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i think that betsy ross was a great person in our history. with out her...there would be no true american flag!
Dana, Chanhassen [04-24-2003]

For Colonial Days we had to pick a person and you were my first choice and that is who I got.I love the first flag that you sewed.You did a very good job on it.Guess what my middle name is Betsy to
Breann, pa [04-24-2003]

heyy i was doing a report on iowa and i asked the website what r 2 famous people that were born in iowa and it brought me 2 this!
adrienne [04-24-2003]

this website is really helpfull for my bibliography! thanKs!
sadie [04-24-2003]

HEllo People!
anonymous [04-24-2003]

Hello. I found the certificate in my mother's things last week. How nice to find you as the second suggestion on Google. Mom's certificate is #2294, issued 1930. Carr, Geuting, Weisgerber, Dearden Jr. signed it.
Marcia Keller, San Diego, CA [04-24-2003]

Cool websute. I am doing a report on betsy ross.
anonymous [04-24-2003]

is it ok to have a flag that is torn. is it also ok to have a flag in the rain or storm.
drew byers, columbus,ohio [04-24-2003]

lin [04-24-2003]

Thank you for having this website. So that our young ladies can learn more about the women that helped our country. Stephanie is doing a report on Betsy Ross, and I thought I'd look up more info. and how she dressed so that I could try to do something for her costume. ThankYou, the Miller's
Janet Bridges- Miller and daughter Stephanie, Tallahassee, Fla. of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA [04-24-2003]

I have carried the Betsy Ross flag for the last 15 years as a member of a color guard with a fife and drum corps. I feel very proud to do so especially since my son is serving in Iraq. I really enjoyed this site, keep up the good work.
Dawn Soucy [04-24-2003]

i think your websight is great! It gives a lot of info. Thanks sooooo much
Amy, Tulsa Oklahoma [04-24-2003]

Thank-You for making this page it really saved me when I needed it for a book report.
Amber, Michigan United States [04-24-2003]

I like this web site because I had to do a report on a person, and I picked Betsy Ross, and you had almost everything that I needed for my report.
Ashley Settle, Columbus, In [04-24-2003]

i found a certificate in our grandmothers basement. thought i had something of value..but it is still apart of history and a part of our family.. thanks so much for the information. my number on the print is 18457. mrs john walsh dayton kentucky. issue 1899.
CATHY FLAIG, kentucky [04-24-2003]

Steve Aragon, Burlington, Kentucky [04-24-2003]

Just wanted to let you know that the elementary school in our town had dress a bananna day. The children had to pick someone famous who was dead or alive. My daughter, Katie a second grader at West Liberty Elementary School, pick Betsy Ross as her famous person. The picture of Betsy Ross and George Washington and the flag was a wonderful help in designing her bananna. Thank you so much for having such a good picture. We really enjoyed this site. Thanks Sheri Corey
Sheri Corey, West Liberty, WV [04-24-2003]

Thanks for the info it will help me an making a activity for childrens time for my church. during the youth sunday. thanks a lot
Tom Pairs, md usa [04-24-2003]

HI, im doing a little biography for my sister on betsy ross! We are here to get information on her. so far it has gone well. bye
Danielle, sorry [04-24-2003]

Wonderful web site! Very informative. Thanks for the flag wallpaper too!
Tammy Alverson, Nuevo, CA [04-24-2003]

Very interesting information we have got from this web site for my grand-daughter Myranda Robison who is in the first grade at Juniata Gap School. She was to pick a famous person for her project connecting to red white and blue day at school. We have choosen Betsy Ross and i had made her an outfit to wear that day. She is so excited about this
Karen Winrick, Altoona,Pa. [04-24-2003]

I think that Betsy Ross was a wonderful woman.
Tanesha Darling, Newberry, Fl [04-24-2003]

I want to thank the people who put together this homepage of Betsy Ross. She has helped me and my fellow Brownie Troop 1300, of Reynoldsburg, Ohio in many ways. The homepage helped us to make a 5-Pointed Star in one Snip! It was so fun! Thank you for all the cool idea's! Emily Bizjak
Emily BIZJAK, Reynoldsburg,OHIO,USA [04-24-2003]

I really like your web site. It was really informative.
Evelyn, Edmond Oklahoma [04-24-2003]

Rick Rick, elcampo [04-24-2003]

wad up? e*mail me aight jessica GOD BLESS AMERICA!
Jessica Oliver, Auburn [04-24-2003]

For school I have picked Betsy Ross to do my autobiography on. I really appreciate all the information you provide on your website- thank you.
Samantha Placzek [04-24-2003]

It was wonderful i loved the sities. -Samantha:)
Samantha, md [04-24-2003]

Nicole Micheals [04-24-2003]

I like Betsy Ross! I like the flag she made too! But the only thing that I didn't get answerd was "How did Besty sow a flag, and get it to become the U.S. flag? How long did it take Besty to sow her flag?" That's all! I LOVE THIS WEBSITE!
Vanessa J Vitali, Westminster CO U.S.A. [04-24-2003]

Kara Tarpey, Poughquag, NY [04-24-2003]

Caroline McLeese, TowandaIL [04-24-2003]

i need a picture of Betsy Ross and it wont pop up
chelmoni [04-24-2003]

I loved this website. I am reaserching Betsy Ross for a Science Project and this was my number one source!
Magz Moo [04-24-2003]

My son and Brittany's brother Jesse Jaramillo is on his 8th grade trip and is visiting Betsy's house right now. We miss him but feel closer being able to see the things he is seeing in person.
Kim Fields & Brittany Fields, San Jose, CA [04-24-2003]

We enjoyed our tour. Seeing the Betsy Ross house was really fun. The flag is beautiful. We had fun!
Hephzibah Elementary School, Hepzibah, GA [04-24-2003]

tell me when you made your flag and how
eugenia, california watsonville [04-24-2003]

I thank you for makking this web site. It has helped meny of my fellow class mates and my self with a class asinment. thanks
Lena [04-24-2003]

Great site, I learned some facts I did not know. I thought this was a very good educational theme that all our school age children should learn and know. Good Job! Hats off and take a Bow!
Debbie, South Carolina [04-24-2003]

SHEREE SANDY, Las Vegas, Nevada. [04-24-2003]

Iloved it! I IS #1
anonymous [04-24-2003]

Like the Flag
Babe, Jackson, Michigan [04-24-2003]

This information was really helpful for my History Report but I still wish that i could find out more information on the American Flag and what the colors and designes represent. But, that's okay. It still really helped for my report! -Crystal
Crystal [04-24-2003]

Excellent. from a Proud & Patriotic American
Judy L Bierle, Sioux Falls SD [04-24-2003]

KittiQueen [04-24-2003]

The message is enlighting for me, a new comer. I appreciate the story of Betsy Ross, a patriotice. I could feel her thoughts and feelings in that era. I am writing a research paper about our flag. Thank you,
soumana na champassak, Kennewick, WA [04-21-2003]

Your website has been most helpful to our troop in completing our "Wave the Flag" Brownie Try-It. The girls will certainly visit this site again and again for useful and interesting information about our nation's flag. Thanks for creating such a wonderful resource of material so easily available at our fingertips! What a terrific way to build patriotism for all of us, at a time when we need it!
Girl Scout Troop #579, Upper Arlington, OH [04-20-2003]

i read in "lies about american history" that betsy ross is not mentioned in history books until 1935. it said that rosses relatives created a hoax to get a relative in the history books.
anonymous [04-20-2003]

This site is very helpful.. i was typin a paper for when i go on a 4-H trip this summer, see i have to type a paper on any place we're going and this was my first decision its just soo interesting! thanks a bunch!
shana, gering [04-19-2003]

brandy stuart, rockford mi. [04-19-2003]

I was able to have all of my questions answered, this is a great site. I would recomend it to everyone that is looking for informationon on the AMERICAN flag. I have told my Grand kids about it. I also think the directions for making the 5 pointed star in 1 snip was neat and my grandkids are having fun making stars. Thanks again. I am sure I will be using this site again.
Patsy Siemen, Harbor Beach Mi. [04-19-2003]

please send me any imformation on u.s and our flags
MS. URANAS, houston, tx [04-19-2003]

i read a biography on Betsey Ross and i thought her life was interesting.
Kelsey Slivka, Carol Stream,IL [04-19-2003]

Tammy DiMattia [04-19-2003]

Have a question about using a flag that was used to cover a casket. Can this flag be flown or does it have to be put away and never displayed?
ann mckinnon, Connecticut [04-19-2003]

This web site is for young and old. My 39 year old father and I both learned somthing today. Because I have a project to do on Betsy's life.
Allyson Carlton, Jupiter Florida U.S.A. [04-19-2003]

i liked to read about betsy ross.
JACLYN SIDES, marcus hook [04-19-2003]

Megan [04-19-2003]

Ellen Kenny, Florida, [04-19-2003]

I was here. -molly
molly [04-19-2003]

