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Enjoyed the site,and i am an American!!
Joe Weierbach, Bennington,VT [08-27-2002]

Wonderful site. Excellent source of info for my girl scouts.
MelanieVaughan, Lawrenceville, GA [08-26-2002]

I would like to see 9/11 declared a national holiday. Is there any move afoot to have 9/11 declared a national holiday? Thank you.
A United States Citizen, San Francisco Bay Area, California [08-25-2002]

Carlin, Baton Rouge, LA [08-25-2002]

I have a 12"x18" American flag displayed on a small staff on my cubicle wall at work. Is it permissible to have the flag displayed 24/7, or should I take it down at night, roll it up, put it in my desk drawer, and then unfurl it again each morning, display it in my cubicle all day long, and, again, at night when I leave work to go home, do I roll it up and put it in my desk drawer for the night until I return to work the next morning? Or, can I leave it up 24/7? Thank you.
A United States Citizen, San Francisco Bay Area, California [08-25-2002]

Paula Runnels, 255 Bate Ave. Purvis, MS 39475 [08-25-2002]

Martha Spegal, Dry Ridge,Kentucky [08-25-2002]

Your site is excellent. I first learned of flag courtesy from my "Handbook for Boys", the old Boy Scout Manuel. It has been many years, and visiting your site refreshed my memory of how we should display the flag. Many folks think that just showing the flag is enough. Some displays I have seen are just out and out rude. I have seen tattered flags, flags where the red and white stripes have been cut to be streamers, and the actual flag used a clothing, but what really raised my blood presure 20 points was when I saw our flag used as a car seatcover! Keep the site up, our people need to know about our flag. Glenn
Glenn S. Yoshida, Kaneohe HI [08-24-2002]

You have a wonderful sight that I will use to prepare myself for giving a flag history class to my children's elementary school. God Bless these United States of America.
Lieutenant Colonel Doug Olsen, U.S. Marine Corps Reserve, Acworth, Georgia [08-24-2002]

I'm getting more than a little dismayed at the treatment our flag has been receiving since 9/11. I'm as patriotic as the next person, perhaps even more patriotic than most, but I think buying,selling and wearing clothes that represent the flag are reprehensible. Thank you for providing such a wonderful website!
David E. Crutcher, Birmingham, Alabama [08-23-2002]

Thank you!
anonymous [08-23-2002]

Nice information, i will be back again
bakerboon, brunei [08-22-2002]

Kelsey [08-22-2002]

KASSIE WEEKS, arkadelphia, arkansas [08-22-2002]

need location and schedule of operations need to study betsy ross dress and flag design for elks fund raiser. also need a copy of the pledge of ailegiance . thank you in s advance for all help...marie
marie j sadler, woodbury new jersey 08096 [08-22-2002]

I love this site you did great w/it. Anna
Anna [08-20-2002]

I loved this website!!! I was looking for information for my students, and I found everything I needed and more! Thanks for your help!!!
Shannon Steege, Ramstein, Germany [08-20-2002]

hi my name is sarah cha... i just wanted to say that u have the best information.. my friend told me about it..
sarah, New York, United States [08-20-2002]

Intersesting site very together in the way it was done. it is unique.

Hi.Dear Best,Im want to Weabsite Plese making Guide tel me plese Yours Rdrokhum
R.K.Rodangliana, Armed veng .Aizawl.Mizoram.India [08-20-2002]

danielle, fl./va. [08-20-2002]

I love this website its great for info for reports!!!
anonymous [08-20-2002]

Jacob murray [08-20-2002]

Love your web page
Phillip Townsend, Minor Hill School [08-20-2002]

The virtual tour was almost a good as when I visited the house many years ago.
Eugene M. Wiese, Carrollton, Kentucky [08-20-2002]

This is a wonderful site! I found so much information that I needed for my Girl Scout Troop! Thanks!
Teresa, Wahiawa, Hawaii [08-12-2002]

I say that this is an excellent site that I can use information for my friends. All the pictures/info could also help me with my research projects (or organizations that I belong to in Gettysburg, PA) about the true history of America. GOD BLESS AMERICA...FOREVER!
Becky Shayda, York, Pennsylvania [08-12-2002]

This is a very interesting and informative site...but not finding the information I am looking for. Is there in appropriate method of laundering or otherwise cleansing the flag? The one I speak of specifically is an all-weather flag, but a cloth flag would need laundering just as bad. can you let me know your view on this? I love the patrism that has now become so prevalent. My son is a paratrooper in the US Army and my G-G-G-G-G grandfather was one of the founding fathers, Thomas Johnson, who organized the colonial militia (I believe is what it was called), was the first governor of Maryland, and spoke the eulogy at George Washington's funeral. I am very proud of our heritage as a family and a nation, and very proud to have my son serving in the armed forces in the war against those who would terrorize the world. He began boot camp about 3 days before the attack on the east coast in 2001. This no doubt was - and is - one of the worst tragedies in our history. God Bless America and all she stands for!
Laura, Cody, WY [08-12-2002]

Ann Cravens, Cantrall, IL 62625 [08-12-2002]

Thank you for having this site, my Brownies troop need to learn about Americans, America and its history and facts.
angela popovski, n.y. [08-09-2002]

I think this is one of the greatest web sites any one could have put on here. I also think this would be great for children in school to read & learn. I will definitely show my grandchildren this site. Thank you to Sharon Dobrinic for telling me about this site.
James & Mary Moran, Madison,Illinois [08-08-2002]

dima, russia [08-08-2002]

Heather Avery, Kirkland, WA [08-08-2002]

That was a wonderful Tour and will come back to show others and also learn about her!!! GOD BLESSS AMERICA!!! THankyou
Marilyn, Massachutes [08-08-2002]

This site was recommended by the Girl Scouts website as an excellent help tool for our "Wave the Flag" try-it. I was able to obtain a lot of great information to help with my troop. Thank you!
GJ Colson, Corinth, KY [08-08-2002]

I am wondering about the folds of the flag. I've read what they stand for, but how can we prove this? Is there a documented source for how the folds were defined? Please help. A patriot and Sailor, John
CPO John J. Reeb, FT Meade, MD [08-08-2002]

Can anyone give me information for retiring American flag?
anonymous, brunswick ohio [08-08-2002]

Thanks for offering this site, It came in helpful with our Brownie Try-its. Thank you Betsy Ross for making such a piece of art. GOD BLESS AMERICA. PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN. Thanks Troop 270 L.A. California
Girl Scout Troop 270, Los Angeles,California [08-08-2002]

Dear Betcy, I think the flag you made is beautiful wonderful I absulutly georgus... Thank you, thank for making this beautiful flag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much, Danielle
Danielle, US Groton CT 06340 [08-08-2002]

I plan to give some programs on our Flag, and your data is so informative that it will help me so much. I want to present my program for senior groups and to children, as well. I'm going to get my program together and make people aware that I will do it. I just hope they respond.
Helen Busbin, McDonough, GA [08-08-2002]

I hade the pleasure of visiting your great country a few years ago.I was in boston mass then I went down by ferry to p town on cape cod.I hope to be going againe in 2003 see you soon .god bless america.
john painter, 6 norfolk street whitstable kent england uk [08-08-2002]

What a wonderfull site
martha, hinsdale new york [08-08-2002]

I loved you site! I just made my first Web site A Tribute For 911
Maureen F. Heaney, New York City, NY [08-08-2002]

God Bless the Flag and the USA. I am thankful someone sent this web address so that I can explore it further.
Sandra Moore, Athens, AL USA [08-08-2002]

I'm a relative of Samuel Wilson (Uncle Sam for those of you who don't know it). I love all-american sites like this one. Keep up the good work.
Luke Bidleman, Klamath Falls, Oregon [08-08-2002]

Stephanie Brackeen [08-08-2002]

Thank you so much for this wonderful site. I'm from Philadelphia originally now living in Florida. Growing up in Philly I visited the Betsy Ross house many times, thanks for taking me back. We must keep "UNDER GOD" in our pledge of allegiance.
Celine, Melbourne, FL [08-08-2002]

Can anyone tell me the significance of the five-pointed star on our flag as opposed to the six-pointed one Gen. Washington first offered? Thanks.
David Hicks, Bonner Springs, KS. [08-08-2002]

ELLEN [08-08-2002]

Hi, I'm a member of the Children of the American Revolution (CAR), George Ross Society. My father was telling me about Mr. George Ross, whom the local society is named after, and the story of Besty Ross making the Star Spangled Banner. I found it very interesting. Thanks, Christie Bathurst, CAR, George Ross Society
Christie Bathurst [08-08-2002]

thank god for people like our for fathers and women like Betsy Ross. God Bless America
Peggy Moffett, Fort Worth, Texas [08-08-2002]

i'd like a price for the betsy ross flag.thank you for a beautiful and historical site.
kathy lettiere, watertown,ny13601 [08-08-2002]

wonderful site. I'm using your info at Girl Scout camp this summer. Thank you!!!!
Jane, Roanoke, VA [08-08-2002]

Very interesting site. Curious as to whether or not you have furthur info. on Betsy's dau. Susannah Satterthwait. It was always said that we were related to Betsy somehow. I have a Thomas Satterthwaite Fletcher who visited John and Rachel Fletcher in Phil. in 1844. Thanks
Tammy, kc [07-25-2002]

Belinda C. Cisneros, Corpus Christi, Texas [07-24-2002]

I really learned a Great deal of information that you would not read in a text book, thank you.
Sam, nj,usa [07-24-2002]

Thank you for this wonderful site. I found it as a link to a Brownie try-it badge. The information was useful, interesting and inspiring for all ages. I just had to try making a 5 pointed star in one snip! It works!
Lee Smith, Apex NC [07-24-2002]

very fine web page. i've learned a lot. the betsy ross flag has been gaining popularity with the american conservatives. we feel it represents the america of our founding fathers, and would like america to recapture some of those values. god bless america!
LARRY HILL, hagerstown,md [07-24-2002]

Just want to go on record as a proud AMERICAN from West Virginia. Thanks for a wonderful site...have returned to it many times for information since finding it shortly after 9/11.. and today I returned to retrieve instructions on how to cut a 5-pointed star in one snip for my grandchildren during their visit today.! Thanks again
p. adkins, wayne, WV .... USA [07-24-2002]

Hello- this morning in church, we had a retired pastor filling in for our regular pastor. He gave a children's sermon about the American flag and Betsy Ross. He was trying to locate someone that might know all of the words to a song he was taught as a child (I would guess he is now in his 80's) He could only remember bits and pieces. Something like: Betsy Ross was a fine ole' girl, she sewed up a flag with red, white and blue. Red was for the blood shed, white for purity, blue for the sky That's all he could remember. I hope I got it right to what he said....I told him I would check the web to see if I could locate the song. Would you have any idea where I might be able to locate it? Thank you for any assistance you can give! Glenda Brown
Glenda Brown, Frederick, MD [07-24-2002]

Dawn Seyl, Elgin, Illinois [07-24-2002]

I am almost 50 years old and have never visited downtown Philadelphia and the historical sights!!! I was born in this state and lived in California most of my life...I hope to visit your beautiful city in the next couple of weeks,including the Betsy Ross House!
Suzan, Clarks Summit, Pa. [07-24-2002]

