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betsy ross is my favorit person in history
angie mitchem, fort myers, florida, united states [12-27-2003]

thannk you for the information. i am doing a school project and this has greatly helped..
laurin [12-27-2003]

nicole [12-27-2003]

Hi i am here cuz iam doin a rrport on betsy ross so far i have found little but i might find more
Tiffany [12-27-2003]

How many sisters or brothers did she have?
Mallory Dupont [12-27-2003]

Thank You for the information.
Ms. Crudup's 4th Grade Class, Romulus, Michigan [12-27-2003]

hi i really like this website!
anonymous [12-27-2003]

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jessica, saugus mass 01906 [12-27-2003]

u uys r so smart email me
danielle moschella, saugus 01906 [12-27-2003]

I really love your hand work.
kayle, Merden,CT [12-27-2003]

SAMA, a c vm [12-27-2003]

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DEMOND, ssaugus mass [12-27-2003]

yubisela [12-27-2003]

betsy ross is amazeing
sarah miles [12-27-2003]

Thank you so much for this site! Thanks to this site, I have just finished a somewhat big project that I should have gotten done a while ago. This site gave me everything I needed. Thank you so much!
Valerie J., SLC, Utah [12-27-2003]

m a mother of three and i was serfen for my kids so they could write a paper i like the site thank you.
Jacky, Bloomfield New Mexico [12-27-2003]

howie, richmond va [12-27-2003]

how long did it take bestsy ross to build the flag
tasha, florida [12-27-2003]

I have been work on world history and decided to do mine on the betsey ross 13 star falg and i have never found such a site to help me out as much as your site has! So this is a thank you letter and a letter of confindance! Iam in 8th grade and giving you this: hold your head up, smell the flowers, and see the sunshine because you make a difference in the world history. you made it fun to learn about her! SO THANK YPU SO MUCH!Jodo
Jodo {Nickname}, cant give out!Srry [12-27-2003]

did you know besty ross had 16 brothers and sisters and she was the seventh born
kayla capeles, columbus,ohio [12-27-2003]

kayla capeles [12-21-2003]

great place!
Racheal, New Mexico [12-21-2003]

what would Betsy Ross wear?
anonymous [12-21-2003]

She's cool!
Mike Venable, Syracuse,Utah [12-21-2003]

allison watson, El Campo Tx 77437 [12-21-2003]

Your website has really helped me a lot. I really appreciate it. I had to do a project on Betsy Ross and you really helped me! Thanx, Lauren
Lauren Tusing, Gordonsville:VA [12-15-2003]

Colleen [12-14-2003]

I love the American flag!
Kylie Owen [12-14-2003]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross for American Cultures. I need quetos she made and about her life. Thank you rosalie frisch grade 8th
Rosalie Frisch, Glenshaw PA 15116 United States [12-14-2003]

Dear Betsy, I realize you have crossed over many years ago. At present we don't have a self-governing people as in your day. Oh that we did. We have someone who is making and selling an incorrect version of your famous flag on Ebay and elsewhere. I am trying to locate the source of manufacture to call them to cease manufacturing something historically incorrect. I have found one source, Creative Coop (.com) I don't know if they are the manufacturer, but they are the (or one of the) distributors. They haven't responded to 3 emails. Oh that I had an army of righteous followers, regulators, that would stand with me in the fight to keep history correct. No one has the right to redesign our historical flags because they think something slapped together looks good to them. I must saddle up now Betsy, and take the fight to the enemy. The same enemy that starts rumors that George Washington really didn't chop down a cherry tree, or throw a dollar across the Potomac, and Thomas Jefferson had slave babies, and Dwight D. Eisenhower had an adultress affair. Our patriots and heroes are slung with mud to undermine the American standard, in an attempt to weaken us and our great country. May it never be said I let it happen without a fight. God rest your sole precious Betsy. I am and always will remain your friend, Steve Solomon
steve solomon, greater houston texas area [12-14-2003]

i enjoyed the tour thank you
janine, everett, mass [12-14-2003]

I think I may have stumbled upon another Betsy Ross piece. It is approximately three feet long and two feet high. It has thirteen stars above four flags that are crossed withe an eagle in the center holding up a shield with stars and stips on it. The eagle has a glass eye, below the eagle are two berry branches and each of the flags have thirteen stars on them. Over top of the whole work in a twisted bow reads "E PLURIBUS UNIM". I purchased this needlepoit at an auction and it could easilly be well over 200 years old. Do you know if she did any other works? I could send you a picture if you would like. neal
Neal B. Hammill Jr., North East pa [12-14-2003]

DENNIS SLATE, germanton nc. [12-14-2003]

I am doing a report and your web sites is the best resorse I have came acroos
Brittani, Jacksonville,Fl [12-14-2003]

Greetings, Very nice site; informative. I have a question of flag etiquette. I belong to an organization that has a logo that displays the Confederate Stars and Bars on the right side of the logo with the US Flag on the left as viewed as an audience. I have a sweatshirt that has this logo imprinted on the front with the Stars and Bars on the right and the US Flag on the left of the wearer, or presenter. I contend this is backwards and doesn't follow acceptable flag protocol. Do you agree...disagree? Sincerly, Lloyd R Bennett
Lloyd R. Bennett, Jamestown, Kentucky [12-14-2003]

hi i just love you bcause you mabe ower flag.
olivia wares, north arlington [12-14-2003]

the name is not a joke............... ...............ok..... well maybe it is
betsy Ross (not kidding!) [12-14-2003]

your website is great!
Chealsey, u.s [12-12-2003]

I'm told that there are five places where the US Flag is never removed or flown at half mast, i.e.; the USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor; the Alamo; the moon; Betsy Ross house in Baltimore; and ? Could you please comment.
David, burke, va [12-11-2003]

David, burke, va [12-11-2003]

HI there my name is mercedes and im related to betsy ross or elizabeth ross.
Mercedes Adam, Las Vegas, NV [12-11-2003]

I realy need to know what the colors of the flag stand for by the 12th. Thank you
Kimberly Touketto, Chilton [12-11-2003]

tara googe, st.augustine fl 32086 [12-11-2003]

vonn long, missouri [12-11-2003]

how much did a person have to contribute to get a certificate form the american flag house?
anonymous [12-11-2003]

Arinthius [12-11-2003]

A.Jay [12-11-2003]

this is very interesting im doing a report on betsy and this site really helped!
amy machado, wichita, Ks. [12-11-2003]

amy machado [12-11-2003]

this was a great wed site for our class
Mindy [12-11-2003]

why would you make a whole website on betsy ross?
anonymous [12-10-2003]

This is Very Interesting!
Blake S., Oxford, Alabama [12-10-2003]

Jamie, Warsaw, New York USA [12-10-2003]

my niece is doing a report and your site will help us a's really great!
jennifer, orange county, ca [12-10-2003]

The Betsy Ross house has a really cool name. That totaly interested me!
Brittany and Dixie, Clay Co. [12-10-2003]

You helped me out a lot on a project Thanks
Lindsey A Locklear, Pembroke N.C. [12-10-2003]

if she was living now how old whouid she be
anonymous [12-10-2003]

the furtuial tour was cool
brianna, ks [12-10-2003]

What is the rule of thumb for the size of the "union" in blue in the upper left corner. I am making a bird feeder and want to paint an American Flag on both sides of the roof. thanks.
James Holley, `Elsberry, Missouri [12-10-2003]

Besty ross is so talented for making the American flag i am a 11th grade student at Morgan Co.High. and she is not rewarded or appreciated the way she should be.
Amanda, Kentucky, 41472 west liberty [12-10-2003]

katheren [12-10-2003]

Chelsea Wright, humble tx 77026 11 [12-10-2003]

Is it proper to display the flag at half mast on Pearl Harbor Day?
Virginia, Creighton, NE [12-10-2003]

Thank you for making the first American flag!
Allie [12-10-2003]

It was great!
lauren [12-10-2003]

holly williams, baltimore, md [12-10-2003]

tara todd, bartow fl [12-10-2003]

I used your website to complete my "Wave the Flag" Try-it in Brownie Girl Scouts. Thank you so much. It really helped and I learned a lot. Shannon Smith, 1st grade Brownie from troop 2309
Shannon Smith, McKinney, Texas [12-10-2003]

This site has VERY useful info. but im not aloud to use it if I dont know your name. please tell me what it is!
morgan, spartanburg [12-10-2003]

This is very exciting and educational site.
Paul D. Balge, Waukesha, WI 53186-3877 United States [12-10-2003]

