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As a child, I played hide and seek among the wonderful buildings that housed so many relics while visiting relatives in the area. My Aunt and Uncle were caretakers for the Boneapart home and we enjoyed many a fine meal and happy memory
Julia McDade Engblom [12-30-2008]

I was very surprised at some of the facts about the flag. Thank you for all the information and will use it very wisely.
Brian Miller, Bangor, PA. 18013 U.S.A. [12-29-2008]

I am desparately looking for Bevy Rae. My last e-mail from her was April, 2008. She had just had major surgery. Up until then we corresponded regularly and then a sudden stop. I am worried. Her e-mail
Reta Lemaster, Cranbrook, BC Canada [12-29-2008]

Is it proper or required for military members to salute a flag when walking past a US Flag displayed/flying on a flag pole?
MAJ Kevin Bucy, Camp Spann, Afghanistan [12-24-2008]

I have flown a flag in my front yard for some time and have used this website to make sure I properly display my flag. I have several old worn flags which I have folded and kept, and I wish to get them destroyed, which our local fire dept. does, but my question is can I take a piece off of each flag and display it in a frame or would that be considered a violation? I in no way wish to disgrace the flag or the United States of America. Thanks.
Chuck Hruby, Bloomington, IN [12-22-2008]

rick knapper, hudson, ohio [12-18-2008]

hey braddffrefree [12-18-2008]

hi my name is angel and im doing a report on betsey ross do you have any facts about washington
angel [12-16-2008]

sdf [12-15-2008]

Betsy Ross Rox My Gym Sox 4 Life
Kaylee, Port Orange Florida Volusia County [12-15-2008]

haha, i was here
anonymous [12-15-2008]

great site!
kraig socci, norwalk,connecticut [12-15-2008]

This was really helpful during a school project! Thanks:)
Mel [12-15-2008]

I learned things about the american flag that i did not kbow until visiting this site...THANK YOU..
lisa, toledo ohio [12-11-2008]

I am a future teacher.
Erin, SPringfield, ma. [12-10-2008]

luce, baltimore, maryland [12-10-2008]

you come here a lot lol
you [12-10-2008]

not good
me me [12-10-2008]

The Patriot Guard Riders were formed by the American Legion Riders to block the view of antiwar protestors from the family of our fallen heroes at military funerals. The view is blocked by Patriot Guard Riders by forming a "Flag Line" between the protestors and family. Riders backs toward protestors. What is the proper protocol when standing in line holding an american flag on a pole? Is the flag/pole on the right side? How is it held? When the casket becomes visible, what is the proper procedure for rendering honors with the flag/pole? Do you salute while holding a flag/pole? Can you stand at parade rest? Sometimes there are hundreds of Patriot Guard Riders that stand in a "Flag Line" Please provide guidance. Thank you!
Art Robb, Evans, GA [12-09-2008]

yup, came here for school project
josie [12-09-2008]

I had the honor and priveledge of being asked by my employer to retire several worn out US flags. After performing the proscribed ceremony I realized the day, December 7, and remembered my grandfather and two uncles, all born in the Territory of Hawaii who all worked at Pearl Harbor Navsl Shipyard in 1941. My uncles both joined the merchant marines and sailed the world during the war. My grandfather, a WWI veteran, worked at the shipyard through the war and retired in the 1950's. The Stars and Stripes fly proudly at my home, my vehicles and my lapel.
Michael Forsythe, Bonnieville, KY [12-08-2008]

joshua [12-08-2008]

What`s up? What would happen if you ran the oval office? What would you do?
destiny, springfeild [12-06-2008]

How did it feel to make the United States Flag? What would happen if you never made the United States Flag?
chasidy, springfeild [12-06-2008]

hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe this is so fun, c how many people can do this
KAYLEIGH-he-he-he, kill devil hills [12-06-2008]

writing a report
victoria, ohio [12-05-2008]

I did research on Betsy Ross for my school project in December 2008
Sabria Bittle, Malden,MAss [12-04-2008]

I love betsy ross! she's the bomb! thank you love me!
Taylor, none of your business [12-04-2008]

your site was a great help to me. thank you so much,,
LAWRENCE M. DAVIS, fort smith arkansas [12-03-2008]

I want to learn more about you in historican times.
Janae Schiel, Colorado [12-03-2008]

Janae Schiel [12-03-2008]

i went 2 the betsy ross house. it was pretty cool. i loved how i got to learn how to make a perfect paper star in one cut. keep it up
emmy, nh [12-03-2008]

i am doing a project 0n betsy ross and i hope this website or betsy ross home page helps me and ryleigh get an A+.bye email me back
aliyah, downingtown pennsylvania [12-02-2008]

Wonderfull page about BETSY ROSS
anonymous [12-01-2008]

Nalissa Covington, Denver, Colorado [11-30-2008]

Thank you so much for your website. It really helped me out with my project at school!
Savannah Stewart, Marietta, GA [11-30-2008]

hi, your website is good and i like it.
jyothi, india [11-27-2008]

We are doing a National History Day project on Betsy Ross and this site gave us lots of information! Thank You! Danke!
Elizabeth Lewis & Kira Rahn, Germany [11-26-2008]

Wonderful site and I appreciate learning new things about my country and it's history
Thomas J. Novelli Jr., Clifton Heights, PA [11-26-2008]

I will believe this until proof positive that it does not accurately present the facts.
CW, Lancaster, PA (home of George Ross) [11-25-2008]

belkd [11-25-2008]

This is the only site that had good info for my progect Thanks sooooooooo much LUV LIZE
elizibeth aka lize, Paris France 57669 bloomidon road [11-24-2008]