I thought that I would thank you for you for the information on your site that I used in my research for a minature "Spirit of America" project. I won first place in this miniature contest by recreating Betsey's workroom in 1/12 scale. Below is the link to the pictures and description. Thank you so much for providing the information and pictures that I used. Sharon Blake click
Sharon Blake, Wasilla, Alaska [07-24-2002]

susan reid, virginia [07-24-2002]

Heather, Indiana [07-24-2002]

So much to appreciatively know and understand. Thanks for all the work your site is very well done and helpful.
Jim Wood, Dallas, Texas [07-24-2002]

I feel very proud to be an AMERICAN CITIZEN and proud to dispaly our countrys flag and feel that every american should receive a flag to dispaly . And The men and women who fought for our frredom and the flag should be honored for there bravery. And we should never take out of our coutries pledge " UNDER GOD " Our forefathers started this country and came to to start this mighty nation with Gods help, Shame on the man who wanted to take that away, he is not a true american, Move to a Godless country and see what life is like.
Brad and Debby Barlow, New York State [07-24-2002]

Very good website. I was at Independence Hall a week ago and did not have time to make it to the Betsy Ross House. I wish no that I had.
David L. Duran, Garden City, Kansas [07-24-2002]

great website
FAY BEACH, lebanon, ky [07-24-2002]

sierra timmons, eureka, ca. [07-24-2002]

History books were so boring when I was in school. It's so refreshing to see American history come alive on websites like this.
Bernice McShane, Oklahoma City, OK [07-24-2002]

ALEX ROSS, new hampshire [07-24-2002]

While researching family genealogy I found a certificate No.H 77744 issue:1900 with my Mother's Aunt: Emma Migge signed as the recipient. I was curious as to whether copies can be attained? My certificate is in poor condition. Emma Migge was said to be a very interesting, talented and involved woman for her day. Very stylish and was suppose to be the first woman in her area( Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY, USA ) to drive an automobile. I like the fact she contributed to the American Flag House and Betsy Ross Memorial Association.
Arlene Binger/ Baer, Vermont, USA [07-16-2002]

I learned facts about the history of flags I haven't read about in the history books.
Rolland Wakeman, Bellwood, Illinois [07-14-2002] [07-14-2002]

I appreciate the effort and research that went into this site. Thank you for making it available to us.
Ellen Maisen, Northridge, California [07-11-2002]

i really liked the tour of betsy's house. i was betsy in a play at school and that tour of her house made me understand much more of her life.Thanx
Lindy Luong, Santa Ana,CA,92707 North America [07-10-2002]

Graham Pugh, West Chester, PA [07-10-2002]

I'm writing a story on Betsy Ross. I'm gald yall have info on her!!!!
Kris [07-10-2002]

this is a very nice web site u have. i am only 11 but i like your site a whole bunch! ~*~kristin~*~
Kristin Horse, Elreno,Oklahoma, USA [07-10-2002]

Nancy Fuller, Phoenix, AZ [07-10-2002]

Thank you for providing this website. I am visiting Philadelphia in a month and have a free morning. I will rally all my West Coast Biz partners and come for a real visit back in time. It was especially helpful that you provide hours and directions. Thanks again.
Karen Hunt, Portland, OR [07-10-2002]

Deirdre Carasco, Miami, Florida [07-10-2002]

I am a co-leader for Brownie Girlscout Troup #198. We used this site for information on the American flag to use for a badge project. The girls found the information very exciting, and I found the site extremely easy to use. Thankyou for your help.
Jennifer Ross, Tampa, Fl., U.S.A. [07-10-2002]

I am learning about our flag for Girl Scouts.
Alexa Polcari, Bluffton, SC USA [07-10-2002]

Iam a computer teacher at a small Catholic school in Los Angeles. I found a book which had your web site on it. I was surfing through your site and found it intersting,as a former military man I found that I can really use my knowledge and your site for teaching. Thank you, Mr. Loaiza
Carlos Loaiza Sr, Los Angeles Californina [07-10-2002]

i enjoyed the tour, i am fascinated with old history. good web-site
merna Parker [07-10-2002]

I have a 1800's print showing Besty Ross(Birth Of Our Nation)---it has a old embossed seal in the lower left corner.---is there any exstablished values on these early First Edition Prints,thanks in advance!
anonymous [07-10-2002]

On what side of an entrance door should the flag be placed?
sal caruso [07-10-2002]

Please clarify several points: I would never cut up a flag or sew clothes out of it. But I have a T-shirt with a US flag design on it. Is this inappropriate? Also, I have a "window clingy" on my car that was distributed by a Christian radion station I listen to. It has a flag design along with the words, "God Bless America." Below this lettering is a clear border that has the radio station's call letters in small print. I am very fond of that window clingy. Right now it is in the center of a "One Nation Under God" sign I made for my car's back windshield. I have a small flag attached to the driver's side of my car, it has a white plastic staff with a piece at its base that slides onto the top of the door frame. Is this okay? I love my country. Please let me know if I'm representing it properly.
jan schultz [07-10-2002]

i really like your site. there is one thing i would like to known.on the site where it tells you what days to display the flag. how come you dont have father day on it. but you do mother day as a day to display it. it just makes think that everybody thinks that father are not as inportant as mother.just wondering. thanks carrie zabel
carrie zabel, metropolis il [07-10-2002]

hey i love america and i love what you did for it
anonymous [07-10-2002]

We have a slight dilemma regarding display of the U.S. Flag at the entrance to our Recreational Vehicle park here. Since we have both U.S. and Canadian residents/owners, it was decided to display the flag of both countries. I know from your display page that both should be at the same height and should be lit at night if permenantly displayed, but upon entering the main gate of the park, where the flags are displayed on opposite sides of the road, which flag should go where? I would really appreciate a prompt response as we have an informational meeting on 7/06/02 and I would like to inform the residents/owners of your response. Thank you ever so much. Respectfully, C. T. Cheek
Charles T. Cheek, Faun Lake, near Bliss, NY [07-10-2002]

i'm proud to be an american. please keep the words "under god" in our pledge of allegiance. it belongs there!
MARY ANN ALLEN, quartzsite az usa [07-10-2002]

I'm glad I finally found a site that has flags that I can put as wallpaper. Since 9/11, I've become more Patriotic than ever before. God Bless the USA!!!
Kathi, San Diego, CA USA [07-05-2002]

I am trying to find out the geneology of my ancestor Robert Morris. Can you help? Warm Regards, Hana Callaghan
Hana Callaghan [07-05-2002]

L. H. Bjerken, Cabot, Arkansas, USA [07-05-2002]

I just want to thank you for this site.As an elementary student I visited the Betsy Ross house with my class[many years ago] and I always remember the wonderful feeling of the flag and the people who lived during the Revolution and thank them for the freedom they gave us.
diane, villas, nj,usa [07-05-2002]

For five years I lived in N.J. and visited The city of brotherly love. Now living in Florida I get to Know the house of Betsy, I really hope to go one day and visit this historical place. Sara Murga
Sara Murga, Miami Florida [07-05-2002]

My wife and I are very fond of USA
Coolen Henri, Milmort-Lige-Belgium [07-05-2002]

Liked the site. It gave me inspiration to help "train" the up and coming "Chiefs".
Equipment Operator Chief, David J. Miller, USNR, Bedford, PA [07-05-2002]

I manage a program for non profit youth groups on a decommissioned world war II aircraft carrier, the USS Lexington. Each and every Saturday night we put on a patriotic flag cermony in which the Betsey Ross Flag is introduced. I am attempting to compile more information on this flag.
Kenny Adams, Corpus Christi, Texas [07-04-2002]

This site has been very helpful, I came in search of how to make an American Flag for a friend who wanted a real cloth flag not a nylon one, and found the information about the "one cut star". I am proud to say that I can follow in the tradition of Betsy Ross and make, with pride and love, a flag to hang at my home. --Thank You.
Jennifer Bush, Asheville, NC USA [07-04-2002]

The American Flag is our symbol of freedom and I display it proudly. I wish more people understood what the Flag really stands for.
Barbara Wheeler, Carson City, NV [07-04-2002]

Your web site really helped me!
Bobby Zhang, Landenberg, PA [07-04-2002]

Thanks so much for your wonderful site. My sister and I were making shirts for the 4th of July, and we needed to see how many stripes were next to the blue and the 50 stars. Thanks for your help!
Lauren, Cockeysville, Maryland [07-04-2002]

I am looking for a picture of the U S Flats from the making of the first U S Flag that Betsy Ross made can you help? Thank you, Margie Schuenemann
Margie Schuenemann, Eagle Lake, Texas 77434 [07-04-2002]

As a child,my grandfather played in the Betsy Ross house.That was long before it became a preserved site.I now live in a Pre-Revolutionary stone farmhouse in NJ and am looking for a new flag for the porch.Glad I found this site.
Carol, nj [07-04-2002]

I an a 4th generation Philadelphian, now living in Calif. and I can't tell you how much it means to me to visit my old home town, City of Brotherly Love when I get "homesick.
Margaret Roeger Jackson, Lakeview, CA 92567 [07-04-2002]

Thanks for the directions on the 5-pointed star!! Nice site. I enjoyed my visit.
anonymous, Newark, DE [07-04-2002]

Sue Hewitt [07-04-2002]

Proud to be an American!
Brenda Smith, White Bear Lake, MN [07-04-2002]

I was given an American flag by a dear gentleman we met in Florida and I promised him I would fly it on the 4th of July.Being very involved in my local Primary school I intend to take a morning assembley when I will tell them about the history of your flag then we will fly it from our flagpole in the school yard.Thank you for helping me with a lot of facts on its history.
Glenys Gibson, England [07-04-2002]

Eka [07-04-2002]

I am 9 1/2 year old and I wanted to know Betsy Ross's birthday.
Rebecca Ericson, Gibsonburg, Ohio [07-01-2002]

Thank you very much for your fine site, and for my copy of the U.S. flag! --Phil
Phil Menges, Littleton, Colorado [07-01-2002]

When I look at the flag I see all the wars that was fought for our freedom and all the suffering that a lot of men and women went through. That GOD is still a huge part of this great nation, even though there are a lot of people that are trying to take our rights and freedoms away from us. Every time they take something away it is something that somone fought for. Thank you for all the information about that great old glory
Debbie, Quinlan, Texas [07-01-2002]

We have a print of "Birth of Our Nation's Flag" that measures 22" by 24" approximately. It has a seal in the lower right hand corner with the #6880 on it and says it was presented to Mrs. Alexander W. Johnston of Lowell, MA. We are wondering why she might have been presented this and any other information that you might have about this print. We have also been told that this print is nothing and that Betsy Ross did not make the first flag.
anonymous [07-01-2002]

Great information! Thank you!
Cathy, Des Moines, Iowa [07-01-2002]

I would like to make a Besty Ross flag I need the measurments of the original flag. How wide and how long was this flag. This is a hobby of mine,I have just finished making a 1861 NC State flag and would like to add a Besty Ross flag to my collection. Thank-you for your help.Geniece McCullen
Geniece McCullen, Fayetteville,NC [07-01-2002]

I found your site when researching the meaning of the colors of the flag. I found that information -- and much more. Thanks for an excellent site.
Deborah Hyatt, Chicago, IL [07-01-2002]

I found this page while researching Betsy Ross for a church "Freedom Fair", in which I was to portray Mrs. Ross. I was surprised that she was several years younger than I currently am (33) when she created our nations flag. I was also surprised at how much of a great inspiration the rest of her story is to women in our country - a story that is not taught in our schools. Thank you for including this wonderful woman in your pages.
Brenda Edwards, Indianapolis, IN [07-01-2002]

