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Interesting information was located here I can use for a unit on patriotism I will be teaching a group of special ed. children in the fall.
C. Enroughty, Va. Beach, Va. [06-30-2000]

Really enjoyed this site...wish I could visit the home.
Sue Bowes, Olympia, Washington [06-30-2000]

We plan to visit this site in person in a few weeks and appreciate what you have done to prepare our family for this historical reminder of our past.
Deb Bissett, Dayton OHIO [06-30-2000]

Deb Bissett [06-30-2000]

After living in Baltimore,Md. I have profound respect for those brave men who gave their lives and fortunes so others could have freedom.One of my wife's relatives,John Dolson, was in the boat with Washington when he crossed the Delaware. In served in th Navy in WW11 with battle stars for the invasion of Lingayen Gulf,Iwa Jima.and Okinawa.
Richard Hoffmann, Lima, Ohio [06-30-2000]

Very educational!
loretta kauffman, Pinehurst, NC 28374 [06-30-2000]

Thanks for a very informative, as well as fun site. It has helped me in my research for 4th of July Childrens Church program.
Debbie Sims, Rockwood, TN [06-30-2000]

Nice Web site, great for my unit.
Boyd Rexroat, Munfordville, KY [06-30-2000]

I love your webpage, especially the flag poetry by children
Meilynne McKenzie, Modesto, California [06-30-2000]

Heidi Menges, Brockway, PA USA [06-30-2000]

I am 7 years old, I really like Betsy Ross because I studied her in class and I have already read a book on her and especially like it.
Colleen, Portland Oregon [06-30-2000]

my wish is peace and that someday all mankind will look past the color of skin
KATHY FREEMAN, clearwater florida [06-30-2000]

Thank you for all the wonderful historical information you have provided. It has helped my research for class work and I can pass on the "true facts" to my family.
J. S. Richardson, San Diego CA [06-30-2000]

Thanks for a very informative site. I plan on using some of your information on our site! If that is ok!
Donna Pierson, New York, NY [06-30-2000]

i like it.
Misty Garner, dexter,mo [06-30-2000]

I think that this website is great for information about our history. This website was a gret idea ! Thank for involving in the publics life to tell about our history ! I think every kid should know all they can about the history oif the United States !!
Lara Roberts, Morehouse , Missouri 311 N Benton St 63868 [06-30-2000]

Happy Birthday America! July 4, 2000
David Chastain, Acworth, GA [06-30-2000]

I'm 35, and never offically married. Two weeks ago I went to my Grandmothers funeral. I learned she married at 16, and raised her kids as a single mom, and also was married twice. She was born 12/16/03. Now I learn Ms. Ross was married 3 times, and was a renter, not a land owner. I've spent my adult life afraid to get the wrong person pregnant, and/or marry the wrong person. The more I learn, the more things stay the same.
Rich Beaumont, Langhorne Pa [06-28-2000]

JOSE ALICEA, feasterville pa [06-28-2000]

Thanks for the tour. Nice and pretty informative.
Marjorie Stanley, Fulton County Board of Education, 786 Cleveland Ave SW Atlanta GA 30315 [06-28-2000]

Marjorie Stanley, 786 Cleveland Ave SW Atlanta GA 30315 [06-28-2000]

Heather, Las Vegas NV [06-28-2000]

Dear Betsy Ross, I would like if you send me pictures of you and your doll also the flag you made and pictures of your house and in the inside of your house also. Thanks, kayla mostyn
Kayla Mostyn, Stuart, Virginia 24171 [06-28-2000]

enjoyed the page!!
Don Patrick, Liberal, Ks 67901 [06-28-2000]

Wonderful site. Thnk you so much.
Marian, Ft Lauderdale [06-27-2000]

Superb web site!!!
Charlie Adams, Reading PA [06-27-2000]

You'd be surprised at how many people dont know who Betsy ross is or when Flag Day is. I was born on Flag Day in 1976. My flag flies a little earlier than most peoples each year and may just mean a little more. Thank you for giving people a place to see where out symbol of freedom came from.
Katia, Jacksonville, Fl [06-27-2000]

i love the page that you did on the flag it is great .
RAYMOND & PATRICE GREEN, pleasant hill ,calif country costa county [06-27-2000]

Where can I find my state flag?
Penny Jeffcoat, Pearl, Mississippi [06-27-2000]

Very informational - A joy to visit - Thank you
Betty Baker [06-27-2000]

thank you america!!
Cinthia A. Paiz, 83-080 Dillon Ave, Indio, CA 92201 [06-27-2000]

treska mcdaniel, Rockwall, Texas [06-27-2000]

i am retired from the united states air force and i feel that it should be a crime to deface the flag or burn it in protest. the flag should only be destroyed or burnt during its retirement. don
DONALD REAVES, louisville, ky. [06-27-2000]

Wonderful!!!!!!!!!!! The music and information are amazing. I can hardly wait to show it to my children and grandchildren. Keep up the good work.
Alta M. Tate, Grand Haven, Michigan [06-27-2000]

I truly enjoyed the tour and the information shared about Betsy Ross. Thank you.
Janet Sparger, Claremore, Oklahoma [06-27-2000]

When will the gift shop site be open again? Do you have a paper catalog? Where is the First Union Centre (site of the Rep. convention) located? Thanks.
James Glenn, Savannah, GA [06-27-2000]

By reading most of the messages about the flag and the terrible lies we have been told when we were in school made me realize most of you do not have slightest interest in History! History is mistakes, blunders, great achievements and truth and lies. Somewhere, someone got off their duff and decided that if this country was going to survive and be heard, it was up to them to start. George Washington need a symbol,(couldn't fly the British flag, kind of defeats the purpose). A flag, that could be seen by the opposing forces. So since, Sears & Roebuck were not in the catalog business, he embarked on Betsy Ross. He describled, she visioned, she sewed. There lies the beginning of our nations' symbol. Just as the eagle, cross and other images that have shaped our nation. It was the start of freedom from England. As in today, why are there so many self-owned business? Freedom & Independence!! They are their own boss. Just as kids can't wait to get out on their own! Freedom!! But it doesn't come with out a price. For most it is blood shed on American soil or overseas. African-Americans, Latin-Americans, Native Americans, and Asian all served in some form or another. I had great uncles in WWII, cousins in Vietnam, neighbors and so forth. I'm proud that they felt that this country and what it stands for was worth defending. I can't go back in time and change what has happen to people, nor the wrong and the lies, but I can strive to voice what is right and fair. That in turn, can be history to my future generation.
Teri Marsh, Big Rapids, MI [06-27-2000]

we just purchased a us flag from an auction. the flag has 48 stars. i know that it was when arizona and new mexico were added. there is a code# on the flag as well. is it true that this flag can be worth more if it was flown on a federal building? and if so how can i find out if it was? thanks for any info. kelli
KELLI, ontario canada [06-27-2000]

Teri Marsh, Big Rapids, MI [06-27-2000]

I was wondering, maybe it was on your web page and I missed it, but isn't there a meaning for the red,white and blue? I think the blue stands for old Glory, the red for the blood our men shed, does the white mean pure? I know the stars stand for each state.
Karen Spencer, Albuquerque, NM [06-27-2000]

research visit for details for a painting... what a rich site! some arts and crafts, so had fun mastering the star :-) question: is it legal to fly a tattered flag? rsvp thanks again I obtained permission for use of images for my art... would you like a scanned image of my finished work? If you found it useful, I would happy to donate use of it(them). e.
elle fagan, vernon/rockville,ct, usa [06-27-2000]

Very informative page. It help settle a small dispute with my mother...
Mike Livingston, Bessemer Michigan [06-27-2000]

Dear Betsey, I just wanted to say that you are a wonderful person. I am so amazed by your talent. Your five pointed star worked. Sincerely, Logtcar
logtcar [06-27-2000]

ryan, delavan wi wisconsin [06-27-2000]

this is a very educational site
jessica, delavan [06-27-2000]

