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July-September 18, 2001 Betsy Ross Guestbook Archives

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God Bless America - land that I love.
Christa Sfameni, Atlanta, GA [09-19-2001]

Rita Galloway, Dike, Iowa 50624 [09-19-2001]

Christie Trowbridge, Buda, Texas, USA [09-19-2001]

CHARLES C PALMER, frankfort,kentucky [09-19-2001]

God Bless America and keep us safe!
Jane Caffey, Brentwood, CA USA [09-19-2001]

I am proud to be an American Citizen born & raised in one the original colonies of these United States (Charleston,S.C.). My Family has a long tradition of serving our military & this also makes me proud to be an American.I only pray for the military personel that they think of old glory on their newest conquest. These islamic people can be a tough fight. The American Flag has endurred many a fight and will bring them home GOD BLESS AMERICA
Wythe Wilson, mt.pleasant,s.c. 29464 [09-19-2001]

god bless our united states
valerie j. hyder, hollywood [09-17-2001]

I am proud to be an Americian. May God continue to bless Americia
Grady Lett, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia Canada [09-17-2001]

I am so excited that I found this website. Thank you so much for putting together all this knowledge. When I was a Sr. Girl Scout I had to learn all of these regulations, but now being in the AARP group, I forgot (through non-use) much of this information. Thank you for refreshing my memory. My sons and nephews will also love this info. We are all History buffs. This means a lot to me, since I am a Naturalized Citizen. Thank You. :)
Mrs. Gerit Martino, Kingston, New York [09-17-2001]

This was an interesting site. many times I was at a loss to what to do with our flag, and didn't want to show disrespect. And now I have that information at hand. Thank You! "GOS BLESS AMERICA"
Carolyn, D_Town, Pa. [09-17-2001]

Thank you for having a very informative page on the net especially needed at a time such as this.
William & Patricia King, Sheridan, Wyoming USA [09-17-2001]

Good information that all Americans should know. thank-you and God Bless America
preston wolkoff, bluefield,va [09-17-2001]

Well it is good to have the flag on this site as you proble know America is on Attack. And i am going to print the flag out and put it on my locker! So thax for the Flag!!! Lata~~ *~~Leslie~~*
Leslie White, Muncie, IN, 47303 [09-17-2001]

god bless the usa
Jennifer, Ft. Riley [09-17-2001]

thank this was a great page
Joann Taylor, Trenton Georgia [09-17-2001]

My first visit to this site. Loved it.. Thanks
Diane Luke, Niceville, Florida [09-17-2001]

Diane Luke, Niceville, Florida [09-17-2001]

Clarence Caudle, Stillwater, OK [09-17-2001]

I am proud to be an American
Jennifer Tarver, Picayune,Mississippi [09-17-2001]

I just have one more comment. I have traveled across this country quite a few times in my life. I am 55 years old and live in the desert where it seldom rains. I spent two months in the midwest right after the Oklahoma Bombing. When it rained, almost no one took their flags down. I saw flags everywhere, flapping against flagpoles, soaking wet, for days at a time. I remember thinking, we should have more respect than that. Maybe from now on, we will never see another flag on a flagpole during a rainstorm, anywhere. Such a simple thing to do, take it down, when it stands for so much.
Susan Grant, Barstow, California [09-17-2001]

I really enjoyed this site. In fact just recently, a few of my friends were discussing the flag being flown at half staff. One person said it is only for government officials and the President etc. In this city and other cities, I know they fly the flag at half staff when someone important to that city dies. Is the the right thing to do? Regards, Susan Grant
Susan Grant, Barstow, Calif. [09-17-2001]

A friend and I were discussing just the other night proper flag etiquette. And today I find this online. I was very pleased.
Gloria Shepherd, Little Rock, AR [09-17-2001]

Thank-you for providing a beautiful site with so much information about our Flag and it's history. I have sent a link to all of my family and friends. In the wake of the recent World Trade Center tragedy, we need to be reminded of what the flag means to us all and how it came about. Americans should be proud of the Red, White and Blue every single day of their lives, not just in the bad times. God Bless America.
KE Higgins, Beacon Falls CT USA [09-17-2001]

Mary Schneider, Onondaga, Michigan [09-17-2001]

Greetings All, Thank you for the useful information... peace & blessings, Anyta
Anyta Archer, Pacifica CA [09-17-2001]

I love this web site.. with the tragedy and all that has happened in the world this is a refreshing site...May God Bless you All..
Katrina Boehler, Zap, ND [09-17-2001]

Very awesome site!! Keep it up!!
Jess Brown, North Carolina [09-17-2001]

Debbie Ellis, San Diego, CA [09-17-2001]

I feel our flag should always be remember not only when there is a tragedy. Most children do not even know the pledge and they say it every day in school and do not understand what the are saying. I always had my child repeat it so he knew what this country stood for. Know while I am writing I am in tears for fear. I know we lost many lives but my 23 year old son is in active duty in the US Army and if we go to war many of us, we too could lose a life of loved one. Yes I am proud but scared this is my only life but, he picked his life so I must stand proud of him and for him. Once Again God Bless America Al that I will say to end this God Bless All Who have lost and all who grieve we will all be together some day My Prayers go out to everyone
Constance Lawrence, parlin, nj 08859 [09-17-2001]

always there for us
richard t. vassar, mattydale, N.Y. [09-17-2001]

Great site. Enjoyed it very much.
Roger, Fort Collins, Colorao [09-17-2001]

I went to the Betsy Ross house when I was small, & I took my kids when they were small. My mother always claimed to be a descendent of Betsy Ross. Thanks for being there always & when we need you.
Mike Lawrence, Miami, Fl. [09-17-2001]

Thanks you for this web site God bless America
isabel rodriguez, Miami, Florida [09-17-2001]

As a Police Officer in NJ and being at ground zero for two days at our country's time of need, all I want to say is, "God Bless America".
Steve Killane, Freehold, NJ [09-17-2001]

may god bless our country!! thank you for all of the important information on how to properly display our beautiful flag!!
SHIRLEY C. LAKE, south chas. u.s.a. [09-17-2001]

Lolita C. Abad, norfolk,va. [09-17-2001]

God Bless America Our home sweet home
Donna M. Miller, Bordentown, NJ USA [09-17-2001]

