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I loved the tour of Betsy's house it was amazing. I wish I could come and see it some day. I'm doing a Biography on Betsy Ross and the info. on this site really helped. Well I have to go, BYE
Megan Kinzler, Petaluma, California U.S.A. [03-30-2001]

I have been to this Page
Morvette Beckford, 411 8th ave , Pelham, New York [03-30-2001]

I had a project about Betsy Ross. THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS WEBSITE!!! It's more helpful than the library books!!
Melissa Toledo, New York, Queens [03-30-2001]

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hi, here, az [03-29-2001]

Hello, I'm doing a project on Betsy Ross in school and this web-site really helped me a lot!!! Thanx, chantel
Chantel Singleton, Seattle, Washington [03-29-2001]

Lauren Whipple, Chittenango NY [03-29-2001]

i had to do a report on her this site really helped
chelsea, huntington ,ny,usa [03-29-2001]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross; I love learning about her.
Hannah, Greenville [03-29-2001]

I am doing a report on you Betsy Ross.
tara rundle, boyceville wisconsin [03-29-2001]

Hi I looking for any one out there with the surname of DENOVELLIS
DENOVELLIS, Nether Langwith.Mansfield,Notts.UK. [03-29-2001]

We have a womans Betsy Ross gold pocket watch, in good working condition. It is in a keystone watch case,with numbers 7356696 stamped on it. On the back side of the watch, which also opens, is stamped "Guaranteed J. Boss 20 years". On the movement is stamped " Betsy Ross U.S.A." 846392. The face of the watch also has Betsy Ross, written on it. Any information would be very helpful. thank you, Joe Jungles 7191 Co.426 M.5rd. Gladstone, Michigan 49837
Joe Jungles, Gladstone, Michigan [03-28-2001]

i am on here trying to find some thing on betsy ross for a report .i am finding so much things on here
lakela gabriel, lauderhill .florida [03-28-2001]

Deann Wallace, Three Rivers, Texas [03-28-2001]

WHAT UP CUZ? Thanks to all'a ya who made this learning program possible!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ben Dover, Big Pimpin' Gardena. [03-28-2001]

What's Crackin' cuz?
Emilio "The Nerd", Neither [03-28-2001]

i love the betsy ross website
kimberly lewis, valdosta G,A [03-28-2001]

i am 9 years old andi really like yonr website
april, napels florda [03-28-2001]

I'm doing a extra credit paper and you had to recerch about a bald eagle the Statue of Liberty ar the American Flag. I have reacerched about them all but I think that I might do my report about the history of Besty Ross and how see decided to do the famos American Flag! This website is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Katelyn Kramer [03-28-2001]

the american flag rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lucy, cambodia [03-28-2001]

I really enjoy the information you have given me for my research.
Jennifer, Camden NJ [03-28-2001]

Im home
Betsy, Betsy Ross's Home [03-28-2001]

Please send me info about Betsy Ross and her life for my school report. I am in the Fourth Grade.
Marie Coleman, Rustburg, VA [03-28-2001]

Nice site. Go to my own at
Alex, California [03-28-2001]

Nichole Nelson, mcminnville tennessee [03-26-2001]

Dee Novak, Maywood IL [03-26-2001]

I think you for having this page on the wed if i wasn't able to find out more about the american flag my brother would have been in a big mess
Brandi Wright, Louisville Ky, [03-26-2001]

Catie Cress, Cincinnati,OH,usa [03-26-2001]

hannah blume [03-26-2001]

I am doing some research and I was wondering if there is any information on the old trees that surround Betsy Ross's home. I see in the pictures that there are some trees that are rather close to her house and look large and well established...can you help me with with information???? It would be greatly appreciated...thanks.....
Charisse Canterino, Goshen, NY [03-26-2001]

I have been trying to get the A&E Network to apologize for its frequent display of a pair of ice skates standing on a crumpled American flag during the program, "Fire on Ice." The network stands behind its action, and does not plan to issue an apology for this disgraceful conduct. Please write to them at their website, and let them know your feelings if this bothers you. Thanks!
Richard Henderson, Danbury CT [03-26-2001]

"We enjoyed the tour of Betsy Ross' house. It was nice to see something real from history." Thanks for sharing! The students in 2-4
Mrs. Juliff's Second Grade Class, College Station, Texas [03-26-2001]

I'm glad I stopped in, TNX! God bless you all.
David Woodward, MN/USA [03-26-2001]

thanx for this web site it willhelp me on my project. Also i think Betsy Ross is really important.
justin vandenbroeck, weston, florida USA [03-26-2001]

I would just like to say thanks to ask jeeves because I had like 2 or 3 reports to turn in and i couldn't find info about what I needed but thanks to this website I could find what I needed. Thanks again and keep up the good work.
Jennifer, Mobile Alabama America [03-26-2001]

Hi I am a sudent at Belle Plaine Jr. High School.I am 12 years old soon to be 13 on March 30,2001. In social Studies we are doing reports about someone from the past i am doing the wonderful Betsy Ross. For this I am going to dress up as her. Do an advanced presentation and tons of other stuff. If you guys have the time I would like you send me maybe some pictures of what they wore back in the ages of 1752-1836 and any other infomation. Thank You Ashley A. Kolsrud
Ashley A. Kolsrud, Belle Plaine, Minnesota [03-26-2001]

Ashley A. Kolsrud [03-26-2001]

Thank you
johanna young, Melrose, MA [03-26-2001]

HannahMancini, ST. hits [03-24-2001]

I thought this was a good site to do my report on.
Jessica Simpson, California,LosAngles [03-24-2001]

this was a lot of help for my project on betsy ross.thanks alot!!!!
LINDSAY [03-24-2001]

thank you now i have enough information for my book report
tiffany wason, holmes beach florida [03-24-2001]

Can I purchase one of the Betsy Ross dolls via the internet? Thanks Alexa
Alexa Abitabilo, Lutz, Florida [03-24-2001]

Betsy makes a mean flag :-)
Thomas C> Leupp, South Burlington, Vt, USA [03-23-2001]

i think it was so cool what she did for the the us. i would love to one day go to see her real house and visit the sites of philly
ASHLEYALLEMAN, new jersey [03-23-2001]

love the pictures
brian, congers,NY [03-23-2001]

Thank you for the tour in her house. Is it haunted?please send me a answer.
Archer,Pamela, Dumas Tx. [03-23-2001]

is it true besty ross is a ghost in the white house??????
Miriam Porras, Dumas, TX U.S [03-23-2001]

Thank you for your website. I am going to do a toastmaster speech on the American Flag and you gave me lots of great information.
Holly Beaman, Santa Clarita, Ca USA [03-23-2001]

Hello,I'm Rachel Malicki.I just wanted to send you a letter.If you can send me a letter on the computer. Rachel
Rachel Anne Malicki, Harshaw,WI U.S.A [03-23-2001]

Bret merrill, Rhinelander,WI,USA [03-23-2001]

I visited the Betsy Ross house on Saturday, March 24 with my grandson and granddaughter and they enjoyed it very much.
Alyce Reed, Millville, NJ [03-23-2001]

I like you page.
Courtney Fry, Pa [03-23-2001]

Your site is great!!!! I Found all the information that I needed for school.
anonymous [03-23-2001]

I had to do a school project on Betsy Ross, and I thought woop-ti-doo she made a flag. But I researched her and found lots of interesting facts about her. I think she and Amelia Earhart are the best U.S. women ever.
Anonomys, Maine, USA [03-23-2001]

LenaBoynton, 8312 N.W. 27thBethanyOK [03-23-2001]

i decided to visit this sight because my daughter needed information on betsy ross for school. i am very pleased with the information that you have provided for us. thank you, patty
PATRICIA CALDER, staten island, ny [03-23-2001]

really great sight
AJ, Mobile, Al [03-23-2001]

