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September 21-30, 2001 Betsy Ross Guestbook Archives

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Thank you for having such a beautiful site! God Bless America, Diana Klein
Diana Klein , 11908 Volente Rd Austin Texas 78726 [09-30-2001]

This website gave me a lot of information that I needed to know about Betsy Ross and the American Flag. Thanks for the reference!
Laura K. , Missouri [09-30-2001]

Gertrude B. Dick , Birmingham, AL [09-30-2001]

i want to be Betsy Ross for a history project.
kassidy stewart , florida [09-30-2001]

Thankyou for this patriotic tribute and printable symbol of our freedom. It is still difficult to find the flag to purchase; however, on a recent trip to Trinidad, Co., sponsored by my employer, the New Mexico VA Health Care System to speak to veterans about eligibilityfor VA health care, I found a few in Raton, NM, to give to my employees'. Upon presenting the flag to them, one employee asked me how much he owed me. My response was, " this flag has never been, nor will it ever be for sale". Warmest regards, Michael
Michael P. Gordon , Albuquerque, New Mexico 87114 [09-30-2001]

Thank You I don't think I could add anything that has already been said,I thank you for being here for all to see. AC/WtbyCt
Anthony J Calabro , Waterbury Conn [09-30-2001]

This is a beautiful site. Every american should visit this!
Laura B. yost , Pottstown, PA USA [09-30-2001]

Yvonne A Graham , Wilminngton, DE [09-30-2001]

In this time of tragedy, sadness, and sorrow I was searching sites that represent the basic foundation and beliefs that our country stands for. Our flag,to me, shows this above all else. Charlette Bryant
charlette bryant , ocean view , de [09-30-2001]

Very informative, i have refreshed my thoughts from school, and i have learned more of our very extensive heritage!!! Thank-you for creating such a outstanding site !!!
Richard Harmon ii , Detroit, Mi [09-30-2001]

cheryl smith , penticton bc canada [09-29-2001]

Thank you so much for the flag to print. I wanted this for my car window to show I stand behind our wonderful nation. God Bless America!!
Stephanie Anderson , Texas [09-29-2001]

HELEN ENNIS , tampa,, fl [09-29-2001]

thanks for putting this site together everyone should read it.children for sure should read it.
RON PALUZZI , e.brunswick new jersey [09-29-2001]

Very handy reference page. I am doing 2 different powerpoint presentations, a booklet and a video for a college multimedia class. Thanks for all the good info.
James Hogue , Levelland, TX 79336 [09-29-2001]

Hi i am 13 years old the AMERICAN FLAG means a lot to me and i hope it means a lot to our country and the people in it !! some people don't give a care about what happen in new york and at the pentagon but if they only knew that, September 11, 2001 was a change in world history and some peoples life will never be the same!well i must be going now ! but i do hope that because of this more people will believe in GOD!!! GOD BLESS THE USA!! Love, brittni
Brittni Jewell , Montgomery, AL [09-29-2001]

I wish you would publish the fact that when flying our colors from a pole with cross tree AND gaff. The US Flag is flown from the gaff NOT the peak. There are may uneducated people who complain that in a maritime setting they see the US Flag flying from the gaff (which is proper) and the burgee or state flag flying from the peak. Physically the is higher than the US Flag, however, in the place of honor the gaff is higher. The American Legion publishes a phamphlet on the proper display of the US Flag and on the last poage show the many type of diplays from various poles. Check the maritime setting for the proper method. Thanks and I hope all reader understand the importance of this message.
Hank Baxter , Montville, CT [09-29-2001]

Brendan Smith , Highlands Ranch, Colorado [09-29-2001]

ntil 911 I never thought about how much the flag and my COUNTRY meant to me.
Angela J Spratt , Louisville, KY USA [09-29-2001]

Myra McKamey , Port Lavaca, Texas [09-29-2001]

God bless America!!!
Brian McIntyre , Pittston, Pa. [09-29-2001]