This is a really neat idea. I loved the "virtual" tour of Betsy's house. I was moved by the story of the making of the flag. It shows how much Betsy loved this country. We should all be proud to be Americans and to live in a free country. God Bless America!!!
Shannon Hahn, Fort Smith AR USA [06-27-2000]

In doing research for a character portrayal at my Toastmasters Club, I visited your wonderful site. I have chosen to be Betsy Ross at this time of year because of her connection in history to our independence. I am a proud(70 yr. old)native Pennsylvanian. We left in 1970 but return often to visit. The small Presbyterian curch that preceded our present one in Lower Providence housed Washington's wounded soldiers after the battle of Germantown on the way to Valley Forge.
Nancy Heyser Martino, Cameron Park, CA [06-25-2000]

I enjoyed this site very much. I was doing research on a document I found. I got some of the information from this site. I have one of the certificates issued in 1898 number#68713 issued to Albert Wiegener that was given to me. I read on your site that they were sold for 10 cents a copy. Can you give me any more information on these certificates? I would appreciate it very much. Thank you , Nell Burgess
Nell Burgess, Tifton,Georgia 31794 [06-25-2000]

Debbi Patrick, Mobile, AL [06-25-2000]

I was very happy to find so much information about our U.S.Flag. I think everyone should get a small flag and put it in their hanging plant pots on their porches or in their front yards. We'll be encouraging everyone to use this wonderful site for U.S. Flag History. It is easy to follow, and well organized. Thanks
Sharon Schmidt, Woodburn, Oregon [06-25-2000]

I served in two wars-Korea and Vietnam. I am proud when I see the flag flowing in the breeze.It symbolizes a free nation.I have seen communistic countries and hope our flag waves proudly over this great nation.
Arthur H. Wells Jr., Memphis,Tennessee [06-24-2000]

DONALD BROWNELL, san bernardino, ca [06-24-2000]

Great site and easy to use. I have picked up some tips on making the stars for our scouts to use !
Michelle Slater, England [06-23-2000]

TAMARA MONTANEZ, 4360 aqua vista dr orlando fl, 32839`` [06-23-2000]

Betsy Ross is one of the great women in American History. I have been a Social Studies Teacher for 32 years. Each year we discuss her life and role in the story of our nation. Her life is very interesting, colorful, and important.
Tony Latteri, Safford, AZ [06-23-2000]

I have a question: I was once told that my Barefoot ancestors were in some way related to Betsy Ross, do you have her "family tree"? Thank you
Cresta Barefoot Hancock, muncie, In [06-22-2000]

I am looking for an electronic picture of Betsy Ross.
Kass Barron, Reading, PA 19606 [06-22-2000]

great site...I love all the information you guys provide.. very educational...
Addy, Orlando,Fl [06-22-2000]

God bless our country and our flag. I am a Marine and I love our flag and what it stands for. I served on active duty during WW2 and am proud of my heritage!
kenneth C. Hall, Butler, PA 16001 [06-22-2000]

I may be surprising you someday soon with some new revelations about the design of the flag. Keep in touch. I cannot give this information away until I get with an attorney to protect my intellectual property. I am very impressed with your website. When I was a kid (51 now), I remember a trip to the Smithsonian Institute where I thought I saw the first flag made by Betsy Ross. Has the government attempted to rewrite history? It wouldn't surprise me. They have a real aversion to spiritual things.
David Scott Wallace, Fishers, IN [06-22-2000]

Kat, Georgia [06-22-2000]

I just wanted to tell you that you website is good and I had just vist you!!!!!!!
Erin Phillips, Lincon NE at United States [06-22-2000]

Chrissy, North carolina [06-22-2000]

Pamela Kroh, Drexel Hill, PA [06-21-2000]

I have in my posssion a picture that came from a country school that closed in the 1930's It is a picture of 4 women in the flag room sewing old glory. 3 of the women appear to be young approximently 13-20 and one appears to be older. The name of the artist begins with Co or Ca. Any information on this picture will be appreciated.
Bob Daley, Little Falls, NY [06-21-2000]

Please help me to track down information on a story that a person is able to figure the wind speed by the amount of stripes that are shown on our Flag. Last week while I was at the Ann Arbor VA Medical Center one of the therapist and I were talking about an old 48 star flag that she found while going through her late GrandFather's house. She asked if he Flag could be cleaned in order for her to put it on display. I told her I would check that part out, I do do know the Flag can be cleaned and mended. But not sure on if can be dry cleaned. So back to the original question, she told me, that she remembers a story told to her about the wind speed and the way the flag waved and how the stripes appeared. I.E. Straight out. the winds over 45 MPH. Would appreciate help on dry cleaning and the story of the wind and the Flag. Sincerely David Poletti Life Member of the AMVETS
David F. Poletti, Holland, Michigan united States of America [06-21-2000]

Very interesting site ,thank you and keep up the good work!
Teresita, Danville,California [06-21-2000]

Enjoyed reading the history again. Thank you.
Catherine D. Carr, Beaufort, SC [06-20-2000]

Thanks, This is great for reference and a terrific teaching tool for the kids!
Theresa, United States of America [06-20-2000]

I needed proof that Betsy Ross sewed the first flag for a non-believer! Thanks.
Jeanette Berlingeri, Highlands, NJ [06-20-2000]

Darlene Rindal, Lake Elsinore,CA [06-20-2000]

I have not really looked around but it sounds intresting.
Kelsey, fernandina fl. u.s.a. [06-20-2000]

On a recent trolley tour of Philadelphia, the guide told us to look up this web page. Philadelphia seems to encourage one to read about the history of the young country, America. The flag, the Liberty bell, and the Declaration of Independence become a common thread in each individual American. They make strong statements for our hard earned freedom.
Patricia Bedard, Pueblo, Colorado 81003 [06-20-2000]

The postoffice has issued a commemorative issue of US flags. They name Old Glory as the Hopkinson flag. Any reason for this? In Encarta there is a flag attributed to Hopkinson, but it has the stars in rows. Any answers to this? Thank you Jose
Jose Hernandez, Tampa, Fl. [06-20-2000]

super site!
Lyle Beck, Mandarin, FLORIDA [06-19-2000]

A wonderful and most informative site. Enjoyed very much re-visting the Betsy Ross story and the history of our flag. Sincerely,Malcolm Johnson
Malcolm Johnson, Long Beach,Calif. [06-19-2000]

Handing out little American flags to Sherwood First Graders has become a very big deal for the Sherwood Lions Club. We've been doing it for 25 years now. We have an elaborate flag bouquet that we take along, but nobody knows where it came from or what half the flags mean. Maybe you could help us out? Good luck, hope you don't mind us linking to you. The Sherwood Lions Club Flag Page is at <>
Clyde List, Sherwood Oregon U.S.A. [06-19-2000]

Barbara Schroeder, St. Louis, MO [06-19-2000]

This site was very informative. I really enjoyed it! Thanks for creating this site.
Patti Smither, Whiteland, IN [06-19-2000]

sites very informative
bev, orwigsburg, pa [06-19-2000]

Dear Betsy Ross, you are one great lady. My friend, Tommy Kent was in the armed forces and is very much interested in the flag of the good ole USofA. Researching the American Flag and reading about you and your life has been a wonderful and enlightening experience for me. Thank you for giving me so much information for the notebook that I am putting together for my best friend. God Bless All Involved. Dorothea
William Thomas Kent @ Dorothea Dickinson, Lakeland, Florida USA [06-19-2000]

Linda Cresswell, Dunmore, PA [06-19-2000]

Heather Hutchison, Toms River, New Jersey [06-19-2000]

Is it true that Betsy Ross was born with a full set of teeth. I heard it on my radio station and I was wondering if it was true?
Leah Ross, Marysville, Ca [06-19-2000]

Mark B Shaffer, Sagle, Idaho [06-19-2000]

I'm enjoying your site so much, I put a link to the page from my homepage at and it is my hope that visitors from my web site to yours will help support the drive to "bring history to the internet". Thank you for putting such a human face on the historical events of our country.
April Dauenhauer, Hillsboro, OR [06-19-2000]

