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Barbara Hunt, South Nyack, New York [07-31-2010]

My 4th great-grandmother was the second wife of James White who was the son of John White. I find James my 4th great-grandfather married Elizabeth Paden in Philadephia. Second he married Elizabeth Ross; they lived in Adams Co., PA in early 1800s. I am wondering if this line of Ross could be related to Elizabeth "Betsy Ross" or the SIGNER George Ross? I have always been interested in history, but this would really be something to connect to this Ross lineage.
Judith Tomlinson, Ohio [07-31-2010]

jalam, bangalore and karnataka [07-30-2010]

Hello, I love the site, I've move to Florida in 1998 and I start searching more about the American History and I found you thanks to the Ghost Hunters Show. I have to tell you I've learn so much and I am so interested on learn more about the American War, the Revolution and the Civil War. It is so interesting, I love history, I am planning on going there next year with my daughter for my vacation. Once again, thank you for the virtual tour. A friend from Florida.....
Jeannette, Orlando, Florida [07-29-2010]

All of this great information should be required and taught in all of our school at an early age. I am sure that most people in the country are oblivious about our Flag and its history. God Bless our forefathers for their gifts to us. Thank you, Richard
Richard Cruz, Sierra Vista, Arizona 85635 [07-28-2010]

God Bless America! Great site-
Tom Woodward, Orange, CT USA [07-24-2010]

I enjoyed making my perfect 5 pointed star using your website directions. It was perfect the first time!
Marcia Marcantonio, Lakehills, Texas [07-24-2010]

Betsy Ross designed the perfect American Flag. We shall honor our nation by flying our Flag high and proud.
Trudi McDonald, Ramona CA 92065 [07-24-2010]

I loved the virtual tour! I teach first grade and my students will be amazed by my magic star trick!
Lisa Burnett, Lynchburg, VA [07-22-2010]

I just finished reading American Prophet and I have became more interested in Philadelphia. I goggled the city and have found lots of places to visit. We will be going north in three weeks to celebrate our 50th anniversary in NY state, after leaving there I have decided to spend some of our time visiting your area.
Nancy, Florida [07-13-2010]

I've always been interested in the Betsy Ross story. Growing up in the Ross family in Maryland, I was told that Betsy Ross was a relative of our family. Our family lineage starts with William Ross born before 1750 in Louden County, Virginia and died about 1812/12 in Allegany County, Maryland. I guess we will never know for sure if Betsy is in fact in our Ross family lineage, but we will continue to tell our children and grandchildren the story.
Cheryl (Ross) Cuchra, Niles, Illinois [07-09-2010]

Great web site! I will pass this on to the visitors to our Living History Events at the Reagan Library! visit to see our venue. You should consider sending a "Betsy Ross" to sew on the flag during the Colonial Days event at the Reagan!
Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Deal [07-07-2010]

thank you for the wealth of information. our family tries to celebrate each holiday by sharing and researching what & why the special occasion. Although my older child knew what 4th of July was, who we gained independence from, she couldn't recall the number of original colonies. when i told her that's easy if you ever forget, just count the stars on the original flag. i wasn't happy she had never seen it, but off we went on our search! your site proved very informative-she is aware of betsy ross, the original colonies and so much more; not to mention it was very user friendly for my husband, myself,& our 9 & 4yr olds. thank you again, and we will be visiting soon! :)
sulunga family, hauula, hi [07-06-2010]

Michael Radis, State College, PA [07-06-2010]

We only visited the courtyard and shop on a flash tour thru Philadelphia in January - I regretted not being able to go into the house. Thanks for this virtual tour, it's great. Will get back there one day!
Gail Lyle, Gold Coast, Qld, Australia [07-04-2010]

I am a descendent of George Ross, who is a brother-in-law of Betsy. Love to sew. Guess it's in the genes.
Ellen (Ross) Haage, La Jara Colorado 81140 [07-04-2010]

Teresa Young, Holly, MI [07-04-2010]

