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This is a cool site, lots of info. I was looking around on the net for info on what to see and do when my friends from Va come in a few weeks and this was very helpful.
Danielle Robinson , Bensalem, Pa [06-28-2001]

Emma Warrington , Sliema, Malta, Mediterranean Sea [06-28-2001]

Very interesting. Thanks
at Messer , McLoud, Ok [06-28-2001]

Pat Roux , Chicopee, Ma. [06-28-2001]

direct descendant and union ironworker! great site!!!
JEFFREY TODD ROSS , boyd, county kentucky [06-28-2001]

Shelby Barton [06-28-2001]

i beleive mistress ross was a great contributor to the history of both the south and the north. a fascinating and idealogical contribution to the historical artifact of the confederate,continental, and northern states or america. our founding fathers, which of whom, probably are not known by race creed national origin or political afflications were the creators an the beginning of a great nation an national organization that were preexisten to the formation of a prosperus world and one nationale under god. who wants war why should i kill my fellow brother or sister person unless i begged pleaded reasoned summoned or any other means of reasoning for peace. but the point is that if the try for succession of peace was not archieve and there was a shadow of doubt that reasoning would not prevail to know effect the i must do what must be done by all means necessary, together we stand divide we fall all people men women children infants prostestan jews gentiles catholic muslims and the people that hate people for their skin color party affliation or the ancestorial origins of the ancestors of our peoples is a detriment to society and the world as a whole. why should people hate the america, yankee-bristish, or klu klux klan flag people of all races put forth or lost their lives for the betterment of the countries. a lot of people associate the southern flag with racism and hatered. the present and forthcoming generations of the america society need to know the struggle that we people as a whole had to bring about a civilized and uniformial nation. on the subject of klu klanmanship if we were under white rule as they say why would the people come at night dressed in hoods and other protective garments and put a beating on someone. if the slavery factors or one hundred precent correct the the slave owners could have killed hung and/or handed any person or thing as they seen fit. who to say it was not peoples of all races and nationalities who did this treachous thing. why must one thing hold the other bac
ISIAH ALBERT GILLUM JR. , slidell louisiana united states of america [06-28-2001]

I found this page to be very helpful and informative and helpful in planning a class lesson on symbols.
shirley o. coefield , kinston, NC 28501 [06-28-2001]

Jane Ponath [06-28-2001]

Carolyn Chidester , Prairieville, Louisiana USA [06-28-2001]

thank you,quite an experience
william delore bergeron , lakeland, minnesota [06-28-2001]

Hi! I visited the Betsy Ross House recently, with some friends. I really enjoyed my time spent there, and I can't wait to return with my family someday. Keep up the good work!
Hope , Kansas City, MO, USA [06-28-2001]

Lil Walk , Lyman, WY [06-28-2001]

I am an editor with The State newspaper (part of the Knight Ridder chain) in South Carolina. For an upcoming story to run on July 4th, I was wondering if you folks have any idea if any of Betsy Ross' descendants live nowadays in S.C., or how we might go about getting such information. My phone number is (803) 771-8404. Thank you for any help you may be able to provide.
Catherine Christman , Columbia, S.C. [06-28-2001]

I enjoyed the tour.
Kate Holton , statesville, nc, usa [06-28-2001]

This information will be helpful in my class of ESL students. Thanks
Barbara D , St. Paul, MN [06-28-2001]

I am fortunate to work in an international high school that was founded by U.S. Methodist missionaries. We celebrate July 4th each year, but this year we are writing and performing a play about Betsy Ross and the flag. Thank you for your thorough web site. It has helped tremendously!!
Dezarae Gaines , Santiago, Chile [06-28-2001]

I am working on a display for the 4th of July at my job. I work at the Sweet Grass County Chamber of Commerce. You site is just what I was looking for. Thanks
Dianne S. Burmeister , Big Timber, MT [06-28-2001]

sup betsy ross is so coooooool. dis is real cool i cant beleve wut the world wood be like if she hadnt invented the lightbulb and microwave. she is da bomb. i wonder hoo invented the american flag cood that b benjamin franklin? by the way, betsy baby, if ur single, email me baby.......betsy ross is da mannnnnnnnnnnnnnn. love james
Didier , dc [06-28-2001]

I was orignally born in New jersey. My Family are the living decendants of Alexander Hamilton. My Mother is a Hamilton from Staten Island, New York.
Susan Marie Hamilton-Halle Grave , Spring, Texas [06-28-2001]

Rick Smith , The World [06-28-2001]

I think ur site is great. kids can learn more about the past and what is going on in the present. Thank you always Katie Toomey.
katie toomey , Villa Park Illinois United States of America [06-28-2001]

I have moved from Texas across the world to New Zealand. This is my family's 1st 4th of July out of the United States! How important this holiday will mean to us this time!
Jennifer D. Aghamalian [06-28-2001]

ulrike stahl , hannover,lowersaxony,germany [06-28-2001]

My brother, Daniel, and I are doing a 4-H demonstration on the American Flag. Your site was a great help.
Rachel Murray , Blue Earth, MN [06-28-2001]

I am researching facts about the flag to teach a lesson to a class. Thank you for providing this website.
Julie S. Hooter , Bossier,Louisiana [06-28-2001]

Can you tell me why the flags that are manufactured are 3 x 5 when the correct proportions for the flag are suppose to be 1.0 width to 1.9 length? that would make them 3 x 5.7
Karen [06-28-2001]

i miss celebrating flag day. we always celebrated the day when i grew up in maryland. in california it isn't even mentioned. we celebrate cinco de mayo but no may day or flag day. this is a sad day indeed.
ROSEMARIE GUERRERO , san diego california [06-28-2001]

LINDA FRYHOVER [06-28-2001]

Despite all the information you have on the flag, it doesn't answer my question: Can the Flag be washed & if so, is there any particular way to do it? We only put our Flag out for holdays, but since we've been doing this for over 20 years, it's starting to look a little dull. I would appreciate an answer before the 4th. Thanks.
Toni Campos , Los Angeles, CA [06-28-2001]

I love our country and I have a lot of respect for our flag, infact I am the Flag Police here, where I work and sometimes around the area. I will let people know what the rules of the flag are and I will let them know when they are not following them. What can I say, I'm proud to be an American!
Francesca Schab-Fernandez , Brighton, CO 80601 [06-28-2001]

please tell us where the materials came from that Betsy Ross used to make the first flag. thank you!
pat pearson , elk river mn 55330 [06-28-2001]

Thank You! I saw your website in the Wall Street Journal article this day. I printed the Rules and Reg's for my people and the neighbors who fly flags. We recently installed a 25' flagpole over our HQ and paln to dedicate it soon. Jim Thorne, President Vietnam Veterans of America Capital Chapter - 542
James Andrew Thorne , Harrisburg, PA [06-28-2001]

Thank You!
James Andrew Thorne , Harrisburg, PA [06-28-2001]

"I'm proud to be an American!" on this day when I can pull up all this information with a few clicks. Ms. Ellie
Ellie Fay Rodriguez , Dallas, TX [06-28-2001]

I have a very strong love for the flag of our country. I am currently working on a display for my backyard that would have ALL of the flags from our history flying proudly. If you know of a place where I can get all of the different flags (for as low a price as possible) please let me know. Thank you.
Tom Anderson , Muncie, Indiana [06-28-2001]

You have a wonderful site, I will enjoy sharing with my grandson, Adrian
Sarah South , Camden, Ohio [06-28-2001]

i rather enjoyed my little trip thru history's cyber door this morning!
HOLLY AMOS , st. joseph, mo [06-28-2001]

i am in a beauty pageant and have to have a talent. i decided to do a skit from a famous woman. the pageant is the weekend before july 4. i figured the making of our nations flag would be perfect. thank you for having so much information on betsy ross and our flag.
stephanie bell , 250 rambling canyon lake texas 78133 [06-20-2001]

i like it!
slick [06-20-2001]

Diane K. Jones , Oxford, Ne [06-20-2001]

My husband is a very patriotic man who dabbles in poetry & song writing as a means of reflecting his feelings and as a hobby. He recently wrote this in observance of " Flag Day "

Not long a go I took my wife to a fabric store and I was just hanging around while she shopped when I overheard a nice young couple talking to a sales clerk. They wanted something bright to cover a foot stool in the kids room. The clerk was showing them a bolt of cloth with multiple patterns of the stars & stripes. I said, " Excuse me young lady, you're not going to put this on a foot stool are you? " She responded saying , " Why not; it's only a piece of cloth. " I said,

I'm glad you asked the question
Cause you're too young to know
How many lives have been lost
So you could be free to come and go.

