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Betsy Ross is the BEST person in the WORLD!
Leeza Stephens, 4610 S. Harrisonwood Cir. West Valley City, UT 84119 [07-31-2004]

I'm a history buff. I'm associated with Rev War reenactment group (First New Jersey-Col Ogden) and a Civil War group (12th NJ, Co K. This is a pretty good site just to tickle the mind. Very nice job........
Robert Boer, Tabernacle, New Jersey [07-31-2004]

Katina Presto [07-31-2004]

johnross, lagro in [07-31-2004]

Greetings I returned to the Betsy Ross House after many years, first seeing it as a child....I thought it was wonderful then........and now I think it's just great.My husband Fred and I had a most enjoyable time visiting all of Historic Philadelphia......This Website is one of the best designed and highly informative.
Josephine Lauriano, Wawayanda, New York [07-31-2004]

Can you ever hang two American Flags side by side on a wall? one here X One here X
j brendel, Freeport, NY [07-31-2004]

hey i have always admired betsy ross!1
Kristen, Rockingham NC [07-24-2004]

Thanks for the information. I am doing a speech on the flag at a Toastmasters meeting and this has been very helpful.
Judy, Pasadena, CA [07-24-2004]

My brother recently bought a house in Iron Mountain,Mi.It is dated back to 1860.When he started reconstuction on it he found inside the original walls a small rally flag which has twelve stars in a circle and one in the middle.I was wondering when did they start making rally flags and how old this could possibly be.Would appreciate any info you could tell me.He also found an old bayonet which was used on an old musket rifle which appears to be British.
anonymous [07-24-2004]

nancy moore [07-24-2004]

school report
ASHLY HOWLAND, las vegas,nevada [07-24-2004]

Sandee Moore, Marsing ID [07-24-2004]

work with children in school was looking for ideas
Sharon L. Pino, New York City [07-24-2004]

I have been a "flag waver" for years. The flag has always been a very meaningful symbol to me...long before September 11th. I'm glad more Americans seem to be taking our flag more seriously now. The site is interesting. My husband happened upon it while planning for our first visit to Philadelphia, coming up very soon. I'm looking forward to seeing the history unfolded for us. God Bless America !
Blenda J. Bewley, Burton MI [07-24-2004]

I love the tour of Betsy Ross's house. It is very interesting to see how her house is so different from the houses we have today.
Jessica J., il [07-24-2004]

Amy Houston, Topeka, Kansas [07-24-2004]

What is considered proper illumination when the flag is flow at night?
Frank Colasurdo, Sparta, New JErsey [07-24-2004]

I am a distant relative of Betsy Ross. I'm not sure of how exactly though. My grandfather on my mothers side had traced this back years ago. My maternal grandmother's maiden name is Ross.And he also had found that William Penn was a distant relative as well.
Joyce Clark, Des Moines IA [07-24-2004]

Hi, I'm am glad I found this site. It has helped me the research I was looking for.
Melissa Gizzi, Pennsylvania USA [07-24-2004]

stars and stripes forever! Although I am a Chinese, I love America and American. You have been bringing the world back to its foot. You have been saving the world times and times again! People can breath freely on the land of America. I wish you and your people will be good forever!
Nathan Hale, Beijing,China [07-24-2004]

Very good site
Richard A. Dropik, New Orleans, LA [07-24-2004]

I found your website while attempting to get information on The American Flag House and the Betsy Ross Memorial Foundation. The information was very informative since it pertains to questions arising from a document which I was given. This is a large (21-1/2x27-1/2")framed document presented to an individual which depicts the famous painting of George Washington, Robert Morris, George Ross with Betsy Ross sitting with the 13 star flag in her hands. The document has the raised seal of the Association with a corresponding number imprinted on it.It was presented by the American Flag House and Betsy Ross Memorial Foundation "for Aiding in the Preservation of the Birthplace of Our Nation's Flag". I would appreciate any information you can provide regarding the above mentioned organizations. Thank you.
Bert Molow [07-24-2004]

The flag represents to me a symbol of our independence. We really learned lots of facts about it.
Michael Serrano, Coachella CA [07-24-2004]

All my life I wa told I was related to Betsy Ross. She was the 6th great aunt on my mom's side. I remember doing a report on her in the 3rd grade. That's when I was first told about her. If you have any names or facts that might help me trace the family history, it would be great to hear from you!
Barbara Conway, Palm City, Florida [07-24-2004]

Hi Although i am English i feel a strong bond to the USA. My wife and i have been several time's each time i find it harder to leave. I can not really say why that is but i feel more at home there than i do in England. This may sound silly but i feel i was born in the wrong country. Your's Clive.
clive, Summit, Lancashire UK [07-24-2004]

I have a presentation piece with the same picture as the page shows. I would like to know how to find more information as to the history of the presentation piece from N.Y. and anything else you could tell me Thank you very much Terry Cook
Terry Cook, Austin Texas [07-24-2004]

I have read that the 'stars and stripes' motif for the US Flag was derived from the Washington family arms (argent below two mullets in chief as many barretts gueles.) Is there any truth to that?
Bruce Alan Wilson, Charleston, WV [07-24-2004]

I enjoyed the website. I am visiting the site as a Girl Scout project. Cheyanne
Cheyanne Rayls, Vine Grove, KY [07-24-2004]

we were looking for the proper way to display the flag and found this website. thank you for the correct information. it was also a pleasure to "visit" the betsy ross house.
ANN McNETT, san lorenzo, california [07-24-2004]

god bless america!
anonymous [07-24-2004]

hi Bersy Ross Rockes
Tess [07-24-2004]

I really think what happen daring her life has really neat to read about. your reader Sarah Frantz
Sarah Frantz, Walnutport PA [07-24-2004]

Nice to see such patriotism for our flag. Was able to visit the Betsy Ross house in May. What a neat place. Thanks for all the wonderful information on this site and US I have a wonderful collection of Rev War links on our webpage if anyone is interested in them. Regards, Doug Carpenter Secretary - Colonel Benjamin Cleveland Chapter - Tennessee Sons of the American Revolution
Douglas Carpenter, Cleveland, Tennessee [07-24-2004]

can you print the picture of her?
chelsea peters, maud ok [07-24-2004]

I enjoyed the slide show.
Patricia Kaphan, Sparks, Nevada [07-24-2004]

Good information found on this site, but can anyone tell me when you have an egale on top of the flag pole, which way should the eagle face? Does it matter?
Cheryl, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma [07-24-2004]

Wonderful site with valuable information and great organization. Thank you!
Iris, Washington state [07-24-2004]

I LOVE your website! I would like to link to it from my lesson plan for History. I want my adult ESL students to be able to research the flag's history, to color a flag, to figure out what the stars and stripes stand for, etc. It could be that no one will ever see the webpage. Who knows? I'm a grad student at Houston Baptist University in Houston and am taking a class called Educational Applications of Technology. Students were to develop a web page (with links)around a topic. I'm not planning to teach again (I've taught for 8 years); I'm studying to be an educational diagnostician (the person at a school or hospital who tests children who are having problems learning). At any rate, if you'd like to see my page (it's not all complete yet), log onto Please let me know if it is NOT ok to link to your pages. I did see the mandatory credits and have copied those (but they aren't on it yet). Thanks so much!
Gail Cooper-Evans, Sugar Land, Texas [07-24-2004]

G-bowman, florida [07-24-2004]

bob [07-24-2004]

this is a great site. thank you
Kathy, cols, ohio [07-24-2004]

When you use the American flag to drape a coffin, can you place flowers, military swords, etc., on top of the flag to represent military service? R. B. Privett
R. B. Privett, Oxford, MS [07-24-2004]

thanks for putting all this terrific history together on the net.
Jo Ellen Ogle, Frankfort, Indiana [07-24-2004]

With the passing of President Reagan it is tradition to lower the flag to half-mast for 30 days. Does the flag get raised fully on July 4th despite the 30 day tradition of a passing President. After the forth should the flag be lowered again to half mast for the remaining days for the 30 day tradition. Thanks for any insight you might provide on this question I have been pondering.. Proud To Be An AMERICAN Jim Scollay
Jim Scollay, Pine Hill, NJ [07-24-2004]

Wanda Raap [07-24-2004]

i was born here in the u.s.a and did not know all of the information about our flag. yes shame on me. great site.
LEE MOFFITINO, san diego,calif [07-24-2004]

Sidney Bacon, Jacksonville, Florida [07-24-2004]

This is a great wealth of information. I will certainly be able to use much of this with my second grade students this year. Thanks for sharing this with anyone just 'browsing' around.
Debbie Howard, LaGrange, GA [07-24-2004]

