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Savanna [10-31-2002]

I think the directions for the 5 point star could be made clearer.
Betsy Lawson, Louisville, KY. [10-31-2002]

Thank you for all the helpful information on this site. My son, which is in the 4th grade, had to know what the red, white and blue on our American flag stand for. Found it here on your site. Proud to be an American. Thanks again.
anonymous [10-31-2002]

wow this site helped me i did not know bestys house is near my house. i always play and sit in front of her house and do my homework.any way i did not know she knew she sat next to gorge washington in church. in school i am learning about history. why did people restore the house?
jane, balimore MARYLAND [10-31-2002]

Mel, Aliso Viejo Ca [10-31-2002]

Hi, I am to inform you that i love everything about Betsy Ross,please keep it up. yours sir nathy moore. [10-31-2002]

I would like to thank you for creating this well organized website about Betsy Ross. I am doing a report for my American History class on Betsy Ross and this site has been a great help. I will be sure to cite you in my bibliography, and thanks for the contribution!
Yuriko, Indiana, USA [10-31-2002]

anonymous, Los Gatos, California [10-30-2002]

DESARAE [10-30-2002]

anonymous, oviedo florida [10-30-2002]

This is a great website. I have been asked to be ole Betsy for a rather large group of folks. I am an avid student of the Revolusionary War but did not have many facts about this grand lady. Thanks for the quick I must finish an old book on her from the 30's "Quaker Rebel" Its quite good....Now I just hope that Goerge Washington is there...wouldn't that be a hoot!
Patrice Barnes, Columbia, Maryland [10-30-2002]

Super site. I bought a Betsy Ross figurine - it contains after shave - at an antique fair recently. Best wishes.
Jack Harvey, Scotland [10-30-2002]

I am in 8th grade agin this year because I stayed back but that has nothing to do with the fact that growing up I have learned a lot about the Betsy Ross flag and I just wanted to say that what an amazing story of the past. I was in about 5th grade when I first learned about the flag and at the beginning I didn't quiet understand the pain,heartstake,and joy that it brought to the whole country at the time. Now being 14 almost 15 and still hearing about the Betsy Ross flag I can almost feel the pain, joy, and heartstake that most people must have felt during the time period. Even though the flag has been done over and over again there will never be another flag like the Betsy Ross flag. Well that is all the time I have to write but I will come back and write to you again soon. Respectfuly yours, Kelly Smith
Kelly Smith, Chelsea, ME [10-30-2002]

lets keep one nation under god in the pledge of allegiance
anonymous [10-30-2002]

I didnt know about betsy ross until now (school project)
candice sawyer, crossvile alabama usa [10-30-2002]

This website is awsome Betsy Ross in a true heroine in many stories! I hope in the future many other people will be reconized just like Betsy Ross!
Zoey [10-30-2002]

i love you guys
Stephanie, san jose ca [10-30-2002]

This website was great! I found a ton of information on Besty Ross with her making the first American Flag and being an important role in the Revolutionary War!
Bethany Weich, Norfolk, Nebraska U.S.A. [10-30-2002]

I came here because i am going to be betsy ross for Halloween, and every thing here helped lots! thanx!
Kimi [10-30-2002]

Thjis is a asome website!!!!!!!!!!!! Just make your Besty ross picture smaller!!!!!!! i can't use it now.
Rachel putch [10-30-2002]

looking for flag regs thanks
darl opel, edwardsville il [10-30-2002]

I love your web site i have to do a project for gifted thanks yall
LiLBig Hot Shot [10-30-2002]

she seems like a great women. but why did she marry so many guys?
gina, lake county [10-30-2002]

Would you please send me some information on besty ross i'm doin my 6th grade social studies project on her... thanks.. *ashlee*
Ashlee, washington west virginia [10-30-2002]

I think America is great I will do anything to great. We are so blessed it just a shame people don't appreciate it. see ya, Byron p.s. my birth day was on the 24th and I turned 13 theres my address send me something. My mother would't care
Byron Jamall Armstrong was here, po box 43 McLain Ms, 39456 [10-30-2002]

hi! n-m-h-j-cin my school
funch, none of your bisness [10-30-2002]

I was looking for Girl Scout (Brownie) materials.
D. Schowatler, Northern Kentucky [10-29-2002]

It containing a lot of usage information for my school project.
Jasmine, san diego,ca [10-29-2002]

Kelsey Dunkin, Radcliff, KY USA [10-29-2002]

hi people this web site is great for class stuff or if you just want to know.
amy, gresham, oregon [10-29-2002]

Good luck Betsy! Sincerely, Terry Lewis SC Board of Pharmacy 6th Congressional District Medicap Pharmacy
Terry Lewis, CDM,B.S.,R.Ph, Darlington, SC [10-29-2002]

I loove school we have trivia every week this weeks anwser was you!Now we have to studey you for a WEEK!I love your web-site!Our whole school is your favorite fans! Love, Byron Center schol (Brown Elamentry.)
Kayle, Byron Center,MI. [10-29-2002]

We recently visited Betsy Ross's house and enjoyed it thoroughly. There were so many facts about her that we didn't know. We purchased a flag thinking it was the flag with the 13 stars in a circle and, upon returning home, realized that it was the flag as we know it today. I would like to order a flag with the 13 stars on it, the size needed for hanging outside our home. How can I do this?
Kara Parle, Merced, CA [10-29-2002]

Informative website, keep up the good work.
John Allen, Dallas, texas [10-29-2002]

I wish I could find more accomplishments of Betty Ross other than the flag. Other then that I really enjoyed this web site. Thanks!
Dianna Morrow, Lowell, Arkansa [10-29-2002]

nancy pehrson, west valley city, Ut [10-29-2002]

Shelby Rissler, Frisco, TX [10-29-2002]

TOnda, georgia [10-27-2002]

i liked the website it was interesting and good 4 stuf for s.s
megan, washingont [10-27-2002]

anonymous, North carline [10-27-2002]

Tasha, North carline [10-27-2002]

Kelsie saunders [10-26-2002]

I was in this site working a school project for my neice.
Brenda, Tellico Plains, TN U.S. [10-26-2002]

This is a cool website cause i have to learn about her and if yall didn't have this website i couldnt research her.
Jessica, Ft.Worth Texas [10-26-2002]

I am very grateful for the informatin I found on the flag. Especially how to display it in the church. I find the information is a little different from the information the Navy Memorial affords in their flag protocol. They show a picture. On page 3 of 12 pages is what I was looking for on your display,item #12. If you have comments please e-mail me.
A. P. Massey, Richmond, VA 23228 [10-25-2002]

I really injoyed your site. keep america's colors flying high. God bless you Betsy Ross. Rick Pierceton In. 10-24-02
rick addair, pierceton IN. [10-24-2002]

amanda [10-24-2002]

Can you find more info about Betsy Ross. Thank You
kristen calavano, monroe new jersey [10-24-2002]

tabatha [10-24-2002]

what ever happened to the flag where is it now
hi, balimore md [10-24-2002]

I had to do an oral presentation for Social Studies class on Betsy Ross, and I got all the info. I needed off this site! It's awesome!! Alex
Alex, Honolulu, HI [10-24-2002]

samantha lamb, huntsville,ala [10-24-2002]

Hi i am majessa clark I had a project that i have to do and i thought it would be cool do do it on Betsy Ross since she really was a big part of the United States history. I have to dress up just like her to bring everyone back to the day she made our flag.I think if will be really fun to do this. And i just wanted to think her but since she has passed a long time ago there is no way for me our anyone else to think her. so i will think you people for this web site so i an other people can write to think her!! thanks so much for everything!!! sincerly, majessa clark
majessa clark, Flowery Branch, Georgia [10-24-2002]

thanx 4 help w/my homework!
Michelle, usa [10-24-2002]