Deirdre Feightner, Cleveland,Ohio [04-17-2003]

Andrew, Ohio [04-17-2003]

excellent web site. always good to see a patriotic site.
Nancy, Iowa [04-17-2003]

this is the best place eva! every time i go to philly this is where i go! holla at love, yo mama
yo mama, nyc [04-17-2003]

Yeah i was here remember i was here!
Pam Cendrowski, northfield,New Jersey [04-17-2003]

i like to laern about famous people a lot!
eel, lacion,nh [04-17-2003]

Why does the flag patch emblem on our soldiers right arm look as if it is sewn on backwords...the field of blue is ahead (going first) but it appears to be backwards...and if it is going "forward", why not just place the flag on the left arm??? Please let us know why this is. Thanks!
Linda, Scottsdale, AZ [04-17-2003]

I needed information for a school project and this site gave me more information and pictures than any other site I looked at. I enjoyed reading about her. Thanks.
zoe st. clair, Orlando, Florida [04-17-2003]

I'm a girlscout
della, Little rock [04-17-2003]

You website is totally filled with good info. I had a project about Betsy Ross and I needed some information that this website gave me.
anonymous [04-17-2003]

Dear, Elizabeth I like your book I am doing my book report on you ok!
Bryanna, 485 Villge circle Stockbridge,GA [04-17-2003]

when was the flag first flown?
joe [04-17-2003]

Living in the 50th State,Hawaii,* we are the last star to be added to the American flag! I really liked learning how to cut out an American Flag Star from this site * Thank-you! I want to thank-you, also, for honoring our flag and Betsy Ross with this educational website. I'm glad I found it and will share it with others. Aloha
Rose, Hawaii [04-16-2003]

All The Pictures Are Grate! And Good Info Too!
Paige Besse, DearBornHts Mi [04-16-2003]

Debra Ferrell, Columbus, OH [04-16-2003]

Great piece in honor of our soldiers. Very meaningful to us since our oldest Grandson is in the Gulf area. We do not know where he is or what he is doing but pray for him and the others daily.
Art and Vi Johnson, Downey, CA 90241 [04-16-2003]

This is really neat. i think that it is good for kids to have history on the internet. Churchick07 GOD BLESS AMERICA
Emily [04-16-2003]

i am doing a skeech.vis site hewlp-ed me wots. luv bobby Ahge:6(fiks) This was written by Bobby's wonderful and caring sister who wrote every word exactly as he said them(HA HA!)and never teases him From, Alicia Rattson Age:11
Hi, I'm Bobby!, Alabama [04-16-2003]

My 11 year is doing a report on Betsy Ross. I have found this site to be a very helpful tool. Thank you. God Bless America and all those soldiers who are protecting us. I am an AMERICAN!
Michele French, Indianapolis, IN [04-15-2003]

I am a 9 year-old girl doing a report on Betsy Ross. I want to know lots of information on her so I went to this website and I think it is a great website and I'm going to recomend it to anyone that want's information on Betsy Ross.
Anne Marie, Wilmington,Massachusetts [04-15-2003]

I think betsy ross is a great gal and if i could i would meet her, but that is hard because she is dead. she is one very patriotic girl and i think that people should love our country as much as she did
Jesse L. Fittro [04-15-2003]

This website is great 2 learn from.
Amber Passmore, South Carolina [04-15-2003]

Among other flags,I found it hard to find a GOOD picture of the flag with the 13 stars in a circle.Symbolizing the 13 colonies.The tour was fine,but I'm sure in person would be better.Thank You
anonymous, new bedford,mass. [04-15-2003]

you know, several people have ask me if i agreed with the war. it is not a matter if anybody agrees with the war, we have young men over there fighting for us and we need to be there for them, stand behind our president and our american troops. i enjoyed the web site, and keep up the wonderful job that you are doing. may god bless each and every one of us.
JEANNIE TUCKER, pell city, al---usa [04-15-2003]

anonymous [04-15-2003]

My daughter, Harley, is doing a report and poster on Betsy Ross, this site helped. She also has a dress that she will wear that resembles the one that Betsy is wearing in the pictures we've found. I am still looking for a picture to put on her poster, I am not sure where I can find one. I need at least and 8x10, if you know of one or where i can print one please email me back. Thanks so much. Christie
anonymous, Jackson, MS [04-15-2003]

This truely is a great homepage about Betsy Ross. I got mostly all the information I needed here!
Aria [04-15-2003]

Michael Bowie [04-15-2003]

i love u.s.a.
ELEO., italy [04-15-2003]

What a wonderful site! I am a six grade English teacher, and my classroom is decorated with American Flags and has been for years. My kids spin in a circle when we say the Pledge because there are flags on every wall! God Bless America and our troops at war.
Vicki Adams Storrie, Denton, TX [04-15-2003]

Hi, thank you so much for making this wonderful website. As i looked through all the pages i learned a lot and i think it is wierd or odd that you have to present fold and all that other stuff in a certain way!Thanks again:)
Sarah [04-15-2003]

I am doing a paper on an important person and mine is Betsy Ross. This homepage has helped me a lot. Thank you for all the information you had here.
Kaitlyn Brown, Tustin, CA. [04-15-2003]

We love the flag and your website.
Nancy Bair, Westminster, MD [04-15-2003]

Tori Scott [04-15-2003]

hi i am doing a report on betsy ross.
SHELBY, odenville alabama U.S.A. [04-15-2003]

What a great site! Thank you.
Kim Saltmarsh, Manchester, NH [04-15-2003]

I love the us expecailly since my dad is in the war!SO GOD BLESS THE USA!
summer [04-15-2003]

Ilove betsy Roos Asburn Claypoll
Shannon, MATewksbury [04-15-2003]

Nice Web Page. Thanks.
Gene Bowser, New Lebanon [04-15-2003]

Everone should have this information in the "FAVORITES" file. I also sent this on to all my friends who are on line.Thanks for sharing. Joe M
Joe M.Marhefka, Rockaway,N.J. Morris County 07866 [04-15-2003]

Message is for all your offerings,not just Betsy Ross. you are very clever.
Phyllis Lessans, Chevy Chase, Maryland [04-15-2003]

Hi Betsy, Great job on the Stars-and-Stripes Peter
Peter Plikas, Mount Prospect, Illinois [04-15-2003]

I like this web site
anonymous [04-15-2003]

Harley H Fields, Indianapolis indiana [04-15-2003]

I neend to know more about the flag for a report.
Breanna Skeens, Roseville,CA [04-15-2003]

I love your site! Thanks to yous, now i have a lot of information on Betsy Ross for my project! Thanks a lot!
Samantha [04-15-2003]

Bear (Hollywood) [04-15-2003]

this web site was a good help for me.....thanks!
KATIE, lacey township,new jersey [04-15-2003]

Someone asked last night what the colors Red White & Blue represented on the flag. Your site was very informative. Thanks,
Fred DeHoff, Newport Beach, CA [04-15-2003]

Thank you for such wonderful choices to pull from. The flags are beautiful!
Vernita Edmondson, Fort Lauderdale [04-15-2003]

God Bless all of our soldiers.
Donna Lee, Lewisburg TN [04-15-2003]

i love the american flag!
Lulu (nickname) [04-12-2003]

We Have enjoy this we are working on our Wave the Flag Try-It and the GIrl Scouts have come to understand about the flag more Thak you troop 893
TROOP 893, Pinconning, MI [04-10-2003]

I hate the american flag i mena what does it stand for anyways? its just a piece of clothes that waves in the sky.
Sami Luna, nashville tn [04-10-2003]

I loved your page! I had to do a presentation for English on Betsy Ross and I found all I needed on your page---except the names of Betsy Ross's brothers and sisters. Otherwise I love the page!
Courtney, Pennsylvania [04-10-2003]

I loved the site! It had everything I needed to know! Thanks a bunch!
EmilY, Tejas [04-10-2003]

Nice website! It is very informative and I really like the animated folding flag.
anonymous, Little Rock, Arkansas [04-10-2003]

I have to do a report on Betsy Ross. I'm in the 5th grade.
Sara [04-10-2003]

I love betsy Ross!
Kaitlin, Va CoGVTOIN [04-10-2003]

Dylan Ster [04-10-2003]

Xi Chen [04-10-2003]

betsy ross was a grate person i did a book report on her
anonymous, sata margarita california [04-10-2003]

How long (and what grades) did Betsy spend at Quaker Friend's School for her education? thanks, e. caputo
anonymous [04-10-2003]

I love Betsy Ross! God bless America! Pattie
Pattie, Los Angeles [04-09-2003]

Heyy my name is shaniqua! And I think that this is an awesome website! It tells you everything that you need to know about that flag, except, that of what was the exact date that the flag was sewn by betsy ross!
sHANIQUA [04-09-2003]

