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I love the website!
Brynn Miller, Timberville [03-31-2005]

deede green [03-31-2005]

leslie [03-31-2005]

hey! im waiting for my mom to get print cartriges and then im going to get the flags
ali, fort wayne,in [03-31-2005]

when and what did betsy ross die of
anonymous [03-31-2005]

Alyssa, Butler [03-31-2005]

I had to write a 3 page report on her thats why im here
Kara [03-31-2005]

Tiffany Salzer, Wisconsin [03-31-2005]

the virtual tour was OUTSTANDING
Julia, Amesbury MA [03-31-2005]

thanx for helping me besty
Bueatifull, 17 a single mother my babys dad died during pregnacy i am very thankful to besty ross for making the first flag becuase now we have something to reprsent our freedom to do what ever our rights are im thankful to god because my child means the world to me [03-31-2005]

I love this site i used it to do a report on the wonderful Betsy Ross
Nicole Kruse, Beresford SD [03-31-2005]

Ellen [03-31-2005]

hi here to have a look of what uoy have in your guestbook.
peace, ghana acra [03-31-2005]

dear betsy ross you did something great for our country i am studying you for a biography that we are doing at our school march 31 i get to dress up as you. these people on this sit know a lot about you. i think you rock. ps hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!
robin olson [03-31-2005]

Hello- I am hoping you can help me with a bit of flag trivia. Where are the only places in the Universe where the American flag is never flown at half staff? Thanks very much!
Kathy, Milford, NH [03-31-2005]

i like betsy....nice bridge
morgan, new jersey [03-31-2005]

Renee Baez, Valley Gl;enn, CA [03-31-2005]

Thanks for all the help on my report about Betsy Ross. I learned a lot of information. Samantha 5th grade
Samantha Hays, Springfield, Missouri [03-31-2005]

Are you a famous person from Minnesota if you are can you tell me stuff about you?
Brittany flannery, Kentucky [03-31-2005]

w le donne di tutto il mondo!
maria degni, italia [03-28-2005]

i am doing betsy ross for a projest bye bye
katelyn [03-28-2005]

Phil Spears, Reno Nevada [03-28-2005]

I love to hear all I can about betsy Ross so write me. And tell me what u know. plz.thanx with much respect Elizabeth Tormey
Elizabeth Tormey, 13/fe/ny [03-26-2005]

i've just always been told that i have some family ties to her and to Chief John Ross and was just doing a little research. my grandfather John Houston Ross
Christy Goings, sidney Ohio [03-26-2005]

you need to tell people what kind of fabric betsy ross used
anonymous [03-26-2005]

hi Hi Betsy Ross is a person im doing for my book report shes awesome!yeh
victoria Kleiner, nashua [03-25-2005]

im doing a life report on her and i have to dress up as her. Im pleased to learn many things about Her!
Taylor Shook, lake county, TN [03-25-2005]

I think this page was really helpful. It was an outline that stated the facts i needed without a wholr lot of extra junk. It really helped me write a speeech about Betsy Ross and the American flag.
Kay Drenkhahn [03-25-2005]

Hi, I am hannah. Ilove your site, I did a report on betsy ross and I got a 98% thanks to you. thanks, Hannah
hannah, new york albany [03-25-2005]

I didn't know that Hawaii joined in 1960! Cool!
Sianne [03-24-2005]

Saroya Melfe, ca [03-24-2005]

why did Besty Ross die? and how did she die, and why did besty ross have to live in Philadelphia?
bianca, palatine Illinois [03-24-2005]

Betsy Ross is the most exciting person that I know, because they made the American Flag recomended on June 14. On June 14 is Flag Day. Also, on June 14 is my birtday and I was very excited when I first heard about it.
Miriam Gamboa, Costa Mesa, CA [03-24-2005]

I appreciate the concise information about our flag. We learned much of this years ago in grammar school but violations are predominat everywhere. Thanks!
Dallas Turner, Keller, Texas [03-23-2005]

I am just writting your buissness because i am doing a report on Betsy Ross and she is so interesting. there is so much things i love about her.
felicia horton, holton,michigan [03-23-2005]

Betsy ross is the coolest person ever, this website didn't realy help me.(it's oposite day, it helpped me a lot!)
carorlyn, akdjf [03-23-2005]

kristel [03-22-2005]

Thankyou for sharing this was very moving. I hope I can see it in person someday.
susan reed, reno, NV [03-22-2005]

What a terrific website! I am looking fwd to showing students how to make the 5pt star when I 'am' Mrs. Ross for a PTA sponsored function at school! I will be sure to tell everyone to check this site out! Thank you for helping me be her! Ü
anonymous, Auburn, NY [03-22-2005]

mandy, 1717 supiror ave [03-22-2005]

We are researching the flag and the Star Spangled Banner. We enjoyed your site. Thanks, Mrs. Ouldsfiya's 3rd Graders
Mrs. Ouldsfiya's Great Third Graders, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma [03-22-2005]

Dear reader, I was on your website picking up information on Betsy Ross,I was amazed at how much information there was on Betsy Ross.Thanks for the help!
ANOUNIMOUS, co. [03-22-2005]

Hi i think Betsy ross is kool. Not just because her last name is the same as mine and maybe my relative somewhere around the line. But also because she has made the first flag...and also cause she just kool. -Amy Ross
Amy Ross, Maine [03-22-2005]

WaT ArE tHe NaMeS oF bEtSeY's SiBlInGs?/
K [03-22-2005]

i think it's cool that she made the first flag thats whu i am doing her for the famous people from the american revolution thing in my class. i think shes cool.
Rene Engle, united states [03-22-2005]

thank you... i'm doing a research project on the history of the american flag... it helped a lot! ty
angie, minnesota USA! [03-22-2005]

My friend and I are doing a school report about Betsy Ross. We are actually going to make a movie about her. The website was awesome
Claire Roy, Fort Wayne, IN [03-22-2005]

Why do I care!
Andrea Kashmitter, wisconnsin [03-22-2005]

We like your pretty flag information..... :)
Tiff and Sam [03-22-2005]

hey wassup i am dah ghetto frak and i would luv to say holla to alll u ancient people
Amanda Owens, new york [03-22-2005]

hey this was ok to cool our whole class had to visit. It is like sooo ancient....its not my taste. but my teacher liked the anitques. Great 4 old people
anonymous [03-22-2005]

hey hey hey, im making a flag cake for my project, and its gonna be delicious. Ill email you a piece if you would like. And id just like to suggest that you should put something other than she made the dam flag on the website, thats gonna get me about a half of a page. Dont get me wrong i love the flag, especially on cake. Happy hunting. MY PROJECTS GONNA KICK YOUR PROJECT's BUTT! -mwaa
anonymous, norwood,ma [03-22-2005]

Eric [03-22-2005]

Hey.. Nise Site here :) Found out a lot to my school assignment.. Thx dudes
Mads Tinggaard, Dragřr, Denmark, Europe ;) [03-22-2005]

god bless greetings earthlings
todd stone, las vegas,nevada [03-22-2005]

Kristen, Estero, FL 33928 [03-22-2005]

she's my great great great great grandma. i'm glad to see such a nice site in her memory.
SANDY GRAHAM [03-22-2005]

daniel koo, kearny nj [03-22-2005]

I participate in wagon trains, Gold Rush Era reenactments, and mountian man rendezvous. I decided to sew a hand-made Betsy Ross flag to proudly fly around camp and on my wagon at these events. Your site was very helpful. Thanks!
Ann, Sacramento, CA [03-22-2005]

Betsy Ross is an awesome person. I never knew she could be so cool! My Social Studies Teacher assigned the whole class a project on different people. I love Betsy! BETSY ROSS ROCKS!
Jessica, Temecula,California (By Murrieta Hot Springs) [03-22-2005]

It's important to understand the making of this great land and what she stood for and the patriotism that existed in her making. Great webpage!
Charles Kienbaum, Spokane, Washington [03-22-2005]

Jessica Allen [03-18-2005]

hey hommies! waz up yall? thought i should check out this web site. i heard betsy ross has got it gooooooin on all the way yall! I gota go! Shizzle my nizzle babey!
Johnnie Martinez, lamoth Falls OR [03-18-2005]

this site has helped me so much on my reasearch report The tour was great I would loved for her to have been my neighbor or one of her relitives! Thi site has been great! Thanks again! And remember GOD loves you !
anonymous, mississippi [03-18-2005]

I am doing a research paper on Betsy Ross. I chose Betsy Ross because she sewed the first flag and my Mom sews and I do too. My Mom was also born on the fourth of July so I like flags. I am going to try and sew a copy of the first flag with my Mom's help. Thanks for all of your information. Bye bye now.
Amy Buettner, Sykesville, MD [03-17-2005]

my daughters home work was to tell where Betsy Ross went after the war. i couldn't find anything telling us of that. can you help us out.....thanks so much.
sandy prater, ossian in. [03-17-2005]

i like how you give a tour of betsy rosses home that is cool and i got a lot of stuff on betsy ross on this web page thanks a lot.~brittany bivens
BRITTANY BIVENS, elkhart in [03-17-2005]

Betsy Ross is so talented.
Emily, NorthcoventryPA [03-17-2005]

Hey! i visited the Betsy Ross homepage because of a school assignment! where we had to sign the guest book! so here I am...
Ken Rasmussen, Copenhagen, Denmark [03-17-2005]

tell betsy that the merican flag looks beautiful!
annonomus [03-17-2005]

ada [03-17-2005]

Rolff Leisted, Denmark [03-17-2005]

god bless her for making such a beautiful flag, to cover the land of the free and the home of the brave.
Catherine Mader Humphrey, Milan, Illinois [03-17-2005]

Alyson Jeanine Miller, Laredo, Texas 78045 USA [03-17-2005]

i have a huge issue w/ this website!
Phil Michle Spears, Reno [03-17-2005]

I like all the stuf that you have about this very important woman, but i still think you need more about her
melissa cuello, lynn mass [03-17-2005]

Daniel Singh, Danmark [03-17-2005]

Are those real pictures of her,and her house?
Autumn [03-17-2005]

whats up??? how did you have three husbens
megan, flandreau sd [03-17-2005]

hey oh
Brooke, Flandreau [03-17-2005]

