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It was an ok site but I wished you told me if any company could produce the American Flag. I also wanted to know if the manufacturer has to abide by a certain criteria.
Marisol, Selah, Washington [12-29-2004]

This site is a great service for all americans
John Landers, Oneida, IL. 61467 [12-29-2004]

I enjoy your Website, but I must take exception to your answers concerning what is or is not a flag. The Code plainly states that our flag is 13 stripes of red and white, with 48 stars (updated by common sense to 50 by using Subsection 2)of white on a blue background. If you have an image with 3 stripes and one star, by law you do not have a US flag. Such an image invokes thoughts of the US flag, but cannot be considered our flag, and thus would not violate the Code. (Considering there are no penalties for violating the Code, it really isn't a law anyway, but more a guideline for showing proper respect). Thanks for a great place to get information!
John M Denny, Wisconsin [12-29-2004]

was polly cooper in the revolutionary war? and if she/he was birthplace and date? what was her/his occupation before the revolutionary war? why did he/she join the revolutionary war? what significance involvements during the war? what did he/she do after the war? sencirely, lily p.s. i will be hoping to get your email.
liliana, chicago, illinois [12-29-2004]

I have read some very good comments above. However, I believe that the webmaster needs to do a better job of eliminating the communist writings, downing the President and this country. Try to locate them by web identification and have them turned over to authorities as communist, denouncing there US citizenship, and traders to the country. As for the few that will take the time to read this, if you feel the way I do, Love your country, the display of this countries flag, and support the commander and chief “ the President” whoever he maybe. Then I and the other free Americans thank you for your support. If you do not like your country, your flag, or the President my suggestion to you is. Contact your local congressman tell him/her that you would like to denounce your US citizenship, go to a local transit place, purchase a ticket and leave this country, so that the freedom my father and the many other fathers and mothers that have bleed and died to provided is not anymore taken so lightly by you. This freedom and not your liberal, antichrist ways is what put that flag, that pledge, and that statement in their places. Leave the currency that you have in your possession behind also. Because if you do not support this country that was founded on GOD and the principles of the King James Bible then you do not need to have our money which states In GOD We Trust. While I am preaching, to the many congressman, judges and any other person in a high position that supports the removal of the Ten Commandments from the court house, the words In GOD We Trust from the US currency and the words One Nation Under GOD from our pledge. Then you too need to board a transit object and get out of the country. This nation was founded by Bible believing, God-fearing people that left England because they where persecuted for believing in God and the freedom to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. Yes I agree to disagree that not all things in this country are great like welfare for persons to lazy to get a job, abortion and the many other things that elected official do and say however every night before I lay my head down and sleep under the blanket of freedom that is provided for me by the men and women who died to preserve it. I say a prayer for the President, the many people in charge of the country, that He will grant them the strength to change the things they can, the courage to accept the things they cannot, and the wisdom to know the difference between the two. You too need to pray and ask GOD to provide this. I hear people all the time say GOD Bless America. Well GOD as blessed this country ever sense 1972 when America allied with Israel. That is the only reason this country has been as blessed as it is today and if we do not get our eyes off ourselves and back on GOD we to will be as the Israelites one time were in bondage to the Egyptian people when they thought they did not need GOD and built their tower of babble. GOD punished his chosen people so why would he not justly punish his second choice of people. Yes we the gentiles are a second choice according to the book of Acts when God said “For the heart of this people (Israel) is waxed gross, and their ears are dull of hearing, and their eyes have they closed; lest they should see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their heart, and should be converted, and I should heal them. Be it known therefore unto you, that the salvation of God is sent unto the gentiles, and they will hear it”! I thank you for reading this and allowing it to be published to your web page.
A.Paul Couch, Claremont,N.C. [12-29-2004]

Thank-you for this website, it has been a great help to me in my reaserch of the history of the American Flag, for an expository speech in my speech and debate group.
Kelsy J. 7th grade, Memphis, TN USA [12-28-2004]

I'm really grateful for Betsy Ross. I'm really glad that there's not butterflies and flowers all over the flag. I'm doing a history projet on the first American flag and Betsy Ross and there's a lot of stuff that I didn't know.
Kallie, Orem, Utah [12-28-2004]

I am doing an essay on old glory. This information will help me. Thank you so much. TKS
Theresia Karen Sullivan [12-28-2004]

I was looking at the pictures of Betsy Ross' grave and was wondering what the writings on the plaque by the grave marker said? After a table conversation on the subject had me curious.
jen, iowa [12-28-2004]

you have a wounderful website. I found everything i needed for my report Thank You Sincerly Mandy
mandy, new mexico [12-22-2004]

It was great! I loved it here, I will come again!
Kelsey [12-22-2004]

hello. this stuff about, betsy ross is really interesting i never read about her untill now. and i find it very interesting to know. bye
lena, ct [12-22-2004]

Rachael Galbreath, U.S.A Pennsylvania [12-22-2004]

I want to do a report on betsy ross this web site was really helpfull i'm destined to get an A thanks
igwe, lome-togo [12-22-2004]

this site is great! :)
KAYLA CRUZ, bronx [12-22-2004]

That is so0o000oo cool that you sewed the first american flag!
Victoria, u.s.a. n.y. n.y. [12-22-2004]

I am organising the new WINCHESTER shoe collection,to be sold in the US and manufactured here in Spain.What a beautiful product this is !They all have a little silk stars and stripes on the upper,but very discreetly positioned,of course.JON
JON KNOX, spain [12-22-2004]

i have to do a report on betsy ross this web site was really helpfull im destined to get an A thanks A lot, Ashley 6TH grade
Ashley, new hampshire [12-19-2004]

Sorry I forgot to ask, Is there any significance to flying the canton only, below the U.S. flag. There is an instance where a fifty star U.S. flag (4'x6') is being flown with an additional canton (20"x24" approx.) of fifty stars below it.
Peter Mackprang, Corona, California [12-19-2004]

Thank you for the site. It is very informative. We do however have a question; A normal configuration has the state flag flying below the U.S. flag on the same staff. When the U.S. flag is flown at half staff is there direction on whether the state flag may still fly below it?
Peter Mackprang, Corona, California [12-19-2004]

Hi, i'm Mandy How are you? i am so inspired of what you do.
Mandy Hill, Livingston, MT U.S.A [12-19-2004]

Hi, How are you? I sing the Star Spangeld Banner tomorrow at the boys basketball tournement. I'm going to sing with 2 other girls. Anyways, Bye-Bye
Amanda Johnson, Lvingston, Montana [12-19-2004]

Howdy People!
Courtney Metzger, Livingston, Montana 59047 [12-19-2004]

Amanda Johnson, Lvingston, Montana [12-19-2004]

angel yaney, Celina,Ohio 45822 [12-19-2004]

Yodag...this house is da Bomb! it is soo cool it is on fire likethe rofand
Miss Landerad [12-19-2004]

can you send me any information about betsy ross and her part in making the american flag?
anna, vero beach, florida [12-19-2004]

Dear Sir/Madam: Thank you for clarity on the meaning of the stripes in the American Flag. I also want to thank you and the founding fathers for giving folks like me the opportunity to be here--to live and make a living in this Democratic Country. Once again, I do thank you very much, Kora Kamara-Quashie
Kora Kamara-Quashie, Brooklyn, New York, NY 11234 [12-19-2004]

great site really helped with history project Flag Project
Chris [12-15-2004]

i think the flag means for freedom and librday i think everyone should sing i pleg of legon because its mostly about the flsg and the flag stands for this country and this country stands for freedom. we have a lady librty and that in new york so i think thats good to.
jessika, coventry R.I [12-15-2004]

Colleen [12-15-2004]

jocelyn cattouse, cape coral [12-15-2004]

Hi! Found your site quite by accident but it was quite a voyage! Will out it into my Favorites so I can revisit! Spent a long time just going over things. I surely will return. Thank You! Karen
Karen G. Linton, Burt, Michigan [12-15-2004]

out on a limb- tracing the name.. no contact with my parants and can't find history- typed in last name and came up here- can anyone help-would love to link the tree.
james carey ross, austin,tx [12-15-2004]

That 5 point star was awesome! I am going to show it in my class project tomorrow. Thank you!
Kameron, Arab, AL [12-15-2004]

Was there ever a flag designed with 39 stars - since North and South Dakota joined the Union the same day (39th & 40th states)?
Bub Pickup, Los Angeles, CA [12-15-2004]

I think your site was ok. It's fun to sing the songs
anonymous [12-15-2004]

katlyn, colton,S.D., [12-15-2004]

A DAR member just read one of these poems at our DAR Christmas Luncheon Meeting recently. Everyone really enjoyed it. I just had to have a copy to send our son in Ga. He is a family/youth director. My husband and I especially enjoyed a sermon he gave about a year ago to celebrate July 4th. It was entitled, "Let Freedom Ring". He and his wife and oldest daughter made a professional CD for us last Christmas. One of the songs he sang dealt with I am planning on sending him a copy of the poem to include with his sermon the next time he gives it...and I will tell him about the website if he needs any more poems relating to that topic....Thanks for the website! Frances R. Podein
Frances Podein, Jacksonville, Florida [12-15-2004]