My son is writing a report on Betsy Ross. He selected her upon being given the choice of any female in history to write about. This web page will be very helpful. Thank you.
Kimberly S. O'Hara, Kearney [03-23-2001]

Betsy Ross is my favorite Historical person. I dressed up as her once, and I enjoyed telling the story about her sewing the American Flag in front of the school. If I were to be like a historical women, I'd be Betsy Ross. Thank you, Betsy Ross for sewing the American Flag and making a difference.
Jessica Ruzich, Simi Valley, California, United States of America [03-23-2001]

hi my name is kelsey !! today in social studies i was reading about betsey and since im not so great in socil studies i was doing back up work!! hahehah and i wrote about mrs ross!i think she is so cool where did you get the idea to make a web sight like this ??? i think your sight is really cool thanks kelsey!:)
kelsey prince, new bufflo michagan [03-23-2001]

Jackie coughlin, Metairie, Lousiana [03-23-2001]

well i think this site is great but you have to get your history right besty ross wasnt the only one to sew an american flag and not the first.
malari, Delaware [03-23-2001]

I am doing a report on Betsy and you gave me like all the information i needed.
lindsey, usa ne [03-23-2001]

I was able to obtain information from your website for my daughter's 3rd grade social studies project. Thanks for the info.
Lynne, Durham, NC [03-23-2001]

Why does besty ross make flags
Kara Madden, New Jersey [03-23-2001]

how are you doing
jacqueline M kane, momouth N.J. [03-23-2001]

cool tour i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kristen kossey, new jersey age 22 [03-23-2001]

andrew, Fayston, Vermot,usa [03-23-2001]

Emily, FaYston Vermont [03-23-2001]

The flag is a symbol of the best country in the world, and it will continue to fly high for a long time to come, as we continue to be the country the flag stands for.
Patriot, Idaho [03-23-2001]

Carolyn Oetting [03-23-2001]

I just visited over the weekend and stopped to tour the house. Had never been there before and liked seeing how simply everything was displayed-easy to read and see, well laid out, etc. I would go back again and recommend it to others.
andrea palmer, 170 richmond rd Coventry, Ct. 06238 [03-23-2001]

Lindsay, Grand Forks North Dakota [03-19-2001]

This website is pretty cool. Good facts. I really like it a lot!
Angie, Harrington Park,NJ, United States [03-19-2001]

i learned a lot of things from this page. its reallt good!
Mallory, Ashtabula, OH United States [03-19-2001]

Tonya Perkins, New Woodstock New York [03-19-2001]

Melissa, U.S.A. Virginia [03-19-2001]

christina reynolds, anywhere usa [03-19-2001]

TONYA REED, fort myers fl. [03-19-2001]

casey foulk [03-19-2001]

Angel Frisbee, Kahoka,MO [03-19-2001]

Ashley Seliger, Anchorage, Alaska [03-19-2001]

Kayla R. Blackmon, Manassas, Virginia [03-19-2001]

Emily Benward [03-19-2001]

My daughter Michele is in first grade and she is doing a report on Betsy Ross. She picked her for the famous women of the month report. This is a very good web site for her. She was able to read all about Betsy Ross and do her report. Thank you for a wonderful web site. It is very educational for kids and helps when doing a report and learning about our history.
Joane, Lawrenceville, New Jersey [03-19-2001]

I love this web site. I got most the information that I needed foor my report. This site is very usefull. Thank you, Jennifer
Jennifer, Beltsville, Maryland [03-19-2001]

I think that she was talented because hardly anyone could have that much pacence to do something like this. I had to do a report on her and I learned a lot from it.
Kayla Sizemore, Ft. Wayne, In. [03-19-2001]

chelsey adkins [03-19-2001]

nice flag!
Marise [03-19-2001]

I enjoyed your Betsy Ross page. My Grandson has a project to do for school and Betsy Ross is a Grand Example of American Pride and Christianty. Thank you so much. Mary
Mary Taylor, nc [03-16-2001]

I would like to say that i am 92 years old and that my great-great-great-great-granddaughter made the first american flag and to have a homepage for is amazing to me. i love all of you who have witten some very nice things about her.
Dairs, va [03-16-2001]

I am doing a project on betsy Ross for Social Studies I am 7 th grade Thank you for providing this web site for me Courtney Murphy
Courtney Murphy, Mohawk, New York [03-16-2001]

we are studying the early history of our country and our flag and we wanted to research on our flag for more information. we also read about besty ross and this website had lots of good information about her... thank you for letting us view your information on our flag....
grade3 our lady of perpetual help school, highlands,newj ersey [03-16-2001]

thanks this is helping a lot for a projeect we our doing in computer class
Cody, pa [03-15-2001]

Mark Caiola and Michael Doany, 900 Katonah N.Y [03-15-2001]

Thanks for making our flag!
samantha fowler, Katonah N.Y 10536 [03-15-2001]

You are amazing!
Arielle, Katonah NY [03-15-2001]

I am studing Betsy and this site is a good sorce of info.
Nikki [03-15-2001]

Jassica, co [03-14-2001]

Meg [03-14-2001]

Jeanne [03-14-2001]

melissa, state [03-14-2001]

hi give me liberty or give me death
carmen sandiego [03-14-2001]

Betsy is cool oh ya
Mary Beth, Manchester MO [03-14-2001]

Emily Pazitka, Staten Island, NY 10312 [03-14-2001]

RONDA FITZPATRICK, norfolk, va [03-14-2001]

thanks all lot i have get information!!
anonymous [03-14-2001]

CRYSTAL KUSSARD, sheboygan wi. [03-14-2001]

Lisa, no where [03-14-2001]

I thought this site was very interesting. I am doing a research project on her and i found this site very helpful. I am in the seventh grade and I am 13 years old.
Carolyn Shove, New York [03-14-2001]

yesenia denise graciaaano [03-14-2001]

I visited Philadelphia and the Betsy Ross house this last summer. I am an elementary shcool librarian and am presenting a lesson about Betsy Ross for Women's History Month, in March. I have photos I took this summer that I am showing students along with telling them about your website. I am also reading a short biography about her. This is a very nice website! It broght back fond memories of my trip to her home. Thank You!
Celeste Smelser, El Paso, Texas [03-13-2001]

your cool
dann, columbia [03-13-2001]

Katie Denton, Maple Glen, Pennsylvania 19002 U.S.A. [03-13-2001]

thank you for having a site that a nine year old can use to research information.
edward gomez, north bergen, nj [03-13-2001]

Bud stoner, Taft Ca. [03-12-2001]

brena [03-12-2001]

I heard this web-site from school. All I want you to know is this web-site helped me a lot of my homework.
Regina Monroe, Lych Station, Va. [03-12-2001]

Great information.
lisa & chris holt, pgh, pa [03-12-2001]

Thanks for having such a great website about Betsy Ross! Yours truly, bigfoot2008
anonymous [03-12-2001]

hi your friend, caitlin
caitlin elizabeth pardall, montrose iowa [03-11-2001]

Lauren, Oklahoma [03-11-2001]

Iam doing a research paper on Besty Ross for school, I am in the 5th grade at Ridgeview Elementry in Yucaipa, Ca. I can't wait to learn more about her.
Carrie Chudy, Yucaipa, CA [03-11-2001]

i did a report on her and i got a very good grade!!!!!!!
Sylwia (Syl), n.j. [03-11-2001]

Brett Emery [03-11-2001]

Very impressed with your website. I love american colonial/revolutionary history and I'm always looking for new websites to read about this subject. Thanks so much for bringing this information to those of us who are interested and enjoy this period in American History. Bless you!
judy eaton, richmond, virginia, usa [03-11-2001]

ccccccccccccccooooooooooolllllllllllllllll cool thanks you helped so much!!!!

