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My school is in violation of the Flag Code in several ways. My classmates and I want to change it, but are unsure of how to begin and what to do if our voice is not heard.
anonymous [04-30-2010]

Would it be appropriate to dispaly the flag of the Unitied States on a 100-foot high monopole communication tower 20-30 feet below the top of the mast and below serveral 4-foot diameter dish antennas. My initial thoughts are that this does not appear to meet the intent of the Flag Code. Please advise.
Charlie Mullen, Principal Planner, Lathrop, CA 95330 [04-28-2010]

I am tired of inproper display of the US FLAG. what are the laws for improper display of the US FLAG??????????? I will go to any company thhat inpropery displaying our flag.
CHRIS, utah [04-28-2010]

can you fly more than two flags at a time
AL WILLIAMS, cincinnati,ohio military man [04-27-2010]

What is the rules which the American legion should abide by when storing american flags prior to destroying guess is not in black ripped plastic bags, lying on the ground.
Nancy [04-27-2010]

We currently have controversy within the Ohio PGR regarding the proper way to hold the flag during a flag line and how to properly salute returning veterans or during funeral processions while holding aflag. Our veterans feel they have the right to a Military Salute of the casket or passing flag and that they must hold the flag/pole in their left hand. Our State Captain says they do not have that right when holding the flag. What are the rules and regulations regarding this?
David Luttrell, Grand Rapids, OH / PGR member [04-27-2010]

Those holding the flag do not salute.

Very informative site, I work with our youth program and their color guard as well as my daughters school and their government classes. Your site has helped me teach both groups!
John G. Somerville III, Police Officer; Honor Guard - Chandler (Arizona) Police Department [04-26-2010]

To all who visit here, my passion is to respect and honor the flag as it is meant to be honored. Please visit my facebook page, search "keith Childers" and please leave your comments on my "Save the Stars and Stripes" FB page. Thank you for all your support! I am a 10 veteran of the United States Army where i was a platoon medic and an operating room technologist. God Bless and protect us, and watch over our troops in harms way, thank you!
Keith Childers, [04-25-2010]

The Eagle Cash Card issued by the Army has a back drop of and American flag. Also in the corner of the card it has the American flag with an Eagle on it and the words eagle Cash. I just found this funny since it is against the law and the Army issues it.
Sean West, Iraq [04-23-2010]

post comdr amvets 3 -also northern area 2 comdr --support our veterans .
GIL DEVINE, dolan spgs ariz [04-23-2010]

God bless you and your site
Hoss, McAllen, Tx [04-22-2010]

I have recently noticed that on the C5a and C17 Cargo jets' tail section that the US flag is (I believe) displayed wrong. That is that the Union (stars) is on the right when an observer is facing it. Per Section 7(i), it should be on the left side as an observer facing it would see it. I believe it violates Section 7(i) of US Code. Am I wrong about this? Thanks.
Andrew J. Welser, Austin, TX - USAF Veteran [04-19-2010]

Daughter of an Army M/Sgt. Respecting the Flag is a must and honour. Our next generations need to be informed. Traditions are to be kept and reminded often. Most mistakes are made by the persons assuming they are honoring our country and Flag, but end up disregarding regulations thru a lack of knowledge.
Theresa Lee Jacowski, Williamstown, New Jersey. [04-16-2010]

I like th3 confederate flag. just not the meaning.....
Kyle, Saint Peters, GO SOUTH! [04-16-2010]

Recently a local sports team asked our Air National Guard Unit to hold a giant U.S. Flag on-field before their opening game. Our Public Affairs officer sent out an email asking for volunteers to hold this flag flat, over the field and I forwarded him the part in the flag code along with the actual part of this site that says "the flag should never be carried flat or horizontally, but always aloft and free" and pointed out where it accually states on your site that it is a violation to do this before a sporting event. His response was "According to NGB Protocol, it's okay to unfurl the flag as long as you don't carry it anywhere while it is horizontal, and it stays above the waist". (NGB is National Gurd Bureau) Is this correct or is that more a rule while folding the flag rather than holding it at a sporting event? I look forward to you're response. Thank you very much for any help.
Todd Copic, Toledo, Ohio [04-15-2010]

Our position is that the Flag Code is clear that this is not a proper way to display the flag.

When you fly a flag over a bldge and the pole is not long enough for proper lowering is there another way to show respect for a flag that needs to be lowered to half mast. We have to do this tomorrow in respect for a deceased soldier per the governors directive.
Joe Sheridan, State of Washington DSHS [04-15-2010]

I have a spotlight on my flag day and night because I'm proud to be an American even though some people find this to be politically incorrect. Unfortunately, my friend, who is an Iraqi Vet was told by his HOA(Home Owners Association) that he has to take down his flag that's hanging from his porch on his townhouse because it might offend others and that it is against rules and regulations. It is a relatively small flag and is attached to the front of his townhouse. It has flown there for at least 15 years and nothing has ever been said about it until someone new moved in a few months ago. Hmmmm, you think that might be a coincidence? I think not! Our freedoms are being taken away from us by this government on a daily basis and one freedom should be the RIGHT TO FLY OUR GREAT AMERICAN FLAG on our homes! My friend is going to fight the HOA. As he puts it, he fought for America and the flag that represents our country and he should have the right to fly the flag that he put his life on the line for! Does anyone know if this is unconstitutional or not?
Trish V., Chester Springs, Pennsylvania [04-14-2010]

The courts have generally ruled that flying the flag is permitted and that HOA regs that forbid it are unconstitutional. Contact a local lawyer to help, if needed.

