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Dennis W. Mounce, Kokomo, In, USA [02-25-2003]

This is a wonderful site!
Shanell, Rowland, NC [02-24-2003]

thank you for your information for my home work and for getting a good grade
michelle hargis, pueblo colorado [02-24-2003]

Rachael Miller, Bethlehem,Pa Usa [02-24-2003]

This is a great site for teachers! I was looking for a reproducible flag for my 1st grade class and I found one here! Thanks, Ann
ann snow, Hancock, Massachusetts [02-24-2003]

how long did it take to make the flag and was it hard to do?
cristina aravena, Massapequa park, new york [02-24-2003]

I have already seen the Home of Betsy Ross i thought is was very Exciting. I'm doing a project on her.
Courtney, Philadelphia Pennyslvania [02-24-2003]

I am in the seventth grade and doing a report on Betsy Ross, this project has to be the most energetic reports that I have ever done. She is so much fun to study. Thank You, Danielle, 14,
Danielle, Kingston, New York [02-24-2003]

Ashley [02-24-2003]

This is a great website
Brittany L., Cromwel, C.T. USA [02-24-2003]

Thank you for putting this site on the web for me! I am in in 5th grade and I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross. Your site has helped me a lot!1
kyrie, not answering [02-24-2003]

sarah, henderson,nevada, U.S.A. [02-24-2003]

I am doing a report on Betsy and now that I have came to this web site i now know so much more about her and of her life. Thank You, Erin
Erin [02-24-2003]

i waz doin a report 4 social studies on the american flag n i found all of the info i needed from ur website thanx so much!
Gregory W, staten island NY [02-24-2003]

Amanda Klenow [02-24-2003]

Helena, Radnor,PA U.S.A [02-24-2003]

I am in seventh grade and i go to Christ The King School in Guilderland. We had do a report on someone and i choose Betsy Ross, but my book didn't give me all the information that i needed i found this web site. THANK YOU because you provided me with the information that i didn't have!
Lexi O-M, Schenectady, N.Y. [02-24-2003]

You have a great web site! I needed information for a project and I got everything I needed!
Chelsea Stolen, Indianapolis, IN [02-24-2003]

Hi, I am doing a project on Betsy Ross and this really helped me. I also liked "seeing" her house and her pictures. This site really helped me on my project. I can really understand her life now.
Juliana [02-22-2003]

I am learning a lot about Betsy Ross in school!
Jessica [02-22-2003]

My daughter is doing a report about a Famous American. She chose Betsy Ross. We appreciate the learning experience we gained through your webpage and are looking forward to sharing it with others. Freedom is a wonderful thing and so are the people who helped make it possible and had pride in their country.
anonymous [02-22-2003]

i am glad we have this website to help find info for my project.
miles malak, G.A. Aworth [02-22-2003]

howed she make the flge?
shay, georga [02-22-2003]

doing a report for school learned a lot more than i knew before
cristina orsbon, crooksville ohio [02-21-2003]

Did you do eney thing ells besids make the amarican flag we have today ?
grace, 9 [02-21-2003]

I like your house! I need facts about you. I chose you for my biography. LOVE, Carley Taylor
Carley, Fort Worth [02-21-2003]

As Sgt At Arms with Tumwater Talkers "Toastmaster" I considered presenting a speech regarding the history of the Flag and how to properly display and care for our majestic Flag. In my search I contacted the DVA in Olympia Washington and was given your website address. Your site not only had the info I needed to present a concise and correct presentation but also reinforced all the reasons why I honorable served 1972 - 1978 in the US Army Military Police Corp. Thank you, may god bless all of you. Robert E Buchanan
Robert E Buchanan, Tumwater, WA 98501 [02-21-2003]

hi ca u send me info on betsy ross thanks
christina, lasalle,il us [02-21-2003]

kelly stockhausen, beaver pa [02-21-2003]

i have to do a report on betsy ross do you have any more sights that i could see? it need to be back by march 6 2003 but if not you can still send it..................marie
marie ross, u.s.a [02-21-2003]

I have enjoyed reading all about Betsy Ross. It was very helpfull in my Daughters Collage..
Theresa H 02/21/03, Stafford Va [02-21-2003]

wondering who you are?
marlene wierda, cleveland, oh [02-21-2003]

thanxs so much! i found so much information on Betsy Ross for my report for school!.......i didnt think that i would be able to do a report on her i know i can!.....thanxs again*
Sarah, Pa [02-21-2003]

i like your web site
PATRICK HALLORAN, seal beach, ca. [02-21-2003]

Candy Hitchcock, West Virginia [02-21-2003]

anonymous, Philadephi, PA [02-21-2003]

question: what is a famous quote that besty Ross said?????
jessica bold, Aurora,Ohio [02-21-2003]

Hi! Im doin a report on Betsy Ross and this website helps a lot!
Natasha, South Dakota [02-21-2003]

anonymous [02-21-2003]

Lana Budde, Fraser, MI [02-21-2003]

Thanx so much for your great info! It really helped me with my US History project.If you don't mind I would like to make a suggestion- it would be nice if you could have more info on why she designed the flag the way she did. Anyway thanx for your time!
Mel, Idaho [02-21-2003]

I am doing a report on Betsy for school!
Samie, Silver Lake, KS,USA [02-21-2003]

I'm doing a book report on Betsy Ross
Jessica Moriarty, Henderson, NV [02-21-2003]

i love this world and u do to. GOD loves us and we love him this world is our home. this world is our life. i hope this world lives u. i hope u love this world
brooke, [02-20-2003]

jasmin 439-5114 [02-20-2003]

Danya [02-20-2003]

I think Betsy Ross was a truly strong person going through the rev. war and being a woman. This site has helped me understand just how lucky we are to live in a free country ! I LOVE THE USA
Val, South Carolina USA [02-20-2003]

Dorothy Henricks, Ballwin, Missouri [02-20-2003]

this will help me on my article.
Brent, or [02-19-2003]

i love this wolrd and i always have and always will this is where i live and i will always will live in my hole live even if i go to heaven it doese not matter to me where i live i will always live I LOVE AMERICA AND I ALWAYS WILL!
Brooke, bwk31520Georgia [02-19-2003]

For my daughter school report on The American Flag
Colin Wyatt, Rochester NH. [02-19-2003]

Betsy Ross was a very unice person. She was a really good person too. I have learned a lot from her. I am glad that she sewed the American Flag. After studing about her, every time I see the American Flag I think of her and my country and for someone like that to make me think of that is a really cool thing. And I enjoy learning about the past to help me understand the present and the future. Krystle-Rose Alvarez 02-19-03
Krystle-Rose Alvarez, usa [02-19-2003]

I really Like betsy ross,too bad she died
Jane lu, barnesrd. OR [02-19-2003]

i LOVE Betsy Ross she is so nice to make an American flag
anonymous [02-19-2003]

I think Genaral Washington was a great man to pick Betsy Ross to do the flag.
Sara, Pennsyvanila [02-19-2003]

did Betsy Ross make the stars and stripes in 1776 for the flag?
anonymous, someone over the rainbow [02-19-2003]

thank you so much!
anonymous, happyperson [02-19-2003] was great!
Nikkie, usa [02-19-2003]

who desighned the flag?
anonymous, lost girl [02-19-2003]

Hi!I'm in 5th grade. I have to do a wax musseum and I have chosen to be Betsy Ross. Please help by sending me info on her! Thank ya lots!
Holly, 238 n.850 e. p.g., ut u.s.a. [02-19-2003]

Erin Figel [02-19-2003]

thanz this web site realy helped me to try to ace my report and i would recamend it anytime
britney, [02-19-2003]

Emily [02-19-2003]

i am only 13 but i am having to do a biography report and i choose betsy ross i think her life was so intersting. i thought the thing going through her house was awsome well. i am having a bit trouble writing the report but i am tryinh to make it my best because betsy ross was the best
Jenna Schneider [02-19-2003]

i need something on the star spangled banner!
Anna, new york [02-19-2003]