Jimmy, Pa [03-11-2001]

Laura Mercereau [03-11-2001]

Thank you so much for the Great tour of the house! and for all the information you gave me for my Social Studies project!Betsy Rose' web page was and is great! THANK YOU!!
Kelly Mulholland, Lakeville Pa [03-11-2001]

Very informative. It was a great research tool for my daughter's history exhibit.
Deborah Welsh, Reading, PA [03-09-2001]

who is your parents Besty Ross??
niki deee, detroite,florida, [03-09-2001]

Jessica [03-09-2001]

Mary Smith [03-09-2001]

Travis [03-09-2001]

Richard Miller, Bluffton,In [03-09-2001]

This is a very interesting web site. It gave me all the information I need for my report. I searched Hogh and Low for this. Thank you for all your help.
Jenilyn Jarquin, 32Nostrand Ave , BKLYN, N.Y., 11205 [03-08-2001]

cool page
ashley walls [03-08-2001]

I love reading about Betsy Ross. I have to do a book report on her this friday.
brittney lyon, Kingsport tn. 37660 manor drive [03-08-2001]

I enjoyed learning about Betsy Ross
Jessica Bumby, Plant City, Fl. [03-08-2001]

Thanks for the information! My daughter needed to do a report....great stuff!:)
Jill, Virginia Beach, Virginia USA [03-08-2001]

mikey [03-08-2001]

Enjoyed seeing the flag and learning more about Betsy Ross. This will help with my project. Thank You!
A. Miley, tampa florida [03-08-2001]

I like your site
Taylor barnhill, Austin, Texas [03-08-2001]

thanks for the info.
linda yates, peoria arizona [03-08-2001]

it was an honor to read about betsy ross and the american flag. i was helping my 3rd grade daughter and it just brought memories from when i was a child and did a report on her.
MARIVEL NEGRON, harrison,ny 10528 [03-08-2001]

Sarah Elwood, crystal Minnesota [03-08-2001]

What a wonderful outline for kids to get information on important people of the world. Very educational reading all about history. Thanks
janet lane, grand blanc MI [03-08-2001]

carly rizzo, carlsbad ca. [03-08-2001]

I tought taking the vitiral tour was really neat.
Alison, usa [03-08-2001]

i think you guys tell everyone thing there is to know about betsy ross. keep up the good work!
Ashley Jenkins, usa ohio [03-08-2001]

I need pictures of Betsy Ross for a school report
krista hinzman, aliquippa [03-08-2001]

In school I have a project about The United Stated. I am to bring some materials to school tomorrow. And I find a picture of Betsy Ross. I am only worried if my group has a 0.And My SS teacher going to yell at me.But I need to bring in somr=etime. And the date my group is going to sharing is on 3-17-01. Oh I still to worried.
Jeannette, 2868 86st Brooklyn NY 11223 [03-08-2001]

Lari Christie, Tahlequah, Oklahoma [03-08-2001]

Kayla Price [03-08-2001]

nicolette iaccino [03-08-2001]

i tink that was really good all execpet that u should add more dialog thankyou it was a pleaseure Bye Christina Sammmartino
Chiristina Sammartino, South HEmpstead NY United States [03-08-2001]

Me and Ian think that Betsy Ross was very interesting. I personally think that of she hadn't made the flag then we wouldn't bes as proud as we are. One of my peers would like to know how betsy ross die. Thanx, Trey, & Ian
Trey Frasier, and Ian Cortes, North Carolina, USA [03-08-2001]

I think my boyfriend is cuter than Amandas!!!!!!!!
JollyRancher, NorthCarolina [03-08-2001]

To the creators of the Betsy Ross Homepage: We really enjoyed exploring this site. We learned a lot through this web-site. Our teacher chose this site for us to go to, and at first we were relcutant, but after we visited the site, we throughly enjoyed it, and were eager to continue exploring the site--and so were our classmates! Thank you again for creating a enjoyable web-site for web-surfers to visit. Sincerely, Students at Cleveland Middle School
Two Students from Cleveland Middle School, Garner, NC USA [03-08-2001]

Great site for school projects
kathy mobley, Charleston, WV [03-08-2001]

My 12 year old daughter has to dress up as her. Glad to find a picture of her on here.
Jenni, Vancleave Mississippi [03-08-2001]

i am here cause iam going 2 do a report on betsy rossi need info and have found thanks 2 here web site and cause of btsy we now have a flag my name is yesenia denise graciano
yesenia denise graciano, dallas tx.75217 [03-06-2001]

This website is soooooo awesome! It really helped me with my history project. This website Rox! So,Good Night, and God Bless Us,Each and Every One!
Ashi, Eveleth,MN [03-06-2001]

I'm looking for information about Betsy Ross for a teacher book I am cowriting for Teacher Created Materials. It's been interesting reading.
Pat Walker, Bassett, Va 24055 [03-06-2001]

I liked the virtual tour of Betsy Rosses house
Kristen, Tulare,California [03-06-2001]

Youv'e made a great flag. Thank you!
LaChrisha Frye, Shelbina, Mo [03-06-2001]

I enjoied reading about betsy ross i got a lot of info for my research thank you becky
Becky Dunn, Grove city pa [03-06-2001]

If Betsy Ross were still alive today how old would she be? What was Betsy Ross's nick name?
Kenzi Sweeney, Athens,Ohio United States [03-06-2001]

Thanks for your website.
feliz felicity you are fine (that`s me), hggrhrgyhefd figure it out [03-06-2001]

Please send me some info on Betsy. I am doing a term paper on her. Thanks. I need it by 3/6/01 Stasie
Stasie, Bakersfield,Ca [03-06-2001]

The tour was excellent. When our children were young we did the actual tour of the house. I've often wondered if I was somehow related, but never knew how to find out. We just purchased the computer we are using and find it very interesting what we can do. Thanks for the tour.
Glenn E. Ross, Collingswood, NJ 08107 [03-06-2001]

I wish to have a new bike.
Tiera, C.A El Cajon [03-06-2001]

Thsi poage really helped me a lot because I could accomplish a report and this page made it east for me!!!!!!!Thanks for the help!!!!!!!!!!
Adriana Herrera, Springfield, VA [03-06-2001]

Betsy Ross is my real name. I enjoyed the tour.
Betsy Ross, Dillsburg, Pa. [03-06-2001]

LAUREN MICHELLE DAVID, 11301great branch dr. 23831 chester va [03-06-2001]

I loved your site. It was very informational. I found everything i needed! Thanks A lot~!
Amber, Kentucky [03-06-2001]

I need info on Besty Ross education By The 5Th of march
Rebeccah, medina ohio [03-06-2001]

, message: Your website was awesome!!!!! It really helped me on my report and it also showed me what a great woman Betsy Ross was. THANKS!!!!!!!! [03-05-2001]

Heather and Carol, West Richland, Washington message: Great site! We have spent much time looking and reading. We had a report to do. We appreciate all the facts and information that we previously did not know. God Bless(: [03-05-2001]

Michelle Wong, Springfield, VA message: this web site is the best! thank you. [03-05-2001]

Maureen, United States message: I really like the Betsy Ross Homepage. It is full of great facts. My report will be a breeze. Thanks, Maureen [03-05-2001]

Kelly Rossmore, Cali is the best place to live ! message: [03-05-2001]

Kari Eitamznn, Ashland ne message: I'm looking for a picture of Betsy ross for my daughter's school report> [03-05-2001]

tess hernandez, hanford calif 93230 message: thank you for your web site. this site has helped me a lot for my history project for school. i'm in second grade. [03-05-2001]

Anne Rockwell, Old Greenwich, Connecticut message: [03-05-2001]

Debbie Underwood, groton,n.y. message: I found your site to be very resourceful and easily understandable. This is good quick info, and I thank you. [03-05-2001]

