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October 1-17, 2001 Betsy Ross Guestbook Archives

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kaiti [10-17-2001]

Jeanne L. Matullo , Maywood, NJ [10-17-2001]

Do the thirteen red and white stripes on the flag stand for the thirteen original colonies? We are trying to find out for my son's fourth grade class report.
Fran Lee Gamble , San Antonio, Tx. 78237 [10-17-2001]

What an educational site! I learned a lot and I thank you for compiling this for US (United States)! I am presenting a program to the Home League ladies of The Salvation Army on October 23rd and this is exactly what we need to help us continue to feel proud of our FLAG and AMERICA! God bless America and God bless YOU!
Linda Carrasquillo , Hartford, Connecticut [10-17-2001]

I loved the tour of Betsy's House. It was very enjoyable.
Kelly M. Conn , Bryant, AR [10-17-2001]

The Flag means so much to us here in New York, who have lost so many friends, colleagues and loved ones. The Flag is everywhere -- on windows, lapels,cars. I am so proud when I see it. But I am proud of the Flag, and of Betsy Ross, for a special reason. I am writing from the American Woman's Economic Development Corp., the nation's oldest not for profit organization helping women start and run their own businesses. It gives us enormous pride and strength to know that the symbol of our country and the symbol of freedom worldwide, was not only made by a woman, but a woman who owned a business when not many did so, and who left it to one of her daughters. It would drive the Taliban wild to know this. Women in America symbolize family and all that goes with supporting the family. I hope that every young girl who looks at the flag remembers Betsy Ross as a strong, gutsy woman and that they are inspired by her example. We plan to display a Betsy Ross flag and declare for the world that her symbol lives on. Suzanne Tufts
suzanne tufts , 216 East 45th Street, New York, New York 10017 [10-17-2001]

God Bless the USA.
Jeanie Kaufman [10-17-2001]

Thanks i need this information i am doing a report for role of women in the war and i thought of Betsy Ross so thanks a lot.
Kellyn Stofer , wahoo,Nebraska U.S.A [10-17-2001]

Bonny Beaty , Glens Falls NY [10-17-2001]

John Caplan , Wilmington, OH [10-17-2001]

Long may she waive.....
Gary Godfrey , Petaluma, CA [10-17-2001]

Hello, My name is Scott Steffey. My Grandmother Betty Wallwork was a Croyle and her father's mother was a Claypoole. My Grandmother told me that through the our geneology that Betsy Ross was a decendant of mine. I am currently compiling information about the American first sewn by Betsy Ross for an informative speech. If you have any extra tid bits of information I would appreciate it. Sincerely, Scott Steffey
Scott Steffey , Muncie,IN 47304 [10-17-2001]

Phyllis Grissom , fERNDALE MI [10-17-2001]

I am related to Betsy Ross. she is my great great great Aunt! my granmpa William Ross toled me this! Because I had to do something on a relative for school and I found out that Betsy Ross was related to me!
stephanie Newmarch , B.C Canada [10-17-2001]

Roby [10-17-2001]

would like to know info on purchasing a 13 Stars and Stripes Flag for a friend.
Angie Morrow , Mckinney, Texas U.S.A. [10-17-2001]

Great Website! My son, Sean, is doing his 2001-002 History Day project on Our Great American Flag!!!! I am proud of his choice. For only 10 years old, his love for his country and The American Flag will be sincerely displayed through this project. Thank you from Sean and I for such an awesome tribute you have created. God Bless you all! Sincerely, Julie & Sean Austin Mother & Son
Julie Austin , Carlsbad, California; U.S.A. [10-17-2001]

I can't seem to find any pictures of Betsey Ross. If you will Please write back with a picture of her because I am doing a Biography of her and I have to have a picture?
Anastasia Daugherty , Newark, OH 43055 [10-17-2001]

Hello everyone! I am doin a research project on Besty Ross and I would love it if anyone on the net could send me good cites leading to Betsy Ross. Thank you and have a nice day! ***AleXiS***
Alexis Lynne , usa [10-17-2001]

betsy ross is a veryintresting person aand im glad that i picked her to do a report on
Krystle , united states PA [10-17-2001]

The american flag is a beautiful site to see blowing in the breeze.It is every day a beautiful reminder what it stands for and makes me proud to be an american and glad I was able to serve my country .
chuck johnson , coarsegold calif. [10-17-2001]

We loved Betsy Flag Ross house and we all thought that the house was very imprtant history.
Juanita Finch , Halls,Tn [10-17-2001]

thanks, for the tour. it was great. try to make it better by adding more fun stuff
kimberly solomon , tn [10-17-2001]

i would like to know the standard proportions of the Betsy Ross flag, for the purpose of painting it.
john fitzpatrick , coatesville pa [10-17-2001]

GREAT page!
Ashley , Asheville, NC [10-17-2001]

Barbara [10-17-2001]

God Bless America!! We will prevail.
Justin McClintic , Omaha, NE 68112 [10-17-2001]

Thanks for your site. It has a lot of usefull good information. Please keep up the good work and may God bless you. Bill Wilson
Bill Wilson , Seattle, WA USA [10-17-2001]

Thank you for having so much information available. I had a program to prepare for a meeting and decided to do a presentation on our flag, just to refresh our memory of its history and the story behind it. Your web sight provided me with ample information and just what I was looking for. Many thanks.
Janet A. Sanewsky , Spencerport, New York 14559 [10-17-2001]

Kathryn Redding , Minneapolis, MN [10-17-2001]

First of all I would like to thank you for creating such an informational and patriotic site. Unfortunately it took a tragedy to bring out the patriotism in many of us. My wife and I have been wanting to erect a flagpole for a couple of years and the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon made our desire that much stronger. We went out the next day and purchased a flagpole and we fly the American Flag proudly. Thank you and may God Bless America. Ward & Ellen Moeller
Ward Moeller , New Carlisle, Ohio [10-17-2001]

Thanks for the information about our flag and thanks for the flag as wallpaper for my computer. I really love our flag and respect it as well.
Shirley A. Hadley , Paris, [10-14-2001]

Jenni Gaunt [10-14-2001]

This was exactly what i needed thanks
Katy Taylor , Longmont, Colorado [10-14-2001]

im doing a report on Pennsylvania and this is the famous person i picked and it is great but you need a better picture for my opinion
Amber Dial , Little rock AR [10-14-2001]

Thank you for this site!!!!
LCDR Tom Rhamy USN Ret , Ridgecrest, CA [10-14-2001]