John Olhoft, Pahrump, Nevada, USA [09-17-2001]

God bless America ...the land of Liberty and Justice for all!
Chris Sibert, Miami, FL [09-17-2001]

Thank you for this wonderful site & for the time & trouble it took to create it. I am proud to be an American, born & raised in this wonderful country. God Bless America!
Patricia Menefee, Oklahoma City, OK [09-17-2001]

Melissa Sutton, Dallas, Texas [09-17-2001]

Jon Anne Winstead, Ruston, LA [09-17-2001]

betsy started it. we carry it on . the flag flies beside our house every day. as of last week the flags are flying from a lot of our neighbors. god bless us all.
MICHAELINE GILLICK, mi.48082 [09-17-2001]

i loved your website, i collect old american flags and enjoyed the history and the pictures. thank you, andrew
andrew smith, loma linda, ca 92354 [09-17-2001]

susan butler, jersey city, new jersey 07304 [09-17-2001]

Thanks so much for the flag print. I have never been more proud to display the red, white and blue.
cynthia hogue, york,pa [09-17-2001]

God Bless the USA
Karen A. Szymula (Nee Hoffecker), Livonia, MI 48154 [09-17-2001]

Sarah McGaha, Mt. Carmel, TN 37645 [09-17-2001]

God Bless American
Etoka Babbitt, Pawtucket, RI [09-17-2001]

THANKYOU FOR THIS WEB SITE!!!!!!! It will help me explain to my granddaughter about our flag. GOD BLESS AMERICA PLEASE SAY A PRAY FOR THE VICTIMS AND THEIR FAMILIES
Bonnie Kloster, castorland new york [09-17-2001]

What A wonderfull site!! Wish I had known about this much earlier; very informative. Thanx soo much!
TammyKim, Richmond, VA [09-17-2001]

god bless america!
Dawn Celentano, Miramar, Florida [09-17-2001]

Thank-you for providing a sight with so much information.
Mrs. Sheri E. Thomas, Saint Helens, OR, USA [09-17-2001]

Debbie Hibbard, Hamilton, Ohio [09-17-2001]

Don Schmitz, Highland, Illinois [09-17-2001]

This web site is so interesting...full of facts. I have 5 yr old triplets, and this halloween one is going as Betsy Ross, the other two as Uncle Sam and a US Soldier. How patriotic is that? It is so important for our children; no matter what the age, to understand our history. This website is great! Thanks.
Jena Troutt, tn [09-17-2001]

This is a great site! I am going to book-mark it and use it for Home-Schooling purposes. I have wanted something like this for my two daughters that I home-school. Thank You! Marie Rios
Marie Rios, Ennis, TX [09-17-2001]

i want to contribute my thoughts and prayers to the people of new york the people that passed away and their families!! god bless. jessica e
jessica, acworth ga 30102 [09-17-2001]

Amy Helwig, Appleton, WI [09-17-2001]

Wonderful site with lots of good information!!! Yeah USA!!
Debi Blanco, Topeka, Kansas USA [09-17-2001]

Thank you so much for your picture of the flag. I've looked everywhere this weekend for a flag or even a poster. I just found the PERFECT picture of our beautiful flag. Thank you for providing this for us and making it so easy to obtain. Thank you too, Jeremy of New York. GOD BLESS THE USA!!
Serena Huggins, Ohio [09-17-2001]

God bless America!
Susan Sebree, Cincinnati, OH [09-17-2001]

Thank You for this web site!
Linda K Smith, Flint, MI [09-17-2001]

Sarah Wedlaw, US Armed Forces Europe [09-17-2001]

Mary E. Main, Sonora, CA 95370 [09-17-2001]

I would appreciate if you could put a link to our site on your page: Free US Memorial Graphics In memory of those we loved and lost on September 11, 2001
Jennifer Moss [09-17-2001]

God Bless America!!! I am proud to be an American and my thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends who lost loved ones in New York and Washington DC. God bless you and don't give up hope of finding your loved ones!
DEBBIE SULLIVAN, north little rock, arkansas [09-17-2001]

MSgt Roger L. Jones, USMC, Miramar, Ca., Carlsbad, Ca. USA [09-17-2001]

Thank you for making a printable flag available. I really appreciate it. God bless you.
Deborah, Mesa, AZ, U.S.A. [09-17-2001]

Leilani Howell, La Mesa, CA [09-17-2001]

Thanks for the picture of the American Flag! I really needed it!!! i also read the fact on this page! there are interesting!
Jordan, Pa, USA!!! [09-17-2001]

At this time 9-16-01 I needed to remind myself about the history of our flag. I was asked some questions which I could not answer. Now I can Thank You
Jane Stevens, Dennis, Ma [09-17-2001]

Thanks for keeping the history of our great country going. In a time such as these we need our flag to carry us onward and knowing the the history of our flag gives us all hope. God Bless America!
perry krestel, homer glenn Il 60441 usa [09-17-2001]

Nora Milner, Greenville, Texas United States [09-17-2001]

All the flags in our city are sold out...I was able to print the flag and proudly where it to work and give to all my associates at the hotel where I work.
Maria Manzo, Austin, Texas [09-16-2001]

Great site! Fun and information packed. Thanks for your work building this site. Most folks I meet have NO idea there are ways to respectfully display out flag.
Ray Seale, Lisle, IL [09-16-2001]

Ruth R. Subers, san francisco, CA [09-16-2001]

Steele Rae Meisinger, Austin,TX [09-16-2001]

went looking for information on how to fly the united states flag and found this site . very good has all the information that is needed thank you people for putting it on the internet
wallace Pealey, Zoarville Ohio usa-44656 [09-16-2001]

With the unfolding and still ongoing tragedy of this past week, I feel it necessary to speak out somewhere--and here seems a good place--to simply say, God Bless America! Let us never again forget the rights and privileges of being an American; the patriotism owed to our fellow countrymen and our forefathers; and the bond all of us share in this time of grief and sorrow. Thanks for the website. -Rob
Robert Sikes, Phoenix, AZ. [09-16-2001]

