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Patricia West, Fort Myers, Florida [05-31-2006]

To quote an old saying, ' Its a grand old flag '.
Bob Barton, United States Palmer Alaska,99645 [05-31-2006]

I am an American, and proud of it. This Memorial Weekend will be held in my heart forever.
Cheryl Yurcak Rauscher, Cleveland, Ohio - Cuyahoga [05-31-2006]

anonymous [05-30-2006]

What where here husbands names.
bob, Anntatica [05-30-2006]

What does each fold mean. I had it on a sheet of paper and misplaced it.
Joy Bishop, culver city, CA [05-30-2006]

Hi this is Quetta and I just want to say that even though I was not alive when Betsy Ross sewed the first American Flag, it is an honor to be able to reconize her. We Luv U Betsy Ross
quetta, baltimore, MD, catonsville [05-30-2006]

She is a good flag maker. Thank you for this beautiful web site. Ariana, (age 4)
Ariana Love, Tuscaloosa, Alabama [05-29-2006]

today we remember & honor those who died for our country
Jennifer Luner, St. Louis, MO [05-29-2006]

This has been a great site to visit on Memorial Day. Thanks
David M. LBlanc, 21 spring lane, Stoneham, Ma. 02180 [05-29-2006]

Col William S. tilton, USA-Ret, Raleigh, NC 27613 [05-29-2006]

this sight is a pleasure to look at. Just to know how the american flag was born just sent chills up my spine. Thanks and keep up the great work
David Williamson, Thornton, Colorado 80229 [05-29-2006]

I googled for a sight to help educate someone who was mad about not being able to find a flag shirt made in America to work. I am also going to use it for a homeschooling resource and mail it out to folks to help educate others as to what we need to do to respect this precious symbol. Kim
Kim, IA, Originally from Brooklyn, NY [05-29-2006]

I found your site because of an article on the flag printed in the May 26 issue of Life. I was intrigued by their mention of instructions for making one's own flag. Being a long time quilter I printed the directions for the 5-pointed star; also being a history buff, I am thankfull for the lessons. Is the information on the flag specs section avaiable in printed form? Thank you for your educational and entertaining site.
Vel, Largo, Florida [05-29-2006]

I'm doing research for a Memorial Day celebration. This site gave me more than I needed to know. Thank you!
Ann [05-29-2006]

We have a 60ft pole that my husband made. The flag gets lots of wind and I am always mending flags. In a real heavy wind storm we take it down until it is over. I appreciate USA flags and what it stands for. We also have one on our vehicles.
Mildred Schweighofer, Quakertown, Pa. 18951-3714 [05-29-2006]

I read in a magazine that this site offered the materials to sew your own flag.I think that's so cool.The history of the U.S. is somthing Americans are very proud of.If the rest of Americans are like me then they think it's SO great that we have the option to make our own flag.We already have so much respect for our flag,but if we make it ourselves the pride will not just show through our flag alone,but through US.
courtney anne, orlando,FL [05-29-2006]

I'm proud to be an American, and a U.S. Marine, Ihave flown my flag for manny years and it shames me to see a torn or tattered Glory. I have a collection of about 7 worn flags and was ashamed to burn them even in the mid-night hour's or dawn, I just found out that I can take them to the American Legion or the Boy Scouts and they will give the Flag a proper burial SEMPER-FIE God Bless AMERICA
Eulalio Carlo Jr., Miramar, Fl. Hollywood 33023 [05-29-2006]

If it was not for Betsy Ross.There not be no great Patriotic songs about the USA, or about the grand old flag. So thank you Betsy Ross.
rob, washington county [05-26-2006]

ifrah said, Aurburn,Maine [05-26-2006]

this web site is really historical. it really teaches you a who lot about your history!
K'myra, philly [05-26-2006]

This website is the coolest dude. I'm going to get back on here day after day dude.This site is wicked allsome!Radicule site.
anonymous [05-26-2006]

The Betsy Ross U.S. history page is an amazing web cite that tells so much about the flag of the U.S flag and make your mind go on a journey of learnig,I was left satisfied with a brain full of more new useful information!
anonymous [05-26-2006]

bob [05-26-2006]

Carolyn Jarackas, harwood heights, il [05-26-2006]

hoiw did betsy ross die
anonymous [05-26-2006]

Julia Sharon, Post Falls, Idaho [05-25-2006]

I was searching for info for a book report
Alyssa N., pico Rivera, California [05-25-2006]

Hi I love your site
Cassy [05-25-2006]

Judy S. Nolte, salisbury nc [05-24-2006]

i wuz just doin research for my paper
anthony, lancaster,california [05-24-2006]

Nicole Kalodner, 110 Bunning Lane, Voorhees, New Jersy, [05-23-2006]

Rita Vogel [05-23-2006]

DUDE, ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm [05-22-2006]

Betsy Ross should be commended for her legacy project that has lasted for so many years
Sarah, Oak Ridge, New Jersey [05-21-2006]

How manny kids does she have
anonymous [05-21-2006]

Danny H [05-21-2006]

im ten and im here to find out info on betsy ross because i have a book report due tomorow and i need info so......... thats why im here well see you later!
michelle, California [05-21-2006]

you need more about betsy. ros!
kiana, rhode island [05-21-2006]