I am a history/government teacher and Betsy Ross is (as my family has researched it) my sixth great aunt. I am looking forward to visiting the house in person, as I am very proud of my country and its unique history.
Tiffany Smith, North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania [11-24-2008]

If it is inclined to rain one hour before the outdoor flag ceremony, is it fitting to call off the activity?
neil, Philippines [11-24-2008]

Thank You for this informative site. It has been useful in my daughter's book report on Betsy Ross.
mike whitehead, Ripon, Ca. [11-24-2008]

i love miss betsy ross! she inspires me! and the soda machine in the gift shop! : ]]]]
Lauren, Chippewa Falls [11-20-2008]

this is a good site, it helped with my project. :D thanks.
jessica [11-20-2008]

'i wished i get this book by tomorow because we are doing a project with it please.'
maryan ali, minisota,mn,55407,minipolis [11-20-2008]

anonymous [11-20-2008]

I teach 3rd grade and needed information about Betsy Ross. I wish I had work sheets about her for the children. Great Information! Sincerely Ms. Tribble Public School is great in America. Many teachers work very hard everyday. I spend about 10-12 hours on my class of 20 students daily. I love America.
Becky Tribble, Shelbyville, Tennessee [11-19-2008]

I am a viet-nam veteran who loves the american flag.
Don Waugh, Oswego, ny. [11-19-2008]

Emily Blankenship, Santa Clara Ca. [11-18-2008]

I portray Betsy Ross and give a program to local elementary school students, teaching them the history, proper handling and display of the flag and the meaning of the Pledge of Allegiance. I do this with the help of local veterans.
Susan Burk, Saginaw, Michigan [11-18-2008]

im doig a history project on her so wish me luck! heheh
gorgeouisiouse [11-17-2008]

Doing a reasearch paper on BETSY ROSS
Jaocb Taylor, Dinwiddie, Virginia, United States [11-17-2008]

Wendy Rosselli, McCall, ID [11-14-2008], acushnet [11-14-2008]

ummmmmm hey
mariah [11-13-2008]

This is a very informative site, very helpful with a school assignment I was doing.
Me, Somewhere in America [11-12-2008]

i love your page and i love betsy ross
GraceAnn [11-12-2008]

Betsy Ross is my Day of the Notable person.I thank her for making the first flag.Thanks a ton,Betsy.
Kaitlin [11-12-2008]

Betsy Ross is an amazing person!
Ayesha Contractor [11-12-2008]

lauren Alexander, lansdale, pa [11-12-2008]

I thoght your website was pretty cool really mostly the eltric franklin please add more stuff to your website.
Kayla, Lexington [11-12-2008]

I have a framed certificate issued to my grandmother, Christina Holtz of Jersey, City, NJ, #129377, dated 1913, from the American Flag House and Betsy Ross Memorial Association. Just googled the name so thanks for the information!
Barbara Merrill, Mars Hill, NC 28754 [11-10-2008]

Can you give me some Major Accomplishments of Betsy Ross
Sarah Carter, United Stated of America [11-10-2008]

I'm just doing a report on Betsy Ross. So just checkin' some information! =)
Alissa, Hope, Kansas [11-08-2008]

In researching Betsy Ross, for a 3rd grade presentation this afternoon, I viewed the home tour. I noticed a sewing machine in her work room. Previously, I researched sewing machines and thought it wasn't until 1850 that a satisfactory machine was finally invented. What is the patent date of the sewing machine displayed in the house? Thanks.
MaryAnn Moore, Trenton, MI [11-08-2008]

Ryan Soscia [11-06-2008]

just keep doing it i lov u
jaqua blueitt, winona ms [11-06-2008]

Betsy Ross is buried in N.C!
Sandy, usa /bethel N.C [11-06-2008]

Gerald A. Reams, Springfield, MA [11-06-2008]

Hey! I'm doing a project on Betsy Ross, and came across this website. Hopefully, it'll be able to help me out a lot. This is going to be a toughy, but hopefully I'll find good info on here :-). Thanks!
Michaela, Mechanic Falls, Maine [11-04-2008]

Doing a school project on her.
Austin Musgrove, Plano, TX [11-02-2008]

I am going to be Betsy Ross for Halloween and I wanted to learn more about her and this site really helped me out and I never thought she would be so interesting! Poor Betsy had three husbands two died WOW thats so sad!
sunny, Elletsville,IN [10-31-2008]

We fly a Betsy Ross flag at our house on national holidays. Your Web site has provided useful information about Betsy and the history of her flag. The virtual tour of the house is wonderful.
Susan Wilmoth, Gilbert, AZ [10-30-2008]

Hey this is me jandy again and i have been here for a couple of days and i have talked about my sister that she does history fair each year and yes she won i was soo excited for her and maybe next year she will win again i am really excited for her and glad she won! now she goes on to district for her schooL! THANKS FOR THIS WEBSITE BYE EVERY ONE AND YOU CAN COMMENT ON THIS MESSAGE! jandy =]=] ...and VOTE OBAMA FOR PRESIDENT!
Jandy, fort worth tx [10-30-2008]

I think it is really cool to see how a woman in a time where we did nothing actually made/help make the american flag we love and see today. That flag means the world to a lot of people and some can't even be respectful and stand when we say it pledge in school. So for someone to be so kind as to make something so great im proud to say Betsy Ross is a hero.
anonymous, Jacksonville, Fl [10-29-2008]

was told many years ago by my grandmother (maiden name ross)that we were distant relatives. i often wonder.
JOHN, battle creek,mi. [10-29-2008]

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kk, va [10-28-2008]