That is my actual name and I was born on the fourth of July My brother named me because he liked the name.
Betsy Ross Adkins, North Carolina [12-15-2004]

You have a great site for people of all ages keep up the good work.
Maggie Moore, Gadsden South C. [12-15-2004]

This is a great website. It is very intresting. Keep up the good work!
Aly Shilling [12-15-2004]

An excellent web site. I like the virtual tour. thanks
anonymous, Lancaster, PA [12-15-2004]

anonymous, palm harbor fl. [12-15-2004]

the information you gave was great and i hope i get an "A"!
Emily [12-15-2004]

I wrote a report on Betsy ross because she is a very intresting person
Alicia Ann Gutierrez, Greeley, Co, 80631 [12-15-2004]

jeff dennis, tulsa ok [12-15-2004]

i evah denrael a tol fo ffuts uoy-knaht
anonymous [12-15-2004]

i will like to be you one day
Adrianna [12-15-2004]

This site helped me for an essay on "What Old Glory Means to Me" It really gave me an idea on where the nickname "Old Glory" came from and also much of the history behind the flag. Thank you so much!
Gracey, mn [12-15-2004]

i terribly do not like you!
josh husted, Oklahoma city ok. [12-15-2004]

Alison Weiler, Clark County,Wisconsin United States of America [12-15-2004]

had fun!:)
rachael [12-15-2004]

I currently live in Miami, Fl.(born and raised in Michigan) There are many nationalities living here and many different flags are flown. I just wish everyone could understand to fly the American Flag as well; since the decision was made to come to this wonderful country: The United States of America! A VERY PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN, Debbie
Debbie, Miami, Florida [12-15-2004]

Debbie Novak, Miami, Florida [12-15-2004]

I'm on active duty serving at PSD Ingleside TX; and I would like to know how to request to fly a flag over the white house for a couple of my shipmates that are transfering to the fleet reserve. So I can place on their shadow box. V/R YN1(AW) Eliud Puentes DSN 776-44613
ELIUD PUENTES, ingleside, tx [12-09-2004]

Thank you for making this site im doing a school report about besty ross and i think she had a fasinating life if she was still alive i would have so many questions for her. GOD BLESS AMERICA
Elizabeth Knight, Kingsley, Michigan [12-09-2004]

I'm doing a reprot on her at school. I really like what I have learned so far. I never know that she made the first American Flag. I also love the web site on Besty Ross. It is just what I need to learn about her and more. Thank you very much for helping me learn about Besty Ross. Thank You, Kathleen Castillo
Kathleen Castillo, Brockton, Massachusetts,Untied States [12-09-2004]

Hey! Thanks a lot for the Betsy Ross site... it helped me a lot with the report I had to write in American History! ~Olivia
Olivia, Texas [12-09-2004]

Shayla [12-09-2004]

I think Betsy Ross is an important person in american history.
Terin Frazier [12-09-2004]

hi there.Im just a curious guy who likes culture. I've found your websites very interresting.the details,pictures,every.It is a pleasure reading in those's give you the feeling of actualy beeing there where those events took place. thank you for this and keep up the good work. p.s. sorry for my english and the mistakes. BYE
Bertrand Bitja, Zurich,Switzerland(but native of Cameroon) [12-09-2004]

Tiffayn Davis [12-09-2004]

awesmoe website! I need it for my research paper Thanks! Kymbo@Sebatian,Florida;i go to I.R.C.S.(indian river christian school)
anonymous [12-09-2004]

hi betsy ross
stephanie burgos, douglassville [12-09-2004]

hi its jade and kayla . kayla is doing s book report on you but im not im doing ella a singer ...........we didnt really like history but now we do because of you, you are very interesting too! we do not like you when we first looked at the book but now we love you! we are 10 and 11 years old!
shelby and megan, tg [12-09-2004]

i was here to learn about the flag for a school prodject
Krislyn Fortney [12-09-2004]

I think that you have a great site
anonymous [12-09-2004]

this website is really cool i used it on my history report and i got an "A" thank you for this much info.
Alexandra, Vringina [12-09-2004]

This info was helpful. Thanks
Brittany Jeanlouis, Jeanerette, LA [12-07-2004]

Tevin spivey, Hampton Virginia [12-07-2004]

A Question: It is Pearl Harbor Day - a day that the US Flag should be flown. THe Question is: At full staff or Half Staff such as September 11, 2001 Should I fly my flag at half-mast on September 11? Yes, by proclamation, "I call upon all Americans to display the flag at half-staff from their homes on that day and to observe a moment of silence beginning at 8:46 a.m. eastern daylight time to honor the innocent victims who lost their lives as a result of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001." Bush proclamation. Is there such a proclmamtion for Pearl Harbor Day as well?
Richard Margo, Grand Rapids, MI USA [12-07-2004]

Wow i cant belive that she really made that flag. That must have been a pain in the butt. I really liked the five pointed star. I thought that was really cool.
Lu Lu [12-06-2004]

i want a quote!
laaura [12-06-2004]

Michele [12-06-2004]

Salina [12-06-2004]

hi girl how are you
sicubu [12-06-2004]

Hi Im doing a Biography for school on Besty Ross. The book that i was using didn't help that much but your site did. thanks a lot! GOD BLESS THE USA! xoxoxox
Kelsey, San Antonio Texas U.S.A [12-06-2004]

hi my name is sarah sloan and i'm just on here for my project on my one page essay on Betsy Ross i really do not wish to be here right now.
sarah sloan, Taylorsville, Ky [12-05-2004]

Hi everyone my name is crystal Sanders and i love the Betsy Ross homepage i have always loved to be here an to read about Betsy Ross she is such an extordinary person an its fun reading about her well got to go now but talk to you later love always the dork people say i am crystal sanders.
Crystal Sanders, Taylorsville, Ky [12-05-2004]

What was the size of the original (or oldest known) flag?
anonymous [12-04-2004]

Hi, was the war close to Betsy's house. I have a book repot for her!
anonymous [12-04-2004]

I love ya baby!
BoBo [12-04-2004]

A verry good web site!
Fred Flinstone, The Dalles [12-03-2004]

I love you babe and desire you so. This world has been so alive since I met you. Love Always, Ron
Ron Loves Tammy [12-03-2004]

I Just wanted to let Betsy Family know that we all are thinkful for what she done. Thank You, Candy
Candy, Austin Texas [12-03-2004]

Why did george washington ask for betsy to make the flag?
Joe nortan, florida [12-03-2004]

this web page is awesome but to make it even better you should have more info on the actual person and not always what she did i came to this web page for a school project and i was hopign that it would give me all the info i needed but it seems like yoou talked more about the flag then you did her thanks a lot and hope you think about my segstions student, Nichole
Nichole, michigan [12-03-2004]

Asome things about her . Kim
Kim Dettbarn, Keller,Tx United states [12-03-2004]

You need more info about the flag not a died persons house
jo, Newfinland [12-03-2004]

I loved the virtual tour of Betsy Ross's house. Your Websight gave me a ton of information that I wanted to find out. THANKS! Your Friend Lauren
Lauren Brooks, Barts Florida [12-03-2004]

I loved the virtual tour of Betsy Ross's house. Your Websight gave me a ton of information that I wanted to find out. THANKS! Your Friend Lauren
Lauren Brooks, Barts Florida [12-03-2004]

Lauren Brooks [12-03-2004]

Im doing a project on betsy ross she is awesome! and interesting
Megan Kelley, United States [12-03-2004]

I love your web site and so does my fafily {NOT}
kevin sombronski [12-03-2004]

Jud Latta, Battle Creek, MI [12-02-2004]

hi yal welcom
nine, 33456 clay way,Smallvill, Alabama [12-02-2004]

your website helped with a social studies project. thank you :)
brittany, usa [12-02-2004]

nicole S.Carter, talbotton [12-02-2004]

This website was great! i am glad you have it because I AM using thi for my French homework. Keep up the good work guys!
Stephanie, Michigan [12-02-2004]

I would like to thank you all for this web site it has helped me a lot on my report about Betsy Ross. So thanks a lot
Keanna White, Daingerifeld, TX 75638 US [12-02-2004]

jo [12-02-2004]

Dear Betsy Ross,or whoever, I am doing a report on Betsy Ross. So I was wondering if you had any info on her witch you most likely do maybe you could help me with my paper please.I LOVE YOUR WEBSITE SO COOL AND I THINK THAT THE FIVE POINTED STAR ONE SNIP IS ONE OF THE COOLEST THINGS IN THIS WEBSITE. FROM, Shane P.S. COOL WEBSITE!
Shane Alexander Tucker, Twenty_nine palms,california [12-02-2004]

great web site
angela [12-02-2004]

im doing a project on her im finding new stuff on her!
Baby girl* [12-02-2004]

Daniela Rosales, Fillmore,California [12-02-2004]