Thanks. What a neat site! I am a Vietnam War Veteran, Army Nurse Corps. The flag means a lot to me as a Veteran, and we know, 'FREEDOM IS NOT FREE.' God bless AMERICA.
Darlene, east peoria, il. [07-04-2010]

anonymous, Jax., Fl [07-04-2010]

Thank you for continuing the traditional values of our great country.
Dr. Lynda C. Honour, Carlsbad, California [07-04-2010]

In the flag code, what does the term "pennants of societies" mean? (See Section 175 (e) and (f) ) And, is it OK for corporations like Purina, Monsanto, or Anheuser-Bush to fly a corporate flag above the US Flag?
Beth, St. Louis, MO [07-03-2010]

Sakina Ali, Allentown PA [07-01-2010]

Betsy Ross is said to be an ancestor of mine. The Ross family lived around Anson Co. N. C., married and settled in Chesterfield Co. S. C. If you have any information on her descendants, please let me hear from you.
anonymous, Cheraw, S. C. [06-30-2010]

Here to find more information about the American Flag to help others.
Vickie A (Bologna) Williams, Eastpointe, Michigan [06-25-2010]

I have seen people flying a flag that has the united states flag and the canadian flag attached as if one flag. I couldn't find anything pertaining to this in the flag code of the united states. Could you please clarify this for me.
patricia pearson, Brownsville, texas [06-22-2010]

i think i was related to betsy ross!
cecelia claire sheppard rogers, Duarte, CA [06-21-2010]

Sonia Mata, Pico Rivera, Ca [06-21-2010]

Victoria Mattimoe-Spencer, Frisco City, Al United States of America [06-18-2010]

GOD BLESS YOU! Betsy Ross, the mother of our colors.
Christopher Cerillo, Riverside, California [06-18-2010]

visited with daughter and grandson,and found it very interesting and would return again.
PRISCILLA BOAS, mountville,pa. [06-17-2010]

i'm a 11 yaer old girl and a realy big fan of betsy ross's work and love what she did for our country it wouldnt be the same without her! love your dear freind, ashley anderson! love you!
ashley anderson, vidor,TX [06-16-2010]

are you sure that youmade the first american flag i thought aberham lincon did because he was in the war or he was in the maddle of making it and he had it drew out but someone finished for him did you really make the FIRST american mabe you could of made the second one but i really think aberham lincon made the first one but ok if you guys insist From your friend katie/11 years old Vidor Middle School
katie, vidor texas 77662 [06-16-2010]

Just figured I would leave a message on my relatives page. Never got to meet Betsy but she is related to me! She used to be a graham before she got married. My great grandmother is a graham and they are related!
Kayla Kraeger, Clarinda, Iowa [06-16-2010]

ret [06-16-2010]

so beautiful history I wish I were born in that years it seems so interesting what a great and wonderful country Betsy Ross house its amazing
anonymous, Puerto Rico [06-16-2010]

Mrs. Sandler's Class [06-16-2010]

Happy Flag Day 2010! Here's to many more!
Mark, Brooklyn, NY [06-16-2010]

In God We Trust!
Mari Ann, Orlando, FL [06-16-2010]

Penelope McKean, New Carlisle OH [06-16-2010]

Stacey, 3501 East Federal Street [06-16-2010]

quite impressed with all fans of the flag and betsy. i have finished my hand sewn u.s. flag. 56 hours and 2 spools if thread, the 13 stripes speak volumes. yervin
yervin torve, ridgecrest calif. [06-13-2010]

Thank you Betsy Ross for the beautiful symbol of our wonderful country. Happy Birthday to the flag or the United States of America
JoAnn Soyka-Plante, Little Egg Harbor,N.J. [06-13-2010]

anonymous, Aurora, Colorado 80016 USA [06-13-2010]

Sonvy Waidler, Rockville, MD [06-10-2010]

Getting resources for an e-mail to all our friends to fly the flag on Flag Day June 14, thank you.
Donna Johnson, Fresno, CA USA [06-08-2010]

ruth fear, Chicago Illinois [06-05-2010]

Kerrie Vanderneut [06-05-2010]

I wrote a poem when I was in either the 4th or 5th grade. For some reason I still remember it. Maybe because my dad was so proud of me he took it to work and showed it off and a secretary sent me back a note telling me how much she liked it. I think what I felt as a 4th grader in 1966 is what I want our children today to feel. I will tell you the poem. I am sure it is simple and plain but it was heartfelt.