Where can you go or who can you call to get help with a store that displays a torn,faded,ripped,flag?
anonymous [04-12-2010]

we fly a flag but it would nice if i can get on a list that tells me when to fly at half mast i now the days but not on over things, thank you
maxdrenner, athens ohio [04-10-2010]

Are Federal Credit Unions required to fly the U.S. flag at each branch location or is it optional?
Elsie, Miami Florida [04-10-2010]

Credit Unions are not governmental agencies. Therefore, they fly the flag at their own discretion.

I have two questions of which one is on a personal note. First question is in regards to flag burning. I have not been able to locate what is the standard steps to ceremonously burning a flag that is worn or had been desecrated? Last week in my sociology class this topic was brought up. Second question, can a governor of a state have the right to NOT to fly the flag at the capitol when there is a demostration going on, example when the GLBT have their lobby-day at the capitol. I have observed this before and he hasn't done this for any other demostrations. Could this be of his own personal opinion toward a group and therefore, doesn't flag the flag?
James Kouba, St. Paul MN [04-06-2010]

Congratulations from Brasil.
DecoraÁ„o, Brasil [04-06-2010]

In my neighborhood, there's a home who's owners are protesting the Health Care Bill. They are portesting by hanging the US flag upside down. I am deeply offended. Daughter of a Disbaled Vietnamn Vet., my Brother, a Captain in the USMC and several relatives Vietnam Vets.
Cecilia Garza, Richland, WA [04-06-2010]

I'm concerned about the US flags on the uniforms of US soldiers. They are worn with the star field forward, which seems backwards to me and contrary to the guideline stating that the star field should be on the top-left of the display.
Rpm, Veteran in New York [04-06-2010]

Is it Illegal to post a Mexican flag or picture of a Mexican flag in a bilingual classroom?
Mrs. Rodriguez, elgin, tx [04-02-2010]

Nothing in the Flag Code forbids flying a foreign flag. The Flag Code does require flying a US flag at a public school.

I have recently replaced my old residential flagpole with a new one, it is much larger and more finished. I have done this to honor my brother, a career serviceman who was killed overseas. I wish to place a granite marker at the base indicating that this flag is flown in his honor, or in tribute to him, by our family. Is there any particular etiquette about how this is written? Is is appropriate to personally state that our family flies this in loving memory of.... or should I first be making mention that this flag is flown to honor the country, AND THEN make mention that it is in tribute to our brother. I want to do the right thing. Any suggestions would be great
Dan Pone, Constantia, NY [04-01-2010]

God Bless Your Flag and for the nation for which it stands
John L Carey, Florida [03-31-2010]

I wish someone would contact the Village of Clatonia, Nebraska and ask them to take down their American Flag. It is horribly tattered and faded. Very disgraceful. 402-989-4023 or THANKS!
Nebraskan, Clatonia, Nebraska [03-31-2010]

what are flags on ncaa basketball uniforms mean
jim dabney, blue springs,missouri [03-29-2010]

Orange County Fire Authority proudly flys the Stars and Stripes on all front line fire apparatus. I have a couple of questions that apply to flying it properly. 1. Where should the pole be mounted on the engine? 2. Is it appropriate for the flag to touch anything (Ladder, Master Stream nozzle, etc.) while the engine is in motion? 3. What amount of damage to the flag(if any) is exceptable when displayed on a fire engine? 4. Often our engines are used for weeks on wildland fires. During this time, the flag is often exposed to a great many fire embers. Must it come down prior to fighting fire, or can it still be flown proudly while performing this function? Thanks....rink
Rink Nemnich, Orange County, CA. - Fire Apparatus Operator [03-29-2010]

I was wondering about the practice of taking a flag down at night. Is this a requirement, or just a good practice to make the flag last longer.
Selena Hutcheson, Georgia [03-27-2010]

Flag Code 6a. says, "It is the universal custom to display the flag only from sunrise to sunset on buildings and on stationary flagstaffs in the open. However, when a patriotic effect is desired, the flag may be displayed twenty-four hours a day if properly illuminated during the hours of darkness."

