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Are public libraries required to fly the flag on a pole outside the library? There is a library district here in CO that are not flying the flag outside their buildings. You can read about this on the 630 KHOW website on Peter Boyles' page. Thanks in advance for your help.
Joanne, Centennial, CO [06-30-2010]

The Flag Code does not require it, however, we agree that it would be proper and appropriate to fly the flag at all libraries.

What two thangs can the flg touch.
anonymous [06-30-2010]

My veteran neighbor passed away recently and his family was given a flag. They want to donate the flag to a veterans organization. Can this flag be flown. If not, what is the proper way of disposing the flag.
Russell Alford, Tennessee [06-30-2010]

I was recently at a church patriotic service where the U.S. flag was marched in by a retired military officer. When he turned to present the flag, he tipped it and we recited the pledge of allegience. I am also a volunteer with the BSA and I have noticed in Cub Scout meetings that when the colors are presented they tip the US Flag for the pledge. My question is what is the difference in tipping and dipping. The flag code states that the flag should never be dipped. What is the appropriate presentation of the flag?
T. Ross [06-29-2010]

Dipping refers to lowering the flag as a sign of respect to another flag or to a dignitary. In the ceremony you describe it is not being lowered as a sign of a deference to another.

Flag code means nothing this country is built on lives and lives of innocent people killed for its own gain, the flag code was meaningless the day it was written.
Jimmy [06-29-2010]

My apartment complex is flying a dirty, torn flag with no lights. Are there any ordinances that prohibit this? I live in Dallas, Tx.
Bill Johnson, Dallas [06-29-2010]

Recently i have found a miniture Betsy Ross Flag. Was wondering what type flag it was. The flag is a respentation of the 13 Collonies.
BAnn Brewer, Grand Rapids, MI [06-29-2010]

Robert Marsh, Kempner, Tx. [06-29-2010]

i work for the city of superior and our thirty foot flag pole was removed twelve years ago during an addition and wasn't replaced. since we have asked over the years for a new flag pole so we may fly her again. We went to the Mayor after no action from our administrator and still no flag. we have meetings every week and bring up the flag issue and all we get are stall tactics so i took it upon myself and purchased a flag and pole and secured it on the back drivers side of my pickup truck box so it wouldn't interfere with vehicles parked on my right. ( me being the first vehicle in the lot to the left). i am only using my truck for it's home while i am parked, never flying while in motion. i placed it on my vehicle so it can't be removed because it is on my property and not the Governments. i was told it had to go on the right side of the vehicle because the code says fixed to the chassis or clamped to the right fender. it seems there is a gray area because it is fixed to the box of the truck and not a fender. i just want to make sure i am not disrespecting our flag while trying to achieve my patriotic duty. thanks for any feed back and am really proud of this web site, i learned a lot about our flag while trying to find some answers. thanks again
Mark Mohr, Northern WI [06-29-2010]

I think it's time to re-educate citizens about THEIR Flag. It is surprising how little people know about the Flag that stands for our FREEDOM and the fight to be free. Instead of a cookout for the 4th..Hand out flag facts. SHOW YOU REALLY APPRECIATE THE FINE MEN AND WOMEN THAT GAVE THEIR LIFE SO THAT WE CAN BE FREE.
Bernice Girdler, Nurse in Kentucky [06-29-2010]

congratulations from Brazil
Decoração, Brazil [06-23-2010]

What is the protacol for displaying the flag on holidays. Like when should I be putting them up ....Day of or week before and when should I be taking the flag down. Day of week later next day?
Bobbie, tn [06-22-2010]

I am confused on this postioning of our Flag in the church. We do not use the podium; the speaker is on the same floor level as the audience. Your web site states on or off the podium the Flag is on the speakers right, and others says off the podium is on the audiences right. I had originally shown this to my pastor from a publication from the Marine Corps on displaying our Flag.
Art, Spencerport, N.Y. [06-21-2010]

As far back as the 1960s, the thinking was for the flag to be on its own right at all times: so if off the podium, its right would be as a member of the audience, if on the podium, its right would be facing the audience. The Flag Code today states that in both cases it should be on the audience's left on or off the podium.