My Flag is red, white and blue,
My Flag is very true to you,
My Flag shows liberty, justice and Peace to the men who died for it.

For those who lived are proud indeed,
and show it with lots of heed.

I hope you liked it! Now I am in my 50's and I just wish we could go back to an America we were proud of. As best I can remember I wrote it but I do (forwhatever) reason have a great memory. (obviously since I remember it!) and hope that I didn't see it somewhere. In any case, that is how I feel about our Flag.
debbie, bakersfield [06-04-2010]

I loved the virtual tour! I've never been to Philadelphia, but hopefully next year that will change!Since my birthday is Flag Day, makes it even more interesting to me.
KarenAnn Rood, Cedar City, Utah [06-01-2010]

Thomas M. Turner, Oswego NY [05-30-2010]

anonymous, Fairfield, PA 17320 [05-28-2010]

When I was 8 years old (l944) I took to my third grade class a proclamation which my family received from Calvin Coolidge (1927) because someone in my ancestry heled Betsy Ross sew the flag. This proclamation was destroyed years later so I have no idea who this ancestor might be. Is there any information as to who helped Betsy Ross? If I had the names I might be able to search them for clues to my own family.
Julia Gregory, San diego, CA [05-27-2010]

Kyle Breger, u.k [05-27-2010]

JOAO, brasil [05-26-2010]

I have used this website as research for my Betsy Ross scrapbook of her life! I found it very useful!
Emily Hofius [05-26-2010]

What a great idea to have a Betsy guestbook! She is one of my favorite American heroes!
Joan Wolff, Dresher, PA [05-25-2010]

I did not know a lot of things that you said about our flag. God Bless
Sandy, 42044 [05-25-2010]

Alice Lovelace, Lynchburg, Virginia 24501 [05-22-2010]

respect our flag
peggy, ms [05-22-2010]

At a veterans Masonic funeral ceremony (cremation) when a Flag is placed on a podium, can a small Masonic Apron (18"X20") be placed on top of the Flag (it just covers a small portion of the Flag) in tribute to a deceased Brother's Masonic affiliation? Also, can the deceased's remains in a vase container be placed on top of the Flag?
Frederick G. Harman, Inverness, FL [05-22-2010]

hate it
anonymous [05-22-2010]

anonymous [05-18-2010]

Thank you!
Richard DeBiaso, Hayward, CA [05-17-2010]

it was a beautiful experience
anonymous, philadelphia,pa [05-17-2010]

I thought I read somewhere that flags flown for public did not have to be on lighted poles only. Is this correct and what is the reference? Thanks!
anonymous [05-16-2010]

I was trying to find out where the 1st American Flag is now held? In Washington, D.C.'s Smithsoniam???
K, Davie, FL [05-16-2010]

can i introduce my self to you with my complement please answer my name is rasoal
anas, bagdad doura iraq [05-13-2010]

George E Rainey SR, Morrisdale PA Clearfield Country PA [05-12-2010]

Barbara T. Kasmiroski, Waco, TX [05-12-2010]

thanks. your site was very helpful completing a college report on inappropriate flag uses.
heidi, lewiston, me [05-11-2010]

hello all
james, usa [05-09-2010]

i want to see it
HUNTER, florida [05-09-2010]

when was she born
anonymous [05-06-2010]

Betsy Ross i amazing
anonymous [05-06-2010]

i love Betsy Ross. it helps me with a paper love lulu
anonymous [05-06-2010]

how wasit doingtheflag
austin [05-06-2010]

Morgan Luallen, Sanderson [05-06-2010]