Very nice photos. It would be nice to have a diagrsm of the floor plan and where theings were located (fireplace, desks, work area, beds, childrens bed and desks, ketchen, stove, well or hand pump for water, toilet or outhouse, etc,)
Norman I. Abe, Royal Oaks, Calif. [07-24-2004]

Great Site. Very Informative.
T Huffman, Bridgewater, Va [07-24-2004]

in elemtry school, i memoriezed a ryme or poem, i think so? i need to know if it was part of the american history. it goes like this. besty ross lived on main street. she was a seamstress and often she would look up from her sewing and see important men passing by. those were exciting days in philadalphia in 1776. can you tell me if it's part of batsy ross history? thank you. e.r.o.
ENRIQUETA R. ORTIZ, 4119 bretton ridge, san antonio, tx. [07-04-2004]

I would like to put a link to your Flag Rules page on the Website I maintain,, this is a community website, and in FAQ page I believe your information about the American flag would be found useful to many of our residentes. Thank you Joseph Castelli Director The Isles of Wellington Community Assoiciation.
Joseph Castelli, Wellington, FL [07-04-2004]

I have 2 brothers in the army I love you, mike and jason
jasmin, washigton,utah [07-04-2004]

I am so proud to be an American..This site is wonderfull..Lets all pray for or troops,OUR President George Bush.Happy 4th of July eveyone ONE NATION UNDER GOD..
April G, Lufkin, Tx [07-04-2004]

Today being July 4, 2004 it is nice to revisit American History. I enjoyed everything on this site and thank all those responsible for the freedom I enjoy today. Thank You.
Samuel J. Vaughan, Dayton, OH [07-04-2004]

Thank you for providing this interesting web site. I have truely enjoyed reading about our flag this fine 4th of July 2004. ----- Kathleen ------>
kathleen ortiz, medford, oregon [07-04-2004]

Frank W. Shea, Norman, Oklahoma, USA [07-04-2004]

Hello I appreciate the site. I'm a Girl Scout leader trying to prepare to teach Girl Scouts about the flag. I was planning to download your pic of the flag to be colored, when I saw the rule in section 8 about not printing or impressinig a flag on anything that is going to be destroyed. Is it okay to let the girls color the flag?
Brenda Woodmansee, Mobile Alabama [07-04-2004]

George Gatenby, Willow Grove, PA, USA [07-04-2004]

Bill McCaffrey, Pasadena, Maryland-USA [07-04-2004]

Thanks for the use of your website for the flag. It would be nice to also have the flag with 50 stars coloring, also. But, this one was nice. Your website was very helpful. Flag Day is my birthday. thanks, Janie
JANIE LEMBKE, Newport News, VA [07-04-2004]

I think that is this is a cool site for childern like me for an example. Joe age 18
Joseph J Jacobs, Lowell, IN [07-04-2004]

BLANCHE HARMER, vancouver, wa 98682 [07-04-2004]

Thank you for such a wonderful, educational and wholesome site.
Dianne Jolovich, Twin Falls, Idaho [07-04-2004]

Thank you for the use of this homepage.
R. Rose Johnson, Flint, MI [07-04-2004]

Mrs. Sharon Phalon [07-04-2004]

A great webpage. Thank you.....We now have a great print of our beautiful American Flag and great reading about it's design and seamstress.
Sylvia and Ron Mazeau, Davenport, FL 33837 [07-04-2004]

very informative & educational thank you very much
FRED MILLER, panama city fl. [07-04-2004]

Just thanks for providing info.mlp
M. Postlethwait, New Martinsville, WV [07-04-2004]

Beverly Broxson, Prattville, AL. [07-04-2004]

This was a very informative site. I truly enjoyed everything you've provided. Well job done! I had a lot of fun moving through the various links. You are great!
Maria E. Moyer, Downey, CA USA [07-04-2004]

This was a wonderful webite on one of America's most influential women. Bravo!
Lisa Johnson, Lytle, Texas [07-04-2004]

When I was 13 (im 15 now)I wrote to our local newspaper about the flag but no one believes me about the flag laws. I see people on the 4th of July wearing our flag and just want to scream. I want everyone one to know that it is wrong I tried the paper but that don't work. If it ageist the law then why are we letting the people make things like this?
shannon, crest hill illinois [07-04-2004]

I am doing research for a presentation to the Sunday School Class at Harvest Community Church for Independence Day weekend. Thank you for all of the information! Barbara
Barbara Piechocki, Algoma, WI, U.S.A. [07-04-2004]

anonymous, Crockett, Texas [07-04-2004]

Linda, La Marque, TX [07-04-2004]

Thank you so much for such a nice site.
Paul Watson, no bennington VT [07-04-2004]

Rick [07-04-2004]

Al Day [07-04-2004]

Samantha Pittman, Salem, Indiana [07-04-2004]

Priscilla, Waller, Texas, USA [07-04-2004]

Great Site...enjoyed the tour very much.
Sandee Berry-Newell, Tempe, AZ [06-30-2004]

Neat place! Great ideas for teachers.
Laura Duhe, Baton Rouge, LA [06-30-2004]

I am interested in American history(My late father was American) and was checking up on the history of the Fourth of July, when I came across the story of Betsy Ross - so here I am!
jeffrey jacobson, petach tikva, ISRAEL [06-30-2004]

Danny Leftwich, Mount Airy, N.C., USA [06-30-2004]

Stephanie, Draper, UT [06-30-2004]

Megan y, Draper, UT [06-30-2004]

Kelly, Draper, UT [06-30-2004]

Alex Perez [06-30-2004]

Hi, I just purchased 2 historical flag buntings that I would like to display for the 4th of July. I wanted to hang them from my porch railing on either side of the steps. The buntings I purchased starts with a little strip of red, then a strip of white, then a strip of blue with 9 or 10 white stars in the strip of blue, then white again then red. An acutal picture can be found at this link: my concern is that you say all official buntings must start with blue... Does this mean that these historical buntings are not official buntings? I do not want to display them if they go against US Flag Regulations as stated on your web site... If there is any way possible to let me know prior to Independene Day weekend I would really appreciate it. My street is very close to the fireworks site and I do not want to offend anyone. Also, in reading part of your web site I have a few other questions that can be answered at your leisure... First off, is bunting considered an official type of the US Flag and is it subject to all the rules, regulations, and etiquette as a flag that you would fly? Can bunting hang overnight even if it is not illuminated? And, can you say the pledge of allegiance to bunting? Thank you very much. Jennifer, Greenfield MA
Jennifer, Greenfield, Massachusetts [06-30-2004]

Great site.. Ineeded some information because of the recent death Of President Regan..and your site gave me exactly what I needed. It is a wonderful resource and I truly appreciate you being there for the country. God Bless You!
Tom Davis, McDoungh Georgia, 30253 [06-30-2004]

I am a homeschooler who has been THRILLED that you have such an awesome site dedicated to the history of the American flag! This coming week, as it is the week before July 4th, my children and I will be doing various projects mostly from this site! I have planned to cut 50 stars (using the method Besty Ross herself had used) and put the name of each state, along with the capital and year it was inducted into the nation on the star. Thank you for your dedication and hard work to keep this site up! I have recommended this link to all of my friends!
momster, usa [06-30-2004]

Interesting site. She didn't make the first flag, though. Read a copy of "Wilson's Illustrated History." I Believe the publication date on this is either 1848 or 1849. This was a widely used school text-book of that time period: Not one word about Betsy Ross. You won't find any mention of her in any historical works before 1870, either. You don't need to be a historian to realize this tale is one of legend. If there was anything to it, it would have been heralded long before 1870.
Rich Dymond, Grand Rapids Michigan [06-30-2004]

What a fun site.
Pam Thornton, Vancouver, WA USA [06-30-2004]

I have a question. I recently purchased a flag that was flown over the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor, HI. I would like to display this flag in my home. Can I hang it from hooks on my wall,or ceiling, (through the grommets on the flag)? Is this acceptable? Can the flag be placed against a wall? I'd appreciate your thoughts, Thank you, Tom Blizzard
Tom Blizzard, Rancho Cordova, CA [06-30-2004]

anonymous, Elkridge, MD. USA [06-30-2004]

Hi Betsy, What a great website you have! Just copied some US flag for the 4th of July purposes, to accompany American patriotic songs that I will send to my friends through email. Still looking for US flag that is blown by the wind and moving [not static]. Would you please forward to me before July 3 if you have. Thanks and regards, Setiawan
Setiawan, Jakarta, Indonesia [06-30-2004]