Now I don't hold it against you
but I don't think you realize
The blood and sweat and honor
That's built into those stars and stripes.

Now I know I'm buttn' in so please
bear with me little girl
While I speak about the freedom
They represent throughout the world.

I too am fond of bright colors
and you can have this pattern for a few cents
But there's no way to place a value
On what it represents.

In battles on countless beaches
In the air and on the sea
These stars and stripes have waved
And helped to keep us free.

It took countless acts of courage
To make the idea behind them real
Yes, " It's more than a piece of cloth. "
So thanks for listening to the way I feel.

Copyright June 2001
Johnny Grimes
Sandra Grimes , Las Vegas, NV [06-20-2001]

James Didier [06-20-2001]

Bonnie Fischer , Carbondale, co [06-20-2001]

I am having a discussion about the amount of stars on the Flag today. I heard on the Jay Leno show that there were 52 stars on the Flag. Other people are argueing that there are only 50. Please tell me which is correct. I know we have to other territories, the Virgin Island and Purto Rico. Are they considered states and do they have stars? Thank you very much and I will appreciate your help
Betty List , Barberton, Ohio 44203 USA [06-20-2001]

I have a picture of Betsy Ross etc with the flag and an inscription indicating it was presented to my grandfather Can you tell me about it. It probably was early 1900's or late 1800's. It has a seal with a number on it but cannot read words. Thanks
J Huggans , Columbia,MO [06-20-2001]

happy birthday to jeff woerner 7/3 and his dad, norman 7/5. love, kate
kate mccaig , north plainfield, nj [06-20-2001]

karimhmn , ghhgh [06-20-2001]

Frances Link , Hanna Alberta Canada [06-20-2001]

We used your site for flag day information in our summer school. I learned a lot. Thanks!
Cheserae Estraca , mangum,ok [06-20-2001]

I have a beautiful print of 4 women dressed in revoluntion area clothing sewing a 13 star flag in the flag room. I know the print is at least 60 years old as it has been in the family that long. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Bob Daley , Little Falls, New York [06-17-2001]

We are descendants of Betsy Ross. My mother's family name is Ross. We would like to know the exact genealogy. If someone could help us out, we'd appreciate it.
Carol H. Calhoun , Locust Grove, GA [06-14-2001]

I just typed in my name to see what would pop up with it. Thanks for keeping such a neat and interesting site with all the information. Stories passed down by generations hold more truth than our official records in many instances. I found this to be true as I studied the geneology of my mom's side of the family. Keep up the good work. By the way, my Mom thought it was cute to name me this. I have 5 older sisters and asked her why she did not come up with "cute" sooner!
Betsy Lou Ross , Aurora, Indiana [06-14-2001]

I have always displayed our American Flag on all the holidays. However, this year I have to be satisfied with a picture of our flag taped to my front window.
Dee Jaber , Vero Beach, Florida [06-14-2001]

TYNEAQUA WASHINGTON, myrland [06-14-2001]

Hi, I came to your homepage for information on Betsy, and I found everything! Thanks a bunch!
Jess [06-14-2001]

Thank you for the interesting information about the flag and Betsy Rose.I hope my 8th graders will enjoy your site as much as I did.American history is so fascinating.
Annett Borufka , Beyersdorf-Germany [06-14-2001]

My father bought me a flag today (6/12/01) and I found it inside my house upon coming home from work. I have owned this house for just over a year, and receiving an American flag from my father, just in time for Flag Day, has to be one of the more simple, but meaningful moments in my life. Display the flag PROPERLY on my house was my first concern, and this site's outline of the rules governing such display has brought tears to my eyes. Thank you.
Kyle D. Amerman , North Augusta, SC [06-13-2001]

nice website
joey fleming , nj [06-13-2001]

this tour was very interesting. It just so happens I was at the Betsy Ross house on May 30, 2001. My daughter's 5th grade field trip was to Philadelphia.
Chris Roth , Dunellen, NJ [06-13-2001]

Thank you for the info, wish I were there.
Tammy Adams , Kernersville, NC [06-13-2001]

Thanks for the great website. It was a great tour, and I learned a lot with your FAQ section.
Sandi Russell , Elk Grove, CA [06-13-2001]

Nicky Summers [06-13-2001]

This is an excellent site. We are preparing for a Flag Day celebration at our library and I have been able to utilize the material found. Thanks again.
J. Bates , Georgetown MS [06-13-2001]

(question ????? Is Betsy buried in a large church near her home, if so what is the churches name and phone if possible Thanyou, David Nunnery,
David Nunnery , Myrtle Beach, S.C. [06-10-2001]

Thank you for helping me with a third grade project. My mom is from Philadelphia so I hope to go visit Betsy's house this summer when we travel back east. I have a Betsy Ross costume and will tell the class her story acting like I am her talking to the class.
Abby Stover , Fullerton, CA [06-10-2001]

Thank you for this very nice informative work. It is just what I needed in preparation for a short program I will give on July 4.
Rodney H. Smith , Electra, (Wichita County) Texas 76360, USA [06-10-2001]

Kathy A. Koecher , White Bear Lake [06-10-2001]

casey , jonesboro ar [06-10-2001]

Hi Betsy Ross It's okay if you don't read this because your dead. Winnie
Oscar Junior Hernandez , Paramount California [06-10-2001]

Eduardo huerta [06-10-2001]

Super site! Loved touring the Betsy Ross house. Will share with my students when school starts in the fall. Thanks so much---
June Hudgens , Pineville, LA [06-10-2001]

Christian Kramer, III , Topeka, KS [06-10-2001]

I am a direct descendant of Betsy. (Great-great-great-great-great granddaughter) I, of course, wholeheartedly believe that she made the first American flag.
Jennifer Canby Rieck , Denver, Colorado [06-06-2001]

Susan U. Baldwin , Fort Washington, PA [06-06-2001]

Thanks for the great site!
Hollis , Albion, NY [06-06-2001]

Christine Rodgers , mo [06-06-2001]

Betsy Ross's house was cool!
Morgan Ramey , Kirkland, Washington [06-06-2001]

I like the way u put the star spangled banner in this website. It is also cool how u put all the verses in it. I never heard all the verses of the star spangled banner at all. I only heard the first verse.But that is also cool too. Sorry to say this it just is that I'm trying to get ready for being Betsy Ross in our last bookreport wich is tomorrow at 6:30pm. I'm a litte scard of doing it in front of my parents and other pepoles parents too. Well I got to go bye bye bye.
Allison Roy , Lebanon, Me. [06-06-2001]

