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I have noticed that many public schools do not display the flag. does anyone know why? Is there a organization to help promote Flags for schools? Thanks
M M, texas [12-29-2006]

Are there any preserved artifacts created by Betsy Ross or even photos of any of her creations? I am particularly interested in seeing a photo of her liberty bell sampler.
anonymous [12-28-2006]

Toody Silvis, Dillsburg, PA [12-27-2006]

Thank you for such a wonderful website and for preserving American heritage.
Rebecca Fields, Wichita, KS [12-27-2006]

Jesse Zachawerus, Laguna Hills, California [12-27-2006]

this is a very nice site
Carli f. [12-27-2006]

I want to research on Betsy Ross because I have heard that she did NOT make the 1st flag. I would like to see if that is true or not.
Finkle, England [12-27-2006]

ive noticed that the flag is not being properly displayed in certain areas about town. any suggestions or pamphlets available to distribute about?
al, waukegan,il. [12-27-2006]

James Fallon, Philadelphia,PA [12-27-2006]

Cool man....
Amy J [12-27-2006]

i have to do a report on betsy ross and she is very interesting. in thought she would have been very boring. i wish i was like her, but im not.
reachel, new york city [12-27-2006]

Frank Edward Lewis, Houston, Texas [12-27-2006]

i did a projet on besty. from sunderland elementry
anna, calvert county [12-27-2006]

for my social studies project we have to wright a paper and make a board with facts and history about our famous person(our choice) I chose Betsy Ross because i had done some other projects about her as well! I cant believe she made the very fist american flag! im almost done with my project and will be presenting it and the school's expo night! im super excited and hope to do well.
Anna, Anoka [12-13-2006]

this site is cool
Ralieghne, usa [12-13-2006]

I want to tell you how helpful your wonderful website is. I was needing some information regarding flag etiquette, and found that, plus so much more! What a help you have been to me. Thank you sincerely, Melodie Boldt Indianapolis, IN
Melodie Boldt, Indianapolis, IN [12-13-2006]

Brenda Ponce [12-13-2006]

I think your web site is great, My 9 year old daughter had a report due on Betsy Ross and web researched and found that your site had everything we needed and didn't need to look at any other site for info. THANKS
Roxann Alaniz, San Antonio Texas 78221 [12-13-2006]

I went to this webstie. but it really didn't help me that much.
anonymous [12-13-2006]

allen e.norman [12-13-2006]

do you have a picture of besty ross's house you can print
whitney michelle brothers, mt. juliet tn [12-13-2006]

this a great web site because i have to do a report on betsy ross for school. this site is very interesting.
katelyn, iowa [12-13-2006]

I am doing Betsy Ross for biographey day in greenlodge school
Lexie Goodwin, Dedham [12-13-2006]

Elizabeth [12-13-2006]

anonymous, Memphis, TN [12-13-2006]

where did betsy ross go to school?
hayley, or [12-13-2006]

lyra [12-13-2006]

Dawn [12-13-2006]

thank you!
Jess McConnel, Montana,USA [12-13-2006]

Thank you for posting a website about Betsy Ross that has so much helpful infomation.(especially the virtual tour)It realy helped with my report.
V. B., ca. [12-13-2006]

Girl, Sacramento, CA [12-13-2006]

Liam, Toronto,Canada [12-13-2006]

Bob, Qubec, Canada [12-13-2006]

Thank you for providing this vital information about Betsy Ross, it was very useful since I could not find any of the information I was looking for about her sewing the first flag in my 5th grade Social Studies book.
Bill P. Perry, Cordova, AK. 99574 [12-13-2006]

i love the USA
kk, yorkvillle IL [12-13-2006]

Bobbie & daughter Lindsey (7), Owasso, OK [12-13-2006]

I am doing report on betsy ross. this site has all the info i need! :)
Kellee Wehner [12-13-2006]

hi I like you
Breanna, obion tenn [12-04-2006]

I really apreciate your site. I am working on an assignment for my computers class and we are evaluating websites! I give your site two big thumbs up! It was very useful and interesting! Thank you!
Aimee, Plainfield, Wisconsin [12-04-2006]

Did Betsy Ross make the second flag?
Liveta L. [12-04-2006]

meyanda, n.c [12-04-2006]

i like the flage that she made
meyanda, n.c [12-04-2006]

I am in 3rd grade and doing a report. Thank you!
Ande Morgan, Las Vegas, NV [11-30-2006]

I really respect betsy ross for making the flag. I saw the actually flag. It is one of the most awsome things I have seen. I think thats so cool. I will never forget going to Washington D.C.. and going to see the acually flag. I think the fact that she was patriotic is awsome. She is truly talented.
sarah, Missouri, ptosi [11-30-2006]

Barb Nungester, Washington IL [11-30-2006]

EMilie, colorado [11-29-2006]

this gave info on my project and helped me get an "A". Thanks !
alex mac, usa la [11-29-2006]

hi everyone!
victoria, colorado [11-29-2006]

Mussia Kaplan [11-27-2006]

Joe, heaven [11-27-2006]

this is a great web-cite for teachers and students
cheryl bergeron, assonet, ma 02702 [11-27-2006]

Betsy Ross was a great woman. She was a very important character in the story of America's founding. I have very much enjoyed learning about her.
Jessica, United States [11-27-2006]

Rachel [11-27-2006]

i wish i was not who i am, for i am who i am and that i, who i am has a hard stressfull life, full of scorn and responsibility, so many fellow frieds say how lucky i am if only they knew, if only they thought how a gal like me must live, a life, emty of fun, full of fake happiness, OH, but to be not me!
sorry, not aloud to give out, Canada(during the spring) and Panama(during the winter), and Germany(during the fall), and Austria ( during the summer) [11-27-2006]

tell me more
victoria [11-27-2006]

