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Just as interesting as when I visited the house many years ago....
Peter Rosario, Philadelphia, Pa. [12-18-2000]

you guys still think so positive about her, when there is NO actual proof that she made the first flag. she did make some flags, but knowone knows who made the first one. i would appreciate it if you wouldn't tell the public that she made the first one, when you have no proof to show it.
megan, SLC,Utah [12-18-2000]

This website helped me write an articl for a magizine! Thanks!
Melissa, SLC,Utah [12-18-2000]

I think these Betsy Ross web sites are just so great. They help me learn about her.
Brittney Archer, Bradley Ill [12-18-2000]

I really enjoyed to your website. It's next best to being there. I was lucky enough to visit there 10 years ago. I am a 5th grade teacher and have found several things on the site that I plan to use in the classroom. Thanks!
Judy Harold, Pocatello, Idaho [12-18-2000]

the reason we are on this site is that we are doing a report on betsy ross welll gtg buh bye
Shanna, Ally ,Kylie, shinnston USA [12-18-2000]

Thanks for all the great info. on Betsy Ross' home page. All this info. was very helpful for my child's report. Thanks again
Marie Marcello, Schriever,La. 70395 [12-18-2000]

Nicole LaMrca, glen cove, New York, U.S. [12-14-2000]

I portray Betsy Ross for over 4,000 children every Februrary. It is a great honor to portray such an important woman in history.
Debbie McIntosh, Newhall, CA [12-14-2000]

THLacy, Washington, DC [12-13-2000]

Jennifer Miller, Yuma/Arizona/85364 [12-13-2000]

Thaank you for the information that you have let me see y our flag is important to our country. The reason why I'm on this sit is because i enterd a contest we ahve to write a paper on what it is to be paterotic i thinl i speeld it right but any way my tittle of the paper is what the American flag realy means do you like it i thought it was good. This would be vary thoughtful if you had anyother info on this would you send it to me @ my email thank you 4 taking time to read my e mail sincerly ambreatte collazo
ambreatte, Grandforks ND U.S.A [12-13-2000]

Beth [12-13-2000]

Your site helped me finish a project in 2 days!
Ashley Payne, Conyers, Georgia [12-13-2000]

Thanks...The information was helpful for my project !
Melissa, Philly, PA [12-13-2000]

I think this site was a big help on my Betsy Ross report THANKS!!
Irilua Williams, jcnj [12-13-2000]

Jacklyn Simonson [12-12-2000]

I am 8 and am writing a paragraph about you in school. I think that you are a cool person from the Revolutionary War.Emily is Abigal Adams,Ricky is John Adams, Even is Ben Franklin,Katie is Molly Picher, Kevin is King George and I am you, Betsy Ross! Bye!
Taylor Engdahl [12-12-2000]

Hasset Monroe [12-12-2000]

I visited the Betsy Ross house in October, in person! It was a very interesting step into history! Thanks! Janine
Janine, Washington State [12-12-2000]

im doing bets for a project. shes so tight compared to others!
Mchelle Chang, Houston,Tx. 77279 [12-12-2000]

jessica diaz [12-12-2000]

I believe.
santari propst, greensboro, nc [12-12-2000]

It was great. It helped me a lot with my project. Thank you so much!!!!!!
Ashley, Florida [12-12-2000]

Doing research for my 4th grade project on Betsy Ross
Samantha Cosella, Aston, Pa., 19014 [12-12-2000]

Thanx! you helped me a lot! I had to do a big thing for school and I picked Betsy ross. I fornd LOTS of info here! THANX AGAIN! Bye~Bye!
Christa, pa [12-12-2000]

Lissa Binkley, mendon, mi [12-12-2000]

HI, I'm in History and have a report on you I'm in 8th grade.
Heather .J. Karg, Gorham,IL [12-12-2000]

Beautiful I will share with friends and youngsters who may have missed Betsy Ross in their history lessons.
Kathryn van Heyningen, Palm Harbor, Fl. [12-12-2000]

Jordan, jackson,ms [12-12-2000]

Cooper's, shelby township , Mich. [12-12-2000]

Christina, u.s. [12-12-2000]

We visited your web pages for my son's homework. He is six years old, and in first grade. Some of the stuff he had seen at school, but he still found it interesting, and could relate to it, because he had seen some of the info
Joanne Campbell and Isaac Davis, CHesapeake, VA [12-12-2000]

I really enjoyed visting the hom of Betsy Ross.
Blaze shaneyfelt, Indiana [12-12-2000]

nice site very educational peace love and send money
anthony harrington, germany [12-12-2000]

Thank u 4 the in4masen on the web site
Brianna Thill, Scottsdale Arizona [12-12-2000]

this website is soooooooo cool and it tells me a-lot about what we are studying now I am sure that I will get a A+ on my project!!! THANKS!!!
Ashley LaBrie, 63 clinton ave winslow ME 04901 (appt,1L) [12-12-2000]

I can here to get info. for a semester project and i though ur sit e was really helpful, thanks alot!!
Courtnee, Iowa Falls, Ia [12-12-2000]

