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anonymous [12-31-2009]

I love her. i'm related to her, so awesome. long wave the flg. i did my report, got a 4, the highest grade. i'm so happy. i love you betsy ross
snidders/sydney wooldridge [12-28-2009]

Carol Ann Hunter, The Villages, Florida [12-21-2009]

kewl site bt not enough info no offense
Kmami Reed [12-16-2009]

OMG! This is awesome!
Christine Pena, Charlotte, NC, USA [12-16-2009]

I found one of the two million certificates of appreciation for a contribution. The donation was made by my great grandmother in 1903. I am having it restored and preserved along with some other family documents we found after my mother's death last March. We have visited the American Flag House with our children and are glad to have this momento compliments of Great-granda's support. At first I thought it might be of some interest to the House but I imagine with two million sent out you have plenty of examples. Thank you, Michael Garmon
Michael Garmon, New Castle, PA [12-15-2009]

hi its me im related im doing a report on her its alsome but when did she die
snidders/sydney wooldridge [12-10-2009]

Long Wave the Flag!
Brenda, Lake Oswego, Oregon, USA [12-10-2009]

alex [12-10-2009]

I love Betsy Ross!
Bailee Lewis, Minnesota [12-08-2009]

i had to do a biography on Betsy Ross for my history class.
Brittany [12-07-2009]

Enjoyed your information about Betsy Ross and the flag. I've been teaching in a fifth grade class and I created a whole lesson that integrated math and history utilizing her five-pointed star. Thank you for your informative sites.
Ms. Austin, Boone, NC [12-07-2009]

We are studying American heroes at our school. The first hero our 3-year-olds are learning about is Betsy Ross! Thank you for providing a website with so much information about her!
CHRISTY MAURER, jacksonville florida [12-03-2009]

this is a great web site too learn about a very special person
Lynn M. Alexander Jr., Harrisburg Ar. 72432 [12-02-2009]

When working on bridges why do construction workers hang an American Flag?
Susan, Phoenixville, PA [12-01-2009]

gracie, alabama [12-01-2009]

I work at a military headquarters that displays the American Flag, Navy Flag and a 1 star Admiral Flag in the lobby...I am looking to replace all 3 and flags and purchase new ones for display according to proper regulations... Do you have a manual or a protocol pictures of flag displays?
Cecil Miranda, Virginia Beach, VA [11-30-2009]

Taylor Jones [11-30-2009]

Your site is very nice.
Yuriy, Europe [11-30-2009]

im related to her
sydney [11-30-2009]

My maiden name is Claypool and I believe that John Claypoole was a descendant of mine, if anyone knows about the Claypooles or the Claypools please email me.
Lisa Evans Claypool, Muskegon, Michigan [11-27-2009]

i felt it was time to ask a guestion about the next stage of my 1st u.s. flag. i have completed the body of the flag, 7 red and 6 white stripes. i feel the next stage is a colonial pine tree with : "an appeal to heaven" please advise snake ?
yervin torve, pahoa hawaii [11-25-2009]

hey watz upppp
vilmarys, springfield ma [11-25-2009]

Normand Couture, Oakland Florida [11-23-2009]

i am sdoing you for a book report i love how you were the one who made the american flag and i like how it is a circle when you first made it well i guess i better go i am in school in computer lab so i am going to go now so byez
amber payne, united states [11-23-2009]

hi i visited you and enjoyed the website and hompage!
anonymous [11-23-2009]

anonymous [11-23-2009]

Moin, Moin! Regards to your homepage, it´s very interesting. As an old Navy-Man who worked often with comerades from the US-Navy during my active service it´s a pleasure to get some more informations about the "STAR & STRIPES". Tschüs out of Eckernförde my active time
Helmut Daedlow, Doroteenstr. 70, 24340 Eckernförde, Germany [11-21-2009]

i have a book report due about betsy ross i need information.
amber payne, united states [11-20-2009]

u ROCK Betsy Ross! :)(: ~!GOD BLESS AMERICA!~
Valery Rodriguez, Columbuss, OH [11-20-2009]

I am doing a book report on Betsy Ross I Love Betsy Ross
Hailey Billhimer [11-19-2009]

I love Betsy Ross
Hailey Billhimer [11-19-2009]

Loved this historic home. I feel like I traveled back in time.
kerry kirby, Columbus, Ohio [11-19-2009]

amilya, arlington,TN [11-17-2009]

Love your site, thanks for being here for us. God Bless America!
Cynrthia, Saint Charles, Missouri [11-12-2009]

Holdenville 8th grade US History Class, Oklahoma [11-12-2009]

Therese Willis, Loomis, CA [11-10-2009]

skyana, cape may court house [11-09-2009]

enjoyed the site hope to visit real thing some day. I love our flag and freedom it stands for. Hate when our flag is being damaged in anyway or miss used.
Anna Catherine keal, stuart, florida [11-07-2009]

maryssa you are so dumb and did people really marry that many times back then im doing a report on her a big wax museum
Bratz_sasha101., alaska anchorage [11-05-2009]

this site helped me a lot! i alwaysed liked Betsy Ross!
martha, marshall,tx [11-05-2009]

thank you for the info. i am just now hand sewing myself a u.s. federal flag. yervin
yervin torve, ridgecrest calif. [11-04-2009]

betsy ross did not sew the first flag
cassie, hobart INDIANA [11-04-2009]

Achim Lucas Rehm, Staudernheim Germany [11-02-2009]

Thank you for your Betsy Ross site. Every year I dress up and go to my children's class rooms with a few fun and interesting facts to go with the character. This year I will portray Betsy Ross and share some of her facts as well as our American flag.
Nancy White, Arkansas [10-29-2009]

Thank you a great help for daughter's homework...
Karla and Caly., Georgia [10-26-2009]

Cheri Bryan, Winona Lake Indiana [10-26-2009]

Bob Kabis, Cape Coral FL [10-26-2009]

i am related to betsy ross
Maryssa, nj [10-22-2009]

My daughter was selected as the only child from her classroom to participate in an American Hero presentation at her school. She will be Betsy Ross and I have found some great information for her to use on this site.
Robyn Scharlach, Montgomery TX [10-22-2009]

Kaitlyn, Klukwan alaska [10-22-2009]

This was so helpful for me to write a research paper on a historical figure. Thanks!
Mims [10-20-2009]

