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I am doing a report on the U.S. flag.Thanks for all the information. Sarah age 9
Sarah Parker, Wyoming, IL 61491 [04-17-2000]

Danielle, usa [04-17-2000]

I need more information on the flags.
Matt Gryskewicz, Pittsburgh PA [04-17-2000]

Lisa Marie Layden [04-17-2000]

this is helpful!!!!
anonymous [04-17-2000]

Great site! I was looking for the correct way to dispose of a flag. How is this done? Thank you.
Marianna Leone, Romney, WV [04-17-2000]

I had an independant project due and this site helped me get an A+! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR ALL OF THE VALUBLE INFO THANKS!!!!!!! HIL
Hilary, Naug CT [04-17-2000]

i want to see bestesy ross house
anonymous [04-17-2000]

Kayla Ann Zambiasi [04-17-2000]

Jessica Lapinsky [04-17-2000]

I am in the US Navy and have been for for more than 20 years. My military reguriments tell me that while on active duty and in civilian clothes during the national anthem I should remove my head gear if wearing any and stand at attention facing the flag or if the flag is not visible face the music. Do not place my hand over my heart. Can you provide more information? At anyrate thanks for the page. V/r, Jim North
James M. North, St Marys, Ga. [04-16-2000]

This is a great tribute to Betsy Ross and the American Flag. God Bless You Sheila Olivieri, President Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1966 Auxiliary
Sheila D. Olivieri, Fort Lauderdale, FL [04-16-2000]

I am John Holbrook
John Hollbrook, Virgina [04-16-2000]

Great Web Site Perfect for my social studies lessons about the birth of our country.
Sue Anderson, Lindenhurst, Il [04-16-2000]

I love this site and may god bless you and keep up the good work
Johnny Seay, Teaticket,Mass [04-16-2000]

I remember visiting the Betsy Ross house when I was a young boy at the end of WWII while visiting relatives in Philidelphia.
William Powell, Ogden, Utah [04-16-2000]

I have a big project due soon, and this site helped me out alot, thankyou
katie, STonyBrook, NewYork [04-16-2000]

my son is in the 2nd grade and is learning about the flag. he asked his teacher ehat the stripes represent and his teacher said thet they stand for more than 1 thing. the onlty thing that he could remember is that they stand for the 13 continents. if you know what else they represent could you please e-mail me back so that i canshare this with his class and teacher. thank you for your time and effort. sincerely, crista hathaway
CRISTA HATHAWAY, santa barbara,ca [04-16-2000]

i luv betsy.....I AM HER LONG LOST SISTER/J/K
kristina, brick,nj [04-16-2000]

Lindsay, nj [04-16-2000]

I am very gald you all have a homepage for Betsy Ross or my brother couldn't do his project. Thanks again. I even learned something. Sincerely, The Black
Tiffany and Russ Black, Charlotte, NC North Carolina [04-16-2000]

I am going to visit in a few days.
JUlia Waldby, New York [04-16-2000]

kim [04-16-2000]

Hi. I think that it is so cool that Betsy and I have the same name (If you haven't noticed my name is Betsy too!). I found your site when I was looking for some info on Betsy for a S.S. report in school. This has relly helped me because all of the books in the libary are cheked out exsept 1.
Betsy Shaffer, Carlise, PA, USA [04-16-2000]

Disturbed by a percieved decline in patriotism, I chair a Rotary Club program to construct a 78 foot maritime style flagpole in our small tourist town.( Lake Tahoe, CA..)
Ray Jones, Tahoe City, CA [04-16-2000]

I love the way you guyz wrote the topics for this page they are awesome. I wanted to put that on my report but I can't. But that is ok! Well bye visit lata!
Amy Fabritz, Eastampton, NJ [04-16-2000]

Lilly Thompson, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles,CA, USA [04-16-2000]

i loved the betsy ross house
LAUREN, new jersey [04-16-2000]

detrice ross [04-16-2000]

I recently was given a framed print. Upon closer examination I realized that it is a "thank you" from the American Flag House and Betsy Ross Memorial Association. It is a copy of the Weisgerber painting, the copyright is 1903 and it is numbered 30765. It was given to my great aunt, Margaret Violette Schmeltzer of Chester, PA. Can you give me additional information about this print? Thank you.
Margaret Schmeltzer, Annapolis, Maryland [04-16-2000]

I am 11 years of age and I visited this site because I am going to do my fifth grade project on her. we have to do a wax museum and dress up as her i am really wanted to know if any body could send me more information on her i need to know what she looks like and i have to write a 8 page paper on her so i need some more info or can you recomend any sites i can visit go to. sincerly Kylie
Kylie, Longview Washington [04-16-2000]

hello i would like to know more about betsy rose.
kiley whitehead, mossouri [04-16-2000]

roechelle [04-16-2000]

i love your house! stacey hook
STACEY HOOK, pgh,pa,9,4gr [04-16-2000]

HI I think that she is a good women.
Heather, plattsburgh [04-16-2000]

when did you get married
Britani Cureton, East Haven, Ct [04-16-2000]

Princess, Compton [04-16-2000]

I appreciate your patriotism to the American flag. It's great that you have so much information on Betsy Ross.
Anna Glasgow, alabama [04-16-2000]

My Forth grade class is doing a Wax Museum. I am Betsey Ross.
Sheree Ward, Harrisonburg, VA [04-16-2000]

