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September 19-21, 2001 Betsy Ross Guestbook Archives

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Great site!
David Renfro, Fremont, California USA [09-21-2001]

teresa carpenter, fla [09-21-2001]

I have always put up the flag for so many died for it and for us Freedom I am proud to be an American<<<.America stand for the meaning of our flag WE are the best country in the world Forever America The Home Of The Brave
Augustine Mantia, usa [09-21-2001]

Please let me know what is the significant of the Colors in the flag! Thank you!
JAN CHRISTOFARO, New Hartford, New York [09-21-2001]

juan burton, alendale il [09-21-2001]

As it is now virtually impossible to purchase an American Flag I would like to thank you for making available such a great flag to print and display GBA, Karen (God Bless America)
Karen, Florida [09-21-2001]

Kristen Butler, Mystic, CT [09-21-2001]

thank you
TM HAll, Monterey CA USA [09-21-2001]

GOD Bless AMERICA. I'm one Canadian who will stand side by side with my neighbours 100% all the way.Strength in numbers, in the end we shall win. SOLIDARITY Forever.
Giorgio (Nikko) Gardiman, Thunder Bay Ontario, CANADA [09-21-2001]

If you don't agree with what the American flag stands for...get out.
Sterling [09-21-2001]

Thanks so much for this informative website. Unfortunately I either didn't learn a lot of this in school or forgot it right after the test! :) Great site!! God Bless America.
Catherine, Austin, TX [09-21-2001]

im deeply hurt by these acts of same fullness the terrorism but we the USA stand strong and flunt our red and white and blue stripes i stand proudly as our nations colors flow in the wind .
j/rock, alaska [09-21-2001]

May I please have permission to use your website to teach my second grade class about the meaning of the colors of the flag and about flag etiquette? Thank you.
Martha Lein, Houston, Texas [09-21-2001]

God bless America!
Suad Hooper, San Marcos, Tx [09-21-2001]

thank u
marissa hogan, manorville ny 11949 [09-21-2001]

Thank you for a great site... I'm going to read Besty Ross' story to my kids when they get home. Thanks for the printable flag- we are trying to show our patriotism the best we can. God Bless and all my prayers go to everyone that has loved ones involved in this terrible tragedy.
Christina, Uxbridge, Ma. [09-21-2001]

wow this is an awesome site thanks 4 the fun!
boo, anywhere in the USA [09-21-2001]

Thank God for this site. Our flag is such an AWESOME symbol there is none like it and will never be. We are Blessed by God. This is the best opportunity for everyone to dismiss evil and do good according to the Will of God.
P.Stevens, Mt. Olive, N.C [09-21-2001]

This is a very cool web site to have on my schools computer!
Breanna Feldick, Sioux Falls S.D. [09-21-2001]

I havent really checked it out I am at school this is a project but I have to say it it interesting!
Aleis lovaas, Sioux Falls S.D. 57110 [09-21-2001]

Aleis lovaas, Sioux Falls S.D. 57110 [09-21-2001]

Jeri G. Mayhew, Casselberry, FL [09-21-2001]

Thanks for a paper copy of the flag for my SUV! I wanted to show my support and Love for America after what has happened in New yok City and Washington D.C.!! American Flags are sold out all over in our fair city. Thank you for your great Web address!!! God Bless America Lela
Lela Courter, Sarasota, Fl [09-21-2001]

Great site...the history is so important, especially now. Sometimes people forget why we do the things we do and how they came about. Thanks.
Andrea Wingler, Otlando, Florida [09-21-2001]

This is the most wonderful site ever thank you. Jacque
Jacque Brooks, Mokelumne Hill, CA. U.S.A. [09-21-2001]

donna maguire, billerica,ma 01821 [09-21-2001]

now since there is a war going on it is very inportant for the older generations to teach us about u.s. history and what it means to be a u.s citizen and now that i know about the falg and everything its very flattering that a women would do that for her country,,,,,thanx betsy ! love alwayz !
student at a high school in baltimore md, baltimore md [09-21-2001]

We live in a great country. It is so sad about all the lives that were lost. Lets show our love for our country by showing the flag. It represents freedom for all. God Bless America! Elaine, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Elaine J. Keim, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania [09-21-2001]

We do not just live in America America lives in us. I am PROUD to be an America!!
Diane Lanthier, Casselberry, FL [09-21-2001]

DLGonzalez, Weston (Ft. Lauderdale/Broward County) Florida [09-21-2001]

thank you...
mary johnson, orange, ca [09-21-2001]

I have visited the house as a young girl. Now I can show my children virtually, until we can bring them in person!! Thank you!
Bette D, Boiling Springs, NC, USA [09-21-2001]

Even Before Sept. 11 I believed in the flag, our Country, but Not our poeple, I do now. I'm read to fight for all three.
josh SMith, Mead Wa. [09-21-2001]

God Bless America!!!!!!!L
Amy, Dickinson, Texas [09-21-2001]

This is a great site! Thanks for all the info. about the flag. Let me just say, May God bless all the families of the people who were killed on 9/11/01. Hopefully this sort of thing will never happen again on our great land! God Bless America!!
Lisa Ferraro, Bronx, NY [09-21-2001]

Let prayer and the faith of God keep our country and our service men and women safe.
Cathy Wynkoop, Smithsburg Maryland [09-21-2001]

Just stopped by to get the regs on flags. Locally there are many flying, and I just wanted to confirm my understanding of how and when.
Matt Piszel, Hellertown, PA [09-21-2001]

Wonderful website. Very informative and especially useful at this time in our lives. I wanted to display our flag appropriately and your website definitely gave that information. I hope that many, many people find and use the information you have provided;(I will send this link to everyone I know). My thoughts and prayers are constantly with those who were lost in the attacks and with their families as they deal with this unspeakable horror. And we all need to be constantly in prayer for our President,leaders and armed services as they go forward to protect our freedom, something that becomes more precious with each passing day.
Carol J. Donaldson, Whitehouse, OH [09-21-2001]

Beautiful site-Bookmarked, esp for the grand kids !
Rob Carter, Huntington Beach, CA [09-21-2001]