I really liked those things about Betsy Ross!!!! Thanks Pollie
Pollie, usa [06-19-2000]

John P. Korchnak, Canton, Ohio [06-19-2000]

Hello, I got your URL from our friend John
Janice McDonald, North Central Florida, USA [06-19-2000]

Need documentation to support us of the reverse flag on the the right shoulder of a uniform or any other info you can direct me to. Reverse flag is with the Union being forward when placed on the right shoulder or the right side of an airplane. Thanks for your time. Mike Doyle
Mike Doyle, Pocatello, ID [06-19-2000]

I was raised in Philadelphia and moved to Florida four years ago, my children are now older and we are visiting Philadelphia next month. I will be taking them to see all the historic sites in Philadelphia.
Gladys Guzman-Graves, Miramar, FL [06-19-2000]

This is one of the most interesting article i have found on the internet. Keep up the good work.
Ann Anderson, Sebastian, Fl. 32958 [06-19-2000]

I am writing a book about the Civil War in Arkansas and Missouri. It is from a journal that has never been exposed to our country. This has made me interested in our flags.
Robert Barneck, Canyon Country, CA [06-19-2000]

Very Imformative Site !! I was surfing the Net to find Imformation a Certificate that I have from the "American Flag House and Betsy Ross Memorial Association". The name on this certificate is: John A. Weber from Phila. Certificate number: 78690. Although this is not a family member, I treasure having this certificate to hang on our wall. I have no history of this person. The certificate was acquired by my late Grandfather who had cleaned out a house in Phila. many years ago. Once again, A Great Site !! Thank You, Howard Mason
Howard Mason, pa [06-19-2000]

Great stuff for my scout troop. I seem to remember reading that the stars and stripes do not represent particular states, but have not found this stated anywhere. If this is true, where might I find it?
Chuck, Baytown, Texas [06-19-2000]

Hi! Can you give me a closer picter of her kit in Blak and whtie? E-mail me back soon. Jessica Sarkisian
Jessica Sarkisian, nj [06-19-2000]

A wonderful website!! Thanks
The George Maykowskyjs, Spokane, Washington USA [06-19-2000]

CAITLYN, montana graval road [06-19-2000]

Hannah [06-19-2000]

kathryn Natta, 713 Fort St Ottwaw Ill. 61350 [06-19-2000]

RA Hanson, El Cajon, California [06-19-2000]

Angela Moreno, Goodyear, az [06-19-2000]

Terry L. Beck, Corpus Christi Texas [06-19-2000]

anonymous, Rochester, MA [06-19-2000]

Learned somethings that I did not know.
anonymous, Arizona [06-19-2000]

We enjoyed the trivia. Thank You
Bev & Ron Ricklef, Riverside, California [06-19-2000]

My husband was a WWll veteran. He fought in the Battle of the Bulge in Europe with the 99th Infantry Division. He was very faithful about flying the flag on special days like Flag Day,July 4th, Veteran's Day, etc.
Erline G. White, Norfolk, Virginia [06-19-2000]

I'm a first grade teacher and I was looking for info. on our flag to add to our school celebration of Flag Day. Your site was just what I was looking for. Thanks...and happy Flag Day to you!
Marianne Kelly, North Bellmore, New York [06-19-2000]

Very interesting as I never made it to the Betsy Ross House when we were in Philadelphia.
Ralph Krause, Stanfield, OR 97875 [06-19-2000]

I loved the article about the 5-pointed star even though I couldn't do it myself. Ha!ha! Keep up the good work
anna jacobs, northridge, ca [06-19-2000]

Thank you for all of the great information, it was very insightful! Thanks, Ryan Stowe
Ryan Stowe, Omaha, NE 68144 [06-19-2000]

I was wondering what Flag Day stood for and found out. Thank you.
Gail LaConte, Orange CT [06-19-2000]

Your story was greatly appreciated. I am saving it for my grandchildren. Their grandfather is one of many heroes who fought for the standard. He was missing in action. He flew a single seater p47 plane for 86 missions before being hit. He had to elude an enemy patrol that saw his plane go down and he had to dodge other planes that strafed him while in parachute, by pulling on the lines to make himself less of a target. He barely made it to the woods and mountains, bruised and bleeding, his legs in shock of impact. Eventually he found his way back to American lines.He received the DFC, AM several times, and PH. I have asked congressmen to pass a law giving all Purple Heart recipients a monthly stipend if still alive on their 80th birthday and if they never received a stipend due to oversight or because their wounds were not considered serious enough. By the time my husband reached ourlines his hair had grown back over his head wounds.
Mrs. Theodore Matula, Lantana, Florida [06-19-2000]

I was born in Hawaii while it was still a territory of the United States and witnessed the Japanese attack on Hawaii on Dec. 7, 1941. I saw low flying Japanese airplanes strafing us as they attacked Wheeler Army Airfield, just a few hundred yards from our home. I saw P-40's shoot down Japanese planes right above us. My greatest desire was to become a USAF pilot, which I did and retired after 15 years in the air force, having served in Vietnam. My high school education was in a military institute. I have been a scout and a scout leader. I have been raised in traditions of love of God and country and I love our flag. I have served in the military in foreign countries and am so grateful to be a citizen of the greatest country of all, the United States of America.
Holbrook B. DuPont, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA [06-19-2000]

Great site to visit on Flag Day. I found your site through our local newspaper, The Asheville Citizen Times.
Carol Arnold, Arden, North Carolina [06-19-2000]

bergin, nj [06-19-2000]

Bev Neves, Gerber,California [06-19-2000]

Thank you, Betsy Ross. One Very Proud American.
Mary Cuellar, San Antonio, Texas [06-19-2000]

Great info. Nice to know more about the role she played in the making of our flag. I espesically liked reading about the 5 star vs 6 star
Terrie Hood, Wichita Falls, TX [06-19-2000]

Great background information on Betsy Ross and " Old Glory". You are to be commended for bringing us up to date on Betsy Ross trivia. This makes this Flag day all the more memorable. Thank you, Stan.Grajek
Stanley Grajek, Getzville, N.Y. 14068 [06-19-2000]

George S. Tuttle II, Cypress, Ca. 90630-4108 [06-19-2000]

Joy VanCleave, Seibert, CO [06-19-2000]

Thank you for the Betsy Ross web site.It gives Flag Day special meaning.
Debbie Domagala, Tonopah,NV 89049 [06-19-2000]

Grateful to live in America
Bernie Widynski, Studio City, CA, USA [06-19-2000]

Evelyn Cantrell, Elk City, OK [06-19-2000]

I have enjoyed reading the history of Betsy Ross and also the flag protocal. The American Flag is so very important to me and it pains me to see it treated disrespectfully. There is nothing that can bring a tear to my eye more quickly than standing proudly in a large gathering and listening (singing)the National Anthem while the flag is being raised. Thank you for offering this today.
Marilyn Coenen, Jacksonville, Florida 32250 [06-19-2000]

This is a great site. I've been enjoying it and sharing it with others. A good place to refresh our thoughts on US History in preparation for the Fourth of July of 20000.
Carol Stockton, Neche, ND 58265 [06-19-2000]

I am saddened by the fact that historians would rob us of our culture, our heritage and our heroes. Historians should be the defenders of preservation and not it's destroyers. We have comdemned men to their deaths on less evidence. Shame on them. Are they American historians or just imported paper chasers?
Marilyn Cavazos, Fresno, Ca [06-19-2000]

very cool!
joseph salamone, Poplar Bluff,Mo.usa [06-19-2000]

Tony Rodgers, Pelzer, SC [06-19-2000]

We like all your flags. Happy Birthday Flag!
Mrs. Herriage's Class, Kerens, TX [06-19-2000]

the flag means a lot of things but mostly freedom,the red white and blue, and stripes and stars are amazing!when i drive by peoples houses, i always look at who has a flag and who doesn,t,a home isn,t a home with out a american flag fling about in the wind.thanks nancy parry
nancy parry, rochester nh [06-19-2000]