I'm in third grade. In school we are doing a report and i'm doing it on Betsy Ross I have to dress like her and write about her. We will be doing a "Living History Fair". I learned a lot off this website. I can't believe what it would be like to have 16 brothers and sisters.
Tara, EnglishTown,N.J,USA, [04-09-2003]

I am 9 years old and in the 3rd grade. I had to do a research paper on a famous American and I chose Betsy Ross. Kaitlin
Kaitlin McDonald, Missouri City, Texas [04-09-2003]

I really enjoyed all the information that you provided. It was very informative. My wife is a school teacher teaching the third grade and is putting on a patriotic program and she will be able to use some of the information. jdt
James Tharpe, Grenada, Mississippi 38901 [04-09-2003]

LOVE the website I had to do a report and here you are!
leah, South Boston VA usa [04-09-2003]

I had to study Betsy Ross and this website really helped me get good research about her.
Sydney dalton [04-09-2003]

I am doing a report on Betsy came here. thank you keri
KERI DENNIS, haies city,FL,and Polk [04-09-2003]

Thanks for the website, I have used it frequently in my classes.
NHoover, Canutillo, Texas [04-09-2003]

sarah, philly [04-09-2003]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross as a famous Pennsylvanian. I've enjoyed learning about her. You have a great website.
Colin, North Versailles, PA [04-09-2003]

this was cool i learned a lot and my little sister found a lot of info for a report she is doing on Betsy Ross
lindsay, west bloomfeild MI [04-09-2003]

You should have something on the diesiner of the flag!
anonymous [04-09-2003]

This site is wonderful for homeschooling! Thank you.
katherine, berlin, vt [04-09-2003]

betsy ross is so amazing !
anonymous, Van Nuys Ca. [04-09-2003]

We are in Girl Scouts and we are working on our Wave A Flag try-it. It was very helpful and interesting to read about facts that we didn't know about. Thank you.
Deb Leak, Alexis Hyatt, &Megan Hanson, Lake Odessa, Michigan USA [04-09-2003]

My friends and I were doing a project on Betsy Ross. we found your webpage very helpful. You have a lot of useful information that helped us a lot. Thanks, Anita Haircut
Anita Haircut, usa [04-09-2003]

Our home & clothing are full of the image of our U.S. flag. When looking at our flag, my pride of our country is overwhelming. The United State flag of red, white, blue & 50 symbolic stars is a reminder of freedom, love of country & deep gratitude to those men & women who have lost their lives to protect our flag & our freedom. God has blessed all of us who are fortunate to live our lives in this amazing country. If it's possible, the flag has even more meaning to our family at this time of war as our son-in-law is serving to defend & protect our country & all of its citizens.
Cherie, Turlock, Ca. [04-09-2003]

I had to do a Language Arts prodject on Betsy Ross. I went to this site continously. Thanks
Tessa Peterson, Hermiston, Oregon [04-09-2003]

when can you have flags and accessories available on the internet for sale? thanks
ALLEN BRADBURY, delta,co. usa [04-09-2003]

This is a great site. Was looking for things for my girl scout troop for their "wave the flag" try-it thanks Brownie Girl scout leader
anonymous, Marceline Missouri 64658 [04-09-2003]

Dear Betsy Ross, I never new that you were married. Do you have any kids? I'm in 4th grade and i'm learning about the america revolutionary war and i wanted to learn about you but someboady all ready took you. So know i'm leaarning about thomas jefferson. Do you know thomas jefferson? Did you see him a lot? sincerly, melissa marcello
melissa, rochester ny [04-07-2003]

Hi my grandma looks up a lot of reshearch on are family and she found out that I am related to Besty Ross. She is my 7th great aunt and that someone in my class is related to her too. That is weird! So I am related to him because we are both related to Besty.
KaylaRae, Colorado [04-07-2003]

When was Betsy Ross born?
Kelsey youngman [04-07-2003]

GOD BLESS AMERICA! Albert Garcia Cub Scout Pack 243 Den Leader Den #1 Tigers
Albert Garcia, Sanford, FL 32771 [04-07-2003]

I am a descendent of George Ross through Mark Bird who lived in the Antiock Community in Kings Mountain South Carolina.
Sandra Gregory, Bessemer City, North Carolina [04-07-2003]

This site has been very helpful in teaching my Kindergarten students about the U.S. Flag.
Neomi Brock, Olton Texas [04-07-2003]

great site
anonymous [04-07-2003]

Looking Forward to meeting Ms. Ross
Laurie Boyd, Gray, Maine [04-07-2003]

This is an excellent tour. I feel almost as if I was in the house. What a great job!
Debra Hustler, Edmonds, Washington USA [04-07-2003]

Mike Stevens [04-07-2003]

amrican flag needs grand unio fag in cantonlike austrailia
anonymous [04-07-2003]

Bridgette Cox, Federal Way, WA. [04-07-2003]

I read a lot of things on Betsy Ross and I think she was a very great person, who makes me proud to be an American. Thanks, Elizabeth
Elizabeth, New Mexico [04-07-2003]

Mikale [04-07-2003]

anonymous, California [04-07-2003]

u gyas gave mae a lot of info i really needed it for me school project! thanks, shaleza yassin
shaleza yassin, yonkers ny united sta [04-07-2003]

This was a huge help to me since I had a paper to write and it counted as 3/4 of my social studies grade.
Ashley, in, usa [04-07-2003]

I enjoyed the site and virtual tour of Betsy Ross' home. I refreshed my knowledge of flag etiquiette and wish all Americans would study up on this before displaying our nation's symbol. Thanks.
Linda Dent, Lancaster, California U.S.A. [04-07-2003]

I think Betsy Ross is the most interesting person I hae ever heard of in my whole life!
samantha, West Blommfield mi [04-07-2003]

I am a mid-level (4th - 8th grades) education major at Arkansas State University.
Rosalee Clem, Jonesboro, Arkansas [04-07-2003]

I'm reading her book
DREW, n.c [04-04-2003]

Hello for my social studies expo I am doing the u.s flag and its changes! This Page helped me out a lot, Thank You~~~My Biography is on Betsy Ross I am Big fan of her!~~~THANK YOU SO MUCH~~~
Meghan [04-04-2003]

hi betsy ross i am doing a report on you well with love nikki carwford please e-mail me back
nikki crawford, utica ohio 43080 [04-04-2003]

i want dates of besty rosses life.
Rebecca J. Beitzinger, Westervill OHIO [04-04-2003]

im looking for three wedding pictures of betsy ross and her husbands indivisally
ashley randall, sanford maine [04-04-2003]

i came to get a picture and it had it it just wouldn't let me print it. Stubid thing.
Hailey [04-04-2003]

Allly Alvarez [04-04-2003]

I was looking for a US-flag to use as wallpaper, and I came across this page. There are some interesting facts here, and I'm glad to see there are still coutries that show some pride in their national symbol. I support the war against Saddam Hussein and his regime, and I wish that it will be over soon, resulting in total victory and with as few casualties on allied side as possible. And to all Americans, regardless of your views, be proud that you are a citizen of a country that at least tries to do the right thing, in sted of just talk a lot like most others.
Ruben Geerlings, Bennebroek, N-Holland, The Netherlands [04-04-2003]

I think betsy Ross made a lot of good history. In our class we are writing ballets. I'm doing mine on Betsy Ross and the flags she made.!
Shelby, Hayfork Ca [04-04-2003]

good site
anonymous [04-04-2003]

Thank you for having this web site it has helped me and my classmates a lot ! THANK YOU !
Shaina Godwin, geraldine ;Alabama ; u.s. [04-04-2003]

this awesome i never knew this stuff thanks now i am smart
christin, Honey brook PA [04-04-2003]

Enjoyed reading the story of Betsy Ross and all about the history of the Flag of our Nation.
Ginger Lewis, Jasper, Georgia USA [04-04-2003]

i'm doing u as a social studies reporyt and i have to dress up like u. I really enjoy learning about you. Yours trulely, Monika Mruk
Monika Mruk, Massachsetts [04-04-2003]

alexandria [04-04-2003]

mariah [04-04-2003]

I think that this web site is a awsome way to get some great information about Betsy Ross. You did a very well done job. If you possibly know where a timeline of Betsy Ross' life is, I would be overjoyed if you could e-mail me to tell me where one is. Thank you ever so much, and again, well done on the beautiful web page.
Chelsea Manchester, Downingtowm PA [04-04-2003]

anonymous, Alex Vanderbelt [04-04-2003]

ally [04-04-2003]

more info on her!
Nikki [04-04-2003]

This web is a great place but needs more info.
Abby, carey North Carolina [04-04-2003]

this was the best
Lamond Lemar, no way [04-04-2003]

Thank you for all the information I have a nine year old daughter who is learning about NYC at School in england
lesley glover, england [04-04-2003]

great site i got most of my info for my report on your site g2g
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Dude this is some really cool facts
Dude, dc [04-02-2003]

This is a great site1 I love it!
Elizabeth, Atlanta,Georgia [04-02-2003]

