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November-December 2008 Flag Rules Guestbook Archive

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Can a company flag be flown on the same halyard as the Stars and Stripes if the company flag is below and is smaller than the Stars and Stripes?
Max Potter [12-29-2008]

i work for a company that uses a 4" x 5" sticker with the American Flag on it and below it reads, "Built With Pride In The U.S.A. It is located on the bottom left of our structure with the Union on the left as it should be viewed. Is having this sticker on okay. It will not be destroyed in any way unless something happens to it. Thank you, Brian Miller.
Brian Miller, Bangor, PA. [12-29-2008]

We were discussing the American flag and Texas flag. Can the texas flag be flown above the united states flag at any time? Please email me the answer to this.
D. Curtis [12-29-2008]

When a service person dies in our little housing facility(68)homes we fly the flag for veterans upon death. How long should that be/?
REv. Ray L. lumlee Rt., Tucson, Az [12-29-2008]

Is it ok to hang the burial flag in a display case on a wall with the point down?
Lucy, ny [12-29-2008]

The University is building a new police department for us at this time,the blue prints do not have a flag pole for the department. Is there a requirement that all goverment buildings shall/must have a flag pole? Thank you for your help, by the way outstanding job on this website. Larry Botting
Lawrence Botting, University Police [12-26-2008]

Do you have a old and frazzled flag that's laying around your office or home and you just don't know what to do with it? Then send it to us! We will properly dispose of it according to federal laws. Who are we? Visit our website at for details about us and what we are doing to help veterans and our soldiers overseas, and giving proper respect for ol'glory. The Kitchen Table Gang Trust will retire your tattered, worn out and frayed American flags with full honors! Anything else is desecration! Just send your flags to the not-for-profit Kitchen Table Gang Trust, 42922 Avenue 12, Madera, CA 93638-8866 and we'll dispose of your flags in a proper and dignified manner with full honors and dignity pursuant to the United States Flag Code Section 8K (PL93-344). The Kitchen Table Gang (formed over 16 years ago) is a "rag-tag" bunch of patriotic military types helping hospitalized veterans and our soldiers and Marines overseas with "Care" packages. Our flag retirement ceremonies are held on Flag Day, June 14th each year and are conducted by MGySgt Daniel Kelley USMC and an all volunteer military honor guard with Eagle Boy Scouts assisting. The Kitchen Table Gang Trust also has a nationally recognized educational program for our young people and students, teaching them the history, traditions and respect for our national emblem. When you send us a flag, please enclose a donation for this service which allows us to continue and expand our many patriotic programs. We do good things with your contributions (just ask any veteran or military service organization). We are located at the junction of Highway 41 and Avenue 12 just down from the world famous red, white, and blue barn (with the fifty golden stars on the roof) on the way to Yosemite National Park. Please, send us your flags! Charles Taliaferro KITCHEN TABLE GANG TRUST 42922 Avenue 12
Charles Taliaferro, american flag retirement [12-23-2008]

I am purchasing a state flag to fly under the U.S. flag on a 45 foot flagpole. The U.S. flag is 8 feet x 12 feet. What size of state flag do I need to purchase? Thanks.
Kristi Ferreter, Iowa [12-20-2008]

Hello, I love your website. I have a two part question. Can you tell me how many times the United States flag was flown at half staff resulting from the death of a president? Is the flag flown automaticly at half staff with the death of a president or is it ordered by a goverment institution? Thanks you sincerely. Michael Keenan
Michael Keenan, Daytona Beach Fl [12-20-2008]

Are all city gov't buildings required to have a flag pole.
Phillip Bencomo, OEF Veteran [12-18-2008]

One of my contractors gave me a sweatshirt with the flag printed on the back, horizontally and with a peace sign where the stars should be. I declined the gift and suggested strongly that the adulteration of the flag was offensive and against flag code. Am I correct?
m mastellone, real estate developer [12-18-2008]

I see firedepartments lower the American Legion when one of its members pass on. They lower The American flag for 30 days. Thats if the member dies line of duty or not.I had a talk with the chiefs office and I told them that the commutee had no promble with lower a flag for a member who dies in the line of duty. If the lower the American flag it should be put back to full high the day of interal.
Andrew Booth, Levittown, NY 11756 [12-18-2008]

