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Valeta Eddis, lewiston [09-27-2000]

Very helpful and informative. Helping my son on his Eagle project Thank you
John M Basye, Bellevue,NE USA [09-27-2000]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross and I looked through all kinds of books and there wasn't too much on her, so I switched to Robert Livingston. And it turns out that there was hardly anything on him. So i got on the internet and Looked up the declaration of independance and on the side were names like Thomas paine and John paul Jones, etc... And there was Betsy Ross. So I go into it and it had all kinds of information and facts that i could use for my Speech, and all sorts of cool pictures.
Ashley Lang, Gillette Wyoming [09-27-2000]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross and your site helped me a lot and for showing me how to snip the star. Thanks,Katie
Katie Lugus, Milford, CT [09-27-2000]

Faith, usa [09-27-2000]

My daughter Fiana has recently entered a charter school requires them to learn the pledge of alligence so I ran into your site and had her sit with me she was AMAZED it is a shame that I serve my country and leave my family and my daughter use to attend a school that no longer can render honors.
adriana finau, chulavista california [09-27-2000]

This was very usefull! Please send me any little tidbits you have about Betsy Ross growning up.If you have nothing just send me something about her childhood or a place to look.
Dustin Hess, 13 Morisson IL [09-27-2000]

My youngest daughter has picked Betsy Ross to do a biography of her life.
Gay L. Kirsch, Reston VA [09-27-2000]

JoyAnna Edge, Dodge Center Mn [09-27-2000]

I love Betsy Ross!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Betsy
Ashley Wilckens, United States [09-27-2000]

Who wrote the "pledge of Alliegence"?
Michael S. Kaltz, Phoenix, AZ [09-27-2000]

You guys need more pictures of Betsy. I have a child who is doing a report on her and she couldn't find any pictures.
Anita Bath, Topeka,Kansas USA [09-27-2000]

your info is cool!!!
Amber Burns [09-27-2000]

why was the flag made//???
Cg from baylis elementary school [09-27-2000]

Lucienne, Blythe, California Riverside County USA [09-27-2000]

rebecca savage, 1 station lane morton on swale northallerton [09-27-2000]

Emily Boehne, Moscow ID [09-27-2000]

Patricia McCamey, Albuquerque, New Mexico [09-27-2000]

Love the pattern for the 5-pointed star...thanks.
Susan Hinzman, Bethesda, Maryland USA [09-21-2000]

ashley, america [09-20-2000]

Holly E. Wilson, Pottstown Pa. [09-20-2000]

Very interesting? I came to this site to help some student with some questions and concerns
Marcella M. Pinckney, North Charleston, SC [09-20-2000]

like the flag man
Justin Kuntzelman, springfield mo. usa [09-20-2000]

I am a co-leader of my daughters Brownie Troop, Troop #303 and we meet in the community room at a local bank they have asked us to do a flag cermony to replace their old flag in front of the bank. We want to help the girls to understand a little of what they are doing they are 6 & 7 so I was looking for information that could help young children learn about our Flag.
Susan Neven, Mokena, Illinois [09-20-2000]

I need to learn about you.
Tonya Taylor, Milton Vermont 05468 [09-20-2000]

I am looking for info for my students studying the Revolutionary time period. Your site is simply fantastic...
Linda Lane [09-20-2000]

Why would anyone even CONSIDER living anywhere but the good old (really not so old) USA?
Sidney Levine, Lynnfield, Massachusetts [09-17-2000]

i really like the tour!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ashlee, richland Washington state [09-17-2000]

Rae Minyard, Fort Worth, Texas [09-17-2000]

Girl Scout Troop 975, Baton Rouge, LA [09-17-2000]

Our class is learning about Betsy Ross and the history of the flag. Also, we are learning about the original 13 colonies. We are hoping to find out more about the way our flag has changed through history.
Mrs. Cook's class, Ashburn,Virginia, United States of America [09-17-2000]

I actually have a question. I did not see any information on this site about Betsy Ross's flag being flown in Delaware at the battle of Cootch's Bridge. Do you know where I can find information on this?
sally marr, greensboro, nc [09-17-2000]

Dear Mrs. Mr., I need info on Betsy Ross. So if you could send me some useful info on her to my hotmail, that would be great!!!! FROM:Reese P.S. I'm a girl!!
Reese Mason, El Dorado [09-17-2000]

matt toon [09-14-2000]

Mari Kasae, 5-10-13,hatakeda,ojicho,naraken ,636-0021 JAPAN [09-14-2000]

you helped me out on a important project when i could not find what i needed thanks
emily, fl ovido [09-14-2000]

i love your web site about betsy ross.
SHAKIRA SMITH, peoria [09-14-2000]

Jordan Campbell [09-14-2000]

Shetandra barnett [09-14-2000]

i think that this page is great. it helps a lot of not only kids like myself, but also adults learn what is behind the u.s. flag, and also what we and our country represent.
kelly, milwaukee, wi [09-14-2000]

Thanks for all the great info. My first grade class will be doing a study starting from 1620. This is of great help....
Jackie Cagle, Siverdale, WA. USA [09-14-2000]

plantsmith, d.c. area [09-14-2000]

Thank you for such an informative site! My daughter is taking U.S. History in high school this year so will probably visit this site often!
Carla Porter, Switz City, IN [09-14-2000]

David Spillman, Somerset, KY [09-14-2000]

my cousin - marie bishop - wrote a book regarding my family. it is called a "bishop family in america". in this book it is referenced that betsy ross was a relative of the bishop family through a marriage she had with john claypool. i was curious one day during a break here at work and was searching the web and thought of this reference in the book. i have really enjoyed all the web sites and stories about this woman and its kinda neat to know she is a distant relative.
REX LEROY BISHOP, reno, nevada [09-14-2000]

Betsy Ross is a truly remarkable person(like meonly much older) If she wouldn't have made THE FLAG we wouldn't have anythiing to pledge to each morning.
Christine, Corsicana, Texas 75110 13 yrs. old [09-14-2000]

I really like Kathy Freeman and I hope she wins heaps of gold medals at the olympic games. On Friday Ill be wearing what Kathy Freeman wears when she is running.
Rosalind, Perth [09-14-2000]

그냥 잘 보고 가여~^^
Jo-eun bee, Korea [09-14-2000]

betsy you are cool
ALI ALLEN, w.melb. fl 32904 [09-06-2000]

what do the color stand for in the US flag?
tom blackwell, wheaton. il [09-06-2000]

I don't remembar what the stripes on the flag represent. Could someone tell me.
Natasha Garncarek, Twinsburg Ohio. [09-06-2000]

karen pudney, essex, england [09-06-2000]

john sutherland, brownsville ca [09-06-2000]

thank you for having this site available i had to do a paper on the flag.
J HARRIS [09-06-2000]

Pauline Shahan, North Platte, NE [09-06-2000]

jessica, cape coral,fl [09-06-2000]

nan [08-29-2000]

I am working with a 4H group in Oglethorpe Ga. and one of the 4H'ers is doing a speach on Betsy Ross and the flag. The speech has to be about cotton, and before we persue this topic any farther we were wondering if the origional flag was made out of cotton. If you could please get back to me regarding the origional materials of the first flag that would be great! Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Sarah Maher
Sarah Maher, Athens, Ga. [08-29-2000]

KRISTA .C., calhoun,la 71225 u.s.a [08-29-2000]

