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February-October 2008 Flag Rules Guestbook Archive

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I would like to know the rules for lowering the state flag for the loss of our county Sheriff.
Kim Mattern, Lewisburg Pa. Local government employee [10-31-2008]

I was presented the flag at my fathers funeral. I am the oldest blood son, but do have step brothers that my dad raised and an oldest blood sister by my father. Who should the flag go too!
darrell a Grenfell, missoula, montana [10-30-2008]

The US Flag can be flown along any flag as long as the US flag is the the right side. As for Mexican taking of the US don't worry about. This was Mexican Territory. Farther more Texas us Spanish is Tejas, which was change later on and the first of Texas was Green, white and Red with 1836 incriped in the the center of the white color
Mamerto Perez, college Station Texas [10-28-2008]

We are hosting people from the Netherlands on Thursday, Octobeer 30th of this week. Our CEO/President would like the American Flag and the Nethlands Flag hung side by side from the ceiling Should the flags be hung with the U.S. flag stars on the right facing (vertically) - or should the flag be hung as it flys above out great land, in order to this I would have to put a hole in the flag to hang it horizontally. Also, which direction should the Netherlands flag be hung?
Sherry Prokes, Presbyterian Villages of Michigan, The Village of Redford, MI, I am the Executive Assistant/Office Manager [10-27-2008]

Is it acceptable to have have a group of people say the pledge of alligence without a flag present in the room? Is it approiate to say the pledge of alligence with a folded flag in triangle box in the room. Shoult the flag be opened?
Dolores Miller, Erie, PA [10-27-2008]

When teaching a course to Boy Scout leaders the question came up regarding the color gurad. Do they salute durning the raising of the flag or durning the pledge? David Z
David Z, Erie PA [10-27-2008]

My next door neighbor is displaying the United States Flag from his front porch. To keep the flag from blowing about, he tied the flag to the pole. I think he's trying to be patriotic, but it really upsets me to see our flag tied in a knot! This has been going on for several months now. We do not talk because he speaks only Spanish. Is there a rule that addresses this? Is this rule written in both English and Spanish?
Alice Montgomery, Dallas, Texas [10-27-2008]

Tomas Manuel Jr., Lemoore, CA [10-27-2008]

My husband and I noticed 2 US Flags flying together on separate flag poles on Oct 25th 2008 outside a stadium and then again the same day while watching the World Series game on TV. What are the circumstances for 2 US flags flying together?
Deanna, Washington State/ Retired Navy Chief [10-27-2008]

My father was in the air force A while ago and passed away this month, the funeral got us a flag from the VA because we have not had any type of service yet. The funeral home folded the flag for us and the way he folded it there was one star in the top corner and three stars under that. He said thats how it was supposed to look for the air force.... Can you tell me why they fold it like that and what it means?
Brandi, Ohio [10-27-2008]

I know of a building that flies the U.S Flag sideways with the stars and blue background to the right. First, is it appropriate to display the flag in a vertical fashion? and Second, is it correct to display this vertical flag with the blue field and stars to the right?
Steven Kleiner, Hamilton, Ohio [10-24-2008]

Does the eldest step-child take precedence as next of kin over a child to receive the military flag at burial?
LMaze, Cincinnati [10-24-2008]

My husband was presented the flag at his father's funeral. What is the etiquette now that we have the flag. I've heard that it is not to be unfolded and used. Also we were given the shells in a cloth bag (16).
Amy A., Tennessee [10-24-2008]

My neighbor has been flying the flag for weeks on half mast. It is located on a tall mast with light at night. Why, I look at it every day and it is disturbing to me, he has also two strike signs from Boeing in his drive way. I don't see the connection in this, nor do I understand. Please inform me. I was thinking of calling the local newspaper on this, but have not done so yet. Thank You, Dagmar Adams (
Dagmar Adams, Gig Harbor, WA [10-23-2008]

Can one drape the body of a deceased with the US flag displayed as if they were in a casket? My company does transfers of people who died at their homes for Funeral homes. We would like to honor Veterans by draping their body with the U.S. flag. The flag would not be in contact with the body of the deceased nor would it ever touch the ground. The Flag law seems to have regulations for caskets, not for covering of bodies. Thank You
Paul M, Michigan [10-23-2008]

at the end of a miltary funeral the Next of Kin(NOK) is given the folded which direction does the nose of the flag point.. Is to point to the NOK or the presenter
Elton, Colorado [10-23-2008]

what date did the meanings of folding the flag come about.
ashley casteel, kingwood,wv [10-23-2008]

We recently baried my brother that was in the air force. Can You tell me what each fold of the flag means and can you tell me about the ceramony that they do and what it means? It was very moving the way they ran there hands over the sides, top and bottom of the flag and when they presented the flad to my sister-in-law. Any info would be greatly appreated
janice vester, kissimmee, fl [10-22-2008]

During Cub/Boy Scout events there is always a flag ceremony where commands are given to the audience and color guard. During closing, the color guard is given the command "Retrieve the Colors" and I have also heard others say "Retire the Colors". Since we are sponsored by the VFW, we know that to retire the colors is to properly dispose of the colors in a flag/colors retirement ceremony. So which is correct; "Retrieve the Colors" or "Retire the Colors"?
Dave, Forest Lake, MN/Scout Leader [10-22-2008]

I am constructing a wall to honor the branches of military at my place of work. I plan to show the military seal for Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard. My question is ...what is proper etiquette for the order right to left. Some say by origination date.
Craig Thompson [10-22-2008]

The hotel up in this area has two flag poles that are on each side of the entrance. Upon entering the building the Canadian flag flies on the left side and the United States Flag on the right. Can you please clarify if this is correct. Shouldn't the United States Flag be on the left of the entrance? Thank you.
Wayne Morgan, Burlington, WA [10-22-2008]

can any flag fly hire than the american flag ? and why
DOMINIC COLELLA [10-22-2008]

In the case of the US Olympic team I have no issue with affixing the flag to US Olympic Podium Outfits or Opening/Closing Ceremony uniforms. Being a "Patriotic Organization" the US Olympic team deserves that much. But does wearing the flag on actual game jerseys, leotards, and swim caps violate the flag code (athletic uniform)? "US CODE Title 4 > Chapter 1 > Section 8 > (j) No part of the flag should ever be used as a costume or athletic uniform. However, a flag patch may be affixed to the uniform of military personnel, firemen, policemen, and members of patriotic organizations. The flag represents a living country and is itself considered a living thing."
Chris, Fort Meade, MD [10-22-2008]