I was doing a report on Betsy (Elizabeth) and this site really worked. (Mabye I can put my report on here. If can let me know by e-mail above).
Maiah, Bend,OR [05-21-2006]

This is a very good site bacause i am doing a school progect and i am doing a Biography about Betsy Ross.
Sydney [05-21-2006]

betsy ross rules!
Betsy Ross's Home girl, unknown [05-21-2006]

why does it say that a message is optinal if that is he whole point of signing this is to leave a message?
bob, not telling [05-21-2006]

megannn, willow grove, pa 19090 [05-21-2006]

:) i love you!
Kyhtko, New York [05-21-2006]

shannon z., fayetteville pa [05-21-2006]

anonymous [05-17-2006]

i am realy related to Betsy Ross if any ones in trested
R Ross [05-17-2006]

I would like to Know what the names of Betsy Ross's children
anonymous [05-17-2006]

I o-ften wo-nder if we could be family. my father was an upholstery man. my greatgrandfathers name was JOHN HENRY ROSS
Mary Lou Ross Inman, Hockley, Texas [05-17-2006]

numbah 987344746 [05-17-2006]

john wilcox [05-17-2006]

I would like some more info on the "gold fringe" on some U.S. flags. Who/what/when did SOMEONE {?} decide thier flag needed the extra decoration? Is there a document that lays out the changed design for special people? I have always heard "RED, WHITE & BLUE"...nothing of gold frimge. Sincerly, Brian Staue
Brian Staude, Longview, Wa [05-17-2006]

My daughter thinks this is a good website for kids and parents to enjoy.
Davine Abbott, Mission Viejo, CA [05-17-2006]

anonymous [05-17-2006]

sierra [05-17-2006]

i am doing betsy ross in school for a project i am doing a scrapbook about her!
mckenzie, kingston [05-17-2006]

Lots of Fun! Thank you.
Nancy Coutu [05-17-2006]

I like this site part of the reason is because I have to!
Sarah Crutcher [05-17-2006]

I am here to say hello and you have a great site!
mae [05-17-2006]

suka [05-17-2006]

I am looking some about the american flag in a child version like from perschool through 5 grade soemthing simpley that they can understand thanks Dana Lee
Dana Lee, 25 Rivercrest Dr. Osceola In 46561 [05-17-2006]

taylor, d.e [05-11-2006]

i love you
callie, philidelphia,pa 17356 [05-11-2006]

Mark Davideit, Orlando, Fl. [05-11-2006]

what is your familys name and were did you live.
hannah oneil, pa 16342 polk franklin school district [05-11-2006]

Hi you have an awsome website!
kristin, pa [05-11-2006]

stay kool
courtney justice [05-11-2006]

I like this website. I learned a lot about Betsy Ross!
Allison MacDonald, Massachusetts, Boston [05-11-2006]

whatisativan [05-11-2006]

im riff-raff sam, the rifftiest riff that ever riffed to raff! im da hoot'nist toot'nst shoot'nist bobtailed wildcat in the west! im the fastest gun north, south, east AND west of da Peocs!
Yosimite Sam [05-11-2006]

I'm doing Betsy Ross as a project and i think i chose the right person to do it for because i learned a lot about her.
*Jenny*, Independence, Iowa (United States) [05-11-2006]

Ann Elliott, clearwater fl [05-11-2006]

There shouldn't be a gift shop in her house. And her 2nd and 3rd husbands are sickos.
Eka F. Emannep, Seattle, WA [05-11-2006]

This is a cool website
Brittney, school [05-11-2006]

I am glade that Betsy Ross invited the flag i think that it is so beautiful
Hannah, Nettleton MS [05-11-2006]

This site is awesome. Your site is really nice! I really enjoy your site! Just cool site! No any words else to say...
Douglas, united states [05-11-2006]

callie, red lion pa [05-11-2006]

Ithe Betsy House it was cool
anonymous [05-11-2006]

anonymous [05-11-2006]

A special website for our family to visit. Thank you, Doug
Douglas Carroll Ross, Farmington Hills, Michigan [05-11-2006]

Steve Smith, Pittsburg, Kansas 66762 [05-08-2006]

hellow...remember me.. i wrote in this guestbook back in 2001 with my best friend corrine davis! I just wanted to type something.... i still love you betsy rosssssss!
amanda korhn [05-08-2006]

betsy ross is an inspiration to me because she was so cool in making the first flag in the united states
alb, iowa [05-08-2006]

Doing research for Betsy Ross House, specifically on Charles H. Weisberger. If anyone has info they would like to share about; him, the painting, BR, his fund raising and organization behind it, AND his efforts on the Francis Scott Key house in DC, please contact me. Thank YOU!
Matt, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA [05-08-2006]

I am proud of Betsy Ross.
Stephanie Torres [05-08-2006]

fastmoneyalbum [05-08-2006]

obtained information from your site for my 3rd grade project on the american flag. thanks
HALEY, ogden ut [05-08-2006]

efficacyofflomax [05-05-2006]

abby mills, purvis mississippi [05-05-2006]

Albert B. Ross, Newark, DE 19702 [05-05-2006]

hey were dion a report on u
trisha green, greenville pa mercer conty [05-05-2006]