I wish there were primary source documents aside from affidavits on your site. However, The site has been useful in aiding me in my report, thank you.
Lizzie, Deerfield, IL U.S.A [10-24-2002]

Enjoyed visiting the site. Thanks for being there.........
Jean, Chicago, Illinois [10-24-2002]

how are you betsy ross iam fine thank you
miss kimmi, Arizona teece nos pos [10-24-2002]

hey whats up? g2g bye
Brittany Drysdale, kingston,ma [10-24-2002]

labrittney hill [10-24-2002]

Thank you for such complete information, this site helped my Brownie Girl Scout troop earn our "Wave The Flag" patch!
Jane Pipia, Brookfield, Wisconsin [10-24-2002]

We are working on the "United We Stand" Badge and found your web site to be a GREAT help. Thanks for the information and extremely easy to use site.
Patty - Girl Scout Troop 262, Pine Island, NY [10-24-2002]

Jane Pipia [10-24-2002]

Thank you....This Website helped me find so much info on Betsy Ross for my Betsy Ross Report....If anyone has any more site email me them Thank you and Good-Night!!!
Roxy, In the Middle of Nowhere,Pa! [10-24-2002]

Adam David Raymond Flores [10-24-2002]

at my school we are doing a wax muzem. i am betsy ross!
anonymous [10-24-2002]

i like your site a lot . it really helps me to learn more about my contry.
shayna, georgia [10-24-2002]

wonderful flag nice reading web site.
NaeNae Smith, pomnona [10-24-2002]

Enjoyed the tour, have been there in person. It was enjoyable. Glad they still have things like this for our furture children to see and go back in history themselves.
Susan, Syracuse, New York [10-24-2002]

I had to use this website to find out the arguements on both sides as to whether Elizabeth Ross made the flag or not. It was for my social studies class.
Joe dG, Deerfield,Il [10-24-2002]

Rachael [10-24-2002]

This is a great website and i love it!
anonymous [10-24-2002]

William R. Alderman, Hampton, Florida [10-24-2002]

send me pictures and other information on the betsy ross house. thank you.
Angela Harrison, Falkville, AL [10-24-2002]

I love your site! It's very informational and interesting!
Corrine, Atlanta [10-24-2002]

we did this for our school project was pretty fun.
Samantha, Georgia [10-24-2002]

Thank you for your informative website on Betsy Ross and the American Flag. I am a Brownie Girl Scout Leader and we are working on a badge on the American Flag and patriotism. Your website provided a wealth of information for the girls - thank you.
Karen Minnich, Olympia, WA [10-24-2002]

I used this site for information and ideas. My one daughter is planning on being Betsy Ross for other daughter will be the Statue of Liberty, and she looked up info on this site for her Girl Scout Troop too! Thanks!! Renee'
Renee', Crestview, Florida [10-21-2002]

Very interesting....looked this up for my Girl Scout Troop. Thanks!
Nicole Brownie Troop 121 NWFL [10-21-2002]

Very informative! :o)
Lyle S., Whetstone Arizona [10-21-2002]

BETSy was a great help to make the amreican flag.
BRITTANY JONES, u.s.a [10-21-2002]

Kathleen zhou [10-21-2002]

I am doing a project on Betsy and this had helped me
Emily, New Port Richey, Florida,USA [10-21-2002]

Hannah Hamond, Anderson,South Carolina [10-21-2002]

I have a certificate titled "American Flag House and Betsy Ross Memorial Association." It is marked "Issue 1905," numbered J125139, and certifies that Ernest Partridge is a member. Can you tell me any more about it? Thanks, Dr. Delos Santos
Teri Delos Santos, Florida [10-21-2002]

Thanks for a great site. It really helped a niece of mine find the answers she needed for a paper she was writing for history class.
Lynda, Kandiyohi MN [10-20-2002]

Great web sigt, lotts of great info!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
History chick [10-20-2002]

I am a Girl Scout leader and I am collecting facts about our flag for a badge. God Bless America!!!
Christine DeVries, Rhinebeck New York [10-20-2002]

George LaCombe [10-20-2002]

betsy ross rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
***, miramar, fl [10-20-2002]

What do the stars and stripes symbolize? what does the blue background symbolize? How has the first flag changed since then?
Monica [10-20-2002]

Betsy Ross is a great person in American history. She made it possible for Americans to believe in something everyday.
trisha norman, olney,IL. [10-17-2002]

I came to this website for information for my gifted and talented class. We are supposed to dress up like a person who has made a change in the world. I chose Betsy Ross because she helped with a part of America! Katie McCrimmon
Katie McCrimmon [10-17-2002]

Alison Ross Truslow, Fredericksburg, VA [10-17-2002]

Betsy, Betsy, Betsy what flag shall you sew. The British,the English we just don't know. Though Washington waits to find the perfect one. Stars and stripes the peoples delight. The American flag what else.For we thank Betsy for her help. I think Betsy is a wonderful women thank god for her talents in sewing.
Squeeky, Lansing, Michigan [10-17-2002]

you are my invinter!!!!! you invted our flag and i thank you so much for our flag !!!!!!!!!!!!! it is very preety!!!!!
KAYLYN RAE EARLEY, texarkana texas [10-17-2002]

Hello my name is Danielle and im doing a report on Betsey Ross i was wondering if there is anything u can gave me on her so i can have a 3-5 page report. thank you.
Danielle Schumacher, Williamsburg Pa [10-17-2002]

This site is really cool, and I was on it to find out info on the American flag for school(I'm in 7th grade). I'll be back to this site soon.
Keri Yankowski [10-17-2002]

I visited this site for learning tools for my Brownie Girl Scout Troop 1798 in Mesa, Arizona. This was a wonderful place to learn the history of our US flag. I printed out the Betsy Ross flag for my girls to color. Thank you so much! Debbie Parmiter
Debbie Parmiter, Mesa, Arizona [10-17-2002]

I am doing a biography on Betsy Ross. And, for Halloween, I am going to be Betsy Ross rises from the dead!
Natalie Kallenbach [10-16-2002]

Thanx for havin this site !!!! i needed it for a project for school!!! thanx a lot
anonymous [10-16-2002]

Dave Pylate, Richland, WA. 99352 [10-16-2002]

wass up my sista nuttin much jus chillin killin well g2g lataz luv me always
Crystal MacDonald, backers cali [10-16-2002]

i thought your web site was very intresting and very educational and keep the site going as good as it is now
anonymous [10-16-2002]

Stephanie, Nashua Nh [10-16-2002]

katie, north carolina [10-16-2002]

Thank you, this page helped me with my homework :) Brian age 10
Brian, Fresno,CA [10-16-2002]

i think that betsy ross was a great person. she really shaped the american history!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
COURTNEY PAAR, bullhead city,az u.s.a [10-16-2002]

I am the leader of Brownie Troop 187, Santa Maria California. Thanks for the information
Julie Posada, Santa Maria, California [10-16-2002]

Susan, I am sooooooo very impressed!!! So is Charlotte!!
Heidi Jensen, Albuquerque NMSusan, [10-16-2002]

Devin [10-16-2002]

i think that this web site needs more about her instaed of about her house !!!!!
carrie, san angelo texas usa [10-16-2002]

What did inspire Besty Ross to invite the flag??????????????
Amber [10-16-2002]

I love u betsy ross!!!
Nick, Iowa [10-16-2002]

Demano, U.S.A. Iowa [10-16-2002]

hello to all
Jim Bob, pheonix new mexico [10-16-2002]

i came here on a school assignment
Elesha Stone [10-16-2002]

This is an awesome website!!
**CHELSEA** [10-16-2002]

This was a wonderful website. I am co-leader of Girl Scout Troop 390 in Ellenwood, GA and we have done many flag ceremonies for schools, churches, etc. We are now learning about how to retire old, worn out flags using the flag burning ceremony. This site has offered us a lot of history of the American flag, and some flag etiquette, as well as how to respectfully retire and burn old, worn out flags. Thanks for the wide range of information. Keep up the good work in keeping Americans informed of the past and present.
Cynthia G. Pitts, Ellenwood, GA 30294 (USA) [10-16-2002]