I'm building a fallen solders sculpture out of discarted machine tooling and wish to display the four servics behind the 3 resting weapons and to the right of the US flag. Thank you for the help. We still stand tall and proud and stand as on nation under god. Floyd
Floyd Kless, Buffalo N.Y [06-21-2010]

What about flag art? Artistic interpretations of the flag? Such as; a flower vase painted with an artistic representation of red and white stripes, and silver stars, or a flag made from scrap farm metal and parts? Anyone have guidance here?
Frank Scotti, Central Coast, California [06-21-2010]

Our conclusion is that use of the flag in works of art, done respectfully, is appropriate.

Two questions. At what point is the field not to be mended and the flag retired? And, when this legislation was written corporate logos and advertising weren't as prevalent, although not bound to the code, shouldn't businesses atempt to fly the flag higher than their signs?
Chris [06-21-2010]

1. You need to use your own best judgment to determine when it is time to retire your flag. 2. The original impetus for the Flag Code was its use in advertising, as it was being appropriated by many different companies for many products even back then.

I live in california, my neighborhood is overrun with Mexican illegals One house is flying the mexican flag outside their home. I drove to work today with tears in my eyes. What can I do about this? I love my country and my flag. The flying of a mexican flag on US soil seems wrong. Help
ruth ujano [06-18-2010]

Hi, I am a very proud daughter and wife of a veteran and love my country with all its faults and problems we are still free and the men and woman that died for this right are in a word, my "heart"...I proudly display a large flag in my front yard which hangs from a pole off my house, I illuminate with my porch light nightly which isnt on long in alaska long summer days) and no one will ever disrespect it or touch it as I am very proud of what it reprsents to me and so many other, thanks for this page I wanted to make sure I was flying with the rules of the countries flags, this is a great website,, peggy daniels anchorage alaska
peggy ann daniels, anchorage alaska [06-16-2010]

thanks for a great website it is real helpful. And to who do you give a flag to when it can no longer be flown look to your local boyscout.
debra armstrong, birmingham, al. [06-16-2010]

I have a neighbor who displays his county flag. I do believe they must fly the American flag above it as respect to USA. This does upset me. I am not sure of the correct procedure. Does the USA flag have to be the sames size or larger? I know that it is suppose fly above the other flag but can it be same height next to it?
Joanne Silva, Union, NJ [06-16-2010]

The Christian Motorcycle Assoc sells a flag patch with the words CMA USA as addeded verbage attached to the bottom of the flag. The letters are surrounded by a gold stripe which also goes around the flag. In my humble opinion this is a violation of the flag code as it is one patch with the letters attached to the bottom of the flag.
Skip, Chesapeake, VA [06-16-2010]

I was at the Lake Forest, Ca Post Office last month @4:55 pm and noticed the man taking the Flag down he, wadded it up and threw it in a mail bin, I yelded out my window that there was a proper way to fold the Flag, his responce was what a better way. I've been apauled over this ever since, now I carry my camera with me. Since today is Flag Day, I'm going to drive to that Post Office and watch if it happens again. This time to Honor Ol Glory.
Deborah, United States Citizen [06-16-2010]

On what dates (occasions) is it approiate to fly flags on individual gravesites in a cemetary?
John, North Carolina [06-16-2010]

Martin Sawyer Sr., Grafton, New York [06-16-2010]

Is it legal to cut the stars out of damaged flags before they are burned and place them in baggies to give to soldiers going to Iraq?
Linda French, President, Ladies Auxiliary VFW [06-16-2010]

The american Flag is cool.Yet I don't get why we should care about it.
Brooke Strickland, Nath Hale Enfield Ct [06-16-2010]

I know of a company that is flying 3 flags on the same pole: The American flag on top, the state flag of Pennsylvania, below it and then the rainbow flag beneath the state flag. Is this appropriate flag display? Thanks.
Logan Shaffer, nj [06-16-2010]

Very useful information; thanks.
Frank Mason, Resident of Winston-Salem, NC [06-16-2010]

Great site I stumbled on. As a member of the Patriot Guard Riders, I am always looking for some good information regarding our beautiful Flag and the proper procedures for her usage. Thanks!
Robby Robertson, Elysian Fields, TX [06-16-2010]

Thank you! This is a fantastic sight and contains information that should be being taught to our children in school. I learned most of this from my Grandmother who started the American Legion in our area years ago. It was great to get refresher. I've been trying to find out how to properly dispose of a flag for over a year now, your sight has helped. Thanks again!
Vicki Sanderson, Vermont [06-14-2010]

Adam, Iraq [06-14-2010]

My neighbor has an American flag in their window as a curtain. Is this legal?
Shelly Meek, Milan, MO daughter of a WW2 veteran [06-14-2010]

I've been told by my neighbors that a flag only should be displayed in the front yard of a house. So is it appropriate or inappropriate to fly the flag in the back yard for a memorial gathering for a veteran who was born on Flag Day? I want to know what is appropriate!
wagner, texas [06-13-2010]

Flying the flag in your backyard is fine.