I was impressed with the work that you have done for all who may be interested in this historical work. I am not a historian, but worked INHP as a summer-time Ranger Historian during the years of 1957-61. Philadelphia as I told the eager (but usually hot) tourists is the most significantly historic city in the USA. Thanks. TWW
Dr, Thos. Weir Wallace, allentown pa [06-19-2000]

Im looking for the words to a song about Betsy Ross making the flag that my girls learned in school. I do not know what the name of it is. I've searched patriotic songs and I haven't found it. Does anyone know a song like this?
Connie Schmidt, Hays Ks 67601 [06-19-2000]

Very informative & interesting. Thanks so much!
Judy Fredericks, Portage,WI, U.S.A. [06-16-2000]

It's interesting that "sewing" seems to be one of the few ways a female can get any recognition for a contribution of importance to our American independence.
Barbara, Winslow NJ 08004 [06-16-2000]

Seems that history has more on its side than the naysayers.I believe that Betsy made the flag.
juleann Conlon, Columbus,OH [06-16-2000]

Charles Billue, Broken Arrow ,Okla [06-16-2000]

I am a first grade teacher and my class has been learning about Bettsy Ross and the flag of America. Thanks for the great information.
Donna Semko, Howell,NJ [06-16-2000]

As a 60yr old former vet, and son of a former POW of WW11 and Grandson of Calvary 1st Lt in France, in WWl I was raised to respect the flag, and my country. I feel they are one in the same deserving much loyalty and respect. I only put my God above them. While in the service in 1961- 1964, I remember the times I would hear the band strike up the national anthem, I would feel such pride in the fact that I was allowed the privelege of wearing the uniform of the US Army. I was an enlistee who answered the call that President John F. Kennedy issued when I announced the crisis of the Berlin Wall. I find the treatment of the flag, such as the Art forms that place the floor to be walked on to my way of thinking to be near treasonous. I choose to believe that Betsey Ross was the one to sew the first flag and that she should be honored for the deed.
Leon Ledbetter, Silvis, IL [06-16-2000]

I was researching Old Glory in preparation for our Flag Day ceremony at our elementary school. I'm going to tell a brief story about how Betsy Ross came to suggest a change in the original design and I'm going to show the kids at the assembly a sample of the "one cut" 5-point star. Thanks for the info!
Kati, Santa Ana, Ca [06-16-2000]

Norman L. Hann, Edegwood. wa 98371 [06-16-2000]

You web site was helpful to me. I was looking for some information about the flag to bring to my class on Flag Day. I teach a Special Day Class, grades 1-3. The pattern for the 5 point star will be a great project for my students. Thanks, Cheryl Ashlin
cheryl ashlin, 9607 East Ave Q4 Palmdale, CA> 93591 [06-16-2000]

Enjoyed very much reading about our flag. I thought I knew a lot about it but turns out I didn`t know much. Your site is simply wonderful.
Beulah Griffin, Lockport, Louisiana [06-16-2000]

Long live the Story of Betsy Ross !!!!!!! PS Nona I saw ya on TV........looking and sounding good.
Joe, Citizen of the world [06-16-2000]

My kindergatners perform a Flag Day program. There's nothing quite so fun to watch and listen to as a patriotic six-year-old singing "God Bless America".
Laurie Waterman, Foxboro, MA [06-16-2000]

Jake age 5 says "The flag is something we live for". Gregory age 6 says "That we love this country" Lauren age 7 says"That we love the United States" Angel age 9 says "That this is a free country" Gabriel age 7 says"It's boring"
Boys & Girls Club I.B.Ononta Extension, Imperial Beach CA [06-16-2000]

Stephanie Chorba, Chicago, Illinois [06-16-2000]

hey wuts up i went to that school in 3rd grd
karli gaetano, mahwah [06-16-2000]

Thank-you for finding this for me. It's a God-send to finally stop pulling my hair, and settle down to work
Barbara Karon, Tampa, Florida [06-16-2000]

cool site I think the web needs on site for each site
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Jessica, Concord CA USA [06-13-2000]

Aftere my first entry I realized I should have told you that I am an 80 year old Veteran of the WWII. I served in the U. S. Navy in the South Pacific from July 43 to Dec 45. You can bet I feel "IT'S A GRAND OLD FLAG". Thanks. George
George O. White, Portsmouth, Va. [06-13-2000]

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It is a very good site. I will recomend it to my friends for their projects. It helped me on mine ! Thanks.
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This is one of the most informative web-sites I have visited. I have often been Patriotism Chair for an organization I belong to and searched endlessly for information such as this. Thanks for helping.
Mrs. Sue Ellen Wiele, Davenport, Iowa USA [06-13-2000]

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How old was she when she made the first flag & how old she was when she stopped making the flags?
The Harmon family, The U.S.A. & Nevada & Carson City [06-13-2000]

Jane Watkins, New Hartford,N.Y. [06-11-2000]

Thank you for this web site. We used this information for our Cub Scout Day Camp to educate the Cub Scouts and the Webelo Scoouts on Flag History and Flag Etiquette. Our theme for the Cub Scout Day Camp is "Mayflower to the Millenium". We also had people dress up as Betsy Ross, Martha & George Washington
Kayleen W. Hicks, Charlotte, North Carolina [06-11-2000]

I ran across the Ross/Claypool marrage in the process of working on the Claypoole/Claypool genealogy and found it very interesting.
John Thomas Claypool, Tehachapi, California [06-11-2000]

Thank-You for the vision and work it took to create and maintain this web site so that all Americans have a place to learn the history of "the Flag that made us all free and keeps us all free !!!!"
Michael K. Bryan, Hollywood , Florida [06-09-2000]

chris, pleasontan ca [06-09-2000]

Thank you for the wonderful, educational web site!! I truly enjoyed this web site especially the virtual tour of Betsy's home. I am a third grade teacher in the Klein Independent School District. My class will be visiting this site when we study about Our Country next year. I am certain they will be amazed. I know they will gain valuable insight into our country's great history. Thank you so very much!!
Lori Slack, Houston, Texas [06-09-2000]

Needed info on our flag and this was perfect.
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Julia Lewis, Kent, WA USA [06-09-2000]

I work for one of the first Adult Day Health Care Centers established in Missouri ( Daybreak A.D.C. ). We pride ourselves on a splending program & variety of enjoyable activities for our clients (frail elderly & disabled adults). This site provided a wonderful source of information for our 4th of July history & events. It brought interest, enjoyment & knowledge to MANY through our client celebrations! Thank you. MPETERSON@PCIS.NET
MARY PETERSON, springfield, mo, usa [06-09-2000]

Enjoyed perusing this wonderful web site! Thanks for the inspirational pages.
Jack Galpin, Cocoa Beach, Florida [06-09-2000]

My husband and I will be in your area in Oct. 2000 and hope to visit Betsy Ross's home. I have been searching for other sites we can add to our trip. Thanks for making this available.
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The Figueredo-Cruz Family, Miami, Florida [06-08-2000]

Doug Callery, Hampton VA [06-08-2000]

The colors of the flag, what do they mean? My family is in a search to find the correct answer. Red=blood lost White=purity and blue=unity? Please help! Thanks
C. Hazelquist, usa [06-08-2000]

ashley, jeannette [06-08-2000]

Dear,Betsyross I know your dead but I am going to write to you anyway. So what is up. Oh and could you make me get a A+ on all my tests this year. Does elvis still have his funky hair dou? Do you have a boyfriend and what is his name? Do you listen to music and play on computers up there? Do you like the name cucumber? Allie wrote that. Do you like these bands:n'sync, 98 degrees, and britney spears and smash mouth bye
Catherine Mckinstry, Cherry hill N.J.usa [06-08-2000]

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Ellen M. Martin, Winchester, Va. [06-06-2000]

Does anybody have good land art sites thank you
Emil Gunnar Gudmudnsson, Iceland [06-06-2000]

Thank you, my first grade class will enjoy this site!
Renee Kapusniak, Webster, NY [06-06-2000]