I believe every one who can, should fly the flag of the Unites States of America every day possible. Question: I have a flag mounted on the front wall of my house. There are two possible positions, up at about 30 to 45 degrees, or horizontal. The flag cannot be flown at half-mask on its short pole. Should I fly it at the upper position, or horizontally when flying at half-mast? Laird, Sun City Center, Florida
Laird Woldridge, Sun City Center, Florida [06-30-2004]

Your website is most helpful for my teaching call for both Presbyterian Sunday School and college economics.
Monte Munn, Caldwell, Idaho 83605 [06-30-2004]

She was a relative on mine and I am only honored to sign this site.
Rebecca Ross, Clio, MI [06-30-2004]

Thanks for all the information you have here. It has answered a lot of questions for me, yet it also made me think of more. I'll get back to you later with those.
Jimmie Farish, Rogers, Ar. [06-30-2004]

Hello, I have a question that concerns the flying of the flag. We are having some difficulty at our local schools on whether or not to fly the flag when school is not in session.I know we have to fly it during school days at or near every school but what about summers. Does it have to be flown. There are arguments arising from this situation. It is currently being flown because of the death of Pres. Reagan, at half mast. Please help settle the arguments! Thank you for your time.
Barbara Limrick, Brookville, Pa. [06-24-2004]

have you got any england flag
steve, united kingdom [06-24-2004]

i love the us
Lemar Griffin a.k.a No Problems, lakeland,FL [06-24-2004]

I am proud of our flag, and what it has stood for for allthese years.
Stacey Rogas, Lemoore, CA [06-24-2004]

I think the american flag is beatiful!
Kirsten, pa [06-24-2004]

I love this site, keep it up.
Imo Owerri, usa [06-24-2004]

Thank you for your valuable web page. I was not sure of the flag flag etiquette regarding a fixed hang on the fourth of July while we are still half mast for President Regan. Your site provide the valuable answer. -Heidi Plano, Texas
Imo Owerri, usa [06-24-2004]

i was told by my grandmother we were decendents of betsy ross through my grandfather charles perry ross. always wondered if that was true (baltimore md).
christine ross hampson mumper, groveland florida [06-24-2004]

I am descended from Betsy Ross through my grandmother's side. My grandmother's name was Sellers, and one of Betsy's children married Abram Sellers who was my great grandfather.
Shirley Jackson, Biddeford, Maine [06-24-2004]

I realy like
Allison, Carson,Nevada [06-23-2004]

American Pride..not pride in who we are but what we have become. America is the greatest nation on the earth. God Bless Her! Thank you Betsy Ross for your contribution to American History! 2004 God Bless George Bush and God Bless America!
Scottie Belt, Valparaiso, Indiana [06-20-2004]

valerie wong, fremont, california . united states [06-20-2004]

What is the reason for the American flag being displayed backwards when looking at the right side of an aircraft? Will someone please e-mail me and let me know?
Brent Hayden [06-20-2004]

I like the flag that Betsy Made. I Think it's great!
Neha Singh, Texas,Flower Mound. [06-20-2004]

Thanks for your site. My daughter has been asking about the flags flying at half mast for President Reagon and wanted to know how long the flags would be at half mast. You had the answer of course, 30 days.
Liza, Cambridge Massachusetts [06-20-2004]

Great Sight!
Mike Stewart, Rolette, North Dakota,USA [06-20-2004]

excellent information on our FLAG and how to respect our flag. thank you.
Ron Andrascik, Overland Park,Kansas [06-20-2004]

Thank you for your valuable web page. I was not sure of the flag flag etiquette regarding a fixed hang on the fourth of July while we are still half mast for President Regan. Your site provide the valuable answer. -Heidi Plano, Texas
anonymous [06-20-2004]

Ever since my days as an alternate on the quiz bowl team in high school, I have been very interested in Ms. Ross. I have collected quite a number of pictures of her from my travels on the internet (my hobby is cybersurfing!). Let me know if I can help with any projects out there!
Andrew Konia [06-20-2004]

Kayla, Egg Harbor Twsp., NJ [06-20-2004]

I like this very much.
Deborah Bates, Sequim Wa. [06-20-2004]

I learned many things here about Betsy Ross thanks!
Wanda [06-20-2004]

I really like this website beacause it has historyon it.
Julie Martin, Indinapolis IN [06-20-2004]

Not only do I have the same name but I was born on the 4th of July, 1950. I have been teased constantly and quite a collection of flag memorabilia. I am honored to have that name and I don't care how much teasing I get.
Betsy Ross Adkins, Rhodhiss N.C. [06-20-2004]

Please answer a question for me. I was told that it is against the Flag Code to have a ceremony to dispose of a flag. Is this true? I have a very nice ceremony that I wanted to use with Girl Scouts. It consists of some readings regarding the states represented by the stripes, that are read as the stripes are cut from the flag and then placed into the fire, follwed by the stars. Please let me know, because I would not want to do this with girls and find out that we had done something that was considered inapporpriate or wrong. Thank you Mary
Mary, Crestwood, Illinois [06-20-2004]

My Mother's maiden name is "Ross" and we are related to Betsy Ross according to our family tree.
Marcy Cohen, Port RIchey, Florida [06-20-2004]

my sis was Petsy ina play11888
Ashley Mcknight [06-20-2004]

thank god for betsy ross.
anonymous, hamilton, nj [06-20-2004]

Heather Pheasant, Sunbury, OH [06-20-2004]

How long do we fly the U.S. Flag at half mast due to President Reagan's passing?
Mike Davis, Brea California [06-20-2004]

I enjoyed the tour of the home and the history of your flag and Betsy Ross
Sharon Grose, Meaford,Ontario, Canada [06-20-2004]

very interesting reading. i enjoy history very much.
JUANITA MOORE, mooresville. n.c. 28117 iredell [06-20-2004]

i was watching the tv show jeprody and they had a question and said if u want more info to go to website and i did. it was more than i exprected. good job
Linda L, Smith [06-20-2004]

Thank God for the Red, White & Blue and God Bless America!
Sue Hornung, Michigan [06-14-2004]

Since I am unable to get to Philadelphia, I have enjoyed this tour greatly. Thanks for sharing. Keep the flag flying and GOD BLESS AMERICA!
anonymous, Monroe, Amherst County, Virginia [06-14-2004]

I'm an immigrant. I came to the U.S.A. when I was 9 years old. About 8 years ago I visited the house of Betsy Ross and I loved it. History is beautiful.
ana, queens new york [06-14-2004]

very interesting tour, glad I took the time to check out this site . thank You
Chris Markle, Huntsville, Ont. Canada [06-14-2004]

i love the flag
kelly oneill, quincy [06-14-2004]

Brownie Troop 67 checking in for the "Wave Your Flag" Try-It.
Toni Shima, Corona, CA [06-14-2004]

kate [06-14-2004]

timothy hottinger [06-14-2004]

I have visited the Betsy Ross House several times - epecially interesting to my relatives from England. This site is really interesting! Thank You
Pamela Heebner, Wallingford,PA, U.S.A. [06-14-2004]

Hi, I'm a 4th grader doing a writing project on Betsy Ross. I loved the virtual tour! Desiree
Desiree Collazo, Holyoke, Mass. [06-14-2004]

As 7th & 8th generation great nephews of Betsy Ross (Elisabeth Griscom) We're happy to see where more documentation is being made available to counter the disputed claims and defend the contribution of our family member,an obviously extremely strong woman in her time. We're all very proud of her contribution to the history of our nation. It's important that the facts of her involvement in the creation of our country's flag be perpetuated & continued to be accurately portrayed in American history. Sincerely, Wayne T. Griscom (age 50) [originally from Pennsville,(Salem Co.) South Jersey] Ryan Patrick Griscom (age 14)
Wayne GRISCOM, Cromwell, CT [06-14-2004]

I'm trying to find out how to fly my flag today. Half mast or raised all the way.
anonymous [06-14-2004]

I really like this web site give me your address. Thanh you.see ah
Ashley Nichole Ritter New Moon, North Carolina [06-14-2004]

You should have more information about who made the first flag.
Bryttany Hester, Centraila Illinois [06-14-2004]

ron [06-14-2004]

do you like betsyross
andersonmiller, new york city [06-14-2004]

I love your website it is cool!
Chelsea, New Jersey [06-14-2004]

Hi my name is Joe Montana.If you want you can call me Joey. The house that betsy lived in.
Joe Montana, Montana is my state [06-14-2004]