I am working with our local Cubscout Webelos den, Pack 111, Plantaion, Florida. (Fourth and fifth graders)We are working on the CITIZEN achievement pin, which requires them to know the history of the American Flag. I hopefully will get some useful information from your website.
Estelle Abrams , Plantation, FL, USA [10-14-2001]

I love America!!
Amy Elizabeth Horton , Chesnee, South Carolina [10-14-2001]

I proudly fly a 5' X 8' "Betsy Ross" flag over the entrance to our home. It has special meaning now after the September 11th tragedy. It also has special meaning to me since I bought the flag in Maine, one of the original 13 states, and brought it to Florida.
J. Ellis Rue , Dunedin, FL [10-14-2001]

Mollie Cagle , tx [10-14-2001]

FELICIA , america [10-14-2001]

Interesting Lady!
Carole Franklin , North Wales, United Kingdom [10-14-2001]

I have enjoyed he time I spent hee and have larned a few things I didn't, but are grateful to know about ou flag. Thank you for the insight.
Susan Fertig , Orange Park, Florida [10-14-2001]

I have a question: Is using an image of the American flag acceptable in a company logo. If so, can part of a letter be over the edge of the flag or is this considred writing on the flag. Please let me know. Thank you.
Maria , Charlotte, NC [10-14-2001]

I do admire and always will, Respect our Flag. It's the best looking Flag in the whole World!
Roelof R. Jonker , Temecula, California [10-14-2001]

Silvestre Zamora , Corona, California, U.S.A. [10-14-2001]

I was born on flag day.....
Julie [10-14-2001]

Doing a report on Betsy Ross for 5th grade class assignment.
Kristi Kline , Sacramento, CA [10-14-2001]

chrisine , Jacksonville Florida USA [10-14-2001]

patricia lewis , alma,ar [10-13-2001]

god bless america and you have a really good site
tiara wilbourn , belleville illinos [10-13-2001]

I liked the tour about Betsy Ross and how she made the flag by hand.
Jeanie Marie Cain , livingston,texas [10-13-2001]

May God always Bless America
Betty Morris , Parkersburg WV [10-13-2001]

I think your web site is so cool. I loved the flag picture Gallery GOD BLEES AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
stephanie , savannah MO [10-13-2001]

Wanted to get the history of the flag for my son's Cub Scout group activity.
Elaine , Altoona, IA [10-13-2001]

Thank you.. nice flag..
Mary Beth Mold [10-13-2001]

Betsy Ross is my 5th-great Aunt by marriage to my maternal 5th-great Uncle George Ross. Also, my great-great...great maternal Grandmother, Mary Chilton, stepped off the Mayflower. My Father's ancestors met the boat. That's quite a heritage! :] Love and Prayers for our Nation and for PEACE throughout the World. AMEN! sincerely, ROBOT [Melanie Jean Mayfield]
ROBOT [Melanie Jean Mayfield] , Eureka, CA [10-12-2001]

Bonnie Hall [10-12-2001]

Sandy Thompson , Azle, Texas [10-12-2001]

God Bless AMERICA through good times and bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jennifer , Indiana, PA [10-12-2001]

I am so glad somebody nmade the first amed Betsy flag!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Betsy Loeb , Lawreceville IL [10-12-2001]

If Betsy did notmake the flag we might not have 1
Lacee , usa [10-12-2001]

Hello , Your website is neat to go to .
Brandi Brown [10-12-2001]

I like this sight. I even like the HOUSE!!!!!!!!! Brandi Jacoby Lincoln School
Brandi Jacoby [10-12-2001]

Hi I that her house was beauterful. I wish I lived there. Emma
Emma Buterbaugh , Laweranceville IL [10-12-2001]

I am really glad that you made this webpage thank you for every thing that you have done for our country
Jaimie , Holland Mi [10-12-2001]

Kim Alford , El Paso, Texas [10-12-2001]

Whenever I see the Flag my heart swells with pride, tears com to my eyes as I remember the history of our great country, the sacrifices people have made for Old Glory and our ideals. This country may not always be right or proud of what some have done in the name of patriotism but we learn from the past and try not to make the same mistakes over again. Old Glory reminds me to hold my head up high, and that in no other country in the world can the citizens freely spontaneously respond to situations without fear of government or religious censorship. God Bless America and keep her heart true to all that Old Glory stands for.
Mary A. Fleig , Sacramento, California [10-12-2001]

Good to see such valuabe information on the internet. I was surprised and disappointed to see that so many people did not have flags to display. Every American should diplay the flag and should have one at all times.Freedom to fly that flag is what I defended my country for, and people should feel proud to be AMERICANS GOD BLESS AMERICA
Don Schwarz , princeton nj [10-12-2001]

Our flag shows pride that our for-fathers had in this country and the faith they had in GOD. It is the principles that this country was based upon. God will continue to bless the United States, if we praise him, and put him first, above all other. God Bless each and everyone.
Donna Gray , Bulls Gap, TN [10-12-2001]

James [10-12-2001]

I always thought it illegal to fly the flag if it was torn or tattered. Iread your page on rules and regulations for flting the flag and did not see this rule!! Did i just miss it? Please reply.
David Belfiore , Divide, Colorado, United States of America [10-12-2001]

Teresa C. Barwick , Sumterville, FL [10-12-2001]

Jarrod West , Ghent W V U.S.A. [10-12-2001]

Great Site! It had everything I needed! I can't wait to go back and visit the house again someday when we return to the states from overseas duty!
Susan Magee , Giebelstadt, Germany [10-12-2001]

god bless america
Tabitha Cody , chattanooga, tn. hamilton county [10-11-2001]

I am very Glad That Betsy Made the Flag.
Alycia Williams , N.C Chastle Hayne [10-11-2001]

I think the flag rules Betsy to bad your dead you wouldn't lik what hapend one month ago.
Matt Barrett , Tucson, A.Z. [10-11-2001]

I love this site.
Brittany , Jasper AL. age11 [10-11-2001]

This is a good site. I visited the house in the early 80's. This brought back memories.
Jennifer Low , Center, TX [10-11-2001]

Matt and Jake [10-11-2001]

This is a great site. My daughter is doing her social studies fair project on the American flag.I have found a lot of information here.I might learn more about the flag myself.
Heather Golemon , Glenmora,LA USA [10-11-2001]

I think America Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
La'Shuna Coleman , Clarksville, Texas [10-11-2001]

The flag makes me proud to be a Amrican. For V.I.P day I got picked to be Betsy Ross. I wanted to be Princess Diana but someone else got picked. Well got to go bye.
Courtney Guernsey , Dryden Ny , 13053 [10-11-2001]

Hey Hey!
Steven Smith , West Virginia [10-11-2001]