My daughter is lerning a lot about the amirac and the flagf in her kindergarten class, your site help me know , learn and be able to discuss with her the history of the flag. Queston though, i am looking for the words to the songs about the flag, old glory american red white and blue, can you help with a web site tht may have that music and lyrics for songs about and written for our great american flag? Thanks for your help, sincerely, joy paul
joy paul, tucson,az [04-16-2000]

I have an old 48 star flag from my great grandma. I would like to know all there is to know about this flag. Is it worth preserving or should it be properly disposed of since it can not be on a pole or anything? Debbie
Debbie Kalinoski, Hillsboro, Oregon [04-16-2000]

Was she the best women?
Tahuriah, Texas [04-16-2000]

lots of info. for book report.
lawrence j. franz sr, shenandoah pa [04-16-2000]

LISA MARIE LAYDEN, kenilworth nj 07033 [04-16-2000]

i'm from colombia, south america happy to be embrace by the greatest country in the whole world i love the american flag, my aparment is decorated with american colors, but i'm missing a replica of the first flag(13 colonies in circle). i'd like to get one how do i do it?please e-mail back. thanks., regards george.
GEORGE TRUJILLO, pensacola, florida [04-16-2000]

kaitie [04-16-2000]

We are Bradford fifth graders, We are wondering if you would help us find information about Besty Ross. from Lacey and Shelly
LACEY AND MICHELLE ROSS, Bradford, Illinois [04-16-2000]

may she forever wave, no other flag looks better waving in the wind,then the united states flag.
gary smissen@.ON LINE, fullerton,california [04-16-2000]

paige bank, rockaway,nj 07866 [04-16-2000]

hi this is melissa. i am using your website for information on betsy ross because of a big reaserch paper that i am doing on her. i am only in 5th grade and i am already doing term papers. thanks for the info.
melissa, lake worth florida [04-16-2000]

What a steaming load of offal! Is it necessary to accuse anyone who prefers the written historical record (that Frances Hopkinson designed the flag) to questionable oral tradition of sexism and classism? That's pretty low, but I suppose at $2/head you need a 'bona fide' first to keep the herds coming. I was especially amused that you have a paragraph stating B. Ross' life was one of 'adversity', while at the same time noting her church pew was near Washington's (which was actually that of the Powel family, friends of the Washingtons). Those pews in Christ Church were rented by the year, and weren't cheap. Ross lived into her 80s at a time when the average life expectancy in the city was less than half that. That doesn't suggest 'adversity.' The assertion that Quakers can't lie was also highly amusing. And her husband did die in a munitions explosion- but tell me, what sort of Quaker guards a munitions factory, or designs a war banner, or gets kicked out of the Friends? This sort of 'history' is a joke! A former Philadelphia tour guide,
Chris Randolph, philadelphia pa [04-16-2000]

I Need Info 4 a book report at school
Kathleen Dunn, Dothan, AL [04-16-2000]

I give walking tours of Oakland City Hall to school groups and others. The American flag, as well as the state and city flag wave proudly on our recently renovated and retrofited city hall (first high rise municipal city hall built in the country - 1914). FEMA paid most of the $80 million cost to repair our city hall which suffered damaged in the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake. Using base isolation technology (first existing landmark structure to employ this)our city hall can now withstand a 7.1 richter scale quake. For information on our tours - go to for description of tours or call (510) 238-3234. Would like to hear from others involved in heritage tourism. Annalee Allen
Annalee Allen, Oakland, CA [04-16-2000]

It was interesting to see the actual inside of her house. I was amazed that it was so tiny. I hope some day that I can take a tour of it. I'm doing a book report on Betsy Ross so this was helpful.
Laura Hirschfield, Washington, CT [04-09-2000]

I visited the Betsy Ross site for a school project. It was very helpful and informative.
Sara Jane Dunham, New Jersey [04-09-2000]

Never forget that you are an American. You can be from another country and you don't have to forget your Heritage but here you are an American which is a melting pot of many Nationalities. Saying that you are an Afro-America, German-American,ect. is redundant and sounds if you are not proud to be here in America which is still the greatest country in the world and if you think it isn't go to another country and see how many freedoms you have.
Carlton Lee Harbaugh, Maryland-Pennsylvania border not far from Gettysburg [04-09-2000]

Kids Prevention Club "Break The Cycle" P-LRE(Positive Law Related Experiences)Pilot Program [04-09-2000]

Todd [04-09-2000]

Love this site.
Georgia Hier, Phoenix, Arizona [04-09-2000]

Elizabeth Turney, 2 Bevin Blvd-East Hampton-ct,06424 [04-09-2000]

i really enjoyed this site it really helped me out on my research paper
kate, nj, usa [04-09-2000]

the web page was great! I loved it! I can not wait till I have a change to come see the house.
katherine wilson, Ocala, Fl [04-09-2000]

I'm a 4th. grade teacher and I would like to know the hours of operation . [04-09-2000]

i think you should have a lot more info on her achivements. but i also think your website is very interesting. it has helped me a lot on my shool work sometimes i even go on it on my owntime for fun. you should also have more interactive kind of things. sincerely, erik buehl
erik buehl, ottawa il [04-09-2000]

I think you should have more info on her adult hood and achievments it would be much more helpful
grant lewis, ottawa il [04-09-2000]