I wish you will have a good life I really like realistic;Historical things about you.
Sonilla lal, san pablo california [03-17-2005]

i loved your website it was awsome and unique. i liked it a lot.I also liked the vurtial tour. I liked taht betsy had a cigar room. im only 11 but a lot of people in my family would have liked it. I do not like cigars but thought i would mention that my family does. Your web site brought back memories of my old home. THANK YOU! I liked my old home it was nice with a lot of furniture, I see you hav put a great deal of time into putting this web site togher. Thank you for making this web site so me and other people could see it. I want you to Know taht it Brought back memories. THANK YOU! Your web site ment a lot to me thanks for putting it toger for me to see. Betsy's virtual tour was terrific.
anonymous [03-17-2005]

Hello! I really liked your site. I REALLY liked the cut a star in one strip thing. But could you have a thing about Monsters in the 1600s? and please don't say you never heard those great tales.
anonymous [03-17-2005]

Sarah oullat, Temecula, California [03-17-2005]

Dayelle [03-17-2005]

Tiffany Wehmeyer, Sedalia MO 65301 [03-17-2005]

just to let you know you might want to put in how she died because it gives more info about her and a lot to tell on reports or essays or SPEECHES we have to do for school!
Adrianna, Peoria Arizona 85345 [03-17-2005]

this has been very educational to my 12 yr old son Thomas
June Pledger, Hull, Tx. [03-17-2005]

Crespin, Alpharetta [03-17-2005]

I love Betsy Ross! I pretty much love american history!
Shannon Miller, Houston,TX [03-17-2005]

I'm doing a report on Besty Ross and your site was really helpful! Thanks!
Jordan, Illionis [03-17-2005]

i am doing a project on betsy ross and i was wondering if you can send me a list of her brothers and sisters names at my email adress?
kelly, usa [03-17-2005]

i with I could met beatsy Ross
Ellie Emoteo, Sokane wa 990587461230 [03-17-2005]

hey im back! im in 7th grade now and this website has helped me a lot on my reports. lol last week when we where chosing who we wanted to write about me and this other kid were fiting that we both wanted to write about betsy!
annonomus [03-17-2005]

i am in 6th grade and i had to do a project on betsy ross and this page helped me a lot!
annonomus [03-17-2005]

awesome and thanks for help on my report! you need more facts though! :)
janey, geddes [03-17-2005]

bob the builder, Marshall, MO [03-17-2005]

Christian Poulsen, Denmark [03-17-2005]

I had to do a report on the American Flag for school. Your site was VERY helpful.
Rachel, North Carolina [03-17-2005]

hi. cool hompage
Thomas, Denmark [03-17-2005]

I am in the 5th grade and we are doing a report on the history of the American flag for school. Thanks for having such a cool website that I can get on to find all of this awesome information and pictures!
Brittany Thompson, Lawrenceburg, Indiana [03-17-2005]

I really do not like this sight
anonymous [03-17-2005]

This helped a lot with my research paper for school.
Celeste, Wisconsin, USA [03-17-2005]

Iamdoing a pragect on Betsy Ross
madison, Norris TN, [03-17-2005]

this tour was a great experience for me and my family
Erving Batista, New York [03-17-2005]

your flag is the most wonderful thing I''ve ever seen in my life
stephanie [03-17-2005]

just reading where Betsy Ross lived and noticed the name Thomas Carmalt thats my fathers name how strange is that Terry Carmalt
Terry Carmalt, Brisbane AUSTRALIA [03-17-2005]

i am here for project and to say hi. well hi.
Kayla Shaffer, crestline,Ohio in the USA [03-17-2005]

CHERYL DAVIDSON [03-17-2005]

Your a good sewer.
kitty, the milky way [03-17-2005]

patricia, miami,florida [03-17-2005]

i need a picture of betsy and her family for a school project.....
ashley pino [03-17-2005]

i think betsy ross is cool because she made the first flag
anonymous, va,franklin county [03-17-2005]

courtney, va,franklin county [03-17-2005]

Hi, my name is Ishlish and I'm using my mothers E-mail I'm in the 2nd. grade and i'm doing a report on Betsy Ross i pick her as one of our famous women in the history I thank her for making the most beautiful flag to represent our Nation The United States of America, I'm so Proud of our flag and to be born in the United State. I attended Gilbert Sprueance elementary school. Thank You.
Ishlish U. Martinez, Philadelphia, PA. [03-17-2005]

hi hi hi
anonymous [03-17-2005]

I have visited your website to get info on Betsy Ross!
Montanna Jo Schnebelt, L awrenceburg,Indiana [03-17-2005]

My daughter had to do a book report on a famous woman in history and was excited when I told her about Betsy Ross and the flag. Your great site provided all the information we needed. Thank you, Tony L
Tony L, Thomaston Ct [03-17-2005]

I thought that Betsy Ross had a wonderful life. i thought that it was sad when in the book it said she died i cried.
taylor Teixeira, Connecticut [03-17-2005]

i sorta found what i was looking for but they dont give enough info how do i find more about her
anonymous [03-17-2005]

i would like to find more about betsy ross
anonymous [03-17-2005]

Loved your website
VFW Ladies Auxiliary Post #1301, Marion, Il 62959 [03-17-2005]

Gabi Allen [03-17-2005]

hi goodmorning betsy
Betsy Goodnmrg, montana [03-17-2005]

jose [03-17-2005]

Logan BArtels [03-17-2005]

Branden [03-17-2005]

Alexis Frayer, Wyandotte,Michigan,United States of America [03-17-2005]

Please send me information on sewing during the colonial time period...Thanks
Curt Lucy, 3030 Watercove Road Midlothian Va. 23112 [03-17-2005]

i always loved betsy ross she was the sweetest girl
joel sowder, winfield kansas united states [03-17-2005]

cameron boggs, new paris ohio [03-17-2005]

I loved this website
Ashley, Florida, Venice usa [03-17-2005]

i love this place it is fun and i can learn a lot from it a got an A+ on my report thank youa lot
Ellie [03-17-2005]

hey i love this site it is cool and i learned a lot from it now i know that i will get an a on mt report thanks a lot
Elie [03-17-2005]

great 4 research
anonymous [03-17-2005]

you should have more pictures of betsy ross and it should be free and you should have maps of where she was born
laura, united states of america [03-17-2005]

I have to find this out for a school project.
Calisa, Newell, SD 57760 [03-17-2005]

did betsy ross really make the flag
anonymous [03-17-2005]

I think your website is sweet
hannah, portland oregon [03-17-2005]

Dear betsy Ross you are alsome because of all the stuff that you did to sopport the united stats. sincerly Lauren,Nichole,price
anonymous [03-17-2005]

Chasity nicole bennett [03-17-2005]

I wish that Betsy Ross was still alive so I could meet her to day.Then she make me my own flag for me and then go and see her grave and her house that would be great.
Jamie Rachels, Grovetown and I live in GA [03-17-2005]

hi when i lived in Delaware there was a museum of her she is a good peson to look up to i am doing a report on her so if anyone has any good infor please email me thanks
Alexis [03-17-2005]

Loved the site it will help my girls scout troop learn more about our flag thanks
Kathy Allen, Green Cove Springs, Florida [03-17-2005]

I am a fifth grade teacher, and we are studying about great Americans. I require my students to do a four paragragh essay, draw a picture of their chosen American, and dress up like their American. However, before the project begins I do all of the above stated to demonstrate. This year I have chosen to be Besty Ross. Thank you for the steps of making a five-point star with one snip. My grandmother, a quilter, showed me this nifty little trick years ago, but, of course, I had forgotten. I know my students will enjoy learning this little part of American history. Hopefully, they will retain this information and more about Besty Ross. This is a great site, thanks for the help.
Rachel Smith, Ridgeland, MS [03-17-2005]

What is Betsy's siblings names?
Shelby [03-17-2005]

i hate you
saah papponetti [03-17-2005]

i think this web page has a lot of information about betsy ross, and just enough for me to do my report!
mackenzie [03-17-2005]

Justis [03-17-2005]

how are you
Betsy Loin, montana [03-17-2005]

Brian, coral spring F.L [03-17-2005]

good site! because I,m doing a report on Besty Ross
Melissa, california [03-17-2005]

thanks 4 maiking our beatefull flag
Berenice Mendoza, elpasotx [03-17-2005]

I think it is cool
cierra leaks, aassddffgghhjjkkllppooii [03-17-2005]

I love the American Flag & this homepage.
stephen mote, 2502 Halperns Ways,Mildleburg FL&United States [03-17-2005]

WHITNEY RADFORD [03-17-2005]

i love the web
chelsey, hicory n.c [03-17-2005]

cool house
anonymous [03-17-2005]

This site was great for a school bio on Mrs.Ross. Thanx!
Rachael, New Jersey [03-17-2005]

hi we are are reading aboutyou in class
Harelle, Columbus,Ohio [03-17-2005]

betsy ross is awsome. i did a book report on her in the third grade. she is an insperation to me and lots of other people i am sure.
anonymous [03-17-2005]

Arielll [03-17-2005]

Anjali Patel, Marion, NC USA [03-17-2005]

heyy ! haha thanks for making the american flag:-)
kiwO, tacoma, was U.S.A [03-17-2005]

Rebecca Duenes [03-17-2005]

thank you for helpinmg me with my project on mrs. besty ross
mercedes gibson, 1690 kirkland road covington georgia [03-17-2005]

I have a question, Is Besty Ross black
Samantha Gerson [03-17-2005]

brandy lovins [03-17-2005]

Candice dunagan [03-17-2005]

Brittney motto [03-17-2005]

I enjoyed the visit
Frank Mercik, Barre,Ma [03-17-2005]

flaga usa jest wspaniaŁa.bardzo mi się swojĄ tradycję i wymowę.moje gratulacje dla amerykanów i usa !
ANDRZEJ MALOTTA, Cracow Poland [03-17-2005]

Hello, Thank You bertsy you were and always be an amazing woman. Holly V.
Holly Vassaliko, Floral Park, New York [03-10-2005]