I found great information here for our Tiger Cubs to use during for their "flag" meeting in which they learn all about the flag and Pledge of Allegiance.
SAlly, Wichita, Kansas [12-02-2004]

Kayla Barker, Fort Worth Texas [12-02-2004]

i went to this site yeah!
Dorthea Mickelson [12-02-2004]

Thanks So much for this page! I have got a lot of facts that I needed to do a HUGE project! and I got an A! thnaks
Emily, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma [12-02-2004]

anonymous [12-01-2004]

This is cool
Kelly Bryant, va [12-01-2004]

This site helped me a lot with Social Studies!
Nicole, Maine [12-01-2004]

I was wondering if I need to have my flag destroyed if it blew to the ground by wind or if that is not an act of disrespect. My husband, a member of the 82nd ABN DIV, thinks it needs to go, but I feel that it is okay to refly because we didn't disrespectfully drop it to the ground. Someone please email me and let me know. Thanks so much.
anonymous, Fort Bragg, NC [12-01-2004]

i have done a projet on you.
dolores [11-29-2004]

Kaite, Las Vegas [11-29-2004]

this web site was great i needed it for my ss class with mrs.nichols i needed 10 facts on the american flag and who sewn it and a picture and stuff like that so thanks for this web or i wouldent of got an A!
victoria brady, staten island,new york [11-29-2004]

I came to your site to help with my report of Betsy. The picture helped me to dress like her. Thanks
Amanda, Utah [11-29-2004]

I feel so proud of my country and thanks to Betsy Ross, we have our flag. that means freedom.
Christian Camey, davie, florida [11-29-2004]

hi, i have a small flag that came from the philadelphiamuseum years ago, it is hand made, and inscribed on the edge it states made by betsy rosses great grand daughter i believe. any clues as to value and history? thanks
robin clinton, albany,ca.usa [11-29-2004]

Jessica, west monroe [11-29-2004]

Hi I am Brad Ross i don't know if I am related to Betsy Ross, but I hope I am!
Brad Ross [11-29-2004]

This is great site. Well keep coming back many more times. Checking to see if her husband John Ross is related in our Ross Family. Plus she was a great lady. Thank you for having this site. Judy
Judy, Casa Grande AZ [11-29-2004]

Hey nice site it helps me do my project thanx
sara, Kewaunee [11-29-2004]

Diana Whitmore, Betsy Ross Elementary 6059 S. Wabash Chicago, Illinois 60637 [11-29-2004]

You are an amazing person, Betsy!
Cool Flag, United States [11-29-2004]

Julie ISgan, somerset,PA [11-29-2004]

very informative website. thank you for the info.
Dawn [11-29-2004]

This site rocks hard hommie!
Nick George, Auburn, Indiana [11-29-2004]

godwin [11-29-2004]

Great site, I found one of these certificates issued to my grandmother in 1899.
Bob Cooke, Simi Valley, California [11-29-2004]

you gave me so much info!
chelsey [11-29-2004]

To meghan, mary pickersgill sewed the Star spangled banner, not the first american flag. There is a debate on if BETSY ROSS sewed it, but from all known evidence Mary Pickersgill didnt!Anyway, thank you so much, u rock!
anonymous [11-29-2004]

i really enjoyed this website,it was very helpful. :)
a friend [11-29-2004]

Im an 8th grader and ur web sit helped me on my 4 page report
candise, not giving [11-29-2004]

This sight is awesome! I love all the pictures and all the information. Thank-you!
Chelsea, San Diego, California [11-29-2004]

bobby, nigeria [11-29-2004]

Ilove your Besty Ross Homepage.It is very interesting.I like your Homepage because I am doing a Great American Speech.I like to use your homepage because it gives lots of good details.I hope you give more intersting details.
Elizabeth, San Jose California U.S.A. [11-29-2004]

j montoya, corrales nm [11-29-2004]

Thanks; I borrowed a US flag picture for a "thinking on powerpoint" session. I'll be back! Judy
anonymous [11-29-2004]

I visited this site for Information
Nichole [11-29-2004]

Lil Red [11-29-2004]

Nice, just visiting for an essay due tomorrow. Hope you guys can help!
DJminiMe [11-29-2004]

what do the colors on the flag mean?
becky, nj [11-29-2004]

In a situation where the American Flag is displated in the middle of a group of three flags, what is the procedure for flying the American flag at half staff?
anonymous [11-29-2004]

shay rae re [11-29-2004]

melissa, illionois [11-29-2004]

Kathleen Aaron, Payson, UT [11-29-2004]

Thank You for a fun and educating experience on your web site! Best wishes....
Shanie Gust, Grass Valley CA [11-29-2004]

im doing a book report on her im in 8 grade and i am besty ross grandchild
anonymous [11-29-2004]

your web sit really helped me on my school project it had to do a 4 page report and i got most of my imformation from here if anyoneelse has pictures or anything else that could be use ful i neeed it but 12/3/04 it would be very helpful:)
candise, notgiving [11-29-2004]

I will be on im me if wanna??? :)
Megan, pa [11-29-2004]

thanks your websit is very helpful it helped me on my 4page repot i had to do for my 8th grade class
candise, not giving [11-29-2004]

This site is awsome for history homework. thanks
anonymous [11-29-2004]

Hey this site was so cool! i learned so much! thank you for this site
kayla, oklahoma, small small town [11-29-2004]

i love your website
Gwenisha Robinson, Richmond Va [11-29-2004]

I think Betsy was a very great person.
Destini, Monticello Indiana [11-29-2004]

I did a project about betsy in the 4th grade and now i am in 7th and i am doing another one. I went to her house the summer after 4th grade and learned a lot. I think betsy is amazing and i would liked to of met her when she was alive. I think i know a lot about her now so i will most likley get an a on this report. Well thanks for somemore information.
kristy greenwald, ventura ca [11-29-2004]

you are the BEST!
James Smith, virgina [11-29-2004]

Sayaka Koga, Arlington,MA [11-29-2004]

great flag coloring page for kids
wendy schmieder, plano, texas [11-29-2004]

stephi [11-29-2004]

I think she is a faithful lady for standing up for her rights.
Shirley Davis, louisburg N.C. [11-29-2004]

Hello! I visited Betsy's house this summer and bought a small painted soldier as a gift. I was wondering if you have an online website where I can purchase more of these, or if you have any sort of catalog? Thanks, Lauren
Lauren, Kentucky [11-29-2004]

are there any quotes by betsy ross
ashley, modesto,california [11-29-2004]

Good information
Terra Burnsworth, Claymont Delaware [11-29-2004]

Thank you for your sight. My 8 year old daughter is doing a report on Betsy Ross and your websight helped us temendously. Thank you so much.
Teresa Brown, Ponder, TX [11-29-2004]

I am proud to be American.. May God be with George W. Bush as he leads the Greatest Nation in the World... My prayers are with him and with us all. Love Linda From Texas
Linda, Quitman, Texas USA [11-29-2004]

This website is horrible.
Ken W [11-29-2004]

I came to this website because I needed help with my homework, and it really helped. Thanxs!
Alisa [11-29-2004]

I have enjoyed exploring your site. It reinforced my believes in the US. After the resent election and the feelings which have developed that we are a divided nation which can not come together it is good to read the true meaning of patriotism in the US of the 21st Century. It is the same as the founding fathers but we must deal with more diversity within the country.
Gary Sestito, Irving Tx [11-29-2004]

thi is avery gradual opertunity
COURTNEY T SMITH, kennett mo [11-29-2004]

When was the rule for proper placing of the USA flag changed regarding the positioning on the flag on the speakers right in an Auditorium and the Audience right when on the audience level ? Flag on the speakers right when on a podium, but on the audience right when a podium and on the audience level ?
Hezekiah T. Clark, Tucson, AZ, 8701 A., Kolb Rd., 85706-9607 [11-29-2004]

was up
bernice lowe, ok,adam [11-29-2004]

I wrote a book report about Betsy Ross!
Jordyn Klug, Arlington Heights Illinois [11-29-2004]

This web page is really cool and you should add some games on to it!
Elizabeth, Carmel,Indiana,46032 [11-29-2004]

Eric [11-29-2004]

I am doing a report oon Betsy Ross and I think she is a good woman.
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What year did she make the American flag? what year ?what day? what month?
anonymous [11-29-2004]

God Bless America
Caitlin, Placerville, California [11-29-2004]

You have a wonderful site,. Reading all of the articles makes me proud to be an American. Freedom isn't that is what is all about. Thats why we are protecting our butts in Irac. Our boys are keeping us safe. FRom the Civil War to the f-16's. god Bless America. thank You, shanna masi
shanna masi, bellevue,Nebraska [11-29-2004]

Dear Madam/Sir, I have read that the US flag during peace time (a flag which seems to be disappeared some 30 years ago) should be made by vertical stripes and blue stars on a white field. Is this info corect? I thank you in advance for your kind cooperation Best regards Cristiano Gentili
anonymous [11-29-2004]