I have found a plate of Betsy Ross first flag and I don't know if it is worth anything or not I may get rid of it if it is not of value to me. but if it is I will keep it in the family for many years. Thank you Cindy
cindy, Painesville Ohio [08-29-2000]

Thank you for the site. Enjoyed it.
Caroline Kubis, Guaynabo, Puerto Rico [08-29-2000]

Question: Indiana University South Bend lowers the American Flag to half staff for thirty days every time a staff member or student dies. Because of the number of students and staff the American Flag is at half mast most of the year. Is this correct protocol? C D Neely
Charles Neely, Buchanan, Michigan [08-29-2000]

Christine [08-29-2000]

I would like more information on the certificate. I have one from the contibution of my great grandfather. I noticed the signature of John Adams but he was dead at this time. I am curious and would like to know more about this. Pam Taylor
Pam Taylor, Greenwood, IN [08-29-2000]

Thank you so much for the information o your web site it really helped me on my report i needed to do in historey because i went to like 14 different websites and couldent find nothing on what the colers mean and you guys website was the only one i could find with the imformation that i needed thanks so much please e-mail me back thanks krystle dunnam
krystle dunnam, 130w.busch st lemoore california 92345 [08-29-2000]

marlene eliapo, San Jose CA 95121 [08-29-2000]

Can an American Flag be set at half staff for a short period of time (one day) on the direction of the head of a federal agency when an executive (presidential appointee) of that agency dies?
Alan Milne, Washington, DC [08-29-2000]

M. Rhodes, arkansas [08-29-2000]

As a member of The American Legion, Sons of The American Legion and the Boy Scouts of America it is good to see others still care about the FLAG of our country.
Gary L. Petersen, Sun Prairie, WI [08-29-2000]

Enjoyed the website. Can photos be taken in the house? I perform as Uncle Sam and would like to be photographed, in custome, next to the flag on the chair. Is this possible? I plan to be in Phila the week of Sep 11. I visit schools and tell about Uncle Sam and our flag. Thank you, Fred Polnisch
Fred Polnisch, Clifton Park, NY [08-23-2000]

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conrad, la [08-22-2000]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross. I am doing it on her life and on her house. The reason i am writing to you is that i would apriciate it very very much if u could send me information on when she first moved into the house and how long she stayed in it and which of her husbands lived in it with her and how many children she had and mostly just information on her when she was in the house. I mostly found all of her information about her life before she moved in the house but i couldn't find any information on when she went to live in the house and things like that. And i think that it wasn't her house but if u could send me information on that too i would be very grateful. Thank you very very much.
Katelyn, Pennsylvania [08-22-2000]

You have a nice website. Thank you for letting me visit. Jo Ann
Jo Ann, Amarillo, Texas [08-22-2000]

this is the gayest w/s in the world so if ur reading this please leave before u turn in to a social studies freak.
aaron, texas [08-22-2000]

im doing a report on Betsy Ross and this web site really helped!
Natalie, Garland Tx USA [08-22-2000]

Just browsing around. Looking for a form to get a D.A.V. plate for my car. Good talking to you. Cpl Greggs 1st Div. 7th Cavelry
carl greggs, Erie PA [08-22-2000]

I've been blessed with the her name for 48 years and I'm proud of it.I've been to her home and I loved it.I love the history of this wonderful lady.Most of all I'm proud of what the flag stands for!!!!! Thanks Betsy R.Clevinger
Betsy Ross Clevinger, Tennessee [08-22-2000]

Bill, Tarboro North Carolina [08-22-2000]

Hi, Have been trying to find information about my brother who was killed in France in Sep 1944. He Trained in Ft Lewis Washington in 1943, was with 44 inf div. His address was Pfc Clarence T Garmany ASN 38431387 Co C, 324th Inf A P O 44 % P M New York, N.Y. He arrived in France about two months before he was killed. He had visited Paris according to some of his last letters. His unit may have been assigned as replacement to some other unit. Any information will be welcome. He was buried in France but after the war his body was sent back to US and now is buried in Forest Park Lawndale in Houston,TX. He was only 22 years old at his death. Thanks from his family for any information.. His brother G C GARMANY ps ..I was in the Navy in Pacific area during WW11.
G C Garmany, Houston, TX 77015 [08-18-2000]

Sylvia Ross, Ridgecrest, CA [08-18-2000]

namcy cope [08-18-2000]

What a great site. I have enjoyed reading more about the flag and what it symbolizes. My husband is a Vietnam Veteran and we still hold the flag with tremendous respect. My kids are home-schooled and one of the first stories they studied was Betsy Ross in the third and fourth grades. God Bless America!!!!!
Shirley Martin, Beaumont, MS [08-18-2000]

Thomas Polly Sr, ret usn, San Antonio Tx [08-18-2000]

kristin may [08-18-2000]

I attend Valley View Elementray School. My teachers name is Mr Kalich, we are doing a presntaion on history. My presentaion is on "Womens role in history" Would you please send me picture and information on betsy ross.
ashley santoya, phx, AZ USA [08-18-2000]

Heather, Washington, U.S.A [08-18-2000]

this was a very helpful web page thanks
Althea Houston, tampa, fl [08-18-2000]

I did a book report on Besty Ross this summer.
Mary Elizabeth Stanley, Hoover,Alabama [08-18-2000]

george crawford, simmis texas bowieco. [08-18-2000]

Hi, My name is Jackie Carter. I am a substitue teacher. In every clasroom I go to they say the Pledge of Allegance. Younger kids are wonderful at this and some of them even sing the Star Spangled Banner, but the older kids won't even stand up, I don't like this and I let them know it. Anyway I'm trying to come up with different facts,activities etc. about the flag so that I may incorporate this into a days lesson or maybe at recess or something. I don't think the flag is honored here much by the younger people and I'm hoping to change that. This is a wonderful website.
Jackie Carter, Richwood, WV 26261 (USA) [08-18-2000]

I've lived in Pennsylvania for nearly half my life, \ and never realized all the cool stuff that happened here so long ago. I never appreciated it when I had to take tests on this stuff, but now that I can explore it on my own I really like it! Thanks for making it so easy, that on this rainy day, I can sit at my computer and see all cool stuff!
Janey, Philadelphia, )PA [08-18-2000]

I have always been told that I am a descendant of Betsy Ross. I guess it is through my great, great, great grandmother Brown. That is as far back as I know on that side of the family. She remembered seeing President Lincoln in public when she was a girl. I don't know if that was her maiden name (Brown) or married name. Do you have any info about Betsy's girls up until the Civil War? Thank you, Jeff Rich
Jeff Rich, Dover nh [08-18-2000]

Regent, DAR chapter, California. We're doing a program on quilting, incorporating the skills of Betsy Ross (in costume) for our September meeting. Thanks for the history lesson.
Ann Horne [08-18-2000]

Interested in purchasing a Union Battle Flag.
Patria Kimler, Lusby, MD 20657 [08-09-2000]

what is Betsy ross's middle name?We would like to know beacause we had a litter of dogs on the fourth of July,and are looking for a patriotic name for a female dog.
larry saal, 803 n. 14th. pekin. Il. [08-09-2000]

Hopefully, we will be there this summer to experience the history first hand with my family.
Lisa Marino, Brooklyn, NY [08-08-2000]

I thought that flags flown at night should have a light shining in them.Did this custom change. If so, when? thnak You
richard malanda, Union, Nj 07083 [08-08-2000]

jimmy kujawa, houston, texas harris contry u s a [08-08-2000]