Great website. I love worshipping the flag. In my opinion, the flag gives me and the people something material to worship. It simplifies a whole lot of philosophical, legal, and political science concepts into one neat little rectangular piece of material on which we can concentrate all our group pride emotions, our desires for authority, our desires for spirituality, our desires for some higher entity. Some Christians think it's wrong to wave the crucifix because it implies that God is simple when He is in fact infinitely complex and beyond human comprehension. In the same way, the flag simplifies the concept of nationality so that we can market the idea to young ones very easily.
S.U. [12-10-2003]

i used this info. on my school report wow thats a lot of resources don't wory i rewrote it all into my own words. betsy did some no never mind a bunch f wonderful things for our country!
emily [12-10-2003]

hey im doing a project and this site is helping me out a lot thanks!
Alison, Falmouth Massachusetts [12-10-2003]

I like how you have the home page of Besty Ross
Ciara Ransby, Cleveland Ohio [12-10-2003]

I'm reading a book about Betsy Ross in homeschool. I would like to go to Philadelphia one day. Neat website with a lot of interesting facts.
stacey, Michigan [12-10-2003]

thnx for the web site it helped for my research paper!
Dana, Spring Hill Tn [12-10-2003]

Great site. A real piece of history. Wonderful for us that can't get there to see it. Thanks much
John Emerick, upstate New York. Campbell Hall [12-10-2003]

i really like this site i gat a lot of info. from it for an essay i'm doing in school THANKS!
emmy, md [12-10-2003]

Samantha [12-10-2003]

Does niyone know what the corlor of the American flag stand for? and why dose the military fold the flag into a a tiangle?
Kevin, Gaithersburg, MD [12-10-2003]

Ashley, Caguas, Puerto Rico [12-10-2003]

I have both a stamped and numbered print (given to Robert K. Burk by the Betsy Ross Memorial Association)and a stevensgraph type tapestry (from Anderson brothers of Paterson, NJ) of the same image by Charles Weisgerber of Betsy Ross sewing the flag in the presence of George Washington, George Ross and Robert Morris. Can you tell me anything about them?
Kathy Herling, Downingtown, PA, 19335 [12-10-2003]

I'm doing a report on Betsy ross and this website helped a lot ! THANKS!
Briana [12-10-2003]

I am a veteran of 13 years service, in two branches of U.S. military. I served four years in the Korean War and also in the early days of the Viet Nam War. I was medicaly retired in 1968. I am a proud veteran and a proud patriot. That said, I want to thank you for you'r web site. It is realy great. Ken
Ken Snelson, El Paso, Texas [12-10-2003]

you need where she was born where she died and more about her life and what state she was born in
anonymous [12-10-2003]

Hey guys! Thanks sooo much 4 the completly kewl website! im doin a S.S. project on her (because she rox my sox) and this has been the most informative website i've been 2! and believe me, i have been lookin 4 a looong time! keep up the gr8 work and go u little history luvin people! ur site's the best!
Olivia [12-10-2003]

This was a lot of great infomaton
Melvin Jones, chorpus christi, Tx [12-10-2003]

I have a flag etiquette question. My friend says that the American Flag should always be flown on a pole with a eagle on top, I say the pole top is not an issue, it could be a silver ball, gold eagle, or nothing. Please advise. thank you Jim Hadden
Jim Hadden, San Diego, Ca., 92071 [12-10-2003]

The star in one snip is so cool! It really works!
anonymous [12-10-2003]

This is a Great site and I am so pleased it is here for all to see and for me to share with my chrildren as they learn more in depth about the history of the USA and its Flag. Thanks Again, The Knapp Family
Kenneth Knapp, Sandy Hook, Connecticut (Fairfield County) [12-10-2003]

thank you for the site
albertine Moody, mullins,S.C. [11-30-2003]

What is the proper (or recommended ) way to attach a flag to an outdoor pole that is 25-30ft. tall? My home has the pole and I want to fly the flag. Thanks, Wilma
anonymous [11-30-2003]

I used this helpful information for Girl scouts. Wow what sight.
Jackie Counts, Ohio [11-30-2003]

your web site is great! it is just what i need for my report. it has all the info i need to have. thanks a lot!
SHELBY, lOWA [11-30-2003]

After 9/11 we hung the fall draped on the casket of my father in law who served in the Navy in WWII. After repeated tries to refold the flag 2 years and some months later we accessed this most informative website and found out we were to have 13 triangular folds -- not the 14 we kept coming up with by pulling too tight. Thank you. I also learned that my 21 year old son is a vexillologist.
anonymous, New York City [11-29-2003]

Liberty, Love, Freedom, Peace and Happiness. That is what the United States repersents.
Becca, 14 and a proud American [11-29-2003]

I think your web-sight is very good, and is very informative. I do think that you should also add the axact wording of fromer President George Bush concerning the desicration of the flag. It is illeagle to desicrate the "american Flag", and you will be charged if caught desicrating the flag of the United States of America. I wish I could give you the exact wording, but I am still looking for them.
Terrell Ducote, Hessmer [11-27-2003]

I like your website! In my history class we have to pick a famous American and do a report on him/her. I chose Betsy Ross, and this website has been really helpful! Thanks, Liz
Liz, Buellton, CA [11-26-2003]

information on betsey ross
Jillian, Georgia sugarhill [11-26-2003]

Thank you for preserving the memories of such a wonderful and important woman!
Deb, Omaha, Nebraska [11-26-2003]

Hey this is Uhamma ya ya hope every one has a good time bye bye
Uhamma Delgado, Jonhson City, Tennessee [11-26-2003]

Tanya Mendoza, Miami, Florida [11-26-2003]

i think this site is verry intresting and you can learn a lot on this page
tassie weaver, Gainesville tx 76240 [11-26-2003]

thankyou for letting me visit this website
tasha, indianapolis, IN [11-26-2003]

tasha [11-26-2003]

My daughter and I are visiting this website because she has to do a paper on who she admires as a patriot. We have chosen Betsy Ross. My daughter is in the fourth grade and I am hoping she can learn about Betsy Ross through your website.
Jessica LaRose, Lakeland, Florida United States [11-26-2003]

Betsy Ross is a great person to look up to. I wish i knew her. i'm even using her a project subject because i love her work and what she did.
meghan girard, burlington, North Carolina [11-25-2003]

Kelli Mitchell, PA,York [11-25-2003]

This is a very educational site for kids. It has losts of the info you might need for a report or project.
Kayla, Ely MN [11-25-2003]

Our Girl Scout troop is working on our patriotic badges and this sight was a great help! Thanks!
Deb, Missouri [11-25-2003]

hello this is a grand website
bob [11-25-2003]

I really enjoyed learning about Betsy Ross, she is a great role model. She sets a good example for all women after her. She is a very special person in everybodys' life. In fact, if it wasn't for her, we probably wouldn't have a 'grand ole flag'. Everytime I hear the name 'Betsy Ross', I think of that song: You're a Grand Ole Flag, You're a high flyin' flag, And forever in peace may you wave. You're the emblem of the land I love, The home of the free and the brave. Every heart beats true neath the red, white, and blue, Where there's never a boast or a brag, Should Auld Aquantince be forgot, Keep your eye on that Grand Ole Flag. I love that social studies teacher is very patriotic and would love to know as much information on Betsy Ross as possible. Her whole entire classroom has American flags and the colors of the American flags all over it. I liked looking at your website and I bet she would too!
anonymous [11-25-2003]

I wod like to see besty ross in a big picther
Dani Flynn, houston.texas [11-25-2003]

David Kline, Wellington, CO 80549 [11-25-2003]

Very cool helped me a lot with my report!
Katie, New Jersey [11-25-2003]

i am a visual artist and painted the betty ross as my first flag in 2001. my family is from chicago and i am a pipia are we related? how strange this would be. i have a series of artwork about america. my grandfather was nick pipia. monica pipia
monica pipia, lexington kentucky [11-25-2003]

i'm doing a project on Betsey Ross and your site helped. Thanks a bunch! may peace and happiness find it's way to you. domo arrrigato ^-^
kitsune, pa, usa [11-25-2003]

This site is wonderful and it really helps students with history projects on the flag. this is because I'm doing a project on the flag and things about it and this site really helped with a lot of the questions
Kayla Roland, Orland hills, IL 60477 [11-25-2003]

Enjoyed your site! My 10 year old is doing a project on Pennsylvania. Thank-you!
Theresa Hill, Columbus, Ga [11-25-2003]

Hi i just did a report on you and i found your life really interesting.
anonymous [11-22-2003]

This site was full of info and was easy to read. Thank you. Hannah Age 8 3rd grade.
Hannah Lott, Citrus heights California 95621 [11-22-2003]

I like this webpage! I am doing a term paper in history right now on Betsy Ross, and it is helping me a lot!
Laurin, Belleville, Il [11-22-2003]

Evy, Orlando, FL [11-22-2003]

Jennifer, Oshkosh,WI [11-22-2003]

Daniel, rnmghirukf [11-22-2003]

hey peeps i im really into betsy ross if u have any info bout her emial it too me! krystal thnxz abunch!
**Krystal Myers**, York, Pa,USA [11-22-2003]

I really like your site it has a lot of info about her and about history*
Jordan, Tulsa, OK [11-22-2003]

