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Betsy Ross was married in gloucester city. then moved to philladelphia. the tavern she was married in has burnt down now. but the city does have a historical society with tidbits of information. it is amazing where she was raised at.
vic, gloucester city nj [03-31-2004]

Betsy was an amasinng woman and will (should) always be an influance on every woman and girl!
Bailie Johnson, Jax,FL [03-31-2004]

bob [03-31-2004]

your homepage was so helpful in our quest! thank you! love, katie
katie may [03-31-2004]

This is a wonderful website! I'm currently involved in my elementary internship and was desperate to find a social studies lesson plan for my kindergarten students. I found your website via one on lesson plans and I am already planning how to fit all the information into my lesson! I will definitely be passing along this material! Thanks so much!
Angela, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania [03-31-2004]

allison [03-31-2004]

This web site is awesome. I can never find the info. I need for school. Since I found your web site, it won't take as long.
Stephanie, Massachussetts [03-31-2004]

Visit my site http://famillechu/AmericanRevolution.html
Oreo [03-31-2004]

Hi. bye. love kristin
kristin, YorkTown Virginia [03-31-2004]

this is the best website ever. there's so much information on betsy ross and her belonings and life.
hannah hoffmann, tewksbury,ma. 01876 [03-31-2004]

I want to learn about sweden
Justin Fenstermacher, Bloomsburg,PA SWEDEN [03-31-2004]

Thank-you so much! I searched and searched for a website about Betsy Ross, and this one was perfect. Your information is so organized and clear, it only took me thirty minutes to gather all the information I needed for my essay. You got me a B+ on my report! The best grade that I ever got on an essay. Thank-you again, and I hope to hear from you soon!
Jamie, Florida [03-31-2004]

I enjoyed the website it gave a lot of info on What I need for my Three page report on Besty Ross. Thank You, Bianca
Bianca Lowry, San Antonio, Texas [03-31-2004]

can you make more flags.
Andrea Vicky Reyna, clovis california [03-31-2004]

Chelsea, Woodbridge Virginina Arizonia [03-31-2004]

Jessica, Ark. [03-31-2004]

Stacey Byczek [03-31-2004]

Your site is very informative. It has been used for my daughter to receive a Girl Scout Brownie Patch called "Wave the Flag". Thank you.
Keva, Pampa, TX [03-31-2004]

Dear Betsy Ross, Your house is cool! S The dolls were different than the ones I have ever seen.C How long did it take to make the flag? B Was the flag hard to make? A What are the tools that were on the tour, and how do you use them? C Good Tour!
anonymous [03-31-2004]

I have a question about the Flag. What are the acceptable uses for business. Such as I see people and companies selling the image os the flag on stickers and posters all the time. Is this acceptable use and what are the steps one should take to be able to do something like this?
Bill Jones, Washington State [03-31-2004]

valerie stonitsch, montreal mo 65591 [03-31-2004]

Ashley Broxterman, cleves Oh usa [03-28-2004]

i love the amercain flag it is a symbol that we live in united states of america i hope every body agrees with me
ASHLEY .M. GUGGER, beachwood .n.j. [03-28-2004]

I wish I could learn more about history & books about any really neat history .Its so cool I just love it and Im doing this becauseI am doing a history book report for my school,Trinity Chiristen School,and Im only 9 do you guys have any other cool people ? PEASE WRITE ME BACK .Thanks. Kelsey
Kelsey, Lubbock TX [03-28-2004]

Thanks so much you helped me sooooo much on my report and project about Betsy Ross!
anonymous [03-28-2004]

Elizabeth G., philadalphia pencilvana america [03-28-2004]

bella419, 419 [03-28-2004]

United we stand. Divide we fall. They may take our money, family, and lives but they'll never take our freedom. EVERY QUOTE FROM BRAVEHEART.
Joevoneey, Freedom, WI [03-28-2004]

What a fabulous site you have! I visted from the Girl Scouts website, as my Junior Girl Scout troop will be putting on a workshop for Brownie Girl Scouts. There is so much great information that we will surely use to teach all about Betsy Ross and our wonderful flag. Thank you!
Mrs. Wiles, Chula Vista, California [03-28-2004]

bob [03-28-2004]

erin, ness city KS [03-28-2004]

wow man you guys are awsome she is my hero and always will be
sara [03-28-2004]

I am doing a report for school.I am 10 years old.
Kailey Hillebrand, Metropolis,IL [03-28-2004]

i luv the 5-pointed star trick. it is the coolest!
anonymous [03-28-2004]

Betsy, If u could hear or see this i would like u to no that u are more than the best of all.U are the one that made the countrys flag and it just makes me proud that u would do that for preident W.Do u no any other people who made the other flags??(I'm sure u do) Well i just wanted to say i praise u VERY VERY VERY much! Love always and always and always, Katie
Kathleen, Bradford,MA USA 01835 [03-28-2004]

I thought this was cool how Betsy Ross made so many flags in a short amount of time
Brian Shoemaker, Taylorville Illinois USA [3-25-04 [03-28-2004]

sami reinhardt, long iland [03-28-2004]

Abby Taylor, North Salt Lake, Utah [03-28-2004]

Chelsey [03-28-2004]

Good information (Clara, presisa y concisa)
david benitez, Caguas, Puerto Rico [03-28-2004]

anonymous, Mars Hill ME 04758 [03-28-2004]

Thank You This site made it possible for my son to do a school project on Mrs. Ross we all are glad ths site was here
anonymous [03-28-2004]

I want to know About when Betsy Ross When She was Younger preferably a kid doiung a report
anonymous, United States [03-28-2004]

Question: How should the flag be placed in the front of the classroom with the state flag on the other side? Both flags are on staffs mounted on the wall at an angle.
Lynnay Carona, Killeen TX [03-28-2004]

I am going to be Installed as Worthy Matron in Eastern Star, my theam is the Flag and Red white and blue colors. Thanks for your information.
Carolyn Simson, Yuma Arizona [03-28-2004]

I am doing a report on Elizabeth Ross and so far I found out a lot about her. Thanx!
Gabrielle Blanchard, Hartland, Vermont [03-28-2004]

i was here and i wished
anonymous [03-28-2004]

Nicole [03-28-2004]

Elizabeth, texas [03-28-2004]

Harry Doerr, Merchantville, N.J. [03-28-2004]

My mother found a newspaper article. It states my Great-Great grandparents were visited by their Great-Great Aunt Betsy Ross at their home in Hamilton Ohio. This would make me a sixth generation decendent-I guess!
Cindee, Mapke Park, IL USA [03-28-2004]

carlie [03-28-2004]

Lilly, usa [03-28-2004]

I LOVE your sight, I checked all other ones and this one I found everthing!
Tori [03-28-2004]

Marquita Mitchell, memphis tennessee [03-28-2004]

Jessie Payne [03-28-2004]

leland [03-28-2004]

My Grandmothers name was Elizabeth Orena Ross, known as Besty Ross. When her father died and her mother re-married her name became Besty Ross Flagg. She went to elementary school with a boy named George Washington. Just a cute name story. Due to this story I always choose Besty Ross in school to do reports on.
Bonnie Lisama, La Mesa, CA 91942 [03-28-2004]

Kewl site!
Eriiverica Hoberslogian, Lawrencville, Illinois, America [03-28-2004]

Looking up information for my Brownie Girl Scout Troop for a Patriotism Try-It.
Denise Strickland, Galax VA 24333 [03-28-2004]

I have a kid of 8 years old, and we are studing The Flag of America. I found this web page, and it help me a lot to explain him the life and story of Betsy Ross. Thanks for this wonderfull page. Regards. AFIF HANDAL ATTORNEY AT LAW AND NOTARY PUBLIC HONDURAS, CENTRAL AMERICA.
AFIF HANDAL, san pedro sula, honduras, central america [03-28-2004]

I visited Betsy Ross House in 1980 and I was thrilled to see and feel part of History. Most pictures don`t show the Court yard next to the house where Betsy and her Husband are Burried. I HOPE TO GO FOR ANOTHER VISIT with my GRANDSON soon. Herbert H Hice
Herbert H. Hice, Macomb Township, Michigan 48044 [03-28-2004]

Raquel [03-28-2004]

What were the names of Betsy Ross's siblings
anonymous [03-28-2004]

hey wazzup buddy
Quo, texes [03-28-2004]

omg i love ur website.its the best! how did u you get pictures of betsy ross's house??????????????please anwser!my Q love yah bye! kiss kiss, liza
liza, west bridgewater massachuetts [03-28-2004]

hey hey wut up??? i love this site because it helped me get an a+ on an report for my social studies class ! betsy you rock ! wish you were still alive cuz i have so many ?'s for you ! ha ha i am in the 8th grade and it is hard cuz we were learning about you and i didn't really know you so then i came to this site and under stood wut you did and stuff !lol well i 'm gonna bounce so peace ! love always ~amber~ holla back lol
Amber, usa/pa [03-28-2004]

The way I read the flag code only the President or state governor can order the flag to be flown at half-staff. It appears to be pretty common for communities to fly the flag at half-staff when a community leader has died - is this withing the spirit or letter of the code? Although, I am sure they were wonderful people for their communities, flying the flag at half-staff for these people seems to 'cheapen' it for the other reasons we traditionally fly the flag at half-staff.
Jill, Dallas TX [03-28-2004]

Spencer Gray, Grand Rapids, Ohio [03-28-2004]

Hey Y'all! Great web!
Emma Love [03-28-2004]

Cool website! It'll help me with my report. Thanks!
Jenna Anderson, New York [03-28-2004]

can i read it
asdriana, hatflied pa [03-28-2004]

Najiya [03-28-2004]

K-cee, il [03-28-2004]

edward, il [03-28-2004]

kayla, il [03-28-2004]

lionel, il [03-28-2004]

kalin [03-28-2004]

william, il [03-28-2004]

tony [03-28-2004]

ALEX [03-28-2004]

i really think betsy ross took a great part in the history of america. im very happy every one could honer her by having sites like this.
adrianna, illinois [03-28-2004]

ladonna galloway, stoneville nc 27048 [03-21-2004]

Aison Schmitt [03-21-2004]

Thanks. You helped me on my homework a lot.
anonymous [03-21-2004]

Gloria Blackwell [03-21-2004]

This information gave me 5 paragraph's on a biography about Betsy, she rocks! THANKS!
Phyllicia Davis, Northbrook, IL [03-21-2004]