I like your web site and you can learn more aboutua history.
Josh smith [06-14-2004]

kiki [06-14-2004]

I love to learn about history, and this gave me a lot of new imformation. Thank You! Codi
Codi [06-14-2004]

yoda [06-14-2004]

I like your web site
Josh smith [06-14-2004]

Alisha VanAlstine, Welsburg N.Y Lot 38 [06-14-2004]

hey hey my party friends lets raise the roof to russiaso we can part-ty
Missy, russiaq [06-14-2004]

This is a cool web site!
Megan Schrom [06-14-2004]

Peace doggy! hit me on my computer. Hear me out ya hear
xavier williams [06-14-2004]

Meghan Ross [06-14-2004]

What up lil'G!
dominique williams [06-14-2004]

brianna lukis [06-14-2004]

I wish i could see you in real life.BYE
liz, Coatsville,Pennsylvania [06-14-2004]

i wish i knew you along time ago because we should thank you for our flag thankyou very much.bye i wish i knew you so i could thank you in live.
cynthia, coatsville [06-14-2004]

Linda Pizarro [06-14-2004]

Tatyana [06-14-2004]

kevin, usa [06-14-2004]

Wonderful web page! Very informative and very helpful. I am an Activity Director for an Assisted Living Community for the Elderly and was in search of Flag Day information and your web site gave me everything I needed.Thank you and Happy Flag Day! God Bless our Country!
Libby, Chicopee, Ma [06-14-2004]

I, too am a Veitnam Vet and I do wear the AMERICAN FLAG on my cap and on a t-shirt. WANT TO TRY AND TAKE IT OFF? If you try you will see the ANGRY AMERICAN! I teart the Flag with more respect than most people do.
WILLIS L.CRAIG,JR., Jonesboro,Ga. [06-14-2004]

Very interesting tour. I hope to someday actually travel to Philly and view the home personally. Thanks for your work. Peter L. Lago
Peter L. Lago, Downey, CA [06-14-2004]

Thank you for having this page available, I found it very interesting and will bookmark it for further review, I am in the process of making a quilt and wanted to incoprate some of the diffrent flags of USA, I was looking for some flags on the civil war, could you tell me where I might find this information? Marlena
Marlena Sutton, Palmdale,CA [06-14-2004]

Most interesting site. Thank you.. I love American history.
Mrs. Shirlee Van Tuyl, Cypress,California [06-14-2004]

makayla [06-14-2004]

what is the exact process in lowering a flag to halfmast. i found how you raise a flag and then lower it to halfmast but what if aflag is flown 24 hours a day. how do you gat it to half mast.
ron mccullough, shelburn,in [06-14-2004]

you are the best
anonymous [06-14-2004]

Flags and there origins and meanings are facinating. Great site - good work
Eric Mckay, Perth, Western Australia [06-14-2004]

We will be displaying a flag in our church on the Fourth of July. It will be hung horizontally on a wall. Since we can not hang it at half staff, we have learned that we should have a black ribbon or black bunting border with it. What is a black bunting border? Is it okay if we hang a black ribbon?
Diane L. Hobbs, O Fallon, IL 62269 [06-14-2004]

Nice page, good info! Thanks!
Nancy brown, Jacksonville FL [06-14-2004]

When the US flag is flown at half staff - what is the correct position for other flags. I was under the impression that all state flags (and other organziation flags) are to be removed from their halyards and other country's flags are to flown at half staff. 36 U.S.C. 171-178 indicates: No other flag or pennant should be placed above or, if on the same level, to the right of the flag of the United States of America, except during church services conducted by naval chaplains at sea, when the church pennant may be flown above the flag during church services for the personnel of the Navy. But there is no mention of other flags. Additionally, What is the correct method for disposing of a worn flag. I know that the VFW conducts disposal ceromonies. But a question about the actual disposal. I was taught that the stars were to be cut out, then the stipes were to be wrapped inside the union and then burned. But no mention of actual disposal requirements. Thanks for your help. gwyn
Gwyn Kesler, Hyattsville MD [06-14-2004]

Found your site very useful for teaching German students grade 8
Barbara Reuter, Germany [06-14-2004]

Great site - Can't wait to show it to my students on Monday.
Audrey S, New Jersey [06-14-2004]

My husband was really impressed with the making of a star with just one clip. Thanks for sharing.
Susan, il [06-14-2004]

Great site I will recommend it to my friends. I did notice that you stated that no Flag or Pennant may fly above the National Ensign. This sort of true....The Church Pennant flies above the National Ensign when Church is in session. Hence, One country under God. Keep up the good work. Keith
Keith Armstrong, Houston, TX [06-14-2004]

great web site
anonymous [06-11-2004]

we vistited your website and got a photo. we celebrate the 4th of july every year with a big family campout. we also have a patriotic parage and this year my daughter is going to be betsy. thanks for your help!
anonymous [06-11-2004]

When the flag is to flown at half staff, what should be done with interior flags that are attached to floor mounted staffs? Since the height of these flags cannot be adjusted, is it appropriate to leave them as they are, or should they be taken down during that time?
Sharon Thompson, Seattle, Washington [06-11-2004]

Karen, Woodbridge, Virginia [06-11-2004]

I have a question that has tormented me for years... While in Basic Training for the military (1969),we had a little handbook of things we had to learn. Now I am almost certain that in it was a section on Flag Ettiquette and part of that info stated that... In a parade, the only requirement is to stand at attention and salute or render the proper show of the lead colors of the parade. That is to say that when a band, civic organization (such as fire companies, girl scouts, boy scouts etc) or any one else is led by a flag, it is NOT necessary to stand. I do not have that handbook nor do ANY of the many sites providing flag information address this situation. Can you confirm my memory as concerns this subject? Thank you. I have asked this of MANY, MANY people and most, though having never thought about it or never learned different seem to believe attention is required for each flag. Thanks again
Ed Novak, Mystic, CT [06-11-2004]

Audrey Miles, Antioch [06-10-2004]

Brandi And Aishu, Auburn,Ny,USA [06-10-2004]

What do the red and white strips stand for?
Diane Hunter, Provo, Utah [06-10-2004]

Thanks for doing this. I appreciate having the picture of Betsy and the guys. My DAR chapter is doing a display set up and wanted to include Betsy Ross. How nice that I could find you. Thanks again. Gail T
Gail T, Milwukee & Washington Island, WI [06-10-2004]

While reading the proper ways to display the U.S. Flag, I noticed the USAirways logo used as an example. Was it to show that it is wrong to have a shadow of the U.S. Flag in its logo? Does the resemblance to the U.S. Flag violate the code? As an employee of USAirways, I have been uncomfortable with the logo but because it does not display the red, white and blue I have justified the use of the logo. Your time and expertise is greatly appreciated.
Teri, North Carolina [06-10-2004]

I needed to find a place for flag etiquette...and this was the best site I found. Thanks for the help.
Melissa, Florida [06-10-2004]

Where was Betsy Ross hometown?
Bobby [06-10-2004]

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It was cool.
Nick [06-10-2004]

hi .my name is gabriella smith and betsy ross is a great,great........aand so on and so mom is a totsour and we are relatted to her
gabriella smith [06-10-2004]

AL ALBRECHT, pensacola,fl [06-10-2004]

I found this site very useful in preparing a lesson about the flag for my cub scout troop! Thank you!
Katrina Nielsen, Las Vegas Nv [06-10-2004]

Great tour....
Ruben Flores, Oakland, CA [06-10-2004]

I would like to know how a flag should be displayed if it on a light pole on the street. The light pole has horizantal bars from which the flags hang vertically over the sidewalk on each side of the street. Thank You
Jerry [06-10-2004]

Hope someday to visit.
Carrier, Morganfield, KY [06-10-2004]

This is a great resource you have here for the American flag. Unfortunately, there is no guideline, official or otherwise, that can tell me how to properly display a vertically-hung flag to honor the memory of President Reagan. I don't have a mast for this 5x8 flag. Is there a protocol for a vertically-hung flag when masted flags are at half-staff?
Michael, Illinois [06-10-2004]

What a terrific tour! My 3rd graders will love to take the tour, also!
anonymous, Ohio [06-10-2004]

It is the fault of the adults, since they make the rules, that children are not more versed and educated in flagology and flag etiquette. Our Elks Lodge will be conducting a Flag Day ceremony on June 12th complete with color guard and cremation of flag. We hope to instill an appreciation in our youth for the flag of our country. Thank you for an excellent website.
oldie, Ridgecrest, CA [06-10-2004]

How do I fly a flag at half mast if it is fixed from my house at an angle fastened at top and bottom?
anonymous [06-10-2004]