Is it true? I heard a rumor that you have flags for sale; that you haven't run out yet and that you are having a special "something" this weekend. I wanted to make sure before I traveled down there. Thanks in advance for letting me know.
Jill, Valley Forge, PA [09-21-2001]

I am a high school student council advisor. As a leader of students, one of my first reactions to our recent American tragedy was to buy each student at my high school an American flag. After a few phone calls on Weds. Sept. 12, 2001, we contacted the Walmart in Lunenburg, Ma. and they agreed to order for our schooln 1,400 4" x 6" flags; one for each student in our school. We hand delivered the check for over $600.00 that same evening. They said that they had enough flags in their warehouse and they would be in in 1-2 days. We called them (after they had our money) every day to determine when we could plan our distribution of flags ceremony to the student body. This past Mon. (9/17), they told me that they were certain that our order would be in at anytime. Tuesday morning, when I called, the manager was unavailable. The secretary told me when I asked about our shipment, that the store would not be getting anymore flags and that they had received a shipment of flags in on Mon. night and that they had sold tham within 2 hours of receiving them. I believe that they sold our flags. Walmart told me that they would not be able to get us our flags. The mangaer will not return my calls. Do you know of any vender who we could order flags from. We realize that it might take some time, however, I still feel strongly that I would like to give each student in my school an American flag. Please help. Thank you.
Beth Ann Hague, Ashby, Massachusetts [09-21-2001]

I can never remember a time in my life that I have personally felt such patriotism; nor do I recall a time I have seen such patriotism by my fellow Americans. It is terribly sad that it took such a horrible tragedy for our nation to come together as one, however, I hope it is just the begining of what we, as Americans, can do to unite and overcome the evil that has occured.
Kimberly Williamson, Williamsburg, Virginia, USA [09-21-2001]

Beth Ann Hague [09-21-2001]

I enjoyed your website...I will continue to visit..I am a teacher and I am doing a unit on FREEDOM with my students.
Janie Ramirez, McAllen,Texas USA [09-21-2001]

i really liked the flags over time. It helped me in school. Thank you!
kayla, maryland [09-21-2001]

I recently returned this year to the US after living 10 years in an Islamic country. I can not begin to explain how grateful I am to be an American. I have security in knowing that my country has allowed me to be free. What does the flag mean to me? It is the picture of my home. It is the guarantee of all the rights that I enjoy as an American citizen. Our country is the only country that people risk their lives to get into. Nobody dies trying to leave the USA. I shudder to think what our world would be like without a strong America. Diane Conti Native New Yorker, Republican, and Very Proud American
Diane Conti, Riverview, FL 33569 [09-21-2001]

Great website. Thank you! I wish all Americans would visit this site, especially now in the face of possible WAR. So many people are sticking the American Flag on the backs of their trucks and cars. So many people don't lower the flag at the end of the day, and leave it out in the dark all night. Very sad...sigh Anyway, I enjoy this site. It's GREAT to be an AMERICAN!
Wendy Dauderman, Fresno, CA, U.S.A. [09-21-2001]

By viewing this page,I got many answers to questions. In the wake of our nation's tragedy and renewed patriotism and the flying of the colors, I am now aware of mistakes many people are making. I was unsure if I remembered how to fold the flag correctly. I was right and that made me feel good. I feel now that more Americans will really understand what the flag represents! May they also really listen to the words of our national anthem! Our nation is strong, we WILL prevail!
Deborah S. Gassaway, Zanesville,OH [09-21-2001]

jan [09-21-2001]

Thank you! I am so glad to see history as interesting and fun. God Bless Americans...the greatest citizens in the world!
Robin Roberge, Milton, NH [09-21-2001]

Their is a lot of infomation that a lot of us dont know. I will be coming back to this page again. I am also looking for how to properly retire our old worn out flags, and who is allowed to do this. I think we are suspossed to have a proper cermony while doing this, and dispose of the ashes and brass gromments a certain way. Thank You Gary Moon
Gary Moon, Norfolk Va. USA [09-21-2001]

Thanks for helping me show my patriotism and love for my country. God bless you and the USA!
Jane Sharpe, Whitsett, NC [09-21-2001]

Great website. I found it very useful as I was trying to gather information for a study of American symbols. Thank You!
Kim davis, Naples, Florida [09-21-2001]

I would love to have a flagpole in my front yard.GOD BLESS AMERICA.
Daniel D. Boland, methuen,ma. (usa) [09-21-2001]

kasey clower [09-21-2001]

Very proud to be Americans and want to see "Terrorism and Osama Bin Laden" removed from this world!
Benny & Beverly Fry, Hudson, NC [09-21-2001]

Thank you for the flag for my Wallpaper!!!!
julie, los angeles, CA [09-21-2001]

its very sad. god bless america.
BILL SCRIBA, baaltimore, maryland [09-21-2001]

Great pictures. Thanks
Donna Cruzado, stratford, ct, usa [09-21-2001]

Thanks for this GREAT site.
Betty Voss, Albuquerque, NM [09-21-2001]

K. Mike Johnson, San Diego, CA [09-21-2001]

This is a wonderful website. I printed your flag and it worked great. My husband is in the U.S.A.R. and is currently at Ft. Benning, GA. We love our country! God Bless the U.S.A.
Gina De Anda, West Sacramento, CA [09-21-2001]

Great website! Thanks very much for sharing it and the info contained on it's pages. :)
Lee Ann, Louisiana, USA [09-21-2001]

Kim Gardiner, concord NH [09-21-2001]

God Bless the USA!!!
Michelle Herpich, Woodbine, KS [09-21-2001]

Thank you so much for providing flags for printing. God Bless America!
Kathleen Farrelly, Yonkers, New York [09-21-2001]

Great site. Thanks for all the info. I'm glad to have found this site.
Joanne C, nyc, ny [09-21-2001]

alison wilson, atlantic beach, fl [09-21-2001]

Thank you very much for helping all of us cope with this terrible tragedy. I've been seeing printed flags in cars and trucks and I knew I'd find the American flag on your website. God Bless America!!!
The Biron Family, Boston, MA [09-21-2001]

I'll be back to visit this sita again. It's very interesting and educational. Thank you
Fran Kupsik, Seymour, CT USA [09-21-2001]

Needed a printed picture of the American flag. Thank you.
DIXIE SIZEMORE, Trona, CA [09-21-2001]