Thanks so much for the information! I'm doing a poster for my class and this has been the best site I've been to! Thanks again!
O, no thanks! [11-17-2003]

Thru the ages, I've heard that my family is related to Betsy Ross, but now I realize if this is true, it is by marriage as I have traced back to the Ross family name but not back to John or George yet. I am still working on this.
Kay Van Krevelen, Roseburg, Oregon [11-17-2003]

Very interesting site. I love the 5-pointed star with one cut as well as the flag ettiquite. Thank you. I intend to share the star technique with our local library, They do projects for kids and I think this will be great at Christmas as well as Flag day!
Mindy, Canastota,NY [11-17-2003]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross for my second grade class. Thank you for the helpful information! Sophie
Sophie Perez, Irvine, CA [11-17-2003]

this website was truly informative! thank you so much for the great information needed for my twenty-page (literally!)report! i just have one request...that you add to the flag page a picture of the original stars and stripes--a copy of the flag sewn by ross.
Justin (is my sexy luver), Arizona [11-17-2003]

i am reading a book about besty ross and it is very interresting
samantha, tennessee [11-17-2003]

I Was here to visit you today.
Heather, Liberty N.Y. [11-17-2003]

hi great site :(
hi [11-17-2003]

I was wondering what type of dress Betsy Ross would wear. My class is doing a play about American history, and I get to play Betsy Ross. Thanks for your help!
Riah, usa [11-17-2003]

I am doing an oral book report on betsy ross
chloe longo, los angeles [11-17-2003]

Hello hpow are you doing today me? just GREAT Have a nice day bye
Kryslyn Kellner, Hillsboro Tx. [11-17-2003]

Great site keep up the good work. I heard a rumour that Betsy Ross didn't actually make the first american flag. Is this true? I would love to hear your comments.
Amy Dahlin, North Syracuse, NY [11-17-2003]

Gabby, austin [11-17-2003]

i know where and when betsy ross died, but how did she die?
ali... [11-17-2003]

the website is great i love the virtal tour of the house i think you should give a little more information on betsy ross herself not just the flag even though we love to learn about the flag we are here to learn about betsy ross but other than that you have a great website just more about betsy ross reader alexa
alexa, united states of america [11-17-2003]

katie, nine mile falls [11-17-2003]

I want to tank you. You have all the stuff I need for my report
Amy, usa [11-17-2003]

I'm a brownie girlscout leader. What a wonderfull site!
Lori Ellingsworth, Englewood, OH [11-17-2003]

hey ilove betsy and i need info about her for a project im doing for skool!
KNM, York [11-17-2003]

I found a lot of information I was looking for on the Besty Ross!
Tiffany, Decatur Illinois United States of America [11-17-2003]

Hey Sir or Madam: I am doing a project on the flags of the American Revolution. I am doing a report on Stars and Stripes, adopted June 14,1777, and Union Jack, used during the Revolution. I have not found hardly any information on either of the two. Please could you email me some information on both of the flags. (exp. who made them, who made them issued, basically the history on them.) This would greatly help me in my report. Any information given will not be plagarized.
Ron Pettit, Madison, MS [11-17-2003]

Hey! Great site, im looking at this site because at me scool, the 25 is colonial day, i get we get to dress up as an american back in the colonial days.And i thout you were really great because you made the first flag and i think tata cool!
Cassie [11-17-2003]

put quotes FROM Betsy Ross!
anonymous [11-17-2003]

hey it's me bye!
ariel elizabeth pittman, lexington MS U.S.A. [11-17-2003]

i like your site
pebbles milbrandt, port arthur, tx 77642 [11-17-2003]

Bethany [11-17-2003]

Cherrie Silver
anonymous [11-17-2003]

It is good to learn american things.It good to learn MEXICAN things too.
Claudia Ramiro, Port Arthur,t.x [11-17-2003]

Sylvia Baker, Geneva, NY [11-17-2003]

george fenny [11-17-2003]

i am impressed with all thw work you did for the United States of america
Kevon, Marion,South Carolina [11-17-2003]

Excellent website- Keep up the effort. LF
Larry Finney, Winnsboro, Texas 75494 [11-17-2003]

Thanks, I have been looking everywhere for an American Flag for a Cub Scout project. I am also a Homeschool Mom and this is a great site!
Debby, Jacksonville, FL. [11-11-2003]

I'm doing a report on Betsy, She ROCKS!
Anna Burkholder, Tempe, Arizona [11-11-2003]

There are so many really cool things on this site! I really liked the house tour. Great work!
Shannon Lennon, Capitan, N.M. [11-11-2003]

you guys need more info on why she did it
marissa, greenwood indiana us [11-11-2003]

we enjoyed this web page on veterans day!
G.S. TROOP 273, calumet,michigan [11-11-2003]

hi what was it like to make the flag?!1
bethany, n.c. [11-10-2003]

i love your site
macy bates, fort worth/texas/us [11-10-2003]

The flag means to me in my own words to respect others and treat them how you would want them to be treated.
Taylor Harris [11-10-2003]

i'm doing a project for freedom week at school so i came to this site. it relly helped! thanks a-billion!
KASARA BOTHELL, San Angelo Tx. [11-10-2003]

A great site for flag etiquette. I am recommending it to some students who I am lecturing on flag etiquette. I am particularly enamored to have them see the flag folding in your animation.
Robert J. Konrad, Peachtree City, GA 30269 [11-10-2003]

larry joe henderson [11-10-2003]

Thank you Betsy for giving us the FLAG
Cal, Wisconsin [11-10-2003]

hey Wazzzzup,Kristin Wiggins here just lookin at your website at school Ilove the patriotism you all give! Sincerely, Kristin Wiggins P.S. Happy Veterans Day!
Kristin Wiggins, hartsville S.C. [11-10-2003]

Very nice and clear site
anonymous [11-10-2003]

Great sight. Is there a list of days when I should / may fly my flag at half staff? Thanks
Rick McCary, Meridian MS [11-10-2003]

Proud to be an American.
Janet, Kendall Park, NJ [11-10-2003]

10 November 2003 Very interesting site. I am doing a presentation to a Elementary school on the US Flag and Veteran's Day. A lot of good information for use. Thanks LTC Campbell
Harold L. Campbell Jr, Williamstown, WV [11-10-2003]

Yo dawg yo site is off da hook fo sheezy
Tupac, Los Angeles, California USA [11-10-2003]

Christopher Aalberg, Dunlap,Tn USA [11-10-2003]

Hi,, my name is Ali and I am 9 years old. I am in the fourth grade. We had to choose someone to do a biography report on and I chose Betsy Ross. My mom helped me get to your website to see some more interesting things about her. She is a big inspiration to me! Ali Hicks 4th grade
Ali Hicks, Alabama [11-10-2003]

Outstanding Information. Much of which I did not know.
Martha R. Teesdale, Thornville, Ohio [11-10-2003]

Martha R. Teesdale [11-10-2003]

what was it like
anonymous [11-10-2003]

derek, miami florida [11-10-2003]

Why dont you have any more pictures!
Robin [11-08-2003]

I am doing a school report on Betsy Ross. What did she make the flag out of? What was her needle made of? How big was the flag?
anonymous [11-08-2003]

Great site with good information. We will be using the information from this web site at our next Brownie Girl Scout Meeting on Veteran's Day. This will help us to earn a Brownie Try-It Badge "Wave the Flag".
Vickie Burris, Belle Plaine, Kansas [11-08-2003]

I enjoyed your site. We will be in Philly next Friday. If we have time we hope to stop into Betsy's home!
betsy zafiropoulos, erie, PA [11-08-2003]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross. I would like a website to go on to on her history. Thank you. Sincerely, Dusty
Dusty [11-08-2003]

i like betsy so much that i am doind a book report on her. she has inceraged me that plane old people can be stars. Betsy was probably be my heroe besides my dad and mom!
anonymous [11-08-2003]

Kasara Bothell, San Angelo Tx. U.S.A. [11-08-2003]

Enjoyed reading this. using it for Girl Scout Troops #41 and #28 thank you
sara grimes, lubbock texas usa [11-08-2003]

I loved the house!It was great to see where the inventor of the Amreican Flag!Maybe I can come for real one day! I am so happy!
Bethanye Jones [11-08-2003]

Yo website is tight!
Tina, zionville [11-08-2003]

It was a very good website.
Tyler Brunk, York, Pa [11-08-2003]

Hi, my name is Melissa and I am doing a report on Betsy Ross. I searched through for Betsy Ross and this sight was first on the list so I clicked on it and it had all of the information that I needed. This was the PERFECT sight thank you. Love Always, Melissa
Melissa, California [11-08-2003]

I am doing 3 projects on Betsy Ross(Elizabeth Griscom). Thanks for the info. I need to make a boardgame out of her life,write a song about her life to a different tune like The Brady Bunch tune, and create a little skit or puppet show based on her.
Kayla, Machesney Park I.L. U.S.A [11-08-2003]

i think the flage is so pretty
angeladmoore, Meodta VA [11-08-2003]

Taylor, Virginia [11-08-2003]

hello to all you people that likes Betsy Ross
amanda, cecilia kentucky [11-08-2003]

I needed to find information on the American flag for class, and I have never seen your website until now, so I was desperate. I think it is good to "keep these truths in our hearts" and save them for generations to come. I mean, the American Flag is part of our life! Thank you very much for perserving these thoughts.
anonymous [11-08-2003]

anonymous [11-08-2003]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross. So I decided to sing in the guestbook.