This site was helpful for me to earn a badge in Girl Scouts. We are going to try to make the star for our own flag. Thanks!
Virginia, Radcliff,KY. [06-10-2004]

Thank You.
anonymous, Greenville TEXAS [06-10-2004]

As a beginning Sewing Teacher in my home of children and adults, and we are getting ready to walk in our annual local July 4th Parade. The Theme is "Proud to Be An American" and since Betsy Ross sewed the first American flag, (and since my classes deal with sewing) I thought I would wear a costume of Betsy Ross and carry a flag I made similar to the first one she sewed. I also downloaded a black and white picture of the flag for my kids to make one of their own. Also include flag Trivia in my July Newsletter. Your website was awesome! Informational, very interesting, and exactly what I was looking for and much much more! Thank you very much for all your hard work putting all this together. Lynette
Lynette Bishop, Longview, Washington USA [06-10-2004]

ricardo francois, miami florida [06-07-2004]

WOnderful site, very informative! How long should the flag remain at half staff in honor of President Reagan?
Joseph Stevens, Manchester, PA [06-07-2004]

I was looking to find out how to display the flag of mourning when it is on a fix pole, like the one you attach to your house. It can't be lowered to half-staff. Or a window display at times of half-staff, like now. Isn't there something about a black sash?
Chet C, Coos Bay, Oregon [06-07-2004]

Looking for a " Betsy Ross " flag. I saw one at Walmart a couple of weeks ago but it was in an open box so I passed on it. Can't seen to find in now. Anyone with info please e-mail with location / cost somewhere close to northern Ohio.
Gary Lewis, Elyria, Ohio [06-06-2004]

so you're saying that it is improper for me to wear clothing with a picture or stamp of the american flag...or that i cannot have the flag flying from my cars side window...i'm a proud veteran of the vietnam era.. and i wear the flag proudly and display it as often and as many ways as i can.....none of us should ever be ashame to display our flag in a honorable fashion...whether it be on a baseball cap or a tee-shirt....thats what all us vets fought for. the right to be able for all to show their love and respect for the flag.....
JOE ZWEIFEL, columbus, ohio [06-06-2004]

i found this sight very helpful in my reserch thank you
jeanette [06-05-2004]

I love this website it gave me a lot of interesting information about the American Flag! God Bless America
Samantha [06-05-2004]

This is a terrific site; I'm so glad to have found it! I've linked to my church's site, so that others can learn more about our country's flag. I found the section on flag rules particularly helpful. Haapy Flag Day June 14!
Carla Norris, Mesquite, Texas, USA [06-05-2004]

god bless the u.s.a.
nancy&lindsey boughton, radcliff ky [06-04-2004]

This site is great. I have been to her house in Philly, and would recommend it to everyone! It's crazy that people lived in houses that small! Oh... and I wanna give a "shout out" to everyone in Utah. I love ya!
B.B., South Jordan, UT [06-03-2004]

Thanks for a very educational website. I just finished reading, on another website, about Francis Scott Key and the origin of our National Anthem. There was information on the sewing of a flag, which was not done by Betsy Ross. Can you clarify the origin and which was the authenic, original accepted U.S. flag? Thank you.
Emma C. Durazzo, Ph.D., Arlington, VA U.S.A. [06-03-2004]

Ashley Staton, mineral va [06-03-2004]

Thank you for your wonderful site. I am sending all my Brownie Girl Scouts here to learn more about Betsy Ross and our Flag.
Christina Mineo, Vine Grove KY [06-03-2004]

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Kaitlin [06-02-2004]

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Your site is very educational, especially for kids!
Alena, Santa Maria, California [06-02-2004]

Your SUPER for making this site. I got here because my fellow guards had certain notions of what to do with flag at our metal plant we work at that I wasn't sure of, e.g., tomorrow being Memorial I was wondering what to do. Boy your site saved my bacon! Thx!
Jerry B, Los Angeles [05-30-2004]

John A. Weber, Lake Orion, Mich [05-30-2004]

I would just like to thank you for making the american flag. Did you make any other flags and if so which ones are they?
heather, greenville,mississippi [05-30-2004]

thank u 4 teaching me this 4 my book i no more about her.
joe [05-30-2004]

Katharine Piercy Smith, Birmingham Michigan [05-30-2004]

Having seen our flag displayed incorrectly so many times, I wish everyone had a copy of the rules. Our flag, proudly may she wave, is not an article of clothing or a decoration or a trimming for furniture but the the symbal of the Nation for which it stands. Thank you.
Thomas H. Brown, Hampton, VA 23666 [05-30-2004]

I am working on a unit for first grade and America and American symbols. Thank you for your PDF documents, teachers like myself really appreciate it. Again, Thanks!
Janice Belanger, Ocala, Florida [05-30-2004]

Chris Brynyark, Waterloo, Iowa [05-30-2004]

Francis Reilly, Southbury, Connecticut [05-28-2004]

What an exceptional website! It answered every question I had in mind. As a substitute teacher I will recommend this site to all students studying our flag and its history.
Brenda Ledbetter, San Marcos,TX [05-28-2004]

Orange Clock [05-28-2004]

Robert M Derthick, 149 locust, Constantine, Michigan, america. [05-28-2004]

i'm visiting this page because i like betsy ross and in school we have 2 do a report on her so0o i needed 2 write notes. So thanx 4 having this kewl website bye
nicole, pittsburgh,pa [05-28-2004]

god bless america let freedom so proud to live in such a beautiful city for 32 years and hopefully many much to see so much to do,come visit you might not want to leave.
phillip p. cox jr., philadelphia pa. [05-28-2004]

Post Quartermaser 2003-2004 VFW Clyde Rhodefer Post # 1024 Port Angeles, WA
George Strampher, Port Angeles, WA [05-28-2004]

asher [05-28-2004]

What doees our flag mean to me? It means freedom at a great cost. It means even more to me since I visited Fort McHenry, where the National Anthem was written. I thank God for the many great leaders our country has had and the principles upon which our country was founded. I also thank God for a president who loves God and his country--George W. Bush.
Kathy Silber, St. Charles, IL [05-28-2004]

We have friends coming in from LA with two 5 1/2 year old girls plus our 5 year old and our 9 year old. When is the best time to come on this Saturday or Sunday? How much does it cost, and are their any tours for young ladies? THanks in advance, Helen Aster
Helen, Lower Merion, PA [05-28-2004]

Hi I just wanted to tell u that I have never went to this site and it seems so cool for History I dont know this site because I usually go on google and like yah well I guess I better go because I need to learn about Betsy Ross I hope the person who is readin this has a wonderful afternoon O.K. BYE BYE Aisha Cook
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Thank you I am searching for three poems I do not know the author they are: Just a Piece of Cloth Just a Piece of Paper The grand ole flag. Can you help me find them? cmg
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will you heip me find info on betsy ross? all i need is info on why she made the flag. miss katie
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Great site - needed, and found, info on how best to display a flag at different ceremonies. Thanks! Randy and Carol Bohn
Randy Bohn, Pleasanton, CA [05-26-2004]

This site was very very very helpful to me because a I had to do a short report on Besty Ross. Please make more websites like this because we young people find them very helpful. Thanks Again, Lynne
Lynne, Indiana [05-26-2004]

Dear Betsy, We have been learning about how the American Flag was made can you tell me who created the pictor and why did you make the star 5 points insted of 6?
Racheal Roberts, West Virginia [05-26-2004]

BetsyBaby1 [05-26-2004]

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Patience, Smyrna, N.C. [05-26-2004]

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I loved yor website,but who were the three people who met with Betsy and asked her to sew the flag?
Oriana, Detroit, MI Wayne Ci\ounty [05-26-2004]

I love amer.history because my teacher makes it fun
Kidd [05-26-2004]

I am an American of Mexican decent. My parents came to this country from Mexico. They raised us to be patriotic and civic minded. Three of my brothers served in the armed services. My brother Frank, Army served in WWII; My brother Andy, Army, served in the Korean Conflict; My brother Louie, Air Force served during peace time. My brother in law Gustavo receved the purple heart during WWII. He was a paratrooper. I love this country and pray that we can some day have peace for all the people in the world.
Cecilia M. Campillo, Tucson, Arizona [05-26-2004]

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deb carsten, Phoenix Arizona [05-26-2004]

I love all of the details that went into this. Thank-you.
Cynthia Benton, Pahrump, NV [05-26-2004]

What did the women wer back then?What did Betetsys room look like?And what was her life like.Last but not less what did the first American flag look like?PS. The flag that means jone or diy what did it look like?
AmyLubin, n.j. [05-26-2004]