I understand that Mrs. Ross actually married her second husband John Ross after her first husband was killed in the war, in the town I live in now. We have a copy of her marrage licence on the wall of the bank in town. Do you have anymore information on this?
Connie, Gloucester City, New Jersey [08-08-2000]

TO the people of the besty ross house I really enjoy taking this virtural tour and it was really beautiful to see every- thing and this house is really manufek,and really awesome to see all this magnifitcent historical land mark,and may the good lord always be with you and watch over you and the besty ross house.
BRIAN.J.MICSKO, pittsburgh,pa [08-08-2000]

I would like to talk with someone about the American Flag House And Betsy Ross Memorial Association. I want to know if you still have the records in your archives. I am searching for information on my father who received a certificate, which I now have.
Henry Hunter George, Morganton, NC [08-08-2000]

Sherry L. Bullman, Chicora, PA 16025 [08-08-2000]

George Ross the Signer was my great grandfather several times removed. I would like to obtain a print of the painting displayed here, of G. Washington, G. Ross and E. Ross. Would you be so kind as to e-mail me the information needed to obtain a copy? Thank you Karen E Fiechtl
karen e fiechtl (mothers maiden name is Ross), 403 beasley dr apt h4 greenville nc [08-08-2000]

Very nice site, but I was hoping to find a link or two to her family tree. I've had trouble working back past my grandmother who is reportedly the fifth cousin of Betsy Ross. I would like to find the link and believe the easiest way is to find Betsy Ross' family tree (which I can only imagine has been done and kept up to date). Any assistance from anyone is very much appreciated. Thank you.
Trudy Bell Berry, Green Bay, VA USA [08-04-2000]

Please send me a mini biography of Betsy Ross.
Virginia Van Patten, San Francisco, Calfiornia USA [08-02-2000]

Lynne A Somerville, Red Wing, MN [08-02-2000]

Samantha Shepard, Slater MO [08-02-2000]

There seems to be a correlation between the US Flag (alternating 13 red & white stripes signifying the 13 original colonies?) and the Great Seal of Hungary which, in its left field, portrays eight alternating red & white stripes signifying the 8 original tribes which formed hungary in 896. It is also rumored that G. Washington was related to Q. Margaret of the Scots who, in turn, was related to Hungarian Royalty.
Vilmos Levay, 508 Columbia Tpk., Rensselaer, NY 12144 [08-02-2000]

I am 46 years old a true patriot of our country. Proud of the constitution, Declaration of Independence and our fore-fathers. The younger kids today need to be taught more about our history in school and by their parents as they have no respect for our system.
Tim Herrick, Bay Point, Ca. 94565 [08-02-2000]

ELAINE CREAMER, middleboro ma 02346 [08-02-2000]

My ancestors, John & Daniel Clawges, lived at 5th & Arch in 1776-1790 They both served in the 5th Company of the Philadelphia Militia. Am planning to come to Philly this fall and will visit your house. Thank you.
Joseph V. Clawges, III, Wilton Manors, Florida [08-02-2000]

I would like to say that I believe that Betsy Ross made our flag. It would not have been likely that a woman would pass a story to her granchildren as a "truth" in her days, unless it were so! It is sad to say that may not be true today. I must say that I have never heard an alternate version or anyonelse try to claim that they made the flag. Surely somthing as significate as that would not have been an honor to overlook. It makes me sad that a mans word isn't good enough to make an official claim. If Americans would reclaim the life of our ancestors and live up to our Fathers "Ten Commandments". What a peaceful land we could give our children. We could call ourselves a true world leader. We could love our neighbor as ourselves and be prosperous by encouraging each others "God given talent". I am hoprful with new leadership we are about to embark on such an effort. Thank you for your efforts to preserve Americas history. I love this country and believe in its original foundation. If more people would look back to where, why and how we began maybe we could reclaim some of the things that made us great!
Deborah Katherine Wiggins Melson, Houston, Texas [08-02-2000]

Great site, very interesting!
Connie Harper, Spokane, WA [08-02-2000]

This was a great tour and I never seen it myself, I think this would be a great field trip for our school. Thanks for the tour.
Antoinette Zoda, Yardley, Pa. 19067 [08-02-2000]

Thank you for your site. It was most informative. I do have a question regarding the use of a flag patch on uniforms. Our Fire Company wears a flag patch on their right shirt sleeve. Some patches have the union at the top right. I don't want to sew these patches on improperly, and have always been told that to diplay the flag in any mannner other than the union at the top left, the viewers left, is improper. Thanks for your help and the site, I learned some things I never knew before. Barbara Towell
Barbara Towell, Delanco, New Jersey, United States [07-31-2000]

Great site. Found information I had been looking for for years.
Richard L. Sacket, Yukon, OK [07-31-2000]

This is a very timely and informative web site. Someone can be very proud of themselves for creating it.\ Keep up the good work!!
anonymous, Dallas, TX [07-31-2000]

I believe in the flag, I just wish we as the USA would get back to the US constitutional laws!!!
M. Shayne Tracy, Eugene, Oregon 97446 [07-31-2000]

Great Site. Love the background and would like to use it on my site. Can you tell me where to obtain it? Thanks
Parker King, Arlington, VA [07-31-2000]

I admire Betsy for making the nations first flag. I feel that all of the flags from all fifty states should remain respected and unchanged.
kim dowds, augusta georgia [07-31-2000]

Terrfic site. Thank you for the info.
lou thoenes, san diego, ca [07-31-2000]

lou thoenes, cal. [07-31-2000]

Loved the vitural tour of her house. I will use it with my students in the fall!
Jenny, Wisconsin [07-31-2000]

ELMER SHAMWELL [07-31-2000]

where is the location of the "original" Betsy Ross flag at the present time? Seems I read something about its "restoration".
Julie, California [07-31-2000]

Thanks for some very interesting information!
Charles Tyson, Apollo, PA [07-31-2000]

Catherine, Warren,N.J USA [07-31-2000]

Brian Miller, Buckhannon, Wv [07-31-2000]

Nice website, visit us at: Take care and God bless... DEO VINDICE!
Jeff Mock, Occupied Georgia, C.S.A. [07-31-2000]

i am a direct descendent of betsy ross on my mom's side i am just starting my search of family history & thoght this would be a good place to start thanks for the site chris
chris jackson, paducah kentucky [07-31-2000]

Enjoyed my visit! Come by and sign our Family Forest Guestbook hppp:// A People-Centered Approach To History ALOHA!
Kristine M. Harrison, Kamuela, HI 96743 [07-24-2000]

Enjoyed my visit! Come by and sign our Family Forest Guestbook hppp:// A People-Centered Approach To History ALOHA!
Kristine M. Harrison, Kamuela, HI 96743 [07-24-2000]

Christina Ross Wallace, San Jose, CA, USA [07-24-2000]

This is a great site. Thanks
Mary Arteaga, Anaheim [07-24-2000]

The info on this page is very useful to me because i'm a history buff myself. I love the history of the United States of America! I have been studying this subject for about 2 month's now. What got me interested in history was the 4th of July and what a price was paid. Thank You Dale Proffitt
Dale Proffitt, Dallas ,North Carolina [07-24-2000]

this web site is so cool you can find out history about our country from a long time ago.
tamara, co springs [07-24-2000]

thank you so much for your interest and support of american history. the rivisionist movement in america has been active for over one hundred years, but has reached its zenith since the sixties and is now an integral part of the very fabric of our society. i would be very much interested in the genealogy of betsy ross. in studying my own genealogy there are rumors that she was a gresham. do you have an email site for her genealogy. thank you, milton gresham
MILTON GRESHAM, augusta ga [07-23-2000]