Sabina Albright, Dyrango, CO [10-20-2009]

I'm anxious to see this house to compare the past to the present.
steve frazier, columbus, ohio [10-19-2009]

My granddaughter is doing a report on Betsy Ross in her third grade Social Studies class at West Marion Primsry School in Foxworth, MS and this site has been very helpful. Thank you!
Sherron Smith, Foxworth, Mississippi USA [10-19-2009]

Betsy sure had an eye for design back in the days. The US flag is by far the most good looking flag there is. Nice site. I tried to cut the five point star and it worked perfect. Cool. :-)
Dennis Lundqvist, Göteborg, Sweden [10-17-2009]

u have a webbie that's kewlio
Moldy Apple [10-16-2009]

payton taylor [10-15-2009]

Makenzie Wall [10-15-2009]

Betsy's first husband, John Ross, was one of my ancestors. Enjoyed this site!
Constance Ross Jaeger, Succasunna NJ [10-14-2009]

Thanks for the great directions for making a 5-point star!
G. Mayes, Columbus, Ohio [10-13-2009]

Hi! I like Betsy Ross. I think she is wounderfull to learn from.
anonymous [10-12-2009]

Ju Lian YAP, Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA [10-07-2009]

hi your website is so cool!omg
rosa, centereach [10-07-2009]

domineek, selden ny new york [10-07-2009]

i love the flag
mick, ga [10-07-2009]

IRISHPixs, Panama City FL 32405 [10-06-2009]

Too cool.. i loved the sight and surprisingly learned a lot from it... but why close up and cut off where she use to live why don't you just let people walk around and look more closely at stuff. yes i understand about stuff breaking but all your doing is keeping any eye on everyone why cant you just do a better job at that and really watch the people.. i bet you'd get more people coming if the stuff was truly open to the publPr
Biffy, Bozeman, Montana [10-05-2009]

anonymous, Betsey had a very interesting life. Sounds to me like she was a modern gal. [10-03-2009]

i really like to thank u for making our flag. ILY people!
ani, florida [10-03-2009]

great site, extremely thorough, no broken links, great job to site maintainers.
anonymous [10-01-2009]

I love Betsy Ross. Great Website. Louisianians love Betsy.
Katelynn, Louisiana [10-01-2009]

I make flags and give them to veterans. I gave one to the Commandant of the Marine Corps General Conway.
Mollie-Jo Morris, Richmond, KY; 62; retired United States Marine with 30 years service. Inow teach leadership at the Kentucky Department of Criminal Justice Training and The History of Terrorism at Easten Kentucky University. [09-28-2009]

Thank you! My Kindergarten students learned a lot on the virtual tour.
Cara Kaufman, Richmond, VA [09-25-2009]

hey besty ross i was just stopping by too sign your guestbook i saw it and was just wanting too sign thank you ikina hill
ikina hill, altus,oklahoma [09-23-2009]

hi guys please read this i am only five so hi
j, louisburg [09-23-2009]

James Irvin Simmons, Federal Way Washington [09-20-2009]

Our Boy Scouts are learning about the flag. Thank you for the pictures and the information.
Shelly Manis, Wiggins, MS [09-20-2009]

Ihave a litho of this painting in the original frame that came from the white house. It has a seal in the corner and a number in the seal that says Betsy Ross on the seal
Linda Cunningham, Romney, WV [09-20-2009]

Two of my freinds and I do a Flag tribute for different churchs, groups, ect. My question is " We use a 48 star that acttualy flew over a small town near me. We display both the 50 star and the 48 star at the same time, as representation of the change of in the flags appearance. Exact how should the Flags be displayed, neither flag has ever touched the ground or the floor in our ceremony. To further we don't wish to degrade either flag. Please reply to with proper proceedures. Thank you and may God Bless this Flag and Country.
Larry Seabaugh, Whitewater, Missouri [09-20-2009]

I love the history of the founders of the Constitution of the United States of America and all the rich and vivid details of this stage! Is loving, interesting and really helps to realize what a wonderfull world and people that still are alive in our present history. Its fascinating
Amarilys Espada Miranda, Cidra, Puerto Rico [09-17-2009]

I'm writing my history paper on tis site. Thank you so much for the deep and concise information.
Ernesto Lasen, Lakewood, Colorado [09-17-2009]

This is a great web page, My kids and I learned a lot. Thanks!
Kymm McCleary, Newton,Ks [09-14-2009]

Kathy Carrillo [09-11-2009]

haha bla
kyle, illinois [09-11-2009]

Im a history person that my teacher picked and im betsy ross!>>U rOCk@@Zahira, washington [09-11-2009]

mrs otremba's k-1 class, canton, ga [09-10-2009]

was at house at betsys was there 20 yrs ago was nice
chrisreddy, norfolk va [09-08-2009]

I am doing Betsy ross as a reort and I am so excited. :D
MacKenzy [09-07-2009]

JACK MCCONNELL, yuma,az [09-07-2009]

lovin betsy
harli, morristown [09-07-2009]

Great Job! This is what is needed. We must unite ENOUGH is ENOUGH! Thank You and God Bless America.....
Rich Mowles, Taarpon Springs, Florida 34689 [09-07-2009]

It's good sight to learn about Betsy Ross! :)
Maria [09-07-2009]

Hey! I love this site! Perf for Constitution and History classes! Keep up the good work...! ¢¾Bailey¢¾
Bailey, Illinois [09-07-2009]

great site
anonymous [09-07-2009]

Cynthia Campbell, Steelville, MO USA [09-07-2009]

I have a family history that shows I am a direct decendant of Betsy Ross and I'm just now getting into sewing!
Trisha Clements, Smithville, TX [09-07-2009]

I enjoy using your web site to resolve flag issues. One issue that came up today concerning the proclamation to fly the flags at half staff has everyone here puzzled. The proclamation reads - fly the United States flag at half-staff at the White House and upon all "public" buildings, etc. What is the definition of a "public" building in reference to the flag code, rules and regulations?
Lee Michnewicz, Miami, Florida, USA [09-06-2009]

Keep the colors flying!
Lynn, Alpena, Mi [08-28-2009]

Lily [08-25-2009]

cool, I like the gallery... the information you provide is interesting.
juan, phoenix, az [08-21-2009]

