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July-December 2010 Flag Rules Guestbook Archive

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I am retiring soon from the US Navy. While discussing how to fold the Flag for my shadow box display, my seniors tell me that I can have the stars shown better if I bunch up the rest of the flag behind the display instead of folding it properly. Would this be considered a sign of disrespect? Shouldnt all Flags displayed in a shadow box be folded properly regardless of how the stars are displayed?
Mack Hanshew, Tinker AFB [12-30-2010]

we need to get back to the days when all americians respected our flag and this country and in god we trust ment something besides a law suit
STEVEN GARCIA, gallup, new mexico love this country and all our troops keeping us safe and free [12-30-2010]

A local Eagle Scout project in our small comunity was to erect a new entrance for the community park.The sign and flags sit to the side of the entrance.He constructed a H shaped frame with the park name in the middle and the legs for the sign are three spaced flag poles with the name of the park about twelve feet off the ground, and the flags are flown in proper order not touching the name. There are a number of locals that say this is wrong. I can not find any rules tha say that this is wrong. We are in need of a answer.
Sharon, Harper, Texas [12-29-2010]

brianna [12-28-2010]

how do i display the us flag on a ships signal mast, without a gaff, when on land?
ROBERT GANTHER, warminster, pa [12-28-2010]

Place the US flag at the top.

a neighbor of mine stated that all American Flags should be flown at half staff on Veterans Day. I say she is wrong. Your answer, please.
Linda, Kissimmee, FL [12-22-2010]

See is not right. Click here for guidance

I do not agree that nonmilitary persons should have their coffin drapes by a flag,this an honor that was started by the military.I t needs to be earned!
maureen montes, atlantic city,nj [12-20-2010]

Question: I have been contacted by a local church that is doing a live play for veterans. They are using the entire stage area for the play and the only place they have to display the flags is on the right side of the stage (the audience's right). Can this be done as long as the American Flag is the furthest to the left? Thanks for the info.
Dean Larsen [12-18-2010]

We recommend that you place the flag at the audience's left, at the base of the stage area, in this case.

I am a sergeant on the Weber County Sheriff's Office Honor Guard in Ogden, Utah and I found this site to be very helpful. Thank you for maintaining it and helping people learn proper flag etiquette.
Danny, Ogden, Utah Weber County Sheriff's Office [12-14-2010]

God bless the U.S.A.
Phil Bennett, Fort Wayne IN [12-09-2010]

Great website. God bless America
Nicholas Kordenbrock, Charleston/ USAF active duty [12-09-2010]

i love the flag i study it in school and i just love learning all about it
autumn, illinois [12-07-2010]

What is the proper way to present the US flag at half-staff if it is flown continuously on a permanent flog pole? Does it have to be lowered completely and raised in formal tradition or just lowered to the half ­staff position?
James Lawrence, Ocala, Forida [12-07-2010]

The Flag Code is silent on this interesting question. My recommendation would be to lower it; pause; and then start from the beginning, raise it to full staff briskly, then lower to half-staff slowly.

I have to lower the American Flag at a social club Pearl Harbor Day......The pole has a yard arm approx. 1/2 was up the pole.......Do I lower the flag to 1/2 way between the top of the pole and yard arm or lower it to the height of the yardarm... Please advise.......
Loughman, G, Durham, NH......retired [12-07-2010]

God bless America and God bless put troops. God save this Great Nation form ourselves!
Manning H James, III, CMSgt, Ms ANG, Ret, Mississipppi [12-06-2010]

I see Flag Code violations. We need a campaign to teach flag etiquette, probably in school.
SANDRA JULL, Louisville, KY Freelance writer [12-05-2010]

I am an Amateur Radio Operator. We exchange cards confirming our contacts worldwide. I need new cards, I would like to display the US Flag on my card, small, in the upper left corner of the front side of the card, above an equal sized image of the California Bear Flag. Is this permissible under the Flag code?
Fred Jensen, CA, Retired, Vietnam Veteran [12-05-2010]

The Flag Code is silent on this question. If the card is for temporary use, then it is not permitted.

It has always been my understanding that you do not salute a "furled" or encased flag, whether moving or stationary. Was at a Fraternal Chapter recently, the flag was "presented". However, the Marshal carried the flag in a "furled" or encased manner from the time he picked it up in the West until he got through the labryinth and to the East with it. He also did the same thing when the flag was "retired". Picked it up "furled" or encased and went down the North marching line to the West with it "furled" (or encased). I know I was taught to not salute a "furled" or encased flag.
Mary Calvert, tx [12-03-2010]

Very interesting site. I am continuously amazed at how many people have no clue about proper flag etiquette. When I call them on it, I get treated like a downer. A good example is the recent story about the flag presented to a paralyzed hockey player in MA, signed by all the soldiers in a platoon (see: The soldiers should have known that signing a US Flag is disrespectful. I'm curious about a photo that appeared on the CNN website today, see: picture. It is a photo of a soldier in uniform, he has a flag patch on his right shoulder, but the flag is backwards, the union is to the right. I find it hard to believe this is correct, I am assuming the photo somehow got reversed during the copy prep for the article.
Ken Flesher, nh [12-03-2010]

I am printing an artists' book, I wanted to use the red in the American flag. I tried using the Dark red (#BF0A30) mentioned on this site, but it seems to be to orange compared to the sample flag I have. Is there RGB numbers I can enter in my photoshop colour picker to be more precise? Thank you.
Louise Levergneux, Utah [12-02-2010]

When you have only one pole to fly youre flags how should the US,State and POW/MIA be dislayed.
Wes Jones, School [11-30-2010]

The order, top to bottom, would be US, POW/MIA, State

Love the site! Great source of flag information. Question - would a "black and white" american flag still be considered a flag by the code?
Mike, Virginia [11-23-2010]

Thankyou for setting up this website. I am imbaressed to have my hometown on this website dishonoring the flag.
Jeremy, Reno, NV/U.S. Army [11-19-2010]

Recently the local American Legion has rented it's facility to a Muslem group for different events. It has come to my attention that in decorating the Legion hall for the event, that the American and all other flags were covered. In addition all pictures of past commanders and any other symbols relating to America were covered. Needless to say I was stunned when I heard this. I was further annoyed when I confronted a board member about the decesion to allow this and the response was basically "they rented the hall, we got paid, they can do what they want". My question is - is there a flag code relating to covering the American flag. Thanks Jim Weibel
Jim Weibel, Sidney, NY - Commander VFW Post 7914 [11-19-2010]

The Flag Code is silent on all these issues.