Hi! Your site is FANTASTIC! Each year, at Halloween, I try to portray a person in American history. Last year, after 9/11 it only seemed right for me to be the Statue of Liberty-and I built her headress correctly and in proportion. With that I printed a two page fact sheet on her vital statistics, etc... This year I have decided to be Betsy Ross. As a quilter it only seems right. Your website has helped me beyond belief. I will pass your site on to others as I am explaining Betsy to our patients (I work in on very busy ophthalmology practice)! THANKS! Cheryl Gratt Tallahassee, FL
Cheryl Gratt, Tallahassee, FL [10-16-2002]

I would like to thank you for providing me with the informaion that I needed for my 8th grade American Revolution Research Paper. I hope to get more information to complete it on Betsy Ross. Again thank you very much. I will be visiting again to look up more information. Thanks! Yours Truly, Mariela(student)
Mariela, Tucson,AZ [10-16-2002]

Hi, I am 10 years old and in 5th grade and I am doing a report on Betsy Ross and I have to dress up like her for school. If you have any Pictures of her then the computor or more information about her I would be deeply appreciated for it.I need to know what color was her dress. [10-16-2002]

Hi how have you been. Its great here. are high school football team just won the homcoming game.
Adam Osenmacher, iowa [10-16-2002]

HI Everyone, Hows ya doin? Iowa's greet. Ours harvest is bout' done! I luv this darn tootin web site. later days.
TJ, Iowa [10-16-2002]

good job betsy
johnny [10-16-2002]

Cool site. Love the flag.
Chelsea, Gooselake, Iowa [10-16-2002]

Nice Job Betsy
Jordan Hill, Charlotte, Iowa [10-16-2002]

Good job betsy
Regina Roling [10-16-2002]

way to go betsy
johnny, new york [10-16-2002]

Girl Scout Troop 2701 in Keene NH was here. We are learning about the flag as our Flag Try-It Patch. There is a lot of great information here!!!!!!
anonymous [10-16-2002]

Jess, goose lake ia us [10-16-2002]

hi ur cool.
anonymous [10-16-2002]

Where is the Betsy Ross flag now? I assume it is in Philadelphia??
anonymous, Vermont [10-16-2002]

I'm doing a project on Betsy Ross. I found a lot of great information on this site. Thanks!
Christina D'Antoni, New Orleans, LA [10-16-2002]

I love betsy ross lol i love all rev. things anythhing about it! if u could would u please email me back just to talk about anything!! thank u
Danessa Williams, Platte City Mo! [10-16-2002]

I love you!!!!!!!!!
obogabogah [10-16-2002]

TIFFANY PETRAS [10-16-2002]

I need information about Besty Ross's education! I hope to find it here.
Katoe [10-16-2002]

I visited this site in order to obtain information about the American Flag. This information was for my requirments to receive my try it badge called Wave the Flag. Thank you for all the information.
Rachel Reid, Washington PA [10-16-2002]

Found this site by accident, very interesting and informative!
Sherry Pierce, Cartersville, Georgia [10-16-2002]

Your site is awsome. I am doinig a report on Besty and this site was a big help. I will be back agin.
Harris Shepherd, Williamston NC Martin county [10-16-2002]

This site wil really help me with my report that I have to do about a famous person. She is perfect!!!!!
anonymous [10-16-2002]

i have an old tin type passed down through my family depicting a lady sowing a flag ;my grandmother was related to the ROSSES ;im just curious about some things i was told when very young
Richard McGaffick, Medina New York [10-16-2002]

Kitty Revees, u.s.a [10-16-2002]

Hello! Betsy Ross was the cousin and ancestor of my great-grandmother in Philadelphia. My great-grandmother's name was Marie Ross Harper and I am quite proud of my heritage, which includes an Irish Baron-Family and Swedish Farmers and, indeed, ancestry to the first flagmaker. I am an american artist working in Germany. Wonderful that there is homepage about my ancestor's family. Came across this by pure and utter chance. Keep up the good work! Many greetings from Charles
Charles Moulton, Hamburg, Germany [10-16-2002]

our brownie troop is working on their wave the flag tryit, and was printing out flag facts, etc......for the group discussion, and family discussion. your site was very helpful. my thanks.
melissa palamaro, jacksonville, fl [10-16-2002]

i think you should have more imformation about the flag.
anonymous [10-16-2002]

sasha wiant, columbus, ga [10-09-2002]

This was a very helpful and interesting page! --thanks!
Kris10, nc [10-09-2002]

I really liked your web site i used it for a report for school thanks! >^..^< ~Michelle~
Michelle, pa [10-09-2002]

ur website helped me with a school project
jsmie, Peru Indiana [10-09-2002]

I am researching Betsy Ross
quame [10-09-2002]

Hello Betsy! How are you today.... oh wait... you're dead!!!!!!!!!! No, I'm kidding. Anyways, I read your life story, how you made the flag, and I took a vitrual tour of your house. It seems nice. We are reseaching the period because in reading we are doing the book called, "My Brother Sam is dead". We haven't read a lot, on about 50 pages. I thought I would hate it, I mean it's a little old-fashion, but it's pretty good. I'm always making predictions. LOL! Anywho, I guess I'll be going, and doing some other things on your site.
ßritt, Your Momma's House [10-09-2002]

great website
kory [10-09-2002]

Kimberly Nickels, Jefferson City, Tennessee [10-09-2002]

Ireally loved your site we learned a lot from it! thank you for making it!
happy, school [10-09-2002]

I like your site. Well I better go, the bell is going to ring!!
Me, Hilbily state [10-09-2002]

Betsy Ross didn't design the flag - that is a myth.
anonymous [10-09-2002]

I have been presenting a living history in the person of Betsy Ross since March 2002 and enjoy reading everything I can about her life and the history of the Quaker's. Your web page is excellent and I appreciate the professional way in which you have presented all the facts.
Geraldine Vilar, Fairmont, West Virginia USA [10-09-2002]

I am writing a report on Betsy Ross and the American flag for a class report.
Bernie S. Rosales, Saginaw, MI [10-09-2002]

Dear Fellow Americans, I am very happy to find this site on the internet. I have been asked to produce information about the American Flag. Some of this info is thing I have known since school,but I had forgotten some of it. So THANK YOU for having this site up and running. We Americans need this. Sincerely, Karen L. Cox
Karen l.Cox, Dania,Fl. Broward county, U.S.A. [10-09-2002]

i had to do a bookreport on betsy ross.i found your web site really helpful.
BROOKE DEVAUX, geismar,louisiana [10-07-2002]

Thank you for the information that you provide on the history of the Flag. I know my Brownie Troop will appreciate the help they have received towards completing their "Wave the Flag" try-it.
Melanie Geyer, McKenzie, Tennessee [10-07-2002]

i am as cool as the other side of the pillow
jr lucas, Ft asby west virginia [10-07-2002]

This site is great! I found lots of useful information to share with my Webelos Cub Scouts working on their citizenship badge.
Cindy, California [10-07-2002]

i am very proud of this flag . i now fly it every day with my pow-mia flag.the american flag tells everyone i am an american and not ashamed to show it.the pow-mia lets them know i have not forgoten the men and women that have not returned home from all!! wars. they fought and many died for their country while proudly displaying the american flag.i myself am not a veteran,but i am one that believes our flag gives us courage to fight any battle. i am a member of rolling thunder chapter #2 kentucky. as i close as a non vet. i always say "wasnt there but i still care" . may our flag always fly!
wayne garner, 537 southbrook dr. nicholasville,ky. [10-07-2002]

Hi guys soyu did a great job k\on the site adn i loved it it told me so much info! ~WILL~
Will Jackson [10-07-2002]