Our city has a 'dark sky' lighting ordinance that restricts our flag lighting output to 1300 lumens (75 watt incandescent bulb)or they would prefer "no light at all". Is there a lighting specification(intensity)for flag illumination?? I need some guideline to get a variance.
David Meredith, Whitefish,Montana [12-16-2008]

In the town where I live there is a small store dedicated to Irish culture and they have an American flag flying in front of their store with a Irish flag sewen to the end of it. Is this allowed, or proper flag etiquette
Ertie, Baldwin City, KS [12-15-2008]

At our church we have a set of 3 flags with the U.S. flag in the center and higher. (I assume this is correct). Question: What about flying the flags on windy days or rain or snow. Does regulations speak to this?William B. Fomby MCCTA-U.S. NAVAL RESERVE
William B. Fomby, Retired Navy - Amarilllo, Texas [12-15-2008]

We have planned a Military-oriented garden feturing an American flag made of colored gravels - It would be positioned in the normal "left" position, facing east... Is that okay? Another question - Does it matter that the site selected is next to a McDonald's restaurant... could McDonald's finance the project without being too commercial? Thanks for your guidance, Rick Powder
Richard A. Powder, Adopt A Spot Volunteer Coordinator [12-15-2008]

What is the proper way to raise and lower the U.S. flag in an outdoor ceremony?
Robert Harris, Flower Mound, Texas [12-15-2008]

I attended a meeting today and I felt that our flag was displayed wrong. When I questioned someone about it they gave me this response. When flags are displayed in an auditorium setting, to the right of the speaker, the order is as follows. To the speakers right 3 other countries flags and then the USA flag, further to right. I thought the USA flag Took the place of honor, to the speakers right and the other flags to the right of that.
Donald Scheipe, Reading, PA [12-15-2008]

I found out about your webb site through
Karl Schieferstein, Reading, PA [12-15-2008]

Can we fly our flag at half staff for a deceased member?
Eddie Brown, Laurens, SC 29360 / Private Golf Course [12-15-2008]

Tonight I went out in a rainstorm to photograph local flags. Two were hanging wet in the dark. Two were hanging wet and illuminated by electrical lights. Both of these sights were sickening. When did it become all right to hang a symbol of America in a rainstorm so that it looks like a discarded dish rag? How can I act to change this disgusting situation?
Brenda Reed, Proud American in Weston, West Virginia [12-15-2008]

why do we place the right hand over the heart when saluting the flag?
sburkholder, I am a classroom teacher [12-15-2008]

Why does the militsry have the flag on the left arm with the stars on the right? Seeing how the patch can be produced any way you want, why not have the stars upper left as it is displayed everywhere else?
Jim Burke, Pittsburgh Pa Veteran USAF 1973-77 [12-15-2008]

We are wanting to put a flag pole with an American Flag and a Marie Corp flag at my father's grave, are there any rules regarding the placement of the flag pole? My father is buried where a headstone covers 12 other graves to be used by my family, some of which are already buried there. They are also members of the military, but not Marines.
Janice, Alabama [12-10-2008]

Please tell me why people leave flags out that are in faded and torn into shredds. It is so sad to see the American flag in this condition in front of business and private homes. Everyone needs to go and look in their communties for the sad sight. It reflects the condition of country.
Abby Feilner, I live in Monroe Ga and work in Loganville Ga. [12-09-2008]

Should the U.S. Flag be touching another flag, while in flight or at rest?
Jeff Cheatham, Columbus, Ohio [12-09-2008]

Today is December 8th. Do we have the flag at half mast in honor of Pearl Harbor Day since we were not here yesterday? Thank you so much. donna
Donna J Wiant, Columbus Spanish Immersion Academy [12-09-2008]

A question was recently asked at a flag retirement cerimony. Is anything special done with the brass gromets that were on a flag that has been burned?
John Collins, Sterling Forest NY assistant Scout Master Troop 121 [12-08-2008]

Where are the 3 locations that the National Flag is flown at half staff? Thank You.
JOSEPH JAMES, texas [12-08-2008]