I work as a Dept of the Army civilian and am trying to find some guidance regarding the POW-MIA flag. One of the shops wants to hang the POW flag vertically from the ceiling, directly behind the US Flag and in front of the military service flags....can the POW flag be hung vertically and be correct? Thank you!
Cynthia A. Ford, tx [11-17-2010]

The Dept. of the Army has its own rules that differ from the Flag Code.

Is it permissable to wear your ball cap with your ships name or other branch of military in a public building even though you are a veteran?
tom, Berks [11-14-2010]

Who has the right to tell me to take down a properly displayed U S flag? That school telling that 13 year old kid to take the flag off his bike is beyond belief. I served this country and would be willing to defend this flag. As many people who have died for this country that flag should be able to be hung anywhere. I consider it an act of war to tell me to take my flag down.
John Talty, Keller Texas [11-14-2010]

If you would plaese send me information on the folding of the flag and the meaning. Also the meaning of the stripes and colors of the flag. Thank you
Donny Roberts, Den leader for pack 985 [11-13-2010]

The information is all on this website.

Is it acceptable or allowed to fly a foreign country flag (Mexico) in front of a building in the united states?
anonymous [11-13-2010], My father was a real Patriot having served in both [11-13-2010]

A local group cut up their old flag, and kept the stars to laminate with a note telling about the flag, where it flew, etc. These were given away on veterans day for veterans to keep in their billfolds. Is this ok?
Cathy, Texas [11-13-2010]

y What do You Think of this situation? What do You Think of this situation?
Daniel R. Curtis, E4, Oregon Army National Guard Retired Disabled Veteran [11-13-2010]

I understand the respect for the flag and do my best do so. However, in reading your site I am slightly confused. You quote parts of Section 3 of the Flag Code, but according to my reading of the code, that definition of a flag is only applicable in D.C.. Section 5 defines the flag for the citizenry as outlined in Sections 1 and 2 of the Code. Perhaps it's the lawyer in me, but I would respectfully suggest that wearing apparel with a flag design is not a violation of the Code unless it depicts all 13 stripes with the blue field with 50 stars. The language you reference from Section 3 is not apllicable to the citizenry as a whole unless in D.C.. I have not been able to find any historical reference to how these sections originated or the history behind the wording, so perhaps my reading is incorrect. However, relying on the plain text of the Code, I disagree with some of your conclusions.
Greg, Kentucky - Attorney [11-13-2010]

What a great and informative website.
Daniel R Curtis,, E4, Oregon Army National Guard Retired Disabled Veteran [11-13-2010]

i went into the sherrifs dept the other day and they had the flag hanging on the wall. it kept slapping me in the face; even when i would see it through my peripheral vision. i tried to take a picture of it but they wouldnt let me. i explained why and they said i was crazy (true but thats beside the point!) so i had this site saved and came to it today, im gona try and sneek a picture then send them the rules. thanks. ed
edward a murcko, florida / dis. vet. [11-13-2010]

We were give a US Flag flown over Hussein's Palace in Bahgdad. It is ok to fly it over one of our schools in honor of our Veterans?
Dennis Turner, School System in Indiana [11-11-2010]

Certainly. And, if would be good to accompany the flag with a nearby plaque telling its story.

Do they ever fly the flag half mast on foreign battlefields or bases when soldiers die?
mitch Bostwick, Richlands, Va. [11-11-2010]

THANK YOU for clarifing several questions that have come up in discussions on flag etiquette. Also feel that it could be a GOOD idea to SEND a copy to all news agencies and to govenors, see TOO MANY incorrect uses or displays.
Walter R. strongJr., CHESTERTOWN,MD./Served USAF=6yrs, Md.Guard [11-11-2010]

I need to send this mssage to you about your Honor and Remember program. First off, your statement about not having an officially recognized symbol is totaly incorect. What do you think the American Flag is? Then, what is this monies you're asking for going to? Is this for your lobbing purposes? If so, I'm appolled. You are being like all the rest, if so. I am tired of all this politicing. WE need things to get back to what is most important. Taking care of the citizens of these United States and protecing her borders! We need to get rid of all this "buisness as usual" and address the issues at hand! We hav an official Symbol, and it all started whith a lady called Betsy! Thank you for your time Sincerely, Julie Hendry
Julie Hendry, Kenosha, WI Military wife and mother [11-11-2010]

This message should be sent directly to the appropriate group. This website is not affiliated in any way with the program. Click on "Wall of Shame" in our navigation for more information on the Honor and Remember flag being referenced here.

was the US Flag ever displayed with the star section left without th stars?
John Harkless, Virginia Beach, Va. 23452 [11-10-2010]

Im thinking about purchasing a college flag that resembles the American Flag and I was wondering if there are any laws/regulations etc against it. The flag is an Auburn university flag that has orange and blue stripes instead of red and white. The stars have been replaced by the university's logo and the blue background is orange. Is there anything wrong with this?
Chris Wilson, Auburn Alabama [11-10-2010]

Hello. I stumbled across your website after my flag fell to the ground during a wind storm. I was always under the impression that the flag, once it touches the earth, should then be destroyed. Now I know that it is not the case. Thank you. But...after visiting your wall of shame, which I found very discouraging, I noticed that you yourselves may have inadvertently offended nearly a billion and a half people. Ironically it took a Chinese citizen to point out that the US flag in California was displayed improperly, and now an uneducated NJ native to point out to you that you have mispelled Chinese. People make mistakes. It's an imperfect world. Two completely different examples, but if you're going to publicly criticize them, you had better do your homework. Or at least spell check. Both of these blunders are small pieces of the puzzle which continue to embarrass this great nation. It leads people, such as myself, to shake their heads at the sloppiness and lack of detail that infects our society. I look forward to seeing this problem acknowledged. Sincerely, Todd Armitage
todd armitage, nj [11-09-2010]

Acknowledged and fixed. Thank you.

