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I know it is customary that the Flag is lowered Half mast for a fallen Firefighter or Police Officer but can anyone give guidance/policy on the Lowering of the US Flag for a Fallen Firefighter or Police Officer - Thank you AND BE SAFE
Adam, New York [06-30-2009]

Was just wanting to know opinions and rules regarding flags in portraits. I've seen flags with babies "wrapped in them" alone and I think with military fathers holding baby wrapped in flag. What are the "rules" regarding flags used as props in pictures? I don't want to offend anyone if I take any portraits using a flag. I did see that the first ammendment does protect us from any "mis-use" of the flag. GRANTED- I do not intend on MIS-USING the flag or anything... is this just one of those do as you see fit kind of things?
Kristi, IL / Photographer [06-30-2009]

Where is the Blue Star flag displayed when the U.S.,State and Church flags are displayed indoors?
anonymous [06-30-2009]

I disagree that the flag can't be worn as a shirt so long as it isn't made "from" a flag and is shown the same respect as a real flag.
Donald Maxwell, Tulsa, Oklahoma Vietnam Veteran and former US Marine [06-29-2009]

Should the usa flag be flown at half staff because of micheal jacksons death?
zach roy, usa [06-26-2009]

No, it should not, according to the Flag Code, unless the President issues a proclamation.

we were at a flag burning ceramony and we had a flag that was not torn or tattered and has 48 stars. I am in posession of the flag and in the process of having it placed in a frame and donating it to the town library. any help or rules would be helpful.
Brian Robinson, scoutmaster boy scout troop 157 [06-25-2009]

The Flag Code Title, under Position and Manner of Display(7) states in (f) When flags of States, cities or localities, or pennants of societies are flown on the same halyard with the flag of the United States, the latter should always be at the peak.... I thought there were strict limitations on what could be flown on the same pole as the Flag(e.g. P.O.W. - M.I.A flag and state, etc. This seems to open it up to anything. Help me on this. Thank you
Donald Bessette, Ballston Lake, N.Y. 12019 [06-25-2009]

Each branch of the military has its own guidelines for flag etiquette, which are very particular, as you note. However, for the civilian Flag Code, which you quote, there is much greater latitude.

Our company has three flag poles, each of the same height. One flag is the U.S. flag, one is the Iowa state flag, and one is the company flag. How should they be flown? Also, would it be better that the U.S. flag pole was the tallest and in the center? Thank you.
Diane Klosterman, Cedar Rapids, Iowa [06-24-2009]

I am a veteran, and it is important to me to show my love of this country by flying the flag. It disturbs me how many people and or companies show disrespect to the flag by displaying it improperly. Learn about it, don't just by a flag and hang it up, and DO NOT buy a flag made in China!
Steven L. Masters, Ortonville,Michigan [06-22-2009]

I have three staffs on my bike for funerals and other things. The middle is 6" higher than the two sides. I'm trying to find out which side of the U.S. flag should I place the Texas flag and which side the POW flags should be on?
David, Cibolo,Tx. [06-21-2009]

what is the rule of flying the flag at night- can light from near by building serve the rule for lighting the usa flag at this building. thanks
conway goodmn, south side Va. [06-20-2009]

when placing a small flag at a grave stone or marker which side and how far from stone or marker should flag be
robert thacker [06-20-2009]

requesting the info of the vurse that is said while flag is being folded. thank you rhonda
Rhonda D. Nace, Modena N.Y. [06-20-2009]

I had taken my American Flag to my local cleaners. I was told that in NY ONE will not have to pay to have the American Flag CLean. Is there a law on the books. Or is it only in New York?
Andrew Booth, Levittown NY. I am a U.S.MARINE. [06-20-2009]

Thank you. This is an excellent site.
Melvin W. Spicer, Jr., Reseda, CA [06-20-2009]

On private property we fly our flag 24/7. When should we fly our flag at half mast?
Oren E Spangenburg, Lancaster, PA [06-19-2009]

can you get a fine if you leave your flag out in the rain
virginia stock, ambridge [06-18-2009]

My husband is deployed right now and I have recently hung the American flag outside our home. Thank you for this website, it has answered all my questions. I just paniced due to not bringing the flag in last night - which will not happen again. We do have street lights yet it doesn't feel right leaving it out without a specific illuminating light. God bless, Teri
Teri Rawn, Bellevue, NE Husband stationed at Offutt AFB [06-17-2009]

i'm flying my flag at half staff in respect to my neighbor who died this morning. what is an appropriate numbers of days for a repectful half staff flying? thanx ken pfeifer
Ken Pfeifer, north west nj [06-17-2009]

Need some support in contacting "Valero" headquarters to request the removal of the American flags displayed outside their gas station in Buena Park, CA (cross streets - Crescent Ave., and Grand,across the street from Knott's Berry Farm). They have written a symbol across the flags in black marker with "Valero Gas" written on the white stripe. We have men and women fighting and dying under our flag and they are using it to promot gas sales. I've asked that they be taken down and replaced with no response. Please contact to request the removal of these flags and that they be replaced. Regards, Lisa A. Nieves
Lisa A. Nieves, Buena Park, CA [06-17-2009]

Our neighbors recently adopted a child from Guatemala. They have sewn the American Flag and the Guatemalan flag together and have hung it from their home. (they laid one on top of the other) Is this appropriate?
Cassie Cuipylo, ny [06-16-2009]

The person that lives down the block on possum way clarks green pa 18411 when asked why she has her flag hanging upside down she replied that her husband died. my dad was a wounded vet and it really bother's me when i pass her house. i don't think that's the reason she does this.
mike, clarks green, pa 18411 [06-16-2009]

We have the Marine Corp flag hanging on a pole mounted on the front of our house. It is a two sided flag, so the words can be read from both sides. I have the top of the eagle closest to the house so that the words on the bottom of the flag can be read by people passing by. My husband says that this is not right. Help me out.
Sue, Yucca Valley CA [06-16-2009]

I'm a Viet Nam Era veteran, U.S. Army. Enlisted 2/28/66 - Service, Basic Ft. Bliss, TX. AIT, Ft. Polk, LA. Kaiserslautern, Germany - 2nd M.I. Btn. (ARS) Kaupan Barracks 7/66 to 8/68. Ft. Lewis WA. Northwestern Burial Detail 8/68 to 1/69. Honorably Discharged 2/27/69.
Roger A. Nelson, Los Angeles, CA. U.S.A. [06-16-2009]

These are all good questions. Why are there NO ANSWERS to these questions????? If someone is e-mailing the answers to these folks, why not answer for all to see?? Thank you.
Earle, Hatboro. Pennsylvania [06-16-2009]

Great web page, I will use your resources to give a speech from a Disabled War Veteran (Vietnam) to a group of Boy Scouts. Thanks Larry
Larry Lamb, San Diego, CA 92123 Disabled War Veteran [06-15-2009]

When flying multiple flags on the same pole, what is the proper spacing between flags?
Robert Merhaut [06-12-2009]

Our class is learning about Flag Day.
Ms. Snook's Summer School Class of Neosho, Missouri [06-12-2009]

Is it possible to repaire a frayed edge of a US flag?
paige augustine, Tallahassee, FL [06-12-2009]

The wall of shame is a bit shameful to read.
Jeff, DIA/Naval IS [06-12-2009]

Had BIG flag taken from fromt of inquired.Story got on TV. US NAVY ship gave me flag. TV put out story NAVY WAS SO GLAD I helped recruting SO much they never could have paid 4 the news Had so many calls about stolen flag Even got in City NEWS PAPER I'm WW2 vetern son Lt.Col Air force Wife in AF also now 3 grand children in service 2 did tours in IRAQ & AFGHANISTAN
Robert L. Mulford, Lakewood,Oh.44107 [06-12-2009]

Every time I visit my dentist's office, his wife's new car displayes the US Flag in the right rear window. It is backwards. I always thought it should be positioned that the stars would be closest to the driver, instead, she has it positioned stripes first & stars to the rear. I thought that was a sign of surrender. I always remind him "his wife is still driving backwards?" the reply is "she likes it like that. Can u tell me if positioning it that was is disrespectful. Also if you place it on the back of your vehicle, it should be on the left side,and of course the stars are positioned on the left. It irritates me. Am I right or wrong. Can you tell me the proper way?
Joan Reeder, Wilmington, Delaware/ Proud to be American [06-11-2009]

Students in my class had this question: "When was the first time that the flag was flown at half staff and who was it for?" Thank you!
Hollie Combs, teacher [06-11-2009]