Jonathan Loucks, Sesser, Illinois [02-19-2003]

i think it is a wonderful site for kids to learn about the 1 st flag
amanda, overland park [02-19-2003]

I really like this website! Especially the house.
Sara, Ohio [02-19-2003]

i am an 8th grade student at Blue Ridge Middle School and i am doing a project on Betsy Ross the woman who made the first american flag and i think its great it just shows that woman can do any thig even back in that period of time and its really cool !
Ashley, Greer South Carolina Untied States of america [02-19-2003]

Betsy Ross was a very important person and should be very proud that she was chosin to sow America together.
Tori barrett, america [02-19-2003]

besty ross is really nice and now that i learned more about her i started to thank of the things people do today to help others.
chelsey goshorn, bronson, mi,usa [02-19-2003]

im in 2 working on a famous american and i have betsy ross.
shannon, ohio [02-19-2003]

Kaitlyn Lusk [02-19-2003]

I had a school project about Betsy Ross and was going to come down to her home, but it snowed 22" on Sunday, so we didn't get to go. I hope to come and vist this spring when all the snow melts.
Sarah Gronwaldt (age 7 ), Audubon, PA [02-19-2003]

Thank you for this website. I am a Girl Scout leader and each year we celebrate Thinking Day where troops from all over research and represent a country to share on this day. Our troop wanted to represent their own country - the great United States of America. I am proud of them in uplifting our country in honor and this will be a wonderful experience for them to research and learn about our history - as they are our future.
Betty Frohman, Colleyville, Texas [02-19-2003]

This is a really good website for children to look up things on Betsy Ross. I am a kid and i this thing at school for fifth graders and it is called the wax museum. All the kids in the fifth grade have to pick a character that was in the revolutionary war. I picked Betsy Ross because she one of the most famous peopl out of the whole world. I really injoied looking on this website for my character. I will tell people about it so they can look at it. Thanks again for the website i really appriciated it. Your Friend, Amy
Amy, Billerica [02-19-2003]

i used this site for homework and it helped me a lot
Katie, illinois [02-19-2003]

God Bless AMerica and George W Bush!
Erica, Maine [02-19-2003]

hi, you should give info. about her. i need info. about the flag she made.bye.
alycia [02-19-2003]

I have a drill team here in Nevada that is looking for the history of American Flags to carry on our team. We are horseback and want every member to carry a flag. Thought I'd check you out. Thank you
Barbara, Nevada [02-19-2003]

NICA [02-19-2003]

alonzo hyatt, north carolina [02-19-2003]

i think she is the best person in the world because she sewed the first american flag
aleah, Wisconsin [02-19-2003]

i learned some but i need intresting facts about betsy ross.
anonymous [02-19-2003]

what does the stipes sand for? how many stars did the first flag have? how many stripes does our flag have today? why can't our flag touuch the ground? what does it mean to fly the flag at haf mass? who decides that the flag flys at half mass? why does our flag fly higher (american) then any other flag in our country? does it fly higher in other country s ? why? or why not ? what state was the flag in ?
david, scott la usa [02-19-2003]

this is a good site
amanda [02-19-2003]

i am so so so proude of you
caitie strieter, mi [02-19-2003]

Great site! I'm helping my grandchild with a school project.
anonymous, Pittsburgh, PA [02-19-2003]

Nous sommes heureux de pouvoir vous dire bonjour et surtout de retrouver les lieux d'une visite que nous avons effectuée dans cette demeure en 2001. Ce fut merveilleux et espérons revenir vous voir cette année... Amicalment de France..
Dorian et marlène, france [02-19-2003]

Diane L K Burns, Anchorage Alaska [02-19-2003]

meags, philadelphia [02-19-2003]

yo dis site wasn't helpful ta me cause i was lookin fa elizabeth ross haynes fa mah class i in mrs.p's class she tight peace out my homies, b2kluver2nv!
b2kgurlomari, tx. [02-19-2003]

My great great great great grandfather was a member of the Continental Line and fought from the beginning to the end of the war with General Washington. I am about to become a DAR member, and am proud to live in this great country.
Carol White, Dillsburg, PA [02-19-2003]

This site is really helpful....
alli [02-19-2003]

great website..i am in graduate school and researching web sites and this is a great source of information
jennifer dinan, woburn ma usa [02-19-2003]

i was just looking up infro. on her! for my research papr!
JESSICA, alamaba [02-19-2003]

It helped me with my school project Thank you Jeri
Jeri Leigh Foss, LaGrange N.C. [02-19-2003]

Thank you so much for the information! I needed it badly,but I hope it wasn't from an encyclopedia...
Anonymous, Fresh Meadows, New York [02-19-2003]

Super, super site! Hooray for the red, white and blue!
Marcia DeMuro, Walden, NY [02-15-2003]

i love the history of the us. i am very patriotic. thanks for preserving the american flag. and always, god bles america!
BILLY B. STOOTS, jonesborough, tn 37659 [02-15-2003]

Great page! easy to get around in!
Betsy, Wichita, Kansas [02-15-2003]

Hi. I'm Jessie and I'm a 7th grader at Coppell Middle School West. Here in Coppell every month we have a citizenship quality that is enforced throughout the whole Coppell Independent School District. For this month, February, the citizenship quality is patriotism. Our library teacher, Mrs. Simons, is requesting for us to write about what patriotism means to us. I decided to write a poem about the first flag and how it came about. Because I had no knowledge of that, I had to do some research and I came across this website. First of all, I just would like to thank you for sharing your knowledge of Betsy Ross. This website is powerful and touching. I have not started on the poem of Betsy Ross yet, but when I am done with it, I may decide to submit it to this website so that you can see what my finished product is like. Once again, thank you, you guys really made it possible for me to learn about the first American flag. God bless you!
Jessie Lim, Coppell, TX [02-15-2003]

Hey. I am going to a wedding in Philadelphia this weekend and I just wanted to scope out the web site before going. My mom said we might even go to Betsy Rosses house. I even might visit the liberty bell too. Well I just hope i have a great time at Betsy Rosses house. Cassie New York
Cassie Smith, Lynbrook, New York [02-15-2003]

My son is 9 years old and we are tracing back our family tree which we are back 7 generations and are one generation from connecting to Betsy Ross. We have a certificate that was given to my 4th great grandmother in honor of Betsy Ross to her family with a certificate # and seal. Found a lot of great information from your site as well as others and tracing back for the family tree from her daughters and their families. Thanks a lot.
Janet Beeson, Mineral Wells, WV [02-15-2003]

good job,this is very good.
anonymous, peckville pa u.s.a [02-15-2003]

thanks for helping me out
anonymous, u.s [02-15-2003]

Sammy Edwards, Edwardsville, Alabama [02-15-2003]

I think Betsy bRoss did a great thing to this country !
Maria, Santa Clara, California [02-15-2003]

Kelsey, Anderson SC [02-15-2003]

This is a great site. I'm glad to know that so many people care about our great country and our beautiful flag.
Jolie, s.c [02-15-2003]

Mrs. Campbell's 2nd grade class [02-15-2003]

Why dont you let people print out enlarge ments of betsy ross i have to do a paper and i dont have any pictures of her that really stinks!
anonymous [02-13-2003]

i think you should have the most important dates in betsy"s life. thats what i wanted, but i don't think you have it.
GRACE (STUDENT) [02-13-2003]

You are really amazing with the things that you did and i am amazed that I visted this website!
Laura [02-13-2003]

nice doing a report on betsy ross right now for english class and i needed some info.......thanxs
Sarah, pennsylvania [02-13-2003]

Breann Paul [02-13-2003]

Mackenzie Lawson [02-13-2003]

I really like this site...Thanks Patty
patty gilbreath, escondido, california [02-13-2003]

Star Dog [02-13-2003]

from st augustine fl just looking for book report material thanks..........
anonymous [02-13-2003]