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Ashely Mack [11-29-2004]

I am looking for a famous fabric masterpeice for my girl scout project. I think betsy ross's flag is what I will report on.
Morgan Deggendorf, Dubuque, Iowa [11-29-2004]

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Delia Calles, Girl Scouts Troop 225, Sylmar, California, USA [11-29-2004]

i liked your site, it gave me a lot of information for my report.
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This website was helpful for my school project.
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Ely Huizar, 832 Lassen Ave modesto CA 95358 [11-29-2004]

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kaitlin fiddelke [11-29-2004]

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I love this site. It helped me out a lot.
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What food did Betsy Ross eat and prepare?
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Great web sight for doing a baner on her.
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I visited this site because we are doing a scavenger hunt paper and I needed things on positions of the flag and stuff like that. This website helped.
Victoria Sandora, Mchenry, Illinois [11-08-2004]

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I found this web site to be a excellent source of information as my son needed to write a biography of her. Not long ago we found out that we were related to her. She is a so many great aunt to us. This was on my fathers side. We are LDS (Mormon) and do allot of geneology. Thank you so much for the info. It was allot of fun to learn more about her.
Coleen Mejia, Hesperia CA [11-08-2004]

I was wondering if you could make a suggestion for me? Im making a 26" X 36" flag out of wood to be hung on my wall. Im having trouble picking how many stars to put on it. I think I would like 13 stars for it. But Im having trouble picking which way for the stars. What do you think? Thanks Robert Huey
Robert Huey, Elk Grove, California [11-08-2004]

I really like this website. I visited because im doing a paper on Betsy Ross and this website acually helped me a lot and i learned many things because i would admit that i never knew who sewed the first american flag.
Johanna Rosario, New York NY [11-08-2004]

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Let's Rock and Roll Brownie Troop #5363!
Elisa Crowley, California [11-07-2004]

This website helps because I have a report on Flag Day! Thank You!
Katie Davis [11-07-2004]

I have a couple of questions regarding flag etiquette: 1) When flying the US flag at half staff, should it fly alone, or is it acceptable to fly the State flag with it on the same pole? 2) Should a State flag be folded into a triangle the same as the US flag, or should it be folded into a square? Thank you for your assistance.
Jim Eckhoff, Santa Rosa, CA [11-05-2004]

Hello my name is sammie and i have to do a biography for school and i was wanting to do Betsy Ross.I think this is a great information website! Thank you for letting me take notes from it~ Sammie
Sammie, United States [11-05-2004]

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how old was betsy ross when she died
anonymous [11-04-2004]

anonymous [11-04-2004]

anne b zupfer, albuquerque, NM [11-03-2004]

Loved looking at the pictures. I'm a big time sewing person and quilter.
Janet Iatridis, woodstock, NY [11-03-2004]

She is a great women to be the women to deisine our first flag and to be the women to be a widower.I am very proud of her
Saffyah Mohammed, New York City New York [11-03-2004]

Just recently i have found out that Betsy Ross was a relative of mine acctually my great great something grandmother, i was soo shocked when i found out...i mean she was such an incredible woman..and its so amazing that im related to her..god bless her and everything she did!
stephanie marks, pennsylvania [11-02-2004]

DEANNA BROWN, bremerton, wa [11-02-2004]

Visiting Philadelphia in Aug., '05. My paternal Grandmother was a Ross, and it's rumored that Betsy is an ancestor.I am looking into that possibility. Looking forward to the visit. Myrna West
Myrna West, Murray, Ky [11-02-2004]

Artemis Fowl [11-02-2004]

I am a forth grader doing a report on Betsy Ross - Thanks for all the great information
Jessica Watkins, Pittsburgh [11-02-2004]

This is the greatest .com I ever been to!
Timothy, Mineola N.Y. L.I. U.S.A. [11-02-2004]

Hi - Am working with my Brownie girl scout troop on activities related to the election, the flag and citizenship. Your site is great - I will be using your trivia, your stories and your 5-pointed star at my next meeting. Thanks!
Deborah Flock, Irvington, NY [11-02-2004]

I teach a second grade class. We honor the veterans in our community, at our school, with a ceremony followed with brunch. We will be learning about the flag during the week of Nov. 8. I'm sure the students would be thrilled to hear from you. May we have permission to use this site as a resource?
Wanda Haston, 7Pikeville Tennessee 37367 [11-02-2004]

Wanda Haston, Pikeville Tennessee 37 [11-02-2004]

I am a Cub Scout leader. I found your web site very helpful. It is a rank requirement to learn about the American flag.
anonymous, Pennsylvania [11-02-2004]

Does anybody know any qoutes that betsy ross said during her life that i could use in my report
hannah, ill [11-02-2004]

that was pretty neat-O! give props to the bets-monster!~!
anonymous [11-02-2004]

Hola, Saludos a Todos desde la ciudad de Acayucan
Felipe Mora Hdez, Acayucan [11-02-2004]

My name is not actually Betty Ross but that was my maiden name. My Mother is Bessie Ross. Neiter quite made the Betsy Ross but many years of teasing made me aware of the flag. I used to call the local fire station if they flew the flag inappropriately and also had a very moving feeling when viewing Betsy Ross's flag.
Betty Jean Ross, Waverly, Iowa [11-02-2004]

As I write a paper for a VFW Patriot's Pen Contest, Betsy Ross entered into my mind. Thanks for the info! She was truly amazing, was she not??!
Um, call me Tink, Minnesota, USA [10-31-2004]

I am going to be Besty Ross for VIP(very important person) day in Algerbra class. This web site has given be a lot of imformation.
anonymous, Alabama [10-31-2004]

Very nice website.
andi veltri, Martinsburg, WV USA [10-31-2004]

I would like to know the real meaning of the 13 stripes of red and while stripes on the flag and what do they represent? Stars are representing the 50 states. What about the stripes?? Please let me know. Thanks Ming Lai
Ming Lai, Sugar Land, Texas. [10-31-2004]

shiquila kennedy from hammod hill Ele [10-29-2004]

red, white,blue.there is lot english blood in america. that is why usa england are blood brothers friendships.
CYNTHIA, norwich, england [10-29-2004]

lisd rocks!
anonymous [10-29-2004]

i am interested to know how was named the flag that george washington was commisioned for thanks mory
mory, ramat-gan israel [10-29-2004]

Betsy I enjoyed reading your book . Your life seems interested and fun . The book I read about you was very easy to understand.
tralecia d toney, Memphis,TN [10-29-2004]

This website in manicficent!
Anne Marie Hernandez, Elizabeth,NJ 07206 [10-29-2004]

This troop of 2nd graders is learnig about the flag to complete their "Wave the Flag" try-it. The site is easy to use and informative. Even the leaders were ot aware of all the different flags
Girl Scout Troop, Atlanta GA [10-29-2004]

Is it ok to display a flag with the world trade center replacing the stars?
robert clayton, dearborn heights michigan [10-29-2004]

I am very interested in learning more about Betsy's family. I am related to her third husband, but not sure how. My greatgrandmother was a Claypoole (Hellen Catherine Claypoole Johnston) that is somehow related to John Claypoole. Is there any way to contact a relative of Betsy's? Thank you! Any help would be appreciated. Sincerely, Stacy
Stacy, Bedford,PA USA [10-29-2004]

I had a news artical to do for a school project an dthis website gave me tons of stuff to choose from. I was amazed by how much there was to learn. After I saw this website I will most definitly come back! Thank u!
anonamoys, ohio [10-29-2004]

My old Aunt Martha Ross stated she has a family tree for us that dates us back to Betsy Ross.
anonymous, Hot Springs, Ar USA [10-29-2004]

culpepper [10-29-2004]

This site has provided valuable information on Betsy Ross which has helped me in writing a paper for History Class. Thankyou!
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flag maker, Tenaya [10-29-2004]

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Jaden Honaker, West Virginia [10-29-2004]

Gabriel Flores, Hardford CT. [10-29-2004]

I was just introducted this new website and I am excited for my students to see and learn all about Betsy Ross.
Shirley A. Choice, Fayetteville, GA 30215 [10-27-2004]

This was great god bless everyone
Elizabeth Alvarez, hialeah [10-27-2004]

i really like betsy ross and she is a great role model for me
lauren espenan, houma la usa [10-27-2004]

Question; Your information addresss the wearing of a US Flag patch on the sleeve. What if it is worn on the front? Should it be on the right or left? Thank you. Vince
Vince Vitale, St. Louis, Mo [10-27-2004]

I think that I visivted the site a long time ago when I was younger but I can't remember
Kathleen Stoller, Mount Vernon, Washington USA [10-27-2004]

can you sew a flag for me
michelle, woodbrige VA [10-27-2004]

The us flag is so beautiful
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I am 6 years old and looked up the information about our flag for my class tomorrow.
landon brown, hartwell, georgia [10-27-2004]

Your website is really really really cool.
Tegan Harris, Belding, Mi USA [10-27-2004]