I would like to print pages on Betsy Ross for a Term Paper in school.
Joel Bentley, Toccoa, GA 30577 [11-08-2003]

Howdy. Very educational.
cat p 2003 [11-05-2003]

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Kate, pa [11-05-2003]

emily smith, New York, New York [11-05-2003]

Rachel and Jordyn, Iowa [11-05-2003]

Steven looked up this site with his mother for a school extension focus group assignment about the American flag and Betsy Ross.
Steven Mullis, Montrose, GA [11-05-2003]

Lizzie, Vinita,Oklahoma [11-05-2003]

Lauren Wilvers, Plymouth [11-05-2003]

i have a picture of betsy ross and her friends sewing the am. flag.back in 1711
evangilist thomas [11-05-2003]

Betsy Ross is awesome! So is Blink 182 and the All-American Rejects.
anonymous [11-05-2003]

Paige [11-05-2003]

Upon which lapel should men wear a flag pin? I've seen public officials wear the flag on their left lapel. This seems to contradict the guideline to present the flag on the speaker's right, viewer's left. Is there a code reference for wearing a flag pin? Thanks in advance, Bob Huddleston
Bob Huddleston, Mount Pleasant, SC 29464 [11-05-2003]

Found the site very interesting, plan to revisit when I have more time to enjoy
Martha Javellana, Woodward, Iowa [11-05-2003]

i really enjoyed this website and thought it very useful!
Madeline Nunrey, shreveport, La [11-05-2003]

i abousolutely addor betsey ross so much i even have a great huge {i love bestey ross]poster in my appartment window! love svs!
Betsey Clark, Fort Worth Texas USA [11-05-2003]

Hi. I have to do an essay on the history about the United States of America flag for Veterans' Day. Thanks for all of the help! ~Jennie
Jennie Brinsko [11-05-2003]

Your site is very interesting i would just like to know where you find these cool facts.
Loren, Huber Heights OH [11-05-2003]

Loren [11-05-2003]

Judi Green, Franklin [11-05-2003]

hey whats up i am kristin i am 17 and i like sk8boarding!
kristin rothschild, sacramento, california [11-05-2003]

This site is wonderful. Very informative and educational. Thanks.
Jo Ann Hawthorne, apo, ae 0962 [11-03-2003]

aLeX [11-03-2003]

I have an old print by J.L.G. Ferris, titled "Betsy Ross 1777". It shows Betsy Ross standing, with three gentlemen and a little girl. It is copywrighted by "The Foundation Press, Cleveland, Ohio". Would you know anything about it?
Alton F Fischer, San Antonio, TX 78255 [11-03-2003]

I like your website!Love, Payton Whitt!
Payton Whitt, Point Pleasant,West Virgina [11-03-2003]

what was besties favorit thing to do besides sewing?
anonymous [11-03-2003]

Thanks a lot it took me a long time to find this page!
Alesha, queens, new york [11-03-2003]

betsey married into my family ive always wanted to gain more perpective on her life.
Ashley Claypoole, sacramento, california [10-31-2003]

william scott ross, columbus ohio [10-31-2003]

Could you please tell me the names of Betsy Ross' brothers and sisters? I need to include them in a research paper, buut I can't find them anywhere. Thanks!
E.B., in [10-31-2003]

This website was not helpfull at all whatsoever. I was looking for information for a research report for school and this site had useless information ans should be shut down the only people who can use this site are those who could care less what they get on thier report and that is certainly not me. Sincerely, Laura Charette
Laura C, Fall River, Massachusettes, U.S.A [10-31-2003]

guyman, london [10-31-2003]

This is an an amazing website. I like it, especially the pictures! And I learn very much about the history of US because of the website.
Jenny Chen, Taichung, Taiwan [10-31-2003]

Dorothy Spraggins, Warren, Arkansas [10-30-2003]

This NEEDS MORE info about Betsy Ross ( where she lived what little storys did she be in ect.)
anonymous [10-30-2003]

I am in the third grade at Columbia Academy. And, I am going to be Besty Ross in school and have read a book on her. Betsy was the best woman in history.
Kayla Distin, Columbia, Maryland [10-30-2003]

I like the homepage that you did. It also gave me a lot of Information.
Stephanie, Mt Laurel, NJ USA [10-30-2003]

Megan M. McBride, Bonham, Texas [10-30-2003]

I enjoye dyour website very much. It was perfect for a report i had to do for my 8th grand American History class..... yours truly, Jenna D. Melbardis
Jenna Melbardis, Sevierville Tennessee [10-30-2003]

the site is hard to get to but once im there its good
lauren wilkinson, p.obox 474 San mateo FL. [10-30-2003]

i think it is great that a women from back in the day is rememberd i admire you and the talent that you have and i think that you have a lot of will power to actually make a flag and for it to be recognized your biggest fan mandy
mandy, United States of America [10-30-2003]

I would like to learn what is the history behinde the flag?? tell me more.. your friend... Samntha Ann Foss
Samantha, Pedro Bay, Alaska [10-30-2003]

Can you please send me the names of at least some of Betsy Ross's siblings? I am doing a report and need to have them within three days, if possible. Thanks!
anonymous, Avilla [10-30-2003]

amanda bonvillion, kaufman, tx [10-30-2003]

Rev. Cecil R. Clark, Springfield, Missouri [10-30-2003]

this website is GREAT
Kelsie, usa [10-30-2003]

i have to do a book report on Besty Ross and i thought it would be stupid but know i've learned so much more than I thought.
megan [10-30-2003]

I am doing a report on her and she sounds awsome!
Anna Burkholder, Tempe Arizona [10-30-2003]

the tour was very childern and i enjoye it very much.thank you kindly.Also,my daughter is doing a social studies fair and her project is the american fleg and the history behind it.if you have any kind of words of insperation to her or anything you would like to donate to it,it would be greatly see,people today really don't understand the meaning behind the flag and well,we would like to get the word out to let people know.Betsey Ross is an American historical figure and she should not be forgotten.Again,anything you can do for us,would be very appreciated.Thank yo very much,Rebecca Massey
Rebecca Massey, Hansford,WV [10-30-2003]

I think the American Flag is most and best flag of all the nations.
Joe Colbert, Mt. Vernon, IL. 62864 [10-30-2003]

this web site has been a great help to me. im researching the american flag for my project, "what it means to be an american." thanks so much for making this site. it gave me a lot of info needed.
ashley, cartersville georgia america [10-30-2003]

This is a really cool website i am doing a report on Betsy Ross because i have read about her before and i thought she was very interesting. But i do think it is weird that she was buried three different times.But i think it is so cool that someone made a flag to represent our country. Go betsy
tiffanie, citrus heights california usa [10-30-2003]

why dont you say more info
anonymous, detroit,MI Usa [10-30-2003]

Your website was a HUGE help with my report on her---THANK YOU!
Abbigail Ballas, Newton Falls, OH [10-30-2003]

interactio on the latest topic of above.
kim, mumbai, maharashtra, India [10-30-2003]

Betsy Ross I think you are cool
Jessica Stender, Huntsivlle AL [10-27-2003]

This is a great website.I am doing a repot on Betsy Ross and this gives me all the sources I need! I would have expected to use five or more web sites, but then I found this one! It gives such great information. With the help of you guys at, this project will be a cinch! Thanks,!
Bootsie Barker, Juneau Alaska [10-27-2003]

Besty Ross is a HERO for making our USA flag
Jessica, Perryvile Missouri [10-27-2003]

I have to do a report on Betsy Ross, and this site has been great help!
Meagan, United States [10-27-2003]

i think this site is a great way to learn about how important Bettsy and the flag really are!
Alexis, michigan [10-27-2003]

Jason, fremont ohio [10-27-2003]

i love this siteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee keep it upppppppppppppppppp
magga, lome togo [10-27-2003]

I have recently come across a silk print of a woman posing as Betsy Ross sewing the american, flag I believe it is over one hundred years old It was manufactured by a company named Anderson Brothers Paterson New Jersey any additional information would be appreciated contact me at
anonymous [10-27-2003]

Nancy Apple, Paoli Indana [10-27-2003]

go betsy
Kareena, Warrenville, Il 60555 [10-27-2003]