Love the site. Wish more people would read about proper flag ettiquette and adhere to it. One possible discrepancy. In the FAQ, below the music played when raising and lowering the flag, the reference to authorship of "Taps" may be in error. See for the story about "Taps."
Steve Borden, Scottsville, KY [08-21-2009]

Sharon Moen, Coon Rapids, Mn [08-20-2009]

I am in possesion of a print by Charles Weisegerber presented to a Mrs Marie Selleg of Chicago IL and no. 279 I am curious if this has any monitary worth.
juelanne smith, middleton wi [08-13-2009]

everyone should know this.
Edgar R. Sanchez, Waterbury, CT [08-03-2009]

i been wonderin her middle name you people are not tellin me
na, na [08-01-2009]

Richard, Berry Vermont [07-23-2009]

Great web page. Bradley Herring. I may have some information for you.
anonymous, Memphis, Tenn [07-20-2009]

betsy is a close relative of mine and i am proud
sherry brice leigh, crestview florida 32539 [07-19-2009]

I. was born & raised in S.W. Phila. Family was active in Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War. They had the privilage of placing flags on Veterans graves and Raising the flag at Betsy Ross grave on Memorial Day. I remember fighting with my sister over which one would raise Betsy's flag. To this day I am proud to have been part of history. (Mt Moriah is our family cemetary). We are a Proud American family, My Dad retired from the Navy, Husband is a retired Marine, and 2 sons retired from the Army and NC Nat. Guard. GOD BLESS AMERICA.
Dorothy Steves Bruderer, Jacksonville, NC [07-17-2009]

I have enjoyed looking thru this website. Learned a few thing as well.
Brian Johnson, Duluth, MN [07-16-2009]

I was born in Philly. Taught and sang a song about Betsy Rooss. Now you can asked questions about Betsy Ross to the young and Old, they don't know who Made the American Flag. Sad really sad. Mr. Galeone Lutz Florida
Blase W. galeone, Lutz Florida [07-14-2009]

I will always have fond memories of playing Betsy Ross in my First grade play in 1976. It was a great experience to go see the house.
Elsie Anderson Johnson, Sanford, FL [07-14-2009]

on a recent visit to the charlestown navy ship yard in ma. the american flag was not flying from from the top of the flag pole but from a gaff. what is the reason for this thank you imgp3686.jpg
DONALD B INGRAM, sandwich ma [07-12-2009]

I haven't had a chance to read the site yet, but from some of the feedback I notice that everyone referred to her as Betsy Ross which is understandable with history teaching us that. Truth is Elizabeth Griscomb was married to Mr. Ross, John I believe for only 2 years before he was killed in the war. Same with her next husband Mr. or possibly Colonel Ashburn for 5 years until he was killed. Still being childless she married a 3rd and last time to my great, great etc. relative to whom she was married for about 35 years until John Claypoole's death. They had 7 daughters, 5 of which lived to adulthood. 'Betsy" aka Elizabeth Claypoole lived into her 80's with at least the last 50 being Elizabeth Claypoole. Unfortunately none of her heirs have my last name being they were all girls. The Claypoole family was one of the founding families of Philadelphia, along with good friend Ben Franklin. And then of course, Betsy was in on the beginning, not even aware of the future.
anonymous, l.a. ca [07-10-2009]

IM SO INTERESTED in betsy ross because she made the flag and i was born on flag day june 14,1959
rose marie Taylor, Peoria ILL [07-09-2009]

Kimberly, Nashville, Tennessee [07-09-2009]

Fantastically engaging and informative site. Great for K-12 students. BRAVO!
Rudy Nyhoff, North Augusta, SC [07-07-2009]

I understand there is a debate over the validity of adding gold fringe to the flag. I have read the Flag Code and Executive order 10834. The governement is very specific about the colors of red, white, blue. With such specifics it would seem there would be a mention of the gold being allowed. It would also seem that sewing a fringe would be disrespectful since that was not the intended design. Can anyone show me where this GOLD TRIM is allowed/authorized so I can put a stop to the 'theories'?
Mansley [07-07-2009]

I enjoyed looking at the house and flag, but we were having a discussion today and were trying to decide what type of fabric she used in the flag. I cannot find anything about that.
Sally Davy, Belleville, il [07-07-2009]

show me the Suffolk County flag
anonymous [07-03-2009]

Is it true that a flag used to cover a military casket cannot be used to fly above the grave on Memorial or other military commemorative holidays?
Gayle [07-03-2009]

Reid Flade, Virginia Beach, VA [07-03-2009]

No One Knows where Betsy's Real Flag went to or what happened to it....Although you can find the 13 star flag for sale the real one is no where in sight Happy 4th Of July
Gail, Mt Airy NC [07-02-2009]

anonymous, Charlotte, NC [07-01-2009]

Beautiful site with lots of informative and inspirational information. HAPPY 4TH of July to all ! from Bob & Erica in Texas
Bob & Erica Flagg, Plano, Texas, USA [07-01-2009]

Beautifully designed page, and important information for American citizens.
Ellen, Brooklyn, NY [06-30-2009]

Jerry Wells, Crowley, Texas [06-27-2009]

love the flag and will die to defend it
james smith, Omaha NE [06-25-2009]

do you have her family tree because i think im related to her to. please send email
nathan, las vegas nv [06-25-2009]

Hey, I've been told I'm related to her as well. I've been trying to track to see if it's true but she has had a lot of kids, and im sure grandkids, so it's a little tough!
Amanda [06-24-2009]

thank u
angelica fredes, ny [06-23-2009]

i wold love to see it
renee, us [06-23-2009]

Betsy Ross, your frend,Megan 2nd grade
Megan, 1001 seven hills drive Elise.L wolff Henderson, NV 89052 [06-18-2009]

Your website is so cool. I wish i had a site like u!It is so fun learning from your site. I wish u lived longer Betsy Ross. Your Freind, Francine Guerrero De Borja 2nd Grade track 2 Elise L. Wolff Elemantary School
Francine Guerrero De Borja, 1001 Seven Hills Drive Elise L. Wolff Henderson,NV 89052 [06-18-2009]

Very helpful and interesting information. Thank you for maintaining this site.
Ellen, Booneville, Arkansas [06-16-2009]

We really liked learning about the flag from your site.
Mrs. Gudjonis' Social Studies Class Group A, Henderson, NV [06-16-2009]