We are learning about the U.S. flag. We love the U.S.A.
Stucbery Elementary ESL Students, Houston, TX [05-05-2006]

Cool!.. Nice work...
ultram, Boston [05-05-2006]

angel, ny [05-04-2006]

anonymous [05-04-2006]

I would like 10 facts on the first American Flag. Please e-mail me back.
Carly Milller [05-04-2006]

great web.
bre mckay, cedar city ut [05-04-2006]

Hello Betsy Ross we are learnind about you my teacher said if you hear your name think of the american flag
Faith, Amherst,Ohio,America,United States [05-04-2006]

crestorlipitor [05-04-2006]

I am doing a history report of Betsy Ross and I enjoyed the site most of all the others about her. Thanks for a great site.
Alicia [05-04-2006]

It's my first visit to your website. After just a quick browse, I'm really impressed!
Carol Clark [05-04-2006]

this site really helped me in my history class
Victoria [05-03-2006]

Just found your home page its great, it looks like you folks do great service keep up the good work.
Carol Clark [05-03-2006]

It's my first visit to your website. After just a quick browse, I'm really impressed!
Edward [05-03-2006]

Billy Bohannon [05-03-2006]

Luz, Chino, California [05-03-2006]

In Checking out the Star Spangled Banner History I thought it only fitting that Betsy Ross as well as the designer, Francis Hopkinson, was included in the short research endeavor Thanks for the information & good day>
Jerold Hall, Safford, AZ [05-02-2006]

How was Betsy related to George Ross?
Cameron Martin, Nahunta G.A. 31553 [05-02-2006]

I like your amarican flag ummmmm.... i want to know if you can make me a flag.
kayla, ohio [05-02-2006]

Excellent site, added to favorites!
baby shoes, Miami [05-02-2006]

hawaiianshirtbackground [05-02-2006]

Hello admin, nice site you have!
Lera, New York [05-02-2006]

Was helping my daughter do her homework on Betsy Ross when I found this page. Thanks for the help, I learned a lot that I thought I already knew. KR
Kevin Rivers, Hamilton Ohio [05-01-2006]

angharad [05-01-2006]

I needed to do a prodject on Betsy Ross and I found it all here!
Danielle Boeselagrer, Kissimmee,Florida [05-01-2006]

Thank You so much for making our American flag i am really thankful.
Nicole, 4043 Wood Dr. Walnutport Pa 18088 [05-01-2006]

I am a third grader learning about Betsy Ross.
Rachael, Bay Village, Ohio [05-01-2006]

Great website! it is educatonal anda wealth of information. my 4th grade students will love it!
Jeanmarie Oset, Jensen Beach, Florida [05-01-2006]

this site was very helpful
Rachel Wade, Oklahoma [05-01-2006]

frank dude [05-01-2006]

We have a very large picture (28x 22) of Betsy Ross sewing the American Flag,With General George Washington and the Hon. George Ross, Robert Morris it says on it "Presented to Alice Roper of Flint, MI by the American Flag House and Betsy Ross Memorial Association for aiding in the preservation of the birth place of our Nation'a Flag" It is dated 1911and has some sort of seal.
Debra Keller, Flint MI [04-30-2006]

Bob, Naperville, Illinois [04-30-2006]

georgiaaccutaneinjuries [04-30-2006]

deliveryflowershiraz [04-30-2006]

u rock ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Allison, mi [04-29-2006]

Brittany [04-29-2006]

Oh o ho! very nice site!
Bexter, text [04-29-2006]

Betsy ross is cool. She is a great example that women can accomplish great things.
susannah g. [04-29-2006]

i did a project on betsy ross, and your website really, really helped me. i only found one other book on her at the library, and i was afraid i would have to pick another historical figure to do a project on- but when i found your website, i knew i wouldn't have to! This website is really cool, and its' cool that you can contribute your thoughts and come back to look at them. Thanks so much!
savannah rose calloway [04-29-2006]

betsy ross was an amazing woman. she overcame many hardships, and deserves much more praise then she gets.
Ali [04-29-2006]

god bless america
vincenzo, Italy [04-29-2006]

i want to see what you Betsy Ross did has i child tell me the whole story about Betsy Rosses time ine thank you for your time thank you very very very much
Mckenzie, Kingston [04-29-2006]

Whwn did Betsy Ross get born and die an what age did she die at?
anonymous [04-28-2006]

Hi,I am doing a report about Betsy Ross dose Google have any more imformation about her?
Marissa, Pine Hill, NJ,USA [04-28-2006]

great information! I am a preservice teacher. I look forward to using the website in my future clasrroms.
sherry jane horton, west memphis ar [04-28-2006]

I went to the Besty Ross house. I thought it was very cool to learn about how our flag was made and who made. I hope I can come back to see it soon.
anonymous [04-28-2006]

IloveBesty Ross she is so cool to learn about
Sierra M. Concepcion, Philadelphia PA [04-28-2006]

justin graham, pa [04-28-2006]

Hi People
Kristie, Phila. PA 19154 [04-28-2006]

I like your site. Visit my too
ativan [04-28-2006]

wow, i can not belive you, made the first american flag! who would of done that ? who would of thought of that? you did great . its really cool . i abmire the flag, so much thankyou for makig it. SINCERLY,CHRISTINA
christina gradowski, 3905fulton ave. 45439,kettering ohio [04-28-2006]