Lydia Johnson, This is a great site. I am going to have my 3rd graders look at it tomorrow. [09-16-2001]

thanks for the picture of the flag i am making copies to put in my truck and in my windows of my home i have tried to purchase some flags and no one has any right now so these pictures will do nicely thanks a lot!!!
liz hickman, opelika alabama [09-16-2001]

very nice!! thanks!!
John Aben, Allen Park Michigan [09-16-2001]

I was looking for a United States Flag to print up for my son he ask me if i would put in on my truck and i told him i would if we could find one that would go on a 8 1/2 x11 sheet of paper. Thank you Lee
Lee, Bandera Texas [09-16-2001]

Thanks for the picture of the flag!!!! :)
Anjelica, United States of America [09-16-2001]

Thank you for this wonderful page on Betsy Ross, and our American Flag....I was asked what the colors of the flag meant, and I had no idea...I was talking to a friend online, and he gave me this web site, to come is absolutely wonderful! Thanks again....I am grateful!
Sonya Sylvester [09-16-2001]

I'm very happy to visit this web site. My Husband wanted a picture of the american flag. I found much more than I ever hoped. Thank you ! Evelyn Lewis
Evelyn Lewis, Henderson, Texas [09-16-2001]

Thank You Betsy
Kathie Burke, u.s.a. [09-16-2001]

Mark A. Smith, Andover [09-16-2001]

I have to admit that I have not always been the most patriotic person in this country. I have since changed. Having witnessed such a horrific event this past Tuesday has changed me forever. I will forever be patriotic, and fly my countries flag with pride. I AM PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN!
Pennie McDonald, Saginaw, Tx [09-16-2001]

Pennie McDonald, Saginaw, Tx [09-16-2001]

Hello, I have always been a patriot at heart and have been looking for a proper U.S. Flag desktop for my computer. In my job I always have to wonder about the proper times to lower The Flag to half-staff and when to raise it, during work I just don't get the news quick enough. Any help is appreciated! Thanks, Rich
Richard A. Hawk, Cincinnati, Ohio [09-16-2001]

Jerry Cantor, MSgt, USAF, Ret., Ridgetop, TN [09-16-2001]

GOD BLESS AMERICA!! My heart bleeds for all the victims of the Twin Towers and Pentagon!!!!
Evelyn Hutcherson, San Angelo Texas USA [09-16-2001]

Thank you for posting the flag. We've printed them for our cars. We have our flag hanging in front of our house in honor of those killed in Tuesday's attacks. Thanks.
Chris Miner, Santa Clarita, CA [09-16-2001]

No words can express the total sadness felt and the heartache for the friends and families directly impacted. However, as it turns out, we are all directly impacted with this overwhelming sorrow and together we will overcome this as our forefounders did with their trials and tribulations for freedom. God bless everyone as our new future unfolds.
Patricia A. Mulligan, Davenport, FL [09-16-2001]

diane harrison, uriah,alabama 36480 [09-16-2001]

J.G Lane [09-16-2001]

thank you for what you have done, GOD BLESS AMERICA !
Jayne Starnes [09-16-2001]

I am proud of all of the hard work she must have done, most of people could not have done it!!!
jayne starnes, nc [09-16-2001]

God Bless America!!!!!!
Georgette Westphal, Far Rockaway, NY USA [09-16-2001]

Thank You Grandma,You made the difference in America. I Wish I knew you. Your Great,Great,Great,Great,Great,Great,Great,Grandson David Ross
David Ross, Eureka, Montana [09-16-2001]

Michelle Bennett, South Williamsport, PA [09-16-2001]

Thanks for allowing people to print out the flag so we can display it.
Peggy Hancock, Henderson Ky [09-16-2001]

Thank you and May God Bless America
Charlotte Joyner, South Carolina [09-16-2001]

This is the first time I've looked at this site. You have done a wonderful job. Thank you and God Bless.
Janine A. Daunais, Dracut [09-16-2001]

William Williamson, Manti, Utah [09-16-2001]

THIS Flag will fly forever..... Make no doubt about it!
Barry S. Hillborn, Jr., Norfolk, VA [09-16-2001]

anonymous [09-16-2001]

Jeff, California [09-16-2001]

What is the ediquette for wearing a flag patch on a police uniform sleeve. Is it ever appropreiate to display a flag patch or painted say on a plane or bus etc. with the field of stars to the right and the stripes flying away toward the left.
Carol Scherm, Beachwood, NJ USA [09-16-2001]

After the tragic events that took place this week in New York (WTC) and Washington (Pentagon), I think it is wonderful to see the country coming together in such a strong way and regaining Patriotism that should have never been lost. I stumbled upon this page by accident but am glad that I did. I printed out a great picture of the flag. Keep America and it's people in your prayers. God Bless America!!
Lori Reid, Jackson, Mississippi [09-16-2001]

I went shopping today only to find that all flags and all red, white, and blue ribbons have been sold out. I am touched by the out pour of emotion and patriotism. I am SO proud to be an american!!
Corrina Barry, Rio Rancho, NM USA [09-16-2001]

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the printable flag. I looked for about 1 1/2 hours on the net before I found your site. I've printed a number of the flags to hang in my office building, car windows and at home. Thank you again. My daughter is a quilter and I will pass on the info about cutting out a five-pointed star in once piece. May God bless and guide us all. Joan
Joan Katis, Santa Cruz, CA 95060 [09-16-2001]

Thank you for our Flag. I just printed it to give to our daughter to place in her window. She has no place to fly a Flag. I came from Germany and I am so proud to be an American. Again, THANK YOU. Renate
Renate Taylor, Everett, Washington 98203 [09-16-2001]

Just wanted to say thank you, I just started looking for US flag information and a clean/clear picture of our flag to print and display. Thanks again and GOD BLESS THE USA!
Darrin Simmons, Springfield, IL [09-15-2001]

Would you please tell me where can I find information in how to sew the american flag.... Thanks, Maria Stoen
Maria Stoen, Dublin, CA 94568 [09-15-2001]

Marilyn, Bastrop, Tx [09-15-2001]

The recent crisis in New York has renewed an interest in the right way to display a flag. Thank you for a great page.
Gloria Welch, usa [09-15-2001]

Thoughts and prayers daily for those who lost their lives in New York, Virginia and Pennsylvania.... Thank you for allowing us to download a picture of the flag.
Patrick O'Donnell and family, Santa Barbara, CA US of A [09-15-2001]