Evan Hamey , Somerville Ohio [09-29-2001]

I am posing a question to every american Citizen for a possable book In a paragraph or less What Does America Mean To You? Email me your answere
Karen Hand , Palm Bay Florida [09-29-2001]

Enjoyed this site and the information contained. Easy to read and understand. Good organization.
James Trier , Palm Harbor, Fl 34684 [09-29-2001]

This is a very interesting site and I thank you for the work that went into it. I learned things that were not taught in school. As for the controversy on what may or may not be the truth, I will always believe that Mrs. Ross did indeed make our first beautiful flag. Old Glory is STILL the most beautiful flag in all this world! God bless America!
Beverly DeForde , Taunton, MA USA [09-29-2001]

Bob Schlosser , Pontiac,Il. [09-29-2001]

god bless america!!!!
Akiko Tsukamoto , Saugus CA USA [09-29-2001]

Akiko Tsukamoto , Saugus CA [09-29-2001]

I am really upset with myself to think it took this terrible, horrible, act on Sept. 11th, 2001 to wake me up and realize what the American Flag really stood for. It is really awful to think how we the American people just take things for granted. It is a shame that I waited this long to purchase an American Flag. I have always wanted to display one, but just kept putting it off and saying one day I will buy one. Now it has really hit home, and I, for the first time really realize how important it is to really understand what the American Flag really stands for. I am in my late 50's and all through school they tell you about the American Flag, but never really drill in your head what the American Flag REALLY stands for. This site for me was very important, because I have finally purchased an American Flag and want to display the American Flag the right way and treat the American Flag with the respect it really deserves. Thank you again for this web site.
Pamela DeMerchant , Pownal, Maine [09-29-2001]

Great site. I am going to teach my neices to make the paper star. Thanks
Lisa Ing , Jackson, TN [09-29-2001]

God Bless America! Thank you for the wallpaper flags.
Dominic , Roseville, Mn [09-29-2001]

Thank you for all the helpful information to let our young people know about their flag. GWH
Rev. Guy Hunt , Cedar Bluff, VA USA [09-29-2001]

I really enjoy your website, I was just intoduced to it by a friend tonight. God Bless America!
Terry Johnson , High Point,N.C. [09-28-2001]

Thanks for your informative website. My daughter, who is 10, has chosen to do her biography report on Betsy Ross. I thought she made an excellent decision and what an inspiring story Betsy has to share with us all. Thanks again. Kerri Sigler
Kerri Sigler , Burleson, Texas [09-28-2001]

thanks for the info! Donna
Donna Burgess-Smith , LaGrange, GA, USA [09-28-2001]

Thank you so much for the picture, and God Bless You.
Joe Santora , Jessup PA [09-28-2001]

Thanks for the flag wall paper! God Bless America and mankind!
gloria fortune , byron, IL [09-28-2001]

I love this home page it has helped me with many of my school project's Thanks!
Amanda , some where on earth [09-28-2001]

I am a very patriotic person. I love America. When you enter my house, right away you know I love the USA. I was wondering if the thirteen colonies flag is still available to buy. I look every where I go. Maybe you can help me locate them. I love making pillows from them. Different sizes would be great. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!
Jeanne Reggio , Chillicothe, Il. [09-28-2001]

let freedom ring!!! god bless america
David Grant Hunter , Ocean Township, New Jersey [09-28-2001]

your page was very nice i liked to tour of the home a lot Thanks Lacey Aycock I enjoyed it!
lacey aycock , mont belvieu tx usa [09-28-2001]

allison a. [09-28-2001]

A lot of blood has been shed for this flag and it's worth every drop. God Bless America
John Biacsi , Medina, Ohio [09-28-2001]

