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I came to this website because I am a homeschooling parent of two kids ages 7 and 9. Thank you for all the infor. on this site. It is very helpful in teaching my kids about the history of the american flag and Mrs Betsy Ross. Thank you very much! Michelle Moore
Michelle Moore, New Orleans [07-31-2003]

We fly the flag on a 25 ft. pole in our back yard. My husband was in WW II so we have a love for the flag We live on a river and have been told that others enjoy seeing our flag also. I belong to a Federated Woman's Club and the president is very adamant that the pledge is said correctly and with all the comma's. We have a flag that has flown over the sunken Arfizona in Hawaii that we have in a flag tricorn.
Rutrh Simon, Florida [07-30-2003]

Cindy Smith, Solomons, MD [07-30-2003]

I liked that it is nice will may God be with you Bob Clark
Bob Clark, Nebo N.C [07-30-2003]

Sarah Meeder, Scottsboro, Alabama [07-30-2003]

This is an interesting site. I teach 4th grade Core Knowledge, and this will fit in nicely when we discuss the American Revolution. Thanks. :)
Andrea Palen, San Antonio, TX [07-30-2003]

What presidential flag violation?? Sec. 10. — Modification of rules and customs by President Any rule or custom pertaining to the display of the flag of the United States of America, set forth herein, may be altered, modified, or repealed, or additional rules with respect thereto may be prescribed, by the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States, whenever he deems it to be appropriate or desirable; and any such alteration or additional rule shall be set forth in a proclamation
Fred Leavines, Metairie, La. [07-30-2003] Webmaster's Note: President Bush signed a small American flag with a marker. This is a violation of the Flag Code. Had he wished to do so legally he is required to issue a proclamation prior to committing the violation.

Patricia Harrison, Lake Wales, Florida [07-30-2003]

Lin Davenport, Oundle Englaand [07-28-2003]

Hello, I am finding out how people feel about the advertising campaign being used by "Barely There," people that make underwear. They recently are using famous women such as Betsy Ross and Susan B. Anthony to sell their underwear. I found your e-mail address on a Betsy Ross site and hope that you will take the time and give me your honest opinion. Thank you! Marilyn Ogg P.S. Where is your Betsy Ross Web-site? Thanks!
Marilyn Ogg, Hodgenville, KY [07-28-2003]

Hi: It would be wonderful if you could create a geniology forum for this site. My grandmother was Jennie Ross and she married George Smith. They lived in Detroit, Michigan and she was a direct descendent of Betsy Ross. Sincerely, Georgina Kimbell, Hilton Head Island, SC
Georgina Kimbell, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928 [07-26-2003]

I have a 1905 framed certificate from the American Flag House and Betsy Ross Memorial Association, purchased from an antiques market in Taunton, Somerset, England. How it arrived there after all those years beats me, anyhow browsing the net I found this site, very informative. Keep the Flag flying.
John Ryder, Somerset, England. [07-26-2003]

Stephanie Bird, West Bend, WI [07-26-2003]

I work with GTN (Global Trade & Technology Network) a USAID funded program, I have a keen interest in the history of the American Flag and thanks to his master peice of information I have many questiones answered. I am thankful to God that Betsy is a woman it leaves a comfortable note that we honor and cherrish brave women in our histories. I would like to visit Betsy Ross house. Did Betsy have any children?
Ms. Marsha Hussein, Dar-Es-salaam, Tanzania East Africa [07-25-2003]

Mrs. Connie D'Abruzzo, Malvern, Pa [07-25-2003]

Ron Morgan, Merritt Island, FL [07-25-2003]

i love history and i am excited to read more.
Lesa Werner, 1623 2nd street perry Iowa 50220 [07-21-2003]

John Michael Davis, College Station, Texas [07-21-2003]

your site is very informative I copyed the flag folding ceremony thank you
anonymous, Bluefield, WV [07-21-2003]

Allison Moran, PO box 1931 Chesapeak VA 23327 [07-17-2003]

As a Stryper fan, I only lament our national colors are not Yellow and Black. Keep the torch lit!
Sam Little, Denver, Mississippi [07-17-2003]

angie [07-17-2003]

Thank you SO much for having a printable Betsy Ross flag. I have looked everywhere for a coloring book with a flag I could use for a patriotic activity, to no avail. And with a few clicks of the computer, have found your wonderful website and everything I need for this activity. Thousands of thanks!
Marie Johnstun, Rexburg Idaho [07-16-2003]

I visited Betsy ross home 3 years ago and bought a patch for my daughter. I would like to bye another patch for our patch collection.
connie Barbey, Desoto, Mo. [07-15-2003]

Please settle a dispute; I have always been told that the State Flag of Texas is the only flag which can be flown at the same height as the American Flag. On your web site, you do not mention this when you describe how to fly the Flag. Thank you.
Connie, Texas [07-15-2003]

Can I purchase any items for sale in your Gift Shop
Kathleen A. Maddux (Ross), Springfield, Ohio 45503 [07-14-2003]

I came across a bizarre web site a few weeks ago that tells you who you were in a previous life. I was told that I was Betsy Ross, so I have surfed the web looking for information on this particular lady and stumbled across this site. I thought I would leave you this message to let you know. By the way, I don't look anything like her! Haha
Liz Crockett, South Wales, UK [07-14-2003]

ninaje2000 [07-14-2003]

Marie Battaglia, Southbury, CT [07-14-2003]

how to make a falg
savannah, florida [07-14-2003]

Thank you for this inspiring website. I visited the Betsy Ross home in Philadelphia, Pa. It is sad that some do not believe she made the first flag! PSA
Pamela Stanger Anderson, Newport Beach, Ca [07-12-2003]

Thank you for a wonderful web site.
anonymous, Phoenix, AZ [07-11-2003]

Hi Betsy Inedd if you can sent me Imformation about (Hialeah).Because I`m doing a job that I need it.Please help me,before(july,12,03.)THANK YOU &YOU HAVE A GREATE PAGE!. EUSELIS
EUSELIS, Hialeah,FL,U.S.A. [07-10-2003]

I hope that my poems can be of some comfort for the victims of the tragic events of 911 and their families. The horrible events of that day will never be forgotten. I wanted everyone to know that all of our lives have forever changed since that day. I believe that poems and stories written about these events are the only release that we have. I'm proud to be an American and I'm very impressed with this site. God Bles America! Ginger Whitley
Sarah Virginia 'Ginger' Whitley, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451 [07-10-2003]

I read your section on the point, counter point about Betsy Ross and as a teacher and a historial I was disturbed. First, you gave Betsy Ross the benefit of every doubt and those who disputed none, displaying an obvious bias. But more importantly, you talk about circumstantial evidence as being proof. While the Betsy Ross story is a great tale and could be plausible, it is unprovable and thus bad history to promote it as true. A more accurate rendition would be to talk of it in the light of Americana and discussing it as possibly true then to display bad scholarship and claim it true through light evidence. It does damage to the serious study of history when emotions and what we want to be true gets in the way of historical scholarship.
Daniel, New Jersey [07-10-2003]

I was so surprised to find the instructions for making a five pointed star with one snip of the scissors. I had learned about it years ago in grade school from a book about Betsy Ross that was in the school library. The story mentioned that George Washington suggested a 6 pointed star as it was easier to make. Betsy Ross told him that it was very easy to make a five pointed star and showed him how to cut a pattern with one snip of the scissors. I don't think the book told how to make the star and I've been looking for the instructions ever since. No one ever believed me when I told the story. Thank you for including it in the web site!
Regina Gonnella, San Bruno, California [07-10-2003]

i really need info on betsy ross.any suggestions?thanks a million!
LEINE, tx houston [07-10-2003]