This is a great site for research. I am doing a biography on Betsy Ross for school, and I got most of my information here. Thank you.
Leighanna Miller, Vermilion, Ohio [03-02-2001]

Thank you for thing web site. I have to do a report for school
Amber Lally, Redfied South Dakota [03-02-2001]

I am so glad that she made the american flag
Vicki [03-02-2001]

Flag Day is very special to me having a daughter born on that day and also belonging to the Daughters of the American Revolution. I have always taken such interest in history plus doing research on my family.
Janis, Nampa,Idaho [03-02-2001]

Natalie, 1980 7th aave #4c [03-01-2001]

We have a gold Betsy Ross pocket watch. Can anyone give us some information on it. anything would help. thank you
Joe & Pam Jungles, Gladstone Michigan [03-01-2001]

This website is very informational for anyone who needs research and other stuff. Have a good time viewing it!
Kristin Sandor, West Seneca, NY [03-01-2001]

As an immigrant to your country I was having a difficult time finding the meaning behind your flag. Someone suggested I try the I did, and was lucky enough to find this page. Thank you so very much for this information as I seek to learn as much as possible about my new home.
Brenda Huntsman, Louisville, Kentucky [03-01-2001]

Well, I took the challenge as spelled out in the message signed: "april, 28 wisconsin [07-06-2000]" I asked a veteran, an immigrant, and a war mother for their permission to spit on the American flag. It took me a while to round them all up, but I finally did it. At first they were taken back by my request. Then I explained to them the basic tenets of American freedom, the rights of all Americans to exercise their freedoms of speech and self-expression, and‹ according to the basic principles of capitalism and ownership held dear by this country‹ that the flag I held was legally owned by me (I even showed them the receipt). I am happy to report that each of them said the following words: "Go ahead. It's still a free country." I am so proud of each of them that they were able to see what so many "super-patriots" are blinded to: it IS a free country, in spite of other people's efforts to curb our freedoms. I always shake my head when I hear or read people who express their opinion that if I don't like the fact that some people are trying to curb my freedoms with things like the Flag Amendment that I should move to some lesser country where the citizens don't enjoy the same freedoms that we do. At the rate we are going, if these blind, intollerant Americans succeed I won't have to move to a lesser country: they will have made America into a lesser country already. Incidentally, I haven't spit on the flag yet. But I do have permission. Now what?
Marc, 44, Oklahoma [03-01-2001]

Perfect site. Found everything I needed! Thanks a lot!
Amy Crabttee, Marion, Ohio [03-01-2001]

Great site. Betsy, herself, would be facinated with it. Little could she imagine way back then.
Ellen Burns, Memphis, Tn. 38128 [03-01-2001]

thankyou for the great info on betsy ross it helped me a lot on my book report. thanx again bye
CASSIE GIELCZYK, escondido ca [03-01-2001]

We logged on to your web site to find out more of the history of the American Flag. Thanks PMS note: what star (number) represents the California state?
Paula Sanchez, cupertino, ca [03-01-2001]

Thank you for the wonderful site.
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I viseted you Betsy Ross Homepage. I chose ushistory because I new that you had info. on Betsy Ross and I'm doing a book report on her! thanks for the info!
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looking for the different types of u.s. flags. hope i can find them here. thanks
LINDA WEBER, roberts,il [02-27-2001]

Hello Great Site!!!! I am doing a report on Betsy Ross. And I was wondering, Can you either give me more information or give me more pictures or even tell me where I can get a flag but I can't get 1 off of your site because I tried ordering 1 but it said I couldn't. Do you know any other Betsy Ross sites? If so e-mail me at!!! Thanks, Heather Pickerd
HEATHER PICKERD, Ravenna, Michigan [02-27-2001]

We visited betsy's house on one of my kids days off. My daughter loved the house she wouldn't let us leave. She is now doing a project on her. The information and pictures on this site was very helpful...
regina tamburrino, Williamstown NJ USA [02-27-2001]

you dont know how much you and your website has helped me. i learned so much and i will get a good grade on my report. thank you so much, nicole
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Laurel Penn, Butterfield, Minnesota [02-27-2001]

What do the red and white stripes on the American flag stand for? We think the red stripes mean freedom. But, we are unsure about the white. Does the number of the stripes stand for the thirteen colonies? Did Betsy Ross design the flag or just sew it? Your sight has lots of great information for kids. We believe that your sight has helped us learn about many things. Your sight is also great for school projects. If you could put information on other flags that would be cool. We appriciate you reading our letter.
Meaghan and Sharon, Arlington, MA, U.S.A. [02-27-2001]

The American flag should be changing over the next couple of years. We noticed there are many diffrent flags in the website that we never saw before. They were cool!! We learned a lot to. That is all we have to say . Goodbye! ( Hi mom ) :\
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Hannah and Theresa, Arlington, MA USA [02-27-2001]

The American flag means to me that people died for our freedom so we could be happy they shed blood I believe that every one should believe in American's and the American Flag well at least people from America . Also people should honor our President George W. Bush even if they don't like him or didn't vote for him. Erin
Erin, Arlington Mass [02-27-2001]

The flag means a lot to me.I am proud of being from the country of United States of America.It means a lot to me to be able to look up to relatives that fought for our freedom.I'm glad to live in a country where everyone is treated fairly and we're not a communist country where there is war going on constantly.Betsy Ross a very patriotic person that sewed the first flag.I think all Americans are very proud of her for her patriotism.
Pat and Cal, Arlington,Mass [02-27-2001]

When I see the American flag I think of my country and being thankful that I live in a non-communist country and am protected by my government,president,army,navy,marines, and national gaurd.I think of the U.S.A a place to live in and being protected.I also think of the star-spangled banner about all the good soldiers that died for their country to let us not be ruled by somebody,to be free. THE U.S.A
Michael, Arlington,MA [02-27-2001]

The flag to us means many emotional things. it reminds us of the men who fought for their contry, the men who sacrificed their lives so we could grow up in a good country.It means we have a goverment that will protect us and help us through times of need. It means that we won't have to worry about criminals, as our police force is top notch. But most of all, it stands for life liberty,and freedom, and a dream of a counry that will never die.
Dan and Danielle, Arlington [02-27-2001]

Our country,s flag is very special in many ways to me. It means to me liberty and justice for all Americans I will always solute the flag.
Mark, Arlington ,MA [02-27-2001]

What the American flag means to me: To me, the American flag stands for honor and freedom. It also means that we, as a country are independent. I am proud of my country.
Aileen, Arlington,MA [02-27-2001]

The flag to us means that we have freedom in our life, and that it shows our patriotism.There were men that risked there lives for our country and our freedom.
Brittany & Lauren, Arlington [02-27-2001]

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Hi betsy? this kody shipe form johnsonburg.
kody shipe, johnsonburg [02-27-2001]

i would like to know what the month , day and year the first flag was made. and that if she had any children!!!!! thank you, sarah roberts
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Need more info on how to take care of the american flag
Annie C. [02-26-2001]

I needed to know how the 13 stars were positioned in the union of the flag. I'm airbrushing the flag with an eagle's head in the middle and the words Harley Davidson underneath, on the back of my jacket. While I was there, I figured I'd go ahead and read a little about Betsy Ross. I'm not your normal looking history buff, but I've always been interested in it. Thanks for the info. It was very helpful.
SS, Shelbyville, In [02-26-2001]

Skye Crinkey, Wheeling, WV [02-25-2001]

We found the information interesting and helpful for our school project. We hope one day to visit the Betsy Ross House! I went as a little girl to the house and really hope to take my three children there one day. I'm pleased that the house was preserved for all of us to enjoy.
Stephanie Eihl and Veronique Rodriguez, Chicago, IL 60625 [02-25-2001]