My daughter's school has a crusader on horseback and his shield has the american flag on it, but the blue field is on the upper left of the shield. I am assuming that this is not proper because of the postion and change of shape of the flag - am I correct?
Jill Johnson, Texas [10-22-2008]

Is the flag hung during rain?
Mary Matthews, Knightdale NC [10-22-2008]

Under Funeral Protocols For Veterans, Why Is It That The Army Does Not Say, "On Behalf Of The President Of The United States ........
mike, Palm Bay Fl [10-22-2008]

Hans Karl Richter, 4ThistleLane;KingsPark;N.Y.-11754; [10-22-2008]

can a flag be folded on a table ofr counter top
mack johnson, hinesville,ga 31313 [10-22-2008]

what if a veteran has served in more than one branch of the armed services, who provides the flag and which convocation would be correct?
kent thompson, salt lake city/vet/school teacher [10-22-2008]

God,Please Bless America, We need you more than ever!
John P. Foy, Florida [10-22-2008]

How do you hang the Texas Flag on the wall?
Kristina Rasmussen [10-22-2008]

In my school, the juniors and seniors always try to out-do each other. This year, my class got the idea to fly a flag that read "SENIORS" below the American flag. It would only be up for one day. Is this prank illegal?
Monica, Bessemer, Michigan [10-22-2008]

Does anyone what if any if any guidelines or protocol exist to the blocking of flags? I'm referring to flags that are often seen in the background of organizational conference rooms that you see during VTC's ect. I understand they want the field and print of the flags to be seen but the flags appear so unnatural and artificial looking. I think they should be displayed by in their natural state as they drape naturally on their poles or guidons ect. Many resemble neckties more than a flag! This should be looked into as these flags are what most of us consider to be very sacred items of our units, heritage and country.
Richard Stroud, Natick Soldier System Center [10-22-2008]

Should a flag be flown in the rain? [10-22-2008]

a funeral flag was donated to our neighborhood to fly on our flag pole donated by the it proper etiquette to fly it? for how long? and should a sign be posted stating it is being flown in honor of the deceased?
TAMMY WOLF, edmond, oklahoma [10-22-2008]

We have a "Gone But Not Forgotten" flag and need to know if there is a policy for posting it under our U.S. and state flag.
Michae Marshall, National Guard, Forsyth, GA [10-22-2008]

What is the proper location and direction for a shoulder patch U. S. Flag? Doesa it matter if it is right or left shoulder? Many of my fellow youth umpires wish to display the flag on our uniforms, but we want to do so properly. Current Little League procedures are to display the LL patch on the left shoulder, leaving the right side available.
Mike Hudgins, Tomball, Texas [10-22-2008]

I know someone who was presented with a flag at his father's funeral in 1999. He was the 3rd oldest child, though the first born son. We don't know why he was presented with the folded flag. His dad did serve in the US Navy though we don't know for what duration of time nor at what rank. His dad was also a judge in Massachusetts. Was the flag presented as part of a civil ceremonial ritual because the deceased was the Honorable (name)? Or was it presented because of his dad's Naval service? We just don't know if a flag is presented to the next of kin when the deceased is a judge. Is it?
Noreen Bourassa, Laconia NH [10-22-2008]

I know that to fly a flag upside down is a signal of distress. Are there any Federal or State penalties for doing that without a good reason??
Don Bodiker, Lima, Ohio Retired USAF [10-22-2008]

My son in law was killed in Texas while serving the Air Force. At home in NY, how long should we fly our flag at half mast, ie. 30 days, in his honor. Thank you
Lyn Baynes, Mother in law, NY [10-22-2008]

at a church service, the flag draped casket is carried in. the u.s.flag removed and placed over a rear pew. the pall is placed on the casket. when the casket is in front of the alter and the service has ended and the church pall has been removed . how should the u.s. flag be carried from the rear of the church down the isle to the casket. so the military service can it carried by the military or the funeral staff and how should it be carried. the deceased person is going to the crematory from the church.i would like to know the step by step protocol. thank you, w.d.m.
W D MEHL SR, massachusetts [10-22-2008]

The Modern Day Vets in our town want to know the proper protocol for dispaying an Army Ranger flag on a vehicle representing a fallen hero. The pick up will be in a parade tomorrow. Can it be draped on the tailgate? Any suggestions? Thanks
Paula, Missouri [10-10-2008]

if a service member dies while on active duty aboard a ship is their a legnth of time that the flag is flown at half mast for the member?
james watson, uscg yard baltimore md [10-09-2008]

When at a sporting event where a USA flag is being raised on a flag pole and a color guard is presenting the colors in the middle of the playing surface, which flag do you face?
Lynn Fowler, Conroe, Texas [10-09-2008]

Just erected a 20' flag pole at work and want to know how to properly tie the U.S.flag to the rope....(5x8)size. Thanks, Mark King
Mark king, Burlington,N.C. [10-08-2008]

I love America!
Clint, Tremonton, UT [10-08-2008]

The local cub/boy scout leader told the kids that a flag flown at night should be destroyed. Is this a myth or true? I think its a myth.
Mike Willey, DeQueen, AR [10-08-2008]

Can an American Legion lower their flag to half staf for the death of a member/veteran during their funeral time which last approx; 2 to 3 days.
Mario Basile, Springfield Ma. [10-08-2008]

When the casket of a veteran with a flag covering the casket is removed from the sanctuary of a church, is it proper for those attending to stand at attention until the casket leaves the sanctuary? Is it appropriate for all veterans in or out of uniform to stand at attention?
David Weihe, Rose Hill, Ks. Retired Air Force Colonel [10-07-2008]

I am the commander of a kids club for our church. In the opening ceremony we recite the Pledge of Allegiance to the American flag as well as to the Christian flag, which pledge is supposed to be first and why.
Kathy Vanderhoff, Akron, Ohio [10-07-2008]

Hi my name is Seaira and just stopped by to let you know how much I liked the web site.
Seaira Beth Perkins, Welch,W.V 829 Lower McDowell St. Box 93 24801 [10-06-2008]

An American Flag, Texas Flag and the Mexican Flag were being flown side by side, same level, at a local auto sales business. Is this legal? Personally I do not think another country's flag should be allowed to be flown next to our flags. Inch by inch the Mexicans, illegal immigrants are retaking our State of Texas and our country. Why is this being allowed? Who can help?
Loretta Janda, Bryan, TX [10-06-2008]