I was Betsy Ross in my school play !
Kendra, Avalon,Pennsylvania,United States of America [07-10-2003]

Your site is filled with great flag information. I was trying to discover why only men must remove their headresses when saluting the flag, but not women? Did removing your head cover begin with military custom, political custom or popular custome? Just curious after attending a major sporting even and seeing the confusion among the ladies on whether or not to take off their caps.
Ozina Love, Kansas City KS [07-10-2003]

To the world you are just one person... but to one person you could mean the world! I luv you, America!
Kaycie Jewell, Maryland [07-10-2003]

hey i dunno wut to say except for i love justin corbinzz byezz!
kayla corbin, maryland [07-10-2003]

I am suspossed to be a direct decendent of Betsy Ross. However I'm confused how this is to be . I have documetation that shows that her grandson Joseph Ross fought in the Civil War . One of Joseph's daughters is Cora Ross Harris. She is my paternal grandfathers'(Alonzo Harris), grandmother. Cora was born in 1860. My confusion comes from this . If Betsy only had daughters(7 of them) and was remarried twice then how did the surname Ross reach her grandson Joseph? Also, do you know of Joseph Ross' Civil War records? And is their a Betsy Ross Decendent Foundation of any kind? Any response would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Danny Harris.
Daniel C. Harris, Spotsylvania,Va. 22553 [07-10-2003]

I hope you all enjoyed the 4 July celebrations, i was thinking of you.
Judith Park, Windermere, Cumbria,England [07-10-2003]

What a great site! What a great way to show my children thing that we can not just drive to. Thank you!
home schooling mom of 7, Minnesota [07-10-2003]

Very nicely put together.
Karen [07-10-2003]

I did research on Betsy Ross. She's cool.
"E", usa [07-10-2003]

J.R.Reed, Abilene,TX 79601 [07-10-2003]

Thank you for the flags and the wonderful five pointed star making directions.
Vinson Murphy, Kissimmee, FL [07-10-2003]

Enjoyed the site! Thanks for all the info! Happy birthday America!
marla kelly, Fairchance, PA 15436 [07-10-2003]

Nice site about the us flag.
Jen [07-10-2003]

Great site! I will be using this site to teach my fifth graders how to use links on a web site and how to print an image off of the internet. They'll be getting all of this great information at the same time! Thanks, and Happy Fourth of July!
Carol Tensen, Burbank, CA [07-10-2003]

I live in Bordentown, New Jersey, the city where the real creator of the first American flag lived most of his life. Two blocks away from my house I can visit the grave of this wonderful man and the graves of his family members. It's a disgrace how his accomplishments have been stripped from him by the mumblings of some descendant of Betsy Ross 1n 1870, almost a hundred years after. Betsy Ross may have been a great person, but creator of the first flag she was not. Here are a few links to sites with accurate information.,,
Pancho Rodriguez, Bordentown NJ [07-10-2003]

I love the Flag. I am very proud to be an american. Keep up the good work and print more about the flag. Thank you
diana, wilton, me. [07-10-2003]

I'm glad we won the Revolutionary War. She did a great job on the flag. I love America. (Note: Thanks! a great site. signed their grandmothers.
Gabriel Ian Hurd (age 5) and Lindsay Cailyn Cummings, Newark, Delaware [07-10-2003]

This is a very interesting web sight. I have enjoyed reading it very much. I would love to come and visit Philadelphia and see all the historic sights.
Dan Ward, Monroe, North Carolina 28112 [07-10-2003]

This is Betsy Ross. Happy Independence day to all Americans. I am honored that my flag making has become such an amazing part of American history. So how are y'all? I'm just peachy, would ya believe God actually sprung for some computers up here...sewing machines too! No more hand sewing for Betsy Ross! Don't worry Georgie and Abe(as in Washington and Lincoln) are doing swell.
Betsy Ross, heaven [07-10-2003]

Both U.S. History and this site are wonderful and exemplify all that is good about our Nation.
Mr. Mark Preston, Los Angeles, California [07-10-2003]

My mommy is helping me to work on a Brownie Try-It, called "Wave the Flag."
Maddy and mommy, PBC, Florida [07-10-2003]

Jerry Powell, Grayslake, IL 60030 [07-10-2003]

I recently purchased a 20' flag pole. The gentleman who sold it to me advised me that the illumination requirement didn't apply to civilian residential flag poles. Can you verify if this is true or not?
Dave, Fairfax, VA [07-10-2003]

Brian Bechtel, Blair,Oklahoma [07-10-2003]

I printed the picture you made available. I will use it as a stuffer sheet inside a FIRST DAY COVER we prepared several years ago again depicting the same scene as the photo--but ONLY with President Washington and Betsy Ross. Thanks for the information
Ken D. Kribbs, Sr, Brunswick, GA 31525-2455 [07-10-2003]

God bless these 50 states.
W. B. Doyle, Knoxville TN [07-10-2003]

Excellent information. Great job!
anonymous, Jacksonville, FL [07-03-2003]

thank you for assisting me with information for my presention at our patriotic service this sunday for the fourth of july '03. your site has an abundance of information
DONNA FINCHER, louisiana [07-03-2003]

Sara Rodriguez, Oceanside, California USA [07-03-2003]

Have enjoyed looking at your Web Page. It has a lot of useful information. I was looking for a certain piece of information but cannot find it anywhere. However, it has been a pleasure trying to find it.
Barbara Quigley [07-03-2003]

This is a great website to have for people doing reports!
Kelly Marshall, Jefferson ohio [07-03-2003]

Shawn, Washington Pa [07-02-2003]

I am a descendant oF Betsy Ross and am truly enjoying sharing all of the wonderful information the internet has to offer with my young children. I think it is a wonderful tribute to someone who gave us the wonderful symbol of freedom that so many embrace today. I do not care what other's say-it's been told to myself and to my siblings throughout our lives, this story of patriotism and of how the flag came to be. Thank you so much for this site both personally and from the education standpoint. There should be more sites dedicated to enlightening our young people to at least question and defend what they believe it.
Leslie Gollmitzer Criswell, Shreveport, LA 41 [07-02-2003]

I am 6 and learning about the flag for brownies, I hope to get a patch for learning about betsy ross.
anonymous [07-02-2003]

I was in Philadelphia for the first time last week and was unable to fit in all the tours I wanted in the one day I was in the city. Saw this web on the back of the postcard and am so glad I did! Since I didn't get to see the B.R. house in person, this was a great alternative! Thanks! Jo Ann Moss
Jo Ann Moss, 6020 Antioch Court / Powder Springs, GA 30127 [07-02-2003]

How did Betsy Ross die? What were here parents like?
Jordan Easton, Indianapolis Indiana [07-02-2003]

I was born on flag Day.
Kathleen E. Smith, West chester, PA [07-02-2003]

Many thanks for perpetuating U.S. History.
John R. Schaffner, Cockeysville, Md 21030 [07-01-2003]

Thank you very much for allowing me to copy a picture of the flag of America. My wife needed one so that they can have a themed day at the pre shool (Ithink you call it kindergarten) which she works at. We are also having a themed evening at home, which i'm sure our children will enjoy. Once again thank you very much
Mark Cutler, Barrowby Grantham England [07-01-2003]

Hi, I'm with the Summer Brownie troop, and we're doing research for the American flag. When they research the flag, and learn a little about it, they can earn the Wave the Flag Try-it. Thanks for showing us a little bit about American history!
Rhonda Noe, Marianna, FL [07-01-2003]