I would like to begin a dialogue about the field forward design of the flag. Several things concern me about this form of display. Has anyone notices that a new flag patch has appeared lately on the center of the chest but with the canton on the right of the observer. I don't know where the military is getting its information on procedure, but none of these new displays of the flag are in keeping with the letter of the law. The military should not be allowed to make rules that are inconsistent with law. Placing a flag under a unit crest is disrespectful to the flag because it places the flag in an inferior position to the crest. Displaying a field forward flag violates the Flag Code's position and manner of display. The military is one of only a few organizations that can even wear a flag patch. They should do so according to law and not make up thier own rules and customs independent of the laws that already exist. If the military wishes to wear a flag patch the patch should be displayed on the left shoulder, above all other insignia or unit patches. In this way no irrelevant and ridiculous excuses would have to be made as to the manner of display. Feed back is greatly appreciated.
Yannick Merlet [03-27-2010]

i am interested in having a torn, tangled and extremely tattered American flag removed from a local shopping plaza. unfortunatly, the management company will not return my calls and a few of the stores there have said they have had several complaints and called the mangmnt co., but they refuse to do anything about it. i ask them to simply remove the flag and not replace it at this time if it was due to their lack of funds to replace it. my son is in the army and i see this as absolute disrespect. if there is anything you can do to help i would appreciate it. the following is on my facebook page: the address is 2210 e. highland ave. san bernardino, ca phone number to complain is 1-818-708-8181. i asked the girls at cosmoprof to have it taken down and they said they had,had many complaints and had called the mngmnt company but the mngmnt co. keeps putting it off. please call and ask that this flag be taken down.........regaurdless if they replace it or not. thank, sheri
sheri earls, san bernardino, ca [03-26-2010]

how can a public school in caliornia refuse to display an american flag?
chris leonard, california [03-25-2010]

What direction is the eagle facing on top of the flag pole in the state capitols & D.C.
CAMERON HONGA, southwest Washington state [03-25-2010]

what does the stripes mean?
MANUELSANTOS, acores,portugal [03-25-2010]

We have two flag poles in our front yard. When viewing American and state flag from the street, what side should the American flag be on? Street viewers right or let side?
Fred Amos, Baldwinsville, NY Vet. [03-25-2010]

The US flag should be on the viewer's left, facing your property.

I want to tell someone about two of the Walmarts in our area and of the disrespectful display of the American Flag. I very nicely pointed out that the flag was being displayed backwards to the manager of the store in Glenville, NY who argued with me, claiming he had been in the military and it was displayed right. I do not believe him as he clearly does not know how the flag should be displayed. It is hanging down with the stars on the right and contiues to be displayed backwards. At the store in Rotterdam, NY it is hanging outside in tatters. I cannot believe that a chain who is making millions of dollars in our Country cannot display the flag properly.
Joanne, Capital District of New York [03-23-2010]

The movie "Hoosiers" w/Gene Hackman & Barbra Hersey. Flags in gyms hung /union to upper right.
ken, amherst ohio [03-23-2010]

Are you supposed to bring in the American flag when it rains?
Shay Pitts, Dallas, Texas [03-22-2010]

How many flags can be fly on the same pole with the American flag? Right now I have the US flag on top with the Texas flag under it. If I wanted to put a company flag on the same pole can I put it under the Texas flag or do I need another pole?
Cardell Brown, Texas [03-19-2010]

The Flag Code is silent regarding how many flags. Convention holds that no more than three flags should fly on one mast. You may not put your company flag on the same mast as the US flag under any condition.

my question is this- I am currently in my home in Florida. I have put up both the USA & Canada flags on two separate staffs on both sides of my drive way. I have done a lot of reading and reviewing of different notes and memos on flag etiquette, but I am still confused . Can you explain to me the proper side to have the USA Flag ( from the Observer view ). I have both staffs at the same height.thanks
Garnet S. Carder, I have a home in Ontario and in Florida [03-19-2010]

From the viewer's perspective, entering the property, the US flag should be on the left. The Candian flag on the right.

I am stationed at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island in the the beautiful pacific northwest. I am currently serving as Executive Officer of the hospital and I have the privilege of observing morning colors every day. Rain or shine I never miss a day. How fortunate are we to see our beautiful flag flying free in the breeze. I wonder how many Americans truly reflect on the price paid to have our flag fly high, past and present? Today a Bald Eagle flew directly behind the flagpole during the hoisting of colors. Talk about a rush! I applaud the creators and webmasters of this site. Thank you for educating us on the proper protocol and respect for our American flag.
CAPT Mary Beth Neill, USN, Oak Harbor, Washington [03-17-2010]

Marquis Witt, Parrish, Fl [03-16-2010]

Do you have to remove your hat when you enter a room with the us flag in the room? If you don't remove your hat is this a discrace to the U.S. flag. thanks
Glenn Beatty, stark county ohio usa [03-16-2010]

You do not need to remove your hat everywhere a flag is present.