The betsey ross dolls are creepy
anonymous [06-16-2009]

i read over some of the info, it is very interesting. it will be very helpful on learning this in history, thank you
mary hanna, mineral well texas usa [06-16-2009]

im on da internet wazzzzzzzzzzzzz upppppppppppppp hi mom lol i do not like dis site bu t wateva dont hate appricate haha hi hater bye hater
Chrisssssssssssssssssssss [06-16-2009]

This site is very informative and full interesting information. Kudos to the designers and researchers.
K. Adcock, Houston, Tx [06-16-2009]

Haley Mccullum, Frederica,De [06-15-2009]

go betsy!
Bridget, Bel Aire, Beverly Hills [06-15-2009]

i wish i could have personally known her, but still live in the now. thankyou for website.
valairie [06-12-2009]

Charlie, United States of America [06-11-2009]

tykquarria ridgel, philadelphia, pennsylvania [06-11-2009]

I love this world it is the best and I wish you guys could send me a poster in ful size of the Big bell so if you could send it to
amy [06-11-2009]

This is a nice website. it helped me with my homework. Love, New Jerseyan
nj [06-10-2009]

Great information and great site. I sent it to my friends and to my 9 grandchildren.
Dona Woodham, Conyers, GA [06-09-2009]

Great site--our son is visiting from Nebraska with the CWF group, and this is a great way to "follow him" on his trip since we could not go along. Thanks!
Hansen's, Sargent, NE [06-08-2009]

Why is June 6, the anniversary of D-day invasion of Normandy, not a date when flags are flown at half-mast?
anonymous, New York [06-07-2009]

Dave Allen, San Jose, CA [06-05-2009]

Great Site! Will recommend it to the children at my grandson's school.
C. Marsh, Sikeston, Missouri [06-05-2009]

Raymond L. St. Jacques, Enfield, CT [06-04-2009]

I'm looking forward to a visit to the Betsy Ross House.
Ellie Pendell, Roswell, GA [06-04-2009]

thanks for this helpful site
April, Iowa [06-03-2009]

ron szewczyk, buchanan tn 38222 [06-03-2009]

This is an awesome sight. I love it.
Madison, California, United States [05-31-2009]

found out about this in the Fayetteville Observer paper I enjoyed this visit and will re-visit
Steven Fussell, Eastover,N.C. 28312 [05-31-2009]

betsy u rock!
gina [05-31-2009]

i joust learned about her she's interesting
Morgan Wester, California [05-31-2009]

Linda McArdle, Jim Thorpe, Pa. [05-31-2009]

i am a decendent of Griscom family,my mothers cousin was married to a Griscom,when clearing out my grandmother home,found old photo of woman at spinning wheel,could be a Griscom. Thom B.
Thomas M, Bradford, Washington DC [05-29-2009]

I tried your site for a progect
anonymous [05-27-2009]

heeeey (:
shannon, canadensis pennsylvania [05-27-2009]

i love besty ross.
jordyn, baltimore [05-26-2009]

This is a very nice web site and can answer a lot of questions about flag ettiquet.
Keith L. Kulisky, Des moines, Iowa, United States [05-26-2009]

anonymous, Redlands, California [05-24-2009]

I used your site to gather info for the Brownie "Wave the Flag" Try-It and Junior Girl Scout "United We Stand" Badge requirements. Great resource! Actually read way more than I needed to!
Susan FM, Leader, Girl Scout/Brownie Troop 1368, New Baltimore(Ravena), NY [05-23-2009]

Harry H Morrison Jr, Concordia KS [05-22-2009]

Thank you for your informative website on Betsy Ross. It helped me with my 3rd grade presentation for school on one of the "famous Americans."
Michael Reefe, Fredericksburg, VA [05-22-2009]

Pilar, East Chicago, Indiana [05-22-2009]

Carley E. Beshaw [05-22-2009]

I believe that you missed a location where the flag is allowed to fly 24 hrs without illumination. It is the Middlebrook Campground in Bridgewater, NJ where the Betsy Ross flag supposedly first flew. The old flag is retired in a ceremony every July 4th by the Washington Campground Association.
Marty Konrad, Bridgewater, NJ [05-20-2009]

annnna, traverse city [05-19-2009]

I'm doing a book report on her so please let me on the gest lest.
bob, Amecia P.A. [05-19-2009]

i love betsy ross
maddie, 13 Greenwood rd. [05-18-2009]

i wish there was some more things!
laura Westberg [05-18-2009]

Dear sir or madam, I rhink the website is great. Does anyone know how long it took Betsy to make the first american flag? Signed, MARY
MARY [05-18-2009]

Hello.My name is Sayuri from Japan.I am 8 years,3rd grade. Now I am trying write my biography report about Betsy Ross. I would like to know Betsy's chronology which is simple one.Could you teach me please?
Sayuri, McLean,VA [05-18-2009]

estivaliz, san diego california [05-18-2009]

Thanks for the historical information.
GS Troop 1297, Lake in the Hills, IL [05-15-2009]

i might dress up as her for history day at my school!
miranda, ohio [05-14-2009]

Hi! I love the website. It is very informational
Eunes Harun, Hamden, Ct [05-14-2009]

Great website. Hard to find flag rules and regs anymore. I refer the public to this website all the time. Thank You!
Beth McClanahan, Manti-LaSal National Forest, Sanpete Ranger District [05-13-2009]

great website
nana, mass. [05-12-2009]

Carlahhh, Hollywood,FL [05-12-2009]

I loved to read about your life!
Makayla, Buffalo Grove, IL [05-12-2009]

francine, fort myers, FL. [05-11-2009]

her mom's name was elizabeth too! :)
anonymous [05-09-2009]

I needed written instructions on flag folding to give to the maintenance crew that I supervise at the Housing Authority. Two of our senior complexes have flag poles. Thanks for the information !
Barbara Barlow, Hayward, CA 94541 USA [05-09-2009]

Anna, Arvada CO [05-08-2009]

what was her moms name
victorya, vancleave [05-07-2009]

site is great - I am helping print research for my dauther, in 2nd grade.
jennifer, conover,nc [05-07-2009]

t.t [05-06-2009]

I love our flag wish she were still alive.
Sylvia Garcia, Los Banos CA [05-05-2009]