Elizabeth DeGaust, Port Saint Lucie, Florida [10-07-2002]

This is a great site.
Linda, West Virginia [10-07-2002]

i am 7 and a brownie. i am proud to live in america and be free.
CHELSEY MARIE KOZAR, pennsylvania [10-07-2002]

its cool
shebs [10-07-2002]

Stanley Marchand, Gulfport,Mississippi [10-07-2002]

Brittney, Winnebago,Illinois [10-07-2002]

Dear Betsy Ross, I wish you were still alive i am one of your biggest fans i am doing a report on you if you were still alive i would type it down and send it to you i was shoked when i heard that you did the flags. well i have to go by.
Erica Doss, Fayettville [10-07-2002]

thank you for all the help with my schooling!
susan, ocean park,washington 98640 [10-07-2002]

miranda, Nampa Idaho [10-07-2002]

I am in the eighth grade,and I am doing a social science fair project on Betsy Ross. I picked her because i have a lot of respect for her because she created the flag. Since September 11th. the flag has been greatly respected and has shown great love for this country. As I am researching this project, I hope that I will learn a lot about her espectially some things that I don't already know. -Megan Howard
Megan Howard, Georgia in the U.S.A! [10-07-2002]

this is so cool
anonymous, florida [10-07-2002]

GREAT SITE MAN!!!! I't was quaktastic! And very imformative! PEACE & LOVE: =OLIVIA AND CASEY!
Olivia and Casey, Westminster, MD [10-07-2002]

I had the pleasure of visiting the Betsy Ross house on Wednesday 9/11/2002. I was part of a radio contest group from Charleston WV. The Betsy Ross house was my favorite part of the one day Philadelphia tour. We crammed as much history as we could in our one day visit. I have many wonderful pictures to remember the beautiful Betsy Ross house and gravesite. I'm already planning my next visit to Philadelphia, so I will have more time to take in the wonderful historical sites we all learned in school as children. I just wished I wouldn't have waited 46 years to visit. Sincerely, Larry Given Charleston, WV
Larry Given, Charleston, West Virginia [10-07-2002]

selena [10-07-2002]

America rules! Betsy Ross was a inporant person. AMERICA!
MARIAH BOOS, olathe ks. [10-03-2002]

Betsy I really respect you, I wish you were still alive and here I am your biggest fan, i've admired you for years, and I wish could do something as special as you did. You are my idol. Love, Betsygurl
Betsy, Washington [10-03-2002]

Hi Heather. This is where i went last night
Caitlin Garrett, fayetteville ar [10-03-2002]

jamie, covington ga [10-03-2002]

ariel dickinson miranda mien [10-03-2002]

Hello, I was on your website today 10/3/02.I thought that it was an exellent site. It has a lot of info on Betsy Ross. The reason that I was on your site is because..well..I had to do a report on her. Your website helped me a lot. THANKS a lot, Brittney
BrittneyCarlisle, Ft. Lauderdale,Florida [10-03-2002]

i love your shows.
kiff, 11123 [10-03-2002]

I needed to find out more about betsy Ross for a report, and this is one of the best sites I've ever seen! It has so much information!
Soccer*Queen [10-03-2002]

Thanks for all the great info. on the flag and Betsy Ross. I'm doing a Brownie Girl Scout Try-It for patriotisim called "Wave the Flag" I'm sure the girls will get a lot of use out of the fact you provided!!!
Jeanette Sottile, Olathe,Kansas [10-03-2002]

Our cord broke on the flagpole. We need to replace it. We ordered a cotton cord but received a cord with synthetic blue strands in it. Is this replacement cord okay to use with the American Flag?
anonymous, Belleville, IL 62221-3422 [10-03-2002]

hey this site was sooo awesome i loved it so much and i think that it rocks!!! will
will [10-03-2002]

hey i love your site it helped me do an assignment for school
Muriel 10/02/02, Dickson,Tennessee [10-03-2002]

4th grade - POrter-Gaud School, Charleston, SC [10-03-2002]

I am looking for a print/poster of Besty Ross with George Washington. Can you help me?
Deb Hart [10-03-2002]

Sherrie Munson, usa [10-02-2002]

i'm doing a report on her and she is amazing
Dominique, ct [10-02-2002]

Janet Wilwerding, Alta, Iowa [10-02-2002]


Megs [10-02-2002]

HEY BETSEY ROSS I"AM DOING A REPORT on you i alwys do you as a reprot your my best fan
patricia michelle patrick, charelston west virgina [10-02-2002]

patricia michelle patrick [10-02-2002]

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Diana, Dover New Jersey [10-02-2002]

This is a good web site and GOOD TIME coming it has everthing that we the people need to know.
anonymous [10-02-2002]

Can you guys get the first flag that Betsy made thanks.
Danny, Pomona California [9-30-02] [10-02-2002]

hi this is lisa i hope you let me enter thinks and good bye
lisa, startford connecticut [09-30-2002]

David M Calvillo Jr, El Paso, Texas [09-30-2002]

Lindsay Gearhart, Pennsylvania [09-30-2002]

I was doing research for my website (not created yet--need more info) & I came across this website. I would just like to know if anyone is from Omaha, Nebraska(where I was born & raised)& knows anything about my grandmother (who is deceased)--"Betsy Ross" from Omaha (Helen O. Worley). She was really quite famous in Omaha--crocheting the American Flag & also known for making quilts for the Jerry Lewis Telethon. She wore the Betsy Ross outfit, was noticed by all the city, even the Mayor & such. She received a key to the city, also. I am trying to locate any old newspaper clippings, pictures of her in her Betsy Ross dress, crocheting the flag or anything. I have nothing (material) to remember her by. My father & her are deceased & only Myself & brother remain. He does have one of her flags, (that she crocheted), he lived w/her, up until her death. All of her belongings were ransacked & ruined. If anyone has any pictures or knows how I can get copies of them, please e-mail me! Thank You so much!!!
Lisa Helen Worley, Fairfield, California USA [09-29-2002]

Constanza Morales, Union city, N.J. [09-29-2002]

Alicia White, 3142 Bonanza rd. Chas. SC 29414 [09-29-2002]

WOW! I love your site! In my class we had to pick someone from history and I picked Betsy Ross. I had trouble at first but now I saw this site it helped me! Thanks!
Mary, usa [09-29-2002]

ma8977, Ohio, USA [09-29-2002]

Hi I am an 8th grade student that had to choose a person that was important to American Hiatory for a report, and I have chosen Betsy Ross. I have always loved this time period in history and have once visted the Besy House once when I was little and did not realized how important it was, and just went where ever my parents took me. I am now growing fond of every thing that I saw on the web page and now want to go back this summer for our family vacation!!!!!! My aunts and ucles live near so i may come vist again and have a better experience!!!!!!!! My mom will be calling to ask for some information soon. Hope to talk with you soon and see you this summer!!!!!!!!! Thanks for all of your help.
Melissa Baldwin, Lakewood, Colorado [09-29-2002]

Hey wuz ^?????????
Katie Dunnagon, Napa Valley, CA, USA [09-29-2002]

Looking for a picture of Betsy to use for a Halloween costume. Dress of the period, etc. Thanks!
Debra A. Fjeld, Minot, ND 58701 [09-29-2002]

This site is one of the best I seen yet.
Freida M. Venable, Mechanicsburg, Pa. [09-29-2002]

ashley graziano, bradenton,florida [09-28-2002]

we are doing research for the brownie girlscout 'wave the flag' try it. our troop is #266, badger council.
EVELYN AND ROWAN MIKUL, wisconsin [09-28-2002]

You answered my question on how to display my United States and State of Texas flags. Thank you.
Christi Owens, Groves TX USA [09-28-2002]

Hey this website has helped me out sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much becuase i have a history project and i was a bit confused but then i saw this and i was shocked and soooo happy! Thanks so much!
Hannah McMeem, America [09-28-2002]