I am researching information about the U.S. flag for my daughter's Brownie Girl Scout troop. We want to have a retirement ceremony for a worn-out flag at our camp-out.
Kelly Griffiths, Fenton, MI [04-02-2003]

meghan [04-02-2003]

I Love your pictures
Graciela, Houston,Texas [04-02-2003]

I liked looking at the info on this website.
Reanna Plogeta, u.s.a. [04-02-2003]

On a lark, I searched under Betsy Ross and came upon your website. How nice it is! My grandmother always told us that our great, great,....grandmother was Betsy Ross. Someday I intend to find out the truth. My grandmother is from Pennsylvania. Any ideas on how to find the truth?
Lisa Sheridan, South Bend Indiana [04-02-2003]

My father was a Marine and my son is a Marine now serving in the Iraq war. I have always been proud to display our flag. God Bless America
Carl Fratus, Chatsworth, California USA [04-02-2003]

Sandi Duckert, Omaha, NE [04-02-2003]

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it was a very interesting page
angel garcia, brownsville, texas [04-02-2003]

I like the site it is very intersting and the hole family like to go there every year.
Sandra Velazquez, Phialdelphia P.A. [04-02-2003]

your so great! I'm doing a book report on you and what you have done. I love America,and I love our flag.Everything you did was great.You are my hero.
Katelyn, Brighton,Colorado [04-02-2003]

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yogimelissa 'o'connorloral, ca;lifornia city, california [04-02-2003]

thank you so much for your website! i(morgan) was trying to help my younger sister(meredith) to find so info on Betsy Ross without much success until we came across your site. Thanks again!
meredith and morgan, north carolina [04-02-2003]

I just wanted to say i am glad she is important to us cu zi have to do her for Walk Through History kk bye bye
Brittany, oregon [04-02-2003]

helen [04-01-2003]

I'm very proud to be a sixth-generation descendent of Betsy's; my maternal great-grandfather was Charles Balderston, a grandson of Betsy's daughter Jane Claypoole. Thanks for honoring her!
Susan Michael Pemble, Melbourne, Florida [04-01-2003]

CASIE [04-01-2003]

People I am so mad because you won't give me any pictures of Betsy Ross and I need them. Melissa
Melissa Hayward, Ohio [04-01-2003]

I thought learning about this woman was great. She has a wonderful history behind her. I loved doing a project on her!
ashley, Hampton NH [04-01-2003]

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its good knowing great woman live!Thank 4 all the info.
ashley, phx,az [04-01-2003]

your page is really informative! thank you! I have to do a paper on Betsy Ross and it really helps to have a lot of info! thanks again!
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I'm only 6 years old and I love the Flag. It's a beautiful flag and in Brownies we are going to learn about the Flag and Betsy Ross. I think Betsy Ross did a good job on the first flag. I appreciate her making it and my troop will earn a patch because of this cool website and of course BETSY ROSS. GOOD BYE EVERYBODY BETSY ROSS RULES!
Alanis Lynne, Troop 1075 Bronx, New York [04-01-2003]

i need pictures and fast my report is due this thur.
halie [04-01-2003]

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This is the best Iam doing a speech on Betsy Ross so I thought to come here! THANK YOU !
Laura, Fairfield, IL U.S.A. [04-01-2003]

my child is doing a report on betsy ross and needs a famous quote by her. i don't think there is one and if there is can any one let me know. thanks mom
mom, ohio [04-01-2003]

God Bless the USA and our flag
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Betsy ross is awsome i'm doing a report on her.
emily [04-01-2003]

Hello, My name is Darrol Iverson and I am a Fire Fighter in the Seattle Washington area. I have been put in charge of creating a protocol for the proper displaying and etiquitte of the American flag for our fire district. I came across your site and was very impressed with the content and that is the reason that I am writing to you. I would like to print the information off your website and incorporate it into our district policies. I noticed from your website that it is copywrited, and therefore I am requesting your permission to use the information contained in your website to be incorporated in our fire dept's policies. I feel that everyone should be familiar with the proper respect due to our nations symbols and especially fire fighters as we are often thought of as "America's Hero's" Thank you for creating such an enlightening and informative site. I look forward to hearing back from you and to being able to share your vision and insight with my fellow fire fighters. GOD BLESS AMERICA!
Darrol Iverson, Seattle, Washington [04-01-2003]

I am doing a biograph on Betsy Ross. Your web page was very helpfull.
Erica, usa [04-01-2003]

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This site was wonderful. My daugter had a report due on Betsy Ross and we found this site. We both enjoyed our visit here.
Debi, Duluth,Georgia.30096 [04-01-2003]

I'm checking this site out doing some research for my Brownie Girl Scout Troop. We are working on a Try-It called "Wave the Flag". Thanks for giving me some valuable information to share with the girls.
Tami Mackey, Marengo, Illinois [04-01-2003]

God Bless America!
Jessica Spencer, Wilmington,DE,USA [04-01-2003]

i think betsy ros was an amazing woman she shoould have her own holiday. she had a very good potential she as most people said she was very nice she should be horored in a very very very good way. Eventhough im not into politics and history i know she must have been a really good lady.i think she is the best part of history because if we didnt have her where would our soldiers have been without her support?andwhere would we be without her flag? she was not oly the first to make aa american flag she was the first to actually support the U.S.
Kayla M. [04-01-2003]

I am glad your web site is here - my daughter has to a report on Betsy Ross and we have a to make a costume and needed to know what type of clothes she wore. Thank you
Cynthia Towers, Van Alstyne, Texas [04-01-2003]

Hi my name is Molly and i would just like to say taht Betsy Ross is my hero she is so amazing! Come on i mean she made the flage and my frind Devin is being her for a project in school and i was reading a page of her book and it said "betsy ross is an amazing person that has the talent of not many people." and i thought then that i would love i mean LOVE to be like betsy thats why i neamed my car bessy And let me tell you good old Bessy gets us around! I love to travle in her but............i hope that she dies because the car is really ulgy and i cant stand drooping off my kids in it because the are so imbaressed but besty is so cool i mean she has that talent to haev ehr name all over the world because of what she has dont and that Molly pitcher WOOOHHHOOOOOOO she has one type of a talent i would love to be her too i mean she didnt even get shoot in the head witch she shouldnt have even died becaz she was amazing too@! well i hope taht you all loved my wonderful and bueitful pragraph.........<3 ya all MOlly your wonderful love P.S. I LOE MARCUS
MOLLY [04-01-2003]

Great information for my Girl Scouts! Thanks :)
Joetta Cherry, Sturgis, MI [04-01-2003]

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it gives my daughter's book report more information. thanks
EMELIANA ROBLES, castaic, ca. [04-01-2003]

OK! I am 11 years old and I need 2 do a report for school. Could someone tell me the names of Betsy Ross's Siblings in birth order?
me [04-01-2003]

is it ture that betty's the one who sowed the first flag?
krysten [04-01-2003]

I enoy the web site and will probably return from time to time as time permits to do more browsing. Keep up the good work as it too helps to remind us what the flag of our country means to us.
Alan K. Borders, Linton, IN [04-01-2003]

I have found in my Grandmothers belongings a Certificate No 267 Issue 1919 Series P to certify is was a member of the American Flag House and Betsy Ross Memorial Association, and a Subscriber to the Endowment Fund. Is there a web site to view all names stated and preserved in the Archives of the Association? Thank you.
Gerry Maurer, Pensacola, FL 32514-3313 [04-01-2003]

Mary Carleton, Pittsburgh, Pa [04-01-2003]

i'd like to say to betsy ross if she was still alive that she has a nice home and i realy like her flag and all the stuff that she made when she was a kid
ashley, girard,kansas [04-01-2003]

I remember reading that the flag should be hoisted on a vertical pole quickly. The exception would be at a solemn ceremony. I did not notice any such reference here. Is there a right or wrong way to hoist the flag?
Gene Harvey, Springfield, Ohio [04-01-2003]

I'v realy injoyed this page I think it speaks to everybody how goes to this page. I'm in the seventh grade and this is my new patriotic reacomandation page.
stetson l. gross, TX. grabury [04-01-2003]

the pictures are great! it helped me learn more about betsy ross
Austin, Westwood, NJ [04-01-2003]

Show my the map that you left in your house when you did the flag.
Sandoval,Daniel, Brownsville,Tx [04-01-2003]

this site is great! it helped me on my report that was due just two days ago.
anonymous [04-01-2003]

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i came to your website to get a picture of betsy ross' american flag for a scholl project. i also printed out your story on betsy ross. i am having fun reading about betsy ross.
MORGAN GAST, st. louis, mo [04-01-2003]

I am looking for information on Betsy Ross' lineage, her parents, her siblings, her children, etc. This would include names, dates of birth, dates of marriages, dates of death, etc.
Marti Schauer, Lampasas, Texas [04-01-2003]

Thanks for the great website! It has helped me a lot on working towards a Girl Scout badge!
Chanel, Winslow, IN [04-01-2003]