I am giving away PDF copies of a fully illustrated children's picture book called The Flag Keeper to anyone who asks, through July 4, 2010. The book is not available commercially at this time. The story teaches flag etiquette to children and is about a spunky little girl determined to create her own “Independence Day” and prove she is old enough to treat the U.S. flag with respect. For details on how to request the PDF of the story, visit my blog at .
Stacy Juba, New England [06-13-2010]

well the damn fools are trying to ban the americian flag as we speak. i can'tm believe any americian in thier right mind would even concider such a dishonerable thing. all the people who have died for this peice of cloth,that just makes me sick to my stomach. to me it's treason and they should be shoot. because they who said this are not americans!
KENNETH E. WARE, mississippi [06-13-2010]

The use of the "Eagle" on flag poles other than the U.S. Flag pole, as one of the local McDonald's Rest. has a eagle on the Corp. flag pole and nothing on the U.S. Flag pole, and they do not seem to care when I tell that I believe they are in violation of the flag code.
George Lang, Ukiah < California, U.S. Navy Vet. [06-13-2010]

The Flag Code is silent on the question of finials (the eagle, spear, etc., atop the pole).

needing answers to properly display an american flag at night
PATTY, new hampshire [06-13-2010]

Great site! Thanks. Question: I have noticed that with the current administration's pressers, briefings, or such, that the american flag displayed on a pole has its gold cords placed and 'dangled' directly in the center of the flag. To me mean (I calcuate) that this may represent a division of the country? Whats the code for the cords? Past administrations always had cords not showing (behind or gone altogether). I was always amazed with the previous administrations displayed multiple flags on poles, and they were always perfectly aligned; rolls/stars and strip positions- each exactly position as the next- no matter if it was the US flags or another country's were mixed for a joint country presser. Pretty cool.
Lonnie Walker, Kansas City/Patriot [06-13-2010]

There is no secret code being communicated by the position of the cords. I found several pictures of previous Presidents having the cords showing.

God Bless the U.S.A.
Joe Lawrence, Valley Forge Pa [06-13-2010]

On June 9, 2010 airing of The Colbert Report on Comedy Central, The Army's J STARS 7th ESCCS presented Stephen Colbert with a US Flag in thanks for his USO visit. He displayed it hanging vertically and lowered down from the ceiling with the field of starts on the upper RIGHT hand corner. *sigh* Waiting for tonight's apology.
Lanny Shoup, former Girl Scout, daughter of WWII/Korean War Marine [06-10-2010]

Love you site, plenty information. I was reading you FAQ and notice the information under "What are the funeral protocols for a veteran who has died?" I would like to add something as a firmer Honor Guard member. In the USAF the OIC or NCOIC of the ceremony presents the flag to the next of kin. OIC/NCOIC is responsible to coordinate with funeral directors, and selection of Flag recepient. (every ceremony is unique and things must be changed in the "field" on the fly) The OIC/NCOIC is the only member on the team that has unrestricted freedom of movement etc once a ceremony is underway. IF by any circusmtances someone outside the Honor Guard, a Wing Commander or Chaplain will be presenting the flag to the NOK, this person will be trained prior to the ceremony in the OIC/NCOIC position, with the usual OIC/NCOIC steping down to a pall bearer position to be close for help and guidance.
Mydon Guilbe, Dyess AFB TX [06-10-2010]

Question - Can an American flag be displayed flat against a wall or does it have to fly free? Thanks!
Vickie, Kalona, Iowa - in charge of patriotic decorating for large camp [06-10-2010]

It can be displayed against a wall, horizontally or vertically.