I had to do an report on Betsy Ross and I found a lot of information on her.He has a lot of facts about her.
Samantha, Andover Iowa [03-21-2004]

I just Read a lot of betsey stories I think she is A great Person . I wonder If Betsey was alive how old she would be I hope You can get back to me Chloe
Chloe Clark, W .Haverstraw New York [03-21-2004]

than you for dissing the flag
linda morris [03-21-2004]

Very interesting ! I learned one thing. I am from Iceland and our club Icelandic American Association of South Florida has a licence plate showing my native flag of Iceland and the US flag crossing on two poles. I thought we had it right having the U.S. flag to the right standing in front of the plate. I was wrong, it should be to the right of itself. I am reordering plates, this will now be corrected in respect of ........ both flags.
H. Hjorvar, Fort Lauderdale, Florida [03-21-2004]

So Hyun Youn, Calafornia, Cypress [03-21-2004]

the houes was so nice i will miss betsy ross
lindsay, pa [03-21-2004]

Thank you for the info. I am looking for information of earning the Girl Scout Try-it - waving the flag. I will read a story about the life of Betsy Ross to my troop.
Linette, New Orleans, LA [03-21-2004]

Michelle Havener, Davidson,NC [03-21-2004]

My first grade class is doing reports on symbols of America. I chose Betsy Ross to be my symbol of America. She was a girl and I hope that as a girl I can give something to my country too.
Ashlyn G, Utah [03-21-2004]

I just wanted to show u that i am glad that she did what she did
Jessica, south carolina [03-21-2004]

i love betsy ross!
Iva, New Lexington Perry County Oh. [03-21-2004]

Rebecca Scaccia, usa [03-21-2004]

anonymous [03-21-2004]

i wish that we quit going into war
Kale, 1429 e donnell [03-21-2004]

I need a Picture of Betsy Ross. Is there a website I can go to?
Hayley, Piqua Oh 454356 U.SA [03-21-2004]

I really like this site. It gave me a lot of information for my school project.
Aaron, newington,connecticut [03-21-2004]

I think that the site is really cool! We are learning about the Revalutionary war in class. I go to Canturbury school. Cara s. P.S. can you wright back?
Carqa S., Cape Coral, FL [03-21-2004]

i wish she was still alive now.
kahlahari, new york city [03-21-2004]

anonymous [03-21-2004]

thanks for information on ms.ross
christine. [03-21-2004]

Sydney Bowers, Memphis TN [03-21-2004]

this sight is the best that their is on betsy ross.
XAVIER SAVAGE, thurmen,ohio [03-21-2004]

I am here for a school assignment.. cool website though... well i am outie.. lata...
Bliss [03-21-2004]

hi how are you? me i am just fine i you want to you can e-mail me i am always on-line! Catcha Lata!
Virginia Holton, Big Stone Gap, Va. [03-21-2004]

what was she famous for. and how she affect american history?
Ebyni Hill, indianapolis, IN 46235 [03-21-2004]

what was she famous for. and how she affect american history.
Ebyni Hill, indianapolis, IN 46235 [03-21-2004]

wonderful site--very helpful
Cub Scout pack #29, Tallahassee, FL [03-21-2004]

this site is very cool but it needs some work . it dose not have enough info maby you could add some more info. n-e-way add some more things and pictures and info. -ok- mmmeeegggaaannn
megan, gallipolis oh [03-21-2004]

i really enjoyed your web site. i have always been amazed by how this wonerful lady took time to make a great symbolical flag for this wonderful country,that i am proud to call home. i live for the usa i call it my heaven on earth,before i go to real heaven with god.
VICTOR FULLEM, normalville pa [03-21-2004]

Nedy, Ohio [03-21-2004]

cindi [03-21-2004]

As a descendent of Betsy Ross and John Claypoole, this site had some new information that helped fill in some gaps.
anonymous [03-21-2004]

great really helped me out!
anonymous [03-21-2004]

I needed some pictures for my school project you pictures realy helped!
Kelli [03-21-2004]

I Just seen the tour and it was great . I also seen it on Channel 4 today I was very interested. Thanks Don
Donald L Luckabaugh, Hanover. Pa.USA [03-21-2004]

hey, this is a very good website!
anonymous [03-21-2004]

Penny, kansas [03-21-2004]

amber barker, oak moutain tralier park f-16 big stone gap,virginia [03-21-2004]

Becky Fuller, North Pole, AK [03-21-2004]

The song is published in a book titled, "Junior Song Book", published by the Review and Herald Publishing Association, Washington DC 1931. The book is out of print. (I have a copy)
Betty Barnett, Washington State [03-21-2004]

I am researching Betsy Ross for a paper in my History class. I enjoyed your website, and found it very helpful. Thank you.
Megan Jacobs, Southside,AL [03-21-2004]

Erin Andrus [03-21-2004]

You guys need to have a pictuer of Besty Ross because I am doing a report on Besty and you dont even have a picture og her that I can put on my report.
Destinie Cahtmon, Norfolk,Virginia [03-21-2004]

Thanks Betsy!
Karishia Daugherty, lawrenceville Illinois [03-21-2004]

Please send me some information about Betsy Ross. thank you karen
karen, Wichita Kansas [03-21-2004]

I am in the first grade and an very interested in the making of the flag.....
Mckenzie Crespin, Amarillo, Texas [03-21-2004]

Betsy, you rock!
Rachel Helton, Stattordsville, Ky [03-21-2004]

i love this site dudes!
ross [03-21-2004]

Hi, My name is Kelsey Antcliff and I am doing a essa on the american flag.On the paper I got it says the topic is "Every heart beats true for the red,white,and blue-Old Glory" which means the flag.I was thinking that I should do one on Betsy Ross since she was the one who made the flag.I came to this site to get some info but I really don't know what kind of info I should look for? I have to have 250-300 words in the essa. So do you think I should do one on her whole life or just while she was making the flag? Do you have any suggestions?Please email me back if you do. Thank you, Kelsey Antcliff Age 11
Kelsey Antcliff, Washington USA [03-21-2004]

it so good
kayla, wichita,ks [03-21-2004]

I think this is a really wonderful website. I am an adult helping my child with a school project and found the site by doing a little websurfing. It is very interesting--I also think it shows that Americans, as a whole, are still very much patriotic at heart. Thanks for being out there...and helping us to celebrate the greatest country in the world.
C. Shimick, Germantown, Wisconsin--United States [03-21-2004]

Is is OK to fly your personal flag at half staff after the death of a family member?
Mike Furru, merritt island,fl [03-21-2004]

i am related to her!
Stacey Singleton, New holland pa, 17557 [03-21-2004]

Doing a school project with my 8 year daughter on Betsey Ross.
L. White, Altoona, PA [03-21-2004]

i love the site
Heather Devine, 7315 Handsburry dr Morrisville Pa 19067 [03-21-2004]

MR mankey [03-21-2004]

Hey we are doing a report on the American flag and i thought i might want to stop and see and sign the book well see ya'l bye janae
Janae Housh, Oakland Ne [03-21-2004]

George Washington designed HIS personal flag here in Rhode Island.
Paul J. Marshall, North Kingstown, RI [03-12-2004]

Dominique Gilpin [03-12-2004]

This is a great site!
Bliss, Tulsa, Oklahoma [03-12-2004]

Thans so much for the help! I have to use it when i dress up as her for school!
Kate, Providence RI [03-12-2004]

I will be visiting Philadelphia with my Grandson in June. I thought a little knowledge would not hurt before our trip. I look forward to our visit to the Betsy Ross House along with Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. It has been a long time since my last visit to Philadelphia, at that time I did not visit the Betsy Ross House. Thank you for this site, I enjoyed visiting.
Lorain Goldberg, Beverly Hills, California USA [03-12-2004]

Thanks for the information. I wrote a nice report by reading this.
Ben Haube, Hanover, Maryland, USA [03-12-2004]

Betsy Ross rocks like this site
Jackie, New Jersey [03-12-2004]

i'm doing a book report. we have to dress-up as a famous person and write a 5 paragraph essay,and i picked you!
pokey, Reading,MA [03-12-2004]

Can you tellme where I could find a reproduction of the painting you have posted. I wanted a larger print that I could frame. Thank you
Susan Khalil [03-12-2004]

hey sup i like ya web site lots man but you need more pics.dawg. LATA
kelsey biggs [03-12-2004]

Your site is ok, but I couddln't find everything that I was looking for.
oldestofsixkids [03-12-2004]

this website really help get all the information that i needto do my school report. also i really learn a lot.
linda morris [03-12-2004]

Can I have another picture of Betsy Ross,please?
Cassandra, c.t [03-12-2004]

jacqui [03-12-2004]

I want to make a flag and I need to know what propotions of a flag are the stripes, solid, stars? Thanks
Barbara Baker, Jacksonville, Texas [03-12-2004]

yo yo yo, betsey u rule!
George Campion, China [03-12-2004]

I'm teaching my 4-year old pre-school class about the first flag and Mrs. Betsy Ross. It's great to have pictures and info to go along w/the lessons. Thanks for a very informative site.
Patricia Boccella, Aston, PA [03-12-2004]

hi whats up dude
becca, ness city kansas United states [03-12-2004]

BRITTANY, somerset [03-12-2004]

Hi. I would like to talk to betsy ross. I would really like to know how she thought of it and how she did it.
Poop Head [03-12-2004]

Loved your website on Betsy Ross and the American Flag. It's really helpful when teaching my Girl Scout Brownie troop about our flag. Thanks.
Kathy Krier, Lima, OH USA [03-12-2004]

rebecca, mo sp [03-12-2004]

please send me stuff!
Ronnie DeCosta, Rhode Island [03-12-2004]

Im doing a Biography on Besty Ross and I think this web site is the best source of information I've ever used although it should incloud o time line.
lisa [03-12-2004]

Thank you - I am a grandmother helping my 12 yr old grandson complete his homework and learn about the meaning of the colors of our flag. This site is constructed so that we both have understood and learned.
Joanne Robbins, Reynolds, Ga 31076 [03-12-2004]

i would just like to say that she is a wonderful person and i would also like to say that i ahve to pick a women in history beacuse i have to right about that person an read it out loud for my social studies home work an i just glad i picked her an i hope i give a lot of information about to to get an A+ will thank betsy your the best est person towrite about an i hope u have great butiful dreams up there good luck to you and i hope you are the one to picke for this prject your my second one that i picked an i hope your the one an only well thank you betsy a lot i just have to say this YOUR THE BESTEST WOMEN IN BLACK HIS TORY EVER ! THANK YOU SO MUCH YOUR FRIEND LINDSAY PS. BYE
lindsay may mooney, city Croydon, state P.A. [03-12-2004]