Sherry Cumbie, Bell, FL [09-21-2001]

Thank you for providing us with a picture of the flag that we can display. We usually hold our patriotic feelings inside but now, at this time of national crisis and sadness, we are moved to show our feelings proudly. God Bless America.
Ellen Hollander, New York [09-21-2001]

I have a Question??? When flying the U.S. Flag at half-staff are you suppost to remove the California Flag which flies below it on the same pole? Thank-you, Cecelia
Cecelia Zeiher, Stockton, California U.S.A. [09-21-2001]

nancy aiken [09-21-2001]

ivan [09-21-2001]

Julie Burke, Concord, MA [09-21-2001]

god bless america-thank you for the info on the american flag and its history
kathie mendez, brentwood ca [09-21-2001]

I am so very proud to be an American. I thought I always was a proud American,after this I know how much I am!!! My prayer is for our young generation. They have never known war and the price we had to pay for the freedom we enjoy.Some of the interviews of our college students have been very upsetting .I pray they now realize what an American has to do to keep his freedom. God bless us as we make a Stand to keep it!!! God comfort the families of the fallen.
Sherryl Fulton, Weatherford Texas [09-21-2001]

In the wake of the horrendous evil act by terrorist in our homeland, America was awaken by a second Pearl Harbor day. Let's ask GOD to help us to face back those evil perpetrators who hated us by killing our own innocense brothers and sisters on Sept 11, 2001. My prayers goes to all those families and friends who lost their beloved ones in New York City & Washington DC. This is a great nation! Let's show the world AMERICA is a great country....GOD BLESS USA & all of us!
AB, San Diego, CALIFORNIA [09-21-2001]

deidre butcher, ft. lauderdale, fl [09-21-2001]

Maureen, Phila,pa [09-21-2001]

Linda [09-21-2001]

ESTHER L. COPE, pine bluff, arkansas [09-21-2001]

god bless america. i have taken our freedom for granted for too long...but not anymore!
Terexa Emory, Columbus, Ohio USA [09-21-2001]

i love america
anthony guarino, saugus ma usa [09-21-2001]

Thank you so much for putting the American Flag on this website for all Americans to use. I have set it as my wall paper and also plan to print it out.
Virginia Souther, Crystal River [09-21-2001]

I too wanted to make a flag and came across this site. The information was great and the information on the five point star will help a lot. I love our country very much and, like many others are grieving for the lives of those lost. Thank you
s.compton, brighamcity,ut [09-21-2001]

at this terrible time, it was wonderful time spent renewing our education of Betsy Ross and her accomplishments the best of which is, of course, our beloved Red White & Blue
mr & mrs john buswell, germantow, md [09-21-2001]

Thanks for the information my Boy Scouts will find it very useful. Darrell Prim CC
Erwin D. Prim, Marietta OH. [09-21-2001]

This is a Great site Thanks
Nephi R. Poecker, Mesa Az [09-21-2001]

Marcia Tuitel, Michigan [09-21-2001]

Why do we have a flag and the american Indians don't? Weren't they on these grounds before we descovered America? Didn't we take their land away from them or do I just don't understand? Please explain.
anonymous, Auberry california [09-21-2001]

what is the protocol on USING a flag that was used and continues to be folded from my father's casket. It is a struggle to know whether I would even want to use it but I think he would be proud if it were flown in light of the present situation...would surely like some feedback...Thanks
Dee St.Lawrence, Louisville, Ky [09-21-2001]

Monica T. Linggi, El Paso, TX [09-21-2001]

I have owned an American flag for many years and am very proud to let it hang outside my home. The flag and all that it represents to all of us in the USA has/will continue to hold us firmly as one. With GOD's hedge of protection we will prevail.
Frankie Thomas, Columbia, MD 21044-1826 [09-21-2001]

I am very proud to have been born in New York and am especially proud of the way this country has supported each other in this horrific time. I fly my flag very proudly and am glad to be an american.
Diane Long-Navarro, Fontana, Ca. 92336 [09-21-2001]

Hello: We are having a hard time finding a US flag in our city. We are interested in making our own and have picked out the fabric for it. Our question is we are thinking about a 3ft wide by 8 ft long flag, how big do we make the stars for it and is that a good demsion to make it? Thank you for your time! I enjoyed very much your web site and learned a lot from it!
Stacey Jones, Spokane, Washington [09-21-2001]

Thanks for all the info on the flag. Just wanted to make sure we were doing it correctly and for the right reason.
Rae & Clarance Sampson, New Boston, TX [09-21-2001]

Very nice.
lhoughton, Turner, ME USA [09-21-2001]

Betsy Ross was a most important woman, whose design & creation is still respected. God bless her for her mind her work and her deeds.
queena38, freedom rocks, Queens, New York [09-21-2001]

god bless america, united we stand
M TAMARKIN, york pa [09-21-2001]

I Think Sites like this is great. Kids of all Ages should use sites like tis to educate them selfs on American history. There should be more like this. GOD BLESS America and your team for the good work that you are doing. Walt Padgett
Walter G. Padgett, Clovis, Ca. 93611-5816 U.S.A. [09-21-2001]

It is so sad that there are such evil people in this world.My prayers go out to all the families who lost love ones in and around the twin towers in New York, The Pentagon, and in Pennsylvania.I sure hope this will put prayer back in the schools.You never know what the day may bring. God bless America! "L" Earlington,Ky
Lynn, Earlington, Ky [09-19-2001]

We love the flag.
Stacey Burklow, Sturgis,KY. USA [09-19-2001]

What a well done site that is easily navigated. So much terrific information. I found out about it through a boyscout egroup. G-D has and will continue to bless America!
Roz Stone, Carrollton, Texas USA [09-19-2001]

thank you for creating this sight im 13 and i used the sight for a soshal studdies report on how i feal about america thank you agen. (god bless america!!)
britty, newport,maine usa [09-19-2001]

Thank you for the info on flag rules and regulations. I am looking for a paper on what every fold in the flag means. I know that each time you fold the flag in a triangle, it stands for something, but I do not remember what each one means. I am just sorry it took a tragic thing like this to bring out our Americanism. I have been marching in American Legion Color Guard for about 7 years now and we have won State Championship for the last 10 years in parade and when they had field competition.
Jane Kreutzer, cleveland, oh [09-19-2001]

