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Thanks for allowing me to sign your guest book. Your site is outstanding, I invite you to visit me also at and print over 130 English & Spanish Gospel Tracts online, as often as you like For Free.
Hutch, usa [12-31-2007]

i was reading a book called Who Cracked The Liberty Bell and other questions about the american revolution to my mom and grandpa. i came across a chapter that says did betsy ross really sew the first flag of the United States?At the end of the chapter it read " do you think betsy ross created the first flag of the United States?i thought no because she was young when she created a flag for general i tried the computer and it said she did.
michelle dasilva, massachusetts [12-31-2007]

I can remember visiting this location when I was a little girl growing up in Philadelphia. I am now taking my kids so they can have the same experience I had.
Maria Tiller, Atlanta, Georgia [12-31-2007]

I enjoyed this cite. I would love to visit in person. Maybe on day I will get a chance to.
Ramona Hopewell, Knoxville, TN USA [12-28-2007]

hey i had a question does these all rules apply too the stars and bars too??
Matt, georgia [12-25-2007]

thanks for the info
HARVEY G TAGGART, scottsville ky 42164 [12-25-2007]

I'm glad I found this site. Very good information. Thanks!
Shannon Lanning, Seattle, WA [12-23-2007]

ashley [12-20-2007]

This is an interesting site! I'm looking up facts about Betsey Ross for my daughter's school project, and got some good information from you. Thank you!
Kathy Pomeroy, Youngstown Ohio [12-20-2007]

Where is the original flag keep? The one that Besty Ross made.
Todd S. Sanfillippo, Levittown Pa. [12-20-2007]

Frank, Clyda Pennsylvania [12-20-2007]

I am a student at Ocean View Elementry and i am a huge fan about history and going to this site is more fun than playing vidio games. ashley p.s. I am a 11 year old girl.
ashley [12-19-2007]

emma [12-19-2007]

ashley allen, summerville south carolina USA [12-19-2007]

this sight is awesome i am looking at it from united elemantary school.
Tyler [12-19-2007]

i love elizabeth ROSSS oh baaby
shaun [12-19-2007]

I love u
Ian [12-19-2007]

i love u
tommmymmy [12-19-2007]

m stucki, noblesvile in [12-19-2007]

I love history and am a big supporter of women in history. I am doing a project for a gifted class on women on history and am definately going to include info about Betsy Ross. I love this site!
Katie, Slippery Rock PA US [12-18-2007]

Katie [12-18-2007]

Great site. I'll be sure to come again for research for school.
Sarah Paterson [12-18-2007]

Was just visiting up here in PA. and was traveling in what I think is in Mechanicsburg, PA. on Carlisle Pike. Noticed that a School with a big Football Staduim along the road had a flag left out in the big ice storm we just had up here in PA. Wipping around on the pole like a fish on a fishing pole. The next day traveling in the same area I noticed that now the flag was gone but now was laying on the ground and bush near by. Our flag was their all day and probably still their. It's sad to see that this school has no justification for our country and those who have died or faught for our colors and our poeple. Really think that something should be done. Don't think that they should of left the flag out their overnight in this ice storm. Someone should be held responsible for this major mistake. Thanks, Dave. GOD BLESS AMERICA and THOSE WHO HAVE FAUGHT FOR OUR COUNTRY.
Dave Knox, Hagerstown, MD. [12-18-2007]

You say the flag decals (say on the backs of football helmets or on shoulders of work shirts) are considered flags, but they are put where they often get dirty and come in contact with the ground. How is this contradiction resolved?
cshell, milton pa [12-17-2007]

i think betsy ross is awsome
StrawBerry, elkhorn,ky [12-17-2007]

Through the years I was told I was related to Betsy Ross on my mother's side of the family. Her maiden name was Page and my Grandmother's was Coy. I don't know any of the details.
William C. Fuller, Schertz, Tx. orignally from Ohio [12-17-2007]

who put the rest of the stars on the flag afer bestsy had died?
bruce kirksey jr, keystone hieghts,florida [12-17-2007]

I am adecendent of Samuel Griscom. I was just surfing and latched on to this website. I live in Connecticut. My grandfather was born in Pottsville,Pa
Alfred Griscom, Monroe,CT [12-17-2007]