I work with eldery residents and your 5 point star will fit our bill fo the 4th of July decorations. Thank you. Cathie
cathie, Lynn Ma. [06-06-2000]

i think that Betsy Ross is my hero
Daniela vilela, maryland s.s [06-06-2000]

Good information for my class. They loved the pictures and had many things to share on their own.
Rita McDonald, Hamilton, NJ [06-06-2000]

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Tiffany Poff, rock falls,il [06-05-2000]

i am always humbled when i am present at a ceremony and the U.S. flag is presented with respect and dignity. i am always quieted remembering and recalling the sacrifices made to keep the U.S. flag and its symbolism alive today. i pray that my children (ages 15, 10, and 5) will be able to appreciate what the U.S. flag represents in their lives, in this world.
myrna-lyn d. abang, ewa, hi, u.s.a. 96706 [06-04-2000]

This is where I learned why George Washington's originally chosen 6 pointed star became a 5 pointed star by Betsy Ross!! I've been looking for this answer for quite a while.
Stan Silver, nyc,ny [06-04-2000]

Kevin A. Litster, Orem Utah [06-04-2000]

I received an e-mail stating that Betsy Ross was a Pez Head. Can you tell me what this is suppose to mean? I have looked the word Pez in the dictionary and on the internet and on the Betsy Ross web page but I can find nothing about it to explain it to me. Can you help me? Thanks. Ruth E. Wilson
Ruth E. Wilson, Port Hueneme, CA [06-03-2000]

Tamara Robertson, New brunswick [06-03-2000]

Betsy Ross was my distant relative. My family has traced our ancestery as far back as her. I am glad that she is still well known and visited in todays society. I enjoyed reading your web site. Keep up the good work. Thanks, Tami
Tami hertzog, Elizabethton, TN [06-03-2000]

I'm really glad to find this web page I think Betsy Ross was A wonderful person I happen to be in the Betsy Ross Division U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps in Encino we are the only all female unit in the world Tara DeLoughery
Tara DeLoughery, Reseda , California , United States [06-03-2000]

I teach in a third grade classroom in Syracuse, N.Y. and our students had many questions about Flag Day and our flag. Your sight was helpful to us in answering there questions. Thank you. Diana
Diana, syracuse, n.y. usa [06-03-2000]

We really liked the virtual tour of the Betsy Ross house. It's good for people who can't travel there and want to learn more. We just visited the Betsy ross house in April. It was really cool and the virtual tour helped us to remember what we had seen. Thanks!
Tina and Jackie Hepp, Campbelltown, PA [06-02-2000]

I am in a play and I have the lead role of Betsy Ross. I wanted to see for myself what she looked like. I am glad that this page is offered for me to look her up. My play is tommorrow and I am excited about sharing her story with my friends and their parents. Thank you:)
Sarah McCarthy, Massachusetts [06-02-2000]

Douglas Senio, Winnipeg Man. Canada [06-02-2000]

Thank you for creating this web site. I found the kind of information I needed for a writing course I am taking and a story I am writing about our morning flag ritual when I was in elementary school. Sincerely, Shirley L. Berg
Shirley L. Berg, Lenexa, KS 66210 [06-02-2000]

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B Brown, Grayson, KY [05-30-2000]

To all those remarkable patriots, the founding mothers and fathers of a unique land called America. From the great-great-great-great-great grandson of Haym Salomon, who gave his all, like the others.
david j. andrews, Honolulu [05-30-2000]

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Jennifer Mereby, Hanover,Pennsylvania Penn Township York County [05-30-2000]

I am a Library Media Specialist and I came to this web site for a few ideas to present to my students during the week of Flag Day. The presentation of information in this site is wonderful! I know my students in grades 3-5 will find it very interesting.
Frances McEldowney, Little Falls, New Jersey [05-30-2000]

I have a question----Is the Flag lowered to half mast on Memorial Day till noon? I would like to have a reply. Thank you. Robert Pickard
Robert Pickard, Apalachin, New York USA [05-30-2000]

I think Betsy Ross was a very important person in American history. Jist think about it what would happen if we didn't have our county's flag.
Lindsey, usa [05-30-2000]

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BuzzC, Lake City, FL [05-27-2000]

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I am a sixth grader who visited the Betsy Ross in May 2000.
Danika N Davies, Virginia [05-27-2000]

Hi my name is Ricky. I have been a history fanatic since i was 8 when my grandmother took me 2 historical sites in philadelphia. My favorite of all the places though was the Betsy Ross house! I have studied everything on Betsy Ross since then and now I am 12. What I wanted 2 know is where was Betsy Ross's first husband John Ross buried at? pleae email me back bye
Ricky, Sewell,NJ [05-27-2000]

Betsy Ross...definitely the most important woman in the history of the Republic.
Robert E. Hope, Strongsville, OH [05-27-2000]

Amy, New York [05-27-2000]

i want to know what she did and send me it are write it.
Angel Gonzalez, lorain ohio whittier middle school [05-27-2000]

your house is beautiful!! it's alittle plain. so why did you make the flag for so little money? was that a lot back then. why wasn't your name on the flag.
rebecca collett, lorain,ohio44055 united states of america. [05-27-2000]

I just wanted to say what up Mercedes is in the house!
Mercedes Shonnay McLemore, Lorain,ohio 44053 [05-27-2000]

Your house is bueatiful! Just a question for you why are you reconized for making a flag and Mary Pickersgill was not? I really think that is wack!!
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rebecca collett, lorain, ohio 44055 [05-27-2000]

Hope to get back to you.People could learn a lot if they would just take the time to read,and maybe they would learn a little more about the "FLAG" I did two tours in Vietnam,and the Flag Means a whole lot to me.Thank you for the time to let me write on your web site. From The Old Critter:Tom Hebert Vietnam Vet:65-66-68-69
Thomas Robert Hebert, Port Richey,Fla Pasco Country [05-27-2000]

I'm teaching a primary (For Church)class of about 30 children. I kneed to know about Betsy Ross and the flag. this was a great help. thank-you.
Phyllis Taylor, Maryland [05-27-2000]

My dad and I used this homepage for my school report on Betsy Ross. I learned alot. Thank you
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Thank you for helping me with my school project and I liked the picture of the "The Birth of Our Nation's Flag"
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It was a pleasure to view your tour. I came away with a better understanding of Betsy Ross' life.
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Iloved what she did
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thanks for making this web site....i really wanted to thank i have found more information about BetsY ROSS. pana
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can you help me find a SC confederate flag website where I can print one for my school project. I am in third grade at Gateway Elementary School in Travelers Rest SC Thanks! Austyn
austyn mcgroarty, Travelers Rest , SC 29690 [05-27-2000]

I came on this website for research at first, When I saw all this information I thought I might burst, Now I know about Betsy's House, In the house they don't have a mouse, Because of her height I think she got cursed
Allison Galer [05-27-2000]

ERIK FLORES AND STUPID JOSEPH, perris california [05-27-2000]

I think it is great to have a betsy ross page! I just recently learned I am distantly related to her!
Lane, usa [05-27-2000]

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born in the usa and proud of it!!!
Laurie, Phoenix, Arizona [05-27-2000]

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I was doing a project on Betsy Ross for school. I was thankful of this website because it gave me much of the needed information. You have done a great job on it and I personally don't think it needs any improvements or additions. Thank you so much, she was truly an amazing person with many accomplishments.
Anna, South Carolina [05-27-2000]

Hey i went to this website to look for pics of philly for school! well thanx ~Alexandra
Alex [05-27-2000]

I ride a Gold Wing motorcycle and wish to display the American flag along with others. Which side of the motorcycle should the flag be mounted on. It will be at the rear of the bike so does it still get mounted on the right side or should it be on the left since it is on the rear of the bike. Flag etiquette says it should be mounted on the right fender of a motorcar but doesn't specify front or rear nor does it mention motorcycles. Thanks for any help here.
Michael Burn, Jacksonville, FLA [05-27-2000]

Emily [05-27-2000]

