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Allan J. Bunce, Arlee, Montana [06-30-2007]

every year I am in the 4th of july parades in several towns and I dress as Besty Ross and I love it ....I am proud to walk as this woman
Gail Norman, Mt Airy NC [06-26-2007]

Earl D Bronner, Cathlamet, Wa. USA [06-25-2007]

WONDERFUL I am a Leader in a local Girl Scout Troop. We were just involved in a Flag retiring ceremony at our Summer Camporee. It will bring tears to your eyes. Love your site.
Brownie GS Troop #1258, Hickory, Kentucky [06-25-2007]

I am a Betsy Ross re-enactor. I will be preforming at a concert on the 4th of July. A poem will be read regarding the flag. I will approach the stage marching to a drum cadence and a flute playing "Yankee Doddle" with my Betsy Ross flag and dressed as Betsy. The band will play " Your a Grand old flag" as a sing-a-long. They will do the pledge of allegiance and I will stand with my hand over my heart. I will leave the flag on stage until the last number "America" I will then take the flag off from the stage. I belong to the Scottish Clan Ross of America which uses the "Betsy Ross" flag as our standard flag at Scottish Games all over the United States and Canada. I love knowing the history and am able to pass along to others. It is good that young girls and women can see that women had a part in forming out country.
BARBRA ROSS BARTZ, Venice,Florida USA [06-25-2007]

awesome site a lot to learn on these pages, this information should be taught more in schools. we have a flag that we fly everyday 24-7 we also have a light on it at night. everyone should do the same
charlotte manley, owingsville, ky [06-25-2007]

This site is really interesting.It's also very educational.
Jiana Saigh, location-U.S.A. & age-11 [06-25-2007]

We are planning a Parade of Nations for our Summer Institute. I would like to know the protocols for such parade and if I can use music as a background during the parade.
Sonia Abrew, Orlando, Florida [06-21-2007]

I will be in second grade and I really liked your tour on the house. Sometime, I would like one of your dolls. Thank you. Hannah
Hannah Schoenherr, Brownstown,IN 47220 [06-20-2007]

Priscilla Greene, Lynchburg Virginia [06-19-2007]

I had to look up the history of the flag for the police academy. this is a good site for info thanks.
brian, san bernardino CA [06-18-2007]

g Winkels, phoenix [06-18-2007]

Car [06-18-2007]

thanks for the frist flag.
JOANNA, church hill tn. [06-18-2007]

I liked her
Dalrujoyhrit [06-18-2007]

Dale, tx [06-18-2007]

y3a woooooo cooll man loollz
ceaser, somewhere [06-15-2007]

anonymous [06-15-2007]

heyz ummmm w3ll i w3nt on a trip and i visted besty ross it was so cool knowing the person that made the flag okkk by3
kelly, new york astoria [06-15-2007]

okkay betsy was the best:)
brooke [06-14-2007]

Great help to knowing how to fly the US Flag. You have done a good job in helping the public know more about the flag of this wonderful country. Thank you.
Walter Brough Dorny II, Gilbert, Arizona, United States of America [06-14-2007]

purity etc my opinion of old glory white for peace red for blood blue for courage.
Maryann J Butler [06-14-2007]

Thank you for this website. In honor of Flag Day, our homeschooling lesson is about Betsy Ross and our flag. Thank you for providing this website that we may use.
Chelle, Wendy, & Boo, Tucson, AZ [06-14-2007]

My 13 star Colonial American flag is flying out front of my house on this Flag Day, 2007. Thank you for all the factual, historical and interesting information on Betsy Ross and our United States flag.
Alan <><, Wellsboro [06-14-2007]

I love this information,and happy to be a american.
anonymous, Cape Canaveral, Fl. [06-14-2007]

I am in the 2nd grade. It is flag day and I am learning about why this became a day to remember.
Stanley Fisher, Bend OR [06-14-2007]

My Great Grandmother on my Father's side is Helen Ross - in the ancestral line from Betsy. I am so proud of Betsy Ross and her contribution to our country! She IS our Flag's heroine.
Paul David Cloues, Oviedo, FLORIDA USA [06-14-2007]

gloria [06-14-2007]

This site is wonderful. My 5 year old son and I are doing a unit on the flag this summer at his request. He has always loved the flag. By using this site, we were able to get some great information in a different medium than in books. Thak you so much. We hope to visit the real Betsy Ross house in the near future!
Susan Rogers, Alexandria, NH [06-14-2007]

Websites like this one can spark memories and rekindle the patriotism inside of us all. I never thought surfing the web could bring such a warm feeling and a burst of emotions and feelings to life. I have a true satisfaction in being able to state "I AM AMERICAN", the American pride we all share, the gratitude I have for what once taken for granted. For even if this moment only lasts the night, for the little time I remebered, what it was to feel this way again, live in the moment. Thanks too all, who have fought, risked and laid down thier lives, sacrificed themselves and thier families for US, "THE AMERICAN FLAG" and "THE GREAT NATION" it stands for, so we Americans can live and die, FREE. Thanks Mr. Jim Flanagan
Mr. Jim Flanagan, Staten Island New York County of Richmond USA [06-14-2007]

This was a very helpful site for my classroom.
Donna Degaris, Poplar Bluff, MO [06-14-2007]

God Bless America and may America remember to Bless God for all He has done and will do for our great nation.
Carol Clark, New Port Richey, FL [06-13-2007]

dottie k [06-12-2007]

Peggy Murtha, Turnersville, New Jersey 08012 [06-12-2007]

I gotta write a report on Betsy Ross so I decided to sign the guestbook! You Rock!
Kayla Kline [06-12-2007]

Wonderful! I am a homeschool mom who loves to "travel" with my 3 children. Your tour is very well done and we will be viewing it over and over again! We Love US History, We Love The USA! Thank you!
Sharon Holt, Fallbrook, California [06-12-2007]

Great work on this website. a lot of great history. Please if you get a chance visit our American Legion website at and don't forget to sign the guest book...
Brenda, Ohio [06-11-2007]

who are you?
SAFINA, brooklyn ny 11208 [06-08-2007]

Besty Ross is amazing, I wish I could make histeroy textbooks like her
Katy Miles, Herndon VA [06-07-2007]

thanks for the site on how to display an American flag
anonymous, anderson, alabama [06-06-2007]

I think Betsey is very important to our country. If she hadn't made our flag, then we still would have been the 13 colonies.
Franny [06-06-2007]

missoregon, hawii [06-06-2007]

morgan [06-05-2007]

anonymous [06-05-2007]

izzie [06-05-2007]

besty ross i, doing a report on u and uve teached me so much thank you 4 making history
Angely, perth amboy new jersey [06-05-2007]

jenni, usa [06-04-2007]

jasmine [06-04-2007]

thank you for the information and it will helpp me to do my program at the liberty.
rosemary [06-04-2007]

thank god that the united states of america gives the highest honor to its war dead and vets who die at home
GERALD H. CAMP, villa rica, ga., usa [06-04-2007]

I am a member of the Elks. Our order observes flag Day. I have a whole new out look on the American flag thank's to this site. Thank you for being here.
charles Regnier, Belton,MO. [06-04-2007]

I visited the Betsy Ross house many years ago. I am a history buff as you can see from my email address when we received our freedom from England.
Terry Wood, Cincinnati, OH USA [06-01-2007]

annmarie logan, pittsburgh,pa usa [06-01-2007]

um... hi?
Danny [06-01-2007]

i am cool
anonymous [06-01-2007]

anonymous [06-01-2007]