When displaying the United States Flag and The Marine Corps Battle Colors (Flag) from brackets at the front of my garage, how should they be placed? Do the Battle Colors go on the right or left (as you face them from the street) of the United States Flag?? Thaks
Carl Butler, Phoenix, AZ 12 years USMC [11-09-2010]

From the street, the US flag is on the viewer's left.

Is the flag supposed to be lowered every day at the war zone?
John Gachet, Kabul, Afghanistan [11-09-2010]

Is it improper to fly the flag slightly lower than all the way up? Sort of at 7/8 staff? I drive by the entrance to a development that has 3 flags (US, state, and their own), all of them raised the same way - not all the way up! If this is against etiquette I'd love to be able to point it out to the office there. It annoys me greatly.
Ruth Collins [11-08-2010]

The flag should be raised to the top.

I see that Nato commanders of the US have a copy of the USFlag on their right shoulder with the field of Blue on the upper right..marching right..this looks this correct?
Nino Baldino, Long Island NY [11-06-2010]

thank you for all this great information you have put out. this is going to be used for training younger children in this area of the U.S. FLAG and proper display and care of it. it is hard to tell children what is right and they see our politions and commander in chief not showing respect for the flag. The grave yards of this country and all the grave yards in other countrys are full of our service members who have given there lives for freedon. LARRY F. HAYDON
LARRY F. HAYDON, live in eastern wa. state in a small town on highway sr2 that is named creston. i am retired from the U.S. COAST GUARD with 31 years active duty. three of those years was on a 82ft. patrol boat out of danang,rvn and 2 years attached to a explosive loading det. #4 at danang, rvn attached to 5th. transportation det. U.S. ARMY offloading and back loading ammo and military explosives and checking out asp sights in country. [11-04-2010]

my neighbors us flag lays on the ground everyday,she and her son walk by it and wont pick it up,its a shame and disgrace to us all,i wish someone from the marines or army would come here and tell her a thing or two
david, mount airy nc [11-04-2010]

Is there a restriction about using a flag (of any country) for promotional purposes?
Liza Fontelera, South African Consulate General, Los Angeles [11-02-2010]

I need to buy a new U.S. Flag. I was wondering if I could mount it on the house and hang it vertically or horizontially. Does the Flag always need to be mounted on a pole?
Gail Roelofs, Michigan - Parent of Deployed Soldier [11-01-2010]

The flag does not need to be mounted on a pole.

Equestrian presentations? Our drill team knows the rules. Today we had a drill presentation of flags to "America the Beautiful". Six riders and six American flags in an arena. I am a veteran...I hand salute during the National Anthem. I also salute according to the US Code. "The salute to the flag in a moving column should be rendered at the moment the flag passes." One side of the arena has grand stands, consequently I salute every time the flag(s) pass in front of me. Should the audience remove their hats, etc.? After the team left the arena, the organizational flag was presented. Then a lone rider presented the American flag. She rode around the arenas four times and i saluted four times as it passed in front of me. During this presentation, the national Anthem was not played nor after.....Lee Greenwood was played. Everybody else removed their hats or placed their hands over their hearts. I did not....I never heard of doing so for Lee Greenwood....I don't care for Lee Greenwood's song. Again, the National Anthem was not I have to respect this bull....Again, I saluted each time the flag passed in front of me...I was pissed our organization the Rim Rock Riders did not present the colors with the National Anthem. What is your advice? Do I hold the salute for Lee Greenwood?!
william palmese, Redmond, Oregon [10-31-2010]

You do not need to salute for any song other than the National Anthem. We recommend saluting for the first pass of the flag.

What an informative site! I've learned a lot and have bookmarked the for future reference.
ArmyMom88 [10-29-2010]

Are there any rules and regulations regarding the placement of a name plate and service medallion on a glass front memorial flag case?
PATRICK PAULES, fairfield, ct. 06824 [10-28-2010]

this is some great info.
Bruce W. Fonnest, New Mexico [10-28-2010]

I have noticed several people and businesses using the colors RED,WHITE,& BLUE. The red is on top and the blue is on the bottom. just a single wide stripe. Is this correct?
Jody, wyoming [10-26-2010]

if you send out emails, add me. Thank you Tom
Tom Morton, socal [10-25-2010]

We keep coming back to this website again and again. Great work! And millions from around the world continue to visit the Award Winning U.S. Veteran Compensation Programs website. It is a great source where veterans learn how to secure benefits, increase benefits, and get the latest information about compensation, pension, and benefits for veterans - FIRST. Visit Today!
Rance Jurevwicz, Capt., USA, Ret [10-25-2010]

i have the flag from my dads military burial. who should get this when i am gone? i think there is some protocol about who should get this. i have been told my son is to get this?
wayne howard, tn [10-25-2010]

I extremely respect any country's flag. The information a read is parallel to what I believe - rules, regulations or guide towards the USA Flag. What happen if somebody is found violating the Flag Code? Like wearing as an apparel, like printing on food package -Hoodys Peanuts-the packaging material will eventually be in a trash bin.
Henry I. Pacis, California [10-22-2010]

I trust we'll soon see a photo showing the recent atrocity of US Citizen-Quitter Sarah Palin signing her name to an American flag... or does her high status as a failed governor and VP candidate allow her that privilege?
Ken Forst, Chicago, Army Veteran [10-22-2010]

I recently put up an American Flag in the front yard with a night light .Is it proper to fly It while raining?
Jack Inman, Hemet,ca. [10-20-2010]

I have a flag hanging in the window of my room, and I can't decide how it should hang. The window is facing the back-yard and we have no homes behind us, and the window is in an area where people rarely go, maybe once a week the lawn service. Should the union be on the left when facing it on the inside or on the left from facing it from the outside?
chuck, fl [10-18-2010]

We recommend that it hang with the blue field at the top left as seen from the outside, even when few will see it.