Curt Kirkendall, Wa. state [03-16-2010]

Today there is a nor'easter storm wreaking very high winds {40mph] and heavy rain in our area. I went to our towns Home Depot and witnessed one of their two U.S. Flags being beat against the buildings overhang metal roof. There is a light mounted for both flags, but neither were on. I questioned their customer service desk about our Flag being beat against their overhanging roof. I was told by their lead employee out of three standing there, "I can't control the Wind". My reply was "I don't give a Ratsass 233 years of Americans died for that flag and it should be taken down instead of being beat to death against there over hanging roof. I was told "I was being Rude and should leave at once". Once again I gave a reply I don't give a Goddam and questioned if this person was a U.S. citizen, and told her that she should visit Arlington and question the brave men there about controlling what happens to our flag. My questions are there specific rules about hanging our flag too close to a building where it can be beat to death by wind? Does lighting need to be on during very inclement weather if one decides to keep our flag hanging.
Robert Bernauer, Deptford, NJ 08096 [03-16-2010]

The Flag Code is silent on these questions.

What is to be placed on top of the staff, Say during a meeting of DAV.
Darrell Broome, Rolla, Missouri [03-13-2010]

I am the Las Cruces Elks Americanism chairman and I applaud you for putting the U.S. flag code on your website. Bill Hickox
Bill Hickox, Las Cruces, NM [03-13-2010]

Many years ago 69 about, I remember saying the Pledge Of Allegiance to the Flag, in grade school starting out with placing the right hand over the heart then after the word Allegiance. extended the hand out toward the Flag palm upwards, continuing with the Pledge. When and how did all this ceremony of extending the hand, discontinue?
Robert Fiske, Mariposa, CA. 75 years old [03-13-2010]

What is the proper way for cheerleaders to carry the flags to the center of the court for the National Anthem at a basketball game, since the crowd sits on both sides of the gym. Is it even permissible for them to carry the flags? (there is a wall-mounted flag in place) I know that the American flag should not be dipped, and must be higher than the state flag (the only 2 we carry). In the past we walked out onto the floor with the US on its own right and the flags face eachother as the Anthem is played, then exit the floor with the American in front. Is this okay? Is there a certain way the poles are to be carried? Also I always make sure there are non-flag bearing cheerleaders to act as guards out on the floor as well. Are these "guards" allowed to put their hand across their heart? How about a chest-level horizontal flat arm in blades where the hand is at the heart (or is that considered a salute?) Overall, what is the appropriate action for non-military carrying of the flags? I want to make sure they don't do anything wrong!
Cheer Coach, small town USA [03-13-2010]

I am doing this report on Betsy Ross.....and using some iformation on this site about Betsy Ross i wish she was still alive!I Wish She was still alive:-(I miss her a lot! Love, Josie
Josie alton, Fayettville Wv 25840 [03-11-2010]

Do all flags need to be folded in the correct way or can you just fold it up for the next day.
Theresa, Dallas; [03-11-2010]

I just wanted to know if it would be okay to fly a usmc flag by itself at my house. And I also if if there was a proper way for flying it
adriana, texas, usmc wife [03-09-2010]

After read much of your site and reading this artical, I wasn't awfully concerned about the flying of the Mexican flag until the statement; "It's part of our marketing program to the Mexican community," said Sparks. "Seventy percent of our residents are Mexican. Why not? They're good, hardworking people, and they pay their rent." Am I correct in that: this indicates that the flying of the flag is for advertizing purposes, clearly against "Flag Code". Consequently, if the American flag shouldn't be flown at this "public" facility, niether should the Mexiacn flag be flown at all.
SFC Roger L, USA, Ret, Recent News "Flag etiquette question or racial objection?" [03-08-2010]

At athletic events I see most student athletes, cheerleaders, some coaches, and some referees not put their right hand to their heart during the playing of the national anthem. That doesn't seem right, but I haven't found anything to verify that.
Kathy Petr, Wichita, KS [03-05-2010]

How do display the USA flag at a day program?
Calli [03-03-2010]

I have a question. While watching the Olympics, I noticed that the United States flag hit the ground. Are you supposed to burn the flag when it hits the ground and/or torn?
Alyssa Orndorff, Connellsville Pennsylvania [03-03-2010]

A proud member of the Patriot Guard Riders, and proud to fly my Countries flag from my motorcycle when on missions for the men and women who serve and protect my freedom to do so.
Ron Weiss, Modesto, CA. 61 year old Veteran [03-03-2010]

Can local government restrict the number of flags that its residence may fly at a time.
Cody Blake, Arizona [03-03-2010]

Was successful with others (A Veteran) to get a flag in our new library and a flag pole (lighted) outside. At first we were told when there was no flag at all that it was the "policy" of the library not to have the Am Flag didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings!??! It took letters and lots of pressure. We won..there was a ceremony to open the park next door to the library and it included raising the new flag! What are the regulations as to when to take it down and how long can it be up? Question: Who's feeling would our flag hurt? Last I knew this "is" AMERICA...
Lorraine Ferrick, Sp Ed Teacher Tucson, AZ (Marana area) [03-03-2010]