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I recently had to do a project for school about the bill of rights and relized how important is to us and how our rights are slowly begging to fade away from us thanks to the government (the same people who first developed these rights)I as an american citizen feel very strongly about this issue now thanks to my social studies teacher Mr. Lauris. I would just like to say thanks to him for opening my eyes to this issue. Please send me a thank you letter addressed to my teacher Mr. Lauris thanking him for being a good teacher and helping his students realize how important the bill of rights are and if we don't act soon they could be taken away from us all together.THANK YOU. Bryan Irwin
Bryan Irwin, 82 muddy creek church rd. denver ,P.A. 17517 [05-27-2000]

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wilma pierce, mt.sterling,ohio [05-27-2000]

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I am doing research for an article in an Assisted Living Facility. It will be published in their June Edition for Flag Day. The info on this site was very helpful Thanks
Fay Llewellyn, East Brunswick,NJ,USA [05-27-2000]

I liked the virtual tour. I'm doing a report on her and I might use it as part of my visual aide. I've found a lot of information on her she's a really great person and it's nice you have saved the housefor people to come and see.
Lori Zimmerman, Charlevoix,Michigan [05-27-2000]

Shellie Guy, ca [05-27-2000]

do u believe betsy ross really made the usa flag??
Carrie, none availible [05-27-2000]

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My daughter is presenting a speech on "Why I'll be true to the red, white, and blue" this July in Knoxville, TN. She is entering a Pre-Teen America National Scholarship Competition among 200 girls ages 7-12. Your web site was very helpful. If she wins the speech competition we will write you once more. Thank you, Penny Harrigill
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i am a decendent of john claypoole. the e was dropped off the end of the name to claypool. would you email me if you have any information on him or besty that i would not find in books. thank you nancy
NANCY ARNSDORFF, morris,il [05-27-2000]

yoyo, Winnie, TX [05-27-2000]

this internet site is a site to to remember!i like the tour of the house,and it gives me essential information for my georgia studies paper
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I and my class will be the Betsy Ross house on May 19,2000
Emilee Malloy [05-27-2000]

i found this web quite informing and helpful since i was doing a project with my grandaughter for school thank you d. brady
daniel e brady, philadelphia pennsylvania [05-27-2000]

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I am bringing my wonderful 5th graders to Philadelphia on May 19, 2000. Your website made a great pre-visit activity--thank you! I know some of them will stop in Betsy Ross' house. I'll definitly stop in, too! Thank you, P. Byrnes
Pat Byrnes, York, PA [05-27-2000]

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I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross. I want to know what her favorite food was. Can you help me?
Julianna, pa [05-27-2000]

My family has an American flag with 39 stars on it, yet "The Flags Facts and Timeline" does not list a year for a 39 star flag. Do you have any history about this flag?
Peggy Clark, Chicago, IL [05-27-2000]

i saw the betsey ross house on a school trip and it was the best. but i don't understand why u had all the glass doors
natalie, usa [05-27-2000]

I am a Kindergarten teacher. Betsy Ross is one of the famous Americans we have to teach our students about. This site was a big help!
Dina Rieley, Troutville, VA [05-27-2000]

This is a very interesting site. I really enjoyed it!
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i onley cam here because i needid to do a report on betsy roos and now i really like doing my reports now and if i need info i come here sind Heath Gordon of portland,ore
Heath gordon, portland,ore [05-27-2000]

I really like this site!!!
Randi Hammer, Grand Rapids Michigan [05-27-2000]

Kari Wood, Albany, GA [05-27-2000]

Hi, I visited your website and found much information regarding our National Flag. Strangely, I could find nothing denoting what gold fringe has to do with the flag. Under Title 4 US. Code I see the following, "Placing of fringe on the national flag, the dimensions of the flag, and arrangement of the stars are matters of detail not controlled by statute, but within the discretion of the President as commander-in-chief of the army and navy. Is this because most of us are citizens of the National Govt. in lieu of being citizens of the sovereign states? National citizens are citizens of the District and are governed by the will of Congress (ARticle I, Section 8, Clause 17.)and the President again as commander-in-chief of the army and navy. Gosh! according to this and US Senate Report 93-549 we are under MARTIAL LAW! And most of us just thought it was a decorative flag!@!!!!!
Don Sykes, Raleigh, N.C. [05-27-2000]

Linda Kubina, Murrieta, California [05-27-2000]

I attend meetings monthly where the flag is displayed and then presented to a place of honor in the room. We have always been told that while the flag is being marched to it's place, we are not to sing, just stand at attention with our hand over our hearts. Singing may be done at the end of the meeting, when the flag is being returned to it's original place in the room. I cannot find anything about not singing in your information. Is this proper etiquette, or maybe just something someone within our organization came up with? I would appreciate any information.
Barbara Burleigh, Tacoma, WA [05-27-2000]

Hi nice web site! It helped me a lot for my report for Mrs.McPherson. Thanks I enjoyed exploring it!!!
Jennifer Ruth Hawkins, Denver City, Texas 79323 [05-27-2000]

I really loved the tour of Betty Ross house.
Lauren, Peaque,Pa [05-27-2000]

I love the American Flag and everything it stands for. Im glad I found this site, and realy liked the "star in one snip" trick.
John Anthony, Brownwood, Texas [05-27-2000]

i need to thank my mom for finding this page so now i con finish my book report.
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I am working on thr Revolutionary war
Kelly Nuechterlein, Nj [05-27-2000]

My dad fought in the end of world war two. You won't believe the day he was born... JULY 4, 1929
A. N., california [05-27-2000]

Michael Adams, phildelpjia,PA [05-27-2000]

betsy ross is cool she was very patriotic by making the first flag
Bryce walsh, colts neck,NJ [05-27-2000]

Daughter of Maxwell Chreene and Verna Mae Broussard. Maxwell is son of Jackson "Happy" Chreene and Ima Burkett, Choctaw, Cherokee, Irish bloodline, North Louisiana
Suzi Ann Chreene, P.O. Box 12, Lydia, LA 70569 [05-27-2000]

Lauren, Washington [05-27-2000]

Thank you for the great information on Betsy Ross! I plan to use it for my memories group at the nursing home where I am an activity director. My residents love history and this site is great, just what I needed. Thanks again!
Anna L. Cavalli, Limon, Colorado [05-27-2000]

I have a partial family tree of a Micah Ross (dob 17xx) married to a Sarah Davis, five of his sons moved to Pike county Ill and settled around Atlas. He had a grandson Named Thomas Jefferson Ross. I don't know if this bracnh of the family was any direct relation to Betsy, but would be happy to foward what I have if your group would like to see it and check into any connection.
John R. Coffelt, Broken Arrow, Ok [05-27-2000]

Have faith in our flag and our youth. Information gathered here was on behalf of my 9yr old granddaughter. Out of res-pect, devotion and love for her deceased grandfather. In lieu of Memorial day 2000, the 20 years of naval experience that her papa gave she wanted to share her love of him and country with her class. As well as the history of the flag presented to him upon his retirement. Thank you Tiana, GRANDMA IS PROUD OF YOU.
Karolee A Voss, Fullerton, CA, USA [05-27-2000]

thaddeus thompkins [05-27-2000]

Great Web site teaching grand children about the flag this sunday. Your web site and others like it make me proud to be an American Thanks! The info will be a big help.
Warren Danne Hughes, Centerville,Utah [05-27-2000]

Your website is very informative and I visit often. Thanks A Million Betsy Ross House!!!
Angelo Guercio, Homestead, Florida USA [05-27-2000]

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You have a very impressive and educational site. I wonder if she ever had an inkling of the significance of her work.
Fred Sheely, Umatilla, OR [05-27-2000]

wesley, stanley va. [05-27-2000]

Tony Wilson, Spotsylavania, Virginia [05-27-2000]

I love Betsy Ross!
Rachael Lohrum, Wilmington,OH 45177 United States [05-27-2000]

ben walploe is skinny and i only found this cite because i used a search engine that found his name on the guest list.
Robert, cincinnati [05-27-2000]