I am making a flag at home because all of the local stores are out, so I needed a flag to copy for accuracy. thanks for the information
josephine Finazzo, Grosse Ile, Michigan [09-19-2001]

josephine Finazzo [09-19-2001]

Thanks for the Wallparer Flag --these colors DO NOT run!! Semper Fi
Veteran, Lakeland, FL. USA [09-19-2001]

This is great. The American Legion has brochures on taking care of our flag, I've been instructing my children on patriotism for years. It took a war for enthusiasm. Glad you put this on the internet, its in a form I would like to forward to others. Thank you! Thank you! Janeen Thomas
Janeen Thomas, Benicia, CA [09-19-2001]

United we stand!
Ed Cary, Highlands Ranch, Colo. USA [09-19-2001]

Didn't Mary Pickersgill sew a flag for Fort Mchenry? I thought that was the 1st american flag? E-mail me back an answer please!
Annie, South Carolina [09-19-2001]

Allie H., nh [09-19-2001]

outstanding web page
FRANKLIN D MUMPOWER, dover, delaware 19904 [09-19-2001]

FRANKLIN D MUMPOWER, dover, delaware 19904 [09-19-2001]

THANKS FOR THE FLAG for my wall paper on my Computer, and keep on praying for this country Take Care, We Care -- Don Little River, S.C. Myrtle Beach
Don Miller, Sr., Little River, S.C. 29566 [09-19-2001]

Hey I really liked your website thanx 4 letting me c it, it was nice hope it has the info I need!! :o)
Erika, fl [09-19-2001]

I am trying to find out if it is legal for our university to create flag artwork to go into our yearbook with images of some of our students screened in the background and a table of contents printed over the stripes.
Mary Brown, Ruston, LA [09-19-2001]

Alma J. Sage, Albuquerque, New Mexico America [09-19-2001]

lynn, Waterbury [09-19-2001]

At this time of great sorrow & pain, it should make us all proud that we stand together in unity showing our colors. I am printing out all the information on the flag, so that my children can read and understand the true meaning of "Old Glory". God Bless you America!!! May You get well Sooooon!!!!
Carolyn Mallman, River Grove, IL 60171 [09-19-2001]

I enjoyed your site. Very imformative and interesting. Thanks!
Andi Chance, Jefferson, OR, USA [09-19-2001]

Nice page
Ratty, usa [09-19-2001]

Is it proper to display a flag which was used over a coffin in a vets funeral? I did not read anything about this in your site.
anonymous, Arizona [09-19-2001]

I have to dress up as Betsy Ross for work next month and I need a good picture of her so I can make a very similar costume.
Sarh Beth VanHook, lebanon, Ohio [09-19-2001]

Diane Eagans, Mexia, Texas United States [09-19-2001]

Samantha, Texas [09-19-2001]

Mariah Silveira, Medford, Oregon [09-19-2001]

this web site is cool for history homework!!
Kim Ann Williams, Harrodsburg Kentucky [09-19-2001]

Great web site, I have learned a lot from this.
Pamela Turner, Manchester, New Hampshire [09-19-2001]

I am still in disbelief.I went to the Twin Towers many a time. Never again. The should and will build it biger,and better.
edward petitti, fairfield,ctI still [09-19-2001]

I've been looking all over for a flag to put in my window. I sure thank you for being there for me.
Francis Dale Motschman, Sr., Trotwood, Ohio 45426 [09-19-2001]

Rick Wolfe, Fall Branch TN. USA [09-19-2001]

Thank you for all the information!
Nicole Radish, Sunnyvale CA [09-19-2001]

Thank-you for making this informative site available.
William Alan Shaw, Bronson, Mi USA [09-19-2001]

GOD bless America, land that I love...
Linda Cimini, Flushing, NY [09-19-2001]

It took a woman to figure the star out...God bless America and it's people.
Becky Jackson, Indian Head, Maryland 20640 [09-19-2001]

Thank goodness such a wonderful person gave us such rich history to enrich our lives. G-D Bless the American Flag in all its forms and The Uniteds States of America Jed Http://
Jed, Long Island [09-19-2001]

Gob bless all of the victims and thier families and also God bless the world for the events to come from the attacks on September 11, 2001.
kari, san diego, ca united states of america [09-19-2001]

Wonderful information. Thanks for everything.
M Wood, Springville, UT [09-19-2001]

God bless America! May our beautiful flag wave long after our evil enemies are long gone.
Herman R. Herrera, Fontana, California [09-19-2001]

Very interesting information on a well known lady.
James N. (Jim) Elens, Joliet, Illinois [09-19-2001]

MaeLee Simmons, Geary,OK 73040 [09-19-2001]

I was pleased to have found this site. It gives me a closer look at the years passed but is still part of our world history.
Veronica Hill, Seattle, Washington [09-19-2001]

Thank you for this site full of good info.
Thomas Burton Jr., Lowell IN. [09-19-2001]

Brian Dunlap, Lansdale, PA, USA [09-19-2001]

Richard Bordelon, Las Vegas, NV [09-19-2001]

I feel I am a patriotic person. I plan on giving a speech to my speech class on the history of the flag, etiquette, etc and found some useful information on your page. Also in light of recent events, maybe others now feel more patriotic. Thank you
Johnna Douthit, Dickinson, North Dakota [09-19-2001]

Patrick Smith, Slidell, Louisiana [09-19-2001]

Sharon Gray, Jackson, MS USA [09-19-2001]

hey besty this is kimmy i am doing the question of the week for our school and i just wanted to know more about you
Kimmy, marietta ga usa [09-19-2001]

I really appreciate being able to find a copy of the flag! I was on vacation when the bombing happened and was unable to find a flag anywhere from Texas to Ohio. I feel by displaying the American Flag this lends my support. Thank you again for having one available for the public. God Bless! Pat
Patricia Ellis, West Union, Ohio [09-19-2001]

Lorayne Calicchia, Rome, New York USA [09-19-2001]

What a wonderful site, thank you for the ability to print a flag on 8 1/2 x 11 paper............we could all use one in light of the tragedy last week. I am going to tell everyone about your site.
Cindy McCauley, Rockville, MD, USA [09-19-2001]