I think that Betsy Ross should get more credit for designing our flag, that is a hard thing to do! I doing a report on Betsy Ross and when I went to the library to get books on her, I only found two books! Abigail Adams had about ten books on her! People need to know that Betsy Ross put hard work into to making the American flag and she needs to be reconized more for her hard work!
Sarah, age 11, Portland, OR [02-12-2003]

Dr. David W. Holt, MD, Ann Arbor, MI [02-12-2003]

hey hahahahahahahahahahlol
eddward risso, 2525decator st. water lakes tx, [02-12-2003]

Betsey i am doing a report on you. I like the flag really much. from Erin
Erin [02-12-2003]

I visited Philadelphia in 1976 and loved it. This was one of the places that we visited. I am heading out east in March and hoping to visit there again. My son would love it.
Lisa McCann, Oxford, Indiana [02-12-2003]

Maureen, Maui, Kihei [02-12-2003]

you need to come up with a printable 13 (circle)stared flag!
anonymous [02-12-2003]

Cody Long [02-12-2003]

This website is, well, I can't find a good enough explanation for it. I loved the games, tours, and the 1 snip star activity. But most of all I love the information. I am so proud that finally someone recognised betsy Ross for who she is and not just because she made the first American Flag. Again, I love your website!
Brittany, Dover, DE [02-12-2003]

I love the flag!
Kathryn [02-12-2003]

the betty ross tour was great! about p.s write back
tez, tn/nashville/unitedstates [02-12-2003]

Andrea [02-12-2003]

hi i am looking for information on a famous person. i dont really know much about washingtons history so i decided to go to this website will you please help me with the information on a famous person?
elisa, arizona [02-12-2003]

betsy ross is very interesting and right now at school i actually picked her to study about. then i have to tell my class about her and dress up like her. She is my hero but i do have more. I do not think she actually made the first flag that is just what everyone else says. if we could go back in time i would actually like to know the really truth only if this is not true
Paige, texas [02-12-2003]

Samantha Cantwell, Jenkintown P.A. Philadelphia [02-12-2003]

Good info!
anonymous [02-12-2003]

hey sup i don't know any thing about her so tell me who she is.
ashley [02-12-2003]

adnama [02-12-2003]

j ai beaucoup aimé (I loved it) thanks
jacques thibaudeau, sorel-tracy quebec canada [02-12-2003]

I love your page! Greetings from England. (variacii Germany) Samantha Williams
Samantha Williams, none [02-12-2003]

I am doing a world history project for my 10th grade class, its on the American Revolution, and I am using her as one of my people to use. I have to have 20 in all.This is a great website. Thanks a bunch! Kelley
Kelley [02-12-2003]

This website is so wonderful! I am using for a project for one of my education classes. Thanks so much.
anonymous [02-12-2003]

This site was very helpful in my falg research. thak you very much for putting such a great site together.
Jason J., Arizona [02-12-2003]

Katherine, Houston tx [02-12-2003]

i like the flag. the stars are pretty. the stripes are cool. the flag is cool. yeah oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh. i rock.
delila, gertrude, and beatrice, Tokyo, Japan [02-12-2003]

Thank you for all the help and information, you have given us in our research! It was a great help!
Lauren, Laura, and Brit [02-12-2003]

I am studying Betsy Ross for my 3rd grade class. I will color the flag you have that she made. Thank you.
Sheri, Columbus [02-10-2003]

i think betsy is so cool
jamie, utah [02-10-2003]

I enjoyed visiting this website for information on my book report. I am in the second grade and chose her to do my first book report.
DESTINY MILLER, allen, texas [02-10-2003]

I am a 6 year old boy,and my name is Sam. I have to do a biography about someone famous at school, and I chose Betsy Ross. I'm also going to do a diorama about her life. Thanks for the information.
Sam Gmuer, Fort Worth, Texas [02-10-2003]

this was really nice. we are earning a try it on flag history. we are a brownie troop from mich. 420. thanks again.
TROOP 420, mich [02-10-2003]

I am Betsy Ross for a school portrayal, I need some tips, if you have any I'd like to know.
anonymous [02-10-2003]

Amanda Gardner, Birmingham,AL,Usa [02-10-2003]

I have bookmarked this site for future reference. It is a near complete collection of all the little tidbits of flag info I have encountered during my 60+ years.
anonymous, Elsmere, KY [02-10-2003]

Melinda [02-10-2003]

I have a simple question. I fly a U.S. Flag on a flagpole. The rope supporting the flag breaks. The flag falls to the ground. It is not soiled in any way. Question: Does that flag have to be destroyed?
David Behncke, Illinois [02-10-2003]

i ahev to do a stupid project on her and i have no clue baout her and i came here and you guys saved my grade! i got a 6.0 on my progect! THANKS! me
sammi, florida [02-10-2003]

i love besty ross she is so cool
TANAIS LOPEZ MARIA, new york city [02-10-2003]

hi, My daughter has choosen to do her social studies project on Betsy Ross. Part of her grade will be "visual". In other words, she has to dress like her. Unfortunately, I have no idea how she should dress. Every picture we have found, she has a flag in the front of her and I cannot see her full body. Any help would be appreciated asap. thanks, misty
misty, covington ga [02-10-2003]

Casey Goodin, Lynx, Ohio [02-10-2003]

Thanks for the historical and informative lessons. God Bless America The Daughter of A world War l veteran
R.Chapman DuCree, Rosedale New York [02-10-2003]

can you send me basic information on Betsy Ross by Wednesday Febuary 12, 2003. Thank You
Mel, u.s.a [02-10-2003]

YOu guys have a good site here. I would just like to have seen more on how she died.
Ryan [02-10-2003]

You Should have a page where you can print the pictures of her house.
anonymous [02-10-2003]

This site is so cool!
stephanie, mi, usa [02-10-2003]

i am doing a project in school called biography Day in Fourth Grade. i choose to write about betsy ross.
kimberly berry, highland, maryland [02-10-2003]

Andrea [02-10-2003]

thank you - very helpful for my 8 year old daughter's project for school. [02-10-2003]

I think that Betsy Ross is a great person and she is fun to learn about, alghough it is hard to find facts about her she is still a good person to do a report on! If you are looking for a great and exciting person to do a report on or just to learn about go learn about betsy ross! And im sure your report will be the best!
donna [02-10-2003]

I get goose bumps when I see a picture or reproduction of the original american flag. The birth of this nation was founded on the sacrifices of those who wanted to create a country that was a haven for those who longed for equality, freedom, and equal opportunity.A country that had no ruling class,where anyone could hold public office and where dreams became reality. A very novel concept for that time. We must be reminded of the very great price that the patriots paid for what americans have had ever since.
M. J. Banks, Reading, Pa [02-10-2003]

Thank goodness people had the foresight to save the building and a piece of our country's history. Especially today when our patriotism is being tested. I look forward to bringing my three children to the Betsy Ross home during this year's April vacation.
Ann Stockbridge, Kennebunk, Maine [02-10-2003]

I really like this site!
Elle, Illinois, U.S.A [02-10-2003]

Thank you again for the wonderful and informative Betsy Ross page. I continue to enjoy the story of her life and this information has been a great help in my living history program which I am on occasion asked to perform for different local organizations which I volunteerto do free of charge. I have come to know her in a way which is dear to my heart and I no longer use notes but attempt to become the person that she was. She was indeed a patriot and an inspiration. I designed and made my costume which is red white and blue and also made a Betsy Ross flag to show as part of the program. Doing this has encouraged me to study the history of our country more fully. My heart felt thanks Geraldine
Geraldine "Jerry" Vilar, Fairmont West Virginia [02-10-2003]

I have to do a report on Betsy Ross for school i am in the 5th grade and i need some information on her life and what she did that made her a famouse american if you could send me some pictures of Betsy Ross then that would be really good and just a couple of facts and i also want to know did Betsy ross really make the 1st American flag or was it just a legend or myth? Please write back
Nicole, clifton NJJ [02-10-2003]