Hello. This info has helped me a lot.
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I enjoyed your page on the American flag. My class is doing research on it. It was very helpful
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Yo yall Betsy ROCKS!
anonymous [04-01-2003]

Why are there no links to official USA goverment flag protocol on your site? I do not like taking someone elses word for for it. I also am certain that your protocol is accurate but not complete. I would appreciate your assistance in finding a link to the USA government link as well as the armed forces flag protocols. Gary
Gary Norris [04-01-2003]

I truly enjoyed and appreciate the work put into this website. My 8 year old daughter has a Social Studies Fair Project on Betsy Ross. You have many great ideas for the information provided. The flag history, trivia, and info on Betsy herself. Great job! Carmen
Carmen McAlexander, Kingfisher, Ok 73750 [04-01-2003]

I loved the site.I am doing a report on Elizibeth Ross and I found this site.
Alex Whittaker, Edwardsville,IL [04-01-2003]

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Lucy Henderson, Cols.,GA [04-01-2003]

did she make the flag i have to do a book report on her.
samantha, Palmyra,WI [04-01-2003]

Thank You for all your information
Victoria Mallada, Leominster, MA [04-01-2003]

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I was wondering if there is any of the first flags on display any where.
Carrie M, Richmond Virginia [04-01-2003]

Why did Betsy Ross make the flag? What do the stars represent? What do the strips represent? please writ back to me so i can know thes things thank you.
Jaymie, nh [04-01-2003]

Thank you for your website. I am a Girl Scout Leader in Middleburg, Florida and we are working on a badge regardig patroitism and I needed specific information regarding sales of flags and size & dementions. Your site has been most helpful. Sincerely, Tammy Fitzmartin
Tammy Fitzmartin, Orange Park, Florida [04-01-2003]

I love this site!
Tiffany, Smyth County va [04-01-2003]

God Bless America & our Flag!
Kathryn Smith, Shreveport, LA [04-01-2003]

Your site is cool and really informational and has very good details about Betsy Ross and the congress. Hope to find more about the first american flag.
anonymous [04-01-2003]

i think your web site is great to me it has a lot of imfo for me to get for women history month thank you a lot! this has been a life savor to me
TABATHA, maysvill n.c white oak river [04-01-2003]

Betsy Ross was the best person in the world because she made the american flagg.I like this site because it gives me information about BetsyRoss.
MollyRoseMorgan, worcesterMA [04-01-2003]

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My son and I used this site to prepare for our cub scout meeting and to learn many interesting facts about the greatest symbol of freedom the world will ever know.
William Hitchcock, Michigan [04-01-2003]

this sight was great for my report thank you
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Hi, I had a great time visiting your site! I am doing a report on Betsy Ross! This site has taught me much about her and her life styles! Thank you!
Mary-Katelyn, Longwood, FL [04-01-2003]

I was in Phildelphia, PA in January 2003, and I was very excited to see Ms. Ross house. It seemed to be so tiny, from the outside; because of time, I was not able to enter and tour. Touring through is website has calmed the interest of what I had missed. Hopefully, in the come year, I hope to return to Phildelphia and thus tour the lovly home of Bety Ross. Its really a marvel to have actually seen "The Betsy Ross" house, just thinking back to when I was a little girl and had to study and wonder about such people in past history. Thanks for preserving history of Phildelphia, PA. I hope to tour with my grand children. Thank you again!
Patricia Brinkley, PO Box 21084, Huntsville, AL 35824 [04-01-2003]

i was interested in finding out about an american flag that my friend has and we looked it up and it is the betsy ross flag. she says it has the date of 1847 and made in america tag, so we have came to your site to find out any history on the betsy ross flag.
ROXANNA SHAW, wichita, ks 67204 [04-01-2003]

i really liked this web site it is cool i will go on it all the time thank you !
jessica haddad, redford MI USA [04-01-2003]

Active duty in the United States Navy. God Bless America and the United States Navy,.
AFCM C M LA PORTE, nas oceana va [04-01-2003]

i am doing a project on betsy ross if u can plz send pictures of her to
Britny Davis, 809 Westbourne Ave. Zanesville OH 43701 [04-01-2003]

I loved your website because I found everything I needed in a snap!
Luis Martinez, Bloxom, Virginia [04-01-2003]

Nice job neat cyber visit
Cathy, Lansdale, PA [04-01-2003]

Kayla Giles Fort Myers Beach florida She married a Giles' in my family!
anonymous [04-01-2003]

I think the spread of welcomed patriotism is shown in our attempt to show our flag in all ways we can. I think it is time to "modernize" our flag usage rules. While we should maintain TOTAL respect for the physical "Fabric" Flag and how it is displayed we must allow usage in ways which keep it consatantly in our view ie: respectful clothing, celebration plates,banners, decals. I know "change" is possible because you say we should fly the Flag in non-government/military days such as Mothers Day, New Years Day and Politically influenced celebrations such as Martin Luther King Day-- You alter the original, so be practical. BDQ
Ben D Qualls COL USA AVN (RET), Flower Mound TX [04-01-2003]

dis is tite
Hanna, japan [04-01-2003]

Very informative, will be back as needed. Thanks.
Jerry, Milwaukee WI [04-01-2003]

I wanted to know when Betsy Ross finished the flag. Mission Accomplished.
Richard Bailey, Winslow IN [04-01-2003]

Hey i love living in the usa it's so cool being FREE!:)
Marissa, Ogden,Illinois USA [04-01-2003]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross and need some info. If you could would you please E-mail me with her educational info. Thank You Very Much ALEXANDRIA FLOWERS
Alexandria Flowers, Williamstown,WV [04-01-2003]

if the teacher did not say i needed a book to read i would not have to you gave me all the info i needed. thank you
maria pellegrino, East Haven Conn. school report [04-01-2003]

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Cool site,it would have been nice to of met her.She seems like a great person.It helps me with my homework
Mitch, England [04-01-2003]

This site is awesome i luv it it tells a lot about the flags history
Jeweliette [04-01-2003]

I love to fly the Flag. I do have a question since we are at war. Should and can you fly the flag night & Day everyday?? In times of War Thank You God Bless, Linda
LINDA, Fletcher, N.C. 28732 [04-01-2003]

I am having a DAR meeting at my house on June 14, Flag Day, and am to give a program. This year I am giving a program on Betsy Ross. What I would like to have is a T-Shirt with a flag with the thirteen (13) stars. Would you know where I could purchase either a T-shirt, or a polo shirt such as that? Thank you.
Martha Brennecke, Parsons, Kansas [04-01-2003]

Brownie Troop 81 (2003), johnstown, PA USA [04-01-2003]

I'm a big fan of Betsy Ross! Tomorrow my class is doing a presentation on a famous American and I'm doing Betsy Ross. Sincerely, Michele Pavlak
Michele Pavlak, Doyestown, Pennsylvania [04-01-2003]

Very nice website.
Webmaestro, Miami,Florida [04-01-2003]

i love to be u because i went to make a flag like u besty
danielle, lewistown pa usa [04-01-2003]

I have always thought that our flag was one of the most beautiful pieces of decoration ever constucted. I have always looked at the flag and thought about the feelings that Betsy Ross must have had while working on it. With our nation in war, I now look at our flag and think about all the American soldiers fighting under its glory. God Bless our USA.
Cathy E. Day, United States of America [04-01-2003]

Great site, I found answers to several of my questions.
TAUNTON, Debary, Fl [04-01-2003]

Karen Hudson, Phila. Pa. 19154 [04-01-2003]

I am working on a report for Betsy Ross. Thank you for having information available about her.
Marina Tipold, Hobart, IN [04-01-2003]

Wilson Lin, sf ca 94109 [04-01-2003]

What are the three things thay go in the top of the flagpole? And what do they stand for?
Melissa [04-01-2003]

Why is the American flag folded 13 times?
anonymous [04-01-2003]

I chose to do my second grade report on Betsy Ross and your website had some good information. Thank You!
Sarah Elizabeth Mora, Sacramento, CA, USA [04-01-2003]

thankz for the great paper i am researching on it.
troi [04-01-2003]

is there any betsy ross(one she made) flags available to buy? if so please contact me. thank you!
rachel, honolulu,hawaii [04-01-2003]

I'm proud that we have a flag with much to say behind it. It also represents such an awesome country. God bless America!
Nadine, Bath, Maine [04-01-2003]

I am protraying the character of Betsy Ross for the Auburn Public Library's childrens story time on March 27th. Betsy Ross and her sewing inspired me to obtain my degree from Central Michigan University in sewing/fashion. She was truly a great patriot and heroine! Gayla Hall, Auburn, GA
Gayla Hall, Auburn, Georgia [04-01-2003]

Thank you for putting out this information.
Ilah, Eureka, Ca [04-01-2003]

what color is Besty ross hair.
tiana gaby, Midland tx [04-01-2003]