Debbie Ramirez, Perris, California [05-26-2004]

Hi.My name is strawberry04.Betsey's house is amazing and it gives you a lot of information.It's is very informational and it is amazing to see how she lived in a very small house.I've been there and the staircase is very narrow.I wonder how she got used to it.I would not want to live there just to let you know.Betsey is cool.Strawberry out.Bye!
anonymous [05-26-2004]

i am helping my 10 year old daughter with a report she's doing on betsy ross. we found everything we needed on your website. you're doing a great job! thank you.
LORI ANN HALLIDAY, henderson, nevada [05-26-2004]

We are having a disagreement over the flag protocol. The rules say that no flag should be to the right of the American flag when flying from adjacent staffs of the same height. When marching, right is defined as marching right, but for display in front of a building I can find no such clarification. Could someone e-mail me with the answer? Is it right looking at the building or right looking out at the flags from the building?
Michael Shawen, Baltimore Maryland [05-26-2004]

Erin, Victoria Canada [05-26-2004]

I'm from New York and I want to buy a flag for my home...I found this site and I enjoy the tour of Betsy Ross house.... I enjoy to reed about the stories of her life and patriotism! I realy want to cam and visit the house! Was so amasing to see the American flag wich Betsy was sewing! thank you! Bianca
Bianca, New York N.Y. [05-26-2004]

KayLee Westerhuis [05-26-2004]

Please give me more informatoin!
Jordan LaCross, MA. Lunenburg [05-26-2004]

Besty was a very gentle lady
Nicole Dizi [05-26-2004]

There is nothing like your freedom. Be a leader not a follower. Learn to think for yourself, dont let others think for you. You are a unique individual. The only person I would like to follow is the Lord Jesus Christ. God gave Betsy Ross her gift, now find out what your is. Dont forget, put Him first and all the other things will be added unto you. Smile...
Busy Bee, Petersburg, Va. [05-26-2004]

outfit during time of pionner time in north America
anonymous [05-26-2004]

God Bless the "United States of America"!111
Annie Pesaniello, Los Alamitos, California [05-26-2004]

Donald Lee Robbins, 372 holly hill rd princeton wv 24740 mercer co [05-26-2004]

Came to this sight looking for the words to "You're a Grand Old Flag" that my 3 and 1/2 year old just learned, and went on to other links. The information was very interesting. Louisville, KY
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emma mcbride, gilbert [05-13-2004]

I really enjoyed looking at all the stuff on this website and i think you did a good job finding info it looked really good with a lot of intristing facts. This is my first time to enter this webiste and i really liked it so here is some of the things i liked best 1. I like the tour of the home. 2. And most of the other stuff I think it would be really cool if i went and really seen the house for my self but we really dont have time to. Well got to go Bye
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I am doing a library research paper on Betsy Ross. I am in the 5th grade. This site has been helpful. I visited Betsy Ross's house in 2002.
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I'm visiting your web site for some information for myself and family, but also so I can teach my Girl Scout Troop more about Patriotism, the flag, our history and the inportant prople that were involved in making our country the best country on earth. Thank you for having this information.
Jenny Dalsass, winnetka, CAlifornia [05-13-2004]

Your website was a great collection of information for my school report. Thanks so much. I`m 10 yrs old and home schooled and I appreciate what you`ve done here for all of us. I learned a great deal from ya`ll.
Matthew, Texas [05-10-2004]

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The virtual tour of the house was awesome. We just studied her and this was a VERY helpful page.
Lizzy and Rachel [05-08-2004]

I believe the makers of this website (or more appropriately web-s*e) need a revised lesson in early American history. This is not a matter of patriotism, it is a matter of historical accuracy; and if you fall prey and believe the utter myths of this farce, you are only perpetuating the falsities that have plagued American history for centuries. Love for one's country means questioning the sources, not falling into line with mindless patriotic nonsense. Betsy's grandson, William Canby, said in 1870 that Washington and a committee of Congress came to Betsy in 1776 (prior to Independence) with a flag design that incorporated six-pointed stars. Betsy showed them how she could fold a piece of material and with one snip of the scissors, make a perfect five pointed star, which, according to Canby, was more desirable (in 1882, when he expanded the legend, he said it was more heraldically correct, which is not true). Trouble is, this story has more holes in it than Swiss Cheese! Fact: No record of a Committee of Congress in 1776 working on a new flag (although the Marine Committee was procuring well-documented Continental Colors design flags for ships at the time). Fact: George Ross, one of the supposed committee members, was not a member of Congress in June, 1776. Fact: Washington engaged in a series of correspondences up until 1783 when the War was over and the matter became moot debating a design for the Flag as to be used by the Army that is "variant from the Marine Flag" which is the Stars and Stripes. Fact: No one was interested in an official U.S. Flag, let alone the Stars and Stripes prior to Independence. Even then, it took nearly a year for someone to propose it to Congress. Fact: Six, seven, eight pointed stars were nearly as common as five pointed stars prior to the end of the 18th century. The number of points on the stars was never specified by Congress. Fact: William Canby's original paper stated this was a *story* he heard from his grandmother. He suggested more research was needed to confirm the details. He never actually claimed it was true. In fact, his original paper states that he had searched U.S. Records extensively and found nothing to support his grandmother's story. Fact: Francis Hopkinson was the only individual to actually claim the credit for the design of the U.S. Flag at the time. He billed Congress for "a quarter cask of the public wine" for his efforts. Congress did not outright deny his claim but sat on it for years. Only after Hopkinson rebilled his claim in cash, *along with other claims for other emblems*, did Congress act on it, denying it on the grounds that Hopkinson was not the only person who had a hand in designing the flag *and other emblems.* Dave Martucci, 8 January 1998 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Actually, William Canby's original paper of 1870 states the legend was passed to him by Betsy herself but that he had extensively searched government archives and that he found not a shred of evidence for it. He asked others to let him know if any corroborating evidence should ever come to light. By the 1880's he had received a few affidavits from other contemporary people then in their late 90's and from Betsy's daughters and granddaughters stating they also heard the story from the grand dame's mouth. That is all the evidence there is. Canby never stated the story was true.
Professor Fernandez, Northern California [05-08-2004]

I am a junior in college, and am working for my BA in Early Childhood Education. I found this sight to be very useful for a project I am doing. Thank you!
Anna, Arkansas [05-08-2004]

Where was Betsy Ross's house?
Dorothy, Illinois [05-08-2004]

Amy [05-08-2004]

i had fun researching you
katelynd, neversink new york [05-08-2004]

this is the best web site in the whole entire world i love our country and betsy ross and this web site is like totally in touch with my feelings thank you so much betsy would be proud woooo. go america yeeeaaahhhhh!
dezz, mass. [05-08-2004]

my name is john and i like flags
john, not here [05-08-2004]

God Bless "Old Glory" !
Jack J. Iaria, Forked River, New Jersey, United States of America [05-08-2004]

Your tour was very educational.I loved the pictures of your house.It was very interesting about your lifestyle.You seem like a very educational and interesting person.
Raven Fugate, 4th Grader [05-08-2004]

I really love the pictures, and how you made a flag.
Ashley Luttrell, 4th Grader [05-08-2004]

Thank you for a touch of history. I am working with 5th grade for the first time and I am re-learning what I have forgotten since 1968!
Susan King, Silver Spring, MD [05-08-2004]

Thank You. I was writing a report about Betsy Ross and your site helped me a lot.
Sara W., Waukesha WI [05-08-2004]

Ashley, Kissimmee [05-08-2004]

I marvel at how diligently this Besty Ross website has been organized and also of it's completness! Thank you for offering such wonderful insight on one of America's great history-making personalities and then some!
Vicki K. Lopez, Springfield, Illinois [05-08-2004]

Karen Mattes, Warminster, Pa. [05-08-2004]

Sheldon Gee, Lovington, Illinois [05-08-2004]

Mikayla Dawson, mesa [05-08-2004]

I thought that the tour of her house was really fun and educational.I would like to go to Philidefiey and see her home and learn about her lifestyles,a long time ago.I did this with my friend Ashley,and we took turns reading.
Raven Fugate, 4th Grader [05-08-2004]

it was a great tour it was so exciting
kasie, hanover,pa u.s. [05-08-2004]

Ilike the flag that she made.The colors are very pretty! If i was her I would be very proud of myself.
Shanice Onae Laws, Covington, Virginia 24426 [05-08-2004]