I work at Costco and we had an American flag display. When they took it down I took it and put it in a plastic cover so not to get dirty and I placed it at my work station to keep it safe. Two days later my manager had me bring him the flag to display it again but he decided not to put it up after all. He told me to put it under the book table on a pallet of boxes, I told him it's our flag and i don't feel that it would be respectful to our flag or the men and women who served and died for or country. He threatened me with insubordination and he started yelling at me in front of other employees. I've been in to see his manager and he thinks it's no big deal to store our flag that way and felt I was insubordnat to him and then he informed me that he was and eagle scout. WOW! WHAT HAPPENED TO AMERICA?
mary costello, wrightwood [06-10-2009]

Thank God for all of the veterans who have sacrificed so much for our freedom and the freedom that they secure all around the World. Remember them each day, not just the special days assigned in remembrance of their service to our country. Thanks to all veterans and the families of the veterans.
Bo Weaver, Garland, Texas [06-07-2009]

When carrying the US and State flags in a procession indoors, doesn't the US flag start out on the right side and cross over in front of the state flag in front of the stage and placed on the left side of the stage (to the right of the speaker)? We are about to have our elementary school graduation ceremony and would like to follow protocol.
Bill, Baltimore [06-06-2009]

The U.S. flag standing behind Pres. Obama during his speech in Cairo June 4 is incorrectly on its own left of the Egyptian flsg.
GORDON EVANS, Dennis, MA /former USA infantry officer [06-05-2009] Webmaster's note: The Flag Code applies within the U.S., when abroad foreign protocols apply

Very interesting web site and maybe a great place to start an open forum discussion.
aparkman, Texas / New Dad [06-04-2009]

Hello, my family noticed that there are three different flags used regularly, a tiny one for inclement weather, a standard flag, and a huge one for Sundays/American holidays. Our question concerns their weight. How much does that huge flag weigh, and how hard is it to raise? Thanks!
Dasha Gariepy, Okinawa, Japan [06-03-2009]

Hi. Hoping someone can asnwer a question for us. If we're flying a US flag and a US Army flag on the same pole, is it proper protocol to leave the Army flag below the US flag when it's at half mast, or should we take down the Army flag until the flag is raised to full staff? Thank you for your help and the great web site and info you provide.
DM, Tinley Park, IL [06-02-2009]

Is it appropriate to fly the United States flag at a fire fighter's cemetery grave sitr in a fire fighter's standard if a local fire department no longer provides fire service flags. Thank you for your advice.
Nadyne Reiten, Rice Lake, WI [05-31-2009]

Nadyne Reiten, Rice Lake, WI [05-31-2009]

during a parade numerous U.S flags may pass by. should we stand for each flag or just the first flag to pass by
bill van heest, Hesperia Ca [05-31-2009]

Is there a difference from a regular sized flag flying at a military institution and a flag that is flown in incliment weather?
anonymous [05-31-2009]

I wanted to stitch, in needlepoint, on a church kneeler, a picture of the American Flag. Since people would be kneeling on the image of the flag, would it be something I should not do????
Lynn Dalheim, Portland, Maine [05-29-2009]

The high in our town has three flag poles of the same height.Three flag are displayed American, State, Native American. The American flag is on the left with the other two to the right at the same height. Is this correct? Thank you Carter McKay
Carter McKay, Akron NY [05-27-2009]

i am in the american legion a army vet. there is a lot of good info here. thank you
james crum, United States [05-27-2009]

If more than one american flag are flown together, are they all to be the same height.
Max, Atlanta, GA [05-27-2009]

Could you show a picture of the black streamers on a flag that is fixed on a pole, unable to be lowered to half-mast?
anonymous [05-27-2009]

Matthew Bush, Illinois Veteran USAF [05-27-2009]

Thank you for a terrific site on flag rules. I had attended a graduation ceremony, (in pouring rain) & was surprised the flag was presented. Of course we saluted it with our hands over our hearts as the guest singer sang, but it was somehow sad to see the flag hanging there in the rain, at night, although the stadium was well light. I asked my brother (a veteran) what the protocol for displaying our flag is, & he suggested this site. Thanks for a great site for researching "Old Glory."
Annjette, New Mexico [05-26-2009]

when I see a united states flag flown at night without being lit up by some form of light, it really burns me up. I have been known to tape a flashlight on a flag pole to light it up.
Sergeant Scott Bentley USMC, Washington court house ohio [05-26-2009]

God Bless all the soldiers of the USA, past and future. Micky B Jones
Micky B Jones, Cherryville, NC [05-26-2009]

This site is extremely informative and valuable. We always display the American flag during all of the commerative holidays. I refer to your site to insure we are displaying it with honor and dignity. Please keep your site updated.
Coleen Campbell, nj [05-26-2009]

I have heard that many take their flag down during rain storms. Just before he died, my father a decorated veteran of WWII, Korea, and Viet Nam, chided me for wanting to take his flag down during a rain storm. I remember his words to me as if it were only yesterday, "Boy, you leave that flag right were it is. Our flag is not a fair weather flag." Of course I honored him by leaving it flying. What is the proper etiquette for flying the flag in inclement weather?
Paul Ziegler, Clemmons, NC My father 34 year veteran, myself 16 years active. Both Navy [05-25-2009]

I have been told the only U.S. flagstaff that may be topped by an eagle is the one flown at the capitol bldg in Washington, D.C. Is this just an urban legend?
Gayle, Olympia, WA [05-25-2009]

Question: how to display a wall-mounted Flag that cannot be half-staffed unbtil noon on Memorial Day? Every year, we normally fly the Flag of the United States of America on flag days. It is flown from an angled staff mounted on a porch column. On Memorial Day, in accordance with US Flag Code, our Flag is flown at half-staff until noon; then hoisted to full-staff until sunset. But this year our flagpole is down because of post-hurricane porch reconstruction in progress. We have a place with hooks where we can properly display the Flag (still in accordance with Code) against a plain wall at the back of the porch. (It's an all-weather Flag, which can be illuminated in dark and rainy weather.) But there's no way of observing the half-staff tradition in a fixed display there. Advice please (and TIA for any received): which is the best Memorial Day option in these circumstances: A. Display the Flag on the wall (as at full-staff) all day? B. Only put the Flag up at midday? C. Not display the Flag at all on Memorial Day?
Dr J C Guignard, Metairie, Louisiana / Consultant (human factors) [05-25-2009]

We just bought our first flag. This site gave us all the info we need to take care of it, and respect it as well. We thank you for all the help! GOD BLESS AMERICA!
Brie and Jeremy Alexander, Dighton, Kansas [05-25-2009]

When I fly the Gadsden flag with the Stars and Stripes it must be on the Stars and Stripes left, correct? What about when I show honors to the Confederacy? I believe the first flag of the Confederacy represents the idea of state's rights. (Of course the 'Stars and Bars' is either the CSA Naval Jack or Battleflag. Lee's flag should be honored also. Unfortunately today's government does not deserve respect however the country is what is at stake and we must do what it takes to show our disrespect of the socialist government of the formerly free United States of America. Thus this Memorial Day I honor those who served our nation and SERVE today to preserve our nation. I will always honor those who offered their all for our nation but our government deserves no respect as long as it disrespects our Constitution. Obama, Mao, Hitler, Stalin - No difference!
Michael F. Kloppel, Canandaigua, NY [05-25-2009]

I see some US flags displayed from trees with the staff in a proper holder nailed to the tree. Is this a proper way to display our flag?
J Robert Ritter, South Carolina [05-25-2009]

I have been living in Germany 26 years now, and still hang my flag by every ocassion... I was staioned here from 1983-1985. American and proud of it!
Kevin Hendricks, Schiffelbach, West Germany [05-25-2009]

is their any place that i can sign up to get an email for when to fly at half staff? etc...
sean, ma [05-25-2009]

the veterans,the D.A.V. and some others orginations are the worse for printing flag gadgets,pens, shirts,paper, name labels,etc
anonymous, mo. [05-24-2009]

The people of (almost) every country SHOULD feel like their country is the greatest country on Earth. I can not speak for them, but in THIS COUNTRY, support it, nurture it, grow it, love it, display the flag and/or flag stickers, and make the WORLD a better place for those who come after us. If you can't do these things, you have two options: (1) Either live here QUIETLY reaping the many benefits of The United States of America, or (2) Go to some other country that you CAN support, nurture, grow, love, display the flag and/or flag stickers, and still do your small part to make the world a better place for those who come after us.
jim Robertson, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, USN Retired [05-24-2009]

If flag is flying a half mast does it need to come down in the evening if has a light shining on it?
Tom, Georgia [05-24-2009]

I am so grateful that you have posted the proper flag etiquette here with other pertinent information and articles about the flag. I fly my flag 24 hours a day 7 days a week so I have several flags now that have been retired due to wear and was not sure of what I need to do to properly retire them so I have them each in their own vacuum sealed bag. Now that I know from your website the proper etiquette for retiring them They will be properly retired in the very near future. Thank you, God Bless you all, and may God continue to Bless the USA.
Quentin Barnes, Zebulon, NC 27597 [05-24-2009]