I was hoping to use your info for a Senior adult group, but alas could not print it. But found it very informative. Thanks, Bill
William F. Hudson, 1501 So. Fountain Green, Bel Air,Md. 21015 [07-01-2003]

sherry, azle,texas [07-01-2003]

i am running for miss fourth of july and this site has tought me a lot! so now i have lots of info to write a esay for it. the theme is stars and stripes: these colors don't bleed.
Stevanie Coburn, manti, utah [07-01-2003]

Thank you for all this information. I like to teach my little girl about our country and this sight was great!
Kris, Kentucky [07-01-2003]

my curiosity was aroused while watching a jack benny program with lucille ball. betsey ross's name & the flag were're country has an exciting're a great neighbour.
don gawley, prince george b.c. [07-01-2003]

i love this country of the good u.s.a.!
SONDRIEA HALL [06-29-2003]

I was glad to have visited this website. I needed some information for school and it was just what I was looking. Thank you.
Deborah Richardson, Raleigh, NC [06-28-2003]

Please direct this Forensic Document Examiner (since 1971) to authentic copies of Betsey Ross' handwriting and signature.I am preparing a program on "Literary Forgery" and need good, authentic copies of Ross' handwr. and signature. Also, is it possible to obtain thru your web-site a copy of Mark Hofmann's forgery of a Betsey Ross letter (which also shows a forged signature of Ross, done by master forger Mark Hofmann (in Utah prison for life.)? I'd credit your web-site in my program for any help you can give me. Thank you so much. Marie P. Gerage, QDE
Mrs. Marie P. Gerage, Chicago, IL [06-28-2003]

I am trying to find out the correct shades of red white and blue to make a flag.
moriah Eckert, boulder CO [06-28-2003]

My great great grandfather was a George Ramey (b. abt. 1832, d. 1865, m. Angela Flint). He lived at some time in his life in Windsor, New York. I wish to find out his parents and anything one can know about him or them. Thanks. - Isabel
isabel, North Dakota [06-28-2003]

I would like to go to space but I am to afraid
LaToya R. Moore, Gainesville,Florida [06-26-2003]

trying to find out what the ladys name who helped besty ross sew the first american flag
anonymous [06-26-2003]

May God Bless America
Kenneth M. Brooker, Cadillac, Michigan [06-26-2003]

Hi, can you please tell me if it is AGAINST THE LAW to not have a flag illuminated at night? I realize it is tacky to not have it illuminated, but is it ILLEGAL? Could a business get cited/ticketed for not having their flag illuminated? Thanks.
Kathy Snyder, Tucson AZ [06-26-2003]

I found this very interesting.
Joyce Celona, Vineland NJ [06-26-2003]

i enjoyed looking back on things..thank tou
jeannette, canton township [06-24-2003]

Very informative. Enjoyed the reading.
Robert Nelson, Middleburg Fl [06-24-2003]

I was looking for information on the American Flag, to teach to my group of Ach. Day girls. I copied the picture of Betsy Ross so I could frame it and let it set the mood to our discussion.
anonymous, Calif. [06-24-2003]

I have a framed print of the Charles Weisberger painting of Betsy Ross. This was presented to a woman in the 1920's who significantly contributed to the founding of the house, and the bottom of the print has a seal and the printed/signed presentation and appreciation statement detailing this. Do I have something rare or valuable, or is this one of many such items?
Mike Toklish, 114 Federal Street [06-24-2003]

Great source of information! Thank you.
Wanda Wells, Grand Blanc, MI 48439 [06-24-2003]

I'm here for my Brownie Day Camp unit. We are the All American All Stars and a friend of mine told me about your website so I could learn how to cut out the perfect star. As a child, I lived in NJ and visited Betsy Ross' house. I hope to bring my 2 girls there someday.
Adrienne McDonald, Overland Park, KS [06-22-2003]

Jessica, Muskogee,OK [06-22-2003]

What a great site! Thanks for the helpful info.
Katie, Florida [06-22-2003]

I visited when I was in first grade with our school class. Now 56 years old I appreciate more than ever our historical heritage. Am pleased to see this information avaiable to all that wish to obtain it. The home of the Greatest Flag in all the world!
Terry Finigan, Deland Florida [06-22-2003]

I have seen many rules and regs when it comes to displaying the flag. I would guess you would have the correct answers! I have seen where if you are displaying the flag suspended over a sidewalk, if you are facing the flag, the union should be at the right. Maybe this is allowed in certain circumstances. If I am to display the flag in any way, I want to do in correctly! Thanks for the information on an easy to follow site! Cheryl
Cheryl, Ohio [06-22-2003]

i love u
Pimp, phoenix,arizona [06-22-2003]

Enjoy the website very much. I am referring to this site to teach my students about American culture. Disappointed in the directions for the 5-pointed star in one snip. Unable to do it. If there is any advice given,I would appreciate it. I would love to teach my students.
Lucinda Lai, San Gabriel, CA [06-22-2003]

TONY CANADA [06-19-2003]

Enjoy the website very much. I am referring to this site to teach my students about American culture. Disappointed in the directions for the 5-pointed star in one snip. Unable to do it. If there is any advice given,I would appreciate it. I would love to teach my students.
Lucinda Lai, San Gabriel, CA [06-18-2003]

This is a wonderful Site
Suzie [06-18-2003]

Gathering information for my Girl Scout Brownie Troop. Thank You!
Kim Wagner, Savannah, Georgia [06-18-2003]

I found this web site really interesting. Right now, I am working on a demonstration for 4-H on flag rules and found the info on this site very useful. If you have any ideas on how to make a two person speach that is fun and interesting,please contact me.
curly blonde [06-18-2003]

Doing some research on how to display the Flag and ran acroos the page, enjoyed the tour - thanks.
Charles E. Billingsley, Huntsville, Alabama [06-18-2003]

This websit gives so much information and is so useful I think this is the best website i have ever been to
michelle, chicago [06-18-2003]

why is the flag lighted at night?
THOMAS W MILKS, peoria, az [06-16-2003]

What do tthe white stripes represent?
Rosalie Paterno, Floral Park, New York [06-15-2003]

rose cole minneapolis mn
anonymous [06-15-2003]

beverly houts, bloomington, minnesota usa [06-14-2003]

I agree with R. Ackerson(below: This a very interesting and informative article and should be read by all Americans to learn more about our flag!
Julia Upshaw Taylor, Amarillo, Texas (formerly Atlanta, Georgia) [06-14-2003]

Greetings: I am seeking information concerning the Stars and Stripes with the yellow fringe around it's border. What is the significance of the flag of this design? I see many flags of this type on display indoors. Any information you can provide about this altered flag is appreciated. Thank You, B. Davideit
Bruce Davideit, Onekama, Michigan [06-14-2003]

Thank you so much for this page. My children are learning about Flag Day and this site has been a wealth of information! There is so much history and wonderful activities to do. I hope to instill a sense of pride and patriotism in my children now, while they are young. Thank you for giving me the resources.
Detra, Boiling Springs,SC [06-14-2003]

thank you for the information on the flag was very helpful
tony, buffalo ny [06-13-2003]

What a wonderful sight! Thank you!
eloise schultz, Casper, Wyoming [06-13-2003]

crystal, porteville,ca,93257 [06-13-2003]

This is a great website. The tour will be great for me to use with my kids at school.
Liz Biddle, Roaring Spring, PA 16673 [06-13-2003]

Marion, Middlebury, CT 06762 [06-13-2003]

STEPHANIE FITZGERALD, northport, ny [06-12-2003]

megan martin [06-12-2003]