Hi, My name is Holly, and I am helping my son to his very first book report. It had to be on a famous woman, or someone that ws very importat to our country. I told my son all about Betsy Ross, and how she was very important to the United States, and that she was the one that made the first American flag. I personally want to thank you for having all the information on the computer. It was very helpful Thanx, Holly Vassaliko New York, Queens
Holly Vassaliko, Floral Park, New York [03-10-2005]

Courtney, Archbald PA, USA [03-10-2005]

What was Betsy Ross's maiden name?
anonymous [03-10-2005]

I am 7yrs old and I am doing a report for my school Bradford Heights on one of the most important woman in history. I choose Betsy Ross because she is America.
Brianna MaGee, West Chester, Pennslyvaina [03-10-2005]

This site was very helpful and informative. I'm studying for my black belt test and one of the requirments is to understand your own countries flag. This was just the site I was looking for! Thank You! Sincerely, Karen R
Karen R, Atlanta, GA 30022 [03-07-2005]

I would like to know how long it took Betsy Ross to make the first flag of the United States?? Thanx
Lawrenceville, Illinois [03-07-2005]

betsy ross you are amazing i lovve you
Klamath falls o Oregon` [03-07-2005]

this web site is relly stupid
klamthfallfog [03-07-2005]

Columbia M.O.65202 [03-07-2005]


I had to do a project on a foreign country's flag, so I chose America! Your Betsy Ross site really helped a lot. Thanx!
Okinawa, Japan [03-07-2005]

i love betsy ross because with out her we would not have a symbol to pray to live for and respect i love her and her work
lexington south carolina [03-07-2005]

Betsy i think you did a lot of great things for are life and freedom P.s I'm doing a report on you and i learnd a lot of things about you Kayley Outhouse
regon wi [03-07-2005]

when did betsy ross die?
ardsley ny usa [03-07-2005]

if you can send me some quotes or pictures of the quilts and fabrics she used to make things that would be great! thank you
albuquerque [03-07-2005]

Your website helped me a lot with the project I was doing. Your website is the best research web that I have ever gone to. So Ihave this biography project and my parents will not help me with it.I have to do a character cafe to do . Character cafe is were you dress-up as your biography person ( I am doig Betsy Ross) and yougo around your room and you ask the people in your class some questions. Sincerely, Mackenzie Waugh
Carmel IN [03-07-2005]

this was a very nice house in history its lookslike someone had to of gotten lost in that big thing.

I am an eight year old doing research for a school assignment. We have to pick a famous person from history and present it to our class. Betsy was my choice.
Shelbyville, MO [03-07-2005]

I have learned a lot about Betsy ross. She is a very cool person.

dear bestey Iknow you past a way but I got something to say I grew up not knowing who made the first flag and know that I know who did I'm glad it wad you who made history we use it a lot know but we use a diffrent design.

HI im in the fifth grade and had to do a powerpoint presentation and I did it on American History, and I loved this website. It really helped me a lot.
Elcy [03-07-2005]


I`m doing a report on you for school.
lttleton,colorado [03-07-2005]

Hey! I think your house is really AWSOME!

hi...this page was very fun and interesting because im doing a research...well nothin much to say now so im gonna go okay..buh bye...take cares...
Spfld Mass. [03-07-2005]

I enjoyed looking at these pages. I was born in Canonsburg PA. I have always been intreged about the history of my home state and the lawmakers and historians. I have a better appreication of the history of our country and the great people who made it what it is today.
Malone FL [03-07-2005]

This is the bestest web site in the whole entire nation. This web site made me really smartty! Anyway this is cooler than Eminem's new Cd!
Klamath Falls OR [03-07-2005]

hi my name is kristen m and my sisters name is meghan m she is the best and we love are family.
New york center moriches [03-07-2005]

I am doing a report on betsy Ross and this website has helped me a lot! THANK YOU!
houston, tx [03-07-2005]

I like your site and i will choose to come again. Thanks for all of your great information.
North Carolina [03-07-2005]



North Carolina [03-07-2005]

Hey yall, I am on this web sight because i had to do a report on Betsy Ross. I think this is one of he most amizing web sights i have ever been on. it is a great web sight to be on. it is full of infomation toa learn off of! bye bye for now!
hennrietta, new york [03-07-2005]

i love your alls web sight
charlestown in 47111 [03-07-2005]

I used the information on your site for a project I was doing for my 6th grade History class. Thanks for having so much of the information I needed. Brandon B. Greene
charles city, va [03-03-2005]


i love it lots :)!
newyork [03-03-2005]

Holtivlle, Ca. [03-03-2005]

betsy was awesome i really appriciate her creation of the flag, it has been our colors and i hope it stays that way
ny,ny [03-03-2005]


I have visted betsy ross homepage
Nucla,CO [03-03-2005]

Hi I Like this website because i am doing a report on Betsy Ross
Tracy CA [03-03-2005]


This is awesome!

hey this is kristen im the girl who is going to play betsy ross in our 6th grade living history project we've got coming up. the reason why i picked her is because she made the first flag and because she is like the only brunette. well see ya.
eddy tx 76524 [03-03-2005]

My daugher is in second grade. She is doing a report on Besty Ross. The info has been great. Thanks
Philadelphia, Pa SouthPhilly [03-03-2005]


Dose Betsy Ross were cotton dresses and bonets?

What doesBetsy Ross were?

Moncks Corner, SC 29461 [03-03-2005]

bless people that have died and are remembered stel today
florida [03-03-2005]

I enjoyed your vitural tour. Thank you for making it possible to see her home!

this site is so STUPID!
Maine [03-03-2005]

My name is Jacks a lot of people call me Jacks, it would be cool if you were still alive and we can have a tea party. Love Jacks.
West Covina, CA. [03-03-2005]


I am doing a project for school and I counldn't find enough information until I came here! Thanx so much!

the flag of the united states of america is probably one of the most recognizable icons on this planet! to find this site, & read,again, of her roots of origin, the sacrifices made in her honor: firmly prove to me once more,just how lucky we as americans are. i used to put the flag up on special holidays in patriotic pride for my country: but now, i fly her every single day to remind myself & others of just how blessed we are as americans to live under the most prominent symbol of freedom visible to all mankind. i also say a prayer for those who gave their all under her to preserve that freedom. we take much for granted here in america, almost expecting a free ride. reading the facts portrayed here should remind all of us the price paid to achieve that freedom, & the fact that many are trying to take those freedoms away. freedom is never won, only earned, by total,unselfish commitment to its preservation! so when you go to the ballgame, the mall,your church, take a second to look at your flag. when you do, relish the pride you feel swelling in your breast, stand and thank her, & your god, for our freedom! god bless america!
albrightsville, pa. [03-03-2005]

put why the flag was created
arizona [03-01-2005]

Wow Thank you for this site It helped my daughter so much She did a report and we needed help with what her flag looked like
San Francisco, California [03-01-2005]

I need to Know If you are doing a flag cerimony and you have the US flag and your organisation flag Can you dip the US flag ? or is the US flag to be steight up? need to know ASAP this is a Boy Scout Mater thank you so much YoYo Knox Roundtable Comisoner Gateway Distict Knenosha Wi.
Kenosha, Wisconson [03-01-2005]

this gave me so much information thank you so much
oregon [03-01-2005]

besty Ross I am doing a report on you and you are so cool.How did you do the flag.
yorba linda,CA [03-01-2005]

Thank you for a great website. I have to write my first report and it is on Betsy Ross. My mom showed me how to do internet research and your site is the best. The tour of the house was great. Thanks again.
Farifax, VA [03-01-2005]

hey, do any one of ya'll know or have information on Betsy Ross i chose her for a Research Report and i was wonderin where i could find information!If you do just Instant Message me on xXjEsSnAsHrOcKXx on AOL Instant Messenger or regular AOL or u can email me on !thx!bye! *aLySsA*
Alyssa, Alabama [02-28-2005]

I really like the infomation you have for students in this site. thank you and keep it up.
Jorge, long beach [02-28-2005]

Thanks for the great info. It helped our daughter with her 2nd grade report. Also a huge thanks for the 5-pointed star in one snip source. We were have difficulty following directions from her book she read how to make the perfect 5 point star. Your step by step instrucitons made it a "snip"!
Rachel, Noblesville, IN [02-28-2005]

I love our flag, and found this site interesting,and informative... Darlene M. Kota
darlene kota, buffalo, NY 14201 [02-28-2005]

I like the tour of Betsy's house.
Faith [02-28-2005]

i have besty ross on my social studdies name is palak adhvaryu. thankyou very much for having this site. i could read about besty ross right? i won't copy because i am a very good student.i got straight a's . i never
palak adhvar yu, 731 duluth hwy lawrenceville g.a. united states of america. [02-28-2005]

hello can u give me the names in ur family? thank u, haleigh damron
anonymous, yourktown [02-28-2005]

Thanx I was named after Abigal Adams.
Abigal Adams, South Dokota [02-28-2005]

This Website rox my sox! I love u! (J.K.)
Betty Rose (ha ha), Jackson CA [02-28-2005]

maddy ruckman [02-28-2005]

This website stinks i cant find any of Betsy Ross's names for my report! Thanx a whole lot! *Peace Out*
twister rodriguez, mexico [02-28-2005]

I am in 3rd grade and I had to write a report on Betsy Ross. I really enjoyed learning about Betsy Ross. She was very interesting. Thank you
Beatrice Murrietta, Valencia, Ca [02-28-2005]

We are doing a book report on Betsy Ross for my 8 year old daughter's class and I'm trying to find out more about Betsy Ross. Thanks for the website!
Tracy Bergeson, Charleston, SC [02-28-2005]

Yo, Bets! I'm your #1 fan! You ROCK! ! ! ! ! !
Betsy Ross [02-28-2005]

Yo Betsy Ross u rule even though u r dead..........oh well u still rule Betsy!
anonymous [02-28-2005]

i am doing a project on betsy ross and i looked on this web site and found every thing i needed i dont like it when we do reports because they are so boring but once me and the girls im doing it with heard who we were doing we liked it a little more we are putting on a performance for it and have it down! p.s. istill wont like this report because i dont like reports no matter who they are on! devan
Devan, USA illinois [02-28-2005]

It is fun to learn about her and her life.
LAUREN HENSLEY, wllims b. north 4603 commonweth dr. indy [02-28-2005]

LAUREN HENSLEY [02-28-2005]