My 3rd grade son needed someone famous for a school project and I suggested Betsy Ross since we are related. She was married to John Ross who is amoung our ancestors.
Pam Hood, Marshfield, MO [02-25-2001]

Lots of info for my project.
Jaymee Jordan, Medina, OH, USA [02-25-2001]

I'm doing a project on Betsy ross and I was just wondering does anyone have a picture of the flag made by Betsy?Bye and thanks for the picture of Betsy I printed it.Bye.
jenna, Memphis ,TN [02-25-2001]

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I am doing research for my daughter's social studies report on Betsy Ross. This was FANTASTIC info. More than I had hoped for. I enjoyed the photographs, the history and everything I read about Betsy Ross. I thank you kindly. God bless. Mrs. Judy Krikorian
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I am eight years old and I am doing a school project. I chose Betsy Ross because she made our American flag.
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i needed your information for my school report for history month. i thought you would be interesting to me because i always like the american flag. i wonder how betsy came up with the american flag.
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hey peeps just lookin for some stuff about betsy
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I'm doing a research paper on the fact that rich colonist and, African-American, and Native Americans were living in close contact with one another. Can you give me any info on this. thank you Shanell
Shanell Peebles, Philadelphia [02-20-2001]

i thing the flag is fit for our country red white and blue.that is our school colores to
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I am doing a project for school and have to give a talk on famous Americans. I chose Betsy Ross.
Olivia. age 8, North Carolina [02-19-2001]

When was the Betsy Ross built?
Thomas3, City=San Diego State=California Country=North America [02-19-2001]

Hello - I'm doing some genealogical research and just read in my great-grandmother's obituary that she was a member of Betsy Ross House, No. 243. Her name was Bertha Christiansen and she lived in Philadelphia between the 1870's and her death in 1925. Could someone by chance explain to me what this membership/organization may have been and are there any records left from that timeframe? Thank you very much for your help.
Lisa Traylor, Aliso Viejo, CA, USA [02-19-2001]

As a third grade teacher this is a great location for our national symbols projects. Although nothing compares to going to Philadelphia, this gives everyone a chance to "visit" a part of our history. R. Garcia
Rosemary Garcia, Los Altos, CA,, 94024 USA [02-19-2001]

Helped my son on a book report about Betsy Ross. It was very interesting.
MilliePennington, Point pleasantWV25550United States [02-19-2001]

I enjoyed the tour, however I was looking for her genealogy facts, what Ross family connection she has,her mother and father. I am descended from the Ross family by Libbeus Ross, born 29 Mar.1761 and entered the revolutionary war as a soldier in 1776,at age 15 and subsequent reenlistments for a total of four years.His father was Peleg Ross and his mother Hannah Lewis,grasndparents William Ross and Anna Lewis.Do you know if she is related to this Ross family? Surprisingly no information is given on websites for Betsy Ross.Please advise. Thank you and have a nice day. Sincerely, Richard Allen Brownell Sr. U.S.M.C. Retired
Richard Allen Brownell Sr. 288 Abbott Ave., Lake Mary, Florida 32746-3010 [02-19-2001]

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i thougt doing a report on Besty would be boring but i was so rong. this was the funnest report i had to do on a person. ( thank you Mr Gauven!)
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did she have kids,what was her mom's & dad's neam, please answer because i have a repor!
Laura, Caldwell N.J [02-13-2001]

What are the dimensions of a flag? Are the stripe widths and lengths in a ratio to each other? What about the blue field? Is it's width and length in a ratio to each other or to the width and length of the stripes? The American flag comes in many sizes. Are some "legal" or "standard" and others, because of incorrect proportions, "illegal" or "non-standard"? Is it legal to make your own flag? I am a quilter, and would like to make a quilted flag to hang above my sofa or mantle. It is illegal to wear a flag or to let it touch the ground, etc, but is it illegal to make your own? Thank you, Kat >^..^<
Kat >^..^<, nc [02-13-2001]

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This was a fun sight. I had to do a report on the flag for school
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Hellow my names Amanda and I loved this homepage.And I printed a lot of imfo. What i'm doing is a social studies report on betsy ross. If theres any more info pleeeezzzzz email me at south school.
Amanda korhn Corinne davis, Lancaster Ohio [02-09-2001]

I really enjoyed the tour. It is amazing what can be done. I feel like I have actually tour the house. Thank you.
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thank you, your site gave a lot of information about Betsy Ross, that my daughter needed for a report in school.
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JacobI like the tour around your house

Mrs. Williams' class from Elkins Elementary Ft. Worth, TX, Fort Worth, TX 76179 United States of America [02-07-2001]

hi who are all you people today? what did you do for the usa? please e-mail me telling me. tell me all about you please. love christina
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Did Betsy have a DIARY.What was her real name. Did her husband explode.
Dilia Miranda, Providence, RI [02-06-2001]

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Larry Rockett, Blue Mounds Wi [02-05-2001]

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Just saw my family name on an info page and had to check it out. My understanding is my grandfathers brothers and his family had settled in the Wy. area prior to his moving to the U.P of Michagan. Thanks for keeping a bit of this great countries history available for others to see! Mark Fraker.
Mark A. Fraker, Waterloo, Wi [02-05-2001]

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I've listed the information under my favorites. I'm a teacher of 20th Century American History and other social studies courses. I appreciate this newly added resource.
Victoria B. Russell, Richland, WA 99352 [01-29-2001]

I lived in Upper Darby until I was 9 years old: my mother was a great one for passing on the history of Philadelphia to me. She lived just a few blocks away from "Arch Street & 2nd" and we went (many times) to Betsy's house; the Liberty Bell; Carpenters' Hall, each time signing the guest book. She often thought my name would show up more than any other kids' name! It was great to be immersed in all that history! Unfortunately, I have not been back to "Philly" in many years but when I retire, it will be my first stop!
Judith Kerry, West Palm Beach Florida [01-29-2001]

Jessica Monhollen, Indiana [01-28-2001]

thank you for the information i needed for my third grade report it had lots of information thank you alex morales
alex morales, scottsdale az. us [01-28-2001]

Hey!! Do you have flag pictures of any other countries? Your page is cool!!!! I am doing a report on Italy, so if you can, can you find Italy's flag?
Catherine [01-28-2001]

great tour-- i'm doing a report on her and this was a great site to visit..
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Thank you for the information. My son is doing a report for school and it will be very helpful.
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My wife and I visited the house with our children before we moved to California. We lived in York then, but that was almost forty years ago.
Rick Phillips, Chula Vista, CA [01-27-2001]

It would be a favor if you emailed me and saw some of Besty Ross's clothes.
emma [01-27-2001]

emma [01-27-2001]

Thank you for providing such an informative site on Betsy Ross. My 5th grade daughter was given a school assignment; and she has discovered a trove of information, thanks to your efforts. We will definitely add your site to her bibliography. :-) W Stevens
Stevens Family, Scottsdale, AZ [01-27-2001]

Our Brownie troop has been studying Betsy Ross. We made a reproduction colonial flag for the Veterans Day Parade. We are planning a visit to Phila. 5/19/01. Do you have special programs for scout troops? Do we need to make a reservation? There will be 15 girls and 15 adults. Thanks for any info you can send. 2709 Hall St., Endwell NY 13760
Sue Battaglini, Endwell NY [01-27-2001]

Thank you! You helped me with my report for school.
Olga [01-27-2001]

Lexi is 6, and wanted to know what the colors of the flag meant. We easily found this website, and were thrilled to see that there was an immediate answer to the question, simply by clicking right on the homepaage. Thak you for helping me to illustrate how much fun researching a question can be.
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Besty Ross Rules
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I thought this web page was amazing. I got to see the pics of Betsy R.'s house witch was pretty amazing because i thought i would never see what her house really looked like. well, great web site! :)
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Joyce Cuffley, Hollywood, Maryland [01-22-2001]