I thought your website was cool. I am doing a report on the Flag and some of the information you had was very helpful. Thanks, Ty 5th grade Deary Elementary
Ty Shiell , Idaho [06-06-2001]

i love this web page!
Brittany , Oregon [06-06-2001]

ncsd has gost atmain buildering at morganton nc i would like to visit it sometime
jerry phillips , belmont n.c. gaston [06-06-2001]

I was very happy to discover this site, will use some of the material to present a Flag Day program at the nursing home where I work. Thank you!
Susan Bannister , Gerry, New York 14740 [06-06-2001]

Thanks for a very informative story on the life of a very important person in American History.
John R. Sharp , Danville, IN 46122 [06-06-2001]

Visited the Betsy Ross house in 1999 and my father gave me one of the certificates that has my great grandmothers name on it for donating money to the American Flag House and Betsy Ross Memorial Association and I was just searching to see if I could authenticate it for my own satisfaction.
Stephen Greene , Ottumwa, Iowa [06-06-2001]

kids in action congratulation to arony and kevin coronado in class #4 and #2 in track d. for their awards they receive a football soccer in may 26 2001. congratulation to betsy ross school

i think betsy ross was incredible
SANDRA JAMES , copiague new york [06-06-2001]

She married into my family and ever since that I have know who she was and that she was apart in my family a have liked her more. She was very cool. I have took very good pride in her work.
Shauna , u.s.a [06-06-2001]

jessica king [06-06-2001]

Hi, Am developing materials for my English as a Second Language Class. Thought the women in particular would enjoy hearing about Betsy Ross. She was an important historical figure for me when I was just learning about the Revolutionary Way. Vaya en paz..
Celeste Garcia , San Diego, CA [06-06-2001]

Thanks for this site. I am researching Betsy Ross for a reading comprehension worksheet for fourth graders. Mrs. Owens
Mrs. Eddie Owens , Dawson, GA. [06-06-2001]

This was a very enjoyable web page I truelly enjoyed the tour of Betsys house as well as the information. Thank You
Kat Lordi , Chino Valley, AZ [06-06-2001]

Thanks for the info! It helped me a lot on my report.
Colleen B. , California [06-02-2001]

Hey!! I am Abbey i am in 5th grade and i came to your web site to find something about betsy ross for a report. I have to make a poem about her. ~*~*Abbey*~*~
abbey , flemington,NJ USA [06-02-2001]

betsy ross is a cool gurl!!! shwes awesome!
amanda [06-02-2001]

I do the company bulletin boards. Thank you for all the information and colorful pictures I got off your website!
donna ebert , Irvine, CA [06-02-2001]

Great site. My student's loved it.
Carole kelly , New York [06-02-2001]

Betsy i think your the greatest woman on earth cause without you we wouldn't have a flag.I think i speak for us all when i say thanks for the bottom of our hearts. may god continue to bless you each and every day. Danielle Haynes 15
Danielle Antionette Haynes , Ronceverte WVA 24970 [06-02-2001]

The information on the American Flag and Betsy Ross was most interesting and informative. I intend to use some of the information to share with the childern on Flag Day, 6/14/01, when we make our flags; here at Blair Batson Children's Haspital.
Brenda McNaughton , Jackson, MS [06-02-2001]

betsy is cool! she is my hero! i want to be just like her when i get older! she's so pretty!
looloo [06-02-2001]

Betsy Ross is so cool!!!!!!!!!!
Mariel , School [06-02-2001]

GEORGE MURPHY [06-02-2001]

Jessica [06-02-2001]

I have been a cub scout leader for six years and love all the the stories I taught the boys now i am a girl scout leader and am doing the same with the girls. we are having a special day june 10th at our church to tell everyone how important the flag is to all of us and about the woman who did this wonderful task thank you for the great stories cindy mccann
Cindy Mccann , Dyersburg Tn. [06-02-2001]

Thanks for the informative website. My grandmother was Mary Canby , a great grand daughter of Betsy Ross Claypool[ the grand daughter of Betsy's daughter, Jane Canby ].
Jon K. Piper , Greenwood Village, Colorado [06-02-2001]

Hello, I came to philadelphia with an exchange last year and visited the betsy ross house! I think that it was extrodinary! The house is very very interesting! I stayed in Jenkintown! Have you heard of it! I loved america i have been there before but only to the west coast! I was so lucky to visit the east coast! I am hopefully coming back to visit.
Catherine Schwind , Victoria- Australia [05-30-2001]

Agnes M. Wilson , Glassboro, NJ USA [05-30-2001]

connor marshall [05-30-2001]

I am looking for flag regulations on useing the American Flag placed on other flags. Example, the new Georgia state flag has the American Flag on it, is this propper? Can the American Flag be put on other flags? Anyone please advise.
Mitchell Hinkle , Snellville, Ga. 30078 [05-30-2001]

Thanks for a great site to visit and learn!
Beth , Missouri [05-30-2001]

erica yu , ca [05-30-2001]

Rebecca Mandell [05-30-2001]

Michelle Campbell , New York [05-30-2001]

In second grade we study Famous Americans in school and Betsy Ross is one of those people. Your site was really helpful in telling her story to my students.
Harriet Travis , Altoona, Iowa [05-30-2001]

Thank you for your tour. Betsy Ross is one of the Famous Americans we study!
Miss Blevins' Second Graders at Altoona Elementary , Altoona, Iowa [05-30-2001]

Jessi Cooper , Springfield Ohio [05-30-2001]

Tank You for all of this info. it really helped
Kayla Squire , Sparks Nevada [05-30-2001]

Norma L. Villarreal , Bovina, TX [05-28-2001]

I am a second grader. I learned about Betsy Ross from my friend because she went to her house before. And I have read a book about her stories and I am very interested in history.
yenoch ng , adelphi, md [05-28-2001]

b caradori , East Aurora, New york [05-27-2001]

great site!
Katelyn Dutton , Hawthorne, CA [05-27-2001]

I'm very proud of the flag that flys so freely across this great land we live in. My prayer is that the people that live in the USA and those that come from other countries will find a deeper respect for the flag.
Judi Cornwell , Phoenix, AZ 85022 [05-27-2001]

Is't an awsome i found almost all my info for my report.
Stephanie , Enfield Ct [05-27-2001]

very good informational website
bailey , milford center, oh [05-26-2001]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross and can't find the name of her parents, how many siblings did she have, the number of brothers and sisters.
Alexa Biffoni , Bel Air, MD 21014 [05-26-2001]

anonymous , Virginia [05-26-2001]

leonarda Ureņa , providence, RI, [05-26-2001]

Thank you this is beautiful. You have done a great job.
Gloria A. Butler , Eagle Point,Oregon USA [05-26-2001]

Betsy Ross is one of my ancestors. Her first husband is like my greatest uncle
Cecelia , Petersburg,AK,USA [05-24-2001]

Enjoyed the tour and the information. Thanks!
D. L. Humble [05-24-2001]

Melissa Franco, Wisconsin [05-24-2001]

This a very neat website. I am doing a report about Betsy Ross and I got a picture from here! Thanks...Beth
Beth, usa [05-24-2001]

Iam doing a report on betsy ross. An I was wundering if you could if me any other pither or betsy ross?
Peri Zeck, pa [05-24-2001]

You know, Betsy Ross didn't create the first American flag. Many scholars have proven this to be false. By the way.
J Curry, Worcester MA [05-24-2001]

I think the giftshop sells good merchindice!!!!
Richie Sklar, Cherry Hill, NJ, United States of America [05-24-2001]

Cool site
Alexis, Arround trenton [05-24-2001]

tery, newdorp [05-24-2001]

Thanks for the site!
Carlene M. Vallone, Chepachet, RI [05-24-2001]

Betsy Ross is Cool! But put more info about Betsy. O.K.
Kristi (Kriss) Luckritz [05-24-2001]

