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i was doing a research about betsy ross at school and i came to this page it helps a lot and i love the page thanks a lot,adebola.
adebola adeyemi, houston, texas, u.s.a(originally from nigeria) [03-31-2002]

Marion Schlabach, Morton, IL 61550 [03-31-2002]

I love Besty Ross! Lisa
Lisa Betts, Redondo Beach, CA USA [03-31-2002]

i have to do a report on betsy ross can you give me information?
codi bascome, newtown square,pa [03-31-2002]

thank you for the great info. It helped a lot with my report!
Brittany Fuerstenberg [03-30-2002]

john james [03-30-2002]

Chelsie Tate, Brentwood, California [03-30-2002]

Thank you for this site!
Mewfive, usa! [03-30-2002]

Krista M., Roswell, GA [03-30-2002]

Thank you
Autumn, m.e [03-30-2002]

does the american flag ever get lowered to half mast at the betsy ross house? also is there any where else the american flag is not lowered to half mast? i've heard that it is not lowered at the following locations,the moon[obviously],betsy ross's house,pearl harbor on the arizona,and iwo jima. any help would be great tom
tom, randolph mass [03-30-2002]

how old are you
BREANNA, bcues [03-30-2002]

I am a Brownie Girl Scout! I was Homeschooled Kindergarten and Mom was my Leader. I did want to join a troop at my grade school for first grade except I was ill and not able to make a lot of the meetings. Mom still helped me by being my leader...Thanks to Girl Scouts for letting children be individuals and letting my Mom be a Leader to help me. I am visiting this web sight for additional resources for the Wave the Flag Try-It. Thanks for the research. United We Stand. GOD BLESS YOU AND AMERICA!
Jessie Ann Kellum, 9000 263rd Avenue; Salem, WI 53168 [03-30-2002]

Famous Quote from Betsy Ross. "Has anyone seen my Needle & Thread? " Thanks,
Cheryl Lee ROSS (Gwin), Tulsa, OKLA, USA [03-30-2002]

hey, i just read this book from [besty ross] it is just so cool
marilyn henriquez, ca UNITED STATES OF AMERICA [03-28-2002]

Thanks for helping me with my project!
Gabric E. Ramos, Temecula, CA [03-28-2002]

Can the flag be washed? Its a new flag and just got dirty when it touched a tree after a rain. The tree has since been trimmed and this will not happen in the future. I would appreiciate any help . Thank You. Michael K. Hunter
Michael K. Hunter, Tucson Arizona [03-28-2002]

I'm doing student teaching right now and am putting together a lesson on Patriotic Symbols for kindergarteners. This website provides EVERYTHING I need to prepare this lesson!!!
Bonnie Carter, Norfolk, Virginia [03-28-2002]

Betsy Ross was a really importent lady.
Jordan Flowers, Carmel, Indiana [03-28-2002]

The people that made this web site made it very pretty.
Roya, San Jose California [03-28-2002]

thanks for this webpage. it gave me some valuable information to use in a presentation to a girls scout troop in athens, tn. jack
JACK D. RAMEY, englewood, tn [03-27-2002]

i want to now how betsy ross die?
laura, hermiston [03-27-2002]

Lauren Burke, Holmdel, N.J.,USA [03-27-2002]

i love your website i also love history
Erika Barton, Belleville Illinois America [03-27-2002]

erikaaaaa [03-27-2002]

I had a history project on Besty Ross, and all I could find was you guys. You saved my grade. From the information about Besty, to the information about the flag, to the flag picture gallery, you really helped me. The notes about the symbolization of the red, white and blue and why the stars were in a circle also helped me. I hope to be able to tell you my grade( hopefully good) very soon. I will also include a poem if I can think of a rhyme for Ross, Claypoole, Ashburn, and Griscom. You guys are lifesavers!!! Your hard work and dedication is greatly appreciated, but couldn't you have included the names of her 16 brothers and sisters? Thank you anyway!
Abigail Pugh [03-27-2002]

The web site is full of knowledge. Took the tour and was able to print pictures of Betsy to complete my daughter's book repor. Thanks so much!!!!!!
Marie F., Levittown, NY [03-27-2002]

COURTNEY, west mifflin [03-27-2002]

It is a very cool website
Andy Miller, Elgin, TX [03-27-2002]

enjoyed my visit.
sally manners, philadelphia,pa. [03-27-2002]

Brian D. Hampton, Kansas City, Missouri [03-27-2002]

Cassie, Escalon, ca [03-27-2002]

When my dad was buried( national cem. @ Bourne Ma.) There was a 21 gun salute, then the soldiers folded the flag, can you tell me what it means when they fold in 3 spent shells,1 to each corner of the flag.... if you know i would apprieciate your thoughts Mark
Mark Chamberlain, Amesbury,Ma. U.S.A. [03-27-2002]

Interesting site, very helpful in a school report.
Kris hatcher, Spring Lake, Michigan [03-27-2002]

Thanks so much for this website! It really helped me on my Betsy Ross report.
Brittany Archer, Washington, Indiana, United States of America [03-27-2002]

I want to thank you for letting me sign your guestbook. I also want to thank you for letting me go through all this information.
bianca castillo, grants nm 87021 [03-27-2002]

the us flag makes me feel safe
alisha, Tulsa,oklahoma [03-27-2002]

Howdy Yall Folk Hi chrisffggggggvn
Sally Anna Jo Bob Billy, Liberty Texas U. S. [03-27-2002]

Our teacher gave us a long term report to do. I picked Besty Ross because she is an important part of American History. My mom said that if she didn't make the flag we might not have one now. I'm glad I got to go on this tour it was fun. thank-you
Cheyenne Disorda, FeuraBush,NY [03-27-2002]

ashley baker [03-27-2002]

Walker, America [03-27-2002]

Hey ! can u tell me please if i can have just the flags (Betsy Ross, Grand Union and the Star Spangled Banner) I've to make a work on american revolution and i wanna have the flags, and i haven't find an other website on which i can have the flags. Thanks Olivia sorry for all my bad english.
Olivia Chen, france [03-27-2002]

Thank you
William Loy, Altoona, Florida [03-27-2002]

My son Michael chose to do a report on Betsy Ross for a project on Women's History Month. The information the he was able to access on your site was most beneficail and very impressive. Thank you for your patronage. John and Michael Propst
John Propst and Michael Propst, Charlotte, NC 28273 [03-25-2002]

Amber Gooch, Jackson,TN [03-25-2002]

Thank you for the information, I am a Junior Girl Scout Leader,my girls are working on thier Junior Aide patch. They are working with a younger Brownie Troop (we are helping them earn the Wave the Flag Try-it)in addition they are also working on United we Stand badge and your page has helped a lot. Thank you Gina Wilson
Gina Wilson, Bellmore LI NY USA [03-25-2002]

this is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
erin gibbs, Mahtomedi,MN [03-25-2002]

Haley, San Antonio, TX [03-25-2002]

SHANDA BURKETT, dublin,ga.31021 [03-25-2002]

The cat are good. IoveErin
Erin, n.c [03-25-2002]

Jennifer [03-24-2002]

i would like to know how betsy ross is involvd in the american revolution war
julia [03-24-2002]

Sarah Michelle Gordon, Massena, NY [03-24-2002]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross. She is very interesting! I read a book about her life! This website gives a lot of info. Thanks!!!!
Dana Devine, Sussex WI U.S.A [03-24-2002]

I have to do a famous american report for school and i picked you thank you for all the info!
Aleecia, Amherst,Oh U.S.A. [03-24-2002]

This site was so incredible. It prctically did my entire report for me, and I am so grateful for it. Thanks!!!
Michele, --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [03-23-2002]

thank you for letting me come
liz abele, manchester ct 06040 [03-23-2002]

I am eight years old and doing a research project on Betsy Ross. I am making a video of her life. I do believe she made the first American flag.
Samantha Beaupre, Bedford, NH 03110 [03-23-2002]

I think it's good that we finally got our freedom.But I didn't know how much she suffered in her life.
Jennifer O'Brien, Dayton,Oh.,U.S. [03-23-2002]

I visited your website to get information for my 2nd grade history project.
Mason P. Murphy, Bedford New Hampshire USA [03-23-2002]

I got a lot of my nformation from hear thanks a lot Betsy Ross is so cool
Veronica [03-23-2002]

this web site gave me so much infermation thanks
Katie, pa [03-23-2002]

I have to do a Woman history report in my teacher had your name on the list in I pick you
Keisha Seltzer, Compton Ca [03-23-2002]

Iam reading the book of Betsys life for a book feport.We are sisters visiting Pennsylvania for sprig break.
Ashley Wenger and Kylie Wenger, Shawnee, KS [03-23-2002]

I loved seeing Betsy's house on the computer but i hope to go see it in person sometime this year.
Ashley, Pa hamburg [03-23-2002]

My students are doing a play from the Scholastic Storyworks called Betsy Ross. I have a Resource Room with Learning Disabilities and Emotionally Disturbed kids.(only 1) 4th and 5th grade. They are doing reports and memorizing parts, I just need to find more costumes. We are painting our own scenery which I can e-mail a picture and writing invitations to school board, family etc. But most of all my ADHD boys are learning patience and perserverence working in a group!!! I live in Millersville PA close to Millersville University---what a wealth of costumes from knickers, coats etc. May 6, 7:00 for parents a nd friends.
Marian Neely Mowrer, Columbia, PA> 17551 [03-23-2002]

i'm doing a report on her and this website really helped me with info!!!!!!!!!!!
Ben, Seattle, Washington [03-23-2002]

i love betsy ross!!!!!!!!!!!!1
cindy, ?????? [03-21-2002]

thought the site was great, i am a brownie leader and we are using your site to help us.
tracy browning, eastpointe, mi [03-21-2002]

i am doing a history report on betsy ross and this website really helped me out. thank you
Carissa Post, Fontana, CA. [03-21-2002]

whaz up nothing mush whth me. so that is all i have to say
QUAVL SHEMIKA MEREDITH, greenville sc, 29610 [03-21-2002]

The folk tale is revisited each time a plate is seen. Thanks for the wonerful site.
Toni, London [03-21-2002]

Am retired U S Navy
Joseph Taney, Temp at Tucson Az. [03-21-2002]

Ashley Woodbury, St.Paris,Ohio USA [03-21-2002]

melanie webb [03-21-2002]

Laura Nelson [03-21-2002]

chris haller [03-21-2002]

Thank you for this wonderful and informative site. I've gained much useful information to share with my Junior Girl Scouts.
Teresa, Cincinnati, Ohio [03-21-2002]

yolanda, usa [03-21-2002]

I think your site has lots of info, and it helped me a lot in a school assignment. I really like the pictures, and i think you should keep up th good work, and maybe make more sites for more places.
Shortie, Oak Ridge, New Jersey [03-21-2002]

My mother's brother's wife was related to Betsy Ross and my mother has an old flag that looks similar to the one Betsy sewed. Is there any way to date the flag that my mother has? (My mother and her brother lived in Philadelphia) Any helpor information would be greatly appreciated.
sue reed, Austin, Tx [03-21-2002]

I'm a Brownie Troop co-leader, and our Troop is working on the Wave the Flag try-it. Part of that is to learn about Betsy Ross and the Flag. This page is going to help a lot. Thanks :-)
Dayle Harding, Bolingbrook IL [03-21-2002]

dear whoever you are i dont have time mabie next time ariel boltz
Ariel Boltz, fort atkinson wisconsin [03-21-2002]

hello good bye
matthew bowey, fort a wi [03-21-2002]

LISA C STRICKLAND, ash, north carolina [03-21-2002]

Hi I left a message some place on this tour, I hope you find it. We live about 30 miles from Seattle, Washington, and not yo far from Mt. Ranier. I enjoyed the tour. I'am going as Betsy Ross, as some one in American history, our square dance club will be 52 years old, the event is this Saturday,at the Meridian Grange Hall, in Kent,Washington, few miles from my home, we're called the PI R Squares. I'm new this year and really enjoy it. thank you for the history, I've read a lot about Betsy Ross ever since I could remember. I'am a nurse myself, have 5 grown children, and 3 grandchildren, lots of fun, that's my life! Take care and God Bless! Thank you, Mary Jones
Mary L. Jones, Covington, Washington 98042 [03-21-2002]

Sarah Grace Yeatman [03-21-2002]

Tom DeRosa, Long Beach New York [03-21-2002]

elizabeth cortez [03-21-2002]

I love living in Kansas. It is the best.
Jennie Larson, Topeka, Ks [03-21-2002]

Hi- I am looking for a booklet about our flag that would be free or at low cost to hand out to my Girl Scout troop. Does anyone know where to get such items? Thanks!
Sharon, Chicago [03-21-2002]

nikki [03-21-2002]

Hillary Duff [03-21-2002]

Kell Duff [03-21-2002]

Catlin Snyder, Monongahela PA [03-21-2002]

I am writing a report on betsy ross and I need a 3--5 minute speech.I need details, and lots of them.
JASMINE, portland oregon [03-21-2002]

great site to find out the facts!!!!!!!!!
Brianna, mass [03-21-2002]

My daughter has to do a report on a famous person, she chose Betsy Ross. Thank you your website it is very informative. Would we be able to get a full color picture of Betsy with the flag? Do you have available any costume items she may purchase for she has to dress up as Betsy? Again Thank You!
Francine Fabian, Hermitage, Pennsylvania [03-21-2002]