WOW i am interested in Betsy Ross because my sisters name is Betzy but with the "z" instead with the "s" but i think its pretty cool and yeah but i am interested also because i think its interesting and really cool! =]=]=]=]=]
Jandy, Fort Worth, TX [10-27-2008]

i like the flag timeline. It's really cool!
anonymous [10-27-2008]

debbie field, nj [10-27-2008]

Needs More info
anonymous [10-24-2008]

this is a good book betty ross type 2449 for the books to see below thank you derian wifey 4 life
joequana, fores park [10-24-2008]

I am so proud to live in our wonderful country. The home of the free because of the brave.
Kelly Perry, Anchorage, Alaska, USA [10-24-2008]

Jackie, Camden, AR [10-24-2008]

brennan had a biography book report/project to present for her 4th grade class. we thoroughly enjoyed visiting, learning and reading together. she is excited to present her new found knowledge to her classmates.
brennan m walker, west monroe,la 71291 [10-23-2008]

great website Betsy
Jeff McGow, Reading, Penna. [10-22-2008]

i like your site
Eze Ngbada [10-22-2008]

Thank you for all of the information! I am a Cub Scout Den Leader and needed to refresh my memory!
Lisa Hendricks, Fair Haven, MI [10-22-2008]

We have 3 flag poles 80' tall. They are along side the street just before thr bridge entrance which runs west and east. The flags can be seen from all over the city and up & down the the lake 360 deg. Displayed are the American, British and Arizona. What would be the proper order of display?
Bill Morrison, Lake Havasu City Arizona [10-22-2008]

Thanks for the great website. I still must practice the 5-star cut.
Jeffrey McGow, Reading, Penna. [10-22-2008]

Looking for more information about print of Birth of Our Nation's Flag. Got one at an auction, and it is stamped by the Betsy Ross Association with number 25229. Can you direct me to someone who can answer questions. Needs to be cleaned and restretched, and wondering if it is valuable enough to invest such expense. Many thanks
Sonya, Illinois [10-22-2008]

hi betsy! ;)
justine [10-20-2008]

Thanks. This site was very helpful for one of my speeches.
Eric Haimann, Lombard, IL [10-20-2008]

I have visited the Betsy Ross house (in 1979), and found it very interesting. My thoughts were that the rooms were very small, the passage ways narrow, and I noticed small fireplaces in the bedrooms. It was my first visit to the colonial area. I took the on line tour and it was very much as I remembered. My family line goes back to Ross, but I haven't determined if it is this one. But it would be nice to be a part of of colonial American history.
A Yates, Commerce, Texas [10-18-2008]

Charlie Riley, Pittsburgh PA [10-15-2008]

on your list of days to fly the flag,,, why isnt VE, VJ days listed, seems there are a few more missing too
anonymous [10-15-2008]

Very interesting site, I can renumber visiting the Betsy Ross house as a child so it brought back some fine memories.
Edward Johnson, Commack,NY [10-15-2008]

Doing a paper in high school on Betsy Ross
Erica Moore, Capitol Heights, MD [10-14-2008]

I found out about your website through
KARL SCHIEFERSTEIN, reading, pa. [10-14-2008]

Doing a Bio on her!
Sammy, mi [10-14-2008]

This was very interesting! I learned so much in such a short period of time! Thanks so much and I hope to visit the real house someday!
Kayla, Omaha,Ne [10-14-2008]

What a great website. Perfect for my Cub Scout Meeting as we are learning about flags and the proper handling of them and as a craft we can learn to make a five pointed star with one snip!
Diane J, Charlottesville, VA [10-14-2008]

hey this website is great for projects
Lindsey, sunshine state [10-13-2008]

i would like to know you betsy ross
janae [10-13-2008]

TAMMY, rensselaer ny [10-13-2008]

I am a Girl Scout leader and we are starting to do flag cerermonies with the girls. I waanted to be able to teach the girls a little about the flag history.
Tammy, Mount Pleasant SC [10-10-2008]

WOW my sisters name is BEtzy but instead of the s its with a z but yeah she likes betsy ross and is interested in her history so everyyear for history fair at her school she does of course and always BETSY ROSS!
Jandy, Fort Worth, TX, US [10-10-2008]

mary cunningham, atwood tennesseew [10-10-2008]

Shaunda M Jones, Chesapeake, VA [10-10-2008]

Betsy Ross is my idol. She will always be remembered<33
Tess, Orlando,FL [10-09-2008]

This really helped me on my American Studies class thanks
Larson Pax, Holland, Michigan [10-09-2008]

Can you fly a flag on a fire truck and if so what would be the protocal for it?
Thomas Priddle [10-08-2008]

Great site !
Mark King, Burlington,N.C. [10-08-2008]

I had to draw or paint the first American Flag for my co-op work (I'm homeschooled)and this website helped me!
April, Georgia [10-08-2008]

anonymous [10-07-2008]

Robert J. Wiesmann, North Las Vegas, NV 89081 [10-07-2008]

I will be giving a program on Veteran's Day about the flag. I call it "Legends and Facts about old Glory."
Sharon Roosevelt, Fort Stockton Texas [10-06-2008]

chelsee, American Fork, Utah [10-03-2008]

I came here for a us history report and it gave me so much information! I LOVE THIS SITE!
Therese [10-02-2008]

I adore Betsey Ross she is one of my top 5 idols
Kelsey [10-02-2008]

i love betsy ross and her history
audrey deweese, roundhill ky [10-02-2008]

This site was awesome for my report at school!
Abbey Todd, Wheatfield,IN [10-01-2008]