We just visited the Betsy Ross House on Saturday, May 19 2001. We liked it so much we went back on Sunday, May 20 2001! I'm sure the next time we visit Philly, we will visit again. Thank you Betsy for making such a patriotic flag! God bless America! Home of the brave and free!!!
Carol Ann White, Cincinnati [05-24-2001]

your site is a very educational and i enjoy leaning about history so this the right site for me ps wright back.
stephen dellibovi, 10 port washington [05-24-2001]

Hi this is juliet your best friend form camp. i went on this websitet to learn about our trip to philadelphia. I miss you.
juliet labadorf, hi erica berg [05-24-2001]

juliette, nowhere. where. I think irabia [05-24-2001]

This is a very usefull website for school even though it is very big.
Erin S., Sands Point ny [05-24-2001]

black history
Latosha Burnett, fayetteville, nc, us [05-24-2001]

kevin Baker [05-24-2001]

Thank you I have a speech to a school and this is a great help, JM
Jerry W MacDonald Sr, 937 Sudden Valley, Bellingham, WA 98226 [05-24-2001]

betsy ross is so cool to me, i want to learn from the day she was born to the day she died!!!!!
ASHLEY, leittown,pa [05-24-2001]

Please tell me all of Betsy's brothers and sisters info. I would like it if you could tell me the names, when they were born, when they died and how they died. But most of all I just need their names. Please HELP!!!!!!!
Sissy, il [05-21-2001]

We are doing a Summer of Stars for our folk art group and the 5-pointed star will make a great demo. Thanks for the pattern Betsy!
Linda Miles, Austin,TX [05-21-2001]

Cool Site!
Melissa Cyganik, Connecticut [05-21-2001]

Hailey Robertson, Milwaukie Oregon usa [05-21-2001]

I like your website becuase it teaches a lot about Betsy Ross and i did a project on her. :)
Stephanie, pw ny 11050 [05-21-2001]

Ashley, superior [05-21-2001]

Thank YOu so much for providing me with so much information. I am going to get an A++ on my report. I will come back for more information when i have another report.! Thanks again. ~Kira Marchione~
Kira Lynn Marchione, I dont like to share but i live in Pa. [05-21-2001]

My class is doing a play about Betsy Ross and I needed some info about her.
Annie Leue, Albany, NY [05-21-2001]

I love Nsync!!!!!!!!
Abigail Goetsch, Macomb, MI [05-20-2001]

You have an excellent site I will comeback to visit. Thank You and keep up the good work.
Greg Dyczkowski, Lorain, OH USA [05-19-2001]

I am interested in purchasing an embroidered 13 star flag. Where can I do this?
KAREN, new york city [05-19-2001]

Wonderful site. A great place to build patriotism and learn about the US Flag. I used the five point star craft with my children. Thank-you
Gregory Knox, Kingstowne, VA [05-19-2001]

Betsy was an amazing person!!!!!
Brittany Mitchell, Conneaut,Ohio [05-19-2001]

Salem Oronie, West Verginia [05-18-2001]

Iam glad that we have finally got to go on the internet.
VANESSA WILLIAMS, laurel,ms [05-18-2001]

i love it
Mark, Succasunna NJ, USA [05-18-2001]

HELLO, cool website
Mickey, Succasunna NJ ,USA [05-18-2001]

This page is great for me because I am doing a biography on a person in the American Revolution. I decided to do Betsy Ross because the other people we had a choice to choose from were all the really hard ones that no one has even heard of. Our teacher, mr.Fayarchuk, is telling us to do this project and we've been doing a bunch stuff having to do with the American Revolution. I really think that this page is great for children my age. ;liz
elizabeth, taipei [05-18-2001]

i need pics of betsy ross
alyssa obrien, pa-quakertown [05-18-2001]

I love it here. Wish I could move in
anonymous [05-18-2001]

Samantha, Laurel, Ms, Lamar [05-18-2001]

JAY, royersford [05-18-2001]

I really enjoyed this sight because I had to write a report on Betsy Ross an the American Flag. This web sight has been truely valuable, and helpful to me every thing that I needed was on this sight.
Kellie Tompkins, Oceano, CA, USA [05-18-2001]

This is a great source of information! Thanks for being so aware of the many things that made up the info. Our country was founded on God's Word, and you made that fact known. Sometimes, I wonder if our children are taught that anywhere, any more.
Sylvia Carol Weber, Sun City, Az. U.S.A. [05-18-2001]

who asked betsy ross to sew the first flag for the united state's
anonymous [05-18-2001]

Hi anybody from Mrs. Niewoehner's fifth grade class!
A AND j BROOKS, Malaga, NJ [05-16-2001]

America Rules!
Amanda, Arkansas [05-16-2001]

i have a print from the betsy ross memorial asssociation dated 1 7 1906 . wanted to find if this organization still exist &if this numbered print has any signifacance. thanks ed walsh
ed walsh, w. wyoming pa. [05-16-2001]

very interesting facts!!!
Amanda Bustos, iowa, alta [05-16-2001]

Hey-hey! Cool house! Super stichin'!Why did you pick red, white, and blue? why not yellow, green, purple? Do you like the way the flag looks today? If you had a chance to would you kick Francis Hopkins' butt? well gotta jet! Peace easy
anonymous [05-16-2001]

I like your web page. I have a Social Studies class and we have really talked about Betsy Ross and haw she made the flag!!!!
Cori, United States [05-16-2001]

The E-mail is my computer teachers E-mail adderess. This site you got is good for reports! I HOPE IT WILL HAVE GAMES GAMES GAMES GAMES GAMES GAMES GAMES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lauren Elizabeth kille, Kentucky. Im at Garth elamtery! Female 11 years old! I love to talk to people! [05-16-2001]

Thank you for helping me with my report.
Kelsie Williams, West Richlaed WA [05-16-2001]

Your web site was very helpful for my granddaughter. Thank you very much. I also found the information very interesting and with so much information that I was not aware of. Thank you
Theresa Baker, Texas [05-14-2001]

i like ur page
chelzea, nj [05-14-2001]

Dear reader of this message, How did Betsy come up with he idea of strips & stars? Thanks!, Ashley Burkhardt
AshleyBurkhardt, Kentucky [05-14-2001]

Thank-you, This is great for my report. Erika H.
Erka Hatzisavvas, Coventry, Ct. 06238 [05-14-2001]

maggie, Minneapolis,MN [05-13-2001]

I have to do a report on Betsy Ross and I need to know when the she sewed the first flag. Do you know when?
Maggie, Minneapolis,MN [05-11-2001]

This web stie was very interesting and it gave me a lot of info for my w/s in History thank you
Kayla Estes, 1135 sw highlands dr. vvero beach, FL 32962 [05-11-2001]

i sure am glad that i was not born back in those days!!!!!!!!
chrystal rose, sutton wv 26629 [05-11-2001]

Hi, my name is Lauryn Locke. I wasn't really interested in the flag until today. I love rading about historial figures such as the flag. thank you for ur information on the falg and for ur time! sincerely, ...:*LaUrYn L.*:...
lauryn locke, vero beach, florida, [05-11-2001]

We are learning about Betsy Ross in Haley's Brownie Girl Scout troop. Thanks for all the GREAT info! Amy & Haley
Amy & Haley, Meridian, Idahp [05-11-2001]

i would love for you to come and visit my school thanks for sewing the united states flag.
Theondra Mcduffie, miami,florida USA [05-11-2001]

hi. am going to philly tomorrow and am planning on seeing the betsy ross sure looks like fun.i guess ill find out tommorrow!
ashley smith, 2453 walnut st hbg pa [05-11-2001]

chico, mexico [05-11-2001]

