Kathleen Reitz, Spring Hill, FL / Retired SGM & Educator [03-31-2011]

Is their a minimum or a maximum number of American flags required to be displayed during a presidential address, press conference or joint press conference with foreign head of state?
William Mayrose, Lake Arrowhead,Ca [03-30-2011]

No. It is traditional to have at least one, and often there are more.

Some of the RV parks fly both the US flag on top and the Canadan below on the same pole is this right? Then if there is three poles with USA,Texas and Canada flags how should be displayed? Thanks John & Ann
John C Johnson, Harlingen, Texas [03-29-2011]

Foreign flags should fly at the same height as the US flag. With three poles, viewer's left to right: US, Canada, Texas.

At my grandmothers house I put in a 8ft polein her garden with a 20x30 inch US flag and 12x18 inch Army flag in honor of my Grandfather and his service I had 2 solar lights on the flag and a WW2 flag marker with small flag in the garden too now some ungrateful American stole the marker with the little flag and took the flag lights So I took down the flagpole so the flag wouldnt be stolen. Was this the right thing to do or does it make me look like I let the theif prove his point by removing the American flag? Now on the front porch there is a 3x5ft flag mounted I am only going to fly it on holidays now for protection or should I fly it everyday taking the chance it will be stolen? My grandma is unable to remove it at night due to her health so what do you recommend? And when flags are stolen what is the purpose why do people take them what is the point? Thanks for your help
anonymous [03-29-2011]

You should report stolen property to the police and ask for assistance in safeguarding your Grandmother's residence.

see the half staff page at there is where I got the info for the half staff response.
anonymous [03-28-2011]

i have had two flags replaced in two different places in my home town when i told them they cannot be flown in a ragged position and they were replaced the next day our mayor didnt know the rules for flying a flag i am a veteran
raymond a webb, 507 carlton ave union point ga 30669 [03-25-2011]

To proud veteran the code allows room for private buisness to lower flags to honor citizens presidential orders are to be followed by government only private sector can do as they wish lowering the flag is ok thing to do to honor him
anonymous [03-25-2011]

That's not what the Flag Code says. It says that half-staffing is by proclamation of the President or governor; but only requires adherence by governmental facilities.

Our post office in palm city fys the flag everynight weith no light on it--I don't know who to call about it--It is wrong!
nancy snyder, palm city florida 34990 [03-24-2011]

Contact the postmaster at the location.

there was a factory accident the other day in the city and one of two people that died was a veteran. a few days after the accident the company flew the colors at half staff. is this disrespectful to the flag even though one man that died served?
proud veteran, lou ky [03-24-2011]

The Flag Code specifies that only the President and your state's governor can authorize the flag to fly at half staff. We suggest flying the company flag at half staff.

update just after this posting he took the flag down it was a 20x30ft not 30x60 now he flies a 4x6 right side up
anonymous [03-24-2011]

my neighbor claims he does not hate or disrespect the flag he just trys to make a point he has a 25 ft pole flying a 30 x60 ft flag upside down on it clearly the majority of the flag is on the ground I have asked him to remove it but he wont so I ve taken it down and folded the flag best I could and returned it to him but next day its up again what should I do? his reason is the big flag represents the big amount of money wasted by the government the flag on the groung represents the fallen troops who now are buried in the ground and it upside down America is in distress.
anonymous [03-23-2011]

It is his property and the Supreme Court has ruled that using the flag to make a political statement is a protected First Amendment right.

should the flag be flown higher then the building that it represents
ken boyd, libby,montana [03-23-2011]

It is not necessary to do so.

PL 110-181 modified the flag code to allow vets not in uniform to salute ... on this site, the modification is shown in the section on rendering honors during the National Anthem. Question: does the modification also apply for the Pledge of Allegiance? Thank you.
Lee Ashcraft, MA; vet [03-22-2011]

"Section 4. Pledge of allegiance to the flag; manner of delivery
The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag: "I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.", should be rendered by standing at attention facing the flag with the right hand over the heart. When not in uniform men should remove any non-religious headdress with their right hand and hold it at the left shoulder, the hand being over the heart. Persons in uniform should remain silent, face the flag, and render the military salute."

To awnser Normans question the flag just has to bee seeable at night if you can cleary see it is a flag you are good
anonymous [03-18-2011]

First to awnser joes from Montanas question it is wrong the code says it is The flag should not be used as wearing aparell
second I am the one who wrote about grave flags would you know any one or group I could talk to to help me buy these flags maybe donate?
third the question about the flag award by Heather the flag should be flown right side up at full staff not any other way unless authorized by president
Thomas, Nebraska [03-17-2011]

What is considered "proper lighting" for 24 hour flag display?
Norman Sessing, Minnesota [03-17-2011]

The Flag Code offers no additional guidance. You need to use your best judgment.