I needed a picture of the U.S. flag for my home office.It reenforces my love for this country every time I enter my office.
Edwin L. Schmalzbach, Venice, Fl. [03-21-2002]

hey whats up thank you for making the flag email me soom love ~*elizabeth&ashley~*
elizabeth&Ashley [03-21-2002]

U should have a picture of the flag that she made. It should be one of the firdt things u see.
Tim, Georgetown, MA [03-21-2002]

Sal Provenzano, New Baltimore, Michigan [03-21-2002]

I really appriate the flag and i am sorry what happen on Sept. 11 it really shows how untied our country is.
Christina, Missouri [03-21-2002]

Please send me info on Betsy Ross for my report at school. Send to Thanks!
Kristen Blankenbaker, Anderson, Indiana, United States of America [03-21-2002]

Thanks for the info
Alison, San Deigo [03-21-2002]

I think betsy ross is cool because she did a lot of work to make the first flag.
Aaron, Morganton,NC [03-21-2002]

This is a really graet website-full of information!! Good Job!!!
Kayla Sell, Kiel, WI [03-21-2002]

I am writing to you because of a situation that has occurred in the church that I attend. A couple years ago members of the congregation expressed their displeasure of having the American flag on the alter or even in front of the congregation during services. I and many other military Venetians expressed our concerns that the American Flag was being removed from its place of honor. After much discussion a vote was taken and the results was that the Flags would be placed in the back of the congregation. I have read the rules an regulations on how to display the flag on your website and rule 12 and 13 state 12. When displayed from a staff in a church or public auditorium on a podium, the flag of the United States of America should hold the position of superior prominence, in advance of the audience, and in the position of honor at the clergyman's or speaker's right as he faces the audience. Any other flag so displayed should be placed on the left of the clergyman or speaker (to the right of the audience). 13. When displayed from a staff in a church or public auditorium off the podium, custom and not the flag code hold that the flag of the United States of America should hold the position of superior prominence as part of the audience, in the position of honor at the audience's right. So my question is should the flags be in front of the congregation or is it acceptable to have the flags to the congregation's back. I would appriate a response to this question so that I could instruct the pastor of the proper way to display our flags in the church.
Charles H. Albertson, Valatie, New York 12184 [03-21-2002]

Betsey Ross Is my 7 great grandma. I'f She were alive today she wold be glad of her great talent
Brittney Sampsel, Crestline ohio [03-21-2002]

I'm doing the American Flag for a project. ;)
Megan, U.S.A, Arkansas [03-21-2002]

Leah, gilbert AZ [03-21-2002]

Great website!!
Gene Moyle, Springfield, MO [03-21-2002]

Thank you for having a web page. Had to do a report on Washington D.C. and United States your site was very helpful. Thank you
jeremy, tx [03-21-2002]

ross [03-21-2002]

I throughly enjoyed this virtual trip it is a very enjoyable way to visit without the headache of traffic and parking. Thank you for making this possible.
Denise Marshall, Trenton,NJ [03-21-2002]

Hi My name is Katelyn and I am 7 years old. For my class presentation on Famous Women, I have chosen Betsy Ross to write about.Could you send me some interesting facts about Mrs. Ross that would be neat for my 2nd grade class to hear about, please. I am suppose to dress like her, what should I wear? Could you tell me when she was born? When did she die? Did she play an instrument? How old was she when she began sewing? Did she teach her daughters how to sew? How old were her daughters when she made the flag and how was she? Thank you very much for your time. Katelyn
Katelyn Katina, Antioch, TN USA [03-21-2002]

Just getting some information for a school paper.
Blake Miller, Dillsburg, PA [03-21-2002]

Wow! What a cool site! I was doing a project on Betsy Ross, and I found lots o info here! I just wanted a picture or 2 of some of the flags she made. Please put some on the site. It would have been really helpful. P.S. I know a cool site that ya might wanna visit for more info- but cant tell ya! Sorry, I know they wouldnt post my message if it had other advertisements. See Ya!
Tara, Illinois [03-21-2002]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross and this will help a lot! It is do on Thursday of this week and I don't have a lot of information. Thanks!
Emily A., Jeffersonville, In [03-21-2002]

i really want to know more about betsy ross because i am doing a play on betsy ross. i do not know what she look like but maybe you can tell me what she looks like. my name is victoria. what is your name? i know it is not betsy ross because she died in 1836.what is your e-mail address where do you live because we can be friends.i live in redding. from, victoria
Victoria, Righfeild, C.T. 06877 [03-21-2002]

i love you
pop, 625 west kings way baltimore md [03-21-2002]

This website had good information because i had to do her for a project and it has very good info thank you whoever put their time into this page!
Briana, Fremont,California [03-21-2002]

If there was no flag we wouldnt have anything to repersent our freedom. IM doing a report on her
kaily george, maine [03-21-2002]

i just thought it would be interesting to know more about the american flag
lyndsay glohe, n.s.w australia [03-21-2002]

I am doing research on Besty Ross and next week my class is going to make flags wich have been the United States Flags intill a new state had been added. I think Besty Ross was a very brave and great person, because she was brave enough to stand up to George Washington and make some suggustions to George Washington and run a store by herself after her husband died at war. I look up to her a lot and want to do somthing importing like that when I grow up, so it will be rembered through out the future in the United States of America. Sincerely, Kelley G. P.S. I really like history by the way. A LOT!!!!
Kelley, Manchester,IA of USA [03-21-2002]

I love this amazing website!It is fun to take a tour of Betsy's house.I have been doing a lot of research on Betsy Ross ever since I knew what she did.We are studying Betsy Ross in school, and we are going to do a flag project on the United States Flags.I have the flag Betsy made.I think it is so cool how she took General Washington's orders and made a flag.I think it was really neat how Betsy told General Washington some suggestions about the flag.I hope to do something inportant like Betsy so it will be remembered in the future just like her. Amber N.
Amber N., USA Iowa Manchester [03-21-2002]

My name is Alyssa Koloc. I'm a fourth grader in Manchester, Iowa. I learned about this site from my social studies teacher. We also read a book about her, it was very interesting. Well I hope that a lot of people well talk to you! Got to go!! Alyssa
Alyssa Koloc, Dundee,Iowa United States [03-21-2002]

For my school social studies i want to be her out of all the other chacters, because she did not ask what her country could do for her but she did something very special for her country.And I want to honor her for that.
keisha cottrell, abbeville,louisiana [03-21-2002]

This is a great site, showing the life and times of the great Betsy Ross. I am going to try to print it in its intirety, to send to my 10 year old granddaughter in California. Thanks
Doris Hafley, N. Redington Bch, Fl., USA [03-21-2002]

i would like to receiveinformation regarding the flying of a flag that has tattered, how it should be disposed of, and any inormation regardingb the proper way the flag should be flown.
LEO KAPLAN, tamarac, fl [03-21-2002]

Thank you for this nice site! I have made a family website, and have dedicated my 4th of july pages to the American Flag. Its nice to see others voice their patriotism!
Katherine, Kansas, USA [03-21-2002]

Wonderful information. Keep up the good work. The flag information will be helpful for our Daughters of the American Revolution Chapter.
Amy Chase Dempsey, Omaha, Nebraska [03-21-2002]

Send me some information for my research project on Betsy Ross If you please.
E.M.-O., I Live in San Angelo,TX and I am 10 years old [03-21-2002]

This site rocks! Its the only one that gives good info. and loads quickly. I'll recomend this site to anyone THANK YOU!
gregory pagan, united states N.J. somerset [03-21-2002]

The house is so cool!!!!!!!!!! You should but up some other things to make it look cooler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kelsey Elias, Holbrook, N.Y, U.S.A [03-21-2002]

thought the site was great, i am a brownie leader and we are using your site to help us.
tracy browning, eastpointe, mi [03-21-2002]

i am doing a history report on betsy ross and this website really helped me out. thank you
Carissa Post, Fontana, CA. [03-21-2002]

whaz up nothing mush whth me. so that is all i have to say
QUAVL SHEMIKA MEREDITH, greenville sc, 29610 [03-21-2002]

The folk tale is revisited each time a plate is seen. Thanks for the wonerful site.
Toni, London [03-21-2002]

Am retired U S Navy
Joseph Taney, Temp at Tucson Az. [03-21-2002]

Ashley Woodbury, St.Paris,Ohio USA [03-21-2002]

melanie webb [03-21-2002]

Laura Nelson [03-21-2002]

chris haller [03-21-2002]

hi i loved the tour
AMBER, ventura/califonia/usa [03-14-2002]

Samantha, Joelton,Tennessee [03-14-2002]

looking for info for my girl scout troop thank for being here
kim typaldos, wildomar calif. [03-14-2002]

Kristen, Manheim Pa [03-14-2002]

it was a very interesting site i enjoyed it a lot.
BIBI BIPATH, 130-27 122ns st.sout ozone park, ny. 11420 [03-14-2002]

Even though I already signed the guest book and toursd the house in person i had to see the homepage. This is soooo cool. I hope to be part of the whole thing! Please notify me on my screen name!!1 thanx
Katie Elias, Holbrook, NY, USA [03-14-2002]

Wesley [03-14-2002]

Sally [03-14-2002]

The Flag Rocks
Stephanie, Cleveland,Ohio [03-14-2002]

i needed info about famous people possibly from salem county for my 4th grader. this site is great. i would like to browse your site more often ....thank you
JUDY ANN MAVRIKOS, rutherford, new jersey [03-14-2002]

Thank you for such a great website. I am doing a detailed report on Social Studies on Betsey Ross and it's worth 5-100's grade wise. I really got a lot of information and great pictures.
Rodney Regalbuto, Clayton, NJ [03-14-2002]

Great website thanks for the info I needed for my school project.
Shawn Stober, United States [03-14-2002]

nancy [03-14-2002]

Emily Barrow, Falls Church, VA [03-13-2002]

The flag information will be very helpful for my Brownie Girl Scout Troop. Thak you.
Ellen Kirkham, Marion, Ohio [03-13-2002]

i was told by my great grandmother, edith cora ross carpenter, that betsy ross was an ancester of mine. my great great grandfather was wesley ross, born in 1833 and died in 1895. does anyone know betsy family tree?
BONNIE POWERS, pennsville n.j. [03-13-2002]

why did you do the flage?
denise soriano, chaska M.N [03-13-2002]

jamie, glens falls new york [03-13-2002]

Betsy was really awsome, wasn't she. She made the first American flag. It must have taken her so long. She is brilliant. This web pages is awsome. I love it!! I'm doing a project and it really helped me. Your web pages is really neat. I haven't seen one like it.
Allison Veilleux, Algonquin Illinios [03-13-2002]

Janet, Manitowoc, Wisconsin [03-13-2002]

Mary Euerle, Herndon, VA [03-13-2002]

yo yo wasup there???
skinna [03-13-2002]

ERICA PENCE, st. louis mo [03-13-2002]

diane ruffin, baton rouge, la. [03-13-2002]

Great website! Do you have any idea when and how the practice of draping the flag over a casket started?
Carissa Luch, Bradenton, FL [03-13-2002]

This is an awesome site
Kyle slock, Wisconsin [03-13-2002]

I love the American Flag a lot, I collect flags.
Nick W. $mith, U.S.A. Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin, zip 54495, 830 17th Ave South [03-13-2002]

i love betsy ross
morgy canarick, united states [03-13-2002]

the flag is an important thing in the world now that the terrorist attavked maybe now everyone will notice it more
CANDACE DELAINE, mauldin,sc,usa [03-13-2002]

SARAH NORTHCUTT [03-13-2002]

Shannah Fedus [03-13-2002]

Are there any quotes by Betsy Ross herself?If so, where?
Ani, usa [03-13-2002]

Hi; I was doing a name search and your website link showed up. Not to to many people with this name. I was specifically looking the history and meaning behind the Tavaglione name. Sandra Tavaglione
Sandra Tavaglione, Ontario [03-13-2002]

lisa balogun1, lome-togo [03-13-2002]

STAYCE [03-13-2002]

SATY [03-13-2002]

j.l.r., oklahoma [03-13-2002]

Djuanna Chambers, Centreville, IL [03-13-2002]

Brent Andrews, Jefferson Mo USA [03-13-2002]

I would really like to know about Besty Ross's life for my school report. Please!!
Michelle Snyder, Kimball NE 69145 [03-13-2002]

I like your web site. I will be using it for my 7 Girl Scout troops.
M. J. Papp, Belleville, IL [03-13-2002]

Thank you for such an informative site on Betsy Ross. I am a toastmaster and will be doing a speech on Betsy Ross so this information is very helpful.
Carolyn Henderson, Ft. Wayne, IN. [03-13-2002]

I am very interested in Betsy and i would like to know when her brithday was and where and when she died. thank you.
shanna, derry,pa [03-13-2002]

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Asking about placement of us flag on uniforms.
Elmer Donavan, Cincinnati, Ohio [03-13-2002]

How come they chose Betsy Ross to make to first American flag?
Breanna Fuechsel, Smelterville Idaho [03-13-2002]

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Roger Frasher, united states in w.v. in mcdowell [03-13-2002]

IN l747 my ancesters came to America from Scotland. For 14 generations my ancesters have served this country to help make it a great place to live. I'm proud of our Flag and what it stand for.
Dennis M. Boyd, Cumberland, Maryland 21502 [03-13-2002]

Could you send me some pictures i could print out of Betsy ross. And could you send me some websites i could go to to find stuff on her thanks Shauwna
shauwna Conrad, huntingdon,pa 16652 [03-13-2002]