Betsy Ross is my sixth-great aunt by marriage to John Ross. Both of my adult children and all three grandchildren are proud to be descendants of Betsy, John and George Ross. The grandchildren, when seeing a flag, still say "Our aunt made the flag."
Joyce Boda, Stockton, CA [04-28-2006]

anonymous [04-28-2006]

i'm really enjoy doing a report on betsy ross
samantha meszaros [04-28-2006]

You guys ROCK!
Cera Johnston, Colmesniel, Texas [04-28-2006]

Your site will really help me on my Americanism Essay! Thanks. The five-pointed star in one snip is cool. My mom is going to teach her third grade students how to do it!
Megan [04-28-2006]

I'm studying Betsy Ross for a project
Brittney, Cohasset, MA [04-28-2006]

I love you!
george, home [04-28-2006]

this is cool
Ellie [04-28-2006]

Malorie [04-28-2006]

This is a good website!
Haley, Lancing,TN [04-28-2006]

Looking for information and found it at this great site...
All about dvd., Chesterfield [04-28-2006]

I remember my 5th grade teacher (in 1991-92) said she is related to Betsy Ross...her name is Mrs.(Coleman)Hardin.
Sarah Starr, Texas [04-28-2006]


i really admire yuor style and things you did to help our places out. you mad are country a lot better looking by making us a flag to show who we are! thanks your friend kealee
KEALEE SWANN, decatur al [04-28-2006]

Was just surfing thru and found your site. Great place!Hello to all my former classmates of 1968! I\'m living in Bradenton !
Ann [04-28-2006]

Many thanks for a good and interesting work!
Anna [04-28-2006]

i am s glad that you sewed thew first flag today. i am writing a report on you for school i am very glad that i get tpo do a report on you love callie april 25,2006
callie [04-28-2006]

Kevin Claypoole, Fairport, New York USA [04-28-2006]

I am doing this for a repport. Great website!
MILEY (My-lee), Colorado [04-28-2006]

Helga [04-28-2006]

Great virtual tour. Thanks
Richard Perry, Warrington, Pa [04-28-2006]

hi I like your site! it will be a help for me I chose to do a report on betsy ross for my toastmasters so your site was a BIG help thanks! keep it up! - kayla :)
kayla, U.S.A, california, [04-28-2006]

I liked the Betsy Ross virtual house tour. Liked is the key word. There could have been some more things to check out even though I didn't even want to finish it. I think it would have been better if you added the christian side of the story. Betsy Ross loved God and Jesus. And that was why she was so blessed. If you leave that out. You won't get me or my family on this website ever again. But I like how you tell the truth. A lot of websites don't do that.Another thing you should add on this homepage is a question and answer. I hade a lot of questions but no answers. And if you want my honest opioion it was good for startes. You could do better.And if your mad at me I understand. Jesus loves you. BYE BYE*
Abbey Elizabeth Gillis, Sykesville, Md United States [04-28-2006]

Working on a 5th grade class project. Thanks for the helpful website.
Julia McBee, Jupiter FL [04-28-2006]

KYM [04-28-2006]

Linda J. Childs, Millington, Mi. 48746 [04-28-2006]

Like the website!
Kenya Blanks [04-28-2006]

breanna, pa [04-28-2006]

is the american flag is important to us? Why Betsy Ross made the american flag?
Esther Kim [04-28-2006]

Esther Kim [04-28-2006]

I am in 6th grade and I used this website because I wanted to be Besty Ross for the Wax Muesum.Your website is great!
Malorie, Athens,Tx [04-28-2006]

orpha [04-28-2006]

i went to take a tour of the house and i thought that it was very interesting
Danielle Harrop, Pennsauken, NJ [04-28-2006]

darrell [04-28-2006]

laurette [04-28-2006]

Harry, tx [04-28-2006]

buspar [04-28-2006]

I'm doing a presitation on besty ross. I'a 7 years old.
bessie, newyorkcity newyork america [04-28-2006]

Very much it was pleasant to me! It is good, when people put soul in the business! Many thanks
Krgedro, New York [04-28-2006]

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anonymous [04-28-2006]

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Lopedav, New York [04-28-2006]

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glenn milller, clementon New Jersey 08021 [04-28-2006]

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Sarah [04-28-2006]

Great web! Using it for report!
Maddie, Denver, CO [04-28-2006]

My Great-Grandmother (Grandmother of my Father) was Jane Ross Boys Jones She lived to be 99 years old and would remind us that we were related to Betsy Ross. The relationship was with Betsy's 1st husband, John Ross. He was a 1st cousin of my Great-Grandmother Jane's Great-Grandfather, James Ross. Daughter of James Ross was Jane Ross Andre (1786-1863) Granddaughter of James Ross was Catherine Jane (Andre) Boys (1817-1853) Great-Granddaughter of James was Jane Ross (Boys) Jones (1844-1943) Great-Great-Greatgrandson of James was Claude L. Jones (1876-1924) Great-Great-Great-Grandson of James was Justin Jones (1907-1983) Great-Great-Great-Great-Granddaughter of James Ross IS ME... Jacquelyn Jones Gunnarson (1936- ) Born 100 years after death of Betsy!
Jacquelyn Jones Gunnarson, Sioux Falls, South Dakota [04-28-2006]

i m doing a report on her
fargo [04-28-2006]