Hi I'm a kid doing research on Betsy Ross. I wanted to let you know it helped me a lot with my search.
Brooke [05-08-2004]

Jhon Wlakamoie, albany California [05-08-2004]

I am doing a project on Betsy Ross for school. This is a great web-site! Thanks
Liz Simms, Fredericksburg, VA [05-08-2004]

I love Betsy Ross.
Yuliya, New york [05-08-2004]

OMG! I am a total patriotic freak! On September 11th, I go totally nutz and wear red, white, and blue from head to toe. Thanx for makin the flag Betsey Ross!
Heather, Grand Old USA! Pa [05-08-2004]

I'm doing an essay for my 3rd grade class
Hannah, Virginia Beach, Virginia [05-08-2004]

This web-site is great!
Tacia Jarvis, Lehi, Utah [05-03-2004]

Lyndsey Varrato, Flordia [05-03-2004]

jonathan palmer [05-03-2004]

wow wow wow wow wow
keiana a., Tigard, OR [05-03-2004]

i love america
anonymous [05-03-2004]

erin duffy [05-03-2004]

This site helped me write an essay on Betsy Ross, the Designer of our Flag for my 3rd grade. I am grateful to those who helped compile this site. Thank you. Emily
Emily Biswas, California [05-02-2004]

I lked going on the virtual tour
Jenny, usa [05-02-2004]

Great Website, but I think that if you added some more facts about the Amerian Flag it would be even better! I got a lot of useful info for my paper!
Katherine, Boulder, Colorado, USA [05-02-2004]

the flag means freedom and liberty
unidentified, united states [05-02-2004]

Margret [05-02-2004]

As district 7 commander for the vfw in wyoming, I get several questions on flag etiquette. One has stumped me. A motor cycleist asked what was proper. He flys the american flag with a pow/mia flag on the rear of his motorbike. He says he is displaying it to the people to the rear of him on the highway because oncoming traffic cannot see it. Which side of the bike should it be displayed.
john huckman, Thermopolis,wyoming 82443 [05-02-2004]

john [05-01-2004]

Did Betsy Ross have children
anonymous [05-01-2004]

This is a very eductional site!;)It helped me lots on my paper!
Ashley [05-01-2004]

Hello. I know that there is a great deal of American Heritage information seekers. I have a 46 flag(3"x5" approx.)collection of our American Heritage the has numerous flags from 1776-1976. Please email me for the flags and a picture if you are interested. Thank you. There is a booklet that comes with it that explains about the flags.
Mike, Endwell, NY [05-01-2004]

angie [05-01-2004]

Thank you for all the info i got at this home page because i am doing a report on her in school thank you
Linda Johnson [05-01-2004]

Will the American flag change in the future, sometime?
Laleh, Buffalo Grove,Il [05-01-2004]

This web site was soo convient for my essay that I needed to write! Thank you! I also loved learning new facts that I didn't know.
Elle, Wisconson,USA [05-01-2004]

Hope Wahl, Allegan Michigan [05-01-2004]

I'm doing a shool project and the picture will be a big help!
Anna Mac Innis [05-01-2004]

i thank our falg shows the prid we have
cara sacco [05-01-2004]

thank you for all your help!
madison, tx,76802 early [05-01-2004]

I love the american flag. They have my favorit colors.The american flag is my favorit flag to salute to. I pledge to it. It is the only flag i salute to. I like Toby Keiths songs.
anonymous [05-01-2004]

I think that the betsy ross tour and pictures were great. I really learned about her and her life. She was a real american partriot. Thank you for the wonderful experience
Saige P. Tomey, Age12 [05-01-2004]

Your smart! pigs rock!
Haley, Ohio [05-01-2004]

I love this site
Andrew Lewis, p.a [05-01-2004]

WOW, what a wonderful site! I certainly learned a lot about Betsy Ross and her flag. I'm in school rite no and well im doing a project and htis web site heled me a lot! From this i know i will get and A. Thanks againa nd keep up the good work.
Rebecca, clinton, CT [05-01-2004]

rebecca, Fairbanks, Alaska, USA [04-29-2004]

Deborah Bellomo, New York [04-29-2004]

T.J. Hatcher, Thornton, Colorado [04-29-2004]

It was so good! I love you!:)
Herra HuuManni, Finland [04-28-2004]

Thank you for helping me with my school project. The virtual tour was really great!
Sarah, Alamo, CA [04-28-2004]

How big is the flag Betsy Ross made! How can I make one identical to the one Betsy Ross made!
Justin Lee, Sacramento, California [04-28-2004]

how long did it take Besty to make the flage?
naquera, indiana [04-28-2004]

gave me everything i need for my report thank you
Matt, peoria, ill [04-28-2004]

I love this page. It looks really nice. Keep it up
Asaba Owerri, aba, mgbidi lagos [04-28-2004]

Hello everybody! i am bored so i am signing your guestbook! goodbye for now! i shall return later! i have a Betsy Ross project to finish! Bye-Bye!
Ed [04-28-2004]

John Tobin, Philadelphia, PA [04-28-2004]

Thanks for the information!
Quinn Wragge [04-28-2004]

Nice site
anonymous, Maryland [04-26-2004]

thanks for helping me on my school report! i am in second grade at jeffries elementary in springfield mo.
KATIE BILLINGSLEY, springfield, mo [04-26-2004]

Annie Castro [04-26-2004]

ashley [04-26-2004]

What fabrics were used to make the Besty Ross Flag?
Summer Britt, Whiteville, North Carolina [04-25-2004]

This is a very informative site. I would like to put a link to it on mt website at Would that be OK?
Franklyn, Centralia, Washington [04-25-2004]

Nelida Rosario, Puerto Rico [04-25-2004]

Lexington Girl Scouts, Lexington, NE [04-25-2004]

where was Betsy Ross raised besides Philidalphia?
Jordyn klug, Illinoiss [04-25-2004]

doin a report for school thanks for the help!
sarah [04-25-2004]

very informative site!
Rhonda [04-25-2004]

if it wasn't for you we wouldn't have our flag
Alexis, phx [04-25-2004]

Rgloria, Phoenis, AZ [04-25-2004]

i love that its easy to find info for my third grade book report.
felissha sanchez, san antonio [04-25-2004]

I think Betsy Ross is a Great Hero. She is someone that we can always look up to. She is a amazing person with so many great techniques. Sometimes I wish I could meet her. I hope everybody thinks about her everyday. BETSY ROSS IS MY HERO. THANKYOU!
Stephanie, North Carolina [04-25-2004]

Tim Tepker, Hamilton, Ohio [04-25-2004]

i love america forever!
sandi johnson [04-25-2004]

hi it is me victoria i went to go see besty ross's house i found it beauitful.
victoria, norwalk,california [04-25-2004]

I was writting a essy on old glory when i came to this web-site. I got a lot of usful info. on it. I also got first place on my essy
Cassie [04-25-2004]

I'm wondering where I can get information on her husband, John Ross. I understand she is an ancestor of mine by marriage. Did John Ross have a brother, Gustavus Ross? Gustavus, the patriarch of my family was killed in a Revolutionary War battle, on February 1, 1777. Information has been passed down through generations that we are related to Betsy Ross.
Pamela Ross Johnson, Sacramento, California [04-25-2004]

Hi I am a seventh grader and i am doing a speech for my leadership class on Betsy Ross. Our speeches have to be about a historic American and I chose HER! Thank you for the great information!
Emily [04-25-2004]

Thanks, I needed this for homework assignment. Very good.
LaTia Brennan, Algrightsville, Pa [04-25-2004]

greg [04-25-2004]

I am a Kindergarten teacher in VA. Today, my class and I were reviewing famous Americans. We were talking about Betsy Ross and Robbie asked where the original flag was. I told him that we would check out some websites to find out. He guessed that the original flag was at her house. We were so happy to find your site and all of the great pictures! He was so excited. We saw one of Betsy's hand sewn flags in a display case at her house and decided that maybe that was original! (It may not be, but is sure made him happy)Thank you for the great site! :) Miss Abernethy
Miss Abernethy and Robbie, Danville, Virginia [04-25-2004]

Linni-Mi [04-25-2004]

Trish Horner, Odenton, Md [04-25-2004]

Kendall, Williamston, SC [04-25-2004]

your cite is ok it resites a lot of information for people like my doing school projects on betsy ross
KASIE [04-25-2004]

o my gosh my project on betsy ross is due tomorrow & i havet even started it ! oo well ur web site helped me out . thanx a lot !
clair smith, ga [04-25-2004]