Just thought I'd log in as I am the 10th generation direct descendant of Betsy Ross Claypoole.
Anita Moor, Seattle, WA [05-31-2007]

I think Betsy Ross was a amazing person.
Melanie, Minnesota [05-31-2007]

najean, philadelphia pennsylvania [05-28-2007]

hello Betty ross thank you for the american flag. It sounds like you did a lot of work.
Rae-Rae, phoenix,arizonas [05-28-2007]

anonymous [05-28-2007]

have a great day
macey [05-28-2007]

i like researching about you. you are the best. i like your flag
Autumn [05-28-2007]

personally, i will not purchase an american flag that was not made in the usa! workers in other countries have to laugh at the fact that americans spend our money on foreign made flags, what did our veterans fight and die for?
DAVID COOPER, oregon, oh. [05-28-2007]

hey im doing a social studies essay and this site is GREAT!
Krystal [05-28-2007]

Muriel Wilson Perrine, West Windsor, N. J. [05-28-2007]

so kool :) it had everything i needed and more!
Sarah Culpepper, 13 [05-28-2007]

Thank you for this wonderful website! I have learned so much.
anonymous, Los Altos, CA [05-28-2007]

karen sala, chicago illinois [05-28-2007]

Is it proper to ever use a folded that has been used to cover a casket for a display in place of a flag on a staff.
George Worthy [05-28-2007]

ewty, country [05-28-2007]

early american history is facinating for me, I can never learn enough! My family is said to have a little history as well. I have been told (forever) that Paul Revere is a direct ancestor on my fathers side. I have a small silver spoon, I have been told that was made by him. I have never had it authenticated, and should some day.
marilyn mitchell, martinez california [05-28-2007]

Katie [05-28-2007]

Hey! Nice page.
Nilas, Copenhagen, Denmark [05-24-2007]

Erin Gamache, Farmingdale [05-24-2007]

history i love
macy hipkins, my zip code is 04347 [05-24-2007]

Love Betsy Ross and this is a great site! Roger
Roger, Knoxville, Tennessee [05-24-2007]

please tell me lots of information about betsey ross
bob, housten texas [05-23-2007]

we home school and are studying this time period. Thanks
shannon, ontario oregon [05-22-2007]

HELP ME what are Bestsy Ross's brother and sisters names Please HELP ME!
¢¾someone¢¾, salisbury ma [05-22-2007]

Chaselyn [05-22-2007]

i love the betsy ross stuff. i printed all the stuff
tyra, hershey pa,17033 [05-22-2007]

i have to do a biography on a famous person. so i chose betsy ross. I`M IN FOURTH GRADE.
alyssa matera, little ferry N.J. [05-22-2007]

My Granddaughter is doing a report on Betsy Ross for school. I have printed a copy of the Affidavits and a picture for her to include in her report. I hope someday I can visit Betsy Ross's home in person.
Mitzie Kimes, La Mirada, California [05-22-2007]

One Nation under God. May our flag always fly high and Free!
Barb, New Hampshire [05-21-2007]

jacoblarsen, denmark [05-21-2007]

Morten Larsen, Denmark, Copenhagen [05-21-2007]

Jacqueline Harrison [05-21-2007]

Guestbook signed!
Kasper J 1.c, Denmark, sukkertoppen [05-21-2007]

jose [05-21-2007]

My daughter had to research a famous woman so Betsy ur the 1! Thanks for the flag!
Lori M., ga [05-21-2007]

Betsy Ross rocksaJFK.RED
anonymous [05-18-2007]

Vance [05-18-2007]

Am interested in world history, good website!
anonymous, Hampshire, England [05-18-2007]

been here
Aria, Denmark [05-18-2007]

Nadia, Denmark [05-16-2007]

what's up?
drew wolfley [05-16-2007]

she is cool
Samantha Bosse [05-16-2007]

i love u guys
danielle zeek [05-15-2007]

kendyl bales, california,brea [05-15-2007]

Hello, We have been learning about Betsy Ross in school. This was a fun web site to look at.
Kindergarten class K06, Sioux Falls, South Dakota [05-15-2007]

dawn, terryville,ctq [05-14-2007]

We just visited your lovely Betsy Ross Guestbook. My daughter Sofia will talking about USA in school program project now beginning of June. Just great was also our trip to USA, also visited Philadelphia, just a couple of months ago. God Bless America ! Our greetings from the tiny, but mighty, independent Republic of San Marino.
Mrs. Renata Beccari (Mularoni Family), Domagnano (R.S.M.) Republic of San Marino [05-14-2007]

when i was in the marines we used three different size flags. holiday, standard, and storm. we used these even on base.
Rick Totty, Bartlett, TN. 38135 [05-14-2007]

So much stuff about Betsy Ross! I'm a fifth grader. (But don't worry. I'm in GATE [Gifted and Talented Education], so I can understand this. :) It really helped my research report.
chickens, chickentown, oklahoma [05-11-2007]

betty, ethiopia [05-11-2007]

I am doing a program tommorow and I am Betsy
Emma [05-11-2007]

Betsy Ross is an amamzing person. I pcked her to do my report on.
Kennedy, orlando, FL, US [05-11-2007]

I have to do a report on her so.
hannah, blaine,mn [05-10-2007]

xfjz, sicklerville [05-10-2007]

Question: I have an afghan pattern for the American Flag that has 46--instead of 50--stars on the field of blue. Would such a creation violate the Flag Code?
Ilah [05-09-2007]

well hello who ever reads this i am just to say that i am doing a report on betsy ross
anonymous [05-09-2007]

JOHN BALES, mustang, oklahoma. [05-09-2007]

I love Betsy
Jen Flynn, Virgina [05-09-2007]

i love her she is a great person!
Amber Wilson, Mabelvale Arkansas [05-09-2007]

katelynross [05-09-2007]

Cub Scout research. I liked everything. You present it very well. Thanks for your help.
Jerry, Washington Terrace, Ut [05-08-2007]

hello. i was trying to decide who to do a biography on for my social studies project. i saw your page. i thought it was interesting. thanks.
anonymous [05-08-2007]

I am 12 years old and doing a bioboard on betsy ross
me [05-08-2007]

this is will smith yo
will smith, los angels [05-08-2007]

sam [05-08-2007]

Melissa Alten [05-08-2007]

Thanks so much for all that information! It helped me write a lesson plan for my first grade class!
Karen [05-08-2007]

Jennifer Cohen, Victorville, CA [05-08-2007]

Erica Wise, Sycamore, IL [05-07-2007]

anonymous [05-05-2007]

Dylan [05-05-2007]

A Mexican worker flies the mexico flag above the american flag in front of his home. I told him that its wrong and if he keeps it up ill kick his a**!
jeff Seaman, New Gretna [05-04-2007]

brooke [05-04-2007]

ehh son ehh Maranda Was Here(Son)
Maranda, Cheerleader [05-04-2007]

your website is awesome! I learned a lot from this site for my history project. i also am an 8th grader and learned so much more. Thanks for a great site.
meliss montesano, pennsylvannia [05-02-2007]

I'm Besty Ross in a 5th grade school play and it's cool to see how she lived and read facts about her because she is a very important person in the history of America. Thank you. Hannah (Besty Ross)
HANNAH ROYAL, battle creek michigan usa [05-02-2007]

Betsy Ross is AWESOME im doing her for a social studies project! woooo hooo
Sami Koepsel, Wisconsin [05-02-2007]