Thank you so much for having this information available. The Flag is our source of Unity and a proud display of our freedom. When in time of tragedy, our Flag must be embraced and held high. Our Flag stands for what we have fought for then and what we are willing to fight for now. The American Flag is a universal symbol of freedom & prosperety. God Bless America!
Peter Murguía III , Burbank, CA [09-28-2001]

Dear Betsy's house- Well I'm 13 years old,I'm really interested in all this flag deal and stuff since the plane crash happened. About two years ago I came to that house for a visit. We went on a trip to new york. I really truly did like the house. I was so instesterst in it. I'm doing a Major speech on Betsy Ross and the flag. I happy that you took your time to read this. If yall could (hopefully) send me some stuff in the mail about this house!! Thank you so extermly much !!! Love Krysten Morgan
Krysten Michelle Morgan , Rt. 3 Box 23 Ranger Tx. 76470 [09-27-2001]

Ted Hsu , new york [09-27-2001]

Jessie(I_call_myself_Jessi) Onclentai [09-27-2001]

Shanica [09-27-2001]

Thank's for the information!
Greg , Bayside N.Y. [09-27-2001]

Hi! In school we are doing a wax museum. Thats where we look up a persons name and we do a presintation in front of the class, and so I chose Betsy Ross. I was wondering if u could send me a picture of the flag that looks just like the one she made. That would be a big help! Thanks! Sincerly, Jessica
Jessica , Ohio [09-27-2001]

Thank you for the flags I have printed off your web site and now have displayed in my windows
Molly Smith , Shawnee Mission, Kansas [09-27-2001]

Elizabeth Roman , Staten Island, NY [09-27-2001]

Thank you for the printable flag - much appreciated!
Lucy T. Robinson , Winston-Salem [09-27-2001]

i love the flag
dona , phoniex az [09-27-2001]

Thanks for all the great information
Kelly Wood , Monahans, Tx [09-27-2001]

My daughter is writing a report on The United States Flag and the information in this web site has helped a lot. If you have anything else on the history of our grand flag, we would appreciate it very much. patricia turner
Patricia Turner , Asheboro, NC [09-27-2001]

Thanks so much. It is so hard to obtain flags in NYC now. Pat
Patricia E. Hughes , New York City [09-27-2001]

thank you very enjoyable & educational
lea thomann , middletown, ohio [09-27-2001]

I am honoring Mrs. Ross by chosing her as my historial figure costume for a Boy Scout party . What a better time to remember the person who gave us joy by creating a symbol of our freedom in the United States. As a den leader I want my boys to know America !
Wendy , Hebon, IN 46341 [09-27-2001]

Very nice and informative site. I remember as a child every morning saying the pledge of allegiance to our flag along with my other classmates and I remember how proud and emotional I felt as I said it. I remember how we never left our flag out in the rain or out over night, and how it was NEVER to be allowed to touch the ground and it was folded in a certain way. As I have viewed many flags over the past few years flying day and night or some flag poles not flying one at all and children no longer saying the pledge of allegiance to our flag at the beginning of their day I have wondered why, where is our pride of our flag that represented our country and the freedom that our ancestors fought and gave their lives for. Like God the flag has been deserted and forgotten, yet our great nation was founded on God and our freedom to worship and serve Him. Yet who have we turned to in this tragic time? The One who our nation was founded on-God. Now would be a good time to put Him and the flag back in our schools as well as our hearts. For this Americia we live in is still and always will be: One Nation Under GOD Bless America!
Carol Fields , Houston, TX [09-27-2001]

Gail Gilligan , Puyallup, Wa. USA [09-27-2001]

Glenda Reid , Muskogee, Oklahoma [09-27-2001]

I really like your page.It's very educational. It's really kool learning about the flag and Betsey Ross.
Gabrielle , Atlanta, Ga. [09-27-2001]

I really like your page!Its really kewl and fun to learn about Betsy and the flag!!!
Nicky Bedard , United States [09-27-2001]

Why did Ms. Ross make the flag?
caitlin starnes [09-27-2001]