My question is this: I have a golf cart that I want to fly an American Flag and a USMC flag on the back of the cart. If I am facing the back the of the cart which side is the American Flag on? I know on the front of vehicles it is on the right so shouldn't it be on the right facing the rear of the cart? thanks for your help
Richard Bates, Florida/USMC Retired [05-23-2009]

Very good site, very usefull!
Emerson, Americana [05-23-2009]

on memorials day does the flag fly up at half mask?
Jimiya [05-23-2009]

Yes I am a sailor and display an American Flag from the stren of my craft, is it as disrespectful for my flag to touch the water when the boat heals as it would be for the flag to touch the ground?
Charles Bernheim, just a plain old american [05-22-2009]

I have a question, I am a scoutmaster of a Boy Scouts of America troop in Singapore. The troop has mostly scouts who are US citizens; however, there are a few scouts from Canada, Singapore and other countries. My question, as the troop is chartered with the Boy Scouts of America, but are troop flag ceremonies are conducted in Singapore, where should the USA flag be placed in relation to the speaker, far leeft or in alphabetical order with the Singapore flag on the far left?
Mark Robinson, Singapore/BSA Scoutmaster [05-22-2009]

As a Navy veteran, I was interested to read, which discusses a change in law, allowing veterans and military personnel out of uniform to render a military salute.
Bill Smith, Fall River, MA [05-22-2009]

God Bless America
Brian Bingham, Colleyville Texas [05-22-2009]

I know the POW/MIA flag must be flown under the American flag, but how far apart should they be? How much space should be between the bottom of the US flag and the top of the POW/MIA flag?
Tara, Farmington, NY [05-20-2009]

What is the correct way to display a replica Betsy Ross flag and a spirt of 76 flag. They will be displayed on the wall of our front porch. Do you follow the same rules as for the American Flag if I do the back of the #76 will be seen .
Cynthia Prater [05-20-2009]

I have bleed, sweated and cried for my flag and show respect for her everyday! I have added to the Red of our Ol' Glory.
Joseph Roe, Camp Pendleton 1 MEF ATG [05-20-2009]

GOD BLESS AMERICA, Our FLAG and Those Who Serve.
Roger A. Nelson, Los Angeles, CA. U.S.A. [05-19-2009]

This is ludicrous! Especially about the "incident" about the flag having the names of fallen heroes of 9/11 on it. That is an honor. And I understand the code and how you need to respect the flag and everything but some of the rules and regulations just seem outrageous! Like how its “such a big deal” that people wear the American flag to show their patronage and they’re getting blasted for it! That’s so stupid! If people want to display how much they love America then let them, WITHOUT getting in trouble about it! If you would like to talk more about my opinion, please feel free to e-mail me at any time. thank you.
Amanda, Windsor, CT, USA [05-19-2009]

Can the flag be used during a protest against the government?
Leroy Little, Dresden ME- [05-18-2009]

When are flags flown at half mast?
Jeanne Walsh, Millsboro, DE [05-15-2009]

If the flag is not raised at sunrise because of a violent thunderstorm and the weather clears later, is it proper to hoist the flag then oe should we wait till the next morning? thank you...David Bristow
David Bristow, Southeast Missouri [05-15-2009]

i recently contacted one of our local middle schools about their so-called flag detail "bunching up" the flag instead of folding it properly. i was so shocked and angry! i never heard from the principal but i did hear from our county mayor and congressman duncan. they both agreed with me and contacted the school themselves! now i am on a mission to make sure the flag gets the respect it deserves in my hometown.
MICHELLE PALONIS, maryville, tn [05-14-2009]

Quick question, protocol for this coming Memorial Day...when raising the US Flag and then the Colorado Flag, do we raise it all the way to the top first and then lower to half-staff? The US Flag first and then the Colorado Flag or what is the exact sequence. They will be on two seperate flagpoles Please confirm Thanks Brian Allmer Crow Creek 4-H Club Leader Weld County Fair Board member
Brian Allmer, Briggsdale, CO [05-14-2009]

i luv our new prez.
priscilla, Richmond,Virgina [05-14-2009]

We need to educate Americans on the proper display, handling, care, and disposal of the America flag. Not only is it covered under Federal Law, it is out of respect for all those who have served. Too many times I see the American flag displayed where there is rips, tears, discolaration (faded), which should not be happening in our great country. The biggest problem is that people are not aware of the proper way of displaying, and handling of the American flag. I am a veteran of the U.S. Military, and I know the proper way, but we need to spread the word, and educate one another on this too! God Bless our military current and past, and May God Bless America!
D. Carman, Florida [05-14-2009]

The flags at our church the American flag is in the\ center,the Noth Carolina flagis one side the christian flag is in the other side the Amerian flag is the higher then the state,or the christian flag, is this right
Donald J. Dalton, Archdale, NC 27263 [05-13-2009]

Yesterday I saw a flag, Stars and Stripes, in colors of orange, black and green. I am so upset about this. It is so disrespectful. Isn't it against the law? Why is this happening and how can I stop it.
Susan, Bealeton, VA, Born and Raised 100% American [05-12-2009]

Is it appropriate to lower the flag to half mast for a moment of silence? If yes, who can authorize it and how is it done?
John S., Pittsburgh, Pa. [05-12-2009]

i have an inground 25ft. flag pole. what is the correct way for me to hang my flag(5 x 7) what rope should i use(high winds) and what length and directions to rope the flag
JIM SEDORE, fishkill,ny [05-12-2009]

Don't you think you're judging the emblem on the floor of Texas' Capital Building a little too critically? I mean, it is just a symbol; they didn't mean for it to be disrespectful because the flag is on the ground.
Questioning Citizen [05-11-2009]

My wife and I attend several parades each year and always stand when the Flag passes. I was wondering, it disrespectful to NOT stand when a vehicle passes carrying a small flag? So many vehicles do that that we may be standing the entire time. I was always under the belief that should you stand only when it is paraded past on foot.
Brian Halk, Bethel Township, Ohio [05-11-2009]

I am deeply concerned that the U.S. has been overthrown by unknown forces. Today is 9 May 2009. I have been watching CNN news and seen the American Flag on the RIGHT hand side of the President of the United States, with A Pakistani flag on the LEFT. Isn't protocol; the Flag always goes to left of the viewer/right of the speaker?
Todd Davison, Rexburg, Idaho [05-09-2009] Webmaster's note: We saw that too, but when the camera pulled back you saw the US flag to the viewer's left of the foreign flag on the left and the same pair repeated on the right. With a closeup angle, all you saw was the foreign flag left and the US flag right. Correct protocol was used. It was an unfortunate camera placement.

I want to hang my flag from a wrought iron stake. The flag will be hanging from its left side. Please tell me do the stars show on the rt. or left? *****------ ------***** *****------ ------*****
wilma kelly, zanesville, ohio [05-09-2009]

What kind of lighting is required for flags at night?
Janine Graney [05-07-2009]

I am planning a banquet with a head table and I want to have an American Flag and Canadian Flag. From the location of the audience looking at the head table, which side should the American Flag be located?
Don Meena, Stevenson Ranch, CA [05-07-2009]

According to a Huffington Post article entitled "The Trial of Abbie Hoffman's Shirt": In October 1968 Abbie Hoffman was arrested for wearing an american flag shirt in Washington D.C. He was later found guilty.It says on your website that there is no penalty for violating the flag code. Were flag desicration laws repealed after 1968?
John Vail [05-06-2009]

On what date are new stars added to the flag?
Logan, Sidney, Ohio [05-06-2009]

What is the proper way to drape the American Flag over a casket?
Logan, Sidney, Ohio [05-06-2009]

I have a question. Is it ok to fly the US flag from a pole at your house's front door as well as another US flag and town flag on a pole (that is taller) about 15 feet away -- to the right of the flag at the door???? Thank you.
Donna Gillespie, Rowley, Massachusetts [05-06-2009]

What is the Proper Ensign or Flag position on my boat when at the lake? Any differance whether anchored or underway? Also is it wrong to fly a sports team flag or banner beneath the3 Flag on game days?
Bruce Hammond, Hardin Montana [05-06-2009]

I'm looking for information about raising flags during parades
Ali, syria [05-05-2009]

How to fold a state (AL) flag?
Linda, Montgomery AL [05-05-2009]

God bless the United States of America and our blesseded flag.
James Lynch [05-04-2009]

what is the procedure when it is raining. Take it down or leave it up. If you are open 24/7 what are the requirements to leave it up all night.
jesus r viass, Raeford nc [05-04-2009]