Great site. Great pictures. Great Country.
The Flag Man, Fort Mohave, AZ [09-27-2002]

Viewing information about Betsy Ross and her role with the flag for my Girl Scout Brownies troop try it patch.
Connie Daniel, Sachse, Tx [09-27-2002]

where was betsy born
anonymous [09-27-2002]

Katy [09-27-2002]

LESLIE FUENTES, ga [09-27-2002]

BOB KROBOTH, tulsa, ok [09-27-2002]

I really enjoyed this site. Very educational!!
Charlotte Green [09-27-2002]

I Thing Your Website Is GREAT!!! It Gives A Lot Of IMformation. I Have To Dress Up As Betsy Ross and This Was The BEst Thing. Thank You For Making It.
Courtney [09-27-2002]

Was the first american flag made of cotton?
Tiffany Harris, Georgia, Us [09-27-2002]

bob bolognies, jtyiyui [09-27-2002]

whaddup zach!
Brutha Heat, **piedmont**!! yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [09-27-2002]

thank you for the picture of betsy ross. i am a first grade teacher and wanted to show it to the students. we are celebrating freedom this week....sincerely, michelle delaney
MICHELLE DELANEY, saint petersburg, florida [09-27-2002]

Helen Jenkins [09-27-2002]

i am working on a 5th grade project. we are going to have a wax museum and i am going to be betsy ross. we have to write a report and make a display as well.
COLEEN WATERHOUSE, colorado springs, colorado [09-27-2002]

Kelsey L.D. [09-27-2002]

god bless america!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brittany, York, PA 17402 [09-27-2002]

Thanks for helping me with a school project.
Becky Ralph, Titusville, FL [09-27-2002]

sonjia schmidtke, new ulm,mn,usa [09-27-2002]

I really like this web site and i really like the Besty Ross picture and her house!!!!! I like the UNTIED STATES FLAG!!!!! But now it has 50 stars!!!!! UNTIED WE STAND!! PROUD TO BE A AMERICAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jerrica Tackett [09-27-2002]

Rachel Hicks, Spring Lake, NC [09-27-2002]

QUESTIONS: Is it appropriate to lower the U.S. Flag to half-staff for former and current employees of a State University upon their death, with out the direction of the Govenor? Is it appropriate to lower the U.S. Flag to half-staff upon the death of a student at that State University who is a foreign student and not a citizen of the United States? When a flag pole flys the United States Flag with the State Flag and/or the University's Flag is it appropriate to lower the State and/or University Flag to half-staff on the same flag pole that the U.S. Flag is flying on(that is to say, the U.S. flag is not lowered but the State or University flag is lowered for the death of a current or former employee)?
Richard Hancock, Omaha, Nebraska [09-27-2002]

We think the lfag is great. Why did she decide to make the flag? Why were there only 13 colonies? Thanks for letting us visit your website. We are cleebrating Freedom week.
Lee Britain Elementary Mrs. Augustine 2nd grade, Irving Texas [09-27-2002]

Hello,i just got finished veiwing your website at school. we went here for social studies becaise we have been learning about our countries history and how we became different countries and states! bye! from Megan H.
Megan H., Canton,GA [09-27-2002]

We are learning about the flag in school.I just finished looking at your website in school.I love your website!
Jessica Lundak, White,GA [09-27-2002]

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it is a very neat website!
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Tammy Callow, Red Wing, Minnesota [09-27-2002]

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Thanks for your excellent site and readable, convincing research. Our entire school is finding out the history of the flag.
anonymous [09-27-2002]

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m.ali, pakistan punjab lahore [09-27-2002]

This is a very nice site. I found it to be very informative. Please keep up the good work.
Steve, Atlanta, GA [09-27-2002]

I was very happy to stumble upon your web site while working on another assignment. I have always been fasinated with Betsy Ross. What has impressed me the most is the fact that they focused on her flag making more than any other activity she did as an American woman. I would love to know even more about the person behind the scraps of fabric that turned into our great flag. We are more than lucky, we are truly blessed. What a country, what a Betsy!
Teagan, Wailuku, Hawaii [09-27-2002]

Christina McCain, Shreveport Louisiana [09-27-2002]

I was looking for information on Betsy Ross and this site is so helpful.
Ashley McCleney, Yuma, Arizona [09-27-2002]

I am currently working on the Pennsylvania Patch with my two Girl Scout troops. One of the requirements is to learn about Betsy Ross. This site was a huge help. THANKS!!!
anonymous [09-27-2002]

hi! please send me a broshoure!!!
CARMEN REALE, glenside pa 687 edgehill rd 19038 [09-27-2002]

This site has been added to the informational page of our web site for all members to enjoy. Thank you for the great
Area Veterans, Mt. olive, Illinois [09-27-2002]

Great site, I really like it because it is helping me with my work durin computer class!!
anonymous [09-27-2002]

A salute to those who fight for truth, live for honor, die for justice and to the ones who continue to carry the torch for peace Today. I do not know who sed it but it is what I belive.
Stephen Blinka, Phoenix Arizona USA [09-27-2002]

I enjoyed my tour of the Betsy Ross house today - I am curious about the pottery in the first room on the tour - is any of it by Russell Henry? Thank you, Michele
Michele, Pottstown, PA [09-27-2002]

Caroline Coughlin, Kingwood, TX 77339 [09-27-2002]

bethany d. Bloomfield, kingstom,Ohio,45644 [09-27-2002]

What a wonderful website for learning about our flag. I will be sharing information taken from this site with a Brownie and Junior Girl Scout Troop. Thank you
Catherine, Kittery Maine USA [09-27-2002]

Hey,I'm in the forth grade and I have Mrs.Carey Elder as a teacher for reading and we are studying biographies and this week we have Betsey Ross! -KATELYN
Katelyn, Geargia USA [09-27-2002]

S somers, North Liberty IA [09-27-2002]

well in my opioinon the flag is a horrible thing. back then it could have represented freedom and all that other stuff. now people take it for granted and and destroy this counties good name. now the flag represents greed,power, ignorence, and many more. so this site shouild also show what the countyr is like now and what it means now. not back then because it doesnt apply at all because this country is such a horrble place.
anti-american [09-27-2002]

God Bless America, God Bless us all!!!
Brownie Girl Scout Troop 2293, Garland, Texas [09-27-2002]

this is a very neat site you get to seee what the inside of her house looked like. Chelsey age 12
chelsey conradt [09-27-2002]

i think this website was great for my biography!
chelsie, thomaston ga usa [09-27-2002]

I linked onto Betsy Ross by a link from Girl Scouts. I have a Brownie Troop and we are working on our Wave the Flag Try-it. Thank you for the information.
Connie, Hendersonville, NC [09-27-2002]

I think you place is good. But I also think that you guys should have more on Besty Ross and not her Grandfather and etc... That is all I have to say.
Johanna [09-27-2002]

i cant believe we have the same name wow!!! WELL GTG SEE YA LATER!!!
Betsy Ross [09-27-2002]

I pledge allegiance to my flag and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
anonymous [09-27-2002]

We are studying the flag in our Social Studies class and have found this sight to be most informative and interesting. We would like to ask for more coloring pages in black and white please. Thanks, Mrs. T. Mathis and First Grade Class
Mrs. Mathis' First Grade Family Group, Decatur, Georgia [09-27-2002]

hi my name is sammi. this gave me a 92 on my test!
sammi [09-27-2002]

I love Besty Ross. I have read both books about her.
brittany, age 10 [09-27-2002]

Patrick [09-27-2002]

thank you!
GEORGE W. LAMB, tamarac, fl [09-27-2002]

Hi this site is soo kewl because i had all these kewl fun and exciting facts about the flags and the usa flag deffinetly
Lucy, mcminnville,oregon [09-27-2002]