You are so Cool! !
Rosa, Summit SD [12-17-2007]

dominique [12-17-2007]

I am very proud to be an American and what it stands for. I want to thank every single soldier from our past, present and future for protecting us and giving us the right to be free....Thank you...
Gabriela Geissler, Vellmar, Germany [12-17-2007]

im very proud of this site. had all the information i needed. pictures and all. my son has to do a book report for his 4th grade class. and here he has everything he needs to do one. thanks you.
MARISOL, brockton [12-17-2007]

I had two father`s but one of them were like George Washaton.Mymom is like a pricess to me!
DA`kishaH., Raliegh [12-13-2007]

anonymous, Hollywood, Florida [12-13-2007]

What an informative site. I got the answer to my question which is the display of the American flag on the upper arm of the U. S. Army uniform. They display the flag flat (#8), but the Union is to the observers'RIGHT. I recently questioned a soldier re: this and he responded that it because "it is unfurled." (as in a procession). Am I wrong in this observation? Please respond, if you will, to my E-mail address. Respectfully, Anne
Anne, Virginia [12-12-2007]

you rock!
anonymous [12-12-2007]

me and my friend are doing a history lesson on her
crysta burnett, newark'ohio [12-11-2007]

Very good information for my clas to do research on the flag
Centry . Vernon [12-11-2007]

my daughter misty and her friend choose to do a report on besty ross
misty rigney, newark ohio [12-11-2007]

i am doing a report on betsy ross and out of 30 other famous colonial/revolutionary war people and i piked her
brittany [12-11-2007]

what are the names of betsy ross's brothers and sisters?
anonymous [12-10-2007]

A good, informative site. It's too bad that we don't know more about the person that designed the flag that we see daily, that represents our nation. I was able to get all reauired information here. Thanks!
Ian, Illinois [12-10-2007]

Why do the troops in Iraq wear the union to the left and the star field on the upper right. (facing the flag brassard) I was taught that the star field was always to be on the upper left.( facing the Brassard)
Franny, Sun City, Az. [12-08-2007]

If the Washington Redskins lowered their American Flag to half staff for Sean Taylor's death, should it be on this hall of shame??! And if so, did someone get a picture of it. I read that a van was in the parking lot with an American Flag at Half staff. Just curious and no disrespect to Sean Taylor's death intended.
Eric C, Bloomington, Illinois [12-07-2007]

Tricia Lowe, Dothan, Al [12-06-2007]

brooke [12-06-2007]

anonymous [12-05-2007]

Catherine Stites [12-05-2007]

I really enjoy it. I am using some of it for a project. Don't worry I am giveing your website the props. I have see the Betsy Ross House in preson. It is really cool. If you find anything that I may be able to use for my project just send it to the adderss that you see. Thank you for your help.
Casie Wheeless, La Grande NC [12-05-2007]

i love betsey ross!
ALTHEA FREEMAN, hodgenville KY United states [12-05-2007]

I love your website my computer class went on the virtual of her house amd we've spent 3 weeks on this site. Thanks for making this website.
Morgan, Henry IL. [12-05-2007]

We like this website because it has a whole bunch of neat things about Betsy Ross.
St. Edward School group2, Chillicothe, IL [12-05-2007]

Doing some personal research on the origins of the U.S.A. flag. Found what I needed to know. Thanks.
Bob, Alberta Canada [12-04-2007]

Thanks for the nice summary of the life of Betsy Ross--it will really help my daughter with her social studies assignment.
Lee Gasper-Galvin, Sun Prairie, WI [12-04-2007]

We enjoyed our virtual tour through the Betsy Ross house. It was cool to see all of the different things that were actually there when she was.
St. Edward School, Chillicothe, IL 61523 [12-04-2007]

chinedu [12-03-2007]

What did Betsy Ross do when she was a kid?
anonymous [12-03-2007]

My mother is Martha Griscom Strain. My Grandfather was Milton VanDyke Griscom. A Griscom relative found articles and then we did the math, and I am the 14th cousin of Betsy Griscom Ross. My Red Hat club is going to be in Dalton's Christmas parade Saturday. I'm dressing as Betsy Griscom Ross on our float!
Rita S. Sims, Dalton, GA [12-03-2007]