I love our flag.
kim, Atlanta, ga [05-04-2009]

The 5th graders weren't the only ones amazed at the perfect 5 pointed star! The teachers were, too. And one quilter who will never fail to make the perfect star for any quilt ever again. THANK YOU!
JW, Rowley, MA [05-01-2009]

you are hero to our nation
allie, athens alabama [05-01-2009]

Thanks for the work on this site. It sheds much light on an issue that needs to be dearly recognized and the problem remedied.
Matthew Rasuch, Burke VA [05-01-2009]

This website has a lot to offer like fun facs
Ashley [05-01-2009]

Nice Comments and thank you for visiting this site
Betsy Ross [05-01-2009]

it was very educating and i learned a lot.
morgan hintchel, hinton oklahoma [04-30-2009]

ilove our flag.
hannah crunk [04-29-2009]

I am 6 years old and learned many things about Betsy Ross, thank you.
Luca, Clearville, Pennsylvania [04-29-2009]

what was james buchanent an flag like when he was president
anonymous [04-29-2009]

i love bradley!
anonymous [04-27-2009]

i sent a message before but just to get the point across i love this website! im doing a wax museum to and i love this!
Claire Romine [04-27-2009]

I am doing a project on Betsy and I get to dress up like her and present my oral project for my class. I am also going to show my 2nd grade class how to make a star with one snip. I cannot find many books at my school or public library. Do you have any more information I can use for my project? Thanks
Eliza Statesir, Virginia Beach, Virginia [04-27-2009]

What is the official US Government ruling on flying a American flag at night? Can it be flown without light?
George A. Kozlowski, Roscommon, MI [04-27-2009]

SAMANTHA, Atlanta, ga [04-27-2009]

I just wanted to say that I have to do a report on her for school and this REALLY helped! Thanks!
Emily [04-27-2009]

ha lol
morgan, surprise [04-27-2009]

I am doing Betsy Ross for a Pennsylvania progect and i just wanted to say hi so hi from Hannah
hannah dinello, Pennsylvania harrisburge [04-24-2009]

Thank you so much for your site. I used it this morning to find the U.S. code governing the proper display of the flag. I saw a news story that a former American Army soldier was being prohibited from flying the flag in front of her house by her homeowners association. I sent CNN a copy of the U.S. Code stating that no homeowners association may prevent a U.S. citizen from flying the flag on their property. While doing this, my son read some of the sections on your web site and loved the content and presentation. Thank you so much for your efforts on the history and information concerning the flag. God Bless You Mike Little
Michael E. Little, Mesa, Arizona United States of America [04-23-2009]

im betsy ross for wax museum and this was soooooooooooo helpful. i am betsy ross' great great great great granddaughter
patty [04-23-2009]

I love Betsy Ross!
anonymous [04-23-2009]

I loved this website
anonymous [04-21-2009]

i'm doing a wax museum and I'M Betsy Ross. This website is sooo helpful. I have to do a report on her. Whoever started this web site is a genius! I love Betsy Ross. (theoratically anyway)
hally [04-21-2009]

Can you was an american flag and if so how?
Beverly, Moreno Valley Ca, 92557 [04-20-2009]

i wish i made the first flag
ashley, sane jose ca [04-20-2009]

I'm sorry but this is nothing but a farce. There is so much evidence against the ideas presented on this site that it is not funny. Yes we know Betsey made flags but beyond that nothing more can be proved in her favor. For anyone calls themselves a true historian and yet believe in this MYTH, they should be ashamed of themselves. The facts are that despite irrefutable evidence the first flag WAS NOT created by Betsey, and the pattern attributed to her simply did not exist. This is not a lie on her part or by any of her relatives, it is a misunderstanding and false interpretation, and the manner in which your organization professes its true is shameful. As scholars devoted to history you owe us the truth and not some fairly tale created by a group of self important schiesters.
anonymous [04-20-2009]

kaitlynn [04-18-2009]

My children on distant cousin of Betsy Ross. The girls great grandmother was cousin of Betsy Ross
Lady Patricia, Oregon, La Pine [04-18-2009]

I am related to the Balderston's through my Mother's family. I seem to remember seeing the name John Balderston somewhere at the ross residence or in the Bible that once was on display in Phila. It was a long time ago when I was a child. Do I remember that correctly? I belive I am also related to the Ross family. Our Balderston's were Quaker. I have always admired Betsy Ross for her independant nature and as an example of a working woman. I hope I am realted to this branch of the family. I do fly our flag daily as a mark of respect for all that went before to create something enduring and to honor those who founded our Great Nation! Long may it wave over a land of the free and home of the brave! Kitty Givens
Mrs. Kathleen Marie Givens, nee Weeks, Cedaredge, Colorado, 81413 formerly of Phila. [04-18-2009]

this is cool i have a project at school and this will realy help me ! your friend aly
aly [04-18-2009]

I loved the tour of her home it can help me on my school projet.
zoey [04-16-2009]

Betsy Ross your a Hero! LOVE your friendMatty, West boylston,MA [04-15-2009]

I love the website! Im doing a report on her and this is pefect!
Claire [04-15-2009]

i am doing a report on betsy ross so this website is great.
megan [04-14-2009]

luv the website. gave me some facts 4 my school project!
CherrywineLN [04-14-2009]

Not enough detail. Can't use this website. Too dorky anyway. Stupid.
Horrible [04-14-2009]

I love to know important events and figures in American history.. This website is a great tool for me and I am glad that I could have all the significant information I needed in one website.. Thank you for sharing and creating this site..
Gail Ocampo, Philippines [04-13-2009]

I want to sell the American Flag with pole and hardware door to door!
Ann-Dyson Carroll, 1707 Greenspring Drive Lutherville, MD 21093 [04-13-2009]

it was awesome!
anonymous [04-13-2009]

hey i love betsy ross and i am doing a report on her do you have any good facts about her??? i need to know i love her love- Erika
Erika, ohio [04-08-2009]

Yes I served in the Marine Corps and I'M a Diasabled American Veteran. My DAV Chapter 39 in Midwest City, OK we do Flag Ceremonies In the Oklahoma city erea Schools and we are getting more schools every day. God Bless the USA & Our Veterans Past & Present & Our Military.
Terry L. Farmer, Oklahoma City, Ok 73135 [04-07-2009]