Hi I rock!
Kayla [05-02-2007]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross Where i have to dress up like her and this sight has been very helpful in the information i need to write my report
Gabi, Vernon Fl. [05-02-2007]

what was her hobby
Tori, anahuac,Texas [05-02-2007]

How sad it is that our own Senate failed to pass the Flag Desecration Ammendment. They respresent the People? Yeah right.
Jimbo, Pittsburgh [05-02-2007]

I thought the tour was very interesting. I do not think I will ever be able to take the trip so this was the next best thing. Very informative.
Ella Boyd, Stuart, Virginia [05-02-2007]

Iam playing her in scool By. Haileigh.would like more info on her i,m 7 years old
Haileigh Miller, marston mo 63866 [05-02-2007]

I LOVE THIS SITE! i have to be a character for a school project and i have decided to be betsy ross because i think she is the most wonderful person on earth! thank you! this site has helped me soo much! thank you again! Bailey, 11, owasso oklahoma
Bailey Purvis, owasso, OK, 74055 [05-02-2007]

She is my ONLY female historical idol!
anonymous [04-30-2007]

I Think it's a exciting site, with lots of good informations about the US history.
Steffen, Denmark [04-30-2007]

i am your great great great great great granddauter.
jess [04-28-2007]

Deann [04-28-2007]

Love your Website! I have posted a link to it for my Website visitors to see at: - Keep up the great work you are doing! God Bless America!
Larry James, Scottsdale, AZ [04-28-2007]

how did betsy ross die
Jessica [04-28-2007]

we just love your site and would like to find out how to buy an american flag .
NELSON,JOSEPH,ELIZABETH,NELSON JR.JORDANNA, p.o box 146 weleetka okla.74880 [04-26-2007]

This site was really a major help! i got a level 4 on my project mainly because of this site. THANX FOR MAKING IT!
Kel Kel, New York City [04-26-2007]

I love Betsy Ross she is my favorite person in the whole entire world!
Matt, wildwood MO [04-26-2007]

I really like the site that ya'll have put up. It is very usefull and intertaining
Linda Blansett, Foxworth, Mississippi [04-26-2007]

well i dont know if this is true but how many hubbys did Betsy Ross Have????????
Tyler [04-26-2007]

im studing her and i found out a lot
tiana [04-26-2007]

hi loser
linnea, bloomington,mn [04-24-2007]

In social studies we have 3 projects to do.I CHOSE ONE ON betsy ross I DIDN'T KNOW HER BUT NOW I KNOW OF HER.
alicia [04-24-2007]

I was here!(to learn how to cut a 5-point star in 1 worked!)
ELA, Missisippi [04-23-2007]

I don't know why, but my teacher said that i had to sign i the guest book
Kenni, Denmark [04-23-2007]

Sparzyl [04-23-2007]

We came on April 20th, a Friday, for a school feild trip to the constitution and a walk around historic Philadelphia.I loved the fact everything and every place i touched Betsy Ross did, too!
Sydney Shipley, Williamstown NJ [04-21-2007]

I looked at your flag etiquette page and question the picture of the flagged-draped casket. It appears that the blue field is over the right shoulder, when, according to your documentation, it should be over the left. Please explain...
anonymous, Asheville, NC [04-21-2007]

I have learned a lot about this talented lady. Thank you Betsy for your love of our country.
Gianna Fabiano, Tinley Park, Il. 60477 [04-21-2007]

I am a 4th grader at Columbus Elementry in Edwardsville, IL and I am doing an essay on Betsy Ross.
Allison Pritchard, Edwardsville, IL 62025 [04-20-2007]

I am anxious to research the relation to John Claypoole and when Betsy married him.
Keith Claypool, pa [04-20-2007]

thanks for having this site it means a lot to me because i never knew who made the flag
Keiarra Sanae jones, wharton tx [04-20-2007]

george e hanson jr, cleveland,tn [04-19-2007]

tina randle, st.paul [04-19-2007]

I did a speech on betsy ross, and I made it into the speech contest. it was really interesting to learn about her.
makenzie middleton, peoria Arizona [04-19-2007]

Like tha site ^^.. Thumps up,
Schwein, Age 17, Kopenhagen, + 1.C <--- Ownz0rs [04-19-2007]

Jylene Delgado [04-19-2007]

hi! hopefully this site will help me!:)
katie, minnesota [04-19-2007]

We were in Philadelphia a few years ago and enjoyed our tour of the Betsy Ross house. Thank you.
Judy Walter, Galien, Michigan [04-19-2007]

anonymous [04-19-2007]

Tykesha Bryant, Lafayette, AL [04-19-2007]

Hi: My name is Riley Winslow I'm nine years old and go to the Floral St. School in Shrewsbury Ma. I am doing a report on Betsy Ross for school. Thank you for the information.
Riley M. Winslow, Shrewsbury Ma. 01545 [04-19-2007]

I'm having to do a report on her so thanx 4 creating the site <3
Anna Williams, Jax Fl [04-18-2007]

hi! All my life I have been wanting to see Betsy Ross' house! I'm ten and i am doin a pennsylvania project. We had to dress up as a famous person from our state, so i chose Betsy Ross! I hope i will see her house soon!
anonymous, missouri [04-18-2007]

charles kessler, monroe va 24574 [04-18-2007]

hello how are you
maria, dallas texas [04-18-2007]

maria, dallas texas [04-18-2007]

Betsy... u rock!
anonymous [04-17-2007]

gert nbgt [04-17-2007]

I think Betsy rossd was a very important person
Tawanda Cirus, pa [04-16-2007]

Betsy Ross, thnx 4 making the American Flag
anonymous [04-16-2007]

Betsy you Rock!
anonymous [04-16-2007]

Very good site, lots of information, and that's really great.
Daniel, Denmark [04-16-2007]

I think your website is very, very nice. I am writing the history of flag day, and your information is great. Thank you
Helen, Folsom, CA [04-14-2007]

Thank you for making our first flag. I liked showing your site to my family and friends.
Baylee, Council Bluffs, IOwa [04-14-2007]

sweet peanuts
Frank, 11 pittsburgh Pa [04-13-2007]

great information thank you,God Bless America....
Marcus P.Merwin, monroeville pa 15146 [04-13-2007]

Beautyful flag...
1.b, Denmark [04-13-2007]

I am doing a report on her. this site was very helpful
Emily Powell, Baltimore,Maryland [04-13-2007]

am doing a report, timeline, and artifact box on betsy ross
selina, colorado [04-13-2007]

I tihkn you could get good information on this website
anonymous [04-13-2007]

I love this homepage but it needs more info. Keep working!
Alexa [04-13-2007]

Kasper Westergaard, Denmark [04-13-2007]

betsy ross rocks because she just finished my list for interesting people from pennsylvania. wooot! go betsy!
patty, salem [04-13-2007]

Betsy ross rocks!
liz, lizard [04-13-2007]

uu [04-13-2007]

Cloe, Blair [04-13-2007]

I went in to this site to help a grandson with school work. Very helpful. Thanks so much.
Getonia Clark, Florissant, Mo, 63031 [04-13-2007]

I love this site! it was really usefull for a report i did on Betsy Ross!
anna, ohio [04-13-2007]

I was searching for things for my daughter for a school project. We really enjoyed your website. Thanks for making history come alive for my little girl.
Jennifer A. Henry, Wellston Ohio 45692 [04-13-2007]

hi betsy ross
liz [04-06-2007]

You rock and im doing a report on her!
Alex [04-06-2007]