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anas, uae-dubai [04-28-2006]

dear betsy ross i hope you had a very nice life !
Madelyn, delaware, newerk [04-28-2006]

Thank you very much for this informative site with picture. My daughter and myself visited this site because my daughter has a report to do on Betsy Ross.
Margaret Piker, Prue, Oklahoma, United States of America [04-28-2006]

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Shawn [04-28-2006]

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Mary Margaret Jordan, Bullard, TX [04-28-2006]

Lt. Col. Francis P. McGough, USAF (Ret), Alamogordo, NM 88310 [04-28-2006]

jamesblunt [04-28-2006]

i enjoyed reading as i do enjoy history in vast amounts
anonymous, massachusetts [04-28-2006]

Do you have any thing about George Washington.
anonymous [04-28-2006]

Brooke [04-28-2006]

Thanks for the information. I will pass it on to my mathematics class.
Alvin Swimmer, Tempe, Arizona [04-28-2006]

Trying to find out where John Ross is buried. Christ Church says he is not buried there. Somewhere else it said Friends Church, but what is that?
Scott, Pennsylvania [04-28-2006]

This is So Neat
Nicole, Texas [04-28-2006]

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arcticmonkeys [04-28-2006]

i will love to see her flags in real life instead over the computers because i know they is marvueouse!
marreona collier, 1176 elles apt.e,(cresent park) [04-28-2006]

i cant sew so i am greatfull that b ross was in the no ann did so sew the greatest flag i know
ron ald mat hews, austin texas usa n2america plante earth [04-28-2006]

It's my first visit to your website. After just a quick browse, I'm really impressed!
Kelly [04-28-2006]

I can't be bothered with anything these days, but such is life. I don't care. So it goes. More or less nothing seems worth thinking about. I've just been hanging out waiting for something to happen, but that's how it is.
Greg Guepy [04-28-2006]

Philip Benson [04-28-2006]

You should really redecorate this old homepage because this is like a hundred years old.
Alex, Allen TX [04-28-2006]

I had a fun time.
Mackenzie, Allen,TX [04-28-2006]

Megan [04-28-2006]

needs more details.
anonymous [04-28-2006]

I need some more info about Betsy Ross. thanks
grace, clarion PA [04-28-2006]

JAcklyn, Mount Vernon [04-28-2006]

where can i find how people feel about the flag?
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Kelly [04-28-2006]

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Leonid, united states [04-28-2006]

Aubree [04-28-2006]

Are we Related to You. One court house burned down all the record were lost . Harsh or Knotts are the name we are looking for. Thanks
Joycer Smith Webb, Tallmadge Ohio 44278 [04-28-2006]

I love you bettsy ross
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Ashley [04-08-2006]

This is a really good site. But I think that you need more facts
Miranda, Pa [04-08-2006]

sylvia sutter, tampa florida [04-08-2006]

I have a photograph of the Betsy Ross house. Their were buildings on either side. The building on the right has a sign, Berger Bros. It appears that the three buildings are connected. Do you know if this was ever the case?
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Elizabeth, Carneys Point, NJ USA [04-08-2006]

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mackenzie [03-18-2006]

I have a document that states that my father, Arthur Tyrie, is a member of the Betsy Ross Association, number 6020. My mother used to say that we were related to Betsy, but this document looks like my father was just a member. Can you enlighten me?
Beverly Knapp, Georgetown, MA [03-18-2006]

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Janet E. Davis, Torrance, California [03-08-2006]

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Emily, Gainsville, Georgia [02-25-2006]

Gerald Powers, Marysville, WA. U.S.A [02-25-2006]

I LOVE BETSY ROSS! she is the light of my life and she is a great bhugddest. I hope that you know that the flag was really made by mary pickersgill NOT miss ross. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME!
Kacie Durham, Burlington VT, 05097 [02-25-2006]

I love your site!
Paige Hornby, Wisconsin [02-25-2006]

hey i'm doing a report on you not much out ther if so it's confussing
anonymous [02-25-2006]

its site is really kool g2g bye!
kayla, kentucky im 13 [02-25-2006]

hey this is a cool website it helps a lot
michael, cusseta ga [02-25-2006]

A very informative website. I learned so much about Betsy Ross reading the FAQs while helping my daughter with her second grade project.
Donna McClung, Birmingham, AL [02-25-2006]

I came here to look up my grt grt grt grandma betsy ross threw here children there is also a relation to the musicians for the little rascles who traveld route 66 from pennsylvania to hollywood every day to play hal roachs little rascles music ross is also a royalty name from scotland were the ross castle was just sold
Randy Sorenson [02-25-2006]

i need a picture and information on the state flag of Massachusetts and a picture
Anthony Panaro, bordentown New Jersey [02-25-2006]

Auneshia Whitson, st.pete [02-25-2006]

i love betsy ross
caleb, saltrock westverginia [02-25-2006]

betsy ross rules!
anonymous [02-25-2006]

