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Heather, fl [01-13-2013]

Thank you for this site. It was a great help for teaching my cub scout den about flag history and respect.
RACHEL, bremerton, wa [01-13-2013]

I'm doing a report on BR so, this is helpful.
Jaedynne Gaeta, Minnesota [01-13-2013]

ber nhjN [01-13-2013]

The United States flag is representative of the greatest country in the world. Our country's history tells how our great countrymen fought for our freedom and in doing so some lost their lives. There is no greater country than ours. How I would have loved to been a part of those historical moments.
Patricia Boiehm, Erie, PA [01-13-2013]

Rachel Karn, King ferry, ny [01-13-2013]

jason davis, Georgia [01-13-2013]

Thank you for a nice history site. I'm flying a Betsy right now.
Richard Hoover, Kiowa CO [11-29-2012]

I am studing Betsy Ross for school and I found this website very helpful, thank you.
Gussie, USA, Colorado [11-15-2012]

Me and my friend Chelby LOVE YOU BETSY! and our flag. But we think you could have made a much cuter flag.
Gemma [11-08-2012]

omg betsy i love you! ur my role model and i bet u love me too!
Yolanda [11-08-2012]

hello this site is cool
stephangieeeeeee:-) [11-08-2012]

Thank you for the information.
Ruth Keller, Nampa, Id [11-08-2012]

My father is David Ross Barefoot, brother is Scott Ross Barefoot, grandfather is Ross Barefoot (deceased)...the men in our family carry the "Ross" name down from generation to generation. I was told that we are descendants to Betsy...but how can this be proven?
Stephanie Barefoot, Fishertown, PA [11-08-2012]

Enjoyed the website, Thank you.
Patrick Burns, Troutdale, Oregon [11-08-2012]

Gemma, Chicago [11-05-2012]

i love u betsy!
chelby, il [11-05-2012]

hey betsy ur my role model!
emily, il [11-05-2012]

Hey betsy omg i love ur website! And ur flag is marvelous! :):):)
Madi, il [11-05-2012]

I'm here for school and nothing else.
Daniel Medvick, Oreland, PA, United States [10-24-2012]

i had a good time going threw what betsy ross lived and had in her house!
tyronda, illinois,peoria [10-21-2012]

IM AWSOME, new york [10-21-2012]

this is dopeee!
Natalylie Marcille, new york [10-21-2012]

audrey dickson [10-11-2012]

hi I really like and this place
Amy, 11 [10-11-2012]

walford jones, Fort Worth, Texas [10-11-2012]

My sister has been tracing our family tree for a few years. A couple of years ago we travelled to Inverness in Scotland to visit the library to look at census back to 1750. Whilst we were there we talked to a gentleman who told us that there was a direct blood line through the women. We will be exploring this possibility in the future, but its very interesting to find a Betsy and George Ross so close to George Washington. Thank you. Katrina
Katrina Ross, West Yorkshire [10-07-2012]

Excellent website, very informational!
Karen G. Garza, Brownsville,TX [10-07-2012]

A new historical novel I wrote that takes place during the Revolutionary War in 1776 with Betsy Ross as the heroine was just released this week from Mayfair Books. My new novel is in both print and original e-book formats and is now available from Amazon. My publisher says my novel is the first book ever published (other than those for children) featuring Betsy Ross as the lead character. I am so excited! If you’d like to receive free sample chapters of my Betsy Ross novel, e-mail me at: marilynclay at yahoo dot com and put Betsy Ross in the subject line. Thank you! God bless America, Betsy Ross, all of our fighting men, and our beautiful flag! I love this country! And I also love this web site. You were a great help to me in my research. Thank you.
Marilyn Clay, Oklahoma [09-30-2012]

o lot good information
Cadeira, São Paulo Brazil [09-25-2012]

Should the US flag be flown at half staff at a school sporting event when being required to. Fly it for an important US dignitary?
Ann, Illinois [09-16-2012]