She is my fourth great grand-mother!
Tiffany, French Settlement,Louisana [12-03-2007]

Angie, Kentucky [11-30-2007]

xew [11-30-2007]

mary [11-29-2007]

Were you nerbous when you made the first flag?
des, Tennessee Elizabethton [11-29-2007]

wow she is so amsing
erika west, mlt [11-29-2007]

Betsy Ross is amazing! I love all the stories and the history behind the flag. I think Betsy Ross lit the way for many women!
brittany, washington [11-28-2007]

ash, new york [11-28-2007]

hi luv luv betsey ross it is so so so cool to see see hluv luv her house i i just just luv luv it it.............. ha ha ha lol lol lol lol
iroft, heper new york [11-28-2007]

yo yo i like g washington he is my home skillet bisket. you ma like him to what what....................... now
etily, kentucky iowa [11-28-2007]

Zenaira Cruz [11-28-2007]

ashley, southcarolina [11-26-2007]

Jullyann [11-26-2007]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross. COOL
Cara, u.s.a. [11-26-2007]

I am doing a school project on Betsy Ross. This site helped a lot.
Emily, Louisiana [11-26-2007]

Ninth great grand son of Signer George Ross, Betsy's brother-in-law.
E Graham Campbell, Long Beach, California [11-26-2007]

You post this or not as it is not about Betsy Ross. I think you should make a slight change to your guest book. Although the information is optional You should consider not posting people's email addresses. With the growing spam problem and illegal sale to spammers of email addersses, you are contributing to the problem by giving away your visitors email addresses. Again I know it is not required to post to the guestbook.
anonymous [11-22-2007] [Webmaster's note: If you look at the source of this page, you will note that we have disguised email addresses]

victoria Guillen [11-21-2007]

Page was very informative. Post 109 does a Veteran of the Month Ceremony each month with 5 x 9 Burial Flags and a Dignified Unservicabile Flag Disposal Ceremony on June 14,Flag Day, each year. While the U S Flag may be a $10.00 piece of cloth, the FREEDOMS it represents and provides to the American people is priceless and will last FOREVER. FREEDOM FOREVER James R. Fleming Sr.
James R. Fleming Sr. Veteran, 14401 N E 47 th Avenue, Anthony, FL 32617, USA [11-21-2007]

kaylee, ne [11-20-2007]

i am report 4
anonymous [11-20-2007]

michele leamer, cusseta, alabama [11-20-2007]

I just want to say that as a disabled veteran I hope this sight spreads respect and loyalty to our great flag it is one of the most beautiful things on earth and what it stands for FREEDOM ! We old vets would fight for her again at the drop of a hat, God bless America.... Greg(doc) Long
anonymous [11-20-2007]

hi im kids
skylar [11-20-2007]

I am doing a report on Betsy and now i know all i need to know. I couldn't find anything reliable until i came here. This is a very nice website. I luv Betsy Ross
Lindsay [11-18-2007]

Betsy Ross is an insparation to all. When I think of the flag. I think of Betay Ross, librerty, freedom, and pride.God Bless America!
anonymous [11-18-2007]

u should add a serch engin that tells u like everything becouse im looking for how america anexed hawaii and i cant find it on this website so put one in and when u do email me back
jason, if u no me u now where im at [11-17-2007]

KELLY [11-17-2007]

amorette [11-17-2007]

liz, oh. [11-15-2007]

I think Besty Ross is cool because she made the flag. We learned about the history of Besty Ross and we created timeline. I think Besty Ross lived generously because she made the flag so we could have something to celebrate. I hoped her husband did not die in the revolutionary war because she loved very much.
Dashawn Fredrick and Jordan, Indianapolis, IN [11-15-2007]

My child is doing a report on Betsy Ross; portraying her in first person to the class. This is a very informative site, and is easy for a 3rd grader to follow.
anonymous, Tarzana, California [11-14-2007]

This website is very resourceful. If you are homeschooled it helps a lot with reports, and also if I just need to find quick information. I would definetly recommend this website to everyone. This website is also very interesting and fun as well!
Kayle, Liberty, Missouri [11-14-2007]

i got lots of help for homework and i never though this would be so much fun!
abby, north carolina [11-13-2007]

hi I Love BETSY ROSS !:} :} :} :} :} :} :}
anonymous [11-13-2007]

this is really nice
hanna [11-12-2007]