We are wanting to display two small USA flags above a clock on a wall and would like to know the proper way for the flags to be displayed. Thank you.
Cindy Anglemyer, Prairie Village [10-12-2010]

The US flag should be on the viewer's left.

can the Freedom Flaf (911) fly beneath the American flag on the ame pole?
Pat Price, Colorado Springs, Co. [10-12-2010]

Yes, the new Freedom Flag, commemorating 9/11, may flay beneath the U.S. flag.

I have seen a lot of US Flags that were "Made in CHINA" to me this is just flat out wrong! I refuse to buy them! I feel there should be a Federal law requiring all US Flags to be made in America.
G. Armstrong, Pennsylvania [10-09-2010]

How is a flag to be handed down upon the death of the military person who had possession of it?
Judy Kline, Evansville, IN [10-07-2010]

We love And honor our flag
brownies troop 344 [10-07-2010]

Our city is completing a street scape project of our downtown. New street light poles are being installed that will include brackets to display seasonal banners or welcome banners as well as a flag bracket for displaying the American flag. Is there a specific rule about where to display the American flag on a light pole that will have an affixed seasonal or welcome banner? Please help as soon as possible.
Malissa Hicks, Hugoton, Kansas [10-07-2010]

Proud American!
Brian Berry, Newport Beach, CA [10-06-2010]

Is it any wonder that the rest of the planet can't abide you people? Give their country back to the Native American people from whom you've stolen it.
anonymous [10-05-2010]

Im having a heck of a time with a local school, The are displayig the american flag in front of the school with the state flag at the same hight and the state flag to the right of the american flag. the other day they were fling the us flag upsidoun. I stop and talk to them about it They blame it on the 2nd grader rising the flag that morning .I notice this at approximatly 1PM that tell me that the flag wos upsidedoun most of the day. and the adults dont go outside to insure the kids are treating the flag with respect. Pleace Help. Master Sergeant SantiagoJ. Retiere
Julio Santiago, winter Haven fl. [10-05-2010]

I love the flag and wish to display it always.
Joan D Mason, usa [10-03-2010]

Jay B Grimes, Teacher in Storm Lake, Iowa [10-03-2010]

We are wondering if it is OK to play "TAPS" indoors for the flag retirement at a Cub Scout Pack Meeting? One of our scouts plays it on the 'bells' and its very pretty and heart touching.
AEB, pa. [09-30-2010]

Is it OK to use a string flag on a parade float? It would be of international flags, and they would be displayed vertically.
Grace, Georgia [09-23-2010]

Flag Code, Section 7a. The flag should not be displayed on a float in a parade except from a staff, or as provided in subsection (i) of this section.

When wearing the flag on the shoulder, should not the stars face forward?
James L. Hendrikson, Janesville, WI [09-21-2010]

Is it proper for a drum major on a high school or any non military ban to hand salute the american flag. The only referance to it is US code Section 301(b)(1) title 36. There was a referance on to orginazation in uniform hand saluting police and others? GOD Bless America GOD Bless our troops
Michael Hunter, Lakewood CA US Army 1972-1975 [09-18-2010]

Veteran Korean War. U.S. Navy. Navel Reserves, Air National Guard. 134th, Knoxville, Tn.
jack menefee, Oak Ridge,Tn [09-18-2010]

Does the flag always have to be red, white and blue. I have seen subdued flags being worn by military and police and have seen all white flags painted on military vehicles. is this ok?
Matt, Pittsburgh [09-18-2010]

Is there certain distance above the ground the flag should be when holder is affixed to front porch? Thank You
Stephen & Christina Briles, Carrollton, IL [09-17-2010]

The Flag Code is silent on this question. Use your best judgment to show the flag respect.

My son's Cub Scout Pack has minimal financial resources. We are in need of a new flag, pole and base. I have not found a set that we can afford. Someone suggested we use an umbrella base (one that would be used under a patio table so the umbrella pole extends upward through the opening in the tabletop) in lieu of the commonly used flag base. This question doesn't appear to have been asked or addressed on your site. Would it be disrespectful to use this alternative base to display our American Flag? It doesn't feel right. Thank you for taking time to answer my question. Cathy Y.
Cathy Y, SW FL / Cub Scout Parent [09-17-2010]

God Bless America, and keep God in our Pledge Of Allegiance!
Larry Heptig, Topeka, KS [09-16-2010]

When displaying the American Flag in a window in a hanging position facing out of a building; should the stars show on the upper left or the upper right to the person looking on from the outside?
Tracey, Pasadena Maryland [09-16-2010]

When hung in a window, place the blue union in the upper left, as viewed from the street.

I purchased a leather motorcycle vest. On the back is an American Flag. This flag is reflective black and white. Is this alright to display?????
Richard, Colorado [09-15-2010]

Is it ok to display the flag of another nation without flying America'S? Is it ok to display the confederate flag ?
gregory j ahl, Veteran living in Brooklyn, N.Y. [09-13-2010]

I think that it could be a distinct honor to be able to fly the Flag at half staff at our MO Veteran's Home here in Warrensburg everytime one of our heroes there dies but according to the rules and regs that is not possible. Would be far more deserving than politicians.
Bob Blackman, Warrensburg, MO 64093 Vet of WWII [09-13-2010]

I must say all your responses and the list of code bookstore is absurd. There is only a violation if it involves an ACTUAL flag not an image or print of a flag. i.e. It's ok to wear a jacket that look like a flag since its not a real flag. Also it's ok to have a paper tacked to a printed poster of a flag. Do you all see the difference?!?
Tom [09-13-2010]

According to the Flag Code, a flag is anything "by which the average person seeing the same without deliberation may believe the same to represent the flag."