The flag should be flown at half staff everywhere it can be (when on a flagpole) when the president declares it to be, as is the current case: Fly the United States Flag at Half Staff Until Sunset on September 16, 2012 Presidential Proclamation Honoring the Victims of the Attack in Benghazi, Libya BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA A PROCLAMATION As a mark of respect for the memory of John Christopher Stevens, United States Ambassador to Libya, and American personnel killed in the senseless attack on our diplomatic facility in Benghazi, by the authority vested in me as President of the United States by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, I hereby order that the flag of the United States shall be flown at half-staff at the White House and upon all public buildings and grounds, at all military posts and naval stations, and on all naval vessels of the Federal Government in the District of Columbia and throughout the United States and its Territories and possessions until sunset, September 16, 2012. I also direct that the flag shall be flown at half-staff for the same length of time at all United States embassies, legations, consular offices, and other facilities abroad, including all military facilities and naval vessels and stations.

stumbled across this wedsite,and so glad I did!
Nancy, Chillicothe,OH [09-15-2012]

I love Betsy Ross
anonymous [09-06-2012]

thanks so much for all the info. our special ed class i doing a report on philadelphia.
MARY BENDER, leadville, colorado [08-31-2012]

God Bless you Betsy!
Rob coutts, Huntingdon valley,Pennsylvania. United States of America [08-31-2012]

My daughter will enjoy this as part of a study on felicity an American girl book.
Ginger, Arkansas [08-20-2012]

Betsy Ross: I wrote a chapter about her in my children's history book The Imaginary Journeys of BJ and Dobbin... available at Amazon & bookstores. I only wish I could share those 4 pages with you because there is so much in that chapter that most of us did not learn in school. Facebook: CLICK *Flag: My father was in WW 11 and was so proud to be an American. Even into his golden years he would stop and salute the flag when he saw it! It would bring tears to my eyes. I think of him whenever I see our flag and remember how so very proud he was of being an American.
BJ [08-16-2012]

jo ann ramey, bakersfield, CA USA [08-07-2012]

You are giftede you are wonder.....
mustapha ibrahem, jos plateau [07-11-2012]

A law needs to be made, that you can not fly another Countries flag in the United States. I am so offended when I see this. It is so disrespectful to this Country. The Flag Code should be a law and enforced!
Melinda, Fort Worth TX USA [06-28-2012]

Is it against flag code to fold the US Flag in the traditional triangle with half stars and half stripes displayed in a triangle display case? I read the FAQ and from what I gather it's not traditional however it's not against the code. Also can I place a triangle shaped Military Letter on top of the flag mounted in the case.
Phil, Los Angeles, CA [06-21-2012]

The virtual tour was awesome...i am coming to Philadelphia in July and i can't wait to walk the real floors of the Betsy Ross house. ( i am very excited about coming and taking the tour )
Linda Burnett Sharpe, from Greensboro NC [06-21-2012]

anonymous, dallas, tx [06-18-2012]

Thank you, Betsy, for the most magnificent symbol of hope and freedom the world has ever seen. And, yes, 235 years later, that Star Spangled Banner does yet wave o'er the Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave! We have a small replica of Betsy's flag draped over the shoulders of our bust of George Washington.
Patty Regan, Winona, MN [06-15-2012]

I am proud of the amazing contribution that Betsy Ross made for our young nation: the United States of America. Thank you for this website! I shared it with my Facebook friends and family.
Karen L. Mibus, Tampa, Florida [06-15-2012]

Melody, alcoa, tn usa [06-12-2012]

maybe we will come take a real tour soon
Susan Schulman, West Bloomfield mI [06-12-2012]

Thanks for the virtual tour. That's the next best thing to being there!
Becky Jackson, St George, UT [06-06-2012]

good research!
anonymous [06-06-2012]

I am truly confused about the small flags placed in the ground by private citizens and on the graves of fallen soldiers for holidays. The flag code clearly states that the flags should never touch the ground and they should always be illuminated, never soiled, etc. Why is this a double standard and allowed?
Susan LaFrance, Chesapeake, VA [06-06-2012]

i was learning about u in school
millie, jonshon city [06-06-2012]

this some good info
cookie monster, charlotte, NC,US [06-06-2012]

Glen Mills, Kenmore, WA. [06-06-2012]

Honor and Glory to the Flag of The United States and Praise to Betsy Ross! Best website I have ever found.
Jose Louis Acosta, Tampa, Florida [06-06-2012]

Sean is home schooled and used this site for a history assignment
Sean Bryant, Battle Creek, Michigan [05-22-2012]

Good site!
Garrett West, United States [05-22-2012]

Destiny Clarke, La Junta, CO USA [05-22-2012]

i love this site
hope, tricitys [05-22-2012]