I am always proud to see the swell of patriotism surrounding the Olympic Games, however I saw a trend this past year that took some of that pride from me. Our countryís greatest, most visible and recognizable symbol has become a fashion accessory. I was horrified to see three fans at a curling event, bare-chested, each with an individual U, S and A on their respective torsos wearing the flag as a cape. This alone is a violation of flag etiquette that states our flag should not be worn as an article of clothing, but worse, when not standing and cheering they were sitting on it! This was not, Iím sorry to say, an isolated incident but I will not go on and list every act I witnessed. I would also like to mention that flag waving is a wonderful way to show support, but be mindful of whatís happening between the waves. Our flag is not to touch the ground. Iíve seen fans with our flag grasped in one hand, held high by one end then the arms drop and our flag drags. Perhaps Iím just old fashioned, but I believe our flag is to be respected and revered, not treated like a piece of your wardrobe; our countryís flag is not a cape, a shawl, or a lap blanket. In closing I would like to say this is not directed to the athlete who in an overwhelming moment of personal glory and pride grab a flag and drape it around their shoulders. Though somewhat improper, understandable. Thanks for reading.
Rich Brady, Glen Burnie, MD Former Marine [03-03-2010]

which us president first ordered the flag to be flown half staff
RYAN MARTIN, columbus indiana [03-03-2010]

When facing a building from outside, is the United States flag on the right or left? We have two adjacent staffs and use the second one for our state flag.
hsmith, Cleveland County / teacher [03-02-2010]

The US flag should be on the viewer's left, approaching the building.

Today as I drove past the local elementary school I saw 2 teachers putting up the flag, one the state flag the other the US Flag, the one with the state flag had it held up correctly but the one with the US flag had it laying on the ground! I could not believe it!
Heather Artym, Liberal, Mo [03-02-2010]

What is up,with, the American on our military uniforms, right shoulder, fying twards the LEFT ???????????? And WHY would we EVER allow our flag and uniforms to be made by China, or any other country??????????????? SHAME ON US!
Larry Clark, Colorado [03-01-2010]

Question: I am displaying a State flag, along with the U.S. flag in a window display - how should the 2 flags be displayed together?
anonymous [02-25-2010]

Viewed from outside, the US flag should be on the left and the state flag on the right.

I'll be teaching my girls an indoor ceremony and had been told at one time that the Color Guard does not salute the colors, say the pledge, or sing. There job is to protect the flag. Another time I was told to do all three. Which is correct?
Janice Cafarelli, Girl Scout Leader [02-25-2010]

Traditionally the Color Guard does not salute. Sometimes they do sing and say the pledge.

An excellent site with outstanding information on the American flag. Thank you. daniel
Daniel Isenmann, Live in Midwest. [02-25-2010]

After reading the section about "5 Places where the flag is never lowered to half staff". The 5 proposed locations are headed by the Betsy Ross House and the Alamo. In both cases in parentheses, it states the flag is half-staffed. I just called the Alamo and the Betsy Ross House. They both confirmed that their flags are flown full staffed. Is there an authority on this? Thanks HV
Herman Velez, Poinciana, Florida/ Former USAF member [02-25-2010]

We stand by our information. When the President authorizes the flag to fly at half-staff, both the Alamo and the Betsy Ross House fly their flags at half-staff.

My sister saw a flag that was hanging vertically outside, on a pole. The bottom of the flag was "tucked" behind the pole that was against the building so that it did not "flap in the wind." This is incorrect, isn't it? If incorrect, can you please cite the section of the Flag Code that is in violation?
Cathy, St. George, UT [02-25-2010]

Great website! VSOís throughout the Nation tell us the U.S. Veteran Compensation Programs is a GREAT website as well. In fact, it is the website recommended by VSOís around the world. Veterans who are actively pursuing a service-connected claim or seeking an increase in compensation visit U.S. Veteran Compensation Programs to learn how to file, who to see, where to go, what to do, and so much more. Visit it today!
Rance Jurevwicz, Capt., USA, Ret, Highland, CA [02-22-2010]

I read that a veteran can use the military salute when the flag is being raised and lowered and in passing but what about when the National Anthem is being song?
Lanny Tucker, Cowden, Il. Army Veteran [02-22-2010]

My boss ( a postmaster) flies the flag even when it rains. I told her I did not think you were suppose to. Who is right?
Audra Berghaus, Old Monroe [02-22-2010]

I am very upset because there are enviromentalists who live in our neighborhood, and they are flying the enviromental flag above the the American flag, i have to many veterans in my family who have fought for this country to have them disgrace our flag like that, i have called the sheriffs dept however they said that it is a federal offense to do that but they can not enforce the law, because it is not a state or county law, so my question is who can i call to have this situation taken care of.
Annette Peterson, 40 lake falls lane Huntsville Tx 77320 [02-22-2010]

There is no enforcement provision for the Flag Code. You would need to speak directly with the neighbors and explain that environmentalism and patriotism are compatible and that, out of respect for those who have given their lives for our freedom, the US flag should fly above the environmental flag.