Deva McDowell, warren,ohio [11-12-2007]

God Bless America
ROBERT W. MORT, lewes de 19958 usa [11-12-2007]

I have a certificate from the American Flag House and Betsy Ross Memorial Association Certificate # 113347 Issue 1905 It was issued to Ella Carpenter my mothers great aunt
Steven W Norris, Bakersfield, Ca [11-12-2007]

You are wrong about displaying the flag backwards on any static surface such as a uniform. Dispite the idea that it is flying in the wind, it is not. It looks stupid and make us look stupid. The flag should look smart. Turning it backwards looks like it is wrong. To try and justify this by saying it is "Like it is flying in the wind" is like saying the "Emperors clothes are beautiful". Where is the little boy who will say "But hes naked!". It looks ridiculous and thats the truth.
Michael Patrick Moyer, Ketchikan, Alaska [11-12-2007]

How did Betsy Ross get her second name?{betsy ross}
Sissy [11-12-2007]

i guess shes cool..m doing a project on her
anonymous, florida [11-12-2007]

Thanks for reminding the basics
Greg, Chatsworth, CA [11-12-2007]

patience [11-08-2007]

You had all the info I needed.But what was the flag made of?
Gathren, Rolla [11-08-2007]

josh guth, allentown, pa [11-08-2007]

My Mounted Police Unit (equine) has been asked to lead the Veterans Day Parade with the Colors. Should we carry the parade rifles on horseback? Do you have any photos of a mounted color guard? Thanks
Chuck Sutterfield, Loveland, Colorado [11-08-2007]

thank you
anthoneshia, palatka [11-08-2007]

Megan, Tennessee [11-08-2007]

This site is for losers!
Sydney, nv usa [11-08-2007]

hi just wanted to stop by for my contry
RHYKQUAN FENNIX, dallas tx [11-08-2007]

I'm doing a report about Betsy Ross. Please tell me any info you get about her.
jeremy [11-05-2007]

Thanks for maintaining this site.
Thomas Wayne Whitenton, Gainesville, Ga. [11-05-2007]

tiffany, el paso texas [11-05-2007]

Long may she wave!
Hardin Rich, Reseda, CA [11-05-2007]

i wont to see this person
mahogany, new haven [11-05-2007]

hi looking for info. doing reasearch
anonymous [11-05-2007]

After doing some fairly copious research I find this site to be one of the very best for US Flag etiquette and protocol. The answers are well supported with citations to the US Code or other authority as possible. I have one question that is causing great consternation regarding flag retirement. When a flag is retired and burned is it appropriate to first cut the flag into pieces and burn them respectfully. My position is that cutting the flag in pieces for any reason is inappropriate. The arguements for cutting have stated that there is no clear prohibition to cutting first. The ceremony can be held even more respectfully, and the safety isue of burning a large flag could injure participants if the flag is not cut. My responses have been, to note that the flag is held to be a living thing and should be burned respectfully, or in whole to reduce the desecration of retirement. The drama of the ceremony is not the issue and does not support cutting. The fire and participants should be fit for purpose, that is, you would not expect a Den of approximately seven to ten Tiger Cub Scouts, (7 year olds), even with parental and adult supervision to retire a garrison flag at a campfire as the size of the fire, supervision and size of the flag would be unreasonably fit for purpose. Safety should always be a significant consideration in a retirement ceremony. Please help me with any direction or authority as to whether cutting a flag in pieces is appropriate before retirement by burning.
Chip Smith, Houston TX [11-05-2007]

L. Sciullo, Sturbridge, Massachusetts [11-05-2007]

monastazzia is here
monastazzia, mesquite isd [11-05-2007]

i am prode to be an American
mercedies alligood, wimauma Fl [11-02-2007]

Jane, Holmen, WI [11-02-2007]

hi betsy my birthday is on the 1st of january too
brittany frost [11-02-2007]