Every where I go I always look for American Flags to see if they are displayed wrong,torn anything that is not correct.
Kim Z. Fox, Albany Oregon / Military [03-17-2011]

i see lot of photos on the internet of young teenage girls wrapped in the flag or only wearing the flag is any thing disrespectful about this since they are just being patriotic? i know the code disaggrees with it but really ?
joe, montana [03-15-2011]

i go thru cematries replacing US flags on vets graves with new flags at my own expense is this doing the right thing ?
anonymous [03-15-2011]

I find it very admirable and thank you.

I am a business operator and currently proudly fly a very large American flag. Our business has been given a certificate from the Daughters of the American revolution for our "outstanding flag etiquette". I would however like to see a site like this or some other site have a current posting on what position the flag should be in according to what may be happening in our nation. Thank you
Heather, Proud to be an American [03-15-2011]

hi wrote 2 other questions about the mexican flag with USA flags and a Nebraska flag are there awnsers?
anonymous [03-14-2011]

If you display a US flag correctly (with another) on the wall and wish to also have a small US flag on your desk, that is acceptable.

which is first Vatican or state
anonymous [03-14-2011]

According to the Flag Code, national flags take precedence over state flags. According to military codes, foreign nations are those belonging to the United Nations, which the Vatican is not.

when displaying flags in a 3 pole formation US goes higher in center but how should the state and corparate be flown what sides ?
anonymous [03-14-2011]

From the street, the high center pole holds the US flag, the left pole holds the state, and the right holds the corporate.

I work at an RV park and we have 4 flagpoles in an arc. My boss wants to place the flags from left to right with the US flag farthest to the left. I know the US flag is suppose to be the farthest left but in this case, the next flag would be in front of the US flag putting which would be the Canadian flag, in a dominent postition over the US flag. Am I correct in telling her that the US flag should be in the furthest most forward pole?
Michael N. Vick, Yuma Az. Retired Navy [03-13-2011]

The arrangement arcing toward the entrance is unfortunate, but your boss is correct.

can the Vatican /Papal flag fly beneath the US ?
anonymous [03-11-2011]

According to the Flag Code, yes.

in my room i display a US and Nebraska flag National on left and state right they are next to my desk on my desk right next to state flag is a little US desk flag much lower than US am I ok with this set up
anonymous [03-10-2011]

in my town we have 30 flags on poles in the center of the main street the poles are 15ft tall on of the buissness has a mexican flag about 3x5 and 18ft tall higher than US is this ok as long as they arent in the same group
anonymous [03-10-2011]

how long should you fly a flag once it is torn before its replaced i have always flown it till only one or two stripes tear am i correct?
anonymous [03-10-2011]

The Flag Code is not specific. I change mine on the visible first signs of wear.

About the POW -MIA flag it only takes importanace over other flags exept US on the 6 days specified for display
Tom [03-10-2011]

Follow-up on calendar hanging over part of the flag: Perhaps my question was not clear. I don't work in the County Clerk's Office, it's not my calendar (if it were, it would not be hanging over the flag) and it's only "my" flag in the sense that it is also yours and that of all U.S. citizens. Since it's more of an etiquette issue than a regulatory one, I'll just politely ask the person at the desk next to that location to move either the calendar or the flag so that the flag is not partially obscured.
Andrew Velonis, Syracuse NY [03-09-2011]

To whom it may concern: Dear Sir/ Madame; At new year day, Vietnamese community fly the US flag and VN flag . Which flag should be raised first ? Thank you. Hoang Lan
Hoang Lan, milpitas, CA 95035 [03-07-2011]

In the US, the US flag is raised first and lowered last.

A December posting asked about order of US,State and POW MIA flags the webmaster is wrong it should be US, State,POW MIA not POW then state see US Army order of precedence
Tom [03-07-2011]

Can a Christian flag fly on same pole with the American flaf ?
Odell Broadway [03-05-2011]

Yes, it can fly beneath the American flag on a single pole.