I have been flying my Maple Leaf (Canadian) flag upside down at various demonstrations since the day the Governor of New York was inaugurated. My flag was a gift from Peter Milliken, the Speaker of the Canadian House of Commons to the Inkster family and paid for by the Canadian government when the Martin Liberals were trying to win the hearts and minds of the Canadian people when Quebec came so close to voting itself out of Confederation about 14 years ago. I chose to fly my flag upside down when I tacked it the house of a very nice family (the Kevin Orr family) who were being evicted by Habitat for Humanity (Kingston, Ontario) because of a misunderstanding. The family members never got to purchase the home they'd worked so hard to obtain and never received compensation for the hours of sweat equity they'd put into the house. That eviction was a first for Habitat for Humanity (Kingston) and only the second in Canada. For a view of my upside down flag on that occasion, to to and search with "Orr" or "Habitat for Humanity". I have since used my upside down flag in the OCAP march on Queen's Park just before the last election. The welfare and handicapped people rates need an immediate increase in Ontario. You create illness, you create mental health issues, you create huge medical repercussions when you refuse to feed, house, and clothe people who are down on their luck. I have also carried my upside down flag in a march in Kingston during the last federal election because public healthcare is threatened in Canada. Yesterday, I hung my upside down Canadian flag on a rusty sign post and held it out on a busy highway across from the prison abbatoir that is threatened with closure by a government that doesn't care about prisoners and changing their frame of mind, doesn't care about local farmers and sustainable agriculture. If we get rid of farming, what will we have to eat as the country energy sources become more expensive? Yes, the country is in a state of dire distress and I fly my Canadian flag upside down. Just as the Governor got an unexpectedly beautiful day in January to be inaugurated, we got an unexpectedly beautiful day to protest the eviction of a good family simply because there was no breadwinner and Habitat for Humanity wouldn't allow the family to stay in the home they helped build because the father was sick. We do live in a country in dire distress.
Dianna K. Goneau Inkster, Kingston Ontario Canada [05-01-2009]

do you dip the flag to the president? should the flag be flowen in server weather
krystalene, coal city il [05-01-2009]

What is bad weather? Does that include when it's day or night? Also, if hung on the house, what is actually considered torn? Can we report people or neighbors that are not following the codes of the flag? Why can the president make such mistakes and nothing done about it? It's hard to believe a pub;ic offical or most of all the President to disrespect the flag.
Christopher Hatch, Pea Ridge, Arkansas [04-30-2009]

I read the question and answer about the backwards flag on Air Force One, my question is there anything wrong with displaying a sticker of an American Flag waving backwards on a police vehicle or should it be just a square flag not waving.
Shawn Arlet, Pittsburgh,PA/ Police Officer [04-29-2009]

The complete facade of building on our main street was painted as a black and white US flag. Is this leagl according to Code 8e?
Karen Mohney, Waitsburg WA [04-29-2009]

I am very proud to Display my flag in my yard with a 25 ft pole also has a flood displayed at night
Barry marcone, Ridge Manor fl [04-27-2009]

would you have a flag that was given to one of the craigs which is now is in the mussem i belive in philadelphia it was yellow with a rattle snake on imean a copy or a picture
bonnie bowser, dar of clarion co. [04-27-2009]

I have always understood if you fly the flag at night it must have a light on it..otherwise it is not be be flown at night...
Dede, M Bch, CA [04-24-2009]

i know a lot about the flag.
tj brown, olive branch ms [04-24-2009]

Our governor has ordered the state flag to be lowered to half mast for the death of a state senator. I was under the impression that no flag was to be more obvious or higher then the US flag. Should the US flag also be lowered to halgf mast ??
Scott, North Carolina // USA Retired [04-24-2009]

In our small, West Texas town I am often asked how to dispose of the flag and if it need to be disposed of if it has touched the ground. I believe that burning is appropriate and by anyone, if done with respect. And, if the flag accidently touches the ground then it need not be burned, only if it is intentionally put on the ground in an effort of disrespect.
Hank Bourdo, Retired Army Captain [04-24-2009]

I am really impressed with what I have read here today. I work at Annin & Co. who is the largest Flag manufacturer in the world. Our plant makes the American Flags that are sold in major department stores and the like. I myself cringe when I see a tattered and torn flag flying or one flown or hung improperly. I always carry an extra flag or 2 with me and give them away to replace ones that need it and let whom ever has a torn or tattered flag know how to dispose of their old one. Keep up the good work !
Cheryl Hammersley, Coshocton, Ohio [04-23-2009]

when the us flag is flown at night, does it have to be illuminated? jim
James L. Barnes, Estero, Fl. Retired Capt. USAF-SAC [04-23-2009]

why would someone fly the american flag upside down on top of a marine flag and both at half staff. i understand the half staff, and the american flag on top, but by putting it all together mean something?
becky, indiana [04-23-2009]

If an American flag and a state flag are flown from the same pole, and the governor ordes the State flag to fly at half-staff,then how is this accomplished? The American flag should remain at full staff, correct?
Paul Ahearn, Greenville NC [04-22-2009]

From the FAQ @ I read that: :When the US flag is at half mast, should other flags (state, city, company) be flown at half mast? Yes, they should. Here is what Section 7f of the Flag Code states: When flags of States, cities, or localities, or pennants of societies are flown on the same halyard with the flag of the United States, the latter should always be at the peak. When the flags are flown from adjacent staffs, the flag of the United States should be hoisted first and lowered last. No such flag or pennant may be placed above the flag of the United States or to the United States flag's right. Therefore, when the US flag is flown at half-mast, other non-national flags should also fly at half-mast." My question is on the hoisted first and lowered last part. We plan to hoist a historic U.S. flag on the left and a Troop flag on the right of 3 poles - with U.S. in the middle on the highest pole, of course. Typically, the U.S. flag goes up first w/ appropriate honors, followed by a reading about the historic flag and then raising it, and finally the raising of the Boy Scout Troop flag. However, to strictly follow this rule (as I'm interpreting it), it sounds like all three flags have to be up at full mast at the same time, and then the Troop, then the historic, and finally the U.S. flag are brought down to half-mast. Am I overanalyzing this and the "lowered last" part is referring to the conduct of evening colors? Thanks. My phone number is 540-809-4926 if a conversation would make responding easier. Semper Fi Mike
Mike Haas, United States [04-22-2009]

Please forward the City of Chicago Flag Codes/Regulations. Thank you.
Gail Crump [04-21-2009]

/ Has anyone else seen this and did the CO Gov lower the US flag? Has anyone else seen this and did the CO Gov lower the US flag?
Chris Dias, Fort Meade, MD / USAF Retired [04-21-2009]

I am interested in knowing why someone would have a burial flag of their loved veteran, yet they do not display it in their flag box. (?) Please help me to understand - I believe that it is for a particular reason.
Kathleen Brown, New Hampshire [04-18-2009]

My father was buried recently and the National Guard was there and presented me with a flag. Can anyone tell me the size of the flag. I don't want to unfold it. Thank you.
Chris Parker, Cayucos CA [04-18-2009]

Work at a Veterans clinic where we flay all of the flags with great pride and are "Proud of Those We Serve"
Dena Hodges, Kirksville Missouri [04-18-2009]

Frank [04-18-2009]

Our school has an American Flag that was flown over the White House. My question is...Is it appropriate for the school to send this flag (that was flown at the White House) over to Iraq to a students military parent to have them fly it over there and send back to us to fly at out school? Thank you for your advise.
Sandy, Atkinson Academy Elementary School [04-18-2009]

Thanks for all the information posted on this web-site.
Walter K. Hough, Miami Fla [04-18-2009]

A question of flag etiquette has arisen. I am a US citizen living in the Bahamas and I am a flag fan so I have both the US flag and the Bahamian flag flying from a "T" flagpole with the US flag and the Bahamian flag flying at the same height, side by side. As the flags are flown in the Bahamas the Bahamian flag is entitled to be flown in the place of honor to the left of the US flag( i.e on the flags's right). My friend who is from the UK flies the Bahamian flag on his flagpole at the top with the UK flag flown at a lower level. He says that since he does not have separate flagpoles the Bahamian flag should be flown higher than the UK flag. He also contends the same is true for all other national flags flown on the same flagpole, i. e. the Bahamian flag should be higher than the other national flag. I disagree, telling him that the flags should not ever be flown from the same flagpole if one has to be higher than the other. His justification comes from the confusion of sections 7(c) and 7 (g) of the US Flag Code. Comments?
E Angstadt, Bahamas [04-14-2009]

The US Navy rescued Capt. Phillips from pirates. Fox news is showing footage of crew members draping a US flag over railing. The flag is backwards! I emailed the host but I'm so upset by this! Laura Wilson
Laura Wison [04-13-2009]