Thanks for hosting such a great site!! Needed some info for my university studies!!
Susan Joyce, Novato, CA USA [07-22-2000]

p.f.c james d. krause u.s. army (ret), los angeles, ca [07-22-2000]

I am looking for the Lueder's of North Dakota and Illinois
Patricia A.Leader-Ryals, Libby, MT 59923 [07-22-2000]

flag information is great.
milt. hagerstrand, waukesha, wi.53188 [07-19-2000]

I am a Veteran and a member of the American Legion. The information I obtained from your web page assisted me in a fine flag program. Thank you for a wonderful Web page on our Countries colors. Sincerely, JMV
James M. Vettori, Tumwater, Washington [07-19-2000]

Mary Steel, York, PA [07-17-2000]

the trip was great. thank you.
JUDGE A. LErue dixon iii, rusk, texas 75685 [07-17-2000]

I love this site. I am a great lover of anything American especially eagles and flags so I got a lot of enjoyment from this site. Sent it to a few friends too. Thanks Pat
Pat Homan, Pembroke Pnes Florida USA [07-17-2000]

Please provide me with the exact wording to the Pledge of Alligance as it exists now, and if there has been any changes made over the years. One of my friends and I have a debate if the original wording has remained the same from the beginning. He seems to have a different version compared to what I have. Sincerely, jrz
James R. Zarian [07-17-2000]

I really enjoyed your site!!!
Adriel Mendez, lauderhill, florida [07-17-2000]

Just wanted to learn more about what is very important to American History.
Steven S. Holland, Key West, FL 33040 [07-17-2000]

Hello I wish to make a miniature box diorama based on the Weisgerber painting, I need a little more info on the Flag room, Do you by any chance have any better photos including close up of the fireplace in the flag room for sale. Thank you Regards from Ireland John Schley
J SCHLEY, dublin ireland [07-16-2000]

Just a question- Where can i find some information on my grandfather's antique flag? It was made by sterling, and I'm trying to find out when it was made, and any other pertinent info about it. Thanks!!
Wendy Lucas, Springfield, MA [07-16-2000]

I enjoyed visiting your web site. I hope to be able to visit the Betsy Ross home in the near future. I was curious about her daughters; whatever became of them and their families? Thank you, Jennifer Hatfield-Knowles
Jennifer Hatfield-Knowles, Waco, Texas [07-16-2000]

In doing genealogy research of my family I have found that I am the fourth great-granddaughter of George Edward Ross, signer of the Declaration of Independence, the uncle of John Ross, the first husband of Betsy Ross. I am most interested in learning more about my family and the tremendous contributions made by these individuals. Thank you!
Melanie Starkman, New Orleans, LA [07-15-2000]

Thank-you for this wonderful information. Needed to teach my Girl Scout Troop #1368 Why the colors were chosen for our flag, and their meaning.
Sarah Sieler, Hillsboro, Oregon [07-15-2000]

I hope I'll be able to use this site in my classroom.
Patricia Puckett, Union City, California [07-14-2000]

Hello, I am doing a program and it is about a play. The play were doing inside our play will first be Romeo & Juliet but then it will be The Story Of Betsy Ross. We got a script from a book of the story but we have to make some changes beacuse this is for a whole camp which is 3 year olds to seniors. If you have any scripts appropiet for 3 year olds with not much fighting please send it to me. Thank You!
Ben, Connecticut [07-14-2000]

Linda Terry, Prince George County, VA [07-13-2000]

I would like to order an historic flag for my home. Is there a place in your area that sells such items? thank you.
mshaeffer, hatboro,pa [07-13-2000]

Since Betsy Ross was so famous for stitching the American Flag, surely she did'nt stop at that! There must be other note worthy works of art worth mentioning. What are some other hand sewn samples or collectables stiched by Betsy Ross that may be of value today!
Marcus, alexander city al [07-13-2000]

Since Betsy Ross was so famous for stitching the American Flag, surely she did'nt stop at that! There must be other note worthy works of art worth mentioning. What are some other hand sewn samples or collectables stiched by Betsy Ross that may be of value today!
Marcus, alexander city al [07-13-2000]

I recently visited Philadephia and the buildings in and around Independence Hall. We were rushed so I decided to find out more on the net.
Helen M. Jones, 2706 Hazel St; Pearland TX 77581 [07-13-2000]

In what year did the flag have 30 stars?
Amy Charewicz, Des Planes IL [07-12-2000]

Thanks for such excellent information.
Irene P. Blackburn, Statesville, NC USA [07-11-2000]

As a school board member, I am proud of the accomplishments you have attained at Mohawk. I look forward to working with you another. I hope you all have an enjoyable summer.
Rev. Garey Haskwll, Chicago Heights, IL [07-11-2000]

Very informative site! Nice job.
Linda, Mt.Tabor, New Jersey, USA [07-09-2000]

I am the Johnny Seay who recorded "Day for Decision" 1966 hit record. It is patriotic and is included in the latest release of the 1966 album "American Reflections" on Lost Gold Records, released on CD 6/8/99. "GOD BLESS AMERICA"
Johnny Seay, Glen Rose, Texas [07-09-2000]

Kramer, Carmichael, CA [07-07-2000]

thanks for the nifty star cutting instructions...very useful
Ruth, wa [07-07-2000]

Thank you for the information. I will use the 5- pointed star cut for a independance day quilt that I want to make.
Patti, lancaster, ca. 93534 [07-07-2000]

Very impressive. I still get goose bumps when I look at the American flag. To think of all of the men and women who have given their lives to ensure the freedom that I enjoy. Thank you for this great website.
Marie Dutsch, Covington, Louisiana [07-06-2000]

this site helped me and my friend out with our school project Iejoed it very much
sweet thing, porterville ca [07-06-2000]

CLAUDETTE WILLIAMS, san antonio, texas usa [07-06-2000]

There has always been a "legend" im my family that we are somehow related to Betsy Ross and Francis Scott Key. I have done a little research and discovered that Francis' father was John Ross Key (my own great-grandfather was also a John R.Ross). Does anyone know if there was any family connection between Betsy Ross or her husband and Francis Scott Key? Thanks.
Cheryl Cannon Hummer, Wilson, NC [07-06-2000]

Learned a few more facts that I didn't know, thank you, and thank you for a very informative education, enjoyed Betsy's home since I was able to visit Betsy's home when I lived in Hatboro, about 20 miles NE of Phildelphia.
Diana Wysocki, Zapata,Texas,USA [07-06-2000]

Great website.
Eschiva, Australia [07-06-2000]

Great website. I have greatly enjoyed learning about this remarkable woman.
Melisende, Australia [07-06-2000]

Enjoyed my visit very much
Glenda, Coweta Oklahoma [07-06-2000]

I found the answers to my questions in the laws and rules section. I have another question however. What is an all-weather flag? You have a great website. Hugh
Hugh Galvin, Bennington, Vermont [07-06-2000]

I see some people displaying the flag after dark and during rain storms. Isnt this showing disrespect to the flag. Thanks Hugh
Hugh Galvin, Bennington, Vermont [07-06-2000]

This site is both informative and attractive. I am looking forward to visiting this house when we visit your city in about 2 weeks. Thanks,Vee
Vee Trice, Louisville, Kentucky [07-06-2000]