I was looking on your webpage to find information whether flying all "historic flags" of the US were, in fact, legal. Including one 'before' the Betsy Ross flag.
Ed Callan, Newark, OH Cattle Rancher [02-17-2010]

Military (in order of establishment: Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard), then other. That is correct except the Navy was established October 13 1775, the Marine Corps was established November 10 1775. The Marine Corps was given "First on foot and Right of the line" privledge thereby establishing that the Corps leads all Naval processions (incl Honors above the Navy Flag); but the Navy came 2nd and the Corps was 3rd.
Ethan Walker, Florida/ USMC Veteran [02-16-2010]

The Marine Corps has had precedence over the Navy since 1921. The Marine Corps cites its origins to legislation of the Continental Congress establishing the Continental Marines on November 10, 1775. The United States Navy (until 1972) dated its establishment to legislation on March 27, 1794.

Maybe the US Olympic Committee should hold a class on flag etiquette before the Olympics each year. We know what country their from, no need to drape the flag over themselves.
Gregg, ma [02-16-2010]

Appreciate the information provided on this web site.
Richard Sheff, Flower Mound, TX [02-15-2010]

I have always been under the impression that the American flag should be displayed at places where people gather, such as church, etc. Is this true? Are churches required to display the flag?
Juanita, California [02-14-2010]

The Flag Code does not require private citizen groups to display the flag. However, it is customary in many settings.

My son was not enlisted in the military but I was presented with a flag upon his death and a letter that stated a flag was raised in his memory by a branch of the military. A family member is in the military. Is is common for the military to remember a civilian in this manner?
A proud mother, Ohio [02-14-2010]

I've been told when the blue field is separated from the stripes it is no longer considered a flag. True? I know of some folks who have taken to separating the field from the stripes & cutting out the stars, adhereing them to a circle of paper with words reminding the troops they are not forgotten & to carry this small part of the flag with them. I haven't found anything in the flag code showing this is a violation - is it a violation or disrespectful?? All scraps & remainder of the flag are properly folded & disposed. thank you.
Mary, Tampa,Florida [02-12-2010]

Further to my above question, I believe I saw this in the Flag Rules and Regulations, but I can't find it now. Please tell me where it is, as I would like to print it out. Thanks
Marcia, Az [02-12-2010]

When entering a hall or auditorium, where should the flag be positioned if it is flat on a wall? I have seen somewhere, that it should be at the other end of the hall when entering - what is correct?
Marcia, Az [02-12-2010]

It should be in a place of prominence. It varies from room to room, so you need to use your judgment.

I have observed a resident flying two American Flags that are so "TATTERED" that is't a shame to think an American could leave these flags our for the public to see, they have been our there for at least six months, what should I do??
Aline Jandreau, Ellenton, Fl [02-11-2010]

Thank you for your website. It was a big help for my school project on famous Americans. :) :) :) :)
caitlin bagnardi, Tallahassee,FL [02-11-2010]

Is it appropriate to display the U.S. flag affixed to a wall in elected officials' chambers?
barbara poulton, city of debary florida [02-06-2010]


For inside flag poles used for navy applications what is the correct topper?
Lonnie Cowart [02-03-2010]

I always thought the truck on the flagpole should be higher than the building it is displayed at. We have a new "public" library and the city installed a flagpole, to the right of the entrance as you look at it, that seems short and whimpy compared to the building. I looked at the code but ?????
S.J. Nikander, Chehalis WA [02-03-2010]

Question Is it wrong to hold a flag that is on a pole with one hand to show entire flag or let it free fall during a pledge ?
john delibero, new york [02-02-2010]

We suggest letting the flag hang naturally.

When a flag is flying in front of a building, should men wearing hats who enter, take them off?
Roseann V., Florida [01-30-2010]

You do not need to remove your hat for a stationary flag.

At my company there are 3 flag poles. The center pole is the tallest and does display the American flag. On either side of that pole are the State flag and then company flag. The American flag and State flag has been removed becuase they were torn due to wind. The company flag is still flying there. Shouldn't the company flag be removed until they replace the American Flag?
Kathy, New Jersey [01-29-2010]

The Flag Code is silent on this question. You may fly other flags and not the US flag. However, out of respect, we suggest getting the US flag raised as soon as possible.

What is the reason for the flag not being lowered everyday at Fort Bliss?
Mikelyn Starrett, Lafayette, LA [01-29-2010]

God Bless (Dirt Diver)
Christion Lowery, California [01-26-2010]

what are the rules on the flag out at night without lighting
dennis spellman, chandler az [01-26-2010]

I just wanted to thank you for having this website for my son and myself. My son is working on getting his wolf badge if cub scouts and we needed to find out everything that there is to know about the flag. This website help us so much. Thank You
Jessie Stover [01-26-2010]

Can someone make pillows and such from old flags? I don't think you can but I'm just not sure.I feel it would be wrong,It's not the proper use of our American flag.
Sharon [01-26-2010]