What do the colors of the flag stand for?
Kim Schuster, Pinson, AL, U.S. [04-01-2003]

Kim Schuster, Pinson, AL, U.S. [04-01-2003]

pictures of besty ross
ariel, tampa chresthill dr. [04-01-2003]

I am 7 years old in 2nd grade at Gold Hill Elementary School. I chose Betsy Ross for my biography report because she made the flag for the United States to be proud of and she was the most important woman in history. I still need a picture of her for my report. If you know where I can get one please tell me. Thank You, Desiree
Desiree L. Shumate, Tega Cay, SC 29708 [04-01-2003]

Hi i am doing a report on Betsy Ross and this Web site had the stuff i need i think that if i need to do another report on her i would come to this web sit before the rest it has great info on BEtsy and nothing should change im outtie
Chelsey Naypauer, Medina OHIO [04-01-2003]

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Stephanie [04-01-2003]

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kacey, ohio, li, 45807 [04-01-2003]

You nhave a great Web site and yo ushould keep it how i tis
Chelsey Naypauer, North America [04-01-2003]

I love your site and getting to know Betsy Ross and her history each day.I hope you can add more info on her so i can come and learn more about her and how she lived!:)
Angie, suwanee [04-01-2003]

Doug Wood, Palm Bay, Florida [04-01-2003]

anonymous [04-01-2003]

i need info on betsy ross for social studies project
zach daoust, n.anson maine 04958 [04-01-2003]

I was wondering, after watching the Presidential address,if it is proper for anyone other than the President to fly the President's flag. Does anyone know the answer?
Kim Waddington, Gloucester City, New Jersey [04-01-2003]

I am in the 4th grade and studying Betsy Ross. Thank you for having such a good place to visit for information. Brett
Brett Terranova, Simi Valley, CA [04-01-2003]

thanks for the great information! you helped me do my whole history project. i mean I could find basically everything about Betsy Ross.But some of the pictures didn't come out so maybe you can fix those otherwise your site is wonderful! well thanx soo much: bel
anonymous [04-01-2003]

school project
Dana, Nebraska [04-01-2003]

i love your site its so helpful
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hey i like ur webpage its a great site to visit and it helped me a lot for my social studies project thank u. Besty Ross is a great person
Leila, Florida, miami [04-01-2003]

I wish there was a lot more info on historical things that happened in west virgina. maby you guys could put that info on your web site.
morgan mcnabb [04-01-2003]

i just wanted to let everybody in the world to know that i love adrian rugg and i will always love him no matter what he does to me and my family
tiffany smelzer, angola,in,usa [04-01-2003]

get more pictures
anonymous [04-01-2003]

anonymous [04-01-2003]

hi my name is elizabeth martinez i think that Betsy's idea of making a flag for the united states was a good idea beside the flag stand for so many thing that i can have alist for it first of all the thing is stands for freedom for liberty and for liberty i hope some one out there understand what i am talking about and gets the information i am writing (that we should relize how good we have that not other countries have it as good as we do and that we need toappreciate what we have )
anonymous, meriden ct [04-01-2003]

Tomarrow I burn the Amerikan flag.
Crow, New York City [04-01-2003]

I was curious about something that was not really addressed on this site. I recently had a "discussion" with an acquaintance in which he stated "Embroidery has never changed the world." As a stitcher, I disagreed. I have seen many close-ups of flags with the stars embroidered onto the blue field, but I was wondering if this tradition was common to the historic flags, or if it was a modern convenience (with the advent of machine-stitching.)
Elise Baker [04-01-2003]

As we embark on another campaign to rid the world of terrorists and dictators, let our flag lead the way and fly high
REINE A FORTIER, manchester nh [04-01-2003]

well this page is real good i am doing a project about betsy ross and it help me very much well thank tou bye ...
stephanie, usa florida weston [04-01-2003]

Ashley, USA tennessee [03-18-2003]

hi i was doing a project on betsy ross and your site gave me all the info i needed thanks
jackie, chicago ill [03-18-2003]

will or would you donate a copy of the betsy ross flag for educational purposes @ freedom middle schoolin bakersfeild california?? if so call 661 203 0927
chanesse jones, bakersfeild ca [03-18-2003]

Hotty Babe [03-18-2003]

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anonymous [03-18-2003]

I think Betsy Ross is great . And I also think this web-site is great!
anonymous [03-18-2003]

This is a cool webpage. I went to google and was looking for Betsy Ross to do my 5th grade report. It really helped me taking notes! Thanks a lot!
Alexandra Williams, St. Simons Island, G.A. USA [03-18-2003]

I think that betsy ross is a good role model for people who really try to get to there goals and are having a really difficult time with doing this! she made the first american flag and she did a really good job.
Kendra, rochester [03-18-2003]

I need Info fast. I have a project t do. Its due in three days HELP!
anonymous [03-18-2003]

darlene young, jacksonville, fla 32221 [03-18-2003]

america stands for liberty freedom and the pursuit of happiness!
Kimberly, Collierville, TN USA [03-18-2003]

i love besty ross
Courtney [03-18-2003]

Whats cool about your North Dakota ?
Olivia, Greenwell Springs LA [03-18-2003]

Besty Ross is cool! I was the first person to make the flag.
Samantha, Bel Air Maryland United States of America [03-18-2003]

Great reference material. My son is 8 and in the second grade. He had a project to do on a famous woman. He chose Betsy Ross. We were very pleased with the vast amount of information supplied by your site. His project will be a success! Thanks for all of your help. Gwen & Michael Catino
Gwen E. Catino, Williamstown, New Jersey 08094 [03-18-2003]

A beautiful site, dedicated to a beautiful sight - our American Flag. Its symbolism, its history, the etiquette by which we honor all it stands for - all presented here, at one complete and compelling site. One cannot help feeling a swell of immense patriotism and pride to be an American rise within one's breast when revisiting the custom and tradition provided to us at this site. Many thanks to all who have contributed so much to this effort and, especially, for their inclusion of the "Flag Rules and Regulations" section. Would that every library in every school in our nation has this site bookmarked for its students easy access, and periodic review.
Darlene Monaghan Camp, Mesa, Arizona [03-18-2003]

U are very smart.
Carolynn Gomes, ca,usa [03-18-2003]

very intresting,if i really cared for that type of stuff.
brittany, florida [03-18-2003]

It helped me with my homework.
Michelle [03-18-2003]

Please fly your flags for all our service men & women and also this page rocks!
Megser, MO, USA (yeah!) [03-18-2003]

I have a project on Betsy Ross. i only need to know is the date when she was born, and place she lived.
Adrienne Lam, Ocean City, N.J. America [03-18-2003]

I am a fifth grade teacher and I am dressing up as Betsy Ross this Monday morning and I want to thank you for all of the information that this web site has prodided me with. I think even got a coloring page for every student K-5. Thank you again!
Sharon Hurd, Parish, New York [03-18-2003]

I loved your web site! It is great! I am writing an SA on America and your web site helped me a lot! I am going to suggest your web site to all the kids entering in the SA contest. If I win the scolarship money I am going to write back to you and tell you all about it!E-mail me back! Your visitor, SA writer
anonymous [03-18-2003]

information for school movie thanks Leyla
Leyla, Puerto Rico [03-18-2003]

Thank you for creating this web site!I had an report to do and this web site gave me an A!We had a choice of picking our person and i picked betsy ross! thanks!
Jaimee [03-18-2003]

Kathi Jeroue, Twin Falls, Idaho [03-18-2003]

informative,nice website. Please visit my "thankyou American servicemen" website
Rob, Netherlands [03-18-2003]

I was to make a colonial newspaper and decided to put in an interview with Betsy Ross and came acroos your site, thanks for the help
Cassandra, New York [03-18-2003]

Cassandra, New [03-18-2003]

hi, my thoughts about betsy is that she was a great person and really good at making the flag. the flag is a beautiful trademark of her couragousness.she was a wonderful person. Just in case you ever need to kknow I am 11 years old and love to learn about history of other people besides herbert hoover but he was just plain old ugly. well, e-mail me back soon if you can. sencirely, ashley van horne
ashley van horne, caldwell,ID [03-14-2003]

This is a gold mine of a find!
Janice Egly, Ethridge, Tn [03-14-2003]

This was a great site!
Samantha, Minnesota [03-14-2003]

matt [03-14-2003]

anonymous, Port Washington NY [03-14-2003]

i love this web site.i know more about Besty Ross.
valancia A.K.A jolly rancher, miami, Fl [03-14-2003]

thiz website rokz! good job
Hottestangel, orange,ca [03-14-2003]

You're site is GREAT!
Alissa Bokun, Clearwater,Fl [03-14-2003]

the reason i pick this site is because i have a half page report on the American Flag that's due tomorrow and i had to get some info on it and i went to this site and i have to say it's tha bomb. It's got a lot of info an it and a lot of things other sites don't have. well got 2go bye,Tara
Tara Moncier, Smyrna Tn. U.S.A. [03-14-2003]