I learned a lot.
Jaimie [12-12-2000]

Belle, SF CAU.s.a [12-12-2000]

Thank you so much for the information. I'm a little more informed today than I was yesterday. Enjoyed the visit to Philadelphia, immensely. I wish that I had had more time to spend in the historic sites.
Nadine Snead, Chicago, IL [12-12-2000]

Taylor, Corinth [12-12-2000]

Frank Mercik, Barre, Ma. [12-12-2000]

thank you for this information, which was very helpful and easy to search...and it help me very much in my report.
Jorge andres Velez, Greenville South Carolina [12-12-2000]

Michelle Jackson, Bloomfield [12-12-2000]

Kirsten Reppert, Chesapeake, Va [12-12-2000]

hi i was just crusin the internet and i decided to check this out. well thanks eveyone thanks to my friends my family and everyone else that i know!!
kirby hecker, david city, nebraska america [12-12-2000]

Justen Molnar, Brunswick, OH 44212 [12-12-2000]

Jamie Duncan, Shreveport, LA [12-05-2000]

Mom I Love You
Peggy, El Paso Texas [12-05-2000]

Barb mout, tsrubnus, Maine [12-05-2000]

heather leak-mcgill, p.a. [12-05-2000]

Wuz up, i luv this web site it gives me a lot of information well thats all i have to say keep up the good work
Donette Murrell, P.O Box 1154 St.Stephen S.C 29479 [12-05-2000]

i really am interested in your site it gave a lot of info. i needed.
amber, tulsa [12-05-2000]

I loved this website on Betsy Ross. I got a lot of info for my report
Audrey Morgan, New Hampshire [12-05-2000]

hiiiiiiiiiiii I got an A A+ on a work sheet i did on the flag
bRIAN fRANTZ, Mt.Airy [12-05-2000]

I love your web site because I'm doing a project on Betsy Ross and you
donna granger, Missouri Washington 2733 hwyA [11-30-2000]

LaBrenda Simpson, Holland,MI [11-30-2000]

Thanks so much for the information. I'm a homeschooling mom and our co-op is doing a unit study on the American flag. Your information was so valuable, especially the directions for cutting a 5-pointed star...I had looked all over the public library for those directions and found nothing. Thanks again!
Cathy Mullins, St. Louis, MO 63116 [11-30-2000]

thank you for helping me define the colors of the flag. i have an essay do friday.on what does the united states flag stand for? bye, have a nice night. 11/29
CRYSTAL, salinas,ca [11-30-2000]

i luv your site it is really kewl!!!!! <~*tara*~>
tara, lake mary/ florida [11-30-2000]

Thank you. I realy liked the website maybe you'll talk to me again. your frind, Kierra Lashay Woods
Lil Kee Kee, arlington,texas [11-29-2000]

this site was so awsome and it realy help whith my report THANK YOU
anonymous, kyra c obrien im 11 [11-29-2000]

I am doing a report for my 4th grade class on Betsy Ross. It was very interesting to see where she lived.
Ashley Phelps, Pittsburgh PA [11-29-2000]

Being a history buff this site was very informative for me. I have learned a lot from this site. I will be back soon.
Jeanne Briel, Tempe, AZ USA [11-29-2000]

This flag which we honor and which we serve, is the emblem of our unity, our power, our thought, and purpose as a nation. It has no other character other than that which we give it from generation to generation. The choices are ours. It floats in majestic silence above the hosts that execute those choices, whether in peace or in war. And yet though silent, it speaks to us of the past, of the men and women who went before us, and the records they wrote upon it. President Wilson 1917 Flag Day message
Matthew McCrackin, Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin [11-29-2000]

Julie Tighe, Philadelphia, PA, USA [11-29-2000]

I am doing a report about Betsy Ross, so I cam to her website to look up information and print pictures! Great website, I'll visit again some day. (I didn't put my last name because I don't think that is safe, sorry) Megan
Megan, Magalia,CA [11-29-2000]

I am one of your biggest fans even though I'm only 9years old.What I would love for cristmas is your biogriphy and auotogrph. thanks for all you did to help America. YOUR READER & FAN, MARIAH BROWN
Mariah Alyce Brown, Tusculoosa,Alabama [11-29-2000]

Natalie Lapp, Rockville Centre, NY [11-29-2000]

I'm 12 years old.I visited here on November28,2000,because I am doing a report on Mrs.Betsy Ross.
Monika Lenz, Waukegan,Il [11-29-2000]

brittany sikmpson [11-29-2000]

joe, kansas city [11-29-2000]

Colleen Roylance, West Haven,Utah [11-29-2000]

I love this website
Lourdes Arroyo, Dorchester M.A. [11-29-2000]

I love the Red, White, and Blue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gregory R. Ramallo, Santa Barbara, CA, USA [11-29-2000]

RUBY N. MARTINEZ [11-29-2000]

I enjoyed reading about Betsy Ross. A great American woman. Thanks
Jennifer Dockum, Edmond,Ok 73003 [11-29-2000]

jimmy g, weymouth [11-27-2000]