I think Betsy Griscom Ross would be a well apriciated for designing oour flag. To me the flag is a sign of our life and freedom!!!!!!! I think Betsy Ross was just well thought of.
Elizabeth, Ohio [01-21-2001]

I am thrilled to find the information located here on your site. I home school my six children, we are learning about Betsy Ross. I am sure the information located here will be of great help to me and this thematic unit. Thank You!
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I am proud to have now served under three Presidents. May God bless President Bush . Go ARMY!!
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Thanks,Your page "is slammin" I'm Glad I had a page like yours to use for my paper.
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i am a derect decendent to Betsy Ross then to Elizabeth Claypoole.
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I very much enjoyed your website! Since our last name is Ross, our daughter dressed as "Betsy Ross" for her school halloween party. We certainly have learned a lot from this website. Thank you!
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Mary C. Ross, West Baldwin, ME 04091 [01-20-2001]

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Thank you for letting me get on this site! There is one question that I have! It does not tell any of the awards she got! Where are they?
Summer Eland, Berthoud,CO 80513 [01-20-2001]

Wanted to learn about Betsy Ross as my son goes to an elementry school beering her name.
Wayne R. Garretson, Mahwah,NJ [01-20-2001]

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I think that Betsy Ross was a brave women. At school I am doing something called a Wax Mumseum project.I am doing Betsy Ross too. I have to do a poster, cosutem and info. In this project we have to pretend that we are the person. We have to read about some of their life and pretend that we are them. If you find any info about her life please write me back. I will see you later. Love, Alexandra Paterson. P.S. Write Back soon. Bye.
Alexandra Paterson, Reston,Virginia [01-20-2001]

Hey! I read ur website, and I think it is very well written, it has helped me a lot in a research project I have been doing for History. I need to know how Betsy ross died though? If u or anyone knows please e-mail me at my email addy: It would be very much appreciated. thanx ~Kim
Kim, pa [01-20-2001]

JEANANNE KEAGLE [01-20-2001]

it sees our love for our country.
it hears our shouts and cries.
it feels our breeze.
it taste our freedom.
that is our country's song, night & day.
see it, hear it, feel it,taste it.
-leigha mozzoni, 10
LEIGHA MOZZONI, broken,arrow [01-20-2001]

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nicole [01-20-2001]

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Kaiden Dillard [01-20-2001]

i am writing a biography on Betsey Ross . I really like the great info. Can you tell me where I can find a picture of the clothing she wore? I have to give an oral presentation and I have to dress just like her. My mom is going to make the outfit. She has to make it just like the stuff Betsey Ross wore. thanks , Sarah Lynn Smith-grade 4 Holland Elementary.
SarahSmith, Holland M.A [01-20-2001]

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I have chosen to use Betsy Ross as a prime example in my eigth grade enrichment project on Frontiers in History. betsy Ross was a bold woman to defy her british upbringing and contributed to the American Revolution.
Samantha Healy [01-20-2001]

Can you give me about ten questions on Betsy Ross? If so please e-mail me the questions, or even send them to me within the next week. The reason being is because a group of people in my class (including me)are doing a report on the Revolutionary War, and we all thought that doing Betsy Ross would be a good thing to do part of the report on. -Elizabeth P.S.- Please notify me as soon as you can.
Elizabeth, veradale, Wa [01-20-2001]

Im a 8th grader and i am doing a report about you and the flag you were a really big help to me. I do appreicate it very much and thanks alot. I now know a lot about the flag thanks to you. Candice
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My fifth grade daughter is writing a major report on Pennysylvania, where she lived until 1996. She needs to write about six important sites. Do you have any information you can send her? At the end of the project, she needs to dress like a famous person from Pennsylvania. If she dresses as Betsy Ross, will we be able to buy a thirteen-star flag? Finally, at the end of the project, she needs to come up with a "surprise" for each of 26 classmates. Is there anything in your gift shop that we can afford 27 of?
LR Burgess, Saratoga, CA [01-20-2001]

could you send me a picture of what Betsy Ross wore
Briana Burke, Mashpee, Ma USA [01-20-2001]

I believe that if you needed information for betsy Ross ... SAy for a speech..*lol* you might need to add some more information on what betsey ross did for our country...what her effect upon us was....thank you
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~*Thanks for having this site, it helped me with my report. I just wish that there could have been a timeline on betsy ...not just the flag ..but other wise's a great website!*~
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Jenna Schulman, Edison nj [01-20-2001]

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stephanie bloomer, wherever, ohio [01-20-2001]

I am interested in geneology and was wondering if i am connected to betsy ross in some way. My mother's name was iris adeliza freeman (ritchie), her father's name was guy dana freeman, her mother was margaret ross. guy dana freeman was a descendent of william brewster, governor thomas prence, major john freeman, etc.... from the time of the mayflower landing. However, i know nothing about margaret ross (my grandmother). If you have any suggestions, please let me know. thank you, lisa duplain
lisa duplain, spokane, washington usa [01-20-2001]

hi how r u ? im doing fine
tisha nyhart, CampHill PA 17011 [01-20-2001]

trying to find lineage to b.ross thru sarah elizabeth ross bn.12 25 1859died 10.11.1934
george b. williams, lake city fl. [01-20-2001]

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I thought your website was very interesting, and had a lot of depth about Betsy and her role in the Revolutionary War. There was a lot of information valuable to me school paper about someone famous in the war. Thank you for making such a great and available web site that is very easy to find.
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Im Sorry to ask but i need to know Betsy Parents names, Betsy Place of Brith, Betsy Stamped footprint, a Seal of Authenticity and if possiable can you get Three entries of the subject's life based on important personal or historical events. I'm asking you to help me because im 13 trening on to 14 and if i dont get this info i can fale 8th grade so please asd thank you for your timie bye.
Jennifer, Seoul, Korea [01-20-2001]

I think your information that you provide is better than watching the history channel. I learned more things on this web page than I did from my history book. I wish that your website would send out your web address to all local schools, so thay can learn more about Betsy Ross too. Tiffany age 10
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Jeanne, Mississippi [01-20-2001]

Being that I have visited Betsy Ross house I enjoyed the information that you have provided me. Thank you very much and a very fine job.
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SHANNON M. HEALEY, [01-20-2001]

the article helped me with my report for school, thanks.
rachel, va [01-20-2001]

I have been told by family that Besty Ross was one of my great(many greats) aunts, her brother in law, George Ross was my great(many greats) grandpa. Thank you for the interesting facts about her life, history is amazing. It is even more incredible when they are your relatives. I am in awe of how her life has touched so many people. The reports that kids are doing about her in school, the history that was made during her time. I stand tall to be an American.
Kari Sloan, Spokane, Washington [01-20-2001]

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Neal A. Evans [01-20-2001]

I'm a first grade teacher, and for the month of January, we study heroes, a different one each day. Your site has been very helpful in preparing me for the day we study Betsy Ross. By the way, last summer I visited the Betsy Ross home in Philadelpia and my husband and I were very impressed.
Michelle Collins, Indio, CA USA [01-20-2001]

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I just think this page is great! We are having a project and asked the explain what the flag represent and something about betsy ross. Lucky I found out this site, it helped me alot. Keep up the great work.
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Each person in my class had to pick a historical person and I chose Betsy Ross! I have learned a lot about her!
Jacklyn Simonson, Solana Beach, CA [01-20-2001]

Thank you for your site,I was looking to teach my 4 year old daughter about our Nation and Flag and found your site!It is a very helpful site and a Blessing to our Flag and Country!
Bobby Clevidence, Lake Whitney Texas USA! [01-20-2001]

Whenever i see the flag, i think about what it represents in our present day, war, power, greed, and wealth.
anonymous [04-24-2001]