Great site.Thanks.
Eddie, Brooklyn,New York / Veteran [03-04-2011]

In all of the disrespect examples shown on your site and on your links I have seen no reference to American flag bumperstickers. In reading the regs I find that the flag (a freely-flowing cloth flag) may be displayed on a staff on the right front fender of a car, but only during a parade or a funeral. I have seen many flag bumperstickers on the rear bumpers of cars and trucks, especially since 9/11. Most of those are fading and peeling now. These flag stickers: 1. are not illuminated at night, 2. are left out in the weather to deteriorate, 3. are usually oriented wrongly on the vehicle with respect to its motion, 4. are not on a staff flying freely, and 5. are obviously being used to call attention to the motorists' idea of themselves and their personal value instead of as a symbol of the nation. I think you and your linked comrades should feature these stickers also as disrespectful and you should call attention to this despicable practice, showing pictures, as you do with advertising and commercial use and other obvious signs of neglect. I have also seen, in Berkleley California, the American flag hung from a small pole on the rear of many of that city's fire trucks. Some citizens objected to this because they thought it appropriate, that firefighters may be seen to support George Bush's war on terrorism, but a bigger problem arose later after the flags were flown for a number of months or years. The trucks are diesel, ana the black diesel exhaust spewed out the back emits directly onto the flags, which are positioned near the exhaust pipes under the rear bumper. Many of these flags can be seen to be horribly soiled with black soot. That may be what the code writers were concerned about when they mandated that flags should only be flown on the right front bumper. Do you have any plans to critique stickers or flags positioned wrongly on vehicles?
Steve Tabor, Battle Mountain NV [03-04-2011]

Steve, I agree with many of your observations. We make a case by case evaluation when examples are submitted.

In an office at our County Clerk's Office, there is a U.S. Flag hanging on a wall. There is a calendar hanging on the same peg, covering part of the flag. As I read 4 U.S.C. Sec. 8(g) "The flag should never have placed upon it, any mark etc." By hanging a calendar over the flag, they are not technically putting any mark on it, but by covering part of it up, it just seems to me generally disrespectful. Any guidance?
Andrew Velonis, Syracuse NY [03-04-2011]

I suggest you move the calendar to a different peg.

I am a proud American and I display our American flag most of the year, although our harsh New England winters might not permit me from displaying as much as I like.I have been told I shouldn't fly the American flag during the coarse of the night,but with my type of work that takes me from sunrise to well past sunset on most days, I don't get to take in our flag like I should. I was told to light it up at night,but that requires me to run underground electric that can get expensive. Maybe I'm making excuses but I do remind those about our national anthem written by Francis Scott Key.He recalls what he saw on the break of dawn during a battle during the Revolutioary War-"Gave proof thro' the night that our flag was still there" .Well that flag flew overnight and inspired Francis to put his thoughts to pen and paper.So maybe I feel that is one flag ettiquette that can overlooked.If I'm wrong then let me know.
Chris Ruggiero, Northford,Ct [03-04-2011]

Nice thoughts. Section 6a: "It is the universal custom to display the flag only from sunrise to sunset on buildings and on stationary flagstaffs in the open. However, when a patriotic effect is desired, the flag may be displayed twenty-four hours a day if properly illuminated during the hours of darkness."

Would it be disrespectful for someone who is retiring from the military to display 2 folded flags back to back with the points then parallel to the ground? The member and spouse were both Air Force First Sergeants. The symbol for the AF First Sergeants symbol is the diamond, which is the symbol that we would like to create using the 2 flags, is there any rules on this? Please do not put my name on your website, Thanks
anonymous, Virginia [02-27-2011]

There are reports that Hillary Clinton has upsidedown stars on the flag. I thaught upside down stars were satanic stars. Upside down star flags can be found at:
Confidential, United States of America Under God forever [02-26-2011]

It was in January 2008 at a victory rally in New Hampshire and the large flag did not meet the standards set in Executive Order 10834 for official US flags. It appears that the canton (blue field) was accidentally sewn on upside-down in the fabrication of the flag.

This Question posted on 03/24/11 at 3:03 P.M. Why is this video of a U.N. Flag in a civilian court not front page News on the Betsy Ross Web Site. Why is no one giving The correct answers to the American People? Youtube video found at: Please answer the questions emediatly. If I dont reconise the flag. I dont reconise the jurisdiction. hense we have no buisness. God Gless America Land That I love.
Confidential Juror 64529, United States of America, Under God only [02-26-2011]

The US flag should be moved to the viewer's left and raised to match the height of the other flags. The United Nations flag is recognized in the US Flag Code.