Thanks for the tour. It was most interesting.
sheila winner, Jonesville, MI 49250 [07-06-2000]

I have spent an hour reading the thoughts of others regarding our flag. I too, am moved to tears when I hear our national anthem and I appreciate with all my heart my freedom to fly the flag and embrace my right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Our flag..long may she wave. Jason have far too much time on your hands! And what the heck does "factually incorrect" mean???
Duella, Oregon [07-06-2000]

I think that our flag is the most beautiful flag in the intire world. Those colors stand for freedom and democracy. Where else in the world can you stand under those beautiful colors and know that so many feel so strongly about what we believe in that they would willingly put their lives on the line to protect and preserve it. The United States is a great place to live and Old Glory is a Grand Old Flag and I am proud claim them and my own.
Pamela D. Gandy, Caruthers, CA, U.S.A. [07-06-2000]

Great site!
Louise Rodriguez Connal, Ph.D., Tucson, AZ, USA [07-06-2000]

Cool place for our kids to come when school begins again.
Erin L. Pullum, Wichita KS [07-06-2000]

Lenora O'Hara, Laconia, N.H. 03246 [07-06-2000]

Great website for those of us who love our country, freedom, and our beautiful flag!
Christopher W. Drew, Cincinnati, OH [07-06-2000]

Nice website, informative. Thanks for sharing!
pecouse sampson lucas, Pembroke North Carolina [07-06-2000]

This is for my son Omar who departed this life as we know it on Dec. 15th, 1999. Due to illegal handguns and hopefully for the respect of our Country and Flag more gun control laws will be put into effect.
Sandra Mayers-Allmond, Elizabeth, New Jersey [07-06-2000]

Thank you for the site.....
Warren L. Saxton, New Lexington, Ohio [07-06-2000]

I am a direct desendent of Col George Ross, Signer of the Declaration of Independence. He was the brother-in-law to Betsy Ross.
Pauline Nicodemus, Mannns Choice ,Pa. [07-06-2000]

Very informative site. Thanks.
Brenda DeFeo, Lake Hopatcong, NJ [07-06-2000]

I thank God for salvation and the United States of America
Darrell Wayne Rager, Russellville Ky.of Logan County [07-06-2000]

Steve Mitchell [07-06-2000]

F. Orlando Canto, Madison, WI. [07-06-2000]

Vonda Chafins, Albuquerque, New Mexico [07-06-2000]

Great site!
Tony Kerr, Bucyrus, Kansas/USA [07-06-2000]

I cherish the American flag. I beautiful symbol for our great country. May we always unite to keep this country free. My son is a member of the U.S Army. It was his own idea to enlist during his junior year of High School. He actually joined the Army upon graduation. I am proud of him. He as matured quite a bit since he enlisted. He has the rank of Specialist.
Laurie W. Frahm, Davenport, Iowa USA [07-06-2000]

Thought today was a good day to visit this site
Alan Brown, England (U.K.) [07-06-2000]

Sirs: I visited your very interesting web page sure was informative and refreshing of my mind. I studied all this in school, but always nice to reread. I will be visiting Philadelphia July 30 thru Aug. 8th 2000 for the Republican National Convention and I was wanting to visit some of the sites there in your grand city. Thank you Mrs. George W. Robinson
Raquel Martinez Robinson, Yorktown, Texas 78164 USA [07-06-2000]

today being july 4, 2000 i was very happy to find this site as i was checking my e-mail. very seldom does something catch my eye like this site did. i am a viet nam era navy veteran and my family flies the colors on our home daily. it is very important to me for my grandchildren to understand and respect our flag. so many children ( i hate the word kid-goat- ) have little if any respect and less knowledge. thanks for your site.
RANDY BANKS, conway, s.c. 29526 [07-06-2000]

My thoughts today are of the troops Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, that did not return to this country while defending the flag.There are many at the bottom of the sea or some solitary hillside in Korea, Viet Nam, France or Germany who loved this country and flag as we do. May they rest in peace.
Harold Burks, Medford, Oregon [07-06-2000]

wish you all 'happy 4th of july'
TARUN CHOPRA, desplaines,illinois [07-06-2000]

Thank-you for your effort on a excellent site. A great place to discover on the fourth of July 2000!
James Clausen, Loves Park, IL [07-06-2000]

WWII Navy Veteran USS ARDC-8 USS Yorktown CV-10
Alexander Sahonchik, Eugene,Oregon [07-04-2000]

Jennie, Lincoln NE [07-04-2000]

Tom Boatright, San Diego, CA [07-04-2000]

Thanks for a well-done, educational, and very interesting site. I will hope there are more to be found or in the works on our country's history, the people who were so involved with its history, and the sites which are available for visiting. The cyber visit to a historical home is wonderful for those unable to make the visit in person and an interest-raiser for those who never thought of visiting such locations.
Lois, Normal, IL [07-04-2000]

Thank you so much for this inspiring page! There are times when I wonder where our love for God and country has gone. It is so sad to see our own government destroy what our country was founded on. We do need to pray for our country and the people running it that they will return to God. Thank you again for sharring this with all of us.
Jean Hartman, Eustis, Florida [07-04-2000]

we fly our stars and sripes and are proud of oit, it's history and the Men and Women who died for it and our country. My she forever fly freely over the United States of America, Land of the FREE and the HOME of the BRAVE. HAPPY 4th of JULY and a safe one.
Joyce Ann Hall, Magnolia, Ohio [07-04-2000]

our flag by kathryn granger smith
colors of red white and blue
how my heart skips a beat
when my eye gazes at you
as i see men carrying you high
my mind dwells on thoughts of you in days gone by.
my mind's eye sees you carried forth in foreign lands.
and my brothers and sisters fighting for what you stand.
i see the shores of france and germany and the countless souls who fought to keep our country free. i see the shores of japan and the shores of the philippines in world war ii and the shores of other countries that were touched upon too. i see the conflict of korea and vietnam, too and i watched in mind's eye the men who carried you through blood-torn fields and stars of glory too. i watched the men who placed you on the moon, hoping they would return home soon. all those men who carried you straight and tall and all who died and fought for the freedom of us all. when i see others spit and burn, i realize they could never concern themselves with love of god, country and flag. when in the dust they let you fade and drag. but when they burn stars and stripes of red, white and blue, and stand up before all and declare their right to do. my heart becomes inflamed and in my heart and soul i feel the shame. how dare they do this to you, oh silent one of glory, the grand old red, white and blue. but no matter how hard they try, they can never destroy the ideals for which you stand. the love of god and country and freedom for all of man!

my poem my trhoughts my feelings about the flag f our great country always honor her many fought and gave their lives for what she stands
kathryn granger smith, delphos ohio u.s.a. Amercia [07-04-2000]

Emily Brenneman, Parker,PA U.S.A [07-04-2000]

Natasha Brenneman, Parker,PA U.S.A [07-04-2000]

Betsy your Flag is the is beautiful even after 224 years.
Francis & Kathie Burke, Jordan, MN [07-04-2000]

Mairlyn Brady, Old Hickory, Tn. (Home of Andrew Jackson) [07-04-2000]

hello, My daughter Candra and myself enjoyed your sight very much. My daughter is 7 years old and I went to this site in search of teaching her without losing her interest about July 4, 2000. We had lots of fun and she learned about the Declaration of Independence with your site. Also, I want to let you know, this is the first site that had the specifice information she asked and had it available with a link. She wanted to know WHAT DO THE COLORS RED, WHITE AND BLUE MEAN? AND YOUR SITE HAD IT AND HAD A LINK. THANK YOU VERY MUCH Patty Ann and Candra Hali Holmes Rt. 1 Box 311 Sapulpa, OK 74066
Patty Holmes, Sapulpa, OK 74066 [07-04-2000]