I am doing a Biogrophy progect and would like info on famouse americans.
christina [02-28-2005]

Whitney Johnson, Mccnairy county TN Ramer [02-28-2005]

my name ISSSSSSSS bob!
cheez-it [02-28-2005]

How old was she when she dead? Whar did she live? How did she live? How meeny people did she have in her family? Did she have any childern?
Savanna.Lippert, Nourth Dickoda [02-28-2005]

la la carson [02-28-2005]

This site is soooooooooooooo cool!
Ashley, Antioch CA, [02-23-2005]

thank you so much for all the information on Betsy Ross.I think i will get a good grade u're web site was the bom. u're friend brittney kimball
Brittney, medford;Oregon [02-23-2005]

LOVE22 [02-23-2005]

i am in the first grade. my teacher wanted me to learn about people that are important to the history of the united states of america. i chose betsy ross because she made the first flag. i want to learn important things about women in our history.
chloe conner, weirton, west virginia [02-23-2005]

betsy ross is an inspiration
ashley [02-23-2005]

avery, plam harbor Fl, [02-23-2005]

You have a great website but you need more info all about who was involved with the flag
Starlet Student [02-23-2005]

your website needs to let us know who designed the american flag and when they designed it thank you for your service
madonna cook [02-23-2005]

I am doing a book report for the 3rd and 4th grade at my school. I loved reading about Betsy Ross.
Emma Kirkner, Hagerstown, Maryland [02-23-2005]

i have a project on Betsy Ross and this site has helped a lot Thank You Kara
Kara, usa [02-23-2005]

hi there, i am quite sure that my family is related to betsy ross but am not sure how to go about looking this up. it has been told that my great great grandmother was a ross, but im not exactly sure how she was related. somebody told me she was her grandson's wife. im just curious. if you have any comment on this or if you know what i should do to find out, please let me know. thanks very much. tammy
TAMMY RIEMENSCHNITTER, belvidere nj usa [02-23-2005]

Thanks for the tour.It was so cool.
Sabrina [02-23-2005]

I'm so pleased that betsy made that flag.I send all my love to her.
Alexis, tucson az [02-23-2005]

Thanks for the info. It was helpful in a biography fair for our home schooling group.
Lauren Wells [02-23-2005]

i love u
anonymous [02-23-2005]

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gabrielle, phila pa [02-23-2005]

Thankyou so very very much for all of the info you gave me! It helped on my huge project on Betsy Ross! Thanks!
Emily Little, Dacula,GA United Statesof America [02-23-2005]

I am doing a report on betsey ross and she is awsome
Raven, mi [02-23-2005]

Thank my school for comin here cause i have a dialoge assinment for pretendin she's at dinner. Cool ain't it!
Joelle Weiss [02-23-2005]

Im related to Betsy Ross im im darn Proud!
Rebecca [02-23-2005]

Abbey Peters, Coppell Texas U.S.A [02-23-2005]

I love the all of the stuff in the house.I liked the beds a lot.
Anna, in [02-23-2005]

i think your Betsy Ross page is very good.
Nichole, Twining [02-22-2005]

Thank you for all the great information for my report on Betsy Ross!
Sammy Weiss, il [02-22-2005]

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samantha, Virgina Beach, Va [02-22-2005]

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I think Betsy ross is an amazing woman! Shes a great sewer too! Go get'm girl!
Cheyenne, Pennsylvania [02-22-2005]

Was looking for information on our history for our son about the american revolution and Betsy Ross.And we found it.Thanks for having this information available for our children could learn about their heritage.
Darrell Caughron, Calhoun, Ga [02-22-2005]

thank you betsy rose.
yvonne taylor, placerville ca.95667 [02-22-2005]

How many brothers did betsy ross have? how many sisters? (i know there were 17 siblings)
anonymous [02-22-2005]

I am writing a report on her i love her flags.
Sonia [02-22-2005]

chelsea sobey, belmont,ME [02-22-2005]

Thank you for your site, it helped me with my school work
Bobbie Scott, Missouri [02-22-2005]

Arden [02-21-2005]

well, thats a little mean brandon...anyway im in 5th gradeand i need HELP! this site is kinda confusing, any1 no where i can get a date of birth???
anonymous [02-21-2005]

I came to this site to find facts out for my History Report over the flag. I think this site is interesting.
Bailey N. Huffman, Pawnee Oklahoma [02-21-2005]

john harvey, fort covington, ny [02-21-2005]

I think this is a pretty good website. Ihave to do a report on Betsy Ross. I found a lot of good imformation about her. I am only 9 and I found a good amount of things about her.
Emily Gay, 8 Patrick Drive Lagrangeville,NewYork [02-21-2005]

Great information for my 3rd grade report!
Alexis Buell, Lewisberry, PA 17339 [02-21-2005]

Looking for pictures ot Mary Young Pickersgill and her desendants
Diann, Mississippi [02-21-2005]

hi, my name is ava as you already know........ I love your site it totally totally helped me with my homework. thanks so much! siscerely, Ava
Ava [02-21-2005]

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thanks for the info!
Vanessa, Castaic, CA [02-21-2005]

betsy ross did some totally awesome things wit her life . she is my hero . and i cant believe her parents had 17 children!
anonymous [02-21-2005]

hey i am doin a presentation on Betsy Ross . she waz an interestin peson.
anonymous [02-21-2005]

Please try to get more pictures of Betsy Ross.Thank you!
Hannah Rees [02-21-2005]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross. I found this site while I was doing my research. I like the site.
Erin, 9 years old, 3rd grade, Albertville Elementary [02-21-2005]

Benita Norton, Enterprise, AL [02-21-2005]

Betsy Ross is awesome!
Alanna Pierce [02-21-2005]

Need MORE ! pictupes of Betsy and her husbands for school projects. Thank you !
Anna, Feasterville, PA [02-21-2005]

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victoria, las vegas nevada [02-21-2005]

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anonymous [02-21-2005]

I'm in fourth grade and choose Betsy Ross to do a report on for the Revoluntionary War. I found her life to be very brave and interesting.
Kaitlyn Moon, Buford, GA USA [02-17-2005]

we found the site to be usefull our daughter used info for a second grade report she's working on - thank you!
J Davis, Charleston, SC [02-17-2005]

I am interested in Betsy Ross From, Emily
Emily, Noth Coventry, PA [02-17-2005]

Your site was completly boring!
Brandon, Lancaster, CA [02-17-2005]

I wish betsy where still alive. I wish that she was still alive so I could get information from her about her. I think that Betsy Ross is really fasinating. I am doing a hero project in my class and I chose Betsy Ross as my hero. I love the project. I like it because I'm learning and having fun at the same time.
Deon Mason [02-17-2005]

More people need to learn RESPECT for our Flag. Thank you for as wonderful site.
Sharon, Dover, DE [02-17-2005]

thanks for the info
anonymous, arizona [02-17-2005]

While i was visting i noticed the court yards and wondered if Betsy Ross was buried there?
Jolene, bell buckle, Tennesse [02-17-2005]

waz up ? this is the best site ever bye bye bye bye bye
anonymous [02-17-2005]

I LOVE YOU BETSY ROSS! I am doing a school project on you.
Becca Flink [02-17-2005]

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I got to do a report on whoever I wanted for school and I choose Betsy Ross because her maiden name is Griscom And that is my last name.
Enimelia Griscom [02-17-2005]

Molley Willis [02-17-2005]

cristina arnold, hazhurst ga [02-17-2005]

thank you for giving me so much information on betsy ross it really helped me on my day of distinguished facs. i now how mucch of an inpact she's put in our life if it were not for her we wouldn't have such a wonderful flag to look apon. thanks brittney kimball
brittney kimball, medford or [02-17-2005]

can you take a virtual tour of her home and old portrits
elizabeth [02-17-2005]

Elycia Bowers, Edgerton, Ohio [02-17-2005]

In every poem(or song) I felt the emoition it was so beautiful hearing the true words.
anonymous, New York City [02-17-2005]

i think that this website is very educational there was many intresting things on here that i didnt know about the American flag thank you for taking the time to create this site for people like me
Corina Castańeda, San Bernardino,CA, Lunas class c-4 [02-17-2005]

good job
KAYLA J. [02-17-2005]

I think this website is very helpful and very resourceful. This is a very educational and important website.I will recomend this website to anyone who needs to do a report on Betsy Ross or our wonderful American Flag.I love history,I like to visit horistcal places that have a important purpose.
Emily Crelin [02-16-2005]

I'm trying to find out some information about my great-grandfather, Mack Bryant he married a lady name Elizabeth Lockett, they stayed in Sunshine, Louisiana. if you can give me some info about please do so.
aunya bryan, new orleans, LA [02-15-2005]

Lacey [02-15-2005]

What Bessy said in her life
Calooma, France [02-15-2005]

Brittany, Eliz. city [02-15-2005]

Paige, Campbell, CA [02-15-2005]

Aditi [02-15-2005]

This site is so helpful! i have to right a report about betsy ross too. can u give me more imformation if u have some time. thanks so much!
Christie, San Francisco, California [02-15-2005]

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Kaitie Whitmore, Council Bluffs,Iowa United States [02-15-2005]

I am doing a powerpoint presentation in school right now. I really enjoyed viewing this outstanding site. I am in the 5 grade at J.C. Sawyer Elmentary school and I know this site will be a good help for my Social Studies Class. I know where to come to when I have to do History reports. I loved reading about Betsy Ross. My favorite subject in school is American History. Thank you so much!
Carlie, Elcy [02-15-2005]

I thought this website was so awesome. It gave a clear and understanding Biography of Betsy Ross. I loved Watching the Virtual tour. It was so awesome. I thought American History was boring until now. This site was so outstanding and it is probably the best research I have ever done. I love it sooooooooo much!
Caroline, Elcy [02-15-2005]

You Are The Best
Nichole Grzebyk, Michigan [02-15-2005]

Melissa Solinger, Modesto, CA. USA [02-15-2005]

As I am a proud owner of a very old and beautiful painting of Betsy Ross sewing the flag which I found in New York in a Antik Store (may be not a valuable painting but more than loveable)and brought to germany, I learnt a lot of American History caused by this occasion. I hope to bring back the painting to the states one day and become a honest citizen. God bless America! Greetings from Germany to America from Julia alias "floridarose" !
Julia-Katharina Hufschmidt, Germany [02-15-2005]