I enjoyed the info on Betsy Ross very much it was really well written
Juanita Rasmussen, Stockton, Ca. 95210 [09-27-2002]

if i need something about america i just coom here 4-sho.
MARJORIE AUGUSTIN, homestead,florida [09-27-2002]

Thank you for this wonderful sight! I am a Brownie Girl Scout Leader and this information will be very helpful to the 7-year-old girls in my troop. We are using it to help us earn a badge.
Tammie Hughes, Fargo, ND 58102 [09-27-2002]

Very good web site
Jerry McAtee, North Liberty, IA [09-27-2002]

Girl Scout Leader #833
Linda Carlson, San Jose, Ca [09-27-2002]

i love the u.s.a i am 7 years old
megan renee oliver, marion,ohio 43302 [09-27-2002]

What a great website! I am a kindergarten teacher, and I was looking for photos to share with my students. What a great resource to share with my own class of patriots!
Joanna Teodosio, ct [09-27-2002]

jill kingsley, rev.brown school [09-27-2002]

kool, everything looks soooo old. Doesn't it? I thought so koolio
chmie [09-27-2002]

Very interesting star. Thank you for sharing. 6th grade teacher
Carol Robitschek, Satellite Beach, Florida [09-27-2002]

I have recently purchased a flag and would like to know if it is an original or not. The company's name on the flag is Defiance annin-& co. Verona, N.J. it looks old and in great shape Thank you
Linda Henderson, 1112 Leng St. Bay City, MI 48706 [09-27-2002]

andrew sheets [09-27-2002]

Jon Fortier, Winter Park, Fl [09-27-2002]

I do amateur ventriloquism and for this holiday season will be dressing one of my vent figures as Betsy Ross and I will dress as a man in colonial times---Your site has really been a life-saver. It is so beautifully done. Denise
Denise Ivy, Las Vegas Nevada [09-27-2002]

great web site
ANNETTE HICKS, georgia [09-13-2002]

You have very good information for presentations because I got all my information from your website and it gave me an A plus. Thanks for all your help!
Nancy Martinez, Santa Paula,California [09-13-2002]

i think that you are a wonderful women the flag you made is so cool
Stevie, orange city/Florida/america [09-13-2002]

On my first visit to Betsy's house, as a young child my father said my only question was: Where's their bathroom? The chamberpot, of course. I have visited Betsy house several time since and always enjoyed it.
Diane M Doebley, Philadelphia [09-13-2002]

John Bonner, 239 Ave A Bayonne N>J> 07002 [09-13-2002]

Thank you so very much for the flag rules and regs, especially how to fly it. There's a moron in my horseman's group who has refused to listen to those who know what they are talking about regarding this subject. We have a mounted color guard for parades and special events and several times she has refused to listen on proper placement of the American flag in the color guard although she makes sure she is the one to carry it. Consequently, our ignorance has shown with the improperly placed flag. Now I have it in writing.......the ultimate proof to people like her. Thanks again
Karen, California [09-13-2002]

What a great website! Our troop is working on the "Wave the Flag" Try-It and used the link from the Girl Scout Website to access your site. The girls will love this!
Girl Scout Brownie Troop 86, Belleville, Wisconsin [09-13-2002]

im kin to betsy... im part of the griscom faimly e mail me i would like to knoew more about her
mr.c, a [09-13-2002]

Can some one tell me what the COLORS of the American Flag stand for. I have heard they all have a significant meaning. Please let me know if you can find out what they mean. Lauren
Lauren, Center Moriches, NY, USA [09-13-2002]

Haley Dyer [09-13-2002]

Laurel, Missoula,MT [09-13-2002]

Dear sirs, I am a teacher at a small private school. I have in my class 13 seniors who are taking government. We recently have been studying flag etiquette. The students are very much involved and excited about the flag and care of it. Upon study they found that our church/school has 4 flags which are currently being stored properly. These flags are very torn and tattered. 2 of which flew over the Ohio State capitol. I was wondering what are the specifics in destroying properly a worn flag. I am aware you recommend taking them to the VFW or Elk Lodge, but if done properly and with ceremoniously, how would a proper, respectful flag burning ceremony take place? I would appreciate the information. Travis Burke
Travis Burke, Cincinnati, Ohio [09-13-2002]

How old was she when she died....
Jordan, mn [09-13-2002]

lance stephens, eastern kentucky [09-13-2002]

your web site is very informational
molly, Delafield wi usa [09-13-2002]

Lindsay Marsh, Hemingway, SC [09-13-2002]

hi nich site it really helps after 9/11. thank you for makeing your site!!!!!
Rachel Nichols [09-13-2002]

Dear Betsy Ros LAdy, I would like to share a song a song i wrote for you! it goes a little somthin like this..... Betsy Ross Yeah Betsy Rossi love u
Chelsey C., Wheelersburg,Ohio [09-13-2002]

Hey Betsy was up nothin 2 much here love the flag.
Bonnie Armstrong, usa [09-13-2002]

Dear Betsy Ross Lady, I would like to inform you of some things i thought about your web site. First i would like to say your web site has brought me great joy! It has the greatest facts about you and the flag i have EVER seen! This web site has inspired so much to get to know my country. I will cherish this web site with all my heart! Betsy Ross you are my AMERICAN idol, not Kelly Clarkson, although i do like her and i wanted her to win! Love your BIGEST fan, Chelsey!!!
Chelsey C., Wheelersburg,Ohio [09-13-2002]

i just wanted to let you know that this site has inspired me in many ways. my life will be so much more joyous that i have found this site.I LOVE BETSY ROSS and she will always stay in my heart forever more. love alway to betsy, Erika
Erika Rice, wheelersburg Oh,USA [09-13-2002]

I learned a lot of things from this sight....betsy ross is my hereo
Zakk Hamilton, wheelersburg,ohio,united states of america [09-13-2002]

Hello, this site is really cool!
Mark Tremonti [09-13-2002]

Hey this is a really cool site. We are assigned to this site for histrory class. I figured it would be really boring but it's not. I'm into history. It has been my favorite class since 8th grade and I am now freshman in high school.
Britney, Ohio [09-13-2002]

Thank-youfor letting Wheelersburg High School to useyour site. Thanks for the librarayof informeationthat you allowed us to use. I liked the flag pictures and the tour through her house. I'm a Freshman at Wheelersburg thanks!!!
Adam Sparks [09-13-2002]

Jordan Wesney [09-13-2002]

I really liked the website. This is what we are going over in history class. It was cool taking the tour of Betsy's house.
Becky Meadows, Wheelersburg Ohio U.S [09-13-2002]

Hi and have a nice day.!!!!!!!
Harding, n/a [09-13-2002]

There are a number of experiences, memories, relationships, when they come to mind brings tears to my eyes and causes my chest to swell with pride. When I think of the price "my" God paid for me. The parents this God chose to give me. The ten brothers and sisters I was blessed to grow up with. The three sons, daughters-in-law, five grandchildren, four great-grandchildren I have been blessed with. The many places I have had the previlege to live in through years with the Military Service (USAF), plus the many places I either visited or traveled through, including New York City and Washington D.C.. All the great many friendships I have had throughout my life. The employments I've been so fortunate to have been blessed with, one I retired from. At present time, I have a job I look forward to coming to each and every work day, a great boss, wonderful co-workers, great services we do in the community. I am truly blessed!! I have lived in Hawaii, a dream come true. I have no desire to travel overseas (except maybe to the Holy Land) because there is so much of the United States that I have not seen yet. I am very much interested in all the other countries and what goes on in the world, but no place on earth can ever compare to my country, the United States of America, the Home of the Brave, the Land of the Free. We are far from being perfect, but we "Stand Out" before all other countries. There is just something about that Flag. When I stand to pledge Allegiance to the Flag, I tremble with patriotism and pride, because of what it represents. There is just no words that can be written that can give it total justice and truly describe it's meaning. I AM SO VERY PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA, AGAIN!
Louise Fickett, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA [09-13-2002]