Thank you for the wallpaper and the wonderful picture. If she was here and now I think she would be proud of this web site. Thank you and GOD bless you and the United States of America.
Ronald Pierce, South Orange, New Jersey [09-15-2001]

I found your address in a news article haveing to do with the attack on our country. I am going to forward it on. Thank you for what you do and I have printed up a number of your flags on glossy paper so family and friends can publicly display them in their vehicle/home windows. Your information is fantastic and now that I know it is their, I will be using it to help educate my granddaughter as part of her history lessons. (I am homeschooling her.) Sincerely, a sad but proud American
Lois Gleason, Portland, OR [09-15-2001]

"I am absolutely fascinated by American history, and about flags (of which there have been 27 to date) in particular. Thank you for clarifying this knowledge. It goes to prove that although independent and different countries, that there is still common ground and descent between both."
Pierluigi Long, Chichester,Sussex, United Kingdom [09-15-2001]

I have in my possesion a 46 star flag in fair condition. Colors are a little faded and there are a few holes in the fabric. It appears to be sewn on a machine but not too sure. Can you give me an idea of it's value?
Kurt Young, Pensacola, Florida [09-15-2001]

I feel such anger for what has happened to our country this week. Such useless people should not be allowed into our country. Is it time to close the gates? Our intentions were wonderful in the beginning but now we are being so taken advantage of and unappreciated. But Old Glory will continue to fly and we will all be proud Americans. God Bless America!!!!!!!!!
Jo Robinette, Greensboro, NC [09-15-2001]

What is the proper way to clean an American Flag?
Michele Holland, Citrus Heights, California, U.S.A. [09-15-2001]

I found your web site to be very informational and provided me with the facts I was looking for. I needed the information on the flag to write a values speech on something I value;I chose the American flag and why I have valued it since I was a little girl and my grandfather told me the importance of the flag, what it meant and why every american should be proud to display it or have a since of pride when seen.... He was a WWII vet.
Christina J. Cillo, Chicago, IL [09-15-2001]

John Ney, Ellendale DE [09-15-2001]

Thank you for the picture of the U.S. flag. The city of Houston is sold out of flags. I heard about your website on a local radio station.God Bless America, and God Bless You! Sincerely, Courtney Miller
Courtney Miller, Missouri City, Texas [09-15-2001]

I have a question about whether or not coats made to look like an American flag or any other appearal is disrespectful. It was not originally a flag, but is made to look like the American flag. You probably have seen them. I have one and wore it until I read an article in a base newspaper where one military member said it was disrespectful. Also, isn't it disrespectful to touch the flag, just for the sake of touching it? I always was taught that you only touch the flag when raising, lowering, folding, carrying, or otherwise handling it for a specific purpose. The reason this question came up is because of the news coverage of the recent tragedy in the U.S. A woman was shown on a news clip hugging a flag and I didn't think it was proper. Thanks for your help. Proudly serving the U.S. overseas!
Carolee Ray, Iwakuni, Japan [09-15-2001]

Kerri Hensley, Apopka, FL [09-15-2001]

I have a 25 ft.telescoping flagpole from which I always fly the American flag. What should I do during this time of tragedy since I can't fly the flag at half staff? My son says it's an insult to fly it at full staff.
Rose Warner, Oswego, Il [09-15-2001]

SHIRLEY A. ERB, mt.sterling [09-15-2001]

I've been searching high and low for a flag and have not been able to find one since this awful tragedy. I decided to go online and found your web site. Thank you, it's beautuful.
Diana Salinas, Hialeah, Florida [09-15-2001]

Thank you for the printable version of the flag! We cannot find even one flag for sale in our town. I went online and found your site -- and downloaded the pdf format provided -- then printed several to put in the windows of my business and in my car. I appreciate so much your time in making this nice-quality print version available. Thank you, thank you!
Carolyn, San Luis Obispo, CA [09-15-2001]

Just want to say our girl scout troop #486 is doing everything we can to help out the wonderful people in New York and Washington. God Bless!
Brenda Copeland, West Lafayette, Ohio [09-15-2001]

Mena Caughman, Fair Oaks Ranch, Tx, USA [09-15-2001]

Thanks for the helpful information on flag displaying. Although the desire to show one's patriotism has resulted in the purchase of many U.S. flags, it is important to take the one further step to display the flag correctly. Now if only patriotism can show its true colors by 'allowing' those individuals who seek the same ideals, but who do not 'look' American, to live peacefully.
Henry Chang, Duxbury, MA [09-15-2001]

Danna, Youngstown, OH [09-15-2001]

I am saddened by the recent tragedy that has affected our nation and our world. It is kind of you to make a flag available for printing so that it can be displayed with pride and hope by all. United we stand! May God/Goddess bless us and heal us in this time of great devastation.
Michelle L. Rowley, Meriden, CT [09-15-2001]

May God bless America!
Kent S. Kelley, Canton, GA [09-15-2001]

I am absolutely fascinated by American history,and about the flags (of which there have been 27 do date) in particular. Thank you for sharing and clarifying this knowledge. It goes to prove that although independent and different countries, there is still common ground and descent between both
Luigi Long, Chichester, Sussex. England. [09-15-2001]

I am truely upset and sadden because of the tragedy that we have experienced here in the United States of America. I am flying my flag vertically against my apartment building and I was looking in this web-site for the proper way to fly my flag because of this tragedy. Since my flag is not flying on a flag pole I cannot fly it half-staff and I was wondering if there is a proper way to fly the flag to memorialize the tragedy. Since currently I am displaying the flag vertically with the union to the north in an east and west street. Can you please assist. Thank you, God Bless the USA. Alfred
Alfred, Kingsville, TX [09-12-2001]

hi, i really like your site because it represents the whole country and i just like the idea of this site. bye
Bryna, albion illinois [09-12-2001]

hi how are u. i loved ur site it soooo radical.
Bryna, albion illinois [09-12-2001]

REBECCA SAENZ [09-12-2001]

I really like your website it is very educational. I think it is better than some things. -Marcy Hunt
Marcy Kathleen Hunt, Winfield,Ia [09-12-2001]