I am trying to figure out if our Boy Scout Troop is in violation of rule 8C. We do a flag ceremony were the flag is carried out tri-folded, then as the words to Old Glory are read, it is on folded. At the end we have everyone stand and sing God Bless America. We then re-fold the flag and then march back out. 8C states that the flag should never be CARRIED flat or horizontally, but always aloft & free. We do not move except while on folding the 40' flag, is this a violation? Thank you for the help and great site.
John Davis, Virginia/ Retired MAC USN/Scoutmaster BSA T13 [02-24-2011]

question: I am an architect with a client that wants a motorized roll-up American flag for their school gymnasium (sort of like an electric projection screen). I have found one manufacturer who makes this BUT I feel it is not proper treatment of the flag. Any thoughts or rulings on this? Has the issue come up before? Marty
Martin Rose, Cincinnati, Ohio [02-24-2011]

This is acceptable, but should be monitored to be sure it's functioning properly.

Wow! lots of info here. Keep up the great effort, someone needs to carry the torch and teach, teach, teach. I found a large 48 star flag waded up and flung across a hanger in a thrift store recently. I did a double take, contactd the manager and took it home with me to handle properly. I'm not well instructed on this at all, but that scene really disturbed me. All I could think about was some of our local Vets coming in and seeing it among the curtains, rugs and draperies for sell. I'm sure it wasn't intentional, just missed and misinformed. I still have my Dad's WWII uniforms too! Thanks for the website!
Leta, Piedmont, NC [02-24-2011]

Thank You for this site! Very informative and easy to navigate. Keep up the GREAT work!
Michael Burke, fdny [02-23-2011]

i did not know all these flag codes. they are very interesting to know. i think a lot of people's hearts are in the right place by the things they put the flag on, but did not realize they were in violation of the flag code. i know, this is no excuse for ignorance. thanks for the information that is out there. i love my U.S.A. flag and everything the flag stands for. God Bless Our Flag and those men and women who defend what the flag stands for.
susan, missouri [02-23-2011]

Often when the president is speaking you will see multiple US flags side by side behind him. Isn't this in violation of flag code Section 7c?("...No person shall display the flag of the United Nations or any other national or international flag equal, above, or in a position of superior prominence or honor to, or in place of, the flag of the United States at any place within the United States or any Territory...") If I'm not mistaken, that's basically saying no one can place a flag (national or international)in a superior position to the US flag. In the picture below, there is a flag that has been placed in a superior position to the US flag (it happens to be another US flag, but still)
Joseph Hoehn, New Hampshire / Civil Air Patrol cadet [02-23-2011]

The US flag may be displayed more than once. One of them should be in the position of prominence. The display in the picture is consisitent with the Flag Code.

How many stars are you suppose to see when doing a triangular fold with a US flag that has 48 stars?
Joe, New Hampshire, Civil Air Patrol cadet [02-22-2011]

I'm researching flag information for a Flag ceremony presentation for Boy Scout leaders. This is an outstanding site and I will reference it in my presentation. It has given me a lot of information that I can also use personally.
Lee A. Reese, Lubbock TX CPO US Navy retired [02-21-2011]

I want these 2 flag violations posted emediatly. With a answere why the government is violating these flag laws deliberatly. I pledge allegiance to the flag not flagS. Violation 1. MILITARY JUDGE MICHAEL L. BORG, GET THAT GOLD FRINGE OFF MY FLAG. FOUND AT: on page 3 of 13 Violation 2. YOU TUBE video called U.N. Flag Stands Taller than the American Flag in Local Village Court. Outrage! Found at: Violation 3 What give Hillary the right to put the stars upside down on our National Flag? 1. Found at: These greedy bums should be thrown from office. If I dont reconise the flag. I dont reconise Jurisdiction. hense we have no buisness. It is all of our responsibility to protect the flag and the constitution. Anyone can take these pledges but not every one is keeping true to the red, white and blue.
Confidential Juror 64529, Any were U.S.A. [02-21-2011]

When displayed on the shoulder of any uniform how should it be displayed
Larry, Berwick, Pa [02-20-2011]

its really amazing how so many people cant follow simple rules such as the flag code . its pretty freakin simple if you ask me
Tyler [02-18-2011]

God bless America! These colors don't run!
Ron Nevels, Joshua,TX [02-16-2011]

Sound Taps and To The Color at Memorial Day and Veterans Day events at Heritage Park, Lakeway, Tx. with Posting of The Colors by the Lakeway Police Color Guard.
Duane Zimmerman, Lakeway, Tx. Member, BAA, Bugles Across America, Member, Lakeway Heritage Commission [02-15-2011]

hi i have a question when the United Nations flag is displayed with the Amercan and other forgen nation flag what is the correct order of display?
MSG ret. Milton J. Smith, U.S Army Yougsan, South Korea [02-14-2011]