Thank you for this site.
Mrs. Pigg [09-19-2001]

in this time of sorrow for our country we are grateful to the lasting symbol created by Betsy Ross. all Americans are proudly flying the red white and blue in some way and hope in our hearts that our leaders will restore our sense of safety. God Bless America and all of us.
Charlotte Katz, Ocala, FL [09-19-2001]

I was designated Connecticut's first "Official State Troubadour" in 1991. As a response to the recent terrorist attacks on America, I have written a song entitled "These Colors just Don't Run!". The chorus is: These colors, these colors, these colors just don’t run! Since Betsy Ross first stitched ‘em up for General Washington. They’ve stood against both King & Crown, and petty tyrants too. These colors stand in war and peace, our own red, white and blue! It's posted on our Crackerbarrel Entertainments website at Best - Tom Callinan
Tom Callinan, Clinton, CT [09-19-2001]

Thank you for the flag. It'll still be flying when others have long gone. God bless AMERICA
Doug Huycke, Farmington, NM [09-18-2001]

Thank you .
Ann O'Neal, Milledgeville, Ga. [09-18-2001]

this is exilent site.thank you and keep it up and god bless america and you and us. usha.
usha sadarangani, 466northam drive, north brunswick,nj.08902 [09-19-2001]

Gertrud Aichberger, W-81369 Munich /Germany [09-19-2001]

Thank you for a very informative education of flag rules and regulations. I really hope you keep this on your website for a long time to come. More Americans need to know these details about our Nation's flag.
Susan, Lubbock, Texas [09-19-2001]

Maybe after 9/11/01's events people will start paying attention to sites like this one! I will "spread the word".
E. Weil, North EASTERN NJ [09-19-2001]

After the awful tradgedy happened in the state of New York, a few of us teachers decided to take patriotism into our classrooms and teach our students more about the american flag. I stumbled across this site and was amazed at the abundance of information. I have spent hours viewing and printing all of the information. I especially liked the flag wallpaper for the desktop of my computer. Thank you so much for making this site available! Sincerely, Rachel McDaniel, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Rachel McDaniel, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma [09-19-2001]

Thankyou for the cite. God Bless America!
Kessiah & Cindy Austin-Young, Hickory, North Carolina [09-19-2001]

Planning our trip to visit all of this blessed history. This is a great site to find as I clicked through to finalize our plans. How great all our history seems, always; it is especially precious after the tragedies of this last week. May God continue to bless this great nation and to be with our leaders as they make monumentous decisions over these days. We have our flags flying to designate our support for our leaders, the search teams, the ones who lost their lives and all of the grieving families.
Rosalea Bonner, Vacaville, CA [09-19-2001]

"More than proud to be American!!!"
Cheryl Cooper MacIlwain, Dearborn, Mi U.S.A. [09-19-2001]

I have always loved the history of our flag. The saddest news story I ever saw was the burning of a flag by some very misguided youths.
Jessica Coleman, Las Vegas, Nevada [09-19-2001]

Thank you for the excellent info on "How to Display the Flag." This is a great web site and should be very helpful to many people. I thank God for our country and the freedom our flag represents.
Carol B. Cole, Terrace Park, OH [09-19-2001]

Thank-you for your website. God bless America.
Susan Ryan, Manteca, Ca. USA! [09-19-2001]

Had just discussed the proper display and care of flags with my daughter and we had commented that it should be available for all of us to be reminded that it isn,t just any old flag. God will bless America only if we humble ourselves before Him and lift Him up before all people before it is too late.
Margaret Everman Adams, Mesa, AZ [09-19-2001]

Thank-you for your website. God bless America.
Susan Ryan, Manteca, Ca. USA! [09-19-2001]

I just happened on to your web site and have downloaded the American Flag for my wallpaper. Really nice.
J. Stanton, Martinsville, Indiana [09-19-2001]

Let this Flag wave, forever... No one bombs us, and gets away with it....
Ronald De Anda, ontario ca. [09-19-2001]

When I was a little girl I loved visiting the Betsy Ross House in Philadelphia with my Brownie Scout troop. This web site brings back those memories. Very nice! And I love the flag wallpaper for my computer. Thanks very much.
Cheryl G. Smith, Ijamsville, MD [09-19-2001]

I am so proud of our American flag; it's the most beautiful flag in the world. And I'm proud of Betsy Ross for having the foresight to create something so unique, so enduring. Her legacy to us is something all true, red-blooded Americans appreciate. Long may it wave. God bless America ... land of the free and the home of the brave.
Betty Dravis, Capitola, CA 95010 [09-19-2001]

Is it proper to wash a USA flag? Mine belonged to my mother, and is old and dingy.
Nancy Ingram, Springfield, Oregon, USA [09-19-2001]

Why is there a certain number of red and of white stripes? I am 7 years old and I am sorry for all the bad stuff the has happened. Let's go get the bad guys who did this.
Max Sievers [09-19-2001]

the reason for my visit my daughter had asked my husband what the colors meant, and He forgot, so I looked it up on the net. Thank you very much for solving a 7 year olds mind. very nice site. I guess with what is happening in the World today she has a few questions. WHY is the biggest one
Lisa Barger, Paulsboro, NJ [09-19-2001]

our colors red white and blue. the dont run.
gilda waterfield, buxton.n.c. [09-19-2001]

Hello I just stopped by to pay ny respect to Ol Faithful and to send my condolences out to those who lost loved ones in the tragic on 9/11/. Also to the families of the fire fighters. All I say is to keep those in praer who need it because tommorrow is never promised and remeber to thank Jesus for keepng you through the night and letting you see another beautiful day. Let America come out on top like always. Remember GOD BLESS AMERICA! I love my country.
Ronnetta McGee, Hyattsville, Maryland, USA [09-19-2001]

Maria Griffo, Rochester, New York [09-19-2001]

What a wonderful site! Thankyou!
Janet Mountjoy, Fayette, MO [09-19-2001]

Thank you for this website. Not only do you explain the etiquette on how to display the American flag, but you also included pictures which also help. I will pass on your website to friends and family. God bless America.
Jacalyn Gifford, Tulsa, Oklahoma [09-19-2001]