Kenny & Sandi , Budd Lake, NJ USA!!!!! [09-27-2001]

Hi, I'm doing a project about the US History between the years 1601 to 1800. Does Betsy Ross fit in that time period? Thank you
Lydia , California [09-27-2001]

I enjoyed looking at your site and appreciate the information. I am trying to do a quilt for my husband of the American Flag (as it is today) with the different flags as it has evolved, around it as a border. I think the info I got from your site will help me out a great deal. Thanks!
Michele Craven , Greenville,Tx, USA [09-27-2001]

what do the colors on the flag mean? if you can, please post it up.
CH [09-26-2001]

I am so desparate since 9/11 i have been flying a flag that belonged to my grandfather who passed away when i was 12 years old, i am now 37 and it is the only thing that I have that belonged to him. I am afraid that the weather will damage it beyond repair. while i know that he would be proud to have his flag flying I dont want to lose it. I have been trying to get a flag to display but like everyone else unable to get my hands on even a small one. I will continue to fly pappys flag because i must as an american but would like to know where to go or can i buy one from you ? I have loved the flag all my life not just in a time of crisis i get goose bumps when i see her waving in the wind. Please help me sincerely laura
laura field , brandon florida hillsborough county [09-26-2001]

What does it mean when a flag is upside down?
marshall , cape cod MA [09-26-2001]

I loved the pictures that are shown on this virtual tour.
Alana Wood , Plaquemine, LA [09-26-2001]

I like betsy ross's hand made flag.
kendall , riverside CA [09-26-2001]

I really liked Betsy Ross's house.
Jake Ortega , riverside,CA [09-26-2001]

I realy liked the tour.I especially liked seeing the flag.
Keenan , california [09-26-2001]

I relly liked your web site.
Mckenna Gonzalez , riverside CA [09-26-2001]

megan , ohio u.s.a [09-26-2001]

I found it very interesting. Thank you
Robert S Martin , Lake Hughes Ca, 93532 [09-26-2001]

I am so extreamly happy to find other people who feel as proud od their country as i do! When i looked on line to find information on the pledge of allegiance all i got was negative comments on why it should not be aloud, until now. We live in a wonderful country and we should show our pride and be thankful for what we have. If those people with negative comments and attitudes dislike it here that much, why are they still here.Because we ARE one nation under God! We all need to keep our eye on that grand old flag because it represents us as a nation. And we are one darn fine nation at that!
kate , usa [09-26-2001]

Why is the flag red,white, and blue?
Gehlia Marie Ratliff Bush , Frenchburg,Kentucky [09-26-2001]

This is an awsome website for my report!
NaTaLiE , Arlington [09-26-2001]

Shannon Kingen , Dallas, TX [09-26-2001]

great flags, thank you,may she wave long and brave!
SALVADORE CHEVROLET OLDSMOBILE , gardner, ma 01440 [09-26-2001]

Thanks for the clarification on our flag's colors and their meaning.
Michael J. Bedard , Rosamond.California [09-26-2001]

I enjoyed your website... Thank you
Kellie Tipton , Vero Beach, FL USA [09-26-2001]

A former Girl Scout from the 70's, I learned and still do respect Old Glory. I am so thrilled to see so many Americans flying them today. It is a pity that the tragedy of September 11, 2001 had to happen to bring out American Patriotism. People are more warm than they were before this happened. It is also sad that someone would hate America so much to kill so many people at the WTC and Pentagon. They must not realize that the Statute of Liberty welcomes ALL races, including theirs and we are Americans made up of a melting pot of many cultures. That is what makes us BEAUTIFUL AND FREE. I said my peace. GOD BLESS AMERICA and help us to stop the terroism all over.
Norm , Illinois [09-26-2001]

I know for a fact that Besty Ross did not make the FIRST flag. I love your sight. Besty Rosses house was really awsome. I like the flag Besty made,it's nice.
Samantha Moffenbier , Aberdeen South Dacota Age 10 MayOverby School [09-26-2001]