I'm a fan of Betsy Ross! She is very well at sewing the very first american FLAG!
Jennifer Tinsley, Indianapolis,IN USA [03-12-2004]

Hey I like how your story gose
Miranda Twombly, Holton Kansas 66436 KS [03-12-2004]

I have not visited the house but looking at all the pictures interest me very much so maybe on day if al goes well I will go visit her big house
Maria, Ukiah 15 [03-12-2004]

I love this website! Ii wish I were a famous person like you Betsy! You go girl!
Hailey Gatzemeyer, Jefferson, SD [03-12-2004]

This site is awsome
Annie Minder, Wilmot, SD [03-12-2004]

Our flag is our freedom it stands real tall don't bring it down just sullute it at all
Jillian Gamboa, ca [03-12-2004]

this is a good history site for childrin
steven rex [03-12-2004]

Did you really make the flag ?
Halo, ca [03-09-2004]

I love your homepage. You are very interesting.You make my interest go high.
Destini Yanetta, cleveland ohio [03-09-2004]

trying to find Lauri & Peter Harwood in Lowell Mi
jozias leijs, Naarden, the netherlands [03-09-2004]

I am in eighth grade and i used this website as a source for a paper on an american figure. I found this sight to be very helpful it had all the information i needed and i got the paper done in less than an hour which is a big thing for me! thank you so much whoever made this webpage
Jonathan Clark, Edina, MO [03-09-2004]

I was really grateful to get so much information for my project about Betsy Ross. I am in fourth grade, and I actually had fun learning ! Thank you to everyone out there . Emma Banach
Emma Banach, 119 Suburban Court West Seneca, New York USA [03-09-2004]

This site rule, Betsy Ross was a good woman and did lots to our country.
Strawberries [03-09-2004]

But for one letter, my name would be the same! My mother read us a book about her when I was a child. It had silloettes(not sure how to spell it) for pictures. My name was Boehm, then. I would like to find out how to make the star in one snip. Betsy
Betsy Coss, Cleveland [03-09-2004]

We all cherish the American Flag!
Melanie, York, PA [03-09-2004]

What is up! I like this page. Got to Go! Bye!
Justyna [03-09-2004]

I LOVE U BETSY ROSS AND MY REAL NAME IS TERYN TAYLOR THOMAS AND I WISH U WERE STILL ALIVE SO I COULD IVE U A BIG OL HONKIN HUG! man u kno that is really aweosme that you have three husband bcuz if you didnt you wouldnt be as cool as you are now~! i hope i get to have a awsome life like you did ok well i gotta go kno so have a wonderful dya and thank you bunches for your help and honor for the flag love you lots betsy BUH BYE
Sour jelly belly, Soap Lake wahsington [03-09-2004]

i could not find very much for my report
lauren, mech virginia [03-09-2004]

Thank you for this virtual tour. We will see the Betsy Ross House next trip to Philadelphia!
Lynne Stires, Monmouth Junction, NJ [03-09-2004]

Jazz, NS Canada [03-09-2004]

This website really helps.Take a virtual tour
red headed godess [03-09-2004]

hey u need more information
forest, afica [03-07-2004]

your page has helped me a lot to collect information about Betsy and the history of the US flag.I`m writing a huge text about The USA for school.I love your country,my uncle lives there and I`m dreaming about living there in future,too.So,thanks a lot and keep on moving! :-)
aline, ferndorf,germany [03-07-2004]

Thanks for keeping our flag alive! So many people today don't know or understand the roots of the flag and the pledge! Prayerfully, we will be able to preserve the flag and its meaning.
Gregory, Warwick, RI [03-07-2004]

I love this site! It really helped me on my socil studies project! Rock On ya'll! outie!
J-J [03-07-2004]

The site really awesome that is why my mom has it under her favorites. After this I wantto become famous just like her and have a virtural tour of my house.One thing I have always wanted is my very own home page with a website.I want every one to know my name forever just like Betsy Ross.This site helped with a biography project is hard already and this just made it easier a lot.Plus I got this of a trackstar number.
Courtney canute, Comstock Park, Michigan [03-07-2004]

This was a very useful website for my school project.I will definitly include you in my bibliography.Lots of interesting facts ! thanx! meghan
meghan, wilbraham mass [03-07-2004]

can you give me information about you live When you were born Where do you live are you still alive what are your major accomplishments Why did you make the flag and all this
nancy, evens Greely [03-07-2004]

Hi Betsy I'm reserching you for my 5th grade Womens History Project I really fond her intresting.
anonymous, IL Chicago [03-07-2004]

This site is great! i love that you can do a tour of Betsys house! Well i am going to go now, but thanks for making this w ebsite!
Laura, Birmingham, AL [03-07-2004]

hi this is for a 5th Grade poject.
nayaly, il [03-07-2004]

thank you for the picture of betsy ross! it really mad our project good!
project~gals [03-07-2004]

Hello from Troop 694
Kristy, New Mexico [03-07-2004]

Very Interesting------Thanks
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I am doing a report on Betsy's house. I hope this sight will help! Can it,anyway?????
Madeline I. [03-07-2004]

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C.J., bastrop LA [03-07-2004]

hello, i love this site it gives em a lot of information about Elizabeth(Betsy) but i would like to see more... more pictures more information particularly the information i wish to know. good bye.
Baby C [03-07-2004]

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Countrychic1415 [03-04-2004]

this is for a 5th grade project. I'm sort of confused.
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hi i have read stuff on betsy..he life was depressing. i feel so sorry for her
tipsy tooto, richland, washington [03-04-2004]

I like this site. Signed, A Kindergarten Teacher
anonymous [03-04-2004]

Im very glad you have made this webpage. It has helped me through out many diffrent school projects. I am in 9th grade and I am choosing Betsy Ross as my American hero! she has doing MANY things that i am go grateful for her and what she has done for this country! thank you!
Allyson [03-04-2004]

Thank you for your web site. I'm in 4th grade. I used information for my school project!
Laura, Buffalo New York [03-04-2004]

sarah, MInesota, woodbury, usa [03-04-2004]

I am doing a project at school about a famous person and I piked Betsy Ross .I was woundering if you could help me with the information. I have to memerize it to.
anonymous [03-04-2004]

I am in 5th grade and had to write an original story about the American flag... I didn't know what I could write that wasn't already written, so I came up with a Tall Tale. I think I did a good job and should get my grade by the end of the week. I liked your web site and so did my Mom. She had fun making a five pointed star in one snip!
Lilianne [03-04-2004]

It was a great website. I used this website for a repot about Betsy Ross. Thanks for a great website to get information.
Brentney Maroney, Oklahoma [03-04-2004]

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This website has helped me with my reasearch report on Betsy. At first, Betsy Ross seemed like a normal,boring,and not very interesting kind of person.When I get my grade, I`ll see if this is my kind of website. I hope my model looks as good as my report. * thanx 4 ur website!*
Karen Y. Trejo, Garden Grove, CA [03-02-2004]

Please try to include more imformation about the house, not Betsy Ross!
anonymous [03-02-2004]

cool site
Adrienne, Spokane, WA [03-02-2004]

thanks for all the wonderfull info on betsy ross. it really helped me on my report thanks again, ashlyn sportato, age 9
ashlyn sportato, thousand oaks, ca u.s.a. [03-02-2004]

I'm doing an ABC Book of the American Revolutionary War. For R I'm doing Betsy Ross. This web page has very valubale information and helped me a lot! Thankyou!
anonymous [03-02-2004]

shawna stanford [03-02-2004]

Betsy Ross is my distant relative, and I need a headshot pic. of her for my class project.11th grade
walter king, Las Veagas, NV [03-02-2004]

I really love Betsy Ross and how she maneged her life
Tracey Thompson, Paden City WV 26159 [03-02-2004]

this web site is great it helped me a lot with my progect
melinda ortiz- perez, phila.PA [03-02-2004]

Betsy Ross Is really liek my Great, Great, Great, Great, Great,Aunt or so! We went ot Philadelphia about 3 years ago to see her house and the Church she went to. It was really Super Cool! Seeing where she lived and stuff really helped History come alive more in my life. She is my Great ( to the 5th power or so..) Aunt on my Granpa's side. pretty cool eh?
Joncianne, Great Falls, Montana [03-02-2004]

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shanelle herman, 12rd 6574 kritland nm 87417 [03-02-2004]

I was doing a project on Betsy Ross and this is a great place to retain information about her and her life. I loved looking at her house and learning more about her past. Thank you so much for helping me finish my project! Much Thanks, Unknown
Notknown, Haker Heights Texas [03-02-2004]

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Thanks for being here! I used this site to make up activities for my Brownies to complete their "Wave the Flag" Try-It. Chock full of info!
Kate, Brownie Troop 1689, Frederick, MD, USA [03-02-2004]

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I had to do a report on Betsy Ross for social studies and this page gave me tons and tons on info! Me and my friend Julie were like WOAH MAN this page rocks!(laugh laugh) love Kelcie
Kelcie, Westport MA [03-02-2004]

doin' a book report read a book and get great pictures!
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i enjoy learning new things about history and my past every day. so far this web site has helped me recieve a 100 on my research paper. 5th grade
sarah butler [03-02-2004]

There is a flag pole at a marina with a gaff on it. I have been told that the US flag should be flown from the gaff and not from the top of the pole. If this is true could you please send me the supporting documentation as I have not been able to find any. I was under the impression the US flag should be uppermost and the State flag on the gaff. Please help! Ian
Ian Bates, Hampton Virginia [03-02-2004]

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You proably did not want Betsy Ross to die but she was a good person.
Kelly, sacramento [03-02-2004]

I'm having a devil of a time finding any information on if it's okay to have a flag tattoo. I know it's not supposed to be "worn," but I'm wanting just a small (quarter-sized) one of the Bennington flag (I'm a bicentennial kid). My understanding of the "no wearing" rule means the flag itself (the one hanging from poles and halyards) shouldn't be used for clothes. Help me out?
L'Ete, Oak Ridge, TN [03-02-2004]

thanks 4 making this site because it really helps me on my betsy ross report
BRITTANY, us [03-02-2004]

Thank you for actually having a webpage on Betsy Ross. I learnde a lot that I haven't already found out. Also where and when and to whom was she born??
Ziggy, Alpha, Riverton [03-02-2004]