I am very impressed with the story about Besty Ross and I love to learn things. I am 10 years old and just came to learn a ittle about our flag.
Kaylynn, Springfield IL [05-22-2012]

i wish i could be on the guest list because you can learn a lot about your person and how they live.
freniqua, dayton ohio [05-22-2012]

and the first state to pull away from England
GENIE L. Harlow Jr., Halifax N.C. [05-22-2012]

VKidwell [05-22-2012]

great site
anonymous [05-22-2012]

love os peace
anonymous [05-01-2012]

i wish you can seand me a flag
anonymous [05-01-2012]

anonymous [05-01-2012]

As we are preparing for Flag Day Awareness, I found your site loaded with great facts and info to share with the community, I plan on utilizing your site for future Flag Day activities. Thank you so much!
1st Wisconsin Young Marines, Beloit, WI [04-30-2012]

Eli [04-30-2012]

i am betsy ross for great thinkers
tera geimer [04-30-2012]

Baely, Stillwater Oklahoma [04-30-2012]

Bear, Canada [04-25-2012]

enjoyed the site thank you
John & Theresa Fabry, Hillsdale Co. Michigan (both born in W. V.) [04-25-2012]

i wanted to learn about you.
millie, tennessee [04-25-2012]

Your website has lots of useful information, it was very helpful
Michelle de Geofroy, West Tisbury, Martha's Vineyard [04-25-2012]

Eli [04-19-2012]

My mother always said that her family could trace their ancestory back to Betsy Ross. How could I find out if this is true or not? Is there someplace where I could trace her family tree to the present? I Thank you for any assistance you can give me.
Charles Shroyer, Marion, Indiana 46953 [04-19-2012]

matthew [04-17-2012]

love xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
raven, pacavill [04-15-2012]

Micki Rose, ALUM bRIDGE, [04-15-2012]

Hey, I came in here while looking for an image of a flag, you have some great information here :) Cheers!
Arun Basil Lal, Cochin, India [04-07-2012]

natalie, rhode island,warwick [04-07-2012]

Thanks for the informative website. My DAR chapter is preparing for Flag Day events at our local libraries.
Priscilla Tyson, Florida [04-02-2012]

I've been helping the flag line in my daughter's school colorguard learn their routines for this summer's parades. I was told the girls would be spinning real American flags in the parades this summer. Isn't that indirectly against the flag code? I could not find anything specifically against it, but in my opinion spinning the American flag seems disrespectful. What do you think? (3/30/2012)
Theresa [03-31-2012]

If I understand correctly, the float includes young people weaving American flags. There is nothing in the Flag Code contrary to this activity.

anonymous [03-31-2012]

Nikita Williams, new york city [03-28-2012]

Maggi [03-27-2012]

I was told years ago by my Grandmother (Lillian Clair) (Prentice) that she was the third cousin of Betsy Ross. I wish I could find out her Family Tree to see if we where related for sure. Thank you.
MIchelle Horn, Fort Erie, Ontario Canada [03-26-2012]

R T Brown, New Port Richey Florida [03-19-2012]

I was searching for more detail regarding US flag etiquette than a book I had, The Care and Display of the American Flag, and found this site ! Awesome details and fun trivia ! Thank You !
Suzan B. Smith, College Station TX USA [03-15-2012]

martin [03-10-2012]

I think I have a dress betsy roos might have sewn... family history... sarah clark married to abraham clark was friends with besty and or her sister... don't really know what to do about it and could have it all wrong but its wha I remember of the story of the dress and appears to b latr 1700's
sarah, nc [03-10-2012]

We had a great tour. We wish we could come to Philadelphia on a field trip.
4th Grade Northern Cambria Catholic School, Nicktown, PA 15762 [03-10-2012]

my you did amazing.
lendona, 9999999999 [03-08-2012]

Matheus Faria, Marlborough,Massachussets,EUA [03-07-2012]

Ethen O'Heren [03-01-2012]

i love betsy i'm doing a progect on her right now.
ADISON, san antono tx [02-29-2012]

karen, Cumberland RI [02-27-2012]

Madame Betsy...votre histoire est merveilleuse...Du haut de votre Ciel, ayez un regard sur nous. Merci
Marie, province of Québec, Canada [02-27-2012]

anonymous, Florida [02-25-2012]

jesse, medford, or,america [02-23-2012]