I have to do a report and i have to dress up as betsy ross. Can you give me some information on how to make it or where i coyld i find it.
Christie, New Jersey, Boonton [05-10-2001]

For a project I am going to be Betsy Ross. I am proud to be the lady who made the flag!!
Christina Colon, Orient Heights, East Boston Mass [05-10-2001]

Tomecina Escarcega, poplar monatna [05-10-2001]

Nallely Vergara, elgin il 60120 [05-10-2001]

Elizabeth Griscom Ross, better known as Betsy Ross, has benn an inspiration to girls and women everywhere, especially myself. It started out as a simple American History project at school, but now I realize how big an impact Miss Elizabeth G. Ross on us. I'm sure I wouldn't be nearly as active in life and as ambitious if it weren't for Miss Ross.
Baille Elizabeth Collins, New Iberia, Louisiana [05-10-2001]

I am glad to be connected to you!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please write.
Elizabeth, Colorado Springs, Colorado [05-10-2001]

any vetriens want to talk
Adam, ottawa [05-10-2001]

I love everything on Betsy Ross ,Because I did a report on her.
Ashley Diaz, Las Cruses, N.M. [05-10-2001]

Amy Harris [05-07-2001]

Ruth, st.petersburg florida [05-07-2001]

jessica marie stonier, line lexington, pa [05-07-2001]

Iam proud you made the flag * WE THANK YOU FOR THAT * A FIVE POINT STAR. *
Kambrie Slate, Salem VA,USA [05-07-2001]

FELICIA ROSARIO, pemboke pines, florida [05-07-2001]

Trina Decker, Peoria, Arizona USA [05-07-2001]

Thank you very much for the information you provide all of us out here. My dauther is doing a report on Betsy Ross and this information has been helpful. Thanks a bunch!
Angie Villanueva, Fullerton, CA. USA [05-07-2001]

i was givin an assigment on a woman project. i picked Betsy Ross i got a lot of info on her and i thank who ever put this site up so the AOL members could use it. thanks again!
Ashley, cali [05-07-2001]

I am looking for Laura Hunt who attended High school in Pompano Beach By 1976, can you help me to find her. Fernando salgado
Fernando, Colombia [05-06-2001]

Patsy Gregoire [05-06-2001]

I visited Philly in the fall of 1999. Loved the museum.
Daniel Mackey, San Francisco, Ca. USA [05-05-2001]

I loved the tour of her house.This site had everything I needed to know to do a book report.Thanx!! P.S. I would love it if you could sent me pictures of Betsy Ross and our flag.
Chelsea Marie Good, Riverside,OH [05-05-2001]

i want information on Betsy Ross and better pictures for my report u could write if you would like if not please just send me info in a hurry
amber, Newport ,Pa [05-05-2001]

I need information on you can you give me some good information
ashley gardner, LaMarque Tx [05-05-2001]

hi your pa
Annie [05-05-2001]

heath buchanan [05-05-2001]

Betsy Ross was a very good person and she is a big experents to me and my family and I think she did a very good job at sewing the first amercan flag. My teacher having us do a job on her and she is all over our class room but we need one moere book and we have them all. We are making our own flag and then a playplay and iam Betsy Roos and i have to be her and Iam sewing and I want to send you a picture.
Stephanioe Lacks, Gaeksburg,OH, [05-03-2001]

We enjoyed the tour
Temple 4th grade, Temple, Oklahoma, U.S. [05-03-2001]

hi how are you
amanda [05-03-2001]

That was very educating.
Kasey, Meadville, PA [05-03-2001]

I think it is greatbackground history. Think about what would happen if we had no flags. Francis Scoot Key would have never wote that National antheme if it wasn't for him seeing the flag waving. if we didn't have a flag they wouldn't have known who won because they would have not seen a flag if we didn't have one. so I can say our flag is a great part of history thanks to Betsy Ross
LA Tasha Decker, Stanton Texas [05-03-2001]

This is a very neat web site!Keep it up!!
lisa lozano, stanton Tx. 79782 P.o box 318 [05-03-2001]

this is a pretty neat site
Tye, Bedford Kentucky [05-03-2001]

i don't have an email, i am using my grandfathers computer and getting a story about betsy ross for my class. thank you.
AMANDA HULL, jacksonville, fl [05-02-2001]

Good Page!
anonymous [05-02-2001]

Can you provide me with any information on when it is proper and not proper to fly/use a "fringed" flag? We have heard that fringed flags denote "military". Is that true? Any information you could email me would be appreciated (actual information, website to look in, etc.). Thank you. Suzan Underwood
Suzan Underwood, Prescott, Arizona [05-02-2001]

Even though your website has a lot of info., it should also have a report or some knowledge about Betsy Griscom/Ross. Thank you KO
Kristina, Escondido [05-02-2001]

chance conyers [05-02-2001]

thanks for letting me know a bout betsey
shaine dadich, usa [05-02-2001]

hey this is a cool web site! My class mates are in the computer now and we are going to Philadeliha soon! And this would be a great place to go and learn something I am sure going to visit Besty's house! Well got to go bye cya Besty!
Andriana, somewhere [05-02-2001]

i have found all of my info. thanks!
Cassie [05-02-2001]

Cool website. Could you add more pictures like of her husband John Ross or other important people. Otherwise keep up the good work!
Erin Hillman, Vancouver, WA [05-02-2001]

I think betsy ross is awesome to learn about. She is a great person for a biography!!! I love Betsy Ross I wish i was around in her time!!!
Kisa Kajero, n/a [05-02-2001]

I really enjoyed the web site of Betsy Ross!!!!!!!
Michelle Christine Lohman, Lake City,MN [05-02-2001]

I found Betsy Ross very interesting when I did a report on her.
Katie [05-02-2001]

We needed information on Betsy Ross for a social studies lesson. This is wonderful information! Thank you!
Cinda Edwards, Platte City, Missouri, United States of America [05-02-2001]

Peri, pa [05-02-2001]

i just want to say that im from class 200 and 1 and yall herd me all the cool times that i spend at ross middle school were wild i guess this is goodbye now i move on to high school and i have spoken!!!!!!!!
ABRAHAM MARTINEZ, im from el paso texas [05-02-2001]

Jayme Leigh, Framingham,mass [05-02-2001]

I like this web site because it gives you a lot of history about people. I am looking for some more history and pictures of Betsy Ross.
Jennifer Payne, Roseland. Va. [05-02-2001]

Jessi, fowlerville, MI [05-02-2001]

I just wanted to say "HI!". I'm having 'fun' looking up information for a report I have to write for Social Studies.
Lindsey, Fowlerville, MI [05-02-2001]

anna steidl, florence, italy [05-02-2001]

Cristina, Houston Tx [05-02-2001]

catherine hopkins, salem va [05-02-2001]

Betsy Ross is awsome
Allison MCcarthy, brockton MA [05-02-2001]

i really liked her house .................... I know what Betsy Ross looks like My great grandfather knew her
Anna, New York [04-29-2001]

Ashley Owens, Manchester,NJ [04-29-2001]

Hi I am Besty's 6th great granddaughter. I would like to visit her house someday. I admire her.
Carissa Snyder, Punxsutawney, Pennsylavnia [04-29-2001]

Please help me. I have to make a Betsy Ross costume. How do I do this? Do you have any good pictures or ideas? Thank you.
Bettsey, Bath, N Y [04-29-2001]

Thank you for showing me the different flags of the united states. I have been looking for them. We have a door at work that I like to decorate for the holidays and you know that Memorial day & the 4th of Jul is coming up. It was nice to see the different flags & what they mean. Thank you.
nancy, akron,ohio [04-29-2001]