A person in our church want to lay a American Flag, on top of a table, where you walk in the church, Me,I don't think it should be done. and also the Flag is large and will touch the floor. Thank You Mr. Hill.
Frederick Hill, Bushnell, FL, [09-13-2010]

This is a great resource, Keep up the Good work.
Donald Bittner, Utah Dept. Of Corerwections Honor Guard [09-13-2010]

Is it okay to fly the flag in rainy weather?
Colleen, Illinois [09-13-2010]

When people show disrespect to the flag they don't realized they are also showing disrespect to every veteran who shed their blood defending it. As a combat wounded veteran I get heart sick everytime I see an American flag being treated disrespectfully. I still have on display in my office the flag I carried for 16 years carefully folded in my pack first as a Marine and as an Army Soldier, I kept the flag with me so I was never seperated from American soil no matter where I was at the time.
Lloyd G. Crothers, California/Combat wounded veteran [09-11-2010]

A question of the acceptable position of the Christian Flag when the US Flag is at half mast. Is the Christian Flag recognized as a a foriegn country flag or as a private organization?
Dee Volkert, Christian School After School Director [09-10-2010]

It is not a foreign national flag.

Our Association has a flag ceremonies at our Opening ceremonies at major events. We have always have the flags carried to the front of the audience and to the right of the podium. They are carried in with the US Flag leading, followed by the Canadian Flag then the State flags of Indiana, Michigan and Ohio, then the Association flag and last the POW/MIA flag. With the 2008 federal ruling on the POW/MIA flag should it now follow the national flags and be in front of the State flags? We display all the flags together in one large flag holder with seven recepticles. The US flag is placed in the center of the seven flags. The Canadian flag and the US flag are the same height when placed in the holder and the other flags are about 3 inches lower than the State, Association and POW/Mia flags. Is this correct? Thank You Ronald Miller
Ronald L Miller, Stockbridge, MI 49285 [09-10-2010]

This is a new challenge. With the additional foreign national flags, we suggest following military protocol and displaying the POW/MIA flag at the end.

This is a great and very informative site. 9/11/01 Never Forget. Never Forgive.
Taylor G, Orlando/Walt Disney World [09-10-2010]

i do the flag everyday
corn, oh [09-08-2010]

I wanted to know if the Opening Flag Ceremony...."Outdoor is different from Indoor" "Indoor" Post Colors- Color guards places the flags in the stands, US Flag last, Troop Flag first Retire Colors: US Flag remove from the stand first. Outdoors: US Flag hoist first and fast, and Retire: Comes down last and slow.... Is this the right way?
Feofaaki Dameworth, 104 Loon Dr, Bastrop Texas 78602 [09-08-2010]

You are correct.

Can we fly our flag day and night through any kind of weather, or does it have to be brought in every night?
Sherry Schultz, Burlington WI [09-08-2010]

I want to place a 3.5x5 American Flag sticker on the rear of my car next to the license plate. I am wanting to put it on the right side of the license plate as I see a lot of police cruisers using it on the right side opposed to the left, so I would think this is the way to put it. Is this the correct location or would I need a reversed flag for this spot?
Zach, Arizona [09-08-2010]

The Flag Code is silent on this question. On the rear of a car you would use a standard flag, not a reversed-field flag.

Have read through the FAQ and other information, and can find no mention of the proper way to remove a flag from the pole. Particularly, what is the acceptable manner to transport it from the pole to a place where it can be folded? I know in the USMC, we used to just get ahold of it and ball it up when we did it at the smaller unit level. March back to the building in formation that way. Then dismiss and fold the colors. Thanks!
David Brinson, Indiana - USMC veteran [09-08-2010]

The Flag Code is silent on this question.

Can the Gadsden Flag be flown at a private residence in Kansas? I know there has been an issue in some other states that they are not allowed to fly it.
Joseph Leone, Emporia Kansas [09-08-2010]

There is nothing in the Flag Code to prevent you from flying the Gadsden Flag. However, you should check with local authorities.

I am interested in knowing if a light is required to shine on the Flag when flown at night.
Richard Snell, Loveland - Colorado [09-08-2010]

when the us flag is on the center pole flanked by company banners on each side and lowered to half-staff,are the banners also lowered, even though they are just banners with a company logo?
anonymous [09-01-2010]

Yes, all flags (except foreign national flags) are half-staffed along with the national flag.

Is it true that after a flag is used to cover a coffin of a hero during their funeral.. that this flag is to never be flown again and be disposed of properly at the widow(er)s discretion?
Stephen, Carbondale, IL [09-01-2010]

it a flag has been used for burial is it proper to later fly that fleg on flag holidays?
ronald cornelison, granite city il. [08-28-2010]

I want to make a quilt with flags from Latin American Countries, what are the rules/regulations on this? Can I place the quilt on a flag pole?
Luz Martinez, Connecticut [08-28-2010]

This week at my childs school the classroom was displaying a flag poster with a series of 9 U.S. flags in rows of three around the border where other nations flags. I noticed 2 discrepancies, 1st it was upside down, 2nd it had a paper tacked ontop of the flag. I notified the teacher who told me nobody ever pointed it out to her. I will be going back soon to see if it was fixed. Will let you know if not.
TSgt.Christopher Morse (Ret), Felton Delaware [08-26-2010]