Thanks for your site
Brenda Youngson, Lake Oswego, Oregon, USA [04-25-2004]

anonymous, campobello,s.c. 29322 [04-25-2004]

anonymous, Winter Springs Florida [04-21-2004]

thanks 4 all the pics. & info! all the 6-8 graders at our school have 2 be in the social studies fair& i am do'n " History & facts on the u.s. flag"
f.u.n. [04-21-2004]

jami, kentucky [04-21-2004]

CONNOR-KYLE, Columbus,OHIO [04-21-2004]

As a young American who lived through WWII and the subsequent wars fought since 1941, I'm well aware of what the flag means to all Americans. Both my father and husband fought in WWII (my husband barely 18 when he signed up). My Husband fought in the Pacific and my father in the African Invasion. Our flag has been and always will be a symbol of the indivdual's yearning to be free and part of a country that recognizes this innate longing and yearning to be recognized as an individual with his right to life, liberty and the pursuit of individual dreams guaranteed us by our forefathers with the winning of the American Revoloution! Long may it wave and long may it continue to be the right of all individuals regardless of race or creed to enjoy those rights. This country belongs to the people, the Congress represents the people and the President serves at the pleasure of the people. Those rights cannot and willnot be abbrogated by any one individual party. Our flag with its stars and stripes serve to remind all of us what the men of that first revoloution fought and died for! Long live America!
Claire J. Cowart, Covington, La. 70433 [04-21-2004]

Am a second grader doing a history report on Betsy Ross and how the American Flag started. Thanks for help..
Rebecca, Texas [04-21-2004]

I think it is so cool that she sewed the first American Flag and that you should make more good websites about her!
Courtney, St. Clair Shores M.I. [04-21-2004]

Amanda, Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania [04-20-2004]

Heather Ernst, Heart of Florida Council, Brownie Troop 777 [04-20-2004]

We should not sell out our heretage as a Democracy by tradingb with Communist Countries but should boycott them as we did South Africa when it had aparthied!
Joann Flanagan [04-19-2004]

you guys put need to put a lot of more facts in this thing.
Isioma [04-19-2004]

megan, greer, south carolina [04-19-2004]

You may want to check you Betsy Ross and the American flag page. It says that she finished the flag the same date she had the meeting with Washington, Morris, and Ross.
anonymous [04-19-2004]

eliza [04-19-2004]

I think Betsy Ross did really think of the idea for the flag. Although I don't know how she had time to do anything with all the kids she had! Betsy Ross was a very busy woman with a very bad love life.
ashley [04-19-2004]

thanks for the information keep up the work
anonymous [04-19-2004]

mariah, new jersey [04-19-2004]

I have visited the Betsy Ross house and found it very interesting. Houses were so small and cramped by today's standards! One question I would like answered - When displayint the US flag and a state flag on the same pole, can the state flag be the same size as the US flag or should it be smaller? Thanks.
Paul, North Augusta, SC [04-19-2004]

jack synoski, hazleton, pa usa [04-19-2004]

anonymous, philadelphia [04-19-2004]

Catherine Dudley [04-19-2004]

The Founding Fathers didn't fight for contraception. They fought for religious freedom,among other rights. It is nausiating how Caluifornia,New York and other states sell out this priceless heretage for laws requiring people to participate in one capacity or other in birth control against their consciences!
Joann Flanagan [04-19-2004]

great web site and tour.
Kelly Amspacher [04-19-2004]

Danielle Rios, New York (ny) [04-19-2004]

We're doing a social Studies report together on Betsy Ross. We were so excited to find an online tour of her house and see all the neat things she did. Thank you for having such a wonderful site! Keep up the good work!
Sarah and Brittany, Louisville [04-19-2004]

no violnt
liz, hggfdsh [04-19-2004]

I'm not do a report i'm just Betsy in a play
miranda [04-19-2004]

I am doing report for english and this website has given me a lot of great info and pictures thanks a lot!
Brittany P., Ohio [04-19-2004]

chelsea gentry, cookeville tn [04-19-2004]

Thanks! This will be a great activity for my ESOL students.
Tonya, Douglas, GA [04-19-2004]

ALLISON ZUMWALT, st. louis mo [04-19-2004]

Laine Aswad [04-19-2004], alabama [04-19-2004]

Why is a fireplace in each room?
Grace, Havertown,PA [04-10-2004]

Melissa, Kirkland, Washington [04-10-2004]

HI my name is Megan Lankford I am in 4 grade and im doing a report on Betsy Ross thank you fore makeing all the wed page and others!
Megan Lankford [04-10-2004]

I think that Betsy Ross' house is nice. I think that it's cool!
EVANGELINA OROZCO, NORWALK California, 90650 [04-08-2004]

doing a reserch paper on flag burning, the argument on wether or not burning should be legal. Having Betsy Ross in my familt tree makes me say it should not be leagal.
kathy st.amand guthrie ROSS, relation to John Ross [04-08-2004]

Betsy Ross had many childern and her 3husbands all died. I love you website but add a little more about Betsy Ross!
Tamara Michalski, alda,ne [04-08-2004]

angel baby, Va 24224 [04-08-2004]

mfrank, Norfolk Va [04-08-2004]

Sarah Maas, 1419 w. Chilton St Chandler Az 85224 [04-08-2004]

I like this website
anonymous, Tulsa, Ok 74104 [04-08-2004]

davisd [04-08-2004]

Thank you so much my daughter is 9 and has an oral report to do on Betsy Ross and this is just what I needed to get the job done.
Mary, St. Albans Vermotn [04-08-2004]

I got this information for my grandaughter. Shre is doing a book report on Betsy Ross. She told me what site the infor- mation was on. She really wanted a picture. I was able to print one. This will really help her with her report. Thanks so much
anonymous [04-08-2004]

I have read a book about Betsy Ross, but your web site gave me more information to finish my report. I am dressing up as Betsy Ross for my report. I liked her picture. Thank you for your help. Kayla Age 9, 3rd grade
Kayla, Tulsa, OK [04-08-2004]

thanks my homie doggy dog
becca long, gallia ohio [04-08-2004]

hey thamks for making out flag its great i love it and i love all the colors so thank u for taking time to make the u.s.a so pretty.
ASHLEY MCcABE, gallia,ohio [04-08-2004]

you are so pretty! i have you as a famous pa! love morgan
morgan wendt, selinsgrove [04-08-2004]

hey tis is aight ..its fr my socal studies homework..
cara, msab ams [04-08-2004]

Betsy Ross you are talented and made a diffrence.
Sara, California [04-08-2004]

anonymous, Florida, USA [04-08-2004]

I really love this web page.It helped me a lot on a report i had to do for school.I really never thought much about Betsy Ross,but now I want to know more!
Shawna Lowe [04-08-2004]

hello, Do you have a famous saying said by betsy ross. I am doing a social studies report and i need a famous quote or saying said by someone about her. thanks kerri
Kerri, New York [04-08-2004]

amanda [04-08-2004]

dearpeople of the world i welcome youto see my name and how i live. welli'm 6 years old and i live in Mississippi. deal withit. i know i'm cool and your adork but i can live with that. i have to go people
lily spears, america [04-07-2004]

tinisha black [04-07-2004]

Zach Harris [04-07-2004]

whats sup? [04-07-2004]

hello my name is kathryn young and i am doing a report on the usa history of government! it is SOOO boring! i hate it i want to scream oh well, i want an A++++++++++++++++++++++++ gotta fly!
kathryn young [04-07-2004]

hi betsy ross
rachael, bridgewater [04-05-2004]

how much money did betsy earn for making the american flag
anonymous [04-03-2004]

it was a very good website
oldirt [04-03-2004]

This site gave me a lot of info for my report on Betsy ross
Dani, Las Angeles CA [04-03-2004]

thx thx thx thx
Super Hairy Thing, Hairy Man,CA [04-03-2004]

darek, poland [04-03-2004]

jc [04-03-2004]

I really like this history about Betsy Ross
Raven Rose, Lovingston Va [04-03-2004]

Lance [04-03-2004]

Daniel [04-03-2004]

This sit was good .I liked the virtual tour of the Betsy Ross House.I also loved the pictures of our flag through all of the years .It has changed so very much. But this site wasn't big on the information. Such as when she was born or when she died or what her daughters' names where or what her mothers' name was ect.ect.ect.
Amanda, Sicklerville,New Jersey 08081 [04-03-2004]

hi i am jessica hoo are you
jesssica, maeriand [04-03-2004]

I will like to know where did Betsy Ross sewing took place and how did this event happen?Please send and answer really fast. Thanks for your time.
mayra, United States, Los Angeles [04-03-2004]


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