Just stop by to look. You doing a great job.
David Shaw, San Diego, Ca [09-13-2002]

Tiffany Marie Mathes was her!
Tiffany Marie Mathes, Wheelersburg Ohio [09-13-2002]

Sarah Whitley, Wheelerburg,Ohio United States [09-13-2002]

Samantha Baum, Wheelersburg, Ohio [09-13-2002]

michelle foster, wheelersburg oh 45694 us [09-13-2002]

We display our flag from a pole (a 6'pole)attached to our home. My question is: when asked to fly your flag at "half-mast" - what do you do? Do you fly it as usual? Thank you so much for responding.
anonymous, Midland, Texas [09-13-2002]

Great site, it helped me get my try-it badge for girl scouts.
Olivia Treutlein, Cherryville, NC [09-13-2002]

I came across your site while looking for information on our great flag. As an American and a veteran of the United States armed forces I’m impressed with the patriotism that has become so prevalent since 11 Sept. 2001 however it brings me great pain to see the manner in which the symbol of this great country is being abused. I urge my fellow countrymen to be patriotic, but please understand that this isn’t the first time that this great lady has come under attack. If you are going to use our flag to express your feelings please take the time to read Flag Rules and Regulations then display your flag properly, proudly, and afford it the respect this symbol of our nation deserves.
Floyd Eakle, Yukon Oklahoma USA [09-13-2002]

I had a lot of fun touring your site!
Lynn Saunders, Brownsburg,IN,46112, USA [09-13-2002]

hi i am 13 and in 8th grade i am doing a report on betsy ross, this info was very helpful, i just wanted to commend you on your good work!!!
Kayla, Albuquerque, NM, USA [09-13-2002]

My greatest condolences to yourselves and all Americans on this sad and proud day of rememberance. I look forward to visiting LA in two weeks time! Peace Love and Music Simon
Simon Smith, Sydney Australia [09-13-2002]

Wonderful information that I am looking for.
Megan, Illinois [09-13-2002]

My daughter and I had the opportunity to visit the Betsy Ross house this past July. It was particularly meaningful for my daughter since she is portraying Betsy at the Yankee Peddler Festival in Canal Fulton (Ohio) this year. She will be demonstrating sewing and how to cut out a 5 pointed star from fabric. Festival participants will be given the white material for the star and a small square of blue fabric on which to sew their star. My daughter is 12 years old and actually sewed her own dress for the festival.
John Hayes, Macedonia, Ohio [09-13-2002]

This site is great
heather, mayfield [09-13-2002]

This site rocks!
anonymous [09-13-2002]

Kile [09-13-2002]

like the site think it is very cool the way u started this site! p.s. love the site keep up the good work of the site!!!!! :)
morgan salyer, kentucky [09-13-2002]

Great site.
Joe Hunter, O'Fallon, IL [09-13-2002]

Lynda, Emily and John, Hilliard, FL [09-13-2002]

Thank you for letting us print a flag.
Mary Kobylansky [09-13-2002]

I love america so much
Ashley S., ponder TX,76259 [09-13-2002]

do u know that i could never sow a flag it would take me 4 years
sonya, michigan [09-09-2002]

Great site! We loved learning how to cut a five pointed star with one snip!
Debra Highland, Franklin, Ohio USA [09-09-2002]

Megan LaRue, Bonne Terre/MO/ USA [09-09-2002]

Very helpful information on these pages - just what I was looking for to use as a devotional for grade-school children at church.
Ken Wessels, Blue Earth, MN [09-09-2002]

it was a kool sit i likeed it i like to find stuff about the US
Lacey K, u.s. mo. [09-09-2002]

MELISSA [09-09-2002]

I am searching for information covering proper disposal of a US flag being retired from display in my church sanctuary. Also, is it proper to dry clean, wash, or repair an old flag to freshen it for continued display, or must it be replaced? ........Thanks...........
Stanley C. Weiss, Houston, TX 77080 [09-09-2002]

anonymous [09-09-2002]

Renee Wallace, Bartonville IL 61607 USA [09-09-2002]

god bless america. we are dressing our daughter up as betsy ross for the florida strawberry festival in plant city the theme is " let freedom ring" and we needed a copy of the 1st original flg with the stars in a circle..
PEGGY LANE, mulberry, florida [09-09-2002]

I am 8 years old and I will be visiting the house tomorrow on a school field trip.
Daniel Kahler, Dover Pa [09-09-2002]

We'll never forget the victims of September 11, 2001! May the flag of the United States wave forever!
anonymous, Chicago, IL [09-09-2002]

Now more than ever, we need to ensure pride and respect for our Nation's symbol. Thanks for showing us how.
Donald, Forest, VA [09-09-2002]

On the rules page about who should be able to wear a flag pin, you say military, police, and firefighters. You forget the EMS personel who gave their lives this past 9-11. Most services do not follow under a fire company and recognition should come for us. Thank You!
Sarah C. Jackson, Pitcairn, PA 15140 [09-09-2002]

I am proud to be an American, and believe I am blessed to be living in America. My children can have the opportunities for education and I can live free to decide how my family will live and grow. I believe in the pledge of alligance and I trust have faith in each day I live.
Susan Sulprizio, Hawaii [09-09-2002]

i like this site. i got the link from the gsusa site. it has information useful for our girlscout troop, and it's also a great resource for how to display a flag. god bless america!
judy, massachusetts [09-09-2002]

We are doing a research project for school. Your site is very interesting. Thank you.
Shannon & Eileen Lamb-Davis, Salisbury, Md [09-09-2002]

i am doing a report on betsyross and that tour gave me 3 in a 1/2 pages worth of info thank's!!!!!! i can gaurente an a plus on that report of mine.
amy [09-09-2002]

Thanking you for a great site to visit !
Carol, Willowick, Ohio [09-09-2002]

MIssy Myers, Pacific, Missouri [09-09-2002]

Proud to serve this country as our Flag has done. My passion for the flag, which some people show great contempt or irreverence towards, means more to me than just a piece of cloth. Most people will never truly comprehend, or grasp the love I have for the flag. People have called the flag, just a piece of cloth. Men and women stained the cloth crimson red with their blood. Firefighters rush into smoke and fire, so hot they would smell their hair as it singed. Bullets have whistled by both soldier and police officer. Many people knew they would not survive. Still they pressed on, until the breath of freedom was no more. They gave their life for freedom and the flag I love. America was forged in the heat of battle from tools of freedom. Our founding fathers graphed into the flag white threads of purity and innocence. The men of valor graphed red threads of hardiness into the flag and the country I cherish. The blue sea of justice and the stars of heaven were stitched into the flag, ensuring freedom would live forever. One and all, young and old, everyone was created equal. We must respect the rights of all, if this flag is to continue to wave in the breezes of freedom. From the beginning, while freedom was still being born. Our forefathers cried with loud voices: liberty, justice and freedom for all. They not only wanted physical freedom, but the ability to speak freely, without persecution. Our forefathers wanted the ability to choose the course of action for their children, instead of one being dictated to them. They truly understood why it was so important to create our flag, not only in physical form, but also with the spirit of freedom. I watched the news and seen my flag of freedom, in my eyes being desecrated. By the people I am willing to serve, and lay down my life for. They burn or spit on the very symbol of freedom evokes a great cry of passion from this country. “Oh! My heartache, and turns my stomach inside out, and my mind begins to fill with anger!” Our forefathers never thought what they penned would lead to such atrocities in my eyes. Yet without the rights of protest, speech, and demonstration, granted by our forefathers, we would not truly be free. When the news tells another story where a flag is being burned, or someone has marched for a cause less then popular. Remember how great this county is. People have also seen the results of great atrocity at Tienanmen Square. One young college student stood against a massive tank, knowing he could not defeat the tank. He denied it progress. He said not a word in his silence, but his cries for freedom were heard around the world. Yes, it causes me and others great pain, for we feel a great sadness, to see our flag defiled. We most remember it is only growing pains, for this country was built on freedom. “Look at my flag, waving the breeze. Never forget we our free.”
Petty Officer First Class Jonathan R Tillman, Chattanooga, tn [09-09-2002]

to whom ever it may concern I need your help asap I am have to write a 5 min. speech on the history of the american flag and I only found enough GOOD information to write 2 and a half mins. It is very important to me because it is the first speech I will have ever made in front of people. I have to do it in front of the school and it will be on the news. It is also important because it is for the september 11th ceramony which my air force jrotc program is doing please help. thanks leighann
LeighAnn [09-09-2002]