Great site! Informational as well as interesting. I'm using this site to gain facts for a 4th of July project to use in the daycare where I work. 2 thumbs up webmasters!
L. Jones, Valdosta, Georgia [07-01-2002]

I think that this web site is really neat and this is my 3rd time visting and i really like this web site nita avant age 14
Nita Avant, s.c [07-01-2002]

God Bless America!
anonymous, Waukegan, IL USA [07-01-2002]

Thanks, this is beautiful
Janet Ballew, Lancaster, CA USA [07-01-2002]

is it permissable to use a flag that has been used in a milatary funeral ?
anonymous, grayville,ill. [07-01-2002]

Thank you for the history of the red white and blue. But Why the thirteen stripes?
Lindsey, Douglasville Georgia [07-01-2002]

Excellent material for "Wave the Flag" try-it for Brownie Girl Scouts. Thank you.
Debi Joy, St. Charles, IL USA [07-01-2002]

Great site, well done
Mack, uk [07-01-2002]

Excellent site - I truly enjoyed reading so much information about out beautiful flag. I plan on including some of the trivia and etiquette in our company newsletter!
Dee, Mesa, Arizona [07-01-2002]

Was looking for some information on the American flag. This site is great. Thanks.
Raghunath M Bhaskaran, Naperville, IL, USA [07-01-2002]

I am displaying a flag decal on each side of my truck. My question is, on the drivers side of the truck the union, blue field is in the upper left corner. On the passenger side of the truck the decale looks backwards. When I look at the flag on the passenger side, where should the union, blue field be, on the left side or the right side as you face the passenger side of the truck. I hope you under stand what I am trying to say. Can you help me with my question? Thanks very much. Michael
Michael, Stateline, Nevada [06-26-2002]

Looking up historical facts about flags for my Brownie Troop (second graders). Found this sight to be very useful and interesting. Thank you for being here!
Nancy, Williamston, Michigan [06-26-2002]

i liked yor pictures there real neat. Who panted your house
julia, tx,dilley [06-26-2002]

I am planning to portray Betsy Ross in our community's 4th of July parade. Thank you for the valuable information and picture.
Debbie Langston-Austin, Smithfield, NC [06-26-2002]

i am interested in betsy ross' life. she is a distant relative, by marriage.(claypool).
rhonda, ca. [06-26-2002]

Betsy [06-26-2002]

JDeAnda, Anchorage, AK [06-26-2002]

I love the Flag.The red and white and blue. I think that Betsy Ross is nice and lucky.
Allexis D. Roll, 4965 Norfield Rd. Zanesville, Ohio 43701 [06-26-2002]

Leslie W., santa barbara, ca [06-26-2002]

george ilic, crown point, in [06-26-2002]

I really enjoy this site because I am doing a demonstration on flag etiquette.
anonymous, Vermillion, Minnesota [06-26-2002]

Missy Bushart, Fenton, Missouri [06-26-2002]

it was a real pleasure to tour the house where the flag that we use was made, iam the executive director of a group called renegade regiment drum & fife corps, our females wear the dresses just like besty ross
larryoleszek@hot, milwaukee, wisconsin 53215-2=37 [06-26-2002]

Thank you so much for your information on Betsy Ross. I am having fun making the "5" point star just as she did. Hopefully some day, I will be able to visit this great historical site. I have however, visited the Smithsonian many years ago and saw the flag there. What a great site to see. Wish all Americans will have the opportunity to do the same some day.
Sandra, Dallas Texas [06-26-2002]

Thank you for the tour. It was nice and I enjoyed it.
Lisa Phanthavong [06-26-2002]

Very nice web-site!! I enjoyed the virtual tour. We are planning to visit Philadelphia historic sites this summer. This gives me a good idea of what to expect. I am looking forward to our trip and to seeing the B.Ross house in person!
anonymous, Kokomo, IN [06-26-2002]

I have a 48 star flag that we got when my great-gradfather died. He was a Spanish -American war Vet. I say that I can fly it. My freind says no, that only a current flag can be flown. I know what the link will say. What I need is chapter and verse according to the flag code that points this out to him. thanks SFC SALERNO
anonymous, ft dix nj [06-26-2002]

Virginia McIntosh, Urbana, Ohio 3078 [06-26-2002]

Hi, I plan on driving my classic 1966 Chevy Convertible in a town parade on the 4th of July. In order to use the correct etiquette should I obtain a fender mounting kit and flag (I can't find anyone who sells these). Also, should my car be first in the parade - not sure if I understand how that works especially if many cars have flags. I would prefer to have the correct fender mount set up - not just hang a flag off of the window. Thanks Mike
Mike Jakub, Washington DC [06-26-2002]

united we stand-among one another as proud americans, inwhich no man or country can take down!!!!
LEAH DAVIS, homestead, fl. dade county [06-26-2002]

I liked the pictures, and now, I am going to do a report on Betsy Ross for school!
Susie, U.S.A.- Illinois [06-26-2002]

I am the Flag of the US Chairman for my DAR Chapter. Thanks for all the wonderful materials that I can use in presenting a Flag Minute at chapter meetings.
Dians S. Thompson, Dickinson, Texas [06-26-2002]

Brilliant. Peopel should be more educated in the correct use of national flags...................
Dave Lees, Manchester UK [06-16-2002]

Here I thought I posted on Cyber Thoughts. Oh well. I think this is a wonderful page. Good job!
emma, ny [06-15-2002]

I am a proud American and am grateful to Betsy Ross for being one of the earliest Americans. People who have given this country a legacy, culture, sacrifice and a nation that has not abused its power and has been a protector of civilization's strive for the pursuit of happiness and life. We have not always gotten it right, but Americans have shed their blood for just cause and paid for freedom for all. There is so much good in the American story and to be proud of. Being an American and the freedoms and story of this nation has let people pursue their dreams and let them be free to be creative and Americans have made amazing contributions in all fields for the mere 226 years of existence. God Bless America and it is up to the people to recognize how fortunate they are to be Americans and realize the greatness there is throughout our history that has sacrificed for certain wrongs that happen in humanity. The flag is everything of America and it is a beautiful flag. Beautiful colors, beautiful meaning and Betsy did us proud!
emma, ny [06-15-2002]

I am an anscestor of William Ross also.
Dian Thompson, Edmonds WA [06-15-2002]

Kristoffer, Ogden, UT [06-15-2002]

PHYLLIS ROSS [06-15-2002]

I am a decendant of Samuel Wetherill who was the other free Quarker member of the Meeting House who decided to close the Meeting House down with Betsy Ross in 1834.
Julia Patteson Durel, New Orleans, LA [06-15-2002]

destany, ny [06-15-2002]

Roger Boelter, 280 Witzel [06-15-2002]

Thank you for making our flag Betsy Ross!!
Shaylyn, Wantagh [06-15-2002]

let our flag stand
tamika chantley, 1919 S 20th st phila pa 19147 [06-15-2002]

Monty Grover, Plainfield, Indiana [06-15-2002]

Lorna Harmon, Phila., PA [06-15-2002]

When I see the flag, hear the Star Spangled Banner and America the Beautiful I get such a sense of pride for this Great Country we live in. I have visited the Betsy Ross House in Philadelphia.
Judy Kilborne, Auburn, NY [06-15-2002]

thanks to Betsy Ross, we have a flag. without the flag we wouldn`t have a country. love the flag and what it stands for, and god bless the usa, and our flag, for those who gave some much.
ken stewart, ILLinois [06-15-2002]

We liked looking at Betsy Ross's house. I liked the part when she was sewing.(Sarah) I liked the part when she was talking to General Washington. (Corey)
Corey and Sarah, Springfield, MA [06-15-2002]

very nice website. very usefull thank you
COURTNEY TUSING, tiffin oh [06-15-2002]

Nelson Neves, Cambridge,Mass [06-15-2002]

Enjoyed the site. Would like to know the kind of fabric used in old flags, weave structure, weight, fiber, etc. Any information you may have would be much appreciated. Thanks, Rebecca Blake
Rebecca Blake, Virginia [06-15-2002]

I'm gong to have my children look at this. It will be very educational for them.
Hazel Cox, Saint Cloud, MN [06-13-2002]

Would love to come and visit the Betsy Ross house with my Grandchildren...
Diane Wheeler, Elwood, Indiana [06-13-2002]

Hi,Ms. Ross I'm your #1 fan. Did you make the flag?
Keisha P. Summers, Detroit,Michigan [06-13-2002]

What a neat teaching tool. We are almost 3,000 miles from Philadelphia and Betsy Ross's home, yet my students are able to visit her home and her workshop via the internet and your website. Thank you.
Karen McNiel, Yuma, AZ [06-13-2002]

Hi my name is jessica .I love your website It is awsome. I am 9 years old I am going into the forth grade. I have some questions to ask.Wear is the museum located?Is there a lot of stuff at the museum?Thank you for perticapating with me.
Jessica Bruett, 208 Easy street Chaffee mo 23740 [06-13-2002]

Hi! I liked your web site. Ihope you make anthor one!
Kierston Brooek Fulgium, Chaffee mo [06-13-2002]

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sara b. lanham, 23 [06-13-2002]

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This is a great and enlightening site. As a military member is makes me proud and humble to see sites such as yours. Keep up the good work.
Richard R. Jenkins Jr., Robson,WV [06-13-2002]

Hi everybody my name is Joe G. You know i lovvvvvvvve Besty Ross. She is my favorite historical woman. Love y'all. Bye
anonymous [06-10-2002]

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This is just one of the best sites I have seen on web! I am using your web site for a Girl Scout Badge my troop will be earning. The information on Betsy Ross is terrific. I plan on spreading this link site around to many parents. Since I also work in a school I will be using there too! Thanks for such an awesome site!
Debbie [06-10-2002]

I think this is a great a website.
Debra [06-10-2002]

Distant relative of Betsy Ross. Honeywell heritage traces back to her line.
Dan Honeywell, Norfolk, Nebraska [06-10-2002]

I liked looking at the house. I am 6 years old. I am homeschooled.
kenny schierlinger, ponce inlet, fl [06-10-2002]

I feel very fortunate to be able to display the flag of the US of A with honour. I thank you for this web site, keep up the good work on new and updated information. thanks again.
anonymous, Panorama, CA> [06-10-2002]

anonymous, Springfield, Illinois [06-10-2002]

a story about betsy ross
Amy, cliffwood beach n.j united states [06-10-2002]

Betsy you are so cool! I love you so much! And somehow I am related to you!Well got to go!!! Yours Truly, Shawna Renee' Lusk P.S YOUR TOUR THROUGH YOUR HOUSE WAS SO COOL!!!!!!!!!
Shawna Renee' Lusk (i am somehow related to you), Urbana Missouri [06-10-2002]

Sharon, Richmond, IN [06-10-2002]

Pink Blond, Lewis Center, OH [06-10-2002]

My mother told me several times that I was related to Betsy Ross. Her mothers maiden Name was Pearl Mae Anson and Her Fathers name was Earl Ulyssis Ludwick. My Mothers name was Florence Arline Ludwick Thank you so much for having this great web site..
Kenneth Ray Wilson, Kernville, Ca, USA [06-10-2002]