I am 74 years old and proud to have served in th United States Army and I am proud of all of those who have serve in the military. I am not so proud of the lack of patriotism shown in the United States at this time. Where are all of those Flags and signs of patriotism shown right after 9-11?? I hate being at a ball game ect. and see those young people (and some older) standing with their hands in their pockets and their hats on their heads while the national anthem is being played. I believe those displaying the American Flag whether it be in their front yard, on shirts,caps or where ever are trying to show their patriotism and I believe we need more of it. Leroy Delk A PROUD AMERICAN
Leroy Delk, Texas U.S.A. [01-25-2010]

I was surprised that flags do not need to come in if the weather is inclement, regardless of the material.
Tracie A. Fink, MSgt, USAF, Retired, Belchertown, MA [01-25-2010]

Our flag at work flys 24/7/365. It is properly lit at night, but it also flys during inclimate weather. Bid this correct, or should it be lowered during bad weather? I might add it is in need of repair, a quest for another day. Thanks for the advice.
Mike Williams, Winchester, Va [01-25-2010]

If it is in need of repair, it should be repaired or replaced. As long as it is an "all-weather" flag, it does not need to be lowered during bad weather.

I am a Canadian winter resident in a mobile home park in Florida. I have a flag pole on which I would like to fly a Canadian flag. Are there any restrictions,regulations or rules of etiquette governing this?
Ingo Leinen, Sebring, Florida [01-25-2010]

The US Flag Code does not require you to fly a US flag nor does it prohibit flying a foreign national flag.

Jeffrey Henry Banks, California< USA [01-25-2010]

Are flag patches on NCAA/NFL football helmets, NCAA basketball uniforms a violation? 8.(j) says "No part of the flag should ever be used as a costume or athletic uniform." I say it is a violation but I have been rebutted that the "whole" flag isn't "part". As well, aren't flag patches on referee's uniforms a violation? They aren't military, fire or police.
Chris Dias, Fort Meade MD/Retired USAF [01-21-2010]

Chris, we agree with you that using the flag as part of an athletic uniform is forbidden by the Flag Code.

Can you have a weather vane on top of my flag pole? I want to use an Eagle with weather wind vane as a topper on the pole. Is this proper? I searched your site and see nothing on this situation. Great site by the way. Mick DeMarco
Mickey DeMarco, Bow Washington Want to display correctly [01-20-2010]

The finials atop a flag pole are traditionally an eagle, spear, or ball. We recommend against a weather vane.

think you for the rules, but what if it snows
christian thomas, trion i raise the flag at my school [01-20-2010]

Is it acceptable to display a Gadsden flag instead of the American flag on the fourth of July? I intend no disrespect, just a fan of history and this flag in particular!
Sean O'Shea, Chandler, AZ [01-19-2010]

Our recommendation is to display both, if you wish.

My flag staff has an eagle on the top. which direction should the eagle face?
Charlean Beene, Mississippi [01-18-2010]

The other day I saw some flags being displayed outside a local business. They have 6 flag poles in front of their building. As you look at the front of the building the 3 flag poles on the left are the US FLAG, state flag and a "Packers" flag. The US Flag is displayed on the highest pole, but it's on the right as you're looking at the 3 poles and then the two other are displayed on the other 2 poles descending. Is this correct? I thought the US FLAG was always supposed to be displayed on the left with other flag poles. Please help
Eric, Wisconsin [01-18-2010]

The US flag should be on the left when the poles are the same height. Otherwise, the US flag flies on the highest pole.

I'm curious as to you opinion on the use of the American Flag Shield that can be found on the Great Seal of the United States as well as on the Seal of the President. It is most often seen with an eagle although there are several federal uses where there is no eagle present, such as in the U.S. Coast Guard Seal. Is the shield itself, originally designed in 1777, considered a misuse of the American Flag?
Skip, California [01-16-2010]

The Great Seal was created in 1782. It contains a blue field with no stars above vertical red and white stripes. It is akin to bunting more than to the flag itself.

will i disgrace the oklahoma flag if i hang it on my wall?
anonymous [01-15-2010]

It is fine to display a flag on the wall. For rules regarding your state flag, you need to check your state's own Flag Code. The US Flag Code speaks only about the US flag.

During the opening ceremony of the Boy Scout Troop the colors are crossed in front of the audience so that the United States Flag can be posted to the right of the speaker (left of the audience) and the Troop Flag to the Left of the speaker (right of the audience). When the flags are crossed which flag should be closest to the audience and which one closest to the speaker?
Matt Pickett, Eaton, CO [01-13-2010]

the national flag code says: "The flag of the United States of America should be at the center and at the highest point of the group when a number of flags of States or localities or pennants of societies are grouped and displayed from staffs." my questions concerns the term 'number of flags'. In the past I have considered this to mean 'any number of flags' but the Texas state flag code: Sec. 3100.055(b)If the state flag and the flag of the United States are displayed on flagpoles or flagstaffs at the same location: (1) the flags should be displayed on flagpoles or flagstaffs of the same height does this then mean when with 1 state flag display at equal height but with more than 1 display the US flag higher? or does the US code over-rule the state code?
Mulligan, Texas [01-11-2010]

The Flag Code suggests various display arrangements. Read Section 7. Position and manner of display.