I am a Veteran and am confused about the change to the code, "present but not in uniform may render the military salute"? If I am wearing a ballcap do I remove it or salute as if the ballcap was a military cap and bring my hand to the brim?
Larry Alexander, Indiana [08-25-2010]

V.Gutierres, California Marine Corp Veteran recently (07-07-2010) asked "I want to place a USMC flag sticker and a U.S. Flag sticker on the rear window of my car. How should they be displayed? With the U.S. flag on the left and the USMC flag on the right? Not sure, thanks". The response given was "The U.S. flag should be on the viewer's left". The problem with that advice is that only those behind the vehicle are able to see the stickers on the rear window, yet the Flag Code suggests the American Flag should be positioned on the right side of the vehicle, thus on the viewer's left as the front of the vehicle approaches. That should place the U.S. flag sticker on the right side of the rear window as viewed from the rear. Should the advice given to Mr. Gutierrez be clarified?
Bill Jameson, Williamsport, Pa [08-23-2010]

A flag sticker can be viewed from only one direction, and therefore, we suggest treating it as you would when hanging a flag from a wall: the US flag on the viewer's left and the USMC flag on the viewer's right. A safer solution is to place the US flag above the USMC on your rear window.

Hi, I would like to create the American Flag in my art medium, which is patented paper mosaic sheets for an up coming art show. Is it all right for me to do the flag in my art medium, showing no disrespect to the flag and keeping the basic red, white and blue colors? Thank you, Esta
esther lastoria, plymouth, ma [08-19-2010]

My daughters school is displaying the American flag against the wall in the school gym. The stars are to the right when looking at the flag..after telling several other parents, and asking some of our local veterans if this was the wrong to display the flag they all agreed it was wrong. But it doesn't seem to both anyone else, even the veterans I talked to. My questions are..they have the Tenn. state flag on the left of the American flag..isn't this also wrong? Should the American be turned around..and hung to the left of the state flag?..And since the gym has a main entrance with two double doors, but also one door at the opposite end of the gym..should it be place at the other end. It seems that it should be opposite of the main entrance so when people walk into our school gym they see our wonderful flag. Hanging the correct way.
Stephanie Walker, Burns, Tennessee [08-17-2010]

When displayed against a wall, the US flag should be on the viewer's left, with the blue field in the upper left.

can you hang your personal flagg at home from mon-to-evening during his deployment to Afgan. (365 days), I guess the question it proper?
Mary Lou Lumbrera, Dimmitt, Texas 79027 [08-17-2010]

The Flag Code is silent on the question. Traditionally you may fly personal flags at any time.

I saw no where where the code deals with a gaft. A gaft is a spar set diagnualy to a pole orignaly it supported the top of the furtherest aft sail on a sailing vessal and is where the ensign is flowen and considered the honnered place. on navy ships the flag is never flowen from the truck or top of the mast or a yard arm,always from the gaft. I thought this applyed to flag poles on land. I have seen poles constructed in such a way that end of the gaft is higher then the peak of the mast.
stephen R Odell, Navy vet. [08-15-2010]

I was looking on your site for rules on about our American flag, as I knew you had information on there before. We (my Husband and I) have a old flag that is faded and torn and I can' fly it anymore, I needed to know how to destroy it, in the proper manner. Some one had told me once that you could cut the stars out and than burn it but I wasn't sure of that. So THANK YOU for the information, it was very helpful. may just take the flag down to the local VFW and give it to them to destroy. Call me silly but it hurts me to see my flag burn and we are not allowed to burn anything in a trash can here in CT.
denise beimler folkman, hamden Ct [08-15-2010]

Our business has been using Nebs Deluxe Checks "American Spirit" checks and it is time to reorder checks. The "American Spirit" check has an eagle and part of the American Flag on it. When we print a check it prints over part of the flag. It appears this does not meet section 8g of the flag code. Please let me know if this does or does not meet the flag code as we want to respect the flag. Thanks
RON ENGST, park rapids mn [08-15-2010]

According to the Flag Code, "The flag should never have placed upon it, nor on any part of it, nor attached to it any mark, insignia, letter, word, figure, design, picture, or drawing of any nature."

When placing flags at gravesites of fallen soldiers doesn't the flag get placed on the right / when facing on your left? What days are they put there, just Memorial Day or others as well?
Larry Oxford, Texas [08-15-2010]

I have an outdoor flag hung on a branch of a tree and in the holster next to my back door. Is that ok, or do I need a dowl or a flagpole?
Shaman Dhia, Brooklyn [08-11-2010]

The Flag Code states, "It is the universal custom to display the flag ...on stationary flagstaffs in the open." We recommend against hanging the flag from a branch of a tree.

The company I work for has caused people to become very upset over putting up 3 flags on the wall inside our work area. At first they had the US flag in the middle and higher thaan the other 2 flags, one of England and the other of Canada. As long as the other 2 were lower than the US flag, nothing was said, but the next day they had taken it down and now flies to the left of the other 2 flags ( as we face it) and they are all flying at the same level. This is for advertising, they say to let everyone know that we have disttrabutions in these other two countries, which we all know. We don't need their flags up there to remind us of that. These are not flown as an enternational exhibit and we feel the US flag should in this case be in the middle and flown higher. I am not the only one who feels this way.
anonymous [08-11-2010]

According to the Flag Code, national flags should all be at the same height. The change your company made was correct.

what is the proper way to hang a burial flag that is in a display case. Point up or down?
mike sullivan [08-09-2010]

The convention is to display the box point upward.