Mar [02-10-2003]

I love this web-site
Lexi, Fl [02-10-2003]

Can you put a nother picture of Betssy Ross??????????????
Marcela [02-10-2003]

hello i think u need more pictures of the flag that betsy made and more pitures of betsy
anonymous [02-10-2003]

This is a great site for kids with history homework from Mrs.Meeker!
E,B,M, Billings,Mt [02-10-2003]

Frankie Smith, Gardendale, Alabama [02-10-2003]

I belong to a condominium of 250 families.In the past when a member died we would fly the flag on our grounds at half staff .This was done to let all members know that someon had died. Recently, someone said it was illegal to do this and the practice has stopped.Most of the people would like the practice resumed but the board says it is not legal.Could you tell me what is the corret way to handle this Thank you Phil Gundel
Phil Gundel, New York NY [02-10-2003]

Was doing reasearch on Betsy Ross. Thank you for all the information. Great job!
Elva Melendrez, Radium Springs, New Mexico 88054 [02-10-2003]

who cut the flag into pieces.
Irene Phillips, Butte mt united states [02-10-2003]

i need this info 4 a report it helped
Thea [02-10-2003]

amanda [02-10-2003]

I think that Betsy was a great preson. I'm doing a report on her and I've learned a lot about what happened in the older days before I was here.So I thank her.
Andi, Oregon [02-10-2003]

fredishay, popmtonlakes [02-10-2003]

Hello, my name is Alli and my friend and i are doing a report on Betsy Ross and what her role was during the rev. war. We are going to talk abo9ut everything that has happened so far in the war. It is so hard to find decent information about the war up until May 1776. If you could please help us we would greatly appreciate it. E-mail me at Again! Alli
Alli [02-10-2003]

i learned a lot from this website.
BRIANA D. GRIGGS, 603 treetrail pkwy norcross,ga 30093 [02-10-2003]

Thanks for all the info really needed it for school wax museum
Ruth McClain, #21 clear lake ct wentzville Mo [02-10-2003]

I am doing Betsy Ross for a Bigraphy in school! I didn't think this sight would be this interesting! BYE
Kelsey W., ??????? [02-10-2003]

JuLaine Jolley [02-10-2003]

dear internet service providers, i thank thee most greatfuiy,but thee must find a ciose up photo of Betsy Ross.if thee finds one thee should put it on thy computer.i am doing biogrophy on thee,at thy school of cornwall elementury,in mrs.sauer`s class the is nice.
samantha ross, cornwall N.Y. [02-10-2003]

lizzy, Dallas,Texas [02-10-2003]

abby rents [02-10-2003]

This site was helpful with my US History report.
Leslie, Georgia [02-10-2003]

Shanzer Nea, Monticello ky 42633 [02-10-2003]

i just wanted to tell you that the Betsy Ross home page is sooo helpfull you need more things like it ttfl
anonymous [02-05-2003]

This web site is the best.
Amanda, California [02-05-2003]

Megan Chebuhar, Howells,Nebraska U.S.A [02-05-2003]

i'm doing a project on betsy ross i truely think she is a wonderful leader. thriugh the time i have done reserch on her i have learned a lot about her.i would love to be in the betsy ross guest book to show my appriciation for her she has true leadership qualities. thank you for taking time out of you day to read this letter sincerly, kacey krehbiel 5th grader at prosperity elementary school
Kacey Krehbiel, Buhler, Kansas [02-05-2003]

How Did Betsy Dauhter Harrit die at 9 months
Jasmine, Casper Wyoming [02-05-2003]

Richard T. Dixon, Chandler AZ. [02-05-2003]

we are working on a badge for girl scouts (patriotism) and one of the questions was whether there are any regulations regarding sewing or making a flag? can any company make flags? are there regs. regarding materials to be used? any help would be appreciated. if we have any more questions, is there a number we can call? thank you
donna scarafile, utica, ny [02-05-2003]

WE are looking ofr info about displaying hte flag during inclement weather. I know at night if htey are flying, they are to be illuminated. But what about during ice anc snow storms? thanks! Cyndi Kimball
cyndi kimball, Easton, Maine [02-05-2003]

Sportsie [02-05-2003]

I am a huge fan of Betsy Ross. I was her for Halloween!
Melissa Jenkins [02-05-2003]

Excellent site, I've added it to my favorites. Thanks.
Laura Smith, Delaware,Ohio [02-05-2003]

Very thrilled to find this information for my daughter, Megan). In 5th Grade and doing a project on Betsy Ross. She plans to dress up as Betsy Ross and talk about the first flag!
Megan Armstrong, Hackettstown, New Jersey 07840 [02-05-2003]

My third grade daughter chose Betsy Ross as a subject for a report/presentation. She read a biography, but was encouraged to use the internet as an additional source. We were quite pleased to come upon your website, as it had information that would interest a nine year-old (how to cut a 5-pointed star in one snip), as well as information that would please a third grade teacher. Just thought I would drop a quick note to say "thanks".
Tracey Campagna, Collingswood, NJ [02-05-2003]

i would be famous myself.i want be a famous barrel racer and do poles and steacks too.i want to laern how to calf rope.infact i want to be a champion and ride in the rodeo's.the reason why i am doing this is because i have a project on betsy ross in school. yall's new friend, kortney
KORTNEY OLSON, lake charles la [02-05-2003]

I would like to find out information on Betsy Ross!
Vanessa [02-05-2003]

I think this is a cool site and is helping out with my little brothers research for school
Austin McD., Boulder CO. [02-05-2003]

Thank you for having this website! It helped me on my homework a lot!
Yeon Won Kim, Mountainview, C.A. [02-05-2003]

Anne Kim [02-05-2003]

I visited this site to get my little brother information on the flag for his CUb Scout group. THANKS!
Ashton, Louisiana [02-05-2003]

c.w [02-05-2003]

stephanie [02-05-2003]

Betsy, I wish you were still alive, I Love You Love, Amber
Amber Leonard [02-05-2003]

hey there
anonymous [02-05-2003]

I love Betsy Ross!
Christine, Santa Ana, CA, [02-05-2003]

I miss living in Philadelphia and hope to move back soon to Center City around the Broad Street area.
Ravi Sehgal [02-03-2003]

jessica [02-03-2003]

GGRREEAATT! web page
LoveBug69, Bridgewater, South Dakota [02-03-2003]

lizzy, duluth,Georgia,30097 [02-03-2003]

My name is Molly KImberlin. I am doing a repot on Ms. Betsy Ross,I have have to answer 5 qustions fo rmy report fro my teacher Ms. Hanson, would you please email me some really important information on Ms.Ross. Thank you so very much, Molly Kimberlin
Molly Kimberlin [02-03-2003]

Cool Site
Amanda Kaake, Cass City [02-03-2003]

Dale Rockett, Pittsburg, Texas [02-03-2003]

This site was very useful in writing a report on Betsy Ross and I also learned some valuable information,but along with the report I was supposed to do an oral presentation and dress up similar to betsy ross,so i would like to get a better idea of how she dressed,before thursday if you can!hahaha!. Thanks for all the help!
report writer [02-03-2003]

I have what I think is a picture of Betsy Ross sewing an American flag done in silk. What can you tell me about it? It's entitled "Bersy Ross Making the First United States Flag" It also contains in the lower right hand corner, Anderson Br? Paterson NJ. I think that John Ryle associated with the silk industry might be involved. Thank you.
Stanley Wagner, Dayton Oh 45431 [02-03-2003]

Hi everybody i am so glad to be an american and i would never move to anouther country this is the only country for me and i am so happy we have an a American flag
Alexandria Hohl, Canton Ohio United States of America [02-03-2003]

I think Betsy Ross is so AWESOME! Love, Sarah Sinclair ; Age 10 P.S. This is for a Social Studies Project! ! ! ! !
Sarah, Keene,Texas [02-03-2003]

I like Betsy Ross, no I love her.
Savannah Roy [02-03-2003]

mo, lake winnepesaukee [02-03-2003]