Amber, Ohio [05-27-2000]

my daughter vanity has done a book report on betsy and is now doing a research paper on her. not very many books about her life in the library. this web site has much more. i also did a book report on betsy ross when i was younger and i selected her for her reports.
rosie barrientes, san antonio, tx bexar [05-27-2000]

I am a history teacher and my 8th grade class is trying to figure out where there are places that the American Flag is never taken down. We have five: Are these accurate and if so are there any more? Moon Betsy Ross' Home Iwo Jima Memorial Arlington Cemetary Pearl Harbor
Dan Callahan, Pelham New York [05-27-2000]

I just returned from Philadelphia/ Yeasterday,I am on Aweelchair,I wanted to go to Bettys Home,They told Me there are no ramps to get into Her Home, Why not?DO NOT people think Didabled Love The History of America too. It seemes to Me People who walk Tink we Desabled are freeks, NOW Adays They can put Ramps in Buildings and still not reck any thing, Don Ford
Donald P, J,Ford, Ashland,Pa,17921 [05-27-2000]

Brandy, palmerton, pa [05-27-2000]

Tarese, Miami [05-27-2000]

I have searched and searched and cannot find what I am looking for!! I know when and where Betsy Ross died but my question is, how did she die? Any information that you could forward on this subject would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
John Mawhinney, Natick, Massachusetts [05-27-2000]

Hey! My name is Isabell and I'm realeted to Besty Ross. Wheather you beleive me or not I don't care b/c it doesn't change who I am. I want to tell you some thing that is not about Besty. Even if other people don't beleive you or want you to be like somebody else you don't need to change unless your attuide is bad. Issi P.S. Don't change who you are for others
Isabell James, Why should I tell you??? [05-27-2000]

THANK YOU for what your Website is doing. It's very important that citizens, young and old alike, get the facts about their Country's heritage! I've bookmarked this site...Keep up the good work.
Claudia Gill, Lamar, Colorado [05-27-2000]

It was very informative for the biography I had to do for school.
Jennifer Cablanca, usa [05-27-2000]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross and your site really helped me out. The facts really helped.
Holly, Texas [05-27-2000]

Kay Light, Denton, Tx. [05-27-2000]

HEY! People Wuz Up?
Emily Tabor, Pikeville, TN, USA [05-27-2000]

thanks you helped me finish a report!!!!! thanxs!!!
cayla, united states, colorado, [05-27-2000]

Judi Driscoll, Tustin, California [05-27-2000]

katherine, brooklyn [05-27-2000]

Hi!! this site caught my eye the minute i got on to it.
Lizard Bergen, Columbia, SC [05-27-2000]

My daughter and I, along with several other friends, recently visited the Betsy Ross House in Philadelphia. As members of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, it was truly a priviledge to see this historic site. As a quilter, I also recognized Betsy's marvelous skills as a seamstress. Thank you for providing a living history site for America's children.
Karen Dickerman, E. Amherst, NY 14051 [05-27-2000]

Easu Saddler [05-27-2000]

I have to do a report on Besty Ross and any information you may have for this would be of great help. Thanks, MEgan
Megan Galvin, Waxhaw, NC. [05-27-2000]

I am very greatful that this was on the web. I have a friend here visiting and she wanted to see the Betsy Ross House and I wasn't sure of where it was. So this information is very helpful and now I can pretend to know where everything is, like i should have know before she came. haha thanks again for making me look good.
Sheila Pace, Philadelphia, PA [05-27-2000]

I was trilled to see this webpage!!!
lindsay, hampstead [05-27-2000]

i am doing a report on betsy ross
katie, irvine, ca usa [05-27-2000]

i wanted to know if you could send me things about the American Flag, because i am doin a research paper over this topic. Thanks a lot Nate.
nate, kokomo Indiana 46901 [05-27-2000]

Scoutmaster, Boy Scouts of America, Troop 725, St. Francis De Sales Parish, Tucson, Arizona, USA.
Jim Meister, Tucson, Arizona, USA [05-27-2000]

I was pretty sure of the proper way to dispose of the American Flag, and where it was flown 24 hrs a day. Your site confirmed it, many thanks.
Thomas R. Balstad Jr., West Warwick, RI [05-27-2000]

Jordan Sickman [05-27-2000]

DEREK RODRIGUEZ, barstow, ca [05-27-2000]

wOw! YOU HAVE ALOT OF INFO! i am doing a report on betsy ross for school she was a good person
amira, st louis [05-27-2000]

I am part of a team planning a training session based on "tool kits" which will be on Flag Day. I appreciate the information you have on this website.
Diane E. Lee, Indianapolis, Indiana [05-27-2000]

I NeEd MoRe InFo. On ThE lIfE oF BeTsY RoSs
Amy, MiChIgAn [05-27-2000]

I think this is a wonderful site to visit, and can help you a lot on reports. So thankyou so much for making this homepage.
Jessica Sickman, McKinney, Texas [05-27-2000]

Interesting, am designing and making a quilt depicting women in our American history and of course Betsy Ross is one of those women. Need historical info on all of the women.
Jacqué J Holmes, Big Bear Lake CA [05-27-2000]

i love this home page
Taylor Noggle, annville pa [05-27-2000]

betsy rocks!!!!!!!!!!
CC billner, brewster NY [05-27-2000]

yall have a good website keep up the telling of a wonderful history story yall teached me so much and now i can tell the story to other people orur history needs to live......... stephanie
stephanie canard, 925 queen st.n st.pete fla [05-27-2000]

Hey you people out there i dont know who i am writing to but i am in class doing some weird assignment and i thought i would write to you all !!! hi
Sharon Pflaumer, St.Petersburg, Fl [05-27-2000]

i love this site it heped me with my school work......... thank you , stephanie canard
stephanie canard, 935 queen st.north st.pete,fla 33713 [05-27-2000]

I need more pictures of Betsy Ross and I also need more pictures of The Betsy Ross Flag because I am doing a report. PLEASE HELP!
Kim, nj [05-27-2000]

I hope to use this info in a story that i am writing.
Rachel Dix, Ohio [05-27-2000]

Thank you for the tour, it was very excitng and informative. I visited here for my grandson who choose as his school project, "The State Flag." Again, many thanks; I got much more than I anticipated. "I" didn"t know _half that much about our Unted States and all that went into the making of "Old Glory."
Lynda Howie, Cleveland, Tennessee [05-27-2000]

I have a good question Why did Betsy Ross decide to make the flag and why? Please write me back so I can do a report on her as soon as possible bye melissa
Melissa Ray Millward, Fort Collins, Colorado USA [05-27-2000]

Hi i just looked at this page because I had a book report on Betsy I just wanted to say this page is wonderful
Ashley, United States [05-27-2000]

anna dilorenzo [05-27-2000]

tim, chaipan [05-27-2000]

TYLER DUSTIN, motgomery county [05-27-2000]

Do you have anything theat Betsy actually said?
none, none [05-27-2000]

I sang about Betsey Ross at My music concert.
Ashley Stewart, Lakeville, MN [05-27-2000]

your web site has been very helpful exspesoly on my senior project thanks
jennifer elliott, fostoria ohio [05-27-2000]

This web page is so cool. I am doing my book report on Betsy Ross so this is great!!
Kasie Lynch, Albuquerque, NM [05-27-2000]

I feel that Betsy Ross is a wonderful hisyorical figure to represent. She is a person who helped uor nation and in some way kept it united.
Regina, New York, N.Y. [05-27-2000]

crystal [05-27-2000]

My granddaughter is doing a report on Betsy Ross for her school. It was great to found all this information for her. The pictures were wonderful. Maybe one day we can visit her home in person. I wish we had more people like her today that would be willing to do more for our country.
Regina Radvany, Richmond, Virginia [05-27-2000]

I'm doing a Report and so far this has helped alot!! Thanx
Maggie, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania [05-27-2000]

This is tight!!!!!!
Maria Suarez, Ykima Washington USA [05-27-2000]