Dear Betsy Ross, I just love your web site.It's cool because I like your pictures. ctures.Why don't you have games? write me back. from,Annie
Annie Bextermueller, St.Charles MO 63301 [04-09-2000]

Hi, how are you? I`m fine if you ask. I love are flag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ashley elizabeth bates, MO. ST.Charles [04-09-2000]

hi how are you doing I wached a flag vidio and it said that Betsy Ross didn`t make the flag send me mail at jdecar1 bie
Jared Ealey, St. Charels M.O [04-09-2000]

I love you
April Rose Bruer [04-09-2000]

We used this website to help us with our 4th grade project. It was fun, interesting, and a great resource. Thank you.
G. W. Childs Elementary School, room 311, Philadelphia, Pa. [04-09-2000]

Last year in May we visited Philadelphia and were by Betsy Ross House on the Trolley Car Tour but they told us it was closed that day and we were only there that one day. I am very sorry we didn't get to go inside but touring it on the internet has been next best. Thank you for putting it on here.
Luella Phipps, El Dorado Springs, Mo [04-09-2000]

I visit this website to know about the american history and found it very informative for me.
Naeem Ashraf, Lahore, Pakistan [04-09-2000]

I found this site very informative. I am a Senior at Ohio University and am currently taking Teaching of Social Studies in the Elementary Classroom. I am doing a presentation on Betsy Ross. This site has been very hellpful in my research. Thank You, Jeanette McFann
Jeanette McFann, Pedro, Ohio United States [04-09-2000]

I Love Betsy Ross she is GREAT! I played Betsy Ross in a Christmas Play at my school and I enjoyed it a hole bunch. I love our U.S.A flag, I think Betsy Ross did a GREAT job. Well I love the United States Of America Flag that Betsy Ross Made. Truly, Danielle Stewart P.S. I love your web site too!
Danielle Stewart, Casper Wy [04-09-2000]

Tawny, anaheim,california [04-09-2000]

I just think this is a wonderful place to surf. I come often. "SMILE". Take care,CAROL
Carol, [04-09-2000]

Hi! I came here on this sight cause i am doing a report on Betsy Ross. I played her in a play before(it was fun). I came to this sight to get a tim line but I haven't found one yet so i will keep looking for it. Thanx!! Bye, Nichole
Nichole, Lebanon [04-09-2000]

Susan Weiss, Capron, IL [04-09-2000]

This website rocks!gxrv,ntrjhjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj
Rebecca Siegel, Wayn,Pa America [04-09-2000]

Marangelie Vega [04-09-2000]

I think this is a great website because I needed the info for a report I am doing on Betsy Ross!
Lauren, usa [04-09-2000]

I really appreciate you enjoying history as I do!!!
Christine Vong, Massachusetts [04-09-2000]

I am the Curator for The Historical Museum at St. Gertrude's near Cottonwood, Idaho. I have been doing some research on flags, in particular, looking for a 43 star flag. I first had to determine if one existed. By searching your site I located the "flag timeline" and found the answer. The 43rd star was added in 1890 (the same year Idaho became a state). Several things puzzled me though, North and South Dakota, Montana and Washington were also commerated by this flag, however, Wyoming was not, even though it was added to the Union only 7 days later than Idaho, July 10, 1890. So, perhaps someone can answer these questions for me... why wasn't Wyoming included and does anyone know where we can locate a 43 star flag for addition to our collection? Please respond to
S. Marsh, Cottonwood, Idaho [04-09-2000]

nice house and she made a great flag!!!!!!
STEVIE, colorado broomfield [04-09-2000]

Cindy Stuefer-Powell [04-09-2000]

I went to this page to do some reserch on Betsy Ross
Cory, Johnston RI [04-09-2000]

HI EVERYONE WHASUP!!!!!!!! ~Jessie~
Jessie, Sacramento, CA 95864 USA [04-09-2000]

Cynthia Biedermann, Brawley, Ca 92227 [04-09-2000]

hi Waz Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mallory, Portland [04-09-2000]

I am in 5th grade and working on an American Heritage notebook. I need to find a picture of the first colonial flag and write a short report on it. Can you help?
Sandy Ryan, Carrollton, MO [04-09-2000]

wade clauson, south berwick , me [04-09-2000]

thanks a lot for this web site because i had i report to do and this helped alot. From, Megan P.S. Thanks again for having this web site
Megan, long iland, new york,manorville. [04-09-2000]

Megan Becker [04-09-2000]

Kristina Stiltner, I have light brown I have brown eyes I live in Virginia I live up in 6and20 mile branchI live 2 miles up in 6and 20 i live in a gray and white house. [04-09-2000]

jason meeks [04-09-2000]

I love this web site! I seach a lot of informations about Independance Day in the United States, and I find this site which is very interesting. Thank you!!
LE FORESTIER Shirley, Cherbourg in Normandy, in FRANCE [04-09-2000]

My eight year old need something on the flag and I run upon this page. I think it is a very important subject and there ought to be more sites like this one that a child can learn more about the truth instead of junk. Thank you John
John H. Reed Sr., Roanoke, Va. 24012 [04-03-2000]

i am doing a report for 5th. grade on betsy ross.
CECILIA FELTS, colonial heights, va. [04-03-2000]