I just read the article on Betsy Ross Claypoole in the current issue of American Heritage magazine and had to check out the site. Flag day is just around the corner. I remember visiting the house when I lived in Pennsylvania in the 50's. Jacque F.
Jacque Falkenstine, Shreveport, LA [06-10-2002]

who asked betsy ross to sew the fist flag
anonymous [06-10-2002]

Wonderful virtual tour! I was born in and lived in Philly for over 35 years and have visited Betsy's house several times. This tour is the next best thing to being there. Great photos! Great facts! Very well done... and great site. God Bless America!
Drew Eric Whitman, Bethlehem, PA [06-10-2002]

Hi, Betsy I just got done touring your house. I really liked it. But I have one question, Where do you live? How old were you when you made the first United States flag? It was a lot differnt back on the olden days then it is know. your friend, Jordyn P.S. Write me back soon.
Jordyn Castellanos, 1112 E. Irma ln. Phoenix,Arizona 85024 [06-10-2002]

I waz here nd it is so cool to read about the besty ross flag I am going to tell everyone in my history class about this site youhave helped me a lot. Thanx
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julio castro, reading p.a. [06-05-2002]

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thank you for a great site to learn and love our flag and country. We are GS Troop #225 and will be using many things here to earn Brownie Try-It Wave the Flag. God Bless America and her people.
nancy geroy, amador city, ca [06-05-2002]

michael jackson isso cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
alicia, florida [06-05-2002]

thanks for your site i had to do something in computers
stacey, oregon [06-05-2002]

Thank you so much! My Cub Scouts are going to love this information. Our Daycamp topic is "Scouts Serving America!"
Lynn Childs, Griffin, GA [06-05-2002]

Great site...the Missouri National Guard (Army & Air) have for 26 yrs sponsored a camp in southern Missouri for mentally and phycially challenged children & adults. This years theme is 'Patriotic', the last night of camp we are to dress up as our 'favorite hero', I have chosen Betsy Ross as she was the creator of our country's great symbol of freedom, the American Flag...
MSgt Tammera J. Stroup, Millstadt, IL, United States of America [06-04-2002]

DANIEL BEAUCHAMP, 22 Phelps Road, East Windsor, CT 06088-9721 [06-04-2002]

hello to everybody and a friendly kiss to margaret campanaro which has been very kind and nice to me and my wife which have been visiting betsy ross house on may 16th 2002 during our vacation in the usa to celebrate our 25th weddind aniversary.we appreciated very much visiting and reading its history it was somenthing unknown to us and we did't have much time to spent as we stayed only one day in philly and most of the time we were on line to see the liberty bell and liberty hall.will keep reading more on the website as we found the story of the flag and the life of betsy very interesting. thanks to you hope to be back soon and stay more time. ciao a tutti buona fortuna e dio protegga l'america e tutto il mondo. antonio & maria teresa tidu
ANTONIO TIDU, cagliari - sardinia - italy [06-04-2002]

I loved reading through all of the information about Betsy Ross....I am doing a book report and presentation about Betsy Ross for my 3rd grade class and found your website at the end of my book that I read. I loved the virtual tour of Betsy's house and asked my mom if we could visit it someday! I thought it was really neat!
L.S., usa [06-03-2002]

I'm a descendant of Benjamin Ross, youngest brother of Patrick Ross, Elizabeth "Betsy" Griscom Ross's 1st husband. In my family is the silver wedding platter from Patrick & Betsy's wedding, engraved with their names, and passed down through the generations. I remember as a small child, my Great-Grandmother telling me of my relation to my Great (5x?)Aunt Elizabeth Griscom when she showed me a family bible with the family tree in the front. I am a resolute patriot and am proud to be an 11th generation American.
Steven Canfield, Running Springs, Ca [06-03-2002]

i love the site
Amanda, hudson Nh [06-03-2002]

I am working on a project on Betsy Ross and I think that this site is GREAT!!!!
Regina, Philadelphia [06-03-2002]

We have our Abraham Lincoln history here in Springfield, IL but as a female,I am absolutely intrigued with the Betsy Ross story and picture tour. If I had had this much interest in history as a student,I could possibly be a noted historian now! :-) The web site is well organized and easy to follow. I will be sharing it with the large number of friends in my address book.Thank you for a memorable lesson in American history!
Libby Kramer Brown, Springfield, Illinois [06-03-2002]

Cinda Hurteau, Easthampton, MA [06-03-2002]

What a neat site !!
Mrs Kenny's AM Kindergarten, Ashburn, VA [06-03-2002]

Enjoyed it very much
Jo Jennings, 351 lockes Pond Rd Marthaville, La. USA [06-03-2002]

Betsy Ross is awesome!
Stephanie, Salt Lake City, Utah [06-03-2002]

We are originally from the Philadelphia area, came to help my niece with her end of the year report.
anonymous, Virginia Beach, VA 23454 [06-03-2002]

This is a cool site!
cassie [06-03-2002]

I came here for research on a history project-----i chose to do Betsy Ross
RP, usa [06-02-2002]

i think that it is Astonish able to see the things fo her life and her house.
chris f, clay,New York [06-02-2002]

Alexis, Jackson,TN USA [06-02-2002]

Would you have the size of the flag that betsy ross made. need this for the Sunday before the 4th. thanks..........
Sandra King, Roanoke,Va. [06-02-2002]

Sandra King, Roanoke,Va. [06-01-2002]

I was doing a research for my 12 year old nephew.
Dorothy B. Incentes, 6121 61st Ave SE C-7, WA 98513 [06-01-2002]

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John Deary [05-30-2002]

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MAyleen Casner, The Dalles Oregon [05-30-2002]

I think it is great how you made the American flag
Amanda Benbo [05-30-2002]

This is very educational site. My daughter is benefitting from this for her school project (book report) for her third grade class.
Harriette Davis, New Jersey [05-30-2002]

Hi! I'm Joanne Chu. I was trying to find if Betsy Ross was a patriot. I'm doing a final research project on her. I enjoyed looking at your webpage.Well,Thank you for putting this wonderful information on your webpage.Bye!!! With thanks, Joanne Chu
Joanne Chu, Gaithersburg,Maryland [05-29-2002]

Your site really helped me with part of my U.S flag project, and I learned a lot from your site as well! Thanks a bunch! :)
Meaghan [05-29-2002]

very informate, interesting and easy to understand. Great information for our flag day celebration
M Schlobohm, Bismarck, ND [05-29-2002]

my fourth grade class and i are doing expert reports. i chose the american flag. a subtopic is betsy ross.
kelsey [05-29-2002]

Hi I Whanted to now how long it takes to make a flag
the wegleitners [05-29-2002]

see pictures of you
melissa sternberg, pembroke pines florida usa [05-29-2002]

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k, stow oh [05-29-2002]

Great site!!! Thanks for the pictures.
Rebekah Gundrum, Minneapolis, MN [05-29-2002]

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I love your site!!!!!!
Amanda [05-28-2002]

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We need more web sites like this one to honor our American Heritage.
Lavina [05-28-2002]

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great site! glad to have found it!
tami lewis, estero, florida [05-28-2002]

God Bless America
Warren Trojanoski, Jacksonville FL [05-28-2002]

Thanks for a fine and useful web page honoring our Flag.
Jim Efird, Phoenix, AZ [05-28-2002]

I love your new brochure. We are now in agreement about certain things. Betsy Ross is a very important figure for all to remember in terms of dedication to the cause of freedom, the endurance of women in the 18th century, as well as the devotion to family these women showed. The loss of husbands in the cause of liberty; (HUSBANDS remember, it is plural ), shows a dedication almost unknown today. Let us always remember the contributions of American WOMEN to the cause of Liberty. Betsy Ross, Molly Pitcher, and Abagail Adams are role models for all young women to follow. Regards, Andrew of Philadelphia
Andrew of Philadelphia, Philadelphia,PA, USA [05-28-2002]

I did a betsy ross play in school. i loved it. Betst Ross will always be remembered for our nations firstflag.
Danielle Piazza, New Smyrna Beach,Florida [05-28-2002]

The early naval hero Steven Decatur said," To our country, in her intercourse with other nations may she always be right; but OUR country right or wrong." These words echo down to me through the centuries to remind me that the United States is a great country. Yes, there were times when the government acted in a manner that was not correct, and many can complain about this president or that one; but, it is the beauty of this nation that we have THE RIGHT to voice our complaints. The Constitution of the United States is, without doubt, the most important framework of government that is known to man. It is, I say IS, a document that can adapt to meet the demands of a constantly growing nation. It is in this line that I say that the burning of the flag is not some great sin. It is an act to show the government that citizens are not pleased with some decision. Many would have flag-burning outlawed, I say that the Constitution allows every American to voice their ideas even if it means the destruction of our nation's honored symbol. I say to you, that defense of the FLAG is also defense of American rights to express dissatifaction. I may not agree with you, but I WILL defend to the death your right to disagree.
Andrew of Philadelphia, The city of Philadelphia, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, The United States [05-28-2002]

I think your web site is terriffic, I just happened to find it and started reading all your pages. You have a lot of information. I sometimes wonder if the American people care about what our flag stands for, except when national emergencies occur. I did not see this response during, and when the boys came home from Vietman. Thanks for your web site and the privilege of viewing it.
Charles Bergman, Brown Deer, Wisconsin, USA [05-28-2002]

troop # 578 [05-28-2002]

anonymous, virginia beach va [05-28-2002]

Thank you for this valuable and timely information for me to share with my two children. It was a good refresher for my husband and me too!
anonymous [05-24-2002]

What a wonderful Web site! I've visited this site before, but since the terrorist attacks of last September 11, I have wanted to reinforce my children's connectedness with the FLAG, the great symbol of our great country. Thank you for maintaining this interesting and instructive site.
Dwyn H., oh [05-24-2002]

Thank you for the availability of information.
Gaston Museum, texas/usa [05-24-2002]

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Hi my name is Jessica. I was at your website and you have a lot of great facts. I'll come back. It helped me with one of my assiments. I might use you for a report next year. Bye!
Jessica, Akron NewYork [05-23-2002]

Hi my name is Dominic and I was on your web site and you get a lot of facts of this site. It help me with one of my paper in one of my classes. I'll will use it for all of my Social Studies homework or maybe just use it to study.
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I,m 81 years young, retired from the Air Force at Mc'Connel ABF in 1964.Went to work with the FFA as an airarrier inspector, retiring in 1983. Since have been enjoying my retirement traveling in my Rv.
LT Col Glenn L. Harris, Roanoke, Texas 76262 [05-22-2002]

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katie thomas, mi coloma us [05-22-2002]

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this is a cute weabsite and very traditional i am in the 7th grade and doing a little typing project on betsy ross make the site more patriotic.
anonymous, usa/tx [05-22-2002]

i am a second grader and i go to school at wickford elementary school. I love the website.
lily bell, wickford, ri, usa [05-22-2002]

I have a very old stitchery of Betsy Ross sewing the flag. I would like to find out more about it's origin and value. If anyone can give me some information on how to obtain this, I would be most grateful. Thanks
Bettie, nj [05-22-2002]

Your page is a big help on my last minute homework report. And I hope ya'll never go off the internet. Cuase I might need ya'll again.
Jessica, Untid States [05-22-2002]

hey, who was the author of this site? please answer soon!
jacklyn, portland [05-22-2002]

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Thanks to this web site i hopfully can get a good grade on my asignment.
rachel roule, california [05-22-2002]

I am a decendant of Wilhime Rittenhouse. Alson have Ross in my background..
anonymous, South Carolina [05-22-2002]