I just watched a show about Betsy Ross on HGTV. This fits right in, and makes it all doubly interesting. Thank you for a lovely and interesting site and tour. Isn't it great to live in and be American!
Elizabeth, ne [07-04-2000]

carolyn miller [07-04-2000]

Yesterday, I played Betsy Ross in a patriotic drama at church. I believe that Betsy was a godly woman who relied on God to sustain her through much adversity (losing 3 husbands and 2 children). I am VERY proud to be an American and to live in a free country. Your website was WONDERFUL. MAY GOD BLESS AMERICA !!!!!!!!!
T. Speaks, Lewisville, NC [07-03-2000]

Such a lovely tour. I would like to visit the house someday.
Kay Luther, Maple Hts. Oh 44137 [07-03-2000]

Thank you for your most informative site. I am making a notebook to help Girl Scout Leaders explain "Stuff" about the flag so was most delghted to find your web site. THANK YOU and Happy Independence Day!!
Brenda, Colorado [07-03-2000]

would like information on how to obtain flags for our post.
james h. pierce, syracuse, nebr USA [07-03-2000]

I am doing a research paper/speech for one of my college classes. I wanted to do my paper on the American Flag because people now do not respect and know what the flag stands for. Well, I am going to enlighten them. Thank you very much for this web site, you have been very helpful. I will probably visit you again.
Montie Adamson, Indianapolis, Indiana [07-03-2000]

Why do you fold the flag in a triangle?
Laura Ringler Greene, Boynton Beach, FL 33426 [07-03-2000]

I love my Country and the American Flag, and what it stands for. It makes me VERY ANGRY, when ANYBODY that has the freedom and liberties of this Country, desecrates the flag, and demonstrates in any way against the Biblical standards of the inerrant, infallable, the original translations of the Holy Word of God. The abortionist, gay rights, and any OTHER so-called rights advocates, thinks that these things are right, but there is one who knows it's wrong and that is God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. One day, these people who only want what "I"(indicates selfishness) want, will know that it is not in God's plan for these activities to take place. Anyone who desecrates the American flag physically or verbally, needs to be banned from the United States of America. No, I am not a hater of these people who do these things, I love their souls and do not want any to perish eternally, but I base my beliefs on the true Word of God. One day, ALL unbelievers will know the truth.
Wanda, Ridgeway, VA [07-03-2000]

This site came in very handy because I am working with a camp in milledgeville, Georgia and this week is American Revolution/July 4th week. We are making flags and learning all about them,plus we are doing research on Betsy and the signers of the Declaration of Independence that came from Georgia. Thanks for your hard work. They really liked the virtual tour of the house. It put it into perspective for them.
Carmen Leroy, Dublin, Georgia [07-03-2000]

used your web site for an assignment. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!
Mrs. Gamblin's summer school class, Bakersfield, CA [07-03-2000]

elizabeth gingras, bristol, vermont [07-03-2000]

Thank you for your information, I'm a den leader for cub scouts and have found your web site to be very helpful. It is nice to read the etiquette for the flag, I get so disappointed when I see a flag flying in the rain or when the National Anthem is being played and people are talking instead of standing at attention and saluting our flag. I hope more people will visit your site and learn from it. Thanks again!
Jeannie, Redding, CA [07-03-2000]

Debbie Williams, Lakewood, Colorado [07-02-2000]

i think some people dont see the real point of the flag the freedom of are family my of are relitives fought in that war for use and for us to be free and live a better life and i think some people take that for granit. I am wirting a essay on Betsy Ross and I am learing a lot about the people that set us free thank you for your time
Alec Peterson, 14,Kellogg [11-02-2000]

I have read a few of the replys to your question about our flag. I agree with most of them but I'm also insulted when people jump to the conclusion that all teens have no respect for the flag or those who have fought for it. My parents have tought me about how vetrans have fought for freedom and I have great respect for them and I agree that some "kids" don't appreciate it but who has taught them to? So please don't judge all of us by a few. As a matter of fact I'm writing a speech on our freedoms and I'm including what our flag represents. Thank you to all those vetrains that have fought for our freedom that may stumble across this and read it.
Michelle [10-28-2000]

My cousin came to this country as a very young child. In order to become a citizen she had to go through a process in which I agreed to help. I was even more amazed by the lengthy process that an adult must go through to become a citizen of our country. And, with all the time and effort that it takes to become a part of this wonderful country - people do it every day. Mothers and fathers sacrifice all they have, including their lives, to give their children a better life. Migrant workers come to this country because they are given prosperous reality for their dreams instead of the empty hope of their "homeland". How can we, those born into this wonderful land, not look to the flag and acknowledge all of the historical value, the tears shed, the lives lost, and accept the criticism of those who do not? Yes, we have the freedom of choice - but to have it, one must believe in what our country holds most dear. Or you don't earn that freedom of choice. I agree with the earlier statement - ask someone who has lost someone whose life was lost while serving our country. We ALL serve our country. If you don't, then feel FREE to leave and see what life holds in these other countries. Please LEAVE and experience the loss of freedom. Some people just have to lose something before they can appreciate what they have. I, on the other hand, pledge allegiance every day. Yes, to myself, but to my country, my God, and all the wonderful things and people in this land who help keep us free. Thank you Betsy Ross. And thank you to all of those who have, through the years, dedicated themselves to making this a safe, happy country we proudly call the United States of America.
Gwen Wood, 40, Maryland [10-18-2000]

i love the flag made bye bettsy ross.. well better go for now
Bobby, 12 [10-09-2000]

When I see the American Flag I atimaticly think of Betsy Ross and all the people that brought this world together. I think the American Flag is the coolest thing in the world. Especially the one Betsy Ross made. I always wonder why did she make the flag? Was it just cause she was sitting at home by herself one day and decided to start making and flag? Something to represent the USA? If I could go back in time and ask Betsy Ross anything it would be "Why did you make the American Flag?" If she has answered the question before and you know it could you please e-mail me back? But, back to what I think about when I see the flag. I think about independece and why we're suppose to have it but, we don't. Why people say we have freedom. I also think about Betsy Ross and how cool it was of her to make us this flag to represent our country. The free?, the prood?, and the statue of liberty? Does it really stand for liberty or does it stand for war? Thanks for your time of hearing my comments and I hope to here from you soon about my comments and you can tell me why they say we are free and obviously we are not.
Cristy Cole, 17 San Marcos, Texas USA [10-04-2000]

I just finished reading every one of the entries about how different people, young & old, educated and uneducated,simplistic & perhaps deep thinkers feel about our flag. I always believed in thinking positive and still do & the way I feel about OUR flag can only be positive as I feel our flag represents our freedoms & opportunities that my parents never enjoyed ( father from Poland & mother from Russia) They both emigrated from their respective countries & were able to benefit from the WONDERFUL freedoms & opportunities that this country had to offer. In my mind, our American flag represents all the positive & wonderful things that this country has had & continues to have. When I see our flag anywhere, it reminds me of all the POSITIVE things about this wonderful country & how lucky I & my 2 brothers were in being born here. Also, being a realist, I know the flag is only a piece of cloth, but what it represents, I can only sum up in one word: WOW!
Sidney Levine, 70years young Lynnfield, Massachusetts [09-17-2000]