I liked your website but you should have what the flag actually means and why it is important to our country.
Anna [03-02-2004]

i just wanted to say hi!1 i am in school right now! just got done with my science midterm..
Jenna Brockhum, Gloversville New York [03-02-2004]

I'm doing an sa on her++++
caitlin, camp hill pa usa 17011 [03-02-2004]

This was a great web site! My six year old son wanted to know about what the stars and stripes stand for, this web site gave him the answeres he was looking for and he took the 5-point star page to school to share with the class.
Angela, McArthur California [03-02-2004]

My Father's sisters (my aunts) tell me that they are related to Betsy Ross. They say she is a Aunt 5 times removed ? My Grandmother was a Ross. Her name was Lulu Ross Stillings. She lived with my Grandfather George Stillings in Underwood North Dakota. Interesting huh.
Becky Duncan [03-02-2004]

question? i'am knitting a blanket. it is the american flag. BUT all the flags i have seen have a white stripe under the blue. mine has a red. is that acceptable or should i tear it apart? Can i put any star formation on it that i want? And once i got it done would it be considered a U.S. flag? please help! thanks william
william, tennessee [02-25-2004]

Did you mean to make the flag. YES OR NO
Alexis, IN South Bend [02-25-2004]

Jasmin, Harker Heights,Texas, US [02-25-2004]

Thank you very much for your site. I really enjoyed it. I have just visited the Betsy Ross house in Philly, but learned so much more here (although the real thing is good, too). I am a "guest teacher" in my child's second grade class and I've made up a great lecture this week for our topic of heroes/America/citizenship--mostly using materials from your site. I'm going to tell them kids that I'm making them vexiollogists. One tip--you should look at the directions for cutting a 5 point star in the book "Betsy Ross" by Alexandra Wallner. I was able to follow her directions the third time (I've tried yours several times and have yet to make it work.) The tip I learned from your pattern is to fold the paper in half a second time to assist with lining up the points. Also, looking over the comments you have from other readers of your page, perhaps you should include a suggested reading list (broken down by age). Thanks again. Patty Smith
Patty Smith, San Juan Capistrano CA [02-25-2004]

how she died
anonymous [02-25-2004]

I visited our wonderful Philidelphia with all of it's historical past and felt as if I could have been transported back in time. Our family could just feel the pride of our great country. Thank you.
Sandy Dodson, Buffalo, New York [02-25-2004]

thank u for showing this website i did enjoy it a lot
Roxy Brooke, Maryland [02-25-2004]

This site helped us with the work we are doing for our American Patriotism Intrest Project Award. Thank You for this great sight
Girl Scout Troop 320, Burton, Michigan [02-25-2004]

looking for a pattern or tips on sewing a mop hat and maybe an apron for a betsy ross costume for someone creatively challanged. thanks
debbie, michigan [02-25-2004]

jORDAN. [02-25-2004]

I am doing a report for school on Betsy Ross
Elizabeth Arellano, La Puente Ca [02-25-2004]

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Lyndsey [02-25-2004]

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Ryan, Kearney NE [02-25-2004]

were was besty ross born and when was she born
tracy ann shirley, margate [02-25-2004]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross. But I don't really think theres any info for her contributions to the revolutionary war...
anonymous [02-25-2004]

I really liked this website it helped me a lot but I really need recipes that Betsy Ross liked if you could post it that would help. Thank you
anonymous [02-25-2004]

I absolutley loved your website!:)(:! Keep up the good work!:)(:! Sincerly, Rachel Elizabeth Dudle (Age 10)
Rachel Elizabeth Dudle, 3481 Sunrise Lake, Milford, Pennsylvania, 18337 [02-25-2004]

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This info was so helpful. i just wanted 2 thank u 4 posting it on da web! please post more important women involved in da american rev. thanks so much justine
anonymous [02-24-2004]

I would like to say thank you for keeping the traditions alive for Betsy Ross. She would have loved it. I would also like to say that it was a great honor to be able to read about the first woman to make the flag for the United States of America.
Candace Boaz, Coffee City, Texas The United States of America [02-24-2004]

mickey [02-24-2004]

your site is very much help for my history project
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Jhansi, Glastonbury, CT USA [02-24-2004]

Used information from your site to help my niece with an oral report.
Casandra Goodwill, Rayne, Louisiana [02-24-2004]

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Bob, Bob [02-24-2004]

Used information here to work on my Junior Aide badge for girl scouts. Created a lesson plan to teach Brownie scouts about the flag. Thanks for a great site with lots of information.
Shannen, Hagerstown, Maryland, USA [02-22-2004]

did she have any brothers or sisters
dc, jnfgt [02-22-2004]

your webb site is perfect for my report. thank you for making it.
mackenzie cornell, germantown,md [02-22-2004]

Just reading your article on Betsy Ross.When I was in fifth grade I played Betsy Ross in a play about the flag,that was back in the late fifties or early sixties.Thank you for letting me share that with you.
Rose Fox(maiden Bryant), Knoxville,Tenn [02-22-2004]

Great Site! It was very useful because I had to write an essay about the flag.
Erin, Pittsburgh [02-22-2004]

Found this site for a history report.
Chuck Hammack, Colorado [02-21-2004]

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Rachelle [02-20-2004]

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Oriana, Honolulu, HI [02-20-2004]

Oriana [02-20-2004]

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I am learning about the first Flag and Betsy Ross. I am doing a report due on my 9th Birthday March 1. Thank you for all the good information
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anonymous [02-20-2004]

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thanks the info. you have on here helped me a lot with my work!
Oriana, Honolulu,HI [02-18-2004]

if a person is bleeding, and all you have at the moment is a flag, can you use it to save the persons life.
Craig, Ohio [02-18-2004]

Betsy Ross is cool
Kaitlynn, Clinton, IN [02-18-2004]

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Breanna Matson, Hayti, SD [02-18-2004]

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alejandra, Del Rio, Texas [02-18-2004]

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ashley [02-18-2004]

I am a ScoutMaster of Troop 55. I wanted to put together a good presentation on Flag Ettiquet that the boys could put on. Your web site is very thorough on the subject. it was a great help, as I was prepared to spend Hours pulling this stuff together. Thanks and keep up the great work Bob
Robert M Gibler II, Lawrence, Kansas [02-18-2004]

As a teacher of U.S. History the Betsy Ross Homepage has been very helpful in communicating to our young people our heritage and history. Thank you very much for perserving a true picture of our U.S. history.
Rev. Lonnie W. Barnes, Mooresville, North Carolina [02-18-2004]

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Brian, Pueblo,Colorado [02-18-2004]

I loved to see Betsy Ross's home in the tour. I hope I get to Philadelphia to see the real thing.
Andrew Germann, Islip, New York [02-17-2004]

i think that this is a great site. i like it a lot... i hope that you keep up this great work
David England [02-17-2004]

I really enjoyed this information on Betsy Ross, I had forgotten over the years. Thank you.
Patricia Dickow, San Diego,CA [02-17-2004]

We looked up Betsy Ross on here to get some information for a presentation and a Poster. Thank you for the information.
Steffanie Hannah, Muncie, IN United States [02-17-2004]

betsy ross is so interesting, and this site really helped me with my biography project. (i had to create a scrapbook "made by betsy")
Ayla Gaudreau, Newark,De [02-17-2004]

Ayla Gaudreau [02-17-2004]

im doing a project on her in history. this is the main person i wanted 2 do, because she is very known in the world, good at sewing, and she made our first american flag. i really admire her. i would like 2 learn more about her.
ARIEL [02-17-2004]

How old was she when she died
Katelyn timmons, wichita K.s [02-17-2004]

Amber is doing a school report on Betsy Ross
Amber Rohde and Shelly Henderson, Minneapolis MN [02-17-2004]

anonymous [02-17-2004]

it is a very good thind 2 do for the usa thats all 4 now
marksalviola, trinidad [02-17-2004]

kathy and Isabel Raymundo, lima, ohio [02-17-2004]

could you please tell me who designed our current flag: placement of the 51 stars, & how to get in contact wiwth him, thanks, joan locklear clinton valley lions club
JOAN LOCKLEAR, clinton twp., michigan [02-17-2004]

JOAN [02-17-2004]

I am really interested in Betsy Ross because she proved thats black also women can make history.
Jordyn Lindsey, Nebraska USA [02-17-2004]

hi i an doing a report on you.
anonymous, W.Warwick R.I USA [02-17-2004]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross in my 1st grade class. Thank you for your help!
Katie, Purcellville, VA [02-17-2004]

i'm learning about besty ross at school. i have to do a project on her. i really don't now what to dress up as her in? want to make a good grade alexis
alexis, texas [02-15-2004]

Thank you for asking me to sign in... Just a GREAT SITE.. Very informative and moving... Thanks Again .. A read for ALL AMERICANS... All the Best.. Regards,, Lee>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> USAF 1952-1956
lee koukes, haymarket, Virginia [02-15-2004]

alma Hix, Mason City, Iowa, US [02-15-2004]

I am researching Betsy Ross for my 2nd grade daughter's History Project. I really appreciated the coloring page of her flag.
Julie, Raleigh, NC [02-15-2004]

I think this is one of the best web sites on the flag.
Andi Lambert, Leipsic,Ohio [02-15-2004]

That was great!
Hannah Sharp, Alabama [02-15-2004]

i agree that *ashley* has no common sense becuz like someone said what have YOU done to help america!and if Betsy didnt make the flag then who did???huh?answer that *ashley*.i think that you are the fake! P.S. i am verry proud of Betsy this is the second time i have done Betsy as a report so i know a lot about her.I LOVE YOU BETSY!
k****, lehigh acres, FL [02-15-2004]

Very informative site, very well laid out. I am in the Citrus Heights Lions Club . I am also the Flag day Chairperson for our Dist. as well as for our club. will be doing a Flag day presentation at a local school for 1st thru 6th grade classes. approx 500 students. will be using info found here in my presentation
Randy Rogers, Citrus Heights Ca. [02-15-2004]

thank you for the tour of betsy's house
anonymous [02-15-2004]

Hello how are you?
Jhansi, Glastonbury, CT USA [02-15-2004]

besty ross rules!
krystle, michign [02-14-2004]

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Love it although I like more pictures. Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!
Kate Bailey [02-14-2004]

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Annalisa espinoza [02-14-2004]

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Audrey Huff, 1100 west Haynie #712 Llano TX US [02-14-2004]

anonymous, Miami [02-14-2004]