This is a very interesting and informative website. All Americans should visit this site to learn more about their flag.
Richard Ackerson, Smithtown, NY [06-12-2003]

I can't find anything. Sorry!
Shelby, Baltimore MD [06-12-2003]

Donald S. Cook, Philadelphia, Pa [06-12-2003]

s verdine, slc,ut,usa [06-12-2003]

i am making a presentation in my americam literature class on miss ross
anonymous, memphis, tn [06-11-2003]

Questions: What is the "proper" illumination for a flag that is displayed 24 hours a day? Is a street light approximately 20 - 25 feet away, the "proper" illumination? Or is a light positioned at the bottom of the flag pole shining up on the flag the "proper" illumination? If the flag is going to be displayed 24 hours a day - is the proper way: The all-weather flag - with a light positioned at the bottom of the flag pole shining up on the flag? Your assistance is greatly appreciated.
Dan Veatch [06-11-2003]

someone says that there were at least 20 different versions of the american flag that pre-date betsy ross'. can you provide information regarding this issue? i hate to be wrong.
anonymous, Baltimore, MD [06-11-2003]

I used this web site to help out with a school project. It was sooooooo cool making the 5-point, one cut star. Thankss! It helped wih my school demonstration!
Lindsey, East Aurora, NY [06-10-2003]

Christine Beard, Vallejo, Ca 94591 [06-10-2003]

I think Betsy ross is cool
Candace Belt, Mountain Grove [06-10-2003]

I have a link to your site on the Buffalo Gap HS website
tom long [06-10-2003]

Cool site!
Tori Lazo, Vancouver, WA [06-10-2003]

This link has been very educational for me. It is too bad that most Americans know very little about their American Flag as it stands for so much in our daily lives. I, too, am guilty but this is being corrected. Many thanks for all the data, facts and information that you have provided.
Philip R. Sherry, Santa Maria, California [06-09-2003]

Hey dude! This is cool
chelsea, Connecticut [06-09-2003]

This is a very interesting and useful website.
Eirann Cohen [06-09-2003]

yo what up?
Madelyn Bouchard, pulaski [06-09-2003]

Absolutely loved this site! I am a Daughter of the American Revolution and am needing to learn information about Betsy and her part in the making of the flag for a demostration for elementary schools during the American History Month. This is wonderful - thank you!
Karen Adams [06-09-2003]

This site was very eduactional.
Jacqueline Golden, Windsor Virginia [06-08-2003]

Karen Ayers, Minneapolis, MN [06-08-2003]

DAVE LESURE, loveland colorado [06-07-2003]

anonymous, I have a game of betsy ross & 13 states by bennett surf,could tell me \anything about it [06-07-2003]

Great Facts! I used a lot of them for my project!
Melissa Goitia [06-07-2003]

i really love this site.
HOMEBOY OWERRI ASABA, destin florida united states [06-07-2003]

good job
anonymous [06-06-2003]

lacie wakefield [06-06-2003]

Give me info on the american flag. This websites are not giving me enough.
miny [06-06-2003]

Hi this is razan mahmoud i saw this website and i said hey why not trying to have fun. then i told my school. sincerely,razan
Razan Mahmoud, 8660 s 86th AVE Justice #4 apt 202 IL,60458 [06-05-2003]

Marian Madura, o'fallon, Illinois [06-05-2003]

i am intereseted in betsy ross because of my genology. she was married to john ross who is entwinded with barefoot's.
JEAN BERKEY, alum bank,pennsylvania, u.s.a. [06-05-2003]

Thanks for the great imformation about Betsy Ross and the Stars ans Stripes!In school I must present a presentation about the U.S.flag!Lisa
Lisa Finck, Hamburg,Germany [06-05-2003]

Sandy Allison, Springdale, AR. [06-04-2003]

Enjoyed the sight. Putting some of the info. in church Newsletter. Have a nice day.
Gary R.Patterson, Dallas, North Carolina [06-04-2003]

i love this page.
HOMEBOY OWERRI ASABA, destin florida united states [06-03-2003]

i love betsy ross
paloma [06-03-2003]

What year did Betsy Ross make the first flag?
charles boulin, Port Richey, FL. [06-02-2003]

Thanks for having this web site... We are homeschooling, even through the summer, and everything I find that our 2 can enjoy learning about, I grab and go. For this I thank you... Jan
The Abney and Ball Family, Salem, MO [06-02-2003]

Hello. It's me again. My friend is opsessed with you. I'm helping her. So where's the flag that you made. I know it's in a musem but which musem?
Kristan [06-02-2003]

I love Michael Robinson.
Kristina Ott, Warren Maine, USA [06-02-2003]

Hello Betsy Ross. I used a picture of the flag that you made for my power point in school. I wish I could have met you. My friend Kristina is doing a power point on you. She's thinks you're awsom for what you did. I'm sorry you died. But you're probely in a better place.
Kristan Hennessy, Warren Maine, USA [06-02-2003]

anonymous [06-02-2003]

brrrrrrrrrrr steve golas
anonymous [06-02-2003]

stain [06-02-2003]

hey i learned a bunch of stuf from this web site and i wish to come again.! also i got an a+ on my paper i did for school.
anonymous [06-02-2003]

We just purchased and old house and found a 48 star flag. It is faded and frayed some, but am proud to have it. Would like to have it dry cleaned but don't know if it is appropriate to do this. Will try to find out how to care for it. Thanks.
Ellen, Wellesley Island, NY 13640 [06-01-2003]

anonymous, Plymouth, IN [06-01-2003]

Am interested in Betsy Ross because she was my ancestor.
Mary Griscom Gallaher, Dover, DE [05-31-2003]

Did Besty Ross have a cat??
Conner, Syracuse,New York [05-31-2003]

I am looking for an american revolutionary song called Chester. Can anyone help. e-mail me @ Thanks
joe, pgh [05-31-2003]

Thank you for this web site. For several minutes now I've been sitting here trying to find the proper words to express my love for our flag and the heartfelt meaning it has to me. So far I have not thought of any words that could come close to the greatness of that love. This happens in only two other instances for me and that is when I try to describe my love for God or my love for my wife. Simply, there are no words great enough. I can tell you this. In the past, many of my family and friends gladly gave up their lives or parts of their bodies for Freedom’s sake and the Idea that formed and made this great country of ours. And so, so very many more of them have and are still yet freely placing their lives in jeopardy for the sake of God, their families, our country and freedom. May God bless them, as there is no greater love that they could offer than that of their own lives. There are so many other things that instantly flash through my mind whenever I see our flag. Far too many thoughts to put to paper for the moment. So my thoughts are still too overwhelming to find the proper words to describe the meanings our flag represent to me. With all our problems and trials as our country continues to grow, I am thankful for our National Ensign and think this flag represents the best. For the above reasons I do get a bit perturbed when I see the flag displayed improperly. I know that there is no disrespect intended by most of the improper flag displaying. And for this single reason I and very thankful for this web site. By using this site I can help my friends to honor the flag the way they intended. Sincerely, Reggie Morgan Jr. A Patriot.
Reggie Morgan Jr., Barbourville, KY. (USA) [05-31-2003]

I am impressed with the foundation and hve it on my "favorites" list. I have a certificate #23885 that was initiated by my great-grandfather(a Civil War Vet)dated 1917, along with a very large painting of the picture of Betsy Ross making the flag identical to the certificate picture. This was given to me by my grandmother before she passed away in 1960.
Howard D Stokes, El Cajon, Ca. [05-31-2003]