I was told that there is one flag that can be flown above the American flag, it is the Christian flag! Is this true or false? Thanks, Chris
Chris McClary, Hannibal, Missouri USA [11-02-2007]

god bless you!
LAURIE, san diego, ca 92129 [11-01-2007]

i am on this page because i am writing a paper on the meaning of the us flag. and i just thought i would take a look.
kristine, twinsburg [11-01-2007]

I have a certificate dated 1919 that belonged to my father stating he belonged to the American Flag House and Betsy Rodd Memorial Association. It was issued when he was about 8 years old. Any info about this organization would be greatly appreciated.
Berenice, Glen Ellyn, Illinois [11-01-2007]

cheyenne morlock [11-01-2007]

jon [10-31-2007]

****, north carolina [10-31-2007]

Johnathan Silsley, Georgetown, PA 15043 [10-31-2007]

As superintendent and lecturer at an historical site I am quite interested in this area and applaud what you are doing.....all the best...N
Nino Baldino, New York [10-30-2007]

I have recently found a print on canvas of the Birthplace of Our nation's Flag presented to John Eby of Camden with a seal numbered 2540 in the lower right. Can you please tell me anything about the print?
D Calvert, Cape May NJ [10-29-2007]

Thank you for this wonderful site, It helped me a BUNCH on my Biography. I gave credit in the Bibliography for this site. Thanks again!
Gamerz, San Dimas, CA, USA [10-29-2007]

Crook, America [10-26-2007]

austin fox, Mexico, New York [10-25-2007]

melissa mcdougal, Mexico, New York [10-25-2007]

lori fountaine, Mexico, New York [10-25-2007]

Nichole Kobus, Mexico, New York [10-25-2007]

Thank you so much for this website! I had to do a report in school on a revolutionary hero, and this helped soooo much! Whether she created the flag or not, she had a very interesting life!
Morgan, Florida [10-25-2007]

hey u rock betsy! i luv u! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! !
korie, Hollywood, CA [10-25-2007]

The site was a wonderful site.....i loved it
Margaret Rauls, Bensalem Pennsylvania, USA [10-25-2007]

yamajine williams, im a female im 14 yrs old i live in north philadelphia [10-24-2007]

this was great it helped me so much
Shivonne [10-24-2007]

Todd Muhlenberg, Reno, NV [10-23-2007]

i love the website! awesome! thinktink14
thinktink14, georgia [10-23-2007]

its all about cmd baby!
Sineade, camden,nj [10-23-2007]

Thanks a lot u guys, this info really helped me out!^_^
EstaticSnakeDemon [10-23-2007]

I am doing a report on betsy and am being her for our Schools wax museum.
Sara Davis [10-22-2007]

i love this page
aba, asaba [10-22-2007]

Taylor Johnson [10-22-2007]

She was an old women...
Nichole Tuck, Wytopitlock ME. [10-22-2007]

I am a first grader in Florida and we are studying Famous Historical People and I chose Betsy Ross.
Cassie, 910 Maple Ridge Drive Merritt, Island Florida [10-18-2007]

i display the flag 24/7
Donald D. Booth, 2737-156 w. wash.ctr. rd. ft. wayne in. [10-17-2007]

I have a flag pole that I need to get flags for that is 150' tall. I need to put a US, Texas and Custom flag on this pole. Can you please advise what sizes to use. Thanks, Winkay
Winkay Reed, San Angelo, TX [10-17-2007]

I've always loved Betsy Ross....
Dianne Nutting, Winter Haven, Florida [10-16-2007]

Stupid question - I di 5 years int eh Marines and whenever we heard colors, or the Star Spangled Banner, we stood at attention. Until January 29th, I always covered my heart with my right hand. Since that day - 21 years later, I still stand at attention when no in uniform - which I haven' worn in quite a few years. My question is which is customary? I just don't feel right with my hand over my heart, as Uncle Sam tought me to "lock my body" ;)
Joe Marine, Tunn Tavern [10-15-2007]

I share some thoughts on these issues and point out many useful resources., Vyscnon [10-14-2007]

This was a nvery interesting website and helped me with mi homework thank u very much
Tahler [10-14-2007]

yasmin lilli walker, ca [10-12-2007]

This is really good information but you should split it up more... like her childhood, her seamstress life, etc.
Katherine, Naperville, Illinois [10-11-2007]