Your web site is wonderful. I work for the Department of Labor in Washington, DC and your work will put smiles on the faces of those who haven't smiled in 7 days's been 7 days since the attack and it's refreshing to go to a web site such as yours and see the American falg and all that it stands for...Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Linda Kay Forman, Fredericksburg, Virginia 22408 [09-19-2001]

Thank you for the very informative website. I hope someday in the future my family and I Can visit The Betsy Ross House. Sincerely, Jasmin
Jasmin Francisco, Diamond Bar, Ca. USA [09-19-2001]

sue, Nj [09-19-2001]

Very informative. Everyone should have a copy of this infor. I will try to let others know.
Victor Cantelmo, Rosamond, CA [09-19-2001]

i wanted info on the u.s. flag. i wanted to know what each color and stripe ment. we have been displaying our flags prouley in remberence of all who died setp.11,2001 in the terriost attacks. my prayers go out to everyone. god bless peggy wadsworth
peggy wadsworth, waldoboro, maine [09-19-2001]

i thought the info you had on the rules and regulations and how to fly the flag was the most interesting info i have ever read. thank you for the info...... carrie anzelmo
CARRIE ANZELMO, boardman, oh usa [09-19-2001]

DARLENE G. NIESWIADOMY, new castle, pa. [09-19-2001]

Just wanted to tell you what a wonderful site you run, It's a great service to all Americans, There are a lot of people that dont even realize there are rules to flying a flag . I also wanted to bring it to your attention there is also one other place that the flag is flown 24 hours a day "The Moon" anyways again thanks for the great site and "God Bless America"
Bob Mountford, Homer NY [09-19-2001]

clinton lee dennis, bridgeport, texas, [09-19-2001]

Great Site!
Rev. Dale Wilkey, Hamilton, Ohio [09-19-2001]

Tim, Omaha [09-19-2001]

Diane Springer [09-19-2001]

I have been looking for a flag that I could print out and dispay to show my support and concer after the WTC tragedy. The one on your website was the best and easiest to print out! Thanks!
Terri Buccarelli, Manasquan, NJ [09-19-2001]

I received your site through "LifeMinders Weekly" today and have enjoyed it very much. I have shared it with family and friends. I was taught all this in school but had forgotten much. Thank you and GOD BLESS AMERICA!
Virginia Hickman, Joshua, Texas [09-19-2001]

I think that this is a great site for young people to look at. Since the horrible acts of terrism there have been many people displaying the american flag and it is important to know why it is important to our country.
jessica, albany ny [09-19-2001]

Thanks for this page at this time in our pain and suffering.
The Reverend Allen D. Minter, Fairfax, VA [09-19-2001]

Hi, Retired U.S.Navy. Took part in many "Morning Colors" abosrd ship and shore billets. I have been displaying our National Ensign every day since becoming a civilian. The recent terrible tragedy has prompted more people in the sub-division,where we live to display their flag,some of which had never done so. We have an all weather flag and as of last friday it remains displayed day and night. I recently rigged up a floodlight to illuminate and enhance the beauty of our flag during the hours of darkness. Great website. Regards,Charlie
Charles A. Jacobus, Auburndale, Florida [09-19-2001]

I enjoyed your web page. I am sure the images presented are a comfort to many during these troubled times. America shall not merely endure acts such as recently happened in New York and Washington but we shall prevail over them. God bless America Richard Stewart
Richard Stewart, California [09-19-2001]

God Bless America
David Watts, Asheville, North Carolina [09-19-2001]

This was a real blessing.
Sharyl M Houston-Burke [09-19-2001]

Cool stuff!!! I never knew about flag eitquette! It's great! God bless America
Jessica Marriott, Glendora, California USA [09-19-2001]

I am a member of which always has interesting articles in it. Today it was especially good. Thank you for the very helpful and interesting article about our Flag. Lots of great reminders on how to properly display the Flag. Just a note to all those who have been working tirelessly at ground zero for these many days without proper rest, etc. A grateful nation appreciates each of you. May our hearts be comforted and may God continue to bless the USA.
Elda Bishop, Fort Worth, TX [09-19-2001]

Luke Sartino, Birmingham, Al. [09-19-2001]

Lindsey Dagenhart, North America [09-19-2001]

great site!!! so very important at this time in history!!! Going to a halloween party as George Washington & Betsey Ross God Bless America
robert saedal, sunny isles beach, fl [09-19-2001]

God Bless America
ali, norfolk, va [09-19-2001]

god bless america and our beautiful flag. may it wave on forever.
g woodside, andrews tx [09-19-2001]

This is very interesting and informative.
Diane Griesenbeck, Tampa, Florida [09-19-2001]

I am proud to be a citizen of this great country. My husband, father, and brother (all deceased) served our country during World Wars I & II. They would be saddened to know of this terrible tragedy. My great, great grandparents were among the early settlers and suffered great hardships as they helped create a country that has respected and valued its people. Throughout the history of our country, we have evidence of the ability of our citizens to unite and overcome crises. We will again. Thanks for helping us remember who we are.
Jan, Tampa, Florida [09-19-2001]

god bless america....
Joe Cervi, New Brighton, PA [09-19-2001]

Have you ever heard of a Betsy Ross Flag Club? Recently while going through family items we found a box of items beloning to my father's great aunt. Most of the items in the box dated around 1917 and there is a certificate showing she was a member of the "original flag makers" Betsy Ross flag group. Do you know what this group was and when it was formed? I didn't get a good look at the certificate but am planning on pulling it back out and trying to trace it as now I am curious.
Ruth, Omaha, NE [09-19-2001]

This is a very informative site. I often see the flag being displayed as clothing or soaking wet in a rainstorm and it breaks my heart to see such disrespect, maybe now that our nation has suffered such a tragedey and the flag is being displayed everywhere, people will think twice about how they are displaying the symbol of our nation. And let us not forget the strong christian values this country was based on. God bless America! Calandra
Calandria D Loe, Fernwood, Idaho [09-19-2001]