Loved visiting this site. I intend to visit the real place very soon. I had ancestors who were born in Philadelphia in 1830 and more that I have not yet tracked down who lived there during the revolution. Philadelphia is my #1 vacation destination. Thank you for the wonderful tour
Joy Firtell, Napa, CA [04-03-2000]

James Nathaniel Edward Adrian Byers [04-03-2000]

I love the web site. I am doing Betsy Ross as a school report. I need to know about her. I also need to know what she wore. Could you e-mail me back about that?
Heather Lynn Howlett, VB Vrgina [04-03-2000]

This site is good. As an educator, I found many interesting facts. It is also simple enough and nicely laid out for young students to view it. I appreciate that it is not very complicated. Pam Dittemore
Pam Dittemore, San Bernardino, CA USA [04-03-2000]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross for school. Your information was very helpful. Thank you for taking the time to put all this information together.
Danielle Hughes, Chesapeake, Virginia, USA [04-03-2000]

Martha and I present a program for museums, libraries, and schools Called the FReedom/Bells/Conncetion. The Liberty Bell rang (as the State House Bell) for many of our countries early clelbrations, like the unfurling of the flag. We would appreciate any ideas on new places where we can present this program and any info you may have on freedom especially as it related to because of one vote this was made possible (we speak English instead of German in the USA) Sincerely, Doug Martin
Douglas Martin, Hopewell Jct., NY [04-03-2000]

Ashley Nelson, usa [04-03-2000]

i love you guys. i'm your # one fan. i'm gunna so a flag just like u did in the olden days. i dress like you talk you and try my very best to be just like you in every other way as well, your truely melissa
melissa, tampa bay florida us of a [04-03-2000]

I like the way this page is put together. It is helping my 11 year old son write a paper on B. Ross. Thank you for the wonderful facts.
William R. Hill, Abbeville S.C. [04-03-2000]

Christina [04-03-2000]

Great site for school kids, Thanks.
Rich and Wesley Juchnewicz, Fairfax, VA [04-03-2000]

I am doing a book report on Betsy Ross.
Christiane [04-03-2000]

Pretty neat sight. Thnks for the help with my report.
Nikki Neitzke, Moving soon to Minnesota from Michigan [04-03-2000]

Kelly, New york,Shirley [04-03-2000]

I was really interested in the Betsy Ross House and Betsy Ross Memorial Association as I have a certificate apparently issued to a donor who contributed to the preservation of the Historic House etc. It was issued in 1899 and was signed by four very prominent individuals, one of whom was John Quincy Adams. I feel privileged to own this certificate and to know the history behind it. Being from a country where one is not allowed to show their patriotism towards their flag, I am honored to be able to honor the American Flag.
eileen kyle, lakeside, ca 92040 [04-03-2000]

This site is great for research
Kyle, clovis ca [04-03-2000]

dominique [04-01-2000]

i like all the stuff you have about her.
allison beale, abington mass [04-01-2000]

I love this homepage! See I'm doing a paper on Besty Ross and this has all the info I need! You really should make some more homepages like this. My teachers love it to. Thanks!
Serena E. Favor, Virouqa WI, 54665 [04-01-2000]

I read a book about Betsy Ross and I was just wondering when she was born and when died.
Laurette, Holmdel, NJ [04-01-2000]

Wondering about descendants of Betsy Ross.What was her ethnicity? My grgrgr Grandmother was named Martha Sophronia Etha Linda Ross. She was born in a covered wagon enroute to MN from MO., probably in the 1850's. She married George Shingledecker. I know nothing of her family. Please reply. Sincerely, Sonja Lende
Sonja Lende, Minneapolis,MN [04-01-2000]

This is a very interesting site. My son and I have been in here looking up various things he will need to know for his history class. They are now studing the Constitution. Thank you for the site, it was very helpful.
Melissa Dotson, Phelps, Kentucky [04-01-2000]

I am helping my son learn about the United States Flag and the Famous Woman who made it, Betsy Ross.
Chris Pena, Berwyn,Illinois, United States [04-01-2000]

Thanks for your help. I am "Betsy Ross" for a second grade class and your site is helping me put some interesting thoughts into their heads about her.
Joanne A Upham, Peabody, MA 01960 [04-01-2000]

it is very good information
lauren breaux, cincinnati,OH usa [04-01-2000]

Heather Bougher, Pennsylvania [04-01-2000]

Betsy Ross is a very boring person!!!
Lacie White, Acme, PA [04-01-2000]

sup everyone
vicki martinez, beverly ma united states [04-01-2000]

wutz up! homey g!!! g2g ba-bye!!
Denee Vadell, carlstadt n.j [04-01-2000]

Thanks a lot for the Betsy Ross Info that you gave me because i am doing a report on her and i really needed help. thanks alot
Tonya kunkle, Donegal, pa , america [04-01-2000]

We enjoyed your website!
Class of Mrs. Walburn, Chillicothe, ohio 45601 U.S.A. [04-01-2000]

This is great sight to look at. We study the women for March and Mrs. Ross was a favorite one.
Class of Mrs. Southworth, Chillicothe, Ohio 45601 U.S.A. [04-01-2000]

have an old flag with 45 stars wanted to know more about it.
lorna carter, walploe,ma. [04-01-2000]