I just want to know if she was the actual person who designed the US flag. Thanks
Kelly Yoo, Santa Rosa, CA [05-22-2002]

thank you for posting this site i relley nedded it.
nicholas, pawtucket rodeisland [05-22-2002]

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Hi, I am doing a book report and I chose Betsy Ross as my autobiography. I thought it would be boring but it is great. My mom found this website and it helps a lot. I read some of the other people in the book and saw another girl was doing a report like me, dated 5-8-02. I sure hope it isn't anyone in my class. .....I have to dress up like her too. Mom is making me a skirt and apron and hat. ..The bad news is I have to get up in front of everyone and speak for 3 to 5 minutes. That will be hard. I am 8 years old and in second grade. Thanks for your website.
Kathryn, High Point, NC [05-18-2002]

your web site is a blessing!
maria carrillo, sd, ca [05-18-2002]

I have always been interested in my geneology and surname connections. I'd be interested in any connections as to documents on the Ross name.
James Lee Ross, Newton,NH 03858-3526 [05-18-2002]

What happened to the houses around Betsy's house? We were ther now it was 1976 and wasn't there a whole row on Emphram's Alley. I have a picture of the fountain with the cat that we took that day.
Marilyn Anderson, Erie, Pa [05-18-2002]

Carl E. Ross, Eastman, Ga. [05-18-2002]

George Washington was the greatest American that ever lived! There never has been nor ever will be a man of his stature.He was "TRULY"a man for all seasons,a family man that needed no words of merit.A natural born leader who knew his duty for his country,took up arms and led his troops to one of the most decisive Victories ever over a foriegn,corrupt King! God Bless America!!
joe weierbach, Bennington VT [05-17-2002]

DAR member and former Regent. Always promote respect for the flag. Also former school teacher. Taught American History as a second subject, and loved every minute of it.
Lucille Brown, Sonora, Kentucky [05-17-2002]

hi if you like Betsy Ross e mail me becouse iam her 3rd cousin
val, phila [05-17-2002]

Hi! I am almost 10 years old and I'm a girl in fourth grade. My class is studying Pennsylvaniia History. I Go to Blairsville Saltsburg School District at the Elenentary School. My teacher,Mrs. Frantz told my class about this website because we learned about Betsy Ross today. This website is really interesting and I hope other people chechout this webstte too! (May 17,2002)
Sarah Marshall, Blairsville,Pa [05-17-2002]

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Hi, IAm in the fifth grade and Iam going to Philadelphia for a field trip I cant wait. I hope to see a lot and learn a lot of things i dont know. Really to tell you the truth I dont know anything about Philadelphia but all that I have learned in Socail Studies. I hope I get to see Betsy Ross's house, Independence hal,vistor center, Free Quaker Meeting house,And other interesting facts. I can't wait to go. I am going in about two weeks. I am going May 31. I wonder if its nice iam going to the city of Brotherly love. I hope it's very fun of what this web site says. Write now iam learning intersting facts about Philadelphia. I'll know some facts about Philadelphia when I go but not a lot. Well have to go and answer the rest of my question's about Philadelphia. I am almost done. Bye bye
Lacy Campen, Annapolis,MD. [05-17-2002]

Dear peeps, I think bettys Ross is a good person for makin the flag and for thinkin of our country .I would like to no how she made the falg and how shecould stand make somthing that big????????? I think that Bettes Ross should have her house as a land mark because she made the falg and that is something that people think about and because she sounds like she was an important part of peoples life this is why i think it should be a land mark.....,,,,,, Sincerly, I like food, Andrea.,Thank u and have a nice day/night
Andrea Lopez, Annapolis,Maryland [05-17-2002]

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Dear,who ever this may conseter, hi my name is kayla and I am doing a bio poem on betsy ross and I need a good pitcher.
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alejandra [05-15-2002]

I went to this site because I am doing a speach for Night of the Notebles at my school.
apirl, OR portland America [05-15-2002]

I'm u.s. navy retired I really like this website its very informative with respect to our country.
john schmidling, wilmington,nc [05-15-2002]

Where can I find the correct information reguarding the proper display of the American Flag and the correct sequence of the Service Flags ot our country.
Frank Mulvihill, Ft. Myers Fl. 33936 [05-15-2002]

Rachel, Perkacie [05-15-2002]

I like this site it helped me with one of my reports for school thanks!
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Thank you, I have been working on research for flag retirement, respect, ceremonies and words about the American flag for a Court of Honor, for Boy Scout Troop 147 I'm involved with and found your site to be an excellent choice. Thank you once again for a great site.
Tamorah Kaiser, Sullivan, WI [05-15-2002]

I am in the fourth grade and needed information to complete a time line of Besty Ross's life. This has been very helpful.
Chelsea Morvan, White Hall, Maryland [05-15-2002]

I just love the way the page is set up and the pictures and the flowers and the stars!Thank you for the bo-ti-mous page! Chow For Now
Mary Alma Hangs, Spring town, Texas, United States, Earth, Milkey Way [05-15-2002]

What a wonderful site. I was looking for protocol on hanging and lighting of an American Flag in front of our Masonic/Eastern Star Chapter. Thanks to you I now know that we have to install a light. Thank you for having an interesting and informative site. Have sent it to two of my brothers as I am sure they will find it as intesting as I have. Thanks again. Helen Allen
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Hey it's jessica and i'm doing a project it's a wax musum and I'm doing betsy ross and it's were u dressup as that person and have fun and my friends and i well we are big fans and my best friend is shawna W and she loves betsy ross and this weekend (5\12\02)(mothers day) I'm at my grandma's house that's were I'm at as I'm writing you and my wax musueis on the 24th of may and then school gets out may 30th and i'm so happy on that day i'm going to have a party. well i've got to go bye from jessica ( the hottie )!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bye
jessica ( the hottie ), fargo north dakota [05-12-2002]

You are a great person. Besty Ross
Chelsea, kENNER,LA [05-11-2002]

Chelsea, kENNER< LA [05-11-2002]

Dear Betsy Ross, We are twin sisters. Are we releted to Betsy Ross. Jill loves the books riten about Betsy Ross. We can't hear back from you. Love, Kate and Jill Steinman
Kate and Jill Steinman, New York City,New York, America [05-11-2002]

A volunteer group I belong to in Fremont, Ca (Ardenwood Historic Farm) will be doing a Tea for Flag Day...and part of our problem is to have various personalities of the past take part in the event. Betsy Ross actually will be honored. I will be portraying Betsy briefly...making 5 point stars.
Helene Bryon, San Carlos, Ca [05-11-2002]

Carl Ross [05-11-2002]

Betsey Ross was certainly a wonderful woman. And a very good American and we all thank God for her and what she did.
Kaitlin Anglero, Rising Sun,Maryland [05-11-2002]

i think your really great i hope you succeed more
LUZ LIMONES, los angeles california [05-11-2002]

Do you have a colored picture of the union flag and confederate flag during the war of Antitam?
Demi Freytag, 5403 Leach rd. Rochester, IL [05-11-2002]

I am so impressed with this page and ALL the very important information at a simple click. My son,and grand=daughter used so much of the info in their ceremony when they had the blessing for the new flag pole at her school. Thank You
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Just wanted to say thanks for having such a comprehensive collection of facts and history about our flag. I'm constructing an essay about where our flag has been, and your information will help greatly. Sincerely, L.D. Todd
Lawrence D. Todd, Tempe, AZ [05-11-2002]

I am in the first grade and we are doing a poster on someone famous in history. I chose Betsy ross.
Mittie Morgan, Amite, Louisiana USA [05-11-2002]

HI i`m doing betsy ross fr a school project
Jenny Rogers, bromall,pa,usa [05-11-2002]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross and she really is an amazing women. If I could go back into history I would definitly want to meet her.
TAylor, Columbus [05-11-2002]

i read the besty ross book!!!!!!!! did besty and jon stay together???????? from katelyn hi this is your son i love you from mickl
Katelyn,Angel, John Greene Warwick, R.I [05-11-2002]

Go U.S.A.
Gabriella Stanley, Powell, Ohio [05-11-2002]

My grandmother, Marion Stewart Smith of Ridegway, Pa. told me that she was a direct descendent of Betsy Ross. She said Betsy was her reason for being in the DAR. She had a letter that she prized which she said confirmed her link. She died when I was 16. I have no idea where those documents went and am curious to see if she was correct, or how I can find out more.
Heather Lende, Haines,Alaska [05-09-2002]

i am a proud american and i am thankful for all god has provided for us here in america. i also appreciate sites like this. many thanks
Joyce Bartelmey, Downers Grove, Il [05-09-2002]

I have a question on flag rules/laws/etiquette ... can anyone here help me? My question concerns carrying more than one US flag in a procession ... as in the current US flag as well as the older flags - a 13 star flag and a 48 star flag. If this is the right place to ask, I'll give you my complete question later. Thanks
Elaina [05-08-2002]

Betsey Ross was certainly a wonderful woman. And a very good American and we all thank God for her and what she did., Toms River, NJ08757 [05-08-2002]

hi @ my school we do a biography fair project and I'm going to betsy ross so thank you for your help
lizzie [05-08-2002]

i chose Betsy because i am doing a project on American history, and i chose Betsy Ross. my betsy ross scene is gonna be in a class play!!!!
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I have a report tp do about Betsy Ross. I think this page gives a lot of info. I will use it a lot. tHanks
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The U.S. flag will always stand strong in our minds. So will 9/11. Remember the dead people.
Jenna George, pure american, tx [05-08-2002]

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I want to know what the colors and symbols on the flag mean because in school we have to go on the internet and find out. I was wondering if you could tell me.
Janie Lovejoy, Dillsburg PA 17019 [05-08-2002]

We are thankful for those who made outstanding contributions to our history.
Mrs. Pata's Class, Metuchen, NJ [05-08-2002]

Where did Betsy Ross live when she sewed the flag
anonymous [05-08-2002]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross I need to know about 16 reasons she is famous and how she changed the world!!! Ashley
ashley [05-08-2002]

Well i was doing a project on Betsy Ross, and I needed to know what she wore like during her everday life, and i was wondering if you could possibly email me back by giving me a description on what she wore because I have to do a presentation and become Betsy Ross. Your help will really be appreciated.
anonymous [05-08-2002]

I just want to let you know that I think that it is fascinating that you sewed the very first flag. I wonder who designed it?
kaitlin, Washington U.S.A [05-08-2002]

i visited the website. i'm doing a project in computer class on colonial people and this website has helped me out a lot. it is by far the most informative website on betsy ross i've seen.
Jenny Lynn, Connecticut [05-08-2002]

I am in the 5th grade and I was ask to play the part of Betsy Ross. Then I was wondering about how big the real "first" Betsy Ross flag.
Stephanie Heim, California [05-07-2002]

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I need to print a flag on a program I am designing, but I don't know what PMS colors to use for the red and blue. Can you help me?
Christina Ann DeLuca, St. Louis, Missouri [05-06-2002]

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victoria k., chesapaeke va [05-06-2002]

I would like to add a copy of "Flag Rules and Regulations" to the Oregon State Police Honor Guard Manual. Is your version copyrighted?
Kenneth Schippers, Salem, Oregon [05-06-2002]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross and I think she is really interestin, she has so many facts about her yet, this hasn't even been proven that it actually happened!
Taylor, San Antonio, Texas [05-06-2002]