I think she is a big fake she did'nt design our flag
Kayla Parks, Deer River MN USA [03-13-2002]

This site was put together well.
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Lots of interesting information. This was great for my 11 year old daughter. She was doing a report on Betsy since we have relation that are Ross's. We are trying to trace down the tie in.
Scott Gartner, Evansville, IN 47711 [03-13-2002]

i like ur page,,,, since i need to do a report on her i luv this site cuz it gives goooood info
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This web page gives a lot of useful information. My 5th grade class is doing different projects and I choose Betsy Ross. And I think the American Flag's true story is very interesting.
Brianna Rusler, Indianapolis,IN [03-13-2002]

did betsy make the frist flag for the world ? how old would betsy be today if she was a live?
ANGEL ROBERTSON, chippewa,ohio [03-13-2002]

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I liked this website. I found a lot of interesting facts about Betsy Ross. I used the facts for a biography speech for my 4th grade class.
Renee Struwing, Wauconda, Illinois [03-13-2002]

You have a very nice cite. I just learned that the fireplace by which Mrs. Ross was married is in the next town over from me, Woodbury, NJ. It piqued a certain interest and questions, which your cite has answered. Thanks and keep up the good work.
Wendy Ashenfelter, West Deptford, NJ [03-13-2002]

Dear,Betsy Ross I wish i was alive when you were.I would be so excited to meet you .
Christian,Martinez1, 150w 174 Street Bronx,New york [03-13-2002]

I visited Philadelphia with my husband and my parents in November and had a wonderful time. The Betsy Ross house was a part of our tour and we enjoyed walking through the house. I have a question about the gift there any way to order a souvenir online and have it shipped? My father saw a shop glass he liked, but didn't have time to buy it. I was wondering if I could order it since I don't know when we will get back to PA.
Nicole Stein, Jacksonville, Florida [03-13-2002]

SARA [03-13-2002]

I think Betsy Ross is a big hero!
Amanda, U.S. Florida, Lantana [03-13-2002]

We are Girl Scouts from Nebraska. We are having a Fair. We are celebrating our 90th Birthday of Girl Scouting in the United States! Our theme for the fair is "90 Years of Girl Power". We have done research on famous women and have chosen Betsy Ross as one of them. We will be showing people who visit our booth how to make a star. Thank you for this lovely idea! It will show our patriatism also.
Kelly Irvin, Fremont NE [03-13-2002]

I am looking for the words to a song---these are the word that I have: Said Washington to Betsy Ross a Flag our Nation needs to lead on our valent soldiers on High and Noble deeds If some one knows the rest of it I would appreciate you e-mailing it to me or send a copy with the sheet music to Florence Schriner 1327 10th Ave Kearney, NE 68845=6642
Florence Schriner, Kearney, Ne 68845 [03-13-2002]

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meliss ann andesen, Riverdale michigan [03-07-2002]

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I am a Cuban-American and love the American Flag like my own heart. I hope we can teach our citizens to respect it and fight for it as I would do any time. Our students should salute our flag every morning in our schools. Thanks to Betsy Ross.
Mirene I. Gomez, Shelton, CT USA [03-07-2002]

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While doing a school assignment on betsy Ross I learned not only about Betsy Ross, but also a lot about my country. I would like to thank the designer and contrubuters of this site for teaching me more than I could ever imagine about my country!
Brittany, Florida [03-06-2002]

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I'm researching for a friend who is in possession of a small American hand made silk flag, which has been passed down through the family. The flag has ink writing on the end which says: "Made by Sarah M. Wilson. Great grand daughter of Betsy Ross"(on front).East Wing of Independence Hall Philadelphia June 14 1910"(on back). As a New Zealander I've found out so much interesting history about your country, flag and Betsy Ross. Can't track down any info on Sarah Wilson though or whether flag day in 1910 had any significance.Would this flag have been one of many made for tourists? Any help would be great, Thanks, Shirley.NZ.
Shirley, New Zealand [03-06-2002]

Thanks for letting me veiw this site for my project in school.
Carrie, United States [03-06-2002]

hi i just wanted to say your web site is great!!!!!! im writing a report on betsy ross. i choose here becuase she made the flag. thank you ood bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nicole M iller, Comstock Park M.I [03-06-2002]

I am a Brownie Troop Leader from Farrell, PA, Troop #737 and we are working on the new Flag try-it.
Terry Nelson, Farrell, PA [03-06-2002]

how do you find all the information?
shannon marlow [03-06-2002]

I visited the Ross house in January 1990. I was born in Altoona and lived in Hollidaysburg (Blair County) PA. Moved to Los Angeles in 1973. Still have relatives living in Havertown. As a child my grandmother and grandfather (who raised me) would take be to the Wanamaker store to hear the pipe organ. I remember Horn & Hardocks, Strawberry and Clothier. Brings back a lot of child-hood memories. One I am ashamed of is when I took a coin off of Ben Franklins grave. Don't know what ever happened to it! You have a wonderful and beautiful city and I do miss those Eastern states so full of history. Thank you. D. R. Gray
D. Richard Gray, Beverly Hills, California 90210 [03-06-2002]

Meghan, Pennsylvania [03-06-2002]

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To whoever this may concern, We are learning about Ms.Ross and we would like to know if she really made the first American Flag? Or did Mr. Francis Hopkinson design and sew it?
Bobbie Dupuis & Amanda Street, Jacksonville NC USA [03-06-2002]

I wish to be the Presidant of the United Stats
JIllian Boeschen, Belleville Illinois [03-06-2002]

I would like to know why is their almost no records on how betsy ross lived her live before General Washington ask her to do the first U.S. flag?
Ricky t, Lareado Texas [03-06-2002]

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Rosemary Gwin, Mena, Arkansas [03-06-2002]

The "Betsy Ross" home page is very interesting. Actually I was looking her up because I was helping my nephew with his homework last night. (This assignment was for first graders) This assignment was to list four things Betsy Ross has done. Actually,I've never really thought about it. She has accomplished a lot. I printed the information, so that he and I both can learn more about "Betsy Ross". Keep up the good work. Angeline
ANGELINE V. WEAVER, ny, ny [03-06-2002]

I am a Brownie Girl Scout Leader. Our troop is earning the Wave the Flag Try-It. The information provided on your website is very helpful. Thanks
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I am related in the fellowing manner. Robert Polluck 1699, John Poage 1726,George Poage(Pogue)1754, Allen Pogue 1789, Nicolas Colman Pogue 1811, John Pogue 1853, Victoria Dakota (Pogue) Cordary 1876, Ada Louise (Cordary)Coker 1907, Mable Victoria (Coker)McDaniel 1924, and myself Beauton (McDaniel) Dossey 1946. There are 2 generations below me. Is there a family book I can get? I've been working on Geneolagy for almost 2 years.
Bea Dossey, Houston Tx. [03-03-2002]

In school we are doing a biography book report I'm doing Betsy Ross!
Danielle Craft, Shelby TWP. MI [03-03-2002]

I love your website whenever I'm online I get on your website.Betsy Ross was a great person and it's great that there's a website about her. My name is Courtney& I'm 10 years old. I'm a great fan of Betsy Ross. I think It's great when a women does something great for her contry. I hope to do something important when I grow up to.I loved the tour of her house on-line,it was great. Thanks, Courtney P.S.Please write back.
Courtney, Shreve,Oh [03-03-2002]

good job! love the site.
mark poindexter rn, san antonio, texas [03-03-2002]

I loved this page ! It's awesome ! Grace Bardell, Zelienople PA ( 03-03-2002
Grace Bardell, Zelienople PA, USA [03-03-2002]

Just looking for info on the flag for my Girl Scout Badge. Erin
Erin Fenical, Sedro Woolley, WA [03-03-2002]

I came to this site to find the rules of handling a flag. I indeed found them thank you very much. I saw something very disturbing to me today. I was walking up to the Miami County Court House at 3:30pm, I saw a man taking douwn the flag. It was suppended in his armpit and hanging on the ground, while he unhooked it from the rope. Then he took it and rolled it up into a bundle (kind of like it you can't fold a fitted sheet)! I couldn't belive it! He walked inside. I thought well maybe know one could of helped this man fold the flag properly today. I then turn the corner of the courtyard and saw a different man doing the samething! After everything we have been through! I learned how to take down the flag and all rules of handling and folding when I was in the 4th grade. I am 24 now and the flag means something to me. I plan on telling the city and the county about this. It is the county seat. At 3:30pm on a Wensday people are getting of work, school kids are on there way home! If we do not show the respect for the flag infront of them, how can we expect them to know how important it is. If anyone knows anything eles I can do to make sure our flag is taking care of properly at our courthouses, please email me
Terra Bulle, Englewood, Ohio USA [03-03-2002]

I wish I could tell Betsy that I am really glad she made the flag the way she did instead of having some boring old flag. She had a great way with seaming. In our Washington National Museum they have lots of her work in the American History section and they are absolutley gorgoues( forgive me if I spell some things wrong I'm aterrible speller.)Well this is a great site because I am doing a report on Betsy and I have lots of info from this site.
Tawny Walker, Lorton, VA U.S.A. [03-03-2002]

I have just bought a plate with the Charles H. Weisgerber picture of Betsy Ross and the flag. I spent time in Philadelphia last week and loved the history and pride and had a sense of belonging to the freedom. The research revealed more than I could have hoped for. Thank you. Democracy is about our right to choose the way we are governed. Thank God for these pioneering architects. May God always Bless America. You have my heart.
Toni Hourahane [03-03-2002]

Hi, I am a wife and mother of a son and daughter. I also am a Committee Member for my son's cub scout pack and the Jr. Leader for my daughters Girl Scout Troop. The girls are working on a United We Stand Freedom Badge, and we are researching Betsy Ross as part of it. Thank you, Sue VerSchneider
Sue VerSchneider, wife and mother of 2, Virginia Beach Virginia [03-03-2002]

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I was hoping that you could e-mail pictures of betsy Ross for a project at the Pittsbutgh Beauty Academy Thank You
jamie mcnett, waynesburg Pa [03-03-2002]

I am going to do a book report on her. This website has lots of great facts on it. It will help me a lot on my report.
Kelly, md [03-03-2002]

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anonymous [03-03-2002]

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I had to do a Social Studies project and this websitte helped a lot!
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I would like to see a picture of the first american flag that Betsy Ross sewed
Brianna Hanks, Bethalto,Illinois [03-03-2002]

I'm a canadian taking an American History class...this site helped a lot
Sabrina, Toronto, Canada [03-03-2002]

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I'm a Brownie Girl Scout Troop co-leader and I'm very proud of our new Try-it with our American Flag on it. I'm sad that we didn't get it until after the Sept 11 bombing, but Thank God, we have it now.
Pam Thompson, Southfield, Mi [02-28-2002]

Betsy Ross Rox!!!
Karissa Evan, Cameron, Texas (United States) [02-28-2002]

I had a Social Studies project to do and this site really helped me. Thank you so much! If anyone wants to be pen pals, click my name and email me. I will get back to you asap.
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Amber, Tampa, Fl [02-28-2002]

WOW! What a wealth of terrific information at this site!! My daughter is in 2nd grade and was assigned a progect "Profiles of Famous Americans." Betsy Ross is her famous American to research, so this site is truly going to be a great help! We look forward to learning much about her life and will bring a greater understanding of who Betsy Ross is to this next generation of young Americans. Thanks for making this available.
Kathy Sweere, N.Little Rock, Arkansas [02-28-2002]

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I am a second grade teacher in Syracuse in the Westhill School District. My class is studying the life of Besty Ross today. We are using your web site to enhonce our learning. It is a fantastic web site. I am printing information for the children to take home to show thier parents. Nice job!!
Julie dennis, elbridge, New York (near Syracuse) [02-28-2002]

Hello. I'm Danielle. I was reading your answers to some of the questions. and you told an answer that was wrong about who designed the flag. It was George Washington who drew sketches and gave them to betsy. I read it in a book. besides that this is an excelent site!!
Danielle, Lodi, NJ [02-27-2002]

Dear betsy ross can you show me your house at the internet.
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I am currently doing a report on Betsy Ross for my 7th grade English class. This was a great opportunity to see where Betsy Ross lived.
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I wish i knew who Betsy's parents are!
Hannabannanna623, O'burg NY [02-27-2002]

I am 8 years old and in the 3rd grade. I am doing a project on Famous Americans and I choose Besty Ross because she was the one who sewed the 1st American flag, and after the World Trade Center there was no one I would rather do a report on. I can not find out how she died. could someone please help me with that,.... thanks
Cassandra M, Va Beach, va 23456 [02-27-2002]

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many thanks to you i found everything in perfect order as to what i was looking for also my cub scouts thank you DEN 9, PACK 51
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hello, i am a librarian here at the heuvelton library. our local brownie troop is looking into earning their- wave the flag- a librarian i am always interested in web sites that may be used by other students from our local school.when this web site address was shown to me, i thought it would be a good idea to check it out as the school requires the elementary grades to do projects for flag day.we are a small public library and our books do not go far when each class is doing the same project. i have enjoyed using the site and will recomde to to the students. thank you, stella todd
STELLA J. TODD, heuvelton, new york, 13654 [02-27-2002]

Steve, Ft.Worth Texas [02-27-2002]

My daughter is doing a report on the American flag and we found a lot of interesting and useful information here. Thank You
Brenda Turner, Huntington Beach, CA [02-27-2002]

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Thank you!
Girl Scout Troop 135, Pendleton County, Butler, Ky 41001 USA [02-27-2002]