Shelby, Florida [05-06-2010]

I am 8 years old and my school assignment is to find out about the First Flag.....Thank you
Kaley Kramer, Chicago, IL 60630 [05-04-2010]

cool hi
anonymous [05-04-2010]

hi my name is rayven and in 13 years old and i just wanted to knowhow old was betsy ross when she died???????
rayven, warren michigan [05-04-2010]

besty was cool!:)<3
bethany [05-04-2010]

betsy ross homepage search
betsy ross, search [05-04-2010]

Hey, I just wanted to say Betsy Ross was one amazing person! My Friends and I will always remember her As Betsy Ross the woman who made the Flag
Abby [05-03-2010]

the tour was =( if you know what i mean
anonymous [05-03-2010]

Almost every one of my closest relatives know some information about the Claypool(e)s and Betsy Ross, she was an amazing lady. And we think times are tough now.
Robert W Claypool, Minnesota [04-30-2010]

i have no measage
Cindy, deacter [04-28-2010]

thankyou i was able to find some ideas for Flag Day for a summer feeding program that we have here for school age children we go monday through friday from 11 to 1 tahnk you once again i believe this will help teach the children about Our Flag.
Janet Snavely, Concordia Kansas 66901 [04-28-2010]

Ms. Davenport's Class, wauchula, florida [04-28-2010]

Michael W Gibbons, Bismarck, Mo [04-28-2010]

Shannon, Minnesota [04-27-2010]

wow...its crazy how you could make something like that and how its still being used today!
autumn johns, macclenny fl [04-26-2010]

Woww is all I can say (: I cant belive she had enough patients to make that whole flagg(: Well I vistedddd ;) Bye ♥
Taylor Reneee (:, Floridaaaaa ! [04-26-2010]

Geena [04-25-2010]

hi besty
cecilia, n.j. [04-25-2010]

what are some character traits of betsy ross
anonymous [04-23-2010]

JUst stopped by to find more information on Betsy Ross and the American Flag
Christine Sottoriva, lakewood, ohio [04-23-2010]

The study of the Revolution is addicting. With the knowledge of events it is very east to be taken back to relive the exciting and demanding days our forefathers faced. It makes the period come alive.
Warren J. Brown, M.D., Largo, Florida [04-22-2010]

God Bless our Flag!
Kenna, Manti, Utah USA [04-22-2010]

Im doing a project on betsy ross and i need to know how old she was when she made the flag
anonymous [04-22-2010]

Gordy, Owosso, MI 48867 [04-19-2010]

Officer William Ryba, NYCD Ceremonial Unit, Queens, New York [04-17-2010]

Ty Kendrick, CVorpus Christi, Tx. [04-14-2010]

I'm 9 and studying Betsy Ross
Jessica Stevens, Warrenton VA [04-14-2010]

Thank you for this site. It was very helpful. I found a flag on the ground today and no one else cared enough to pick it up, which made me very sad. I didn't know what to do with it, so I looked it up. From what I gather, it is ok for me to clean it and keep it. If I am wrong about this, I would greatly appreciate being corrected. Thank you for your help!
Joy Sullivan, United States of America [04-12-2010]

Twsei Waenrd [04-12-2010]

Very good teacher/ student site. Thanks.
anonymous, Nashville,Tn [04-10-2010]

i learned to make a 5 pointed star! i like this website because it helpes you lean things you didn't even now
macey, south beloit [04-10-2010]

william osborn [04-10-2010]

i love my nation and united state of american. may god bless the whole world.
JIMOH SAHEED OLAYINKA, 14/16 daddy alaja street oke arin lagos island, lagos state nigeria. [04-08-2010]

DCC, North Bellmore, New York USA [04-06-2010]

Actress was wonderful. Everyone made us feel welcomed.
Robert and Mary Lou Gooding, Ionia, MI [04-02-2010]

This site is great for educational research
Kenneth Wyss, Wichita, Ks [04-02-2010]

Great Site
Kenneth Muller, Virginia Beach VA [03-31-2010]

isabel, tifton ga [03-31-2010]