What a great site! I needed to know about the fringe on some of the flags so we would know if it was proper to display in our church. The site was so easy to navigate and just full of information that it didn't take me any time at all to locate what I was looking for! Thank you!
Brandi, Texas [10-27-2004]

Cindy, Michigan [10-27-2004]

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hi!Im at school lolol doing a project on betsy ross! -tanya
Tanya, il [10-24-2004]

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I wish to say that learing about Betsy Ross great SUSSES.
whitney [10-24-2004]

when was betsy ross born i need to know for a report so send it now
courtney, bethpage ny [10-24-2004]

Rohit, INDIA - Moradabad [10-24-2004]

Great site! This really helped with my report! Thanks, keep up the good work, and I'll be sure to tell me friends about the site!
Shelby Ross, Goodyear, AZ USA [10-24-2004]

Further to my earlier posting, here is a link to George Washington's ancestral home (Sulgrave Manor, in England) where you can also see his family crest (3 red stars and 2 red stripes, on a white background):
Lesley Staples, usa [10-24-2004]

I liked all your things in your house, because its so pretty. Your flag is beautiful. Your house is the most beautiful house I've ever seen. Rebecca age 5knvbvgfhd
Rebecca, Katy, TX [10-24-2004]

arlene belo [10-24-2004]

I love learning about Betsy Ross on your web site.
Briana Della Sala, Pinellas Park, Florida [10-24-2004]

Kitty [10-24-2004]

I am an Englishwoman, married to an American. I now live here in the USA, and my husband proudly flies the 'Star and Stripes' outside our home on special days. An interesting fact regarding the original design for the flag is that it seems to have been based on George Washington's family crest. Of course George's ancestors were English, and one can still visit his ancestral home -Sulgrave Manor, in Northamptonshire, England. It is open to the public, and is a fascinating archive of George's life and that of his forebears. There, above the doorway to the house, carved in stone, are the two or three stars, and a couple of stripes - his family crest!
Lesley Staples, usa [10-22-2004]

Betsy Ross should be everyone's role modle. She's Amazing! I love the flag so much. I have it on my car window.
Katie Shmiten, Los Angeles CA [10-22-2004]

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john Morelock, big stone Gap va 24219 [10-22-2004]

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We are taking about citzenship in the month of November for our Sunbeam Lutheran Pioneer Girls meeting.
Nancy Grittner, Thiensville, WI [10-22-2004]

Cool Website
Marie, Texas [10-22-2004]

Jackie Wong [10-22-2004]

Cool Website!
Sheka, Texas [10-22-2004]

I LOV this web site. It gove me all of the info I need for my project. Maybe this web site should include some of Betsy Ross's quotes, not other peoples. Later
Lisette, Massachusetts [10-22-2004]

Hey! i just wanted ot let you know i love this site! i have to write an essay on Betsy Ross and it helped me so much! Thanks for everything! an di will be back for more! And i never really relized how interesting history really could be...
cecilia, lawrenceville, georgia [10-22-2004]

i would like to know if new your have its personal antheme,if so, i wold like to have a copy of the song and the words so i can write it down.
EVA, puerto rico [10-22-2004]

Thanks for the info, my Kinderdartener is dressing up as Betsy Ross for a thing they do at school called Day of The Notables.
Heather, Colorado [10-22-2004]

Betsy Ross is inspirational she made our flag.She is so inspirational.If it wasnt for her we probably wouldnt have a flag
anonymous [10-22-2004]

Amber, waskom, texas [10-22-2004]

Great site for my Granddaughter's history project. She is dressing as Betsy Ross for Halloween Parade and extra credit at school. Thanks
Rhonda, Lake Isabella, CA [10-22-2004]

anonymous, shelbyville tn [10-18-2004]

i really like besty ross,in third grade i did a book report on her.i learned a lot about her.i really admire her.i like her because she made the american flag.i have the flag you did a good job on the flag well see you latter.
Katie Sutherland, my house sandy utah [10-18-2004]

thanks for a special lesson in history.
millie leone [10-18-2004]

This is a really great site. I am doing a school report on Bettsy Ross and I found everything I need here. Thanks!
Grace, usa Newnan GA. [10-18-2004]

john doe [10-18-2004]

i am a preschool teacher and we will be learning about besty ross and our flags history, i have read the information on your web site, but i was wondering if you have any additional information i could use. do you provide any handouts, stickers or small flags? thank you for your help. alice kepchar
ALICE KEPCHAR, merrillville, indiana [10-18-2004]

Paul, Wisconsin [10-18-2004]

Just some quick historical research. Thank you, it's a great site!
Ian West, Ottawa, Ont. CANADA [10-18-2004]

I just want you all to know I appreciate this web site. It is very informative. Keep up the good work.
anonymous, Fort Belvoir, Va [10-18-2004]

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I think she is the most famous person in the world because without her imgine how our flag would be like today.
lola [10-18-2004]

Great Website! It gives a lot of infomation! Totally. Betsy Ross was an amazing womman, and I am going to have to dress up as her for school. I can't wait!
Kathy, Boston, Massachusetts [10-18-2004]

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Kathy [10-18-2004]

We are studying about national heros and we are very grateful for your informative website!
Mrs. Gregory's 3rd grade class Kieberger Elementary, Aransas Pass, Texas [10-18-2004]

Betsey Ross is amazing and without her this country wouldn't be the same!
ktty7dance [10-18-2004]

Thank you for a great website. I am writing an essay for school. I've already read one book about Betsy Ross. I am in fourth grade. Well, thanks for the facts I needed to finish my report. I have to go now. I am using the hotel computer because our house was robbed and torn up so we live here now. I can't use the computer very long. thank you, Rebecca
Rebecca Stewart, Grass Valley, CA [10-18-2004]

Rebecca, PO Box 1695 Grass Valley, CA 95945 [10-18-2004]

Hope [10-18-2004]

I think Betsy Ross is a great woman!
Gayle Della, Pineville,L.A. [10-18-2004]

Our Girl Scout troop visited this website to gain information about the flag for one of our Try-It activities.
Catharine James, Spring Hill, TN [10-18-2004]

hello i loved the virtual tour not, the only reason i'm here is cause of historical purposes.
anonymous [10-18-2004]

Erin Martell [10-18-2004]

hi i wanted to know what made betsy ross make the flag, where did that idea come from?..i am doing an essay and thought that would be good to know
kaylee [10-18-2004]

james henry ross, tunnel hill ga 30755 [10-18-2004]

Dear Ladies/ Gentlemen, In Tulsa, Oklahoma, I had the opportunity to work with Mrs. Wanda K. Ross (descendant of Betsy) for 5 years promoting Betsy, flag history with school children. We rendered American Flags the manner we agreed Betsy would approve of. Inspection by American Veterans, presenting for rendering to twelve (12)female personnel ( chosen by Wanda.) Rendering begins with Canton being cut from the field, starting with the top first stripe continuing to the final red stripe. While discribing to the public significance of each removal of same. Upon rendering same is placed in a special container for removal to a private area. Dark thirty is when we conduct American Flag Disposal. Attendance is by Veterans, with myself as Head Inspector/ Leader Of Disposal Team. Ashes are interred at exact location of Disposal Barrel. Protocal is adhered to with prayers at appropriate intervals. Presently, residing in Liberty, Missouri, life member of Vietnam Veterans Of America. Our chapter has encouraged American Flag Retirement/ Disposal. We have conducted two American Flag Retirements on Veterans Day for the following two (2) years. I have asked a lady veteran I met some seven (7) years hence, to assume the role of Mrs. Betsy Ross. Her heart is good, her spirit is, as we suspect Betsy might have had. She is comfortable in performing the act of flag retirement/ rendering. I am at this time asking for any certificate/ document from The Betsy Ross Society. That is, should there be any such instrument. Your consideration would be greatly appreciated in this regard. Sincerly Yours, Richard Casteel STILL SERVING MY COUNTRY
Richard Casteel, Liberty, Missouri [10-18-2004]

Thank you for being so informative. I am doing a bunch of research on the Revolutionary War and your site is a great help. Thank you for the good work. Love In Christ Jesus Our Lord and Saviour, God Most High! Todd Richmond <((><
Todd Richmond, Demotte. IN. [10-18-2004]

The American Flag - Our standard "Old Glory." A symbol of freedom. Wherever she waves, there's respect. Because your loyalty has given her a dignity that shouts, "Freedom is everybody's job."
Melissa Dooley, Hull, Georgia [10-17-2004]

That tour of the house they give is neat but it is better to see the real thing. I am doing a project on her and she Is a neat person to do it on.I think that I will have fun and learn neat things from this website
Lisa [10-17-2004]

do you have a famous quote that she said
felicia, las vegas [10-17-2004]

What were the original 13 colonies???
anonymous, Alpine, California, United States of America [10-08-2004]

megan [10-07-2004]

i think that your web site is awsome and i would like to know more
chasity bass, missouri [10-07-2004]

Kaj E. Lund, Denmark [10-07-2004]