I am doing a report for school on symbolism and what it meens to me. One of the points I pointed out wat the american flag. If you have any information that isnt mentioned on this site about todays american flag please email me at! Thanks sooo much!
Nk, Fairfield [05-31-2003]

Mein Hobby ist der amerikanische Revolutionskrieg vor allem mit uniformen und zivilkleidung.Ich fertige selbst diese kostüme und suche nach guten bild unterlagen. gruß patriot-rudi
rudi mayer, Deutschland [05-31-2003]

jasmine, watsonville,California [05-31-2003]

terri [05-31-2003]

Rafael Sanchez, 1700 Delaware Rd. Waukegan, IL 60085 [05-31-2003]

Hi. I think you're cool. You made the U.S. flags! Your friend, Dalton James Kemak
Dalton James Kemak, 27 Bull Creek Road, Whitney Point NY 13862 [05-31-2003]

i like betsy ross
ally, whitney pt. ny us [05-31-2003]

very beautiful site my son just loves it.
eve, wilmington delaware [05-31-2003]

I am putting together a class on Art Appreciation and thought the class would not be complete without noting famous American paintings and artists. I wondered if there was a famous painting depicting Betsy Ross, so I was looking on this site. Thanks. --Mrs. McPeak.
Peggy McPeak, Lubbock, Texas [05-30-2003]

jennafer lynne brown [05-29-2003]

T R Beard, Ft Myers,Fla [05-28-2003]

this website is very cool! i learned a lot. thanz, emily
EMILY, radnor, ohio,usa [05-28-2003]

krystal [05-28-2003]

You have a nice page, its nice to be proud of your country! I am proud of mine! :-) But it must be hard to live in a country where there is no free speach these days? Where you get harassed if you have your own free will? I think that is sad, for a country that used to be free.
Wenche, Stavanger, Norway [05-28-2003]

Betsy Ross is one of my ultimate insarations and I wish she could be that way for more people.
Kelsey Rudisill [05-28-2003]

When I went to Besty Ross house was when I was in the sixth grade.I found out that you have to live off of what you have.I think that the house is very beautiful.
Latrice Cintron, Glassboro New Jersey [05-28-2003]

I wonted to find a oicture of me on the computer and I wonted to know if you hadf any of Me????????
Katelyn Tabor, Battle Creek Micigan [05-28-2003]

" Dont Tread on Me " ------- US Navy Veteran--Viet Nam
anonymous, Brenham, Texas [05-28-2003]

I am an American living abroad and teach a class of senior citizens English weekly. I have chosen Bety Ross as my subject for our class this week. Thank you for such an attractive site. Sincerely, Sherry
Sherry Dunn, Brussels, Belgium [05-28-2003]

I visited the Betsy Ross House with my family. It was very interesting. When I came home I went on this web site and it gave me more information about the house. Now I know everything about her, her house, and her life.
Melissa Satchell, Delaware County Pennsylvania [05-27-2003]

Hi I am in first grade and loved your website.It helped me learn about Betsy Ross for a school report. thank you
Katie, Sterling Virginia [05-27-2003]

I just bought a Betsy Ross flag to display on July 4th. I needed to know the history of this flag and Betsy Ross.
Willard Roper, Sedona AZ [05-27-2003]

wat up dog peace out my homies holla if ya her me
tasia [05-27-2003]

Excelleent Web Site.
anonymous, Yarnell, AZ [05-27-2003]

Terry Atha, brimfield, ohio [05-27-2003]

It's very pretty. I'm in the third grade and I'm writing a report about Betsy.
Lauren Rousseau, Fremont, CA [05-26-2003]

I have been doing a project on Betsy Ross. I have had a wonderful time doing this project, even though I didn't find everything that I needed I loved doing this. I got a A+ on this project. I would have enjoyed knowing her personally.
Lindsay Baney [05-26-2003]

anonymous, Mechanicsburg, PA [05-26-2003]

I was Looking at Betsy Ross flag because my husband sudjested I make one for our yard. I thought about it and decided I like his idea I also know 13 stars would save me the work comparded to 50 stars. God Bless Betsy for her design.
rkwestley, Boise, ID USA [05-26-2003]

Joe,Gail & Amy Amatangelo [05-25-2003]

outstanding i loved it it was very educational thank you
GEORGE BARKER, chicago, il [05-25-2003]

Thank you for all the information I have learned. It will become very useful when I do my student teaching in September.
Maryanne Nowadly, Buffalo, NY [05-25-2003]

i would like to know if a USA flag can be cleaned if it becomes dirty from age or dust and is still in very good condition otherwise?? Or should it be burned???
anonymous [05-25-2003]

nicole, adelanto ca [05-24-2003]

thanks for a great page. god bless american and those who strive to protect her and make her great.....
DENISE BROWN, michigan [05-23-2003]

There is no sight more beautiful that to see the American Flag, in all its glory waving high blowing ever so slightly in the wind. Long may she wave!
Mary-Ellen Holloway, Alaska/ USA [05-23-2003]

Bethany Anne Oley [05-23-2003]

This sight is a lot of information! I never knew that you can hang a flag upside down to mean Help! I will surely visit this sight again soon! Bye!
Jessica [05-23-2003]

I think it is really cool that Betsy Ross made the first American Flag, even though there isn't any actual proof that she really did make it. But if she did, I want to thank her because the flag represents our states and the original colinies. In the future, I hope to learn more about Betsy Ross and the American Flag. Lena
Lena [05-23-2003]

I learned a lot of things. I respect that she made the American flag. We would not have the american flag, if you did not make. Today we have 50 states. Thanks to her we have a desine for flag to represent our country. I thank Betsy Ross for her helpfulness. From, Adrian Torres
anonymous [05-23-2003]

the flag was very beuitful. I wanted to know more about you so I did reserch on you. I think that the flag you made will not always be here to look at. But you will always make me thnik about you when i look at the flag and whatyou did. thank you Brandon Dennis
anonymous [05-23-2003]

Besty,why did you choose red,white and blue?I like the flag very much.Ithing that it sticks out when you are looking in sky.Why did you make the american flag? By Donald
Donald Ferguson, Cleveland,ohio [05-23-2003]

Besty, if you didint make that flag then we probably wouldint have the flag we have today and i want to be like you because she made something last forever thats what i want to do because i want to be known forever.It represents my state everyones state. Thank you Besty
Danielle O'Conner, Cleveland,Ohio [05-23-2003]

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fred ajudua, la [05-23-2003]

I loved this site it was so helpful!
Melisa Webster [05-22-2003]

Betsy Ross Rocks!
Elizabeth Crumpet, Shoreline, washington [05-22-2003]

Cool dude
Brianna Pike [05-22-2003]

I am very fonded by your website and im glad you had time to make the american flag.I would take time to make such a piece of history but i dont have any time.i should start thinking more of our country like everyone else who sacrificied their life but im not like any one of then im just a 13 yr.old girl always, your friend Melissa Celenko
Melissa Celenko, Cleveland,Ohio [05-22-2003]

i really like the website it is very insterresting to me
ebony parker, baton rouge, louisiana [05-22-2003]

Thank you soooo much for this website. I have a project due soon, and thanks to you, I was able to complete my project in time!
Kaila Loff-Brown, Seal Beach,CA,USA [05-22-2003]

thank you for writing to my great geart great grandmother i konw she will bless you all and the people who just wrote crap well she wont bless you and a nther thing people who wrote america is my home or stuff your such a kiss up
BETSY ROSS 9TH [05-22-2003]

i'm like so realy cool and sinec this website i got a A+ ON MY REPORT BTSY IS LIKE SO COOL SHE MADE THE FLAG BUT DIDENT DESINE IT . and if yu guys ae making fun of me well i thin your just jelouse that i have a boyfriend and that im smarter then you . PS WRITE BACK ILL WILL BE ON.
al [05-22-2003]

sabrina, towson, md [05-22-2003]