Hey! This site was very helpful to me. I picked Betsy Ross to do a multi-genre for and had to look up info. I think this is the only site I found that actually helped me. So I would like to thank whoever made this site. I just hope I get a good grade on my report. - Chasity
Chasity, :.Kentucky.: [02-25-2006]

I am helping a girl scout troop with a try it...this website is going to be very helpful!
BeagleGirl, ny [02-25-2006]

We are proud to fly our American Flag, to show our freedom and love for our country. Very proud to be an American, my wife and our children and grandchildren. Thank you for allowing us to coment!
Tom Lucy, Warren, Michigan 48089 [02-25-2006]

john, city [02-25-2006]

I would like to make a quilt flag and raffle it off at our church. is it o.k. I have read every thing on your site but didnt see anything on that. Thank you .i ENJOYED EVERY THING I HAVE READ GOD BLESS
Anita Michael, Tacoma, wa. [02-25-2006]

Kortnee [02-25-2006]

Alyssa [02-25-2006]

Kristy [02-25-2006]

Tacia [02-25-2006]

Samantha [02-25-2006]

Brittany [02-25-2006]

Victoria [02-25-2006]

Betty Davies, 520 Meridan Dearborn MI 48124 [02-25-2006]

talia m., g.a. [02-09-2006]

Great information!
Bobby, Ravensworth, V.A. [02-09-2006]

I found your site quite interesting and informative. Thank You!
Carol Rahming, Miami, FL [02-09-2006]

Jasmine Hott [02-08-2006]

betsey ross is an awsome person i love to sew ive made a mineter sise of the ameriacan flag also ive ben able to sow people and ive mostelly sown betsey ross the different things that she did.shes my alltime hero!hey betsey ross:)
anna kharabora, cleaveland tn [02-08-2006]

Hello, I enjoyed your website, especially the affidavits. Very, very interesting. Thank you.
kay lee, Ward-Heitmann House Museum West Haven, CT [02-08-2006]

LeAnna [02-08-2006]

it was very useful. thank you for all the help
lauiren, louisville, kentucky, united states [02-08-2006]

I Love Betsy Ross
Noelle Sanders, portland ct, [02-08-2006]

your wierd betsy yeah you ya freak
Moises [02-08-2006]

Cyber Chick, Elizebith City, North Carolina, 27909 [02-08-2006]

Hi man what's up?????????????????????????????
Christopher St. aubin, plymouth Mi [02-08-2006]

anonymous, Marshall, Arkansas, Usa [02-07-2006]

As a class project we are going to study the proper care and handling of the US Flag
Burdett W. Rust, Buffalo NY [02-07-2006]

arac5eli [02-07-2006]

This information was very helpful when teaching our Cub Scouts about the history of the flag.
Cub Pack 3581, Kokomo, Indiana, USA [02-07-2006]

This is a great web site it really help a lot on my report, Thanks a lot!
Hannah, il [02-07-2006]

Laura, Kentucky [02-07-2006]

My grandmother was Margaret Ross Smith- supposedly related to Betsy Ross. Her grandmother and grandfather were,Martin and Viola Ross, Who came from Michigan.Her father's name was Charles Ross. Looking for descendents!
Debra jenson, Madison Wis [02-07-2006]

tabytha, aztec new mexico [02-06-2006]

i thank yall for having this web site of betsy ross it waz nice of her making our flag
Jessica Ybarra, u.s.a. [02-06-2006]

Dori Wegener, Lone Jack, MO [02-06-2006]

when was betsey born, when did she die?
jennifer nelson, Elizebith City [02-06-2006]

It was fun to read about Betsy Ross and how she made the first flag for the first 13 colonies. I hope to read about her in the future.
Monifa Fletcher, Hempstead, New York [02-06-2006]

Thanks for all of the info. It was a great help in earning a Brownie Scout try-it!
Kimmie, Crawfordsville, IN 47933 [02-06-2006]

Looking for clothing styles during the revolutionary war, hope this helpls
Makenzie Burger, Edmond, OK 73013 [02-06-2006]

dear betsy ross I hear you have an exciting life and that you made our flag.
ashley clark, springfield MO,65810 [02-06-2006]

i love you betsy ross because you inspired me to learn how to sew.
amelia carter, Utica, New York [02-04-2006]

I have a American Flag House And Betsy Ross Memorial Association. Certificate #D43242 Dated 1899 . Can You tell me something about it.???? Thanks in Advance.
James Lawler, Middletown, Delaware [02-04-2006]

The children were very excited and wanted to know how to find this website. Naturally, I told them.
k barr and her second grade class, Shermans Dale, Pa. Perry County [02-03-2006]

your website is very historical.
Kiara, newport news va us [02-03-2006]

Daniel [02-03-2006]

I needed info for my daughter's report on Betsy Ross and found this quit valuable. Thank you very much!
Walter Pullen, Memphis, TN. [02-03-2006]

I am researching her for a social studies project and she is very interesting!
Shyanne [02-03-2006]

I visited this site because I am doing guide reading with my students and I wanted to find more information about Betsy Ross since she sewed the first american flag.
Rosalyn Williams, Dolton, IL [02-02-2006]

This was a very educational site. Nice work. And thankyou for all your help. Bye.
Karissa [02-02-2006]