I am doing a report on Betsy ross.
Aspen, Arizona [04-06-2007]

i think it was cool that betsy made the flag .and i think her house is was sad that john died
tiffany allison, cherryvale [04-06-2007]

betsy ross is sooo cool!i'm doing a project on her in class. its called revolutionary spuds we get someone from the revolutionary war and we make them a potato! itll rock and be really fun! mine will totally be the best because i got the best person! although debrah sampson was pretty cool! thanks for all this info!
gabi, Orange Park FL USA [04-06-2007]

Hey I'm doing a report on Betsy ross and I got so much pictures and like I'm having a lot of fun.
Kellcee Hall, Modesto [04-06-2007]

I this website was pretty good although I would have made the instructions to making a five pointed star clearer. But thank you because now I have the info for a book report I needed.
Chanel [04-06-2007]

how did betsy ross die? WAs she a patriot or a loyalist?
yaslinda, new haven,connecticut [04-06-2007]

RYAN AND SAUTRINA CASTANEDA, san pedro, ca usa [04-06-2007]

betsy ross ia awesome, i have to do a report on her. i have learned so much about her. she rocks! i am glad i chose betsy ross P.S. ferrets rock
tyedye [04-06-2007]

Carol Means, Springfield, Missouri [04-06-2007]

juli [04-06-2007]

g This comes from the contact us page at Coral Graphics I this this is not the right way to us the flag. This comes from the contact us page at Coral Graphics I this this is not the right way to us the flag.
anonymous [04-06-2007]

I am doing a class project and found this site to be very helpful.
Brittany, Lexington, North Carolina [04-06-2007]

priyanshi, hampton [04-06-2007]

mariah moneda, litchfield arizona [04-06-2007]

I would to learn more
cheyenne, 713 arlingtoncreek [04-06-2007]

what year did betsy ross die
anonymous [04-06-2007]

Lily [04-06-2007]

i love this site keep it up is nice and good keep it up is finnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
emmy ezeorum, lome tg 60 [04-06-2007]

Orly thinks this site is great! Nothing about gryphons-this offends Orly...( Orly is a gryphon ) Orly guesses that not everything can be about gryphons. Three cheers for Orly the Mighty! Orly! Orly! ORLYYY!
Orly the Mighty [04-06-2007]

i need to get stuff about this lady. help me ughh it soo boring
amber [04-06-2007]

Were you in the revolutionary war?
Cinny, az [04-06-2007]

i lived near the house and if only to see it again i'm 71 years old now glad i found the web.have a great day jeanne
jeanne loftus, boonville ny [04-06-2007]

AJ Wimers, PI Manila [04-06-2007]

Frances Silcox, Moraga, CA [04-06-2007]

hope [04-06-2007]

Brianna, Milwaukee WI [04-06-2007]

This was such a fun time learning about besty ross and what she did with her life and making the flag.I had a blast learn about you Besty Ross.
sweeet shine [04-06-2007]

besty ross is and al ways will b #1
anonymous [04-06-2007]

i love old besty ross
anonymous [04-06-2007]

Wow! I think Betsy Ross is awesome! I think that if there was no Betsy Ross, there would be no...flag!
Kira, MN, Mankato [04-06-2007]

Tiffany [04-06-2007]

Betsy Ross you were a very good women i just wish you were here today to tell your story from your point of view
Chelsea [04-06-2007]

Over the weekend our Cub Scout pack leader decided to retire a flag that was only three years old and in very good condition as part of a cross over ceremony. It was mentioned that a flag should be pretty well worn then cut before burning is that correct?
Kim, Fort Worth TX USA [04-06-2007]

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brittany king, palmer, alaska, USA [04-06-2007]

I hope that everybody enjoys their life..
Anna, Denmark [04-06-2007]

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I think the web sight is very useful for some one is doing a report on Betsy Ross!
Elizabeth Derringer, Columbus IN [04-06-2007]

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victoria northington, g,a [04-06-2007]

This website is exactly what I needed! I'm home schooled and am supposed to do a research paper on Besty Ross, and this website is PERFECT! I'm soooooooo glad you guys made it, and I hope it stays on the web forever!
Katie, New York [04-06-2007]

Used the site for a school paper on Betsy Ross.
ashley johnson, Bedford, TX [04-06-2007]

Thanx for the info!h
b+m, Indiana [04-06-2007]

Betsy Ross is my PA famous person report. GO BETSY
Hallie [04-06-2007]

I doesn't really know what to write, but it's my homework, so I have to write something. I think ii's a good side to look at, I do now know something about the American history that I didn't know before.
Marie Rugholm Nielsen, Smørum, Denmark [04-06-2007]

Hi Betsy, I am doing a report on you.
anonymous [04-06-2007]

hey this site really helpped me thanks!
G, New youk [04-06-2007]

this is a very good site and i like how you get to tour the house good job !
brittany [04-06-2007]

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Tobias, Denmark [04-06-2007]

Serkan, Denmark [04-06-2007]

I love Betsy! I love Betsy! I love Betsy!
Fonda, Minnesota [04-06-2007]

This is a wonderful site and I'm so impressed I linked to it on my website: come and visit the East Bay of Rhode Island and expreience more of the early years of this country...
Jenny, rhode island [04-06-2007]

I Love Betsy Ross she was NOT the flag maker! I did researched it and she just helped. I am doing this for a project I am in 6th grade and I have to make food from that time too. I also have to dress up like her too. LOL this is fun!
Veronica, nc [04-06-2007]

Nice site and informational
Dana Rankin, Paulsboro [04-06-2007]

Hey, how do you do?
Rasmus Meyer Mortensen, 2650 Hvidovre, DK [04-06-2007]

Hej Anne-Birgiite, hvorfor skulle vi melde os til her?
Magnus Bitsch, Denmark [04-06-2007]

Please help me I need to know if Betsy Ross really made the Flag ? (i need it for a project i have to dress up like her and need to right a report 4 pages long.)
Veronica [04-06-2007]

It seems like they are mostly talking about the flags instead of her.
sarah [04-06-2007]

Nice page, it's a great help with schoolwork.
Anne, Denmark. [04-06-2007]

I really love this homepage because it tells you cool stuff about Betsy ross! My Class is learning about colonial lives and the revolutionary War
Caitlynn, Harwich Ma [04-06-2007]

Mikey Rodriguez, Peyton, CO, USA [04-06-2007]

I am trying to meld the geneology of Betsy Ross and John Ross, who was chief of the Cherokee. Can anyone help? Thank you.
Jerry Tydeman, Pocatello, Id [04-06-2007]

My my.. I'm only doing this because my teacher told me to do so... Anyways... Gratz to you all!
Niclas, Sukkertoppen [04-06-2007]

I was looking for a famous quote by Betsy Ross for my 3rd grade Famous Woman report.
Zach [04-06-2007]

Alvina Cooley, Vogelweh Elem., Kaiserslautern, Germany [04-06-2007]

A few of us are contesting the place and position of our flag in regards to all the other foriegn flags we honor at our work site. We work on a passenger/tour boat in a bay. There is a long pier that leads from the shoreline to the docked boat to be boarded. Some say the flag is to be placed shoreside and is the first to pass as you go towards the vessel. Others, myself included, say the flag should be flown on the bay side staff and is the first to be passed going towards the shoreside from the boat towards American soil. My logic is that it should be the first flag seen coming from the sea as it were, getting off the boat and walking the rest of the way towards the beach - which brings you your first step on American soil. Which is it? Shoreside or bay/seaside? Can you help settle this? Thanks, Captain John Alioto, San Diego, CA.
john ALIOTO, United States [04-06-2007]