Betsy(: Mhff:D
SHELBY!<3 [10-01-2008]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross for school and I think she was an amazing lady. Thank you for making this web site about her!
Andrea, Pennsylvania [09-28-2008]

We love Betsy Ross! Whoo! Way cooler than Susan B Anthony!
1318 N Cleaver, Chicago, Illinois [09-28-2008]

anonymous [09-24-2008]

reza, tehran [09-23-2008]

Kim Hope, Denton, Texas [09-23-2008]
casey, florida [09-23-2008]

Dan, usa [09-23-2008]

i love money
j.j carwell, ohio cleveand shaker [09-20-2008]

i love you
aleixs tips, bastrop texas [09-19-2008]

brenda manzo [09-19-2008]

belen, bastrop tx [09-18-2008]

hi you rock!
olivia houston, texas [09-18-2008]

This site is cool and fun
Leticia, Tx [09-18-2008]

kenadee [09-18-2008]

I am doing a Moral Leadership Class on Flag rules and regulations at our next squadron meeting in Civil Air Patrol, and I found this website VERY helpful. Thank You, HUA!
C/SrA Stambaugh Civil Air Patrol, Illinois [09-17-2008]

You need more info on who she was, otherwise its a great site !
anonymous [09-16-2008]

This visit is for an essay for school. Thank you for being there
Jeremy Bailey, Carson, NV [09-16-2008]

At work we display a large flag in a hangar on the wall in the horizontal position. We would like to hang smaller flags from Partnering countries and States along side in the vertical position. What is the proper way to hang state and country flags in the horizontal position
Sandy Meske, Palmdale, CA [09-16-2008]

im doing research on betsy ross for my girl scout scholarship! thanks cross your fingers and hope i get in !
anonymous [09-15-2008]

Anne Otter, Madison, WI [09-15-2008]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross and it was great being able to "virtually" walk through her home! Thank you for having this on the web site.
Hannah Mc, Massachusetts [09-15-2008]

Kaitie [09-15-2008]

Is it against the law if US flag is not displayed outside government buildings?
Lori Chan, Marina, CA [09-12-2008]

I am a distant relative of Betsy, as she, we now live in the remote area of America, in North Dakota. I am a Military Veteran, and a State Police Veteran, and a Metro Police Officer Veteran. I have repeatedly taken the oath, to uphold the Constitution of America. and the Constitution of the state of North Dakota, and other states. however, now as never before, I feel there has been an errosion of our Rights, our Liberties, and our Freedoms. When did the common man, in America become the Enemy? and Why? How did the President become the Dictator ? and what has happend to the checks and balances of the Alleged congress ? the so-called Representatives of the People. how did Torture, and secret Prisons, and Renditions become common. and the American Way ? I was wounded in the line of duty. and this in defense of my country. and now, being totally disabled, to feel betrayal. Abandoned by the Laws, and Bill of Rights. to be Spied upon, and not secure in my person, and property, or papers. Not free to express the outrage, of the loss of our rights or freedoms, and Liberties. I ask my self, would my great great great Grandmother, feel this is right today ? was the suffering, and losses, of the Revolution, for nothing. of just for a short period of time, until it became inconvenient ? I would hope and like for the return of the Rights, Freedoms, and Liberties, within my lifetime. and hope and Pray they do so. for my children, and their children. for America to again become the Hero of rights and Liberty. Please, God, Help America. As we need you more now, in the Tyranical rule, of this "King" George !
Jerald L. Meiers, Max, North Dakota [09-12-2008]

visited the ross house in 1969 as a 12 year old on vacation and i still recall the visit...this is a wonderful web site thank you
VERNON NEASE III, savannah, ga [09-12-2008]

Great information. Proud to be an American and a Vietnam Veteran. This nation was founded by God for religious freedoms. It will remain free as long as we remember Him. Unfortunately, we are getting very close to forgetting the reason...and subsequently closer to reaping the consequences. God help us if that ever happens. We all better re-read the Bible and Book of Mormon to refresh our memories about the consequences of forgetting who we are and where we came from. God help us all to be better people. May we never sell or give up that precious Birthright of being an American.
Bart Andreasen, St. Anthony, Idaho [09-12-2008]

why did betsy ross make the 13-star flag???
anonymous [09-10-2008]

allie, ertvhjjv [09-10-2008]

Amalea, Cincinnati, Ohio [09-08-2008]

Thank you so much for this awesome information regarding the respect of our FLAG. I appreciate your loving support of our mighty nation. May the citizens of U.S.A. never forget the sacrifices of love and life, and respect for God that our FOREFATHERS initiated.
Jo, Corona, Ca [09-08-2008]

harmony wormwoood [09-06-2008]

this was interesting due to the fact that we are part of the Ross Family
Roy Gibbens [09-05-2008]

God bless the USA
Kathryn, Jacksonville, FL [09-04-2008]

behany potor [09-04-2008]

Lynne Shine, Coraopolis, Pennsylvania USA [09-01-2008]

Lee F Hollingsworth, Scottsdale, AZ [08-31-2008]

may the lord bless ya and give you salvation glory honnour praise adoration
liane, tredegar south wales united kingdom [08-29-2008]

luv the page! the tour was awsome!
betsey101 [08-29-2008]

i wish more peoplewould visit this web site there is not enough respect for our countrys banner.
anonymous [08-27-2008]

Is the U S Flag placed on the left or right side of the flight suit of a u s army flight suit
Philip Clark, Jr., 4 Susan Court, Voorheesville, NY 12186 [08-25-2008]

I was looking for a relative that was part of the revolutionary war. One of which was to have save the U.S.S. Constition during the war with Franch.
John J. Rodgers, Charleston, S.C. [08-25-2008]