I heard that President Reagan passed an executive order eliminating the need to keep a flag lit at night. Is this true. If you have a flag at a residence does it need to be illuminated? Thank you.
Byron, Seattle WA. [05-06-2002]

I was just looking something up for school.
Devan, Pequea, Pa [05-06-2002]

Do you have the rules for displaying the flag printed on a brochure or card? If not, which organization would have such a card available?
Shirley H. Young, Suffern, NY [05-06-2002]

This site gave me a lot of information for my report on Betsy Ross. We are reporting on the American Revolution and people involved.
Ashley [05-06-2002]

I think Making the first flag is very important to me. It must of been a really hard job
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This site has given me a lot of information! Im glad I chose this subject. Im doing a history final project for my 8th grade Social Studies class. Id really like to thank all of you for putting all of this together. The tour of Betsy's house was very interesting! Thanks a lot you've been a big help.
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I was surfing the web to find information on the American Flag and how it has changed throughout the years and happened on this site and reall enjoyed all of the information it contained. Good work, thanks!
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Hi! Good website. Do you have any pictures of the sketch George W. made with the 6 points? Bye bye!
MisaW. [05-06-2002]

I am on this website, because I have to do a report on Betsy Ross. From, Natali Mazzei
Natali Mazzei, Downingtown,PA,in the United States [05-06-2002]

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I love your web page. my nana sent me a postcard of Betsy Ross's bed room. I love history.
Krissy, Coloardo [05-06-2002]

bettsy ross is one of my heros she has made a symbol for are country and showed us that we should not forget her.Bettsy ross is an american hero and we want her to know we still love and believen her.
frankie thomas buchler, i live in apache junction,arizona,my phone# is (480) 6710489 [05-06-2002]

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Brownie Troop 2148 SC, Gaston SC [05-06-2002]

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Rachel, SJC, Califorina 92675 Avenida Placida [05-06-2002]

Becky Medina [05-06-2002]

What fabric was the Besty Ross flag made of? I've heard ocnflicting stories that it was cotton, wool, hemp. Do we know? Thanks much.
Sharon, Portland, oR [05-02-2002]

when did she die - anonumus
anonymous [05-02-2002]

I apretiate the flag very very much. It is a great honor to have our flag. The flag is partly what brings America together.
Ashlie Zinn, Chula Vista CA [05-02-2002]

Brittany thompson, usa bidd manie [05-02-2002]

Patriotism is over-rated. It used to be a good thing, but now it's a fad, and it's wrong. Back when Betsy Ross made the flag it truly stood for something wonderful. Now after 9-11 everyone has a flag waving from their mini-van. It's wonderful that America truly supports eachother and can bond together after a crisis. However, the whole patriotism thing is becoming an item and is being sold to the American consumer. At this year's Super Bowl I was shocked at the use of flare and sparkle used to symbolize patriotism.
Busty StClaire, Mankato Mn [05-02-2002]

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Paige, Champaign,IL [05-02-2002]

Hey I love you web site it is really neat! I visit it a lot for school. I do a lot of projects on Betsy Ross, when we have to pick a person to do a essay on from the past I pick her. Well I enjoy looking at your site. Bye, Amber
Amber [05-02-2002]

Jessica [05-02-2002]

Hello, I just wanted to say that being a descindant of Betsy Ross it is good to know that someone took the time to research her life and kept her home in good order. I would also like to know if u could email me a list of her family & their relationship to her. Thank you Sincerely, Mark A. Shields
Mark Shields, Cherryvale, Ks, USA [05-02-2002]

hello,im a 10 year old girl who is doing a school project on a famous person and i chose Betsy Ross.The main reason is because of the sept.11,attact. I hope my class mates find this story as interresting as i did.And i guess what i mean by that is I want to remind kids about the flag where it came from,what it stands for,and most of all are freedom here in America. THANK YOU :-) Dolphin UNITED WE STAND--DEVIDED WE FALL
anonymous, Ind. [05-02-2002]

I love you betty. I am your biggest fan
Big Papa, Havered PA [05-02-2002]

I'm being Betsy Ross for our wax musium.
Abbie Yost, Livingston,Mt. [05-02-2002]

Hello, I am taking elementary education and I needed to use your site to find the last star sewn on our present-day flag. Thank you for your site.
They call me echo [05-02-2002]

Hi, My name is Sydney I am doing a report on Betsy Ross! we had to do someone from the revolutionary time I picked Betsy Ross I have learned a lot about her on your website it's great! nobody else in my class could pick her because I did. I was crossing my fingers all day and I got picked! THANK YOU SO MUCH, Sydney P.S. write back!
Sydney, n.h. [05-02-2002]

Hi, i am doing a report on besty ross and i would enjoy any information about her to make my report the best if you have a chance send me anything you have and i am in 5th grade at Nathan Hale school and i picked besty ross for my historical person and i would like to find out everything i can!
Alicia, Elk Grove [05-02-2002]

Purcious Smith, Charleston, South Carolina [05-02-2002]

Thank you for all of this great information! My Brownie troop is learning all about our flag, and your information has been most helpful! This has given us so many more details that are kid-friendly than we had seen before. I'm excited to share this with them!
Barb [05-02-2002]

Betsy Ross is an amazing person. It would be so cool to live in that time period and to create the first American flag.
Paige [04-29-2002]

i think betsy ross rocks
kasey, pa johnstown [04-29-2002]

Hi,I like all the pictures and tours you have, but the best part was The Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier. The part I told you I like was because it grab my attention.My class and I will be traveling to Pilladelphia on 5/14/02 to check and learn the great history i've seen in this website.Happy day's and god bless you all.
marco marroquin, Elizabeth N,J [04-29-2002]

thois site really helped me in decieding what historical figure i wanted to do my essay and scarpbook project on i will share this site with all my friends !!
leah, marietta,ga [04-29-2002]

Thank-you Betsy
Lauren Gowell, Buxton, Maine U.S.A. [04-29-2002]

i'm doing a project on u Betsy i hope i can tell everone in my claas who u were!!
Brittany Thompson, biddeford manie usa [04-29-2002]

Thank you for believin we could be a state and making our flag!
Samantha Ball, usa [04-29-2002]

it's very insting in laerning about betsy ross but she was not the one that made the frist flag she made the secand flag
germaine augustin, at school [04-29-2002]

germaine augustin, at school [04-29-2002]

Whiteny, New York [04-29-2002]

Kelsey [04-29-2002]

Thanks! I needed someone to do a report over in my Sophomore Honors English class and I found just what I needed. Everything was so simple to find. Thank you!
Vanessa, u.s. [04-29-2002]

Brownie Troop 355 will be earning the "Wave the Flag Brownie Girl Scout Try-It" with the help of this web-site. Thank you for having such a great site with information about our American Flag and about Betsy Ross.
anonymous, Puyallup, Washington [04-29-2002]

I am a descendant of George Ross Signer of the Declaration of Independence I am looking for any Genealogy information you may have on him and his family. Thank you Robin Bos
Robin Bos, Portland, Oregon USA [04-29-2002]

Felina & Ryan Hommelson, Bonne Terre, Missouri The good ole' U.S.A. [04-29-2002]

julia ross, lebanon,oh [04-29-2002]

Was lookig for information on the American Flag and the meaning for each of the stars of the flag.
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I also read a book about betsy ross. She was a great woman.
cyndi [04-29-2002]

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I would like information on th History of Hannah Duston by Amy Williams
Faye Schmid, lakewood colorado [04-29-2002]

No thanks I don't have a message but thanks anyway!
Angela, Feeding Hills MA [04-28-2002]

Just found your web site...really have enjoyed the information...a few years ago I was researching Betsy Griscom Ross's family, I had been told for many years that my Grandmother, Nancy Stewart Huffman's family(Stewart/Hart/Reed), was connected in some way and had received a silk Flag through some organization. Never found the proof that I wanted for a connection, however. This Flag disappeared at the estate sale in 1936.An elderly Aunt had seen it there and had told me about it. Iam doing a Flag presentation for my DAR Chapter meeting in May... Will be 86 years old in July!& will see the Conservation process at the Smithsonian in July...Thank you....
Catherine Huffman Watkins, New Castle, Indiana ...USA [04-28-2002]

This is a great website!It makes searching for "stuff" so easy.
Alyson [04-27-2002]

I have to write about somebody famous for my 3rd grade class. I am writing about Betsy Ross. My mom told me about her and I thought my class would want to know too.
Valerie [04-27-2002]

thanks so much for this information
betsy ross [04-27-2002]

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Tia [04-27-2002]

me and my friend are doing a report on betsy ross. we are requesting more information on her and several more pictures. write soon, nicole and chelsea
nicole, maine [04-27-2002]

Did u like making the frist american flag? Did u like haveing all your brothers and sisters?
Tiana, New york Bronx [04-27-2002]

Nicole Caldwell, Lithonia Georgia [04-27-2002]

I'm doing a report for School, I found a lot of useful information. Thank-You
Brenda Bixler, Holland, Ohio [04-27-2002]

You Rock Betsy!!! Thenk You For making a FLAG to represent us all.!!!!!!
brittaney [04-27-2002]

My dad is a segment wood turner . Would it be right to have the flag in one pices. Olso the size of the stars would be small would be ok to have the stares as dots on it. Ples let me know about it. Daniel Corriveau
Daniel Corriveau, Bradenton FL [04-27-2002]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross and this site really helps. Thanks!
anonymous [04-27-2002]

i like what i have seen so far. about this site. 'cuz i needed help on a research paper for school and i was having a terrible time trying to find any research on here to this site and i practically found everything i needed for this report and i turned it in and i got an A+. so like i said i really do think that this site is worth the while when it takes it a while to download so thank you very much for having this site on the internet. it helped me a whole lot so thanks again for the help. yours truly Izzy. and also i was wondering if you could tell me if Betsy Ross was black or white because in history class they were telling us that she was black then some other history teacher told me she was white. so if you could please respond within a couple of days i would really appreciate it. like i said in the beginng thanks for putting the site on the internet for other users as my self who often do book reports i think that they appreciate at it also. so thanks again and have a fantastic day or night whatever you would like to call it. Izzy Gibbmnson. Age: 10 Location: texas
Izzy, Texas [04-27-2002]

Kelly Phillips, clearwater fl usa [04-27-2002]

your wab site is very easy to use. I found it very useful in lotsof ways. well thats all for now THANKS, Mon'Quecia Anderson ofNasville
Mon'Quecia anderson, Nashville TN usa [04-27-2002]

Thank you for having this web page available for myself and other students this web page really helped me a lot with all of Social Studies projects and reports.Again Thank You!
Melissa Santiago, Lansford,PA [04-27-2002]

DESTINY [04-27-2002]

Hi, I am Brandi from Cornwall New York. I was assigned to do research on a choice of people. I chose Betsy Ross. Your website has given me so much information. I thank you very much. The only thing that I had trouble with was that you never indicated whether Betsy had ever won awards of some kind, or what her role in society was like. If you could, would you please add that information or at least me the information?
Brandi [04-27-2002]

Hi Bye
Mauri Jackson [04-27-2002]

Dear Betsey Ross, Your flag is beautiful!!!!!!!! Make me one -Lauren
Lauren, pa [04-27-2002]

i entered this website to try and answer a question: Did Betsey Ross really make the first flag and if not, why teach that she did to our children in education then teach them she didn't college? Thank you for your help in answering this question.
Bridget Brothers, new york [04-27-2002]