My daughter is working on her Bronze Award for the Girl Scouts of America and chose Betsy Ross as a female leader in our country. We were able to get all data from this one website. Thanks.
Pam, Lawrenceville, Georgia, Gwinnett County [10-07-2004]

I visited your site and it had great sites.
Amanda, Yutan Neb. [10-06-2004]

I'm proud of my middle name which has been carried down these many years in rememberance of Francis Scott Key. Even at 81 the US flag or the national anthem or even march music turns me on. Great web site. Everyone could use the refresher information contained therein.
Thomas Key Richardson, Colorado Springs, CO [10-06-2004]

Do have a big picture of her not with out any other people.
KLS [10-06-2004]

Ethan [10-06-2004]

The American Flag is the greatest thing that anyone could ever do and I'm forever greatful. God Bless The USA
Renee Spears [10-06-2004]

Great website. found it as a link to our main girl scout website. this website will help my brownie girls earn a badge on flag info.thanks
Shayna Futrell, Birmingham, AL [10-06-2004]

This is a great site, and it is very informational!
sara [10-06-2004]

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sara, mount joy [10-06-2004]

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Very nice Info about Betsy Ross. It really helped with my report! Thanks! :)
Jasmine Purvis, Dayton, Ohio [10-04-2004]

Leader of Girl Scout Troop 3821.
Juanita Szoke, New Jersey [10-04-2004]

I am a 4th grader and are having a history fair.I am doing a report on a historcal figure,and I picked Betsy Ross.The informaition on your web site was very helpful.
Daniela P. Sisto, 1889 Julian Ave. San Diego CA 92113 [10-03-2004]

I am working on a biography on Betsy Ross and I found some helpful information on her.Thank you
Megan T, Milford, Massachusetts [10-03-2004]

I am a Brownie Girl Scout working to earn the Wave The Flag Try-It badge. I enjoyed learning about Betsy Ross. The instructions to cut a five-point star are very easy to follow and the stars are cool! Thank you!
Sarah, Richardson, Texas [10-03-2004]

I was so happy I could find out information on Betsy Ross for an assignment in Reading Class. Thank you so much this has been an inspiration to me to find out all I can about who made the flag and what place. This is a very important site if everyone wants to know more our about our flag.
Teresa Soliz, San Antonio, Texas [10-03-2004]

Thank you - I'm a Media Specialist at a K-5 school and will be using your web-site to teach a unit on Patroitism - and what it means to "Pledge Allegiance" to Our Flag - especially with this being a Presidential election year Thank You Sincerely Alisa
Alisa Elledge, Wilkesboro, NC [10-02-2004]

I wish the company good luck, and hope you don't end like most space startups.
space poster [10-02-2004]

I am an E8 in the USAF and I never tire of sites like this that keep "Old Glory " Flying! Thank you for your service to our country!
Tim Fuller, Vacaville CA [10-02-2004]

Brittany, Livingston Tx [10-02-2004]

I was curious about a flag that was found and was looking for information on it and came to your site. All I can say is "Thank You so much" This site is fantastic. It is so interesting to actually see the changing of times from begining to present. Da but' Ni Shi Wolf Moon
Shiakoda Wolf Moon Qkalokqua, East Haddam, Connecticut [10-02-2004]

what is th special meaning of the united state flagcan you please answer my question
Clariza Esparza, Dallas Tx,75203 [10-02-2004]

you guys rock dude so please let me join
Jasmine, Cocoa Florida [10-02-2004]

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julia [10-01-2004]

I'm working on a project and I need resources
k boyer, honolulu, hi [10-01-2004]

Don't mean to burst your bubble because you all seem to really love and respect Betsy Ross. However, if you go to this link, You will find that Mary Pickersgill sewed the first flag. I know you don't believe it (I didn't at first), but it is the Smithsonian who says this and they actually own the flag.
Megan, il [10-01-2004]

this site offered so much information for my son's project on the american flag. its sad to know that he has only a limited amount of time and information for his presentation on this topic. he is going to reference this site for anyone who wants to follow up on this subject. thanks so much its been a wonderful tool. "old glory"- may she wave
PRISCILLA SMITH, west monroe, la. 71292 [09-29-2004]

you guys should find some really good quotes that are easy to find and title it FAMOUS QUTOES in my case it'd be very helpful but just an idea good website I'm out later!
kelsey sanders, atkinson, illinois usa [09-29-2004]

I was given a link to this sight by a group Im in.I think it will be a great learning tool for my son.Jim
Jim, 148 Linda Ct Naugatuck CT 06770 [09-29-2004]

Roger Campbell, Gerrardstown, WV 25420 [09-29-2004]

Thanks for this site. withoutit i wouldent have the history of the flag for my project
Glenn, south carolina [09-29-2004]

I am really interested in Besty Ross.
Jennifer Webster, Fayette,Alabama,North America [09-29-2004]

nice page ya got here..... well i just got to drop bye... but nice!
pang, wausau,wi [09-29-2004]

Hi Everyone
Jazmine Sapp, Midway,Ga U.S.A [09-29-2004]

ashley [09-29-2004]

I work in an underground mine. My company has installed a pole in a common work area, and has indicated that they may hang an American flag from it. The conditions for "flying" our nations flag are nasty to say the least. Whats your thoughts on this?
Greg Bradley, Idaho Springs, Colorado [09-29-2004]

your web site is a good source for betsy ross information.
Dusty Hoke, Lawernceville, ILL [09-29-2004]

I liked this site a lot! It gave me so much information on the American Flag. This information helped me, so that I could do my 300 word essay. I loved this site a lot!
Briana Konopka, Hampton NH [09-29-2004]

The web site is very informative and interesting. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to "see the house" from my living room.
kris, philadelphia,pa [09-29-2004]

I would like to express my appreciation for the effort to create and maintain this website.
Vincent Robinson [09-29-2004]

We are having a disagreement regarding flying a pennant when we fly our United Sstates Flag. Our home faces the East and my husband & I say the United States Flag should be displayed on the left side of our garage higher than the pennant on the right. This would mean the United States Flag would be on the North & the Pennant would be on the South. Our son said that it doesn't matter. My husband told him that he didn't learn that in the Air Force. Please advise. Thank you, Doris Harrington
Doris Harrington, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma [09-29-2004]

I know that I read somewhere that Betsey Ross was not the inventor of the flag and its design. She only sewed it or something. Does anyone know? I am asking because I have to do an 8-10 minute report on the History of the American Flag. Mega
Megan, il [09-29-2004]

Very Cool!
Adela, Joplin, MO [09-29-2004]

I am related to Betsy Ross through her marriage of John Claypool.
Claypool, Missouri [09-29-2004]

I love this great country and the flag of which it represents.
Joe Spadoni, White Hall, Arkansas [09-29-2004]

This is an informative site. I am putting together a homeschool history lesson about Betsy Ross and the American flag. I got some wonderful information from your site. Thanks!
Jeannie Wright, Salem [09-29-2004]

how old was betsy ross when she died
emille, usa [09-29-2004]

I love Betsy Ross!
anonymous, Quinlan,TX [09-29-2004]

Mary-Jane Lick, Amber and Jacob Frazho, Rosebud, TX [09-29-2004]

I think this web site and the stuff you show is very informational. Some of the stuff would be worth a lot of money. So keep it in good condicion so kids like me can learn more about our American history.
zon kithchell [09-29-2004]

You could do a little better with the layout of the site.
JoJo, usa [09-29-2004]

i needed help on betsy ross for a project at school
alyssa [09-29-2004]

As a Chief Petty Officer in the United States Navy, I am often dumbfounded by how little many Americans really know about the Flag and the history that accompanies it. I have researched the US CODE and can understand why the younger generations are missing out on this valuable information. I think you have done an outstanding job embracing this symbolic masterpeice (OUR FLAG). Also, I will be sure to inform all the Scouts in my area of this wonderful resource. Thanks
ATC (AW/NAC) Eric Walker, USN, SAn Diego, CA. [09-29-2004]

george bush is awsome!
charlie anne mcfeirson [09-29-2004]

autumn kooontz, knoxville tn [09-29-2004]

It was a great idea to make the flag as our country's symbol!
anonymous, united states [09-29-2004]

Enjoyed my research
Kristin Killen, dayton, ohio, USA [09-29-2004]

Kai, usa [09-29-2004]

I homeschool my 10 year old son. We are currently studying the American Revolution. This web site was so much fun. Thanks for maintaining such a valuable resource.
julane nease, Belvidere IL [09-29-2004]

Great site!
Falk, Florida [09-29-2004]

I would like to know what was the flag made of. And how long it took her to make it.
Dolores Burgess, Cedar Point,Il [09-29-2004]

Whats all the peeps who work here hav a good day Peace im out holla
DDUE SWEET, Decatur AL [09-29-2004]

I came upon the site by accident and I am so happy that I did. You have done an exceptional job. Interesting and informative and I hope you received that well deserved "A". We need more flag waving and more patriotism.
Mary McGonigle, Glen Mills, PA [09-29-2004]