I love reading about our Country and what our ancestors had to go through in helping us become a nation. America the Great!!!. We as Americans should be very proud that we were born into a land of freedom, and we must never forget our home is the Home of Our Brave men&women that contributed to make this country as it is today. I feel that we are blessed and this is God's country. This is why our ancestors came to this country,.They were able to stand up for what they believed in, and they accomplished their lifestyle as they chose. Thank God for America. Debra,USA
DEBRA CHEATER, Parkhill, Oklahoma. USA [11-27-2000]

I think that this page is great. I am nineteen years old and am about to embark on one of the greatest and toughest challanges of my life, by enlisting into the United States Marine Corp. I am the most patriotic person in my household. My most favorite flag is the Betsy Ross flag.
Ricky Christopher Cole JR, South Windsor, Connecticut, United States of America [11-27-2000]

Thank you for having such an informative site. You made my report on Betsy Ross a cinch. I am in 5th grade; I bet I'll be using your site again.
Brittany Crowther, La Crescenta, CA USA [11-27-2000]

We enjoyed the detailed information for my daughters project Thanks for all the knowledge on the flag as a Navy vet. I will surly obide by laws I was unaware of Thanks
David and Jessica Sherman (Daughter), Timberlake,NC [11-27-2000]

Nancy Austin, Palatine, Illinois USA [11-27-2000]

Sandra F. Anderson [11-25-2000]

WOW! What an icredible site!
Kristin Abel, Winter Park, FL [11-25-2000]

BRIDGET, pa [11-25-2000]

I needed to write a report about Betsy Ross in the Revolutionary War.
Amy, South Carolina [11-25-2000]

The Glouc. Co. Historical Soc. Library proudly displays the family tree with Betsy Ross in their main reading room. In the basement of the museum is a fireplace from Hugg's Tavern. I love reading about Betsy Griscom. Thank you for the interesting information.
Marie, Salem Co., NJ [11-25-2000]

morisson de la bassetiere, france [11-25-2000]

my friend is doing a project on Betsy Ross cool huh?
COURTNEY, franklin [11-25-2000]

this is a wonderful site i am 17 years old and i learned a lot. i learned the history of of the flag. keep on during wonderful on this site. keep up the good work.
Samantha Cleola Williams, chicago,IL,U.S.A [11-25-2000]

she was a nice person to make a flag
tonya j. garron, milliville,nj [11-25-2000]

whitney, spring city [11-25-2000]

Katie Williams [11-25-2000]

Thank You see i'm doing a report my book did not give me a lot of info you guys did thank you very much
Morgan Stewart, Warren,PA [11-25-2000]

Amy Donahue, u.s. [11-25-2000]

I really liked this webpage! Her house is very nice, well at least for an old house like that!!!
Brandi Marcum [11-20-2000]

The tour was really good
Rashmi, South Korea [11-20-2000]

waz up betsy.......LOL
Katie, ga the us [11-20-2000]

i need more information for besy ross so i can do a on 2 pages. thank you so very much
Wendy Gore, Wilmington N.C. [11-20-2000]

I used this web site for a histiry project and worked great!!! Thanx for all the help!! Peaze Out Angie
Angela Marscheck, Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A. [11-20-2000]

My mother said I was related to Betsy Ross in are family tree. I find this very interesting. Just about all the women in are family sew.Are family name is Cole.
Susan Tauber, Harrison, Ar. 72601 [11-20-2000]

Thanks a lot I really needed this because I had to write an essay on what the Flag means; I would send this to a friend also
Gynnekia Booth, Jacksonvile, Fl [11-20-2000]

i enjoyed learning how to make a five pointed star with one snip of my scissors. it will serve as a visual aid in my presentation on the Revolutionary War. thanks!
bethy [11-20-2000]

Ashley, Wisconsin [11-20-2000]

i'm so glad u have this website!I am doing a report &i could not find very muc info. this has been a great help! thanks alot,!!!!!! @mberW.
Amber Willbarger [11-20-2000]

I was just thinking about this election and what democracy means in the USA.
beverly, miami fl 33061 [11-20-2000]

I really enjoyed your site.
Savannah Burns, wss,WV,Us [11-20-2000]

Great info on the site -it really helped my son on a research paper.
John P Bianchi, Rochester , New York [11-20-2000]

Elizabeth Brown, delta Ohio [11-20-2000]

Fly it upsidedown until the constitutuion is restored to us.
Bill Ingram, Golden, Colo. [11-20-2000]

Thank you for helping me find so much info on Betsy Ross. At my school everyone in our 6th grade has to do a report on someone who is highly respected. I chose betsy ross and couldn't find many pictures on her. I found won of her and the flag it's self. Thanks!
Ashton Adair, Mesa, Arizona [11-20-2000]

Hello I am a 13 year old male fomr Cincinnati Ohio. I enjoy history and the American revolution. I am doing a big portfolio and report on the American revolution right now and I have stumbled upon your web site. I have to have 25 people that are now famous, that played and important role in the American revolution; and Betsy ross is one of them.
Brian, Cincinnati, Ohio [11-20-2000]