I am 8 years old and am doing research for a Hero. I wanted to know all about Betsy Ross and what she did.
Haylee Hennings, Sioux Falls, SD 57104 [03-28-2010]

Anna Baehr [03-25-2010]

what did she do in her life
meme, oceanside [03-25-2010]

This web site is so good.
Sara [03-25-2010]

I am in 5th grade! In our fifth grade play, I am going to be Betsy Ross. I need close up pictures of her to see what she looks like, if you have one, please post it on this website! Thank you!
anonymous [03-25-2010]

I was told many years ago that my family may have been related to Betsy you have any reference in her lineage to "REED" "REID" as that was my grandmother's name and some of my there any way to find out if we are related.....thank you Linda
Linda L Jones, cleveland, ohio [03-22-2010]

I work at the centennial culture center in the small town of olla, louisiana. olla has a rich history, along with the neighboring towns of urania and tullos. the area has gone the way of many small towns. we are working to revive what we can. thanks V.
virginia lewis, olla, louisiana 71465 [03-19-2010]

Betsy Ross is my idol! Go Betsy! =]
Lilly [03-17-2010]

Really enjoyed reading the information on Betsy Ross. Some I remembered from my own school days and some I didn't know at all. Thank you for sharing this information with us.
Jan Lawrence, Buena Park, CA 90620 [03-17-2010]

My mother was Marjorie Delight Ross, a decendent of the same Ross family Betsy married into. She and my grandmother could both make the 5 point star, and sewing was a hobby she really enjoyed. She aspired to be a clothing designer, was actually very good at it, but her ability and interest in chemistry and math, led her to be a teacher of both in high school. She was born in Weir, KS. She lived in Texas where I was born, but returned to Chanute, KS. She was a teacher at the high school until she died of a brain tumor in 1974. She had a younger brother John David, who served in the Navy during WWII as an aircraft mechanic, and two sisters, Gracie and Roberta. There is also a link to John Ross, Chief of the Cherokee Nation, my grandmother was ashamed of this, and destroyed letters that established this, I am currently trying to establish the link between Betsy's marriage to John Ross, who I believe is a relative to the John Ross of the Cherokee Nation.
Timothy Ecord, Joshua, TX [03-16-2010]

I love Mrs. Ross and all that she has done to mark the United States. My mom is helping me do a biography on her and we cannot stop looking at different websites on Mrs. Ross. It is just so amazing what she accomplished in her life.
Damion Holloway, Maxton, NC [03-16-2010]

Helping my son do a biography on Bestsy Ross. He seems to be obsessed with her. Every report or project he has had to do in school so far has been on her in one way or another.
Carrie Beasley, Maxton, NC [03-16-2010]

Besty ross is nice
anonymous, Fremont [03-13-2010]

my 8 years old little girl is doimg a project about Betsy Ross so i do have a lot of ? to make.
ana, fort worth tx [03-11-2010]

halay, texas [03-11-2010]

Fernie [03-10-2010]

robyn lamere, temprance mi [03-09-2010]

love this Websit. it told me everything i needed to know about Betsy Ross
mumu, asaba [03-09-2010]

i liki this sity keep it up i am with you ok.
mumu, asaba [03-09-2010]

I remember back in 1963 when the flag my our school had to be retired due to age. The entire school was sent out side to the flag pole for the ceremony. The flag was lowered and the new one was raised. The old flag was saluted and burned with taps being played. Where did this education go? We were taught the values and respect that existed when the first flag was made. To this day, I remember this and that moment will never leave my memory. Art Http://
Art, New York [03-08-2010]

about her(all)
msselkeesmuv, United Sates of America [03-05-2010]

karen [03-05-2010]

Hi I am researching betsy ross for the Think-A-Thon
Mindy [03-05-2010]

Raina [03-03-2010]

I had visited The Betsy Ross house a couple of times when I was growing up in S. New Jersey. So, I occasionally find myself visiting again via the internet and I remember the feeling of reverence when I visited this house as a child.
Raymond Charles Johnson, Houston, Texas, United States [03-03-2010]