Laura, Brea, CA [02-15-2005]

very nice website.
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amelia [02-15-2005]

i came here to look for some info on a research paper. let me tell u, i learned a lot. i like the pics of her house but i would be cool if u guys made a video on her house that we can also watch. becuase personally i like to be looking around but of course it's a suggestion and it's ur choice. anywaz...i like this site. it's helpful -deborah :-)
deborah, missourii [02-15-2005]

hi this is maggie's mommy and i am telling you that this site helped my daughter get an A+1 maggie's mommy
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Your tutorial for making a perfect 5-Point star in one snip is amazing.
anonymous [02-15-2005]

I would like to learn about Betsy Ross.
lindsey ann, goldsboro north carolina [02-15-2005]

Very intersting site, it was very nice to visit Betsy Ross's house. Thanks
Glenn Guidry, Garyville, La. [02-15-2005]

Dear Betsy, In school I'm working on a project.I'm doing a report about you!Its reall,really,fun doing this project on you! YOUR FAVEORITE PERSON, VERONICA AWAD
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I was looking up information on Betsy Ross to teach in a lesson. I found some helpful information. Thanks!
Kelly, Mt. Pleasant, MI [02-15-2005]

im doin a report on her lol :)
anonymous, texas [02-15-2005]

thanks so much for this website!:)
anonymous, madison, WI [02-15-2005]

Wow! It is wonderful to see all the history up close and personal. I don't remember, was her house on line too? Great Job. Thank you for the visit.
Lori, Orlando, FL [02-15-2005]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross for a 3rd Grade research report and visited here to get some information about her.
Heidi, Walsh CO [02-15-2005]

Great website! I got my whole report written from this site alone. Thank you!
Samantha, va [02-15-2005]

thank you for makig our flag.
Dana montoya, state [02-15-2005]

Hannah is doing a project for her second grade class of famous Americans. She has chosen Betsy Ross. These pages have been very helpful to her. Thank you.
Hannah Barker [02-15-2005]

Thanks for the great information. My 3rd grader had a report to do and youve been very helpful!
Brenda, Indianapolis, IN [02-15-2005]

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hey god bless you all for makeing or flag to represent our nation!
christa, california [02-15-2005]

Used as a resource for a school project. Very informative. Thank You. Haley Walton
Haley Walton, Alexandria, Virginia [02-15-2005]

This site is very cool. At my school I am doing a Wax Museum project and this is where I went to to get some of my information on Betsy Ross!
Christina [02-10-2005]

I was looking on your website to get some information on you, because we are doing oritoricles (speeches) at our school. I go to Thomas Jefferson Elementary School. I decided to pick you to talk about, because I think your life was pretty interesting. I am 10 years old. I have 3 dogs. Their names are Daisy, Comet, and Molly.I have 2 older step brothers, an older step sister, and a younger half brother. Brandon is 24. Matt is 22. Sierra is 12, and Noah is 2. Anyway, I really admire you.
Macy Renae Lancaster, Jeffersonville, Indiana USA [02-09-2005]

Thanks for a helpful site! My 7 and 10 year old children have heritage projects due at school and I found these pages helpful.
Nicki, Cape Coral, FL [02-09-2005]

I love her house
anonymous [02-09-2005]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross for school right now. We have to do our presentations on Monday. If you have any comments, then please email me at Thanks for your cooperation, Marissa Thompson
Marissa Thompson, 1615 Phelps St. Topinabeee, MI 49791 [02-09-2005]

Brittany [02-09-2005]

Hi! I'm having fun learning about the flag!
Kelsey Pierce, Lake Mary, Florida [02-09-2005]

I am doing a book report on Betsy Ross for my 7nd grade class. I am finding good information for it on your website. Thank you for giving me information. sincerly jamie
jamie [02-09-2005]

In looking through the albums,I found a certificate made out to my great-grandfather in Indiana. I thought it was an interesting bit of hitory.
Jacque [02-08-2005]

Greetings! I am Nicole's Mommy. Nicole is a Fourth Grade student at Mission Hills Christian School. Nicole chose to do her Historical Biography report on Betsy Ross. We would like to come visit this summer as a family with Nicole's three sisters. Thank you for your website. We enjoyed it!
Nicole L., Mission Viejo, CA 92692 [02-08-2005]

James Keller, Union Mills Indiana 46382 [02-08-2005]

I was becase I was doing homework. (reserch)
REBECCA [02-08-2005]

i am doing a project on Betsy Ross and i wanted to know if you had anyother imrormation about betsy ross __NO__OR___YES___
lexa, brick,nj,08723 [02-08-2005]

I love your site. I used it in my 5th grade classroom. The students were able to explore the different links and write what they learned in each link. Great Web-site. Very Informative.
Miss Delise, Redlands Ca [02-08-2005]

amanda rodriguez [02-08-2005]

hi i am a very very inttersed in bettey fanshre is all over my bed room
anonymous, new york state [02-08-2005]

Betsy Rocks I am doing a report on her and i have to dress up like her and your web page really helps thank's!- carlee hatton
Carlee Hatton, Richardson Texas Stinson Elementary [02-08-2005]

I am doing a book report on Betsy Ross for my 2nd grade class. I am finding good information for it on your website. Thank you for giving me information. Sincerely, Chandler Ford
Chandler Ford, Inola, Oklahoma United States of American [02-07-2005]

Could you please tell me what type of material was used for the Betsy Ross Flag? My son is doing a school project and this question is one that we don't seem to be able to locate. Any help would be wonderful. Cathy Gilbert
Cathy Gilbert, Bethlehem, PA [02-07-2005]

betsy ross i thought was always cool when i was growing up in school, I remember when we use to do plays about her. Whenever we solute the flag I think of betsy ross.....
david whisler, sacrament, ca [02-07-2005]

wow you people are cool>>><<joe dirt [02-07-2005]

This site has a lot of info on it!
Britt, Connecticut [02-07-2005]

i think you should put more pictures of besty ross
renita coleman, united ststes [02-07-2005]

This site is great. This was perfect for young Brownies to earn their patch about the American flag!
anonymous, Massachusetts [02-07-2005]

monica, Grain Valley mo [02-07-2005]

I am in 2nd grade, I am giving a report about Betsy Ross to my class.
Abigail, Melbourne, Florida USA [02-07-2005]

Tolearn more about our flag.
Marc C Trusso, Jamestown,New York [02-07-2005]

I am doing a book report and I also need to dress like her do you have any suggestions?
arlene leone, glen cove, n.y [02-07-2005]

Nice site
Sam, usa [02-07-2005]

i am doing a report on a famouse person who helped change the U.S and i chose Betsy Ross. your website on betsy has helped me a lot. thanx ~Ruthie
Ruthie [02-07-2005]

we r doing a project about Betsy Ross and we heard that every husband she married died the year after
sarah and kelly, springlake n.c [02-07-2005]

Our second grade bilingual class is studying historical figures, presidents, and prominent citizens. We decided we would like to learn more about Betsy Ross after reading "A Flag for Our Country" by Eve Spencer. Thanks Judy Cole
Judy Cole, lufkin texas [02-07-2005]

she is a loser!
anonymous [02-07-2005]

The tour of Betsy Ross' house added a great deal of enjoyment to my grade 2 class as they studied the American Revolution.
sister Mary Perasa, Brooklyn [02-07-2005]

we really enjoyed what we son had to do a report on a flag and he choose the 13 star spangel banner thank you so much
lois ann terry and chester keith terry, Montgomery,Alabama 36110 [02-07-2005]

thanks you helped me get an a plus on my projecton Betsy Ross.
bree [02-07-2005]

betsy ross is my hero
maria stephens, chareleston [02-07-2005]

Thank you for your help! I didn't need any more information on Betsy Ross because it was all here, well, I needed another source. But that was because I was required to have two or more sources. Thank you for your help! Meredith
Meredith, Hampton [02-07-2005]

My family has two certificates that say American Flag House and Betsy Ross Memorial Association from 1921. We would like to know more about them. Please respond. Thank you Sue Rutledge
Sue Rutledge, Port Huron Michigan [02-07-2005]

Janice Gary [02-07-2005]

Lauren, ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [02-07-2005]

loved your site,god bless our soldiers all over the world and to are alies may freedom ring,
timothy gGebhart, middletown ohio [02-07-2005]

BEsty Ross you did good by making our flag. Thank so much!
anonymous, Long Valley, New Jersey United States [02-07-2005]

Great website for my first grade daughter's project! (I would have loved to have a big picture of Betsy Ross though!)
Amy O'Neil, Fredericksburg, TX [02-07-2005]

who our Besty Rosses parents
anonymous [02-07-2005]

Great website! very informative.... Noticed at the beginning that a women with the last name of Dunlap from Williamsport Pa. helped to contribute. My mother was a Dunlap from Williamsport Pa. as well, her and most all of her siblings have passed away, would be interested to know if there is any connection. I was born and raised in another state with little information on this branch of my family. Know grandparents names- (they were both deceased when I was born). - Just Wondering-
anonymous [02-07-2005]

I love your information about Betsy Ross. Elizabeth Frey
Elizabeth Frey, Carrollton,Georgia [02-07-2005]

I used this site with my history projects!
Ashley R., Statesboro, GA [02-07-2005]

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hi cool site - me age 11 engish rose
me, england [02-07-2005]

i've been to betsy house and it was so wonderful it felt like she was there . Betsy's house was so big but the only thing that i did not like was that they put glass around every thing that the people do not want you to touch . i just blocked that glass thing out of my mind .
dana, wilmer, ala [02-07-2005]

I am doing a book report on Betsy Ross. I enjoyed learning about her from your web site. Thank you!
Ana Tovar, Tempe, Arizona [02-07-2005]

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I would like to receive updates!plz
Loren, Flat Rock-Michigan-United States of America [02-07-2005]

Loren, Flat Rock-Michigan-United States of America [02-07-2005]

having spent half an hour trawling this site, there is no specific reason for the 13 stripes given anywhere- off to look somewhere else!
anonymous [02-07-2005]

to find out what the stripes on the flag represented for my art group who were studying the paintings of jasper johns
karen fisher, st thomas more school,walsall, w.midlands. england [02-07-2005]