I am doing a report on her this has been very helpful to.
Megan, Kansas city Kansas [04-29-2001]

As a military retiree and a Scout leader, the flag is always close to my heart and highly revered. I look to sites such as this for information and inspiration.
Gregory McComas, Albuquerque, NM, USA [04-29-2001]

This is a really exciting website, but it needs more info about Betsy Ross's personal life!
Megan Shaw, Fort Worth [04-29-2001]

amber lucke, biggs california [04-29-2001]

thank you
jessica snipes, laurel hill fl 32567 [04-29-2001]

ebony bb [04-29-2001]

Thank you for displaying so much information about Betsy Ross. I recently went to a school library and could find more information about celebrities than I could about great historical figures.
Dalona Pierson, League City, TX [04-29-2001]

Nancy [04-29-2001]

Jonathan, United States [04-26-2001]

my daughter needed to do a history report about betsy ross. your website was very helpful. the pictures were great. thank you,
donna berry, sparrowbush, ny usa [04-26-2001]

I am doing a book report on her i liek her
MELANIE, new york [04-26-2001]

I belong to the women's V.F.W. aux. and very proud to be an American and married to a former service man, who served during the vietnam war.
Donna Shaw, Bradford Ma. 01835 [04-26-2001]

I want pictures of Betsy Ross please!
Melissa, usa [04-26-2001]

i think that betsy was a very importain person for are history i wish i could sew a flag but i cant even sew a button on a shirt betsy ross was a very patrioticperson and importance in r lives that we havea mbol or us as a country as a nation or even as a family becouse we all honor are flag and country and if someone dosent they sould go to a diffrent place we dont want them if they dont like are country they should get out now the flag mad it through that horribal night and are country did to so we sould thank her more then the poeple that think they did something imortian that is all thank you very much
anonymous [04-26-2001]

I am going to the Betsy ross house soon for my feild trip. The house looked really kool on the website and I can't wait to see the house in real life. Betsy Ross is a very important person and she also did a lot of very important things for our history. I mean she sewed our first flag, didn't she?! I now want to sew a flag but I can't sew yet. I would love to sew the first flag in the whole nation! I think it is very exciting to visit a house that a famous person lived in. Betsy Ross has made a very important mark in history. Some day I hope to be like her and make history, and be remembered forever. I think of all the people to choose from to sew the flag I am glad they picked her to do it. thanks for listening, bye!!!
no name, no location [04-26-2001]

The house was great the activities were cool too. The flag trivia tought me that at certian times it is appropriet to hang the flag upside down your stuff is great. Thanks!!!
Josheph Arnolds, Dallas, Texas [04-26-2001]

the house is great i loved it. we are go to the house on may 3 ,2001.
anonymous [04-26-2001]

I liked the tour of the house it was ausome! I learned a lot I'll probally see your real tour up close.
anonymous [04-26-2001]

We are looking for the Pledge of Alligance in Spanish for a Jr. High Graduation ceremony. Does anyone have a copy of the Spanish version? Thanks!
Shirley, Bakersfield, CA [04-26-2001]

I love America and I love Betsy Ross. I have a collection of figurines, dolls, cards, prints etc of her. I probably have over 400 items of memoribilia about Betsy. What a wonderful surprise when I found this web site this morning. You have done a great job. Thanks for a job well done. Now, I know I have to visit her home. Margaret Foster Walnut Grove, MO
Margaret Foster, Walnut Grove, MO 65770 USA [04-26-2001]

Nicole Wright, potter county [04-26-2001]

Candice faskins, Imlay City, Mi [04-26-2001]

Thaks for such a good page.
Nerlande Mintor, Boston MA Roslindale US [04-26-2001]

The Betsy Ross thing is a fake legend,and I hate my name!
Betsy Ross [04-26-2001]

I am going to use her for a book report!
Andria, p.a [04-26-2001]

Betsy Ross was a very important lady to our nation. She contributed a lot to our society.
JoAnn Moore, Springtown,TX 76082 [04-26-2001]

i think that our flag is the symbol of our statehood.
Erin Zoellick, springtown,TX [04-26-2001]

Kate Davison, St. Joseph, MO [04-26-2001]

I like the website!
Stacey Settlemyre, Morganton,NC USA [04-25-2001]

Josh Rosenthal [04-25-2001]

My daughter(who is 8), is doing a project at school and they have to pick someone (alive or dead)who has done something that is still remembered today. So we thought that Betsy Ross would be perfect.
Devora Dunn, Kings Beach, California [04-25-2001]

I am 8 years old. I am at my grandmother's house. I have just read Betsy Ross's biography and wrote a report about her. On Friday I will be dressed like her and presenting my report in my classroom. I liked the tour of Betsy's house. It was neat. Carly O'Barr
Carly O'Barr, Anderson, S.C. [04-24-2001]

I like your site can you send me some more info on Betsy Ross and maybe some pics.Thanks
Danica, Lewiston, ME [04-24-2001]

hyello,my name's Dannie...i visited your web page...have a nice day
Danielle(Dannie) Squire, elyria [04-24-2001]

I like your house,bed,and all of your suplies and a lot more!
Kaitlin Amber-Messick, u.s.a [04-24-2001]

Hi! Who was your best freind? I liked your house, bed, suplies and outside of your house too! And a lot more ! I think that it's RREEAALLYY cool that you made the Us flag. How old where you when you made the flag?
Laura Hiddemen, usa [04-24-2001]

This is an awsome web site !!!!!!!!
jenny White [04-24-2001]

hi my name is shannon i go to westbrook park school.i like your web site.
Shannon Blohm, Clifton Heights U.S.A 50 [04-24-2001]

you can make flags good.your house is neat.
chris collins, clifton hights PA [04-24-2001] class,we are learning about the revaloutionary war,so it was perfect timing for tech class to take my class to this sight to do some research about betsy.i learned a lot of stuff i didnt know before,like if ur state is in trouble,to hang the flag upside down. i like this site.
morgan(Choppy_Surf), honor michigan [04-24-2001]

National Museum of American History historian Lonn Taylor talks about the evidence regarding who made the Star-Spangled Banner. The flags for Fort McHenry were delivered on Aug. 19, 1813. As indicated in the receipt for payment, on Oct. 27, 1813, Mary Pickersgill was paid $405.90 for the large flag and $168.54 for the smaller one. The receipt for payment was signed for Mary Pickersgill by her niece, Eliza Young, and endorsed on the reverse by Major Armistead. It is in the collection of the Star-Spangled Banner Flag House in Baltimore, Md. Mary Pickersgill's 13-year old daughter, Caroline, along with her mother, Rebecca Young, and her nieces Eliza and Margaret Young, are believed to have helped make the flag. When George Armistead's daughter, Georgiana Armistead Appleton was planning to lend the Star-Spangled Banner to the 1876 Philadelphia Centennial Exposition, Caroline Pickersgill Purdy wrote to Georgiana recalling the hours that she and her mother had spent more than sixty years earlier making the enormous flag.
bob, us [04-24-2001]

Douglas Ross, tama iowa [04-24-2001]

I enjoyed viewing the virtual Betsy Ross home. My husband and myself will be visiting Philadelphia on Saturday and plan to visit in person. Thank You for the wonderful site. Brendalee Kobela
Brendalee Kobela, Ithaca, New York [04-24-2001]

i like her
Shaina, Michigan [04-24-2001]

Brittany Rauschkolb, Merced, California [04-24-2001]

Although, I needed more information, I think this site is absoulutley GREAT!!! (oh and it's perfect for book reports.) That's my opinion though.
Kristin Kim, United States [04-24-2001]