I have a question.... How does one display the flag at half-staff if the pole is attached to the side or front of the house and the flag is not moveable on the pole? Is it proper to fly the flag at all if other flags are at half-staff? September 12, 2001 Laurie Eggleston
Laurie Eggleston, Washington State [09-12-2001]

Our Company would like to purchase flags, flag stickers and decals. In light of what happened to our country yesterday we want to visibly show our support.
Carolyn Pastorino / Stewart Holley Landscaping, Sparta, NJ 07871 [09-12-2001]

God Bless America on this terrible day 9-11-01. Let our flags fly and let the world know we are united and we will stand. GOD BLESS AMERICA
Roseann Stanley, Villa Rica Georgia [09-12-2001]

your house was great.
stephanie harris, kingston,ontario Canada [09-11-2001]

I would like to display a flag at my place of business. If I have a flagpole that does not allow to be raised or lowered (fixed mounted), how do I denote mourning, as if Half Staff? Thank you for your prompt attention. Liz Brown
Liz Brown, Silverdale WA [09-11-2001]

Kalli, Hallock,MN [09-11-2001]

Hello U.S. I was born in the U.S. and I had a great time there but sadly had to move to Canada. But don't worry because the United States of America will always stay in my heart my mind and my soul FOREVER!!!!!!!!! Love Shelly.G.
Shelly .G., Calgary Alberta, Canada [09-11-2001]

Hi, Betsy I'm 8 years old and in the third grade. I really like your book. My favorite part is when you made the first American Flag. My Mom and I read it last night. I wounld really like to vist your home and grave some day. Love, Mariah Cano
Mariah Michael Cano, Murphys CA, USA [09-11-2001]

Hey!! This page really helped me out with my research on Betsy Ross!! Thanks!!
Caroline, sc [09-11-2001]

Annie E. CONNORS, Phila [09-11-2001]

your site is awesome i love it
hjmaha j5erty, usa [09-11-2001]

i think the web page is cool and sorry she died my mom died too
jennifer L. & amber b., parkside ele [09-11-2001]

Kessy [09-11-2001]

I like Besy Ross she was cool.
cherie, Shepherd Texas [09-11-2001]

Vickie&Patrick, Trumann [09-11-2001]

Robert L. Ross, Cabot, Arkansas, U.S.A. [09-11-2001]

To Max Turner, and those who won't sign their names: As they said in the 60's and 70's "America, love or leave it." If you don't like what it stands for, NO ONE is keeping you here. Where would you rather live? GO FOR IT and good riddens. As for me, I'm proud to say I'm an AMERICAN, and I have traveled the world. I chose here.
Linda, Iowa [09-11-2001]

i always loved the first american flag
joel sowder, winfield kansas united states [09-11-2001]

a very interesting subject . quite thought provoking!
mary giles, dorset england [09-11-2001]

I had to be someone in history and I chose Betsy Ross.
Bridget Green, p.c., ny usa [09-11-2001]

It was really heart warming to have a glimpse of a fragment of history,where the symbolism of the American flag and the circumstances of its creation stand out as an inspiring tribute not only to Betsy Rose and America, but indeed to human experience on this small planet we call Earth. Its a wonderful site, and I'm so glad to have chanced upon it!
suroosh Irfani, Pakistan, Arts college professor [09-11-2001]

I have Series S Certificate # 11545 issued to my grandfather in 1922 from the American Flag House and Betsy Ross Memorial Association.The ceryificate is in excellent condition. If there is any interest I would be willing to donate this for display.
Michael Steiniger, Bethpage, NY [09-11-2001]

I have found a 37 star us flag. Can you date the flag? Is this of value to any collectors or museums? Can you recommend a vexillologist in the geographic area? Thank you.
Holly Fallon, Newport, RI [09-11-2001]

I need a bit of geneology on Betsy Ross' family. Specifically the Byrd family which I believe her sister married into, but regardless of that do you have anyone who has family history information on Betsy Ross? Any suggestions?
Winky Zeberlein, Charleston, SC [09-11-2001]

i have been searching for a betsey ross costume for my 5 year old. do you have any information on where to find historical costumes or someone who might be able to sew colonial dresses etc. i am also looking for george and martha washington for my other daughter and son. both 2 years old. thank you.
christine ostrand, ridgefield connecticut [09-11-2001]

I have found a 37 star us flag. Can you date the flag? Is this of value to any collectors or museums? Can you recommend a vexillologist in the geographic area? Thank you.
Holly Fallon, Newport, RI [08-30-2001]

I need a bit of geneology on Betsy Ross' family. Specifically the Byrd family which I believe her sister married into, but regardless of that do you have anyone who has family history information on Betsy Ross? Any suggestions?
Winky Zeberlein, Charleston, SC [08-30-2001]

i have been searching for a betsey ross costume for my 5 year old. do you have any information on where to find historical costumes or someone who might be able to sew colonial dresses etc. i am also looking for george and martha washington for my other daughter and son. both 2 years old. thank you.
christine ostrand, ridgefield connecticut [08-30-2001]

your house was great.
stephanie harris, kingston,ontario Canada [08-30-2001]

i used this sight for my report, for academic, about Betsy Ross. i found a lot of good stuff, but needs more...............
Ashley Morrill, dorr, michigan united states [08-30-2001]

I have homework on the flag. The questions I have are what does the red, white and blue stand for on the flag?
Justin Roberts, Storm Lake, IA [08-29-2001]

I was researching the web for a Grange report on the American Flag. Your site was great. I love how to cut a five point star. I printed it out and will take it to my next Grange meeting and share it with the other kids. Thank you.
Nicole Midstokke, Pala, California [08-29-2001]

chelsea, chattanooga,tn [08-29-2001]

Do any of you know what (5?) items are inside the "truck" of a flagploe. I am a US History teacher and am having trouble finding this out. I think there is a match, a bullet, a razor, and . . .? Any help here? If anyone know, please write Thanks, LUKE
Luke Atwell, Las Vegas Nevada [08-29-2001]

I am impressed with your site! As of July I have been accepted in the DAR.
Wanda Wallace, Plainview, Texas [08-29-2001]

I think she was a great women.But I'm the best.
Dustin Baucom, Porter,Oklahoma [08-29-2001]

Great site
michel Willis, Texas [08-29-2001]