Your sight is an groovy sight. I liked seeing Betsy Rosses house. Now are flag has 13 stripes and 50 stars.
Ella Campbell , Aberdeen South Dakota Age 10 May Overby School [09-26-2001]

I really enjoy reading you page. And just to let you know that I believe that Betsy made the first flag. Sincerely,
Sanessa , Aberdeen, SD 57401-7730 [09-26-2001]

I love your website it is really great. Today we are using it in class. To find facts. Well thats all i have to say.
Taylor , Aberdeen ,SD [09-26-2001]

susan shipp , richomond, mo [09-26-2001]

Herb French , melbourne, fl [09-26-2001]

god bless america, and all the people
Barbara C. Paszkowski , Gobles, Mi. U.S.A. [09-26-2001]

jean k brownlow , georgetown, tx 78628 [09-26-2001]

Robin K Martin , West Seneca, New York......USA!!!!!! [09-26-2001]

Alexandria Austin , McBee, South Carolina [09-26-2001]

Hope comes from the stars and stripes, Mrs. ross knew the right path to stitch and now we as American's must learn to stitch our lives up a bit. United we stand(strength), Divided we fall(bad stitch). As American's we wil hold the stitches together forever reguardless of our differneces. Long Live the Stras and Strips. God Bless America!!! Gerald
Gerald Ray Sudduth J.r. , Orlando,Florida,USA [09-26-2001]

god bless our u.s.a thank you!
Kathryn Sullivan , Poplarville, MS -U.S.A. [09-26-2001]

laurie miller [09-26-2001]

Wife need a Flag picture and I thought your site would have one. Lucky me you had one that I could size a little with Adobe Acrobat software. Thanks
Jim Maxwell , Conyers, GA [09-26-2001]

I have been told that I am related to Betsy Ross. I do not have a paper trial and would like to establish one. I need the names of her daughters husbands, including if they married more than once, also, I need a list of her grandchildren and who they married. Would you please help, or what book could I purchase that would have this information?
J. Roger Plyler , Bakersfield, California [09-26-2001]

I'm proud to be an American, proud of our Flag and what it stands for. There will never be a more beautiful site, then to see our Flag flying throughout the United States. GOD BLESS AMERICA
Sherilyn Smith , Bloomfield, NM USA [09-26-2001]

Jean Lonze , Lake Geneva, WI [09-26-2001]

Thank you. Its nice to actually see a bit of our history up close and not just from reading abouit it.
Pam and Meagan Davis , Lebanon, In USA [09-26-2001]

I count it an honor to have a chance review such wonderful history in my home.
Dottson S. Whidbee , Richmond, Virginia [09-26-2001]

Lynette Marie Gremillion(you pronounce it Grem-e-on) , Prairieville,Louisiana [09-26-2001]

Thank you very much for the print out flag,I will display it proudly and with pride. Wilbert Hufton
Wilbert L Hufton Jr , Whiteville, NC [09-26-2001]

I enjoy that what you have put on this website.
anoinette lee , beamount tx usa [09-26-2001]

outiva [09-26-2001]

Lori [09-26-2001]

my mom was showing us who made the american flag....
tyler & trevor harring , poughkeepsie , new york [09-26-2001]

This flag which we honor and which we serve is an emblem of our unity, our power, our thought and purpose as a Nation. It has no other character, other than that which we give it, from generation to generation, the choices are ours. It floats in majestic silence above the hosts that execute those decisions, whether in peace or in war, and yet, through silence, it speaks to us of the past and the men and women who went before us and the records they wrote upon it President Wilson 1917 Flag Day Message
Matt McCrackin , Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin [09-26-2001]

Betsy Ross is awesome
Ciara , None of your business [09-26-2001]

You say how to put the flag on a casket, but what is the reason behind never unfolding it after that? What can't you use the flag again?
Erika , usa [09-26-2001]