There is only a few websites I visit on a regular basis. I was sitting here at home tonight thinking to myself that there is so much more to the web that I haven't explored and that I should really go "surfing". But for what? I typed in the first thing that popped into my head. "American Flag". I'm not sure what made me think of that but it brought me to you and I'm so glad that it did. What an interesting tour and bit of history that you brought to my day. Thank you for this unexpected and pleasant surprise!
Stephanie, Amarillo, TX [09-29-2004]

Keep it Flying America!
Kerry, Greenwood Mississippi USA [09-29-2004]

I love history! Did she really make the first US flag? Or is it a myth?
Kayla Wright, CA, 10, girl [09-29-2004]

phylicia [09-29-2004]

bruaha [09-29-2004]

Jo Ann Iseman, Mt. Pleasant Iowa [09-19-2004]

We were looking through for a try-it on the american flag. thank you
Girl scout troop #568, Lolo, Montana [09-19-2004]

So pleased with this site. Am accompanying two little girls tomorrow to a Children of the American Revolution "prospective and new members' tea" and I want to give them some information about the flag and Betsy Ross. THANK YOU.
Anne B Chamlee, Milledgeville, GA [09-19-2004]

Heyy, this is a very good website to go to if you are working on a project about Betsy Ross. There is a lot ofinformation about her on this site that I haven't seen in any of the books i have read about her. Thanks for making this site! ~*~Mandi~*~
Amanda Smith, halsted middleschool [09-19-2004]

Heyy this is the best website that I have ever visited. What I mean by the best website that I have ever visited I mean that this is the best historical website that I have ever visited. Betsy Ross is a very interesting person
Cierra Walker, Newton,New Jersey United States [09-19-2004]

William Snyder [09-16-2004]

Wish you still sold directly to the public, via catalog, and now via email!
David A. Moudry, Fairlawn, Ohio, USA [09-16-2004]

Hey! Great Site, I was looking up information for a paper at school in Computer Applications and found all i needed!
anonymous [09-16-2004]

Kassandra [09-16-2004]

Great web page. I plan to use it with my students in my classroom! I am a high school history teacher in Springfield, Massachusetts.
Gary W. Boisseau, West Springfield, Massachusetts 01089-1668 United States of America [09-16-2004]

My 4th grade classmates and I are studying Betsy Ross in computer class.There is some really cool stuff on this site like the virtual tour of her house. There is even stuff that I didn't know before! Last Tuesday we did a paper about Betsy Ross off of this site one of the questions was: What does red,white,and blue on the flag stand for. I didn't know that!
Jaimee, Chillicothe,Illinois [09-16-2004]

My classmates and I are learning about Betsy Ross. we got some very helpful facts on your website. Thanks!
anonymous [09-16-2004]

We are studying Besty Ross in our classroom.You want to know something Besty Ross sewed the first American flag . On that flag was only fiveteen stars on that flag because there was only fiveteen colinies.
Ashlynn [09-16-2004]

We are studing Betsy Ross. I wish I could come here again! There are so many things to do here!
Haley [09-16-2004]

This website is the neatest. BY!
Samantha, Chillicothe,I.L. [09-16-2004]

Haley [09-16-2004]

Hi,I love to laern about the flag.My favorite part is Betsy Ross.By for now.
Carolyne [09-16-2004]

Hi my name is Liz.I'm in fourth grade.We are studying the Betsy Home page.I think it is really fun.Bye
Liz, Chillicothe [09-16-2004]

i think your website is cool.ilike learning about u.s. history good by.
Keegan, illinois [09-16-2004]

Hi I am in the fourth grade and we are studying Betsy Ross in computer class and I love It.Bye
Grace, Chillicothe [09-16-2004]

Cole I found out things I never new and I liked the quiz.
anonymous [09-16-2004]

Adan [09-16-2004]

Thanks for the information--- I printed the picture of the flag for my report for school!
AJ Bredice, Shelton CT [09-16-2004]

While the american flag is a wonderful thing, there is no proof that Betsy Ross sewed the original. Her story can only be referred to as a myth or theory, one that isn't even carried on by textbooks anymore.
andrew, new hampshire [09-16-2004]

the sit is cool
Collin Schmehl, Reading PA [09-16-2004]

kelly, mn [09-16-2004]

I was named after Betsy Ross who is a relative. I am trying to find information on her family tree to update my enrollment and enroll my son into the Sons of the American Revolution society. Could you provide any information as to her family tree or where I could find this?? Regrads Ross
Ross Carr, Northridge CA USA [09-16-2004]

i think betsy ross did a wonderful job on her flag she made scecsee onthe flag and i just wanted every one to know what such of a good job she did even if you don't think so that is your opion not mine i think she is proud of her good work and you shoud be to i think she made proguse in life.
MORGAN SCHULZE, alice texas [09-16-2004]

It is nice to learn more about the history of the US flag.
Ricky Rum Ly, Philadelphia PA [09-16-2004]

Just getting very close to Sep 11 again & thought I'd visit a site that dealt with the US flag
David Bernstein, London, England [09-16-2004]

Thank's for the help on a school project.
P.E.Fornel, Vidalia,GA. [09-16-2004]

i like chikcen
anonymous [09-16-2004]

Angel, u.s.a [09-16-2004]

i love flag very goud for yuu
stalin [09-16-2004]

I'm in C.A.R.(children of the Amerian revolution). This web page is the best because I can get a lot of infor mation.
Samantha, Chillicothe [09-16-2004]

My daughter, Samantha, asked me where the very first American Flag made by Betsy Ross was. Thanks to the internet we were guided to this site and our question was answered. We enjoyed looking at the tour of Betsy's home and will visit in the near future.
Samantha and Mommy, Marlton, NJ [09-16-2004]

Thank you for this information. It will add great volume to my first grade Soical Studies class.
Glenda, Clarksdale, MS [09-16-2004]

Crystal, dallas,texas [09-16-2004]

get pictures for a poster on besty ross.
Barbara Simmons, orange beach AL [09-16-2004]

I have a question. I just bought a Betsy Ross flag. I have been looking at pictures of differnt Betsy Ross flags on the internet and I have seen two different kinds. On one of the flags (including the one that I bought), the 13 stars always are pointing strait up, i.e., the stars are not turned sideways at all. The other kind of Betsy Ross flag has the stars that point away from the circle, so each star is tilted as it's own angle to make the circle more.... circular. Do you know what I'm talking about? I would really like to know the significance behind this. And what is the original way it was done back when the flag was made? If it was originally made the way that my flag is, then I'll use that one. If not, I'll buy myself the right one! :) Thanks!
James Erickson, Boston [09-16-2004]

I really like your site very informative for my homeschoolers
Lisa Ward, Alpine, Alabama United States [09-16-2004]

ilove the flag that you made. it is beautful
bethconnor, loisvilleky [09-16-2004]

Wonderful site! Loved the whole thing. This past summer I visited Philly and sure wish I had known about this site before going. It would have given me so much information before going there. Very nice city and wow loaded with history!
Christle, Chehalis, Washington [09-16-2004]

hey you guys do a really good job on this keep up the good work! -THANKS-
Alexandra Navarro, Phoenix Arizona [09-16-2004]

hi my name is amber and i am 13 years old and just wanted to say thankyou your website about betsy ross has helped me a lot in school
amber voivedich, s.c. [09-16-2004]

very nice site you should add some more info
bob [09-16-2004]

it's been a pleasure visiting this site. Betsy Ross is an inspiration to women everywhere in America.
Diana, Newark, Delaware [09-16-2004]

William P. Brown, Longmont, Colo. USA [09-16-2004]

i hope u have a fun tome i sure did
Elmo Meado [09-16-2004]

It WaS AwEsOmE! Oh Yah!
Janelle [09-16-2004]

I am very muoch ok with your web site and will be glad to know more about betsy guestbook, thank you for your kind guesture., new york city, u.s.a [09-16-2004]

we are sewing stars
lona keserly, florida [09-16-2004]

thank i really enjoyed your passage that i had read. it was really interesting.
mikeya jackson, harstville southcarolina [09-16-2004]

just looking for information for a college presentation that i have to do. thank you for dedicating this page to Betsy Ross.
maddie manhart, richmond ca 94805 [09-16-2004]

I love our country and i wish i could thank betsy ross for our flag
brooke mcdaniel, delaware [09-15-2004]

This website is very informative.
Sandy Lancaster, York, Pa. [09-15-2004]

love this website h
Joe [09-15-2004]

To:Betsy I'ts amazing how you make the flag.I,ts a importance to our lves here in the U.s.
Georgiana, Alsip,il, [09-06-2004]

How much would a "Birth of our Nation's Flag" by C.H. Weisgerber Presented to Frank Hormel Copyright 1903 be?
Jennifer O'Conner, Bloomington, IN [09-06-2004]

I went to see Miss Ross's house as a child and love the virtual tour for my children. Thanks.
Sherry and Janell, Gray, Tn. [09-06-2004]

Very Well Done
RICHARD MASSAD, Yukon, Oklahoma [09-06-2004]