When flying the Flag after dusk, isn't it proper to have a light shining on it. I seem to recall this when I was in the Navy. Where I live, the flag is flown 24/7 at a Town facility and there is no light on it after dusk. This also true at the marina where I dock my boat. There are flags, not ensigns, flown 24/7 and again there is no light.
Mark E Teter, East Islip, New York [12-08-2008]

Is it proper to drape a cremain container with an American flag - is there any particular way that this should be done.
Joyce Vonada, Vero Beach, Florida [12-08-2008]

If I want to display my flag inside against a wall, How do I keep it from falling off the wall? i.e I don't believe I can mount a tac in one end can I?
Stephen, Alexandria VA [12-06-2008]

At my wife's fathers funeral, the flag was presented to his wife who he only married 2 years ago. Doesn't the flag go to the next of (blood) kin?
Cliff, Florida [12-06-2008]

I need to know the proper way to load a casket into a hearse. If the flag is draped with the union over the left sholder of the deceased, then is the casket loaded into the hearse stripes first? Or Stars first?
Brenda Guffey, Eldorado Springs MO [12-06-2008]

If a flag touches the ground what should you do with it?
Diane Kannegieter, Iowa [12-06-2008]

I work at a fire department where we fly the US flag. With it being Christmas time, one of the men have strung up Christmas lights running from atop the pole diagonally to the ground. Is this proper or should he remove it immediately? I
Tony Bailey, Tennessee [12-06-2008]

We have 3 poles in front of my building with the center pole being higher then the rest. I know the US Flag goes on the center pole, but with the state and company flags is the left to right placement based on looking at the poles from the building or from the street.
John R. Maxwell [12-05-2008]

is there a time frame that a flag on a cemetary plot should be removed for proper disposal on veterans day????
JOHN NESGODA, mc adoo, pa. [12-04-2008]

What is the proper timeframe for displaying flags on the graves of veterans. I was told it's from before Memorial Day till Vetrans Day. Can you help me with this. Thanks.
Jim, Hometown, PA [12-03-2008]

Can a flag be left flying all night above a public building without being illuminated? If not properly illuminated, when can it be raised and/or lowered?
Martin Arsham [12-02-2008]

I was honorably discharged from the National Guard. I never served in active service. Am I entitled to have the American flag provided by the Military Service to provide me with a Military funeral?
Louis H. Benzell, Cape May NJ [11-30-2008]

Most sports officials (referees) have taken to wearing a flag patch on the left side of our uniforms above the pocket. Recently I saw an e-mail that stated this was acceptable, but that the boarder of the patch need to be white, not gold. Is this true? And what about official & players that wear a flag patch on the backs of their jerseys just below the neck, is this acceptable?
Michael Zeldman, NCAA College & NJ High School Larosse Official [11-30-2008]

can a folded flag from a burial be unfolded or is that disrespectful?
Christine Bustillos [11-30-2008]

Are there places where the US Flag can be flown 24 hours per day without illumination? If so, where.
Ron Otken, Springfield, Illinois [11-30-2008]

At Barak Obomama's Speech the other night I saw a flag displayed on each side of the podium . I have never saw that before. Is this something new or have I just never seen it in book .
Ray Smith, Kennewick Washington [11-27-2008]

I want to fly the American Flag and the POW/MIA Flag on the front of my house. I understand that the American Flag should be higher than the POW/MIA Flag, but facing the house, which side of the door should the American Flag be located?
Jim Withem, Fayetteville, AR 72701 [11-27-2008]

My uncles would like to use thier fathers flag on thier caskets. Is this ok?
Krista Pederson, california/minnesota/virginia [11-27-2008]

Does anyone know if a priest can remove a flag from a veteran grave sight? Are there any rules concerning flags in cemetery?
Rich, pa [11-26-2008]

I would like to give a gift flag to a veteran in a special display case I am making. What is the standard size?
Tisha [11-25-2008]

My son is making a flag display case for the flag presented to me at my husband's funeral. He needs to know what size the flag is I'm assuming it is 3x5'. I need to know as soon as possible. He would like to present it to me for Christmas.
Susan Lucas, Minnetonka, MN [11-24-2008]