Thank you for a wonderful tour of Betsy's house. Seeing this makes me proud to be an american!!!!!
Thea Harrison, Cleveland,Ohio [04-27-2002]

Enjoyed the tour. One cut 5 point star works! Visited the White House but Bill was out.
Dennis F. Wells, DAV/USN, C.E.O. - T.H.I.T.T.G., Jacksonville, Florida [04-27-2002]

Thank You
Vel, Berkley, Mi [04-27-2002]

Cool! It helped with my project. Thanks.
anna carlson [04-27-2002]

I have a couple questions about Betsy Ross because I'm doing a report on her. First I wanted to know when she finished the flag? I also wanted to know if you knew why they choose her to make the flag? And that if you knew any good picture websites that say who drew or painted? Thanks & please email back soon!! Thanks again!!
sarah [04-27-2002]

I think Betsy Ross kicks *** excause my languge.
Mike [04-27-2002]

Betsy Ross was a talented, kind american, and this website has a lot of information about her.
Becca [04-27-2002]

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I got good info for school report and great pictures.
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Betsy Ross is my realitive.
anonymous, United States [04-27-2002]

i was doing a project
Tina, b-r [04-27-2002]

i need to know betsy ross's religon and when she opened her first businessso can you give me an adress where i can find this
jenna, N Attleboro [04-27-2002]

I think your page is great. The information helped me write my famous American report for my 2nd grade project. Thank You!
Amy S, West Hartford, CT, USA [04-27-2002]

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The Lott Family, Atlanta, Ga [04-27-2002]

It is a good site......I am doing a report on her but there arn't many pictures at all. I think you should add more.
anonymous [04-27-2002]

I like this site, it's really nice. It's also very helpful for me because I'm doing a report for school on Betsy Ross. Thanks a lot for all this great information.
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mIKE, minnetonka [04-27-2002]

The information contained in this site is most helpful in clarifying questions about the flag for ceremonies, display, etc. Thanks.
SGM Beth Lyle, Leominster, MA [04-27-2002]

Was doing research for a Brownie troop "Wave the Flag" try-it badge. Wonderful site; I really enjoyed the info and will pass it on to the girls. Thanks.
T. K. Teinert, Sugar Land TX [04-27-2002]

Thank you for all of the pictures and facts as I am presenting a report to my third grade class on Betsy Ross.
kayleen Murray, Litchfield, Ct [04-27-2002]

who created the flag with 50 stars
lucy, usa [04-27-2002]

Melissa, Metairie,LA [04-27-2002]

boo willoya, anchorage, alaska [04-21-2002]

It was very special to find this website, I am looking forward to visiting the sights around Philly and the Betsy Ross House.
James E. Taylor, Carson City, Nevada [04-21-2002]

I was jsut wondering if Betsy Ross was Black or not. I learned that she was in school and I want to know if this is there eve nany proof whether she was or not?
Phil [04-21-2002]

Jessie [04-20-2002]

I think it is a great web site that provides tons of useful informatoin
Morgan Fish, Moses Lake Washington United States [04-20-2002]

besty Ross you are one of the greatest amaricans.
anonymous [04-20-2002]

I needed to know about Betsy ross for school, thank you.
Kristen, league city, tx [04-20-2002]

I with i could be back there in the old day to see exacly what happened during the reveloinary war. Instead of readingit ina book .I want to see the real flag that would be so cool . I would also like to see Goerge washington. the end
anonymous [04-20-2002]

I would really like to see betsy ross house some time . Maybe when I am older I will come and visit it some time. I really love to the stuff she had it is fantastic.
katie hanauer, kerrville, texas [04-20-2002]

I wondered what happened to the betsy ross flag
anonymous [04-20-2002]

i thought it was an great tour so keep it!!!!
randi, The woodlands,TX The United States [04-18-2002]

i believe everyone should respect and cherish what the American fla stands for
anonymous, New York, NY [04-18-2002]

Thank you Very informational.
John A. Ross,Jr., hammond,La. 70401 [04-18-2002]

excellent site.
MSGT DELVIN CHUBICK RET, rr#1 box 326 nevada missouri 64772 [04-18-2002]

S.Kapp, Mesa, Az. [04-18-2002]

Well i just thougt like is there ant time Betsy broke the law? Did she have a horse if so what was it's name?
Mac, usa [04-17-2002]

i was working on this site for my school and i was just going to sign the guest book now and go.
Ashley (C), United States [04-17-2002]

I would like to know Betsy's Religon!
Mand, (I don't think so) [04-17-2002]

it's great I can find every thing I can think of.I know I'll be on here again and again.I had a report I thought would be difficult,but with the help of this website it's been a breeze.
Jennifer O'Brien, Dayton,Ohio,UnitedStates [04-17-2002]

This is a great web page thans a lot for making it easy to find information. Chelsey
Chelsey Adamczak, ? [04-17-2002]

I hope one day i can learn more about betsy ross she is a brillant woeman with whom I so deeply charish
Sarayah Moore, Independence Kansas [04-17-2002]

Just want to thank you for a very informative and useful site. Our 2nd Grader son was happy to see all this information.
Victor Pang, Cincinnati, OH [04-17-2002]

Anissa Parks, Huntsville,Al [04-17-2002]

MELISSA, 1765 Santa ana ave Costa Mesa Ca. 92627 [04-17-2002]

anonymous, 1765 Santa ana ave Costa Mesa Ca. 92627 [04-17-2002]

Thank you so much for making this website w/ all the wonderful info & all the pictures of Grand American Flags. God Bless America!
anonymous, Concord, CA [04-17-2002]

Thank you for making us proud to be Americans. These colors don't run and stand straight up. For FREEDOM... God Bless American
Mrs Bellinger, USA America [04-17-2002]

jerrel musier, pa, philadelphia [04-16-2002]

Thank You for a wonderful site. Betsy Ross was a true American, Thank God for her, and for everyone who has helped make our Country Free. Long May Our Flag Wave over the Land of the Free. God Bless America.
Jeannie, Sacramento, California [04-16-2002]

amber mccaskill, youngstown ohio [04-16-2002]

braylon rogers, youngtown;ohio [04-16-2002]

I am so happy that I visited this website because I am doing information for my english paper and I found everything I needed. That's all for now. Thank You for the great information.
Roukieh Itani, Los Angeles, Calif. USA [04-15-2002]

i am going to make the worlds largest betsy ross 52 x 110
joel sowder, winfield kansas [04-15-2002]

jerry lambert, mccook, nebraska [04-15-2002]

can u tell me where she place she was born???
Kim Gilliam, Noblesville Indiana 46060 [04-15-2002]

I am doing a report on Besty Ross!This web page helped me a lot. I'm 11 years old!thanks!
Michaela Curtis, Tomball,Texas [04-15-2002]

This is a project for school but I can't get to what the teacher has. How do you get there?
Emily Berlin, Rock Springs [04-15-2002]

I was verry intrigued to come to this site and find the imfo that I did. My occupation as a student in American History is to find general resources and research articles on such information as this . I would just like to express my thanks to all the staff there for taking their time to keep all documintation up to date. I found this site to be verry fun and interresting . I also mastered the objectives on making a five sided star . What was nice about this site was the fact that I did not go in and try to read it, and have all these advertisements that had nothing to do with the site. It stuck right to the facts about Betsy . Once agian, Thank you, ~ Carrie
Carrie Fuller, Pennsylvania [04-15-2002]

Thank you for helping my Brownie Troop learn about the flag.
Terry Johnson, Parsonsburg, MD [04-14-2002]

hi if you go this site u will learn much. i'm ritghing a repoart. tiffany
TIFF@NY, logensport in [04-14-2002]

We are doing Idaho history, and my son always has questions for me. Since I lived in Lancaster PA, for sometime he knows that I have enjoyed history and have a liken to learn more. I only hope that I can instill the love of history in him and know that without God, our country would not be here today. Thank you for the tour of Betsy Ross's house, I toured it when I was in the 7th grade. Many years ago!
Nico Beebe and son, Pocatello, Idaho [04-14-2002]

I am very proud ever since 9-11-01 to be an American. I know I need to learn more about the flag and everything that goes a long with the United States. This web-site helped me so much to know the things I needed. Thanks so much for whoever made this site!
Nancy Smith, Brigham City Utah 84302 [04-14-2002]

Joan, Belmont,NC USA [04-14-2002]

Thank you for such an interesting journey!
Dawn, Green Bay, WI [04-14-2002]

I really liked your website and all, but I thought there might be something you might want to know about. It is not proven that Besty Ross designed the first American Flag, she may have made it, but someone else designed it, I just thought you might want to know.
anna-lee, Alpine, Utah, United States of America [04-14-2002]

My parents taught us early how important it is to value our US heritage and to honor the flag and those that made a part of its history. My 81 year old mother is in a senior citizen's group called " The Happy Storybook Readers" and they chose Betsy Ross to be their theme for patriotism this year. Thank you for a wonderful sight for me to let them know about ! Sue
Sue Hylandl, Buffalo, MN [04-14-2002]

mandi ingram [04-13-2002]

THANKYOU with all of GODS blessings to you
Robert Hays, Cortez,Co. USA of course [04-13-2002]

I will be using much of this information for the school Wax Museum thanks Paulina, 10year old (almost 11) (*_*)
Paulina, Rochester Hills Michigan, United States of America [04-13-2002]

I've been doing a lot of research about our American Flag. Is Betsy Ross African American? Please let me Know thankyou
Chasnte Threatt, Brentwood, Ca [04-13-2002]

Hello Kind Folks, I just wanted to REALLY thank you for your site!! My daughter is making cards for veterans in nursing homes. We will deliver them tomorrow. She printed a bunch of flags from this site to enclose in the cards. It means a lot to us & it may make their day. So, thank you in our mission of gratitude!! Sincerely, Mrs. Rachel Pennington
Mrs. Rachel Pennington, Tampa, FL [04-13-2002]

My daughter(Vivian Mach)is 11 years old, she is doing a Betsy Ross report, this web site is been very helpful for me and for her, I'm very apprciate it. Thank you very much!! "GOD BLESS YOU AND AMERICA!"
Paulina Mach-Lau, Ventura, California. United States [04-13-2002]

i was just looking for more information about gorgewatioton and the revolustionary war
ENRIQUE HERNANDEZ, arizona [04-13-2002]

This website is cool!
Robin, New Lenox, Illinos [04-13-2002]

Gregory, New Lenox [04-13-2002]

shelb y mulllins, greenville, ohio [04-13-2002]

I just did a report on her. She is a great person to do it on. It was fun!!!!!!!!!
Lauren Elizabeth Robinson Weiss, 810 Franklineville Rd. Mullica Hill NJ 08062 [04-13-2002]

Viv [04-13-2002]

i am doing a biography on besty ross! i think she has a good part in the american revolution and that she is a very interesting person!
nadi reoay, ma, u.s.a. [04-13-2002]

Betsy Ross was great person!Without her there wouldnt be the flag there is.
Heather, United States [04-13-2002]

Dear Webmaster, I am a fifth grade student at Walnut Elementary School in Newbury Park,California. We have this thing called Public Speaking at our school and I'm representing Betsy Ross. I needed this information on Betsy Ross, and so I thank you. Betsy has been a joy to learn about. My mom said for a little joke,"Betsy Ross must not have very good luck with husbands because all three of hers died while she was still alive.". I thought it was a dirty joke because it's actually really sad. Don't you agree? Yours Truly and Thanks Again, Sarah Dawn LaGioia- Walnut Elementary
Sarah Dawn LaGioia, Newbury Park, California U.S.A. [04-13-2002]