My son had to do a State report on Pennsylvania, these pictures of the Betsy Ross flag were very helpful!
Katie, Sandy, UT [04-07-2009]

we are doing a wax musem in my class and i am BETSY ROSS. if you could send me some pictures of her that would help a lot kathy h:)
kathy harrigan, manistee MI [04-07-2009]

Yay! Betsy Ross is wonderful!
Ana, usa [04-07-2009]

I am writing a report about betsy and this website really helped! 5 stars
Student, Earth [04-06-2009]

anonymous [04-04-2009]

h you `
aschwab, ohio [04-04-2009]

TONI YORK, vevay, indiana [04-01-2009]

reba [04-01-2009]

hi i like ur website? i was helpful on the paper i was working on in computer class:)
madi [04-01-2009]

This website is great I found all the information I needed about her
Rachael, Indianola [03-31-2009]

hunter [03-31-2009]

i am told by family that i am a direct relative to betsy ross,on my moms side of the family
richard, new hampshire [03-31-2009]

I got confused my grandmother was Dorothy Ross, my great aunt Elizabeth Ross, they were in a property in Launceston called Greystone.. All my family are now deceased so its difficult to research...
Trudie Yau, United Kingdom [03-31-2009]

Michael Sutherland, Troy, Illinois [03-31-2009]

looking for relatives, i am a great, great,.........granddaughter of besty ross. any relative out there? cherly no.
cherly ross ryerson, los altos, ca. [03-29-2009]

I am a 4th grader and read a book about Betsy Ross. I enjoyed seeing her house and her bedroom. Thank you!
Lila Guerra, El Poso,TX [03-27-2009]

Very interesting and informative. Great Site..
Amanda, Charlotte, NC [03-27-2009]

Good sight,,helps one learn more about this country's history and this webpage also covers some little known tricial questions and tid bits.
Luis F. Lopez, Chicago, IL. 60632 [03-27-2009]

We really liked learning how to make a star with one cut. We are going to send the directions home to see if our Moms or Dads can also make the star!
Mrs. Thigpen's Kindergarten Class, Franklinton, Louisiana 70438 [03-26-2009]

Kelsy, Washington State [03-26-2009]

:) i luv the 5 pointed star i wish i could meat betsy ross also
rachel [03-26-2009]

very nice website.
anonymous [03-25-2009]

I had to do a book report on betsy Ross and I am a big fan and I wish that I could see Bety Ross in real life
Carley [03-25-2009]

i am doing a report on betsy
anonymous [03-25-2009]

Why did they choose Betsy Ross to make the first American flag? and Where did Betsy Ross make the first American flag?
olivia holguin, Deming NM [03-23-2009]

Looked at the website for a report.
Thomas Jacobs, Bedminster, NJ [03-23-2009]

Hi people I am doing a report on Betsy ross i need this websiteto do it peace
Miyah [03-20-2009]

Yvette Ambroze, United States [03-19-2009]

god bless america
eke, lome togo [03-19-2009]

Maureen, md [03-18-2009]

lizzie, pa,ridley park [03-17-2009]

becky [03-17-2009]

i love god
me [03-17-2009]

god bless america
anonymous [03-16-2009]

i am doing a project on betsy ross and when i persent my project on betsy ross i have to dress up as betsy ross to persent my project and i have to speak up loud when i persent my project on bettsy ross in school to my whole class.
JORDAN LIEGH MILLER, cocoa florida united states [03-15-2009]

Enjoyed the tour of Betsy's home.
Nye Elementary School, Nye, Montana, USA [03-15-2009]

This website was very informative! It is very funny how there is a flag with 51 stars... Lets hope that really happens! lolz! ☺☻☺☻☺☻
Ms 4 Students! =], Jersey! [03-15-2009]

The web site is wonderful. Would love to come and see it first hand..
Rebecca Clark, Jacksonville,Florida [03-13-2009]

a long time a go my husbanh and i went to the betsy ross gift shoppy .we found a flag there and brouhgt it home to washington. it was red,white,bluestrip with an angel on it. i would like find an other you have a book you can send. shirley
shirley muir, vancouver washington 98661 [03-13-2009]

what did you do bad in your
tehans, wera nnnnnn [03-13-2009]

to find what happened to betsy ross when she was young
sammt, hickory cadwell nc usa [03-13-2009]

I am one of her biggest fans i did a rebort about her.
kellyosborne(NOT THE ROCK STAR), spingboroohio [03-12-2009]

i love this website
sammt, hickory usa nc [03-12-2009]

hi my name is patricia skinner im doing my family tree at the librardy im need to know more about the skinners in lynbrook .ny during the times of the foudings of lynbrook please leave me a note on the g mail your truy your patricia ann skinner
PATRICIA ANN SKINNER, 248 union ave lynbrook n.y 11563 [03-10-2009]

Hi, I purchased a print by Charles H Weisberber with Betsy Ross and George Washington in it. It says presented to Oscar Traubel, Phila. Penna. It is copyright 1893. It has damage to it, but do these prints have value. It was picked up at auction just because of the patriotic scene, not knowing anything else about it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for the site. A fabulous resource.
anonymous, outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania [03-10-2009]

Dung Do, Grand Rapids Michigan [03-10-2009]

maria gallardo [03-09-2009]

you are a realy nice parson to larn about and i wish that i could of met you
brooke foster, lisbon new york [03-09-2009]

Emma J. H., Fridley, MN [03-09-2009]

what i stand for until the working tools of life fall from my hands . the flag will always be my working tool of my life. MAY GOD BLESS THESE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.
wayne burton, okmulgee okllahoma [03-09-2009]

anonymous [03-09-2009]

Hi Betsy i'm doing my history day on you. You were an amzing women with a tragic life:( I just wanted to say hi
tess, Ca [03-09-2009]

betsy ross was the best
stephanie, lansdale [03-09-2009]

bestey ross i learned a bout you. love desi
DESIREE, nc [03-09-2009]

What a privilege to be born and raised American.
Sonia Aguilar/Sonia Olmsted, Litchfield Park, Arizona, USA [03-09-2009]

this is agraet web site for info
Nicole, chesapeake [03-09-2009]

hello I am doing a report on besty ross(I have to act like her for our classwax museum) and was wondering if you could send some info to me (fun facts,pics,etc.) I would love if u could send me the info on my email(above)at your soonest convienance.
carter [03-09-2009]

anonymous [03-09-2009]