Julie Atkinson, Columbiaville, Michigan [02-14-2004]

Did you know that pickels are green and that cats are noisy
james Issac Newton, I don't remmember [02-12-2004]

It was a pleasure to visit the Betsy Ross Web page. We are writing a report for our class on a famous woman in history. I chose to learn about Betsy Ross. Thank you for all of your helpful information. Thank You, Jackie 3rd grader
Jackie, Staten Island, New York [02-12-2004]

I am a a 6th grade teacher and found a copy of the 5point star in one snip. The website address was located atthe bottom ofthe page and that is how I found you. I reviewed the history of the flags and will be using it for my history class. We are currently studying USHistory/George Washington. I plan to use the diffent flags as a timeline to assist the students in transitioning from 1775 to 1790. Thank you for having this site available. We will use the Betsy Ross 5-point as an art project and display for Open House in March. Thanks again....
Mrs. Regina Manning, Riverside, Ca, USA [02-12-2004]

I'm really proud of Betsy!
Emily Ji [02-11-2004]

Love YU! Betsy
Catherine Sequeira, Mount Vernon, New York [02-11-2004]

I very much enjoyed the tour of the Betsy Ross Home. Also, the information was excellent about her & her life. My son just did a report on famous women for school & decided to do Betsy Ross & we're so glad that we chose her! What a great story of how our first flag was "born!" God Bless America & Betsy Ross, too! P.S. How dare "Ashley" say that Betsy never made the flag & that she's a fake! What have YOU done "Ashley" that makes you so wonderful? Saying what you said "Ashley" really makes me wonder if you trust in America. HOW DARE YOU!
********, Wisconsin, USA [02-11-2004]

Betsy ross is one of my ancestor's and my daughter want's to look into her family history so that is why i'm on this site
DENA GAMLIN, belvidere, illinois usa [02-11-2004]

Hey I am 16 and I enjoyed researching you're website,it gave me a lot of information that I needed for school.
Jordan Trosclair, Gonzales,La. [02-11-2004]

anonymous, sanford NC [02-11-2004]

Casey Lewis, Harrodsburg,Kentucky [02-11-2004]

We are having 2 do a report one someone, and dress up as them and I pick u 2 write about . I think u will be a person 2 do . Your Friend, Megan M. glidewell
Megan GLIdewell, Corinth,MS USA [02-11-2004]

Thanks I like your websight
Ashley [02-11-2004]

yo this is holly my class in school is doing the american revoloution and u are in it
anonymous [02-11-2004]

I had to do an english and a reading report on Betsy Ross, and this web site really helped out. I learned a lot about Betsy, and about her life. This site came in handy!
Lindsey, Katy, TX, U. S. A [02-11-2004]

just wanted to say HELLO
Jenna Brockhum, Gloversville N.Y. USA [02-11-2004]

i really like this site because it helps me out a lot i think mabe it might help other people mor than me because i have to be besty ross 4 a project and i like her
nancy [02-11-2004]

Betsy Ross is an amazing lady!
Kristina, California [02-09-2004]

Betsy Ross, Is cool because she sewed the first American Flag. P.S. That's why I'm doing a report on her.
Sydney, Indiana [02-09-2004]

Thanks, I used this for a school project
Maddie, Virginia Beach [02-09-2004]

We are blessed to live in a country of freedom and liberty. We need to strengthen these principles where ever we go and whatever we do as students, workers, parents, members of church. The ethical foundations created by the acquaintences of Ms. Ross call out for active participation in making sure that freedom and liberty remain hallmarks of the American way of life. May you we happy in life and find personal contentment. God Bless America. Dr. Edwin Goldberg NYC
Interfaith Clergyman Edwin Goldberg, New York City [02-09-2004]

Emily, mn [02-09-2004]

I am so happy to see Betes Ross and her flag.
Marien, Fairfax .va [02-09-2004]

Jessica [02-09-2004]

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jonathan stewart [02-09-2004]

HImy name is Caroline Martin and I think it is so coolto look at al of Bestys thing and her house i sso cool .
Caroline Martin, Hoopeston IL [02-09-2004]

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erica, pottstown pa [02-09-2004]

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MEGA MGBADA, linz, austria [02-08-2004]

Oh how I love Jesus and our country that He gave to us. Thank you Jesus
Kevin Lee Randolph, Poway, CA [02-08-2004]

Your website helped us out. Everything was very interesting. Thank you.
Lisa and Nicole Estrada, Hacienda Heights, CA [02-08-2004]

BRITNEY JOHNSON, crestline oh [02-08-2004]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross and I wanted to look up some stuff on her and she was pretty cool and I just wanted to say that!I wish I lived back in her time g2g byebye Betsy Ross R.I.P to u forever!
Brandy Still, New Lebanon Ohio [02-08-2004]

Shes a fake! she never made the flag!
Ashley [02-08-2004]

Ilove Betsy Ross.
lindsey, american [02-08-2004]

hey i love this site its great
faith, USA louisiana [02-08-2004]

We loved the tour of the house and this web site is really great. We love history and esp that of the Revolutionary War period. This will help my daughter Caitlin with earning the Wave the Flag Try-It for Brownies, thank you! Some day we hope to physically visit Philadelphia and all of it's history!
Jacqueline J. Pendleton, New Braunfels, Texas 78130 [02-08-2004]

I wish i lived back when Betsy Ross was alive. I saw hjer house before on a feild trip.well gtg bye!
Rebecca Peiffer, Lebanon Pa [02-07-2004]

I have alway look up to ms ross because what she did for our country. she is someone that our young chilren should look up to. to me she is a role model and a great lady.
Debbie Thompson, Lebanon, Tn [02-07-2004]

I need a quote said by Betsy Ross for a Project that i'm doing please e-mail me back soon.
anonymous [02-07-2004]

katelyn, salen va [02-07-2004]

Briston [02-07-2004]

hey this is a really good site and it helped me out a whole lot! i have to study betsy ross for a school project and your site helped me out a ton! thanks -shan-
shannon, united states of america [02-07-2004]

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Sheila Marion Laurence [02-07-2004]

Hi I am a 5th grade student I go to school at Westwood Charter! We are learing about the American Revolution War
Stephanie [02-07-2004]

this is a good site
ainsley [02-07-2004]

PEG ODENWALDER, dickinson, texas [02-07-2004]

what was she like was she nice
taylor vigil, mora n.m [02-07-2004]

i wish that you put more info about her and more stuff.
kristy vigil, mora nm [02-07-2004]

Great site
Jamie [02-07-2004]

I was using the history of the US Flag in a journal prompt for our class. What the flag means to US and what it means to each student.
Debbie Stadden, Coos Bay, OR 97420 [02-07-2004]

This sounds like a Cool website!
Taylor [02-07-2004]

I chose to write a report on Betsy Ross so I'm here to look up some info! Thanks!
Maddie, Crestline [02-07-2004]

I did a report on Betsy Ross and this website helped me a lot.
--------------------------------------------, California [02-07-2004]

you really should put pictures of betsy ross on the web page
tomi-lyn lovelace, madison,ms [02-07-2004]

Mercedes [02-07-2004]

I need a picture of Betsy Ross for my book reports.The day the first flag was made is my birthday.June 14,1994.
Stephanie Listner, New York [02-07-2004]

Thankz Bestsy!
anonymous [02-07-2004]

hey i was doing a report on her bye
victoria guy, madison ms 39157 us [02-07-2004]

I like the site. Can I find out infomation about another person?
Kelly, Topeka, KS [02-07-2004]

From Daniel (student) and Valerie (mom and teacher): From Valerie: We were so thrilled to find your site on the internet. Our textbook only gave us two paragraphs on Betsy Ross (during our study of the American Revolution) and the concern over the validity of her work. Using your site and reading it thoroughly, we are convinced that this meeting did take place and her right to historial records should be attained once and for all. We genuinely enjoyed "Betsy Ross and the American Flag" the virtual tour, and the Flag Gallery. They were great assets to our class today. Daniel's face was "lit up" through the visits to all areas of the site. Thank you so much. Homeschooling can be so very enlightening and fun because of the availability of sites such as yours! Daniel: I was so very excited to see the Flag Gallery and tour of Mrs. Ross' home. It helped a lot to further understand my studies in American History. Thank you very much for all the work you put into this website. God Bless.
EASE Homeschool, Blythewood, South Carolina [02-07-2004]

I want to KISS you!
Tamara, ghkujl hg [02-07-2004]

joyce, ny [02-07-2004]

phillip pollard, danville [02-07-2004]

Thanks for the great info. My Brownie Girl Scouts are working on a badge. This site helped out a lot!
Renee, Slidell, Louisiana [02-07-2004]

I am here to tell you that I am doing a report on besty ross I think she is very famous to many people all over the world well I hope you can mail me or write.
dashia queen, 302b federal circle Thibodaux,LA 70301 [02-07-2004]

Dear Sirs: More troubling than the Janet Jackson "incident" this past Sunday was the perceived disrespect shown to the US FLAG by halftime performer KID ROCK. I believe that he wore an actual flag, and that he flung it off to someone during his song. If I viewed it correctly, those actions would be in violation of the Flag Rules and Regulations that you publish (Sec. 4 d&j).
Tom, Washington DC [02-07-2004]

Thank you for your information. I am directing HELLO DOLLY, and "Betsy Ross's Flag" is mentioned. I knew nothing of her story. I have learned all about it from your website. Thanks again.
John Richardson, Cardiff, Capital city Of Wales [02-07-2004]

beverly Tipton, Caruthersville, MO [02-03-2004]

I think Betsy Ross is a great part of our country because she made the first flag. That can mean a lot to a person who cares about our country and respects the american culture!
marissa, Texas [02-03-2004]

I think that Betsy Ross was the first woman American hero.I,ve always looked up to her.She really lived up to the American dream this is a great site for information about her!
amada ramsey, fayetteville,west virginia [02-03-2004]

i thought it was very interesting that a woman has done something first than a man. i like the fact that she's a part of history. i just love the fact that a woman has finally done something a man could not do, even if he tried. way to go!
Valerie, El Paso, TX [02-03-2004]

Tiffany McHan [02-03-2004]

great women!
Katie Giwa-Osagie, Virginia [02-03-2004]

Betsy is a wonderful person
2 cuite for U [02-03-2004]