I have found this website to be a vary valuable source concerning flag etiquette, and have referred many friends to it. It would be very helpful if you would offer a link to the social sharing services such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Most websites have done that already. Please consider my suggestion. Thanks, Bill Jameson
Bill Jameson, Williamsport, Pa [08-09-2010]

My organization leads a parade with the U.S. Flag and post colors. During a recent parade another organization,8 people, wearing costumes jumped in front of the parade (in front of the flags) and began to entertain the on-lookers with drums and laughter. The members whose age was less that 25 seemed to enjoy having people standing, some in salute. This was a very intentional act and appeared to be planned. Who teaches these kids? What happened to respect for the flag?
William (Bill) Laxson, St. Cloud, MN QM VFW Post 1558 [08-09-2010]

William (Bill) Laxson [08-09-2010]

Mr boss recently installed a flag pole and I was not aware of flag equiette, I learned so much from your site, thanks for having this information available to learn the correct way to show our flag.
Charlene Huval, Lafayette, LA [08-09-2010]

I have a job designing a concept by using the flags from several countries on individual "buttons", type design to give a graphic representation of these different countries involvement. Are there special rules for doing this...should there be some sort of disclosure used?
Ann Hartley, graphic artist [08-05-2010]

I ride with our local Patriot Guard. We stand in flag lines often. Should the flag bearer hand salute while holding the flag? What is the proper etiquette for flagbearers?
John C. (Buddy) Terrell, Birmingham, Alabama [08-04-2010]

Flag bearers do not hand salute.

John C. (Buddy) Terrell, Birmingham, Alabama [08-04-2010]

John Hafley, SC Air national Guard [08-04-2010]

I took my father to the Washington Nationals baseball game Saturday night and was shocked to see the American flag prominently displayed in centerfield . . . at night . . . with no illumination ! ! The Nationals logo was brightly lit up on the wall in the background of the flag, and all of the other flags on the tops of the surrounding building were all properly lit, but not this one. Am I wrong in thiking that it deserves it's own spotlight and not just the surrounding light from the stadium? Once they started turning off the scoreboards etc. it got pretty dark.
KSJones, Virginia [08-02-2010]

When I was in Germany I bought a cup with the American flag on it. Is that against the flag code even though I bought it in Germany?
Stephanie [08-02-2010]

I'm trying to find the protocal for the order of flying flags. I know the U.S. flag, then the state flag but I don't know what the order is after that. I also have a city and a county flag to fly. Please help. Thank you.
Michael, North Carolina [07-30-2010]

I have recently witnessed a flag that appeared to be intentionally cut along the the stripes and heard people yelling that this is some sort of new symbol for white supremacy groups. Do you know if there is any truth to this?
Christy Keblesh, Palm Bay, FL [07-30-2010]

If anyone has any information, please post it here. We've heard nothing about this.

Diane Wiener, Eldridge, IA 52748 [07-29-2010]

My Dad was a veteran, as I am. After his death I kept the funeral flag, properly folded, in the back window of my car. I see nothing disrespectful about this. What is your opinion?
J.D. Hines, Ft. Wayne, Indiana [07-28-2010]

We see no problem with your displaying the flag this way.

the us flag is flying on the front a building alongside of the flag from another country,what side is the us flag placed.
john sutera, massachucetts [07-27-2010]

When I watch t.v. I see D.O.C. wearing the flag on their uniforms with the union to the rear (in the vast majority of cases).I have noticed this also with the boy scouts.(in all cases they have the glag on the right shoulder with th e union on the left as you look at it "hence ot the rear') Am I missing something or is the union never to retreat
Henry Holden, New York [07-24-2010]

I'm trying to find information regarding the proper display of the U.S. Flag at night, but can't find it in the U.S. Code. I'm know that it must be illuminated but want to have the specific reference. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanx and Semper Fi! K. Dolly, SSgt, USMC (Ret)
kevin dolly, eatontown,nj I'm retired from the USMC [07-22-2010]

kevin dolly, eatontown,nj I'm retired from the USMC [07-22-2010]

My(our) flag stands for the freedom that my(our) forefathers fought for and should be given the respect that it so much deserves.
Carolyn E Whetstone, usa [07-22-2010]

Was at the flight 93 memorial in PA...I'm a bit conflicted over the marble display. (See link)
Chris, Fort Meade, MD/Retired USAF [07-22-2010]

why doesnt the government do anything to show Americans how to properly care their flags?
Gabe, Gardnerville, NV [07-19-2010]

That is what the Flag Code is for.

What is the correct way to tie the American flag to its staff for proper display? we have both the American and Christian flags displayed in our church but they do not seem to hang properly. Is their a correct way to fold the flag prior to attaching?
Irley Oxford, Gulfport, MS [07-19-2010]

Is it a requirement of the State of Iowa to have a fly the U.S. and State flag out in front of each of their state facilities?
greg, Iowa [07-19-2010]

I think it is a disgrace to allow corporations, businesses, entities, clothes makers etc to continue to disgrace and disrespect our National Emblem (our Flag). This needs to be stopped immediately and penalties levied on those who continue. There needs to be a checks and measures system. God bless the United States of America.
Francis Kemp, Manteca, CA / Love my Country [07-19-2010]

Great site. Thank you
Dennis Gazdiewich, Casper, Wyoming [07-19-2010]

I am trying to get clarification on how to fly the flag at half-staff when the staff has a yardarm?
Paul McDermott, CPO USN Ret. [07-15-2010]

thank you for your site, I have learned so much about the flag, its beauty and how we ought to honor it. I wish you were on Facebook so you could educate a lot of people. I see people wearing the flag all the time, they have no idea they are not suppose to. we need to be educated.....
susan bell, cincinnati, Ohio [07-14-2010]

Thanks for having this site . God bless you...
Debra Kirkendall, 210 S.Pleasant St. # 729 Independence Mo. 64050 [07-14-2010]

I would love to know who "We" are in relationship to your answers given to the FAQ. In your dissent of people displaying the flag upside down is misinformed and only your opinion. You must not be following the events of late. Our country, our constitution, life and property are under attack. Leigh Hardy
Leigh Hardy, nys [07-14-2010]

When flying the US flag and a state flag on the same pole, should the state flag be of equal size or smaller than the US flag? There is a local school board office flying a 4x6 state flag below a 3x5 US flag. If this incorrect flying of the US flag i would appreicate a code reference.
Andrew Copeland [07-13-2010]

The Flag Code is silent on this question. Other foreign flags must be the same or smaller than the US flag. Respect for the US flag and tradition holds that other flags be the same size or smaller than the US flag.