Lauren Bonner, milton florida [04-24-2001]

This web site is great. It helped with my project.
Ashley Kilgore, Hampton, VA [04-24-2001]

I love the history of betsy ross it is so intresting and i respect her very much!!!!!!!
Danielle Janssen, arizona [04-24-2001]

Thank you for helping me with my school project on Betsy Ross.It will be great!
Carly, u.s.a [04-24-2001]

i luv this sit it has everything I needed to do a bookreport!!!!! TTTTT HHHHHHHH AAAAAAAAA NNNNN KKKKKKKKK YYYYYYY OOOOO UUUUUUUUU!!
Sean, Beverly,MA [04-24-2001]

Sean [04-24-2001]

we just visited the house; very nice tour! thanks! I wanted to explore Betsy's (or John's) genealogy; how best for me to do that? thanks!
ross miller, new windsor, new york [04-24-2001]

I'm trying to identify as many of my family members as i can.
Johnny Dones, Bronx, NY [04-24-2001]

I realy loved this page and I hope everybody will too.It givas me all the information I needed for my school report, weel not realy everythink but it realy gaves a lot of staf that I need I jast love this page and its good for evey student to triet.
Angela Basovska, colorado [04-24-2001]

nicole whitiak, alexandria,va [04-24-2001]

sam blair [04-24-2001]

warwick rules
Tyler Shaw, Lititz [04-24-2001]

john, cumming GA [04-24-2001]

Desiree' Dawn Eberley, Westville OK [04-24-2001]

kelly bundy, michigan, bay city, Japan [04-24-2001]

Fantastic teaching tools!
mary Brady [04-24-2001]

I have to do a report and story board on Betsy Ross.
Kyle Thomas, Amory , Ms [04-24-2001]

Juju Nana, America [04-18-2001]

I want to know if u could put on the website when her Great aunt sarah died before 4-28-01
Kate, Bridgeport CT [04-18-2001]

Pamela [04-18-2001]

what did queen elizabeth the first believe in
bob femont, denver, colorado [04-18-2001]

I thought there was a lot about the flag and her house but not really enough info. on her really.
Kasey Castillo, Wichita, Kansas [04-17-2001]

i am doing a report on her could you please send me more pics. and stuff about her. thank you for your time megan johnson
megan johnson, kansas city kansas [04-17-2001]

i love you besty,and i will like to meet you in person.
matthewbanks, school [04-17-2001]

I don't have much on my Ross line but have been trying to get a foothold on my granmother Lucinda D. Ross's line I know that she had a sister Phoebe, they married two Estes brothers. two more generations back I have a Elizabeth Ross who nmarried a John B. Blankenship, I do have her parents and g-parents and gg parents Alexander Ross son of John Ross son of Alexander Ross from Ireland or Scotland thats as far as I can get.I do love a great mystery though and that's what I have ..
paula c chandler, Mtn. Grove, Missouri,65711 [04-17-2001]

The children in class have to do a famous project on people listed to create a booklet.
Ms. Kim Martin, Nashville, TN. [04-17-2001]

I want to know if it is proper to fly the flag at half staff honor of an event that happened long ago in another country, particularly the Armenian Genocide. The officials in our city are thinking of doing this in Glendale and many people think it is inappropriate. They are going to vote on it tonight, April 17. Thank you.
susan kussman, Glendale, California [04-17-2001]

I'm using this Web-site for a school project. I'm supposed to dress up like her and give a two-four minute report in front of the elementary kids. I'm in the 8th grade and I hope I do good.
Amanda, Watson, Arkansas [04-17-2001]

I am doing a biography on Betsy Ross and to me this is the best website to go to!!!!!!!!!
Sarah, Elk Grove ,California [04-16-2001]

I needed a legend and i was able to find it!!!!!!!!!!
vene, Laredo Tx USA [04-16-2001]

Amanda Wemple [04-16-2001]

ALLYSSA SCHENE, victorville, california [04-15-2001]

I did me research project on Betsy Ross. This site is great for my research paper.
Damaris, New Jersey [04-15-2001]

I hope you keep this site running. It is interesting and it is really neat. It give young girls, and woman that you can stand out in a world that is dominated by the males, and you can make something excellent out of something ordiary. Thank You for putting this on the web it helps with book reports too. Thank You a lot. Nikki Altland
Nichole Altland, Abbottstown, Pa [04-13-2001]

I'm a 2nd grade teacher. In social studies right now we are studying "Celebrating America." I've always included Betsy Ross in my plans and this year I would like to do a play about her. Has anyone heard of a play for elementary students on the life of Betsy Ross?
Maria, Vermillion, Minnesota [04-13-2001]

Thank you for your site! I homeschool my learning disabled son, and appreciate your consideration. The pictures are wonderful, and keep a child interested! Sincerely, Mrs. Rebecca Mills
Rebecca Mills, Muskegon, MI 49444 [04-13-2001]

Ivan, Stowell Tx [04-13-2001]

I love Betsy ross
kelsey, Missouri [04-13-2001]

dj martin [04-13-2001]

Great Site, I'll Add It To My Revolutionary History Section. Then I bCan Come Back And Spend More Time... Thanks BALLARDITE
Randy L. aka.BALLARDITE, Seattle WASH. [04-12-2001]

I'm 11 and I'm very impressed by Betsy. She's a very determand woman and she lived to an old age for living back then. I hope more people belive that this story is factual and will remember it. Betsy Ross could be any girls idol. It was hard back then and she did a wonderful job of living it!
Pixie, texas [04-11-2001]

Hey ummm... im doing a report on Betsy Ross for History class can you guys or gals send me some stuff on her???
Amber, Lansing, MI, USA [04-11-2001]

I learned a lot of interesting fact about Betsy Ross for my project.
Tia Bianchini, Oreland Pensylvania,USA planet earth [04-11-2001]

For your information Besty Ross is our great grandmother's grandmother though you will probally not believe me. If you want to contact us at: Stacey singleton 19 south Custer ave New Holland,pa 17557
Singletons, New Holland Pa, usa [04-11-2001]

You will never find more patriotic Americans than my husband and myself. My husband is a World War II veteran. He was in the invasion of Normandy, Battle of the Bulge, Ardennes Forest, his Company liberated Dachau Concentration Camp plus much more. He was in Patton's Third Army and saw General Patton twice. He cared very deeply for General Patton and thinks he was a great warrior. I am very concerned about today's youth and their apathy about our country and our flag. Some of our political leaders in high places have not helped because of their greed and moral character. I pray that the political leaders will try to reactivate some of the patriotism in our country so that the younger generation can see why so many Americans suffered and died for their liberties today. GOD BLESS AMERICA - - - - I PRAY!
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Rowe, 456 Boyd Street, Russell, KY. 41169 UNITES STATES [04-11-2001]

Mike Crothers, Winona, MN 55987 [04-11-2001]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross. I have found a lot of information here and I appreciate the help. Thank you, Brandy Gill
Brandy Gill, Fort Hood , Texas [04-11-2001]

Brookie, Iowa, USA [04-11-2001]

Stacey Moffett, Marion, VA [04-11-2001]

A friend just sent me an email asking if I had any information about Betsy Ross and the flag she sewed. I visited this website in January of last year and was very impressed with the layout and all the information presented here. She said her granddaughter wanted this information for her project at school. Thanks for making this available.
Eileen Blanchard, Santa Clarita, CA [04-11-2001]

I liked the site. I'm going to be Betsy Ross @ school for my 2nd grade class. We do a report and then give the report in from of the whole school.
Pam & Rebecca, OH [04-11-2001]