Thank you for this interesting and beautiful site. It's important for our future to remember our past. You've done a fantastic job!
Julie Junod, Pocatello, ID, USA [04-01-2000]

im doing an essay on betsy ross, and from what ive learned...... she rocks!
Elana N. hansen, Kirkland, Washington, --------- U. S. A. !!!!!! [04-01-2000]

I am trying to find out how I am related to Betsy Ross. I have heard from three sources that she was related to canbys. One states she was a canby before she married(wrong by "her life"), another states that her grandfather was a Canby, and the last states that her grandson was a Canby. My family was part of the quakers(friends) in that area. I was wondering if I could get a pedigree of Betsy Ross. Thank You rich
Richard Canby, Cedar Rapids, Iowa [04-01-2000]

I am an artist. I've taken the liberty to paint a scene of a woman sewing the continental flag. It is quite colorful. At trhe present moment I have painted, Napoleon on Horseback, the blueboy, Pinky, Queen Bess, the spirit of 76', The Smiling Cavalier,Gen. Geotge S. Patton in front of a humoungus flag and Van Gough' Sunflowers. They are selling like hotcakes. The only difference is that, they have FROG HEADS on them. Betsy Ross (no disrespect intended) is the best one I've done yet. Thanks for the inspiration. Chuck
Chuck Scardina, Carmel, Ca. [04-01-2000]

You need to add more
Olivia, llinois [04-01-2000]

Your websight its so educational so interesting i found all of the awsers to my s-a on betsy ross on this sight thanks verry much Samantha herrera
Samantha, Gunter tx. [04-01-2000]

DAN ROSS, woodbury ct [04-01-2000]

Thanks. This site was very informative and helpful
cynthia dabbraccio, East haven, ct 06512 [04-01-2000]

Very well done and very informative
Bernard J. Fergus, Harrells(Bladen Co.) North Carolina [04-01-2000]

At school I am doing a report on Betsy Ross and The First American flag I am learning a lot about her. She is so interesting
Heather Bougher, Pennsylvania [04-01-2000]

abigail [04-01-2000]

I didn't know Betsy Ross made the first American flag.
Harry Ross, Ypsilanti MI [04-01-2000]

I'm at the website because Iam doing a report on Betsy Ross,and even though I am 13 I still enjoy learning about American History.
Jill Rishsew, Post Falls Idaho [04-01-2000]

Looking up some info on Betsy Ross for my son for a school project. I have been to Betsy Ross house in Philadelphia 2 years ago. Was a great experience!!!
Carolyn, La Mirada, California [04-01-2000]

Hello everyone!!! Im not just some nerd who goes 2 websites like this everyday i have 2 do a biography on Betsy Ross, i picked her because i appreciate that she sewed such a wonderful peoce of cloth that means much 2 all of us!! I am happy i picked her and im not emberrased. she is very speacial 2 me!! Bye From, Sarah
Sarah, ca [04-01-2000]

Lindsey [04-01-2000]

betsy i visited your page and will hope to have an important job like you and when i become a teacher we will learn how much you have done for our country
annetta, louisville kentucky [04-01-2000]

Karla Kimmel, Indiana [04-01-2000]

I was hoping to find some poems about our flag and Betsy Ross but the information here is good.
Casey [04-01-2000]

kati orgeron, san clemente CA 92672, U.S.A. [04-01-2000]

I am doing this for computer class because i didn't do it when they did it in class. I have iss it stands for in school suspension because of fighting
Alex Kissinger, Montgomery, Pennsylvania [04-01-2000]

Hi! Like the site
Sara, usa [04-01-2000]

When she was young was she famous?
Mike Thurman, Jutice,Illinois,United states [04-01-2000]

To Betsy Ross if I was Like you I would be famous I would have every thing I want.
marshira henderson [04-01-2000]

regina moore, newport ri [03-27-2000]

chan [03-27-2000]

I like to reaserch people. This is one of the greatest section in this netscape. Thanks, Anabel
Anabel Diaz, Mabton WA. [03-27-2000]

Erin McCarthy, W. Caldwell, NJ [03-27-2000]

The Virginia Standards of Learning require our first graders to recognize Betsy Ross as the person who made the first flag. Our second graders are reviewing this and were able to view your site on the internet. Thank you very much.
Mrs. Cornwell's class, Pearisburg, Va. [03-27-2000]

I go to Eton School in Bellevue and I am making a poster about Betsy Ross for school. Thank you for a very useful website!
Owen James, Woodinville Washington [03-27-2000]

Loved the way you put the hyperlinks into a flag design on your homepage.
Ramona Norman, Indiana [03-26-2000]

I like Betsy Ross......
Emily O'Donnell, Frederick, Maryland [03-26-2000]

The information I found for my grandaughter's school project were wonderful, most informative and quite exciting to find out all the little tidbits you never knew about, such as when different states were added to the flag. She brought a trivia game she mad up about all of this information and played a game with her classmates. Her teacher was most impressed...I thank you very much. Nancy
Nancy, Springfield, MA [03-26-2000]

The flag means my freedom and it stands for all the brave men and women that made our freedom possible. It really makes me mad when people down our flag, our country, and the military, if it wasn't for them we wouldn' have our freedom for any thing that we have. My father served in the Army National Guard for 30 1/2 years, my husband has been in the Army National Guard for 20 1/2 years, and our son has been in the Army National Guard for almost 3 years. We are proud to be Americans. We are Proud to be in a country that we can Serve our God.
Patricia Lejsek, Silverhill,Al (USA) [03-26-2000]