I am doing a report on Besty Ross She made so many flags
Hannah Roberts , Harrisburg [10-11-2001]

I'm using your website to educate my colleagues on the proper display of the American flag, especially now when we are all trying to show our support for the nation. Thanks.
Jane Harmon , New Jersey [10-11-2001]

thank you for a great site and a printiable version of the proper way to display the flag and the rules and regulations that everyone should take the time to read and understand. tahnks again sincerly ben burdick
BENJAMIN T. BURDICK , farmingdle, maine [10-11-2001]

Please ignore my previous question as I found the answer. The standard sized flag at military installations is the Post Flag and the large one I was thinking of is the Garrison Flag.
Rebekah , San Jose, CA [10-11-2001]

Excellent site ... Thank you
Luis Cardozo , Euless, Texas, USA [10-11-2001]

I know of 3 flag sizes which have names. They are the Garrison Flag, the standard size routinely flown at military installations, the Storm Flag, the small one flown during inclement weather, and the largest size for ceremonial purposes on military installations, the name of which I have forgotten. Can you provide that name for me, please, or point me to additional research sites? Thanks in advance!
Rebekah , San Jose, CA [10-11-2001]

Great site ....Proud to be an AMERICAN
Terri Kenost , Melrose Park IL USA [10-11-2001]

Did Betsy Ross sew the flag by hand?
Leslie , California [10-10-2001]

Thank you for your informational website. With the bombing of September 11th, I wanted to display my American flag. I knew that rules existed as to how this should be done, and your rules and regulations page answered all that I wanted to know as well as additional information that I found interesting. Thank you again The Swishers Tallahassee, FL
Layla, Kevin & Aspen Swisher , Tallahassee, FL [10-10-2001]

The United States of America is still the best PLACE IN THE WORLD TO LIVE!God Bless all of those who made it Possible for us to Live in the FREE WOLRD because without them we would not have what we have and live for today! Sincerely Paula Duran
Paula Duran , Bryant Arkansas ,Saline County [10-10-2001]

Your printable image is BEST TO DATE. Thanx sooo much from a disabled veteran.
Gary , Ct USA [10-10-2001]

Ramona , Jacksonville, Florida [10-10-2001]

If I were talk to our American Flag, I would say to it, "Thank you being there!"
Judy Baer , Boise, ID [10-10-2001]

i just wanted to say a few words because i am doing a report on betsy ross i was looking up some information on her because i know that she was a great person to do a report on so that is all i want to say thank you katey
katey jon , sunshine louisiana [10-10-2001]

hey yall's at the homepage company thang im a student and i was to look at this site for a class of mine and i thought i would tell you guys that it was very helpful and i really enjoyed it thanks again be safe, peace Amanda 10/10/01
Amanda [10-10-2001]

clareth vasquez , annapolis ,md [10-10-2001]

It answered many questions I had about the American Flag.
Wayne Bickford , Clifton Heights, PA 19018 [10-10-2001]

I am using this sight for information on the flag and the Pledge of Alligance. My 5th graders are currently studying all that they can about our country. Thanks for the help! I teach at Central Decatur, Leon, Iowa 50144
Alexis Hamaker , Leon, Iowa USA [10-10-2001]

i think you are great to me and i am so glad that you are a good person to me...???!!!@#$%^&*
kimberly , willis [10-10-2001]

I am single hook me up.o
Laurel Goldberg , Kennesaw GA [10-10-2001]

In 3rd Grade my class was doing a play about Besty Ross and the flag that she sew. I got the part of Besty Ross.I have learned a lot, Bye!!!!!!!
Alicia , Warrensburg,Missori,USA [10-10-2001]

This is a really great site.
Peter , Warrensburg MO. [10-10-2001]

Alicia , Warrensburg,Missori,USA [10-10-2001]

Jessica [10-10-2001]

Beth Anne [10-10-2001]

Andrew Sndyer , 4653 Abbott Road Orchard Park New York 14127 USA [10-10-2001]

hello, this is a wonerful, educational site for every one. i love it.
Natalie Lundberg , Maryland,Baltimore [10-10-2001]

I was very impressed with the contents of the information about Betsy Ross. How interesting that she shared a pew with President G. Washington. It must have taken her many hours to sew the flag by hand. Are there duplicates for sale. Margaret Hazenbroek, Dansersweg 2, 3286LH Klaaswaal the Netherlands
Margaret Hazenbroek , Klaaswaal The Netherlands [10-10-2001]

Cool site
Mike Campbell , Mooresville NC RACE=CITY-USA [10-10-2001]

I have a question: in school we were arguing over who made the actual first design of the United States flag? Could you please help me crack this mystery?
Caridad House , 5604 20th ST. West; Bradenton, FL 34207 [10-10-2001]

I am 12 years old and I can understand the terrible tragedy that happened on Sept. 11, 2001. This is the time that we should call upon praise and hold each other tight and thank the Lord that our parents didn't die. For those children's parents that have died, I want to be able to help them in the best ways I can for their convience. I have been trying very hard to help donate as much money as I can to go to the children. In the best ways possible, I want to pray for everybody and partly for those that lost their parents. If you can I would like for you to e-mail me. I'm sincerly sorry for the people that have lost their lives over the attack. Best Wishes, Daryl
Daryl Loftice , Honey Grove, Texas, United States [10-10-2001]

I think it is a wonderful place to visit and this website really helped me out with my essay
Wilfredo Serrano , Allentown, Pa [10-10-2001]

Thanks for a great site! I forgot about lighting the flag at during this war I have been hanging mine all the time(except in rain, of course).
Jennifer Bradbury , Honolulu Hi [10-10-2001]

WONDERFUL website. I was searching for information for a friend of mine who teaches 5th grade. This is absolutely perfect! Thank you!
Mrs. Dacre Garrett , Garland, Texas [10-10-2001]

I entered this site to help do a research paper for my little nieces school project.I learned a lot more about Betsy Ross and the history of our American Flag.I even saved one of the pictures for a wall paper.Thank You.
Lynn Mathis , Tupelo,Ms [10-10-2001]

Betsy Ross Creator of our flag Betsy Ross Strong woman Betsy Ross Cheer, cheer, cheer! Stay from the bar and the beer Make sure you don't forget The sewing and the sweat All the effort that went in to the flag!
Rachel Weiss [10-10-2001]

we need to keep our american flag flying all the time not just in times of trouble. it is the most beautiful flag on the planet and i am very proud to be a 4th generation American.
Michele Aurisano , hazleton Pa USA [10-10-2001]

god bless america again is my prayer
teddy thomas , stanleytown, virginia 24168 [10-10-2001]