I was asked a question in regards to flying the confederate flag under the US flag. There is a big debate in regards to if you can or can not. I have read several clips of information and still have no answer. Please help...
Theresa, Illinois [06-09-2010]

I have recently noticed a trend of honoring Emergency Service Personnel (ie: Police and Fire Personnel) who have died in accidents or on duty by removing their bodies from the place of death to the coroner van or ambulance with their bodies covered with American flags. I can understand and respect the honor of a flag draped casket at a funeral but not of a body at the scene. At a train wreck in 2008 the Los Angeles Mayor ordered flags to be place on the bodies of all of the city employees who were killed in the wreck. As a former paramedic and peace officer I belive in honoring police and fire fighters with flag draped caskets but not thier bodies at the scene of their deaths. Does the flag code cover this?
Jerry, Los Angeles [06-09-2010]

In an auditorium or church, if the flag is on the floor with the audience, and not on the podium, is it on the audience's right or th speaker's right?
Gary, Manistee MI [06-08-2010]

When displayed from a staff in a church or public auditorium on or off a podium, the flag of the United States of America should hold the position of superior prominence, in advance of the audience, and in the position of honor at the clergyman's or speaker's right as he faces the audience. Any other flag so displayed should be placed on the left of the clergyman or speaker (to the right of the audience). Please note that the old guidelines differed from this updated and simplified one.

I was just at a local WALMART and I believe they have the US FLAG displayed improperly. Here is the situation: They have two main entrances. One on the North end of the store and one at the south end of the store. They have a Flag display at the north end of the store. The display is 3 flags (the US FLAG, THE STATE FLAG, and another company flag)hanging vertically from the ceiling. The display is hanging so that you view them from the south and north. The way they have them in order is (viewing from the south) company flag, state flag and then the US flag with the stars up and to the right. AND...the US flag is hanging at a position of higher height (higher prominence). Is any of this correct? Shouldn't the US flag be in the middle since it's hanging at a position of higher height? I've read section 7o of the flag code and I believe that that applies ONLY if it's JUST the US flag hanging vertically inside of a building with more than one entrance. Please help.
Eric, Wisconsin [06-08-2010]

I believe this country to be in distress. Guess i need to fly the distress signal once a week !
Michael J. Howsmon, usa [06-07-2010]

I am a Mason and perform Masonic Funeral Services.It is necessary for me to place a lambskin or white leather apron on the coffin. I have always been told that this can not be placed on the American flag.Is this a steadfast rule and if so, Where can I find it in writing? I would appreciate someone giving me the proper ediquite on flags draping a coffin, or urn at a funeral. Thank you very much
John M Lee, Crystal River Florida [06-07-2010]

My HOA has six flag poles at the entrance of the subdivison and the usual arrangement was a Texas flag in the middle and two American flags on each side of the Texas flag. Three flags to the left and three to the right as you enter the subdivision. Two months ago the American flags were taken down and have not been flying since. The Texas flags are still flying. I have made several inquiries to our HOA and property managers. No one has an answer and have not put the American flags back up. I have basically been getting the run around. As a dessert storm veteran who has served in the Navy and Army, I am upset. My Father served in Vietnam and Grandfather in WWII I think this is very disrespectful to veterans and our country. Even on Memorial Day, no American flags. Texas flags were still flying. What do you think I should do? Am I making much to do about nothing? Just wanted some opinions. The concern is I believe my HOA funds are being used to make a political statement at the American flag's expense.
Greg W., Anna,TX [06-05-2010]

How to tie rope to 4 X 6 flag with 2 grommets on a 20 Ft. flagpole?
Benjamin E. Bertinot, Prairieville, LA [06-04-2010]

When is the best time to retire the flag when their no longer is service.Around 4th of July, Sept 11, Nov 11,or May 31,or Flag day.On May 31 the town give the Young Marines 100 flags to retire.Which I need to know when is the best day to do this. Marty
Marty, Show Low,AZ...Unit CO of the Young Marines [06-03-2010]

Some people wait until Flag Day, but the Flag Code is silent on this question.

At graduation the other night, we had a row of flags from different countries of students that are enrolled as foreign exchange students. At least 10 flags with the United States flag on a staff in the middle and lower than the rest. What is the proper order of the flags?
Michael Kutch, Scottsdale AZ [06-02-2010]

I can't find the answer to this anywhere. Keeping in mind the proper American flag etiquette, Q- When taking a photo of our flag on a pole, flying; be displayed as a still life image with the stars to the left? I think the wind causes photographers problems, yet want this matter clarified. Also with digital techniques the photographer could reverset the image as a potential solution of respect, but is it necessary in a photograph?
GJ, Photographing the American flag etiquette [06-01-2010]

No. It is fine for a photograph to show a reverse flag.

this is funny what a waste of government
luke, boca [06-01-2010]