I really enjoyed your web site and I might come again! Bye!
Kasey Knoell, Brigantine, NJ [03-26-2000]

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Breana S., Erie,pa-USA [03-26-2000]

i think that betsy ross is reaily cool. i can not beleve that there was 14 flags befor we had 50 stars. i am doing a report on flag history . i hop that i get a good grade on it. thanks to your web site i have lots of informasin for my report. well i have to go eat dinner. bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Betsy Ross is cOoL 'cause she made the first american flag......and she was a woman.....i bet no man in that time could have sewed a flag half as good as she could! That shows that the female gender rox!!!!!!!!!---we can do stuff too .....and every body better get that strait!!!(im a girl...if you haven't noticed yet)
amanda, clarksburg, Md [03-25-2000]

I have had a lot of fun learning about Bettsy Ross and our American Flag. It has been a plesure to come here.Oh ya i like the virtual house of Bettsy Ross. You'r Friend, Amanda Lipkin
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This is simply great. what a good way for our grandkids to enjoy something like this (history) they would never know about this great city and there heros first hand like this. And they say the webs sights are not for kids. Thanks again John
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NATHALIE BORREGO, Maim FL [03-25-2000]

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Kayleen Hicks, Mount Holly, N.C. U.S.A. [03-25-2000]

For what purpose should the flag be flown at half-mast? What does it mean when the flag is not flying at the White House? When was the U.S. Flag first flown on the moon? Traditionally, if the flag touches the ground what must be done with it?
Jennifer Foreman, Rochester, New York [03-25-2000]

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HI my name is Brittney, for a school play called ,Walk Through the American Revolution I got the part of Betsy Ross & I thought that maybe you could e-mail me back and please tell me things like what she wore & more if not dont worry about it but thank you very much for your time to read this. thank you from Brittney
Brittney, Corona CA, [03-19-2000]

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I am related to Betsy Ross, in fact my middle name is Claypoole. I would like to trace the history lineage of her daughters. Can you suggest a good direction to start? Thanks, Crystal McClung
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As the only city to have or had 4 living medal of honor recipients Mr. Crawford died yesterday, I should know the answer to my question but I don't. The question is, does anyone, civilian or business have the right to determine when a flag is flown half mast. In other words can you deem the death of a family member reason enough to display the flag at half staff? Is displaying a flag something that falls under first amendment?
Rod Johnson, Pueblo Co 81001 [03-17-2000]

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I just wanted to say that the American flag to me means the freedom and independce in the U.S. Betsy Ross is and will always be in my mind a great and memorable person.
Tanya Merritt, Saint Paul, Minnesota [03-17-2000]

Thank you for sending me the information I needed to finish my report on Besty Ross. My mom and I copied everything you have on her but we still can not find anything on where she was born, or grew up as a child, or how maybe how old she was when she made the flag. Oh, the Besty Ross Bridge, where is it? Can you help me before Friday morning, I have to study this information before my project is due. Thank you. Paige Pheney 3rd grade
Paige Elizabeth Pheney, Bethlhem, PA [03-17-2000]

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So many things of Betsy, that were not tought in school, Loved them all, Thanks so much, Vicksburg High School, Vicksburg, Michigan 1960, Last 30 plus years, Trying to be somewhat of a pionner in the west, and like so many realized all to late i was just making a living,DO LOVE THE WEST..
Larry Earle, Henderson, Nv. U.S.A. [03-17-2000]

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Hi,I just wanted to say that Betsy Ross is a very talented lady and I really admire her. I believe that she gives women of all ages shapes and sizes a good name. For one thing I don't think I could have made a flag the way she did and that shows a lot of potential. And I think she was a very strong person to be able to go on with her life even after she lots her husband(s)and probably would be devastated with the fact that I lost someone like that. Thank you for taking the time out to read my letter. Sincerely, Dana Kirkland Rancho Alamitos High School,Class of 2001. March 15,2000.
Dana R. Kirkland, Stanton,California United States [03-17-2000]

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I am doing a history day project on Betsy Ross and the flag. We print pictures and facts and then we present in front of lots of people. This is so interesting learning about her life and our flag! P.s. This internet site is awesome.
Blake Rozier, Virginia,Mn U.S.A. [03-14-2000]

I am a wife of three kids. I adore them very much. I want to find out if Betsy Ross ever had any children or if she did when were they born and how many children she had.
Susie Graber, Kingman. KS 67068 [03-14-2000]

I am doing Betsy Ross for a school project. I picked her because I wanted to learn more about why she made the flag and what it was for. I have already found a lot of information. I hope I can find more!
Christina Graber, Kingman, KS 67068 [03-14-2000]

Thanx sooooooooo much for the great website! I will learn soooo much on Besty Ross she is very insterting. She is a very historic person she made difference and 2 bad historiance can't find the first flag. I hope so day we will!! Thanx again, Paige
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i had to work on a school project of a famous women in history and i picked betsy ross. it was great being able to read about her on the internet. i loved the story on her history. thank you. aj bennett age 7 1/2
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My son is in the 2nd grade and has a report assignment on Betsy Ross. Your sight has more than enough information on this subject. Thank you!!
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Thanks...this is very detailed and informational. After browsing through I have more appreciation for the flag and Betsy Ross. :)
Eve, St. Paul [03-14-2000]