I ran into an interestng dilemma today, during a re-enlistment ceremony. While holding the folded flag, preparing to take it to post the colors in front of formation, "retreat" sounded as to warn of "to the colors" sounding for the flag lowering. I was unsure of whether to salute and if so how to properly salute while holding the flag in its triangular folded state. I cannot find anywhere in Army regulation 600-25 nor 840-10 on this, nor could any of my leaders give me a straight answer and wondered if you could shed some light on the subject. Thanks for your help.
CPL Pease, Danel, Camp Casey, South Korea [10-06-2008]

When the National Anthem is played at a football games and the flag is being you lower it at half staff AFTER the National Anthem is finished? Today flags in Iowa are at half staff do to a servicemans funeral, and we want to do the proper procedure at the game tonight.
Nancy Taylor, Griswold Community Schools [10-04-2008]

I have been told that it is not acceptable to present a folded American Flag at a funeral to the spouse of someone who is not a military veteran. What if the deceased was a firefighter or law enforcement officer? Would that change the protocol? Thanks in advance for your answer.
Frank Huggins, North Georgia [10-03-2008]

We are considering a project that would involve the construction of a 150ft flagpole for an American flag. The height is important as we are in a valley and want the flag to be visible from a distance. The winter weather changes often and we are considering flying a 20 x 38 nylon flag on the pole rather than the larger ones that would be available for a pole of this size. It would also mean that at half mast the distance to the ground or any object in the area would be more. For example, a 30 x 60ft flag at half mast would be quite close to the ground and would require a large distance near the base to keep the flag safe. Is there any required relationship between the height of a flag pole and the size of the flag?
Michael Doyle, Project Coordinator [10-03-2008]

What is the correct way to fold the Indiana State Flag?
Margie F. Locker, Knightstown,IN I am a security guard who handles the flags. [10-03-2008]

can i plant flowering vvines at base of flagpole so they grow up the pole?
anonymous [10-02-2008]

when the flag is trooped to the middle of the athletic field, should all face it during the National Anthem, or the flag on the pole?
charles chargois, houston, tx. / football coach [10-02-2008]

Great site! Our Girl Scout troop has been asked to do Flag Ceremonies for many events. I always refer to this site for help when planning the ceremony.
Linda N. Stanley, Middle Georgia [10-02-2008]

Years ago I heard from a talk show host, of someone who, thinking the country was "in distress" chose to hang his flag upside down as this was a distress sign. Is this a valid way of protest against how our government is being run?
Carol Anderson [10-01-2008]

Now that the rules have been changed for Veterans when the flag is passing in a parade, how does this apply when the national athem is played at an event?
Daniel Baptista, California [10-01-2008]

My Mother-in-law wishes to have the flag that draped her husband's casket (he was a WWII Veteran) buried with her when she dies. Is this appropriate? I read that the flag should not be lowered into the grave.
Margaret Todd, New Jersey [10-01-2008]

Upon graduation from college and ROTC commissioning, I presented (actually it was a month later) my daughter a flag that was flown over the US Capitol on her graduation day. I would like this flag to be an honored family heirloom. She is cuurently serving in Iraq and I have asked her to fly the flag over her base and return it. Subsequently, I would like it to fly over every base she gets stationed and eventually when she is very old be used as her funeral flag. She is concerned that this is not protocol and that the flag should never be flown again (after the original Capitol flying. What say you?
Ed Kostrna, Texas (Viet Veteran) ... Daughter Active Duty Iraq [10-01-2008]

I drive by a residence that displays the US Flag by hanging it on a tree branch in a grove of trees by the roadside. It is a location that is atleast 100 yards from his house, but somewhat "centered" on his property. The flag is displayed flat as if it were on a wall. It is never taken down. Because it is in all weather, and is blown into pine and disiduous brances; it is fraying. Something about this doesn't seem respectful to me. Is it proper etiquette?
April Krygowski, Danbury, CT I'm a retired teacher [10-01-2008]

After trying to contact someone connected with the service orginiztion that place flags on verean graves for memorial day, about four months (late September) later I removed torn and soiled flags myself from our city cemetary. I was contacted by a lady that was upset and wanted her husbands flag to flay at his grave year round. Is there a rule that governs?
When flags are place on Veteran graves by a service organization on Memorial day, is there a specific time they should be removed?, Waterloo, Indiana Navy Veteran [09-28-2008]

if a marching band carries colored flags, when playing the national athem---should they not be lower, not held straight up. they are not school flags,just flags of school colors
don bellinger, florida [09-28-2008]

I need to place flags in our schools. Are black poles allowed to be used?
Walt Walker, Bensalem Pa. [09-28-2008]

am i allowed to use the gold ball at the top if i am not a federal building???
PENNY VINSON, russellville, ar/ electrical business owner [09-28-2008]

How do you display the U.S. flag and a state flag at funeral services for person who is a honorably discharged veteran (severed 6 years and fought in Vietnam)and a retired state employee (who is entitled to a Honor Guard and state flag). The surviving spouse requested the state Honor Guard serve as pall bearers and that the deceased be honored with a state flag. The military will be providing a two person funeral detail and a U.S. flag. Are there guidelines on whether the casket can be drapped with both flags? Can the state flag be drapped under the U.S. flag?
Jane Ewing Ensley, Oklahoma Department of Corrections [09-28-2008]

I would like to purchase a memorial case for my dad's funeral flag. What is the difference between the Presidential and Vice Presidental memorial flag cases? Both seem to be the same size?
Kathleen Roach, Long Island, NY [09-25-2008]

I can not find any infomation on the correct way to seperate the stars from the strips to burn old flags. I remember doing it that way when I was in the Scouts. PLEASE what is the 100 % detailed way to dispose/burn ?
Andy Burch, 54, Marine vetran [09-25-2008]

I am looking for protocol with regards to reciting the Pledge of Allegiance when there is no flag present. Can you help me locate a source? THank you.
Annamarie Megrdichian, Riverside, CA [09-25-2008]

When an American flag is folded over a soldiers coffin, What do each fold mean????
james r stanhope [09-24-2008]

Can a pall be placed on top of a flag that is covering a casket. Can anything be placed on the flag
Ken Henderson, Dallas Texas funeral business [09-24-2008]

what is the flag size for the color guard ceremonies and the staff (pole) size.
James R. Nelson, tsa [09-24-2008]

Does a deceased NH army national guardsman get a flag? (No active duty other than Basic & AIT training; 6yrs in the Guard w\hon. discharge).
Joseph J. Shola [09-24-2008]