I visited this site because in a school play I play Betsy Ross and I wanted to know more about her. I enjoyed the tour!THANKS!
Grace Chapman, Brea California [02-02-2006]

anzania, New Jersey [02-02-2006]

kayla belk, canton nc [02-01-2006]

My daughter is doing her 5th grade biography on Betsy Ross.
George & Megan, ma [02-01-2006]

I really like your page about Betsy Ross and I definitely have learned some things, but I think that you need something more to make this site an a enhanced educational one for studdents doing project/report/essays on Betsy. Thanks, Tess
anonymous [02-01-2006]

Bill Claypool [02-01-2006]

thank you for the first american flag and good luck in your other life.
alexis ottele, McMinnville, Oregon [02-01-2006]

I played Betsy Ross in my school play 30 years ago and now my duaghter is doing her biography presentation in the 3rd grade on Betsy Ross. I only wish we had more pictures of Betsy to view since dressing up as her is a requirement.
Erin Bazinet, Albany, NY [02-01-2006]

you rock ;)
Ashley olson, hollywood,CA [02-01-2006]

I like your website! i hope you people are not getting sick!
Teagan, millers [02-01-2006]

Hello it was a pleasure knowing about your home and how Betsy made the flag. I am 13 years old and I am Puerto Rican
Lizette, Trenton [02-01-2006]

sydney, florida [02-01-2006]

Mike Meyer [01-31-2006]

maddie [01-31-2006]

Thanks for creating this wonderful site. I love American history and learning more about the flag I love.
Rhonda Erickson, Trempealeau County -Wisconsin [01-31-2006]

mysha, l'ville [01-30-2006]

erik [01-30-2006]

This is a great site for projects. They just need a little more details on Betsy's life and how she lived. So... Yeah.
Karissa, Morrisville Nc [01-30-2006]

I'm looking for reviews of childrens books, but enjoyed Betsy Ross anyway.
anonymous [01-28-2006]

courtney, levittown [01-28-2006]

My company, Verizon, is having a convention of one of its Employee Resource Groups in Philadelphia in April and we would like our registration ladies dressed up in historically accurate costumes from the Betsy Ross time period. Can you hlep me out? Or point me in the correct direction? If you have a detailed picture of Betsy Ross that shows her clothing that would help. Thanks, Sharon
Sharon Nichols, Baltimore MD [01-28-2006]

Lauren [01-28-2006]

I saw the Betsy Ross house, it was very neat
David, United States [01-28-2006]

hey bessie this is sami from ohio just wanting to say thank you for taking your time to make our flag and make our country better! we miss you bessie. . Sami from ohio
sam, usa ohio [01-28-2006]

I am doing a senior thesis on Flag Burning so this site might help me out a little but not a lot.
Cheyenne Egan, TwinFalls ID [01-28-2006]

In School I'm Betsy Ross I need information
Win [01-28-2006]

Ms.Prince's Kindergarten Class Group 3, Manassas Park VA. Cougar Elementary School [01-28-2006]

Great web page or site!
Aerial Patterson, Warren Ohio 44485 USA [01-28-2006]

Hey, this is a pretty cool site...
Orlando Bloom [01-28-2006]

did you make the first flage.
javonni, grhamn.c [01-25-2006]

This site was very informational and it's going to help me get an A+ on my project. Thank You so much!
Kacie, Gainesville, Ga [01-25-2006]

I am doing this huge biography project about Betsy Ross and this website has really helped me the whole way thru! Thank-you so much!
Maddy Smalley, Kent, Ohio, 44240,USA [01-25-2006]

For my daughter's school paper.
Jennifer Stebens, Ontario, CA [01-25-2006]

Hey! I haven't looked at this site but I will be. I hope it helps me with my homework. talk to ya later
Chasity, Nicholasville, Kentuckey [01-25-2006]

your site helped me a lot.thank you for this site.
JOHN OWERRI, newberg oregon usa [01-25-2006]

i really liked this information of betsy ross!
KASSANDRA, concord,california [01-25-2006]

i love Betsy Ross she's realy an insperation
kaitlyn fender, Weavweville NC [01-25-2006]

anonymous, usa ct [01-25-2006]

Paul Wright, westport MA [01-25-2006]

This gives great info on Betsy Ross. I have to do a wax museum for 4th grade. I used this site all the way. Thanks!
Courtney Wills, Rahway,N.J. [01-25-2006]

Thank you for this wonderful history! I came to this web page through a Girl Scout page link. I am doing some research for my Girl Scout troop and I am very excited about the information that I found. The girls will enjoy making the 5- point star and I am honored to be able to teach the girls about our Flag. Thank you again for this wonderful site.
Diane [01-25-2006]

Thank you for providing wonderful information which helped me on my report about Betsy Ross!
Erica M. Randall, West Barnstable, Cape Cod, Massachusetts [01-25-2006]

Jason Smith, Dayton, TN, 37321 [01-25-2006]

I had a book report due in about 1 month but this book report was a scapbook on a famous person. I had choosen Betsy Ross because I thought it was so cool that she made our first flag! So I read a book on her and looked in newpapers and things like that but it still didn't give me the exact things I need! So I researched her and I came to found your website! This web-site was so helpful and wonderful I'd just love to say" THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH"! Once again thanks so much and the web-site was AWESOME! ~J~
j [01-25-2006]

how many kids did she have
Katelyn morton, Az Phx [01-25-2006]

i belive betsy ross changed our orl I am writing a researc paper for social studies if you could send me info i would love it thank
mattea waterfill, harrodsbug ky 40330 [01-25-2006]

uuummmm...uuummm.uumm.. morgan.yea, that's right. [01-25-2006]

never visted
anonymous [01-25-2006]

jim [01-25-2006]