THANK YOU for this Site! More, and MORE people Need to LEARN the rules and Regulations regarding OUR Flag! Again, THANK YOU!
Barbara Sprague, Near Cincinatti, Ohio. [06-01-2010]

Why isn't the flag also flown at half staff on Traditional Memorial Day as well as observed. Observed is personal for the people and not a memory. Even the president took it as personal and not a tradition.
Robert M. Reitter, Anchorage, AK. Veteran WWII, Navy, 84 years old. [06-01-2010]

Can a condominium association restrict homeowners from displaying bunting?
Jane, michigan [06-01-2010]

I want to thank all of our soldiers who stand up for our country and put their lives on the line. It takes a brave person to do the unthinkable. For those that serve I can only say thank you and wish you the best that life has to offer. May God in all his Glory Bless each and every one of you to rise at the hour of meeting for he shall find no faults. Thank you all
christine m wilson, Rensselaer ny [06-01-2010]

Is there an indoor and outdoor American Flag?Is there gold fringe on the indoor flag? Is the gold fringe flag only to be flown indoors?
henry fiorillo, Lindenhurst ny [06-01-2010]

We want to display our flag properly and this site info is excellent. Thank you.
Cal & Kathi Borman, Stayton OR [06-01-2010]

Fantastic web great job !
Gary L. Shafer Sr., N.E.Philly/I'm a Masonic Brother [06-01-2010]

thanks for supporting all that is wholesome in this country god bless
mike conrad, wooster ohio / just a loving patriot [06-01-2010]

As a rule I always tell someone when their flag is unfit for display. And I always replace an unfit flag for a veteran that I know! It's important to follow the rules when it comes to our colors!
kenny byers, Bridgewater, Virginia [06-01-2010]

what type of lighting is proper for a usa flag on a pole in front of our home we want to flay it 24-7
Donna Liles [06-01-2010]

Why a retired Vet...the COUNTRY may care...but this administration DOESN'T! You can't find 80% of "adults" today that know how many red/white stripes there are. Welcome to the final stage of the USA-Socialist Republic...(real close to the USSR...hmmm)
anonymous [06-01-2010]

its a flag for craps sake and a flag of a struggling country that has its hand in everyones business and forgets its own people so screw the flag of poverty
Me and Myself, Montana/California [06-01-2010]

Is it okay to fly American flag, or mount pole on huge oak tree in front yard, tree has been trimmed up high, no low hanging branches, think it would look nice, but I do not want to be disrespectful.
peter cusumano, saint louis mo [05-29-2010]

As long as it is respectful.

It was in Walmart (I think.) I was looking at some small American flags, and they had "made in China" on them. I mean no disrespect to China and its people, but I'm furious about any American flags that aren't made in America! And I'm a liberal who votes Democrat. SHEEEZ!
Eileen, there outta be a law! [05-28-2010]

Some of these are rediculous. There are so many more important things in life then complaining about the american flag being on napkins or on a fire hydrant to HONOR A POLICE DOG. Its the thought that counts. Would you rather no one show patriotism at all? gesh...
Lisa, u.s.a [05-27-2010]

I am one the board of a very small Catholic cemetery which has no source for electricityand is a rural area. We do not fly a flag on our flag pole and some of the veterans are upset about that. My understanding is that you should not fly a flag without a light shining on it but others say it is OK if is flying in a cemetery. Which is true, what is the rule? Someone, please let me know so that I can address this problem. Thanks.
Dorothy, small town, Ohio [05-27-2010]

It's a challenge. One suggestion is to install a solar-powered light fixture.

Check out the June/July 2010 cover of Men's Journal to see Lance Armstrong with The Flag stretched across his shoulders.
Jeff Watson, Salt Lake City UT [05-27-2010]

can you cross one american flag over another one and soes that mean a death.
mary ann kibler ogden, Lynchburg ohio 45142 [05-26-2010]

i have found this site sooo helpful recently! thank you! i had to write a term paper and yes, i gave yall the credit! then i decided to do a presentation on the flag and that went over very well. this was my main site and i leaned a lot from it. i always wanted to study the flag and i want to thank the people who have gone in a greater depth so that i could do what i wanted to. i do hope yall could find some more pics for your page and for your wall of shame because they are kinda getting old. thank you!
bre [05-25-2010]

I really like this site im doing a project for school and its givven me some really useful facts!
Kelsie, Syracuse [05-25-2010]