How many children did Betsy Ross have all to gether .How many huspands did Betsy Ross have.May you send me some picturs of Betsy Ross.Did Dr.Franklen realy say,"The Liberty Bell is your twin Betsy."
Tiffany McHan, Houston,Tx 77013 [02-03-2004]

I visited this website as I had been told today that Betsy Ross was the mother of John Ross, Cherokee Chief. This did not agree with my information as I am related to that John Ross. I'm still confused.
Colleen Naqshbandi, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada [02-03-2004]

I was trying to find some information or background on a copy I have of a print of Betsy Ross, the flag and George Washington.(Famous picture) Actually it is something that was presented to someone in 1902 in Philadelphia PA, from an historical group. It is entitled "Birth of our nations flag". It has a stamp of somekind in the corner. Hard to make out the signature.....Aliah F. Cole ???.......Not in such great condition, just curious on its background...........
Lisa Mulzoff [02-02-2004]

Elvena Dobbs, Carson CA [02-02-2004]

melissa, Santa Rosa CA [02-02-2004]

I am looking for a pattern to make a costume for my granddaughter, she is giving a book report on Betsy Ross. Thank You
Nancy Chenevert [02-02-2004]

anonymous [02-02-2004]

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erin, ohio [02-01-2004]

hello, i love this sight. i needed info about betsy ross and got it all here! keep up the good work. i will tell all of my friends about this sight.
anonymous [02-01-2004]

I have a certificate dated 1899 that has the name of a relative of mine as well as a signature of John Quincy Adams. How is this possible as President Adams died in 1848?
Gloria Gellman [02-01-2004]

I'm hoping to find out the meaning of the five-pointed star, and more precisely the meaning of each point. I know that the old $20 gold piece had liberty on its back side with the staff of life in her right hand (King Solomon refers to it as "long life" ) and branches and bolts in her left hand (King Solomon refers to them as "riches and honor). I also know that the serpent is on her staff as a symbol of wisdom to watch her footsteps (the serpent is the symbol of the tree of knowledge in the Garden of Eden). And the other symbol of wisdom is the eagle to watch over her while walking thru life, and of course he is on the other side of the gold piece. Personally, I think the five-pointed star is taken from the old tradition for "reality" of using one point of the star for each of the five senses, and then using the Hebrew star which represents wisdom on the sixth point, but instead our people moved wisdom from George Washington's six pointed star and use the serpent/eagle instead. Notice that liberty is always of the feminine gender, and King Solomon's use of the feminine gender for his wisdom, knowledge, understanding, discretion, insight, and instruction are all well depicted in Proverbs chapters 3, 4, and 5. I know that King Solomon was a gentile king, but he was a son of David, and the celebrated "star of David" has six points, as there are six parts of Solomon's total wisdom package. The old phrase "gems of wisdom" refers to a string of pearls, since pearls are the only true gems, and women are the only wearers of pearls. I would be interested in hearing from you in the hopes of learning whether I'm right or not.
David F. Grobe, 1207 Bevabeck Dr., Marion, Ill 62959 [02-01-2004]

dear,betsy I wish you could come to My house at six oclock tonight street atlanta placce
anonymous [01-31-2004]

My 7-year old granddaughter, who lives in Washington state, will visit me soon. I want to tell her about Betsy Ross. When I could find no story in a book at home and doubt that I can get out to shop for a young reader's book, I looked up this web site. Last year, I sent her a little surprize gift that she could open when she could tell her parents how many red stripes were in the American flag. During her visit, we may try cutting a five point star in one snip. Thanks for the good information. Jean Freeman P.S. Even some of my Toastmaster friends could not tell the number of red stripes during our fast-paced trivia quiz.
Jean Freeman, Inglewood, California, USA [01-31-2004]

let my stars and stripes forever fly
anonymous, phila.,pa [01-31-2004]

I think this sight is grate and much needed.It's good for people,especily young Americans, to understand the history and meaning of our grate nation's flags. Robert McClamma
Robert McClamma, Albany,OR. [01-31-2004]

Tanks u r a real help!
Sam, Caton [01-31-2004]

Gloria Daughtery, Augusta, Georgia [01-31-2004]

I thought this site was ok but I would have liked it better if you told more about the contriversial about who actually did sew the American flag. I also thought that it was cool how it showed you how to do a 5 point star in one snip but it was a little to confusing to do.
jill, New York [01-31-2004]

Thank you so much for such rich and useful information that you have provided us. I am from Iran.
Sam Shandermani, Bad Nauheim Germany [01-31-2004]

Hi, Samantha agian Your sight helped me a lot. I had to write a five page report, and I thought it was going to be really hard, but this sight helped me breeze through it like it was nothing. This sight is totally cool and I will recomend this to everyone in school doing a report on her. Thank you so much. Sincerly, Samantha
Samantha B., Keosauqua, Iowa [01-31-2004]

I choose to do a report on "Betsy Ross" for my 4th grade class project at Crawfor Elementry, Eielson AFB AK. Your website was very informative and helpful. Thank You!
Amanda Mingus, North Pole Alaska, USA [01-31-2004]

hey I really liked your website it gave me a lot of information on what i needed to know
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skittle, the hood [01-31-2004]

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Biddlesworth, the hood [01-30-2004]

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I like flags. Betsy Ross was cool 'cause she made flags.
Gabby, sc [01-29-2004]

Hi! I am at this website because I was forced against my will by my technology teacher.
dude [01-29-2004]

We were assigned to go to this page in our technology class and I greatly enjoyed it. This site is wonderful.
Hayley Campbell, Hartsville, South Carolina [01-29-2004]

my daughter wanted to know the size/dimensions of the flag that betsy ross did.
TOM GROEL, san diego ca [01-29-2004]

besty ross is the best if she did not make that flag there would not be no usa flag at all thank you besty!
Kayla davis, maine [01-29-2004]

i i'm doing a biogrphy on miss betsy ross. i would love a picture of her face, pretty big please . it would do me very good if you could get it for me.
tiffini [01-29-2004]

jessie & chey, missouri [01-29-2004]

search for ss project. On American Revolution flag. Love this sit. Thank you
Nicole Hill, Fayetteville,GA. USA [01-28-2004]

This web-site rocks!
kelsey [01-28-2004]

Emmie, Fairport, NY USA [01-28-2004]

Great website! Lots of info for Cub Scouts to learn. Thank You..
Ed Phillips, Olympia, Washington [01-28-2004]

hello hello any body home. toldlly cool!
M.A.D [01-28-2004]

"history is the heart of our country". Theresa
theresa, wv [01-28-2004]

What are some good books on her?
Tiffany Cleveland, Brevard N.C. U.S.A. [01-28-2004]

I think this website is awesome!
Paris [01-28-2004]

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This is a very helpful site that i will visit again. Very good information for my child to use in school.
Amy L, Quincy, Il USA [01-28-2004]

I have a question: What do the 13 stripes mean?
AMA, Missouri [01-28-2004]

My Daughter is doing a report on Besty Ross. We loved your site. We wanted to come and vistit the house. We are trying to make some time to go. Hope we can make it. Thanks
Donna Cruzado, Stratford, CT [01-28-2004]

As an Australian beginning studies on the American Revolution I find your patriotism touching. America and it's people are not always reflected in a good light, but you share a bond through your patriotism that allows you as a nation to succeed. Many other countries who are stuggling for unity should take a leaf out of your book. Congratulations from Down Under
Lenore, Australia [01-28-2004]

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Breanne, california [01-28-2004]

Hi i am ashley i just wanted to tell u (but i really wanted to tell betsy) but i am doing betsy ross for my biography.I like reading about her.She is really cool.I think betsy is cool because she can sew and sewing is hard,but she liked to sew. P.S.Was it hard making the american flag and was our state the first state to have a flag?
ashley, reading,pa united states [01-27-2004]

I like your web site.
Randi Willett, Summers County [01-27-2004]

I found this to be very intersting and will you use this tour in the lesson plan for my second grade student's history class on Betsy Ross. Thanks keep up the great work. Thank you for your time and patience in doing this web site. Teri
Teri, Fayetteville, AR [01-27-2004]

Im doing a report on Betsy Ross. Betsy was a flag maker dude. Flag makers are awesome. I like flags. I also like doughnuts. Doughnuts are awesome. Bye Bye.
Drew, Here U.S.A [01-27-2004]

the american flag changed the world and so did betsy ross god bless america and those who live in america macey heatherly
macey heatherly, jacksonville NC [01-27-2004]

natalie, ellington ct [01-27-2004]

i think this was a very imformative site and i loved all the pictures! you guys did an incredible job thanks!
cindy, ogden utah [01-27-2004]

My daughter, who is 12, enjoyed this website as it helped her with her Betsy Ross project. Thank you
Maureen, Centreville, Virginia [01-27-2004]

This website is so cool because I have to do research on Besty Ross!
Ashley, Tampa,Fl. [01-27-2004]

I am working on U S Flag etiquette for Boy Scouts. I may need to contact you for other or more information. This is my first project as a new Boy Scout, so i want to do a really great job. Thanks for your help Joe Perea
Joseph Perea, Greeley Colorado, USA [01-27-2004]

you are the one who now your history betsy ross
dee, thibodaux la [01-26-2004]

I never knew that you had three husbands. I did not know that one of your children was named Elizabeth like my middle name. I did my book report on Betsy Ross and am eight years old. Signed, Kerry
Kerry Elizabeth Zwack, Kensington, MD [01-26-2004]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross for my first grade class. I am excited to learn about my past history.
Lauren Edgington, Blue Springs MO [01-26-2004]

The flag really means a lot to me and mt family because both of my grandfathers were in the army, all of my uncles are in the navy or army, and my great- grandfathers were in the army. So, the flag and our freedom really means a lot to me. And just to let you know if Betsy Ross was still alive I would tell her thank you for making our flag to stand for our country.
Samantha, Keosauqua, IA. United States [01-26-2004]

Margaret Strait, Webster City, Iowa [01-26-2004]

Nice website!
Caitlin, United States [01-26-2004]

Am a student at Bowley School. Im 2nd grade. Am proud to be a American girl. Thank you for making the flag for the country.
Melanie A holder, Fort Bragg N.C [01-26-2004]

I'm doing a 5th grade book report on Besty Ross. Your site is very helpful. My grandpa "pa" just past away with cancer. He was only 58 years old. My pa was in the Army and loved his country and the American Flag. I miss him a lot. My "pa" told me to make good grades and to finish my book report. My pa's name is Bud Guthery. He's the greatest grandpa in the world, universe and galaxy. Your site is sure to help me make an A+ and my "pa" will be very proud. Megan Taylor, Oklahoma City, OK, U.S.A.
Megan, okc, ok [01-26-2004]

hey this website is the best
haylea [01-26-2004]