Chicago Ridge Council said no extentions off my balcony. I've had a flag up before 9-11-02 and my concern is that they forgot of our Living Flag. Joseph Nawrot
joseph nawrot, chicago ridge, il. [04-13-2009]

I would like to know if we can lower the american flag in our mobile home and rv park upon the death of a fellow veteran in absent of a Presidential or Executive order?
Susan, Florida [04-13-2009]

i love pickles..
Fred Pickles, Stalker! [04-13-2009]

I like the flag.
Lulu Gonsaras, No where [04-13-2009]

KLBJ AM radio reports that a war veteran has been issued a ticket and cannot be on any school campus. This prohibits him from his voting place. He had asked the school administration in a letter to properly respect the flag that is flown there 24 hours a day and is not illuminated at night. When they refused, he took the flag down himself, and folded it properly. This school administration respects neither our flag, nor the veterans who fight to protect it.
Karen, Austin, TX [04-13-2009]

Today I was humiliated when the president of our group nearly neglected opening our meeting with the pledge. When she realized her error, she asked us to stand and I rose with my datebook and glasses in my left hand from my folding chair where I had been ready to take notes and proceeded to place my right hand on my heart without interruption ready to proceed. The president hesitated, looked at me and ask me to empty my left hand before proceeding. Eyes were on me and the time, although brief, felt long and I felt humiliated. I did as requested so as not to create further attention or distraction. I was not only humiliated but at my age of 65 and being a citizen who would never offend my flag or country that has been an important part of my family since the founding of our country as well as before 1776. I felt belittled. And angry. I felt it was most important to be at attention with my right hand on my heart and the priority was to say the pledge with my whole heart giving allegiance to my country. What do you think? Was I wrong to have something in my left hand? I perhaps also know that I should consider the "source" (president's personality) and get over it...but, most importantly, I would also like to address the issue with her with a "correct" answer so that this doesn't happen again to someone else. I know where I stand!
Carole, usa [04-09-2009]

Looking at the wall of shame... you have way too much time on your hands.
Eliot, Colorado [04-08-2009]

how sad to see so many goverment mistake concerning the flag! the stamp should be retired if it isent and and member of the goverment that has signed,flown the flag incorrectly, ordered half staff without proper athoirity shoul make a very public appoligy nation wide because if then dident relize it was wrong i'm sure many american also dident know and the only way for the people of america to learn is to be taught
S, pennsylvania [04-07-2009]

Can I fly the American flag at half staff for the three police officers killed in the line of duty in Pittsburgh, Pa.? If so for how long.
Nancy Faust, Greensburg, Pa [04-07-2009]

I just did a presentaion on how to fold a flag
Rebecca Jones, I am 12 [04-03-2009]

How long do we leave the flag at half mask for the Oakland Police officers killed?
KIM JONES, Richmond,Ca [04-02-2009]

I am a Substitute Teacher for K - 8th grade and talk about the significance and symbolism of the American Flag at every new classroom I go to. The kids are fascinated and I'm becoming known as "The Flag Lady" and loving it!
Cynthia Duhame, Sherman Oaks, CA [03-29-2009]

my father is the president of the vermilion veterans association and is looking for information as to the proper way to fly the pow mia, us and state flags on the same pole. Thank you
Jean Young, Lorain ohio [03-29-2009]

this might help some of the questions about flag etiquette for burials and memorials. The flag may cover a casket, but should not cover a statue or monument for unveiling. It should never be draped or drawn back in folds. Draped red, white and blue bunting should be used for decoration, with the blue at the top and red at the bottom. On a casket, the union (blue field) should be at the deceased person's head and heart, over the left shoulder. But the flag should be removed before the casket is lowered into the grave and should never touch the ground. The flag may be flown at half-staff to honor a newly deceased federal or state government official by order of the president or the governor, respectively. On Memorial Day, the flag should be displayed at half-staff until noon. Whenever the flag is displayed at half-staff, it should be first raised to the top. Lowering from half-staff is preceded by first raising it momentarily to the top. Also if there is no spouse of the deceased to present the flag to, the flag would be presented to the oldest next of kin (i.e. the oldest child and the subsequently on down the line if that member is not available.) The precedence would be spouse, then children, then parents (if available), then siblings and so on. Hope this helps.
Christine Bushby, Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama [03-29-2009]

I want to know if i can fly my american flag at half staff for the four officer who passed last week? I have a flag pole out in my front yard.
katie ehlers, Fremont, ca uited auto worker [03-29-2009]

Fantastic and informative site ...but is the picture of Betsy Ross laying the flag across her lap and onto the floor appropriate? As your site said in response to President Busch, Section 8b of the Flag Code reads, " The flag should never touch anything beneath it, such as the ground...". The picture may cause confusion to children even though it seems relatively harmless. I cringed at the site. Perhaps someone should originate a proper picture of the event that is more worthy of respect (and possibly represents less division of the sexes while they're at it). A new artist's rendition would be welcome. Thanks.
Daughters of the American Revolution -descendent, Indiana [03-27-2009]

We have an old Flag, (48 stars) At A banquet with our American Friends, can this flag be put on a stamd to accompany the others. (Canada, U.S. Ontario, Michigan)
John F. Sutherland, Woodstock Ontario, Canada [03-26-2009]

i have a question, what would the order of flags be? american flag, p.o.w. flag, then state flag, or american flag, state flag then the p.o.w. flag?
Debbie, arizona [03-26-2009]

I'm a motorcyclist, I have a riding vest with a U.S. Flag (in leather) affixed to the back of the vest, I have patches the surround the flag but nothing touches the flag, though I have U.S.A. and a ranger patch across the top. Have I violated the Flag Code?
Robert Brotten, Arlington VA [03-25-2009]

I saw your message about the Governor's office in CA flag display error, please post the fact that though we grieve the loss of the Oakland police officers, only the State flag is lowered for such a tragedy.
Ron Wallenburg, For Oakland CA, 1/2 staff for police officers [03-24-2009]

purchased a flag frame box for my Dad who was a Sgt. in Korea. What should go on the engraved plaque? Is this OK? Frank R. DiBiasi, Sgt.
Frank DiBiasi, San Francisco/Son of War Vet [03-22-2009]

Your web site helped in knowing how to display the American Flag. Thank you very much
Baron C. Phillips, Southside Baptist Church/ Trying to find the correct way to display the flag. [03-22-2009]

it there anyting wrong with makeing a poster with a small american flag on the poster board with the soldiers pictures(family members) that are serving our country in the military for a display in our church...thank you
carol reed, kansas [03-22-2009]

I need yal to email me when to fly the flags at half mask. Thanks
Zach Sloan, Camden,Ar I am a njrotc cadet [03-19-2009]

Send us your flags for honorable retirement on Flag Day. The Kitchen Table Gang Trust, 42922 Avenue 12, Madera, CA 93636-8866 A donation for this service would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.
Charles Taliaferro, Madera, CA (USA) [03-18-2009]

I am of the opinion that if a foreign nation is invited to participate in a memorial day parade to honor our fallen heroes, then the invited nation should be allowed to display its flag as long as our flag code is observed. Example: The Royal Canadian Mounted Police or Mexican Mounted Units. Am I wrong?
Oscar Garcia, Granada Hills, California [03-18-2009]

Everyday, I hear, and see offenses against the stars and Stripes. Yet, there is no fine or law that is being broken. What are we teaching our future leaders about the meaning of the flag, what it stands for and the history of our nations Flag? The Nevada Vet who torn down the Mexican flag should be rewarded. We need more Vets out there......
James W. Brown, USN (retired), Gulfport, MS/ Master Chief Storekeeper, Submarines [03-17-2009]

When the Flag of the United States is displayed in an auditorium in advance of the stage, that is, on the wall, about 1/6th of the way into the audience which is the correct side of the auditorium for the flag to be displayed? On the audience right or left? The State flag would be on the opposite wall.
Lou Harmin, Crystal River, Florida [03-17-2009]

At our local college basketball arena, there is a large hanging American Flag at the end of the arena. Before our games begin, a color guard marches in with the American Flag to near the center court. During the National Anthem, our team and the student cheer block turn away from the color guard and recogize the flag at the end of the arena. This is contrary to what I was taught, that a military color guard always too precedence. Am I mistaken? Thanks.
J. Schloot, Missouri [03-17-2009]

Great explanations for several frequently asked questions
Marty Seitz, Westmoreland County, Penna [03-16-2009]

Is there a proper way/position to display the US flag on a Website? I have a customer that wants it displayed on their home page.
Denise, Illinois/Webmaster [03-15-2009]