We are earning our "Wave the Flag" badge and used this site for some help. Thank you so much
Brownie Troop 158, Catoosa, OK [04-13-2002]

lauren stricos [04-13-2002]

Good Site for info on Betsy!
Grant (Chico) [04-13-2002]

demery [04-13-2002]

Kelly Weaver, Round Rock, TX United States [04-10-2002]

Raquel Williams, Ripon CA. [04-10-2002]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross. If you can give me other sites I would apprciate it. Thanks!
Beth, Michigan [04-10-2002]

Jessica [04-10-2002]

I really enjoyed this web site all about Betsy Ross. I did not know that she sewed the Flag together. I have learned a lot about our American Flag and I am proud of it because I am very patriotic since 9-11-01. It did not occur to me that I need to learn about the Flag. I learned about the founder because I have to do a report over Betsy Ross and I am very proud she made a Flag for a symbol of our freedom in America. If she were still living today I would like to meet her and learn more about her and how she lived back then but I am still researching about her so maybe I will learn about her life back then. Thank you for making a web site about her I have learned a lot about ther American Flag.
Rachel, Texas [04-10-2002]

Go to
Jennifer Tomlinson, Fountain Inn, SC,29644, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA [04-10-2002]

Angie Perry [04-10-2002]

Nice Website Betsy Ross!
Dylan Djani, Fountain Inn, SC [04-10-2002]

Go on for jokes!!
Gohan, Austrailia [04-10-2002]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross and thanks for the information!I am in 4th grade and it has been helpful.
Sarah Davenport, Rockton,IL [04-10-2002]

jennifer F, higland IL [04-10-2002]

Thanks for a great site. I was doing research for my girl scout brownie troop and found this to be really usually information.
Karen Glod, Macedon, New York [04-10-2002]

how did you become the first to make the first american flag please write back a.s.a.p love malissa hogan
MALISSA MONECE HOGAN, columbia mo. 6060 n wagon trail road lot # 55 [04-10-2002]

sup people!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lo lo, us [04-10-2002]

god bless yopu all.
ABUZO BISHOP, cote d ivore [04-10-2002]

Please note, and possibly correct, an item concerning the retirement of the american flag. Did you know, that by act of congress, the boys scouts and girl scouts of america are authorized to retire worn flags. Gulf Ridge Council Pack 45 recently had such a cerimony. shortly after 911. it was a memorabe and moving evening. so.... please advise others of the scouts and their ability to retire old flags.
SMSutton, Tampa [04-10-2002]

Thank you for all the information regarding our Flag. It was very informative and should be read and inforced by all.
Helen W. Weir, Winchester, VA [04-10-2002]

Macie M. Mulkey, Denton,Tx,U.S.A [04-10-2002]

Doris Wilkinson, Whitewright, TX [04-10-2002]

big boy 69 [04-10-2002]

was it hard back then for you?
michelle stevens, Appleby Elementary Scholl [04-10-2002]

I am a Cadette leader working on the Badge American Patriotism and needed some help on this badge.
Pat Sinacola, Dbn. Hgts. MI U.S.A. [04-10-2002]

Thank You Betsy for making the American Flag because if you didnt we probably would'nt have the emotions we have today. This sit has gave me more knowledge on betsy ross and America.
Kehinde Koiki, Brooklyn, NewYork [04-10-2002]

hey what is up i just wanted to say hey so bye bye
kelsi, roaring spring pa [04-10-2002]

nice web site thanks for the help!
amanda [04-10-2002]

Thanks for making this site available. It is very interesting and imformative. It's sad that a lot of Americans don't appreciate our great Nation and all the sacrifices it took and still are to make this Country so great. God bless America and all the men and women who gave their all for me and all Americans so that we can be free! I love my Flag and it saddens me to see Old Glory burned and destroyed by those who don't appreciate what it stands for. Stand proud America, now and forever!
B. Kindle, Texas [04-10-2002]

I enjoyed this site. THANK YOU very much.
K.C. JONES, Norcross, Georgia [04-08-2002]

My Brownie troop is working on a badge called "Wave the Flag". I just stopped in for some facts. Thanks!
Cyndie McDonough, Appleton, WI 54915 [04-08-2002]

hey this is Sami and Sara. Were sisters. One of the major reasons why were visiting this web site is because Sami is doing a report on a famous women. she picked Betsy Ross. So everyone have a nice day. thank you thank you thank you very much! love u sara &sami
Samantha Thompson and Sara Thompson, Wisconsin [04-07-2002]

I'm related to Betsy Ross (Elizabeth Griscom) Through the Griscom's.
Stephanie, Elmira [04-07-2002]

The flag is a great thing that shows everything that our country stands for: FREEDOM. I think that it is also great that our world is showing so much support for one another after 9/11. I am doing a biography on a famous person and the first person that came to my mind was BETSY ROSS, who was the person that sewed this flag that has so much meaning in every AMERICANS lives. Our country is not sectioned off by blacks, whites, asians, hispanics or any other race we are ONE we are STRONG we are AMERICANS!
Stacie, california [04-07-2002]

I have found the research that I have done on the United States Flag interesting and rewarding. I was looking to determine when the Flag was to be displayed and found other related items of great interest, including the visit to the Betsy Ross house. Thank you for accumulating this material.
George and Lorna Sparrow, Hamilton, Illinois [04-07-2002]

it's very fun and helpful.
bianca, ontario CA [04-07-2002]

tell about her.put a picture of just the first flag.
hdyr, 585 [04-06-2002]

My mother and father came to the U,S by the way of ellis iland, when did they come,what year, mother rose Zambetti Vito Zametti Mary Zambetti Guy Zambetti Mike Zambetti, Please give all the information on this family thank you. Frank L Zambetti,
Frank L Zambetti, 78658palm tree ave palm desert ca, 92211 [04-06-2002]

Emily, atlanta georgia [04-06-2002]

Red, in [04-06-2002]

thanks for this page. i am doing a biography on betsy ross. i picked betsy ross because i like to sew.i did not know all this thank you!
Kara Schutters, Dav. IA. [04-06-2002]

I think that this site helps us learn about the importents in life and of the flag.
Jordan Feijo [04-06-2002]

Jordan Feijo [04-06-2002]

I am doing a biogrphy on Betsy Ross and all this information will be a great resource to help me learn more about her. Thank you for helping me!!! Betsy would be proud!
Rita Argueta, Costa Mesa,California 92626 [04-06-2002]

thanx a whole lot betsy i am doing a report on you and with your info i got a a+!!!!!!
Kayla, can't tell [04-06-2002]

My daughter is doing a report on Betsy Ross for a school project(and has to dress up like Betsy Ross.)I came across this site and found it to be very interesting. Tnanks!
sharon hoge, gibsonia, pa 15044 [04-06-2002]

Congratulations for an informative page regarding our flag Information sought previously for Boy Scouts. Taught flag etiquette to law enforcement trainees' Obtaining current info for daughter who is Girl Scout Leader Thanks.
Robert S. Garaber, Glen Burnie, MD [04-06-2002]

kia, dsds xddsddd [04-06-2002]

God Bless America! Becca Voegele Hailey Sampson McKenna Schmidt Jere Boosalis Marina Gabaor Elisa Ness Sarah Kieser
Brownie Troop 2031, Burnsville, MN, US [04-06-2002]

Caroline, usa [04-06-2002]

That was a wonderful tour of the Betsy Ross house. Great job!
Michelle S, Elyria, OH. [04-06-2002]

hey! im on here for a history search thing! very cool website! thanks!
Mackenzie, usa [04-06-2002]

Thank you for all of the information about Betsy Ross and the flag. My Girl Scout troops needed to learn about both of them in order to earn their Wave the Flag try-it badge for Brownies and Wave the Flag badge for my Junior troop. This site has been extremely helpful to me.
Cindy Lane, Rock Springs, Wyoming [04-06-2002]

Courtney, tx [04-06-2002]

Helen Thomas, Washington Court House, Ohio [04-06-2002]

This site was really helpfull for school.
Kris, Nebraska [04-03-2002]

i just wanted to say thank you very much for making this page! It was so helpfull. i learned a lot about betsy ross.
anonymous [04-03-2002]

I came in here for info on Betsy Ross and it had everything i needed. Thanx
Amanda [04-03-2002]

I have Learned a lot about Betsy Ross. I love the pictures about Betsy Ross and the Flag. All the information too. It is cool. I wish I can see and talk to her. I wish I knew her.
Larisa, co-usa [04-03-2002]

Thank you for making this webpage its people like you that make school a lot easyer
Janise Lemke, el campo texas [04-03-2002]

CORKY, edina, mn [04-03-2002]

Midvale Elementary, 3836 Midvale Road Tucker,Georgia 30084 [04-03-2002]

hi i loved your web site!
samantha schiffer-hayes, north branch mn [04-03-2002]

Virginia Miller, Nortonville Kentucky USA [04-03-2002]

I am Betsy Ross for my schools Wax Muesem.I think shes great!!!Iam glad I got her.
Brianna DeRooy, Spencerport NY [04-03-2002]

It was really interesting finding out facts about Betsy Ross-to know that woman played a big role in American history too.
Jessica Bader, Jesup, IA [04-03-2002]

thanks a whole bunch for the info on Betsy. i'm doing a presentation on her and i needed to dress up as her. thanks again for all the great pics and stories of her life.
Lucky, united states [04-03-2002]

thanks a whole bunch for the info on Betsy. i'm doing a presentation onher and i needed to dress up as her. thanks again for all the great pics and stories of her life.
Lucky, united states [04-03-2002]

i wish i knew her
Taylor Denny, connecticut [04-03-2002]

You sould get pictures of a flag that are good soon
Sarah McNaughton, pa us [04-03-2002]

Sarah McNaughton [04-03-2002]

looking for information on the american flag for my girl scouts
KIM LINDROTHE, maple grove mn [04-03-2002]

I want to know if there are any pic of the liberty bell where the Betsy ross house is?I don't really think that you should do something like using an important person's house and turning it into a museam.i don't think that's fighjt.
Pamela, Brooklyn,New york [04-03-2002]

I am a Junior/Cadette Girl Scout leader. I found this site while helping my girls earn their "United We Stand" badge. For more information about this badge, see I am using some of the information from The Betsy Ross Homepage to help us meet a badge requirement. Thanks for your help!
C L Farrell, Redlands CA 92373 USA [04-03-2002]

Ann Gray, Tulsa, OK [04-03-2002]

Visited the site for information for a school report. Very helpful. Great site.
Marijane, Ohio [04-03-2002]

Betsy Ross is cool!
Danielle, Massachusetts [04-01-2002]

Alanna McLean, Medford, Oregon USA [04-01-2002]

I am glad that you were the frist lady to stitch our flag.
Tara Halverstadt, New Waterford, Ohio [04-01-2002]

grace riley, places [04-01-2002]

Hey, thanks so much for making this site. I'm doing a research paper on Betsy Ross, and all of this information has helped me a lot. Thanks again! :)
Emily, Missouri [04-01-2002]

In fourth and fifth grade I was Betsy Ross in the wax Museums.!!!!!!! Betsy Ross Rocks! ***~Julie~***
Julie, South Pasadena,CA USA! [04-01-2002]


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