I'd like to know if is true that The Flag can or should be flown up side down in an emergency? And, if this is true, can someone fly it now up side down since our country is in an emergency that effects the world?
Bruce Fuelling, Wichita, Kansas [09-24-2008]

This is a good job keep it up.
Babangida Owweri, usa [09-23-2008]

Does the color of the rope matter?
Henio Kaluu, Koror, Palau [09-23-2008]

This will be every helpful were I live it took me over 7 year for them to show repect to our Veterans> It took us to lose one more fore where we lived for them to take action. Now in front of the flag pole there is two stones and it for our Veterans. Now asking for the rules on the Flag and I will pass it on.
SFC UNited State Army Ret John A Bescoe, Fayetteville NC Ft Bragg [09-23-2008]

I believe that when a flag is folded at a military funeral, it not only has to be folded in a triagular shape to expose the 13 stars which represent the original 13 colonies but is their another reason the 13 stars should be exposed?
Kathleen Dalin, philadelphia, PA [09-21-2008]

Are there appropriate colors for a flag pole? I have heard that black is not an appropriate color, but I cannot find anything on what are approved colors for flag poles.
Erica Roberts, Texas [09-19-2008]

A local business has American flags attached to light poles. The flags are displayed vertically with the union attached to the pole at the top and the top red stripe attaced to the pole at the bottom. The business owner insists this is OK; I disagree. Who is right?
James Gee, Lake Geneva, WI [09-18-2008]

What are the meanings of folding the flag to present to the deceased family
Bobbie Gibson, Mobile, Al [09-17-2008]

baylor fulton, harrogate tennessee [09-17-2008]

How is a South Korean Flag Folded, if at all. Please send instructons and diagrams.
Chris Cook, Hendersonville, Tn. [09-17-2008]

I fly our Flag proudly 24/7.
William J. Salzmann, Elizabeth, New Jersey [09-17-2008]

I work for Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) a government organization. At our Site they fly the TVA flag below the American Flag however it is flown on the same pole and attached to the same lanyard. Is this legal?
Johnny Whisenant, Guntersville Alabama [09-17-2008]

We have three flag poles at a new station in Spotsylvania County, VA. The middle and highest flag pole is the US flag. We need to fly a State Flag, County Flag, and a volunteer Fire Dept. flag. On the two remaining poles, how should the State, County, and VFD flags be flown?
MIchael Grubb, Fire Department [09-17-2008]

The flag flown at my home, when there is a day proclaimed to fly the flag at half-staff, like Patriots Day (9/11), should citizens fly the flag at half-staff at their homes as well or it it just federal, state or local government offices?
Tony, Ohio [09-16-2008]

Can you laundry an American Falg if it gets stained and is otherwise in good shape?
Michael Wilson, Lantana Florida USA [09-16-2008]

We have always had a large family flag displayed in our house on a large flat wall. We recently moved, and there is no such wall to place the flag on where it would be hung with the corners at 90 degrees. Can we mount the flag on the back wall of the staircase leading upstairs where I can be viewed from many different rooms where the flag would be tilted with the rise of the stairs?
Conor Linehan, Great Barrington, MA [09-16-2008]

On what vessel is the us flag flown at night and lowered in the daytime?
Tim Farner, Djibouti Africa....SSG in US Army [09-15-2008]

if a flag is missing the corner of it .can u cut the frell out. or shoud the flag be replaced
Donald Grace, huntington [09-12-2008]

The company I work for has the US flag displayed 24 hours a day with appropriate lighting during the hours of darkness. When the flag is to be lowered to half staff all day, protocol says to do it at sunrise to sunset. With flags that are flown 24 hours a dayu, should they be lowered/raised at 0001 & 2400 hours of the day.
Michael Butler, Virginia [09-12-2008]

please help we just had 3 flag poles placed in a triangle in front of are firehouse they are all the same hieght where do we place the american flag a state flag and the corporate flag
terry ferree, fire dept [09-12-2008]

During the Jewish feast of Simcha Torah, our congregation Parades the Torah 7-times around our synagogue and everyone carries and waves a small Israel flag. Should the American flag be displayed in some way, ether on a staff leading the group or small American flags carried and waved by the people along with the Israeli flags?
Fred Stanley, Longwood, FL [09-12-2008]

Is there a specific height requirement for displaying a deceased veterans flag in a triangular flag case. I would like to display it on my wall and would like to know if there are specifications for this.
Richard Stewart, Portland,IN [09-12-2008]

I know we place our hand over the heart when citing the Pledge of Allegiance. What is the correct protocol when the Star Spangled Banner is played?
L A Griffin, tn [09-12-2008]

we have eight flagpoles going up at a "Heritage Park". Here is my feeble stab at how to fill them. Pls give me your take. Answer might be less poles, but I will need to know soon. Also, I am not planning on flying 24/7, just for unless we do the National Ensign?? 1. National Ensign 2. State Flag 3. County Flag 4. Army Flag 5. USMC Flag 6. Navy Flag 7. Airforce Flag 8. POW Flag
kevin harrigan, 29 palms [09-10-2008]

A recent change in the law allows veterans and active military who are out of uniform to render the salute when a flag passes or during the playing of the National Anthem. If wearing a hat or a cap, would it be proper to remove the hat/cap or should the salute be rendered with the head cover in place?
William Howe, El Paso, Texas [09-10-2008]

We have a 36' flag pole & we want to fly the American Flag and a U.S.ARMY fLAG, How many feet apart should the flags be placed?
beverly bishop, Mooresville, IN 46158 [09-10-2008]

You make the statement that if the US flag is at half mast the flags of other nations can be at full mast. I have always been under the impression that in a group of flags no flag flys above the US flag, except the church penent. If the US flag is half mast the others, including the UN flag would be at half mast on US soil.
Guilford B. Mooring, Mass [09-10-2008]

David Murray, Grove, Oklahoma [09-10-2008]

Karl Schieferstein, Readeing, PA. [09-08-2008]

I am affiliated wit a firm that wishes to cover the remains of a deceased veteran when making transfers after death from either their home, hospital or nursing institution. This would be by covering the transfer/removal cot with the remains on it. Would this be of disrespect as stated in the US Code 4 chapter 1:8 d-h? Thank you
Ed Swarnes, St. Louis Missouri / Funeral Director [09-08-2008]