I really enjoyed going on the virtual tour of Betsy Ross' house. I plan on doing a class project on Betsy Ross and with this information I'm sure to get an A+. One day I hope to see it in person if my Mom will take me. THANKS!
Dahlene Crews, 321 beach 47 street Far Rockaway NY 11691 apt#1 [04-06-2007]

I've visited this site for a project I am doing in school. Thanks for the info. :)
Meka, Atmore,AL [04-06-2007]

I am doing a research paper on Betsy Ross, for my fifth grade Language class, at my elementary school. I am in fifth grade.I wanted to be a part of this guestbook so my teacher could see my interest in my report.Thank you for so much information. Jesse
Jesse, Parma,Ohio [04-06-2007]

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Marie Aimee Nielsen, Denmark [04-06-2007]

monifah williams, ashburn georgia 31714 [04-06-2007]

I Enjoyed Looking At The History Of Betsy Ross.
Diana LLoyd, Inverness,Florida [04-06-2007]

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what was betsy ross's accomplish
george [04-06-2007]

i m doing a project on betsy's life. she is so cool!<(^_^)>
sakura, laos [04-06-2007]

Great for projects
Nicoly oly oly [04-06-2007]

This site was a big help completing my 4th grade report on the American Revolution.
anna tesoriero, Huntington, NY [04-06-2007]

I liked learning how to make a 5 pointed star!
Anna - 2nd Grade, il [04-06-2007]

nice site for american history love it
Danyelle Thompson, Lou. Ky. USA [04-06-2007]

i amired betsy ross
shantiniuqe bell, detroit,michigan [04-06-2007]

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Martin Rasouli-Baghban, Denmark [04-06-2007]

René, Denmark [04-06-2007]

Hello My nameis:Aimee. and im do ing areport aout Betsy ross.
Aimee, Lake veiw rd Ambers Place 2103# [04-06-2007]

Original from Spain (Canary Islands)
Alfonso J. DeCarlo, California City, CA 93504 [04-06-2007]

tt [04-06-2007]

i am in the 4th grade i did a roupet and this helped me a lot
Mary, Hicksvill New York [04-06-2007]

ashley [04-06-2007]

For me the american flag means Liberty. You are a great People and a great Nation! I enjoy very much your website.
Lumena Martins, Lisbon, Portugal [04-06-2007]

what about childhood photo's
cindy [04-06-2007]

Hello from Hamburg Germany. I am Owner of an old Betsy Ross Flag. The Flag was in the Estade of my Family. A Branch of my Familie was emigratet ca. 1812. The Story i know, is that all of them where living scatteret in the USA. Around 1923 after WW1 a Part of the Family went back to Germany. In there Estade we found in 1980 a Flag with 13 Stars. Now i am the Owner of the Flag. While using the Searchengines to answer my questions, i found this Side. How can i get some more Informations about this Flag and her Age. Thanks for Help.
Miro, Hamburg Germany [04-06-2007]

Gwendolyn Stewart, Brooklyn, NY [04-06-2007]

I did a report on Betsy Ross so I went to this site to get information,and I got an A+.
Victoria, u.s.a. [04-06-2007]

i'm betsy ross' cousin from a distance. she was incredible. i have documents from her. so, ha!
kayl ross [04-06-2007]

caroline [04-06-2007]

Nicole Siomn, Portville NY [04-06-2007]

YOu wbsite it was helpful for me to do a project
Erin, Queens [04-06-2007]

my daughter is doing a report on mrs. ross. we look forward to visiting the museum getting a taste of the past & visiting your fine city. see you soon.
celia kintz, mansfield ohio [04-06-2007]

My wife and I recently purchased a copy of the "Birth of Our Nations Flag" framed in an antique store. The lower right hand corner of the picture says "copyright 1911." There is an embossed seal from the Betsy Ross Association near the 1911 date. Do you know the history of this print? Dennis Lloyd
Dennis Lloyd, Indianapolis, IN 46256 [04-06-2007]

Many people have written "God Bless America" Look around- God has blessed America, the question being; what are we doing with the blessings He has bestowed upon us...
Chip Rommel, Garland, Texas [04-06-2007]

Sup my homie??????
Mai kine, New York [04-06-2007]

Need more close up photos of Betsy.
The Raffa Family [04-06-2007]

My teacher is Betsy Ross`s great great great great great granddaughter. Her name is Kathryn Morton! Haha my friend just asked me how I know her first name. I said because it is on her name tag. Sorry, well Yeah. messege back. gee thanks. ♥natalie♥
Natalie Juergens, cecil county maryland [03-08-2007]

hi, im from dry creek elementrey and i needed history for a report so, thank you .p.s. im in 4th grade!
Emily [03-07-2007]

Heather [03-07-2007]

Alexis Leticia Navarro [03-07-2007]

hey! love learning about the US especially bc i just moved here from Hong Kong. I LOVE BETSY!
Ching [03-07-2007]

Very informative site!
Christy Pierce [03-07-2007]

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Benni Roder the 4th, alabama [03-07-2007]

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Valerie Sybo [03-06-2007]

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Bob, im 13 [03-06-2007]

aye yae yae! oh betsy, betsy betsy! wow i love betsy! :) history is the coolest! i want to know everything about betsy! :D woo!
Juniper, 16 [03-06-2007]

Hello, I have a project on Betsy Ross, so I would like more info on her, please.
Hello, no! [03-06-2007]

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Amber, g-ville [03-06-2007]

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Madison, Brooklynn [03-06-2007]

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Emma Jenny Taylor, England [03-06-2007]

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Maeghna, a;lifu [03-06-2007]

I'm a student in mrs.quandt's 3rd grade class at the Environmental Science magnet school. And we are doing a famous person report and I chose Betsy Ross! Thank you for the information, it was helpful.
Sabrina Green, south lake tahoe, ca [03-06-2007]

i visited the betsy ross house in 1991 just before i retired. i was stationed on the uss constellation cv64 she was america's flag ship. i was also a member of the fifty state flag color guard that provided the back drop for the return from storm ceremonies. i was the mn state flag that marched for a block with the staples mn marching band.that day i felt so proud to be an american serviceman from minnesota. that day made me realize why i decided to serve this great nation for 21 years. "god bless america" always in the service of this great nation david "da mock" mockenhaupt
AX1 DAVID P MOCKENHAUPT US NAVY RETIRED, st cloud mn 56303-3950 [03-06-2007]

Hi! We're working on our American Patriotism Intrest Projenct, and are looking up info on Betsy Ross.
Girl Scout Troop 878, Palm Bay, Florida [03-06-2007]

betsy is a grat soyer
lauren, mi [03-06-2007]

i think this is a very resorceful website
samantha, tarpon springs [03-06-2007]

i want to know what a typical day for betsy ross did, like what did she day everyday that she repeted everyday?
anonymous [03-05-2007]

I think that this is the best web site for flag information that there is
David H. Parliman, 3 School Street, Otisville, New York 10963 [03-05-2007]

Where is the American Flag that was raised at Iwa Jima now located,(the first flag)?
Charles (Tuck) Clark, Lexington, Virginia [03-03-2007]

why did elizabeth grason ///--betsy ross parents call her betsy in sted of elizabeth. taylor marie schaumann
taylor, jenison michagan 49428 united states 6357 clover lane [03-03-2007]

hi its me again! im really bored and i got in a fight so im on the computer trying to learn! Nothing better to do when youve been GROUNDED FOR NINE MONTHS! OMG
Brandie Lewallen, Arkadelphia AR [03-02-2007]