I am Wondering why you do not Have the Civil Flag History on Your Page, Since this is the Flag Which should be Flown Across America At Peace Time. Why Would you not have this Important Piece If History On Your Page. Or is this not a Legitimate Question
Dennis Lee, washington State [05-23-2010]

Using your website to back the proposal for my department's flag protocol...thanks for the information!
KC Peterson, California Firefighter [05-22-2010]

HELP! I havew searched for years and it's driving me nuts..... WHAT IS MEANT BY PROPERLY ILLUMINATED (EXACTLY) for a flag flown at night from an outdoor pole at a VFW POST HOME. I have looked everywhere and CANNOT FIND ANYTHING SPERCIFIC. Please help.
M. Gutreuter, New York [05-22-2010]

Is the Obama logo an example of the flag used in an advertisement? I haven't seen any comments about the logo on your website. My first impression of the logo was that Obama has changed the flag. So I did an internet search of the image, No mention of the flag in the wikipedia explanation. The wikipedia info sounded like a bunch of advertising spin. I say spin because a logo explanation with the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth should have made a reference to the color field on the logo. I did see your response to the Bank of America logo as follows: Is it okay for an advertisement to use the flag? No. Section 8i of the Flag Code reads, "The flag should never be used for advertising purposes in any manner whatsoever." The earliest drafts of the Flag Code were in response to the use of the flag in advertisements and on packaging.
Lone Pine, Veteran [05-22-2010]

Political use of the flag is not generally considered advertising. However, we do show a picture of the flag on our site clearly stating that it is not appropriate.

Can a fireman have an American flag draped over their casket if they are not a veteran and did NOT die in the line of duty?
Adam Gatten, Grove City Fireman [05-22-2010]

Is it proper for the American Flag to be drapped over a tombstone in a cemetery?
Tom Asbury, VFW Ritual Team [05-22-2010]

I appreciate all your flag code points except #12. In a church or worship setting the religious flag should take the prominent position. God and country, sure - but God before country.
J Keith Cook, Omaha, Nebraska [05-20-2010]

Isn't it against the law to remove the American flag, and instead display at half-mast the city flag when a simple citizen dies? In Saratoga, California 95070 the American flag was removed at our Saratoga Village American War Memorial. The American flag was also removed from the Village Fire Station and it was removed from the Saratoga Library? Isn't this a blasphemy? the people at the fire station said, that the reason the flag was removed was because somebody on the city council had died, and it was in her honour..she was East Indian. It is a tragedy that this lady should have died at such a young age (46). But, what does that have to do with removing the American Flag from our town's city flag poles? If they wanted to, they could have left the American flag and just underneath it put the City flag at half-mast! My husband called the City, but nobody answered. He went to the Fire-Station and asked them why the American Flag was removed from all the City locations. Isn't that blasphemy, to remove our American flag, just because somebody on the city council died? How dare they remove the American Flag altogether! Isn't that a violation of the law? Please let us know.. There are many American veterans who were aghast at this... and regular American folk who were appalled! Please let us know what the law says about this. Thank you. Maria
Maria, Saratoga, CA [05-18-2010]

We would recommend flying the municipal flag at half-staff beneath the US flag at full staff, as you suggested.

What if red, white and blue colors are used in a company logo? For example: Is the shield logo used by Union Pacific not in violation of the Flag Code? You can view it at this link: <>
Jean Akins, Martinez, CA / USA citizen [05-16-2010]

Regarding the Flag Code where it states that the flag should never be worn. (Section 8d): "The flag should never be used as wearing apparel." A friend asked me does that means if Wonder Woman and Captain America were real people and not just comic book fictional characters, would there costumes be in violation of the Flag Code? I wasn't sure how to answer that, so I am posing that question here. Can you help with the answer?
Jean Akins, Martinez, California / USA citizen [05-13-2010]

Yes, their clothing would be in violation of the Flag Code.

During the Olympics it was not uncommon to seem the flag on the athletes uniforms or equipment. My question pertains to the flag on athletic uniforms. Is there an exemption to this guideline when the flag is used to serve as a teams national identifier in international competition?
F.A. Somers [05-12-2010]

When traveling in our RV I fly the American flag with the DON'T TREAD ON ME FLAG below being in the LIBERAL state of California I get a lot of different reactions and you would be surprised how many people don't know what the DON'T TREAD ON ME FLAG stands for..WoW only in America
Vernon Jacinto, Sacramento Ca. [05-12-2010]

Good stuff from true Americans GOD BLESS AMERICA and GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS.....
Vernon Jacinto, Sacramento Ca. [05-12-2010]

I am a hispanic female and I was born here and raised here. My question is this; IS it wrong to fly an American Flag along side the Mexican Flag? I know both flags should be on their own staff but I am just wanted to know.
Theresa, Dallas, Tx [05-12-2010]

Section 7g of the Flag Code states: "When flags of two or more nations are displayed, they are to be flown from separate staffs of the same height. The flags should be of approximately equal size. International usage forbids the display of the flag of one nation above that of another nation in time of peace."