I didnt remember were I hear is the flag is damage folded backward for avoid your use again. It somebody have more and correct information about, please let me know. Thank...
Luis, Puerto Rico [02-14-2011]

After finding this site I am pleased to see I am not alone. For years I have been a thorn in the side of anyone displaying our flag incorrectly...entering a store to request an ajustment, is not uncommon. My London born father, later a member of the NY Natioal Guard, taught his family early about the respect for Old Glory. It has always stayed with me. Thanks for the site....The Flag Lady.
A-J Marsh, Largo, FL [02-11-2011]

Would it be appropriate to display a flag in a patriotic flower arrangement? We are garden club members preparing artistic designs for a flower show.
anonymous [02-11-2011]

if the flag is faded, should i burn it myself, or should i let someone else do it?
anonymous [02-09-2011]

I have a question about Flag Etiquette. We are planning a Flag Ceremony involving 5 45' x 90' flags which have been used for a variety of purposes throughout the United States. "The Flag Truck" which is part of the Dept. of the Interior transports these flags and large groups of patriotís unfurl them in a display of patriotic conviction. Would this violate flag etiquette? Our local veterans group is refusing to participate and sites this as the reason.
Michael McCord, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania [02-09-2011]

If the flags are to be displayed horizontally then it is in conflict with the Flag Code, "The flag should never be carried flat or horizontally, but always aloft and free." For the first time in many years, the flag was not so displayed during the opening ceremony of the Super Bowl this year. Perhaps they too have made the decision that it is inappropriate.

I have question concerning the flag flying at all times. It says in the code it should be illuminated at night but for example flags placed in the military cemetaries for Memorial Day and Veterans Day shall be there for a longer period of time yet not illuminated. Can you help me with this question? Thanks Dean Armstrong
Dean Armstrong, Jr., Ohio [02-09-2011]

I would like to inquire as to the proper way to display the U.S. Flag in a triangle shadow box. I know the obvious- folded with the standard and stars showing- the question is the direction of the folded flag- it is my understanding that the fold should be in the back and only the blue and stars face the viewer. Is this correct? I can find nothing on this issue.
Cynthia Alamia, Texas [02-07-2011]

Can a firefighter or police officer that died in the line of duty display the American flag on their casket, who isnt a veteran? There has been much debate over this question what say you?
Jason Roberts, Denver, CO [02-06-2011]

We say yes he may.

Is there anything against the flag code that is illegal?
Joseph Hoehn, New Hampshire [02-04-2011]

reading the Flag Code web site I think people put way to much emphasis on the flag it self and not enough in the meaning behind the flag..
Patrick Downs, paducah kentucky [02-02-2011]

NAEEM, pakistan [02-02-2011]

Is there anything in the code covering hanging a flag from the ceiling via all four corners, parallel to the ceiing/floor? I don't find anything.
Steve Stein, Lake Jackson, TX [02-01-2011]

Section 8f. reads, "The flag should never be used as a covering for a ceiling."

Can you cut a star out of a old flag ready for retirement and put itin a small plastic seald bag along with the home state it was retired from stating it was part of the flag that was left from flying over this house in Ohio or any other State and sell it for money to be used for our Veterans. We are a subordinate organization to the AMVEtS
Gene Batt Sons National J.A., Defiance Ohio [02-01-2011]

The Flag Code does not endorse cutting the flag prior to retirement. It states, "The flag, when it is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem for display, should be destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning."

During the Pro Ball game of last night (1/30) the flag was suspended with the stars at the top to the right as opposed to the left. I was advised that this is appropriate display during a time of war. Is that really the case?
Susan, Western PA [02-01-2011]


Hi, Great site. I appreciate your objective and non-partisan apporach to this important topic (e.g. Giving the normally "flag waving" Pallin a critique for her defacing of your plag - not all "flag waving" sites would do that! We are lucky to have you as our neighbours, although sometimes we (as a basically Christian country) have a hard tim eunderstanding your fascination with guns/violence etc...) Anyway - keep up the good work and God Bless America! dr
Dave Rowat, Canada [01-31-2011]

Is it right to strip a flag up and then burn it. My sons cubs scout leader told them that they were going to show compassion to the flag and so she started striping the flag so they can burn it come camping time but the flag was worn down so they were going to retire it. but i guess what im trying to say is that right to do the flag that way. the reason she said they strip it is because they had one flag to retire and two many kids that needed to be part of the retireing they what them to be part of it.
jennifer [01-25-2011]

It is a long-standing tradition among the scouts.