I'm doing a report and i made a Betsy Ross doll for school.
Samantha Campagna, Miami [02-03-2003]

i am in the second grade @ high country elem. and i am doing a book report on her.
kari ann line, fort worth, texas [02-03-2003]

hi! i`ve been reading and this web site gives you a lot of information.
anonymous, Indiana [02-03-2003]

~This is the perfect sight to find info on Betsy Ross!
anonymous [02-03-2003] need to put the names of your mom and dads names on here so we know.
orahood sahara, estero fl. [02-03-2003]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross. You website helped a little (some didn't help at all!)
I.O.U. [02-03-2003]

im doing a project on American flag history .
Chelsea [02-03-2003]

Alexis Dammann, oshkosh,WI [02-03-2003]

Very nice web site. If we ever get to Phil. be assured the Ross house will be on our list of "Must See" places.
Raymond Shelton, Marseilles, Ill. 61341 [02-03-2003]

Jaclyn Jaber [02-03-2003]

this website is awsome! ican see lots of revolutionary war people. thanks! kimberly
kim, U.S.A, buford, Geogia [02-03-2003]

BIRTTANY [02-03-2003]

My name is Molly Kimberlin and I am doing report for my schol Maple Park Middle School. MY teacher Ms Hanson gave Ms betsy Ross's name and I would Love to learn more on her wopuld you be so kind and send me some more information for my report. I need to answer 3 quctions on Ms Ross and I need to make my own flag including sybols of liberty and freedom. Thank you
Molly Kimberlin [02-03-2003]

I enjoyed your site very much. For the last 8 years I have gone to our area schools (5th grade classes) and give a 45 minute talk on the American flag. After reading the info from your site I will now be revising my speach a little. Thank you for all the info. Jim Mertz PS. I must question your facts on displaying the flag IN A CHURCH or AUDITORIUM. I have info saying that when the American flag is in a church or auditorium but NOT in the CHANCEL AREA or ON THE PLATFORM it should be place on the RIGHT side (as viewed from the people). You may want to revise your wording to include info. The only copy I have of this infor says it comes from "CODE FOR DISPLAY OF THE FLAG OF THE UNITED STATES".
James E. Mertz, Algonquin, Illinois [02-03-2003]

Starfish, nyc [02-03-2003]

For the last six years we the Veterans do the pledge of allegiance with the 2nd 3rd and 4th grade at our local elementry school. We are always looking for patriotic material, I will use some of what I have found here, but any other material that you may have I will appreciate....Thank You....and ...God Bless Our Flag...F>R>
Fred J Robling Jr, Westminster, Vermont 05150 [02-03-2003]

I like to know more about the way Betsy Ross dresses because am doing dressup at my school.
Evangeline Sargean, New York [01-31-2003]

bella 419, 419 [01-31-2003]

Hira [01-31-2003]

i love betsy ross!
Maredith [01-31-2003]

Hey everyone! I go through a lot of guests books and sign them.On this ocation I have a biography report to do and I oviously am doing Betsy Ross. I found everything out about her interesting life. I'm only ten years old! Well thanks for reading what I wrote and I can ashure you you will see more of what I write on other guests books! Lucia:)
Lucia, Massechusetts [01-31-2003]

Iwas on this site for a school project
angel (11), 2558741036859 tn van ye road [01-31-2003]

Lauren ashle [01-31-2003]

Betsy Ross is my role model. Talk about a lot of marriages.
sally [01-31-2003]

It was some what helpful! Thanks...
Katie Patton, Bloomington In [01-31-2003]

Lizzy [01-31-2003]

I am visiting this website for a project, (I'm in 5th Grade), and I would like to say how helpful this site has been! Thank You for creating it.
Emily Tolhuizen, Plano, Texas U.S.A [01-31-2003]

amanda furrer, pennsylvania Irwin AmericA [01-31-2003]

Alyx Malone, Texas [01-31-2003]

I went to her website to find out what the colors stood for. I was very excited to find that information. I have a brother who fights for the flag that Betsy Ross took the time to make. Thank God for people like her.
Jayme, West Virginia [01-31-2003]

Brittany J., Portsmouth,VA, US [01-29-2003]

SUEMAIN, millhim [01-29-2003]

I think Betsy Ross went through some tough times . But how she lived turned out to be great. people her wrote storys about her amaze me i've never had a better history report for school in my life.
katelynn rotenberry [01-29-2003]

Stacie Brill, New Concord, Ohio [01-29-2003]

Great website!
D.J., texas [01-29-2003]

hi im miriam & im girly
miriam [01-29-2003]

jessica wallace [01-29-2003]

Brijin Lund [01-29-2003]

I love the color blue. I love alonado.
Rosa Isabel Janders, Germantown Maryland [01-29-2003]

God bless America!Ur site is allsome.I love BETSY ROSS...AAMOF she is my favorite..
Nicole, Coatesville PA 19320 United States of America [01-29-2003]

I appreciate as a cub scout den leader for your site as I am looking for ideas to display flags or make flag decorations for this year's Blue & Gold celebration.
Tricia, San Antonio, Texas [01-29-2003]

tonee [01-29-2003]

GOD BLESS AMERICA! Love always, ~*Princess Kida*~
Princess Kida, Lynden,Washington [01-29-2003]

What is all the names of betsy rosses sisters and brothers and also where was she born.
Angel, San Diego Chula Vista [01-29-2003]

Im doing a report on Betsy Ross and this rocks. ~PEACE 2 THE PEOPLE~
anonymous [01-29-2003]

this is cool thank you
taylor, pa [01-29-2003]

Thancks for the help I needed info on Betsy and you were a great resouce!
anonymous [01-29-2003]

VANESSA VARUGHESE, Houston,TX [01-29-2003]

Elizabeth, meadville PA. [01-29-2003]

I am working on a report about Besty Ross and I am proud to be doing her!:)
callie wahl, georgetown.DE. [01-29-2003]

Dear Betsy Ross, My class is doing a muziam on people. And I am doing you Betsy Ross.
Riley Baird, Gradevill Mich 49418 [01-29-2003]

I wish there was more information about Betsy Ross's descendents. The story that was always passed on down through our family at all the reunions and from the old to the young was that Betsy Ross was our grandmother. I am always sure my children know this fact, for so many families don't take the time to pass on old stories about family history to the young people, and with us the family history will be forgotten. If anyone has any information about her descendents, I would appreciate it greatly.
susan hienz, Beaver falls PA [01-29-2003]

betsy roche [01-29-2003]

brooke, smithton il usa 62285 [01-29-2003]

laura schaum [01-29-2003]

i think your website is so cool
emmanuel, mission,tx [01-29-2003]

I am wondering if it is okay to frame a United States Flag?
Jodi Erdley, Franklin, PA [01-29-2003]

extremly goodpicxtures!
daniel, mcallen trexas [01-29-2003]

yana [01-29-2003]

This is so cool!@ the Betsy Ross home.
Nicole, Pennsylvania [01-29-2003]

MaryPuthoff, livermore C.A [01-29-2003]

my favorite picture is the painting of betsy ross, general washington, george ross, and robert morris by charles h. weisgerber. i was looking at this site because i got "women in american history" for my homework. thank you for the information.
DARIUS NUTTBROCK (AGE 10), keizer, oregon [01-29-2003]

America the Beautiful, Oh how God has Blessed Her! Now let the Americans Bless God! Amen! Let us truely be "ONE NATION UNDER GOD".
Dorthy Whaley, Upper Black Eddy, PA [01-29-2003]

kelly, US AL Huntsville [01-29-2003]

Betsy ROSS [01-29-2003]

hey my name is kamil henagan and i am in the 8th grade and i have to look up stuff about and i just seem to cant find out when you was born that is all will i have to go ok
Kamil Henagan, Adrian M.I 49221 [01-29-2003]

A very informative site. I appreciated all the documents and rules that were listed.
Valerie Szymanski, Grand Rapids, MI [01-26-2003]