Do you sell a hat similar to what Betsy wears in your picture? Our school teachers are having a patriotic halloween. I thought I'd be Betsy.
Marianne Dean , nj [10-10-2001]

Leena [10-10-2001]

Mat God bless America
Lisa Hanan , purcell ,ok73080 [10-10-2001]

Darlene Dickson , Port Arthur, Texas U.S.A. [10-10-2001]

I am 28 and single. Iam available. I also think the flag and that whole betsy ross thing is totaly awsome. So keep that in \
Carly Perkins , Kenesaw georgia [10-10-2001]

I'm a history buff, thanks to a teacher I had in my Junior year of high school. I'm from the time when we could still pray in school, pledge our alligance to the flag and our wonderful nation...pre-Madaline O'Hare...I'm proud to be an American and am also proud to say I believe in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.
Joyce Olson-Baer , Canby, MN, USA [10-10-2001]

I was just wondering if a person has a flag pillow or fag material covered chairs, is this wrong? What about flags painted on wood? And also what material is the standard flag made of? Thanks
Nissa , saginaw, michigan [10-10-2001]

Bart Flint , Roselle, NJ [10-10-2001]

Matt, Brian, and Sam , titusville [10-10-2001]

aaron , tucson [10-10-2001]

I hope nothing bad happens to the BetsyRosses house.
Jacob Thompson , Chino Hills, Ca [10-10-2001]

Thank you for letting me have such a wonderful time on Betsy 's website! I have so much information about Betsy I think my head will explode!
Jennifer Gaunt , Chino Hills,California [10-10-2001]

I like that house . I would like to live there .
Jennifer Pavone , Chino Hills , California [10-10-2001]

I really loved the tour of Betsy Ross's house! It was very cool and edgucational!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!
Stephanie Bukowiecki , Chino Hills,California U.S.A [10-10-2001]

Thank you for this lesson,I really enjoyed it.
Elias A. Marichi , Chino Hills, C.A [10-10-2001]

I had a great time learning about Betsy Ross thank you.
Amir Sarooghi , Chino Hills ,California [10-10-2001]

I really enjoyed this web site on betsy Ross she lived a very intresting life .
Macie m Mendoza , Chino Hills, CA [10-10-2001]

This was a fun experience to look at this web site. I might do this again. Thanks, Jeff
Jeff Fenison , Chino Hills [10-10-2001]

This is a great what I haered about Betsy Ross
Stacy Spaulding [10-10-2001]

I liked all the information and the really cool pictures. This information really will help me in school.I've never seen a flag on the computer before.
Ariel Baker , Chino Hills [10-10-2001]

Thankyou for letting me take the nice tour.
Jimmy Galvez , Chino Hills,CA [10-10-2001]

thanx for the lesson! Heh : ) i like it a lot it was cool ! your frend michael shafer
michael shafer , Chino Hills ,CA 91709 [10-10-2001]

I enjoyed the story very much.Thestory helped a iot.
Adaku Onyiah , Chino Hills [10-10-2001]

Thanks for all this. I like it a lot.
Moussa Kareem , Chino Hills,Ca. 91709 [10-10-2001]

I've had so much fun clicking and looking around! Thank You!
Lindsey Hagelberg , Chino Hills, CA 91709 [10-10-2001]

I liked learning about this web site. I also liked seeing Betsy and her house.
Megan Dufrenne , Chino Hills [10-10-2001]

I had a great time reading and looking at the pictures.
Craig Roesberry , Chino Hills California [10-10-2001]

I like it
mariya kim , Chino Hills CA 91709 [10-10-2001]

Thanks a lot for the information about Betsy ross it was the beast.
Nicholas Irons , Chino Hills, CA [10-10-2001]

Thanks this was a nice lesson. I would like to do it agin. your friend, Desiree
Desiree Deutsch , Chino Hills [10-10-2001]

Thanks for a great lesson.I will like to visit here agian.
Robert Corral , Chino Hills [10-10-2001]

This was a great story about the flag and Betsy Ross
Atephen Paniagua , Chino Hills CA 91709 [10-10-2001]

I enjoyed the visit on your website. I'll be back soon!
Abby aziz , Chino Hills [10-10-2001]

I really liked the tour of betsy's house.Thank you!
Maribel Castaneda , Chino Hills [10-10-2001]

thank you very much I enjoyed the visit I would like to come again.There was a lot of interesting things that I reead.
monique alarcon , Chino Hills [10-10-2001]

Thanks this was a nice lesson. I would like to do it agin. your friend, Desiree
Desiree Deutsch , Chino Hills [10-10-2001]

i really liked this web site this was a fun leason.I really like the Betsy house.
Jacque , Chino Hils [10-10-2001]

This was a great story about the flag and Betsy Ross
Atephen Paniagua , Chino Hills CA 91709 [10-10-2001]

I like it
mariya kim , Chino Hills CA 91709 [10-10-2001]

Thank you for the fun lesson on your website
Ryan Dunn , chino hills [10-10-2001]

Thank you for a cool website.
Nicholas Diller , Chino Hills [10-10-2001]

thanks for taking the time to have a page like this
NANCY HAMPTON , dalton, ga 30720 [10-10-2001]

As the flag unites us today in a time of terrorism, we shall forever cherish it in our hearts!
Sharon A. Robinson , Pendleton, Indiana [10-10-2001]

Shelli , Littel Rock, Arkansas [10-10-2001]

i am really glad this is such a goooooooooooood website! Good Charlotte 4 life!!!!!! Hi w/b if you want! I am in class so I can't chat long!
Chels , Maryland [10-10-2001]

AaKita White , va [10-10-2001]

Very interested information. Thanks a bunch for sharing it via the internet.
Blanca I. Cardona , Miami, Florida (USA) [10-10-2001]

K. Metheny , Oklahoma [10-10-2001]

samantha harrington , kanab utah [10-10-2001]

Hollie Bruzek , Maple Grove, Minnesota [10-10-2001]

We are excited about our visit to your web page. I am in first grade and am completing a homework assignment for the computer lab at my school, Dr. NH Jones. Thank you this was of great help.
William Conrad , Ocala, Fl [10-08-2001]

Allison , Allen TX [10-08-2001]

Hi every1, Dis is a great site especilly if u need it 2 look up stuff 2 reports
~*~AnGeL ToNi~*~ , Worcester, MA !!USA!! [10-08-2001]

how did betsy ross sew the flag?
margaret anne , birmingham, Al [10-08-2001]

Daniel K Siedlecki , Denver [10-08-2001]

I need to make a Betsy Ross costume for my 9-year old. Any ideas on where to find the pattern?
Dee , Milwaukee, Wisconsin [10-08-2001]