My association has told me that I have to remove the American flag from the outside wall of my balcony because the rules state nothing could be attached to outside walls. I showed them federal law and Florida state law prohibiting such a rule with the flag. They will not budge and intend to fine me. Help!
Stanley Smykowski, Sebastian FL. / condo owner [01-20-2011]

Our city adopted a city flag and provided it to city public bldgs. to be flown underneath the US flag. However, the city flag is noticeably larger than the US flag, is the ok ?
Brian, Wichita Falls, TX. [01-20-2011]

While the Flag Code states that other national flags should be the same size as the US flag, it is silent on sizes of other flags. It may be considered disrespectful of the US flag to have others be larger, and we recommend against it.

I was recently given a flag pole, attaching bracket and flag to be mounted to front porch.The flag is currently located to my left as I leave the house, is this acceptable? It can be attached to right of steps if need be. Thanks
John Hill, GooseCreek, SC [01-17-2011]

Have searched this wonderful site, but still am unclear as to how the US and our NC flag should be arranged in the classroom. They are side-by-side in wall holders at an angle jutting out from the wall. Should the US flag be first (on the left) as the class faces the flags? Thank you for your help!
nan, NC teacher [01-15-2011]

Yes, from the viewer's perspective, the US flag should always be on the left when the flags are at the same height.

Flying a Flag for me is as High as an Honor as Being an American. It is important to me that it is treated to the UpMost Respect and Honor. So many over look the respect that we owe our Nation. Just remember flying Multiple Flags on a single pole. Country - State - Affillitation . US FLAG above STATE FLAG above Other. My Own feeling of the respect. as far as Branch of service, I would fly Marine Corps over Navy Over Army over Air Force over Coast Guard. Why I am not sure just personal.
Art O, COLORADO / Veteran USARNG Non-Com [01-15-2011]

In regard to Flag Code section 8i, is it wrong to fly a college flag underneath the American flag?
Jesse, Dallas, TX [01-15-2011]

College flags are generally considered acceptable to fly on the same pole as the US flag.

I want to educate my scouts about properly flying the US Flag with other flags. I'd like to get hard copies of the Flag Code to distribute to my scouts. Where could I get copies?
Dana Stull, Wilmington, NC / volunteer leader in BSA [01-15-2011]

You can print them from this website.

Why are flags at half staff on january 13,2010 in california? did president order it until January 14? WAs it because of Arizona incident?
jose m., california [01-15-2011]

Yes, the President ordered flags to half-staff through sunset 1/14/11 as a mark of respect for the victims of the tragedy in Tucson.

the rules regarding the respect for our american flag has been disregarded so many times since i was an army brat during wwii it makes me sick. as a child we were taught to revere the american flag and what it stood for. i can't imagine what would have happened to us if we were to let it touch the ground or folded incorrectly. what has happened to this country so that we have no respect for anything that doesn't please us? my father served in wwi and wwii, i can imagine what he would think of today's actions regarding our country's values!
MARY B. ANDERSON, carrollton, tx [01-15-2011]

Sarah Palin responded to the AZ shootings with her flag on the wrong side. We've learned flag code with cub scouts and saw it immediately. If your going to run for office or been in office, I would think that this is common practice. I guess not.
Michelle Turner, Peoria, AZ [01-13-2011]

Today, the Governor of the State of Minnesota has ordered flags to be flown at half staff for the victims of the tragedy in Tucson. While the intention is an honorable sign of respect for the victims, I question if it abides by the Flag Code?
John, Saint Paul, MN [01-11-2011]

I am searching for a website updated daily with whether the flag should be at 1/2 mast. If you are aware of one, please email me.
Janice E Carter, library staff [01-11-2011]

What is the proper way to display more then one flag. I know the US flag is at the highest point, but what about if there is a state flag with a military flag of some kind. What order do they go in?
Ruth Dome, Stewartsville MO [01-06-2011]

I'am flying a flag near a four lane Hi-way, my guess would be that the US Flag should be on the flag pole nearest the Hi-way. US, Canada, State, Business.
LT Hager, Medford MN [01-05-2011]

That is correct.

do you have to burn the U.S flag if it touches the ground
caleb laster [01-05-2011]

Which country's flag is never lowered?
john [01-03-2011]


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