I am starting a research on my family. I am a descendent of Betsy Ross. My grandfather's (Marion Keith Shipman) mother's maiden name was Eunice Parrot. From the paperwork my family has, I am a descendent. Would like to find out more information if possible. Please let me know any information that you may have. Thank You, Ryan Evans
Ryan J. Evans, Shamong, NJ [08-29-2001]

enjoyed reading about the flag. Recently purchased a picture of Betsy Ross and the Flag Wondered about it. If it was in the White House or Capital. It's a 1935 print called The Birth of The American Flag Has several women around the American Flag sewing on the flag. The stars are in a circle. The print is really beautiful. Wondered where the original was? Thank you
bertha perkins, Texas [08-29-2001]

This is a great site! I learned a lot.
Heather Carr, Orem, Utah [08-22-2001]

I had to look up the history of the American Flag for an essay. I was very impressed with some of the facts I learned while visiting this site. Thank you very much.
Tara Hamm Duffy, va [08-22-2001]

I have just come from attending an Army conference in Spokane, WA. How wonderful it was to be with so many people who honor the FLAG and our Country. I am teaching a class in church to some young girls on freedom and our country and wanted to be able to share more facts. Thank you so much. God Bless the USA!
Beverly Reynolds, Boise, IDaho, USA [08-22-2001]

My family has an actual family tree dated back to 1600's of Betsy Ross family - the Griscom's.
Carol Griscom Skinner, Nuremberg, PA [08-22-2001]

I just recently moved to PA, from Minneapolis, MN. I am very excited to be in this state, mostly because of it's rich historical origins. I plan on taking my mother to the Betsy Ross homestead, when she arrives here in September. I've yet to see the home myself, which I will do when I take my mother...but I'm so much looking forward to it. I am a 25 year old female and while most of my friends like to party and what not...I'm a bit on the old fashioned side. Historical sites are of great interest to, I know that I'm in the right state to nourish my desire to see these points of interest!This vitual tour was great and I really enjoyed seeing it. Thank you
Amy M. Graham, Prospect Park, PA [08-22-2001]

lyn mattern, olean, ny [08-19-2001]

Herbert R Springston, Tampa Florida USA [08-19-2001]

joe sullivan, plymouth ma. usa [08-17-2001]

Thanks for a terrific site, my wife comes from Pennsylvania so I thought I'd better brush up on my knowledge of American History as she is obsessed with English history, by the way we live about 10 miles away from George Washingtons ancestors, the town is actually called Washington in County Durham.
Kevin Lees, Newton Aycliffe, North East England [08-17-2001]

Kurt Beck, San Clemente, CA 92672 message: Was just researching the name of Betsy Ross, for a project at our Rotary Club. Kurt [08-09-2001]

Kacee dale, punxsutawney message: this is an awesome homeage!!! [08-09-2001]

Philly Fan, message: [08-09-2001]

Pat, Port Richey, FL message: I just sent a request to use a graphic and some of the information from this site. This is the best website of this type that I've visited. Thanks for the information provided and the great design! [08-09-2001]

catharine y takemoto, los angeles, ca, usa message: Am suggesting the Scottish townspeople of Dunbar visit your web site and enjoy the tour of Betsy Ross's House. They are arguing about how to convert John Muir's birthplace for visitors. Have vivid recollections of taking our sons to Betsy Ross's house more than twenty years ago. I recalled that day again this morning when I read about the Dunbar argument in today's LA Times. August 6, 2001 [08-09-2001]

jose garcia, casco. mi. usa message: [08-09-2001]

Very interesting and knowledgeable information on our flag. Good work! Thanks GREG
Greg Stevens, Commerce Mich (48382) [08-06-2001]

Bears Paw Woodcrafts is proud to announce our GRAND-OPENING Makers of fine and elegant hard-wood Flag display cases, Bears Paw woodcrafts strives to create aesthetically pleasing well crafted products that utilize a unique finish that is unsurpassed. Please visit our web-page for further details:
David Parsons, Largo, Florida [08-06-2001]

Kyle woods, Bakersfeild Californa [08-06-2001]

I have heard all my life that Betsy Ross is one of my Aunts(several "greats" back). I want to be able to tell my daughter exactly how we are related to her. The search should be lots of fun. I really enjoyed your site. Thanks.
Phoebe C. England, Georgia [08-06-2001]

I needed accurate information about the flag - specifically as to the meanings of the colors. You provided it. Thanks!
Barbara Fenn, Pomerene, Arizona [08-06-2001]

nice site
shaunika bullock, syracuse new york 13207 [08-03-2001]

Roland Perret, Jeanerette, La. [08-03-2001]

I have a question about the pledge of allegiance to the flag. I remember that when we did the pledge in the classroom we put our hand up to the forehead in a salute mode and then pointed to the flag when we said the word "to". Later in school it was changed to placing our hand over our heart and then pointing to the flag on the word "to". Then later still we placed our hand over our heart and kept it there. I would like to know the approximate dates the changes took place. The reason for this information came after I noticed that President Bush in leading a group in the pledge accidently putting his hand into a salute and then remembered to put it over his heart. I realized that he was in the military at one time and may of done it for that reason. I remember as a boy in the lst and 2nd grade of doing in the salute manner.
Bryant Bennett, Bellflower, California [08-01-2001]

Great Tour!
Lori Tulenchik, Pequot Lakes, MN 56472 [07-31-2001]

i wish she was still a live today and see all of her fans that she has.
nicole loftus [07-30-2001]

I really enjoyed your web site. Than You!
Linda Sittauer-Holmes, Lynnwood, WA [07-29-2001]

I am working on a collage for America for cub scouts citzenship pin. Thanks for the neat picture.
Ryan, Pueblo Colorado [07-26-2001]

Hi, great site! 
Claude Revelation, tx [07-26-2001]

Christina Seidl, Butler WI [07-26-2001]

Very nice site. I visited the house when I was a child and this certainly brought back the memories.Thank you.
Carol Silva, Rochester,Mn. [07-23-2001]

Hello, My name is Astrid Pineda and my sister's name is Angie Pineda, we are students in Betsy Ross School. I've been at Betsy Ross School for seven years, my sister has been there for 4 years. I like bieng at Betsy Ross School. BYE!!!
Astrid Pineda, Anaheim, CA. [07-23-2001]