Very helpful in a lot a ways. Can't wait to visit!
NaomiKiana, Florida [03-09-2009]

victoria, md baltomor [03-09-2009]

hi how are you are you doing fine well i am so have a blessed day i know you dont read these messages but i would like for you to when you get a chance there is some very interesting things in here so be safe an have a blessed day an i am going to keep writing because i am bored i really dont like you but i got to really get to know you better but lashawna is gettin on my nerves
iesha, clevland,ohio [03-03-2009]

I Went To Besty Ross Like Around 4th - 5th Grade It Was Fun. Mrs. Neal Hope To see U Again, And Mrs. Rogers. ;D
Andrea Holden, Chicago Il [03-03-2009]

betsy ross rules
brittney, california [03-03-2009]

i'm in 5th grade Im doing a 250 word report on Betsy Ross and this page really helped.
Destanie [03-03-2009]

Louise, Rochester, NY [03-03-2009]

Please Dont Worry Over The Economy, I Will Explain All. Please Remember to stay strong. Courage Is The Key To Both Victory.. And Prosperity. Cant Exlain Now,But Keep Smiling,And May God Keep US In The Palm Of His Hand. God Bless AMERICA,.. And GOD BLESS THE NEW PRESIDENY Bye For Now, Love Junior Caya London Engkand
Norman Caya Junior, All over the place based [n the UNITED Kingdom [03-03-2009]

Hey i'm studyin about you at Kingston El.! :)
Hannah, kY [02-27-2009]

hello, i am Gracie.
Gracie [02-26-2009]

I am doing report on her life i am in 3rd grade
Kaynell long, Bradford pa [02-25-2009]

i think that you are stupid betsy ross idc that u made a flag by hand we have machines now it's not so great
XNXX LOVER [02-25-2009]

alicia rox, n.z [02-24-2009]

I was on your site today.Im doing a biography on you for school.
Brittany [02-23-2009]

L. Bernard, Houston, TX [02-22-2009]

Julieth G, florida [02-22-2009]

ineed help finding her childhood?
haley danliell childress, hamilton ohio 45015 [02-21-2009]

trinity, rockmart ga 30153 [02-20-2009]

Thank you for having this webpage. It was very useful for our class. We enjoyed the pictures after reading a story about George Washington and Betsy Ross. We hope you had a wonderful president's day. Your friends, Mr.Brock, Aley, Phil, Trevor, Dylan, and Larry
Mr. Brock's Kindergarten Class, Aniak, Alaksa [02-20-2009]

i am going to play you on friday because yoou are asome
baliey, kentucky [02-19-2009]

i love the stories on her how r u and your brothers and sisters
jessy [02-19-2009]

i love betsy by
ashley, teaxas [02-18-2009]

I did a report on Besty Rose when I was in second grade, and it was the most fun I ever had doing a report!
Brianna [02-18-2009]

teagan clark, odessa [02-17-2009]

how old was she was john ross died
FRANKIE CABLE [02-17-2009]

anonymous, tr [02-17-2009]

anonymous, nj [02-17-2009]

betsy ross.......YOU'RE THE BOMB!
lily, fresno CA [02-17-2009]

Yello dudes! i am gonna act like betsy ross for my report. it will be a lot of fun! Ur website is cool too
anonymous [02-17-2009]

I love my flag and for it stands.God Bless the U.S.A.
anonymous [02-17-2009]

why was betsy ross chosen t make the falg when anybody esle could have made it?
angeline, des monies, iowa [02-14-2009]

cool flag
anonymous [02-14-2009]

hey what is up this website is going to help me with my essy
Rayray, mannington,wv [02-14-2009]

Jordie [02-12-2009]

anthony deaton, morris.OK [02-12-2009]

Joanthan Mcgee, morris,OK [02-12-2009]

Susan Streight [02-12-2009]

Excellent information for me to peruse for a report I am doing. Thanks for your help. Keep up the excellent historical work!
Kathy Oliver-Schultz, Moss Landing, Ca [02-11-2009]

Very cool page! I seen a movie where a Calvary soldier was carrying a USA flag that had a circle of stars within a circle of stars that looked pretty cool. I dont know if the movie was accurate or not. Any info on that? Thanks Jack PS. The movie was called "Dances with Wolves"
Jack, Missouri USA [02-11-2009]

i would like to know more about betsy ross andabout the flag can you sent me information free on her thanks
corina valdez, madera CA [02-11-2009]

I found your web site most helpful. I am planning a lesson plan for ESL learners pertaining to the American flag. Thank you.
Cynthia Naden, Pasadena, California [02-10-2009]

i love Betsy Ross!
kali [02-10-2009]

im doin a report on betsy ross ur website has been very informational
sarah [02-09-2009]

your so awesome!It's amazing what u did.
Moira [02-09-2009]

Hi, i'm in 4th grade! I'm doing a project for my teacher, Mrs.Grice. She said we could do anyone in history. So i'm doing Besty Ross!
Ashby, Houston,tx [02-09-2009]

yeaaah buddy
pancho [02-09-2009]

anonymous [02-09-2009]

Hi! I am in first grade. I am learning about how brave the colonist were during war. Betsy Ross made our first flag. When I see our flag, I think about how she made the first one. She did one thing for our USA that made a big difference. I want to try to do that too. My mom typed this for me.
Jessica, Reno, NV [02-06-2009]

Heyyy! U rock Betsy! I live where the moose & maple syrup live! Love Annie From Canada
Annie, Canada [02-05-2009]

i love betsy ross!
bay, nc [02-05-2009]

i love yuo!
Jules [02-05-2009]

i love u betsy ross. u r my roll modle even if u r dead
bug, florida [02-05-2009]

JUSTINE, Grand Rapids [02-04-2009]

I am fascinated with the certificate I found and also to learn from your site about this. My certificate is No E with no number and the words SAMPLE COPY stamped in green, issue 1899. Why the sample copy? Thanks so much, Lynda
Lynda Peas, vero Beach Florida [02-04-2009]

Bailey Elizabeth [02-04-2009]

Jalynn held [02-04-2009]

Megan Proze [02-04-2009]

melissa williams [02-03-2009]