I knew the flag was not to be flown at night but apparently a lot of my neighbors did not. I forwarded your web site to them.
Marjorie Smyth , Beaumont, CA [09-26-2001]

I was an elected official for 20 years. I have always been and will always be a very patriotic person - I love red, white and blue and the U. S. flag and anything else pertaining to the patriotic theme. People would come in to my office in the courthouse and ask if it were a gift shop and if anything was for sale. Of course I told them no - it was just my wonderful collection of my favorite things. I am proud to be an American and like to show it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Beverly A. Stiers , Indianapolis IN [09-26-2001]

Linda Nall [09-24-2001]

thank you very much for the information about the history of our flag. now i can be a proud american and give the correct information to my friends and loved ones about our great country. linda
LINDA WODA , haughton, la,71037 [09-23-2001]

When did she die date, and year. And where is she buried?
Barb Phillips , 3906 Gibson Dr. N.E. Cleveland TN 37312 U.S.A. [09-23-2001]

my prayers and thoughts to all americans and i hope this incident helps us to bind together as one, without the evil of thoughts of black & white. Just Americans!!!!!!!
rubia carter , royal palm beach, fla [09-23-2001]

rubia carter [09-23-2001]

Having moved from Calif. 15 yrs. ago---packed away our flag we used to fly it daily there. Had the Desert Inn across from the main entrance to Disneyland. Many things we didn't bring out of storage. When this heinous thing happened in N.Y. it stirred something in us to display our beautiful flag. We dug and dug through boxes and found it. We would like to put it in a prominent place rather than the small pole that came with it. Can you recommend a good flag company that carries the additional equipment? We love the patriotism that has been exhibited by America during this catastrophic terrorist incident.
Richard G. Nasef , Yachats, Oregon 97498-9328 [09-23-2001]

Proud to be an American!!!!!Thanks for the flag!!!!!
Jenny Crist , Ohio USA [09-23-2001]

Stand Proud United States!!!!!!
Kim , Taylors Falls, Minnesota [09-23-2001]

michi , michir [09-23-2001]

proud to be an american & proud to be a vet, i'll fly my flag for freedom and with honor to those who had lost their lives and their families. "god bless america"
Lee R. Caramma , Absecon, New Jersey [09-23-2001]

Clinton Noble , Odessa, Texas [09-23-2001]

It is very helpful!
Michelle , Florida [09-23-2001]

Mary Boyer , Grafton, Ohio [09-23-2001]

JAN FILECCIA [09-23-2001]

Wonderful, informative site. Thank you!
Kate , ny [09-23-2001]

Thank you for having this site and making this site available. It is amazing how we all can take the symbol of this great nations heritage for granted. God Bless you and Gob Bless America in these times, our times for the greatest need for unity amongst us that I have experienced in my lifetime. I am originally from Baltimore, MD, birthplace of our "Star Spangled Banner". I have been trying desperately to get a printable copy of the flag, and your site has provided that. I will display it proudly and I am still willing to defend it in our time of need. Thank you so much and keep up the good work. Truly a very fine Website. Stephen Bees An American Patriot
Stephen Bees , Fort Myers, FL - (Lee County) [09-23-2001]

anonymous , Pleasant Grove ALabama [09-23-2001]

MOLLY COSTANZA , hammond,louisiana usa [09-23-2001]

The American flags are my life i hope one day i will get a Betsy Ross flag. i really want a cloth one not nilon. well USA all the way.
Constance Marie Wixom , Aurora IL 60506 [09-23-2001]

I really enjoyed this site. It is very informative. I especially appreciated the printable picture of the flag.
Jeanne Milligan , Madison, Al USA [09-23-2001]

Hello - I heard your e-mail mentined on radio this morning so I jotted it down. I have just taken the tour and was pleased to see her house. Most interesting and informative. Thank you.
Aline Morgan , Austin, Texas [09-23-2001]