This was cool the way I saw it in real life with my school and the tour they have here.
ED, Pennsauken N.J. [11-20-2000]

This website rox!!
Synatra & Shantel, Lauel,MD [11-20-2000]

amy andrews [11-20-2000]

Debbie Sandoval, Madera ,California [11-20-2000]

i love you to
miguil sanchez, 1113 sonora st Ma Ca 93701 [11-20-2000]

Russell Chernak [11-20-2000]

We all are putting on a play of Betsy Ross. We all love the pictures on this Website. We loved taking a tour of the house. Cesar, John, Nancy, Andrew, Martha, Mass Hospital School
Martha Cummings, Canton, MA [11-20-2000]

my name is edwin ross are you my grandmal
edwin ross [11-20-2000]

My daughter and I enjoyed touring Betsy's home. Hopefully, we can visit it some day. We also enjoyed making the five pointed star. Thanks!
Judy Geison, 46431 Cedarhurst Dr. Sterling, VA 20165 [11-14-2000]

Its a cool site. add more pics!
Kristen, hershey, pa [11-14-2000]

auna Storni, nice,ca [11-14-2000]

what is inporint about besbetsy ross?
rachel, hight point [11-14-2000]

Racaia Lewis [11-14-2000]

Im a 8th grader at Masa Alta J.H. And outta all the sights that iv been in. THIS IS THE BEST YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Christa, Bloomfield,NM [11-14-2000]

the information on this site has been helpful and interesting. It has also helped me get an A+ on my report.
fawndoe, roswell new mexico [11-14-2000]

It was a great web site
hellen ayres, troy pennsylvania [11-14-2000]

mickey [11-14-2000]

Elizabeth Jones, Lake Wales, Florida ,USA [11-14-2000]

amber bonham, mineola,texas [11-14-2000]

This was very informative. Thank you.
Nicolette Ricisak, Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla. 32082 USA [11-14-2000]

jenna coulson, farmington New Mexico [11-14-2000]

Awsome Site I will use in my classroom.
Donna Donat, Philadelphia, PA [11-14-2000]

Hello, this is for a History project. BYE
Felecia Micalizzi, N.P.R., Florida [11-14-2000]

I am doing a report on her and I need information because I am going on a trip.
Kayla, bryan,Texas,united states [11-14-2000]

i think ur web page is great it helped me a lot with my report. thanx alot
ian therrien, chesapeake va [11-14-2000]

your web site has lots of detail. it really helped my on my essay! thank you very much!!!!!!!!
cheryl rodriguez, Imp. Bch , CA USA [11-14-2000]

Roses are red Violets are bule And I'm doing a progekt on you
Kelly Kola, Willo Springs/IL/USA [11-14-2000]

My wife and I have visited the House several times. My mother is from Philadelphia and, when we visit the City of Brotherly Love, we never fail to come to this historic house. Also, thank you for such a spectacular Web site.
Larry Brzezinski, Cincinnati, Ohio U.S.A. [11-14-2000]

I was looking for information on Betsy Ross for a school report. Your Website was very helpful.
Cindy Carle, Halifax, PA USA [11-14-2000]

Kendra Padgett, Batesburg, SC [11-14-2000]

Excellent website. Thanks for making it so informative.
Mrs. Brooks, Shady Point, OK [11-14-2000]

Michelle Solt, boise [11-14-2000]

I am looking for Betsy ross' decendants. I believe that either she or her husband was related to Eugene Hutchinson. Any help would be appreciated
Lora Barber, Lebanon, Oregon [11-14-2000]

I am in second grade working on a project about the United States flag. Your website was the best I found!
Paige Randall, Cary, NC [11-11-2000]

Very informative, well done!
Jeanette, Greenwood, MO [11-11-2000]

Ethan Love, Brunswick, OH [11-10-2000]

Thomas Kign, San Leandro, CA [11-10-2000]

Cool site
Zoogy [11-10-2000]

This is great info for a project thanks for making this web site!
Sommer Garrett, Tyler,TX , USA [11-10-2000]

ANGELA HALL, lr ar [11-10-2000]

excellent information thank you
FRED MATTHIS, south park pa. 15129 [11-10-2000]

I am doing a mural and i decided to do Betsy Ross. I really didn't think there was that much information but i was wrong there is! Thanks for helping me! got to go check more out!
Melanie, pa [11-10-2000]

Maria, us [11-10-2000]

Malachi Smith, nc [11-08-2000]

DEVIN ZIMMERMAN, us [11-08-2000]

Joe Hartpn, Decatur,Alabama [11-08-2000]

What does the United State flag stand for
Natrice Norman, Baton Rouge Louiana [11-08-2000]

I'm on this website for school, it has information, good bye!
Laura, Boise,Idaho,USA [11-08-2000]

Thank you for helping me with my report!
Amanda, brewster MN USA [11-08-2000]

I think your web site has really helped me on a lot of projects.
Nicky Hawkins, gwinnett [11-08-2000]

Helen Dos Santos-Hodgson, dubai [11-08-2000]

Maeve Desmond, Newark, DE [11-08-2000]