After the tradegy just a short week ago, my love and respect for the U.S. Flag is overwhelming. I was born at the end of December, 1940 and we were taught by our parents, relatives, teachers, and neighbors to respect the United States Flag. It makes me proud to be an American and I want my three grandchildren to feel the same way. They will, because their parents are teaching them! I have been saying for the past few years that we don't have the Patriosm in our country that we had when I was growing up and it makes me very sad that it isn't display as much as it should be! I live on a very nice street but only three flags are up to show our respect for the victims and their families, not to mention the firefighters, policemen, and volunteers that are doing a superb job of trying to find our people that were lost at the Pentagon and The World Trade Center. Wake up Americans and be proud...sing the National Anthem when you are at a baseball game, put your hand over your heart and be proud! Listen to Lee Greenwood's "God Bless The U.S.A." and teach your children and grandchildren all of our "American songs!".
Carol Bemis, Dixon, CA [09-19-2001]

god bless america!!!!!!
Jennifer Lee, New Bern, NC [09-19-2001]

Doug Pierce, Bristolville, OH [09-19-2001]

god bless america
Tina, Dallas, TX [09-19-2001]

If you have a flag flown from a stationary bracket, with the flag hanging at an angle, how do you fly that flag at half staff or indicate that is at half staff? Your site was very helpful.....thanks!
Bonnie Goodart, columbus, In [09-19-2001]

Thanks for your site to print flags.
Sue Spencer, Lawrenceburg, Kentucky [09-19-2001]

God Bless America!!
Sue Remaley, New Castle, Pennsylvania [09-19-2001]

I am proud to be an American-------God Bless America
Irene Huntress, Rochester, New Hampshire USA [09-19-2001]

Our flag! Nothing else represents so much with so little. I'm proud to be an American! God Bless the United States of America!!
Patricia Woods, Dallas, TX [09-19-2001]

i love you betsy ross
Wendy Fuentes, Houston t.x [09-19-2001]

I'm proud to be an American!! Old Glory has withstood the test of time. Long may she wave.
Patti, fl [09-19-2001]

Awesome site! I thought I'd have to look through clipart to get a nice image of the flag. I have it as my desktop pattern and plan to pass the site along to others!!! I also look forward to reading more when I have time! Thanks again! God bless America!!!!!
Darcy Ryan, San Luis Obispo, California [09-19-2001]

this is my first visit.this is a wonderfull site to visit.i have found & read History on this site that i didn't even know about. May the GREAT CREATOR GOD ALMIGHTY IN HEAVEN bless AMERICA forever & always & we will serve him & let HIM be our leader. God bless YOU.& God bless America.
Andrew Mathers, Crawfordville,Florida ( Wakulla County ) U.S.A. [09-19-2001]

I cam to this site to find out more about Betsy Ross because my younger sister wants to dress as her on Halloween.
Natalie, Texas, YSA [09-19-2001]

Hello, I am a sixth grade teacher, and I was looking for ways to bring my students in on the recent tragedy affecting America today. I thought an excellant approach would be to tell the history of our flag, and to have them make a flag to demonstrate our patriotism for our country. Seeing as it is very difficult to buy flags during this time, I thought it would be fun to engage my students in the making of our flag. I will also have them write one reason why they are proud to be an American to be attached to the flag.
Susan, usa [09-19-2001]

Information on the flag was very interesting. Lots of things I did not know about it. Grandchildren were also interested.
Kareen Bleam, Bethlehem, Pa [09-19-2001]

This was such a treat for me,I love history every inch of it.Thanks Della
Della Fetherolf Bango, Philadelphia NY [09-19-2001]

Thank you, very valuable information
Gary Sanders, Garland,Texas [09-19-2001]

May GOD have Mercy on the people who lost their loved ones in the tragic destruction in New York. The time is right to renounce Satan and return to the Holy Church and re-affirm your Love of GOD. Amen
Robert Storey, Kennesaw, Ga. [09-19-2001]

on Sept,11,2001 the Enemy tried to divide us,but as our Hero!s try to dig out our Fellows American on this sad Day,We as a People have not begun to fight,and our President is Taking Charge,and We will Be Victiouous.I Love America,and New York,Where I Grew up and take my Stand against Terrorist.And all enemies in and out of the Unitede States. Frank Martinez Sp/5 U S Army
Frank Martinez-SP/5 U S Army., Queens, New York, [09-19-2001]

GIANNA PAVAN, clifton, nj [09-19-2001]

Thank you so much for the information that you provide here. It is not only interesting, but very helpful. I have printed several sections to share later with my family. The flag and what it stands for brings a great deal of comfort and security to a nation and it's people during a time when so many things around us are in a state of chaos. Thank you for helping us to heal.
Paula Stroup, Apex, NC, USA [09-19-2001]

He, cool web site, I am doing Betsy Ross for a history paper!
Grace Pohlman, St. Louis, MO [09-19-2001]

was unaware of your cyber page. glad to see you and i am proudly displaying my flag for our country in these terrible times.
PATTI LYLES, new middletown, ohio [09-19-2001]

Great information all Americans should see this web site
Sunny Beatley, Bartlett Tn. [09-19-2001]

I was able to print the flag, place it in a sheet protector and hang it in my rear side windows with suction cups. I just took a chance at finding a flag on the Internet and this one worked out well because I could not find any within my community. Thanks,
Maureen Crider-Wallace, Cleveland, Ohio 44103 [09-19-2001]

Great website, I am going to send it out to many. In the past, my husband and I have been saying we would like to purchase a flag for our home. At this time, I think it is very important to do this, any suggestions as to where we might purchase one, I know supply is in demand. Our thoughts and prayers to those affected by the Twin Towers and World Trade Center Bombings.
Stephanie Lopez, Phoenix, Arizona [09-19-2001]

Very informative
Lane Brewer, Killen,AL [09-19-2001]

Thank you for making our flag available for us to print out. As you must know we cannot buy flags anywhere. We thank you for this very American service to us all. Carol O'Borski
Carol O'Borski, Huntington, New York 11743 [09-19-2001]

god bless america!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amanda, Mississippi [09-19-2001]

I have had a great interest in our flag for years. I have done a lot of reading and research. This is a wonderful site. In the day that we now live, it is even more important to realize the importance of our heritage. Thank you J Childs
Janus Childs, Molalla, Oregon [09-19-2001]

Carol A. White, Mesa, AZ USA [09-19-2001]

hi would like an american flag to hold high above the roof top
alan pyette, scarborough, ontario canada M1E 1A4 [09-19-2001]