My teacher had chose me to do a report about Women's History Month and say it on the morning anouncement.I chose to write the report about Betsy Ross. Everything is going great now but,I hope to do well on the morning anouncement.Wish me luck!
Christina Nguyen, Lafayette,Louisiana [03-14-2003]

hi, my name is alycia i'm in fifth grade, i also need some information on her for a project
ALYCIA, flordia [03-14-2003]

I would like a definitive reference regarding the displaying of a tattered or worn flag. I would like to have it handy as I approach business, residences etc. that display the flag in a tattered or worn state. Thank you, Mark
Mark Strohmeyer, Vista CA [03-14-2003]

nicole galloway [03-14-2003]

Annel and Bianca [03-14-2003]

K. Reich [03-14-2003]

I liked your site!
Lawrence Allie, [03-14-2003]

i really like this website because it gives a lot of information about betsy ross and i really like the poems some people wrote.
Nicole, California [03-14-2003]

I want to know how did betsy ross die?
Mckenna [03-14-2003]

Great web page. She is an American hero
David, Denton, Texas [03-14-2003]

We are compiling information for our family game on the American Flag. Thank You for the information on this site. It was fun to see! :)
sandy [03-14-2003]

CHRISTA DESPAIN, boston, kentucky [03-14-2003]

looking for us flags
Debbi Vallejos, Belen, NM [03-14-2003]

can you please report as fast as you fast can about betsy ross.
rachael bower, 1847CPLSE#B Auburn,WA98002 [03-14-2003]

i am doing a report about betsy ross and i saw this
allison, okc [03-14-2003]

where wasbetsy born
anonymous [03-14-2003]

For me the stars and stripes stands for LIBERTY and FREEDOM I support the United States in making the World safer . I have visit US 5 times which had strengthed my feelings.
Claes Frithzell, the city of MALMÖ, SWEDEN [03-14-2003]

give me information about her childhood please.................... now please
jameisha harris, mannheim germany [03-14-2003]

i had an assinment for school

I am very interested in American women. I believe that there should be some women faces put on Mt. Rushmore.
Casey, West Linn, Oregon USA [03-14-2003]

I need to know where Betsy was born. I need a map. You should put that in your cite. Everything else was good though.
Kara Bauer, New Jersey [03-14-2003]

allison cook, wi [03-14-2003]

3rd grade project Thanks for the help
Marissa B & Mom, Wilbraham, MA [03-14-2003]

This is a great website for whoever needs info on Betsy adn it is very helpful i think it is wonderful. I would also like to say thanks to the people who make it possible and design it, you did a wonderful job keep it up! THANK YOU VERY MUCH! THANKS, Samantha
Samantha, Wisconsin [03-14-2003]

troop 796, woodburn, ind. usa [03-14-2003]

crouton [03-14-2003]

Hi ya'll the flag rocks! thanx, bibi
MJ, Niwot Co [03-14-2003]

give me information about your childhood
jameisha harris, germany [03-14-2003]

hey i think Betsy Ross is pretty cool. I'm doing a report on her and I can't find any pictures but one. Maybe you ought to look into it some.
anonymous [03-14-2003]

This website is sooo cool. I would go here for all my reports and papers. Right now, I am doing a report on the American flag for my Honors class. Thank you Betsy and!
Kealie, Montgumery, AL [03-14-2003]

this website is a great rescource when you need information on the american flag
anonymous [03-14-2003]

brittani harsh, saint george kansas [03-14-2003]

i am doing a report on betsey 9( for s.studies)! she is so cool!
Jessica, Midland, MI, 48640 [03-14-2003]

i love the web sight it is helping me with the reading project i have good job.
tasha, e.longmeadow ma [03-14-2003]

i whish to se betsy ross's real life pic
sylvia, wyoming, michigan [03-14-2003]

I just wanted to say that i'm doing a reacerch of my family tree for my history class and it truns out that Betsy Ross was my great great aunt and it is really cool too know this. Thank you Jeri-Lyn H. Harris
Jeri-Lyn Horton Harris, Quincy Florida [03-14-2003]

Trent Gunderson, Sheridan, IL U.S.A [03-14-2003]

Chelsea Hubbard [03-14-2003]

Yvette and James Clark, Las Cruces, NM [03-14-2003]

Helpful and informative website. Thanks!
Liz Cole, Burtonsville, Maryland [03-14-2003]

I'm in 4th grade and have enjoyed doing my report on Betsy Ross.
Jessica Jorah, Sterling Heights, MI USA [03-14-2003]

Canthe Texas Flag be flown at the same height as the American Flag.
anonymous [03-14-2003]

Hey! I'm doing Betsy Ross for my report in history class. This site has helped me a lot, to get information on her! I love that you havemade a site all about her and you have done a wonderful job! *Abby*
Abby [03-14-2003]

Keelie Fradenburgh, Bouckville,New York [03-14-2003]

matthew [03-14-2003]

I was learning about Betsy Ross at my school.
Ryan McCashen, Santa Maria, Ca USA [03-14-2003]

Betsy Ross is one of my ancestors. She was a Griscom before she was married and her religion was Quaker. Mary Griscom Gallaher
Mary Griscom Gallaher, Dover, DE [03-14-2003]

I was doing a project for my little sister and this really helped me out! ~*~*~*~*!Thanks!~*~*~*~*~*~*
Pacdancer4lifeo7, Bridgeton,Mo [03-14-2003]

carrie koster, middle village new york [03-14-2003]

Thanks for the great site.
anonymous, seattle, wa [03-14-2003]

needed info for sons homework. Thanx
anonymous, New York [03-14-2003]

I am in the third grade and at school I have been working on a project about Betsy Ross for two weeks. It was very interesting to see what she had accomplished and how she won awards for her sewing. Once I started studying about her, I had more love for our American Flag. If it was not for her we might not have this Flag now.
Lauren Allen, Springfield, Illinois [03-14-2003]

Dear web site i just wanted to let you know that I Carly Lord am a direct dicendent of Betsy Ross. My grandmother Linda told me that her like great great grandmother was Betsy Ross. I know you get told this many times but i am not fibbing. You dont have to believe me but its true. If you have and Questions please E-mail me. Thank You, Carly Lord
Carly Lord [03-14-2003]

Doing so research for school. Thank you for information.
Stephanie Kendrick, Mendon Il [03-14-2003]

was she a good pilote
brookell, Logan WV. [03-14-2003]

I would like to say that this country would not be America with out the American flag.the flag is now every were since 9/11. The flag shows who we are and it all started with Betsy Ross.
Lucia Volpe, philadelphia,PA [03-14-2003]

I am doing a paper on Betsy Ross and this is a great site and it is very helpful.
krista collins, angier, NC USA [03-14-2003]

i lovvvvve your website i hope i win in national history day! :) :( @#$%%^&&**!
Frog, Texas [03-14-2003]

anonymous, nj [03-14-2003]

I like the flag best everything else is stupid
Meagan [03-14-2003]

Great educational site for me and my students! We love the making perfect stars using your fold and snip method!
Miranda, Baton Rouge, Louisiana [03-14-2003]

I am in second grade. I am doing my famours american project on Betsy Ross.
Kayla Scheer, Hickory, Kentucky [03-06-2003]

i have a lithograph of a painting of betsy ross.This was in my family for past unable to find the origonal painting.she is seated in a chair made from wood boards with a book in her lap.very young 23-24.the door and window and surroundings are unmistakable the house on archer st.however its very sparce and crude.a spinning wheel and sewing basket are visible ;but no flag anywhere.she is wearing a darkblue dress with wide red cuffs-a blue hat type bonnet with wide red family believed she sat for this painting.this was done by a master painter unkown at this point. no signature visible.she was very me if you have info on origonal painting.
larry mink, cinti oh [03-06-2003]

Anne [03-06-2003]

heyy u are cool dood
Kristen [03-06-2003]

Your web page is very imformative! Betsy Ross is a very very important part of our history! THANKS!
Liz Sneed, Vienna, VA [03-06-2003]

i am doing research paper on Betsy Ross.
anonymous, allentown pa. [03-06-2003]

Why would Betsy Ross be chosen to make the flag [03-06-2003]

Email me some information about Betsy Ross please.
Britany Jones, Awendaw SC [03-06-2003]

anonymous, Fort Ashby [03-06-2003]

Kelly, Georgia [03-06-2003]

teaching about the flag to brownie girlscouts
tammy heindl, dubois,pa [03-06-2003]

I am seven years old. I would like to write a report on Betsy Ross
Ashley Wong, LA California [03-06-2003]

Ashley Wong, la [03-06-2003]

I looked in here for answers to an extra credit homework assignment. I needed to know what red, white and blue stand for in the flag.
James Faralli, Exton, Pa [03-05-2003]

it is great!
starstargirl27 [03-05-2003]