Enjoyed the visit!
Linda Magette, Gonzales, Louisiana [10-27-2003]

anonymous [10-27-2003]

I wish you cn tell me more info
anonymous [10-27-2003]

i am planing a workshop for military families would like to thank them and guest speakers
JOAN H FORBES, baton rouge la 70814 [10-27-2003]

I have a American Flag House and Betsy Ross Memorial Association. CERTIFICATE NO.24392 ISSUE 1917 SERIES N This Certificate is in a glass fram. Is this worty anything? If so who can i call. Thank You
Mr.Michael.A.Celeste Sr., Long Island NewYourk Nassau Bellmore 11710 [10-27-2003]

anonymous, snyder [10-27-2003]

mary [10-27-2003]

I think it is soo sweet that someone made a flag for our country. I really liked your website I learned a lot.Thank you for helping me learn more about our history.
Brooklyn bollinger (10), snyderTexas scurry county [10-27-2003]

Brooklyn, snyderTexas scurry county [10-27-2003]

Thank for the information for my report. Lauren
Lauren Tingo, Cottage Grove, MN [10-27-2003]

I am looking for a song I heard in the 60s while I was an elementary school student that went like this: "Said Washington to Betsy Ross, a flag our nation needs, To lead our loyal soldiers on to brave and noble deeds. So can you make one for us, To which she made reply, "I am not certain that I can, but at least I'll gladly try." So she took some red, for the blood they shed, some blue for loyalty. I can't remember it all, but would like to find the lyrics and the accompaniment/melody if anyone has it. Thanks.
anonymous [10-27-2003]

anonymous [10-27-2003]

i am writing a report on veterans and if u have any stories or info that u think will help me with my report pleas send them to my E-Mail
lora hunt [10-27-2003]

i am more excited about learning what i have about our flag. it seems that no one around me was more concerned about the united states flag, until 9/11. and since my child is in a grade level, that it is more important now than ever to let her in on, who she is and why it is important to let her know that,she is not only a child of god,but is also an american.(alexis crayton-3rd grade/pierce street elementary)
mary and alexis crayton, tupelo,ms [10-27-2003]

Betsy Ross was a huge part of our heritage and i beleive that she doesn't get enough credit for the roll she played. But this website is a great place to learn about her and her life and her day to day rutein.
Caitlyn [10-27-2003]

I am glad i found this website because i needed it for my homework! Annie
Annie Cooperstone [10-27-2003]

Jennifer Thomas [10-27-2003]

This was a highly informative site. I needed information for my Tiger Cub Den meeting and this provided all the information that I needed to teach my Cubs about our Flag.
Tara Carty, West Chester PA [10-27-2003]

EB [10-19-2003]

This is to Betsy Ross and all the American patriots. I am proud to be an American and love America. I would of joined the marines in 1980, when I was 18 but I only have one leg, due to an accident. An acident but not as bad as the young men & women that gave their lives to the USA. I found this site by bouncing from American History, I am very very proud to be an American. I dont want to take too much time up I just want to say GOD BLESS AMERICA,as Kate Smith would say, I love it here and will never leave it, ever.
Dave, Baltimore Maryland [10-19-2003]

Susan, Clearwater, Florida, USA [10-19-2003]

emma olson [10-19-2003]

I think Betsy Ross is a very intersting person to study.
John Simmers, Florida,USA [10-19-2003]

Im from Kentucky and I really think Betsy Ross is an americn hero!
Meghan, Kentucky [10-19-2003]

Your page is great!
Rebecca, pa [10-19-2003]

This was a useful website to use for my brownie try-it badge.
Kirianna and Irinna Bass, Athens, TX [10-19-2003]

Elizabeth Wagner [10-19-2003]

Sarah Sindelar [10-16-2003]

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Garrett, McNiel, Bridge City TX [10-16-2003]

allie, usa [10-16-2003]

I vistited your web site for a american history project, you really helped me out, in understanding alittle abou the american flag, thank you
Heather, Delaware [10-16-2003]

This site really helped me out. I have to do an english project and this information really made it easier. Thank you so much, and i really like the star cutout but it is kind of confusing.
haley [10-13-2003]

great site...lots of info about our flag.may it fly forever!
CYNTHIA BERRY, webster, florida [10-13-2003]

i love u
kitty [10-13-2003]

Dede [10-13-2003]

do u have pics of her if do sendthem to me right now date oct.13.03 time 5:12
deanna [10-13-2003]

I am a Cub Scout Wolf Den Leader and we are working on our wolf trail. One of the requirements is respecting and learning more about our flag. I thought what better place than to begin at our flag's beginning. Thank you for your information and for the 5 point star. I am anxious to see how many of my wolves can do it!
Donna Shahan, Jackson, TN [10-13-2003]

GREAT site good info
Matt Schramm [10-13-2003]

I found your web page when i was looking up "American Flag protocol" on the internet. I think you have a very interesting and informative site. keep up the good work!
David Olson, Sun Lakes, AZ [10-12-2003]

I am in 3rd grade and I am researching the history of the American flag.
Shelby Fisher, Albuquerque, NM [10-12-2003]

As a black american, I am honored to be able to visit this site and learn more about that wonderful symbol of our country--the U.S. flag. It means a lot of things to a lot of people, but to me it means that God was gracious to me in allowing me to be born in such a country. I could have been born anywhere, but I was born here. Thanks to Him and glory to His name. That alone is enough to praise Him forever.
Barbara Bolton, Riverdale, Georgia [10-12-2003]

Thank you. Your site has been very useful for our homeschool project. --Gabby and Eileen
Gabby McGuire, San Jose, Ca [10-12-2003]

i searched for my name on and saw that there was an amanda wambold here... its weird b/cause i didnt think that ne body else had this name. i am 17 and a senior in high school. please e-mail me and let me know if u get this... thank you.
Amanda Robin Wambold, Peoria, IL [10-12-2003]

I am a direct decendant of John Ross, Betsy Ross husband and I just want to sign the guestbook
Monica Reed, Louisville, KY 40299 [10-12-2003]

This site is pretty cool and it helps out with a lot of information needed.
anonymous [10-12-2003]

Patricia, Tucson, AZ [10-12-2003]

this website is the best place to find info on betsy ross. I did a report on her and I aced only using this website.
chipper johnson, warrenville south carolina [10-12-2003]

hello! your website is very stunning! i love it! i have to do a repot on a famous american so i choose betsy ross. i need some info on her childlife do u have any on your website??? if u do please tell me where it could be located. if you don't, then if you know anything or of another site please let me know! thanks! mindy
mindy, usa [10-12-2003]

I am doing some research on the use of the flag for funerals. Specifically, I'm looking for direction on the draping of the flag on coffins for State law enforcement officers who are not military veterans. Is the draping of the flag on these coffins appropriate or should the State flag be used. Thank you for your time.
Mark Salaga, Morrisville PA [10-12-2003]

I really love your site and and it is resourceful.
Dontrail Dobison, Mansura, Louisiana United States [10-12-2003]

Stephanie Auteberry [10-12-2003]

Russell Heroux, enfield, conneticut [10-12-2003]

hi peaple
brian martin, westlake [10-12-2003]

anonymous, 33115 Armada Westland MI. 48186 [10-12-2003]

hi i am a ten year old girl and for halloween this year our middle school has a theme--people in american history and i decided to be BETSEY ROSS! she is cool and im proud to be her! i really know who sewed the first flag
anonymous [10-12-2003]

Do you have the family tree of Besty Ross Please
anonymous [10-12-2003]

Kyle Morris, Merced, California [10-12-2003]

wow! i needed to get information for betsy ross and this has helped me soooo much!it is a great internet sight.thank u for talking hte time for doing this and saving time for me.thank u so much! sarah king
sarah king [10-12-2003]

I recently received a document from the American flag House and Betsy Ross Memorial Association certificate # 137198 and issued 1919.Would you please tell me it's a[[prximate worth.It is in excellent condition.Sincerely,Jeanette
Jeanette Sanner, Cooperstown,{a [10-12-2003]

I thick betsy ross is good at sowing
elizabeth saenz [10-12-2003]

I recently witnessed a workman hanging his hardhat on part of a flagpole at a local post office. I thought this was a bit disrespectful, since the flag was flying at the time. Am I wrong to feel this way or is there a regulation that would cover this incident?
anonymous [10-12-2003]

Thank you for the useful information. I will share it with appropriate staff.
Raul J. Gutierrez, GKE Sabal Palm Elementary, No. Miami Beach, FL [10-12-2003]

I have just found your page. I am hoping that I can find link to where I could get a Betsy Ross costume or pattern.
Anne Stephenson, Fallbrook, CA [10-12-2003]

Looking for facts on the american flag for our Girl Scout Brownie Troop.
Vicki Bondie, Wichita, KS [10-12-2003]

The reason I visited this web site was because I am her 6 greats grandaughter and I think it's very cool.I guess THATS WHERE i INHERITED SEWING.
Tayler Hatton, Mannsville, OK [10-12-2003]