Is an all weather flag that is attatched to a pole and placed in a holder on a building for the time of sunrise to sunset and during that time the flag becomes displayed in the shadows of the building. Does the flag need to be taken down because it is not illuminated by the sun and is therefore in the darkness.
Phil, New Mexico [09-08-2008]

I intend to leave a flag at a WWII memorial on campus on Memorial Day. Can I display a folded flag at the monument? If not, how should i go about displaying it?
Matt Banks, Clemson University [09-08-2008]

Should a Flag be nailed to a wall?
Michael Layne, Goldsboro,Nc. [09-08-2008]

I am A Chief Select in the US Navy. I have been tasked with identifying the 5 times a US Flag can be flown without illumination. Can you please assist. Thank you.
Dan Sullivan, Salem, NH [09-06-2008]

My Mother made me a crotched blanket of the United States Flag. How do I display it with out being disrespecful
Tammy L Watts, Fresno, CA [09-06-2008]

Why is colors at 0800?
Suzanne, Florida [09-05-2008]

watever i love it!~!
Nicole, why do you care [09-05-2008]

For a Firefighter that dies in the line of duty, there Dept. still has to buy a flag to put on his coffin if that is what the deceased desired? Can a law be set by our State Gov't. to put flags on all Firefighter, Police, Sheriff Officers, and EMS workers?
John B. Westberry, Georgia, Full-time Firefighter [09-05-2008]

how should the american flag be presented during the national anthem via horse back at a rodeo.
bob, nevada [09-05-2008]

i am doing an honor guard for a fallen correction officer from ny state, i know he is allowed a state flag, can the state flag be on his coffin and/or do we fold it like the u.s. flag to present it to his family? funeral is friday, sept.5,2008
joanne, correction officer [09-04-2008]

When displaying American flag in flower bed on a pole does it need to be straight up or can it be slanted?
Debbie Herrin [09-01-2008]

Bob Burk [09-01-2008]

at a football on a flag pole..the other a the playing field when the national anthem is played which flag do you face .
isaac g., san antonio tx area [08-31-2008]

If you have U.S. flags of different sizes and want to display them on different flag poles, how should they be diplayed left to right? And what heights should they be comparatively?
Mike Purcell, St. John, IN [08-25-2008]

I've always wanted to know how to properly discard my old worn out flag. It got ripped appart during a spring storm, and I have great respect for the American flag, wanted to get rid of it properly, thanks for the info.
Don Berning II, Evansville, Indiana [08-25-2008]

your site is amazingly informative. i appreciate the time & effort you hae put into educating others. i am bookmarking your site as well as making sure others are aware of it. i feel so many people have lost respect & appreciation for what our flag represents. thank you for the great information!
tammy rogers, greenwood,sc [08-22-2008]

I have retired from the Navy and was wanting to have a flag flown over Ground Zero. Do you know were I can find were to go to have this done. Thank You in advance for your time
Tim McGregor, Oklahoma [08-21-2008]

Flag rules should be given all flag customers and Lions.
william sommer [08-21-2008]

Since the military does not salute the flag indoors, but stands at attention; is it appropriate for non-military indoors also to stand at attention and not place the hand over the heart? I believe the military does not salute indoors (unless under arms) because they are not wearing headgear. Does it hold true that the civilian salute (hand over heart) is optional indoors or required? thanks for your help.
mark, Retired military in colorado [08-18-2008]

My grandfather served in Navy during the Korean war. Upon his death, my father received the flag used at the funeral as next of kin. Recently my father passed away and I was to receive my grandfather flag's, but my uncle is claiming that as next oldest son of my grandfather, he is to receive the flag. Is there a protocol for flag lineage after the next of kin in possession of flag passes away ?
Eric Abell, Nashville, TN [08-13-2008]

Re Folding the flag. I am researching the appropriateness of folding the flag in a rectangular fashion as opposed to the 3 corner or cocked hat fashion. The FM 3-21.5 and AR 840-10 state that the flag "should" be folded in the latter fashion. Your web page states the flag can appropriately be folded in the rectangular fashion. Can you direct me to the regulatory guidance that clearly states that a rectangular fold is acceptable?
Michael Finkenbinder, US Army War College, Carlisle Barracks, PA [08-13-2008]

I'm a American Legion Rider and there are times that I observe the American Flag displayed wrongfully, therefore I wanted to research the proper way to show respect. I will forward this website to many other people as well.
TONYA HOMMEL, Indianapolis,Ind. [08-06-2008]

Questioning why this NDVH displays a 5' X 8' flag on a 72' pole? Seems like a slight or insult to the decorated vet's who live here.
David J. Skjonsby, North Dakota Veterans Home - Resident [08-04-2008]

We have a shopping center in our city that has tall light posts, curved at the top (candy cane shaped I suppose). Each light post has a U.S. flag attached. Is it ok for a light post to also serve as a flag pole?
Patrick Chenery, Greenfield, WI [08-04-2008]

Is a business allowed to fly many US flags for advertisement? Many businesses especially car dealers will line their business with our flag and it really upsets me. Is this againist the "flag code", I could not find anything about it.
J S McConv, Charlotte, NC [08-04-2008]

Recently my brother-in-law a MSgt in the US Airforce sent us a flag that was flown over his airforce base in Iraq. My father being a Veteran himself said that he thought there is a pennant that we can get to fly under the flag to honor that the flag has come from such a special place. Do you know of such and pennant and where to get one? Also how long do we display that flag outdoors? Again because of its origin my husband and I would like to keep it for display with the certificate that accompanied it. My father again,my husband and I feel that with respect to my brother-in-law and our armed forces we needed to display it on our flag pole. I thought it would be appropriate to display it until he returns home. Please let us know. We are very touched and proud of MSgt Thomas Heiry US Airforce and all the men and women who protect us. Thank you. Sincerely, Mary Ellen Sciullo
Mary Ellen Sciullo, Boynton Beach, Florida [07-22-2008]

I guess the true question when it comes to the display of the flag is; What constitues the American Flag? Does it have to be of a specific height to lenght? Does it have to be of a specific material? Do you have to reconize each of the 13 stripes? No matter what the military says, I cannot find anything about the blue field being near the heart or that the flag has a front or back so it looks like it is advancing not retreating. I still feel that it is displayed wrong. Using their logic the falg of Guinea would look like Mali, what about any nations flag that has wording.
Mike V. Florida [04-26-2008]

As a vet I was really suprised to find out that many things we as Americans do that are disrespectful towards our flag. Who would have thought that using paper napkins or plates with the colors of or the design of the flag was not only wrong but against the law.Thank you and keep up the great work.
Thomas R. Shaw, Richmond CA [04-25-2008]