Christopher Yoo, Philadlephia [11-24-2008]

I like to know about the church flag. I heard that it is the only flag that can be flown above the US Flag. Whats the answer?
Kenneth H. Freeman, SFC (Ret) US Army [11-24-2008]

Is it proper to fly a "funeral" flag at a private residence?
Patricia Geib, Plymouth, MN [11-24-2008]

I have noticed around the Virginia Beach area that the schools here seem to fly their school flag below the American flag on the same pole. The flag code mentions company logos not being allowed as they are "advertisements". What of a school flag? I believe it shouldn't be allowed as they are "advertising" the school just like a company would be. Thanks.
Jeff Molnar, Navy Warrant Officer in Virginia Beach [11-24-2008]

Good site.Please keep on.
Igwe Iwuji, Dallas USA [11-21-2008]

When flying the American flag and the flag of another country, should the american flag always be flown higher than the flag of the other country. Asuming that you are in the United States. Please give your source for answer.
Robert Carr [11-20-2008]

How do you find out if an organization (e.g., my son's ice hockey team) is considered a "patriotic organization" and can, therefore, wear an american flag patch on their jerseys. The coach wants it affixed in the center of the back of the jerseys, but I said it should be on the left sleeve.
maryellen walker, Flag patch on game jerseys? [11-20-2008]

maryellen walker [11-20-2008]

I heard that the new "Flag of Honor" commemorating the victims of 911 is an approved flag for Honor Guards,memorials, etc. Is this true and if so, what was the new law allowing this flag to be displayed. It is displayed on the web site This is being disputed at our VFW hall. Thanks for you assistance.
Robert Kwiatkowski, Chicago [11-20-2008]

My wife showed my a picture of a flagpole with a us flag on it, but the pole was decorated as a Christmas tree. Is that disrespectful or not? How come chain stores don't sell kits for a pole trees if its ok?
Cal Kessler, Rochester, Minn - disabled, retired [11-19-2008]

I know veterans and active duty members not in uniform can salute the flag. My question is can anyone in uniform, specifically cub scouts, boy scouts and girl scouts, salute the flan? Also, if they can, whic is the appropriate; the military salute or the appropriate scout salute?
James Burson, Ft. Worth, Texas [11-18-2008]

Our association will not allow us to hang our American flag in the front of our house. They want us to hang it in the rear of the house. I am a veteran and I am proud of our flag and I want to hang it in the front. What can I do about it?>
Josephj Ange, Webster, New York [11-17-2008]

my father in law died and my sister in law wants to save the flag and burie it with my mother in law . is this proper?
james keating [11-17-2008]

Maybe I missed it, but I have a bunch of flags that were flown in Afghanistan that I need to fold and put in triangle cases for gifts to family from my husband. Can I lay the flag out on my bed and fold it, or does it have to be held up by two people and folded? Thanks so much!
Janice Taylor, Thousand Oaks, CA [11-17-2008]

Our association will not allow us to hang our American flag in the front of our house. They want us to hang it in the rear of the house. I am a veteran and I am proud of our flag and I want to hang it in the front. What can I do about it?>
Josephj Ange, Webster, New York [11-17-2008]

I have a question on displaying the flag. Where I live, Foreign flags are displayed in a Traffic Circle. However I feel the American flag is displayed wrong, but no one can correct me. the flag pole is in the center. At the top of the flagpole is the crossbar towards the road. The stars are facing the flagstaff (inside circle)making the flag hung by the red/white stripes, and stars in the upper right corner and red stripe going down the flagpole. Even the manufacturer of the flags says that is correct, but I have never seen the US flag displayed that way. thank you
Roman Clark, Germany/american citizen living here [11-14-2008]

I have been asked to put together a Honor Guard to present a Flag to a retiring Civil Service Employee, who also happened to be a Veteran, at a retirment ceremony. Are Honor Guards allowed to present flags for retirement purposes? Where can I find the rules for Honor Guard presentations?
Juan Gomez, Fort Sam Houston/US Army Warrant Officer Retired [11-14-2008]

My Dad is a veteran and also an Eagle Scout and was active in Scouts as an adult. When he passes away can a Boy Scout flag as well as an American flag be draped on his casket during visitation?
Tricia, Kentucky [11-14-2008]