Dirk Olsen, SMSgt, USAFR (Ret.), Colorado Springs, CO (USA) [08-25-2008]

Wonderful page
Phyllis Honigmann, Upper Jay, NY [08-25-2008]

JoAnne Conoyer, Palmyra, Missouri [08-22-2008]

i just wanted to let you know that i was doing a project for my 10th grade civics class and i found your website and it was amazing. it goes so in detail and i loved it
Samantha, asheville, north carolina [08-20-2008]

Christians who know the Scripture and are knowledgeable concerning Benjamin Franklin would know that know matter what he stated at times concerning God, he did not practice the Christian faith and his actions were well known. Many people at that that time talked about God ..but not Jesus Christ. Those people were called Deists. I believe Ben Franklin was one of them. He was a Freemason of large proportion in both America and Europe. His personal life was terrible when it came to the way he treated women.
anonymous, Eugene, OR [08-20-2008]

Debra Friesen, Fresno, CA [08-19-2008]

Jeannie Parr, Cedar Rapids, IA [08-18-2008]

I love the American flag, yet I disagree with a few codes and am confused about others. 1) Why is it wrong to have the flag touch AMERICAN SOIL? I do not find that a bad thing. The flag touches the soil it represents. Be like a mother not touching its own child. 2) Flag burning. Ban it. Never understood when people burn their dead like in Star Wars, and so forth. Burning is the sign of the Devil. You are burning it beyond all recognition. No trace. Die, (all bad things) Let us bury the flags it the soil it represents. 3) No matter which direction the flag is display, like on a wall, the American flag, IS STILL the american flag. Why do the stars go on the top left? Of course america reads from right to left, is that the reason? I understand about codes, rules, and so forth, but for such a National symbol, I feel there should be NO restrictions on how AMERICANS use our symbolic crown.
Gerald Martin Davenport, Grass Valley, CA [08-18-2008]

thanks for our history, and hope noone lets it die out.
mary davis [08-11-2008]

Thank You so much for the Etiquette for it has settled it's difference's; In God We Trust
Juan Martinez Sr.andJr., Tempe,Az.United States Of America [08-09-2008]

norman gibson, johnston ri [08-08-2008]

Rosalie P. Ballis, usa [08-08-2008]

brenda, stratford, ct [08-04-2008]

love the site. I use it as a link while teaching American history to 7th and 8th graders.
jmcmullan, mobile al [08-04-2008]

britt, utah [08-04-2008]

Cat, Longwood, FL [08-04-2008]

I am researching our family history and found our Hancock family fought in the Revolutionarey war. I am putting together a book for our younger generation to understand how their ancestors lived and what happened in the war.
Debra Ann (Bailey) Arpe, Stephenville, Erath County, Texas [08-04-2008]

I have a 13 star flag that I can't find out any info. It does not have them in a circle. Stenceld on it says U.S. ENSIGN No 10 NEW YORK NAVY YARD
Mike, Florence az [07-25-2008]

I have a question. I typically run the hiker biker trail in my neighborhood and after the fourth of July found small flags all over the path laying on the ground. I keept putting them back on their sticks (standing them up). Found one today in shreads laying on the ground (someone ripped it up). I picked it up and put it in my pocket. What is the proper thing to do with it? Please advise.
Jim Simons, South Carolina [07-25-2008]

Very nice and well done, congratulations.
Irma Gutiérrez, Hermosillo, Sonora, México [07-25-2008]

Procrastination is over.I'm finally going to put up OUR flag of glory!I'm searching for poles, flag and lights.I want to get it up before the flag of islam waves over the new lime green white house Just kidding ya'll
Paul A.Sibley, St.Petersburg FL [07-22-2008]

Thank-you for this website. It has everything I need about the American Flag, and then some. Thanks again, Laura
Laura Kaufman, Los Angeles,CA [07-22-2008]

current suppervisor carson & gebel ribbon co.(singleton silk mfg/ross ribbon
doug anderson, dover nj [07-22-2008]

troy, tx,sa. [04-24-2008]

I think showing pictures of people disrespecting the flag is great. Hopefully people will think twice before they disrespect our flag.
William S. Magee, Foster, RI 02825 [04-24-2008]

I want a time line of Besty Ross`s life
Brianna Chasen, east meadow,NY,USA [04-24-2008]

mike [04-24-2008]

I am very sentimental about the flag and those who contributed to its being. I am saddened by the people of this great and free nation that make a joke about our country and the fights and fredoms that we have. They make jokes and slander our government about the war we are in. Better there than here. Freedom is a priceless thing that we should all be thankful for. Bless those that helped bring about this great nation. Sincerely Jack Poulsen
Jack Poulsen, Logan, Utah 84321 [04-23-2008]

betsy ross rocks she so cool who would of thought how to cut a five pointed star in one snip. i tried it it is so awesome
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I love this website it helpes me so much on my 5th grade biography on Betsey Ross and i am working on it now but there is not all of the questions here that i need to find out.But overall good Thank You, Christine
Christine [04-22-2008]

I cant believe MILEY CYRUS made a note to you guys. I wish Miley Cyrus could meet Betsy Ross. Or even me Alexandria Doland to meet Miley Cyrus or Betsy Ross. Alexandria Doland
Alexandria Doland, Grove City OH USA [04-22-2008]

I am doing a biography on Betsy Ross for school (Holt Crossing). So for Betsy Ross is interesting and exciting! Oh yeah I am going to be 12 in two weeks.
Alexandria Doland, Grove City,OH United States [04-22-2008]