To me, the American flag is a symbol of liberty that we should look upon with respect and dignity. If it were not for our forefathers, we would not live as we do today. The people of the United States take their freedom for granted. Have they considered other countries of the world led by dictators? The flag is not just a piece of cloth - it represents the blood shed in the wars. It has stood proudly for the thousands of men and women who gave their lives to defend our country, and even other countries in need. The next time you see our flag going down the street in a parade or hear the star-spangled banner, put your hand over your heart, and be proud of America, the land of the free and the home of the brave.
Jennifer, age 19; student at San Joaquin Delta College [04-11-2001]

The History of this nation is so great, It can hardly be put in to words. So many men and women in uniform have given so much, we can never thank them or their families enough. I am a teenager, and I can tell you that many people my age are very apathetic concerning freedom, and the incredible price that was paid for it. We as American's enjoy so many freedoms that the least we can do is be good citizens and try to make our country great as it once was. We are losing men every day who fought in World War 2, and if you have relative who did fight, sit down and talk with them. They would probably love to talk to you about it. Thank you to all the American's past and present who put on the Uniform of the United States Millitary. Your sacrifice has given me the freedom to writr this without fear.
Sarah, 16 [04-11-2001]

Listen i'm a teenager and a patriot i believe that noe one has the right to disgrace our flag, because it is a symbol to many people and has always been a symbol of freedom. a place where any one is welcome to step foot on and be free. That freedom is the reason why the poeple of this country are so open minded. All of us have grown up in a society were we are taught everything about the world and are free to choose our own path. Now we didn't always have that freedom we were once not free and then we were given freedom by those poeple that fought and gave there lives for that freeedom that we hold dear today. So to fully apreciate that freedom we must respect and preserve a symbol that stands for it. thankyou for your time.
Jeremiah Pilcher, 18 I go to school at Missouri Military Academy [03-16-2001]

We think that Betsy Ross was a very important woman in United States History. I am glad that she made the flag because now we have a symbol of pride, freedom, and liberty for our country. One question we would like to know is how did Betsy Ross die.
Ian Cortes and Jutin Bass [03-08-2001]

I think that Betsy Ross was very heroic and patriotic. She stood up for what was right. I admire her.
anonymous, Age 11 Long Beach,CA [03-06-2001]

It realy doesnt matter who mad the flag or who designed it, we should just be glad that the flag was made and we live a free life. Its still nict though that we do have a people that helped get us on our way to FREEDOM! Bless us all!
Ariel Pollock, Wichita, KS [03-01-2001]

The American Flag stands for a great deal of things. Some as Americans we should be proud of, some as Americans we should not be. However, this flag is a symbol of a nation, which in a considerable short span of time (as compared to Europe and Asia). Has become the most advanced country in technology, economic stability, and political aspects the world has ever seen. With the vast diversity of its people this country has flourished and now sits alone as the world's only true SUPER POWER. When I view this flag I have a sense of hope, a sense of pride, a sense of all those who came before me, who died while proudly fighting for the ideology of our country. As an African American man, I see the red representing the blood of all its people from the bondage of the children of slavery, the hardships endured by the Native Americans of this land, to the bold moves and positions of men such as Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Jr. John F. Kennedy, Jr., that have either forced, or guided this country to live up to its principles, and it's doctrine that was set forth in the Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence. My heart grieves for those before me black and white who did not live see the days and the times in which I live in. America still has a long way to go before this country resembles what it can be, and should be. When All Americans regardless of what ethnicity that may be, will look upon each other as a brother or sister. When All Americans will look upon each other to see a persons character not the color of their skin. When All Americans will realize that everybody together has made Our America what it is today, by their minds, their hearts, and their blood. NO country is without its shortcomings from the poorest to the wealthiest, but America is my home. No one ethnic group can look upon this flag, and think that America is only their America. Brave and honorable men and women in all walks of life have given of themselves to this country. Whether they fought to prove that they too belonged to be protected by their nations governing laws, or if they fought or fight to prove that injustice will not be tolerated on this country's soil, or in a foreign land. So I say to you look upon her stars, her stripes of red and white, and her field of blue, and see what I see. I see a new Glory on the horizon from the flag we call "Old Glory". One that really and truly stands, "INDIVISIBLE UNDER GOD, WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL!" For that When she waves, when she mourns, or when she is lifted to the skies, my eyes will be fixed upon her, my head held up high, and my hand proudly and without question, will be rested upon my heart.

Reading through the other postings, on this page, and the archived postings as well. I think I must put another of my two cents in. Though I am proud of my country, even through some of the most horrific shortcomings it has had. I still think people need to understand some others positions of the American Flag. For example can any of you look someone in the face who has been persecuted, imprisoned, beaten, or even killed from another country, and tell them they should stand for their flag? Take into consideration a black person from South Africa, a Jewish Immigrant from Nazi Germany, a Korean from North Korea, and a Russian from Stalin's reign to name a few. You as many of them would revel in these people denouncing the flags of those countries. Stop and think, and learn of your own country's past. The last of the great countries to denounce the practice of slavery. The raping of the Land from the Native American peoples and tribes. The struggle and powerful efforts this country put up to stop and deny Black Americans, Japanese Americans, Native Americans, etc... the SIMPLEST, forms of freedoms under the law, which should, and was and is rightfully theirs, as any other American during periods of our nations past and in some cases present. Just because you stand for a flag, does not mean that someone else has to, or even should. Burning the American flag to me is something I WOULD NEVER DO, but to some, America does not, and never will stand for freedom. Why you may ask? Because America, to some, stands for bondage. America for some stands for promises never kept. America for some stands for imprisonment. America for some stands for a country with lofty goals, and high expectations that never seem to be in your reach, because America always pulls away, or keeps you on the outside looking in. As a History Major in college, anyone can tell you burning of a flag is a symbol of political and personal protest. As Americans, one right we have always held dear to our hearts, is Freedom of Speech and Expression. No matter what is said, or done you may not like, but it is up to us to make those all around us see the truth in what is false. To see the right in what is wrong, and to have that to be the message we teach and share with all that are around us. Whomever you believe in whether that is God, or a higher power that is who you will have to answer to, when your day comes, or the time shall pass. Wrongs have been committed to all people, and it is now our time to correct those wrongs, to educate ourselves so that we may never be doomed to repeat the horrors of our past. Closing your eyes and not accepting what has happened is not the answer. Many people condemn the NAACP, Jewish groups, Native American Organizations for living in the past. The truth of the matter is The Truth, sometimes is a terrible burden to bear. I beg of you to, "walk a mile in another man's shoes", before you condemn them for their actions. Some people know nothing else, some people are confused, some people are never taught right from wrong, and some people just and never get it. Listen, and sometimes you will learn that what you believe may not be true. Listen and sometimes you will see what you see is different in the eyes of someone else. Listen and sometimes you will see what you hold dear to your heart is right, or might be wrong. Thank you for your time.
Daniel P. Walker, 24, Charlotte, NC [02-25-2001]

Well I think that she was a strong and nice women and I admire her beautiful work that she did to make the beautiful flag for our country and I want to think her if she was here.
Nicholas Dewayne Howard [02-21-2001]

After all these years Researchers and experts has been unable to discover any truth to the story started by Ms Besty Ross' grandson. Even if it were true, why not use her last known name. She was married a total three times. So, by the time her grandson, from the first marriage, came out with this story her name had been changed twice. I reserve any thoughts for or against the reputed story of Besty Ross and the American Flag until it is proven. In most of the posting I have read, I can see that the flag is loved and admired. What I cannot understand is how so many people are so quick to except a possibly myth being attached to it. (The Flag) What the flag stands for is proven in our history. Where the flag came from is not. There are not even any proven facts about what the colors stand for. The flag creators left no information pertaining to the colors. However, as always we come up with our own opinions and try to make it excepted by everyone. I beleive that we should a except the flag for what it is, a symbol of freedom, and disregerd the unproven and mystical, and made-up accounts surrounding it. Much in the way that we except God in our lives without knowing everything about him and without excepting all the mystical beliefs and accounts attributed to him.
James [02-19-2001]