I think it's amazing that someone could have th patince to do that.
Kaitlyn [10-08-2001]

Thanks Betsy
PLH , Frisco Texas [10-08-2001]

I was nice to visit the virtural tour of Betsy Ross' house, thanks and May God Bless America.
James Velasquez , Westminster, Colorado USA [10-08-2001]

can you please put more info about Betty Ross? I'm doing a project for school and I need more info like what she looked like,what kind of personality she had,whhat life was like back then,what tape of clothig she wore. So if you can get that to me that would be grate! thanks Emily
Emily , west palm beach fl [10-08-2001]

i'm un ameriacn history and we are doing famous people for a report and i chelsea jones pick betsy ross because from what i read she was a nice person and i read love reading about her i am trying to get information about her for my report.
CHELSEA JONES , i'm at school [10-08-2001]

Wonderful website, worthy of a wonderful and talented woman. This flag, which she created, is by far the most beautiful in the world. It is as amazing today as it must have been the day she made it! Thank you for the tour. God Bless America
Elizabeth Sterling , Wilmette, Illinois [10-08-2001]

Lee Lust , Utica, NY 13502 [10-08-2001]

i had great pleasure in visiting your web site and come back periodically i also down loaded the flag wallpaper. Sincerely , Joann
Joann , Brooksville, Florida, United States [10-08-2001]

I am in the second grade and am portraying Betsy Ross as my choice for a famous American. It is a month long study and I will actually dress as Betsy and give a first person report at the end of October. The Web pages have helped me a lot.
Hannah Smith , Farmville, NC USA [10-08-2001]

If the 50 stars in the American flag represent the states of the Union, what do the bars represent? thank you
linda lynch [10-08-2001]

I really enjoyed this site. Keep up the good work. Verna
Verna Grantham , Perryville, MO USA [10-08-2001]

I am on the Alter guild of the Trinity Lutheran church. I was told that if the flags are placed in a position in front of the speaker on staffs that the United States flag should be at the speakers left (he facing the audience). But if the flags are behind the speaker the United states Flag then is on the right side of the speaker. I found my answer on your web page for placement of the Flag behind the speaker on the alter. But not if the flag is in front of the alter to the sides and in front of the speaker. Does the same rule apply.
Sandra Hanson, SC Emergency Management , Forman ND 58032 United STates [10-08-2001]

Eeally have enjoyed your web site. A question for you what does the certificate look like that were sold starting 1898-1932? This information shall very much appricated. SLZ
Sylvia Zembower , Apopka, Fl [10-08-2001]

Kristen , Ft. Pierce, Florida [10-08-2001]

JOSE ORTIZ , port jervis ,new york. [10-08-2001]

how or where can i find out how is the rite way to fold the american flag so it will fit in one of the flag holders so the stare will be streight? thank you roger
ROGER D. LARKINS , chubbuck [10-08-2001]

Thank you for an informative site, and God Bless Our World!!
Wendy Canaga , Redding,California [10-08-2001]

I enjoyed your webpage very much. I found it while I was searching for dimensions of the U.S. flag for a class project. I tried making a star with your directions but had limited success. Using trigonometry I discovered that using 7-1/4" where you have 10" will make a 'perfect' five-point star. That may not be historically correct. Does anyone know what Betsy Ross used? Thanks again for a great webpage.
Robin Manker , Jacksonville, Illinois, U.S.A. [10-08-2001]

i was looking for something on betsy an yuo had everything on it!!!!! so i thankx.....
cloey , united states [10-08-2001]

I love your site!!!
Britt Johnson , Pasadena, TX USA [10-08-2001]

Thank yall, yall saved my neck on this project. I got an A!
Nat Nat , ??? [10-08-2001]

MickeyAnn Parker , Portland, OR [10-07-2001]

Karen D. Ross , Marysville, WA 98271 [10-07-2001]

We found a flag with 48 stars in the basement of our house. It was made by the Vincent J. Spelman & Co., New York-Philadelphia. It has a hemp rope running down the left side. It's pretty yellowed and worn in some places. Is there any way that we can clean it up without harming the flag itself? We are afraid to bring it to the cleaners and don't have the slightest idea where to begin. We would love to hang it on our wall if we can clean it up somehow. Thanks, any hints you may have will be appreciated.
Sisolak , Millers Island, Edgemere, MD 21219 [10-07-2001]

John Armstrong , Jacksonville, FL [10-07-2001]

Great Page!!
Kaitlin Farrell , East Patchogue Ny 11772 [10-07-2001]

JERRY ZBELL , campbell, ohio [10-07-2001]

Thankyou very much. I was very interested in the picture because I would like to be Betsy Ross for halloween. When I was in 2nd grade I drew a picture of Betsy Ross. To me she is a very interesting part of history. Once more thankyou . Sincerely Jennifer Guiets
Jennifer Gueits , Brooklyn N.Y. [10-07-2001]

This is a great web site and I thoroghly enjoyed the poems by the children. You have done a great job hear.
Arlene F. Murray , Muscatine IA 52761 [10-07-2001]

Greeting from the blue grass state! Oh Kentucky!!! We just stopped by to find out the meaning of the colors and stripes for my 8 yr old son, Great site! and and Proud to say that We live in the GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD! AND PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!
Gretchen Hensley , Belfry, Ky [10-07-2001]

Paul & Amy Pysher , Bath, Pa [10-07-2001]

GOD Plese America, may her flag long wave!!!
Ron L , Alexandria, VA [10-07-2001]

Thank you for the image. it was great!!!!
katherine M. Hodge [10-06-2001]

I got to salute the flag last night for the first time since I don't remember when. It made me cry. I hope children will listen to the words they say, and not just recite them. I hop adults will do the same.
Shirley , Oregon [10-06-2001]

I found this site by typing American Flag on my search engine. A neighbor asked me about the policy on flying anything above the flag and I told him I would look on the internet for details. I found the US Law Governing The Use of The Flag, Section 175. Thanks, Merv
Mervin Evans , Taylorsville Utah USA [10-06-2001]

I just wanted to say when i was a child,about 7 or 8 years old on a class trip we went to the Betsy Ross house. I still remember that expierence im 38 years old now. That was a long time ago One day im going to bring my children there,I have 3 kids so that they can expierence the historic sites.
Debbie , Philadelphia [10-06-2001]

My real name is Betsy Ross and I have never really appreciated it... until now. I have always, in a way, been embarrassed about this...alot of teasing...but, now, I want everyone to know.....I am proud to be Betsy Ross!!!!!!!!!
Betsy Ross , Alabama [10-06-2001]