If you have the us flag and state flag and city flag on thier own poles all at half mass today where do you put the united nations flag ?
Mike Bisbee, Erie Pa [11-14-2008]

Is there a ORDER OF PRECEDENCE flags of Veteran Organizations? VFW, FRA, American Legion? and if it is what determines the order?
TIM GRIFFING, Florida, USA [11-14-2008]

Almost forgot, the US Flag and the POW/MIA Flag should be raised to the top and lowered to half mast, and raised to full mast at noon, on Memorial Day.
Stubby, San Digo [11-13-2008]

Some of the questions asked about Veterans Day...No do not fly it at half mast. YES you are required to fly the POW/MIA Flag UNDER our National Flag. Fly the US Flag hanging down and the Union (Blue)viewed from the observers left. So when outside it should be in upper left corner. Veterans may now Salute the flag during raising, lowering and passing, (now..I have asked and had confirmed..we may also salute National Anthem, To The Colors, Hail to the Chief, Retreat, Revelle, and Taps) NOW MY QUESTION: since when isn't the National Flag flown at Federal Buildings on National Holidays, especially the following: (A) Armed Forces Day, the third Saturday in May. (B) Memorial Day, the last Monday in May. (C) Flag Day, June 14. (D) Independence Day, July 4. (E) National POW-MIA Recognition Day. (F) Veterans Day, November 11. Our local Federal and Postal Buildings did not fly the US FLAG or POW/MIA Flag on these days...they're answer to we are closed...NO KIDDING..BECAUSE it is of that FLAG you are OFF! Please somebody answer this for and the local Post Master almost went to arms over this. I am 24 yrs retired 1SG, and I'll be damned if they wont fly our National Flag and POW/MIA Flag on these days.
Stubby, San Diego [11-13-2008]

The eagles on the top of the flag pole? Is it true that only the US flag should bear the gold eagle and all others shall bear a silver eagle?
Patti Kathlean, Las Vegas, Nevada USA [11-13-2008]

My father passed away and my mother displays the flag that was given her at the funeral. It looks great, but she recently saw a flag displayed with the deceased military ribbons inside the triangle case. We do not know if the ribbons were affixed to the flag or simply sitting on the flag. One - is this appropriate? Two - If it is, what is the best way to do so honorably? Thank you.
Eric H. Hurst, North Carolilna [11-13-2008]

When did the presentation of the U.S. flag to the surviving relative of a veteran begin?
Theo Escobedo, Eagle Pass Chamber of Commerce [11-13-2008]

It seems that at athletic events, there is no uniformity with players as the Star-Spangled Banner is played. Should the athletes place a hand over their hearts as we require our daughter to do? If this is, in fact, proper, why are more coaches not aware of this and requiring it? Thank you!
Barbara Beck, Winter Park, FL [11-13-2008]

As a military veteran, I was actually surprised to see there is no mention of flags at half-staff on Veterans Dday. Is there a reason?
Lars, Madison Wisconsin [11-13-2008]

What is the proper way to hang the flag on Veteren's Day?
Helen Gerow, sebastopol, ca [11-12-2008]

I am amazed to find no formal dedication ceremony of a new flag when retiring a worn one. I'm presenting a new flag to our Boy Scout troop and was hoping to find a presentation/dedication ceremony for the occasion.
Don Derrby, Hillman, MI/ Minister/ Navy Veteran [11-12-2008]

how should the flag hang in a window?
j r slattery [11-12-2008]

My Flag pole at home is 30' can I fly a 5x8 or 6x10 flag?
Richard Groetchen, Alva Fl. [11-12-2008]

How many flags are appropriate to memorialize the gravesite of a veteran? We have people placing six to 18 mall size flags at the gravesite of their loved one and wonder if what number of American Flags represents a respectful display in public cemetery.
Frank DiGiovanni, Inverness, FL / Government Administrator [11-12-2008]

What is the reason the flag is not flown half-mast on Veterans Day. Is it because half-mast is reserved for the dead and Veterans Day acknowledges all veterans, dead or alive?
Alice, oakland, md [11-12-2008]