But it would help if she was pretty! I think betsy is the most amazing person (GIRL)!
kelsey [05-22-2003]

I rule and I am doing a project on Betsy Ross for history class.
Paulie [05-22-2003]

Couldn't find what I wanted, but thought it was 'kinda interseting.
Jennifer [05-22-2003]

I learned a new about Betsy Ross and the other flags created befor it.
Adrian Torres, Cleveland,Ohio U.S.A. [05-22-2003]

brittany, cleveland ohio [05-22-2003]

Josh Weaver, Biglerville PA [05-22-2003]

i am in the 3rd grade...i am actting as besty ross, for my class.. i am finding all i need too know to talk for besty. thank you much. whitney
whitney white, grundy virginia [05-22-2003]

I'm doing a project for school and this website as heled me loads. Thankz
Danielle [05-22-2003]

i love your web
nikole, orlando fl [05-22-2003]

I liked learning about you! It was fun!
Cheryl Baldwin, Dimondale, MI [05-22-2003]

I did a report on Betsy Ross!It was interesting!
Betsy Granger, Dimondale, MI [05-22-2003]

Go Amereica!
Clair [05-22-2003]

I go to scholmont middle school and some of the sixth graders there are do SA on, What the American flag means to you? If you could give me some help please E-mail me back.
Rachel Mercoglan, New York [05-22-2003]

Fine web,thank you.
Bob Burdick, Grafton,OH [05-22-2003]

have a nice day alicia
Ashley, pa [05-22-2003]

Hi betsy ross .I would like to get more info about our american flag.Also I will like to get your child hood info going to be an aldut. will I will get on the wed site when i get home.
brittany, cleveland ohio [05-22-2003]

I remember playing Betsy Ross in 3rd grade and i had to pretend i was sewing an American Flag. My brother played Abraham Lincolin. We were very honored to play these important people in our history.
Martha, Iowa [05-22-2003]

please send me some pictures of betsy ross and grand daughters and her house i would love to share the information with my two son's and college class mates i want to show my class mates a picture of her and tell them this lady is the one who first put the flag together. i alo would love to come up there to tour the house but can't afford it. thank you
MARIE TAYLOR, 5421 Paramount Blvd. Apt. 105 N. Long Beach, CA 90805-5742 [05-22-2003]

Trish Ruppel, Van Dyne [05-22-2003]

Adriana Vallejos [05-22-2003]

Hi your website was such a great help to me and many of my friends on our history project. I just have two questions for you, how and where did Betsy Ross die. Please email me back it is due in two days so please email me quickly, if you can ! Thank you a bunch
Amy [05-22-2003]

This is so interesting that I guess i am going to do a report on Betsy Ross
Katie Claros, Inglewood,California [05-22-2003]

Hi, I am Susan and I tooka tour of Betsy Ross house and was just s amazing. It is nice that you would give a tour because many people can't go and visit the Betsy Ross house. The information you give really helps me and the pictures too. You should make more website like this. THANK YOU
Susan Le, Philadelphia [05-22-2003]

Emna, Flemington, New Jersey [05-22-2003]

Hi I am doing a report on Betsy she is very interesting.
Kaila [05-22-2003]

I'm doing a project for school on Betsy Ross and enjoyed reading the information on your site. Thank you.
Rachel Ciccarelli, Fort Pierce, FL [05-22-2003]

I love your wbsite I found everything I need ti know. I'm in the 5th grade and I have a report due so I'm glad I found this website.
Ryann Driscoll, Virginia Beach, Virginia [05-22-2003]

thank you so much for the flag i love you
kimberly poindexter, elcampo texas [05-22-2003]

Enjoyed reading the material. Very well done. I was trying to bone up a bit for Flag Day at our local DAR luncheon/meeting. Tried to get some small Betsy Ross flags locally, plus some bi-centennial Ohio Flags, with no luch. However, this Home Page is a big help. Thanks
Lola Pruitt, Proctorville, Ohio 45669 [05-22-2003]

Thom, St. Simons Island, GA - USA [05-22-2003]

This is a great site I used it for a Language Arts research project
Lauren, Cumming, GA United States [05-22-2003]

Stephanie [05-15-2003]

LAUREN, marengo,il,60152 [05-15-2003]

M Parker, Saucier, Ms. US [05-15-2003]

bailey, sulphur ok [05-15-2003]

Jamie, sulphur ok [05-15-2003]

bailey, sulphur ok [05-15-2003]

This site really helped me with my Social Studies project.Thanks!
Kelly, Perrysburg,Ohio [05-15-2003]

I have to do a report on her and i found a lot of info
Haley [05-15-2003]

i want to know that if you have children like a son and a daughter
anonymous [05-15-2003]

hi i have heard of you before but send me a e_mial about your life. thank you, Amanda Vitello
Amanda Vitello, 14580, webster, new york [05-15-2003]

ur website is so cool!
Kelsey, ct [05-15-2003]

i shaw were house
andy lawrence [05-15-2003]

Hi, I have heared that it isn't a fact that Betsy Ross made the first American Flag. There is no document of this. Is this true, anyway, I think she did.Could you write to me and tell me? Thank you., United States [05-14-2003]

best ross's home life.
rachel, okc ok [05-14-2003]

Cool Website, and good description.Also, there is no proof that she made the flag. You might want to say that.
Leah, Davison, Michigan, U.S [05-14-2003]

Casey [05-14-2003]

The page contains the following text, attempting to determine the age of the listed flag folding ceremony: "We have not been successful in discovering its origin or authorship. However, according to Encyclopedia Britannica, Mother's Day, which is mentioned in the ceremony, was first observed in 1908." Another reference you could choose to make there would be the inclusion of the the phrase "under God" in fold #6, which would seem to indicate a creation date after 1954 - when that phrase was added to the pledge.
Eric Sanders, Milwaukee, WI USA [05-14-2003]

In my spiritual awakenings I do put Betsy Ross and the three who came in need of her assistance as three wise men in need of guidance which was to set their way straight in making King Solomon's "Pentalpha" to reign upon our symbolisms imageries. is the Testament of Solomon the lineage of David. Coincidence,,,,, Hardly! Signed with respectfulness, Rick
Richard Kaiser, Fort Myers, Florida [05-14-2003]

This is a great site for me to find information on Betsy Ross, and the American Flag Sincerly, Ashley McCrum
Ashley McCrum, Lubbock TX, America [05-14-2003]

this help me a lot on my history report i mean for my history person
ALLISON [05-14-2003]

A great sight for getting activities and ideas that may be used with students kindergarten throug high school.
Darlene M. Lewis, Tyler, Texas [05-14-2003]

My parents visited Betsy's house about a month ago, and took a picture of her bedroom. In the picture, an old woman's head appeared in between the curtains that go around the bed; it is clearly not my mother,as you can see her reflection in the glass, or my father, as he was taking the picture and has a flash reflection, and there was no one else in the room. I was wondering if you have had any 'sightings' like this before? We are not into the whole ghost-thing, but have no way of explaining it. If you would like to view the picture, PLEASE email me back with an email address and I will send it ASAP. Thanks!
Aimee, Lodi, CA, USA [05-14-2003]

I find the history of out country's flag very interesting and I like this website a lot. -Sarah Turner
Sarah, New York, New York [05-14-2003]

what was her dress made out of and where can i find a dress like hers in the stores today?
sierra [05-14-2003]