Thanks for the information about Betsy Ross and our flag. I used it for a 3rd grade report.
McKenzie Kilgore, Castle Rock, CO [03-05-2003]

sorry but i don't have a e-mail address
jesus bastida, mecca,california [03-05-2003]

CHUCK HEYNE, portland, oregon 97217 [03-05-2003]

im doing a colonial report all about betsy and i admire her work of art. i wanted to be betsy because she made a flag that all americans admire.
Ava [03-05-2003]

how was the frist froegin country to fly the flag
michael haines, Forth Asby [03-05-2003]

I am the vic commander of American Legion Post 457 Sunbury Oh. i us my email address for the post too.
Richard, sunbury ohio [03-05-2003]

This site is helpful for school reports
Hannah, right here! [03-05-2003]

This was really cool
Jennfier, Lexinton Ohio [03-05-2003]

I really like your web site but i need to know more
krista vandenburg, NY, Parishville,13672 [03-05-2003]

I think that u have a wonderful web page u are my idol do u have a wife am 34
Chaity Baker, Lexington Ohio [03-05-2003]

hi! we really liked your website but it was boring
allie meyer [03-05-2003]

I had a school report and my class is studing you I learned a lot about you.I was just thank you.
Tiffani [03-05-2003]

Nikki, Old Forge Pa. USA [03-05-2003]

Besty Ross is very important because she was the one who made the American Flag.If she ddn't make owner flag are flag would be different and have different colors.Did you know that Besty Ross persade George Washington to put 5 stars then 6 stars.She had 3 husbands and all died.Her parents didn't like her fisrt husband John Ross becausethey jusyt didn't like him.
Jennifer Hinojosa, Riverside,California [03-05-2003]

amanda, woodstock GA [03-05-2003]

I'm doing a report on her.
Candice, Chicago,Illinos,USA [03-05-2003]

you guys did a wonderful job with this site i found the info i needed in no time at all! GREAT JOB! Luv always a special guest
anonymous [03-05-2003]

Hi I am a 5th grader, We are doing a Living Wax Museum for school and I chose to be Betsy Ross. I learned a lot from this website. Thank You.
Michelle Hall & My Mom, Wyoming, MI [03-05-2003]

dear Betsy Ross,Iam reaserching you at my school we are doing a play called A George Washington Birthday Party I already know a fact you were the eighth child out of seventeen by! by! Sincerely, Lily Friedman
Lily Friedman, Leawood K.S [03-05-2003]

Cool Site
C. L., St. Helens Middle School [03-05-2003]

hi,nice site can anyone help me i am moveing to amercia soon and i want to no what its like i am moveing to the hood in l.a if u no n e thing about the hood or tyrin turner plzzzzzz e-mail me
krystal, england [03-05-2003]

heather, West Virginia [03-05-2003]

Alyssa Rodriguez, St.Helens,OR,97051 [03-05-2003]

Amberly, Miami, Florida USA [03-05-2003]

dear betsy, who or what inspered you to make the flag?
jessica robertson, port clinton, ohio, usa [03-05-2003]

carmen [03-05-2003]

Rachel [03-05-2003]

bryanna [03-05-2003]

tracie and ellie hicks [03-05-2003]

Hayley Tucker [03-05-2003]

I never knew what the colors red, white, and blue stood for on the flag!
Emily, Illinois [03-05-2003]

I am proud to be an american!
Danielle, Texas USA [03-05-2003]

cool web sit dude can i have a free flag
jj, 3265s 59th avecicero ill [03-05-2003]

Dear Site, This is a great site! I have to log off!
Emliy Parry, Merrimac MA [03-05-2003]

:ynne East, Danville, VA 24540 [03-05-2003]

robbie oakes, u.s.a. [03-05-2003]

from lenni-lenape girl scout troop 103
JEANNIE LEE, wayne, new jersey 07470 [03-05-2003]

hey whazzup im related to betsy i cmae here to do some research on her to learn about her this website has given information i need to know about her she is juts an inspiration to me and my bro dad and mom we would love to know more about her but weve gotta go thanks betsy and everyone
jamie, usa [03-02-2003]

how do you sow such a big flag?
anonymous [03-02-2003]

well can you please tell me why betsy's family and john's family did not want them to get married?please send me some imformation on her thank you
lex, mass [03-02-2003]

Cool website. Needs more info on Betsy Ross and other people!
Anonoumis [03-02-2003]

I think this website is very very cool because one it helped me with my homework a lot and it is just one thing that will last forever. Betsy Ross is the best person I ever knew.
Jade E. Boone, u.s.a. [03-01-2003]

I am writing a Book Report about the life of Betsy Ross. I am in 3rd Grade. My Mom grew up in Philadelphia and remembers visiting Betsy's House as a child. We really enjoyed the virtual house tour!
SARAH ILLINGWORTH, White River Junction, Vermont [03-01-2003]

hey nice page but u need more information on betsy ross.. thats what the people are looking for!
anonymous, new york [03-01-2003]

This site is so cool
Jade Boone, usa [03-01-2003]

she did a great thing
Stephanie [03-01-2003]

Melissa McClenon, San Antonio Texas [03-01-2003]

very interesting site for education on the american cultures. keep up the good work.
peter vacchiano, taylor, pa 18517 [03-01-2003]

My daughter and I are doing a project on famous americans. We are building a shadow box with a doll representing the person as well as lot of visual information. This website provided everything we needed to Betsy Ross. Thank you so much!
Stephanie, Virginia [03-01-2003]

I think Betsy made a difference becuase she turned down General George Washington.I'm going to do an oral report on Betsy.I need to be more like Betsy even thou She is past away.Betsy is the best person I know.
Kayla, Apple Valley Californa [03-01-2003]

Kylie, Apple Valley Californa [03-01-2003]

I would like to thank you for leting me have an idea of what her house really looked like.I would also like to thank you,yes you Bety Ross for making the very first flag,I love you!
taylor, Bulger,Pa, [03-01-2003]

ths place is so cool i wish there were a lot more websites like this
melinda menge, orange,california [03-01-2003]

anonymous, Vernon Hills, IL [03-01-2003]

Garrett Adams, Huoston,TX [03-01-2003]

cool! I needed this for a school project,thank's!
rickey, ind. [03-01-2003]

I had to pick an american hero for a 2nd grade project and I picked Bestsy Ross. This is a great web site to get information from. This helped me a lot. She is a great person and the flag she designed is beautiful! Thank you so much! I know my classmates will be interested in hearing all about her.
Brittney, Grand Rapids, Michigan [03-01-2003]

kya, Louisvill,Ky [03-01-2003]

I have to do a report on Betsy Ross and this is a great website to find imformation or just to look at the cool suff on this site
Bria [03-01-2003]

Sandi Acheson [03-01-2003]

Kayla A. DiCenzo, Apple Valley Californa [03-01-2003]

this is great!
kelly, washington [03-01-2003]

I did a book report on Ms. Betsy Ross. I am a second grader. Thank you. Gaby
Gabriella Bereket, Atlanta, Georgia [03-01-2003]

great site it helps me a lot!
joan, new york long island [03-01-2003]

I am in 3rd grade at Longden School in Temple City. I chose to do my biography report on Betsy Ross because I just learned about the American Flag from my brownie troop and I think it is cool that Betsy made the First American Flag.
Loryn Nichols, Temple City, California [03-01-2003]

you rock and weezer dose too.
carly, wi [03-01-2003]

i came here to do a report and this sight gave me almost all of my info thanks
anonymous [03-01-2003]

I am researching Betsy Ross for my second grade school project.
Madison J. Wirts, Indianapolis, IN USA [03-01-2003]

I might get the song solo of you!
Marina Mastrangelo, 501 S Fed Hwy #103 FTLD FL, 33301 [03-01-2003]

I want to know what it ment to put the stars in a circle to George Washington.
anonymous [03-01-2003]

Thank you for helping with my school report.
Kaitlyn Parker, Naval Station Rota Spain [03-01-2003]

Vany [03-01-2003]

i like your website it has a lot of interesting things! katie mcaninch age 13
katie mcaninch [03-01-2003]

I have always loved reading informatoin on Betsy Ross. My daughter is now doing a report on her and this site is very informative.
Betsy Suzanne Hall, Indianapolis, Indiana [03-01-2003]

I'm doing a school project on a famous person and I choose you. Jasmine
Jasmine Prelwitz, Manitowoc, WI [03-01-2003]

Betsy Q., Saint Joseph, Missouri [03-01-2003]

This is great sight to honor Betsy Ross and to show your thanks to her. I enjoyed thed sight.Thak You. I will come back to see it again and pass it on to other people.
Kara, Hampton Virginia [03-01-2003]

Great website? Do you have Nick Cannon up here for being so funny?
leiMeredith, Hamton, Virginia, United States of America [03-01-2003]

i would like to thank you on helping me with my project. the sites that youbeen have have very helpful. I think i am going to get an A on my project because i have soo much information. well i have to go. *kyle*
kyle, new york, new york [03-01-2003]


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