What does the gold fringe around the outside of some flags signify? Thanks!
Katherine [03-02-2007]

your site was not a big help but i like finding out all the info i needed personal info on besty ross i did not find much but thanks
kristin w., 44641 [03-02-2007]

history rocks!
Ashley Nichole Mitcham, Atlanta Geogia [03-01-2007]

Hey, Your web site is awsome.
Kate [03-01-2007]

Meg Brady [03-01-2007]

I really like Besty Ross House and all her neat stuff what she made.I really like her bedroom.Thanks for taking on the tour.
Daquanius Washington, Louisville Georgia [03-01-2007]

how did she die
anonymous [03-01-2007]

Hi I Like your site. I am doing Betty Ross as my American Hero and I was just looking for info and yours came up as the first! So you must be good! ~a fan~
anonymous [03-01-2007]

hi im doing a report!
maddy [03-01-2007]

Delena [03-01-2007]

betsy, scs [03-01-2007]

anonymous, 55954 [03-01-2007]

Jerry Palmer [03-01-2007]

did you want to marry john at first
kiarra, iowa johnston [03-01-2007]

anonymous, Tuscola IL. [03-01-2007]

Does anyone know a Betsy Ross song about her sewing the flag. I learned it in Kindergarten and only remember one verse.
Nicole Gindorf, West Hills, Ca [03-01-2007]

GREAT Website!
Kirsten Boothe [03-01-2007]

hey ppl, i'm doing a project for my 7th grade u.s. history class, and i need serious help! We're making an A to Z list for subjects on revolutionary characters, which in my case is Betsy Ross. I need a subject for these remaining letters: H, K, N, O, R, V, X, and Y. I don't have to do 5 of these letters, just to let you know. Thanx everyone, and if you've found an answer, e-mail me.
Sabrina, Seattle, WA [03-01-2007]

hey hows life!
melly [03-01-2007]

This is a inspirational site, and if another person were to do a report on her, I think they should go to this one. I am proud to be remembered that I went here! :) ;)
Megan Walker [03-01-2007]

Cool website! It really helped me with the report I was doing!
Shannon [03-01-2007]

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kayla, aberdeen [03-01-2007]

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andrew [03-01-2007]

Haylee [03-01-2007]

Kacey McKnight, Pennsylvania [03-01-2007]

my daughter is doing a book report on betsy ross and we need to know everything about her
CINDY, atoka,tn [03-01-2007]

betsy ross is an inspiring woman in history, i just wish people would have noticed how equal man and woman truly are. many woman, during the revolution did more work than the men. they took over the busines or went to camps and watched their husbands die. they had to remarry in 24 hours if their husband did die, and they wished to stay in the camps, the woman were the real patriots
mimi [03-01-2007]

This site is great
Emma Jenny Taylor, England [03-01-2007]

Julia Kotkin, Sussex, NJ [03-01-2007]

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doobie [03-01-2007]

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Chittibabu Gosangi, India, Andhrapradesh,Amalapuram [03-01-2007]

Many kids today do not know who Betsy Ross is. We need to spread the word. I created a fun quiz which captures some of the most famous facts about Betsy. Many people who have taken it have said that they have learned a lot about Miss Ross.
CMB, Born in Philadelphia, PA [03-01-2007]

christa [03-01-2007]

dan [03-01-2007]

I printed a copy of the painting showing Betsy Ross as she displayed the finished flag to George Washington, George Ross, and Robert Morris. My daughter is going to show it in Kindergarten tommorrow for "Show and Tell". Thank you.
Gale Johnson, Overland Park, KS [03-01-2007]

Manuela Thompson, Burke, Virginia [03-01-2007]

I am doing a flag etiquette question for the American Legion Auxiliary and this site been very helpful thank you Elke
Elke Tate, Waynesville,NC. [03-01-2007]

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Kelsey, Oregon [03-01-2007]

this is the best and most helpful website ever!
katie [03-01-2007]

Katelyn [03-01-2007]

We are celebrating Pres. Washington's birthday here at our 1796 Benjamin Patterson Posting Inn with Ben Patterson, an aide to Wachington. I will be making a replica of the first flag. This site is full of valuable information. Thank you.
Jan K., Corning, New York [03-01-2007]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross for our X-10 class in school. I am in 2nd grade. I like Betsy ROss. She helped our country.
Emma, Poquoson, VA [03-01-2007]

Great site for young children to learn the American flags history!
Robert S. Bowen, Jr., Dresher, PA [03-01-2007]

this was a big help thanks
isabell, louisville ohio american [03-01-2007]

NICOL HART, Savannah, GA [03-01-2007]

Thanks for a very informative site. Learned some new and interesting things. Have always and will always fly my flag with pride. Grateful everyday to those that have and those that continue to make it possible for me to do so. Sincerly. Patty
Patty, Warner Robins Ga USA [03-01-2007]

salmanca [03-01-2007]

This is so cool!
B.P, Tenessee [03-01-2007]

I would like to know how Betsy Ross died? Did she have a husband? Did she have kids? thanks
Miley [03-01-2007]

I love all your info because i have a report on you and i might get all this right so thank you
amanda, helena [03-01-2007]

my daughter is doing a report on betsy ross please send me information thank you
thomas dirago, staten island new york 10306 [03-01-2007]

We are a military family living overseas. I am a Girl Scout leader and this website was great in helping my daughter earn a badge about the American Flag.
Sara Nauman, Parsberg, Germany [03-01-2007]

I hope this site has pics of Betsy Ross so I know how she dressed for a school program Im doing soon caled Walk Through The American Revolution. I got the part as Betsy Ross and I need to know how she dressed to lpay the part.
sydney [03-01-2007]

I am the author of "I'm your very own flag" a children's book endorsed on the back cover by General Tommy Franks, ret. with his picture. The book written in verse and an easy red, focuses on the history and courage and sacrifice which is woven into our Amemican flag and binds us all together as Americans. You can view the cover and back cover on Barnes and The story is accompanied by vivid illustrations from that era and depicts Betsy Ross sewing the flag. I would love for you to carry this book in your book store. Many schools are using this book as a teaching tool in their third grade classes. Can I send you a copy.
Sue Voorhees, St. Louis, MO 63124 [03-01-2007]

Kacey [03-01-2007]

Charlotte Brooks Cribb, Georgetown South Carolina [03-01-2007]

I just found out that my middel name cames from Betsy Ross. My father said she was a 3rd or 4th aunt of ours.
Andrew Ross Cameron, ontario, ca [03-01-2007]

Radloff [03-01-2007]

Megan Watkins, Chattanooga [03-01-2007]

hey i just wanted to let u all know that this site helped me a lot. im doing a report where i have to pretend to be betsy ross . thank u
rachel, Coarsegold, California, [03-01-2007]

My name in Kimberly Rogers, I am a kindergartner at Ridgewood Elementry. My Mom helped me find your site. I love learning about you. It was Fun. Can you send me more information please. Its grandma's email cause mommy's printer is crazy. but my email is ray- thank you Kimber. mommy helped me type this.. Rembember I am only 6 thanks Kimber
kimber rogers, Illionis [03-01-2007]

Brittany, Bristol, CT [03-01-2007]

My niece is doing a school report on Besty Ross and I need some information...
anonymous, belton, sc [03-01-2007]