Natasha, va, usa [05-14-2003]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross and I wanted to see her house.YOUR A STAR
Emily, age 7, Chandler, AZ (05-06-2003) [05-14-2003]

i like your site. victor.
victor nnaji, nigeria lagos [05-14-2003]

I want Information about why Betsy Ross made the first flag for The United States.
Karla Shaina Ferreiras [05-14-2003]

Is there a site/diagram where the American way of folding your flag? Assistance in the form of a diagram would be helpfull. Thanks, Friend and Ally Tony Huntley
Tony Huntley, Newcastle New South Wales Australia [05-14-2003]

Candy Dudeck [05-14-2003]

Thank You!
anonymous, Tulsa. OK [05-14-2003]

Hi, I am a Cubmaster for a local Cub Scout pack. A few weeks ago we had a meeting with all the leaders and a disagreement over the flag arose. The issue was marching in a parade with a flag having only 48 stars. I stated my opinion, that we needed a flag that had 50 stars, to represent all fifty states. I was told by the other leaders that this was not true, that we could use the 48 star flag. So, I am doing research on this issue. I did find a question and answer on this site stating that it is okay to fly a historic flag. However, I feel this contradicts Title 4, Chapter 1: Sec. 1 and 2, that is also found on this site. This section deals with the adding of stars to the union field. At the time Title 4 was written there were 48 states. I feel strong about having the flag representing the nation as a whole --all 50 states. I have no problem with the historic flags for private collections, I own three historic flags myself. I don't believe historic flags should be flown in public areas. I am looking for some guidance. Do I go along with the other leaders and march in the parade with a 48 star flag or insist on a 50 star flag?
M. McGraw [05-14-2003]

I wrote a report on Betsy Ross and think she is a great person
Eva Waltschew [05-14-2003]

I think her flag is verry pritty!
Amanda, Franklin, Indiana [05-14-2003]

i am 8 years old and i am in 2nd grade, and i am doing a report on betsy ross. i am going to draw a picture of her house and flag. joshua
JOSHUA KREHE, yuba city, ca. u.s.a. [05-14-2003]

How ya doing? I'm great!
Yesenia Perez [05-14-2003]

Please email me and tell me did Betsy Ross have any childhood pictures and if so please send them to me at and by the way i am 9.
grace, K.Y. louisville [05-14-2003]

i love your website and how you made the flags big for a easier way to print them
ERica, usa [05-14-2003]

i like this sight
trunks, wi usa [05-14-2003]

hey great web page love the imforation u give.
katy [05-14-2003]

Anna, u.s.a. [05-14-2003]

kelly [05-14-2003]

had to do a biography and I chose Betsy Ross - I think it is very important to know about her - she made the first American Falg - she is a symbol of AMERICA
Darian, Stoneham, Mass 02180 [05-14-2003]

I am going to do a report on Betsy Ross.You helpde me find info! THANKS!
alisha harmon, flordia [05-14-2003]

Can small flags placed on cemetery plots be left from Armed Forces day until Memorial Day?
Candace Pearce, Greenville, NC 27858 [05-14-2003]

Hi i realy like this site i hope you have lots of luck with it well down here where i live in shelby MI its very not hot!
Amber pretty, Shelby MI [05-14-2003]

i just wanted to say that i have been an american flag lover for many years i am 29 years old, i got my first flag when i was 10 and i still have it! up until 9-11-01 it was a challenge to find really neat collectible nic-nacs now im in hog heaven, i have managed to decorate every room in my house down to the bumper pad on my daughters crib and the born in the u.s.a. car seat in my car, which of course you know matches my car. i am a true patriot, i support and miss our troops! bring them home safe!
LISA D., washington state, u.s.a. [05-14-2003]

I am 7 years old and learnig about the history of the united states.
Nicole Hendry, Stevenson Ranch, CA [05-14-2003]

great stuff
Kassie [05-14-2003]

Betsy Ross is in my ancestry. I am interested in contact with anyone else. email thanks
Jana Jones, Austin, TX [05-14-2003]

I am doing a report on you Betsy and I wanted to see what your house looked like. You are a star!
Emily, age 7, Chandler, AZ (05-06-2003) [05-14-2003]

Natalie B. [05-14-2003]

This site was sooooo very helpful. My daughter is doing a school report on Besty and your site has given her just about everything she could ask for, even a flag to color for her front page
Karen, Whitewater, Wisconsin [05-14-2003]

What was General Washington's inspiration behind the design of the original American flag? Thanks! Kim
Kim, San Francisco, CA [05-14-2003]

Thanks for the info. on Betsy Ross. I'll be speaking about her tomorrow at Plymouth Meeting Friends School. Miranda
anonymous, Plymouth Meeting, PA [05-14-2003]

i visited the web site
hannah, muskego,wisconsin [05-14-2003]

This web. is awesome! RRRRRReeeeeeeaaaaaaallllllllyyyyyyyy!
Janet Macias, San Elizario, Tx El Paso [05-14-2003]

i love this web site and i like that you have a lot of info. on a lot of stuff and that right now in english we are doing a biblography. and i picked BETSY ROSS the reason i picked her was because i read about her an 3rd grade and still have the book called" BETSY ROSS DESIGNER OF OR FLAG" we were all on the interrnet (my classmates) and i was asking people do you know who BETSY ROSS is and a lot of them said"no". i was like WOW peopl dont know who desined out flag and i got a little more interested about how to tell people about her and i so far have 3 pages on her and i have a lot more than any body in my class the reason i have so much is because of the peeople that made the web sites on her and now i got a lot of stuff and i gust want to share so thank you for your help and i LOVE BETSY ROSS !
kristina, markesan wi 53946 [05-14-2003]

this is really a great site! You must have put a lot of time and effort on this. Thank you, it really helped with my homework.
danny, CA all the way [05-14-2003]

I love your site and the tour i'm doing a report on her at school and I just happend to see your site thanks it helps a LOT!
Samy, U.S.a [05-14-2003]

this is a good page with a lot of information about the united states!
jerika, sidney ohio [05-14-2003]

This site gave me a lot of information!
student, at McEvoy middle [05-14-2003]

hello i like sybil ludington not betsy ross!
addy, lemont [05-14-2003]

Your internet location is a really good and safe way for children and good for me to. I am only 9 years old and I love it. Kaylee Krull
Kaylee Krull, Sault Ste. Marie 49783 312 Carrie Street [05-14-2003]

i think americans have freedom of speech and so they have freedom of choice so believe what you want
Ashley [05-14-2003]

Jennifer [05-14-2003]

betsy ross rip girl rip
kortney bliss, pennsylvania [05-14-2003]

i want to have more information about you. can you gaved me taht pleasure
ivan diaz, Edmond Matthis [05-14-2003]

Thanks for making of flag Betsy Ross
Terry Lewis, 1929 Lamb RD. Garland NC 28441 [05-14-2003]

I would really like to know three feelings people experience when they view the American flag and why these thoughts occur.
Rachel Nicole Marks, Clinton N.C. 28328 [05-14-2003]

BETSY FLESKES [05-14-2003]

Viktor Lindberg, Sweden [05-14-2003]

how did betsy ross die and wat isa famous quote by her
anonymous [05-14-2003]

Amanda, summerville, sc [05-14-2003]

yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyo i love betsy
alyssa [05-14-2003]

Trying to find an arm patch of the first American Flag that had 13 stars on it. Have found plenty of companies with regular American Flag Patches, but not one that has the 13 stars in a circle. If you know of a company that makes this, would love to hear.
Michael [05-14-2003]