Thank you for the rules and keep up the good work.
Richard A. Erfert, Flagstaff, AZ [04-24-2008]

I know this is a website about the American Flag, but I'm curious how a South Carolina flag should be displayed properly when hung vertically from the wall.
anonymous [04-24-2008]

Our company flag is soiled and I wanted to find out the etiquette for cleaning it. Thanks for the excellent info on your website.
Cynthia A. Rawls, Hudson Falls, NY [04-24-2008]

Very informative-excellent explanation of the rules of the flag.
Deidre, Patchogue New York [04-24-2008]

Are there any special instructions for carrying Flags on a horse? Where can I find information about doing this? Thanks, Mike
Michael Moore [04-24-2008]

This is really useful for my project! Thanks- *Shay*
Shaylei Willadsen, Wyoming [04-24-2008]

I want to know if there is allowed to use a Norwegian flag on the American Independence Day? (Why the question, well, some of the immigrants in Norway wants to use their flags on our Independence day and I think that's wrong since we're celebrating Norway- not Somalia or Pakistan).
Me, Oslo, Norway [04-24-2008]

What is the proper procedure when the cannon goes off signaling that the flag is being lowered? (military base or school) Standing at attention with hands to the side or your right hand over your heart? Also, when the National Athem is being played? I was raised with hand over your heart doing the Pledge of Allegiance.
anonymous, Wisconsin [04-23-2008]

I am going to be hanging the American Flag with one or more flags. I read how they need to be laid out but I was wondering how far apart the poles should be put. Thank-You for the information on our WONDERFUL flag to..
anonymous [04-23-2008]

GH [04-22-2008]

merci.thanks for your good sit and supporting flag in US. Mrs.owerri mgbada nwa mu
owerri mgbada nwa, paris [04-22-2008]

Need to know the correct procedure for final disposition of US Flag that flys over my home.
David W. Timmons, Fbks., Ak . Retired Military [04-21-2008]

Hail to the US FLAG!
donna bandar, ma [04-20-2008]

I found the information on your web site very informative. I will be sure to pass it on to others to learn and enjoy as well. Thanks for your service.
Cynthia, South Lake Tahoe, CA [04-18-2008]

I am glad to see all the rules and regs. about the flag I didn't know about thank you for your work
Duane D LaPointe, Hewitt WI [04-17-2008]

I recently built a wall mounted display box that contains a folded flag and a certificate stating that the flag was carried on an air mission over Iraq. I suspended the flag on two brass hooks with the point of the flag facing downward. Is there any criteria concerning the direction of the flag. All the display cases I have seen have the point facing upward, but I think this is because it is the most practical way when setting the flag on a shelf or desktop. If anyone can provide info other than their opinion, I would greatly appreciate it.
anonymous [04-16-2008]

I moderate a color guard unit for a local chapter of girl scouts. Our color guard consists of three flags: American, local insignia and GS USA flag. Our squad consists of different level scouts from age 5-age 16. Is there a protocol that states the American Flag should be carried by the highest rank individual in a color guard?
anonymous [04-16-2008]

Robert Wells [04-16-2008]

A hotel at 634 E. st. in Chula Vista refuses to turn on a light at night time
john Boscosky, Chula Vista CA. 91910 [04-16-2008]

Thanks for the helpful information. I hope more people find this site, even more so I hope more people will honor our Flag & our great Nation. ~M
Marlene, Kuna, Idaho [04-15-2008]

I think this is a great thing
Dink Barns, Africa [04-15-2008]

Thank you for the educational site. I have used it to smarten up folks who should know better. I guess I assume that because I learned this as a Boy Scout in 1953, everyone should know how to show respect for the symbol of our freedom. If anyone checks this site, maybe you can tell me if the 'art' here depicts disrespect for the flag
Captain Drew Johnson USNR-Retired, Rancho Santa Fe, CA [04-11-2008]

should the U.S. Flag be hung to the tip of a Flag Pole. I am responsible for the hanging of the flag
mary brigance [04-09-2008]

fiona [04-09-2008]

i just want to say think you for making this site and i wish that every one in the U.S.A would come and see every thing it has on it
Seth Fannin, i live in lawrence county,ky [04-09-2008]

Jeff Vrabel, Sr., Poland, Ohio [04-09-2008]

David S. Medlock, Rome, Ga. [04-09-2008]

is there a correct "time of day" to raise and lower the flag? besides daybreak or twilight.
Rev Fr. Bob Hutchison, Dallas area, retired. [04-08-2008]

This is a great site. I belive that everyone should follow the code to the flag.
Fussell, Joshua, D, nc [04-08-2008]

MACDonald A Ennis, san jose ca / shop manager for a demolition co [04-05-2008]

justin [04-03-2008]

I am interested in history but school is a bust! i also like too swim.
Kayla Harrison, I live in forest Hill Maryland. i like to swim. [04-01-2008]

Carl Gilmour, San Antonio, Texas [04-01-2008]

God Bless America, Fly your flag proudly and properly, thanks for introducing me to this site. Roger C. Haynes USAF 1966-1970
Roger C. Haynes, Concord, NC [03-30-2008]

It's interesting to note that the Army is wearing the US flag 'reversed' below their right shoulder. I say that because the airborne units of WW2 on D day wore the flag below their right shoulder with the field in the upper left hand corner as is customary. It didn't seem to bother anyone back then and no one would have dare suggested that the 82nd Abn. Div. was retreating with the field facing backwards. How silly! Why the change, who started it and when? Thanks.
Jon C., Indiana [03-30-2008]

Thank you for a great site wish more people used it.
Jimmy Edwards, Rupert ID. Retired US ARMY [03-30-2008]

Thank you for this information. I was reserching how to dispose of a torn flag (from high winds).
anonymous [03-28-2008]

I was brought up to respect our flag and those teachings have never left me, Hopefully, the children of today will be taught the same. Barb Berlet, La Harpe, IL 61450
Barbara Berlet, La Harpe, IL 61450 [03-28-2008]

David, Ontario, California [03-28-2008]

I have heard that in the absence of an actual flag, it is correct/permissible to face north when pledging allegiance. Is this true, or another urban legend? Thanks
E. Link [03-28-2008]

Recently the former owner of our company passed and the flag was lowered to half-staff.There was a big argument wether lowering the US Flag to half-staff was appropriate for the situation. We do not know if he served anytime in the military or not. Was it appropriate to lower the flag ok to lower the flag to half staff for him when he passed away?
Matthew [03-26-2008]