Hello! This is me! Betsy Ross, woo hoo!
Anonomous, Anonomous [11-27-2006]

i would like to say that me and my best friend is doing a project on your Betsy Ross
saoirse, ireland [11-27-2006]

how did the United States flag look when you created it?
mario battle [11-27-2006]

HI! Im doing a project on Betsy Ross. And I was just looking for information. BETSY ROSS ROCKS! Sophie
Sophie, Virginia [11-27-2006]

when did betsy ross meet john ross
anonymous [11-27-2006]

Everyone says Betsy Ross did not design or make the flag. That is only PARTIALLY correct. It is correct Betsy did not design the flag, but she did HELP design it. However, she did make the first flag. I believe we should give this great woman credit for her efforts.
A concerned Betsy fan, Philadelphia [11-27-2006]

Paige [11-19-2006]

Maryann, kansas [11-19-2006]

*Lauren*, Texas [11-17-2006]

hi hi hi hi
tessie bear, st paul oregon [11-17-2006]

Shannon [11-17-2006]

doneetia, hollywood [11-17-2006]

Dottie Carpenter, Eau Claire, Wisconsin [11-17-2006]

usa usa usa usa usa usa usa usa usa not all the way america the land of dreams usa a football team rosssssss
anonymous [11-17-2006]

can you put a timeline here saying like 1752-Besty born plz!
Chelsea, goodyear,AZ [11-17-2006]

Hello :) Besty Ross is one of the best person to do a report on because she was the first person to make this United States a US flag. She is a great women and there are so many intrestingt hings you can say about are famous and most greatfulest heros of all time...... I appericate what she has done for us. I thank you so much . yuor friend Kealee Brooke
Kealee Swann [11-14-2006]

you need to have more pic of her
ashleigh [11-14-2006]

GLENN CROSS, ft lauderdale fl [11-14-2006]

i think that betsy ross was very cool because she got to make the flag of the united states.
justin, Miami,Florida [11-13-2006]

Alicia Griego-Nguyen, Sacramento CA [11-13-2006]

Working on homeschool information for 10-year-old grandson. Thanks for the pictures and information.
Marilyn, okc, ok [11-13-2006]

Thank you for this website, I willbe Betsy Ross for my school Heritage Day this month
Aimee, Massachusetts [11-13-2006]

The information here helped my Scouts earn their Citizenship WeBeLoS activity badge, thank you!
Rhonda Holiskey, Killeen Texas [11-13-2006]

Annah, texas [11-13-2006]

nice website good for kids and adults. Very informative.
Rich McGill [11-13-2006]

My deceased half-brother's name is John Claypoole. I'm curious of whether he has any relation to Betsy's husband.
Lori, Bradford, PA, USA [11-13-2006]

I have been told that I am related to Betsy Ross. In my sisters research, she has traced us back through John Ross, a white man who was Chief of the Cherokee and led the Cherokee on "The Trail of Tears". John Ross came from a large family and had, I think 3 brothers, one of whom was a prominant business man in the East, as was his father. Can you shed any light on the possible connection between these Ross families? Thank you. I just found this web site and am thourouly enjoying it!
Jerry Tydeman [11-13-2006]

heyyy omg! this is so cool.. but myspace is better =)
jennafer, wilson [11-09-2006]

Wonder websit
anonymous, Ohio [11-09-2006]

luna [11-09-2006]

i think betsy was a cool person and im glad she made the american flag
shannon parker, florida [11-08-2006]

i like the flag that you made it is really beautiful! it is really pretty.
raechel, il [11-08-2006]

coolz...coolz yea well im doing some freakin project in video communications and this is who i picked.. yay 3 cheers for me woop~woop
kayla, Germany [11-08-2006]

very good
Jacqueline [11-07-2006]

I like your ste it is very usefull for me because i am resesrching Betsy Ross for a projectin school. thanks
Lara [11-06-2006]

Elizabeth (Betsy) would more than likely be quite pleased with this space allotted to her. Respectfully, Richard D. Casteel US Army 1966 - 1969 Vietnam Veteran
Richard D. Casteel, Liberty, Missouri [11-06-2006]

Allie [11-06-2006]

Gloria [11-06-2006]

Thanks for the information, we are working on our Wave the Flag Try It for Veteran's Day. Brownie Troop #30 Colo, IA
V. Messina, Colo, Iowa [11-06-2006]

candace [11-06-2006]

Iam doing a biagraphy about betsy ross for school,what would be the best information to put in the biagraphy
cassandra newton, 1879,kingsford drive corona ca 92880 [11-05-2006]

I love you Betsy! I love you so much! I honor you when I pledge! I love you@!1
Jessica May Simmons [11-05-2006]

hi bessy 1day i want 2 be like u
sheneka, starkville,Ms [11-05-2006]

i didnt learn anythying
anonymous [11-05-2006]

this is a wonderful website keep up the good work thanks again liz doebler, coral gables chapter d.a.r.
LIZ DOEBLER [11-05-2006]

Wow! What a great person she was. She deserves to be remembered!
Bubbles [11-05-2006]

dylan, Vemont [11-05-2006]

The flag means to me all states and the people that died in the army that died in war.
Konnor [11-05-2006]

Betsy Ross
Semaj Notaeh, Yllib Notaeh [11-05-2006]

I love Betsy Ross! I like the flag!
LArdiful Being, Idaho Poopers [11-05-2006]

How did Betsy Die
James Johnson, Idaho Falls,ID [11-05-2006]