When entering a building, such as a lobby in an office building, where both the state flad and the U.S flag are displayed (one on either side of the entrance door), which side should each flag be on? Thank you!
Dennis Nordgaard, Tennesse veteran [03-15-2009]

you should have a flag as a code in war.
shacore, b'vill [03-13-2009]

In Shady Grove Florida, Hamp Walker hung his American Flag upside down on Inaugeration Day in protest of President Obama, he stated that he would display his flag like this until Obama is out of office or assasinated. Our little community is of all White americans.This upsets me that he is using OUR flag in protest.
Linda L. Shaw, North Florida [03-12-2009]

In our town some work is being done on the city park, some one has taken it on their self to have the flag pole moved from the front of the park to the back side of the park, behind the bird houses, the gezabo, and in the middle of the park. Is this the correct place for this to be moved? Need an answer asap. Thank you Wanda
Wanda Holland, Leakesville,Ms. [03-10-2009]

My question is my father in law died. At his military funeral who will get the flag? My husband or one of his sisters? My husband is the only son. We have heard it goes to the oldest child. Is this true? Thanks
Elizabeth, ma. [03-10-2009]

Very informative site -- I will share this with my 9 year old so she will learn proper flag rules. I don't think many children know about these rules, but I think it is something everyone should know.
Maria, Tampa, FL [03-09-2009]

Imagine Francis Skott Keys that morning at Fort Henry when the smoke had cleared OUR flag was still waving!
OS3 michael snow USN, Veteran [03-09-2009]

Can you please tell me what the correct order the following flags should be in when posted in a flag rack: (Left to Right) US FLAG/CALIFORNIA FLAG/POW-MIA FLAG/FLAGS OF THE US ARMY, NAVY, MARINE CORPS, AIR FORCE, COAST GUARD No one seems to know the correct order. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
DARYL SKARE, Santa Barbara, California [03-09-2009]

I recently saw a baby photograph in which the infant was laying upon an American flag (which itself was rumpled). I have this date e-mailed the photographer to file a complaint.
SallyAnn McChesney, Southern Ohio [03-09-2009]

Hello, Maybe some one can help me with this question. My dad was a Viet Nam Vet and he died,who gets his flag? My middle brother says as far as he is concerned he gets it,but who really is the one who deserves to be handed the flag and saluted by the United States Army at his grave side? I hope you can HELP ME.. Thank You, Buzzy
Buzzy, Iowa [03-09-2009]

The flag should be displayed to the right as you exit the building. I cannot find that fact anywhere. can you help me.
Ty Collins, Riva, MD [03-09-2009]

Is it just me or has anyone noticed that little flag thingy on the "Binder & Binder" commercials is upside down? I am very offended by this. This commercial should either change this or get off the air.
Adriana Bransfield, Lynn, MA [03-09-2009]

Is it proper to use a representation of a flag on a post safety sign. We have been told it is disrespectful to use a partial representation of the US flag on the top of a digital safety sign here on Ft Sill
Roy Phillips, DPW Fort Sill OK [03-09-2009]

the flag rocks
brittney, california [03-03-2009]

I would like to know? Do you need to light a outside flag at night or not? I've check several web sites and called my local VFW and nobody knows the answer for sure. Can you help me? Thanks Mic
Mic Walsh, Potosi, WI 53820 [03-03-2009]

I find this site very informative. Very well laid out.
Don Dakin, West Chester, Ohio [03-03-2009]

At a private residence does a flag have to be illuminated at night?
anonymous [03-03-2009]

Our neighbor has flown his flag at half mast since Obama was elected. I asked why, and he said he was in "mourning." The flag remains at half mast. I find it disrespectful. Is there any official response possible.
jane albritton, Fort Collins, Colorado [03-03-2009]

Is it proper to salute, or even to pledge allegiance, to historic flags of the U.S. That is, are old historic flags of the U.S. (particularly from the Revolutionary and immediate post-Revolutionary time) considered to be "flags" and therefore due honors such as salutes and pledges of allegiance?
Dan Godbee, Zachary, Louisiana [03-03-2009]

What are the approved guidelines as to when you would fly the American Flag at half? Can you fly a state flag or fire department flag on the same pole with the American flag? And if so could you fly the State flag at half with the American flag not? Thank you
Regina Honeycutt, Saragossa, Alabama [02-27-2009]

What is the proper way to lower the flag at a fire station? I ask because I was driving by my neighborhood fire house, when i saw two firemen lowering the flag at sunset. One of the firemen proceeded to throw the flag over his shoulder like a beach towel. I was very offended by his careless actions. Am I alone in this?
Brenda Payne, El Paso, Tx [02-27-2009]

I went to a Days Inn in Gettysburg PA about 3 days ago, and i saw a ripped tattered American Flag. I talked to the manager, but we left after that so i dont know if it was fixed or not.
Dane Maricich, Pennsylvania [02-27-2009]

I work for a company, and our state flag is posted on an adjacent pole to the national flag. They are flying at the same height. Is that in accordance with the code? Side by side at equal heights?
Randi Eitzman, Lexington, KY/ Female 25 [02-26-2009]

the national is hoiste in the morning at 6am. if it rain should it hoist after?
clarence brown, jamaica [02-26-2009]

I love the site. It's perfect for making sure that people know that the Nations Flag is more than just a flag. The Flag is part of all of us, and should be respected like we respect our mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers.
D. Ortiz, Texas / US Army Retired [02-26-2009]

So, according to the ABQ Journal, and the State of New Mexico's Governors Office website, the Governor, Richardson, ordered the Flag at half-staff for the wife of a senator. According to US Code Title 4, Ch 1, section 7m this should not have been allowed. If I am correct, I plan on correcting the journal
Devin Gardner, Rio Rancho, NM [02-26-2009]

What is the proper order for these flags hanging on a wall left to right? US flag, US Navy flag, State flag, Union Jack. God bless our troops.
Eric Sala, Ohio [02-25-2009]

I was watching the President yesterday in his news conference and both of the flags behind him (US and President) had the a tassel drapped in front of them, is that correct?
Nelson Teeter, retired ARMY [02-25-2009]

I work for a public school and the administration rents various areas in school for use by the public. When there is a set up in an area, the public gets a diagram (made up by the school administration) of the area and fills it out as to how they want it set up. Also on that diagram is various lists as to what they want or need. One item listed is, is the American flag needed? They circled no and wanted the flag taken down so as to decorate that part of the wall where it was hanging. We took the flag down. So my questions is, was it proper for us to take the flag down for this event?
Barb Pumplun, Mason, Ohio [02-24-2009]

I understand the rule that the american flag is first on the flagpole. But there is a big debate in my office that next comes the POW/MIA then the state flag. Others believe it is the other way around. Can you please clarify this?
Katherine Johnson, Kansas Law Enforcement [02-22-2009]

The US Flag Code states that no part of the flag should be worn on atletic uniforms. I am an ASA umpire, and we wear a US Flag patch on our navy blue caps. The patch has been part of our uniform for several years now. Is it ok to be wearing this patch?
Larry L Wanless, Spring, TX [02-22-2009]

Concerning flying the flag after sun down.The code says that this is ok if the flag is "properly illumunated". How is properly defined. I have noticed several flags in parking lots that are illuminated but there is no light that is dedicated to the flag.
Richard Dunaway, Vicksburg, Ms. [02-21-2009]

When flying the American flag and the state flag on same staff do they have to be approximately the same size. If not what is the variation alllowed?
TIM HAUB, Bakersfield CA [02-20-2009]

My dad died in 1996. His memorial flag has remained folded and in a display case since then. Recently my son noticed the flag has turned black where it was touching the wooden display case. I have since lined the case with felt (it wasn't before) but wondered how to clean the flag without unfolding it or causing further damage. Thank you M. Shaelo
Marie Shaelo, Oklahoma [02-20-2009]

I am serving in the US Navy in Africa and recently purchased six flags and was wondering what there postions are supposed to be I bought the US,Army,Navy Air Force, Marine Corp and Coast Gaurd flags and have them on display in are Quarterdeck but need to know the right order they go in as well as what flag pole tops they require. Does the US flag go in the middle or to the left or right as you look at them and where do the others go in relation to the US flag. Thanks for your help. LIVE STRONG NAVY PRIDE
Christopher Henderson, Africa [02-19-2009]

For a line of duty death of a firefighter, is it proper to drap an american flag over a casket or is this strictly reserved for veterns and military personnel.
Michael J. Oakley, Captain Trenton Fire Department [02-19-2009]

A neighbor of mine flys a US flag 24 hours a day. The pole is very close to there house and the flag gets cought on the house and some times lays on the roof some times for days at a time. Also the flag is never lit at night. What can officially done about correcting this. When broght to his attention, he just laughs at you.
Edward Westerfield, CT Viet Nam Veteran Served 8 & 1/2 (2- 3 month extensions) USAF [02-19-2009]