Linda Vance , Hopewell,Va. [10-06-2001]

I have been searching you site for the answer to this question. Why are the red and white stripes on the flag, red and white? What do the colors symbolize? Why is the Blue block blue?
Gil Parrish , Clanton, Alabama [10-06-2001]

My sister Marylou sent me this site from Asheville, North Carolina - I thank her - This is a wonderful site - I learned a lot.
Sharon Gibbons , Ortonville, Michigan [10-06-2001]

Becky Horn , Gas City, Indiana USA [10-06-2001]

Lou Mancusi , East Patchogue, New York, U.S.A. [10-06-2001]

What is the proper way to dispose of a weathered and worn flag?
Ronald Neil , Bethel Park, Pennsylvania [10-06-2001]

i just want to say thank you for all the info and printable pics and flags.this info help me a lot to pass my course.
meftune caglar , England [10-06-2001]

I too have been touched by all the recent events. I too have been looking towards our flag as a sign of patrotisim. My only thoughts about this is, why did it take such a horrible tragedy to finally make people understand , that believing in our contry is not "uncool" or boring, or stupid. Ever since I was a young child , the only time of the year anyone I knew acknowledged our great country, was on the 4th of July. That is, if they weren't to bored by the typical goings on for that particular day. Now , since these horrible instances, it's become the trend to wave a flag around. I love to see it, I just wish people would stop and rexamine themselves a little closer when it comes to issues such as ones patrotisim. I have heard to many American's complain about this country. I hope I never hear one cross word again about it. It's a shame that society deciedes what is cool or not. My only hope is that, after all the hipe has settled down, I still can drive any well travled, or deserted road, cross under and bridge, with that very comforting and familiar site, our flag. I for one will still have my flag proudly displayed! No matter what!
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Holmes , Connecticut [10-06-2001]

You page is so cool. Not that i like history i dont but i am going to be betsy for halloween maybe and i was wondering what she looked like so here i am looking at your SITE!
Laura , Earth [10-06-2001]

hi can u tell me what each fold of the flag means i say it on tv and cant find it anywhere so i figure since besty ross in vented iit u might now
samantha , little river sc [10-06-2001]

i have always been proud to display my AMERICAN FLAG even before OUR AMERICAN TRADEDY. i support all the people who make AMERICA A STRONG NATION
nancy wade , raynham mass usa [10-06-2001]

This is a very informative page about the american flag. I am glad that I visited it. And thanks for the Flag.
Thomas Hunter , Winfield Penna. [10-06-2001]

I am moved to tears of pride for the people of our country. All the beautiful comments from men, women and children who respect what the US Flag stands for. My husband has proudly served in combat for this country and would gladly do so again if called. He is honored to have an American Flag that was flown over the White House during President Ronald Regans terms. It was no mistake that Red,White and Blue was selected to represent the USA. Just as "Old Glory" waves high for all to see, may we stand tall for liberty and justice for all. I am proud to be an American. God Bless America
Judy Young , Boca Raton, Florida [10-06-2001]

Knight [10-06-2001]

awesome sight!!!!
DARLENE SEAGO , amarillo, texas [10-06-2001]

Sheila Norris , Tucson, AZ [10-06-2001]

Jarrettia [10-06-2001]

Deann Mazzuca , Denver, CO [10-06-2001]

Thanks for your help. I needed a picture of Betsy Ross to plan a Halloween costume. The secret of making a 5-point star is great!
Lisa Taylor , Bristol, CT [10-06-2001]

thank you for your information.
Elise Walker , Gulfport,MS 39507 [10-06-2001]

my sister in florida made my daughter a betsy ross costume for halloween. she started in january of this year. its beautiful. i came to your site to let my nine year old find out the history of her costume. GREAT SITE
Bernadette Perea , Alamogordo New Mexico [10-06-2001]

Mary E. Johnson , Carrollton, Texas 75007 [10-06-2001]

Could you tell me where to find what each fold of the flag means?
Deb Critz , West Des Moines, Iowa [10-06-2001]

Gloria Nevarez [10-06-2001]

Very Nice Site , educational and accurate
Jerry L Lovell , Odessa Texas [10-06-2001]

Jarit F. Pitochelli , Keizer, Oregon USA [10-06-2001]

kendall reeves [10-06-2001]

i just love this page
justin , saugus,mass [10-06-2001]

I enjoyed looking through your web site. During these times it seems so important that all Amaricans realise the importance of proper procedures to display the United States Flag.
Ronald Lisko , Dickinson, North Dakota 58601 [10-06-2001]

This site has been most comforting in this time of stress and concern. Especially your valuable informatio about the flag, Old Glory, and its history and the regulations for its display. I remember as a youth my aunt and uncle, who resided in Drexel Hill at the time, a suburb of Philadelphia, took me to the Betsy Ross House and Independence Hall. That was in the middle thirties but I have never forgotten it. Our country's historical background has always been one of my favorite interests. Keep up the good work. Yours, Bob Reuter.
Robert Reuter , Lake Ronkonkoma, NY [10-06-2001]

1 proud american!
earl mcintyre , bono,arkansas,72416 [10-06-2001]

thanks to you for this information--I want to share with my grandchildren --so they can give thanks!!
janice gautreaux , houston, texas77084 [10-06-2001]

Kier , pa 12345 poop lane [10-06-2001]

Great site for teaching students about Betsy Ross
David Distler , New Castle, DE [10-06-2001]

Kelli Scruggs [10-06-2001]

Thank you so much for the information and links about OUR AMERICAN FLAG. I took the liberty of printing out Flag Rules & Regulations to share with the members of VFW Post 2814. God Bless America!
Cherie , Central Coast of California [10-06-2001]

Robert Poth , Mansfield, Ohio [10-06-2001]

i enjoyed the sight very much
MARY BOHRER , lenexa kansas [10-06-2001]

Lois Anderton , Manchester,N.H. 03103 [10-06-2001]

Brett Stubbs , Trenton, Oh [10-06-2001]

Great website - I was looking for information to put on our company bulletin boards. Everything I needed was right here. Thanks!
Cindy , Denver, CO [10-06-2001]

this is a really neet web page!!!!!!!!!!!! i am glad i found it!!! your friend faith fauuion
faith a faubion , 39956 n. pride dr. anthem az. 85086 [10-06-2001]

god bless us!!!
ashley [10-06-2001]

Betsy Ross was a good person
Patrick Wayne Ray , Columbia TNN [10-06-2001]

Deme Pratico , Salem, OR 97304 [10-06-2001]

i love betsy ross and her website its really great and i really enjoyed all of her pictures thank you for this loved her
Hope Presley , carrolton,ga [10-06-2001]