I am a 37 yr. old mother of 4 and I was at home tonight talking to my kids about cherishing all fo their chilhood memories and I started thinking about my own childhood. One of the things that really stuck out for me as a child was when I was asked to be apart of my 3rd grade play. I played the one and only Betsy Ross and just thinking back it was one of my greatest highlights. I found this web site and thought that it would be nice to sign the guestbook. God Bless
Daunetta Hagens, Baltimore, MD [11-05-2006]

i love america
anonymous [11-05-2006]

I love the Betsy Ross photo. We are decorating a patriotic float for our community parade & my granddaughter is going to be Betsy Ross. We have a flag with 13 stars.
Janet Higgins, Little Rock, ARkansas [11-05-2006]

i loved the virtual tour!
ana angel, florida [11-05-2006]

I came here to look for information on Betsy Ross so that I could write a paper on her but....this is soo good I don't know if I'll be able to summarize it any other way!
Firefly [11-05-2006]

when has she born [11-05-2006]

i was looking for info on the american flag... got any good pages??
becky [11-05-2006]

shannon [11-05-2006]

KARIN, harker heights,texas [10-31-2006]

I'm a descendant of Betsy's. Her last husband was my ancestor.
Paul Dean, Harrisonburg, Va. [10-31-2006]

Betsy Ross is an American heroin; she made the first flag, after all. She is inspiring, and she needs to be remembered throughout our country's history.
Frog, Las Vegas, NV [10-30-2006]

mary, California [10-30-2006]

Betsy Ross was the first woman to make the flag. We think she is a great person for doing this.
Ms. Monahan's Fifth Grade Class, Orlando, Fl [10-27-2006]

I'm inspired by Betsy Ross and the work of American Flag.
Mrs. Brown's Fifth Grade Class, Orlando, Fl [10-27-2006]

Thomas E. Moore III, Green Bay, WI [10-27-2006]

i love to look at old suff it was so much fun!
donna, asia [10-26-2006]

My family & I are honored to be americans. To have the opportunity to be apart of such a wonderful Country. We take great pride in our American Flag and what it stands for. We strive to continue our honor of our country in a world that is becoming less then honorable.
Paula, Santa Clara, CA [10-26-2006]

maggie [10-25-2006]

I am in the process of scrapbboking pictures of the Betsy Ross house from a trip 8 years ago to Philly. I came here looking for a quote about the flag that I remebered hearing while on the tour and I found everything that I could ever want to know about Besty Ross and the history of the making of the 1st American flag! Kudos for making such an educational webpage!
Lisa Johnston, Toledo, OH [10-25-2006]

I was here also!
anonymous [10-25-2006]

Kasey Lemley, Milton WV [10-25-2006]

Betsey Ross is one of the most famous person who lived in America. I belive we would not have a flag if she had not sewn the very first American flag.=)
Bria Adriana, Orlando,Florida [10-25-2006]

hey i think you guys are cool emale me back
christian, springdale [10-24-2006]

hi my name is christian nice to meet you
christian, springdale [10-24-2006]

where is the american flag
christian, springdale [10-24-2006]

She is so amazing. I would of loved to be her, she was an incredible woman. Her life was very interesting to me. I can't wait to learn more about her.
Carmen, United States, Michigan, Ludington [10-24-2006]

hi i have a project on her so im looking her up
amber, ohio [10-23-2006]

Great website. Very helpful. I had to write a poem relating the flag to veteran for veterans day, and this website definately helped!
Meagan McElroy, Louisiana [10-23-2006]

yO yO Yo. this is a tIzIte SiTe. yup. and betsy is my hero! =) lOVE,, Shingy
shingy, bp [10-23-2006]

Anna Duan, Huntington Beach [10-20-2006]

I'm doing a project on Betsy Ross so wassup people of America!
Morgan Lindsey [10-19-2006]

Marcia, Temecula, Ca. 92592 USA [10-19-2006]

iwant to know more about Betsy ross im doing a project on her and i decided to use your WEBSITE!
kelly [10-19-2006]

i like this website but..... iam a teen and i am doing a report called the patriots pen and i think this web site needs more information
taylor baker, waldoboro [10-19-2006]

this site is thight
anonymous [10-19-2006]

My kindergarten class visited here because we are talking about Betsy Ross. Thanks and have a great day!
Carrie Altice, Bassett Virginia [10-19-2006]

lov ethe way u have set it up but u need 2 go in more detail
Samantha Adams, woodlawn,tn [10-18-2006]

hi i love the way u are
Samantha Adams, Woodlawn,TN [10-18-2006]

THANK YOU for making the american flag very much from Maesha
Maesha Hurst, omaha nebraska United States Of America [10-17-2006]

cody, enmclaw,WA [10-16-2006]

This was a great help for our school project. Lots of great information. The tour was also nice as well.
Lisa & Melissa, Sussex, NJ [10-16-2006]

this site is really cool. I'm doing a book report on her and This site is a lot of help..
Kierstin, Missouri [10-16-2006]

Samantha Clifford, Stockbridge, GA [10-15-2006]

George C. Caldwell, Waupaca, Wisconsin [10-15-2006]

I found the names of Betsy Ross's 16 siblings for my daughter's school report. They are at this site: Have fun! Lucy (mom of Emily
Lucy, Springfield Virginia [10-15-2006]

I am researching the Marsh Family Tree who lived in the following areas, Dudley, Birmingham, Wolstanton, Bromsgrove and New York, USA. Please see my website for further information. MARSH FAMILY TREE
michael [10-15-2006]