I have taught Flag Etiqette to children for 30 years. When I went to my local Wal-Mart recently I was appalled. Wal-Mart has a whole line of clothes with the flag on them. The flag is shown in a tattered condition with writing across in on the T-shirts. Having the flag printed on the seat of shorts was the worst of the several disrespectful portrayal of my country's flag. Of course, the whole line had a "Made in China" sticker on it somewhere. I questioned some shoppers about what they thought of it, and was disappointed to hear they saw nothing disrespectful about violating the flag that way. I then asked what they knew about the flag code and penalties for it's violation. Those that had a clue what I was talking about (and very few did), thought it was something only military or police had to do and it probably referred to funerals and parades only. There is a very sad state of knowledge in America today, especially when an elected President knows so little that he does dishonor to the flag representing his nation by standing on it!
Susan Frame, A Colorado 4-H leader for 30 years [07-10-2010]

is is alright to fly a different countrys flag other than the united states flag? i.e. the netherlands flag for making it into the world cup finals.
MIKE, peabody, ma [07-10-2010]

Why is it we gotta take the flag down when it rains but in the star spangled banner song they have a peice in there and i qoute "And the rocket's red glare, the bombs bursting in air, Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there." So they didnt take it down when bombs were raining down on it so what the heck man?
John Doe, Utah [07-09-2010]

Having lived in Philadelphia many years, I frequently visited Betsy Ross's house. I am an artist and have always been inspired by the Flag. I refer to this site often.
victoria rudolph, Steamboat springs, Colorado [07-08-2010]

I have noticed many men in the military at the war zone use the flag in fatigues in the wrong way. Even generals use it wrong. the stars are at the right side. This general McChristal use it wrong and now his substitute general also uses the same way. I wish I had a picture of them to show you, but they are in the news recently.. If I see a picture of them I will follow this letter with it.
Marcos Vider [07-08-2010]

thank you for all the info on the flag.God Bless you,our flag and our country
ernest ellison, winston salem nc: retired USAF Msgt [07-07-2010]

Are there rules concerning proper display of the flags of the Confederacy? They are, after all, an integral part of our American history and heritage.
Thomas Schelberg, N. Tonawanda, NY [07-07-2010]

The Flag Code and military protocols only cover the rules for U.S. and foreign flags. You could argue that these are historic foreign flags, but they do represent an unrecognized government not guided by the U.S. Constitution.

Today's northwestern Oregon news. This person used chalk to put an American flag in the middle of the street. I think its not only in bad taste, but also against the flag code.*264/carl+wheeland+001.JPG
PH Anderson, Utah / Retired Vetera [07-07-2010]

I want to place a USMC flag sticker and a US Flag sticker on the rear window of my car, how should they be displayed? With the US flag on the left and the USMC flag on the right? Not sure, thanks.
V Gutierrez, California Marine Corps Veteran [07-07-2010]

The US flag should be on the viewer's left.

Recently a statue of Ronald Reagan was erected here and around the statue they have five flagpoles . . . which one of these flagpoles should the United States of American flag be flown?? All the poles are of the same height. Do the flags on adjacent poles have to be lower than the US Flag??
John W. Jacobs, Illinois, I'm a verteran [07-06-2010]

Usually the foremost flag, viewer's left, approaching the statue, should fly the US flag.

by what time of day should the flag be lowered to half mast? when there is a holiday, memorial day, and all employees are off for the day, someone has to come in to lower the flag. by what time? thank you.
barry wallock [07-06-2010]

Half-staff from sunup to sundown, ideally.

I work as a 911 Dispatcher. With the approach of the July 4th holiday, we usually receive several calls regarding flag etiquette. This website has been invaluable. Thanks a bundle! God bless America!
Mark, Cincinnati, Ohio [07-04-2010]

shauna felton, Frederick Colorado. my boyfriend and i just went and bought an American Flag for our new home today. Just had to make sure we knew properly how to fly it! Happy 4th of July! [07-03-2010]

ive always tried to respect the flag. and honor it.
danny lewis, tennessee/i was in the army from 1969-1971.and now im a member of the rolling thunder. [07-03-2010]

Is there a time frame that the STARS & STRIPES can be flown in front of your house.
John R. Feagans, Vista, CA [07-03-2010]

Those that ridicule the AMERICAN Flag, probably don't believe in anything but themselves and have nothing to be proud of. Long may it wave!
Kurt Brunn, New York - Former U.S.M.C. [07-03-2010]

As I understand it, my father is the individual who help our nation get its MEDAL OF HONOR FLAG, and since Col. Barfoot is a recepiant of the MOH he is entitled to fly it along with the US Flag to represent his heroism. I would check with a local US Representitive to for sure. Condominium rules do not over ride federal regulations.
Tracy L. Kendall, Palm Harbor, Fl. [07-03-2010]

the flags are beautiful and the infro verygood.hanks
BETTY JETT, 1905 9th st. vienna wa 26105 apt.113 [07-01-2010]

You american's are absolutely ridiculous. It's just peice of cloth.
anonymous, canada [07-01-2010]

What a website of complete flag rule nonesense. A few are actually valid points, the rest outdated, overblown and rediculous!
Jay, ca [07-01-2010]

Our pack is chartered by a church. When doing our opening ceremonies should the prayer come prior to the flag ceremony? Scouting has always taught that priorities should be God, Country, Family, Self. In keeping with this we do our prayer first. Is this correct?
Jeremy Clark, Cub Scout Leader Eagle Mountain, Utah [07-01-2010]

You should check with the Scouting council on that question.


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