It is commonplace today for the American Flag to be taken for granted. We have become "too" comfortable in the United States of America. Sometimes the flag is not even flown with reverence. For those young people reading this, please take this to heart. I love our flag not just because I am a veteran, but because I deeply love what it represents. We NEED to remember that the flag is just as important as the Constitution or even the Declaration of Independance. If you ever see a state or Federal office, restaraunt, or law office, flying a tatered and shreaded flag (their is a lot of them out there) PLEASE walk inside and bring it to their attention. They may be unaware of it or don't care. Show them YOU DO CARE! Thank you.
Mark Bedell, 29, Chicago, Il. [02-19-2001]

Bettsy Ross was a good person. I did a biography on her and I thought it was interesting. She is like a hero to me. I look up to her!
Samantha Gerken, I'm going to be 11 tommarro feb 14, I live in Deshler , I have two brothers and a mom and a dad. [02-13-2001]

I think Betsy was a great person she was very strong and patriotic since she contributed to make the flag. I thought it was cool that she met G. Washington and she told her thoughts and got what she wanted that doesnt happen a lot. It was also cool that she was able to run a shop and take care of her 5 children.
CourtNey, 11~ North Carolina [02-13-2001]

I've always thought Betsy Ross was an extrordinary heroine to our country. I mean she never had to make the flag but she did anyway , she did it for all of us not only herself everyone even you and me.
Katie Jordon, 10, New York [02-09-2001]

I think Betsy was an extravigant women. Do things to show that women were just as brilliant as men. I wish there were more women like this on earth right now.
Felecia LaQuire, new york [02-07-2001]

I think Betsy Ross is a good lady for what she did cause if she had not made the flag we probably still be owned by another contry or state and that will stink to be ruled by another state that is why i like Betsy Ross peace Christina
Christina, 11 [02-06-2001]

I would like to say that the flag is the symbol of the United States of America. It makes me happy because it makes us free. The reason I like the colors is because favorite colors are red and blue. And every state gets its own star. And I like stars.
Olivia Pyle, 7 years old, Arlington, Virginia [02-05-2001]

The new Georgia Flag brings shame to the American Flag and all who fought and died for this country and those that presently serve it with honor. The American Flag is shown in a yellow band (possibly representing the coward streak in gov. Barnes)at the bottom of the Georgia flag underneath the Georgia Seal and at the rear of other flags. This violates the Federal Flag code Section 3 c, e, f, and Section 4 g. The American Flag represents all Americans and their sacrifices and it should not be installed in a place of low esteem on the Georgia flag nor anywhere on any state flag. The group that got the new flag railroaded in by threatened violence and boycott represents hate, illigitimacy, racism and destruction of all peoples heritage. Can the removal of the American Flag be far behind? The Georgia flag should not be recognized by the U. S. Congress, other states, or the Armed Forces. It should not be flown by anyone.
Clinton, 57,Georgia [02-04-2001]

In Social Studies this year, we are learning about the American Revolutionary War. One project I am currently working on is researching about one person from the Revolutionary War and doing a skut about that person. I got my very first choice from a long list of people-Betsy Ross. I find it a great honor to be able to research such an honorable person. From what I have learned, she had three husbands, two of which died before she did and had 7 daughters. It must have been a terrible loss for her to have lost two husbands, one of which died in the war. And as for Pat Walker, Philadelphia, Pa., I feel that you shouldn't steryotype young people that way. I, for one, feel very proud everytime I even look at the flag and would never not treat it with all the respect it deserves.I see it as a symbol of my liberty, the liberty of those who lived before me and the liberty of those who will live after me. I wouldn't want to live in any country other than America, the land of the free and the brave. I know there were many hardships in order to give us this great country, and I am quite thankful for them, and all who sacrificed for that.
Maria, Age 11 [01-31-2001]

I think it is difficult for many young people to see the importance of the American flag because we no longer show it the resepct it deserves, not as an inanimate object, but as a symbol of our freedom. It is often either not displayed properly or at all. Having freedom does not mean that everyone should be able to do whatever they wish. Freedom means being willing to live within boundaries that respect the dignity of everyone else and what they believe. Separation of Church and state was never meant to deny people the right to pray publically any more that it was meant to force people who do not want to pray publically to do so. I guess the fact that the lines are always blurred and people are always arguing their point of view is just another testament to the freedom that we do enjoy here. God Bless America!
Pat Walker, Philadelphia, Pa. [01-28-2001]

I agree with the lady who suggests you ask the permission of a veteran, imigrant or mother of a fallen sodier if you may burn our flag. I also agree with the suggestion that if you feel you don't have the freedoms you deserve in the United States of America that maybe you need to find another country to live in. Our laws are not perfect and do not suit everyone's individual needs but the process of our democracy is the best by far. For those of you who need to rebel and protest I suggest the chanels of our government to work for the changes you desire. For the people who feel their freedom is being squelched because they may not burn our flag I say to you as a daughter of a decorated hero of WW11 and the mother of a decorated hero of Operation Just Cause, that these men and women whether dying in duty or not, have sacrificed much to preserve your freedom. The freedom that gives you the right to voice your desire to burn the flag. In some countries you would be put to death or in prison for just speaking your desires. When I see our flag flying I think of all our veterans and I am thankful to them for their dedication to our great nation. As far as I am concerned they are the cream our population, no matter what branch of the military they serve or served in. To me the flag is a visual symbol of the souls who had the courage to fight for the formation of a country, define freedom, and the quest to keep it all in tact and together through the years. I feel so proud of it all when I see the United States Flag flying or I am pledging allegiance to our flag and our country.
Verna Giffing, 48, Norfolk, VA [01-27-2001]

Ok Ok so u wanna know what i think about ms betsy ross, well right now my friend and i are researching her for a social studies project and a lot of sites have said that she didnt make the first flag, it is not certain. So for now i think that she is a FAKE and that she didnt make the first flag. People today wouldn't have known about her if it wasnt for a famous painting that showed her making the first flag. Also her grandson told everyone that she made the first flag, not ms ross herself. So your thinking how could everyone believe this, well i believe that ms ross's grandson just wanted to be famous!! hahahahahaha that is what he probably said!~ Well thats all.
Allie [01-23-2001]

I am glad that I found this page. Last week I saw four flags flown in the rain. It bothered me to see the flag at my childrens school getting wet. When I complained about it I was informed that it was weather proof. My children have not been taught how to respect our flag. That is why I am doing research. My family will be having a history lesson this weekend. I want them to know about 'Old Glory' and be proud of the red, white, and blue. God bless us all.
Norma, 28, North Carolina [01-22-2001]

I think Betsy Ross is a very interesting person, who achieved a lot in her life. The flag is amaing, and I don't think I could have done what she did.
Kim [01-20-2001]

I'm really proud of what Betsy Ross did. I'm doing a report on her in history, and I've found some really interesting things about her. Alot of people don't get how important a flag is. The flag represents our counrty and it needs to be treated with respect. People gave their lives for the freedom of our country and I think freedom is the best thing in life. America is wonderful and there is a valid reason why we are the most powerful country in the world. The reason? It's our outstanding principles.
Lauren, 14, Lake Forest [01-20-2001]

I think that the American flag is a great symbol of our freedom. It is a reminder to all, of the death and violence that afflicted us during the war. I know that it will always represent the same feelings of our country, even with wars and the additions of other states, we will always stand together as The United States of America.
Erin, 14 [01-20-2001]


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