Can you show me a flag that has 18 stars on it.
Lashonda, missouri [01-25-2006]

Hi i used to live in corvallis when i was a child and found your website very helpful for what i was looking for. It is very much appreciated. Thank you
Sarah K, dublin,Ireland [01-25-2006]

I'm doing a assignment on Betsy Ross and will have a loy of information but I wish there was more pitures.
Hannah, Usa [01-25-2006]

Im doing a project om the revolutionary war. and was wondering if u could send me any info of women during that time? thanks, Sofia 8th grade student
Stout, Indiana [01-25-2006]

Shivanie [01-25-2006]

I really have enjoyed your site my daughter has to do a paper of her and has gotten lot infor for her.
Lori Klaassen, Hutchinson, Ks 67502 [01-25-2006]

i love history!
Tiffany Oruska, tennessee [01-25-2006]

I got a lot of info for my project from here and I'd like to thank you all.
Samantha, - [01-25-2006]

hi, my name is megan what is urs?
Megan [01-24-2006]

We plan to be in the area next fall. The information I have found on your site has been very interesting and provides a lot of background for our trip.
Bob Martin, Ventura, California [01-13-2006]

I'm helping my niece with a project on Philadelphia, she chose to do it on Betsy Ross. Your web site helped us out a lot, it gave us a lot of important information. Thank you!
Elisa Antonetti, Philadelphia, PA [01-13-2006]

Your site has given me good insight on Betsy's life. I was able to find a picture that I can print out for use as a guide for a costume that I need for a Halloween-themed wedding that I will be attending for one of my cousins later in this year. Thank you very much.
Patty Spadoto, Toms River, NJ [01-13-2006]

dane brinkmeier [01-13-2006]

Katie & Steven Pfotzer, Walnut Creek CA [01-13-2006]

jocelyn sheehan, grand meadow mn [01-13-2006]

Betsy Rosses home is gorgeouse and its really pretty,and I bet she really loved living there,and I really look up to her.
Jessica Rodriguez, Tulsa,Oklahoma [01-13-2006]

What a wonderful site on a historic event. Helder Frįguas, Portugal
Helder Frįguas [01-13-2006]

You should've listed quotes by her!
Tuesz, Ferndale [01-13-2006]

anonymous, Springfield, IL [01-13-2006]

You are a awesome woman betsy! I truly love you. Please e-mail me at Thank you. Some in love with you, sweetcreep
jarrate [01-13-2006]

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ALLY [01-13-2006]

Isamar Velez, Philadelphia pa [01-13-2006]

i had a goodtime
ashley, in [01-13-2006]

I love you
Titua Fue, Michigan [01-13-2006]

I love your website it has everything!
Kookara Macaara [01-13-2006]

Betsy Ross your a great woman.
Kenyetta Staton, Brooklyn, NY [01-13-2006]

vist wiht home
rubi, utfr [01-13-2006]

Melinda [01-13-2006]

Dorothy, NY,34th Street [01-13-2006]

Kaylee Craft [01-13-2006]

hi this is a greta site for betsy ross
pepsi girl 303 [01-13-2006]

I'm doing a projecy on Betsy for school. Your site helped me get a lot of info. Thanks Katrina
Katrina Stogo [01-13-2006]

Hello how are you people? I am freakin good!1
Pliert Toblepont, provo Utah [01-13-2006]

KEILONTHAE, melville,la [01-13-2006]

bob, las vegas [01-13-2006]

I like this site it help me out about learning about her more.
Elaine, Manassas Park Va, 20111 [01-13-2006]

how come the colors were red, white, and blue
Lacey Aderhold, South Dakota [01-13-2006]

James Mahomes, Baton Rouge, La. 70810 [01-13-2006]

America Rocks!
anonymous [01-13-2006]

Jeffrey Kern [01-13-2006]

Charlotte, pa [01-13-2006]

I think that this web site is very helpful for me because I am duing a report on Betsy Ross and it gives me a lot of info on her.Thanks
Kimberly, Slagle Louisiana, USA [01-13-2006]

i am doing a flag project on the american flag and i found this site on goolgle. i love this site. i got so so much information from here and i no i will be sure to get an A now! thank you for your help and good job on the site ! <3
mallory, delaware [01-13-2006]

good site
Tony [01-13-2006]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross and I could not belive how intresting she was. First woman to the flag. she married three times and her third husband stayed with her the longest.I really want come see her house it is at the top of my wishlist.
Marina Mobley, La Mesa or San Bernadino California [01-13-2006]

Enjoyed the site and virtual tour!
K. Smith, Big Spring, Texas [01-13-2006]

granddaughter needing information for girlscouts about the american flag
Patty, Macon Missouri 63552 USA [01-13-2006]

Karen Ross-Burcham, Indianapolis, IN 46231 [01-13-2006]

Tobias Binderberger [01-13-2006]


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