I am doing research for our Brownie Level Girl Scout Troop (#20511) to discuss significant women in history. Thank you for the information contained here.
Nicole M., Palmer, MA, USA [03-03-2010]

My son had to pick a
Tigist Plotkin [03-03-2010]

My son had to pick a famous women to write a paper on. We choose Besty Ross because she sewed the first American Flag. Whar a great learning experirence for both of us.
Jennifer McNeela, Plainfield, IL [03-02-2010]

Both of my parents grew up in South Philadelphia. I have spent numerous vacations there visiting the Liberty Bell, Betsy Ross' House, and Independence Hall. I learned a lot about our Country's beginning. I hope that one day soon I can start taking my children to visit them as well.
Lorraine Corbett, Four Oaks, NC [03-01-2010]

omg its a day before my report is due and this website is helping me a lot !
Vanessa, Santa Ana,CA [03-01-2010]

This was very interesting. I have talked a lot about the flag and proper respect for the flag with my class recently and I cannot wait to show them this website and take them on a virtual tour of Betsy Ross's house. I hope to be able to visit in person some day soon!
Karyn Christensen, Hurricane, Utah USA [03-01-2010]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross for my 3rd grade class project because she is cool.
Tori Speer, Aledo, Illinois [02-25-2010]

you are the coolest
anonymous, waldport or [02-25-2010]

i like your picture on the web page iam 7 yrs old and learning about betsy ross in school.
lillyanna faith waterman, tidewater, oregon [02-22-2010]

As a board member of The Conservative Caucus of Delaware I fully appreciate your web site.
Alex F Wysocki, Wilmington, Delaware [02-22-2010]

DAKOTA, penslavany [02-22-2010]

karen cordova, rancho cucamonga CA usa [02-22-2010]

Outstanding site. As that WW II song put it--this brings new glory to Old Glory.
Alex F Wysocki, Wilmington, Delaware [02-22-2010]

cool web site in 2 grade i did a report on her
katie [02-22-2010]

Sarah Frew, Northern Illinois, USA [02-17-2010]

Joy Vaughn [02-17-2010]

I learned this weekend that Betsy Ross is my great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandmother on my father's side! Wish I'd known that in school...
Kelly Taylor, Oklahoma City, OK, USA [02-17-2010]

marjorie Hernandez, usa [02-17-2010]

I will be attending an all-women potluck supper this evening and each of us has been asked to select a historic American woman and share information about her. Because I raised my children in a suburb of Philadelphia during the 60s and 70s, I chose Betsy Ross, and from this website I have learned much more than I ever learned in school about this colonial seamstress. Thanks!
June Wing, Newport, RI 02840 [02-15-2010]

Maylyn [02-11-2010]

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Dissertation Help, uk [02-11-2010]

hi dude! your page is awesome!
l.b. [02-11-2010]

anonymous [02-11-2010]

I love this Websit. it told me everything i needed to know about Betsy Ross
Laura [02-08-2010]

I was doing a first grade project. Thank you for your picture.
Colby Johnson, Wellington, FL [02-08-2010]

Kathrine [02-04-2010]

i lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv Betsy Ross! !
samantha, Houston Tx., U.S.A [02-04-2010]

I enjoyed this tour & plan to see it in person in the near future. My granddaughter is studying Betsy Ross in school at this time. I can't wait to show this site to her tonight!
Derenda Olivarez, Carrollton, TX [02-04-2010]

hi! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiii! !1111
alexis [02-01-2010]

hate it
anonymous, philadelphia, pennsylavania [02-01-2010]

Really enjoyed the tour of her house. I have the picture shown in the parlor! How nice to see the history of it all! Thank you.
Barbara Damschen [01-28-2010]

i thought i remembered a lot of flag information from civics in high school and from being in the military but i learned a ton from reading this. I do have a question though. We would like to erect a flagpole in our front yard and thought we would fly the state flag of each member of the family also. This would be easy except our oldest child was born while we were stationed in Greece. What would be the protocol? Thanks much
jeanne fanning, 1810 Sparta, Tn 38583 [01-26-2010]

marjorie Hernandez, usa [01-25-2010]