Great info on the flags!
anonymous [03-01-2007]

hey am doing a english project about betsy ross! and you rock!
isabel santos [03-01-2007]

We had to write a report on a person who had a big affect on America and Christianity, i picked Betsy, she's awesome!
Lexi Ulrich, lander, Wyoming [03-01-2007]

this site is awesome.. and it really helped me on my open house project about betsy ross.
stephanie, missouri, usa [03-01-2007]

Miranda [03-01-2007]

anonymous [03-01-2007]

JIna [03-01-2007]

I saw a picture of the Space Shuttle(NASA web page) The Flag on the right side of the ship appeared to be displayed incorrectly (with the Union field in the upper right) Is it correct to have the flag displayed so on a plane or space craft? Doesn't seem correct.
anonymous, Temecula CA [03-01-2007]

i need informaition by thursday.
emily, cincinati [03-01-2007]

isabel [02-13-2007]

Could you please tell me how Betsy Ross died? I saw an article about lead poisoning but wasn't to sure of the source. My students have been searching the internet all afternoon but have had no success. Thanks!
anonymous [02-13-2007]

did she have any kids
ryan, 188bernard rd [02-13-2007]

I doing a report on Betsy Ross
Dakota, The Woodlands,Texas [02-13-2007]

Rebekah [02-13-2007]

Wonderful to relive the visit i took as a child.
kelly, scranton pa [02-13-2007]

did betsy really make our country's flag?
anonymous [02-13-2007]

I am working on a project for my second grade class,thanks for all the help & information.
caitlyn Stewart [02-13-2007]

Hey. i love betsy ross. shes even my grat great greet ect. grandma i think shes awsome =]
anonymous [02-13-2007]

I like Betsy Ross house. I would like to come back again and visit.
Trenece, newortnews, virginia [02-13-2007]

KIRSTIE DELGADO, la mirada, ca, los angeles [02-13-2007]

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Austin Kirk [02-06-2007]

Needed a picture of Betsy's flag. Thanks
Steven Plotkin, Seymour, Ct [02-06-2007]

hi this is radi claire ducote i love this website
randi claire, bunkie LA east hwy 29 [02-05-2007]

bob, location [02-05-2007]

Help me find a betsy ross quote
Bob, Mississippi [02-05-2007]

It was really cool to go to Betsy Ross's house. It looked real, like I was there. I went into her house, in the back of her garden and I felt like I was really there.
Yesenia, Etiwanda, California [02-05-2007]

Marisa [02-05-2007]

I am doing a paper on Betsy Ross .I love her work .I hope to be like her.
Bethany Stansbury, Longview,Tx [02-04-2007]

hey she is asome
tonya, txas [02-04-2007]

hey im doing a report on her at school right this second!
Ariel, petersburg ak [02-04-2007]

I found out a lot of interesting facts and information to use on my research paper. Thanks!
Chelsea Phillips, Hickory, NC [02-04-2007]

natasha [02-04-2007]

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AUSTIN [02-04-2007]

Hi I am doing a report on Betsy Ross This is a great website
Madi [02-04-2007]

could you show me a picture of her weddinds pleas.......
Abbey Popa, PA, Pennsyslivan, west mifflin [02-04-2007]

I am doing a project and i'm Betsy Ross and there is a lot or good information about her and she's a really interesting person.
Kyndal, coppell, TX, [02-01-2007]

Sammi [02-01-2007]

you helped on my homework thanks
alys, minnesota [02-01-2007]

j, j [02-01-2007]

Girlie Leasure [02-01-2007]

Hello! Im just doing some research
Kenzie [02-01-2007]

Why did Betsy Ross make the flag? Was she chosen?
Ashley [02-01-2007]

natile, arizona [02-01-2007]

My connection to a Ross is Martha E. Ross who md. Nimrod M Beaver and both, as Betsy Ross, I believe of Indian descent. We did visit Betsy's home, with a tour group some yrs. ago, and loved her quaint cottage. That flag honors our Marine grandson and all our servive men. GOD BLESS AMERICA
F Pennington, WA. State [02-01-2007]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross right now at school!
Taylor Jeffries, Austin,Indiana [01-31-2007]

im a 10 year old girl livin in sanjo.
alyssa, ca san jose [01-30-2007]

i love the webb site
anonymous [01-30-2007]

This helps on a report!
Person [01-30-2007]

I think the American flag should have a picture of me. If I told you that i was walking down the street and holding the flag downwards then I kind of "accidentally dropped it" after that my mom handwashed it and put "LOVE, MOM" on the flag and I decided to put a picture of myself nude on the flag does this disobey the rules? That is why I think the flag should have a picture of me.
Mary Princey Linn, California [01-30-2007]

Krish, New York USA [01-30-2007]

i need a life timeline layed out
devyn, greenwood sc [01-30-2007]

intrested in scots immigrants in colonial america
s.n.mcguinness, glasgow,scotland [01-30-2007]

betsy ross rox my sox! she's awesome!
Bevy [01-30-2007]

~Just dropping past to show your webpage sum love~
~Miss Brandi Boo~, U already no [01-30-2007]

My mom and I are doing a project on Betsy Ross. My mom did one in 3rd grade on Betsy now my mom is helping me and I am in second grade. She is a great lady in history! written by mom Alison
Jordan (daughter) and Alison (mom), Friendswood Texas [01-30-2007]

Thanks for the very nice virtual tour of Betsy's home! One suggestion would be to enlarge the tour's wonderful pictures for a better view of all the details.
Denise Sieburg, Navarre, Florida, USA [01-30-2007]

i am inspired by your inspired i did my fifth grade report on you.thxs.
avery [01-30-2007]

Hello everyone the virtual tour was very interesting but I think people should type a little less
taylor [01-30-2007]

logn [01-30-2007]

Eugene R Vonesh, 5734 Irving ave N Brooklyn Center MN 55430 [01-30-2007]

what is the date that the flag goes back to full staff?
WILLIAM EBBERT, thousand oaks ca. 91362 [01-30-2007]

if it wasn't for betsy ross we wouldn't have our beautiful American Flag!so thanks to Betsy Ross
anonymous [01-30-2007]

hey im jazmin and i am doing a project about you
jazmin, tulsa,oklahoma [01-30-2007]

we will surve our flag
savannah faith nunn, n;c america [01-30-2007]

i just want to say that when i visted her house in 5th grade it was great and i loved it so much and i love her so much that i am doin a report on her!thank you
shanna clodfelter, lehigh acres florida [01-30-2007]

thanks for letting me use your website!
Morgan Gravley [01-30-2007]

i absolutly LOOOOVVVVVVEEEEE betsy ross. she's cool i should know i am the hottest most popular girl in red hook high school YOU RULE BETSY!
julia,16 years old, red hook ny [01-30-2007]

loser, atlantic pa [01-30-2007]

thank u
anonymous [01-30-2007]

We are doing an American history module at school and this site has helped greatly thank you!
Sarah Warren, Plymouth, England [01-30-2007]

My daughter is doing a report on a famous person and she choose Betsy Ross. Your web site was very helpful. Thank you
Martha Brunson, North Augusta, SC 29841 [01-30-2007]

One word (GREAT)
anonymous, Bayside, NY [01-30-2007]

sarah [01-30-2007]

Jane and Jerry Paul, Owensboro, KY [01-30-2007]