I really enjoyed your site it helped me a lot with my history project thank-you!
anonymous [01-25-2004]

My mother's grandparents had a certificate presented to them by the American Flag House/Betsy Ross Memorial Association pre-1950's, but uncertain of why it was presented to them & if the certificate had any value?
Jim Belling, Edwardsville,IL 62025 [01-25-2004]

Ashlie Watts, Chicago, Illinois, USA [01-25-2004]

I work in a child care center and for my theme one week I did women in history. Betsy Ross was the first one to come to mind. This was a great site to get information from. The 5 point star is a big plus. Thanks, Teresa
Teresa Muntz, Marietta, Ohio [01-25-2004]

I like it gives me a lot of the imformation I need for my report.
Mary, San Dimas, Califonia, United States of America [01-25-2004]

I think Betsy Ross is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cooool!
Marissa Harvey, Vacaville,C.A. [01-25-2004]

Betsy Ross Rocks.
Nicole, Texas [01-25-2004]

This is my American Hero for my 2nd grade class play. I am doing the research on Betsy Ross. Thanks for the great info. Nikki 2nd grader at Naples School.
Nikki B, Long Beach, California [01-25-2004]

Your web site is very helpful to me because i'm doing a report on betsy ross for school!
Breanna [01-25-2004]

does betsy ross or her family have any like a lounal or a different primary resource
anonymous [01-25-2004]

steven, newport tn [01-25-2004]

A Betsey Ross descendant
Deborah L. Johnson, Olympia, WA [01-25-2004]

i did a lang. arts project on the American flag and used this site as some of my references.
mia, i live in a box in NY NY [01-25-2004]

Holla back connecticut!
Geslene.R., danbury [01-25-2004]

meghan dukery, Altoona Area School District [01-25-2004]

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Ethan, Maddock,North Dakota, USA [01-25-2004]

i was chosen to be besty ross in my 2nd grade class . we are doing a program. i am really excited. i came to site to get more ideas who i was going to be. thanks.
SHAELA L. RIGGS, decatur, al. [01-23-2004]

I am a big fan of Betsy Ross,and I think that Betsy Ross did sew the first American flag.
Palawsha Usman [01-23-2004]

if i was back in old days i would let people do what they want to do.
keanna, wakeforest [01-23-2004]

Great Page Beytsy
anonymous [01-23-2004]

Shawn Moreth, North Syracuse, NYjgdhryp [01-23-2004]

I have to do a report about this person and thanks to this site i am excited to do it because i found a great quote about betsy and loads of very cool information. TANKY cool websiteness
Kelsye [01-23-2004]

Kayla [01-23-2004]

I am studing herin our class. I am glad she made the first flag she was a great sewer.
Addison, Lexington [01-23-2004]

i like your web page very much because i am doing a history fair on besty ross and this web page is very helpful with all the information on her! so i just want to thank you for coming up with this page because it is making my history fair very easy.
manda [01-23-2004]

We came to this site for a school project. Very helpful! Thanks so much.
Laura, Paris, IL [01-23-2004]

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emily [01-23-2004]

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MARGARET, bristol ct [01-23-2004]

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Really enjoyed your sight !
Curtiss E Lee, Houston, TX, [01-23-2004]

johnston [01-23-2004]

My daughter is writing a biography on a person that has made a postive difference in our country. Thank you for the wonderful information.
Amanda & Taylor S., Atwater, CA [01-23-2004]

thank you for letting me sen you this so iam 14years old and navajo so i thank this to be an american an to have freedom so be it Thomason Edison
Thomason Edison, Ft.wingate N.M87316 [01-23-2004]

Thanks for the information.
Garrett McCoy, Watkinsville, GA 30677 [01-23-2004]

uhm... hi i used this recorceful site for my report on the revolutionary war on Betsy Ross. it really helped me Thanks -::-§bliss§-::-
Bliss, Louisiana [01-23-2004]

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I need some info on the flag please.
william george summitt, mtida ar usa [01-23-2004]

I think that it is a nice and kid friendly site. I have one complaint though. I think that you should make a trivia that people can answer themselfs. Otherwise, it is just boring looking through all of the questions and answers. So, I think that you should make it so that kids are learning about Betsy Ross in a fun way. Anyway, the pictures are great. Where did you get them?
Kate Bailey [01-23-2004]

Could you put a little more about her life?
Emily, Colorado [01-23-2004]

It is very kid friendly. I like it. It was very helpful for my history report.
Kate Bailey [01-23-2004]

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Samatha Keller [01-23-2004]

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why did she sew the american flag
anna [01-23-2004]

i love her she is my role model
Kate Romto [01-23-2004]

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mary [01-23-2004]

Erin, Canada [01-23-2004]

virginia mccoy [01-23-2004]

I think Betsy is a great person.I'm doing a book project on her.I think her sampaler was beautiful.I think Betsy and John made a cute cupple. Thanks for reading what I rote.
Shauna, Auburn, N.H. [01-23-2004]

doug noble, iowa [01-23-2004]

I really liked learning about Betsy Ross and the first flag of America.
Kandis Stoy, Sharpsburg,MD [01-23-2004]

we are working on a projectwith our daughter on Betsy Ross and this site was very helpful
tina applegate, Texas [01-23-2004]

ushistory it offends me that you took out "under God" in the Pledge of Alliegence so what everybody doesen't believe in God,but I do and so does a lot of people and so I'll write it for you The Pledge of Alliegence I pledge allience to the flag of the United States of America.And to the republic for which it stands one nation under God indivisible for liberty and justice for all. That is how the Pledge of Alliegence is said and you nor anyone else can make me say it differently so can you please add "under God" to it.Please and thank you.
America, America [01-23-2004]

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TONY, dallas tx [01-23-2004]

Erica Glasscock [01-23-2004]

RC [01-23-2004]

this is a great site for kids to go on for school projects and to learn about the history. not only is this a site for just school projects but for just learning something new!
D, phialdelphia pennsylvania [01-23-2004]

Kerri [01-23-2004]

how is life
Adam, Chicago [01-23-2004]

I have vistied Betsy's web site i think the people that created it did a very good job. Im in the 10 grade and have to research on someone of the american revolution or anyone that was involved during that time and i decided to do betsy. She seemed to intrest me becuase i had recently found out that i am related to her through my aunt who works at a historical society and did my family history.
Breanne Bowsher [01-23-2004]

anonymous [01-23-2004]

I would like if you would send me some pitchers of Betsy Ross.Im doing a school repart in fith {5} grade.Thank you very much. From, Amanda Jones
Amanda Jones, austin,Indiana,UnitedStases [01-23-2004]

I'm studing history in school and my teacher told us about your site. I like seeing pictures of Besty Ross's home
sarah bradshaw, skiatook,ok 74070 [01-23-2004]

I think Betsy Ross is a wonderful, and important part of American History. I just feel in love with her, and chose to do my school report on her. I am glad that it was Betsy who made the flag, and nnot anybody else. Betsy had a great life, and no one can ever forget her! ‹
Kortney Gonnering [01-23-2004]

Seth Vose, Ansley Public School [01-23-2004]

My class is doing a time line on America, and your website helped a lot. The page with all of the American flags listed was especially useful.
anonymous [01-23-2004]

Melissa, nc [01-23-2004]

What is the influence of Betsy Ross? And Mallory Dupont, the answer to your question about how much children she had is that she had two with her second husband, Joseph Ashburn- Zillah who died in her youth and Elizabeth. She had 5 kids with her 3rd and last husband, John Claypoole- Clarissa Sidney, Susannah, Rachel, Jane, and Harriet, who died at 9 months. And she was the 8th child in her family and had 16 brothers and sisters.
Deepy [01-23-2004]

Amber [01-23-2004]

I just got a lot of pictures of Betsy Ross and her flag and it really helped out on my biography and poster! This web site is awsome! And i plan on going her to do other biographies too! Yall's web site is #1
Kelly 13, Arkansas [01-23-2004]

Cool website! I think Betsy Ross is SSSSoooo awesom!I`m doing a project and your site has so much info! ~$$~MICHELE MERRIHEW~$$~
MICHELE 1-14-04, Charleston S.C Pinckney Elementary (school) [01-23-2004]

Larry Bailey [01-23-2004]

i'm doing a project on betsy ross and will use the picture as a model for my costume.
CRISTINA COSTA, naugatuck ct.06770 [01-23-2004]

hi I'm looking for a brownie troop for my daughter.if you know any i could check out,please let me know.
Cindy, Elpaso,Texas [01-23-2004]

Hollie, ar [01-23-2004]

Why did Betsy stop sewing furniture when her husband died?
Mrs. Hendf\rix class, Phila, Pa 19151 [01-23-2004]

Awesome webpage! It taught me a lot about her for my book report! Thanks, and keep up the good work!
Jessica, Waterloo [01-23-2004]

I tink you need to put other pictures of Betsy because there is only 1!
Madison [01-23-2004]

i love this web sight!
amanda hardesty, hartly,delaware [01-23-2004]

ciera, Fort Hood TX [01-23-2004]

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felcia, blanding [01-23-2004]

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Brittney Carr, Ney York [01-23-2004]

i love Betsy Ross is is the best
Brianna, Dacula,Ga [01-23-2004]

i came on this site because i have a report on Betsy Ross
lisette oliu [01-23-2004]

i think you should have her fanily/mom/dad deathv and birth on the frint pege becous i cant find it and i have a reshirs due on the 21
anonymous [01-23-2004]

I really think it's a good thing to have a women to make things instead of a man all the time. I really like Betsy Ross and I'm gonna learn how to make a flag for my schoo. I'm doing a report on her and I really like what she did maybe you all should put here in Natchez Democrat here in Natchez.
Renora Dixon, Natchez,Ms [01-23-2004]

What sort of an accent did Betsy Ross have, or likely have if it's uncertain, and why is it surmised? P.S. Please do not forward my e-mail address to others or to any other site within. Thank you, Deborah
Deborah Buckhalter, Marianna, Fla. [01-23-2004]

i realy like betsy ross be shure to send me good nes about her.
chelsea, duluth GA [01-23-2004]