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Christina Yorback [04-20-2008]

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Eric Morrow, Baltimore,Maryland [04-16-2008]

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Hunny Bunns [04-16-2008]

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We Really enjoyed our tour !
Students of Taylor County High School, Perry Florida [04-11-2008]

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I made a bottle person of her for extra credit.
Cimadolphin, Leesburg, Va [04-10-2008]

Great site. I have a question about another "myth" I believe is making the rounds .... that only three organizations are "allowed" to retire the US Flag - BSA, VFW and American Legion. I can't find support for this myth anywhere and would love a response. Thanks
Jim, rsm, ca [04-10-2008]

I just returned from a trip to Philadelphia. I was very impressed with the house and all of the employees. Thank you for the memories!
Helen Orcutt, Depew,OK 74028 USA [04-10-2008]

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hi i am Meghan and i am Betsy Ross for a project and i need some life facts about her can u help me?
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Courtney Ross, Derry [04-04-2008]

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MICHAEL S FORD, rogers ar [03-30-2008]

This sight is great for school Projets that contain things about Betsy Ross
MCraven03061997 [03-30-2008]

I have my mother's certificate as a Member of the Betsy Ross Memorial Association dated 1919. That lead me to visit your site.
Elizabeth Flanagan [03-30-2008]

Raymond Ross, Rockford Michigan [03-28-2008]

Betsy Ross is the foremost favorite historical person that I have ever met in my whole life. And the one who was involved in the ritual scene, I give you a 100% of your work. Thanks!
Tyler Van Heest, Virginia Beach, VA [03-28-2008]

I just would like to say that I recently got an assignment to write a report on Betsy Ross. I'd also like to add that I'm not yet done, and it's due tomorrow. But your website has helped me a lot, and so maybe I'll get it finished on time, and maybe next time I'll start earlier. Final Note: =(0.0)= <------ Look itz a kitty!
Angie, Longwood, FL, USA! [03-27-2008]

ROSS is my family name and we have established that John and Betsy were probably from our distant past. We choose to believe that she did make the flag because she was a fine seamstress and was known to those on the committee who wanted a well crafted flag. I like your website! Gale Ross
Gale Ross, North Georgia [03-27-2008]

Doing a report of Betsy Ross too, WOW 17 brothers and sisters OH MY GOODNESS, 3 husbands! Learning a lot, can't wait to see the website!
Tillie, CA Rialto [03-27-2008]

hi besty
kate [03-26-2008]

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anonymous [03-26-2008]

What a great website! I am hosting a meeting for my daughter's Brownie Troop and I decided to have them earn the "Wave the Flag" Tryit. Your website was a wonderful source for most of my project. My thanks for your hard work.
Anne M Iorillo, Ridgefield, CT 06877 [03-26-2008]

hello you need more info like for ex. how many stripes and what do they mean? what do the stars mean? when was the flag adopted? what country owned america before its independendence? those are the answers you should put down =] =[ =] =[
gloria, tx,houston [03-25-2008]

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Mayra [03-22-2008]

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Josh Hanes, Bloomington Ill United states [03-21-2008]

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hi i am doing a report on u and want to ask questions? like why did u sew the american flag.
tahara, bakers feild california [03-19-2008]

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Let us finally give our most celebrated Founding Mother the recognition she has always deserved.
Ronald A. Grey, Jr., usa [03-19-2008]

she is the best of all time.
brittani, park city [03-18-2008]

I'm doing a 5th grade project on betsy ross or as known Elizabeth ross
miley, nj [03-18-2008]

Did Betsy Ross really make the flag?
Dylan Braun, Flagstaff,Arizona [03-18-2008]

I think she is a real patriot.She made the very first American flag!Peole now of days don't always think of who or what happened during there time.
Justin Braun, Flagstaff,Arizona [03-18-2008]

Lawyer Alexander [03-18-2008]

sam [03-18-2008]

Betsy Ross you are amazing!
ashley, nj [03-14-2008]

that was a great tour i am reseaching betsy ross at my school and i always wanted to see what her house looked liked and i also want to see her house in person this summer
anonymous [03-14-2008]

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Ed Cross, Hampstead Maryland [03-14-2008]

May I fly a yacht ensign at my house? It looks like the Betsy Ross flag, but with an anchor in the center of the stars. I have really enjoyed your website. Thank you.
John, Wanut Creek, CA [03-14-2008]

mari, Chicago, IL [03-12-2008]

i found this site very very informative and extremly helpful.
elizabeth lisby, indiana [03-12-2008]

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I really enjoyed reading about Betsy Ross even, if nobody is really sure what is the truth about her and the first flag. Besides that, it was a fun to read.
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jrorck, oakland [03-10-2008]

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Parker Leikam, Germany [03-10-2008]

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I had to do a report on Betsy Ross.
abby [03-07-2008]

When do we sing and when do we just listen to the National Anthem?
anonymous [03-07-2008]

Was raised with the story of Betsy Ross being my so many Great Grandmother. My father had papers to back up this statement in grade school. Papers to this day lost. Trying to locate the ancestory link. Thank You
Donna Louise VanTine (dtr. to William Richard), Cheswick, PA [03-07-2008]

anonymous [03-07-2008]

I also have a Betsy Ross Gold pocket watch. Would Joe Jungles of Gladstone Michigan contact me please. Thank you Denis
Denis Leger, Long Sault Ontario Canada [03-06-2008]

hi,my name is sandy and im doing a report on the revolutionary war. i picked betsy ross because she seemed interesting.i would like to find out more about her. thankyou
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Betsy Ross is the bomb! I love you Betsy!
Shelby, Los Angelas,California [03-04-2008]