Lawrence W. Yarbrough [03-26-2008]

Brian Fay, San Diego, CA [03-26-2008]

Thank you for the information on Display of our National Flag.
Terry Yoder, Belize [03-25-2008]

more peopleshould know how to treat our flag coming or going
scottie mellott sr., 17225 [03-21-2008]

Thank you for providing this web page for the public, it was very informative.
Kenny L. Hutcheson,CMSgt,USAF,Ret., Indianola,Iowa [03-19-2008]

Luanne Mears [03-18-2008]

Thank you - it is a great site for flag etiquette and trivia. I am using it for my own use and to teach a military class.
anonymous, Fort Campbell, KY [03-17-2008]

Good information on one site. Good luck.
Reginald Walters, SE Georgia [03-17-2008]

Ada County Sheriff's Honor Guard
Patrick Calley, Boise, ID [03-17-2008]

Thank-you for this information. I am researching this for my cub scout group Pack 190.
Anthony Ohler, Mill Run, Pa [03-17-2008]

Want to find out how to 'fly' a miniature flag in my office.
Karin, Phoenix [03-17-2008]

Terry Selby, cincinnati, ohio [03-17-2008]

A local condominium complex has a Canadian flag flying on a flag pole at the entrance with several, small United States flags, stuck in the ground around that flag pole. What is the code for this display? Thanks. Bob
Robert Kerns, Largo, FL [03-14-2008]

Is there a regualtion in the fire service about which sleeve the flag should be placed on, on one's uniform
Gina Catalano, nbfd [03-14-2008]

Love the flag
Sara, Rocky Mount, NC [03-14-2008]

mike, ca [03-11-2008]

I have always had interest in the proper display of our beloved flag. This site has given me much to think about. There are so many violations of the code that well meaning citizens are not aware of. This is one citizen who will be much more careful as how to display and respect the flag.
Deanna D Egner, Salt Lake City, UT [03-11-2008]

anne rogers, madison wi [03-11-2008]

No mention is made of the flying of the POW/MIA Flag along with the US Flag. In my local county when I retired I had to tell the elected commissionors that their flying the POW/MIA Flag below the state flag on the flag pole that also had the American Flag on it was incorrect. Also if the US Flag, POW/MIA Flag, Military Service flags are displayed in an arc is correct to have the US Flat as the farthest one back even if it is on the highest flag pole? Then if that is correct I think the POW/MIA sould be on the left facing the US Flag and the state flag on the right and then the service in order of when they became services. Thank you
Ray Buda, CMSgt, USAF(Ret), West Union, OH Retired military [03-10-2008]

Thank you very much for providing the correct information
anonymous, Green Bay, WI [03-09-2008]

I'm the Wolf Den leader for Pack 398. I'm gathering some information about displaying the national and state flags for one of our Wolf achievements.
Chase Ehorn, Hanover Park, IL [03-07-2008]

Next to my God, the Flag of the United States is the most important, sacred thing to me. I really appreciate this site.
Thomas Septon, Orem, UT [03-07-2008]

I am amazed at the amount of people who think they are being patriotic while they are disrespecting and abusing the flag and not seem to care. I try to influence people to read the flag code and respect it, to buy american made products, and to try to take our country back just by displaying proper respcet and pride in what we do and not giving in to peoples demands or (I'll be offended)and thats not politically correct attitudes
anonymous [03-07-2008]

Great site. Thanks for the time and effort keeping this up to date. I send my Airmen to your site when they need some help showing proper respect to the flag.
MSgt Jeff Kranz, Barksdale Air Force Base [03-06-2008]

According to a 29 Feb. 2008 email to me from Representative Lloyd Doggett (District 25 of Texas): "Section 594 of the National Defense Authorization Act that was signed into law as Public Law 110-181 (28 January 2008) allows veterans out of uniform to salute the flag. The text is below. "Section 9 of title 4, United States Code, is amended by striking `all persons present' and all that follows through the end of the section and inserting the following: `all persons present in uniform should render the military salute. Members of the Armed Forces and veterans who are present but not in uniform may render the military salute. All other persons present should face the flag and stand at attention with their right hand over the heart, or if applicable, remove their headdress with their right hand and hold it at the left shoulder, the hand being over the heart. Citizens of other countries present should stand at attention. All such conduct toward the flag in a moving column should be rendered at the moment the flag passes." It may be some time before these changes are reflected in publicly available online versions. Please continue to keep me advised of federal matters on which I may be of assistance. Sincerely, Lloyd Doggett"
Charles Jackson, 26-year USAF veteran [03-05-2008]

Adjutant for American Legion Westcliffe Post 170. "The Best in The West".
Anna Orgeron, Westcliffe, CO USAF/Ret [03-04-2008]

Hello to all. I am at this time overseas and it is very disturbing to me the way people in other countries treat not only our flag, but their own. You would have a hard time finding an American flag dirty and torn hanging in the states. But here and other countries, that I get to see, even the government building the flags a dirty and not take care of. I got arrested by the police here once for taking down an dirty, torn American flag hanging upside down. My wife who is not American was even upset with me and couldn't understood why I would risk such a thing for a dirty piece of cloth. I is impossible to make a person understand just what that piece of cloth has cost the people of the "United States." But in her defense I have to say she helped me and was put in the patrol car right along side of the stupid American as I was called. And even dumer Italian as she was referred to. Also in defense to the owner of the store he didn't even know he had been doing something wrong let alone offensive to someone. All charges were dropped and I bought a new nylon flag from the states for the store owner which won't tear and made arrangement with him for me to come and take it down if it is in bad condition again. But most countries only fly their flag but don't honor or really care about it. Sure they try to put on a show for the rest of the world by using it on a coffin or hanging on a building but for the most part its all show. Surprising enough in a country most Americans stat they are mistreated in restaurants and in shops, "France" I have found that in the countryside on a lot of building's and shops you will see not only their colors hanging but right only side ours also. Not many people remember what our flag did for there countries or even care these days. But I have to come to the aid of France in this, there are still many people there who do care. I use to hang a full size military flag at my home along with the guest country flag. But after 911 I was even asked by my fellow expiates to please remove it. I eventually did so out of respect for the others. But still refuse to remove the one flying on the back of my Harley. Sometimes it is hard being an American. Especially when your own country is telling you to keep a low profile and don't stand out. Americans in America don't really appreciate just how great it is to live there. We seem to just forget sometimes, but unfortunately something always comes along to make us remember . GOD BLESS ONE AND ALL AND GOD PLEASE ALWAYS BLESS AMERICA.
anonymous, the other side of the world [03-04-2008]