For a city event, a majority of our steering committee wishes to create a t-shirt with an American Flag emblem across the chest. The design has been created by a local artist. The design is of an American Flag blowing in a breeze with several "furls". Across the middle furl is the name of our city in script, approx 1/3 ov the flag being covered. It is my contention that it is inappropriate and disrespectful to place any word across the Flag, be it an actual flag or a representation. I would value your opinion on this issue, as soon as possible. Thank you... Michael C. Eddleman
Michael C. Eddleman, Mansfield, Texas 76063 [09-09-2002]

Thank you for this site it helped me link Betsy Ross to my Family Tree. She married one of my ancestors John Ross. I thank god that she went against her families wishes and married John Roos because I feel very proud to know that I am related to the person who created the flag that we look at each and every day remembering those people who died on september 11th. On september 11th I will remember those who dided that day and those how brought the flag to us. Thank you Betsy Ross my Great great.....Grandma for giving the flag to America! God Bless America, Canada and the UK!
Nichole O'Brien, Juneau, Alaska [09-09-2002]

Tyffani L. Rivera, La Quinta Ca. [09-09-2002]

Kristen Muller, Leader GS Troop 1065, Overland Park KS [09-06-2002]

Need to dress patriotic for night at AWANA, (Church). thought Betsy would be great.
Carol McDearmon, Manchaca, Texas [09-06-2002]

Tom Kunitzer, Midland, MI 48602 [09-06-2002]

Laura, Phoenix, AZ USA [09-06-2002]

Is it proper to say the Pledge of Alligiance to a flag at half staff?
anonymous [09-06-2002]

i have always liked flags and im looking for flags for a character counts poster that my 9th grade class is doing and we were gonna do flags of america for our september 11 assembly and so i was looking for flags and drawing them out so we know what to look for! so yeah well what i allso like is that my name is Betsy too and not many ppl really have the name betsy and i get made fun of by my friends (in a joking way) and they call me betsy wetsy and betsy the cow and im kinda a skinny person and stuff like that well i have to go casue its getting late and i still have homework love ya ll and remember CHARACTER COUNTS!!! BETSY
Betsy B, nd [09-06-2002]

I have used a lot of information on your site for education. A lot will be use by the students at the school I work for. The flag and it's history along with Betsy Rosses contributions will be a big part of their remembering September 11, 2001. Richard Davis
Richard, Phoenix, AZ [09-05-2002]

What does the red white and blue on the american flag stand for?
Steven Mercer [09-05-2002]

How big was the first flag, how much thread was used to sew the flag how much materal was used and how many needles was used?
Carol Duncan, 5827 Arcola Garden City, Michigan 48135 [09-05-2002]

Thank for all the excellent backgroung on the flag! Quality site... Question: I work for a small power and water public utility and we have two flag poles. How should the flag be displayed on 9-11-02 in remembrance. Is there a presidential order on this situation? Thank you, Gail Gibson Vera Water and Power
Gail H. Gibson, Spokane, WA 99206 [09-05-2002]

My son Zachery had a book report on Betsy! The sight was wonderful for the project PS. An A+ Thanks Again!
Tina Christensen, Joliet, Il. [09-05-2002]

Lyndz, Redlands California [09-05-2002]

Can I please have a picture of Betsy Ross when she does not have the flag right in front of her. Because I am going to be in a parade this weekend and I have to know what she looks like so i need a picture of her either sitting of standing either one would be fine. Thanks so much for helping me out. Thanks for your cooperation. Shaylena My email address is on her.
Shaylena [09-05-2002]

Edward Grethen, Guntersville,Al [09-05-2002]

Juliza Jaime, Patterson,NY [09-05-2002]

Hey, everyone I'm 11 yaers old and hope to have a career as a Besty Ross expertist. I went to her house in Philadelphia and that's when I became so interested in her. I read all the books about her in my Public Library nad i am collecting books on her for my library!!!!! I love Besty Ross!!!!!!!
Kaite, USA ( of course it is only the best country!!!) [09-05-2002]

I'm from england and as we are studying the american government in history class, i needed a website that told me about the american flag. This one is very informative and interesting as i didnt really know anything about the flag before, and id just like 2 thankyou 4 helping me get an A+ in my history essay.
Jasmine, London, England [09-05-2002]

I realize that it is presumutious to use "flagmaker" as my e-mail address, but as a direct desecendant of Andrew Griscom III I feel I can use it. Some years ago my father (Maurice Hancock Griscom) gave me a book about Betsy Ross and the American flag and most of the Griscoms were listed. My grandfather's name was Minor Griscom and he was born in Salem, NJ (year unknown). As soon as I can I would like to visit the Betsy Ross House and please feel free to e-mail me a message. Sincerely, Betsy C. Griscom
Betsy C. Griscom, Easton, PA 18042 [09-05-2002]

donna jesina, grinnell, iowa [09-05-2002]

i love this site
Jim, topka kansas [09-05-2002]

Research project for an ROTC 9th Grade Student. Great information. Thanks
Mrs. Garcia, San Antonio Texas [09-05-2002]

Blanquita McChesney-Hughes, Naguabo, Puerto Rico [09-05-2002]

Very interesting and enjoyable reading
Jere' White, louisiana [09-05-2002]

JESSICA SAYERS, deberry, texas usa [09-05-2002]

For the first time I can finally make a five point star with only one snip. I am a soon-to-be-grandma for the first time and I am decorating the baby's room in stars and stripes. Thanks so much for the easy instructions on making a five-point star!
Patricia Holsinger, Clyde, ohio [09-05-2002]

I visited Betsy Ross's home in the 4th grade (lets just say that was over 30 years ago) on a class trip. My mother had come with us and enjoyed it so much we went back on a family trip. I wanted to show my 4th grader and hope to actually bring her soon. Thanks for the opportunity to see it again.
Mary & Ally Faley, New York [09-05-2002]

My granddaughter told about this web page and I'm enjoying it. She loved it too.
Joyce Guillot, Marksville, LA [09-05-2002]

I have a flag that was made by Betsy Ross and am intrested in selling it. If you or anyone you know are intrested in buying it, please let me know.
Mitchell T. Stein, Azusa, CA [09-05-2002]

Amy Conway, Indianapolis, Indiana 46229 [09-05-2002]

Thank you for the information
Bob Hite, Tampa Florida [09-05-2002]

I visited you web site for information about the flag. I am hosting a rendezvous and have a group of school children coming out. I have a Betsy Ross flag and a flag that has flown over the U.S. capitol in Washington, D.C. I was wanting general facts about the flag and to double check my historical knowledge before the children come out...Thanks for the help.
Sharon Brooks, Thayer, Kansas [09-05-2002]

this site is going to be very helpful with my girl scout troop and what they need to loof up.
WENDY, chillicothe,ohio [09-05-2002]

My teacher assigned homework for class. She made up a worksheet and all the questions were from your website. congrats, your the first edgucational website to come to my liking!!!!!!!!!
ate ower, Orrville,Ohio [09-05-2002]

This web site is great. It will help me out with my history classes. It has provided me with infomation on Betsy Ross and the American flag.
Jessica, Ogden, Ut [09-05-2002]


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