Betsy Ross is an important woman in our country's history. The flag shows how we came together and the stars tell how many states we have now. Betsy Ross was the one who made the first flag for the original thirteen colonies. The flag means we are all together and we have freedom. We are happy that the colonists won the American Revolution. We are proud to live in America where we have liberty, freedom, rights, and justice. We are also proud to have had brave people in our country who fought for America.
Mrs. Cook's class, Third Graders in Ashburn, Virginia [09-17-2000]

Betsy Ross is an extrodinary person. I thank her for creating our flag to represent our Nation. If she wouldn't have made it, we wouldn't have anything to pledge to each day at our school. Just by reading about her I know she is a truly remerkable person. Her spririt shines bright!
Anonomous, Corsicana, Texas 75110 13 yrs. old [09-11-2000]

Well, in my personal opinion... I see the flag as nothing more but another brainwashing technique. Pledging allegance to an inanimate object makes no sense to me. Of course, the veterans out there say it symbolizes america and all the people who have died in those wars. It symbolizes freedom, yet my freedom is revoked at school every time they FORCE me to say the pledge. I just simply want to quietly sit there, while they do the whole thing. Same with flag burning, its a right to do what you want. Isn't that what makes america so great? You can protest the government/leaders and not get arrested for it? Or, even worse in some other countries, killed for fighting a cause u believe in? Those people died for my so called freedom, and I believe in a free society I should get to choose whether or not I get to stand or burn the flag. Nationalism leads to seperatism. Seperatism leads to war. War leads to death. Pledge allegance to yourself, and not EVERYTHING america stands for. Thanks, please dont flame me either. If you have a legitimate reply, I don't mind =) thanks.... P.S. Seperation of church and state obviously doesn't exist, simply because of the line "One nation, under God"... This should be taken out, if we want seperation =)
Randy Massey, 16 years old, Utah [09-06-2000]

the american flag means freedom for this country many men fought to save this country. i think people who do not respect should think if you don't like this flag and what it stands for then you should go to a country without freedom and see if you could say about their flag what you say about ours. no one is forcing you to stay here. and just remember if men and women before you felt like you do just think where we would be. not free that's for sure!!!!! and i believe they should have the draft and some of the men or women who have negtive thoughs about this wonderful country should be made to serve like they do in other foreign countries!!!! thank god you live in the land of the free!!!!!
J HARRIS [09-06-2000]

I hope that one day soon we can get more people interested in the U.S Flag, etiquette, and how great it is.... People just don't know about the flag......I guess they are too busy for something as inportant as this. Thank You for reading what I have to say. Please teach your kids about our flag....
Jan Lamberti, I have worked with the B.S.A. since 1956 and have taught many Cub and Boy Scouts about the Our Flag and what it means. [08-04-2000]

I get tears in my eyes whenever I have the privilege to see the colors posted, carried in a parade, or during The Star Spangled Banner at a sports event. May God continue to bless America'
Tonda Cody, Pocatello, Idaho [07-24-2000]

I have read each and every entry that has been posted. I am doing research for a speech regarding the need for American Citizens to fly the American Flag, and why they should do so. I have all the factual and historical information necessary. However, when I stumbled onto this site, it filled in the last piece of my speech: Why do we need to fly our flag and pay it homage? It is clear from the postings on this site that feelings are high, mighty and proud (as are my own). I was shocked at those who flagrantly disembody the flag from the nation and from our ideals. I now also have many reasons as to why we must show more patriotism and pride - it appears a whole generation or two of people have absolutely no idea what it means to enjoy freedoms that no one else on the face of the earth is allowed to. They point to all the negativity and problems in our nation. I'm sorry - there is no Utopia; but the United States is the next best thing to it. Many concerns about Jefferson having slaves, and the Confederacy "never really having ended" have absolutely nothing to do with the point of this website. It is being abused as an "on-line chat room". To those people I say GET A ROOM OF YOUR OWN, PREFERABLY IN A COUNTRY OF OUR CHOOSING, WHERE YOU WILL LEARN TO APPRECIATE AND RESPECT WHAT MILLIONS OF PEOPLE BEFORE YOU HAVE FOUGHT SO BRAVELY AND SO DESPARATELY FOR. Sorry for shouting, but this lack of respect infuriates me. Yes, there is freedom of speech....but also a time and a place for it. This is not it. To all of you who have served our country in any capacity, my family and I honor you in our prayers nightly. We fly the flag very often and I think of every one of you, and those who did not come home alive, and thank God that you had the guts and courage to protect us. This speech assignment has turned my ambition to further research and perhaps a website dedicated to those who have served our country and to the memory of those who did as well, but gave their lives. I'll be back.
Deborah Dalton, 41, Omaha, NE [07-24-2000]

I think that Betsy Ross was a very important women in our history. She was the first women to make the flag and that is so cool. If she would have never made that flag we wouldn't have anything to pledge too.
anonymous, 11 Chicago, Illinois [07-20-2000]

i pledge alligence to the united states of america and to their republic for which it stands... one nation under god, ... bla bla bla! :)
Tina, Binghamton [07-08-2000]

I really enjoyed this site for the information that it contains. This information should be taught in the schools, as we are losing respect of the falg and for the nation as a whole. In years past the flag and the united States ment someting but it is lost. When the flag goes by the People just set there and watch nstead of atanding and slauting the flag by placing hand over the heart. That is the way I was taught. Please help get this information back into the schools and teach the younger people the respect that they need to show for the flag and this Country.
Roy F. Miller, Service Date Korea 1952-1954 [07-08-2000]

I'm tired of seeing disrespect for the flag in the United States of America today. Children have no concept of what the flag means to us.At sporting events when it is time to stand and join in the singing of the "Star Spangled Banner" I have watched as teens spend time running around and talking instead of paying respect not only to the flag but to those who died to keep what the meaning of flag is. Schools should teach what the flag means and the rights they have would not be there if not for its meaning.I truely believe in "God Bless America" because he has.
Mike Ferris, 6783 Tiger Dr. Huber Heights, Ohio 45424 age 50 [07-08-2000]

One could get a little discouraged reading some of the disenchanted views expressed here. Thank God the fourth of July comes around regularly to restore all of that discouragement. I live in a small mountain town, frequented by tourists from everywhere. This recent fourth, I never saw so many flags. Old Glory was everywhere, flag poles, tee-shirts, hats, store windows, cars, bicycles, strollers, motorcycles, etc., she was out in full splendor! It was a grand feeling to see this display of patriotism. This was especially a good fourth for me, as I neither seen nor heard of flag burning. I wish to thank "Steve C" for his 6/16/00 entry, we now have a degree title for Jason; "Boy Jason, P.H.M.M.". Old Glory is still looking good from my view.
I.M. Redwhiten'blue, American [07-06-2000]