I met a man the other day who swears that the 13 stars represent the 13 colonies;however, he also swears that they represent Christ & the 12 disciples. That the 5-pointed stars represent Jesus on the cross. He also stated that this is a well-kept secret because the ACLU would jump on it in nothing flat. Anything to this?
Bobbie Overshon, Missouri [10-12-2003]

Dana T. King, Saint Louis, Mo. [10-12-2003]

I'll be there to see it in person October26 to October 31, 2003 while attending the AOPA Convention...I'm a Lady Pilot and a member of the 99s Women Pilots Asociation,... See you soon Lilian
Lilian Darling Holt, Hidden Hills, California [10-12-2003]

I am studying Betsy Ross for a school project, and I went to many websites and I think this was the best one!
Sarah, Texas [10-12-2003]

Our Wolf Den, Pack 272, is working on "The flag" achievement. I was looking for a black and white, colorable of the current U.S. Flag in proper proportions. As your black and white Besty Ross, correctly shows, 8 1/2" by 11" page is not accurate flag dimensions. I
Wolf Den Mother, Diana L. Mancia, Garden Grove, CA [10-12-2003]

found the website while working on a 2nd grade project on betsy ross house. thanks!
MAURA CESANEK [10-01-2003]

this is so cool.
anonymous [10-01-2003]

This website is very informational and very useful for kids, like me that have to be in a biography fair!
McKenzie Monahan, Hartford, SD USA [10-01-2003]

where and when did betsy ross die? i cant seen to find it out.
dori, atchison, kansas [10-01-2003]

im doin a book report on betsy ross if u would like 2 read the book its called childhood of famous americans betsy ross the designer of our american flag!
annie [10-01-2003]

I have always known I was related to Betsy Ross, but It has only been in the last few months that the connection became clear. My grandfather ( Charles B. Stern ) was raised in Philly by his grandfather William Ross. I haven't uncovered how he and John Ross are related. Can you help?
Harrison Clark Stearn, Tucson, AZ [10-01-2003]

Your site ROCKS BABY keep it goin
Bobbe Rychie, LA Califonia YA BABY [10-01-2003]

I have forwarded this information to my grandsons fti. They are both interested in the history of the flag. Excellent article, tour was great, wish we had known about it when we brought our children to see the Liberty Bell. Oldest is now 50 years. Didn't realize Betsy was married 3 times or that she had 6 children. Enjoyed reading this historical article.
Stearn, G.J. [10-01-2003]

thank you so much i am doing a report for school on her and this site has helped me a lot
Tiffanie, Reno, NV USA [10-01-2003]

I found some great info to help my 1st grade brownie girl scouts earn their "wave the flag" badge! Thanks!
Tara Behrmann, Cincinnati, Ohio [10-01-2003]

Thank you for your information it was useful for my school report. thanks again
Kacie Cook, jonesville va [10-01-2003]

Thank you for the info on Betsy Ross I needed it for a school report.
Justin Phillips, Las Vegas,NV [09-29-2003]

Amanda [09-29-2003]

Thank you for keeping patriotism alive in the USA. You are invited to visit my website. Feel free to use anything you find interesting. Best Wishes
George W. Bonin, Sr., Pawtucket, R.I. USA [09-29-2003]

deanna collins [09-29-2003]

I think the site was nice.
Lauren [09-29-2003]

I love sewing
ANNMARIE, Ga [09-29-2003]

this is very intresting i would love to come here agian!
melissa keiser [09-29-2003]

I have used the top of a fence which had 7 boards and have painted a flag but I still needed to the get the placement for stars...I am going to hang it on the side of my house.
Sara Harrell, Beckley, WV [09-29-2003]

you have really done well i just love learning qabout everything have you ever wondered of making other educational web sites like on other famous people like ben franklin or honest abe please write back to me i'd like tolearn more
tiaona, southbridge [09-29-2003]

Bob Williams, Dalton Georgia [09-29-2003]

ashley, california [09-29-2003]

i think it is cool how a girl made a flag that is so imporant still today.when back then girls werent nothing but some one who cooked n cleaned back then!go girls
Renee, florida [09-29-2003]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross. (3rd gr.)
meg [09-29-2003]

I've vistied this site. Thanks for making it!
anonymous [09-29-2003]

I like this site a lot, especially this part because I just did a whole humongus report and everything on Betsy Ross. It was really fun to learn about her, and this site helped me a little and made it more fun for me to learn about her. I really love learning about the people of our history, and Betsy Ross was so far my most favorite.
anonymous [09-29-2003]

I have visited!
Smoogansmagle, Ringwood [09-29-2003]

I like this website. I am doing a project on historic Philadelphia. This was a great help.
S. Weeks, North Canton, Ohio [09-29-2003]

I like this website. I am doing a project on historic Philadelphia. This was a great help.
S. Weeks, North Canton, Ohio [09-29-2003]

my daughter pick her as a project for school i also learned a lot about her she was one tough lady
cheryl riggs, buckhannon wv usa [09-24-2003]

Our fifth grade patrols are learning the correct way to fly the United States Flag. We are extremely proud of our fifth graders for their effort and interest in flying our flag.
Holy Spirit Catholic School Safety Patrols, San Antonio, Texas [09-24-2003]

dianna [09-24-2003]

Great info here. I'm using it for a Girl Scout Brownie Troop.
Eryn, Coventry, RI, USA [09-24-2003]

Thanks for the website it was really helpful to find what I needed to without a lot of extra imformation
Heather B., Iowa [09-24-2003]

cool site..we had to do a page for our school and i found lots of information. it was very helpful information and i found out was also cool to see inside Betsy's house! cool site. bye, God Bless -Katie
Katie s., iowa! us [09-24-2003]

luv the site its cool we did a worksheet for our school on it gotta love the flag in one snip its really cool it has a lot of information on it more than the other one that we did a worksheet at it had basically nothing betsys house is really cool i like the virtual tour and i like the flag with the words on the home page. God Bless. God Bless, Paige
Paige, United States, Iowa [09-24-2003]

This helped me a lot with my paper
Rachel Cook, Newton, Iowa [09-24-2003]

I am confused as to the flag laws. If a company is flying both the United States flag and the Japanese flag, can they both be flown at the same level?? They are on two different masts. Thanks for your help!
Karen Jack, Grand Rapids, MI [09-24-2003]

Thank you for the interesting info on this site. Here in Tulsa, at a ball game, 2 flags were flown. While all faced the one presented by color guard in the center of the field the home football team faced a flag over on the school grounds. This made the football team have their backs to the flag being presented by the color guard. Was this appropriate?
Felecia Young, Tulsa, Oklahoma [09-24-2003]

yo yo yo, yeah I be checkin out this site for some school work I gotta do, thanx a bunch for all of your informationm it helped a bunch! It was a whole lot better than any other sites I ever visited.. well I have to go or I mgiht get in trouble cuz I'm at school but I'll sign another guestbook entry if there is anythign you should add! BYE BYE
Erin, uhh no comment [09-24-2003]

we logged on toget facts about the flag and betsy ross! ^ ^ . . { . } and we earned a bage from gs [ girl scouts]!
lana and julie, massillon oh [09-24-2003]

i like besty ross she is cool
Maggie, Peterstown W,VA [09-24-2003]

Fernanda Artigas [09-24-2003]

DEar Betsy, I admire u i am 21 and i own my own busniss i call it the BEtsy because i love sewing and so do u .
tatty [09-24-2003]

Tim Carr, Sebastian, Fl 32958 [09-24-2003]

I'm a Cub Scout Leader (Webelos), we are currently working on our Citizenship Badge. I was surfing the web looking for information on the history of the american flag to share with my boys, I came across this one and it is great for looking for information on all the different flags and meaning of the flag. I will recommend to all my boys to visit this site so I they can get all the information they need.
Duane Pencil, Sioux City, Ia US [09-22-2003]

I am 10 years old and I needed some information on american flag for my school project. Thank you.
james maeda, white plains, ny [09-22-2003]

I am was chosen to write a 200 word esay, so I chose to write about her.
Emily Beckett, West Hamlin [09-22-2003]

Hi thank you for the wonderful tour. I was wondering if you could help me. I have some pictures of flags, one with betsy Ross, one with Old Glory Symbol of Liberty and, John Paul Jones our First Flag. They are from the Wedgefield picture collecton. Are they important, are they worth anything. I wanted to use they but want to check first before I have them remounted. Thank you for your time.
Kimberly Marshall, 22903 Indian Ridge Drive [09-22-2003]

thank you for this web-page. now i can do my homework. it is very interesting to read about american flag history and i hope that my story about that flag comes interesting too.
kADI lAITAMM, estonia [09-22-2003]

Veronica Plante, Bettendorf, IA 52722, USA [09-22-2003]

this is a cool web site. it would be cool if you got more stuff to put on it
kk [09-20-2003]