This site has won an honor roll selection from A truly great find! This is a great site :-).
Vickie, New York, NY [11-08-2000]

reading the history here was so interesting and so easy for my children to understand thank you...
sallie wegner, beloit , kansas [11-08-2000]

hi i like betsey
carrie mckay, burleson tx [11-08-2000]

Jessica Rose [11-07-2000]

LORA Gajdzik, bellevernon, pa [11-07-2000]

What does the flag mean?
Alicia Anderson, Bothell [11-07-2000]

megan, california [11-06-2000]

if you have any information on the ross family.....please let me know. i am named after betsy ross and am related. my fathers name is berry r allen sr...his mother was louise allen.
SARAH ROSS ALLEN COBB, pensacola florida [11-06-2000]

Ilike your website. It is really fun to play on. At school we always talk about Betsy,and what she done (like she created the American flag). My teacher is the one that told us this website. Well I got to go.
Kasey Carraway, Calera,Alabama [11-06-2000]

Whatever happen to Betsy Ross Bread? IT was the best before Colonial?
jessie haynes, 2911Belvedere ln. Decatur [11-06-2000]

rich casteel, coweta, oklahoma [11-06-2000]

your website is good
Debbie Majchrzak, moraga, ca [11-06-2000]

hi betsy
betsy ross, betsy ross pa [11-06-2000]

Helena Marie Hebert, Orange, Texas, USA [11-06-2000]

Thank you so much for the information, I am a kindergarten teacher and this will be very helpful to my future lessons.
Heidi White, Oklahoma City, OK USA [11-02-2000]

This site is awesome!!! It really helped me with my report!!!
Nicole Schoeb, nj [11-02-2000]

BJ Childress, Columbia, Mississippi, USA [11-02-2000]

yes i am trying to find out what the colors of the american flag mean . can you help me
jimmy lehman, mt wolf PA [11-02-2000]

tasha lingle, richardson, tx [11-02-2000]

I Like bettsy Ross.
Hayley Sherman, Texas [11-02-2000]

Pam Love, Ooltewah, TN USA [11-02-2000]

Kathleen, Fredericksburg,Va. [11-02-2000]

hello all!!
Lynne, va, fredricksburg [11-02-2000]

This page is way cool. The best page eva! I will get an A + on my report on her. My partner won't cause she didn't do anything!! This is da bomb, I'll spread the word!!
Kristen, Massachusetts, USA [11-02-2000]

i really like this webpage. keep on rockin!
amy, france [11-02-2000]

cool site!
Michelle Morrill, Bremerton, Wa, USA [11-02-2000]

Thank you so much for the walk through history. This might be a good lesson to use with our students here at Maple Elementary! lew
lana e wagaman, LovesPark,Il [11-02-2000]

This is very cool.
Aubree Dobson, bloomfield nm [11-02-2000]

latasha armour, ill springfield [11-02-2000]

thank you for the information,my girl scout troop(Brownies) are studying famous women and we chose Betsy Ross and there was very good information for her! thanx again Hollie (troop 447 leader)
Hollie Henderson, Abingdon, Md. USA [11-02-2000]

Looking for when my ancesters entered the U.S. and where they came from. Thanks Tony Clevinger
Tony Anson Clevinger, Rural Hall N.C. U.S.A. 27045 [11-02-2000]

MALISSA DICKSON, ga [11-02-2000]

paige childress, usa fort worth,Texas [11-02-2000]

Wishing to find the origin of family name Hager. Believed to be of viking origin. If anyone can help with this please reply!
Sarah Newman, Hull, England, Great Britian [11-02-2000]

My grandmother, Minnie Washington was the niece of President George Washington. She married John Isaack the grandson of Texas' Samuel Isaack (who was the son of Elijah Isaack. My Mother, Lucille Ritter, their daughter is 80 yrs. and lives in Burleson, Texas.
Betty Oliver, Cleburne, Tx. [11-02-2000]

Great Website! It will tremendously help me for my project.
Tarabeth, Texas [11-02-2000]

Very COOL web site. Thank you for opening your web site to us. Everyone probably learned something when they visit this site.
Julie Combs, Kernersville, NC USA [11-02-2000]

I think that Betsy Ross is real cool.
DJTrumpeteer, Louisiana [10-28-2000]

betsy is nice am doing a report on her
TIFFANY [10-28-2000]

I like the website for my very first project in first grade at the Fern Bluff Elementary School.
Benjamin Helfrich, Round Rock, TX [10-28-2000]

My 9 year old daughter is presenting a report on Betsy Ross and the flag which she sewed. She is wanting to pass out coloring pages of the flag to the other homeschool students in our group. Do you by chance have a coloring sheet which we could make copies of? Thank you DeAnna
DeAnna Lewis, Yukon, Oklahoma [10-28-2000]

RACHEL WARREN, columbiana,alabama [10-28-2000]

Nice website, but why not show the interior of the rooms? Jazz it up a bit!
Patricia Rick, Red Bank, New Jersey (USA) [10-28-2000]

Im doing a report on betsy ross and this website had helped me a great deal. Now i might get a good grade!
******, Pennsylvania [10-28-2000]