Hope Presley [10-06-2001]

the website was great Thanks
Sasha , Lewisville,TX [10-06-2001]

Your site about Betsy Ross is Awsome!
Rachel Robinson , Columbia, South Carolina [10-06-2001]

Terry Gray , Tooele, Utah USA [10-06-2001]

Frances R. Bell , College Park, Georgia [10-04-2001]

Thank you very much for all of the information and printable flags.
Tammy L. Wills , Rochester, NY [10-04-2001]

This is a wonderful site. It is very easy to read and is packed with all kinds of information. I'm glad I found it!
kathy , mesquite,tx [10-03-2001]

very interesting ...I totally enjoyed this site.
Pam , Georgia [10-03-2001]

Hello,I come from a family of Rosses. My Grandmother has always claimed that I amoung others are a decendant of Betsy Ross. What an honor it would be if it were true. even if it isn't I love the design and colors of the flag for our dear Country.God Bless America!!!!
marilyn deal , usa [10-03-2001]

In this time of termoil, our country has stood strong, as for the FLAG, our simble of freedom and strength, may she forever fly high and pround of the people she protects. My country tis of thee,sweet land of liberty. I am very proud to be an AMERICAN and in this COUNTRY, never again in my life time, will I see anything so distraught. We shall stand STRONG AND UNITED. Debra Emerle
Debra Emerle , Williamstown, NJ USA [10-03-2001]

Well today is October 3, 2001 and I'll never be the same because of what happened on Sept. 11, 2001 we lost over 6,0000 people that day due to monsters . I have a Son that turned 18 on Sept. 16, 2001 and I am scared to death that he may be going to war. But for our country to stay free we MUST defend it at ALL cost. In my Town there is a Church that has put out white crosses in the front lawn for ever person that died in New York. It really hits home when you see them. For the people who say we must not fight let them go to New York and dig for the dead. Or even better send all the over to Ben Ladon and we'll see how long they can last on talking. The Up swing to this is I have never seen sooooo many Flags waving from homes and car ect. It's nice to know there are still Americans that belive in the RED, WHITE and BLUE. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!
Cathy Barnfield , Flower Mound, Texas USA [10-03-2001]

I wanted to purchase a flag for my son for a housewarming gift (something we have not thought of as a traditional housewarming gift until the recent tragedy on 9/11/01). My daughter suggested that I check out the Betsy Ross web site because, after all, we owe it all to her sewing skills. Thank you for all the interesting information.
Louise Hernandez , Yorba Linda, CA [10-03-2001]

SamanthaYiu , Newtown, PA [10-03-2001]

My granddaughter is writing a biography of Betsy Ross and we are using some of your facts.
Sharron Barrett , Acworth, Ga. [10-03-2001]

you have helped me a lot with my reserch.
Chad smith , Davenport ,Iowa [10-03-2001]

bob smith [10-03-2001]

Thanks for the help on the homework . Great website !
Chris Greene , Longview , Texas [10-03-2001]

Hello, I understand from my mother who is almost 82 years old, that we are ancestors of Betsy Ross. My mothers maiden name is Ross.
Nadine "Allen" Wilson , Memphis, [10-03-2001]

i am glad to see this site.we can not find a flag anywhere in this area. this stands for peace glory love.we are united ,we respect our country,and the fellow men+women who fight for us. also to me it means , god bless america. and i thank betsy ross for making it for us .
JENNIE , new hampshire [10-03-2001]

Well I feel proud to hold the name Betsy. I feel also so proud of being a woman because a special symbol like the American flag is something to be honored to have created it. She will always be know for creating such a well known American flag.
Betsy , Miami, Fl, U.S.A [10-03-2001]

An honor to be from the same hometown as Betsy Ross. To think that she created first flag.
Lillian Gajda , Round Rock, TX [10-03-2001]

As Americans, We should all know what Our flag stands for and how to properly display it. It has strong meaning and deserves respect. Every household should keep a copy of the rules fo the flag.
Jeff Dobbs , Lake in the Hills, IL [10-03-2001]

Our class was studying about Betsy Ross and the part she played in our flag. We were very impressed with the sights that were available to us. They were very helpful! Thanks! Mrs. Young's Reading Class
Michelle Young's 4th Grade Class , Eunice, Louisiana [10-03-2001]

Hi how are u doing please e-mail me back.
Randi , ohio [10-03-2001]

This page has been retreived for a book report for my son.
Eloise Burns , Detroit, MI. [10-03-2001]

Thanks for great site.
Kathleen Winters , Conway Springs, KS USA [10-03-2001]

Kaisey Johnson , Malibu, California [10-03-2001]

Thanks for the pattern to make a star. I haven't visited the rest of the site but will. Praise the Lord for all of the people who are loyal to the USA..God bless
Jean Simmons , Evansville, Indiana [10-03-2001]

Im sending this site to my nieces I know that they will enjoy it as much as I did. God Bless America.
Susan Havens , Glenwood NY [10-03-2001]

This is great information.I found it very interesting. This is one way our young people can learn about the history of our flag.God Bless America.
G. Leichty , Green Springs, Ohio [10-03-2001]

Thank you for your information on the flag. We work with intercity youth. We take them to church and since our country was attacked our church has been singing the national anthem and saying the pledge of allegience to the flag. Two of our youth accused of of worshiping the flag and making and idol out of it. Their lack of knowledge and belief not only surprised me but make the other youth angry at them. That is when I decided to research as much as I could to inform these two young people what the American Flag stands for and to teach them the difference if possible between worship at patriotism. This younger generation has very little respect for country, priviledges given to them alloted to them by living in this country. Our children are not being taught what our forefathers even their grandfather did for us. They have not been taught that our country has been built on the blood of our men and the tears of our women. How sad it is to think we could possibly have almost an entire generation of youth who would refuse to fight for our country. When ask how many would go to to the military and fight to keep us free, the hands raised were not what I had expected. Loyalty to them meant their own selfish desires. Again thank you for your information who knows what little bit of information might trigger a lazy mind and a hard heart.
Judy Kellen , Harrisburg, IL USA [10-03-2001]

thank you so much for letting me see the site it's so nice to see and reconize what Betsy Ross did.
christine [10-03-2001]

Wonderful web site I really enjoyed browser throughout the entire site Thank you, Suzanne Cioe
Suzanne Cioe , El Cajon, CA 92019 [10-03-2001]

Mary Lewis , Portland Oregon USA [10-03-2001]