We have three flag poles that are in front of our Jail/Training Center. The poles are illuminated at night. However, we find that we take the flags down at night because the winds routinely damage the flags and poles. We would like to adopt a formal raising/lowering but want to make sure we are not violating the flag code by having illuminated poles that won't have any flags on them. Can we have flag poles that are illuminated at night that don't have flags on them? Thank you and your web site is most helpful! Sgt. Laughlin
Shawn Laughlin, Broomfield Police Department/Administrative Supervisor [02-19-2009]

what are the rules for an offical commorative flag? Is the twin towers 911 flag offical? How to display a commorative flag in a meeting room.
ernest westfall, fort ashby west virginia [02-19-2009]

Do you stand and salute each time when a flag passes multiple times in a parade
Debbie Griffith, Port Orange Florida [02-17-2009]

I am thinking of engraving a name and date on a US Flag for one of our Boy Scouts who has earned his Eagle and present it to him at his Eagle Scout ceremony. Is this against the rules?
Sharon Cisneros, Perris, California [02-17-2009]

Why does the funeral protocol from the Army omit "On behalf of the President of the United States"
Brian Cupido, McKinney TX [02-17-2009]

when is it proper to fly the flag at half masks.
Paula, Jackson, La. [02-17-2009]

My husband was cremated and his remains will be in an urn. How do we display the flag at his graveside service? We will have an military honor guard. Thanks you
Patricia W Brown, Tallahassee, FL [02-17-2009]

Memorial Day: flag flown at half-staff, until noon. Veterans Day: flag remains at full-staff. correct??
jerry terando, morris, il. [02-17-2009]

I had heard somewhere that you were not supposed to fly the US Flag when it was raining. Is that true ?
Arthur Shafer, Mineral Wels, TX [02-17-2009]

I want to if a person who was in ROTC in high school is allowed to have a flag on his/her casket.My husband was in ROTC in high school back in the 1970s.
Jackie(Waits) King, Jesup,GA [02-17-2009]

What is the dementions of a flag that is goimg to be presented at a military retirement ceremony and that can fit inside a standard shadow box? Thank You!
Andrew O'Connor, Rolla, Mo // Retirement Flag // Shadow box [02-14-2009]

In a formal rank & file formation, i.e., Fire Department formation, is it proper for the entire formation to salute during the National Anthem, or the Seargent-at-Arms only on behalf of the entire assembly?
Randolph Holmes, USN-R, Floral Park, NY [02-14-2009]

We just bought a house,and we have American and Texas flags we want to put in the Yard,is a proper side that the American flag would go (left or right if standing in street looking at house)
Kelly, Tx [02-14-2009]

My ex-husband died in December 1990. Being a veteran, his children were give a U.S. flag when he died, which has been boxed up since 1990. I live in an apartment with no possibility of displaying the flag. Rather than burn the flag, can I donate the flag to a national cemetery? Lorraine McEvoy
Lorraine McEvoy [02-14-2009]

I have a question. We have a member that is prior retired military and now retired as a civilian. He wants us to fly his flag on our base what is the proper way to honor his retirement and the raise and lower his flag for morning colors? Standing by for answers. V/R, YN2 Ali
Raafia, Naval Station Everett [02-14-2009]

I work for a Native American Casino that has their Indian Nation flag. It comes down from time to time that a Native Elder had died. Their Nation flag would go to half mast and if the elder was a veteran then they would lower the American Flag. Is this right?
Steven [02-11-2009]

During military rights at a funeral, the casket and the funeral attendees pass between National Colors and the Post flag(s). When facing the grave site, on which side should the National Colors be positioned?
Dennis Norton, American Legion Post 333, Sun Prairie, WI [02-11-2009]

What about flags on websites? Like this one: Seems to violate the Code...
anonymous [02-11-2009]

Is it okay to iron a flag? Our church has an American flag that looks like it could use some ironing to hang nicer.
Debra Breiland [02-11-2009]

We had a volenteer EMS/fireman shot to death at a call, do we fly flag at half staff, if yes how long.
Steve Docteur, Cape Vincent N.Y. [02-09-2009]

Something doesn't seem right about all (~6?) the American flags behind the President in his news conferences. To me, it diminishes the significance of the flag, which to me, symbolizes the nation. Don't need 6 symbols of the United States. Thoughts?
Gary Wegener, Woodland, CA US Navy, retired [02-09-2009]

I work for a fire department in Colorado. We are looking for guidance on flying the US flag on our fire engines. What are the guidlines if it is not practical to fly it on the right front fender/chassis? Also what is the rules on flying the flag on vehicles at night. Thanks
M Rader, Colorado [02-09-2009]

my beloved father is a disabled vet and nearing the end of his days. May I fly my home flag at half mast in his honor and to show my grief? I do not want to do wrong. Thank you
kathleen saulnier, salem, nh [02-09-2009]

I recalled from my Boy Scout days a rule specifing that only one United States flag should be flown over each building. Is it against the formal code when businesses fly several United States flags?
Bob Kondziola, Seattle Washington [02-09-2009]

I heard from somebody that the flag can be flowen 24/7 and without a light shining on it at night if we are at war. Is that true? I noticed that theres a federal building in Kent, WA has been flying the flag at night without a light on it. I was also wondering if the pledge of allegiance is suppose to be said every morning at our public schools? Thanks, Russ.
russell gay, Maple Valley, WA [02-09-2009]

The flag code states that "The flag should never touch anything beneath it,". Would this include another flag flown beneath on the same staff?
Joe Agius, Cassville, Missouri [02-06-2009]

I have the flag that draped my father's casket. I plan to display it in a triangle display case, however for a short time the flag was used by a sibling and is in weathered condition and has not been properly stored. It is a bit stiff. Can it be cleaned. It was provided by the VA in 1970.
Denise [02-06-2009]

The flag in the conference room at the Town Office where Selectmen and boards meet is tacked up on the wall. Before meetings begin, everyone stands and does the Pledge. Is it proper to tack the flag on the wall that way, or should it be on a staff or hanging free from the ceiling?
Chuck Finger, Poland Maine [02-05-2009]

We have an American Flag out front of our business. Today the employees put it at half staff to remember afellow employee killed one year ago today. Is it right to do this? I thought that if everybody put their flags at half staff to remember a loved one, they would all be at half staff 99 percent of the time.
stacey, Schodack, NY [02-05-2009]

I am a Scout Leader and was asked this question. During the flag ceremony all are saulting the flag. Then after the pledge the sergeant at arms will say two. Is the word really two or is it to or even too ? What is the origin or meaning of this command ?
Ben Rogers, Moline, IL [02-04-2009]

Any special knot or way to secure the flag to the pole? Neighbor has his ziptied to his pole and would like to properly help him secure his flag. Thanks and great website
David Lawson, Knoxville, TN [02-04-2009]

Is it proper for Duke University to fly the N.C. State flag at half mask and the School Flag fly not lowered on the pole right beside the state flag?
Bradley Schlitz, Durham NC [02-04-2009]

Bradley Schlitz, Durham NC [02-04-2009]

Are there any state flags which can be flown even with the American flag?
anonymous [02-03-2009]

What is the proper respect when posting flags, otherwise which would you post 1st:2nd and last. Suppose we have an American flaf, troop flag, state flag and a church flag. How do you post in order?
Jack A. Atteberry, Burlington,Iowa [02-03-2009]

Send us your flags for retirement. The Kitchen Table Gang Trust, 42922 Avenue 12, Madera, CA 93636-8866 A donation for this service would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.
Charlie Taliaferro, Madera, CA (U.S.A.) [02-02-2009]

My father in-law, (veteran of World War II)just passed away and to honor him, we put his flag at home to half-mast. Was this wrong??
Ben, Battle Creek, Mi. [02-01-2009]

Can a United States Flag be flown at half mask for the death of a member of a volunteer fire company? In the line of duty death and/or a natural death. Question 2. Can a casket of a volunteer fireman be draped by the american flag? In the line of duty death and/or a natural death.
J. Gary Thompson, Roaring Spring, Pennsylvania [02-01-2009]

What does it mean when an American Flag patch has a white border instead of the usual gold border?
Roger Wingerberg, Denver [02-01-2009]

God Bless America Long May She Live!
Gregory W. Edwards, Ohio [02-01-2009]

a state guard member ( none prior service ) dies and was creamated. we would still like to present an american flag to next of kin? is this proper ?
ROGER P. LIVINGSTON, SWANTON VT. ? Col. Vermont State Guard [02-01-2009]

My neighbor has a Flag flying with only 11 stripes. The stripes were torn by the wind. I think it is a disgrace.Do you have any books I can send her on Flag Etiquette?
dorother paglia, davenport fl 33897 [01-29-2009]