I wish we could somehow get a trillion small, but not too small American flags, that also have a tag saying GOD BLESS AMERICA, and drop them all over the middle east countries that dislike us so much.
D DelGross, Bala Cynwyd, PA [09-19-2001]

Thank you for this page. Our flag has always meant so much to me. Now at this time, after the tragedy that has happened in OUR country, it even means more. Love for one another and our country unified more than ever. God Bless all those who have died and their families and friends and as HE always has, GOD BLESS AMERICA.
Leona B. Raney, Jackson, New Jersey, USA [09-19-2001]

i think we all lost track of our patriotism until sept. 11 2001, a day with all its destruction and terror. A new generation of patriots was born on that day, the younger people who had basically no idea of the true meaning of our flag and what it represents. Don't ever lose track of what our flag stands for... God Bless America!!
rick nehrkorn, rock falls, illinois [09-19-2001]

This is a great site. I am printing so much of your articles. Keep up the great work.
Phyllis Foster, Wayne, Michigan [09-19-2001]

Travis Weiland, kansas city [09-19-2001]

Becky Dickinson, Maine [09-19-2001]

Thank you so much for a very nice site to visit. I was looking for an answer to a question I have that I didnt see here though. When flying the flag at half mass,how long should you leave it that way? What would be an appropriate time ? Thank you again for your site.
Sharon, St. Cloud, Florida [09-19-2001]

Thank God our flag is still flying ! Thanks.
Dorothy Reese Plunkett, Anniston,AL 36207 USA [09-19-2001]

Just downloaded a flag for my desktop and looked around your site, very nice work! Thank you:)
Grace Beatty, Boston, MA [09-19-2001]

Pat Burks, Indianapolis IN [09-19-2001]

This site has been so helpful to me and the grand chldren. Thank you so much. Mary Tate
Mary Tate, Stafford,Virginia [09-19-2001]

We 're gonna rock our country out of it 's funk and no Thomas Crapper about that . I ' m proud to be an American ; where at least I know I ' m free and there is no doubt I love and pray for all involved including our misguided terrorist for ifthey could see as well as all of us that we are family - all my brothers and sisters etc . and God bless our earth and subdue it correctly . - a future doc . of vet . meds . B . S . ; but trying to be a Postal Worker and postal workers are not as crazy as you might think I have been married to one for 22 years ! Forgive and you will be forgiven ; if not it is no one ' fault : but your own . - Mom Terp !
Laurie Ellen Green, Kensington, Md . U .S . A . !!!! ... [09-19-2001]

Dennis Schwear, Kendall Park, New Jersey 08824 [09-19-2001]

Anthony D. Flore, Beaver Falls, PA [09-19-2001]

How wonderful to have this site!
Cindy Bart, Bristol, Wi [09-19-2001]

Very nice site, thanks. God Bless America
Winona Mancini, Windham, Maine [09-19-2001]

great information to be getting out to all. Thank you.
maureen, Worcester MA [09-19-2001]

good bless america
raymond berdah, corsica [09-19-2001]

god bless america
JENNIFER DAY, fremont,ca u.s.a. [09-19-2001]

I have always flone my Flag....And I'm proud to be able to live in country that I can fly . It's great to see everyone buying flags but why didn't they have one before 9-11-2001?
pam b. caslin, liberty [09-19-2001]

god bless america!
Mickie Dillon, Concord North Carolina [09-19-2001]

kellie jussel, redding,ca. [09-19-2001]

I'm looking for flags, etc. anything that supports our country to sell in my shop with some of the proceeds to go to, Firefighters, Red Cross, anywhere it's needed most.
Ellen B. Smith, Natchez, [09-19-2001]

Teddy Bridge, milford, utah [09-19-2001]

Although my flag flies 24/7 it's great to see patriots still live. Great site. Thanks for the picture of the flag. God Bless America
Robert E Bailey, Williamstown, NJ [09-19-2001]

I loved your website! Thanks for keeping our spirit of patriotism during today's hard times.
S. Calderon, San Antonio TX USA [09-19-2001]

Evelyn Whitney, Powderly Tx [09-19-2001]

We live in a great country.God Bless America. With God's help justice will be done.
Jeff Kinder, Memphis TN [09-19-2001]

Very nice site.
Anne E, Nevada, USA [09-19-2001]

Thank you for this great site...God bless American the home of the brave and the free.
Brad Meacham, San Jose, Calif. [09-19-2001]

god bless america!!!!! a prayer for continued freedom for the united states of america!!!!!
Libby, Decatur,Il [09-19-2001]

Thank You for this wonderful sight. I needed a flag to comfort me. I'm so greatful to be able to refresh myself on flag protocol. What a Wonderful country we live in. Thank You.
Annie Opper, Golden,CO [09-19-2001]

Thank you so much for providing both the wallpaper and the printable flag. With the current shortages of flags it's nice to be able to show our support in some small way. It is bitter-sweet to see so many flags now. I think this week is the first time in my life that the mere sight of the flag could move me to tears. Tears of terrible sadness, great strength and pride, unity and fear for what we may have to endure to keep her flying. Thank you again and God Bless the U.S.A.
Kathe Hofman, St. Charles, Missouri [09-19-2001]

Thanks for a great site...!!!
Jerry Crowe, Fresno CA [09-19-2001]

In light of the recent terrorist attack in New York and the shortage of flags in stores, I am forced to print a copy of the flag from this site and display it in my window. I am glad to have visited this site and learn more about the regulations of displaying the flag. What a terrible time our nation is in, I am sure that the strength, spirit and vitality of the American people will survive this tragedy. I am afraid for people of Arab, or Middle East descent as there have been unprovoked attacks on them. It is important for all of to remember that even though someone my not be of anglo descent they have come to America to enjoy that which we all so dearly cherish, have fought and will fight to protect. Freedom. Freedom from oppression and persecution. Let us not persecute those who have come to America for the very same reasons our ancestors did. We need to support them and reach out to them. If Middle Eastern descent people are attacked, it makes me feel that somehow the terrorists have won -
Sue Rock, Gurnee, IL [09-19-2001]

always be true to the red white and blue. let freedom ring !!
R Whidby, Sumner, WA.(USA) [09-19-2001]


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