Someone told me that the expression "Heavens to Betsy" has a connection to Betsy Ross. If you have any idea as to whether it does would you please email me at I am now going to check out the information that you have provided about this remarkable woman. Thank you for your hard work and diligence. Jan Gurvitch
Jan Gurvitch, Brooklyn, NY [10-28-2000]

I love the fact that you have a website for this lady.It is a honor to see it
Tranisha Wharton, Danville,VA [10-28-2000]

I just wanted you to no that i really enjoyed reading your web site
mark smith jr, yreka cali united ststes [10-28-2000]

Jessica Collins [10-28-2000]

Ashlee Wright, usa [10-28-2000]

Patricia, Hi Hat, ky [10-28-2000]

chelsea [10-28-2000]

Kelly [10-28-2000]

Donta Rose [10-28-2000]

Laurel Dougherty, Greeley, Colorado [10-28-2000]

I need to know the following information about the american revolution - patriotismof the rosses and the american revolution - washingtons concerns.
jason fuhrman, new oxford and pennsylvania [10-28-2000]

I am related to Betsy Ross... and that gives me great pride.
Bill Skaar, Spring Hill, Fl [10-28-2000]

I used this website in my research for school. Thanks, Nolan (2nd Grade, Wellington School)
Nolan Gessner, Pinellas Park, Florida USA [10-23-2000]

Eleanor Kinney [10-23-2000]

I'm working on a book report on Betsy Ross and I'm going to present it in collage form and my classmates have to guess by the pictures and facts who it is about.
Jenny McGinnis, Edgewater, Florida [10-23-2000]

My nephew is doing a report on Betsy Ross for his fifth grade class. Thank you for the information.
Marie S. Benavente, Hagatna, Guam [10-23-2000]

Marie S. Benavente, Hagatna, Guam [10-23-2000]

This is wonderful!! It's great for school projects!
Lacy Mack, Las Vegas, NV [10-23-2000]

THANK YOU for a great web site. It helped me so much with a book report I had to do for my 6th grade Lit. class.
Ashley Rogowski, Petersburg NJ [10-23-2000]

Why exactly is the flag folded into a triangle?? Is there any historical significance??
laura, usa [10-23-2000]

thank you for macking this sight i needed it a lot!!!! now i have a lot of stuff on her now thank you for makeing the sight i like it i gots a lot of info now thank you!!!!
Mandi, fl [10-23-2000]

I found thid site very good to do my report of betsy ross on.
sasha, Maine [10-23-2000]

Very nicely done page! I have sent a link to relatives in Missouri who have never been here hoping to get them interested in coming.
Barbara Dolt, 2211 East Daupin St, Phila. PA [10-23-2000]

I am happy that I was able to find this site. I am a history lover and am forever searching for new and interesting facts. Great Job!!!!!!
Shannon Sullivan, Marshall Texas [10-23-2000]

I needed to find information on how Betsy Ross dressed becaus my 7 year old is in a play at school and she is playing Betsy. She is in 2nd Grade. Good Information
Ann Seeley, 1403 Monitor Ave. Orlando,Fl. 32818 U.S.A. [10-23-2000]

Rogena Wightman, Lomita, CA [10-23-2000]

Melanie, near Houston, Texas [10-23-2000]

very enjoyable site, will mark this one for later..
NavajoDreams, GrandPriaire,Texas [10-23-2000]

Thank sooooo much for this wonderful site. I used it for an event that would help bring history to life for kids and adults, so that learning would be fun and in a family invironment. So instead of winning candy for silly little games, they got candy for recalling historical facts!
Deborah N. Thomas, Detroit, Michigan USA [10-23-2000]

He people,
Donovan May, Oroville [10-23-2000]

Great information. I wish you had more photos or paintings of Betsy. Thanks!
Kathleen Aspeslagh, Castle Rock, CO [10-23-2000]

jennifer, friendswood,tx usa [10-23-2000]

Bubba Jasinski, Lyndhurst , New Jersey [10-23-2000]

Thank you for sharing your lovley facts about Betsey Ross She is really interesting.Thanks again
anonymous [10-23-2000]

Summer Kinsley, Stoutland Missouri [10-23-2000]

I really enjoyed your site. I am going to share it with my two girls, ages 7 & 12, we will be in Philly in December of 2000 and hope to visit the Betsy Ross House. Thank You.
Maria S. Marcolina, Port Orange, Florida [10-23-2000]

leon g davis sr is navy 491 37 52, so.berwick me 03908 [10-23-2000]

I am currently teaching the revolution of the internet and helping my students find web sites to do their research projects. The student studying Betsy Ross will love this site. thanks for helping make history an exciting subject. Mrs. Clayton 8th grade teacherof English language learners
deborah clayton, Los Angeles. ca 90064 [10-23-2000]

I am writing a school report on Betsy Ross.I was hunting stuff on the internet to write about.
Jada Thornton, State Line,MS. [10-18-2000]

Amy [10-18-2000]

thank you for this helpful and informative site.
dennis f. dulmer, sussex, nj [10-18-2000]

it's cool
kelsey, tempe,az [10-18-2000]