Thank you for letting us tour Betsy Ross's House.
Kindergarten and Pre-K Class, Lynchburg, VA [10-11-2007] name is martha stivender i am trying to find out about my family heritage...please any help would be most appreciated
martha stivender, tulsa,oklahoma [10-10-2007]

I love learning about our history! I did not enjoy it when I was a young student but now I appreciate our country a whole lot more now that I am a bit older. Also, I am the parent of an American soldier. Keep up the good work!
Mrs. Elizabeth Blackwell, Lindenhurst, IL [10-10-2007]

“Old Glory” The American Flag. I am an American protesting against all foreign flags being flown so freely in my country, flown by foreigners who do not respect the laws of our country. They came here seeking the American dream, but they brought their own flags. If you or I go to any country in the world and display our American flag, we will be burn along with our flag. It has been proven. My uncles fought in the Second World War, my brothers fought in the Korean War, my nephews in the Viet Nam war, and I still have nieces and nephews fighting in Iraq. My husband is retired Navy and his brothers also are highly decorated Paratroopers and Lieutenant officers, and still has nephews in the Navy. In my family alone we have twenty-four military women and men and some go through four generations of military service. All to protect our country and feel free to fly our own AMERICAN FLAG. I have seen the Mexican flag fly high at Strebly Park during a ball game in Stockton, California and others in Manteca displayed the same flag in their car dealer’s lot. I believe that the only flag that should be flown and displayed at any place and any time is “Old Glory” The American Flag. I Am An American citizen and very Patriotic at that. Ofelia Marquez Ruiz Register Voter
Ofelia Marquez Ruiz, Manteca California USA [10-10-2007]

Emma [10-09-2007]

I'm wondering how you received the excerpt from a longer piece about my brother Jacob Finley Siratt II and the flag that covered his coffin. I'm pleased to see it here, but puzzled.
Beverly Siratt Scofield, Santa Maria CA [10-09-2007]

i am doing a powerpoint presentation on betsy ross and i found this info very useful
Natalie, Tennessee [10-08-2007]

i am doing an s.s fair projet and they have go info in this website !
Taylor, church point [10-07-2007]

Groovy, Eldorado Tx [10-07-2007]

Enjoyed looking on your website. I had to do research for a school project. Thanks.
Natalie, Charlotte, NC [10-05-2007]

Heather Hardy, Lake City, PA [10-05-2007]

hey i thank you were amasing from what i read and i am doing a report on u im shore to get an a + thanks .
mikayla, va [10-05-2007]

I enjoyed looking at the photos, but would like to one day visit in person.
Jennifer, Fort Riley, KS [10-05-2007]

MIKE, ma. [10-04-2007]

good infomation.
ashley [10-03-2007]

Betsy Ross Rocks!:}:}:}:}:}:}:}:}:}:}:}:}:}
emily, Ocala, FL [10-03-2007]

I am proud to be an american citizen and proud to have people Like Betsy Ross, who help this country to be what it is today. Now let us teach our family how to be loyal to this country. First God, Family then Country. I wish that someday our country earn the respect that we have in the past. Let this Giant wake - up before it is too late. (I became an american citizen because I believed and trust what its stands for, please do not make me feel like I made a mistake). Sincerely, Redonia Gilbert
Redonia Gilbert, Archer, FLorida [10-02-2007]

This is a good website. I needed this site for a report, and it gave me all the answers! IT ROCKS!
anonymous [10-02-2007]

Mary McCorison, Southwick Ma [10-01-2007]

USN (Ret.), This is very informative. Thanks for putting up a great website!
jonathan, Fairfield, CA [10-01-2007]

kathy layton, Indpls. IN [10-01-2007]

Alyson Garvey4, Wantagh, NY [10-01-2007]

My friend and I are doing a progect on Betsy Ross
lily, sebastian [09-29-2007]

melissa [09-29-2007]

Donna Eudy, Chaparral, N.M. [09-29-2007]

Thanks for the help with my daughter's homework on the American Flag
joann frascino, Freehold NJ [09-28-2007]

jorge ruiz, florida [09-26-2007]

Go Betsy Ross!
John, Bronx,New York [09-26-2007]

i love betsy ross!she is so awsome!
devan brossett, pensacola,florida [09-25-2007]