Emily, usa [01-30-2007]

the apple blossooms come then they go by this time it starts to snow the young girl starts to grow the first day of school young betsy finds apon herself a pepperment stick and she begins to lick you rule betsy!-again!
julia howland, red hook [01-30-2007]

thank u so much! ur book was so inspiral! :)
martha, mississippi [01-30-2007]

sewing sewing stiching stiching a young girl is she what will become of thee,if you see hard work pays off and she becmes the famous Betsy ROSS
jamaca camell, summa town [01-30-2007]

you rock! this is awsome. i just finished a book on betsy ross and needed to find more info its sssooooo interesting i mean it!i belive betsy is the greatest person who ever lived! your biggest fan julia!
julia howland, red hook ny [01-30-2007]

janie raderson [01-30-2007]

i am doing a report on betsy ross she gave a sinature to our country thaqnk you betsy ross
mona patel, montgomery,alabama [01-30-2007]

anonymous, La Crosse WI [01-30-2007]

Diana [01-30-2007]

I thought the information was very interesting. I needed this for school. Thanks!
Surremy Cochran, Lucedale, MS [01-30-2007]

I am doing a report on a famous American. I deceided to do it on Betsy Ross. Thanks for the good information provided by this website.
Emily, Austin, TX [01-30-2007]

love the house
anonymous [01-30-2007]

Jasmine, Maryland [01-30-2007]

This is a WONDERFUL web-site full of resources. My Tiger Cub den was able to find all of the information that they needed to earn a badge for their American Flag, proper folding and handling. THANK YOU!
Sabrina, Lindenhurst, IL USA [01-30-2007]

i was just visiting looking for info for a school project so if you have any other cool info i could use please send it to my email it would help a lot
Tiffany, lake city fl [01-30-2007]

I am a descendent of Betsy Ross. I am trying to find my "Ross Family History." I want to find out how many greats there are between my grandmother and Betsy. I have her creative artistic sewing skills pass down through the generations. Two newspapers are waiting for this info. Also, after reading her story, I would like to find out which of her daughters is the next in the heritage line.
Cheryl, Hemet, CA [01-30-2007]

Great site! I come often but never had the time to explore. The Betsy Ross 5 pointed star "fold/cut" was just fantastic. I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks! FYI: Off by a "smidge-it" on one point. :-)
Mike, Malden, MA. [01-30-2007]

her house was beutiful i wish i could visit it
rory daffadil, california [01-30-2007]

wowowowowowowowowowowowowowowow... cool
amanda newcomer, greentown, pa [01-30-2007]

betsy ross was REAlly important person!
Ashley, Los Angelos, California [01-30-2007]

Oh my god! I sooooo love your website. AWESOME! I soooo TOTALLY ADDICTED! I <3 you guys!
Fabeo, Rhode Island [01-30-2007]

Joyce A. Perry, Granville, Ohio [01-30-2007]

shaquala [01-30-2007]

Kevin Simonson, Isanti, MN [01-30-2007]

E [01-30-2007]

Great Site for my daughters Bio- Bash Report Thanks
Heather Cook, Kenton,Ohio United States [01-30-2007]

Im glad you like history as much as me!
anthony keeney, fallon,nevada U.S.A. [01-30-2007]

I am doing a report on Elizabeth griscom ross. She is very intresting and has a huge family. I wish to grow up to be a semstress!
Krysten Jimenez, Arizona [01-30-2007]

Hi! I'm studying Betsy Ross
Coco [01-30-2007]

Please tell me the day that ms betsy ross made the us flag
katlyn reams, henderson nc [01-30-2007]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross for my American History SAIL class. I would like to look at some of her famous quotes that i could use for my introduction in my presentation.
Jasmine Heald, Bettendorf, Iowa [01-09-2007]

i love betsy ross!......not!
chandler! [01-09-2007]

i love america!
rachel, oh [01-09-2007]

I would like to know if there is any hand carved button is any of Besty Ross memoribelia, I was told by my great Grandma that Betsy Ross hand carved button for the President and also sewed his suits. I would like to know if any of this is true in History.
Laura Ockerman, Michigan [01-09-2007]

why is their public school that don't fly a usa flag ?
gil pinette, meriden ct [01-09-2007]

anonymous, La Canada, CA [01-09-2007]

I enjoyed reading this for a History report!
Taylor Mickelson, Wisconsin [01-09-2007]

Nicole, Bartlett, illinois [01-09-2007]

samar abumarkhieh, Baytown, Tx, Harries [01-09-2007]

sarveen [01-09-2007]

thank you
(van lenten) masi, new jersey [01-09-2007]

michelle [01-09-2007]

Jennifer [01-09-2007]

If it wasn't so late I'd look around at more things. I'll be back.
Steve Kennedy, Brenham, TX [01-09-2007]

This really helped with my project. Thanks!
Tyler, North Carolina [01-09-2007]

Can you give me a book?
Emalyn, Wakefield,MA [01-09-2007]

wow, your website is awesome. betsy ross is most def my hero.
kwoot_01, under the trees, on the mountain side [01-09-2007]

My daughter has a class "timeline" project and she selected Betsy Ross. We would like to be able to access some resorces that have a selection of photographs ranging from her childhood to later in life. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you - Lora Kenfield
Lora Kenfield, Kenosha, Wisconsin [01-09-2007]

Thank you for the great website. My daughter is doingreport on special Americans in history. We chose Betsy Ross. She had a facinating life. We are actually planning a visit to Philadelphia this summer! And of course, we will be visiting her house!
Lisa D., New Jersey [01-09-2007]

Katelyn Ross, York, Pennsylvania [01-09-2007]

I have a question that you might be able to answer. I would like to know if there is any evidence that the Betsy Ross Flag was carried into battle with any of the Continetal Armies troops during the American Revolution. I have seen paintings,and of course Hollywoods depiction of Battles, but is there any written evidence of this? If you have any information can you please share it with me? Thank You very much, Jeff.
Jeffrey Freilich, 2840 County Route 1, Port Jervis, ny, 12771 [01-09-2007]

i was proud to do a book report on betsy ross and the american flag. it was fascinating.
nicole macdonald, norton, ma usa [01-09-2007]

catherine [01-09-2007]

amy rosin [01-09-2007]

This is a cool website for school!
Emily, Michigan [01-09-2007]

i am going to reinact betsy ross in may 4 my school.......she was a cool lady that changed history i can only hope to accomplish 1/10 of that!
midget [01-09-2007]

as an ancestor of robert morris, i am interested in philadelphia and the time of the declaration as well as the original flag - i enjoyed being able to tour the home of betsy ross and get a better understanding of her situation at the time she sewed the flag
LINDA MORRIS, tulsa, ok [01-09-2007]

I am a fairly new American to this wonderful Country USA. I immigrated to this great Country in 1972 from Canada. Became a proud Citizen in 1983, after receiving my green card etc. We fly the Flag with great pride almost 24/7 365 days. There is a light aluminating my Flag during dark hours. The only time I have removed my Flag from it's bracket is during a hurricane. GOD BLESS AMERICA.
Norman Shapiro, Boynton Beach, Florida [01-09-2007]

christina smith-henry, brookvile [01-09-2007]

Great site with lots of interesting items. I first stopped by to see about the flag at half staph for deceased President and found that and a lot more.
John, New Castle Pa. [01-09-2007]

I have visited this site due to I have a report due about her.I am greatly appreciated for the American Flag.Thank you Mrs.Ross for the contrubition of the Flag.
Cassandra, Yonkers, New York [01-09-2007]

Katie, New York [01-09-2007]


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