Great info. Wish everyone was tested on questions regarding the flag before they could vote, or serve in public office. Thanks Rusty Bennett
Rusty Bennett, Alpena, AR. [05-11-2010]

I have noticed several locations where the flag mount is on a tree, and the flag displayed from under the tree. Is this the proper way to display the flag? Thanks
George Messmer, Port St Lucie, Florida 34986 [05-11-2010]

I am so tired of seeing our flag improperly displayed. and have contacted many people of the incorrectly displayed and they dont care, their answer is well by us a new one. if I could afford it i would. But think some of our law makers take a drive and look at all the incorrectly displayed flags. but have also run into some of our leaders that don't know the laws on the display of the flag. And I question why they are in office if they don't know the rules of the flag.
Chris Mcinelly, weber county [05-11-2010]

All the info I find on the flag code doesn't mention any changes made during the 1970s. I always called them the "McDonald's changes", because they allowed the display of all-weather flags 24/7 when lighted. This eliminated their daily cost for hoisting and lowering the flag. It was also when flag patches for police. fire, and seemingly any other official were allowed. Personally I find these ubiquitous flag patches a tawdry use of Old Glory. It serves no purpose, unlike military use where it is necessary, and it puts the flag in disrespectful positions every day. Why can I find no info on the history of these changes?
Robert E Kelly, Rindge NH [05-09-2010]

Someone needs to contact the school system in Houston, TX for suspending a JR ROTC student for removing the Mexican flag that was displayed OVER the USA flag. What a sad time we live in.
Mary Sinnott, Opelika, AL [05-09-2010]

Delton Ellis, Nassau Bahamas [05-09-2010]

In the FAQ response to the rhetorical question "are flags on T-shirts, ties, etc., really flags?", Section 3 of the Code is used as the source, however, it's unclear to me that this is sufficient support. Section 3 addresses the District of Columbia, and uses the word "herein". "The words 'flag, standard, colors, or ensign', as used herein . . .". So to me, "herein" seems to apply to Section 3 rather than to the Code as a whole. If the definition was intended to apply to the whole, there should be an entire section devoted to the definition of "flag" or "American flag". I often see definitions playing prominent (and singled-out) roles in such places as state statutes, yet here the definition seems more "operational" and section (3) specific rather than applicable to the entire Code.
Michael Motta, Marshall, Michigan [05-09-2010]

Disgraceful! Town of Belmont NH displaying flags on all the telephone poles in the downtown area, and leave them on the poles at nite with no illumination! Larger flag on pole in front of the town library is left out all nite on pole with no illumination. This is the actions of a local governmant! Shame on them for not schooling themselves on flag protocal. My 7th grader it haas not been taught in their school either. Shame on them again. I was taught flag protocal in school in VA in the 70's, and in highschool in MA in the late 70's................
Dean, Canterbury NH [05-09-2010]

I was wondering, when there are two or more flag poles in a row perpendicular to a building, which pole should bear the U.S. flag? The pole nearest or furthest from the building?
Dave [05-09-2010]

The pole on the viewer's left approaching the entrance.

Bobby jackson [05-06-2010]

if there is a day proclaimed to display the flag at half-staff, should citizens display the same way at their homes??
the curious, dc [05-04-2010]

You are not required to, you are invited to.

Hi, I am a new comer to live in the USA from the East Asia. Is there a rule or law for the civilians to display the USA flag on the National days such as the Memorial day or the Independence day? If I do not display, will I be prosecuted by law?
Seung Kim, dc [05-04-2010]

At a baseball game, as the color guard is leaving the field, is it correct to remain standing until the colors are off the field and posted?
John W., San Diego/ Sports fan [05-03-2010]

can you display the flag from the back of a fire engine or ether side. how torn or dirty must it be before it becomes disrespectful.
kevin McNeill, firefighter city of las vegas [05-03-2010]


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