ADELINE, Hershey Christian School [10-15-2006]

yeah i found out about betsy ross and i found a lot of good things about her and how interesting she was this was a good person in heart who needed a lot of luv and thatz what she got and she has also met great people back in her time and did a great thing because if it waznt for her i dont dont think we would have had da great flag we have now so we as American people should really thank her even thought she died because she did a great thing that she did not have to do r did not have to learn how to do or help America have a symbol
Trinicia Daivs, Baton Rouge Louisiana [10-15-2006]

my granddaughter emily and i love the flag. emily did a report on betsy ross for girl scouts. we plan on visiting betsy ross house in the near future. thank you for the tour. we loved seeing where she sewed our flag.
patricia and emily beatty [10-15-2006]

Specifically the following case: With the flag of the United States at the peak a (4ftx6ft size),with a POW flag(3ftx5ft size) below the US flag and a University of Kansas Jayhawk flag (3ftx5ft size) at the bottom, with all three flags flown on the same halyard. My first question is what should be the distance (in inches) between each flag? Secondly is displaying the Univ. mascot flag as noted above within regulations? Thank you for a very informative web site.
J F Banister, Arkansas City, KS USA [10-15-2006]

I have a certificate "American Flag House and Betsy Ross Memorial Association" date 1899 sign ed by john quincy adams, edward brooks. Is it worth anything? Thank you
rick [10-15-2006]

Gila Brook [10-14-2006]

stephanie, pa [10-14-2006]

Hi,how y,all doing?!?
b42, Lincoln,Nebraska [10-14-2006]

this site was very halpful for my little girl who had an assignment to do on the american flag.
alissa, oklahoma [10-10-2006]

christina johns, hershey christian school [10-10-2006]

jonathan engle, hershey christian school [10-10-2006]

dakota martin, hershey christian school [10-10-2006]

JACOB IDOWU, hershey ch risstian school [10-10-2006]

jennifer post [10-09-2006]

I really liked Betsy's house....It was nice..
Shanika Brown, Avon Park Florida, [10-09-2006]

This is a very exiting website.
Jennifer Pema, Revere, Massachusetts [10-09-2006]

Kelly Woodworths [10-09-2006]

brianna, texas [10-08-2006]

madeleine fahlbusch [10-08-2006]

betsy ross played in establishing america
naferser khan, brooklyn [10-05-2006]

i am really glad you made the flag you are a great person. your friend Jessy
Jessy, Sargent Nebraska [10-05-2006]

melinda, durham, maine [10-05-2006]

I really Liked Betsy's house.
Melissa Katelyn Boyd, Slate Creek [10-05-2006]

Hey I am doing a report on Betsy and she is SOOO cool and amazing! Plus, US History Rocks!
Emilee [10-05-2006]

i love you
POLLY WOLLY OK AND FREE, maine [10-05-2006]

I have a question regarding displaying of the American Flag. If the union should be to the viewers left when it is not hanging from a staff then why is it sometime (on the space shuttle for example) shown with the union on the viewers right?
Ryan, Atlanta (metro), Geogia [10-05-2006]

thx 4 the web site i loved it because i have this report on betsy ross and it gave me a good grade! thx so much!
sasha [10-05-2006]

thanks for making the flag
chipmonk#10, hereford,or [10-05-2006]

do you still leave how cool u r the best email me if you can! how did the idea of doing the flag come to you
cynthia valdez, commerce city colorado usa [10-05-2006]

I am African American
von, Warik [10-05-2006]

Diana Ross, Milkwakee, Wisconsin [10-05-2006]

kay, cleveland tn [10-05-2006]

James Bussinger, 15 years old, high school student [10-05-2006]

katie v., groton, new york [10-05-2006]

Betsy Ross is an inspiration!
Kassandra Denham, Maine [10-05-2006]

Thisis cool!
Jayme [10-05-2006]

I will be visiting next week. Betsy is a relative!
Shirley A Maynard, Mesa, Az 85205 [10-05-2006]

i love this site thank u soo much its got me a A on my project thankx u guys
sarah [10-05-2006]

My mother and I had the honor of visiting Philadelphia just this past week. We enjoyed visting the Betsy Ross home and touring it. We did speak to her as well and learned some very interesting things about the work done in making a flag back in the 1700's.
Diana Swenson, Orange, CA [10-05-2006]

This is a wonderful website.
Betsy Ross, Longboat Key, FL [10-05-2006]

Your website helped me with information on etiquette which in turn I will use to teach my Cub Scouts proper etiquette. Thank you so much!
Tanya, Snohomish, Wa [10-05-2006]

This is awesome!
Jayme [10-05-2006]

ur site is effinosm keep up the good lylas P4M
Pam Broering [09-21-2006]

HEJ, kan ikke finde ud af den her side.. Men håber i har det godt i jeres lille amerika.. Ps.
Anders, Dragør [09-21-2006]

I am taking a test and 1 one of the questions is how many star the flag had in 1935? But I could not find precise info, I guess 48?
Aracelly Gonzalez, Denver, Colorado [09-21-2006]

ashley batchelor [09-21-2006]

Hey, this web page was used to help me on a classroom assignment!
Portia Clarke, Lake Charles, LA [09-21-2006]

this site is cool men keep it up thanks. lee.
Mr. Lee Chikezie, usa [09-21-2006]

I was wondering why there isn't an educational facility, like an elementary, middle, or high school named after this historical figure? Especialy in the Philly region. Besty Ross has done a lot for the American people. But any how, i love this site. BYE LEEMACO
LEE MACO, utah, usa [09-21-2006]

Mary Cox, Virginia [09-21-2006]

really ejoyed your site, very informative. But I need to find a site for younger children, 2nd graders. Does any one have any suggestions? Thanks, Candice
candice bentz, pennsylvania [09-18-2006]

great effort to Betsy. Very factual web page!
Jamyra Lynette Battley, United States [09-18-2006]

This site was much help for my history project and homework...thanks betsy!
anonymous [09-18-2006]

Julie Nielsen, Denmark, Copenhagen [09-18-2006]