Do flags fly at half mast on Veterans Day.
Marvin C. Preston, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma [11-12-2008]

Should I fly the flag at half staff today, Veterans Day?
Jane Bowers [11-12-2008]

What is the protocol for flying the flag on Veterans Day, is it the same as Memorial Day?
Gerry Gamage, Newagen, Maine [11-12-2008]

can the flag be flown at half staff on Veterans Day?
dale Shephard, Greenwich, New York [11-12-2008]

If my employer has two sets of flags displayed(i.e. one at administration building and one at the guard shack) can they display the one at the guard shack at half staff if asked to do so?
jeff stump, Keyser,West Virginia [11-12-2008]

My child's school is having a Veteran's Day program and they are displaying the US Flag and 4 of the military flags. What is the etiquette of the state flag for Texas? Shouldn't it be present during this school program as a sign of respect for the state?
Tracy Roberts, Lubbock, Texas [11-12-2008]

sydney schneider, hi [11-12-2008]

What is the proper method of showing respect to the flag during the playing of the national anthem? Hand over heart or salute even though no longer on active duty or reserves? I still salute the flag during the anthem but get strange looks from folks close to me. Thanks, Norm Dennis
Norm Dennis, US Army Corps of Engineers, USAF Vet. 1963-1967 [11-12-2008]

I am preparing a framed memorial for my Grandfather's funeral. He was a veteran of the Korean War and I would like to place a flag in the framed arrangement with photos of him in uniform during his time of active duty. Is this acceptable or would it be considered a disrespectful presentation of the flag?
Carrie Allen, Iowa [11-10-2008]

what is the protocol on Veteran's Day? Is the flag half-masted all day?
Keith Herrick, San Diego [11-10-2008]

My neighbor is upset at the recent election of Barack Obama and he is flying his flag at half-staff and upside down. Can you tell me waht parts of the flag code he is violating and what would be the potential penalties?
Kevin Kelly [11-10-2008]

I have erected a flag and pole in my yard for the first time. May God Bless this Great Country! I began by flying the flag at half-staff after Mr. Obama was elected for the presidency as a symbol of mourning for our great country and constitution. Our American way of life is under assault from many directions (from within and without) and I am spiritually weeping. After concern for proper respect to our flag and what she represents, I searched and found your site. I have since raised my flag to full display. My question is how do I demonstrate what I percieve as a country in mourning (whether or not my fellow americans recognize the up and coming loss of liberties) when the perpetrator of that loss is the incoming administration and our next president? Half-staff can only be authorized by the very person whom I see as trying to destroy everything it represents. I read that attaching a black ribbon afixed with a black bow or bows at the point of fixation to honor an order of half-staff when the flag is permanantly fixed. I also read that political protest should be done in a manner that respects the flag as well. Would attaching a ribbon/bow or bows at fixation points on a flag that can be raised up and down be considered a respectul protest or mourning? I truly hope to hear back from you as this is an issue deeply troubling for me. Thank you - Michaels
Michaels J. Howell, Franklin, Indiana / Concerned Patriotic Citizen [11-10-2008]

Is it allowed to fly the flag at half mast when a former service person has passed away. I live in a retirement center and our director orders the flags at half mast for all former military persons.
Keith A. Neal, United States [11-08-2008]

What condtion is deemed as "no longer fitting for display"? If a flag is faded or starting to tatter, is it no longer fit for display?
Beth Aisenbrey, North Dakota / Defense Contractor employee [11-08-2008]

My husband and I recently past a local gas station with 6 flags out front. Two of them were hung upside down. We ask a police officer to tell them they cannot hang the flagthat way. He said he could ask them but not tell them to hang it the right way. I thought it was against the law to hang the flag upside down.
J, Bay, n.j. [11-08-2008]

our neighbor is flying the Flag at half-staff as a means of protesting the results of presidental race. He is a former NYC transist cop. Is his action against the code of flag usage ? What is proper response to people who react this way, due to a presidential election ? Thank you
Cheryl Reeder, The Villages, FL [11-08-2008]

What does it mean when there is no flag flying over the White House?
Richard Schweiger, Pittsburgh PA [11-07-2008]