Hi! My name is Amanda! i LOVE Betsy Ross. i was wondering if you have any real (artificial) facts about betsy ross because i am very interested....i mean who wouldnt be? so they say that she didnt make the first flag....but i think she else would her name be reconized in history? well if you want to reply back...i would apprieciate it! thanx!
Amanda, mn [01-23-2004]

Hey i love the site. I am writing a report on Betsy! She was pretty cool! Peace out!~*~
Nicholas Schmitz, West Union, IA [01-23-2004]

I love the detail of the flag. I also love learning about Betsy Ross.
brittany, ashton,illinois 61006 [01-23-2004]

yall are so tight
kelsey well, bossier,Louisiana [01-23-2004]

man this site is great thanks
daniel rood, monticello [01-23-2004]

hey i thought i would want to try and take a look at your flag.
katrinabentley, monticello,ky united states [01-23-2004]

> I thought it really said a lot of valuable information and it taught kids the truth about Betsy Ross. My suggestion for improvment would be to state the authors name on the homepage, because I did this for a project and I needed the authors name and it did not state it and I lost some valuable points just because I didn't have the authors name of this webpage. Thank you a lot you do have very accurate information that is very valuable for projects like mine on Betsy Ross.
Jessica, Waverly, Iowa [01-23-2004]

Candice, Decatur, Alabama [01-23-2004]

I was here to look at the history of the flag!
Kris, Az [01-23-2004]

lakell, tacoma, washington, united states of america [01-23-2004]

well when i went there i had so much fun i was laughing! but there was one thing why were the celings so low i mean i'm only 5 ft and i hit my head on it! wow she must have been so short and could you amigine how it would be growing up there! what if you were lincon and you wanted to see her house what would have he done ? ow i hit my head and now you will go to jail? wow that woul have been cool! but any wy i have to go now so bye bye! and thanks betsy Ross for the wonder ful flag you gave me and my contry and fanliy! bye bye! and thank you again i love what you have done with it i just lov the colors but there are only three! i wonder y? but i was going to go but now i am not going to go because i dont want to!
lizzy [01-23-2004]

I went there because I was earning a Brownie Girl Scout Patch! I found many helpful facts! I am in third grade.
Sierra, Ft. Benning, Ga. [01-23-2004]

Betsy Ross is cool and there is a lot of intresting facts about her. I am only 10 and I think a hisstoric person is neat. trust thats hard to find. I am doing a social studies project on her and so far I am intrested.
Sydney, United States [01-23-2004]

hi! This web site is awesome for reasearching for school projects and other things!
Kate, Massachusetts [01-23-2004]

We are doing a video for a presentation at our National Sales Meeting on heroes. Thanks for the picture of Betsy Ross.
anonymous [01-23-2004]

the tour was like i was really at her house but the only bad thing is i am 13 and there is no way i could go to Philadelphia because of school and i live in Arkansas but her house looks like it was never messed with from whan she died but your website is really neat!
soccer girl [01-23-2004]

stefy regalado, new milford connecticut [01-23-2004]

We were studing about Betsy Ross and the flag with the thirteen stars and strips. We enjoyed looking at Betsy Ross' home. Thank you, Mrs. Foster and Alexis, Andrew, Bailey, Bryan, Christian, Demetrius, Garrett, Georgia, Hannah, Jesse, Jessica, Maire, Marcie, Mark, Sam, Sean, and Tristen
anonymous [01-23-2004]

hi i like your flag
anonymous [01-23-2004]

thanks for info child doing school report
crystal reeves, west union ohio 45693 [01-23-2004]

i enjoyed reading and learning about besty ross, or elizabeth griscom!
AMANDA MARSHALL, u.s.a [01-23-2004]

thanks for putting this website on the internet i got a "a" on my report thanks.
Stephanie Fair, Sunrise,Florida [01-23-2004]

thank you for the wonderful information and beautiful pictures
lesia krysyna, clifton nj [01-23-2004]

I think this website is very good and well organised.
Bubbles, Dulac,LA [01-23-2004]

I really love your website. It really helps me in school. Thank You. Samantha Weber
Samantha Weber, Chmplin, MN [01-23-2004]

Ricky Cater, Westminster, SC [01-23-2004]

Betsy Ross didn't make the first flag.That's a lie.The story was largely made up by her family.
Grace [01-23-2004]

lindsey, 179centenaryln.warminsterP.A.18974 [01-23-2004]

Leigh Belyn, Gahanna, Ohio [01-23-2004]

I loved your house. But those dolls were creepy. Love sarah
Sarah Ansari [01-23-2004]

I relly like program specially the house.
mark, harrisonburg VA. [01-23-2004]

arvin [01-23-2004]

mark [01-23-2004]

Sarah [01-23-2004]

I would like to know more about betsy ross.
nerva,brutus, sunris,fl,33313 [01-23-2004]

I like monkeys a lot!
Kendal Sneve, Maine [01-23-2004]

Phillip Bates [01-23-2004]

Ashley, u.s.a. [01-23-2004]

please give me some information on besty ross and pic on the flag and bestys ross
paige, califorina [01-23-2004]

Thank you for the picture of Betsy Ross I was looking for.
Nancy Eberly, Eagle Creek, OR USA [01-23-2004]

Thank you Betsy Ross
Brittany Auris, Eagleville PA USA [01-23-2004]

I was doing a report on Besty Ross for Social Studies and I got a lot of good info here! Thanks a lot!
Jennifer Johnson, Bloomington, MN USA [01-23-2004]

i think betsy ross is kool and i picked her for my report and this was a big help.
Sydney Mills [01-23-2004]

edna martin, tustin michigan [01-23-2004]

Renee Kozloski, maryland,md [01-23-2004]

I am a 6 year old homeschooled boy. I was working on a PA activity book for kids and mom wanted to get me more information. Thank you. I enjoyed looking at the all the flags thru history.
Michael Paynter, Bushkill, PA [01-23-2004]

Richard D. Longo, Rochester, New Hampshire [01-23-2004]

yo man your site is coooool!
mandosa [01-23-2004]

Betsy Ross was my 7th great Aunt. My grandmothers maiden name was Alice Albright daughter of Chicago,ILL. Lawyer Charles Albright.
Diane Haworth(Sheehan-maiden), Columbus,Ga.31907 [01-23-2004]

You do know Betsy Ross is a made up story right?
anonymous, Illinois [01-23-2004]

Andrew, I love Bettsy Ross [01-23-2004]

Your Website was a huge help to me. I couldnt of done my social studies prodject without it. Thanks a bunch!
Katlyn [01-23-2004]

Andrew Chad, I love Bettsey Ross and history [01-23-2004]

Kevin Hartung [01-23-2004]

I am going to use Besty Ross in a school report. I think she is talented.
Brandi, Selma,Al [01-23-2004]

I think that it is great that you or anyone can come to this website and learn lot's of stuff about America back then and the History of the other people
Sara, pa [01-23-2004]

Mercedes Barbosa, Damascus, MD USA [01-23-2004]

HI I would just like to say that I was doing a report on Betsy Ross and i learned a lot about her she makes me fell good about saying the pledge to that flag eveyday!
anonymous [01-23-2004]

I visted because I have to do an essay about the American Flag.
Kaevon Cutler, Princess Anne Maryland [01-23-2004]

Hope Fully Betsy Ross can read this . Thank you for making the flag
Alex Smart [01-23-2004]

u r my fav because u made the flag ur the best
tracey thompson [01-23-2004]

Awesome website!I'm doing a book report with my daughter and your site has great info.I could spend all night here. Thank You
Dawn Hunt, Saugus MA [01-04-2004]

I visited Philadelphia in July of 2003 and I'm just beginning to put my pictures and postcards in a scrapbook. I had forgotten a few facts and was just browsing to find them. Fantastic website!
Alice Hall, Westville, FL [01-04-2004]

the flag was designed by George Washington
Mary Kate, Wilmington, Delaware [01-04-2004]

I just visted your virtual Tour and it helped me a lot. I work with a organiztion in America's Hometown. We put on the parade in Plymouth and we are trying to tell Give thanks thru the years. And we have 7 floats that we build and we are looking to reproduce the Betsy Ross sewing the flag. I got a lot of help by the tours and pictures. If you know of any other sites that could help us so some respcet to the historical events in your history. It would be greatly appreciated any help you can give us. If you would like to check out your website and see what we are all about and Photos of your parade this year and last year. We are looking to come to see her house and get a better look at the details for the float. When is a good time to tour the house, maybe we will be coming down there in the summer not sure about the weather.I'm the Float Coordinator and is also looking for ideas and details for the floats. thank you for your help in advance. Cheryl Birch
Cheryl Birch, Plymouth, MA [01-04-2004]

Quite interesting website. I am glad I found it. My wife is a color guard for one of the local Colonial Fyfe and Drum Companies for Parades and Revolutinary War re-enactment. She carries the Betsy Ross flag and is so very proud of it. So she asked me to find out as much as possible about Betsy Ross and how the flag came about.
ruedi, Massachusetts [01-04-2004]

I wanted to check out your web site first, we are planning on taking our 3 daughters to visit "Philly" and the Besty Ross house is most definately on the list. This was a very pleasant, colorful and informative site. We look forward to visiting her house.
Karen, Lewisberry, PA USA [01-04-2004]

shelly, nj [01-04-2004]

How many children does she have?
Mallory Dupont [01-04-2004]

Does anyone actually read these things... word up to Betsy Ross. Oh and guess what my Nana has two certificats, one that has been dated at 1899 and says the person my Nanas relitive was part of the American Flag House and Betsy Ross Association, the other certificat says United Boys Brigades and dated to 1910.So if you have info to give me about these peices of history i would appreciate it!Warning these certificates are not for sale! P.S. if you are part of this web page or work as a historian on Betsy Ross, I will be pleased to hear how to take care of the certificates and learn about these assosiations and how my relitive was able to contribute=:)
Morgan, My house [01-04-2004]

Zach newberry, U.S.,santa cruz, ca. [01-04-2004]

S. Lithgow, Miami, Florida [01-04-2004]

Forrest Bailey [01-04-2004]

Have My Dad's certificate No. D80875 issued 1899 and wanted to find out more about the association. Unfortunately, now that I have finally investigated this, the site is closed for renovation. Not to worry, I will continue to try contacting site and get involved. Have a Very Happy New Year. See you in 2004. G. (Stanger) Caceres
Gladys (Stanger) Caceres, Glen Head, New York 11545 [01-04-2004]

long lost family!
Jillian Ross, Michigan [01-04-2004]

the web site is great.
Kayla, Phiadelphia PA. [01-04-2004]


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