As a former resident of Cherry Hill, NJ, I spent many hours visiting the historic district of Philadelphia, insuring that my children learned where and how it started. Now, in Wyoming I find it reassuring that I can still retrieve the same information through cyber sources. Thank you. The Betsy Ross house was on my agenda several times, taking friends and family there from all parts of the country. Miss the place.
Peter Fabiani, Sheridan, Wyoming [03-14-2000]

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A wonderful and informative website!! My daughter has a class project and there is so much info it will be hard to decide what to include! Thank you ! I think of Betsy Ross as being a real person who just happened to have some exciting experiences!( I still like to think she truly had a hand in how the first flag was made). I was dressed up as Betsy Ross for my fifth grade Halloween costume and as a kid I truly believed the legend...2 years later, I was able to wear the costume as part of our Nation's Bicentennial celebration in a parade in my hometown! My mother just so happened to save the costume,and is in perfect condition for my daughter(who is currently in 5th grade) to wear it as part of her class presentation! It sure has brought back fond elementary school memories for me and has added to my fifth grader's learning experience! The web surely has changed the way how students undestand our US history! Thank you again!
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I am doing a class report on Betsy Ross.I like the tour of the house.
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I really liked the site! We had a scavenger hunt in school on the American flag and all the info was on this wonderful site!!!! Thanx again!!
Julie Wixom, Bulington, Iowa [03-06-2000]

Am encouraged at the amount of intense and heart-felt interest in the Betsy Ross site and in the numerous flag discussions. Since March is Women's History Month, I'd like to hear more about the advancement of women like Betsy Ross who despite enourmous obstacle--i.e., death of two husbands, raising a family during time of conflict-- continued to contribute to their homes and their country. Let's not lose sight that Betsy was one of many women who made sacrifices for the good of our people and our country.
Nona Martin, Director of Betsy Ross House, Betsy Ross House [03-06-2000]

Looking for any help in finding my family
Lyle Petet, Kent Wash. [03-06-2000]

I really enjoyed your site. The tour of Betty's house was really interesting.` Just thought you should know that it was enjoyable
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Samantha N. Johnson, Watsonville,California [03-06-2000]

hi i want to know some new and freaky names of girls because i cant dicide myself what to choose .. plz advise :)
fatima, america california fremont [03-06-2000]

I'm doing a term paper on Betsy Ross and your info has helped thanx
Jillian Wight [03-06-2000]

This is question rather than a comment. I saw the name of the Widow Lithgow frequently on this website, yet I was unable to find out who she was and how she was related to Besty Ross. Could you explain who she was?
Deborah Gaillard, Boxford, MA [03-06-2000]

I admire Betsy very much and love what the people have done to her house.
Bambi Lee Jones, Savanah Georgia U.S. [03-06-2000]

Mrs.Montano's Class, Ridley Park, PA [03-03-2000]

megan griscom [03-03-2000]

kyle [03-03-2000]

Dear Betsy Ross, I like your house and I really really like your flag. Thank you for making such a nice flag. From, Olivia
Olivia [03-03-2000]

Kimberly S. [03-03-2000]

Dear ????, Please tell me who I'm writing to. Anyway, I'm so happy to be in Betsy Ross's Guest Book. I did a whole report on her. I even dressed up like her for Halloween. I love her! She was the person who made the first American flag on order of George Washington. I sure learned a lot about her! Lauren
Lauren, Michigan [03-03-2000]

Crystal beruete [03-03-2000]

Misty, Milford, In. [03-03-2000]

Amanda K, New Jersey, USA [03-03-2000]

Caeli Ann Duke, Wyncote, PA [03-03-2000]

The information on this web-site is very helpful. I am in first grade and I am doing a report on Betsy Ross. Do you have a bigger picture of her that I can download for my presentation. Thank you for your time.
Alexandria Gonzalez, Chicago, IL 60630 [03-03-2000]

I am 10 years old and learning about Betsy Ross in school. I go to Immaculate Conception School. My mom is going to take me to the Betsy Ross house real soon.
jocilyn martin, levittown, PA [03-03-2000]

Thanks for letting me have the information on Betsy Ross. I am doing a book report on her. I chose her because I didn't know Betsy Ross sewed the first American flag.
NICHOLAS WUJEK, bloomfield n.j. [03-03-2000]

I'm in 4th grade. I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross, and when I came to the website it had sooo many choices I knew it was going to give me all the information I needed.
Laura, Hasting-on-Hudson, N.Y. [03-03-2000]

Was researching flag history for Den meeting in Cub scouts.
Joe Carmichael, Wolfforth, Texas [03-03-2000]

jenn [03-03-2000]

I was given the assignment to lecture on our National Colors. It took me 2 days to be able to log on the the site through but, I was glad I persisted. The information found within the pages of your site is wonderful, enriching and highly informative. I was able to use a great deal of the information for my lecture and I thank you for assembling it in to such an organized manner. My only question is: Why don't you post a copy of the painting by Charles William Peale from the series "Washington at the Battle of Princeton" showing the Betsy Ross flag on the site. I looked al over and couldn't find it anywhere. If you know where I can see it besides Princeton University, pleae let me know. Sincerely, Paul Schmitz
Paul Schmitz, Fort Meade, MD USA [03-03-2000]