If Besty was still here today i would love to thank her so much!She made our very first flag!so pretty too love, tesa¢¾
tesa, pensacola florida [01-25-2010]

you are a gerat persin
kerem, husten taxes [01-22-2010]

The township displays a outdoor American flag tacked to the wall with thumbtacks. I’m very disappointed by this. What can show them in writing that this is disrespectful and wrong?
Debra Keltner, Sandwich, Illinois Northville Township [01-22-2010]

Hi I am a member of the NFF and have been asked to creat a Flag Retirement Cer. for the Fairfax Fire Dept. I hear you have a AF Acdy retiremet, but coundn't find it. I wish to get a copy. Thanks
Deborah Halver-Hanson, 5606 Justis Pl, Aleandria, VA 22310 [01-21-2010]

This is awesome.Oh,it's perfect.Very well written write-up. I literally enjoyed the concept described in the post. Once again nice work indeed.
NFL Draft, us [01-20-2010]

im being you for a shcool asinment.I need to know everything about you. Will you tell me. love ally
ally, Georga [01-20-2010]

Ellie [01-19-2010]

kelsey, cal [01-19-2010]

I am a first year teacher, teaching first grade, and this is a wonderful website which gives me background information on what I am teaching. Great research!
anonymous [01-19-2010]

when was the flag first flown
catherine braden, las vegas nevada [01-18-2010]

anonymous [01-18-2010]

hi whats up i love what betsy ross did for us!
reega, boise, ID [01-16-2010]

I just got the part to play Betsy Ross for a play. I need some fun facts about her. I am also not sure wheather to get a white wig or a brown wig.
Brenna, usa [01-15-2010]

this is a really cool site and it helped me a lot on my history project
anonymous [01-15-2010]

I am in the second grade. I have decided to write a report on Besty Ross for my Great America Patriot assignment. It was neat to see what her house looked like, and how she lived.
Alexa Byrd, Utah [01-13-2010]

Betsy Ross is the greatest American hero of all time! Not only did she design the single most majestic, awe-inspiring flag of all time - she was also the face that famously launched a thousand ships! God bless America!
Dick Justice [01-13-2010]

I have no clue what this is for but i felt like signing it![=
Kaylan [01-13-2010]

Your Q&A section says there is nothing law enforcement can do to punish violations of the flag code. I think that statement should be amended to indicate that depends on the locality. Some localities do have legal penalties for flag code violations.
Jim, McKinney, Texas [01-13-2010]

Charles, Kenya Nairobi [01-11-2010]

While preparing for my grandson's Cub Scout den meeting covering Wolf Achievement 2, "Your Flag", I ran across your website. I'm extremly glad I did. It reminded me of many things I had forgotten and some things I had never known. Great site - "let us not forget".
Chris A. Boerup, West Chester, OH [01-10-2010]

I'm doing a project on Betsy Ross, and this site gave me all the info I needed! It's amazing!
Amanda Lauren, Charlotte, North Carolina [01-10-2010]

I am working on a homework assignment about Betsy Ross. I did not know much about her, and what she did, and what she stands for. I was very much impressed with this website. Thank you for making it available to students like me.
Debbie Miller, Minneapolis, Minnesota [01-10-2010]

I have always admired Betsy Ross. She was a woman that helped get women noticed for more than just someone's wife or mother. She opened eyes and doors; she made it possible for the women that came after her to fight for women's rights. I am so glad to find a website that helps me teach my daughter about Betsy and helps me explain my admiration for her.
Melanie Ford-Kinnard, Roopville, Ga [01-09-2010]

James A Hobkirk, Fountain Valley,Ca [01-04-2010]

I visited this site for a social studies project and found it very useful.
Alexandra, Maryland [01-04-2010]


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