Betty Ross is in my life forever i retired USN r u from the class of 1968?if so please write
bill raynor, Bradenton FLA [10-18-2000]

Say What
Eric, King,North Carolina [10-18-2000]

anonymous [10-18-2000]

charlie &corey [10-18-2000]


lisa maire combs [10-18-2000]

Kegan Bostic, us [10-18-2000]

i am doing a report on Betsy Ross so I came here. Thank You for all the information.
Lindsay Murray, Coleman, Michigan [10-18-2000]

your site is so cool i just thouht i should tell you keep up the hard work.
kourtnay ogden, rt 5 box 107b3 bonham ,tx 75418 [10-18-2000]

Kyle Barnes [10-18-2000]

you guys should put pictures of her outfits on the website.d
anonymous, Tucson AZ [10-18-2000]

you dont have the south american flags
lamar west, newark new jersey [10-18-2000]

Our daughter, Lana is in 2nd grade. She is required to pick a hero/shero for red ribbon week at her school. Her choice is the famous, Betsy Ross. She contributed so much by sewing the first American Flag. Lana will learn about Betsy Ross and dressing up in costume to represent her in our hero/shero day at school. Thank you for your help.
Lana Moody, Fishkill, New York [10-18-2000]

west aurora [10-18-2000]

I rescept you greatly Betsy Ross Lauren Dail (age 11)
Lauren Dail, jacksoville N.C.,USA. [10-18-2000]

april smith [10-18-2000]

It was very intersting and historical.I really liked it Kegan Bostic
Kegan Bostic, United States [10-18-2000]

marcus wolford, council [10-18-2000]

I think that Betsy Ross did make the first flag
Jill, Denham Springs [10-18-2000]

Is there any way to contact a person (relative or friend) that could answer questions about Betsy Ross for a school project?
Michelle, Illinois [10-18-2000]

this is a really cool website.
kim hughes, denham springs, louiusiana, usa [10-18-2000]

We were there the first Friday of this month (Oct) for a fifth grade field trip from my sons' school. It was wonderful, and the people at Betsy Ross' house were extremely nice. We started there and went to the mint. Then headed across town. Our bus picked us up at the visitors' center. Perfect weather, too. But - alas, we did not purchase something which we later regretted. Hopefully your online store will be up and running soon, as we really wished to have purchased the "Women's Bill of Rights" which we only saw at the Betsy Ross House. Please email me info...thank you.
Gwen Wood, Denton, Maryland [10-18-2000]

More pics! It's praticaly impossible to do a report on Betsy Ross without pictures!
Kit Kat, Coasta Rica [10-18-2000]

Norma Saado [10-18-2000]

Doing a presentation for fourth grade.
Emily Jones, san antonio [10-18-2000]

Emily Jones [10-18-2000]

Gail Harsh [10-18-2000]

I really appreciate your site, the visit was a great pleasure. Best regards from Berlin.
Detlef K. Meier, Berlin/Germany [10-18-2000]

thank you.
christine rambus, lancaster ca. [10-18-2000]

Our Toastmaster meeting theme is "Our Flag" so I thought I would look up information about the flag. Thanks.
judy wood, edmond, ok [10-18-2000]

James [10-18-2000]

May old Glory wave for ever
JAMES W. ELLIS, Lake Alfred, FL 22850-1075, USA [10-18-2000]

I like to learn abou the revolutionary woman and their lifes!!!!!!!
Amanda Hersom, wicasset middle school [10-18-2000]

This is a great site. It is a real plus that the text is not too difficult for students in the primary grades to read.
Sharon Rader, New Hope-Solebury Elementary School [10-18-2000]

Nice site. Thanks for your efforts. My granddaughter and I found it when she asked me what was the first war in which the American flag was flown.
Bob Walls, Longmont, CO [10-18-2000]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross in school. And I have a (History Fair) coming up and again I chose Betsy.Please mail me facts.
Katie, OKlahoma [10-18-2000]

jaye harrington, Wa., U.S. [10-18-2000]

bubba [10-18-2000]

hi, how are you doing.
Bobby Dill, Kingsford Heights, Indiana [10-18-2000]

Jeff Wallen [10-18-2000]

Jeremy Morrison, KingsForHights IN. [10-18-2000]

i love besty ross she is my favorite person. i am her biggest fan!!!!! if she was alive to day i would run up to her and give her a big hug..
Sheri Brooks, Hutsonville Illinois United States [10-18-2000]

judy long, burlington, ia. 52601 us [10-18-2000]

sue supanich, l'anse michigan [10-18-2000]

cool page, I am really in to Betsy Ross!
Cassie, new york [10-09-2000]

hi from Crystal Murzyn and tiffany miles also amber lytle.
amber lytle, Whiting IN, usa [10-09-2000]

I wish you well, red white and blue.
Frank Kaszycki, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania [10-09-2000]

jessi69 [10-09-2000]