We wanted to learn more about Betsy Ross and the flag.
Mrs.Towner's class 2-C, Perryton, TX [03-03-2000]

I found this an interesting site. Am looking for facts and busy work for grandchildren. Thanks. Jane
Jane A. Strevils, Brimfield, IL [03-03-2000]

What a great site. I was looking for an art project for kindergardners showing pictures of the past and present that they can draw. And a little bit of history at the same time. Thanks.
Monica, California [03-03-2000]

mandy piper, wimington delaware usa [03-03-2000]

Mary Chovanec [03-03-2000]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross for my 2nd Grade Project.
Katie Fiore, Rocky Hill, CT [03-03-2000]

Excellent!!!!Thank you for all your help with my 2nd grade homework! I hope to visit her house on vacation some time!
Alicia West & Family, Springfield, Missouri [03-03-2000]

i am in the 2nd grade and had to do a report on our first flag this was very helpful to me. thanks for all the great information. cody arnold
CODY ARNOLD, newborn ,georgia [03-03-2000]

Naomi, md [03-03-2000]

Katie Orgeron, San Clemente,CA 92672 U.S.A [03-03-2000]

JACKIE ROLLER, prospect park pa 19076 [03-03-2000]

Hi,I just wanted to tell you that your site is great!! It helped me and my sister Laurie with our school reports on Betsy Ross!! Thanxx for making a great site!! ~~From,Laurie and Kelly
Kelly, New Jersey,USA [03-03-2000]

I like the flag pictures.
patrick, cv [03-03-2000]

She was a very cool lady my great great tons of greats back, Aunt.
Hanah Reeves, Tx, 17 [03-03-2000]

What are my rights to have a flag replaced at school.
Joie Flickinger, Wickes, AR [03-03-2000]

Just criusing the web, hoping to find a little information about my family history. Thank you!
Cheyenne Ross, Klamath Falls, Oregon [03-03-2000]

Thank you for all the great information on your web site. The apartment complex, where I live, has very poor flag etiquette. For example, they were flying the flag all night without proper lighting and during rain and windstorms. As a result the flag became ripped and tattered. I was able to refer them to your site so that they can learn how to properly display the Flag of the United States of America. Thanks again!
Jon Kubas, Roseville CA [03-03-2000]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross in Social Studies and so far I'm very fasanated. I had heard of her but, didn't know why she was so famous. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Breena
Breena Sawyer, Loveland, CO [03-03-2000]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross in Social Studies and I think that if we never found her then we might not have a flag.
Leslie Maya, Colorado [03-03-2000]

I am going to mak the star
Jesse, Pulaski ,TN [03-03-2000]

jennifer, vero beach, fl [03-03-2000]

I enjoyed browsing through the web site.
Melissa Crowder, Baltimore, Md [03-03-2000]

I am looking at this web site beacuse for a class report we have to do for school.And I was the one who got Betsy Ross.
Brooke, Las Vegas nevada [03-03-2000]

I had allways wanted to know why Betsy Ross was chosen to make the first American Flag. Your web-site was Wonderful!
Kelly Becker, West Union Ohio [03-03-2000]

Angel Rinard, Winston-Salem, NC [03-03-2000]

Betsey's house was a terrific tour. Betsey`s house is beautiful.
Ashley Robison, Massillon Oh. [03-03-2000]

I'm doing a report about Betsy Ross. I have a question. What kind of sewing needles did Betsy use? Where did she get them? I would like to know. Thank you.
Jessica B. Woolf, Lake Oswego Oregon [03-03-2000]

I'm a 5th grade teacher...Thank you so much for the information!
marion dooley, Wallkill, NY 12589 [03-03-2000]

When I first learned of Betsy Ross I was in grade school and loved the idea she made The Flag. I wanted to know more and the teacher moved on with the lesson, which didn't include anything more about B.R. I have always been interested in sewing, many years later I quilted a flag for my sister and brother. When I think of "our flag" I think of our history; religion,wars,freedom,love,and respect for all. So many times when I would think of a name to represent my business, it just never said an "image" it needed to be love and choices I get to make each day and came up with American Praire Quilts. Red, White and Blue it can and will continue to mean lots of different things to all the different people who live here. The first thing I think of is freedom,(Red)love,(White),faith(Blue). I think maybe Besty should have made it HEART-SHAPED, perhaps that would remind us all that; we should keep love in our hearts for all to where here "first", those who came to "settle",for those that came for what ever reason and those that continue to think this is a GREAT place to be. When we work together learn from the past and grow for the future of the country. When you see the flag it means give EVERYONE a choice and chance to be the BEST they can BE....brotherly love past it on!!!! I wish the best for each and everyone of our citizens, Happy 4th of July. :)
Rita G., Waterloo, Iowa [03-03-2000]

Long time residents of our town (near Pittsburgh) claim that the practice of flying the flag outside schoolhouses was started after the civil war by a former Union soldier. Jacob Friend reportedly started flying the flag daily outside the Elizabeth school. I have never seen any written documentation to support the story. Are there any flag historians that can support or refute the story?
Mike Nowak, Elizabeth, Pennsylvania [03-03-2000]

vivian friddle tabares, greenville,s.c. [03-03-2000]


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