As of the 4th day of the 7th month in the year of Seventeen Hundred and Seventy six, Members of the Armed Forces Swore and Oath to Uphold and Support The United States Constitution and Give there life in its Defense, Betsy said in my early readings, the Red on the American Flag is for the Blood of the members of the armed forces whom defended and died for the american flag and the United States Constitution. To all whom read this message never forget your fallen son's and daughters. Richard Aitchison "Gysgt USMC Retired"
Richard Aitchison, 86 North Taylor Nampa Idaho 83687 [04-11-2001]

I'm doing a report and project on Betsy Ross I'm still thinking on what I should do for a project on her I'm thinking of sewing a flag or somthing like it bye!i thank the maker of the page
Hilary 6th grade report, Monona,Iowa,USA [04-11-2001]

your are my hero
mike, pennsylvania [04-11-2001]

SFC Micke C Reed, Lawton, Ok [04-11-2001]

This is great way of showing the childern of tommarow,About our past. Thank You.
Elizabeth Fetterolf, Philadelphia, Pa.19148 [04-11-2001]

I have one of the certificate that belonged to my grandmother and often wondered what it was all about.
Connie, Mexico, Mo. USA [04-11-2001]

Hey luv the stuff
Roberta Tripp, Van Buren Missouri [04-11-2001]

pedro vasquez 3 [04-11-2001]

cynthia willette, Revere Massachusetts [04-11-2001]

it is kool e mali me g2g got 2 go
brianna, ct da [04-11-2001]

I am doing a project on her life in Language Arts.
Megan Ford, Gayl0ord, Michigan [04-11-2001]

nice web site
fred, canada [04-11-2001]

I would like to know more about Betsy Ross and I would like to Know more about her first husband.
Olivia Eliasson-Parrott, Massachusetts, age 6 1/2 [04-11-2001]

It would of been better to add more stuff to betsy ross stories the story of her life. and please do add more pics of betsy ross and that is all i have to say
Meghan Crawford, Merrimack, NH [04-11-2001]

I wrote a school report on Betsy Ross (2nd grade)
Emily Roth, 278 Rancho Rd.,Thousand Oaks, CA 91362 [04-11-2001]

Great site! Now I know just the place to find all the information I need for my reports. Thanks for making the internet a lot easier for me and other costumers.
Megan, Houston, TX [04-11-2001]

I'm visiting the Independence National Park website today and taking a virtual tour as more than 200 8th graders from Cheshire County YMCA, New Hampshire, begin their American Heritage tour visiting Indpendence National Park and the Historic sites today. Have a wonderful tour kids! Jill Wixom
Jill Wixom, Fitzwilliam, NH [04-11-2001]

Brittany Ward, La Canada,California,USA [04-11-2001]

usa all the way and that's all i have to say
Stephanie Kay and Jainnee Marie, Rochester, MN, USA [04-11-2001]

Alyssa page kirkley [04-06-2001]

Your picture was great and I will visit your website again.
Tamala J. Daniels, Huber Heights, OH 45424 [04-06-2001]

I'm doing a research paper on a famous women an a buddy suggested i do it on Betsy Ross at first i had no idea who this women was an now i do! now i got the most famous person in the class! thanx for helping me in a time of need :)
Laura, Neopit,Wisconsin [04-06-2001]

I am doing a book report on Betsy.I am getting my information from here.
brittney scott, siloam springs,ARKANSAS [04-06-2001]

Arthur Simpson, Colwyn, PA [04-06-2001]

stacey peterson, keithsburg IL 61442 [04-04-2001]

Coming to visit in June 2001
Kim Slippy, Summerville, Oregon, USA [04-04-2001]

Thanks for the web site
Elizabeth and kati, northcarolina [04-04-2001]

we liked to vist your website at school
Kati conyers, northcarolina [04-04-2001]

Your page was really nice. Our school learned a lot.
~*Shannon*~, C~town, NC [04-04-2001]

howdy partners
jamie harner, north carolina [04-04-2001]

i love to read about her . thank you for putting it online.
Richard C. Geer, temperance, mi. [04-04-2001]

randi, tipp citty ohio [04-04-2001]

Thank you so much for all the info. your site had. I had to do a project on Betsy Ross and your web site helped me on most all of my project. THANKS
Jillian Linnebur, Colwich,Kansas [04-04-2001]

Hey I am the cat, Betsy Ross RULES!!!!!!She gave courage to the soldiers at war with her flag!^.^
Cabby 6 ^.^ The cat, Arizona, and proud of it [04-04-2001]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross for my third grade class. Thank You
Chyanne Gonzalez, Laurel, MD USA [04-04-2001]

Hello, my name is Ashley, and i am a middle school student in Florida. I loved your site! I need to have a 3 page report on Besty Ross, and your site provided me with tons of usefull information! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK! Also, thank you for atmiting the picutres, because i've had a tough time finding some on her! THANKS AGAIN FOR ALL THE HELP! ~*!*!~ Ashley~*!*!
Ashley Arcuri, tampa, fl [04-04-2001]

You Go Girl Betsy Ross! show everyone what girls can do!
Hannah-Rose Mann, Moultonboro, NH [04-04-2001]

Thanks this website was a great help!!
Michelle, Cary, NC [04-04-2001]

Mark Helton, eastgate, Ohio [04-04-2001]

Betsy Ross is the person I'm studiing for a science project so this website helps a lot.
Alfine, Portland, Maine [04-04-2001]

i like your web site.
jack ryne, new york [04-04-2001]

Melody Miick-Hanna [04-04-2001]

hi didi and dodo whuts upp ohh and yeah like mai teacher ms so and so told meeh t go here for mai report and thanks to this web page or whateve thanks a lot !!!!!
joe bob, sanjose cali [04-04-2001]

Elizabeth Codo, Illinois [04-01-2001]

Tom Barnette, Brooksville,Florida [04-01-2001]

I loved the tour of Betsy's house it was amazing. I wish I could come and see it some day. I'm doing a Biography on Betsy Ross and the info. on this site really helped. Well I have to go, BYE
Megan Kinzler, Petaluma, California U.S.A. [04-01-2001]

I have been to this Page
Morvette Beckford, 411 8th ave , Pelham, New York [04-01-2001]

I had a project about Betsy Ross. THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS WEBSITE!!! It's more helpful than the library books!!
Melissa Toledo, New York, Queens [04-01-2001]

Now go visit my site at myflower
hi, here, az [04-01-2001]

This website really helped me with my school-work!!!! thanks,
Stephanie, Baton Rouge, LA [04-01-2001]

Thank you soooo Much 4 helping me with my report, on Betsy Ross!!!!!!!!!! I bet I'll get an A+++!!!!! Thanks again 4 all your help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LINDSEY 5th GRADE REPORT, omaha,nebraska,united states of america [04-01-2001]

America needs to change
Jamie, Hendersonville NC USA [04-01-2001]

hey this is a very helpful sight on my speech that i have to do for class
Johnathan Tucker, Golden, MS [04-01-2001]

Alexis Manuel [04-01-2001]

Thanks for all the info. about Betsy Ross. I needed that!
Diane, (I'm not telling!!!) [04-01-2001]

thanx for the pictures because i had to have a picture of betsy ross and i finally found one on this really cool website.thanx agian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Julie [04-01-2001]

I am looking for information about Robert C. Lounsbury. He did a painting or illustration of Betsy Ross sewing the flag. Can anyone help me?? Thank you!
Sharon Czarniak, Muncy, Pa. USA [04-01-2001]

Hi who was Betsy Ross's Second husband
Samantha Lynn Griffith, n.c [04-01-2001]

I wuz doing a project on Old Glory and this site told me a lot about it.
Aaron, California [04-01-2001]


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