Ilove this country and i love betsy ross for make the first American flag
Alan Lavian, New York [02-03-2005]

loved the virtual tour!
katie bm, rohnert park, ca [02-03-2005]

I was reading, and appreciating, the information on flag rules and regulations; right down to the days which a flag should be flown. You've indicated it should be flown on Lincoln's Birthday of February 12, and Washington's Birthday on the third Monday of February. Let me first apologize as this is a touchy subject for me; but, Washington's Birthday is February 22 NOT the third Monday of the month! Why is it you give the correct date for President Lincoln but not for the first president of our great nation? The third Monday of February is a government holiday, which here in Ohio is called "Presidents Day", to honor both President's Washington and Lincoln. It's no wonder the youth of today are historically challenged when we continue to modify dates to provide for longer weekends. Ok, fly the flag on the third Monday of February, heck I'm for flying it everyday; but please list Washington's Birthday correctly and perhaps folks will also raise the colors on the 22nd in addition to the 12th. Thank you, Cindi of Burton Ohio PS: I did however like the information regarding correctness in showing the colors even though I find it sad we need to educate adults. HOpefully parents today will instill respect for and proper handling of the flag in their children.
Cindi, Burton, Ohio [02-03-2005]

the question arose at the office today who designed the American flag and was it made in this country? I knew it was Betsy Ross and I was sure she was in Philadelphia - and both of these statements are correct. Ths is a very nice web site !
Nancy Gaylord, Branford, Connecticut [02-03-2005]

hey i like the site
BriAnna [02-03-2005]

thanks for all the information, it helped me write my book report!
anonymous, Lindon, Utah [02-03-2005]

anonymous [02-03-2005]

My 2nd Grade daughter is studying about the Presidents and Presidents day and Betsy Ross is included in this study. We found the website very interesting while doing our research for her play.
Debbie, Inola, OK USA [02-03-2005] are amazing.i cnnot believe that betsy ross made the american flag. i do not think it should have changed. we should have kept the original flag and made a knew one.
EMILY MAKEPEACE, downey ca [02-03-2005]

do you have kids books ?
summer, sibley u.s.a [02-03-2005]

hi my name is kristen and i am in mrs.harris's room i love this web
kristen, scottsboro [02-03-2005]

I found your website a wonderful resource for a report my young daughter had to write regarding Betsy Ross. She also portrayed Betsy Ross in a school event. It seemed appropriate as we come from a long line of seamstresses. I found many facts about Mrs. Ross that I never knew. This turned into a valuable lesson for myself as well. Wish they taught American History in more detail in our public schools. I will take this as a personal challenge to teach my daughter more about the wonderful heroes in our country's past. Thank you again. Allison
Allison, Texas [02-03-2005]

Hi, I am a Girl Scout Leader and have found much useful information on your site to help explain the flag and teach respect for it to our girls. Thank you for your user friendly format with fun activities for the kids! Donna
Donna Agnew [02-03-2005]

"THE BLUE, WHITE & RED" Copyright © 2004 By: James A. Brandes A field of BLUE now clouded by dissension and despair, White Stars that were once OLD GLORIES CROWN, now fallen from the air, Blood Shed, now RED embarrassment, to those who suffered lost, One Nation Under God distorted by a broken Cross This picture some men paint, It's the FLAG, they claim to see, But it's NOT the flag I know, In the Land of the BRAVE and FREE! For mine eyes have seen the GLORY, Of the coming of the LORD And HE'S trampling out HIS VICTORY, Where these grapes of wrath are stored! This Nation's still the GREATEST, Among any foreign lands, For it's ruled by the KING OF KING'S, Omnipotent Guiding HAND! And HE controls all STARS, And World's beyond degree, For it was through HIS own shed BLOOD, This Nation was BORN FREE! AMERICA,--- AMERICA, Wake up rejoice and sing, Hold your banner HIGH, Through the power of your KING! And surely the WORLD will SEE, You were willing to pay the cost, That GOD SHED HIS GRACE ON THEE, And there's still POWER IN THE CROSS! Originally Written: 1981 Please click below and visit Pilgrimpapa's Website, Remember to sign our Guest Book, Thankx Me
James A. Brandes, Owens Cross Roads, Alabama [02-03-2005]

bradon [02-03-2005]

hello and it is a honor to sing my name in this book love the web site i liked the taughts of some of you thank you for the taughts for my social studies class SEE YOu!
ashley [02-03-2005]

Betsy Ross was our nuymber one flag maker and she was a true scholar. I read a story about her and she truley inspired mer. The way she grerw up must have been very painful about her brother George making fun of her because she was a girl and that she could only make dollhouse furniture. I thought that that was terrible. Sincerly, Christine Sitman
Chrisitne Sitman, Amberson Pennsylvania 17210 [02-03-2005]

I was looking for things for a research project and I found the stuff I needed! Thx, ~Callie
Callie [02-03-2005]

I used flag ettiquette info to help teach this subject to my son's cub scout den. thanks.
eric j, hilliard ohio [02-03-2005]

i really enjoy your web page. but i didnt like the fact that you had the wrong flag on the betsy ross's house. here is a little advise why dont you change the flag to the one she made. alight thank you. much luv!PEACE OUT HOME SLICE!
Veronica M, budd lake, new jersey [02-03-2005]

you guys are great
angel, plano [02-03-2005]

how are you betsy?
imani, lackawanna [02-03-2005]

Hey.. I was looking up research for a project and this site helped bunches! We are doing a wax museum and i had NO idea what she loked like! NEwayz.... THANKS BUNCHES! *MUCH LOVE* Alyson
Alyson VanWinkle, Indiana [02-03-2005]

When I was a little girl, I was told by my grandmother Mary Beatrice Robertson that her Mother Susan Elizabeth Carr told her she was a direct decendant of Betsy Ross,But I have working on my family tree, and I'm at a dead end, If anyone could help me I would appreciate it. I am Looking for Susan Elizabeth Carr Her parents AND NAMES AND DATES... lindade21@.COM
Linda Carole Haun, Willoughby Hills Ohio [02-03-2005]

i would like to see pictures of you
CHINA, atlanta ga unitedstates [02-03-2005]

I have to do a project on Betsy Ross for the living history muesum in 5th grade!
Morgan, Elizabethtown, Kentucky [02-03-2005]

I am so glad that betsy has a website i love to do research on inventors. Did betsy really invent the flag?
karlie, carrollton GA [02-03-2005]

I have chosen Betsy Ross as my famous American. I very much enjoyed seeing around her house.
Madeline Speirs, Leesburg, Va [02-03-2005]

you need more facts
RYLIE, rockwall [02-03-2005]

i am doing a research about betsy ross, you have helped so much, THANKS!
anonymous, plano [02-03-2005]

i love to rechech with my class on your web site! you rock
morgan [02-03-2005]

yeh hey my name is em and if you could find another pic of betsy ross that would be great
em mitch, us [02-03-2005]

april hailstone, provo, utah, unites states [02-03-2005]

Betsy Ross, you made a great impact on our country. You are a VERY important person. Your great. Really. Thank you, Jennifer P.S. THANK YOU
Jennifer, St.Clairsville,Ohio [02-03-2005]

I find Betsy Ross to be a very big weirdo. She got married 3 times and eloped 1. She doesn't seem to be a great role model athough many people think she is such a great person just because she sewed the American flag. She didn't even design it! Well I have got news for her missy! Love Always, Smiley!
Smiley, Jessup Pa [02-03-2005]

dear betsey ross, i think that you where a wonderful person and with special talents that most people would love to have. I think you inspirer lots of kids such as myself. I liked reading biographys 'bout you because you had a most wonderful, sad, adventureous life. the reason i think it was sad is because a lot of your brothers and sisters died. I am on this website because i picked to do a bookreport about you at our school called miller elementry (it is in new boston MI). My teacher is very proud of me for doing a book report about you because i will have a lot of imformation to give to the class. i wish you could go back in time so i could of met you before you died. thank you for reading my letter and i hope that you are inspired by it cause i am inspired by you. Yours truly, megan
megan [02-03-2005]

hey hey hey in thearaters today
ray [02-03-2005]

I need a big picture of Besty Ross by herself for a school project. Sighed help
maddy, Foest Lake MN USA [02-03-2005]

stephen age 11 [02-03-2005]

I"m doing a project on historicle people and i chose Betsy because she seems very interasting. She is cool because she made the American flag (that is really cool, I mean not many people do things like that). Sincerly, Caroline
Caroline Forster, MI. Grosse Pointe [01-30-2005]

Kathleen Crumbacker King [01-29-2005]

Thank you for this web site on our nations' legacy.
Kathleen Crumbacker King, Baltimore, Maryland 21234 [01-29-2005]

Enjoyed the website!
Tammy J. McBride, Barksdale Air Force Base, LA 71110 [01-29-2005]

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Daniella Azali, reseda, ca [01-29-2005]

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Nichole Grzebyk, Michigan [01-29-2005]

I injoyed reading all of these facts of Betsy Ross.
Nichole, Michigan [01-29-2005]

It's really genrous of you that you have set up this program. It can help kids with reports and it's fun.
Stacey Sternberg, New York, Montrose United States of Amercia [01-29-2005]

Rachel Troxell, MD Owings Mills USA [01-29-2005]

i checked this site because i was wondering about the flags being at half staff currently .as bad as the tidal waves were, i was not sure if this gesture was appropriate. nevertheless, i did enjoy reviewing the website.
james king, galveston,tx [01-29-2005]

how many :the birth of a nation paintings are in exsistance? what are they worth?
CYNDI, home pa [01-29-2005]

I was notified about your Web site by way of the Sons of the American Revolution's listserv. Very informative. However, I noticed that your information on the Pledge of Allegiance lacked information about why "under God" was added or the other changes made to the original pledge. According to the newspaper of the Catholic Diocese of Wilmington, The Dialog, "under God" was added at the request of the Knights of Columbus, who had begun to add it at their meetings, and "my flag" was changed to "the flag of the United States of America" upon efforts of the Daughters of the American Revolution to make it clear for naturalized citizens to which country's flag they were pledging. This was done before "under God" was added as a note of difference of the United States of America from the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, an offically atheist state.
Michael Gallagher, Wilmington, DE [01-29-2005]

hi i am betsy ross,NOT!
betsy [01-29-2005]

mel, minnesota [01-29-2005]