Hey like this is a cool web sit eand I have to say this cuz Im at my friends house playing truth or dare and Im typing this to you NAKED, to bad you aren't looking at me!
Chrissy Calmens, Detroit, Michigan [09-25-2007]

McKinley, Arkansas [09-24-2007]

betsy ross was a very great woman im glad she had made a flag
julia, apopka,florida [09-24-2007]

Jeri Kennedy-Turner, Oklahoma City, OK [09-24-2007]

Your home page is wonderful.
anonymous [09-22-2007]

I'm studing Immigration. Becomeing a citizen & all things that can relate or be somewhat related. Patriotism and Betty Ross came to mind. The Liberty Bell was another area to read up on. Thank you . Mahalo, for your website. Kathleen B.
Kathleen B., Honolulu, Hawaii [09-21-2007]

Kim hope, Denton, texas [09-21-2007]

Thanks so much for all the useful information! I'm trying to come up with an idea for a short story, and your website really helped!
Megan [09-20-2007]

i'm doing a report about besty ross and i want to know what did she dress like
anonymous, union,kentucky [09-20-2007]

This sote helped me a lot with my homework for my history class
Elizabeth Frank, Belvidere, New Jersey [09-19-2007]

your site is awsomeacal.
lynzee, texas [09-19-2007]

Your page is off the hook man ya I'm a Jewish man
Rosa Wright, Providene,Rhode Island [09-19-2007]

Stacie Lynn Brill, New Concord, Ohio [09-18-2007]

I did this for an assignment and it was very interesting!
Lindsey, Utah [09-18-2007]

Is it appropriate to say the Pledge of Allegiance without the presence of a flag?
Sarabeth Brown`, Daugherty Elementary School Garland, Texas [09-18-2007]

Betsy ross DID sew the american flag! But I agree that she didn't come up with the design, George Washington, Robert Morris and Geroge Ross did and they gave the design to her. But I KNOW she sewed it. so HA!
hersheys [09-17-2007]

rinay [09-17-2007]

I'm doing a homework project... this helped soooooo much! I suffed teh wed for an hour trying to find information! and there it was... like a golden light... your website! Thanks SO Much!
Randee, Soldotna Ak [09-14-2007]

Jim Reynolds, Springfield, IL [09-14-2007]

i was looking for a teacher who taught english at williamstown n.j. and retired 5 years ago. he moved to marlington w.v. all i know is his first name is rusty. he stopped in a store my friend owns and was telling them he moved here from williamstown n.j.
gerry prus, lindside w.v. 24951 [09-13-2007]

hi people.
Tyler pillsbury [09-12-2007]

Could you please tell me the names of Betsy Ross' brothers and sisters? I need to include them in a research paper, buut I can't find them anywhere. Thanks!
Charmie!, Washington [09-11-2007]

Michael M. Conway, Bradenton, FL [09-11-2007]

it is cool
sarah [09-11-2007]

I was looking for information about the flag for my daughter's Brownie Girl Scout group and I found a wealth of information that the girls will really enjoy. Plus the copy of the Betsy Ross flag for them to color will help them remember their lesson. Thank you for gathering all this information together.
Becky, Shelbyville, Indiana [09-04-2007]

los felicito por tan bonita casa de betsy ross,que es un monumento nacional. quisiera saber como puedo ayudar a conservar la misma. atentamentte. francisco sanchez 787-487-0353
SR.FRANCISCO SANCHEZ, box 23123 u.p.r.station,san juan, p.r. 00931 [09-04-2007]

Very interesting photographs!
anonymous [09-01-2007]

4Block [08-30-2007]

Mark Osterhoudt, Richfirld Springs, New York [08-30-2007]

jus lookin round
Jennifer Harris, columbus, ga [08-30-2007]

Jody Tubergen, Grand Rapids, MIchigan [08-28-2007]

Delighted to visit the house. Unfortunatly too late in the day as it just closed. Will return in the near future
Scott Cornelia, 21 Wimpole Way Green Brook, New Jersey 08812 [08-27-2007]

your hours of operation should be easly found, we will be there in a few weeks, very nice web page
anonymous, perrysburg ohio [08-27-2007]