here is a question for all of you. Does the First Amendment give us the right to desecrate the American flag? Or is the flag a sacred symbol of our nation, deserving protection by law? Tough call? The Solution---- For those who want to light Old Glory on fire,stomp all over it, or spit on it to make some sort of statement, I say let them do it. But, under one conditon:they MUST get permission from three sponsers.First, you need premission of a war veteran. Perhaps a Marine who fought at Iwo Jima? The American flag was raised over Mount Surabachi upon the bodies of thousands of dead buddies. Each night spent on Iwo Jima meant half of everyone you knew would be dead tomorrow, a coin flip away froma bloody end upon a patch of sand your mother couldn't find on a map. Or maybe ask a Vietnam vet who spent years tortured in a small, filthy cell unfit for a dog. Or a Korean War soldier who helped rescue half a nation from Communism, or a Desert Storm warior who repulsed a bloody dictator from raping and pillaging an innocent country. That flag represented your mother and father, your sister and brother, your friends, neighbors, and everyone at home. I wonder what they would say if someone asked them permission to burn the American flag? Second, you need a signature from an immigrant. Their brothers and sisters may still languish in their native land, often under tyranny, poverty and misery. Or maybe they died on the way here, never to touch our shores. Some have seen friends and family get tortured and murdered by their own government for daring to do things we take for granted every day. For those who risked the chance to become and American, what kind of feelings do they have for the flag when they Pledge Allegiance the first time? Go to a naturalization ceremony and see for yourself, the tears of pride, the thanks, the love and respect of this nation as they finally embrace the American flag as their own. Ask one of them if it would be OK to burn the flag or spit on it. Third, you should get the signature of a mother. Not just any mother. You need a mother of someone who gave his life for America. It dosen't even have to be from a war. It could be a cop. Or a fireman. Maybe a Secret Service agent or NASA astronaut. Then again, it could be a common foot soldier as well. When that son or daughter is laid to rest, his or her family is given one gift by the American people -- an American flag. Go on, I dare you. Ask that mother if you can spit on her flag. Away from family, away from the precious shores of home, in the face of overwhelming odds and often in the face of death, the American Flag inspires those who believe in the American dream, the American promise, the American vision. Americans who don't appreciate the flag don't appreciate this nation. And those who appreciate this nation appreciate the American flag. So if you want to desecrate the American flag, before you spit on it or before you burn it, I have a simple request. Just ask permission. Not from the Constitution. Not from some obscure law. Not from the politicians or the pundits. Instead, ask those who have defended our nation so that we may be free today. Ask those who struggled to reach our shores so that they may join us in the American dream. And ask those who clutch a flag in place of their sacrificed sons and daughters, given to this nation so that others may be free. For we cannot ask permission from those who died wishing they could, just once....or once again....see, touch or kiss the flag that stands for our nation, the United States of America.... the greatest nation on earth. GO AHEAD. ASK. I DARE YOU!!!
april, 28 wisconsin [07-06-2000]

Please remember,that it was Francis Hopkinson who designed the flag, not Betsy Ross. She was our flag's first seamstress.Not its designer. She is not honored just for sewing cloth together, but for her self sacrifice in doing so. If the English had discovered what she was doing it would have meant her life. God Bless you Betsy !
Alexandra Schoonover, 30, Turlock. [07-05-2000]

Because of what our country has been through, I feel our flag is more significant today than ever. We are learning, slowly, to be a country for everyone. That we have come so far is thrilling, but that we have so far to go makes it seem as if we are going at a snail's pace. Freedom was made possible for us by earlier generations who understood that work had to be done constantly to maintain freedom. This needs to be taught to our children and grandchildren so they will continue the work of making freedom possible for all. The flag is the symbol of that work and should be respected because of it. Now we need to do the work of making this country truly representative of all cultures and peoples. Those who were hurt by Europeans coming and those who were hurt while still in other countries.
Barbara Sheffield, 54,Mesquite, Tx [07-02-2000]

I watched a retirement ceremony where the military personnel fold the flag in a triangle and each fold (or triangle has a meaning). At this retirement ceremony, this meaning was read as the flag was folded. Do you have this written somewhere or know where I can look. Thanks
coni jackson, belleville, il USA [07-02-2000]

Nola Long, Mt. Vernon, Wa. , USA [07-02-2000]

just a word of thanks
RON COONS, bemidji minnesota 56601 usa [07-02-2000]

I found this site quite usefull and it was really user friendly.
Kristal Havig, Arizona [07-02-2000]

This is great! I am a 5th grade teacher, and came across this site as I was looking for first day ideas. We are a year round school, and begin again July 5. As we cover colonies and Revolutionary War,etc. I wanted to start the year with a patriotic theme! Thanks! By the way the perfect 5 point star is great! Linda
Linda Malbon, Valencia, CA [07-02-2000]

Faith, america!!! [07-02-2000]

Happy Birthday America
Sandra Pinckert, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia [07-02-2000]

This is a very enlightening web site and I have learned much from it.
Barbara Sheffield, Mesquite, Tx [07-02-2000]

I'm hoping at some point to visit the Betsy Ross house for two reasons. First, because her story is interesting as I found when my daughter was designated to be her once in a school play. It involved my having to make her a costume which I suspect I still have around here somewhere. It was the beginning of doing some research for the other reason. That reason is because my grandmother in 1960 claimed that we were related to George Ross, Betsy's uncle, a geneological journey I have yet to complete which, of course, would be interesting to do.
Patricia Ross, Wellesley, Massachusetts [07-02-2000]

A couple of years ago, I won the Flag Day Contest in my school. I had written that the flag was like a symbol to our country that represents the world. I wrote about our struggle in the New World and revolution, Civil War, etc. Then I wrote to properly maintain protection for the flag. My last line was, "The glorious flag is always there with America and me". This is a great website to continue my reasearch on History, and our flag.
Laura Borsello, Setauket, New York [07-02-2000]

May She Wave In Honor Forever !! I've Stood Guard and Showed my Muscle for Her with the U.S.N. During the Cold War Era !! Had 3 Uncles in WW 1 .... 3 Uncles in WW 2 ... A Damn Proud Patriot Here ..... For The Stars & Stripes !!!! Many Thanks for a Great Page !!! Bruce Mitchell
Bruce Mitchell, Indiana [07-02-2000]

I am very Proud to live under the American Flag and I think that anyone who isn't should live some where else.
Don LaRue, Winchester,Tn. [07-02-2000]

Joseph W. Herman, Baltimore, MD 21222 [07-02-2000]

I would like to applaud your web site. Patriotism is rare now a days. It is nice to see that people still care and have pride.
lou, si,ny USA [07-02-2000]

Wonderful site, that has not been corrupted by the fools that do not believe what our founding fathers believe.
Lynn M. Peters and Family, Houston, Texas [07-02-2000]

Just new at the computer, Information found for upcoming events or holidays is wonderful. There isn't enough to be said about the history of the American Flag. I recently had the privlege of reading the history of the American Flag to a group of Elks, also I participate in the Flag Day ceremony alow at the Elks Lodge. I am a American Indian so I know the price that was paid by all those corageous people involved. Thanks for the visit I truely enjoyed it
Rose Lowenberg, Toledo, Oregon [07-01-2000]

Wonderfull site. I appreciate all of the information and history that you have avaliableon this site. I learned many facts about the history of our flag. Lee Riewerts
Lee Riewerts, Sonoma California [07-01-2000]

Very interesting site! Thank you. We will visit Betty Ross house in 2-3 weeks!
Fernande Michels, Luxemburg/Europe [07-01-2000]

I happened on your page while browsing. I have informed my american friends dan and jill snyder of your page and they will celibrate 07/04/200 by looking at all things american
Arthur Bilton, Lincoln. Lincolnshire. United Kingdom [07-01-2000]

Carolyn Brown, Lake Providence, LA [07-01-2000]

I am trying to find pictures of all the historical flags of the United States.
Charles Kemper, Lake Tapawingo, MO [07-01-2000]


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