I am in the eith grade. At my school, all of the eigth graders do a research report called "Blast From The Past" We all write a report about a specific person in history (the teacher pics the person). My person is obvioulsy Betsy Ross. This site has helped me a great deal! You see, with the report, we have to get up in front of the class, wearing the clothing of that person, and talk about our person as if we were them! I couldn't find a picture of her anywher.Thank you so much for helping me!
Audrey McHale, Modesto, CA, USA [09-20-2003]

I really like this site so far. I had to do an essay on peoplr from the American Revolution and I got lots of info.
Jaimie, Madera [09-20-2003]

ya im doin an American history paper on this cool chick lol
Amanda, Clio, MI [09-20-2003]

shyann macklin, bakersfeid california [09-20-2003]

It got all the notes I needed for Betsy
Kate, California [09-20-2003]

It's not just a flag - it's a promise. The promise of hope and freedom not just to America but to the whole world. Keep the flame burning - keep the flag waving ! GOD bless America.
anonymous, Germany [09-18-2003]

megan [09-17-2003]

i visited this sight yeahhhhhh lol
kayla, palmdale ca [09-17-2003]

Heyyy Mannn
Jennifer Lampo, Wallingford Ct, [09-17-2003]

I think her house was very nice, but very untidy. She had a lot of nice things. I liked her bed. The flower print was intresting. I liked how you had some of the things she made in her house. The flag was very out of shape but it was made like 50 years ago. I really like it. I hope you will be able to restore the house some day to make it look like it once did.
Meghan Obendorfer, Downingtown PA 19335 [09-17-2003]

Eric and Shannon Kurasaka, Glendale, Arizona [09-17-2003]

I love your site, but I don't think that the depiction of the flag with words in it seems to be in violation of the flag laws-etiquette. Just go to flag laws-etiquette on the flag, then go to Title 4 chapter 1 section 8-g and it says " The flag should never have placed upon it, nor on any part of it, nor attached to it any ... word... or drawing of any nature." After reading this chapter and the other things from this site I have learned a lot! I must now go make some changes around my house to not be in violation of the flag laws myself! Thanks for the great site, but I hope you fix this little violation.
Steve, Bakersfield [09-17-2003]

I enjoy your site.
anonymous [09-17-2003]

this is so awesome
Heather, Athens, AL. [09-16-2003]

I really like the printable flags! I am using them for a Sept. 11 memorial collage for school. Thanx!
*Camm* [09-16-2003]

Lindsy, green bay [09-16-2003]

i love ur web site i hope it can help me find some real good photos of uncle sam and george washington[ect] love,jessica
jessica, baltimore,md,21206 [09-16-2003]

mariah, sulphur ok [09-16-2003]

Thank You ! For all the wonderful information. We are working on a( wave the flag )Try-it and your site was very helpful!
Brownie Troop 157, Otisville Ny [09-16-2003]

Jennifer Lampo, Wallingford, Ct [09-15-2003]

Harper Hughes, St. Louis, MO [09-14-2003]

anonymous, plano, iowa [09-14-2003]

What a wonderful site! I'm Northeast Commissioner for Clan Ross Assn of the U.S. I am preparing materials for the Clan Ross tent at the New Hampshire Highland Games Sept 19-21. I adapted your "color the Betsy Ross flag" idea for a handout to kids at the Games. I also printed out the full-color flag and picture of Betsy Ross et al, and am using it on a display called "Ross Hall of Fame" that I'll hang on one wall. I may do some other things, too. You've provided fantastic material for creativity! Thank you! Paula Ross Reynolds
Paula Ross Reynolds, New Hampshire [09-14-2003]

hi my name is lauren ross and i am related to betsy ross by by avedside ball.i thought it was neat that i am r4elated to a famous woman so i thought id write you to tell you...well im going to go so peace outtttt! lauren
lauren ross, west salem,ohio [09-13-2003]

Does anyone know when John Claypoole worked at the U.S. Customs in Phila. and what his duties were? Thanks. Os Cresson
Os Cresson [09-13-2003]

Stumbled on your website while researching flag etiquette and found it interesting and informative. I would appreciate your opinion on a question of respect for the U.S. Flag. Is it proper to use the U.S. Flag on one's computer as wallpaper or screensaver?
SGT Giao, Bengadiz [09-13-2003]

I love this site because it gave me all the answers to my homerk and I learned a lot and got extra credit and a trivia game Sincerely E.J.M
emily mattice, modesto ca u.s.a [09-12-2003]

Betsy Ross is way to cool
ROSY, ontario,california,usa [09-12-2003]

Thank you for all the work you put into this site.
B. Barna, fort worth, TX [09-11-2003]

I was here on September the 11th 2003!
Amber, Florida [09-11-2003]

My first graders and I enjoyed learning about the flag and Betsey Ross as we learn about American symbols on this solemn day, September 11, 2003.
Snady Haimbach, Elkhat, Indiana [09-11-2003]

This is a great site, thanks for all the information!
Christy Logsdon, Minerva, Ohio 44657 [09-11-2003]

I loved the book. But I would like to know what Tories are?
Tori Conley, California [09-11-2003]

I am looking for John Ross's Birthdate. I am said to be niece of Betsy Ross Griscom. I can go back to Martha Ross who was married to Richard Pate in 1871. I was told Martha is James Ross's (daughter). and James Jefferson Ross is possible brother of John. James J Ross was born-1787 Please if you know any thing that will help. L.J.Pate
LJP, n.m. [09-11-2003]

Great info. Needed to give presentation at granddaughters school on 9/11. Lifesaver! Thanks
reverend connie young, 1730 Duel Drive, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403 [09-10-2003]

Thank you for this wonderful site!
Anne Duncan, Rancho Cucamonga, CA [09-10-2003]

i am a 11 years old kid that has enter this site to do a project for my military science class. this has been very interesting site for me i have learned a lot from it. thank you very much.
JOSE JULIAN CONCECPCION SUAREZ, dorado, puerto rico [09-09-2003]

this is the best site ever
fefe, New york city, new york [09-09-2003]

fefe [09-09-2003]

Krysti Bruan [09-09-2003]

pls keep off
don1962 [09-09-2003]

megan, nampa idaho [09-09-2003]

kelly [09-08-2003]

Great site. Very informative!
M. Poirier, Clarkston, MI [09-08-2003]

Kendra K. [09-08-2003]

thank you for all you did
crystal [09-08-2003]

I have not found a lot of info in her we need more
anonymous [09-08-2003]

My family was watching the football game last night and one of the children asked me where the flag was kept. I could not remember so I decided to look on the web. I printed a lot of information about it so that he could learn more. It is wonderful to know that I can look for things like this to give me answers for things that the children ask about. Thank you.
Holly Richardson, Bartow, Florida [09-08-2003]

I have a copy of the birth of our nations Flag Lithogragh in 1903 Seal #28704 I want to know how old it is.Can you Direct me with some Help I would reaklly like to Know ? Sincerly RWR
Ray Reynolds, el cajon Ca [09-08-2003]

I came across looking for help with an Art lesson for Patriot Day-Sept 11. This site is laid out well and easy to follow. Thank you for all the terrific info. God Bless America!
Pamela, Dallas [09-08-2003]

very intersting. thanks a lot
anonymous, Auburn, Alabama, 36830 [09-07-2003]

it is amazing what you learn as a third grader. and i'm glad to be an american !
SAMANTHA SIKES, gila bend, arizona 85337 united states [09-07-2003]

thank you for this history.
Dan Rosdhal, Burnsville MN [09-07-2003]

the flags are cool because you did it for are country
Josh Ornelas, Victoria T.x [09-05-2003]

Josh [09-05-2003]

My 5th Grade son is writing a report on the American flag for a September 11th rememberance ceremony. He wanted to know what the colors of the flag represented, and your web site provided that information, and a whole lot more! Thank you!
Rayla Sue Ewald, Blaine, Minnesota [09-05-2003]

In reading the US Flag Code reference is made to the President and the Governors of States as persons who give consent. How does this work and for whom is it appropriate to fly a half mast flag and when would it not be appropriate. I am asking this because recently a school was critised by Veterns group for flying the flag at half mast for three young people in the community who were killed in a car accident.
Ed Gaffney, Watertown Ny 13601 [09-05-2003]

Jozzy Norbisrath, Bellingham Washington [09-05-2003]

Wonderful web site
Imelda Laraon, El Paso, TX [09-05-2003]

I love Betsy Ross!
Lauren Wilvers, Plymouth Minnesota [09-05-2003]

Thank you for this woderful web site it has helped me a lot with my Brownie Girl Scouts "wave the flag" patch.
Katie Miller, Fort Wayne In [09-05-2003]

i had fun.
CARYL, bakersfield, calif. [09-05-2003]

What a great sight,this helped me with a civics class assignment,Thanks!
lilly a, cape may n.j. [09-05-2003]