Hello.. this is only a test
Joachim Graff, Copenhagen [09-18-2006]

charlotte myers, liberty, south carolina [09-18-2006]

My son enjoyed learning how to make a 5-point star from your instructions. He's excited to know that our ancestors played an important part in American history.
Bonnie Hipwell, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico [09-18-2006]

I visited in person the house of Betsy Ross. I enjoy the visit.
Nilsa Rivera Colon, San Juan P.R. 00925 [09-18-2006]

I thank you for the wealth of information contained on this site. I found the making of the flag of from inception to finish interesting. My brother recently toured what is believed to be Betsy's house and closely noted everything that was said. Betsy Ross is our 10th Great Grandmother and this trip was of help in adding to the family tree. Again, many thanks!
Linda Merrell Spagnola, Rancho Dominguez, CA USA [09-18-2006]

Carla (Ashburn)Shipley, Neosho, MO [09-18-2006]

Thank you for this site, it is great
Jeremy [09-18-2006]

My name is Daniel and I am in first grade. My mom is home schooling me and we are studying the first flags of America. We are going to make our own Betsy Ross flag. Thanks for all of the information.
Daniel Bratcher, Dallas, Texas [09-18-2006]

We enjoyed visiting the Ross house this summer while on a tour of the East Coast.
Janice Robbins, El Cajon, CA [09-18-2006]

Hey :)
Kaitlin [09-18-2006]

I've learned a bit of history about the american flag. Helping a friend do a report. I was fascinated. It was exciting.
Katrina Hayes, Warner Robins, Ga [09-18-2006]

Norrisa Caldwell, chicago,Ill [09-18-2006]

I love learning about our country, thanks for having such wonderful sites that are easy to find what I'm looking for
Stephanie Carson, Quincy, Il [09-18-2006]

Loved your website. Really help with my report on Betsy Ross.
anonymous [09-18-2006]

shelbi, p,ville [09-18-2006]

hi what is up i love betsy ross
rosy, ny [09-18-2006]

I saw a book a long time ago that gave instructions that if the flag was to the rear of a stage, to where the speaker was out in front of it, that it would be placed on the right of the stage, so if the speaker turned to pledge alligence to it, it would be on the speaker's right. However, that is not how you have given instructions for the placement of the American flag. What is correct? Annelle
Annelle Waldron, Whiteville, N.C. [09-18-2006]

i love it i love it s;dara
DARA [09-18-2006]

Hopkinson designed the flag. Do some research. The truth is not unpatriotic.
anonymous [09-18-2006]

I'm so glade that you did that!
Ieshia mumpfield, 205 East King circle Benson, NC 27504 [09-01-2006]

jennifer nguyen, gideon gator [08-31-2006]

Thank you sooo much for creating this website. I got to see Betsy's house without ever leaving my chair. A favor to ask of you.... Could you please enlarge the photos so we can see the house better??? ;) Thank you again so very much! Laura
laura, Philadelphia, pa [08-29-2006]

this site helped a lot with my homework
lauren, usa [08-29-2006]

We are reading and studying about Betsy Ross and the flag.
Mrs. Cox's First Grade Class, Cleburne, Texas USA [08-29-2006]

mfkmvkttg [08-27-2006]

Thank you. This was a great site for my report on Betsy Ross
Lea Stempel, Florida [08-26-2006]

Totally weird site......uhhhhhhckkkkkk!
anonymous, San Jose, California [08-26-2006]

cheryl lemport, jacksonville, florida [08-26-2006]

D, Moroni, UT [08-26-2006]

Dr. Batsheva Gillat, Amherst, MA [08-24-2006]

i love this site
maga, kano [08-24-2006]

My parents brought me to Philadelphia when I was a child some 50 years ago. I always remember the Betsy Ross house for some reason, It is delightful to be able to view it again.
E. R. Sharp, Kennesaw, GA [08-23-2006]

very impressive! r & e
Roy and Ellen Parsons, Baltimore, Maryland [08-23-2006]

Cyndi Oropeza, Norman, OK. [08-22-2006]

kaity, astoria il 61501 [08-22-2006]

Great information...this will help teach my granddaughter about the flag and Betsy Ross. Thank you.
Kathleen Robinson, United States [08-22-2006]

Jeff [08-22-2006]

Would like to know how to fly more than one flag on the same flag pole Frist the American State Flag to follow or could you fly the Blue Star flag directly under the American?
virginia l scofield, Vassalboro, Maine USA [08-22-2006]

anonymous, lone tree, co [08-22-2006]

The skeptical historians of today who question the historical sources of yesterday will be questioned by the skeptical historians of tomorrow. It is obvious the Betsy Ross story should be told within reason and accepted as truth where possible, because we were not there. It is said that if it is not documented, it never happened. The truth is, so much has happened but not documented. To be skeptical for the sake of the same defeats the arguments for skepticism. Since from the beginning, I have heard of Betsy Ross, but not of any other, who was credited for sewing the flags of the Continental colonies during the war for independence. If it was a myth, then it was a myth based on tradition. Tradition, whether oral or written, has been handed down from generation to generation. Skeptics will argue that oral tradition will water down the truth over the years with added stories to create the myth. Betsy Ross will always be the heroine for her flagmaking, daring to show our flag against the powerful Union Jack.
Craig A. Billingsley, San Antonio, Texas [08-22-2006]

great house I have to read a book on Betsy Ross
anonymous [08-22-2006]

I applaud good websites such as this that encourage and teach patriotism.
Lisa Weigand, Katy, TX [08-22-2006]

My students enjoyed these activities!
heidi blafer [08-22-2006]