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Julisa [01-29-2005]

This is a great site. It helps you find stuff real easy and it is great.
Jada [01-29-2005]

Thanks, your site has been a big help to me. I just really want to thank you.
Danielle, Newport News, Virginia [01-29-2005]

I really like is website. I'm doing a biography on Betsy Ross and I have to dress like her. But the book I was reading on her didn't have the date she died. I'm glad you did.
cybersponge [01-29-2005]

This website helped me with my report on how many U.S flag there've been,how the flag developed into red, white, and blue, and how many nicknames for the American flag there are.
Lauren, Mechanicsburg,P.A [01-29-2005]

i like this site keep it up. Lasdon
lasdon, olodi apapa [01-27-2005]

What inspired Betsy Ross to make the first American Flag?
anonymous, Ontario, CA [01-27-2005]

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Smiley [01-27-2005]

Just started to enjoy your site. Very interesting. I was born on Flag day and it's always been important for me to have a beautiful flag flying in my yard and to honor our country and our solders who fight to save our freedom.
Patricia Schroeder, Chesaning, MI. [01-27-2005]

I was in Manhattan and saw a public museum (Studio Museum Of Harlem,125th st.)which displayed the American flag in front. What disturbed me was that they took the American flag and changed the colors to black,yellow,etc. This is a tragedy and should be reported. Especially when there is a fedreal building across the street.
anonymous, Long Island, NY [01-27-2005]

you have no good information you did not help me at all!
anonymous [01-27-2005]

fought for this flag and proud to live under it
F.H.DIAL, jacksonville, fl. [01-27-2005]

Katie, United states city Boise state Idaho [01-27-2005]

Hello, My name is Edward Thomas Davis the Third
Edward Davis, Alabama springhill DR. ap.1k [01-27-2005]

I think that this website is very informal. However, to someone who is looking up information on Betsy Ross, it is rather difficult to find a lot of information when there appears to be more information about the actual flag than there is about Betsy Ross.
Claire [01-27-2005]

i think that you should have pictures of her when she was a child.
Kara, Skaneateles NY [01-27-2005]

My daughter is in first grade and is writing a report on famous Americans. She was assigned Betsy Ross and is required to dress up like her and deliver a speech to her class and parents in March. This website had all the information we needed including a picture of her. Great site. Thanks!
Kirsten Phifer, Palm Harbor, FL [01-25-2005]

For a little extra credit, over whoes civil war grave does the flag always fly at half-staff 24/7?
anonymous [01-25-2005]

your web page is very interesting and had a lot of information it really helped me on my report.
Motooka, kihei, Maui, Hawaii [01-25-2005]

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Great Site! Information is helpful to our 3rd. graders for Social Studies SOLs.
V irginia Underwood [01-25-2005]

sinead, arizona [01-25-2005]

I was looking for handout info on flag etiquette for Cub Scout Leaders and was so glad I found your site. Thanks for much easy-to-find info!
KC Davy, Gaithersburg, Maryland [01-25-2005]

I LUV BETSY ROSS! She is awesome! even tho mary pickersgill was the inspiration for the star spangled banner, im gonna let that one go! Please let this messege go on the board...if not, i will cry :-(
Kacie, i am 5 [01-25-2005]

I came to this web site, because I am doing a report on Betsy Ross. AND I think this is a great research site on her! I hope others like it too! BECAUSE Her life is very fun and interesting! Thanks for a great web site! :)
Kelly, Ohio [01-25-2005]

i wish to see you and to ask youcan you make a flag i wish you good luck pease
constance [01-25-2005]

how many brothers and how many sisters did she have
anonymous [01-25-2005]

i think betsy ross is the best person and i cant beileve she made a flag!11
sally, new hampshure [01-25-2005]

Danielle Lastrapes, Wakefield KS [01-25-2005]

I loved this website and it also helped me for a school project too. ~Christy Smith
Christy Smith, Lansdale, Pa 19446 [01-25-2005]

we would like to find Betsy Ross's family tree because my wife's grandma was related
Gary Nelson, Keyser WV Mineral [01-25-2005]

It brings back pleasant memories of the time we were in Philadelphia - what a thrill to visit the Betsy Ross home/ shop. I was doing research on 'flag etiquette' when I came across this site, thank you for preserving and telling our historical past.
mary e cook, california [01-25-2005]

Who wrote this web page? please answer it will be helpful!:)
anonymous [01-25-2005]

I need more information on her career and adult life and why she is famous.
anonymous [01-25-2005]

i am doing a project about someone who i think has done something good or great in american history and i chose Besty Ross.i chose her because she made The American Flag and has helped our country to respect one thing (The American Flag) and so our teacher wanted us to tell why our person should be put on Mount Rushmore and how they are a (legend) in the country and why they deserve to be put on the Mount Rushmore. Please help me soon this project is due in a week.thank you so much and i will tell you my grade when i get it!
courtney [01-25-2005]

hi this website helped me with my project
courtney, not tellin [01-25-2005]

i like the site! :)
Ashley Williams, west decatur pa [01-25-2005]

I am doing a report on the book and needed info on this person.We also have to dress up as the person we are doing our report on.Well Nisc talking to ya but got to go.Oh yeah i am in the 8th grade.
Brandie Coshatt, Pell City Al United states [01-25-2005]

I really enjoy that there is a historical website that has a lot of things about Betsy Ross.
Catherine S., Sanford, NC [01-25-2005]

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Chyenne Riggs, Wakefield,Kansas [01-25-2005]

i like betsy ross. i did a report on her and i made a 100! she is an awesome person
mercedes [01-25-2005]

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Josh, Kansas Wakefield [01-25-2005]

Chyenne Riggs, Wakefilde Kansas [01-25-2005]

I really liked the *how to cut a 5-pointed star in one snip* I love making the stars now that's really fun. It's amazing how many guys Betsy (Elizabeth) Ross has married. It sounds like she had an insteresting life her ledages will live long and in our hearts forever thanks for letting me write and sign my name thanks for letting me put my opinion here! thanks again always Amanda
Amanda T., Princeton,Minnesota [01-25-2005]

i think betsy rossis so cool i am even doin a book/social/wax musame report on her she really is a big experience on me to !
madie troswick, minnisota-east bethal [01-25-2005]

I was doing a big biography for reading on Betsy Ross and i wad wondering if you could give me a timeline of HER life?
Amy, ohio [01-25-2005]

I think this web-site is really interesting and has a lot of great facts that helped me with my school projects. I highly recommend this web-site to everyone and I am pretty sure I'll tell all my friends about this place!
Marita N. Curley, Fort Wingate, New Mexico [01-25-2005]

You have a very good web site and it's very helpful! Your website educated me, and Rachel more than any other web site that we vistited,and trust us, we went to a lot. What you put in your paragraphs really helped me learn a lot about some little known facts. thank you again, megan white, rachel mcclung.
Rachel McClung and Megan White [01-25-2005]

This website helped me sooooo much and i got an A. thank you.
Kayla, tennessee [01-19-2005]

hi, i did a dress-up social on betsy ross. i had to dress up like her, whick was hard b/c i don't own black dresses. i feel sorry for her b/c she was widowed three times
anonymous [01-19-2005]

hello betsy ross i am melly u r very swart and must have great skills if u made the american flag
melly, boston [01-19-2005]

Hi betsy!
Lacey, New Hartford,CT [01-19-2005]

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wendy, Washburn Ili [01-19-2005]

i hope this will help me with my project
Kayla [01-19-2005]

I have a flag question I hope you can answer. The company I work for, McDonald's, has asked that all restaurants that fly McDonald's flags, lower them to half staff because of an employee that passed away. My question is this: If you fly the U.S. Flag and your company flag on the same single flag pole (with the U.S. Flag on top of course), is it proper to lower both flags to half staff if your instructed to fly your company flag at half staff? Please let me know what the proper procedure is to flying a company flag at half staff with the U.S. flag on the same flag pole. Thank you. Mike
Mike Ruff, Eau Claire, WI [01-19-2005]

I am in third grade. We have to do a biography on a special person. So I took Betsy Ross. I would like to know more about her. thank you Breanne Dupres
Breanne Elizabeth Dupres, Ilion [01-19-2005]

Why are the stars on the betsy ross flag arranged in a circle?
Jim, Clarksville Tn [01-19-2005]

how many flags did she really make and i love the site it provides a lot of information for my report
anonymous, Pa [01-19-2005]

danica,& diana, simi valley,california, u.s.a. [01-19-2005]

Thanks for this web site. I have printed off flags to put on the window of my house.
Gloria Kelser, Lakeland, Fl [01-19-2005]

i really like this site it is totally assome you will not belive how much information i got from here it is like totally amazing plus i got an A on my report on betsy ross. i love this site! yeah
suki na mu, toronto, canada [01-19-2005]

where was Betsy Ross born?
Nicolena Meola [01-19-2005]

Louis Pavlovitch, Lansdowne. PA [01-19-2005]

I sewed a dress like Betsy Ross`s and wore it to a costume party. I got third prize. I`m entering my dress in 4-H this year. I`m 10 years old and I`m in fifth grade. I have a mom, dad and two brothers named Samuel & Isaac. God has blessed me with three sisters named Bethany, Susannah, and Hope. My mom homeschools all of us. LOVE FAITH
Faith, mn usa [01-19-2005]

I like this web site. I am doing a project for S.S. and I got a book and it had this web page in it so I looked at it and I loved it.
courtney, toledo ohio usa [01-19-2005]

I would like to see a larger photo of BESTY ROSS for more detail of her clothing and features
sheila, springfield ma [01-19-2005]

Hi Betsy, I think it was really cool that you made the first flag of America & that your Aunt Sara taught you all about sewing.
Emily Harrod, Eureka IL US [01-19-2005]

Good website, thanks for the information.
Vance Alkire, Santa Rosa, Ca [01-19-2005]

Kendra Monnin, Knoxville TN. [01-19-2005]

i thougt this was a good website it tells all about her.yup it does thanks a lot.
c.m.r, bx [01-19-2005]