I am learning about the flag for my girl scout troop to earn a badge. This is a very nice web page, I liked it a lot. Thank you for having it. My Dad is in the Navy and we are proud of him and our flag.
Douglas, Deidre and Daniel, Virginia Beach, VA [05-14-2003]

Dear Besty ross, I know that you are decased but I just wanted to tell you or your spirit that you are my great great great great ansester, on my moms side. and that you will always be my HERO!
Katherine [05-14-2003]

I needed to do a report on Betsy Ross and my teacher wanted us to have two resources for info.and i found a lot of stuff on here! thanks!
Nicole [05-02-2003]

interesting very interesting and very informative good job
mira latinoria [05-02-2003]

Lucy Beltrone Favorito, Acra, N.Y. [05-02-2003]

i think betsy is cool
mac, mi [05-02-2003]

This is a great website! I got the link from the Girl Scouts website. Our Brownie troop is working to earn a Try-it patch called Wave the Flag and I needed some information to satisfy some of the requirements. I got everything I needed and more. Not only the story of the flag but the trivia questions, flag gallery and printable coloring page will make great troop activities. I will definitely recommend this site not just to other Girl Scouts but also my daughter's teachers and school librarian in case they don't already know about it. Thank you!
Tamara A. Gilson, Oceanside, California [05-02-2003]

I am teaching American History adn am looking for stories of teh American Flag. Can you help?
Alyssa Lawton, Kenosha, WI [05-02-2003]

alyssa p. [05-02-2003]

I love how you give so much info about each person!
Carol Crabtree [05-02-2003]

Jenifer Yemole [05-02-2003]

I think Betsy Ross is the best.With out the flag the world would not have kids from all over the world saying the pledgeto her beautiful flag.
Abigail, Fishers,IN [05-02-2003]

SHARON [05-02-2003]

HI i'm looking for good facts about Betsy Ross and need a little help if you can help E-mail me back! thanks
anonymous [05-02-2003]

your web site is wonderful!i cant beleive how much info you guys have on here i mean you know where she was born when she was born how many kids she had and even when she died and where her grave is it just amazes me!
karley cogdill, crawfordsville,indiana,us [05-02-2003]

thanks for the info! britt's 5th grade class is doing a report on famous men and women of the revolutionary war. this was a very helpful start for her report. thanks again, stacy and brittany
stacy and brittany esterbrook, downey california usa [05-02-2003]

your web site is wonderful!
karley cogdill, crawfordsville,indiana,us [05-02-2003]

i luv snail
anonymous [05-02-2003]

Dear Betsy Ross foundation, I think it is so cool that you have all this stuff. It is really educatinal. you need more deatieled pictures. Sincerly,
anonymous, Michigan [05-02-2003]

brittney herring [05-02-2003]

Micaela Kegley [05-02-2003]

I need a Betsy Rosscostume, can you help?
Micaela Kegley, Queen City, T.X. 75572 [05-02-2003]

We visited Betsy's home in July of this year, and my 10 year old daughter was just taken with it so much, she is now doing a report on her for school. Wonderful history, and a memorable visit!
Kathy Sabourin, Shelby, OH, USA [05-02-2003]

I love this site it helped me on my famous american report a lot thanx for creating this site!
Katie, Troy,Michigan [05-02-2003]

justin anderson, warren maine [05-02-2003]

THank you for providing this page for kids and people to view it really helped me on an assignment
Jessica, Kentucky [05-02-2003]

Hi, I realy like your website! I am studing Betsy Ross for a Colonial American Important Person Research Project. This website helped me know more about her and it will help me get a "A" an my project. Thank You for helping me, I apprecate it a lote! Sincerly, Sierra Montoya
Sierra Montoya, USA-Denver,Co [05-02-2003]

I think you are WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! I am convinced Mary Pickersgill made the first flag so IN YOUR FACE!
Karolina R. [05-02-2003]

I am doing a project Betsy Ross! She is a great person! I think that if she wasn't here we would not have the coolest flag out of all the flags! Thanks Betsy
Courtney Kerins, ma [05-02-2003]

I thank you have a GREAT website. But do you have a real picther of Betsy ross or did you gess what she looked like please respond . thanks by the waay Betsy ROss was a greatt person i really like hert i got a lot more informatiom off your site . ethanks
Darian [05-02-2003]

jamie [05-02-2003]

I love your site because you helped me get a good grade!
Danielle Williams, Glenburnie [05-02-2003]

thank you for telling me about betsy ross.
tirsa, dover florida [05-02-2003]

Kelsey Salatino [05-02-2003]

KASEY HENRY [05-02-2003]

chris corey [05-02-2003]

this is a really cool spot to look at!
esmeralda, houston [05-02-2003]

cool page homie! check ya lata
sami, pottsville [05-02-2003]

Bestsy Ross is and always will be a very great person. There would be no true flag with out her. This web site has been very helpful, thinks.Laters Homes
Cathy, Yuma A.Z 10493 Gwen De Fortuna [05-02-2003]

Cathy, Yuma A.Z 10493 Gwen De Fortuna [05-02-2003]

Loved your house! Hope to see it soon.
Ashley Gimbel, Pennsylvaina [05-02-2003]

hey betz wasssup nuttin here u look kinda scary in ur photos
tara Hoffman, new tripoli [05-02-2003]

I love mice, my favorite color is orange. Toodsles!
Madeline Zimmer, pa [05-02-2003]

I Love Betsy Ross House! It was a great tour! I looked at it by computer, but its just the same. I hope to visit it soon! My class were going to go there today. Hope to see it soon. Thanks for making the American Flag!
Ashley Gimbel, Pennsylvaina [05-02-2003]

hi betsy ross how ya doin im tara im kool u seem nice how could count all the stars on the flag ??????????????????????????????????????????????
Tara Hoffman, new tripoli [05-02-2003]

Loana Hoots, Waianae, HI [05-02-2003]

I loved it
Ashley, Spring, tx, 77389 [05-02-2003]

I thought it was very interesting. I went there while earning a try it for girlscouts.
stormie goldsberry, sand springs,ok [05-02-2003]

This was a good site to find info about the flag and who mad eit and the other people who brought about the idea of the flag.
Janet Todd, Leeton, Mo. 64761 [05-02-2003]

i hope when i go to hevan i meet betsy and have more kids with her
fransis dugman, texas [05-02-2003]

Rachel, Glencoe,Il US [05-02-2003]

I have a question. Who was Besty's second husband? Did Besty have any sister(s) or brother(s)? How old was Besty when she died? Thanks!
anonymous [05-02-2003]

I have vistied the house and loved the tour. I went in 2000 but i still remenber it a lot. I would go to the Besty Ross house anytime!
Carrie [05-02-2003]

ashlinn [05-02-2003]

i bet she didnt make the flag i think she was just a normal person because no one saw her make it the only reason we think she made is little boy said he that his grandma betsy ross told him stories about when she made the flag i bet she is a big fake!
FREDISHAY, on mars i took over a space ship [05-02-2003]

Who askedbetsy Ross to make the first American Flag?
Trisha, VA,Hampton [05-02-2003]

i love betsy ross how about you duh!
Erykah, United States of America [05-02-2003]

i really loved this website. i have to do a speech or presentation and my topid i picked was the history of the american flag and i find this information intersting and fun thankyou for showing this info to me and letting me write my comments on it.
jackie, union new jersey [05-02-2003]

For Colonial Days we had to pick a person and you were my first choice and that is who I got.I love the first flag that you sewed.You did a very good job on it.Guess what my middle name is Betsy to
Breann, pa [05-02-2003]


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