Most scholars agree that it was not Betsy who made the first flag, though she was a flagmaker who, records show, was paid in 1777 by the Pennsylvania State Navy Board for making "ship's colours. Please, don't keep fooling the public.
historian [08-23-2007]

you really need more pictures of her....:((
haley [08-22-2007]

Alejandra Hernandez, Houston Tex 77429 [08-21-2007]

Lindsey, Tennessee [08-20-2007]

jade [08-20-2007]

this web page is so much fu with all the games
anonymous [08-20-2007]

jim-bob cooter [08-20-2007]

bob [08-20-2007]

i love the american flag. to me it represents the freedom we have in this country. i salute the flag and thank god every day that it represents the united ststes of america. it makes me so mad when i see other people dis-respecting our flag.
Joyce McGehee, Mulga, Alabama 35118 [08-17-2007]

Thoughtful web site. Will study Betsy Ross with my students next term.
Mary Duncan, College Point, NY [08-15-2007]

what a great page to find out about our first flag- it was interesting to find out why the stars were in a circle but why the stripes and in that design? flags are us pete
PETER de CASTRO, Georgetown,ky.40324 [08-14-2007]

Steven Gonzales, CA Monterey Park [08-01-2007]

Sierra S., rochester [07-28-2007]

i picked up a litho on canvas of "the birth of our nations flag" it has a certified punch stamp that is dated 1898 and was presented to robert brown of philadelphia, pa. it is very beautiful and colorful. i would like to know who was robert brown and if this was an important day in american history. could someone please let me know, thanks.
jeff, post falls [07-27-2007]

i relly like this web site.
maelyn s.(age 10) [07-25-2007]

Vanessa [07-25-2007]

Great flag for great people to remind great values of great country.
Kivi Ketelimäki, Hämeenlinna, Suomi (Finland), Europe [07-20-2007]

planning a trip for children ages 3-5; trying to instill importance of American history before they actually take the trip
Dee, Lake Ariel, PA [07-18-2007]

The tour was very interesting and I know what to expect when I go there to see it in person
ivy [07-16-2007]

A co-worker needed some information about Betsy Ross, and did not know how to obtain it. So I went to this site in trying to get info for him, Thank You.
teresa harris, Kansas City, Missouri [07-16-2007]

Great site !
John J. Reynolds, Elgin, IL [07-15-2007]

Very nice and informative site. I haven't been able to trace my family back to Betsy Ross yet.
Len Ross, Kennewick, Washington [07-14-2007]

Im glad that Betsy Ross Has A weg page, that's COOL! Now if my kids have a question or a project about the american flag, I know where to go. Thank You.
Michael D. Jordan, Los Angeles, CA [07-10-2007]

Ilaria Napoleone, Rome [07-08-2007]

I only had a couple of hours this past 4th of July to visit the magnificent history that Philadelphia holds, and enjoyed every moment of my visit. Thank you for making history come alive! Linda Conner
Linda Conner, Victorville, CA [07-07-2007]

your website helped us with a gs activity.
Susan.R, ky [07-06-2007]

marilyn oneil, Lynn, Massachusetts [07-06-2007]

why is it rare to find a flag with 47 stars
Margarita Murray, Tuscaloosa Alabama [07-06-2007]

anonymous [07-06-2007]

I am a decendent of Betsy Ross's Family, and wanted to see the wonderful website.
Antonio I Wilson, Orange County California [07-06-2007]

Robert W. Arthur, Columbus, OH [07-05-2007]

To me The Flag Is Like the the Best Thing It Rpresents our Country.It Represents The Brave Works Of The Soldiers.I Love The Flag.
Allie Stewart, North America [07-05-2007]

John Stewart [07-04-2007]

To me, the flag represents our country. We should love the flag as it represents our freedom and all those who fought for our freedom and rights. Those who burn and disrespect our flag should just leave and find a country and flag they do respect!
Susanne, Oshkosh, Wisconsin [07-04-2007]

SAMANTHA SHUSTER-BEVILLE, medina ny [07-02-2007]

A very easy to use, useful and informative site. Thank you
Olga Hill, England [07-02-2007]

Eddie Brown, Prattville, al 36067 [07-02-2007]


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