I been to philly before but I never got to see betsy ross house. Is there a book to read about her and about her life.
donna, Bridgeport, Connecticut 06610 [09-06-2004]

I am researching the history of our Flag in order to help my Junior Girl Scout Troop complete the "United We Stand" badge. Thank You.
Susan Haines, Grand Junction, Colorado [09-06-2004]

I mistakenly came here looking for images of "Betty Ross" from the Incredible Hulk comics (possibly in a bikini), but while I was I first disappointed, I was also pleasantly suprised with what a great looking and informative page on Betsy Ross you have. Keep up the great work, I'm back off on my search. Tootles!
John Herbert, Tempe, New Mexico, USA [09-06-2004]

MITCH, new york [08-31-2004]

Mary Ruppert, Blasdell, New York 14219 [08-31-2004]

I have been told over the years that I am related to Betsy Ross. My father's family is traced back to an entire town in Kentucky. The family "estate" has since been sold off, but I was wondering if anybody has info on how I can trace my lineage back to her? I appreciate the help. Sandra
Sandra Ross, illinois [08-30-2004]

This was a very interesting page! Thanks for keeping the flag alive.
Bobbi Convery, Modesto California [08-30-2004]

Wonderful site.. Is there anyway to see Betsy Ross's house in person? Very good job on the site..
april shaffer, shamokin,pa [08-30-2004]

In these times of high levels of patriotism, I was curious if my memory served me correctly in US flag etiquette. I found your website to be extremely helpful. The information was all there and helped tremendously. However after browsing through your site, I came across the Flag Picture Gallery page. I was surprised to see a link to Flags for Printing and Wallpaper ( Wallpaper on a computer desktop will be covered with icons and files. I know it's picky, but isn't that violating the rules of the flag (sec.8, g)? I respect what you've done here and have your site bookmarked as a reference. Thank you for the great site.
Brendan Connolly, Pittsburgh, PA [08-30-2004]

What does it mean when the Flag is not flying at the White House? I need to know for a question on homework! Thanks!
anonymous [08-30-2004]

i'm doing a school play and i want to be besty ross
jessica shriner, Nebraksa USA [08-30-2004]

I have 3 equal height 40' flagpoles. One side of the poles face a busy street. The other side faces the church parking lot. How do I properly fly the U.S., State and Christian flags (all 6'x10')? I have had differing opinions given to me. Thanks!
Jim Lovewell, Chula Vista California [08-30-2004]

this website is cool it is very good 4 projects
monica, perth w.a australia [08-30-2004]

cindy [08-30-2004]

very nice job, lots of information that i made copies of, such as how to display the flag. the links to the u.s. codes on the flag was great thank you
anonymous [08-30-2004]

I thought that the pictures were neat and I learned new things from the information provided. I even used a picture of a flag for the background of my computer desktop.-thanks
andrea, mesa, arizona [08-25-2004]

I see another "cousin" signed the guestbook! I'm a descendant of George Ross, Betsy's second husband's uncle and signer of the Declaration of Independence. Great site! Especially thanks for providing a detailed map of the historic square mile. I haven't visited in about 35 years and this will be a great help for my walking tour.
Eve Leinhardt, Minneapolis, MN [08-25-2004]

Perhaps you may be able to answer this question.It would be most helpful if you would. Can the american flag be flown on a staff with the American Eagle on top instead of a ball. Thank You, Don Wilson
Don Wilson, Apopka Florida [08-25-2004]

Hello everybody! I learned last month that Betsy Ross who was famous for sewing our first American national flag, was herself a mixed blooded Cherokee Indian! I learned this at the conference last July. Just thought you guys might like to know the least-known facts about her. Ross is a very common name among the Cherokees (so is the Edwards surname) Wendy
Wendy Rieth, Los Angeles, Calif. [08-21-2004]

sitting her with my 7 year old teaching her about her flag.
raymond marks, harrisburg, pa [08-21-2004]

Yes, I am a descendant.
Betty Ross Williams, charlotte, NC [08-21-2004]

The first doll I ever received was a Madame Alexander of Betsy Ross!
Tracey Clairmont, San Jose Ca. [08-21-2004]

I enjoyed the good information. It is just what I needed for my Girl Scout troop
anonymous, Montgomery, AL [08-21-2004]

Your site is incorrect about the Texas flag exception. Texas still holds the right to fly their flag at the same height and same size as the US flag. See Texas Flag Code 3100.55 (b)(1) for height rule 3100.55 (b)(2) for size rule The exception is when it is on the same flagpole or flagstaff as the US flag, and then the US flag may be above. Putting them on the same pole is highly discouraged.
John G [08-21-2004]

Thanks for the info. We have a question too. What is the standard about diplaying the flag in the rain?
Ted Kupp, Rochester NY [08-21-2004]

Wonderful Site. Especially for those who need a good dose of history and what this country stands for. Thank you and God Bless America. Cate of
Cate, maryland - usa [08-21-2004]

its me brittany i like to say hi
brittany, va [08-21-2004]

anonymous, Longview, WA [08-21-2004]

I bought 48 star Flag 24 yrs ago at Rose Bowl Flee Market Pasadena, took it out of the closet recently. I became interested in the American Flag history. What a beautiful piece of continuosly democracy! I am a naturalized American citizen (a political refugee) since 1986, living now in free Prague again. My daughter Daniela stays in Chatsworth and is a school teacher. Oskar Petr, songwriter/composer, orig. from the Valley - Van Nuys, Northridge, etc., Los Angeles
Oskar Petr, Now: Prague, Czech Republic/Europe [08-21-2004]

National rehabilitation Association is having their national conference in Philly 2nd week of October so am interested in seeing the house.
Cheryl Wendelin, Lincoln, NE [08-16-2004]

What a source of GREAT information! I needed to teach a lesson on the flag and I was able to gather all the information that I needed at this incrediable site. Thanks!
Connie Seal, Sandy, UT USA [08-16-2004]

Very interesting. I took my children to see the house in 1977. Both of my parents are from Philadephia, but I was born in Hawaii before statehood as were my young. thanks for a nice trip back in history.
Embree, Kailua, O'ahu, Hawaii [08-16-2004]

i needed this site for information on betsy ross and the first american flag for my aunt and i found this site very helpful to gain my reserch from! thanks!
Hannah, Woodstock Ct [08-16-2004]

Julie Martin, Indinapolis IN [08-08-2004]

hi, years ago, i remember reading from a history book, which talked about betsy ross. i believe a name was mentioned, deborah loggins?, as a person connected somehow to betsy ross, and this time period. i may be mistaken. do you have any info or knowledge about such a person? thank you, deb
Deb Waldherr, Big Bend, WI 53103 [08-08-2004]

I bought a 4 section flagpole 3 years ago I have finally decided where to put it up.I have lost the instructions for running the ropes,pulleys,and all of the hardware.could you please tell me where I might find this information? There is no manufacturer's information on the box.It is a 4 section 28' 1.6'diameter pole.I also purchased a 3'x5'sewn nylon flag,is this flag size right for this size pole? THank you very much for any information you can help me with. Michael McNeely. I enjoyed your site very,it is very informative
Michael McNeely, Lewisville Texas 75067 [08-07-2004]

What an informative web site! I came looking for the flag as it would appear in 1845, the year my farmhouse was built. I'm having the house and barn painted and asked for a flag to be painted on the barn loft door. The painter suggested a flag the age of the house, and my search brought me here. Now I can't decide between the Bennington flag and the 1845 flag! Have to decide by Monday - I'll let you know! Thanks for all the info - good job! Rita Johnson, Wolfeboro, NH
Rita Johnson, Wolfeboro Falls, NH [08-07-2004]

Dear Sir, I was looking a you page on Flag Rules and Regulations and I noticed what I beleive to be a small error on the page. I have several friends, though I myself don't fully accept their arguements, that actually believe in the Urban legend that a fringed U.S. Flag means that the Constitution is not enforced specifically in court room. According to my Friends it is not martial law that they believe is in effect but Navel Law and though that Commerce Law ( as I vaguely understand it: the Navy had or has the right though common Law and British Law to control shipping and commerce on the high seas therefore it is from Navel Law that the commerce Laws comes from ). I just though you really ought to know about this error so that you can either look into it more closely or correct it as all you are doing by not actually answering the question acuritly is confusing the issue and convincing those that are trying to find the real answer is that you really don't know the answer to that specific question and are fudging it. Sincerely Yours Eric P. Johnson
Eric P. Johnson, Grand Junction, Mich. 49056 [08-07-2004]

Mark Davis, in. usa [08-07-2004]

Paula Chovil, Roy UT [08-07-2004]

I was glad i visited. There never seems to be enought said about women that were part of the fight for our independence. Betty Ross was a great inspiration to all women. She was as important as all the other people we seem to think of first. There should be a new movie out on this remarkable women. Women of this day need all the role models they can find.
B.Stover, south carolina [08-07-2004]

american forever.
MIKE IEZZA, 121 mountaindale rd. [08-07-2004]


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