Megan [01-26-2003]

i just wanted to say i love ur website and god bless america
ashley, germantown wi [01-26-2003]

I found your site when I was looking for information to teach Betsy Ross to my kindergarten class. Thanks so much for the great information. It will make my job easier and I can also pass your address to other teachers in my building. Thanks again. Karen
Karen Mullins, Martinsville, Virginia [01-26-2003]

Does anyone know if it is really true that betsy ross was born with a fully formed set of teeth??
amy, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada [01-26-2003]

A question actually-- After my grandfather (a retired navy captain) died last year, I was privileged to be given one of his flags. Although realizing it's condition qualifies as "retirement" status, the flag has a history that I would like to keep around.... Is it appropriate to fold & frame the flag in a triangular frame? Jeanice Davis San Diego, CA
Jeanice Davis, San Diego, CA [01-26-2003]

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pretty kitty _77, greenup,ky 41144 [01-26-2003]

debra renver, boston,mass. [01-25-2003]

This Web site with information on Betsy Ross was very beneficial. My 8 year old daughter had to do an oral presentation and dress up like Betsy Ross and this Web site provided us with all the information we needed for her to receive a good grade. Thank you so much.
Jody Hale, Alexandria, Virginia [01-25-2003]

Rebecca [01-25-2003]

Bridgitte, Birmingham,AL [01-25-2003]

i think bets ross is great and im doing a biogriphy on her
anonymous [01-25-2003]

lauren [01-25-2003]

I love reading your books they're so cool!
Morgan Allred, Carrolton T.X [01-25-2003]

Hi! You are very informative and detailed... I'm doing a HUGE project in Language on Betsy Ross. It's called our Third Quarter Research Report. It takes up the whole third quarter in Language, and we have to have 60 notecards this Friday. Today is friday, and I only had 47, but now I am only three short, and I think my teacher will buy that! Thanks!
Devon [01-25-2003]

This is a great site. Thanks to this site our Brownie Troop was able to earn a few Try-It badges. Thanks so much. Brownie Troop 141
Lisa K., Granada Hills, CA [01-25-2003]

I love Besty ross she is very famous and i an doing a report on her and i have to dress like her.
Victoria, Leander,TX, [01-25-2003]

callie [01-23-2003]

Nellie, Lynden,WA,USA [01-23-2003]

I am 9 years old and I liked the tour. Stephanie. My grandfathers email is
Stephanie Jordan, The Woodlands, Texas [01-23-2003]

this web page gave me so much info on betsy and her life for me history was so helpful thank so so much for putting up this web page . it was really neat how you set the web page up. thank you courtney!
courtney, florida [01-23-2003]

I am doing a history report about Betsy Ross for my second grade class. I would like some information when she was a little girl. Thanks,
Jenni, fl [01-23-2003]

Great Web-site.
Joseph L. Schanck, Pittsburgh PA. [01-23-2003]

Courtney [01-23-2003]

I visited this web site today to help me with my Book report on Besty Ross. It was very interesting! I liked her bedroom the best.
Jessica Lucas, Newark DE [01-22-2003]

I had to do a report and this website really helped me!
anonymous [01-22-2003]

Hi I think that this is a very outstanding website. It has a bunch of information and is very helpfull. I could use a bit more information but it is still good. Thank you Ashley
Ashley Paper, Albany New York USA [01-22-2003]

I'm doing you on my biograehy report
Sydney Schexnaydre, Louisiana [01-22-2003]

Michele [01-22-2003]

Do you have about when Betsy Ross was in school?
Bridget [01-22-2003]

Great resource for scouting Thanks so much. Wes Orr
Wes Orr, Ennis, MT [01-22-2003]

i love betsy
unknown [01-22-2003]

I just wan tto say god bless america and all the people inthere i so really proud to be america and this a great country the best around the word and the great flag in the word. AND GOD BLESS USA.
Leonel Medina, Baldwin park Califonia [01-22-2003]

i was wondering if betsy ross really did sew the first flag because i have to do a essay on her and my history teacher said that she really did not sew or make the first flag. and i can not find any information supporting that. please help me find this information thanks jennifer
JENNIFER, spanayway washington [01-22-2003]

I am a third grader and this is my first report and it was on Mrs. Betsy Ross it was exciting to know how the flag of the United States was born.
Lamonte' McCoy, Portsmouth, Virginia [01-22-2003]

i was doing a rreport on betsy so i went on your web site! THANKS!
katie [01-22-2003]

Amy [01-22-2003]

I want to know more about Betsy Ross insted of going to Betsy Ross Home page .com
Brittany, wheeling Il. [01-22-2003]

i love your web page i am doing a project on betsy ross and your page has every thing i need ok bye love ya
anonymous [01-22-2003]

Mehreen, Centreville, Va [01-22-2003]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross. This web sight was a great help!
Katya, Az [01-22-2003]

A great web-site full of information and facts on times of the Revolution and the Revolutionary figure "Betsy Ross"
Michelle [01-22-2003]

Amber Andrews, Randolph,Ny 14772 [01-22-2003]

I chose Betsy Ross for a 3rd grade report & project. Your site is very helpful and I have learned a lot from it.
Katie Tuggle, Athens, GA [01-22-2003]

jackie pouliot [01-22-2003]

Kaytlyn Kelly, ny [01-22-2003]

Hi, I'm doing a project for school! Betsy Ross is kinda weird though...I mean who wants to sew a flag?!?!
Hayley, Washington, USA [01-22-2003]

Kimberly, Lynchburg, VA [01-20-2003]

this is a great website it really heps me
allison [01-20-2003]

hey i really loved reading about betsey ross and she is not dumb at all at first i thought she was going to be so boaring but i would love to be like her when i grow up
kati, MI boyne city [01-20-2003]

Anna Grubb [01-20-2003]

Earl H. Gregg USN Retired, Medford, Oregon [01-20-2003]

I would like to know why a the colors Red, White, and Blue were used. What is the meaning of these colors? I know the meaning of each star representing a state. But why 7 Red Stripes and Six White? I thought I was taught this in grade school, but when my daughter asked me these questions I couldn't answer her.So I hit the Internet with no results. I would appreciate a direction to follow.Thanks, Mark Roy
Mark S. Roy, Plainville, Connecticut [01-20-2003]

Very Interesting and informative!
anonymous [01-20-2003]

I found this site to be very informative as it is to be used in my childs school report. After reviewing this data I found that it was useful for the whole family to study.
William Baker, Hawley Pennsylvannia 18428 [01-20-2003]

i love us history i like the betsy ross.; i like the flag i mi make flag;quilt for me on my bed ; i love the flag itfor peace and freedom ;andtogets in other peoples heary aswell;. thank god. and jesus; bonnie jackson
bonnie jackson, 12919 cordary ave apt 16 hawthorne ca 90250 [01-20-2003]

this was great
katie [01-20-2003]

My school told us to do a project for National History Day...I was lost for ideas until am search turned this helpful little site up!
Samantha [01-20-2003]

i am related to betsy ross & it is cool to see about my great great great great aunt. i am researing her for a history project
neeley, madison ms us [01-20-2003]

luis, austintown,oh [01-20-2003]

I was born in Philadelphia and now encouraging my children to do a book report on Betsy Ross
Marie Doty, Mesa AZ UNited States [01-19-2003]

Emily Kiefer [01-19-2003]

This website is very helpful with research, and it is very fun!
Alison, Plainfield,IL U.S.A. [01-19-2003]

i have to do a report on her aswell
NINA, chicago,il 60656 [01-19-2003]

Why is the flag sometimes backwards on the side of airplanes, buses, and military uniforms? The answer regarding the direction of wear of the US flag on military uniforms is dependent on whether or not the mission is wholely an US operation or if it is shared within a multinational forces. If it is a multinational mission, the flag faces backwards, the opposite for a US mission.Contact the Dept of Defense for additional references.
W. Cruz, Edina, MN [01-17-2003]