Your website on Betsy Ross is wonderful.My son is in the second grade and was given an assignment with a list of famous Americans to do. I am so proud of him as he chose Betsy Ross to do his report on. When I asked him why her, he stated because she made the first flag & the flag is very important to our country. I then asked him if he could tell me what the flag stood for to him & he replied-freedom to be who you want to be most of all, no matter what race or religion and it also stands for great pride because we live in the most wonderful country in the world. Being only a second grader I am very proud of him that he can identify with the flag as it standing for that type of symbolizism. When the World Trade Center bombings happened I let him watch & told him what the war is about in Afghanistan & being very religious his outake on it was very eyeopening coming from an 8 year old when he says;that's not right to be able to be the religion you want to be or have the freedom to think your own thoughts as long as they are good ones. Also after long searching he wanted a picture of what Betsy Ross looked like and you gave him that privelege. Your site is wonderful and he & I also learned so much more about her than I thought I knew. We are proud to be Americans! Phyllis and Andrew.
Phyllis Bravi, Boerne,Tx./US [02-27-2002]

Hi: I'm looking for some facts about Betsy for my daughter Laura Chester-Helme, who is working on a genealogy project. She and her two older sisters and brother are decendents of Betsy through their father's mother. We're not sure just how the lineage goes, but their grandmother's name was Emilie Sarah Miller Chester and she was a decendent of Betsy through her mother, who was a Ross. Thanks for making this website such a pleasure to visit. I hope to visit the homestead someday with my children. Sincerely, Judy Chester
Judy Chester, Groton, CT [02-27-2002]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross at school. You provided me with lots of good information. Thanks! Emi
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This site is really good for reports! Just one thing... my teacher gave us a report that included filling in 25 note cards with info on our people! Unbelievable! I couldn't do it with this site alone, but I got 14 done with it! That is a lot, so thanx a TON!
Rachel, Wisconsin [02-27-2002]

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When did betsy ross finish sewing the us flag??
Jessy, New York New yorw [02-27-2002]

Thank you Betsy, I am doing a report on you and the Flag. You sure did make a beautiful flag. I love it and will always protect it. I am 8 years old... Thanks Again, Morgan
Morgan Kiral, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, USA [02-27-2002]

Delaney is a 5th grade student of Valley Mills Elementary School in Indianapolis. We visited this website to obtain information about Betsy Ross. Delaney will be dressing up in a period costume to make her presentation about Mrs. Ross. The one thing we were most excited about was the information about how to make the 5 pointed star with one snip of the scissors. Delaney has practiced and practiced it so that she can include the demonstration as part of her presentation! Thank you so much for this wonderfun information! We think it will be the highlight of her report and hopefully will awe her schoolmates as much as Mrs. Ross awed the committee! Sincerely, Janis Wright (Delaney's aunt)
Delaney DeBoy, Indianapolis, Indiana U.S.A. [02-27-2002]

Lots of good information for study. Like to know about the Parks family, of which I am a decendent? Did they live in the city? Know they lived in Massachusetts where they had the witch trials. Any information will be gladdly accepted.
Toia Hack, Burlington, WA [02-27-2002]

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I did a book report on Betsy Ross's childhood life story for my 5th grade class.
Jennifer R. Tepper, Brooklyn, New York [02-27-2002]

Pamela Russell, Almont, Michigan [02-27-2002]

I thick Betsy Ross made the flag, because I read a story or storys about her she was very nice and thoghtfull. And nobody could do it but her. I thnink it was very nice that William J. Canby wrot that story so she couldbe a legend.
From, A Betsy Ross Fan [02-27-2002]

JEAN DEARNLEY, port charlotte flordia [02-27-2002]

hi, i just wanted to say thanx for all of the information, i used it on history fair: because my topic was betsy ross and the american flag. well if you reseve anymore informaiton of this topic before friday feb,21,02. thanx for your time, roxanne
roxanne, spring valley ca [02-27-2002]

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my daughter has to do a report on betsy ross and act in the first person. she is only 6 and is very excited!
DEBBIE TETRICK, matthews,nc [02-27-2002]

Hi, I am 10 years old and I am doing a project in school and it is on you.Any information would be good. I also need to have a display that is in 3-D. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you, Laurie
Laurie Conant, Appleton, ME. [02-27-2002]

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Ashley Marie Spicer, Julian Pa 16844 [02-27-2002]

How old is Besty Rosse's House? How do you get a in person tour of Besty's house? Did she have any animals?
Georgianna Morrissey, Port Matilda PA 16870 [02-27-2002]

Hi the website is graet I realy like the verterl tour
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Hi! I love the Besty Ross site. I like the tour of her house. I loved the dolls and her bedroom. Her house is so fantastic.
Heather Walk, Port Matilda, Pa 16870 [02-27-2002]

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We loved the tour of Betsy Ross's house.The pictures of her home.Thank all of you for even making the homepage!!!!!! Thank you, Heather and Holly Coley
Heather and Holly Coley, Powhatan,V.A. [02-27-2002]

Is it proper for a company to fly its flag at half mast after the death of an employee?
Ed Baker, usa [02-27-2002]

Great Information! We are working on a Try-It for Brownie Girl Scouts. Thanks. Terri Broker(Lauren's mom)
Lauren Broker, Antioch, CA [02-27-2002]

thanks! I'm a sixth grader, and am doing a report on Betsy. This website was a lot of help.
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MANAEN AYALA IBARRA, pipila nO. 114 centro acayucan, veracruz. mexico [02-27-2002]

I would like a picture of the Betsy Ross flag. I am making a series of flags (for personal use for my grandchildren) and I think it is important that this particular flag be included. I am a seamstress. We visited the Betsy Ross home on a trip about 4 yearsago. If I just had a picture I could figure out the deminsions. (And I remember how to cut the 5 pointed star from elementary school. HaHa) Thanks for your response. If you just scanned a picture and sent it to me I could print the copy and get my series complete. Trivia: I met my husband at Ole Miss so I have made the Rebel flag (Confiderate). Also stitched the flag with 48 stars (I have embroidery machine). Thanks for your listening to my request. Sincerely, Virginia
Virgnia Blanton, Collierville, Tennessee 38017 [02-25-2002]

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Thank you for the information for my report.
Lily, Louisiana [02-25-2002]

Pretty cool site...
Bernard [02-25-2002]

My family has a certificate noting a contribution of a family member to the Betsy Ross House fund. It is noted with a certificate number and date (1899) and has my family member's name as well. Is this of interest as a donation or whatever to your organization?
Frances W. Smith, Savannah, GA 31410 [02-25-2002]

Dear Betsy, My name is Erin Hebert. I'm 8 years old. I have a little sister who is 4 months old. I love this website. I'll try and visit it every day. From, Erin
Erin Hebert, Gueydan, LA [02-25-2002]

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Courtney, Shreve,Oh [02-25-2002]

HI my name is Heather Skelton and i go to joshua cowell elemetary and my history class is going to do history come alive and the person i chose was besty ross and i was wondering if u could please send me enough info to do my report thank u for your considoration Heather
Heather, Manteca [02-25-2002]

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what is the date that you sewed the u.s flag
abigail, Parkersburg W.V [02-25-2002]

Enjoyed the virtual tour of Betsy Ross' house. Hope to get there some day to see it in person.
Annette Brown, Cranston, Providence, RI [02-25-2002]

my daughter is 7 years old and wanted to do a paper for school on betsy ross. she read the story of betsy ross and the flag, and loved it. she can't stop talking about it. beats cartoons and movies. this little project she had to do has got her wanting to learn more and more about our wonderful nation. thank you. god bless
JERRY FOWLER, summerville south carolina [02-25-2002]

My mother was crocheting and wanted to know if Betsy Ross was wering a bonnet in her pictures. An exhibition of flags is currently ongoing at the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston and there has been much about the flags in the paper. Thank you.
J. Bell, Livingston,Tx [02-25-2002]

How old is she?
BOB, tx [02-25-2002]

I used this site to complete the Patriotism section of my AWANA book.
Victoria Neal, Port Matilda, Pennsylvania [02-25-2002]

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Hi thank you for having such a helpful site we are 13 years old in the 8th grade and we are researching on Betsy Ross.We have tons of research and we think we are going to get an 'A'. Thanks a lot!! Thanks, Amanda & Niki
Amanda Vandenheuvel and Niki Dancz, Michigan [02-25-2002]

I am looking for a flag and a friend told me about this site. I am glad I did. It looks very intresting and I think this site will be good for my children in the future for school project and for myself to refresh myself on the history of the flag. Thank you!
Nancy L.Smith, Sperry,Ok. [02-25-2002]

Please send us the names of Betsy Ross's daughters. Thank you.
Charles Askonas, Downers Grove,IL USA [02-25-2002]

This Olympic is frown festival. I don't speak English well. I'm sorry. But I express my sentiment. Today short track race was very unfair race. I'm Korean seventeened girl. An hyan su is very good younger player. In last race. U.S's player prohibit An hyan su' way. So he taked down. But America's referee was very unfair. See the last race again well. you'll find out that this Olympic's unfair. Thanks....
A-young Kim, Korea Pusan [02-25-2002]

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The Gasior Family, Westland, MI USA [02-25-2002]

Section 2--letter..a -regarding the rules of flying the flag--I was under the impression that this rule had been suspended..meaning Illumination of the flag after sunset-- was Not necessary.....After quizing a local township official about a flag in a park flown after dark with NO lighting..even a street light....????? would love a response if possible..thank you for your time....R.G.C.
Robert G. Cook, Belleville, N.J. 07109 [02-25-2002]

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SARAH DAY [02-25-2002]

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Nyla, My family and I are in the United States of America [02-25-2002]

This page included much information for me. I am doing a science project on the american flag and this had information on Betsy Ross which i wanted to include in my project. Wish me luck on my project! thanks i am in 7th grade by the way.
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i was looking for information for our junior girl scout troop. this will help complete our united we stand badge. thanks
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I am 7 years old and in first grade. I needed 5 facts on Betsy Ross for my class project on Famous American People. I was happy I found a picture of Betsy Ross to print out.
Samantha Coyle, North Port, FL [02-25-2002]

I am doing a project on Betsy Ross but i didn't think that I would find something on her but i guess i wasw wrong
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I need to write a report on her but i can't seem to find stuff on her. Could you help me?
kathryn, hawaii [02-25-2002]

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Courtney Griffin, Hoover, AL [02-25-2002]

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Why I went to this page was because in a play I play Betsy Ross. Also because I think she is a really tenacious lady. I really like this homepage and I hope the play will go really well. Thank you!
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Dear Betsy Ross, I am doing a wax Museum in school and I am you. I have been printing out papers at my dad's house. I am 7 years old. I just turned 7 on January 3. I was exited when I knew you were the fist person to sew the American flag. Your friend, Abigail Sweeney February 15,2002
Abigail Sweeney, Indianapolis IN [02-15-2002]

Working on a try-it with my brownie troop Great info
Wendy Worzel, Highland Lake, NY [02-15-2002]

I was just wondering if there was a national Betsy Ross holiday? If there is not, I think there should be one. Please e-mail me back and let me know. Thanks!
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Kris Mayer, Lincolin, Ne [02-14-2002]

We wish to put an American Flag patch on our soccer teams offical uniform. We are unable to determine exactly where to put it. Some have said in the center of the back above the number (three inches below the collar) and some have said that it can only be put on the left sleeve and some have said that it can only be put over the heart. Please help provide some guidence. We wish to honor the flag and also teach these 12 year old girls about patriotism. Thank you for your time. I look forward to a response.
NANCY TEBEAU, wake forest, nc [02-14-2002]

I am going to be Betsy Ross as part of my biography report for school. I am in second grade. Your information is good. Thank you for all the information you gave me for my report.
AMBER RUNGE, annandale, virginia [02-14-2002]

I am doing a reasurch on Penslyvania and I found out that Bettsy Ross came from there, also I found out that she made the first flag. All I wish to do is see a picture of the flag
Lila Dostal, Tuscaloosa,Alabama [02-14-2002]

My 1st grade daughter had to prepare a presentation on Betsy Ross and we found everything we needed at your site. Thank you very much.
Sally Montague, Switzerland, FL USA [02-14-2002]

jessie m .sheff, 3024 colgate dr. winston-salem.n.c. 27105 [02-14-2002]

Hello, Great site. During the Olympic opening ceremony the WTC flag was carried out being held so that the blue was in the lower left as they walked. My mother pointed it out and said it looked upside down. I thought it looked funny too, but couldn't figure out why. Was it carried out incorrectly? Signed....Curious Americans. Please respond to my email address. Thanks. Jim Kovach
Jim Kovach, Houston, Texas [02-14-2002]

I printed your directions for a 5-pointed star. I can't wait to get home to try it. Thank you so much for making it available.
Barbara Blue, Fort Worth, TX [02-14-2002]

Barbara Blue [02-14-2002]

Thank you for your help! Congratulations!
cristian scarlat, Bucharest, Romania [02-14-2002]

We attended a performance at Forest Lawn in L.A. where Betsy Ross, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln spoke to an assembly. Betsy Ross said a five point star could be made in one snip! We came on line to look for this technique. Thanks to this site we found it. We are going to share it with homeschool classmates tomorrow during enrichment. Thanks!!!
Karen, Zoe & Thea, Calabasas, CA [02-13-2002]

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i like the site if u had a good picture of bestsy ross it would be even more better so NICE SITE
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I really enjoyed the tour and info on BR
Susan Sizemore, Avawam, Ky [02-13-2002]