Hello....I love your site. the reason that i visited was to find out more about her because i have a family member that is currently doing our family tree and i found our that i am in fact releated to betsy ross. i was wondering if the sponsers of this site might know where i can go to retrace some of her family so my family tree will be more complete. thank you
Kelli Swafford, Anderson, Indiana [07-23-2001]

great job guys.
michael g. pacheco, san antonio, texas usa [07-20-2001]

This web page is wonderful
Elaine Girard, Rotonda West, Florida [07-19-2001]

i really love america, you guys should be so proud!
lisa, scotland [07-19-2001]

Hi i was looking at this site and learning about valuable American history.I know i'm from Scotland but i love America and i wish i lived there. It's not fair i want to be American.
leigh, Aberdeen,Scotland [07-19-2001]

we have a birth of our nations flag painting by c.h. weisgerber copyright 1911 with a seal on the bottom right side. this particular peice was presented to a john f. burke of fall river, mass. do you have any information on this peice or if it is of any value, thanks
mike gonzalez, mcallen,tx [07-19-2001]

Seth Garman, Dornstadt, Baden Wuerttemburg, Germany [07-17-2001]

where was betsy ross buried??
jayme freburg, andover,illl [07-17-2001]

cara ope [07-17-2001]

Just found this when searching genealogy info.! It's great! I did enjoy making the 5-point star! Saved the instructions on my favorites. May add the rest in my favorites! What's this about Betsy not making the flag?? Nonsence,I suppose!! I plan to make a jacket out of a woven "flag" throw. Hope it doesn't desecrate our flag! Learning computer and doing genealogy, has helped enhance my interest in history, since finding relatives in Civil War. Thanks to those before us!! Rhonda
Rhonda Harrison, Barnhart, Mo. [07-15-2001]

Great research place for finding out information to use in my first grade lesson plans. Thanks!
Danielle Brown, Ventura, California, U.S.A. [07-15-2001]

why do u have my name
amy ross, england, newcastle [07-13-2001]

This is cool. I learned something today. I plan to come back again and learn some more. Thou I disliked much of history in school I could never find enough information on Betsy Ross/our flag or Abraham Lincon.
Nora Moreland, Walnut MS [07-11-2001]

ok i heard something bout a Betsy Ross so i looked it up and maybe its a different betsy or maybe its the same but something about a pez head SOMEONE PLEASE E MAIL ME AND TELL ME!!!!!!!!
jackie, ATL, Ga [07-10-2001]

I enjoyed your site very much and hope you are able to put more old documents online for history buffs. Thanks.
MsBeckie McElhaney, Arkansas USA [07-10-2001]

Betsy's Ross gave us a beautiful symbol of freedom for all when she gave us our flag. We should cherish it,respect it,and salute it every day and display it with pride to show we our glad for the opportunities and freedom we have in this country. Long may it wave
Jean Gerardi, Warwick, NY (Orange Cty) [07-10-2001]

Great site! I use it every year in Social Studies class. Thanks
Patricia Peters, Springfield, Ohio [07-10-2001]

we plan to visit in august on an educational vacation through pennsylvania.
ANNETTE BOWEN, verona, va [07-10-2001]

I visited the house in 1948 and saw a copy of the Association.I have certificate #36243 series T 1923. Great home page!
David C. Bowman, Prescott,Arizona [07-10-2001]

Thanks for providing such a good website!
Ron g. Reddish, Jacksonville, Florida USA [07-10-2001]

My mother has a flag in her attic, we have searched for years wondering about it and searching your webpage we see that it is the Betsy Ross flag. Was this flag ever flown? Where and When? Are these flags of value? Would you have anyone interested in purchasing such flag? Please contact me with any information.
Nancy, Pipestone County, MN [07-10-2001]

Thanks for the great site for all of us...we should never forget our heritage!!
mgm, Sequim, WASHINGTON [07-10-2001]

This is a wonderful web site. Thanks to whomever put it together.
Carolyn Robbins, El Cajon, CA 92021 [07-10-2001]

I have enjoyed this article very much.
Eugene, Johnson City,TN [07-10-2001]

I love looking at American flags when we go past them. I was surprised to learn why the flag was named "Old Glory."
Madaleine and William Norman, Norton, Massachusetts USA [07-10-2001]

Enjoyed it very much
Di, Scotland [07-05-2001]

I was impressed how well she lived back then......Was she considered wealthy, she looked like she had everything. I wish we still had houses like that, they lived with the means they had, but when you look how some people live today, that was very nice living!!! Thank you for sharing that very interesting information.
Susan Gork, St. Petersburg, Fl [07-05-2001]

Hello I visited and enjoyed the Betsy Ross House and God Bless America !!!!!
Gayle Ann Harner, Franklin, Wisconsin USA [07-05-2001]

The American Flag is one of beauty. My Baylor ancerstor was at Ft. McHenry when Frances Scott Key wrote the star spangled banner. The picture of the flag that flew over the fort is GREAT.
Jane Beattie, Beaumont, TX [07-05-2001]

Have heard that Betsy Ross was a PAYNE who married a Ross. Am I right? Thanks
Max R. Payne, Copperhill, Tn [07-05-2001]

I hope to visit in person one day. Thanks
Sara F. Williams, Troy Ala [07-05-2001]

This was my first vitual tour it was great!!!!!
connie, springfield Ma [07-05-2001]

May all Americans enjoy their Independence,their Liberty,their Country And their Flag.Whether you are Canadian or American.Love Your Country!
John F. Mac Donald, Alexandria,Ontario,Canada [07-05-2001]

Very interesting information about the flag-kinda gives you a good reason to attend church, eh?..
Dianne Kleinhuizen, Willmar, MN USA [07-05-2001]

I have enjoyed this article very much. It is good to see some "nce & good" items on our e-mail.
Harriet Shannon, Lake Havasu City, AZ [07-05-2001]

I love your information on Betsy Ross. I have found that I am somewhat related to her. Mr gr-gr-gr-gr-gr grandmother, Dorothy Ross Asbell, was her aunt. She was a sister to John Ross's father. It has been passed down through family history that Dorothy was visiting with John and Betsy when General Washington came to check on the progress of the flag. Dorothy was introduced to the great american and it was passed from family to family that she the thrill stayed with her all her life. It is also said that Dorothy played a small part in the making of the flag. She claimed to sew on one of the stars. This star was in the center farthest to the right and was known by all kin as the "Asbell Star" Also John's Uncle George Ross ( my Dorothy's brother) was a member of the Continental Congress form 1774-1777, and was one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.
Betty Armstrong, Clinton, Il. 61727 [07-05-2001]