We've been looking all over for a flag to fly at our house -- in symbolism of the "unitedness" we feel after the Sept 11 attack by terrorists. I started planning to sew a flag, yet hesitated because of the difficulty of cutting 5-pointed stars. We got into a discussion about Betsy Ross and thought it would be interesting to "look her up" and that's how we got to your great website! I'm still hesitant about sewing one, but since all flags are sold-out in 2 large neighboring counties, I may need to tackle the project. Besides, you show how to make the stars! THANKS!
Tricia Parker Hamelberg , California [09-23-2001]

Referred to this page by my son who thought I'd like the five-pointed star instructions! I did. I also printed out the flag. Lots of good info, keep up the good work.
Bobbie Frazier , Benton Arkansas USA [09-23-2001]

I am proud to call the United States of America my home and display our flag with pride.
anonymous , Texas [09-23-2001]

thank you for the flags I now have in my windows. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND GOD LOOK OVER OUR TROOPS
Molly Smith , Shawnee Mission, Kansas 66202 [09-23-2001]

This site is really nice and has a lot of good informtion. I especially liked the link to print out the American Flag.
Amelia Knight , Richmond, VA [09-22-2001]

Thanks for the information on etiquette and regulations regarding Old Glory...very important these days when everyone wants to show patriotism and unity...
Jerry Birdsong , San Antonio, TX [09-22-2001]

its a great site! it really helped me with my report! the one snip star got me an A!!!!
marti , oklahoma [09-22-2001]

thank you for this web site. i printed a copy of your flag. i am going to make sure we always have a flag in our house now. shame on us!!!!!
Karen Serpe [09-22-2001]

i have a u know the acurate dementions of the american flag??? i need to know thanks
Niki , baton rouge, la [09-22-2001]

I love the United States of America
barbara maki , moorpark ca 93021 [09-22-2001]

Nice web site a lot of good information. Need to get the media to inform the public of rules for displaying the flag, I have seen so many abuses, they are the only one who can reach enough people. Get after them.
John E. Dotson , Lafayette, Indiana [09-22-2001]

I've printed your picture of Betsy Ross, the flag she made, and instructions for making the five pointed star. I'm going to try to make a Betsy Ross costume to wear to work on Halloween. I'd rather be a heroine than a spook! Making the flag will be the hardest part. Are 13 star colonial design flags still made?
Dana McNeely , Glendale, Arizona [09-22-2001]

I love this site, how appropriate for this time of sorrow!
Carol Breton , Coulterville, CA [09-22-2001]

Shea Ann Schwabe , Tuatin Ranch ca [09-22-2001]

I love your page! You made it easy for me to help me on my Oral Report that I'm doing. Thank you so much!
Richel , Orlando,Florida [09-22-2001]

I want to thank you for the flag display directions, being a Girl Scout leader in the past I remembered many things but how to hang a flag lengthwise thanks again. I wish more people would be concerned since going and coming from work I see so many hung wrong.
V Veilleux , 25 Meadowbrook Dr Selton Ct [09-22-2001]

Long may our flag wave. Proud to be an American
Karen Sconyers , Spokane, WA [09-22-2001]

Thank you for having all this wonderful facts about Betsy Ross. It really helped find information for my daughters report she is doing on Betsy Ross. The fifth grade at Hackett school in Philly is doing reports on famous people and they have to act like the person and let everyone know of the their life and what they accomplished. Thank you
Arnita McElhone , Phila, PA 19125 [09-22-2001]

Was looking for flag etiquette and found your site. I really liked it and will use it as my source of information from now on!
Lisa Black , Barbourville, KY [09-22-2001]

The flag is a symbol of America - a Proud & United America.
Phyllis Mabrito , Greer,SC [09-22-2001]

michael murray , richmond,va. [09-22-2001]

very very nice. thank you
Joseph A. Bshero , Ft. Walton Beach, Florida [09-22-2001]