I have always been so proud of our flag! It is the most beautiful flag on earth and I get a lump in my throat when I see it flying so proudly! Long may she wave!
Valerie Luther , Richmond, VA [10-03-2001]

betsy ross is truly an amazing woman.
lisa hicks , college station,tx. [10-03-2001]

We Love Betsy Ross... what an inspiration to us all!
Rosemary Paykel , Camarillo, Ca. 93010 [10-03-2001]

John [10-03-2001]

I have a question concerning hanging a large American Flag from a flagpole. How do you, or what hardware is needed, to keep the top of the flag from sagging under it's own weight, so it will blow more freely in the wind?
Steven Cannizzo , Ocean View NJ [10-03-2001]

I feel very bad about what happend in New York last week .It made tears roll down my cheek. I started to sing the star spangled banner , while I was holding my American flag .
Lindsey Stalvey , conway S.C. U.S.A. [10-03-2001]

I feel bad about the terrorist attack. I don"t feel like going to war. It will be S-C-A-R-Y!!!!!!!!
Morgan Johnson , ConwaySC,usa [10-03-2001]

Julie lyons , Selma, al. [10-03-2001]

Just checking out the proper ways to display the USA flag in regards to other flags(i.e., in conjunction with a state flag and/or a Christian flag. Lots of info on this web page...thanks a lot!
betty w. jenkins , Linden, AL 36748, USA [10-03-2001]

I would like to fly a United States flag of older times. Is it permissable to fly a Betsy Ross flag or a "76" flag, for instance? Thank you, Jerry
Jerry Crenshaw , Russell, KS 67665 USA [10-03-2001]

I was checking my e-mail and on the craft section it brought up how to make the Betsy Ross star and I clicked it and found more info to this web site. It is great. I'm 49 and all I knew about Betsy Ross I learned in elem. school but this web site filled me in on so much more. I love history and I was so thrilled to find this web site. I hope I can find my way back again. My printer is down now and I would love to print this whole site for my grand babies. I will probably never be able to see her house in person but being able to do it this way was wonderful. Perfect timing. Good work you guys. Gods'many blessings on you all. Debra
Debra Sherman-Pilchard , Campbell,Ca. U.S.A. [10-03-2001]

joseph harkins [10-03-2001]

I have enjoyed touring this site.
Freddie G Beasley , Albany Ga [10-03-2001]

I like your website it is very neat!!
Kenny Morrison , Ada, OK [10-03-2001]

I have always wondered why the flag is folded the way it is and how many folds it is supposed to have in it when folded. I am trying to research this but I have no leads except for this web site. Please Email me with the answers and explanation of this. Thank you, Jason Harmon
Jason Harmon , Austin Texas [10-03-2001]

Patty Holcombe , Williamston, SC 29697 [10-03-2001]

Great information, I followed a link from I will quiz my family and friends on the flag info Thanks Al
Al Broussard , Kenner, La [10-01-2001]

MELISSA KIGGANS , marietta, ohio [10-01-2001]

Very nice! --Lynne
Lynne McLawhorn , Memphis, TN 38141 [10-01-2001]

Great Site! God Bless America!!
Steve & Kim Aust , Grand Rapids, MI USA [10-01-2001]

After the horrific tragedy that occurred, I felt it was important for my third graders to understand the importance and symbolism of your flag so I have researched imformtaion that I can use with the class. Thank you.
Marcia Fishkin , Poquonock School, Windsor, CT [10-01-2001]

This Helped My Brother With His Project I Also Learned Great New Facts Too!Thanks!
Krista , Dededo,Guam [10-01-2001]

I Saw an American flag with a gold fringe around the sides. Why do they do that and what does this mean? Thank you, DAVID
DAVID , weed,ca [10-01-2001]

I wanted to learn how to cut the five point star, but did not find the actual instructions, did I miss something????
Dianna Denton , Ooltewah, Tn, USA [10-01-2001]

rob saunders , bayside,ny [10-01-2001]

Im glad to know you guys are patriotic it is really important to be patriotic at a time like this
Alexis Deisher [10-01-2001]

Jamie Bouchard , New Bedford, MA 02740 [10-01-2001]

I loved the tour.
Lily RODDEN , Decatur,texas [10-01-2001]

i like this person
silverey brandt , Freeman SD [10-01-2001]

Hi! My name is Lindsay Hinson! I am 14 years old and attend West Jackson Middle School! I have lived in jackson county all mt life! It 's very nice of you all to take the time to make a web site about one of the most important women in the U.S.'s history!!!!!!! Thanks! Sincerly, Lindsay Hinson
Lindsay Hinson , Braselton, Georgia [10-01-2001]

I home School my children, and I found this to be a very educational and helpful site.
Elena MacIntosh , Colorado [10-01-2001]

zack [10-01-2001]

Rose [10-01-2001]

I have always been a patriot and have always believed this is the best country in the world, I would fight for this country and its beliefs!!
Ken Whitmire , napa ca [10-01-2001]

Thanks for the directions for a five-pointed start. I will teach it to my Brownie Girl Scouts. They'll love it!
Sarah Kritzberg , Alameda, CA [10-01-2001]

Hey all I am lookinfor a penpall I am 14 and love to talk,read and even give advice GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!! GOD BLESS US ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brandy Havener , Rosamond CA [10-01-2001]

kelly halberstadt , west chester,PA USA [10-01-2001]

j lockwood , p.pines [10-01-2001]

David Duque , Hollywood fl [10-01-2001]

I would like to know the meaning of the colors of our U.S.Flag. Our kindergarten students are learning about our flag and it's meaning.
juanita diaz , pobox 662 cactus texas, 79013 [10-01-2001]

Allison Oaks , Knoxville, Tn [10-01-2001]

Thank you,I don't think I could add anything more that not already been said. God Bless the USA!!
Fidel R. GArza , Albuquerque,NM [10-01-2001]

Researching for program to present to Good Sams Trailer Club
Bob Gilliland , Floydada, Texas [10-01-2001]

hi, what is the price of the betsy ross memorabilia dolls? are there other styles, if so, could you tell me how i could see them? thanks, pam
PAMELA BOUDREAUX , lutcher, la [10-01-2001]

robert n silva [10-01-2001]

This sight was so amazing.
melinda newcomb , carthage, ny [10-01-2001]

Needed some quick, right to the point, history on the american flag for my 7th grade class at Tapp Middle in Powder Springs, Georgia. Thanks
Evette M Wheeler , Atlanta, GA [10-01-2001]

Donna Payne , Marengo,In. [10-01-2001]

While searching sites to read about our heritage and the American Flag, I can across this site. Very nice and all I can say is, I'M PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN.
Bonnie Ruff , Summerville, S.C. [10-01-2001]


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