Nina, Chicago,Il 60631 [01-17-2003]

c.m. bostick, Pittsburgh, PA 15222 [01-17-2003]

i am glad i got to go on the tour because i have to do a report on her.
amanda, spring,TX [01-17-2003]

you need more single pictures of betsy ross. some children have reports and need them!
anonymous [01-17-2003]

It would be better if you had something just for Betsy Ross like how she made the flag, when she made the flag, and where she made the flag just on one page. From, Becky4692
Rebecca, Miami,Florida [01-17-2003]

I had to do a project for school, and I must admitt this website was very useful. loved the picture's
Ms.T.Heath, snellville,ga [01-17-2003]

Was Brsty Ross really the maker of the flag?
Ashley Nicole Hacker, Springfield,MO,USA [01-17-2003]

im studying u in class
taylor, westbrook Maine [01-17-2003]

Hi I am amanda i am proud to be related to such a great person betsy ross i also like your house. Your great...... cousins Amanda Mcfeaters and kimberly Casey
Amanda and Kimberly, Gig harbor washington 98332 usa north amarica [01-17-2003]

This is a great sight! I am going to tell all my friends about it! Thanks for the homework help1 it was great Samantha
Sam, united States [01-17-2003]

this was really cool! i had fun looking at the flags i went to this wed site for an art project and couldn't find any pictures of just besty ross u should get some pictures of just besty ross up close! well bye thanx!
anonymous [01-17-2003]

We are homeschooled and were thrilled to see a virtual tour of Betsy's house and all the great report information!
the klocko family, Illinois [01-17-2003]

Awesome page! I had to give a report in front of my class, and this site gave me all the info I needed! Thanx! ;-p
Alexandra [01-17-2003]

Mr. Hollling's 5th grade class visited this site today! -South Park Elementary
anonymous, Los Angeles, CA [01-17-2003]

this is one of the best websites there needs to be more
ashley [01-17-2003]

Doing a term paperwhich I decide on besty ross.
john [01-17-2003]

Hey! I love Betsy Ross! I am studying her right now. In school. I think she is the most interesting person I have ever heard of. I want to learn how to sew things like the AMERICAN FLAG!
Haley Cam [01-17-2003]

Your house was okay, it was just too small.
anonymous, Alexandria, Va [01-17-2003]

Hey, i'd like to say that Betsy Ross is my great grandma times about 10. She's the greatest!
anonymous, San Marcos, CA [01-17-2003]

I never appreciated history in school. Not until I started reading and researching on the internet sites regarding Philadelphia do your realize the impact our city has had on history and the building the United States. As a descendant of Betsy Griscom Ross,I have great pride in our flag and history. And yes, I do sew!
Patricia Griscom, philadelphia pa [01-17-2003]

i think lerning about betsy r is fun i am doing it for a school report .I think lerning about her is grate. carol anne
carolanne, cant say [01-17-2003]

i need a picture of just betsy rosses face only for a book report i'm doing on her.
LACEY LEE STEWART, springfield,ohio [01-17-2003]

anonymous, chioe [01-17-2003]

When were you born,where were you born, who are your birth parents.
Remington Williams, Baltimore Maryland [01-17-2003]

Why did George Washington pick Bretsy Ross? Why did she make corrections to George Washingtons drawing?
Briana [01-17-2003]

Borrowman's Second Grade Class, San Antonio, TX [01-17-2003]

We came here to get some information for our Brownie troop. Great site - really informative. Thanks!
Stacy Campbell, Kansas [01-17-2003]

THOES STARES SURE ARE A WORK OUT -seeing haunted dolls 50$ -gift shop 200$ - seeing betsys grave, PRICELESS!~
bobb, who cars [01-17-2003]

My friend and I had a great time look through you house. I sure had fun going down the hall and up the steps! It sure gave me a work-out!
anonymous [01-17-2003]

My teacher, Mrs. Hanratty, recommended this site. I am in kindergarten. I like the site.
Mason, McLean, VA [01-17-2003]

Thanks for the great information!
Frann, Chalfont, PA [01-17-2003]

Thank you for the info about Betsy. It was very interesting.
Kayla, Billings,Mt,USA [01-17-2003]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross. This site will help me a lot. Thanks!
Cristina, Alexandria, Virginia [01-17-2003]

This sight was EXTREMELY helpful when i was preparing for Charechter Day @ school! that is when we dress up about a person in 1700's and pretend we r them! I GOT AN A+ because of this web site!
Kelli Gemmer, Florida,Melbourne [01-17-2003]

i feel bad for the woman back then! they had to wear UGLY outfits! i am soooo glad the i was born in the century of the COOLER cloths.
Kelli Gemmer, melbourne florida;brevard county [01-17-2003]

hi every body this is a great site!
anonymous [01-17-2003]

mindy d'andrea, Southington, CT [01-17-2003]

I thought the website was really cool because it was more intresting because i have seen her house and been there so it was like wow i have been there. So ya i am now a lot more into history Jennifer
Jennifer, roseburg,OR u.s.a [01-17-2003]

M.L. COX, nacogdoches tx [01-17-2003]

Drew Best, Plainfield, IN [01-17-2003]

very nice website. thank you for the info
Kim Frankenbery, Everett Wa [01-17-2003]

America is a beautiful place to live! im so grateful to be able to be in america, becuase in africa there are little kids and children that are suffureing from aids and hiv. god bless them. now i used to live in africa and im african american, what happened on september 11 was so tragic, and it is more tragic to know that a human, BenLadin, could do this to his brothers and sisters, and as much as you all may hate him u always have to rememeber that he is our brother. im not on his side either, now, you all should be thanking god everyday for the blessing to be able to live in usa. im just learning to speak english and writeing but when i lived in africa my great uncle that died of being hungry and possibly hiv, he told me before he died asmi amani which means live with faith. living with faith can get america far. gad bless america and pray for my ansestors in africa to onday have enough food to last. thank you!
Hoda [01-17-2003]

Victoria Potts [01-17-2003]

After i found this web page, i made sure that i sent it to my friends that i have all over the country. I'm proud of being from this area - and want them to see one of the major attractions to the Philadlephia area........thank you, it was wonderful!
Carlton & Mary Cupps, Abington, Pa. 19001-2514 [01-17-2003]

This is a great Web site! I will use this information with my daughters Brownie Girl Scout Troop and with my class of K-1 students at school. Thanks!
Beth Dowdell, 1504 Helmridge Ct. Louisville, KY 40222 [01-17-2003]

This website was very helpful for my research project. Betsy Ross was a true patriot and a great person. Thanks for putting this together!
Celeste Comings [01-17-2003]

Anea, Sycamore, IL [01-17-2003]

Holla! I am 13 yrs. old. Last year we went on a trip to Betsy Ross's house. It was O.K. This year I have to do a report on her.It's not very easy. But I have some knowledge. It won't be as difficult now. I loved your house.
Keisha, Bklyn, East New York [01-17-2003]

im doing a project and found this sight and i think its great
jessica thompson, hubbard,ohio44425 [01-17-2003]

Thomas, Mossyrock, WA [01-17-2003]

Ted Swanson, 6441 296th Sreeet East, Cannon Falls, MN 55009 [01-17-2003]

I am doing a book report on either Cleopatra or Betsy Ross,I think I'm going to pick Betsy Ross.
Summer, Ohio [01-17-2003]

i looooooooooovvvvvve your site its aseome
K.A.B, glen carbon I.L U.S.A [01-17-2003]

Betsy Ross was a great woman. She did many things like make the American flag that now represents our country. She also kept shop going while he two husbands died and she still stood tall and proud as ever
anonymous [01-17-2003]

Great site. Needed a flag for a document I ws doing and was glad to find one here. Thanks
Ray Leach, Escanaba, Michigan [01-17-2003]

Madison & DeNae Thompson, Minot, ND 58701 [01-17-2003]