I hgave been at odds with my builder for 5 1/2 years as we live in a cluster home and he has denied us the right to erect a flag pole on the lawn in front of our home. Has stated it is a violation of the association covenants. Thank goodness for H.R. 42. Now to buy, and erect our flag.
Donald Vecsey, Wellington, OH. 44090 [08-22-2006]

I am a direct descendant of John Ross (his father Aeneas Ross, and his father, George Ross, Sr.) -- Betsy's first husband. I look forward to visiting!
Amy Grove, State College, PA [08-22-2006]

Eugene Rogers, Vero Beach, Florida [08-22-2006]

A great resource to teach my girl scout troop about their flag.
Cindy Hardin, St. Cloud, Florida, USA [08-17-2006]

Dorothy B. Carpenter, Eau Claire, Wisconsin [08-17-2006]

I am descendant of Betsy Ross
heather, va [08-07-2006]

Myrna Trauntvein [08-07-2006]

Interesting facts
Michael E. Rohly, 1604 Spruceway Street, Abilene, Kansas 67410-1544 [08-07-2006]

thanks for the swell tips about our flag!Ilove our flag!
joshua d rodriguez, 11641 morgan lane Gardez Grove california 92840 [07-29-2006]

This is a wonderful website! I was fascinated by all the flag rules, regulations and trivia. Thanks for helping to educate us all a little better about respect for our flag!
Robin M, Baton Rouge, La. [07-27-2006]

Being a transplanted Philadelphian, I was wondering why there isn't an educational facility, like an elementary, middle, or high school named after this historical figure? Especialy in the Philly region. Besty Ross has done a lot for the American people.
Michael Cangelosi, Richmond, Virginia [07-27-2006]

Is is okay to sew a reinforced strip of material to the bottom of the flag, across the red and white stripes
Amanda Brillant, Sun City Center, Fl USA [07-22-2006]

Jolene Eccles, Texas [07-20-2006]

i look forward to bringing my children to visit.
demetris johnson, atlanta, georgia 30339 [07-18-2006]

I found this site exceptional and extremely enlightening. A great bit of news and history. Thank you.
Danice Foster, Castle Rock, Washington USA [07-15-2006]

Have Blessed Day. Thank You for our freedom you gave us.
Dan Houlihan, Lexington, Kentucky, Faytte [07-14-2006]

Paul Schenck, Hampstead, NH 03841 [07-14-2006]

I still get goose bumps when I visit Betsy,s house.I,m proud to be a Philadelphian.Also, your site offers so much information on the history of this city!
Sharon, Phila. Pa. [07-12-2006]

Thank you for this website. I will see you soon.
Kay Green, Nashville, Tenn. [07-12-2006]

Heading to Philly in a week and wanted to check out Betsy's pad online before I see it in RL. Can't wait!
Roberta W., Kansas [07-12-2006]

I am an 8th grade middle school teacher. Our text book,AMERICAN JOURNEY, recommended your site.
Brenda Norville, Memphis, TN [07-10-2006]

I am an 8th grade middle school teacher. Our text book,AMERICAN JOURNEY, recommended your site.
Brenda Norville, Memphis, TN [07-10-2006]

jackie Smith, Elkhart Indiana [07-10-2006]

I very much enjoyed this website. I can't wait to visit in person at the end of the Summer.
Lewis and his mom, nj [07-10-2006]

i noticed that nowhere in this resource, it is not noted that betsy ross was "black"!, but,i noticed that in a lot of history books, it's like that. that takes away the truth. i spent 24 years in the u.s. marine corps,fighting for the best country in the world,and i put truth out to all people about life!. semper-fi!
ALBERT BARTEE II, moreno valley, california [07-08-2006]

Thank you for providing this fascinating and important information. May GOD BLESS AMERICA!
Donna K. Lundberg, Colorado, USA [07-07-2006]

Interesting website. Both factual & a bit of fun. (spent ages trying to make the 5 pointed star!) You might be interested in this piece of info. I visited Selby Abbey at the w/e it's about 20 miles from here.They have a display about the Washington family coat of arms. It consists of a shield with 3 red stripes on a white background with a number of white stars on the uppermost red stripe.It suggested that this 'sheild'may have been ONE of the possible origins/inspirations of the U.S.A. flag. The abbey has a stained glass window depicting the said coat of arms & a stars & stripes flag hung up on the wall just below the window. The display board for visitors/tourists states that Selby Abbey is on the American Trail & has plaque denoting that fact. Don't know if this is of any interest to you but thought I would just let you know. Neil.
Neil.J.Skinner, Doncaster, England. [07-07-2006]

Thank you for this very interesting and informative site. I enjoyed the tour very much.
angela christian, Anniston, Alabama [07-05-2006]

I'm looking forward to revisiting the Betsy ross House soon.
Madeline Fair, Medford,NJ [07-05-2006]

Very nice site. Was disappointed not to find the "meaning" in each fold of the flag before it is given to survivors of fallen servicemen or verterans. I read them once in a newspaper, and have been looking for them again since.
Sue, Logan, Utah USA [07-05-2006]

Julie Ann C. Moore, West Covina, California [07-03-2006]

Thanks for providing this great service for our country.
Mark Henderson, Rock Creek, Oregon USA [07-03-2006]

I loved visiting the Betsy Ross House. I visited it when i was on a Philidelphia Field Trip and I had lots of fun. The House was really interesting and the tour was wonderful. I enjoyed it a lot.
Maddie, pa [07-03-2006]

I enjoyed your site very much. Thank you for the information.
Carolyn Graves, Midland Texas [07-03-2006]

Jean Worley, Temecula, Ca. 92592 [07-03-2006]

Roland E. Abel, Peoria, IL 61615 [07-03-2006]

Billie Hickman, Markle, Indiana, USA [07-03-2006]