If you are flying the US flag and the state flag on a 45 ft pole, what size would both flags need to be? It seems a 6'x10' US flag would be too large along with a state flag. Right now we are flying both flags with 4'x6' measurements, with the US flag on top. Thank You.
Joyce Watson, Montgomery County Schools [01-29-2009]

I was wondering if its mandatory for government buildings,including schools to fly the flag during normal operating hours,is there a law for this?
John Douglas, Clovis,New Mexico [01-28-2009]

Two Questions being in the military and now a civilian when a flag passes in front on me can I still salute it or hold my hand over my heart? Also when presenting a flag to a family member at a funeral what do you say to them? It has been almost 21 years since I got my dad's flag and forgot what was said to me. Any help would be greatly appreciated and may God continue to Bless The United States.
Aaron Kershner, Anchorage AK Disabled Vet [01-27-2009]

We are considering giving flags that have flown over the courthouse as gifts for retiring employees and to honor volunteer service etc. Is there any protocol for this? Thanks, Mike
Michael R. White, Jefferson County Employee [01-27-2009]

Hi. I'm looking for a frame for a memorial flag and for the presidential certificate. I see many online, but I wonder if there are any organizations from which I can buy that benefit Veterans Organizations. Please advise me. Thx, Caren
Caren Boddie, Littleton, Daughter of WWII Vet [01-27-2009]

Thank you God and Bless our new President.
Jenn, Chattanooga, TN [01-23-2009]

When displaying american flag during a scout funtion when the speeker is at the same leavel as the audiance with no podium, should the flag be on speekers right or audiances right?
Sidney S. Hastings, Michigan,scout leader [01-23-2009]

1) Order of presedence for flying on one pole U.S. flag, POW/MIA flag, State flag. 2) How far apart should each of those three flags be. 3) Exactly where is half staff (top of the top flag 1/2 way from Top of pole to the ground)?
William Worrell, Douglassville, PA (Adjutant, Pottstgrove American Legion Post #244) [01-23-2009]

Under what conditions is the govenor of a state authorized to order the flag lowered to half staf?
Ron Garrison, Dimomdale,mi. [01-23-2009]

I have a single flagpole with the the US flag above the Commonwealth of Virginia's flag. The Commonwealth's flag was ordered to half staff, Can this be done? and how would it look?
Fritz Alderman, Culpeper, VA [01-20-2009]

0 in the baltimore sun - there are pictures taken of people with the united states flag with obama on the flag - is it not just as bad the news paper promoting - this - and putting the flag misused in the newpaper in the baltimore sun - there are pictures taken of people with the united states flag with obama on the flag - is it not just as bad the news paper promoting - this - and putting the flag misused in the newpaper
Regina D'Uva, Burlington NC [01-20-2009]

Sir:I belong to a yacht club, who has a flag pole resembling a ships mast.They have positioned the clubs penant at the very top of the mast. The American flag is positioned on a pole that juts out about half way up the "t" configured main pole on an angle poke extending out at approximately 120 degress skyward from the main pole. The American flag displayed below the clubs penant. I contend this is an inappropriate display but cannot find anything relating to displaying the American flag on a land based ships mast pole. Can you advise me as to what is appropriate. Thanking you in advance for your kind help Roy R Glenzer Racine,WI 53405
Roy R Glenzer, Racine,WI Flag Pole- Mast [01-20-2009]

I gave a fellow worker's family who were recently made US citizens, a US flag, pole and holder (to be installed on the house to hold the pole). They mentioned today they do not have one piece of wood on the house to attached the holder. Can they fly the flag from an oak tree?
karen anderson, tampa, fl [01-20-2009]

jackie sanzone, Mission, TX [01-19-2009]

Is there a soecial way to hang the flag if you have a member of your family deployed in hostile times?
Shelly Jarrell, My son is in the Army and deployed in Iraq currently [01-18-2009]

host nation order for flags on logos. US left to right if US is the host nation? yes or No? If displayed as shown on can you look at that logo and tell me if it is correct if this logo is for a uS hosted event.
scott Nye, pennsylvania [01-16-2009]

Greetings: As the Federal Law Enforcement agency charged with protecting the Homeland from terrorists, we display both the American Flag and the US Customs and Border Protection(Department of Homeland Security)flags (2) on the arrival floor at the Honolulu Intl Airport on separate staffs, of equal height, approximately 8 feet apart (pictures of the CBP/DHS Chain-of-command from the Commander-in-chief on down) against a wall. Currently the American flag is displayed on the viewers right with the CBP flag at the viewers left. I know as a retired Army officer this flys against what I recall - the American flag on a staff should be situated on the flag's own right (the viewer's left). What is correct?
James Myers, Supervisor, US Customs & Border Protection, Honolulu Intl Airport [01-15-2009]

James Myers [01-15-2009]

Is it permissable to display the picture of the flag on a personal card? If so how is it displayed on the card? This card is not for business use. Is it also permissable to display a picture of the flag with words under it such as "Support Our Troops"?
Tom Swann, Holly Springs, North Carolina; Retired U. S. Army [01-14-2009]

When displaying a US flag and state flag on the same pole, i understand that the US flag is on top of the state flag. My question is: should the US flag be larger in size or equal to the same size as the state flag?
Yvonne, Vancouver, WA [01-13-2009]

Is it ok to take my Fathers burial flag (U.S Marine Sgt. Cherry Point 3rd Airwing Division) out of the case and hang it on the wall? Thank you
Scott, Massachussetts [01-11-2009]

I recently acquired the flag from my fathers funeral 30 years ago. I would like to know what the dimensions of a folded flag should be as someone is building a dispay case for me. Thanks,and Glod bless America
chuck barton, spanaway wa/retired air force [01-11-2009]

I was just sent a few flags from my husband that is serving in Afghanistsn. These flags were flown over their base on Sept 11, 2008. I need to fold them to give to family members so this site was very helpful.
Debbie Qualls, ky [01-11-2009]

I will be attending a funeral for a retired military man. Do I stand when the flag is removed. I attended a memorial service in which the flag was carried into the church...Should I have stood?
judy beglin, southern california [01-11-2009]

I have been asked by a representative of nearby Clemson University whether or not it is appropriate to raise a "thethered" or "worn" flag at an athletic event -- as a one time tribute -- to the 472 alumni who have made the ultimate sacrifice, as well as all alumni veterans. Thanks in advance for your assistance. Al Whitley
Col (Ret) Al Whitley, Clemson, SC [01-09-2009]

To whom it may concern: My concerns as a patriot and proud American, a civil servant for 30 years, the son of a WWII veteran and career Federal employee who died serving it, and brother to a retired USAF officer who has two sons entering the USAF as officers is this: I offer this with my First Amendment Right in jeopardy of being abused by local fascists. First, how can the most prominent Federal Building in Lakewood, CO refuse the President's orders to lower the building's flag to half mast on September 11, 2008? Despite efforts to ask the local U.S. Congressman's office to demand them to do so, he and his staffed ignored the demands and went further by lying about their false attempt. Thank God this Congressman was not selected to be our next U.S. Senator. The Denver ABC News Station had to do a report on this national disgrace. Further, the news showed pictures of employees of the U.S. Department of Transportation smoking cigarettes in the face of the full mast flag on this date of shame. The dishonor has spread to state and local governments who now disgrace the flag by either not flying it or as required at half mast in defiance of State of Colorado statutes or flying it when the building is closed and in all forms of inclement weather. The flag is not an all-weather flag. It was once raised by the students and now just hangs there for all to see in disgust. The flag of concern is now stretched and worn below full mast, with no lighting at night. This flag is located at a local county elementary school here in Lakewood, CO. Where is Mr. Bennet who replaced a reputable Senator Salazar when the youngest, most impressionable Colorado students need and want to see the true symbols of freedom and leadership? God Save Our Land of Freedom.
Byron Better, Lakewood, CO [01-07-2009]

I am not a veteran. My son is a former Marine. Can I fly the Marine Corp flag under the American flag on my flag pole or would that be disrespectful implying that I was a Marine?
Marty Markiewicz [01-02-2009]

My son-in-law is serving his second tour in Iraq and I want to honor him by displaying the ARMY flag (one star) beneath the American flag on my flag pole. Is this allowed by flag rules and regulations?
john Luchka, Port St. Lucie Florida [01-01-2009]

Since 9/11 I have seen several vehicles with airbrushed scenes of military members, planes, other military equipment with our flag either in the background or transposed over the people and vehicles. I read the flag rules and did not see any discussion about this, or did I just miss it? Thank you for the answer and this website. Respectfully, Norman Leroux
Norman D Leroux, Holts Summit, Mo. 65043 [12-31-2008]


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