Very informative website. I will share this information with my grandchildren. Thank you!
Cecile Walters, San Diego, CA [07-05-2001]

This is a good thing to offer to every one to have an oppertunity to learn of our countries history.
Helen Clark, New River, Arizona [07-05-2001]

Thoroughly enjoyed the tour.
Wanda Ham, Haskell, TX [07-05-2001]

As a Flag Waver since childhood (now 87) I learned a lot from this Web Page......Thanks a Lot and God Bless The Red, White and Blue.
George R Dennis, Pompan Beach, FL [07-05-2001]

I am currently researching my Ancestors History.I have been told by relatives that the Family was related to Betsy Ross,hopefully one day I will prove this one way or the other. Your site is excellent and very very interesting,full of useful information. Thank You Joyce Maxwell
Joyce Maxwell, Gainesville,Florida,USA [07-05-2001]

This was very enlighting. I enjoy it much
Alma Hewett, Texas [07-05-2001]

I love and appreciate your site. I 'm going to make sure my grand daughters know all about Betsy Ross and this site . It's so educational and besides that I love history, especially history about the USA. I appreciate Don Wildman's site which helped me find your site. He's a great American and christian man. Thanks for all of this. It's great!!!!
Mrs. Betty B. Stafford, West Memphis, Arkansas 72301 [07-05-2001]

Thank you for this web site, great job!! I was looking for the directions for the five pointed star and you exceeded my expectations.
Suzanne Driver, Fernandina Beach, FL [07-05-2001]

I would like a large flag for my flag pole Every time I go to a store they only sell very small flags that are not the proper size for my flag pole which stands 28 feet
Denise Manning, Augusta New Jersey [07-05-2001]

I for one am proud to fly our flag year round, weather premitting. It is my way of honering all our Veterans who have fought,( many giving thier lives), to give us the right to our freedoms. I know our country isn't perfect, but who amoung us is? I am proud to be an American and proud of our flag. LONG MAY GOD GLORY WAVE!!!
Phyllis Habersaat, Blachly, Oregon [07-05-2001]

my fourth grade teacher's name was betsy ross at hosmer school in detroit, michigan. she claimed to be a decendent of our famous flag maker. she taught us to cut a five point star. i could not remember how to do it to show my grandchildren. thank you for the instructions on the web site.
JUNE A.PASINI, carlsbad, california [07-05-2001]

enjoyed visiting the Besty Ross House in 2001 that is July 3rd,2001
Shirley Ann (Taylor) Carter, Riverside, California Riverside County [07-05-2001]

I think that the flag is a wonderful thing, and it represents the united states and I am proud to be an american. What does Betsy Ross mean to me, I think she was a very talented person.
Laura Quitugua, San Antonio, Texas [07-05-2001]

I really think this was cool!please e-mail me more things, you have quite an imagination. Thank-you, Laura Quitugua
Laura Quitugua, San Antonio, Texas [07-05-2001]

We were having a little debate concerning what famous site in Boston has to do with Besty Ross. I remember visiting something on a walking tour, but cannot quite remember why it was there, what it was for... If you know I would love the input. Thanks!
Gail Winter, Minneapolis, MN [07-05-2001]

I get a lump everytime I hear "The Star Spangled Banner" and see Old Glory waving. I work at a NROTC Unit and am well aware of the price our men and women have paid to have that flag waving in the breeze. I fly it proudly every holiday!
Dee Fisher, Norman, OK [07-05-2001]

The is a great site. I really enjoyed the tour.
Hannah Berry, Fairport, NY [07-03-2001]

You site is wonderful. I was especially pleased by the tour. My husband and I return from Philadelphia only this morning. Telling our daughters about our time there, I found your site to better answer questions by my second of 3 daughters and was able to take her on the tour we'd been on. Thank you.
Kathryn Strawn, Bradenton, FL [07-03-2001]

kon'nichiwa you should get a gallery of all the different flags the U.S has used over the years, like the stamps that came out last year with all the different flags on every stamp. arigatou gozaimasu! ~Tomoyo san
Tomoyo Daijouji, Japan [07-03-2001]

Emily Chambers, Irelend [07-03-2001]

this site is awesome
Collin Moriarty, menomonee Falls Wisconsin [07-03-2001]

I enjoyed your web site. My family visited the house years ago and enjoyed that, too. All my life I've been told that I am related to Betsy Ross, but nobody has enough information to really connect where the family tie is. If anyone has any family history of Betsy Ross, feel free to e-mail me.
Rus McElvain, Hurst, TX 76053 [07-03-2001]

Very interesting History
Howard M. Ryon, Browntown Va. [07-01-2001]

This was most interesting to see the pictures of Betsy Rosshouse and her life. It is great in these times to see how they lived and the great job shed did making this flag of our country
dottie McMahon, Holiday Florida [07-01-2001]

Megan Trantel, ny [07-01-2001]

Thank you for a wonderful website. What a wonderful country we are privileged to live in. God did BLESS AMERICA!!!!!
Blair, Anderson, IN [07-01-2001]

I have visited the Betsy Ross House many times with my second graders. The virtual tour will be a wonderful addition to my unit on the flag this year and it will provide a great preview for my students. Thank you.
Jennifer Knauss-Hauck, Chester Springs, PA, USA [07-01-2001]

How wonderful to tour historic places via internet. Really fantastic and enjoyed "Betsy Ross House" visit. THANK YOU you for all you have contributed to so many... more than you know, for now this visit will be shared with many others and they will be 'clicking' in to see you too.:) When in San Diego, Calif. (USA) please visit Mt. Soledad and the newly unveiled Veteran Memoiral Walls... photo of the Veteran is engraved in their black granite plaque... overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Web site is
Bea, La Mesa, California, U.S.A. [07-01-2001]

Kenny Traber, Jonesboro,GA [07-01-2001]

lynn meier, indianapolis in [07-01-2001]


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