Deeda, Markle, Indiana [07-03-2006]

Fly it high and proudly! May God bless America.
anonymous, Bergen County, NJ [07-03-2006]

I have to do an autobiography for school. I am learning about my ancestors who fought in the American Revolution with Francis Marion. It is a neat place to visit.
Adrianna Hansen, North Carolina [07-03-2006]

Show your patriotism Please respect our FLAG I love America !
AnnMarie Barr, Hazleton, Pennsylvania [07-03-2006]

Your website and information was very useful to me as I used it to prepare a sermon for a special "God and Country" day we had at the church I pastor (Hi-Way Tabernacle) here in Cleveland Texas. Thank you for helping preserve our American history. God bless America!
Charles Stoker, Cleveland Texas [07-03-2006]

God bless America and God bless those who made it what it is and God bless those whose fight daily for yesterday,today and tommorow! HAPPY INDEPENDANCE DAY TO THOSE WHO LOVE AND BELIEVE IN AMERICA LAND OF THEIR BIRTH AND ALSO TO THOSE WHO CHOOSE IT TO BE LAND OF THEIR CHOICE!
michelle dunn [07-03-2006]

regina nipper, raleigh, nc [07-03-2006]

who chose the flag to represent america
anonymous [07-03-2006]

Thank You for allowing me to remember things I'd forgotten, and things I want to teach my children, and I am also going to add this page as a new topic on our Moms message boards. With the holiday approaching, I wanted something to contribute, I just taught my 3 &1/2 yr old twins The Pledge of Allegience (orininal version!) And I will direct some friends here! Thank you!
Rebecca, Rochester NY [07-03-2006]

people forget that the flag stands for freedom and how many people died for our freedom. your friend in scouting, todd goodman boy scout pack and troop 877
TODD, prestinsburg,ky 41653 [07-03-2006]

Joseph Zablocki, Farmingdale,Ny [07-03-2006]

im told im related to betsy please email me with more information
dustin david, kilgore, texas [07-03-2006]

Thank You Betsy Ross for this wonderful flag.
Alicia, Texas [07-03-2006]

Quite a site! I am fortunate to say I got to visit the Betsy Ross home when I visited the new England area a few years ago. A very interesting place to say the least, her presence could be felt. Brings me back to the days when I was going to participate in our bicentennial (South Texas) parade and needed to portray a character that showed true patriotism. I chose to portray "Betsy Ross". After all these years, I still have the costume. "Betsy Ross" was and is still a patriotic and historical figure that will never be forgotten. God bless America.
Norma Galvan, San Antonio, Texas USA [07-03-2006]

I am a descendant of the Claypooles. I figured my relationship to Betsy Ross as 2nd cousin by marriage five generations removed! We are featuring her at our family reunion on July 4th. You have a great website. Thank you.
Martha Pettijohn Morrise, Utah [07-03-2006]

Interesting and useful web-site. Thank you.
Alvah Buckmore, Westfield, Massachusetts [06-26-2006]

I came to visit this website because me and my grandfather are putting together a booklet of people who had something to do with America.
Pamela Mantooth, Lexington, North Carolina [06-26-2006]

Jessica Schlieper, elizabeth city, NC [06-26-2006]

Dear Sirs, I have been doing research on the flag and have discovered New Jersey Congressman and Declaration of Independence signer Francis Hopkinson designed the first official flag . I am supprised you do not have this flag on any posters or even show it in any way on your site
John C Heeney [06-26-2006]

Thank you for allowing me to visit such a treasured site. I have been looking for a picture of a properly displayed American Flag and your website is where I found it. Great site. Peace Be With You, Barbara
Barbara Rucco, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19116 [06-26-2006]

i've been looking for a site like this. wonderful historical information for all ages and nationalities.
DEBRAH E. BROOKHOUSER, omaha, ne., usa [06-26-2006]

I think Betsy Ross was an important character in our lives.
Ashley Broxterman, ohio [06-23-2006]

Alfred D Blondin, Saratoga Springs, NY [06-23-2006]

i deooooooooooooooooooo
onyeolu, canada [06-23-2006]

Thank you for the information. We will be using to complete a Girl Scout/Brown "Try It".
Debbie Pace, Oralndo, FL, USA [06-22-2006]

The WebSite Is Awesome, Great Facts.
Nicholas Santangelo, Smithtown, NY [06-20-2006]

JIM D. LENARDSON, golconda, il [06-20-2006]

alyssa franken, missouri [06-20-2006]

Sami Friederich, Missouri [06-20-2006]

im trying to write a poem about our flag for the 4th of July
mary tabor, paducah, ky [06-20-2006]

Website is very informative. I am an Activity Director in a nursing home and my residents love history. We picked the flag to do history on and I found this website. It is a wonderful website for history. Thank You.
Kim Deimeke Activity Director, Highland, Il. [06-20-2006]

Sherrie Keller, Kansas City, Missouri [06-17-2006]

We went to the Betsy House in Philie and learned a lot.
Savannah & Teresa [06-17-2006]

hi, Was interiested in history of and free pics.
ms.patricia a. fair, p.o. box 1066, bonifay,Fla. 32425 [06-17-2006]

I'm a sailor stationed in VA for the time being and was just stopping by to do a little fact checking. Great site. Thank you. :-)
Coddington, Virginia Beach, VA [06-17-2006]

anonymous [06-16-2006]

I would like to know what EXACT evidence you have that Betsy Ross made the "first" flag and was comissioned by General George Washington. There is NO proof what-so-ever that she made that flag and even at the Betsy Ross house they don't credit her for doing that so I would like to know why you are giving her this credit.
Nicole [06-15-2006]

Chrissy Jackelimn, boston [06-15-2006]