We are doing a history scrapbook
Lynsey, plover wi [02-13-2002]

There are a number of flags flying from merchants here in town that all have ragged edges. What constitutes "too much" wear, as in the rule that flags should be in good repair, but can be flown until they are well worn? I am reluctant to send a letter to the editor of our daily paper complaining about raggedy edges when these might be acceptable after all. In other words, do raggedy edges count as signs that the flag should be destroyed and replaced, or what? Thanks.
Jeanne Labreche, usa [02-13-2002]

Judy Aschermann, Fort Collins, Colorado [02-13-2002]

We lived in Philadelphia for 60years,went to the public schools there and we still love the city even though it has changed so much. It was always a pleasure to go to Betsy Ross house and the Art Museum, the Rodin Museum, the Zoo and all the great attractions in the city. We (my husband and I) are still proud to say we are Philadelphians.We go up quite often to see relatives . Thank you for the Web page we enjoy it. Respecfully Vera Cresta
Vera Cresta, Boynton Beach, Florida, 33426 [02-13-2002]

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great information about our united state of america flag.
Joe A. Sartino, Garfield, Ar. [02-13-2002]

hey i think betsy ross was a really cool person and i am doing my national history day project on her but i really apreciate if i could get a bid real pic of the flag
chantel, edmond,oklahoma [02-13-2002]

I love history and my class is s project on famous people [girls] and started to do besty ross.
chelsea turner, ashland kentucky untied states [02-13-2002]

Glyniss Boney, Evaston,Ill [02-13-2002]

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my husbands granma used to tell stories of how she was related tojohn ross how would i find out her name was minnie ella ross he was very young when she told these stories and hes always wondered sincerly april
april, ukiah ca [02-13-2002]

This was a great tour of your house and thanks for all the info! It was very easy to find things in this program!
Minn, Pennsylvania Marble USA [02-13-2002]

I am an active member of the Federal Women's Program (FWP) at Edwards AFB CA. Each Marcy is "Women's History Month" and we have special programs all month. One event is a lunch or brunch with a guest speaker and a preselected theme. This year is "Women Sustaining the American Spirit". We are trying to obtain information of many of the famous women that helped form America's history. I am the Chairperson for the table decorations and wanted to incorporate information about many "special" women like Betsy Ross. I will be coming dressed in clothing of her time period and telling a little bit of history about her. I wanted to print a picture of the original flag but have not been able to locate such a photo. Can you help me? Many thanks and have a wonderful day.
Della Perry [02-13-2002]

could u please put information about the u.s.a flag
carolyn oliveira [02-13-2002]

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I was wondering if anything is known about the actual dimensions and construction of the original Betsy Ross flag. For example, what material was it made of? What was it's size? Did it have sewn stars or hand-painted stars? Did it have cotton ties to attach to a pole, or did it have a sleeve or brass grommets? Any information, including educated guesses, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Kurt Kohtz
Kurt Kohtz, Ypsilanti, MI [02-13-2002]

My daughter is writing a report on the life of Betsy Ross and your website was extremly informative. We especially enjoyed the virtual tour of her home, and we both feel it is someplace we would like to visit. Is it possible to get directions, coming from I95 South from Northern Virginia? Also, we are looking for a picture of the flag sewn by Betsy Ross, so that we may include it in her report, hopefully a full page picture (8 1/2 by 11) is such a picture available? Thank you for your help!
Rose Recher, Springfield, VA USA [02-13-2002]

great site, it's wonderful to know that betsy made such a big impact in the Revolutionary war era(for a woman in those times) it's nice to know that men didnt TOTALLY created the united states.... ps... I LUV VIRGILIO! and GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES!
Ashlaay Quindoza, san diego, california [02-13-2002]

I think that it is great to have a Betsy Ross Page. See I am doing a her for my science report. She has to do with science because she made something. Got to go.
Lindsey Creager, Mt. Vernon, Ohio [02-13-2002]

I did a presentation on Betsy Ross. This page is awesome, it really helped
grace, Savannah Ga, [02-13-2002]

I am visiting your site for a class podject. I've gotton a lot of information on Betsy Ross, thanks to you.
Holly Morton, mi (usa) [02-13-2002]

WE are doing a book report on Betsy Ross for my daughter's 2nd grade class. She picked Betsy Ross for the flag. Thank you for all the wonderful information.
Lisa Pearce, Mechanicsville, VA 23111 [02-13-2002]

I lov this website because it has a lot of info I need about Betsy Ross for my report.
Lindsay McPhail, New Freedom Pennsylvania,America [02-13-2002]

I think that this is a good web site for kids and adults to and learn about Betsy Ross. Betsy Ross is kool and very honored for making the flag for this country.
Brittannee Rubin, United States P.A. Frederictown [02-13-2002]

I enjoyed visiting the Betsy Ross house. Also enjoyed learning about here life and knowing that she created the first American Flag.
Shalaya Evans, 40 agnes Street Freeport NY 11520 [02-13-2002]

I was looking for more info to help teach kindergarteners more aobut the flag and Betsy Ross.
Mary R. Bryant, Goochland, Virginia USA [02-13-2002]

Thank you for putting this site up. It helped me with TWO big projects I had to do.
Heather, Washington [02-13-2002]

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if someone is studying American History I would recommend this site!
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I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross and this seems to be the best place to come for information!!!
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I love your web site it helped me on a report I had to do.
Julia, Clinton,Tennessee USA [02-10-2002]

Brownie Troop #43, Jacksonville, AL [02-10-2002]

Hello, Every year in the fourth grade we dress up as famois people who lived a long time ago. I chose Betsy Ross. I chose her because of all the hard work she put into the flag and then it got destoyed by Afganustan and in all the other battils. Sincerly, Elizabeth Marie Palmer
Elizabeth , Dayton, Ohio 45414 [02-10-2002]

My daughter is going to be Betsy Ross for famous person day at her school (she is in first grade) and we were happy to find this site to see how she should dress and to get an accurate illustration of the original flag. Thank you, the virtual tour was very enjoyable.
Joyce Strieter, Avoca, MI [02-10-2002]

Betsy Ross made the 1st flag!!! i'm doing a report on her in my social studies class in chool!
Brittany Smith, Ulysses Kansas 67880 [02-10-2002]

Dear Betsy, I'm doing a book report on you. I'm really interisted in yokur history. Love, Harleen Sandhu
Harleen Sandhu, Richmond,VA [02-10-2002]

AJ, Hinckley, IL. [02-10-2002]

Britney, Westbrook, Maine [02-09-2002]

I was born and raised in philly and I remember those cool class trips to te Betsy Ross house.I was just checking if philadelphia had a website and proud to see one and even if I'm hours away from there I was sent back to one the coolest time in my life. I loved going to the Betsy Ross house on my class trips and looked forward to it every year.So thankyou for giving me the opportunity to see it even if its not quite the same it still was nice.
Zoraida, Virginia Beach Va. 23462 [02-08-2002]

Can you find a biography on Debrah Sampson? All I know is that she was invovled in the Revolutionary War. Thanks a whole bunch.
Diana, New Jersey [02-08-2002]

you'r helping my report a lot!!!!
shelby, you don't want to know [02-08-2002]

Hi. Just thought I would sign my name and write a little note telling you that my middle name is Ross. I am 11 years old. I was named after Betsy Ross, who is an ancestor of mine. My grandfather lives in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. His grandfather was Ross Samuel Oliver Currie, he had a son named Ross, my mom remembers him, they, as would guess were named after and are also a decendants of Betsy Ross. My grandfather from Fredericton has all of the info supporting this ie. original documents from when our decendants immigrated to Canada from the U. S.
Nicholas Ross Moran, Nova Scotia, Canada [02-08-2002]

Deji Ogunnaike [02-08-2002]

Rebecca Kendrick [02-08-2002]

Dear enybody, if you can please sent me some info about Betsy Ross becuse I am doing a projec and I want to do super good. Send it over my E-mail.:))))))))))))))))
Ana Begovic, ca 92037 [02-08-2002]

Loved the site ! Iam using it for infor for a girlscout sleep-over. However, I ran into problems when I wanted to print out pages to share with the troops. This may be because of my computer, but I did get one or two, so I am not sure if it your site or my STUPID computer. Thanks. I will send my daughter here when she starts her unit on early america. Keep up the cool stuff...
ana wetherill, Ramona, California [02-08-2002]

ana wetherill [02-08-2002]

This is patroit Month will use items about our Flay for History ABWA American Business Women'a Assocation/ Thank You Shirley
Shirley M. Brown, Huntington, IN 46750 [02-08-2002]

amirah, clarksville,virgina [02-07-2002]

hi, your page gave me tons of info!
Kara, portland oregon [02-07-2002]

I just want to tell you that I love your website and I just hope this makes a different for all those soldiers that are fighting for us. Sincerely, Nicci
Nicole, Middleburg, FL US [02-07-2002]

about how old would betsy be ifshe were alive 150,200?
brittney [02-07-2002]

as a marine this page makes me very proud burt suter
BURT SUTER, aston pa 19014 [02-07-2002]

may i please see the flag
EMILY ------=ME, Perrysburg OH [02-07-2002]

we signed in this morning.
Lou Monger [02-07-2002]

What an awesome virtual tour! Could you send me more information?
Tasha Smith, knoxville, Iowa [02-07-2002]

The history of the flag and Betsy Ross are contradictory to that I have ever read. First of all I have researched this subject through many U. S. History books and there is no mention of Betsy Ross anywhere. The affidavid you have is heresay of accounts almost 100 years after she supposedly existed or you say the flag was first flown. According to World Book of Facts/Almanac Congress gave no hint as to the designer of the flag and there is no documentation of George Washinton ever meeting with Betsy Ross. The almanac also states that the first flag was not delivered to Washington or flown at the Capitol until 1783. Yet you say she sewed the flag before that? Can you please explain? there are also so many violations on flag ettiquette these days that I doo not understand. For example why was the U. S. flag carried horizontally into the stadium during the baseball World Series with the president present? Again it was carried the same manner during the Macy Street Christmas Parade and in a few days it has been approved to be carried into the opening ceremony of the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics Feb. 9th. I believe we are hypocrytical in one case we are against flag burning and yet it is being desecrated in front of the highest official of the U. S. the President.
Francisco Robert Montanez, P.O. Box 12283 Ogden Ut., 1036 E. 2850 N. N. Ogden, Ut. [02-07-2002]

i really like the history of besty ross in here.
Mandy Koch, alburtis, pa, usa [02-07-2002]

We had a school project called the Nancy Eresman Expo and were allowed to enter anything we wanted as long as we did it ourselves. Because of what happened on September 11th, I wanted to show my patriotism, so I made a poster of the flag. My grandpa has a replica of the Betsy Ross flag, which he gave my mom to hang outside. I thought it would be a good idea to use this flag since it really means a lot to my grandpa. He was in WW2 and tells stories about it all the time. Because I love my grandpa very much, I thought it would be a good tribute to him to make my poster using the flag that he loves so much.
Bill Manoussakis, Dayton, Ohio, U.S.A [02-07-2002]

Anna Heller, United States [02-07-2002]

Iam doing a betsy ross interview.
Kristina, long island,new york [02-07-2002]

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Was Betsy the real person that made the American flag?
Trish, Hoopers Island, MD [02-07-2002]

Thank you for the info you have on Besty Ross my daughter has to be Mrs Ross for a project for school.
Carmen Flynn, Somerset pa [02-07-2002]

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Have you the guts to tell Bono of U2 rockband that he violated the rules and regulations of flag usage when he performed for the Superbowl. He wants to become an american citizen and in showing his patriotic spirit had the American flag decritively inside his jacket. I thought it was great. Should this rule be changed?
William Prutz, Mosinee, WI 54455 USA [02-07-2002]

What was Betsy Ross's birthday? Thanks! Shanno Jones
Shannon Jones, Greeley, Colorado [02-07-2002]

I love all the information that your website provides now I know exactly where to go for information
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I am working on a social studies project for my son and your web site was a big help. Thank you
deborah smith [02-07-2002]

Need some help here. A friend told me today that in the ball at the top of a flagpole you should find a scissor and a match. Is this true. Would love to hear from someone if this is some type of tradition. Thanks
Al, Woodbury, MN [02-07-2002]

kATIE [02-07-2002]

jerry corwin, flowery branc ga.j [02-07-2002]

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jayna burkhead [02-07-2002]

My cousin came across a certificate issued in 1924 to my aunt, Edna Schultz. She was 14 years old at the time. I would be interested in finding out more about the issuance of the certificates. Her is Series T Certificate # 61488 Would it be possible to get a photo copy of the Roll of Honor that she would be placed in? I like the web site very much. I am printing some of it to read to my aunt. She is 93 and lives in a skilled care facility. Thank you, Lorraine Magee
Lorraine Magee, Imperial, MO [02-07-2002]

Worked there all last summer as one of Historic Philadelphia's actors! Love ya Betsy!
Kevin Scott Collins, New York City [02-07-2002]

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Melissa, new jersey [02-07-2002]

I have visited this site before but never signed the guest book. I just thought it would be nice to do that today. I just love reading about our flag. I really like making the stars the way Betsy Ross did them!! Sincerely, Marcia Terrell
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Dave Colyar, Round Rock, TX, USA [02-07-2002]

I am looking for the names of Betsy Ross'siblings.I've been old that she may be an ancestor.
pamela sharbuno, coventry,r.i. [02-07-2002]