Brianna, ohio [02-03-2009]

I found this website very very very helpful for a social studies report i'm doing for school. I had a lot of fun learning about her and I hope to learn more in the future.
Nicki [02-02-2009]

k.smith, orlando florida [02-02-2009]

What up girl friend
Kate, Florida [02-02-2009]

This was a really helpful website for me to do projects fpr college and school work! my teachers also use this site for school purposes
jordan Brooks, Louisiana [02-01-2009]

rony [02-01-2009]

anonymous, houston [02-01-2009]

neel [02-01-2009]

i read your books and i wat to no how did u die
Kristin Brown, gurdon ark [01-29-2009]

whitney balentine, Florence [01-27-2009]

Very cool we are learning about this in History.
anonymous [01-27-2009]

Betsy Ross is a very important lady in our country's history and I will proudly support your link.
Shelby Hunt, Indianapolis, IN. [01-26-2009]

I needed to write info on Betsy Ross and this helped. Thanks
anonymous [01-26-2009]

Checking to see if Betsy Ross is my Great----Aunt now that I know she had no sons. My mother's Grand Father's Name was John Ross. Was always told that we had a blood line to Betsy Ross.
Pamela Bacon, Garden Grove, CA [01-23-2009]

coooooooooooool! ! !:)
alex [01-23-2009]

Karen, Mobile, AL [01-23-2009]

betsy ross is my history day topic and she is super interesting!
kayla [01-23-2009]

I need to research betsy ross so that i could write a play for my english class and your website was very helpful. Thank you so much for making it.
nicole [01-23-2009]

Very nice "virtual visit"! I also tried to make a five points star, almost successfully! I wish I'll be able to come in person one day.
jessica, Roma, Italy [01-21-2009]

so cool
sonya [01-21-2009]

mouna lahlou [01-21-2009]

blessing for the year
Henry Nkembe, houston [01-21-2009]

Great information--thanks for your time. jer
jerry lee johnson, 1604 aberdeen ct, naperville,,, il [01-20-2009]

You should have a mini list of things Betsy Ross would keep in her pocket
anonymous [01-20-2009]

My great grandfather received a certificate from this organization back in 1918 and was wondering more about it. He said he donated a flag. His name was Oscar Unmack could you possibly tell me more.
Mary Lee Johnson, Elkin, NC, USA [01-18-2009]

enjoyed web site will be back thanks
buddy rogers, marion oio usa [01-18-2009]

looking for Flag folding and Flag ediquette for Honor Guard
jim Clem, Danville,indiana [01-18-2009]

Do some research everybody, Francis Hopkinson of New Jersey designed the first OFFICIAL AMERICAN FLAG NOT BETSY ROSS! It's just like valley forge was NOT the worst winter of the Revolutionary War! The worst winter was the winter of 1779/80. George Washington and the army spent the worst winter at Jockey Hollow/Morristown N.J. This site became the nation's first national historical park in 1933, more then 40 years before valley forge.
John C Heeney, Flanders, New Jersey [01-18-2009]

I am interested in obtaining a grant to develop classroom educational programs for elementary school-aged children on the history and reverence for the United States flag. Do you know of any sources for grant funding? Thank you for your assistance.
Shirley Rigdon, Amite, La. [01-16-2009]

this is a great site...thanx a lot
candy [01-16-2009]

Ernest Paiva,MSG US Army (ret), Brownfield,Texas [01-15-2009]

what accomplishments did besty ross do other than sew the american flag
anonymous [01-13-2009]

Looking for information for 2nd grade book report.
Kelee Summerlin, Mt Pleasant, TX [01-13-2009]

I drove by one of out local grade schools last night and saw our American hoisted to the top of a very nice flag pole recently constructed at this school. It was 8:30 PM and dark. It was night and the flag was not lighted. What is the current protocol for displaying our American Flay at night? I fly the American Flag 24 / 7. I check the lighting frequently to make sure lights are on at sundown and goes off just prior to sun up. Is there a pamphlet which explains the proper protocol? Please advise me ASAP. Thanks! or send to my address above.
Sylvain L, Duet, CMSgt, USAF Ret., 4740 Carolyn Lane, Shreveport, LA 71105 [01-13-2009]

We are visiting this website to learn about Betsy Ross and the American flag.
St. Edward 4th grade group 2, Chillicothe, IL [01-13-2009]

We are here to learn and find out if Betsy Ross sewing the first American flag is a myth or if it really happened.
St Edward 4th grade group 1, Chillicothe, IL [01-13-2009]

Betsy Ross seems a weee bit weird,well in my opinion anyways...idk what exactly she did but im gonna find out cuz i cant fail s.s.
Jackie S., Park Ridge, NJ [01-12-2009]

After my father's funeral, (w/Military Honors) we want to preserve the flag in a flag case. Can we attach his service medals (ie Purple Heart etc)so they are displayed with the flag?
anonymous [01-11-2009]

Elizabith Griscom [01-11-2009]

betsy ross is awesome!
anonymous [01-11-2009]

Willard Galloway, Youngstown Florida, USA [01-10-2009]

Still proud to be an American.
Diane Conti, Kahramanmaras, Turkiye [01-09-2009]

I am a Curriculum Specialist for Math and Science in grades 4 & 5 and an Advanced Reading teacher at Pee Dee Elementary School in Conway, SC. I utilize Social Studies primary resources in my reading instruction. I want to thank you for the excellent source of information on Betsy Ross for our most recent unit of study. Orbie
Orbie Smith, Ash, NC USA [01-07-2009]

i enjoy learning here. betsy ross and geore washington are both very interesting. by the way i am 8 1/2 in third grade.
Faith Marie Crow, Delaware,OHIO,United States of America [01-07-2009]

Thank you for making this site, it is very informative.
Jaccie_Girl, Ottawa, Illinois [01-07-2009]

School project
Betsy Smith, Burlington, NJ [01-05-2009]

kathy L stewart, apache junction arizona united states [01-03-2009]

I have noticed that Lowe's is hanging 2 flags, in the front middle of the stores, that have been sewen back to back so the union is on the viewers left, is this proper?
anonymous, Atlanta, GA [01-03-2009]

Great Web site. Hall of Shame hurts, but must be done. Thanks.
Frank McGrath, Westminster, Maryland [01-01-2009]


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