We are coming to Philadelphia in October 2000, I hope to find the Betsy Ross Home open for public viewing. It is not something we would want to miss on our trip through Philadelpia.
Miriam Proxmire, Royal Oak, MI 48067-3734 USA [10-09-2000]

Hello every body my name is Marlene Vargas . I just took a trip to Philidelphia and I loved it because I tottaly love history it's so amazing and intersting . My two sisters 16,20 dont quite enjoy history. Im doing a report on Betsy Ross And I Found great informaion on her . Why I also think the flag is important to U.S.A because we would have our freedom and indepence for every religon and culture in AMERICA. For example black people would still be slaves for white. The Flag represents each culture to me and my family (some of them) . That's why I think the Flag is so important to United States Of America.
Marlene Vargas , 12 years old, Los Angeles California [10-09-2000]

What the american flag means to me is that we deserve our freedom for England or we'd in bunch of wars with different countries and our families would be split up. and also I'm doing on a report on the american flag and Betsy Ross.
Ana randall, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania [10-09-2000]

Great web sit! had a lot of usefull information for my school project!
Alex, Endwell NY USA [10-09-2000]

love the page!!!!!!!!!!!!
Santy Rosarea, paris france Euorpe [10-09-2000]

conniekey, statesboro, ga, united states [10-09-2000]

We visited the Betsy Ross house last summer, and were enchanted with its history. We were especially surprised to see how small everything was - - - - - from the stairways to the low ceilings and doorways. I guess people were smaller then! We enjoyed the visit and the house is steeped in tradition. I could almost hear the voices of General Washington and others as they sat at the kitchen table. It is wonderful that places such as this are preserved for this and future generations.
phyllys hutt, Silver Spring, MD [10-09-2000]

Kaye L. Minchew [10-09-2000]

Marelli Carroll, Perkinston, MS 39573 [10-09-2000]

Well, I really like the site, and everthing like that. I was just wondering, if you had a little info on what she was like as a child? Because, for my school project, I have to have background info, and that, would be very helpful, if olny I know what she was even kinda like, as a child. So, if you can help me out in anyway, I would really appreacite it. So, if you can write me back at "". That is my screen name, that, is if you have any. If you don't I will understand. Because, I know it is hard to know what she was like as a child. If you don't know that she is going to be famous someday. So, if you could just try, but, if you don't find anything, can you just write me, and tell me that you tried, or something. Cause, I have look at a lot of different websites, and I still can't find anything about that, topic. So, thanks for unstanding my siceration. ~Heather
Heather Hackey, Whitehall MI, USA [10-09-2000]

Allan Stubblefield [10-09-2000]

I was very glad to find your sight! I home-school four children ages 12, 9, 8, and 8. I am interested in finding a black and white drawing of the flag that I could print up and let the kids color. If you know of anything like this, please let me know.
Rose Marie Cooperider, Round Lake Beach [10-09-2000]

I found your site while doing research for a presentation that I am planning for my daughters first grade class on the history and facts of the American Flag. I found a lot of great information and think that the kids are going to enjoy making a "five pointed star in one snip". Thank you, Christina Cartee
Christina Cartee, Savannah,GA [10-09-2000]

I think that was great that she sewed the flag! I just had to do a Report on Betsy Ross.
Amy, u.s. [10-04-2000]

Chasity Boise [10-04-2000]

Your website has been very helpful. Because I had to write a 10-15 page report on Betsy Ross and I got all the information I need on this web-site alone. So, I just wanted to say thanks for making this web-site cause if you didn't I don't know where I would of found the information I needed. Thanks again.
cristy cole, San Marcos, Texas USA [10-04-2000]

Hi i am looking 4 a good picture of betsy ross. if you have one send it to me please or tell me where to find it. Giuliana
Giuliana, Nj cherry hill [10-04-2000]

I think Betsy Ross is a very great person to do a report on. Women can do anything!!!
Storm Tripple, El Dorado, AR [10-04-2000]

Allie Littrell, Moulton AL [10-04-2000]

Can you send me Information please do you have any
rachel Frazelle [10-04-2000]

whtney [10-04-2000]

Whst a terrific and informative site! I am a Boy Scout Adult Leader. I am on our local district's training committee. In that capacity I hold a class on the proper way to raise/lower a flag. I have taken to doing this as Betsy Ross. This site has given me tons of information to make my delivery better. Thank you!!!
Michele Bougard, Pompano Beach, FL [10-04-2000]

brian, tyler,tx [10-04-2000]

I am looking for descendants of Jonathan and Elias Adams.
Billie Capell, Montgomery AL [10-04-2000]

Josephine McFerren Lyon [10-04-2000]

did she really make it? my whole 11th grade class wants to know. thanks a lot
megan, ga [10-04-2000]

I'm writing a report for school about Betsy
Billi, Hemlock Mi [10-04-2000]

My daughter is in Kindergarten and her Christian School does not acknowlege halloween instead they are having a Harvest Festival and this year they are dressing up in a favorite patriotic citizen. And we chose Betsy Ross. So I am looking for a picture of her, plus information on her for my daughter to tell her class.
Linda Sudano, Butler, Pa 16001 USA [10-04-2000]


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