Betsy Ross, I love your Flag. I wish You lived in GA.I love you. I am in 2nd grade. I am 7. I am learning about you in school. Love,Mckenna
Mckenna Leonard, kennesaw, ga [02-21-2012]

Came here to find out when it is appropriate to fly the flag at half staff since the question arose after the flag was lowered to half staff in New Jersey for Whitney Houston.
Peg Lyons, Louisville, KY [02-21-2012]

why did you want to sow in your life???? now if you didn't what would the world be like???????????????????;) maddie
maddie, tennessee [02-21-2012]

Great info!
Cecilia Brandett, Mesa [02-13-2012]

ok, if i wash my flag would it be against the rules of the flag? please respond...
Jorden [02-13-2012]

We are homeschooling, I was looking for some details about the American flag and have found your site really useful. Thank you!
amy ellis, Weatherford, Texas [02-09-2012]

I love betsy ross and the virtual tour
Jennifer Spar, Elkridge, Md [02-08-2012]

If the US flag is raised together with a foreign flag, is it still required to salute? What if the foreign flag is a country that you abhore for it human rights violations?
Kevin Jones, Houston Texas [02-08-2012]

christy, Mt. Juliet TN [02-08-2012]

Betsy Ross was a great woman.
anonymous, usa [02-07-2012]

i enjoyed getting to know about Betsy Ross Thank you
madi grace carswell [02-05-2012]

I am doing a project on Besty Ross
Tania Garcia, Fontana,CA [02-03-2012]

i have to do a report on betsy ross and this is the best site i found.
nina [02-03-2012]

I was told years ago that Betsy Ross was related on my dad's mother's side of the family and was wondering if you had a geneology site that shows Betsy Ross's family tree? Please let me know. Thanks. Lori A Huffman
Lori Huffman, Springfield, MO [01-27-2012]

i went to philedelphia and saw Betsy Ross' house!
suzie88 [01-27-2012]

In always loved the walking tour in Philadelphia when we would come on field trips as a kid. My son will be doing his fist in June, and my mother and I can not wait to also tkae the tour as a family tradition.
Robin Hughes, Franklinville,New Jersey [01-26-2012]

deeya [01-25-2012]

Taylor Bahrakis, Dorchester, Mass [01-25-2012]

Hunter PerezHoward, nebraska,tablerock [01-25-2012]

Great expierence. Loved the house! Thanks for sharing
Samie Underwood, Layton, UT [01-24-2012]

adrianna layman, dayton ohio [01-24-2012]

jennifer, humble, texas [01-18-2012]

great to know more about her and the houise where it all started! thank you giulia, michelle and nicole flynn
GIULIA, thornwood,ny [01-18-2012]

Hi! I am sorry to come in like this but I have to do a Paragraph about Betsy Ross's life. Can You help me?
Kaitlynn, Alabama [01-17-2012]

Kaitlynn, Alabama [01-17-2012]

Grace [01-16-2012]

I'm writing a school report and I need some information about Elizabeth Ashburn Ross,or Betsy Ross.
Taylor Scarborough, apple valley,ca [01-13-2012]

I belon to the vfw and Anerican Legion Honer Guard and we held a flag retirement last year and as we burned each strip ther was a spech and the name of a state I would like to have that spech and install it in our history at the clubs but I played TAPS last year for the man who set it upcan not get back with him to learn or find hoping you could help my e0mail is
francis colvin, Washington in usa [01-12-2012]

i love this
Hannah Miller, nicevill florda [01-12-2012]

I served in the US Army from 1960 to 1964 and I'm proud to be an American
Robert M Benecke, Apache Junction, AZI served in the US Army [01-10-2012]

Mike Sullivan, McKinney Texas [01-09-2012]

I am doing a project with a friend called National History Day. It is a very big deal and we would like to know if there are any ancestores of Betsy Ross (Elizabeth Claypoole) still alive today. ALso any primary/secondary sources would be much obliged. Thank you. If you find out anything please send me the information. Email:
anonymous [01-07-2012]

Thank you for the flag etiquette resources!
Pamela Owen, Humble, TX USA [01-06-2012]

I am thinking of doing Betsy Ross and the American Flag for an American Revolution project... :)
Sarah, USA, Massachusetts [01-04-2012]

kola quadri, Chicago, IL [01-03-2012]


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