6/14/06. Very nice site, very interesting facts. Thanks!
B Dotson, Ashburn, Virginia [06-15-2006]

cool website love it awsome i just took eog's and my brain is like totally fried and your website made it easy for me to do one of my social syudies projects! ! ! dont stop the funk
hi [06-15-2006]

great bit of info on a great time in our history
ROBERT J., aurora illinois usa [06-15-2006]

The web site is wonderful! I just started homeschooling my son and I am always looking for interesting educational sites for him. A subscription to "The Old Schoolhouse" magazine brought me to your site. THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!
Robin Wilbourn, Terry, MS 39170 [06-15-2006]

great site had a lot of fun with grands kids!
jim brewer, rock spring ga 30739 usa [06-15-2006]

This 1st grade was facinated to "visit" the person's home they had been learning about.
Fox Chase Elem. Room 111, Phila.,Pa [06-15-2006]

Bessy Ross you have a big and pretty house
Quentia, Sumter [06-15-2006]

PAT WROBEL [06-15-2006]

Laura [06-15-2006]

I go to this website often for information. You're doing a great job. Keep it up!
Joe Stought, P.O. Box 99 Tracyton, WA 98393 [06-15-2006]

I love this site. There is SO much usful information.
Megan, Nashville [06-15-2006]

This "shrine" to a monumental happening in our history is a tangible reminder of the real, living people who played such unique roles in establishing lasting representation of our nation's heritage. This is absolutely wonderful!
Dr. Fran Pettigrew, Deming, Nm 88030 [06-15-2006]

Brenda, Hor Springs,Ar [06-15-2006]

very interesting site, really enjoyed it
Deirdre, Louisville, AL [06-15-2006]

We loved your tour. We hope to visit it soon.Thank you!
T. Holme Elementary ESL Class, Philadelphia,Pa [06-15-2006]

Angela Marscheck, Las Vegas, NV [06-15-2006]

I'm a Pre-K teacher who is trying to instill patriotism and flag knowledge in 4&5 year olds. I found your website useful in our study of Flag Day.
Mary Warren, Alabama [06-15-2006]

Cindy S. Hardin, St. Cloud, FL [06-13-2006]

leah, oklaahoma [06-13-2006]

Laura [06-13-2006]

thank you very much betsy ross! go red white and blue! i love america! =)
GRACIE, America [06-13-2006]

treva, ********************* [06-13-2006]

I am looking for a Betsy Ross flag plaque and or a historic picture with Betsy Ross showing the flag to Washington. This is for a cabin i have on a point of land named Betsy Ross Point. Thanks for any info. Denise
denise durben, blmngtn mn [06-13-2006]

leslie lewis, parker, co [06-13-2006]

Thank you for sharing this valuable information with us
Mrs. Amaral's class, Corona, CA 92881 [06-13-2006]

I remember going to betsy ross house as a little girl and I took all my childred there and I was looking forward to taking my grandchildren there but I can't afford it I have 10 grandchildren
Angela Bullock, Upper Darby, PA 19082 [06-12-2006]

Nice to visit your site. Thanks. My 4th Great-grandfather was a nieghbor of Betsy's - he actually hired her husband(3rd)to design the First Troop battle flag, but this was before they married.
Anastasia Markoe, Geneva, Florida [06-12-2006]

John E. Le Jeune, Belle Chasse, LA 70037 [06-11-2006]

Darlene Dawn Craft(Myers), Boron California [06-09-2006]

Have a great interest because they are ancestors of mine. Thank you
Bonnie Bergquist, Oakdale,Minnesota [06-09-2006]

Virtual tour gives you a good idea of one might physically see at the Betsy Rose house. I appreciate the idea, Thanks.
Mohamed Bhanji, Alburtis, PA [06-09-2006]

It is an honor to learn that I live in state that was such an integral part of the flag and Betsy Ross' story. This site was very enlightening and informative and I would recommend it to any teacher researching for lesson plan ideas just like I am doing. Thank you for such a great site and keep up the good work. I hope to some day visit Betsy Ross' house in PA and all the other historical buildings mentioned in this site.
Aracelis Medina, Passaic, New Jersey [06-09-2006]

I just love this page. I am an Activity Director in a Nursing Home in Montvale VA. My resident's love to go back in time. Thank You JoAnn R.
JoAnn ragland, Bedford VA [06-09-2006]

It was 1863 and betsy ross was 7 years old.She was orphaned and was tired of it. she grew older and became an adult. She bought a house and was no longer a orphan. In 1873 George Washington came and asked betsy to make the first amiracan flag. At first she didnt really want to but later on she started to work on it. In 1899 betsy was almost done with the flag. The flag was made of bunting. She was finnished in 1907. She was proud of her work.
raven [06-09-2006]

Maggie, San Diego, CA [06-07-2006]

Teacher at a Job Corps center. Using your information for Flag Day presentation. Thanks for a great site.
Terry Cogdill, Chadron, NE [06-05-2006]

Info for classroom use
grichards, Ocean Pines, MD [06-05-2006]

I washelping my daughter prepare for a school trip to Phili. How did Betsy Ross know the clever way to fold material to cut a five-pointed star? That bit of origami is not common knowledge.
Jack, Bridgewater, NJ [06-05-2006]

samantha adelberg, merrick, new york [06-04-2006]

Betst Ross was a wonderful woman with high inspiration. I enjoyed it.
laura sarago, Rego Park,Ny, 11368 [06-04-2006]

LORETTA COOPER, middletown, oh [06-04-2006]

Sydney Smith, Mendham, NJ [06-04-2006]

Sydney Smith [06-04-2006]

anonymous [06-04-2006]

I was doing school work and her web site really helped
sarah butler, u.s.a. corona,CA [06-01-2006]


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