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anonymous [03-04-2008]

Vic Duvic, Madison, MS [03-04-2008]

Who's included in the phrase "a present or former official of the government of any State"? I'm interested in knowing if a state trooper would be considered such.
Phil Carr, Sparks, NV [03-04-2008]

Light, us [03-04-2008]

Did a great job on the website, doing research on homework, so helpful; thanks!
Sandra M. Jones, Kansas City, Missouri USA [03-04-2008]

My first grade school project was writing about a "Special American", which was Betsy Ross. I enjoyed learning about her life and how she ended up making the first flag for the US.
Christina, Los Angeles, CA [03-04-2008]

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tiffany, tx [02-28-2008]

We have been studying Betsy Ross this month. It was a pleasure to be able to "tour" her house, even though a trip to Philadelphia at this time would not be practical. Thank you for allowing us to have a peek into what life would have been like for Mrs. Ross.
The Umbarger Family, Orlando, FL [02-28-2008]

I love Betsy Ross
Amie, Sonora CA USA [02-28-2008]

hey im doin a project on betsy ross and i think she is sooooo awesome!
anonymous [02-28-2008]

I am in first grade and we have to do a report on a hero. I picked Betsy Ross.
Elizabeth, Fredericksburg, VA [02-26-2008]

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My daughter, Kristen, had to pick someone from past history to do a report on for a school project, she chose Betsy Ross. She knew that she had sewn the first flag. The children will also dress as their character, we purchased a Betsy Ross costume. She is so excited and can not wait to give her report.
Kelly Berthelot, Imperial, MO [02-26-2008]

Thank you for a good information.^^ These informations helped me a lot for history fair. Thank you very much!
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angelica, plainview, tx [02-25-2008]

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anonymous, Honolulu, Hawaii [02-24-2008]

A community member had given our Crawford County Historical Society a Series R Certificate of the American Flag and Betsy Ross Remorial Association (1921)and I went on line to see what I could find out about such certificates. I was very pleased to find the answer to our question on your web site. Thank you.
Thomas K. Barratt, 756 Azalea Street, Meadville, PA 16335 [02-24-2008]

Madeline, Elkton, Va [02-22-2008]

Great site go Patriots!
Tom Brady [02-22-2008]

monserrat, chicasgo, ill [02-22-2008]

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britney terry, collinsville,va [02-20-2008]

As a direct descent of Betsy Ross, I am very proud that she stands for patriotism in this country. I am descended from Andrew Griscom III a cousin of hers (I think). I would like to know exactly where in the UK her family came from. Webmaster, could you help me? I have a book my father gave to me entitled "The Betsy Griscom legacy", but cannot find the area. Sincerely, Betsy C. Griscom
Betsy C. Griscom, Easton,. PA (formerly of Somerville, New Jersey) [02-20-2008]

Garry Lazaro, Chesterfield, Virginia, United States of America [02-20-2008]

i have a question regarding the postage stamp. you say that it is a violation of section 8 of the flag code to have the flag on the postage stamp. prior to 1971 the postal service was part of the executive branch of government and section 5 of the flag code states that section 8 only applies to civilians "not subject to conform to the regulations of the executive branch." clearly the stamps with the flag on them prior to the reorganization of the postal service (1971) are not in violation of the flag code. what say you? thanks, ginger
Ginger, Yuba City, CA [02-18-2008]

betsy ross was a very special american to us
epic [02-18-2008]

Debora Samarco [02-18-2008]

I am on-line every day working on my family tree and I found the surname Ross. I recognized Betsy's surname and just had to check out her given name.
Carrie Jones, Wichita, Kansas, U.S.A. [02-18-2008]

Besty Ross was a great person.
Meghan [02-18-2008]

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dolsin [02-18-2008]

This site has taught me things about Betsy Ross I didn't know before.
James N. [02-18-2008]

Thank for the information on the care and the proper way to fly the American flag, so much that I did not know about the rules of the flag. This site was very helpful. Thank you
Tammie Case, Deer, AR [02-14-2008]

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Betsy Ross is my hero,but I hate that she quit school at age 12.
Sierra Sanders, United States [02-12-2008]

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peyton, 6712 vernie drive raliegh NC [02-12-2008]

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Yours is a great site! I have used it more than once for research for history displays that I create.
Pat terKuile, Durham, NC [02-12-2008]

I am 7 and decided to do Betsy Ross as my Famous America for school
jessica Williams, Baton rouge, LA [02-12-2008]

Good Morning! I always taught my first graders about Betsy Ross. Now, I teach my Kindergarten students that Betsy Ross was a Special American in her time and still is today. Ms. Brown
Ms. Linda Brown, Virginia Beach, VA [02-11-2008]

I'm doing a time line on Betsy Ross.
Riya Jain, Franklin,TN [02-11-2008]

Riya [02-11-2008]

Doing research for a biography project in school.
Yadiana Ramos, Dover, DE [02-10-2008]

I have to do a biography on betsy ross
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I'm studying the American Revolution in school and I proved my teacher wrong! Muchas gracias!
Mikayla, Amherst, NY [02-09-2008]

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Kristin, ohio [02-08-2008]

I think Betsy Ross is the women that George Washington chose for some special reason and I hope that all of us will find it out some day!
anonymous [02-08-2008]

Hi i wanted to know if you couid come tto my school?
Betsi wood, newhall california [02-08-2008]