We want to have a Flag raising ceremony and want to know the proper method. Is the American Flag raised to the top, the pledge said, the National Anthem sung, then lower the Flag to put the Canadian Flag on the same rope and pole, raise it to the top for the Canadian Anthem? Is this the proper method. Please answer my question . Thank you
Barbara M . Norred, Niland, CA.92257 --Winter Park [11-07-2008]

Can a citizen make/sew an American Flag
F Scarbrough-jones, Teacher with a 6th grade class [11-06-2008]

when folded properly and presented at funeral is there a correct amount of stars that should be in the field of blue?
jean davis, delaware [11-06-2008]

My Republican neighbor is very upset with Obama's victory. I noticed that today he is flying his flag UPSIDE DOWN! What does this mean....I know he is doing it to "protest" but is there not some other horrible meaning to flying the flag upside down?
Camille, Glendale, AZ [11-06-2008]

We received a flag that has been flown over the Irag military site from a soldier pen pal. Our local Army unit is going to come and raise it on our flag pole. Will that violate any flag protocol or may we do this?
Susan Espiritu, Pond Gap Elementary School [11-06-2008]

I love my country, and my heart bubbles with pride when i see the red white and blue. One person said he would not salute the flag, because he did not want to be accused of taking sides, and this same person said our national anthem is a battle song and needs changed. People have lost site of our heritage and what it took to get us here. the flag is a symbol of freedom, and the national anthem is a song of victory. if you love america then stand up her!
charles r waters jr, lafayette, ga [11-06-2008]

For a retiring military member we fly a flag in thier honor at locations of thier choice. We take that flag and flod it and display it in the shadow box that houses all thier military decorations. My question is what type of flag is the correct flag; cotton or nylon?
Wes, Pittsfield, MA [11-04-2008]

I like to hear about this. It is really a great topic for me to know about the US history. =================================== richard
richard, Arizona, USA [11-04-2008]

I love to fly my Flag Behind my jeep all the time if it was up to me i would fly till the end of time,Friends say im not susposed to fly it and that i could get a ticket.there has been many time going to a drive through and i cant fit cause of my flag,and friends always complain,it will never come down for a stinking drive through.they can flag gets a lot of attention,therfore it should it symbolizes or FREEDOM
Scott Meland, 1577 NE 237th ave. WoodVillage,Ore [11-04-2008]

Here in Oroville the DMV refuses to raise the flag of our nation. My last call I was told that the flag would not be raised while it is raining. Today it is raining, but 10/30 and 10/31 it was not raining and the flag was not raised on those days. I do not know where to go from here. I do not like being lied to and it just makes me so mad I could cuss
Douglas R. Holland Sr. USMC 1974 to 1980, Oroville ca. [11-04-2008]

Do you do the pledge without a flag?
Bonita, USA, Citison [11-04-2008]

In our local church, it is customary to drape coffin with a religious shroud. Can both the religious shroud and the US flag be draped on coffin at same time? If so, which goes on top?
D. E. White [11-04-2008]

When presenting the US Flag and colors of all branches of the armed services by military or honor guard members, once the colors have been presented, what position is the US flag posted to the group, at the left side of the group or to the right side of the group. I know at a podium the US flag would be behind the speaker and to the right of the speaker. However when the flag is presented by ROTC or Military honor guard the US Flag is always to the right of the group the colors are being presented. We need to make sure we are doing this right, so please advise. Thanks
Bill Partin, Member of local honor guard [11-02-2008]

I want to know how many stars are to be showing on a Veterans American flag after being folded in triangle and at funeral service with empty shells inside?
susan chojnowski, Warren,MI [11-02-2008]

as a Veteran and american legion Rider, we are asked to do many funerals for Veterans and fallen soldiers, in a flag line, casket is being unloaded from aircraft or Hearst, you are holding flag properly, right hand at mouth level,left just above socket, flag tilted slightly at 90 degree angle, this is a proper salute, I see some release flag with right hand,hold with left, and call for right hand salute, this is wrong, where do I find the proper way in writing to print and show these people they are wrongly saluting.
Gary Lemonds, Georgia/Veteran/Ranger Hall of Fame [11-02-2008]


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