Mandi [01-19-2005]

We visited the Betsy Ross house on Sunday January 9th, it was very nice, and we even got free audio tours as a Birthday celebration for Betsy! The Audio Lady needs a class in manners though! If your cord on your head phones gets a little tangled. She may greet you with ...WHAT A MESS!
Mary, Pennsylvania [01-19-2005]

Fsaw ygh!333###
Megan Anderson, Littlton ME [01-19-2005]

i loved the tour it was very interesting
brianna denhart, macomb michigan [01-19-2005]

well I was just looking up my great Ansester. Yes it's true Betsy Ross is my Great Ansester.
Brittany, keller,TX [01-14-2005]

I am doing an essay for school and I need to know how Betsy Ross died. Could you help me out? Thank you, Anthony
Anthony, New York [01-14-2005]

I want to learn more about the american flag.
miamies, fairview,tennessee [01-14-2005]

This website is awesome and helped me a lot with my Betsy Ross report. Good work!
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coinne bown, kansa city mo [01-14-2005]

hey i was doing a report on betsy ross and your site helped me a lot thank you! ~kayla~
kayla, weaverville,cali,usa [01-14-2005]

Mark Ferguson, Woodrow Colorado [01-14-2005]

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i am 11 years old and am doing a report on Betsy Ross. I really enjoyed your website. I have learned a lot about Betsy. I am glad she made a flag for our country thank you sincerely sarah w.
sarah w, stoutsville,ohio [01-14-2005]

u r so awesome Betsy!
Chelsea [01-14-2005]

colton, Phoenix Arizona [01-14-2005]

This site does not have any info for reports on betsy!
Rian pronounced Ryan [01-14-2005]

I got lots of good information from here for my 2nd grade school project. Betsy Ross is an amazing woman because she made the American flag.
shelby, Houston, TX [01-14-2005]

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chelsea [01-14-2005]

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Sarah, Bensalem,PA [01-14-2005]

My friend is doing a report about Betsy Ross I am just taking notes for her. this helps a lot! sincerly Michelle,
michelle [01-14-2005]

I would like to know the dimensions of the Betsy Ross House for a school project. Thank You.
Samantha, Dover DE [01-14-2005]

i love the flag you sewed for our country
bccw, pensacola fl 32508 [01-14-2005]

This site was so helpful. I dont know how i would have done my project without it!
Sam [01-14-2005]

I am so proud to be born and raised an American.
Julia, Albuquerque, New Mexico [01-14-2005]

IT IS WONDERFULL that is all i could say
gary robinson, Nj belmar [01-14-2005]

I love the virtial tour!
kendall, California [01-14-2005]

lovely site
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This website has good info for the History Day project that is coming up in my middle school soon.
Cassie Annoni, Minnesota [01-14-2005]

I think your site is the best site for looking up information on the neede people and places for school and other projects
ldog, Indiana [01-14-2005]

Hey betsy, Whats going on? Your so cool. If i was alive back in that day i would probabbly be your friend. I was am having a great day reporting on you. You really canuse a sewing needle, You were a great American, and you rocked. Thanks, Parker Johnson 5th grade.
anonymous, Maple Grove, MN [01-14-2005]

Dear Ms. Betsy Ross, I am writing a paper for a writing class about whether or not it was appropriate to fly the flag at half mask because of the tsunami devasation. I was wondering if you had any imput as to what you believe on this topic. A response as soon as possible would be of great help. Thanks so much! Sincerely, Sarah Marks
Sarah Marks, Lititz, PA ( United States) [01-14-2005]

hey,my name is niesha and i'm writting this letter to imform you that the flag of america is great. i am doing a soacl studies on you. so far its going great.
Niesha, Ewing, New Jersey [01-14-2005]

I am doing a project on besty ross for school.
mel, york,ME [01-14-2005]

I visited the betsy ross house back in 1980 when I went to philadelphia with my mom and dad. Looking at those pictures I remember it quite well.
kelly, scranton pa [01-14-2005]

I am inspiered by the flag that you made long ago during you time that you had nothing to do.Thank you Betsey Ross for making the first U.S. flag.I know that a lot of people are inspired by your work of art.May your soul rest in perfect peace. THANK YOU,BETSY ROSS FROM,EHINOME IHENYEN
Ehinome Ihenyen, Beltsville MD [01-14-2005]

I went to the Betsy Ross house in the summer I bought a Declaration of Independence that you have there, but I need another one. How can I order this so that I can buy it from you? Att. Deborah
Deborah, New Jersey [01-14-2005]

Hey! I love your website whoever it is I'm writing to! This, to you, is a MAJOR comment! Thanks for teaching me how to make a 5-pointed star in one snip (I know all of my sentences` punctuation is an exclamation point, but who cares?!)!
David Hoch, West Chester, PA, USA [01-14-2005]

give more informatino
isabell, cal,chico [01-07-2005]

I'm a Girl Scout Leader in St. Louis, MO, with two troops. My brownie troop is working on the "Wave the Flag" Try-It and we were given your web site. I hope my girls find the information as fastinating as I did. Thank you!
Debbie, St. Louis, MO [01-07-2005]

Dear owners of this page, My classmates,social studies teacher, and I love this page lot's. We always use to go on her an study on the flag that Betsy Ross had onced made in her life. We like this page that we want it to go on forever, throughout history and be on that. Your friends always United School District 6th Graders! (P.S Thank you for your support and the page of Betsy Ross an her flag)
Brandi Richelle Stiles, Armagh,PA, 15920 [01-07-2005]

Hi I am patricia and I love HISTORY and I am in the 7th grade
Patricia Brooks, long beach,ny [01-07-2005]

hey betsy i was going to say that you really are cool and right now in school i am doing a project on you
bea [01-07-2005]

cassie dordy [01-07-2005]

Hi dad One day your wife said that she is going to take me to see you. How did you get inside jail. From your son Troy, BY DAD
Troy, Connecticut/ New Haven [01-07-2005]

Taylor, Greenville,MS,USA [01-07-2005]

I found great information for my school report!
anonymous, Moneta, Va [01-07-2005]

Thank's a lot! I had to write a paper and this really helped.
Lydia [01-07-2005]

this wwebsite is great for people that want to learn more about betsy ross
BRANDY RAYIS, monticello ky, 42633 [01-07-2005]

I am here for the Betsy tour. I hope it ain't boring. But if it is then I will be happy to check it out more so u can make money.
Jameese Clemmins, New York, New York [01-07-2005]

What is up Betsy. RIP. I love you. I am glad you made the flag. But I thought you flew a plane?
Jarneicia Kemp, Pennsylvania [01-07-2005]

I don't know who Betsy Ross is. I had to go on this website at school. By force not by choice!
Ravin Norman, Greenville Misissippi 38701 [01-07-2005]

this website is awsome! i learned a lot from visiting in history! thanks a billion!
justina greeno [01-07-2005]

BOB [01-07-2005]

I really enjoyed your website!
Tasha Ball, monticello,ky [01-07-2005]

this is really cool im goin one day
mandi, kentucky [01-07-2005]

enjoyed the tour
mary, marietta,ohio [01-07-2005]

savanna [01-07-2005]

This was nice
natalin, westminster Colorado [01-07-2005]

shantan allen [01-07-2005]

i teach emotionally disturbed children and i ran across this website, i am really happy with your website.
holly, tulsa, oklahoma [01-07-2005]

rebecca [01-07-2005]

My wife and I were having a discussion about Flag Etiquette, and decided to do some research about it on the Internet. When we came upon this website, we put it in our favorites for future reference. Thanks for all the great info.
Stephen Wolfford, Nederland, TX in the United States of America [01-07-2005]

It was great to find a site that I can use for my classroom! Thanks so much.
Wendy Mark, New Boston, MI [01-07-2005]

Shannondoah, ca [01-07-2005]

Emily Call, Rolla, MO [01-07-2005]

heyy i love besty ross she cool
aleni katsinis, buffalo ny us [01-07-2005]

good job
justine begay, #1 celilo village RD the dalles, OR [01-07-2005]

anonymous [01-07-2005]

you are a great writer and i love you
trevonta king, georgia columbus [01-07-2005]

i am very honored that i was chosen to be the student at my school to do a report on besty ross's life. your website has given me so many facts and information that it was the best report that i have ever done. thank you so much.
JESSICALEE WILLIS, liverpool, new york [01-02-2005]

Great site. Thank you.
anonymous [01-02-2005]

thank you
chelsea, no [01-02-2005]

School project. Need to research Betsy Ross.
Melissa, New Albany, OH [01-02-2005]

anonymous, Leon Kansas [01-02-2005]

i love this site
ginger [01-02-2005]

Hey! i just did a biography on Betsy Ross and i thought that it was really cool...she had a very interesting life. so i thought. i would really like to know how much one of her original flags id though. if you guys cold let me know. i would some day like to go and see her house for myself. i think that it would be really cool if i went all the way to i think it was Verginia. i wouldnt mind travling all the way there. i think i did my biography on her because she had such a big impact in history. she is or was really fun to read about. i live in Hawaii and yeah. i dont really like to read but her story really caught my attention. gunna go so i hope that youy guys could let me know about the flag. ASAP! Aloha!
Betsy [01-02-2005]

After reading the flag customs section you stated that only the president or state govener may declare the flag flown at half staff. I worked for a full time fire department before i joined the military back in cincinnati, upon the death of a co-worker in a tragic fire we began flying the flag at half staff immead. is this wrong or is it okay since it was a government employee that died in the line of duty?? thank you. A1C Steve T. Gilmour
Travis Gilmour, andrews air force base, Md. [01-02-2005]

There isn't enough info. What were her opinions on the revolutionary war? Why so much about who she married? We need more BOUT HER CAUSE I'm doing a report.
anonymous [01-02-2005]

This site is amazing!I'm really glad I came to this site! Thank You for all the information you put in this website. Now I'm sure I'll be coming more often to gather information.I Think my favorite part about this website is that I get to see a tour of Betsy Ross's house! I also like that there is a geustbook very creative.Anyways thankyou for everything! Mary Hernandez
Mary Hernandez, Sierra Vista,Arizona, 85635,USA [01-02-2005]

Your page was very helpful!
Meg, South Dakota [01-02-2005]


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