Good picture of Betsy Ross.I have to dress like Betsy Ross for my report at school.I didnt knough what she looked like, so I came to this website to see.THANKS! E m i l y W i l l i a m s
Emily Williams, Richardson Texas,United States [02-07-2002]

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B.H., 21431 ParkTimbers lane Katy texas 77450 [02-07-2002]

If I can't go see Betsy Ross' house,then the virtual tour is the next best thing. Cool! I used this site to help me with a report for school. My nickname is "Betsy"!
Beth Olive , Pelham, Alabama [02-07-2002]

I found your web page most helpful I foun a lot of information on betsy Ross. Because you see i'm doing a report for school & needed a lot of information on Betsy. I guess I went to the right place then. Huh? I found this web site most helpful for a lot of reasons. But I also went to many many other sites & the truth is that you guys had a lot more information than any other web site. Thank you, you helped me gather many useful facts. Be back soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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What a wonderful and informative web site. My granddaughter is in Kindergarten and needed to know the importance of the history of the American Flag and who Betsy Ross was. Thank you.
Sandy Crickman, Fredericksburg, Virginia [02-07-2002]

I am intensly interested in your sight. Since the events of Sept 11 I have become more patriotic and have a new interest in my heritage. I know that I am of Native American discent, but a few years ago I discovered that I may be related to Betsy Ross through my Father's Mother's side of the family. I am interested in knowing exactly how I my geniology is linked back to her if at all. If you have any ideas, please contact me as to how I can find out. I would greatly appreciate it.
Rebecka L. King, Alliance, OH [02-07-2002]

Rebecka L. King, Alliance, OH [02-07-2002]

Thank you for putting this together! My children and I enjoyed it.
Robin Yule, Las Vegas NV [02-07-2002]

Thank you so much for the information and pictures. Our Brownie Troop #790 of Central City, NE is going to earn the Wave the Flag Try-It at our next meeting.
Kenton Gillan & Emily, Central City, NE 68826 [02-07-2002]

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Kenton Gillan & Emily [02-07-2002]

I found this site from a news link archive from KGW TV web site in Portland Or. Your home page will become my home page and will come up everyday when we start the browser. Very interesting! Thank you so much!
Thomas L. Smith, John Day, Or. 97845 [02-07-2002]

What a wonderful site. I found this through a link from the site and plan to incorporate this into our troops "Wave the Flag" try-it work. Thank you!
Sona Manzo, Pleasanton, CA [02-07-2002]

PIRO MORALES, roswell,nm [02-07-2002]

Thank you so much for this great information. I am doing a report at school, for Geography, and I chose Betsy Ross. One question. Do we have evidence to prove that Betsy Ross did in fact make the first United States flag? I believe she did, but I face many students who believe otherwise. Is there something I can get that would show beyond a reasonable doubt that she did do this wonderful feat? Chelsea
Chelsea Naylor, Grand Rapids, MI USA [02-07-2002]

My daughter is doing a report on Betsy Ross. We appreciate the help. Our local library has almost nothing available.
Kathie Bettencourt, San Jose, CA 95119 [02-07-2002]

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We had to pick a Biography to do in school and we could be anyone so i decided to Do Betsy Ross American Patriot.I loved reading about her. She is fascinating and magnificint.
Jean Sweder, [02-07-2002]

Very nice and informative site. Brings back many pleasant memories of our country and heritage and patriotism, especially as we defend our freedom from threats of terrorists here and abroad.
Ralph W Schultz II and Mary Cecile Schultz, San Antonio, Texas, United States [02-07-2002]

How can i found out when she was born please help me because i got her for a report and i need help.
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I liked your site. I am doing a report for school on Betsy Ross. The site was very informative and interesting and my mom and sisters and I are thinking of visiting the house.
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Kayla Norris, Kona, Hawaii [02-07-2002]

This is a very interesting websit about Besty Ross. She is very important to our world history today. If it wasn't for her we wouldn't have an American flag. Thanks to her we have a flag to fly high and respect. Thank You, Charlotte
Charlotte, Louisiana, USA [02-07-2002]

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Thanks for such a friendly website! My Cadette troop intends to use this info to give a a little history lesson to a large group of brownie and junior scouts at our camp-in soon. Great site!
Ann Cunningham Leader GS Troop199, Neighborhood 11-1, Cloverdale, OR [02-07-2002]

my daughter and my self think that this is one of the most infromitive sites that we have visited in a long while thank you and god bless america one and all from summerfeild florida brownie troop 395 land of the silver moon consol cindie and macie butler
cindie butler, summerfeild, FLORIDA [01-30-2002]

I found your site quite interesting. As a Brownie girl scout leader, I will share all of this information with my girls. I am also personal friends with Johnny Claypoole, who is distantly related to Betsy. He is a local character who paints hex signs. Thank you, Lisa Foster and Brownie Troop 369. I may bring them to the Betsy Ross house as a field trip. We plan to come to Philadelphia anyway.
Lisa Foster, Kutztown, Pa. [01-30-2002]

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I really like this web site it is wonderfull!
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plaese i will like to contribute my idaer to the family of betsy rose.
ali, cote ivoire abidjan [01-30-2002]

My daughter, grandaughter and I visited your site in order to gather info for biography grandaughter is doing for school. Wonderful information. She will dress and act the part when she gives her report. She is 9 yrs. old. When reading through your information, I thought is was odd that a song I learned in elementary school (proba bly in the late 40's was not there. It seems that the public schools in Phila. taught a song about Betsy to the tune of "3 cheers for the red, white and blue. I have always taught this when I used to teach as the words tell the story: e.g. s
Jean Simpkins, Blackwood, NJ [01-30-2002]

Hi my name is Kendra. I am 8yrs. old with Brownie troop 517. I like the Wave the Flag Try-It. I was sad when I saw the news about New York city. I asked my Mom and Dad if we could make a flag for my class. It is real big and was a lot of fun to make. Mom painted our hands white for the stars and Dad showed us where to put them. My teacher Mrs. Hopkins and my principle Ms. Tobe helped too. Now the class flag hangs in the gym. So everyone can see it. And I helped Mom make red, white and blue ribbon pins for everyone in the class because we couldn't all take the flag home. I wear mine on my coat everyday.
Kendra Hittle, Union City, Ohio [01-30-2002]

I just thought it would be cool to look at this from a picture because I've walked through it before
Kara Rodriquez, Amarillo,Tx [01-30-2002]

i'm doing a book report on betsy ross. thanx for your pics and helpful info! -taylor
sportsRlife, Los Angeles, CA, USA [01-30-2002]

We are working on the United We Stand Girl Scout Badge.
Angie Cowell c/c girl Scout Jr.Troop210, Jackson,Missouri [01-30-2002]

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This sit ROX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sarah Angel, San Diego CA [01-30-2002]

I am in 5th grade at Gildersleeve School in Portland. I am doing a report on Betsy Ross. The entire 5th grade is studying the Revolutionary War. I found a lot of information for my project on your web site. It was fun to made the 5 pointed star in one snip. Thank you.
Katie Dillon and Emmy Dillon, Portland CT [01-30-2002]

Katie Dillon [01-30-2002]

Your web site is awsome about Besty I go to Princeton Intermediet School in Texas.
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I linked to this site from the offical Girl Scout website and was thrilled with all the information available here. I especially liked the directions for the 5-point star. My brownie girl scouts will be learning how to do that while earning a Try-it badge, "wave the flag"
Denise Chapman, St. Petersburg, FL [01-29-2002]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross for my class. I am in fourth grade. We must choose a person and present a full essay every year. I found out a lot of info and saw some great pictures on your website. Thank you very much.
Valerie Passanante, New York [01-29-2002]

This is a great page an di used a lot of theis info for school. Who ever had this idea had a good mind and is an excellant thinker.i didnt put any real information above accept 4 my name.thaank you for all your hepl!Thanks again!~ Tess
Tess, Here,TYU [01-29-2002]

Im 7 years old and i am doing Betsy ross for my hero could you please tell me where and when she was born what were some of her daughters names? thank you hve a nice day! LOVE BRITTANY
Brittany Hayes, Galloway,Ohio [01-29-2002]

Thanks so much for this website. My daughter is working on a mobile of Betsy Ross' life and has found the information you have included here to be very helpful. thank you!
Jack Carney, Auburn, Maine [01-29-2002]

This is my sis for this to shy has a asighment on Betsy Ross.
Ashley Makris age13, Belmont OH. Belemont county [01-29-2002]

I like your site. It realy helped on my shcool report. love.
Emma Barry, Albany, Oregon [01-29-2002]

Hello My sis is doing a report on Betsy so Im Here now.
Timmy Bumgardner, Belmont OH. Belmont county [01-29-2002]

Aloha! Great informational site! For those of you who love history and more site like this come by and visit:
Kristine M Harrison, Kamuela, HI [01-29-2002]

We came to your site to research about Betsy Ross so that we can earn our Wave the Flag badge. Thank you so much!
Brownies of Girl Scout Troop 5016, Suffolk, Virginia [01-29-2002]

HI I like your web site because I am doing a report on Betsy Ross and this web page is a life saver
Olivia, Pennignton Gap Virginia Lee County [01-29-2002]

I had to do a project for social atudies on Betsy Ross. This site really helped me get the information that I needed.
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thanks for all the facts. you have done some great work answering all the important and hard questions. thanks especially interested in knowing why the flags where backwards on planes. keep up the good work
keith ziolkowski, anchorage, alaska [01-27-2002]

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Clarence Gunderman, bushnell fl. [01-27-2002]

Cadette Troop 312, Richmond, KY USA [01-26-2002]

This is A great site! Iam doing a report on her in class she is an intersting lady! Thanks bye!!! Andrea
Andrea Medaa, Ventura California [01-26-2002]

My friend and I are doing a report on Besty Ross and we found everything that we needed.
Rebecca, Arizona [01-26-2002]

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God bless America. Avenge New York / the Pentagon and all of those on the air craft. Thank you for the wonderful informationn on our flag.To me our flag represents us, our country and everthing that we are and what we stand for.It reminds me of all the Americans that have died for our freedon and the liberty that we take for granted. I love this country and all that it stands for, yes the good as well as the bad. No nation is perfect but ours is the best so I say again, GOD bless this country of ours and all the love her.
John L. Rice, Wrightwood California [01-26-2002]

Tonia Whitt, Stamping Ground Kentucky [01-26-2002]

i really enjoyed this it gave me a lot of info on her and what she did that was inportant. I have chosen to do her as my history project at the School! thanks
Jennifer Michelle Baker, Narvon pa 17555 [01-25-2002]

No matter where or when I see the American flag my heart fills with emotion. It did that when I was a little girl and it still does it now that I'm a grandmother. God bless America, greatly!
Joan Hughes, Nashville, TN [01-25-2002]

Hi, I'm Myles. I am a direct relation to Betsy Ross through my mothers side of the family and am proud to say so! I would like to know if you could send me a family tree? If you can, my address is: 6 peppercorn lane Haverhill, Mass 01830
myles tandy, Haverhill, Mass [01-25-2002]

A terrific website not only for teachers and students, but any American who wants to know more about their history! This is so important, especially in the times in which we now live. We are all flying flags at our homes, but many people know so little about it. THANKS for this website!
Lisa B, Glenside, Pennsylvania [01-25-2002]

josh [01-25-2002]

Betsy Aldrich [01-25-2002]

Thanks for the great information. My 9-year-old daughter sought out the information for a "timeline" on Betsy Ross to accompany a book report on Besty's childhood. Your information was excellent. We're often asked if we're related to Betsy Ross, but since she didn't have any Ross children, this is unlikely. We do descend from a John Ross, but we understand that he was born in Yorkshire, England (5 May 1830). Many thanks, -- Mike
Mike Ross, San Jose, Calif. [01-25-2002]

Betsy Ross did not sew the first American Flag
Steve, Seattle [01-25-2002]

All the info you put my great.You put a lot of work into it nice work!!!!!!!!!!!
koryB880, Gibsonia,P.A.,USA [01-25-2002]

I Love U.S.A And God Bless America
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I came to this site to help me with a school project over the American FLag. This helped more than you can know. I will use this site for other useful information in the future. Thanks for everything! Lindsey
Lindsey Van Note, Winchester Indiana [01-25-2002]

Dear Creators of this page, This is a very nice page.It helps to learn the history that I have to learn. I would love to see more trivia put on this page. I am proud to be an american and am glad for Betsy Ross and all of the other people that helped get us where we are today. p.s. God bless the people of sept. 11 Aloha and Mahalo, (Mahalo-Thankyou in Hawaiian!) Abby
Abby, honolulu,hawaii [01-25-2002]

thank you for all the information. it will be use to teach our brownie girl scout troop. we are working on the flag tri it
catherine o'sullivan, new york city [01-25-2002]

Thanks for the help with our research papers!!!!
Ms. Fields' 5th Grade Class, Commiskey, IN [01-25-2002]

this is the best website for my reseach on c.a betsy ross!!!!!!!:: ) 0: )
mercedes, united state [01-25-2002]

JAMYEE & JESSICA [01-25-2002]

I think I am related to Betsy Ross in some way
Clint Edwards, Amarillo, TX [01-25-2002]

We are working on a Try-It called Wave the Flag. We found your web site very helpful with information about who made our flag and what the stars and stripes stand for. Thank you for your help.
Brownie Troop #44 - Western Massachusetts, Pittsfield, Massachusetts [01-25-2002]