I am a member of the American Legion Auxiliary Unit 51 in Oakland. I am searching for a book re: flag etiquette and history to donate the Library, for their adopt a book program, from the Legion Auxiliary. Can you help with info as to where and what to purchase? Thank you.
Deborah Stevens, Oakland, Me. 04963 [05-27-2000]

Ann Turner, Slidell, Louisiana [05-27-2000]

what an awesome web tour! i'm helping my daughter find a notable woman from history to do a research paper on thank you for all the great info.
LInda Burnell, Standish, Maine [05-27-2000]

im doing a report on Besty Ross and wanted so infomation
laura, california [05-27-2000]

I think all of us as Americans need to spend more time with our children teaching them the great history of our country and our flag. The flag of our country is our treasure and there is nothing that can equal it. I thought about how beautiful it was when it was placed over my father's coffin.Thank you for this web page. It is a very good thing for people to show and express how they feel being an American.
Jo Ruth Winitsky, Athens, Tennessee [05-27-2000]

I would like to see you at our play about Betsy Ross.see you later!
cassandra and Jasmyne, mound school [05-27-2000]

in what year did the american flag have 28 stars; what states were represented at that time, and is there a value for a 28 star american flag.
PAT [05-27-2000]

michelle [05-27-2000]

egan Ritchey [05-27-2000]

I enjoyed my tour, and hope to visit next year.
cathy thompson, kent.england [05-27-2000]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross.Thanks for the great info!
Ashley Baynard, Trappe M.D. U.S. [05-27-2000]

buddie drone, 1822 broad st,culpeper va 22701 [05-27-2000]

I'm doing a school report on Betsy Ross , thanks for the info
Stone , Margaret, Maine , USA [05-27-2000]

My daughter had Betsy Ross as a project for school. This site helped with the one thing we could not find, and that was a picture of her. Thanks for all the help. K
Kathy Persson, Croydon, PA [05-27-2000]

I have found this information very educational.
Frances Stitz, Benton,Pa. [05-27-2000]

KATRINA EDDY, marietta,oh washington county career center [05-27-2000]

I am a relative of Betsy's 3rd husband John Claypoole.
Delores Rutschman-Hiebert, Towanda, Kansas 67144 [05-27-2000]

I thought learning about Betsy Ross was really cool. And I really enjoyed the virtual tour of her house.
Stephanie FArish, Irving,Tx United States [05-27-2000]

Hello. I am on a mission in Cyber Safari here, so I will make it short. Yes, I am Fay of Water, and my friends are fayes, too. Although, some of my friends are creatures that cannot be named. Creatures, people do not know exsist. But they do. So you will have to excuse me, I must be going with my mission. Thanx.
0sera, Fay of Water; Member of FoN, Manhattan, New York [05-27-2000]

Charles Kennedy- [05-27-2000]

Researching flag depicted in Archibald M. Willard's painting "The Spirit of '76".
Richard C. Lucas, Houston, TX [05-27-2000]

I'd like to copy the poem about the flag found in notes and quotes. I'm doing a play in June on the history of the flag and this poem is perfect. Can I use it and who wrote it. I'd like to give them credit. Thank you. Patricia Thompson
Patricia Thompson, Queensbury, New York [05-27-2000]

I had to look at this for school, otherwise i wouldn't have looked up Betsey Ross for any reason.
Julie Stapletom, Idaho [05-27-2000]

Hi! I was wondering how a woman in the 1700's could be involved in the war it was sort of a let down that all she did was sow.
Ofri Oren, ca [05-27-2000]

Hi,I am flag Chairman for My NSDAR Chapter and I am looking for material to do a program on the Flag for our Chapter mtg in May.I am past Regent also. This is a great site.Thank you,Charlotte P Stevens
Charlotte P Stevens, Columbia Cr.Rds.Pa.UUSA [05-27-2000]

Darla Freeman, Butler, Oh [05-27-2000]

Katie Hays [05-27-2000]

C Tanner, Yuma AZ [05-27-2000]

Great website!
Ann L. Huff, Bolivar, Ohio 44612 [05-27-2000]

betsy griscom ross did a good job in her life
Melanie, Washington [05-27-2000]

Hey Danielle Here no clue why I am doing this !! B96 ROKS
Danielle, Chicago [05-27-2000]

We visited Betsy Ross House on Thursday, April 20 as part of an assignment for school. I really enjoyed learning about how Betsy Ross helped the people in the war and also the designing of the flag.
Amanda Votel, Philadelphia, PA [05-27-2000]

I spent 20 years in the US Army under the United States Flag, and at 58 years old I still get a charge when I see it flying.
Robert P. McConnell Jr., Hephzibah, GA 30815-6432 USA [05-27-2000]

I really enjoyed your web site. It's a good place to go to learn about a piece of history. Thank you for the different parts of knowledge on OUR history of the flag.
Richard Cavanna, Amston, Connecticut [05-27-2000]

I had a report to do on Betsy Ross, and now I have all the info I need.
Constance [05-27-2000]

I was born in Ocean City, New Jersey - lived there and in Millville, N.J. until 1956 when I left to go to college in Ill. My birthday is June 14 - thus my middle name. My e-mail address stands for Ocean City and Betsy Ross - because of my birth date. My sister belongs to a women's club which is putting on a program in July called "Patriots in Petticoats". One woman will portray Betsy Ross and your site was a great help in researching so that I could write a 3-4 min. talk for that lady. Thanks so much!
Maris June Ayers, Clearwater, Florida [05-27-2000]

Megan Stankey, Byron Center, MI [05-27-2000]

I am proud to be part of this heritage of valor.
Colton X. Pollas, West Hempstead, New York [05-27-2000]

Thank you for this wonderful site. I will be using the information in connection with a Junior Girl Scout Badge (Junior Citizen).
Michelle Dean, Florida [05-27-2000]

i really like this! it is going to help me a lot on my research paper i have to do in my history class. if you have anywhere else i can find info. about her please tell me i would appreciate it a lot. thanks
Nery, reseda california [05-27-2000]

I was doing a report for school on Betsy Ross. The book I was given had some information, but not enough to complete my report. I came on this site and got everything I needed! Thanks a bunch!
Sara, Jacksonville, Florida [05-27-2000]

Betsys da bomb!
Jolene, mn [05-27-2000]

will rudasill, reisterstown md [05-27-2000]

I was reading a book about Betsy Ross and the flag and I thought that I would visit a site on her to see of I could find some information on her. Great job on the website its Wonderful! God bless you guys! -Elizabeth Chaffin
Elizabeth Chaffin, Cleveland, Georgia [05-27-2000]

Timothy Daley, Philadelphia, PA [05-27-2000]

Ashley erney [05-27-2000]

You have a very nice cite. It was easy to find information. It was very organized too. So Great Job!!!
Melissa Curran, Lisbon, Ohio,United States [05-27-2000]

Ithink that the Betsy Ross home page is great. I did a book report on her. She is fun to reaserch her. I like to come on the web page. Ithink shes a great person. She did a good job on the flag. She is a good artist.
Erica Salley, Covington Lousiana [05-27-2000]

I find it interesting that Betsy Ross is still known by her first husband's name, even after his death. Perhaps it was history and not Betsy...I enjoyed learning about Betsy Ross.
Susan Benjamin, Troy, NY [05-27-2000]

this was a realy good site
Heather Rickman, yakima,wa [05-27-2000]

who are the two women that made the "star spangle banner"
DANIEL DEPOZO, san diego ca. [05-27-2000]

This website has great information. I had to do a speech about Betsy Ross and this site told me everything. THANX ~Jessie~
Jessie, Sacramento, CA [05-27-2000]

just finished a report on Betsy Ross. What an amazing woman ! She did a lot for our country by designing our flag I think she is a great role model. Right on Betsy !!! :) Take care, Christina age 10 :)
Christina, Port St. Lucie Fl. [05-27-2000]

I like HORSES!
Lizzie Hebel, Kentukey [05-27-2000]

Lizzie Hebel [05-27-2000]

i liked the flag
sheira, louisiana [05-27-2000]

kelly [05-27-2000]


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