This does concern all My name is Bernhard Hohmann, MSG, USA (Ret.) and I am currently parked in an RV park on Yuma Proving Ground, AZ. On Jan. 8, 2010, at about 0610hrs I went to get a cup of coffee from a nearby AAFEES Shoppette when I happened to glance at the flagpole located approx. 150 yards from where my RV is parked, only to notice the flag of the United States of America flying high on the pole completely enveloped in darkness. Having served almost 23 years in the United States Army I remember clearly that this is a violation of rules, regulations and guidelines governing the way the flag is supposed to be displayed. After noticing this violation I immediately contacted the desk of the civilian police force on Yuma Proving ground which is responsible for raising and lowering the flag. I was told they would look into this matter. What is there to look into ≠ illuminate our flag! This call was followed by a call to the Post CSMs office who, at the time of the call, was not in. I did however inform his secretary of this matter who told me that she would talk to the CSM and ensure a temporary spotlight would be installed at the pole. After my calls I went to check out the area around the flagpole for the existence of any sort of flood or spotlight. As I suspected there were zero. Satisfied that this matter would be taken care of I still wondered why no one has ever brought this to anyoneís attention before. Now fast forward to 0600hhrs, 9 Jan, 2010. I again got up to get a cup of coffee and guess what I saw ≠ yes, our flag, still flying in complete darkness! Is this post so far off the beaten path that Army and Congressional Regulation do not apply or matter? Is the CSM and the civilian leadership working with different rulebooks or do they simply not care enough for our flag, the flag many have and continue to give their lives for, to correct this matter in a timely manner after having been properly notified. Now, I can understand why the countless civilians on this post might not necessarily be in tune with the regulations governing the flying of our Nations flag ≠ but why has no one in the military workforce noticed this disrespect to our flag? Especially the Post CSM. I would greatly appreciate any effort to correct this matter. Bernhard Hohmann MSG, USA (Ret.) (334) 435-9069
Bernhard Hohmann, Yuma AZ [01-09-2010]

we have a product that we identify as red, white and blue to signify different levels of insurance coverage. we are thinking about a logo or a patch that would go on correspondence, web site, shirts, caps, golf bags etc that would be a simple patch on a white background about 1 1/2 inch by 3 inches divided in equal sections from left to right red 1/3rd, white 1/3rd and blue 1/3rd using the red pantone PMS 193 and blue pantone PMS 281. when i look through the flags of the world, I don't want to infringe on any design but see a couple of similar designs but not the same colors. how do I make sure that we do not alienate any country, people or violate any U S Flag Rules and Regulations (Flag Code) with our contemplated design?
Howard Tieman, Kansas City Missouri - Company owner [01-09-2010]

The Flag Code and national flags are all easily available online. Do your research and use your best judgment.

like us flag and other flag,s too
bill jordan, fort wayne, indiana [01-09-2010]

Is there min's and max. sizes for flags displayed on the wall of a public school classroom? I somehow remember a flag is required in every public class in any case, is this true? My "Classroom" is located in a California public mental hospital. I'm still credentialed, we still teach "classes". Our "School" is not accredited. Could a claim be made that my room is not an actual classroom because of its location not being physically in a public school but rather a part of the Calif. Department of Mental Health? I have never been bothered. However, the flag needs replacing and it is approximately 18" by 10". I want bigger.
Frank Hayman, So. Calif./SpEducation Teacher [01-09-2010]

The Flag Code does not require a flag in each classroom, although it is strongly recommended. We suggest using standard sized flags rather than oversized flags.

I have a flag flown over the Capitol Building during the Reagan administration I would like to disply in my office. Can it be framed... or must it be display on a pole?
Z. Hardy, Kansas [01-09-2010]

It may be framed.

I am seeing more and more situations lately where a flag on a pole is either not fit for display, or just connected with one grommet, due to breakage, accident, or just plain carelessness, one was even at a Post Office! What should I do in this situation? Currently I politely inform the highest ranked individual I can contact at the location, but I'd like to know what the protocol is if the flag cannot be connected to the pole with both clips? Thank you for this site!
Kevin Colburn, Massachusetts [01-07-2010]

Kevin, you have done the correct thing to politely notify the person in charge.

I was watching a funeral of a fallen police officer and they hung ribbons on a flag and was just wondering what those mean? Thanks.
Andi, Renton, Washington [01-07-2010]

how do you officaly retire a tattered flag
Barker Willard [01-04-2010]

Is it proper to position the American Flag on the right or left as you approach an ouside door enterence
John P. Sheahan, COllierville TN [01-04-2010]

The flag displayed in the Rose Bowl was not displayed properly. The had it reversed HAPPY NEW YEAR
Carolyn Jones, Glasgow, Ky [01-04-2010]

when exactly do you have to retire an American flag because it's not fit to be displayed?? is a small tatter on the end on the last stripe enough damage to retire it???? Thanx!
Anonymous, Cadet Tech. Sergeant, Civil Air Patrol [01-04-2010]

You need to use your best judgment.


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