I want to have as much knowledge as I can on the American Flag Rules and Regulations. I want to know what actions I can take when I find the American Flag being dishonored. I fly the American flag everyday in front of my home.
Russell Bongiovanni, Mays Landing, New Jersey 08330 Eagle Scout 1954 [03-04-2008]

I am a chaplain for the Oregon Veterans Motorcycle Association & I have been asked to help a Cub Scout Den to properly dispose of an old flag. As the boys are to young to put their hands near the fire, I will do it for them. Can you help me plan a proper ceremony for Cubs?
SCOTT ELAM, Medford, Oregon [02-28-2008]

I know of some enterprising U S citizens that think it perfectly alright, if not their duty, to profit monetarily by their distribution of the flag, particularily around the Fourth of July. At this time you may see the evidence on lawns with business cards attached. I think it more ignorance than greed. Sad
anonymous, Monterey County California [02-26-2008]

how to display us flag with other country flags
edgar ashley, central baptist church [02-26-2008]

I love the American flag and in honor of it, I am doing my Eagle Scout service project in conjunction with the Pocket Flag Project. I am folding 900 mini American flags to send to frontline troops in the middle east. You can learn more about the pocket flag project at
Matthew, Texas [02-26-2008]

Derek W Foster [02-25-2008]

Can Lapel Pins And Patches Depicting the American Flag be worn on Clothing?
Nick Yang [02-25-2008]

Is it legal and reasonable for the California Parks Dept. to remove the American Flag over Sutter's Fort and fly the Mexican flag during a celebration?
William R. Allardice [02-24-2008]

This is very informative. Thank you!
Krystal Fetting, Huntsville, TX [02-24-2008]

Hello, glad this site is available! I fly the U.S. flag daily and I am hurt and angry when I see flags in poor condition still being flown. It may sound unimportant to some, but I am very passionate about the flag and what it symbolizes. When I see a tattered flag I politely confront the indivual or business manager and usually I receive a kind reply and a promise to replace the flag as soon as possible. Yesterday when I confronted a local business manager he smirked and shrugged it off. He was probably all of 22 years old. I asked him if I could have the flags (yes, flags...plural) to give them to the proper organization for disposal. I was rudely told they were his property. Am I the only one concerned with the total lack of regard for this important symbol? Thanks for letting me vent. Marci
Marci, Lubbock, Texas [02-23-2008]

Recently the four military flags were hung up behind a USA flag. The USA Flag is hanging on a pole. The Military Flags are in line with the USA Flag. Is this correct?
Gary D. Ward, FBI Dining Facility, USMC Quantico VA [02-23-2008]

P. Miller [02-23-2008]

randal canwell [02-23-2008]

Amrica is the bestest country its free and safe
Whitney Davidson, Paris France [02-23-2008]

America ROCKS
Kyle Thompson [02-23-2008]

the usa is the most beautiful and terrifing place in the world
Acelynn Perkins, Lamar,Colorado [02-23-2008]

Thank you for the informative website. I am using an American flag in a theatre production, depicting a courtroom scene. I put the flag where I thought it should be.. someone said I was wrong.. but I found out for sure that I am right.. thanks for the info
Cheryl, Ohio [02-22-2008]

This Flag I will give my life for...
Brannon Williams, Nampa, Idaho [02-22-2008]

i think that the flag should alwayz b respected. peace out!
anonymous [02-22-2008]

Brent C. Hepting, The Heart of Cajun Country, S.E.Louisiana [02-20-2008]

cool site yo
Theresa [02-20-2008]

My flag, only room for ONE flag in our Country.
Harry Timmons, Tega Cay, SC [02-20-2008]

Thank you for all the information that you provide on this website. It is hard to get such detail on the flag on any of the other ones. I appreciate that you value the flag as we all should as Americans. I know I can never know enough. Thanks again, Sincerely Jamee Parker
Jamee Parker, McLeod, Texas [02-20-2008]

Looking for the proper procedure to display the flag at our lodge.
Roger A. Grimsley, Hollister,California [02-18-2008]

Question??? Is it proper for a gold fringe to be the United States Flag? I have been told it is not but I see a gold fringe on any number of ceremonial flags? Why on page 3 and 8 did you attempt to embarass our President George Bush but on page 6 you give a pass to Barack Obama. Obama was photographed with his head down and his hand not over his heart when the national anthem was playeds. I think our flag should be above such obvious partisanship. But thank you for the otherwise outstanding website. E. E. Steensma South Dakota Air National Guard, retired.
Eugene E. Steensma, Waterford, Michigan [02-18-2008]

I have been a member of the Ladies Auxiliary VFW Post 4617 for 44 years, Beaverton, Oregon post. My parents were very active in Post 4617.
Laura Owens, Rockaway Beach, Oregon [02-18-2008]

how should you wear a lapel flag pin....left or right lapel. why should it be worn this way.
louie dills, lexington, ky [02-18-2008]

flag day rulez
anonymous [02-18-2008]

I have the flags that were on the casket of my father and grandfather. THey have been placed in cases for display. I would like to know what would be the proper placement of these flags. My idea is to put them on shelves beneath an eagle in flight, but which one should be on top.
Glenn Stanger, Christiansburg, VA [02-14-2008]

When I was a child in grade school, we were taught how to properly fold the flag. Four students a day were chosen to carefully hang the flag on the mast, stand at attention while the National Anthem was played, take it down and properly fold it and store it at the end of the day. Now days, at the schools, one adult goes out takes the flag down, wads it up, pays no attention if it touches the ground and carries it into the building and tosses it on the floor in the corner. I have seen this done at several schools where I live. Talk about being disrespectful, I just want to slap these people who should know better.
Ronda (Air Force brat, and, Soon to be Proud Navy Mom) [02-13-2008]

john [02-13-2008]

3rd grade was so cool. my teacher was very patrotic
anonymous [02-13-2008]

Lots of information
Clara [02-13-2008]

I only wish Congress would take the time to make the code law. Am sick of seeing all the violations go unpunished.
Clifford Willis, El Paso, TX [02-12-2008]

these flags on the Betsy Ross flag rocks .
Sierra Sanders, United States [02-12-2008]

Thank you for the site, I use it quite often
Robert Rasmussen, Phoenix, Az. [02-12-2008]


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