})i({Haley Bowen!})i({, Eastman Ga. 31023 [09-05-2003]

I was looking for information on the significance in the way we fold the flag, ending in the triangle. I have found this site very helpful and full of information that I can use for programs at my Kiwanis club.
Sheran Voigt, Chino Hills, CA [09-05-2003]

Very informative and interesting.
Sharon A Holm, Highlands Ranch, CO [09-05-2003]

I have just purchased two 48 star flags at an auction. I would like to present one to my father A WWII Marine who lost his older brother, Which was in the U.S. Army during the war. My questions to you is this the correct flag for that time? And what is the best way to clean these flags which are 100% cotton. I would be very greatful for any information. The original flag which was presented to his mother & later handed down to the eldest surviving son (ex-Navy WWII) was then passed to one of his sons. My father has all of the medels and awards in a nice case made for that purpose. Once again Thanks Steven G. Thomas U.S.C.G. Ret.
Steven G. Thomas, Rising Sun, MD. [09-04-2003]

When I make it to Philadelphia, this will be one stop I am sure to make. Many thanks to "all" those who have made this site and information available. True Americans!
Deborah Watson, Mesa, Arizona [09-04-2003]

Wonderfully educational site. Great for history study. I found your site while looking for ideas for a learning center centered around Betsy Ross. There is information for all ages here. Thank you for the efforts it took to build these pages!
J Oaks, Tennessee [09-04-2003]

Can you E-mail me more information about Betsy and the flag.
Jordan, Mass [09-04-2003]

Great site. Need more activies for kids.
dixie gettings, henderson, kentucky [09-04-2003]

I need this for skool!
Kasi, nc [09-04-2003]

I thought this was a very good site. It had all the information I needed to do my report on the flag. I really enjoyed it. Thanks for taking time to put this website together.
Amber Hawley, North Olmsted, Ohio [09-04-2003]

I have in my possession a 12x14 certificate on heavy paper stating that my grandfather, Michael J. Cashman,is a member of the American Flag House and Betsy Ross Memorial Foundation. Certificate No. H80651 Issue 1900.Besides the sentimental value to me, is there any other value?
James M. Cashman, Milton, Florida [09-04-2003]

Doing "flag trivia" research for our Girl Scout Brownies troop - we are working on a Try-It (or patch) called "Wave the Flag"! Thanks for your assistance!
Beth, Littleton, Colorado [09-04-2003]

Hi, Just have an interest in USA Flags, especially the Confederate Battle Flag This is a good site well illustrated.
derek Parker, Belfast, Northern Ireland [09-02-2003]

I was looking here for info about betsy ross and i found it. I needed to know because i am choosing who to be for halloween.
Zero [09-02-2003]

This was a wonderful source for my research report.
Kaila [09-02-2003]

The name Ross my self married into the name Ross but my exhusband father comes from Irland he was born in Belfast his name was Brian Corly Ross also looking for surename Merhood look foward to here from some one.
Jane Ross, Essex [09-02-2003]

I am learning about the flag to earn my Brownie Try-it badge
Micah, Tennessee [09-02-2003]

kenzie, carlisle,ia [08-28-2003]

This is a neat site. Thank you!
Megan, Hays, Kansas [08-27-2003]

I love learning about Betsy Ross. One reason why I love her is because we have the same name.
Betsy Meyer [08-27-2003]

i need some info on Best Ross
terra, wabash [08-26-2003]

This is a good web cite.
Esther, Toms River, NJ [08-26-2003]

I recently was in a state court room. The flag placement did not look right. I now know that the US flag was on the wrong side (i.e., to its own left). I will let the judge know. Thanks for the information.
anonymous, Seattle, Washington [08-23-2003]

It was great!
Eleanor Reading Raake, Stone Mountain, GA [08-23-2003]

Dear Sir, I recently received an origional certificate that was issued to my great grandfather of the American Flag House and Betsy Ross Memorial Association. It is certificate # 11100 and was issued in 1903. It is in perfect shape and is in a frame. The color picture in the middle is perfect and the two black and white circled pictures of the grave of Betsy Ross and the house where the first flag was made are perfect too. Can you tell me whether it is worth anything? Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Nan Cressley
Nan Cressley, Pa. [08-22-2003]

Great site! Looking for information for a 2nd grade class project.
Mrs. Fleming, Owensboro, KY, USA [08-22-2003]

Good Info about flag. Good pics of flags, just what I was looking for
J. Schuller, Iowa [08-21-2003]

thank you for what youve done
quintessa rollins, eatonton ga 31024 [08-21-2003]

Tabitha Jenkins, abac [08-21-2003]

looking for Anthony T. Latteri perhaps visited site. From class of 1963, Oneida
mardette [08-21-2003]

I am doing some research on the use of the flag for funerals. Specifically, I'm looking for direction on the draping of the flag on coffins for State law enforcement officers who are not military veterans. Is the draping of the flag on these coffins appropriate or should the State flag be used. Thank you for your time.
Mark Salaga, Morrisville PA [08-21-2003]

I like your webpage. It's very usefull! thanx!
Melynie, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, USA [08-18-2003]

needless to say, due to the similiar name, I am frequently ask questions about Betsy and George, but one shared with me, "I was one of many flag makers, but not the first.
BETTY W ROSS, 216 Walnut ST Cary NC 27511 [08-18-2003]

god bless america ! the greatest place to be in the world !
RICHARD JAKUBOWSKI, clifton, new jersey [08-17-2003]

I have visited the Betsy Ross Home many years ago. The virtual tour brought back memories that I thought I had forgotten. I feel a certain kinship with Ms. Ross, as I was born on June 14th. For years I thought they put the flag out for me until I went to school and learned the truth. Thank you for the virtual tour. Hopefully some day I may return to her home. Sharon, New Jersey
Sharon Marengo, Rahway, NJ [08-17-2003]

I have a flag I need to dispose of properly. How do I do this? Do VFW organizations do this? Thank you for your advise. Jane
Jane, Medford, NJ [08-17-2003]

GIRL SCOUTS OF GREATER ST LOUIS, st louis, mo [08-17-2003]

Thanks to all the people who spent many hours in research and putting together this website! I'm in charge of a program for my local Business & Professional Women chapter (BPW, a national organization to inspire, promote, and assist women in "being all that they can be"). The program happens to be on Sept. 11 so I suggested a patriotic theme. But rather than rehashing the terrible terrorist activities of two years ago, I wanted to focus on something GOOD. My husband found this website about someone in US history (a woman, naturally!) who made a very real difference -- one we seen almost everywhere we look. This has been a great help to me, and I'm sure our club members will join me in thanks once the program is done!
Sarah Walter, Winneconne, Wisconsin (near Oshkosh) [08-17-2003]

I just learned about Betsy Ross in school today. I visited your website to learn more about her. It is neat to see women who make up our history, since it is mostly men we learn about in social studies. She really impressed those guys way back then - and me today! Thank you for helping me learn more.
Maggie Wilson, St. Peters, MO [08-17-2003]

I purchased today a 34 star U.S. flag to delineate the flag as it existed at the start of the civil war. The new flag's stars are in two circles of equal-size stars, one circle with 15, the second inside the first with 14; there is one star, same size as those in the circles, in each of the four outside corners of the blue field. The 34th star (roughly twice the size of the others) is centered inside the circles. Later, I compared the above flag to an older U.S. flag also with 34 stars. The old flag appears more conventional. Its stars are in two lines of seven stars each, one line of six stars, then two more lines of seven; that is, 7+7+6+7+7. In reviewing flag history, it appears there was no mandatory star arrangement in 1861. Can both of these flags be considered valid, correct, or official? Thanks.
anonymous [08-09-2003]

I am related to Betsy Ross.
William Dee Ross, III, Baton Rouge, LA [08-08-2003]

i am searching for info on Antoinette de Forest Mernin an artist circa 1925. I keep getting this web site but cannot find the connection. I would appreciate any help in this matter. Thanks
Kimball White, Waxahachie, Texas [08-08-2003]

Carmen Velez, Philadelphia, PA 19140 [08-04-2003]

Great site.
Kyle Hanshaw, Pryor, Oklahoma [08-04-2003]

I appreciate knowing you are here. Thanks
Anita J McAllister, Missouri USA [08-04-2003]

I am related to you and I want to see picture of you
Bailey, Bristol,Wisconson [08-04-2003]

My father was Donald Ross Downing. Have been told by an aunt that I am related to Betsy.
Ileta Elaine Downing, Juneau, Alaska [08-04-2003]

I love the picture of your flag but could you please make it as big as a piece of paper to print out! Your fan, Amanda
Amanda [08-02-2003]

For help in earning a badge for Girls Scouts
Emily, Kentucky [08-02-2003]

Looking at site as part of WAVE THE FLAG BROWNIE TRY IT
CHERYL ANNE BLOOD, bensalem, pa [08-02-2003]


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