Vert well done
Betty Horan , Virginia Beach Virginia [09-22-2001]

Nathan & Katina Ferguson , Norfolk, VA [09-22-2001]

Thank you for making this historic and education information available. We are Boy Scout leaders and our 7 year old Den is spending this month learning the flag ceremony and the history and significance of our flag. We will be clicking on the virtual house tour for them at the den meeting and have broken your information up into small tidbits for them to digest. God Bless America and help us to carry on the spirit under which we were established. Karen and Ron White
Karen and Ron White , Sacramento, CA [09-22-2001]

Now more than ever, we need to remember what the flag stands for and show it the respect it deserves. Please observe all the rules of etiquette when displaying the flag. I hope Congress takes another look at laws allowing the burning of the flag in protest as "Freedom of Speech". United we stand ~ divided we fall. God Bless America!
Patricia , Butler, PA [09-22-2001]

God Bless American and our world. May God be with all of us.
Helen & Tom Stasrnes , St Peters, MO [09-22-2001]

This is such a great site. Thank you for having the printable flag.
Katie , New York [09-22-2001]

Excellent web site. I have four uncles that gave their life for your beautiful country during WW2. I also have family from Maine to Florida as I am originally from Quebec. My grandfather was born in Gorham, New Hampshire. Now its time to show my neigbours to the south my appreciation for all that you stand for. You can bet that OLD GLORY will be flying at my home. Now is the time to stand together once again between nations and in our family tradition I stand with thee. Condolences and a heart felt sorrow to a nation that is akin to Canada. Jim
Jim Moran , Whitecourt, Alberta [09-22-2001]

AT the Retired Air Force Nurses' annual meeting A ROTC University cadets presented a American Flag folding demonstration with inspiring words for each fold/ Does anyone have a copy of this ceromny. Thank YOu
Florence Minkow , Tampa Fl [09-22-2001]

No words can describe this horrible catastrophe that took place in New York Washington DC and Pennsylvania. My heart goes out to all the family's and friends that lost a dear one. Pray to God that Justice will be done. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND KEEP IT THE LAND OF THE FREE.
Patricia Nerney , Johnston,RI [09-21-2001]

Patricia Nerney , Johnston,RI [09-21-2001]

Long live the Red , White ,and Blue !!!! God Bless America and the people proud of this country
Michael A Johnson , Milwaukee WI U.S.A. [09-21-2001]

Great site! Very informative. Thank you for having the printable flag!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!
Richard J. , Dallas, TX USA [09-21-2001]

joanne anderson [09-21-2001]

Our thoughts and prayers are with the people in New york the Twin Towers, Pennsylvania, & the Pentagon. This is such a tragedy. Thank you for this site. Wanted to see what Betsy Ross was wearing. Making a square for a quilting class that I'm taking an I thought I would make Betsy Ross and our American flag as a connector block. Thanks again.
Diane Laberge , Georgetown, TX , USA [09-21-2001]

Gwen Price [09-21-2001]

Thanks for the beautiful flags our family printed to display in our cars in honor of our beautiful country, during this sad time in American history.
Patti Cohen , Freehold, NJ [09-21-2001]

I really enjoyed you website. I found it to be very informative and useful. Their is a lot that I was unsure of, and your site answered all of my questions.
Steve Lardarello , Mcsherrystown, PA USA [09-21-2001]

Jack & Denise De Laquil , Orange County, California, USA [09-21-2001]

Wayne Phillips , Huntington Beach, CA [09-21-2001]

Sorry to discover that the gift shop site is not available, I would appreciate a short note indicating that it is up and running. My need is to purchase a weatherproof American flag ASAP to display at my home. In these current turbulent times, I am anxious to display to all my pride in our great country and that I am behind it along with my many neighbors who have flags flying at their homes. Thank you.
Elaine G. Pearl , Rockville, MD - USA [09-21-2001]


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