Dear Betsy Ross, I am writing an essay about you for history class. I was surprised when I found out that you met George Washington, and whent to the same church as him. sincerly, A.J.
A.J. Johnson, Graceville, FL [01-25-2002]

This is a great place to look at US history, I was looking for a famous quote for English because we were writing an essay about the American Flag and I had to go to Baptism Class and I asked my dad to look for a quote for me about the flag and when I got home he did have one, he had MANY, I was shocked to see how many he could find because when I went on i went to a lot of different web sites, and I didn't really give me the information I needed. Thanks, Tatum M. L.
Tatum M L.., sd [01-25-2002]

Hanley, Ormond Beach, FL [01-25-2002]

Cool Site! I am doing a report on Betsy Ross right now!
Rebecca ( or Becky ), Muskego [01-25-2002]

I read about Betsy Ross and thought it would be cool to learn a little bit more. THANKS! Sicerely, Amber Johnson P.S. Sorry about my spelling. I'm only 8.
Amber Johnson, Spokane [01-25-2002]

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This scite is really cool. I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross.
Kayla, Paris Crossing Indiana [01-25-2002]

Mrs. Desloover's 3th Grade Class, Yale, Michigan [01-25-2002]

Hi I just want to say that I love the american flag! And you did a great job on it Betsy! I'm doing a report about her life on her so that's how much I love her!
Amy Elaine Meszaros, Middleboro, Massachusetts [01-25-2002]

i think that betsy is so cool and i would do any thing to meet her because she reprsents this country with the flag that she wanted to sew.
BIG ROB, magnolia tx, [01-25-2002]

~Hi~ This homepage is so interesting! It is a very fun site. I know way more about Betty's Rose and how to fold a flag. My friend Katie thinks this is a kool website too! Sincerly, Angie
Angie, Minnesota, U.S.A [01-25-2002]

Kim LeDone, Armonk [01-25-2002]

I have inherited a US Flag with 45 stars and I am wondering what the value of the flag is as it is about 8ft by 5ft. Can you estimate the value and how we can maintain it, that is, wash it, iron it and how to mount it. Please reply.
Glenn Herman, Toronto, Ontario, Canada [01-25-2002]

Being the "tail ender" of Generation X I often took advantage of this country and all that we have. Yes, the government has its quirks as so velemently put by a writer before me and yes there is much unnecessary poverty and discrimination in this country but we have to work together as a community to solve these issues and work on TODAY instead of what happened hundreds of years ago. We must rise above the hatred and teach our children that all people are equal. I know that in 50 years when I'm 80 I will not forget the horror of September 11th nor will I also forget pride (that I had never felt before and still feel today and will ALWAYS feel) when I see this country coming together, working together and raising its flag. Its symbol of hope and peace. Thank you Betsy Ross.
Anita, Wisconsin [01-25-2002]

hi thank you for doing this you helped me on my cover page on my note book.
mercedes, westminster ca [01-25-2002]

What was your 2nd husbands name?
Kailey Fritz, Ancona, IL [01-25-2002]

thank you for the help on Betsy Ross. My 3rd grader learned so much.
Debbie McHugh, Covina CA. [01-25-2002]

was getting information for my daughter doing a project on betsy ross. great info. will share with my girl scout troop thank you! GOD BLESS AMERICA !!
lydia, miami, fl [01-25-2002]

A,mna, St.louis mo united stater [01-25-2002]

i am doing a report on betsy ross so i neededstuff to study love, heather mavin
Heather Anne Mavin, m.a. [01-25-2002]

Dear Betsy Ross, I like your book,and I think tou did a really good job on your flag.I do not think you no me but I wish I had the same name as you but I dont !!!!!!!!To bad oh well my real last name is Rousey Danielle Rousey. I wish that you were still alive today but your not to bad. I forgot when you died but it has it in the book that i read today and i also forgot who your husband was i now that you had three of them but they died your first one died in the army and i dont now how your other two died but i think that i am pretty shere with the first one i think well i got to go bye bye Betsy Ross sincerely, danielle rousey PS. i really like how you did the first american flag it looks cool if it was still up today but i think it is still up today you never now oh well never no bye bye bye bye
danielle ross, hillsboro,texas [01-25-2002]

I was looking for information to complete a Brownie patch and found EVERYTHING I needed on your site. THANK YOU!
Leslie Wagner, Watertown, SD [01-25-2002]

I'm coming on a fild trip on may 2
ashton [01-25-2002]

My niece is doing a report for school (4th grade)and your web sight is an excellent resource. Thank you for the information and time it took to post it all. All Americans should at least know who Betsy Ross is. I teach 8th grade science and most of my students did not know who Betsy Ross was. It is sad that children of this generation are not taught much about our hertiage! Thank you.
Charlotte Haun, Fort Worth, Texas [01-25-2002]

Thank you for the info on the flag - I am doing research on this subject in order to teach my Girl Scout troop. I know that they will enjoy learning how to snip out a 5 point star - I'm looking forward to the challenge of learning how myself so I can teach them.
Carin Hmieleski [01-25-2002]

Ali Stosich, butte, mt, us [01-25-2002]

debby loomis [01-25-2002]

I am doing a school report on betsy ross and boy is she interesting.
Kirstyn, massachusetts [01-25-2002]

Can you tell me about the freedom of the American flag?
anonymous [01-25-2002]

Betsy Ross is a role model for me !
Christine Cohen, texas [01-25-2002]

the tour of the house was amazing .what is the cost to tour in person?
sandy campbell, united states [01-25-2002]

Catherine Jones [01-25-2002]

Shyanne W. LaSanta, Las Cruecs, New Mexico [01-25-2002]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross and I think she is really cool and I feel bad that she had to go through all the losses in her family.
Melissa Kossarian, Woodland Hills CA United States [01-25-2002]

I am a Brownie Girl Scout Leader and a member of the Armed Forces. I was researching flag information for my Girl Scout Troop. This was an excellent site and I will recommend it to other Girl Scout Troops. We have a new Wave the Flag Try-It Badge and since I am military this particular try-it is close to my heart. Thank you. Sincerely, Tammy Hickey Troop #765
Tammy Hickey, Belleville, IL [01-25-2002]

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You have a really nice site! Its very helpfull for me because I'm doing a biography about Betsy Ross in my language class. Thanks, Donna
Donna, Delaware, USA [01-25-2002]

Dear U.S, I like your Betsy Ross home page. I found all of my information for my Historic Figure Report on Betsy Ross! I think the virtual house tour is great. I am 10 years old and in the 5th grade, and because of the Great Info I have five straight pages of Information! I also found Great images and great pictures for Extra Credit. Thanks, Jenny Lyons
Jenny Lyons, Coto de Caza, California [01-25-2002]

can you tell me all the info. that i need on the american flag. thank you!
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can you tell me all the information about the american flag.
DIAMOND HOOPER, marthavile,la [01-25-2002]

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i came here because im doin a history paper on betsy ross, this is exactly what i needed, now i can do whatever i want becuase i have all the info i need!
Khris Welch, somewheresville, USA [01-25-2002]

hello realy want to learn about american flag.Because me and my friend have a 4-H speach contest .
kiersten poteet, Colony OK [01-25-2002]

Okay so i got info on betsy ross but no info about her WHOLE enitre life from start to finish what is up with that. i need info now!! Please if u can help me! Sincerely KATIE
katie, middlefield [01-25-2002]

Thank you for making this web site. I am writing a report about Betsy Ross and I couldn't find much information in the library. I was beginning to think I should give up!! I am happy I found this site.
Jessica Masterson, Lincoln City, OR [01-25-2002]

LiLjuana Surita, Lancaster P.A [01-25-2002]

sarah l .w, houston,tx77071 [01-25-2002]

Jessica Wright [01-25-2002]

My daughter, Carly has been asked to represent someone famous in American History. It is a day to celebrate the freedom that our country has given to us. Many of the students will be dressing as famous characters. Carly will be in full costume of Betsy Ross, complete with a flag being sewn in the original fashion. I have found that this website to very informative with lots of history and photos! Thank you so much for all you have done to promote Patriotism. I am sure my daughter could be Betsy Ross herself, when we are finished reading all the links. Our Patriotism has been renewed. I, 38, have never lived through an event such as this. And, I am watching the youth of the United States of America become proud and grateful citizens. As I watch young children, and know they are living in a crucial time for the U.S., I see them as the youths of yesterday; they are the young George Washingtons, Abraham Lincolns, and even a seamstress, Betsy Ross. They are our hope and our future, and this renewed patriotism for myself has inspired me to make sure I do all I can to ensure freedom and justice to those in the world around me. Sincerely, Julie Orlando
Julie Orlando, Morgan City, LA USA [01-25-2002]

This was a great sight. I enjoyed it.
susie davis, DeRidder,LA [01-25-2002]

The Web site was very helpful on my school assignment. Thanks!
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Ashley, LeRoy New york [01-25-2002]

I really like your site. I found it when looking at my Girl Scout web site. Katharine
Katharine Twedt, Branson, MO [01-25-2002]

Hi! Betsey my name is Ashley. I hate my school because we do not do anything for black history week. what should I do. We need to learn more about black people.
Ashley, Delran, New Jersey, United States [01-25-2002]

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Chris, Delran NJ [01-25-2002]

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Kelly Sringdis, Delran NJ [01-25-2002]

I love the house. It was a pretty good tour. Thanks
Kimberly Morin, Roy, Utah [01-25-2002]

this site rocks i have neverknown this much about the flag but i own it all to my teacher ms weston-denny we have just got done studing about the war and i think it is way cool that we are free
Gabriel Spradlin, Monticello,KY [01-25-2002]

janelle bishop, okc [01-25-2002]

luv it, but i'm doing a report on her can you give me a bit more info on her life ~~~~~~~~~~~~thanks a lot alisa
alisa, niceville, Fl, usa [01-25-2002]

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i enjoyed reading the information at this web site. It helped me gather so much more infromation for my American History presentation on her. Thanks
Amber Johnson, Brandon,SD [01-25-2002]

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hi, i am doing an act type thing on betsy ross for national history day.
SARA, i live in ohio [01-25-2002]

I like this sihgt a lot it really helped with my social studies project!!!!!!!! Thanks, Megan
Megan [01-25-2002]

Hey Betsy, I am doing a report about you and I was very porded about you making the american flag. I will stand proed of you.I go to South Jr high in
Carla Raduenz, St.Cloud, MN [01-25-2002]

Your web site is a big help for this project in S.S. Thanks!!
kelsie young [01-25-2002]

We loved the folding of a perfect 5 point star!!!!
Ms. Undernehr's Sixth grade class, Washburn, Mo [01-25-2002]

Karlee [01-25-2002]

please tell me what each fold of the flag means when it is folded and given to a member of a deceased veteran etc. Thanks
Mildred E.Fletcher, Palmyra, Tennessee 37142 [01-25-2002]

Shery Fisher, Lexington, TX [01-25-2002]

audrey, wallsburg utah [01-25-2002]

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Iam doing a report on Betsy Ross,can you send me somethings on Betsy Ross? THANK YOU, Jessica
Jessica Matt, Rapid City, SD [01-25-2002]

This is a great website!!!!
Mallory Wiseman, Sandy,OR [01-25-2002]

Mallory Wiseman [01-25-2002]

Betsy Ross was a good character in our history!
Winifred, United States [01-25-2002]

I got on your web site for information to teach my Brownie troop about the flag great web site. I think I was on it for an half an hour just to read all the neat stuff!!!!!!!!
rebecca melcher, [01-25-2002]

I am doing a project on betsy and i never knew so much about the way she lived and what she did and how she did it all.
Louise Fox, Philadelphia and Pa [01-25-2002]

Tara Hoffman, Ellsworth AFB, SD [01-25-2002]

I love this website, I am doing a report on Betsy Ross in my history class, and this website is so useful! Thanks! =)
Mandi Mortus, Thornton, CO [01-25-2002]

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Thomas Putnam, Barstow Ca. [01-25-2002]

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hey all this women is the best wonen there could ever be ..... she made ht e american flag....i think that's just great! ifshe were here today....i would thank her so much!
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Very Nice site i learnd a lot
Shawana McCoy, thornton,co,80241 [01-25-2002]

Thank you. I enjoyed learning more about our flag.
Sue Ann Hall, Dallas, Texas USA [01-25-2002]

Your web site was awesome! I learned a lot of neat stuff! :) I think that you guys making this web site was pretty smart! :) Well...I want to go read some more of your site...thanx! BYE! -Sarah
Sarah W., Wisconsin [01-25-2002]

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Thank you for having the information that my niece needed and chose for her class project. It was extremely helpful for her and most interesting for me. It just goes to show that we are never too old to learn no matter how young at heart we may feel. Yes we are proud to be Americans of African/Hispanic/Indonesian descent.
Hassie Dianne Hill, San Francisco, CA [01-25-2002]

thanks for the infor I was doing a report for my third grade English class.
sarah Simonetti, wayne pa [01-25-2002]

Jan Anderson, New Virginia, Iowa, USA [01-25-2002]

This website was very helpful and informative. I am doing a Social Studies fair project and it gave me a lot of information. Thanks!
Ashley Brouwer, Lutcher, LA [01-25-2002]

My daughter is working on a school project about Betsy Ross. How did she die? We have only the date that she died and that she was living with her daughter.
Theresa H. Baks, Holly Springs, NC USA [01-25-2002]