This site is GREAT! For school,I had to choose a revoutionary character to dress up as and then my teacher will ask questions about the person's life. I chose Betsy Ross! This site gave a colossal amount of information for me to mention in my assignment,and so i just wanted to say:Thanks!
Emily, Florida [01-17-2003]

Dear Sirs, I am 7 years old. I am doing a report about Betsy Ross. Your website relly helps me. THANK YOU!
Reagan Garrett, Colleyville tx usa [01-17-2003]

anonymous [01-17-2003]

anonymous [01-10-2003]

I hated your house it is to small. get a new house.
Page Hicks, The center of America [01-10-2003]

I like your house very much. Thanks for letting me see your house.
Christy Smith, Lathrop, Missouri [01-10-2003]

I loved your house.Thanks for showing to me.
Kaylee Chaney, Lathrop [01-10-2003]

how did Betsy make the flag
Aaron Page, Rochester Ny [01-10-2003]

I am proud to be an American and proud to carry on the name of my ancestor, Betsy Ross.
Betsy RossClarke, San Clemente Calif [01-10-2003]

the betsy ross pictures of the house is great
Glendale [01-09-2003]

anonymous, Sandusky, Ohio [01-09-2003]

This is a good web site I like lerning about Betsy Ross. You have a lot of informetion about her.
savannah galindo, El Paso Teaxs [01-09-2003]

We visted the site today.
Me, South Carloina [01-09-2003]

hi i just wanted to say that i had to do a report about betsy ross and this website was the most helpful! thank you
Gabrielle [01-09-2003]

Mrs. Hampton's Second Grade Class, Star, Idaho [01-09-2003]

I loved this homepage. I am in 5th grade and we are studying the Revolutionary War. I am studying the women and it feels cool to know a woman made the flag that we salute and admire every day of our lives.
anonymous [01-09-2003]

i'm glad that betsy made the first flag!
matt r, lincoln, nebraska 68516 usa [01-09-2003]

this is a very good resourceful website
emily, hammond,Ind. [01-09-2003]

hello I like this page
sierra, milwaukee, wi [01-09-2003]

Betsey ross has done an amazing thing to start the first flag and, most of all of us has a flag..... In school I am reaserching on Elizabeth Grimson. What a honor it is to study her. :)
Carly, Rochester N.Y. [01-09-2003]

Betsy is a great person. God Bless Her
Kiara Santos [01-09-2003]

Betsy sounded like a great strog women but i was just wondering what happened to Elizabeth (one of her kids she had with John Ross) did she stay with her or what???
Cathy [01-08-2003]

I love the tour of the house of Betsy Ross! I hope to visit there someday! I know this will help me!
Jessica V. [01-08-2003]

Savannah Fairchild, Kansas [01-08-2003]

raised in philly visited betsy ross house every 4th of July asa child.
patrick coney, fort gibson ok [01-08-2003]

Thank you so much for showing me how to make a perfect 5 pointed star. Thanks again the kids are having learning to make them.
Beverly M. Ringer-Adam, pPrattsburgh,N.Y. USA Steuben [01-08-2003]

great site. using information for a presentation to my BETA SIGMA PHI chapter. I think Betsy's 5-point star is amazing. We will make her star and discuss her life. Thank you.
Cathy Magnusen, Kodiak, AK [01-08-2003]

Lisa Falciano, Long Beach, N.Y. USA [01-08-2003]

In school we are studying Betsy Ross and our teacher Mrs. Kunkel told us about this web site. Ithink it is a great web site.
kesston, Hebron Nebraska [01-08-2003]

hey yal wazUp betsy ross created the thing we all are proud to represent are american flag we all should love that and take advantage of living in the U.S.A hope this is good taking im only 12
Zane Garcia [01-08-2003]

I love betsy Ross!
Kasey Mann, 11 years old, Charlottesville, VA 22911 [01-08-2003]

This was wonderful! I really needed this information for school........
anonymous [01-08-2003]

we likeBetsy
kodie, hubbell NE [01-08-2003]

I found this page for my daughter (age 8). She has a report due on the 14th of January. The topic was to be about a poem, symbol, or song that represents the USA. Email me if anyone has any tips.
Maggie, New Castle, IN [01-08-2003]

This helped me a lot for a project in school.I had to do it for social studies/ computer class.
anonymous, Meriden/School [01-08-2003]

Nansi Wattenburg Bohne, Greenville, CA [01-07-2003]

I've always wanted to be like her. I had a school think to write about and i couse her so i found this wonderful website.
Emily Boroughf, Johnstown, CO [01-07-2003]

This was a great sight for my 5th grader to learn more about the flag and what it stands for. He had to find out what the colors stood for. Thank you.
Denise Allmond, Grovetown, ga [01-06-2003]

I think betsy ross was the first person to make a disign of the american flag i stand to draw more attention to this problem
jake, org [01-06-2003]

Kathy Hill [01-06-2003]

dylan [01-06-2003]

Ann quist [01-06-2003]

I was presented a flag that was flown in a tanker over Afghanistan on sep 11 2002 and wish to display it a case of some sort and needed regulations on how to fold it & also to display it.
anonymous [01-06-2003]

Thank you for your site. I am using the information for both our brownie troop and our cub scouts troops.
anonymous, Spottsville, Ky 42458 [01-05-2003]

Very interesting!
Laura Henderson, Delray Bch, Fl [01-05-2003]

samer [01-05-2003]

We appreciate your home page. We had some questions about the flag and found the answerw we were looking for on your page. Thank you.
Mel and Loree Genaro, Spanaway, Washington USA [01-04-2003]

I am doing a 5-6 page research project in school. I chose the topic: The History of the American Flag. Your website helped me gather information on this topic. Thanks!
Julie, New York [01-04-2003]

Tessa [01-04-2003]

anonymous [01-03-2003]

I found this wonderful website on Besty Ross and love how you semed the flag I wish I could meet you!
Erin Chase, MD Maryland [01-03-2003]

Great website! I am advocating to restore the Betsy Ross Flag as the true American Flag. Everyone visit or call your local flag store and ask for the Betsy Ross Flag then fly it proudly at your home!
Ginny Hodgkins, Jefferson, Maine [01-03-2003]

Your website has helped me a lot with my report for school. I'm sure i'll get an a
Camie G. [01-03-2003]

I am I a student and had been assigned a history project. I am fasinated by all history! I enjoy all history mostly the Civil War and the Revolutionary War. I choose Betsy Ross for my topic. I am learning every day about her ways of life. This web site was a good reasource.
anonymous [01-03-2003]

I was here great site
me [01-03-2003]

Hey, i just wanted to say,...... HAPPY 251st BIRTHDAY BETSY! love always, Courtney, Kaitlin, and Christina
Courtney,Kaitlin, and Christina, New Jersey [01-03-2003]

This is a resourceful website that has helped me with a project that i now know i will get a good grade on because of the beautifil vivid pictures provided! Thank You u.s.! *Joi*
Joi Glass, Upper Marlboro, MD [01-02-2003]

I found this for everything I need except one thing. This site doesn't tell how Betsy Ross died.
Chyanne, Indpls. [01-02-2003]

a very educational site
Roger Larson, 2900 Grand Ave Lot # 227 [01-02-2003]

Great Web Site! Nice to see so many young people learning about OUR American Flag.
Jeff Housour, Lubbock, Texas [01-02-2003]

Betsy Ross's page is a wonderful site since it inclues assorted information for teacher and students alike. I ahvelearned a lot with this page. I give Two Thumbs Up or 4 Stars like Ebert and Roeper with their movie critics. Yours truly, Enrique
Enrique González, Arecibo, Puerto Rico [01-02-2003]

god bless america thank god for our freedom and all those that have gone before us to make this great land what she is today strong and beautiful a shining light for all to see that are seeking freedom thank you all so much for making this imformation available to us chuck jennings
R. C. CHUCK JENNINGS, carthage, mo. jasper co. [01-02-2003]

Casey, la [01-02-2003]


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