I enjoyed viewing your web site. It is very informative. I have a question. I'm a Canadian traveling with and RV Motorhome. I have "one" portable flagpole. Is is proper for me to fly a "Canadian" flag without flying a US flag when I'm set up in a campground?? I would appreciate clarification on this issue.
Charlie Lewis, Florida [02-08-2008]

wer43te, miami [02-08-2008]

it was awesome
Shanyl, utah [02-07-2008]

The name of my wife is britt Müller-Ross. her old Grandmother come from the family ROSS!
frank schmitz, germany,KÖLN [02-07-2008]

My Grandfather Leo M Wechter was a contributer and subscriber to the endowment fund back 1921
Nanci Alonzo (Wechter), Williamsville, New York [02-06-2008]

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kaitlin [02-06-2008]

This is a very interesting site.
Marie Tubbs, Indianapolis Indiana [02-05-2008]

I have in my possesion a marriage certificate issued in Chicago, county of cook, Il. dated July of 1901. It messures 11 x 14 has a floral design, is framed and in excelent condition. Is a document like this of any value?
anonymous, Hattiesburg,Ms. [02-03-2008]

You guys have a nice page and it is relly descriptive..
Latasha Wheeler, Sod,West Virginia [02-03-2008]

In your Flag Rules and Regulations, you highlight the violation of the Utah governor for flying the flag at half-staff for the Mormon leader's passing, which seems unfair when you don't highlight Bush's proclamation to fly at half-staff for the passing of the Pope. The Flag Code also doesn't provide for the President to order half-staff for religious leaders either. Nor does it authorize the flying of the flag at half-staff for the passing of the wife of a religious/civil rights leader, yet the President did that as well as many other questionable occasions. If you're going to criticize a governor, you should be consistent with ALL political leaders.
anonymous [02-03-2008]

I never was patriotic. I became a girl scout leader, and tore apart the pledge so they knew what they were saying instead of just memorizing it. I think that experience taught me more than it did the girls. Thank you Jill Gray
jill gray, sandy lake pennsylvania [02-03-2008]

Something important Betsy Ross said.
Brittany, ma. [02-03-2008]

Great information. My daughter is doing a report on Besty Ross. I found nothing at the library.
Kim, Richmond, VA [02-03-2008]

The American Flag is a sign of freedom,hope,peace and justice.America is a wonderful place and i am pround to have been born here...and have american blood running through my veins.
Hannah, Hixson,Tn [02-03-2008]

this site helped me with my s.s marshen project. thanks so musch Greatings Earth Lings howdey
Hannah, Mars [02-03-2008]

Is it ok to display a flag in front of an empty, abandoned or recently burned structure? Also, what does the flag code say about planting red, white and blue petunias in the shape of a US flag?
Eric Kos, Alameda, California [01-31-2008]

why are there 5 different flags with 13 stars?
Ethan Hicks, rockford il [01-30-2008]

Thanks for all this info! This site helped me a lot, because I'm studying about Betsy Ross. I liked how she made the flag and changed history. She's my hero. Thanks again. :]
Evangeline, ca [01-30-2008]

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logan, lake park ga [01-30-2008]

I think that peaple should start learning more about Betsy Ross and our country it is so importent to know what she did for us -Anna Alberio 8 years old
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Terry Carmalt, Brisbane Australia [01-26-2008]

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Heather Rhea Abshire, Tennessee [01-26-2008]

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sarah, tn [01-24-2008]

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Arnoff Moving & Storage, NY-Ct-Ma-Fl [01-24-2008]

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Heather Hollis, 11 [01-23-2008]

I am reading about Betsy Ross in school. I am in the 2nd grade.
Hayes Murray, Champaign, Illinois [01-22-2008]

I didnt bleave them when they said you didnt invent (make) the first flag is it true
fat cat licious [01-21-2008]

Great website! Thank you for promoting patriotism and the Flag of the United States of America
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Jack Dube, Hervey Bay, QLD, Australia [01-16-2008]

Enjoyed the site. I have a Mini Cooper that is red with a white top. I have an American flag painted on top and I named the car Betsy Ross.
susan, Memphis, Tennessee [01-16-2008]

Emily [01-15-2008]

We are learning about her in my first grade class.
Marina Stevens, corpus christi texas [01-15-2008]

morgan, united Sates [01-15-2008]

Alvena S Evans, Oak Hill Florida USA [01-14-2008]

i love betsy ross she rockz my world
KT [01-13-2008]

I like Besty Ross!
Crystal Baker, 2108 Coolidge st [01-12-2008]

Alison [01-11-2008]

Effie Hisey, Texas [01-11-2008]

courtney, grove city ohio 43123 [01-10-2008]

Looking about online, found out that I'm a relative of Betsy Ross and would like to get some info. about her. Thanks for having files on her.
Anthony Goslin, Salem NJ [01-09-2008]

I am loveing it! I am doin her for a project! Ohh YES!
Jacquelyn D Perkins, Shippensburg Pa. 17257 [01-08-2008]

Is it appropriate to fly the POW/MIA flag everyday in conjunction with the national ensign? Or should it only be flown on specific days?
Tom Edwards, W.St.Paul Mn [01-08-2008]

CAROLE FAGUNDES [01-08-2008]

Debbie Karalun, Highland, CA USA [01-08-2008]

need more betsy ross info
lauren, kentuky [01-07-2008]

I love this site!It gave me everything I needed to know about her.Keep up the great work. the house tour needs more interesting facts as your going around like with a virtual tour guide.
Natasha B., Killeen, TX [01-04-2008]

you gyes rock!
gabrielle, Michigan Birmingham [01-04-2008]

flickinger [01-02-2008]

I am doing a fifth grade projet on Betsy Ross
Hannah Doonan, San Dimas,CA [01-01-2008]


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