I'm interested in Betsy Ross 411, because I'm doing a report on her.
Glass woman, Hoover,Al [01-25-2002]

thanks a lot. great site!! Love, ME!!
Courtney Pare, Ga [01-25-2002]

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Getting info for a Brownie Try-it- Hope to visit sometime!
Carolyn Ciccarone, Kennett Square Pa [01-25-2002]

Thank you! This was very nice! Good Job!
Cindy Meehan, Blue Island, IL, USA [01-25-2002]

I enjoyed the facts that I learned about Ms. Ross.
chad frazier, lithonia, georgia [01-25-2002]

hey wasssssup i love tha flag im doin it 4 a projectim in 7th grade byebye!!!!!!!!
Callie Davis, Benton,LA, [01-25-2002]

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The information will be very useful in teaching the new class of cadets we have at our Squadron. Thank you.
Tamara Wienke, Somers, WI [01-25-2002]

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Dear Betsy Ross: My last name is Ross too. I am starting to work on my third grade literature project and am looking forward to learning a lot about you and your life. Love, Kelly Ross
Kelly Nicole Ross, Alexandria, VA [01-12-2002]

p.a. miller, fort collins, colorado [01-12-2002]

stephanie, ohio [01-12-2002]

I was looking for information to present in a Girl Scout meeting. I think the girls will enjoy learning how to cut a five point star in one "snip"! Very interesting. I'll pass the site along to others.
Kathy Blackwood, Tulsa, Oklahoma [01-12-2002]

making stars is cool
anonymous [01-12-2002]

At congress shcool in Sturgis MI we were reading a legon about betsy ross and I real liked it. So then we made a 5 pointed star in are class then are reading teacher gave us your website. So that night I got on your website and loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your freind logan
logan age 8 i live in sturgis [01-12-2002]

DIONNE AND CARLIE, moscow pa [01-12-2002]

nancy riddell [01-12-2002]

great web site my daughter is presently preparing a report on the American Flas for her social studies project. This web site was a great source of information for her report. thanks
Elizabeth B. Manning, baton rouge la [01-12-2002]

I was doin a research project for schoole and i got an A+ on it. I got a lot of my informatioon from here.
Brianna Robinson, United States [01-12-2002]

I just steped by because I have to do a powerpoint in class about The Revolutionary War!!!
Kayla, Eufaula OK [01-12-2002]

I wish I could print out a picture of the first ever stitched American flag. Thank You, Brianna
Brianna, Bath, PA [01-12-2002]

Hi I am so glad you made the flag because of the bombing and you have a lot of reasoures for my history project Bye Micki Smith
Micki Smith, La Vernia,tx [01-12-2002]

wish i lived in those days and nice house miss besty ross and i love everything you did back then and in heaven keep holding it down .
ebony hardy, Maywood IL, ccook county [01-12-2002]

kory, plattsburg [01-12-2002]

good site. educational and enjoyable
don foy [01-12-2002]

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I think this web site has every thing you need. It helped me on my report on the American Revolution!!!
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you have a kinda cool web page i learned a lot!!!!!!!!! You need more interesting kid stuff though!
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Janae, newyork [01-12-2002]

wow she had a lot of husbands!!!!!!!1
melissa meinders, washburn [01-12-2002]

Alyssa [01-12-2002]

The flag that Betsy made is very historical! I think that on flag day we should be told the story of Betsy Ross and the story of the first flag. I also think that in the classroom there should be a Betsy Ross flag!
Bionca mcain, usa [01-12-2002]

We are a group of Girl Scouts and one of out projects is to find out what company makes the American Flags.
Cathy Lash, Chicago,Illinois [01-12-2002]

I enjoyed the tour good luck for the future
Vanessa Dominguez, Chicago, illinois [01-12-2002]

This rocks, Betsy's flag should be showed more it is so cool she should be said in scool.
Amie Pain, usa [01-12-2002]

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Elsa M. Aviles, Puerto, Rico [01-12-2002]

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Kershamer, New york [01-09-2002] [01-09-2002]

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tad [01-09-2002]

I'm 62 years old, and I still get a lump in my throat when I see our flag on parade. I served over 10 years in the military, and support the flag desecration amendment to the U. S. Constitution. No other object has the significance to other nations that our flag has. To me, it symbolizes this nation, and all that we hold dear. God Bless America!
John, Illinois [01-09-2002]

You forgot to mention that the flag on the moon flies 24 hours a day. I don't know if there is an executive order or not. Thought that was worth mentioning to you.
Teresa Kirby, Auburn, CA. 95602 [01-09-2002]

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your informative history of Betsy Ross, the American flag, and other data on your web pages. All I can remember about these subjects is what we learned in school, and that consisted of 'Betsy Ross sewed the American flag'...the end. Thanks for a more detailed story about these subjects.
Lana Norris, Washington, IN [01-09-2002]

I really liked your website i had to do a project so i came to your site for a picture thank you for making this website thanks, Gloria Michel
Gloria Michel, Abbeville [01-09-2002]

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great site
danicka, bellingham washington [01-09-2002]

i learend so much about you and apprieacat the flag(s) you made
Chelsea Lynn Nieves, Key Largo,Fl [01-09-2002]

god bless the united states!!! happy holidays to everyone...
JULIA JONES, lorain,ohio [01-09-2002]

I Care Day Care, San Diego, Ca [01-09-2002]

We are learning about our country's symbols for our badge, "United We Stand." Your site is a good reference source.
Junior GS Troop 6309, Miller, SD USA [01-09-2002]

Trav Roth, Metamora, Il [01-09-2002]

amber simon, p;atti welder [01-09-2002]

autumn [01-09-2002]

bettsy house looks grate i wish that i can go there in real life
samantha harris, yakima warshington 98901 [01-09-2002]

I love rock and Roll
Ariana Lodise, Under your deck [01-09-2002]

I have enjoyed your website tremendously!! I portray Betsy Ross at the American Village in Ala. I was on the cover of the DAR magazine, American Spirit as Betsy Ross. I consider it an honor to be able to portray her and teach children what a true heroine she was. I find people of all ages are fascinated by her life story.
Kathleen Hennessy, Vestavia Hills,Al. [01-09-2002]

god bless america
john, alva florida [01-09-2002]

luv the flag!!! go u.s.a
macie celona, pa [01-09-2002]

I really enjoyed taking the tour of Betsy Ross's house. I am doing research on her for a class and that was an intereting part of my research. Your page helped a lot. Thanks.
Lizabeth Seals, United States (IL) [01-09-2002]

This helped a lot for a social studies project. Thanx!!!
~*~*Sara Swanson*~*~, West Virginia [01-09-2002]

arachnia57, ny [01-09-2002]

I am doing a English project on Besty Ross and your web site really helped me! if you have any good information that could help me write a story of her life please send it to me thank you very much and have a great day!
Taylor, Wilmington Delaware USA [01-09-2002]

I like your web site.
Kathryn R., Lebanon, PA [01-09-2002]

I have a large copy of the flag picture, and a Betsy Ross Foundation certificate that belonged to my Great-grandfather Charles Henderson Berry, a Civil War Vet. It is series N certificate #23885 issued in 1917. He was a resident of the Ohio Soldiers and Sailors Home at the time and died in 1925 in Springfield, Ohio.
Howard D. Stokes, El Cajon, Ca 92021 [01-09-2002]

I'm doing a grade 11 paper on images of the American flag through history and its power as a symbol. Thanks for all of the great information. Yes, I'm a Canadian and we do study US history in High School - cheers.
Heather Poole, Blackstock, Ontario, Canada [01-09-2002]

michael j. bray, jr, abington, pa [01-09-2002]

I love the tour !it was neat
Courtney, mn [01-09-2002]

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Fascinating and very enjoyable and enlighting.
joan Arthur, South Africa [01-09-2002]

The knowledge in this site was used to help me deliver a proper understanding of the American Flag and all that pertains to to my Jr. girl scout troop .Thank you so much for providing us with the information . God Bless America.
Susan Biles, Alvin, Texas [01-09-2002]

This was a very interesting page. It will help my brownis troop with the patch they will earn. God Bless America!!!! Tammy--1/05/02
Tammy bolen, Delmar, MD [01-09-2002]

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proud to be a patriot!!!
heidi, bx,ny [01-09-2002]

Thank you you helped me on my school report.
katelin, gettysburg PA 17325 USA [01-09-2002]

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Brownie Girl Scout Leader for Troop 2204- working on our Wave the Flag Try-It.
Cindy Hardin, St. Cloud, Florida,USA [01-09-2002]

Heather Ashley Cohick, Williamsport, Pennsylvania Untied States of America [01-09-2002]

Hi I'm Stephanie you can call me stef! I just got on to Betsy Ross and I think its great!! I am doing a report for a teacher and got a load of information.I just tried but it does not work if you trie this I am sure your grade will be an At!!!
Stephanie Tabone, Brooklyn NewYork [01-09-2002]

I am a 5th grade student that is writing a report about Betsy Ross. Thought I'd look around your website. I think it pretty good but you need more pictures of Betsy.
Carol Ban, Ferndale, Michigan [01-09-2002]

I really did not think much of the flag and its meaning until September 11, 2001 when the airplanes flew into the wtc towers in New York City. Now, I plan to learn more about the history of the flag such as Betsy Ross and our country, and the meaning of patriotism and war.
TaSin Ramadan, Lithonia, Ga. 30038 [01-09-2002]

My fifth grade class is going to visit this site.
Kathy Goodwin, Deerfield Beach,FL 33441 [01-09-2002]

seth tippie [01-09-2002]

I was doing an essay of the american flag...none of my friends could find out about why they choose the colors of the flag...I finally found it out and told my friends right away.
Jessica Chagnon, Norfolk,Virginia [01-09-2002]

i am doing a report on betsy ross and your web site was useful
toy, america [01-09-2002]

We are Americans living in England and my daughter is doing a report on the American flag. She has found wonderful information here! Thanks for all the hard work to put together such a wonderful web page.
The Fisher Family, Wilmslow Cheshire England [01-09-2002]

We really enjoyed the tour of Betsy Ross house and would love to visit one day. Thank You. We loved it and the continuation of history into the Civil War. Thanks again, Sheila Brookins
homestead FL [01-09-2002]

Dudley Shoals Elementary School 3rd grade will be learning about the American Flag and visiting your web site.
Carol Crouch, Granite Falls, NC [01-09-2002]

Luetta Hunt [01-09-2002]

Elsa M. Aviles, Puerto, Rico [01-09-2002]

I think the flag brings us together in times of trouble. We have to remember what it stands for. It stands for freedom, liberty,justice and pursiut of happiness. No terrorist or anyone else (including Bin Laden) can take all that away. We must band together so we can not be defeated. IF we all hope and keep fighting for what we believe in, no matter what religion we are, muslim, christian,buddist or anything else,it will happen. we have to believe in ourselves and others. we cant let color, religion or race come between the one thing that matters..........World Peace. I hope you all can see what this means to me. I am a Catholic, and i have friends that are Jewish, Buddist, and Muslim. Some of my friends are Asian, Latin,and African, and i have no problem with that. i just wish the rest of the world could agree with me on that .
Kelsey, Age 13, Oxford PA [01-09-2002]

This site was soooooo helpful. I had to do a powerpoint presentation and i found all my information here! Thanks sooo much!! Peace of Christ, Kelsey
Kelsey Williams, Oxford PA USA [01-09-2002]

I am the 4th great granddaughter of one Thomas Allen, who came to Boston with the British and after the Boston massacure of March, 1770 he deserted the English and decided that liberty was the best of all. This pride in liberty has come down through the ages. All we know of Thomas Allen is who he married and that when he fought his own country men he had to use an alias, if he would have been taken prisoner by the British he would have been shot. Thank you for poosting this site, even our grandchildren enjoyed reading the articles. The pride in our flag and our freedoms are still running strong in this family and are being carried on by our grandchildren. The grandchildren have stated that their ancestors are hero's. Could not have put it any better than that.
carol stuart, Tacoma, WA [01-09-2002]

very interesting
linda nauditt, spokane, Wa USA [01-09-2002]

I do not support the display of the ameican flag on the mast called the yachtclub mast. This mast displays the ameican flag at the gaff wgich is a position of honor but the yacht club mast includes a truck to its mast that is higher hen the main mast and flys their banner on that truck makeing the american flag lower. in mu opinion this is a violation Francis J. Derwin, Quincy, MA
Francis J. Derwin, 80 Clay Street Quincy, MA. 02170 [01-09-2002]

I love your site! I'm 11 and right now i'm doing a project on her. I found a lot of info on this site!
Mandy T., Eden Prarie, Minn. [01-09-2002]

Hey this website is great. I can use all of this info for my report. Thanx a bunch!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Krista, Roseburg, Oregon [01-09-2002]

I am a decendent of John Ross, Betsy's nephew! Thanks for the instructions for making the star.
Pat Lehnen, Sloughhouse CA [01-09-2002]

I would like to thank you for the information and visuals presented . I am a teacher of special needs children and wwork with young children. Other teachers in my school work with middle school through High School aged students, I am looking forward to sharing the information and this site with them and will extract and adapt what applies to my students. Sinverely, Helene Carol Melasky P. 168x @ P.20
Helene Carol Melasky, New York City (Bronx) New York, U.S.A. [01-09-2002]

I loved all the neat information on this website. I bet I will get an A+ on my product.
Bailey, Plaquemine L.A. [01-09-2002]

Thank you for telling me that she really sewed the first flag.
Brendan Cunnane, Charlotte, North Carolina [01-09-2002]


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